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Four more years

File: 03aff0841ee974d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.93 KB, 872x610, 436:305, 03aff0841ee974d198875e925c….jpg)

5990a7 No.10955018

/pol/ Investigations Thread

+ Pizzagate

+ Seth Rich

+ Clintons and other (((elites)))

It's all connected, so post it here.

Last Pizzagate thread:



Last Seth Rich thread:



/pol/ Investigations Thread #1:



/pol/ Investigations Thread 2:


94b8c2 No.10955308

Bumped and sticky requested, no surprise this is being slid.

b4f7e5 No.10955313

File: a33f2c43101bbf1⋯.gif (248.69 KB, 500x210, 50:21, slide2.gif)

What are you hiding?

b4f7e5 No.10955340

File: 183c46150937c91⋯.gif (992.24 KB, 500x250, 2:1, slide.gif)


Bump slide….

3b9120 No.10955343


A bump for you fellow anon.

05f5c6 No.10955359


Another bump cause his name was Seth good enough to fuck your mother Rich

Also alefantis will be hanged

f75867 No.10955472

File: 3e45de37768b15a⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Now there has been talk of something wicked going on in detroit. The fact they have a satanic temple that is very vocal is no surprise. But initially I remembered the little dwarf that kid rock jammed with because it is kind of bilikin esque. First of all the name kid rock is suspicious and he is in all the genres country hip hop and rock he is a huge touring act could he be involved?

f75867 No.10955483

File: b7bcec17b9184fa⋯.jpg (54.33 KB, 502x650, 251:325, 05-kidrock.jpg)


This is kind of spiral esque but the real find here is the crown in the I of kid rock. This is a symbol that we keep seeing with sasha lord presents the promoter of comet ping pong.

If you search by location on instagram for comet ping pong they had stamped CROWNS on the hands of everyone there to see the shitty bands.

1694cb No.10955575


8e4217 No.10955682

Anons, I think I've stumbled across some pizza children. Look for a report with pics in three days.

94b8c2 No.10955799


>tried to go for a more "wholesome" image and music style more recently

>tried to go for a populist politician angle before admitting or being forced to give up and end up claiming that it was all as sham to sell his album

There's a possibility.

18eea3 No.10955885

560753 No.10955961

File: 46150f8c9c55199⋯.png (421.67 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 5ACA218E-F1D7-4E92-A7A9-FF….png)

this guy George Webb is investigating everything up to pizzagate. He says dominoes means weapons and cheese is drugs. Makes no fucking sense. Says pizza gate is a throw.

He’s full of shit. He obviously has heavyweight connections feeding him info that is driving the direction of investigations and lawsuits and protecting him up to pizza gate. Is he cia, mossad, who does he report to.

Pizzagate is the one thing (((they))) can’t allow to be exposed. But it will be.

b5b08a No.10956100


The Finders were big in Michigan and Wisconsin.

b5b08a No.10956107


You better not be lying.

045ffb No.10956109


into the oven with you kike. filtered.

pegasus museum does have a basement, known as the "killing room"

045ffb No.10956203

File: 3beef66e0cc77f0⋯.jpg (24.6 KB, 639x684, 71:76, 23915756_1535138096576679_….jpg)


Arizona Judge: Child Removed from Home Illegally – Only Reason Was Child Was “Adoptable”


1297f1 No.10956260

File: c64e4d0d34680d9⋯.jpeg (16.76 KB, 194x259, 194:259, image.jpeg)

File: a7f968d78cb67a6⋯.png (803.05 KB, 1645x781, 1645:781, image.png)


I remember recently seeing his face at the newsstand and thinking he looks a lot more jewy than when I was younger; though I wasn't on the lookout for symptoms in junior high.

One of the B sides on his first album was "Bull God" as in moloch.


>I am the Bullgod

I am free

And I feed on all that is forsaken

>The illegitimate son of man

The T-O-P to the D-O-G, or the P-O-T to the G-O-D

Written by RJ Richie from Atlantic records.


I'll reply to you and starve shlomo a (you). CPP has a basement also confirmed by jimmy himself.

d2ccc8 No.10956424


b5b08a No.10956539

Corpses can be used as a source of energy for electricity.

b5b08a No.10956546


Maybe technology is being made out of sacrificed people somehow.

b5b08a No.10956562



They can use biowaste for energy and they have used aborted fetuses to power some hospitals.

f5abd8 No.10956594

>False flags



>Controlled Opposition


Above all..

Being this new

Consider suicide.


b5b08a No.10956653


Insanity in ((Marion)) County in Oregon.


7b14fa No.10957010

File: 56e5ccee9df23a8⋯.jpg (58.67 KB, 660x400, 33:20, 4564564.jpg)

Former Clinton Foundation Executive Tied To Chinese Kindergarten Abuse Scandal

>The Clinton Foundation is no stranger to scandal. However, the charity is facing renewed criticism after it was revealed that one of the foundation’s former executives, Joel Getz, was also an independent Director at RYB Education. RYB Education is the parent company of a Beijing kindergarten at the center of a massive scandal in China that emerged in the wake of allegations toddlers were being injected with drugs and possibly sexually abused.

>CNN wrote: “State-run Xinhua news agency reported that police have opened an investigation into RYB Xintiandi, a private kindergarten in Beijing, after numerous parents accused the school of drugging and molesting their children. Beijing’s education authority confirmed the police investigation in a statement.” The Beijing-located kindergarten was shut down in the wake of the allegations.

>The Daily Mail related that Chinese police had detained three daycare staff for suspected abuse. This latest debacle is not the first time RYB Education schools have been the center of abuse allegations. The Daily Mail wrote that “RYB already apologized in April and suspended the head of a Beijing kindergarten after admitting that teachers committed “severe mistakes”. The Beijing News had obtained videos showing teachers throwing a child on a bed and kicking another in the back.” There was an additional RYB-related scandal in northeast Jilin province in October 2016.

>Joel Getz is shown in a document published by Reuters to have been an independent Director at RYB Education, in addition to his former role at the Clinton Foundation and his work for Yale as Senior Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations.



719427 No.10957078


i'm not sure who he reports to. but pizza has NOTHING to do with drugs. he looks like a total fucking idiot here.

94fc05 No.10957128


i thought we already confirmed this kike was mossad


Jane you ignorant slut. a couple years ago, J.A. admitted in an interview that there was a basement in CPP. but as far as we know it seemed CPP was possibly a meeting place for these types and pegasus museum had the actual ' kill room ' as confirmed by the investigative work of many anons. Do a little research and see the sourced material. Pizzagate wiki is back up again and voat/pizzagate really is an awesome tool if youre too lazy to go thru the archives ITT. and half of the people that post there are /our guys/.

b5b08a No.10957537


Regarding the RYB Kindergarten and it's direct connections to Hillary Clinton

1fbbcc No.10958582


Teachers at RYB are educated at the Erikson institute. Connections to Podestas wife and Ghislaine Maxwell's sister.

This was a pizzagate op to blackmail chinks.


560753 No.10958660

File: b1ab459e4cc8d77⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1064977E-7B3D-4B36-915B-1D….png)


Just answer this one question.

18eea3 No.10958842



Any way the site admin can break/refuse that link referral from voat.co?

ec8727 No.10959237






















Contents of the deleted posts will be revealed in due time. I'll answer questions about Masons in the meantime.

27898a No.10959248


They do it all the time now. I've given up on this place tbh, too many spiral dopes ITT and Israhell loving Qtards fucking up every other thread.

So here's some voat links. If you're serious about investigating this stuff shut the fuck up about your dumb spiral obsession and check out the Chinese kindergarten scandal. Voat has found direct connections to not only Clinton Fdn but to Dorn, Ayers and the Weather Underground crowd. Also direct connections to relatives of jarret, Epstein and others. This is very big.



7c6f38 No.10959274


>Now there has been talk of something wicked going on in detroit.

Look into Tamara "Strawberry" Green and her hit

d3fb2a No.10959314

What's the beat Talmud to read to understand Jews?

1fbbcc No.10959414

File: 18cbf0c02ee8c0c⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1564x1564, 1:1, 8cdzoryjhy2y.jpg)


>pizza place with no basement

Wrong, Even Alefantis himself said there is a basement, pic related.

Alefantis-owned Besta Pizza next door certainly has a basement.


05798b No.10959464



5be797 No.10959511




you have to go back.

490ccf No.10959519

File: 1e0881a76202817⋯.jpg (58.75 KB, 550x662, 275:331, kid rock 7487.jpg)

File: 794809a0abf9f5a⋯.jpg (55.85 KB, 560x401, 560:401, young kid rock.jpg)

File: 48d3260ec2f0052⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 750x563, 750:563, kid rock 7657.jpg)


>kid Rock

1fbbcc No.10959551


The Epstein connection is wrong, unfortunately. Not the same Christine Maxwell.

The Clinton Foundation link is real, but I think (((Getz))) only recently came into office.

RYB is linked to the Erikson Institute though.

http:// archive .is/ZYf6a

The Erikson Institute is 100% kikery. Its secretary (((Adelstein))) is friends with Tony Podesta. Makes sense for someone working in early education no?

https:// archive .is/Ha6rg

23233d No.10959576


>another kike

355e17 No.10959691

kike Rock


1d3163 No.10959710


Where else should we go if this place is overrun by shills? cuck chan is cucked, and voat feels gay as hell. i hear /k/ is promising, but its too edgy for me. I just want memes and politics

23233d No.10959712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ex-Clinton Foundation Exec Linked To Chinese Kindergarten Under Investigation For Alleged Child Molestation


>Chinese authorities have shut down a Beijing kindergarten operated by RYB Education, a U.S.-listed education firm, following reports of alleged sexual abuse. Joel Getz, a former executive at the Clinton Foundation, is an Independent Director at RYB Education and the Senior Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations at Yale University.

1fbbcc No.10960074

File: 14bac1af2e66cc4⋯.jpg (30.2 KB, 320x381, 320:381, HlAHcSvf4hYHTelyToUmsyR-h4….jpg)


Cause elite pedophilia never happens does it kike?

You are the mental illness. They hide behind degenerate pedo apologists like you.

die painfully

a7bbda No.10960132


Just like with niggers and the truth, it simply comes down to math and statistics. Here let me get in the posting zone that our new refugees with their new glow in the dark containment board are used to:

How many children go missing each year in the USA?

How many are found dead?

How many are never found?

Who has disposable income to hide a child?

Statistically the elite are responsible for a large amount of annual missing kids. The same as a white is smarter then a nigger on average, a millionaire/billonaire/political elite are more likely to fuck kids….it just makes sense mathematically.

2ab003 No.10960153

File: 3dd6be812fa41b2⋯.jpg (170.75 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, Liev Schreiber Pedophile.jpg)


Does anyone else have a gut feeling Colbert is imminently to be exposed as a pedo?

44dacf No.10960176


I'm more worried that he starts seeing Trump voters in his audience and mass murders them all on live TV while shouting HER TURN.

d3fb2a No.10960181


He probably is a pedo but I doubt they aould take him down cause he is too popular to take down without possibly causing panic all over the country. Over half the country would have an existential crisis over night.

e93fc1 No.10960194

File: 5742aab32ba0afe⋯.jpg (43.98 KB, 800x507, 800:507, lived.jpg)



1fbbcc No.10960200

File: 704a00f3e66e5bd⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>Catholic from a big family with a father who died when he was young

>Taught Sunday school at a church notorious for abuse, eg Mitch Walters

>His archdiocese covered it up

>He held fundraisers for proven pedo cover upper Dolan

>He's friends with Podesta and an all round creep

But Colbert is an example of a deep pedo, not just a sexual harasser. I really don't think any of his type will be indicted anytime soon.

d3fb2a No.10960234


Where are these statistics found at? I think there is proof the elite are abusing children by the simple fact staistics are impossible to find(or don't exist at all). When pizza gate first started I spent hours trying to find studies, statistics, or anything to gauge how many children go missing and how many never come home. They say how many go missing and what percent are found but don't really tell you how many or where are never found again. They only say like 99% are found in a year or something like that. Not exactly specific. Some states have numbers for themselves but not really. If anyone knows how to get this info please respond and tell me.

6368a7 No.10960267



Jimmy is going to fry

So is his manager of that pizza shop ryan Vaughn Mr comet stain for life

Also we need to get to the bottom of cheesybay eBay seller and the Mr potato head connection between kang nigger , the cunt, alefantis, and bif skipman aka dave stone

e93fc1 No.10960285

File: 33a1ae0d88f8ace⋯.jpg (103.5 KB, 983x1200, 983:1200, HONK HONK.jpg)

there is no exit in this rabbit hole..you will aimlessly wander begging for guidance hahahaha

b5b08a No.10960639


At least you bumped the thread.

23233d No.10961289


>bumping a sticky

522760 No.10961372


https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/>be autistic incel >no drive or ambition/

oh jew

dabfd6 No.10961630


Oh, fuck dude, talk about copy-pasta from Mon 16 Oct 2017.

d3fb2a No.10962009


Isn't he self admitted ex-CIA? Or was it that he was claiming to have CIA family. I only watched his early stuff

d3fb2a No.10962021


That's the dumbest shit I have ever heard

b5b08a No.10962093


Good goy

b5b08a No.10962323



Here's the website of the company.

8e4217 No.10962473


I think my contact gave me false information. But I will get something in the future. I've got a good feeling about some leads.

6ffa54 No.10962515

I don't know about an energy source, but read a comment a while back about them reducing the kids to liquid using some kind of chemical. Linked into that Dave Flintstone guy and his Hawaii operation. Being stored in blue barrels? Anyone remember that bit of insanity?

b5b08a No.10962519



a87dce No.10962523


the Cheesybay saga and the underground vodka distillery? Yeah there was a pic of one of Flintsone's profiles and he said he ran a 'candybar graveyard' or some such. Screencaps also included the Heavy Breathing freak long before we knew about it.

6ffa54 No.10962553



Found the comment… "CGI and company are kidnapping raping torturing kids them melting the bodies with hydrochloric acid in blue buckets. I saw the pics. That shit hurts the soul to see. I saw the drain hole where they dump the liquid remains. Also the bucket with organic matter still in it. Fucking hand prints where they scraped it out. 577 Pakala Lane Kuaai Hawaii" -Captain Crunch shtfplan forum

a7fd7d No.10962657

File: ba0edaa8c1f24ad⋯.png (65.07 KB, 499x453, 499:453, november 2017 map.png)

File: 4359a69e5ada289⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 583x404, 583:404, besta pizza logo.jpg)



>"kill room"

Reminder not to take that name too literally. Probably just an edgy name for a room they thought was spooky after they moved into the building—though who knows.


Reminder we don't know he owns Besta, (correct me if I'm wrong here), but he does own Buck's on the same strip, and Buck's does have a basement. On the other hand, reminder that Besta's logo was the first and most obvious pedo logo we discovered.

db5ec4 No.10962669


Why lie about it, then?

a7fd7d No.10962688


>Why lie about it, then?

Are you asking why someone posted "here is the kill room!" as a caption on for a dark photo of a windowless lightless concrete cellar room, if they were not literally in the habit of killing people there??

db5ec4 No.10962708


No. Why would you think that? I'm clearly not asking that.

Why lie about there not being a basement if there are no unscrupulous activities taking place in it?

a7fd7d No.10962713


Oh. Sure, that one is fishy.

99fc2c No.10962874

File: 311a53d7b1a756f⋯.jpg (115.79 KB, 1200x677, 1200:677, r0_100_4080_2403_w1200_h67….jpg)


Ex-Clinton Foundation Exec Linked To Chinese Kindergarten Under Investigation For Alleged Child Molestation


Don Burke a sexual harasser and ruthless bully, claims series of women


Bob Mueller on Dick Cavett in the 70s

>https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=TXi1XUjGPAQ

COMPROMISED: Sex-abuser Congressmen are open to massive blackmail


a8f01a No.10962992


Is Don Burke a kike?

a90815 No.10963161


hello James

b5b08a No.10963235


Burke is an Irish and British name, but he probably changed his name or is part kike.

0d36b4 No.10963322



Don Burke is the man behind the greatest gardening show ever to grace the television you savages.

Well, except maybe Gardening Australia and that's your bloomin lot then

59aa78 No.10963344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Sasha Lord worked at Black Cat 2001-2005, graduated from George Mason University in 2005 in Therapeutic Recreation specializing in working with At-Risk Populations. In 2003, Sasha Lord was a outdoor facilitator at Hemlock Overlook specializing in At-Risk Populations. In 2004, Sasha Lord volunteered in Salem Oregon with The Girl Scouts of Santiam Council helping facilitate "Girl Scout Beyond Bars". From 2007 to 2011, Sasha worked for The Girl Scouts of the Nation's Capital as a Field Director for Central Prince William County (VA) as well as running an outreach Girl Scout Troop at the Prince William County Juvenile Detention Center.


a8f01a No.10963392


Be that as it may, it's necessary to know if we are to 'listen and believe' or not. A real white australian deserves due process. A kike deserves to suffer at the hands of their own feminist media golems.

d4e87c No.10963463


I don’t think Webb is ex- anything. He is active and has support. But from who?

37a3c7 No.10963533

+++ Switch from Data mode to Command Mode

in an AT commands manual i was using

b5b08a No.10963545


I'm quite skeptical about his accounts.

2ab003 No.10963574

File: 58ca55dcac43bf5⋯.png (696.8 KB, 1226x1144, 613:572, skippy.png)


I still find it incredibly fucking eerie that Besta changed their logo so quick after pizzagate started coming out.

I can understand it as a business decision, but the way they changed it so suddenly, completely unannounced makes me think something's fucky.

Also, does anyone have any info on Little Red Fox between Comet and Bucks, or are they an innocent bystander?

db2ad1 No.10963620

Something that really tickles me about PG is that its targets think this is what sincere opposition looks like. The people in charge of society really are condescending lunatics.

1fbbcc No.10963680

File: 503ffd49a6ce733⋯.png (586.5 KB, 1045x678, 1045:678, need_Ahand.png)



Yes it's Buck's not Besta my mistake.

Little Red Fox is a well-connected lefty bookstore where the Hildabeast herself has made appearances, but Alefantis had this weird picture from their storage which doesn't look like books at all, pic related

bc5e03 No.10963727

File: 9e1cfe63954ea95⋯.jpg (85.3 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Abandon Hope.jpg)

>Still stickying slides that no one fucking uses because they are too busy shitting up the catalog because they (((accidentally))) didn't see it in the catalog

380887 No.10963986


380887 No.10963987


00e6f9 No.10964050


my dearest board is invaded and I have nowhere else to go please don't abandon me anon… help

ccc779 No.10964211




what is plan B..?

f5fde7 No.10964432

File: 2705c85c61dbfb4⋯.jpg (594.42 KB, 1457x643, 1457:643, 0bac3297e3e326f963fd1717d9….jpg)

File: 549c7d7b6735fe9⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 720x710, 72:71, 568a31f955206a9266db70642e….jpg)

File: 04e1684f48ba034⋯.jpg (114.89 KB, 1200x704, 75:44, 04e1684f48ba034642243d45ec….jpg)

File: df2b66f1c2c0cd0⋯.jpeg (41.12 KB, 454x419, 454:419, 95b096d78817aafee0941d039….jpeg)



spread your wings and share the truth you have learned here. I like this place too but it's an obvious honeypot. Wouldn't be a terrible thing if this place went down but I don't see that happening since (((the goldwater))) relies on this place too much.

7ecb83 No.10964636

File: ba086ccc41358b3⋯.png (966.71 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, image.png)

File: 8e034f18f46659e⋯.jpeg (243.27 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, image.jpeg)

File: 987ba2f442d1a72⋯.jpeg (61.12 KB, 768x768, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: 351972df74d3952⋯.jpeg (156.84 KB, 660x1202, 330:601, image.jpeg)


Those are definitely turkeys but the comments by alephantis and ccwoolman are worrisome. >#priestess_party

Cory Wren Wollman's husband Robert Scott Cummings was in charge of design and building the Pegasus Museum according to voat. They both moved to Portland, Or where he still does the same type of work for Introspecs. He also has a side job making modern furniture/decor called Base Modern, pic related is a best seller. Both went dark on social media besides Instafags; @basemodern/@normcore_mom. Please don't harass them, it's my only source of fresh Intel and I'm strill trying to locate Scott's workshop in NE pdx and hopefully they'll lead me to bigger fish here.

>inb4 spiralfag not all spirals

Soulless dead eyes related

94b8c2 No.10965082


>come to my namefag reddit clone with votes if you really care oy vey everything else is fake






>exodus shills are flooding the investigation thread


e965cc No.10966143


i remember ready he was "old guard" Mossad. whatever the fuck that means

bb088f No.10966594

So, there is this guy, Timothy Hogan, and he is a leader of a French order of the Knights Templar. High ranking freemason. This guy has done many lectures, and has been all over tv, and youtube. Anyway, he is one of the top guys for this international security company. The CEO of which is a (((youknowwho))). Timothy Hogan is deeply immersed in the occult, and mystical arts.

However, the real cherry on top for this guy, is his girl friend. His girlfriend claims to be Mary Magdalene reincarnated, and has a FB page set up, and several hundred followers. Seach Tsarina Mary Magdalene, and you should find her. It seems she was an ex prostitute.

The two, (Mary Magdalene, and Timothy Hogan) frequently travel to Instanbul, where they are friends with Adnan Oktar leader of a turkish cult full of sex, and creationism.

Besides what I have here said there isnt much info on them. But, if there are Jews, and Masons involved, and a loony woman who thinks she is Mary Magdalene, with connections to a turkish sex cult, it can't be good, and there is bound to be some grand pedophile sex ring going on.



bb088f No.10966606


b5b08a No.10967109



That Turkish cult looks like a prostitution ring.

b5b08a No.10967115



This is bizarre.

b5b08a No.10967127



This guy is a psycho.

b5b08a No.10967135



I'm going to see what I can find about AJ and Walt Zabadne.

b5b08a No.10967148



The company is headquartered in Aurora, CO where a shit ton of MK Ultra shit goes on. This story is from 2013 about them making bulletproof backpacks after the Aurora theatre shooting which reeks of fakery.

b5b08a No.10967155


Walt Zabadne is actually Walid Zabadne

b5b08a No.10967159


On his Facebook, it states he attended the School of Damascus in Pakistan. That is a strong connection.

b5b08a No.10967163



It may have been destroyed in the war.

b5b08a No.10967241



He has a TV channel.

b5b08a No.10967262



The women are called "kittens." They are most likely MK Ultra sex slaves.

