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Gas the kikes, race war now.

File: 6857861699d3e77⋯.jpg (115.66 KB, 1480x832, 185:104, 120374923645089239042.jpg)

bd5f72 No.10881597








02044e No.10881658

File: 061b3b7a1e0216a⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 3948jh3.jpg)

File: d128df9bf1dfbdf⋯.png (311.19 KB, 700x700, 1:1, wei97weyeu.png)




oh shit nigga

78504a No.10881669

File: 3d4a52f070740e6⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, 12959597095_b07e1cc715_b.jpg)



Gettin' my shovel m88's!

bd5f72 No.10881678

File: 78b36744a3d2516⋯.png (309.65 KB, 1010x1235, 202:247, bog.PNG)


Its a fucking lot. I bumped the old thread but it wasn't getting attention so I made a new one, pls no bully mods.

I found the Bogdanovs mentioned lol.

02044e No.10881710

File: 18fbc5086f095db⋯.jpg (11.44 KB, 219x165, 73:55, 220px-PHOTOS_IGOR_GRICHKA.jpg)


>the Bogdanovs

whoa whoa whoa wait a fucking minute

5ec29c No.10881729

File: e3b8424cc3178d2⋯.gif (489.57 KB, 300x268, 75:67, 8462fa4ba4159df56f1f8babd3….gif)

What's higher priority? Vault 8 or JFK?

bd5f72 No.10881735


Im more of a clandestinefag than a techfag so I'll be here.

bd5f72 No.10881758

File: dc2ffd4010cb33e⋯.png (295.74 KB, 1281x934, 1281:934, 1510251202641.png)


bd5f72 No.10881796



02044e No.10881801

File: 2ad6fd03fd9d30d⋯.png (189.33 KB, 665x545, 133:109, interesting.png)


b9d57b No.10881803


JFK, after careful consideration, I have reason to believe that we still have elements corrupting our govt since JFK.

6064f8 No.10881822

File: 67e7f4487386a8c⋯.gif (203.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 15ae7b177f53a15259d253a086….gif)


>the Bogdanovs


5956ea No.10881893

get a magnet link put together and i'll seed it

bd5f72 No.10881896

An assets first hand account on the execution of Che Guevara .


bd5f72 No.10881903

File: c4677188126a767⋯.png (174.65 KB, 789x645, 263:215, assassins.png)



00cda2 No.10882031


add45a No.10882065


08e56e No.10882078

File: 858b245ab1be330⋯.jpg (102.53 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Scorpion Mortal Kombat 9 3….jpg)


<GET OVER HERE>eeeeeeeeee

add45a No.10882093

File: 207687524d17441⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 1020x612, 5:3, 1377032824129.gif)


010e05 No.10882101


I'd love to help dig but I'm a relative child that knows nothing about the Kennedy assassination aside what I've seen on the talmudvision, and therefore have no idea what to look for.


b29327 No.10882213


good find

487305 No.10882227


It is sad that many of the old Kennedy investigators have passed away before seeing this, but it is what it is (we don't have Hitler to guide us either). Do your best and look for interesting revelations which contradict the official narrated of the Warren Commission report.

8f4193 No.10882263


Look for the word kikes.

As in kikes did this.

Also: Fucking kikes; Hitler alive and totally in the right; should have helped the Nazis; Assassins glow in the dark

010e05 No.10882269

File: e9e568b2d8eab1d⋯.png (119.61 KB, 707x459, 707:459, Fake News.png)


I'm mostly assuming the kikepedia is the "official" narrative and going from there


No sign of South American Hitler yet, but I did find this

4949d4 No.10882302


Am I the only one who always read John Fucking Kennedy?

3b8334 No.10882346

File: 6a5ced043c58a1d⋯.png (151.19 KB, 589x475, 31:25, glowing.png)

well, there it is.

907a2c No.10882369


the phone call that killed Kennedy

e3729f No.10882401

File: f05f5793a79dd1e⋯.jpg (236.82 KB, 640x879, 640:879, 1486609567063.jpg)




341ff4 No.10882424

File: ef0382a9898be5a⋯.webm (4.92 MB, 480x360, 4:3, finalspookdown.webm)


>Bogdanovs mentioned

753b35 No.10882481

File: 636885d299d4f24⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 636885d299d4f24709e81e3199….png)

Alphabet spooks BTFO

8f4193 No.10882492




Always include the pdf link, or at least the filename

010e05 No.10882502

File: f59c7202ad95e7f⋯.png (64.83 KB, 828x644, 9:7, pol is always right.png)







>the Catholic Church

Nicely done



df6f7c No.10882519


Literally every time you see someone with the title "Community organizer" it's a fucking fed or a commie working with feds, national or international. At least that's how it was when I was growing up.

010e05 No.10882546

File: 7be53d499316df9⋯.png (28.66 KB, 660x107, 660:107, Cuban Exiles.png)

>Cuban Exiles



010e05 No.10882560




5cd08a No.10882565



fucking 4plebers not being wise with their memes

bda4da No.10882589

File: b6929c893cafd5e⋯.png (67.06 KB, 829x495, 829:495, Screenshot from 2017-11-09….png)

We know now that Rockefeller and the Trilateral Commission played a part. I bet they had to take out JFK so they could have a chance at founding Trilateral the way they wanted. This timeline just gets fucking spookier every day.

fc593a No.10882600

File: 2db8e2ca0a62d76⋯.jpg (5.67 KB, 190x176, 95:88, 2992wkdjdj8w9wjdjdncbwbnwl….jpg)


What's that Goy? Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is in the news for helping Weinstein hire Israeli Security Firm Black Cube? What? Mossad Helped Stalk Us Citizens inside America? HURRY RELEASE A FEW THOUSAND HEAVILY REDACTED JFK FILES!

<N.. No… No Goy! The CIA Hasn't had three weeks to ensure nothing of Interest is here!?!

>Di… Dig Goy! Hurry! All of these people are totally still alive and you can track them down!!!

What goy? What do you mean focusing on the DNC, Weinstein, Israeli Intelligence, and the Israeli PM is more important? Of course not Goy Dig!

90857d No.10882605


waste of dubs and you're late

90857d No.10882613

anything about ted cruz's father yet?

fc593a No.10882617


>You're late

This is how the Jew and the Low IQ modern day /pol/ acts.

>There's totally something here guise trust me it totally will matter

The last release proved Kikes responsible and fucking absolutely nothing happened

60 years ago faggot.

Whats it going to help?

There are fucking happenings right now, which implicate actual Kikes inside of Israel

90857d No.10882624


and hitler alive in argentina wasn't a major fucking find

df6f7c No.10882634


If 100 year old nazis can get thrown in prison, 70 year old feds and commies can to.

You have never heard of multitasking either, have you?

2d261a No.10882645

Why the fuck are there 11 stickies?

fc593a No.10882648


Have at it m8. Vault 8 came out from Wikileaks today too. Feel free to explain that one.

df6f7c No.10882649


10, and because shit is actually happening.

fc593a No.10882651


I never said those weren't major finds newfriend.

Trump caught them off guard with that release

These are planned and heavily reviewed

2d261a No.10882653

File: 9d0bc1f3a7cee07⋯.png (62.87 KB, 1086x427, 1086:427, wtf2.png)

df6f7c No.10882661


I wouldn't really count the rtfm thread.

efc542 No.10882663

b5557d No.10882665


Not these ones schlomo

90857d No.10882667

File: 9eea4bed6df3965⋯.png (310.53 KB, 542x593, 542:593, tupperware.png)

top secret tupperware agents


bda4da No.10882670


CIA makes mistakes too, important information infrequently seeps though the tight grip they have on the narrative. Even a small find can hint at a much bigger picture.


This was JFK's Secret Service in contact with Rockefeller, isn't that spooky enough?

90857d No.10882679


this needs some context I guess

"KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation"


90857d No.10882694

File: 86cb51fd1d38713⋯.png (268.09 KB, 486x491, 486:491, blackpower-commies.png)

black power creating unrest fueled by communists


ecad0d No.10882710

File: 71cc0afaf957481⋯.jpg (127.85 KB, 1024x832, 16:13, 0d0a2e3e7c88ee8a9c7203bb46….jpg)


954c1e No.10882726

File: 5e11d2182f586d4⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 2424x2817, 808:939, bogmap.jpg)

File: ace93f50163da52⋯.jpg (111.85 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, bog.jpg)


>the bog were here

im not even surprised. i met them IRL few years ago, they were shilling their last book at my city mall kek. they came with igor piloting an helicopter and the DGAC (air cops in Francistan) came just after and sued them for unauthorized landing

http://www.gala.fr/l_actu/news_de_stars/igor_bogdanoff_10000_euros_pour_son_vol_en_helico_320333 proof, but it's in frog

cb3eae No.10882769


>The Catholic Church


No wonder that commie heretic was put in. Fucking cianiggers, they ruin anything they put their hands on

90857d No.10882796

File: 486affc01358cca⋯.png (6.46 KB, 141x171, 47:57, negros.png)

File: 13faa3996071730⋯.png (259.25 KB, 787x427, 787:427, negros2.png)

communists supporting the negro upraising in the USA


369063 No.10882813

If you know anything about the US government and even semi big happenings, then you know there are MILLIONS of pages of bullshit.

3af8f5 No.10882825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Embedded: Dr. James Wickstrom on the lies and subversion of Mainstream Churchianity

Subverted and perverted by one worldists/communists. I read somewhere that Christian seminaries actually let Rabbis in to teach the pastors/priests who now trumpet the Jewish fables from the pulpit. Unfortunately, these fables and perversions have causes many of our kinsmen to turn from the wisdom contained in the books which are falsely attributed to Jewish history.


9b57dd No.10882828


>Literally every time you see someone with the title "Community organizer" it's a fucking fed or a commie working with feds, national or international

Obongo was a "Community Organizer" so being a literal CIAnigger would explain why all his school and law records are sealed.

90857d No.10882833

File: c70c5247007f477⋯.png (191.01 KB, 669x480, 223:160, media.png)

literally running the foreign media


3af8f5 No.10882834


Obongo's first job out of college was with Business International Corp. (BIC) which was exposed as a CIA front.

Old news

4fa520 No.10882877


>Drain the swamp

>Drain the (bog)

>Remove the bog

>Remove the Bogdanov

Could this be Trump's endgame?

90857d No.10882887

File: 016727d3e59120d⋯.gif (137.64 KB, 250x227, 250:227, President Trump playing th….gif)

>>10882877 (checked)

dubs confirm bogdanov removal

010e05 No.10882932

>Simply named "Goodpasture"


Seems to be a compilation. can't find anything particularly good here, but it's over 100 pages to sift through.

90857d No.10883002

File: 38c6c5d92a02442⋯.png (11.7 KB, 1236x85, 1236:85, weird.png)

File: abae1fdc8cc8ce8⋯.png (53.9 KB, 294x431, 294:431, list1.png)

File: 33bdc2ebd57e431⋯.png (40.88 KB, 333x427, 333:427, list2.png)

File: 67302cea8b22bce⋯.png (48.92 KB, 293x455, 293:455, list3.png)

weird 15 page pdf


4500b9 No.10883046

File: 5e0b6c9c0223aee⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 404x407, 404:407, Peter swaf_endgamemaster_H….JPG)

As the density of the happenings get thicker and thicker, human race became closer drawn to the big happenings of them all. As more is concentrated the louder the bang!

