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Odious Memes

File: b8fd5824cc2f0a2⋯.jpg (227.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 15392442_G.jpg)

3159a7 No.10904459


Entire Holistic Family, Who Fought Big Pharma, Found Murdered

Jason Fairbanks, 39, Annie Fairbanks, 39, and their 3-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son died Friday afternoon, the Scottsdale Police Department said Saturday morning. Jason Fairbanks shot and killed his wife and children in their home near Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Thunderbird Road, said Sgt. Ben Hoster, Scottsdale Police Department spokesman. He then shot and killed himself.


d80f6b No.10904511

faggot jew free first post

e95659 No.10904518

I don't mean to derail the thread, but those two look like Jews themselves.

0b7361 No.10904524


Scottsdale yes! I'll head out there, and do some digging with neighbors and SPD.

8cbb17 No.10904534

File: 013bc7c87ef0adf⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, rage feels.jpg)

I'm definitely of a mind to say ((pure coincidence)) but in either case, whoever destroyed those smiles should be flayed alive and if it really was this guy he should be brought back to life for the purpose of flaying him alive.

18571f No.10904547

File: 47c20f0074d6685⋯.jpg (32.74 KB, 500x732, 125:183, 47c20f0074d668580233146475….jpg)

Didn't a bunch of these Holistic niggers get murder by cianiggers last year?

dcc026 No.10904549

b7185e No.10904555


I don't see it, elaborate?

19c74a No.10904561


>Who Fought Big Pharma

The fuck does this title come from? There is nothing in the article suggesting they "fought" anyone.

>Hoster said the couple had been experiencing financial struggles. The two owned a Scottsdale business, Macrotherapy, specializing in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

>According to an event page, Annie Fairbanks was a Master CHEK Practitioner and a doctor of holistic nutrition.

This is all the article has to say about what the couple did for a living or spent their time doing. Not that I'd rule out some kind of cover-up, since I don't trust ZOGbots to tell the truth under any circumstance, but the motive isn't as obvious as all that.

7723ab No.10904567



It's a derailment. If we don't ignore this guy this thread will soon turn into an argument about Jewish facial structure.

b418bb No.10904575

File: f3e58458f0467a5⋯.jpg (70.42 KB, 458x573, 458:573, dbe7542850e89f8a18be3c3826….jpg)

Just when I was centering myself I am brought to rage again. God damnit.

e95659 No.10904578


His thick lower lip, and her very thin upper lip. Jews often smile with their gums showing too.

8deaa6 No.10904592

File: e22585192e15cb1⋯.jpg (20.78 KB, 450x450, 1:1, grr .jpg)

>killing children too

f9efd2 No.10904594


the Jews will pay for it

3159a7 No.10904617


Here you go:


de96bd No.10904618

File: 162bfb59e633a8e⋯.jpg (102.74 KB, 800x590, 80:59, 1438805447911.jpg)

This really frightens me. They aren't even some big names, just some family who made the wrong people mad. Are we all on a list? Are anons getting whacked left and right but none of us know?

ce52cf No.10904621

…added to a long list of murdered holistic doctors. Research the late Dr. Andrew Moulden who found (((nagalese))) being put intentionally into vaccines.

6a37a2 No.10904638


You missed the first reply.

You're getting slow, Schlomo.



82fe70 No.10904640


I've been here too long that nothing shocks me anymore.

19c74a No.10904657



Okay, being part of a pattern of similar murders makes it far more suspicious. I'm a faggot for doubting you /pol/, carry on

000000 No.10904659

wasn't there a family making some movie about fema camps or something that was killed?

ec5052 No.10904660


There should be an easily acessed list of those murders

0d06cc No.10904662

File: 327a6fbe90730a0⋯.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4811 Speedway Drive.jpg)


Anon on election day vanished in LA, remember?

173bea No.10904678


His name was David Crowley, and the movie was The Gray State. He "murdered" his wife and daughter and (((suicided))) himself in 2015.

6a37a2 No.10904682

File: 99ae98d7a7b7f78⋯.png (942.6 KB, 718x752, 359:376, 77.png)


Is there anything you could do to prevent or at least warn everyone, about getting killed?

Putting cameras everywhere?

b0b048 No.10904689


Reminds me of the scientist a couple of years ago who posted a video on Youtube presenting a fully functional water-powered engine. Unfortunately the video was later removed, and the inventor died under mysterious circumstances (poison).


I remember that. Apparently the director, his wife, and his daughter were murdered in their home in broad daylight. The real kicker, however, is that all three of them had been shot at the back of the head execution style. The official police report however, ruled it as a burglary and murder.


I commend that anon's bravery. It's a good thing pedowood is being revealed to the masses despite the massive damage control and shilling.

000000 No.10904730



and what happened to the movie? the trailer looked as one of the possible best movies since 1999

ff1d09 No.10904747


(((holistic))) lunatic snaps and murderers his family and kills himself. Thats what these freaks do. kinda wish they would all just off themselves

daf83d No.10904765

File: cf4b9617d0d064e⋯.webm (8.25 MB, 320x240, 4:3, who_is_stan_meyer.webm)


Do you mean Stan Meyer?

Also, what is a "Holistic doctor" how is it different from a conventional doctor?

60aad0 No.10904774


I'm not one to catch on to conspiracy theories too easily, but considering that there probably aren't that many of these holo doctors, nearly 100 suicides, murders, robberies and accidents in a two year period seem very unlikely. Would be quite the coincidence.

