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Odious Memes

File: 30410266880daaa⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 407x362, 407:362, images.jpg)

8eb4a1 No.10904597

Australians have had their say, with 61.6 per cent of the nation voting Yes to legalising same-sex marriage.

The final count was 7.8 million responses in support of same-sex marriage, and 4.9 million against.

Australian statistician David Kalisch said the final number of responses was 12,720,920 people, representing 79 per cent of eligible Australians.

"This is outstanding for a voluntary survey and well above other voluntary surveys conducted around the world," he said.


879770 No.10904606

File: dc94c662fe05b8e⋯.jpg (14.36 KB, 374x350, 187:175, 678f2510655031026420c47ba5….jpg)

When's the poz party?

88079d No.10904635

Finally I can fuck my dundee friend and then get eaten alive by mosquitoes the size of golf balls.

What a shithole country build by criminals.

8eb4a1 No.10904639

File: faca7afb634c913⋯.png (98.57 KB, 480x762, 80:127, Screenshot_2017-11-15-10-2….png)

Very sparse information on our statistician friend online but his name could echo across the Bass Strait

b8bb2e No.10904643

Fuck you cunts. Australia is great. Melbourne did this.

693e13 No.10904676


>not legalizing polygamy

30d999 No.10904677

Poly marriage when?

>doesn't hurt anyone

>love is love

>marriage equality

>it's fair

>blah blah blah

a7f5ca No.10904684


Weirdly NSW voted No the most out of all the states

30d999 No.10904696

File: bef84c580c2da95⋯.png (28.3 KB, 895x292, 895:292, blaxland.png)


Who's moving with me to based Blaxland?

I suppose the rampant faggotry/mardi gras secretly pissed a lot of NSW folks off.

30d999 No.10904701



if you want to look at the statistics

a7f5ca No.10904710


It's all the Lebs

1a6db0 No.10904714

File: 412948b0f56aff5⋯.jpg (26.58 KB, 414x508, 207:254, d1e60278b3e54eae536ee05289….jpg)

fucking faggots gain nothing but feeling like they're not pozzed up degenerates destroying society

0b45c4 No.10904715

File: e34a22db8a855fc⋯.jpg (71.83 KB, 697x475, 697:475, semiticstairsofculturalmar….jpg)


Don't be "polyphobic"

a7f5ca No.10904722


And we spent $120 Million on 2 thousand or so fag marriages

Why the fuck did Pauline Approve the vote in the first place

22240b No.10904725


>61.6 per cent


What an interesting number.

30d999 No.10904733

33e5fd No.10904734

just overheard some kikes at this ADL kvetchion praising this, commenting they wonder how the alt-right is going to react.


oyyyyyyy veeeeeyyyyyy

8c70be No.10904737

At what point will they drop the pretense of being an oppressed group and act like the 'normal' citizens they keep professing to be?

Never, because they are dysfunctional, narcissistic perverts whose identity is synonymous with obnoxious, sexually debauched behavior.

a7f5ca No.10904741


>they wonder how the alt-right is going to react

I think we all know how the alt-right is going to react

30d999 No.10904744


But the faggots told me all the marriages would have a huge stimulating effect on the economy?!

879770 No.10904746

File: 3b9e5cc1d7eed2a⋯.png (58.55 KB, 658x901, 658:901, 013dd17943c9846bbb58219c9e….png)

is 38% enough to block the bill?

b269df No.10904748


Chances of this actually being legitimate and not (((manipulated)))?

aa6882 No.10904749

File: 7240b180c9849d2⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, serveimage.jpg)

8c70be No.10904758


Nil. The aggression and determination of the Yes camp have shown they have no intention of playing fair.

30d999 No.10904764

File: 2789ec4dcb90c66⋯.png (494.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, polygamyimage.png)


Senator Pratt so courageous in the face of hate™ and bigotry™. FACT they've been practicing polygamy in the animal kingdom for years so it's natural!!!!!!

879770 No.10904768


You had entire big name banks outright supporting yes. It would have been awkward if no had won.

8c70be No.10904786


Pratt by name, prat by nature.


The Yes camp has details on all the companies and organizations (even supposed child welfare charities) supporting their campaign. Easy pickings for a boycott list.

a7f5ca No.10904790


Sure if you're New Zealand, 2000 of anything would stimulate that economy and that argument falls apart when you realise we're not NZ

aa6882 No.10904794


The Liberals are nothing more than malkike controlled opposition; they'll sell their own mothers if it meant they'd get their 11 pieces from their chink overlords.

a7f5ca No.10904799


You had the fucking city of Canberra outright promoting the yes cause

I mean fucking fag flags are everywhere even on the drive up to parliment

Imagine if Brexit was supported by the City of London, there would of been unimaginable outrage

0b45c4 No.10904801

File: f813fe1d653c3ba⋯.jpg (204.05 KB, 456x776, 57:97, NextOnTheAgenda.jpg)


Don't you know that the Gregorian calendar is a social construct? Who are you to say what that girl's age is? Fucking pedo-phobe.

aa6882 No.10904803


Because women in politics is shit, and Pauline Hanson is a fucking dolt

We need a proper leader leading the right in Australia; Pauline sounds like the annoying bitch on lunch duty telling kids "no hat no play"

e62a85 No.10904817


Damn. They're gloating so fucking hard - (((their))) moves after this are going to come quicker and more pushy. In my town on Saturday (Remembrance Day) the guy that showed up to pull the flag down to half mast found that some cunt had replaced the flag with a fucking rainbow flag.

Fucking ABC is creaming it's pants - I thought they might kvetched if it was under 95% by apparently 61% is 'emphatic', (even though the 'no' seems to be lebs and sandniggers)

8c70be No.10904818

The establishment needs to be brought down. Enough with their contemptuous abuse of power and enabling of society destroying groups.

a7f5ca No.10904830


I do agree with that, and while she is the best out of what we got at the moment, I still want to see an anon up there, maybe an anon can squeeze in a swing seat

b248e7 No.10904838


So is this a survey or an actual vote?

0b45c4 No.10904843


It's a plebiscite (government survey) not a vote.

ffb161 No.10904845



a7f5ca No.10904846


It's a survey by name and it's non binding but it'll pass now seeing as half the liberal party are pro fag now and just hide it to get votes

8c70be No.10904847


>I still want to see an anon up there

Instead of simply trying to slot in an anon to the system, which will inevitably result in them becoming bogged down in it, we should aim for a party, a movement which breaks down all the barriers of contempt and indifference in the political sphere. Non-politician politicians, if that makes sense.

30d999 No.10904850


Don't you know that 'children' (a word which I consider discriminatory hate speech) mature at different ages? So what if a 'child'(bigot) is only 10? What if they have the emotional maturity of an 18 year old? Some people are wise beyond their years. WAKE UP CALL BIGOT, PETITE WOMEN ARE ALREADY HAVING SEX AND THEY HAVE THE BODY OF 'CHILDREN'(age-ist).

a7f5ca No.10904852


that makes sense but I still think we need an anon in there to start the whole thing or unless if we have someone notable in the media or sports or some shit

6cb1bc No.10904862


My electorate was 51% no and Blaxland electorate was 74% no.. a metaphorical cigar to whoever can guess why Blaxland no vote was so high.

4adaca No.10904865


Choosing to dance with the devil always has a price. They will cry when making future payments that they never read the small print.

