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Odious Memes

File: 596205d843ede57⋯.jpg (22.05 KB, 300x200, 3:2, pr_07.jpg)

3997fe No.10902412

The New Interior Design World Order

Something never really mentioned here is the takeover of corporate design.

Especially in my trips to China it was noticeable. Before Shanghai had it's french colonial architectural charm and now it's turning into plastic corporate land. In Dublin that's visible as well and Manila outside of the slums is Megacorp and Megamall land as well.

Plastic interior design, the cheapest crap ingredients restaurants can get way with that you wolf down in between your 3 part time jobs or in your 30min break during your 12h shift. Big cities are essentially turning into hell 2.0 with only the ruling class being able to afford quality food, can live in buildings that have history instead of a design beehive and don't need to work themselves to death to have a normal existence.

Corporate offices essentially start to look all the same all over the world now, forming the first rootless corporate class that don't care where they live cause everything looks the same either way in corporate land from starcucks to their office.

3997fe No.10902415

File: dcce8157f6a8395⋯.jpg (140.14 KB, 700x391, 700:391, g4-700x391.jpg)

Random Jewgle office.

3997fe No.10902416

File: a2654feae7ed3a6⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 620x387, 620:387, starbucks-india_2373933b.jpg)

Random Starcucks in Pajeetistan

6fcf59 No.10902417


is that pic a mcdonalds?

3997fe No.10902421


Yup, they were the ones at the forefront of the Mc Creep global alignment interior design encouraging samething and sameness for the goyim of the world.

3997fe No.10902430

File: ed5ab3227d70489⋯.jpg (80.05 KB, 620x330, 62:33, 10.shutterstock_143031850-….jpg)

Random mall in Manila. They all look the same and they're trying to push virtually all retailers and restaurants in there instead of opening independent locations.

3997fe No.10902432

File: 5bd8cef70bd2708⋯.jpg (91.03 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 3cd9b536039a1fbcc9a4abc2c0….jpg)

Random condo tower in Los Angeles. They're trying to push marginalized millenials who can't afford houses even though they have "good" jobs into shoebox condos these days that all roughly look the same.

7f2966 No.10902443


Another disgusting by product of semitic globalization. The kike has no comprehension of beauty or aesthetics and this is reflected wholesale in everything it infects.

3997fe No.10902444

File: bbe99f5d8fd0836⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 480x640, 3:4, BensonTowe_100_pic_4849.JPG)

Condo in Portland OR

Guess who the ((developers)) are?

3997fe No.10902448


I think McKike probably spent a lot of money on research regarding the lowest common design determinator of plebs that can be rolled out standardized globally.

d6f842 No.10902451

File: 1cd2c2d26ba61e2⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 3888x2592, 3:2, thatsapenis.jpg)


>subtle sexual innuendo

>faux individuality by applying different bland colors on standardized furniture

>uncomfortable chairs so the goy can't actually relax

Final stage of cultural/Freudian marxism?

3997fe No.10902453

File: cec51caa0d43f65⋯.png (835.6 KB, 1019x525, 1019:525, screen8737842374.png)

The dwellings for the mixed race globalist workers.

f1a194 No.10902455


doesnt even look fucking comforting at all , looks sterile like a doctors office how the fuck can someone relax there?

6fcf59 No.10902458

File: 407cb9cf5dcd68c⋯.jpg (3.07 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, britton-street-exterior.jpg)

This street where I used to live near always annoyed me, Georgian town houses ruined by some international developer. It doesn't even match.

d6f842 No.10902461

File: 3d7b1811b86fd02⋯.gif (10.53 KB, 554x668, 277:334, 3d7b1811b86fd02813206585bc….gif)


>the jerusalem tavern

3997fe No.10902465


You're just supposed to sleep in there. It needs to closely resemble the jewgle office so the goyim is subconsciously reminded that he needs to work.

6fcf59 No.10902472


I knew someone would notice that. I think it got its name from William Blake's Jerusalem poem.

7f2966 No.10902476


What about my previous statement is at odds at what you just said?

03493f No.10902480

File: e6ea2cd63a536aa⋯.jpeg (26.02 KB, 513x287, 513:287, images.jpeg)


Of course they understand you plebian. Look at how they design their own shit. Go find a building in your town that is old or has Roman columns in the front and you will find kikes there. They push this shit to promote a global culture so that people can be dominated with a single propaganda system rather than having to make one for Brits and one for Germans and so on. This is NWO. Global government system being implemented through a cultural war. It's not limited to architecture either. Full spectrum dominance.

7d332e No.10902483


>No door between kitchen and living space

Fucking kikes.

03493f No.10902489


They already look like shitholes but the new one is a gay shithole

3997fe No.10902492

File: d3927f64f030520⋯.jpg (250.06 KB, 800x607, 800:607, emery_1x.jpg)

Another one in Portland, which is supposed to resemble Europoor 2.0

Bicycles and public transports instead of cars, only bodyguards can wear weapons and you live in a beehive. The jewish dream.

a8d8ba No.10902499

File: 692b2ff036985ac⋯.jpg (10.13 KB, 194x259, 194:259, fruitsalad.jpg)


Reminds me of pic related.

03493f No.10902500

File: 2ebe26dc823f54f⋯.jpeg (32.51 KB, 443x332, 443:332, images (1).jpeg)

File: 85d8a4febaef307⋯.jpeg (23.48 KB, 500x294, 250:147, images (2).jpeg)

File: 53427402bc69cf5⋯.jpeg (24.35 KB, 554x265, 554:265, images (3).jpeg)

3997fe No.10902501

File: 4c3f9c42690b2c4⋯.png (792.13 KB, 1015x515, 203:103, screen31983193293.png)

Another one in Portland. It's like living in a hotel.

a8d8ba No.10902502


The one on the left looks like a cheap way of making projects look slightly less niggerish.Different slotted anti-theft bars lol

2ee5ab No.10902503



It looks like the Netherlands.

91b765 No.10902509


Guess that's the point. It's not supposed to feel like home.

3997fe No.10902511

File: c28e81f5ffd66a1⋯.jpg (72.42 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 3060998-inline-extra-rotte….jpg)


Yeah, NL has a lot of jews, hence the modern corporate design.

Especially in Rotterdam with Bilderberg mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb.


03493f No.10902513

File: 4a2252f60d86b68⋯.jpeg (19.46 KB, 443x332, 443:332, images (4).jpeg)

File: a230f55d5af2545⋯.jpeg (26.96 KB, 511x288, 511:288, images (6).jpeg)

File: 486b2049fc1c45f⋯.jpeg (21.07 KB, 426x300, 71:50, images (5).jpeg)


It's from new Zealand. Proving OPs point that this is global now.

a8d8ba No.10902516


Pretty elaborate cuck shed you got there in the middle, Im sure Sven is jealous.

7834bc No.10902517

File: df84e16e0f54ca5⋯.jpg (173.49 KB, 1000x1202, 500:601, 5812627661816aa890821c50bd….jpg)


Seeing all this plastic shit makes me feel much better about my life. Advice to any reading: stay the FUCK away from these places because they are designed to siphon your life and creativity. Everyone just wants a shrine for their TV, that is what a house is now. Most have forgotten that a house is a shrine for your family. They don't even want a family anymore, they just want to be alone in front of a giant screen to make them feel like they've made it in life. My TV is bigger than yours mentality, just like "muh dick". They're so dumb they can't even realize they've been tricked into freely handing over the little time they have left in this reality. They aren't even grateful to be alive.

Materialism corrupts literally everything. This is one reason we fight. We will put an end to this madness. People will abandon this nihilistic mentality and live meaningfully again. The truth will win in this great spiritual struggle between good and evil. The society of the future won't cheat themselves like ours does now.

What will you see when you look into the mirror at the end of your short life?

a9ac59 No.10902525


middle one is in my city, and I fucking hate it. cheers for posting it Anon, HAHA.

199ffd No.10902526

Modern skylines all look the same, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you have the same bland glass towers. Living space is equally as generic, take a tour of a modern apartment in Kolkata, then London, maybe somewhere in the UAE, it doesn’t make any difference because it all looks exactly the same and it’ll all cost you a fortune but that’s OK because the plug sockets come with charging ports for your mobile phone, standard fit because there are only two devices to choose from no matter where you are. There is a free coffee machine as well, the same type you will find in every hotel room everywhere in the world.

The shops are all the same and every product is the same, every disposable coffee cup is the same shape and size but vary in colour at different times of the year so that is something to take a picture of and share your friends, a red Starbucks coffee cup in October? Madness! Only not really because you are sharing the picture on the same platform that everyone in the country you are visiting uses so everybody you know has already seen thousands of red Starbucks coffee cups in October, it’s for Diwali, buzzfeed have written 17 articles on it.

