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Odious Memes

File: fc4e3942f368c3b⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 400x335, 80:67, nina byzantina.jpg)

d3c385 No.10952799

I don't even understand what the fuck is going on anymore. This guy, along with Dicky Spencer, his wife, Jared Taylor, and a bunch of others are now openly anti-Hitler, some of them always have been apparently. In this video, this guy Alternate Hypothesis talks about how evil Hitler was for starting a war which killed billions of white people, and how the Russians were poor innocent whites who got a raw deal by the allies at the end of the war.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the Alt-Right, being a mass of libertarians, fags, duginists, and all other types of fucking retards, is now entirely shedding any pretense of National Socialism. Link because apparently someone already posted the video somewhere else:


I'm wondering what /pol/'s take on all of this is.

d3c385 No.10952803

Here's the faggot's comment describing his views:

>Which way do you want to go on this? Do you want to try to rehabilitate the central demon because you care so much about a central European regime from 72 years ago, or do you want to do that which advances white nationalism? Lets say that it's all bullshit. Say the holocaust is a Soviet fairy tale, the general plan has no supporting documentation and is literally just nuremberg testimony, that I left out a ton of context re: Arab and Japanese allies against the British, that Hitler actually loved Britain and tried to end the war at many points. Obviously these are just hypothetical things, the Holocaust DEFINITELY HAPPENED because it's illegal in several countries and against youtube's TOS to question it. That means IT'S TRUE and Google is a great company. And certainly the general plan WAS PROVEN at a trial where evil nazis weren't allowed to sully justice by having the ability to question any documentation or testimony. To understand my videos where I say things about Nazis, viewer, please, you have to be able to read the stitches on a fastball. And you just gotta know what's real and what I'm saying because I have to - what happened vs. *THINGS THAT DEFINITELY HAPPENED*. I'll just say this happened: Hitler was not a white nationalist, and the conflation of Hitler with normal thinking is what caused normal thinking to be pathologized and is causing us to lose our civilizations, and it was in fact white nationalists who defeated Hitler. Hitlers views on the slavs were also very offensive, whatever the reality of atrocities and the general plan, and have no place in a pan-European white nationalist movement. But most important of all, there's so much more to be gained by pointing out the white nationalist views of those who fought against Nazis. On the other hand, the holocaust and the general plan are THINGS THAT DEFINITELY HAPPENED and things I will continue to say DEFINITELY HAPPENED because denying it being against youtube's TOS makes it true. But what it really comes down to is - do you want to win or do you want to be pro-Hitler? You cannot do both.

000000 No.10952806

<alt-kike confirmed

/pol/ is always right

d3c385 No.10952807


I understand that, but now they're not even pretending to be National Socialist, they're now becoming more transparent. I want to know why that is.

24edac No.10952810


good thing we were never alt right

f42afc No.10952815

File: a4aba24f460287c⋯.webm (1.08 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Ryan Faulk - Autistic Fag….webm)

File: f3284f430754a30⋯.mp4 (1.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ryan Faulk - only plants t….mp4)

File: 43a6309b1cce2c9⋯.mp4 (8.97 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Ryan Faulk faggot.mp4)


>this guy Alternate Hypothesis

That's Ryan Faulk, an autistic gay prostitute who's 1/16 nog.

d3c385 No.10952816


Yes, and I remember some people having screenshots of Spencer's pro-soviet tweets and his tweets saying the holocaust definitely happened, just like this youtuber is saying now.

Does anyone in the Alt-Right even promote William Pierce, Savitri Devi, or George Lincoln Rockwell?

d3c385 No.10952820


I remember the Alt-Right shilling here in the past, and some anons were dumb enough to go to their various events.

3e2aea No.10952824

File: 4970966b3659a60⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 491x488, 491:488, Oppressive Laughter.jpg)

>>10952799 (reluctantly checked)

>Alt-Right is Unironically Anti-Hitler Now

>Anti-Hitler Now


>Fucking implying

No fucking shit newfaggot. If it took you that long to notice this you obviously haven't been doing your homework and lurking like you're supposed to.

378096 No.10952827

File: dc6750f0afed6b8⋯.png (18.25 KB, 559x527, 559:527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce505479868b7ee⋯.png (18.18 KB, 559x527, 559:527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9a91a665b059f88⋯.png (19.83 KB, 559x527, 559:527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7d0c576e9b2a1c3⋯.png (18.11 KB, 559x527, 559:527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4aacfd047895b69⋯.png (20.67 KB, 559x527, 559:527, ClipboardImage.png)



Do not wave the enemy's flag.

d3c385 No.10952833


I don't know why so many of you can't read. As in, they are being open about their hatred for Hitler. The video he made is literally blaming Hitler for WW2 and talking about how the Russians dindu nuffin and how the holocaust was horrible, etc, etc. I want to know what made these people feel confident in sabotaging their own controlled op bullshit, because now they will only attract conservatives and other impotent cuckolds.

06119b No.10952835


why is it that no one theorizes that they're just patronizing normies

d3c385 No.10952841


I don't think these autists and kikes are normies because they dedicate too much time to this stuff to be normies.

18cc60 No.10952850

>im so contrarian that ill spew sophistry for 20 minutes straight and not make 1 solid point and this makes me an uber intellectual

>just sit back and wait until you get invaded by every zog in existence

hitler made a choice and he lost but it was a winnable war. ill have no problem personally executing these alt right spastics. they are drama queens with massive egos in it for their own image.

5bdf9e No.10952853


Patronizing, thus suppressing truth. And who knows what these fucks think they're doing.

Is it hip for these edgetards to be oblivious or deliberately ignorant about the truth about recent history? I don't know.

3b555d No.10952858

File: eaa702c943f035e⋯.png (335.48 KB, 558x400, 279:200, traitors-before-enemies2.png)


>I'm wondering what /pol/'s take on all of this is.

43581d No.10952860


>blaming Hitler for what (((Churchill))) did

d3c385 No.10952864


I'm open to strategies to destroy the Alt-Right and all their e-celebs. Any ideas?

8b8fb9 No.10952865

File: 4f8c3f29b332336⋯.jpg (14.35 KB, 320x178, 160:89, 183655201073.JPG)


d3c385 No.10952868


I need to find the tweets where Spencer and his wife praise Stalin.

6c71f4 No.10952869

File: 793ea3817f706fb⋯.mp4 (6.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TRS hates 1488.mp4)


>Unironically Anti-Hitler Now


I could post a slowpoke, but this will do instead

cbd72e No.10952874


yeah and kikes we're never able to control op the original national socialist or the rising tide of race concious jew genociding nationalism today because then as now we have actual principles and don't sell out for anything, not for money, bitches, or our very lives we will not surrender at any price because we fight for our very survival as a race

this irks the jew

d3c385 No.10952875


I should have said Openly instead of Unironically. I messed up on the OP, I see that now.

8b8fb9 No.10952880

File: b62225f632f8403⋯.png (134.43 KB, 633x753, 211:251, 7ceb1f6ca3804e56a8c3f43eb8….png)

File: f93b6d376c75276⋯.png (91.6 KB, 978x581, 978:581, 1498162564799.png)

File: efc905aa63b68f5⋯.jpg (23.84 KB, 509x319, 509:319, efc905aa63b68f5baaa723fe51….jpg)

File: 90963c9a6e4847b⋯.jpg (131.98 KB, 1158x718, 579:359, 6b76dd2382e8f747efd86ac767….jpg)

3b555d No.10952881

File: c25c61fc005198c⋯.jpg (311.24 KB, 1600x1148, 400:287, Guillotine.jpg)

3e2aea No.10952883


> As in, they are being open about their hatred for Hitler.

It's always been an openly known fact. They state it again and again and again implicitly and explicitly. How many times do you have to hear that britkikefaggot with dental implants distance himself from those pesky nazis who keep trying to infiltrate his fabulous movement, or the Duganist Dicky do the same before you realize they're not on your side, were never on your side and don't represent your interests?

>because now they will only attract conservatives and other impotent cuckolds.

That's the fucking point. We were never their intended audience. I'm sure they would have loved to have swept people like us up in their bullshit, and I bet a couple did for a time, but the effort vs progress graph for their techniques used against people like us is like a horizontal line. They're tardwrangling the cuckservatives, rinos and edgy egotistical centrists to make sure that if people like us start making headway into their narrative the number of those normalfags who snap to our alignment will be minimized because they're already invested into their alt-right ballpit.

You don't seem to understand what controlled opposition implies.

4948d5 No.10952885

>russian waifu


>loves Alexander Dugin

I, for one, could never in 6 million years have imagined the outcome.

The half-assers who bend over backwards to make friends with our racial enemies and not address the jews in a straight forward way are doing nothing but making matters worse. You're not contributing to the solution of waking our peoples consciousness, and the worlds via the JQ, by playing the innocent little cuck lamb who wants pity points because the mean nasty communist treasonous kikes and their legion of traitors are making the rules one-sided.


c10dc8 No.10952886

File: 3eb0157a7cf58c2⋯.png (18.83 KB, 417x529, 417:529, not even trying.png)


>lol why would these people want ideological consistency and commitment

>lol so pathetic

000000 No.10952887

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


everyone knows stalin and his russian commie drones trapped hitler and started the war.

commies have killed more whites than any other enemy of human history and still do

d3c385 No.10952888

File: 7c2027c8600e7e6⋯.png (41.39 KB, 281x286, 281:286, 9245ee5e2aedf17c805b85926c….png)


Thank you!

28cc94 No.10952890


These newfags really are fuckin annoying. They get the ovens too, absolutely

28cc94 No.10952891


KYS for wasting them trips

18cc60 No.10952892


>its called cognitive consistency and they need that to enforce their escapism

its called having beliefs and knowing things. these people never give examples of what they are talking about because then it becomes obvious what they are really shilling for. if you asked him to give an example of an acceptable grey area that we should accept in our black and white worldview, he wouldnt be able to. theyre just cowards who try to make it seem like the people with principles are the real cowards.

3b555d No.10952893


Goebbels was predicting a Russian attack on Germany at least as far back as 41, I believe on the day that Germany attacked Greece actually IIRC. Said they should focus propaganda on pointing out Russia had started pumping its full force into the military etc and how it was an obvious sign of future aggressive intentions.

d3c385 No.10952896


Based on all their paratroopers, I'd say Goebbels was right. If it wasn't for operation Barbarossa, all of Europe would have been taken by the Russians and turned into a communist hellscape.

8b8fb9 No.10952898

File: e15cf239a3d8091⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 354x308, 177:154, e15cf239a3d8091be6a121ddf5….jpg)


You're welcome. Marvelous numbers btw.

3b555d No.10952900

File: ff86db2eb2f0dba⋯.png (494.78 KB, 777x777, 1:1, richard-kike-puppet-spence….png)

File: e89d6c2bb08bae9⋯.png (235.5 KB, 581x615, 581:615, Komrade-Spencer.png)

File: 77702b8bf3412b9⋯.png (229.7 KB, 735x715, 147:143, Tip-Top-Cuck-Spencer.png)

File: b1e793ab57d8c5d⋯.jpg (63.97 KB, 608x702, 304:351, nazbol spencer shill.jpg)

File: 98ea19b926c7fb8⋯.png (35.69 KB, 627x263, 627:263, Richard-Spencer-Tulsi.PNG)


Theres on around here somewhere where he denies the holodomor and then defends the holohoax.

5d8503 No.10952901


If the Nazis hate Hitler, then I LOVE HITLER.

has OP consider an 8chan Gold Account?

28cc94 No.10952902


>Implying it isnt fully subverted right now

000000 No.10952904

>Germany caused the war


d3c385 No.10952905


If the Soviets had conquered Europe back then, the White Race would already be extinct.

8b8fb9 No.10952907

File: a73daaca1ad49b9⋯.jpg (43.98 KB, 601x444, 601:444, 1494085213712.jpg)


>denies Holodomor

3b555d No.10952908

File: 4fc230a0ca075ed⋯.png (91.27 KB, 630x356, 315:178, Richard-Kill-All-Whites-Sp….png)

File: 8e0035b5c550644⋯.png (78.27 KB, 595x650, 119:130, Richard-Spencer-Communist-….png)

File: 4d8878051fcca1c⋯.png (26.6 KB, 608x364, 152:91, tranny-lover-spencer.png)



Found it, and a couple more.

4948d5 No.10952910


I bet he still believes in the Made in Russia Gas Chambers too.

d3c385 No.10952912


>that first one

Literally triggered into an autistic fit by, "white people have a right to exist" wew

000000 No.10952914

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Commies always try to hijack and subvert "the opposition"

3b555d No.10952915


He gets a lot of msgs, theres a lot of tweets he doesnt retweet or respond to. He responded to that one.

5d8503 No.10952919


what do you expect from a pimply face 39 year old beta with titties?

28cc94 No.10952920


Probably. Just saying though. Us burgers took the wrong side, Im very annoyed with that. Should be none of Europe was infested with kikeunism.

d3c385 No.10952922


The greatest tragedy of the Alt-Right is the well-meaning white normies who get duped into supporting it. All the useful idiots who went to Charlotesville and other events and got arrested or had their lives ruined because they fell for Tricky Dicky's bullshit.

a32927 No.10952927


wtf its saying that i won $650,000! from microsoft

d3c385 No.10952928


I just hope that 100 years from now, after we've won, they'll make movies about the brave German soldiers who launched a counter-offensive and put such a dent in the Soviet forces that they weren't able to fully mount their total invasion. Because if the Germans didn't stop them, then they would have committed the same horrible crimes that they did in Russia, all across Europe, from France to Britain.

5d8503 No.10952930


AMREN needs to find a new poster boi.

dicky likes to countersignal, and countersignal he does often.

a32927 No.10952932


>caring about the alt right

d3c385 No.10952938


They exist, and they suck up potentially good people into their cancerous camp. We need to destroy them.

3b555d No.10952941

File: 53cd18fb019d3b0⋯.jpg (661.2 KB, 958x775, 958:775, merchant56.jpg)


They are Nazbols at this point. They exist to make sure whites do end up being genocided by stopping us through divide and conquer. They are the Strassers who seek to break our party up and prevent us from ever being in control, or dealing with the Jew. They are the Jew, one of the Jews hands is up their ass, and the other holds the strings.

55c934 No.10952948


>Unironically Anti-Hitler

not really, they're more "politically Anti-Hitler if you only read the surface meaning"


this message is quite obvious, things that "DEFINITELY HAPPENED" must be told that way to allow them to still be able to use jewgle/jewtube and not get sued for wrongthink and get their message out

>do you want to win or do you want to be pro-Hitler? You cannot do both

that is true, if you chose to play by the normie rulebook of merchant approval

and they need to obey the law to be part of the political circus

and "being part of the political circus" means they become corruptible, they have to reach consensus on everything, they must water down their radical ideas enough to be accepted as legitimate opponents by the commie/jews/traitors of the opposing side, etc…

within the narrow scene of political acceptance there is no solution I guess

8b8fb9 No.10952951


Use the hooktube link next time OP.


8b8fb9 No.10952955


He quite clearly said it was Hitler who was at fault for all the white deaths of WW2. That's simply not true and is wholy anti-Hitler. But you already knew that.

18cc60 No.10952956


if they are against the man against time, they need to be dealt with. they denigrate the ultimate avatar. ask them who their idols are, the closest to being ideal. they will expose themselves.

3b555d No.10952957


Also said people who think America shouldnt have won the war should kill themselves, among other.

28cc94 No.10952963


Thanksgiving I was watching my 15 yr old nephew play COD WW2. Right away I asked if you could be the Nazi's in the game, he said only in the DD (((invasion))) part. I let him know my great disappointment. But afterwards, he was open to my rantings. I think he knows things are very wrong, but doesnt know why. I need to hang out with him more often.

My point, the next generation needs to know NS Germany was not the bad guy, and understand WHY!

d3c385 No.10952964

File: 252f04921cb2c38⋯.jpg (63.01 KB, 866x708, 433:354, hitler-with-child.jpg)


No, you're wrong. They are being very apparent in their motivations and beliefs, you can't fake the faggots emotional voice and anger at Hitler. They clearly despise Hitler, most likely because he represents everything they will never be, because he represents everything good and honest, while they are nothing but wannabe jews.

7d2e56 No.10952965

The alt-right are not and have never been natsocs.

3b555d No.10952968

File: ab217566b64e54d⋯.png (629.43 KB, 624x547, 624:547, Andrew-Anglin-Not-NatSoc.png)


Yea except Anglin had his people going around telling everyone they are alt-right. He might have come out since and made pic related, but his flock are supposed to be "Neo-Nazis".

d3c385 No.10952970

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hitler's speech about Operation Barbarossa if you're interested.

5bdf9e No.10952973

File: 70bb6691bf18758⋯.jpg (307.09 KB, 1500x1071, 500:357, Spencer and his wife.jpg)



3b555d No.10952975


You can play as gay black female Nazis in the multiplayer from what I understand.