796d2c No.10904868

a7f5ca No.10904871

796d2c No.10904875


Because only whites bothered to vote in Blaxland. That or apes just hate faggots

30d999 No.10904882


Just completely ignore the law and enforce our own standards on society. Faggotry? That's a paddlin.

I hate to make the comparison but it would kind of be like Sharia law zones in Londonistan.

6cb1bc No.10904884

File: c675525fe285c9b⋯.jpg (57.5 KB, 736x736, 1:1, dogcigar.jpg)

6cb1bc No.10904892


nah it's full of musrats/lebbos


I had to ostracize my own mother for frequent neo-marxist comments to my son. Constantly bombarding him with bs about white males and gay animals and all sorts of nonsense. Fuck that whore with a cricket bat.

8c70be No.10904898


>That's a paddlin

Well I do support corporal punishment, so it's not entirely inaccurate.


I understand your point.

e51e38 No.10904917

File: a07d1e1045e71bc⋯.jpg (59.49 KB, 480x960, 1:2, 23559370_10155142766355687….jpg)

Heres the stats since OP is obviously a faggot

0b45c4 No.10904925

File: 52aecd2be65c352⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 500x285, 100:57, 1488233771209.jpg)


The legal age of consent is a "social construct". Ebil white males chose it because they wanted to discriminate against young people. We need to deconstruct ageism and lower the age of consent. Love is love and only a bigot would say otherwise.

b248e7 No.10904926


Thats rough.

aa9403 No.10904940

File: cc7dd13a291c508⋯.jpg (84.69 KB, 722x800, 361:400, flat,800x800,075,f.u2.jpg)


Next up, pedophilia normalization

30d999 No.10904947


It's poly next actually, then pedo.

8c70be No.10904955


Then I come in to purge.

9bf5fe No.10904964

they aren't terrible stats when you think about it but I doubt you can really trust them anyway. They probably would have tried 66.6% if they thought it wouldn't be too obvious.

Either way, this wasn't hard to see coming and now the all the corrupt politicians can finally do that extra bit to contribute to the end of sane society. Considering our insanely popular leader has already ruled out increasing religious freedom I guess we can now look forward to these people going completely out of control again. Even though at least 42% of people in the most populated state are at the very least, slightly clued in to how corrupt the elite are.

879770 No.10904985


Typical ausfag exam score.

33e5fd No.10905034

File: dec745395d88707⋯.jpg (157.29 KB, 952x960, 119:120, 23517526_1837777183179988_….jpg)



c5d8fd No.10905083

Anyone got any faggot execution videos or torture?

a98fd3 No.10905092


cheers lad

I wanna see how pozzed my neighborhood is

a11f2c No.10905122


And now they have the addresses of everyone opposed.

0be36b No.10905123

File: a577db6f9e8fd37⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 646x680, 19:20, gaydigiridoome.jpg)


I'm surprised SA and WA were so high.

91e66b No.10905128

File: e8f694436e2d2a1⋯.jpg (43.2 KB, 808x538, 404:269, DSC9425.jpg)

We all knew that the faggots would get the vote, they had absolutely every bit of funding and support from the kikes as they could. This is nothing to be sad or defeatist about, it gives us more reason to never tire, never slacken and never lose faith in who we are.

The Day of The Digger will still go on, the average Australian will soon see what the consequences of their decision will be. What you should be doing is preparing for the day when the kikes declare us White Australians to be wiped out for the sake of "diversity".

Never forget what your ancestors fought for. Never forget what your future generations will think of you if you choose to do nothing. Never forget what it truly means to be Australian.

652dab No.10905135


Whatever. It's not my fault you straight faggots decided marriage was somehow separate from family and procreation.

1a6db0 No.10905150

Fuck I've been up for 5 hours and done nothing

a98fd3 No.10905152


>the guy that showed up to pull the flag down to half mast found that some cunt had replaced the flag with a fucking rainbow flag.

I feel sick to my stomach. Fucking cunts.

oi by the way lads - is Antipodean Resistance legit or just a honeypot?

8c70be No.10905155


SA is the home of Safe Schools after all and its premier made an apology to all WTFBBQ people for historic injustices.

30d999 No.10905160

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The kikes will do us slowly m8. There won't be a kill whitey day, and if there is it'll be when we're a serious minority.

91e66b No.10905163


They are a part of Ironmarch, so if they are a honeypot, then so is Anti-Pod.

Their hiking videos are pretty comfy though, and their flag design is nice.

8c70be No.10905164


>is Antipodean Resistance legit or just a honeypot?

Not sure but it does itself no favors with contradictory statements on how Australia needs National Socialism but also fascism.

64c2de No.10905166

Pretty funny the highest no vote recorded was 74% in Western Sydney which is pretty much our muslim no go zone.

I find it hilarious the left thinks they can juggle this shit. No source article is on le Guardian if you want to take a peek.

91e66b No.10905172


I was simply referring to the day when they decide to wipe us out over a prolonged period of time, though it seems like that has already begun.

a98fd3 No.10905199



Thanks lads. I know I'll sound like a AFP nigger when I say this, but I really want to do some IRL stuff from now on. I want to actually make some sort of stand against this shit. I don't know if I'll be able to live with myself if this just carried on and I did nothing.

57bcb1 No.10905208


Learn to meme.

Learn to foster and manifest your direction.

91e66b No.10905214


Work on yourself first, then eventually you will find likeminded people in time. Work on helping out your local community, move away from the city and harden your resolve.

9bf5fe No.10905219


ii dunno, seems like the best u can do from the outside is ignore all the pozz to the best of your ability. The change has to come from the people on the inside, the people gobbling the pozz, people in authority.

30d999 No.10905236


We all should remember that literally every political movement and organisation has had spies within it.

Go and read The Art of War by Sun Tzu, it was written thousands of years ago but has a whole chapter dedicated to spying/intelligence.

Going and living in the bush/ignoring the situation really isn't going to achieve anything.

0be36b No.10905252

File: 7e4f2d39f6ccc84⋯.webm (4.06 MB, 426x240, 71:40, 1453770652727.webm)

8c70be No.10905257


>Going and living in the bush/ignoring the situation really isn't going to achieve anything.

This. Plus when I'm PM I'll be demolishing the outback, so you'd best stay clear.

63a444 No.10905268

File: 4057ef11b741ba7⋯.png (33.89 KB, 823x631, 823:631, st.png)

It isn't signed into law yet.

91e66b No.10905273


Should be our national anthem. Tasmania white ethnostate with full gun rights when?

6cebd9 No.10905324

Ah, for fuck's sake. Fucking aids riddled pillowbiting poofter faggot cunts. I blame the fucking Boomers and the Soy Division that infest the fucking cities. Some cunt needs to kick off world war 3 already. Oi, Kim, you dumpy little faggot. You reading this? Get on with it, you cunt.

8c70be No.10905352

The celebrations are enough to make me vomit with disgust. Promoted and 'live' trend on Twitter, news outlets claiming "Australia says Yes to 'Marriage Equality'."