90857d No.10883126

File: 4ab2e493d93a4ec⋯.png (117 KB, 700x497, 100:71, cartridges.png)

delivery of 50 lbs of (rifle?) cartridges to corpus christi texas oct 1st 1963


ed22f4 No.10883152


Sounds just like what's happening in Europe right now!!! Commies know how to make demonstrations happen and how to utilize labor organizations and Catholic Church.

90857d No.10883223

150 pages of discussions between the warren commission and the cianiggers


c1a4ad No.10883225


Q from pol mentioned Godfather 3, which included the mafia buying favor with the Catholic church to obtain legitimacy.

Here you have the Catholic church acting as a pawn.

Snow White could mean drugs, or a tale of Prince Charming coming to rescue lady liberty from an evil witch.

This is all assuming Q is not a LARP.

I just brought this up bc I find the Catholic church being used as a tool interesting.

USSR would likely have been against the church itself as I believe communism is somewhat anti religion.

However, what if religious organizations were regularly infiltrated by governments? This could serve reason as to why they ship volunteers to seemingly random locations.

If a government(s) were to infiltrate the church at a level that determined the location of priests, one could imagine the power they'd have, especially in the confessional.

Priests are men. I imagine blackmail is common place.

I imagine corrupting priests is ideal for subversion.

b8051f No.10883231


>stop looking at JFK files and focus solely on the other stuff while I focus solely on telling you what to focus on

You are just a useless nigger that thinks he is management.

1a59b5 No.10883319

File: 37bf23ae57d8b99⋯.png (65.96 KB, 880x178, 440:89, 1510249786017.png)



cdb8fc No.10883430


Who are you quoting? Help dig or fuck off.

eda5b0 No.10883524

Is there a zip file?


df6f7c No.10883563


Are you intending to intentionally download a zip bomb?

eda5b0 No.10883621

File: 408d9a0f68905fd⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 546x402, 91:67, lazy bastard.jpg)


I'm just too damn lazy to download one at a time.

bf139a No.10883642


You'd think that blacks would feel shame that literally every other race on the planet see them as nothing more than a destabilization tool to be used on other countries.

>Hmmm… how do I bring my rival country to it's knees?

>Better encourage the blacks to pretty much just be themselves.

b97f05 No.10883693

File: e7a73c4f880026d⋯.png (195.46 KB, 639x441, 71:49, ^0986F11FE00C5B0B5C5A4292B….png)

I doubt sure anyone here will be able to answer this question, so this will just be an open-ended question: Why the hell is there so much MLK stuff in these files? Everyone knows that was an entire event/investigation in and of itself, so why so much information lumped into JFK files?

8ec5b5 No.10883719


I still don't get why the "hitler escaped" page was there. I thought it would be 3K then 13K files about JFK.

b97f05 No.10883741


If I remember correctly, that file was in a completely different archive - not in the JFK archive. I may be wrong, though, since I haven't been in a JFK thread since the first day they were first released a few weeks ago.

f084dd No.10883748


dubs confirm

03852d No.10883784



The Hitler documents (among others)

were released earlier in the year, but not publicized. They were sitting on the archive page for months before anyone found them.


Blacks feel shame kek.. Literally the most shameless mob of shit on the planet

01cedb No.10883924

A search of ocr data from the 11/26 release shows the following files contain the term 'Hitler'

>docid-32192752.pdf image #1

>docid-32202555.pdf image #10

>docid-32241845.pdf image #150

>docid-32248020.pdf image #19

>docid-32303598.pdf image #2

>docid-32333868.pdf image #3

>docid-32339054.pdf image #1

>docid-32424094.pdf image #110

There likely are more where the image quality was too poor for good ocr.

a7d22b No.10883941


The common hypothesis is there was an implicit understanding that the JFK files would never see the light of day and the MLK files were purposefully filed with them for protection.

b43612 No.10883998


We're reaching meme levels that shouldn't even be possible.

dd5803 No.10884083

with these tons of redaction did it even shed some bit of light about the case?

87ad4d No.10884144


mods have down syndrome

0c9240 No.10884320


KUBARK is CIA's dept for running Double Agent.

That cryptonym pops up in at least dozens of JFKFiles.

The main document that I found explaining KUBARK is this:

CIA's Field Guide to Double Agents


To make matters confusing, in other places, KUBARK is referred to as if he is a specific individual, i.e. "KUBARK is meeting with XYZ in Country ABC"

So I'm not sure if anyone on CIA's KUBARK team is just referred by the whole program or if it's the Boss of CIA's Double Agent operations.

907a2c No.10884359

File: bf50ad7bcd1b635⋯.png (6.72 KB, 224x255, 224:255, 2a7e20440665b02a3f84611b12….png)


dubs confirm tard mods

0c9240 No.10884362


Ramon Alvarez Durant is important.

Silvia Durant fucked Lee Harvey Oswald when he went to Mexico to apply for a visa to Cuba.

CIA's LIONION spy ring in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City were filming the gate and tapping the phones and bugged the office and were recording everyone who came and went.

CIA had a "201" file for Oswald after they spotted him entering the Cuban Embassy.

Coincidentally, the very day they installed the hidden camera to record the Embassy gate was the same day Oswald went to apply for a visa.

CIA's file also mentions Oswald's "sexual intercourse with Silvia Durant several times", but I haven't yet figured out who she is, why she matters, and how CIA would have know about Oswald's sex life in Mexico City without them tailing him or Silvia Durant or surveilling both of them.

In other files from 1978, when the House Select Committee on Assassinations came to Mexico to interview individuals named in CIA's files as having been investigated by CIA about JFK's assassination, Silvia Durant pops up again.

She was the only witness they could find and she wanted to travel to DC to testify about what she knew! In the files, it shows CIA were spying on Mexicans, and bizarely, the Mexican Intelligence liasons were intentionally preventing the House Select Committee from locating all of the witnesses! The Mexicans helped a few of them escape the country and hid the others.

Why would Mexico not want to cooperate with the HSCA?

I'm still digging in the dox to hopefully find answers to these questions.

I don't believe anyone in CIA or the HSCA ever figured out who really killed JFK.

I believe CIA just figured it would make them look even more Evil than they really are, because whoever did it out of the cast of thousands of anti-Castro militias they funded, all of them were connected to Bay of Pigs and on-going coup and assassination operations.

So CIA itself internally didn't want to know The Horrible Truth, because it would have been the end of Langley.

The cognitive dissonance to keep The Agency going led CIA to botch its own investigation of itself and bury the truth in a mountain of Bullshit and 100,000 pages of disorganized documents that nobody would ever be physically able to read to find the real truth.

0992e8 No.10884410

File: 3c479133c450292⋯.jpg (46.87 KB, 664x163, 664:163, 104-10062-10134nepotismCIA….JPG)


nothing groundbreaking but evidence of nepotism between CIA and news media. Hal Hendrix was a reporter who worked for the CIA

c81ebc No.10884431


>So CIA itself internally didn't want to know The Horrible Truth, because it would have been the end of Langley.

>The cognitive dissonance to keep The Agency going led CIA to botch its own investigation of itself and bury the truth in a mountain of Bullshit


907a2c No.10884483


or there were 2 factions in the cia and one side was trying to obfuscate material evidence and create field notes and entries that led away from the truth

eac46a No.10884617



Well I think everyone needs to rethink this as the brothers Bogdanov were 14 at the time of the murder.

The line

>have taken line similar that suggested by bogdanov

suggests the same name but a different bog and I would assume a much older bog as well as only one bog not the twin bogs.

3e6321 No.10884701

National Enquierer's front page today has the headline "Oswald worked for the CIA!" and they're reporting it as if this was news and not old knowledge. Since National Enquierer is a prolefeed gossip rag (which are Jewish "News" for the dumb) what exactly is the goal here in repeating this and treating it as news?

3e6321 No.10884717



>tfw not french and only know a little about them through the grapevine about their scamming the peer-review science system

54be1e No.10884722


I love this based mother fucker. I listen to him all the time at work.

Thanks to the anon who showed me him a few months ago.

eb1bea No.10884754



I'm a techfag, but feel I already suspected most of what the CIAniggers were up to. The Kennedy (((assassination)))

is bigger known.

eb1bea No.10884756


*unknown. fuck.

947f73 No.10884765

File: 82d71057b180a9a⋯.jpg (101.29 KB, 584x649, 584:649, 82d.jpg)

So CIA is as bad or even worse than the KGB?

or the same for that matter

3e6321 No.10884856


The KGB at least believed in the principles of its founding nation, as nefarious as said principles were. The CIA continually proves itself to be an Anti-American organization, conspiring against not only the leadership but the people, and engaging in complete and utter disreguard for the morals and respected law of the nation

53b2c6 No.10884869

File: fd45a7347cd5545⋯.jpg (90.85 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, Kid WithSkull.jpg)


>JFK, after careful consideration, I have reason to believe that we still have elements corrupting our govt since JFK.

The CIA grew out of the OSS.

(((Certain elements))) saw a rare opportunity in WW2, to take control of "secret" agencies withing the U.S. government, agencies that operated in the dark, with event the very elected representatives not knowing what they were using government money for, even though those representatives were voting to give it to them.

These "black budget" agencies could use those billions every year, to influence radical groups, assassinate foreign dignitaries, develop technologies under a veil of secrecy, anything they wanted to do. What has already leaked out about the CIA, for instance, proves they have no interest in following nor promoting the will of the U.S. public.

They have been caught selling drugs on our streets, creating brainwashed golems out of innocent victims (MK Ultra), and developing cleaner ways to assassinate "impediments" even though assassination was illegal at the time (heart-attack gun).

Who do they really work for? Operating in a shroud of "national security" secrecy, how could you possibly know? They could easily plot to assassinate U.S. elected & appointed representatives that they see as an obstacle to whatever agenda they might have, and the very representatives that vote them the money to kill those representatives, wouldn't have a clue.

Nothing good ever happens in secret.

53b2c6 No.10884891


Yep, that's the Jews, it has kike written all over it.

090acd No.10885098





090acd No.10885105


According to https://www.maryferrell.org/php/cryptdb.php?id=KUBARK

KUBARK is just CIA / CIA HQ.

e1fc2e No.10885112

File: bccd6202b6e8811⋯.jpg (669.38 KB, 822x1026, 137:171, alt right dugin russia bol….jpg)

File: 2e1c5ef9be0c7e8⋯.jpg (227.56 KB, 800x822, 400:411, Russia Putin KB Dugin.jpg)


Remind you of anyone?

eda5b0 No.10885165


Dank u sur

18078e No.10885277


>Oh, we didn't carry out the assassination, that was the Dominicans.

