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Odious Memes

File: 158fa08feb363f4⋯.jpg (52.2 KB, 908x562, 454:281, Capture.JPG)

23ab88 No.10889009

Trump & Putin will work together to defeat ISIS and respect Syrian sovereignty

>President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement on Saturday vowing to continue the fight against ISIS in Syria until the militants are completely defeated, Reuters reported, citing the Kremlin.

>The statement reportedly said both Washington and Moscow agree that there is no military solution to the conflict and both countries expressed a commitment to Damascus’ sovereignty.

Just came through over the wire

Link: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/11/trump-putin-reportedly-agree-to-take-on-isis-in-syria.html

Archive Link: http://archive.is/kUW4x#selection-1363.0-1363.181

3e36c5 No.10889017

File: 0b5e6f445d7096a⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 1000x500, 2:1, e3f0091fa093e59e355ead6c0a….gif)

23ab88 No.10889021


Thanks for posting that anon, I don't think I have that one saved.

33ebc0 No.10889029


>Putin wearing a shirt and tie under the shirt

What a fucking snake.

23ab88 No.10889031


He's ready for a formal dinner and to sign international agreements.

c22a59 No.10889033


23ab88 No.10889034

>>10889033 (checked)

8ccf14 No.10889035


But ISIS was just defeated…?


05b8ce No.10889039



05b8ce No.10889041


nigger, ISIS was an excuse to get th yanks to invade via jewish tricks. That's all null now and faggots like McCain will die and go to hell for nothing gained

23ab88 No.10889044


They have to be sure to stamp them out in Iraq, Syria and Turkey, and that is happening everywhere as of now, but they "still live" we just need to let Assad find the rest of them and do his thing.

05b8ce No.10889046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is going to be a good salt harvest

133001 No.10889048


Thats a russian thing, anon.

c72e15 No.10889049

File: 7cccd1cf403f2da⋯.png (531.38 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 1465200090042.png)


23ab88 No.10889050


That's the picture I had in mind when making the thread, thanks anons for pictures.

05b8ce No.10889059

bump. kikes are going into overdrive with their bait threads and shillposts

23ab88 No.10889061


Your dubs are undeserved.

How is Putin and Trump working together without military use leading to the creation of a greater Israel, especially when Putin has stood in the way of that?

83c776 No.10889064

File: 01a103d8d238422⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 247.54 KB, 250x238, 125:119, 01a103d8d23.gif)


>Trump & Putin agree to defeat an Imaginary boogeyman that they created in the first place together!


(Never go full retard.)

1832cc No.10889066

File: 20cb172167ddfbb⋯.jpg (47.89 KB, 700x390, 70:39, 20cb172167ddfbb0eb8e81928d….jpg)

>Trump and Putin both work together to destroy a military force their countries created

I sure hope you goyim fall for this.

33ebc0 No.10889068


Can't wait for this thread to be deleted and replaced with a brand new one by the mods.

23ab88 No.10889069


I didn't know that Trump created ISIS 3.5 years ago.

33ebc0 No.10889071


>lol, i am very clever

5647d4 No.10889073

File: 21ad51e1b7a7393⋯.jpg (86.53 KB, 736x860, 184:215, Trump Putin make america s….jpg)

23ab88 No.10889074





I see a bunch of shit posts but nothing new or interesting.

05b8ce No.10889078


usually happens when we ignore the bait threads. we got about 2 or 3 that were pretty active recently.

23ab88 No.10889083


True, seems to be a lot of attempted black-pilling lately.

33ebc0 No.10889085


Why should the truth be new? The truth is the truth. Trump is objectively anti-white and objectively a shill for Israel. He has the power to improve the lives of White Americans, to deport spics, but he doesn't. He chooses not to.

3debba No.10889091

File: 8c7da28299d1ad0⋯.gif (135.44 KB, 220x322, 110:161, 8c7da28299d1ad0eb97ee38fec….gif)

<I… im..impeachment any d.dda…day now right

33ebc0 No.10889092


really fuckin gay

23ab88 No.10889094


And Clinton would have been a better improvement over Obama?

33ebc0 No.10889097

File: b722dd9591322ad⋯.jpg (367.04 KB, 1600x1329, 1600:1329, On 12 October 1960, the 17….jpg)



There are no democratic solutions to your government wanting to genocide you.

23ab88 No.10889101


Then why don't you blow up Congress when it's in session and kick start the race war?

33ebc0 No.10889103


Why would I martyr myself for idiots like you?

23ab88 No.10889105


All I see you doing is bitching about how everything and everyone sucks and nobody is doing anything about it.

Why don't you show the rest of us morons what needs to be done?