3201e1 No.10905411

The sexual orientation of parents does indeed influence the sexual behaviour of children. In their seminal study of same-sex parenting, Cameron and Cameron identified that ‘homosexual parents are associated disproportionately with homosexual children’.[13] Homosexuals comprise 3% of the US population. However, 75% of adult male children and 57% of adult female children reared by homosexuals developed bisexual or homosexual behaviour.[14]

One may ask if there is a problem with teenagers developing bisexual or homosexual behaviour. This answer may come from a study of 5,998 people in the Netherlands, a country known for its tolerance for homosexuality. In that country, homosexual youths are four times more likely to suffer major depression, three times as likely to suffer anxiety disorder, four times as likely to commit suicide, five times as likely to have nicotine dependence, six times as likely to suffer multiple disorders, and six times as likely to have at least once attempted suicide. Above all, ‘the findings support the assumption that people with same-sex sexual behavior are at greater risk for psychiatric disorders’.[15]

[13] Paul Cameron and Kirk Cameron, ‘Homosexual Parents’ (1991) 31 Adolescence 757, 768.

[14] Ibid., p 763.

[15] Theo G.M. Sandfort, T. Graaf, R. Bijl, R. and R. Schnabel, ‘Same-Sex Sexual Behaviour and Psychiatric Disorders: Findings from the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence’ (2001) 58 Archives of General Psychiatry 85-91. See also: R. Garofalo, R.C. Wolf, L.C. Wissow, E.R. Woods, and E. Goodman; ‘Sexual Orientation and Risk of Suicide Attempts Among a Representative Sample of Youth’ (1999) Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine 153, 487-493.

tl;dr: gays have mental disorders and perpetuate them when they raise children

Can anyone refute these studies? Seems like gays are fucked to me.

6cb1bc No.10905459


Currently it's a war for hearts and minds. I had some pos marxist geography teacher tell my 16yr old daughter in class that whites should not have their own children but they should adopt from africa. My kids have had to do assignments where you get marked down if you don't agree with how shitty Australia is by the standards of these marxist scum.

There needs to be push back where it counts. They have no problems radicalising kids in the education system so why shouldn't we disseminate propaganda of our own. Information that shows the facts about how promiscuity and degeneracy cause unhappiness and depression. How masculinity is not inherently toxic and destructive and how women who are stay at home mums rate high on the happiness scale.

We need to disrupt and continually trigger their propaganda machine and keep the narrative controlled by us. These stunts that some right wing organisations in Australia have pulled have been entirely off mark with how they look to the general public. We have to win the hearts and minds of white youth first and foremost and then we can really start to push a stronger narrative. It should not be hard. All the immigrants group into large gangs like Apex and the coconut ones yet decent white youth have no answer.

We need to organise some kind of white youth group built on decent, community morals. Everything we already had has been poisoned.

babcc3 No.10905530


This. There needs to be a co-ordinated movement by whites for whites in Australia, no question about it.

6cebd9 No.10905625

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Australia isn't for Australians anymore. Fuck this gay earth. Let it burn. We're all the niggers of modernity now. I'm going to stop myself before I go on an autistic tirade like asses and elbows.

I'm going to build a treehouse to drink goon in. No fags allowed. You're welcome to join me. Any action beyond that needs a real leader. Not some chip-shop ranga, real fucking leadership.

a98fd3 No.10905653


Fucking top notch post lad.

>My kids have had to do assignments where you get marked down if you don't agree with how shitty Australia is by the standards of these marxist scum.

Not at the stage yet, but when I have kids I'll home school them if I can. The quality of learning that most schools provide is abysmal. Add to this the fact that they're little more than conditioning programs that sap the vitality and energy out of kids. The thought of little athletic kids sitting inside listening to barely competent female teachers for hours makes my blood boil.

d1df51 No.10905659


>These stunts that some right wing organisations in Australia have pulled have been entirely off mark with how they look to the general public.

/pol/ cheers this stuff on though mate. There is not a single thread here where some dipshit far right organization in the west does something stupid and when someone criticizes it the thread gets flooded with "muh PR" as a response to that poster (or "they'll criticize us anyway so it doesn't matter"). I honestly don't think there is a way out of this. The far right have put themselves in a dumb position in the last few years where they are incapable of learning from their mistakes. The leadership is filled with morons, conmen, or plants that don't really care about these organizational problems. And the way we respond to problems within our own groups is antithetical to long-term problem solving. You cannot steer a network of like-minded individuals if there is no norms/values that allowed them to be steered.

2e9bb5 No.10905678

File: 92a833bc87a1257⋯.jpg (115.22 KB, 400x400, 1:1, StanCosterComeBacktotheBus….jpg)


that's a great mix ay, there's two other video parts to it too

07806a No.10905679

File: 12785a9a9b31fbb⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 220x251, 220:251, nich3.jpg)

The faster people embrace this shit the faster in crumbles. Lets hurry up and stop fighting the slippery slope. It has to get worse before reform. Beastality/poly-whaterbullshit/pedo/necro. It's the USSR/Wiemar all over again.

hurry up. they already made it clear marriage doesn't matter

6cb1bc No.10905682



I've been homeschooling my son through state distance education that centres around programming and science. He's going to have classical education based on logic and leadership.

watch this space.

6cebd9 No.10905709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>This world has never been in the awful shape it's in and our leaders seem in doubt as what to do.

>Take a look around and see the writing on the wall, somehow we have to find a helping hand.

>Let me take a page from history and ride this land again, I'd like to see this country as Leichhardt saw it then.

>The Rain comes down on the western land and the rivers run to waste.

>The townsfolk rush for their special tram in their childish senseless haste.

>The fate of a nation is nought compared with the turn of a cricket or football match.

>There's no movement today at the station outback just a man with his head in his hands, he'll soon walk away, just the shirt on his back, things are not the same on the land.

>City lights are cold tonight they make a man feel small.

>To me they say you can work all day with no return at all.

>Now tourists stroll 'round 18 holes where fruit trees used to grow.

>I never saw their charm 'till the day we sold the farm.

30d999 No.10905760

File: c96b7a917eea4b1⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 475x254, 475:254, diffusionofinnovation.JPG)


The population is virtually value-less. They will accept polygamous marriage given time. There are already proponents of it in existence - these are your far-left 'innovators' according to the Diffusion of Innovation model, the type who hang around on Tumblr and in fringe subreddits.

In the next few years you'll see more people come into the open. Some tinder thots will openly proclaim non-monogomous relationships. A celebrity will come out as poly or similar. More /r/TheRedPill fans will start marvelling at muh soft harem, where they essentially share these girls with each other but think they're the alpha dog in a sea of sexless betas. I mean arguably we're already a fair way into the curve, just with groups using different nomenclature.

5-10 years time, poly becomes an accepted, if not mainstream choice. Most people knows someone who is in this type of relationship. Voices for 'equality' spark up.

Another 5 years and it's socially accepted mainstream, a small group of laggards are against it.

I really think the answer is just directly organising and spreading our message in a planned way. Spread propaganda, train together, exemplify the values that we look to uphold.

145501 No.10905764


Australia will DOTR the soonest.

145501 No.10905773


>Then they push for pedophilia

>Christians and Chinks realize they are the majority

>Lynching squads, glorious nat-soc people's revolution

>Tones takes his rightful place as dictator

30d999 No.10905783


Haha yeah just like Rotherham!!

145501 No.10905791


Liberals aren't as violent as Muslims. If the police tried to do anything about Rotherham their heads would have been parted from their shoulders by morning.

aa6882 No.10905801

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



30d999 No.10905810

File: a235fb7e6404a8d⋯.jpg (100.79 KB, 736x768, 23:24, Louiseprattgaymarriage.jpg)

A lesbian chink, a polygamist, an abo and an Iranian traitor walk into a bar.

