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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: dc8bcd1a8f54087⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1276x772, 319:193, pay-toll-hooker.png)

4850c8 No.10900390

Coal Status- Burned.

Status of Toll- Paid in Full.

Account closed. Thank you for choosing to give Jews your business and your life.

It will be a cold day in hell before the Jüdenpresse in the ZOG ever picks this up:

"A former Dallas Cowboys player sliced his wife's neck and then crawled on the ground outside their rented Utah condominium before flagging down a police officer, prosecutors said in murder charges filed on Monday.

The bloody scene in the ski town of Park City indicated that Keri 'KC' McClanahan, 28, put up a desperate struggle before she was allegedly killed by her husband Anthony D. McClanahan.

According to police, the murder weapon was a small, sharp knife she'd worn sheathed in a nylon paracord bracelet."



4850c8 No.10900395

File: b4323861cd4c5d3⋯.jpg (156.62 KB, 634x643, 634:643, pay-toll-hooker-2.jpg)

These coal burners will never learn. And 95% of blame goes to the Jews who refuse t ever pick up these cases. If a White had killed a negresses, they'd be burning down cities funded by Jew Soros.

000000 No.10900413

Wow, another one OJ'd. Negro Felon League indeed.

4850c8 No.10900436


This one apparently only played nigger ball for a year, so wasn't even a rich nigger. I wonder if she got those trash tattoos before or after the nigger. To her father- congrats, you failed raising your daughter. To the Jews– your day will come.

b9bf57 No.10900442

Let me go grab my small violin…

4850c8 No.10900456


I'm gonna sound like i'm defending/white-knighting a coal burner, but i'm not. People need to understand that females have no agency. The same exact women who were literal hookers in the Weimar became good National Socialists under AH. Anything society pushes–even bestiality– a girl will pick up on. She was already dead as soon as she first fucked the nigger, but who really killed her? the niggers or the Jews who made not only socially acceptable but a virtue signal? I'd say the jews, the nigger was just acting as you'd expect a rabid ape to act.

70c648 No.10900466

She had money and status. It's the way she would've wanted to go out.

c1e304 No.10900476


OJ only ever got attention because he killed a jewess with connections. Only time you'll see an interracial crime on the big screen is if some kike was the victim of the nog.

79a78b No.10900477

File: 51541d5da5b3467⋯.jpg (81.24 KB, 500x417, 500:417, gorilla and jewess.jpg)


>The same exact women who were literal hookers in the Weimar became good National Socialists under AH

Prostituting yourself to other German men so that you can feed yourself and your family is somewhat redeemable given the conditions of the Weimar era. However, there is no coming back from nigger seed being deposited into her vagina and so if anything we should be thankful for every dead coalburner that these niggers decide to kill off. She, and any other white women who gets creampied by a nigger should be killed on the spot because she's of no use to us after that point

>not that im downplaying the role jews play in making white women want to fuck niggers, pic related is normal on jewflix

4850c8 No.10900482


>he killed a jewess

Have never seen evidence Nicole Brown was a Jewess. The waiter she was fucking was certainly Jew. If I've simply never seen the evidence and I'm wrong, please show me source. From what I understand, she was a waitress and basically came from White trash, not rich Jews.

c117ca No.10900489

File: 09e65b5d8a67c31⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1084x707, 1084:707, 92%-coalburner-kids-end-up….PNG)


4850c8 No.10900494


>Prostituting yourself to other German men

in the Weimar, vast majority of whores were for Jews or rich foreigners anon. Vast majority of German men didn't have shekels for that, they were trying to keep a job and those who couldn't often killed themselves. I do agree that burning coal for pure degeneracy is worse than trying to make money to help your family keep their home and feeds themselves obviously.

c1e304 No.10900531


I had a retard moment. I meant the other guy he killed who was a jew, Ron Goldman. They became became the center of attention I confuse the trial.

ca124d No.10900538

Snarly Ashkenazi worm lips on both of them.

fc7119 No.10900589

A coal burner does not deserve any better. Let that be yet another example. Race traitors need to die.

