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Gas the kikes, race war now.

File: 116a291afaedb57⋯.png (17.51 KB, 587x147, 587:147, RideNeverEndsTrump.png)

File: 9c3cb1baaf56967⋯.jpg (88.33 KB, 464x600, 58:75, NumbersDontAddUp.jpg)

33b58e No.11034208

https://archive.is/W2nuX Thread #1

https://archive.is/x8Y1W Thread #2

https://archive.is/UlBkR Thread #3

https://archive.is/fvyC5 Thread #4

Previous thread https://8ch.net/pol/res/11032839.html

Many are blackpilling that Jones won but Moore has refused to concede the fight. A recount is likely to happen due to (((mail in votes))).


0a5ce2 No.11034224


28194f No.11034231


NIGGER RIGGED in this case.

31decb No.11034233

A while back ago the shills kept on creating threads for the vegas shooting to divide and conquer.


6ed2cc No.11034263


0a5ce2 No.11034264


This thread was made earlier and is in correct order.

Abandon this thread.

0a5ce2 No.11034272


go >>11033063







6019fa No.11034277

File: db51e1de980ed6e⋯.jpg (86.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yesbedo.jpg)

>The Ride Never Ends

6d9c70 No.11034288

I'm not saying there wasn't fraud but its over, jones is getting the win anyway. Demographics are a bitch.

0a5ce2 No.11034292


8d21b4 No.11034318

Moore should have let Mo Brooks run in his place.

Maybe he was innocent of the claims which is why he refused to do that since it could be viewed as an admission of guilt.

5c9438 No.11034325

File: c2f800f22b659c0⋯.jpg (110.14 KB, 876x773, 876:773, Alabama digital vote destr….jpg)

This is why a democrat was able to take sessions' seat.

5c9438 No.11034335


>Demographics are a bitch.

Do is destroying the digital voting record. Why would that become law last night if there wasn't fraud going on? Any reason you can think of?

>inb4 no answer

d2900c No.11034339

he's still sueing this cunt that spewed lies and lost him the election.

i hope he sue's her so hard she kills herself.

b993e0 No.11034350

Apparently military votes haven't come in…

31decb No.11034356


why would you ever want to delete voting records?

c46eed No.11034365


To hide rigged elections.

31decb No.11034369


how can you even justify it?

7ae80e No.11034379


I think it was impossible for him to assign a replacement. That's why they did it, if he dropped out Jones would run unopposed and if he kept running Jones stood a significantly better chance of winning.

2e7830 No.11034399

Has Franken officially resigned yet, or will he takes back his promise to resign now that they don't need him to virtue signal against Moore anymore?

70063c No.11034400




>how do you justify deleting voting records immediately after an election

You can't justify it. There's no possible reason to destroy records of an official election.

Now that I think about it, is this the catalyst to get people marching in the streets? If someone brings up concrete evidence of voter suppression or fraudulent votes and it comes to the public attention, followed shortly by the revelation that, "w-well we destroyed all the records, so there can't be a recount," then the public would fucking explode in rage.

f1d097 No.11034406

File: 58b0df09e87dcf8⋯.jpg (29.8 KB, 414x549, 46:61, 4568dc068060503a9352b11180….jpg)


There was fraud, there is always fraud and it's almost always from the left because Republicans only exist to look like there is an opposition party in this fucking country, and Trump put them in the awkward position of actually winning so they are doing their best to sabotage that effort. This will only end in violence.

6d9c70 No.11034410


No. like i said fraud might be going on but either way we're losing ground demographically. This is only going to get worse fraud or no fraud.

c46eed No.11034411


I'm not a bottom feeding swamp jew, so you got the hell out of me. Alien concept to me, particularly what with all the "muh Russia" nonsense.

I don't live in Alabama, so I wasn't really aware of the court ruling until recently. Seems (((fishy))).

31decb No.11034412


Republicans don't riot.

c46eed No.11034419


Maybe it's about time they did.

000000 No.11034431

Harvey Weinstein isn't getting prosecuted because the police say 7 years ago on the rape accusations was too long ago to know what really happened.

Meanwhile Moore is done in on 40 year old allegations.

Enjoy your "democracy".

8f84c6 No.11034434


Republicans wont do shit but go back to watching nfl and fox news. They'll probably cry at the tv more then normal and have one or two more budweisers, but that's it.

33b58e No.11034440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Is RWDS finally coming? Or am I jumping the gun?

ab6ccf No.11034441

File: 558ad96456b7da5⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1256x749, 1256:749, iu.png)


Oh you silly anon….

70063c No.11034445


>Maybe it's about time they did.

When conservatives protest in the street en masse, people will fear for their lives. (((They))) don't want that to happen, so they'll do anything and everything they can do stop it.

Maybe it's about time they did.

000000 No.11034471


The Left is way better at hyping up their people.

Everything is life or death with them, so they fight every battle with fanatical zeal. They'll fight over the must mundane issue as if it were life or death so they always win.

ab6ccf No.11034474


Defeatist shill.

26492e No.11034477


democracy took it's biggest blows with advent of universal suffrage, allowing niggers and women to have a say. But even then, it was able to limp on for a while.

The coup de grace was the advent of 20th century mass media, which resulted in (((whoever))) owns the media getting to have total domination of the narratives that the entire nation hears and believes

Social media is the direct opposite of mass media because it allows for a groundswell of independent thought not directed top-down from the jews, but we've developed social media after so much time has passed that we're already 40% nonwhite and growing, and the older generations are too brainwashed to be useful.

We have a long and hard struggle ahead of us. I will never give up though. Not even if we turn into brazil or south africa

26492e No.11034485


Those weren't riots. Those were street justice of guilty niggers. And even then, it only happened less than 3,500 times throughout all of post-civil-war american history. That's fucking nothing.

a28fd2 No.11034493


>better at hyping up their people

if you mean bussing in all the niggers within 5 states then yes.

ca0979 No.11034504


Why don't you bus in the white people then?

They did it and they won. Fucking do it, too.

7ae80e No.11034505


>Harvey Weinstein isn't getting prosecuted because the police say 7 years ago on the rape accusations was too long ago to know what really happened.

That was from one accuser. They still want him for a couple of others

31decb No.11034512


Alabama has voters IDs.

a28fd2 No.11034513


because its illegal?

fd6f3a No.11034516


Hilariously, the only real counterpart the right has in this department is the fanatical defense of gun rights. If they touch those buildings will be McVeighed out of pure anger. So they don't touch them directly. Notice how they don't talk about confiscation?

fd6f3a No.11034529


I think he's talking more broadly about the culture wars in general, not the race in AL.

31decb No.11034533

File: 76c470e84b84c3c⋯.jpg (106.19 KB, 640x478, 320:239, gun-line-wtnh.jpg)


no they won't.

000000 No.11034535


They're not gonna get him on anything, he's a Leftist Jew in America, he's untouchable.

26492e No.11034542


Busing is not illegal, you moron. You're literally just driving people to polls


Because geography. Blacks live in very densely-packed urban areas. Whites live more spread-out in rural areas. It's a lot easier to pull up to a corner and load up dozens of nogs onto a bus and drop them off at the polling station and repeat every 5 minutes than it is to go up and down all of the rural/suburban areas scouring for white people to get on your bus and taken to wherever the designated polling place is for an area.

That's ALWAYS been the reason why democrats have an inherent tactical advantage. Always a lot easier to do this bullshit in the densely populated areas.

7ae80e No.11034544


Maybe, but they're far from done with him

ca0979 No.11034545


Is it illegal to do it for people within the state? More than 75% of white people who could have voted didn't.

536c57 No.11034548

Expect a Netanyahu counter strike. More Mossad unmasking of liberal kike media figures and politicians and whatever else they have up thier sleeve. Moore was thier(Likud's) man. Best thing about when Mossad chimps out, everyone is afraid to call them out. They have free reign to just stir the shit in the civilized world. I normally don't like the it, but they will most likely attack fellow kikes…so it's not objectionable to me at all when they go after thier fellow tribesmen.

000000 No.11034557


>Social media is the direct opposite of mass media because it allows for a groundswell of independent thought not directed top-down from the jews

until it gets banned.

26492e No.11034568


That's the only counterpart the CUCKSERVATIVE right has, because everything else is just "muh tax rates" or whatever the fuck.

However, from a nationalist perspective, there are a TON of things that could whip people into all turning out with the same zeal as fanatical leftists. Mainly if we actually had a candidate with the balls to campaign on a platform saying "WAKE UP, WE ARE BEING DEMOGRAPHICALLY REPLACE AND IF WE LET THIS GO ON A SECOND LONGER, WE'RE GOING TO END UP LIKE THE WHITES IN SOUTH AFRICA". Trump tiptoed near this with the immigration stuff, which wasn't overtly white nationalist, but implicitly was. But in the future we NEED politicians and people to just flat out be pro-white and talk about issues that whites face in order to win.

a4a280 No.11034576


Taking accusations at face value is now fair game.

