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Gas the kikes, race war now.

File: 72f41f07fdcf26c⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 600x399, 200:133, zogdroid.jpg)

a480f7 No.11009787

"I want a European constitutional treaty that creates a federal Europe"

>The head of Germany's (((Social Democrats))), Martin Schulz, a potential future governing partner of Chancellor Angela Merkel, called Thursday for the creation of a "United States of Europe" by 2025. Schulz delivered a passionate plea for a more united and federal Europe at an SPD party congress that was due to decide whether his centre-left party will enter exploratory talks to form a new coalition government with Merkel.

>"I want a European constitutional treaty that creates a federal Europe", said Schulz, the former European parliament president, proposing a written convention involving civil society and citizens. The treaty would then be presented to all member states for ratification, with those that reject it automatically leaving the bloc, Schulz proposed in a speech at a Berlin meeting of some 600 delegates. He suggested a target year of 2025, one century after the SPD first spoke of a future "United States of Europe".


These cunts just don't know when to fucking stop.

c31f3a No.11009812

lol even if those traitors arent removed by then, which i think they will be, than not even in my country, (((Goymoney))) will people vote to become the (((EUDSSR))). Already now many people are extremely sceptical of the (((EU))) and that wont get any better in the coming years.

This nosenigger is drunk as fuck again

7bef0b No.11009819

File: d7f68108ed9326e⋯.jpg (133.4 KB, 600x722, 300:361, 1467025373338.jpg)

dbdf4e No.11009827

File: f2216deedd1b927⋯.jpg (74.18 KB, 632x425, 632:425, bane_charge.jpg)

>I want

61142b No.11009842

They're already half way there. Why would they stop now?

Hopefully at least the V4 or 5 will walk away from this disaster.

ec3f5a No.11009863

How can one man be so jewish in both looks and ideology yet not be a confirmed kike?

499484 No.11009945

Next step: One World Order.

4cdb7a No.11009954

File: 7661df098bd6e3f⋯.jpg (100.3 KB, 815x544, 815:544, Refugees RL.jpg)

File: ba5b0fb9db18c6f⋯.jpg (25.72 KB, 400x291, 400:291, merkel__angela-europa_priz….jpg)

File: 5e546599a494fbb⋯.png (352.32 KB, 590x350, 59:35, weak-euro-merkel34343 (1).png)

File: 22eb77e78bd95a6⋯.jpg (71.37 KB, 736x490, 368:245, 7c2801386e14d8d78293161bdf….jpg)

File: 70f1967c576a599⋯.jpg (117.63 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DNdLFMJXcAES_vk.jpg)


ed11c5 No.11009982

File: 9ad6130839bc8f0⋯.png (288.25 KB, 652x1754, 326:877, 2017-12-07_-_Martin_Schulz….png)

3ff52d No.11009986







7bef0b No.11009988


>still not getting it

d34fc6 No.11009989


Just look at this fucking nose seriously

ec3f5a No.11009990


Except having millions of nigger is part of the plan. If the entirety of Europe consists of niggers with no cultural or racial identity to divide them then they will be easier to control than groups of people with past rivalries and conflicting cultures. When kikes use the word "European" they don't mean European as in of European ancestry but European as in "they reside on the European continent".

adef15 No.11009994



19c43c No.11010003


Is this not the Jew who gloatingly said Nazi's (heavily implying native germans) are not breeding enough and immigrants will replace them regardless of how they feel about the situation?

a1071a No.11010013

File: 623a72703dddd8b⋯.jpg (44.28 KB, 631x362, 631:362, MartinSchulzIsrael.jpg)


They must be covering up the fact that he's a yid. The same thing happened back in 1917 all the Jews changed their names to be less Jewish sounding like Lev Bronstein changing to Leon Trotsky. Lenin marketed himself as a goy but after his death his jewish heritage was revealed.

