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Gas the kikes, race war now.

File: 315922714e5009f⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 996x1289, 996:1289, ic-2769.jpg)

99a6a2 No.11007146

New signs are going up. Can't wait for the reactions.

e20132 No.11007162

Cool story bro

000000 No.11008511



>not helvetica

I feel I should direct you fine anons towards the most suitable text option:


or Antiqua





Make Christmas Yuletide Again.


5a2629 No.11008519

cool, you might have used my suggestion, godspeed, anon

2544f2 No.11008567




Checked TORpedo on target for Helvetica. Remember to reduce kerning on larger point sizes

6f7233 No.11008570


imo better without the watermark op. Wellmade though.

7f1d61 No.11008591

Big if true. Definitely stir some shit.

3f1c68 No.11008986

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'd avoid Helvetica, all things considered. It's overplayed.

First nigger to suggest Comic Sans gets shot.

2a9428 No.11009007


>Implying OP will deliver

That's actually pretty nice. Too bad OP is most likely a faggot who won't do anything.

e91004 No.11009274

File: e05c3b219fbfd28⋯.jpg (5.42 KB, 274x184, 137:92, download.jpg)



6ac3f4 No.11009290


Honestly Verdana is the best font ever.

54a836 No.11009348


Cheesy and overused AF.

887f31 No.11009391


Helvetica Neue is by far the most clean and readable font there is.

ecf219 No.11009456

Fanfuckingtastic. Do it OP.

815cf4 No.11009534

German Bold Italic


d41e6c No.11009651


>helvetica for everything

It's a good typeface, but overused, and it would be out of place on an image of the American Wild West. And remember the Dunning-Krueger effect can also apply to you.

c3c1ac No.11009673

Please remove the watermark, they lessen the impact of the campaign by attaching a "face" to it.

2c114e No.11009795


468af3 No.11009823


Agreed. As others have said a different font would be nice, I'd actually like something a bit more rustic/ ye olde looking. Obviously all English is 'the white man's', but those styles feel MORE European as others cannot emulate them. They are also aesthetically pleasing.

833f6c No.11009874


Helvetica is crap and always has been yid.

000000 No.11010177


>helvetica is crap


Where's the proof, agent ?

Provide one solid argument for your objection.

Pro tip:

You can't.

bb843a No.11010198


If you argue about fonts you are a giant faggot. Polite sage.

675aae No.11010244


> If you argue about fonts you are a giant faggot


but that font is really wrong

7f1d61 No.11010307


>And remember the Dunning-Krueger effect can also apply to you.

Well that's an out of place thing to say.

9df987 No.11010410

File: eb00b096d2f36f7⋯.png (178.91 KB, 400x625, 16:25, hpv jew.PNG)



Helvetica is literally named after a swiss germanic tribe and is a neutral, ordered font type, with no gaudy attributes. Created by a swiss Aryan Goy born pre-WWII and considered an example of pinnacle Swiss typographic technology.

It is the master race of European fonts, and anyone who shills against it is obviously a subversive kike shill who needs to go straight into the gas chambers. I see you schlomo and your tricks have no power here.

63a605 No.11010484


The watermark in the bottom left corner ruins the entire poster. Inspire ideas, not Twitter followers, you fucking fag.

…Otherwise good job.

c2dfe8 No.11010504



>Checking his 11

>Not checking his id

12594a No.11010505

Bleeding cowboy is the worst font of all. Use it because everyone loves it so much.

4e4a5b No.11010507


>what is tor and how does it work

000000 No.11010526


>that pic

>it's real


The juden is a plague, they must be eradicated.

69ba77 No.11010559


>but if you did a 360 degree turn you would still be facing the xbox

e822b5 No.11010621

1.There was a jpg floating around with expensive fonts in it as a zip. Use that for premium taste.

2.The watermark is queer.

3.Also the imagery does nothing for me emotionally.

4.This thing is altogether cringey, get your shit together anon.

3d77b1 No.11010626


These are the America First posters James Allsup is promoting and distributing directly from their website. It's already stirring shit in Washington. Academic Jews are calling it hate speech and shitskins are saying it makes them feel like they're targets for violence.