5c9438 No.11034577


>there is always fraud

not like this. Destroying a voting record and switching to electronic machines at the last minute, and having a dem win a seat like Jeff Sessions' is a new kind of beast. It's blatant banana republic tier. This will not end well for the dems and kike republicans. Moore not conceding is the first step. Trump will be all smiles the entire way.

000000 No.11034580


Bill Clinton got by with rape allegations and the Left has been accusing Trump of being a pedophile since the campaign.

I don't know much about Moore and Alabama but he doesn't seem to come close to their star power.

33b58e No.11034591



Yeah these kikes are going down. They think that everyone will save face and just pretend it didn't happen, they have another thing coming.

5c9438 No.11034594

File: 8d0e44c0bcd6eb3⋯.png (647.64 KB, 1452x648, 121:54, jews white genocide.png)


>This is only going to get worse fraud or no fraud.

This sounds like concern shill bullshit. The tides are changing on shit skins turning our country into theirs. This country isn't going to just walk away and die silently. Don't give me this bullshit. The blatant election steal of Sessions' seat will only result in the further destruction of the kike wargame. And then the kikes themselves.

3a717d No.11034595


Jones is essentially no worse than Luther Strange who is currently sitting in Session's seat, and will probably be less threatening since he is actually in the opposing party rather than poising it from within. Republicans will still maintain a 51 seat majority until November '18 when they will likely pick up 3 - 5 Senate seats, assuming the GOPe doesn't fuck over every single of their own candidates again. This seat will turn red again when someone establishment backed (probably fucking Luther Strange again) runs in 2 years. The real bad news it that this has moralized our enemies, and they will double down against "Bannon" Republicans, that is anyone running who is even remotely nationalistic, and pump billions into negative ads and flat out libel. That means they will blow more money on "witnesses" to drum up sensational claims, and then burn them when they are finished. The woman who lied about Moore's year book is still getting sued and her life will probably be deservedly ruined, but Jones still won. That's all that matters and they know it.

b2c1e4 No.11034600

File: 14c33c082bc9d20⋯.png (189.96 KB, 763x757, 763:757, Nazi pepe punch.png)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass 1488.jpg)


>At 1:36 p.m. Monday, a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge issued an order directing Alabama election officials to preserve all digital ballot images created at polling places across the state today.

>But at 4:32 p.m. Monday, attorneys for Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill and Ed Packard, the state administrator of elections, filed an “emergency motion to stay” that order, which the state Supreme Court granted minutes after Merrill and Packard’s motion was filed.

>Alabama attorney Priscilla Duncan blasted the decision saying, “They made a bunch of spurious arguments that they don’t have the authority to tell [election officials across the state] what to do – well, they’re already telling them what to do – and that it will cause a bunch of confusion at the polls, but the voters wouldn’t even know if they changed their retention policy.”

>“What I’m worried about is undermining the broader confidence in the vote,” he said. “My [ideal] outcome is ensuring the American people have confidence that their vote matters when they show up to vote — whether it’s at a state, a mayor, county commissioner or for president,” says DHS official Chris Krebs.

Make a massive mental note, /pol/. We have to get onto our county's election boards to raise a massive stink about potential voter fraud in order to force the use of Physical Ballot boxes.

a908b0 No.11034605


There's no reason not to demand paper ballots.

02ff39 No.11034609

File: ed9716bed1e698f⋯.jpg (55.6 KB, 355x211, 355:211, 1462323611687.jpg)

ca0979 No.11034611

and this is just another reminder of how terrible sessions has been.

Gives up his senate seat..seat ends up going to a Democrat.

As attorney general he is a lame duck and does nothing.

000000 No.11034618


Yeah it's not a big deal on it's own but it is a win for the GOPe and the establishment.

Trump tweeted the right take on it.

41fe25 No.11034620


Would Brooks have been any better? He'd just be another McCain.

e8c40d No.11034621


How do you fit the TV to watch CNN under that rock?

31decb No.11034628


Sessions is a RINO. He refused to investigate the IRS over the Tea Party, and refused to investigate Clinton over the uranium. Any true republican with a pulse would have done the opposite.

7bbd5d No.11034629


I'll second that. Sessions is the penultimate milquetoast soyboy. We need an attack dog not a pomeranian.

c44930 No.11034635


>one judge orders them to actually keep ballots

>within hours attorneys screech to stop it, successfully

Pretty obvious they have something to hide, they wouldn't go all out that quick to do this shit. Moore better contest this.

d3694e No.11034636

File: 60d87fd8bf942e3⋯.jpg (88.49 KB, 640x599, 640:599, 0901.jpg)

I going to bed, Ive had enough for tonight. Hopefully this recount will go in our favor.

26492e No.11034642



It really is backwards how every other civilized nation on earth uses

>physical paper ballots

>voter ID laws

Having these things implemented universally across all 50 states would do wonders.

HAVING SAID THAT, I'm not chalking this up to voter fraud. I think it's a mistake to dismiss everything that happened as "bah, other team cheated".

What really happened here was

>#MeToo allegations work, even when "proof" gets proven false and then the accuser admits its false

>Boomers are spineless cucks who will stay home and not vote, over frivolous superficial bullshit

>the Democrats have figured out how to engineer massive nigger turnout, even in places with strict voter ID laws and even in off-season elections

>the GOP establishment, as we all know, is our enemy. This defeat was just as much their fault for throwing Moore under the bus and doing just as much damage attacking him as the democrats did.

7bbd5d No.11034651


Brooks would have been a stronger candidate I think. Also I'd wager he's a little better than McCain, though not by much.

The important part is he would vote for Trump's agenda which is all I care about when it comes down to it.

If Jones is seated then senate goes 51-48 which means we can't lose a single republican vote.

26492e No.11034654



Yeah, that shit is infuriating. Right now Trump/Sessions should be going full Night Of The Long Knives and using every trick in the book to take out opposition. Whether in the GOP or democrats or media, you name it. We've long passed the point of "being the better man" and not using political tools to our advantage. But they're blowing it.

000000 No.11034657


iirc Breitbart/Bannon were pushing Mo Brooks against Strange until Moore won the primary then like Trump they switched to supporting Moore. Trump originally supported Strange but that was only as a favor to the GOPe.

70063c No.11034660


>3500 niggers hung for crimes

Fuck, nogs kill more than that in a single year.


Using buses to drive people to polls is not illegal. Using buses to drive the same group of people to multiple polling places for the purpose of casting multiple votes is illegal, and you're right, the Democrats have been caught bragging about doing that in the past.


Bill got by with rape accusations because nobody brought it to the public eye. If the #MeToo bullshit was happening in the 90's, you had better believe that people would blow up on the allegations, ESPECIALLY when it came out that he lied to the public about the allegations and was subsequently impeached for perjury.

They were able to hide that with apologia and other random bullshit stories. Once upon a time, CNN's tactics of reporting about Trump's tweets and his soda-drinking habits probably would have worked since the internet was a twinkle in someone's eye, but with the instant transmission of information, anyone can see anything at any given time and it completely exposes the massive level of bullshit these people pull on a regular basis.


You're probably right about a lot of that. Moore lost for a lot of different reasons, but it would still all fall under electioneering, even if some of it is legal. Manipulating people to voting to your preference is still manipulative and shady as fuck.

I hope the GOP traitors fucking burn for this.

6d9c70 No.11034667

File: f906628b23e15fb⋯.jpg (55.51 KB, 618x618, 1:1, 1497625279419.jpg)


>This country isn't going to just walk away and die silently

It might. Which is why pointing out demographics is necessary, so that doesn't happen. Texas is going to flip thanks to spic migration soon. Virginia is solid blue thanks to shitskins. Thats what i mean by

>This is only going to get worse fraud or no fraud.

Its not concern shilling to point out the biggest problem that republicucks are ignoring.

836960 No.11034674

I live to watch Trump crush enemies.

31decb No.11034677


The demographics are worse. They include boomers and those with dementia.

The only individuals that matter are 1-35 year olds because they can reproduce.

41fe25 No.11034690


>Also I'd wager he's a little better than McCain, though not by much.

So why would you want him to win?

>Because he'd vote for Trump's agenda

McCain sure is fighting most of Trump's agenda.

I think you've bought too much into the Republican party, most of it is every bit as garbage as the democrats.

26492e No.11034694


Yup, I've always maintained that we aren't going to come out of this on top through purely peaceful means. It's too far gone for that. But what we can do is wake up as many people as we can in the time we still have before becoming a minority, as well as doing what we can to make sure things are set up better for a possible fight/survival scenario in the future. You know, like protecting gun rights and free speech so that everyone can arm themselves and share redpills and get people on our side while we can. Basically helping stack the deck in our favor for when DOTR comes. That's how I view politics.