327da4 No.11010032


wew they've brought the whole plan ahead now that the tide is turning against them

7bef0b No.11010036

File: 75fe75883553d2e⋯.jpg (29.1 KB, 260x295, 52:59, 1374437948643.jpg)


>christian fanatics

583c78 No.11010042


Schulz fucked up. His party is at its lowest point ever. It's funny that he makes this statement even though there's a possibility that Germany will need a re-election. Meanwhile there's still no government and the news are crying about the AfD, which is moving farther right instead of cucking out. If Schulz really enters a coalition with Merkel, the AfD will be the largest opposition party and thus the opposition leader.

a1071a No.11010044

File: a93fa42fabbc7b4⋯.png (451.03 KB, 830x1075, 166:215, SiegHeil.png)


There's been a whole lot of posts on here lately trying to compare Christians to (((them))). I wonder (((who))) could be behind that?

7bef0b No.11010045



ed11c5 No.11010050


So that sort of bullshit works on reddit and you thought it would work here as well? That's insulting.

a1071a No.11010060

File: df4bce961a8efc8⋯.jpg (57.39 KB, 246x369, 2:3, On-the-Jews-and-their-Lies….jpg)


How do you explain the constant attempts by Jews to persecute Christians and destroy the christian faith/values Moishe?

8f113c No.11010062


hide and report. don't derail the thread with this shit.

a1071a No.11010067

File: 99b42907dff88a2⋯.jpeg (7.18 KB, 226x223, 226:223, CheckThem.jpeg)



Jew shill btfo

b277c7 No.11010071

File: a361e0e0c9400d0⋯.png (72.08 KB, 1512x631, 1512:631, ayy lmao.png)



is anon a prophet?

8f113c No.11010082

So all this shitposting aside, how can we exploit this blatant overreach for our own gain?

26e842 No.11010084


>that image

where and when does he say that?

4cdb7a No.11010093


Fuck you.

a1071a No.11010096


Connect Schulz to the Kalergi plan. The original plan of the EU was to wipe out Europeans and replace them with an easily controlled mixed-negroid race and set up a single world government.

4cdb7a No.11010098



Eat shit and die.

13f374 No.11010101



>And fourth, Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, is a close friend of mine. On most issues connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict we disagree. He is closer to the Israeli mainstream, and his positions resemble those of Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog. He once told me, during a frank and stern conversation, “For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” He’s a brilliant intellectual and a thoughtful politician, and we don’t need to worry – he won’t give up his existential friendship so easily.


a1071a No.11010105


Thanks for completely revealing your goals shill. You are here just to demoralize and derail threads.

>There's no hope at all you stupid goyim, why don't you just roll over and die. There's no way to take back your countries.

a1071a No.11010107

699638 No.11010120


Hey there Shlomo

473508 No.11010122


Sure thing, Chaim. Reported and soon to be gassed.

92b255 No.11010123

File: 3502543956f3bb3⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, schulz sister brother.jpg)

Btw, these two are his sister and his brother.

They look 100% like ethnically pure Germans…

8e3428 No.11010124

File: 67cd4e4f2f316f1⋯.jpg (47.84 KB, 960x733, 960:733, CwegwvvUkAAJruG.jpg)


muh arguments

a1071a No.11010148


Once you develop an eye for seeing jews it's crazy that most people are gullible enough to believe they are actual germans.

c4bc73 No.11010154

Well USA is not interested in allowing that so good luck.

ec3f5a No.11010157


I'm not even a christcuck but that's just retarded and you're obviously some kind of shill.


But the thing is that at least for Lenin there is proof that he was a kike, I can't find anything about this guy online though.

ec3f5a No.11010176


Brother has obvious kike nose and lips, sister looks so semetic it hurts my eyes.


Because the most powerful "people" behind the mass-immigration in the west are jewish, not christian.

>inb4 Soros is an atheist

He is ethnically a kike.

a1071a No.11010178


There was no public proof about Lenin being a jew until after he died. That was the common defense the Jews always used to defend against people linking Jews and Bolshevism.

>Hey goys, Communism isn't Jewish. See, Lenin is just like you.

Funny thing is he actually was and I'm guessing they hide the heritage of people like Schulz because they dont want people connecting the dots.

