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Odious Memes

File: 54e98c4b4fff6f1⋯.jpg (80.69 KB, 700x1120, 5:8, text1-XaFcLP.jpg)

File: 926a76260ba72a6⋯.jpg (38.46 KB, 700x520, 35:26, text2-iRaxx6.jpg)

File: 40ceb7cdccd426c⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 700x556, 175:139, text3-mpKGKS.jpg)

File: 69fea7242050846⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 700x902, 350:451, text4-GN6so3.jpg)

b5cb34 No.10904891


Some bimbo blogger just caused this shitstorm on social media about a guy who rejected her because he's not messing with coal burners. And she's like OMG so rayciss and everyone joined her in being offended. We need to ride this wave and make rejecting coal burners a trend.


f12dc6 No.10904900

Once you go black, we don't want you back.

b5cb34 No.10904901

File: 1ed42551cb51942⋯.jpg (56.83 KB, 512x510, 256:255, photo-3.jpg)

File: 2797625c6583d66⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 639x639, 1:1, ArtbUmlz.jpg)


Here's her Twatter btw


71680a No.10904905


>so yeah it seems like you're judging me

This fucking line pisses me off to no end from women.

No fucking shit you're being judged. Always. Everything you do is judged. You don't get to say "don't judge." and then do whatever the fuck you want. It's call taking responsibility for your actions, bitch.

239495 No.10904912


b87ec6 No.10904952

File: 83d5a18b05910a6⋯.png (433.17 KB, 765x1159, 765:1159, coalburner.png)



Stupid whore, thanks for boosting the signal.

c821af No.10904967

File: 05e936dbe7f14c7⋯.jpg (71.83 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DHlwUFDVYAEEBSG.jpg)



Of course.

Where there at least a couple of good, sane replies or was it all indignant, lefty circle-jerking?

There's a chance this was a hoax to gather progressive points, anyway.

007c63 No.10904972


> Those bags under her eyes

> Those ugly tats

Yikes. I wouldn't even exchange contact info with her.

7137d4 No.10904975


>tatted roastie whose job is blogging

Valueless even before the revelation

244392 No.10904976


Women want zero responsibility or consequences. In order to do this, they will exploit imbalances in society such as the absurd hatred of those racially aware. So a man, making a free market choice to not date a women who's dated a nigger, imposing consequences on her, obviously must be punished. Ive noticed that consequences as a result of anything not violating the status quo (which liberals determine) are totally forgiven, while those that do violate, even a small small amount, are punished without mercy. Which is disgusting and yet, other than wearing a shirt with the word "nigger" on it in defiance, I dont know how to respond. Its depressing. That chick who flipped of trump and got fired, she gets 100k of free money. But we cant have a donation page for people we like.

When we make an alternative, that one either gets ddosed or the host drops us. Its an unfair playing field which feeds back into my first statement. We are the only ones who face consequences.

Not the ddosers, not the people who assault Trump supporters, not the people that dox bad goys, none of them. But speak out against dating negros and the whole world is against you.

d944e7 No.10904977

File: 6a55af8dfb08b4c⋯.png (172.2 KB, 350x500, 7:10, Frigo_Detail_Narrow.png)


>That slogan

<Those dubs

>That slogan

<Those dubs

>That slogan

<Those dubs

>That slogan

<Those dubs

>That slogan

<Those dubs

>That slogan

<Those dubs

ebd057 No.10904981

File: 9e1dac508a48f96⋯.png (319.3 KB, 443x451, 443:451, 9e1dac508a48f96032bebe3b41….png)


>your dubs

c821af No.10904983

File: 3a441d7cfb7f463⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Look at this mutt.webm)

9ef949 No.10904987



>art fuck

>dark hair

>dark eyes





a3fda8 No.10904989

I wonder if she realizes that she's helping normalize this type of rejection.

This will only embolden other racially aware men.

adec8b No.10904990

9a1122 No.10904994

File: c6da3137ad2ed08⋯.jpg (52.51 KB, 720x858, 120:143, 188961.jpg)

From the way she reacted he was hot and she liked him. Chad move.

9782dc No.10904996


It reads like a falseflag with the same person writing both sides of the conversation tbh, but it can still be used for anti-racemixing propaganda. That ugly tattooed yid didn't know what she was meming.

db347d No.10905000


Fucking kek. Your pic related is amazing.

b87ec6 No.10905001


kek. savage

a3fda8 No.10905003


>are you defending slavery?

Holy fuck my sides

9da9d6 No.10905005


I hope this is real and not just some made up bullshit by a stupid whore trying to garner attention. Miscegenation should be stopped at once!

>>10904900 checked

Damn right

We don't want:

>Bro hoes

>Coal burners

>Nigger lovers

>Aids collectors


d944e7 No.10905009

File: 1260e7932a65744⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2072x1831, 2072:1831, Current_Year.png)

>The screengrabs accompany a simple sentence: "This really just happened. 2017."

Every time I see them opening with Current Year, I feel more confident of final victory. None of them can articulate a reason why this man has no right to walk away from this relationship because the woman's past choices have soured him on her.

It's current year!

97ccda No.10905012


Fucking lol

9da9d6 No.10905014


top kek


top check

9a1122 No.10905021

Also look at how she was trying to downplay it.

>did you ever hook up with a black guy

<yes once, but

>did you have sex

<yes, but

Even liberal women instinctually know being with a nigger lowers their value.

a3fda8 No.10905022


Trying to coerce me into sexual relations with someone I am not attracted to is sexual harassment, possibly even attempted rape. Coalburners who try to sleep with racially aware white men perpetuate rape culture :^)

d944e7 No.10905025


Checked. #/me/too

3b0fae No.10905031


Checkin them ID double dubs of confirmation

722a91 No.10905036

File: 7526cd5b078fc0f⋯.png (326.64 KB, 750x717, 250:239, 1508808624142.png)

ff42db No.10905040



3b0fae No.10905043


This bitch screams coal burner trash. She did it to (((experiment))) but then realized which she kept to herself, of courseniggers are garbage. Of course she came to this realization after Jaqwandris ditched her whore ass for another whore.


>burned coal


d944e7 No.10905044

Several women in the comments are saying they've had this conversation too. Are they just bullshitting to be in the group, having discovered a new form of victimization, or is this really common?

9da9d6 No.10905048


>We used protection

She probably acquired the gift that keeps on giving.

3b0fae No.10905061


You know it. Shes spreading dat der African culchuh via aids now, worthless whore

3b0fae No.10905065



Probably a bit of both

ef83cd No.10905066

File: 862392453722e07⋯.png (315.7 KB, 432x413, 432:413, 1510588586050.png)


Ha, got em

754dea No.10905067


Many young women make the mistake of thinking that men are 100% visual and are unaware that men judge women on other things (femininity, sexual history etc.) as well. Most White men don't date coal burners.

b5cb34 No.10905068

File: fa9b3f5d3d17623⋯.jpg (110.29 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 22554892_1724494900917972_….jpg)


Guys ditching coal burners becoming a more common occurrence is pretty good news for White Men^TM tbh

ef83cd No.10905074

File: 05aa815c27277ba⋯.jpg (35.41 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Ines-Helene-24.jpg)


But anon, that is a good thing.

f12dc6 No.10905076

File: 3fc5d07e8e63fda⋯.jpg (30.56 KB, 316x352, 79:88, futureCorpse.jpg)

>future corpse

Sounds like such a nice, well-adjusted woman.

ff42db No.10905085


>future corpse


d64abc No.10905087


The ones that defend it are truly insane. Never mind burning coal in the first place. They are the most insane people you will ever have the misfortune of meeting and truly indicate that they suffer from a brain malfunction. A proper functioning brain would have prevented them from even thinking of burning coal.

064bb8 No.10905103


Jesus fucking christ that's a depressing resume. Basically her entire contribution to the work force is nihilistic sarcasm.

Feminism has done them wonders.

ee59c4 No.10905104

File: fa6a56f628c76c2⋯.jpg (46.23 KB, 717x535, 717:535, f966d95129c18742314b06788e….jpg)


Sounds fun. People writing for the satirist sites are pretty fun people even if theset are politically dishonest.

Wouldn't want that kind of sarcastic nihilistic sentiment as a wife, but as a freind damn sure I would.

754dea No.10905107

File: b9b3f9c7160a7c0⋯.png (258.66 KB, 586x589, 586:589, Screenshot01.png)

Her father seems like a decent enough bloke. He must be really disappointed in her.

ab9deb No.10905108


breddy gud m8 8/8

fa275d No.10905109

looks fake really, like she wants attention

>someone bothering to call out coal burnt

>'im sorry'

>'im sorry'

>'not judging you'

>'im sorry'


66dfd2 No.10905110


Didn't make a well enough box to keep a nigger out.

1c6fab No.10905111





>People invite Jews to dinner while Grandma spins faster & faster in her grave, providing clean energy to all who need it.


ab9deb No.10905113

82500e No.10905116


Could have been a leaf

efea7a No.10905118

File: 7634122510333d0⋯.jpg (40.87 KB, 400x533, 400:533, blk white piss.jpg)


I've said it before and I'll say it again: we need to team up with black women in order to make this a shaming offense for their men and our women to mix.

b5cb34 No.10905120

File: 1d3a842a5b9787c⋯.gif (8.83 MB, 400x260, 20:13, tenor.gif)

1a6e4b No.10905121


Chad Nationalism is the way to be boys, as soon as you're fit and good looking (confidence comes with it too) even the most diehard feminist is creaming her pants and all the beta bitch boys hiding behind women so they can maybe possibly never score some pity pussy for being effeminate weaklings completely lose every single time beyond already losing in the realm of logic and sexual intercourse.

When I was more degenerate back on the campaign trail I was openly pro-Trump and pro-white and still fucked feminists that said they're voting for Hillary and "oh my gosh why would you vote for him you're crazy teehee but you have some points I guess". I've taken the iron-volkish pill more so since then.

1c6fab No.10905124


Her dad looks Jewish.

1c6fab No.10905139

Jesus Christ her ENTIRE TWITTER FEED is whining about Trump.

b43319 No.10905141




I wouldn't even look at her from a distance (50 ft minimum)

1f0460 No.10905148

File: f1125bebe585b7f⋯.png (65.58 KB, 183x162, 61:54, mfw.png)

6fbede No.10905149

File: 4056e90d01071bf⋯.png (4.79 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5C769E0A-7A98-4CB1-B6ED-AC….png)

File: 821abbc84aa84cb⋯.jpeg (99.91 KB, 640x862, 320:431, 4BBADA49-B2F9-41C8-85B7-0….jpeg)

File: 3294d1bc99ce7b6⋯.jpeg (120.88 KB, 640x922, 320:461, 0703F36D-F3A2-4486-AB8B-E….jpeg)

This is the original tweeter and the rest of the conversation

9a1122 No.10905153

File: 3ef0eb85a83d308⋯.gif (903.01 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 3ef0eb85a83d30881fe235555c….gif)


I've had discussions with leftist friends of friends online where they treat me as a racist monster and want nothing to do with me. When we finally met in person they were playing with their hair and shooting "fuck me eyes" while my buddies and I laughed about leftist faggotry.


top fuckign kek

754dea No.10905154


Has image 2 been photoshopped? The vertical spacing between the speech bubbles seems weird and two of them are missing that arrow thing on the bottom left.

6fbede No.10905156

File: 0baa575d275c958⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1CA79A32-2A06-41A8-8E01-F3….png)


Nope, check her twitter

6fbede No.10905162


She may have shopped it

b5cb34 No.10905165


>I own a color TV

I like this guy I must say

9a1122 No.10905167



He shouldn't be cowering like that from the word "racist". It gives it power. Just laugh and say "hey, i've said my peace. bye".

6fbede No.10905171


The lack of the little whale tail arrow thing in the messaging is due to very rapid back to back messaging on an iphone

6fbede No.10905174


He was a coward, but he does own a color TV

064bb8 No.10905177


>own a color tv

lel. definitely trolling now.

f12dc6 No.10905181

I can't be racist. I own a color TV!

1c6fab No.10905185




He seems like kind of a cuck tbh, but I can't tell if he's just trolling the shit out of her at that point.


Checking her Twitter makes me question whether she's a real person. Almost nothing in her feed is her tweets, its all retweets.



What does that stand for? Is it possible this twat - if she exists - is South African? That would add some extra context.

9a4b51 No.10905186


Not a bad idea considering black women who sleep with white men are practically excommunicated from black society. Point out the double standard make it a black feminist issue

1a6e4b No.10905195


I lel'd. He should've just stopped it there and kept it humorous. Reminder: as soon as you start pleading with a woman you've already lost and they will have justified that they've won in their minds regardless of facts or reason. Never treat a woman as your equal and always tease them and they will want to swallow your cock for not backing down.


It's a good life. Cheers to you for enjoying it.

a9dc94 No.10905196


He can make a box to put his heart that his daughter ripped out.

ff42db No.10905203


I'm not rhesus. Black "people" are rhesus!

774972 No.10905210


Never ever admit you are wrong to a woman.

They will always see it as a green light to hurt you to the fullest extent possible. It's best to leave it as 'agree to disagree'.

dfd400 No.10905221


Black women HATE when black men date white woman. There's no one left for the black women. I always thought Trump should hire a big ass, BOLD black woman for press sec. She wouldn't take any bullshit from the press..but I suppose Sarah Sanders is handling it pretty well. Spicer was fun, tho.

1a6e4b No.10905230


Amen. Words to live by

dfd400 No.10905231



d668c2 No.10905243

a005d2 No.10905254

File: 3cdb2b64e3cdab8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.85 KB, 500x587, 500:587, c0db0ac30b6b3bf31b17269e0c….jpg)

<b-but guys it was a long time ago when she slept with this man

d9b607 No.10905255


The cool thing about this meme is because I even saw that shit being posted in forums here in huezil, just like anywhere else in the world black father are known for abandoning their spawn as well as beating their women,.

1c6fab No.10905256


Her entire twitter is nothing but libshit politics, slacker reaction images and animal pictures.

The absolute state of modern women.

These are her only tweets, aside from that convo, since July:





Looks like a college girl pursuing art. Wew.

1c6fab No.10905265


Amusingly, black men hate when black women date white men too. Basically, they both hate the opposite sex of their own race for realizing their prospects amongst the white race are objectively preferable to their own kind.

50b763 No.10905266

File: b9bf0bdc3d3c41f⋯.png (549.61 KB, 875x557, 875:557, YDm92lo.png)



18d6c2 No.10905269

"hook up" He is right but no better if he is looking for hook ups

d9b607 No.10905272


And /pol/ is directly responsible for that, that recent trend in coalburners rejection are all thanks to our memes slowly falling into the normalfags thanks to social media like whatsapp or kikebook.

464a02 No.10905284


>We need to ride this wave and make rejecting coal burners a trend.

This avenue is an un-tap sore wound of any liberal feminist. Can you image the reaction and realization when white men start rejecting them for coal burning. The salt/tears and self hate.


red flag, "Onion contributor" kek.

29cdab No.10905285

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Doubt it.

9f4ab9 No.10905288

File: b32ebd1e124b166⋯.png (438.02 KB, 615x617, 615:617, 1460374256600.png)


>I'm not rhesus. Black "people" are rhesus!

What's wrong with having Rh positive blood? Are you telling me I'm not white?

d33df9 No.10905297


I'm glad I'm not the only one that got a kick about that. This whole thing just reads like a shitty comedy sketch.

f4a88e No.10905301


after looking thru her twatter, I'm going with

>it was real in my mind

shit didn't happen (but should have)

00aed1 No.10905351



i nearly burst open my stitches keking

193bfa No.10905353

000000 No.10905372


>muh current year

every fucking time

193bfa No.10905401


I wonder if the whole conversation is made up just to virtue signal about ebil racists white men. Most coal burners just lie about taking a mile of black dick.

11769d No.10905402

File: bd854a9ee25b3ad⋯.jpg (69.43 KB, 960x538, 480:269, 20155668_10209625270409123….jpg)




Actually, my dear unMachiavellian anonfriends, he is answering pretty well. At first i thought he was cucking too, but he is actually pushing to make himself seem like more of a victim than her, thus denying her power of self-victimization, the greatest weapon of womankind.

He does not care about having her fall for him, thus a manly behaviour is not needed. He is not trying to dominate her, but rather fuck her feelings. The "if you can't respect my feelings" is straightforwardly pushing her own social powers against her.

0498d8 No.10905410


It's best for everyone to just be honest and direct from the start. It saves from alot of confusion and heartache later on.