000000 No.10952976


All of mine are redpilled, at least the Gen Z ones. How did yours fuck up even if slightly?

d3c385 No.10952977


"Neo-Nazis" really are scum, Jews wearing white-face and acting as repugnant and degenerate as possible to smear National Socialism in the minds of normies. The White Sharia We_ev stuff was particularly trashy.

8b92e0 No.10952983


>Alt-Right is Unironically Anti-Hitler Now


pretty sure i've heard "liberals are the real facists" since the election at least m8

3b555d No.10952985

File: 65469fa80cb4205⋯.jpg (172.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Spencer-Against-The-Gov.jpg)


Theres one of the meme with Bush where it explains the actual significance of that medal/ribbon, I dont have it though.

3b555d No.10952989


>Jews wearing white-face and acting as repugnant and degenerate as possible to smear National Socialism in the minds of normies.

Not exactly in those terms but yes they are a detriment and dont understand 1 percent of National Socialism. They could be used to fill the ranks of the Neo-SA at some point in the future, they supposedly do care about whites and arent afraid of a fight.

413067 No.10952990

Wait you're telling me Spencer is a Nasbol, wow never knew maybe you'll tell me next that TRS is libertarian

55c934 No.10952992


I know, and we also know that he knows that it's not true

the languages he uses in the quoted message >>10952803 is quite clear if you consider it as a code

>To understand my videos where I say things about Nazis, viewer, please, you have to be able to read the stitches on a fastball. And you just gotta know what's real and what I'm saying because I have to - what happened vs. *THINGS THAT DEFINITELY HAPPENED*.

>things that happened

the truth


what he must say to be able to keep talking

his opinion about Hitler's faults clearly falls in the second category

yes, he's despicable for saying these things, but he does it by necessity, within the political limits he chose to place himself into

this choice is contestable, but you can't fault him for an illogical discourse


I don't listen to them enough at all, in fact to be able to discern their motivations and beliefs, but anger and emotional voice are the easiest things to fake, and you can even push your acting to "overdone" to reveal tho those in the know that you're acting, and still seem genuine to an unenlightened audience

3b555d No.10952993


We now have the tier of evidence required to btfo absolutely anyone, and anyone who disagrees is a commie subvert who is okay with the good guys losing ww2 and who blame whites for things Jews did.

90f6c7 No.10952995


They think you guys are gay and uncool.

3b555d No.10952999

File: 9a09c17e8887743⋯.png (162.89 KB, 768x516, 64:43, Muh-Hitler-Rothschild.png)


This is why you need to be put in an oven instead of just being deported.

d3c385 No.10953000


I was referring to "Neo-Nazis" as in the leadership, not the lower class whites who identify as Neo-Nazis, those ones are just misguided in my opinion.

413067 No.10953001



The Holocaust never happened you fucking newfag

d3c385 No.10953004


The evidence is beginning to pile up into a true mountain, it's no longer just a few clues, it's now a massive case book of information. At this point, no one on /pol/ should be able to claim ignorance about the true nature of the Alt-Right.

000000 No.10953006


Kill yourself, kike



Also some more redpills while I'm at it.






d3c385 No.10953008


Kindly stop posting. Your fan fiction is genuine nonsense.

3b555d No.10953009

File: 587835146a35683⋯.mp4 (2.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hitler was a Jew _ Rothsch….mp4)


Yes, really. Youre a kike and nothing you can say can refute his factual family tree. Enjoy the ban, the only people who fall for that absolute drivel are the same ones who fall for flat earth.

84c34d No.10953010

File: 1c1172b05221f20⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, (((azov))).jpg)

Alt-right is Kosher nationalism. It's infested with kikes much in the same way that Azov is infested with Israeli's trying to steer away Ukrainians from real globalist purging nationalism.

90f6c7 No.10953012

>>10952999 (checked)

Roosevelt is Rosenfeld, and Stalin is a Son of a Jew.


But it should have.

3b555d No.10953015

File: d69e40f67d90d6f⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 444x480, 37:40, Goebbels-laughing2.jpg)


>Kill yourself, kike

So this is a meme, now.

d3c385 No.10953017


At least the flat earth stuff is entertaining, the Hitler being a Rothschild is just annoying on the same level of everyone being a crisis actor and nothing ever happening.

28cc94 No.10953019


I'm taking a break from his speech. I have to. Its hitting me to hard, its really pissing me off. Not what he and his are to do and are doing (in context of the video), what us, burgerland, did. We backed the wrong guys. Even Patton realized, at the end, and subsequently shoah'd.

I already knew this before the video, but it still bothers me so.

413067 No.10953020



I mean fuck who are these comments against Hitler for, its either fags who think that the alt like is "Nazi" and won't be dosuaded and us who hate the alt kike

413067 No.10953021


The Holocaust never happened you Jew

f0e3e2 No.10953022


for what it‘s worth on here, Dugin actually restores NS philosophy and it‘s fundamental tenets, even though the question of racism is answered Evolian and not Mendelian. If the Alt-Right is controlled opposition, then Dugin is the Trojan Horse within the Alt-Right.

inb4 jew lover: The man‘s whole philosophy is about rejection of the (((merchant))) caste, if you fail to see the practical implications, you cannot be helped. I am fine with Jews living in Stetl‘s and Ghettos, studying Talmud. I am not fine with finance Jews harboring revolutionary agenda. That pretty much sums up Dugin‘s stance. There never were ovens, there never will be, so drop that meme. There can be Aryan societies living apart from the temptations of apophatic merchants.

3b555d No.10953023


The same people who deny Jews did 9/11 in the face of the evidence showing they did, because Jews are their masters and they would never turn on them.

413067 No.10953024


I think we all agree with that

84c34d No.10953026

File: 2b325335ba8d7eb⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, ea0e9d93f3f36fe180a8b50d3b….jpg)


Encourage schisms and enable the biggest narcissists and yids to become leader(s) of the alt-kike.

413067 No.10953027


But those fucks hate the alt kike anyways, the alt kike leaders are like the neocons at this point

3b555d No.10953028


Its called the holohoax, and I never mentioned it once. Get your eyes checked.

3b555d No.10953030

File: 03587850abcb3d9⋯.jpg (50.63 KB, 577x554, 577:554, trs-911.jpg)

28cc94 No.10953032


The cancer of the kikes is spread wide. Even those who think they're against this (((semblance))) of it, still are drinking its black waters. Its on me to help, and til now I have, as I focused on my own faults. But a leader leads, even while handling his own pains. Right?

413067 No.10953033


Yes you did

>cleansing of anti Zionist Jews


802c31 No.10953034


You want some anger? Try knowing someone who fought for the entirety of the war and saw some of the biggest battles in the east only to spend the majority of his life fighting someone elses battles in Africa due to the kikes putting a price on his head.

d3c385 No.10953035

File: 45e8c072670526e⋯.jpg (135.75 KB, 800x822, 400:411, Aleksandr Dugin - Anti-Whi….jpg)


You're not going to trick us. We all know Dugin advocates for literal white genocide. Jonestein and Info Wars promotes him for a reason.

413067 No.10953036


All generals and no army they will become

28cc94 No.10953037


>Its on me to help, and til now I have, as I focused on my own faults, failed to aid my nephew.


3b555d No.10953038


Thats the post above me you fucking mongoloid.


He has 2 posts in the thread.

413067 No.10953040


Oh fuck sorry cunt

3b555d No.10953041


Go make this thread on cuckchan and watch how many come out to defend them. They will continue to have their die hard supporters, and not just the ones who are in thousand of dollars with the pyramid scheme.


Dont call someone a Jew like its nothing. Thems fighting words.

28cc94 No.10953042


WE, here on /pol/, who are not kike shills, need to constantly remember Patton. He was, at the end, /ourguy/I know that meme is gay af, but newfags, redpill, helping, be merciful to methem****. The kikes made sure to get rid of him because of this.

6df175 No.10953047

a37d9e No.10953052

File: d97487bcbed4353⋯.png (1.08 MB, 975x732, 325:244, identitarian-eu-flag.png)

File: 6a9388bf8c45820⋯.jpg (127.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Know groups with ties to dugin by their frequent use of arrows and motifs in yellow and black.

dd3bf6 No.10953054


Whew. How far the Alt Right has fallen. They probably don't even remember the "Kekistani" flag is a copy of the Nazi Flag. Let the Alt Right go destroy themselves they aren't really "us" anymore.

000000 No.10953055


Dugin's website



18cc60 No.10953056


you posted this same picture on cuckchan /k/ and i btfo'd you there mordecai. why would you even try to weasel anti azov into this thread you slimy reptile? you really are terrified of armed and organized death squads.

1850b0 No.10953057

File: bd4d3523bb0c6b7⋯.jpg (22.34 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 1468636234570.jpg)


What do you expect? When it started it was a natural movement created by people like us and it was gaining good ground. Then the kikes moved in and started throwing cash at the (((leaders))) of it and it began to subvert. They still preach a decent message and they are waking up some bread and circus normies but thats about it. They would be preaching a much more pro Nationalist message if it wasn't being subverted.

dd3bf6 No.10953058


I don't know how many of you remember, but this is what the inevitable result of letting the media give us a label. Before 2016 we had no name. We didn't call ourselves Alt Right, the media started that. Reject all attempts to label us.

3b555d No.10953059

File: a64c382a9a1b715⋯.png (538.78 KB, 1460x900, 73:45, Dugins-Eurasia-Spencer-For….PNG)


>I say that as a German National Socialist

See, when you go ahead and just straight up lie like that, all it does is make people want to kill you. You cant be a duginist and a national socialist, because duginism is ANTI-NATIONALIST.

668fb7 No.10953060


Soviet ideology was anti-„rootless cosmopolitans“. Research. How could that be used in informational warfare. Use their own tactics against them

43581d No.10953061


Kill yourself kike.

dd3bf6 No.10953062


Who began calling us "The Alt Right"? The Media.

Who began declaring who is a "leader" of The Alt Right? The Media.

Everyone should have known in 2016 when this started that this would happen. It was the media's plan from the start to co-opt the movement by assigning it a label and "leaders"

77715d No.10953066


anon does have a point, if you watch the documentary. clearly its indicated adolf's father is the son of a rothschilds affair with a live-in maid

1850b0 No.10953067


Very true

d3c385 No.10953069


They also often use this star design pictured in this anon's post


dd3bf6 No.10953070

Time for an unpopular opinion! Worshipping Kek is a good thing. It doesn't matter if he is real. It gives us a leader who can't be killed, can't be corrupted by kikes, with strictly defined goals. Like God in the bible. He isn't real but billions obey him.

668fb7 No.10953072


Dugin directly supports Carl Schmitt‘s model of Empire in 4th PT, Part II.

Hitler lost because of failure to engage the Russian people, basically failure to ally with the “Whites“ against the reds and Dugin proposes basically just that.

1850b0 No.10953074


Although you do have to remember that any movement needs some kind of leader in order to move its ideals forward.


d3c385 No.10953076


I don't support the Kek shit because of Roy Cohn's frog collection. Weirds me out, I don't like it one bit.

84c34d No.10953078

File: 583f371cd0ff8ca⋯.jpg (90.68 KB, 604x853, 604:853, 93b13e75b39b[1].jpg)


Ukraine's nationalist parties are as Jewish as its oligarchs.

d3c385 No.10953079


Hitler lost because the Jews sent the whole world after him and there were too many white traitors.

dd3bf6 No.10953080


But the leader can be fictional. "God" of the Bible proves this. Christianity was taken very seriously until about 40 years ago. They obeyed God very strictly. Sure he doesn't exist but that doesn't matter.

3b555d No.10953081

File: baa464190e9a95b⋯.png (81.13 KB, 1282x264, 641:132, Matthew-Heimbach-NOT-a-Nat….PNG)

File: 51044cbe5873a08⋯.png (14.58 KB, 628x143, 628:143, Heimbach-Stole-NatSoc-Symb….PNG)


As if the commie rhetoric wasnt enough to give him away. All inventions are the product of an individual mind, and therefore individualism is the opposite of cancer. Heimbach is a pure collectivist commie subvert, pretending to be Natsoc just to gain power. He speaks the anti-capitalist rhetoric to commies, he speaks anti-Jew and anti-white genocide to whites, or white nationalism etc just as a means of carving out his communist bolshevist state. He even says the only reason he became a National Socialist is because he saw what Rockwell was doing, agitating using a Swastika to get attention.

d3c385 No.10953082


You've been misled, some of them are controlled op, but some of them are good people.

d3c385 No.10953088

File: cf569fab72cdb36⋯.jpg (128.24 KB, 721x960, 721:960, 10170742_10152370327764920….jpg)

File: 3a362545e14bda7⋯.jpg (16.51 KB, 501x206, 501:206, allegedly matthew heimbach….JPG)

File: 5ed8e081c469b7c⋯.jpg (130.65 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Traditionalist-Youth-Netwo….jpg)


Heimbach is genuinely awful at his job, he's switched tactics so many times, it's crystal clear that he's a two-faced scumbag with ulterior motives.

d3c385 No.10953090


Go shill your Eurasian bullshit somewhere else, maybe /leftypol/

3b555d No.10953092

File: ff86db2eb2f0dba⋯.png (494.78 KB, 777x777, 1:1, richard-kike-puppet-spence….png)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


Were National Socialists here. When push comes to shove, youre in our way and a traitor.

18cc60 No.10953094


this is bullshit hundreds of thousands of russians served in the german military in the ostlegionen. they dropped leaflets over every battleground trying to convince the russians to stop fighting for bolshevism.

668fb7 No.10953095


Read Degrelle‘s book on the Eastern front. The russian peasants loved Hitler and placed his picture right next to that of their boys fighting for the reds. War is about winning hearts and minds, and Hitler’s eastern policy failed in that regard and therefore he lost. The international Jew was powerful but not all-powerful, still isn’t.

dd3bf6 No.10953097


>Hitler removed the Jewish Central Bank from Germany

>Began printing his own non-debt based money

>Within 6 years Germany became the best place to live on Earth, and the first country to pull out of The Great Depression

>Central Bank urges every other country it controls to attack Germany to reestablish Central Bank control

d3c385 No.10953099

File: 2962fc5a92502f3⋯.jpg (140.86 KB, 792x528, 3:2, General Vlasov and soldier….jpg)


Pic related. There were good Russians, and they definitely weren't fighting for Stalin.

816380 No.10953101


>Dugin's model proposal enables different peoples to exist side-by-side.

So he's every bit as deluded as the average social justice acolyte. Noted. Well here's to hoping he catches a bullet sooner rather than later. His head should be on the same pike as the rest of the so called "alt-right."

d3c385 No.10953102


Hey faggot, explain the ROA.


000000 No.10953104


Actually, regarding that he's technically correct and is just echoing the sentiments of those like Nietzsche calling for European Nationalism and Identity. Whether other Europeans will find that agreeable is up for debates, I think some are rather attached to their national identity and there's nothing wrong with that but it's also true Europe is in crisis and Europeans need to band together just as it did before in the crusades or leagues against the Persians.

000000 No.10953105

>even the far-right, anti-left whites believe that Hitler killed millions of whites because he was crazy

Whites deserve to go extinct tbh.

d3c385 No.10953106

File: a43aa26fe7f4cb9⋯.jpg (60.16 KB, 800x561, 800:561, Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1984….jpg)


You have no real arguments and rely on changing the subject and lying by omission.

a22b43 No.10953107

Isn't the new alt-right motto all about "there's no such thing as a white race, but we're all going to LARP as le Mediterranean"?

668fb7 No.10953109


It is common knowledge that the Ostlegionen lacked a vision what was to come after the war. Germany failed to communicate a grand vision for the Russians. Hitler actively resisted formation of statelets and so on.

d3c385 No.10953111


The Alt-Right is neither far right nor white, kike. Whites do not deserve to go extinct, although the alt-right would certainly love that, since at the end of the day they are eurasians.

5cb583 No.10953112


Why the fuck would he use a eight pointed star as a symbol? I know it's some Russian nationalist thing but the only association with that people in the West have is: the Michael Moorcock books and Warhammer 40k. It's about as sensible as using the logo of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association.

e0daf9 No.10953113

File: 040244d7b191025⋯.gif (17.43 KB, 234x234, 1:1, redshield.gif)


is that a slightly altered rothschild logo?

18cc60 No.10953114


dude you posted a picture with that same jewess in that same location in the /k/ thread. how dare you claim jews were the ones at euromaidan getting killed? next youll say kolomoyksyi funded azov.


from 2014 from their own mouths that they stopped "funding azov" when in reality all they were doing was providing food for them because they were stationed in their sector when kolomoyskyi had a government position there which he lost for corruption. so why do you keep pushing this every time azov is brought up? that caricature meme is new though. i see you went ahead and tried to turn the misanthropic division picture i posted into a negative. lol youre fucking pathetic.

3b555d No.10953115


Anyone who is anti-nationalist is an obvious shill. You dont get a voice here, we wont be having arguments with you. Youre a communist anti-white bolshevist subvert who supports a man that sides with the blacks of zimbabwe and says Europe never produced anything of value. You couldnt be more of a race traitor, you are a white jew, the epitome of the term, unless youre not even white.