33ebc0 No.10889112


Are you really too stupid to understand that I would not martyr myself for people who thinks Trump, a man who was mentored by Roy Cohn, a man whose father was loved by the Jewish community and gave them tons of money, is going to improve things. I try to show you idiots real information, and you ignore it or call me a shill. I'm not going to pull a Dylan Roof because I can see that whites aren't ready yet. Maybe they'll never be ready, that would be sad, but they certainly aren't ready yet.

33ebc0 No.10889115


And everyone in power does suck, that's a fact. If they didn't, the world wouldn't be so fucked.

23ab88 No.10889117



It's not for me you faggot, it's for the "White Race" right? Isn't that what you're all for? You've done nothing constructive the entire thread, all you've done is bitch.

In fact your very first post in this thread:

>Putin wearing a shirt and tie under the shirt

>What a fucking snake.

This is pure shit-post

You have contributed absolutely nothing of value to the discussion, nothing. You have generated about 1/3 of the posts in the thread and yet, nothing positive, interesting or thought generating has been posted, just more black pilling and whining.

3c66c0 No.10889122

It's just words. The US will continue looking after their own interest as will Russia.

23ab88 No.10889127


Maybe, it might lead to something or it's simply words and nothing will come of it, but no reason to not be a bit positive.

5634e8 No.10889129

Remember, traitors and blackpillers get the rope first.

5647d4 No.10889131

File: db5ca4e4e0b7bc3⋯.mp4 (710.38 KB, 480x270, 16:9, trump putin laughing.mp4)

05b8ce No.10889134



84ded0 No.10889135

Call of Duty ISIS Edition : Coop Mode

Player1 (TRUMP)

Player2 (xXxPutin1286RUxXx)

05b8ce No.10889139

man, the CIAniggers sure are kvetching more than usual

23ab88 No.10889143


>Player2 (xXxPutin1286RUxXx)

RUnextxXx is my addition

3c66c0 No.10889146


Sorry, I'm a little cynical at this point.

23ab88 No.10889152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know it's cliche and everybody on the board knows it/heard it already, but The Lion always gives me a bit of a boost. But related video always seems more fitting.

d9a2d8 No.10889167

File: 63e9ec172c6486b⋯.jpg (164.47 KB, 631x472, 631:472, 2017-11-11_02.48.37.jpg)



You faggots make this shit so transparent.

5f5e5e No.10889171


Haha, you can't do anything about it, only leave.

acc165 No.10889240


God bless that nigger. Here's wishing Assad a happy massacre.

33da05 No.10889458

File: 01708dce2485820⋯.jpg (64.04 KB, 417x446, 417:446, 1435516857638-3.jpg)



Do you have any idea how much joy you stupid niggers give me? Everytime you appear it solidifies the fact that the right side is winning. The more of you people appeared to shill, the more you lost in the end. Every single time. I mean do you remember DACA? The amount of shilling was nearly at election cycle level and then out of nowhere you got so buttraped you needed to open a second asshole in order to deal with the pain. It's like you're indicating how much you're going to be BTFO in the future just by the amount of your presence.

b95b96 No.10889509


Oh god Drumpf is clearly mentally deranged, impeach him now!

e7e30e No.10889552

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>both Washington and Moscow agree that there is no military solution to the conflict and both countries expressed a commitment to Damascus’ sovereignty.

>commitment to Damascus’ sovereignty.


0b377d No.10889555

File: 7b901145b07d49a⋯.png (41.74 KB, 255x244, 255:244, 1412383176592.png)

This is great and all. But it's all talk if Trump can't actually get the CIA to stop being autistic and drain the swamp. You burgers are nowhere near in the clear yet.

Start being a bit more realistic. Putin hates your guts right now.

86323b No.10889669


Saddam was the leader of a nation. You know...those places with political and physical infrastructure. It still took them most of a year to find him with 400,000 troops on the ground and complete control of the country.

7710b6 No.10889683



wew, transparent as fuck.

enjoy another ban, free of charge, you kikes like free right.

35968c No.10889740

File: c4b6e92de6e0500⋯.png (2.12 MB, 4501x3439, 4501:3439, nov92017.png)


Trump does this now that Syria has already celebrated the defeat of ISIS. Doesn't really make up for bombing the airfield for no reason, to look good on television or something.

As long as the USA doesn't back the Kurds as they did ISIS and other terrorist groups, the war should be nearing its end. Considering how the Iraqi Kurds reacted when the Iraqi military went to take back Kirkuk for the oil fields, they shouldn't be much of a problem without significant western backing. Whining, opportunist pansies taking up territory temporarily which looks more intimidating on the map than it really is.