One day soon Governments will hand their responsibilities over to corporations. If you think things are bad now just wait until you live in a Google City.

8d66f3 No.10902529


It is happening in Brisbane as well. There's a lot of buildings going on and the city don't look so matched. Some of the buildings are actually country houses! I hate modernism craps.

3997fe No.10902532


Singapore is getting there. It's the testbed regarding total oppression. Locals are ants so they don't mind. It's multi ethnic with the niggest pajeets, mudshits, malay apes and ant people.

2503a0 No.10902535

and the shit is is not even cheap to live in, at least over here in the netherlands, living is fucking expensive. better get that loan from uncle shlomo!

222a2e No.10902537


And the freemasonic house next door with the morning star rising above the door.

Pure cohencidence.

3997fe No.10902540


Singapore Is Taking the ‘Smart City’ to a Whole New Level


199ffd No.10902543


I’d rather live in the sewer system with the mole people.

8d66f3 No.10902544

I can't understand why the kikes are so hellbent on spreading the globalism craps across the world. Don't they realise that it will make the people angry and the nationalism will grow to protect the people and cultures? It's like that they lack the ability to think ahead.

000000 No.10902547

Take a look at this: http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-property-microflats-idUKKCN1B30PE


3997fe No.10902549


The Netherland is the biggest kvetsch of goyim right now next to Germany.

All the government owned housing is rented for next to nothing to rapefugees while dutch people are forced into home ownership 25 year mortgage enslavement, which keeps them on really tight leashes cause they can't afford to lose their jobs.

8d66f3 No.10902550


>home ownership 25 year mortgage enslavement,

You have to be joking.

6747a5 No.10902556

Everything just lacks CHARACTER! Everything the same. You should be able to walk into a persons home and instantly tell what kind of people live there. I have a family home, we also have a child, and it reflects that. Also none of this generic shit decorations, my book shelves and cd shelve in themselves act as decoration but reflect my personality. Modern architecture and design I find it so cold and distant, no warmth to it or a "comfy" sense of feeling. Luckily my partner feels the same.

3997fe No.10902559


the system in NL is: make 3x the rent net or nobody will rent to you

people don't make that unless they're CEOs so they're forced to buy studio apartments for outrageous money on 25 to 30 year mortgages that they'd lose to the ((banks)) as soon as they lose their jobs, which inevitably happens if you're a bad goy

4ef875 No.10902560


>parking a bike where any asshole can trip over it

Whoever took that picture does not own a bicycle.

3997fe No.10902561


placing hipster bicycles and motorcycles in offices and shops is a thing these days

it gives an idea what could be…

7834bc No.10902563


This is done so everyday people are forced to rent while they tear down the overpriced houses and build more hives for people to rent from. The system is completely rigged against us.


Unfortunately it's no joke.

8d66f3 No.10902570

File: ee7bbefd3cfb079⋯.png (594.31 KB, 509x486, 509:486, недоумением.PNG)



Damn that is not right.

199ffd No.10902574


Britain is overpopulated even going by the official (sanitized) data. The Government admits to a new growth of 350k a year via immigration alone, non-native birth rates swing higher. Housing development is currently meeting 30 percent of what would be required for each new household entering to have a home vacant for them to move in to.

At least 150,000 people (I believe it is double that) enter the country illegally each year. Meaning new development is at best meeting somewhere around 20 percent of requirements. It is chaos believe me. Seven illegal workers to a one bedroom flat chaos. Medieval diseases rearing their heads back up chaos.

5339f4 No.10902575


And that's why I promote the use of matches and lighters and flint and steel , maybe a bowdrill or a magnesium strip for a good old fashioned cleansing.

Fuck these kikes

Play with matches kids

199ffd No.10902579


>the system in NL is: make 3x the rent net or nobody will rent to you

That is a very strange system, I presume mortgages are easy to obtain? What happens if you don't earn enough to rent but do not qualify for a mortgage?

5339f4 No.10902584


They laugh at you for being poor anon

8d66f3 No.10902587


What the eff? It is not shameful to be poor.

2ee5ab No.10902590


It is for fags whose only thing they have for themselves is money.

5339f4 No.10902596


What I meant anon is , they say tough shit buddy - make more money

Rent seekers are of the (( (tribe)))


f1a194 No.10902597


I dont even think the elites like the plebs indulging in any materialism. They do this minimalist shit where you just throw your shit away like it meant nothing to you , you have no history , you dont have a memory attached to anything like maybe your grandfather gave you a gameboy as a kid or something nope outdated just keep your all in one device dont even keep presents from family where it meant something to you as a kid.

199ffd No.10902609


But you don’t have to be poor to be refused a mortgage. I am self-employed, I’m not poor but I do not have a guaranteed income so the banks will not consider me for a mortgage. When I started renting I did not earn three times the rent because rent in my area is so high. So unless mortgages are given out very freely under such a system I don’t understand how there isn’t a huge homeless population.

3997fe No.10902611


>That is a very strange system, I presume mortgages are easy to obtain?

I'm not Dutch but when I was working there a Dutch colleague making 1.400 EUR net a month got a mortgage for 100k for a studio apartment in a ghetto area of Amsterdam with virtually nothing down.

They figure the market is liquid enough to make up for defaults on "low priced" units.

7834bc No.10902615


>What happens if you don't earn enough to rent but do not qualify for a mortgage?

You go fucking homeless and then…

>They laugh at you for being poor anon

199ffd No.10902617


Oh right, well that is actually a much better system in my opinion. Enabling people to buy even at a high rate of interest is far better then forcing them to rent. The idea of someone earning 1.4k a month and buying in London is laughable, I know people in London who earn 5k a month who can’t afford to buy.

3997fe No.10902618


Below middle class dutch people used to live in social housing in Amsterdam which is now exclusively allocated to invaders.

When I was living there colleagues that were renting rooms had such a hard time securing a new room when they split with girlfriends or w/e that many of them faced homelessness.

There is also a huge homeless population, although I'm not sure where they stay. Walk around at night in Amsterdam and you'll meet dozens of homeless guys asking you to bum a cigarette.

f1a194 No.10902620

Forgive the sperging but the other thread about art and architecture earlier I think did have a point where minimalism wants you to be detached to having a history and keep things. Where the rich will be the only ones to keep historical buildings and the plebs live in the apple store like places.

3997fe No.10902627


it's slavery either way with housing prices so high that you can't afford to lose your shit job ever

London is a whole other level of clusterfuck regarding buying but at least you can rent a room there no problem.

Best plan in London if you have to move there somehow is just renting a room or a lock up garage and sleeping in your car like the eastern euros and using the saved shekels to build a house in eastern europoor.

2ee5ab No.10902629


Isn't there a way to help them ?

5339f4 No.10902630


Yep. Bum the white guys a pack of smokes and a twenty if you have it on you

3997fe No.10902638


If a normal guy who has his shit together has a hard time living a stable life, imagine how hard it is for someone who doesn't.

I told a German hobo before to go back to Germany to collect welfare there and told him some city where it's easy and how to go about it but he didn't want to.

8d66f3 No.10902643


> he didn't want to.

Maybe he don't want to drain the taxpayer money?

2ee5ab No.10902645



I'm talking about a more permanent housing outside of Amsterdam and maybe a pamphlet for some utra nationalist group. They have to be pissed off enough at that point to join one.

db2c03 No.10902652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This was all predicted a long time ago. like 80's. This is from The Holy Mountain and it's this thread in a nutshell.

>The worker will come here only to sleep, he won't need electricity or water, he won't have to cook, we'll condition him to eat at the factory!

>coffin shaped shelter is demonstrated to a bunch of kikes with a naked blond blue eyed girl climbing into it in erotic dance.

3997fe No.10902653


The welfare departments are bullies and make you go through a huge bureaucratic process.

They want to force whites into the shittiest shit jobs that barely pay above welfare while they leave invaders alone.

That's their policy.

7834bc No.10902657


"Materialism" in the Western mind is given the negative connotation of having and consuming low quality mass-produced goods.

Materialism in the Eastern mind is given a positive connotation of possessing and using what you absolutely need alongside praising high quality goods made from time and effort and possibly by a skilled craftsman. In their eyes the Western "Materialism" is actually anti-materialist.

Of course when you look at modern China in comparison to America it is easy to see how these separate conceptions are merging into one and are losing their original meaning. This is only happening because of postmodern and globalist thinking.

Hope this clears things up, I completely agree that the elites don't want everyday people to have the nice high-quality things they have.