6ffa54 No.10967264

File: cf5a052bcb3a959⋯.jpg (34 KB, 400x400, 1:1, AAIAAgDGAAAAAQAAAAAAAA2RAA….jpg)

Started thinking about that infant lover, Arun Rao, and ended up on his LinkedIn…noticed this I never saw mentioned: "Federal prosecutor who oversaw MS-13". He is no longer with the DOJ, but his district included PG County, which is totally overrun with MS-13 thugs. I'll just bet that lowlife 'oversaw' MS-13 operations. Currently he is Adjunct Professor of Law @ Georgetown University Law Center, and the Executive VP of 'Investigative Group International'.

18eea3 No.10967472

Turks and Arabs are superior to wh*tes. A Turk even owns and runs this board. Face it, you need Middle Eastern MEN to control and enslave the niggers. You wh*te soyboys are too weak and feminine to stand up to the nigger bulls, we are the only ones who can chop off their balls and make them submit. So stop treating Middle Easterners like the enemy, the niggers and Jews are the enemy! They must be enslaved or killed, anyone who doubts this is a dirty fucking Jew.

6ffa54 No.10967483

It never ends…this place Rao is with now, IGI, was: "Founded by former Senate Watergate Committee counsel Terry F. Lenzner in 1984".



815 Connecticut Avenue NW

Suite 730

Washington, DC 20006

Tel. 202-789-7700

Fax 202-789-7740


Chief executive officer




Executive vice president


Senior managing director


Director of due diligence and background matters


Managing director


Managing director


Managing director

Started looking into 'Ann Keating', wondering if she is related to Charles Keating. Doesn't seem to be, but: "From 1983 to 1987, Ms. Keating interned at the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office in the Sexual Assault Unit and assisted in the preparation of a report on juvenile sexual offenders.". How interesting. I wonder if any of these other people 'liked' pics of toddlers in sexual poses as Rao did.

b5b08a No.10967487


Notice a shill has arrived after looking into that cult.

1895cd No.10967589

File: 059486ce1267902⋯.jpg (56.38 KB, 526x960, 263:480, 24129465_10215019733473663….jpg)

File: 34e52d1a6960686⋯.png (574.89 KB, 774x809, 774:809, 34e52d1a69606863854b2c291f….png)

I met an MK ULTRA trainer. The End Game. Long version

>www. youtube.com/watch?v=4FJc8izQOxA

Baby of Idaho Disabled Mom Seized when Parents Claim Religious Exemption to Vaccines


Israeli expelled from Colombia for 'violating state security'

Israeli man suspected of running prostitution and drug-trafficking network. However, no indictment filed against him.


'Dozens of allegations of rape': Tracey Spicer claims she'll publish a 'dossier' of 65 Australian media figures accused of sexual harassment and assault THIS WEEK


The Australian media industry operates a protection racket for men like Don Burke


TV Is Obsessed With an Unrealistic Portrayal of Autistic People

>https:// tonic.vice.com/en_us/article/j5j8zb/tv-is-obsessed-with-unrealistic-portrayal-of-autistic-people

52f698 No.10967674


>left pic

These "look super spooky satan" cliches are getting old.

There are more terrifying things out there. Like living in a giant machine that's bleeding to death.

52f698 No.10967679


Shill or pretender?

It almost looks fake.

52f698 No.10967684


>The Australian media industry operates a protection racket for men like Don Burke

Speaking of which, anyone hear that "assburgers" revelation.

The guy is a flat out lying scumbag. Look at his interview. Think about how hard it is to score a TV personality position like that.

No aspie could do that. Total crap.

682748 No.10967685


>t. fucking moron

these are from the current victorias secret fashion show in china, if you looked closely enough in one of the shots the model is holding a baby bathed in blood, reminiscent of the spirit cooking seen on previous threads.

<kill yourself

52f698 No.10967717


And I'm saying - why?

It's beginning to get old.

People have been seeing these attempts to spook the masses for nearly a year and a half now. Nothing's shocking (good album minus the jew) anymore.

d4a590 No.10967879

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


b5b08a No.10968179


The whore of Babylon

60dd4a No.10968217

What about all the pedos on pol ????

9a134d No.10968311

I was in a thread that got deleted a while ago and someone posted this link:


If you go to the comments there's some kind of code being used in the first posts, you have some kind of either a phrase like "I'm a student" or "Looking for work" then a pharmaceutical reference like "buy topomax online" then a reuters news excerpt. This part I haven't figured out the meaning of aside from seeming to be nonsensical stuff to waste our time trying to figure out.

The date format is initially going from new>old, but towards the bottom the posts turn full spam, but there are russian and arabic messages.

Here are some of the russian excerpts courtesy of google translate:


Kakiye slova… super, zamechatel'naya fraza — Eta mysl' pridetsya kak raz kstati 12 detey, rebenok 5 6 let ili zayavleniye rebenka

pervoye KTO ishet tot VSEAGDA nakhodit — Eta blestyashchaya fraza pridetsya kak raz kstati chem izbavit'sya ot moshek v dome, kak izbavit'sya ot malen'kikh moshek v kvartire ili moshkara v kvartire foto

Ne lomay sebe golovu nad etim! — Zhal', chto seychas ne mogu vyskazat'sya - opazdyvayu na vstrechu. No vernus' - obyazatel'no napishu chto ya dumayu. deti invalidy, zagadki dlya detey a takzhev tut deti v sadu

Mne kazhetsya eto otlichnaya ideya — YA pozhaluy promolchu semena dionei foto, kak vyvesti moshku iz doma a takzhe

What words … super, wonderful phrase — This idea will come in handy 12 children, a child 5 6 years old or a child's application

the first WHO WANTS THAT ALL ALSO finds — This brilliant phrase will come in handy than to get rid of midges in the house, how to get rid of small midges in an apartment or midges in an apartment Photo

Do not break your head over this! — It is a pity that now I can not speak out - I'm late for the meeting. But I'll be back - I'll write what I think. children with disabilities, riddles for children and also here children in the garden

I think this is a great idea — I'd probably keep silent the photos of dionia, how to get the midge from the house and also

9a134d No.10968314


Anyway, I have to get to work but there could be some useful stuff in here. It looks like this was used as a way of sending discreet messages between people.

bb088f No.10968562


Ok, so these are guys that I can confirm Timothy Hogan has contact with. I may post pictures later, but I need to doctor them up first, to make them anon.

1. Roman Buzinov: Possible skull, and bones member, or affiliate(His FB profile is skull and bones.) Russian citizen, went to school at the university of Colorado in Denver in 2010.

2. Tony Baxter: Knights Templar in Washington state, owned an insurance company. He may be a convicted felon.

3. George Mackenzie: This is the real spooky connection that I found. This guys FB is really creepy, and honestly may posssibly be openly pedo. The guy worked for the UN group International Human Rights Commission Secretariat. He is a Scottish Knights Templar, and Timothy Hogan also claims to be Knighted a Templar in Scotland and England. I think George Mackenzie is this creeps pseudonym, and he takes it after the 17th century villain George Mackenzie who slaughtered many people. On his fb photos he had a picture of a small girl, and said "Im eating Alfresco Tonight," to which someone replied, "Hows Piper Uncle Dode."

But the question is, when we bust these guys, how do we get them actually in trouble?

b5b08a No.10968775

I think that supermoon will come with human sacrifice.

b5b08a No.10968785


I've noticed some strange tattoos on some women driving around in the city.

b5b08a No.10968840


It seemed reminiscent of the tattoos described in the Hampstead case.

455602 No.10969338


>in trouble

You named your oven Trouble?

3bbc48 No.10969361

File: 814d5ba7be4a563⋯.png (158.9 KB, 225x456, 75:152, pork and beans roj referen….png)

the royal order of jesters may be the blackmail power behind hollywood. Look at this thing they made of the who selling out. HE IS IN A BATHTUB OF PORK AND BEANS. The jesters are a masonic order made during the great depression part of the initiation is all about taking the good with the bad and surviving on pork and beans when times are hard is a distinct part of the ritual.

eec79f No.10969531


I wrote a lot of those. here is a one I wrote a while back about the adrenochrome happenings on 4chan.

On 4chan a agent of some kind had came across 20 kilos of adrenochrome.People need to understand this is a reality. The masons have held this hippy shit to our throats so long that they want to use guillotines to collect the pineal glands and drain the blood and collect adrenochrome. That is one of the reasons they want a depopulation and why it has been referred to as a harvest. They have a backup generation. A populous of bred children who are living a life of woe below us. The twisted childrens learning videos and elsagate are for the underground bred pizza children that are sra'd because they are taught english specifically to be threatened as a four year old is the minimum age to kill a child for adrenochrome because the pineal gland is matured by then. They are also shipped to satanists to undergo torture vacations if you will. But you wonder is there a place you can go and kick the shit out of a kid that cant move? Why of course they are the masonic pizza places.Ping pong baby.Part of the privilege of masonic membership is to take part in the great grape stomping or kneading of the dough. Kids are dough you mish you mash you slish you slash you shake them you break them you make them eat shit.Pizza is like this outlet where they brutalize children and children are brutalized by men that come to brutalize them all day and night of all professions and persuasions within the masonic umbrella . There is a natural biological monopoly with this stuff wherein people can produce something through their torture and death to be sold for a profit.They see themselves as a higher being homo-superior and as such are eating the hash of humans. They take some of this stuff and it mixes with the pineal gland and they have an afterglow that lasts all day. You can imagine an elite that is constantly high off of the murder and torture of children. And once they get on this shit they take out their anger on the masses and they want to all have lifetime supplies of adrenochrome and that is why they want fema camps to behead the masses and collect adrenochrome. Thats why they have the mask and the apron the whole thing is to scare the masses. They are why they do terrorism its terrorizing the children that is the stomping of grapes to make the wines of lucifer. Its the alchemical gold.so they set up a coven and they start a daycare or they will make a deal with the masons to have their kids to be molested and passed around. Thats why they have shriners hospitals they wont question a mason bringing in a kid with a ruby red asshole on the brink of death and they will take the kids that they almost kill in the dungeons to the shriners childrens hospitals to be fixed up and they will put them back in the crawlspace. No fee no questions asked.Thats why they call the kids "our children". Also the blood drives are to filter out the adrenochrome and re bag it.

I will answer questions too here or on /horror/ on endchan. I have /horror/ and /pizzagate/ on endchan think of that as a bunker. I have nothing against jim I just know there is a backdoor to his compliance through freemasonry which is why I do not base my posting on this site. I do not believe he is even an active mason.

b5b08a No.10969697


So, they farm children for adrenochrome and their meat. The Reptilian demon theory makes sense then.

b5b08a No.10969708


Is rh- adrenochrome higher quality? I heard black people produce more of it.

b5b08a No.10969713


I'm assuming they harvested adrenochrome from slaves throughout history.

052967 No.10970204


Fuck if I know as a former shaman I do not think I have ever encountered it. With the exception of one time but that may have been some sort of research chemical psychedelic.We need to find the truth of this because I believe this is a logical connection to even exopolitics. Why exactly are they harvesting it. Since it is produced from mayham it needs to be stopped.

052967 No.10970214


Of course. The oto uses absynth in their initiations. Could that be a lie and they use adrenochrome? Do the dark higher orders use adrenochrome? I think that is likely.

aa7b16 No.10970281

Please sticky these links:

Full Awan/DNC scandal timeline:


Massive Pizzagate Dump:


9de087 No.10970430

if you believe in pizzagate then you believe in something that isn't true

if you believe in pizzagate then there is a high likelihood that many of the other things you believe are also wrong

if you are just roleplaying, then carry on

but if you actually believe this shit, stop and think about it. Everything else you believe might be just as stupid. Opinions that you hold dear might be just as wrong

if you're willing to believe things that aren't true just because you wish they were then you're a fucking idiot


bd23c4 No.10970513


Wow, good find.

Bump for justice.

014aec No.10970522

File: 2119c84ae67c91f⋯.png (121 KB, 1202x257, 1202:257, ClipboardImage.png)


Why the fuck do you schizos seperate your punctuation from your words?

bee654 No.10970528


I'd like to share the content of the deleted posts with you before revealing it here. Maybe it'll sound familiar.

e1a6da No.10970596


Just reveal it I posted a lot of the masonic ones and the method for vetting repressed memories.I hate the suspense.If they delete it post it on endchan. If I make a throwaway email and link it I wont want to open that email account the shills are crawling in these threads.

b5b08a No.10971182


You'd probably be spammed with snuff cp.

f58315 No.10971253


Exactly this is an open source investigation I dont even like on voat how people can pm you this shit should be transparent. If ron is deleting A bunch of explicit (but probably wrong because I'm an outsider) descriptions of dark masonry thats a red flag. Its gatekeeping. But It could have been anything maybe he deleted it on accident.

5be797 No.10971258


op here.

the cp spamming has happened to those close to this investigation, especially those with a voice and who are talking about it publicly, and who don't have proper proxies with VPNs and soforth. so long as you practice safe net, you should be fine. talking about masonix connections is nothing new in these threads, that being said, im very interested in observing what may be revealed here. please, do tell.

27d6ba No.10971378

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Evidence videos show Jody Herring before, after murders


Israeli MPs to pass ‘Netanyahu bill’ banning police from publicizing corruption probe results


Free lunch breadcrumb trail leads straight to Chalk Hill Middle School.


Scientism 2 documentary released


Scottish Paedophilia: Institutions, Care Homes, Schools & PaedoRings


639c78 No.10971650

File: ea04544720ce571⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 336x420, 4:5, JLA-12.jpg)

File: 5a0bd667db8ff4e⋯.jpeg (23.11 KB, 523x281, 523:281, images (19).jpeg)

Sorry if off topic but I found this the other day. Is his necklace the pedo symbol?

He is a Freemason from Florida.

288730 No.10971681

File: 805e70b0f4944f9⋯.png (40.82 KB, 421x235, 421:235, 4qfg3q4.png)


Speaking of this isn't Good Humor ice cream logo a pedo symbol? I noticed it the other day at work. What practices does Good Humor perform in the pedo community?

f58315 No.10971692

File: 053b57593fc2dfa⋯.jpg (71.13 KB, 736x736, 1:1, cd990aa02781c4e22562cab702….jpg)


Depends on which metal it is. He is guilty of something I'm sure.

f58315 No.10971702

File: 181513f10a353db⋯.jpg (16.75 KB, 288x400, 18:25, Unusual-Antique-Solid-Silv….jpg)


Yes and this technically is a double heart

f58315 No.10971714

File: ff110d208b5a4d1⋯.jpg (314.9 KB, 961x540, 961:540, a38d284b62a2a85a3478e8f519….jpg)


The thing about the boy lovers symbol is it is the letter G with an extra angle of spiral. It is symbolic off masonry in a hidden outer shell.

288730 No.10971905


Why is she so pretty? Don't tell me she's juden.

c5de10 No.10971919


she was "killed" in sandyhoax

cnn and msm cropped out devil horn goy

639c78 No.10972093


Are freemasons pedos?

I remember back in early 2000s freemasons were at the heart of every conspiracy online. Now they seem to get ignored and people like Soros are at the forefront.

e0228b No.10972105

File: fb7d3943ece5267⋯.jpg (52.61 KB, 540x540, 1:1, whiterabbit.jpg)

Seth Rich and possible Q related

Remember follow the white rabbit? Pic related

He was going to this bar when he got mugged and the weird lapse in time from 1 something to 4 something

Credit goes to redditor that couldn't even send an e-mail

a87dce No.10972132


you're fucking kidding me. Larp or not, how did the CBTS autists miss this obvious one?

e0228b No.10972145


Yea but I've since been informed Q has never actually said, follow the white rabbit. Only Alice & Wonderland.. I guess I'll have to find a recent list of his posts and find out I guess.

1fbbcc No.10972147


Reminder that many places on the 11St strip all the way up to Pegasus park are connected to Alefantis, Room 11, Bad Saint, Bloombars, Meridian Pint and he tried to buy a place on the corner of Monroe too.

a71a2c No.10972152


Oh the Womderland Ballroom you say?

Follow the white rabbit you say?

441842 No.10972431


learn more about forum spamming

they use random text inserts to spam viagra or w/e links for link building purposes so they rank higher in jewgle

89696e No.10972543


Apparently they tell rubes poopdicking kids is the key to immortality. In reality they film it like $cientologists and use it for blackmail.

18eea3 No.10972961

I feel bad for some of you. Think about this, and you may ask your parents' opinion.

How many gay(homo) people were out there back before it was accteptable to be open about it?

I can tell you, It used to be perceived as mental illness because how _uncommon_ it officially was. Ever since gay don't have to hide with it, it's a "normal" thing to be gay.

Now, this is the same regarding pedophiles. You'd be terrified how many people are pedophiles, not all of them "active"/molesters. But still. Also man/woman pedohile ratio is probably (impossible to know for sure as long as they need to hide it) 50:50, contrary to stereotypes of old man pervert.

And also, you don't become a pedophile when you retire, you're most likely born with it, or conditioned in early age. Only attraction to 7yo is normal for other 7yo.

Just think about it and let that sink in.

667e2d No.10973001

File: 00301af09e906e0⋯.jpg (27.44 KB, 490x500, 49:50, $_12.JPG)


It may be corrupted with it for sure. People need to understand its satanic pedophilia to empower the satanas. You take vice grips and twist off patches of skin of anyone not a mason so that you are not bullied by higher up masons. You threaten to kill families as a mason because muh deputy I kill people cuz I am a mason bub.There is not even a issue of we have an abundance of circumstantial evidence its flat out media blackout on all sides. Save the pedo masons from scorn from the masses thats the job of the media thats the job of alex jones all of it is hiding the boyfucking kill people.

More shame will be felt by them followed by regret for that is memetica.

You look at guys like that guy that fills in for alex jones the older faggy guy that dresses nice his job is to describe a conspiracy in a way that does not upset freemasons.


667e2d No.10973156

File: 58ed00e10d2ea7f⋯.jpg (16.57 KB, 300x292, 75:73, $_35.JPG)


Its not so much a pedophilia thing. They use that because they know how wrong it is to keep the kikelings in line. Its more of a mental comparison of "well I can castrate and stab this fresh Puerto rican child to death on camera as blackmail red streaming or i can bring my daughter to the lodge to have the jew big wigs fondle". Dead spic every time. You must hurt kids to be a high roller. All masons know something of this but they are the biggest cowards in existance to the point oaths are supposed to be a noble thing. Thats for damn sure if its to protect the country masonic oaths SUPERCEDE the oaths you take when you become a cop a politician or a army man cowadooty cheerleader. You see masons would rather cut your head off because a kike told them to than to admit they are in a cult. This is whats holding us back as a nation these masons. Nothing but. Even jews fuck em kill em all you will still have little bitches that think they are hype because they are scared so they project that onto everything. Everything is happening no masons are deflecting from their good goy club and thats all there is to it.

Its not all about drooling over diaper wearing babies its about killing and hurting as many people for lucifer as you can do to advance in the luciferian cult of freemasonry the official luciferian outlet of the world.


667e2d No.10973222

File: e03fb6f2175f2f5⋯.jpg (58.66 KB, 768x162, 128:27, 1.jpg)


meant for


what I wanted to say to >>10972543 is that L ron Hubbard was simply a mason. Crowley called him frater x. You see the oto an scientology are masonry light in a way to try and normalize unhumane behaviour,

667e2d No.10973279

File: 78248a73a8689d1⋯.jpg (72.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

the rabbit is about breeding children.

adrenochrome too which goes along with breeding children

667e2d No.10973294

File: 83b6844aff3adcf⋯.jpg (118.85 KB, 850x613, 850:613, Paul-stanley-and-gene-simm….jpg)


Actually Q may have to have us answer the q's to figure it out for ourselves I just dont know though.

6ffa54 No.10973305

Melissa Brannen went missing from Fairfax, Virginia in 1989, her body never found. Although Caleb Hughes was convicted for the kidnapping, I believe it was somehow orchestrated by the cabal. The NCMEC was involved in the investigation, who most here know is some kind of child trafficking front. I mention this now after just noticing that the NCMEC sent this tweet earlier in the year:

NCMEC‏Verified account


Apr 13

STILL #MISSING Today is Melissa Brannen’s 33rd birthday. She was abducted from her apartment complex in Lorton, #Virginia on Dec 3, 1989.

Searched their old tweets and it looks like they only thought to recognize her on what would have been her 33rd birthday. Appears to be another example of throwing it in our faces.

fea116 No.10973735

File: b819b9488aae4fd⋯.png (483.6 KB, 1253x1276, 1253:1276, muh kikes its not masons r….png)


of course

its all they do they are here to give us fake news 24/7 on cnn like mason Ted Turner (builder of georgia guidstones look it up) and show us even trump all day to deflect from the kids in cages in every city by freemasons.


6ffa54 No.10973950

Anyone read this book? The link has many excerpts:


"Henry Vinson’s book Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies and Blackmail is a Must Read. Because of it:

1) I am convinced George W. Bush #43 was having homosexual sex from 2003-2005 with gay prostitute Jeff Gannon, who Vinson knew as a gay sex worker from the 1980s.

2) Other big revelation: CIA chief William Casey was getting gay escorts to service him in 1986 as was Donald Gregg, a 30 year CIA veteran tightly associated with GHW Bush. Casey was requesting to have sex with children.

3) A GHW Bush #41 cabinet heavy hitter [Attorney General Richard Thornburgh deduced from book description, imho] was being provided adolescent boys to have sex with by Craig Spence. This Bush #41 cabinet official was brought in to rescue Donald Gregg from being exposed in a GOA probe of Gregg for using govt. credit cards to buy gay escorts.

Page 82: Craig Spence plays a huge role in Henry Vinson’s life. Spence is portrayed as the perfect psychopath. CIA connections, money flowing in, cocaine addiction, his house videotaped for a blackmail operation. Spence was spending $20,000 per month on gay prostitutes, sometimes 3 times per day. He also loved sexual masochism in a very big way. And he would brag incessantly about his CIA contacts and the things he did for government.

Page 83: Harry Vinson’s meeting with Craig Spence and the beyond notorious Lawrence E. King: “King then made a number of disclosures that I found to be absolutely bizarre. He revealed that he and Spence operated an interstate pedophile network that flew children from coast-to-coast. King also discussed that he and Spence had a clientele of powerful pedophiles who actually took pleasure in murdering children. In fact, King seemed to be obsessed with the subject of murdering children. I sincerely thought that I was talking to a pair of psychotics on the run from a psychiatric hospital.”

