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Odious Memes

File: b97dd70f158819a⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 572x479, 572:479, africa_map_split-3e1746648….jpg)

baaf2f No.10914565

When it comes to any analysis of the problems facing Africa, Western society, and particularly people from the United States, encounter a logical disconnect that makes clear analysis impossible. That disconnect is the way life is regarded in the West (it’s precious, must be protected at all costs etc.), compared to the way life, and death, are regarded in Africa. Let me try to quantify this statement.

In Africa, life is cheap. There are so many ways to die in Africa that death is far more commonplace than in the West. You can die from so many things: snakebite, insect bite, wild animal attack, disease, starvation, food poisoning… the list goes on and on. At one time, crocodiles accounted for more deaths in sub-Saharan Africa than gunfire, for example. Now add the usual human tragedy (murder, assault, warfare and the rest), and you can begin to understand why the life expectancy for an African is low — in fact, horrifyingly low, if you remove White Africans from the statistics (they tend to be more urbanized, and more Western in behavior and outlook). Finally, if you add the horrifying spread of AIDS into the equation, anyone born in sub-Saharan Africa this century will be lucky to reach age forty.

I lived in Africa for over thirty years. Growing up there, I was infused with several African traits — traits which are not common in Western civilization. The almost-casual attitude towards death was one. (Another is a morbid fear of snakes.)

So because of my African background, I am seldom moved at the sight of death, unless it’s accidental, or it affects someone close to me. (Death which strikes at total strangers, of course, is mostly ignored.) Of my circle of about eighteen or so friends with whom I grew up, and whom I would consider “close”, only about eight survive today — and not one of the survivors is over the age of fifty. Two friends died from stepping on landmines while on Army duty in Namibia. Three died in horrific car accidents (and lest one thinks that this is not confined to Africa, one was caused by a kudu flying through a windshield and impaling the guy through the chest with its hoof — not your everyday traffic accident in, say, Florida). One was bitten by a snake, and died from heart failure. Another two also died of heart failure, but they were hopeless drunkards. Two were shot by muggers. The last went out on his surfboard one day and was never seen again (did I mention that sharks are plentiful off the African coasts and in the major rivers?). My experience is not uncommon in South Africa — and north of the Limpopo River (the border with Zimbabwe), I suspect that others would show worse statistics.

The death toll wasn’t just confined to my friends. When I was still living in Johannesburg, the newspaper carried daily stories of people mauled by lions, or attacked by rival tribesmen, or dying from some unspeakable disease (and this was pre-AIDS Africa too) and in general, succumbing to some of Africa’s many answers to the population explosion. Add to that the normal death toll from rampant crime, illness, poverty, flood, famine, traffic, and the police, and you’ll begin to get the idea.

My favorite African story actually happened after I left the country. An American executive took a job over there, and on his very first day, the newspaper headlines read:

“Three Headless Bodies Found”.

The next day: “Three Heads Found”.

The third day: “Heads Don’t Match Bodies”.

baaf2f No.10914568

You can’t make this stuff up.

As a result of all this, death is treated more casually by Africans than by Westerners. I, and I suspect most Africans, am completely inured to reports of African suffering, for whatever cause. Drought causes crops to fail, thousands face starvation? Yup, that happened many times while I was growing up. Inter-tribal rivalry and warfare causes wholesale slaughter? Yep, been happening there for millennia, long before Whitey got there. Governments becoming rich and corrupt while their populations starved? Not more than nine or ten of those. In my lifetime, the following tragedies have occurred, causing untold millions of deaths: famine in Biafra, genocide in Rwanda, civil war in Angola, floods in South Africa, famine in Somalia, civil war in Sudan, famine in Ethiopia, floods in Mozambique, wholesale slaughter in Uganda, and tribal warfare in every single country. There are others, but you get the point.

Yes, all this was also true in Europe — maybe a thousand years ago. But not any more. And Europe doesn’t teem with crocodiles, ultra-venomous snakes and so on.