6cb1bc No.10905815


Oh OH OH I know this one!


e62a85 No.10905849



The fags were tearing Wong a new arsehole just a few years ago for being AGAINST fag marriage - now she's crying tears of joy across every media platform. Yeah, I went from libtard to natsoc in that time but to go the other way for poz - fuck!

7a7126 No.10905853


Every fucking time.

7a7126 No.10905858

File: 67eac05cdc3c037⋯.jpg (12.17 KB, 225x255, 15:17, ed43067a3613dce9629f7e1900….jpg)

Heard there's gonna be a real bad fire season this summer. :^)

7a7126 No.10905863


Mate, sodomy leave the anus literally infected after too much use.

That's what we voted yes for. For people to willingly bugger up their asses in matrimony.

Someone post the rubber dogs.

7a7126 No.10905867


The alt right will ignore it.

The full right begins to unleash itself.

7a7126 No.10905871


100% manipulated. Otherwise this would have been a referendum.

7a7126 No.10905878


Pauline is controlled opposition.

Look at the fucking burka fiasco and her fucking dirty photos.

7a7126 No.10905883


I think we need to risk pushing the movement, honeypot or not. No time to fuck around now. Let's face it, we slept on this fucking one.

7a7126 No.10905887


> just pretend it's not there

Dumb fuck.

7a7126 No.10905889


I think the viet cong would disagree.

7a7126 No.10905894


No we need to go full viking plundering mad max mode.


7a7126 No.10905897


> WA 3rd highest

Nothing to do with the Comet Pizza.

7a7126 No.10905902



Also time to spread articles and vids on the community, like vids on rubber dogs, furries and gay masses.

7a7126 No.10905908


> The Day of The Digger will still go on, the average Australian will soon see what the consequences of their decision will be.

They won't see. The days of the informed australian are clearly over. It's now in a degeneracy spiral and the only option is to shoot it in the head.

145501 No.10905917


What was that idea of a name for branding national socialism in a kosher way? Laborer's Patriots Party? Sovereign Collectivist's Party?

UKIP's name is good in that it appeals to the idea of sovereignty rather nationalism, even though the two are identical.

It's really a shame that there's no hope in one nation achieving anything beyond state level.

91e66b No.10905927

File: e901c1590d6f367⋯.jpg (36.35 KB, 650x366, 325:183, dotd.jpg)


>shoot in the head

You mean bury our enemies alive 6 feet under to act as fertilizer for our wheat fields. That is what Day of The Digger is, get your Entrenching Tool before it is too late and make sure to sharpen one side.

d0ae6a No.10905955

File: 4fe25ff57e30ab1⋯.png (121.06 KB, 277x395, 277:395, 12998462_759023027532231_1….png)


This country disappoints me again.

Hopefully we can go full accelerationist now.

based Lebs tho

7a7126 No.10905961


Problem is i haven't been wearing protection lately if ya know what i mean.

Maybe need to quarantine myself for a period before hand.

7a7126 No.10905965


> full accelerationist

You mean death?

7a7126 No.10905970


May need to start making a real nationalist party.

6cb1bc No.10905973


Need to be more big bbq's celebrating white pride and heritage.. Nothing triggers the left more and the more they get triggered the more media attention is given… fist fights aplenty

e5f5ac No.10905980


I'm hoping for a total state collapse where we can band together and create our own ethnic rightwing states.

Tasmania would be a good place to start though if that happened. Water, farms already there.

c9e028 No.10905985

File: 85730c03abaf493⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1280x2880, 4:9, 85730c03abaf49301f20e64c49….png)

>61.6% yes

38.4% no is surprisingly high. I'm sure that'll cause plenty of salt even if it means a win.

7a7126 No.10905992


We can't afford state collapse. There is no revival possible.

We need to take the entire system while it's alive.

7a7126 No.10906003


And outback WA is so sparse that some areas are relatively unpopulated and nearly inaccessible. It starts there if it must. Otherwise we take parliament itself. That means no more tendie mother's basement, actual steps to begin that stride.

We fuck around too much.

7f4746 No.10906004


I hope Australia gets invaded

3a9483 No.10906005

my guess is this vote was mainly the fault of emotional, clueless women who have no connection with reality.

7a7126 No.10906015


It's more than high. It's a sign that the non voters could have swung it the other way.

Bit what's worse is the people counting the votes and the method.

It's run by dirty politicians, enforcement and judiciary too remember.

7a7126 No.10906016


Let in those extremists in manus island!

d0ae6a No.10906043


Yeah, that and boomer Liberals who care about nothing but "muh economic growth".

145501 No.10906081


Yeah, the national's economic nationalism isn't going to help farmers much when their taxes are doubled to pay for Filipinos center link cheques and stab proof vests for the police instead of guns.

a12c52 No.10906084

File: b39106d9bf8c9e3⋯.png (298.18 KB, 600x520, 15:13, 12523886_749744281793439_5….png)

Australia is still the lucky country people. The population is too comfortable and apathetic. Nothing will change. This Yes vote was inevitable and should surprise no-one.

Just hope for massive economic unrest, or a war with China.

What is important is that this wasn't a partisan issue. Infact, more Labor electorates voted No than Liberal electorates. Just something to think about.

In the meantime, try and insulate yourself from this fucking pathetic excuse of a society. Lift, read, grow food if you can. LEARN about this country's history too.

a12c52 No.10906095


Also, weed your way into positions of power and influence wherever you can.

9bf5fe No.10906107


>Infact, more Labor electorates voted No than Liberal electorates. Just something to think about.

The Labor party is obviously a controlled entity. The leader of the party crapped on about gay marriage at every opportunity, and is incredibly unpopular. The Labor party doesn't really represent workers or anything anymore.

8c1218 No.10906116


>Scrolling the board

>Not using the catalog

3a9483 No.10906118


I would have thought the muslims would have reasoned that a Yes vote would be to their advantage = because after one amendment to the marriage act, (appeasing homos), in the future they could use their minority/victim status, to amend it again, (for polygamy). Apparently I gave them too much credit because only someone with an IQ above 85 would rationalize something in this way. Is this their high time preference?

145501 No.10906127


I would be thankful about the greenies not supporting them if we didn't have a priority voting system. It's a sham that all three of the major parties have the same leadership, though at least the Libs keep the taxes from raising even more at times.

62bffb No.10906130

>Around the world

Good luck with that in mudshit countries and Africa in general

809144 No.10906133

Since when the fuck is /pol/ anti-gay? Are we being raided by Christcucks?

d0ae6a No.10906140


Exactly. Dislodging the working-class from the Labor party should be the number 1 priority of any aspiring Right-wing party/organsiation.

62bffb No.10906142


Is this bait?

8c1218 No.10906151

File: f544868de8220fc⋯.png (25.78 KB, 527x409, 527:409, is this bait.png)



Just incase it isn't.

0eb445 No.10906171



6cb1bc No.10906209


They muzzies already practice polygamy in Australia if you had not noticed.

b8d871 No.10906231

File: 95b0359b3369b48⋯.jpg (21.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 97846152168.jpg)


This better be bait

2eb848 No.10906256

well there goes another future whitetopia. goodbye Australia it was nice knowin' ya.

64c2de No.10906261


They were predicting 75%-90% yes in some cases, i dont think they honestly thought it would be so low.