4850c8 No.10900604


>another example.

It's Not an example to anyone though because none of the Jew media outlets on ZOG will pick it up. I don't have a nosebag but would they delete this story, even if you put it with something like "he was only arrested because he was a kang, he be framed."

d2c4b9 No.10900618



hope it hurt real bad


I don't know about the thot, the nog does give off a bit of a Schlomo vibe. I hypothesize that a large percentage of niggers have some kike blood. Jews were far more likely to be slaveowners than whites, and some slaveowners bred their slaves, so why wouldn't some niggers have Jewish ancestry? I think it's quite likely that they do.

01aef3 No.10900622

So some money-grubbing woman is dumb enough to marry an all-testosterone, no-brains ding dong and I'm supposed to be outraged after he beats her gold-digging face in? Give me a break

70c648 No.10900665



The eyes on these two womyn look very similar. Hell, I had to make sure it's not the same person. One beat up, the other bled out, only way to tell.



679822 No.10900683

Nigger violence is common and well known so why do they still wanting the niggers?

25d852 No.10900689


I know of exactly one successful mixed relationship - black guy, former surgeon, asian wife, former accountant. They have been together for something like 40 years, and never had children.

d629a2 No.10900691


The problem is jews monopolizing media to brainwash women into thinking that they should relax around blacks.

4850c8 No.10900692


> and some slaveowners bred their slaves,

Almost all of them engaged in bestiality, which is the irony lost on niggers: biologically, almost all of them are direct descendants of slave-owners. Very few Whites are, yet they blame Whites for the actions of their own direct biological answers. I've been meaning to as a prominent high-stepping yellow kang this on twaater and see what response I get.

4850c8 No.10900695


>direct biological answers

*ancestors obviously but will correct before she autist gives me shit.

d6c16b No.10900727


>current year

>not realizing that women love getting beaten and raped

679822 No.10900754


So the solution is to be violent to attract the white women. They are the ones who demand us to be peaceful toward them.

962535 No.10900757

File: 81eba38a2c15167⋯.png (365.95 KB, 475x308, 475:308, jNlWG3J.png)

I cant stomach this shit anymore.

70c648 No.10900759

File: 4fce03cd24faa41⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 1033x777, 1033:777, picardMindWiped.jpg)

What if we've already perfected organic sex bots but somehow forgotten that we haven't figured out how to give them sentience yet?

962535 No.10900761



679822 No.10900771


I rather to eff the real women. The women's rights need to be taken away.

9f5529 No.10900807


This actually will probably get some play because of "muh football brain injuries". Its pretty obvious with him making snow angels when the cops found him, and his smirking jailhouse photo, that thats going to be his defense.

12123c No.10900816


No, just don't be submissive to anyone in no shape or form. Be openly dominant, but not so much so that you act like a nigger. Basically, those men that you think are douches, they usually get women because they do not give a single fuck about what others think of them, of course you need to hold your social skills intact while being outwardly dominant, otherwise you'll just seem like aspie who doesn't know what social boundaries are.

It's possible to be a douche and have douche friends, as long as you're not a cunt, there's a difference between a douche and a cunt. Ever since I became outwardly dominant and focused on what I want, while still being wholesome and morally intact, I started getting laid. Well, maybe not completely morally intact because I mostly fuck like a degenerate who needs his pure maiden to come along sometime soon.

Also, don't be fat and be well groomed (sometimes it doesn't matter if you're lucky). If you're deformed you'll have to develop a silver tongue.

d020a9 No.10900858

File: bf1dcaf8b6013c6⋯.png (5.39 KB, 256x224, 8:7, oh_no.png)

cd83b5 No.10900914

>this thread gets made in the middle of someone spamming old articles about irrelevant shitebart faggot Bannon and freechnigger D&C

Gee, I wonder if this is part of the raid.

a9e84a No.10901043

someone just start archiving all these news stories where coal burners are killed, like what the white victims of black crime thread does, and dispense it on tumblr or whatever it is white women use

831cd2 No.10901261

File: ab884e51f4a754c⋯.png (2.22 MB, 995x3366, 995:3366, 2017-11-13-23-19-www.daily….png)


remember, NEVER wife a women who fucked nonwhites (or anyone else, if you can). At the very least, vet the men she's slept with already, if it's over 5 (she'll lie), she's overripe.