80dc08 No.11034701


honesty I was thinking the exact same thing, what a fucking mistake picking him for AG has been

ddaef5 No.11034704


>1 year olds can reproduce

536c57 No.11034706


Virginia flipped because of spic migration in the D.C. Suburbs. Niggers always infested Virginia…and the rest of the south.

319ccd No.11034713


Learn to redtext, Rickfag.

41fe25 No.11034721


>we will become a minority

The only thing that's a solace to me is that when it actually comes to war Europeans are simply superior, look at every war's kill to death ratio between Europeans and shitskins and it paints a stark picture. The biggest issue is making sure most of our people aren't so mindfucked that they end up fighting in favor of our deaths.

31decb No.11034723


1 year olds show the the demographics of the upcoming generation. They will eventually be able to reproduce. Obama was elected for the first time nearly a decade ago, time flies.

26492e No.11034730


Not just spics. Tons of chinks, pooinloos, arabs, and other mystery meat infesting NOVA and Richmond now. Not to mention all the jews and shabbos goyim spilling over from DC because of the massive increase in the size of the federal government and all the cancerous federal employees that it entails (you can thank Dubya for that one).

02ff39 No.11034733

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=XzaZXykn2SA


Leftist faggots and brown niggerdogs gloating. Don't forget.

5df482 No.11034735


Bread Theme Music?


00b563 No.11034739


I never thought I'd be talking shit about the one man I used to respect in the Senate, but he has been a huge disappointment. He should have stayed in the Senate where he was needed the most. Nobody could have filled his shoes, not Moore, Brooks, or any other Republican running. With Trump's blessing and respect he garnered from the GOP, he could have been Majority Leader instead of McCuckell. Instead he took AG and has recused himself from everything of consequence. I'm sure he is being blackmailed and threatened from every angle, but as AG he has done nothing. His only accomplishes are deporting a few thousand MS-13 spics, and he is rumored to be quietly getting rid of Obama/Bush era DOJ bureaucrats. But this is not good enough for the types of enemies we face.

If there is any silver lining, maybe we can push for McConnell to step down as Majority Leader, seeing how he 90% of the blame for this loss, and for Sessions to do his fucking job.

5a35e1 No.11034741


Maybe whites should stop putting their faith in the right-left establishment and form organization of their own. As I've said on numerous occasions the GOP is just as jewed and anti-white as the Democrats. The only difference between the two is that the Republicans like wrapping themselves in the flag as they sodomize you. If we stick with them, we're screwed. And no, Trump isn't any different.

26492e No.11034746


Agreed. I know that the current paradigm can't last, and it will eventually implode. I don't know exactly when it will happen. I don't know the date or how low the white population needs to get for something to happen. All I know is that everything we're doing is to stack the deck in our favor for when that day comes.

And we will win. Europeans are fucking ruthless, cunning, and intelligent when push comes to shove. We've defeated armies of shitskins many times our own size, and we can do it again. I don't care if we're 50% or 30% or 20%, we'll eventually do what we must

8d21b4 No.11034748

File: 93b117e9288c9c3⋯.png (18.04 KB, 577x195, 577:195, ann1.PNG)

Iron Ann with solid hot takes on this.

7bbd5d No.11034749

File: 11ec5f3ca3d81cf⋯.jpg (103.08 KB, 720x676, 180:169, 1512999895406.jpg)


>I think you've bought too much into the Republican party

I get why you'd think that based on what I said. I agree with you they're both shit. Democracy is shit. Republics only work with a homogenous ethnic majority.

The point about backing Trump's agenda still stands imo because I haven't bought into the concern trolling about Trump.

I still think he's /ourguy/ just doing his best in a world that hates him.

>inb4 bluepilled faggot

You're free to disagree.

8d21b4 No.11034752


>#MeToo allegations work, even when "proof" gets proven false and then the accuser admits its false

not always, if they did Trump wouldn't be President.

26492e No.11034762


You're right, not always. Trump has a gravitas about him and he's the 4D chessmaster that can get out of any situation and turn it on its head. But what I mean it was the SOLE ISSUE of this entire election (nobody even knows or cares about what Jones' positions are) and that since it worked this time, they WILL do it again and again in the future.

41fe25 No.11034767


I'm wary of Trump but I don't see why that would matter, just support when he does something good and push back when he starts cucking. Only possible way to get him further right anyways. Still, that wasn't my point, it was that I don't see Brooks as helping Trump's agenda. The opposition republicans are more of a roadblock right now than the democrats.

ddaef5 No.11034769


If only all our candidates were as persuasive as Trump

26492e No.11034774


That's part of my concern. Trump is one in a million in the way he can troll the media and get them to do his bidding every time. And we won't have him forever. Even when there are other candidates that are ideologically aligned with him, when you don't have that same ability to dodge ZOG bullets like he does, you just can't succeed.

7bbd5d No.11034788


I saw Brooks as someone who would tow the party line and he seemed more electable than Moore. That's all really. Not a huge help to the Trump agenda but he'd be way better than Jones.

0cb5b0 No.11034793

File: e5a53fb27613a66⋯.png (416.51 KB, 498x453, 166:151, TheDelelelelelelelegates.png)

Nothing getting done til 2019 senpais. I was tired of Trump having to walk the cuckservative tightrope to get things passed anyway

f03276 No.11034796

How come if someone resigns (Frankenstein) the governor gets to pick who takes their senate seat but Jeff Session's seat has to be chosen by a special election?

41fe25 No.11034798


Laws differ by state.

0ba9ce No.11034804


IDK they've been doing it for years like since bush stole Florida

836960 No.11034808


Since that's a lot to ask, making sure they're pretty clean might help, or looking up the opposition. But then it looks like Moore may not have even done the things. And in that case it's hard to imagine anything short of actively seeking accusers might work. Then again how sure is it that Moore lost due to the accusations? I would guess it was either that, or the software. How can you trust a number on a screen with no physical verification?

26492e No.11034810


Eh, bush stole florida but it's not like Al Gore was any less of a ZOG shill.

7bbd5d No.11034815

File: 9834c88ffe24bd5⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 480x232, 60:29, 983.jpg)


I think in Alabama the law is that the governor chooses a temporary replacement until a special election can be held. Hence why Strange was in the Senate until now.

536c57 No.11034819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Calm down. It's going to cause fireworks. Roy Moore was going to be the most fanatically Zionist Senator in the history of the Senate. Certain faction of powerful kikes are ass blasted and loaded for bear against thier fellow tribesmen. Put your seat belt on. Hold on tight. Shits about to get real etc…Kike infighting and sheeit.

26492e No.11034831


That's the thing though. Roy Moore was SUPER CLEAN. They just fucking made up shit about him being a pedophile while pretending that he was going around picking up 16yo poon and fucking them, rather than going to the parents and asking them to effectively interview their daughters because he was a traditional christian and wanted to make sure to get a virginal young bride. This is perfectly normal, especially in Alabama 30 years ago.

You want to know what the real issue here was? It's that all the fucking roasties got butthurt because they don't like being reminded that their sexual marketplace value goes down as they age and they don't like it when men rightfully pass them over for younger women. So this was their way of "punishing" Moore for not settling for some used-up 30 year old skank.

41fe25 No.11034841


>ape noises


6f2e85 No.11034846

Despite his reputation for religious fundamentalism, Moore has been a Ron Paul supporter in past elections. Rand Paul was the only Senator who did not flake out on Moore.

It would have been great to have someone like that in the Senate instead of another generic Republican (much less a Democrat).

dcedca No.11034848


RWDS when?

836960 No.11034853


Pic related might be a sort of interesting animal. Someone who (it's rumored) has dirt in their background big enough that tptb fear to sling mud too hard against him and expose it. I bet a few of the Don's staff pics fit this description. As well as members of some particular councils. It's like a dirt shield or suit of armor in a way. Also somewhat intimidating.

33b58e No.11034865

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>posting zoo noises


7bbd5d No.11034866


>posting MuhFugga and the Dindus

For shame, Anon. I require you to listen to classical music by a white man as recompense.

G.F. Handel or Arcangelo Corelli would be good choices.

41fe25 No.11034869


Would have helped a bit if his wife hadn't left him over this shit. Most of the women I know weren't saying that it had to be true because someone claimed it was, they were saying it was probably true or his wife would have stuck with him.

33db22 No.11034878


holy shit are you fucking retarded what wife left him you absolute assclown

536c57 No.11034883


Symbolizing a kind of chimp-out gang warfare between the kikes…and I'm an old millenial/Gen-Y'er asshole so I picked a nigger song from my highschool days.

4e47c5 No.11034888


>Roy Moore was going to be the most fanatically Zionist Senator in the history of the Senate

this. i'm glad the inbred douchbag hick lost. democrats from alabama are historically not that bad. its not like jones is an actual nigger or anything>>11034819

836960 No.11034889


I feel similarly towards Obama vs McCain.

