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Gas the kikes, race war now.

File: 17d6781cdd1fbfe⋯.jpg (66.78 KB, 500x331, 500:331, QTDDTOT.jpg)

c242a0 No.10885868

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.

Previous Thread went beyond 750 replies…

Why you guys call them african-americans when they never ever were near to Africa?

When they:

- Know no african language

- Know nothing about Africa's current situation

- Know nothing about which parts they hail from

- Use european, muslim, latino names or make up names

- Skin colour hardly match with current african people's skin colour

- Has poor or no knowledge of african nations (can't name them, don't know their traditions,don't know about the colourful tribes)

I never seen a burger or an aussie call himself european, because they know they are not familiar with us anymore. And i never would consider myself as a burger or aussie, because i know nothing about their home turf. How is that only white people were able to redefine themself and be proud their uniqueness?

So again: Why they run with the name african-american when they have very little to do with Africa?

f94005 No.10886067

Just call 'em niggers.

d9c680 No.10886333

Do the shills really think they're on the right side of history, or are they just collecting a paycheque?

20e00b No.10886350

Ok here's a QTDDIOT.

I'm about to completely unplug from tech for an extended period of time. No computer. No internet. No tv. No vidya. What advice to people have for staying busy and preventing boredom?

I like to read, I already work out, and I'm planning on going on more hikes. Any other recommendations?

80191f No.10886358


What is a Hegelian dialectic in babby terms or metaphor so I can spread it to normies?

What caused Greek and Roman civilizations to peter out? (Hard mode: Explain something besides jews)

Will buttcoin finally destroy the shekel hegemony and bring le happy merchant down a peg?

699bfd No.10886360


Maybe take up a martial art or learn how to use a gun

d5c07f No.10886369


Embrace the boredom. Teach your mind to be calm, not needing constant stimulation.

d9c680 No.10886372


Learn to meditate. Explore yourself anon, and become the person you know you are.

20e00b No.10886385


I used to shoot guns growing up, but I'm a city fag now and haven't in a long time. This is good advice, maybe I'll go to the range this weekend.



Thanks, both good advice.

e92480 No.10886396

File: 794f1b01889d805⋯.jpg (156.6 KB, 600x800, 3:4, familyphoto.jpg)

Anyone got some stuff on the No Child Left Behind Act / Standardized Tests? Infographics, articles, etc?

c242a0 No.10886409


Gardening could be fun and relaxing. Otherwise get a pet.

20e00b No.10886413


I already have a dog, so I plan on going on more hikes with him. I also do garden, but it's getting pretty dark and cold in the PNW so that's somewhat of a limited option atm.

9425b5 No.10886415

Reccomendations for a first firearm? What to get, best way to safely store it, etc…

6031a2 No.10886426


Propaganda mostly. Paper. To fix to posts, electrical boxes, fences, ect. Adhesive guide on pdf doesn't say anything and looking for cold weather adhesives on jewgle just gets me 2 part epoxies. I just want something that works in the cold of night, that can't be torn down by gloved hands.

20e00b No.10886430


>first firearm

I strongly advocate for getting a handgun as your first gun, rather than a rifle. A handgun is something you can use for security in and outside your house - where you're more likely to be assaulted. Personally, I like something easy to carry like a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield. The single stack mag makes the gun a lot slimmer and easier to carry, and it comes in 3 different calibers so you have a good spread to choose from.

>how to store

Gun safes are good, trigger locks work. don't keep it loaded.

Also >>>/k/ is a great resource

e92480 No.10886444

File: 3aabcdbcff9629d⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 3900x5008, 975:1252, 3aabcdbcff9629d82e6df0529b….jpg)

c242a0 No.10886449


already have both? Then you already cool in my book!

0a63e2 No.10886486


get a hand gun from this list >>10886444

And then build yourself an evil black assault rifle. You can get a parts kit for $300 plus stripped ar-15 lower for like $40 (that's the actual "firearm" with a serial number, gotta go through a dealer)

5c48ee No.10886551

File: 4e557aea979d0c7⋯.jpg (84.99 KB, 604x580, 151:145, cbf966a8a963ad5750869e3e6f….jpg)

Ive wanted to make a thread about this but was wary the mods may not like it because its a redpill me on x so maybe this opportunity will suffice.

What were the real motives behind WWI? How were the kikes involved? I've heard American sentiment at the time either did not want to enter the war or were actually supportive of Germany, is this true?

Were there good guys or was it just a stupid brothers war over some dumbshit Duke who didn't even matter but was just a scapegoat for it all? Was the assassin a kike or kike agent?

Are there any alterior motives for the war not stated in "official" historic records? Beside the assassination, what else was at play to cause the war?

How different would the events leading up to WWII been different had the outcome of WWI been different?

I ask these questions because WWII is pretty extensively covered on /pol/ but I hardy, if ever, see WWI touched upon.

8a260e No.10886567

Why don't we get any good chimpouts like we used to? I miss them.

d9c680 No.10886576


Cold weather, the coons hibernate.

8a260e No.10886585


That explains it a bit, but I don't recall seeing any major chimpouts during the summer.

e92480 No.10886594


I'm as curious as you are, but I do know that WWI lead to the creation of the League of Nations (Now called The UN) thanks to Woodrow Wilson. It's rumored he was coerced into both entering the war and later joining the League of Nations.

aa386b No.10886599

File: 0a13a698f4ebd18⋯.jpg (23.34 KB, 569x428, 569:428, Psh, Clown College.jpg)

A few:

- How much longer until something replaces Twitter? At this point its just hemorrhaging money to allow the checkmark users to push narrative from the top down that is harder to maintain.

- Is there an estimate or ballpark figure of when standing up straight and smiling went out of fashion when women take pictures? So many strange things: arching their torso as if their lower back will collapse, standing on tiptoes, tilting their head or just looking over their shoulder, and their lips look like its in a pool drain. I suppose its the female equivalent of men standing on their tiptoes and flexing for photos, but I digress.

- What fuels things like http://www.hillarybeattrump.org/ ? Its like news from an alternate dimension.

5c48ee No.10886625


I still may make the thread as to attract more eyes that would otherwise pass this thread up. bit But Ill see how this goes.

330b4c No.10886640

How do I post URLs as hyperlinks in 8chan?

What are good places to covert youtube/mp4 videos into webm?

t. Newfag

cb7f53 No.10886659

What country in the future is most likely to become fascist?

and why?

>What country in the future is most likely to become communist?

and why?

5ed10a No.10886689

How does one deal with jewish encounters? I have trouble concealing my power level.

Is it true jews try to out jew themselves?

b95c94 No.10886752


On the topic of niggers,

What is it with Zimbabwe niggers in particular? They're a bit more productive, but still niggers. I got one at work (diversity hire) and he's absolutely insufferable to work with. All he does is scheme and create drama, but when confronted he never takes responsibility, all he has to do is hide behind the language or culture barrier. He can never be the bad guy. I'm pissed, honestly.

6fce4a No.10886762


>Why you guys call them african-americans when they never ever were near to Africa?

<Africa stops at culture

Hint, OP: it's because they're genetically African…

>I never seen a burger or an aussie call himself european, because they know they are not familiar with us anymore

You can obviously tell that (White) American and Australian are European. White Americans do call themselves White American. They also call themselves Irish American, German American, Canadian American. What Americans call themselves depends on what you're asking, but we know we're White, European Americans. But you'll mainly hear us talk about how we're X-American because it's a no shitter that we're White/European Americans.


Music, books, workout, hiking. Music+hiking=10/10.

b7fba4 No.10886863

Old QTDDTOT threads for quick reference:





68743a No.10886966


America was in support of the Central powers. But midway thru WW1 (((they))) promised GB that America would get involved as long as palestine was handed over to (((them))). The Balfour Declaration is that promise in writing.

Vid related is 45 minutes long and contains mostly accurate fact. The racial stuff about the jews at the end is incorrect.


b7fba4 No.10887036


>How do I post URLs as hyperlinks in 8chan?

Depends on if a board has wordfilters that prevent hyperlinks or not.

>What are good places to covert youtube/mp4 videos into webm?


I've never bothered with that converter shit, just find a video downloader which will let you choose the file type you want (e.g. JDownloader). If you want a simple converter, try Format Factory though. You can also use ffmpeg but it's too autistic for me.


I met with tons this year, it was part of my profession. You'll deal with it after you stop getting triggered by the first encounters.

>Is it true jews try to out jew themselves?

True jews (Israelites) are not even smart enough to jew the person they interact with (although some do try quite a lot), much less try to find new ways to jew people on top of their already existing jewing. Remember, average Israeli IQ is 95, that is excluding the weird-ass Arab and African mixes which makes them even lower in intelligence.


>Hint, OP: it's because they're genetically African…

That doesn't exclude them from being named what they actually are. And no, American niggers aren't 100% Black. They're something around 20% White too. Which is the reason American niggers (and niggers with any non-nigger admixture) succeeded a few steps ahead of their pure sub-Saharan peers (if they're peers at all). Which also raises another question, for why American mulattos (e.g. Obama) try to identify with their African ancestry at all. I mean, there's a very high chance they're more White than Black.

00f8ce No.10887179


The soc in natsoc was bound to collapse inevitably.

00f8ce No.10887223

File: afef675aa63e4ef⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



>What fuels things like http://www.hillarybeattrump.org/ ? Its like news from an alternate dimension.

Ive come to the conclusion this is infact from an alternate dimension and the only reason we can see it is due to the merging of these do dimensions caused by CERN in 09 or /pol/'s heavy memeing last year. It is the only thing than can explain the absolute idiocracy of many voices in MSM and culture today.

e29900 No.10887243

Has anyone been on top of putting together a full timeline of happenings recently? Not really anything but a chronology? It seems with all the shootings, riots and peace offerings, it always seems to tie into something nationalist happening beforehand.

2d5623 No.10887293

File: 7f93c1631aff69d⋯.jpg (260.72 KB, 800x609, 800:609, 1426966039981.jpg)


Thinking about doing the same. I've become such a mess of a human being these past several months thanks to nothing but my own stupidity. I spend way too much time online, doing dumb impulsive shit, that it's getting to the point where my brain feels like it's degenerating.

Maybe I'll do what other anons here have said and meditate or take up a martial art.

e89271 No.10887361


African-american was a label pushed in the 70's and 80's as a socially acceptable alternative to negro or colored. Jessi Jackson helped it along in 1988 when he publicly urged people to use it. It was supposed to be a way to ease tension between the races by creating a new name untainted by the "hatred" of the past. It was also a way for the niggers to feel more high and mighty than they had any right to be, which lead to them getting uppity. It also accelerated the interracial pairings as they now had social respect inferred by the new naming.

5f7299 No.10887406

Which church is least cucked or jewish?

How is jehova's witness?

31ebfa No.10887431

File: f7a30154fbf50b1⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1497x2126, 1497:2126, k 2017 gun guide 2.9.png)

137899 No.10888006

Editorial on a previous thread regarding 'earlobe spacing':

What I have noticed, is a lack of indenting the beginnings of a paragraph when starting an Idea. It is a common habit, mostly noticed on image boards such as this one as well as 4 chan. There is a solution to this though.

One can space five (5) spaces when starting a new paragraph, making it easier on the eye, and also separating ideas. This method is used in every book I have read, and could be implemented here.

"earlobe spacing," which I have been accused of, was an unfamiliar term to me at first, seeing that I started out here, on 8ch. I had to put up with the abuse until it was determined that I was pressing the [Enter] button twice when completing a paragraph, and thus ended my, "earlobe spacing," days.

I have since, and purposely posted a multi-paragraphed comment, with no punctuation and no use of hitting the [Enter] button just to annoy other users of this board, particularly using that technique as a way of shitposting by making my comment almost unintelligible and unreadable instead of making it completely obvious that I had been shitposting.

So, goes it. I hope I have conveyed my ideas to the world regarding indenting the beginnings of a paragraph and the complete opposite, of shitposting without making it obvious.

c5f721 No.10888036


Good job, ol'chap. Proper paragraph structure should be observed. I admit that I haven't been structuring my posts properly. It is up to us to be bastions of sanity in a world of newspeak and texting.

8d882c No.10888041


The soc only works when you get rid of all the parasites first.

137899 No.10888052

File: 46fb7ea4d09e2a4⋯.jpg (22.97 KB, 640x420, 32:21, Trump-sad.jpg)


I don't know why that thread was deleted. I took my time and developed a thoughtful response for the thread, and alas, it was deleted.


93a834 No.10888068

File: f5339a78514ad59⋯.png (217.45 KB, 598x583, 598:583, Intel ME.png)


What's the deal with pic related? How much can we find out now about Intel spying on us via processors?


137899 No.10888147


See "Purism" and their products…



Researchers find almost EVERY computer with an Intel Skylake and above CPU can be owned via USB

> The Intel Management Engine (IME) is a component of virtually every Intel CPU released after 2008. Think of it as a CPU on top of a CPU; it does tasks separate from the main operating system while the computer is in use. Intel argues that it can be used to do remote administration tasks, although the likes of the EFF have long argued that having a “black box” that can control networking and hardware, even when the computer is switched off, represents a major security and privacy risk.

> Turns out they were right. Security firm Positive Technologies reports being able to execute unsigned code on computers running the IME through USB. The fully fleshed-out details of the attack are yet to be known, but from what we know, it’s bad.

> Essentially, the IME is linked to JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) debugging ports. USB ports also use JTAG. For this attack, Positive Technologies figured how to bridge the gap, although as previously mentioned, they haven’t gone into specifics of how. Yikes.

> Fortunately, this particular attack vector only affects Skylake and above CPUs, although, like I said, pretty much every Intel CPU released after 2008 includes the Intel Management Engine.

> This isn’t the first time that researchers have uncovered substantial security issues in the IME. This time around, the main issue is that it’s exploitable via USB, which is a common attack vector. The Stuxnet malware, for example, which was credited with temporarily interfering with Iran’s nuclear program, was initially spread via infected USB sticks deliberately dropped on the ground.

> Here, we can perceivably imagine an adversary gaining “godmode” on a computer by using the same tactic — because, let’s face it, if someone finds a flash drive on the floor, they’ll probably plug it in.

> Frustratingly, it’s impossible to remove the Intel Management Engine entirely. It’s a physical component, baked into the heart of your computer’s CPU. It is, however, possible to switch out the IME’s firmware, essentially neutering it.

> Interestingly, there’s growing a niche for computers without the technology. One San Francisco company, Purism, sells laptops without IME. When reached for comment, Purism’s founder and CEO Todd Weaver, said, “The Intel ME, long theorized to be the scariest of threats is no longer is just theory. Having access to any Intel machine just above hardware and lower than all software means an attacker or criminal has complete control over everything; encrypted storage, secret keys, passwords, financial details, everything on your computer or that your computer does. All the things you hoped were safe are not.”

> “Purism previously disabled the Management Engine in our laptops because we knew it was only a matter of time before this theoretical threat became reality. Purism is the only company to ship laptops with the ME disabled by default, and we invest in security enhancements on our hardware, benefiting users around the globe,” he added.

137899 No.10888163




this too…

137899 No.10888198

Better Article




c3ff14 No.10888288

Is your average jew aware of why everyone hates them? Do they just look the other way?

c5f721 No.10888323


Heiled , they know that we know anon. We're the boogie man meant to scare the little kikes into worshipping moloch.

>"Listen to your parents little soloman, or the big bad goy will take you away and make you have to do an honest days work. Now throw your little sister onto the brazier and we can get some ice cream."

a40486 No.10888420


Here's my stupid question.

The fuck's a blackpill?

018160 No.10888440


Read mein kampf. Geopolitics had a lot to play. Germany really only lost thanks to revolts back at home and anti-war sentiment; this created the underclass of battle hardened veterans pissed off at what was called the great stab in the back.

If Germany had won the treaty of versailles would have never happened and Germany largely would have become a serious world power. Though I don't think this is plausable because the reason they lost was (((social unrest))) which were literal marxist jews subverting the factories and war effort. These people were an inevitablity after the war had started and caused the humiliating "defeat"/surrender at the end of the war.

4d3a25 No.10888461


A piece of information meant to demoralize you and make you think that there's no hope since everything is doomed. Often they're legitimate things, and some people, unable to cope will shout it down. Some blackpills on the other hand are just sensationalist meant to upset you. A real blackpill would be like looking up the white birthrates. A retarded one would be if I just came in here screeching "Everything is fucked, this one girl I know talked to a black guy so it's pretty much confirmed that every woman is banging the Miami Heat when you're not with her!!1!"

c3ff14 No.10888471

How initiated is the average jew? Do they all know?

21c7d1 No.10888672

What do you guys think is the best Mein Kampf translation? My favorites are Ford and Stalag. The Stalag edition sounds nice and is official, but the Ford edition flows better and has less grammatical errors. Also, whwat's the best email website? The only two options I know of are Jewgle mail and Outkike from Microsoft.

32d775 No.10888736


How does stop being triggered?

5d15ee No.10888835

File: a5e80d11d19d041⋯.gif (97.66 KB, 350x426, 175:213, a5e80d11d19d0419ca6481b010….gif)


So I recently went to an orthodontist and a maxillofacial surgeon and they told me I needed surgery to fix my open bite and therefore, my jaw issues (left side of my jaw *clicks* and "jumps" Everytime I open my mouth wide, this has caused me pain and annoyance when I'm chewing foods). Now the procedure and preparations prior to the surgery involve me getting braces (for the second time, I had braces years back) and extracting two of my premolars. tl;dr after placing braces and premolars I would finally be able to have a "successful surgery". The problem here is that I found it sketchy that now I need to remove two of my healthy teeth and the potential impact that's going to have in my jaw and my general face aesthetic. Since then I've been dubious on whether I should pick the surgery or find alternative methods (((they))) don't want you to see.

tl;dr; Can you lads redpill me on orthodontics, healthy teeth extractions, and braces in general. I've heard about John Mew (an orthotropic) saying that orthodontics and teeth extractions can fuck up your face and now I'm really not sure on what to do

pls answer

4f3611 No.10888920

File: dd487b15376a080⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 948x1024, 237:256, face muscles.jpg)


Look up jaw exercises, muscles in the face can be strengthened if you end up getting surgery, hope that helps.

28e80a No.10888930


if you don't get that shit sorted you can get inflammation of the inner ear if your jaw joints get really bad. Don't fuck around and go with what a doctor you trust, and get multiple opinions without referring to which doctor you saw last.


this, also sleep with a mouth guard to minimize grinding. That shit fucks you up real bad too.

28e80a No.10888933


*with a doctor

6fce4a No.10889075


>That doesn't exclude them from being named what they actually are.

And what are they? They cluster with Africans which is where the far majority of their ancestory is from…

>And no, American niggers aren't 100% Black. They're something around 20% White too. Which is the reason American niggers (and niggers with any non-nigger admixture) succeeded a few steps ahead of their pure sub-Saharan peers (if they're peers at all).

And this 20% stops clustering with other Africans?

>Which also raises another question, for why American mulattos (e.g. Obama) try to identify with their African ancestry at all. I mean, there's a very high chance they're more White than Black.

Don't know. Don't care. Why would I want a mulatto to indentify with my race? Also, you're just arguing semantics. Calling them XYZ doesn't change the fact that they're primarily of African descent and cluster with them.

395f67 No.10889336


Would some kind anon please post the screenshot of the correlation between g.o.o.g.l.e. searches and redlists? I lost my copy unfortunately.

9433a1 No.10889377


Replace any youtube. link with hooktube. It, and Flashgot are the most simple.

5f7299 No.10890248


I meant church that I can join in North America.

d5c07f No.10890814

What steps can I make so my baby will be a boy and not a girl?

84c526 No.10890871

File: d12aff7f24f0e6b⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 431x612, 431:612, sad.jpg)

I have been both zoophilia and child smut on plain youtube and don't know what to do about it.

its frankly disturbing,plus i wager ALL child jewtube stars are handled by adults,to milk views of out other adults,not fellow children.

I also remember the monkey torture videos on plain youtube, animal on animal rape, and personal videos from mexican crminals.

c51873 No.10891217

If you were going to redpill me, how would you recommend I start?

50c6be No.10891292


>Why do we make these threads if no one responds to them?

then you bitch at us to ask them here. fuck it. i'll ask my questions on whatever thread because questions ITT never get answered

f4600c No.10891932

What happened to those /k/ posters who got arrested back during the Jamar Clarke BLM Riots?

7d3211 No.10891943

What is the connection between David Irving and the leftist Hochhuth? The latter tried to stick Pious XII as a nazi, as in to frame him in such a way he was a bad guy for the christians, but Irving is a holohoax exposer. It makes no sense for me to have read and known from Ion Pacepa that those two had visceral connections. It plays a bad rep on both of them. Hoccuth even testified on Irving's trial as a defendant witness of sorts in 2003.

8da01b No.10891984

Opinions on South Carolina? Considering moving there

dfc79a No.10892060


Read 'The International Jew' by Henry Ford. Also I would recommend you watch 'Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story never told', as well as 'Europa - the last battle'.

d35d88 No.10892106


> Also, whwat's the best email website? The only two options I know of are Jewgle mail and Outkike from Microsoft.

Sign up for an email server outside the U.S. (or set up your own). Using a public email server in the states means that the feds can raid their shit at any given time and get access to all your communications i.e. what happened with cock.li

f36d3f No.10892176

File: 2829127c6d75203⋯.png (108.92 KB, 719x472, 719:472, 2829127c6d7520327ae2395135….png)

File: 28e31ae4204fcfe⋯.jpg (168.61 KB, 900x593, 900:593, 1427743784703-2.jpg)

File: cd08702a6c705b7⋯.png (886.68 KB, 476x723, 476:723, cd08702a6c705b7b8c97518790….png)


Stop wallowing & get ready for DOTR. Don't forget you have to infiltrate what you hate & counter the subversion plaguing this world.

c51873 No.10892221


Thanks friend

2d5623 No.10892347

File: 8b44d8c0c2c06a5⋯.jpg (112.79 KB, 558x751, 558:751, 1496601533855.jpg)

What is it about pornography that leads people to developing fetishes/fantasies that they NEVER would have otherwise had?

It's all too common to hear of the person who started with normal porn, then escalated to hardcore BDSM or tentacle bullshit, just to list a few examples. Then their minds become warped and their reality is overtaken by a cloud of perversion where their arousal is dependent on those fetishes that developed after their exposure to the genre of porn they watched. Yet every single uber progressive shithead will insist "oh it's just what you like embrace it!" They want to keep you to that level of deviancy.

What the fuck? Why does it have such an immense effect on people?

f36d3f No.10892551

File: 14a7c16e5c3fcfa⋯.jpg (86.98 KB, 545x397, 545:397, The nose knows_88ff52_6268….jpg)


Jews promote decay. Everything must be twisted & perverted to lower it. Virgin sex inside marriage creates a bond between men and women so strong it makes tribes & civilization possible.

Nature opposes the jew, so jews destroy nature. Healthy sexuality must become a fetish. If humans keep their urges under control, then they can't be manipulated. You have a master for every impulse that controls you (daily reminder you can control them). The shape shifting merchant has evolved to use these impulses against you for their profit.

2d5623 No.10892567


>Virgin sex inside marriage creates a bond between men and women so strong it makes tribes & civilization possible.

And they've destroyed it with their vile filth. What's more is that people buy right into the garbage. It doesn't spell well for the future.

Why do they love hedonism so much? What is it about their nature that draws them toward hedonism? And, more so, why do they feel such a need to infect others with the same hedonistic thought patterns that plague themselves?

f36d3f No.10892578


>Why do they love hedonism so much? What is it about their nature that draws them toward hedonism? And, more so, why do they feel such a need to infect others with the same hedonistic thought patterns that plague themselves?

Jewish men are women. Jewish women are men.

5e9bb3 No.10892627

Is 4chan really compromised? I don't go there nearly as often but it still has large traffic and I see good work come from there. I don't know much from the post moot era.

4d2e4b No.10892654


4chan was bought by a person whom is a center of controversy in Japan. Mr. Hirohito, and his former buisness partner to Jim (yes, our Jim) formed the original 2Channel. 2Channel was discovered to datamine users and build a database of content correlating IP to Political Beliefs. Hirohito was blamed, Jim claimed ignorance. It's a whole thing and I don't know the whole scope of it but fundementally it's humerous that Jim came in around the same time that Hirohito bought 4chan, and now they are essentially rivals to each other in that way too. It is a whole thing, and you have to realize that Chans are as popular in Japan as Facebook is here, so the controversy was very widely-discussed in their moon runes.

4d2e4b No.10892658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Video related, forgot to add embed

395f67 No.10892915


Good place to drink your life away. That's 'bout it.

475f02 No.10893281

File: 7a7b1c44c119ba6⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pink sun wheel.png)

Can someone please explain the meaning behind the sonnenrad to me? Thanks.

9acf5a No.10893311

What are Hamites?

9acf5a No.10893347

Aso I know that the fat American stereotype is kind of an anti-foreigner thing but it really doesn't seem to have any politcal spectrum at all. I've seen normalfags use it, and even anti-White libtards because said stereotype is not targeted through non-Whites, therefore not "politically correct", with one libtard saying the Injuns cursed them to be obese because again they still the redskins are the real Americans. I'm just not really sure when it all started honestly. I saw one old meme pic based on the Le Amerigan Bear I think from 2011 where it shows a list of numbers of what America is number one at with obesity being the first but the image acutally fell for the "muh raycism" meme. So another question is when was redpill and bluepill a thing on 4chan? Also can anyone give me the Le Amerigan Bear meme pic I was talking about?

e70323 No.10893708


>hey guys can you spoonfeed me?

Kill yourself


e70323 No.10893749




Dopamine is a hell of a drug.

Read "Touching the raw amygdala", it's a seven part article about dopamine, the amygdala and how (((certain people))) are more easily triggered, more likely to be addicted to dopamine, more easily manipulated by fear, and use more mental gymnastics.


f36d3f No.10893907

File: a1eb0b0121be9a0⋯.jpg (96.49 KB, 736x819, 736:819, July_7547dd_6320428.jpg)


Good news! Mexico is now the fattest country in the world. The stereo type comes from a couple things. First, Americans eat constantly for pleasure, boredom, emotional distress. The U.S. has little in terms of family support systems now a days. Second, we have the same "little emperor" problem Red China does. Parents & grandparents constantly feed their kids everything that taste good. Thirdly, and I am skeptical about this last one, our military makes soldiers carry absurd amounts of gear. This makes our boys massive gears of war style ZOG dogs, but when they don't have 100+lbs of gear on that muscle turns into fat.