>We only funded, trained, armed them, and told them who they should probably think about assassinating

lol spooks

c81ebc No.10885306


checked for glow in the dark cia niggers detected

3ff740 No.10885336

File: 515b4cfe0cc14e5⋯.jpg (143.61 KB, 1200x927, 400:309, DANGER.jpg)



November 9 Release 3.2 GB


November 3 Release 2.6 GB


70c945 No.10885370

File: 720b196e3bc2b08⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 255x143, 255:143, IMG_2147.JPG)


You're a fucking peach , thank you

Also I can't fucking wait for World War One hundred eleven

b5b232 No.10885668

Any short highlights for people late to the party?

b1f158 No.10885799

File: 3b99c7fb55c67d9⋯.jpg (162.44 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 3b99c7fb55c67d98218d4a8b58….jpg)



what exactly IS the BOGpill anons? I remember greek-jesus mentioning it on HWNDU, but I know nothing else

b1f158 No.10885824

File: 85c0d71bbfcd266⋯.jpg (76.99 KB, 598x400, 299:200, 85c0d71bbfcd26666774d280c0….jpg)


This is a horrifying diversion tactic because he's not entirely wrong

49fb16 No.10886002

File: 37c866fe3210ffd⋯.png (201.46 KB, 1244x804, 311:201, screenshot-gen.lib.rus.ec-….png)

File: 83cd0132ddfa11e⋯.png (97.25 KB, 1063x997, 1063:997, screenshot-en.wikipedia.or….png)


>The CIA grew out of the OSS



3b8334 No.10886027



it's a retarded halfcuck lefty shill meme designed to shit up /pol/ threads

>wow they have fucked up faces!

>wow here they are making an important phone call

>they're the ultimate redpill. And have I mentioned how fucked up their faces are??

d2169a No.10886049

File: f272217e94d050b⋯.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 359:202, f272217e94d050bec2b97bf118….gif)


I'm living in a fucking kookoo clock

a120dd No.10886072

I have ample free time today lads. Wanted to help when the first files were released, but midterms were fucking me.

>How can I help?

>Where should I start?

3b8507 No.10886555


They are jews who propably from what i can figure out, inherited a large sum of shekels stolen from the Russian people during the soviet-era.

Most of the jews in media had relatives in the Jewish revolution of Russia. That's how they are rich nowadays.

3229d0 No.10886583

File: 39f1b4ea5a25bbd⋯.png (144.31 KB, 471x537, 157:179, 39f1b4ea5a25bbd44f21ef4af9….png)


>MFW just a handful of disgusting kikes have created a tsunami of degenerate philosophical sophistry that has corrupted the government, military, and citizens of the greatest country on earth for nearly a Goddamned century

Excellent find anon.

000000 No.10886759




010e05 No.10886789


>The cognitive dissonance to keep The Agency going led CIA to botch its own investigation of itself and bury the truth in a mountain of Bullshit and 100,000 pages of disorganized documents that nobody would ever be physically able to read to find the real truth.

This does seem like the most likely scenario.

Too bad for them they never counted on a collaboration of autists on a Moroccan Panpipe enthusiast board, eh?

>This kills the Langley

We can only hope.

209cbe No.10886802


semi-unrelated question, but is it really ww3? Wouldn't it be like ww6 or 7 at this point?

7a761f No.10886858


Per the JFK Records Collection Act:


In this Act:

(2) "Assassination record" means a record that is related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, that was created or made available for use by, obtained by, or otherwise came into the possession of—

(A) the Commission to Investigate the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (the "Warren Commission");

(B) the Commission on Central Intelligence Agency Activities Within the United States (the "Rockefeller Commission");

(C) the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (the "Church Committee");

(D) the Select Committee on Intelligence (the "Pike Committee") of the House of Representatives;

(E) the Select Committee on Assassinations (the "House Assassinations Committee") of the House of Representatives;

(F) the Library of Congress;

(G) the National Archives and Records Administration;

(H) any Presidential library;

(I) any Executive agency;

(J) any independent agency;

(K) any other office of the Federal Government; and

(L) any State or local law enforcement office that provided support or assistance or performed work in connection with a Federal inquiry into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but does not include the autopsy records donated by the Kennedy family to the National Archives pursuant to a deed of gift regulating access to those records, or copies and reproductions made from such records.

HSCA investigated JFK, RFK, and MLK, hence their inclusion in the records.

7a761f No.10886886


Incidentally, there has been a MLK Records Collection Act proposed in Congress on four separate occasions but has died in committee each time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther_King_Jr._Records_Collection_Act

efa2bc No.10887098

My alcoholic younger brother swears there’s something fucky about Huntsville AL, Werner von Braun, and JFK. It’s a bunch of incoherent rambling, but maybe wurst keeping in mind if anyone’s looking for Hitler.

d57c9a No.10887273


Such as? If there is anything to it then I'll go investigate.

cb3eae No.10887356

File: 4bad321ae9e6a9e⋯.png (186.33 KB, 470x588, 235:294, 4bad321ae9e6a9e051e77df0ed….png)


>I don't believe anyone in CIA or the HSCA ever figured out who really killed JFK.

>I believe CIA just figured it would make them look even more Evil than they really are, because whoever did it out of the cast of thousands of anti-Castro militias they funded, all of them were connected to Bay of Pigs and on-going coup and assassination operations.

>So CIA itself internally didn't want to know The Horrible Truth, because it would have been the end of Langley.

Then we have an assassination to solve and a man to avenge.


1b8d05 No.10887387


John Jr did why do you think he called his magazine "George"?

it was magog.

see "jfk ii" on jewtube

f66f27 No.10887455

My grandfather was very bitter about world war 2, he'd barely say anything because grandma wanted things settled, live life now. But, the lies in my 'history' books would trigger him enough to where I got an idea it bothered him. He said there's lots in history that's unmentionable, and he hoped we'd live peaceful lives.

Let's find "truth to end wars" like Julian has been quoted saying. We owe future tense this. Once truths are exposed, air them out. Take no side (Kennedy's side fine, he was truly trying to start with truth like Julian) question everything. We need to save 'the now' if we even want to think about future anything. Make sure to let all know the truth. Once this truth checks out they're more likely to keep digging around themselves. I'm really pissed and resent that truths all buried away, that caused so much grief for all citizens.

51abf4 No.10887602

> Oswald's 'assignment'

The CIAniggers hired him to take JFK out obviously

c81ebc No.10887662


Checked. The truth to end wars will end it with the final war.

5dc5db No.10887695


>but until we're colonizing the stars, it's necessary.

I disagree. Until we've managed to overwrite human nature it will always be necessary.

Humans need something to fight, just like our immune systems, and just the same if we don't have something to fight, we'll seek something out no matter how trivial.

This is why we have spoiled millennial college students fighting things like gender and microagressions, because they've never had to fight anything real in their life.

I may be a hardcore pacifist, but we need a good war to end all this SJW bullshit.

5dc5db No.10887721


>until the jew doesn't exist.

>not nignogs

How new are YOU?

61aa1d No.10887736

File: 34ac37296261f1f⋯.png (158.87 KB, 2563x4238, 2563:4238, docid-32343617.pdf-1.png)


Here it seems like Silvia Duran was used in a parallel construction for the Warren Commission rather than expose their ongoing wiretapping.

61aa1d No.10887889

File: 1844fd22b1ab8c9⋯.png (263.51 KB, 2546x3300, 1273:1650, docid-32106383.pdf-2.png)


Here is Silvia Duran's relation to Oswald. She worked at the Mexican Embassy when a man identifying himself as Lee Oswald made a call from there to the Soviet Embassy. I have many more pages where her name comes up. I can post a list if you'd like to dig.

5dc5db No.10887897


>Can only think in terms of "one or the other"

>Can't understand "both"

Quick, use throw in more buzzwords, maybe people won't realize you're a newfag!

61aa1d No.10887898


mexican employee of the cuban embassy, sry

f66f27 No.10887939

Truth fears no investigation. Bout time we learnt that lesson. We're going to be stuck in cycles of kike wars til we learn history don't change til a lesson is learned from it. But hey, brothers fight brothers, go for it. Stay in a cycle if you want, it's tiresome for me.

df6f7c No.10887944



>not nignogs

>implying niggers are a bigger threat

>can't even type nigger

61aa1d No.10888012


>CIA's file also mentions Oswald's "sexual intercourse with Silvia Durant several times"

Her husband was angry over a publication which made cause celebre of affair, the affair being her arrest and interrogation by mexican police at the request of the US, not a sexual affair with Oswald. docid-32108491.pdf

5dc5db No.10888106


>implying niggers are a bigger threat

It must be hard going through life only being able to hold one thought in your head at a time.

df6f7c No.10888137


>>until the jew doesn't exist.

>>not nignogs

You said it, kike.

Go ahead, type nigger.

63625e No.10888179


>You said it, kike.

Yes, yes I did. You know what I didn't say? "over the fucking evil kikes"

Not sure if you just don't understand, or can only argue strawmen, but the rest of us are capable of holding more than one thought in our head at a time.

You should try it sometime.

df6f7c No.10888211

File: c45f64dbbb60425⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, friendly advice.webm)


When someone states something reasonable, you typically don't add something also reasonable on to the statement by saying "no this".

You literally fucking implied niggers were the primary threat instead of jews by your snarky retarded way of saying niggers are a threat.

5ab79c No.10888435

File: ad2d62d2a1e7838⋯.png (95.55 KB, 536x476, 134:119, bond burger'd.png)



a9231b No.10888525


>When someone states something reasonable, you typically don't add something also reasonable on to the statement by saying "no this".

>"no this"

Show me where I said that.

>You literally fucking implied


You know what implied means? It means I didn't actually say it.

And considering that what I DID say can also just as easily mean "and niggers" you're just grasping for straws to rationalize your false assumption that you've invested in too much to be able to admit you just fucked up.

f00ad7 No.10889201


>Trump caught them off guard with that release


all he had to do was nothing and all files would have been dumped


he had to do something

now agency can disappear files

many files referenced have not been dumped

f42113 No.10889901


>the house is on fire and there is a fly in the room

<quick swat the fly

thanks moshie,

e90de3 No.10889987


FBI recently raided a cadaver selling company. Look at that picture, that guy is dead!

9f1fbb No.10890648

File: 180460753a1cfbf⋯.jpg (84.5 KB, 650x650, 1:1, image1-650x650.jpg)

4b8cda No.10891194

File: c3df23bad57f81d⋯.png (188.29 KB, 750x846, 125:141, IMG_5432.PNG)


>tfw I made this meme a year ago

>it turns out to be true


7db2b5 No.10891284


Can you share the document proving that the mob that provided the weapons to JFK's assassin was paid by the 'hebrews' to do so? Forgot to save it.

000000 No.10891442

Everything seems to make sense when you understand that a Jew (JR) killed that patsy (LHO) that killed JFK to shut him up.

246558 No.10891523



seriously what the fuck is wrong with their faces

7695b0 No.10891772


plastic surgery addiction

eac46a No.10892071



Read this >>10884617


>Everything seems to make sense when you understand that a Jew (JR) killed that patsy (LHO) that killed JFK to shut him up.

<patsy (LHO) that killed JFK'



>noun, plural patsies. Slang.

>1. a person who is easily swindled, deceived, coerced, persuaded, etc.; sucker.