The Dutch controlled the floods. All of Europe controls famine — it’s non-existent now. Apart from a couple of examples of massive, state-sponsored slaughter (Nazi Germany, Communist Russia), Europe since 1700 doesn’t even begin to compare to Africa today. Casual slaughter is another thing altogether — rare in Europe, common in Africa.

More to the point, the West has evolved into a society with a stable system of government, which follows the rule of law, and has respect for the rights and life of the individual — none of which is true in Africa.

Among old Africa hands, we have a saying, usually accompanied by a shrug: “Africa wins again.” This is usually said after an incident such as:

a beloved missionary is butchered by his congregation, for no apparent reason

a tribal chief prefers to let his tribe starve to death rather than accepting food from the Red Cross (would mean he wasn’t all-powerful, you see)

an entire nation starves to death, while its ruler accumulates wealth in foreign banks

a new government comes into power, promising democracy, free elections etc., provided that the freedom doesn’t extend to the other tribe

the other tribe comes to power in a bloody coup, then promptly sets about slaughtering the first tribe

etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

The prognosis is bleak, because none of this mayhem shows any sign of ending. The conclusions are equally bleak, because, quite frankly, there is no answer to Africa’s problems, no solution that hasn’t been tried before, and failed.

baaf2f No.10914571

Just go to the CIA World Fact Book, pick any of the African countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi etc.), and compare the statistics to any Western country (eg. Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland). The disparities are appalling — and it’s going to get worse, not better. It has certainly got worse since 1960, when most African countries achieved independence. We, and by this I mean the West, have tried many ways to help Africa. All such attempts have failed.

Charity is no answer. Money simply gets appropriated by the first, or second, or third person to touch it (17 countries saw a decline in real per capita GNP between 1970 and 1999, despite receiving well over $100 billion in World Bank assistance).

Food isn’t distributed. This happens either because there is no transportation infrastructure (bad), or the local leader deliberately withholds the supplies to starve people into submission (worse).

Materiel is broken, stolen or sold off for a fraction of its worth. The result of decades of “foreign aid” has resulted in a continental infrastructure which, if one excludes South Africa, couldn’t support Pittsburgh.

Add to this, as I mentioned above, the endless cycle of Nature’s little bag of tricks — persistent drought followed by violent flooding, a plethora of animals, reptiles and insects so dangerous that life is already cheap before Man starts playing his little reindeer games with his fellow Man. What you are left with is: catastrophe.

The inescapable conclusion is simply one of resignation. This goes against the grain of our humanity — we are accustomed to ridding the world of this or that problem (smallpox, polio, whatever), and accepting failure is anathema to us. But, to give a classic African scenario, a polio vaccine won’t work if the kids are prevented from getting the vaccine by a venal overlord, or a frightened chieftain, or a lack of roads, or by criminals who steal the vaccine and sell it to someone else. If a cure for AIDS was found tomorrow, and offered to every African nation free of charge, the growth of the disease would scarcely be checked, let alone reversed. Basically, you’d have to try to inoculate as many two-year old children as possible, and write off the two older generations.

So that leaves only one response, and it’s a brutal one: accept that we are powerless to change Africa, and leave them to sink or swim, by themselves.

It sounds dreadful to say it, but if the entire African continent dissolves into a seething maelstrom of disease, famine and brutality, that’s just too damn bad. We have better things to do — sometimes, you just have to say, “Can’t do anything about it.”

The viciousness, the cruelty, the corruption, the duplicity, the savagery, and the incompetence is endemic to the entire continent, and is so much of an anathema to any right-thinking person that the civilized imagination simply stalls when faced with its ubiquity, and with the enormity of trying to fix it. The Western media shouldn’t even bother reporting on it. All that does is arouse our feelings of horror, and the instinctive need to do something, anything — but everything has been tried before, and failed. Everything, of course, except self-reliance.

baaf2f No.10914573

All we should do is make sure that none of Africa gets transplanted over to the U.S., because the danger to our society is dire if it does. I note that several U.S. churches are attempting to bring groups of African refugees over to the United States, European churches the same for Europe. Mistake. Mark my words, this misplaced charity will turn around and bite us, big time.