859b41 No.11010203

Schulz is an idiot and a pawn of greater powers. He won't achieve anything.

859b41 No.11010217


>Judaism is a Christian heresy.

There was a time when /pol/acks were considered educated and smart. This time is apparently over.

000000 No.11010220




ed11c5 No.11010237

File: 384eaa9aca7baa0⋯.jpg (120.63 KB, 631x410, 631:410, 623a72703dddd8bd944ab2bf8b….jpg)

000000 No.11010245


I thought EU army/Federal Europe were just memes. Glad I voted Brexit anyway tbh.

Death to Marxist superstates

ff62ed No.11010254

Centralization is such a bad idea. Big, centralized states give too much power to too few people. Who wants to worship a monolith?

859b41 No.11010259


(You) didn't give me anything. Check IDs, shill.

efbeb5 No.11010280


You have nothing that fucking unites all of Europe, unless your plan to culturally enrich every country to vote yes for your NWO bullshit you fucking kike.

859b41 No.11010303


>Judaism is a Christian heresy.

You want a retort to that? You're a massive idiot and/or a shill. That's my answer.

e7e1c2 No.11010306

Jews keep pushing and pushing and assuming no one will start noticing things.

All it takes is a moment where someone says "no" and wins. Once the people know they are not doomed and without power, once they know they can resist. Then the real war begins and all masks come off.

Then we end this period of calm and you either stack or be stacked.

ec3f5a No.11010319


What we really need is a moment where kikes are murdered en masse.

37ee75 No.11010328

File: fb001fc0404c40b⋯.png (125.63 KB, 632x724, 158:181, 109.png)


>These cunts just don't know when to fucking stop.

You're kind of stating the obvious there, OP.

000000 No.11010334


Fucking this

Look at the protocols of zion, can you call it a forgery any longer as everything continually comes to pass? Please do look up the final and last one that yet to come to true and look at what the world is quickly headed to.

13f374 No.11010346


30668c No.11010357

File: 87ce9f43187d5eb⋯.jpg (340.66 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 7C7386E.jpg)


>There's been a whole lot of posts on here lately trying to compare Christians to (((them))). I wonder (((who))) could be behind that?

Ok, stop. Your religion, the religion of cuck, is directly derived from (((their))) religious texts. Why the hell would you think that you are any different than (((them))), other than you're the slave and (((they))) are your masters. Christcucks have turned the other cheek for so long that they can't see straight. Your religion has become so accepting that it is destroying itself from the inside out with deviancy. Cuckstianity is lost. It is time to let it die. And be open to the rise of a new god in this world.

859b41 No.11010364



>Judaism is insular and only for the Chosen Few

>Christianity is accepting of everyone

>Totally the same, don't you see?!

1c55fd No.11010368

File: 9bd5f7e6ed98f39⋯.jpg (125.07 KB, 860x530, 86:53, Cl0U_8SVEAQuc00.jpg)

An important thread on the future of European politics just so happens to have a poster appearing to act functionally retarded and derailing the thread. What a surprise.

Anyone who didn't see the increasingly desperate push towards federalism, and the rapid integration of member states, coming from the Eurocrats must have been blind to the last half century of history.

The politburo are playing their cards, will the people of the consituent nations have the strength to resist?

>with those that reject it automatically leaving the bloc

Yes, I'm sure the EU will quietly and peacefully allow any dissenters to go their separate ways.

31be64 No.11010377

remember lads


000000 No.11010476


No, that was Gregor Gysi

e7e1c2 No.11010480


It'll come.

How do I know this? Because this moment always comes.

859b41 No.11010492

File: 53d1735b3193f51⋯.jpg (266.74 KB, 509x554, 509:554, comedy.jpg)

>Suddenly a third of posts vanish

Well good job for once, mods.

26e842 No.11010497

File: b08dc09309fa03e⋯.jpg (61.26 KB, 700x298, 350:149, gladiator_thumbs_up.jpg)

c41d40 No.11010529


>voting means anything

maybe for you, but not for them

8902b4 No.11010604

We never elected you!