375adc No.10905455


Explaining himself to her was a mistake, but she did come out as a nigger lover on social media… which makes her future prospects of happiness very grim. There is nothing to be gained by explaining it to a woman, just ghost her. She's attempting to shame him, what scenario could have been more predictable?

94a152 No.10905483

File: 71a484cf136a698⋯.jpg (61.72 KB, 435x450, 29:30, 71a484cf136a698e7e9c73c185….jpg)


>Payed actresses represent the consensus of the entire female population

WTF i love BBC now

c38417 No.10905484


>white women prefer to get SHITTED

lel, ok Gomrad Sonig Stalin

193bfa No.10905486


Except women aren't very honest, especially when asked about things they are ashamed of or think will lose them something they want. That's why this whole thing smells like made up attention whoring mixed with a healthy dose of anti white male. And woman shitty enough to burn coal is certainly shitty enough to lie about it.

845470 No.10905488

LOL, I have seen some redpill threads about what Chads can get away with on Tinder. Someone with more time than me should post a Chad profile on Tinder and troll some obvious coalburners for grins.

910727 No.10905490


friendly reminder that posting professional porn doesn't prove anything. That woman will do anything for money, including bestiality, clearly

c71239 No.10905503


That turd she's pushing out is enveloping her!

97caeb No.10905508

File: 194bf7699e59302⋯.png (276.48 KB, 1151x649, 1151:649, (((you))).png)

>paid actress gets paid to fuck animals

Wonder why.

Also, no need for a (((YOU))).

(((YOU))) fucking glow in the dark.

69b0ca No.10905513

File: 07d95bafb0892ad⋯.jpg (18.02 KB, 267x200, 267:200, 1392698211830.jpg)


The nigger looks CG.

What if blacked is actually all CG because they can't find anyone pretty enough to actually want to fuck a nigger?

91823d No.10905541



f3bbc7 No.10905545


>team up with black women

>the single greatest cause for nigger thuggery

Surely you jest, sir. Were it not for black women, black men might be more content with vidya games, kung fu movies, and fighting anime. They abuse children and berate them, turning them into the beasts that make us hate them.

c85561 No.10905548

File: 0b078c34225ad2c⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 768x432, 16:9, 1499620774131.webm)


lmao have you ever even watched that shit? the nigs fuck with absolutely no fire at all. its just pump pump pump. white men are the best at fucking by far because of our emotional intelligence. niggers do not know how the give a girl the dicking she needs.

a43e8b No.10905549


I was thinking same thing, I don't know anyone who texts with proper punctuation like her texts are

Maybe all my friends are just retarded

a43e8b No.10905552


I was thinking same thing, I don't know anyone who texts with proper punctuation the way her texts are

Maybe my friends are just retarded

375adc No.10905557


The only thing that gives women the desire to fuck black guys is the taboo. It's still a cardinal sin and wrong in the minds of most white men, so women do it for the rush and to see if they can get away with it. It has 0% to do with cock size or ability, it's 100% PsyOp. The ONLY solution is to completely ostracize these degenerates.

d923d5 No.10905559


majority of black dicks in porn, like 75%, are fake dicks. before he killed himself i knew a guy who worked as a cameraman and director for porn in california. he was a funny guy, but completely dead inside and pretty much all people in porn are that way.

e5cf10 No.10905561


>future corpse

I don't ebin think /r9k/ would touch this coalburning whore…

f3ddc7 No.10905564

File: 9403a82d9bbb23a⋯.png (1.07 MB, 962x4618, 481:2309, BlackNationalists.png)


Interesting that on the original thread some black nationalists chimed in to agree with the dude.

This gives me an idea. Maybe we should try to meme against race-mixing from the black side too. If we could make something comparable to the 1950s "ideal white family" image for blacks, we might be able to get them to pick it up and start spreading it themselves.

b66038 No.10905568


> pretty much all people in porn are that way.

Efuckt anyone? Someone must have it. Always makes me laugh and despair in equal measure.

e5cf10 No.10905579

File: 7bffe89ad263634⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20170520_120520.jpg)


Do you also watch dudes fuck goats and then use it as a basis to discuss race relations? Srs Q

194768 No.10905581

File: 44f35558ab066de⋯.jpeg (73.92 KB, 627x782, 627:782, 44f35558ab066de3a36b95960….jpeg)


>Everything I know about the world, I learned from watching cuck porn

770349 No.10905591


is the audio native to this video? or did it originate from some other one? Ive heard this track played for various videos, and it seems to me to be oddly intune with this video.

f3ddc7 No.10905595


That's probably the reason why attractive white girls do it, but far more commonly it's fat chicks settling for what they can get.

d923d5 No.10905599


lurk moar faggot, just search the audio

c821af No.10905604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It comes from this.

>seems to me to be oddly intune with this video

Dude knew how to meme,I guess.

cfb8f8 No.10905608


go ahead buddy

maybe u can fuck them too

705776 No.10905621


top first post

a02451 No.10905635

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Every black nationalist I've ever met has pretty much had those views. Just spread vid related to black normies.

d944e7 No.10905637


>I don't know anyone who texts with proper punctuation like her texts are

Writerfag here. We all do that. Using the right punctuation becomes so big of a deal, you do it for every communication; even short posts on Melanesian decoupage mutual-masturbation forums. :^)

a02451 No.10905638

d944e7 No.10905644

File: 77709f7aea20c00⋯.jpg (71.23 KB, 976x549, 16:9, Lost_World.jpg)

c85561 No.10905649


black bitches always give me free food at chipotle dead srs

375adc No.10905669


They mirin, hoping to get some "good hair" for their kids.

97caeb No.10905670


Oooh, those Digits!

That Slogan!



Those Tattoos… UGH

d944e7 No.10905676


>Only thing that's changed is the political typography of the world.

Never change, niggers. Don't you ever dare change.

9a1122 No.10905692

File: 8f34879e33fa12c⋯.jpg (8.32 KB, 180x240, 3:4, queenkong.jpg)


>being this salty over being sexually rejected as an entire race

lol don't be mad with whites, take it up with God. He's the one who made you people look so ridiculous.

f3ddc7 No.10905696


Many Autists can't tolerate text speak.

2cf168 No.10905703


This, Niggers don't have jobs (lots of free time) and have many advocacy groups (lots of free advertisement of their ideals to other nogs). Encouraging their own purity is good, in fact they might even finally move to Liberia.

193bfa No.10905745


Once they realize that the world isn't the SJW diversity utopia they were told it was by the kikes, and realize that fucking blacks disqualifies them from any decent white men, they're all going to lie.

5cfa3b No.10905757

File: ae8c7ebf0fe404c⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 1178x253, 1178:253, imagefap_brainwashing.jpg)

reminder that a huge majority of miscegenation propaganda coming from (((porn))) and (((the msm))) is entierely artificial

5498a8 No.10905761


Fucking kek. I don't want to share a country with 'em, but I wouldn't mind having a beer with these niggers.

d6b186 No.10905802


>Sipping on white piss


ad62bc No.10905821


Oh, she's a Jew? The texts are fake.

d813df No.10905825

File: 5f13bcb85e8b6fb⋯.jpg (185.28 KB, 700x483, 100:69, woman in bog.jpg)


Just saying, its fate. Stop the disease in a few easy steps.

454b91 No.10905827


Being fit helps, but what really matters is being able to talk to girls without coming across as a complete spastic.

5498a8 No.10905831


I'm not meme-ing here, please tell me how to talk to girls without seeming like a spaz.

d64bec No.10905842

File: 6b41383ef79e3eb⋯.jpg (211.86 KB, 957x710, 957:710, mfw.jpg)


Normally I'd say it is a bit early for that child that age to have its hair dyed and wear blue contacts, but with a face like that it's gonna need every advantage it can scrape together.

d6b186 No.10905844


Pay attention to what gets posted around here about their behavior. It's easy to not be intimidated by someone when you have no respect for them. I mean REALLY have no respect whatsoever for them. You can't just say it try and be an edgelord. It has to be the quiet, sincere lack of respect that you feel in your bones.

39fe74 No.10905900


It wouldn't surprise me. The way it's written seems unnatural. Nobody who hates niggers that much would bother to call them "black man".

1a56b5 No.10905956

File: 6218bcdcc9f8311⋯.jpg (18.64 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 17d3ea34c47a77eeb5898fb851….jpg)



checkin those digits.

How do you find out a woman's past? I don't trust women to be honest about their pasts, but maybe her friends would? I know about checking their facebook/instagram, also the kind of music they listen to is a good indicator of any potential red flags.

89bf1e No.10905959

Whats with all these alide threads? Is this 4chan now?

b5cb34 No.10905966


>The texts are fake.

Which would make the author's intentions behind the article even worse

000000 No.10906022


I'm glad leftist feminist trash self-brand themselves with tats, it's like a jew tattooing a yellow star on their forehead.

it prevents wasting any time trying to reason with a completely subverted useful idiot like this ugly whore

73ad8f No.10906074


Get to know her mother. Even if they never tell you anything directly, the way her mother acts and the relationship between the two of them will tell you more than enough about the kind of wife material she is.

36f5ec No.10906082

File: cb08b3e51bc60f1⋯.gif (96.02 KB, 240x176, 15:11, GiftedYearlyHog-max-1mb.gif)


he knows the first thing she'll will say in an argument with him IF he dated her is talk shit about his size and say some negrocentric bullshit about, "a real man would…" while neck rolling like wannabe nigger.

de0c4c No.10906083


>What, this old thing? // former Onion contributor, current Someecards writer, future corpse

She know DOTR is coming?

de0c4c No.10906092


This is a different woman.

27a067 No.10906094


Jew / 10. Would gas.

2f2edb No.10906141


I thought the issue is that most blacks are circumcised (mark of the goy) so, due to the loss of sensitivity, they pump and pump in order to feel the same sensation an uncircumcised man would normally experience.

So it's not just a black issue but rather, a circumcision issue. Do circumcised white men fuck better than circumcised blacks? Can you successfully argue this?

5b590c No.10906360

File: 3fda0c981a4e426⋯.jpg (21.66 KB, 250x247, 250:247, 1431212145142.jpg)


Nobody pointed this out?

>melanin thot


Jesus fuckin Christ. I'm dying.

eb82c5 No.10906368


I'm a lot more normal in situations where I go to shows or hang out with other people than my best friend, but at home I'm a shitlord. I remember being edgier back in '95, but was more spastic then, most of my sperginess wore off,

>tl;dr: I'm old

6ef265 No.10906379


I'd be happy to hang the Jews with that nigger before we had ourselves a nice race war to determine supremacy for the USA.

eb82c5 No.10906381


I'll bite, musicfag here. I really despise using Tinder but atm the last 6 months have been shit for me but I'll spare you the autism over it and I'm in a dry spell now. I'll be checking their spotify songs. anything I should be looking for?

1a6e4b No.10906544


Why do you think the growing movements of Gorge Lincoln Rockwell and the older Malcolm X were (((suicided)))? Can't have whitey and darkey universally agreeing that their problem is kikels and uniting together to destroy them before self-segregating. That's a Jew's worst nightmare.

3a2fdd No.10906564

File: 016fef6812a7a3b⋯.png (8.93 KB, 204x248, 51:62, images[1].png)



I have seen some pages on kikebook that are politically incorrect as they can get away with. I have seen arguments ranging from denouncing trannies and hating on fags all the way to old Rhodesia and the South Africa crisis and even the occasional joke about the kikes. This was on a fucking Stephen Universe fanpage at that

84a1a2 No.10906613


W-what if her mother died when she was young?

000000 No.10906626


>he thinks he's an alpha chad "conqueror" because he fucked loose thot trash

c85561 No.10906637


>Do circumcised white men fuck better than circumcised blacks? Can you successfully argue this?

yes man. white men are capable of fucking womens minds while also fucking their bodies. the top rated male pornstars are all vocal and very erotic with their female costars. blacks are incapable of this because of their lack of intelligence. if they try it comes off extremely cringeworthy so they mostly stick to "take that dick bitch" they cant authentically pull off stuff like "mhmm thats such a good girl you know exactly what i want to see dont you baby"

a9e5cf No.10906639



Even the regular story is that they were both murdered.

000000 No.10906666


>implying womyn are worth "managing"

why not just avoid them altogether except maybe to occasionally wet your dick with a tinder sloot?

8cf155 No.10906691

File: 73fc17e6715398c⋯.jpg (83.5 KB, 640x862, 320:431, jlfUbWj.jpg)


continued from her Twitter thread

this man is the shittiest of posters

8cf155 No.10906692


whoops, already posted

9fcb81 No.10906696


>future corpse

Translation: She mis read the first couple of passages of God is dead when she was 17 and is now an avid nihilist 4 lyfe

000000 No.10906719


how's your work on rejection of single moms or is that more of a mgtow thing?

df70d2 No.10906780

File: 69c774aac25b5f0⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 350x300, 7:6, tenor.gif)


>Im not racist

>I own a colored tv

efea7a No.10906803

File: 5c514abde9d3883⋯.jpg (365.49 KB, 1153x709, 1153:709, eventiwillremindthem.jpg)


>Surely you jest, sir.

I do not. We find an organization for black women and float the idea of starting to shame those fuckers and fuckettes.

>black men might be more content with vidya games, kung fu movies, and fighting anime

Pretty sure there are a large amount of them who love vidya and kung-fu movies. Can't speak to the anime, but I'm sure there are a few of those.


>maybe u can fuck them too

Not even with your needle-dick, anon.

f37b06 No.10906817

File: 377d3ef6403c6a4⋯.gif (987.04 KB, 229x176, 229:176, 1508579708265.gif)


>I own a color TV

000000 No.10906820

>sorry if it causes harm

>I might sound like an asshole

Good to see /pol/ is still the good little white knight cucks they've always loved being. Keep up the good work.

46e99c No.10906827


holy shit, he must have been pissing himself writing this, he can't even type straight just look at it, hahahaha

8cf155 No.10906828


>torfagging this hard

Are you being retarded as a joke or on purpose

46e99c No.10906834


we are caught in comedy fever

Are you guys nazis or what??

065463 No.10906848

File: 3149b5530c01509⋯.gif (2.35 MB, 190x170, 19:17, 3149b5530c01509806f730253f….gif)


The fact that she qualified her statement with "b-but we used protection!" is an admission that she knows she fucked up. This should be used against her in all responses. She wasn't offended by the question, she was offended by the rejection.

5b590c No.10906876

File: 5ae8aaa45c487aa⋯.jpg (163.86 KB, 1240x786, 620:393, 1432184477171.jpg)


This nigger gets it. She was immediately defensive until the male cucked out and showed an opening. Still hard to say if he cucked out or was playing some 34d chess however, but I'm going with cuck until proven chad.

Regardless, she goes into the trash.

4d4e4a No.10906934

File: fc3938d0910a61d⋯.jpg (10.43 KB, 269x187, 269:187, Putin Ukraine.jpg)


Glad to see that men are developing standards. Honestly, enough of these types of chatlogs get out and you'll start seeing an uptick in women dissing black men.

000000 No.10906972


>implying increased female duplicity is a net positive

3515bd No.10906973


Black women are why black men are going white. Some of them are even going to Brazil to find wives

4b6cf9 No.10906982

>(((white))) woman


dc556b No.10906989


>dead parent

Huge red flag.

def831 No.10907006


whats a whatsapp and where can I get one

d68b62 No.10907012



Checked magnum dubs

Ive told this to several women anon. I make it very clear and simple. I dont want kids coming from a womb thats had shit stuck up it.

def831 No.10907024


Wasn't there some study that got posted here back in like 2015 that showed that women are genetically altered by the men they've had sex with or something?

Someone should post that, if they still have it.

27ab61 No.10907051

File: 9d4641a3c8b2309⋯.gif (26.15 KB, 468x450, 26:25, Applause.gif)

408a38 No.10907058


The key to end spazzing is to have a high opinion of yourself that you garner from engaging in activities that you know improve you, be it physically and mentally. That and giving 0 fucks about women's opinions which comes with the territory of self-improvement, respect and morale.

408a38 No.10907094


>thinks he knows me based off a small window of time that I voluntarily share

Kek. Either take my words or be a petty faggot, your choice.

98e6d0 No.10907111


>impling reverse breeding is not a thing

>when we fuck all the black bitches, in time, there will be none.

98e6d0 No.10907115

File: 4aed3d78c253e48⋯.jpg (139.62 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1486603980251.jpg)

250daa No.10907138

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Today is a good day.(If youre not a nigger). Meme this into common knowledge and you will genuinely both shame women into not mixing with niggers, and make more men deny women if they have. Its like a repeating effect. More men hear that they should do this, more women get turned down, more asspain and as a result less women mixing with niggers for fear of being racially disowned. It could be worse, they could be part of the starting of the book Hunter instead.