8d66f3 No.10902678


So it's better for the germans live the simple life rather to go through the hassles. That's sad.

3997fe No.10902680


Funny enough, even though people would readily rent coffin like places, there is nothing on the market.

This might be the future, but for now it's all about forcing whites into high income careers if they want to have a normal existence so they pay 50% income as tax that gets channeled into the population replacement scheme.

64f9ad No.10902683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


draining the taxpayer money is theoretically a wise thing for the white man.

The more money you make, the more you fund your shit-skin replacements, tranny educators, ZOG military, cia-niggers, welfare-niggers, police-niggers, etc.

learn from the shit-skins: cash-jobs with welfare.

I don't trust Varg 100%, but I feel he is on to something.

8d66f3 No.10902688


>draining the taxpayer money is theoretically a wise thing for the white man.

Only if they don't pay the taxes but in my country, it's impossible to avoid the taxes. There's a lot of taxes on anything.

3997fe No.10902689


I doubt Varg will survive when shit goes down but he's better off than the big city dweller.

The problem is everything is near big cities in Europe. There is no truly rural place.

d1fac8 No.10902690

There's an upside to this. If so many goys move to the cities to become ant people the house/land prices in the countryside will go down. I bet it's already possible to snatch a decent house with enough land to support a small family for $50k.

57840c No.10902691


>Made the bad guys into literal NWO

>Associated it with money, Hollywood, shitty celebs like Dennis Rodman and disgraceful behaviour like defaming history and tradition

Based Southern Wrasslin'

195382 No.10902692


I have some insight into this. It's not that they leave invaders alone.

It's that these invaders don't respond to the same social pressures that whites do. Any white person goes into a welfare office, and they are being pressured by everything there - find work, any work, anything will do. It's in the material about how to apply, in the documents you have to fill in in order to receive welfare, everything.

You have a muslim man go into the same office, and even if they understand the language they don't respond to the social pressure.

Blacks don't respond to white social pressure either - they respond to black social pressure. If you want black people off of welfare, put a half dozen 70-year-old black men behind the counter handing it out and let them say whatever they want to the ladies who come in to collect money.

57840c No.10902700

File: ac62a3674e07b7e⋯.jpg (89.17 KB, 595x397, 595:397, Place.jpg)

File: 73ebf65f5a43f9d⋯.jpg (67.37 KB, 568x278, 284:139, Danmark.jpg)

This is how a free man should live. Look just how nice it is for your soul to see. Being in places like this, just makes you a happier person (and i bet we could redpill normalfags through this).

a8d8ba No.10902703


Buy a couple packs of smokes and hand them out to homeless white guys? lol. We need to start some charities and NGOs etc for just these types of reasons.

7834bc No.10902706


Why do you think environmentalism is being pushed so hard? It's so the government can come along and claim that cheap land and make it a national park or a nature preserve or some other made up bullshit to keep anyone from moving back out there. You'll have to out-think anybody in your way if you don't want to be forced into a hive-city like everyone else.

a8d8ba No.10902707


>live in a little house off on your own in the woods

>niggers form hunting parties to go raping women who avoid city life because everyone else has aids

I dont think thats going to solve the problem.

49bc22 No.10902709


Varg doesn't pay any taxes thanks to French tax laws, but he isn't on welfare as far as I know. I like him but it's difficult for me to believe that he really manages to support a family of eight with just the income from his RPG and Burzum.

8765e5 No.10902715


Don't they have factories like this in China where people live, sleep, eat, and work all in the same building? They hot-bunk the same beds too and sleep in shifts.

b9eeb8 No.10902717


The Holy Mountain is in itself is a prophecy of what was/is to come.

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a Jew himself. I know this is an extremely unpopular opinion here but I do not believe for a second that genetically being born a Jew makes you inferior in any way and I'll leave it at that.

Alejandro is proof of this, at least in my opinion.

If you're reading this, I recommend you watch this movie, especially if you're concerned with social and moral decay.


a8d8ba No.10902720


There is absolutely nothing wrong with milking society for welfare bucks. Think of it this way: You, and your family - have been paying taxes into that system for generations, maybe even over a century. Suddenly, niggers show up and are draining all the savings from the countries account. In order to solve our problems, society has to get worse before it can get better. So there is no shame in it, as a white man, in this current society. Take back what your family has paid to this sick society which does not act in you and your families interests, take as much back as you can. Its yours, rightfully, more than the nigger and the spic and the chink and the arab next to you. Dont get too used to it though, because in the end we are all workers and seek a National Socialist society where we can be proud to contribute, to know that we work only for ourselves, our family, and our race - when we work for our nation.

3997fe No.10902721


he was in prison forever and a half (15 years or so?) and that was during a time when you could make actual shekels with music.

Given that this money was invested and not pissed away it can last him a lifetime in France. Not sure what his plans for his kids are though.

75db2c No.10902726

Oy vey goyim if living spacess woy constructed on da basis of locality maybe people would feel like outsidas? Things hafta be accessible ta everybody, ya cant have everyone in the woyld think that yerap is still yerapean in ways outside of cultcha. Ya goy bastids need ta loin that the basis for housing oriented around locality needs ta go if ya want ta make everyone feel included.

>Never hire a Jewish architect if you want to avoid these situations, the only architecture they really care about is their temple, everything else has to look ugly in comparison to that thing.

d1fac8 No.10902737


If that should really happen then we're pretty much fucked. There isn't much you can do if the government decides to steal your land. Even the U.S. constitution allows it, since it doesn't forbid the government from taking your private property, just from stealing it, that is, you must receive compensation.

< why are you complaining, goy? We're taking your land but we're giving you enough shekels to move to the city and buy a nice apartment in a vibrant and diverse neighborhood!

3997fe No.10902753


Funny enough another Jodorkowski was a top oligarch kike in Russia and tried to take over the country before he got imprisoned and later on exiled.

3997fe No.10902756


His kikepedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Khodorkovsky

ce4c6c No.10902763


It's already entirely possible but you have to live in the middle of fucking nowhere, and that's the "corn country" middle of nowhere, not the "Jeremiah Johnson" middle of nowhere, so good luck finding a job that doesn't involve growing GMO soybeans because everyone in town has had the same job since the 80s. Or you can go live in the literal wasteland of the inter-mountain west; there's plenty of cheap land out there. Or maybe you'd prefer land that's cheap because the local economy is based off of pills and meth and the people who used to own the land for sale left after the third time someone broke in and stole their various appliances. Or maybe a fixer-upper in a vibrant and diverse community like Cleveland, Baltimore, Compton or Detroit is more your style.

The good news is that if you double your price range (or hell, just tack on another $20k or $30k) then there are plenty of downright lovely places to live, but $50k won't get you much.

49bc22 No.10902770

File: 0a2b8c4af1ad6ce⋯.png (453.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I agree. After all it's exactly what mudslimes and nigs have been doing for generations in countries where gibs are easy to get, stealing money from a system our/their forebears literally died to build. It also has the very desirable effect of accelerating the collapse of the welfare system. Without welfare the nigs will just move on to greener pastures like so many locusts, or just starve if they can't.


He's homeschooling them and I'm guessing he'll just let them do what they want when they'll become adults. In France higher education is dirt cheap anyway, so they'll still have a chance to abandon that lifestyle if they so choose.

62ae2e No.10902773

File: d370ac8e0a5cce1⋯.jpg (639.35 KB, 2048x1398, 1024:699, 13939911173_0d0abcaeb3_k.jpg)

File: b1f69f54558c11d⋯.jpg (821.52 KB, 3000x2005, 600:401, SHORPY_00517u.jpg)

File: 3676da2a9e456aa⋯.jpg (435.17 KB, 1700x1112, 425:278, SHORPY_00518u.jpg)


>implying that megacorps have ever cared about interior design for goyim boxtickers

The trick is to be important enough to be able to make demands about furnishing. One way that a software career can be a more useful career in ticking better boxes than others. It's still box ticking, but you have that extra illusion of agency.

But yeah, architecture has for real gotten worse. I'll post some retro stuff next. It's deconstruction at play, as with every other medium of art.

Conventions are played out and so little effort is put into their study that resultant attempts to fall back to them and recreate them are often hamfisted and poor. A decline in their creation has resulted in a decline in specialists in what used to be conventional approaches, meaning that such endeavors are also expensive to boot. Consequently, people have been manipulated into thinking that these approaches are no good. The only thing left to do is to endlessly parody and rip them apart to make new things, even though such creations are without merit and impossible to love. When 'different' (includes 'contemporary', 'modern', etc.) and 'expensive looking', or worse, those and 'cheap' are the most dominant success metrics for those with means who commission art (not mentioning the Western drive to design by committee), you are left with the state of modern Western architecture. And so we've been for several decades.