Page 198: Henry Vinson says that “a number of media superstars” who used his gay escort service are still around today and thriving in their professions."

94fdde No.10974243


What do you shamans do?

40ac6b No.10974419


if we bust these guys they aren't supposed to be around to see the aftermath.

86f9c3 No.10974813


create memes or art to heal

8bf0ea No.10974870


/pol/ seems to have memory gaps as well. A while back some autist figured out the source of many of the most pop *sagate videos from a mailing label on a crate of pepsi in one of the videos. It was a couple residing in Europe. But they have seemingly been forgot judging by recent *sagate threads here and other chan.

1768a8 No.10974885


So art/memes are used as witchcraft?

1768a8 No.10975144


Brawley, California?

1768a8 No.10975146


Evansville, Indiana

1768a8 No.10975154



1768a8 No.10975176


Harriet Tubman Elementary is right near it. Fucking kikes.

1768a8 No.10975232


Matthew McGovern owns this restaurant

1768a8 No.10975241


Rose Donna is his wife. They own another Wonderland in Boston.

1768a8 No.10975254


Matt Szymanski is a chef at the D.C. location.

1768a8 No.10975260



Another restaurant owned by them.

1768a8 No.10975275



Article about them

1768a8 No.10975321



This is a music venue in Portland, Oregon.


>"Prior to opening in 2004, the building (originally constructed in 1914) was occupied by the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Catholic Youth Organization, the Portland Boxing School, the American Legion Organization, and a community center eventually known as the Collins Center"

1768a8 No.10975431



It was mysteriously raided in 2006.

bb088f No.10975577


I just realized half of what i thought i posted in this thread is actually in a different one.

Timothy Hogan is a high ranking Knights Templar, Rosicrucian, Free Mason, who runs a security firm out of Denver with Aj Zabadne.

Elite Sterling Security. They Coincidentily opened up their body armor company to "protect from further mass shootings" right after the James Holmes BAtman shooting.

Timothy Hogan's girl friend is a an ex prostitute from the Salt Lake city area I believe, and believes her self to be the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. She has quite a following on facebook, and all her followers are mostly high ranking freemasons.

These people have connections to the Turkish Adnan Oktar cult also.

1768a8 No.10975626


So there may be a connection to the Mormon church?

989b83 No.10975783

Hey I have a good one:

The Gulen movement, lead by a Turkish preacher who lives in the U.S. since 1999, and lead the 2016 coup, also has over 150 charter schools in the U.S. (as of 2016) which transport "underprivileged kids" to and from Turkey. If this is not a red flag, nothing is.


9a134d No.10975792


Thank you. It really seemed like a brilliant method of communicating though. Go to some obscure webpage and find a thing to comment on and make it look like you're doing SEO or your site is being spammed.

Especially if you are posting through tor/vpn/etc and you aren't stupid.

1768a8 No.10975807


Fethullah Gülen lives at 1857 Mount Eaton Road in Saylorsburg, PA. He was behind the attempted coup in 2016.

1768a8 No.10975840



A list of Gulen schools in America.

cbcbfe No.10976087

File: a2561e164b9d356⋯.png (347.63 KB, 497x615, 497:615, hillary.png)

Clinton Guard Says He’ll Go Public on Clinton’s 26 Underage “Lolita Express” Trips


It’s no secret that the Clintons have ties to corruption… but some people know more about about the lurid details than others.

One of those individuals with insider knowledge of the Clinton machine is Dan Bongino, an author and former Secret Service agent.

During a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, the former agent made his thoughts on the other corrupt Clinton — Hillary — crystal clear. “I found (her) to be the most deceptive human being, manipulative political person in a position of power I’d ever met in my entire life,” he told the Fox News host.

34be25 No.10976300


But why does he want to shoot himself in the back of the head then drive himself into a pond?

cbcbfe No.10976411

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jewtube: Elsag8 and 150k child exploitive vids shoah'd (embed)

e4a329 No.10976487


Where do you think you are, torpedo kike? Fags and pedos both get the rope. Get your disgusting ass out of here.

21cb15 No.10976518


>Portland wonder ballroom

>Catholic youth group

>Collins Center

Interesting, now it's mostly 21+ concerts but it can be rented for private events. The history is definitely indicative of SRA. Collins is also one of the 13 bloodlines.

>>10976300 checked

Meme responsibly please, we need live witnesses.

830129 No.10976525

File: ae3dafa6419e29a⋯.jpeg (37.2 KB, 600x388, 150:97, ba22fc94df0b9de50dbcc53f6….jpeg)




Preview Chapter - Hacking The Skies (book and film)


Captured ISIS Fighter: ‘We Work for the US and Israeli Government’


Petition: Corey's Law


Harleyville man facing 20 charges of sexual exploitation of a minor


U2 Manager supports Israeli war crimes


American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel


Morrissey another with dirty secrets being blackmailed by Zionist Israel


c1f996 No.10977093

File: 72500a223c15b9d⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1249x8260, 1249:8260, 2008-2017.png)

ive read this through and looked into the dates behind it and the articles relating to it, and from what i can tell, it seems accurate as fuck. BUT, is donald Military Inteligence thats counteracting what the elite want, or is trump controlled oposition. the way the media is acting is making me think that he might be the real thing. I would not doubt that multiple contingency plans are currently being done. BUT, with Q drops and how the geopolitical climate is going, maybe we are really winning. make a slow a methodical demantilization is happening.

With the Vegas shooting being an OP gone wrong while dealing with the saudis. There are reports going around that trump is expected to end conflict in afganistan by 2019. Lets piece this shit together. What is their next move. we know FOR A FACT, the global elite are the jews, and those who will ensure their own stability with power. does this awakening truly mean that we did in fact fight the wrong side of the war during WW2?

Mark my words, the resugence of National Socialism is 98% the work of Military inteligence getting ready to do their counter-counter revolution to eject the global elite out of power and let a golden age by the people rule again. Im willing to bet cash, that donald trump WILL be known as the God Emporer who ushered in a new world era.

We need to do a real thinktank right fucking now and solve this mystery of WHO THE FUCK IS REALLY RUNNING THIS SHOW

10443d No.10977169


Oh yea check out some of the instagram pizza art.

But it involves getting into a trance state so drugs and witchcraft even in the artistic level go hand in hand.


mormans are a fertility/breeding cult by mason Joseph smith. Notice a theme here with scientology the oto all masonically founded. The knights templar where the first police officers and that is reflected in the fraternal hardheaded coppers of today

f44c65 No.10978025

File: 49f35f2711e0421⋯.jpg (54.51 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, steyer10.jpg)

File: 68cdd46e9654cb9⋯.jpg (88.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vFAClvdi.jpg)

infowhores is supposed to break a story on tom and jim steyer today or sometime this week, say a thread about it last night but the lovely (((mods))) deleted the scoop

dabb58 No.10978041


thats what happens when a 19 year old is organizing your topics of discussion

f44c65 No.10978075


yeah tell me about it, somebody was saying it involved air force one and bill clinton

879cfd No.10981267


>George Mackenzie

You would be advised to scan through his FB and save every single post and picture of his in archival forum. Save the pictures of him aswell and print off any particular interesting ones and save them in a analog folder locked away some where.

Just the list of associations this beast has is enough to send shivers down my spine.

Please do something about this man, he is sick.


a38289 No.10981306

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"When junior Nicole Kiprilov asked him how he was dealing with accusations of being involved with #pizzagate, that he owned 75,000 undisclosed shares of stock from a company with Russian Kremlin ties, and Uranium One being a client of the Podesta Group, he didn't hold back . . . It's pretty clear that he's using coded language in those emails, and he's never directly addressed that. There are still a lot of questions around the Pizzagate scandal that John Podesta has never answered - he will never answer - and any time that he addresses it he's going to deflect to the MSM when he says they've debunked it - when they have not debunked much of anything." (embed)

Rep. Joe Barton to retire in 2018 after nude photo and messages made public


1 in 4 men don't think exposing themselves constitutes sexual harassment, survey finds


WorldCorpo.Net Another Pedo Child Abuse Video Showcased On The Front Page

>https://www. you tube.com/watch?v=8KcUqsWh1Ho

522d81 No.10981353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


( @ 15:00 )

1768a8 No.10981406


Just think there's more ((schools)) where this filth occurs worldwide.

1768a8 No.10981439



More info on George Mackenzie

1768a8 No.10981459


Here's a very long list.

Francisco La Rua, Amos Bubbi Restuccia, O's Curry, Carlos Aliaga, Fabio Luiz Pimentel, Salvy Sator, Matteo Cornelius Sullivan, Masonic Charitable Foundation, DOLCI e CARNI.eu, Armée des Maures, Georgia Royal House, The UNION BAR, My Diabetes My Way, Alejandro James Stevenson Rioseco, Carmen Orasanu, Rendezvous, Elyzabeth Renate De Salles Våld-Wogel, Jackie Goldston, The Adamson, Alfred De Tanna, Omar Turco Muñoz, Chil Agustin Ibañez Aguirre, Eduardo Nevid Terwogt Polo, nametests.com English, Charles d'Arimont, Campioni in Asigurari, OSMTJ Belgie Commanderij Campus Sanctus, The Priory of Scotland of the Order of St John, Falkland Palace and Gardens, Vrijmetselaarsloge Kennemerland, Jezus in Heavens, Alan Ross & Roisin Smith for Lochee, Iscalledlove, The Last Tsarina,Mary Magdalene,FANPAGE, Church Of The Magdalene, Merchoid, Duc Christian Decouvreur, Pillars Bar, Victoria Bar and Albert Suite, Vote Yes for Scottish Independence, Alba Scotland For Independence, Yes Shetland, Onofficiële Slot van Laarne, How Can I Be Guilty Of Treason When England Is Foreign To Me, ScotRail, BroBible, The National Trust for Scotland, The Court of the Lord Lyon, Chris Law MP, Billymackenziestatue, Segreteria Due Esarcale, La Forge des Templiers, Camperdown Council of Royal & Select Masters No. 271, Timothy Hogan, Ducking History, Domus Templi Barcinonensis, Commanderie des Templiers, Portland Gnostic Association, The Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland, Dundee the Caring City / Dundee Refugee Support, Militie Templi, Rosideals: Salon de la Rose + Croix, Fellowship of the Thistle - Eire Sept, Fellowship of the Thistle - Montreal Sept., Cavaliere Templare Alghero, Templi Secretum, Ordre Du Temple, Chartres, France, Faicchio (BN), George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, Echoppe Medievale, O Fundador de Portugal, Orden Del Temple Valencia, Biblioteca Templaria, Primer Encuentro Mundial Templario, Los Últimos Templarios, Lodge Brimmond, Fratertempli Orden del Temple, Graf von Hessen-Nassau, Respetable Logia La Escuadra, Templarios Orden del Temple, Scottish Knight Templars, Atlas Obscura, Exclusief Dirk, Unidad Fraternal del Mundo, Knights Templar Christian Church/Mission Command of Saint Simeon-OSMTJ-USA, Dali Lama, Pope, Holy See, Secretary-General of the United Nations, L'Ordre du Temple, Edinburgh Spotlight, The Speedwell Bar, Cavaliere Templare, Grand Priory of France, Grand Priory of the United States of America, Mont Athosfilmdocumentaire, Dexy's Bar, Gran Priorato del Ecuador, Umi Vibo Valentia, Ordine Santabrigida, Lodge Edinburgh St Andrew, VoxTempli Portal, Lidl Belgium, YES LGBT, Ordine di Malta, Rosicrucian Order AMORC, The Ritman Library, Ordinul Cavalerilor Templieri Romania, Il Templare, Chrétiens de Corse adveniate régnum, Segreteria Fedap Sosjj, Terra Santa, Edinburgh's Secret Clubs, Sandra Bullock Uruguay, Aag Legrand, Accademia Del Tempio Hastier, Alex Salmond, Aussies for Scottish independence, Fishing for Yes, Yes East Renfrewshire, Wee Blue Book, Scottish Rite, Knights Templar (Freemasonry), Yes Youth & Students, Farming4Yes, Jack and victors comebacks tae boaby, Yes Alba, Scottish National Party (SNP), Ordre Des Templiers Monaco, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Nicola Sturgeon, Christians For Independence, John Swinney MSP, OSLJ Malta, Paulo Coelho, Dalai Lama, Mark Twain, International Masonic Order Delphi - USA, Scotland - Azerbaijan & International, Andrea EmbajadorHonorario Tasciotti, Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel, Cónsul de la Casa Real de Portugal para Argentina y Chile, Whangarei, Rosslyn Chapel, Geneva, Switzerland, Teutonic Order, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Inc., OSMTH Slovenija - Commandery Hierusalem, KnightsTemplar Of Scotland, OSMTJ Knights Templar, The Saltire Society, Rumi, Albert Einstein, Lodge 19 Coupar O'Fife, Adam Sandler, Heritage Of Scotland, Order of Malta, Bianchi Madeleine Photographer

1768a8 No.10981488


>Elyzabeth Renate De Salles Våld-Wogel

She is connected to a model agency known as Tavic Models.

1768a8 No.10981497


Michael Tavic, I believe ran this agency. I don't think it's no longer active.

a38289 No.10981499



1768a8 No.10981519



O's Curry is a German restaurant. Probably human meat.

1768a8 No.10981526


LIDL Belgium is also a noteworthy connection. More cannibalism.

a38289 No.10982060

>For those of you who care to see how this targeted harassment is being spread around the #pizzagate investigation world in a very concerted effort to discredit me (which only makes sense if these people are cult affiliated) - I've responded to them here:

>https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2250053

>https:// twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft/status/936293318828445696

Police Close Down Bestiality Farm

>http://www. smh.com.au/world/police-close-down-bestiality-farm-20100417-skza.html

Facebook launches new guide for Muslims, telling them how to report “hate speech”


77c6a8 No.10983960


A simple rule:

If someone is a mediocre talent, not amazingly hot and yet seems to be hyped beyond their merits by the media

they are almost definitely a kike or at least half-kike

0c4031 No.10985039


Most modern famous people

Also Christmas is when they kill a male baby and give the body.parts as gifts in honor of Nimrod/Tammuz.

9df9fd No.10986020

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump Expected to Delay Embassy Move, but Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital


George Galloway: Zionism and Nazism cooperated

>https://www. you tube.com/watch?v=1J8L_Xzrgzg

10-Year-Old Colorado Girl Commits Suicide After Alleged Bullying Incident Caught on Camera


Whats up with all the bathtubs?

>www. you tube.com/watch?v=0uI7YGATQ3Q

288730 No.10986307


Jon Benet was killed by her brother with a maglite. We've known this for decades now.

71504e No.10986942


Good voy. There is no major ring in Colorado.

edcc05 No.10987012


yes goy, keep drinking the fluoride.

nothing to see here, move along.

these are not the kikes you are looking for

1768a8 No.10987032




edcc05 No.10987075

File: a80426b8f3526c1⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 227x225, 227:225, 14716294_1810079299277313_….jpg)


bery inderestang.

possed moar.

1768a8 No.10987091



She posted the photo with the clown makeup on the drugged child.

1768a8 No.10987093



This is a clown cult which that shill is most likely a part of.

1768a8 No.10987100



edcc05 No.10987110


>www. search dot anything . clown porn

1768a8 No.10987112


Have you ever heard of the anime movie Akira? It is set in 2019 and has quite some interesting things in it regarding several things including clown gangs a.k.a. Finders. It also predicted the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. There is something really off about that movie.

edcc05 No.10987121



1768a8 No.10987135



It includes a drug that the main characters who are punks take that causes them to feel better. A big part of the story involves unethical testing of drugs on children which is a big part of MK Ultra.

1768a8 No.10987180


This movie definitely was predictive programming. This was before the rise of antidepressants everywhere. I feel like the creators of this film and manga series knew a lot.

edcc05 No.10987207


welcome to the wonderful world of transhumanism funded heavily by mormons of which you are an unknowing unconsented part via MORGELLONS thanks to chemtrails.


1768a8 No.10987223

File: 6e922fabb1ce2d0⋯.png (206.46 KB, 300x400, 3:4, marionpettie.png)


It's all connected.

edcc05 No.10987236


um yeah, hence why i am OP.

1768a8 No.10987259



Predictive programming from 1960 about satanic super soldiers.

1768a8 No.10987339



>Pizza slice

This woman has connections to Hollywood.

1768a8 No.10987342



Possible ritual

edcc05 No.10987413


archive faggot

1768a8 No.10987449

File: 9ee9e32578b6ee6⋯.png (653.26 KB, 1095x616, 1095:616, Screenshot (1).png)


Here you go.

edcc05 No.10987457


you may live to see another day

do not let this happen again.

we will come for you.

1768a8 No.10987473


Skippy is that you?

18eea3 No.10988156

The Onion just tweeted this:


Have any anons checked them out yet?

Seems not funny.

3268e5 No.10989349



This evil will be completely exposed Satanist.

ce710a No.10989373

File: e8ac01218ab8c08⋯.jpeg (58.08 KB, 687x290, 687:290, LdR 30Nov Last Tweet.jpeg)

Anyone else notice LdR has gone silent on Twit? I track her the last few weeks to see what she's spewing there. Last post on Twit was Nov 30 when McStain said he'd vote of the tax bill. Most I've seen her go quiet was one day. After today it'll be two days at least. Might be worth watching. If she doesn't surface here tomorrow, it may be because she's been taken out of the game. I guess if we see a msg from Q that's simply ++ we know the Rothschild's have been taken down.

eed855 No.10989808

File: 01e28c2b3ed29fa⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1610x7910, 23:113, 1511854647044.png)

File: 16e63f81b04c00b⋯.gif (671.16 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1473702715_PepeCode (1).gif)


FBI anon said that Soros was the leader, but I think he's only one of the biggest parts. When Soros get's arrested look for who reacts the most, who goes in to hiding, who dies and who those who die are connected to.


I think it's a Rothchild. The best thing about this situation is that most of the smart people their side are dead or are very old so most of them are dumb, spoiled kids, but there will be a smart kid coming so we need to scare that person before it's to late.

39fd42 No.10990679


They're scared.

86308e No.10992856

File: 56fa433512f2c49⋯.png (302.26 KB, 473x473, 1:1, pedosta.png)



Children's Tutor Busted with 3000 Images of Child Porn after Wife Finds Stash


Hillary's Weinstein Remarks Cause Even More Upoar - Bill Was Weinstein of WH


UPDATE: Body of 3-year-old North Carolina Girl Found


ANOTHER Lying Accuser of Judge Roy Moore EXPOSED as a Democratic Plant!


ABC News Suspends Brian Ross Without Pay


Pedo Kurt Eichenwald to Lose Court Case


Pedosta GUILTY as sin



a87dce No.10992918


what leads you to believe this is pedo/satanist related? This dumb gay shit is pretty normal for art students.

Rough translations: 'we're totally being normal/nothing to see here' and 'never seen this type of species on insta' and 'me I'm always goofing around on insta'

eaa1ca No.10992947


Read up on the Tavistock Institute

86e2a6 No.10993332

Corrupt practices disguised as child-welfare campaigns


9d5c98 No.10995282

File: 39611298779b223⋯.jpg (4.48 MB, 5598x5884, 2799:2942, DC Metro System Map.jpg)


L. Ron Hubbard and Crowley both were inveterate liars and claimed all sorts of accolades they didn't have. Crowley claimed advanced masonic degrees he didn't have, and the power to confer degrees which no individual Mason ever has.

That image is not from any Masonic Lodge. It looks like OTO or some spin-off sect of it. The OTO copied some aspects of Masonic ritual, but a lot of groups do. Even the Mormons.


That's the DC subway map with major stations mislabeled.

406bb6 No.10995674

File: d70c679a97487ea⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 5598x5884, 2799:2942, lel.jpg)



Oh no, its the nazis! I knew it!

85cee7 No.10995784


Hail hortler

9d1623 No.10995855

File: ef7be6db6063cbc⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1314030384985.jpg)



>Contracted by chemtrails

d13e28 No.10995908

File: 8c533b65307a398⋯.gif (3.06 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 8c533b65307a398a6b0711e135….gif)

93fa6c No.10995935

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


checked. yup: www.carnicominstitute.org read and weep

also this: http://archive.is/TKKu5

Victim’s Testimony Reveals Establishment-Connected East Coast Trafficking Network


730,000 Filipino Children Receive Faulty Dengue Vaccine Which Causes Dengue Rather Than Preventing it


Met Opera Suspends James Levine After New Sexual Abuse Accusations


The NSA’s Role In 9/11


a4dcda No.10996610

File: 32867aebbe91bee⋯.jpg (191.34 KB, 1560x879, 520:293, savits2-1.jpg)

Victim’s Testimony Reveals Establishment-Connected East Coast Trafficking Network


Allegations of sex abuse that began with Harvey Weinstein on the West Coast have incrementally shifted towards facets of the political, economic and media spheres of the U.S. Eastern seaboard. A surge in public willingness to come to terms with the stark reality of abuse perpetrated by members of the establishment suggests that it is time to re-examine the testimony of survivors who have previously come forward with allegations.

Disobedient Media spoke with Greg Bucceroni, a survivor of sex trafficking, who described his experiences in an alleged child sex ring in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s that primarily targeted troubled young boys on the East Coast. The network was said to be comprised of known human traffickers, abusers and producers of child pornography with ties to organized crime who openly associated with prominent political figures, including some who have been accused of indiscretions in the past.

While Bucceroni has been attacked by certain media outlets for his statements in 2012, Disobedient Media’s investigation into his claims found them to be highly credible. Bucceroni’s assertions are corroborated by media reports, emails published by Wikileaks, FBI documentation of mafia activity and testimony from a congressional committee hearing obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests.

27790b No.10996646

That Seth Rich business - if the normie story is correct and he just got double-plus mugged, how many people have to die in DC per national incident? Izzat calculable?

586e2b No.10997819

File: 297d3ed61b4fd53⋯.jpg (92.6 KB, 960x552, 40:23, 18119287_1834454420137263_….jpg)

INTERVIEWER: Can you tell me the worst thing that has happened that caused the tipping point in your situation?