831cd2 No.10901275

File: dbb754d3ff74d52⋯.png (491.65 KB, 645x1026, 215:342, 2017-11-13-23-25-www.ncbi.….png)




3847e5 No.10901313


Bless you brother. May the next Hitler be twice as ruthless.

000000 No.10901326


>the murder weapon was a small, sharp knife she'd worn sheathed in a nylon paracord bracelet

yea, that'll stop a raging NFL groid… Good thinking, you won the grand prize!

78acf5 No.10901327

If dubs all miscegenators get ebola along with blacks.

000000 No.10901341


That would be nice

abb5ff No.10901383



Are there any proofs for this?

4850c8 No.10901472


>f this is part of the raid.

ever wonder if you have schizophrenia friend? Not bullshitting, like genuine schizo to where you need medication?

>someone sees a story from DM (from today) re: coal burned, toll paid

>makes a thread at same time as your shitty one, fuck all to do with your thread

>conspiracy against you

get on an antipsychotic retard.

592026 No.10901660



That nigger seems awfully happy in the picture.


Both niggers and kikes shall be blamed for this atrocity.


Checked. I hope they didn't have any mongrels together.



>She, and any other white women who gets penetrated by a nigger should be killed on the spot because she's of no use to us after that point

FTFY. As soon as a white woman is penetrated by a nigger, she's ruined for life. The DNA is already deposited and insemination is not necessary.


>Be this attractive

>Not have any friends to move in with you

>Use Craigslist

>Let a feral nigger move in with you

>Attached by her roomate

What a fucking shame, but seriously, who edits these articles?


Gonna have to check these wild dubs. Right there with you.




>former surgeon

>Not "magic nigger"

You from around here?


This. If she's ever been with a non-white, it's a no-go. That's my rule and I'm sticking to it.

abb5ff No.10901714


A lot of people on /pol/ have legit schizophrenia, but sometimes they're right when they call out paid shills.

4850c8 No.10901736


There were certainly paid shills during campaign, maybe still from soros, as seen in film "Defamation" ADL too fat and lazy. But a completely unrelated thread with topic from an article on today's news? That seems genuine shizo to me, but whatever.

e82177 No.10901741

Hope all her friends got a good dose of reality.

The mullato is no different from the nigger, if she didn't know or care, she does now.

She was cute too, aside from tattoos and fucking niggers

9e58d2 No.10901749


Bitch got what she deserved. The nigger gave us a favor

4850c8 No.10901767


She was already a walking corpse once she touched the nigger. Turned down a very cute seattle girl who I had grown to like as soon as I found out she had once burned coal. Someone once told me, you can always tell a coal burner because they have "dead eyes," they have no souls.

Having said that, Dr. Pierce talked about being in an airport and seeing a female junkie with 3 mulatto children and a wigger and wondering if, without the Jews, the wigger could have been a soldier or a cop or fireman and the woman could have had White kids and a decent life.

07584b No.10901780

White women need to be treat like a property so they can be protected by the white men only.

4850c8 No.10901809


>White women need to be treat like a property

that's an inherently semitic idea.All that needs to be done is to take education and media AWAY from the Jews. Look how quickly the Weimar turned into the 3rd Reich and the women fell in line simply with those 2 major steps. The women in the 3rd Reich were often the most watchful of the Jew and hated them the most.

efbc5e No.10901898


ur pure maiden is off fucking niggers while you slut around yourself, ya dumbfuck degenerate

07584b No.10902002


> The women in the 3rd Reich were often the most watchful of the Jew and hated them the most.