3997fe No.10902783


>He's homeschooling them and I'm guessing he'll just let them do what they want when they'll become adults.

I'm from Germany where homeschooling is illegal and even if you could do so, if you don't have farmland that you can work instead of telling your kids to do what they want in the kike economy (becoming whores and slaves) having kids is pretty much pointless.

Higher education is full of asshole petty dictators who only want to goodest asslicker goys.

909eee No.10902786


>That is some truly incoherent storytelling but the symbolism is undeniably kikey

>I wonder who directed it?

>(((Alejandro Jodorowsky)))

Every fucking time. At least I've learned enough to recognize their bullshit from a mile away.

7834bc No.10902789

File: 542f72c48e71f8c⋯.jpg (563.13 KB, 1557x876, 519:292, whitegenocide310909.jpg)

000000 No.10902790


That orange with vanilla looked comfy. The colors are more aggressive now

6fcf59 No.10902792


Your opinion is meaningless kill self.

62ae2e No.10902821

File: 73d57bc288d1e93⋯.jpg (463.92 KB, 1656x1104, 3:2, Misc_105_enhc.jpg)

File: 65ea8cf33608c5f⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 3000x2405, 600:481, SHORPY-4a22150a.jpg)

File: a2da4814e44d35e⋯.jpg (378 KB, 1920x1272, 80:53, Union_Square_1.jpg)

8d66f3 No.10902845


In the third picture. There are few cars still driving around today. I saw one today.

62ae2e No.10902853

File: 9eaa38b285b790b⋯.jpg (492.13 KB, 2000x1334, 1000:667, LosAngeles1965_2000_enhc.jpg)

File: 27b5e051206e8f3⋯.jpg (503.71 KB, 1600x1074, 800:537, Maryland_2.jpg)

File: 97196c58cecb2bd⋯.jpg (170.08 KB, 1600x1092, 400:273, 1392489722839.jpg)

49bc22 No.10902855


> I'm from Germany where homeschooling is illegal

And yet I bet the government leaves pretty much alone the sandniggers who don't send their kids to public school so they can get their "education" at some local madrasa.

> if you don't have farmland that you can work instead of telling your kids to do what they want in the kike economy (becoming whores and slaves) having kids is pretty much pointless.

I agree that it's irresponsible to have kids if you can't really support them or give them a decent shot at life, but you have to understand that this is white people thinking, and it's what's dragging us down. Niggers don't give a shit, they just fuck and pop out three, four, eight kids. They're winning with their dicks and wombs.

3997fe No.10902860


They force them to school just like everybody else and they actually like going there, but they obviously turn schools into violent gang warfare places and teachers are scared of them.

9c164a No.10902861

It's all connected to agenda 21

They are moving everyone into cities for easier monitoring and control

It's even mentioned in Orwell's 1984 that they are breaking the law when visiting the countryside, with the implication being that big brother prohibits it because he cannot watch them there

We are being forced into a situation where we are factory farmed instead of free range

7834bc No.10902877

File: 78fb1b7f5968897⋯.jpg (536.78 KB, 450x720, 5:8, 28b35d6c084e9ef4baea94808c….jpg)


Reminds me of the mouse utopia experiment when the mice all clustered together even though they had plenty of space. It seems that it isn't just a social phenomenon in our case though, the behavior is also being forced upon us whether we want it or not and most are fine being the last of their race. This we have to change by any means necessary.


88610c No.10902880

File: d262c415c887cb1⋯.jpg (860.62 KB, 2598x3898, 1299:1949, IMG_1680.jpg)

File: 52166e854f98d6c⋯.jpg (597.07 KB, 2598x3898, 1299:1949, IMG_16380.jpg)

File: bf60ca6c5b2294d⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2598x3898, 1299:1949, IMG_168220.jpg)

Took this photo from my city, sweden. Not photoshopped, recognized jewery instantly.

Also post the local school, as an anti-blackpill. Too bad I almost only saw hijab muslims everywhere in this area.

Agenda 21 is some kikenberg dream of "micro-apertments" and everyone ride bikes, with billion chinese, africans and muslims living in europe, kinda like Blade Runner. Only the billionaire kikes and liberal elite may have cars, impossible for rest due to carbon tax nonsense. We must end this insanity, or it will be like a nightmare for all eternity.

8d66f3 No.10902886


That's beautiful and now it's ugly. RIP.

8d66f3 No.10902898


The first picture is unsafe because the birds would confuse it with the ocean so may dive into that wall to catch fish. Poor birds.

c87089 No.10902903

Any advice for designing an office in a non-jewish manner? I'm planning to get into a field which is heavily dependent on offices, and I want me/my employees to not was to kill themselves every second of the day.

88610c No.10902911

File: aacd19afd33acc0⋯.jpg (613.76 KB, 2598x1726, 1299:863, IMG_168220.jpg)

File: cde0618cfd1592a⋯.jpg (476.48 KB, 2598x1726, 1299:863, IMG_14646680.jpg)

File: 60650fc0d82ad75⋯.jpg (611.8 KB, 2598x1726, 1299:863, IMG_16805775.jpg)


Fuck you retard. Niggers are incapable of leaving urban environment, and lack long term thinking in regards of planning that.

Also hunters on walkies form community and make strangers disappear. Niggers don't know how to camp in forest, it's a white mans life.

17fc51 No.10902914


It's to dull your senses and make you think all is well.

It's to make you forget that horrific things are occurring all around you.

It's there to make the sheep enjoy their slaughterhouse

3997fe No.10902917

File: 51cf644c750723c⋯.jpg (92.41 KB, 600x400, 3:2, af4b41baafd169a6d91a53b089….jpg)


Look at non jewish hipster offices. Millennial naturally gravitate towards what was good in their grandparents days.

They see how shitty the world of boomers has become and they want what they could never have. Houses, wholesome food etc.

79fd78 No.10902919

File: 7738c989b16af78⋯.jpg (216.53 KB, 1024x752, 64:47, GothicWainscotting.jpg)

It may be in our genes to dislike modern kiked concrete and block building. All whites grew in places with stone masonry and beautiful wooden houses. Those who are not ashamed of their ancestry shared the same styles roughly and living in the same buildings for centuries. Granted we all didn't come from pic related but we still lived in wooden homes with similar style.

Nowadays its all rip down and build new cheap cancer causing depression blocks.

49bc22 No.10902929

File: 6dcc48a02647ef5⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1280x839, 1280:839, ClipboardImage.png)


Jewish design is all about brutality, conformity, standardization and soullessness, so the opposite of that is an organic (non-)design. If people want to work in an open space let them, if they want offices (or cubicle) let them have them. Prefer warm lighting over neon lighting, hearth colors over dull ones, soft/roundish shapes over sharp shapes.

8d154d No.10902934


>uncomfortable chairs so the goy can't actually relax

I thought they were pretty comfy though

a8d8ba No.10902940

File: 79e9f3ee524503b⋯.png (355.42 KB, 671x192, 671:192, back-to-the-trees-groid.PNG)


>whites naturally belong in the forest

>niggers cant into swinging from trees

a7aedc No.10902959

File: 750f3cf357bfb38⋯.jpg (350.46 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, Kunsthistorisches-Museum-W….jpg)



This is more peasant living tier, an abode should be a great feat to make, in perfection as such.

23b46a No.10902964

File: bf4b9d853d35a6b⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, 1496188682620.jpg)

Someone will have to create a new kind of business model that does NOT have anything to do with 'profits profits profits :^)' and more along the lines of Making everything great again, kinda like similar to guilds and studios, before that fucker who established the (((East India Company))) came along and paved the way for the rise of corporations in its entirety


6a1204 No.10902966


While they are undeniably apes they can only survive in places in Africa where everything is edible and in urban environments.

88610c No.10902976


>uncomfortable chairs so the goy can't actually relax

Reminds me of a funny tv-show that got cancelled despite being good, due to unknown reasons.