610ff8 No.11010639


Jews really are cancer

e825d4 No.11010676



Am I okay if I got the first part of that vaccine but not the other 2? My doctor was really pushing it on me and trying to guilt trip me into getting it.

99a6a2 No.11011212

File: 2bb136c2f1158f7⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 996x1251, 332:417, ic-223.jpg)

42facd No.11011243


>Master Race, Engineer Font

<DIN Next Pro

4cbfbf No.11011251

File: a0aa66006ec8f9c⋯.gif (176.52 KB, 160x160, 1:1, QUALITY 4.gif)


//' , ' .

610ff8 No.11011351


Not American but I like it very much, resonates with my Groot Trek ancestry.

d41e6c No.11011485

File: 0e7b3a27fb6e13b⋯.jpg (487.46 KB, 722x623, 722:623, the brady bunch of autism.jpg)


>Well that's an out of place thing to say.

Why? This thread is full of anons who have read a couple of wikipedia pages, seen the Helvetica doco, maybe "typeset" in latex or similar, and now think their opinion means shit.

013cc2 No.11011502


Too complex. The normalfags aren't ready for that shit yet.

Should go anothe route, like "White People Rock!" or "White People Are Great!". Something simple, something they can freak out over. This 'ancestor' shit just goes right over the head of most of the normalfags and they don't get it, and the media won't kvetch about it because it doesn't say anything about being White.

Its like you don't even understand what this sort of activism is about. No offense.

013cc2 No.11011514


Now that I think on it, "White People Are Great!" would be wonderful, ties right in with Make America Great Again! and such.

It hits all the needs:

- its simple, and true, and most Americans will agree with it

- the truth of it will make other groups and the media freak out

- it indirectly implies Whites made America great

That's the slogan to go with: "White People Are Great!"

Same context as the IOTBW sheets, simple, no graphics, just the words.

Post that shit up and watch the media/libshits/mudfolk/kikes blow a gasket attacking it.

034701 No.11011530


>white people are great

That is very offensive, being white is the original sin.

9ebcf0 No.11011545


I love me some Verdana as well. It's lass harsh than Arial, but not cluttered.

189c2b No.11011556

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


When I read that though I get this this kind of vibe which is a bit awkward and gay.

594ebc No.11011562

File: 66c576e5d3c18b9⋯.jpg (31.2 KB, 428x287, 428:287, kektus.jpg)


>even disease knows that Jews are sexually degenerate

01577c No.11011563


I dunno man.

It'd be nice if it weren't a follow-up to IOTBW

07eaab No.11011571





013cc2 No.11011572

File: 1dff292966cb5b0⋯.jpg (368.15 KB, 2560x3300, 128:165, WPAG.jpg)

File: bd745635890b358⋯.jpg (469.96 KB, 2560x3300, 128:165, WPAG2.jpg)

File: c8ead2f07934e0b⋯.jpg (485.27 KB, 2560x3300, 128:165, WPAG3.jpg)

File: 4aff92f4ed75399⋯.jpg (361.56 KB, 2560x3300, 128:165, WPAG4.jpg)

File: 9a572dd2ca4a748⋯.jpg (506.24 KB, 2560x3300, 128:165, WPAG5.jpg)


>That is very offensive

So was 'Its Okay to be White'. Which means its perfect.


… What vibe is that?

The vibe in that video is talking about how Jew Rock!… which is awkward and gay because basically nobody but jews and those who support jews think that. It also has a subtext to it that irks a lot of people, White and otherwise.

"White People Are Great" can be interpreted so many ways, but all that matters is that most White Americans will read that and think "Yeah, we are.", and when they see media and kikes and muds REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing about it, they'll once again be shown the score.

>Its okay to be White.

>>"Yeah, it is."



>White People Are Great

>>"Yeah. we are."



66dc6a No.11011573

File: 8c282aae4cb3a1b⋯.png (206.76 KB, 598x289, 598:289, hitler heilvetica.png)

013cc2 No.11011575


>its be nice if it weren't a follow-up to a hugely successful campaign


189c2b No.11011583


It may have been the exclamation point, it looks a lot better without it.