True but today it is different. They are heavily brainwashed so it's not a good idea to let them to pass the skewed knowledges down to the poor children. The situation we are in requires extreme solutions to mend the problems.

4850c8 No.10902042


Still don't and never will buy the "White Sharia" meme, simply because it's not in our nature. I know, will get called "le White knight, etc.." I'm not claiming women should vote or that the media and academia HAS t be taken away from the Jews. But traditionally, until the Jews began pushing feminism and women in workplace, white women were the bedrock of things the NSDAP. A man will do anything if he knows he has a loyal woman at home caring for his kids.

Knew a guy whose father and grandfather worked for NASA, grandfather had been picked up as part of "operation paperclip" to work in defense. Will never forget, he told me his grandfather sort of let it all go after the war and didn't really care. But his grandmother despised Jews until the day she died.

and the Jews knew this. You'll see, in TV shows like "Band of Brothers," where the drunkard Lt walks into the house, and firs the older woman intimates him by staring him down. Later, he makes eye contact with her when she is being forced to bury Jew bodies.

Lots of examples I could give of this, but the point is i believe valid and the Jews know this. Which is why they target White (and esp Germanic/Nordic) women os much for race mixing.

4b6825 No.10902047


this is a cuck mentality

that nigger didnt do anyone a favor. raping and killing white women isnt a favor, no matter how insane she is. white women that fuck niggers have scrambled brains, its not something they deserve death for. NIGGERS deserve death before they even touch white women. white women should be forced to breed white kids for fucking niggers to make up for it.

Stop being a cuckold.

4850c8 No.10902069


anon, you sound like you have a sister, GF, or daughter who has burned coal. While I feel bad for you, I don't.. once a woman decides to burn coal, in my mind she's a bridge too far. If you want a former coal-burner as a GF, good luck toy but most of us do not.

93fd84 No.10902077


>mudsharks should be forced to breed with white men.

No. Mourn the passing of lost potential. The fact is that once someone passes that bridge, there really isn't any going back. It's no different than porn stars thinking they can become housewives and that their kids don't deserve the ridicule of coming out of a hole that's been stuffed with hundreds of dicks she honestly can't remember the names of.

Black, don't want you back, etc.

1a7feb No.10902091



>white women should be forced to breed white kids for fucking niggers to make up for it.

Jesus. If you said something this perverse 100 years ago you'd be a hated social outcast. It really shows how far down we've gone.

b00e66 No.10902163


Absolutely disgusting.

6cfd2b No.10902296

File: a7af43af601fbef⋯.jpg (11.04 KB, 274x220, 137:110, Channon_christian_Christop….jpg)

Niggers kill innocent whites every day in the most brutal ways. This coal burner obviously had it coming, but most whites are innocent victims.

Never forget.


6cfd2b No.10902302


There are outlyers in every group, anon. A nigger can put on a business suit and get a job with a bank, that doesn't mean at all he is the norm and that we should start looking into niggers as our next accountant.

0cd205 No.10902324

File: 08d29472736057e⋯.jpg (21.03 KB, 318x320, 159:160, ojseal.jpg)

c2f018 No.10902331




>abstract that concludes that further studies are needed

Nigger do you even science? I agree you don't fuck with women who mess with muds, but damn. 8% of n=26? 22% of n=23? 10% of n=48? These are not concerning. You'd be better served avoiding any woman that has had a spontaneous or induced abortion.

c2f018 No.10902333


Beta-cuck detected.

4850c8 No.10902334


you know this story right? The niggers who did this had to be given new trials bc the kike judge was so high on xanax for the entire trial he was fucking nodding out? (yes, it was a JEW, look it up) I think at least one of the niggers ended up not getting death over that. thanks, Jews.

4850c8 No.10902339



always ask people this– what's wrong with DM so long as they properly source? I've been asking for 4+ years (first on cuckchan, then here) for a better source than DM that doesn't involve d\paying the Jew shekels. Have never received an answer. Yes, they do a lot of showbusiness trash, but also cover interracial shit ZOG won't and are pretty good on terrorism compared to any other media. Why? Editor is not a Jew.

