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Gas the kikes, race war now.

File: 4816f1629dcf760⋯.jpeg (151.51 KB, 1226x570, 613:285, A49E0C8C-A6E4-46DA-8126-5….jpeg)

efb6e9 No.11028937

When Q stated “Ten days of darkness Preapre to lose to access” in conjunction with “Expect fire works” did he mean that we would lose access to our bank accounts as ten days before New Years is a Friday and would banks announce a security action necessitating their computers to go offline over the weekend

913806 No.11028947

>caring about this shit

There is a meteor heading twords the earth right fucking now. We're all gonna be dead in 57 hours.

ebb8f8 No.11028949

>believing in Q larping

back to plebbit with you

d048fb No.11028951


>Possible alien ship

most likely frozen space farts

ba5a8f No.11028958


>still pushing this larp

0cea9e No.11028966

File: 07311cc9bdae963⋯.jpg (38.91 KB, 620x506, 310:253, chimpighybrid.jpg)


>There is a meteor heading twords the earth right fucking now. We're all gonna be dead in 57 hours.


ba5a8f No.11028967




>my board

Hahahahaha, sure thing bro, now call me a puritan again. Maybe post some porn, that'll really show how 'NatSoc' you are, defending a degenerate who masquerades as an upright woman to shill you for shekels.

Truly, Hitler would be shedding a tear at your noble defense of that fair sex positive lady.

665279 No.11028974



The trip Q is just some hanger on to the original Q, I wouldn't trust trip Q at all.

9a0259 No.11028983

Hes talking about them shutting down the internet. Its why you're seeing all this net neutrality spam all of a sudden, they are trying to do it legally.

631105 No.11028992

>The earth is flat and nuclear energy is fake

>t. Q

Come on now

e22eb5 No.11028993




>Completely fucking falsifiable statement.

>Not to mention everything else the fucker was proven wrong on.

Seriously can't believe this larp is still going on.

6bb3d4 No.11029009



Let her rippeeeeeeee peeeeee pisssss

Pee pee poo poo pisssssss and such


Boomer fucking jüdentube accounts too

0cea9e No.11029055


>but it fits the exact description of a kinetic impactor weapon described by sci-fi authors as the best way to ensure no alien life ever threatens your civilization… and it was shot straight at our solar system

tbh that's not as bad as it sounds. Some random shot at a solar system isn't remotely risky, especially with enough velocity to escape because it means it is moving so fast the only thing with enough gravity to even pull it noticeably is the sun itself. Unless of course it goes out of the solar system only to make a U-turn when moving slower and set a course back on target after the initial scan, in which case we're pretty well fucked in a decade or so.

6bb3d4 No.11029060

File: c6ba57f51743da4⋯.jpg (21.8 KB, 183x255, 61:85, IMG_2400.JPG)

File: f2a8002ed246433⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 255x217, 255:217, IMG_2403.JPG)

File: f0df5426a0631b8⋯.gif (122.03 KB, 186x100, 93:50, IMG_2404.GIF)

File: 28a56f665a93c5e⋯.gif (230.46 KB, 186x100, 93:50, IMG_2405.GIF)


Right on , they missed

19bbfb No.11029070

File: c996122bcf84f1c⋯.jpg (560.44 KB, 1330x748, 665:374, FINALLY.jpg)


I have been waiting for this moment all my life!

b24903 No.11029154


>straight at

anything that passes through our solar system would be by definition "straight at" it

It's sure convenient how you shitposting faggots never ever bother to back your bullshit up from the first post. Go fuck yourself with a rake.

7ea03b No.11029831

File: 7a9b05432e8fef7⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 460x460, 1:1, suicide kilometers.jpg)


>There is a meteor heading twords the earth right fucking now. We're all gonna be dead in 57 hours.

Don't say it if you don't mean it.

763a48 No.11031247


It's not even remotely big enough to kill us all, it can wipe out maybe one big city if we get lucky and it hits, i for one hope a hit somewhere in california… or perhaps Jerusalem.

296b9f No.11032864

File: f1c88542380c6f8⋯.jpg (683.64 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, orig_02bdec854bf1b781563a4….jpg)

462c9a No.11043803

Lost access to /cbts/

No ability to enter trip code.


b366dd No.11043817



b366dd No.11043819


Welcome back, patriot. Whatever happened there was SERIOUSLY FUCKING WEIRD.

2ce393 No.11043820


Q, is there a way to use a picture to secure ID?

762dce No.11043822


1. Is Jeff Sessions the Godfather?

2. Bouvetoya island?

3. Tangent = Gannet, Tegna = Agent?

ab48be No.11043824


please dont leave us

73bf24 No.11043827


>Q !ITPb.qbhqo

Ten days of darkness? Stay with us on other channels, Q.

Godspeed, Q. Godspeed.

5be366 No.11043829


Board is compromised, try elsewhere

6db431 No.11043830



Its BO who fucked us.

6b0e64 No.11043831


Fucking BO / mods screwing up. Swear at least on infiltrated. You cant screw up that many times and that often when Q ia posting.

462c9a No.11043832

Shall we play a game?

Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).

Remember, they never thought she was going to lose.

Therefore, they never thought investigations and/or public interest into their criminal acts would be exposed/investigated.

Therefore, they never thought they had anything to fear.

Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism.

Therefore, they were sloppy.

Hussein’s last speech in Chicago re: ‘scandal free’.

Why did he continually emphasize that phrase?

As a backup, they infiltrated and control the narrative (the ‘MSM’).

As a backup, they install only those on the team.

As a backup, they blackmail those that aren’t.

As a backup, they defined ‘conspiracy’ as crazy/mentally unstable and label anything ‘true’ as such.

This works given most of what they engage in is pure evil and simply unbelievable (hard to swallow).

The ‘fix’ has always been in – no matter which party won the election (-JFK (killed)/Reagan(shot)).

This was always the promise made to those who played the game (willingly or otherwise) (i.e., they would never lose power).

Power of the (3) letter agencies.

Power over the US Military (WW dominance to push against other nations and install like-kind).

These people are really stupid.

Follow the husbands.

Another Hint:

Ian Cameron

McKinsey & Company

Clowns In America.

Dr. Emmett J. Rice.

Federal Reserve.

Everyone is connected.

How about a nice game of chess?


b366dd No.11043833


Q: WHERE IS AN ALTERNATE LOCATION WE CAN GO TO in the event that this too becomes compromised?!

6db431 No.11043835

File: 1552125153af6ad⋯.png (96.09 KB, 2460x512, 615:128, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)


5be366 No.11043836


fuck you you fucked this all up you powerhungry faggot

6b0e64 No.11043838

Q! thank you!!!!!!!!!!

462c9a No.11043839

b366dd No.11043840


I cannot fucking believe that bro.

762dce No.11043843


Tangent = Gannet, Tegna = Agent?

b366dd No.11043845



He deserves to hear that to not dirty his name. He's followed you quite well.

fb75a6 No.11043846

File: 59483e1a9a7f80e⋯.jpg (694.18 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, 59483e1a9a7f80e7165c4ae895….jpg)


This will be fixed dear Q. Patience and cooperation with anons that do what they can are the key to this.

b366dd No.11043847


Eat shit loser. BO got compromised, clearly. holy fuck.

ab48be No.11043849


Thanks Q that was a loud cheer we got from the anon that you answered

5be366 No.11043851


and he was shilling for your ass hard with all the IP fishing you were doing with your "comfy music"

get fucked glowing faggot

b366dd No.11043853

Would love it if Q would confirm I'm not a CIA loser or anything of the sort. I would assume he has the capability, certainly.

I'm a simple family man and patriot that loves this country.

fe6260 No.11043854


Create new trip code, place hidden in POTUS Twitter. Weaponized autism will figure it out.

6b0e64 No.11043855


Told everyone. So did others.

68389a No.11043856


Would still like to be sure that trip wasnt brute forced comped. Q, I'm sure you understand the concern

5be366 No.11043859


so you figured the best way to do this was to abandon anything resembling humility while hyperlinking to IP fish


a7ebdc No.11043860


Fuck that. Yiuvckoe. You glow motherfucker

b366dd No.11043862


I had fixed that in my current batter txt.

6b0e64 No.11043864

Another Hint:

Ian Cameron

McKinsey & Company

Clowns In America.

Dr. Emmett J. Rice.

Federal Reserve.

Everyone is connected.

How about a nice game of chess?



5be366 No.11043865


b366dd No.11043866



b366dd No.11043872


I have no interest in famefagging.

I will be remaining anonymous after this whole ordeal as well.

Fuck yourself.

30dc13 No.11043874


Boss, WTF has been happening today? What can be done, obviously you have already thought this through.

5be366 No.11043875


You and BO called a lot of good anons banned because they called out your joint faggotry, don't play innocent now

68389a No.11043876


They all link to Susan Rice, known deep state already. This is why this is concerning, I could have written that I'm just a faggot

20c653 No.11043878


we've been waiting

bf611c No.11043880



I'm sorry for their malignant intentions.

2ce393 No.11043881


I suppose you/we are starting to tap some nerves?

da3af2 No.11043882


So this WAS legit…

Love you, man, sorry we're not dealing with things very well on our end.

b366dd No.11043884


This is truly sad man. What the fuck was that shit.

5be366 No.11043887

look the namefags, the ones who caused all the problems, they're here acting like it wasn't their fault

you know, the ones with the discord

20d120 No.11043888


Might want to start thinking about a backup board. Created by you.

30dc13 No.11043892


Where the fuck is the BO?

> samurai.jpg

2ee664 No.11043893


Somethings OFF

b366dd No.11043894


Getting on that. AFLEAFbro?

30dc13 No.11043895


that was breadbox faggot

5be366 No.11043896


absolutely fucking not, we'll be here again by the end of next week

1fd976 No.11043897


We see you Q, Godspeed!

6b63f5 No.11043898


Everything is falling apart.

how do we reorganize?

5be366 No.11043903


all namefags fuck off for a solid week and when they come back they stay anon, quit hyperlinking and quit trying to IP fish through discord.

real anons soldier on

30dc13 No.11043905


new board now

f01452 No.11043906

File: c043d878331fcaa⋯.png (16.97 KB, 783x71, 783:71, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)


Q, this was posted in CBTS, not sure if it helps

20d120 No.11043907


BO will have to comply to Q, otherwise we will have to set other plans in motion. It's just an idea.

f4b90a No.11043908

014756 No.11043912


Q PLEASE USE PUBLIC KEYS so you can post anonymously. Fuck these shitty trip codes.

fb75a6 No.11043913

File: f5931f08d71137f⋯.jpg (208.7 KB, 1260x1028, 315:257, he-was-killed-for-this.jpg)

Questions were asked in /cbts/ general and we will act accordingly upon their resolution, or Q will tell more.

2ce393 No.11043914

f32278 No.11043915


>What they do is unbelievable (hard to swallow)

Oh fuck, they're actual cannibals aren't they? That shit about disinfo itself may have been disinfo…they really consume blood, I'm betting.

0b9400 No.11043916


Bump out, air gap, dual vpn, trash chips

5be366 No.11043920

How many weeks did we ask the namefags to fucking quit and they went NO NO I'M TOO IMPORTANT IF YOU CHALLENGE ME YOU'RE A SHILL! EVERYONE FILTER THE SHILLS! ONLY I CAN BAKE!

They did this.

762dce No.11043921


Pamphletanon is making a new board. Stand by.

d394f9 No.11043922

Did baker #112 fuck CBTS for everyone

6db431 No.11043924





1fd976 No.11043926


You should have said "and gay"

Anons campaigning to restore trips naow. Shit got shilly when we stumbled onto Gannett et al

5be366 No.11043927




28bfec No.11043928

This is 100% that guy who was cracking Q's tripcode. He succeeded.

f7f47f No.11043932


wasted so much time battling these niggers and now this shit. holy fuck.

20d120 No.11043934


f7f47f No.11043935


why are the people who were responsible for a comped board now saving us?

6db431 No.11043939


we will not point fingers.

5be366 No.11043948

Hey PamphletFagggot you got the BO to come and ban me for calling you on this shit earlier don't run and hide now bitch

0da6c0 No.11043950


Anyone notice the reference to movie “War Games”

The first and last sentence are quotes from the movie.

28bfec No.11043951

It's time to let this fucking LARP die. He's been repeatedly outed by people with actual WH credentials.

68389a No.11043953


I agree, a buch of hints towards Susan Rice(who is old news) wouldn't be what Q is pointing us towards. What would be the revelation? Exactly…

2ee664 No.11043955


Bingo. Q has been compromised. This shits over

42a113 No.11043956


Citation needed

30dc13 No.11043958

< i think thats all of them


Blocked from posting entering 'trip'. It would appear this board has been compromised.



This board is compromised.

Cannot enter trip code to verify auth.

Trip code on 4 has also been modified.

God bless,



Shall we play a game?

Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).

Remember, they never thought she was going to lose.

Therefore, they never thought investigations and/or public interest into their criminal acts would be exposed/investigated.