>2. a person upon whom the blame for something falls; scapegoat; fall guy.

>3. a person who is the object of a joke, ridicule, or the like.

4fa520 No.10892440

cc1c88 No.10892838


critter hybrids, agents of lucifer

no such thing as extraterrestrials

69007e No.10893543


>National Enquierer's front page today has the headline "Oswald worked for the CIA!"

Theory: CIA turned into /ourguys/ via anal redpill hence all the anti-CIA sentiment around (((here))) lately

Weren't they the ones who leaked the NSA (Snowden) files?

>inb4 CIAnigger

61aa1d No.10894143

File: f471409150aa29b⋯.jpg (700.12 KB, 1106x1500, 553:750, il_fullxfull.453375548_gm1….jpg)

AEVALIANT, FUZZY, SIDEROFF these codenames/names were subject of investigation in docid-32348311.pdf. Has anyone encountered them elsewhere or have additional info/leads?

a7560f No.10894909


almost a data overload

61aa1d No.10896053

File: be013710c788f24⋯.png (137.2 KB, 2656x4254, 1328:2127, 104-10050-10224.pdf-118.png)

NOV 23, 1963


104-10050-10224.pdf #118

15bb62 No.10896672


Off topic but keep using that meme

711426 No.10897566


Which one?

354913 No.10897693


ok this is real suspicious

8ae6ad No.10897785


But maybe that meme appeared because somebody knew about the "real bogdanovs", not the actors.

bc7c09 No.10897797



As retarded as bogposting is, they're still minor aristocracy.

bc7c09 No.10897800


The silence of the shills itt is amazing.

8ae6ad No.10897816


>delivery of 50 lbs of (rifle?) cartridges to corpus christi texas oct 1st 1963

By who?

8ae6ad No.10897822


Everybody is realising that a lot of what they know about with history is a lie.

That means, we don't know what the fucks going on right now. The only reason why we get anywhere nowadays is because media like us piece it together from social media, sorting out the lies and truths and potential disinfo.

Even then we might only scrape the surface.

bc7c09 No.10897835


/pol/ has more or less traced the kikes back to their inception in ancient sumer, we're getting a fairly complete view of things at this point.

ac52f0 No.10897843

File: 6e6d6927459f914⋯.jpg (54.48 KB, 647x636, 647:636, IMG_2436.JPG)


8ae6ad No.10897869


Horrific narcissism.

8ae6ad No.10897874


>we're getting a fairly complete view of things at this point.

No I think a dog's being thrown a ball.

cd3a62 No.10897878


>distinct lack of arguments

15d00b No.10897881


Snow White is probably a reference to the Church of Scientology. Look up their operation named that.

8ae6ad No.10897913


Just a spidey tingling.

a39d1b No.10898048


Just look for jews. Make a list of anything jewish and just keep typing them in. Names, organizations, ect.

a39d1b No.10898064


That's because MLK was a traitor and a commie. He was likely sold out by his own niggerkin, and offed as a "martyr" to the anti-segregation movement. Revealing any of that, would cause havok. I vote for the havok though.

be6fc7 No.10898103


(((They))) took over the church. See the Nostra Aetate in the Vatican II council. Jews such as (((Simon Oesterreicher))) orchestrated the infiltration and takeover.

Hell, the current pope is a communost agitator whose commie parents were forced to flee Italy oy vey! because Mussolini.

The catholics currently are being conditioned to want to adopt rapefugee children. The sheep have lost their shepherd and are being led to slaughter by wolves. The useful idiot mockingbird goyim in the church regurgitate and amplify the kike message, resisting any opposition. Idiot soup.

8ae6ad No.10898119


>He was likely sold out by his own niggerkin

I bet some of the black community would have been horrified by what he had done.

And it's made me worried about a certain fuhrer.

61aa1d No.10898529

File: dae3c5cef7a158f⋯.png (330.37 KB, 2558x4213, 2558:4213, nunez_32389154_1.png)

File: 8e0dcc862237884⋯.png (343.34 KB, 2558x4213, 2558:4213, nunez_32389154_2.png)



SEP 18, 1963

Probable reference to call recipient Dr Emilio Nunez Pontuondo in this document on page 2 Emilio (Nunez) Protuondo. Nunez referenced as possible bribery financier cover story.

61aa1d No.10898784


docid-32332588.pdf Emilio Nunez Portuondo described by informant as pro-american but without any real following.

./docid-32325943.pdf Aug 19, 1960 Emilio Nunez Portuondo referenced as subject on cover sheet, should be 13 pages, only have 2. Can't tell if Nunez is the subject of investigation or one of the informants, no context yet.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emilio_N%C3%BA%C3%B1ez_Portuondo possible crypto-kike, moving on to caller for now

f66f27 No.10898842


In the old pic of the bogs, twin on right looks like Milo. I can't unsee it.

f38433 No.10898878


Russia was against the church when it was too strong and and its doctrine was antithetical to its purposes, and for it when it could control it and use it to get the people to align with the state. Communism is "anti religion" in the sense that it's anti-community: it can only function when all normal human bonds such as family, church, and community are destroyed. This is part of what Solzhenitsyn was getting at when he said, 'Socialism under any guise inevitably leads to the destruction of the human spirit.'


Elements of the Church have been taken over by kikes/satanists, but all is not lost. For one, the Church is bigger than any one administration: anti-popes have happened before. For two, see Poland of late.

f6a7e3 No.10901010


>Elements of the Church have been taken over by kikes

Actually? I kinda figured of all institutions, Christianity would be pretty insulated from Jewish control. I know the pope sees a shrink but are Jews actually involved in the Church?

17f902 No.10901150


Constantine was a kike.

<Do your homework.

89bdd3 No.10901186


>are jews involved in the church

>where does "fifth column" come from?

In case you're not just being fatuous and sincerely want an answer and can read


29e0fa No.10901441


>truth to end all wars

Will we finally gas the kikes once and for all?

17f902 No.10901599

File: c12fe21acb48b9b⋯.jpeg (28.12 KB, 384x382, 192:191, 21151395_500402673627353_….jpeg)

63784f No.10902008

File: 2a779634e598e5d⋯.jpg (621.18 KB, 1457x643, 1457:643, Kunstler-Rubenstein.jpg)

53b2c6 No.10902901


>Theory: CIA turned into /ourguys/ via anal redpill hence all the anti-CIA sentiment around (((here))) lately

The CIA has been caught selling drugs on our streets (Air America), kidnapping innocent citizens and brainwashing them with drugs & torture (MK Ultra), building a "heart attack" gun for assassinations at a time when assassinations were banned by congress, and creating & supplying Al Qaeda. They also overthrew a legally elected president in Iran, which eventually led to the current angst between the U.S. & that country, and they did it for the oil companies & (((banks))).

With a history like this, how can you trust them? How can you even know who they work for?

Even if they DID become pro-America and pro-citizen, how could you be sure?

f66f27 No.10902922


The traitors all should be, definitely. Gassing (((them))) today would be to seize the shekels, theirs and the ridiculous amount of 'aid' Wouldn't you enjoy that? I actually would. No skills really as far as labor. Broke and penniless, like their wars leave our veterans. Winter is coming….

59d73c No.10902972

File: 0735b41d6dea54a⋯.jpg (77.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SHRIKER1.jpg)

59d73c No.10902977

File: 2c51b7a75eb15d8⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1594x1013, 1594:1013, 1510256536419.png)

found this earlier

f66f27 No.10903019


Yes! Finally. A Rich Man's Trick!

59d73c No.10903331



that vid is awesome!

c17f80 No.10903974

File: 0e9231155371895⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 300x397, 300:397, Nazis killed JFK.jpg)



If you think that kosher, anti-Hitler drivel is "awesome" you don't belong here, and you should probably broaden your horizons when it comes to the Kennedy assassination.

4ad4d6 No.10904063

File: 3b2bf73b7fda3e0⋯.png (104.23 KB, 819x573, 273:191, CD971.png)

https://www .archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10012-10080.pdf

>Document CD971

>Can harm national security

>Stir a panic within the press

>Mentions secret bases

I think we have a lead boys!

59d73c No.10904084

c17f80 No.10904157

File: 5b4c3cb0b04232b⋯.png (238.52 KB, 1385x618, 1385:618, Kennedy Sr. on the Jews.png)

File: 7dea81a29ead136⋯.jpg (78.61 KB, 744x468, 62:39, JFK Hitler.jpg)

File: d7dd1a4e61e98c8⋯.jpg (104.49 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, The Real Reason JFK Was Mu….jpg)

File: 98ac63d522bca6e⋯.png (60.08 KB, 574x524, 287:262, How Israel Benefited from ….png)

File: a4c089f436d8659⋯.png (839.44 KB, 1138x910, 569:455, Edward Klein - The Kennedy….png)


>i-if you don't think the Kennedy assassination was part of a Nazi plot, y-you're a jew!

The Kennedy's admired Hitler, and the American Nazi party helped get JFK in. What makes that retarded documentary worse is that it repeatedly cites Mark Lane, who was Willis Carto's attorney. Carto was a "Hitler fan" who celebrated his birthday, was an early backer of GLR, founded the IHR, and had direct ties to NSDAP figures like Otto Remer and Leon Degrelle.

JFK was killed by the Mossad for opposing Israel's nuclear program. Any other explanation is kosher misdirection.

9c07ff No.10904166


>the American Nazi party helped get JFK in

"With the election of Kennedy now almost sure, as I write this, The Protocols are rapidly

approaching total and final fulfillment."

- George Lincoln Rockwell (This Time the World)

c17f80 No.10904199

File: f72b32d109a9362⋯.png (523.13 KB, 457x738, 457:738, Rockwell Hooker.png)

File: ec163b59dec8832⋯.png (1.02 MB, 652x988, 163:247, DeWest Hooker TTTW.png)

File: 2efa0a5a0b7287e⋯.png (1.16 MB, 621x957, 207:319, Final Judgment.png)


GLR's mentor DeWest Hooker, a friend of Joe Kennedy, who he (Rockwell) said was "the nearest thing to a Nazi since the Bund" and credited with teaching him "to know the evil and cunning ways of the enemy" in the acknowledgments to the very book you cited, told a different story:

>As they parted at the end of their Palm Beach meeting, Hooker asked Kennedy if there was anything he could do to help the Kennedy family.

>"Yes, as a matter of fact, there is something you can do." responded Joe Kennedy. "I'd like you to use your contacts in the right-wing. Have them start publishing articles accusing Jack of being controlled by the Jews, of being a Jewish puppet. This will have the effect of neutralizing Jewish opposition to Jack (because of me).

>"The Jews know my views and naturally they'll assume that Jack is a chip off the old block. If the right wing starts hitting Jack this will give the Jews second thoughts—at least the ones who do the voting." 44

>Hooker promised Kennedy he would do what he could. And being a man of his word, Hooker did influence his right-wing contacts as Kennedy had asked. Hooker encouraged his friend, Nazi leader Rockwell, and other "right wingers" to smear John F. Kennedy as JFK's father had suggested. His efforts succeed.