On top of all of this. (((conservatives))) & liberals alike celebrate being fat. Conservatives say it's wonderful you have so much freedom. Liberals have no fat shamming.

e70323 No.10893955


>Do the shills really think they're on the right side of history, or are they just collecting a paycheque?

Probably option number one. Don't worry though, they all get redpilled eventually

a3edf2 No.10893964


>Mexico is now the fattest country in the world.

Probably due to importing actually eatable taco and tortiya recipies from the US.

Still you should cut off the humanitarian aid just for good measure.

a3edf2 No.10893974


> I'm just not really sure when it all started honestly. I saw one old meme pic based on the Le Amerigan Bear

It's by far older than that. Americans were always made fun of their weight since I can remember myself.

a3edf2 No.10893984



>that they NEVER would have otherwise had?

Think you kinda underestimate humans' tendencies to sexually fetishize things.

e70323 No.10893997


Exposure therapy

[spoiler]or realizing you have semitic genes


2ed501 No.10894025

File: ec97c4b726112f9⋯.jpeg (6.25 KB, 225x225, 1:1, last ned.jpeg)

A year ago or so there was a huge thread about whites having escaped earth, colonized the stars, and then coming back to cleanse and reconquer earth from the shitstorm it turned into in the meantime.

The thread was built up as firstperson greentext stories, such as

>You are Platoon Commander Mason of the First Fist

>You are currently accelerating towards terra in your heatproof droppod

etc, etc. Tonnes of stories. I remember seeing them all capped once or twice. Does anyone have the cap, or maybe a link to an archive?

2ac86f No.10894033

File: 774823bad399e0e⋯.jpg (78.22 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, isisflag.jpg)

why doesnt ISIS attack israel?

c5f721 No.10894046


I believe it started years ago in half-chan /tg/ in their HFY threads. If you check through the old /tg/ archives you might find it. Old man Henderson is classic as well.

c5f721 No.10894058


ISIS is wholly owned and ran by mossad. They're supplied by the US as well.

a385d1 No.10894175


get waifu. have kids. don't be a faggot. raising 4-5 kids in a K fashion will be fun and consume all your time for a long while.

f010d6 No.10894238

File: 420c61046a7a92f⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0078.JPG)

What is he doing in a Christmas window display?

b6c00d No.10894267


It's the shitty diet of ZOGfood where everything is carbs and sugar. As far back as elementary school I remember soda, junk food and sweets everywhere being the norm rather than something had sparingly (if at all) like in other countries. And like >>10893907 said cuckservatives will bleat about MUH FREEDUMS whenever reasonable limits of ZOGchow are suggested and shitlibs believe in health at any size (lol).

2ac86f No.10894287



c5f721 No.10894390





Just from a 2 minute jewgle search. But you obviously haven't been here for long, sometimes you have to put a little work in to find answers. This isn't like university, we don't tell you what to think, we give you the tools to find answers for yourself.

9e9d99 No.10894585


they need their Emmanuel Goldstein too.

5fbe3d No.10894681

I want to read a book about bismarck. Anyone have any recommendations?

f0e7c9 No.10894788


As someone who has been involved with orthodontics and periodontics most of their life (hypodontia), don't let them pull any teeth under any circumstances unless they're about to crumble out on their own.

I wish I never had to get braces but my teeth were so bad I was willing to take the risk of my jaw line changing.

f06b4b No.10895798

File: d7b0a04d9ff27da⋯.png (2.88 KB, 1108x21, 1108:21, wat.png)

What does this mean?

515ca5 No.10896024

File: 78decbe7a7054bf⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 195x258, 65:86, download (3).jpg)


What does a guy who works a part time job, lives with his parents, is very socially anxious / possible depressed do to improve his situation. I've been considering joining the military (Coast Guard) to sort myself out and figure out what I want to do with my life.

Lately I have been second guessing my decision to join. I think it is just fear of the unknown, but I can't help but think that after learning about (((them))) is affecting my decision. I love America, or at least the potential she has of becoming great again. I can't get over this guilt over having not served. Wat do?

f4e5af No.10896046


Also on another note, I've seen quite some obese Americans on the internet for some time. None of them really care about politics but at one point they all voted for Obama. The lolbergs tend to be less fatter but I don't why because I thought they support big companies more than big government or something.

f4e5af No.10896092


You know I actually speculate why (((they))) keep doing this to the Americans. While the Jews are in control in almost every Western nation as of now, with several European countries where it is knowm as a criminal offense to question the Holohoax, the kikes are not very interested on subverting European countries as much as the US since their nations are relatively smaller than the US and are not as influencial. (((They))) want a nation that is very prosperous and full of rich resources so (((they))) can use it as their No. 1 golem. While at the same time they want to poison the goyim on their biggest host nation with every kind of degeneracy imaginable. Which is why I think (((they))) want to control the US and China the most.

b61bb9 No.10896098


>coast guard

You're not going to die for Israel in the Coast Guard dude. Just fucking apply.

fc341b No.10896189

How do I make white friends that aren't bar-hopping, weed-smoking degenerates? Kikebook is out of the question and I don't feel like asking everybody I meet how they feel about jews.

All my current friends are reprobates and the biggest reason I hang out with them is because we've known each other for so long that they don't care that I hate shitskins and jews. They're not white though so they can't empathize with me and it's probably one of the biggest hampers on our interactions.

65792f No.10896315

Does anyone is in possession of the image in which four 'paths' are shown, so to speak. On the left there is 'conservativsm', explaining that conservatives try to preserve what we have. Also on the left side of the image there is progressivism, trying to 'better things', on the right there is something like 'positive eugenetics' where a state (like a NatSoc state) creates an artificial evolution of our species, the last 'path' is something like Nietzsche advocated for, something like Darwinism, where people live rather individually and thus contribute to evolution. I've been looking for this image for a while but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance

f2a029 No.10896324


Please don't we are full of carpet baggers

4d3a25 No.10896357


I think a lot of it comes down to either having a downright weak mind, and/or being exposed to something at the right time in development that it just sort of sticks; I've read about foot fetishes before trying to figure it out and I saw lots of people post things about how when they were younger, some girl that they had a crush on would be wearing sandals or would be barefoot and that's sort of what they believe got them into the fetish - that sort of weird positive attachment to it (feet) because of the person that they desired. And as I said, some of it I think is simply down to having a weak mind - cuck porn being the absolute extreme of it, and I think you're going to see an uptick in it. Think about it, if you were seeing porn for the first time on a tube site about 10-15 years ago the chances were that it was a "vanilla" scene between a white woman and white man; the typical formula: plot setup, oral on each other, fuggin' in a few positions, maybe a bit of oral and some more fuggin', popshot/creampie and we're done. Now if you go onto a tube site you're going to see titles like Skinny white teen takes two BBCs", Blonde slut cuckolds husband with black thug or Mother gives horny son BJ'', etc. How many 13ish year old guys (lel I'm probably off by a few years since they're probably seeing it earlier than that) are seeing porn for the first time like that? And don't get me wrong, I do think that it's intentional that we've seen the rise of it (cuck, incest porn, etc.) even if it's a loss leader for some companies - it's meant to fuck with a certain segment of the population. I think that it's around that age (high school years) that the core of your personality sets in - if you're the belle of the ball and every guy wants to bang you, you're still going to sort of act like it when you're 43 and a single mom with stretch marks and a twenty year old car that you're still paying off; you're still going to be the same guy deep down if you were the pimply nerd who never got invited to parties and never touched a tit even if you're in your 30s now and have a decent job with benefits.

Imagine if you will a kid like this: 14 years old, white, access to the internet in his room, lives in a single parent (mother) household and is often unattended; he's taught through the media to worship black men and culture, that he's inherently bad or at the minimum getting an unfair advantage in life for being white and male, he knows undoubtedly that women have it really bad in this society in 20xx and it's because of (white) men mostly. Now imagine that this kid goes to a porn site and sees a front page with tons of cuckold, femdom, incest and whatever else plastered on it. Is it any wonder that he gets drawn into it? Will it happen to all? Of course not, but it will happen to some of the weaker in the herd.

589bbe No.10896364


What is artificial about it if those running the state are doing so as a result of Darwinian evolution?

aae7e9 No.10896380

File: 2b68441986aa73f⋯.png (53.98 KB, 1200x1118, 600:559, 1200px-Valknut.svg[1].png)

I'm looking for an album that an anon made and advertised here.

It was posted to bandcamp and was this heavy electronic music.

The album art had the Valknut on the cover.


65792f No.10896392

Civiliazation is not natural, it is not supposed to be. Civilized man is weaker, dumber and slower than the 'barbarian man'. This been said, you can not enforce tribalism as a political/ideological system, but it will happen one day or another, maybe in 5 years, maybe in 200 or even 500 years, but tribalism will come back, whether you want it or not.

So then what is artificial about a state that issues eugenetics (positive eugenetics or negative eugenetics, doesn't matter)? The states tries to better our race/species by steering it the way evolution would have if we just kept living how we were supposed to. National Socialism is just tribalism where the nation is the tribe. (Read the 25 point plan and then read about Germanic Law)

515ca5 No.10896395


Thanks, I appreciate the honesty, any advice on how to overcome the self doubt with my choice. This shit has been fucking with me for longer than it should.

aae7e9 No.10896402

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nevermind lads, I found it.

The guy goes by Master Boot Record.

65792f No.10896408


I usually prefer (black) metal, but this sounds good too.

72de42 No.10896409

Is Serrano worth reading?

c5f721 No.10896660

7f1994 No.10896831

What is the entire history of the Jews living in Spain?

066c1b No.10897207

File: 211b2d48cbf2614⋯.jpg (478.16 KB, 1792x2431, 1792:2431, wallhaven-62436.jpg)

Why do you guys go on living? What gets you through the day?

I think the fall of the Third Reich is completely analogous to the fall of Rome, but had even greater repercussions. I do hope, that at best, perhaps in 1000 years a great empire will rise anew, forged by the hand of Ubermenschen.

I think we, as humans, really lost our chance to achieve greatness when the Third Reich fell. By the time humans ever come close to greatness, it will not be as humans, because they will be so far ahead in the future they will not be comparable to us, and that is not a good thing. They will probably be another species altogether, but an inferior one probably, one that relies not on their mind and muscle, but computer and corporation.

I wish only to be reborn in 1920 so I can grow to fight for Hitler. Hitler is my god, just as the Japanese had their emperor. I often imagine walking among the same landmarks that Hitler once stood. The Eiffel Tower, for instance. I wonder how I would react to such a pleasure. I imagine I would fall to my knees and scream for his glory. I would say, "Deutschland Sieg Heil!"

I think it is the only thing I can do, is to have a large white family and raise them the best I can. After all, we are all descended from the Romans, the Vandals, the Goths, and the like. What did they think when their entire family died of diptheria? Little did they know their progeny would go on to become the perfection of the human race and wield the most effective military known to mankind. We can only hope the same will become of our own descendants. Despite the likely scenario that humanity becomes extinct before ever reclaiming greatness, we will just have to live and try.

c5f721 No.10897260


Don't let the blackpill swallow you anon. We have been on the brink of extinction numerous times, and always managed to overcome. The aryan soul is the soul of this world, its favoured people. (((Others))) lay claim to evil beings, harnessing rage and deviousness to try to destroy the worlds soul, our soul, but it is always futile.

In the history of the world, how many rulers have been as vilified as Adolf? The truth and honour of a man can be directly revealed by (((their))) hatred. It wasn't our time in Adolfs day, the world wasn't ready for the truth. A new timeline is emerging now and (((they))) are afraid. We will be victorious anon. Live for your family, prepare for your people, and be ready to sacrifice yourself for truth.

45a049 No.10897823

File: c55b6fa42184348⋯.png (85.26 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2017-11-13-11-4….png)

File: fda7dc439c488b4⋯.png (700.38 KB, 928x8800, 29:275, c349a143d128ba79780bf5d990….png)

Not realy a question, but to anon who made pic related, please fix these words:

Kaunas instead of Kanuas

Lithuania isntead of Lithiana


t. Lithuanian from Kaunas

4091c7 No.10898292

I remember a hour long video of back to back footage of liberals admitting that their goal is to make whites a minority. Does anybody have the link to it?

1b0104 No.10898443


Top quality shit right here mate.

I've always thought about making something similar to this, but without percussion as I feel percussion makes music more of a hypnotic experience and less pure - think classical; the lack of percussion is one of the reasons that it is so special.

But I've found the process of actually making music to be akin to bloodletting.

Having a great time listening to this though.

753cec No.10898584

Just how fake are the "Table Talks?"

31d7b2 No.10898585


Protonmail, encrypted email server based in Switzerland.

1b0104 No.10898809

File: 9c462a0fbdf8fed⋯.png (74.09 KB, 559x629, 559:629, Protonmail.png)


They slam this in your face every time you log in to their service, and they have servers in Israel.

I like what they provide but I doubt it's trustworthy.

db373a No.10898942

I drive for a living like to yell at Rush Limbaugh while driving. Anyone else listening hear him say Shillary today?? Want to make sure I'm not crazy.

5fbe3d No.10899406


Not at all.

22d30a No.10899445


I know the anti-Christian statements are fake; they didn't appear in the German original (he wasn't Christian, though, and neither am I). I wouldn't rely on the non-German versions and would be a bit skeptical even of the German version.

ebd2c9 No.10899483

What to do with "mistakes" (half breeds)?

Should they have kids with the culture they identified with?

Should a Nigger/White breed with another nigger since they identify with nigger culture and should a Nigger/White breed with another white if they see whites as the dominant culture?

9433a1 No.10899500


Do it fgt, but be sure not to pick a job which requires a security clearance. There is a backlog of nearly 1mi ppl because of shitty obama-era subcontractors.

3dc516 No.10899515


Why the fuck would we listen to civic nationalists and zionists?

6fce4a No.10899516


Toss the mistakes back into the nonWhite gene pool.

5fbe3d No.10899519


Irving used the original pages for his Hitler's war where he included an anti-christian quote. If I trust anyone with documents it's that man.

5fbe3d No.10899524


Was meant for >>10899445

168218 No.10900104

File: 26663763f503ea6⋯.png (182.05 KB, 587x508, 587:508, mastodon-gregpak.png)

File: 43a1bbad330b315⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 861x394, 861:394, mastodon-tos.jpg)

In the category of "probably doesn't deserve its own thread" but which isn't really a question, I've noticed serious shilling from shitlibs on Twitter today for Mastodon dot social as a "Nazi-free" Twitter alternative.

Is Mastodon "Nazi-free" because of "better" (((moderation))) than Twitter or just because it's complicated as fuck to use and, as such, once people get on there, they don't stay on for very long?

a690b8 No.10900138

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does anyone know where I can find pdf of Benjamin Garland's book Merchants of Sin? I've found a narration but no pdf

330b4c No.10900148

I remember a nigger that posted on stormfront once. He made sure to let everyone know that he was black, owned a successful and respectable business, and was kind and courteous to everyone he met. Basically trying to establish that he was an upstanding citizen, and went on to ask us if we would still hate such a man.

While [if he were telling the truth] it would've been nice if more niggers actually started acting like decent human beings, it got me thinking of their shitty culture and what it does to their children. With a culture that's so heavily intertwined with rap music (which promotes the worst degeneracy imaginable; even more so than rock), it's no surprise why niggers act like unbearable little shits. Always cursing. Always speaking street slang. Always being loud and obnoxious. Always having the worst traits that a human being can ever possibly possess. And yet despite all that, they're still too fucking retarded to understand why every other race fucking hates niggers.

Anyways, my point in all this is that their shit culture always seems to produce terrible people. Any "good traits" (like having good academic scores, being polite and courteous, being a good person in general, etc.) are actively avoided because they're seen as "acting white".

While that stormfront nigger might have been an exception to his kind (actually being a productive member to society), who's to say that his children or grandchildren Won't be molded by their shitty culture into becoming worthless niggers? I sometimes see the children of my black co-workers (who, to be fair, are polite and have never troubled me at work) And Dear God, they were just disgusting, rapping, gangster-wannabe shits. Absolutely disrespectful, and stupid to boot.

> That said, my question is this:

Given how bad their culture is at producing decent people, are niggers and their offspring Truly irredeemable at this point? It seems like no matter how many nigger "exceptions" (upstanding citizens) might pop up, it seems like their children/grandchildren Always go back to becoming useless niggers.

3669dc No.10900194


> What to do with "mistakes" (half breeds)?

Sterilise them and send the sane educated half breeds to the South America countries and Africa to rule them with the iron rod.

Should they have kids with the culture they identified with?

Sane educated half breeds must have white children by IVF. No more race mixed children.

a159f5 No.10900448

File: c358593d5fed1bf⋯.png (646.49 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2017-11-13-042225_1366x768….png)

Okay I'm a fan of Mark Passio, who claims that he was at one time a high level dark satanist.

In this interview I see what appears to be a masonic trophy of some sort. can anyone identify what this is or HOW AND WHY SOMEONE WOULD HAVE RECIEVED IT


3eb291 No.10900575

What's the best way to get around phone verification shit on twitter, jewgle etc…? All of the apps I try never work but if anyone knows one that does pls share it.

0d5e5d No.10900690


Maybe it would have been better if I posted it here:


0d5e5d No.10900696






>alternative to (((x)))

Some things don't need alternatives, they need to not exist.

0d5e5d No.10900701



Maximal Nationalism


My blood belongs to my nation.

My nation belongs to my race.

My race belongs to this planet.

This planet exists as a place for life.

Life is beautiful.


There is no individual man no more than there is an individual tree. A forest exists for the trees and even in the meadows like benefits like.

There is no individual cell there are the organs which make up the body.

Our race is a body. Our nations are organs of this body. We each serve our purposes but create civilizations that interact, trade ideas and resources.

There is no German Nationalism without European (plural) Nationalism. There exists a distinct German Nation within the distinct European race. There is no European man, there is a German man, there are even many.

We are bound to our blood but also we are bound to our soil. Our soil. On our planet. This planet for life.

This beautiful life, order and chaos in an ever changing harmony. What is now ordered and what is now chaotic changes, the harmony remains. Life must persist. Our planet must remain habitable. Healthy, and nourished.

Our race and our nations can not remain healthy unless our planet remains healthy. Blood and water; body and soil; air and mind.

We must persist. We must nourish our planet, which nourishes us. Even in a plausible future where we expand our influence far beyond this particular soil, it will be our birthplace and our roots will remain spiritually bound here.


The individual serves for the benefit of the nation. The nation serves for the benefit of the race. The race serves for the benefit of the planet.

Life must work towards maintaining a healthy planet that maintains the health of the life.

Individualism is a delusion. A man who separates from all other men is still bound to the planet, to all life.

Each individual therefore must be as healthy as possible; in body, in mind, in spirit. So that this beauty that has risen here remains beautiful to us and for us. Each individual must ensure the future of their nation. Each nation must support the future of the race.

Each race must support the future of this planet, or the planet must protect itself from that race.

653395 No.10900710

Question- Any nigger who isn't dark, dark black has direct ancestors who were slave owners. Literally almost all of them. Few Whites do. Why aren't niggers forced to take responsibility for their slave-owning ancestors, and instead get to identify just with the slaves when they are equally guilty as their ancestors? If anyone should pay "reparations," high-stepping yellow kangz should pay the darker ones.

0d5e5d No.10900744


>Any nigger who isn't dark, dark black has direct ancestors who were slave owners.

That's a statement…

>Literally almost all of them. Few Whites do.

Question- Why aren't niggers forced to take responsibility for their slave-owning ancestors, and instead get to identify just with the slaves when they are equally guilty as their ancestors?

>If anyone should pay "reparations," high-stepping yellow kangz should pay the darker ones.

Welcome to /pol/ I truly wish you good studies.

Answer- it is a controlled narrative. I'm not sure how many basketball americans you've talked to but most don't talk about or even focus on that false narrative, (it's a surprise to most people who simply don't interact with these people).

So you see it in movies, you see it in all the other MSM. You see it from celebrities, you will hear it from some (or many) sports *stars*.

Why does turkey not get told to pay for it's empirean past? Why don't any others who are now nothing but resource territories for the (((capitalist))) world?

You may have guessed at the answer, and it may be obvious and intuitive if you've begun your journey into the rabbit hole. However there are many facts for you to learn and (((facts))) for you to question. Those who used humans as resources and continue doing so planet wide are your answer.

Wishing you the best, anon.

515ca5 No.10900749

File: e0caf4c61b833db⋯.jpg (98.11 KB, 690x769, 690:769, e0caf4c61b833db3384278098d….jpg)


Checked, praise Kek. Were you in or know anyone who was? Pic not related.

a159f5 No.10900862

File: a38fc611b5bb5a1⋯.jpeg (74.55 KB, 1024x962, 512:481, a38.jpeg)





Don't let me down /pol/ bump

0d5e5d No.10900918


I can identify that you are obsessing about literally who, if theres something more I'm sure someone will halp you.

4965d2 No.10901062

File: 3769b3de83a3038⋯.jpg (190.6 KB, 1142x1142, 1:1, beauty2.jpg)


This is actually really good and provides the foundation for a functional healthy worldview.

Expand on this, write more. Don't get too pretentious with it (as everyone is tempted to when they begin expanding their ideas).

Unironically write a blogpost. I've decided to start my own. Not to save the world, but largely to get my own ideas out and in a way, to save myself.

bf6bb2 No.10901084

What specifically caused Eastern European countries such as Hungary/Greece/Poland/Ukraine/Macedonia to become second world countries?

a6c14e No.10901110

am I still banned

4965d2 No.10901125


It specifically has to do with the origins of first/second/third world.

First was meant to refer to liberal capitalist nations with industrial development.

Second was meant to refer to communist nations during the cold war.

Third world was meant to refer to nations which weren't politically or economically developed enough to be either.

The first/second world thing has less to do with economic output and more to do with coldwar legacy. These definitions have shifted around a bit since the end of the coldwar, but this is generally what is meant. Also, Greece (by the old definition) would technically be first world.

0d5e5d No.10901221


Thanks, means a lot for you to say that.

I tend to write out pieces like that once in a while, I am planning out a timeless philosophy book for my children, I might lend out to the public some parts or all of that.

5b7975 No.10901224

File: 615363bc0e57cca⋯.jpg (100.14 KB, 1078x710, 539:355, 015363bc0e57cca27d1b1c2a97….jpg)


To know Wilson one must know Colonel House. I'll directly link the spook approved page on him because I don't give a fuck. If you're a pussy just research on your own.

Wilson was a true figurehead and allowed for a lot of (((progress))) under his administration. The Treaty of Versailles, UN/League of Nations, and the FED all happened under his watch. The CFR also came to be during or immediately following his tenure, can't remember exact dates but you get the picture.


bf6bb2 No.10901262


What economic factors makes those countries so underdeveloped when compared to Western Europe/ US/ Canada. Those developed countries certainly have poor areas, but it seems like any time I see media from those countries I mentioned prior they seem ubiquitously somewhat rundown.

0718c3 No.10901463


ive done this for short periods of time. its hard to leave the phone behind, and I missed using ching chong image boards, I think its good to do this sometimes. and i agree with other anons that say just embrace the boredom, youll naturally think of something else to do or think about. I think fasting is good sometimes too, and instead of trying to make yourself not hungry, just embrace it, feel hungry. itll pass, and youll lose some body fat over the course of a few days.

0718c3 No.10901486


if not a solid pistol, id say a shotgun. Probably a Mossberg, they are affordable and well made.

if I could go back in time and buy my first firearm, it would be a pump shotgun. Theres so much you can do with it, also cheaper than handguns.

if you want a handgun for a first weapon, Id say get a 1911. its not a meme, thats a good pistol and it just feels awesome in your hand.

2ef679 No.10901498

File: fa7a6a69d70eb6e⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 960x639, 320:213, agenda.jpg)

File: d636a4356653a04⋯.png (408.39 KB, 1907x2074, 1907:2074, cdbc32f6051e0ab0f8619bf794….png)


>What is a Hegelian dialectic in babby terms or metaphor so I can spread it to normies?

Thesis: Something is a problem

Antithesis: Offers solution to the problem but in a twisted manner

Synthesis: Original issue is "solved" but more issues spring up pic related for example

>What caused Greek and Roman civilizations to peter out?


Black Friday is coming up. Buy it and read it. Comparative history is the best way to understand a meta analysis of civilizational failure, rather than specific events.

But in short




>decadence breeds weakness

>weakness breeds failure


probably a reference to The Willows at Christmas, part of the Wind In The Willows children's book series

>Why do you guys go on living? What gets you through the day?

If you are believe in an after life it is your objective duty to live a good and fulfilled life in order to make life after death better for yourself. If you don't believe in an afterlife then life has subjective meaning by the proliferation and expansion of our species. Which is to say, the 14 words.

IE, you go on living because you believe in a higher purpose, whether it be a deity or family. Th recognition of something greater than oneself is essential


Second pic related


> That said, my question is this:

Given how bad their culture is at producing decent people, are niggers and their offspring Truly irredeemable at this point? It seems like no matter how many nigger "exceptions" (upstanding citizens) might pop up, it seems like their children/grandchildren Always go back to becoming useless niggers.

The talented tenth is a real phenomena. The issue is they always regress to the mean. Of course there are smart and successful black people, they are few and far between but they do exist. However they are outliers, and eventually their offspring will regress to the mean. This can be observed among all ethnic groups, but blacks stick out the most because theirs are the most drastic changes and their fall from grace is often the most dramatic. In other words, math geniuses don't breed math geniuses. And decent blacks breed niggers.


No, but you should be for not contributing.