0a7e98 No.11010618

File: e45d4099f5815a1⋯.png (563.79 KB, 1200x722, 600:361, (((Martin Schulz))).png)

859b41 No.11010620



af8973 No.11010629

The day of the rope can't come soon enough

0a7e98 No.11010652

File: 408f33ba329baa4⋯.png (747.36 KB, 1628x692, 407:173, wwwwwteeth.png)

76c75d No.11010926


Maybe I'm retard but

I don't understand, did use nationalism in place of patriotism in that sentence or was he comparing cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and patriotism?

c24e54 No.11010951


This is from an era where one's country and one's nation were synonymous.

8902b4 No.11010958


*My shotgun will*

76c75d No.11010962

File: 156b4608229eb49⋯.png (118.65 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1412473078120.png)


I thought that was the case.

But I've never lived in such an era

c017e8 No.11010965


Thanks for showing your nose JEW.

86e5a5 No.11010969


Jews hate Christianity because its a faith to a traitorous jewish rabbi. That was why they killed him to begin with, treachery.

Its like saying we should support neocohenservatism because the Troskyites who created it were disliked, are disliked, by more secular anti-Zionist Marxist kikes.

065b53 No.11010987


Except neoconservative is a euphemism for a communist and they fully support zionists, so your example is poor. Jews have always played both sides of a coin in order to maintain hegemony. Jews will infect anything that is not under their control to gain hegemony as well. All in order to hide that the root of every problem is a Jew.

325bff No.11011008

This is not a bad things in theory.

432efb No.11011014


Yes it is. Fuck you. This is the EU on steroids

325bff No.11011019


If Europe wants to survive it needs to become like United States. Same system. The problem is who will be the ones in charge.

08303d No.11011025


>United states of Europe

>United states

>No Constitution tho

Lol fucking kikes

1ddb19 No.11011037


I fucking knew it. Been saying this shit for a couple years now and people ignored me like I was full of shit.

af8973 No.11011077


There's a constitution that very few people have ever heard of and even fewer have voted for. Some were had to vote for it twice though, because they rejected it the first time.


a9b229 No.11011088


They wont just stop, you have to stop them. Thats how it works. It will keep getting worse until you cant handle it anymore, or you die, whichever comes first. Your children, if you manage to have any, will have an even harder time stopping them if you dont.

bb282a No.11011164


well to be fair, christians are historically white. their religions would have been persecuted and warped by kikes regardless of what it was. jews always play both sides

8410a6 No.11011177


They really want to push for that next huh? They've already got the European Union, but it's no USE.

8410a6 No.11011185



I don't normally self check, but when I do it's because I just posted back to back full houses, praise be kek.

ba28fa No.11011191

This guy is the villain to Farage's hero. Will Farage be able to stop him?

000000 No.11011224


Doubt it. Nigel is plenty cucked himself. Find a real leader or none at all.

e134bf No.11011245


It would have been a United States of the World if Trump wasn't elected.

Funny thing is Europe is bound to get pushed to far eventually. The question is if they will wait till they are already conquered to do so.

d70927 No.11011379


Fucking Krauts never learn


d70927 No.11011388


He's 100% right though

c4bc73 No.11011391


>Farage's hero

Fucking outsider niggers

lurk before posting faggot

d70927 No.11011393


U w0t m8? It's always been obvious to all since the early 20th century that the Krauts wanted to dominate continental Europe

aaa333 No.11011422

yea good luck with that. even if 75% of europe agreed, the rest would either stop this or start a third world war

86e5a5 No.11011475

File: 7fb8fc47782a870⋯.png (314.26 KB, 992x2784, 31:87, If You Don't Like Christia….png)

File: 7fb8fc47782a870⋯.png (314.26 KB, 992x2784, 31:87, If You Don't Like Christia….png)


>Except neoconservative is a euphemism for a communist and they fully support zionists, so your example is poor.

>neocon is a euphemism for a communist

No, its a euphemism for a specific sub-category of communist, specifically those who support zionists, despite the fact that zionism and communism are conceptually in direct conflict.