Therefore, they never thought they had anything to fear.

Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism.

Therefore, they were sloppy.

Hussein’s last speech in Chicago re: ‘scandal free’.

Why did he continually emphasize that phrase?

As a backup, they infiltrated and control the narrative (the ‘MSM’).

As a backup, they install only those on the team.

As a backup, they blackmail those that aren’t.

As a backup, they defined ‘conspiracy’ as crazy/mentally unstable and label anything ‘true’ as such.

This works given most of what they engage in is pure evil and simply unbelievable (hard to swallow).

The ‘fix’ has always been in – no matter which party won the election (-JFK (killed)/Reagan(shot)).

This was always the promise made to those who played the game (willingly or otherwise) (i.e., they would never lose power).

Power of the (3) letter agencies.

Power over the US Military (WW dominance to push against other nations and install like-kind).

These people are really stupid.

Follow the husbands.

Another Hint:

Ian Cameron

McKinsey & Company

Clowns In America.

Dr. Emmett J. Rice.

Federal Reserve.

Everyone is connected.

How about a nice game of chess?


(No ability to enter trip code - last dump)


Godspeed, Patriots.




24hrs to restore trip code or departure.



762dce No.11043959

File: c46e79e49a22d6f⋯.jpg (62.25 KB, 327x346, 327:346, 1511314339991.jpg)


You're glowing today sir.

a7ebdc No.11043960


Yeah man. Hillary has that big lay iron she cooks on.

I'm right Q

587137 No.11043963


bf611c No.11043964


Incorrect, fool.

The name is simply a banner, I would know that well. It's to rally the troops, and build morale.

It worked wonders.

28bfec No.11043970


And not for nothing but this is why I like coming here and posting. It’s why I called the Q kids out who literally moved fuckibg boards, knowing I knew EXACTLY who THEY were.

No 10 days of fucking darkness. No predictive happenings on the 3rd and 4th. No need for POTUS to be insulated and NO NEED FOR YOU TO WORRY, when you legitimately have NO NEED, to worry. I don’t know what MORE I can do or tell you. I’ve posted pretty frequently since May. Even when I’m vague, I still give a shit ton of detail and stick around a thread to discuss so I don’t feel like I left y’all hanging. I’ve posted my fucking feet, on same tile, even once with a timestamp and y’all turned it into some sexual fetish muh, I POSTED PICS FROM WH LAST WEEK for fucks sake, and then on Friday… I found myself getting a call back from David Wilcock on Ancient Aliens, who I ONLY CALLED IN THE FIRST PLACE because he first thought I was a man, who’s posted a lot longer than I have and then told tens of thousands of people all the things HE “thought” I was. I’m vague, but I DO NOT mislead. So, when he called me back, I answered, we chatted and that was that. He now knows and can personally confirm I am an actual woman like I say and not exactly who he thought I was. He’s not a bad dude, BTW. He’s nice, well-spoken and quick-witted. So if you see this, it was nice to chat with you, Mr. Wilcock! ;o)

b6046a No.11043972





5be366 No.11043974



0b9400 No.11043978

I hate this negative shit! Stop this defeatism commenting crap! That's for soyboys! Now is when we double down, even if we lose Q!

(My pov)

5b8b88 No.11043979


generate and post pgp pub w/ tripcode

sign messages

unless it's compro?

42a113 No.11043981


Holy fucking shit dude

587137 No.11043983


5be366 No.11043985


megashill shows up right on time

fcb76f No.11043988


No faggot. Wrong. You didn't rally the real troops.

a9ca27 No.11043990

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



20d120 No.11043992


Tits lady. How new are you.

01d50e No.11043995


20d120 No.11043996


Don't ever post on /pol/ again.

5be366 No.11043998



5b8b88 No.11043999


should have waited until he could trip w/ real trip code then create new tripcode (nonportable)

the change was malicious

fc5395 No.11044002


>Hussein’s last speech in Chicago re: ‘scandal free’.

>Why did he continually emphasize that phrase?

http://dailysignal. com/2016/10/24/9-controversies-obama-didnt-mention-when-he-denied-any-major-scandals/

Article's author lists the following 9:

1.) IRS Targeting Scandal

2.) VA Waiting List

3.) GSA Spending Spree

4.) Attack on the Benghazi Compound

5.) Clinton Emails

6.) Fast and Furious Gun Walking

7.) Solyndra Subsidies

8.) DOJ and the New Black Panther Party

9.) A Job for Sestak

'Scandal-free' is a blatant lie by Hussein, an attempt to control the MSM narrative.

f7f47f No.11044004


100% endorsed by PA and BO

Encouraged even

20c653 No.11044005

File: ce5e1ec41a41a9b⋯.png (72.03 KB, 906x744, 151:124, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)



BO knows they need to fix this

28bfec No.11044007


she's been right about everything. what has Q been right about so far?

nothing. literally nothing he said has happened. you keep deluding yourself into the nonsense you're "digging" is a truthful revelation when you're just existing in a retarded echo chamber.

it's time to accept you've all been deluded.

c8eff2 No.11044008

Namefags did this

051aa6 No.11044011


Man, that might actually almost be Megs! At least its someone who read and memorized all her posts on half chan.

5be366 No.11044012

"Everyone saying that we're trying to IP fish is a shill because they don't want us digging on well known CIA front Gannett! FILTER! BO BAN THEM!"

Remember this? It was like 4 or 5 hours ago

fb75a6 No.11044013


You have not posted a citation.

Q, what information do you have about the events in Muroc AFB, February 20, 1954? This is important.

2ee664 No.11044015


Shes a fake@!!! Only wants attention!

da3af2 No.11044016






bf611c No.11044019

Whew lads, dat flak.

Seems these weightless empty souls were sold out eons ago.

30dc13 No.11044020


honestly, i get the sentiment, but thats not gonna fix fucking anything at this point. either fight like a team and lets figure it out or we all become our worst enemies. you are better than this.

d5af5c No.11044022




This is not a game.

f4b90a No.11044023


dude, you just showed your age here

5be366 No.11044026





28bfec No.11044027

File: f05940711a0ad38⋯.png (145.8 KB, 1607x711, 1607:711, sheep.png)



a7ebdc No.11044029

File: 33f70dab07b57f7⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 191x255, 191:255, IMG_2421.JPG)

File: 71d98a461717237⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 255x201, 85:67, IMG_2424.JPG)

File: 14157fc9705295f⋯.png (105.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_2426.PNG)



This is the most exciting game Anon

5be366 No.11044030


agreed. I am done with the namefags though. We go forward without them

20d120 No.11044032


No, 'dude', you did

7873d5 No.11044035



30dc13 No.11044036


maybe they didnt know about how discord worked and when attacked by other anons they didnt understand whats going on. call them newfags what have you, they had knives at their throats 90% of the time, and yes, some of it was justified but 70% was just clown niggers being ass hats. lets fucking fix this before we actually lose Q ffs

bf611c No.11044037

(C)lowns (I)mpotency (A)ppreciation day.

Lets give thanks and praise that they'll never have a child that won't become a statistic.

5b8b88 No.11044040



you saw what i did

fix the problem

your risk if you want to continue this

do you like fb

576b2c No.11044041


You're an idiot

a2ccef No.11044042


Validation is necessary. Attempted tripcode cracking has been going on all day. Take whatever action you find appropriate.

5be366 No.11044043

I'm a namefag with 30+ posts per general thread, I'm contributing!

833bc7 No.11044045


CBTS REFUGEES WE'RE HERE! Q can do whatever but we'll have no fucked threads over there.

f7f47f No.11044046


>before we actually lose Q


damaged done you fucking nigger. not we.

da3af2 No.11044047




d7260b No.11044048

Thank you Q for everything.

f4b90a No.11044051


you have not been following cbts very long

i should have been more clear-apologies

a7ebdc No.11044053

File: e5e1426f87cec80⋯.jpg (19.91 KB, 255x191, 255:191, IMG_2397.JPG)

File: 04cb68ee8ffdc83⋯.jpg (19.98 KB, 255x191, 255:191, IMG_2399.JPG)

File: c6ba57f51743da4⋯.jpg (21.8 KB, 183x255, 61:85, IMG_2400.JPG)

File: d9cb70a65f51abf⋯.jpg (30.36 KB, 255x255, 1:1, IMG_2409.JPG)

File: b4690b89efdf34e⋯.jpg (37.36 KB, 224x255, 224:255, IMG_2428.JPG)

762dce No.11044054




5be366 No.11044058

Tripfag with 30+ posts per general thread, I'm contributing!

28bfec No.11044059


i can't believe you're all this fucking retarded lmao

not only have you fallen for a larp, but now you're falling for a person who faked the larp's tripcode to try to divide you out of autism rage

jesus fucking christ

30dc13 No.11044060

< i feel like a fucking step child at the moment in between two drunk parents, you fucking degenerates

> Can all you faggots leave it in the past before we lose Q, please. I am fucking asking nice.

5be366 No.11044061


filtered goodbye forever you raging fucking faggot

833bc7 No.11044063



Fuck you you're the reason CBTS is shit in the first place namefag.

dd66bd No.11044064

File: 57b3afc37f785c7⋯.png (142.67 KB, 614x583, 614:583, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)


>Ian Cameron

>McKinsey & Company

src: http://www.nytimes.com/1992/09/13/style/weddings-susan-e-rice-ian-cameron.html

9c5c6c No.11044066

Ameribro, Leaf, you need to stop.

Identify IDs and filter.

Anons, if you're pissed at them, filter their tripcode.

We can all still dig.

Infighting is disastrous.

The fucking Alphabets are popping champagne right now while you guys work towards aneurisms.


Let BO work the fix, check back in the morning on >>>/cbts/ and make sure he's still being called out to.

For now, just pick up the fucking shovels

a2ccef No.11044068


This. With available source code the algorithm could conceivably have been inverted to produce the original password or suitable hash key. The secure tripcode does not to my knowledge have this issue.

6b0e64 No.11044069

Niggaz, focus on the crumbs Q just gave us. Key names. Stop going off on a tangent. You knowQ is watching this clusterfuck.

fcb76f No.11044072


This is where oldfags have been bunkering while the you all were screeching about shills and living in a false reality created by namefags.

17821e No.11044075

File: 58851197ace416c⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 400x300, 4:3, hope.gif)

Ethnonationalism ftw

Civcucks BTFO

Q is an honorary aryan

bf611c No.11044079

Question: What are the range of actions the Clowns have available to them that don't overlap with a school yard bully?

Answer: Whew, you already know lads.

fb75a6 No.11044080


You are on the chans. You search EVERY piece of information and you see for yourself. I seek information, because I possess some myself. And this topic I asked, if answered truthfully, can turn the tides forever.

5b8b88 No.11044082


go to /cbts/

enter a tripcode

oh you can't


30dc13 No.11044083


thank you, now, what anon will start a new board? i know some of yall have the archives from the /cbts/ compt board, how the fuck do we fix this?

99997a No.11044085

Old board cbt>s what>s this one. Cattalogg

1045f7 No.11044087

Q’s first post on 10/31 had a picture of Washington crossing the Delaware (December 25-26 1776).

Merry Christmas surprise? During the ten days of darkness?

20d120 No.11044088


I was there from the start anon. You might recognize some posts of mine, I was the guys asking for tits any time a supposed female outed herself.


b6046a No.11044093

Q can you comment on the muslim faggot who was trying to crack your trip. Everything safe?

6b0e64 No.11044094

We must defeat the Clowns!

Keep difficing and posting. Show them we cannot be shut down. History is being made, gents!

833bc7 No.11044096







30dc13 No.11044098


you think he will stay in /pol/ ?

7873d5 No.11044099

is this part of the 10 days darkness situation?

5be366 No.11044100


we went to qpol when the namefags and bo were screeching for us to be banned. come join us. better than nothing for now

a7ebdc No.11044101

File: 8215e778fb17f24⋯.jpg (37.48 KB, 430x334, 215:167, IMG_2216.JPG)

File: f5847100f7c5914⋯.jpg (15.91 KB, 255x235, 51:47, IMG_2222.JPG)

File: 59d20ca291384fa⋯.jpg (597.03 KB, 1034x2457, 1034:2457, IMG_2229.JPG)

28bfec No.11044103


dude this shit is fake as fuck and has accomplished literally nothing

you fucking idiots were arguing about what a piece of paper said for 12 hours. and you're going to save the world?

fcb76f No.11044104


AVOID, made by gnupol

f4b90a No.11044105


Sure it is MO. I get that. You should recognize meganon

f01452 No.11044106


Maybe. time will tell.

57d369 No.11044109



No one can trip on CBTS atm.

There's no feature to enter one.

bf611c No.11044112

Knock Knock

Who's there?

MP, you're going to be court-martialed and hung.

This isn't a game.

6b0e64 No.11044117

Q, tomorrow "big"?