That picture is from a video on Dugins Eurasia supporting him. One of you shills posted it, and I capped that image. THAT is Dugins Eurasia, and THAT is whites enslaved for the benefit of non-whites. There is no vote, and you will not win. Race war is coming, and youre the enemy. Youre on the niggers side, except youre not, because they will kill you too. You have no side, youve been put out in no-mans land by an anti-white Jew subvert who is using you as a useful idiot to cause white genocide to be ensured. Die, painfully, but dont take to long about it.

668fb7 No.10953116


Dugin presents an alternative to globalized commercialism which would enable racially homogenous closed societies. You criticize me by writing “muh nationalism” but the situation has drastically changed from 1933 to now. What would be your Nazi endgame today? It is all about grand vision! You cannot understand that! Sad!

1e45b5 No.10953120

Come on TRSodomites, can't you find someone a little less effeminate and less faggy than Dickie Spencer to act on behalf of the Alt Right as it's official representative?

3b555d No.10953121

File: 91f82aa34a09387⋯.jpg (104.09 KB, 809x1024, 809:1024, GASSED.jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


Please, be as vocal about this kind of thing in real life. Openly advocate against nationalism and pretend to be pro-white, so we can easily identify you and rectify the problem.

d3c385 No.10953122


>What would be your Nazi endgame today? It is all about grand vision! You cannot understand that! Sad!

Thanks for giving up on pretending to be one of us.

668fb7 No.10953125


He has repeatedly stated what he values and cherishes, and you with your race war fantasies are thoroughly talmudised scum. You are the white Jew!

I will proudly continue standing for true National Socialism AGAINST Jewish Americanism.

If you cannot understand what Jewish Americanism means, then that means you are thoroughly Jewefied. You want to kill me in your race war? Better know who you will be killing for.

668fb7 No.10953129


Formulate the Nazi endgame! Hitler was all for peace and respect between the nations. What do you want?

d3c385 No.10953131


In your last post you just used "Nazi" unironically as an insult. You don't get to keep playing the game, you lost already. Get out.

816380 No.10953132


Literally every other post you make contradicts itself. If you represent anything approaching the best Duganists can offer I can only say that I will enjoy reading the news once you all drink the fucking kool-aid.

668fb7 No.10953134


I am for white nationalism but I believe it to be unwhite to kill every non-white. It is also unwhite to kill insects just because they exist.

Dugin has a grand vision for his goals which makes him effective, formulate an alternative.

3b555d No.10953135


>Im a National Socialist

>Nationalism is bad, we need to unite

Canada is going to be 20% white by 2060 and no one is going to vote for anything. No one is going to address white genocide. Italy is set to be 1% white in 300 years, Germany has a majority non-white 20-30 population in a couple years.

The time for voting is over, you cucks had decades to pull that off and you cant even get a real candidate. These are our countries, were being wiped out, were being exterminated, and regardless of what you think - the race war is coming. Regardless of if whites start it, or blacks do. BLM is already demanding whites give them their homes. Whites, and non-whites will have a race war. Its inevitable. Niggers already go around in gangs of 120 beating and stomping little underage white girls. 1 million British girls were put into sex slavery by muslims. We all know all of this is caused by Jews, intentionally.

Whites survival relies on winning the race war, which we really are already in. The race war is on, already. It will heat up into a HOT war, but its still a race war that we are collectively involved in not by choice. If you decide to spend your time fighting against whites, dont be surprised when whites put and end to that permanently.

3b555d No.10953137


They will be deported you fucking retard. Jews are the ones who wont be deported.

000000 No.10953140


Nazbols need to go

d3c385 No.10953142


I'm not normally a violent person, but if I ever met a Duginist out in the physical world, I'd kill them, they don't deserve to live. The consequences would be worth it.

18cc60 No.10953144


>I am for white nationalism but I believe it to be unwhite to kill every non-white.

stop shitting up the board with your pleas of self-preservation whatever mongrel you are. youre getting deported and eventually colonized and sterilized.

3b555d No.10953145

File: 6ea0d951b79db3e⋯.webm (418.51 KB, 480x360, 4:3, were-not-going-to-have-ar….webm)


As I said, you dont get a voice in this. Youre a white Jew and will be treated like one.The shit you are spouting is ridiculous garbage buzzword trash, meaningless, empty. You will be gassed when the mods wake up, you dont belong here.

18cc60 No.10953151


youre not saying anything and namedrop dugin on more time to prove how will less you are. you have no ideas of your own and cant even put them into your own words without trying to use a characters dogma to back you. honestly stop posting if youre white. its in your best interest.

8b92e0 No.10953152

File: 736c9b22ba37853⋯.jpg (94.15 KB, 467x467, 1:1, eurasian spider .jpg)

413067 No.10953155


I thought you were the fag for a sec honest mistake

d3c385 No.10953160

File: 6dfe8159482f182⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, 1:1, c5f.gif)

84c34d No.10953161



Kolomoisky wasn't the only one though, the neoconservatives also had a hand in it.

c26896 No.10953162


>Rights don't exist

I mean, technically, he's not wrong. You have what rights those in power allow you to have, for better or worse. Vae Victis and all that.

Of course, he's still controlled opposition, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

3b555d No.10953163

File: db7f88c8a5e931e⋯.jpg (62.87 KB, 640x634, 320:317, Pesci-Laugh.jpg)


Oh okay, you just thought I was a faggot. I guess thats totally fine.

84c34d No.10953171

Azov is a private militia pretending to be a group of nationalists. In reality they are just mercenaries securing the interests of moneyed tycoons.

8b8fb9 No.10953172

File: bcd2271526211f7⋯.jpg (172.46 KB, 444x652, 111:163, 35ba67891d3c24838c8b9567f1….jpg)


>It is Dugin that has the vision, not you.

>Follow him!


7d283c No.10953173




>insect posting

1e45b5 No.10953177


Insect posting is allowed but funposting is verboten on /nupol/, really activates the almonds.

6c71f4 No.10953181


>muh nu/pol/

>funposting is verboten

See this thread, and have a few keks while you lurk moar


3741a7 No.10953182


It's also similar to the chaos symbol used by satanists.

Pure cohencidence.

516280 No.10953183

File: ff86db2eb2f0dba⋯.png (494.78 KB, 777x777, 1:1, ff86db2eb2f0dba63742224919….png)

File: 90d5ae9400e520b⋯.jpg (95.75 KB, 682x614, 341:307, 90d5ae9400e520b57c138ef277….jpg)

File: 70e3fcc700b2a7f⋯.jpg (811.24 KB, 1010x1376, 505:688, fe5ae7c8d99717fca74ca574e0….jpg)

File: 694b084830b5ac3⋯.jpg (33.1 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 694b084830b5ac3553826f8a5c….jpg)

18cc60 No.10953185


stop fucking trying. of course you kikes are trying to portray them as led by some jew. but all you do is post false flag pictures and bullshit articles with no quotes from the actual division and its leadership. keep at it though and theyll give you something you dont want.

>b-but it wasnt only this kike

whatever your bullshit "vox" news article says mordecai. fucking vox, i read the article (even though i shouldnt have because anybody from here knows vox is kike'd bullshit) and there are no facts, no verifiable truths, no sources, not fucking shit. you have nothing but false flagged pictures that you spam. thats fucking it. how will you respond now? im actually curious.

1e45b5 No.10953187


>See this thread, and have a few keks while you lurk moar

Mods must be passed out on cough syrup or otherwise that thread would of already been deleted.

18cc60 No.10953191


they are a fucking national guard unit with state backed funding since 2014 retard. they get fucking tanks supplied to them because the kikes in the ukrainian government are scared to get assassinated. the regular army was too demoralized to win against the eastern rebels. they HAD to help nationalists or risk losing all of their business interests. they delayed their demise and you spamming that they are kike'd will only motivate them to destroy you sooner.

59afaa No.10953195


>and how the Russians were poor innocent whites who got a raw deal by the allies at the end of the war


Yes innocent, they dindu nuffin especially before evil natsis attacked.

6090ab No.10953196


It's not "you burgers", it was the jews. This could be said about all of the european powers that fought the 3rd Reich. If we could really choose and have unbiased news about what was going on inside the 3rd Reich, we would have conquered the stars already.

Unfortunately, the jews exist.

ed4ed1 No.10953220


Maybe some of the Alt-Right will get a pass but most of them will definitely be gassed for betraying us in these grave times.

ed4ed1 No.10953222


Ha, mention Rockwell to an Alt-Kiker and they'll recoil in shock.

e376a4 No.10953238

File: 3f2f951550f02f5⋯.jpg (50.58 KB, 800x800, 1:1, war peace.jpg)

God damn it /pol/

We've proved it ok. We have proven it enough. They are the enemy. Worst they don't even stand with the enemy they pretend to be /pol/ and use our talent.

No more talk. Time for full on war.

000000 No.10953254


Chapter XI

Germany’s Political Situation:

No Alliance with Russia

9cd788 No.10953277

On every TRS podcast I've listened to they've been open Hitler supporters.

13f37a No.10953290


Let's face it lads, if Jews were not a factor in history - then Hitler would be a bad guy (assuming everything happened the way it did, which it obviously wouldn't have). These people still accept everything that happened (and a fair bit that didn't) post WW2, but they completely deny or understand ANY Jewish involvement.

To their minds it is only logical that Hitler was a bad guy. Without Jewish involvement; Hitler's war against the banks, against literature, against art - it all seems to be a terrible thing. The crushing of the 'German' spirit, and the moulding of it into something purely military which will be unleashed upon the rest of the whites. Now as we know the 'banks' were not owned by Germans, but by nomadic kikes who sponsored and funded wars the world over - Wall Street New York funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia for goodness' sake, and before that the Napoleonic wars, and before that most everything else where white men shed the blood of other white men! We know the literature that was burned was in fact communist manifestos, pornography and a host of heretical, perverse, deceptive and demoralising writings - like those of Freud that tell us that all people are incestuous degenerates. We know the 'art' that he was so against was no art at all - but a specific mockery of it, largely created by Jews, and all meant to be degrade and dishonour the great (European) works that came before.

If you remove the Jews then of course Hitler is a bad guy. But you cannot remove the Jews. And this is why we must NEVER let them remove the Jews. The Jews are a great evil in this world, they are the physical instrument of Satan as the Bible itself tells us. They are of the devil and they do his will, and we must remember that Christ Himself told us that we can only serve one master. Do we choose the Jews and their father, Satan - or do we choose our own people, who follow Christ? You cannot serve both.

7dcc00 No.10953307


I honestly don't know where to start…Between TRS, Sargon, the Alt Light thots, the plethora of BASED niggers and BASED jews, Implicit Dick and his totally not communist cryptokike "wife" and alphabet connections, the faggotry shilling, it's official logo looking like a merchant… It's unbelievable what a shit show the Alt Right is.

If you had told me 15 years ago (yes, I'm that long politically active) that there would be an OPENLY pro communist, pro homosexual, pro jew movement claiming to be nationalist I would have laughed in your face yet here we are. I'm just glad we always distanced ourselves from these scumbags.


>Does anyone in the Alt-Right even promote William Pierce, Savitri Devi, or George Lincoln Rockwell?

Very good question.

7dcc00 No.10953335

Oh and one more thing: Its mostly in the west that historians categorically deny that the Soviet Union had planned to attack Europe. In fact many of the most rabid enemies of the planned Soviet invasion are westerners including Americans like David Glantz, a very well known military historian who obviously doesn't understand the Russian/Soviet mindset at all.

Many Russian historians fully admit it but not in an apologetic way, THEY BRAG ABOUT IT (Glantz? you hear that you fucking idiot? they BRAG about it!), since from their POV it would have been to fight against "evil fascists" and would thus have been "justified" and "heroic".

Non exhaustive list of prominent Russian/Soviet historians that validate the preemptive war theory apart from Suvorov who's technically "only" a military intelligence defector not a historian:

Vladimir Nevezhin

Boris Sokolov

Valeri Danilov

Igor Bunich

Mikhail Meltyukhov

Constantine Pleshakov

Mark Solonin

Pavel Bobylev

And there are many more I'm just too lazy to write them down at the moment (it's Saturday lol).

cffe0f No.10953336









Okay boys, you got me. I always called you paranoid for thinking the alt-right was subverted. This sandwich I'm eating at the moment tastes like crow.

What do we call ourselves to normalfags though? That's where I'm stumped. We could use better branding than NatSoc - no, I'm not talking about abandoning NatSoc principles of any kind, just CALLING it something different so it doesn't immediately trigger the neonazzees baaaaad programming

1e45b5 No.10953338

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why are the Eurofags defending Neocon kikes? >>10953307

>If you had told me 15 years ago (yes, I'm that long politically active) that there would be an OPENLY pro communist, pro homosexual, pro jew movement claiming to be nationalist I would have laughed in your face yet here we are. I'm just glad we always distanced ourselves from these scumbags.

<When a group of jewish comedy writers for the Dave Chappelle show literally meme the alt right into reality 15 years ago.

d0b0ce No.10953339


The Alt-Right is a boogeyman term regardless of the context. Americans voted for America for once and the establishment was so dumbfounded by the idea of American nationalism that they coined "alt-right" to illegitimatize whatever movement Trump had led.

Plus the Hitler thing is kinda meme tier. I'm not saying blacks our /ourallies/ but not all whites are our friends, either. Killing whites was a shitty thing to do, but you always kill a traitor before an enemy.

47f288 No.10953341

File: 605f793d2ad26d2⋯.jpg (56.58 KB, 433x341, 433:341, ave true to pelley.jpg)

0effe9 No.10953346


First post, best post.

d7b25e No.10953347

Isn't this a good thing? The "Alt-Right" is now a bunch of multicultural conservatives, with a bit of nationalism (more like wanting to reduce immigration), pro-gay soyboys who are meant to be KKK white supremacist Neo-Nazis, yet they denounce Hitler. Its all a bunch of bullshit and everyone can see right through it.

The aim of the alt right is to act as a safety net for bad goyim who learn too much, to get them to stop with this kosher nationalism.

8aae9d No.10953356





He's clearly signalling the limitations of what he can say on the platform, not a genuinely held belief. And he's right to do so.

As anons on here we can talk about the glory of the Reich as much as we want without consequence. In normiespace people are not yet ready for that message. It doesn't matter what we know, anyone who comes out in public declaring Hitler was right about almost everything, and the Nazis have been subject to the greatest slander in history, will be immediately dismissed.

We must consider the psychology of this. Truth is ultimately more powerful than lies, but if you try to administer too big a dose of it to people whose minds have been too kiked for too long, they will reject it. It simply doesn't look like truth if they can't integrate it into the framework of other things they "know" to be true, so it is dismissed.

Success will come from shifting the Overton window gradually by feeding people truth in smaller, more palatable doses. Things like:

- The facts on race and crime rates

- The science of race and IQ

- The facts on racial demography

- What becoming a minority means for whites (Rhodesia, South Africa)

- Who is really pushing for unrestricted immigration

- The facts on Jewish over-representation in positions of power

- Examples of Jewish attitudes to whites in the own words

Eventually, once they've swallowed enough of these little red pills, people will be begging to take the big one. Knowing they've been lied to about so many things, they will start to question the WW2 narrative and the opportunity to fully rehabilitate the Fuhrer will arise.

Things are moving in the right direction. Particularly in the US this year, the Kikes scored a huge own goal by overestimating their power with their campaign of sedition against Trump. They handed us the greatest opportunity since WW2 to expose them.

A huge chunk of the US population now realise that the mainstream news media have no respect for democracy and no allegiance to truth. From that shocking realisation, it's a small step to asking who is really pulling the strings and what other false narratives they have sold us.

aa9061 No.10953359

> referring to him as "this guy Alternate Hypothesis" and not Ryan Faulk or Fringeelements

Newfag detected. Deal with an alternative opinion from somebody who's done more than you have.

13f37a No.10953365


Burn in hell you kike-sympathising cock sucker.

6c71f4 No.10953367


Literally who?

>just accept the pozz without complaints

>anyone who doesn't keep up with shitty Ecelebs must be a newfag

Cuckchan is down the hall and to the left, you will feel right at home down there

aa9061 No.10953374


> Literally who?

He pretty much one of the founders of white nationalism on youtube.

Destroyed the entire establishment on race and IQ.

He's been doing this since before /pol/ even existed and it was /new/

And he has consistently denied the holocaust, OP couldn't get sarcasm and sperged out.

fa63ea No.10953384

Hitler was a failed artist, an SJW


3c328d No.10953387

File: cdaa4441a821007⋯.png (197.72 KB, 428x362, 214:181, erika5.png)


Hitler-sama was a great artist, kike-kun! Lets see you draw better! Oekaki is enabled! Unless you're shy!