What do kind of medicine do they do anyway? Tried to google it, but its all pretty thin info.

5b74f3 No.10904779


Sounds like someone is low in vitamin D. That's what happens when you're on an, all semen diet.

ce52cf No.10904791


aka naturopath. many had a doctorate signified by the letters "ND" which the AMA (american murder assn) hates.

8deaa6 No.10904795


it's basically alternative medicine, a quick search says it's pretty much just non standard stuff so not pain killers and shit. Look it up, it's pretty interesting except not really

4d2a3d No.10904805



theres as much of chance of the family being murdered by someone pissed they told their grandmother to wear a crystal necklace to cure their cancer as much as an (((anti-depressant))) slinging company like (((pfizer)))

8024f4 No.10904822


Reddit. Go back there.

It's obviously a fucking slaughterhouse of a murder by the same KIKES.

We will not forget a single of the victims of your brutality. But know one thing, subhuman pieces of shit, when the good day comes, this time, there will be no trace left of your existence. Each and everyone of you

daf83d No.10904825

File: df98c13d99dd3da⋯.webm (6.61 MB, 320x240, 4:3, HHO_welder.webm)

04bda4 No.10904831



Must be near a 100 by now. It is like the key witnesses at the JFK assassination & 9/11 - who were dying of unnatural causes at statistically unusual rates.

4d2a3d No.10904836

File: 3a811b1aa4d642d⋯.jpg (42.85 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 13694963_225033534560980_1….jpg)


nutritionists and medical researchers say the same exact same thing

eb68fe No.10904848


yeah, a lot died under strange circumstances, robberies where nothing is taken, etc. I'd post the info graphics but I'm not on my pc.

a33311 No.10904893


One does not simply "fight big pharma"

96843c No.10904953

File: 5841421b8199115⋯.jpg (160.78 KB, 500x330, 50:33, wow-that-sucks-eat-healthy….jpg)

Shouldn't it read "Holistic family found murdered by each other (rather than continue the lifestyle)?"

1a1282 No.10905027

File: 09b69407df90715⋯.jpg (30.55 KB, 400x327, 400:327, Kikes.jpg)

1a1282 No.10905038


That bitch's parent's drank. A lot.

d527c0 No.10905046

File: 374f0317108a820⋯.jpg (99.51 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1470261757816.jpg)

Trump needs to get his guys looking into this. There's almost a hundred of these people who have been killed just for helping people fix their health issues through cheap, easy, and safe ways. It's hard to do anything when you're not healthy, including thinking and that's what kikes hate the most.


For those who missed this story, alternative medicine people keep getting murdered. A convention of these people in germany was almost literally poisoned. Some of these people have died on the same day miles apart.





Alternative medicine people go by different names. For instance, chiropractors are actually considered alternative medicine according to how insurance programs work. Amongst alternative medicine people there's so many different labels; wholistic/holistic, naturopath, etc. What makes them unique and even dangerous to (((pharmaceutical companies))) is that they go back to treating illnesses and ailments by identifying very easy to miss deficiencies that can manifest as symptoms for diseases, and prescribe natural remedies that are more often than not safer and more effective than pharmaceutical products.

As an example, zinc deficiency can manifest as skin problems or even neurological disorders. A naturopath is currently the label being pushed for serious medical legitimacy but as of right now has no hospital admittance privileges and many others that doctors have. Naturopaths rely on natural cures and remedies backed by modern research and exercise careful examination to know when their realm of expertise has been exhausted - in other words if the patient needs modern medical care they will totally admit it.

To put this all in perspective, as the 20th century came to a close, modern research showed that nearly every cure for what we need already exists in nature with nearly no drawbacks or side effects. Kikes hate nature, and nature is easy and cheap to cultivate. Kikes pretty much own (((pharmaceutical medicine))). Kikes need to eliminate their competitors, which in this case is natural medicine, brought by their sworn enemy that is nature.


You're confusing this with new age people. Actual holistic practitioners typically have a type of medical credential. Most of them tend to fall back on chiropractor certifications and nutritionist degrees. Saying proper nutrition is all you need isn't good enough as most people don't know what their body currently needs the most, as most people have a shitty unbalanced diet filled with empty nutrients.

Most if not all problems can be fixed by finding out what the body is aching for the most. Sometimes it can be something as simple as proper hydration or something relatively obscure like alpha lipoic acid which the body can produce in small quantities but needs to get the most of in diet. The FDA royally screws people over by categorizing nutrients the body makes (even in large quantities) as "conditionally essential" and thus overly downplayed the importance of certain nutrients that can break a person when they become deficient in them. Something as simple as taurine can solve eye problems and even prevent homocysteine toxicity - a by-product of excessive meat eating that is bolstered by poor amino acid imbalance.

I could go on but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Having a balanced diet, as silly and trite as it sounds, is actually what the jew doesn't want. And people working a relatively mundane job where they tell peole what safe natural remedies they can take when sick or even if it's just a nutritional supplement they're missing is enough for kikes to have them killed.

9605d4 No.10905101

File: 5a1ffc23f269aee⋯.png (246.75 KB, 1272x668, 318:167, Anon on holistic doctors.png)


As an armed and studying herbalist and considering CHEK institute myself, I'll be saving this nice summery of the circumstances of holistic medicine.