7d000b No.10889761

File: 4676ff094f4ec3e⋯.mp4 (8.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HACKED.mp4)


That's a nice change of pace from the pre-election "we'll force a no-fly zone in Syria and shoot down Russian planes if we have to" that came from Obongo and Clinton at least.

2c90b1 No.10889777


Those two dudes have the body language of mutual respect. You can clearly tell they both do badly want to just get along

Excellent meeting

9ab1ef No.10889834


They don't look particularily happy thouh.

ba0740 No.10889854


The annoying thing is all of the inattentive retards will have forgotten their own warmongering support and are completely oblivious to the widespread death and destruction that happened as a result.

How many libturds actually remember Libya or the Arab Spring? How many of them remember the fact Obongo, his allies and his (((allies))) sent arms to thousands of desert rats? How many of them remember the push for a war with Russia?

Serious memory holing

1ec147 No.10889886


kike detected

ISIS is a Jewish group run by Jews that look like muds, hellbent on cleaning up the middle east so their friends can lay claim to the rubble. Ever seen ISIS execute kikes? They won't execute their own kind.

72ba29 No.10889950


hey kike, remember when ya lot went apeshit when Trump said Assad needed to go? focusing on Trump Lipservices to Neocons instead of what he actually DID like bombing an empty airfield while warning Russia, and Syria by proxy? do you think we got shot memory? that we can't connect the dots, and we'd listen to you? that your perpetual claim that Trump is a Zionist puppet would give you power over us?

Do you feel in charge?

72ba29 No.10889981










welp, look like the shills are out in force today

you are right, truth is not new, but you seem to have early onset alzheimer, so allow me to refresh your memory, since you seem to forget to focus on what trump actually do, and not his lip service, or his usual tactic of hard-balling stuff to force the opposition to accept a compromise.

Lets stat with trade:

>Trans Pacific Partnership TERMINATED

>Trump Administration Issues Trade Policy Agenda Focusing on U.S. Sovereignty and Jobs

>China buys more U.S. coal, sends North Korea coal back.

>Increased tariffs on Canadian lumber by 20%

>First U.S. Natural Gas Shipped to Poland

>Renegotiating NAFTA with Canada and Mexico in order to make better trade deals (termination on the table)

>China opens rice market for US exports for first time ever

>Coal exports up 60%

>New memorandum to protect American IPs from China

>Trump orders probe of China’s intellectual property practices

>Argentina agrees to allow first U.S. pork imports in 25 years

>Crude Oil Shipment to India Highlights Expanding Energy Partnership

>U.S. Trade Deficit is Shrinking ? Exports Rising

>Japan Freezes North Korea’s Assets after Trump’s Visit (migth be a coincidence)

and the Economy:

>Coal: Cut Regulations/Create Jobs/New Plant

>Executive ordered all federal agencies to create task forces to cut regulations that hurt the economy

>Creating thousands of more jobs for immigration officers and border patrol

>Trump Announces $200 Million in Apprenticeship Funding

>13,000 jobs being created in WI ? largest job announcement in WI history

>Shortage of illegal labor has caused construction worker wages to increase by 30% in Texas

>President Trump Cuts More US Debt for a Longer Period of Time Than Any President

>Donald Trump Ends Obama Effort to Waive Work Requirements for Welfare

>Jobless claims drop to 240,000

>US Census Bureau: American median income is increasing for the first time since 2007

>Food Stamp Usage Has Fallen Every Month Under Trump

>Unemployment down to 4.2, wages rise .5%

eb0de9 No.10889994

Kek bless the Lion of Damascus!

72ba29 No.10890040

economy cont: (forgot 2)

>Broadcom will move back to U.S. — and bring tax money with it

>Trump Protects U.S. Intellectual Property in China

and now government:

>Cutting regulations in government agencies (add 1, take out 2)

>Put a regulatory freeze on all federal agencies

>Fixing lobbying laws – 5 year lobbying ban on White House officials

>Fired all 46 attorney generals hired by Obama

>Executive order to reduce operating costs of the Federal Government

>Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion (Billion!) In Errors during Audit of Obama HUD

Appointed conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

>HHS to Rescind Birth Control Mandate in Obamacare

>Trump orders a Voter Fraud Commission to investigate 2016 election

>Cut the White House budget – Saved taxpayers $22 million

>EPA’s Pruitt moves to roll back over 30 environmental regulations

>800 Obama regulations cut – Saved over $200 billion

>U.S. Small Business Administration opens assistance center

>11,000 government jobs slashed under Trump – downsizing government

>Trump Signs Healthcare Order, Expands Choice and Access through associations

>Trump administration abandons the Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing global warming


>Trump’s HHS defines life as beginning at conception

>Senate Passes Budget Resolution Clearing the Way to pass Tax Reform with a Simple Majority

40a2ea No.10890060


>both Washington and Moscow…expressed a commitment to Damascus’ sovereignty.

wew. no wonder there's so many (1)s in this thread.