They had their money backing both empty shells. It was probably much, much better that we got the one we did, as counterintuitive as it may seem.

d86133 No.11034891


>tells you to listen to classical music

>lists two baroque composers

Can't even understand the basics, I see.

33db22 No.11034893


i bet you cant name a single jones policy. well, i can: this fucking faggot supports 9 month abortions. stick a gun in your mouth and blow your brains out lest we do it for you.

536c57 No.11034903


Was an ironic rap music post symbolizing the Likud/Mossad getting ready to after thier enemy kike gangs . For shame on you not having a sophisticated sense of humor. I bet 80 out of 100 /pol/acks got what I was laying down there.

836960 No.11034906


Where did you hear this?


Did someone start a rumor his wife left him over it too?

ddaef5 No.11034908


I think this just shows how far the roymors about him spread. Like a game of telephone where people spread more and more disinfo and far too few people speaking and seeking the Truth. We/Trump should create a Red Pill Agency to ensure all voters are educated.

ca0979 No.11034919


Baroque music is classical music. The classical era is merely one period of classical music, and is not what "classical music" means.

33db22 No.11034920


well then the next game of telephone needs to be: glowing niggers, traitors, and enemies of the people are going to be killed.

f6f69f No.11034924


> the Democrats have figured out how to engineer massive nigger turnout, even in places with strict voter ID laws and even in off-season elections

This is what mattered here. Jones outspent his opponent by a factor of seven and put it all into shipping the state's entire black population to the polls. White voters, both male and female, went solidly red, though the fact that any discussion of the candidates' actual policies was drowned out or ignored disproportionately reduced their turnout. The takeaway here is that, following the 2016 election, the Democrats have doubled down on their post - 2012 strategy, using enormous spending disparities to compensate for the lack of initiative shown by their "coalition of the ascendant". There will inevitably be crowing from the neoconservatives and attempts to reclaim the party based on this result. The loss of a W. Bush - endorsed candidate that refused to even mention Trump in Virginia less than a month ago should be sufficient proof to any normalfag Republicans that they aren't advising us in good faith. There will also be strings of copycat accusations from aging spinsters against any non - neocon GOP candidate running for office that is old enough for the ages to line up. This can be an opportunity for us - younger hard right candidates are harder to target and can better understand the new political status quo.

Restrictions on felon voting and stronger voter ID laws are a means of combating this, but the increased centralization of busing operations and the replacement of the incompetent spinsters and browns that lost Clinton the election with people who know what they're doing means that workarounds will come faster than they had before, and that fraud will be much more difficult to stop. Volunteering as poll watchers, as we did in 2016, will be more effective. Ultimately, the major solvable issue is that White turnout hasn't risen to match the turnout of blacks and mestizos. More region - targeted memetics and further IOTBW - style escalation of the message that Whites are under attack as a group can work to resolve this.

536c57 No.11034930


I played the base in the orchestra untill 8th grade btw…

fc3dd2 No.11034931

I love it when African-Americans turn out to vote! Fuck that child-groping retard in his chaps and spurs. Riding in on a horse! What a dickhead! LMAO

4e47c5 No.11034937


>he supports something that will never pass Congress nor the Supreme Court

why don't you kill yourself you dipshit single-issue voter

b06ea8 No.11034940

File: 267202e278aa222⋯.jpg (60.59 KB, 499x767, 499:767, dinduLivesMatter.jpg)


the vote become tribalistic I like where thing heading right now

fa9135 No.11034945






What the hell are you going on about?

9b7a6a No.11034948


I bet they traded a vote for food coupons.

6f2e85 No.11034951


>I played the base

but you can't even spell it

fa9135 No.11034954

What the hell is going on with all these nonsensical and deleted posts? Some kind of shill storm?

a908b0 No.11034959


Check the logs, Anon. They raided all night.

f03276 No.11034961


Exactly, that's why blacks have been voting democrat since the great depression

c44930 No.11034963


Oh I hope they push this line really hard. Please make Whites start to think tribally. Bring it out into the open how the party lines fall, no tip toeing around it anymore.

1c538b No.11034965


That's a funny way to spells "drugs and alcohol"

b06ea8 No.11034967


what matters more that DEMs now the party of the "others"

472fc7 No.11034978


Underrated post because of all the dumbass shill bitching itt.

We need to do more and better outreach and +1 for hard right young candidates.

33db22 No.11034980

File: b0f92501aa8cac3⋯.png (385.63 KB, 666x667, 666:667, 1399331736269.png)


you stupid faggot the fact that he has that thought in his head as morally correct is enough to make him a soulless husk, answer the fucking question give me a single one of his views. how about immigration, or affirmative action, economic policies, or maybe his thoughts on the President of the United States?

4e47c5 No.11034981


>That's a funny way to spells "drugs and alcohol"

top kek/10

actually its soup and cigarettes. no, seriously, they give them soup and cigarettes (and a ride to the polls)

4e47c5 No.11034984


>politics are about morality

>politicians believe what they say

who is the stupid faggot, again, newfriend?

a908b0 No.11034985


Anon, no electioneering will fix the core problem. Either Trump arrests the (((deepstate))) and hangs them for treason or we have to do it ourselves.

b06ea8 No.11034989

File: fc1b3e55d5b1772⋯.jpg (70.51 KB, 675x1024, 675:1024, 1513144250028.jpg)


they can't help themselves anon

536c57 No.11034990


>spelled it wrong

It's been 20+ years. It's not like I claimed I'm currently an acclaimed classical bassist . I quite that shit because it cut into my time being a stud all-star athlete that got into a fancy private school because of my athletic abilities. Anyways…

fa9135 No.11034991

File: 1046f11be44e508⋯.jpg (89.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, poweroverwhelming.jpg)


>claims to be KEK

>doesn't even get digits

I'm KEK you fag.

8d6381 No.11034992


Moore is probably going to win by the skin of his teeth. Most news just dont realize it or they just refuse to look at it cuz they want him to lose or want ppl to think hes pulling a dirty trick.

33db22 No.11034993


still dodging the question. where did you come form?

a908b0 No.11034995


Meme responsibly, Anon.

fa9135 No.11034997

File: a58ed61d0b6f25e⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1177x1560, 1177:1560, 935dc89c21b34df5d8989755b2….png)


I just want dubs.

80dc08 No.11034998


pretty much this, they obviously rigged this and can rig any other election as well, the real question is how did trump win despite the fraud?

a59c7c No.11034999

File: 7a2a3f935ca973a⋯.jpg (19.36 KB, 191x180, 191:180, a1ebe8e3121d9a9aabe84acf0b….jpg)


Israel, of course.

10f4f7 No.11035003

Have to add in that Moore, when placed into the spotlight, did come across as a bit of big talking southern politician charlatan. His delibert dumb talking, I'm just a getting right with God good ole boy, riding his horse to the poll, type of bullshit was pretty transparent. It was insulting to many of the working class that his BS was directed to. It was a complete turnoff to many others.

8d6381 No.11035010


Why? I thought it was cool riding to his nearest poll station on his horse. He rides his horse a lot anyways.

27263c No.11035013

Pretty much no chance the libtards win this seat in AL so I expect some serious issues over the next few days about a ton of election fraud BS considering how important this seat was to the dems.

4e47c5 No.11035016


that was never the question, and I never doged it, dipshit. i've been here since you were still shitting in your breeches and surfing r/t_D, and i think you should go back there you should go back there



nu-/pol/ pls go

4e47c5 No.11035018



a01f6e No.11035035


Blacks were never Democrats by heart unlike your typical white libshit. These people don't care about abstract ideas, they only care about things they benefit blacks like gibs.

27263c No.11035038


How the fuck is that legal? I mean seriously how the fuck do they get away with these things….

7fe0aa No.11035045



However as I've stated before:

Anons were trying to rally the troops early, as many saw the leftists were going all out while alabamafags yawned and said, don't worry, Moore will win by 10

I just had a feeling they had to overwhelm the polls to overcome the cheating, like Trump did

Looks like no one took the warning signs seriously

Trump usually works this shit out. But for 2018 and 2020, smears that can't be countered should be engineered by /pol/lacks against kikes. There's some time to target congressmembers and lay groundwork for smears. Use their techniques against them. No rules

a01f6e No.11035048


How the fuck does that benefit whites. The title of the article might as well say "Fuck you whitey".

a955c4 No.11035050

>Election reduced to a anti-white puppet appeasing to niggers and creating a race-war days before the election.

>NeverTrump "conservatives" are cheering about this.

c1c37e No.11035055


CHIP, ACA funding, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. Jones could help stop those from being eliminated, helping whites.

c5d61e No.11035060

File: c57b41e556aafae⋯.png (31.51 KB, 582x273, 194:91, pk1.PNG)

Republicans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as usual.

They've been getting stomped for the last 60 years but still want more, pure masochism.

4e47c5 No.11035068


>How the fuck is that legal? I mean seriously how the fuck do they get away with these things….

well, what do you think they do with the paper ballots, keep them in perpetuity?