6c71f4 No.10953388


>Destroyed the entire establishment on race and IQ

Good thing he destroyed the establishment, it would be a paint to have to deal with a bunch of kikes after this guy clearly destroyed the establishment

I especially enjoy how your stance changed from

>Deal with an alternative opinion from somebody

Openly defending the guy badmouthing Hitler, then doubling down on it in the comments section. To

>OP couldn't get sarcasm and sperged out

>he was just pretending to be retarded

So which one is it? Was it an alternate opinion that he actually believes, as him doubling down shows, or was he just pretending to be retarded

22637e No.10953391


>one can have a male "soul" in a female body

Evola believed the same thing.

5b7b7d No.10953392



3ce72f No.10953393


What you should have called them is history revisionists. It was the kikes on the russian side that were responsible for the deaths of millions of european christians.

aa9061 No.10953398


> Good thing he destroyed the establishment

Yep, it is. IQ being heritable is relatively mainstream now.

> as him doubling down shows

Doubling down? Get the obvious sarcasm:

> the Holocaust DEFINITELY HAPPENED because it's illegal in several countries and against youtube's TOS to question it. That means IT'S TRUE and Google is a great company.

Either you get it or you don't, but that's obvious.

He's made hour long videos in the past talking about holocaust revisionism and going over the sham that was Nuremburg.

The alternative opinion I referred to was not placing Hitler idolization at the forefront of everything. He doesn't believe in the holocaust, he doesn't believe Hitler was perfect.

3a20b3 No.10953399

I got halfway through this autistic rant before I had to shut it off. He's pinning the war on Hitler when every nation in the world was pointing a gun at NSDAP Germany for removing usury and banker kikes. Yes yes, it's Hitler's fault the eternally cursed Britkikes always slapped away Hitler's olive branch whenever he sued for peace and tried to end the war. I'm not anti-America by definition by any means, but our actions in World War 2 were disgusting, up to and including the way we forcibly entered the war by provoking the Japanese and ignoring credible reports of imminent attack on Pearl Harbor because we needed carté blanche to enter the war.

As a side note, I bet this is some TRS kike subhuman because back when they used to pollute this board with their inanity, this was the line they kept using re: Hitler.

No, I will not give up probably the greatest racial hero of our time, despite the fact he ultimately was not able to get us across the finish line. Realizing the war propaganda of WW2 and how Hitler was actually a very honorable man who has been slandered by the true villains does nothing but affirm my respect for him. He will have statues in Europe one day, you believe you me.

3a20b3 No.10953405


So appreciating the sacrifices Hitler made makes you a tatted up skinhead? Nice false dichotomy you got there.

3a20b3 No.10953409

File: 1980353c496d4f1⋯.png (39.12 KB, 808x198, 404:99, Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at ….png)

I kek'd

3a20b3 No.10953418

File: 857faf792777bf5⋯.jpg (547.31 KB, 1169x1654, 1169:1654, 1.jpg)


The Germans forewarned the Danes that they were coming so that it would be a bloodless exchange. The Germans needed war resources. Not exactly outlandish. If that's what's bandied about in Britkike circles as justification for fighting Hitler then you're more subhuman than I thought.

725be6 No.10953422


T. Burger Education

Britain also gave ample warning to Germany. Infact, it was the gutless Americans who refused to invade the USSR in 1945, despite having nuclear weapons.

6c71f4 No.10953423


>Yep, it is. IQ being is relatively mainstream now.

It was long before jewtube existed and a guy got 50,000 views on a video. IQ is tied to race which is obviously heritable. Just because the guy ties up obvious facts in hour long videos full of sophistry making them to long for normalfags to take notice doesn't mean this one Eceleb changed the world, or that there is anything redeemable in the alt-kike. Do you really think everything came from a relevantly small jewtuber?

>He's made hour long videos in the past talking about holocaust revisionism and going over the sham that was Nuremburg

None of our conversation has been about the holohoax, and hour long videos are to long to redpill normalfags. It was all about the Hitler point when you then capitulate on, but not before throwing out points that were not discussed or disagreed on at any level. You are trying to buff the reputation of an Eceleb that just made a long video ignoring most of WW2 just to badmouth Hitler, by bringing up stuff that was not a part of the conversation to make it seem like he didn't just fuck up so horribly

>not placing Hitler idolization at the forefront of everything

Pointing out actual facts about him and the stuff the Eceleb got horribly wrong is not blind idolization, it is truth

725be6 No.10953427


Then began the age of American appeasement - in which the USA threatened the UK at every turn, to not provoke Stalin and to sacrifice the Empire to appease the Communists.

It wasn't until the Korean war that the USA actually got up to speed with the threat the USSR posed - they were too busy sucking Stalin's cock until that point.

Then aligned themselves with Pakistan later on and to secure this alliance (and Turkey's admittance to NATO) started flooding the UK and Germany with Pakis and Turks.

Germany is still under laws the USA put in, and as with Powell and many other British nationalists - it was American pressure, in order to appease the oh-so-necessary third world "armies" into out-human-waving the USSR.

Despite all of this, the American still worships Hitler - a man who did the exact same thing, and aligned himself with Arabs and Japs.

4e5e7d No.10953432

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

725be6 No.10953433


That is, the USA actively intervened and tried to court British colonies, away from Britain, and in the process lost the biggest ones to the USSR.

Then, actively supported the shite ones to massacre the Hindus in East Pakistan, going so far as to threaten India with a nuclear warship in the Bay of Bengal.

Americans love to give some half-arsed preachy shit about how America is great - and it is, it's a continent. But they fucked up, again, and again, making everything worse - hell, the Turks in Germany were invited by the USA to learn shit and never left.

Thanks to American "intervention" and absolute lack of intelligence. Because, with their women mixing with blacks for over a century, they never considered that a country was anything but a republic.

The USA is just an oversized France.

d30750 No.10953442



It's because they want the stupid autistic memes to just remain memes. Taking the platform that you are like Hitler is a stupid idea if you're not actually an national socialist who believes in aryanism (which is very different from race realism)

3a20b3 No.10953445


So what is central to the dogmatic faith you britkikes have as justification for ww2? That Hitler should have stopped defending his people in Poland?

786790 No.10953459

File: 1bf1c8bda926281⋯.png (538.2 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1bf1c8bda926281171b9eabef7….png)

'''1. One cannot fight the Jew by positive means. He is a negative, and this negative must be erased from the German system or he will forever corrupt it.

2. One cannot discuss the Jewish question with the Jews. One can hardly prove to a person that one has the duty to render him harmless.

3. One cannot allow the Jew the same means one would give an honest opponent, for he is no honorable opponent. He will use generosity and nobility only to trap his enemy.

4. The Jew has nothing to say about German questions. He is a foreigner, an alien, who only enjoys the rights of a guest, rights that he always abuses.

5. The so-called religious morality of the Jews is no morality at all, rather an encouragement to betrayal. Therefore, they have no claim to protection from the state.

6. The Jew is not smarter than we are, rather only cleverer and craftier. His system cannot be defeated economically — he follows entirely different moral principles than we do. It can only be broken through political means.

7. A Jew cannot insult a German. Jewish slanders are but badges of honor for a German opponent of the Jews.

8. The more a German person or a German movement opposes the Jew, the more valuable it is. If someone is attacked by the Jews, that is a sure sign of his virtue. He who is not persecuted by the Jews, or who is praised by them, is useless and dangerous.

9. The Jew evaluates German questions from the Jewish standpoint. As a result, the opposite of what he says must be true.

10. One must either affirm or reject anti-Semitism. He who defends the Jews harms his own people. One can only be a Jewish lackey or a Jewish opponent. Opposing the Jews is a matter of personal hygiene.'''

725be6 No.10953465



Do you know ANY of the Second World War history?

We were weeks away from a breakthrough and actively supported Hitler until then.

We were calming Poland down and keeping things mild. Then, Hitler started pointing fingers and went charging in, despite all warnings.

Why do you think France didn't invade when Hitler put troops in the Rhineland?

Because Britain told them to fuck off.

Same goes for the Anschluss - France kicked off, Britain again intervened and forced France back down.

Then, WE reached an agreement with Hitler, which he immediately broke.

8d2970 No.10953468

File: 701ecb1c6e883e2⋯.jpg (65 KB, 360x270, 4:3, Absolute.jpg)


>Ignoring most of WW2

He has a 8 part video series on his channel, which he dispels

the notion of Hitler being militarily incompetent, and multiple videos of holocaust revisionism on NewEuropeANP.

You are fucking delusional.


He has made far more argumentative contributions than Pol has.

3a20b3 No.10953472


RIP for what reason? Not loving TRS kikes? That's always been the case.


I'll admit it's a little hazy nowadays, but there's a few details I know I forgot that justified my dislike for the British reaction. Gotta go dust off my history book.

3c328d No.10953475

File: 1a552900bce4057⋯.png (518.5 KB, 812x722, 406:361, eva-beatrice5.png)


>/pol/ is finished

Kike-kun is ever the shitty comedian after all these years!


725be6 No.10953483


The problem is, "German" is a pretty fucking broad definition.

Have you ever actually spoken German, or known ANY German history?

Prussian used to be half German half Lithuanian - Czechs can be called Germans, as can Dutch, or Danish.

"Uniting Germany" basically meant "Conquering pretty much everything which sounds German enough" and - included England!

Italy, Ukraine, Belgium and Sweden all fall under the "Germanic" umbrella - the HRE included Northern Italy, for example - and parts of France and Belgium were once German too.

What you're saying is something similar to Russia - a conglomeration of ethnic groups which fall under similar terms. Including Poles and Ukrainians. And then using that as a launch pad to secure more influence.

aa9061 No.10953484


>Do you really think everything came from a relevantly small jewtuber?

He played a significant part, yes. Arguments get made on youtube, and then they get repeated and spread. I've been following the "debate" for approx a decade, and talking points from actual race-denying scientists in academia have shifted and changed in the same way that the talking points of people arguing with fringeelements on youtube did. Pretty much all of them are now doing the "gotta find the genes" thing and resorting to denying the entire concept of quantitative genetics.

> just made a long video ignoring most of WW2 just to badmouth Hitler

Well, he made longer videos in the past…but the point of this video was that the people who fought the Nazis were themselves racist white nationalists. He's kind of emphasizing certain things that he believes were anti-white about Hitler, to illustrate to normies that in some ways white Americans were even more racist than Nazis, and perhaps they were were regarding, say, blacks, thus it's stupid for anti-whites to somehow claim victories over the Nazis as their own, and that white nationalism is anti-American etc.

He says some things I don't agree with about WW2 (and also about USA and Australia - especially Australia - being established as pan-european countries is bogus, they were clearly originally intended for British people - especially Australia - but have kind of changed over time) but I give him the right to his opinion based on his history and efforts.

3a20b3 No.10953495


I remembered the northern Italy bit, being Italian myself, since whenever I wander into Deutsche/pol/ they always give me the 'gibe Tyrol' line. I'm actually a quarter German myself so I have a bit of German language under my belt but it's mostly English and Italian that I speak. I realize that the German umbrella is pretty wide, I mean we call the Dutch Swamp Germans and the Austrians Mountain Germans. It's done for comedic effect but I think there's a kernel of truth in there, that while ultimately a bit different, there's much more alike than unlike. I never got that feeling from the English however. You are certainly a different breed for better or worse.

725be6 No.10953510


We're the "Islanders" - and German-style Nazism fails with Britain because of the whole "Master race" thing.

Essentially, Britain doesn't fall under conventional logic most of the time.

Of the islands, the "smartest" country in the world (by number of inventors and inventions) is in the UK - Scotland.

According to the USA, too - the best soldiers (by number of Medals of Honour) are Irish (making up 70% of issued Medals) - and this is something the UK found out.

The Irish-British relations are very interesting too. Turns out, the IRA are probably the reason why American media is so scared of the scary little Armalites.

Essentially, all the way until the 1960s, Britain's oversized role in the world was duly noted by anybody who encountered us. Even in the Korean war, 1000 Brits faced off against 20,000 Chinks.

The only group who has ever actually managed to do better than us in combat are the Afrikaaner Voortrekkers.

A lot of modern British politics is drawing away from that and trying to simultaneously appease and destroy any attempt by the nations in the UK to rebel - something which is failing.

Keep in mind we had one mental fucker assassinate an MP in broad daylight with a homemade gun.

725be6 No.10953511


That is - Britain has a distinct and carved identity, which Germany doesn't. Germany's identity may have developed, now, but back then? We had no idea if they were going to claim England too because of the whole Anglo-Saxon thing.

Looking back, they were probably not expecting us to evacuate half a million troops in the middle of a battle, which would have made us a very valuable ally and political prize - to be the first nation to physically invade in nearly a thousand years.

034127 No.10953515

>I don't even understand what the fuck is going on anymore

it is very simple really

jews infiltrate or even start their own, right wing orgs, placing jews or goy pawns in top positions.

They then use jew associates in the media to gain publicity for these right wing orgs, drawing in an audience.

They proceed using a persuassion tactic called "pacing and leading" where they say the right things to gain raport with the audience and over time gain their trust.

Later once they have built enough trust, they will start to introduce ideas that are not quite in line with the principles of the ideology they are proposing, "Hitler was bad", "israel is ok" etc, etc

While the sharp among us will see through them for the shills and traitors that they are, a certain percentage of our people will fall for it.

Create enough of these "almost-right" orgs, and huge numbers of right wingers will be scattered, separated, and all missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

Divide the right and conquer is their aim.

8aae9d No.10953525


>Keep in mind we had one mental fucker assassinate an MP in broad daylight with a homemade gun.

I strongly suspect that guy was MK-ultrad out of his mind.

Both the target and the timing seemed designed to evoke an emotional reaction against Brexit. It painted the murderous Brexiter as an evil, Nazi, racist, white supremacist etc, and provided a virtuous martyr for the pro-EU side.

13f37a No.10953527


Hitler never had any plans to conquer England as he did with the other German peoples. The English stood out as distinct as they were in ascendancy, it was something Hitler wished to emulate and according to many sources he was somewhat of an Anglo-boo.

As you have said though, British and German relations were very good for a long time. /pol/ often tries to reduce history to something that is very simple, and basically just states that everything bad happened because of kikes - and that is somewhat true, but its ridiculous to say that Britain or the USA, at that stage in time, were controlled by Jews. There was a powerful Jewish element vying for control, the same Jewish element that had previously succeeded in Germany, Russia and France. It had not taken over the Anglo-nations however, and there was a fierce 'deep-state struggle' (not the correct terms, but it should help to explain things to our new Ameri-bro friends). The actual British, including the Monarchy, were intent on be-friending Nazi-Germany in the beginning, and there were many signs of good-will to one-another. There were certainly some kikes in Britain trying to stir the shit, but they could not get what they wanted without Hitler invading Poland - and we can say it is justified as much as we want, but when there is a deep-state war going on and the kikes own the media, it is very easy for them to push for war after this action.

A good analogy is the un-dodged Dodge in Charlottesville. The alt-right rally was if anything justified, the actions of the driver (be he false flag or otherwise) were not sadistic and a good defense can be made for him. BUT, it is what the kikes wanted to push the idea that the white nationalists were a violent threat to the rest of society that needed to be shut down, and that fat whore's death has been used to radicalise many leftist shit-for-brains who never truly looked into the causes and happily imbibed the propaganda that the jews were shoveling. Hitler's invasion of Poland, just like the White Nationalist Rally / un-dodged Dodge incident - can be seen in very similar ways. It was not a particularly smart move by Hitler or the WNs, but it was justified - however the Jews loved it because it allowed them to push their narrative hard and get people more radicalised and ready for war. They would then continue to portray any British suing for peace as appeasers and cowards (sort of like how the Left say how anyone who is silent about racist/white-nationalists is part of the problem - silence is compliance or some shit, I think their retarded mantras).

>tl:dr: politics more complicated than /pol/ likes to admit

>Britain and America had kikes vying for control, but were not under control

>To such an extent that Anglo-German relations were very good with holidays booming between the two nations, and the English Monarch being openly Pro-Hitler

>kikes would manipulate justified but foolish moves by the Germans to portray the peace-desiring Brits as cowardly appeasers

>Hitler does share some blame for the war, despite being justified, because he played into the kike's hands

>Overall Hitler is still a good guy because he fought against evil, even though he did make mistakes and was not perfect. He is revered on /pol/ for speaking the truth in a time of cowardly silence and lies, and for making a stand. The rest is irrelevant - that is why we love him.

3a20b3 No.10953533


Wasn't London the seat of power of the Rothschilds? How was it not under Jewish control again? They even gave the Bank of England enough liquidity to avoid a banking crisis. Saying England hasn't been under Jew control is disingenuous at best.

d967be No.10953542

File: 273901f66874e76⋯.png (138.12 KB, 476x401, 476:401, 1511499910585.png)

Lmao. No one likes a loser. Hitler lost and killed himself stop worshipping losers you eunuchs ;)


13f37a No.10953548


London, Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna and Naples were the original seats of the Rothschilds. They of course have far more seats of power across the world. The fact that they have a seat of power does not translate to them owning a nation, and you have to be a damned fool to believe it does.