40d215 No.10907148

File: f784d716493a337⋯.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, 717:436, f78.png)


top kek

d479c8 No.10907152


I think it's sort of stupid, they'll pretend to be disgusted by it in the end but will they actually be ? You either find niggers repulsive or you don't.

58b9a7 No.10907158

File: de934d5f0e865fc⋯.jpg (434.01 KB, 1520x725, 304:145, NeverMix.jpg)



An anti-mixing campaign would be good. Could be flooded with positive messages or preservation or even the grotesque outcomes of mixing.

Something like #NeverMix ?

391bff No.10907160

File: 00f4f67bf2bb8bc⋯.jpg (40 KB, 351x478, 351:478, What.jpg)


Jesus Christ, that's child abuse.

The poor kid would look better being all black.

Why the fuck would you do that to your own offspring? Why would you despise your children so?

250daa No.10907163

File: f138337f3aa8434⋯.jpg (78.35 KB, 280x287, 40:41, niggers2.jpg)




Theres a lot of people who find niggers repulsive who might not consider asking every woman they come across if they have mixed, up front… or have the character to turn a woman down if she has. There are far more /pol/acks than there are people telling women they wont have anything to do with them if they have slept with blacks in the past. If we meme it, it might become common practice. White men should see it as something shameful, to sleep with a woman who has slept with blacks in the past.

2e1868 No.10907167



Once you go black, we don't want you back.

3515bd No.10907168


Or they could just lie about it and you wouldn't know

250daa No.10907176


Lying isnt a typically Aryan thing to do. If they want to lie about it, let them. Then they are lying coalburners. Let them start a relationship on a lie, I presume for sex alone and then to break up after. What a terrible person that would be, no? What a selfish filthy whore. Thats my response to that.

2bb3ab No.10907186

Coalburner btfo is cool and all.


391bff No.10907192


Jesus Christ, people.

That slogan is pure /pol/, it's been around for ages.

You guys act as though it's new.

98e6d0 No.10907198


I had plenty of chicks coming up to me wanting to smash that told me they did these things, they really think it is a badge of honor.

So Expect to encounter fakers (girls that wanted status that are lying they did, but didn't actually..)

250daa No.10907202


Just a few decades ago if you were caught cheating on your man, chances are he would blow the head off the guy you slept with, possibly yours and even his own. It should just be assumed that sleeping with blacks comes with a risk of having your head blown off in general.. among all the other risks like being gang raped and thrown off a cliff or having acid thrown in your face.

3274c9 No.10907206

File: 987fae46781d3b5⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 2150x3035, 430:607, yuuri_2.jpg)


>And /pol/ is directly responsible for that

It's a big claim but given the past few years I no longer doubt it. We radically changed the fundamental fabric of our culture, or rather broke off the propaganda layer and let our people's natural light shine through. We should really meme harder against coalburners in my opinion, it's easier to belittle that than to push racial purity directly.

d479c8 No.10907211


>So Expect to encounter fakers (girls that wanted status that are lying they did, but didn't actually..)

Vapid whores ?

391bff No.10907217

File: e97fb3208fa9a8f⋯.jpg (76.86 KB, 500x700, 5:7, LoveYourChild.jpg)


There was already an idea here to meme against miscegenation, and post pics were made to be distributed on normie sites.

Don't think it ever went anywhere, though.

The memes were aimed at women, utilizing their maternal instincts.

98e6d0 No.10907219


Well, yeah basically.

One girl in particular, nice face, skinny body nice perky titties, long blonde hair.

Always knew she was a slut (a few years ago), didn't talk for ages, decided to try talking again.

She mentioned that she fucked a black guy, and asked me if I every did that to a black girl.

NOPED 360 degrees and kicked the whore out of my life.

Guess this is what happens when single ladies continue to be single ladies.

d479c8 No.10907220


Does she know why you ditched her ?

391bff No.10907229

File: 4801d7744eb53e6⋯.jpg (56.69 KB, 516x778, 258:389, GotToBeBornWhite.jpg)


In all likelihood shell be constrained to blacks or wimpy little cucks the rest of her life. If she even gets a white guy, it will probably be some paycheck-generating slob she had to settle for, who she'll end up hating & be ashamed to be seen with. She'll end up day-drinking, gaining a hundred pounds, and despising her life.

98e6d0 No.10907233


I have told her, she became jealous after a while when I was talking to a girl that had more class.

She wanted to know what was going on between us - told her that I understand that question, but that I don't ask similar questions because I just appreciate who she is to me - and that I won't interfere with her (and her ex she was seeing at the time).

She ended the night crying in my arms, and then we went our own paths - she did a fashion design study, followed by "facility management"

dc9015 No.10907234


Yes, it's called telegony.

Google it.

d479c8 No.10907242


You shouldn't have, now she knows where she fucked up and next time she'll lie about it to someone else.

5c2d54 No.10907249

File: b639226bf5d5f1f⋯.png (483.47 KB, 852x665, 852:665, color tv.png)


Take a look at that poll. KEK

ab413a No.10907251


"Never" is a negative.

Normies subconsciously won't like it as much.

Try some positive wording.

#ProudFamily ?

Fuck knows I'm awful at this shit.

It's hard because positive words like "racial" and "purity" are also negatives to normies when they shouldn't be.

f84825 No.10907256


Can't believe I'm agreeing with Niggers

Then again Caanite Niggers are the only jew that's not 100% oven worthy

dc9015 No.10907263


Or fed to alligators.

Don't forget that one.

16e2ee No.10907273


>See this posted on goybook

>Being spun into a "Stop the evil patriarchy domestic violence from men must be stopped"

>Think to myself I bet her "spouse" is a nigger

>Check her profile and see a hideous mongrel kid and a subhuman groid straight out of the fucking Congo


Kind of annoys me though that cunts and libshits can spin nigger chimping as "Evil men (that means you Whitey)!"

dc9015 No.10907274


You should have put an ugly mulatto child in that meme.

29cdab No.10907283


You know we can portray white women as degenerates and traitors. And make them unappealing to blacks. That’s why blacks should breed or rape jewish instead

98e6d0 No.10907286


Thing is, I no longer care much, lost contact.

She was all over me for a month, and suddenly lost interest (I had to study) - that was the 'real' reason why she couldn't see me for while.

After that she asked me why we didn't talk anymore. Told her that I respected her wishes to get educated ;)

c48854 No.10907288


>she's a verified twitter user

Oh so this text is fabricated. Good news is that it puts the idea in the heads of women to stay away from niggers.

59c486 No.10907290


>yellow gorilla

All of my keks

98e6d0 No.10907292


she used the "I have to study" meme to distance herself, so after that I dropped her like a brick, yet still acted like a gentleman (not supreme gentleman you edgelords)

c48854 No.10907300



Whoops. Missed it was from another account. Still looks fake as fuck though reading the other tweets. It reads like how a leftist female would imagine a "racist" would respond to sound not racist.

b8a216 No.10907304


Judgement is an important part of being human. As is discrimination, which does not only mean the 'unfair' kind. Someone who has discriminating taste is someone who is likely to appreciate the finer things. Based on this woman's exchange and her photos, it is evident that fucking black men is not the only undesirable thing she has been involved in.

391bff No.10907313

File: 36962ad426cecb0⋯.jpg (48.7 KB, 439x599, 439:599, Mixed.jpg)

3274c9 No.10907317

File: 5534a25e1f3ff6d⋯.png (157.09 KB, 669x829, 669:829, c1.png)

File: 9ea0ceccb276944⋯.png (69.77 KB, 648x374, 324:187, c2.png)

File: 78cf743e54d245a⋯.png (228.82 KB, 649x1062, 11:18, c3a.png)

File: 96cc24103e71f52⋯.png (153.27 KB, 577x848, 577:848, c3b.png)

File: 9903be10492ed99⋯.png (180.21 KB, 653x956, 653:956, c4.png)


I went ahead and capped some of them.

98e6d0 No.10907319


Discrimination is basically your brain telling you to eat the fresh fruits and meats instead of rotten and fungus infected foods.

Discrimination literally means :

To discern between items based on objective criteria.

AS such, discrimination is only natural.

3274c9 No.10907322

File: 81e4df579f64b1b⋯.png (138 KB, 652x816, 163:204, c5.png)

File: 68131fcbec773fd⋯.png (143.42 KB, 659x707, 659:707, c6.png)

File: abdac836b8ebb14⋯.png (130.75 KB, 653x656, 653:656, c7.png)

File: dc29f5f195bae23⋯.png (193.68 KB, 661x937, 661:937, c8.png)

File: 4af58f4dd6caa94⋯.png (235.74 KB, 658x1029, 94:147, c9.png)



I think /ourrace/ is far better than the media depicts in this regard.

b8a216 No.10907323


Exactly. Try telling that to the dimwits whose limited education and agenda prevent them from understanding the true meaning of words; to the point they usually make ones up, like homophobia.

84a1a2 No.10907332


What can I expect?

194701 No.10907334

I've been doing this forever but I never got a media shitstorm out of it.

b8a216 No.10907338


I assume he's alluding to the likelihood the mother was murdered by the father.

194701 No.10907339


Pure + Shit = shit

Can you seriously justify wasting time and money raising mongrel offspring when that same time and money could go to making sure one of our many white women in this world has 100% pure white children instead? Most white women are having no children while you waste around fucking non-white women.

adb6ac No.10907357


my god, the virtue signaling is off the charts. how many of these lemmings are bots?

whenever I see a white woman with nigger kids, I give her so much shit. I will push her faggot nappy headed kids to the side just to get to the counter at the store. I enjoy it when they cant even make eye contact and look down at the ground…shamed.

98e6d0 No.10907365



it's just common sense.

>Try telling that to the dimwits whose limited education and agenda prevent them from understanding the true meaning of words

Gave that up long ago, just repeat your point loud and often - like the media does - to [con!]vince them.

>the point they usually make ones up, like homophobia.

Implying I am scared [irrationally] of faggots is an insult in itself. You are basically called a coward [fear] to your face. Furthermore, if you have dabbled in psychiatry you'd know that homophobia isn't even a clinical issue.

The next level discussion is obviously freedom of speech: Can't you say that you don't like men that fuck other man in the anus?

3c07ec No.10907367


I've been on many dates where the woman will admit to it. I usually have to make them think I am an open minded person and get them to talk about kinks. Most will be glad to share their "shameful" little secret, but be giddy about it as well.

It happen so often that I just started asking right out. They were slowly putting two and two together and realizing no decent guy wants a mixing ho. It would eventually click for them that I dumped them because of it.

They are seriously like children. Just the thrill of getting away with something is enough to overcome their sense.

98e6d0 No.10907368


>Can you seriously justify wasting time and money raising mongrel offspring when that same time and money could go to making sure one of our many white women in this world has 100% pure white children instead?

what is a ONS? after getting a boatload of kids [no daddy, but "enriched" genes] you can always go back to muh pure aryan qt slut whore pretending to be a good girl.

d479c8 No.10907369



I love how they try to rationalize it with the "you're jealous" "my body my choice". They're disgusting retards, that's why.

98e6d0 No.10907378


>my body my choice

"please respect my decision as a person to do the same thing, and let me make my own conscious choice about my own body as well - or don't you agree?"

>hissy fit


dc9015 No.10907398


> make them unappealing to blacks.

As long as they have holes to fuck they will appeal to blacks.

3c07ec No.10907400


Dude is trolling. I've heard the phrase "I own a color tv" by my elderly biker uncle in Texas 20 years ago. Its a purposeful joke.

dc9015 No.10907417


Why hasn't anyone posted any std or crime statistics on there yet?

I'd do it myself only I got kicked off faceberg too many times.

98e6d0 No.10907429


>going on faceberg

it's like you want zuckerberg cock between your cheeks to give you a proper shagging

98e6d0 No.10907436


>why help the jew make more money by adding information to his entertainment platform, enriching it , nurturing the creation of a creature of max autismus. The final endboss of the internet - faceberg/goobles

dc9015 No.10907438



You're really into that graphic homoerotic imagery huh?

dc9015 No.10907443


I don't use real information, they were just troll accounts.

1c92b0 No.10907451


Looking at your previous posts ITT, it's apparent that you don't belong here. Fuck off back to cuckchan, you degenerate race mixing piece of trash.

98e6d0 No.10907456


>defending facecucking

hahaha you faggot, you deserve the grave you dug.

May your hell be plastered with your deleted selfies.

98e6d0 No.10907460


>implying this does anything

>implying people that chat about you won't give you away

>implying implications about user statistics and market value

62c9cc No.10907461


The redpill potential for this is awesome. Take a bunch of that facebook feminist shit about women being proud of being single, then relabel them as coalburner aesthetic memes.

00a62e No.10907466

>i own a color TV

top bantz

1c92b0 No.10907472


I have never once used faceberg in my life. I was old enough when it became popular to realize how fucking retarded it all was and dodged the bullet entirely. That doesn't make you any less of an obvious cuckchan rapefugee nigger. You have to go back.

35dc9e No.10907473

Let's be serious for a moment

The goal is to increase white birthrates and reduce non-white birthrates. Increasing white birthrates can be done in-part by reducing race mixing. Despite the fact that whites very rarely mix in the first place, it does happen with about 12% of our population and a larger portion of the population will sleep with non-whites.

So, we want to reduce that. How?

First, we need to understand why, which is fairly simple: culture and community, or lackthereof. Whites in white communities are the least likely to mix and the least likely to have sex with non-whites – in fact, the incidence is basically zero. Even if the two races are in the same city, even if they're neighbors, it doesn't matter as long as they don't interact. Seeing how dramatic the jump in miscegenation is between white communities and mixed communities, it's clear that community is the issue here. Which focuses the question further, "how do we create more white-only communities and less mixed communities?"

This is basically the real question we're asking. This is the only real and actionable issue and it has many, many possibilities, but all of them follow at least two strict rules: it must have a culture which possesses something that whites want and non-whites do not want. Non-whites inherently want whites because they have gibs, so the thing to repel non-whites must be strong enough that they will stay away regardless.

For this, we have two possibilities:

1. Something everyone wants (positivity, financial opportunity, etc), something non-whites don't want. Which creates an implicitly white-only community. Most white-only communities are like this (country and metal music, religion, jobs)

2. Something whites want, something non-whites don't want. Which explicitly creates a white-only community. This type of community is very resistant to infiltration. /pol/ is one such community, for example.

Which clarifies two necessary data sets for developing a strategy. We need to know what whites want and what non-whites don't want. ANY strategy that reduces racemixing will utilize these two data sets.

So this is where we need to be serious. What do we want, and what do they not want? How do we use this to build communities?

dc9015 No.10907479

File: 975f3617858ff84⋯.jpg (85.58 KB, 979x752, 979:752, Weird-History13.jpg)




3274c9 No.10907500


Clever. Nogs are known to not comprehend music that doesn't have a strong and blatant beat to it. Classical music probably sounds like noise to them.

98e6d0 No.10907514


ok, let me post one final comment then.

By giving information [adding to a system you don't control nor comprehend fully] to a commercial entity you are the product.

You are being farmed, facecuck doesn't care about your fake name. Because they know. they know you will get lazy and just click it all.

Driving the stock prices up, and making zuckercucks wall 3ft higher.

35dc9e No.10907565


Smart. Blacks also HATE dogs. If you have dogs, blacks don't want to be around you. Getting your daughter a dog will decrease the likelihood of her getting involved with a nig by 100%. Meanwhile, if you have a dog, your chances of meeting a white woman are significantly higher.

They also HATE the cold. Whites don't necessarily love it but, at worst, it's a mild inconvenience to us. To nigs, it's hell. They get all ashy, skin starts to crack, they get stressed out. If you're in a cold climate, expect it to be white-only. You could, for example, vacation in a cold place during the warm months and return home during the cold ones and significantly reduce the likelihood of running into a nig. Interestingly, since nigs are indoors during the winter months at all times, they are more easily targeted by online propaganda.

c79b23 No.10907587


Women already lie. She is just a dumb fuck.

dc9015 No.10907657

File: 48575d4a60ff105⋯.jpg (65.09 KB, 1024x623, 1024:623, 601fa90e767af69d9d0680ee93….jpg)


OK, but I don't see how Rupert Q. Caligula's personal info benefits anyone when it's all fictitious anyway.

Anyway it's a moot point since they long ago banned my IP address and kick me off a few minutes after trying to make a new troll account anyway.

4e2aac No.10907665



>all those coal burning single mothers who are proud of it

Do they not see the irony of it?

8ea2cf No.10907673



Always look for this genre. Especially Trap, Drill, Gangster Rap. I would be less alerted if they were the Nujabes/J Dilla/Flying Lotus type. To be honest there isn't much of Rap that is well mannered.