9d5010 No.11035071


So much this.

But honestly, there aren't democratic solutions available anymore, and unless we have Fascism, we will inevitably continue our spiral into despair.


Ironically, your kind will not exist sooner due this result.

4e47c5 No.11035074


>Alabama uses paper ballots in its elections, which is considered more secure than many digital voting machines.


the paper ballots still exist in case of a recount, dipshit

a01f6e No.11035075


I meant the black vote helping whites, minus the white liberal bugmen.

9d5010 No.11035081


Fuck Brooks. He supported Cruz against Trump.

Death to traitors.

Time for the Whites of Alabama to declare Moore their leader and secede from the rest of the state.

4e47c5 No.11035083



>using TRSodomite terminology

nu-/pol/ needs to go

but, before you do, let me explain this to you. the majority of people on those programs are still white. when white people lose money, they stop having kids. niggers have kids regardless bc they are unthinking animals. therefore, saving those programs helps whites, and likely will help white birth rates as well. you need to stop listening to molyjew and t_D and start thinking, you bourgeois faggot

536c57 No.11035089

If internet porn was around in the late 70's, Roy Moore would have never tried to make out with 16 year old girls in his Cadillac. He wouldn't have been that horny. He would have had the "I got a marathon masturbation session waiting for me at home right now, I'll just drop this dumb broad off at home and hightail it back to the house."

9d5010 No.11035091



Try harder, /leftypol/. Your D&C shill tactics get old after awhile.

c5d61e No.11035093

File: 5d19f331dfb36dd⋯.jpg (106.95 KB, 1257x692, 1257:692, DOIgH3FXkAAgRqG.jpg_large..jpg)


>Anons were trying to rally the troops early, as many saw the leftists were going all out while alabamafags yawned and said, don't worry, Moore will win by 10

My feeling was that Jones was going to win, our guys were doing nothing. After Trump won they've become dead weight, they lurch between autistic LARPing or autistic social media drama. Brainlets and drama queens.

I was one of the few shilling for Moore, Faye Gary should have been memed but outside of Breitbart people didn't know who she was. Trump did what he could but Trump alone obviously wasn't enough.

Trump had the advantage that Leftists were shilling for him ironically because they thought he would never ever win and that Jeb! was the real threat. Maybe some of you guys only ever act if the Left ironically concern trolls you into doing it.

4e47c5 No.11035094


how old was he when he was trying to make out with 16 yr olds, again?

ebd473 No.11035096

Of all fucking states! Seriously Bama. Are y'all going the way of Virginia? You better not be.

t. Texas

dec226 No.11035097


Unofficially, Orwell first desribed bugmen.

>He looked round the canteen again. Nearly everyone was ugly, and would still have been ugly even if

dressed otherwise than in the uniform blue overalls. On the far side of the room, sitting at a table alone, a

small, curiously beetle-like man was drinking a cup of coffee, his little eyes darting suspicious glances from

side to side. How easy it was, thought Winston, if you did not look about you, to believe that the physical

type set up by the Party as an ideal-tall muscular youths and deep-bosomed maidens, blond-haired, vital,

sunburnt, carefree—existed and even predominated. Actually, so far as he could judge, the majority of

people in Airstrip One were small, dark, and ill-favoured. It was curious how that beetle-like type

proliferated in the Ministries: little dumpy men, growing stout very early in life, with short legs, swift

scuttling movements, and fat inscrutable faces with very small eyes. It was the type that seemed to flourish

best under the dominion of the Party.

>The quacking voice from the next table, temporarily sile

nced during the Ministry’s announcement, had

started up again, as loud as ever. For some reason Winston suddenly found himself thinking of Mrs Parsons,

with her wispy hair and the dust in the creases of her face. Within two years those children would be

denouncing her to the Thought Police. Mrs Parsons would be vaporized. Syme would be vaporized.

Winston would be vaporized. O’Brien would be vaporized. Parsons, on the other hand, would never be

vaporized. The eyeless creature with the quacking voice would never be vaporized. The little beetle-like

men who scuttle so nimbly through the labyrinthine corridors of Ministries they, too, would never be

vaporized. And the girl with dark hair, the girl from the Fiction Department—she would never be vaporized

either. It seemed to him that he knew instinctively who would survive and who would perish: though just

what it was that made for survival, it was not easy to say.

536c57 No.11035098

440f08 No.11035103


Don't remind me anon, I'm a nationalist trapped in northern Virginia, fucking non-whites everywhere. And I hate hearing Spanish, it is the only language that fucking disgusts me nowadays on a level that is unrivaled.

ddaef5 No.11035107

File: bac1cc3a5ae9355⋯.jpg (56.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 931313.jpg)


Yes? I kinda figured they kept the documents safe.

fcd604 No.11035112


I'm like that with chinese, fuck it's irritating hearing those pidgeon squablings

sage for off topic

4e47c5 No.11035116


hmmmm, i just read that again this summer, but didn't make the connection. i remember thinking at the time, "lol orwell is such an antisemite" because obviously he was talking about the kikes running the soviet union. and, we know he knew, bc he fought with them in Catalonia, and the unofficial language of the troops in most of those brigades was yiddish


lol, if he really was trying to make out with 16 yr olds in a Cadillac when he was 32, then… i wouldn't call him a paedo technically bc they are post-pubescent and it was apparently legal back then, but um yeah dude that's pretty creepy tbh

i mean, everyone made it sound like he was amish or something and never even saw their ankles before marriage or whatever. but if that's what he was doing, well…

4e47c5 No.11035120


>Yes? I kinda figured they kept the documents safe.

no. not after the time for a recount is over, then they shred them. also, alabama "electronic" voting systems are a paper ballot + scanner system, and the paper ballots are being kept in case of a recount.

see: >>11035074

0558a9 No.11035129


Good luck getting anyone from /pol/ to enter meatspace politics hard, we had since the beginning of cuckchan to do it almost 15 years now.


Whites need to have a fast boil to get them voting again, because, and I hat to say it, majority of whites niggerfied.


Yep, majority of blacks are lazy shits who literally need to be bribed to do anything. If /pol/ had soros money we could get them to vote anti-kike forever.


>telling you enemies to stop being lazy

And lo, god doth forget to give liberals the ability to keep their yaps shut and help their enemies. though I hope niggers and spics start kicking out ((whites)) and whites from the democrat party, it needs to be memed more tribalism

c5d61e No.11035131


The supposed 16 year old is the one that Allred was pushing.

The allegations against Moore were weak but they activate the cuckservatism that lives in the heart of every boomer. Trump's fame and his push for populist polices was able to overcome the natural instinct of the boomer to signal against the boorish molester Trump but Moore is not Trump.

If the WaPo thought that Trump was a serious threat to Hillary they would have jumped on that story about Trump raping a 13 year old and ran it into the ground but he probably still would have been able to overcome it on the back of populism, savvy and his prior fame.

ebd473 No.11035141


I can't go one damn day in this state without hearing that shit. I used to ignore it, but now I've come to hate even seeing it on signs.

536c57 No.11035144


Yeah, I wouldn't classify that as pedophelia…16 year olds have an adult woman's body/reproductive capabilities. It's not a mental illness to think a 16 year old girl is attractive. It's just weird for a 32 year old guy to consistently target high school girls for relationships.

c3dcb0 No.11035146

Did Moore fail to get the senate seat?

ca0979 No.11035149


> pretty creepy tbh

shut up you fag

0558a9 No.11035154


They lost running hillary. Everything around her whole life is sketchy as fuck. They lost by running her, literal hitler would have got more liberal votes than her. Bernie was a puppet akin to turd in canada. Webb is an unown who would have beaten trump badly becuse he was not trump. We are no longer seing the best voted in, just the least worst, and wed be in election hell if elections had a "none of the above" vote since many are not liked enough.

708ade No.11035156

Oh no, the Zionist Christcuck with the nigger bodyguard lost to the other Jewish puppet? How sad, what a shame.

bd7f4e No.11035164


You're such a fucking jew.

If you know anything about these two candidates, to support jones is pretty sickening

And if you don't think Doug Jones is going to go to work for ZOG you're a retarded faggot. Seriously.


Which kikes? The ones that ran a giant smear campaign against him across all their media outlets? The ones that do everything they can to make sure it's the establishment candidates that get in, and not ones who may be a little divergent? If there were to be kike infighting over this, wouldn't it happen no matter who won? If you're right, we just have "fireworks" (heard that before, TICK TOCK right?) but with an amoral fuck with 100% zog compliance in place.

c5d61e No.11035166

File: eacdd0664b2a841⋯.jpg (252.26 KB, 634x965, 634:965, article-2609702-1D3F83B300….jpg)


Paul Walker was 33 while his gf was 16 and he was a well regarded actor.

He only died a few years back, puts into perspective how far that the range of acceptable behavior here has tipped in favor of the feminists that today he would be regarded as an evil pedophile.