Lack of resources, land routes, ethnic conflicts, etc. Don't know specifics, but these seem obvious

I'm in an ethical dilemma. I want to raise my children in church -yeah, christ-cuck I get it- however I am agnostic. This would not be an issue for me if I were to join a shit tier non-denominational brand. However I would like to raise my children in something that has hard tradition. i.e. Western Orthodoxy or the like. But I would be joining in bad faith and I believe that to be very disrespectful to a church that I hold in high regard. Wat do

0d5e5d No.10901712


>I'm in an ethical dilemma. I want to raise my children in church -yeah, christ-cuck I get it- however I am agnostic. This would not be an issue for me if I were to join a shit tier non-denominational brand. However I would like to raise my children in something that has hard tradition. i.e. Western Orthodoxy or the like. But I would be joining in bad faith and I believe that to be very disrespectful to a church that I hold in high regard. Wat do

You are in a dillema but not because of the reason(s) you posted. Many christians *struggle* to find God which literally means they see others acting like they believe and themselves do not feel what they think others feel when they say they believe in God. So pick a tradition that will work for you and be educated about it. On the other hand, ask yourself if christianity as non denominational or any kind is what you are actually seeking to put here. How about learning history and tying that personally with the family history?

653395 No.10901888

>>10900744 (check)

>Welcome to /pol/

not new anon, have already wasted several years here. I know what the obvious answer is (Jews and their control of media and academia), but I'm wondering how an actual light-skiined kang would respond on twatter. I have to try to get one to answer by LARPing as a nigger.

2e9bfa No.10901899

File: 0cc9f1f67a9785f⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Libtard_Mentality.jpg)

Can someone debunk this for me? Whoever made this must have thought that niggers killing other niggers in their own ghettos and spics killing Whitey somehow makes every state in America, including the ones that are majority White, are all dangerous to live in. Granted I do believe the one who made this poster must be only racially blind, which is still retarded. Also I sort of LOL'd myself when it mentioned Israel, (((they))) really do control everything.

653395 No.10901912


is this really old to be mentioning "West Germany" or did the Jews just divide them to make their stats better? Notice, they kept their mouths shut about France, which makes me thinks it's more recent. Also, if you could add in rifles, how many arabs have the jews killed in their occupied territories?

2e9bfa No.10901955


I think the Israel part is literally saying:

>Goy look how much gun violence you have in your nation why can't you be more like us.

<We fellow Chosen People™ almost shoot each other.

>Oy vey! What do you mean those shootings are mostly done by those poor opressed POC, you filthy racist!!!

2e9bfa No.10901960


*never shoot each other.

d2253b No.10901965


>All countries with significantly lower populations than America

6073ff No.10902040


> Can someone debunk this for me?

Doesn't cite sources. Not normalized for population. Includes suicides, justified homicides, self defense, and police shootings in the U.S. figures while only counting murders from the other countries (and the Israel number is entirely made up - unless Jews murdering Palestinians doesn't count). Handguns don't kill, people do.

tl;dr: it's bullshit.

653395 No.10902054


why would jews use handguns anon when by law the can carry uzis when arabs cannot even carry a butter knife? you can bet they are also not counting their murders in occupied territories. And no, I'm not a muslim and don't care for them, but i don't want to pay for or get blamed for it so that my ZOG passport makes me a target for enemies of the Jews. As even Prince Charles says, "arabs see Israel as a colony of America."

6073ff No.10902090


> why would jews use handguns anon when by law the can carry uzis

Uzis are automatic. Automatic fire wastes bullets. Bullets cost shekels.

Their preferred Pali Popper is the Jericho 941.

0d5e5d No.10902108


You're far more likely to get a lot of lies.

I see what it is now, you think that most people are honest like you and hold other virtues such as altruism and fairness. No one will give you an honest answer if they are they are already pretending. A basketball american who isn't pretending that victimization role will give you the same answer as this.


0d5e5d No.10902110



Answered to a t.

653395 No.10902114


Oh, I'd fully expect a chimp out. I'm just curious as to what level of chimp out it wold trigger in a light-skinned kang to be confronted with fact that his direct ancestors owned slaves, my biological ancestors in the north did not.

653395 No.10902119


>Automatic fire wastes bullets. Bullets cost shekels.

oh, don't worry anon. You can bet uncles samuel provides those as well for the Jews. If not directly the ZOG one the hundreds of jew organizations in ZOG involved in such things. Remember, god's chosen lives are more important than the goyim. What's a few of (our) shekels if they can get a bullets downrange a lot faster and make sure none of god's chosen are injured?

0d5e5d No.10902121


You also seem confused thinking nigs slave owning ancestors were hwhite. Jews aren't hwhite and were the majority of slave owners and slave traders. Kangz owned other kangz too, both in and outside of africa.

Anyway, you will surely get some interesting stories if you spend the time getting a trollbook account.

653395 No.10902128


> Kangz owned other kangz too

Not debating that anon. But a a negress who hasn't had skin bleached to have light skin, they had to have either a Jew or trashy White ancestor from slave times, since miscegenation was outlawed up until the 1960s. I'm specifically discussing the light-skinned ones here (supposedly not even accepted as real negroes by fellow kangz) and how they feel that their ancestors literally had tp be slave owners..

0d5e5d No.10902151


we wuz vikings n shiet

6073ff No.10902153


Just because they didn't pay doesn't mean Jews aren't going to hoard. And who said anything about downrange? Their preferred method is into the back of the target's head from close range. Look up Gerald Bull.

653395 No.10902166

File: eecfee14c29788c⋯.jpg (14.4 KB, 300x295, 60:59, scooby-jew.jpg)

File: 6e7488ce1ba3d69⋯.jpg (3.39 KB, 124x117, 124:117, 1458634030106s.jpg)


> Their preferred method is into the back of the target's head from close range

Not true. A Jew settler not trained in dressing up as an arab and killing them at night who gets that close could risk getting punched or even hit with a rock. Oi vey, wasn't 6 million enough already???

5fbe3d No.10902576


>Doesn't cite sources.

I did. Hitler's war. I dont have the time to go through his sources, but if you ctrl+F a bit you will find it.


bed7d9 No.10902594


Very much thank you senpai.

275fe6 No.10902606

does the coincidence detector browser extension still exist and if so, where can i find it?

de3264 No.10902619

File: 488cfe697782bb4⋯.png (50.85 KB, 835x709, 835:709, Mia3cTJ.png)

I need help lads

How do I redpill the average person about subhumans? Whenever I talk about DNA and IQ tests they immediately tell me that "I'm wrong" or that DNA doesn't prove that niggers are different race of people. Or whenever I say how the niggers never made anything or how their IQ scores are hopelessly bad even in America. They completely ''deny;; my statements and reply "You're wrong, it has nothing to do with them being inferior!"

How the fuck am I supposed to argue with people when they fucking deny all my statements and then they act smug as if they're right.

5fbe3d No.10902750


I'm fucking retarded. Don't mind my post. Was on mobile and fucked up.

da6e6d No.10902779

Is there any reliable source for the claims made about dual Israeli-American citizens in Congress? This graphic is unsourced, and I cannot find reliable data to prove any of these claims. Obviously fake news media claims this is just a fabrication, as they would even if it were all true. Jews deny this is true as well, which is enough evidence to suspect that it IS true, but before I start writing letters to Congressmen I want to see proof of these claims rather than unsourced information. There are articles stating that we should have this information available, but as far as I can tell, even the FOIA process has failed to produce any information.

e92480 No.10902782

File: cf3be791ab23cfd⋯.gif (621.08 KB, 720x720, 1:1, cf3be791ab23cfd938ab5ebdaa….gif)


I'll ask again, anybody got some reading material on the education system in America? Would make my life a lot easier.

353ca7 No.10902837


5db066 No.10903300

File: 55f0ed4431050fe⋯.jpg (37.7 KB, 624x352, 39:22, waco.jpg)

So what happened here? I've never fully taken the wacopill. I've watched one of Koresh's sermons and he does really seem like a cult leader, he talks and talks and talks but says nothing. Also heard he told the men to be celibate while he cucked them, which is fucked upalso underage girls

e31655 No.10903533


As far as I know it was Feds wanting to make a big example out of a group of people who wanted to be left alone and apart from larger society that you can't get out. That and bloodlust from the FBI.

c26776 No.10903631


You are giving them step 10 without giving them step 1. Normalfags don't care about facts and they hate being taught new stuff. They must be made to think they came to a conclusion on their own. You need to lead them to the water and make them curious enough to drink it.

Are they rich and white? Ask them why they go to an upscale grocery store instead of a Food4Less even though the price is the same. Do they have kids? Ask them why they don't enroll their kids in a predominately black school. Why don't they go live in a black neighborhood, I mean the house prices are lower. Whatever thing they unknowingly do to escape diversity, ask them why they do it so they become self conscious of it and are forced to think about themselves.

That should be your main goal: to make them introspective. Most normies never allow themselves time of quiet self-reflection. They fill their time with friends and shopping and netflix and chill.

57ec07 No.10903812

File: b4eac0755e0bc00⋯.jpg (55.02 KB, 691x845, 691:845, IMG_20171114_145903.jpg)

Is there any place I can buy business casual clothing online or in-person USA that doesn't use nigger models, or cost mega shekels? I need new pants since I'm making leg gains from lifting. I looked at the only place I could think of which was jcrew and their online models look like they pulled homeless niggers off the street and put the clothes on them.

487093 No.10903858


Have you tried Duluth Trading anon?

4ae5e3 No.10903871

Does anyone have the declassified files which show that Hitler escaped to South America?

57ec07 No.10903928


Looks like that'll work, thanks anon.

0db9d7 No.10903975

Is normalfags filtered to normies? If not why do a huge portion of posters here use the reddit safe version?

84c20c No.10904119

Are jews really human? I'm serious. I have thought recently that it is probably possible for outsider beings to incarnate on earth in human form. Is this what jews are? Their behavior is so inhuman that I am inclined to think that perhaps they are a different species at a spiritual level. Has anyone else thought of this? Has anyone done any research along these lines?

6073ff No.10904162


>A Jew settler not trained in dressing up as an arab and killing them at night who gets that close could risk getting punched or even hit with a rock.

Not when the jew has a half dozen of his jew friends at hand and the Pali is tied to a chair.

Why do you keep assuming the jew is going to engage in honorable combat with automatic weapons at range over an open and level field?

6073ff No.10904169


>Are jews really human?

Human? Unfortunately yes. You can technically interbreed with them.

Humane? Obviously not.

b1c91a No.10904178


i disagree. the RH- blood type factor unique to them, critter hybrids traceable to Cain, allows those with the higher concentration of critter DNA to shapeshift. I submit critter hybrids may look and sometimes act human and yes interbreed, but they are not human.

fe6cfc No.10904180

Hey can I get that screen cap of what would happen to the USA if a civil war broke out, including the bit about the power grid?

5ec841 No.10904208


I'm not sure if this answers your question exactly, but there's a belief they have in that the jewish people's souls are made up of fragments of 600k jewish souls, and that all of these are ultimately one soul.


It's interesting to note that this does not mention non-jewish souls.

62de9f No.10904661


They are niggers with no self control. I have looked at porn for a goddamn long time and I am at tasteful nudes of White women at this point. A lot of "people" are just subhuman trash with no impulse control.


Merchants exploit and thrive on it.

af11b1 No.10905456

I found Freemason document that says my great-grandfather became a 32º Prince of the Royal Secret in 1951. I didn't know any of my family were Masons. What does this mean?

2dce69 No.10906306

I've started writing a userscript for greasemonkey that filters words on a webpage and changes Orwellian double-speak terms like "Undocumented immigrant" to their correct terms like "Illegal Alien". Can someone provide me with a list of words to add?

Here's the current version of the code. If you save it as a js file then you should be able to load it into greasemonkey.

// ==UserScript==
// @name DoubleSpeak
// @namespace
// @description Fixes Orwellian Double Speak
// @copyright Anon

(function () {
'use strict';
var words = {
'undocumented immigrants': 'illegal aliens',
'Undocumented immigrants': 'Illegal aliens',
'Undocumented Immigrant': 'Illegal alien',
'Undocumented Immigrants': 'Illegal aliens',
'undocumented workers': 'illegal aliens',
'Undocumented workers': 'illegal aliens',
'undocumented worker': 'illegal alien',
'Undocumented worker': 'illegal alien',
'"foreign-born" population': 'illegal aliens',
'Unlawful immigration':'Illegal aliens',
'Gender reassignment surgery':'Genital mutilation surgery',
'gender reassignment surgery':'genital mutilation surgery',
'African American':'American Negro',
'African Americans':'American Negroes',
'African-American':'American Negro',
'African-Americans':'American Negro',
'Americans of African ancestry':'Descendant of the Slaves',
'economic justice':'socialism',
'Economic justice':'Socialism',
'solve income inequality':'introduce socialism',
'Drumpf': 'Trump',
'drumpf': 'Trump',
'gay people': 'homosexuals',
'Gay people': 'Homosexuals',
'Gay Community': 'Homosexual Community',
'Gay community': 'Homosexual community',
'Hate Speech': 'Anti-left wing speech',
'Hate speech': 'Anti-left wing speech',
'hate speech': 'anti-left wing speech',
'Political Correctness': 'Psychological terrorism',
'Political correctness': 'Psychological terrorism',
'political correctness': 'psychological terrorism',
'politically correct': 'left wing',
'isn\'t diverse enough':'has too many White people',
'Gun reform':'Gun control',
'gun reform':'gun control',
'Human trafficking':'Slavery',
'human trafficking':'slavery',
'inner-city youth':'young negroes',
'Inner-city youth':'Young negroes',
'More inclusive':'More anti-white',
'more inclusive':'more anti-white',
'Black guy':'Negro',
'Black guys':'Negroes',
'Affirmative Action':'Discrimination against white people',
'Affirmative action':'Discrimination against white people',
'affirmative action':'discrimination against white people',
'Same-sex marriage':'Sodomite marriage',
'same-sex marriage':'sodomite marriage',
'Same sex marriage':'Sodomite marriage',
'same sex marriage':'sodomite marriage',

'': ''
var regexs = [
replacements = [
tagsWhitelist = [
rIsRegexp = /^\/(.+)\/([gim]+)?$/,
// prepareRegex by JoeSimmons
// used to take a string and ready it for use in new RegExp()
function prepareRegex(string) {
return string.replace(/([\[\]\^\&\$\.\(\)\?\/\\\+\{\}\|])/g, '\\$1');
// function to decide whether a parent tag will have its text replaced or not

function isTagOk(tag) {
return tagsWhitelist.indexOf(tag) === - 1;
delete words['']; // so the user can add each entry ending with a comma,
// I put an extra empty key/value pair in the object.
// so we need to remove it before continuing
// convert the 'words' JSON object to an Array
for (word in words) {
if (typeof word === 'string' && words.hasOwnProperty(word)) {
userRegexp = word.match(rIsRegexp);
// add the search/needle/query
if (userRegexp) {
regexs.push(new RegExp(userRegexp[1], 'g')
} else {
regexs.push(new RegExp(prepareRegex(word).replace(/\\?\*/g, function (fullMatch) {
return fullMatch === '\\*' ? '*' : '[^ ]*';
}), 'gi')
// add the replacement

// do the replacement

texts = document.evaluate('//body//text()[ normalize-space(.) != "" ]', document, null, 6, null);
for (i = 0; text = texts.snapshotItem(i); i += 1) {
if (isTagOk(text.parentNode.tagName)) {
regexs.forEach(function (value, index) {
text.data = text.data.replace(value, replacements[index]);

e9163c No.10906415


Good job, here is one more line

>'Gender reassignment surgery':'Genital mutilation surgery',

'Circumcision':'Genital mutilation surgery',

53825e No.10906575


Sounds like you've stopped taking your Abilify MyCite. But I'm sure your doctor already knows this and are in the process of sending them to your location. I hope you get the help you so desperately need.

fc341b No.10906658


'gay people' should correct to 'fags' and 'black guy' should correct to 'nigger'

there's no point in going half-mast

480be5 No.10906702

File: ef067e012dd33bd⋯.jpg (41.49 KB, 332x444, 83:111, Lie_and_Truth.jpg)

What did they mean by this? Do Jews really not like natural beauty? Because I guess that's expains why (((SJW's))) think fatasses are beautiful.

1f262a No.10906802

About a year ago, there was a natural language tool for creating memes. We were talking to it via Facebook messenger, I think. We were saying, for example, "what if Hillary Clinton dinna do nothing". It would respond by sending back a nigger criminal Hillary.

What was the name of that tool?

0d5e5d No.10907205


>I need help lads


>How do I redpill the average person about subhumans?

You don't.

Most average people will shut their ears eyes and brain.

>Whenever I talk about DNA and IQ tests they immediately tell me that "I'm wrong" or that DNA doesn't prove that niggers are different race of people.

We're all one race, the human race, of the life species.

>Or whenever I say how the niggers never made anything or how their IQ scores are hopelessly bad even in America. They completely ''deny;; my statements and reply "You're wrong, it has nothing to do with them being inferior!"

Did you say they are inferior? If so, their conditioning kicked in. Otherwise you need to talk to them like to a mildly retarded child. Ask them to repeat what you said without adding anything between the lines.

>How the fuck am I supposed to argue with people when they fucking deny all my statements and then they act smug as if they're right.

You can't reason with the unreasonable.

0d5e5d No.10907212


>Is there any reliable source for the claims made about dual Israeli-American citizens in Congress? This graphic is unsourced, and I cannot find reliable data to prove any of these claims. Obviously fake news media claims this is just a fabrication, as they would even if it were all true. Jews deny this is true as well, which is enough evidence to suspect that it IS true, but before I start writing letters to Congressmen I want to see proof of these claims rather than unsourced information. There are articles stating that we should have this information available, but as far as I can tell, even the FOIA process has failed to produce any information.

Good question.

0d5e5d No.10907222


>Human? Unfortunately yes. You can technically interbreed with them.

Interbreeding is possible between different species, even different genus and family in some cases.

0d5e5d No.10907231


Makeup industry: jewish

Pharmaceutical industry: jewish

SJW cancer all stemming from marxism: jewish

Do jews hate nature and assume to make all things their mindless servant golems? Yes.

04c28c No.10907237

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why does my vidya have me remember the 6 zillion? Can't I have some ethics in historical games anymore?

c6fc8d No.10907506

File: 22f8e70748b686d⋯.png (601.59 KB, 1551x972, 517:324, nowheretobefound.PNG)




"Jewish life has infinite value" and "a thousand gentile lives aren't worth a single jewish fingernail" ARE their ethics (and factual quotes from "esteemed" rabbis).


what >>10903631 says, and don't use logic, data or historical examples. Make it purely emotional and manipulate them - yes, I know, it's sad and fucking frustrating, but is the only way they (maybe…) will stop resorting to their programming to refute your points.

Also be confident and use ridicule as a weapon while doing your best not to get angry; in their twisted heads, getting upset for any reason = being wrong (unless its them doing it).


>do they really not like natural beauty?

>there is no safety or equality for marginal beings

>nature is to be feared

Jews know they're subhuman, thus, the only way for them to fulfill their "destiny" and rule upon humans is by reducing them to an animal-like state


Hybrids are a thing, anon. "human" or not, is a difficult question which I can't answer.


>hate speech -> anti-left wing speech

it should be "dissent"


>how many arabs have jews killed

Enough for Palestine not to be on the map anymore.

0ed877 No.10907624

What's the deal with the flat earth meme? I don't get the joke.

383cfd No.10907741

File: 1ed09028b96637f⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Earth_1.jpg)

File: 6024f60c3420f67⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 406x362, 203:181, Earth_2.jpg)


>flat earth meme

Can't tell you much about it if it's possibly trie or not but there has been some speculations that Earth looks more like pic related. I don't know if this is true either.

383cfd No.10907846

File: f9ab55dd1d6571d⋯.jpg (12.59 KB, 512x288, 16:9, billy joel.jpg)

Do any of you guys know about bic reladed? I've only listened to his most popular songs.

17678c No.10907847


Could venture out innawoods and try some of that primitive technology stuff to prep for the impending EMP

17678c No.10907858


More and more people are starting to realize NASA is full of shit and one possible reason for them hoaxing everything is that they could not possibly get to space. According to your own senses and observations the Earth is flat so it's not surprising to me that the movement is picking up speed.

a895d4 No.10907860


17678c No.10907865

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bountiful source of redpills. He cites a lot of good reading material.

622c36 No.10908352


Oh look

it's the flat earth guy

b9469a No.10908389

Was Rockwell genuine but playing politics with/against kikes, thus dealing with them, or full on CO?

SIEGEpill respects him even if ultimately rejecting his approach (going through the kiked system).

16117d No.10908492

Will I get a refund from the housing commission if I show them that I've been overcharged?

278362 No.10908499

Black anon here, I need you guys to tell me the truth:

How often do you see yourself on the receiving end of sexual attention from black women? How often does this occur, relative to all of your encounters with black women? And in what settings are you encountering these black women? I know that women are ruthlessly hypergamous but I always read that supposedly, black women only want black men so this just doesn't add up. One of the core things I always saw on r/theredpill was the idea that there are no "unicorns" or special exceptions. The idea that if she can upgrade, she will. Are black women just preemptively removing themself as competitors for white men in anticipation of failure? This would be evidenced by the fact that American Blacks are 20% white, which stems from a combination of imported Irish broodmares and female slaves doing whatever they could to get on their master's good side so they could work in the house rather than in the fields. Or perhaps their preference is sincere?

16117d No.10908501


The Earth is actually potato shaped, not a perfect sphere. We just can't see it.

bf4b00 No.10908670


>jews are the only ones with rh- blood

>critter hybrids

at least put efforts into shitposts


Just that he's a jew who shilled openly for the destruction of morality re: Only the Good Die Young

de3264 No.10908678

File: 4eca8c31cfd0e71⋯.jpg (842.12 KB, 2355x2356, 2355:2356, 4aa0405b1bb590be3b7046bb56….jpg)


Off yourself

cca45f No.10908821


Never. Black women, just as black men, are inferior in every way from most europeans, and we just have no reason to expect anything from them, and we do not want them altogether, except maybe for some degenerate fetishes. Just as black men crave white women, they feel subconciously that they are "upgrading" to a higher status. This is caused by cultural reasons, biological reasons, esthetic reasons, white women are just better in every way from black women, because the white race is better in every way.

With asians there is a different story, white men sometimes want them because degeneracy in the West has caused a downgrade of our women, but we are still better genetically. They seek western virtues in asian women and sometimes find it because asia hasn't been so subverted by the jews. But that's still seeking a white woman in an asian women's body.

cca45f No.10908986


Make regular friends that aren't degenerates and then try to redpill them about the Jews. This way you can help our cause and make friends at the same time.

Start off slow, not mentioning anything at the start, but as time moves on make small jokes comparing greedy people you know to Jews, like "well, sound like mr. schlomo here is worried that he'll lose his money." Don't attack anyone so that you're not labeled as a hatemonger, don't make fun of the holocaust (at first, you can do that later), and above all you must make any mention of the jews as natural as breathing. Don't say "well, i'm no bigot but the jews…" and so on. Just say it, and if anyone has a problem with that, question their senso of humor of say that it's normal in your circles to make fun of everyone, and that's freedom. The jokes are the most improtant part.

Then move on to history. If your friends are a least bit interesting, they'll have political or histroical conversations. Mention in small doses at first, that you KNOW (not think) that the jews were inviolved in this or that. If you talk about WW2, say that it was about money. Everyone who isn't absolutely bluepilled will agree in some regard. Then casually mention who is in control of the banks. In every way you talk about the jews, you have to know your stuff. List names, dates and documents, and you'll be fine. And you must do nit casualkly, and NEVER back off. If you know your facts it'll be easy to defend them.

Talk about how various degeneracies destroy every-day lives, make anegdotes about this, not mentioning jews specifically, but after a while of making jew jokes, you could say a half-joke, like "speaking about feminists, you know that it was started by capitalists who wanted to use the other half of the population in their factories? It's all about the money to them, isn't it? Shame that their profits destroy a comfy household and make it all about the gains. Did you know that the biggest feminist newspaper was started by a CIA agent Gloria Steinem?" And you begin to tell where she was from, not atracting any attemtion to her jewish heritage, making it sound as if you were saying "she was a russian" or "she was an american". Afetr a while of casually mentioning various jewish involvements, they'll get the idea as long as you are PROFESSIONAL.

Also, don't start a conversation that's only about the jews, mention them "by the way" and make a foundation of your friendship normal activities like sports, strolls, work, life, and slowly increase your mention how the jews affect all of these things.

4e722b No.10909134


How do I make friends that aren't degenerates?

you say: make friends that aren't degenerates.

bc3505 No.10910059


Black women love tall blonde boys.

Thats all I need to tell you.

bc3505 No.10910077



By going slow and discarding the irreparably leftist.

73cd13 No.10910546

Is this board serious- or a big edgy teenage LARP? Is this stuff real or just real to YOU?

4d2e4b No.10910643


I believe you're talking about "Project Murphy"

a159f5 No.10911020

File: 7df532420845cf5⋯.jpg (7.75 KB, 250x190, 25:19, 9c0ab5a66724d5f1c4465c82c7….jpg)



/Pol/ has let me down bump

feea1c No.10911022

What is your opinion on /wap/?

16117d No.10911777


You're supposed to lurk 2 years before posting lad. Anyway, look this shit up yourself, there's a plethora of sources and books for you to read, you lazy fuck.

2ac86f No.10911858


>I have been both zoophilia and child smut on plain youtube and don't know what to do about it.

i'm sorry you had to go through that. if you know the identity of the people that filmed you doing those things you should go to the police.

278362 No.10913262


>Black women, the ones that respond best to black men, ultimately prefer black men the least

>Black women basically respond well to everyone/anyone

I never really studied this image until now. I never knew it was this bad.


>Never. Black women, just as black men, are inferior in every way from most europeans, and we just have no reason to expect anything from them, and we do not want them altogether, except maybe for some degenerate fetishes.

So you're saying that white men never receive sexual attention from black women and that this doesn't matter because you consider them beneath you anyway?

Overall, your whole post is a bit odd. You seem to trying to explain why white men would show interest in the women of other races. I'm not interested in whether or not white men give attention to the women of other races. I'm interested in whether or not white men receive attention from the women of other races (black women specifically). Your post is informative but it's nothing I don't already know from lurking /pol/ as long as I have.


