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Odious Memes

File: 9dca26c1fe96429⋯.png (287.99 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 298f3f3e1d3adbc9be58b8d4e9….png)

057610 No.10905868

100 nogs file a lawsuit.

>"Although Tesla stands out as a groundbreaking company at the forefront of the electric car revolution, its standard operating procedure at the Tesla factory is pre-Civil Rights era race discrimination,"


d284ff No.10905879

At this point how many people believe Space X is accomplishing and or doing anything legitimate? I mean both on /pol/ and from what we know IRL how many people.

5c7c04 No.10905884

/our/ guy? Isn't he building us a floating ethnostate? god bless the musk. also OP, shit bread. 2/10, only replying for a kike free first post.

9bd099 No.10905919


His entire car company is centered around the idea of impoverishing raghead bedouins who are an intolerable burden on our society. Of course he's our guy, whether he plays the liberal game or not. At a certain point some people on the "right" need to wake up about the oil industry. I'm not knocking oil as a substance or what it has achieved, but this near-worship of its never-ending consumption is beyond all rational explanation. Like, it's not patriotic to just dump representations of your labor at a product.

f2184a No.10905954

File: 006d9387e3ab9af⋯.png (67.1 KB, 1171x931, 1171:931, elon.png)

File: 9309485671fc174⋯.jpg (44.84 KB, 718x559, 718:559, 0907-elon-musk-tmz-7.jpg)


>crypto kike working on "driverless" technology that will destroy the trucking industry and remove 6 million well paying jobs.

>clean energy scam

>remove all cheap industrial scale power plants so no heavy industry can exist


well this is nu-/pol/ so sure fuck it

f7bea3 No.10905967


>its standard operating procedure at the Tesla factory is pre-Civil Rights era race discrimination,"

AKA before kikes made it illegal to judge blacks on merit and performance. 100% chance that was written by a Kike

057610 No.10905968


Watching a liberal government subsidies parasite go under is quite entertaining. Otherwise I wouldn't give a shit.

f2184a No.10905974

File: 0c40c2f9ac87e0c⋯.jpg (53.02 KB, 480x663, 160:221, msn (5).jpg)


How did that nignog cnn lawsuit go by the way?

9bd099 No.10905975


>and remove 6 million well paying jobs.

Lot of the truck drivers I see are niggers and spics. I don't want them having a well paying job.

f2184a No.10906014

File: dbcaf80a44b3b4d⋯.webm (4.71 MB, 426x240, 71:40, nigger.webm)


well until they get purged they are all going to be getting gibs from "universal basic income" aka white middle class people getting taxed 80%

9bd099 No.10906029


If people want to keep working for kike companies instead of checking out and producing what they need on their own property, then maybe they ought to be taxed at 80%. It's just like ZOGbots getting their legs blown off and coming home to a half-nigger kid or a drug infested town. Do you really feel sorry for them when the information is out there?

d58a96 No.10906066


<You don't have enough niggers on staff, you need to be more diverse

>When you have a diverse workforce, you need to take steps to make sure everyone feels welcome in that workforce.

<boss man says I dun work 2 gud

<I don't feel welcome, gibs me dat monay

f2184a No.10906078

File: ec26f5a188b3f71⋯.jpg (14.6 KB, 184x273, 184:273, download (5).jpg)

File: 0e96772ed230b44⋯.jpg (185.49 KB, 992x744, 4:3, ruby-ridge-weaver-cabin-ae….jpg)

File: 37fa5a67704fc26⋯.jpg (122.9 KB, 1024x774, 512:387, WEAVER_RUBY_RIDGE_21220829….jpg)


>checking out and producing what they need on their own property

What do you expect would happen if whites started "checking out" instead of checking in like Adolf did?

0379d4 No.10906093

File: d878bf509308018⋯.png (295.65 KB, 1880x847, 1880:847, georgia-guidestones-transl….png)


>/our/ guy?

Not even close, even if he is the (((most successful))) African ever.

>government leech (most successful gibs recipient)

>pays hordes of white (really the only race available) engineers well below the market rate by investing most of it's energies in (((PR)))

>produces nothing really innovative

>spits on the name of one of if not the greatest inventors and engineers to ever live by advancing only technologies compatible with the (((energy economy))) under his name, which further complicates reverse engineering projects such as Wardenclyffe (the entire premise of which was "free energy for everyone because that's what it actually takes to generate at scale")

>entire business model is based around generating hype and going with whatever sticks

>entire business subsidized by government handouts (fuck you, it's worth mentioning twice)

I'll believe there were some "racist" engineers in the mix - that's what happens when you have a bunch of highly competent (aside from the whole "being cucked on wages and benefits because muh Tesla meme") white people in the same room - it happens to some degree at every tech company in every sector because no matter how much the (((media))) might say otherwise, it's only white males in the roles which require brainpower and the minority/female demographics thrown into either position by (((media brainwashing))), HR, etc are always the slack everyone has to make up for. If (((Tesla))) weren't utterly cucked to begin with by having those (((HR-approved))) positions filled there would have been no racism to see.

>pic unrelated

44213f No.10906099


>expected niggers to be something other than a lazy unproductive source of complaints, problems, whining, and violence

yeah that is pretty racist

f2184a No.10906115

File: 90b9091ed7aabef⋯.jpg (17.61 KB, 220x296, 55:74, 220px-Tesla_Sarony.jpg)

File: 6c176d39bb06236⋯.jpg (273.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

File: 54b780260e9e665⋯.jpg (50.1 KB, 530x300, 53:30, Nikola-Tesla-Reading.jpg)


tesla and solar city's entire business model relies on huge government gibs

I wonder how tesla would view musk considering he got jewed by edison so hard

f2184a No.10906144

File: 0c2f548109ab1a0⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 320x240, 4:3, ok (3).gif)


welp beaten by this much better post, huh

90f038 No.10906188


It appears by killing off the murderous we may have also killed off those with the necessary memory and intellect ability to form and hold a righteous grudge as well. Soon you have a populace only of "tolerant" suckers.

d8c6a8 No.10906228

3c6001 No.10906298


The only job at Tesla nogs are qualified for is crash test dummy.

bf3e8c No.10906436


>unironically supporting white people being taxed 80% to pay for nogs

Get gassed, kike. Filtered.

d284ff No.10906452


I'm a Jew?

Space X is as much of a scam as NASA is. They fake launches and the landing module.

697007 No.10906487


>being this disingenuous and full of shit

9bd099 No.10906519


>Wanting to give your money to nigger-jew camel jockeys and prop up your kike petrodollar overlords at home.

Whew, lad. Breitbart is that way.

e197fe No.10906533


>you can't build guided rockets

And nuclear power plants are fake too right?

5dca53 No.10906547

Jews vs Niggers

Whoever loses white race profits

d284ff No.10906555


Why build a guided rocket when you could just say you did yet keep all the money that it would have taken to actually make one?

e197fe No.10906569


Why the hell would any investor give billions to smoke and mirrors? SpaceX also does commercial payload launches, no way they can lie about launching a satellite to their customers.

c7864c No.10906584


This cannot be a legitimate opinion you actually hold.

d284ff No.10906586


>Why the hell would any investor give billions to smoke and mirrors

Are you forgetting where you are?

I'm done with this.