RONALD BERNARD: Well, that was the beginning of the end, you get so deep into these circles and you sign a lifetime contract, not with blood or anything, to never disclose names of companies, organizations or people, I think that is why I am still alive. You have to stick to it. If we are talking about the worst things that I have experienced, I just told you about the things that made the freezer glitch, my conscience started to show itself. Let's put it this way, I was trained to become a psychopath and I failed. I did not complete the training and I didn't become a psychopath. My conscience came back and the most difficult part for me was, because I had such a great status there; I was a success, I was trusted with the people playing at this level. To put it carefully, most of these people followed a not very mainstream religion. So you have Catholics, Protestants, all sort of religions. These people, most of them, were Luciferians. And then, you can say religion is a fairy tale, God doesn't exist, none of that is real. Well, for these people, it is truth and reality and they served something immaterial, what they called Lucifer. And I also was in contact with those circles, only I laughed at it because to me, they were just clients. So I went to places called Churches of Satan.

INTERVIEWER: So now we are talking about Satanism?

RONALD BERNARD: Yes. So I visited these churches, just as a visitor, dropped by, and then they were doing their Holy Mass with naked women and liquor and stuff. And it just amused me. I didn't believe any of this stuff and was far from convinced if any of this was real.

INTERVIEWER: It was just a spectacle to you…

RONALD BERNARD: Yes. In my opinion, the darkness and evil is within the people themselves. I didn't make the connection, yet. So I was a quest in those circles and it amused me greatly to see those naked women and other things, it was the good life. But then at some point, I was invited, which is why I'm telling you all this, to participate in sacrifices… abroad. (witness chokes up, tears start to fill his eyes and his voice cracks) That was the breaking point. Children.

INTERVIEWER: OK . . . You were asked to do that…?

RONALD BERNARD: (Still visibly shaken) Yes. And I couldn't do that.

INTERVIEWER: Would you like to stop for a moment, by the way?



RONALD BERNARD: And then I started to slowly break down. I lived through quite a lot as a child myself and this really touched me deeply. Everything changed. But this is the world I found myself in. And I started to refuse assignments within my job. (Tear rolling down his cheek) I could no longer do it. Which made me a threat.

INTERVIEWER: For them . . . of course.

RONALD BERNARD: I was no longer capable of functioning optimally, my performance started to shake and I had refused tasks, I had not participated… the purpose of the whole thing, eventually, in that world, is that they have everybody in their pocket. You need to be susceptible to blackmail. And blackmailing me looked to be very hard if I look back on it. They wanted to do that through those children and that broke me.

INTERVIEWER: Is that - you're not telling me anything new- what they do in politics?

RONALD BERNARD: If you google this, you'll find enough worldwide witness accounts to know this isn't a Walt Disney fairy tale. Unfortunately, the truth is, that worldwide, they have been doing this for thousands of years.

>https://www. you tube.com/watch?v=HO4rAYk-420

de14d5 No.10998764

File: 1b64baf0d19f784⋯.jpeg (81.69 KB, 920x714, 460:357, 46A92C84-69FB-4A97-818C-A….jpeg)


I'd call it Larping if I didn't know Jews existed

So how did that dirty rat goyim escape his masters?

e2819b No.10999311


The weird part is that he looks pretty jewish himself.

Is that a case of mischling with predominantly white behavior related genes?

ce1c30 No.11000622


you all probably already know this but the climax of fear and loathing in las vegas is started by an adrenochrome trip

fc4acb No.11000828


Could be. Genetics is a funny thing, certain traits can skip generations for instance. Not sure if those are jewish genes, but now that you put the idea in my mind I certainly see it. The high cheekbones strike me as not a dutch feature, the nose also.

Fairly possible that was the only reason they even let him in

1fbbcc No.11001054


Your jewdar needs tweaking anon, he looks very Dutch to me. The nose is large but not jew hooked. High cheekbones but no protuding chin. No glasses, normal if large ears, high forehead, straight hair and no balding. He looks like a typical upper class Dutchie, and I know a lot of those.

He also sounds entirely credible to the Dutch part of my brain.

cba990 No.11001140

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

FAU boss denies Tracy claim that his firing linked to conspiracy blog


Former Redding pastor takes plea deal in sex-crime case

>http://www. redding.com/story/news/local/2017/12/04/former-redding-pastor-takes-plea-deal-sex-crime-case/921801001/

Senator to defy court order and NAME serial sex attacker feared to be stalking female doctors while on the run from notorious rapists' prison dubbed 'Village of the Damned'


Control of the Medical Industry

Manipulation of Washington


Former Melbourne archbishop failed to protect kids, royal commission finds


Parental Rights in Medical Settings


Justin Bieber impersonator to stand trial on 900 child sex charges


The American History Of Compulsory Vaccination and its Ties to Eugenics


1768a8 No.11003356


Hollywood needs to be removed from the planet for its filth. California would be so much more tolerable if that happened.

d2d867 No.11005029

File: 225d585f05835e3⋯.jpg (62.64 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 225d585f05835e30178411d1e7….jpg)

Alright, this is as close as /pol/ has to a meta thread, and lord knows what I want to bring up doesn't deserve it's own thread, so I'm here to ask your advice. I assume you guys are aware of a certain forced meme straight from leftypol being spammed non-stop on /b/, and now /tv/. I didn't care at first, it just struck me as an unfunny variation on spurdo. The guy spamming it (/b/ enabled flags and ids, it's pretty much always some guy from Germany) does so non-stop, every hour on the hour in practically every thread.

I was just wondering if you guys had any thoughts or theories on it or if perhaps you knew who it was doing it?

27d6ba No.11005480

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


wrong thread. post to QTDDTOT

1895cd No.11006339

File: df427a4cd6fda64⋯.jpg (248.88 KB, 1600x795, 320:159, AP_17097573964780.jpg)

One Scandal To The Next: From ‘Russia-Gate’ to ‘Israel-Gate’

Instead of revealing collusion between the Trump team and the Russians, the Flynn indictment exposed Kushner’s collusion with Israel.



Former Nine reporter Ben McCormack spared jail after child pornography guilty plea



@LenaDunham says she warned Clinton campaign about Harvey Weinstein but was ignored



We need to talk… about SMS-based two step authentication



The 12 masonic signs of recognition



ffdc1c No.11006372


It’s a graffiti thing

1895cd No.11006985

File: cf80e392192ca1c⋯.jpg (141.83 KB, 970x545, 194:109, PIZZAREX-V1-4x6-COMP-SOLIC….jpg)


Brace yourself, because we have an exclusive announcement and things are about to get radical. In 2018, Oni Press will bring us the original graphic novel, Pizzasaurus Rex. If you are wondering if Pizzasaurus Rex is about a pizza-loving dinosaur, the answer is yes. Really, that’s all you need to know. Pizza and dinosaurs, folks. If you aren’t sold already, there may be something wrong with you.

Pizzasaurus Rex is essentially about Jeremy Duderman, the most extremely awesome scientific mind of his generation. Duderman has invented a thing called Reality Alternative Dimensionator, which allows Rex Raditude to enter our dimension. This dino and dork have to team up to stop Emperor Buzzkill and his horde of hapless minions who are bent on ending pizza parties, skateboarding, and all things cool. That tidbit of info is more than enough to get us supremely hyped for this book.



1768a8 No.11007046



Dinosaurs are Nephilim creatures. They covered up the humanoid skeletons.

9022c8 No.11007072


Sauce or are you just speaking out your ass again dave?

1768a8 No.11007089

File: d2d5165a1949761⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, westvirginiamound.png)

1895cd No.11007151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Catholic Brother could have abused boys at Ararat camp: Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse



18eea3 No.11007659



he has literally worked with mossad

along with some other faggot who is a literal jew… i just cant fucking remember his damned name

e98454 No.11007821

One of the things that dissuaded me from this was that I was hunting for hints of a mind-model, and there weren't any but the scraps I handed over. I wasn't exactly giving them over clean, but I am not worried about signal lost in the void. Any contributor at my quality level was no voice that needed picked out of the crowd.

When I say mind-model, I mean that if you've identified a possible person in the void - your hypothetical pedocrat - you should be able to model their mind and motives in a way that would actually function.

fc4acb No.11007874

File: 7df4ca1a321d82a⋯.png (38.82 KB, 480x332, 120:83, 1506980941119.png)


Jesus christ

2d9b68 No.11008241


Isn't he the one filing all the indictments, too? If he gets everything wrong, that won't be good.

d02867 No.11008525

File: 217a326976694e1⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 320x240, 4:3, pizza-cat.gif)



Catchy and cool !

5c30ff No.11009959

File: 83b1729c1e514c3⋯.jpeg (167.79 KB, 583x352, 53:32, 044FC778-60BE-4F04-A220-6….jpeg)

File: fbd0ffc0ba7ad7a⋯.png (874.02 KB, 1083x699, 361:233, 754D137F-811B-48DC-ACF2-18….png)

Is SATERN good guys or bad guys?

512fc2 No.11010474


Radio people are usually good guys untill you step on their frequency, if that happens you better run,

8c1f71 No.11010549

File: 91042fb3ab37888⋯.png (240.83 KB, 432x431, 432:431, DisneyPedo.png)


passed this to someone who can probably give a good answer on that. awaiting a reply.

Audit: DCF unaware of assault to children in their care, 100+ incidents of sexual abuse unreported



2nd in Command of the Vatican, Deputy Pope George Pell, on Trial in Australia for Trafficking 100 Boys Used to Entrap and Blackmail Priests for the Black Pope

>2nd in Command of the Vatican, Deputy Pope George Pell, on Trial in Australia for Trafficking 100 Boys Used to Entrap and Blackmail Priests for the Black Pope





Police uncover massive pedophile ring at DIsneyWorld



b52a53 No.11010608


where is that article? i cant find it anywhere.

8c1f71 No.11010616


Search Better.


b52a53 No.11010650


>Search Better.

>posts blospot link

kek, good job m8.

but atleast it linked to a dailymail article heh with more info.


you got me excited disney could be going down.

but instead the "ring" wasnt at disney world, it was a pedophile sting operation like "to catch a predator" in the area near disney world done since 2006. and it turns some of those arrested. were disney employees. out of their ~70k employees at the park.

kinda like pedophiles getting arrested as part of standard sting operations near the Intel plant in arizona then finding out many of them worked for intel, and calling it a "pedophile ring at intel plant"

79b740 No.11010675


Yes 3 losers. One poor fatty living with his parents and one skinny soyie. Quite far from their kike bosses or even Dan the Man.

8c1f71 No.11010687

File: b2e01eb5aa21152⋯.jpg (94.61 KB, 1170x778, 585:389, SeclusionRoom-6-cropped2-1….jpg)


agreed the headlines are misleading… seems to be a going trend as i noticed even the news agencies carrying the story are running with the same exact wordage as they often do - indicating its being circulated likely by a single source. posted the blogspot link out of autism only because it was one of maybe ten links that popped up on the first search. a bit hung over and coffee hasnt kicked in yet…

Corey Feldman threatens to release his copy of explosive 1993 police tape naming Hollywood paedophiles



Despite Objections, Oklahoma Schools Use ‘Seclusion Rooms’ to Isolate Students



Loophole lets multi-millionaire paedophile avoid compensation



7291a0 No.11010816

File: 9af6422eb835060⋯.jpg (118.44 KB, 453x260, 453:260, 1483913904954.jpg)



That "massive pedo ring at Disney" link seems to trace back to yournewswire which is a satire site

5a1a0b No.11010824


Wtf is the deal with "seclusion rooms"? I looked up the demographics for Mustang Creek Elementary fully expecting it to be >60% shitskin but it's a mostly white school?

8c1f71 No.11010867


sadly i know firsthand. Provo Canyon School in Utah, a "reform" school that used to be in CA until it got booted for not being willing to be run by the state, has them. There they are called "prescription" or P-rooms, and they are foul dark small prison cells with carpeted cinder block walls and only a small metal grate 6 inches square for interaction with the other side of a very reinforced door. If any student "flips out" or becomes uncontrollable at the school counselor's discretion, that student can be placed in one of these up to 72 hours without a psychiatric evaluation. This place is run by mormons and the kids there are abused and tortured beyond belief - many of them turned over by juvenile court systems, most from California.

ask me how I know; then again please don't - the memories are horrifying

8bf0ea No.11010906

Someone left this at 4cuck


448b64 No.11010986


1768a8 No.11011697


Please share more.

8c1f71 No.11012333


YNW is more straightup disinfo than something like the Onion. My bad for an unchecked link… again it was a bit of a rough morning.


14 months, 9 days, 6 hours 28 minutes and 32 seconds.

8c1f71 No.11012451

File: a37b011aaeb0d23⋯.jpg (250.5 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, bryan-singer-bohemian-rhap….jpg)

Arizona Disbands Federally Mandated Citizen Review Panels for CPS Cases Leaving Families Fewer Options to Fight Corrupt System



Quincy man sentenced to 7 years in prison for paying 13-year-old for sex






WA dad jailed after treating daughters as sex slaves



How to Create a Kin First Foster Care System



Worldwide vaccine cartel wreaks destruction: the evidence



Bryan Singer Sued for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting 17-Year-Old Boy



8bf0ea No.11012503

File: ecdf5bb8669c5ec⋯.png (309.84 KB, 647x415, 647:415, 1512690450224.png)

This is a long collage of mostly pizza and russian hackerman related sauces.


Once thing that sticks out is the amount of times killry, skip and others take the time to point out that "there is no basement". However it's not hard to references to a basement from the shop owner, pics of a basement from twitter act, and videos that show entries leading to an underground area. Basements aren't even illegal, generally. Could be a red herring, but a collage of all the "no basement" comments, along with the pro-basement comments and pics could in an asymmetrical sense pill normalfags that they're being lied to.

8bf0ea No.11012508

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


forgot link


8c1f71 No.11012546

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


far as i can tell the "basement" aka "kill room" referred to is not at CPP but instead at nearby pegasus. also noteworthy is the adjacent sport hunting shop is also owned by alefantis rothschild.

>https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=PYBU08FhIfY

>https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=Y6fYUS9zGjw

d1d98e No.11012958


>Written by RJ Richie from Atlantic records.

That’s his name you mongoloid

d1d98e No.11013005

File: 12cf92dda6af2c5⋯.jpeg (128.29 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, CF4B22C6-E103-4C15-93E4-0….jpeg)


Pluz b Tru

9d264e No.11013832


>that pic

That objectively belongs in the onion. Progressives truly are sub-human

05cdc7 No.11014462

File: 1d6e338f6141ba7⋯.png (386.94 KB, 599x591, 599:591, hunter.png)




Multiple homes raided for sexually exploitative material involving children



FAU's On Trial for Freedom Of Speech, Possible Statue In Capitol, Miami Art Week Preview.



2ab003 No.11014568


I found the original article for that Nickole Brown quote.


Hunter Thompson is mentioned by Paul Bonacci on pages 105 and 327 of The Franklin Cover-Up as the director of snuff films.


e025a3 No.11015788

File: ca48b20a7807654⋯.png (238.37 KB, 479x369, 479:369, kennewick.png)

Kennewick man accused of raping girls caught in Panama



Doctor, pizzeria owner sentenced in Costa Rica for organ trafficking



"these pedophiles are not going to kill me for this, I'm not going to jail for this"



c1a0eb No.11017974

How do pedophile rings operate? I know they use businesses, but how do people find them or do they find people? We have the FBI doc of Symbols, but do we have proven examples or people using them? Do pedos go around and flash the pedo spiral at people, hoping to attract another pedo?

c320e9 No.11018194

Do you think Haiti might have been targetted for a different sort of social experimentation - a society where, after being rent by diaster, every child bereft had somewhere caring to be? It's been sticking in my mind that Haiti has an abundance of orphanages. Consider the implication of the decent will: most people try to do their best and improve the world around them. Therefore, a massive expansion of a service will mostly recruit decent people. What does an abundance of orphanages do to change a society?

6c126c No.11018224

File: 90f7589aee1cacd⋯.png (615.49 KB, 850x698, 425:349, Austrian Freemasons.png)



its masons

1768a8 No.11018918


Haiti honestly is a cursed country.

e025a3 No.11019848

File: 3b3fc6726a6c509⋯.jpg (38.58 KB, 678x381, 226:127, baby-removed-gunpoint-678x….jpg)




9f9198 No.11020619


>right pic

"I am fertile, I know there are better men that want to have kids with me"

5407b8 No.11021516

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fbi raids clinton "death factory"


kike mods are sliding the Chemtrails/Transhuanism thread intentionally

bumps are not working

every. single. time.

5407b8 No.11021568

File: 5b2509e2c13065b⋯.jpg (7.5 KB, 180x317, 180:317, 18222689_10155343923743793….jpg)



8bef64 No.11021644

File: 540f8359989a342⋯.jpg (79.19 KB, 362x344, 181:172, aa2787d58f3217d88ff350dd97….jpg)


That thread shouldn't even be on /pol/ its /fringe/ tier.

7d7bd6 No.11022005


That's not what /fringe/ is about, moron.

46848d No.11023209


bullshit its VERY much a /pol/ thread for those who are doing their homework on this shit

clearly you are not

46848d No.11023305

File: 84adef0c8ac0667⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 24910011_527739720927048_6….jpg)

File: a6e94052082f9ad⋯.jpg (64.1 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 24991523_10155232064432615….jpg)

too many 5-year Sandy Hoax memorial articles to post. do your own digging, anons.

Mesa hotel shooting - hoax/drill?


Makkah and Madinah imams silent on Jerusalem in Friday sermons



34be25 No.11023336


Ummm what? WW3 and WW4 are both coming, followed by Civil War 2.0 then Revolution 2.0. Shortly after all humans will be dead.


46848d No.11023342


blackpill thread is thataway>>>>

can we please just get back to bringing down the pedophiles? cmon man, yer killin me.

46848d No.11023414

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Author Of Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State - Joachim Hagopian Interview (embed)

8bf0ea No.11023670

Interview with a former street kid and victim



fc26cb No.11025184

File: a59afa536796dc3⋯.jpg (174.5 KB, 1080x848, 135:106, 1513024857885[1].jpg)


8bf0ea No.11025256

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This guy says that after running into trouble as a juvenile, he was court ordered to join a type of mentor program for troubled boys which turned out to include serial child abusers, some of whom are famous and who have already been convicted on similar or related crimes. Testimony is very convincing.


706396 No.11025444

Thousands of pedos are networking on periscope twitter owned streaming service.

2038ce No.11025841


Nice trips, but twitter and reddit are both owned by child eating kikes, and the only way you'll make a difference is by gathering concrete proof. We already know they're full of them.

0c9b50 No.11026032



Welp, you can take a look at this. Forch permabanned a bunch of us for "uploading CP" when none of us did any such thing. They also deleted references to the delete threads as fast as they came in. Nothing redpilled me about the nature of forch more than what I witnessed today. (((They))) are owned by (((them))).

1768a8 No.11026037


Switzerland, the European kike hive.

e1f732 No.11026665

File: 398c19e883ed78e⋯.jpg (5.2 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20171124_132309(0).jpg)

File: f63c6f1a52c663d⋯.jpg (4.25 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20171103_195629.jpg)

Heres a few "sights" to see from good ol socal

d58855 No.11026892


Good find, indeed.

384ee9 No.11026903

File: 8bd3947fa666cc0⋯.jpg (48.95 KB, 640x790, 64:79, 25353916_10212980104730492….jpg)

>On the heels of SB18/SCR41 being shot down for 2018 comes the firing of Craig Cheslog, due to allegations of rape. The now former employee of Common Sense Media-Kids Action, was quite eager to get this anti-family bill passed in the "best interest of our children."

>I attended the town halls hosted by this organization and Senator Pan, and spoke with Craig on one occasion. He exuded a creepy smugness I'd soon rather forget.

I truly feel bad for his victims, and it's time for this house of cards to fall. (pic related)

Australia Seeks New Gag Laws That Could See Journalists And Whistleblowers Jailed for 20 Years



Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Microvascular Damage



Dr. James Fetzer and his associates clearly show Vegas to be a staged hoax; new revelations on the JFK assassination; new book release: Political Theater in Charlottesville




1768a8 No.11027182



What area is this from?

384ee9 No.11027242

File: 6843a6429e5b972⋯.png (972.85 KB, 2572x1314, 1286:657, FrNrrEe.png)

perhaps larpy but im throwing in the pile just for good measure incase it turns out to be something.

>Ex-Correct the Record employee: we spent so much time discrediting PizzaG8; Comet shooter was a psyop; Alefantis interview was a huge mistake and memory holed

pic related.

Cardinal George Pell committal hearing to be held behind closed doors



Julia Gillard prepares for end of the royal commission she ordered five years ago



The U.S. Military Is Bioengineering Plants to Be Spies



90f69b No.11027453

File: e1d68c3bff35158⋯.png (6.29 KB, 150x40, 15:4, keep watching other men fu….png)

i'm just going to leave this here.

bf6491 No.11027793

File: cc18fdffc249c35⋯.png (1.58 MB, 840x1686, 140:281, voodooPGupdate.png)


Delta Park in N PDX seems like suspect pedo/human trafficking area.

>Semi indutrial area right next to a trailer park, truck stop, cheap hotels, horse and dog racing track (possible money laundering?), 24 hour diner, wal-mart,

>annnnnd a little leauge stadem/youth soccer feilds…

>river access via boat marina (trafficking)

>right next to Interstate Highway (1-5) and washington state line (check out the numbers of sex offenders living in vancouver if you get the chance).

>the area is constantly filled with drugged out can-collecting zombies, drifters, and generally sketchy-ass people (sources for new victims)

other interesting things to note:

>Delta park is right next to the expo center(which is where the Japanese interment camp was in WWII)

>The kenton neighborhood (just south of delta park) has a shadowy past. There are many secret underground tunnels connecting various buildings in that neighborhood(kenton station and kenton manor for example). Supposedly they were used for underground boxing, but does that really seem like something that requires the construction of secret underground tunnles?

00e6f9 No.11028347

File: 3a1f2745a57e0a0⋯.png (448.27 KB, 983x836, 983:836, WojackPenceMeme.png)


Ok so I remember the 3Q 2016 Threads where we tried to crowdsource some FOIAs. I think in total maybe 5 to 20 got actually submitted by anons. Mine came back totally denied due to the scope of the search not being justified based on the needs for personal privacy of the individuals named.

I had asked for flight records of clintonFnd/podestaGrp to Epstein island, and whether there had ever been evidence or investigation into child trafficking. Listed a small set of other items, but basically just waited a month and got stonewalled. When my roommates saw I was getting letters from the FBI they got spooked and I had to move out :]

2017 has been one spicy motherfucker

9138c8 No.11029226

File: 6ee1ec9564576b8⋯.png (388.53 KB, 992x844, 248:211, Wojak Pence.png)


I'm not sure why you have the fuzzy resized-by-one-pixel version but here's the original.

