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Odious Memes

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000 No.10903513

>BREAKING: Multiple People Dead Following Shooting At California Elementary School

There was a massive police response to several crime scenes in Rancho Tehama, California Tuesday. Deputies say at least three people are dead—including the gunman.

7edf94 No.10903537


Source it faggot

3be477 No.10903549



cdb2af No.10903559


3be477 No.10903566



nothing of value was lost

7edf94 No.10903570


Started at a home and moved to a school with "hundreds of shots fired" hmmmmmmm how long between texas fedoralord shooting and this

b543b0 No.10903578

File: d523100a4d643a7⋯.jpg (116.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sam.jpg)

When is this man going to stop?

f98bb6 No.10903580

Sam Hyde?

17b171 No.10903593

File: 479dcc7b12f4a81⋯.png (384.52 KB, 768x432, 16:9, 768.png)

Will his thirst for blood ever be quenched?

e2b05b No.10903594


Now this will go for several month can't let little cocksleves/comrades get killed like goy

c6cbc6 No.10903596

Rancho Tehama is famous for being a meth infested shit hole.A late 60's planned dude ranch/HOA turned dope haven.It's off by itself

in the foothills with a 25 mile drive to anywhere.

943e00 No.10903640



You won't hear a lot from the news for this. Can't have the possibility of the precious snowflakes realizing their dumb ass policies don't stop mass shooters.

677928 No.10903645



ecca05 No.10903649


I think he could actually do a mass shooting and get away with it because of the confusion that would ensue.

832fb3 No.10903655


Gets away every time, the only known serial mass shooter in history.

b78288 No.10903683

Remember, if it's a shitskin, it shouldn't be talked about much because as long as there is one white racist on this planet, they are entitled to limitless violence.

dd4ed5 No.10903694


Either its a spic, a white liberal or a Muslim

787e13 No.10903696


I've had it. I'm tired of him getting away with these things. I'm tired of the media excusing his behavior because of a few internet trolls online.

ea27fc No.10903715

File: e130a0e09c60039⋯.jpg (159.77 KB, 678x960, 113:160, xjGvwii.jpg)

012da8 No.10903722


You're an idiot. Urban populations in red states still vote blue and rural pops in Blue states vote red.

f47272 No.10903731


This is true. It's almost like the more like a sardine you're forced to live the more liberal you become. Unrestricted urban populations were a mistake. Any population 100,000+ is uncivilized and compromised.

3b6eaf No.10903787


> It's almost like the more like a sardine you're forced to live the more liberal you become.


That's like saying Detroit turned whites black.

Cities don't make liberal parasites. Cities merely attract them with convenient gibs. Once they attract enough parasites, the conservative producers start leaving. Eventually only parasites remain.

5739ce No.10903801

Another shooting eh?

Tinfoil hat time.

Yesterday FDA approved little sensors in an antidepressant pill to determine if you have taken them or not. Stand by for news this guy was on meds, stopped taking them, then shot up the school. Followed by 6 million articles about how we could have prevented this if only all pills given to (((mentally unstable))) individuals had these sensors in them.

a2cf0f No.10903807

File: c6de1a927615a22⋯.jpg (68.97 KB, 566x635, 566:635, heh.jpg)

guess the shooters motive /pol/

b62bb0 No.10903815


False flag.

236e06 No.10903818


Yet another (((mass shooting))) that takes place in (((California))) that the rest of the country will have to once again pay for instead? Yippee

come on people, if you're gonna fucking shoot their shithole up at least fucking go big

cbf006 No.10903828

Never let a disaster go to waste though, Jews will surely profit off of it if we don't beat them to the punch

0fa373 No.10903835

File: 09c80d2ff868cd0⋯.png (278.48 KB, 601x446, 601:446, 2017-11-14_12-06-26.png)

File: 9b8ac8db26a01d9⋯.jpg (71.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, charls sam.jpg)


d135de No.10903843


Can anyone explain what's happening in this vid

eda9d2 No.10903847


(((Workplace violence)))

f8e7cc No.10903851


"His name has not been released"

Why? Was he a non-white or something? Aren't these shootings a little conveniently synchronized?:

>Vegas biggest shooting in history, doesn't have the effect they want

>Church shooting, doesn't have the effect they want

>CIA: Damn, guess no one cares if a bunch of rednecks at concerts or white people in a church get killed. Boss, looks like the next logical step is to kill some kids.

5348ed No.10903853

File: 100a85d4f84ba91⋯.jpg (13.21 KB, 500x313, 500:313, equilibrium-prozium.jpg)


>Yesterday FDA approved little sensors in an antidepressant pill

Holy fuck

fa713e No.10903856

I fucking love that vidya

9fd24f No.10903869



The county where this happened in is about 80% white. Odds are the victims were white, and the perpetrator was another piece of white trash shit like the untermensch who shot up the Texas church.

5739ce No.10903873


If I was a betting man I would grab some Japanese OTSKF.PK stock. They make the sensors. If there is a call for the sensors to be put in more pills they stand to make a whole lot of money.