447d09 No.10906281


NSW still the best state

dd0dc1 No.10906294

b3ef01 No.10906321


What's funny is that the Yes campaign itself was likely responsible for the lower number. People just got sick of the saturated propaganda.

64c2de No.10906325


Probably because muslims stick to their beliefs, taqiyya (whatever the fuck its called) wouldnt apply here. I could imagine some imam preaching "you can lie to infidels but never to allah".

I just find it funny because if the left has its way, the fags are doomed in the long run anyway. I wouldnt be surprised if carloads of em are driving around looking for drunk faggots stumbling around tonight, best part too is the media will be silent on it.

Also this victory is Shortens victory not Turnkikes. His lost the LNP every vote in my immediate family, the tax dodging zionist is finished. His popularity in the polls has tanked. That 38% of no voters were largly probably LNP voters, he he spat on them. All Shorten needs is to claim this victory as his, hammer legislating it, hammer the negative gearing angle and the elections as good as his. Malcolm Turnbull will go down as the man who killed the Liberal party.

10d69b No.10906363

File: 43ff2aaea647a09⋯.png (82.9 KB, 451x401, 451:401, 157cfea407fdf983e5b1e25e29….png)


I expected at least 75% yes. Even that's 1 in 4 Australians. I suspect some of them now wish they hadn't polled at all because now they can't pretend 40% of people they talk to aren't irredeemable shitlords. Hope the thousands of marriages was worth it!

30d999 No.10906372


What I wouldn't do for someone with the charisma of Farage to be leading One Nation right now.

262015 No.10906378


fuck no, anyone who votes for homos to get anything (except curation or death) is a sinner and will be burned in the flames of hell by God's angels.

24a6e1 No.10906398


keep it white boys

30d999 No.10906419

File: 9598f8996ec516b⋯.jpg (83.15 KB, 950x950, 1:1, aviyemini.jpg)

This Jew Avi Yemini needs to be watched. Almost certainly controlled opposition, and jumping on board alt-light movements like Mark Latham's show and the Australian Conservatives.

1de316 No.10906425

30d999 No.10906426

File: 9daa3f2c3565c53⋯.jpg (122.48 KB, 960x960, 1:1, basedkike.jpg)

Le based kike!

9bf5fe No.10906440


it's a shame about Latham, he seems genuinely likeable but yeah, Rebel Media…

f8307b No.10906449


Children are just a social construct.

0eb445 No.10906552


>turns out the anti-Christian part of /pol/ really are just a bunch of literal faggots

wew, didn't see that one coming

47eac3 No.10906556

All aus threads are pure shitposting and at best 5% relevent to the topic.

>top cunts all of you

Not you though jew

c1b7f8 No.10906591

FINALLY! Good on you Yes voters. About time Australia joined the 21St century and promotes civil liberties!

b3fcec No.10906597


One Nation are compromised anyway. We can do much better than Pauline and her infighting associates.

b3fcec No.10906603


Piss off.

17d093 No.10906618


>he didn't go with the obvious jumbucks and bumfucks

You had one job.

e5f5ac No.10906623


We need to get our firearms back.

Can't defend yourselves or hold any power without those.

Also get rid of the fed and let the states decide their own laws.

b3fcec No.10906627


Abolishing Canberra would be beneficial to all.

e5f5ac No.10906630


pretty much.

I'm for localism.

7f4746 No.10906644


The current population of Australia is 24,568,767 as of Monday, November 13, 2017,

with 7,817,247 (61.6%) responding Yes

gives a measly 31.817%

b3fcec No.10906645


Me too. A decentralized federation, if one at all. There's no reason why the Eastern states should hold sway over the fortunes of the rest. The constant state-federal bickering has always held things back.

e5f5ac No.10906663


but how do we get there?

How would we convince the voters to vote for a party that wants to localise things?

Possible Slogan:

>Less taxes, less laws, more freedom


d0ae6a No.10906668



Are yes. A big decentralised sparsely populated resource rich continent right next to the over-populated, expansionist continent of Asia.

What could possibly go wrong?

You know this country federated in the first place partly for security.

d0ae6a No.10906674


>There's no reason why the Eastern states should hold sway over the fortunes of the rest.

If this survey has proven anything, it's that all the states are equally pozzed in this country. We're not like the united states, we don't have "conservative states" and "liberal states".

0eb445 No.10906676


Let the gooks at us, they're notoriously bad at war anyway.

b3fcec No.10906681


Highlight how they are being fucked over by the federal government and other states.


Yes, in part. It's either states going their own way or a firmer federal option; which would only work if it was run by real people not the muppets there now.


I know what we have, anon. It's easier to get rid of states one by one than having to concern ourselves with outside influences.

e7ca8d No.10906682

File: 651161ceb139f44⋯.jpg (41.38 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 651161ceb139f44c64787c326f….jpg)

How is this good? 40% of people expressed an opinion they know is severe wrong think

these faggots can spin literally anything to look like it favors them

e5f5ac No.10906686


We'd have a higher chance of fighting and succeeding if we do that and have our guns than where we are now.

besides who said we can't have local militias and a few ballistic missiles?

d0ae6a No.10906687


They would take us slowly, like they already are. Abolishing federation would make it a hell of a lot easier though.

e5f5ac No.10906693


All sort of nanny state laws.

No firearm rights

no self defense rights

"safety" aka one fine after the other

Can't build houses unless own x amount of acres of rural property

no free speech

inefficient welfare system (at least put the able bodied to work in national businesses after giving them a test to find their capabilities)

1de316 No.10906729


>Can't build houses unless own x amount of acres of rural property


ca169a No.10906746


but its all societies fault! screamed the kike

e5f5ac No.10906751


it's some zoning laws that they put in.

I haven't done much research into it though.

also you have to get a "license" to collect rainwater, dig wells etc as well I think.

7914f8 No.10906757


Melbourne's did this

the way this goes tho is faggot's sign up for the survey regular people don't

Then the government will do a referendum where 99% of the population is forced to vote and the fags lose it just like last time

7914f8 No.10906763


WA, NT and SA are more conservative than and continually get fucked over by NSW and Victoria

ea7fa6 No.10906767


>>Ludicrous taxation (34% tax)

>>No firearm rights

>>No self defense rights

>>Nanny state

>>70%+ Population is retarded liberal idiots

>>Our supposed "rightwing" major party isn't rightwing at all

In Malcolm shithead own words "The Liberal Party has never been a conservative party, and that Robert Menzies was a moderate, progressive leader"

Australia has given me no reason to have any allegiance, they tax me too much, my rights aren't recognized, the population is mostly soyboy retards and roasties

I feel no national pride. Fuck you Australia

e5f5ac No.10906786


>I feel no national pride. Fuck you Australia


I want to move back to my ethnic country but it's not much better + poorer, it's got it's own set of problems as well.



I don't see what we're conserving at this point.

I just want traditionalism.

where's my traditionalist party?

e62a85 No.10906793



Correct - reading rural council minutes is very enlightening. Agenda 21 bullshit - eg family 10acres with one house on it - land not suitable for any kind of profitable farming, they want to hobby farm and build a granny flat - denied. So many examples of this, plus all the fucking water overlays - the water authorities disallow any building that might affect catchments which means you can't build anything at all.

It never has anything to do with destroying good farming land - it's about getting people out of the country and into the cities or 'growth corridors' - ie future mega cities.

