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Odious Memes

File: 652bab44a528f0a⋯.png (1006.16 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, autism.png)

39fd6f No.10903432

Why do we go on when society is continuousy working against our best interests? Why contribute to a society that doesnt put your values first? Why vote for politicians that continue to demean you on live Television? Why are you paying them money through your tax dollars? Why are you encouraging them by going to their stores? Why would i marry a woman that isnt even going to raise a kid that can last a year on his own without going to drugs?

I have a question, give me one reason to invest in an institution that wants to kill you, and also why should i stay?

The answer is i shouldnt, and next to that, i should work against it, and become a parasite.

The culture war is reaching new levels, this calls for a radical transformation of who we consider is on our own side, the average sheep on the street arent worth our time, Google, Jewtube, loansharks, cancerous middlemen and good for nothings are looking to swindle you out of what wealth and time you have to produce mass produced consumer trinkets to destroy the earth.

The majority of men and women literally do nothing with their time, they live to work and work to rest, without this dichotomy they are completely weak and docile.

I am calling for a radical transormation of what is considered morally right, as informed individuals we have the right of way in the effort of the greater good to preserve the Dharma.

Ignore those around you that are dumb and docile, they will falter and be caught in the spiders nest, they are not worth saving, their progreny will race mix and be eliminated.

We need to target states and degenerate cities that are considered fallen, we can ciphon off wealth from these states like parasites and divert it to our own societies and build them up, while simultaneously contributing to the demise of the degenerate consumerists.

We need to become an international entity, that means no where is home except our enclaves, our secluded paradises where we can rest, the whole world will become a battleground littered with the progeny of the race mixed, they will become simple pawns in a battle of who can control more of them.

I am sorry anons, but home is no longer home, home is seclusion, home, is nature, its time to initiate the operation that will finish this circus, the Dharma must be restored.

2f133e No.10903444

File: c2280d246440cb2⋯.jpg (62.5 KB, 600x424, 75:53, lego colliseum.jpg)

Because chemicals in the body. Specifically the ones that cause elation from beauty.

567148 No.10903455


Checking those beautiful trips.

39fd6f No.10903456


what are you talking about? Are you talking about women?

2d4814 No.10903484


>To beat the jew, you must become the jew: the post

8ae78b No.10903515


Simple, somewhere hidden in this mess is a kike extermination. I'm gonna keep going till we pogrom them.

424ef2 No.10903541

Sure, I’ll get right on that.

39fd6f No.10903568

These buildings, these empty buildings, these tall skylines, are only a symbol, a face of those who built them, and bare roads are but life-veins that carry the beating vitality of the populace that use them. But what happens when the very body of the nation becomes possesed by an infernal entity, a cancer? When the buildings are populated not by your own kin but by foreigners?

Will you hide in your home until your old and die? That is an option, the Jews dont want to see an uprising, theyd rather you stay cozy in your mortgaged house, theyd rather see you die out before you have a chance to stop your daughters and grand-daughters from race mixing.

Will you take the cowards route out? Or are you going to take the plunge and start a new civilization?

39fd6f No.10903589

Civilization has been hampered by the cancerous infestation, behind the veil of normalcy lies a dormant seed of impenetrable will that the populace has inside them.

Inside us is a craving for meaning, for a life of progress and vitality, of boundless energy and upsurging progress, but deep within the veil of illusion our conciousness is trapped in a battle for victory over who gets to control this realm, this reality. There can be only one victor, and nature takes no sides in the battle over beauty vs degredation

8ae78b No.10903597


Truth be told I don't even care about any of that. I just know the kike must die, and it shows in my day to day interaction with them, I make it clear that I am oppressing them. I do this by cultivating a culture of kike jokes wherever I go, as well as showing genuine prejudice (in front of non-kikes, who then see the difference in how I treat them compared to the kike, and due to the way bullying works either ignore it, are glad it's not them, or even join in on marginalization of the semite) towards them and hampering them any way I can.

It is possible to actually oppress them, we just have to make it funny.

39fd6f No.10903629

Many times i have tried to escape this cancerous civilization, when i was 19 i tried to escape to Europe, i was a coward and took a flight back to America after running out of funds.

I dream of the final liberation, my whole life has been hampered and held back, i am a seed that has been shunted of its potential, deep within my brain the final awakening must occur, i will transcend this, and reverse the course of the river.

Finally i will live my life, and i will experience the universe, all the beautiful fresh air and joyous oceans, i will be away from the normal trash and be wed to cultivate my own personal understanding, no more traps, no more illusions, and i will see SEE

39fd6f No.10903642

I cant wait to be homeless but i will be free FREEDOM, NO MORE BILLS NO MORE ANYTHING,

ae4f79 No.10903663


Reported for blackball.

39fd6f No.10903700

Im going celibate for the rest of my life

1. As a memorial for all the billions of slaves that will be born from the wantonless sex

2. As a sign of respect for my origins

3. To be a permanent marker of what times i lived in


But blackballing is exactly what we need to do anon, you arent going to tell me you wouldnt sweep all the ANTIFA members under the rug if you had the opportunity?

This is what im talking about, were too emotionally attatched to our homelands that it makes us stop cold in our tracks when we think about abandoning the people around us to make something better and or rise up

34a961 No.10903753


i hear you. Part of me just wants to see it all fall.

Here's a secret. make more white babies. Find safe spaces. The south island of NZ is white heavy, the natives are well integrated.

a52f71 No.10903758


I agree with everything you've said.

