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Odious Memes

File: 9fc109ce553c7bc⋯.png (742.75 KB, 732x756, 61:63, 9fc109ce553c7bc34c3b4fe552….png)

ae3d37 No.10906108

So what do you think, /pol/? Is Jon Lebowitz telling the truth? Do you trust him?



be5c04 No.10906132


I think this is goy free first post, and he's 100% right.

26b83d No.10906139

Kikes are in full damage control mode.

bc43ab No.10906152

I'm betting you Liebowitz will be next

016661 No.10906155

Liebowitz plays a jester role for international jewry. Taking uncomfortable truths and sanitizing them, making them punchlines deodorized of any jewish scent. He made a career out of criticizing American foreign policy, but never once mentioned the jewish motivations behind any of it. He made a career out of criticizing corporate greed in America, but never mentions his brother is the CEO of the NYSE.

be5c04 No.10906159


Not in a million years.

ae3d37 No.10906180

File: 1872ae054b770f7⋯.png (559.01 KB, 732x1012, 183:253, scumbag.png)

481190 No.10906207



<waiting for leibowitzpodesta.jpg

2c0373 No.10906215

>shortly before three Comedy Central interns step forward to say he made them bend over so he could sniff their ass

455213 No.10906222

>not all x are like that

Sorry, faggots. You gave up your right to use that with the "all white" bullshit. Everyone in Hollywood is a scumbag, and if you aren't you're enabling scumbags. Women will only be safe once Hollywood is removed from existence.

b306d5 No.10906266

b306d5 No.10906279


Gawker&anti-semitism because Don wanted Jon to be proud of his jewish heritage instead of lying about his last name for a complacent audience

be5c04 No.10906289


>Jon defends the Jews

<except he criticizes them all the time and supports J-Street instead of AIPAC

You are a retard. Or do you expect him to scream about Jews being demonic baby eaters and other ridiculous slander?

016661 No.10906301

File: 75bbea1d0a9926e⋯.jpg (6.8 KB, 190x265, 38:53, (((Radonski))).jpg)


Shoo shoo, jew.

01a291 No.10906304

File: 6f725c7e6764c73⋯.jpg (33.15 KB, 569x465, 569:465, Smug_4.jpg)

Reminder of two things:

Jon Lebowitz was Anthony Weiner's roomate in college

OP is a gigantic faggot who wonders whether we trust the word of a lefty kike

42bd79 No.10906314

waiting for a woman or man to accuse Jon Stewart.

c4b5d6 No.10906319

>Not Everyone in Hollywood is a Scumbag

>Is he telling the truth?

I'm sure there's some naive cuck or innocent dreamer hiding in some back corner, waiting to lick some jew's asshole so they can get their foot in the door. Even if 99% of Hollyjew is degenerate leftists and ideologues, I'm certain that SOMEONE in that hellhole is pure… for about a day.

So technically, he's right. If ALMOST everyone in Hollywood is a scumbag, then not everyone is.

6e7754 No.10906322

>not everyone in a terrorist organization has personally killed someone, or is unlikable on a personal level

095a79 No.10906326

File: ba94af8abe08910⋯.gif (367.77 KB, 500x364, 125:91, 1484704369254.gif)


Nah just his college roommate. Anyone else find it weird that he has a pig rescue now? Is that where all the dead goyim go?

01a291 No.10906332


>woman or man

He majored in child psychology, if that tells you anything.

361177 No.10906334


>Denying an allegation not explicitly made.

Huge tell for jew lies. Also, unlike computers, the human brain does not process the negation verbal operations well (such as 'not'), so this article may as well be saying that everyone in Hollywood actually is a scumbag.

eb4e6e No.10906380

I take this less as about Hollywood, more about himself. He definitely has done some shit.

bcdd21 No.10906391

You know back a few months ago when I told faggots (like OP) to post TMZ threads next (given how full of shit the catalog was and STILL is) it wasn't a serious suggestion.

Fucking mongoloid.

401fb2 No.10906420


honestly man, I kinda scan the media sometimes to see if any of these liars are like worried or anything and they usually just keep it nice and smug

but this guy has looked like shit since he retired from that show

9a42f5 No.10906433


holy shit he aged a whole decade in one year. wtf?

365339 No.10906494

File: ac36de94e4b1465⋯.mp4 (13.08 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Jon Stewart Says Not Every….mp4)

3c1b65 No.10906576



Criminals the lot of you shill kikes , for not blessing these trips confirming the message conveyed. Hollywood always has been and always will be the epicentre of kikery and subversion . Hollywoodism

3c1b65 No.10906578


Also this. Enough said

b5ae9a No.10906583

This Jew is larping as a Trump supporter and telling people that Hollywood is ok.


b5ae9a No.10906587

File: 23abea1171d70e7⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 657x441, 73:49, clearly a jew.jpg)

cb643f No.10906624

Typical jewish tricks.

>not all blacks are bad

>look here, here's a black man who has his life together

>so lets treat all niggers as if they were the same as this outlier

6807b0 No.10906629


Trump happened. He shows up randomly at the Comedy Cellar in NYC, without notice, to perform his lame, cringe-inducing Trump routine.

06155b No.10906640

He's not wrong. I'm sure that there's a few people passing through who aren't bad. I just hope they realize it's a terrible tourist destination.

ff244d No.10906649

File: 9b482978ab9f9ee⋯.png (327.14 KB, 1024x305, 1024:305, readthis.png)


Pretty sure he's feeding his victims to the pigs in his farm for abused pigs (actual thing.)