Meanwhile the chinks own everything.

e5f5ac No.10906808


Thanks, yea that's what I'm referring to.

281744 No.10906826

File: f9611793bb4a2ba⋯.jpg (67.21 KB, 292x243, 292:243, 1431187257154.jpg)


4/10, low energy. See me after class.

ea7fa6 No.10906833

File: 9e76f41a54b6c75⋯.jpg (140.62 KB, 753x960, 251:320, 9e76f41a54b6c75f62e09fc519….jpg)


Every country should be competing to attract productive and fiercely loyal citizens!!

What the fuck do i have to proud of in Australia?!

>>Marxist retardation of our population

>>Emasculating systems and laws

>>Theft of my productivity

I'm sure China & Russia is shitting their pants at the thought of having to fight a country where all the strongest conservative individuals feel no loyalty and no national pride!

1ed933 No.10906838


>I feel no national pride. Fuck you Australia

Me neither.There's barely anything to be proud of anymore.

0eb445 No.10906839


Just ban gooks from entering your state, problem solved.

ea7fa6 No.10906844


The gooks are the only real conservatives left! our European populations are soyboys

e5f5ac No.10906845


well now you can be proud to be a faggot…


4bbfa6 No.10906857


Gooks are only in it for themselves. They're more of a concern than some poofter survey.

ea7fa6 No.10906861


>>Gooks are only in it for themselves

Of course they are! wouldn't you work your ass off for your families own interests

0eb445 No.10906862


lol fuck off, he's right. There's literally nothing at all to be proud of, this once bastion of whiteness has been turned into a white genocide anti-gun marxist welfare nanny state and the only way the system survives is through ridiculous levels of taxation from an apathetic populace who will never raise a finger against the government even when it's run by a literal kike.

e5f5ac No.10906864


I know, I was joking. I was going to say something that is more commonly said but whatever.

6c96f7 No.10906866


Don't be a fucking retard.


It's not just their family, their group collective comes first.

e5f5ac No.10906868


It's just a joke mate.

e5f5ac No.10906871


>It's not just their family, their group collective comes first.

Now if only every european ethnicity did that more…

0b45c4 No.10906922


>Since when the fuck is /pol/ anti-gay? Are we being raided by Christcucks?

You don't belong here. Go back to the_donald.

4e0e0e No.10906926

File: d526e74471feb7c⋯.png (69.75 KB, 437x245, 437:245, (((they)))live.PNG)



Who cares? only white-genociding leftist kikes, that's who

t. ausfag living next door to a literal commie with an LGBT flag out the front of it's home

145501 No.10906935


>You know this country federated in the first place partly for security.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean that every state has to be held to the same laws and regulations beyond those necessary for security.

4e0e0e No.10906936




come to magnetic island

0eb445 No.10906939

File: b27dda79be02c89⋯.jpg (133.57 KB, 961x720, 961:720, burn the faggots.JPG)


You know what you must do, lad.

145501 No.10906957


Put the Saudi flag on yours mate:


$7.81AU and free postage

e5f5ac No.10906959


>LGBT flag out the front of it's home

why haven't you done anything to it yet?

221bf6 No.10906965


Which is of course not what they want at all, the whole perversion stems from their innate brokenness and need to always go further into degeneracy. Now that they have fag marriage, they're quickly (as of tomorrow) going to suddenly not care any more and instead start pushing for something even more degenerate.

4e0e0e No.10906971

File: 21891707fb4daa2⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 275x274, 275:274, 10239086235092735.jpg)


oi anons I got meatspace fams, I will take bitcoin from anyone who wants us to legit burn that shit in the street as an anti-kike demonstration.

4e0e0e No.10906975


/leftypol/ pls go


cunts fuck with it all the time

d0ae6a No.10906984


>WA, NT and SA are more conservative

This is constantly touted but never substantiated.

ffb2e4 No.10906994

So much for Oz being a future refuge against the degenerate West. Next thing you know they'll legalize pedophilia, massive pushes for mixed raced couples, pull an Africa and evict White farmers and give it to the abos…..

I had such high hopes for the land down under.

6c96f7 No.10906996


Yeah, it's the same as when Europeans say Australia is non-pozzed because we turn back the boats and whatnot, and all have some future plan to move here. I just don't see it myself.

a50955 No.10907002


>So much for Oz being a future refuge against the degenerate West.

Melbourne exists so this was never going to be the case.

>Next thing you know they'll legalize pedophilia, massive pushes for mixed raced couples, pull an Africa and evict White farmers and give it to the abos…..

Abos are not as useful as Africans and the Jew is well aware of this.

There will be a battle between Chink and Jewish interests soon enough.

145501 No.10907014


>/leftypol/ pls go

<Implying there's another politically correct, anti-homosexual nation.

692099 No.10907019


>We need to take the entire system while it's alive.

Already too late. It's not alive, it's just undead.

5b81e2 No.10907038


Lebs? In Blaxland? At the foot of the Blue Mountains?

6c96f7 No.10907049


Yeah, as if they'd bother to go vote for anything anyway.

ffb2e4 No.10907050


It's inevitable that China will come.

30d387 No.10907063

File: 2de481038ca55f2⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 200x267, 200:267, Disgust.jpg)


Let me remind you Aussies that even America voted against same-sex marriage, and had to have it shoved down their throats by an activist, dishonest judiciary.

This is pretty bad.

3f164b No.10907110


>massive pushes for mixed raced couples

That's already going on everywhere anyway, with or without any encouragement.


Maybe, but America is partly responsible for a lot of this imo. Its TV shows, movies, popular culture etc have been pushing these memes into our public consciousness going back decades. Of course we know who is behind it, but fact is that's still where most of it comes from.

f804cc No.10907133


The issue to me is that while American culture is good, the exporters of American culture are New York and California, who are shit.

We need a paradigm shift, the west (historical meaning of Germany and west) will not survive, let us take eastern European values.

e5f5ac No.10907141


>let us take eastern European values.

like what?

I'd like to know an outsider perspective.

30d387 No.10907150


>Maybe, but America is partly responsible for a lot of this imo. Its TV shows, movies, popular culture etc have been pushing these memes into our public consciousness going back decades.

That's one of the reasons that I, as an American, have stopped watching or supporting the television media & movie media.

If more Americans would cut the TV part of their cable out, they'd save half their cable bill and starve this disgusting beast to death.

f804cc No.10907183


It's going to sound strange but I think we work too hard. People who spend 50 hours a week working are people who have no time for their families and no time to dissent. They work so long because they need the money to live, and because of this they dare not upset the apple cart. This gives those who hold the levers too much power.

Another example is the degradation of the extended family. The nuclear family was once considered the prime example of the best family unit. It enabled us to settle America, Canada and Australia rapidly because people could easily move about, whether to migrate from Europe to the New World or to leave large cities and move out to the country. However, the extended family has enormous power both financially and culturally. Your children are partially raised by your grandparents. First it means that if you have to work, you aren't paying for (((childcare))) run by some leftist. Your children can have the views of 2 or 3 generations rather than just one, especially given how soulless our current generation is. If you want to start a business, get a loan from your family rather than a (((bank))). If you need a surgery, similar reasoning. The nuclear family is still a base unit, but it needs to be considered as part of a whole extended family. In the same way, the extended families make up the nation.

e5f5ac No.10907207


I agree but I don't see how that is specifically eastern European values.