422d8c No.10905187


>tfw was studying holistic medicine before getting sidetracked by /pol/

>tfw I was fighting the jew before I was even aware of the jew



1a1282 No.10905190


She looks like she needs a leech. Just saying.

8788e5 No.10905204

d39c82 No.10905224

File: 9359e3e62bc316f⋯.jpg (45.92 KB, 700x400, 7:4, Cannabis-Oil.jpg)

Health Tip: If you have chronic muscle or nerve pain from injuries, living a sedentary NEET life, or medical condition you need to stop what you are doing and find a way to get cannabis extract and mix it with coconut oil. Apply directly to the skin. I'm on month three recovering from a back injury and going through physical therapy. I was prescribed benzos and NSAID which didn't do shit except make me feel drowsy. Topical application of cannabis extract with an oil buffer brings my pain from a 7/10 down to a 3/10 in a few minutes and reduces inflammation and muscle tightness by a ridiculous amount. My condition is actually getting better a lot faster now. A fucking $25 jar of coconut oil could collapse the entire pain pills pharma industry if normies would just wake the fuck up.

934b4d No.10905233


Modern medicine has kiked and unkiked parts, same as natural/historic medicine. It's not an either/or proposition. Diet, exercise and plant extracts is really not too different from diet, exercise and antibiotics.

0e69ee No.10905246


You know what I think that the kikes fear most? Garlic oil. I once had one that had like 5000mg per capsule or something, very potent, extremely good, but cannot find it back anywhere now.

There are many such things that may come and go, or go missing. Next on my list are things against artrytis. Boron and also iodine. But weirdly, my package from the website got a very weird and unusual holdup. I am fearing that the CIA niggers took muh supplements and put placebos in there. I mean…I know they tamper with laptops, but could they also tamper with stuff like this?

60761a No.10905295

This'll continue until people actually do what needs to be done, bitching about it won't change anything.

0e69ee No.10905336

why not do what we do best and make infographics on the hollistic stuff that they peddle? Maybe spread it around a little?

80ae8d No.10905360


BPC-157 and TB-500 is what you need. yw

df3f52 No.10905417


alternatively, I have found Comfrey leaf applied topically on the site of pain to be beneficial, and just recently went through a surgery to reconnect some tendons where I ingested comfrey leaf a total of 25 days during the firs 6 weeks post op. Supplemented with milk thistle starting 30 days prior to comfrey ingestion, at a rate of 2-4 double zero capsules a day. Minor abdomen spasms an hour or two after some doses, I think a full stomach would help with this.

I am still on the fence with the whole, injections/research chemicals, but I have friends who have had great results with TB-500, especially considering the quality of HGH available is going down.

38cf9e No.10905441

File: c9cdf2f09c77312⋯.png (51.63 KB, 643x550, 643:550, martin shkreli.png)

File: 1d1bfc2d2c1ead5⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 900x500, 9:5, martinskreli2.jpg)

save us shkreli

580f89 No.10905535

File: 9ee363aa95e900f⋯.jpg (5.66 KB, 279x181, 279:181, heilwoman.jpg)



4c87a6 No.10905554







6a37a2 No.10905633

File: 5847f60eee647fa⋯.jpg (44.95 KB, 300x445, 60:89, Chain_reaction_ver1.jpg)



> Stan Meyer

Maybe one day we'll get something like this but right now everything points that this was a conman.

Also, indie scientists everywhere would have tried this to some result in places where the CIA can't put their hands on.

Remember that The Man would love you to pay for music and movies yet you get them for free not just in the super secret deepweb but even in youtube, of all places.

2ef39d No.10905666



Snake oil for stupid people.

9801b4 No.10905673


Your trips have sold you out jew.

0616aa No.10905705

File: 5f0d5c554384053⋯.jpg (26.06 KB, 400x360, 10:9, 5b4a7fad45cc2ebb7f86145faa….jpg)


Speaking of this, I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and my TSH has been through the roof for months. Doctor's solution: "increase dosage". Doesn't do shit. I look up online and apparently lots of people are starting to get this immune disease or a smaller form which is hypothyroidism. Now, nearly a quarter of all women in the US have some form of it, which is scary as fuck. This disorder basically makes you irritable, gain weight, be unable to regulate temperature, and make you extremely depressed (and more symptoms). It's basically a silent epidemic.

Also one more scary thing: this disease is correlated to the rate of diabetes increasing as well as heart disease, mostly in women. For all we know, iodine, selenium, and vitamin D deficiencies are causing this disease. But the truth is, once you have it, YOU ARE FUCKED. It is uncurable currently, so you need to prevent it. Sadly, I got this disease when I was 10 years old and I didn't find out until I was a teen when I actually fainted at school and I suddenly stopped growing taller. But only then. Most people will live a full life and suddenly get many diseases and even die from it, never knowing they have it.

b002c3 No.10905728


>Actual holistic practitioners typically have a type of medical credential. Most of them tend to fall back on chiropractor certifications

Stopped reading there. Bro, I can teach you to crack your knuckles or whatever for way less than whatever your chiropractor is charging you.

0616aa No.10905734


Holistic doctors are actually trying to cure Hashimoto's:


Antibodies are theorized to be attacking thyroid because a virus or bacteria actually snuck into the thyroid itself. Epstein-Barr virus is very likely, but most doctors will never admit this and likely won't let you take blood tests for it (or say you don't need it). Most say "you don't have a symptoms, we don't need a test". This has actually happened to me.