>As one chronicle of the 1960 campaign noted: "The American Nazi Party helped too by throwing its support to Richard Nixon—"Nazis for Nixon, Kikes for Kennedy" was one of its slogans. Another of its placards read, "FDR and JFK mean JEW deal."45

>This, of course, was inspired by JFK's father and carried out through the good offices of DeWest Hooker and his friend George Lincoln Rockwell, although the historian who penned the description of Rockwell's sloganeering probably had no idea that it was indirectly the work of Joe Kennedy.

>"Frankly," Hooker says to this day, "As far as I'm concerned, it was my work that got Johnny Kennedy in the White House."46 (Hooker's claim is not completely off the mark, inasmuch as American Jewish leaders claimed themselves at the time that it was Jewish support for John F. Kennedy that gave him his narrow victory over Nixon in the 1960 election.)

>This interesting—and revealing—episode is not likely to be memorialized at the John F. Kennedy Library at Harvard or in any friendly biographies of the Kennedy family. However, there can be little doubt that Israel and its American lobby had a fairly good idea of what was going on behind the scenes.

59d73c No.10904277

File: fb19ed50da6e105⋯.jpg (836.87 KB, 2190x6140, 219:614, aSHRIKEstory.jpg)

645c5b No.10904546


Last night I Pierce Brosnan'd holding a pistol homemada hamburger on a bun without sesame seeds your sister?

53f574 No.10905418


>Theory: CIA turned into /ourguys/ via anal redpill hence all the anti-CIA sentiment around (((here))) lately

>Weren't they the ones who leaked the NSA (Snowden) files?

Let's list how none of the intelligence agencies are not /ourguys/

1) The FBI - have proven time and again through US history they cannot be counted on to protect you from anybody and when it comes time for them to step up to the plate they get cold feet and do nothing because they're scared of consequences. Remeber they let the JFK assissination happen and did nothing, one of their analysts plausibly denied that they chose to do nothing about the pedo blackmail the CIA operates with impunity. Willlingly cooperates with them on many occasions to undermine the American people, and on top of that all of their mass shootings is deliberately designed to push gun control and to disarm you so they don't have to worry about being kill by American citizens for treason anymore.

2) The CIA - isn't even trying to pretend to protect you they do whatever they want and operate black sites, kiddly diddling cults,, the opium trade and fucked McCarthy over to allow Communism to succeed. They pretty much worked with Bush and Clinton families to kill JFK and have cucked the Presidents since JFK ever since by siding with their new backers the Jews. Works with Mossad more then any intelligence agency, and even if the Jews weren't involved the CIA certainly will be.

3)The NSA - creepy fucking transhumanists who want 1984 to come so they can bring about their cultish beliefs to fruition and herald the singularity. The gossip that the NSA is on Trump's side specifically calls out a specific group of NSA agents not the whole body, because the rest are so fucking looney and a threat to humanity that pretty much everyone is rightfully weary of those whackjobs. Hordars for technology and stifles progress, only "good" thing about them is that they passive aggressively antagonize the CIA because they figured out about the kiddy diddling, which btw the FBI never told them. Backdoors all technology the CIA doesn't.

So tell me, why should you trust any of these guys.

880d21 No.10905462


Trust in government is good Americanism, you don't want to look like an america-hater do you? think of the optics! :^)

2f6e02 No.10906169


>1) The FBI . . .

is not a protection nor police agency. It is an investigative agency. Why should they be trusted? Better question: Who needs to trust them? answer: attorneys.

>2) The CIA . . .

hasn't anything to do with protecting anyone, never has; never will, and their venue is "officially" outside of the USA. Why trust them?

You'll never have neither the opportunity nor the necessity unless you live outside the states.

>3) NSA . . .

-Whatever you think about them is disinfo and probably propagated by them, themselves. If you fell for it, then you should trust them at least to fool you. the other reason to trust them is because we here in USA are all still alive and nuclear war has been abated for 50 + years. That's their job.

For analogy and consideration:

Currently ( past 50+ years ) the USA is like a hunter out alone in the woods with his leg caught in a bear trap with a saw in his hand trying desperately to saw amputate himself. No it's not pretty and there is no guarantee he'll survive. It's bloody, and *usually* one would say that chopping off a leg is a bad idea.

P.S. anyone that wears eye-glasses is a transhumanist. Let that sink in.

bc1201 No.10906220


whatever you say cianigger.

>suggesting cia does no domestic ops

>suggesting no one knows what nsa is up to

gas yourself

6b4f52 No.10906477


Pretty sure mutual destruction stopped global nuclear war, you abominable faggot

f206e5 No.10907964

File: 7bbb9475f4d77d2⋯.png (282.22 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 7bbb9475f4d77d2da6b89ae69e….png)


>glowing butthurt


>have to plausibly deny anything even vaguely true

Well at least you're not the guy stuck having to explain how Spurdo is beneficial for his stock options and that Spurdo isn't the satire of a pedophile even though he came from the satire of a pedophile. Wonder if being able to explain Gondola is any better.

fee1ec No.10909311

File: 87134dd3083180b⋯.png (429.1 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_frank_sturgis_201_file.png)

Frank Sturgis' "201 File" (Personality).

"Leader of a Secret Army Org."

Bay of Pigs.

fee1ec No.10909336

File: 2e66a01c261f74c⋯.png (487.09 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_informants_high_school….png)

File: 381a3754518186f⋯.png (461.14 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_informants_high_school….png)

CIA informants were (are?) in High Schools working as Guidance Counselors.

Apparently they recruit only girls.

Probably for some freak-nasty P-gate honeytrap blackmail covert ops.

fee1ec No.10909354

File: 0a3345bf61bcc4f⋯.png (323.49 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_fbi_cubans_plan_to_sin….png)

FBI moles inside CIA's anti-Castro militias report they are planning to blow up a Russian ship.

see how close Langley's insane obsession with Castro, who they themselves armed and helped bring to power in 1958, nearly brought us to the brink of WW3?

fee1ec No.10909370

File: 00ce7056c7c7ee7⋯.png (345.04 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_DRE_would_disintegrate….png)

anti-Castro militia DRE would disintegrate without CIA support.

Recall Oswald, who was pro-Castro, got into a fist fight on the street with the New Orleans leader of DRE who was handing out pamphlets.

CIA to this day denies any affiliation with DRE.

well now we know that's not true at all.

fee1ec No.10909385

File: 4cbd51e99454cb6⋯.png (351.91 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_fbi_mole_in_secret_ser….png)

FBI has a mole in the Secret Service under Ernest Aragon, who passes them mail.

Conspiracist have claimed for decades that Aragon was intercepting Oswald's mail.

Why was (is?) FBI penetrating Secret Service?

Why was (is?) FBI penetrating CIA?

Is the Deep State at Civil War VS itself and We-The-Chumps are the last to find out?

fee1ec No.10909416

File: f83b1c7f504d47a⋯.png (441.09 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_fbi_cia_dre_alpha_66.png)

Alpha66 was CIA's assassination squad for Castro.

CIA claimed to have no communication with nor control over Alpha66.

Why was an FBI informer penetrating Alpha66?

Was FBI cleaning up after Langley? Did FBI mistrust Langley and double checked on their blackest covert ops? Or did FBI hijack Alpha66 with their one inside man to take control of it away from CIA?

regardless of what's "True", this is all pretty nuts. when every Deep State agency is running its own assassination squads and stomping all over each other's toes, someone unexpected is bound to get shot.

fee1ec No.10909455

File: 7c0fe76f4158f9a⋯.png (534.35 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_bringuier_oswalds_book.png)

File: 4092199c09ee189⋯.png (776.01 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_bringuier_says_oswald_….png)

Carlos Bringuier, head of anti-Castro DRE in New Orleans, who got into a fist fight with Oswald after Oswald pretended to be anti-Castro and tried to join DRE and offered to help train Militias, said he was sure Oswald was a Castro spy.

Bringuier said Oswald gave him a Marine Training Handbook with the inscription "FIDEL" in the jacket cover.

fee1ec No.10909471

File: 31bf505ffeae54c⋯.png (347.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_minutemen_nazis.png)

Relieving news for /ourguys/ paranoid about Deep State shills and Fed moles.

if you're a member of any NatSoc orgs, then FBI says it doesn't want to interview you, since due to your "obvious sympathies", you don't have any informant potential.

fee1ec No.10909516

File: 559d9a82c4af0c2⋯.png (411.58 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_social_paranoia_govt_e….png)

File: cd674e43267b517⋯.png (325.13 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_believed_AMTRUNK_c….png)

CIA's report to the HSCA in 1978 looked for Cuban or Soviet involvement, "but we did not find it."

CIA didn't want to accuse Castro nor the USSR of whacking JFK because:

"to hold differently would be to accept a social paranoia that often permeates today, which would hold that a significant number of govt employees could engage in a well disciplined conspiracy to suppress evidence"

Now go have a good laugh at that, in light of today's "muh Russia" histrionics.

fee1ec No.10909551


That 2nd image shows CIA believed its AMTRUNK operation, 1963-1965, which was the umbrella program for all their coup-assassination-sabotage ops against Castro, was penetrated by the Cubans and Soviets.

You'd think CIA would learn after burning their hands on the stove that if their blackest covert ops get hijacked by The Enemy, and your own President gets whatcked, that maybe you ought to quit running coups and assassinations.

fee1ec No.10909579

File: d79592cc313c271⋯.png (323.31 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_oswald_file_57_vol….png)

CIA's Oswald file is 57 volumes spread across 142 file folders.

Seems a bit excessive, how could so much material exist on a "Lone Wolf" who wasn't on anybody's radar and who wasn't involved in some weird CIA double-triple agent operation?

fee1ec No.10909613

File: 63ca35d7d7c3755⋯.png (283.97 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cias_summary_mentions_….png)

CIA's own secret report to the HSCA in 1978 admits the CIA "mishandled various aspects of the investigation - it does not deal with the retaliation idea."

retaliation as in Castro's 100% doubling all of CIA's Cuban spies and penetrating all of CIA's anti-Castro militias and Castro getting pissed as fuck to learn JFK and RFK personally ordered the CIA to assassinate him several times and so Castro got the last laugh and had JFK shot.

fee1ec No.10909890

File: 24b2051b0d02a88⋯.png (374.67 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_AMTRUNK_proposed_b….png)

"Robert Herwitch, a senior official in the State Dept, presented the concept to the CIA with approval.

CIA assigned it to the Miami station, known as AMTRUNK."

see that Goy? do you see now how CIA really works?

CIA is Bad Cop for the Good Cop President.

