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Four more years

File: 03aff0841ee974d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.93 KB, 872x610, 436:305, 03aff0841ee974d198875e925c….jpg)

5990a7 No.10955018

/pol/ Investigations Thread

+ Pizzagate

+ Seth Rich

+ Clintons and other (((elites)))

It's all connected, so post it here.

Last Pizzagate thread:



Last Seth Rich thread:



/pol/ Investigations Thread #1:



/pol/ Investigations Thread 2:


94b8c2 No.10955308

Bumped and sticky requested, no surprise this is being slid.

b4f7e5 No.10955313

File: a33f2c43101bbf1⋯.gif (248.69 KB, 500x210, 50:21, slide2.gif)

What are you hiding?

b4f7e5 No.10955340

File: 183c46150937c91⋯.gif (992.24 KB, 500x250, 2:1, slide.gif)


Bump slide….

3b9120 No.10955343


A bump for you fellow anon.

05f5c6 No.10955359


Another bump cause his name was Seth good enough to fuck your mother Rich

Also alefantis will be hanged

f75867 No.10955472

File: 3e45de37768b15a⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Now there has been talk of something wicked going on in detroit. The fact they have a satanic temple that is very vocal is no surprise. But initially I remembered the little dwarf that kid rock jammed with because it is kind of bilikin esque. First of all the name kid rock is suspicious and he is in all the genres country hip hop and rock he is a huge touring act could he be involved?

f75867 No.10955483

File: b7bcec17b9184fa⋯.jpg (54.33 KB, 502x650, 251:325, 05-kidrock.jpg)


This is kind of spiral esque but the real find here is the crown in the I of kid rock. This is a symbol that we keep seeing with sasha lord presents the promoter of comet ping pong.

If you search by location on instagram for comet ping pong they had stamped CROWNS on the hands of everyone there to see the shitty bands.

1694cb No.10955575


8e4217 No.10955682

Anons, I think I've stumbled across some pizza children. Look for a report with pics in three days.

94b8c2 No.10955799


>tried to go for a more "wholesome" image and music style more recently

>tried to go for a populist politician angle before admitting or being forced to give up and end up claiming that it was all as sham to sell his album

There's a possibility.

18eea3 No.10955885

560753 No.10955961

File: 46150f8c9c55199⋯.png (421.67 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 5ACA218E-F1D7-4E92-A7A9-FF….png)

this guy George Webb is investigating everything up to pizzagate. He says dominoes means weapons and cheese is drugs. Makes no fucking sense. Says pizza gate is a throw.

He’s full of shit. He obviously has heavyweight connections feeding him info that is driving the direction of investigations and lawsuits and protecting him up to pizza gate. Is he cia, mossad, who does he report to.

Pizzagate is the one thing (((they))) can’t allow to be exposed. But it will be.

b5b08a No.10956100


The Finders were big in Michigan and Wisconsin.

b5b08a No.10956107


You better not be lying.

045ffb No.10956109


into the oven with you kike. filtered.

pegasus museum does have a basement, known as the "killing room"

045ffb No.10956203

File: 3beef66e0cc77f0⋯.jpg (24.6 KB, 639x684, 71:76, 23915756_1535138096576679_….jpg)


Arizona Judge: Child Removed from Home Illegally – Only Reason Was Child Was “Adoptable”


1297f1 No.10956260

File: c64e4d0d34680d9⋯.jpeg (16.76 KB, 194x259, 194:259, image.jpeg)

File: a7f968d78cb67a6⋯.png (803.05 KB, 1645x781, 1645:781, image.png)


I remember recently seeing his face at the newsstand and thinking he looks a lot more jewy than when I was younger; though I wasn't on the lookout for symptoms in junior high.

One of the B sides on his first album was "Bull God" as in moloch.


>I am the Bullgod

I am free

And I feed on all that is forsaken

>The illegitimate son of man

The T-O-P to the D-O-G, or the P-O-T to the G-O-D

Written by RJ Richie from Atlantic records.