5be366 No.11044120

/thestorm/ is another compromised board

5b8b88 No.11044121


from (((people))) like you, yep

by the time i wake up it better be goddamn fixed m

you don't want dirty laundry

30dc13 No.11044124


i used "we" to include everyone you ungrateful bitch, go choke on your mothers oyster flap.

28bfec No.11044126


i literally have no idea what you're talking about because i am apparently not versed in the way schizophrenics speak

a7ebdc No.11044129


>Inb4 skippy found hanged

fb75a6 No.11044131


I was not arguing, I use my energy for important goals. Q, if he is an insider, has great power to turn the tides, and there are allies for those that seek.

Information I posted is enough to see further and turn this forever.

6db431 No.11044135


bullshit. filter.

2ce393 No.11044137

5b8b88 No.11044139


you're all talk and no action

i'll make a new project in the morning i promise you

28bfec No.11044143


okay you do that

5be366 No.11044152

File: 05c109a431f1cec⋯.jpg (132.96 KB, 766x595, 766:595, namefagboard.jpg)

28bfec No.11044161


he also has the power to distract you from what's really going on and get you wound up on shit about how this is a historic battle against satan-worshipping baby-eaters and completely discrediting you

but yeah, keep chasing after a shareblue psyop it'll turn out real well when you ignore everything in the world going on because "Q told me it didn't matter i have to dig crumbs"

f7f47f No.11044163


you fucked up so hard and you know it

now eat the shit you vain proud nigger bitch

f01452 No.11044167



heh heh. love it leafbro

833bc7 No.11044174




Shill Baker free imageboard.

2ce393 No.11044175


No shit sherlock.

BO has been notified.

f7f47f No.11044179

way to go you gigantic niggers


6b0e64 No.11044181

http://www.thegatewaypundit .com/2017/12/lou-dobbs-goes-nuclear-deep-state-doj-fbi-corruption-people-go-jail-video/

Lou Dobbs is straight up KEK!

5be366 No.11044182


oh? on discord?


30dc13 No.11044188


how the fuck did i fuck up you unwashed nigger? i followed the fucking rules and never fucking tripped, seriously, go eat a 12 gauge, your mom with appreciate it.

fb75a6 No.11044189


I do not let him do that. You should not as well.

But he has the power, or at least the information judging from what I see. I still wait for an answer.

f7f47f No.11044193

thank you cbts BO

thank you namefags

thank you in particular the namesfags of the last few days








Praying for you.


b76497 No.11044195


we must be getting close to the finish

7873d5 No.11044198



discord and spaming halhchan got us where we are now.

a2ccef No.11044202


In all seriousness leafbro, they're probably just gonna be shot. Too many to court-martial and too many to imprison.

dd66bd No.11044204

“Susan Rice, the candidate believed to be favored by President Obama to become the next Secretary of State, holds significant investments in more than a dozen Canadian oil companies and banks that would stand to benefit from expansion of the North American tar sands industry and construction of the proposed $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline. If confirmed by the Senate, one of Rice’s first duties likely would be consideration, and potentially approval, of the controversial mega-project.”

6b0e64 No.11044205

Where is everyone????? What board? Which is the main one now? Need to inform, BO

576b2c No.11044210

f7de78 No.11044216

Rubio good or evil

5be366 No.11044222

qpol if you're not a vain queeny namefaggot

thesthtorm if you work for shareblue

7873d5 No.11044224

a9ca27 No.11044231


Okay…promise. xx

2ce393 No.11044234


Or maybe it was talking about the Vanderbilts, CIA, Gannet, etc? And that's when some fag started to try to hack the trip code. Then some BO locked down the board so no more trip codes.

833bc7 No.11044235




CBTS refugees let's finish this. All namefags except Q get banned.

6b0e64 No.11044236


Rubio the fuck holding out on the tax bill to get extra child credit money for his many child having Mexican family constituents. Cuck!

b6046a No.11044237

So what's the game plan now?

Waiting for Q advice. For now will privately dig from last drop and bring results when things are less chaotic.


ae0944 No.11044238


Sure did.

833bc7 No.11044240


We welcome your findings https://8ch.net/qpol/catalog.html

a7ebdc No.11044242


And small

f7de78 No.11044243

>>11044224 if greedy then MAP

014756 No.11044251


>CBTS refugees let's finish this. All namefags except Q get banned.

Let Q decide what he wants to do.

5be366 No.11044256



0ff7a7 No.11044259


Hitler dubs

The real rules are 8/pol/s rules

Not /cbts/ rules

Welcome to reality

It will hurt

a2ccef No.11044263

f4b90a No.11044265

Uh guys, looks like the muslim got it


2ce393 No.11044266

Somethings up.

Looks like Q has been hacked.


833bc7 No.11044268


You can't go to two image boards? I'm not saying only go to qpol concern faggot

6db431 No.11044270





833bc7 No.11044274


The namefag board of champions.

Winners don't need identities:




e4d6e5 No.11044276

File: 5e256a8a7088d47⋯.png (5.96 KB, 614x83, 614:83, Q 4ch trip test.png)

Q is the halfchan trip test legit?

f8e72a No.11044283

Q has balls to post in this mud pond to find the lotus.

5be366 No.11044284


go here if you like to glow and suck dick

a10d7a No.11044286


of course it is. Q doesn't give a shit where he posts, as long as he gets the word out.

cbts mods fucked him so he's bouncing back someplace safe.

the Q tripcode won't be hacked in time to matter

6db431 No.11044287

6b0e64 No.11044290


More proof that what Q says is legit and something big is about to happen. They are so desperate. They cant control everything. They are losing it.

We are winning BIGLY!

833bc7 No.11044291


He can have his identity, every other name/tripfag is banned.

e4d6e5 No.11044296


The only reason I asked is b/c the Q who posted in /cbts/ said that halfchan trips were "modified"

ab48be No.11044301


you gonna come with leafbro?

57d369 No.11044302


I've reached out to BO on 2 other platforms.

Sure he'll be here soon.

fef952 No.11044303


Because they are a team and they did exactly the same thing at half chan. They glow.

f4b90a No.11044307


That was the muslim. He finally got the trip.

833bc7 No.11044309


We're not comped.




5be366 No.11044315

qpol is everyone who was banned for warning that the board was compromised while PamphletFaggot/XXX was screeching we were shills and getting BO to ban us.

692bd4 No.11044316




Really? This is old news from public congressional investigations.

Susan Rice is the alleged unmasker of the US citizens in the POTUS /dossier scandal.

The rumor is that all of her documents were sent to the BO prez library for "safe keeping" - only they were going to be untouchable for 12 years per BOs messed up changes to the archive NARA rules.

Clear obstruction imho

Rices bio and all connections already online in total composite form at


The war games quotes are cute, but is there deeper meaning other than war on the American people? Or her role in the combined effort to destroy us?

She should be hung in the public square.

Never liked her or her lying on bengazi either. Evil, evil, evil.

462c9a No.11044319

Trip code on 4 working.


We don't like to say his name.


e94093 No.11044323


What if I told you BHO was just a puppet, hostage, controlled by a handler, place holder and Deep State had ALL the power, just so Hillary could be 45 for her precious SIGIL?

Truth is stranger than fiction anons

5b8b88 No.11044326

McCainaanite BTFO

Thanks for everything Q

e4d6e5 No.11044329


The Muslim?

Same ID as post 99525 in /cbts/ @9:27

Which is the same msg Q posted with verified trips here @ 9:43

05d6b1 No.11044330


give us a twatter

5be366 No.11044332



your trip will work

2ce393 No.11044335


So, if this is Q…

POTUS said never ever give up yesterday. We ask you to do the same. So some BO fags turned off tripcodes. Figure out a different way.

69dc36 No.11044338


Do you want to migrate? Or stay here and dig until further notice?

5a0d52 No.11044340


Please keep our President Trump safe. Thank you Q

fb75a6 No.11044341




833bc7 No.11044345


I'd be honored to have you and you can UCMJ me if I'm a fuckup.




a2ccef No.11044348


Or that could have been Q looking for a board that still worked, with the trip code being disabled as the way of disrupting him.

30dc13 No.11044349


Roger Boss

81201c No.11044350


Appreciate all you are doing. Thank you Q

ab48be No.11044353


CBTS COMPROMISED THE STORM IS ACTIVE https://8ch.net/thestorm/catalog.html

ea7357 No.11044354



f7f47f No.11044355


son of perdition

833bc7 No.11044358



Namefags all go to thestorm

Everybody else




e94093 No.11044362


A-ancient aliums?

>>80370 muh map?

a02aa8 No.11044363



Most of the leg work hasn’t been done, on other message boards and blogs etc.

Your team obviously knows the answers, do you want us to all be up to speed?

The 100 monkey theory?

5be366 No.11044371

/Qpol/ CBTS #1: No New Namefags


0d70e9 No.11044374

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


000000 No.11044377


Get a backup tripcode Q. Advance a trip without explanation - confirm it later. IN CASE comp'd/

692bd4 No.11044379


Thoughts on spider web at >>11044316

70c1ef No.11044383

6db431 No.11044385



186a8b No.11044389



New board https://8ch.net/thestorm/res/4.html

9c5c6c No.11044390






3ed5eb No.11044392

833bc7 No.11044394



Try harder Union fags.

fcb76f No.11044396



Retards who don't know any better go to /thestorm/ with JIDF or whatever they are.

Autists report to /qpol/

70c1ef No.11044399



f7f47f No.11044401


where to on half? look on catalog?

5be366 No.11044402


compromised board brought to you by the people who caused the CBTS meltdown today

fef463 No.11044404

>>11043803 McKinsey alumni includes Susan Rice, Sheryl Sandburg (Facebook COO), Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman


282ec7 No.11044406


Please start using a secure trip code (two hashes) and post back on cbts. The next bread thread will have the name field active

Also, I will personally set up a bunker on the end should anything else happen

Stay safe and thank you

833bc7 No.11044407




Autists go to qpol, everybody else to thestorm.

fcb76f No.11044411


If you don't understand what's wrong with attention whoring namefags who try to dominate boards, /thestorm/ is the board for you!

051aa6 No.11044413

ab48be No.11044414










186a8b No.11044418



f4b90a No.11044422

BO/MODS turn off trips

Muslim breaks and uses Q's trip


fcb76f No.11044425


Not happening, fagito. Take your internet identity and shove it up your no doubt loose asshole.

f7f47f No.11044429


aren't you that meth nigger who fucked up every single thread you laid your dick on? and split that time q showed up.


833bc7 No.11044431


You're the reason it's cancer namefag.







a7ebdc No.11044433


Hello Q


5be366 No.11044435


oh look, they still haven't learned to not namefag. probably because it's part of their strategy to be disruptive. "oh you can trust me, I'm one of the namefags who made this mess!"

6db431 No.11044436





^^Bakers are NERVOUS, but we need conf where to go.

/thestorm/ /qpol/= SAME TEAM.

/qpol/=no namefags?


ab48be No.11044437






66ecc6 No.11044442

File: 68262b7507aa9f0⋯.jpg (109.41 KB, 1049x809, 1049:809, 1363380241032.jpg)


I've been following Q posts out of interest but there's a lot to doubt. Earlier I asked why he has to make vague posts because of sniffer programs when, if we figure out what he's referring to then the programs would just pick up on what we're saying anyways. That Cooper pic has been one of the most ridiculous things to focus on so far, though; it was a 480x480 image and we're supposed to make out what's on the newspaper. Pretty sure it's neither GANNETT nor Core77 btw.

3ed5eb No.11044447


Get this fucking bot out of here

186a8b No.11044448


this…so much this

a7ebdc No.11044452

thank you Q for all you do

833bc7 No.11044453


Q can have his name you insufferable cunt, the BO is banning all other namefags.



It's not that he can't trip and you namefags have ruined everything?







Fuck namefag bakers.

3ed5eb No.11044455


This Bot too. WTF

5be366 No.11044466

the same people who ran the /CBTS/ con game on you are still the same screeching faggots who demand anyone that challenges them be filtered.

a7ebdc No.11044469

File: fd95badf6420043⋯.jpg (21.48 KB, 143x255, 143:255, IMG_2374.JPG)

File: c86e4b87cb1e986⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_2376.PNG)

File: 61c7d918d69fdfb⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 255x124, 255:124, IMG_2382.JPG)

File: b967cfd678a99c6⋯.jpg (640.72 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, IMG_2384.JPG)

File: 3e112b18c9f8527⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 255x143, 255:143, IMG_2427.JPG)


Checking your full house .45s

0bd51e No.11044472


u fuked up. get over it. u rnt only one. shit happens. learn, grow. everyone fuks up.. life moves on, u'll do better.

ab48be No.11044473




fcb76f No.11044474


Nope. You're just a sad little faggot that likes attention. Fuck off.

6db431 No.11044475


you hate the bakers, the only bakers that are HELPING YOU.

We won't point fingers on who dropped the ball,


/thestorm/=emergency area where Q can recognize MAGA OP

833bc7 No.11044477


Maybe we're not shills maybe we're tired of being banned because you're a faggot.