>Jews have always played both sides of a coin in order to maintain hegemony.

Quite, and that was my point - the fact that some kikes hate Christianity =/= Christianity is kike-free and awesome!

Most kikes hate Christendom because Jesus was a kike, and a traitorous one - that's why they killed him in the first place - and a whole religion sprung up around this traitor of theirs, who talked shit on them, and that annoys them.

But, at the same time, Christianity is itself pseudo-communistic semitism - any claims to the contrary are utterly ludicrious - and so it has come to serve them far more than it has damaged them (not that it really damaged them much historically, because for all the claims of christendom's hostility to jewry, it was under christendom at its peak of power that jewry entered and remained in europe, only ever being pushed out of one christian country into another).

>Jews will infect anything that is not under their control to gain hegemony as well. All in order to hide that the root of every problem is a Jew.

I would have to agree - and the root of the problem of christianity is that its a jewish invention. There's really just no getting around that fact.
















>because i say so



>because i say so
















>not a shill


>ctrl+f 'because i say so'

>1 of 66 matches

>this faggot is still here

Jesus Christ you are pathetic dude.

c6e9d0 No.11011500

well let's see how those United States of Europe, or EUSSR for short would look like:

Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, slovenia, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia…

And that's it. The other countries won't have that kind if shit.

Although with an EU army this might change… And bloodbaths might happen. But this highly likely cause a right wing uprising within a lot of countries.

9a53ad No.11011511



I want to believe we'll do the right thing.

1c7362 No.11011536


>present day explosions


000000 No.11011541


dubs checked but good news. there's a reason they're rushing and so desperate to form an eu army.

f77a99 No.11011567

File: 0ffc5173c02c700⋯.png (21.94 KB, 365x392, 365:392, 0ffc5173c02c700c03398cb559….png)


I'm beginning to spot a connection here.

Notice that all their plans always speak about the 2020's, never within this decade. They're eradicating the current Nation-specific cultures of European states by both ostracizing those that would go so far as to celebrate their heritage and by quite literally murdering all of those old enough to remember what life was like before the EU.

Soon, they think, there'll be people who only knew life post the EU. Their minds will be more easily malleable to the thought of an European Megastate, much like the treacherous Ottomans did to Constantinople and to the Janissaries.





0248b5 No.11011624


Why hasn't this kike been lynched? He has the worst intentions for europe and is blantantly acting against the interests of actual Germans, but he still walks around free as day, when he should be cowering in fear, afraid to leave his kike cave because he knows he's going to get brained as soon as he shows his beak in public.

52f17a No.11011789

File: 8973c913917042d⋯.png (169.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 2f6c1f08b15e063e6dc12eba4b….png)



>Coup their plans.





000000 No.11011824


this statement will work in our favour, spooking more people. meanwhile it does contribute to tehir power to actually pull it through

6ff1c3 No.11011830


>Martin Schulz seeks 'United States of Europe' by 2025

So…. the EU won't be there in 8 years time.

065b53 No.11012260


But they're not in direct conflict, there's never been an issue with Marxist kikes having the Zionist ethnostate of Greater Israel exist because they both want the same thing: a weakening of the West and near divine reign over their dreamt up slave class of people. Until late Vatican I (which led to–), Vatican II and the modern cuckening of Protestant groups in the US and Europe, the two religions were never united in any sort of capacity, those few rulers that used Jews to sidestep their own Christian based laws are the only examples to the contrary and represent an outlier. Allowing usury today already shows we've allowed Judaism to pervade all facets of European life.

31a496 No.11012282


Considering Estonias conservative party is growing fast (More far-right than conservative), we might not even consider that if they finally get to power by then. Same applies to the Baltic states.

52f17a No.11012336

File: 0d96fc95d38a61e⋯.jpg (392.16 KB, 700x1313, 700:1313, __shirai_kuroko_to_aru_kag….jpg)





Desu no~

d9e5b1 No.11012356


I think this confirms that they're perhaps planning a war between the EU and the US.