I'll reply to you and starve shlomo a (you). CPP has a basement also confirmed by jimmy himself.

d2ccc8 No.10956424


b5b08a No.10956539

Corpses can be used as a source of energy for electricity.

b5b08a No.10956546


Maybe technology is being made out of sacrificed people somehow.

b5b08a No.10956562



They can use biowaste for energy and they have used aborted fetuses to power some hospitals.

f5abd8 No.10956594

>False flags



>Controlled Opposition


Above all..

Being this new

Consider suicide.


b5b08a No.10956653


Insanity in ((Marion)) County in Oregon.


7b14fa No.10957010

File: 56e5ccee9df23a8⋯.jpg (58.67 KB, 660x400, 33:20, 4564564.jpg)

Former Clinton Foundation Executive Tied To Chinese Kindergarten Abuse Scandal

>The Clinton Foundation is no stranger to scandal. However, the charity is facing renewed criticism after it was revealed that one of the foundation’s former executives, Joel Getz, was also an independent Director at RYB Education. RYB Education is the parent company of a Beijing kindergarten at the center of a massive scandal in China that emerged in the wake of allegations toddlers were being injected with drugs and possibly sexually abused.

>CNN wrote: “State-run Xinhua news agency reported that police have opened an investigation into RYB Xintiandi, a private kindergarten in Beijing, after numerous parents accused the school of drugging and molesting their children. Beijing’s education authority confirmed the police investigation in a statement.” The Beijing-located kindergarten was shut down in the wake of the allegations.

>The Daily Mail related that Chinese police had detained three daycare staff for suspected abuse. This latest debacle is not the first time RYB Education schools have been the center of abuse allegations. The Daily Mail wrote that “RYB already apologized in April and suspended the head of a Beijing kindergarten after admitting that teachers committed “severe mistakes”. The Beijing News had obtained videos showing teachers throwing a child on a bed and kicking another in the back.” There was an additional RYB-related scandal in northeast Jilin province in October 2016.

>Joel Getz is shown in a document published by Reuters to have been an independent Director at RYB Education, in addition to his former role at the Clinton Foundation and his work for Yale as Senior Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations.



719427 No.10957078


i'm not sure who he reports to. but pizza has NOTHING to do with drugs. he looks like a total fucking idiot here.

94fc05 No.10957128


i thought we already confirmed this kike was mossad


Jane you ignorant slut. a couple years ago, J.A. admitted in an interview that there was a basement in CPP. but as far as we know it seemed CPP was possibly a meeting place for these types and pegasus museum had the actual ' kill room ' as confirmed by the investigative work of many anons. Do a little research and see the sourced material. Pizzagate wiki is back up again and voat/pizzagate really is an awesome tool if youre too lazy to go thru the archives ITT. and half of the people that post there are /our guys/.

b5b08a No.10957537


Regarding the RYB Kindergarten and it's direct connections to Hillary Clinton

1fbbcc No.10958582


Teachers at RYB are educated at the Erikson institute. Connections to Podestas wife and Ghislaine Maxwell's sister.

This was a pizzagate op to blackmail chinks.


560753 No.10958660

File: b1ab459e4cc8d77⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1064977E-7B3D-4B36-915B-1D….png)


Just answer this one question.

18eea3 No.10958842



Any way the site admin can break/refuse that link referral from voat.co?

ec8727 No.10959237






















Contents of the deleted posts will be revealed in due time. I'll answer questions about Masons in the meantime.

27898a No.10959248


They do it all the time now. I've given up on this place tbh, too many spiral dopes ITT and Israhell loving Qtards fucking up every other thread.

So here's some voat links. If you're serious about investigating this stuff shut the fuck up about your dumb spiral obsession and check out the Chinese kindergarten scandal. Voat has found direct connections to not only Clinton Fdn but to Dorn, Ayers and the Weather Underground crowd. Also direct connections to relatives of jarret, Epstein and others. This is very big.



7c6f38 No.10959274


>Now there has been talk of something wicked going on in detroit.

Look into Tamara "Strawberry" Green and her hit

d3fb2a No.10959314

What's the beat Talmud to read to understand Jews?

1fbbcc No.10959414

File: 18cbf0c02ee8c0c⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1564x1564, 1:1, 8cdzoryjhy2y.jpg)


>pizza place with no basement

Wrong, Even Alefantis himself said there is a basement, pic related.