This seems to be the case, yes.

e3eea2 No.10914050

File: 71eff1b081e453f⋯.png (35.28 KB, 613x481, 613:481, 69e8d1693ef752d088e30fc774….png)

This question isn't really political but /pol/ is full of smart people who might know the answer.

Are psychology majors oversaturated in colleges and universities? Should I consider it? I have a feeling it will be smeared with shitlibs and centrists who are (((inspired))) by Jordan Peterson.

>inb4 college is a waste of money

I'm in a fortunate situation where my father is willing to pay for my entire education. I'm aware that it's overpriced and kiked, but I can't look at gift horse in the mouth.

29772c No.10914226


psych is useless you fool. you wanna be a social worker? because that's what you will be with a psych degree. stem or no college. period. even then its mostly a trash degree unless you get a phd.

t. bachelors holding stemfag

bc91ba No.10914459


/fit/izen here. Generally speaking if you diet correctly and exercise (read: lift weights) the right way, you should be looking to put on about 1 lb of body mass every week. There is no way to put on muscle without putting on fat, the body simply does not work that way. At a rate of 1 lb a week of body mass increase about half of that will be fat and half will be muscle. You can put on muscle more slowly if you want a higher than 1:1 ratio of muscle:fat increase, but obviously that shit takes longer.

In any case, eat lots of meat and veggies, and if you want to eat carbs make sure they're high in protein and are not the majority of your diet. Wheat bread, a little pasta, oats and granola especially are good.

3d612c No.10915070

File: c82b6703ad9e9aa⋯.jpg (483.53 KB, 1440x2073, 480:691, Screenshot_20171116-125012.jpg)

Just wanted to drop this somewhere. Made me chuckle

cc4490 No.10915505

I've been building a block-list of twitter accounts that can't be persuaded. All the people who post the NYT trend mostly. SJWs. The sort of people who would put a snopes article under your post. I grind this for several hours everyday.

318752 No.10915830

File: ab88d690dec2483⋯.png (303.08 KB, 600x650, 12:13, ab8.png)

I'd really like to improve my practical skills in the event of a SHTF in my country, which, being in Yurop, is highly likely within the next decade. More specifically, are there any good books/pdfs/instructions/videos on how to build and maintain and reverse engineer generators, water filters and so on so forth? Preferably in printable format so that I can have a physical backup instead of taking notes.

4d8e43 No.10915888

What are the guidelines of making a good thread? Or at least the topics that shouldn't be touched, cuz mine tend to get anchored.

e922d1 No.10915967

File: 06ecdcd9798a5c9⋯.jpg (63.23 KB, 650x433, 650:433, 06ecdcd9798a5c98c43fd200a0….jpg)

Warning Gay Ass Post

after noticing that a re-run of family guy was called "new" I realized something was off. It was simple, a fight scene of meg and chris beating up a cafeteria of kids to the song 'freebird' (old movie reference) after one of the background characters tells the siblings that they cant tell jokes anymore because they live in a "post-joke" society.

it was really just par for the course as far as clips went. movie reference+animated fight scene+topical humor. a classic family guy clip. and thats why when i saw it in a clip montage on youtube inafter "you're dumb" i know, not the point i thought nothing of it.

thing is, this was a few months ago, definitely this year but not early.

apparently the episode in question didn'thave an air date until a few days ago i think the 12th of november.

the episode is titled "the D in appartment 23" and is surprisingly loose, for a mcfarland bit.

now normally this woldn't mean shit. so some family guy clip was show online early, big whoop. but what if, just maybe.

there was some spooky shit going on? we all know the /x/ tier conspiracies about time warps, trumps dad being john titor, or just trump himself, the tesla research, pence prime, and every shit post about the mandela effect.

but things have been swinging rapidly in our favor. to the point where our light footwork shitpost ops are gaining national attention on evening news.

we discovered a small fraction of what we can do, but what if that has something to do with all this? a push, or maybe a pull, that either gave us, or is going to restrict us in the future.

might just be me, but has anyone else noticed weird shit, time skips, things that shouldn't be. ect.


weird things are happening, does the fire rise, are we being attacked, or are the years of government pharmaceutical testing on 3rd graders just acting up in my brain?

eef47f No.10916157


why the fuck would we enjoy the comics of a civic nationalist who likes democratic republics and "freedom"and paint him as something other than he is

>answer: boredom

c22b48 No.10916888


You want to read up on some evolutionary biology. A lot of people often think good traits just pass down to offspring but if two geniuses procreate, is their child also a genius? The child will still have a high IQ but it will not necessarily be as high as his 160+ IQ parents. The phenomenon you need to look up to understand why their kids become shit is "regression or return to the mean".

c22b48 No.10916941


I should clarify that while I do want you to look up regression to the mean, you should realize I don't mean it is literally occurring as a degeneration of genetics since that is erroneous, though the application is that there must be a variety of factors needed to recreate the same end results. The most important is inheriting the correct alleles and proper environmental factors to ensure full expression of these genes (i.e. A child born to two very tall parents in Africa may end up short due to malnutrition). In essence, its not enough for the kid to just be born with potential or the right genes for that potential as other factors influence gene expression, heterozygosity or dual recessive genes in one parent or the child can also lead to failure to fully express these genes in the kid.

Say your coworker has no warrior gene, but his black wife does. That risk alone can lead to a child with a warrior gene and a predisposition to violence, hence he has "regressed" to the mean black male of a degenerate black male culture without necessarily being exposed to black culture. He hasn't actually regressed though since he inherited a higher IQ from his parents and a better start in life. This is just a simple way of looking at it, hence why you should read up on this as its a difficult topic.

Saging to not double bump.

c22b48 No.10917178


>is psych over saturated

nope but its more pozzed than a global faggots convention. Psych will be completely fucking useless to you unless you go into medical school and become a psychiatrist and even then a lot of what you will be doing is peddling drugs.

>it will be smeared with shitlibs and centrist like Peterson

Even the centrists are getting their asses reamed and they're becoming fewer. As a right wing man you will be near 100% isolated in your studies. If you're in the JewSA or Canacuck then you will also have no men taking your classes besides faggots and the women there will be crazies trying to figure out why they have daddy issues.

>my dad is willing to pay for my entire education


>b-b-but i want a job that fulfills me and that I dont dread going to!

A job is work, work is pain and people tend to avoid pain. Don't fall for this idiotic meme and just realize that what you need is money for the essentials plus some side cash for luxuries. If you want a lot of luxuries then go strictly into things that have high profits for decent working hours.


>do whites receive interest from other races

Biologically you want the best for your children. Women only move up or stay at the same level, men date down. Whites are the top of the totem pole overall, therefore nonwhite women will racemix with a white man to improve their genetic traits (though in actuality they are destroying them) since they want the better looks, education and charisma of whites.


>how do i make white friends that aren't degenerate

First you go outside and then you talk to people. Filter out people through the use of humor. I've shown a normie friend terry davis; He's very much an anti racist but will have no problem saying "the cia niggers did this" or a "glow in the dark" joke. Despite his position on racism, he's still able to laugh it off with me. Don't expect people to be /pol/ incarnate, we're a rarity but find people with good values and good humor instead. Slowly bring them into the fold.

>yeah but how do i actually meet new people?

Find a hobby group in your town. You like bowling? Find a group of people online who bowl regularly. My town has a bowling league that anyone can sign up for and I've met some libtards and some right wingers through that. I stick with the right wingers and asked them to help me improve my game. I also did the same with hiking. Converse with people and don't make it all about politics. Other good shit you can do? Cooking classes, Language classes, learn an instrument and try to find people to play music with. Dont use kikebook but do use other social media platforms that aren't pozzed and only use them for the purpose of finding people with X interest.

>no bar hopping or weed smoking degenerates

lighten up a little too, nothing wrong with drug use so long as its not done in excess. If you like alcohol then find a good bar with a good bartender and become a connoisseur. My gf and I specifically go to bars on occassion to have a max of 3 drinks a night (over the course of 2-3 hours) just to try out different types of alcohol and different mixed drinks. If you don't want to partake then thats fine, but don't write it off either since a shitload of adults drink (again, just dont be in the company of drunks). Finally, if you can't find right wing people then you need to consider moving to a more conservative state because if you live in CA then its likely not you, but your location.

21c7d1 No.10917604

Why don't we meme Johnny Rebel more? His country music is actually really good. It's comparable to Hank Williams in terms of quality.. Also, can I get some webms of his songs?

a1f8f1 No.10917612

What is hollaforums and why does it show up almost every time with the same topics and replies when I’m looking for something I saw on 8ch?

b28ea7 No.10917920


>Biologically you want the best for your children. Women only move up or stay at the same level, men date down. Whites are the top of the totem pole overall, therefore nonwhite women will racemix with a white man to improve their genetic traits (though in actuality they are destroying them) since they want the better looks, education and charisma of whites.

I appreciate the response. It's just that I was hoping for a more personal, anecdotal response. I just wished to gauge the normality of this behaviour in the everyday life of a /pol/ack. If it's happening even amongst the /pol/acks, I feel I could more readily accept as the reality.

26a184 No.10918212

Are any of you guys Catholic? How do you keep with your faith in treating all people as equals, while knowing full well that the average African is mentally inferior, the Arab a liar, and the Jew a swindler.

de3264 No.10918334

File: 0bcda6dacf8ac6f⋯.jpg (244.69 KB, 469x600, 469:600, 0bcda6dacf8ac6ffc25a805876….jpg)



>treating all people as equals

You never actually read the Old Testament, have you?

Jesus told us to wipe out all the Jews and their minions, for they are all sons of the Devil.

bacdc9 No.10918359

Just testing here. May as well ask a question. Where can I find the study on wolves that were bred to be vicious vs tame that was done in Russia?

073f6d No.10918369


>read the old testament

>jesus said

Oh boy, where to begin?

in christianity we are all brothers, one with christ, king of the jews :^)

03f2ad No.10918696

Anyone know what the rapefugee status of Denmark is?

3bc8db No.10918710


He put puncuation between Old Testament and Jesus retard

af409c No.10920317



> Defending yourself in the 3rd person.

5b458c No.10920530

What doth lyfe?

11a1ef No.10920578


And that there is the problem. If you start with the mindset that the inferior negro is your equal, you get yourself into the mess the West currently finds itself in.

333331 No.10921329


If Germany had avoided world war, and Hitler died naturally during a time of peace, how would his successor be chosen? How would that replacements eventual succesor be chosen? Was there any sort of official or legislative mechanicism in place, or was it simply up to the current leader to name a successor at his discretion?

d965df No.10921356


Naturally speaking I think he would have cozied up with Frau Bran and got hitched, after successfully driving out the jewish threat. Shortly thereafter he would immediately resign as Führer and either make a reccomendation amongst his cabinet, or would have let Reichstag have the reins until one of his sons or daughters you never know came of age to guide the human race to galactic conquest.

ef8b7a No.10921392



Small aristocracy chosen by the Führer himself. The best offspring of those people get too lead us into the future, with very, very exceptional people having shown true loyalty to the people above and beyond what normal people would have done can join this aristocracy so people do not feel disconnected from their leaders and a pure "monarch bloodline" does not create a spoiled rotten child at some point?

5fbe3d No.10921444


>How would that replacements eventual succesor be chosen?

Kinda like how the Papal conclave works (see table talks) with the SS most likely but he doesnt specify that.

>Was there any sort of official or legislative mechanicism in place,


>or was it simply up to the current leader to name a successor at his discretion?


5fbe3d No.10921454


In Table Talk he says, his personal dream was to be an unknown painter in Italy. So that would probably e something we would do after he consider himself done with his work.

ef8b7a No.10921485

By the way does anybody have the megalink for Morgoth's Archive?

d46645 No.10921621


it's a word filter which replaces "nazism" with "not socialism"

c12a0e No.10922082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

memory filtered


a8cf7c No.10922171

File: b29a49f1b65b960⋯.png (487.28 KB, 882x582, 147:97, Screenshot-2017-11-10 #You….png)

File: 9bbeb49026272a4⋯.png (75.18 KB, 811x814, 811:814, Screenshot-2017-11-10 #You….png)

File: e48b517f555a2e7⋯.jpg (133.51 KB, 810x1078, 405:539, 810.jpg)

File: c0d4ee9ff1fdd4f⋯.jpg (142.45 KB, 810x1078, 405:539, 811.jpg)

Not a QTDDTOT, Just being denied by captcha in starting a thread so thought I would post here and if anyone wants to take it up and run with it fine. I was looking for christmas miscegenation ads and wanted to start a thread to collect them all. I spotted UK Debenhams running a classic cinderella theme ad, white girl loses shoe on train, black guy admiring her finds it and stalks her to return it, white girl kisses random black guy. I wanted people to add whatever they where seeing in their countries too.

I was also going to pull up Pirelli in the thread too, it appears they have completely blackwashed their 2018 calendar, apparently their photographer was " getting bored of photographing white bodies". The only white you will find in it is an albino, whoopie goldberg is included in it for whatever reasons too.

At least the comments and dislikes where pretty encouraging for the debenhams ad. if anyone wants to start a christmas miscegenation ad thread I would be most grateful seeing as I'm currently access denied and it's something I have been keeping a close eye on for a while.

First pics related are Debenhams christmas ad, third and fourth are pirelli teasers for 2018 calendar.

a8cf7c No.10922204


Oh, also the Pirelli blackwash calendar is themed on Alice in wonderland which made me ponder about Qanons' Alice in wonderland statement but it's probably not linked.

8ed9db No.10922272


ALL of the British Christmas ads feature miscegenation.

a8cf7c No.10922326


For sure, as a Brit I know that, I am just very interested as to what is happening in the rest of the world that I might miss out on. I was just hoping that something like The Ikea ad with the white girl with wedding band and black guy without would pop up as it is perfect ammo to get the point across to those that just write it off a touch of diversity rather than an agenda.

0168b8 No.10922530

What does "Mexican sugar dancing" actually looks like? WebM?

fd699e No.10922653


Context? I'm Mexican and I've never heard about it.

d620d8 No.10923058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hey, non-/pol/ citizen here. I found this disgusting freak from Singapore promoting pedophilia. He fled Singapore and came to the United States a year or so ago as an asylum seeker because he was mocking his government and Singapore has no free speech so they were trying to put him into jail. He's still not a full citizen yet. Because i have zero knowledge of the immigration system, is there some place where I can report this sick fuck and make sure he never gets citizenship and gets kicked out of the country? I imagine we're not too accepting of out and proud pedos, at least i would hope not.

3a4383 No.10923216

3a4383 No.10923221


remember the study that shows people react with disgust the same way they would to bestiality whne they see racemixing

leftists do this too, the ones that truly believe the "racist" label and want to virtue signal just double down on SJW activism when they feel themselves reacting this way (the natural way) to racemixing

4a020d No.10923283


Call them out on hypocrisy rather than facts. Tell them that if they really believed they were equal to us they wouldn't be living in a white area and spend their time in white bubbles.

1cc266 No.10923305


Yeah, report him to ICE.

While all illegal immigrants are criminals and should be deported, some need a higher priority, y'know?

eb15ac No.10923569

Are Persians White enough for an Anglo to date (if you think Iranians are shitskins and Anglos are cryptos, then you can still say yes and cuck both our races).

She's barely religious, and I'm openly discussing the JQ with her in a way that'd turn most normies off.


Singapore's rapidly developing a case of the pozz since thier Mosely-Inspired leader died. The 1-in-5 number is being circulated there, and a soldier I know was crazy for Hillary.

395f67 No.10923622


How can I make a webm from an Android? Cause the first bad snow in vlasivostok is pretty funny so far. Here's the link by the way.


395f67 No.10923628




395f67 No.10923672


Und hier ist teil 2


91bf31 No.10923752

Does anyone have files related to Serbian government foundation? THE GUY WHO WAS LARPING GOT ARRESTED IT IS MATTER OF TIME!!!

3543d7 No.10923769

Whatever happened to the Mega Folder?

My old storage drive broke recently and it had my only copy of that material collection.

Can't find the torrent anymore.

91bf31 No.10923772


Are you talking about these serbian files?

I dont know his mega.nz folder is down

3543d7 No.10923775


No it was a huge collection of reference materials covering all sorts of subjects.

Covering everything from metallurgy to farming.

5b7975 No.10923904


bump for this

5df820 No.10924124

What are the side-effects of men being with thots and prostitutes before marrying a conservative virgin girl?

40d927 No.10924411


they get bored with their wife and cheat

134c2c No.10924426

I need proof high Jewish IQs are the result of data being altered, cherrypicked data, or outright fabrications. Whenever I ask about Jewish IQ in order to disprove people saying "Lol Nazis are all about race realism but then puss out when they hear Jews are smarter" I get ignored.

40d927 No.10924440



just stop.

you should practice christianity as a collection of beliefs and costums, not as a sect.

the catholic church is corrupted as hell.

prettymuch all churches are.

and then they force beleivers to act as their minions instead of helping them worship the divine.

40d927 No.10924456


macfarlane is just a contrarian, he jumos on whatever bandwagon he sees as controversioal against general public opinion

5df820 No.10924649


Is there any evidence for this? I'm trying to think of ways to describe waiting for sex until marriage favorably to other guys. I've had sex before marriage myself, and while I found it boring compared to sex with someone I love, I wouldn't say it's harmful from that experience. Is there any other argument against it?

0168b8 No.10926610

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do you anons know about the JewTube channel known as Primitive Technology? Do you lile his videos? His videos show how much a White man can make out of literally almost nothing.

7d589d No.10926619

White power forever!

86dcbb No.10926636

86dcbb No.10926644

86dcbb No.10926669


Hhuh, I got dubs

1bde21 No.10926704

File: c83fcec6b11a314⋯.webm (7.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, trump cleans house.webm)

It's a longshot, but does anyone have the webm of that mobile app video Trump posted on facebook last year that featured Sam Hyde in it?

c12a0e No.10927307

What's the opposite of getting goosebumps? These vids are so disgusting


a85690 No.10927405

File: df744d891f14396⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 347x287, 347:287, ECover_of_History-Fiction_….jpg)

Have any of you looked into Fomenko's New Chronology? He's a top tier Russian mathematician, but has written extensively that our current timeline is a lie, a controversial theory at best. For instance, he alleges that the entire dark ages didn't even occur, and places the Roman Empire in this period.

> The New Chronology also contains a reconstruction, an alternative chronology, radically shorter than the standard historical timeline, because all ancient history is "folded" onto the Middle Ages. According to Fomenko's claims, the written history of humankind goes only as far back as AD 800, there is almost no information about events between AD 800–1000, and most known historical events took place in AD 1000–1500.


22d30a No.10927408


Fomenko is just typical of the bizarre mumbling weirdos that come out of Russia. I have seen many of his arguments and none of them are proof of anything.

6073ff No.10927411


> the RH- blood type factor unique to them

Try harder.


>Interbreeding is possible between different species, even different genus and family in some cases.

It has to produce viable offspring under natural conditions. Geographically distinct species are a different matter. Unfortunately, we are not geographically distinct from jews.


> "human" or not, is a difficult question which I can't answer.

It's not that difficult. Jews are technically human in the same way that those purse puppy chihuahuas are technically dogs.

a85690 No.10927421


It's certainly pretty lulzy. Here are some of his claims:

> Histories of Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt were crafted during the Renaissance by humanists and clergy - mostly on the basis of documents of their own making.

> The Old Testament represents a rendition of events of the 14th to 16th centuries AD, in Europe and Byzantium, containing "prophecies" about "future" events related in the New Testament, a rendition of events of AD 1152 to 1185.

> The Almagest of Claudius Ptolemy, traditionally dated to around AD 150, and considered the cornerstone of classical astronomy, was compiled in 16th and 17th centuries from astronomical data of the 9th to 16th centuries.

> Ancient Roman and Greek statues, showing perfect command of the human anatomy, are fakes crafted in the Renaissance, when artists attained such command for the first time.

8de55a No.10927882


would love to know too, a lot of conflicting information which has me lost

9f48a3 No.10927889


Miguel Serrano is your best bet.

9f48a3 No.10927902


No sources at all. And America is way bigger than any of the other countries that have been named.

e89271 No.10928010


As much overlap as I've heard from him, I think he's a channer. He made reference to several things that came out on the chans first, granted he waited a day or two before talking about it, but that was probably to run it through his own fact-checkers and liability lawyers first.

e89271 No.10928022


I think he mistyped. I think been was supposed to be seen. I could be wrong, but that's the way I read it the first time.

bba9f0 No.10928063

Here's a question. So you see betas exhibit two completely different behaviours towards chads. You've got the fuckingwhitemale.png types who have nothing but anger and resentment to them and are overall an either impotent or destructive force but never really something positive. Then you've got the 'other' type that instead gravitates towards and rallies around chads. I'd argue the latter type is much healthier, but the question remains, what dynamic or mental process differentiates between the two? How do you make someone be the latter type?

73529c No.10928565


Adolph Hitler was an Austrian born and raised man, and yet he grew to be one of the most staunch German nationalists of all time.

Does that mean you can be a nationalist for a nation in which you were not born, so long as your blood is the same as them?

Like, both of my biological great grandparents were English from my father's side and Scottish from my mother's side. Would it be possible for me to be a British Nationalist even though I was born in the United States?

7e3016 No.10929088

File: 3af01e5ed1e0101⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 269x353, 269:353, 3af01e5ed1e010184639b29717….jpg)

I've had something that's been bugging me for awhile. What is pol's consensus on no-fap? Not just looking at pornography but just fapping in general? Also opinion of fleshlights over using hand in terms of degeneracy?

5df820 No.10929207


Nofap will give you prostate cancer and make it harder to focus. Fap moderately and without porn.

3f516c No.10929396


I was going to say that this is nonsense because it must be easy to disprove, but then I realized that it's a struggle to for most to see the falsity of certain 1940s hoax. I'll give it a read someday.

8ae311 No.10929414


>Nofap will give you prostate cancer and make it harder to focus.


8ae311 No.10929419

File: 477a48e0f53b052⋯.png (153.42 KB, 356x462, 178:231, tuck.png)


> Also opinion of fleshlights over using hand in terms of degeneracy?

fc341b No.10929456

There was shit about a supplement regimen for mental health that I was interested in but I forgot what it said and kike mods deleted the testosterone thread.

What was it?

41ba17 No.10929480

File: 120640cae89ff7c⋯.png (346.77 KB, 1204x606, 602:303, 120640cae89ff7ca9eef3da915….png)


If you are interested check:


And see for yourself. I've lurked there for two days now and I am yet to decide. I'll try for 1-2 weeks and if I feel serious withrawal or changes then I will take it seriously. I really want to bump my testosterone production and nofap can make it grow and peak cyclically.


41ba17 No.10929488


It has been debated for a long time. Prostate cancer is a big meme that is always brought up but consider that there are many people who do total celibate and dont grow cancer after a year.


41ba17 No.10929542

Sorry anons for being an ass and posting 3 times in a row.



(This is a followup, I forgot this important stuff)

>If you dont masturbate you get cancer

I think this is some meme a jew would come up with. I've known about this but it doesnt make sense if its not the case with so many people who religiously dont wank.

This is a perfect meme so you feel less bad about wanking for hours to jewish owned pornography. "Goy its for your health"

What doctors see is

1. seriously addict people who stop wanking because it gets unconfortable (prostatitis) then carcinogens build up because soyboy estrogen plastic diet and gets cancerous.

Stay the fuck away from estrogen filled trash. All the toxic plastics and cleaning products, foods are full of those chemicals and it fucks your hormones.

Get >>>/fit/

7e3016 No.10929595






Thanks you all how replied. As for the fleshlight issue, the only reason I brought it up is because no one mentions it. A friend claims it helps regain sensitivity after years of fapping. Just general curiosity, no intention of using one myself especially if i do nofap.

8fd346 No.10930522

File: 8fa959556321d23⋯.jpg (169.05 KB, 1200x821, 1200:821, Tanya's Parade.jpg)

Are there any lesser known or uncommon nicknames used for Hitler?

The kind most people wouldn't be aware of.

275fe6 No.10930531


as per David Irving, the people closest to him called him "Chief"

f30baf No.10930563


Wagner's grandsons called him "Uncle Wolf".

605b3c No.10932084

Does anyone have the pic with the defenition of the Chinese word for soyboy/western leftist?

9f48a3 No.10932138


>being this much of a dumb goy

Good job.

2f32b0 No.10932387

File: fa1f03e2eb18c55⋯.jpg (408.75 KB, 1024x1023, 1024:1023, fa1f03e2eb18c55cd6200387e5….jpg)

I am from Eastern Europe and I want to study molecular biology in a Western European country, where the city is not totally diversified. I am 24 currently and I have some background in programing, do you have any advice?

we have to beat the chinks and kikes, making our ubermench before them

5df820 No.10933083


Sexual release is a natural part of being a man. You don't become an ubermensch by refusing to cum. You'll eventually cum in your sleep or through sex. Does everyone suddenly become a bitch once they have sex or have a wet dream?

f5e2fc No.10933142


most western universities are pretty 'tolerant', so i wouldn't really get your hopes up.

i can only tell you my own experience as microbiologist, on the radboud institute in nijmegen, netherlands. sometimes i'll see a pink haired dipshit walking around, but our campus is pretty much segregated between STEM and (((other))), so you usually won't be seeing much diversity. they do like to rag on trump in completely unrelated courses such as genetics, organic chemistry and nanotech for some weird fucking reason, though.

858b17 No.10933553

I've just heard a podcast lately on Norse mythology, dealing with a story about Heimdallr. In the story he created the slaves, middle class and nobles. Since disney blackfaced him in the Thor movies, should we point out to the outrage niggers that disney considers niggers to be responsible for their own slavery? After all, it was Heimdallr that created slaves to begin with.

74e286 No.10933566

am I still banned?

ca9f96 No.10933586

I'm skinny fat but never changed how much I eat and I still weigh the same but if I keep it up I will able to see my own abs and quad muscles in a few months, should I start eating more or continue losing fat?

c12a0e No.10933621

Is this the most cancerous thing you've ever seen or what?