28c3ef No.10906748


>building us a floating ethnostate?

I think that was Peter Thiel, and he abandoned it.

03f1c1 No.10906860

File: 18fe4c89532fa88⋯.gif (14.18 KB, 859x586, 859:586, f1big.gif)


Tesla is powered by electricity that comes from the same camel rider oil that other cars use as fuel. Elon Musk is a kike scammer.

dc3476 No.10906878


What do you mean by " free energy? " there's no such thing.

8ce2ce No.10906884

That fucking loser Musk will give up once all the carbon money stops rolling in.

de15f2 No.10906924

Fuck tesla and their gimmics ridden cuckmobiles. I want gasoline V8 without electronics.

b7dce3 No.10907287

File: 724a8f640b12ece⋯.jpg (40.61 KB, 574x1024, 287:512, 1508229434344.jpg)


Just because OPEC is basically the saudi penis in Americas oiled industrial butt hole doesn't mean you can use that to slew stealthy commie slogans.

>worship of its never-ending consumption

>patriotic to just dump representations of your labor at a product.

>representations of your labor

But yes Musk is like the omnisiah to Trumps Emprah.

b7dce3 No.10907305

File: f840b72d1cffb68⋯.jpg (47.13 KB, 460x444, 115:111, aproval cat.jpg)


Right there with you brother. Nothing will stop you from reverse engineering old tech for personal use tho. Maybe we can race one day anon.

Though gotta say a high torque AWD electric would be a monster to beat. However it would be too sterile and newer drivers that would default to that will miss out on lessons that are crucial to victory.

8ce2ce No.10907326


The torque is great from electric motors, but that carbureted V8 is just a little more eco friendly. Also, peak oil may have turned out to be a joke but peak lithium sure seems like it could happen.

876e5c No.10907444


That's what happens, Elon. You could've abandoned the redditors and unapologetically rejected this faggotry. Instead, you chose to virtue signal over a climate treaty that even the left is beginning to turn on. You should've known from being an Afrikaner that it's suicide to tolerate these people, let alone appease them.

43c40c No.10907604


I work at the Gigafactory near Reno and this is a load of shit.

They hired diverse Californians first while locals were made to wait until they got up and running.

Then they had a buffer of something like 700 people waiting to be given a start date so they could trickle us in at their leisure.

Incidentally this job is no skill required, they are looking to hire an additional 1500 workers right now and their requirements and screening process is only looking for a bare minimum of proof of basic competence.

Who do you think they will be hiring with this process?

Also we just got done celebrating latin american history month or something, this is just another smear attempt, though I won't outright defend Tesla as they are just another corporation despite the good pretenses.

d83c1d No.10907713

Musk hopes to see manual driving being banned this decennium or the next. Rely on self driving cars goy, don't be in control of what you drive, how you drive and where you drive. Good Luck using your controlled car when SHTF. (Oh and don't even think about it that police/military will give up manual driving.) This is just another example of Franklins view on Liberty and Security.

ff6a69 No.10908098

File: 1adbae031a828ff⋯.png (32.49 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ruin your city with nigger….png)



14ad93 No.10908100


>driverless trucks

Are an improvement in safety over people (oh yeah you don't like a smaller tax base, forgot that).

>clean energy scam

Solar tiles? Yeah whatever, let the normalfags have their bread and circuses

>remove cheap industrial scale power plants

Oyy veyy don't you dare de-centralize (((power generation)))

You sound like a kike.


Tesla would be ashamed of having his name associated with Musk.

Musk needs to drop many millions into quantum tech and follow in the real footsteps of Tesla.


There are a few electric drag cars in the 7s already.. fast as fuck.

I'm looking to do an e-swap in future but will always love my LSx swaps.



EFI superior in every way bar out of box running. Even then fuck carbs.

79e2ae No.10908103



8ce2ce No.10908139


Checked, and honestly agreed about EFI. L-Jet forever.

14ad93 No.10908162


> L-Jet

Interesting! Had never heard of that application, thank you anon.

Thing is the carb dinosaurs will quote charge cooling and if you've ever looked at Ducatis closely, some have EFI shower jets.. best of both worlds.

f88238 No.10908813

Silicon Valley guy here. So the rumors in the area around Tesla are that everything that makes these people look like the future is all for show.

They have failed to make the capital investment necessary to produce their vehicles in a timely manner. The laborers on the production line work ungodly hours putting the God damn things together by hand. Detroit had this shit down to a science about 75 years ago.

They are absolutely Infamous in the area for burning through engineers like no one's business. 2 years with Tesla on your resume is pretty much a ticket any job in the Bay Area. This has been reported on in the news, even, but you know how the media whitewashes everything. I believe that the mistreatment of workers is merely a ruse to try to game the Visa system under the pretense of being unable to find sufficient talent. They don't need better engineers. They need more engineers and realistic deadlines.

That being said, if I didn't have kids and responsibilities, I would suck it up for 2 years of indentured servitude to make ridiculous amounts of money working remotely from the boonies.

The standard of living in the Silicon Valley is absolutely ridiculous and I think that this is going to be the next big revolution. People are going to stop wanting to drive 2 hours each way in traffic to live in a 2.2 million dollar house in the suburbs, that cost maybe 400k before the chinks bought the entire Market. People are going to start working remotely and migrating outward towards the Central Valley in Sacramento, which will take the high salaries with them. Even with a salary adjustment, you still come out ahead and if managed wisely, you can make substantially larger contributions towards retirement and retire way earlier.

I recently graduated with a degree in finance and accounting, and have seen how miserable all my friends are pursuing the CPA and I'm pivoting into tech for this very reason. I even fucking qualified and bought Becker. For fucksake.

93a053 No.10909169



14ea53 No.10909191

File: c02d9ee0d43a87b⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 400x221, 400:221, manjohnnydepphmm.gif)


>have to go on disability because of mental health issues

>feel ashamed

>gal at the place reassures me that I'm not a waste of life

>don't believe her

>come to /pol/

>see that vid

>suddenly don't feel like as big a piece of shit as the woman with the $10,000 weave who's demanding to know who's going to feed her niglets

8d843f No.10909196

Pretty sure that Tesla can hire whoever the fuck they want.

8d843f No.10909200


>acting as if you won the argument when you looked like a retard the whole way through

b2a98c No.10909232


Start hoarding old pickup trucks now. I already have a few.

9beae3 No.10909236


>When you all gonna come through

>When you gonna come through

When are you going to come through for yourself nigger.

12718f No.10909238


Implementing "Driverless" cars by 2020 is a stated objective of the European Union, with the endgame being an end to manual driving in the future.

This is why most "terrorist" events in recent history have involved vehicles; they are seeding in the public's mind the "problem" (bad people doing bad things with manual vehicles) to which they will offer the "solution" of mandatory driverless vehicles.

It's laughable that anyone considering themselves "red pilled" could even entertain the idea that this crypto-kike is "ourguy", he's elite, he's one of them.

12718f No.10909248


>Musk hopes to see manual driving being banned this decennium or the next.

It's also a stated globalist objective, the EU hopes to begin the phasing out of manual (human operated) cars by 2020.

1c6cb3 No.10909255


They better send that faggy EU army if they ever hope to pry the steering wheel out of my death grip.

