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Gas the kikes, race war now.

File: b2364534e21c62d⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 698x400, 349:200, AAEAAQAAAAAAAARWAAAAJGI3MG….jpg)

1edfe2 No.11009242

/pol/ack friendly jobs

Most of us spend 5-6 days per week slaving away for very little in order to survive or feed a family.

Let's discuss /pol/ack friendly jobs ITT.

I work from home doing customer service and make about 2k USD a month. Hardly enough to raise a family but I don't have to deal with HR cunts and cucks in an office environment so right now it's fine with me.

3e1a8c No.11009256

I am NEET on welfare. This allows me to shitpost about jews 24/7 if i want to. Very /pol/ack friendly.

f8c7be No.11009269

File: ad9c0f3b378f7a3⋯.jpg (119.84 KB, 1000x793, 1000:793, 9546854.jpg)

Any job where it's 99% men working with you is /pol/ friendly. Garbage man, metal fabricator, overnight stock clerk, warehouse worker, etc. If there are with nigs, gingers, short men, or women in the building though you're fucked.

02d4b4 No.11009335

File: 0bb730230fd9ebb⋯.jpg (60.82 KB, 758x357, 758:357, d8a24e34a8cdf783a14986af0c….jpg)

>tfw only two weeks until I become a deacon

Feels good man.

e48a93 No.11009407


>I work from home doing customer service and make about 2k USD a month

Voice, chat and e-mail?

33f3aa No.11009413


Work in a metal shop. Lots of good, hardworking people there.

9d8a64 No.11009416

I own my own business and work construction and property maintenance on the side. all of my success is directly tied to how hard i am willing to work for my future.

c14662 No.11009434


>property maintenance

I used to work for someone doing that shit. The work was simple and alright, but my boss was a dick head with a very thin stress threshold, it kind of makes me lose respect for those in the industry, but then again my boss was some anti-trump blue pilled pleb who watched CNN every morning and listened to all the pleb music on the radio, others in the industry might not be as bad.

9d8a64 No.11009436


i work for an italian guy that took over his families business and is usually with us on the job sites busting his ass as hard as we do ours. i have a lot of respect for him and that definitely helps me push myself to work harder.

df3b8a No.11009446

I live in the woods. So all the work I do is hydroponic agriculture and get to play in the woods all day. Life is great.

c14662 No.11009449


As long as he has virtue and isn't abusive, I can respect the dude. As for the thread, I'd say work in a male dominated environment, I used to work at a workshop in a warehouse producing batteries, cutting up/drilling metal, making cables, pick packing, and doing general maintenance work and it was a genuinely good experience.

Ironically enough, the only 3 white guys still there supported homosexual marriage while the rest were foreigners who opposed it when they got the chance to vote, so there wasn't really much liberal influence in the workplace.

1edfe2 No.11009451


Mostly ticket and (VOIP) phone based. It's b2b stuff so no whiny end consumers.

c42e2e No.11009452

File: 88dc9d123126837⋯.png (118.03 KB, 388x439, 388:439, bbc2d7ac73dd2b25516c0f0544….png)

>datamining thread

>faggots don't realize this and reply anyway

1edfe2 No.11009462


today JIDF learned that /pol/acks do all kinds of jobs, a big data mining success…

4895d1 No.11009463


This is correct. I used to be a construction worker here in Finland and 95% of all my coworkers were anti-immigration and anti-EU. Now I'm studying to become a foreman. Eventually I'll move into politics.

c14662 No.11009464


>every thread that asks for your opinion is a data mining thread

Wow, I wonder what the government will do with all this crazy information of what we think would be a good job to have.

503569 No.11009469

File: 327b194f226057f⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 23722634_143809623043857_2….jpg)


My job is to monitor this website.

Does that count?

ba4c3e No.11009477

Currently studying physics.

It is very /pol/ friendly, I can say any shit I want, everyone is fine with it, but when there are IT students in the same room as I am, they get scared and triggered

1edfe2 No.11009479


what are the shekels, do you work with lots of eastern euro immigrants or mudshits?

what is the likeliness of you ending up unemployed / permanent temp worker?

71e1ad No.11009484


>I work from home doing customer service

So…..multilevel marketing?

1edfe2 No.11009487


nobody makes a living with MLM but the top kikes and hardcore recruiters recruiting dozens of people a day into the scam machine

66cf50 No.11009493

Question for anons with experience: I plan on going into education, I imagine working in a rural area would be slightly better than closer to a city, but I doubt it would be worth the less pay. Am I right in this assumption?>>11009452

What do they do with the data?

71e1ad No.11009494


So that's a yes?

66cf50 No.11009497

2d9cd9 No.11009501


Im short but definitely not cucky. Im beyond redpilled. In fact i hate people so much i opted for a warehouse gig

1edfe2 No.11009502


obviously a no, you'd be surprised that not all customer service is outsourced to Pajeet and Flipniggers

000000 No.11009509


>shitpost in 1000+ words

>get paid

>redpill the masses

2d9cd9 No.11009513

In fact im old af so probably no future wife. 6 failed relationships. Rather die on the frontlines in a race war than deal with ungrateful cunts anymore

2d9cd9 No.11009518


Nah close friend got fired recently for calling a woman a ho doing telemarketing, mostly it was men he got in arguments with but since it was a broad this time he got the pink slip

85fb20 No.11009525



>Family business

These are Natsoc jobs

Employ yourself or work in a field that requires creativity and manual labor.