There was a power struggle going on for hundreds of years, and by the time of World War Two it had not been won by the kikes. A cursory knowledge of politics in Britain (or the USA) at that stage in time should tell you all you need to know - there were powerful, popular fascist elements, there was rampant anti-jewish sentiment, myriad politicians were known for their anti-jewish perspectives, there was a very real desire for peace and brotherhood with Nazi-Germany, communism was seen as a diabolical threat that needed to be annihilated, to such an extent that the British had aided the Whites (Tsarist faction) in Russia during the 1920s.

Yes, the Rothschilds were established. Yes, they were a power political force No, they did not own the country - even Churchill was not 'their man', they had to manipulate him into serving their whims. They desperately wanted to flood the UK with shitskins, but could not achieve this while Churchill was alive. You must understand that the key to kike success is that they offer others something that THEY want, and in return demand something that (usually) seems insignificant. "We'll fund the entirety of your war against that evil Papist King if you allow a few of us to live in your lands Mr. Cromwell! We won't cause any trouble, we'll obey the laws - we're your greatest ally!" … They make it seem a small thing, but it never is. It might start small but if the kikes are good at anything, it is plotting and scheming - and if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. - Realise though that this means that the British (and American) people they got to do their whim were generally only doing so because they perceived it to be in THEIR interests - they were not minions of the Jew, they had their own goals and aspirations, the Jews would simply try to manipulate them. As such I portray, rightly, as a political struggle between Brits and Kikes (and others too to be honest) who were all vying for supremacy. The Jews would not gain absolute control until much later, sometime after the 60s (when they gained control over most of the working class), and you can see what they have pushed since then - gun control, mass-immigration, anti-British sentiment and suicide.

8aae9d No.10953549


Good post. Acknowledging Hitler was correct about many things and the positive aspects of Nazism doesn't mean we should Deify him.

If we want a better future, we should learn from his mistakes as well as his many good ideas.

256b46 No.10953551


/Thread. Kill yourself op

8aae9d No.10953558


>The Jews would not gain absolute control until much later, sometime after the 60s

The kikes haven't gained absolute control anywhere yet. The replacement migration is their plan of how to achieve that. They are still dependent on deception as their primary means of control, and that leaves them vulnerable.

If they had absolute control, they would have managed to stamp out the stubborn strain of Euro-scepticism that persisted in the UK. Instead, we're getting Brexit.

91c678 No.10953566


That's from when they were still old libertardians

13f37a No.10953567


Fair point. They were certainly the dominant faction after the 60s however, whereas prior to that there was a very real struggle going on where they would often not get what they wanted. As clear evidence just look at that fact you had McCarthy in the USA and the Korean war even later.

f937f4 No.10953576


>no one likes a loser

That's why even your family hates you.

3a20b3 No.10953578


>posting a cuckchan meme with a cuckchan filename pretending like you arent an outsider

d967be No.10953579

File: 41899a02f95460e⋯.jpg (13.8 KB, 248x203, 248:203, 1511500591891.jpg)


Im quite liked, thank you very much, hitcuck

d967be No.10953580

File: 739890c58ff48d4⋯.png (297.61 KB, 1235x650, 19:10, 1511499593596.png)


So? Hitler killed himself, fuckface

725be6 No.10953583



>Brit/pol/ being an embarassment again

48a478 No.10953605

I read yesterday that Anglin self-identified as an "ironic NatSoc" recently. (((Whom))) do you think does this (((coordinated effort))) of massively abandoning NatSoc point to? Also Spencer is way overrated, I saw an interview of him with a nigger once and the former produced such shitty arguments as if he was a cuckchan /pol/ack who lurked for a year and thinks he's hot shit.

3a20b3 No.10953608


I think Anglin was saying that we need our own aesthetic and we shouldn't use the NSDAP one. I don't think he said anything to the extent that he hates Hitler or anything like that. I remember there was an article on the stormer he penned talking about this but I can't find it.

c3b78a No.10953617

File: 47395a09b9a409b⋯.webm (1.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, mikeisakike.webm)

File: c5a40592dc16e6c⋯.png (160.33 KB, 1445x235, 289:47, enocheitherweakoracunt.PNG)

File: c2370a637885666⋯.png (32.12 KB, 1232x168, 22:3, enochneedstoburn.PNG)

File: a03683df0a3cbea⋯.png (255.17 KB, 1546x768, 773:384, enochisafraud.PNG)


Expect them to start pivoting away from any sort of support of Hitler soon. Better yet, stop fucking listening to TRS completely.

a2d3e9 No.10953620

Doesn't really bother me if that's what it takes to propel, in the end, the same message and eventual outcome that Hitler wanted anyway.

As far as I'm concerned you can tell whether Spencer is good or not based on the responses of people to him. It's not popular on chans but I support him and am glad he's doing what he's doing (sans retarded rallies_

000000 No.10953627


Too bad the focus was exclusively on the Hebrew side of the Semitic tree, not seeing the threat of the Arab/Muslim Semites that plague Europe now.

c3b78a No.10953630

File: a8e7c26d571bad9⋯.png (267.2 KB, 610x731, 610:731, tay and uncle.png)


Bretty gud bost.

2ee6e9 No.10953632

>the left are the true nazis!

Didn't that clue you in?

26fd17 No.10953634



>Many people think that spiders are insects but they are mistaken since insects have six legs and three main body parts. Most insects have wings.

>Arachnids belong to an even larger group of animals called “arthropods” which also include insects and crustaceans (lobster, crabs, shrimp, and barnacles). This is the largest group in the animal kingdom! Approximately 80% of all animals are from this group…that would be over a million different species! There are more than 30 000 different species of spiders.

c3b78a No.10953641

File: bbdebf9076fb8bc⋯.png (431.55 KB, 476x507, 476:507, jack.png)


>He has made far more argumentative contributions than Pol has.


773a1c No.10953655

File: a4aba24f460287c⋯.webm (1.08 MB, 640x480, 4:3, ryan faulk.webm)


Ryan Faulk (Alternative Hypothesis) is a homosexual btw.

3a20b3 No.10953666


Oh shit that's him? KEK

773a1c No.10953671


Blaming Hitler and the Germans in general for the the Wars and the deaths is a classic kike trick of shifting the blame onto their enemies.

Britain and France declarted war on Germany after the Poles were massacring ethnic germans, remember. Germany was trying to defend Europe from the Soviet Union. Remember that as well. Britain made the Balfour Declaration, giving Palestine to the jews. America operated a Lend-Lease program, supporting the Soviets before and during the War. Trotsky was funded by a capitalist american jew called Schiff before he went to Russia and participated in the Bolshevik Revolution.

A lot of "history" is just one side lying about the other.

3a20b3 No.10953702


I won't say how I know his, but it's blaringly obvious you aren't from around here.

37c22d No.10953708


>Europeans are one nation

>the American system is the way to go

>white nationalism

>Hitler did everything wrong

ye this faggot needs to kill himself

8aae9d No.10953715

File: 8e711cd24c5f522⋯.jpg (289.45 KB, 1296x1500, 108:125, UpYoursDelors.jpg)

File: d9b298cbfdfd88a⋯.jpg (177.53 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Buckethead.jpg)


I agree that their power definitely rose from the 60s onwards, and I'm sure that's because that was when they managed to implant the seeds of many bad ideas into Western culture. Overall though, I'd say the UK is less kiked than the US. When you look at the three prongs of the power structure that kikes always invade - finance, media and politics, The UK is equally kiked in finance, but less so in the other two. On the media front, for example, Rupert Murdoch's Sun stubbornly remained the most popular tabloid newspaper, pushing a distinctly un-globalist agenda.

The lesser infiltration of British politics may be partly down to the US simply being a more valuable target and the assumption that the UK will follow the lead of a kiked US. It also may have something to do with our electoral system and the restrictions on campaign finance. We elect 650 MPs at a general election. Each candidate has a spending limit, dependent on the population of their constituency, average maybe £15,000. On top of that a party contesting all 650 seats may spend £19.5m on a nationwide campaign. So the maximum one party can spend for a general election is around £29m. It lasts 6 weeks, and that's it, the whole UK government for the next 5 years.

Contrast this to Hillary's Billion dollar campaign, plus house and senate campaigns on top of that, all spending millions per candidate. I know many Americans were amused at the sight of Lord Buckethead sharing the podium with Theresa May back in June, but this great British tradition of joke candidates demonstrates an interesting point. That guy spent £500 to get his name on the ballot. How much does an American have to spend to end up on a podium with someone like Hillary? I'm sure the dependence on mega-money donors in US politics is a big part of how it got so thoroughly kiked.

d0632f No.10953724


They have always been kikes that hated Hitler, moron.

2e0863 No.10953747


>We were weeks away from a breakthrough and actively supported Hitler until then.

>We were calming Poland down and keeping things mild. Then, Hitler started pointing fingers and went charging in, despite all warnings.

Nobody denies that the public and the parliament were pro-german, but the inner shadow goverment kikes told poland not to negotiate and used their media control for anti-german propaganda, all that while eastern prussia was starving.

5e936f No.10953778

File: 0c225fbdf9592af⋯.webm (3.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, trs.webm)

File: 88f7db163e47741⋯.mp4 (5.24 MB, 320x240, 4:3, trs vs̸ vpol̸.mp4)


why do you think they were shilling here for?

591a34 No.10953785

>(((real alt righters))) demonstrate that those in the alt right don't like Hitler or National Socialism, proving that /pol/ was right in saying we were never alt right all along

Still not tired of winning.

2e0863 No.10953793


>"Uniting Germany" basically meant >"Conquering pretty much everything which sounds German enough" and - included England!

>Italy, Ukraine, Belgium and Sweden all fall under the "Germanic" umbrella - the HRE included Northern Italy, for example - and parts of France and Belgium were once German too.

they wanted to bring all german-speaking people into the reich, that included border regions WW I occupied regions by france, poland and czechia, also austria and the german-speaking south-tirol. they led the locals vote if they wanted to belong to the Reich or not. While they saw german-speakers as brothers, other volks like brits, swedes, ukranians and such were more like cousins, they conquered their land for tactical reasons and they encouraged them to remember their proto-germanic roots to have allies in that great war against the world.

aa4666 No.10953801


Evola was wrong about things as well. He believed a Jew could have a German soul and mind. Ignoring the fact that the Jew creates more Jews and that the tranny is fucked up beyond belief. There can be no such weakness here.

Also I'm pretty sure Evola didn't advocate for the mutilation of one's body for correction.

2e0863 No.10953805


>What you're saying is something similar to Russia - a conglomeration of ethnic groups which fall under similar terms. Including Poles and Ukrainians. And then using that as a launch pad to secure more influence.

yeah but the difference is, in Russia, there are mongols and kikes in charge who dont give a shit about the white race(s) and actively destroy it. Also they are fucking niggers who would rape the shit out of every occupied country, so if you enjoy tundranigger overlords, go for it.

Anglo world domination sucks too, they are not idealistic at all and always have the jew in company.

0d8309 No.10953818

File: 4b83c85948f06e6⋯.png (296.41 KB, 875x985, 175:197, 4b83c85948f06e6e1bbe878efd….png)

this is good. we need to drive a wedge between people that fit the criteria of the alt-right and people that actually want to look out for white interests (national socialists, etc)

eventually the kikes will see a new "movement" emerging that they will attempt to co-opt it just like they did by coining the term alt-right early in the trump campaign. we need to be more prepared for it next time

but what is important is that we are arriving at another new opportunity to start fresh. i know that many plain conservatives (the people who mostly just want to be left alone) are starting to realize that "democrats" will never stop pushing, while "republicans" have never really done anything to push back. these people are ripe for the harvest and we should go after them before the kikes can get to them. we just need to keep promoting our beliefs and they will see that we are on the side of truth and what is good. i think that a good talking point is to discuss what is the best way to actually counter and prevent things like the left, communism, degeneracy, multiculturalism/white-genocice, etc. show them how to be productive in defended and perpetuating good ideas; these people know that they are good and there is something deeply wrong with the left, but they dont seem to know what action to take

0d8309 No.10953839

File: b361bd1bfe1f3df⋯.jpg (445.3 KB, 1652x1088, 413:272, sPlwHcU.jpg)


this is why need to drive a wedge between the alt-right and real national socialists (although we have been doing this as much as we can. we need a new strategy). and then once we are in a position where the kikes would try to co-opt the new wave of rising national socialism we need to be even more firm to our principles so that there is less likely a chance of them incorporating their controlled opposition leaders and tainting the newcomers of the movement again

look at george lincoln rockwell. he wore the swastika mainly just as a way to weed out the casuals. we need something similar

c79197 No.10953851


I've used Mosley's formulation.

"I'm a nationalist because I love my country. I'm a socialist because I love my people". Without using the two words consecutively or using the abbreviation. It's a short mantra and it hits the third position dead center.

97776d No.10953863


Alternative Hypothesis isn't" alt-right", and has in fact aggressively criticized the "alt-right" on several occasions.

2c926b No.10953865

File: ef626be953aa2ee⋯.png (361.3 KB, 919x497, 919:497, This Time The World.png)


Except he's 100% right.

Every real-world gain we've made in the US has been made by appealing to reasonable ideas, not by dressing up as a foreign enemy from 70 years ago.

The NSM used swastikas openly for 40 years and they have nothing to show for it. The only successful open NatSoc movement was led by Rockwell, and it was far more sophisticated than "Wear a swastika in public -> win".

Here's a full quote from his book 'This Time the World':

>Over and over again, in all my publications and speeches I have repeated, "We hate or oppose NO man solely because of his race, which he can't control, and we do not oppose any religion or creed which does not first attack US!" Let me quote from several of the pamphlets we have issued. (Quote from front of "Who's a Hate Monger?," "We Challenge the Jews!," "White Man, etc., etc.,,). Those passages which we mean with every fiber of our being, should certainly dispel and disprove the charge that I or my associates have advocated hatred of ANY person solely because of his race or color, and that we have positively pressed for understanding and genuine help for the oppressed and innocent Negro people.

Would /pol/acks today even agree with this?

0d8309 No.10953867

File: fda7dc439c488b4⋯.png (700.38 KB, 928x8800, 29:275, jews expelled.png)


i dont keep up with them i suppose. where does the alt-right hang out? has it just dwindled down to nothing more than e-celebs at this point? is le_dontald considered alt-right? it seem like the "alt-right" is becoming more and more of a spook each day as people are moving past it. how do we defeat the eternal e-celebs that will inevitably begin virtue signalling and hopping on the upcoming natsoc train?

i also think that, to withstand criticism from right wing outlets like fox news or the radio hosts (inb4 muh pr), we need to be stronger on our more wholesome and simple ideals, as these people cannot criticize traditional values and disgust for degeneracy. the normies need to know that we arent just about killing jews - our first and foremost primary concern is traditional family values and things like that; killing jews is just the point that you will reach when you try to go about creating good society for whites, but antisemitism is not what makes up the backbone of natsoc ideology. the typical conservatives can reach the conclusion to the JQ on their own if we give them the initial facts. show them what good can be, and then make them realize what is standing in the way of that

97776d No.10953869


You're a mentally retarded faggot who doesn't know anything about world history.

Hitler was right about everything.

06cad3 No.10953875


>but the inner shadow goverment kikes told poland not to negotiate and used their media control for anti-german propaganda, all that while eastern prussia was starving

Poland controlled Polish media, the horror. They even USED their "media control" to genocide 60000000 Germanics in Danzig!

193a72 No.10953882


I'm going to take the bait on this, and agree with you. Anglin has made two of his opinions clear through posts on DS and on his various podcast appearances: the German NatSoc aesthetic should be replaced with one of American patriotism, and his identifying as a "neo-Nazi white supremacist" is mostly a trolling effort.

His article on discarding the Nazi imagery clearly ties in to some goal of appealing to a wider crowd. I cannot remember where, but he made clear his position that the oven jokes and nazi imagery are good and useful for online activity, but a different aesthetic is required for in person action. This is why he is all in on the "American Patriot" imagery. He has clearly read plenty of Hitler, and various works by Goebbels. Pay attention to his commentary on the Alt-Right events. Somewhere in MK, Hitler makes a point of explaining why new political movements need to create new imagery for themselves and need to leave behind the imagery of the past. This choice makes sense in regards to the discarding of Nazi imagery, since it is a foreign political movement. Waving the American flag instead is strategic, and Anglin even states this repeatedly in the time immediately following Charlottesville and White Lives Matter.

WRT his ironic identification as a “Neo-Nazi white supremacist,” Anglin is using Alinski tactics and has said so. He was called a “Neo-Nazi white supremacist” by some journalist and decided to run with it. Multiple times he has stated that he doesn’t even know what that is supposed to mean. This statement makes sense as white supremacist and national socialist ideologies are incompatible.

I do not claim that Anglin is on our side or that he is controlled opposition. I think he is useful, much like Spencer, but for a different reason.