12718f No.10909319

File: 3ffd2e534c1a22e⋯.jpg (497.57 KB, 1379x1712, 1379:1712, ST-17365-2013-INIT.jpg)


Oh I forgot the best part. They're also working on a mandatory vehicle kill-switch to which the police will have the keys.

Pic related because I know you fuckers aren't going to believe me.


fa185a No.10909324

File: 9114d5ffa09d5c9⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 3864x2848, 483:356, Street-light-5169e7dc9e9a4….jpg)

File: 5cf1996f7fd3a4d⋯.jpg (4.37 MB, 2888x3696, 361:462, Thomas_Edison2[1].jpg)

File: 9c9b2fc1bab8ece⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 624x352, 39:22, History_Edison_on_Developm….jpg)


>crypto kike working on "operatorless" technology that will destroy the streetlight industry and remove 6 million well paying jobs.

>dangerous single-current electricity scam

>remove all industrial scale telephone jobs

>/ourguy/ Edison

Well this is nu-/pol so sure fuck it.

9f4e57 No.10909348


>Comparing an objective improvement in technology to a proven scam/freedom killing powergrab


Kill yourself

12718f No.10909379


Edison's vision was a DC system with a generator in every city block.

1c6cb3 No.10909399


Why wouldn't we believe you? Those fun hating cocksuckers have been masturbating to the idea of a remote killswitch for at lest 20 years.

e71656 No.10909427


>Edison's vision was a DC system with a generator in every city block.

He burned down a lot of houses with DC current in them.

461872 No.10909438


>kill switch

pretty much any car manufactured after the early 70s has a "computer" that controls most of its engine functions, the same thing most mechanics plug into when running diagnostics. this means a simple EMP can shut it down, and oh yes most urban police forces have a portable directable EMP weapon (not disclosed to the public) for just such applications. just after disclosing proof on a talk radio show back in 2009 (maybe 2010 i forget will have to dig it up) one "moshe" from a pathology lab claimed to have evidence that the "swine flu" was a lab engineered bioweapon and after being advised to do so, was proceeding to run it over to either a news service or the UN, again im hazy its been a while. well dudeman never made it because they EMPd his late model red VW bug, then as he remained within his car resisting their attempts to get him out, including a robot breaking the window and his taking two full sprays of mace to the face at close range before they forcefully extracted him.

we walked away deducing moshe was likely mossad. there was los angeles news footage of this event, shouldnt be too hard to dig up.

advanced tech in the hands of NSAniggers is known as "fly by wire" and involves directed scalar energy beams and likely is what was used on Lady Di and several others since then

12718f No.10909482


Not so sure about Lady Di, they probably used the MI5 favourite "boston brakes", a package attached to the transmission and steering of the vehicle so that it can be remotely steered and throttled leaving the driver unable to intervene.

I believe it was a high ranking British Army veteran, perhaps a general, who disclosed the name and operation of the system but would have to look it up. Boston Brakes are said to have been used to kill, among others, Skrewdriver (very bad goyim) lead singer Ian Stuart Donaldson.

12718f No.10909515

File: 21a363246c564ed⋯.jpg (115.04 KB, 750x487, 750:487, Haider car.jpg)



Oh, and I'm remiss if I fail to mention Austria's Jorg Haider, who also received the Boston Brakes treatment after speaking out against kike banking cartel.

They did the usual character assassination post mortem, claiming he was drunk at the wheel. Relatives and friends however, affirmed him as a teetotaler.

22c66e No.10909530


>calling Serbians kikes


3ca7dc No.10909737


aww, haider

That round hole is from antipersonnel rocket on wire from heli/drone iirc

eeb116 No.10909812


pic unrelated then?

258e1e No.10909842



Take your autism back to coast to coast AM.

fa185a No.10909845

File: 106036854ada7a2⋯.jpg (608.29 KB, 3000x2326, 1500:1163, ba4ddcd0-928e-4993-a0ee-f2….jpg)


>proven scam/freedom killing powergrab

Nice opinion

>Kill yourself

Nice projection, not an argument though.

Imagine how many telephone operating jobs cellphone companies killed? We need to get rid of all cellphone producers! See pic related. Now thanks to modern cell phones, there are no more jobs like pic related. :(

258e1e No.10909861


Are you on Tesla's payroll or something, Schlomo?

1c6cb3 No.10909880


To be fair, cell phones are pretty fucked. The telecom companies are all Israeli owned and maintenance men have to work on active antennas with 40mm thick wires sticking out. Also the cancer risk.

But still, self driving cars are gay and anyone defending the extremely rushed rollout of this technology is an asshole.

325c00 No.10910014


DC also has an issue in regards to long distance transmission. AC power was just better all around

b759ad No.10910617




feff80 No.10910942

File: bb7d1fcecbdd0a0⋯.jpg (33.55 KB, 812x573, 812:573, hydrogen-fuel-cell.jpg)

We should be using the hydrogen fuel. It's very clean to use.

9f4e57 No.10911146


>Nice projection, not an argument though.

>Implying your shitpost non argument deserves an argument

2282ff No.10911162


Just read about this, do you reckon (((Terry Kinnison)))?

c74139 No.10911174

File: e7516da997dc348⋯.jpg (32.75 KB, 480x530, 48:53, vopar.jpg)


>there are actually people this retarded

w e w

a027d4 No.10911696

File: 82a68814ac7930d⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 149c2a6663cae77e47fe15dfaf….gif)


Hydrogen cars run clean but where to get the first worlds worth of hydrogen from? It falls apart at that point.

Electricity makes the sense as the only way forward IF we can stop the development of thorium salt reactors from being kiked. And why they are being kiked is easy to see, they will completely end the energy industry as we know it, the whole world could be powered at no risk from the thorium from a single rare earth mine. No money in that, literal shoah.

Pic not related.

fa185a No.10911703


I think you meant to reply to this


fa185a No.10911737


>Also the cancer risk

I'm not sure about the newer cellphone photonenergies, but I did some OC research on the GSM 2.5GHz signals. It is physically impossible to ionize a single hydrogen atom with even 1000000 cellphones with that signal strength, all aimed at one optimal focal point on one specific atom. The 3G and 4G are probably not much different, but I cannot prove their ionization mathematically.


>self driving cars are gay

Depends on where they are driven. In normal streets with humans? Yes, it will probably not work with current technology in neural networks. But if you make a street optimized for machine perception and machine learning, , with specific white lines on the buildings. then you can actually pull it off.

597aac No.10911849

Electric cars are a kike scam. They create more emissions than regular cars to produce, lots of lithium (doesn't grow on trees) and is pointless unless you have renewable energy producing the power that the grid is being supplied with to charge the cars.

If we got rid of africa, india,arabs and chinks we'd be fine pollution wise. Then we let the japs go nuts again and start making all their 80's-90's

meme cars again and everything would be great.

The massive cargo ships that are used in international shipping are what actually causes the vast majority of global pollution, they are in international waters, so you can't do anything to enforce emissions, and those things are essentially giant 2 stroke engines that literally run off raw crude oil.

If we got rid of safety regulations and all this bloat we have in modern cars and let companies like Suzuki make stuff like geo metro's again, we would easily have cars that get 100mpg. Geo metros in the 90's used to get like 70's, now imagine with the improvements of modern engines with the lightweight simplicity of older cars.