Even worse would be to think that the simplicity of Africa holds some kind of answers for Western society: remember Mrs. Clinton’s little book, “It Takes A Village”? Trust me on this: there is not one thing that Africa can give the West which hasn’t been tried before and failed, not one thing that isn’t a step backwards, and not one thing which is worse than, or that contradicts, what we have already.

So here’s my (tongue-in-cheek) solution for the African fiasco: a high wall around the whole continent, all the guns and bombs in the world for everyone inside, and at the end, the last one alive should do us all a favor and kill himself.

Inevitably, some Kissingerian realpolitiker is going to argue in favor of intervention, because in the vacuum of Western aid, perhaps the Communist Chinese would step in and increase their influence in the area. There are two reasons why this isn’t going to happen.

Firstly, the PRC doesn’t have that kind of money to throw around; and secondly, the result of any communist assistance will be precisely the same as if it were Western assistance. For the record, Mozambique and Angola are both communist countries — and both are economic disaster areas. The prognosis for both countries is disastrous — and would be the same for any other African country.

The West can’t help Africa. Nor should we. The record speaks for itself.

baaf2f No.10914575

Enjoy, read, share, discuss. Great alternative perspective on africa and what is wrong.

000000 No.10914604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

african culture

e69c64 No.10914609


What's the source you copy pasted this from?

baaf2f No.10914614


Different forums.

428380 No.10914638

Isn't that copypasta?

31a808 No.10914645

I'm just tired of Africa, honestly.

95c375 No.10914680


Yep, I have read it before, possibly here.

baaf2f No.10914929


I've posted snippets I find like this before. I'm sure I've probably run across the same poster just copy pasting this response in every africa thread before.

baaf2f No.10914940



Nevermind, am tard.


4c1b83 No.10915414

File: 3f9c745eee3bbeb⋯.jpg (137.85 KB, 880x833, 880:833, funny-photoshop-requests-t….jpg)

File: 803620f5c5b3fcc⋯.jpg (161.91 KB, 880x841, 880:841, photoshop-troll-james-frie….jpg)

>be me, freight conductor in Chicago for six years

>haven't discovered 1chan yet

>working Thanksgiving with nog engineer

>lazy sack of work avoiding shit

>get train to move so road crew can move it tomorrow

>engineer stalls around for three hours, finally get moving

>going down the mainline, suddenly a wild deer appearson the tracks!

>nog engineer is playing with DVD player

>bring it to his attention, ask for bell to be rung

>deer freezes up

>nog engineer ignores me

>maybe he doesn't hear me, over hot porno DVD

>attempt number two

>nog engineer tells me to fuck off

>at the last second, deer scampers off, we miss

>train gets to parking spot, we tie the train down, get into chevy asstroll van of doom

>driver is too low to be called proto-tumblr

>get back to locker room

>ask nog engineer about the deer

>asks me "do you stop for animals on the street?"


>tie up ticket (time card)

>in parking lot, get into my 2001 dodge neon (used)

>nog engineer gets into top of the line infiniti suv

>it's loaded, brand new

>it has several dents on the front bumper

>not my fault (honest!)

c121f5 No.10915446

File: cdeb1c3ca427817⋯.png (11.95 KB, 308x349, 308:349, niggers.png)

The only thing I'm concerned about is this :

>"According to the United Nations, Nigeria has been undergoing explosive population growth and has one of the highest growth and fertility rates in the world. By their projections, Nigeria is one of eight countries expected to account collectively for half of the world's total population increase in 2005–2050. By 2100 the UN estimates that the Nigerian population will be between 505 million and 1.03 billion people (middle estimate: 730 million). In 1950, Nigeria had only 33 million people."

Adding 10 million niglets in 2 years… From Kikepedia, this is similar to nearly all other countries there…

91aeb2 No.10915497

We only care about real people on this board. Get back to AIDSfrica.

05ccbd No.10915650





>African values

It is not a question of values or morals or education or nutrition or any other such banalities. This is stupid in the way that the belief that Christianising the blacks would make them like Europeans. That giving them laws, constitutions or most delusional of all democracy would make them like Europeans.