Spot on. The swastika is important to us, but it has only harmed our chances of gaining enough traction in the minds of the masses to have a positive impact.

2c6f68 No.10953890


And Trump is just a step, not the road nor the final destination. he was never meant to be a messias, but a bandage for a bullet hole

The bad thing about 2016 elections is the amount of newfags. Alt-right is a bogyman for the left and meant to be leeched by e-celebs, 100% kosher.

0d8309 No.10953891

File: f899635eb2df17c⋯.jpg (74.05 KB, 750x750, 1:1, socialism meme.jpg)


the word "socialist" triggers many white men. they'll have to be shown that national socialism works and why it's different from the typical marxist socialism that has been used post ww2

pic related is how the think and you'll have to make somewhat of an effort to get past this semantic dogmatism

2e0863 No.10953898


No, kikes controlled british media, retard.

3a20b3 No.10953900


Right, but it's the TRS kikes who take this literally to mean they have to intellectually abandon Hitler for fear of association. I mean, when one is around friends (as one is here), need we drop our veneration for him? It's nothing at all like waving a hankenkreuz flag around in public. We all know that Hitler is great and was historically slandered, but even if the immediate moment doesn't make sense to bandy this about in public forums doesn't mean that we can't privately think this. It bespeaks of he cowardly nature of the garden variety TRSodomite and his ilk.

2c926b No.10953911

File: ee23627e5c581c4⋯.jpg (151.52 KB, 992x744, 4:3, spencer-protest-08-gty-jef….jpg)


"Hitler was right about everything" =/= "Praising Hitler will win over modern-day Americans".


I agree with this in that people who want to use swastikas, roman salutes, etc should only attend events where those symbols are embraced. Don't be the dude who shows up to a Richard Spencer rally wearing a swastika and gets punched by nogs.

000000 No.10953917



>Hitler lost because of failure to engage the Russian people, basically failure to ally with the “Whites“ against the reds

That‘s the usual communist propaganda bull shit “Hitler hated the Slavs” or “Hitler mistreated the Slavs”, he did not and treated them no different or worse than French or Dutch. They were a enemy population regardless of the regime they suffered before.

The idea that Millions of people would have stand up to fight the Commies with Germany to safe Mother Russia is just unrealistic, even if that would have been the best they could have done.

People under German occupation were not fearsome or hostile, showed even some sympathy towards the Wehrmachts soldier, if one can believe surviving documentation, tales of the Landser, but it is quite a gap to expect them to fight for the Germans or the Germans to trust them.



>The russian peasants loved Hitler

>War is about winning hearts and minds, and Hitler’s eastern policy failed in that regard

You contradict yourself.

Some slav peasant don‘t fill up your tanks or plans, nor do they magicaly pull rubber or tungsten out of thin air.



>I'm not saying blacks our /ourallies/ but not all whites are our friends, either. Killing whites was a shitty thing to do,

It were white French officers who lead nigger and arab soldiers into Germany to rape German women and little boys.

Hitler killed not enough white people.



>Hitler did extend "olive branches" at a time when he had already invaded Denmark, a neutral country.

>We had no way of knowing he wouldn't stab us in the back as he did with Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Denmark (Greenland, Iceland) and Norway were invaded by Britain and France (and the USA). Germany acted only after the fact and to prevent the enemy occupying Sweden as well. Same with Greece which head of state was murdered by Britain, following with a British invasion. In Jugoslavia a coup d’eta was made and first a puppet regime installed and finally a communist dictatorship with the full support of GB and the USA.


>We had no idea if they were going to claim England too

You are a retard.


>its ridiculous to say that Britain or the USA, at that stage in time, were controlled by Jews.

But they were, since before the first world war.

>The actual British, including the Monarchy, were intent on be-friending Nazi-Germany in the beginning, and there were many signs of good-will to one-another.

They removed the King and replaced him with his stuttering retard brother, because they feared him being too sympathetic towards Germany

>There were certainly some kikes in Britain trying to stir the shit,

Churchill was an old alcoholic, broke and needed the money from the kikes, consequently called all the time for war against Germany.


>stubborn strain of Euro-scepticism that persisted in the UK. Instead, we're getting Brexit.

He believes the jews fear the Brexit.

3a20b3 No.10953918


That dude was a plant. You don't see how cartoonish he was? He had a blood pack in his mouth so they could take a perfect 'punch a nazi picture 2.0'. Look, he doesn't have any modern natsoc group affiliations one might expect like a Traditionalist Worker's Party logo, just sloppily screenprinted swastikas on a cheap white Hanes t-shirt. Of all the things /pol/ calls false flags, I'm surprised anyone from here was honestly fooled by that one.

7c829b No.10953921

File: 5e796a491d5c3df⋯.jpg (56.06 KB, 419x604, 419:604, 34614936beaefad729d77638fc….jpg)

File: 2873bbaebcf5689⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 480x320, 3:2, rs-211966-R1246_FEA_NightW….jpg)

What Dicky Spencer and others are doing is literally cucking for Russia. Renouncing Hitler is essential to get Russian support. Dicky Spencer's wife is the textbook vatnik: USSR good because RUSSIA STRONG! Stalin dindu nuffins, he won the war!!!

Russian nationalism conflates Christian Orthodox elements, muh Stalin, muh USSR, muh Czar and so forth.

98992c No.10953924


>now they will only attract conservatives and other impotent cuckolds

As though they had a different base before this pivot? Or as though the intention of the (((coiners))) of the term "alt-right" wasn't originally to misrepresent people as something they're not?

You're answering literally all of your own questions, which makes me think you're a newfag and not a shill. This isn't sabotage of the title for them, rather they now appeal more fully to your average cuckservative which means they can eventually paint anyone to the right of Marx as alt-right. It's about established stigmas and connotations.

You're a stupid faggot who should lurk, though. Just so we're clear.

c2497a No.10953926


>Russian nationalism conflates Christian Orthodox elements, muh Stalin, muh USSR, muh Czar and so forth.

It's really a bizarre mish-mash of ideas and history.

aeaaac No.10953930


How will you destroy the alt-right?


Control? Control of what? The state?

Will you take control of the state by convincing normies to vote for you or fight for you under the banner of a dead German that everyone thinks is Satan?

0d8309 No.10953934

File: e839f1f61a82d80⋯.png (388.48 KB, 1314x638, 657:319, e839f1f61a82d80c17af300eab….png)

File: c1f4fda1f41a377⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 2800x1232, 25:11, roman salute painting.jpg)

File: e33f7e5a29421c8⋯.jpg (55.1 KB, 670x342, 335:171, american children roman sa….jpg)

File: 821b02121b1f9d4⋯.jpg (209.55 KB, 1296x972, 4:3, george washington fasces.jpg)


>Would /pol/acks today even agree with this?

no. we could have taken this stance up in the past because it seems like the right thing, but experience shows that that is out of ignorance. we have hitler as an example. he did everything possible to "do the right thing" and be the "good guy" and look how it worked out - and there's no way we could do it better than he did. that leaves us no other choice. that's for the JQ though

as for other nonwhites, the jews themselves showed us with their white genocide that they are all an inherent threat to the security of our people and a future for white children because of race mixing and their repulsion of civilization. if the right wing ever wavers in the future we will be again at risk of race mixing and more, thus leading to the death of the white race


there shouldnt be anything wrong with the roman salute in america

and nobody should be at a richard spencer rally in the first place, but if somebody saluted him it would be bad mainly because it would just diminish and degrade the meaning of the roman salute. like if the lgbt community started roman saluted

as for swastikas, they just seem a bit tacky to me in 2017. i think they have a much better place as decoration or something, not as the primary symbol

2b648b No.10953936




I don't believe you, OP, never heard of such a thing in my life.

3a20b3 No.10953944



Millions of Germans died under the swastika in defense of their nation. You'd do better to not let your enemies' distaste for the symbol seep into your head which would lead you to say disrespectful things like that. Until we accomplish one tenth of what they were able to accomplish, we'd do best to remember all they sacrificed and all that they stood for.

97776d No.10953947


>"Hitler was right about everything" =/= "Praising Hitler will win over modern-day Americans".

Never even said so faggot, but cuckold retards like you don't know what truth means, or what facts are.

Hitler was right about everything, and anyone who attacks Hitler is a faggot who deserves to be shot.

2c926b No.10953952


I agree, or he was might've been retarded. But whenever somebody on /pol/ advises wearing a swastika at all times this is what I imagine they look like.

aeaaac No.10953957


>there shouldnt be anything wrong with the roman salute in america

Of course not. But "should" and "is" are completely different words. Jews should not be running White nations. Niggers should be in Africa and not breaking into White homes in White nations. But Kikes do run White nations and niggers do live among us.

So the question is not, "should we be throwing up Roman salutes?"

The question is, "Does throwing Roman salutes benefit White children?"

In otherwords, does throwing Roman salutes help advance the cause of the preservation of White civilization?

The answer I have come to is, no. At best it is irrelevant LARPing.

At worst, it actively pushes otherwise normal White people away because they have been trained since birth to associate these symbol with being immoral.

3a20b3 No.10953959


I know the area. I saw facebook posts by Gainesville antifa saying they were going to show up en masse. There's a lot of non-whites in that area. The long mutton chops were worn by the soap dodgers, all he had to do was shave his head and he became the caricature of what he likely hates the most.

4a7552 No.10953967

A desperate last gasp before the alt-kikes fade off into the sunset. People aren't falling for this shit anymore.

2e0863 No.10953970


>Anglin is using Alinski tactics and has said so

Fuck that nazbol faggot, but there is nothing wrong with using Alinski tactics. Leftists did it for fifty years and look how they fucked us over, we have three year old trannies now and a perspective of being bred out of existence within one generation. Lets use jew tactics against them, they are good at this.

4a7552 No.10953978


>>Anglin is using Alinski tactics and has said so

He says it so the media will talk about it in a few weeks.

0d8309 No.10953981

File: 5e6269bbe54b17a⋯.jpg (786.06 KB, 1077x1076, 1077:1076, fasces.jpg)


not sure what you're getting at. i have no distaste for the symbol, but i am an american and do not consider it to be objectively the best possible representative symbol of national socialism that there is. in one of the natsoc pamphlets i read it even stated that national socialism was simply named, and not something that was created. it's not a specific thing and can have some variance. for example, i think america is better suited for a more individualized agrarianism in many parts rather than the farming style that is encouraged by the nsdap program. america also has manifest destiny, whereas germany was surrounded by whites on every side

in the same way that america has fasces icons around but doesnt use them as the primary symbol (it's not what's on the flag, etc), i think that the swastika certainly has a place, but not as the primary symbol. maybe for germany, but for america that idea just seems tacky or something

193a72 No.10953984


Whoah, friendly fire there bro. I did not say that using Alinsky tactics was bad. Simply that he was using them himself. Further, he has repeatedly stated that we should be using the enemy's tactics against them.

809fc1 No.10953985


Alt Hyp isn't Alt Right, he's loosely associated, yes, but he just happens to be a race realist at the same time that Slick Dick got a huge following. I never saw this video and have tended to like the guy in the past. Thanks for the link, I'll do some digging.

2c926b No.10953996


>no. we could have taken this stance up in the past because it seems like the right thing, but experience shows that that is out of ignorance.

If you openly advocate for genocide or attacks on other races you might as well join the modern KKK; you'll have about as much success.

>he did everything possible to "do the right thing" and be the "good guy" and look how it worked out - and there's no way we could do it better than he did.

You said it yourself - Hitler became supreme leader of the German state by not openly talking about gassing Jews in fake shower rooms before he got elected. That's not an issue that resonates well with the common folk.

>there shouldnt be anything wrong with the roman salute in america

There shouldn't be anything wrong with rainbow flags either but if I see somebody waving one I'll still think they're a faggot.


I agree with this. The swastika is sacred in its proper place. Seeing Americans wave them is as comically wrong as picturing Hitler in Confederate uniform.

50feaa No.10953999

File: 7b826c0ef09eac8⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.47 MB, 200x300, 2:3, srt73ugh3g9h3g8h3g83hg389….webm)


do we really have to talk about who (((your))) worshipping?

193a72 No.10954005


The fasces and the eagle are two symbols that we need to be using. Both are already prominent in our national symbolism, and are easily co-opted for our use.

3a20b3 No.10954009


I mean you should respect the symbol as a representative of German history, not necessarily American history.

193a72 No.10954011


Do we need to be actual grammar Nazis?

0d8309 No.10954012


okay then dont do it if it will have detrimental consequences in whatever particular instance you're in, faggot

35a40f No.10954019


First post best post

809fc1 No.10954021


IE shills on cuckchan every fucking day. I swear, it's like the entire population is 1/3rd AR

a5578b No.10954023


This. The guy is a mentally ill homo, just like Greg's Johnson.

Of course even though many in the altright talk a big game about being anti-homo, but ultimately they don't care because they both are "doing so much for the movement".

0d8309 No.10954043


>If you openly advocate for genocide or attacks on other races you might as well join the modern KKK; you'll have about as much success

>dont fight for what you believe in and what is necessary

dont underestimate how far the overton window can shift. aim small miss small.

>Hitler became supreme leader of the German state by not openly talking about gassing Jews

that was a different time. what hitler did and attempted had never been done before, meaning the best course of action was to attempt that instead of attempting what we must attempt today. he had two options. since we know that the one he chose doesnt work, we are left with only one option.

>That's not an issue that resonates well with the common folk.

if hitler had tried it he very likely would have failed because it wouldnt make sense. the option he took is the one that made sense at that time. but we are in a different time now. and again, you're overestimated how far the overton window can and will shift in the future

and i'm sorry that i struck a nerve with some of you by bringing up the roman salute ((())). you dont have to do it to other people ever if there arent any appropriate opportunities, and you shouldnt. and like i said by explaining how lgbt people doing the roman salute would ruin it, most other people shouldnt do it either. but opportunities arise eventually. it's not dead forever

the meme needs to stay in the oven a little longer i guess

2c926b No.10954049


This is the way to go. The biggest mistake many people make is jumping straight to the JQ or straight to NatSoc redpilling. This will just alienate normies who have been indoctrinated against it. What sometimes works online doesn't work IRL.

aa4666 No.10954060


Personally speaking, I not think anyone who shares our views in any regard is going to gain power through the traditional way of election so why try to be these civil beasts to begin with?

I firmly believe that the views we share will only be accepted when blood begins to be shed on a massive scale. An economic collapse will not be enough. Only a full on race war is the likely way for true progress to begin.

What is the point of being civil in this case? What is the point of toning down in any regard? If anything we should be trying to egg this further on.

I'm not someone who throws around roman solutes randomly or has nazi symbols wall to wall, but that is only because I respect those things.

ce3d77 No.10954066


>I am fine with Jews living

nice try moishe

8aae9d No.10954073


>He believes the jews fear the Brexit.

It's a mixed bag for them. It represents a big failure of their plan, and a precedent they don't want other members to follow. OTOH, it removes an obstacle that was holding them back from further progress towards their goal with the remaining states.

000000 No.10954075


I don't understand the need to become "popular" in wider society. There is strength in being exclusionary and elite, vs watering down your principles to stimulate kikebook-tier network effects.

0d8309 No.10954076

File: 65ab7c3b039ccdf⋯.jpeg (78.37 KB, 334x250, 167:125, manifest destiny.jpeg)

File: 62515db8d3d3ea1⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1307x994, 1307:994, 62515db8d3d3ea1ea54e103620….png)


*change overestimate to underestimate*

193a72 No.10954078


The all or nothing approach will get our race wiped out. We need to be making every small effort to stop the jew at every level. Whether that means redpilling people on the JQ or race, or working to impact elections, if we don't stand up for ourselves no-one else will.

08a45c No.10954079


Besides masturbating to Russia and Putin, they also make claims that the Soviets were "the real conservatives".

9f89dc No.10954085


If finding out that the (((alt right))) has always been controlled opposition group trying to force its way in to assimilate and be like "lol we're just /pol/ one in the same" then required lurk for 2 years

It was always a group dedicated to being groomed to being a sacrificed like the lambs they are when the time arises.


The jig is up, really. Dicky spencer, milo, and more are already known to be dick hopping faggots trying to take advantage. If anything, they're trying to poison/taint and demoralize the scraps they managed to scoop up out of reddit.

2c926b No.10954089


>dont underestimate how far the overton window can shift. aim small miss small.

Tell me the last time you were able to redpill a total stranger by talking about how much you want to gas the Jews. Your crazy tactics have only shifted the Overton Window to the left.

>since we know that the one he chose doesnt work

Hitler's reasonable strategy DID work. You said it yourself - we can't hope to do better than Hitler did. Hitler was destroyed by overwhelming military force, not rejected by his own people. If his party line had been "kill all the nonwhites" instead of "restore German pride" he would have lost.

>we are in a different time now

You're right. We live in a far more liberal pozzed era, so we should have talking points that can break through to a liberal pozzed mindset, not adopt talking points so extreme that Hitler himself would have denounced them.

I think we can agree on one thing - we should stay separate. You can support your pro-genocide rallies, while I'll support the merely pro-white ones.