I am particularly interested in this segment:

>We need to target states and degenerate cities that are considered fallen, we can ciphon off wealth from these states like parasites and divert it to our own societies and build them up, while simultaneously contributing to the demise of the degenerate consumerists.

Do you have some ideas on how to do this ? If you could develop the idea that would be nice. Thanks a lot.



ae4f79 No.10903768


Pill, sorry. Fucking autocorrect.

7d3279 No.10903798


>Why do we go on when society is continuousy working against our best interests?

I did not, I'm German and have been living in exile for the past decade in Asia.

This saved and destroyed me at the same time.

On one hand I cannot go back anymore from a stable place to dangerous Germany where rapefugees and low IQ local thugs lurk on every corner. On the other hand I despise my dysfunctional low IQ host nations. I'm nothing like them and have not met a non degenerate western person for ages so I even stopped associating with whites.

>We need to become an international entity, that means no where is home except our enclaves

That's what the jews did and this largely did not work out too well for them now did it?

In the end they still wanted an ethnostate.

100fef No.10903811


>Why are you paying them money through your tax dollars?

thats funny. please come at me irs. give me a reason.

159c56 No.10903862


I was wondering if you were just mostly incorrect but

>I'm going celibate

now I know you're retarded. You've just taken some simple observations of the world and natural law and extrapolated from that to parasite off the society, but your thought process is terribly oversimplified.

In order to establish a genuine new state you need military power of one form or another, and if you don't establish a new state you'd want to subvert an existing one, in which case you need to break the normals into at least being complacent in the modification of their society. Because your average street retard doesn't understand how their wealth is stolen to support a trash society that feeds them lies and hedonistic distractions, a few people leeching off their system will not bring it to a breaking point. Look at how many are dependent of these "social services" already. We have already discovered the most powerful tool in achieving thought molding to bring about change in the street retards, and it's memes. Particularly effective were the recent meatspace memetics. This is the direction your thought process and efforts should be focused.

34eb9d No.10903890

File: aa7eb16970d351c⋯.jpg (92.15 KB, 938x944, 469:472, patrick-bateman(2).jpg)




Starve the (((state)))

102565 No.10903902


i follow your rationing, but. what solution do you propose?


>In the end they still wanted an ethnostate.

the blood and soil slogan has a genetic backbone to it

36ce11 No.10903909


>Namefag scum

>Lame attempt at a blackpill thread

Oh no I'm totally giving up :^)

68ef2a No.10903912


Oh look, another idiot who thinks his basic observations of the world are brilliant insight.

07c040 No.10904107

we all know society is fucked, there is no doubt about that, let's post our plans to escape society and be happy

>finish college (i'm studying ecological sciences because i hope that might teach me actually useful things.)

>aquire blonde aryan qt3.14

>aquire patch of land somewhere in europe with low population density and good gunlaws (so far finland is my country of choice)

>perhaps join the army of my new homeland to aquire experience and serve my new countrymen (depends on the ZOG level of my new homeland)

>build comfy little house and focus on self sufficiency, keeping any income low enough to not pay taxes to the government that is trying to destroy me and my people

>spend the rest of my days hunting, fishing, farming and impregnating qt wife with strong blonde offspring.

if the racewar ever breaks out i'll join in but untill then i'd rather stay away from the cancerous society that is trying to kill me and be happy living the life that i chose. If anyone wants to join me, you're welcome but you'd have to be lucky enough to meet me irl since i'm not giving out any personal contact info on this CIAnigger ridden site.

96096d No.10904110

Stop whining, Anon. This is a war. Unless you are hear to demoralize pick up your sword and shield, and realize, there is no society at large. There are just large groups of people fighting to sway humanity in one direction or the other.

74120f No.10904167


3d763d No.10904254

File: 35b25ea5ccbc69d⋯.png (266.52 KB, 1570x1131, 1570:1131, 96e5453f098998542a4e0c9429….png)

6bef03 No.10905358


Just make plans for a time after Trump now instead of simply stop doing anything -.-

269e8e No.10907363

>We need to target states and degenerate cities that are considered fallen, we can ciphon off wealth from these states like parasites and divert it to our own societies and build them up, while simultaneously contributing to the demise of the degenerate consumerists.

So your suggestion to solve the jew problem is to become jews?

>implying Aryans should stoop to the level of kikes

>implying we could ever compete at jewing with a race that have spent millennia honing their trade

>implying you are anything but a filthy yid

GTFO faggort

72fc11 No.10908336

OP, I'm gonna level with you. You're trying to get other people to do what you're doing, but you don't even believe in your actions yourself. You suggest we all choke out the system by becoming parasites, but your only justification for parasitic behavior is your own failed attempt to stand on your own two feet. You went to Europe, failed, and had to fly back. This is your picture of your greatest accomplishment in life. And now you're trying to model that behaviour for other anons because you can see how your own personal failures are such a drain to the system.

When you originally went to Europe, you were trying to become something more than you were. When you faced your first challenge, you crumbled and ran. You've been running ever since. And now, because you've gotten good at running, you think all of us should be running. Because it worked once for you. Because it's the only tool in your toolbox. You are a disappointment, OP. Not just to me and everyone else on this board, but to yourself as well. And y'know what? That's okay. The measure of a man isn't determined in how well he does at the first sign of trouble, but rather how much he can take before he can no longer stand up. You've allowed yourself to crumble to a parasitic nothing, but that doesn't mean you don't have the strength to stand up once more and become something better than what you are now.

Sort yourself out, OP. Clean your room. Get a job.

602294 No.10912321


That pic is stupid and bluepilled. Whoever wrote that needs to read more Evola.

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