150571 No.10902994

File: 08f55612c932f5d⋯.png (1.24 MB, 946x680, 473:340, idea for the office.PNG)


The guy who wanted the office to be friendly for his employees so they don't kill themselves by the soul crashing jobs. Your picture might be too expensive for him. I think the office need to be warm and feel like a home.

d9517c No.10903000


>Big cities are essentially turning into hell 2.0 with only the ruling class being able to afford quality food, can live in buildings that have history instead of a design beehive and don't need to work themselves to death to have a normal existence

this was actually always the case, the past century especially in burgerland was the deviation from history we are now returning to the norm

in earlier times big cities were hellhole anthills for the underclasses too, it was just all their buildings were completely shoddy and have since long been destroyed, so that only the aristocratic architecture remains

these new concrete shitboxes have one advantage they are at least built to some standards of isolation/utilities, but as mentioned the biggest problem is the globalisation and agenda 21, in the past cities chewed up the surplus population growth from the countryside, but now everything is made into city and all countryside depopulated

rather than being the jewish final victory i see the end of the long con into this, the system is largely self cannibilizing at this point

there is no real growth or new ideas (ex internet) lately only repurpusing old things into cheap labor land, it is of course first the workings classes that are targetted as of today, but soon even the multimillion dollar range is going to be pressed

and also as mentioned the problem isn't only that there are these shitboxes the problem is they aren't even affordable to an average worker

183288 No.10903147




These look just like the soviet apartments that have in russia.

I find it funny how buildings created through the cheapest materials and no imagination just to maximize profits look the exact same as communist shitholes.

e16349 No.10903164

File: fdae83851bd3af4⋯.png (21.61 KB, 274x242, 137:121, 1430947586154.png)



He's not joking in burgerland it's common for boomers to (((refinance)))) the mortgage so you pay less, and the (((banks))) hold your home even longer.

fbe733 No.10903321


>They aren't even grateful to be alive.

Why should one be grateful to be alive? When you're dead, you're not alive to know that you're dead. Nobody asked to be alive, either.

You're alive. You're here. Growth is intrinsically good because it gives your life an upright stature. But beyond that… why be grateful?

be694f No.10903638

File: 8022ca4ad182dfc⋯.jpg (130.46 KB, 1000x618, 500:309, 506c8fdc28ba0d014a000057_p….jpg)

File: 428c0290270c539⋯.jpg (189.27 KB, 640x429, 640:429, 5112521810_dab57dd872_z.jpg)

File: 77559dc7e8802b2⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Bacigalupe-and-I-at-Guggen….jpg)


It's called Modernism



There's an entire psychology behind this kind of art, which is altogether Marxist in origin and implementation. This sort of thing was absolutely huge in Soviet Russia. There's Kabbalistic underpinnings, but most people don't give a shit about that, so I'll skip over it. The important thing is this… The things you're feeling are the intended effect. The idea is to utterly disconnect a people from the past so that they're easier to control. If you don't know where you came from, it's easy to forget where you're going. That makes you susceptible to influence. "Modern art" is intended to be meaninglessly abstract. Meaninglessness is the point. You'll see symbols and think they mean something, but they don't. They're often just "feelings" of the "artist" and don't actually represent anything. It's the antithesis of European art and design. Sadly, futurism is a part of this too. This rabbit hole goes deep.

988b88 No.10903685


> If you want black people off of welfare, put a half dozen 70-year-old black men behind the counter handing it out and let them say whatever they want to the ladies who come in to collect money.

I like where your head's at anon.

586b73 No.10903697


Hes a Mexican Jew that took so much acid that it actually redpilled him to a agree

hes still a weirdo hippie that probably thinks nazis are evul but he seems to understand the kikes have become even worse than them , he despises (((Hollywood))) and has been putting shit in his films against them for years now

05226d No.10903740

This moderist shit is going up all over Colorado, usually with this kind of vague "SouthWest" feel as well (for some reason). Then there's DIA…

988b88 No.10903759



314ed7 No.10903769

File: 2fcae9e9dc81a3b⋯.jpg (32.69 KB, 540x677, 540:677, 72bf24dcc5ed67d126b338038e….jpg)


>why be grateful?

Being grateful (for life and all things generally) versus resentful increases one's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It also encourages others to view you more positively, which enhances access to the things and services one might desire. The ungrateful/resentful turn into degenerate suicidal antifag marxists that nobody decent likes.

f57a87 No.10903770


>The things you're feeling are the intended effect.

The architects will actually admit this if pressed.


>(CA) The thing that strikes me about your friend's building – if I understood you correctly – is that somehow in some intentional way it is not harmonious. That is, Moneo intentionally wants to produce an effect of disharmony. Maybe even of incongruity.

>PE: That is correct.

>CA: I find that incomprehensible. I find it very irresponsible. I find it nutty. I feel sorry for the man. I also feel incredibly angry because he is fucking up the world.

b5f92f No.10903800

Related article on how Airbnb is pushing a standard aesthetic through everyone chasing the same customer group.


Cities have always been machines that eat people - see the peroration in Pirsig's 'Lila' to that effect - it's what they do. We are in a globalised consumer culture that can't hold a serious conversation about anything. See Eco's 'Travels in Hyperreality' for a caution about this frm 30 years ago - disney colors while the cities themselves revert to medieval bunker systems.

The rootless social class is not a new thing. Since the 60s corprations have delberately moved their management around so they don't get too comfortable and dvelop attachments outside the company. The rootlessness expands as the 1% talent for each industry needs to do the same thing on a freelance/consulatnacy basis.

3d243a No.10903859



hardwood or gtfo.

be694f No.10903926


>Then there's DIA…

>Then there's acronym…



>Being grateful (for life and all things generally) versus resentful increases one's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Accurate. It is part of the Aryan mindset, part of the Christian mindset. It's why the black pill is anti-white, no pun intended.


>See Eco's 'Travels in Hyperreality'

Now we're getting somewhere. This book apparently deals with semiotics. I will read it, thank you. For other curious anons


and here's the book


Travels in Hyperreality is the title of the updated English version.

33736a No.10903940


I bet you're British. Am I right?

7b54fd No.10904140

File: 520d6cc7dd434f4⋯.jpg (63.56 KB, 500x606, 250:303, avatar of disgust.jpg)



CHAPTER 4: Principles of animal behavior

>Lighting should be even and diffuse and harsh contrasts of light and dark should be avoided.

>Ultraviolet or diffuse light has a calming effect on poultry and ostriches.

>Extra, indirect lighting may help in moving animals in pens.

>Adding a light to illuminate a race entrance or removing a lamp to eliminate a sparkling reflection will often improve animal movement.




Reminder that the ((designers)) are NOT the intended user/audience/consumer. Such a difference when the producer is detached from the consumer.

>mfw the reflexive prefix "self-" has been eradicated from the English lexicon

8ffcf9 No.10904214

File: 21842f1a61c0cdc⋯.jpg (223.52 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, 1.jpg)

File: ae11f4fd87af441⋯.jpg (102.77 KB, 900x599, 900:599, 2.jpg)

Just because you're living in a big city, doesn't mean you can't live like a God. Get on my level folks.

0a66d3 No.10904221

File: a431a00bc5bcc94⋯.gif (27.75 KB, 250x183, 250:183, image.gif)


>the shopping bags

This is what really put it over the edge for me. Not the modern furniture and interior design that was literally invented by socialist jews. Not the mullato that represents the death of the west. But the shopping bags.

All of this hedonism, erasure of culture and destruction of the soul just so we can go shopping.

184979 No.10904275

File: 10c659685ba5396⋯.png (102.31 KB, 1294x320, 647:160, Stay Away From Corporate M….png)



Is it my browser or is there no "Expand All" tabs?

8bd937 No.10904307


>only bodyguards can wear weapons

Start your own business, hire yourself as bodyguard. Wear weapon 24/7 as second job. Get to write off all kinds of shit for being personal bodyguard. Eventually expand as bodyguards hire other bodyguards. Bodyguard hive mind becomes sentient and takes over liberal hellhole with extreme prejudice.

b6a23d No.10904327


Shoudn't you be busy sperging out on twitter, Donald?

8bd937 No.10904375


Bet its a long flight back from asia, give the guy a break. At least here hes among friends of a sort. You fucking faggot retarded shithead friend.

c07e71 No.10904462


Yes, they even have school AT the factory. It is one of the most advanced forms of collectivism yet seen, for the workers of these factories there is no life, nothing outside the factory complex.They are nothing but a part of the system of production, existing only to further that system, rather than being an autonomous organism furthering themselves.

It's utterly inhuman.

I would say that this is one of the biggest indicators that China is truly the snythesis of the thesis/antithesis of corporatism/communism.

This is the direction that not just the Jewish financiers but their lackeys and collaborators as well push us towards in every country they control through central banking and other means. The entire central finance paradigm does this almost autonomously .Even if the Jews weren't in charge of it the systems they put in place (fed reserve) operate on their own to push us in this direction are moving every country they control towards. It's classic fabianism, slowly implementing collectivist policy through easy, safe steps like 'social democracy'. However, the end goal isn't necessarily communism. Communism is not, as Marx believed, the natural end-form of government for the maximization of material production. It is this sort of soulless and utterly materialist form of government that exists only to produce wealth for itself and those who can skim money from it.