I expect some of them to be murdered soon. Big pharma has been making a killing off pushing synthroid on millions of women and they absolutely know hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are epidemics, but will never attempt to actually cure it. All the medicine does is give you what your body can already produce by itself, just in greater quantities.

bdaeea No.10905784

File: 3a6fe295670b48e⋯.jpg (317.46 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Macaroni Salad 1.JPG)


Shkreli's gonna be extra dangerous with his highly intelligent ex-inmate buddies once he's out. As long as they're not niggers, some people go to jail because they're too smart but no well educated. I once got timed out in one of this streams for just saying I wouldn't have sex with a Jew for a job, but Shkreli is our only hope.


Almost quads, but the 39 repeated is definitely scary and possibly related to something Satanic.

e2f1ad No.10905840


he is done

His jew clansmen was planning on letting him walk free. But then he started to use his fame for unauthorized attention whoring, the hillary attack was the final straw and he got his bail revoked.

Michael jackson nose jew cant take a hint and he wont get any more favors.

8cbb17 No.10905851


>Implying I'm a Redditfag

>Implying I'm a kike

I take roughly equal offense to both, but remind you that your manlet ass couldn't do shit to me if I was either and since I'm neither you can do even less. Gas yourself, mongrel.

4c2265 No.10905861



>Home of Scientologists

Do you really think this is legit? Even if it is do you believe he will be left alive? This is probably a huge scam by them.

6f8964 No.10905880


I saw this on Neon Nettle so i thought its bullshit

e2f1ad No.10905930


lol its 5 years study to become a licensed chiropractor here

athletes and old people use them all the time for spine and joint problems.

Doctors are useless they just give you painkillers

ff434b No.10906135

File: 8ce21f5e0434c0b⋯.jpg (144.38 KB, 659x659, 1:1, 1493554191432.jpg)


literally go to /fast/ or /keto/ on 4chan fit, hashimoto ain't shit compared to a decent intermittent fasting protocol and /fast/ has the research to prove it.

What's scary is that /fast/ is just a little podunk general on /fit/ that likes to post research but jews literally either try to shit it up to death or subvert it every fucking day. The thread has been grabbed by "dry fasting" recently and I'm trying to find a way to get the fucking kikes out

817623 No.10906143


>recommending halfchan

You best be joking, nigger

71b187 No.10906177



And the death count rises

706a2a No.10906198

File: bf13d3ccef522fb⋯.mp4 (8.39 MB, 480x480, 1:1, weed.mp4)


I was wondering why the kikes classified weed juice as a schedule 1 substance.

65f9e6 No.10906251


They run the pharmaceutical companies. They don't want you to have access to one substance that is a useful treatment in a grip of problems, physiological and psychological.

fc99ef No.10906330

File: 30aeebc738a549c⋯.jpg (40.87 KB, 800x565, 160:113, Trump Chaos Emeralds.jpg)


It is certainly wiser to take evidence into consideration.


I was far more doubting until I saw this.


I got to that thread a day too late, unfortunately. I was the anon telling everyone that they need to have a small unit where everyone is a combatant and can cover everyone else both for hostilities and for information warfare (i.e. cameras and the ability to get a signal out even if you all die).


There is no substitute for training. A lot of these assassinations of low-level targets are not done by highly skilled professionals. We cannot prevent a lot of retarded, naive, do-gooder normalfags from getting killed. But anyone here I fully expect to harden the fuck up. Your attitude, mindset, knowledge, and skills are more valuable than physical fitness, although that certainly doesn't hurt (it makes your job easier).

This is why I'm also at odds with the anti-military shills. It's not like we don't all know myriads of government problems, but if you really think that power players who will have millions of people killed for a nickel of profits or to hang on to power for another few years will not have people assassinated (read: YOU, lurking anons), then you obviously need to rethink things. I would personally welcome anyone dumb enough to try to assassinate me, but I doubt anyone would be that stupid. The motto I learned from the Marines was "be a hard target." Apply that shit.


>holistic in echoes

Way to confirm that it's not a (((coincidence))), faggot shill. Daily reminder that your bosses wasted the $18 billion and that you can't shill this place.


<pic related

ff434b No.10906392


Do you see any thread on 8ch over fasting and how to save the west from kike-induced sugar, seed-oil, and overfeeding induced metabolic syndrome and cancer?

b44518 No.10906396

File: 7f568f1adbef554⋯.jpg (55.57 KB, 425x570, 85:114, Average Black Female.jpg)




Healthcarefag here.

Weed has been getting normalized for a long time now and legalization is just a matter of time. Georgia is very close to pushing it through the State Govt. People are tired of seeing their friends and loved ones end up going from opiates to heroin to a ruined life. The US consumes a vastly disproportionate amount of the world's pharmaceuticals, but don't think for a minute that Big Pharma is going to let this one go. There is always a new drug in development and they will adapt.

Typical route to death for most patients I see: Long term obesity -> orthopedic issue -> spine surgery or fusion -> pain management post-surgery (read: opiates) -> lifetime disability when they never recover because getting a spine fusion won't reverse 30 years of being a 5'5, 280lb nigress.