72ba29 No.10890076

where are you shill-kun! I miss you!


>Sex Trafficking Arrests Soar Under Trump (MSM radio Silence)

>The U.S. attorney general is bringing back the harshest sentences for low-level drug offenses (debatable if good or not by normies standards)

>238 arrested in june in sweep of suspected child sex predators

>The Department of Justice Stands by Texas’s Voter ID Law

>400 medical professionals charged in july in largest health care fraud takedown

>Jeff Sessions announces new crackdown on ‘so-called’ sanctuary cities

>Big increase in cocaine seizures

>More than 1,000 arrests by august in sex trafficking operation

>DOJ Halts Obama’s Operation Chokepoint, Which Targeted Firearm Dealers

>Department of Justice Awards Nearly $59 Million to Combat Opioid Epidemic

>US Marshalls Seek Unregistered Sex Offenders, Arrest 12 by septemberdo you remember

>Sessions says U.S. will intervene in campus free speech cases

>DOJ files suit against company for not hiring Americans

>In septembernever was a cloudy day3,800 Gang Members Charged in Operation Spanning United States and Central America

>Justice Department Announces First Ever Indictments Against Designated Chinese Manufacturers of Deadly Fentanyl and Other Opiate Substances

>October:397 Arrested, 84 Minors Rescued in Underage Sex Trafficking Crackdown

>Restrictions Lifted – Organized Crime Task Force to target MS-13 Gang

a607f2 No.10890097

I just don't understand why they try here anymore.

72ba29 No.10890130




I'm on a roll! still gonna keep posting a few more

Homeland security:

>Unshackling ICE – told that they can take action against ALL illegal immigrants – increasing presence in sanctuary cities

>Silicon Valley Staffing Firm Charged in H1B Fraud

>Ending “catch and release” immigration policy

>Raids turn Oregon city into ghost town

>US agency raids Indian IT firms

>Rescinded DAPA

>June: Number of refugees taken in is down 50%

>Kate’s Law – harsher penalties for previously deported criminals – Passed House and Senate

>No Sanctuary For Criminals Act – deny federal grants to sanctuary cities – Passed House and Senate

>report: ICE crackdown scaring some families back to Mexico

>leaked Memo reveals ICE officers have free rein

>Bill allocates $1.6 billion for Trump’s border wall

>Christian refugees admitted now outnumber Muslim refugees admitted

>Trump Admin Preparing Texas Wildlife Refuge for First Border Wall Segment

>report: Border Patrol Morale at Highest Level

>Illegal immigration arrests up 40% nationwide

>Deportations in LA are up 60% alone

>Raids to target teenaged suspected gang members

>New crackdown on ‘so-called’ sanctuary cities

>ICE chief wants smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary cities

>17 Texas sheriffs approved to partner w/ICE

>Denver To ICE: Stop Arresting Illegal Immigrants At Courthouse. ICE To Denver: N0PE

>August: ICE raids targeting families net 650 arrests

>Miami has removed its “sanctuary” status

>Deportation orders up 31% nationwide under Trump

>Extreme Vetting’ for some green cards

>Trump cuts off visas for countries that refuse deported immigrants

>$1.6 billion down payment to start building the wall

>Withholding Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities – Must allow ICE access to jails and notify befor release

>Crossing The Border Illegally Is Harder Than It’s Been In 50 Years

>Trump has updated his travel ban, includes these 8 countries – Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Somalia – NO EXPIRATION DATE

>September:Remember how we knew love was here to stay ICE has conducted a MASSIVE raid on sanctuary cities this week – 498 illegal immigrants arrested

>DACA Renewals Drop 21%

>Deportations From the Interior up 34%

612011 No.10890135

Syria, Russia, Iraq and Iran have done a great job in fighting (((IS))). They don't need any acknowledgements or congratulations from foreign governments and especially not from those who created (((IS))) and the necessary conditions. Live in denial all you want kikes, the reality on the ground speaks for itself. Look forward to footage of the remaining zogbots having to pack up their toys and get the fuck out.

c8c818 No.10890148

I am so fucking goyfused. Weren't we fighting against Syria for many years?

72ba29 No.10890161



they are (((reasons))) why previous administration, warmongers, and kikes wanted us to take down Assad, same reasons as Iraq and Libya, but it was never what reason they showed us. not to call you a newfag but by now ya should know why so many false flags were made to create a public support for these wars.