I wrote machining and farming because you should be able to into horticulture and machine parts

16d7d8 No.11009529


>Doing office work, IT and databases

>about 35-40 people in the company

>all white people

>approx 60% men, but the women are OK, they work and don't complain (except for one)

7fbd14 No.11009542


>gingers, short presumably whitemen


More subtle than usual, Moishe. Although I'm sure you'll start to screech LEL MANLET now that you've been discovered.

07cb4c No.11009545

I work various blue collar gigs, mostly full time at a lawn/plant care dealy. All but one of my coworkers are white and the black dude ia pleasant enough if something of a simpleton (works, had a family, etc.). It's nothing flashy but it pays the bills for now.

07cb4c No.11009549



Small business too.

b31da8 No.11009618

File: cfdd2e8acc47ce6⋯.jpg (40.87 KB, 461x521, 461:521, seniors.jpg)

Any Electricians here?


How the fuck do I do this?

4e461e No.11009683

I do porno. Very /pol/back friendly. Lots of people red pilled. Very nice.

1edfe2 No.11009707


Cuckold porn I suppose?

2f7960 No.11009887


buy property in woods

build /k/ommando cabin innawoods

grow and farm your food

7114b4 No.11009897


interesting, can you tell us more about how you live? i really want to live like that some day and i'd love to hear about your experiences

fb09a6 No.11009904


I feel pretty good knowing this is what we have to compete with.

I still don't know what the fuck 'fleek' is, and I was the resident nigger-translator for years.

e0f1fd No.11010927

Tech support.

Things I learned from this:

>Poos are retarded

>UK is full of retarded entitled poos

>Arab countries are full of retarded pressured poo slaves

>Africa is complete clusterfuck, and tech support dindus are just not fucking humans whatsoever

>water is wet

>the whole fucking field is full of poos and pakis

>a few slav teams of varied retardation (including ours)

>I want to backline, but I'm top frontline performer, fuck me

the less languages you know, the better (you will be doomed to only frontline ever in your life)

>customer satisfaction reviews (those fucking surveys that are sent after support cases are closed) matter 10 times more than amounts of successfully closed support cases

>I wasted 5 years of my life for worthless uni degree to do tech support

>Everyone is still 10 times as retarded, so I will never be without a high paying job

>regular expressions are fucking awesome when used in moderation

>everyone skilled eventually becomes lazy, as to not stand out, it's not rewarded anyway

>we support 50 000 customers with 16 people

>sometimes it drops as low as 9

>if you perform well, you may buttfuck manager's daughter on his table, and he will cheer for you

>human resources department is here to remind you that you are a resource, not a human

a6083d No.11011272

File: cd7f6564120baef⋯.jpg (103.99 KB, 950x534, 475:267, cable_guy.jpg)


I never understand this response. Who is doing the datamining ? For what reason ? What could this possibly accomplish ? You do realize if it's intel agencies you're already fucked, your VPN and Linux OS aren't going to save you. If it's anyone else, meh.

Anyways, I'm the cable guy. All dudes at work. I get to work independently 99% of the time. It's an ok job for now. If any desperate suicidal NEETs out there, check to see if any cable companies are hiring. You need zero education, training is usually paid, you get an internationally recognized certification. Pay isn't great (although it can be really good if you get additional training in stuff like fiber optic install or directional drilling experience) so maybe not the best long-term career (but there's good room to advance into management).

Rating: /pol/ friendly, although probably not if you're a total robot. You need about a year minimum of basic tech experience before you can move into maintenance work, which means dealing with customers for at least a year before you can become a cable autist in a maintenance truck.

I might go back to school eventually, but my undergrad and further schooling did jack shit for me so meh, maybe I'll just do online courses out of interest or something I haven't decided.

b68594 No.11011287


>Wow, I wonder what the government will do with all this crazy information of what we think would be a good job to have.

Diversify and automate them as a priority dickhead

a6083d No.11011325


>Diversify and automate them as a priority dickhead

You know what would make a good job /pol/ ?


85f602 No.11011880

File: bc3c1c76acb15b2⋯.jpeg (31.19 KB, 356x438, 178:219, bc3c1c76acb15b2a2cd4248b4….jpeg)



>Today JIDF learned anonymous has people from every white rank and file.

08adec No.11012140


> I still don't know what the fuck 'fleek' is

i heard it has something to do with eyebrows

87399f No.11012359

Any of the trades are good for us. Electricians are good in most Western countries. HVAC guys make Bank in the American south west. Welding pays well enough. Being a night guard pays better than a day guard. Whatever job lets you have the most white babies, really. So probably being a farmer. Since they have enough food to feed their families, at least.

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