If you do find one of these gals ask her about currents events in the culture

>Migos jumping XXXtentacion

>Meek Mill's Judge getting investigated for allegedly helping Meek.

>Nicki Minaj beefing with Cardi B*

>Boonk maybe getting signed with Migos' label

>Tekashi69 Trippie Redd beef

if she responds positively to any of these, leave she is invested and is for sure a coal burner.

*Cardi B is an ex-stripper who got famous by stealing another artist's flow. She is a known and proud thot and if you're gal likes her. LEAVE.

5cfa3b No.10907679


last pic, the "daniel salmons" who buys into the bbc meme, he's pinging my jewdar something fierce

f3ddc7 No.10907682




86e23c No.10907691


there is a Frankie look to the right hand one

a82ac0 No.10907702


Thank you. Does no one else see this chick is obviously a yid. He probably broke it off with her because she nearly put his eye out with that schnoz.

8ea2cf No.10907708

File: 1c90f9e024c3dfe⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 320x320, 1:1, White hipsters listen to t….jpg)

File: 8d4fc808820a8b0⋯.jpg (557.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, This game is probably shit….jpg)

File: 23db9031f01bbd7⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Stick with Slam Dunk and R….jpg)


>Pretty sure there are a large amount of them who love vidya and kung-fu movies.

WU Tang Clan where inspired by Kung Fu movies.

and the Def Jam label have fighting games. Even rappers have their own games

>50 Cent's Blood On The Sand

>Snoop Dogg's Way Of The Dogg

>Boonk's Boonk Gang

>Can't speak to the anime, but I'm sure there are a few of those.

New Wave rappers are starting to fuck with anime. Granted its SJ common tier.

8ea2cf No.10907718


This is shopped right?

0928e8 No.10907738


And considering black women win from white women in their oppression olympics shtick, this may have potential.

c0c04d No.10907739


"You just might have watched a lot of colour tv when he was conceived, I dunno, I'm not a science person…"

"They are always ex's… lol"

this is a gold mine

c0c04d No.10907747

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Boondocks was done in an anime style and is savage as fuck. everyone should watch that show.

It says things that are true and that people don't want to hear. And if you get bored you guys can always enjoy Uncle Ruckus. "its a known fact, colored folks run Hollywood."

c0c04d No.10907751

File: a8be2c9384a204b⋯.jpg (133.2 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Boondocks your new fav sho….jpg)


can't do picture and video at same time

d7eb31 No.10907759


Just like their music sounds like noise to us.

946135 No.10907765


Too bad [as] fucked the creator over in Season 3

a94045 No.10907781


Boondocks is funny because it's true. The writers are good at what they do.

c0c04d No.10907795

File: e60fb0213779e42⋯.png (257.3 KB, 455x426, 455:426, young talented artist of c….png)


Not the first time [as] fucked over a young talented avant garde man of color. They'll keep the money they continue to make off your work but good luck getting a good reference. How my spossed to pay my car note? Tell the collector, "Excuse me sir I read the great Gatsby"

3c07ec No.10907839


This is not a guarantee. I knew of more than one woman who didn't listen to rap but would still have her black booty calls. I've seen all kinds and the only thing that will convince me is if they are obviously racist.

[spoiler] although my ex told me she was afraid of black people, I found out later she used to go to black clubs [spoiler]

c0c04d No.10907841


I can't wait to see what that team produces next. maybe a detailed attack on media corruption. one can only hope.

a94045 No.10907850

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


000000 No.10907856


>My ex husband is black

>We have 3 beautiful daughters

Laughing at you're life right now coalburner

fc24fe No.10907886

File: 8f119963fb44900⋯.jpeg (120.7 KB, 477x768, 159:256, CB8FC2FF-4B5A-493C-B493-6….jpeg)

Heres an easy psy-op, create a fake tinder (or online dating app equivalent) with some chad’s pictures. Make some small talk and then pop the coal burner question. If they say yes shame them with something mild like “sorry but that’s a deal breaker for me, i think white women who sleep with black guys are gross.” Being overly mean will probably just get you reported but you can just make another account so it’s not that big of a deal.

a94045 No.10907891


As long as it creates salt I'm content.

94243d No.10907900

File: 3d9ff78acc18aad⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 452x463, 452:463, 1d039a532c08d5e6473d3e6c68….jpg)

She burned the coal?

Don't date that hoe!

46284d No.10907905

White men are the most attractive (educated, ittelligent, good looking, great culture, wonderful manners) I don't understand why some white women go for black/brown men…IT's A MAD WORLD

a82ac0 No.10907916


>2nd pic

By all accounts, the first game was great, the 2nd was just a'ite. But both were pretty solid, I think, not downright awful. It's based on the old AKI engine from the classic N64 wrasslin' games, so it has that going for it. I wouldn't know from firsthand experience tho, so don't quote me.

d7eb31 No.10907920


It's usually because they can't get "good white men". So they go for an "attractive, fit negro" instead.

620111 No.10907928

File: 32775295de4e0b9⋯.mp4 (127.44 KB, 224x400, 14:25, we must skure the futer of….mp4)

I need a sperg to vent their autism on me.

What's the objective argument against women fucking niggers?

The most concrete argument I have is that besides AIDS and STDs is that any woman who fucks a nigger did so because of low self-esteem or value.

But then, some women do it since they think they are SO pretty that they can fuck niggers and still attract some "not bigoted" white alpha, which counters the low self-esteem argument.

What makes fucking niggers worse than just ridding miles of white cock?

a94045 No.10907930


I don't understand why some white women

Barely any women thinks with their logic but emotions, so they go after the poor black oppressed fucks. It's usually women that are not worth shit that chase for none whites

193bfa No.10907931


>The fact that they even ask is a deal breaker for me

That's good, considering being a filthy nigger fucker is a deal breaker for everyone else.

f4d497 No.10907942


No, that was retards being stupid.

>Female blow flies store semen to later inseminate themselves

>This means they carry the DNA of past mates in their cunt

>Idiots immediately start screaming how this now applies to humans

It was a bunch of fucking idiots being idiotic. Humans aren't flies.

620111 No.10907948


Also called Microchimerism.

000000 No.10907951

After reading the idiots in this thread, all I can say is wow. These same racist fools dont have a problem fucking a non white female, but think white women are supposed to worship their worthless asses? The majority of these loons lust after Asian women (the more preteen looking the better) yet get angry when a Asian guy tries to hook up with a white female. These people are no different than the criminal blacks that make all blacks look bad, but instead, they make all whites appear racist when many aren't.

9a1122 No.10907955

File: dd72e64c852b11e⋯.jpg (18.34 KB, 264x263, 264:263, melissamcewan3.JPG)


Think of how you'd look at your buddy if he plowed some hideous-looking sheboon. Think of the disgust and shame you'd feel knowing he cares so much about getting his dick wet that he was willing to overlook her cigarette-burn pubes and hi-test BO.

Now multiply that by ten. Men are biologically built to be explorers and want to plant their flag on mountaintops. Women don't have that drive, so they have no excuse.

A majority of white women admit they have a preference towards white guys. They instinctually find it disgusting, so the ones who date nonwhites are somehow broken mentally, emotionally, or physically. We all laugh when we see some hambeast proudly claim she's gone black and will never go back, but rascal scooters and stretchmarks are easier to spot than psychological issues. Dating a nigger is an easy way to know.


Sup ET. Haven't killed yourself yet, I see.

3ba924 No.10907961


Jews have negative value by default


That (((nose)))… UGH


>implying women know what irony is


Checked and kek'd

73ad8f No.10907967



>dead mother

Her relationship with her dad can tell you some things about her upbringing. You won't get as accurate an idea since women will mimic their mothers normally, but since she died at a young age she may mimic her father. Date for a while and then arrange to spend some time apart so you can think without your dick making decisions for you. Decide if all the irritating shit she does is something you can put up with forever and still enjoy her company. If she isn't doing any irritating shit, you haven't dated long enough.


Def Jam was a good party game. Not super fun by yourself, but grabbing three friends and throwing them in front of a train is great.

193bfa No.10907968

File: 9f1159a037195ce⋯.jpg (182.38 KB, 991x874, 991:874, coffee kekk.jpg)



hahaha, it's all niggresses, hamplanets, and single mothers of half-nigs… the lowest trash of the dating world, all saying there's nothing to be ashamed of.

23e336 No.10907980

File: 4bfa9fecfa476c9⋯.png (171.79 KB, 810x880, 81:88, ClipboardImage.png)


2bb3ab No.10907986


>1st pic

>beaner literally doesn't know what Hispanic means.

>2nd pic "the fact they even ask is a dealbreaker for me"

Trying this hard to spin being rejected into a choice.

>3rd pic: "not even sure what I would say if someone asked me that" = "if he's rich I would lie, otherwise I tell the truth"

The one positive to come from this is that blue pilled young men who think that White females who coal burn are a "tiny minority" are going to have a painful wakeup call.

chances are that the original conversation and her decision to make it public were not organic but were staged for the media to use as the basis of another 'White men suck' hit-piece

2b348c No.10907987


>you're judging me

Everyone is free to judge you, based on anything.

>My body my choice, I don't owe you sex

>hurr why won't you date or fuck me

Women whine about manlets then scream when rejected for weight. I hate entitled people. You can be rejected for anything personal beliefs, looks, your annoying laugh, anything.



Ewwww, you don't even need to ask her questions about her past, that's just foul. And convenient given it shows you straight up, avoid. Like bright colours on animals meaning poison.

ce3258 No.10907988

File: 10106faed20405d⋯.jpg (823.69 KB, 2040x1500, 34:25, Z Benny.jpg)



The concept of personal responsibility is lost on Kikes, dindus and women, they honestly believe that it is cruel to hold them accountable for their actions.

15d692 No.10907991

File: d2776b37160d457⋯.mp4 (118.32 KB, 400x224, 25:14, Dick_Kickem.mp4)


Goddamn, everytime I see that thing the only thing I can fucking think of is it looks like that elf abomination from DA Cisquisition. Is this where they got the idea from?

23af19 No.10907996


Because they are niggers and not white people. Being a whore is disgusting but fucking a nigger is unforgivable.

Would you date a woman that openly admits she fucked a horse or ape? Do you believe fucking an ape is no different than fucking 10 white guys?

ce3258 No.10908014


This, and after that she posted it online so that all the hate-filled commie nutjobs could have their

virtue-signaling lynching to prove how moral they are. He really didn't do anything other than tell her she is spoiled and doesnt want anything to do with her.

dc9015 No.10908051

File: 8abddbd8448b49c⋯.jpg (97.13 KB, 1024x626, 512:313, kelle-1024x626.jpg)



049484 No.10908055

File: ccf55dd91a916d6⋯.jpg (49.8 KB, 1106x640, 553:320, mudshark and the mongrel.jpg)

3ba924 No.10908066


Does the dude who conversed with her know about her (((nose)))?

dc9015 No.10908070

File: 438e5960f24ab9f⋯.jpg (39.51 KB, 355x525, 71:105, ac0ab7e68c10340f9c0e605f3d….jpg)


Niggers are so funny when they pretend to be intelligent.

Whats your IQ boy? 67?

ce3258 No.10908071


What is a color TV?

dc9015 No.10908083

File: bc9ef760b2acf30⋯.jpeg (219.58 KB, 624x548, 156:137, 490664-nazi-election-post….jpeg)



You're ridiculous.

ce3258 No.10908085



What do you expect, she is a walking stereotype of the rootless dumbed-down millenial metropolitan libshit with basic bitch political opinions derived from the Huffington Post and Salon

dc9015 No.10908095


Oy fucking vey!

f78125 No.10908102


Of course it is, CT Fletcher didn't have kids with a White wife.

ce3258 No.10908104


Some art as well…

Cant tell you how many talantless libshit "artists" have told me that I just "dont have the level of enlightenment" to understand the deep meaning behind their shitty bastardisations. Which is pretty much the only thing this cancerous creed called modern artists have to say when called out on how terrible their pseudo-art is.

946135 No.10908108


yeah, Spencer is /ourguy/

f78125 No.10908109


Or, may I say, (((white))).

f50578 No.10908127


> eating at chipotle

you're taking your life in your hands when you do that tbh.

f50578 No.10908136


> This is shopped right?


946135 No.10908142


So you are telling me that is a real nose?

495f62 No.10908147


That nose, those ears. There is a very good chance.

066d74 No.10908155

ce3258 No.10908166




omg you geez like toddaly its like the current year like omg like omg

23e336 No.10908167

File: 2d20f6367187739⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 429x472, 429:472, 2980312.jpg)


I wonder if "watching color tv" could become a milder version of "coalburning". Like look at that kid, her mom must have been watching color tv

ce3258 No.10908199


pretty much this


you need to translate that sentence in english

f50578 No.10908207


I envy you. You obviously rarely encounter jews.

f28268 No.10908210

Remember the threads we had about microchimerisms? Summarized in short: women retain the mans DNA in their brains. This is likely the cause of the thousand dick stare and cluster B personality disorders found almost exclusively in sluts and not in virgins or women who have had few partners.

All the more reason to avoid sluts, especially race mixers. Who knows if that DNA influences future offspring or not. You'd better be safe than sorry.

ce3258 No.10908236


>This should be used against her in all responses

>This should be used against her in all responses

it was, one of the libshits used it to virtue singal on her back in the comment section

2f2edb No.10908251


Is this where the 56% face comes from?

eb82c5 No.10908252


>implying women in general are not wired to be like that.

eb82c5 No.10908257


>Women whine about manlets then scream when rejected for weight. I hate entitled people.

this. this right here. its like women are logic impaired.

66dfd2 No.10908261


Nigresses like to offer him free samples of diseased food that will make his ass bleed.

2f2edb No.10908263


Ids anudda shower!

9a1122 No.10908265

File: 9a661d4287b08c0⋯.jpg (191.22 KB, 1196x898, 598:449, 2hunny.jpg)

024391 No.10908269


Im definitely gonna integrate it into my lexicon.

Im still partial to calling niggers, 'Nigels' when concealing your power level is nessecary.

eb82c5 No.10908274


tbh that was once of my former exes but she was conflicted about it.

I doubt she knew who Cardi B was but knew Minaj.

me, I don't keep up with niggertainment. I know my shit, and its usually shit that involves totalitarianism or lack consitent beats like noise and grind and raw black metal

eb82c5 No.10908284

to add to that, I'm pretty sure that's coalburner repellent but these days there's 25% chance that makes me unsure of that

ce3258 No.10908293


texting app

google play


dumbed-down rootless metropolitan with no feeling of belonging and social debt


you were too easy on her

076ca2 No.10908320



what an ugly whore


checked for truth

aa19b4 No.10908332


Her child looks like when you hit random a few times in Oblivion's character creator.

d479c8 No.10908344


The hero of Kvatch.

ede6c3 No.10908357

This seems set-up. Just like that one girl like a year and a half ago that tweeted something about here parents cutting her off because her BF was black. Then they found out and it wasn't true at all. The;

>I have a color TV

Is too obvious.

46284d No.10908358

why do africans hate their own kind and don't find black women attractive. They lust over white/fair skinned women ?

5fce80 No.10908364


I bet he built his own cuckshed.


A hearty chuckle.

8f0aa3 No.10908372

076ca2 No.10908377

File: 03f8505ebeadd9e⋯.jpg (62.4 KB, 737x460, 737:460, moonman.jpg)

a25811 No.10908405




and if pregnant with a subhuman ->


0693f3 No.10908411


Boondocks is hilarious. The writer was the biggest anti-Obama black person on the planet.

b2529d No.10908415


the man is already down, no need to kick him down any further

193bfa No.10908443


Because most black women are loud hamplanets with extremely abrasive and obnoxious personalities. Niggers think getting even a fat, disgusting white women is somehow stealing something from whitey. That's why coal burners can never keep a nigger around. The novelty wears off when white men don't pay attention to the nigger with the white slag…

455feb No.10908446


i've asked a girl that question and dropped any girl immediately that answered "yes"

my wife said "eww, no"

076ca2 No.10908450

File: 757296da5f4c6ec⋯.jpeg (64.82 KB, 540x540, 1:1, B619CE39-AE63-47F0-A7DD-0….jpeg)

File: 904322fcaf6fc96⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 668x395, 668:395, 1032a864e2f83c4a2175179627….jpg)

File: b443ed8cb712638⋯.jpg (101.39 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, b443ed8cb7126385efd9b70ec0….jpg)


>What's the objective argument against women fucking niggers?