These people will never work again. They will never be productive again in any capacity remotely proportionate to the amount of medical care they will require to go through the day without excruciating pain. Psych issues abound because go figure you get suicidally depressed when nearly every moment of your life is in physical pain and you know it will never end. In a normal world, these people wouldn't be able to afford the surgery and would eventually become bedridden and either be taken care of the rest of their days or would die from obesity-related comorbidities like diabetes or blood pressure.

However we live in a fucked up hellscape, so instead insurance is there to pay for their care until they can't afford the premiums. At which point indigent care (Medicaid + SSD) picks up and continues their care on the tax dime.

The largest amount of money Big Pharma gets comes from Medicaid / Medicare and public sources, not private insureds. Remember that.

b44518 No.10906447

File: da15bca8fdf0284⋯.jpg (238.78 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, Cupcakes are a hell of a d….jpg)


Oh and I'll throw this in for good measure


eea61c No.10906523

rip daisy ridley

db3072 No.10906536


look into john lang in fresno, probably not


e00f9e No.10906559

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>CHEK Practitioner

It's a home study program, no college required. I doubt she was a real doctor. Where is the source that she was in the now somehow?

What did the man do for a living?

>Developed by Paul Chek and drawing on his over 31 years of Holistic Health experience, this program is the foundation for all of our courses and teaches you a simple, practical and intuitive system to reach those goals – whether it’s having more energy in your daily life… losing weight and keeping it off… recovering from an injury… keeping up with your kids and grandkids… or driving the golf ball further and more accurately than ever.

>Up until now, this program has only been presented in a live workshop format. Thousands of people worldwide have attended one or more of the three levels of this program since it was launched. Now we are making it even easier to help you reach your wellness goals. With HLC 1 Online you can complete Level 1 from the comfort of your own home, using a laptop, tablet or even your smart phone.

faae81 No.10906581


Does anyone here know anything about POTS? My gf 26 fit got it a couple months ago, she faints fairly often now, today she fainted over 7 times. Every test under the sun done and there seems to be no explanation other than "pots".

9142ed No.10906610


It was clearly the wife, who was a xenomorph. Look at that mouth.

70b38d No.10906665


she might be too fit, oddly enough. women need a certain amount of fat and water retention in their bodies due to childbearing. find an expert on postural tachycardia syndrome and have her invest in compression socks/stockings, increase salt and water intake, and begin monitoring her blood pressure at home. Have her check her total body fat amount, is she too fit? Is she not keeping a good subdermal fat layer? I know beta blockers are recommended for cases where they can't function anymore, but you will need to find a doctor familiar with the condition.

f3c10c No.10906728

File: 66be78f4e9c8452⋯.webm (10.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 66be78f4e9c8452788a74dfd5….webm)


I still want to believe it was a CTR hoax that was just taking advantage of the tip left by the TorFag, and warding us off the trail with fear that Anon had been v&. But to this day, I still don't know what to think. TorFag posted that image mere hours after we had gotten really solid leads off of DIYChurch and Dr. Pong, and so we were all fairly pumped to take advantage of the new leads and go out into the field. It wasn't difficult for me to believe that someone wanted to head out and do some reconnaissance. At the time, I was only about 50 miles away from there and wanted to head over myself.

But something that continually bugged me was the last sentence he wrote before signing off: "If I don't come back. Send someone else."

Very foreboding and mysterious, as though he knew he wasn't coming back, and that was all that would have been necessary for a successful LARP that spooked people into backing off.

LARP or not, it motivated people to keep going–even though the first few Pizzagate threads were shilled harder than I'd ever seen. So if it was fake, then their play only worked against them.

faae81 No.10906851


Definitely not too fit. She has gained weight in the past year(maybe 5%) but still in the normal bmi range. What you said is correct and we have tried(although i forgot about the compression socks). We are actually at a hospital now for the second time. When she passed out her blood pressure seems to not change much. Just a couple hours ago they had her sit up to for blood pressure, heart rate jumped to 90 then down to 70. Blood pressure normal. Then had her stand up and she just went lights out, vitals didnt change at all during her fainting.

9cff74 No.10906883


>A fucking $25 jar of coconut oil could collapse the entire pain pills pharma industry if normies would just wake the fuck up.

I Just mentioned coconut oil in the MakeApp thread. The stuff is a miracle worker. If you have dry skin, rashes, blemishes, scrapes, etc it works wonders. Get cold-pressed coconut oil. It's solid at room temperature and liquefies on contact with the body. Most grocery stores carry it in the organic isle now. $8 or so a jar and it'll last quite a while. It's not greasy like other oils. It very quickly soaks into the skin making it soft and calming any irritations.

You can also use it to clean teeth by swishing it in your mouth for at least 10 mins every morning, rinsing and then brushing. After a few days, any hard plaque will actually begin to slough off of your teeth. Also makes your mouth feel cleaner than it ever has.

It has a million uses and is healthier than any cooking oil you might use in food.

ce792f No.10906912

File: 9e603cf93dedab7⋯.jpg (48.3 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Carlos_Ramon.jpg)

Looks like they should have vaccinated themselves … against bullets.

faae81 No.10906970


Where is that picture taken?

b56279 No.10906978

File: c32ef8486e88289⋯.mp4 (3.89 MB, 578x324, 289:162, masturbates in front of wo….mp4)


Could be a random nigger attack, that happens out here. Though doesn't mean it wasn't the jews themselves who sent their nigger golem gang members to have some fun with an enemy. Or a Rabbinical member.