6cfd2b No.10902345


Yup. Instead of getting a tree and some rope like the old days… they gave these animals each a separate trial with juries from out of town then found out the judge was a pill head and several of them got new trials.

Huge waste of everyone's time and money.

The head nigger behind it all tried lying on his friends, saying they were the ones who did it and they pulled a gun on him and held him prisoner just like Channon.

c5f1bd No.10902350


>They have been together for something like 40 years, and never had children

Well at least we didn't get any more mutts.

It occurs to me the nogs usually bail at pregnancy because that means no more sex for a while which is the only thing they wanted.

c5f1bd No.10902355


>a degenerate who needs his pure maiden to come along sometime soon

You don't deserve and will not get her.

0807ec No.10902358


The white children of a former, mentally ill coalburner belong nowhere, especially not around the children of normal whites. These women belong in the dirt. Our gene pool does not need, nor deserve, their pollution.

c2f018 No.10902364


They're not properly sourced. Also:









>pic (could)



>the jury is still out


It's a sensationalized article on the level of "I fucking love science". No data. No methodology. Dailymail is fine for current events. They do a great job. Don't follow any media source for anything science related though. They didn't even give the reader the sample size of flies used in the study or how they determined that a previous mate actually affected size of offspring.

c2f018 No.10902366


Exactly. If they're breeding with nogs there is something defective about their genetics. Don't allow that to be passed along.

0cd205 No.10902392

File: f2fa9c2d1d14827⋯.jpg (51.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, t1larg.pressly.jpg)


Why do we rarely (read never) see black women raped and murdered by white men?

6cfd2b No.10902400


Good point. If races were truly equal, we would see this represented in SOME capacity… but it just never happens and no one (outside of us) notices it or talks about it.

60ecf1 No.10902519


If anything happens to Trump, or if we get a leftist president, you can bet your ass the RaHoWa goes hot. Every nigger will be "hangin' with Mr. Cooper" Alabama wind chime style. Kids will stop playing vidya games and will go for real life high scores.

Our two species cannot peacefully coexist. The experiment was educational, and now it is time to effect change based on the findings.

b65502 No.10902520

No you didn't, bro. She was indeed a coal burning kike. Most people don't know that a PI exposed Jason (OJ's son) as the killer. He was known to have peeped on Nicole according to a police friend of hers and attacked an ex employer with a knife who was a jew like Goldman. He also faked the time card for Jackson's restaurant for the night of the murders. Look for the doc "OJ Guilty, But Not of Murder", it's not easy to find or I would post a link.

017890 No.10902521


>put up a desperate struggle

that's the sweet spot that helps my morning being pleasurable

017890 No.10902530



>In October, he allegedly kidnapped his 8-year-old son from an Arizona school

Police tracked him down, arrested him and took the boy back, documents say

His wife, Keri, had two of her own children, aged seven & nine, with another man

oy vey, it's almost as if feminist bullshit isnt compatible with manliness (AKA willingness to kill to save yourself and your own genetic line)

6cfd2b No.10902548


If someone happens to Trump, expect a ceavul waehr of some sort

017890 No.10902558


>who really killed her?

her own mother

017890 No.10902595


>seed being deposited into her vagina


you seem to be harboring some degenerate fetish brother

direct yourself to ze ovens

000000 No.10902603

>and nothing of value was lost

One less roastie to waste men's time, energy and wealth.