943778 No.11030643


Where is James Alefantis (Rothschild) originally from? Buffalo, NY

- Buffalo Children's Legal (Brown/Cohen)

- Steve Pigeon and "NXIVM"

- NXIVM… (N.L.P… Hypnotism) K. Raniere

- Who did HRC originally schedule as campaign manager?

- Who did HRC use instead? (What do we know about him?) JP

- Why?

- What happened to original scheduled campaign manager? (Raided?) Who was he campaigning for at the time? A candidate for family court judge? Who? (MB/C)

- Bronfman & Rothschild

- Where is Harvey Weinstein from? Who were his best friends? What do they do? Courts?

- ECMC (Cunning… ham) Married to who?

- Suburban Pediatrics (Website logo) What does it mean?

- Troop A… "Shop with a cop". (Pizza parties?)

*CONNECT THE DOTS* You are so close. Children are counting on you.

1895cd No.11034237

File: d94d0382b000e5f⋯.jpeg (9.98 KB, 350x197, 350:197, 7b2981570131409e5c0f2e70c….jpeg)


Much obliged, HelperAnon. Forwarding this on to several folks in the know and should hopefully have some dots connected in short order. By all means, keep dropping crumbs as much as you are able.

Statistics show 74% Of #Metoo Perpetrators Are Jewish Men; Why Isn’t The Media Talking About This?



Despite Danger Signs, DCF Never Made Contact With Matthew Tirado, Closed Case 4 Weeks Before Disabled Teen's Starvation Death



efeb5f No.11034640

File: 03049ac1d6911b6⋯.jpg (543.22 KB, 2740x1576, 685:394, pdxsymbol.JPG)

File: 52ac12c96dfcc63⋯.jpg (63.43 KB, 625x674, 625:674, Capture.JPG)


Some more notes on PDX. Also, last month an Oregon cadaver company was busted for illegally selling body parts

b59943 No.11034672


Native portlander here, I go to delta park every day, idk about human trafficking but homeless try really hard to stay here. There's usually about 100 of them. Check out north Portland though, there are a lot of houses that are actually businesses in disguise. If anythings going to be a human trafficking hotspot, its going to be those neighborhoods in north Portland .

933559 No.11034820

File: 4e55962405e32a5⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 395x322, 395:322, 814I-BXMbPL._UX395_.jpg)


I know this is an old post but I think it deserves addressing.

You understand that about 80% of people from VOAT are from half and fullchan right?

You understand that to have more that cursory knowledge on pizzagate, you would have to have some awareness of 8/pol/, right? There are very few normalfags on VOAT, just cuckchanners , and us.

WITH THAT SAID, /v/pizzagate has been THOROUGHLY subverted by spiralfags, and idiots looking to get notoriety for 'findings' that lead nowhere and destroy any semblance of credibility we could have laid claim to. It has truly become cancer, and it's actually hard to get info from here onto there, due to the flood of /x/fags and Alex Jonesmen using it to shill really supernatural disinformation. I think it's time that anyone here who uses that particular subverse, should probably jump ship on it. The mods went out for smokes, and aren't coming back.

If I was a really spicy boy in the search for a vehicle to spread memes, I would make utility of the site. There are a lot of angry goys there who cross over to other sites, with OG memes from VOAT in tow. Don't impede the progress of one of the only surfaceweb platforms we have at our disposal, it's like chopping off your own limb.

943778 No.11034928

File: ceab0ad3d287589⋯.png (26.4 KB, 291x342, 97:114, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

File: dcec3907f8bfa28⋯.png (37.79 KB, 626x117, 626:117, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at ….png)

File: dfd459611d8dff3⋯.png (408 KB, 1023x643, 1023:643, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at ….png)


"According to the Family Court of New York State there is no such thing as a pedophile ring!"


"…various women claiming they'd been branded, starved, held as "slaves" and blackmailed into providing naked pictures to prevent them from leaving or speaking out."


"Many knew that Edgar Bronfman’s daughters were involved in a secretive organization called nxivm (pronounced “nexium”), a group that he himself had openly referred to as “a cult.”


"the way the video is edited and framed is deeply troubling and reflects poorly on the Brown campaign, which, as The Public’s Geoff Kelly reported this week, is receiving the services of embattled APPARATCHIK Steve Pigeon."


"Just prior to the raid, Pigeon had planned to assist Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House… He helped Hillary in her race for the U.S. Senate in 1999. In 2005, Bill Clinton asked Pigeon to introduce him to billionaire Tom Golisano." http://artvoice.com/2016/07/28/politics-hand-pigeon-prosecution/#.WjDD-62ZPwc

"Steve Pigeon indicted on several charges" ***While campaigning for Michelle Brown (who is said to "feed the foster-care system", in comments) for Erie County Family Court Judge… Who did pedo-HRC go with instead? Podesta… And we all know about him.


Journalist Liz Cronkin has reported that NYPD sources confirmed there was a video found on Weiner's laptop showing HRC and Huma having sex with a child…


Who funds this organization? What family? Probably just a coincidence that Michelle Brown's (formerly Cohen) children worked for the organization… And that she is a long time friend of Terry ROTHSCHILD.


Connect the dots… The rats nest is in Buffalo.

Children are counting on you.

943778 No.11034975

"Thanks to the recommendation of my friend, G. Steven Pigeon, and following an interview in Albany, I began work for the self-help group NXIVM"


"Steve Pigeon’s crew is still active in the Michele Brown for Family Court race. The endorsed Democratic candidate is Kelly Brinkworth. The Buffalo News and Geoff Kelly in the Public have recounted the political oddballs helping Brown out, and the curious inflow and outflow of money regarding that campaign."


"Brooklyn pizza restaurant Roberta's received a telephoned death threat after it was identified as a hub of satanic activity in a YouTube video posted by an individual who made similar claims about a restaurant in Amherst, New York, which is near Buffalo." http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2016/12/07/pizzagate_accusations_spread_to_austin_new_york.html

"a similar video claiming to unlock the alleged pro-pedophilia messaging found in the logo for Besta Pizza, in Amherst, New York, is still up"


Again… Where is James Alefantis (Rothschild) from? Buffalo, NY…

Again… Where is Harvey Weinstein from? Buffalo, NY…

Hurry… Children are counting on you.

933559 No.11034976

File: d6a1de4e12d788f⋯.jpg (217.18 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, sdfaf.jpg)


Please don't namefag, guy. We don't need any more LARPers. You can present your stuff without a pseudonym. We have ID here, and can track your posts just fine.

I appreciate the stuff though, this is pretty useful stuff. That's why I'm not being rude.

943778 No.11034983

File: 5f8512161fb1cab⋯.png (183.07 KB, 780x634, 390:317, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

943778 No.11034996

File: a181c1fd9213dec⋯.png (73.71 KB, 651x280, 93:40, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

File: 8cd9f6e43fd0328⋯.png (483.54 KB, 956x644, 239:161, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

943778 No.11035001

More to come… This should get you started.

1895cd No.11035023


also shared and again, many thanks.

top Kek

943778 No.11035024

File: 42d043f90f864ff⋯.png (96.29 KB, 480x363, 160:121, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

One more thing for tonight…

Hmmmm… Something about that logo… Looks familiar… What is going on at Suburban Pediatrics in Williamsville, NY? (Suburb of Buffalo, where all the Talmudists reside).

Do they ignore/downplay/bury signs of child-abuse?


Who is connected?

943778 No.11035029


04c303 No.11035037



1895cd No.11035057

posting for continuity


943778 No.11036543

Who is the top adoption attorney in Buffalo, NY? Rebecca "__"

Is she a TALMUDist?

Why is this relevant?

(No… I'm not Q. But, I like his style).

af7f01 No.11036595



>muh ebin questions

Go fuck yourself.

fd0921 No.11037587

File: 7e9ca49bfc6522a⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 420x420, 1:1, image.gif)

File: 82353066a820e20⋯.jpeg (91.75 KB, 324x803, 324:803, image.jpeg)

File: 629d525a51e6e03⋯.png (7.25 MB, 4316x4828, 1079:1207, image.png)

File: db4e6858c8c778d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1055x1872, 1055:1872, image.png)

File: 4688f2c8d851229⋯.jpeg (126.09 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, image.jpeg)


Why are you a tremendous faggot?

Haven't you seen those birds in a satanic ritual before?

How many cocks are you going to suck today?




That's some good work lads. Those signs were pur up by the fine merchants at the Raleigh Hills Business Association. That would be a good neighborhood to check out for Operation Hanakkaust >>11035872

The Greater Hope place clearly used to be a no-tell motel and is right off the sandy 205 on ramp and five minutes from the river/airport. The trafficking in Portland is sadly government tier endemic but there are chinks in the armor. The Shanghai tunnels run 5 stories deep in places and connect most of downtown including DHS/cps and the places on the in progress infograph. 2nd map is likely where shipping containers of foreign kids from Asia, Mexico and Canada get dropped if it happens in Portland. It more likely happens in Astoria then they get v& in to Portland. An anon on the last thread mentioned the Podestas have property through shell companies in Oregon and to look for large ranches where they switch from containers to vans though he didn't give any names.

I need to get off my ass and update that graph, where it say "to lone fir cemetery" on the green path is the shipping/receiving for Alexis Foods importer/exporter and the cemetery is next to Centeral Chatholic HS. I don't know if it was a rebranding coincidence or if someone saw my post about it, but the former Alexis Foods/ Club Nyx downtown painted their Red door Black recently after becoming an underage dance club under the same ownership. The Greeks are definitely a big part of it in Portland.

35f86d No.11037629



>Voodoo donuts


b25caa No.11037748

File: f6e13fd93e1ffc8⋯.png (128.51 KB, 345x410, 69:82, TR laptop pedo.png)

Is there a place or archive I can find the symbols they use?

I found a symbol sprayed in my hometown that resembles pic related that I came across in Tomb Raider Anniv.

22f07f No.11037939


>14 months, 9 days, 6 hours 28 minutes and 32 seconds.

By my reckoning that's February 17th 2019 around 3:45 in the morning. What is Kek trying to tell us by this?

Anon can you clarify?

e025a3 No.11038389


this was the duration of my incarceration in that mormon-controlled shithole.

Docu: Inside the life of a "virtuous" pedophile



1768a8 No.11038506


I've seen graffiti that literally is the word "Kuru."

5de04c No.11038871

File: 533e3978c76fa87⋯.png (498.38 KB, 1261x512, 1261:512, usofb.PNG)







The poster begins by talking about secret parties on boats "like one Bill Clinton got in trouble for" revolving around "rappers" and "escorts". They talk about a child at one of these parties who wasn't supposed to be there. The poster wondered if that child is still alive. They then go on to talk about mind control conditioning, introducing the idea of victims conditioned for life as in MKULTRA. At some point the posts mention the occult showing itself like never before, something that I've heard elsewhere several times.

I can clarify anything if necessary but that is the gist of the content.

5de04c No.11038892



6fc1ba No.11038950

File: 7b5005da07be32f⋯.mp4 (7.68 MB, 480x360, 4:3, aesop rock atmosphere.mp4)

Trust blocks creep where the dust storm hovers

18eea3 No.11039312

/pol/ mods are compromised globalist shills who censor you if you get too close to the truth. if you post anything they disagree with, even if it's a commonly accepted opinion on /pol/ or anything else that gets them assblasted (((like calling out shills that are literally in every single thread))), or for no real reason at all just to piss you off, they will delete all your posts and all your threads and then ban you.

question everyone until you find out who you are not allowed to question.

if it's the same for (((them))) then the /pol/ mods are (((them))). eventually you will post something or start a thread and you will be censored and banned even if you did not break a single rule on /pol/. the ban reason will always be some fake fucking reason like "spam" or "unspecified reason". if you are in doubt, it isn't because this can't happen to you. it only means that it has not yet happened to you.

I am one of you, so don't bitch that you're being raided. all it takes is a look at /polmeta/ and /sudo/ to see just how many of us are being censored and banned every day by corrupt mods. the very founding reasons for /pol/ "politically incorrect" "freedom of speech" are being torn down from above by the corrupt moderators and undermined from below by shills. because of our corrupt mods who are the biggest censorship loving sellouts in the entire world, /pol/ is being ruined.

all that has been struggled for will be lost as /pol/ can not function the way things are.

/polk/ is the same mods pretending to be different people. past migration efforts have all failed because we don't have the hivemind and the unity to make the move all at once. I don't care what new /pol/ type board we all choose to migrate to but we need to make a good choice and then just make the move all together. the reason why everyone is getting banned all the time is because we have been subverted and manipulated.

who would have guessed that the very mods in charge of the board with the most freedom of speech on the entire internet that gives NO SHITS about political correctness would be some of the most CUCKED mods we have ever experienced?

this bullshit-banning has to fucking stop. we need the freedom to post the truth without being punished.

Impeach the cucked /pol/ mods.

God bless donald trump. God bless america.

943778 No.11039413

I see it was a mistake coming here for assistance… Thought you guys were serious. Moving on.

- TH

d0675e No.11039530


dont mind the poo-flinging it goes with the territory. some people just get piss drunk and shitpost. feel free to keep posting your comments, i for one am very interested.

789d5a No.11039542

File: 592b1e7f6f3b652⋯.jpg (69.31 KB, 718x718, 1:1, 592b1e7f6f3b65254e759f0615….jpg)

There's been a bunch of slide threads and shills on /pol/ today. What are (((they))) hiding? Iraq is free from ISIS?

d0675e No.11039693

File: defeb228a05b33a⋯.png (272.79 KB, 627x352, 57:32, kentucky.png)

Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson dies of 'probable suicide' in Mt. Washington



472326 No.11039952

File: 36ed0e15dcc27d6⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1513001939329.png)


Claimed PTSD and shot himself. Sex basement…always the basement

b03bcd No.11039997


I wonder if all the districts colbert visited on his show were pedo cities around the country and if it way a way to tell other elite where to go

b03bcd No.11040028



We aren't winning. We have basically lost and almost all hope is gone. How many here are actually out there fighting for "this" cause? Not just googling info and patting yourself on the back between cheetos. Social media is controlled. Both sides of political battles are controlled. Most countries are controlled or insignificant. Now is the time to pull out all the stops and work your best cause honestly we are all fucked and the Jews seem to still be comfy.

And wasn't Q a shill? What has even happened he predicted?

eb6aec No.11040047


Jews don't seem comfy at all from where I'm standing, but I appreciate your candor, we really need to kick it up another notch. Critical time, real chance to destroy the kikes' hegemony is within reach if we just worked hard enough, but not too hard either, don't want to burnout.

I've been meaning to get more deeply into the PG stuff but mainly focus on JFK right now, seem to be the only one to be frank that's on that. We'll get there though.

8bf0ea No.11040078

File: fbfea3246decc64⋯.png (84.44 KB, 1294x243, 1294:243, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

a78d8d No.11040143

File: 8d688249f122d35⋯.png (50.39 KB, 575x345, 5:3, pong3.png)

File: e17aac3dcba7fc3⋯.png (119.29 KB, 972x726, 162:121, pong1.png)

File: 4cda59fe349ced0⋯.png (303 KB, 833x714, 7:6, pong.png)

File: 951d1bab6da4a3c⋯.png (518.56 KB, 690x505, 138:101, james.png)

File: d4847e7e6412b72⋯.png (112.34 KB, 921x662, 921:662, pong2.png)

Just a reminder that these Untermenschen have infiltrated my beloved Deutsches Reich. Dr.Pong in Berlin will burn to the ground along with all their fallen spirits, our ancestors will rise again and open the eyes of all who cant see by now, the rising of our heritage has long begun in our blood, you can feel it in your holy blood flooding through your veins. Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz! Heil mein deutsches Reich! Heil mein Führer!

dac251 No.11040820

File: 6c37bdb8132e1f4⋯.gif (464.32 KB, 301x380, 301:380, [Schreit Innerlich].gif)


>fünfte bild


5407b8 No.11042434

File: a78708390b242e3⋯.jpg (69.55 KB, 700x463, 700:463, 22-02.jpg)

Reports of sexual offenses rise by 10 percent in Israeli army



1768a8 No.11043630


Most likely.

bf6491 No.11044976

File: 1f26dd895b0f715⋯.png (265.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1506130555174.png)

b9aaaa No.11044988

File: eac21a7f107674d⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 480x663, 160:221, 12341628_113609452344505_4….jpg)

Gloria Vanderbilt just reading to her young boys……..under a human sacrificing alter wall hanging above their bed. One iz all grown now….he is Anderson Cooper ov major news media. Thee other is dead from alleged "suicide"

Oh……nothing to see here. Now back to always first on the scene, award winning, Anderson Cooper, for thee latest crisis killings & lead reporter on human trafficing news. Especially in the realm of school massacres…..he also won an Emmy Award for his Exclusive Coverage on the Death of Princess Diana.

pic related

8b22fc No.11045549



d7802f No.11046808

File: 719a3b1207c3567⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 129791361354.jpg)

>clowns are trying so hard to bruteforce Q's trip that 8ch admins had to personally step in and set him up a new one

b4cd7d No.11047301


b4cd7d No.11047309

File: aca3d81a8aa7b1f⋯.jpg (45.38 KB, 800x533, 800:533, james-alefantis-1991-jeff-….jpg)

I was permabanned from 4pol for posting this pizza related killshot. This image alone proves pizzagate 10000% real without a reasonable doubt.

ab03f1 No.11047325


It's James Alefantis' wife. I was in that thread when it popped up /here/ last year.

Jews, of course.

236390 No.11047391


I am not sure about 80% of those; where was this fetched?


Sinister and dark indeed. Groomed and programmed from birth to be the lackey to the Cult of Moloch.

bb3770 No.11048717

Does it concern anyone that 4chan is dead and that 8chan is dying?


Spoiler that shit.

a67d10 No.11048753

File: 6e66482d0126199⋯.jpg (14.61 KB, 322x322, 1:1, 1512849603495.jpg)


wtf I clicked on /pol/ not /porn/

26ed18 No.11048926

File: 81a63ce8323bc76⋯.png (391.49 KB, 500x537, 500:537, luther.png)

>>11048822 (checked)

God will lead us to the promised chan

96c48d No.11049159

These motherfuckers have had too much time to cover their tracks.

8bf0ea No.11049582

File: e2909c061972161⋯.jpeg (164.93 KB, 1254x922, 627:461, DQH89WvXkAEc14L.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: a972a739dafb3c6⋯.jpeg (142.25 KB, 612x612, 1:1, DP-OdezXcAAtHzv.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 665abd9ef96e8c7⋯.jpeg (56.09 KB, 594x488, 297:244, DQOlFuRX4AExhsJ.jpg-large.jpeg)


Hid he ask the domino question or did someone ask him. You should make this more clear.

9214b5 No.11050173

Was recently in Burlington, VT. As per earlier versions of this thread people were looking at possible pedo towns and I think we can add this to the list. There is a planned parenthood across from 3 different pizza joints on St Paul street. Nearby I noticed graffiti of an eye with "God killed him" and "come find us". There were once tunnel systems under Burlington that have been since (((sealed off))).

>Ultra liberal city

>underground tunnels

>Lake Champlain

>Occult graffiti on Burlington township mall

Tell me this isn't a trafficking hub. I dare you.

2db955 No.11050253


I had Morgellons when I was a huge cocaine addict. A friend witnessed the movement of whatever it was from under my skin, to a vein in my arm. I shot dope and once I had a needle literally bend in my arm on it's own. I had to microwave my rigs to get a clean shot without fibers coming out of it.

I contacted a researcher who said that cocaine burns off your nerve endings which then leads to a fungal infection that attracts lice and such (I had scabies) and also that the drugs themselves were adulterated with nemotodes.

It was a hellacious experience that I never want to go through again. I still sometimes get high and when I do, if I pop a zit and it splatters on the mirror. it leaves an actual etch mark. I also have a plastic cup that has my dad's cop patch in it (a double layer promo cup) that I used all the time; the area where my lips touched the plastic is all crazed and cracked.

Morgellons is very real and any amphetamine use (think Ritalin, etc) are either the carriers or cause the disease to manifest somehow.

It was NOT cocaine psychosis, I know what the "tweak" hallucinations are and these were not those.

a22085 No.11050306

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

415b58 No.11050433


I'm not a violent person. But watching a child getting tortured is enough for me to throttle a man to death. It would be justice.

e95a06 No.11050513


Is-is there actually any footage of moving morgellons hairs?

d1ffc4 No.11050697

File: 026f1a4fb9088d6⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1756x4907, 1756:4907, skywalker the dark side.jpg)

4a2892 No.11050806


What is the actual source of this? Where was this first uploaded?

3795db No.11051238



ABC journalist Paul Kennedy investigates Australia's biggest cover-up: the decades of abuse in religious and state institutions, from elite inner city schools, to remote aboriginal missions.

ABC TV This program was published 5 days ago and is available until 10:33pm on 11 Jan 2018. File size approx. 478 MB



03aca2 No.11051495

File: 46428a2d777457a⋯.png (1.16 MB, 2080x1394, 1040:697, podesta ufo.png)

File: 3dca33cce3c2101⋯.png (657.44 KB, 1146x1262, 573:631, podesta ufo comments.png)

Haven't seen mention of it yet: John Podesta tweeted a thank you to Harry Reid, saying "Lift the veil," with the hashtag #TheTruthIsOutThere.

He links this NYT article.


My first thought was bluebeam/disraction from foreseen events, which seems to be general consensus in the comments as well.

e98c13 No.11051618


i've been saying that Trump needs to declassify information on ET if it exists to hold the media hostage. If he drops the news the lying press will have to play nice. The normies would go apeshit with excitement.

1768a8 No.11051677


4chan is definitely dead now with all the rampant shillling and normies.

2db955 No.11052062


If I could have I would have you think a dope fiend has a camera? Back then phones were not typically "smart "

2ba134 No.11052203

File: df004bc516586c0⋯.jpg (115.49 KB, 1024x608, 32:19, 1512363961399.jpg)

Taken from CPP website after someone got past the more public parts of it.

2ba134 No.11052206




My bad accidentally deleted the text before posting

5f0f08 No.11052288


My Guess is that .Having served it purpose, (creating the beast system) Q's pyramid is sacrificed on the alter of pedogate, by the ones who built it. (DC, Vatican City, London Town) Then, as is their style, they use the cabals downfall and our desire to prevent it from happening again to convince everyone to embrace weaponized 5GWIFI and the hidden full spectrum dominance that comes with it. No one talks about the big 3 or what the new 5G really is. Trump is over there fingering Palantir, which is the brains for the system. Gordie Rose is steadily working on bringing its soul through from the other side. They're still terraforming the atmosphere. a bunch of UN soldiers are on our soil. Bitcoin has zero collateral, but will be used to blackmail you into the system. Everything is fine!