Apart from the obvious plotter with big noses, i think Religion of Cuck™ic nations and perhaps china are influencing this.

Arabic nations in particular as their vice grip weakens on the west as we begin using more of our own fuels.

Israel especially due to the jews embedded fear of white people. They want them eliminated asap. Even the yanks.

76630d No.11012361

United States of Europe


As in, USE the filthy goyim to design us a clone army then destroy them forever! Z I O N W A R S

d9e5b1 No.11012362


The german army is still right wing leaning apparently so this is actually still a potential.

Until they flood the army with migrants and females (though some white females might not alter that tbh, some see value in the right)

52f17a No.11012367

File: 2272782b728c771⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1000x1332, 250:333, __original_drawn_by_serena….jpg)

We must deny their plans.






d9e5b1 No.11012370


Only if a coup happens in the EU. Otherwise it'll be the end of the west.

ed11c5 No.11012373

File: f61e26dcb1adbdc⋯.png (1.16 MB, 999x1782, 37:66, 2017-12-08_-_United_States….png)


>United States of Europe? Germany’s Schulz wants to consolidate EU, kick out those who disagree



52f17a No.11012379

File: 654185e0fb47cd2⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2480x1748, 620:437, __akiyama_yukari_isuzu_han….jpg)



They have much wealth and are afraid to die.

(((They))) fear the Samurai, those who chose HONOR over LIFE.


2af6aa No.11013280

File: 9be76450216f5b0⋯.jpg (251.78 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 7DD5DE4.jpg)

File: ade4ca180f90994⋯.jpg (4.21 KB, 337x149, 337:149, 19894867_10207817413788413….jpg)

File: 98d4d3b4d1ebe83⋯.jpg (39.25 KB, 484x317, 484:317, bears-2.jpg)


e2c467 No.11013473

>I want all the benefits and all the controls with none of the protections

Oy, it would be just perfect without those pesky free speech laws and those filthy guns!

Good luck eurobros.

e2c467 No.11013480


Is the listen and believe kike also our LARPjew? The patterns match.

8410a6 No.11013655


USEful idiots. They are gonna get USEd.

They make the counter memes way too easy.

7cc0fa No.11013995



If he isn't a Jew, that makes him a traitor which is even worse. His looks may have come from his internal Judaism. It is said that the face is a mirror of the soul. Maybe the reverse also happens non-kike people of jewish heritage(which there were more of these) having less jewish looks.

606aef No.11014077

File: 1dc2f8a14f411b3⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 613x800, 613:800, Member_of_the_FFI.jpg)

Who here is looking forward to shooting at germans like our forefathers did when they try their shit once again?

e2c467 No.11014326


Stay mad kike.

ec45ab No.11014886

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>the French resistance amounted to something

Sure, Charles de Gaulle.

622c63 No.11015289


Jews started shit. Get it right. m8

236168 No.11015400

Is Martin Schulz a kike or a good goy ?

21a885 No.11015430



0c0b4b No.11015445


>there's a possibility that Germany will need a re-election

Only if the SPD wants it which doesn't seem to be the case. We will almost certainly get a continuation of the "big coalition" of CDU/CSU and SPD. This will be the end of the SPD but cucks like Schulz don't care about what comes after them and his career is nearing its end any way. He has maybe 10 more years in politics, what does he care if for the last 6 of those years his party falls into complete obscurity behind the AfD? This is someone who is happy to just have some power and be somebody, to be famous and earn a lot more money than the average German, that's good enough for him.

>the AfD, which is moving farther right instead of cucking out

And the AfD is not the only party moving right. The FDP also has reinvented itself as a more right-wing version of its former self. They stood their ground in the previous talks about a "Jamaica" coalition (CDU/CSU, Greens, FDP) and wouldn't give the Greens the lightyear they thought they could gain since the CDU was ready to give them an inch. The FDP knows about not giving commies an inch. The only right-of-center party that has failed to make the appropriate shift in tone is the CSU at this point, and it's only because they're tied to the CDU. The leadership of the CSU is shifting now and the new guy isn't cozy with Merkel at all.