74e286 No.10933628

File: 4aeab09a38ec4da⋯.png (725.38 KB, 794x791, 794:791, ClipboardImage.png)



Just fucking do it, fam. Ignore the poz and become the gene stealer you've always dreamed of being.

a6449d No.10934488

This might be an odd one, but have there been any right-wing mass shootings in the United States in the past 20 years or even further back? I've been having a ton of fun fucking with liberal relatives (and this Thanksgiving should be a bloodbath) by convincing them we don't need to ban guns, just liberals, because 99% of all mass shootings are performed by them. I always tell them to give me just 5 right-wing mass shootings and even give them Dylan Roof for free. Then I proceed to list Paddock even if it was really mossad, Omar Mateen, the Fort Hood shooter, the DOOM/tactical watermelon reporter, and even the planned parenthood shooter from 2015 who was a tranny. But for the life of me I can't think of a single other right-wing mass shooter. The closest could be the heroes from Bundy Ranch but I don't think those guys ever fired a single shot. I'll fucking die if one of my liberal relatives proudly boasts about naming TWO right-wing shooters when I'm tossing out binders full of lunatic liberal shooters in just the past 5 years.

b07cb0 No.10934876


Is there any way to explain to a hardcore liberal that the Russian hacking was made up? Or is there no hope?

4d8e43 No.10935367


Pls respond.

6073ff No.10935566


>What are the side-effects of men being with thots and prostitutes before marrying a conservative virgin girl?

The same side effects of every other marriage: they get cucked.

377e99 No.10935581

Where can I find more information or reading related to the following of white Gods?(Odin, Thor, etc) I feel a strong pull to that shit, but I know Odinism has been cucked from outsiders.

18efda No.10935585

63d45b No.10935604


The only primary sources we have from those people is the Icelandic Sagas (and a few Rune carvings). Reading those tales and serious scholarly works will provide you the best information.


51fda8 No.10935619

This might be a bit of a polarizing question, but I was talking with a friend of mine and the topic of a "leader" or figurehead for the American far-right came up. Neither of us could really come up with any one person. After Rockwell and then Pierce there seems to be a void.

Is there any one public figure today with the charisma of Rockwell or the ability to articulate like Pierce that is actually naming the Jew and not beating around the bush with (((civic nationalism)))?

18efda No.10935623


Provide as much information as you possibly can about the subject you intend to discuss. This includes archived links, infographs and webm/mp4 content. This encourages intellectual discussion and is essential for cultivating a healthy atmosphere that will improve the quality of the thread, it also helps by keeping the newfags and retards away (usually). Self improvement threads, /x/ tier threads, generals, BLACKED threads (you should know this) low-energy threads and are considered uncouth and can be terminated or anchored.

6073ff No.10935796


Why does the right need a leader?

A figurehead gives the left someone to strawman. Without a leader to attack they have to attack our ideas. And they can't attack our ideas.

3543d7 No.10936194

File: ab9fa5ac4197ae0⋯.jpg (302.82 KB, 500x750, 2:3, for liberty.jpg)


Does no one even remember it?

53ad52 No.10936225

File: 0353a73c73cbbd0⋯.jpg (16.6 KB, 234x222, 39:37, eff46673f716424d1e2322c0e4….jpg)


oh baby.

how much of a cut does bandcamp take?

467d9c No.10936282


I have noticed it, and I regret not writing it down. Because this year there have been like 20+ times shit like that has happened and blown my mind.

1a6468 No.10936375

Can someone here give me his opinion on Reform Jews? From what I have read so far they sound like our biggest possible allies in our fight against the mainstream Jews.

bcefec No.10936428

I remember seeing an article about the JIDF using sexy army or ex army Jewish women as a D&C tool. Does anyone have that link lying around?

5c0ea6 No.10936448


Leftist parasites. There are no good jews. No one should ever ally with jews as they will betray you every time.

69d23e No.10936579

File: f974182f1484f35⋯.png (188.97 KB, 500x281, 500:281, aaaaaah.png)


Can any anon confirm if this horrible stuff that I found is real or fake?

>"An israelite woman should not act as midwife to a heathen woman, because she would be delivering a child for idolatry. A heathen woman, however, may act as midwife to an israelite woman. An israelite woman should not suckle the child of a heathen, but a heathen woman may suckle the child of an israelite woman in her premises."

f60512 No.10936594


It's real. Halakhah.com is run by a rabbi, it's an online version of the Soncino Edition of the Talmud.

e75946 No.10936599

What would be a good family red pill to drop this thanksgiving ?

69d23e No.10936636

File: b1df17c19fa09ab⋯.jpg (97.4 KB, 512x2048, 1:4, Jesus bravo.jpg)



I am quite impressed in how my good will has persevered so much in face of the truth of the JQ.

048796 No.10936650


The "alt-right" boogeyman they hear about in the news are fake-facists who are actually being organized by a Russian National Bolshevik, Aleksandr Dugin.

51fda8 No.10936966

File: dd91a736910d6e1⋯.jpg (181.31 KB, 500x671, 500:671, 1377995693387.jpg)


Being a leaderless, formless body is only advantageous as an anonymous online collective. In meatspace armies need commanders, and the advantages of being able to follow one man as the physical embodiment of a movement far outweighs the disadvantages of our enemies not arguing in good faith, especially when the time for arguments draws to a close.

bc3505 No.10938981


you're incorrect though

in "meatspace" (fyi all of us are people there is no magical online collective) being leaderless leaves you 100% immune to assasination

a67c52 No.10939294

I've finally got around to watching The Greatest Story Never Told. Fuck my feels didn't need that much feeling right now. But it's the most inspirational as well as the saddest documentary I've ever seen. The phoenix will rise again, as long as the soul of a white man still yearns for truth and freedom. Yes I've lurked over 2 years, just never had the time to watch without distraction until today. /leftypol/ confirmed for real enemy as always

a67c52 No.10939304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lost my embed when I capcha'd. sage for double post

620b49 No.10940436

What’s some ideology essential to learning the ideals of Identarianism? I know there’s “Rebellion against the generation of ‘68” or something similar, and the works of Guillaume Faye, but what else? A book on what the defend Europe guys typically believe would be good.

e3c5f5 No.10940667

Have we found out what was in those sealed indictments yet?

bed027 No.10944344


How the fuck is singapore going pozz, I thought they don't accept leftist crap and laugh at it

12ee04 No.10944381

How much, as a whole, do you see the threat of

the re-emergance of centrism in the public eye?

02ab1c No.10944441


It'll be yet another excellent redpilling opportunity, just like every single other time a bunch of kikes have told people they're Nazis for having some opinion or another.

3054aa No.10944622

I know the role of jewish power, but i'm unclear as how it connects to the other factions of international power. It is clearly, "not just the jews", because other forces exist, for example the various european aristocracies, nobilities etc, that comprise the NWO. I assume within the NWO, jews / zionists are simply one very powerful faction, and the other forces tend to cooperate together for their mutual benefit, which is many times a zionist agenda. The NWO is an amalgamation of various elites, not simply jews. Why is there such a focus on jews, and not the other factions of the NWO, eg, House of Orange, Black Nobilities, etc. There is clearly an occult connection between all of the groups. My guess is that even the jewish groups, at their core, have a secretive satanic religion, that is essentially the core religion of all the NWO elites.

d53085 No.10944633


>pale blue-eyed jesus

Hah, no.

fc341b No.10944643

File: 3cabeca0e53eac8⋯.jpg (27.25 KB, 1382x117, 1382:117, submission_not_found.JPG)

what are the jews at wikipedia up to?

4ce64c No.10945149


Don't waste your time with kosher conspiracy conmen like Fritz Springmeier, the porno-store-robber. It's the jews, it's always been the jews, and until we change things, it will always be the jews.

7a781f No.10945814


>fantasy character ain't looking right

Hah, no.

7a781f No.10945817

Do all niggers believe in We Wuz, or only the africacentrist autists?

c8182e No.10946279

File: 7ce5aa68a46e918⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, IMG_20171123_0843257_rewin….jpg)

Anyone recognize the subject of this sculpture? It doesn't look like any of the big 3 philosophers and nobody alive in my family knows who it depicts.

c12a0e No.10946769

File: d5d2f5ace5cf5bf⋯.jpeg (99.82 KB, 831x1100, 831:1100, serveimage-10.jpeg)

c12a0e No.10946808


Remember when he was the "real President"?

Ha ha ha. Good times.

e41492 No.10946817


It's Michelangelo's Moses >>10946769 but with the horns removed.

3eca32 No.10946862

Why don't the leftyfags realize that the true enemy is the zionists? Their ultimate class enemy is the same enemy we're fighting, why do they refuse reality?

e5d289 No.10946866


>why don’t people paid by jews to push jewish ideas recognize that jews are bad

We need a thread for questions that deserve an instant permanent ban, because you have to have a minimum level of intelligence and ability to think critically to post here.

c12a0e No.10946882

File: 10aacc2c535243e⋯.png (230.84 KB, 439x444, 439:444, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at ….png)


Individually the frames are blurry but you might find software which can convert them into a single sharper image. Or you could message him and ask about the piece. See how honest his answer sounds.

3eca32 No.10946929



Thanks for not being a massive faggot on a megakike level about the question. Oh wait… There have to be some leftyscum that want to take down the redshields.

c6d7d1 No.10946939


>The "alt-right" boogeyman they hear about in the news are fake-facists who are actually being organized by a Russian National Bolshevik, Aleksandr Dugin.


000000 No.10947762





275fe6 No.10947812

0db765 No.10947828

File: dc6b721d2ac46bd⋯.jpg (314.44 KB, 540x792, 15:22, The Myth of German Villain….jpg)



Some reading

The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry (2012)


9854a4 No.10948097

serious question is there any truth to the "Hitler was a speedfreak" narrative true or to what extent is it propaganda a la 1 testicle etc

a734b6 No.10949137


Back then it was very normal to buy cocaine in a pharmacy, amphetamines where very unregulated back then also since they where new.

Ask your grandmother about black betty pills, every housewife in america took those things.

f38239 No.10950865

What is a good source that documents the lack of freedom of speech in Germany?

I'm talking about websites or even just an info dump.

I'm trying to put together a bunch of memes that document the lack of freedom in Germany and indeed in all European nations.

e92480 No.10951190

File: 34a0fab900e1137⋯.webm (6.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, tapwater.webm)

Does anybody have some scientific journals regarding Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)? I took what I learned from it in my Psychology class with a grain of salt since I know it's a controversial issue. Even a method of locating scientific journals would assist me greatly.

Thank you.

a36321 No.10951579

File: 79bc991b412b7a5⋯.png (9.84 KB, 605x605, 1:1, Polandball.PNG)

This is a question for you Polish lurkers.

I'm an American (of Polish decent) and I'm currently planning a trip to Poland with my family next summer. Given how uncucked Poland is, I want to give my kids the opportunity to be aware of their heritage.

What attractions do you think I should have them see? I'd prefer something with history or culture, like a Museum. And most importantly, how do I avoid pissing off the locals with our disgusting Americlap habits?

235d0f No.10952690


Indian here, all the fucking time at burgerland university.

If you actually look at the data on dating apps, black men are the least desired, even by black women.

fcb3ac No.10952945




Fuck off.

fd775c No.10953048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Depending on what part of the country you want to visit, at least one of these 3 cities is a must: Gdansk(North), Warsaw(Middle) and Krakow(South). Poland isn't a huge tourist destination, so I don't think there is a lot of overhyped garbage the guides will try to sell you. As far as jarring American habits go: indoors no hats on for men, definitely no hats while eating, unless you are a jew (this sentiment might literally get expressed to you by someone, if you do that).

Youtube video related.

5fbe3d No.10953217



c6d7d1 No.10953487

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I have an autistic question to ask.

I'm a poorfag who doesn't have a car and has been listening to Eurobeat for about an hour and now wonder if any of you anons with a nice car actually listen to Eurobeat while driving on the Highway or Autobahn?

f10825 No.10954111

/leftypol/ fags were talking about this and I was wondering if I could get a breakdown of the false points being made furfaggotry aside


cdc2a0 No.10954381

Are David Irving's books still for sale directly from him? I've been looking for a copy of the 2002 edition of Hitler's War, but all I can find are $150+ used copies off of Amazon. Both of the links on Irving's website are 404 or 15 years out of date.



I recognize that the pdf is available online but a hard copy would be much appreciated.

893791 No.10954398


Often I do, though I find it only tolerable when the road is open and I can speed

38db0b No.10954695


Primitive technology is great. His videos are perfect without any narration or music. Relaxing.

237281 No.10954871

File: d788ea7b13fb265⋯.png (139.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Protocole-des-Sages-de-Sio….png)

Has anybody tried showing the CBTS boomers on cuckchan The Protocols? If they eat up that retarded LARP, an authentic "globalist" plan that still rings true a century after its publication should blow their minds.

126e17 No.10955360

Anyone have that "it's all so tiring" Chinese guy video/picture? My flash drive crapped itself, and I lost a lot of stuff.

f55f66 No.10955506

File: 64a49028b183471⋯.jpg (59.5 KB, 736x485, 736:485, Portuguese Troops in the A….jpg)

Are there any good documentaries on Mussolini and Antonio Salazar.

2dce69 No.10958703


It's probably not worth starting a thread on this so I'll ask this here.

Has everyone else noticed that colored women, and especially brown and black women, really, really hate white women? Like, more than we hate the talking monkeys? They know that men are very visual and that men prefer women with fair skin and that there is a pretty girl pecking order that goes white > oriental > brown > nigger. They deeply resent our women because they know that White women will always outrank them and will always be more attractive to all the races then they will ever be. Deep down, they know that their men are settling. That by marrying coloured women they are settling for ugly freaks who do not measure up to objective standards of beauty.

I raise this issue because I have noticed that the vitriol towards white people that comes out of the migrant community is directed disproportionaly towards White men. Let me explain why I think this is. Here is my hypothesis:

Please reply and offer critism.

Nigger men don't think the same way as nigger women. Nigger men hate white men and white women equally.

But the nigger women are different. Not only are they possessed by the same hatreds towards whites as their men, they possess a doubled hated towards White women because of their female vanity. Vanity, thy name is Woman. They know that White women are much higher in the pretty girl pecking order than they will ever be and they deeply resent this fact. As a result, the hatred of Negresses towards White women is doubly strong as the hatred of nigger men towards white men. Nigger women know, deep down, that they are not equal to the White woman and that they never will be.

The vanity of these monkey women mean that the nigger community's resentment and jealousy towards White men is much greater than the resentment they feel towards White women. They hate White men more that they hate White women because of their jealousy and resentment.

This tips the scales significantly.

tl;dr The reason why "Female" is a progressive victim category but "Male" is not is because of coloured women; because of their hatred towards White men; and because of their jealousy and hatred of White women.

bed027 No.10958752


you really hit the Spot anon, Hatred to your Men or Women(European of Descent) is because of Envy. Envy Because of your peoples achievements, Envy that your people are the strongest, The Most Intelligent, The Most Creative and So on. You can never please these cunts because in the end to state their envy is destroy your people. Always remind yourself that you must always point and laugh at these cunts who think they're better than you and next time make the Holocaust into Reality

I would gladly help you guys, in exterminating leftist groups then fuck off to my country of origin and make it great. Most of the (leftist)fuckwits would just leave than fixing the nation or infect us with shitty Marxist Bullshit


2874de No.10958781

Why is Ironmarch down?

b74657 No.10959392

I know white is just a blanket term to sue for a wide number of different ethnicities

How many are these and what are they called?

95a624 No.10959528

File: 39bbda37e574478⋯.jpg (8.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, boredom.jpg)

What do if 30 y.o. in dead end no-career mode ?

It's at the point I'm just thinking of an hero.

I was doing so well for a while, I thought my degree was going to be useful, I thought my field would be great to work in. Dead end, can't find work in field, working shitty jobs. Work a second job. I've drifted apart from all my friends, they all have good lives. It's such bullshit, I worked harder than them, I achieved more early on in life than them. Now I'm just stuck in a rut. Wish there was like a foreign legion I could join that wasn't full of gay pakis.

I hate my life, I hate the suffocating boredom of it. I want to fucking DO something, even if it kills me. To be honest, at this point, especially if it kills me.

e6f028 No.10959572

File: 3807a6a8aef6779⋯.jpg (55.85 KB, 500x558, 250:279, 3212313231200.jpg)


seem like you are in the same point off life as me in some years.

my choice was to start to think and investing in a life away from the laws, or save up and go start again on South Africa where shit goes down all the time

e6f028 No.10959586


should have linked the video. I want to downvote it too

c2f676 No.10959609

File: ca5c14a56256afd⋯.jpg (71.02 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, giraffe with hair on neck ….jpg)


I've always preferred to think of them as descendants of slaves. thats the honest name of the special class they (I'd argue) deserve

are descendants of egyptians, the muslims or those of the levant, are they african american? no

are white south afrikaners themselves african-american? that question could get you hit by a lot of people.

descendants of slaves is who they are, and that sucks for them. if they think they deserve a leg up from the government, well how long can that go on? until they're "civilized"? until they meet (and retain?) some minimum qualifications?

If descendants of slaves want extra consideration, do we expect extra contribution? do they want less expected of their oppressed group? do we expect less? there are so many questions

6073ff No.10959610


>In meatspace armies need commanders,


Wrong paradigm for victory.

Think cells, not armies.


>being leaderless leaves you 100% immune to assasination

And lets you be the assassins.

A rifle behind every tree.

ed4852 No.10959628

File: fd5daaba21e5e60⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 374x767, 374:767, get-the-fertilizer.jpg)

794b18 No.10959826

Does anyone have that image of the evolutionary tree of European races that shows that they evolved from different types of apes and monkeys?

ba943d No.10959957


(((Intel)))'s HQ in Beaverton has alphabetniggers permanently stationed there.


I did 9 years in the burgerCorps, AMA lad. Also re anxiety/depression in your 1st question, fix your diet and join a martial arts school. Your gut biom plays a big role in emotions, mood, and immune health.

ba943d No.10960275

File: e3ab3c4a36046af⋯.jpeg (973.94 KB, 3800x1904, 475:238, image.jpeg)


>If race is skin deep why is there an organ donor waiting list?


Your great granddaddy fucked dudes and kids for loosh


There were, but now trump is the lightning rod distracting all the tards which is his main purpose.


Pic related

53ad52 No.10960277

File: 490e7f44282d65c⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x1300, 12:13, serval.jpg)


not lately, but i have. I've been blasting this guys stuff the last couple days in my shitbox. >>10896402

985b0e No.10960489

Why are Atomwaffen Division members such contrarian stick in the ass edgelords, does it develop as part of the internet club hugbox mentality that comes with being part of an exclusive book club Iron March circlejerk?

760aab No.10960972

File: b6f043f3fa42981⋯.png (8.65 KB, 1200x804, 100:67, 1200px-Green_flag_with_sym….png)

File: b296ac0346458dc⋯.png (251.75 KB, 1650x750, 11:5, transparent_kolory.png)

to my polish bros:

since there is so little information on the internet in english, i have a couple of questions about these two movements: ONR and also Falanga.

what is the difference between ONR and Falanga? what would you consider the better organisation for poland?

does the falanga movement actually have anything in common with the spanish falangist movement or is it just the name?

is ONR considering themselves fascists?

are they both addressing the jewish question?

what are their opinions on the intermarium?

what are their opinions on ukraine ?

what are their opinions on russia?

are any duginist shills among them?

and my last question. is there any other movement worth mentioning in poland?

from what i have seen ONR seems to be pretty popular.

644761 No.10961056


Some like it in the ass and not looking, the others preffer oral which is more personal.

8918e0 No.10961562

Where should I start looking for scientific papers on waterborne contaminants? Estrogen, prescriptions, and so forth.

Going in otherwise blind, I trust my peers a lot more than I trust the University's search algorithms.

f94b9d No.10963183

File: 40e71cc17e49b94⋯.gif (13.43 KB, 232x203, 8:7, serveimage.gif)

can someone please spoon feed a kike free newfag on sage?

3d0124 No.10963328

Is 23andMe alright or should I be taking some other test? I remember hearing something about the chance that your results are tampered or testing methods are shaky or something but I don't remember any specifics.

998a57 No.10963921

whats up with all the non whites on this board? what motivates them to keep lurking here even when they keep being told that theyre inferior in every single aspect to a white person?

ac4064 No.10964715

I got annoyed enough about fading store receipts that i actually did a random search for any conspiracy theories (like kikes purposefully getting rid of paper trails that don't benefit them). Instead i found something else and also have to ask is this shit a part of intentional conspiracy to chemically neuter the populace? Who the hell would expect a piece of paper printed out at the store to alter their hormones, estrogen?



000000 No.10964723


Check the catalog. They'll at minimum keep it on file and give it to the government to cross reference with (((suspects))) in cases.


Depends who you mean. If you mean /leftypol/ etc., it's obviously to bait & have fun doing that. If you mean people who try to follow the ideology here, it's because they consider helping this movement to be for the best.

e6f028 No.10964780

File: 4231bf1ad1987ef⋯.jpg (175.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0001.jpg)


it doesn't bump the thread.

sage bombing is when all or most the repliers are saging, is a way to show the thread is really iffy and probably very shilly

polite sage is when the sage user is not bumping the thread because his post is touching another topic unrelated to the OP, as to not bump the thread with slide talk

some purists believe all sages are polite sages and will claim that "sage is not downvote".

I guess "lurking" was too hard for a milenial with a short attention spam, fresh of the leddit nigger boat huh?

eef9c6 No.10965272

958b07 No.10965478

File: 9ec4cbc8b9c1085⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 1027x576, 1027:576, lloyd.jpg)

I'm new here, what should I know?

e6f028 No.10965757

File: 352979169c8844e⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, librarium65542.jpg)

File: 2a37da57d5d87bc⋯.png (578.34 KB, 1360x1136, 85:71, 1383752492550.png)


all of this.

>being a newnigger

at least you are humble.

if I see you again I will pull the trigger

e5b77b No.10965886

Does anyone know what programs will be useful for creating propaganda posters and other OC?

2874de No.10966363

Is there a website that have stories from the us soldiers about the iraqi/afghan war?

d00b49 No.10966391


I'm sure there are, are you just wanting soldier accounts? If so, you'd get more out of it if you found the books that veterans wrote about their experiences.

395f67 No.10966881


Our dishwasher is a dangerous ms-13 gang member. How do we get rid of him without retaliation from him or the gang he's involved with?

69572a No.10966915

File: 1a1415b91e1b9d4⋯.jpg (44.72 KB, 596x311, 596:311, loomernudes.jpg)

this may actually be worthy of its own thread but perhaps not. Laura Loomer's nudes does anyone here have them?

69572a No.10966927




last gen pirated photoshop


lurk /k/ for a while


gather a bit of evidence and call ICE

74199d No.10966932

File: 6b1aed918500241⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 480x320, 3:2, shingo crashing.gif)


I know if I were to do that, I'd crash my fuckin' car, probably by snap-oversteer.

74199d No.10966940


Any IRL bullshit is always going to be a honeypot with alphabet agents mixed in, without exception. Remember, the lack of centralization is what makes this board so powerful--harder to make controlled opposition with no (((leaders))) and all.

74199d No.10966949

File: 4f88a96f3e05f53⋯.jpg (30.93 KB, 500x357, 500:357, lain glare 3.jpg)


Spoonfeeding degrades board culture you doublenigger. There's a reason we tell newfags to lurk moar.

000000 No.10966962


True, but I'd say without centralization, one cannot have any true "overthrowing" of power. The most you can do is bet your hopes (e.g. Trump) on someone who seems aligned with your views. Since there is no centralized party, you can't just work on getting someone of your group elected who you have certainty will push forward your views.

c12a0e No.10967614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c12a0e No.10967627

File: 518d0860c28be29⋯.png (780.17 KB, 748x637, 748:637, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at ….png)

31f6f6 No.10967669

File: e4c8ae5bcbf2606⋯.png (619.37 KB, 878x775, 878:775, kike-on-holohoax.png)

Question:Is pic related a legit kike?

ceef7f No.10967815


There's no overthrowing of anything until we have built structure that's at least 10x better at the basic state functions than (((theirs))) are. Mandate of heaven - power flows only to the worthy.

On a personal level, become someone the next Hitler can rely on.

b0bc8f No.10968065

I have a question regarding the term "soyboy": am I the only one that finds that to be lazy and beneath us? It's reddit-tier and I think we should work on something more clever. I mean, I heard Sargon use it the other day.

If I'm the only one, then fine, I'll shut up, but if I'm not, we should get on this.

31f6f6 No.10968129


You do what you want and others will do what they want. That's how imageboards work. If you crave recognition (to your point of view) from anons, whining about your feelings is not gonna work. Provide some solid data and/or logic instead. Stop saying what "us" and "we" should do based on your feelings. That's how shills behave.

I'm not using the label yet because I haven't done enough research to be sure.

d0a8bc No.10968331

Why does the military veterans and Christian preppers flock to Ozarks?

5c4a5d No.10968558

File: 27748fe5f9d775a⋯.png (36.1 KB, 634x589, 634:589, kek.png)


e6f028 No.10968769


I saw many oldfags being retarded, there is a point where we need to insert some board culture or the new batchs are always gonna be inferior as we get overun.

like if I challenge 50% of the oldfags to record themselves saying sage with the right pronunciation even tho you are an oldfag you would get it wrong I bet.

e6f028 No.10968787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



the days have no beginning or end

e6f028 No.10968792


can someone make an webm from seccond 27 and forward?

e6f028 No.10968800



if it is too long and loses quality maybe start from second 58?

if is still not enough it can be at 1:45 onwards

31f6f6 No.10969233


>a statement that has angered Jewish groups


991413 No.10969906

Anyone have the 'stages of redpill' graphic?

The one that goes Liberal-Conservative-Libertarian-Fascist-Traditionalist-Hippity Hoppe-ty-NatSoc?

21ee2c No.10970155

File: 53d07d57d7b07da⋯.png (331.21 KB, 743x853, 743:853, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone heard any updates of the charlottesville driver?

baacaa No.10970162


Nothing. Just like the Vegas shooter.

e6f028 No.10970549


a stab on the neck is not that deadly if the artery gets nicked I guess

2635d6 No.10971360

Does anyone have any redpilled literature or documentaries on the south? I would like to learn more about southern culture without ((their)) influence.

0691fb No.10971514

My request is for a reaction image.