>>inb4 they're literal nobodies, why would the jews care?

That's the point actually. Jews are actual terrorists instead of like the mock terrorism of 9/11 blowing up a building or a car, you hear of in the city (((they))) rather prefer to go after the innocents in small groups in small homes. That has a higher effect of terror on the cattle.

35e0da No.10906992


Marina del Rey. Don't go there.

040f8e No.10907001



I'm with you, I'm not on keto right now but the mental clarity alone from only eating during an 8 hour window everyday has been fantastic. Nothing but green tea in the morning, water throughout the early and mid day and refrain from eating until 2-10pm. I also have more productive time because of it just from not wasting it stuffing my face.

94ff44 No.10907257

File: f890fdd0a10f476⋯.jpg (689.84 KB, 897x1850, 897:1850, mysterious clinton deaths.jpg)


>there was a truck behind him

He should've known there would probably be a scouter amongst the premises.


Anon, everyone who in some little way or form going against them ends up making an impact winds up on their list. You remember the lawyer that served the DNC lawsuit papers shortly after boiney selling his followers out? He was found dead later. The guy who was talking to trump during one of his campaign stops was asking him to reveal about clinton corruption and such in his country, later found dead. Definitely a campaign to ramp up pharma business and pill pushing.

WHICH REMINDS ME where there's a clear push for getting more pills sound people's throats to subdue them and kill them internally, there's no doubt a money trail of a sponsorship or some partnership between pharmas and psychiatrists.

70b38d No.10907814


it might be indicative of another underlying heart condition. keep in mind if they didnt do a proper MRI of the heart (ct and xrays are bs) they might miss something. Wish you the best of luck.

7f558e No.10907907

File: dcd465a21ce7ffd⋯.jpg (31.09 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 12377857934.jpg)

>muh tuhroid

>muh vituhmins

>muh healing stuhnes

Good, this should be the fate of all con-artists and snake oil salesmen. Sage for pseudoscience.

fe4f7c No.10908827


I didn’t believe in any of this until they started killing so many people. I am now a believer by default, this is a textbook situation that is repeated in all fields. If there is a trail of dead people then there is an uncomfortable truth as it’s cause.

aee09b No.10908863


>tells anon the location then tell him to not go there

>totally not implying to go there

>t. pedowood spook

35a353 No.10908876



Good posts. Going to be asking a foolish question as I am already aware of where to/potentially what to read involving alternative medicine, but would there be any titles you/anyone else would recommend? Very interested in learning more about these topics but would appreciate any insight as to where to "begin digging", etc.

aee09b No.10908889


>t. narcissistic pharma shill

drink your own shitty medicine you fucking fake crackpot

37af44 No.10908897


Great post and checks out with my understanding of this practice.

Many illnesses and diseases are caused by you not feeding your body the right shit or not exercising etc etc.

A fellow anon knows lots about this stuff, will see if they have anything to chip in.

df55c2 No.10908901


To live feeling enraged against big powers means you will always possibly be on the list.

37af44 No.10908978

File: 7d20aa299d0c6d8⋯.png (14.11 KB, 220x135, 44:27, 220px-Vector_field_on_a_su….PNG)


>Stan Meyer

His work was perfected by Robert Kurpa.

Check out Kurpa and firestorm plugs and the dual coaxial anode injector design.


Boosted spark = crazy plasma discharge. Coaxial anode makes the plasma form away from the conductors = doesn't destroy it.

>pic related

This plasma causes an electron cascade at high pressure (aka cylinder pressure) which disassociates H+O.

When you see joe cells and all that HHO/browns gas bullshit, it's a slide for what I just wrote.


>Robert Kurpas Firestorm Plugs - Dual Anode Coaxial Injector

There is a pdf on scribd how to do it, which has been replicated independently multiple times.

335fa6 No.10909008


> No covering this up

> Papers say guy murdered his family and himself

> They covered it up

This is of course assuming the newage family wasn't batshit enough to do this and that is a big assumption. One way or another OP is a faggot. Not saging because big pharma would do shit like this.

24fc5a No.10909052


Make sure she is watching her sugar and carb intake. Keeping a food diary can help her see what connection it may have to her eating habits. Has she had a full heart workup?


If she's too fit, beta blockers will likely make her pass out if her blood pressure is on the low/low normal end.

f2787f No.10909160


>Believing a jew magician/comedian from the entertainment-industry

Sure thing schlomo, i also get all my political info from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert!

33b187 No.10909244


>>Robert Kurpas Firestorm Plugs - Dual Anode Coaxial Injector

> I don’t have any intention to have a patent on this, and I don’t want anybody getting this patented. This is free, for everyone.

Can you go GNU with this?

d8d791 No.10909345

File: 4c7533a1f739a94⋯.png (3.65 KB, 309x196, 309:196, 1323608635030.png)


An anon needs to compile all that shit into a fine little PNG. That's some /x/ tier spookery.

1168d5 No.10909367


Those plugs are not related to Meyer's water system. They are just an attempt to run the engine leaner than normal which may or may not work. A better gasoline economy approach is to set up a fuel vaporizer between your tank and fuel injectors or carburetor to ensure complete usage of gasoline that is injected into the engine. There is a lot of room for improvement there without even having to fuck with the AFR.