So my prediction about the next 4 years is this: Troubled big coalition of SPD, CDU and CSU with the CSU becoming more and more vocal about its disagreement with how things are going. A strong right-wing opposition of AfD and FDP that, behind closed doors, becomes increasingly friendly. The SPD becoming completely irrelevant as the neo-liberal course of the government is nowhere near what the SPD's traditional crypto-commie voters want. The CDU continuing to lose popular support as voters realize the refugee "crisis" really wasn't a fluke at all and the CDU really isn't conservative in any sense anymore. AfD continuing to win regional elections and continuing to become more accepted in the mainstream.

Wild card: CSU breaking up the government before the 4 years are over.

And next election: AfD near 20%, SPD well below 20%, FDP doing okay, maybe 15%, Greens doing okay because they were in the opposition, CDU weaker than ever before, CSU depends on whether they grow balls. SED ("Linke") irrelevant as always.

4b96fe No.11015446

File: 2b9326ac6650f80⋯.jpg (68.83 KB, 600x311, 600:311, 2b9326ac6650f80df951cadbe3….jpg)

File: 1fafaafa3f062d7⋯.jpg (767.83 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 72ffc7a5e594f4132f9658649e….jpg)

File: f0223c25fad3df4⋯.jpg (180.47 KB, 960x960, 1:1, f0223c25fad3df43be1efcb7b7….jpg)

File: f84b9c82b1dfad5⋯.jpg (28.72 KB, 500x344, 125:86, 2e32692c1772848c6a59874ce8….jpg)


It's not a meme, anon.

(((They))) are subjugating Europe to make it a melting pot.. The Pan-European movement created by Kalergi was the basis for this concept; the mongrelization of ethnic Europeans. The first step is centralizing powers. They are already making a EU army, and it was originally seen as a conspiracy theory and scoffed at as well… But guess what? All the memes? All the 'conspiracy theories' about the Kalergi plan? It's all real. All of it. They want to replace the Europeans with dumb nigger-hybrids.

Western civilization, white men, are their biggest threat. The problem is a lot of us are naive and brainwashed. Our forefathers had a healthy distrust of kikes and niggers, and for good reason.

They LITERALLY want to replace us.

4b96fe No.11015487

File: b832133ab26d0dd⋯.jpg (274.63 KB, 919x1227, 919:1227, 3f0f03f22b63cb955e1f42125f….jpg)

File: b4f1259093ce19e⋯.jpg (373.72 KB, 1267x715, 1267:715, a5689c9fe8b062a8cb10fb26f9….jpg)

File: fc35f81c32b522f⋯.png (653.48 KB, 1275x717, 425:239, fc35f81c32b522fb34dba64e40….png)

File: 7048c25ee7ca26c⋯.jpg (213.99 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, 7048c25ee7ca26ccdecc318780….jpg)


I want to team up with the Germans to eliminate any and all muslims and kikes, not kill any more Europeans. No more brother wars.

And when you talk about "try their shit", you mean printing their own currency free of capitalism and communism and going from being destitute to the preeminent world power, breaking free of the Zionist Matrix and telling the truth of the world and monetary systems controlled by the (((banks))), to the extent that over 57 countries had to team up to defeat a country the size of Texas, that at times were outnumbered 10 to 1, and yet who ALMOST still won?

Fuck off, schlomo.

ff5591 No.11015511

File: b125048ecb5782b⋯.png (426.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, magnificent integers.png)


checked and kek'd

80b267 No.11015659

Are you all larpers/shills giving me false hope or are we seriously going to kill the jews and traitors?

aeec3a No.11016375


How many people do you think actually view them as Germans, and how many just play along?

cfcae0 No.11017082


If you're a britfag then go hang yourself. You people gave up on the world a long time ago and assist the jew more than the corrupt politicians.

efeabf No.11035951

File: 87d4903c0e04cf8⋯.jpg (157.71 KB, 800x1105, 160:221, Martinus_Schulz_die_6_Mart….jpg)