It's a particular one where a feminist is wearing an anon mask and says "Yes, you men are responsible for all of women's problems" and then the person makes some feminist talking points. There's another person receiving this lecture and they're very skeptical about the person making the argument.

c12a0e No.10971550

File: da33e59d3e76fb6⋯.png (652.33 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at ….png)

330b4c No.10971678

How do you pronounce "pozzed" irl? Is it pawz-duh or poez-duh?

ce031a No.10971704

File: 46ab02588a7b10a⋯.png (99.24 KB, 472x312, 59:39, Consider_The_Following.png)

You know /pol/ there's a reason why I never go to read JewTube comments because it always reeks of bluepill. Even on JewTube channels like RT and Ruptly TV "Muh Drumpf!" libtards and dimwitted normalfags are fucking everywhere. Other faggot commenters who spout out /pol/ memes are all Alt-Kike supporters especially the ones on Red Ice TV. Other commenters on channels like le rational Skeptic Community and quasi-redpilled Alt-Kike channels like Alternative Hypothesis are also blatant faggots pretending to be smart and enlightened. Anti-Zionist channels are all cocksuckers for Christcuckery and Pisslam uniting together to fight against another desert religion which is Judaism, and they don't even care about basic redpills about race and IQ. It really doesn't feel like JewTube is good for anything political honestly. It really doesn't feel like actual /pol/-related things would ever be allowed on JewTube at all. Why is this happening /pol/? Also I guess Varg is alright.

d965df No.10971810


You wouldn't have happened to try to set all incoming words to uppercase or lowercase, would you? You wouldn't need to check for all different cases.

Why is it that whenever someone says 'le drumpf has done nothing in office' in conversation, do I not feel compelled to correct them? Is it better or worse to leave the naive to their fate about it?

16165e No.10971819



that get was deleted?

d965df No.10971825


Its more like paused in an American english dialect. Or Paz-ed, with a long 'a'.

e3f10f No.10972779

Is there debunking to the supposed "experiments" in the Reich?

6adddf No.10973856

File: d04806a52babbdc⋯.jpeg (24.9 KB, 300x300, 1:1, FromPigToMan.jpeg)

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” - Animal Farm

When I read this decades ago in school, it was well understood to be an allegory of the Russian revolution. Having recently awoken to the JQ, I'm wondering if I see new meaning.

I had always understood the implications of the final scene to be that the pigs that led the revolution were dishonest and/or corrupted by power to the point where they were no different to the previous capitalist overlords. Knowing what I know now, I wonder if Orwell meant more directly to make the point that they were actually the same people, ie Jews.

Any thoughts on this, and anyone know any other Orwell works that may have similar implications?

8bb568 No.10974379


Orwell was a socialist, yes? But not communist?

Interesting observation though. I only read this recently for the first time.

It's possible he meant to point toward Jews, but I wouldn't assume 100%. The pig-man comparison reminds me more of the porky /leftypol/ meme.


Like those done by Mengele? Do we even know for sure? I thought this diary had been bought by some Jew and they won't let anybody read it.

7c3f7d No.10974417

Is it considered cultural appropriation to rape white women and dance like a monkey?

e6f028 No.10974691

File: 7c96d5edab4920e⋯.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3024x3024, 1:1, the plot thickens b202f6f….jpeg)



yeah varg is alright some times. he tries to be the infallible one and only that knows everything and is always right about all issues, and that gets on my nerve sometimes but he is alright. like how he keeps pushing on the anti-redpill and attacking white nationalists while not bothering with leftists, he could cut some of that "internal affairs" badge of his, same could go to pol I guess, the infighting is becoming a cancer.


6b2c62 No.10975559

Can someone Tl;dr Elsagate, please?

34dcbc No.10976256


Can someone answer this question? Cause I want to know as well.

34dcbc No.10976263


I mean I still want to know, sorry I'm pretty damn tired.

5f6115 No.10976475

Does anyone have that cap of the guy from /lit/ blowing the fuck out of the sandnigger who tried to defend the Quran?

3fc8ee No.10976477

File: 1c1cdb97c8b7ce7⋯.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3024x3024, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: ccfc757c0d7d6da⋯.jpeg (1.59 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image.jpeg)




I had seen here that he was a Kike actor payed to play a boogie man but I never saw a good sauce. Either way, the fact that every holohoax survivor regardless of which camp, was personally examined by Mengele should be telling.


>Orwell on the JQ

His diary was just published, he wasn't 1488 but definitely prejudiced. This kvetching from haaratz is pretty funny.


>Other contemporaries record Orwell, at late stages of his life, remarking to them about the preponderance of Jews working for the Observer newspaper for which he wrote, and indeed in his diaries he refers to the control of Jews over vast swathes of the media.

>the first thing he notices upon returning to London is in a coffee shop where, “in a corner by himself a Jew, muzzle down in the plate, was guiltily wolfing bacon.”


It refers to a whole genera on YouTube promoting pedophilea, fecalphilea, and rape of Aryan women(Elsa) by various characters like Spider-Man, hulk, and the Joker. Some were CGI, some were live action. The only people that didn't complain were the copyright holders to the characters and YouTube; probably a (((coincidence))).


>irl shitposting

000000 No.10977644

Please give me tips on recognizing women from (((the tribe))). For some reason I seem to be encountering them a lot lately and would like to observe in advance and avoid dating (((them))).

If I believed those targeted individual conspiracy theories are true I would think this is more than my confirmation bias, but I'm just an anon sometimes visiting Kurdish dress sewing forum.

34dcbc No.10977659


Other than typically Jewish traits like hooknoses beady eyes and dark black (often curly) hair you can look out for jewesses by their extremely loud and obnoxious behavior, typically where they brag about degeneracy they've done, ("oh my God I got banged by like 5 guys last night", "I was so hammered lmao.", "I think I caught the clap from chad lmao"). They also tend to have more masculine traits then most women like strength, typically more body hair and like I said before confidence.

7025bf No.10978114



He should have poisoned the knife. Go all out if you're pulling shit like this.

5c4a5d No.10978372

File: 862ffa5c15f6ce3⋯.png (457.69 KB, 636x509, 636:509, sensible kek.png)

Shelia Jackson Lee looked disgusting– bloodstain protruding– from her big nose in MSNBC interview. Very very disrespectful.


065ece No.10979589

File: 30e763b86b23834⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 4806x3077, 4806:3077, subjective.jpg)


>Has everyone else noticed that colored women, and especially brown and black women, really, really hate white women?

A perfect object lesson (and cautionary tale) would be the rapidly increasing frenzy of hysteria and hatred that Taylor Swift's very existence creates. It is truly disturbing. Sure, there's always been a bubbling undercurrent of resentment towards her for even daring to be a beautiful white woman with basic table manners in the current year, but it has kicked into hyperdrive since the Trump win and doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon. They seem to have settled on her in Alinskyite fashion, and the day is coming where they outright tell her that "it's not okay to be white", which will send a clear message to both her fans, and any potential future Tay's. A crucial battle in the culture war IMO, whether you buy into /ourgirl/ or not.

A tall, beautiful, blonde-hair, blue-eyed girl singing goofy songs and managing to become one of the biggest stars in the world is completely unacceptable in the current entertainment paradigm which demands that you spend every waking moment being a social and political activist in order to "make it big". Taylor's gigantic, sustained success seems to refute this which is highly problematic in itself, but especially so in a "diverse" entertainment landscape where she's outselling Beyonce and Kayne West combined while also being the kind of highly-coveted sure-thing on the live circuit that executives dream of. She forces them to confront their own mediocrity by simply existing, and therefore must be destroyed.

>Nigger women know, deep down, that they are not equal to the White woman and that they never will be.

and worse, that no amount of marketing, browbeating, propaganda, or hysterical fits will ever change it, and just makes actual beauty even more pronounced

a picture is worth a thousand words

b2386c No.10980486

>>10977644 checked

>Kurdish dress sewing

Are you a gommie trap?


9854a4 No.10980561

Can someone point me to any good documentaries, videos, books, blog posts, pastas and/or chan screenshots that give an in-depth red-pilled explanation of what actually went with Milosevic and the Bosnian War, NATO, Kosovo, etc. for someone that doesn't know much details about what specifically went on

4d9075 No.10981006


>It refers to a whole genera on YouTube promoting pedophilea, fecalphilea, and rape of Aryan women(Elsa) by various characters like Spider-Man, hulk, and the Joker. Some were CGI, some were live action. The only people that didn't complain were the copyright holders to the characters and YouTube; probably a (((coincidence))).

Who makes the videos?

279023 No.10981087


Many of the originals were traced to the Balkans and Russia. When they started gaining popularity parents from all over, mostly burgers, started making them with their kids hoping for to get monetized.

2e2fb8 No.10981363

gonna read

how to make friend and influence people

the magic of believing

trump's books

elements of persuasion

forbidden keys to persuasion

how to stop worrying and start living

any other book recommendations of this type.

5b1302 No.10981523


10,727 of them were niggers blasting other niggers.

000000 No.10982189




855578 No.10982196


Just trash all those books. They're "self-help" and self-glorification at best.


855578 No.10982277

File: 3dd4a646dca1ef2⋯.webm (7.3 MB, 490x320, 49:32, The Last Heroes of The 33….webm)


>can someone make an webm from seccond 27 and forward?

Here you go anon. I cropped it a bit to remove some of the black bars.

c333f4 No.10982295


I am sure that is some South Pacific island country and not Mexico which is the fattest. Mexicans look fit imo.

dac443 No.10983255

Can someone post the pic that debunks Jesus being a jew? Need it for a thick headed christ-cuck who is in love with Israel

dac443 No.10983565


shameful self-bump

44ffa9 No.10983572



Why would that matter? Jesus is a Jew => we should all slice our throats for Israel and kikes apparently?

dac443 No.10983585


No? I just forgot to save said image and want to prove the faggot wrong is all

e73b21 No.10983590

File: f1d86cfb38fc2ea⋯.png (243.43 KB, 1860x1108, 465:277, Jesus was not a Jew.png)


This one?

dac443 No.10983643


Not the particular image I was thinking of but useful nonetheless, thank you.

The image I was thinking of went more in depth about the biblical tribes of Israel, and explained how the Judeans hated the Khazar tribe(forget the name) and vice versa.

f19fd6 No.10983901



If you want like minded individuals IRL, remember that like attracts like and game recognizes game. Unfuck yourself, build a good life, lead by example, and you will find yourself surrounded by /yourguys/

ccdf25 No.10984000

File: f74a5b5dc5eb84d⋯.gif (22.99 KB, 375x486, 125:162, lineage-from-abraham-to-je….gif)






Jesus not being a literal genetic jew goes against biblical canon

007397 No.10984018

What was the name of that recent study which analyzed the rise of the so called "alt-right"? I remember that there were a number of sticky threads dedicated to discussing it, as well as the paper naming 4chan's /pol/ as a major factor.

30c80f No.10984053

File: 846bc81933b05bf⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 236x236, 1:1, fc0154ed41e8acd8fbe4f7497b….jpg)

can anybody give me a rough idea of what this image means?

30c80f No.10984076

>>10984000 (checked)

yeah the canon the jews wrote anon david isn't from the tribe of judah the jews changed it to judah from judea the judeans came from the caucus mountains and were the first europeans and yes the Mediterranean was always a part of Europe race mixing is part of a scheme to prevent the second coming the tribe of judah was always the merchants and ba'al worshipers but lets not turn this into a shitposting argument

007397 No.10984113


Nevermind. I found it.


>Connectivity, Convergence and Mainstreaming of the Extreme Right


ccdf25 No.10984284


It is a return to hyperborea.

a36555 No.10984326


Sometimes it's really flattering that these old liberals are baffled by how 'sophisticated' and 'tech savvy' this 'new' right is.

I mean, we are, but the old shits at the KKK were bottom of the barrel retards.

ccdf25 No.10984335


So the bible itself isn't canon?

5131f8 No.10984353

File: 473b6c7669cde38⋯.png (41.52 KB, 636x596, 159:149, scribes.png)


not according to the bible

5c0ea6 No.10984356


The old KKK was a fine organization of good men. You have no idea how many people I've met that we introduced to the JQ by the Klan here. My father included. You have more to thank them for than you realize but go ahead and regurgitate the propaganda fed to you by kikes. There are still real non-fed Klans but you'll never see them unlike the Fed masquerading as them at a protest. The style of operation has changed to somewhat of a leaderless resistance model with a dash of social club.

620b49 No.10984404

Hey guys, so I’m trying to make a report to ICE about an event with Illegal Asian immigrants that I found. I don’t know who specifically the illegals who will be speaking at the event are, how can I find this out? And more importantly, will ICE investigate events?

Here’s the event, it’s on Faceberg but I’m intending on reporting whoever they feature.


All I know is you can ask a guy named “Kevin” if you have questions.

5131f8 No.10984423

File: d6799cf1e24fd27⋯.png (225.38 KB, 513x870, 171:290, dreamer.png)


I've heard they investigate events


620b49 No.10984433

File: ad982b1e38d7119⋯.jpeg (2.45 MB, 1696x6224, 106:389, B0D12B31-D447-4296-AD74-2….jpeg)

File: 0e97b791ff97f56⋯.jpeg (2.38 MB, 1336x6290, 668:3145, D99A2932-10D4-4243-8303-C….jpeg)

620b49 No.10984441


Thanks a lot, although it seems in that situation that the report was specifically for that person rather than the event.

5131f8 No.10984444


still I think they would crash it

620b49 No.10984486


Nice digits, I’ll give them a call

a79098 No.10984491

I'm having a hard time understanding what the repeal of NN will really do, so I don't know how I should feel about it.

I don't give a shit about Facebook, Reddit, Netflix, and all those sites run by large corporations. (except for YouTube)

Other than JewTube, I pretty much just use the internet for downloading nip cartoons/comics, school assignments, downloading games, and browsing chans.

Will this have any big effect on me?

620b49 No.10984733

Alright so I went to ICE’s website to report the event, but they didn’t have a category on their tips section regarding illegal immigration. I put “other” and tried to fill out the form, but at the same time it asked if I was reporting a business or a person. Since I don’t have any people’s names, and I don’t know if I can report the people hosting it, I don’t know how to proceed, considering it says I could be fined or jailed for providing false information, and calling the event a business could be considered false info even though I clarified.

Where’s that crazy kike bitch Laura Loomer to disrupt an event when you need her to?

a36555 No.10985236


Maybe the first and second waves, but the third wave was just feds and /pol/ irl, and /pol/ should never go irl

7efdd8 No.10985251

>>10984444 checked

ICE is crashing the party with no survivors

2319d5 No.10985665


No. The free market will take care of things.


Looks like some Orthodox thing.


How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by /ourguy/ Scott Adams

2319d5 No.10985668


Nope :(

2319d5 No.10985694


You want to know who we are? Where we come from? What moves us? We’ll tell you. We are the changing times; we are the rising wind; the new generation. We are the answer to you, for we are your children. You’ve thrown us into this world, uprooted and disoriented, without telling us where to go, or where our path lies. You’ve destroyed every means for us to orient ourselves. You’ve reduced the Church to rubble, so that now only a few of us still find refuge in the ruins of that community. You’ve devalued the state, so that none of us wants to serve it anymore. You’ve split the family. Our domestic idyll has been plunged into divorce, conflict, and violence. You’ve subjected love to a reductionist deconstruction, and so instead of a deep bond, only the animal drive remains. You’ve ruined the economy, so we inherit mountains of debt. You’ve questioned and criticised everything, so we now believe in nothing and no one. You’ve left us no values, yet you now accuse us of being amoral. But we are not.

You’ve promised yourselves a utopia, a peaceful, multicultural society of prosperity and tolerance. We are the heirs of this utopia, and our reality looks very different. You buy your peace with ever-mounting debt. Today, we’re watching your prosperity disappear throughout Europe. For us, your multicultural society means nothing but hatred and violence. In the name of your ‘tolerance’ you hunt down all who criticise you, and call those you hunt intolerant. We’ve had enough! Your utopias have lost all legitimacy for us. Realise at last that we don’t live in a unified world or in a global village. Wars, the poor, and the oppressed will always be with us. This world will never be a heaven on Earth. Your delusions have only accomplished one thing: You have uprooted your children. We are the lost, the homeless. ‘Who are we?’ we ask ourselves. ‘Where are we going?’

We’ve seen through your answers and understood that they are lies. We aren’t ‘humanity’ and we don’t want your paradise. So we have come up with our own answer to these questions. We turn to what you have demonised. To ourselves. We search for our identity, and find it under the rubble of your destructive rage. We must dig deep to find ourselves again. Our history, our homeland, and our culture give us what you have taken from us. We don’t want to be citizens of the world. We are happier with our own countries. We don’t want the end of history, for our history doesn’t give us cause to complain. We don’t want a multicultural society where our own culture is left to burn in the melting pot.

We are less demanding than you, yet we want so much more! While you’ve chased utopias your entire lives, we want real values. What we demand actually exists; to possess it is our ancestral right. We desire nothing more than our inheritance, and won’t tolerate your withholding it any longer. We are the answer to you and to the failure of your utopia. For we are generation identity.

We’re a great riddle to you. An incomprehensible phenomenon. Our words and deeds refute all your theories and arguments. We live in the world you dreamt of, yet this world disgusts us. Thanks to you, we could develop free from all social obligations and values; thanks to you we go lost and lonely through life.

You’ve destroyed everything that could have offered us identity and refuge, yet you’re shocked that we’re unhappy. For deep in us lies a constant feeling of being alone, of being lost. We do everything to numb this feeling. We throw the wildest parties and meet in glowing malls; we dance all night, take drugs, or hide behind our computers. Any means is justified in order to overcome this loneliness, but we are always still alone in the end.

You have taught us that we can buy anything. But where can we buy a remedy for loneliness? Not that we didn’t try. With brand names, labels, and the latest clothing styles, we want to belong to a certain group. It may seem laughable to you, but for us, this is one of the last remaining possibilities to somehow find a place where we belong.

Sometimes we manage to convince ourselves in our despair that we are absolutely unique, that we don’t need to belong to anything. In this way we give ourselves strength when the loneliness overcomes us. Even if, one day, we become part of a group, because our innermost selves long for identity and belonging, we still can’t enjoy it. We always hear your nagging voices in our heads, warning us about the dangers of peer pressure and the loss of our individuality. This inner conflict plunges us into yet deeper despair.

2319d5 No.10985697


The dark companion of loneliness is boredom. It’s the boredom that first reveals how lonely we are. We don’t ever want to be bored, because then we couldn’t lie to ourselves anymore. Yet boredom is our constant companion. It envelops us like a dark cloud and makes itself felt whenever we briefly pause from our frenzied searching. This is why we seek to numb our boredom and loneliness, with means that become ever wilder and ever more reckless. But no artificial euphoria lasts long enough to bring us peace. No pleasure leads us to anything but desperate collapse. So we wander through life, half-lost and half-high. For we are generation identity.

45eda7 No.10986044

thoughts on creating "2+2=4" as an ebil racist neo-nazi slogan? much like with the OK hand sign meaning white power and similar psyops you could take a bunch of redpill infographs (racial IQ etc) and print the slogan on perhaps in rainbow colouring. spread it on lefty knee-jerk social media and see if we cant get it a banned phrase or on the ADLs hate symbol/slogan list. might be a fun thing.

45eda7 No.10986049


also the IRL posters in universities seemed to work last time. get the authorities there to take the posters down. eventually they will just start taking down any poster that says "2+2=4" even without any redpill

4d9075 No.10986239

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I have jury duty soon, and it will be my first time being called. What should I know or expect?

eb15ac No.10986250


6,000,000 - 3,000,000 = 6,000,000

(Look up the Auschwitz plaque)

Six million makes people automatically think of the holocaust, but they won't understand what you are getting at without research. Naturally they'll have a knee-jerk "OMG Nawtsees" when they find it…. but a seed will have been planted.

c364b4 No.10986265

What's the deal with Trump's tax reforms? I looked through them and they don't seem like that much of a change. I feel like I'm missing something since the media is going batshit about them.

eb15ac No.10986267

File: d9913f82b5cd92f⋯.jpg (524.14 KB, 1249x686, 1249:686, the new generation.jpg)


Capped… if you didn't already copy that from somewhere else.

ad9288 No.10986278


Trump = Hitler ∴ thing Trump do = bad

It’s really quite simple.


It’s the intro to a fucking kike’s book, anon. Always do a text string search.

6fce4a No.10986283


Expect to wait really long for just a short court room time, and then the whole case will be rushed at the last moment.

eb15ac No.10986288


Kek, thought it might be copied from them people with the ship.

Let me guess, the Kike was saying multiculturalism for thee, but not for me?

d28c1f No.10986547


Expect boredom and faggotry.

If you show bias towards the accused you'll be dismissed from the juror selection which should be your goal. Unless it's for celebrity pedos or something lelzy then by all means get comfy and repot back.

45be6c No.10986596

What's this big deal with net neutrality and the pajeet championing some bill that deals with that? I see reddit championing the opposition and immediately I'm suspicious

7d7471 No.10986792

File: 0422f8ae03c5b5e⋯.jpg (322.59 KB, 800x800, 1:1, jews explain why they brin….jpg)

Where can I find more infographics like this? I'm particularly interested in ones that deal with the (((planned migration))) to europe.

4091c7 No.10986808

If we meme responsibly and the left continue to self destruct for the next 3 or 8 years,then is there a point to real life activism?

5264fb No.10987836

File: 35d93dcaaa674d7⋯.jpg (15.17 KB, 261x132, 87:44, 1476396515483.jpg)

Is anyone working on a /pol/ alternative to the CIA world factbook? Is there one already?

000000 No.10988404


>kike book

Generation Identity?

000000 No.10988405


Govt. creates a problem in the form of handing monopolies in certain areas to companies.

Govt. then uses the potential negative outfall from that to campaign for net neutrality instead of doing what should be done which is to lift the monopolies granted.

Beyond the monopolies there is the issue that getting licenses is very expensive and time consuming thereby further limiting an avenue for competition.

Net neutrality is a way for the internet giants to pass their own cost of operation (in the form of being data hogs e.g.: Netflix consuming nearly 40% of US internet traffic) on to the unwitting consumer. It's sold as 'freedom' and in reality it is special treatment for the monoliths and giants.

If it weren't for net neutrality you'd likely find people begin to adopt multiple ISPs. While this technology and bonding of interfaces was up until recently only possible at the ISP level these days you can get US$ 100 routers that can do this. As soon as demand arose it would likely be included in your common home routers at little increased cost. You would then likely have different internet providers/packages such as:

High priority low bandwidth: think gaming, banking etc. They'd likely have a fairly low bandwidth and low data cap but you do not need much data for such things.

Medium priority: likely for browsing etc. where ping does matter but 200-300 ms isn't likely to make a huge difference.

Mega bandwidth providers: where latency and data integrity do not matter so much and all that matters is sheer throughput. This would be where Netflix, YouTube, Steam, Cloud backup etc. would end up. Since all these services use buffers of many second even unusable pings for banking/gaming/browsing of 2000-5000 milliseconds would be just fine here.

Beyond that what you might end up seeing is ISPs simply looking around and noticing that 90% of their data flows through Netflix, YouTube, FaceBook, P2P, Steam, Battle.net, the top 5 news sites and maybe 15 other sites. They would then do what anyone in the market might which is say: all the internet will actually cost you 45 bucks, if you want everything but those 30 data hogs you can get it at 5 bucks. Of course millennials are outraged because they don't want to pay their fair share for siphoning off the vast majority of internet bandwidth and want the granda who reads 3 emails to subsidize their Netflix addiction. Finally what might happen in such a scenario is people quickly realize how expensive running those main sites is and then would either pay for that themselves or they would choose to forgo those services since Netflix just changed from costing US$ 15 a month to US$ 15+US$15 for the ISP. If they choose to forgo those services then those services would either need to drop their price or provide the bandwidth to reach them for free/subsidized etc. This is what the online giants are trying to avoid. They know that a lot of people would abandon them and they would either end up uncompetitive or need to offer the entire internet infrastructure to their customers for free which would really dig into their liquidity. Since many of the online giants tend to run several billions in losses over many years before they make money this would close this anti-competitive market practice they engage in and require companies to be profitable from much earlier and they do not want this.

SPECIFIC TO WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT: You'd likely enjoy the fact that MSM and the leftist run internet giants would get hit with:

A massive direct bill to companies from ISPs demanding they pay their share of traffic.

Many people would stop using these services since ISPs would begin charging internet by use and these giants hog the super-majority of data. If you can get the rest of the internet for US$ 5 and getting the top 50 sites costs you US$ 45 you might reconsider using those sites.

These giants would have more difficulty forming effective monopolies as their potential feasibility dips massively given the shorter time window to reach profitability and the much greater cost per year.

If they want to retain their reach they would have to begin paying customers so that they don't migrate to cheaper smaller sources.

Now what might concern you is the oligopoly of US internet providers and artificial monopolies granted in some areas. This could mean that without this legislation hypothetically an ISP could choose to effectively censor content they don't like. This could mean that much like GoDaddy kicking that alt-right site off the net Comcast might decide to also virtue signal and make traffic from this site disappear.

So you see the problem. Govt. has created a situation where without more legislation abuse might very well occur but instead of undoing the thing that govt. did to create this problem (regulation and monopolies) they press with more regulation and control.

43a142 No.10988467

>>10984733 (checked)

try to call them, or just report the business the event is hosted at and tell them the date and name of the event and the organizer on facebook

e69ae0 No.10988470

Why do all the shittiest boards push this redditpol meme? Does reddit hate niggers and jews now?

bf6bb2 No.10988748

I've redpilled a friend on the Holocaust and Israel. Recently I've begun explaining Israel and Jewish control in the United States and sent her things about Yuri Bezmenov. She asked the perfect question "What does Communist Russia have to do with Israel and the US"?

I can explain things based on what I've read on here, but I don't have any sources or info saved. I'd prefer not to just debase my answer into being "The Jews", so can any anons provide some sources with which I can educate myself in depth?

5fbe3d No.10988774


Why do they need to have thing in common?

bf6bb2 No.10988849


Subversion in the US is based on the work of the Frankfurt School (created by Comm Jews), which was used (according to Bezmenov) to subvert and communize countries. I'd like to explain it further than drawing her attention to the fact that they were all Jews, but that would come soon after.

