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Gas the kikes, race war now.

File: a58564999eea252⋯.png (28.91 KB, 798x418, 21:11, trumppoll.png)

ed0d23 No.11008706

There's a poll currently "who would you rather have in the UK?" the muslim terrorist sadiq khan or Donald trump. I know many don't like trump because of the Jerusalem thing but have faith (its angering the muslims, muslims + jews go to war wipe eachother out = win?)

anyway vote trump


0e9906 No.11008721


You fucks are getting lazy.

c0b10e No.11008729


>trumpkike delusion

I'd love to see how your stupid ass is going to defend this shit in anyway.


caa91f No.11008737


>The guy with no kike heritage is a kike

Hello, Shekelstein.

552751 No.11008747

File: 01e1a11105cc029⋯.jpeg (9.89 KB, 152x201, 152:201, 38AEF6F9-59CA-4BB9-B4B3-3….jpeg)

It's a UK poll and thus totally worthless as they are pretty much a lost cause anyways.

The only thing we gotta do is sit back, get /comfy/ and laugh as all those idiots are killed off as the enrichment intensifies in the caliphate isles

a751d9 No.11008749


If it doesn't turn out that angry muslims bomb us and europe while israel have the us fight muslims in the middle east.

0e9906 No.11008773


>call everyone a kike, then I'll blend right on in!

Yeah, okay.

caa91f No.11008791


>Claim that Trump, a man with 100% European heritage, is a yid

I'm calling you a kike because nobody but a kike would say that. It's pretty simple, my oven-ready friend

0e9906 No.11008800


Did you even read my post you incompetent retard?

db3e06 No.11008803



I believe both of you are arguing and agreeing at the same time

40e5ca No.11008805






Fuck you.

40e5ca No.11008808


Shit. I'm going to die now. I've cursed myself.

caa91f No.11008821


>Did you even read my post you incompetent retard?

Oh shit, I meant to call 7079f9 a kike for the first post, not you. But that should have been obvious so you're the retard here, ha ha…

337323 No.11008843



>Claim that Trump, a man with parents were buried in a Jewish cemetery, is a yid

You shills are getting lazy.

3d8c86 No.11008912

>turning a thread into drama whoring

I sometimes wonder of how they live in real life with this mentality

a03f28 No.11008925


Fuck off with the D&C idiot. You're why euros are posting that retarded zog meme.

1a2311 No.11008935


Wow haha simply hilarious go fuck yourself

93889c No.11008957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

caa91f No.11008990




Neat. Now hold still while I preheat the oven.

4c55a4 No.11009111




















>You're a kike!

>No you're a kike

This is one of leftypols admitted strategies to derail the board btw.

fe08b5 No.11009156

>>11009111 (Checked)

I've been filtering the first anon that calls another anon a kike in a thread for two weeks. Pretty sure most of us know it when we see it but there's so many newfaggots here who do nothing but respond to them that it's becoming futile.

ae7642 No.11009164



There are people who still believe /pol/ isn't being targeted.

f72b52 No.11009234

This is literally one of the few places on the internet where everyone calls everyone a kike. not sure where else is like this, but its probably one the few reasons i keep coming back

cf4468 No.11009291

Did you know that Sadiq Khan is a zionist?

Did you know that the difference between Sadiq Khans politics and trumps is nil?

Did you know that they [Trump/Khan] are both zionist puppets playing out a charade to enable the JWO?

Since when did /pol/ forget all about the redpill?

Was it when Kushner-bots took over these boards?

7ce37f No.11009293

File: 028a3a7ca95d52b⋯.jpg (30.42 KB, 658x435, 658:435, 39a74c5b4cc20a162a923b803d….jpg)


american. dad told me I was part Native Indjun since I was a child. did DNA testing. literally 100 percent white. 70 percent germanic, 25 percent celtic and small amounts of caucasian, greco-roman and slavic.

kys, london is literally less than 50 percent white. I know youre probably a Jew but in case you are a european, just to let you know, europe is way more fucked than we are. get your shit together. I say this with love.

c04019 No.11009313


Responding to D&C kikes with D&C is precisely their goal, you understand that?

b5afcc No.11009334

File: f8dd5a81ac72d0a⋯.png (55.77 KB, 625x626, 625:626, baited_baiter.png)

Shills don't want us to mess with the poll and cause maximum butthurt. I wonder why?

7ce37f No.11009336


it wasnt D&C, it was a genuine concern. every german girl I talk to complains about being harassed and followed and groped by muslims. every single fucking one. its depressing and infuriating, and I have nothing but hatred for the faggots that allowed this to happen. that includes americans who would rather defend israel than their own people.

caa91f No.11009347


>"kike" is a /leftypol/ meme, you guys

>you shouldn't use it

Hello kike.

caa91f No.11009356


>Did you know that the difference between Sadiq Khans politics and trumps is nil?

>Implying Trump is a goatfucking sandnigger acting as a fifth column to flood his own country with mudslime invaders and displace whites

Funny you'd say Sadiq Khan and Trump are the same considering that's the exact opposite of reality

70f6f2 No.11009466


>You're why euros are posting that retarded zog meme.

Nice try, but it's not Euros posting that shit, it's leftyscum trying to create a divide between us Euros and the Americans.

Anyone claiming that it is specifically Euros pushing that meme is highly suspect.

70f6f2 No.11009472


>pushing the Americans vs Euros bit

Back to leftypol, you filthy cretin. Remember that sooner or later, you're going to end up in a ditch somewhere.

49685b No.11009499

This is dumb. Of course the mayor of London is more welcome in the UK than Donald Trump.

777d14 No.11009599


spotted the kike

45fbbe No.11009992

> twatter account with over 3k followers

>45k votes right now

Something tells me of an organized voting on some nobody's poll.

dd63ad No.11010501

Nice jew poll designed to stir up tensions between Jewed-Christians and rejects from the Middle East and Africa.

02fe15 No.11010530

The tears will be 20x more delicious come 2020 when Trump wins

4eb39d No.11010550

File: 1584db6d14bef78⋯.webm (1.84 MB, 536x370, 268:185, 1458518122785.webm)

File: 1562ddbdbc04f24⋯.png (9.73 KB, 385x88, 35:8, every time.png)



Shut up retard

720f6e No.11010575

File: d010034e01dd0b6⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 280x210, 4:3, uncle ruckus.jpg)


it seems like they would not brigade so hard if they didnt want reveal all of their strategies and numbers and whatnot. lately it's like all they've been doing is shining a light on themselves without really accomplishing anything. if you're gonna give so much away at least make it worth it. but they would only do that if they were smart


nice webm

d7c844 No.11010925

>muds need an excuse to be angry


1bb258 No.11010945


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