He's definitely involved, he was working with (((Hollywood))) for too long with too much influence and aptitude not to be.


If even 5% of (((Hollywood))) is involved then he was definitely involved. He has too of high competence to be ignorant of it and he virtue signaled too much to have let it slide if he weren't involved.

be78d0 No.10906651


I wrote it yesterday somewhere around here that I was expecting kikes to come out with some BS on this par.

>Oy vey, there are many good jews that are protecting you from the bad kikes.

<I am sorry, the oven is already booked for all of you.

f332fa No.10906657

He's right - the kids they're raping and exploiting and murdering aren't scumbags

22fb7a No.10906669


He's not to hot on the fly is he? Body language says he's uncomfortable.

bc43ab No.10906742


Body language? The tremors in his voice alone could tell you he's uncomfortable

e360f7 No.10906756


Your image pissed me off, I have lost the game. Anyone still playing?

249b2f No.10906775

File: a83c06076e99372⋯.jpg (397.27 KB, 1976x1170, 76:45, jew leibowitz confused.jpg)


>Is Jon Lebowitz telling the truth? Do you trust him?


4c0239 No.10906799


Yes, he is telling the truth. Trafficked child sex slaves for the Jews are victims and not scumbags.

358ddf No.10906813

He's only technically correct.

After all, there are two types of people in Hollyjew: scumbags and rape victims.

b50609 No.10906908


I wish this post had dubs.

bc43ab No.10906954


Me too. Me too

0b2951 No.10906981

File: e58da4fc60dd6de⋯.png (84.91 KB, 327x300, 109:100, questioncat.png)


he must be hiding something big

d78a20 No.10906993

File: 43cb903a39bedfb⋯.webm (475.73 KB, 848x480, 53:30, can a brother get an echo.webm)


>Is Jon Lebowitz telling the truth?


No, he probably rapes kids in an industrial scale or something.

2a36fa No.10907020


Fuck you anon now I lost the game.

Also, if he is dumping the evidence to the pigs he's not gonna be easy to pin. The murderous pedos are always harder to catch as they are more carefull as a general rule.

237079 No.10907137


I want that young sheboon they hired right before he left to come out saying Liebowitz groped her or something.




Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

9ad91e No.10907193

568623 No.10907341


What about 6 million years? He's a fag.

80b7ab No.10907354


Should we make "The Game" into "le next big alt-rite poster"?

5c761f No.10907356

File: a252dac1e12160e⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 400x302, 200:151, mercurio.jpg)

This is the fella that made his career btw. All these late night show-hosts has writers writing their jokes for them. Interesting enough, this faggot also got arrested in 2002 for live-broadcasting a couple having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral in Jew York.

ca879e No.10907372

>Not everyone in Hollywood is a scumbag.

t. Scumbag

cdde77 No.10907401

File: d805e91223a7300⋯.jpg (116.01 KB, 549x487, 549:487, kike.jpg)

70b968 No.10907416


/pol/ is not alt-right and you need to fucking kill yourself.

ef34a1 No.10907442


f3336a No.10907558


This. Covering his mouth with his hand, the wide open eyes, shuffling side to side, and the lip licking pacifying behavior tells us that Rabbi Leibowitz is nervous about being found out.

To diffuse the discomfort he quickly jumps into talmudic pilpul rhetoric mode and attempts to pivot the question about systematic rape of women into the "women have a tougher time"-tier script that covers such fictitious but feelgood liberal talking points like muh wage gap.

Leibowitz has seen some shit and done some shit. He was Anthony Weiner's roommate for christsake. And his brother practically owns the stock market.

But in the end he is just a mortal neanderthal. Take away his controlled environment and curated audience of mockingbirds, and he squirms.

781f67 No.10907593

Simple logic: If half of a batch of cookies are poisoned, do you keep them around or do you throw the entire batch away?

Same with Hollywood, and it's probably much much more than just 50%.

e2d561 No.10907612


Ah the old bowl of sweets analogy, notice how this meme stopped getting used when we changed the words to be about jews rather than moslems.

781f67 No.10907615


Was it ever used by normies, or do you mean being used around HERE?

c6c881 No.10908126

An honest j… Oh wait, he's dissembling. He is referring to the victims while deflecting.

c6c881 No.10908135


>not imbedding

Newfag, you need to lurk more before you're tossed into the ovens by accident.

aef07c No.10908324


>Jon Skelowitz

Is it AIDS or is it meth?

c6c881 No.10908544


Genetic memory of the shoah goyim.

e9b2b3 No.10908604

What a Kike rat

7d9377 No.10908612


>So what do you think, /pol/?

>what does /pol/ think of [x]


>Is Jon Lebowitz telling the truth?


>Do you trust him?

>trusting a jew


e9b2b3 No.10908629

File: eefd5448d6469a7⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 540x324, 5:3, Jon Stewart 911.jpg)


This lying little rat snake tonged kike has a lot coming

e7a639 No.10908691

>not everyone in hollywood is a scumbag

>the rest are raped children

ec4fca No.10908697


/pol/ is not the alt-right.

c14210 No.10908728



a88037 No.10909076

Guaranteed Stewart has massive skeletons in his closet.

c6c881 No.10909368


Israel is outside.

5a3b1d No.10914596

File: 966620348a9a0cd⋯.png (852.68 KB, 899x925, 899:925, Jon Stewart Tells The Trut….PNG)

It's ok OP, I found the real one.

5a3b1d No.10914619


Fuck you anon, 3 and a half years I was winning and you go and fucking ruin it.


5a3b1d No.10914621


Oh shit, sorry everyone, I'll just go kill myself

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