3b124e No.11044479

That muslim got Q's trip I just hope that he is a good guy

3ed5eb No.11044481



6b0e64 No.11044482

Anons, they are trying to make everyone argue to kill this board. Stop! Get back on topic and ban shills immediately BO

f7f47f No.11044485


in fact you can, and midget retards with smaller dicks than you have done so

a7ebdc No.11044486

File: 35eaefde93c8728⋯.png (835.69 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_2315.PNG)

File: ffc95afb7f1b991⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 416x600, 52:75, IMG_2330.JPG)

File: f2a8002ed246433⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 255x217, 255:217, IMG_2403.JPG)


b6046a No.11044488


Oh look, after making a mess the namefags go back to their old tactics of calling everyone a shill.

They called us shills when we said to stop namefagging before too

833bc7 No.11044489


This is pol you stupid nigger.







ab48be No.11044493



fcb76f No.11044495



051aa6 No.11044499


They called for a raid. Is that even legal here?

c28181 No.11044503


WHY are you still namefagging faggot!!!

833bc7 No.11044504









>Is a raid even legal on 8/pol/

You should go to thestorm

All autists to qpol







6b0e64 No.11044510


Such the fuck up, kike!

0f53d4 No.11044513


Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/14/17 (Thu) 20:37:42 ID: 462c9a No.11044319>>11044332 >>11044338 >>11044340 >>11044341 >>11044345 >>11044349 >>11044350 >>11044353 >>11044354 >>11044355 >>11044363 >>11044377 >>11044379 >>11044383 >>11044385 >>11044389 >>11044401 >>11044406 >>11044433

Trip code on 4 working.


We don't like to say his name.


833bc7 No.11044516


Suck start a shotgun whenever.

3ed5eb No.11044521

so many UIDs so little conversation

6b0e64 No.11044523


Get a rope, fag. I will help you…

5a0d52 No.11044524


I was just over on 4. Post something there Q.

05d6b1 No.11044525

This Q is a shill.

Q's Tripcode has been cracked…

Wait for the real Q to return on CBTS

000000 No.11044526


051aa6 No.11044527


I have five boards open. I'm not stupid and I multi task. Looks like it's going to be a shit night.

All you well intentioned twitterfuxx neve ever link to this again if it survives. You had to know you were going to attract darkness with ill intent with those damned Vanderbilt/AC memes that were not even classy.

that and I'm not calling out who got the map thing wrong but this is your bag of Destroyed cookies, it's no Illusion.

833bc7 No.11044528

File: b2ec27cd7ff97b5⋯.jpg (69.97 KB, 600x438, 100:73, b2ec27cd7ff97b5d80bb22f48b….jpg)

It feels great to be on /pol/ again.

6b0e64 No.11044530

They cant stop what will happen. Just piss us off here, but the storm is goign to get them.

Faggots are scared as shit if they are trying tso hard to shut us down

5a0d52 No.11044531


https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/153317403/#q153323368. Post something.

fb75a6 No.11044537


He cannot return as Q if he has no namefield to enter trip in.

9ca4b2 No.11044539


Thank you Q, for all you do for this country. We won't disappoint you.

30dc13 No.11044541


they dont like to say McStains name, still trying to figure out how they got to SID

fcb76f No.11044542




a7ebdc No.11044544


Shit man , we're about to get tapped for that proverbial dream job


fc5395 No.11044546


His middle name, fag.

69dc36 No.11044549

Name field is back

f7f47f No.11044550

he ain't coming back negroes

mission accomplished namefags

and you're still organizing

and even here, right now, still namefagging



8630dd No.11044551

File: be58d8947962cd9⋯.jpg (435.85 KB, 1439x1063, 1439:1063, Screenshot_20171214-214555.jpg)

File: 1ee7d796d9e4784⋯.jpg (334.73 KB, 1440x1250, 144:125, Screenshot_20171214-214454.jpg)

This was the LAST DAY of this young man's life

A story was concocted after his fatal attempt at escaping the palace was caught on tape

>>>Ask yourself this:

Would the royal family permit a show that casts them in a bad light to film AT THE QUEEN'S RESIDENCE?


The clip never appeared on the show & no "outtakes" were furnished because


Video Footage:


Cover Story:


Shills are Out in Force. This ACTUALLY HAPPENED

Research it yourself & YOU DECIDE

You know you're done Lizzie. You piece of garbage. Expect Results

30dc13 No.11044553


holy shit, it was that simple. Thank you bottom bitch, love you long time :)

7d269b No.11044554


John Sidney McCain III

a10d7a No.11044555


>Get a backup tripcode Q. Advance a trip without explanation - confirm it later. IN CASE comp'd/


is very smart opsec. I'll take it a step further:

Q 1) generate a new tripcode in some out of the way forum no one will notice, or even here, pretending to be a namefag.

2) Use the encryption tool of your choice to encrypt that tripcode, and publish the resulting encoded string here with your current trip

3) If !ITPb.qbhqo is ever compromised, you can instantly come back with the new trip, prove it's you by publishing the password to step 2, so others can verify it.

This permits continuity of identity, without giving anyone else a head start on compromising the 2nd trip.

a7ebdc No.11044556


Sid didn't fly so good. His arms coudlnt flap too great

1045f7 No.11044561



051aa6 No.11044562


Sigh. Well done, know it all

cb8d02 No.11044564

File: cfee6a24bd4a580⋯.png (2.48 MB, 3048x5744, 381:718, 8chQDrops2ndHalf.png)

a7ebdc No.11044570

So major happening tomorrow Q? Should I get comfy sir?

30dc13 No.11044574


thank you, i fucking dispise the guy, just as much as my grandfather did. He was a full bird at one point and fucking hated his guts, i just dont pay that much attention to that stain on this country to want to look up his middle name. Thank you desu, i appreciate it.

a7ebdc No.11044578




645193 No.11044579

File: 0b8706c3307dfc7⋯.jpg (685.49 KB, 3000x2250, 4:3, Google Jigsaw.jpg)


> Shall we play a game?

> Find the spider

Jigsaw + Google?

5be366 No.11044583

/thestorm/ screeching namefaggots not content with their glowing faggot board, are now shitting up qpol

0d70e9 No.11044587

Let's all thank Tracy Beanz for bringing faceberg, leddit, and twatter to h8chan!

ddfe36 No.11044589

>Ian Cameron.

Is married to Susan Rice

whose father is

>Dr. Emmett J. Rice.

Who was a governor at the

>Federal Reserve.

833bc7 No.11044590


I don't see any mess there, must have a decent BO.

a7ebdc No.11044591


I bet it is the nigger bitch with the purple dreadlocks. Calling it now

5a0d52 No.11044593

Q is not on 4chan as stated in 8/pol post. Suspicious here. What the Haiti's is going on? The trip test was posted by Q. No other posts.

664584 No.11044594

File: c4656d9bcfa9c14⋯.png (323.89 KB, 327x768, 109:256, E91F80C1-9CC1-4F8E-A3F5-BE….png)

Boards fixed yet? I wanna know if Sid has been flown to the GitMayo Clinic…

0f53d4 No.11044597



8630dd No.11044598

File: 1d288224ee434f8⋯.jpg (587.14 KB, 1440x1428, 120:119, Screenshot_20171214-231217.jpg)


Rep Sidney Yates & the "Call Boy" Parties!!!


645193 No.11044604

File: eaf55646e708bdb⋯.jpg (499.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, asuka.jpg)





Voat called this one https://voat.co/v/CalmBeforeTheStorm/2267325

< The mods at 8chan's /cbts/ board banned one of their more active members for using a name and tripcode, recruiting new members at 4chan, and questioning the mods for threatening to ban him for these non-reasons. I've seen this before. This same disruption tactic was used to divide, conquer, and ruin 8/pol/ and Gamergate while appealing to the users' sense of elitism and superiority. They ran out the competent people, cut the connections between communities, and gave everyone a bad taste about continuing to contribute, all in the name of upholding Anon culture and keeping out normies. It is probably no coincidence that someone is ruining the CBTS threads on 4chan by filling them with swastikas.

fcb76f No.11044606


It has a real board owner.

a7ebdc No.11044607

3292df No.11044614


That should be his prison uniform,lol

034e14 No.11044615


The administrator for CBTS said he was going to make all postings anonymous (no trip codes) except for Q. He wanted to stop people from trying to hack Qs trip code. It seems he screwed up and blocked Q also.

fcb76f No.11044620



6b0e64 No.11044624


Maybe because he is a traitor?

But also could be someone other than McStain that we havent picked up on yet.


5be366 No.11044627


look it's pampletfaggot/xxx again, gloating, about being a glowing faggot

99997a No.11044630


Sidley is his mid nam

81201c No.11044632


Sidney is his middle name

cb8d02 No.11044636


Actually Pamphlet and myself are not CIAniggers or Union Baker faggots confirmed.

You should go to /thestorm/

If you build it, Q will crumb.

d3565c No.11044638


Dr. Emmett J. Rice is Susan Rice's dad.

81201c No.11044641


Initially I thought S. Blumenthal…but McStain is hospitalized and saying he may not be back. Involvement w dossier is heating up

833bc7 No.11044642







81201c No.11044646


susan's husband runs ABC

8bfe88 No.11044654


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21ITPb.qbhqo/

He did post once as a trip test.

5ff3e8 No.11044655

Could it be the queen is involved?

000000 No.11044660

I really can't believe the world is this fucked up. Who in the hell let people in suits and ties do anything but hang themselves with them? Minus POTUS of course, cause I think he's cool.

Rest of those over-hyped cocksucking faggots can burn in hell.

034e14 No.11044662


The administrator for CBTS said he was going to make all postings anonymous (no trip codes) except for Q. He wanted to stop people from trying to hack Qs trip code. It seems he screwed up and blocked Q also.

30dc13 No.11044663


at this point she has passed the torch, 20 years ago, dif story

034e14 No.11044668


The administrator for CBTS said he was going to make all postings anonymous (no trip codes) except for Q. He wanted to stop people from trying to hack Qs trip code. It seems he screwed up and blocked Q also.

5ff3e8 No.11044669


Ill do some digging.

30dc13 No.11044671


Prince Charles prob sits in her seat but if the women still pull the threads, Clamidia Camilla now has a seat at the table.

81201c No.11044672


She was Obama Admin, He heads ABC (media/mockingbird)

000000 No.11044674

I really can't believe the world is this fucked up. Who in the hell let people in suits and ties do anything but hang themselves with them? Minus POTUS of course, cause I think he's cool.

Rest of those over-hyped cocksucking faggots can burn in hell.

92f0bb No.11044675

Now I've got friggin 8 different windows open looking for Q…. Way to go Chavez

7c4c72 No.11044679


Yes. War Games.

I think Q is trying to tell us that all these assholes in power are picked because they are dirty.

All of them are connected and all of them know each other's dirt.

That leads to:

MAD : Mutually Assured Destruction.

If someone tries to out you, you can out them as well.

Problem with Trump : Trump is an outsider who knows the fuckery because Trump wields the Keystone.

That's the reason for the all-out assault on Trump since day one of his election.

They never thought she'd lose.

Now the cabal is fucked because MAD doesn't work on Trump.

cb8d02 No.11044684

File: 0f7507f6943cb53⋯.png (2.49 MB, 3048x5744, 381:718, 8chQDrops2ndHalf.png)


Qpol is CIAnigger Confirmed

Come to /thestorm/

If you build it, Q will crumb

1045f7 No.11044694


Female spiders usually build the web. Is LdR one of the spiders?

fb75a6 No.11044700


Thank you, nice compilation.

This is Love. Use Love further! You can do it. Stop hate.

81201c No.11044708

McKinsey & Company is a worldwide management consulting firm. It conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to evaluate management decisions across the public and private sectors. McKinsey publishes the McKinsey Quarterly since 1964, funds the McKinsey Global Institute research organization, publishes reports on management topics, and has authored many influential books on management. Its practices of confidentiality, influence on business practices, and corporate culture have experienced a polarizing reception.

Connected with Enron Scandal

Published 'Creative Destruction' in 2001

stock market manipulation

Global NWO advocates

92f0bb No.11044709

Fuck /thestorm

Fuck /qpol

Fuck halfchan

Fucking fix /cbts you CUCKS.

We're scattered to the wind. I'd rather have to deal with shills and namefags as long as we're all in the same place

034e14 No.11044710


Nice to see you Q. Yes, they are evil. They abuse and kill vast numbers of people (including children) to reach their goals. They say, "The end justifies the means." Thank you for taking them out.

Lincoln, JFK, Reagan, 9/11, WW1, WW2, HIV, Avian flu, Federal Reserve, …

e26d03 No.11044718


just take note of who is doing what now

and remember well

ea7357 No.11044722

THESTORM is the only one NOT compromised

833bc7 No.11044723


CBTS BO is comped.

bdf00a No.11044726



Dr. Emmett J Rice is the father of Susan Rice., Susan Rice is married to Ian Cameron ("Former" ABC Executive Producer)

Follow their spouses guys…!

ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

034e14 No.11044730

File: 7b60d505247cd9a⋯.jpg (60.3 KB, 853x751, 853:751, Chelsea Satanist.jpg)


Chelsea Clinton proudly displaying her inverted cross necklace (Satanist).

833bc7 No.11044733







81201c No.11044738

DR> EMMETT J RICE (Susan Rice's father)

Rice was born in Florence, South Carolina, and was the son of Sue Pearl (née Suber) and the Rev. Ulysses Simpson Rice (1875-1927).[2] His father died when Rice was 7.[1] He attended segregated schools before his family moved to New York City when he was 16.[3] Rice studied at the City College of New York, receiving a B.B.A. in 1941 and an M.B.A. in 1942 at City College of New York.

He then joined the U. S. Army Air Force in World War II, serving with the Tuskegee Airmen. After the war, he earned a Ph.D. in economics at the University of California at Berkeley and was a Fulbright scholar in India. Rice integrated the Berkeley Fire Department as a student by becoming its first African American fireman. He next taught economics at Cornell as the university's only black assistant professor. He later served as a governor of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1986.

Rice was a research assistant in economics at Berkeley from 1950 to 1951 and was then a teaching assistant in economics in 1953 and 1954. In between, he spent 1952 as a research associate at the Reserve Bank of India as a Fulbright Fellow.[5]

From 1954 to 1960, Rice was an assistant professor of economics at Cornell University. From 1960 to 1962, he took leave from Cornell to work as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and he then went on to be an adviser to the Central Bank of Nigeria in Lagos in 1963 and 1964.

From 1964 to 1966, Rice was Deputy Director, then Acting Director, of the Treasury Department's Office of Developing Nations. From 1966 to 1970, he was U.S. Alternate Executive Director for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank), the International Development Association, and the International Finance Corporation.

In 1970, Rice took leave from the U.S. Treasury department to be executive director of the Mayor's Economic Development Committee for Washington, D.C.. In 1972 he left public service to assume the position of senior vice president of the National Bank of Washington.

Rice was appointed to the Federal Reserve Board in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter. He was the second black member, after Andrew Brimmer, who was appointed in 1966. Rice served on the Board for seven years under Chairman Paul A. Volcker.

After leaving the Federal Reserve in 1986, Rice served on corporate boards and consulted.

Rice died of congestive heart failure on March 10, 2011 at his home in Camas, Washington at the age of 91.

*** FEDERAL RESERVE: Appointed to FR in 1979 by CARTER

cb8d02 No.11044739

File: cb3952ff4c23137⋯.png (467.08 KB, 1151x734, 1151:734, 1496538428533.png)


>Oy vey, my fellow pol users. Do come with me!

You can't be serious?

92f0bb No.11044742



Yeah.. I'm sticking with last known Q, and that's here until further notice.

7d269b No.11044745

If I had less fondness for /pol/ itself, I’d like to drop some people off in the wilderness here and let the real anons carry out some old fashioned discipline.

fe7ee4 No.11044746


How do we know the Anti-Jew


arent the CIA

You've been driving an agenda … it isn't

TRUTH, Justice, Honesty or what is right for this country

833bc7 No.11044748


Good we don't want you if you need to worship a celebrity.


Kill yourself Tubbs, you are the cancer that was spawned from the cancer that killed /b/

cb8d02 No.11044756

File: 0a84146c965f0f7⋯.png (124.78 KB, 549x696, 183:232, 1509113580433.png)


I remember that typing style.

How goes it kike?


>Oy vey, the goyim knows.. b-but fellow pol users b-b-/b/

e26d03 No.11044758


he's posted to 4 so who the fuck knows

well done niggers well done


fb75a6 No.11044760

Q drop to the place with least hate

833bc7 No.11044762


>Making this big of a deal out of another open tab.

>Pulling out the Merchants.

>While being a namefag.

Sure fooling me.

18cc89 No.11044763


pawn e2 to e4

cb8d02 No.11044765

File: d3de7351555f246⋯.png (310 KB, 630x618, 105:103, 1509994472672.png)


<unlike you fooling anyone

>mfw kike admits defeat

7d269b No.11044766


So…you are saying that you don’t want skeptics who would prefer to wait and see where Q goes because that is “celebrity worship”?


81201c No.11044767


Article about Federal Reserve, CIA, and Clintons


034e14 No.11044773


Sidney Yates died in 2000.

833bc7 No.11044774


I'm saying we don't need Q to show up to do work. We can follow a link and monitor multiple boards just fine.

b6046a No.11044775

https://twitter. com/MAGAPILL/status/941523363083689984

Q can you confirm somehow?

833bc7 No.11044778


And if you're only waiting for Q, we don't want you, we want people that will dig.

81201c No.11044779


More on Federal Reserve and CIA


034e14 No.11044780


Sidney Blumenthal, Hillary's helper

18cc89 No.11044783

ok anons! you heard Q lets build a web! this is going to be a huge fucking map!

Bohemian grove spiders are vast and many!

30dc13 No.11044787

Is this spider?

> https://archive.fo/JV5m2

92f0bb No.11044790


I dig fine, but we got to have a direction to dig in. I'm fine going where the information is, but that starts with Q.

81201c No.11044791


Possible, but more likely McStain whose middle name isSidney.

Lots of Mcstain news these days - pressure is on him

0b5b7e No.11044792


It's McCain duh

fed399 No.11044794


Can confirm, looked at all middle names of current senators. McCain is the only one with Sidney.

Also "we don't like to say his name" is certainly a reference to McCain. Makes sense for SID to be him.

b207bd No.11044795

WAPO article 7.1.15

The CIA has paid more than $10 million to a management consulting firm advising senior U.S. intelligence officials on a broad reorganization that agency Director John O. Brennan began earlier this year, current and former U.S. officials said.

The agency also is requiring some of its departments to surrender portions of their annual budgets in an effort to collect enough money to cover other costs associated with the restructuring, officials said.

The payments to the firm, McKinsey & Co., have been viewed with skepticism by some at CIA headquarters and on Capitol Hill at a time when the agency is confronting significant new security threats as well as pressure to trim costs.

034e14 No.11044796


The cabal invites congressmen to formal dinners, then drugs the congressmen and take photographs to blackmail them with (e.g. with naked children). The cabal then controls their vote forever.

833bc7 No.11044797


We're fine operating off the Qmap and posts. If you're fine with that we're at qpol.


30dc13 No.11044801


< Jose Rodriguez

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jose_Rodriguez_(intelligence_officer)

0b5b7e No.11044804


Yes we can, Q said earlier that they don't like saying John McCain's name so they call him John M

7d269b No.11044809


Ah, I see. Well that is what I plan on as well.

Not much hope for cbts, 2 threads w. Same number and no tripspace right now…floundering.

Leave em.

b76497 No.11044810

File: fa6afa772ec9d48⋯.jpg (306.13 KB, 1200x1138, 600:569, offical.jpg)

Christmas portrait

melania's twitter

833bc7 No.11044816


God damn that is the finest POTUS and First Lady that has ever blessed the White House.

81201c No.11044819


Susan Elizabeth Rice, the daughter of Dr. Emmett J. Rice and Lois Dickson Fitt, both of Washington, was married there yesterday to Ian Officer Cameron, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Newton D. Cameron of Victoria, British Columbia. The Rev. Kwase Thornell performed the Episcopal ceremony at the St. Albans School chapel.

Mrs. Cameron, 27 years old, is a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, the international management consulting company, in Toronto. She graduated from Stanford University and received a doctorate in international relations from Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. Her father, a retired senior vice president at the National Bank of Washington, is a former governor of the Federal Reserve. Her mother is a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution.

Mr. Cameron, 31, is a television producer in Toronto for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He also graduated from Stanford, and received a master's in international relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. His father, who is retired, owned the Victoria Plywood Company, a lumber company in Victoria.

7d269b No.11044831


Yeah, there is one rep from PA whose name is Sid, which was a remote possibility bc of Sandusky and all.

But when I checked him out, I actually felt bad bc he looks like…nobody. 2k twitter followers, no staff, no game so I tabled it.

Looks like he wasn’t it. It is McC….I hope.

e217e0 No.11044833


>Dr. Emmett J. Rice.

Warning from 2008:

Susan Rice was born in Washington DC to Dr Emmett J Rice and Lois Dickson Fitt in 1964. She grew up in DC… She is married to Ian Cameron, a TV producer, from Toronto, Canada.

…She has a perfect pedigree and that brings to her a natural arrogance of a highly qualified scholar. Too many academics have done great damage to America’s Foreign Policy as well as the national security.


Dr. Emmett J. Rice, a Cornell University economics professor and the second black member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.


9b3f88 No.11044834


You should be ashamed of yourself.

WTF dude, get a grip.

Block that email addy, already.

5be366 No.11044837


qpol thanks you for this

fed399 No.11044838


Shoot did I miss one? is he in the House or Senate? I only checked Senate. Yeah, seems like small fish from the sound of it.

2a7a49 No.11044840

I think the spiders are web crawling indexing spiders ala google… we, as flies caught in the web, feed the spiders…

0d70e9 No.11044847

Goodbye anons

I love you

It was beautiful you came

81201c No.11044848

See digging on names Q mentioned




000000 No.11044862




Beamstat is a layer above the Bitmessage messaging protocol. It;s secure and works like Bitcoin meaning Q can prove his identity by posting his bitmessage address under his tripcode and then can prove his posts on bitmessage. Bitmessage also can't be censored, remember same tech as bitcoin.

Bitmessage Channel:

[chan] cbts BM-2cWDE2cLoVsg9jhDiEGb6S5C3WjQvn4ubg


bdf00a No.11044869

5be366 No.11044880

7d269b No.11044885


House and definitely small fish.

Sid Kavulich

079afa No.11044891

File: e25fbf6d52fa36b⋯.png (547.67 KB, 740x728, 185:182, Q comped.png)


Not sure that will help

a1d866 No.11044892

File: 05cd282a326bd15⋯.png (279.36 KB, 489x366, 163:122, Screenshot from 2017-12-14….png)

18cc89 No.11044898


Follow the husbands.

Another Hint:

Ian Cameron. Husband to Susan Rice former ABC News executive.


McKinsey & Company will be the next president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank eff jan,1


These guys look like they are currency manipulators opperating all across the globe.

Clowns In America.CUCKS! who hate our constitution and think they are above it.

Dr. Emmett J. Rice.91, a former World Bank official and member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors,

and the father of Susan E. Rice died March 10 2011,1966 to 1970, he was an executive director of the World Bank, representing U.S.

interests and helping establish the global bank’s priorities.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter tapped Dr. Rice for the Federal Reserve Board, the seven-member body that sets U.S. monetary policy and regulates the banking system.

Federal Reserve.

Everyone is connected.

How about a nice game of chess?

Weaveing spiders come not here.

Greek mythology

dont challenge the gods!

reserch athena(owl)

Arachni disrespected Athena by not giving grace to minerva for her weaving skillz

so Athena turned her into a spider to live out her days weaving webs.

000000 No.11044907

where the fuck did the post from the global admin saying he can make it so cbts is only trips for Q they just need to email admin go?

e217e0 No.11044911

File: 99acddb4405ac7b⋯.jpg (222.67 KB, 621x540, 23:20, Emmett Rice.jpg)


> Dr. Rice, who served under then-Federal Reserve Chairman Paul A. Volcker, helped steer the nation's financial policy through a severe recession, the savings and loan crisis and a period of unprecedented banking deregulation in the 1980s.

18cc89 No.11044927

any clowns lurking, I want you to know from the bottom of my heart!

That your services to our country are no longer needed. The would does not want you any longer. we would unite with brothers and sisters globally to shut you down!

You are outdated software.

d8e1fc No.11044931

susan rice joins the brookins institutionhttps://ac2.mckinsey.com/public_content/500174493

5be366 No.11044938

/thestorm/ of shitposting

350+ in less than 30 minutes

naturally, all of it valuable

30dc13 No.11044943



e217e0 No.11044950

File: 0b3cd704ccf7f54⋯.jpg (245.89 KB, 1081x507, 1081:507, Susan Rice.jpg)


Side note on Rice

5ba40c No.11044959


Grand Master of The United States.

cf6546 No.11044970


lol let me get this straight. You came directly to the one place not even indexed that is dedicated soley to the subject of the larp?

Are you fucking retarded? No I'm not asking figuratively and insultingly. I'm actually asking whether you considered that your shill tactic was of the most retarded fashion.