Alefantis-owned Besta Pizza next door certainly has a basement.


05798b No.10959464



5be797 No.10959511




you have to go back.

490ccf No.10959519

File: 1e0881a76202817⋯.jpg (58.75 KB, 550x662, 275:331, kid rock 7487.jpg)

File: 794809a0abf9f5a⋯.jpg (55.85 KB, 560x401, 560:401, young kid rock.jpg)

File: 48d3260ec2f0052⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 750x563, 750:563, kid rock 7657.jpg)


>kid Rock

1fbbcc No.10959551


The Epstein connection is wrong, unfortunately. Not the same Christine Maxwell.

The Clinton Foundation link is real, but I think (((Getz))) only recently came into office.

RYB is linked to the Erikson Institute though.

http:// archive .is/ZYf6a

The Erikson Institute is 100% kikery. Its secretary (((Adelstein))) is friends with Tony Podesta. Makes sense for someone working in early education no?

https:// archive .is/Ha6rg

23233d No.10959576


>another kike

355e17 No.10959691

kike Rock


1d3163 No.10959710


Where else should we go if this place is overrun by shills? cuck chan is cucked, and voat feels gay as hell. i hear /k/ is promising, but its too edgy for me. I just want memes and politics

23233d No.10959712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ex-Clinton Foundation Exec Linked To Chinese Kindergarten Under Investigation For Alleged Child Molestation


>Chinese authorities have shut down a Beijing kindergarten operated by RYB Education, a U.S.-listed education firm, following reports of alleged sexual abuse. Joel Getz, a former executive at the Clinton Foundation, is an Independent Director at RYB Education and the Senior Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations at Yale University.

1fbbcc No.10960074

File: 14bac1af2e66cc4⋯.jpg (30.2 KB, 320x381, 320:381, HlAHcSvf4hYHTelyToUmsyR-h4….jpg)


Cause elite pedophilia never happens does it kike?

You are the mental illness. They hide behind degenerate pedo apologists like you.

die painfully

a7bbda No.10960132


Just like with niggers and the truth, it simply comes down to math and statistics. Here let me get in the posting zone that our new refugees with their new glow in the dark containment board are used to:

How many children go missing each year in the USA?

How many are found dead?

How many are never found?

Who has disposable income to hide a child?

Statistically the elite are responsible for a large amount of annual missing kids. The same as a white is smarter then a nigger on average, a millionaire/billonaire/political elite are more likely to fuck kids….it just makes sense mathematically.

2ab003 No.10960153

File: 3dd6be812fa41b2⋯.jpg (170.75 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, Liev Schreiber Pedophile.jpg)


Does anyone else have a gut feeling Colbert is imminently to be exposed as a pedo?

44dacf No.10960176


I'm more worried that he starts seeing Trump voters in his audience and mass murders them all on live TV while shouting HER TURN.

d3fb2a No.10960181


He probably is a pedo but I doubt they aould take him down cause he is too popular to take down without possibly causing panic all over the country. Over half the country would have an existential crisis over night.

e93fc1 No.10960194

File: 5742aab32ba0afe⋯.jpg (43.98 KB, 800x507, 800:507, lived.jpg)



1fbbcc No.10960200

File: 704a00f3e66e5bd⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>Catholic from a big family with a father who died when he was young

>Taught Sunday school at a church notorious for abuse, eg Mitch Walters

>His archdiocese covered it up

>He held fundraisers for proven pedo cover upper Dolan

>He's friends with Podesta and an all round creep

But Colbert is an example of a deep pedo, not just a sexual harasser. I really don't think any of his type will be indicted anytime soon.

d3fb2a No.10960234


Where are these statistics found at? I think there is proof the elite are abusing children by the simple fact staistics are impossible to find(or don't exist at all). When pizza gate first started I spent hours trying to find studies, statistics, or anything to gauge how many children go missing and how many never come home. They say how many go missing and what percent are found but don't really tell you how many or where are never found again. They only say like 99% are found in a year or something like that. Not exactly specific. Some states have numbers for themselves but not really. If anyone knows how to get this info please respond and tell me.