Videos related

e249b6 No.10904502

File: 13c8fbc387ed98f⋯.jpg (69.67 KB, 639x319, 639:319, snow crash.jpg)


It reminds me of the book Snow Crash. It's a book set in the near future where globalization has completely ruined everything. I'm sure the writer is a leftist but the idea of evening everything out and making everyone the same muddy brown color with no culture was a very good prediction for what the (((people in charge))) have in mind for us.

b2899e No.10904669


The word for what you're talking about is consumerism, where nothing is kept or owned permanently. Instead, it's just barely used and then discarded, so that more money is wasted buying new shit. It's one of the kike's modern "You don't own nothing, goyim!" schemes.

c5b1e0 No.10904859

File: 1c973648ba155a0⋯.mp4 (961.2 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1c973648ba155a0dd6a4bff8a5….mp4)


>2nd pic

I wasn't expecting these feels

5a9991 No.10904918

OP is a poor fag who sounds like he belongs on lefty.

Boycott faggotry, make money, build what you want.

P.S Portland deserves rape.

6b818e No.10905193


It used to be fast food decor was garish, uninviting, and awful, with horrid colors so people would eat and GTFO, then the Interwebs called FF out and decor started to change to warm inviting, ads started to appear; come stay, enjoy free wifi, albeit without any new power outlets, then in the last few years FF decor started going back to being garish and uninviting, some even have no dining room at all… hmmm


Note; CA and five other states allow Food Stamps at FF and the Big Mac Index jumped 11% when that happened…

785496 No.10905253

Degenerate architecture is the Jews' mark. The Jew wants everything to be ugly, and these horrific designs are symbols of Jewish influence in society. It's all Satanic

8a234c No.10905260


Is that in London?

09d9ff No.10905313


That's like 8 shots of vodka.

7ddae3 No.10905634


>Then there's DIA…

>Then there's acronym…


I think they meant Denver International Airport?

1bfefc No.10905876


It's the same purpose. Maximizing the benefits the ruling class, (((corporations))) or (((politicians)), can receive from the nation. God forbid the government make it it's sole aim to benefit it's people, a god forbid the people try to benefit their communities instead of letting (((profit))) be made from focusing on benefiting themselves.

Just because virtues and morals don't have material value doesn't mean that they are worthless.

eb8294 No.10906486

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8b52f0 No.10906659


down in NZ, same thing, but with big words telling you to "love, live, life" etc. plastered all over the fucking place, just in case you forgot.

737b0c No.10906880


>Materialism corrupts literally everything

Actually, righteous materialism is not so bad. There is far less materialism today than there was 100 or 1000 years ago. Think about it- today nothing material is of any lasting value to us. Most products are completely impersonal and have a life cycle of a couple of years at most. My cousin is a male model and literally wears clothes once before throwing them away and buying fresh ones instead of having to wash and care for them. People don't care about their possessions, they just use them as a status symbol for a few years/months and then throw them away to get the next model. In that sense we are not very materialistic at all.

It's a cruel state that while everything held "valuable" by the modern globalist world is material, the individual items hold almost no sentimental value at all. True value in material goods comes from things like making them yourself, truly relying on them, maintaining them for decades if not lifetimes, passing them down generations etc. For example, valuing family heirlooms, antiques, high quality clothes, books, tools, weapons. Looking after things because they're the only ones you have available, they're high quality, and you are sentimentally attached to them. That kind of materialism is quite right in my opinion.

7834bc No.10907003

f04a33 No.10907143


I've always kinda wanted to live on a boat.

Pack up all my guns, my cash, my supplies, sail to the coast of South America and basically become a pirate, preying on rich liberals and idiot boomers on vacation. Find myself a small island to store my treasure and build a permanent home, and then in 2024 when shit hits the fan due to the kike-approved president starting war with Russia day 1, I can sit and relax away from the shitskin hordes in my pirate fortress, sleeping like a baby on my pile of gold while listening to radio broadcasts listing all the kikes that have been hung that day.

f04a33 No.10907159


You know the furniture in the pic doesn't actually come with the apartment, right?

Unless you want to spend an extra 50k to "prefurnish" with shitty kIkea furniture, you have to haul your own couch up 5 floors.

A big part of what makes it look soulless and hotel-like is that all the furniture was basically designed to go together and look the same.

Bring your own ugly-ass couch that you love and have had for 10 years that's already covered in rips and stains. Get two living chairs in two different styles from two different furniture stores. Throw some random shit on the wall that you like, like posters, paintings, whatever.

You want your living space to not look like kike shit? Then stop using prefurnished kike shit.

Hell, MAKE your own furniture. Wood and metal working is a great skill to have, and it's loads cheaper than going to kIkea and spending 3 times the cost on the cheapest possible materials.

479a05 No.10907196

File: 8e3c54466b49fa2⋯.jpg (444.56 KB, 1000x497, 1000:497, week-4-sketch.jpg)

File: 6ce351d95c39bbe⋯.jpg (175.85 KB, 736x1137, 736:1137, b4729f63a093dc49800fbe721b….jpg)

File: 53f52e17cd1849b⋯.jpg (937.96 KB, 2228x1580, 557:395, Figure-8-Plate-XIV-detail-….jpg)



You know, this got me thinking: instead of concentrating on the awful shit that is today's architecture, how about the /pol/ collective comes up with architectural designs and styles that are not only unique but that still represent their own people and cause way better than this modernist shit?

Also what about statues, villas and open public spaces? I really want a fucking statue honoring Otoya Yamaguchi.

f04a33 No.10907306


Right Wing Ship Builder Unions?

3b1b15 No.10907379


Augmented reality will make things even worse than they're now for sure.

7e26dc No.10907383

File: aba656de58c7732⋯.jpg (89.21 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, gstv_image_3.jpg)

Ads and propaganda, most of it subliminal, will consume the empty space.

Wouldn't it be a shame if someone put putty in the holes for the speakers? Maybe put a magnet up to the screen?

Lefties have been vandalizing this shit for years. Of course with the exponential increase in surveilliance, it wont be easy for much longer.

b1ac6b No.10907394

File: 3bc7cb378db8a89⋯.jpg (140.61 KB, 1200x663, 400:221, 1200px-Boston_city_hall.jpg)

Not much to add, except this was a very interesting article about how modern architecture is full of AIDS:


9de62a No.10907521

File: b189b59dc5c355c⋯.jpg (256.27 KB, 1300x861, 1300:861, ClearwaterFL1962_01_1300_e….jpg)

File: 6baed3350833bfb⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 3300x2150, 66:43, SHORPY_Anytown.jpg)

File: 3af1fbb57ef8cc5⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2500x1941, 2500:1941, 1a35409u.jpg)

>tfw we live in an era where we've developed automated construction and rapid prototyping technology to offset the costs of complexity, and yet modernism and and deconstruction are still rule of law when it comes to architecture

Reasonable question: what do societies have to do to escape the grasp of deconstructionism? What have they done historically?

48cf83 No.10907528


Statistically Chinese.

48cf83 No.10907540


>my chair is uncomfortable because of the Jews

>this arrow looks kind of like a boner because it is a line with a pointy thing at the end which is what I imagine my penis would look like [spoilers]If I could see it

48cf83 No.10907548


>Reasonable question: what do societies have to do to escape the grasp of deconstructionism? What have they done historically?

Feed a guy hemlock and hope he goes along with it. Alternatively you could move to a lighthouse, shoot arrows at anyone who tries to approach, and finally hang yourself when you realize you have neither the capacity nor the desire to butcher every man and woman in this herd of human cattle.

I call it the Huxley Approach.

48cf83 No.10907553


>start breaking gas pumps guys that will totally undermine a philosophical academy that I neither comprehend nor knew about until just now

402151 No.10907574


Pretty good article, aside from the socialist faggotry injected every now and again.

48cf83 No.10907575



>devoid of meaning

You're thinking of postmodernism. While it was designed predominantly during an era of Jewish anxiety after the Holocaust (or hoax as you prefer), it actually points is back to our roots much more closely. Europeans outside of the Greeks had religions mostly antithetical to Christianity's core tenets. We inherited some paganism through the Catholic Church so the worry is that by losing that we lose our roots and become baseless. This is sort of what happened, but postmodernism puts us in a better position (if you're not Christian, anyways) because it is more permissive and unable to judge anything in the absence of universal morality.

Modernism posits a world of meaning usually predicated upon the God of Hebrews and Christians (though oddly not Muslims). Modern art is more just an issue of being uppity and more to the point Protestant, which Catholics understandably have a problem with. The problem of modernity to traditionalists is that although it posits a free man capable of conquering the world via science and tenacity, it ignores the predominance of God. Modernity tells you you can have it all, but what are you without God? That's why it receives a bad reputation in conservative circles. The Italian futurists were modernists and it would be hard to accuse them of being some sort of crypto-Kabbalists.