7f3173 No.10988855


I guess the ultimate answer is: who the hell knows. Henry kissing era does, but oh well It's unlikely that we will ever find out what was actually going on during the cold War. Could have just been a supposed power struggle to align the developing countries onto world politics. All that we know for sure is that the jews were behind both sides of the war, even to the point of american jews financing the Russian revolution of 1918.

83d453 No.10989388

So this is more an /r/ than a question but does anyone have that quote of Goebbels on anti-fun people?

79875c No.10989704

File: a203096835d1fea⋯.jpg (75.16 KB, 960x960, 1:1, wtf.jpg)

Wtf am I looking at?

>pic related

055b2b No.10989759


Joke: take up a martial art

Woke: make up a martial art

d9b885 No.10990373

File: 0cbf244a431154d⋯.png (32.19 KB, 637x156, 49:12, Vidme_logo.png)

So, apparently vid.me is being bought out and shut down by the competition


Who is next?

2d9c6e No.10990609

What was Hitler's plan for the Slavs? Recently run into some alt-right "leftists are the real racists" types who claim that the plan was genocide. I'm skeptical - is there any truth to that or is it the typical trick of crying out as they strike us?

5131f8 No.10990676




I dont have it but i can check those dubs

45be6c No.10990683


Jesus, thanks for the explanation that clears up a lot

45eda7 No.10990863

does anyone know why jung considers being an ergreiffener to be a tragic thing that one is a victim of? shouldnt being blessed by this, to feel this wind running through you be the highest and most perfect absolute pride for any errant man of effort?

d2253b No.10990882


Well, for one, please do not give LARPers from cuckchan attention, it's exactly what those retards want

5c82ac No.10990884

Am I the only one who sees that Imkampfy is literally trying to stop /pol/ from getting rid of him, and that there is nothing else to realize? Why are we gonna get rid of him? I will conveniently number each argument as I go along.

/pol/ is overtly National Socialist and pro-European (pro-Aryan). Imkampfy is turkish, and does not belong here.¹ Not because he is turkish, but for the following reasoning: He obviously cannot maintain his own consistent bias, and changes his worldview about five times per day, accepting any new ideologue who makes a public remark about the Jewish Problem as his new god.² Thus a majority of anons with a consistent bias (anons who actually believe in what they are saying, and are more informed) are constantly harrassed and discouraged to post by Imkampfy.³ That's right - his inconsistency and deliberate unwillingness to identify as anything in particular⁴, and his need to have opposition in order to find his own identity in the "anonymous realm"⁵, is enough to create a fundamental flaw in the organizational model of this board.⁶ (Because of this, we are dissociated from one another, and it is getting that gloomy that personally I would rather some joker like pewdiepie or sam hyde moderate /pol/). What Imkampfy has to offer /pol/ is not privacy and freedom, but the erroneous belief system that we magically have no identity when we really do (Our identities are expressed in the attitudes and qualities of our chosen autorities)⁷ - and the prohibition of having your own political framework of metaphysic, through "spam and ban evasion banning".⁸

He posts as an anon, which is fundamentally disingenuous and untrustworthy behaviour.⁹ Mods are encouraged to post openly, and share their points of view.¹° This is not antithetical to our anonymity; We always have had and always will have some face or another.¹¹ Hiding behind the mask of your own user base, as if your existence itself is voluntary/selective,¹² and using the strategy of 'consensus cracking' (because your ideas aren't readily accepted by all as gospel)¹³ is evidence that you are manipulating everyone here and using us against one another.

He is a two-dimensional person, who is in a position similar to that of a pulley inside a crane, designed to project a particular article, idea or agenda onto a certain design or project we know as the /pol/ userbase.¹⁴ He bans people for ban evasion and spam, without letting up his own personal reasoning (even though he cannot prove you are ban evading, and will literally ban anyone who agrees with you as just another version of you).¹⁵ Then he will post in the thread (under anonymous identity), telling you to stop ban evading - so we all know it's him actively playing both sides to manipulate /pol/acks.¹⁶ Think about this from a completely neutral and impartial position - Mods wouldn't ban, delete posts and edit your own words in a fair dialogue, if it were to endanger their position, would they?¹⁷ Here's the best part - because he is too sloppy to organize his multiple connections/identities, or thinks that nobody is onto his shit, all you have to do is pull out the 'This is an Imkampfy thread' card and the whole consensus he is trying to foment will fall apart.¹⁸ How? Simply because he cannot respond with all those supposedly juxtaposed identities without revealing their coincidentally similar positions/consensus/bias/agenda. He will engage the trump-card, but just keep replying to all his different posts under different ID's and eventually he will either give up or reveal himself, but either way other /pol/acks will catch on to his bias/his agenda and see the proof for themselves.¹⁹


5c82ac No.10990885

He uses the technique of puppetry to steer discussions²° and to shut down the certain pathworking of other anons, who want to make their point with a certain sequence of realizations that can't be simulataneously realized.²¹ If anyone were even able to show evidence that multiple ID's in a thread are just Imkampfy trying to create a certain consensus, it wouldn't matter because (to the next point…)

The penultimate issue - He changes the concensus using cencorship²², which is typical of anyone 'trying to manipulate others, or at least typical of someone who can't propagate consistent ideas/information naturally.²³

He projects and deflects (in an special way that absolves him of requiring intellectual honesty and responsibility for his own creations).²⁴ With light and mirror, sword and shield, dagger and cloak, he assails anons and their measly opinions remotely from the comforts of his own armchair. Imkampfy gets so lost in his own self-dialogue in a thread (role-playing in the form of two or more different people passively accepting each other's opinions²⁵ or trying to derail the axiomatic ideas of the thread with obfuscation and hyperbole²⁶) that he will outwardly expose himself.²⁷ For example, when he tries to accuse an anon of being an 'outsider' or 'shill', he provides no evidence²⁸ - but when you actually provide evidence that he is, and accuse him of it, you will not only be met with a dishonest defense but direct censorship (as if our existence is conditional).²⁹ In terms of how projecting reveals one's own subconscious matter, unrealized truths and doubts, we can read a lot into what Imkampfy is doing. Based upon his responses to a majority of these arguments (as I have made them in past instances)³° and based upon the elements of accusations towards others (non-contextual)³¹, we can see his particular identification with certain stances and beliefs that compromise /pol/ and we can identify a clear trail of Imkampfy's interference with our trigger warning self-improvement/progress.³²

He claims that nobody can prove that it's him, even though he has a consistent profile and persona, with more self-made forced memes than all other anons combined.³³ That's right - he has meme'd himself into that simple of a concept on 8chan that even the actual dox on Imkampfy are less revealing than his own constant projecting and deflecting.³⁴ His automatic stance is to assume that anyone who disagrees with his opinions is from a jew-controlled movement trying to subvert /pol/.³⁵ However he has no evidence, he will not engage you if you accuse him of the same thing , ultimately trying to further remove the exchange away from the context of the thread into eceleb-drama semantics.³⁶

The thing is - he knows that he will actually go to jail in Germany if we prove his meatspace connections to 8chan³⁷. His presence is legal plutonium to each and every true /pol/ack with morals, integrity and higher purpose. Frankly, this isn't just about my own angle of wanting to get books across to the /pol/ aggregate and being censored.³⁸ Imkampfy is the one trying to present /zundel/ (or at least the content being relayed there) as a foreign element³⁹ (when in reality, our own /pol/ mod is a foreign element⁴°). Imkampfy is the one trying to misrepresent my arguments regarding that whole aspect of information on /pol/, and then censoring me from the community upon that false basis/pretext.⁴¹ Really, this is about preventing future internal regressions on /pol/, about dealing with our own internal hindrances, and about creating a solution (which is why this post will be deleted/anyone who criticizes /pol/'s authorities will be censored as I have been).


5c82ac No.10990886

Another meme is that I don't have information, nor do I ever make an argument (More projecting from Imkampfy). All 41 of my arguments are reinforced with the citation of the following material and the contents within:

Threads Deleted, Posts Edited, and Banned for Book Discussion & Mod Compromisation Discussion

>/pol/ required reading

>9th October 2017


>What is everyone on /pol/ reading?

>9th November 2017


>/pol/ books @ /zundel/

>12th November 2017


>Zündel's Bunker

>13th November 2017


>Zündel's Bunker

>14th November 2017


404'd minutes later… http://archive.is/SMLls

Imkampfy is actively censoring books on /pol/

>14th November 2017


>thread 404'd by Imkampfy



>22nd November 2017


>imkampfy reacts to 22nd November thread by making a damage control thread after 2 days of mentally deterorating

>24th November 2017


>Muh books

>2nd December 2017


>The case of /zundel/ & /pol/'s censorship problem

>3rd December 2017



45eda7 No.10990893


im just a random anon but you are probably right. after a set amount of time there will be a new migration as one forum decays, this is the way of things, its our yuga. as we move onward we pull normies and those closer to them to the stage we were at previously, after the certain number of migrations is reached, then the struggle will be won.

a37e15 No.10990941

I heard about some book a Nazi wrote about how the ideal city has about 20,000 people in it, and that they should try to manufacture cities of this size to be industrial centers, does anyone have it?

fa1d55 No.10990955

Anyone hear? Apparently the Iron Pill creator killed himself. He had the tripcode to prove it and everything. Really sad.

b0151b No.10990962



45eda7 No.10990969


that somewhat cringy manhua style comic?

b0151b No.10990989


> the Iron Pill creator killed himself

I remember shit talking him once, and destroying his ego. F, though.

01c0f8 No.10990993

File: 84affc6f1941fe6⋯.png (119.51 KB, 306x254, 153:127, Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at ….png)

(((Youtube))) keeps giving me this ad. Have I had too much wrong-think? Is my name on a list?

> Pic Related

b0151b No.10991006


>a Nazi


04d65e No.10991046

How in the world do I stop feeling so lonely?

I'm 17 turning 18 in a week, no ban pls and have been redpilled since the first exodus to 8/pol/. Ever since reading several texts from the /pol/ book threads (an unfortunate relic of the past), I have become committed to bettering myself in every way possible. I have passionately pursued every hobby of mine, from music to American cultural history; I have started actively going to the gym; and I am now set on getting into a high-ranked institution for an academic challenge.

However, I do not have a single person I could legitimately call a friend. Everyone-from my bandmates to mutual associates with whom I meet occasionally-thinks I am "cool" and "smart," yet nobody is willing to be anything more than an acquaintance with me. I went through high school in and out of just about every friend group imaginable, and now I am about to graduate with nobody remaining at my side.

I really want a close friend or even a girlfriend simply to calm me down and help me recollect myself. I have no clue where my life is headed, I am grotesquely despondent about everything, and I need to know that there is at least one soul who is willing to speak to me and hear me out.

45eda7 No.10991062


weightlifter friends bud. the only way to actually viably find respectable people

000000 No.10991123



I would differentiate fun people, friends, and "close friend". There are the types of friends you have fun with, but there are also those friends who you have a true understanding. To explain, I'll need to sidetrack a bit. Assumption 1: men are the only one's capable of deep thought (meaning metacognition & knowing why he believes in something); Assumption 2: A true friend must have assumption one, for only then can you completely understand one another; Assumption 3/Remark: In the past, due to assumption 3, when man saught an eternal mate he merge his sexual drive with this feeling to produce homosexuality (think Greece). In modernity he merged it with his sexual drive but in a different way, i.e. trying to find a woman who truly understands him. However, assumption 1 tells us this is impossible. tl;dr these cannot be the same person; the person who completely understands will never be able to be your partner forever (at least romantically).

Just a side thought I wanted to place out there. Anyways, I state this only because (towards the second referenced), would those weight lifting friends be deep thinkers or would they be more normalfag-tier (e.g. tD/CivNats who, yes, they are social and some work out but don't exactly think deeply)? I would personally think the latter, so I didn't consider it a good recommendation (based off of my predisposition towards weightlifters in a gym).

Personally (at first person referenced), I met one person like what I described above (in college). We were capable of discussing our philosophies for four hours straight (in addition to the normal stuff such as hanging out and going out to eat. The only reason I mention the above is because what I consider a "close"/"true" friend is one whom is capable of understanding your outlook [not just nodding and agreeing, truly understanding]). Since you're 17, I would say depending on where you go to college (if you go) you might meet such a person. However, that would depend on your major.

tl;dr just keep searching. People here exist, people who believe normalfags lack a soul (lack metacognative functions), etc/synonms exist. So, all you have to do is keep searching. Worst comes to worst, just talk on the internet, somehow it's enough for normalfags to be talked to via FB/etc. as opposed to in person these days (of course, it's all superficial stimuli).

89ed19 No.10991437


>nobody suggesting woodworking and general building stuff

6110df No.10991516


Unfortunately I cannot remember the name

c5897f No.10992613

File: 724723e56d70f7c⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 850x400, 17:8, evola_duty.jpg)


This is pretty awesome but why was it directed at me ?

I just want to die in some vainglorious crusade to retake our homes. I'm so horribly broken I don't even really want to survive to see the other side, the world I want wouldn't be the sort of place that would want to have me.

9854a4 No.10992624

File: b5ef77bc9f796c3⋯.jpg (11.42 KB, 200x257, 200:257, milosevic-1.jpg)






bumping balkan redpill request as this appears to have been skipped over

879324 No.10992647


>not using an adblocker

You deserve it.

bad5ad No.10992687


What happened to the kenedy files… Anything noteworthy?

Or just many things to speculate?

de32fe No.10992886

File: 8fb00e8627e9aba⋯.jpg (8.97 KB, 251x201, 251:201, images (1).jpg)


My bad for the late reply. What made you decide to join the military in the first place? Why the Corps over the other branches? Has being redpilled made you view military service differently?

7d9a6e No.10993023


Such is the yoke of fate.


Yeah it's now public that mossad diddit

2f007e No.10993823

File: 9c9fda032a42753⋯.jpg (70.24 KB, 600x896, 75:112, 1469407434925.jpg)

Ejsy od yjod gpt, pg rmvtu[yopm vs;;rf?

97c30e No.10993883


Nazism wasn't sustainable on the long run. So it would have most likely ended up with his generals fighting over the succession with the SS, which would be itself embroiled in internal issues. In short, it still ends in a shit show

97c30e No.10993896

File: fb888352977af20⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 387x550, 387:550, 87b2e4168c5a490af301462620….jpg)


Not everything is "Da jooz!". WW1 was basically a war by power hungry dickheads destroying entire cities for supremacy while naive dipshits enthusiastically (in the beginning) went along with it

97c30e No.10993919


Put the crack pipe down

97c30e No.10993938

File: 4a0c97157df4665⋯.png (171.42 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_ny1cp8ZbHP1ul80vfo1….png)



c5897f No.10993961



Balfour Declaration ensured Jewish banking support for the allies and entry of the US into the war.

The war may not have started that way, but they were the ones with the gas canister ready to pour it on the flames.

c5897f No.10993963


>t. Dinesh D'Souza

ed03b5 No.10993983


Obvious bait

WW1 was the reason the jews were put into camps in the first place because they revolted against the German government at a critical point of WW1causing Germany to lose, deposed the Kaiser and continued their subversive uprising for years afterwards until they were stopped in the 20's. Read Mein Kampf or History dealing with WW1 and after that does not pretend the jewish insurrection didn't happen.

379ee1 No.10993989

c5897f No.10993994

File: 55beb236a89c34d⋯.jpg (198.48 KB, 784x1214, 392:607, oliver.jpg)


(cue laugh track)

c12a0e No.10994052

File: 53717d9afe77334⋯.png (65.29 KB, 749x462, 107:66, Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at ….png)


They seem to tend to get disproportionate control don't they? It's interesting and sort of ironic nobody really minded too much said much, and the push to shame "privilege" initially came squarely at the ebil huwhite male. Sad and apparently very true.

Trips and ID

97c30e No.10994064

File: 18481b684a0cfb4⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 500x280, 25:14, 184.gif)


This whole shit show was caused by Euros for Euros. The French were pissy about their last defeat, the Germans didn't want a strong Russia, UK didn't want anyone too strong on the continent. That's it. At one point you people are gonna have to realize that it takes 2 to tango and simply saying "Da jooz made our poor Aryan brothers do it!" is a shit excuse


>Muh Fuhrer's economic policies were flawless

Let me guess: the principles of economics are kike lies, right?

175114 No.10994072

Why can't I stop browsing /pol/ ? I am now a normie, but, I still can't leave this place for good and I need to have goodthink, if anyone found out about my crimethink, I am done for.

97c30e No.10994090


Just find interesting friends and you'll be fine

d234fa No.10996441

File: e97e0121162a5ff⋯.jpg (323.12 KB, 723x1024, 723:1024, 1f2928954c630b2837d69b4249….jpg)

There was one artist on twitter who did black and white digital paintings of white nationalist symbols and portraits.

Where is he? I didn't have a twitter at the time and lost his URL. His stuff was amazing, I really want to give him a follow.

7b674a No.10996583


This good?

7b674a No.10996801


No victim no crime. Without a victim courts have no jurisdiction. Such as drug possession. DUI tax evasion.

87a2f6 No.10997591

File: e9b2894c5bc0f6d⋯.jpg (12.96 KB, 244x250, 122:125, Merchant Pizza.jpg)

What is the relationship between Jews and Scientology? If the Jews own Hollywood, then why did they allow Scientology to have a presence there?

8654ab No.10997793

File: b23556be4cc7b5a⋯.jpeg (61.68 KB, 550x363, 50:33, image.jpeg)

File: 6cb32273931a7ec⋯.jpeg (80.05 KB, 499x499, 1:1, image.jpeg)

<This isn't about freedom; this is a slaughter. If I'm gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is "poontang".


>What made you decide to join the military in the first place?

I had an instinct that I would enjoy it and be skilled at it, both of which were true. I joined pre 9/11 and pre redpills; but still never once had any delusions of patriotism or that what we were doing was for the benefit of America or its people. 9/11 didn't change my feels either; my reaction was, "well looks like I won't be bored." I never respected anyone that thanked me for my service because they were either retarded or disingenuous.

>Why the Corps over the other branches?

Tougher, more action, more prestige and respect. Which in my more degenerate youth ment more roasties which was a high priority. I will say I would've chosen the CG 2nd for the chance to blast drug smugglers down in Miami from a boat or chopper.

>Has being redpilled made you view military service differently?

My personal service no. Like I said I'm a bit of a psycho that was doing if for lulz and adventure; I learned a lot and have almost all great memories. I honestly don't even hold a grudge against the hajis that whacked a couple of my buddies or tried to kill me. We all volunteered to invade their homelands for bullshit reasons and I've always been detached when it came to death anyway. The last year of my service is when I started learning about the fed, the (((illuminati))) and started down the rabbit hole. A big red pill was reading Al Quieda's manifesto for the first time. It said their priorities before Israel and the US was to overthrow Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Tunisia, and Egypt. That was post Arab Spring so the (((coincidence))) was pretty obvious. I unironically root for Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran now, and I understand what Saddam stood up for. I don't look down on ZOGbots even now. Many aren't zealots that can be redpilled, and the ones that are, I see as victims of kike brainwashing that need our help.

Your power level is a lot higher than mine was and I don't know how well you can hide it. If you go in, pick A specialty that has a technical skill that will guarantee a good civilian job when you're done. Preferably one that won't require a security clearance until you reach a staff nco rank; I've had nsaniggers up my ass since high school.

Plane or helo mechanic comes to mind, underwater wedding; jobs that robots won't be able to do for a long time.

b2386c No.10997833


*Underwater welding

20747f No.10997974

File: 3effe46108353fe⋯.jpg (225.13 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 1469604559735.jpg)


They took it over.

>What Liberty Lobby has now learned is this: Not only had Heller been associated with the Church of Scientology since at least 1982 — ­some nine years prior to his role in Mermelstein’s ADL-backed assault on Liberty Lobby and the IHR — but, in fact, the ubiquitous Mr. Heller is part of a small clique that secretly took control of the Church of Scientology upon the disappearance of L. Ron Hubbard and which now directs the church’s affairs from behind the scenes.

>What makes this all the more bizarre is that neither Heller, nor all but one of his associates in the ruling clique, are apparently even followers of the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.

>Based upon evidence that is now being circulated by Hubbard loyalists (who reject the "new" secret Scientology leadership), here’s what happened.

>In May of 1981, shortly after Hubbard disappeared from public view, Heller’s then-law partner, Sherman Lenske, popped up and claimed to be Hubbard’s personal attorney.

>Less than two months later, Hubbard’s wife, Mary Sue, was overthrown from her position as controller, where she held control over the corporate structure of Scientology, as well as over the copyrights of her husband’s voluminous writings and various trademarks relating to the conduct of church affairs.

>In the months that followed, the entire corporate empire governing Scientology was restructured.

>The most significant of the changes took place on May 28, 1983, when Lenske and his inner circle (including Heller) set up the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) which, ultimately came into control of all intellectual property that L. Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard had ever owned or controlled.

>(In a 1992 U.S. Court of Claims ruling, Sherman Lenske had been named as one of the "special directors" of the CST, along with his brother Stephen, who, along with Heller, had been his law partner, and Heller himself.)

>One of Lenske’s other partners in the founding of the CST was Meade Emory, who served as an attorney for the Joint Committee on Taxation for Congress from 1970 to 1972 and then, from 1975 to 1977, served as assistant to the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. It was during the period that Emory served at the IRS that an IRS employee named Gerald Wolfe was stealing IRS documents and passing them on to Scientology’s Guardian Office that was under the control of Mrs. Mary Sue Hubbard.

>Then, several years later, when the theft of the documents was unveiled, it played a major part in the overthrow of Mrs. Hubbard (who was prosecuted and held responsible) and led to the ultimate power grab by Emory, Lenske, Heller and the others in the CST inner circle. When the flamboyant and all-powerful Scientology leader L. Ron Hubbard disappeared, the Lenske-Heller group moved in and grabbed control of the foundation of the Scientology movement and now command the lucrative publishing rights to the prolific Hubbard’s writings that are sold (at fantastically high prices) to devoted Scientology students worldwide.

>Many Hubbard loyalists (who have since left Scientology) claim that the new controllers of the Hubbard literary legacy have actually altered Hubbard’s writings, although for what end we can only speculate.

>Ironically, it appears that upon Hubbard’s disappearance (and reported death in 1986) coupled with Mrs. Hubbard’s overthrow following a tenacious Justice Department prosecution, the Church of Scientology fell victim to a coup d'etat orchestrated by outside forces with an interest in gaining control of Scientology, its vast wealth and its wide-ranging global power network.

>Then, as is now clear, Scientologists (including Tom Marcellus) were manipulated by their new controllers (including Heller) into playing a part in the subsequent coup at the IHR.

>Former high-ranking American diplomat Stephen Koczak (who had been stationed in Israel) privately told The SPOTLIGHT in 1994 that, according to his sources, Scientology had been taken over by Israel’s Mossad, in conjunction with elements of the CIA. So it does appear that Heller and his group were those involved in the takeover.

>And bear in mind that Scientology (which is "mind control" in its classic form) would be of special interest to both the CIA and the Mossad.

>Although the CIA’s infamous mind control experiments have been widely publicized, what is largely suppressed is that they were conducted under the supervision of James J. Angleton, the Israeli loyalist who headed the Mossad liaison desk at the CIA. Several scientists linked to these mind control operations were associated with Scientology.



c5897f No.10998060


>t. econ 101

806d80 No.10998061

File: 0b877fa5ffdfe78⋯.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, 320:287, 0b8.gif)

I live on the east coast in a large city in burgerland. What's a non-fucked place to move to both within the united states and say in Europe.

Also, with all these accusations of sexual assault and feminist stuff in general, how fucked is the west? Will the pendulum swing back, or is the west a slowly sinking ship?

Gif related, my reaction to everything lately.

3507c2 No.10998139


If you browse /x/ stuff you get these ads

97c30e No.10998402

File: fa44ee823eeccc0⋯.jpg (62.22 KB, 988x704, 247:176, MHpvoUH.jpg)


>he actually thinks socialists policies work

Wew lad

e6f028 No.10999270


that is gold my dude, you managed to keep all the runtime in it's glory.

weiter kampf.

768ead No.10999362

English guy here.

I have a curious question for any and everyone here at 8ch: How do you deal with junk food habits? I'm getting to near 18 stone and I do want to cut some of the weight down badly before I inevitably get onto a motor bike sometime next year. Would it be worth taking note of all the things I eat on the daily basis and trying to phase it out of my life slowly?

If I phrased it like a retard, then sorry.

b2d52e No.11000720

I have the opportunity to buy a cabin innawoods in washington state from an uncle, is washington to fucked to live in?

8b551d No.11000835

What exactly is "trickle-down economics"? I know that in 2017, it has come to mean "anything short of 100% taxation", but what did it mean initially?

fc341b No.11000935


what does "too fucked" mean to you?

f93a91 No.11001043


>One of the core things I always saw on r/theredpill

>on r/theredpill

Here's your problem, nigger.

f93a91 No.11001052


Nofap is literally cancer.

The problem is (((pornography))).

f93a91 No.11001171


Google it faggot.

f93a91 No.11001207


Literally 10 seconds in google.


7d6212 No.11001265


If I had mobility, I'd strongly consider Poland. I can't imagine 99% whites. Sounds like heaven.


21c7d1 No.11002246

File: e5e6d8d6be7803e⋯.jpg (77.53 KB, 640x458, 320:229, 1512522517932.jpg)

Daily reminder to praise the Holy Tsar.

c5897f No.11002651

File: 9f78c21980c10db⋯.gif (5.42 KB, 449x307, 449:307, gdp.gif)

File: 4c583ebaf441890⋯.gif (4.6 KB, 441x308, 63:44, unemployment.gif)

f38239 No.11002776

Was Rudolf Havenstein a Jew?

He was president of the Reichsbank during the period of hyper inflation in Germany. I cannot find any information on his ancestry one way or another.

b50fed No.11002823

why does /leftypol/ exist?

97c30e No.11002873

File: 1575f7fc10eb367⋯.jpg (104.08 KB, 803x688, 803:688, 157.jpg)


>Look how well the NationalFaggots did when gearing up their entire economy for fighting a war.