34614e No.10911897

File: 1bf2252dcfce55f⋯.jpg (112.41 KB, 761x720, 761:720, 1510636681305.jpg)


>Hydrogen cars run clean but where to get the first worlds worth of hydrogen from? It falls apart at that point.

Anon, you know what makes up 2/3rds of water, right?

cc45fd No.10911919


The problem is the energy required to separate the 2H from the O

34614e No.10911968


Sure. But no system is perfect. It's been a while since I've crunched numbers on it, but a few years ago at least, it was a pretty good tradeoff to use hydrogen as a storage system for energy and run an electric motor off of the energy generated from the hydrogen-oxygen reaction. Tesla has done significant work and research into making batteries cheaper, lighter, and able to achieve higher energy densities. I don't think electrical energy storage is anywhere close to the energy density you can achieve with chemical yet, but the gap is closing. Until it does close, you'll be able to have a much better vehicle system if you take advantage of the higher energy density that hydrogen provides. The tradeoff for getting that better vehicle with better range is a bit less efficiency in the resource chain.

feff80 No.10912059


Solar energy can be used to convert the water into H2 without the sunlight so I believe it is possible to install the refuel station in every houses.

a027d4 No.10912398

File: 798ff13391d4ac9⋯.jpg (58.3 KB, 396x691, 396:691, 798ff13391d4ac9f28476750a1….jpg)


I'm going to say lets leave water alone till we work out how to put it back together again.

34614e No.10912491

File: 732003af9f1cdc5⋯.png (85.25 KB, 736x1308, 184:327, kurisu.png)


Oh, we know how to put it back togather again. That's literally how we got to the moon.

Using electric current to break apart water into hydrogen and oxygen (requires energy):


Combusting hydrogen and oxygen to create water (releases energy):


Hydrogen-oxygen combustion, the byproduct of which is water, is the fuel source of the most efficient (going by specific impulse) chemical rockets known to man.

758233 No.10912492

File: 93e73fcc7e70c1f⋯.png (416.56 KB, 544x565, 544:565, 854CE319-F5F1-45CE-862E-96….png)


>tfw failed CFA level 1

Although it was my fault for not studying at all for it, I thought I could’ve winged it being a finance student.


Technically they’re a private company, so they’re not bound by affirmative action laws.

It wouldn’t make for good PR though

feff80 No.10912503


Use the seaweed to fix the pure water.

02d75e No.10922902

File: 718f20eea58b6b2⋯.png (8.09 KB, 651x72, 217:24, temp.PNG)



>88 mph

I'm not sure if they are taunting us or what

f2184a No.10923006

File: b14948573c8cfe4⋯.jpg (60.24 KB, 780x438, 130:73, 151130065503-china-most-po….jpg)

File: a0b4405b15299ee⋯.jpg (206.01 KB, 1225x814, 1225:814, smog-red-alert6.jpg)

File: ca2056f655ccc68⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 800x572, 200:143, c_scale,fl_progressive,q_8….jpg)

File: 4a9307f3792cb6e⋯.jpg (428.1 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, la-fg-china-la-smog-policy….jpg)


>Oyy veyy don't you dare de-centralize (((power generation)))

I'm talking about nuclear, coal, and natural gas plants nigger. Oil plants are extremely expensive. Without cheap power and massive infrastructure that's available all the time you cannot run industrial plants. Why do you think "green" is being pushed so hard in nigger tier countries in africa? It's so no infrastructure gets built and so no industrial plants can be viable, thus allowing china to reap the natural resources of an entire continent. The shit you hear on the news is "China is green", which is pure bullshit, China is using at a minimum 70% coal. Which is cheap and allows all those factories to turn out your next iphone for 27 dollars a unit. The only "green" form of power worth a dam for industrial use is hydro and all the "green" faggots hate hydro because it "kills the fish" (it doesn't, its just another way to try and shut down cheap power.).

debc4e No.10923044


>automation for the win goy

>haha just put a corvette engine in a mclaren f1 look how contrarian I am

On behalf of /o/, you are cancer.

886e3f No.10923061


I have had the same theory since the truck/van events started repeating.

As for elon musk, he is inner circle - he looks and acts just like the bad guy in the original Deus Ex. It is like they used that character as a formula.

This create problem, wait for public to demand premade solution, offer solution - has been going on a lot.

Same with the chaos in europe currently.

They were doing it in the 80s in England too, also due to terrorism.

886e3f No.10923066


Reminder: Edison invented nothing.

He directly stole ideas and credit for the most famous inventions.

Takes a couple of minutes to find the real inventor of the light bulb, the radio, the telephone, the television, the car etc.

Here's a clue - none of them were american.

The other ones he laid claim to were products of inventors who worked in his 'invention shop'.

It is like Bill Gates claiming he wrote Windows 10.

877f2c No.10923067


The problem with this theory is that Musk is shit at delivering. If they were really concerned with their objective of theirs they would only hire whites and push out double the number of cars they currently do.

886e3f No.10923081


Wasn't google working on a car.

f2184a No.10923092

Someone post that video of that obama epa official laughing at the new "climate change regulations" that would cost trillions and lower the earth's temperature by 0.01%, I can't find it anymore with Pruitt shitting up the jewgle results.

f4dd8a No.10923143


hopefully none because space X is retarded. Wow, you got a rocket into space, great job! We only landed on the fucking moon like 50 years ago…

f2184a No.10923184

File: fd42fb28f7a73bb⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1861x934, 1861:934, climate bullshit.png)

Can't find my (((climate change))) stuff on this machine except for this one. Do you think china is going to shut down all its power plants after the eu and the us? Or is it just a calculated form of economic warfare?

886e3f No.10923187


Yeah, and the wright brothers were the first to fly. You saw it in the smithsonian.

add374 No.10923244


You need to buy oil or it will hurt our jobs

962ec8 No.10923258


>is it just a calculated form of economic warfare?

That and an extra tax to line the pockets of charities and legislators.

962ec8 No.10923304


You'll loose energy through heat going from water to hydrogen and back again when you burn it. Even in a perfect situation you're getting the same amount of energy you put in as you got out. You'll have to get hydrogen from somewhere other than water if you want to use it as an energy source. Currently the main method is to burn natural gas with some catalyst to separate the hydrogen from the carbon chains. It's very wasteful and expensive compared to just using the natural gas itself to burn and still pollutes to make. Ideally you'd go to some other planet like saturn or jupiter and get the hydrogen from their atmosphere but I have no idea what bringing in massive quantities of mass onto the planet would do to the ecosystem. You'd probably have to bring oxygen over as well because we might actually run out of it if all of it is being burnt into water. At least CO2 gets converted back into O2 by plants but nothing makes water back into oxygen. Granted this is a very long term problem with extraplanetary sources of hydrogen fuels but still worth considering if they are to be seriously considered.

0e7a91 No.10923324

File: d998572e09cc4f1⋯.jpg (122.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20081009_kaguya_01l.jpg)


>nothing makes water back into oxygen

Where do you think plants get the hydrogen to build carbohydrates? They break apart water and release the oxygen.

The energy required to ship hydrogen from the outer planets back to earth is orders of magnitude greater than the energy of burning that hydrogen chemically.