5f0f08 No.11052310



AI bots

5f0f08 No.11052374


My Guess is that .Having served it purpose, (creating the beast system) Q's pyramid is sacrificed on the alter of pedogate, by the ones who built it. (DC, Vatican City, London Town) Then, as is their style, they use the cabals downfall and our desire to prevent it from happening again to convince everyone to embrace weaponized 5GWIFI and the hidden full spectrum dominance that comes with it. No one talks about the big 3 or what the new 5G really is. Trump is over there fingering Palantir, which is the brains for the system. Gordie Rose is steadily working on bringing its soul through from the other side. They're still terraforming the atmosphere. a bunch of UN soldiers are on our soil. Bitcoin has zero collateral, but will be used to blackmail you into the system. Everything is fine!

5972bc No.11052908

File: 45bb83f62a4aff0⋯.jpg (497.21 KB, 800x2000, 2:5, puello.jpg)


Someone on Voat found the (real) twitter account of Jorge Puello, Laura Silsby's lawyer. The lawyer was later arrested because he was also a wanted child-sex trafficker.


I'm 95% sure it's his real account because all of the photos are unavailable anywhere else, very recent and he seems to have held this account for a long enough time to not be an elaborate fake.

18eea3 No.11053071

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw Roman Polanski literally raped a 13 year old girl and then just went to Europe and the French and Polish governments protected him and he's just been walking free ever since with a U.S warrant still out for his arrest but no one is doing shit about it and he's still making movies with big hollywood stars who seem to not care he raped a 13 year old and still has a warrant out for him because of it

f487e6 No.11053811

Howard stern has some very strange shit going on for a long time. An employee of his Benjamin Bronk is the son is Joan Bronk, she's on the board of a (((bunch of orgs))), an interesting one is this one: http://www.givathaviva.org/

Joan: https://shaaraytefilanyc.org/about-us/our-professional-staff/interim-director-development

Other links of interest:

Victor Ostrovsky (mossad) http://archive.is/h0Wjs

af7661 No.11053942


af7661 No.11053944

File: 3972bdf2be73081⋯.jpg (92.73 KB, 849x960, 283:320, 25348625_1517946138240590_….jpg)

i was referring to pic related…

43926f No.11054627

File: e76688686772270⋯.jpg (4.44 MB, 2400x2400, 1:1, ac360.jpg)

af7661 No.11054639

File: 416a76bf10a5a38⋯.png (185.47 KB, 481x366, 481:366, pedo.png)

Paedophile victim feels judge's sentence is as bad as the attack



Feds: Oklahoma man kept stepdaughter captive for 19 years

<pic related



Poppi Worthington inquest: Sex abuse theory 'unifying'






Liam Allan’s case shows why our criminal justice system is becoming a matter of national shame



The sex abuse royal commission went to some dark places — here's some of what it found



Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics



1c5481 No.11054736

File: 7695a13b24992c0⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 35 KB, 409x340, 409:340, image.jpeg)

File: bf381eb90b89bd8⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 399.62 KB, 1770x1770, 1:1, image.jpeg)


>>11044988 Heil'd

I found Cooper's missing brother. Look at the nose mouth and chin. Elites like to adopt their kids off so the public doesn't know how connected they all are.

>inb4 turkaroach


af7661 No.11054752


you forgot something critical

Maddow has an


shes a man, man

af7661 No.11054799

File: e4121360c940421⋯.jpg (137.86 KB, 500x329, 500:329, auditor-suzanne-bump-107d0….jpg)

Massachusetts State Auditor Finds Widespread Rape and Sexual Abuse in Foster Care but DCF Officials Won’t Report It



1c5481 No.11054817

File: aba83d5f10528d5⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 311.04 KB, 1770x1770, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: 1e89eabfe7ef1b3⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 409.36 KB, 1770x1770, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: e5357d3ce540c53⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.47 KB, 564x564, 1:1, image.jpeg)


Fixed for accuracy

6327ca No.11054967

File: 3b87bc1ce3541e4⋯.jpeg (686.41 KB, 2508x2231, 2508:2231, 93878765-25B1-440D-855C-1….jpeg)


8d941f No.11055021


Is James Alefantis mentioned in that chapter? Seems like something he would be into.

Does there happen to be a chapter on dominos? I know John Podesta is struggling with his dominos playing and is looking for different things to play dominos on.

8d941f No.11055051


This is sickening.

We need to start hunting these pedos down.

6327ca No.11055091


No, but the references to ping-pong and equating semen to ‘cheese’, I’d bet they got a lot of inspiration from this book.

She dedicates the book to ‘my sexy children’ and talks about sexual interaction with babies as young as 1 month. It’ll make you vomit if you read the book.

af7661 No.11055106


i sense you may actually have something here. if only we had something truly conclusive to wrap this up with. hm.


couldn't agree more anon. doxxing them is quite the uphill battle but so far since these threads began significant progress has been made. rome wasn't built in a day. redpilling normies always helps in the long run.

6327ca No.11055114


It’s just very strange that there can be a connection drawn from Yates & her book to Obama (counseling) to Playboy (http://www.renegadetribune.com/flashback-1978-playboy-promotes-pedophilia/) to Hefner to Clinton/Epstein to Alefantis

8d941f No.11055157


I really hope he does. Hopefully he is shortly suicided.

8d941f No.11055166


If I was the owner of Besta and I found out my logo was associated with pedophilia I would also change the logo.

However I would also make a public announcement stating that I am shocked that my logo was linked to that, and even though I am in no way involved in that, even the slightest connection to pedophilia sickens me.

None of these people speak out about how sickened they are by pedophiles, obviously because they are not, and that gives it away

af7661 No.11055561

just gonna post this here because of its relevance and for its oh-so-sweet digits


6d1cf0 No.11056039

File: 48ae8d56881607b⋯.png (272.24 KB, 616x680, 77:85, 24gh.png)

Top Lawyer Confirms ‘Poltergeist’ Child Actor Killed by Hollywood Pedophile Ring



7cf62f No.11057074

hey anons i used to actively participate in these investigations but i took a long break, im back now and i'm requesting any information regarding the pedo ring HQ that supposedly is based in Pennsylvania, if anyone knows anything related, please reply

8c1f71 No.11057609

Former Commissioner Receives Probation On Multiple Sex Offense

Pulaski-Commissioner Tommy Campbell who on November 8th entered a best interest guilty plea to five different counts.

Campbell was in Circuit Court Wednesday before Judge J. Russell Parkes for sentencing.

For the felony count of sexual exploitation of a minor, Campbell received supervised probation for 6 years. For felony count of aggravated statutory rape, he received 6 years supervised probation. For felony count coercion of witness, 8 years of supervised probation.

For misdemeanor count of shoplifting 5 hundred dollars or less, 11 months, 29 days and misdemeanor count of carrying a weapon on government property, Campbell received 11 months, 29 days of supervised probation.

All sentences are running concurrent, which means Campbell will be on supervised probation for a total of 8 years, the longest sentence.

Campbell pleaded on a post plea diversion, meaning if he does not get into any kind of trouble in the next 8 years, his record will be expunged.

He is free to travel inside Tennessee and Alabama, and is ordered to pay a total of 4 thousand 5 hundred dollars, also, he is not to have contact with the victim, he is ordered to stay away from Dollar General and to have no weapons in his home or business

Bob Massey, attorney for Tommy Campbell, has made some clarifications to Thursday's news story about the former Giles County Commissioner's sentencing that occurred Wednesday in front of Circuit Court Judge J. Russell Parkes.

Massey stated in a memo that Campbell asked for a post plea diversion and Judge Parkes accepted his request. Campbell has not been found guilty by the court and his right to vote has not been affected.

The best interest plea means Campbell has not admitted to guilt on any of the charges, Massey stated, adding. "[He] chose to dispose of his case in this fashion to get it behind him at one time in conjunction with his resignation from the County Commission."

With the post plea diversion, Campbell is eligible to have all matters, including his arrest and charges, expunged upon the successful completion of the eight year diversionary period, Massey stated. Campbell is allowed to maintain his surveyor's license.

In regards to the sexual exploitation of a minor charge, Campbell pleaded to a reduced charge of violation illegal possession of photographs and the aggravated statutory rape was amended to statutory rape.



8c1f71 No.11057902

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Pope's Big Pizza Party With Kids


1768a8 No.11058096


I think it's in central PA. All of PA is weird as fuck especially when it comes to this shit.

c54ee2 No.11058488

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Come learn the truth about the Mystery Religion in real time

dd4fa1 No.11058590

im considering how aliens play into the human trafficking angle. i literally have no clue besides them being recipients of human cattle…

c29e9a No.11058743


Link to information on the old tunnels?

Interesting find, it's probably a coincidence?

IIRC you can take the hudson river from nyc to lake champlain so yes you are more than probably right.

f384a1 No.11059288

File: 1f452d1b35fc22e⋯.jpg (25.15 KB, 343x147, 7:3, yup.jpg)

Have any of you looked into 'The Order of the Rainbow Girls'?

It's some sort of fraternity for the daughters of freemasons. Shit tons of occult symbolism, and their logo is basically a pair of spread legs with a handshake underneath…

1a8253 No.11059305


checked, and i bet lunch you are onto something with this. good find.

1a8253 No.11059399

File: 3a966df3dc08d3c⋯.jpg (62.67 KB, 620x340, 31:17, pedophile-crucified-on-roa….jpg)

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons denies accusations of sexual misconduct



Pelosi, other Democrats pocket campaign cash from owners of sex-trafficking website



Notorious Pedophile ‘Crucified’ by Vigilante Gang as Warning to Child Abusers (pic related)



Catholic bishop warns parishioners that a paedophile priest who raped and abused young girls is set to be released from prison - and he's banned him from even saying he used to be a minister



The Catholic influence on our politicians has been to the great detriment of our education system



DCS director resigns over Indiana kids being placed at risk



More than half of 110 Bellevue sex sting cases dismissed due to technicality



c29e9a No.11059415



The authors last name is abramovich. I had no idea these tunnels existed from the lake throughout city.

It is an ultra liberal shit hole, the worst i've seen in the state.

ad8210 No.11059442


Give it to me straight, 8/pol/. Who’s behind all of this. I mean ALL of this. Who’s driving the world down this path?

1a8253 No.11059467



go away and never post here again.

1a8253 No.11059525

File: 457d7d621822aa2⋯.jpg (85.08 KB, 885x516, 295:172, Sexual_Misconduct-Appellat….jpg)

9th U.S. Circuit Court judge Alex Kozinski resigns after sexual misconduct accusations



172f6d No.11060212


That reminded me of the family guy joke where the pedo went to see his judge friend. a lot of very subtle jokes that in hindsight strike me as very creepy. Also note that when peter loses his finger, the pedo's dog tried to eat it. Considering how much Gossip that Seth Mcfarlane has access to, there may be some truth to this. It requires scrutiny.

I have wondered why a "hate crime" gets more jail time than raping a child. Then i remember that the talmud ok's sex with kids, and most of the judges are jewish.

071b1b No.11060500

File: 58803bf984be297⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1956x2680, 489:670, 9f7a6fbfdc93540815e5703425….png)

File: a4754c5bd4fbdcc⋯.png (3.23 MB, 2032x3816, 254:477, d13201d6e78852d950f24edd45….png)

File: 333cbca4909c3c1⋯.png (2.69 MB, 2432x3568, 152:223, 1d80e6415276454782511695e7….png)

File: 63e2f8461bb5a64⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1073x770, 1073:770, Otodiagram.png)

File: 5b552ce0d475222⋯.jpg (442.78 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, JjlyrJx.jpg)

Pics related: First three are from a thread about secret masonic sites. Ends with North York. Fourth is a site in North York that has towers matching the map on the bottom of pic 3. Last two are from a voat pizzagate thread from someone who saw robed figures in the bayview subway station. It forms a pedo swirl and heart when viewed from different sides.


071b1b No.11060503

File: 948fb1dba4b4dd7⋯.jpg (405.62 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, sFJ8Rgv.jpg)


Last pic

ac1d70 No.11060675

File: 7da3fefe66450c2⋯.png (68.86 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, blacksun.png)


I don't see a black sun.

071b1b No.11060756

File: b8264b3e3bba236⋯.jpg (266.46 KB, 1591x877, 1591:877, blacksunatbayview.jpg)


Black sun

ecaf7d No.11060987

File: 7cf0d4dfcaf4288⋯.jpg (124.76 KB, 850x563, 850:563, 25348851_1396341620495518_….jpg)


black hole sun, the dark star, rahu aka set as in the temple of (www.xeper.org) - one of two other objects in the firmament besides the two we regularly observe; occasionally it passes in front of one of the other two causing what we perceive as "eclipses" which dont add up to the heliocentric explanation by way of travel direction, shadow size, among other anomalies. understanding this model makes the chinese yin-yang symbol make more sense.

pic related: "Pool" @ Vanderbilt's Biltmore estate, outside of Ashville, NC..

Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt.

- Inset: Art collection of Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, Clinton & Obama campaign manager/Consultant.

c803dd No.11060996

File: 1979bdfc9e0c008⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Legacy.webm)

>This is who they defend.

ecaf7d No.11061007


t. professional audio mixing engineer here.

i do believe we have a match.

well done, anon.

088a5e No.11061092


ecaf7d No.11062152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Copypasta from stickied thread: DWS on suicide watch



Technocracy: Neofeudalism, Peasants And Pitchforks



f384a1 No.11062931



It is likely this is a form of emotional trauma used to break down the individual's spirit and leave them vulnerable for demonic possession, ala "mkultra".

Probably what Podesta refers to as "playing dominoes" with pizza and pasta. Successfully "playing dominoes" = breaking the child and allowing them to become vassals for the demonic.

9b605f No.11062965

File: d1190c1f8193ad1⋯.jpg (206.85 KB, 620x384, 155:96, apocalypto-human-sacrifice.jpg)

gratuitous continuity link for faggot OP who doesnt read catalogs


Child Sacrifice In Ancient Israel



e4afff No.11063387


> filename

> Pol 1.png

> Pol

6d1cf0 No.11063651

Lizandra Cosme, 32, of Chicago, was arrested Sunday and charged with five counts of aggravated battery of a child under 13 years old causing great bodily harm. A Cook County judge ordered her held without bail on Monday. She is scheduled to return to court on Dec. 26.


18eea3 No.11065720


no, the dominoes itself is pizza its a pizza company

he is referring to cheese(girls) and pasta (baby boys) and dominoes is pizza that is referred to in here >>10969531

please stop being confused

6d1cf0 No.11065939


let's review: going back to the Onogma memo requesting $65000 worth of pizza (little girls) and dogs (little boys) to be FLOWN IN

>t. perfectly normal to order $65k worth of takeout and have it flown in

18eea3 No.11066085


Incorrect, it was the "waitresess" that cost the money https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/12/1223066_re-get-ready-for-chicago-hot-dog-friday-.html (>according to Kikendall and Eisenstein)

5d89b1 No.11066293

File: d69f7bbc6e8b916⋯.png (416.32 KB, 1020x1030, 102:103, bb.png)

5d89b1 No.11066318

File: 7b1e5d1cab4e474⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1000x1200, 5:6, tom petty sold his kid to ….png)

5d89b1 No.11066370

File: 02ac1cc3330cae7⋯.jpg (108.26 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 2014-03-16 18.51.43 677718….jpg)

d29979 No.11066416

File: b53fbcc312a0f3d⋯.jpg (240.97 KB, 1280x657, 1280:657, pgategatedalley.jpg)

File: 50951f45a2a068e⋯.jpg (277.36 KB, 1280x659, 1280:659, pgategatedalley-boxes.jpg)

File: 2d15b4be3658f47⋯.jpg (191.77 KB, 1280x657, 1280:657, pgategatedalley-door2.jpg)

>ice "kfc & watermelon" poseidon is streaming in dc

>goes to comet pingpong pizza to troll

>staff kicks him out immediately

>around back discovers a gated alley that's more like a passage

>interdasting boxes and stickers on doors

>runs into employee of business next to cpp that turns hostile

>goes around front and talks to people on the street

>same employee comes out, gets aggro, tells him to leave or threatens with calling cops

d29979 No.11066422

File: f6934ab1512aa06⋯.jpg (351.3 KB, 1280x657, 1280:657, pgategatedalley-door1.jpg)

File: 8c146d19a66612f⋯.jpg (344.81 KB, 1280x659, 1280:659, pgategatedalley-door11.jpg)

File: 0ca2e9ca70b7eac⋯.jpg (410.37 KB, 1280x659, 1280:659, pgategatedalley-door12.jpg)

File: b1685124dfadf1f⋯.jpg (385.76 KB, 1280x658, 640:329, pgategatedalley-door13.jpg)

File: 558a45259af9215⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 116x101, 116:101, pgategatedalley-door14.jpg)

>>11066416 (same)

What do you see?


What do you see?

d29979 No.11066426

File: 75fa25b5da41be6⋯.jpg (347.47 KB, 1280x660, 64:33, pgate-triggeredemployee.jpg)

File: b1ce5d886705566⋯.jpg (370.31 KB, 1280x661, 1280:661, pgate-triggeredemployee2.jpg)


Who is he and why did he turn aggro over nothing?

8308bc No.11066508


If every phrase in this is an allegory, does it mean you are redpilled or schizophrenic? Kikes would claim the latter. So I know what's true.

d29979 No.11066512


It's almost like you wanted to slide something. >>11066416

8308bc No.11066534


There are 358 "FIX POL"s

You have put #327 and #328 in redtext.

32 7 32 8

There is a g at the end. G is the 7th letter of the alphabet.

Fix pol has 6 letters.

Fix pol is an anagram of kill yourself

In kike gematria(reduntant), the number for "FIX POL" is 445

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the US

The 4 implies 4 TERMS NIGGERS

9e230b No.11066737


>Young girls are the pure and make perfect waifus.

Lolis are for hugs not for fugs.

d29979 No.11066820


>implying fuckin children is love

Lie to yourself if you want nigger but at the end of the day it's raping children and you won't escape judgement.


>owl sewn into dress


It's definitely no coincidence.



>>11059288 (heiled)

>top of pyramid is clit with legs spread indeed

Sick anus kissing fagmasons.



Wealthy area, adjacent to where Bill "rapes" Gates lives, Medina.

337a8b No.11066894

Heres some good stuffs on history of satanic baby pedo eating and cake is placenta yum



f384a1 No.11067020


>please stop being confused


82c284 No.11067301

Man jailed for life over rape and murder of Melbourne schoolgirl Kylie Maybury



27d6ba No.11067625

File: 78a8f591f84dccf⋯.jpg (35.99 KB, 526x526, 1:1, 13434898_10153752916910017….jpg)

A decade after alleged sex crimes against girls, a Disney music director is in serious trouble



7110a2 No.11067944


What the fuck is wrong with this thread? You are all scattered for no reason.



4bc091 No.11068546



Newfags are just adorable.

27d6ba No.11069105


Dubs are suggesting you must go back.

Please lurk another 2 years.

27d6ba No.11069306

File: bc6c8db3362a6ce⋯.png (273.29 KB, 631x529, 631:529, podesta.png)

OUR SAY: Secret men's business




“Dr. Mengele Likely was John Podesta’s Father”



>2 historians with an uncanny knack for uncovering WWII German espionage have made the daring claim that political kingmaker John Podesta’s father was none other than WWII NAZI monster Dr. Josef Mengele.

>The researchers, Rev. Dr. Anne Armstrong and Rev. Alan Gordon, claim to have previously found a NAZI espionage confession in the personal effects of cannabis prohibition architect Harry J. Anslinger, and decoded a cipher which stymied even NSA cryptographers, says that damning circumstantial evidence and photos virtually prove Mengele was likely secretly employed by the US government after the War as part of Operation Paperclip (in which the US clandestinely hired hundreds of NAZI scientists). There, says Gordon, Mengele served as a torturer of children for both the fledgling CIA’s MKULTRA mind control program, as well as Dr Kinsey’s groundbreaking studies of human sexuality (which depicted graphic measurements of several hundred serial child rapes).

a94801 No.11069369

File: 434219b177511ac⋯.jpg (137.6 KB, 574x382, 287:191, And sticky too.jpg)


Oh shit….

Can you….can you immagine, just for a second just…

how… fucking…. delicious

It would be if there is ANY semblence of truth in this claim.

However, skippy will most likely deny it, and it's probably a bullshit claim anyways….

But a man can dream…right?

27d6ba No.11069500


and for the longest time ive been thinking mengele fathered aquino, which may or may not be true jury still out but ho ho hoooold the presses if this is true, and my gut says this holds water.

just found this from plebbit:

Synopsis Clinton Foundation. Run small children to [SA] via Haiti. Saudia Arabia. 3000 saved. Launder money through Hezbollah. Cocain. You will need some cars for transport. Cash for clunkers. #followthewhiterabbit #QAnon



580413 No.11069550



This video scares CIANiggers.

01ee04 No.11069832

File: 195341e3e19eaa1⋯.jpeg (75.49 KB, 3000x749, 3000:749, serveimage (13).jpeg)

So I just left a toy store after buying some gifts for the young kids in my family and this was the logo for the Point of Sale system/OS on the card reader. Maybe I'm just paranoid but the clockwise triangle just cannot be mistaken for anything else.

25166e No.11069939

File: d27f5b7e219cad4⋯.png (575.45 KB, 893x461, 893:461, Screen-Shot-2017-12-18-at-….png)



and with just cause I submit. this is no accident.

Rabbi Admits To Sucking 25,000 Baby Penises Saying “It’s A Joyous Occasion” [Video]



6596ce No.11070836



Kid Rock is a hip hop version of country like "Vanilla Ice". Snoop Dogg got his name of course from snoopy. There used to be master p "ice cream man". It is similiar to pizza being used to seduce the kiddos. Hip hop uses a lot of kid type stuff.

Hip, Hipster, Hip Hop, Hippy. All the emphasis is on the hips where the genitals are. Gentile is probably "gential" derived etymology.

6596ce No.11070863

File: 68bf236c9bb3e74⋯.jpg (60.12 KB, 564x775, 564:775, e2b20c3ba8526441ed21cfca11….jpg)


Check out the esoteric meanings in Spielberg movies. There's a youtuber that goes over these. Lot of inside joke kaballah humor happening. The flux capictor is .. well flux, the movement there off. Spielberg also has older men as secret mentors in his movies like chunk or ET after they leave thier families.