Meyer claimed to have found a way to do hydrogen electrolysis with less energy than was contained in the combustion. It isn't clear exactly what he was doing but there is a lot of evidence that it worked and that he was poisoned by cianiggers at a cracker barrel for trying to go public with it.

d39670 No.10909815


The wife appears suspiciously Jewish.

d39670 No.10909834


Yes, actually. The Jewish Mafia is constantly killing people who contradict them. Daily. I thought this was common knowledge. Even if it is just some Jewish Lawyer colluding with the Jewish District Attorney to have a troublesome client killed, which happens all the time in my town. Jewish lawyer literally stabs client to death in his cell so he can be on better terms with the Jewish district attorney.

d39670 No.10909848


The Jewish Mafia extends down to the local level Judges/Lawyers/District Attorneys as well, who are constantly covering for other Jews doing illegal acts within the system and having anyone who crosses them assassinated.

106696 No.10910286

File: b5475659f6f8b52⋯.png (861.56 KB, 1306x2712, 653:1356, pure coincidence (readable….png)

File: 4cb9520a85b99bf⋯.jpg (399.67 KB, 1724x1500, 431:375, pure coincidence.jpg)


More money involved = more likelihood for evil

842af1 No.10915279


fucking spic bastard!

842af1 No.10915427



what is this even?

some random assortment of schizophrenia?

d76edf No.10915514


>That happend in 2015

WTF happened to my life

651b26 No.10915515

File: 8feecfedc07fc7e⋯.png (88.56 KB, 412x351, 412:351, ClipboardImage.png)


We've lost good men because of those kike fucks.

Never forget that. Our blood is on their hands. We can't dishonor the memory of a fellow anon, they have to burn

441735 No.10915519




These kind of stuffs really makes me consider if I want to visit USA at all. Biggest surveillance, most toxic foods, most degenerate people, redpilled people unable to socialize because of them and constant fear of getting fucked by ZOG. Shit that's scary. I really wish I will have the opportunity though. After POTUS showing clear intent to fix the country I have renewed love for America and I follow everything going that side of the Atlantic Ocean. By the way what States would you guys recommend as the most preserved and with big fun potential? (Sorry to be off topic.)

b568e9 No.10915576


Cool strawmen.

000000 No.10915634


My life has been destroyed by them as well. Made a brutal, brainless and senseless mistake.

Spoke to Shiksa Goddess/Goyim Goddess and everything went to shit for me.

Directed energy weapon attacks and gang stalking… aka being followed everywhere where I went.

Yeah I screwed myself royally.

3c9532 No.10915710

70b22f No.10915909


>Something as simple as taurine can solve eye problems and even prevent homocysteine toxicity - a by-product of excessive meat eating that is bolstered by poor amino acid imbalance.

Funny, since taurine can only be found in large quantities in meat. Particularly raw meat since it's destroyed by the cooking process, as proven by the Pottenger's cats experiment.

Reminds me of selenium in fish. Selenium binds to mercury which makes it fat insoluble. In other words, you really don't have to worry about mercury in fish since most fish have higher amounts of selenium than mercury.

f13732 No.10915925


I’ve questioned myself multiple times if some of the people of “met” aren’t in fact govt agents in one form or another. Some of the things they’ve asked me randomly make me question my sanity.

e2edb6 No.10915931

Why do Americans always smile like they're crazy or an aggressive animal?

000000 No.10915946


examples of questions? could be gas lighting you

82854c No.10916051

File: 5140b20f88be0df⋯.gif (2.13 MB, 320x192, 5:3, 5140b20f88be0dfb9c4193195b….gif)


>browse /pol/ without a VPN

>get suicided twice in the back of the head

I didn't want to live anyway. I bet there's a jew staring me down as we speak. Somewhere, hiding.

741731 No.10916056


This is only true for americans, non american citizens are pretty safe, at least when it comes to their own government killing whole families.

c0dd91 No.10916111


How many illegal firearms do you own?

43854f No.10916142


lol, they are kikes. look at their big kike mouths, stop being dramatic about nothing

d2382b No.10916195


trips are your answer


f4a4e1 No.10916214

I've learned from inside sources that he owed investors a lot of money. Either he took their lives for the insurance payout or he owed the wrong person money.

7ad64f No.10916313


>he took their lives for the insurance payout

>not realising he's also dead

At least skim the story first. Especially if you're going to act like you've done any further investigation.

f4a4e1 No.10916326


Business partners can get insurance payouts. I wasn't implying he wasn't dead, nigger.

767043 No.10916481

I wonder if/when they're going to go after the Criticalhealthnews guys. They're in the holistic business (though some of their shit sounds like pure bullshit, like all the "muh gluten muh gluten nobody had problems with gluten until gmo but muh gluten is what is bad for everyone also replace entire meals with supplement pills muh water fasting" faggotry) and are big enough to be on Coast to Coast every month.




Jewish bullshit. Only fitting you use cuckchan memes based on niggerspeak when shilling for "just eat nothing goy that'll solve your problems caused by deficiencies in nutrients, not getting any nutrients at all".



>using the BMI range

>the range that classifies you as "obese" because you have a muscular phsyique instead of looking like a GRIDS patient or halfway to suffering from typhoid in a work camp with no food because the "good guys" bombed all the supply lines


What the fuck is that?


>most degenerate people


84e9dc No.10916504


How old are you, and how often do you exercise, and in what ways? I'm an early-mid 20's male, and I work out 30-40 minutes on my off days or play 1-3 hours of badminton most days of the week. I tried keto but couldn't consistently get the calories I needed in a day. Was I just doing it wrong in some way?