08f5d8 No.10907890


>"love, live, life"

is "live laugh love" the worst roastie slogan of the decade?

c8d709 No.10907999


>the cheapest crap ingredients restaurants can get way with that you wolf down in between your 3 part time jobs or in your 30min break during your 12h shift.

That's intentional and not just to save costs. Cheap restaurants deliberately install uncomfortable seating so that you will have incentive to eat quickly and leave as soon as possible, freeing up the place for another customer.

f9b98e No.10908038



Stop using jew terms. She is your wife or girlfriend.

5ea54a No.10908056

File: 28a6b05a66c90e7⋯.jpg (10.14 KB, 300x450, 2:3, trump3.jpg)


> Not wanting deepest shag pile made of only organic materials to simulate the springy, lush forest floor of your primal ancestry


926d29 No.10908113


That shit is impossible to clean though.

479a05 No.10908151

File: e1827ec276503f8⋯.png (728.97 KB, 726x900, 121:150, OALSamo_gal_victoire_myr17….png)


Fuck yes, let's go for it

1bd9b8 No.10908238


Ignoring that bike, this office actually looks pretty good. Is this supposed to be a bad example?

I never worked in such a place but compared to cubicles i seen in movies that's quite comfortable.

4a14c1 No.10908291


Gold is a color, not a building material. Ffs you can't just buy your way into the upper class, you have to live it.

4a14c1 No.10908385


It's simple

> Don't let animals live in your house

> Take off shoes before crossing doorway, make sure it is easy for all to do so

> Buy a real vacuum cleaner, one made by a reputable commercial manufacturer, should cost the see as those fake vacuum-looking monstrosities that are made of plastic and sell in department stores

Wood is easier to clean no doubt but shag ain't impossible. Got to vac it once a week and shampoo twice a year. The flip side is hardwood is easy to maintain but you have to wear very cushioned shoes and it will wear out every 10 years or so, replacing is a bitch. All other traditional flooring options are a shit, plastic / cheap stone, no springiness at all (hardwood has lots of natural spring to it making it better than stone) and aesthetically and acoustically shit.

4a14c1 No.10908432


> Girlfriend

> Not a Jewish term

She is your wife or your whore. Do you own a whore, like the Vikings of old? If you don't have power over life or death in a territory that is yours, then probably not. So you have a wife and all the bullshit that goes along with it in a Jewish legal system, or you rent a whore from the whore pool and tell yourself no one else rents her on the side.

dd451e No.10916159


>No animals


e16349 No.10916360

>replacing is a bitch

Not really tiles are harder to do.Unless the room lopsided, it's just hitting two woods together with a mallet and cutting some of the wood to fit the end of the room.

e16349 No.10916362

f9b98e No.10916455


Are you triggered Chaim because I suggested white people stop using legalese like partner to describe their woman?

Marriage is a concept in the white world that predates jewish infiltration. Vikings had wives Chaim and their status was above whore.

cf3228 No.10917742


You know that's Trump's place, right?

7592bf No.10917766


Yeah i agree with him politically but his interior design philosophy is almost nigger tier.

>muh gooooold

cf3228 No.10917793


I like it.

>nigger tier

Niggers fake being wealthy by getting bling to try to get social cred. Do you think its fake in Trump's case? Obviously not. Do you think that he's doing it to please others? Considering that most rich people would find it overly ostentatious its pretty clear that its not that either. He just likes it.

You know who else loved gold? European royalty.

f74ed1 No.10917850


His interior design philosophy was Versailles, hardly nigger tier, although the way France is going, I might have to amend that.

09e22b No.10917909



technically Germany's fault

f62d13 No.10917942


that one candle really is annoying

208681 No.10917957


The past looks like heaven. Did God die?

cf3228 No.10917964


>I agree that it's irresponsible to have kids if you can't really support them or give them a decent shot at life, but you have to understand that this is white people thinking

Which is more irresponsible, not doing your part to ensure your race's survival even if your children grow up a bit poor or bringing children into this world that will grow up a bit poor?

ef0386 No.10918014


On the flip side, if everything is consolidated then if the kikes lose, they lose everywhere for good. But they don't think that far ahead.

acc1e3 No.10918049

File: e6255116e24c3aa⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1159x790, 1159:790, oihadnsg8.png)

Another recent Portland work of art

acc1e3 No.10918056

File: b130d746ce9abdc⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1147x822, 1147:822, ijfij3j3jij2iknf.png)

truly beautiful

5d0afe No.10918057


That doesn't even look like a modern mirrored-window building. What the fuck

239ddb No.10918180


Have you ever noticed in north portland how businesses sort of coexist inside suburbs? Like people just rent houses there and put a sign up in front that says "dental clinic"

Or "taxi service"

Once when looking for records, a store was inside a house and was only a single room. Its so odd and interesting, everything there is so ghetto and over grown yet theres this thriving under culture of stores and resturaunts that are just like that. Thats not even half of the weirdness of North Portland, most people are meth heads and have random things set up…free item stands inside abandoned phone booths…bowling alleys turned into drug pens and poles covered in antifa stickers. I dont think the police even go there because of how bad it is.

29a91f No.10918186







You can post more than one image per post, OP. This isn't cuckchan.



What's this "condo" meme anyway? Those are fucking apartments, is the new thing to call "fancy" apartments "condos" to try to make fake class separation? The condos I knew were genuine separate houses in a community.



>fucking over people that work their asses off to make sure they and their family aren't fucking homeless is good goy being like niggers is good goy

Kill yourself.


Where is this intended to be? Ideally it should be dependent on location.


>southwest (((for some reason)))



>pretending to be Trump


>break the screens that are necessary for card payments to work let's vandalize goy

5d0afe No.10918196


That sounds a lot like Europe in the middle ages, or Saudi Arabia today

c3a69d No.10918197


Looks like the old communist block apartments but if you used some kind of checkered carpet as an exterior material.

f903a2 No.10918200


>[spoilers]If I could see it


be67c2 No.10918537

My mother is a designer and she likes the style of modernism which is why she designs that way.

It's cheap, easy to make and presents an official appearance.

Design companies will default to the least expensive design methods and styles, otherwise they WILL be beaten out by somebody who chooses modern design styles.

My mother's not a kike, she was born in Amble, England. She just likes and understands that modern design is less expensive to produce since it almost never uses stone and is almost always flat boards and uniform shapes that are easy to produce.

the only way to stop modern design styles is to make policies forcing the use of old and more expensive techniques

do you actually want to be the retard who writes a letter to your governor/MP asking them to head a policy that will get laughed out of the office

f903a2 No.10918564

File: 089dc6e417d0591⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 1462233601701.jpg)


>make policies forcing the use of old and more expensive techniques

Spoken like a true commie.

The job can be done by stopping the shipping out of jobs that make such extremely cheap products possible and introducing more sophisticated robots.

If you have home industry producing it the designers will look more on the style and functionality to beat the competition than the dirt cheap price of production that forces simple shapes and bland colors.

It's the same reason why commie blocks are so uniform and shitty. It does the job for the minimal cost and completely disregards the human factor.

8f70c0 No.10918644

File: a95385563877b88⋯.jpg (171.41 KB, 640x428, 160:107, stonefrog.jpg)



Why can't people do this on their own? The Racial comes before the National and culture is born from ethnicity not the soil. Our believes are not reliant on the government or country.

Also as soon as one of us becomes a mayor of a town he can 'approve' all kinds of monuments and stuff like that. Easy and fast solutions won't work. Instead our people should enact long term plans over generations. A powerful family that holds itself racially and ideologically pure is the first step and arranged marriages and children being taught the right things from a young age are key to that.

National Socialism is an ideology which formed naturally and will always reflect the character and interests of an ethnic group/race. Even if Hitler were to become president of the USA, it would do no good in the long run as it is the people that have to change not the country.

8f70c0 No.10918685

File: d0400a42f612237⋯.jpg (203.17 KB, 578x733, 578:733, moonfrog.jpg)



Art, literature and music promoting NatSoc ideology and /pol/ symbolism could also help the cause.

ee0e5a No.10918771

File: 2e840a4344e3852⋯.jpg (63.2 KB, 500x495, 100:99, 845645748.jpg)


>architecture thread

>the usual retards shouting about how we should all live in the forest in a wood hut and spend our entire day foraging and hunting

>muh ancestors

Fuck off, you people show up every damn time. You tout your borderline-primitivist shit here, then turn around and tout the achievements of the European race elsewhere. Guess how many international space stations we'd have built if we didn't move away from that basic primitive lifestyle? Get used to technological progress, retards, we aren't abos, so we're moving forwards, we aren't going to be stuck spending our entire lives fighting for survival in a forest. If you want that, there are plenty of African or Aussie aboriginal communities you can join.