08a45c No.10954091


Yeah. What annoys me the most is that they use shilling tactics against us. During the Defend Europe mission Generation Identity managed to maintain their own thread without shitting up the rest of the board. For whatever reason that does not fall natural for the alt-kikes and so they have to insist on deception and lies to promote their scam.

3b555d No.10954103


Yea and you can tell the only reason he did that at the time was because he was being put in front of an army court and tried for abusing his position as Commander. His entire defense relied on the idea he wasnt spreading hate. Go read something else he had to say, like about the negro hordes needing to be exterminated, and tell me he didnt hate.

0d8309 No.10954116

File: dcc1004753b22f9⋯.png (530.39 KB, 512x1024, 1:2, Abolitionist_Poster_DIFF.png)


>I firmly believe that the views we share will only be accepted when blood begins to be shed on a massive scale

how did we arrive to them if bloodshed is necessary?

>An economic collapse will not be enough. Only a full on race war is the likely way for true progress to begin.

/pol/ is not an abolitionist board


what he said isnt even the all of nothing view; it's more of a defeatist type of thing if anything


>Tell me the last time you were able to redpill a total stranger by talking about how much you want to gas the Jews

nigger, what? i hope you arent projecting aspergers onto me.

>Hitler's reasonable strategy DID work

yes, it worked to serve as a lesson of what must now be done. hitler wanted to let all the jews live, remember? are you suggesting we should do the same?

>If his party line had been "kill all the nonwhites" instead of "restore German pride" he would have lost.

yeah i know. that's what i said. my point was that that was before people knew the full extent of the judaic evil. our line can still be "return national pride", but unlike in the 30's the only clear course of action from there will lead to a different strategy, and it wont be the one that has been proven to fail even when carried out by hitler himself

not even we became red piled by hearing "kill all nonwhites" or "gas the jews" as normies. it takes time. the process starts with understanding the truth of the values of national socialism and the real history of ww2

152a38 No.10954120

File: f7796194da8112d⋯.png (460.34 KB, 960x1320, 8:11, JE-MATR-RCT1.png)

3b555d No.10954123

File: b36c276c2cab1cf⋯.jpg (88.58 KB, 758x251, 758:251, Rockwell Boat Ticket.jpg)

d2bdd5 No.10954126


last I had heard, they had completely stalled on brexit. if any bongs are still around, would love a short update.


>we should have talking points that can break through to a liberal pozzed mindset

dickie spencer in the flesh

aeaaac No.10954138


At least the alt right is doing something.

9e6107 No.10954142


>But it should have.

And it will.

8aae9d No.10954147



I strongly suspect that some of the "all or nothing" types are just more sophisticated shills trying to induce a tactical mistake.

Along the same lines as the "14/88, stop wasting time online, we need ACTION!" types I talk about here:


We've come a long way by carefully working to shift the window. They're desperate for us to give them something to discredit us with.

4ec3f6 No.10954148

Hitler LARPing for the American right is the dumbest possible shit. We have a country with a white history and heritage, and traces of that culture still exists and can be tapped into. And at this brief window in time, all the chips are in place for a white resurgance in this country. We've got a Republican in the White House who flirts with white identity politics, an upcoming generation of middle class white guys who are incredibly racist and reactionary, and a left-wing that is incredibly offputting to the majority of white Americans. Instead, though, we're supposed to listen to paranoid autistics on the Internet who want to revive a dead ideology from a foreign country. And what's ironic is you faggots can't even get in bed with the only people who could ever even get you close to that (Spencer and co.). Hell, you can even advocate for nationalist and socialist policies without calling it that, and would definitely get some traction. But Jesus, autistic anime Nazism is as bad in the eyes of normal white people as SJWs and violent BLM. If you idiots had any publicity, you would cause a leftward shift that would undo all the good that's been done over the past couple of years.

The fact that you're so hopeless yet lash out at anyone who's on your side but has even a slightly different ideology or vision reminds me of dudes who can't get girls so convince themselves that they're too good and their standards too high for normal girls.

152a38 No.10954149

File: 4d94c3c58bc5848⋯.png (1.11 MB, 960x1320, 8:11, JE-MATR-RCT2.png)

Does anyone still have part 3? I love how he takes apart "conservatives" and nu-right movements that are not true Right even though he wrote this in the 50s-70s

cf7109 No.10954162

File: 37cbdf75defa6db⋯.jpg (107.46 KB, 1162x240, 581:120, Alt-Kike are faggots.jpg)

File: bfcbe477f5721c1⋯.jpg (291.79 KB, 720x480, 3:2, mark-dice-shill.jpg)


First pic is inspired by your images.

second pic is from the protocols.

d1cda4 No.10954173

File: ad11bef4fb19d34⋯.jpg (213.98 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, (((The Greatest Generation….jpg)

>>10953356He's clearly signalling the limitations of what he can say on the platform, not a genuinely held belief.

If this were the case then he would've been fine sticking to the facts, not saying anything that would get him put on the bad goy list, and carry on from there. But he didn't; he *chose* to go after Hitler, personally blame him for the death of millions of whites, following it up by covering for the poor Soviets and making National Socialist Germany out to be a bunch of hypocrits who loved to suck muslim and japanese cock.

We both know that he did this, and that it wasn't a matter of "g-guys understand please, I need to stay within the terms of service!". The retard is openly talking about what white nationalism ought to be; channels have been shut down for less. This whole argument is a deflection from the fact that he - like many in the alt-kike - have put the cart before the horse by blaming Hitler for the atrocities that Soviets and Allies actually committed.

But in a way, its understandable isn't it? It takes guts to admit that you were wrong, your grandfathers died on the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima for jewish interests, and that your family has had a personal role - duped or otherwise - in the morally depraved and corrupt world we live in today. It takes guts to admit that you were duped, from an early age onward, but that you've now seen the light and are willing to make up for past mistakes to ensure that neither you, not any generation that comes after, will ever fall again to the influences of hand-rubbing money-changers or the traitors within our own ranks who suck up to them.

ce3d77 No.10954177


>posting an obvious kike plant

are you retarded?

d1cda4 No.10954179

3a20b3 No.10954180


>If this were the case then he would've been fine sticking to the facts, not saying anything that would get him put on the bad goy list, and carry on from there. But he didn't; he *chose* to go after Hitler, personally blame him for the death of millions of whites, following it up by covering for the poor Soviets and making National Socialist Germany out to be a bunch of hypocrits who loved to suck muslim and japanese cock.

He did both actually, which makes him a disingenuous fag. But yes, spot on.

4ec3f6 No.10954188


It has zero relevance in modern America.

2c926b No.10954193

File: 0961be2719cd518⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1341x2213, 1341:2213, end result.png)


This, absolutely. I'm convinced this is a sophisticated conspiracy against us, and due to the nature of /pol/, it's hard to tell who's in on it and who's simply been deceived.

We can be TOO EXTREME just as we can be TOO LIGHT in our views. Giving in to implicit cultural Marxism is too light. Advocating for genocide, terrorism, and murder is too extreme.

Antifa and certain strains of BLM have wrecked their reputation with the public by being too extreme - they beat people, block streets, destroy property, and advocate violence. We would have to be braindead to attempt the same tactics and think it will work.

Charlottesville could have been a massive success if not for the handful of people who fell into the left's trap and engaged in violence.

0d8309 No.10954197


for some reason i didnt finish replying to this so this is a sage

>You're right. We live in a far more liberal pozzed era

yes, and people are even more disgusted by it. the body is more sick and the response by the immune system must be more severe

>we should have talking points that can break through to a liberal pozzed mindset

i mean yeah, if the goal is to persuade and convince people then that's probably what you'll wanna do

>implying hitler wouldnt be capable of learning from history

do you think that he would attempt the same exact thing, knowing the lessons that have been shown post-ww2? before ww2 hitler or anybody else had not seen the full extent of judaism. they were fighting against what they mostly interpreted as slimy money grubbers and societal white collar leeches. today we know that they are much worse than they. they are a danger and threat to white dna itself, not just white economies and culture

>You can support your pro-genocide rallies, while I'll support the merely pro-white ones

for one, we still have a lot to lose by removing our decentralization aspect of ourselves. and secondly, you cant be pro-white without supporting the killing of at least a portion of nonwhites. if dicky spence started preaching genocide i still wouldnt rally around or behind him. and if a new guy showed up that preached it i would be even more skeptical because the kikes love honeypots and controlled opposition


>14/88, stop wasting time online, we need ACTION!

who is saying this? there is nothing wrong with having principles and sticking to your beliefs. and that doesnt mean you must have aspergers. the journey of a thousand miles does begin with a single step, but that doesnt mean you must deny the fact that the last step is what you're aiming towards

maybe some people are thinking ahead more than just a day or week into the future. things do change and change must be anticipated

8aae9d No.10954198


>last I had heard, they had completely stalled on brexit.


On 29th March 2019, the UK will cease to be a member of the EU. That is the legal status quo, following the article 50 notification in the link above. It would require the UK and all the other members to vote unanimously to change that exit date.

The talks are about what kind of relationship the UK will have with the EU after that date. They're trying to extort a big divorce payment from the UK to cover the massive hole our departure leaves in their budget, and use the threat of a "hard" Brexit, with no special trade arrangement where we would revert to WTO terms.

Many in the UK consider this an idle threat, as examination of the flow of trade reveals it will hurt the EU more than it hurts us, and the "hard" Brexit, whilst disruptive in the short term, would not resemble the economic catastrophe that is predicted. Some advocate walking away from the talks altogether.

4ec3f6 No.10954201


Exactly why you will never hold power of any kind and only be a cancer to people who do.

3a20b3 No.10954208


Anything we have gained is because us 'anime nazis' blazed the path for you. We carved the path that you now tread. Without us, you'd still be lolbergs who are SUPER fiscal hawks yet accomplish nothing. Everything came from the fact that 70 years ago a man proved that against all odds you can turn around all the demographic and social calamities we are now faced with. The reason we respect Hitler is for showing us how it's done, giving us the social blueprint for the restoration of our societies. Yet you want to deny us the legitimate right to venerate his struggle and accomplishments because you're too scared to admit Hitler was right around your friends because you're a coward. There's a case to be made not to be a cartoonish skinhead in public, but in private, among the dusty recesses of your mind you can't even allow yourself to acknowledge the biological reality behind the natsoc message. You wish to drop Hitler because it might cause a few awkward conversations.

You're embarassing, a vestigial limb of this Trump campaign that refuses to fuck off despite repeated warnings that our armistice for the 2016 election has long since waned. Kill yourself you dumb faggot.

ce3d77 No.10954210


because the people in it are smart enough to not condemn their own extremists

082726 No.10954212


>durr I missed the point of this thread

2c926b No.10954216


How many white Americans do you know who are Salafists?

8aae9d No.10954217


>who is saying this?

Sorry, I formatted that badly. Check >>10946782

d417d8 No.10954225



d1cda4 No.10954227

File: c0240e84da56c45⋯.jpg (308.99 KB, 1200x1681, 1200:1681, 9649_propaganda_bmedia_jpe….jpg)


>tl;dr i want a civnat icon like muh star-spangled union banner i have no relation to the white swastika its tacky

How about this then, retard?

2c926b No.10954233


Not that guy, but you have it all wrong.

I don't want people to not be like Hitler. I want people to BE LIKE HITLER, particularly the way we was in the 1920s and 1930s when he was getting popular. He was not a crazy terrorist, he didn't advocate for genocide, and he used new symbols that evoked the national pride of his homeland. Nearly every NS guy since Rockwell has been a traitor to Hitler.

Don't be like the Hollywood caricature of Hitler - a degenerate misanthropic killer. Be like the real Hitler - an honorable upstanding man beloved by his people.

4ec3f6 No.10954239


Wrong. Intellectually, Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer, Peter Brimelow, and others led the way of thinking and talking about race the right way. And this was something that was just going to happen naturally, as the demographics got worse in America, the refugee crisis kicked off in Europe, and media/entertainment/academic Jews became even more brazenly anti-white. You're a byproduct, not the catalyst. Get over yourself lmao


Because the majority of the world's population are brainless shitskins with an innate desire to kill and destroy.

3b555d No.10954240


So youre saying you think whites exclusively need to rely on non-whites. You cant vote for Hitler when half the country is non-white you fucking actual knowing shill.

3b555d No.10954244



Voting time is over, that went away somewhere around the 80s and 90s. There never will be an anti-white genocide candidate, and you really should be training for the race war instead of trying to get niggers to feel empathy for whites. They dont have the ability.

a88652 No.10954245


>There can be Aryan societies living apart from the temptations of apophatic merchants.

Wrong. The age-old fight between the Aryan and the jew must be brought to an end before anything else can happen, the jew must be totally destroyed.

You are a pathetic weasel, unwilling to truly accept the reality that kikes must be (and deserve to be) destroyed.

2c926b No.10954246


Nice dodge. Among """whites""", I'm sure it is. Especially if you take into account "around the world", AKA definitely not in America.

Salafism has zero relevance to the issues we're discussing anyway.

18cc60 No.10954248

File: fd005f53a1651df⋯.jpg (212.62 KB, 2251x1492, 2251:1492, redwhiteandreich.jpg)

>abandon natsoc imagery goyim

>dont tap into the gold mines of footage and proofs of the glory of national socialism in germany

first of all people need to be redpilled on the holohoax and then all resistance to le evil nazis will instantly fade away. its not the economics or social policies that the normalfags revolt against, its the 6 gorillion based bagels baked. if someone is not pilled on the holohoax and is claiming to be a "white nationalist" they are an enemy to be attacked until they accept the whole truth or expose themselves as a shill.

3a20b3 No.10954249


We've redpillled more people in America than the thousand unread screeds about race posted on AmRen. We've been doing this for long before you were sucking Thomas Sowell's old nigger dick as a lolberg you TRSodomite

4ec3f6 No.10954254


Not to mention BLM and SJW's constantly attacking normal whites. But yeah, neckbeards who watch hentai were responsible for the rightward shift. Give me a fucking break.

0d8309 No.10954256

File: d9ccd5225f1326f⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 310x232, 155:116, moderate muslim.jpg)

File: bc6da5331b6e4b5⋯.jpg (25.13 KB, 208x320, 13:20, 51sRAmDHO7L._AC_UL320_SR20….jpg)


yeah there's a good point here. i think that our extremists are extreme enough. perhaps the real problem is that that's all we have. there are no moderate natsocs. metaphorically speaking, we need to have "moderate muslims" to the jihadist that we are. this can maybe be accomplished by speaking more about wholesome traditional values. until we have a larger backing of moderates, we wont be able to get away with that type of thing. but it's growing and will surely come in the future


there are more good identities in the world than just the one that germany had at one brief period of time in history. the swastika isnt the only good or white symbol. is the fasces a civnat icon? stop being such a huge faggot

4ec3f6 No.10954259


I hate TRS and disliked muh based nonwhite conservatives long before I was redpilled.

3a20b3 No.10954267


You went down the list of 'alt right heroes'. I know you're a TRSodomite, you people stick out like sore thumbs. Just go away, you can jerk your dick to Ayn Rand on your own sites. Here we remember Hitler and respect him for what he did.

bf9760 No.10954269

File: f99b86df493f2cb⋯.png (313.55 KB, 600x339, 200:113, Implict whiteness.png)


I would honestly blame the likes of Vox Day and his "16 points of the Alt Right". Fucker has been the main opposition to the likes of Dicky and has been pushing the anti Nazi canard to the point that he updated point 1 to specifically include "National Socialists."


Nearly all of this fluff that doesn't actually help the cause he's allegedly championing, especially since everyone knows that for a mass movement's message to stick, it's points must be kept under 10. 7 is already pushing it and 3 is the ideal. With "leaders" like this, it's no wonder the Alt Right has become a free for all of Faggotry and AIDS.

2c926b No.10954271



>Both those at the top and those at the bottom of the right-wing intellectual spectrum make even worse propaganda mistakes. Because they can't read and understand "them big words," the Klan types are "aging'" anything other than the crudest and most brutal of approaches. "Hit 'em 'alongside the haid with a two-by-four," is the motto of these boys, and any attempt to produce anything else is likely to get you called a "Communist-Jew spy," or get you hit "'longside the haid" yourself. This type loves the American Nazi Party's "Boat Ticket to Africa" and the Stormtrooper, for instance, but rages that the Rockwell Report is too "long" and "dull."

>When I began, I purposely made my propaganda as brutal and shockingly rough as I

could, simply to force attention. And I have kept everlastingly at the business of building

a simple and direct image of all-out hostility to "Jews and niggers" in the minds of

millions of Americans, regardless of the costs in other respects. (And when I have the

rare opportunity to use some mass medium, as was recently the case when I gave a long

interview to Playboy, I am forced to walk a careful line between what I should like to say

and what the enemy would like to hear me say. Unless I deliberately sound at least

halfway like a raving illiterate with three loose screws, such an interview would never be

printed. This is another thing that most people fail to understand about my "Nazi"


- George Lincoln Rockwell, 'From Ivory Tower to Privy Wall'

Show me a straight, unambiguous quote from Rockwell advocating exterminationism. I dare you.