The difference between Europeans and Africans is fundamental, its evolutionary. When European colonists encountered the African tribes in South Africa the Africans had not yet invented the wheel, they had no writing. Today what is held up as a great African achievement, the Golden Rhino from Mapungubwe is just a carved block of wood dipped in gold. At the same time Europeans had the ability to sail to the ends of the earth under their own power and to produce beautiful and complex art.

Europeans and Africans are different, things that would work for Europeans will not work for Africans. The "African problem" cannot be solved by any form of intervention or aid. No amount of "economic stimulation" will ever let Africans "stand on their own feet"

The only thing wrong with Africa is all the foreign interference. the Aid and investment and Western Medicine that is being poured over Africa like Mana from the Heavens is making the African population grow to sizes that the Africans cannot sustain on their own. Africa isn't capable of feeding all the Africans. This is unnatural, unsustainable and just increases the amount of suffering and death in Africa (And is flooding Europe with the worst people the world has to offer.)

To sum up:

Foreign Aid is evil.

"Missionary work" is evil.

Charity is evil.

Building infrastructure is evil.

Allowing emigration from African countries is evil.

Please stop. You are only making things worse. In the end it will be Europe that suffers because Europeans are too stupid to look reality in the face and to see that these people cannot be helped. It is an exercise in futility and you will only get hurt and destroy the beauty of Europe in the process.

c3cfb7 No.10915878


e9edb2 No.10915895

These 2 documentaries showed me all I need to know about African "values". Truly a murderous and destructive amoral race.



>inb4 Vice (the visuals speak for themselves despite the cuck on-site reporter)

31a808 No.10915910

You know what I wonder about Africa, are Africans happy? After all we all know they're not really sentient beings so they wouldn't realize in colossal mess they are.

8fb2b5 No.10915915


>Foreign Aid is evil.

>"Missionary work" is evil.

>Charity is evil.

<Building infrastructure is evil.

>Allowing emigration from African countries is evil.

4/5 eriapproved

41e4e1 No.10915943


Yeah, nah, Australia is filled with venomous snakes, spiders, fish and shit. We even have crocodiles, big ones, not the little baby faggots that hippos eat. No one I know is morbidly afraid of snakes. Don't blame your personal issues on your environment.

Also, why is it that abos can swim, but niggers can't? They both had to deal crocs.


>asks me "do you stop for animals on the street?"

kek. Sounds like something an abo would say.

baaf2f No.10916734


Also, why is it that abos can swim, but niggers can't?

Abbos …. actually know how to swim?

41e4e1 No.10917260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sure they can swim. They can't swim faster than crocs though. Why do you think Steve Irwin bred crocodiles?

eb8742 No.10917310


>Could have the possibility of going to 1 billion in 2100.

Holy fucking shit that is insane.

Africa seems like a shithole and mess as it always is, but I will be honest it seems like a good place to extract resources and explore. I think /pol/ should coordinate something to retake Zimbabwe and S. Africa back from Marxist Blacks. I am not being ironic, the countries there will only get worse and worse as time goes on.

95dfe0 No.10917411

Nogs have one value: muh dick

6a8d1f No.10917582


The Africans like their values like they like their food, [spoilers]nonexistent.[/spoiler]

05ccbd No.10917608


<Building infrastructure is evil.

Building infrastructure in your own country is fine. Building infrastructure in Africa is evil. Your are contributing to the African birth rate. Keep that money and spend it on your own people. Things built by Europeans in Africa have to be maintained by Europeans, otherwise they just rot away.

4a07ab No.10917622


>The conclusions are equally bleak, because, quite frankly, there is no answer to Africa’s problems, no solution that hasn’t been tried before, and failed.

How about getting rid of Africans and replacing them with civilized people through violence.

It worked during colonization!

d8f1d7 No.10917633


One thing I've always been told is, If a Kangaroo jumps out in front of you, just hit it.

Trying to avoid it will more than likely make things worse.

Although at those times I was driving a 4WD, so swerving would likely roll it at country speeds.