Plausible Deniability has nothing to do with CIA keeping its own secrets, which laughably leak and scatter to the wind, and everything to do with giving plausible denial to the President!

pretend you're the President. you're the "Leader of the World", you have the Nuclear Biscuit, you can end the world in 5 minutes at your command, you command the biggest most powerful military in history, you pull the puppet strings of everything and everyone.

so you want to flex some of your power doing some covert ops, coups, assassinations, spying on your political opponents, rigging markets for your cronies, and funneling billions in bribes to your vast network of Foundations, Charities and Offshore conglomerates.

well, you can't just flex all the power naked.

you need a fall guy.

and CIA is that fall guy. the more bogged down in DC Swamp bureaucracy, the more entrenched in wildly contradictory operations playing both sides, the more sheer disinfo and lies fed to the Masses, the better.

everyone will blame those stupid Langley faggots for everything. everyone will sympathize with you, poor, poor Leader of the Free World, held back and sabotaged by your own CIA. if only those bad, bad spooks would just stop sabotaging you, then maybe you could push your agenda forward and actually accomplish your Campaign Promises.

see how you've all been conned since 1947? see why nuffin ever changes in the Deep State?

it's by design. what you see isn't Chaos, it's the illusion of Chaos, it's all carefully scripted and controlled to keep you shoving your maws with McBurgerFats, Fattucinos, keep buying more Cheap Chinese Plastic Crap on Credit, keep poisoning your environment and destroying your own community in exchange for JewSt cuckbux, while the real Architect running the Matrix gets away Scott-Free.

fee1ec No.10909935

File: 3e62ac388a1f896⋯.png (307.94 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_first_mention_in_p….png)

File: 4260e45d6a54cef⋯.png (362.61 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_amtrunk_double_age….png)

File: c322ddfb64cfc50⋯.png (301.58 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_hid_castro_poison_….png)

File: c322ddfb64cfc50⋯.png (301.58 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_syndicate_moving_o….png)

CIA was upset at NYT 1978 for printing the first mention of their AMTRUNK assassination Juan Ortiz, who was their man in Havana who's job was to whack Castro.

Juan Ortiz also worked with The Syndicate. CIA hired a mobster to kill Castro.

But his plan failed. In January 1961, Juan Ortiz lost his job in the Venezuelan Embassy in Cuba.

The hitman was supposed to recieve a package of ice cream with poison pills to be used to kill Castro.

The ice cream melted.

CIA is surprised however, "The Syndicate appears to be moving on its own."

i guess that's what you get when you hire the Mafia to do your assassination. you get double crossed and the Mob doesn't work for you–you work for the Mob.

fee1ec No.10909959

File: 4a747bab21bb82d⋯.png (341.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_mentions_frank_sturgis.png)

How did CIA's Syndicate assassin Juan Ortiz in Havana get involved?

CIA says he was not one of theirs and he had no contact with them in Miami.

Turns out, Juan Ortiz was a gambling buddy of Frank Sturgis and Trafficante, both names who have been notoriously suspect as having been directly involved in assassinating JFK.

fee1ec No.10909974

File: 4aa03fb5d87a50a⋯.png (281.66 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_called_off_ops_wit….png)

File: 7fe97e9d388a24b⋯.png (346.93 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_ambronc_3_plots_on….png)

CIA called off operations with The Syndicate to assassinate Castro, "but it seemed like it was still going on when re-activated."

CIA AMBRONC conducted 3 more plots to kill Castro.

fee1ec No.10910025

File: 0d451fca254140d⋯.png (413.79 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_amash_wanted_sniper_ri….png)

File: a7bedf7c1e862f6⋯.png (328.65 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_amlash_nov_1963_given_….png)

October 1963: CIA's assassin in Havana, AMLASH/1, wants a High Powered rifle with Telescopic lens that he could use to kill Castro from a distance.

Nov 19, 1963: Fitz approved, telling AMLASH he would be given a cache of weapons, including a high powered rifle with scope. AMLASH says he plans to return to Cuba.

gee, what a coincidence. CIA arms their assassin to shoot Castro 3 days before JFK gets shot.

if you consider how thoroughly Castro, a genius at counter-intel btw, doubled and penetrated all of CIA's ops against him, what are the odds Castro knew? hell, AMLASH was probably a Cuban double who told Castro the moment he got approved to receive the rifle from CIA.

once the plot gets that far, is it really Castro's fault for retaliating against such a bungling and transparent Ship of Fools like Langley? what other choice did Castro have? keep waiting until CIA eventually did whack him?

fee1ec No.10910032

File: 3391571940ae29e⋯.png (425.91 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_met_amlash_day_of_….png)

The hour when JFK was shot, AMLASH met his case officer in Paris.

what a coincidence!

fee1ec No.10910045

File: 40aedf5d7c5a21d⋯.png (143.25 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_mongoose_exempted_2016.png)

CIA MONGOOSE, the umbrella program for coups and sabotage against Castro, is still re-filed as "Exempt" from declassification as recently as March 2016.

fee1ec No.10910085

File: 0748a5db32d194c⋯.png (290.61 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_rfk_asks_cia_to_kidnap….png)

File: bf30068d517eee5⋯.png (288.55 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_thinks_ussr_wont_p….png)

1962: RFK meets with CIA and the Joint Chiefs. RFK asks CIA if they can kidnap some of Castro key people during the Cuban election, to help tip the vote against Castro.

RFK was personally and deeply involved in overseeing CIA operations against Castro.

all that fluff you see on the Boob Tube and in puff piece books about RFK as some kind of "Classical Liberal" Idealist was all lies.

RFK was a killer. RFK obviously didn't give a shit about "free elections" unless it was rigged for his guy to win. RFK ordered MLK's wiretap and RFK ordered the hits on Castro and RFK ordered Bay of Pigs to proceed regardless of the threat of Soviets putting bases in Cuba in response.

"we would be unable to remove them by initiating World War III."

see that?

RFK had such a priapic hard-on for killing Castro that he was willing to gamble with WW3, American lives be damned!

fee1ec No.10910231

File: d29253a9dad5323⋯.png (315.88 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_planed_coups_in_2_….png)

This should be a big bombshell that shatters JFK's legacy and transforms the way History casts him as The Good Guy.

CIA wasn't just pursuing overthrowing Castro.

They wanted the rest of Latin America too.

JFK meets with the Joint Chiefs and CIA. CIA has "esitmates for 2 countries to be selected by him in the Caribbean. Each one to have a company sized unit and a battalion unit. The intent was use the Panama Canal Zone to give this capability a quick reaction."

see that? The Deep State really did plan to weaponize the Panama Canal to use as a base for covert war launched in Latin America.

the document continues: "there was no proof of Cuban infiltration into other countries of Latin America or exportation of weapons and guerrillas."

"we have been unable to get any evidence that this was being done."

JFK questioned them closely on this "asking why they could not find evidence when he knew this to be a fact!"

see that?

it's like America is stuck in a Groundhog Day nightmare, continually re-awakening to the same false evidence of WMDs or coups, and continually invading nations without legitimate declarations of war, and continually getting fucked by our own blowback and covert war debacles.

JFK was a blood drinking war monger, and perhaps he deserved EXACTLY what he got.

let that be a lesson to any future Presidents who want to abuse their power to get America into more pointless wars that only serve the Military Industrial Complex Profiteers!

fee1ec No.10910267

File: 8eb7dd15af90f97⋯.png (326.3 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_giancani_wiretapped_fb….png)

File: 0fcba339cb24847⋯.png (379.05 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_fbi_cia_liason_pappich….png)

File: 1b9be584cae30b1⋯.png (386.42 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_fbi_knew_ever_meeting_….png)

here's a real bombshell.

the FBI's liason with CIA said RFK "involved with the Intel Community almost immediately upon JFK's start."

"RFK was involved in and aware of the whole range of Intel activities."

"RFK's involvement increased after Bay of Pigs."

the FBI field office in Vegas found a bug.

they were wiretapped!

who did it?

Sam Giancana!

FBI determined that Giancana was working with CIA!

FBI complained to RFK to do something about CIA.

RFK said he "didn't want this connection surfaced."


The Mob doesn't work for you–you work for the Mob!

fee1ec No.10910301


This memo doesn't exactly make FBI look innocent.

This guy who is in charge of CIA-FBI liason, who meets with Allen Dulles, didn't ask Dulles point blank to his face to explain the Giancana wiretap they found?

What gumshoe worth their salt just lets a huge crime like that go like nothing?

Do you want your point-man overseeing all liason with CIA to be a spineless Yes-Man who is too afraid of losing his own job or not getting that promotion to NOT ask the CIA Director what is the fucking truth?

in a way, all these coward spooks in FBI and CIA deserve each other. nobody gives a shit about actual Justice, everybody just keeps their head down and puts in the minimum amount of work and calls it a day.

meanwhile the Fire of the Chaos of the World rage out there somewhere. there are no Heroes, there is nobody who will be running into the Fire to try to put it out.

let the Deep State burn itself down to the ground for all i care.

fee1ec No.10910328

File: 5206f061ba9cce3⋯.png (333.84 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_pres_att_gen_knew_abou….png)

but wait, it gets worse.

Allen Dulles working with Sam Giancana PREDATES JFK.

Eisenhower knew.

Allen Dulles "found it strange that the Atty General would be shocked by news of CIA involvement with the Underworld in May of 1962."

Because the CIA has always been working with the Mob. Because Truman and Ike and JFK and RFK and every President since then has known that CIA works with the Mafia and all kinds of Gangsters. Because the CIA are the world's biggest gangsters, so of course they have to work with other Syndicates and Cartels and Narcos and Warlords.

"You don't think it be like it is, but it do."

fee1ec No.10910348

File: 5d64608f011cb5f⋯.png (552.43 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_presidents_limo_windsh….png)

If Oswald was a "Lone Gunman", and there was no 2nd bullet through the President's Limo windshield, then why in 1964 did Secret Service install a new windshield that was bullet proof to stop 30 cal armor piercing ammo?

fee1ec No.10910370

File: 03d84430e8ba744⋯.png (237.01 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_tad_szulc_whats_this.png)

CIA didn't want to declassify JFK Files because you would learn the name "Tad Szulc" and also learn about the Counter Intel concerns of Zbignew Brzezinski.

typical CIA, keeping secrets 14 years after the fact because of pathetic retro-actively decided fears of everybody finding out just how shitty they are at their jobs and that the entire "Intelligence Portfolio" is a ram-shackle barely duct-taped together train wreck run by a crew of drooling idiots who wouldn't be fit for any other type of employment.

I don't know who Tad Szulz is, but if Langley wants us to NOT know about him, he must be important and he must have done some very embarrassing shit.

fee1ec No.10910390

File: bf10bfc02f1b8bf⋯.png (476.75 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_bay_of_pigs_prisoner_t….png)

Careful when you hire Mercenaries for your Bay of Pigs coup, who get taken prisoner when your operation blows because of all the moles sinking your best laid plans paving the road to Hell.

Fast forward 12 years, after you sprung the Merc from the Cuban dungeon, after you gave him a new identity back home in your own country.

