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Odious Memes

File: b02ed2485d22dfa⋯.jpg (666.07 KB, 1032x1550, 516:775, hoobamon8-547276-Lingerie_….jpg)

79b679 No.10903116

Why are we not fucking talking about this? It was the BBC of all places that actually broke the story. Concrete evidence of at the very least our complicit nature in this whole affair, though I strongly suspect the rabbit hole goes much deeper.

"Though it's always good when the mainstream media belatedly gives confirmation to stories that actually broke months prior, the BBC was very late to the story. ISIS terrorists being given free passage by coalition forces to leave Raqqa was a story which we and other outlets began to report last June, and which Moon of Alabama and Al-Masdar News exposed in detail a full month prior to the BBC report.

And astoundingly, even foreign fighters who had long vowed to carry out attacks in Europe and elsewhere were part of the deal brokered under the sponsorship of the US coalition in Syria. According to the BBC report:

Disillusioned, weary of the constant fighting and fearing for his life, Abu Basir decided to leave for the safety of Idlib. He now lives in the city. He was part of an almost exclusively French group within IS, and before he left some of his fellow fighters were given a new mission.

"There are some French brothers from our group who left for France to carry out attacks in what would be called a ‘day of reckoning.’”

Much is hidden beneath the rubble of Raqqa and the lies around this deal might easily have stayed buried there too. The numbers leaving were much higher than local tribal elders admitted. At first the coalition refused to admit the extent of the deal.

So it appears that the US allowed ISIS terrorists to freely leave areas under coalition control, according to no less than the BBC, while at the same time attempting to make the case before the public that a permanent Pentagon presence is needed in case of ISIS' return. But it’s a familiar pattern by now: yesterday's proxies become today's terrorists, which return to being proxies again, all as part of justifying permanent US military presence on another nation's sovereign territory.

America's Syrian adventure went from public declarations of “we’re staying out” to “just some logistical aid to rebels” to “okay, some mere light arms to fight the evil dictator” to “well, a few anti-tank missiles wouldn’t hurt” to “we gotta bomb the new super-bad terror group that emerged!” to “ah but no boots on the ground!” to “alright kinetic strikes as a deterrent” to “but special forces aren’t really boots on the ground per se, right?” to yesterday's Mattis declaration of an open-ended commitment. And on and on it goes."


38fb77 No.10903124

It appeared russians accidentally put proof of US cooperation with ISIS as a

screenshot from a video game.


0cf3fd No.10903127


Big Booty Gurl dont lie

4a8869 No.10903129


>U.S. confirmed to have protected ISIS

…………………..are you just figuring this out?


c289c1 No.10903134

>Unspoilered smut in the Catalog Thumbnail

Kill yourself.

79b679 No.10903152


Not just figuring it out, but the fact that the BBC is openly reporting on it should tell you something dumb ass.

5ca700 No.10903165


put some pants on slut

f88ba4 No.10903168


What's with the nigger speak anon?

6babf4 No.10903199

>porn in the catalog

This board needs to be made SFW tbh, immediate ban for posting porn.

d12033 No.10903516


With a title like that, nobody will take notice except maybe people digging to find out why tax dollars are going to give gibs for terrorists.

Also, please nuke us Kim.

8ece74 No.10904291



What the fuck has this board become???

7d8aa2 No.10904323


There's already one cuckchan, faggot. Fuck off.

901d6f No.10904412

File: f4c4cd48c5d213a⋯.jpg (20.81 KB, 600x450, 4:3, f4c4cd48c5d213a13f7efc501c….jpg)

22d4e0 No.10904414

11a325 No.10904451


Is that a bumpstock?

6fcb96 No.10904560


pump stock

79b679 No.10904629


>/pol/ is sfw now

Nigger wut.

4b9fac No.10904745


qt pic but I think its a little distracting.

56bc17 No.10904757


>white supremacist natsoc board


Pick one faggot. and then gas yourself

5a626d No.10904804


Spunk sock

015458 No.10905138


>white supremacist natsoc board

Wrong. /pol/ was never exclusively for the NatSocs, but rather that the user base is almost exclusively NatSoc.

Anyway, what's the deal with this then? Someone fucked up and let some actual story get through? Perhaps they're ready throw ISIS under the bus and get to work on the next group. It was reported on and talked about that the US armed the Taliban, but it was years after 9/11, when they could no longer use the Taliban as their boogeyman. Seems like ISIS is done for, now we wait a couple more years for their replacement.

76d3ae No.10905325

And? If you were in the thread about opioids a bit ago you would know that they have been protecting opioid farms in the middle east while it's killing Americans at home. If you're this new and expect them to actually be fighting isis it's better for you to just go and lurk more

d411e4 No.10906636

File: cf9659b8d032bfc⋯.mp4 (4.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, US_SyriaISIS_EVAC.mp4)


SouthFront showed us this event months ago.