Your spot on about the cng/lng being a far superior fuel source than hydrogen bolt in terms of energy output for the given inputs and for store-ability. Most gas and diesel engines can be converted to run of methane either as a full conversion or a bi-fuel.

e5b982 No.10923496


Actshually, the dioxygen plants produce comes from the carbon dioxide. Water is not not destroyed in the process.

c17739 No.10923851

File: 724496950ece817⋯.jpg (72.84 KB, 1000x565, 200:113, 1972f136386abdfd181553110d….jpg)


>In the 1960s, Rocketdyne fired an engine using a mixture of liquid lithium, gaseous hydrogen, and liquid fluorine to produce a specific impulse of 542 seconds, likely the highest measured such value for a chemical rocket motor.[1]

Still a chemical rocket.

874bb6 No.10924245


free hydrogen is also very penetrating - you can't build a tank for it good enough

f9d684 No.10924271


That pic is proof that the Earth is flat.

c17739 No.10924477


Photosynthesis is the process of splitting water. Respiration is the process of creating water through the oxidation of chemical fuels.


Best form of hydrogen engine is when you have a solid metal hydride, but these are expensive speciality items today. Great for high density electricity storage.

d2ff04 No.10925267


This. A white liberal american(if he even is liberal which I doubt he is) deserves our support more then ragheads in the desert. And apparently he doesn't hire many nogs even if its only because nogs can't apply in the first place with shir education. Sounds like our guy. He is trying to make our race space faring, hes fucking up the nigger oil market, and his company discriminates against nogs.

f9ccf0 No.10925273


while i see this as a possibility, maibe it's becuse mudslimes made a miracle and thought for once, that maibe, just maibe, a guy with a car and a gun can do way more damage than any bomb

ddf53a No.10925310

File: db5fd45141a3c2d⋯.gif (51.4 KB, 601x299, 601:299, etranpm.gif)


Your definition of photosynthesis and respiration is wrong, but the fact that water splitting occurs during photosynthesis is not.

000000 No.10925374

Elon is literally from South Africa and posted on faceberg before a long rant on why South Africa going to shit was completely the fault of niggers and gommies.

5713eb No.10925391


>Tesla stole all of his


339b45 No.10925434


>They break apart water and release the oxygen.

They don't release oxygen and hydrogen from eating water and carbondioxide. The general equation is:

CO2 + H2O => CH2O + O2

Hydrogen and oxygen is bound to carbon and oxygen is released. No hydrogen is released from the reaction and the oxygen released is the same amount of CO2 consumed.

>The energy required to ship hydrogen from the outer planets back to earth is orders of magnitude greater than the energy of burning that hydrogen chemically.

I have no idea how to even begin calculating that but we manage to ship petrol using petrol vehicles around the world so if it's just a question of scale then we should be fine so long as we go big enough. My main point is that the energy cost to get hydrogen as a fuel is either higher or the same as what you'd get out of it unless we have a source of plain hydrogen. Plants don't eat water because there is no energy to be gained from it. The energy input comes from light and it is stored in a usable form by the creation of higher energy chemical bonds. If we were to replicate the process by taking water and converting it into a chemical we could burn for energy, we'd have to have some other source of energy in order to do that in which case we might as well just use that other source of energy instead. Like using solar power to split water to get hydrogen to burn for power instead of using solar power for power.

fa185a No.10925443

>That day when niggers killed the electric car because they got refused Gibs.

>that day when niggers ruined space exploration and space bidness because they didn't get that affirmative action.

>that day when you realize niggers actually cause global warming due to chronic parasitism

339b45 No.10925448

File: 366fb366c692ccc⋯.png (374.53 KB, 402x617, 402:617, ClipboardImage.png)


>that day when niggers ruined space exploration and space bidness because they didn't get that affirmative action.

You say that like it is new.

fa185a No.10925452



oh praise kek, this reminds me of


af118d No.10925571

File: 41696aecbd0841f⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 358x512, 179:256, IMG_0522.JPG)


The shitty thing is having a car that drives itself would be a lot less stressful for you when you commute daily in heavy traffic.

Not allowing anything but driverless cars is dangerous. For fucks sake…..Why can't we just have nice things?

af118d No.10925588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why was it so hard to land a rocket? I mean we already did that on the moon right? We should have had the technology already unless…..we never landed on the moon?

c763dc No.10925753


>Are an improvement in safety over people

<what are exploits

<what is cyber security

<what are hackers (no not the script kiddies running metasploit to build their shitty botnet so they can boot kids off Xbox)

b9552b No.10925763


Because the earth has much higher gravity and an atmosphere.

f2184a No.10925775

File: 80b41529c59a0b4⋯.jpg (71.59 KB, 500x667, 500:667, wut (31).jpg)


fuck off nigger

6354ec No.10925778


What about the countless thousands in Europe, where actual humans dwell?

6354ec No.10925787

File: 69fd95c1473bc76⋯.png (225.56 KB, 1006x487, 1006:487, EU, European Union - Jean ….png)


>This is why most "terrorist" events in recent history have involved vehicles; they are seeding in the public's mind the "problem" (bad people doing bad things with manual vehicles) to which they will offer the "solution" of mandatory driverless vehicles.


A sudden spike in ""terrorist strikes"" where a vehicle was used as the weapon? Its not a goddamn coincidence. Of course there's that one Mossad guy often filming the events (His name is Richard Gutjahr and he is married to Einat Wilf, a high-level Mossad agent and member of the Knesset.)

Screw Elon Musk, he is nothing but a frontman for this agenda. And that company is bastardizing Nikola Tesla's name.

f2184a No.10925798

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

adc7ca No.10925819


I don't get the driverless technology meme. There's so much random encounters on the roads I just don't see it working. It seems so easy to sabotage.

93cc35 No.10925852


Reuseable rockets is fairly impressive from a cost cutting perspective.

93cc35 No.10925886


>41.5% coal

That's mostly from the US, so domestic.

>15.6% hydroelectric

Domestic by nature.

>13.8% nuclear

Mostly domestic.


Mostly domestic.

>5.6% oil

Far less than 100% if it was purely running on oil.

The typical argument against electric vehicles is that they're primarily running off of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. However we know climate change is bullshit so the coal and natural gas part should be mostly irrelevant to you. The only relevance they have is that if the plants are setup the way the chinks and pajeets setup theirs then it pumps out such a volume of carbon dioxide that it pollutes the air and harms people's health, thankfully our own plants are setup in a way that greatly reduces emissions so this is only a minor concern.

138b5a No.10926061


>oy vey muh 6 million truck driver jobs

When one type of job goes away, another replaces it. If we quit cucking to chinks and spics with (((free trade))) agreements, industrial jobs will come back and those truck drivers will have something to do right there.

138b5a No.10926101


Oh boy, it's this shit again. I think Alex Jones might be a bit more your speed than /pol/.

208fa9 No.10926135


>Why is it so hard to land a rocket?

It has to be perfectly upright, not to mention the rocket contains highly explosive fuel

>We landed it on the moon?

We landed a lunar lander on the moon, which is quite different from a rocket. In addition, the moon has lower gravity and less atmosphere compared to earth.

>We should have the tech?

Since the public doesn't care, and the general complexity of balancing a rocket using basic thrusts, not to mention wind/rain/human error/CPU's not being fast enough.

>we never landed on the moon?