Pic of sphincter attached. Spielberg (giggles snarkely)

25166e No.11071401

File: 61f9333d3744781⋯.jpg (106.97 KB, 960x753, 320:251, 25552215_10210908142964062….jpg)

File: 5f941b596ecb9dc⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 372x559, 372:559, heather-michele-orourke_21….jpg)

File: afec4791c8467b1⋯.jpg (54.15 KB, 482x600, 241:300, 25550112_846178935562168_7….jpg)


back to cuckchan - lurk 2 more years before posting again (pics related)

Papa John's founder out as CEO weeks after blaming NFL for slow pizza sales



Pedophile McCoole to argue jail time cut



Top Lawyer Confirms ‘Poltergeist’ Child Actor Killed by Hollywood Pedophile Ring



b1320c No.11071978


>PJ's founder out

>making reasonable statement

I hope to continue to see the purge of apparently decent people from major players. I'm assuming he is a capable smart guy, how else could he get people to pay $15 for dough and sauce? So now he's on our side? Or he's shit himself, but you see my point. I hope all decent people get purged from these institutions, some of them will snap out of it when it happens.

cf00d0 No.11072408

Video is still being ignored.

18eea3 No.11074173

/pol/ mods are compromised globalist shills who censor you if you get too close to the truth. if you post anything they disagree with, even if it's a commonly accepted opinion on /pol/ or anything else that gets them assblasted (((like calling out shills that are literally in every single thread))), or for no real reason at all just to piss you off, they will delete all your posts and all your threads and then ban you.

question everyone until you find out who you are not allowed to question.

if it's the same for (((them))) then the /pol/ mods are (((them))). eventually you will post something or start a thread and you will be censored and banned even if you did not break a single rule on /pol/. the ban reason will always be some fake fucking reason like "spam" or "unspecified reason". if you are in doubt, it isn't because this can't happen to you. it only means that it has not yet happened to you.

I am one of you, so don't bitch that you're being raided. all it takes is a look at /polmeta/ and /sudo/ to see just how many of us are being censored and banned every day by corrupt mods. the very founding reasons for /pol/ "politically incorrect" "freedom of speech" are being torn down from above by the corrupt moderators and undermined from below by shills. because of our corrupt mods who are the biggest censorship loving sellouts in the entire world, /pol/ is being ruined.

all that has been struggled for will be lost as /pol/ can not function the way things are.

/polk/ is the same mods pretending to be different people. past migration efforts have all failed because we don't have the hivemind and the unity to make the move all at once. I don't care what new /pol/ type board we all choose to migrate to but we need to make a good choice and then just make the move all together. the reason why everyone is getting banned all the time is because we have been subverted and manipulated.

who would have guessed that the very mods in charge of the board with the most freedom of speech on the entire internet that gives NO SHITS about political correctness would be some of the most CUCKED mods we have ever experienced?

this bullshit-banning has to fucking stop. we need the freedom to post the truth without being punished.

Impeach the cucked /pol/ mods.

God bless donald trump. God bless america.

46f998 No.11074267


Someone who isn't me did research on missing peoples in the US. File contains some interesting data.

>Certain states were identified as having means(x) that were unusual, however use of a z test statistic only left 1.

46f998 No.11074279



>Abstract: Analysis began as a fact checking excersize due to apparently extraordinary claims made by [redacted] with regards to the frequency of missings persons in the state of Virginia. Certain states were identified as having

means(x) that were unusual with regards to the national average by use of the NCMEC database of missing persons. However once a z test statistic was applied, only one remained. That state being Virginia.

Conclusions: Further investigation is required. A demographic assesment, controlled for population, and potentially a county by county map of the missing individuals could potentially reveal more information with regards to the

phenomenon demonstrated.

404909 No.11074810

File: 872bd4f7ebc39fe⋯.jpeg (116.1 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, image.jpeg)


Archive doesn't work for Google docs

>>11069500 Checked

I buy it. Do either of you have any of the archives proving Mengele was a kike actor?


>toy store


>posible money laundering.

Anon, you may have stumbled onto something good. Tripos is one of several types of card readers for Vantiv which has the market share of those things in the us. Back before crypto pedos obviously had to use credit cards to buy their sick shit online. Putting the triangle swirl on the logo would let them know they were amongst friends and "safe". Thus beginning the blackmail of non-elite pedos that weren't videoed in person thus expanding the web of unknown pedo foot soldiers.

>The company provides payment and technology services to merchants and financial institutions in the U.S. and processes more than 20.1 billion payment transactions and approximately $726 billion in volume annually.

Breddy gud for some kikes from Cincinatti. Just a theory for now though.

7850ef No.11075116


i just wasted an hour, that little fuck was lying all the time, (((abraham))) aka papahemp made him do it. pffffffffffffff

748b4e No.11076002

d1ffc4 No.11076637

File: 2b41a527d03fb73⋯.png (287.36 KB, 500x488, 125:122, Templar-5-Mantle-Cross-500….png)


That's a good lead.


That severed head image is a Templar thing. It's said they 'worship' a severed head and considering the rest of the iconography…

What do the Templars have to do with this?


Podesta and his aliens thing, seeing it on FOX creeps me out.

7850ef No.11076652


just listen to the last 10 min of that recording, you heeb

46f998 No.11076756

File: fa9636a678f46bb⋯.png (139.29 KB, 1154x819, 1154:819, NCMEC.png)

File: 33719a068015e51⋯.png (23.89 KB, 976x161, 976:161, NCMEC2.png)



Something is 100% going on in Virginia.

46f998 No.11076759

File: 45f7eeaf9701c62⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 737x453, 737:453, zscorebellcurve.jpg)

d1ffc4 No.11076783


>Queen Breatrix

The Octopus Syndicate?

>Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, a key eyewitness to ritual child killings by Dutch royalty and other elites including George Soros, describe the murders that have occurred since 2004 in Belgium and Holland. This is part one of a four part statement she made before officers of the International Common Law Court of Justice this past summer, as part of its prosecution of Pope Francis and others for child trafficking and Ninth Circle ritual killings. The other parts of this interview are forthcoming. Recorded live on June 5, 2014 from Holland.


d1ffc4 No.11076823

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Origins of The Boy Band

>starts at 20:25

Vice President of Capital Records who signed and started the boy band craze just so happened to be the father of the Menendez Brothers, (trial of the century pre-OJ) who murdered him and their mother over sex abuse and inheritance.

Ricky Martin was a former member and denies being raped but others have come out.

>nb4 Jackson 5

Yeah well… we all know how that turned out.

467b0b No.11076890


Don't forget the glam/hairband shit, which was run by Desmond Child. That creepy looking fucker is married to his homo hubby and they have adopted twins. Dollars to doughnuts there's pedo shit going on. After hair metal died, he went to Nashville and that's why country music is pure pop and degeneracy now. Geffen connected, too.

46f998 No.11076894



Do I have spell everything out? DC is the state encompassing Washington DC

46f998 No.11076897

Virginia is the state ecompassing DC*

d1ffc4 No.11076934


>Desmond Child

Wrote Ricky Martin's "The Cup of Life" and "Livin' la Vida Loca".

Birth name John Charles Barrett

De(s)mond Child

He also cowrote on Bat Out Of Hell with (((Steinmen)))


The song reads like a Pizzagate anthem.

d1ffc4 No.11076941

File: b5477ff03015d75⋯.jpg (526.92 KB, 674x3020, 337:1510, Screenshot-2017-12-23 In t….jpg)

be4808 No.11077006

I haven't been to this thread in a long time, has any developments happened? I'm sad to think we came to a halt in the investigation due to lack of evidence. Sorry, Seth, soon but not yet.

8bf0ea No.11077033

File: f4fd89312351b84⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1298x728, 649:364, chinese_style_return.png)

11f4f0 No.11077120


What is the point of this post?

4959a9 No.11077632

File: 784aa549a022fc2⋯.jpg (22.35 KB, 678x381, 226:127, philidelphia-pedo-ring-678….jpg)

Philadelphia Child Protection Agency Caught Running Pedophile Ring



90f69b No.11077658


Pedophiles in Philadelphia?

Say that 10 times fast.

1a23b0 No.11078021


gives new meaning to "cheesesteak"


1a892c No.11078469


>>>/politics/ if you don't like it

1a892c No.11080302

A list of names at the Doha Conference on U.S. Relations with the Religion of Cuck™ic World


e98c13 No.11080489

File: b264004f5365f39⋯.png (240.38 KB, 610x629, 610:629, c833e2c670c0e49d547dac1fae….png)

So this happened.

3a5100 No.11080538


ARES fag here. Can confirm radio tends to be chill. A few creeps here and there, but same as anything.

9d896e No.11081052

File: e82c6abeccbbfcb⋯.png (259.19 KB, 416x331, 416:331, oz.png)

Why Spokane's HR director, for decades, didn't talk about own sexual harassment story



American Academy of Pediatrics Attacks Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Vaccine Safety



Pedo killed in Amtrak crash




Seriously folks, enjoy the good news while it lasts


Newtown’s Monte Frank Is Running For Lt Governor With Oz Griebel



San Francisco Pier 39 Terror Plot: Manufactured Terror For the Holidays?



Navy Veteran Makes Christmas Eve Plea for His Children



State official links troubled foster care system to human trafficking



350 Arrests in Dark Web Child Porn Takedown


Hillary Heckled About Pizzagate


New Developments in Awan Case


Spielberg = Pedo no shit sherlock edition


THE LIST - Dozens of Pedophiles Living in a Community, Possibly more


Entire Family Turns Trans


US pedonigger pays 16yo girl to fly out to him


28861d No.11081189

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How to wake up from a deep sleep


1a892c No.11081383


Speier's aide Miriam Goldstein was in contact with Randi Harper. (from CON Leaks)

Muslim Advocates employee Melody Sabooki interned with Speier. https://archive.is/22W1R

I don't know if that means anything. Awan is a bigger deal than either of these two.

3a105a No.11081714

I don't know if its relevant or if it was posted before, but i've been watching some serial killer documentary type of stuff, and found this:


2c5218 No.11081854

does anyone know why my pedogate thread on cuckchan got instantly pruned?

wtf is going on??

8bf0ea No.11081860


They only allow slide threads and fake generals now.

8bf0ea No.11082718

File: 06fd18cde2c7bb8⋯.png (300.26 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1514163106204.png)

It's like a video game where you fight massive droves of the most advanced dis-courage and demoralization psyops bots and operations from around the globe. They've even adopted the use of weaponized 'woos now. Pic related.

43367c No.11082936

File: 3a9adfaa1bed284⋯.png (158.28 KB, 432x279, 48:31, Jorge TORRES ORELLANA_Jorg….png)



1cc856 No.11083368


9d896e No.11083379

File: 1da8abe921808d8⋯.jpg (80.18 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 04-00.jpg)


in the future please post an archive of the link along with the original URL; this helps us incase of memoryhole activity which is all too common in these areas. thanks.


Israeli journalist calls for raping Palestinian minor female prisoner



8bf0ea No.11084488




8bf0ea No.11084797

Obligatory Primers



3a062d No.11085461

Amazon and Microsoft employees caught up in sex trafficking sting. They brazenly sent emails to brothels and pimps from their company accounts. Other companies involved include Boeing, T-Mobile, Oracle and local Seattle tech firms.


a1fe27 No.11085982


You don't know how many times times I was threatened with that. I even got threatened with Samoa but managed to escape Utah. It fucked me up for years too.

00cba6 No.11086291

File: 5c175ad7dfafddf⋯.jpg (185.75 KB, 750x375, 2:1, operation-pacifier-banner.jpg)


Somehow I managed to be one of the few who made it out alive and able to build some semblance of a life afterward, but it took time as things stayed rocky for quite some time. Today I am in contact with a few others who were my friends while there, we hang out time and again - mini support group if you will.

FRESH NEWS ON “OPERATION PACIFIER” PEDO RING BUST: Ringleader of Dark Web Child Porn Site “Playpen” Turns Informant on Site Admin and 350 Pervs in Cincinnati Pedophile Ring



00cba6 No.11086294

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


double dubs checked

22afab No.11086470

File: e923f548e3b6e4a⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 360x203, 360:203, witness god.webm)

keep up the good work anons, here some power for you.

00cba6 No.11086922

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Police to predators: ‘Be careful who you find because you might find us’



Trump Executive Order: Eric Schmidt and Other DeepState Swamp Dwellers Running for Cover



c4c757 No.11087019

The hq of the eastern satanic church is in new town ct which is where … That coroner was scared shitless ….

5c9afb No.11087135

File: dce4aad75d7e728⋯.png (382.64 KB, 404x538, 202:269, Heather.png)


Does /pol/ know about this???



Asked to explain what that phrase means, Culkin said “They wear shoes, belts, and wallets made out of the skin of children that have been ritually murdered.”

Have you seen leather products made from human skin? It has a very unusual, distinctive look. I learned at a very young age to identify it,” said 37-year-old Culkin, who has been living in Paris since 2003.

“I was 11 the first time I saw it. I was filming Home Alone 2 in New York,” Culkin said. “I was ushered into a back room on the set. There was a guy in there, a powerful executive suit type, you know what I mean?”

“He tried to make me relax. Gave me a can of Coke. Started telling me about the nature of the industry. Basically he wanted me to cut my parents out. He wanted to be my guardian. He said he would make me into the biggest teen star in history. He said I had it all. He said I had to get rid of my parents. I was like ‘Dude, I’m 11!’ and he said ‘You’re a man now.”

Macaulay Culkin then explained that the man “began to make his intentions clear as day.“

“He started breathing real shallow. My experience with perverts kicked in. I could tell he was interested in me.”

“He licked his lips and told me I was very handsome. I think I managed to say ‘thank you’ and started thinking about how I could get the f*ck out of there.”

“DUDE, I’M 11”

“Then he reached into his case and took out a crack pipe. He put it in his lap, took out this huge lighter, and continued to gaze at me with this overpowering sexual desire.”

“I was just staring at him. I think I said something like ‘Dude, I’m 11’ again.”

“I remember he said to me, it is a celebration, little man. To celebrate your upcoming success. Your many successes. Come. Sit back down.”

“He was tapping the pipe on his crotch, smiling this total creepazoid smile. I ran out of the room, but I ran straight into this other guy who was outside the room and he grabbed my by the arm and threw me back inside.”

“He lit the pipe and blew the smoke in my face. He told me to look at his shoes. He said they were made from the skin of children he and his friends had murdered. He said leather made from human skin is the finest leather known to man.”


Macaulay Culkin said the Hollywood executive then dropped a heavy hint about where the skin came from that was used to make his patent leather shoes.

“He asked me if I knew Heather O’Rourke.”

“Yeah, I remembered her. I grew up watching Poltergeist. I remembered her in Happy Days. She was so cute.”

“I vomited all over his shoes.”

Heather O’Rourke was an American child actress, discovered by director Steven Spielberg when she was visiting MGM’s studios and later cast as Carol Anne Freeling in the horror film Poltergeist. She had the movie’s most recognizable line: “They’re here!”

00cba6 No.11087162

File: e7f6017abdb4c06⋯.jpg (32.31 KB, 960x575, 192:115, 960x0.jpg)


lurk another 2 years, namefag


yes. archive nigger >http://archive.fo/6ImFz

Amazon And Google Employees Busted In Asian Sex Trafficking Sting



GEEKS GONE WILD: Amazon and Microsoft employees caught up in sex trafficking sting



18eea3 No.11087446

video link below

This video was removed by Cassie when she closed down her profile due to being bullied so harshly by Yolande Kenward and her associates at "Hoaxtead Research". The very people who call the Hampstead cover-up a HOAX.



00cba6 No.11087463

File: a4a13ec49436cd2⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 289x300, 289:300, pachon2-289x300.jpg)

‘Black Pope’ Pachon Resigns From Vatican After Child Abuse Charge

>Jesuit Superior linked to child abuse rituals

Catholic Jesuit Superior Adolfo Pachón has resigned from the Vatican office after being linked to a child sacrifice cult.

>The Spaniard was charged after several top Vatican officials were investigated for alleged links to child abuse rituals and the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult.

>The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (www.itccs.org) prosecuted the case in front of five international judges and a jury of 27 members.



8bf0ea No.11087861

File: 215ac32f91eb285⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1115x742, 1115:742, Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at ….png)

789f6f No.11087893


Could someone give me a rundown on (((their))) use of Alice In Wonderland symbolism?

8bf0ea No.11088277

File: 14294d3ba676141⋯.png (553.59 KB, 911x854, 911:854, happening.png)

There's an apparent love of symbolism. Not that all people or groups which use it are involved, nor that all within these groups are counterproductive people, but group(s) in question ((apparently)) adopt and and signal, perhaps even at times worship these symbols. This is the theory, or story at it's core, whichever you may call it. Things are happing fast now however, I wouldn't wast your time looking too deep into symbolism.

8bf0ea No.11088297


c29e9a No.11089354


Stupid fucker still hasn't learned the simplest of all red pills. That presidents aren't elected and the president will never be that change needed. They are two sides of the same coin funded by the same organization as always. Since the first president we were lied to, the documents that made this country were written and signed by free mason satanic niggers.

The rest of your post is suspect, and whoever doesn't now that the whole internet is compromised is fucking retarded.

d63660 No.11089497

File: 509422dc312e659⋯.png (820.09 KB, 1164x596, 291:149, 0bOVm5e.png)

File: 0cef15b8b3c636d⋯.jpg (229.04 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, 6iqpRX4.jpg)

File: 1121c567923ea9a⋯.jpg (228.21 KB, 663x930, 221:310, jjIzqAh.jpg)

File: 4d859797d4a12fd⋯.jpg (90.78 KB, 1024x487, 1024:487, kZaxVxM.jpg)

File: 6e59fe91aa7a2e9⋯.jpg (97.17 KB, 640x373, 640:373, NK8ejtE.jpg)

Have you seen Paul the 6's Audience Hall in the Vatican?

The outside is reminiscent of a snake's head.


The inside leaves no question.


In the center of the snake's mouth is "The Resurrection" by Fazzini.


If you mirror the resurrection, you get a very clear image of Baphomet/Khnum.





In fact, Khnum is from an ancient cult in Aswan, Egypt, where they used red granite quarries to build red granite obelisks. Eratosthenes used one of these red granite obelisks to measure the circumference of the earth, using it's shadow.


The Vatican still has that red granite obelisk standing in front of it, today…


The early incarnation of the Jesuits shaved off the writing somewhere between the 1400s and 1600s.

The red granite obelisk used to be in the Circus of Nero, where chariots would run people down in a track. This symbolism is referenced in a lot of places in modern times…


189c2e No.11089558


That's not true. Adolfo Pachon resigned already in October.

bfd4c5 No.11089559

Supposedly the Awans security clearances were FORGED


189c2e No.11089580


*October 2016.


197821 No.11090437

Found a synth wave artist using a lot of masonic symbols and pizza codes. Vincenzo Salvia.

Dated pre-pizzagate

https://w ww.hooktube.com/watch?v=V39N08FUcMg



00cba6 No.11090777

File: 890db2cd6a64b2b⋯.png (194.63 KB, 448x235, 448:235, Screen-Shot-2017-08-09-at-….png)

this is from august but worth a revisit




spoiler alert DO NOT click on the links within this page



Abel Danger's Field McConnell on Las Vegas, Paddock, Pedogate, 911 and JFK






this article is from 2014, and recently regurgitated by controlled opposition disinfo douchebag Neon Nettle dated 24 December 2017.

00cba6 No.11091178

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

(embed) Why Johnny Gosch Can't Come Home

HRC featured on Colbert tonight for anyone in US watching CBS (megapuke)

Muslim Teacher in Oregon Arrested for Molesting Female Students



Sexual Harassment Scandals May Drive Democrats Out Of Power In CALIFORNIA



Man Tells Woman to ‘Get Over It’ After Raping Her for Ten Years Starting When She Was Four, Police Say



Iowa boarding school director guilty of abuse charges



8 Former Child Actors Accuse Mentor Gary Goddard Of Sexual Abuse



Youth, Pornography and the Internet



dad3cc No.11091187


Lewis Carroll was a pedo that modern day pedos idolize and use symbolism from. Alice Day is their pride day.

86a5e3 No.11091411

File: 43625aa8a9f127b⋯.webm (3.93 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, x-men_sodomy_joke.webm)

Reference to fucking little kids in the ass in X-men "bloopers" reel. (0:22)

00cba6 No.11091451

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

(embed) Anonymous Exposes CPS's Dirty Tricks




Beth Moore Uses Lessons from her Past Sexual Abuse to Urge Parents to Protect their Kids



When Childhood Sexual Abuse Triggers Postpartum Depression



5 Ways To Teach Kids About Sexual Abuse



bedcbe No.11091734

"You All Just Got A Lot Richer," Trump Tells Rich Jewish Friends, Referencing Tax Overhaul


President Trump kicked off his holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago Friday night at a dinner where he told friends, "You all just got a lot richer," referencing the sweeping tax overhaul he signed into law hours earlier. Mr. Trump directed those comments to friends dining nearby at the exclusive club – including to two friends at a table near the president's who described the remark to CBS News – as he began his final days of his first year in office in what has become known as the "Winter White House."

The president has spent many weekends of his presidency so far at the "Winter White House," where initiation fees cost $200,000, annual dues cost $14,000, and some of the most affluent members of society have the opportunity to interact with the president in a setting while many Americans cannot. This weekend, the president arrived after signing the most consequential legislation, and arguably, the greatest achievement, of his presidency thus far.

1ffedc No.11091783


Fuckin based

ed411a No.11092024


He might be right. 3/4 of queers passed for straights until legalisation. About 1/4 still do. It was only the 1/4 flamers who were open about it.

Maybe only 1/4 of the pedos feel the need to get social validation or exchange/widen their victim pool. Probably 3/4 are content to graze within their family and acquaintance circle - certainly most female pedos work on their offspring.

He's just telling us we may need extra rope.

e541d9 No.11092429

File: 925455098e3983a⋯.jpg (91.05 KB, 736x588, 184:147, 925455098e3983ac10e0fe630b….jpg)

guys I have found some serious fucky shit while reading up on David Carradine and the alleged incest rumor about him (but lets save that for anotehr thread)… stumbled upon a very shade part of the normie web. I want to doxx the pedo slimebag that I've found but don't know where to begin… should I release any information or might it compromise everything? Never done this kind of work before but I've never been more determined to fuck a kikey bitch over like this.