Defense department:

>James Mattis threatens to ‘moderate’ US backing for Nato over budgets

>March: ISIS leader ‘admits DEFEAT in Iraq and orders militants to flee or kill themselves in suicide attacks’

>NATO weighs new ‘Counter Terrorism Post’ following Trump’s demands

>Mattis: ‘Annihilation Tactics’ Being Used Against ISIS

>July: Mosul liberated from ISIS

>ISIS facing knockout punch in Raqqa after losing Mosul (Analysis)

>Mattis decides to withhold U.S. cash from key Pakistani military fund

>US shares technology with India. Enlisting them to fight in Afghanistan

>september: Ba de ya US-backed fighters ‘seize 80% of Raqqa from Religion of Cuck™ic State’

>Gen. Mattis breaks down New Afghanistan Strategy – NO RESTRICTIONS on Air Power”

>U.S.-Backed Forces Capture Raqqa from ISIS

c8c818 No.10890164





72ba29 No.10890192

all I got left are for veterans, for those who give a shit I suppose

Veteran Affairs:

>Trump Signs Bill to Extend Veterans Choice Program

>Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs’

>White House to launch veterans’ complaint hotline

>Trump Administration Streamlines Veteran Medical Records

>Trump signs VA accountability act into law, promises better care for veterans

>VA fires more than 500 feds under Trump, even before new accountability law

>VA expands telehealth access

>News: How the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017 may drive civil service reform

>Trump signs ‘Forever GI Bill,’ boosting aid to student vets

>Trump Signs Bill to Streamline VA Disability Claims Appeals Process

>Task force created to address mortgage refinancing issues

>VA announces Veterans Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences Act

>VA seeks partnerships to build and improve health-care facilities

I'm gonna keep these at hand for future shills, or as a shill bug spray

c8c818 No.10890210





Thanks anon. Those are awesome to see in collected form. I'm not sure a single one of those was covered by the (((MSM))).

c8c818 No.10890227


>not to call you a newfag

Been in the hospital since Jan 5th. I missed the entirety of Trump's presidency.`

72ba29 No.10890269


ya missed a few


fair enough, to get you up to speed, the whole chemical attack the MSM pretended Assad used on his own people WHILE HE WAS ALREADY WINNING made no sense whatsoever, reeked of CIA/Mossad false flag and almost forced the hand of Trump into waging war. Instead Trump quickly sent an airstrike to an empty Assad military airfield while pretending that was where the chemicals were coming from, all the while warning Russia in advance(and by proxy Assad who is allied with Russia) it appeased the neocons, and by countering the false flag with a false op in retaliation, the kikes were forced to back down, because the only way to prove Trump wrong was to prove the chemical attack was a false flag int he first place. meanwhile shills kept whining about how Trump was now a Zionist, or now susceptible to other falseflag by virtue of making the false one credible with that retaliation, the usual. They also got active behind the scene and curbed future False flag, captured ISISrael stackes that had jeweish weapons, etc.

c8c818 No.10890279


>meanwhile shills kept whining about how Trump was now a Zionist

Are (((they))) still all;

>Trump's not Hitler! Therefore he sucks!!!

Like we didn't realize he was 'merely' a bridge to the future we wanted?

72ba29 No.10890294


ah, I forgot to link it with past events, basically the whole arab spring was co-opted by even more radical factions, and aimed to replace most government with even more fundamentalists government, under the guise of revolution from ze evil government, (((rebels))) were then supported by Mossad and the (((CIA))), and every time Syria tried to defend itself against this artificial revolution (that the populace kept saying was not legit and they supported Assad) the MSM keep playing muh oppressed civilians.

in the background, a big goal of all of this was to short-circuit the Russia/Syria attempt to have their own oil pipeline to sell oil to europe, that the kikes fiercely opposed

c8c818 No.10890296


Are kikes still working on trying to create Greater Israel? Will Trump + Russia = dead ISISrael stop that in it's tracks?

2c5ec4 No.10890299


This is very good. Since before he was elected I wanted Trump and Putin to join forces and I am upset and angered by all the talk of Russian collusion, which I think is nothing but fabricated BS so the deep state can mire the Trump Administration in scandal.

c8c818 No.10890303


Well thanks for all the info anon. I'll read up on a lot of this stuff. I have to go to physical rehab now though.

7a8364 No.10890311


>Trump Announces $200 Million in Apprenticeship Funding

Do you have further reading on this?