888daf No.10918790


>going into a mall


Disgusting temples of empty consumerism, of course they look the part.



Poorfags and niggers in the big cities have always lived like that, 100 years ago they just didnt have towers like that.

Just stay out of cities in general, nothing good left in those anyway.

f903a2 No.10918821

File: f474f1f199cf6c1⋯.gif (425.18 KB, 1221x850, 1221:850, 1462861061474.gif)


Technological progress for the progress' sake is meaningless and will lead only to self destruction of nations. Don't fall for the science cult.

You have to adapt and evolve the people to the different environments that are emerging with bigger tech outreach. Meaning mostly in their spirits. As in the exact polar opposite that the modern zeitgeist is going.

In all honesty 9/10 of normies are still abbos in their head and get more and more corrupted as time goes on since religion is not a major part of their lives. The only difference is that their muscle and mental memories were filled as desired so they can actually do their job. Beyond that is the mist of animal reflexes and urges.

ee0e5a No.10918831


There's a difference between living in a hive designed to cause anxiety and put you on meds (see: a lot of American cities and suburbia) and living in a normal, properly built city that doesn't require sedation to walk down the street. It doesn't have to be either extreme, just because shitty concrete hives exist it doesn't mean the only answer is to go live alone in the forest, if we did we'd not really be a civilization anymore.

Also quoted >>10918644 by mistake, post had nothing to do with it.

f903a2 No.10918889

File: 9fd09c8ed0ca3f1⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1809x590, 1809:590, dgadfgadg.jpg)


Of coushe. The difference between some European Green cities in f.e. in Netherlands or many Eastern European cities former military zones turned parks and American cities is mind boggling.

>pic related

The monstrosity of Houston (where the green corridor was established but built over in the 90') versus the Dutch city complex in the same scale.

Sensible regulations is ok. But the smart city concept is equally insane.

7b54fd No.10918958

File: 9d3dffc51238e89⋯.mp4 (4.93 MB, 596x336, 149:84, Objectified trailer.mp4)

I highly recommend the Objectified(2009) documentary (by the director of Helvetica and Urbanized…also good).

>A feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them.


(trailer related)

000000 No.10919107


It's the architectural form of the stockholm syndrome. Architects start developing their own chicken dens, not knowing that it's just self-cucking, accepting and cementing their own goyim status.

That's how people work. They chose their own butcher. Architecture is just one example among many. Social media is another one: people gathering to sell out their lifes in the form of private data because they are making themselves comfy in their digital concentration camp.

d0887c No.10921657


>motorcycles in offices and shops

Are they for display or something? Because all I'm picturing is tracking grunge around and oil dripping everywhere.


There are some problems with it. It helps the System, from the women in the local offices all the way up, justify their existence. And it makes the people on it dependent. Even with the incredibly rare person who can take it yet turn it down if necessary, they may find ways to mentally justify their support of politicians or policies that continue to let them live that existence.

It's like every tactic, there are arguments for and against. Working for cash, minimizing taxes by playing the corporation game, working hard for specific goals and sucking up the losses in taxes, being lazy and doing the bare minimum to get by, they all can be valid, they can all be dangerous, or counterproductive. Men with families will almost always choose the safe path of just trying to work harder to stay employed or to make more money.

545308 No.10923163

It's happening all over the world. I've travelled a lot, and Fiji looked like some spanish charter spot. Do you think they are removing the identity of only white people? They only did us first, before exporting modernism to their part of the world. Tahiti's capital looked like a midwest american city from the 80s. Sorry to give it to you.

I met natives, their children left their communities for the city life, a poor life. They do not understand, they just want an iphone. There won't be any natives in south america or berbers in magreb in 20-30 years. They will have been integrated into our society by then.

8cd68a No.10923205


(((Globalists))) are trying to turn everyone into squares.

2df2d9 No.10923220


Yo dense motherfucker. What worldview and system of belief Shares the uniformity across their subsumed culture? Religion of Cuck™. One god, one place (Mekka) one book. After everything is uniformly the same, the unholy sameness of idiot religion like Religion of Cuck™ can be successor.

2df2d9 No.10923231


> digital concentration camp

Ironically owned by…

2df2d9 No.10923234


You mean (((integrated))) on our dole, paid by our work. Like right now, when you see head scarfs walking into a mall and you know because they walk like sloths, almost doddering along the aisles and lifting something here and there. Not even paying.

Nice future.

2df2d9 No.10923239


Now imagine Houston happening to a whole country. At least the dutch have their plaines without houses, the Swiss only have their mountains. If those high slopes would be suitable to concrete poured housing, (((they))) would import 20 Million here.

2df2d9 No.10923241


> spoken like a commie

> same reason their blocks are ugly.

What? kys

f903a2 No.10923340

File: 91ff137537df0cf⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 11917865_1641859996101253_….jpg)


Only commies have to outright force foreign shit on people to fit some ideological goal.

I thought you would have learnt that by now.

0c8c14 No.10923490

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000 No.10927178


I bought a home for cash, I'm literally the only person I know who has done thing.

Other people my age (Gen X) have focused on doing a lot of expensive things like traveling and buying brand new cars and such. I don't know a single person in my age group who has managed to pay off their house, let alone live frugally enough to save the scratch to buy a house outright.

4b2410 No.10927202

As a pest control tech I have been inside of many houses,apt,condos and even mansions, The places that actually showed any kind of "warmth" in them were places poor people or well off white families lived in, rich fucks or kikes houses always looked sterile and cold, they all had the same shit in them too.

b96b3a No.10927237




aa6017 No.10927295

This trend towards minimalism is designed to draw your attention away from how working class whites wages are being depressed. If you wanted the decor on par with what was common even 60 years ago you would quickly notice that its now actually beyond the means of most people. Even cheap mass produced veneer furniture is out of the question for many.

8cd68a No.10927778


Nice information anon.

a9aaa8 No.10927877


>spill single drop of chocolate milk

>thousands of dollars wasted

8cd68a No.10927893


Or they can fix it themselves to save the money. It's not hard to fix a tiny strain, is it?

1bfefc No.10927981



>Likes the style of modernism

Not even surprised. It's only benefit is cheapness and so

>it presents an official appearance

isn't actually a benefit because it looks cheap. Show me an example of modernism that doesn't.

0e78fa No.10928413


Honestly wish to have my own fucking cubicle again. You have your own private space, can focus on your work without distraction from people coming and going. Block out the annoying girl with the horse laugh and the beta getting friendzoned by her. Not have to worry sending a funny email without the office lesbian being offended by staring at your screen. All this new shit and open plan design is a fuck up and does not improve efficiency. Perhaps i'm a minority in that sense but it's difficult to stay lazer beamed focus when the office is a fucking circus.

0e78fa No.10928414


Check out Agenda 21 I believe. "Stack them and pack them". This is happening already and it's in the laws within some countries, it's just been jewed to a point which makes it look very legitimate, green and logical. The reality of it is human pop. control.

c5b1e0 No.10928449


>due to unknown reasons

It was a good, funny show but the timing was shite. It was a work-based comedy during the worst economic times since the great depression where tons of people, especially corporate folk, were getting thrown out on their asses. The Office got a pass but Better Off Ted got cut to make way for more escapist propaganda shows to keep people's minds off the fact that they were going to lose their homes.

000000 No.10928514

7b639e No.10951131


The guy who spent a fortune on that ended up in public housing. Life comes at you fast.


I sometimes wonder if 1960s America (before the hippie garbage) was the peak of civilization. Great standard of living, very good schools and brilliant scientists who grew up to build the tech which made the 80s great.

f47633 No.10951251

File: aef8d2910d666ae⋯.jpg (136.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, villa-savoye.jpg)

File: cc951759f72e239⋯.jpg (58.48 KB, 800x306, 400:153, dresden-museum.jpg)

Are we really invaded by so many newfags that no one remembers the whole "International" Style trend in architecture? along with Destruktivism?

Here's a tip for the uninitiated: 1932 International Style Exhibition, a new global style for everyone, with ideological origins in Weimar Germany and Frankfurt. Seen in architecture circles as the new order in building and a catastrophe in terms of identity

Deconstructivism, or Destruktivism originally, the new style under globalism around late 80's that makes "ironical" buildings or made in erroneously as the concept, pushed by elite group of architects, who share the same background

If you don't know this, you are decades, if not a century late to the design party.

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