571d88 No.11092459


Nobody likes a tease.

e541d9 No.11092480

I dont want that he gets warned in time, any1 could be reading here

e541d9 No.11092492


should I ask baphomet? think ill get any help?

571d88 No.11092496


I don't care what you do.

fc25bc No.11092853

What about rigged voting machines electing niggers and Democrats?

61b444 No.11093902



00cba6 No.11094691

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with 8chan "Bakers" (embed)


>this ouughtta be entertaining to say the least

Former guests accuse Dr. Phil of giving drugs, booze to addicts



97daf7 No.11094718


>podesta bros arrested

probably fake

certainly gay

We'll never get a payoff that big this easily. Also nice hooktube like you got there, NOT.

00cba6 No.11094759

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>throws poo while admitting hasnt watched it yet

a2852a No.11094824

File: 123ee08ed1234b5⋯.png (203.11 KB, 1533x1181, 1533:1181, 20171225_232049.png)

9f7596 No.11094837


I like that people are actually moving and shaking from what I saw in the video. However, I want all of you to know that discord is free because it sells all of your data for profit in any way they want to sell it. The next important thing that 8chan should consider is getting everybody they possibly can away from discord shill bullshit and towards something that simply exists to be a text, voice, and video client for anyone.

9f7596 No.11094842

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is a video about discord and why it shouldn't be used by…well anybody.

00cba6 No.11094847

File: 1afa905eaade721⋯.jpg (31.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1afa905eaade721fcb96cbbcbf….jpg)


tip jej

1ba115 No.11095557


To be fair is discord is that infiltrated then everything else is.

2a907d No.11095742


Discord isn't "infiltrated", it was always a honeypot. The deep state CIANiggers own all the servers all of the chat/images/video goes through. Read the EULA next chance you get. Discord is basically an arm of whatever the current iteration of ECHELON is.

00cba6 No.11096244


fuck you. reported.

d63660 No.11096422

Anthony Weiner laptop files are scheduled to drop today after FOIA request. You fuckers better get cracking.

00cba6 No.11096938

File: d8ed7cf55658731⋯.jpg (81.45 KB, 640x479, 640:479, GettyImages-174298035_1514….jpg)

>>11096422 (checked)

Emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop posted by State Department





Here are the emails:



00cba6 No.11096950



>here is a search for all the documents posted today by the state dept, a total of 1800



51b297 No.11097551

File: 3fc481556d218c3⋯.jpg (327.97 KB, 640x421, 640:421, elbow (1).jpg)

092aa8 No.11097563


Is there a point to this image?

00cba6 No.11097578

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

embed: End of Don Henley's Innocence

Former Scouts leader charged with 26 child porn offences disobeys court orders and returns to campsite surrounded by children

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5221925/Queensland-scout-leader-charged-26-child-porn-offences.html#ixzz52hlW5VV2

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook



This Drag Queen Dressed as a Satanic Goddess to Read to Kids






d87b16 No.11097601

active censorship >>11097320

00cba6 No.11097685


among the first things any newfag should be doing in addition to downloading Greatest Story Never Told, Mein Kampf and Synagogue of Satan among other resources, is to download every molecule of material available at >>>/zundel/

if you have been here longer than even 3 days and have failed to to this, then you should probably just gas yourself

00cba6 No.11097713

File: dbe5e9d87330e8f⋯.jpg (40.94 KB, 640x685, 128:137, 26055679_10155546525519580….jpg)

File: 9b159eac1183942⋯.jpg (57.48 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 26112132_10155546525514580….jpg)

File: 7e86f394195f485⋯.jpg (31.58 KB, 525x525, 1:1, 26168671_10155546525444580….jpg)

File: 059d5ffe6ec943a⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 500x332, 125:83, 26047281_10155546525584580….jpg)

File: 7d099473431fd04⋯.jpg (97.32 KB, 960x596, 240:149, 26047008_10155546525674580….jpg)

Glad to see the Weiner laptop state dept dump thread get stickied with some momentum.

Keep digging, lads

983405 No.11097818


Why do they always do the all caps with lowercase "i"?

e58389 No.11098014



00cba6 No.11098255


(1) im an oldfag and just lazy from decades of coding and other shit and (2) to allow other anons to recognize me via style when I choose to become so visible - for continuity. hey at least im not a namefag.

speaking of continuity, heres a gratuitous continuity link for the beauty that is the thread happening right now


00829f No.11098318

While I've been keeping tabs on this whole ugly business pretty much from the start, I'm done with being an spectator and want to do my part. Problem is, I'm a total greenhorn at this digging thing. Could you give me a few starter tips? Where should I look? How do I follow the paper trail? What keywords should I zone in on? I'm talking not just this but in general. Any guidance would be appreciated.

00cba6 No.11098373

File: 08b3182667c60ac⋯.jpg (49.01 KB, 604x453, 4:3, ed13a5c98c4e6c8aae546926a7….jpg)

Just gonna drop this here for /pol/acks interested in this thread to digest - it's the last show of the year I cohosted with Dr. A. True Ott PhD www.atrueott.com, joined as usual such as we have for the past six months or so by Major James Burdock, editor-in-chief of The Goldwater. This show encompasses a bird's-eye-view of the world as it stands today and how we got here. yes we talk about kikes

<happy new year faggots


1a72f3 No.11098559


Jesus tap dancing Christ are you reading my mind? I want to be a leg work anon now. I have been merely reading and contributing to discussion for the last couple of years, rarely providing any novel information. How do you get started? I have immense respect for those here who (with no proper compensation) compile interesting links or make infographics that are so effective they would make the best propagandists proud. I have been trying to redpill norms on 9/11 and the kikes hold on our foreign policy for years now, and I was almost ostracized irl for spouting holocaust revisionism around 2010. I think I’ll tone it down there but I want to still contribute.

00cba6 No.11098622

File: afcb4bc3d56396d⋯.jpg (48.25 KB, 480x357, 160:119, 4a09ea1bf3f6efb00840c937f6….jpg)



just in the case you two tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum are not glowinthedark cianigger shillfags from cuckchan, tap dance on this you larping faggots and get to digging and stop clogging up this thread with your larpfaggotry.


>that being said, STFU and lurk another TWO YEARS before ever posting here again.


70e3c5 No.11098739

now, this is a big pill to swallow, everybody read and spread, wow its bigger … huger! thanks Q


00cba6 No.11098748


we archive here niggerstein.

no matter what alphabet letter you identify with.

get with the program or go back.

that is an order.


97a703 No.11098776

File: dfd79bc23f4d627⋯.png (736.16 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, screenshot-www.youtube.com….png)

..UMMMM Goysss…..

why is the spirit cooker Marina Abramovic so eager to have quantum computers????

da fuq????????????


21:45 time stamp

5087c0 No.11098792


Just do it holmes. We're busted up, compartmentalized - which while being our great weakness - is also our great strength.

We are all commanders. Sieg heil.

62711d No.11099162

File: fa7a4dcba2257e5⋯.jpg (91.88 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 2016-08-07 14.10.45 131175….jpg)


62711d No.11099211

File: 3f81a5b1aee9951⋯.png (639.66 KB, 908x612, 227:153, eastern star.png)



(Tom Petty's Daughter #pettygate)

She has a skull (masonic) and the eastern star logo over her fucking eye. I show the logo for comparison she just posted the photo on her instagram but the eye face paint is masonic.

Come on now. You are waiting for a storm and there are angels striding around the sky and shit this is spiritual warfare. Belive jesus died and shed his blood for your sins and was raised from the dead and accept jesus christ as your saviour, Some people are rolling their eyes thinking I am diluting what I am bringing as evidence maybe but the amount of luciferian masonic filth that is just a shitty artistic craft in their own rights makes me yearn for the power of the cross. People still attribute satanism with rebellion. These people are not allowed to discuss religion or politics. They have to walk around like nutcrackers and just be a cultist. This is not rebellion when it is so much of an enforced thing that the goal of professional satanism aka masonry is to publicly flay people in the streets and act like those paintings of demons impaling people in a big hellscape. So the only way to rebel in a fallen world is to come back to white people land get back with god and jesus and stop humoring this mythic distraction when it compliments your coerced stances on social issues.

83e1aa No.11099638

File: dc818505cd7c18d⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 851x233, 851:233, dc818505cd7c18d783e945581d….jpg)



>Traumatic bonding occurs as the result of ongoing cycles of abuse in which the intermittent reinforcement of reward and punishment creates powerful emotional bonds that are resistant to change.[72][73]

I thought that post smelt odd.

83e1aa No.11099641


Another really odd post.

They really think they can traumatise anons ay.

83e1aa No.11099645



What the fuck is with all these truncated posts.


00cba6 No.11100200

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nope, its called archiving posts by real anons, nigger. Lurk another 2 years.

The Complete History of the House of Rothschild

> http://archive.is/4VICK


790ad2 No.11100635


Not sure if this helps but Virginia and and DC have double plus the amount of cases of sid than the average.

cdbd64 No.11101183

The child love logos are meant to symbolize an adult and a child - it is an open spiral because they believe children can consent to sex and are not trapped. They also are not secret or hidden ; these logos are all over the place on their message boards.

bd0785 No.11101204

Recent Seth Rich Developments:

a new article


>Attorney who sued DNC for fraud admits Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were both witnesses in his case

>By Shepard Ambellas - December 30, 2017

>(INTELLIHUB) — Attorney Jared Beck recently took to Twitter where he explained on the record that Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were witnesses in his year-long class-action legal battle with the Democratic National Committee over the organization’s mishandling of the 2016 Primary before both Rich and Lucas mysteriously turned up dead.

>The Beck & Lee suit came to a screeching halt in late-August after the case was dismissed by a Florida judge following then DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s resignation in July.

an older article


>by WorldTribune Staff, July 2, 2017

>Lawyers in a fraud suit against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a motion for an order of protection in a Florida court that described three threatening incidents and cited the deaths of DNC employee Seth Rich and lawsuit process server Shawn Lucas.

>The U.S. District Court denied the motion on June 15, the same day Seattle-based writer/activist Zach Haller penned an article for the Medium website detailing the incidents and blasting the silence and complicity of major U.S. media outlets.

an older article


>Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas witnesses from grave in DNC lawsuit, Attorneys Jared Beck and Elizabeth Beck, Rich proven to be source of Wikileaks leaks negates Russian hacking narrative, Dead men don’t talk but evidence does

cdbd64 No.11101357


"Cheese pizza" as a codeword for child pornography actually has its roots in early 4chan culture, when pedobear jokes and the like were more widespread. Captain Picard was another code. It was largely a meme and a joke when it started.

a4bd25 No.11101410

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

<Just a quick note to the lads doing the real digging on the latest state dept dump - what a fantastic thread that is happening now. I love you guys; keep up doing Kek's work.

(embed) MKUltra Glitches And Strange Behaviors

New A Tale of Two Coreys Promo | Premieres January 6 | Lifetime


How To Write Your Name Under Duress



Texas Mother of Daughter Injured by Gardasil Vaccine Fights to Get Daughter Back as Attorneys Betray Her





0382fd No.11102292

File: a93dd274df36e2f⋯.jpg (92.08 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 11274109_842478015787484_1….jpg)

I found a lot of strange photos of garages on instagram that leads me to belive there are covert entrances to a tunnel system of sorts.


I should have kept my religious views to myself but I dont get the traumatic bonding reference.

0382fd No.11102304

File: 69550adf7a37af6⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 11271262_1569764249955941_….jpg)


Heres another one. Nothing too pie in the sky got a little demonic sigil drawn on the hollow sidewalk.

0382fd No.11102340


Jaque Demolay, A frenchman was the head of the knights templar. The pope ordered the public execution by burning at the stake Jaque Demolay. There where many charges of witchcraft. Of course the knights templar worshiped baphomet. But more than that there was allegations of child pedophilia among the templars. For that they where disbanded and forced underground. Now we even see /pol/ mixed with templar iconography like with the knight. That is partly why there is an insistence on setting up guillotines. In the masonic game Assasins Creed. They have a cutscene of someone being beheaded and then one french fag says to himself "justice for demolay". So executions in general could be said to be a templar thing. Beyond that there is a masonic literal boys club called Demolay. Basically its like the boy scouts.

0382fd No.11102361


I forgot to mention the day that Jacques was set on fire for being a faggot was Friday the 13th. Freemasons even admit that is the origin to the superstition surrounding friday the 13ths. So jason vorhees murdering these kids in camp crystal lake that is a redemption of his public disgrace. This is serious the Bataclan Terrorist attack was on friday the 13th IN FRANCE. So clearly we see a menacing element at work there.

18eea3 No.11103751

>Ex-Super Model Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend are attacking investigate journalist Liz Crokin on Twitter. Teigen & Legend have a lot in their closet that they are desperate to hide. Most notably their relationship with Satanist Marina Abramovic who is directly connected to John & Tony Podesta. If you're on Twitter go and defend Liz Crokin.

<having to post as a torpedo because some based mod kikefucker thinks I am a "disingenuous kike"

Sun Herald presents a six-part investigation into Mississippi's child protection system






Smith-Mundt “Modernization” Act and False Flag Terror



research the 1934 Haavara Agreement

965374 No.11104075


Never saw that post .

965374 No.11104094

something that is very telling with all of these CEOs resigning is the way they decided to resign. How did they in unison decide to ride off into the sunset? Do they share a lawyer? Are they all golf buddies? Whats the connection here lel. Why would Eric Shmidt resign and then big boss man calls the quits in another industry. The late 80s and early 90s fashon had very extruding sholder pads in suits. We are talking about power players who wear those big suits in the current year because they are that wealthy. How do they all converse and decide to pony up and resign? Because THAT is the method of child torture and human trafficking. It is FREEMASONRY and it is nothing else.

18eea3 No.11104254



>The rumor on Twitter is that there are a lot of Congressmen that won't be coming back from Christmas break…

and dont forget to research that 1934 Haavara Agreement

1768a8 No.11104808


>Hollow sidewalks

ffbf4f No.11107337

David Brock david_brock@mediamatters.org davidbrockdc@hotmail.com 202-756-4107 Work 202-744-7480 Cellular 302-226-3566

ffbf4f No.11107605

John Podesta Podestafam podesta@law.georgetown.edu jpodesta@americanprogress.org 244-5673 Home 662-953

1dcbba No.11107852

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees



WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: NBC’s Matt Lauer Reported in 2013: Hillary Clinton COVERED UP State Department Investigation into ELITE PEDOPHILE RING



Why you should buy your teenage kids sex toys



18eea3 No.11107947

So today I encountered the 'Abyss' ad, a really strange ad that FUDs Bitcoin and promotes their token. It uses porn websites which I found very strange for an ad on (((Youtube))) considering their stances on anything not family friendly.


If you go to the website you can see the logo for the Abyss, and It looked very similar. I then realised it was the logo from the FBI documents on Pizzagate.


Are there any more links to the Pizzagate cp ring on their main website?


764945 No.11107960

File: 76d9bdca28bfd58⋯.png (99.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pizzagateabyss.png)

1dcbba No.11108117

File: ce5e461b6def3b6⋯.jpg (601.79 KB, 946x1553, 946:1553, 220106_It-1990.jpg)

File: 503fc362e2e3d77⋯.jpg (22.87 KB, 500x256, 125:64, 26112081_10213342115439682….jpg)

File: 703afe9a5e13bfd⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 26167164_10213342114799666….jpg)

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Respond to Pizzagate Pedophile Ring Accusation



Deva Neil DePodesta Net Worth



Mihm: Sex harassment scandal has potential to reshape Congress



cdbd64 No.11108246


Sometimes a triangle is just a triangle.

e7714a No.11108272


A three sided object inside another three sided object is the symbol for child fucking.

789f6f No.11108308


This >>11108117 seems to indicate it is more than just a triangle within a triangle. Every example is counter-clockwise spiral that forms a triangle within a triangle.

cdbd64 No.11108498


Not that simple. Pedophiles make their symbols easy to recognize. They see these symbols as their own version of a pride flag/activism, it doesn't make sense for them to make it cryptic. In their own words:

>The triangle theme originated with the inverted pink triangle that known homosexuals were forced to wear in Nazi concentration camps during Germany's Third Reich period. Gay communities have adopted the upside down pink triangle as a symbol of gay pride. The BLogo designers took that symbology a step further, inverting the triangle and changing the color to blue. The BLogo is designed to be an easily recognizable and reproducible logo for boylovers, while also being anonymous when the situation demands it. A large consideration in the design process was to make a symbol that could be easily drawn in the sand with a finger.


0b1d4b No.11108756


its older then that but became a meme on 4chan

e44616 No.11108953

File: 32ab681830fe54d⋯.png (747.92 KB, 1030x486, 515:243, logos.png)

File: 6cc645714762c4d⋯.png (3.54 MB, 1608x1332, 134:111, saville.png)

File: 4d305a00b86c1cd⋯.png (156.99 KB, 240x321, 80:107, dando_suspect.png)

File: cc1a80cb10bc9a6⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 359x233, 359:233, marx.jpg)

File: 1cd92dc39100635⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 504x385, 72:55, 1513079191727.jpg)


Related interesting images

00cba6 No.11109874

File: b7848418bb40a41⋯.jpg (185.95 KB, 616x308, 2:1, 180101-lawrence-tribe-tota….jpg)

Crooked Hillary Takes Jab at POTUS After He Goes Scorched Earth on FBI Corruption



00cba6 No.11110180

File: 0f1481b7b4e0bdc⋯.png (512.58 KB, 800x831, 800:831, c47522e10f0e5076298b73e43a….png)

JUST NOW press secty Sanders was asked point blank about the Huma Abedin emails during todays press briefing and she basically replied "obviously the facts of this case are disturbing" and that Drumpf wants to make sure that no one is above the law and to look forward to hearing more on this from DOJ

232144 No.11111334


This is pompous, self-righteous ass is a vile piece of shit. This fucker works for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and proclaims himself to be a man of God, while he's spent YEARS touching little kids.

He stalked a young girl two years straight and lured her into his home while his wife was away. He forced that little girl sit on his goddamn lap while he massaged and fondled her. He was also a part of his Church's Youth Group and babysat both boys and girls in the same time frame.

He was brought to court and got a slap on the fucking wrist, the Justice system did nothing for the victims due to his status.

He's a lying fuck who's brainwashed his wife, his children, and everyone in the community. Expose this pervert to the world and destroy his reputation beyond all repaire. I want him in ruins.

2620 Eric Ave

Central Point, OR 97502-1614

(541) 664-6058 - Landline

(541) 664-3493 - Landline

(541) 326-5247 - Wireless

(503) 664-9041 - Landline

(408) 265-7486 - Landline

(541) 592-3773 - Landline

(541) 664-9041 - Landline

(541) 774-4385 - Landline


63b769 No.11112049

File: 86b1b0628ccd08e⋯.jpg (9.33 KB, 115x238, 115:238, sqshadowl.jpg)

The funny thing about the toy videos and elsagate is the fact that its so simple. Everyone tries to make a concordance where spiderman is the demonic urge of man and whatnot. After taking a look at this beach ball I immediately realize the point of it is to hellishly revile in a context like marvel universe as to imply these are little acted scenes and not just sra light in cartoon costumes. These folks will take a damn priests outfit and do the little banishings while dressed as a deacon or a catholic priest with the collar. Literally the opening movements in masonic ceremony is basically a mason dressed with a priests collar holding a stave in one hand and doing a salute that instead of hand to head its hand to neck. They have a mason dressed as a catholic preist holding a stave in one hand and holding a karate chop to his throat. marching in the basic directions. Now I understand its so difficult to allow or even humble one to christ but you see is it any mystery how all of these reports of priests abusing kids. MAYBE THE KIDS ARE TOO FOCUSED ON THE DEACON THAT LITERALLY BEGINS ALL MASONIC RITUALS. THE KIDS THINK THEY ARE IN CHURCH.

a70c83 No.11113345

haven't been following the threads or this topic recently, but was watching them in the beginning. I'm just wondering, does anyone outside of this site even know about the pictures and information other than the emails and symbols? I have not seen one news agency cover those images, nor do I see your average person who believes in pizzagate defending it with the images, the only thing anyone ever talks about are the emails.

d4dc2e No.11114248

File: 4d3aa7d17313abd⋯.jpg (58.77 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 19znwe.jpg)

>7 stickies

4addf2 No.11114901


Keep talking shit and it'll be 12.

1a892c No.11115221

File: 4486d7b9630b604⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 100x123, 100:123, debian.jpg)


> does anyone outside of this site even know about the pictures and information other than the emails and symbols?

Normies only know that there were accusations of a pedophile ring in a pizza parlor, everyone said it was debunked, and some crazy person shot up the place. They haven't seen the pictures. They haven't seen the emails (and most of them have alternative explanations anyway). They don't know that someone was arrested for child trafficking in Haiti and another person died investigating it.

Any normie who tries to get into Pizzagate is going to see a room full of nutters screaming "Pedo!" at every swirl they see, and little to no serious discussion of solid info. They'll assume there's nothing to it and walk out.

6d36ed No.11115339

File: 24c0aeae2eb34e0⋯.jpg (63.75 KB, 634x878, 317:439, 47B3758000000578-5228857-A….jpg)

File: 7c9c205c7c13144⋯.jpeg (148.79 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, U5ds87xGsN2Mbn3iiRWnPFimR….jpeg)

'You can just do you': Boy, 10, founds a drag club for KIDS so they can express themselves in a 'positive, encouraging, and safe' space

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5228857/A-10-year-old-drag-queen-founded-drag-club-kids.html#ixzz53BC4Nzcu

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook



Podesta's Artist - stuff so bad journalists don't show it in articles



The former Cambridge 'sex slave' sold to undergraduates at 14



Glenn Greenwald: Is Facebook Operating as an Arm of the Israeli State by Removing Palestinian Posts?



happy new year lads

e31537 No.11115473


Nice archiving, faggot.

96d0a1 No.11116216

File: a7f9a0975e5e3e7⋯.jpg (107.84 KB, 640x360, 16:9, chains-19176_640.jpg)


thats mister faggot to you but thanks nonetheless; i try to play ball when theres a good game happening.



3a4719 No.11116452


No, Christcucks are just filled with the same pedophile urges due to their spiritual communion with a Semitic idol.

18eea3 No.11116587

Maybe off topic question but.. if I wanted to research a bunch of NGOs linked to illegal immigration in Europe, would I find any interested people around here?

25b844 No.