1270c2 No.10903875


California is full of minorities, which is why it's more blue then the red rural folk. Anyways there is a really good chance this is FBI doing a psyop for gun control. FBIAnon more or less admitted that is why they're doing it.

f8e7cc No.10903892


Liberalism is mostly Virtue Signaling. Living in the city packed with other people who will ostracize you can create a mentality where you feel you must Virtue Signal (Automatically makes you a Libtard). So virtue signaling becomes who these people think they are. It's how they not become outcasts.

ea27fc No.10903923

File: 4802e0b0dcef82b⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 400x385, 80:77, 5lJ5Z3r.gif)


Hateful Nazi bigotry!

t. msm

15b574 No.10903965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


371af2 No.10903976


Shooter was released on bond for stabbing a women, now i dont know about the US but i would suggest domestic violence.

The rest is a rampage about certain issues involving the kid they probably had, maybe it wasnt his (and found out about it) or she wanted a divorce etc.

15b574 No.10903979

Video of neighbor who reported the dude for being crazy. His roommate died in this incident.


4d0091 No.10903998

File: dbabc1cd6c68955⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 465x500, 93:100, 5c966d43b7e8619cf47e498693….jpg)


>3 dead

>police know the race, but it's undisclosed


>hundreds of shots fired

15b574 No.10904006


I had the unfortunate experience of living in that area a few years ago. it was common knowledge how corrupt the pols/leo were. The DA was secretly famous because his daughter took a shotgun to him on prom night. He didn't die, she wasn't arrested, everyone helped cover it up but everyone knew.

In my neighborhood some kids broke into a veterinarian and tortued the animals, painted satanic shit everywhere. None charged because they were kids of a pastor, an leo and a pol, plus a couple meth head kids.

Meth is huge up there, I would say meth or illegally gotten oxy was his drug.

0e4aba No.10904014


Sounds like my 5th grade class. Oh, how I want that back.

371af2 No.10904018


That is what i thought too.

eda9d2 No.10904023

Cool it with the copypasta, f2a807.

f2d18d No.10904070

A bunch of jews celebrating and making light of dead children should be all the proof you need that there is a war going on here, anon.

770fef No.10904076



364659 No.10904109

They are saying 5 dead, 10 injured.

0fa373 No.10904182


Welcome to today's civil war. It isn't going to happen on a battlefield conventionally. Mass shootings will disarm the population and make conservatives easier to kill and their children easier to manipulate.

587d83 No.10904188


Possibly, if everyone keeps being pussys about it.

0ec01d No.10904251

File: e3d6bb8746d5a8b⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 415x423, 415:423, 1443681020351.jpg)


He will never stop getting away with it, he's always ten steps ahead of everyone.

ee12c4 No.10904273


It is because you are a sadist in the reflecting lake. The hatred you inspire in others is your true self. What you perceive to be your own thoughts are the thoughts of people around you.

In solitude if you trust the people around you then you reflect to the internet your true self. If you live without trust then you are a proxy and you reflect the false persona of those around you. Go see more of God, your mini-God is perverse.

ab0c3d No.10904274


Did Idubbbz become a mass shooter?

48bc0c No.10904328




b5a37b No.10904352


nah, it's assbergers. fuck off.

b80262 No.10904458

File: 73385ddbcd35893⋯.png (665.49 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 73385ddbcd35893dbefcc5e12b….png)

File: 954d26b9a3c69ea⋯.png (151.25 KB, 1011x1049, 1011:1049, 1469409713645.png)



The TV it's self is the source. Can you think of a better description of modern mass media than "A bunch of jews celebrating and making light of dead children" ?

The fact that people still watch those actors and luminescent niggers and believe that it is news is both confusing and enraging.

dc3cb1 No.10904483


Im glad Anons archived that video. It got shoahed from the original source.

274012 No.10904671


SSRI withdrawal is trippy. It can make you breakdown. Zaps, nightmares like bad acid trips. Watch it ultimately be psychotic effects from SSRI withdrawal.

000000 No.10904810


>In my neighborhood some kids broke into a veterinarian and tortued the animals, painted satanic shit everywhere

tbh with all the sjwism shit and transgenderism going on, I miss satanic shit being the most shocking thing ever

850eb2 No.10904833

My ex-girlfriend was studying education.

She was upset because she didn't pass one of the assignments. The assignment was essentially so the school could check if they could read and write to a decent standard. I looked over her assignment and it was riddled with errors. I explained to her that the criteria demanded 'few or no errors' and that she had like 15, which I felt was well over the acceptable amount.

What happened is that she complained, cried and escalated the situation enough times that the school ended up passing her probably because it was just easier. She is now employed as a teacher. I lost hope in the university system when I realised that this is the standard of teachers that they are pumping out.

dd56d1 No.10905099



60e7da No.10905130

File: 1a99185cfeed89d⋯.gif (498.52 KB, 500x221, 500:221, giphy[1].gif)


Abilify just became approved for them. Otsuka is already going up. I imagine there will be a demand for them just with hospitals etc. making medication tracking easier. Once people feel comfortable having just the crazies tracked constantly, without their permission, they will start pushing them into other medications citing better patient management to general practitioners etc.