>women fucking niggers

that should be argument enough



this guy gets it

455feb No.10908474



gross. how does he tolerate the smell of that rotten moldy hair under that wig? and the stench of that skin that flakes away if she showers more than twice a week. but then again, he's in porn and likely a homosexual with jewish handlers.

51e0a7 No.10908502


If you look at a lot of the photoshopped porn pics you will realize nigger dicks look like poo.

Would you stick your dick in a cunt that has had poo in it?

I would because of my scat fetish but most guys wouldnt.

e44847 No.10908597


>nobody who hates niggers that much would bother to call them "black man"

If your a NEET you may not understand this, but the girl he was speaking to is a leftist blogger who easily could've ruined his life if he had "nigger, nigger, nigger" instead. All it would take is a phone call to wherever this lad works and he would've lost his job or worse she could've doxed him on twitter where he would have scores of SJW's harassing him for weeks. Using "black man" was the proper call, if he had gone with "african american" then maybe you would have a point and it would come across as fake.

634185 No.10908608


The Hero of Kvetch?

c0f6fe No.10908611

File: 8547df7782f9c69⋯.jpg (533.65 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, MakeApp-4098494.jpg)

0f7e11 No.10908634


>Future corpse

Well duh, if she's dating niggers…

cc7754 No.10908837


Why are you posting a picture of a gook?

c85561 No.10908898


not free samples they literally dont charge me for my burritos

20f0df No.10908919


Her features are clearly semitic

50fc41 No.10908951

File: 8787269c2d1b336⋯.jpg (12.74 KB, 254x320, 127:160, nazi hugo boss.jpg)

File: 661c6b13972eb1b⋯.jpg (383.53 KB, 1269x1920, 423:640, nazi beer.jpg)

File: 7f4815a4e4eb325⋯.jpg (112.31 KB, 628x421, 628:421, nazis shirtless carvery.jpg)

000000 No.10908962


Not everyone are pol shitposters for the living, hun.

Man probably has a job.

82500e No.10909014



Tits or gtfo

000000 No.10909118


It's about retarded life choices.

She should know better than to be a whore for somebody who will make her a single mother/inject her with aids.

Or at best she's just wasting best years of her youth for nigger dick polishing.

I'm not saying a whores for chads are that much better but at least they take responsibility for the kids sometimes.

50fc41 No.10909143

File: df569877534f97d⋯.jpg (55.12 KB, 666x692, 333:346, df569877534f97d8316f49fd78….jpg)


sex is for making babies. a woman shouldnt date ANY man she doesnt intend to marry, and if she had engaged in any sexual acts with anyone other than the husband (even a banana like in your webm) then she is not fit for marriage

while the roastie who has had "miles of white cock" only has a minuscule fraction of the value she would have if she were a virgin, one who dated a negro is worse simply because of the fact that the negro is an inherent enemy of our race and a direct threat to the security of our people. it is also an indicator of other bad behavior and/or traits that are generally correlated with women who date negros

c3ae8e No.10909147




Where the fuck do you think you are you fucking degenerate?

250daa No.10909150

File: a6d8058bf1cbe63⋯.jpg (77 KB, 639x716, 639:716, dont-racemix4.jpg)

250daa No.10909159


No, it comes from lefty/pol/.

7737ea No.10909190


Can we develop more loaded statements where the only lefty responses will be insanely racist and cause schisms in their dumbass virtue signaling communities?


A year is a long time for a roastie.

0ca64f No.10909202

File: 66c9722e6e569b3⋯.jpeg (47.71 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 757296da5f4c6ecfe738892f4….jpeg)

0ca64f No.10909209

File: ef651481f424861⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 192x270, 32:45, gNhK6.jpg)


crap. I meant this one.

7737ea No.10909215


Jews. Niggers. The only difference is some niggers are trustworthy.

58b889 No.10909222


asian girls are like living lifesize dolls you can have sex with

0e6688 No.10909250

File: 8de6dc5cb78fb8d⋯.png (77.2 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, 813BB99A-6C93-4CF6-9894-50….png)


>Dubs on a dubs

efea7a No.10909258

File: 68d89af6ffd5515⋯.png (46.76 KB, 180x191, 180:191, gorilla donkey kong jr.png)



>Goddamn, everytime I see that thing the only thing I can fucking think of is it looks like that elf abomination from DA Cisquisition.

What I see is Donkey Kong Jr. with a bad dye job.

My daughter had a girl in her class who was a blonde mullato. White features and hair, with brown skin. She could almost pass as a girl with a tan, but the brown was the wrong shade and just tended to make her look dirty, instead. I always felt bad for that kid, just like I feel bad for Junior. Neither one of them chose this for themselves, and no matter what they tell themselves over the years, in their hearts they'll know they're not normal.

I used to work with a mulatto girl who was insanely redpilled. Sweet personality, rockin' body, and face like Magilla Gorilla. Broke my fuckin' heart, because she deserved better than she got in life. Her mom had burned the coal, but her daughter was paying the toll, because mom found a cuck who was willing to look past her brown daughter…except he was either lying to the mom or to himself. They had two white girls together and the dad, the half-sisters, and probably even the mom treated her like the first half of Cinderella. In the end, the half-black girl ended up getting knocked up by a white beta and marrying him. As much as I hate to see that sort of thing, I wish her well because she's put in her time in hell.

7737ea No.10909269


Too bad so many of them are disgusting.

d46925 No.10909287


KKKodexer detected.

df7640 No.10909291


>posts interracial porn webm

>with no sound

>on /pol/

>to try and make some kind of a point

Know how I know you're not from around here?

a3fda8 No.10909349


Surprisingly lucid.

efea7a No.10909384

File: e71ec08360ca3fa⋯.png (33.16 KB, 874x159, 874:159, Screenshot_1.png)

File: 8c282aae4cb3a1b⋯.png (206.76 KB, 598x289, 598:289, hitler heilvetica.png)


I think she meant "geography" there.

629844 No.10909394


Anti-coalburner/anti-mongrel memes sound like a great idea, anon.

8ea2cf No.10909440


Good. Mistakes need to outbreed the recessive culture by breeding with the dominate culture.

It seems icky, but it needs to happen.

408a38 No.10909645


I like how it devolved into black girls talking about black guys having small peens lol

a35c32 No.10909653

File: 6731f412b0c40b8⋯.jpg (18.75 KB, 373x433, 373:433, 684bf3d29340480be565404b76….jpg)

58b889 No.10909688


lucky i got one that makes my cock happy

ae99d5 No.10909703

File: c3bde7006d79571⋯.jpg (66.89 KB, 780x653, 780:653, oblivion.jpg)








634185 No.10909744


speaking of Roasties, if what makes a roastie, physically speaking, is taking sufficient amounts of dick, wouldn't one be able to, hypothetically speaking, marry a virgin and gradually turn her into a physical roastie by way of dicking her on a daily basis?

efea7a No.10909747


>It seems icky, but it needs to happen.

Yeah, except the brown taints the gene pool for quite a few generations. Plus there's that recessive shit to worry about if the great-grandkid hooks up with another recessive.

464e33 No.10909752


>arm and finger tatttoos

EVERY FUCKING TIME. Whenever you see someone shilling for tattoos on this board remember its the easy way to spot a drug addict or nigger fucker. Peak degeneracy

efea7a No.10909757

File: 61ec4fb8f732d72⋯.jpg (127.49 KB, 611x286, 47:22, argonian master race.jpg)



You're missing the bit where someone actually made him in Oblivion.

9a1122 No.10909792

File: 95a4e305acec9fd⋯.mp4 (9.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jaydefox.mp4)


Where's the video, Jim?

65c8a7 No.10909803

As the lord Jesus said in regards to all women, "If it breathes, it's a thot."

efea7a No.10909836

File: ccbd390c0021a0b⋯.jpg (38.68 KB, 300x300, 1:1, man sweat.jpg)


THAT'S Jim's waifu?

464e33 No.10909841


> he was a funny guy, but completely dead inside and pretty much all people in porn are that way.

Reminder that around 80% of the women who star in porn were molested as a child and have serious drug problems that kill them by 40. I've read sources the average life span is 37 years for a female pornstar. The women who star in interracial porn are even more mentally ill and desperate then those women. Literally street corner crack addict tier women that shills try to spam here as evidence of the end of the white race.


No the 56% face is a divide and conquer shill tactic in the same vein as "SLAVS AREN'T WHITE" "ITALIANS AREN'T WHITE" "ANGLOS AREN'T WHITE". Pure kike D&C

efea7a No.10909868


>Reminder that around 80% of the women who star in porn were molested as a child and have serious drug problems that kill them by 40. I've read sources the average life span is 37 years for a female pornstar.

I recommend After Porn Ends to see how fucked some of them become. Don't bother with After Porn Ends 2, because for some reason they decided they had to show some moderate success stories like Lisa Ann. #1 ends with "This person died from AIDS/cancer/etc, and this person still can't find a man, and this person broke his dick, etc." sort of stories.

My favorite was Asia Carrera who actually moved to Mormon country in Utah because it's a no-porn zone and she was sick of being recognized.

97e7fb No.10909899


>My favorite was Asia Carrera who actually moved to Mormon country in Utah because it's a no-porn zone and she was sick of being recognized.

But even Asia has a shitload of problems. She had a huge gambling problem. When her husband died, she was in deep shit because she had gambled away all the savings and was asking for help.

She's an alcoholic and has lost her kids before and detailed the entire time she was working to get them back on her facebook. She really is a shitshow.

Not to mention how she's completely let herself go and looks like hell.

464e33 No.10909925


>they decided they had to show some moderate success stories like Lisa Ann

I wonder (((who))) could have been behind that. Show the three porn actresses that aren't totally mentally ruined out of thousands.

>1 ends with "This person died from AIDS/cancer/etc, and this person still can't find a man, and this person broke his dick, etc."

Yup and thats not even mentioning the suicide rates of these women. Watching this stuff almost makes me feel bad for them because I know most are victims of child abuse and are mentally ill and in need of help



Porn ruins lifes and kikes have been pushing this shit on us for over 30 years. It's fucking digusting and getting worse by the day. Younger and younger people are being exposed to it.

c99d9a No.10909957


>not the same species

They are though. Different sub-species isn't the same as different species

97e7fb No.10909961

File: 738eaf4cc6ffc9e⋯.png (33.45 KB, 599x350, 599:350, YouCanTipUberDriversNow.PNG)


Life after porn: Tom Byron

880456 No.10909980



97e7fb No.10909996


>Porn ruins lifes and kikes have been pushing this shit on us for over 30 years. It's fucking digusting and getting worse by the day. Younger and younger people are being exposed to it.

Exactly. Porno movies aren't even porno movies anymore - most porn has been reduced to some chad fucking a dimestore camwhore and holding the camera himself. The concept of "porn star" doesn't even exist anymore as any chick with a webcam is now a porn star, yet that hasn't stopped a shit ton of 18 year old girls from somehow believing that being another one in a sea of 6 gorillion girls who think that letting some guy film himself shoving his dick so far down their throat that they vomit on themselves for some free porn tube is the pinnacle of what they want out of life.

a2affa No.10910031


Gas pornhub.

464e33 No.10910046

File: 602cbb2dce16464⋯.jpg (24.11 KB, 218x321, 218:321, Stop watching porn.jpg)



Varg was right. Time to turn off the pornographic jew

3274c9 No.10910050


How about this then, different question:

>Would you be okay with a women who had previously had sex with dogs? Why not, didn't you just say her past had nothing to do with anything?


a94045 No.10910053


Read Libido Dominandi

559add No.10910054


He didn't want to sleep with her, so she outed their private conversation on twitter? What a whore.

076ca2 No.10910067


>actually arguing against the uber mensch

7737ea No.10910071


lucky you.

77576f No.10910141


Roasties come about from sleeping with many men, not simply having sex.

8ea2cf No.10910200


What should we do with mistakes then?

5237aa No.10910241


>moderate success stories


There's no such thing. In time, they all will regret their actions before they die.

bd722b No.10910312


always the ex´s

634185 No.10910364


The physical trait from which the term is derived is a result of being fucked a lot. I haven't seen any argument for the trait coming about that would in any way suggest that it is more likely to come about from taking a lot of different dicks than from taking the same dick a lot of times.

4e70bf No.10910369

Can someone tell me why black men have no sense of responsibility and can father at least a dozen of illegitimate children without a care in the world. Is there an explanation for this?

464e33 No.10910373


added to my reading list

644eeb No.10910386

File: e540f287281413a⋯.png (461.55 KB, 686x1040, 343:520, slav.png)

0a9e1e No.10910398


Blacks have no sense of responsibility period. It's not just limited to rearing children.

>is there an explanation?

No selective pressures in Africa that made them develop higher mental capacities such as long term thinking, abstract reasoning, and tight-knit communities.

Brain development is biologically expensive. The brain requires much more energy than any other organ. Therefore, unless you NEED to be smart to survive, nature will not evolve you to be smart.

White people are just facilitating their dysfunction. Blacks will happily reproduce indiscriminately. However, in nature, they are subject to natural selection. In wypipo nations, they are free to breed and waste resources however they please. White governments make it nearly impossible for niggers to die.

962028 No.10910462


its winter, all the smart races have winter

4e70bf No.10910471


Thank you sir for your extensive answer to my question. (very satisfying, i freaking love /pol/)

0b27b2 No.10910522

File: 837791f636c3bfc⋯.jpg (35.12 KB, 650x609, 650:609, 1506081441889.jpg)

634185 No.10910598



Correct, it's winter. For the reasons 0a stated. Winter applies a selective pressure towards long term thinking/planning (which itself benefits from a certain degree of abstract reasoning) and tight-knit communities because being well prepared and working together over winter increases chances of survival drastically

0a9e1e No.10910610


Yes, I know this. Long term planning and communal trust was a must-have in environments with harsh winters, so long as that group farmed and cultivated food. You do not see Eskimos with high IQs. Why? Because they still subsist. They never learned to harvest, store grain, or preserve food. They just hunt wild game year round. Most don't even eat any sort of vegetation (they get their vitamin C from porpoise skins and eyes).


This is common knowledge here. Please just lurk or peruse a redpill infograph thread. Race realism/biological determinism is heavily based off of group evolution. Learn why and how different ethnicities evolved and you can predict their behavioral patterns. Remember, humans are animals too and none of our characteristics are an accident.

3274c9 No.10910616


This, but if not for fucks sakes at least listen to https://archive.org/download/CultureWarsPodcastsOnSexTheNewWorldOrderEtc/JonesInterviewlibidoDominandi-SexualRevolutionPoliticalControl.mp3 - absolutely required listening if you're on /pol/.

0a9e1e No.10910640


>or preserve food

By this I mean pickling vegetables and other perishables. Eskimos do ferment meats, but it seems to be very primitive. One recipe I know of is stuffing dead birds (still with their feathers on) inside of a bag of seal skin, then buying it underground for a year.

Called Kiviak or something. It looks as disgusting as it sounds, by the way.

8aa123 No.10910658


>Forgetting to add that they suck the dead birds fermented innards out of its asshole.

>Saying it looks as disgusting as it sounds without adding this very, very disgusting detail

Anon come on now. You can do better.

4edc10 No.10910660

File: 0fdace64fa7664b⋯.jpg (53.92 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 1510788860088.jpg)

Send her this

0a9e1e No.10910665


I had no idea that they did that. Another piece of shitskin trivia to log away.

3274c9 No.10910674


I would argue it's the duality of winter and summer, where you have a season where you need to go out and accrue food for the season where food is scarce. This is because while perhaps you could subsist like the eskimos, because you have the opportunity to do better groups that do so will outcompete groups that don't.

Of course the obvious counter is that niggers never evolved better planning abilities despite the reality that better nigger farmers should outcompete those that farm worse.

0a9e1e No.10910688


You could farm in Africa year round. Africans never did. They were much happier chasing around gazelles and eating bugs. Why would you bother to learn advanced cultivation when your primary food source was one clubbing away?

ed9f98 No.10910714


I know several white men, including myself who have dropped women for sleeping with Mexicans or niggers. Dunno how common it is overall but it definitely happens a fair bit.

0a9e1e No.10910723

File: 2be8385dea89760⋯.png (194.95 KB, 637x352, 637:352, 2be8385dea89760609f9288ee7….png)


Is it just low-tier shitskins like niggers and spics? Do your buddies commonly ask if your gf ever dated a filthy jap?

9a1122 No.10910976

File: f9c9ce9bdd5e9aa⋯.jpg (11.58 KB, 333x187, 333:187, kiviak.jpg)



Such a beautiful culture.

73fa1f No.10911049


>What's the objective argument against women fucking niggers?

It proves they have terrible judgement.