8fb2b5 No.10917637


Look up Eritrea

if you want to see the only exception to " Things built by Europeans in Africa have to be maintained by Europeans, otherwise they just rot away."

the steam trains rebuilt after 30years of decay

or the gondolas, think ski lift only 60 KM over mountainous terrain, Built by Mussolini SCRAPPED by the British, but thats neither here nor there

8fb2b5 No.10917697

File: 25356b3ebb15e92⋯.webm (14.82 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Eritrea - Rebirth of the ….webm)

8fb2b5 No.10917718



cant into compression

embed has stealth refers

41e4e1 No.10917830


My old man just says to take your foot off the accelerator and go strait. The thing about roos is they travel in mobs, so if one crosses the road, the rest of the mob will follow the first roo, kind of like sheep. The greys and wallabies are fairly light, so you'll do some panel damage, or lift up a bumper if you're in a sedan, but you don't have to worry too much about them flying through the windshield, like american elk or moose. Not sure about the big reds though. I remember taking a trailer up north to my brother, went through a mob of roos, heard one bounce off the side of the ute. I pull into a town a few hours later and start getting dirty looks. I had a dead roo impaled on a corner of the trailer and hadn't even noticed it. A nudge bar or bull bar is enough to stop most damage from a front end collision. Actual trucks don't even notice them. Some highways get littered with road kill, especially areas with pigs; the piggies come out to feed on dead roos and get taken out by a road train. No civil servants within 50kms to sweep the mess off the roadside.

Pigs and wombats cause more issues in my experience. Wombats are small, but built like a nugget. I've even heard about people fucking up the linkages on tractors because they caught a wombat that decided to burrow in the middle of a field with nice, soft earth. A mate of mine hit a wombat at 80km/ph and rolled his sunny, a cheap little rice burner.

9a2021 No.10917848


Possibly the most australian post I've ever read.

96f737 No.10917899


Nah mate, if an Abos was in that story, he would be the deer, and he would be asleep.


you don't

have to spoiler

fucking everything


Down in NSW one of the major problems are the cows. A roo you can usually shrug off, but hitting a cow is like hitting another vehicle. They sometimes break through fencing and cross the street to eat the long grass on the side of the road. If you can't come to a dead halt using your breaks, you would be better driving off the road to avoid them. Thankfully, the grasslands of interior NSW usually have no trees on the side of the road, but there are small ditches that might role your car if your not careful.

Haven't had a problem with Wombats on the road, but I heard about a Wombat that stopped a truck by lodging itself in the wheels.

41e4e1 No.10918089

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


checked for truth. Fauna on the road is a problem.

adde86 No.10918132

OP sounds like he cares about niggers in africa. Yes, we should let them all die and help the process along.

6b240b No.10918137

African values? Like climbing trees and peeling bananas with their feet?

e5e3e3 No.10918220


Against Nazi Germany, you mean. Any massacres were isolated incidents nearing the end of the war by small rogue German units, and are minuscule compared to those of the Allies (e.g. Dresden Firebombing).

e5e3e3 No.10918237



Meant to say

> Apart from a couple of examples of massive, state-sponsored slaughter (Nazi Germany

before my post.

860c17 No.10918263


The phrase "multiply like rabbits" needs to be changed to "multiply like niggers".

105030 No.10918299

>examples of massive, state-sponsored slaughter (Nazi Germany, Communist Russia)

Fuck off, kike.

41e4e1 No.10918307


Seeing as this is a science fiction thread, how about turning the entire continent into a nature reserve. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out. Have an AI drone network police the borders. Anything larger than a fishing boat gets blown up. Fishing boats get a 5k range, beyond that, they're blown up. Anything bigger than a bird exiting or entering airspace is blown up. Anything trying to leave on foot via Egypt is blown up. No internet or radio either. Africa can have its own network if it builds one, but it's segregated from the rest of the planet. All communications in or out are targeted and blown up.