3f31a7 No.11011613

File: a78b2565ff14319⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TEFF Fonts Pack.jpg)


>1.There was a jpg floating around with expensive fonts in it as a zip.

013cc2 No.11011625

File: dce404f909736c6⋯.jpg (450.1 KB, 2560x3300, 128:165, WPAGMC.jpg)

2f3b89 No.11011690


>It's a good typeface, but overused

You realize that Helvetica is not one font, right?

3f1c68 No.11011716



>kangz font



>Helvetica Neue is by far the most clean and readable font there is.

Clean and readable is not the whole message we are trying to convey.

4c08cf No.11011735

File: ffd607eb3cd36ea⋯.png (46.35 KB, 500x347, 500:347, happy shork.png)

File: 6a5282916c1bbed⋯.jpg (168.19 KB, 1033x679, 1033:679, My Nigger.jpg)


>It's functional and not a dud unlike the last version I downloaded

ba308d No.11011807


I noticed those up near a local college while I was putting up IOTBW posters. If that was you then you should upgrade from the virgin tape to the chad adhesive spray

f4ffa9 No.11011819


>not chadhesive spray

819935 No.11012289


Stop trying to do the next big thing you ego driven cock slobbering faggots.

Stick to IOTBW

saying "whites are great" or some such crap is

1. Not as good because its boastful.

2. Since it lacks humility it automatically causes a competitive strata.

IOTBW was and is perfect because its not ego driven "okay" is not "better than you motherfucking shitskin" and so cant be attacked the same way.

Now it still is attacked but thats the goal. Dont you get it?

IOTBW was playing the bear minimum of self worth and only a retard would argue its not. We are goading leftists to attack while we play meek.

"B b b but i may be a white person c c can i sit at the table of humanity? P p please"


and just like that normies are redpilled.

017de0 No.11012420




013cc2 No.11012886


>Stick to IOTBW

Its over dude, that meme has run its course. The media won't cover it, fags will still crush it up and get annoyed, but they've already blown their load on that meme.

>1. boastful

>showing excessive pride and self-satisfaction in one's achievements, possessions, or abilities.


>2. lacks humility

You just repeated yourself.

IOTBW WAS perfect - but its done now. You can keep pushing it, but the novelty is gone.

We've done IOTBW, and its time to go beyond that - White people ARE great, and saying that White people are great says nothinga bout other people, merely that White people are great.

Conceptually, it relies upon the same principles: Saying something entirely true and which should not be controversial, which says nothing of any other group, which will make our opposition shit themselves. The more we can get them to say "White people are terrible", the more we win, and if IOTBW pissed them off, imagine what WPAG will bring in terms of salt, and redpilling when these people start going over-the-top with their hateful responses of 'OH NO YOU AINT!', just like they did when it was suggested that its okay to be White.

013cc2 No.11012888


>Absolutely no white person who isn't already heavily invested in our race's survival is going to be inspired by this crap. Hell, I'm not inspired by it, because it's corny as fuck, and most people will think so too.


Yeah, that's really the problem with the OP material - its aiming at inspirational messaging, but we aren't to the point where that can be functionally applied yet. At this point, there aren't enough people who would be inspired by such for it to be functional; but, to get to the point wherein we can functionally apply that kind of material, we have to increase the number of people who would find something inspirational therein.

And that's not achieved by the sort of stuff in the OP, that's achieved by IOTBW-type stuff that gets media attention and drives our opposition to expose the true nature of their beliefs and intent (ie White people are the devil incarnate who live on rape and racism and they need to be exterminated, screeched in an overtly-feminine tone).

d3bbe2 No.11012890

OP get rid of the never feel guilty bit.

Why would anyone feel guilty? Dont even meme that idea at all.

c16c85 No.11012919


It works though. It plays into the yolo whateverthefuck mindset people are oh so fond of.

>Why would anyone feel guilty?

A vast multitude of reasons. Idiot.

99a6a2 No.11013672


Wasn't me, but proud of whoever did it.

f9cd87 No.11018024


That video's a classic. So odd

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