2b398c No.10911101

BUMP for a good boy and what you're supposed to do. But seeing how the cunt is a, 'former contributor to, The Onion', it could be western snowflake cunt made up bullshit.

2b398c No.10911144


Hand and neck tattoos means there's been A LOT more than one nigger in her hole. I wouldn't be surprised if a video surface of her having a train run on her. Probably some spics going ass to mouth with her, just all sorts of degeneracy. Probably fucked by an uncle as well.

433cd1 No.10911187


Dunno, never heard of it. If I remember right, the only interracial pairing less common than white female/Asian male is black female/Asian male.

8b486e No.10911259


>some bimbo blogger


>ugly face

>thin lips

>no breasts

>huge nose

>black hair


Jews invented the word bimbo to make fun of us, like they invented "dumb blonde". Then we took the word from them and made it sexy, and now jealous Jewesses are trying to steal it again.

Don't do their work for them OP.

68d267 No.10911313


> in Oblivion's character creator

meanest diss I've ever heard. I'm stealing that and acting like I made it up

0a9e1e No.10911333


>black female/Asian male

It's funny to imagine some beta chink getting bossed around by a nappy headed nigress.

f7c693 No.10911834


somehow I don't think he would ever fight back and would take all the shit. until one day he slices her throat and dismembers the body.

f7c693 No.10911892


I see it as desperation for a dick. I don't need a some hoe in my life that has such impulses. Either that, or I picture her as a subservient, no-self-respect sex slave like you see in blacked gang-bangs. That's all superficial, I understand. But consider how many black men fuck anything and everything. And that is no secret. If a woman degrades herself to the point of mating with something of such low standards, I can't accept that.

Yeah, yeah, stereotypes. They exist for a reason. One can try to reason yourself out of that. But why struggle and, on some days, recoil in disgust with images in your head of your gf/wife being smashed like a gutter slut when you can just start with a blank, unmarred slate - a pure woman that leaves no room for such thoughts?

5498a8 No.10911926


Black Hapa's are some of the saddest looking people I have ever seen. Nigger hair, Asian eyes, and a natural skin color that looks like someone with jaundice. And usually, it isn't some beta east asian that gets together with a negress, they are usually south east junglechinks or flips.

266c57 No.10912312

File: 8a30cf3b21eef83⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 640x328, 80:41, 6528441_original.jpg)


I saw something similar with shellfish. They would wait until the tide went out, then crawl between cracks in ice floes to pick up shellfish that had been pushed up by the ice. They would shuck them, then pack them in a bag tightly to try and push as much air out as possible, lining the bag with seaweed. Then they would 'dry' them by leaving them under a pile of rocks. Pull them out later and the meat was almost mummified.

0a9e1e No.10912407


Sounds gross as shit.

They were around all that seawater and never learned to make salt?

77576f No.10912457


I agree that that's where the term originates, but the behavior ascribed to "roasties" definitely doesn't come from normal sexual behavior (single monogamous long-term relationship).

7097ea No.10912502


>i just don't agree with it

lol-o lol o lol

266c57 No.10912597


No idea about the salt, I watched a documentary so it's second hand knowledge at best.

I think I read somewhere that low carbs is why Inuits aren't that smart, they evolved on a diet that was primarily fat and protein. A semi permanent state of ketosis.

cf6d97 No.10912916


No guy out there would be that dumb to out himself like that, they would first try to find out through her social media history and if not ask them but nobody would be so stupid and to say that's the reason just like you don't tell a slut you just found out she's a slut and you're leaving her for that, you think some bullshit excuse and just leave the cunt

cf6d97 No.10912923


Fucking this, even if this shit is fake the fact is she basically said all black men have AIDS

We should post this everywhere, get her fired

efea7a No.10912942


>What should we do with mistakes then?

Do an internet search for "bogs closest to me"

What should we do with them? I have no idea. I'm not so autistic that I think an innocent child should suffer for the actions of it's opportunistic dad and it's retarded mother. Maybe we could ship them all off to some island and let them be mulatto together.

97f546 No.10913074



My sides have been obliterated

f3ddc7 No.10913104


Because it's a genetic upgrade. Deep down blacks know that whites are superior, and want to acquire our genes for their children.

57a12d No.10913155


blacks can't control or supremely reside over anything. they do have a use, though. we can't have a race war until we've gotten rid of ZOG. if it goes the other way around we're 100% fucked

6b67d4 No.10913174


and that's the day where Ching Chong Wong's has the mystery meat special on the menu

42989d No.10913370


It kind of goes like this with climate based selective pressures.

In order of positive effect on intelligent it goes.

Temperate (4 seasons) > Wet/Dry season >>> No seasons.

That's why the Hindus and the North Africans were able to develop some capacity for civilization, they might not have had winter but they had seasonal variation.

42989d No.10913446


My point essentially is that it's not really the presence of winter that is indicative of intelligence it's amount of seasonal variation, a race with 8 seasons with seperate climate conditions would likely be doubly the intellect of the white race, because the more seasons there are to deal with the better forward thinking and planning you have to have.

Like with our four seasons you have to plan so that you plant crops in the spring when germination conditions are ideal, then you have to worry about irrigation in the summer when it's hot and your crops could dry up, then you need to worry about harvesting and preserving your food in the fall, then just worry about plain for survival in the winter.

Meanwhile in a climate with a wet and dry season you just need to worry about planting in the end of wet season and irrigating during the dry season, just harvest whenever the foods ready and enjoy.

Then you've got stable climate, there you don't plan for anything, you literally just bum around in the forest for a bit and eat whatever got stuck to your shoes.

It's not winter that does it, its the amount of seasons.

91b624 No.10913469


See: Jordan Peterson on how choosing a partner is the ultimate prejudice.

42989d No.10913488


In fact, winter as a season is probably the least labor intensive unless you're surviving by the skin on your teeth without agriculture, if you are using the agricultural approach ally ou really would do during the winter is stay /comfy/ and eat. Maybe feed your agricultural livestock but that's about it, its why wintertime has such a comfy feeling and so many holidays.

7d4f1a No.10913519

File: 3d9945f6890d407⋯.gif (8.29 MB, 809x455, 809:455, g445h6kj.gif)


>not posting the full version

e569ff No.10913527


He dodged a fucking bullet.

839a17 No.10913538


of course I'm judging you. now fuck off, whore.

839a17 No.10913545


there's some genetic transfer when the nigger unloads its semen into the wymyn. if you later get her pregger your kids will be part nigger.

d18fd5 No.10913686


I probably wouldn't even exterminate this nigger. I'd send him back to Africa with a jerry can of water and some camping supplies.

d7eb31 No.10913695


They have white intermixture. Same as the Japs. Seasons have nothing to do with it. Plenty of dumb as brick peoples living in the North.

3274c9 No.10913917


I agree with this, I tried to articulate this earlier but failed. I'm not convinced by the idea that 8 seasons would lead to an intellect double that of the white race, I think there's likely a point of diminishing returns.

3274c9 No.10913942


>and if she had engaged in any sexual acts with anyone other than the husband (even a banana like in your webm) then she is not fit for marriage

That's too extreme, doing something suggestive with a dumb banana is not grounds for exile. If you're imposing standards to that sort of absurd degree few people will pass. If a young woman touches herself are you saying that then disqualifies her for life? Would you pass that test?

I'll have her if you don't want her.

77e240 No.10913957


You should try to actually open a dictionary sometime

4d010a No.10913963


That anon is ridiculous. Standard has always been no penis has been inside any orifice of you. (Penis has not been in mouth, anus and vagina). Healthy sexuality between loving partners should exist, I don't want to be in a relationship where literally the only time we get physical is when we are trying to conceive a child.

875a47 No.10914097

File: f6a8e789495af51⋯.jpg (117.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1507022014025.jpg)



>mfw all these single moms that are out defending being cum n dumped by a nigger

My sides have gone into orbit.

025351 No.10914142


Robert Anton Wilson was right.


Bonus points if you know the work I'm referencing.

fc24fe No.10914203

File: daaa3b308036c19⋯.jpeg (142.27 KB, 652x869, 652:869, 775F32EB-2CFC-4BEB-BA45-0….jpeg)


1) niggers aren’t even the same species as us.

2) there is a giant push from the kikes for race mixing (which only applies to whites go figure). As such one of the more practical ways to counter this is through social backlash.

3) women are the sexual selectors. Yes a man has to still be willing but the woman needs to allow them to fuck her and as such women are held to different standards of sexual selection.

4) The only “culture” niggers have is being ghetto trash and furthermore they are violent savages responsible for half the total rapes, murders, and other violent crimes in this country despite being only 13-14% of population.

5) Black man / white woman marriages are the most likely to fail whether that means the nigger runs off like a coon into the woods or he beats the shit out of the woman / kills her and goes to jail. Take your pick.

6) For the good of the race white women need to be pairing with white men and having stable, healthy relationships.

7) any white woman who ignores all of these points, as well as her natural instincts which tells us that niggers are repulsive, in order to virtue signal is clearly not mentally fit to raise children and as such should be discarded like the trash she is.

Burn the coal pay the toll. Heil victory.

ce3258 No.10914220


That guy left of the centre-man tho! Dat fucking bycept



I've met so many such metropolitan libshit slags who humiliate people for "social justice"

for percieved "illiberal opinions"

193bfa No.10915144


Except that doesn't hold water physiologically. The size of labia minor is based on genetics, not sexual activity. I've seen virgins with roast beef, and porn stars with perfect burger bun pussies. It's not hard to google porn with girls that have taken miles of cock that have tidy innies.

d9240c No.10915363

File: dadb5847a751072⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1080x908, 270:227, whydidnti.png)

64569d No.10915402


You get off that blackpill shit right now anon.

maybe its hard to see from down in the pit, but the overton window is being yanked back into focus.

it took years for the kikes and establishment to get this far, and look, in just two current years, we've already escalated to the point where our innocuous baby town meme frolics get us on tucker carlson on nightly normie news.

you are in despair because you are still asleep, twitching only your hands and feet. unaware that even those tosses and turns are rippling out into the normieverse.

white, patriarchal, nationalism, is what built and founded the modern world, and a force of nature that strong cant be held back by a bunch of limp wristed kikes and fat fucks with dyed hair.

your enemy is literally a hoard of physically unfit, malnourished, zog pawns that need safe spaces and soldier diapers (israel). who cant into guns for even a moment.

any time you feel this way.

just go watch randy stair try to shoot water jugs at point blank. this is your enemy. the news, the celebs, they will all bend the knee and stay out of the fight, licking the boot of the winner who pays their checks. no one pays them to pickup a gun, nor will they (liberals have a knack for eating their own. its what happens when you make cannibalism "progressive" )

the fire rises brother.

do not close your eyes just yet.

f2a928 No.10915674


>What is Brazil?

644dbc No.10915767

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Back when niggers were decent.

000000 No.10915789

Shit, even when I was bluepilled I wouldn't date a girl that burned coal. And IIRC this question was asked on yahoo answers and even that libtard cesspool almost unanimously agreed they would not either. It's a normal feeling.

8385f7 No.10915806



>Black men don't even want their own women, 80 percent of black women are obese

Politics make strange bedfellows, anons…I realize this is out of our comfort zone, but can you imagine how much it must suck if you are attractive for a black woman and the first chance your black BF gets to cheat on you with a fat ugly white girl and he does it? This may be icky, but we can ally with black women to drive a wedge between the jews and their nigger golems.

9896a4 No.10915840


until your post i never thought the kids hair was dyed, i just thought it was one of those banana looking niggers ,but more blond than orange. you're right tho, that bitch is fucked in the head so many ways.

6eb562 No.10915857


goodness me, she's hot. where's the picture from?

000000 No.10915879


Yeah this. Like you can't really defend that shit, but you're still going to try because you know you fucked up. Even the most cucked white guys know it sends warning signs that you're either trashy with shit judgement and self-worth or worse.

c0d325 No.10915882

File: 8a445460b62082f⋯.webm (2.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tA_pN5Zz4QPEVgpkjP1pmRTiC….webm)


>That chick who flipped of trump and got fired, she gets 100k of free money. But we cant have a donation page for people we like.

>When we make an alternative, that one either gets ddosed or the host drops us. Its an unfair playing field which feeds back into my first statement. We are the only ones who face consequences.

Are you still white? If so, then there's still hope. We don't need to put up a web page for donations. Where there's a will, there's a way, and finding a way is exactly what whites do best. Look at Stormfront. Look at Wikileaks. Both of them have found ways to continue to financially maintain operations despite the financial embargoes placed upon them. If you can't imagine ways that we can fund people from our side, you're just not being imaginative enough.

c0d325 No.10915897

File: 83615c4476bc046⋯.mp4 (5.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sometimes It's-AhzQ0ZXI5ko.mp4)



Whoops, wrong song.

7f0d7f No.10916183

File: 97608bb9cb32286⋯.jpg (55.32 KB, 295x342, 295:342, 88f38ee871d3e88162bdc8ba3a….jpg)

Guys how the fuck do you spot crypto-burners? Some of them hide it so well it's sickening. They're the saddest to see too because they don't give off the normal warning signs - tattoos, hoop earrings, ridiculous hair/makeup. They look like decent girls from looks alone. Fuck living in the coalburner capital of the world the South

ea9729 No.10916243


Did she work for The Onion or something?

Also shes got red flags galore and take a good look at her nose.

Chad obviously wanted a one night stand, fugging lelz.

b3c5d9 No.10916275


Are you near a city or in Georgia Dixiebro? Around here only the most bottom barrel girls burn coal. Ugly landwhales all. Racemixing is still social death.

edafdb No.10916288

>people still falling for jews false flagging themselves to create a media circle jerk

8b486e No.10916365


>hurr even masturbation is bad!

>excludes 100% of women

So basically white people shouldn't have kids and white men should just suicide from loneliness.

You're a Jew.

33ebc0 No.10916391

>n-not judging you or anything

>s-sorry but not interested s-so sorry hope I-I'm not offending

I don't understand this. If you've reached a point where you will refuse to fuck women who've been with niggers before, you've most certainly reached a point where you would be blunt about it.

This just reads like some cunt faking a text message to try and get attention. No man who is that open about hating coal burners is low test enough to type like that.

dadd60 No.10916397


the sides, my god the sides

9582c8 No.10916407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Can't speak to the anime,

Son, I have unfortunate news for you.

7f0d7f No.10916544

File: f5d90123a784d4e⋯.jpg (96.57 KB, 540x799, 540:799, f3d1d6512c00811f61c7d296a2….jpg)


NOLA my man. I was driving today and this beautiful girl was driving behind me. I was checking her out in my rear view mirror and then her passenger seat comes up with a shadow sitting in it. Fucking made me mad. She didn't even look trashy or anything, which was what caught me off guard.

5d02ab No.10917292

File: 9c04c4742d1760b⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1020x1320, 17:22, 14words.png)


well done, lad

19bb4e No.10917304

This thread is just giving her what she wants. OP is a fag at best and that bitch shilling for herself at worst.

Sympathy is what these SJW professional victims want and they can point at us attacking them retardedly to attain it.


5d54a8 No.10917510


No one likes a traitor

Hence why it's called being a race traitor

c30be4 No.10919634


At the restaurant I work at we call them Canadians. You can just say "Oh I had a party of Canadians and they were rude as fuck and stiffed me" and noone bats a fucking eye.

f58d0c No.10919663


Get the hell out of that niggertown and come to Alabama Anon. Aside from nigger infested citieslike all cities its a White man's heaven. The women are blond and beautiful and only the fat ugly ones burn coal. They are then ridiculed and ostracized. Come home to the Heart of Dixie my Southern brother. Yankees stay out

1cad4f No.10919678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Guys how the fuck do you spot crypto-burners?

Look for their oldschool demos.

193bfa No.10919716


They were never, ever decent. Being a trained monkey doesn't mean you're a decent human being.

193bfa No.10919730


>king not in play

>apparently he's capturing his own pieces as well

ae543d No.10920014

>have private conversation with girl

>girl disagrees with my non-PC worldview

>instead of accepting and moving on

>shares private conversation with the world

>in an attempt to shame me and virtue signal

roasties, not even once

isis have the right idea

throw a sheet on them and tell them to shut

the fuck up or it's the slave market

after bang send them to slave market anyway

ae543d No.10920261


>the pinnacle of what they want out of life.

the pinnacle of what roaties want out of life is attention

porn gives them that

this is the same reason every teenage girl is going along with "send nudes" to anyone who asks

22256d No.10921013


Good God the "superior" Brit interviewing him. He's treating him as if he's a carnival exhibit for laughs from his audience. It's disgusting. Look at London now thanks to these people who "knew better" and were more "educated" than the "nigger clown" espousing "nonsense". Infuriating.

ce8a91 No.10921134


No every single great white civilization treated woman very well. The problem is giving them agency.