4cbab4 No.10905131

File: efe069a1918439f⋯.jpg (123.97 KB, 680x759, 680:759, 1440002977141.jpg)

60e7da No.10905146


Someone has to wrangle the niggers.

60e7da No.10905161

File: a3d750eedca45d0⋯.png (230.79 KB, 320x420, 16:21, This is Why.png)

ce7c10 No.10906435


I'm on antidepressants. I have bi-polar. mostly because a) either I inheritered from my father or b) my ex-girlfriends gave it me proving that girls really actually have cooties and can give you the female version of autism.

ce7c10 No.10906464


I had similar experiences but probably a lot worse of a life. the thing about teachers preferring the assholes thing was true for me too. I attended one HS reunion in 2011. never again. it also didn't help that well into my late 20s I got (up into now, my 30s) it was whore after whore after whore of an ex-girlfriend, the only one who didn't ended up accusing me of rape (and we dated twice, she only wanted me, that was the last straw) war never changes. I'm pretty sure I don't have a soul anymore.

d95e8d No.10906480


>"how to notice a potential beta uprising"

it's pretty funny to consider a lot of this lately. Particularly this hollywood and media stuff. Like so these feminists go into work, get harassed and raped, then write a story about how all males are rapists or all gamers are misogynistic haters, then their boss that just raped and harassed them approves the story.

Meanwhile the nerd that just wanted to be left alone are wondering wtf is all this faggotry about.

00bd2a No.10906493

Even if they shot up every elementary school the resident spics and nogs will still for for gibsmedat candidate

0c0b21 No.10906521


Remember that "mental illness" is invention of medical jew.

ea27fc No.10907720


An invention that genetically plagues them, apparently

3d46d1 No.10907804



0817d7 No.10907806




Forgive me for being a nigger, but how do these sensors work? I mean how do they get power to broadcast back to ZOG HQ to tell them if you haven't taken your good goy pills?

da415f No.10908046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>itt pharma shills try to meme the idea that the problems only start when you STOP taking their jew pills.

>in reality just taking them turns some people psychotic.

Video related, totally normal teenage girl murdered her neighbour due to SSRI poisoning. Judge wanted to hear nothing of it, now thanks to the kikes she will spend the rest of her life in prison and a little kid is dead.

d91bcb No.10908247

File: 31518e440a2cbef⋯.jpg (56.21 KB, 600x450, 4:3, nigger_graphitti.jpg)


>special scientist doctor dentist lady comes to the school

I wasn't going to say anything because I know where you're coming from but I have to now. Other anons are definitely thinking it because we've been there too.

>garbage disposal thing

I've read this before - or heard it, don't know but… going from memory:

>windowless classrooms

>one really epic teacher

>other kids treating you strange

>feeling like a scapegoat

>lackluster family life because of school

>dropped out of college

>want to get into education

>I-just-understand-it.jpg when it comes to advanced concepts for age group

You weren't, by chance, involved in the gifted and talented education program at your school(s), were you? If so, you're not alone.

fe829b No.10908292


>eating rocks because someone told you to.

Fam, I'm not going to fight evolutionary pressure.

018421 No.10908599


You've completely got it. How can anyone actually stand to go through such a process? It's why I barely attended school, and when I did I did nothing.

0d8e46 No.10908923


Short people having no reason to live.

fca9eb No.10909001

File: 491e2d53130de19⋯.png (41.63 KB, 498x575, 498:575, PoliticalGeogFigure-4_web.png)

Please just bomb us already.

d3a7fb No.10909088

File: 156f70c6afcdc4b⋯.png (540.35 KB, 1001x637, 11:7, numale untermenschen.png)


Gun control activism.

4bbaee No.10909211


Reminds me a bit of the handicapped kid we had in town, no matter if summer or winter he would drive around in his bicycle, go to rain barrels and shout "spirit of the water i summon you". He also relentlessly watched the ninja turtles.

9346a9 No.10909303

File: 4c7dde5f41a3a64⋯.jpg (72.71 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, methamphetamine.jpg)

Here's your shooter. Kevin Neal

8499e4 No.10909321

File: 8c6b84f7ff4ec63⋯.jpg (98.94 KB, 640x1091, 640:1091, samhyde one of these days.jpg)


>Will his thirst for blood ever be quenched?

I sincerely hope not.

a2072b No.10909888


Fuck. Am I the only one who thinks that mass shootings by niggers happen every day (drive by's for example, or home invasions killing an entire family of 5) and the news just doesn't even report on it nationally unless a white male did it?

a3cc96 No.10922526

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>we don't have a crystal ball


a3cc96 No.10922538

Who else simply "fell through the cracks" recently, after beating his wife and child, after having threatening higher-ups?

1b17d7 No.10922627


Trips of fuckin truth

Here in Chicago its literally every single night some nigger kills a niglet and a few others in a drive by, yet that doesnt count as a mass shooting. I guess thats the kike medias way of saying niggers arent human.

81b5d6 No.10922666




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