After keto didn't stick, I tried a balanced diet, which went pretty well. Then I started skipping lunch to try to do an intermittent fasting thing, and I lost 6 pounds in a month or 2. I have very little body fat, if you couldn't guess; I lost mostly muscle q.q

Does keto work for everyone, or does it take a particular lifestyle/exercise amount/age? I wanted it to work, but ultimately felt like I was spending way too much time cooking.

7ad64f No.10916515


>Either he took their lives for the insurance payout or he owed the wrong person money.

>'he' refers to a previously unmentioned hypothetical third party in the first half of the sentence, then the victim in the second half

Learn how to phrase things in English, faggot.

0f2021 No.10916554

if the jew cannot control holistic medicine, he will destroy it. you are witnessing the latter.

431bd0 No.10916580


Was this the anon who went to pic related and never posted any sort of updates again? I remember that thread, any archives of it?

797b2f No.10916623


naturopathic doctors specifically. don't just go to a "naturopath", make sure they got a 4 yr post grad degree from an accredited college.

t.naturopathic medical student

96bd7c No.10916666



cec805 No.10916809


>Antibodies are theorized to be attacking thyroid because a virus or bacteria actually snuck into the thyroid itself.

Fascinating. That's the primary cause of most cases of type one diabetes.

eea99a No.10916819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

According to this cucktube faggot, he is the 77th holistic doctor to be murdered.

595142 No.10916821


Like asking me what gym i workout at. First time i heard from him in half a year.

Another guy went full 1488 on me randomly.

413df8 No.10916908


ALA is the easy to get omega-3. DHA and EPA are omega 3's only found in meat, which brainlet fags are deficient in.

0e65b5 No.10916945


In the missing 411 a lot of smarter white people disappear. Lots of doctors and physicians vanish without a trace. Almost like they're being targeted.

2b5204 No.10916959

It's just a coincidence goyim, people who fight against Hillary also die all the time of mysterious circumstances.

000000 No.10916965


>man with untreated mental condition does something crazy

downsaging this crap

f64472 No.10917008


Chances are he was legit, I only recently found out he was poisoned at a meeting.

I spoke with a hasidic jew one time who was a big wig on a jobsite I was on and he said his uncle knew how to do this and he was threatened to stop what he was doing. IIRC he even left the country as a result of it. It was pretty crazy to hear the story after learning of Stan Meyer. I wish i'd remembered the full details.

On a side note hasids are satan worshiping subhumans who look down upon us with great disgust and treat you horrible. They get away with all sorts of building practices that no one else could and screw up local water tables and even get away with not having proper sewage systems in place.

b54cd3 No.10917080



<aka "nagalese"

7686d9 No.10917284

Man, her smile is really fucked up

487662 No.10917381




Phillip marshall was writing about 9/11 when he shot and killed his kids and his dogs, then killed himself. They proceeded to take all of his shit and notes.

fde7f4 No.10917435

File: 84a910f19be945f⋯.png (26.64 KB, 448x536, 56:67, who.png)


>5th post this thread

>replying to op


514df2 No.10917461


Dr R P is legit

c171b4 No.10917706


37f0d7 No.10917787


See a good nutritionist and consult with him about it, outside the obvious of getting your bloodwork done to see your T-levels.

smiley using faggot

431bd0 No.10917860

f8ddb6 No.10917908


>Does keto work for everyone, or does it take a particular lifestyle/exercise amount/age?

Yes, it does in fact work, but the purpose is to give you hypothyroidism, diabetes, and cancer, not to improve your health. It's tempting to buy into the hype from the countless anecdotes of good experiences, but these testimonies lack perspective. Keto directly causes an increase in stress hormones, especially those involved in gluconeogenesis, and these hormones often do increase the metabolic rate and help the body adapt to an unnatural situation but at an enormous cost if chronically elevated long term. Short term these hormones, such as adrenaline, can feel invigorating, but long term, as in a chronic dietary change such as keto, will cause degenerative diseases of all sorts. The hormonal profiles that keto will initiate are only meant to be a temporary state of affairs. They are a safety net, not a primary mode of effective living. Not even obligate carnivores live without carbs, for they eat both blood with blood sugar in it and glycogen in fresh raw meat. Those who do the best on keto merely have the most youth to spend and are most efficient at creating glucose from proteins. It almost makes sense as a fat loss method until you realize de novo lipogenesis is terribly inefficient compared to storing dietary fat as fat. Makes you wonder why people don't just eat a low fat diet and get energy from carbs.

612067 No.10918077

File: 643a243c4b8aaa6⋯.jpg (38.83 KB, 286x499, 286:499, b2b309fe6d8d0044ea8693150e….jpg)


I wonder how many intelligent yet easily seduced guys have had their lives ruined.

Never trust easy women /pol/.

3a985c No.10918134



What do you mean? The government is tormenting you because you spoke to one of their agents?

000000 No.10918424

Anyone who doesn't practice adequate OPSec deserves to die tbh

b89820 No.10918529


>Anon on election day vanished in LA

Can you link to that?

000000 No.10918544


Do you have a list or does someone has one please ?

31ae58 No.10918559


That's the price you pay for standing for truth. They will murder your whole family and paint you black for the rest of history.

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