72ba29 No.10890314


to be honest, I don't want for things to go as fast as some wants, no mater how idiotic the normies are, in the end its all gonna depend on them, and while any /pol/ack anon would have no issue with such future, history shows us what happens when ya try to force things too fast. if there is anything to learn from the world war, is that the world react like a non-Newtonian fluid if ya try to radically change it it bounce back, hard, very hard, LGBTfest kikes everywhere total Orwellian left hard. Educate the normies proper, don;t force them, expose the MSM, Trump is doing it at the perfect pace, he sees when some of his goals get too hard of a pushback, and adapt it.

Thats what I think

72ba29 No.10890318



here ya go

e7581d No.10890336

File: dba46808a53b3fa⋯.png (168.48 KB, 800x711, 800:711, viv-gameon.png)

>>10889555 (checked)

That's fine, Half-Vivian. It's OK if Putin hates our guts because he's the leader of a different country.

Now that Trump isn't wasting time and resources babysitting foreign wars he can focus on cleaning up the mess at home. Other countries need not get involved - unless the president needs to buy some cheap Chinese rope. He's gonna need a lot of rope.

e7baa1 No.10890398


>Trump has updated his travel ban, includes these 8 countries – Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Somalia – NO EXPIRATION DATE

Source? Last I heard the leftist judges cucked him on this one too.

bd30fd No.10890408

File: 962e6e33a374881⋯.png (270.05 KB, 1162x2368, 581:1184, literally what has drumpf ….png)

I wonder if he held back on doing some of the explosive stuff until he could get the economy back on it's feet and regular people feeling less depressed and suicidal. Gives him good ground to stand on to do some of the crazy shit.

2c5ec4 No.10890455


Frequently I think normies are hopeless but I am coming to realize that if we ever want to change things in this country, it is essential to elucidate normies are the real issues we face and not the fake ones the MSM bombards us with on a daily basis. We fight for truth and justice and our fight is righteous. That is why we will win against the forces of evil.

72ba29 No.10890712


thats the list of what he did that I found worthwhile, not saying how (((they))) keep trying to fuck with it, but you are right, they blocked it once, it was dismissed, and they blocked it again.

these hawaii judges need to stand for treason…


thanks for making this, saved for easy posting

d9a2d8 No.10890768

File: b8bba500b149473⋯.png (235.85 KB, 1700x1080, 85:54, 1510424901133.png)

'ave some salt lads.

0cc269 No.10890935

God feddit really is cancer. Heh, geddit

929477 No.10890963


ISIS is already dead. The Saudis and Israelis killed it by cutting off funding.

>>The statement reportedly said both Washington and Moscow agree that there is no military solution to the conflict and both countries expressed a commitment to Damascus’ sovereignty.

Yeeeeeah, I don't buy that.

What the fuck are those gay shirts they're wearing?

929477 No.10890999


>still nobody mentioning AIPAC

Its amazing how much of a grasp these kikes have on the American psyche, especially amongst leftists.

261ffb No.10891075





>ok, then you start it tough guy


You autists are the worst posters, you ruin every fucking thread with your autism and this ZOMG SO HARDCOREEEE act to think your cool or something. Either back up all your shit talking or shut up.

46a974 No.10891098


that's because the (((media))) didn't tell them to care about (((AIPAC))) or even what it is

some of you still don't seem to understand how braindead the average normalfag is

6b13e2 No.10891112


Whenever someone talks about "japs/gooks" i remember this picture. Posters who try to distance us from our japanese friends are ALWAYS kikes.

e6d28a No.10891146



Tbf gooks is specifically for koreans, who are spiritually kiked.

be4613 No.10891191

File: 34c77cce233d74f⋯.jpg (3.58 KB, 125x86, 125:86, isis-tier-scum.jpg)


deal with it you moron

and on remembrance too; no wonder we're in the state we are

929477 No.10891207


Oh, I understand it alright, I just find it amazing to behold.

4859bf No.10891231

File: 5216a6729a28e92⋯.jpg (71.44 KB, 404x600, 101:150, trump rally protesters fam….jpg)


The girl in the corner of the screen, can you post her here? Also she should be our offical anime girl like these faggot have >>10889555 Here name is Aryachan (Aryan)

e6d28a No.10891237


>muh 'member day

Yeah, let's remember all the times the Jews in control sent millions of whites to go kill millions of other whites. Or when they sent thousands and thousands to go die in some shit-hole so the CIAniggers could secure easy blackmarket money to fund their bullshit. It's not like every vet that has a functioning brain later realized how badly they fucked up by fighting for kikes. WWII vets having the worst regret of all.

fc3737 No.10891240

File: 333fe5db47783cd⋯.jpg (61.54 KB, 800x420, 40:21, hillary with transceiver.jpg)

We should be at war with them for rigging the election.

t. realPOTUS

f65f07 No.10891244


>why don't you want to be in the Middle East supporting us goy

23f912 No.10891377


Trips of truth.