296b9f No.11044971

File: 7b02e08c62564ab⋯.jpg (12.99 KB, 225x225, 1:1, mda-red-shield.jpg)

File: b6abe518350e48d⋯.png (173.92 KB, 660x204, 55:17, Screen-Shot-2015-06-10-at-….png)

Magen David Adom


18cc89 No.11044978

The more I dig into this shit the more I understand Q is godfather 3 he wanted out.

why would they have a book documenting in detail all the blood lines in there data base?

https://www. clowns .gov/library/abbottabad-compound/FC/FC2F5371043C48FDD95AEDE7B8A49624_Springmeier.-.Bloodlines.of.the.Illuminati.R.pdf

6b63f5 No.11044983

File: 48607a571e932b9⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FakeBuildingInsideKremlinM….png)

File: fc2b07a8ebbcac9⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, M2.png)

File: 3c7e66f56f0fba0⋯.png (752.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RebelsInMoscow.png)


18cc89 No.11045000

why the sudden silence?

edb037 No.11045008


ed4a97 No.11045025

>>11043803 IRT ID: 462c9a No.11043832 "how about a nice game of chess" = war games…thermonuclear warfare.

e13e82 No.11045031

Where is everybody?

664584 No.11045039



Not posting in CBTS until BO corrects trip access. New board operators are conspiracy noobs, but seem genuine…

664584 No.11045043



30dc13 No.11045047


BreadBox is a faggot, have fun

f4b90a No.11045048


shill alert

462c9a No.11045052

Being advised to update code.

Serious hardware being used to break.

4 is not secure.


3822ad No.11045056




that other board looks like namefag/glow-in-the-dark fag central.

462c9a No.11045057



462c9a No.11045061



30dc13 No.11045064


welcome back boss, sorry for all the chaos

3822ad No.11045066



thank you, Q.

30dc13 No.11045068

Anonymous (ID: /XXXXXXX) TM 12/14/17(Thu)23:18:52 No.153336999▶>>153337081 >>153337249

Shall we play a game?

> The only winning move is to not play

Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jose_Rodriguez_(intelligence_officer)

> https://archive.fo/JV5m2

> Social Media in all forms

Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).

> We are the energy that allows their ‘bodies’ (institution) to keep growing

Remember, they never thought she was going to lose.

> They made a sloppy web, just like Hillaries vag

Therefore, they never thought investigations and/or public interest into their criminal acts would be exposed/investigated.

> Bring it bish

Therefore, they never thought they had anything to fear.

> Hillaries hubris (their hubris) on display for the whole world to watch

Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism.

> The population got so complacent they made it a game to shove it in our faces, it gave them 'power'

Therefore, they were sloppy.

> No one like a sloppy hole

462c9a No.11045072




30dc13 No.11045073

Anonymous (ID: /XXXXXXX) TM 12/14/17(Thu)23:21:39 No.153337249▶

cont. >>153336999 (You)

Hussein’s last speech in Chicago re: ‘scandal free’.

> https://archive.fo/kjl72

> 1/11/2017

Why did he continually emphasize that phrase?

> Force a narrative that would need to be ripped from his supporters

As a backup, they infiltrated and control the narrative (the ‘MSM’).

> MSM has helped build that house of cards

As a backup, they install only those on the team.

> Give up their souls (who they really are) and become who they are told they could be (hoodwink)

> become sheep to lead other sheep

As a backup, they blackmail those that aren’t.

> They threaten/kill good people, and patriots

As a backup, they defined ‘conspiracy’ as crazy/mentally unstable and label anything ‘true’ as such.

> CIA after JFK

This works given most of what they engage in is pure evil and simply unbelievable (hard to swallow).

> Pagan worship of all forms

The ‘fix’ has always been in – no matter which party won the election (-JFK (killed)/Reagan(shot)).

> Progressive Liberalism/Progressive Conservatism. Now called Globalism

> A New World Order (Bush Sr. left out Progressive)

> A Progressive New World Order

This was always the promise made to those who played the game (willingly or otherwise) (i.e., they would never lose power).

> They were hoodwinked into their new reality

Power of the (3) letter agencies.

> Hoodwinking of the people on many levels

Power over the US Military (WW dominance to push against other nations and install like-kind).

> CIA/Skull and Bones/Illuminati(1776) ideologies

664584 No.11045075


You know your going to have to give us some serious confirmation right!! Like in a tweet!!! Or confirming a perp walk!!!

30dc13 No.11045080


how do we trust that Q?

5be366 No.11045083

I'm catching flak for my famefagging youtube grandstanding!

30dc13 No.11045084

well it is the same ID, but still, thats rather lame

48d6e9 No.11045085


So Q, where will you be headed from here?

d8a1d5 No.11045086


You're probably on top of this, but please don't post any more crumbs until you can outwardly verify this new trip.

Personally, I can only start accepting this new trip if I see some potus twitter correlation that you have shown before.

42a113 No.11045088


There are some new boards if you didn't see, such as >>>/thestorm/

5be366 No.11045093


this is glowing famefag central

30dc13 No.11045094


that board is fucking compt to hell

42a113 No.11045095


What makes you say that?

5be366 No.11045097

all the faggots who caused the CBTS failure today are giving youtube interviews tonight

funny how that works

30dc13 No.11045099


for one, BreadBox is in there, 2, after all this bullshit we have namefags on youtube speaking for all of us, i really dont fucking like that

762dce No.11045103


Check out /thestorm/ Created by the old cbts members, trusted board owner. Just as big as cbts. <3 u Q

5be366 No.11045104

literally shilling for clown Chaffetz. on youtube.

bd9bc9 No.11045105


Telling, isn't it?

We don't do this for fame. We do it for justice.

9b3f88 No.11045106


Impossible. The board operator shit off ALL trips.

There is not even a name field to enter one.

30dc13 No.11045108

/qpol/ does not allow namefags and q will be allowed to trip there, best option at this point

f7adb7 No.11045110






Q, GO TO 8ch.net/thestorm/catalog.html


non compromised board, anons communicating in tandem.

Godspeed, -sheeeeitbaked since day1

5be366 No.11045111

File: d6d5abee012c7c4⋯.jpg (103.57 KB, 768x480, 8:5, GLOWING.jpg)


5b8b88 No.11045112



roger that

664584 No.11045114

File: 0dfd6fb12d41738⋯.jpeg (3.63 MB, 2017x2017, 1:1, 432F6DEA-C336-48DE-A3C3-D….jpeg)


Tweet about playing golf with Obama on this golf course…lol

30dc13 No.11045115



5be366 No.11045116


fuck off fame faggot

5be366 No.11045118



5be366 No.11045119


42a113 No.11045120


I guess go to >>>/qpol/ then maybe?

f4b90a No.11045121

a2ccef No.11045122



using two #'s uses a server based seed (at least it did on 4) to make it harder to break. see FAQ.

d8a1d5 No.11045124

stormfags or qpol fags.

Promoting your boards is futile.

We will only gather wherever Q posts.

You're wasting your time and polluting my eyes with cringe.

f6d506 No.11045128


Q how did you get so awesome?!

b2279d No.11045129



namefag famefag s doing livestream youtube interviews.


2ce393 No.11045131

File: 59c1760aa76d387⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 8779x7400, 8779:7400, Q_comp_correct_12142017_3o….jpg)



love you Q


proof of life bro

is needed

confirm graphic


keep up the good work

462c9a No.11045132

We may have exhausted our ability to maintain safe-comms.

Snow White.

Rig for silent running.

Unknown return.

Godspeed, Patriots.


bf611c No.11045133


Wonderful. Noted and updated the batter with your entire confirmation.


1c5659 No.11045135


WarGames = Dev thought to be dead was in hiding = Seth.

49d36e No.11045136

f7adb7 No.11045137


what the fuck is an IP fisher going to do? send a hit squad to rape us and destroy us? its not like we havent awared our friends and families of what we're all looking into.

(((They))) dont want us dead anyways, because they know we'll be infinitely stronger on the other side of the veil.

get the fuck behind me "Satan"

glow harder cuck

30dc13 No.11045138


i beg to differ, if Q posts in /thestorm/ im going back IRL things, fuck that bullshit. We dont do this for fame, we do it for our country. After the fiasco today, no one other than Q should be tripping

a2ccef No.11045139

Clowns have split us into two factions, the name/tripfags and the anti-name/tripfags.

You faggots forget that name/tripfags are used by bakers to prevent hijacking.

Qpol is -not- recommended, they are anti-name/tripfag and will be easily overrun by shills.

907c7b No.11045141


This is the actual clown board. It's all the divide and conquer anti-'namefag' shills who have been the source of so many problems.

f7adb7 No.11045142


Q, 8ch.net/thestorm/catalog.html

79dc5b No.11045143


Die in a fire, charlatan.

a2ccef No.11045144

b6046a No.11045145


Can we expect no more new posts from you for the near future then?

5be366 No.11045147


then anons try to bake and they scream THAT'S A SHILL! NOOOO! ONLY WE CAN BAKE! FILTER THEM!

fuck that shit with a razor

caac49 No.11045148



What?! Wtf are we supposed to do? Bunker down now?

0b5b7e No.11045150


Safety first Q

579227 No.11045151


How fucked is Songbird Sidney?

Will he sign again like a pussy to drag down all his co-conspirators or is that already a done deal?

5be366 No.11045152


what is this faggot shit famefag

30dc13 No.11045154


i have filtered more namefags than anons, i dont know what the fuck you are talking about. There were 3 good namefagers, and if they are really the good ones, they will drop the trip

edb037 No.11045155


Be safe.

Be back.


f25f3d No.11045156


Miss you already, Q.

79dc5b No.11045157



If you want to talk to Anons, go to /qpol/.

If you want to run a fucking sideshow, go to /thethtorm/

6b63f5 No.11045160

File: 10eb653c365651b⋯.jpg (173.25 KB, 900x675, 4:3, fallout___skill_books_by_i….jpg)





different trip, same id, within a 2 min?


all this to stir the pot? lose/gain traction/observation?

e13e82 No.11045161

OMFG, this is a facepalm conversation

d8a1d5 No.11045162


Might need to look at an alternative platform altogether:


5be366 No.11045164

embarrassing incel famefaggots

42a113 No.11045166

Which fucking board are we going to then? /pol/ has been compromised for a long time.

bf611c No.11045169


We're praying for you and all in harms way <3

30dc13 No.11045172


Godspeed boss, see you around i guess.

> Tell President Trump the anon that yelled out We Love You Mr President in MN before the election, still has his back. God speed Q

0bd51e No.11045173


… no fen way.. wat?!

d84937 No.11045174

maybe we can go to crunchyroll fourms

9b3f88 No.11045176


Great, the one retard that wrecked the board for three days is taking his show on the road.

Must be a democRAT, seems the more incompetent they are, the further they progress.

Youtubers deserve whatever they get anyway.

49d36e No.11045177

rig for silent running…

Silent running is a stealth mode of operation for naval submarines. The aim is to evade discovery by passive sonar by eliminating superfluous noise: nonessential systems are shut down, the crew is urged to rest and refrain from making any unnecessary sound, and speed is greatly reduced to minimize propeller noise

30dc13 No.11045179


drop the trip, it is not needed anymore

3bd3ea No.11045185


All stop, quick quiet

a6cf02 No.11045186


Please have Trump tweet a word like "love" or something of your choosing to also confirm. That would be solid.

938436 No.11045189


d8e1fc No.11045190

OMFG, this is a facepalm conversation

5be366 No.11045192

Step 1: Act like faggots on CBTS for weeks

Step 2: Coordinate on discord to smear anyone checking namefaggotry as a "shill"

Step 3: When anons warn the board has been compromised, smear them as a shill and have BO ban them

Step 4: Don't realize the BO is compromised, fuck over Q

Step 6: Make a new board where you can ban anyone calling out your shit, continue to smear anons, shitpost on competing boards and spam recruitment


caac49 No.11045193


God dammit. Who screwed this all up?

1c5659 No.11045195


Crazy Ivan!

b2279d No.11045196


Yup the faggotry is strong with these guys. *puke

3bd3ea No.11045197


Port or Starboard?!

4b3956 No.11045198


Safe house on qpol, no namefags but the one and only allowed.

f6d506 No.11045199

579227 No.11045200


Hope the shitshow ends with toxic bread namefags & shill I'muh cuck the trips fuck that pissed me off

bc021c No.11045201


Stay safe. We still support you.

Merry Christmas.

1188d2 No.11045202




because as of now unless i get ur pressy trump to tweet sayin who is who I AINT TRUSTIN NONE OF U FUCKIN ASSHOLES

5be366 No.11045203

what's Step 5?

Act like you had nothing to do with any of it while prepping for your "interview"

49d36e No.11045204

I can only hope to wake up tomorrow to some calming news after all the chaos on these boards the past two nights. May God be with Q. May God be with us patriots. Must sleep sleep sleeep

1c5659 No.11045207


He always goes to starboard in the bottom half of the hour.

30dc13 No.11045208


and if we dont see you for a while, Merry Christmas Q team, we love the fuck out of you.

5be366 No.11045209


read qpol and read thestorm, make up your own mind

f7adb7 No.11045210


there are legitimate, logical, rational reasons for tripfagging in an Op with this extent.

f6d506 No.11045211

God bless Q

664584 No.11045212


I just hope we don’t have to all run to the front of the boat to dive after the sonar radio operator hears depth charges hit the water before he yells ALAAAARM in a Das Boot voice…

462c9a No.11045213



Private OP_END


907c7b No.11045215

We all gotta remember, the whole 'no namefags, anon bread only' thing in regards to cbts started on halfchan as a supposed reaction to the baker's union stuff but was rather transparently the same people as the bakers union trying to wrest back control after their first scheme fell through so miserably.