22d649 No.10902605


retarded faggot cuck

stop getting your donut glazed

017890 No.10902614



>Magdel le Roux says that the name VaRemba may be translated as "the people who refuse" – probably in the context of "not eating with others" (according to one of her interviewees)


>the people who refuse

that's pretty good

i love those names

like the Bön people (ancient tibetans before the buddhists came in) call the buddhists "the men of the rule"

22d649 No.10902616

















017890 No.10902634


>he doesnt know that women always ask the contrary of what they really want

017890 No.10902647



>t. raging virgins

017890 No.10902659


there's also a studies that records a correlation between the darkness of the skin of individuals or whole people, i dont remember, and violent behavior/low iq

7df340 No.10902778

Back in '88 when I was in the Persian Gulf,I had a shipmate that with the "Dear John" he received from his wife,he also got some Polaroids of her fucking some nigger.It wasn't like this guy didn't have enough on his plate being shot at and all,but this nearly had him jumping over the side.We neatly packaged those photos up and mailed them off to her parents in a Christmas card.In the late 80's,the

kikes were pushing the burn coal meme hard on MTV and whatnot.

96fdfd No.10902807

You sound like a coalburner tbh.

96fdfd No.10902811


what happened then?

fc7119 No.10902829


The coal burner still deserves the axe. They didn't breed ? Good. Spare us of these weak traitor genes.

40eac4 No.10902830


I like to know this also.

b00e66 No.10902836


>A man will do anything if he knows he has a loyal woman at home caring for his kids.

I won't do shit for former whores and mudsharks.

22d649 No.10902840


then don't have former whores at your domicile

22d649 No.10902841


cont. or are you a fucking degenerate?

000000 No.10902891

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dayum and she was cute too unlike the usual ratfaced mudsharks. What can be done to save these women? Vid semi-related.

7df340 No.10902895


Being that it took two weeks or so to get mail,and

we didn't have phone access,it was like a slow rolling shit storm with wailing and gnashing of teeth from the burner and co. He went on to find a beautiful,nice gal that treated him right.

He was a cool dude and deserved better,and he got it.Hapiness can be the best revenge.

This story is a good tool in seeing how a white chick responds to it.If it pisses her off that the photos were sent to the burners parents,she herself is a potential burner.

If a gal ever tells you she "doesn't know what she wants" get the fuck away from her.Just an added bit of hard won wisdom .

22d649 No.10902943


>that retched shoulder tat

b07bc5 No.10903002


That is a nice revenge.

a5cfac No.10903046


she isn't a murder victim, she is a victim of this jew run society.

59ff69 No.10903211


They're no worse than the other papers.

They're just the most popular of them, and the Leftist rags actually print aggression towards them.

74fe48 No.10903302

File: 7045c8378aabc50⋯.mp4 (3.42 MB, 854x480, 427:240, sad.mp4)


bix nood

not really sorry for her OP. She got what was coming to her. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It's the future generation who I really feel sorry for. The non-animals.

74fe48 No.10903306


Hold the phone…. Tattoos. See, she had tendencies…. Always look at force multipliers when trying to understand the psychological aspects behind individuals. You can figure it out yourselves.

Lads, remember the old saying "If she smokes, she pokes?" Implying the lass is a slut - in the most part? Despite that gross generalization, it was relatively accurate until about 15 years ago. Today's equivalent are tattoos. Think about it for a few seconds. Tattoos are trash.

4850c8 No.10903790


but were the tattoos before or after she burned the coal is the key question. In other words, would you know she was a whore before if she had no tattoo?

cb68ea No.10903803

Sure would be nice if we could segregate ourselves from rabid animals like Israel does. But, according to elite feminist libtards, not all niggers are like this. As long as there is one nigger who isn't evil, we have to get used to getting killed by the others.

3a645d No.10903852

File: 5c223df72b3077b⋯.jpg (78.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1359827238137.jpg)


Recommending anon should imbibe pharmajewticals. kys

3a645d No.10903870

File: 2647f347714a65c⋯.jpg (66.53 KB, 399x399, 1:1, 1440241909455.jpg)

>>10902002 (checked for heh)

>The situation we are in requires extreme solutions to mend the problems.

Yeah, the absolute extermination of all semitic peoples, and their half-breeds.

3a645d No.10903913

>>10900456 (checked for amun)

>People need to understand that females have no agency. The same exact women who were literal hookers in the Weimar became good National Socialists under AH. Anything society pushes–even bestiality– a girl will pick up on.