000000 No.10921142


Yeah this

9f521d No.10921347



Easy with that paranoia, Amerimutt is an absolutely hilarious meme when you consider that a large proportion of Americans are so fucking ignorant that they can't even point out another continent. Here's a redpill for you amerifags: your educational systems sucks, learn geography and history

a780cf No.10921365

File: 3fa0032ec7fe960⋯.jpg (173.17 KB, 960x954, 160:159, 22154635_10208145640918792….jpg)

File: c58c2cffa507344⋯.jpg (94.91 KB, 720x960, 3:4, mixed race ugly.jpg)

File: 137a48ffe9d38f8⋯.jpg (80.13 KB, 960x960, 1:1, mixed race ugly2.jpg)

File: e7f4afb932e1540⋯.png (235.48 KB, 626x532, 313:266, vlc 2015-08-27 14-04-03-37.png)

7e38a9 No.10921402

File: 626f1b478a3b626⋯.jpg (67.63 KB, 540x628, 135:157, 1510438191765.jpg)


>Thats the way to handle it

7e38a9 No.10921426


Impressed. Didnt even cross my mind

f6e464 No.10921810


Similar to a dog.

If raised correctly, it's the best companion there is.

If not, it's going to make you both miserable.

50fa56 No.10921851




ebd057 No.10921988

File: a8f0610a85ce20e⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 581x342, 581:342, 1456015517948.jpg)


>Come home to the Heart of Dixie my Southern brother.

I'm already there.

21a3d6 No.10922354

File: 2e5fcb9858fd447⋯.png (231.86 KB, 370x278, 185:139, StopRightThereCriminalScum.png)


Racemixing should be a crime.

21a3d6 No.10922395

File: 772dc9aa50b1a65⋯.png (365.89 KB, 589x459, 589:459, 772dc9aa50b1a65235b597768f….png)


Racemixing will be a crime one day.

7bf671 No.10922775


Woodworking is one of the most redpilled hobbies. Such a shame his daughter is a disgrace.

7bf671 No.10922825


It is fascinating to me how windows operating systems became such a huge part of what is an ostensibly 80s based nostalgia item; is it simply that as times move forward, our frame of nostalgia moves with it? Or is there some element of windows in particular that leads us to utilize its font and style?

3c5032 No.10922866

Is it ok to marry a 27 years old virgin lady?

d972b2 No.10922879


Even worse, they project that the things they are attracted to in men, men will find attractive in them.

Muh career, muh degree, muh money, look at how many people I banged I'm such a stacy-chad! Look at how tough and independent I am.

d972b2 No.10922883


You can see the cuck in his eyes.

c2eb34 No.10923111

File: 93b5edf8be9acc1⋯.jpg (68.06 KB, 753x500, 753:500, Bill-Nye-Science-Guy[1].jpg)



>yellow gorilla

Not for long. Mutts always darken once they hit puberty. This is the whitest he'll ever look.

b7446d No.10924453


As long as you name the jew

b7446d No.10924764


>he thinks roastie is an unironic term and that large lips are caused by fucking a lot

Leaving aside the part where you're actually autistic enough to fall for this, how would this even make sense physically? You don't fuck the lips, you fuck the actual vagina. It was a shitty incel/puahate meme, and spreading it does you no favours.

50fa56 No.10925053


How is he playing if his king is captured?

db384b No.10925074

Notice how she was instantly defensive.

>Yes, BUT

Even she knows it's unattractive and disgusting.

She can be mad all she wants, but I bet you she won't say yes next time someone asks her

db384b No.10925084


You're going to get me kicked out of class

85349a No.10927718


I don't see the resemblance tbh

https://twitter. com/WeWuzMetokur/status/917723670260396033/video/1>>10909792

ddfd18 No.10928020


get in their social circle. The sort of roasties that fuck niggers have no loyal friends. Just make sure to play it subtle and low key right anon

a853e3 No.10928046


>that liberal leftist weak faggot tiny neck

it's a cuck boys

67e1a3 No.10928065


67e1a3 No.10928072

"I'm not racist

I own a color tv"

93dd48 No.10928092

Bump for the lolz. I wish 8 pol was more entertaining like this.

c5c448 No.10928602

File: 8196e5c90963940⋯.jpg (28.66 KB, 620x400, 31:20, disgust.jpg)


> I always thought Trump should hire a big ass, BOLD black woman for press sec.

this is nu pol in a nutshell

72e600 No.10928643

File: b99c35b98e77733⋯.jpg (38.32 KB, 640x481, 640:481, 1505932717697.jpg)


>implying chinks ain't cucking half of africa ricing all the negresses by offering the equivalent of 2 minutes of work time.

>Implying they would get bossed around by some dirty negress when they know it's 10 dollars a dozen.

Fortunately not everywhere is the USA and thus some of the places still retain the natural order without jews where niggers are at the lowest

72e600 No.10928724

File: b31b28dbcb1b269⋯.jpg (105.96 KB, 580x698, 290:349, 1502147631130.jpg)

File: 6d0b0e9edd447fe⋯.jpg (47.78 KB, 392x580, 98:145, 1500506604345.jpg)

File: 803976284cfccb8⋯.png (432.77 KB, 820x460, 41:23, 1500504454306.png)


Does anyone have the one with the albino gorilla?

I loved it for it looked so much like it.

eeda36 No.10928798


> Adjective doesn't work

> proposes the noun of it

Hey, drink some coffee before posting here.

d2ac66 No.10928838


meme makes no sense, that kid IS white.

96070e No.10928858


Well, he didn't give you anything for your post. Perhaps you should think about why that is?

eeda36 No.10928882


Anything like evasion, smiling, bantering is a tell off. Everything besides a clear and visible no-jokes-now face in fact.

67e1a3 No.10928919


67e1a3 No.10928932

72e600 No.10929190

File: 8cf4a97663b0483⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1932x2576, 3:4, 1499186798691.jpg)


I do have some problems with yerow piggus

50c781 No.10939281


There is literally nothing wrong with oildrilling, provided its a pump and dump. Its when it prevents you from making white children is when it starts becoming a problem

13fc82 No.10939714


It is according to Tim Murdock. The point of it is that many of them are not as compliant with ZOG as they signal and pretend to be. Those lamenting that they are not signaling enough in your favor are missing the big picture.


Let the newfags out themselves. It is as old as Time.


>360 degrees



It's disgusting, you traitor.


000000 No.10945414


Racial bias against miscegenation is likely biological in origin.


eab041 No.10945598


By the official story, they were killed by members of their own organizations. The other anon wasn't saying they literally committed suicide, but that their organizations did by killing their own figureheads.

5c0b58 No.10945657

File: bb4903a088bcd70⋯.jpg (44.06 KB, 491x359, 491:359, kurt oil drilling.jpg)


>There is literally nothing wrong with oildrilling

Kurt Angle please go


852156 No.10945685

Ok we need to use this likely fake but unintentionally good story.

1. She backtracked and ran damage control right off showing she is really rayciss.

2. (And this angle works easy) "Proud stronk black womenz dont need to be robbed of dey black menz! Its ETHNOCIDE." Ok ethnocide will confuse monkeys but say "real niggas stay with dey black queens" or some shit.

3. Point out how actual africans dont consider american blacks, black but every single one of them is at least 20% white. (This is very true btw. Snoop dogg is a third white. Saw it on some show.

4** i actually lived next to a "black consciousness" couple in my city. Imagine my shock. But i handled it great. Hid my power level and pushed his ethnic pride to rant about not race mixing and other stuff.

d79413 No.10945695

File: 9103e4711782536⋯.png (100.28 KB, 250x264, 125:132, d73a31028bb0d4186590394480….png)



>implying he ain't the kang

>implying he's on his own side.

fccb3d No.10945718

File: e5506eb39605f3f⋯.png (246.39 KB, 615x782, 615:782, oy vey.png)



>This should be used against her in all responses

It was. Her backpedaling and trying to say "b-but it didn't really count" got her attacked in the replies. Would have been even better if the guy didn't cuck and just kept pushing that coal burning is degenerate, but whatever.


5d3232 No.10945723

File: 871664f9c3341c5⋯.png (83.14 KB, 467x496, 467:496, 0f7ad3e5c3bc481e1fdbe7cda9….png)

a94045 No.10945742


You do understand that women absorb DNA via semen. Even if it's a pump and dump you are giving them your DNA and it will be tracable in them forever.

5c0b58 No.10945757

File: b5238546cd39e58⋯.png (520.09 KB, 646x804, 323:402, coalburner and mutt.png)

22256d No.10945760



I read here once where an anon told one that the kid looked "just like her". It struck me as the perfect comment, because it gets to the heart of the matter in a way that leaves no response. I mean, isn't that usually a compliment for a parent?

3b6ad2 No.10945774


I can bet this is fake and she's just making this all up to try and convince herself that fucking a nigger was the right thing to do because she feels guilty about it, she knows she will get replies supporting her.

efc36e No.10945950


actually, a white woman that had sex with a japanese dude is far less disgusting than one that had sex with a nigger.

2c21bb No.10946228

546f75 No.10946283

File: d9c816325d57113⋯.gif (998.03 KB, 480x286, 240:143, wrong.gif)

efea7a No.10946396


>"I've never been accused of rape"

is not the same thing as

>"I've never raped"


efea7a No.10946458

File: 5325e4875cc90ed⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 238x360, 119:180, laugh hue hue hue.webm)

File: a64c5c26b97d2f3⋯.png (624.39 KB, 657x508, 657:508, Screenshot_1.png)


Is that what they are? I always figured they were just Mayans mixed with explorer Polynesians or something.

a82ac0 No.10946618

File: f9db9825060c6e7⋯.png (526.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3ca7be3f0818c47⋯.png (569.84 KB, 534x712, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)



Wew, somebody on here said Asian women have an expiration date, and fuck if hers didn't run out.

She's also a colander tipping Pastafarian now, still attention whoring by doing it in Utah of all places.

000000 No.10946679


It wasn't about flies, there was a newer study regarding humans. See Male Microchimerisms in the Human Female Brain hosted on PLOS One (Published in 2012).


Yes there is. One it can still ruin your life because it's still a woman in the eyes of the law. Second, if you do get them pregnant, they will keep the child since he light skinned. As a consequence, one of your children will have to suffer being with a black mother, will have to suffer being ugly to whites and at deep down not accepted by darker blacks, and will add to the pool of blacks whites sympathize for because they don't look completely foreign like a pure black person does.

6e5476 No.10946828

File: e6e40e83ed114b0⋯.gif (722.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hank scream bwaa3 mouth ey….gif)

a0a252 No.10947476


This should be the part that's pushed along with anti-racemixing.

a0a252 No.10947578


Firstly, these women are disgusting. Secondly, sexual history should be important to the other party.

Most importantly, women don't actually care if you're a bigot and this is a good ground to really show that to the world. The standard portrayed by the media will never be the actual female standard by and large. Makes sense for women to be pushed more by attraction than social shaming.

Race mixing isn't as rife as the media makes it out to be. Still a problem, just not omnipresent.

bfab7f No.10947675

File: 8f8e398683564b4⋯.png (525.57 KB, 1000x684, 250:171, its a jew york thing.png)


Jew detected. get in the oven kike. Niggers have always been worthless and will always be worthless.

7ecfe6 No.10947782


>circling the king not in play

>ignoring that the board is oriented incorrectly


65aca3 No.10948391


whos the gross coalburning mudskin ?

6d561c No.10948423


This whole conversation looks shooped but it does bring about an important point. No self respecting man wants some woman that's been dicked by niggers.

0411b4 No.10949002


I remember the image originally being "sipping on white tears", before being edited. I can't remember what any of the original drama was though. All I remember is there was an action by the leftists, there was a backlash and then this was the liberal backlash to the backlash. I don't think it was necessarily gaming related. I'm thinking it might be that ice cream thing actually. The one that's meant to explain gender inequality. The boy gets one scoop, then a second one and then when the girl gets a single scoop, the boy throws a tantrum and cries.

2c21bb No.10949234


>3rd pic

>Implying miscegenation can be good sometimes

Anon racemixing shouldn't be encouraged in any way, that pic is not going to redpill anybody, delete that shit.

06847e No.10949242

File: 7c7f4430f1475ce⋯.png (436.04 KB, 600x673, 600:673, 1507195402468.png)

File: 6741897ba13f15b⋯.jpg (246.54 KB, 828x960, 69:80, 1504497988623.jpg)

File: 9c09d06aaf357e6⋯.jpg (126.75 KB, 640x898, 320:449, 1507197894738.jpg)

2c21bb No.10949314

File: e3c742470372e61⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 267x219, 89:73, Jack Nicholson laughing.gif)


That first pic is perfect

9bc446 No.10949764




9bc446 No.10949770

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000 No.10949781


Agreed, even with the notion of hybrid vigor(?), who can say those girls look better than a blonde haired blue eyed girl, or a red haired green eyed girl, etc.? They don't look ugly as sin, i.e. on the scale of 1 to 10, they aren't under a 5, but are they necessarily better than the others? I would say no.

25dba7 No.10951942

File: 3be38d49a7d59ac⋯.png (18.18 KB, 499x291, 499:291, 3be38d49a7d59ac58375440f79….png)


What's wrong with white/asians intermixing? They are the objectively superior races, and white/asian children/people look great. Even asians think so. Mixed white/Japanese people are practically treated as celebrities. see link. I've never understood this, "racemixing is bad" rather than, "breeding with shitskins is bad". If you mix pure water of one spring with water off another, you'll regardless get clean water. Mix pure water with mud and you will get mud water.


04711b No.10951956


Hybrid vigor only applies to very inbred populations. The groid is the only inbred one in this case so its just miscegenation here.

2b47dc No.10952301

File: cc449651f8fb29e⋯.webm (5.1 MB, 854x480, 427:240, giggel.webm)

2795c3 No.10959122



1b5d11 No.10959294


> they will exploit imbalances in society such as the absurd hatred of those racially aware



1b5d11 No.10959299


>I wonder if she realizes that she's helping normalize this type of rejection.

Never occurs to them. Best to set your sights on

the next generation. Adversity will breed (pardon the pun) good wives.

57fac3 No.10959300


lol i didn't even think about that until you mentioned it, but you're right.

93a6cb No.10959316


kids would have been cuter had they not been mixed.

e134de No.10959338

File: c18d5a8d978cb4e⋯.jpg (133.34 KB, 600x800, 3:4, im gonna keeel u.jpg)


Do I smell a kike that falsified a convo for purpose of social recognition

48f8b2 No.10959342

File: 2b71c873758e328⋯.png (471.45 KB, 606x631, 606:631, 3409243094h3.png)

Someone ask this insecure mulatto why his eyes are blue.

cf1505 No.10976671

File: ff76e77da544906⋯.jpg (231.06 KB, 1745x965, 349:193, shitted.jpg)

Do not fund the tainted. Stamp a mark on their foreheads and send them straight outside.

2b0dd0 No.10978507


My fucking sides.

efea7a No.10978631

File: e7c7a2cc8711de2⋯.gif (6.79 MB, 361x407, 361:407, rock eyeroll.gif)


How the fuck did she become Samoan?!

a938fb No.10978673


post tits or get out slut

2c9098 No.10978706


could you elaborate?

af9b95 No.10978722

File: 5b10142e9061d89⋯.webm (7.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, MudBloodTheMusical.webm)



af9b95 No.10978810


Reported for thumbnail posting.

a938fb No.10978974


women are too stupid to know what miscegnation means, just say race-mixing




it only happens when an egg is fertilized, that's when the mother begins sharing blood with the offspring




any woman who watches TV/netflix is a giant flapping red flag for me


>What is a color TV?

it's like a computer monitor but for retards

8c13ed No.10979416

File: 429e242c9d1fa0f⋯.jpg (19.24 KB, 445x600, 89:120, 83786.jpg)


>What makes fucking niggers worse than just ridding miles of white cock?

It's actually very similar. I lose respect for her either way. This is not something I decide - it's emotional and instinctive. At the root of it is obviously evolutionary "r" vs "K" selection. A woman that is strongly in the "K" range (quality over quantity) is automatically much more desirable. On average, she's smarter, more in control, better at raising children and less likely to cheat. In terms of natural selection, there's nothing worse for a man than raising another man's child. Women, on the other hand, can't be tricked into that situation.

So this is actually scientifically logical. We feel that way because our ancestors felt that way. Those who didn't ended up not passing their genes to the next generation. You can even see this dynamic in many animal species so this kikeberg narrative that women won't lose points by being sluts is just another (white genocide) lie.