The shills do not want proven dependable people in charge of the bread and are determined to stop it.

So yeah, The Storm, not qpol.

5be366 No.11045219


Not identifying Alex Jones as a disinfo clown

literally shilling for clown Chaffetz

f6d506 No.11045221

6db431 No.11045222


thanks for all you do! Hopefully Q will feel comfy enough to stick around. Namefag or not…


30dc13 No.11045224


Merry Christmas from all of us anons Q, stay safe, see you around. God speed boss.

641558 No.11045225

File: c600139f1863258⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1600x995, 320:199, Las-VegasShootingShooterMa….png)


In your previous post you said "_Conf_actors_1-9999999_per_condition_89074-b"

Are you confirming that the Las Vegas shooting used actors? Are you staging your own false flags to prove to the world that previous Sandy Hook was staged and no planes never hit the WTC?

Thank you Q!!! Godspeed

762dce No.11045227




3bd3ea No.11045230


The hard part about playing chicken is knowin' when to flinch.

;) (out of order, but apt)

5be366 No.11045231


and you faggots demonstrated why it shouldn't be done.

anons have been more than capable of baking and you glowing faggots needed to monopolize it

fuck yourself with a razor

1188d2 No.11045232


good luck. canada is rooting 4 u

5b8b88 No.11045234



Thank you


Pray hard.

d8a1d5 No.11045237


Can you stfu, as someone that will choose storm over qpol, anyone promoting namefaggery is deplorable.

The only reason I won't go to qpol is because they talk like fucking 14yr old virgins.

But 'thestorm' famefaggery is making me really second guess my decision.

Both of you "myboardbestboardfags' stfu before Q works this shit out.

7c4c72 No.11045238


A message to those who know who you are:

I hope YouTube and namefag fame was all worth it.

Reminder, since you are ALL too fucking stupid to understand it:


This entire exercise is about maintaining a board onto which Q could post and to research and slow walk reality to the masses.

It wasn't about the BO.

It wasn't about your cute namefags.

It wasn't about a YouTube interview.

It wasn't about verbally battling with the Shariablew shills.

You made it about YOU, you fucking idiots!

Grow the fuck up!

f4f5bd No.11045240


Well, maybe time to slow down the digging a little bit and enforce nuke the meme war.

579227 No.11045245


>well hope to see you tm afternoon be safe Q Godspeed

462c9a No.11045246

Follow the crumbs.

You have it all.

SEC Conf will be analyzed.

Dark [10].

Enjoy the show!


cb8d02 No.11045247

File: 895db69993a5ce0⋯.jpg (107.06 KB, 600x561, 200:187, 1509230182211.jpg)


o7 Godspeed senpai Q o7

f6d506 No.11045248

Thank you Q

18366f No.11045250

We need confirmation something big will hapoen before Christmas, Q.

Care to lead us?

0b5b7e No.11045251


Alright adios Q! Thanks sio much my friend! 10 days till XMAS!!!

d8a1d5 No.11045252


You exited at the perfect time.

We will take it over from here.

Thank you for all you've done and send POTUS our best prayers and wishes.

cb8d02 No.11045253


w-we posted at the same time s-senpai..

d8e1fc No.11045254

Stop with your fucking confirmations!

762dce No.11045255



18366f No.11045257


When "show"? This week?

b6046a No.11045258


Roger that sir.

SHUTDOWN is here.

We shall dig as best we can.

If it looks dire just know some of us are privately digging as well.

22f82f No.11045259


=this poster is a cia namefag=

a144f0 No.11045261


Marry Christmas patriot. None of us thought we'd ever see the day. You will all go down in History that WE tell.

2a38a6 No.11045262


Q why not use a secure tripcode? They are supposedly far harder to break.

5be366 No.11045263


no one is going to your faggot circus

579227 No.11045265


Thanks Patriot Q will enjoy the show with pride You have been a blessing so be safe Q & say hi to Potus on our behalf

f6d506 No.11045267

You're a hero Q!

a1d866 No.11045268


>Enjoy the show!

Roger that. :)

30dc13 No.11045269


the countdown begins. Popcorn ready!!!

>Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


caac49 No.11045270


The deep throat of our generation. Thank you Q. We shall watch, read and dig.

d8e1fc No.11045271

Ok, he left so let's follow the crumbs

05f474 No.11045272

File: 2f65bbdf379f02c⋯.jpg (156.22 KB, 890x499, 890:499, 214bie.jpg)

18366f No.11045273



Q will post where Q wants

a1d866 No.11045275


Wait!! One more thing.. you can just say 'maybe'

Are there (((aliens))) involved in this? Antarctica? I need to know, dammit!! :D

d8e1fc No.11045276

Facepalm…The faggots think they're in some kind of lame military movie

cb8d02 No.11045278

File: 867d5b3347c7bdd⋯.jpg (95.34 KB, 897x869, 897:869, 867d5b3347c7bdd8a2303e6100….jpg)


>fails at redtext

f6d506 No.11045279


He's done follow orders! We have it all.

907c7b No.11045281


Yeah… you're right. It should be immediately evident where to go for the right people, including and especially Q.

Sorry. I'll calm down now.

5be366 No.11045282


yes. read more at /thestorm/

the Vanderbilts are aliens from GANNE-77

8ebf9b No.11045283


God Speed,

God Bless you , the President and all patriots in harms way. Thank you so much, and a Heartful thank you from our children.

God Bless America.

2a4b0a No.11045284




cb8d02 No.11045285


Gannett.. and its (((news)))

938436 No.11045286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bye Q.

See you soon. Enjoy the dark.

Rig for Silent Running

1c5659 No.11045287


[In 10 days] Turbulence is a thing of the past. Fade Out.

f4f5bd No.11045290


Not religious, not in the US but in Central America, don't know how much impact you will have here, if any impact at all, but I'm gonna pray for you and your Patriots and will keep helping in lurking and redpilling via SN. God bless you, be safe.

f65cea No.11045292


Q, put an extra # in your name to make your tripcode secured (double encrypted) instead of:

Q#[password] use Q##[password]

I hope this helps your security measures. Godspeed and Merry Christmas.

d8e1fc No.11045293

10 days until Christmas

569322 No.11045294

File: 5b9d10b09f94f7e⋯.png (475.71 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_0800.PNG)

File: 88afdd1a52e7339⋯.png (637.46 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_0801.PNG)



This is it. What we've been training for. We have all we need.

Keep focused. We have our instructions and we've been assured that the best of the best are always many steps ahead.

This Q project is authorized by POTUS and we are being given the most amazing gift. This is why we memed Trump into office. We believed. And as we expose the memes hijacking minds let’s expose the memes that free minds.

Cleaning up government corruption doesn't address the root issue. When we have more freedom and less oppression what will we do with it?

What keeps the evil in power? What is needed for a few to oppress an entire population? What is holding the pyramid together?

House of Rothschild, House of Soros, Bush family, Clinton's, MSM, Academia, Hollywood all have these public-memes in common: Abortion good, Welfare good/Nuclear family bad, Catastrophic Climate Change imminent. There is an anti-human theme that can be connected to everything + ++ +++ related in the map and in the news.

If you want to control a people break the bonds between father and mother, parent and child. This is where the civilian war is taking place. Why is single parenting praised and the nuclear family systematically removed from academia and society at large? Why are biological gender distinctions being destroyed?

Warfare is fought on the battlefield of our minds. What can you say to effectively make a difference in the midst of warfare?

18366f No.11045295


Lets hope. We need major action soon.

When arrests are made, I will be happy.

2cbdc4 No.11045297


Can you confirm or deny any MIC SSP ? Solar Warden ?

500881 No.11045300


Well said. There are plenty of questions left on spreadsheet to answer. Plenty of news stories to digest.

18366f No.11045301

Q, care to share why Hitlery is still wearing a boot?

a1d866 No.11045302


got a link/sauce/thread nigger? Looks like whoever set that up shit the bed.

18cc89 No.11045303


god speed sir.

f6d506 No.11045304


I bet before new years

935fc2 No.11045306

File: 7a185ba72fd4645⋯.png (101.17 KB, 1013x336, 1013:336, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: 44b9b250c0fe8b4⋯.png (280.51 KB, 1092x651, 52:31, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: a4865b879c519b1⋯.png (245.67 KB, 1094x643, 1094:643, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: e27d1aa5c68b5c9⋯.png (92.82 KB, 675x332, 675:332, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: 77c4ca95de44a71⋯.png (47.68 KB, 667x121, 667:121, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

Go get 'em…

d84937 No.11045307

twatter Q is silent too although most think its fake also Q want to confirm

f6d506 No.11045310

edb037 No.11045311


We Are LIght.

We Are ONE.

WRWY, Patriots, POTUS.


f6d506 No.11045312

Its time to redpill some citizens!!!

3952fd No.11045313


Those memes are good. The second one has a typo (conscious should be conscience). The typo was in the original Q post, but for miming the public perhaps we should have it spelled correctly.

3ea693 No.11045314

I have a fetish of having live pubic lice (crabs) living in my pubic hair.These little guys are otherwise harmless and they do not transmit disease.I am looking for any other like minded guys who are into having their own personal colony of these little insects living hidden in their pubic region.Contact me if you are also into this, or you would like to be.

6ced8e No.11045317


Tuatha is ready


30dc13 No.11045318

> If all goes well Q

< See you on Christmas





d7260b No.11045319



Good luck Q. Merry Christmas and God Bless.

ca6321 No.11045320


Rig for patrol silent. It's okay.

49d36e No.11045322

….and here we go!

5be366 No.11045323


There is a research thread on /thestorm/ for this

a1d866 No.11045325


what? you never played G.I. Joe before from the comfort of your own digital shitposting armchair memebox? for shame.

5a0d52 No.11045326


May God Bless Q. Patriots _OUT_10_

935fc2 No.11045327

File: 148f30c480dd121⋯.png (129.91 KB, 1075x257, 1075:257, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: 3748d4c90526ebd⋯.png (32.59 KB, 559x161, 559:161, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: 4c2d17772062069⋯.png (270.92 KB, 1060x653, 1060:653, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

File: 0066bcbdc16bd40⋯.png (718.03 KB, 985x575, 197:115, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

File: c65bfb53f330388⋯.png (955.67 KB, 1087x538, 1087:538, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at ….png)

MAGA for Juliette.

cdcb25 No.11045328

File: f3aa70995976dea⋯.png (40.49 KB, 394x538, 197:269, 20171214_020702.png)


With tears in my eyes, Sir.


500881 No.11045332

Early on we were patriots trying to find the truth because we weren’t getting from MSM. Q pointed us in a direction. SSAnon helped organized us. Bakers gave Q a channel to communicate.

Then Q got famous. #Qanon etc brought exposure-good. Idiots-not so much.

RTB. Reread the maps. Reread all posts. Read the spreadsheet.

Research. Stay focused.

5be366 No.11045334



30dc13 No.11045335


Aint that the fucking truth.

Head high, he still have a job to do.

935fc2 No.11045336

Q & Co.

Please MAGA for Juliette in Buffalo, NY

6ced8e No.11045340


100% agreed, anon

glowing faggots killed it

95dd88 No.11045342

We will continue to dig. You've given us plenty to work on. Thank you and God Bless. Tell GEOTUS we are all praying for you.

2ce393 No.11045350

File: 6ecff0b69cf0bc5⋯.png (4.77 KB, 400x166, 200:83, ClipboardImage.png)

wtf is this shit?

e9c207 No.11045351


I dug that out 3 or 4 days ago. Interesting, but not getting much attention.

cb8d02 No.11045352

File: 762b0000567ab4a⋯.jpg (106.46 KB, 378x485, 378:485, 762b0000567ab4a0969efd3b78….jpg)


So you're saying if people didn't tripfag that it would have stopped the CIAniggers from tripfagging as Q?

Really? You're saying this?

>jew logic

8ebf9b No.11045354

File: bd5c59a5646f449⋯.jpg (68.45 KB, 591x555, 197:185, 4dchesss.JPG)

5be366 No.11045355

Good night anons, I hope we all learned a powerful lesson about the dangers of namefagging and youtube interviews.

Judas wanted 30 pieces of silver. You wanted to be "insider" know it all faggots.

654545 No.11045356


More like, why is Lynn de Rothschild is still alive?

2ce393 No.11045357

File: 8946fde8b20b650⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 567x755, 567:755, DREJZWuXkAEOEP4.jpg large.jpg)

sorry posted wrong thing.

wtf is this?

586d91 No.11045360

3f1d3d No.11045361



Enjoy the Show!

cfb9e5 No.11045363

Normies are going to have a nervous breakdown.

I posted Gloria Vanderbilt art reference and I can't unsee or unthink what I found.

Q is right 99% will be in the hospital requiring sedatives.

I have always known there is corruption but this is beyond that.