Now your Merc is planting bombs at Conferences in DC and if his CIA connections spill then you'll have some 'splaining to do!

fee1ec No.10910404

File: 6c048709bd5aa20⋯.png (419.46 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_oswald_sexual_intercou….png)

Here is the page i referenced above:

May 26 Silvia Duran had sexual intercourse with Lee Harvey Oswald on several occasions when the latter was in Mexico City … probably adds little to the Oswald case. The Mexican police did not report the extent of the Duran-Oswald relationship to this Station."

fee1ec No.10910410

File: f3c5cc5a2bbe531⋯.png (381.17 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_wubriny_ops.png)

George HW Bush's Zapata Oil front in Haiti operated under the CIA codename WUBRINY.

there are a few documents mentioning WUBRINY. i suspect as the rest of the docs a released, there will be more.

e237bd No.10910412

File: fdc21ae2c520eaf⋯.png (152.72 KB, 319x420, 319:420, ClipboardImage.png)


tfw CIA invented triple parentheses

fee1ec No.10910430

File: 166da3dcbed57df⋯.png (238.68 KB, 809x635, 809:635, cia_jfk_herbert_itkin_WUBR….png)

File: 7d4f4ececdfeb89⋯.png (194.88 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, jfk_cia_herbert_itkin_eur_….png)

CIA tracked Herbert Itkin, their dual-agent (also shared with FBI where he served them as an informant attorney against Mobsters) travelling to EU with Narcotics.

If you want to peel back the Matrix, go Google "Herbert Itkin CIA" and start reading.

Herbert met Allen Dulles in 1954. Herbert ran CIA coups ops in Haiti "to harass Castro."

here's a doc mentioning Itkin and WUBRINY.

it stands to reason that CIA's agent in Haiti would also be connected to George HW Bush's WUBRINY, which was also based in Haiti.

61aa1d No.10911205


Do you have the document id for the pdf that was in? I've still running the 50,000 documents in the 11/03 release through OCR, haven't gotten to the 11/09 documents yet.

9cef44 No.10911408


He was working to end the reserve banking cartel's deathgrip on the US. If a leader can free the world from that nightmare, I don't mind if they want to skip straight to World War 5, at least it'll be OUR war, that maybe WE can profit from for a change (maybe)…(unlikely).

888d3d No.10911498


Who needs profits. Just to fight for our own interests for once in my life would be worth any cost.

0c9240 No.10911601

File: 82bdc0792a11c7b⋯.jpg (77.38 KB, 400x296, 50:37, IMG_1783.JPG)


i wish i knew why there's 100's mayne 1000's of pages on CIA + FBI tag teaming MLK like a poz4neg boipucci at an AIDs Convention hotel gang bang.

i found multiple docs where CIA placed agents in MLK Orgz all the way up to 1972 and beyond.

CIA was convinced MLK affiliated Orgz were infiltrated by Commie moles.

in amother doc i found, FBI was spying on Coretta Scott King from 1968 - 1974.

i wonder if FBI and CIA even knew about each other's informers in the same groups. i wonder if the CIA guy was like "i'm a huge Marxist-Leninist, i want to help the Soviets, let's destroy America by hijacking the African Revolutionary Movement from the dumb niggers and use it to subvert Youth Culture!!!"

meanwhile the FBI guy is like "Mr Hoover, i'm seeing the worst of the worst extreme Commies in MLK groups, we gotta triple our resources, infiltrate them even more, black bag them, sabotage them, neutralize the niggers before they split America in two."

meanwhile the CIA guy and the FBI guy didn't deconflict each other, so they don't realize they are stuck in a phase locked loop feeding back into each other, amplifying the total chaos and the Secret Police apparatus.

nothing in any docs ive seen makes me conclude CIA nor FBI were very smart nor cunning about anything they did. they're like the DMV of Deep State. ham-fisted over-kill, sprawling duplication, incapable of a soft touch, and flooring it to appear to be Doing Something Anything rather than doing what's necessary. plus they all look like Cosplayers trying to mimic what they think SpyCraft looks like in Movies as opposed to the real thing which is mundane and dreary boring clerical waiting for Happenings.

75aa18 No.10912243


Frankly, it's hilarious. It's like that screencap of that anon retelling a story his dad told him of the ATF, FBI, and police "infiltrating" a skinhead group when it was really made and populated by them. Incompetence of alphabet agencies then is as evident as it is today.

Though there's the saying, "Never attribute to malice to what is just as likely stupidity." But in this case it's both. It's why so many /pol/lacks have talked about there being camps & factions within the FBI and likely the others. There were commie faggots in the CIA, there were jews and shabbos goys, and then there were ignorant bluepilled guys. How many of which were from any of those factions, nobody will ever know.

6c2c84 No.10913325

File: 0ff5792cbab53d6⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1840x2402, 920:1201, hothead bronies.png)


Hi I'm CIA, look out for the cats for some reason the CIA likes cat pics.

03acf1 No.10913809

File: cbbea7dc4f53837⋯.png (105.37 KB, 896x312, 112:39, CIA does it for free.PNG)


Don't forget that they also have a database of "japanese style faces"

b50db6 No.10914236


Goys, not trying to slide you hear, but is there anything in those files about Jim Jones the pastor who had his congregation in Guyana kill themselves. Pretty sure that was a CIA mind ops in how far they could push and control people. Have heard CIA was involved from Guyanese people(well educated part white one) who was working as a doctor when it went down in the 70s.

b50db6 No.10914341

b50db6 No.10914343

Congressman Leo Ryan was so passionately anti-C.I.A., that his aides and family immediately thought that the C.I.A. had killed him. And as likely as not, they did.

26834c No.10914738


>Snow White could mean drugs, or a tale of Prince Charming coming to rescue lady liberty from an evil witch.

It's this. If you know the story it's everywhere right now. the romance of Power and Glory.

d585cf No.10914828


Hail Thoth

Docet veritatem audacia tumultu

080760 No.10915541


I would very highly doubt this. I've spoken with the son, Stephen, who's still alive, and he is very on the level. I can see how he would be kept in the dark about a lot too, though, so I, for one, would love to see more on this.

495b5d No.10915796


but isnt putin a jew on his mommas side

c6f0df No.10916688

Anything cool yet, anons?

64d232 No.10917166


i can only speak for myself but so far nothing i didnt already know.

<watch "jfk ii" on jewtube

<then read JFK Who How And Why by Dr James Fetzer

>http:// moonrockbooks.com/jfk-who-how-and-why/

a7560f No.10917790

>>10916688 (checked)

basically nothing they said previously was true and they knew everything in advance

64de92 No.10919063

File: 367ee7021d461d7⋯.png (174.26 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1553.PNG)


>New Batch

Fresh 10k drop


82f16a No.10919362

File: 460c6a3906a8229⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 300x452, 75:113, 1413668250796.jpg)


>t. TRSodomite

what the fuck are you doing this is a thread about JFK why the fuck are you trying to shit it up with your controlled opposition?

a7560f No.10919398


holy shit

ed91b8 No.10919598


New thread?

273b3f No.10919604

File: 31ee727f12f90f4⋯.png (342.35 KB, 901x634, 901:634, shamrock.png)


who is SHAMROCK?

273b3f No.10919606


forgot link


495b5d No.10919650

Anyone mind doing a TLDR Summary

the only juicy part ive noticed so far is the cubans talking about jew backers who wanted LBJ in

288251 No.10919774


Mysterious indictments at an unprecedented level appeared. Until they're unsealed it is a mystery so it's mostly just discussing stuff about it and some off-topic.

61aa1d No.10922140


I have that in docid-32172206.pdf item 4 the document you cited is something else.

61aa1d No.10922149


correction, I don't have that document in the ocr list yet

61aa1d No.10922172

File: 434354207f974ef⋯.png (214.17 KB, 2554x3300, 1277:1650, gooblegobble.png)

A reminder to never reveal your pwer level, anons

ff3d6a No.10924913


bd5f72 No.10926943



bd5f72 No.10926997


>deny the holocaust?

>thats going in the files.

7f1eae No.10927566

File: e52460c7c445560⋯.jpeg (97.44 KB, 756x768, 63:64, DO-cHFPXkAA1aMR.jpeg)

daily reminder to mass report this bugman for spam, he and his ilk are mass reporting and shutting down twitter right wing accounts.

his account


000000 No.10930376

/pol/ mods are shill cuck bastards and they ban everyone who follows the rules and let people who break the rules post freely. the mods never changed since the last ban spree happening. only their names changed. the mods ban anyone who gets too close to the truth. eventually you will be banned too and you will realize who is in charge here. question those who you are not allowed to question.

000000 No.10930416

/pol/ mods are globalist shill bastards and they ban everyone who follows the rules and let people who break the rules post freely. the mods never changed since the last ban spree happening. only their names changed. the mods ban anyone who gets too close to the truth. eventually you will be banned too and you will realize who is in charge here. question those who you are not allowed to question and you will know the truth.

b29327 No.10932120

File: f26fe54bd06e172⋯.jpg (54.04 KB, 599x561, 599:561, Q.jpg)

File: b1f925e1a35181e⋯.jpg (30.99 KB, 630x405, 14:9, poo.jpg)

8a948d No.10932641


The black nobility took over the churches cuck. AKA JEWISH VENETIAN NOBILITY THAT RUNS EVERYTHING

01cedb No.10932916

File: 7bdbf458139d9f4⋯.png (314.98 KB, 2404x3171, 2404:3171, docid-32108330.pdf-3.png)

File: 65b4ca0169bf2ba⋯.png (320.7 KB, 2408x3175, 2408:3175, docid-32108330.pdf-4.png)

File: 11c17ec8907f41e⋯.png (324.93 KB, 2404x3179, 2404:3179, docid-32108330.pdf-5.png)

I have unresolved questions about this document. I didn't expect to find something astounding but here it is In docid-32108330 authored by R.L. Easby. So many more questions than anwsers now.


Otherwise shut it down.

If anyone knows more about this I'd like to hear it. If Ruby was in Mexico with LHO just whoa, whoa wtf… Who was actual subject? Why would revelation cause every post around the soviet embassy to be abandoned? What the actual fuck!?

a7560f No.10933605


link to the document?

6f082b No.10933764


You lying cunt. You are NOT "one of us".

35fd87 No.10934606

okok, so JFK thought Hitler was a proverbial "Great Man"… whoopie… is there anything actually good in here?

000000 No.10934672

Just take this down already. Even if people knew the truth it would be nothing, he died so long ago the Soviet Union itself is a long memory and we have worse scandals since. The public has destroyed itself with apathy and tolerance and with them will destroy society, civlisation, everything. This won't be a drop in the bucket.

6064f8 No.10936326


t. glowing CIAnigger

d53ee3 No.10936519


>oy vey shut it down

dfd710 No.10937017


>that ID

>muh "it's all over"

>muh "give up now"


57ffd3 No.10937224

File: 6401efbecaef588⋯.jpg (5.94 KB, 161x250, 161:250, 1397301265505.jpg)

f24aa4 No.10937561

File: cb8a0e348922b8f⋯.jpg (10.31 KB, 200x274, 100:137, MyteryMan2.jpg)


Hello boys. Remember me?

61aa1d No.10938177


Was that Ruby or Oswald before they retouched the photo?

61aa1d No.10938456


>only remaining hope would appear be to get ASCHAM prevail on commission not only retouch background in PHOTOS but also retouch face to degree obviously not identifiable with Ruby but also not with ACTUAL SUBJECT of photo.

Who is ASCHAM? Is there more than one photo? Who is actual subject?

I think LIMITED, LICALLA, LILYRIC, LICOWL and LIMESA were all camera or listening posts established around the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City.