Unless you're trying to say that that's old western european values and eastern europe still retained most of it.

f804cc No.10907272


Mostly the latter is the case. But the so called "Prussian Work Ethic" is only rivaled by the Japanese, and we Anglos are notorious for moving out long before it is necessary. Of course there is always the slew of (((enlightenment values))) that have pervaded our societies over the past 500 years.

a98fd3 No.10907277


>It's going to sound strange but I think we work too hard

Honestly, I agree. Lots of people work just to buy nice or new things. Sustaining the consumerist machine. The true sources of joy and fulfillment are family, mateship, nature, art, thoughtful pursuits etc. Having people work long hours to buy trinkets is just another tool of the jew to dehumanize and control imho

f804cc No.10907289


When women joined the workforce en-masse in the 70s suddenly the income of households could double. The end result was that the price of everything a household requires doubled. Families find it more difficult to buy a house now than back when there was only one person working.

d2c25b No.10907295

To achieve a return to traditional values and common sense, we must rekindle the environment for that to be possible. Whatever stands between us and that goal must be eliminated. Globalism, materialism, feminism, cultural Marxism, revisionism, hedonism.

cd7610 No.10907310

File: bc78450dc41bd98⋯.png (293.23 KB, 506x450, 253:225, 1510397417733.png)

The problem is most people here don't know the true nature of fags and have no idea why gay marriage would be a bad thing other than pissing off religious people. It also doesn't help that all of the media was very much on the yes side, there was zero air time for anyone saying no to get the word out. That fact that 40% said no is pretty surprising given that there wasn't an obvious boogieman like with Hillary or the EU's faggotry for people to be innately wary of.

a98fd3 No.10907314


>The end result was that the price of everything a household requires doubled

Agree. Don't forget though that this also meant twice as many people where competing for the same number of jobs - causing them to attract lower rates for their work.

a98fd3 No.10907325


>The problem is most people here don't know the true nature of fags and have no idea why gay marriage would be a bad thing other than pissing off religious people

This is a sentiment I expressed today. People don't understand the nature of homosexuality - or how horrific it is for children growing up in a homosexual household.

That video of the guy interviewing fags at a gay bar should be required viewing. The one where they all admit to having been molested as kids.

d2c25b No.10907329

One of my policies as PM would be to ban corporations from using their status to promote social issues or moral grandstanding.

d79fcd No.10907349

File: 50a1b6e98498940⋯.jpg (80.06 KB, 634x616, 317:308, 3FBDE60600000578-0-image-m….jpg)


Yup it was tampered with. (((They))) need their symbolism.

e5f5ac No.10907371


what's so special about it?

beb527 No.10907385


Number of the beast.

beb527 No.10907387


Ireland voted for it and it's generally more religious and conservative than either America or Australia.

53d67f No.10907392




Oh come on, this is a shop, right?

e5f5ac No.10907393


I thought it was 666?

or are you talking about that "error"

1652e8 No.10907395

File: 7fd27569e9eb618⋯.png (64.75 KB, 1092x1037, 1092:1037, lXSWGjR.png)


>mfw my nation finally gets a YES thread on /pol/

145501 No.10907422


>or are you talking about that "error"

Yes, even though the Babylonian magic squares used to worship Nimrod and Semiramis, which inspired all major Mediterranean, Mesopotamian and Indian polytheistic religions, and whom are still worshiped in the religion of Religion of Cuck™, gave them the value of 666.

145501 No.10907427



Also a Greek in the second century AD said that several versions were mistranslated FROM 666 to 616.

24f69a No.10907434

Is there a politician who isn't pozzed or controlled opposition? We need to prime the meme machines for the next election.

631ef5 No.10907439


A friend of my dad who came over from Germany in the 70s was talking about that same thing just recently - how much Aussies are now into brand names and designer clothes and all the rest of it, compared to how it used to be when it was all just easy going and relatively conservative. He thinks the Chinese started that in the 90s, might be some truth to it actually.

beb527 No.10907458


Fucking cunts. We need to start shilling 'same-sex marriage for Israel.'

6cb1bc No.10907502


it was the JewSA with constant media bombardment that started in the early 60s. Chinks lol.

a98fd3 No.10907505


Interesting. If you ever spend time on social media you'll notice brand shilling being done for free by normies everywhere. It seems like once enough people are signalling in this way others feel compelled to buy expensive shit to fit in. I think that's a part of the reason why the chinese are so into this shit - they're very big into social signalling (that and they are the jews of asia)

57d399 No.10907523


>tfw you're so master race that your social rejects turn a desert island into a nation with one of the highest standards of living on Earth

e5f5ac No.10907524


It's a bit like memes and memetics.

If you can get something to "catch on" it'll be propagated through various groups.

I've always distrusted things that "suddenly get popular"

a98fd3 No.10907529

File: 3db2b7ffc47c8a7⋯.png (9.8 KB, 512x266, 256:133, VITAMIN D MAXING.png)


reminds me of this

235ed1 No.10907541


> Walk past small war memorial in Bankstown

> Always take a moment of silence to respect those dead and how sad they'd be to see the country

Day of the Digger come swallow these lands.

631ef5 No.10907561


The Chinks were the first noticeable group to really start wearing designer clothes and buying expensive cars etc. Prior to that it was far more limited.

f645c3 No.10907563


>t. Richard Spencer

e5f5ac No.10907567


you mean

>t. milo

6cb1bc No.10907569


So the chinks were the weak link or you could say the "chink in the armour" lol.. fucking jews propagate though, fuck i hate them

35834d No.10907581


Nice bait

24f69a No.10907627

File: e1c7537c9cab328⋯.png (325.89 KB, 1500x1292, 375:323, ba dum tss.png)


>"chink in the armour"

Nice one, m80

918798 No.10907649

File: 89bbc0fd60f2d2b⋯.png (80.8 KB, 208x246, 104:123, 1510046820656.png)


I could tolerate fags, even if all of that sodomy is not allowed in a religious lifestyle, the gay can act like normal people, very few of them, and they die by the natural punishment from god for sodomy, aids.

Every fag i have seen IRL is a girly faggot, and every lesbian is a short haired graffiti wall, i could be ok with them, as long as they don't acted like that in front of kids.

And they have that sickening shit, pride parades or something, were they all go naked in the streets, and even weirder shit, like going around dressed like masochist dogs, fuck that shit, and they say that "i should't care for what they do in private".

3d1c42 No.10907663

File: 32a975eca3bab23⋯.webm (3.2 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Not with a bang, but a wh….webm)


Oh my sweet winter lamb.

e5f5ac No.10907689


have you seen the images of them putting on some freaky masks and horns and attending primary schools? michele obama dressed up as well and read books to them.

f70603 No.10907721

File: 1dc1f23b9b3e3fe⋯.png (216.44 KB, 1052x768, 263:192, HdsfjdKJ.png)

File: 6f2a996054b59d7⋯.png (56 KB, 1000x891, 1000:891, fuck this gay earth.png)


Fucking disgraceful.

0eb445 No.10907793

I need homosexuals facts regarding molestation and polygamy ASAP

3e840c No.10907796


They are just too degenerate. It's somehow central to the mindset of a fag. A guy I know had a gay roommate and once they were being stupid and started sending prank texts with each others phones. The stuff the guy would come up with was just sick, like a normal person wouldn't think like that. They shouldn't be anywhere near children.

3e9ebf No.10907811

It's a fraud.