4e47c5 No.11035168




this. not technically paedo but weird for a 32 yr old to basically only date HS girls


i wonder if the allegations really made a difference in the end. any stats that say people didn't turn out to vote just bc they thought moore was a perv?

a01f6e No.11035170



That word existed before TRS coined it, heard it from MPC.

Also niggers are a fucking net drain when it comes to medical programs.

bd7f4e No.11035177


bugmen was on twitter before TRS picked it up.

Also your understanding of welfare programs and their effects are pathetic. Our welfare system is not what was intended, it is destructive, it is not helping poverty at all, a different solution is needed, the programs are a DISASTER

5989a4 No.11035178

I'm worried that tasting this success, libshits are going to push accusations against Trump as hard and long as they can. I doubt they think it will force him to resign, but maybe it'll be useful in the 2018 races, and weaken his political capital in the meantime.

According to Dick Morris, this is pretty detrimental since it's nearer to being split in the senate and puts more power into the hands of fence sitters like McCain and Rand Paul.

Is it true Moore wasn't doing heavy campaigning near the end, could that have made a difference?

932513 No.11035181


>My feeling was that Jones was going to win, our guys were doing nothing. After Trump won they've become dead weight, they lurch between autistic LARPing or autistic social media drama. Brainlets and drama queens.

This is true.

0c377f No.11035183


this tbh, somehow the listen and believe meme needs to be destroyed or at least turned around on them. Women have been given too much power in society, feminism must be destroyed

4e47c5 No.11035184


>niggers are a fucking net drain when it comes to medical programs

niggers are a net drain when it comes to anything. get some reading comprehension, dipshit, that is beside the point


>blatant molyjew bullshit spouted with no evidence

Social Security, for instance, has been probably the most successful government program in history, absent perhaps the Post Office. I know for a fact you have no evidence to back up those claims beside kindergarten-tier rational choice speculation from halfwit lolbergtardians. prove me wrong

f8212a No.11035186


He didn't campaign much in the end due to RNC cutting their support to him for a period of time and then later near the election eve started to support him again but with a disdain.

ddaef5 No.11035188


>/pol/ in meatspace

It's happened, anon. Remember when we got some armed anons to gather outside the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta?

Also some, myself included, have volunteered for the Trump campaign. I met some other /pol/acks doing that.

7f72dd No.11035191

File: 62996b497a7ff29⋯.png (122.39 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0314.PNG)

As a bamanon this election was the greatest shame I've ever felt. I don't know how I can live seeing my people so demoralized and betrayed.

c66ae1 No.11035193


He got fucked over by both establishment golems and 24/7 all out assault by the media, Soros, Obama and everyone else handing out millions to Jones, and isolated to the point that the Washington and Coastal City fucks from Pedowood to Jew York are ripping him off, it's fucking amazing he managed to cut it close.

0c377f No.11035195


isn't roy more still fighting, are the military votes in?

f9df52 No.11035196



Opinion discarded

a01f6e No.11035199

File: 21985b438423620⋯.png (57.53 KB, 168x255, 56:85, ClipboardImage.png)


I already know niggers are a net drain in this country, I wanted to make point on the title of this article.

a01f6e No.11035206


How many there are?

a19ae2 No.11035207

File: 011c15fe307f69a⋯.jpg (188.81 KB, 650x718, 325:359, df9efb9ad21f1bf4bb1bff980a….jpg)

4e47c5 No.11035208


>Opinion discarded

shoo shoo r/t_D scum

0c377f No.11035210


not sure, but moore has yet to concede

7fe0aa No.11035213

File: ce634d4c0112395⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1470x1080, 49:36, 1511160373183.png)


well, i guess if there's a takeaway from all this bullshit, it's that anons need to wake the fuck up

ok, trump won. so what, you're gonna win every race after that automatically by doing nothing? meanwhile soros on the other side dumps millions into random fucking races nobody normally cares about

wake the fuck up and start replacing everyone w/ pro-white candidates at every level of politics. all the stupid little city council member spots should be filled w/ pro-white or at least pro-trump candidates.

in a blue state? who fucking cares. take one spot. then work on the rest. pro-abortion anti-gun doug jones just won in AL by a percent or so. so obviously, it can be done

if you don't do this and work your way through every level of govt through grassroots activism, and stop going

>trump won, so i dont have to worry

dont be surprised beyond 2018 when (((they))) take everything back and revert it to worse than obama era policies.

even if you're confident in the next election, at least act like you have some sense of urgency to make SURE your guy wins. stop acting like kikes aren't doing shit on the other end to steal everything back

look at all this fucking degenerate

<first trans state senator!

<niggers, spics, dune coons, bugmen and trannies are the future!

bullshit. you'll see a lot more of that fucking garbage until you run yourself or help train and back candidates who can run and win

and i'll reiterate:

take their talmudic smear tactics and adopt them into meme sorcery that takes it a level they have never dreamed of. how? i don't yet. but anons should be working on that to take these faggots out next year

536c57 No.11035217


Right, that's fine. I'm not saying that a sexual relationship between a man in his 30's and a teenage girl/woman is inherently wrong. Sparks fly, love at first sight blah blah blah etc etc…I'm just saying that 'ole Roy seemed to be a bit of a predator because he ONLY went after 16 year old girls. Seems creepy and manipulative. I would speculate the Paul Walker-Lolita situation just happened organically. I doubt Paul Walker was "on the hunt" for 16 year olds.

4e47c5 No.11035218


>I already know niggers are a net drain in this country, I wanted to make point on the title of this article

no, but my point is that you're missing my point. if niggers voting for jones stops cuts in SSI, medicare, medicaid, etc, then the majority of those monies will actually be going to white people. so, the title of the article might have a point. though, it looks like the article was written by a nigger, so i'm sure the analysis is garbage

0558a9 No.11035231


While that is good, thats protesting like a liberal, democracy is broken, but we need /pol/acks in politics, and we need /pol/acks who are wolves in sheeps clothing too, ones who can take one for the team to make democrats and kikes look bad. and before you ask or say "k, why dont you do it," being an anon in buttfuck nova scotia canada means I have no potential power politically. liberals and kikes dont play by the rules, neither should we.


Yep, the fight is never over, when you get complacent you get niggerfied whites and boomers. Even if you wanted a career elsewheres, your going into politics son, and more importantly, /pol/acks who do go into politics need to learn how to lie through their teeth. Honesty is not a strength, not any more.

4e47c5 No.11035232


>caring about electoral politics

you know, when you were still in HS, h8/pol/ never gave a shit about electoral politics. r/t_D needs to go.

we need more self-improvement threads, book reading threads, OC threads… you know, shit imageboards do, not muh elekshun is sooooo imbordand :DDDDDD bullshit

ca0979 No.11035233


>no, but my point is that you're missing my point. if niggers voting for jones stops cuts in SSI, medicare, medicaid, etc, then the majority of those monies will actually be going to white people

Literally false. Non-whites use more per capita and more total. The majority of the money is also coming from white people. The net effect from those programs is whites pay, non-whites take.

bd7f4e No.11035240


If you aren't able to pick this stuff up, why the fuck would I waste my time giving you evidence that you'll just reject anyways you pinko faggot?

0558a9 No.11035249


What good is self improvment if its never used?


Do welfaresluts even pay taxes, and can we meme being on welfare as something more socially unexceptable than rape or being whitey in a black community?

Because a working nigger is less likely to go democrat than a welfareslut, even if its just a bit. but they will probably go gop, babysteps alas also I hope sleepy ben runs again, because he could split the nigger vote

932513 No.11035250

File: beda7c9d84fb82e⋯.png (16.49 KB, 609x243, 203:81, 1513144885446.png)

Decent take.

bd7f4e No.11035256




>social security

yeah that thing that is drying the fuck up and dying because gee who could've guessed that shortsighted economics might not work out so well in the long run

by the way, as long as there are niggers and spics and muslims in our country, these programs will never do ANYTHING but harm the white population at large, so once you find a way to magically make the shitskins disappear, we can talk about these policies, but until then they are a huge debt to whites

43d756 No.11035259

File: 52a433cc45bbf8d⋯.webm (3.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1462464996941.webm)

Doug Jones is the name of the person who plays Moon Man in the commercials.

a01f6e No.11035266



That's the point, it doesn't help white people. Niggers are still wasting money on medical services that are not important. And in the end, whitey gets the bill.