Leave them to their own devices. Every decade, the border security is relaxed for diplomatic talks, anthropology and environmental studies, as well as updates to the AI and security infrastructure. If scientists are left behind due to the window closing, too fucking bad, they're now niggers and have to stay there forever. Otherwise you're only allowed to observe from satellite. The AI has nukes and will fire on everyone if any nation attempts to overwhelm the security grid. This will motivate foreign nations to police each other, because if one fucks up, everyone gets hit.

Give the AI a command to shut down after 2 centuries or so. Future nations may be wiser than us. Maybe they'll reset it for another couple of centuries, maybe they'll need footsoldiers for the cyber-nigger invasion of another planet, who knows.

d8f1d7 No.10918310


Never seen a mob of roos, but there were a couple I barely missed in a Patrol that I could see sitting on the side of the road at night.

slowed down as much as I could and of course the cunts fucking hop across the road instead of back into the bush on the left.

Didn't hit them thankfully.

7c3a51 No.10918311

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Live in the West

>Have children's pole dancing classes

Feels good.

fdf576 No.10918387

File: 4a7b9e1b304938d⋯.png (200.06 KB, 617x1404, 617:1404, abbos.png)

File: ae3d65ba713d758⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1827x6348, 609:2116, abbos2.png)

File: 926c166969dfa3b⋯.png (110.76 KB, 644x598, 14:13, CTALKEP.png)


Terrible idea, we gave them fire, they may do with it what abbos did in Australia and set every piece of forest and savanna on fire. A few decades later and and the whole continent will turn into a desert.

96f737 No.10918419

File: a12617d2ebeeaf2⋯.jpg (26.21 KB, 550x309, 550:309, 153432-004-1439B80D.jpg)

File: 678e2eae1c381e3⋯.jpeg (85 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, be1a7980b36e234038fe0200d….jpeg)

File: 977bcaedfc0d6c4⋯.jpg (353.63 KB, 1024x763, 1024:763, hpim0075.jpg)

File: 9ce9374ef453e33⋯.jpg (333.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sahara-Desert-trees.jpg)

File: d53c3659eede369⋯.jpg (156.98 KB, 858x348, 143:58, tmp722823518286249984.jpg)


This. Despite what you may think of Africans, they sit on some of the most stunning wildlife on Earth. The Congo teems with incredibly diverse lifeforms evolution has sculpted into their environmental niches. Savannas offer some of the most awe-inspiring views available and even the Sahara has a sort of ethereal beauty to it. It is our race's duty as undisputed masters of the Western world to safeguard it's environment from the hordes.

e43998 No.10918435

File: af5d0ed52f37cc1⋯.jpg (113.04 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 54e3c2d0466da26a6409b42331….jpg)


A simple picture set of Africa fills me with desire to exterminate the species of primitive human currently destroying it.

e101fc No.10918477


> 2002

That was a good read anyway.

I'm still very curious on how they'll depict Africa in the Black Panther movie.

0e5bc9 No.10918498


fucking gross. dont post that shit

e1a86e No.10918516

File: 6b5784d39cf7fd7⋯.jpg (6.84 KB, 200x149, 200:149, Whose that Pokemon?.jpg)



>96 Geza Roheim, Children of the Desert: The Western Tribes of Central Australia. Vol. One. New York: Basic Books, 1974, p. 255.

>Geza Roheim

>Roheim calls the constant rape of Aboriginal children "far more 'normal' than the sexuality of the European male" since "their repression of sexuality need not be as deep as it is among Europeans."

>Being Jewish, he was forced to leave Hungary in 1939, on the eve of the Second World War. He settled in New York City; and unable to return to communist controlled Hungary after the war, he spent the rest of his life in New York.


As if it weren't obvious.

96f737 No.10918526


Same. Africa is a testament to the beauty of the natural world. The biodiversity of Africa is far greater than anything that can be found in Europe, and it's inhabitants are turning lush forests into dust to satisfy their rapid population growth.

60a1f4 No.10918587


I love this copypasta.

>Inevitably, some Kissingerian realpolitiker is going to argue in favor of intervention, because in the vacuum of Western aid, perhaps the Communist Chinese would step in and increase their influence in the area. There are two reasons why this isn’t going to happen.