They are not people, they're not human and calling them animals is an insult to gods creations.

These people are monsters, abominations.

Please, I beg of you Q, make it stop, have POTUS nuke the swamp, draining it is not enough.

I hugged my child for so long I looked crazy.

I live in the most wonderful country with monsters masquerading as public servants who harm our children and create race hate.

God bless anons who do the digging and keep our daily bread and for those normies who have a thought to share, just share it.

At this stage, info warriors please be patient when a newbie posts, they need you just as much.

This is so very overwhelming and WE CANT UNSEE THE TRUTH YOU PROVIDE.




5be366 No.11045364



654545 No.11045365


You a faggot that can't read coded type set?

Look at it again and THINK about it.

7c4c72 No.11045367


>SEC Conf will be analyzed.

SEC = Securities and Exchange Commission = Stock Market investments = Insider trading by spouses based on upcoming legislation.

Lot$ of fuckery made these swamp cunts rich.

Looks like Trump is going fishing in Wall Street waters.

6b63f5 No.11045369


one of these things is not like the others.

7c4c72 No.11045371


Trump should sue Gannett for slander.

2ce393 No.11045372


Geez fag I guess you can't read….



I pasted the wrong image.

654545 No.11045374

2ce393 No.11045375


no shit.

but i find interesting Q was allegedly posting about gannett. guess who owns USA Today?

a58602 No.11045377


giving advice on opsec… KEK!

2a4b0a No.11045380

File: 09cbf02f0f8cd71⋯.png (409.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

66e043 No.11045381


We've got plenty to work on. Meme will be spread. Read Breitbart comment section today. Many people echoing ideas that you started spreading here.

938436 No.11045382


Definitely should dress as Miss Conduct next Halloween and grab everyone by the pussy.

7c4c72 No.11045383



We're known as "Anonymous" for a reason.

2ce393 No.11045385


Fuck halloween.

938436 No.11045388


Right in the pussy

189bee No.11045389

File: 43585e8804df2c9⋯.jpg (36.15 KB, 708x233, 708:233, Q lost Capture.JPG)

File: f90da7561508ac5⋯.jpg (96.53 KB, 725x637, 725:637, Q lost Capture 2.JPG)


Does this syntax SOUND like the real Q ???

This post is only 3 minutes after he posted having LOST access. Highly suspect.

f4f5bd No.11045393


Both name/tripfags and anti-n/tf are to blame, stop already with this blaming at finger. All succumbed to exhaustion and shilling, we already have all the tools to redpill the masses, we have more than enough info for that, is time to get working in the memes and redpilling. Digging will always be important, but most of us are already been doing that for years, Q only guided us to organize us and document and save everything. Get to work and stop whining.

05f474 No.11045395

So where should we put new memes from here on? Same catalog #2?

2ce393 No.11045396


As long as she consents.

cfb9e5 No.11045397


I hope all will be well.

Merry Christmas

7c4c72 No.11045402


Thank you for the prayers.

Clowns have most definitely been operating/suppressing in your neighborhood.

Draining the swamp will have a yuge effect on Central America …. promise.

8ebf9b No.11045403


Well said,, i agree 100%

6b63f5 No.11045404

File: 063a12f8a14dd7f⋯.jpg (214.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FakeNews.jpg)


>pic related…

f4f5bd No.11045406


Can POTUS dedicate a tweet to the Patriots?

That would be a big boost for anons here.

3f1d3d No.11045408


SEC Conference = NCAA Football = ALABAMA


938436 No.11045409


What if I told you…

There is no Q?

Q is a manifestation of our collective desires, as is everything else. We are thoughts, figments of a theoretical God's imagination.

Enjoy the show.

10 days.

664584 No.11045411


He knows he’ll have to give us a Tweet link, or a happening that happens that only a few would know. Q needs us to red pill the masses, he’ll be back

c06dea No.11045412

3f1d3d No.11045414


I would expect a trump “Enjoy The Show!”

8ebf9b No.11045416


Making memes and preparing groupings/timelines/connections. Yes continue the research on new clues, but more focus on making meme's and beginning the mass red pilling

c06dea No.11045417



And I am still waiting for #FlySIDFly#

d2260c No.11045420


thanks Q

tell barron to buy one of these image boards when he is older

6db431 No.11045422


why would someone want fame for this? I think "qpol and thestorm" will all fall back into an army of one once cbts figures out why tripcodes are mandatory to conf Q validity.

654545 No.11045423

Fuck this shit. I can't get back to the ones I'm used to digging with, blab this shit out to the fucking world and let all of them know about these plans!

d1cc48 No.11045425


How do you get Alabama out of SEC Conf? What is SEC Conference stand for?

a1d866 No.11045426


More operation Gannett/mockingbird normie-fag bs. Gonna milk that cow till it's dry..

0bd51e No.11045428



we r here


2ce393 No.11045430

File: df143492b0c33b9⋯.jpg (8.1 MB, 7790x7180, 779:718, Q_comp_correct_11.22.2017_….jpg)

Latest Q maps

Dark [10] Edition

1 of 3

66e043 No.11045431


The whole reason America is where it is – is because of people wanting government to solve their problems for them. Instead of whining for Q to make arrest and do something, how about researching and memeing yourself. You want something to happen, make it happen.

It seems like half the people in CBTS are just watching a real time, TV show and waiting to see how it ends.

We decice, in large part, how it ends.

Work, don't whine.

938436 No.11045433


You're angry because there's literally no chance you could ever possibly prove wrong any of what I said.

2ce393 No.11045434

File: 2a2400aa6ef5c71⋯.jpg (6.95 MB, 6770x7400, 677:740, Q_comp_correct_12142017_2o….jpg)

Latest Q maps

Dark [10] Edition

2 of 3

2ce393 No.11045436

File: 9eb077421c691ba⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 3210x7400, 321:740, Q_comp_correct_12142017_3o….jpg)

Latest Q maps

Dark [10] Edition

3 of 3

654545 No.11045440


You expect me to believe XXX!a22Tubbaks is on the good side?

7c4c72 No.11045441


Not a fucking YouTube star groupie dick sucker, thank you.

I'll pass on that shithole of a board.

Enjoy your namefag fame, assholes.

6ced8e No.11045444


deepest gratitude, bro


3f1d3d No.11045445


South Eastern Conference, it’s always called the SEC

6db431 No.11045446


agree. I think the only reason names were mentioned on Youtube is to validate MAGA Operatives and to let the normies know wtf happened. Im sure the "breadbox" guy feels stupid now. give the kid a break. Sounds like he never had a hot mic before.

66e043 No.11045447


What if I told you that a fucking democracy (republic technically) IS the manifestation of our collective desires.

Who care who the fuck Q is?

What matters is whether there is truth under the insinuations he / she makes.

If there is truth, and we manifest our "collective desires," we can change things.

cfb9e5 No.11045448


No we don't. It takes time to drain a swamp, there are some that are innocent who we will need so we can rebuild.

POTUS is showing us through his actions.

6db431 No.11045451


lol wherever Q goes, the Bakers will follow.

wtf happened to /cbts/? is the B.O retarded? no trip??

0b5b7e No.11045454

Alright everyone it was a pleasure from the beginning. Can't wait to see Sid go down. 10 days darkness

If you bake it, he will crumb

43ac1e No.11045456


Q asked us to DIG into the Federal Reserve this is a MUST WATCH video!

2ce393 No.11045457


Np. I suppose this is the end.

2cbdc4 No.11045458






43ac1e No.11045459

Who owns the Federal reserve? You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world… it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is.

Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck… every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today.

The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years.

Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world… because it will change the system .

For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money.

Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it's all accomplished through this… The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.


938436 No.11045461


I'd say: "Might as well be."

d1cc48 No.11045462


THE END??? Are you kidding. You have the information get to work. There is tons of research still to do. Memes to make.

6ced8e No.11045467



a real pleasure

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4…

8ebf9b No.11045471

is a trusted baker going to pick up with 115? Where is the good bread going too be? there are 2 current 114 by anons, and then the storm section by sheet? where is antifungal Leaf bro going?

7c4c72 No.11045475


They should have NEVER gone on YouTube and put themselves in a position to be stupid.

"Gonna be a YouTube star and hero for muh Q."

Namefags made it all about them.

6ced8e No.11045476


not the end

just the beginning

anons are damn fine people

produced a great body of work

for the greatest cause: saving our human family

f4f5bd No.11045478


Since the early 50's pal, Clowns took out the fist democratic elected president just so you can have our fruits and precious metals almost for free (Guatemala, look for the "banana country" case), we have been in a hell of a chaos since then, we are the second most violent country in the world, just after Afghanistan, we aren't even at war.

I believe that this will have also a great impact here, from my POV it has beggun, but can't really tell with the chaos in here, politicians are 100% corrupt, so I don't know if there is really gonna be a big change, or if I would be able to see it (I'm not old, I'm 27, but the situation here is really grim, I could get killed any day for less than $5, or just because). A little prayer might also help, if it is not much to ask :)

66e043 No.11045481

43ac1e No.11045482

File: 0e86a7e5112d39a⋯.png (43.15 KB, 462x300, 77:50, screenshot_175.png)

File: 6ca8a3d6596dcac⋯.png (172.61 KB, 1150x551, 1150:551, screenshot_176.png)

File: e3a44bf62d13ade⋯.png (148.78 KB, 1150x433, 1150:433, screenshot_177.png)

Emmett J. Rice

f4f5bd No.11045484


Yes, focus on the meme war.

43ac1e No.11045487


Father to —-→ Susan Rice's

7c4c72 No.11045489


>A little prayer might also help, if it is not much to ask :)

Done. God bless, stay safe. Trust in God.

a58602 No.11045491

weed them out

f4f5bd No.11045492


Go to sleep anon, you seem tired.

Or are you tripin on shrooms? Hahaha

2ce393 No.11045494

File: cbc1c95a8ccd311⋯.png (96.2 KB, 331x207, 331:207, ClipboardImage.png)

It appears that POTUS is about to play high stakes game with the FED.

FED is already in a panic over BITCOIN.

Is going to shut it down?

Go to gold or silver standard?

This is definitely risky.


He told us "Snow White".

That means CIA and/or others are here.

Q's out unless I'm missing something.

There's lots of pieces.

BUT, there's only one problem.

How do you put together a puzzle without the picture?

MI / NSA = key

POTUS & Patriots = stone

6db431 No.11045495


i feel that. and agree. I just respect them as the people I dig with. I know their hearts are pure, just stupid when it comes to speaking.

f8ab04 No.11045497

what bread is the best bread now? Think Q is gone for good? You think it is starting - 10 days of darkness? Is Trump going to camp David?

654545 No.11045498


Like this one?


f4f5bd No.11045499


Thanks anon!

d84937 No.11045502

Q is silent for im gonna guess 10 days just long enough for all the normies to lose interest

godspeed Q o7

6db431 No.11045504


Gone for good? no. He wouldve said the end.

bc3c1c No.11045505

Is there a new staging area?

2ce393 No.11045506

Also he is saying that the "sick people" are connected to the FED.

Anyone who has studied the Occult and Illuminati has known this for quite some time.

How do we apply this?

654545 No.11045509


a58602 No.11045510



time will tell.. future proves past

6db431 No.11045511


He is gunna give us time to breath and re-gather. He knows tearing our group apart is the worst thing that can happen. 10 days from now, we will be waiting. /qpol,pol,cbts,thestorm/ AN ARMY OF ONE. WITHOUT THE DUMB BICKERING

7c4c72 No.11045512



But I reserve the right to be pissed off for a day.

654545 No.11045515


Don't we all?

6db431 No.11045516


Me too homie, me too.

Im focusing my piss off at cbts B.O disabling namefags. Q needs a namefag.

43ac1e No.11045517

File: a1fe3e55cdd7b2b⋯.png (153.75 KB, 991x702, 991:702, screenshot_178.png)

File: 5edeaeeb5618e00⋯.png (196.64 KB, 519x440, 519:440, screenshot_179.png)

File: 5bc46261ada7e70⋯.png (97.11 KB, 605x370, 121:74, screenshot_181.png)

File: 94181c7c0b78a76⋯.png (167.63 KB, 560x672, 5:6, screenshot_182.png)

Emmett J. Rice, Former Fed Governor, Is Dead at 91


d1cc48 No.11045518


What do you mean? Where did you post this?

6ced8e No.11045522


by the time Xmas rolls around, Q won't need to drop any more crumbs

Godspeed, Q

95dd88 No.11045523


This. Q has stated that we don't like to say his name in the past. It was in reference to Mc_I or McCain Institute. Sidney is his middle name.

a58602 No.11045524


I told you so…

43ac1e No.11045525


The ROTHSCHILDS are the Central Banking System a.k.a The Federal Reserve.

7c213e No.11045857

Am so enjoying the show. Q has the tiger by the tail!

32c9f7 No.11046420


>working out of discord


>what is opsec

>what is anonymous

Everyone in that channel should fucking kill themselves and leave this to actual anons.

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