>Go save our mercs goys

c4e0a3 No.10907309

File: 19ee63565b9cccf⋯.jpg (66.09 KB, 500x509, 500:509, 566d8fa3f1542ecaee64d1df6b….jpg)


>There are some French brothers from our group who left for France to carry out attacks in what would be called a 'day of reckoning'

5395ed No.10907321


You know, swastikas are not so popular in working places. Asses are somehow tolerated. Kikery is in the details.

8248a9 No.10907352

No shit Sherlock.

95e2c0 No.10907596


…we're not talking about because we've literally know this forever.

Proof: https://8ch.net/ask/blog.html

Note that it was written July 2nd 2017 but we knew who was really behind ISIS since the very first reports of ISIS being a thing. We've known this all a long. You're just late to the party OP.

65ae55 No.10907653


>fake news network bongistan branch


>not (((cianiggers and state dept goons)))


OP is a faggot

a7959b No.10909371


Something you can look up if interested is the russians put out satellite photos of US military in ISIS/Daesh territor, without any defense or security

The US born Spokesman for Al Q, a Muslim "convert" who died a few years ago, was a Los Angeles Jew from a Zionist family with relatives in Tel Aviv. His last name at birth was Pearlman.

ISIS leader Al Baghdadi widely rumored to be a cryptojew Israeli born Simon Elliot with some photos evidencing this.

Bin Laden if that's really his name was a CIA/Mossad operative and (((Wahhabist))) part of (((Saud))) family tree connected to bushes ofc, Halliburton and Cheney etc. he worked with the CIA niggerkikes in Afghanistan against the USSR in the 80s, that was when the current proxy war began. The proxy way started as a war between Zionists (US) and Bolsheviks (USSR). US and Saudis are still controlled by Israel, hard to say with Russia today if the Jew oligarchs still have control.

There have been numerous American and Israeli made weapons turning up in defeated ISIS factions, plenty of evidence to google about this.

ISIS/Daesh is the new name for (((Al Qaida))) which was the new name for the (((Taliban fighters))). Charlie Wilson's War (IMDb it) glorified all the US arms being sent there but doesn't cover the Israel angle, of course. Tom Hanks was the hero playing a neocon, go figure.

5fd631 No.10912594


not talking about it cause we all sort of knew this. USA>ISRAEL>ISIS. thats politics baby

1d6f86 No.10912615


Remember when we left 4chan because of you faggots?

8/pol/ is unironically reddit now

ce5537 No.10912623

I specifically ignored this thread because of the porn picture in the OP.

4fcbd5 No.10912937

File: 6c36df059fa278a⋯.jpg (64.17 KB, 450x298, 225:149, Zbigniew Brzezenski supply….jpg)

File: 98660aadefa9381⋯.jpg (91.36 KB, 800x452, 200:113, Ronald Reagan & the Taliba….jpg)

File: 4edd04b82beeeb6⋯.jpg (66.86 KB, 485x305, 97:61, Taliban with American made….jpg)

File: d30562b8426b6cf⋯.jpg (180.94 KB, 854x472, 427:236, FGM-148 Javelin ATGM captu….jpg)

They firmly believe they're doing the right thing (see recent comments on Syria by Mattis). The MIC is always hungry for more shekels and Israel is never satisfied. Remember how they blamed previous administrations for "leaving" too early? Now they're going to use this excuse to justify their presence in Syria and elsewhere in the region. The reality on the ground is forcing them to choose between retreat or a perpetual war.

688f8b No.10917992



>without nudity or sex

nice try

f0bdf9 No.10917995


Don't slut post to get your thread attention

05452b No.10918048


counter-bumping to make the undercover fags here mad

8721f6 No.10918157


Checked but hang yourself nigger

a3ab11 No.10918257

>Lurk more OP we already know this

Most of you are missing the point, yes we've known this for years but we now have more solid evidence to shove into the face of normalfags when they pull their, "muh conspiracy theory, take your meds" bullshit.

da3ee7 No.10918313

File: 471d44329a6aec5⋯.jpg (83.21 KB, 600x687, 200:229, varg elder scrolls.jpg)

545847 No.10918343

000000 No.10918402


nice pic, degenerate

11e2a7 No.10918470


Nigger the point is that porn is degenerate, post as much gore as you want just don't tempt our men if you know what I mean.

999f48 No.10932578


You're more concerned about somebody finding out and knowing and seeing that you're proud of your identity than jewish pornography? Fuck you.

0fdcd1 No.10932596

File: f01581b7bcce87d⋯.png (418.13 KB, 498x650, 249:325, use this.PNG)

0186a9 No.10932989


>using clickbait image

>trying to redtext the subject line

>not archiving

>all for shit we already knew

OP confirmed to have protected retardation

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