6368a7 No.10960267



Jimmy is going to fry

So is his manager of that pizza shop ryan Vaughn Mr comet stain for life

Also we need to get to the bottom of cheesybay eBay seller and the Mr potato head connection between kang nigger , the cunt, alefantis, and bif skipman aka dave stone

e93fc1 No.10960285

File: 33a1ae0d88f8ace⋯.jpg (103.5 KB, 983x1200, 983:1200, HONK HONK.jpg)

there is no exit in this rabbit hole..you will aimlessly wander begging for guidance hahahaha

b5b08a No.10960639


At least you bumped the thread.

23233d No.10961289


>bumping a sticky

522760 No.10961372


https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/>be autistic incel >no drive or ambition/

oh jew

dabfd6 No.10961630


Oh, fuck dude, talk about copy-pasta from Mon 16 Oct 2017.

d3fb2a No.10962009


Isn't he self admitted ex-CIA? Or was it that he was claiming to have CIA family. I only watched his early stuff

d3fb2a No.10962021


That's the dumbest shit I have ever heard

b5b08a No.10962093


Good goy

b5b08a No.10962323



Here's the website of the company.

8e4217 No.10962473


I think my contact gave me false information. But I will get something in the future. I've got a good feeling about some leads.

6ffa54 No.10962515

I don't know about an energy source, but read a comment a while back about them reducing the kids to liquid using some kind of chemical. Linked into that Dave Flintstone guy and his Hawaii operation. Being stored in blue barrels? Anyone remember that bit of insanity?

b5b08a No.10962519



a87dce No.10962523


the Cheesybay saga and the underground vodka distillery? Yeah there was a pic of one of Flintsone's profiles and he said he ran a 'candybar graveyard' or some such. Screencaps also included the Heavy Breathing freak long before we knew about it.

6ffa54 No.10962553



Found the comment… "CGI and company are kidnapping raping torturing kids them melting the bodies with hydrochloric acid in blue buckets. I saw the pics. That shit hurts the soul to see. I saw the drain hole where they dump the liquid remains. Also the bucket with organic matter still in it. Fucking hand prints where they scraped it out. 577 Pakala Lane Kuaai Hawaii" -Captain Crunch shtfplan forum

a7fd7d No.10962657

File: ba0edaa8c1f24ad⋯.png (65.07 KB, 499x453, 499:453, november 2017 map.png)

File: 4359a69e5ada289⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 583x404, 583:404, besta pizza logo.jpg)



>"kill room"

Reminder not to take that name too literally. Probably just an edgy name for a room they thought was spooky after they moved into the building—though who knows.


Reminder we don't know he owns Besta, (correct me if I'm wrong here), but he does own Buck's on the same strip, and Buck's does have a basement. On the other hand, reminder that Besta's logo was the first and most obvious pedo logo we discovered.

db5ec4 No.10962669


Why lie about it, then?

a7fd7d No.10962688


>Why lie about it, then?

Are you asking why someone posted "here is the kill room!" as a caption on for a dark photo of a windowless lightless concrete cellar room, if they were not literally in the habit of killing people there??

db5ec4 No.10962708


No. Why would you think that? I'm clearly not asking that.

Why lie about there not being a basement if there are no unscrupulous activities taking place in it?

a7fd7d No.10962713


Oh. Sure, that one is fishy.

99fc2c No.10962874

File: 311a53d7b1a756f⋯.jpg (115.79 KB, 1200x677, 1200:677, r0_100_4080_2403_w1200_h67….jpg)


Ex-Clinton Foundation Exec Linked To Chinese Kindergarten Under Investigation For Alleged Child Molestation


Don Burke a sexual harasser and ruthless bully, claims series of women


Bob Mueller on Dick Cavett in the 70s

>https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=TXi1XUjGPAQ

COMPROMISED: Sex-abuser Congressmen are open to massive blackmail


a8f01a No.10962992


Is Don Burke a kike?

a90815 No.10963161


hello James

b5b08a No.10963235


Burke is an Irish and British name, but he probably changed his name or is part kike.

0d36b4 No.10963322



Don Burke is the man behind the greatest gardening show ever to grace the television you savages.

Well, except maybe Gardening Australia and that's your bloomin lot then