See >>10925775

4b6510 No.10926234


>Billions for space pennies for the hungry

Maybe not have 12 kids and get a job?

288c25 No.10926375

File: a7274e88e212395⋯.jpg (74.06 KB, 500x301, 500:301, 35316.jpg)


>carbon dioxide that it pollutes the air and harms people's health, thankfully our own plants are setup in a way that greatly reduces emissions so this is only a minor concern.

carbon monoxide != carbon dioxide

Holy shit you're a dumb nigger

93cc35 No.10926395

File: 3b5cd9c402cb340⋯.png (30.51 KB, 433x122, 433:122, Screenshot 2017-11-18 at 9….png)


>durr hurr carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide aren't the same

No shit, any other obvious facts you'd like to share? They do pump out carbon dioxide and it is harmful to your lungs in concentrated volumes.

a8016c No.10926464


if only that gibs-system had been shoah'd forever…

f9baef No.10926494


>Although Tesla stands out as a groundbreaking company at the forefront of the electric car revolution, its standard operating procedure at the Tesla factory is pre-Civil Rights era race discrimination

>Tesla is a groundbreaking company

>standard operating procedure is pre-Civil Rights era race discrimination

Why are nogs blind to simple Cause and Effect

b3d3e1 No.10926505

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why are there so many anti-Americans itt?

Landing on the moon is considered by most to be the single most impressive feat of technology that mankind has ever produced. And it was made possible due to America.

Saying the moon landings were faked is like saying the Wright bros didn't invent the airplane. It's like saying the soviets actually won the space race.

It's basically the same as saying you hate America.

93cc35 No.10926515


>We are working to ensure people receive their food stamps as soon as possible

>-Lisa (((Shekell)))

Every time.

93cc35 No.10926524


>I'm sorry Jim, I know you've been with us for four years and helped us land the Falcon 9 last year but the government is making us hire Tyrone and Shaneequa and we just can't afford to pay everyone

>Thus began Jim's journey to reeducate himself in disease vectors instead of rocket science to cure us of one of our greatest ills, niggers.

d71fb8 No.10926538

File: f97d1f01c684489⋯.jpg (136.63 KB, 1000x854, 500:427, 5590h.jpg)


What's more impressive, landing on the moon or convincing the world you landed on the moon?


A rocket didn't land on the moon, they had to create a vehicle specifically designed to land on the moon.

1d7391 No.10926541


>Landing on the moon is considered by most to be the single most impressive feat of technology that mankind has ever produced. And it was made possible due to America.

>And it was made possible due to America.


USA stolen german tech for that.

f82dcf No.10926554

File: 38971f061855f29⋯.jpg (185.96 KB, 1200x836, 300:209, 1200px-Von_Braun_1952_Spac….jpg)


>>possible due to America

Werner von Braun would have had a Space Station with artificial gravity last century in orbiting the Earth with a big Swastika flag upon it. You nigger lovers would have rather give themselves to the jew than explore space.

We aren't going back to the moon anytime soon, so the moon landings are as meaningless to me as they are to youth around me.

b3d3e1 No.10926565


Whats more impressive, fucking taylor swift or convincing your friends you fucked taylor swift?


It's true, america took german scientists to work making the first nuclear missiles, and then for nasa once we had a stockpile of them.

But russia took just as many scientists, and had them do the same shit. Yet they failed all 4 of their manned moon landing attempts, and most of their unmanned landing attempts.

To this day, NASA and the jet propulsion lab are the only two groups that have successfully landed a working vehicle(rover or lander or anything) on mars or its moons. Making america the only country capable of putting something safely on another planet.

f82dcf No.10926575


>>Russia failed in the moon landings even though they had as many German Scientists

Duh, its because they were being executed quicker than they could work. Communism doesn't even work once you have all the parts necessary to build something.

000000 No.10926584


What is Operation Paperclip?

Shit, Americans were so incompetent that even after they stole Nazi blueprints they still couldn't build the rockets and stop them from exploding so they literally had Nazi scientists do it for them and then later let a Nazi scientist lead them. It was a Nazi accomplishment, humanity's greatest accomplishment was done by Nazis.

The fun part is, in the fictions of alternate futures where Nazis win no matter how pozzed and anti-Nazi the message, the Nazis are super technologically advanced far more than this timeline, isn't it funny how even their enemies acknowledged their technological superiority and had the Nazis won humanity would be a far more advanced species for it? Oh and after the moon mission Von Braun wanted to go to Mars and made plans for it ages ago but the US didn't care. Oops. Our only chance to colonise the stars compromised and ruined by ZOG niggerloving fuckers like you. Thanks for holding the white and by extension the entire human race back.

93cc35 No.10926590


>human race

No such thing.

0e7a91 No.10926594

File: dcf93b0f4e1aa48⋯.jpg (82.46 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, 1503199971842.jpg)

File: 5a194dd3d1e3036⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 793x397, 793:397, Cuter wo the paint.jpg)


Well the lunar lander did use a rocket to land on the moon but whatever man.


Fucking t-sweezy is a worthwhile goal.

000000 No.10926603


Because America got the best ones, you dipshit. Although it's true the Soviets stole more than the Americans did but with them they managed to be the first into space thus literally making them to first to win the race to space. And to this day Americans have to hitch rides with the Russians just to merely get into space. Neither of you are victors, just the sort of thieves Hitler spoke about in Mein Kampf.

b3d3e1 No.10926604

File: f515b3939bc57de⋯.jpg (802.82 KB, 2970x2970, 1:1, marsbig.jpg)


>we arent going back to the moon anytime soon

Educate yourself, nigger.

The Deep Space Gateway will be a space station orbiting the moon. NASA, coordinating with Russia like when we built the ISS, plans to have it done by the time the ISS becomes too expensive to maintain due to age, before 2024. It will be the ISS's sucessor, and it's there to enable somewhat regular lunar landings from both NASA and Russia, as well as commercial missions meaning moon tourism.

NASA is doing this because we now know how to live on 0g. We don't know how to live in 1/3g like on mars, or 1/6g like on the moon, and since the gravity is actually similiar, the plan is to master day-to-day operations on the moon before we send someone to mars where they will be 2 years from any help whatsoever.

Moonbase soon.



It was equal parts the Nazis and what was then the working spirit of the american people, and the fact that we are capitalist and not communist. America today lacks that same spirit, but it was a different time then.

Germany probably would have beat america if that's how it happened, but it didn't happen that way. Unfortunately. Just see it as americans helping and supporting german autism into space.

93cc35 No.10926609



Actually its just because Von Braun was far ahead of his German peers. It'd be like if you were putting together a football team, would you rather have every receiver that Tom Brady throws to or Brady?

1d7391 No.10926623


>Impliying USA will made the space travel without Von Braun


09ea30 No.10926638


>the disproportionately tiny head

gets me every time

b3d3e1 No.10926640

File: 9c21176e53d36a0⋯.jpg (670.55 KB, 1280x907, 1280:907, 1280px-Orange_tank_SLS_evo….jpg)

NASA's bet on the future of space travel:


They're already built the tank, the largest part, of the first sls rocket. It's being built from the ground up to be far safer than the shuttle, while using flight-proven shuttle parts. It will be used to launch the new (and almost finished, already flight-tested) Orion spaceship, the successor to Apollo, and built specifically for long flights without relying on docking with the ISS. SLS uses the shuttle's engines and boosters, but the boosters will be upgraded at a future date for an expected 15% thrust increase. (the competition for the contract is still going on)

Consider it a space shuttle built like a regular rocket, without the weight of the thermal tiles or wings or anything, increasing payload capacity.