On top of this, both are air-signs astrologically. Gemini and libra. Should help, too.

79a193 No.10891520


And they use it without knowing its origin. Anyone who's been here since that one April a few years back will cringe every time they come across it. It's a combination of newfags who have had their shit pushed in for not lurking, and the retarded shills that decided to added it to their repertoire of daily cringe. Should be a perma ban with the wordfilter parentheses included : (I'm a newfag)

55a29e No.10891574

File: 904ee20519fe462⋯.webm (7.55 MB, 854x480, 427:240, trump mika.webm)





Rolling for single 7 to bring peace, respect, and cooperation between Russian and USA

c22a59 No.10892167


>he managed to make Putin laugh

No small feat, that guy is almost entirely deadpan.

532394 No.10892198


>As long as the USA doesn't back the Kurds as they did ISIS

He could just move their territorial claims from Syria to Turkey.

6ac0e2 No.10892451


>MASSIVE raid on sanctuary cities this week – 498 illegal immigrants arrested

Calling that massive is just silly though

05b8ce No.10892523

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Putin does something similar here, seems to be pointing to media

05b8ce No.10892525


that's one housing unit in East New York

015b39 No.10894754


>What the fuck are those gay shirts they're wearing?

The blue represents Christianity. They represent the West standing in solidarity against ISIS/radical Religion of Cuck™.

77d17e No.10896031


way less genuine

ecd1ee No.10896272

Holy shit it finally happened. This is a huge chunk of the reason why I voted for him. I was worried for so long that the plans for regime change in Syria would go through, but Assad is staying boys.

Big day.

eafa5b No.10896434

File: ab34081fc2a02a0⋯.png (35.06 KB, 234x255, 78:85, f424b5e37a23c4b5eae711f067….png)

Its finally fucking time to retake Constantinople!!!

e74507 No.10896504

File: d25119346107ff7⋯.png (40.72 KB, 1642x393, 1642:393, legion.png)

The shills on this thread remind me of this beautiful piece from Cuckchan

e74507 No.10896550


wrong image… fuck

127655 No.10896904

File: 7bdf895b4dbd5fa⋯.png (222.08 KB, 765x854, 765:854, 211110__artist needed_sour….png)



Can you post the image?

596a49 No.10897046


Admit Zionism has advantages over Bolshevism, even to the parasitic-host, and you may as well admit to Alt-Right sympathies? But note how although Obama couldn’t stand the Israelis, and especially BiBi, he fucked us so good and hard in under 8 years that our great grandchildren are going to feel it, if we can any longer ensure their existence. Nevermind that political ideologies themselves are responsible for large imbalances in the system, which apparently must be balanced in societal time to the detriment of entire generations of people, and that trolling someone for wanting to mitigate the colossal, generation-wrecking impact of a politically radical administration, immediately looks like a lack of sympathy, and more importantly, utter absence of reason, when there is no positive claim about what could or should be done to combat the dysfunctional aspects of said ineffective system of governance in tow. Why waste the time at all unless you really are some sort of mental pygmy? Perhaps you imagine yourself a microcosm (as above so below) of your betters and think the only way to feel powerful is to play the game they created, to win? But what is your prize besides winning a few meaningless battles and losing the war? Think you’d be less antisocial if you just let them feed you more Seratonin or Dopamine? :^)

596a49 No.10897068

A second Bolshie administration going full Cloward-Piven, whether for ingroup welfare or for warfare, would have accelerated the US’ collapse. Perhaps that would’ve opened a window for military coup, but probably not without the death of millions in conflict first. Would that help us increase our birthrates? It’s hard to see how.

7a0766 No.10897113

File: 9735ddb7d690802⋯.png (1.07 MB, 809x1149, 809:1149, 1476406883937.png)

File: 31c176d5cf8ffeb⋯.jpg (34.48 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 266ba560f07c8139faf8a20b0a….jpg)

68b561 No.10897192

File: e25ebc11d2fe00e⋯.webm (366.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, cianiggers.webm)

File: 7d585b2d0fa9ba1⋯.jpg (742.13 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, kys_cianigger.jpg)


fuckin CIAnigger

44db4d No.10906643

File: f0dafd11f261f52⋯.jpeg (47.09 KB, 625x297, 625:297, image.jpeg)

File: 039d460878fdcdf⋯.jpeg (126.23 KB, 667x677, 667:677, image.jpeg)

File: b1df3d30b468dda⋯.png (293.32 KB, 819x831, 273:277, image.png)