932513 No.11035269

File: 0579f3e9045970f⋯.jpg (227.6 KB, 750x421, 750:421, 1513150279545.jpg)

File: 6d20f90d50bb94e⋯.jpg (29.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1513152461904.jpg)

0558a9 No.11035274


>trump must be fuming

That depends on who runs for all the seats in 2018, we need almost unkowns who all we do know is that they are not gop to run against cuckservatives, and sadly, bonuses if they are minority trump supporters against old (((whites))) to use the race card against I want mccain replaced by a spic who loves trump and hates illegals for the irony, or the decendant of one of the people mccain raped while he was a ((prisoner)) but no matter what the left blew their load early, and when moores allegations goe false and his libel suits are a success, it will hamper future accusations potency without hard evidence, and trump supporters got a kick to the ass saying "vote you fucking faggots"

932513 No.11035275


>asses and elbows

07e95c No.11035282


It's telling that the GOPe would still rather cut off their nose to spite their face . That said, Moore may have caused a shitload of libtard salt but in the end he'd have been a terrible politician.


You're mentally ill.

0558a9 No.11035283


If shit went down it would have been in the news, also

>female having sentence reduction to probation

That happens so much its not funny, even if they have killed multiple people.

0558a9 No.11035300


I am agreeing with you anon, you dont hope, you make results yourself as corny as it sounds I am only stating if shit went down, we would have seen news, which would probably have been chimp protests.

4e47c5 No.11035302


>more total

[citation needed] wrong.


>i don't need evidence; i listen to molyjew

>national socialists are pinko faggots

nu-/pol/ needs to go





>What good is self improvment if its never used?

are you implying that no one on /pol/ ever got swole?


its never run a deficit to date, and it won't run out for quite some time. the real reason its having problems is because labor's share of GDP has fallen, and since it is labor that pays in, funding has dropped from what it would have been had things continued as they were circa 1930-1970

stop repeating retarded kike lolbergtardian rhetoric and, if you can (doubtful) learn to social science plox


that's going to happen either way, dipshit. its not like the US is going to suddenly stop treating niggers with bullet wounds just because Roy Moore got elected (though i fully support that). wake the fuck up

ca0979 No.11035307


> more total

1) true

2) let's hypothetically say whites take 55% - they pay way more than 55% They pay more than they take out - fact.

Yes, pinko faggot.

000000 No.11035312

wow! my post got deleted in the previous thread because it told the truth and asked some hard questions. congrats 8ch, on actually having a board modded by butthurt assholes who take things personally… on a chan.

ca0979 No.11035335

Welfare by race


> caucasian 16.8 % 11,405,000

> black 39.6 % 26,884,000

9b1131 No.11035336


>27% of Europeans voted against their own interests

Would be nice if there it said which age groups voted for who.

ca0979 No.11035339


yes, it would actually.

4e47c5 No.11035345


>not providing evidence

>shifting the goalposts

>using socialism as an insult on a national SOCIALIST board

nu-/pol/ pls go ur embarrasing yourself


>You can't wake anyone the fuck up. Nobody ever will. Good things don't happen

i actually tend to agree with this. i haven't been in an argument on /pol/ in like 3 yrs and i'm not sure why i've started back up now

0558a9 No.11035349


You can be swole all you want, it just makes you a better slave in the end unless you help change the politics yourself. And I will say this right now, if civil war hits the states, ww3 occurs, and while the right does have an advantage of not wearing their affiliations on their face, the flaw right now is that if the attitude is /pol/ expect whites to be killed by chinks kikes and traitors by sheer numbers, and unlike ww2 where nazis played softball with the kikes, they wont do the same with us today, since the other races wont be putting their necks on the line to stop our genocide, not muslims, not niggers who both become slaves again, not spics whos size would be cut in half for looking too white not asians who wanted to be left alone anyways we will win or lose big in ww3, but not have a middle.

ca0979 No.11035352


Evidence >>11035336

> shifting the goalposts

The shifted goalposts still rebuke your claim, pinko faggot.

4e47c5 No.11035358


>change the politics

stopped reading there

>implying electoral politics can truly change anything

r/t_D, i'm going to say this one last time: GO HOME! shoo shoo r/t_D scum!!!

4e47c5 No.11035368


no, you're making an argument irrelevant to my original argument, you dipshit. that's how you changed the goalposts. you're screaming that muh whyts pay more than their fair share. I'm saying the majority of the benificiaries are white. They both can be true. the only difference is that your argument is lolbergtardian garbage and my argument is from the perspective of saving the white race.

ie. you're a kike and I'm a WN

now, please leave you dirty heeb

fcdda0 No.11035372


>HAVING SAID THAT, I'm not chalking this up to voter fraud

Why the fuck not? The margin is narrow, they've pulled out all the stops to try to get a victory over the Nationalist wing of the Republican Party (Outspending 7:1, RNC refusing to back Moore after he won the primary, fabricating evidence to support false smear campaigns that they plastered over the national news for months), and the state supreme court made moves that can only be rationalized as an attempt to make elections less transparent and accountable immediately prior to the election. Why in the ever loving fuck would Dems or Cucks not go as far as to actually commit voter fraud (something we know they've done in the very recent past) and why wouldn't that have been the deciding factor?

000000 No.11035373

>A recount is likely to happen due to (((mail in votes))).

So same shit that happened in Austria?

How many people voted for X and how many for Y?

4e47c5 No.11035379


>Because you won't come help me kill myself

if you're white, I can't do that in good conscience. have you thought about finding a woman and forming some babby? i hear that really changes your biological emotional makeup r u really going to an hero, anon? be honest

932513 No.11035380

File: a08edf024305f99⋯.jpeg (57.84 KB, 1200x313, 1200:313, DQwwPfYVwAAwaz7.jpeg)

ca0979 No.11035383


>I'm saying the majority of the benificiaries are white

Which you can't prove.>>11035335

And your implication was that if the majority of beneficiaries are whites, that means that program is good for whites. The majority of people having to pay for the programs are also white, so the majority of people getting fucked by the programs are white. The number of whites getting fucked by paying for the programs is larger than the number of whites benefiting from them. They are a net drain on whites, and a net gain for non-whites, pink faggot.

000000 No.11035394


you actually voted for a pedophile? you're the reason the republicans are losing. they COULD have just thrown their support behind a different republican, but no, you just dig in your heels and stand behind him because… well, just because! you see it here all the time. "it's only going to make us stronger!" "the more horrible/corrupt/morally depraved shit comes up… the MORE I like him!" and all that shit. wake up. just because trump doesn't like it, doesn't make it fake news. why are you so quick to believe everything that simpleton says? this fuckin reality tv star duped you into believing he could become president and get shit done, and it's been a year and he's done jack shit except brag about how you got him in. and instead of cutting off moore and throwing his support in behind a better person, he digs in his heels because that's in his nature (trump can just never back pedal or admit wrongdoing-classic narcissist) and you all just follow his lead. it's not working. trump has so far been an utter failure. where's health care? where's the swamp draining and fighting back against the elites? nowhere. instead he's passing legislation to make the rich richer and deregulating the banks so they can make 2008 happen all over again (just because obama regulated them so it wouldn't, there's a good reason for you) and he's surrounded himself with talentless fucks with shady backgrounds like moore and flynn, (who's been doing deals with russia going back a decade)

the latest is mnuchin and the greatest overhaul of tax policy in decades. he's the fucking TREASURY secretary and says hes got 100 people working on it and comes out with a fucking half page "analysis" instead of anything resembling, you know, WORK, like a teenager who fucked around instead of writing their report and then hands in a piece of shit he wrote the night before. oh and the analysis is just taking a guess at what he thinks the economy will grow, without any backing evidence.

this country is going to shit because republicans are backing losers and nobody *within the party) is calling trump out on each and every misstep they fear what it will mean to republican voters. here's what it means - failure, like tonight in alabama.

tldr: repubs and idiots in here need to start getting their shit together and STOP with the trumply way of digging in their heels when criticized and understand that supporting idiotism will result in failure.

0558a9 No.11035399



Blackpills, you go ahead and enjoy them, enjoy wanting to be useless, enjoy the need to be useless like a couple of fucking gooks. Your not whites, not in the slightest. And you can never claim that you youself have exhausted all means of peaceful resolution becuse you gave up before even approaching the starting line, before even leaving your house, before being born.


Ahh, dead people votes, just to crush the near tie because the near tie scares the liberals.

fcdda0 No.11035406

File: 8653808bbac9d10⋯.gif (5.3 MB, 528x229, 528:229, Laughing J Jonah Jameson.gif)


>TORpedo calling someone else a pedo

Now I've seen everything.

65ffa9 No.11035412


True. "Roy moore conceding" in a search engine turns this up. Roy Moore is not conceding and is seeking a recount, but the (((Republican Party of Alabama))) will not help Moore in his push for a recount. That's the most recent news, and it looks like it's done for the day. We'll have to wait about 5 hours for anything Moore to happen.

5df482 No.11035418



We can push it further - over the edge…

meme Black Militancy back in

0558a9 No.11035420


>Tl;dr: Wah! Why wont you submit yourselves to the left like a buch of cucks scared of mccarthyism

You've no proof of any of the alleged accusations. And have decided to be either a leftist shill, a pr cuck or a moron who actually listens and belives everything, and if you are the third, listen and believe that you have to kill yourself to save yourself.