Haha and this has to be one of my favorite parts. The essay was originally written in 2002. So much has changed since then.

96f737 No.10918607


And what makes people think China will do a better job than us? The burden of taking care of Africa will just fall onto them, and they will eventually come to the same conclusion we did, that you can't make a profit out of Africa without a pointing a gun at somebody.

a6c1d4 No.10918751

Niggers jump whitey

cucks defending niggers


a6e130 No.10918863


Their conclusion would be the same as ours:

You can exploit Africa, you can't help it. Companies like Shell have been offered assistance by western Governments to drill up a lot of oil in Nigeria for example. The west profits from this, not Africa.

The west simply wouldn't want Chinese to get all the resources.


It takes some real kikery to brainwash people into defending another tribe and letting their own tribe perish.

I'm not even sure why some retards think accepting Africans into countries would spell anything but doom.

8fb2b5 No.10918899



wrongthink gets spoiled

a6e130 No.10919183


What is worse is that their numbers are so large that we have no take the borders secure of violent niggers. The slippery slope is real, there won't be an Europe anymore soon. We need to eradicate the niggers, they are like real life demonic spawn.

dd4ca3 No.10919347

File: 3884e9aa68bcae1⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, 290:189, 3884e9aa68bcae1ae84de0b673….gif)

Look up africa time.

b76b65 No.10933699

Africa should be purged of the Niggers. They have no inherent right to it that transcends their capabilities.

The Berbers and Copts can be spared and turned into stewards.

8fb2b5 No.10948118


checked but no

7d7c8b No.10949058


>targeting communications

<blowing them up

> scientists are niggers now

>nukes that fire on everyone

<my sides

1cbde3 No.10949103


Those dubs support this eventual plan. Africa will be the next battleground for all the civilized nations who seek to expand.

Them niggers and kikes thought colonialism was bad, wait til we stop giving any fucks

1cbde3 No.10949108


More dubs agreeing to this righteous and best plan.

61eec9 No.10951309

File: c0921328025ec0d⋯.png (359.49 KB, 1676x494, 838:247, The War Economy.png)




>massive, state-sponsored slaughter

1426e7 No.10953193


Have you ever seen a nile crocodile? They are huge and powerful. Hippos are also very large, reading through the thread will give my opinions as a South African.

b76b65 No.10981377


>is a proud cuck

Tell me what Right Niggers have to Africa if humanity was born there. The Berbers in particular have a significant amout of European ancestry.

84de63 No.10981508


>Nile Crocodile

The Salt Water crocs in Northern Australia can grow to around 6 meters long, can weigh as much as a metric ton when they are full-grown adults (about the same as a small car) and hunt humans.


5f56e2 No.10982013

If only abos were so keen on slaughtering each other as african coons are we would be clean of their petrol sniffing filth rather quickly.

>salt water crocs in NT are much deadlier than nile crocs.

<fuck snakes of all kinds, sneaky little jew ropes

721dbc No.10982264



Kek. I'll assume you mean the Dutch here, obviously.

124b15 No.10982348


but what of the boers and white afrikaaners?

124b15 No.10982368



Why not VX or any of the bio/chem weapons we have?

If "Nietzsche's Air" despair code exists, just douse the entirety of africa in it.


you forgot Khoisan.

3970f2 No.10982771

I have a question:

What is there to separate Africa's tribal warfare from Japan's Sengoku Jidai period? If Africans were, as you said, all given weapons and then told to fight for themselves, wouldn't this be exactly what they needed in order to put an end to their constant warring?

3f77a9 No.10983002


>What is there to separate Africa's tribal warfare from Japan's Sengoku Jidai period?

In Japan that fairly short period of chaos was an exception.

In Africa that sort of behavior has been normal throughout history.

df7161 No.10983021


Wait, do abos just sleep where they fall or what? Why is the road a place they would sleep?