6bffa4 No.10907908


>And they have that sickening shit, pride parades or something, were they all go naked in the streets

Friendly reminder to boycott the companies that sponsor such parades. By (((pure coincidence))), it's mostly alcoholic drink companies, at least in my country.

718937 No.10907978


Did they poll all the college students in Australia or something? Polls have zero credibility after Trump's election.


>one of the highest standards of living on Earth

That doesn't mean much in a global dystopia.

10d69b No.10908231


This was an informal vote where everyone was mailed out a form.

1ea0f9 No.10908830


How does one even tell for sure as to whether these fucking percentages are real anymore? They're more likely just a fucking placebo. An example of this is very similair to advertising ATL or digital. For example, FB exagerrates their selling points greatly and Google often has bot traffic in which tools are needed to clarify. This is supposedly tippity-top-tech. Wouldn't be surprised if these percentages are conditioning. Extreme, but not extreme enough to allow the normies to lose their shit - just enough to demoralise them and accept it.

This works the same way with Google data centres and SM networks by the way. Every IP, along with SM profile is harvested. Each individual is given a rating, personality, preference, etc. That "clone" is stored. They look at that data on a state by state basis and run simulations within it to see how a state or country would react should a law be passed. They start with the most accepting state, and slowly work forward. This is why jewgle is such a fucking menace to the USA and how the gov. and tech companies are intertwined with it all.

big data is the new oil

not intending to derail, but I figured based straya are not as pozz'd as they claim it to be

e51e38 No.10909084


(criminally unchecked)

1652e8 No.10913384


This. Even if we made homosexuality illegal, there isn't really a way we can tell what they do in private and we can't arrest somebody for their behaviour (no matter how gay it is) so I can agree with you. We should, however, make conversion therapy available for everyone and stop pushing it literally everywhere.

e5f5ac No.10913572



I heard that they only used one machine to count it all

4e04ba No.10913706

Now would be a good time to start spreading pictures of the lefties cheating this vote to all normie media.

We know a bunch of faggots and leftards stole everyone's voting slips.

f9d810 No.10913774


It's not rigged.

The fags had the propaganda machine at full tilt. Our biggest companies are all openly for gay marriage, it was all over TV and social media, not to mention the general public was getting upset with the whole debate because we're sick of hearing about fags every two minutes and it was essentially stalling public discourse.

still voted no

e3a12e No.10916755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

When did Australia become so pozzed that both our political parties and all our mainstream media openly celebrates rampant faggotry? There is something wrong with this picture and please tell me i'm not the only one that recognizes this? Every pedophile is celebrating. Signs of civilizational collapse right here.

f62259 No.10916826


>war with china. 23mill aussies vs 1billion chinks

Easy win m8. There only tactic is to zerg rush us. Its will be like putting em up against the wall

f9d810 No.10917217


Half the country is degenerate inner-city poofs who are too scared to do manual labour. We were a great fighting force when a huge portion of our nation was made up of country people who knew the value of self sufficiency, hard work and who could shoot decently.

China could literally walk right in and as long as they kept the internet running and cafes open half the country wouldn't even care.

1652e8 No.10917833


This. Every radio and news station kept talking about Australia "finally" voting yes and "coming out of the dark ages" or something like that. They weren't even hiding their bias. Not a single major outlet spoke anything even slightly negative about the vote and most were disappointed that so many voted no.


I wouldn't say that. Sure, Melbourne and Sydney are filled with poofs, and Brisbane is quickly following them, but the majority of Australians are still filled with people who value hard work and have good morals.

The problem is that Australian values of mate ship have been engineered to include gays. Mateship is part of what it means to be Australian, and basically means that all other Australians are your friends and you shouldn't be a shit-cunt to them. It's basically proto-civic nationalism. This means that foreigners are mistrusted but unfortunately means that we have to accept gays because they are technically Australian.

e5f5ac No.10917864


>foreigners are mistrusted

unless they're "australian"

3640a9 No.10917900


Because fear of being ostracized. Politicians who came out as politically against the decision are now under fire and potentially going to lose seats. Have you ever tried to tell your family and coworkers you're against something that they're all fundamentally against? Unfortunately the giant country is run by 7 capitol cities, which are all overly progressive. Also a large portion of No voters were immigrants.

I wanted to vote no, but even though I made sure to correct my address I never got my postal vote, so I guess that doesn't help.

1652e8 No.10917913


No, not even then. We don't have a problem with skin colour, but unless you act almost exactly like an Australian you will never be trusted. Exceptions are made for native Europeans and Americans though.

955beb No.10918573


Yeah I know. It's been gradual but steady progress for the left, such that there's now something wrong with you for having an issue with it. It's probably second only to racism in terms of how backwards you supposedly are if you're not on board with the "official" narrative.

I still think deep down many people are disgusted by fags tbh. If their kids had a homo teacher in primary school I think many would feel disturbed. But their signaling is more important to them. And just like moving away from an ethnic neighbourhood and telling themselves they're still ok with multiculturalism, they can just avoid fags as much they can too and still vote "yes" to feel like a progressive "cultured" Aussie.

955beb No.10918583


Mateship isn't anywhere near what it used be in this country anyway. Multiculturalism has made people withdrawn and self-centred.

1652e8 No.10918612


The ideals of Mateship have been deliberately screwed with to allow multiculturalism to exist. When you think about it, Australian mateship is like Ethno-nationalism in it's infancy, the belief that your fellow countrymen are your Volk and you are united by your common heritage and homeland.

f34fd4 No.10918776

Jesus, even in Califagia and Jew York fag marriage lost the popular vote in the US, they had to force it through the courts.

f34fd4 No.10918782


Well they will just kill themselves off if America is any indication.



Everyone who is not an exclusive heterosexual makes up about 2.1-2.7% of the population. With about 1% being homosexual. So the number of dudes that fuck dudes would be around 1.3% at most. So if they account for 56% of new infections they are 43 times more likely to be infected.

The total number of these dude-fuckers shall we call them who are infected each year is 28,200. Given that sexual activity occurs between 15 and 45 that means that in that time 846,000 of the sexually active dude fuckers will be infected. Their total population is about 4.095 million at the most. Of which 55% will be within that 15-45 age group. So about 2.25 million of them are sexually active in a given 30 year period of which 846,000 will be infected. So about 37.5% of their sexually active population will be infected in their lifetimes. Now before you say “but that is just niggers and spics”, look at the data, even when only accounting for whites the rate of infection is still 31%. Which is admittedly better than 37% but still not great.

Homosexual Men Have 50 Times Higher Rate of AIDS


One in Five Gay, Bisexual Men in U.S. Cities Has HIV


Report Finds Black Gay Males in US Worst Hit By HIV-AIDS


STD Facts - Syphilis & MSM


1652e8 No.10920801


HIV isn't an immediate death sentence and there is no way to prove they got HIV because they are gay so it would be hard to deny them treatment in case they were a heterosexual who got HIV. Then again, heterosexuals usually get HIV when they are doing degenerate behaviour, so there is an argument for not treating HIV at all.

6cb1bc No.10920980


>I still think deep down many people are disgusted by fags tbh.

We pushed back on the Safe Schools Coalition hard enough and now they've been kicked out of the majority of Australian states but they'll be back. We have to be ready when they do come back and push them even harder than we did last time.

261155 No.10921275



cdc7a2 No.10948974

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