You forgot about his White House statement on HOLOHOAX Remembrance Day pretty much made the JIDF shit their diapers when the writing literally said the axis were the forces of good by trumps own swipe of a pen


or the many times Trump has cucked Netanyahu with settlements in the West Bank and how Israel is getting angry that Russia and the US are working together too where they had to set up a safe zone in southern Syria because kikes kept firing from the golan heights on Assad's troops. Also there was this one article from the Iranians about the deal trump made with the Saudis meaningless because the same thing happened with the shah and it only helped the revolutionary forces seize power and with current times now KSA might soon fall into a civil war. The same of which could befall to Israel since the kikes birthrates don't look so good too where only the ultra orthodox or haredi kikes produce a positive birthdate of shitting out 7-8 yids and these ones refuse to serve in the military or get an actual job and bibis party had to give dozens of favors to them to vote for him so your average kike has a even lower birthrate even those living in the west barely have 1 about the same for liberal whites but could be Lower last time I check. So there's a possibility of not just civil war in KSA but in Israel aswell and with a powerful Shia crescent and hezbolla things won't look good for the kikes especially those in the west where soon with the way things are going we could see your average normie end up getting redpill about kikes especially right now when they keep overplaying their hand like with Alan Dershowitz practically admitting kikes have a lot of influence or the ADL with that schlomo meme in front of congress or that CNN Jews infograph that spread around on 4 of July with CNN threatening to doxx some redditor that made a trump smashed CNN gif. Our time is slowly coming pol can you feel the magic in the air?

bb298b No.10935288

File: 8e8528f00a7909c⋯.png (59.18 KB, 190x174, 95:87, thumb_1496854444-0.png.png)


f325f9 No.10935337



There were many more after that one too, although not on the Holy Land. Sick Trump in armor though.

17bea6 No.10935405


America's contribution will be to:

>stop funding, training, supplying, arming to the terrorist organisations they founded.

2df24c No.10938039

File: c849dcc354ba5df⋯.jpg (759.15 KB, 1280x2744, 160:343, Anti-Shill Spray [Contains….JPG)







Screen capped and bottled. Ready for dispensing. though i wish there were some sources posted, but oh well, up to anons to search it themselves

06273a No.10938370

So Trump is agreeing to stop funding, training and supplying ISIS?

63c6cd No.10938399



Meanwhile still supporting (((moderate rebels and Kurds)))

946653 No.10938434

File: 98d420a0e3f57bb⋯.png (178.48 KB, 640x912, 40:57, IMG_5477.PNG)

File: 27115a00f507755⋯.png (186.33 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, IMG_5478.PNG)

File: 82a82c6b64e185a⋯.png (87.96 KB, 627x661, 627:661, IMG_5479.PNG)

File: d3b9d79ca973c6c⋯.png (106.45 KB, 637x511, 91:73, IMG_5480.PNG)

File: c67b0a23064cd59⋯.png (103.81 KB, 640x874, 320:437, IMG_5481.PNG)


USAF flew low and LIT FLARES for ISIS bus convoy carrying 3,500 of their Leaders so the busses wouldn't get lost in the desert.

Trump was willing to honor his deal with ISIS because

1. he wanted a FAKE NEWS optics friendly blurb that Raqqa is Won. It took 50,000 soldiers 1 year to clear less than 2,000 ISIS from Mosul, which deeply embarassed "The Greatest Military of All Time."

The Penragon didn't want another black eye in Raqqa.

2. most importantly the Pentagon gets an excuse to ILLEGALKY occupy Syria by letting ISIS escape instead of doing what ISIS would do to us and double crossing on The Deal and droning that bus convoy and splatter every man, woman and child.

"sorry Goy, we hate War as much as you too, but ISIS is still in Suria and scattered, so we have to keep our 12 illegal covert bases and even keep expanding to put pressire on Assad.. oops, i mean Baghdadi, until we win"

b934a3 No.10938492

File: 4f9ae7b21ec04a1⋯.jpg (582.99 KB, 2028x2990, 78:115, 4f9ae7b21ec04a139c0d678258….jpg)



While it is true that USA government created ISIS, it was done under Obama (or possibly before) and is operated by CIA and other rogue divisions of the government.

ISIS is not under Trump's control, and it is both an external fight (USA military against ISIS in the middle east) and an internal fight ("drain the swamp", congress, jewdiciary system)

63c6cd No.10938499


Reminder the US is still supporting SDF/FSA Al-Nusra terrorists and the US isn't even trying to pretend that they don't regularly collaborate with ISIS against the SAA and allow ISIS troops to evacuate

https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-raqqa/u-s-backed-sdf-to-let-syrian-Religion of Cuck™ic-state-fighters-leave-raqqa-idUSKBN1CJ04R

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