File: 3441a027a4ba92b⋯.jpg (4.54 MB, 1808x2411, 1808:2411, Schulz,_Martin-2047.jpg)

File: a7b3fb6d43110f3⋯.jpg (19.98 KB, 500x333, 500:333, schulz.jpg)

efeabf No.11035954

File: 469c169b708c444⋯.jpg (340.16 KB, 1164x658, 582:329, Flirt-Coach-schult-Fluecht….jpg)

File: 1311c1e00959ef8⋯.jpg (71.87 KB, 1024x659, 1024:659, 65361434_martin-schulz.jpg)

2f4b3a No.11035981


the german army is underfunded

it basically only exists on paper

40a5cf No.11036038


>The treaty would then be presented to all member states for ratification, with those that reject it automatically leaving the bloc

Godspeed Schulz, you ugly kike. Poland out of EU!

000000 No.11036123



>Is this not the Jew who gloatingly said Nazi's (heavily implying native germans) are not breeding enough and immigrants will replace them regardless of how they feel about the situation?

Different jew. Schulz is the Socialist party crypto jew

Gloating jew is head of the Communist party and think the Germans are stupid He is right


>that was Gregor Gysi

Sad thing is, you can say into the Germans face, on TV, in an election advertisement, how happy one is them dying and they are not able to comprehend. I tested it, resulting in “So what, Nazis are bad, what do you interfering?” They were unable to make the connection to themselves, no wonder in country were politicians are elected who marched behind a banner “Germany must perish”.


>looking forward to shooting at germans like our forefathers

How is Macaroni doing commie boy?

77fd33 No.11036150



This scares the Belgian.

How do we stop this? It's barely getting attention.

Is there a way to demand for a referendum on individual EU legislations/actions? Could we force them to set referenda in most/all EU member states over this? I'm pretty sure most countries would have at least a small majority against.

3e7b44 No.11036200


>The treaty would then be presented to all member states for ratification, with those that reject it automatically leaving the bloc

This is good.

That's like an auto-exit clause.

In a panicked bid to consolidate power, the kikes gave us a big way out!

0f0f51 No.11037807

File: 05f04c983b2984d⋯.jpg (91.97 KB, 579x476, 579:476, 1192086_large.jpg)



>(((Become part of the hive!)))

>(((YOU WILL BE)))) (((Or I'll cut all your euro monies!!))))

<Woa finally a way out of this mess, haha we've got this

Not even dubs can save you

8ba766 No.11037856

File: 9c3d4ee8b5127bb⋯.png (758.94 KB, 900x3186, 50:177, Jesus was never a kike.png)


<Jesus was a kike

I'd invite you to suck start a shotgun, but that would only remind you of intimate moments with your father. Sage for off topic.

311f20 No.11037935


>Shroud of turin

Already disqualified

>Jesus wasn't a kike

Jesus wasn't European, that's the important thing.

The fact that he IS a kike only makes it worse.

He got circumcises and only jews get circumcised, never Christians, never gentiles.

08638f No.11038118


is that italian chick retarded?

000000 No.11047762

The pan state conspiracy turns out to be true. What a shock. Gas the globalists and kikes, race war now.

891da0 No.11047767


Impossible. The US proves you can't have united states with over-arching federal laws, and have any kind of stability.

a1651e No.11047776


Don't know what's worse. His hubris or the fact he has blue eyes. Genestealers cause insufferable rage.

7e4e96 No.11047817


Do you think they plan to make this some sort of great thing for Europe? Naive bastard, haha. USA is nothing but a continuation of a vassal state for a global capitalistic, race-bastardizing hegemony. Its not a country by any stretch anymore.

52f17a No.11048070

File: 8c3b40d89872981⋯.jpg (200.43 KB, 600x843, 200:281, __illyasviel_von_einzbern_….jpg)


52f17a No.11048074

File: f421599e9d0656d⋯.jpg (367.14 KB, 1069x719, 1069:719, White-tiger-2407799_1280.jpg)

65934d No.11073666

Inb4 thread gets bumped

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