>In the long run, they would have been fine constantly pouring money into welfare and weaponry while constantly pillaging those with wealth to keep their gibs scheme going

8a260e No.11002875

Why do Jews hate whites so much and hate us more than any other race? Why do they want to destroy us so badly? I've always understood (((their))) hand in our destruction but never understood why.

43a142 No.11002927


initially it was used to describe the effect tax cuts on the wealthy had on the local economy, essentially if a guy making 1 million a year had a tax break all of a sudden lets say an extra twenty thousand dollars would be put back into the economy if he buys a car he will need to fuel it pay for service tags license plates insurance etc or if he spends twenty thousand on delivery food he will be paying local restaurants and tipping local drivers who in turn put in back into the local economy

this strategy will allow you to dig a nation out of debt because the more money people have to spend the more that money is taxed only problem is you can't have a deficit for it to work.

at least that's is what it was in its pure form

43a142 No.11002931


simply put eat less move more

dc9b77 No.11002949


How? Replace junk food with healthy food. Eat low-sodium rice crackers instead of the regular industrialized garbage, replac candies with fruits like oranges, pears, tangerines or whatever is avaliable to you (just be wary about grapes, they're still pretty caloric)

Learn how to make tasty, healthy food. It's easier than you think.

Honestly, i only made moderate changes to my diet in the last year and i've lost 10kg without having to restrict my hunger or anything like that. Also, start practicing a martial art. I personally practice muay thai, and i think it's pretty great.

dc9b77 No.11002956


They don't. It's just that we as a powerful "faction" in world politics, and the subject of their subversion, we often perceive it as a focused effort against us. The fact is that we have only been affected by them the hardest due to historical reasons.

c652bd No.11003220


Odds are your biggest issue is sugar, alcohol, and grains which are really complex sugars, combined with lack of exorcise and possibly an overtaxed endocrine system. The quickest way to start resetting your system is intermittent fasting. After 13 hours without food your body goes into healing mode preparing for lean times. After 18 hours it'll start producing hgh and testosterone to aid this process. I've been fasting for 20 hours a day for a year and my health and strength has tremendously improved. This YouTube channel does some autistic research on diet, health, and "benign" addictions like sugar, alcohol, and porn. In the fasting video like he cites a britbong that lost over 200lbs by only having water for a year.



I grew up in Seattle and just moved inawoods. What do you want to know?

43a142 No.11003244

File: e4545aab269ce5d⋯.png (213.4 KB, 531x343, 531:343, 6u4wetrdyj.png)

File: 7e3c792ceeb2d4b⋯.jpg (63.73 KB, 619x617, 619:617, XkfZZbC.jpg)

File: 12b3d72a0cb4957⋯.jpg (106.54 KB, 489x619, 489:619, 76478545.jpg)

File: c45eb568a6bbe1d⋯.png (1.21 MB, 687x926, 687:926, 7yrthj.png)


we need to laugh at something

e93008 No.11003371

File: bfec4c8e7b67ee3⋯.jpg (57.92 KB, 1199x380, 1199:380, 7Ul0Voi.jpg)

How much longer does cracked have before they go the way of Gawker?

ecfb28 No.11003378

File: c51d862fb314907⋯.png (157.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Is skateboarding considered commie or degenerate?

ecfb28 No.11003387




If you don't fap for long periods, your dick shrinks. It's like any muscle. You have to work it out.

d87f4a No.11003478

File: 3eb3253589b0cf7⋯.jpg (167 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Faggots.jpg)

File: f57063dbb11044b⋯.png (61.74 KB, 1289x521, 1289:521, Capitalism_is_a_meaninless….png)

>>11003244 (checked)

My own copypasta from another thread but I'll just put it here. ;^)

(((Capitalism))) is the reason why (((Marxism))) in Reddit and cucked universities exist. Somehow these plebbit soyboys think Fascism, National Socialism and the Third Reich has something to do with (((capitalism))). 95% of Reddit (((communists))) support Antifa which basically shows what a bunch of useful idiots they are for suppoting controlled opposition. They don't care about poor Whites, if you show them a picture of a homeless White man with a dog being his only companion they would shamelessly tell the homeless man to check his White privilege, because again, black/brown/yellow skin=automatically oppressed and being constantly held down by le ebil Whitey.

Sure commies tend to be anti-Israel and anti-Zionist but they're never anti-Jew and claim to see race as a social construct (but whitey still ebil n' sheit) and would certainly praise kikes pushing anti-White miscengenation propaganda on Talmudvision because again, winning against White Nazis somehow helps destroy (((capitalism))). They've also supported countries that don't, or once didn't, have Rothschild banks like North Korea, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and Syria but only merely because they are against imperialism, because somehow they think it's relevant these days. They generally hate anything that is naturally beautiful, like Jews. Which is why they want open borders, interracial marriages, LGBTQACTRWTFBBQBENISAYYLMAO+ rights, rapefugees, mass non-White immigration just like known Jewish capitalists, and certain lolbergs. Another lulzy thing about what Reddit communists believe is that liberals and centrists are right wing and the US government is an evil fascist (((White))) government hellbent on lynching niggers and other shitskins, hence why they burn US flags and use the "AmeriKKKa" term much like flag-burning niggers and spics. Honestly a US government like that sounds fucking amazing, but sadly it's a pipe dream with ZOG being around.

Tl;dr communists and non-Whites always blame Whites for everything, even things done by (((Whites))). There could be some potential on redpilling them on Jewish privilege, we can tell them them Jews are not White for a start.

3895ac No.11003532


Yeah, a disproportionate amount. I'm British, too.

Black Americans tend to be a "Unique" group with something of a caste system and the average black isn't 20% white - most are pure black, and the rest are significantly mixed.

Those who are significantly mixed look significantly different to "ghetto nigs" and most importantly - are not there.

I know /pol/ larps about race wars, and those ghettos would roll over in a week. But a decent group of the mixed ones will provide resistance to a huge degree and have the same access to weaponry that whites have. If backed into a corner, they will take a few teeth out on their way down.

These are the "token" blacks in companies - they tend to be quite reserved about their opinions, and often are deeply conflicted about their role in society. It's pretty sad, and honestly, the only threat they hold is that they are associated by race with the ghetto type.

The hard blacks I haven't really encountered and if I did, I have no idea how the hell they communicate with one another, let alone to a foreigner. But the others act like whites, but fully aware that they are not. In most circumstances, they don't really care that much, but most have been rejected about it so they indirectly press around until they are sure that you are "open" to interracial stuff.

I'd imagine the inner-city types would be much more different.

bcf2a0 No.11003982


I thinks its still somewhere on meguca

5fbe3d No.11004004


The second pic really reminds me of Feder's writing.

395f67 No.11004128


How does one climb out of the dark and meaningless pit they call an existential crisis? How does one move on from the base blocks of science and politics to something a little more, oh idk, stable?

>> I have a penis

>>I must be a male

>>It's a white penis

>>My dick is superior to your dick because (insert racially motivated subtext here)

I don't give a shit about how much I make, what I drive, or where I live. I also don't want to waste my gamble of a life studying fairy tales (religion) because the only thing that is guaranteed in this world is death. Are there actual ways to increase brain functionality outside our physical realm or is this still a sci-fi theory? Or is it more along the lines of since I was born into the lower middle class, I will never be able to possess such knowledge because I will never be able to accrue the vast amount of wealth needed to "pay" for such knowledge?

3895ac No.11004132


Then aim to die in your own house, with your own friends.

You can still work in a lot of ways; aim towards a semi-rural house with good infrastructure to survive.

Then you can retire with your own food, private pension, and spend your time raising chickens and shit. That's my plan.

395f67 No.11004143


My family has been doing that same carrot on a string rotation for the past 7 generations and can see that you want to the same but settle for even less. I don't settle for shit. If I did, I'd burn coal just like every other nigger lover

395f67 No.11004145


*Want to do the same

3895ac No.11004155


You aren't "settling" if you have an explicit goal in mind.

Mine is within 80 miles of a major city, with self-producing clean water and potential for off-the-grid electricity and food.

e6456a No.11004157

What is YOUR (as in the person reading this post not some /pol/ hive mind boogeyman) opinion on the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack?

395f67 No.11004188


I want to get off the planet

395f67 No.11004195


I've traveled around the globe and have stayed more than a month in 47 states in the Continental U.S.A. I want off this godforsaken rock because there is no value left to consume. (Again, not talking about money or anything the kike holds dear)

ed394a No.11004206

File: 727f6fec8600b90⋯.jpg (43.28 KB, 400x600, 2:3, soros_.jpg)

WTF is this:

Retired CIA Agent Working With Blackwater Founder Claims H.R. McMaster Approved NSA Spy Job On Trump Family


>“[Maguire] said there were people inside the CIA who joined in the previous eight years [under Obama] and inside the government, and they were failing to give the president the intelligence he needed,” said a person who was pitched by Maguire and other Amyntor personnel. To support his claim, Maguire told at least two people that National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, in coordination with a top official at the National Security Agency, authorized surveillance of Steven Bannon and Trump family members, including Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. Adding to these unsubstantiated claims, Maguire told the potential donors he also had evidence McMaster used a burner phone to send information gathered through the surveillance to a facility in Cyprus owned by George Soros.

>A potential Donor Maguire spoke with said "John [Maguire] was certain that the deep state was going to kick the president out of office

395f67 No.11004215


My opinion is that you should be chemically castrated followed by a slow and torturous death by being butt fucked by a camel.

43a142 No.11004484


I thibnk its fine


its not fapping that is needed its fucking a woman.


very succinct

d87f4a No.11004742

File: 38bc3b2c1a5a6a0⋯.jpg (17.9 KB, 512x287, 512:287, Luka_Magnotta_&_Lin_Jun.jpg)

How much do you know about the guy from the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video? Reminder that this psycho suffocated two kittens inside a vacuum cleaner. What's funny though is that he was a gay porn star who was also a "White supremacist". I guess this "White supremacist" killed Justin Lin just for being born a chink lol.

c593f9 No.11004745

What is the National Socialist legal system like? Is the individual sacred? If not, where does the law come from? Thanks.

d87f4a No.11004746


*killed Lin Jun

Godamn it I'm such a faggot.

e6f028 No.11004902


I can kicklip with a semilong

e6f028 No.11004919


buy oatmeal, buy a metal bottle to fill with water [plastic feeds you estrogen shots] drink water with some oatmeal flakes in it, it will kill your hunger and you will only feed when you have to.

cook more than you can eat, freeze portions for a whole future meal.

never buy food, buy ingredients for making it yourself.

no soft drinks or soft drink companies cuckoldry, it goes for ruffles or pringles or sprite or whatever

cardio will also make you aware of how fat you are, so biking or jogging for 30 minutes will make you aware of how much of a piece of shit you look like

b2d52e No.11006002



Im coming from maryland so im pretty used to nigs and liberals in big cities having most of the political power, to what extent do the cities control the state government? I can google demographics, laws, taxes, shit like that but overall how would you describe the state outside the cities?

275102 No.11006157

Does anyone have that image of men vs women being left to their own devices on an island?

7c2a65 No.11006271

Book threads are banned but I need /pol/. I recently realised I am utterly ignorant on the pharmaceutical industry. I want to learn what I'm taking and every way whatever I take effects me. This doesn't mean specific drugs, but more, how would I ever be able to research on my own? Do you just look on google? I don't trust Google.

So from paracetamol to prozac, how do I learn exactly what I'm taking and everything it does?

I also want recommendations on books on health. It stems from the soy/testosterone threads. I get protein but aside from that diet is a blur. I don't know what antioxidants are or do, I don't know about half the supplements people suggest e.g boron. I can't even tell if fat is bad anymore, I hear high fat low carb, then low fat and high carb. How do I learn about nutrition? Also sleep, meditation and any other health related topics.

Net neutrality has me worried, I want to be able to study these in the event the Internet gets nuked. I just don't know where to find info, I prefer books, but many contradict or spread false info.

70117f No.11006866


Not as bad as Maryland. Washington is all red except for a narrow strip down I-5 where Seattle and Olympia are. There is a sales tax but no income tax. If you have over 5 acres depending on the land you can get your property tax deferred indefinitely for either timber or small agriculture. If you go agricultural they'll reimburse you for a greenhouse. Gun laws are pretty lax, the nogs in Seattle aren't as bad as the ones in Baltimore but the libs are probably worse. That said Seattle has a lot of tech (((billionaires))) and international (((human traffickers))) who likely decide any of the important issues.

5ae1a7 No.11007273

Can women be redpilled after they're thoroughly bluepilled?

Blogpost time;

I met this gril who is white. She is bluepilled, hates Trump, says the election was horrible.She's a virgin, at 21, and unsullied. What kinds of stuff will I have to do to coax her along on the path of enlightenment?

056590 No.11007366

Who or what is Evola referring to when he talks about the bourgeois civilization and society?

056590 No.11007377


Just act like you're going to fuck her (or actually fuck her) and she'll be a red hat in no time.

Also, don't actually debate her legitimately, just laugh at her beliefs and make fun of them for being lame or something

e6f028 No.11007630

File: 7e277aefcbf3457⋯.png (1.37 MB, 822x1200, 137:200, 1451437476986.png)


don't be aggressive is my theory or set an aggressive environment. for women, anything is forgivable if you set the mood to be fun and look good.

I had this leftist chick and we did a bunch of ideologist play on our relationship, we care for each other as human beings but I made myself to be a unapologetic shitlord in a self parody manner and use to call her all the things I think of leftists in a playful manner as well. our relationship had a taboo miasma about it that got her turned on all the time.

I got what I wanted [sex, made her cuck and break up with her brown ass bf for me], but never redpilled her, I bet she would eventually follow me into the rabbit hole.god I hope no girl on pol crucify me for this post, are there girls on pol?

d73a16 No.11007695

I assume you guys are aware of a certain forced meme straight from leftypol being spammed non-stop on /b/, and now /tv/. I didn't care at first, it just struck me as an unfunny variation on spurdo. The guy spamming it (/b/ enabled flags and ids, it's pretty much always some guy from Germany) does so non-stop, every hour on the hour in practically every thread.

I was just wondering if you guys had any thoughts or theories on it or if perhaps you knew who it was doing it?

d73a16 No.11007747


I forget the name of it, but without even realizing it I've been using the form of training on my girlfriend where I praise, encourage and reward good behavior while ignoring behavior I don't like. My girlfriend used to make anti-Trump jokes, complained about "white men in power" and once expressed support for BLM. I'd just let my displeasure with this show on my face, say nothing and remain silent until she changed the subject.

I just gradually redirect. I've gotten her to despise Hillary, when she complained about human trafficking in the US, I echoed her outrage, bit pointed out how based on the areas it was occurring in and stories I'd seen it was largely black drug dealers pimping girls in the US, and then brought up the Rotherham scandal and how Muslims were raping hundreds of children but the authorities did nothing for fear of appearing racist. I've done this several times, and she's admitted at least she knows better than to mock Trump in front of me. I've also mocked tumblr and she's agreed it's total shit. She's been trying to get me to watch Stephen Universe with her, this has presented an issue with me as I honestly don't know enough about the show to criticize it, and I've largely avoided it simply because all the progressives like it, the women are all super powerful and tough an the men are all fat weepy losers. Specifically I avoided it because of that "It's so gay!" quote and Mcinjosh putting out that video where he said it was a positive example of masculinity because the men are constantly crying.

b68c80 No.11007796

can iching be linked to kekism?

2f6ae9 No.11007853


The rearmament didn't start until 39 friend.


You really don't fucking belong here.

Look at how sustainable western liberal capitalist democracies are. The only sustainable economy right now are the fucking Chinese of all people.

"It's not real capitalism" I'm mocking your stupid arguments before you even make them, because I've beaten them all before.

Your ideology is nothing more than dragon dildos produced for new poz markets made by children in thailand.

342735 No.11007886


Let your wife have an orgasm first then ejaculate deeply in her while she's on hands and knees. Look it up. It works!

c652bd No.11008039

Was there any proof that the attack on Israel's Olympic team in Munich was a false flag or hoax? I just assume as much but it may come up in conversation.

5ae1a7 No.11008079




What I'm getting is to be assertive, not aggressive. Don't force beliefs on her but also don't let her continue her beliefs unabated.

79e1b9 No.11008217

Normies hating on muh russia/norks/iran/boogeyman and seeing all the "subversive stuff" they do exposed on the lugenpresse is perpetuating the belief that their own governments are actually good guys working for the common man. Totally not doing the same subversive things 10x over but the media doesn't cover that at all.

Do normies really think they are the "good guys" and their side is working for the people and not just their own pockets?

Not ideological or different parties are good/bad but just the idea that all politicians at the top are corrupt.

I didn't really know how to phrase this as a question so it's kind of all over the place, just rambling really.

028f3a No.11008314


What is this method called?

c12a0e No.11009179


That face is fucking disturbing. Probably a real coincidence though, or Satan. Those sorts of ads seem to go away if you talk back at them. Yes, they listen.

0863f3 No.11009420


Can someone explain why screencap is disabled or not working please?

I've tried to screencap postings on /pol/ to no avail, but can screencap on other boards. (minus images)

I have tried several browsers within Windows-Bases OS and several browsers within Linux-based OS and have not succeeded.

d69a89 No.11009444

File: efff0e8023ef992⋯.png (11.34 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 669813_view_512x512.png)

there is a graffiti with this symbol in a neighborhood I pass by often. what does it mean?

jewry? good or evil?

16117d No.11009557


Probably doesn't mean anything.

16117d No.11009562


Yes and no, they just don't give a shit. They do what they're told and won't dare think for themselves. They are ironically enough, victims of subversion, they cannot be helped.

d69a89 No.11009584


it's in a commercial neighborhood, on position which oversees a 90 degree corner of road where all traffic passes and big pharma building.

anyways. it's there since the buildings were built.

what does it represent?

16117d No.11009616


Pretty sure it's some artistic shit, I doubt it has to do with the occult, the closest thing I could connect it to outside of some artistic expression is the eye of Horus.

d69a89 No.11009680


Eye of the Horus.

I came to the same conclusion.

All seing eye, sign of nwo?

f6c4d7 No.11009682


>what does it represent?

It represents lurk two years more™

d69a89 No.11009686



d87f4a No.11009771

File: 93378f753123168⋯.jpg (79.75 KB, 470x543, 470:543, R._Budd_Dwyer.jpg)

What the hell was up with this guy? Did he found out about (((something))) before killing himself on live television?

e41dff No.11009838

Old faggot, 2 questions?

1 Is it worth it even trying to reach normalfags on places like twitter or other social media sites? What do?

How do you even "ease" people into the redpill when there is SO FUCKING MUCH to spoonfeed people? I am 30 years old, I have been running around forums since Tom Metzger had a website and was a member of Stormfront, used to read FAEM and Heretical,etc etc, but, I have had very little if any luck with normalfags who are wayyy to stuck to their ways.

And then all of a sudden these alt-right/alt-light faggots over the last few years get an audience of a bunch of normies who's views are just civic nationalism. Even the "alt-righters" who I have seen go hard on the jews are pushed to the sides. LARPERS and Hollywood Nazis I have seen them get called, they don't even like Pierce and GLR, though I also have some reservations about GLR, I appreciate what he did, even Pierce praised him.

2 Is there an "our" version of an annotated Mein Kampf?

696ff1 No.11009839

File: 1d0528210e958c4⋯.png (135.03 KB, 800x850, 16:17, 1d0528210e958c4959dd5c5371….png)


The Burgher class, White(ish) monopoly traders and merchants who seized power during the "enlightenment".

e41dff No.11009851


So, jews, (((freemasons))) and illuminatti jews?

696ff1 No.11009856

241e9a No.11009886


Probably in here https://meguca.org/pol/1960525

f40128 No.11010686


I think you're seeing shit where it doesn't exist.

f40128 No.11010695

File: 36c65d2f11db1b4⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 580x374, 290:187, irish-Legend-of-Cu-Chulain….jpg)


>tfw celtic

When I'm feeling down it's always refreshing to reflect on my ancestry

ee4e09 No.11010729

File: 4c79216a5f974f1⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 822x960, 137:160, BEGOME ORDODOX.jpg)





e6f028 No.11010741

File: 0a598801563ec96⋯.jpg (34.08 KB, 457x439, 457:439, 0a598801563ec968f1cc059320….jpg)


>steven universe

asside from the drawing style being shit, it is a kids show and is straight up not fun, just like understale and korra the peak moments and episode reactions you find on youtube about it, is always about some gender narrative that is nauseatingly wrong and immoral.

people could use the excuse to watch adventure time because it was fun the first 3 seasons.but steven jewniverse is a kids show with it's degeneracy as the selling point, gems are gender gooblegook "oh wow what a selling point". this bitch is trying to program you..

5c0ea6 No.11010761


I've been considering checking them out. Every other Christian denomination I've visited are filled with poz and/or kike fellating. The closest is a Croatian Orthodox Church in the city.

43a142 No.11010841



the all seeing eye or the eye of horus or the evil eye

69035c No.11010952


There's a really good Balkan thread in the catalog. Main takeaway: the ethnic conflict was fueled in the (((media))) over decades and the quasi race war was a misdirection to make profit for (((arms dealers))) and to open the nation up to profit/debt slavery for the (((IMF))) capitalists. Once Serbia, which had their communist government propped up by the US, chose to align further with Russia, (((NATO))) and the international community were always going to step in.

We have much to learn from Yugoslavia. Though we would not have a brother war here like they did, fomenting a race war may be the perfect excuse for (((NATO))) to step in here. The main goal in a violent conflict should be kike infrastructure. We could only hope then that our guys are the intelligence agencies and military willing to push back when the international community trys to step in.

91cfd2 No.11011291

File: a2229ccc08f5e15⋯.jpg (9.48 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 723008842db3b694aafe906697….jpg)


>You really don't fucking belong here.

Ayyy lmao

>/pol/ b-belongs to us! G-Go away!

You niggers are something to behold

>Look at how sustainable western liberal capitalist democracies are. The only sustainable economy right now are the fucking Chinese of all people.

Hahahaha look at yourself! The Chinese have to constantly keep devaluating their shit to keep their economy going. It's a fucking paper tiger

>"It's not real capitalism" I'm mocking your stupid arguments before you even make them, because I've beaten them all before.

No you haven't beaten shit. That's just your way of weaseling out of the fact that you're no different than the Berniebros. Wiggers looking for a handout

>Your ideology is nothing more than dragon dildos produced for new poz markets made by children in Thailand

Says the NationalFaggots using many technologies brought by the free market

>Liberal democracies = capitalism

That's where you homos always fall. Capitalism doesn't care about the government style. If the square stache faggot had learned that, he wouldn't have to keep pillaging everyone else to keep feeding the krauts at home

3aa9e4 No.11011371

How do I find an intelligent woman?

I don't just want her to absorb my beliefs, I want her to come up with good ideas of her own and share them with me.

Is this faggy, unrealistic thinking? I know that such women exist but such people in general are so rare, and the rarity is tenfold among women.

c19be0 No.11011406


Do you not believe in race? Does a person's ancestry and genetic origin mean nothing in your eyes? Is a 100% subsaharan black born in Europe more European than a 100% European-derived white person? Does the black African belong in Europe and have a greater right to identify with and inhabit the country than the white person? That's the logical conclusion of your line of reasoning: wholesale civic nationalism.

6c7e5c No.11011417

6c7e5c No.11011428


Due to the constrained bell curve of the female IQ distribution, you're about as likely to find a girl who will understand your beliefs and parrot them back as you are to find a girl who does her own research and comes up with conclusions. When it comes to women just settle for redpill-able, it's not in their nature to go against the grain.

531e53 No.11011462


Capitalism is by necessity a globalist system.

There is no such thing as national capitalism.

The only thing you want is cheap ladyboys.

"Hurr durr if I just add the word 'faggot' after national I'll look cool'

"Technologies brought by the free market"

Like, what, exactly ?

Early computers were military research projects. The first stored-program computer was developed by academic research. EINAC was developed by the US Military Ballistics Research Lab. The internet was another US military project. Most of the telecom infastructure on which it is based was developed by the military or in academic research, with Bell Labs being the only real exception to this.

Your 'muh free market' is nothing but a childish fantasy, no better than Marxist utopianism. You fundamentally don't even understand what you're talking about. You just see the word 'socialism' and it triggers you.

Read a book nigger. You're nothing but a neoliberal fag enabler.

b303cd No.11011477



>tfw you can't reach full potential

444b7d No.11011495

File: 45cf045d97d0ce4⋯.png (259.63 KB, 640x427, 640:427, image.png)


>muh free market

Capitalism is the reason our countrymen are plagued by an opioid epidemic, a homeless epidemic, an obesity epidemic, a diabetes epidemic, and a cancer epidemic. Capitalism is why a burger made with gmo beef from Brazil is cheaper than an apple from a local farm. You'll say those victims made bad choices; well an NS government wouldn't be taking kick backs to poison their own people the way ours does. All it would take is for you to hurt your back at work or a car crash to get hooked on pain pills. Then when the script runs out you'll be sucking cock under a bridge for heroin and cheeseburgers, but at least it's a free market. Pic related.

a86f93 No.11011532


>Book threads are banned

Not exactly. The problem is that people always post shit books that nobody ought to read.

If you want to read a good book, read "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler.

f43a5f No.11011568

File: 08d50237b05d760⋯.jpg (469.72 KB, 1025x1024, 1025:1024, pol books 14 - nov 2016.jpg)


>Not exactly.

Go make one and see what happens.

>The problem is that people always post shit books that nobody ought to read.

Book threads were fucking great and you are a liar. On top of that, this is motherfucking /pol/, there is no such thing as a book nobody aught to read, we think for ourselves here friendo. If someone mentions a book you personally don't like then open a discussion, don't just report the thread like a whiny little bitch.

4a8433 No.11011650


>kikes did nothing wrong

>wypipo are ebil

>middle school level history lessons

>Nazis are retards

t. Boomer kike


>Kikes promoting fapping like a kike

t. Louis CK


Salt is good for you; literally every cell needs sodium. Gas yourself.


Redpilling a woman is like redpilling a dog. Women just believe what the strongest man in their life believes.