>All will be reassured maximum efforts prevent any official investigation through top level intervention.

Yeah that's fuckery.

>Since same photo subject noted at PBRUMEN embassy about a month later,

PBRUMEN is Cuba so Cuban Embassy certainly also Mexico City. Oswald is known to have arrived in Mexico City on September 27, where he applied for a transit visa at the Cuban Embassy. SUBJECT could be Oswald which would place Oswald and Ruby in a photo, in Mexico City, near the Soviet Embassy In August or early Sept '63. Nothing here proves that Oswald is SUBJECT though even Ruby being at the Soviet Embassy a month before Oswald was is compelling.

This is fucked up.

61aa1d No.10938479


>only remaining hope would appear be to get ASCHAM prevail on commission not only retouch background in PHOTOS but also retouch face to degree obviously not identifiable with Ruby but also not with ACTUAL SUBJECT of photo.

Who is ASCHAM? Is there more than one photo? Who is actual subject?

I think LIMITED, LICALLA, LILYRIC, LICOWL and LIMESA were all camera or listening posts established around the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City.

>All will be reassured maximum efforts prevent any official investigation through top level intervention.

>Since same photo subject noted at PBRUMEN embassy about a month later

PBRUMEN is Cuba. If SUBJECT is Owsald then this puts Ruby and Oswald together at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City in late August or early September of '63.

SUBJECT could be someone else entirely though. But Ruby and Oswald both in contact with the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, even if it isn't contemporaneous is still fucked-uppedness on a massive scale.

e372c7 No.10939147

eac46a No.10939953


>Hello boys. Remember me?

>>10938177 (heavenly dubs)

>Was that Ruby or Oswald before they retouched the photo?

That is neither one in fact I have no idea who it is and cant remember ever seeing that person before.

Picture posting anon can you give me a little insight?

03c8b8 No.10940482

File: 9cc4edff9382b1e⋯.jpg (40 KB, 318x573, 106:191, oswald-fake-Soviet-Embassy….JPG)

File: 12b81b029f8acc3⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 178x170, 89:85, oswald-fake-Soviet-Embassy….JPG)

File: 4c7e8e2c92d58dd⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 286x401, 286:401, oswald-fake-Soviet-Embassy….JPG)

File: 9def0c02325c753⋯.png (41.38 KB, 851x1400, 851:1400, canvas.png)


>Yuri Ivanovich Moskalev

>Soviet scientist

>CIA raised his name in 1977

c559b0 No.10941016


Today's the day lads. Let the red pills fly. Remember, 11th month, 22nd day, 32 degrees N, kikes every damn time.

38544c No.10941756


Care to expound anon?

6064f8 No.10942147


I believe he is referring to today being the anniversary of the assassination.

17f902 No.10944685

File: a6f28e43f7035ce⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 552x640, 69:80, 23722202_1895449230483935_….jpg)

File: 2162f62b1726867⋯.jpg (342.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ed6c93faa4c9328aaa0cca98af….jpg)

54 years ago today, under orders from Mossad, George Herbert Walker Bush directed a team of six shooters as they assassinated JFK with Frank Sturgess firing the final kill shot that blew his brain away.

A quick reminder that much has been collected to show this is the truth, starting with the docu film "JFK II" on jewtube.


additionally Dr. James Fetzer (co-author of Nobody Died At Sandy Hook) has published a book covering this topic:

JFK: Who, How and Why


and let us never forget the many writings of the late Michael Collins Piper who left us this gem:

Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Conspiracy


RIP JFK the last /ourguy/ prez we ever saw

17f902 No.10944690

File: 9d667c43989051a⋯.jpg (172.87 KB, 800x960, 5:6, 23755753_1625722454132728_….jpg)

File: d5313e1cdcf1865⋯.jpg (36.47 KB, 760x602, 380:301, 23755461_1625722417466065_….jpg)


fucking autism. wrong goddam photos.

i meant to post….

dbaf7a No.10945110


Kikes and (((Freemasons))) like GHWB and LBJ worship digits too. That's why most happenings are obvious to artists. Jack go whacked on 11/22/1963 at 32 degrees(freemasonry) north of the equator.

bbf9b2 No.10945194

And here, I watch Anthony Van Amabao's entire SJW snarkbro worldview kill itself.

Here's hoping he kills himself with it.

17f902 No.10945237


i go yer digits right here


gas the kikes, man

7e28d3 No.10945675

File: 4d63e5c37dc167a⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 902x689, 902:689, 2017-11-23_141523.jpg)


> the docu film "JFK II" on jewtube.

what the actual fuck.

the first half is totally awesome, then it turns pant-on-the-head retarded!

17f902 No.10947624

File: aa498fdf78b323f⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 604x388, 151:97, kennedy1917.jpg)

JFK and the Lost Prospects For Peace


Report From Iron Mountain: On The Possibility and Desirability of Peace is a uniquely important document worthy of careful reconsideration a half-century after JFK’s passing. It points to not only the rationales behind the military industrial complex and its overarching influence, but perhaps more importantly how a very real discussion concerning the nation’s priorities proceeded under Kennedy’s watch—a window of possibility that was violently shut on November 22, 1963.

0e29f8 No.10948293

File: 7b95b436934919f⋯.jpg (33.81 KB, 540x383, 540:383, 841a88d09c2f47b312b16d42b6….jpg)


Bogs are time travelers.

Trump is alleged to have such a time device as well.

We are in the middle of temporal war for the future.

2bc1b2 No.10952033

JFK: Bethesda Autopsy Photos not JFK / Oswald Framed, Warren Report a Sham

By Dr. James Fetzer 20 Nov 2017


>Thanks to the brilliant research of Larry Rivera, we now have proof that the JFK autopsy photos are not of the body of JFK, that Lee Oswald was framed and that The Warren Report (1964) was a sham. We can now also prove that the backyard photographs were faked by pasting Lee Oswald's face on someone else, as he claimed, and have identified the body-double as Dallas Police Officer, Roscoe White.

37b544 No.10952414

For anyone interested in sources




















543408 No.10952972

hot off the press

- audio -interview with Dr James Fetzer about JFK recorded a few hours ago


his latest blog post

JFK: Bethesda Autopsy Photos not JFK / Oswald Framed, Warren Report a Sham


6f444a No.10953876


But we know these things. Tbh I cant be bothered to care about the HOW of JFKs assasination, but as to the WHY is what I think can get normalfags to open up.

41d653 No.10954541


Doctor Who premiered the day JFK was killed. Always found that interesting.

t. not Bill Clinton

41d653 No.10954545


Elsa was kidnapped by evil coke dealers.

All "white power" bullshit is code for coke. Ask Warren Kinsella.

a7c440 No.10955511

File: 4d827caa6b39ad8⋯.png (129.76 KB, 724x284, 181:71, suicide up next.PNG)


Hitler fought against Communism! = Evil!

824dab No.10959327

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember when google announced that they would filter untrustworthy and controversial news sources and websites? Well, google has done it, they have completely gutted their news service (news.google.com) where it now impossible to find anything about the JFK files that is not completely irrelevant. They don't even list most msm articles and of course they removed the archive section, so you can no longer go back and look at older news stories. What a great "algorithm".

a9e37d No.10960889



87ad4d No.10962762

At walmart today, saw the enquirer, "Hoover ordered JFK killed"

That's it, carry on

35fd87 No.10964438

…did someone say that there are files in here that prove Hitler went to Argentina?

if so, did the mossad ever get him, or did he die of old age? you should seriously consider just lying to me and saying it was old age - I'm having a rough day

eac46a No.10964704


>…did someone say that there are files in here that prove Hitler went to Argentina?

Yes there was Hitler files lumped into the JFK shit it kind of proved not only Hitler made it to SA but also the US knew about and I read a bunch of other shit how the US had a treaty for him to travel in return for German NASA scientists operation paperclip and such.

So after all my life hearing he died in a bunker and they burned his body in a shallow grave it now seems the great one died comfy in Argentina or Bolivia or some shit.

35fd87 No.10964762


I had an Argentine buddy who said Hitler lived out his life there. They guy was usually full of shit, but in this instance he got very grave and was like, "no, dude, I'm serious. Hitler made it to Argentina." Pretty crazy

Do you have links for all that info you got there?

eac46a No.10964841


>Do you have links for all that info you got there?

Not really credible iron clad links, but try Henry Makow and do some web searching, there was a cable tv show last year search for Hitler that I watched but they were on the lets find the evil nahtzee bastard kind of level.

The blogo-sphere will have shit on it but you have to make your own mind up, I pretty much think now he got out myself.

Also you can search TBR The Barnes Report website they have about 80 articles on the head of the SS Müller and how he was melded into the CIA after it was switched from the OSS The Müller Washington Journals 1948-1951 There was maybe one mention of Hitler and a whole bunch of other cool shit to read and understand.

http://www.tbrnews.org/?m=201605 here is one

do this for a search site:http://www.tbrnews.org/ Müller

also search for conversations with the crow another cia related series of articles on TBR

d72252 No.10964914

Only when they're young do they count


ffabf4 No.10965323


okay, thanks. its definitely plausible. we know project paperclip was real, and we know some members of the NSDAP made it to Argentina, so it wouldn't surprise me

139dc4 No.10967724


word is he got further than that… after argentina he hopped from capetown further south to the atlantic ice shelf to the base his party had been building there for over a decade

b1aa0a No.10968816

File: 3539d5e841a8698⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 940x541, 940:541, 49ef63fe82d3ae3adca89cc1b2….jpg)

>mfw the JFK files were a red herring to distract from net neutrality discussions

826a4c No.10969129


quick rundown?

6a777a No.10988759

Anyone here ever get close to reading all the files yet? I don't want the investigations to stop unless we are absolutely certain we've covered all of it

6a777a No.10995516

File: bc670d529184c3f⋯.png (169.86 KB, 812x507, 812:507, docid-32352381.png)


Look at this, someone made a phonecall in the uk to look at US news 25 minutes before JFK was shot

f66f27 No.10995578


Certainly interesting, could use a bunker bumper. Nice find.

068b58 No.11004994

File: 362df97aab2d5c1⋯.png (154.92 KB, 906x511, 906:511, docid-32341503.png)


0e10eb No.11019354

File: ea96feecd513c16⋯.png (94.41 KB, 713x446, 713:446, 104-10220-10054.png)


Ruby visiting Israel in '62

9bc1c0 No.11019808



ecad0d No.11021094

File: 3b1286cd4902590⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 3b1286cd490259016d1739e478….gif)



0e10eb No.11039404

File: bc5a838e302ff49⋯.png (24.13 KB, 774x70, 387:35, docid-32339122.png)


0e10eb No.11052881

File: c3dff913461af49⋯.png (70.95 KB, 809x216, 809:216, 104-10300-10093.png)


Some pretty damning stuff. Former CIA courrier knew JFK would get assassinated and his assassin getting assassinated

0e10eb No.11059751

File: 1c14082b1687a33⋯.png (83.59 KB, 637x429, 49:33, 104-10267-10403.png)


6ca665 No.11078957

Bump so we don't lose this for a while

6ca665 No.11104785

bump to keep into the new year

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