1cb137 No.10983772

File: 1fe2cc6c3cbd1c0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.76 KB, 350x351, 350:351, RhodesiaSergeantNickDaws.jpg)

File: ef244426b9f7357⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.19 KB, 587x635, 587:635, dennis croukamp as selous ….jpg)

File: 50e0ec1389e9a3b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.31 KB, 432x506, 216:253, rli mascot - cheetah.jpg)

File: b836b3ddae876e2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 201.78 KB, 589x378, 589:378, Whenwes87.png)

File: 50e0ec1389e9a3b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.31 KB, 432x506, 216:253, rli mascot - cheetah.jpg)



personally, I feel the khoisan are no threat unlike the Bantu

random rhodie pics!

[spoiler]please visit and support this thread.

Don't let it die! >>>pol/10903162[/spoiler]

93b70a No.10984145


Nizetche's air is aerosolized depression and nihilism.

b70be8 No.10984177


The holocaust didn’t happen, nigger

1c2e5b No.10985560

Nothing vs something

96f737 No.10985899


Assume that when anyone talks about Africans we are talking about blacks. Boers and white Afrikaaners unless otherwise specified will be the exception every time /pol/ talks about Africans.


The difference is that Japan's Sengoku Jidai period was wars between rival city-states. Each with their own centralised government. They made alliances with others to beat common enemies. African tribalism is literally anarchy. In an area the size of just one of the city-states in Japan, there are 50 tribes fighting to the death.

523303 No.10993553

File: 876c6de6200f089⋯.png (66.2 KB, 842x750, 421:375, 876c6de6200f08911c6b86541a….png)

File: 5968678b25f70cc⋯.png (67.1 KB, 529x840, 529:840, 5968678b25f70cc04257287b25….png)

File: c46473f41c80d70⋯.png (65.25 KB, 461x691, 461:691, c46473f41c80d701ec53d48122….png)

File: 0db03ceff4a23e4⋯.jpg (393.18 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 2JXCi9j.jpg)


Don't leave out the Berbers. They're the ones who did the important bits in Moorish Spain alongside Spainards.

cb62ae No.10993842


Boers are Afrikaners.

231ee5 No.10995297

File: 6fe5343865f4233⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 960x624, 20:13, managementstyles erin meye….jpg)

File: 4db828c8b7fc952⋯.png (132.67 KB, 1400x1248, 175:156, Cultural-comparison-image-….png)

but where's the graphs

6d91d7 No.10996548


>Consensual deciding for Japan is so high


73334a No.10997282


As a white man, I don't fear snakes. I believe it's because I am educated.

2c5de1 No.10997288



3b9681 No.10997329


<max emotionally expressive and max confrontational (aka illogical women) - israel

>max emotionally unexpressive and max confrontational (aka logical and based as fuck) - germany

kek. maybe there is still hope for germany that lies dormant deep in the german soul. we 4th reich now.

8fb2b5 No.10997415


>>is a proud cuck


>Tell me what Right Niggers have to Africa if humanity was born there.

that is a brilliantly hilarious logical reversal. Bravo

>The Berbers in particular have a significant amount of European ancestry.


8fb2b5 No.10997419

148914 No.10998531



Go post your solidarity with shitskin garbage elsewhere.

e98147 No.11001759


>>long text related

Can't help but notice the similarities to some of this and the, perhaps vestigial or lingering, practice and reported trauma induced effects of sexual, ritual and-or clandestine institutional abuse many are trying to extricate from our Western societies.

>trauma forms into alter (or spirit) in the mind

>lays dorment

>comes out later

>triggered into frenzy by specific stimuli

>results in indiscriminate violence

>cycle repeats

There appears to be a connections to modern day abuse in our societies, and even a connection to the liberal psychosis. Perhaps many liberals are abused similarly and figure that at least the primitive societies are more honest about it. That it's normal what happened to them, and the modern, Western or Christian society only wants to oppress this 'beautiful normality'. The text even talks about being ashamed of being too successful or productive, that nobody should have any more than any other man. When war parties finish killing, everyone "goes home satisfied their dignity has been upheld " and they even all get a prize.

e98147 No.11001779



>"everyone" gets a prize and goes home dignified

This includes the losing village who's members were killed in the raid.

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