The very idea of a "boat ticket" shows he would be in favor of remigration.

18cc60 No.10954274


>Intellectually, Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer, Peter Brimelow, and others led the way of thinking and talking about race the right way.

you are so fucking pathetic. you always need to externalize responsibility onto egoic characters. name one thing that any of those men brought into the light. one thing.

>b-but they talked about race realism

good for them but hitler put it into practice in a new age where everybody else was moving away from it.

193a72 No.10954277


Having a positive position "pro-white" is always better at gaining support than a negative position "anti-negro." Its a tried and true propoganda tactic.


The advanced shilling is strong, and has become a very real threat to the board in the past month. Newfags fall into the trap and oldfags walk away.

0d8309 No.10954278


so you want us to underestimate the evil of the jews again instead of learning basic lessons from history? hitlers sacrifice would be for nothing

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION - THERE IS ONLY FORWARD. you are not moving forward. you are wrong

the light has been shined on new areas that were before unseen. the light shined because of hitler. you are ignoring what has been revealed by him and his actions

a88652 No.10954280


>and he used new symbols that evoked the national pride of his homeland

True "national pride" no longer exists in any tangible form. What is considered "national pride" now is mostly (((cosmopolitan degeneracy))), aming ither things.

So, at this point, destruction is what must come first. Hitler had the luxury of not having to advocate for genocide, etc. as there was still a semblance left of the traditional society that he could use. We do not have that luxury.

I don't think you understand how bad things really are.

18cc60 No.10954285


>Not to mention BLM and SJW's constantly attacking normal whites. But yeah, neckbeards who watch hentai were responsible for the rightward shift.

how fucking new are you? fucking bring up nigger lives matter and the recently coined kike approved name for cultural marxists. this has been happening for all of recorded history, you are focusing on the most basic layer of fog. the rightward shift YOU are talking about is youtube commenters hating blm but loving based blacks and attacking sjw's but loving based homos. what a fucking pleb you are.

4ec3f6 No.10954286


AmRen maybe, but VDare has certainly been much more influencial, and in the spheres where it matters most. And redpilling people who do nothing but leave stupid comments on YouTube videos isn't really worth much.


Steve Sailor and Jared Taylor aren't associated with TRS, and I've heard that Jared Taylor is kind of anti-TRS, at least privately.

193a72 No.10954289


>I don't think you understand how bad things really are.

This being said, we need effort on all fronts. Undermining those that we see making an impact that helps us is counter productive. I don't trust the TRS crowd or Spencer, but so long as they keep doing what they are doing I'm not going to work to stop them. When they start working against what we need, then they need to be shut down.

0d8309 No.10954303

File: fda7dc439c488b4⋯.png (700.38 KB, 928x8800, 29:275, c349a143d128ba79780bf5d990….png)

File: 564c76397ef6c7f⋯.png (452.61 KB, 1804x2160, 451:540, holocaust red pill.png)


first pic related. the jew will never stop. it's in their nature


back in the day the holohoax redpill was the only red pill. second pic related

a88652 No.10954310


>When they start working against what we need, then they need to be shut down.

They already are.

As each day passes, their ideology becomes more kosher. Eventually, they will team up with so-called "based jews" on a much larger scale, etc. and before you know it, we'll be back in this same situation again. Thus the kikel will have been completed.

d2bdd5 No.10954311


At least ZOGbots fighting for israel are doing something


holy shit, that earlobing was egregious. You don't need to hit enter that many times to link to your blogpost in another thread

>We've come a long way by carefully working to shift the window.

We've come a long way by not giving a fuck about pr and telling people that the person they think was a devil did nothing wrong and giving them hatefacts to back it up.

>They're desperate for us to give them something to discredit us with.

they always have been, but they're happy to provide it themselves if necessary and nothing we do can stop that.

this overton window shit is nonsense. it's just another description of the kikes dialectical method of ratcheting shit in their favor. it's almost always used as an excuse for incrementalism by our side, which never wins at that game.

a88652 No.10954321


>the jew will never stop. it's in their nature

Exactly. Anyone suggesting otherwise is either woefully ignorant or a shill.

2c926b No.10954326




People like you have been pushing the "r-race war!" myth since the late 1800s. All you've done is make things worse, because you focus on pushing violence rather than preserving culture. See this image >>10954193


I'm a pessimist. YOU'RE an optimist. I think our chances are extraordinarily slim and they're conditional on being able to win over the masses who become more indoctrinated by the day. You probably think we could take the whole country back when it's 10% white if we can get a handful of lone wolves who are extreme enough.


Yes. I agree with both the "pro-white" message, that's great except it's constantly getting diluted or subverted.

I wish I knew a way to solve the shilling problem better than just countering it the best I can.

a88652 No.10954331


>because you focus on pushing violence rather than preserving culture

>implying their is something left to preserve at this point.

You are living in a fantasy world.

2c926b No.10954341

File: 68e9fadcfc33e4f⋯.png (186.43 KB, 500x635, 100:127, man-who-thought-hed-lost-a….png)


This is my point. YOU don't know how bad things really are. You don't know how much worse it can get, how much we still have left to lose.


Your main concern is over a victory that gets subverted. You already have full faith that we will win, you're just worried we won't win enough. You're a starry-eyed optimist. You have no idea that we can lose EVERYTHING and it will be a million times worse than Richard Spencer or even goddamned Milo Yiannopolous winning.

a88652 No.10954351


>I'm a pessimist. YOU'RE an optimist. I think our chances are extraordinarily slim and they're conditional on being able to win over the masses who become more indoctrinated by the day.

You're not a pessimist, you're an idiot.

The masses are already indoctrinated to a great degree, but you already know this and know that any decent ideology will be rejected by them, so you make your beliefs more "kosher" to try and win over as many people as you can. I'll tell you now, your strategy is not going to work out like you think it will, cucking never does.

193a72 No.10954352


>the shilling

Sometimes I think the "mods are compromised" shills are right.

>win over the masses

We need to be pushing our messages on all fronts. Not just GTKRWN, but actual political points like pushing for the ethnostate and the small steps to get there like no more jewish wars and welfare systems that help our people instead of subsidizing their replacement.

>le anchor

Real political discussion on /pol/, holy shit anchor it.

a88652 No.10954363


>You don't know how much worse it can get, how much we still have left to lose.

We have already lost so much, what more do you believe they can take from you? Your money? Your somewhat comfortable life? Your life? They already have taken our cultures and traditions, at this point they are just getting rid of the the rubble that remains.

Your way of thinking will ultimately put the final nail in our coffin.

18cc60 No.10954367


you keep disavowing violence and extremism so id like to hear your solution. give me some examples of what will result in nonwhites leaving our nations. should we try more rallies or what? dont disavow solutions when you offer none of your own. so….more rallies with speakers and how long do we keep at it until we decide its not working and then what? tell me how. do we wait until our numbers are even lower?

2c926b No.10954372


"Muh race war" has never worked and you've tried it over and over for the last century. Nationalist revivals CAN work given the right circumstances.

Remind me what your "strategy" is again? It's basically the strategy suggested in the Jewish Hollywood film "Imperium", right? Blow up some shit and then we win?

a88652 No.10954392


>Your main concern is over a victory that gets subverted. You already have full faith that we will win, you're just worried we won't win enough. You're a starry-eyed optimist. You have no idea that we can lose EVERYTHING and it will be a million times worse than Richard Spencer or even goddamned Milo Yiannopolous winning.

I thought you were a jew from the start, but your constant attempts at telling me my own beliefs and ideals and spreaking on my behalf have confirmed it for me.

>You already have full faith that we will win

I have faith in our victory, though I do not pretend to know the future.

>You have no idea that we can lose EVERYTHING and it will be a million times worse than Richard Spencer or even goddamned Milo Yiannopolous winning.

Yiannopolous promotes Zionism, faggotry, and race-mixing, if he were to "win", then we would not benefit at all. Spencer's beliefs regress further left every day, it is impossible to tell who would benefit if he were to "win".

2c926b No.10954401


>give me some examples of what will result in nonwhites leaving our nations.

Political change. Look at what Trump's doing with his deportations of illegals and travel bans.

>inb4 "it's not enough" "that's too hard"

Tell me, how much did the actions of The Order, the Klan, or any other violent group help out our cause? Things have just gotten worse and worse. We CAN WIN using a cultural strategy, but every time we try it somebody shows up saying we need to start shooting people.

0d8309 No.10954404

File: cb0b5dc5b1bc45c⋯.jpg (34.78 KB, 324x499, 324:499, 51CR7L Nf1L._SX322_BO1,204….jpg)


race war is clearly inevitable. it will either be all white die off slowly until the subhumans attack south africa style, or white will stand up at some point. a lot of people just seem bad at predicting exactly when this will happen.

the reason people get there is because the thought process goes like this.

1. i support whites and white society

2. …

3. the only solution is race war.

you pick up normies and get them on your side by telling them about 1. you have to let them get to 3 on their own or after they already agree with 1. but dont start with 3.

>the masses who become more indoctrinated by the day

the indoctrination is on both sides. leftists moving further left while the other people moving further right. overall it's moving in our favor though


>We need to be pushing our messages on all fronts. Not just GTKRWN, but actual political points like pushing for the ethnostate and the small steps to get there like no more jewish wars and welfare systems that help our people instead of subsidizing their replacement.

this is a good point. all of the low level natsoc things will attract more people to our side. there is a vacuum for things like virtue, family values, removing the fed, etc, and the best thing is that these things always lead to the JQ anyways

18cc60 No.10954409

of course the mods anchor the thread. ive seen this happen too many times. mods are kiked as it gets.

2c926b No.10954414


>I thought you were a jew from the start, but your constant attempts at telling me my own beliefs and ideals and spreaking on my behalf have confirmed it for me.

Your beliefs are obvious. I can read, that's how I know them. You confirm I'm right about you in your very next line.

>I have faith in our victory, though I do not pretend to know the future.

This is why your strategy will fail. You refuse to even consider the possibility that you can lose, so you conclude that no matter what we do, we will win.

This is why I am a pessimist and you are not. I see how bad things really are. I know that it is most likely that we will lose, so I strive for discipline and perfection, so that maybe we stand a chance of real victory.

d2bdd5 No.10954439


>Remind me what your "strategy" is again? It's basically the strategy suggested in the Jewish Hollywood film "Imperium", right?

holy shit, someone make an mspaint maymay-drawing of this smug retard

18cc60 No.10954442


>political change

>the freikorps shouldnt have gunned down communists in the streets they should have taken it to the voting booth

youre the type that wouldnt even remove jew and shitskins if the power grid went down "because when order was restored theyd just portray us as evil white nazis". absolutely pathetic and the thought terrifies you.

a88652 No.10954445


>You refuse to even consider the possibility that you can lose, so you conclude that no matter what we do, we will win.

Nowhere did I say this or imply this. You need to actualy read what I post instead of making up shit in your own head. Let me make this clear for you, having faith in our victory is not the same as believing that we will 100% win, you fucking mong.

>I know that it is most likely that we will lose, so I strive for discipline and perfection, so that maybe we stand a chance of real victory.

I'm out. You're clearly a deluded retard. You stand for nothing, you regress further left so that you can appease more people into agreeing with you and then you turn around and claim that your strategy is successful because of this. That is not discipline, and it is far from perfection.

Claiming that you stand for discipline and perfection is fucking disgraceful, you lying sack of shit.

2c926b No.10954447


At least we agree on some things, you don't seem to advocate straight terrorism like the other guy and you recognize the need to wake up the masses. For whites to stand up cultural change MUST come first.

2c926b No.10954455


Did the Freikorps win? Nope. Hitler won when he got voted in by the majority of the German people. Communists lost because they got portrayed as violent instigators (see: Reichstag fire).

2c926b No.10954467

File: 5685a3fa10c1163⋯.jpeg (56.9 KB, 450x386, 225:193, Skinhead-tattoo-120839.jpeg)


Keep enshrining guys like this as saviors of the white race, I'm sure it'll work someday.

18cc60 No.10954486


you think hitler would have got elected if he didnt prove he was willing to die for the cause with the beer hall pustch? that would be terrorism in your eyes. you have to be an alphabet how terrified you are of disorder.

e9dd3e No.10954491


Holocaust happened but not in such a magnitude that's being touted as truth in history books. I'm sure that some people took advantage of the War's confusion and decided to kill some Jews but not six million…

d2bdd5 No.10954494

File: 16dace0f55964b4⋯.jpg (210.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1829736.jpg)


nice try but no!

d2bdd5 No.10954517


you got some nerve trying to stir shit here

e6fcf1 No.10954674


Yeah, there were a lot of russians in the ostruppen, especialy after the communists started purging anyone with ties to the previous government, mostly those who made up the white army who tried to prevent the revolution from taking over the whole country.

9da5c1 No.10954696

File: a5ea2b0ed01ae39⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1903x11317, 1903:11317, 88 precepts.png)

File: 6e3866365d4d5a1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 742.91 KB, 752x752, 1:1, swastika puzzle.png)

File: 9c274d8c443f4c2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 520.52 KB, 569x668, 569:668, swastika art.png)

File: 4e7312fee70fa2e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 94.31 KB, 327x293, 327:293, swastika art 87644.png)

File: 9f86a5a68837fc3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.83 KB, 650x375, 26:15, hitler swag.jpg)

Don't mind me.

Just dropping some "info"

193a72 No.10954796


>all of the low level natsoc things will attract more people to our side.

Go talk to some bernie-bros and throw basic NatSoc policy positions at them. More than likely, they will start nodding in agreement with you and back up your positions. Then, tell them that those are NatSoc policies and watch them recoil in horror. Its a great system shock for them. I've done this a few times and followed up a week or so later. Several of these people started doing their homework. From there, they are easy to redpill.

ecc6c6 No.10955081


>Unfortunately, the jews exist.

I swear, this could be attached to most things that are shit in the world.

ecc6c6 No.10955086


Trips of fuckin truth!

2c926b No.10955371


If I were an alphabet I'd be trying to push people here towards disorder so they'd all get arrested.

a91154 No.10955492


>"Uniting Germany" basically meant "Conquering pretty much everything which sounds German enough" and - included England!

Nah, that's dumb. English (mostly Brythonic blood, French-influenced language), Scandinavians (purest Germanics that didn't migrate south) and Dutch (duude maagic truuffles lmaoo) are Germanic but not "German". Swiss and Luxembourgish are a gray area, generally considered Germans but also as nations of their own.

90f6c7 No.10956506


Who the fuck on an imageboard uses "lmao"? Where are you from?

4ec3f6 No.10956631


Former autistic now a normie

90f6c7 No.10956659


Hi Calle.

4ec3f6 No.10956732

892303 No.10957071


Your dubs affirm that we do.

d47238 No.10957134

>Jared Taylor and Alternate Hypothesis are both anti-Hitler now

That's really sad tbh. They both have some really interesting ideas. I guess it was inevitable in Jared's case since he married a kike.

3b555d No.10958537

File: 389d036c8fcd961⋯.png (44.39 KB, 644x257, 644:257, Jared-Race-Traitor-Taylor.PNG)

3b555d No.10958546


Sometimes I find myself immediately jumping to racewar when annoyed by their semantic bullshit and refusal to accept basic facts ect. By pointing out that they are the reason the race war will happen, because they have refused to address the problems before white genocide has become all but inevitable if not responded to. In other words, they waited until 2017 and still havent pointed out white genocide must be stopped, so peaceful voting solutions are no longer viable, given their leftism and inaction. By allowing whites to become less than half the population, which is the case in a lot of our countries very soon, they have forced whites hand on race war.

There literally is no viable alternative. Its race war, or complete white extermination, and at the very least subjugation to non-whites in our countries. Also, the blame for this is on the same people who opposed peaceful solutions, who said voting to increase the birth rate is "Nazi" and such. Those people caused the race war, and they deserve to suffer the most in it.

3b555d No.10958556


Expanding a bit further on my post there, Id say if we had a "motto" or slogan for this type of thing, it would be something like "Suppression of hate breeds violence" or "If you squelch a party, you create a paramilitary."

4ec3f6 No.10958762


The fact that he's an intelligent, responsible, and classy guy could also be a factor in why he doesn't want to be lumped in with retarded neo-Nazis.

ed359f No.10963397


I know you're just trying to correct it, but the image of the spider is from a screencap of a thread where some guy was defending "spiderbros" or some shit years ago. It's just a humorous reference.

45a25b No.10977494


Chris Cantwell is big on rockwell and is currently reeling from reading mien kampf. IMO he is the only alt righter willing to truly follow the facts were ever they go. he needs to disassociate from enoch and company when he gets out of jail.

1c2690 No.10988846


Not going to happen. It's also a stupid suggestion. Enoch has supported him unconditionally after his arrest. Enoch was also the one who made him aware of the Jewish question.

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