This is the rocket NASA plans on launching the DSG into lunar orbit with. It's also the rocket they plane on launching the ARES interplanetary spaceship with, to go to mars.

93cc35 No.10926641


>>Impliying USA will made the space travel without Von Braun

That's the exact opposite of what I'm saying, I'm saying that the only reason we beat the Soviets is because we had him whereas the German scientists they had weren't quite on his level.

f82dcf No.10926642

File: f9ad0a31d842784⋯.jpg (327.49 KB, 1440x962, 720:481, Octavia-Spencer-center-in-….jpg)


>>can't live at <1G

Just have spinning platform, the acceleration towards the center can be easily found out for the size of diameter and speed that it spins, like Braun's concept.

>>NASA doing



With jews you lose anon, if it helps extinguish the white race perhaps it will be allowed to happen. Like have an interracial couple produce the first child on Mars.

b3d3e1 No.10926647


Unproven technology, and too expensive to put into space to test. There's also the problem that the rest of the spacecraft will want to rotate the opposite way, making orienting and precise propulsion difficult.

It will be easier to just solve the problem of living in 0-1g than solve gravity.

f82dcf No.10926648

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>not Communism

Remember Cosmonauts were expandable and there was basically no safety procedure. At least the Americans made sure of it due to the number of White people in America at that time and at NASA.

f82dcf No.10926662


>>unproven technology

Like the Apollo Computers? Especially the lander with its multitasking operating system which saved the Apollo 11 Lander due to its memory being sewed incorrectly causing the radar interrupts to eat up most of the processing, but since it was multitasking the control system still was given compute time. Also rotating Katherine Wheels make perfect sense in space of simulating 1G.

93cc35 No.10926663


>>not Communism

Correct, Von Braun.

b3d3e1 No.10926664


Ironically, america has a worse record than Russia when it comes to dead astronauts.

Only due to the two shuttle disasters.

However, russia's favorite rocket, the r-7, is litterally russia first ever ICBM, first rocket, launched sputnik, launched Yuri Gagarin, launched parts of mir, and went on to be the most launched and best safety rating of any spac vehicle in history.

The R-7 the AK-47 of rockets.


f82dcf No.10926674


You'll never know how many dead Cosmonauts happened behind the Iron Curtain. Or even the circumstances leading up to Stalin's death. The Communists rewrite history so often the truth is lost.


I'll only partially concede that point since I'm a fan of Van Braun too. But we must not forget the amount of Unknown amount of German Soldiers and Scientists who found themselves in the Gulags behind the Iron Curtain never to be known again.

1d7391 No.10926686

File: 2417d8e193aea91⋯.png (48.34 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 14988609399020.png)



Made by captured germans forced to work.

000000 No.10926711


>Implying anyone would have made it into space without Nazis


Nazis literally invented modern rocket science and it's always fun watching pop scientists on talmudvision and XDDDdd SCIENCE IS AWESUMI!! retards talk up the moon landing as the pinnacle of human achievement and space colonisation, they are celebrating Nazis. They were the pinnacle of scientific and technological achievement and were the most advanced of their era, possibly all time.


To be fair, the Soviets purged and covered up most of their failures the same way the Chinese do but they at least had a reputation for some pretty reliable stuff, but the AK seemed more like an accident than they would admit due to its lose building tolerances opposition of common sense build quality even to this day.

000000 No.10926713


This too

Daily reminder the Assault Rifle is also a Nazi invention

b3d3e1 No.10926728


Every single routine in apollo's computers was testing several times before even the test flight. Every possible action that computer could take was tested, and approved. The problem that occured in Apollo 13 was that one of the physical switches had gotten stuck in the 'on', and it happened to be the landing abort switch.

Why bother simulating gravity when we learned we can live in 0g given we do daily exercise? It'll probably be even easier in >1g.


Given the chance, obviously nazis would have btfo of america and russia in a space race. But we don't live in that timeline.

This one is starting to get really spicy. Space exploration is kicking up just as mass immigration and overpopulation is. Will we make colonies in time?

000000 No.10926770


>Space exploration is kicking up just as mass immigration and overpopulation is. Will we make colonies in time?

No it isn't. SpaceX goes almost nowhere after all these years in Elon's masterful Jewing of USA tax dollars and NASA is still daydreaming blueprints and knowledge seeking sciences with no practical value rather than the engineering they are famous for. Remember, the moon landing happened in the fucking 60s and shitskins will ruin space and any efforts at cosmic colonisation the same way they fuck up public transportation and the like. I can't wait for countless niggers ruining the tube with their uncivilised subhumanness and the first Religion of Cuck™ic terrorist attack in space, ramming the new shiny hundreds billions quid shuttle of peace on max into London killing millions, but it'll probably be a blessing with nothing of value lost since it's fucking current year London.

There will be ghettos in space, my friend. Like those dystopian movies unless we accept that eugenics was the best thing we came up with and all shitskins which are the cause of overpopulation and dragging humanity down are either erased or sterilised.

b3d3e1 No.10926793


Thats the thing, most shitskins won't be able to afford to go to space.

No matter what, getting into space will alway be the biggest hurdle. Once we are able to produce things in space, then we will be able to conquer the solar system for real, but it will still be hella difficult to send someone into space, due to earth's gravity and atmosphere. Moving around in space is incredibly easy, given knowledge and time.

There will be mostly whites in space, with the occasional chink mission. Going into space will cost an exorbitant amount of money no matter how cheap we can get it. Right now it costs something in the order of 165 million to fly on a russian rocket to the ISS. Even if elon the autist manages to get a mars ticket down to 500k like he says he will, that will still be too much for most shitskins, given you will also have to buy land/habitats on mars.

So perhaps some rich arabs, pajeets, and chinks make it up, but not many, and only the ones smart(or cunning) enough to get extremely rich will anyways.

b3d3e1 No.10926798


>or cunning

meant lucky but w/e

0e7a91 No.10926858

File: a0bb0177a9727f4⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, YOU ARE A CUNT.mp4)


>SpaceX goes almost nowhere after all these years

And where has NASA or ULA gone? You fucking double nigger gas yourself. SpaceX is single handily doing more to advance towards being multiplanitory than all of the other space programs in the world combind and you still just kvetch about it being too little for you, or that he gets too much gov aid for you (even though his competitors get many times more and he proves services at a lower cost to the government). I don't know where faggots like you get off, seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?

000000 No.10926876


<Thats the thing, most shitskins won't be able to afford to go to space.

There will be the same fucking diversity quotas and like council housings and section ape Americans have and the like. There is no dream or future in this with their lot around, everyone, even the far lefties know this but won't dare admit it.

f2184a No.10926987

File: 953527ae464b357⋯.png (986.62 KB, 800x628, 200:157, jewed (4).png)

File: 4cd27953bc3a45f⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1954x1091, 1954:1091, 4cd27953bc3a45fa8388ef96e4….png)

File: d840d7b870ed304⋯.png (414.64 KB, 474x999, 158:333, cbfcd0a99d5514eef270ec1d37….png)

File: 079addb5b082679⋯.mp4 (6.93 MB, 854x480, 427:240, niggers (5).mp4)


I bet you believe we're getting a wall too huh, well I guess we are, it's just located in israel is all.