What white women NEED is strong white men to retake their homelands and destroy the invaders.

>>10900466 (checked for kek)

>>10900477 (checked for kek)

>However, there is no coming back from nigger seed being deposited into her vagina and so if anything we should be thankful for every dead coalburner that these niggers decide to kill off.

When the purge begins the race traitors will be buried along side the enemy.

>>10900494 (checked for heh)

>Vast majority of German men didn't have shekels for that, they were trying to keep a job and those who couldn't often killed themselves.

Sounds a lot like white countries of today.

>>10900622 (checked for kek)

>So some money-grubbing woman is dumb enough to marry an all-testosterone, no-brains ding dong and I'm supposed to be outraged after he beats her gold-digging face in? Give me a break

Agreed, no sympathy for traitors.

>>10900727 (checked for heh)

They don't because if the understood what actual rape entails they would be sick. What most women mean when they say "rape-fantasy" it's usually just them getting aggressively dicked down by a man they find desirable who tells her what to do rather than ask her for permission to touch her.

4850c8 No.10904501


>s. kys

wouldn't it be a shame if it were your family/you he knifed to death because he thought "he was seeing demons" during a psychic break?

9b9126 No.10904782

File: 9602b9d8a1d050d⋯.jpg (112.75 KB, 369x345, 123:115, Kendrick Morris Queena Phu….jpg)

File: f347bd361f72c58⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 244x300, 61:75, 4f431272bbf4404f28d76473f3….jpg)

File: 9ab0c7c3548ca4f⋯.jpg (213.18 KB, 640x1108, 160:277, 9ab0c7c3548ca4ff8257954e3f….jpg)

File: 5707b628a650b09⋯.jpg (359.17 KB, 800x790, 80:79, 5707b628a650b095684d928f2e….jpg)

File: 86d2964542e7647⋯.png (801.47 KB, 1165x723, 1165:723, whie american sjw dies at ….png)

4cec8b No.10904812


jews are not semites; gentiles are

<one of their biggest lies, along with "Jesus was one of us"

GENTILES are semites, descendants of Shem son of Noah. aka WHITE PEOPLE.

4850c8 No.10904829


>GENTILES are semites, descendants of Shem son of Noah

you rapture bunnies can be as bad as the Jews. I don't care about your insane ideas, the real issue here is that most rapture bunnies are the john hagee follower type.

e44886 No.10904895


best part was the dead silence for a time after, while they mourned and regrouped

4cec8b No.10904921


you really need to do more homework and lurk another 20 years

4850c8 No.10904923


> dead silence for a time after

don't recall "dead silence." Everyone and everything was a "TRS Shill." Even in unrelated threads. If you told someone "shut the fuck up, don't even know what TRS is, never heard it" you got a ban too as a "TRS shill." Month after election was worst time ever here.

c550f9 No.10904930


good god

4850c8 No.10904936


>to do more homework and lurk

Oh no, please, enlighten me on how "Gentiles are semites" since you apparently don't even know the fucking definition of that word. I can wait. Also, enlighten me on what non-kike has ever used word "shem." Clearly, you are a true "oldfag." Enlighten me.

fc7119 No.10904995


You need to read the Bible, before you show everyone how uneducated and stupid you are. Either stfu and lurk or stay an useless parasite

e44886 No.10905050


That was later I think, and yes, everyone who perpetuated that cancer was a gigantic faggot. I meant more the day or two after when ctr wasn't sure what they were supposed to do.

4850c8 No.10905084


>You need to read the Bible

where the fuck do you think you are exactly? My guess is a rapture bunny rapefugee from sormcunt and "sugar don black." Correct?

683921 No.10905098


Welcome to /pol/ newfag. You have almost arrived.

9e1348 No.10905127


Thanks for the advice, old fag with all due respect, of course.

6166e8 No.10906472


tbqh adultery laws should be c.a. 1300s not "Current Year"

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