Lastly: it doesn't have to be "miles of white cock" - the same principle applies if she had less, but low quality cock. We'll always prefer a girl with high standards for the reasons I've explained above.

efea7a No.10979482


Ragequit at 0:18.

588906 No.10980096

File: 13c9ad4f03813f2⋯.jpg (374.22 KB, 676x1014, 2:3, 03.jpg)


This post smells of PillEater.

588906 No.10980186



After the Blacks learn (((who))) were behind slavery, they can be a real ally.

0af48d No.10980215


nah mate, it's just a shitty meme.

d68b62 No.10981511

File: 7a09f26ae1620c7⋯.png (131.98 KB, 408x818, 204:409, 27e5e88ba21172ae975ddc9079….png)


The difference is that blacks despise white people, and 5 seconds of contact with inner-city blacks makes it obvious that theyre only after "dat whyte pussah" in order to spite white men and to ruin white women. Niggers rape 30,000 white women in America a year, it should be obvious to anyone with a brain that this is their way of getting raparations n shiet.

Most white women are smart enough to avoid niggers like the plague, but some of them are actually stupid enough to fuck around with niggers. This tells me multiple things about them; 1. they have massive daddy issues and do everything they can to rebel against him, which means your relationship with her is going to be nothing but her trying to make petty little feminist revolts every god damned second, 2 that she has no sense of danger and would walk into a lions cage and pet the lion cuz its a kitty!!!1 :3 3 that she probably has some sorta resentment against white people herself, and probably hates herself for being white and is glad to give reparations back to niggers, and 4 that she probably does not mind being raped, and in fact is probably turned on by it a little bit.

Add in the factors of likelihood of STDs and that they probably believe in the Jewish lies of BBC, which makes them both stupid and gullible, and you see why "we dont want you back". I live in California, I know plenty of coalburners, and every one of them is a fucking walking garbage bag with a million emotional problems. Absolutely nothing of value has been lost, I relish the day we can toss them in the bog so they dont defile my presence.

d68b62 No.10981639

File: 4178e5dfff4700c⋯.jpg (127.21 KB, 725x755, 145:151, scythianmummypurpletattoos.jpg)



I will never understand the ceaseless amounts of idiots who just get random, meaningless shit tattooed on themselves

What used to be an ancient and sacred sacrament, something reserved for those of high rank to show their divine nature and their worthiness among their own tribe has been tarnished and made into a fucking mockery

What was once a rite of passage for young Scythian warriors is now a fucking fetish for every depraved degenerate weed smoking niggerloving fucking faggot on the planet earth

I know only rage in this moments

9cb904 No.10982015


>thank you for ruining my life

what, is @MeninistTweet the president of Burger King?

9cb904 No.10982023


> Niggers rape 30,000 white women in America a year

If an otherwise pure white was raped by a nigger should she be considered inferior used goods?

d68b62 No.10982067

File: e9799809bd0bfd0⋯.png (1.3 MB, 913x1033, 913:1033, e9799809bd0bfd03876759b94a….png)


Rape victims in general are damaged goods. Its sorta fucked up to say but its truth. Ive known rape victims before. Most of them have alot of emotional problems to the point of being insane. Why do you think niggers rape our women? Why do you think Arabs do ? they know it fucks their brains permanently and removes them from the viable gene pool. Im sure some women are strong enough that it doesnt turn them into sluts or psychos but Ive yet to meet one. Its not something that I like to think about honestly, its one of the few demoralizing things thats true.

d36758 No.10982100


its almost as if he doesnt hate them, he just wants to stick to his own race.

667337 No.10982107


For a start there is >>10982067 but I might want to add that regarding them as if they weren't always leads to problems. Shariah and Religion of Cuck™ic law in general contain laws specifically because of that.

> common occurrence

> slut commits adultery or otherwise whores around

> it wasn't consensual I was totes raped u guise

> pre-sharia: Oh, I'm so sorry, of course we'll execute that guy so he can't sing about you agreeing to it

> post-sharia: Well okay, we'll just execute both of you then.

> result: Rape accusations come to a predictable stop

You want to know why getting raped is treated as the same as willingly fucking around? This, this is why. Because as soon as you include rape as something separate, women take that as green light to ride the carousel and then simply escape accountability by playing the rape card.

d36758 No.10982115


"but.. we're hispanic. race mixing is the foundation of our cultural existence"

this made me laugh my ass off

d68b62 No.10982135

File: b365717fc67bd00⋯.jpg (2.48 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 0b29748caa50d440be267082a9….jpg)


Its the foundation of their cultural decay

Dont get me wrong aztecs and Mayans were a bunch of bloodthirsty savages, but they did create very impressive works of architecture, the Incans even more so. Given a few centuries they might have developed into fairly advanced nations, probably not at the level of Europeans, but at least they were heading in the right direction, unlike …..some races. Rampant human sacrifice and a completely insane religious system aside, they were very nondegenerate people. Alcohol was forbidden unless you were an elder, homosexuality was punished with the noose, promiscuity got the same treatment.

When the Spanish came they should have either just left them alone or completely wiped them out. What they did instead, which was creating the mixed race bastard children that we now call "Hispanics", was an abomination and an affront to nature. It would have been better to let the Aztecs die with dignity. Now their lands are just a big stinking shithole and it seems theyre even less advanced than they were 500 years ago. I dont feel pity for subhumans very often, but its a shame what was done to them. Spaniards should have kept their dicks in their pants.

6ece99 No.10982142


No they wouldn't. They were genetic dead end and died from starvation anyway

d36758 No.10982146


no that is not a real nose lol

d68b62 No.10982151


>died from starvation anyways

then why are they still shitskins in mexico and not just all spaniards? by advanced I mean relatively here, like Japanese advanced. I still think the best option would have been the spaniards just destroying them entirely.

d36758 No.10982152


why? that is a common joke

d36758 No.10982173


lol same here

d36758 No.10982175


maybe you should do what the rest of Louisiana has done and move to Texas

d36758 No.10982178


better start getting her preg asap if you want 5 kids

d36758 No.10982190


>t. kike

d36758 No.10982197


>homosexuality was punished with the noose, promiscuity got the same treatment.

I can't wait to point this out the next "we wuz aztecs" I meet, they are all huge libs

so it is true they are descendents of aztecs? always thought that was a minority

d68b62 No.10982207


Im not really sure, some Mexicans definitely seem to have more Aztec and less Spanish features than others but its all a pretty mixed bag. Most Mexicans I've seen looked very clearly like some sort of mix with heavy amounts of Spanish. The ones that are Native, its doubtful theyre directly from Aztecs, theyre more likely from the myriads of tribes conquered by them.

e0748f No.10982224

File: 43e90f1c223ce34⋯.jpg (178.46 KB, 786x1024, 393:512, 1453215816443.jpg)


>Dont get me wrong aztecs and Mayans were a bunch of bloodthirsty savages, but they did create very impressive works of architecture, the Incans even more so.

>probably not at the level of Europeans

Have to point out that Incan agriculture was better than anything Europe had up until the end of the 18th century, and Tenochtitlan was infinitely cleaner than any European city.

>Rampant human sacrifice and a completely insane religious system aside

Yes, specifically the late Aztecs. Incas were very tough, too (massive forced resettlements of conquered peoples), but not as big on human sacrifices.

>Spaniards should have kept their dicks in their pants.

Easy to say. What would YOU have done, after month-slong journeys and years of colonial warfare without any chance of ever returning to your native country (especially in the 16th century). They didn't bring women. OF COURSE they fucked the natives. Gay sex and masturbation simply weren't alternatives.

b19349 No.10982237


>Future corpse

Probably has AIDS or some terminal infection.

d68b62 No.10982257

File: b9a7672f325f769⋯.png (124.57 KB, 172x425, 172:425, Togatus_Barberini_2392.PNG)


Yea, I've read alot about Incan farming and agricultural techniques and it was truly fascinating. Out of all the Pre-Colombian cultures that were lost I lament the loss of the Incans the most.

I read that there was ONE Aztec king that did not believe in human sacrifice and practiced his religion via simpler offerings like incense and food. Very good ruler and very moderate and reasonable from what I remember too, its a shame the later Aztec kings did not pick up on his ideas. Aztecs really needed a hard religious change but it did not come from within, and it not come gently.

>What would YOU have done

I guess I can understand, I have sinned by being attracted to nonwhite women before and Hispanic women are very attractive I will admit, I dont know what I would have done, but you can say that about alot of situations in history.

e0748f No.10982286

File: be6d7fea22239ac⋯.jpg (97.73 KB, 426x599, 426:599, Pumapunku_stone.jpg)


>Yea, I've read alot about Incan farming and agricultural techniques and it was truly fascinating. Out of all the Pre-Colombian cultures that were lost I lament the loss of the Incans the most.

Me too. Highly fascinating culture and time period. Additionally, the Spaniards didn't exactly send their best and brightest, more like the scum of their society. Specifically in the case of Peru what created the long-term problem wasn't the miscegenation per se, but the miscegenation by and with inferior European elements. This apart from the fact that the Incas (i.e. the royal caste; "Inca" is not an ethnic term) were described by chronists like Ayala de Poma as very fair themselves.

>I read that there was ONE Aztec king that did not believe in human sacrifice and practiced his religion via simpler offerings like incense and food. Very good ruler and very moderate and reasonable from what I remember too, its a shame the later Aztec kings did not pick up on his ideas. Aztecs really needed a hard religious change but it did not come from within, and it not come gently.

Interesting. Do you remember the name of that king?

>I guess I can understand, I have sinned by being attracted to nonwhite women before and Hispanic women are very attractive I will admit

Well, the attraction itself isn't a sin, it's the acting upon it. And to be honest, I personally do not blame the conquistadors and would have done the same. People say "they should have left their dicks in their pants", but that's easy to say in front of a screen in the 21th century. In those times, with their misery and attrition due to diseases etc, after months and months in tiny nutshells on the high sea, stranded in a strange land, without women, without any chance of ever returning… it's very understandable. Not optimal, but understandable. And especially in the case of Peru, the Spaniards acted very dishonourably and destroyed a lot of what could have been salvaged.

da61a0 No.10982301

File: 06495a3cf3eac62⋯.gif (37.65 KB, 350x300, 7:6, pusheenaybgbm0_460sa.gif)


Intelligent questions.


d68b62 No.10982321

File: 3264a176caaca8b⋯.png (472.79 KB, 1456x728, 2:1, 326.png)


Yeah I've heard about the Incan upper castes having light hair and fair skin, it always gets shut down by (((skeptics))) however. I agree on Pizzaro not exactly being the best of the Conquistadors….IIRC the Incan Emperor at the time was pretty open to the idea of Christianity and Biblical lore, but the translation of certain theological ideas was taking too long so Pizarro just killed the nobles and took the Emperor hostage. Then they burned centuries of data and historical records. Much use could have probably come from those, now forever lost.

>Interesting. Do you remember the name of that king?

I dont speak Lizardman but I think its Nezahualcoyotl. Very interesting ruler indeed I would recommend reading about him.

and yea I see your point. I consider weakness of the spirit to be a grave sin but its probably the hardest to avoid, its harder to avoid than other sins. I wish things would have gone differently but its easier to make speculations in hindsight. We've come to the place we are now for a reason, the only way is forward.

667337 No.10982369


Am I the only one who thinks their descent from these cultures combined with their lack of public human sacrifice are the reason they're crime-infested shit-holes? People tend to spend their time more productively than with commiting crimes if they just saw proto-pablo get sacrificed after robbing a fruit store last week.

bb1bfb No.10982380


>He doesn't know about elliot rodger

I'm going to fucking crucify you, judean.

t. hapa

e0dac0 No.10982383


Settle down, Elliot Rodger. Please make another vlog about how magnificent and a supreme gentleman you are.

e0748f No.10982471

File: bc84f45a4d749d6⋯.jpg (109.16 KB, 421x599, 421:599, Nezahualcoyotl.jpg)


Interesting, thanks. Agree, one can only look forward, and I'm actually positive that at some point in time a specific Latinamerican form of NS will appear, one not based on race, but on eugenics and strict meritocracy.

dcb55a No.10982543


There are studies showing that birth control screws with women’s partner preferences. That combined with identity politics = guilt/burning coal/reparations

ffc4ff No.10982601


The thread in which you post is Holy ground.

391bff No.10982883


Bestiality is filthy, I wouldn't stick my dick in that, either.

391bff No.10982898

File: a8908e1a7ab0e09⋯.jpg (60.78 KB, 440x658, 220:329, MommyHatesMe.jpg)



VERY underrated post, this is the absolute truth, we are a creature that judges others by their actions and choices, and it's all quite natural and necessary as a survival trait.

Who the fuck came up with this "don't judge" nonsense, anyway?

391bff No.10982919

File: 81585a5e104e954⋯.jpg (53 KB, 624x660, 52:55, Hapa.jpg)


Yea, it's funny, and all that, but joking aside, I feel terrible for these miscegenated children. None of this is their fault, they had no part in this terrible choice they are saddled with.

In that poor kid lies white genes that cannot ever be fully expressed.

This is a horrible injustice that has been visited upon him by his virtue-signalling "mother."

0c15bf No.10983010

File: edea43cd0b3a8fe⋯.jpg (28.86 KB, 400x400, 1:1, I8lE4Tkw_400x400.jpg)








Did you even read the first sentence of the article faggot? The writer IS NOT the bimbo.

This is her:


30bbcc No.10983460


It's a kiked up version of don't judge without evidence.

30bbcc No.10983495


This is a problem with all colonies. Well adjusted members of society have little incentive to root up their life and battle for survival with natives in a foreign land. At least initially a colony becomes a means to rid yourself of criminals and the poor. I often wonder how much impact this had on European genetics. Some places like my country sent almost half their population to America.

1f6bd2 No.10984996

what's wrong with a guy refusing to date a woman who was with a black man? he's not saying blacks should be killed, or even saying that other white men should not date white women who have dated black men, he's only making a decision regarding who he dates according to his personal preferences, and that's something everyone does.

we also make decisions based on our personal preferences regarding where we choose to live, I told my realtor, who was black, that I didn't want to live in an apartment building because it had black tenants in it, and I didn't want to live next to black people, I didn't say that some other white guy couldn't live there if they wanted too, nor did i say that the black family should have been kicked out, just that I didn't what to live there even though it had everything else I wanted.

40227a No.10985989


what about Egyptians ?

b60d62 No.10986011


remnants of Atlantis

79de35 No.10986041


twin towers confirm

b2ed03 No.10986407

File: 8d4235d04795e40⋯.gif (865.3 KB, 188x186, 94:93, 1413417789160.gif)

a75917 No.10986979

f133c6 No.10987326


The way to respond is to meet and call her a nigger poon. Then pissing on her and autistically screeching while seig heiling and doing the macarena.

Oh and get a friend to record it then post here.

f133c6 No.10987345


Also many people on the right are beginning to become concerned that they'll become like this in the future due to normalfaggotry sheep behaviour and their nu male trigger nature.

Even though the left is a billion times worse still.

That bothers ne because the trigger of the left won't cease.

That means idiots like me need to trick the left into spreading their legs more and becoming more like fight club. I reckon /b/ has potential to start that.

f133c6 No.10987350


Trigger nature of the left *

Fugg im tired.

f133c6 No.10987353


Why do we react "im not judging you"? Why dont we just agree.

Like when they say your spreading white supremacy say - i know we are because white is supreme.

Imagine the reaction.

f133c6 No.10987359


Even from a non racial purity perspective, it may affect the health negatively for the children. Not positively.

f133c6 No.10987364


That's only when you take criminal action or action that may critically affect a person without proof.

For mere things like this you can judge as much as you fucking like.

2795c3 No.10990652


"Chad" behavior is nigger behavior. Chads are the niggers of their races, regardless of their ethnicity. If you want to act like a nigger, you'll be lynched like a nigger.

You fucked thots, women who are trash anyways. That is neither an accomplishment nor is it something to be proud of or advocate for.

Take you TRSoddomite talking point and go back to your standard pool party.

You aren't welcome here.

2795c3 No.10990853

File: 5a64ef7a27fde68⋯.png (260.08 KB, 874x892, 437:446, 1404700831108.png)


what in the actual fuck is that?

fa9602 No.10990925

File: d0a4120b7565e6a⋯.jpeg (189.38 KB, 1400x569, 1400:569, D8543657-3DDE-4F87-AE23-8….jpeg)



1a3b4a No.10991103

File: 8d9bb8fdd4a3294⋯.webm (4.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Black Dynamite - hush lit….webm)

fe74db No.10991152


Fermented birds in seal skin

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