17a2b0 No.10927023


The general collection of ideas that would be combined in the StG44 had been floating around for a while, either in prototypes or actually fielded guns, albeit in very limited quantities. The Germans put it together in a package that basically set the standard on their first try.

f2184a No.10927061

File: f15756bf3102631⋯.gif (785.84 KB, 500x206, 250:103, robo2.gif)

File: 4fc50d9ba7c37bb⋯.webm (7.87 MB, 848x352, 53:22, robo.webm)

File: 0ece072547c57e0⋯.jpg (163.67 KB, 1000x997, 1000:997, robo.jpg)

f9baef No.10927076


Tesla stands out as a groundbreaking company at the forefront of the electric car revolution because the standard operating procedure at the Tesla factory is pre-Civil Rights era race discrimination


000000 No.10927077


>The Germans put it together in a package that basically set the standard on their first try.

That's what pisses me off. Since the goddamned 40s but still ZOG had to fuck everything over.

f2184a No.10927093

File: e557f7768968282⋯.gif (494.67 KB, 500x223, 500:223, robo.gif)

Dumb fucks here thinking competing with machines, on top of niggers and spics is a good thing. 6 million truckers switch into which job exactly? …. ? Other jobs that are already chock full of machines, niggers, and spics…

f2184a No.10927104

File: d9476f95eb89992⋯.webm (10.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, niggers (2).webm)

well let's be honest, not too many niggers because they are born for the gibs

85e4c3 No.10927569


Thats not his fault and you are a nigger for making this argument

aa0419 No.10927707


6 million truckers can switch to shitposting.

fd6565 No.10928034

Is it possible to create a thorium powered Car? The thorium fuel last for long time.

9b7d8d No.10928078

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Forget about storing reactors in cars. Too easy to break and deliver a large dose of radiation, too difficult to shield with light materials. The french had reactors in sportscars, by the late 60s I think. Never left off b/c of security concerns.

You get a local reactor, be it fission or (hopefully) fusion and load up your lithium battery at home like at a gas station. That's the near future. Fusion is simply turning hydrogen into heavier elements and doesn't leave meaningful waste. If you get that you're golden.

ddf53a No.10928090



You also have to remember that cars get into wrecks all the fucking time. No matter how secure you make it, some nigger is going to wrap the reactor around a tree and irradiate the children's park.

9b7d8d No.10928100


If you think transportation is the issue you're a moron. Go transport spice with a camel or some shit.

Production and information jobs are the real issue, thats where actual value comes from. If you have a decent mono ethnic society it still wouldn't matter, though.

da25fb No.10928117

File: cb067b9ab03ff43⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 396x385, 36:35, cb0.jpg)

7e6329 No.10928128


Look at how fat the nig is.

c17739 No.10928232

File: d801cd4a68d146a⋯.png (284.49 KB, 490x630, 7:9, d801cd4a68d146a6294cee44de….png)


SLS is dumb shit, a waste of the tax-payers money. NASA have learned nothing from the lethal launch accidents they have had, they specifically formulated the need to NOT launch crew and cargo on the same vessel, yet here we are again doing exactly that.

SLS has no scheme to make it reusable because NASA can just get more autism-bucks from the government for their lunacy.

e86088 No.10928259


H2 is also a terrible 'mobile-energy carrier'. A kg of fuel contains 31 million Joules heat of combustion. H2 contains 120 MJ/kg but to pack 30 kg of H2 into a container, you would need an incredible pressure chamber, as well as a ridiculous compressor at the tank station. This is all far too unlikely to be possible in less than 10 years

f2184a No.10928277

File: fef8d7125e84429⋯.webm (2.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, niggers (5).webm)

File: 18ecbb9c928ac59⋯.png (639.49 KB, 1022x731, 1022:731, niggers (10).png)


Manufacturing and production got shipped out to china, and mexico by the kikes.

Construction is dominated by illegal spics working for 5 bucks an hour.

Information jobs are a scam, work like a dog for EA for two years for below minimum wage and get shitcanned as soon as your team plops out a new call of duty. Competing with pajeets that are on the h1b program driving down wages. The only stable tech jobs are working for the government.

47de0a No.10928574


Replacing jobs and increasing efficiency is how humanity moves forward you insufferable boomer poster. Go off yourself.

341f12 No.10928596

Why do people even complain about Musk getting subsidies when the kikes get them all the time?

ee7f72 No.10928635


>not knowing about Gibbs Free Energy

f2184a No.10928652

File: 30ff0704fafa561⋯.jpg (71.12 KB, 720x322, 360:161, pol (7).jpg)

File: b17fa0f629f1413⋯.png (789.21 KB, 450x735, 30:49, pol8.png)


>increasing efficiency is how humanity moves forward

fd6565 No.10931858


They are jealous of him.

43d7b9 No.10954842


Well, he is South African. Can't help his roots going back to the good ol' days.

43d7b9 No.10954850


Lady Di' had an alter at the wheel.

43d7b9 No.10954858


Also, the rothschild in the ambulance performed the final ritual before she took her last breath. She crashed on the 13th pillar, the same spot which was dedicated to the goddess she was named after. She was bred for sacrifice. Truly sad.

1c2af1 No.10955012


She's got strangely fat wrists.

4e0fed No.10955022


The fuck are you s.oking? Elon musk needs to get hung asap.

34933d No.10955029


That was pretty depressing.

1c2af1 No.10955030

File: d0eb67d08d47dac⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 476x362, 238:181, NiggerBreakthrough.JPG)

File: 5e036d96bbd9623⋯.jpg (70.96 KB, 574x732, 287:366, BacktothePast.jpg)

4e0fed No.10955032


Are you me?

14a873 No.10956222


>The only stable tech jobs are working for the government.

even then they will still higher a packi "and his family" who will steal everything that is not nailed down and defect to pakistan the moment shit gets hot for some CP

dbbb2c No.10959292


You know what more is tesla


dbbb2c No.10959318


Yeah… right, it takes more energy to split Hydrogen from water than the energy released in combustion,(or in a fancy platinum fuel cell), even with the thermal-chemical production from iodine-sulphur is still needed a 20% more energy than the energy that releases.Normally electrolysis has a efficiency of 40%, and internal combustion engines have a efficiency of 30 to 40%

battery powered cars will replace city cars, sure, but they will never replace trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes.

dbbb2c No.10959347


There's a good bunch of reasons to have centralized powerplants, all of them relate to having less powerlines, and concentrating all of your maintenance in a single point not in 1000s of powerlants all over the place

Plus if you really, really wan't to have a clean electricity grid there's only 3 options, geothermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear, solar and wind only work to make electricity more expensive even if still comes from the same sources, nuclear, coal, gas and hydro.

and remember that electricity isn't necessarily energy, from the 9000Watts the average american uses(thats from gasoline for cars to the natural gas in your kitchnen and water heater) just 2000W or less are electricity.

California has 19000MW of installed solar capacity that produce like 1900MW of power in average trough the year. A 1900MW nuclear reactor produces 1900MW and end of the story.

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