4e47c5 No.11035422


>which you can't prove


if i'm doing my maths correclty, this says that 82.9% of SSI beneficiaries are white, and whites have a significantly higher per-month benefit rate than blacks, so if you look at total monies, then the percentage will be higher

eat shit and die you rat-faced kike

4e47c5 No.11035427


>As soon as I get the courage or someone to help me out sit it, yes

is there any particular reason you feel this way?

>women hate me

nah, that can change, bro. believe me. are you still young? you have plenty of time to change that. people hit their stride at different ages, believe me

ddaef5 No.11035437


>I know this because I prepared to fight and ZOG killed me

c1c37e No.11035439


Just buy a tank of nitrogen and a mask/use a bag.

2edd8a No.11035449

anyone notice how wikipedia has begun displaying the "Signature" graphic of at least prominent US government figures on their profile sidebar on the right?

Practice started only within the past few weeks at least for Moore's wikipedia profile page. Interesting since that was a major point of contention for Moore's recent signature forgery case at the heart of his unsubstantiated sexual harassment allegation.

0c377f No.11035453


why are they so insistent on losing?

0558a9 No.11035457


No. Pull a ghandi and starve yourself to death in commiefornia while saying its because rich (((whites))) and others keep on saying whites need to die, and refuse all help either way I have no respect for the suicidal but you could get famous and make niggers and spics pity you

ca0979 No.11035458


That's one program. Your statistic also has no Hispanic category. It's a federal data base that combines Hispanics and whites into one category.

Welfare by race


> caucasian 16.8 % 11,405,000

> black 39.6 % 26,884,000

> Hispanic 21.2 % 14,392,000

You can't explain why programs that hurt whites on a per-capita basis should be supported, pinko faggot.

025126 No.11035459

The worst part of this is that it solidifies and consolidates how the kikes will work on midterms next year. Expect to see tons of fake sexual harassment accusations, badly fabricated evidence and (((Gloria Allred)))'s ratface much more.

000000 No.11035461



eaafdc No.11035464


>Lose one election for a senate seat


>Main Senate elections are coming in 2018 which would then trump this election

top wew imagine being this asshurt and stupid.

c1c37e No.11035468


Post a btc address and I'll send you a tank of N2 if you promise to kill yourself with it.

fcdda0 No.11035474


Moore was never their horse. They didn't give him a dime. They want Bannon supported candidates to lose big and publicly, because at the end of the day there isn't a dime's worth of difference between a Dem and a Cuckservative, and every single GOP functionary is a cuck. (((They)))) want the paradigm to revert to a gradual subtle dispossession of whites featuring Neo-cons and Neo-libs fighting over trivial bullshit. (((They)))) want us sedated.

000000 No.11035482


your post was very thoughtful and answered the questions posed perfectly. this is why you are a perfect example of the failure that will continue

000000 No.11035485


EnhassaKajar go home.

fcdda0 No.11035490


If you want a more direct answer, I'd recommend you dance a suspended jig at the end of a looped rope.

0558a9 No.11035492


Starving yourself in public while blaming anti whites has nary to do with hope, in fact its the antithesis. And by being here instead of out there wating away you are clinging to hope, hope that we will help a little gook like you.

4e47c5 No.11035494



i'm sorry to hear that. i'm noticing two things about your writing right away, and i hope you don't mind if i point them out. first, your writing looks a little choppy. have you been drinking? you really shouldn't drink when you're depressed, it makes it a lot worse. believe me; i've been there (over and over). its not a good idea. second, you AWALT seems to be a MGTOW-style acronym. have you been surfing MGTOW and like forums?

have you been surfing MGTOW-type forums while drinking while depressed that these women have treated you wrongly? anon, no…

I'm not being judgmental and i totally understand why you feel this way. i just started dating for the first time in years and spend all this time and money, and i thought things were going really well, and then the bitch just comes over, uses me as her pogo-stick sex toy and then decides a couple days later that "it doesn't feel right." she won't even talk to me now, and i thought we had developed a good friendship. it sucks

the point is, (and i know this sounds sappy, but) the power of positive thinking is really important. i was like you, basically, for the past 3 or so years, and you know what? it only took a few weeks and now i'm back on the train. and, i'm not going to let this chick get me down, because i remember when i was younger i never let it get me down and was always confident, and, you know what, shit generally worked out. You really have to pull yourself together bro. you can do it.

what's making you so depressed about it? do you feel pressure that you're supposed to be married by now with a house and kids and all that jive, but these women have taken that away from you?

fa9135 No.11035495



I want torposters to leave

000000 No.11035499


lol, trust me, he''s just larping

000000 No.11035509


Are you from Alabama?

932513 No.11035518

File: 40d422c595eea90⋯.jpeg (59.46 KB, 749x552, 749:552, DQ5TC3PVQAIWnxp.jpeg)

4e47c5 No.11035521



yes, that idea crossed my mind. but, on the other hand, i've been drunk on /pol/ and said similar things, and I did at one point actually try to kill myself, so… you know, whatever. if he's so pathetic (i could imagine /leftypol/ pulling a stunt like this – those pathetic faggots think everything is le epin troll, even retarded larping shit) that he's going to larp like that, then i'll play his game. no skin off my back. i've got nothing to do tonight since this dumb psychotic feminist cunt dumped me out of know where for no reason, so fuck it. i mean, this cunt was like "the sex was great; you're great; had lots of fun; but… i'm emotionally fucked up and can't deal so fuck you" – i was totally floored. i kept waiting for the punch line. but, nope.

bitch should wear problem glasses so men like me know to keep away

4e47c5 No.11035530


"welfare" is not a thing. you know that, right? You also realize that your "welfare" statistic doesn't include SSA expenditure – not even SSDI or SSI, right?

you statistic a shit. try again, schlomo

000000 No.11035534


Why did Moore lose?

000000 No.11035540


Why did you try to kill yourself and how? Because you were dumped by a feminist female?

000000 No.11035548


you are also a perfect example of why repubs will fail.

there's plenty of media coverage, investigators looking into the accusations, finding witnesses to back them up, hard evidence like yearbook entries or letters showing that he had contact with them, etc. there's no "smoking gun" but there is smoke, and you know the saying where there's smoke there's fire. instead of even entertaining the fact that "you know, maybe he is a fuckin pedophile" you turn to Trump of all people for your lead and what does he have to counter all that? "he SAYS he denies it!"

GREAT defense, asshole! when you weigh one side against the other, its like taking bets. you go with the odds and odds are you'll win. you go against because you just want to dig in your heels, you will lose. simple as that.

Here's an idea. someone find moore's computer/smartphone/whatever and check it for cp.

and here's the serious question I posed in another thread that got the message deleted because the mod was probably a fucking butthurt alt-righty: would you let moore babysit your daughter? I seriously want to know if you truly believe your conviction that they're ALL lies against him. Or do you think that they might be true, but you're the sort of narcissist, dig in your heels type (like trump) who would rather risk his young daughter being molested than change your vote to someone else (even another republican) because you'd rather scream "this will only make us stronger!"

000000 No.11035549


What did the people living in Alabama think of Moore?

4e47c5 No.11035556


woah, easy trigger


you hear voices?


>email me

lol no thanks FBI.

>talk clearer there

lolwut? i mean, if you were really serious then just go to r9k and make a thread or some slow board… or IRC.


why are you a coward?

000000 No.11035558


What about the other guy that won?

White people did not vote Moore because he sent someone from their family to jail?

4e47c5 No.11035563


>Why did you try to kill yourself and how?

long story and no, something very different and quite tragic. long story; don't want to get into it. someone found me and i woke up in the hospital. fucking cunts need to mind their own business

20bebe No.11035566


>too many white people

It's 2017 and you can say stuff like this without any backlash.

cdc3ca No.11035568

File: ec7a255c951dbda⋯.jpg (678.35 KB, 1440x764, 360:191, 1484929684249.jpg)

Is Jones a Trump plant?

- Blackmailed by Deep State

- offered deal.

- went undercover

- played along with the “special” election?

Listen to his speech, it’s exactly what you’d say to the left if you were trying to wake them the fuck us - “the moral arc of the universe always bends towards justice.”

With the #NoMoore trending, in the midst of #MeToo, you have to think… was this entire election a counter predictive program measure?

- the people of the United States will never knowingly elect pedophiles to Congress.

- morality > party

- voter fraud is real and now proven with epic sting operation.

- Blacks vote 97% Dem to red pill whites.

- all black votes are changed to D automatically in some precincts.

- “wait on God.” - Roy

Jones sealed indictment.



Moore proved innocent.

Dems shook to core.

Right is red pilled.

Left is stunned.

Senator Roy Moore.

No more pedophiles.

Tick tick crooked.

Tick tock Obama.

It’s #MuellerTime.

Pizza party is over assholes.

000000 No.11035574


You were a drug addict or you were raped?

Do you still want to kill yourself?

Why did you have a feminist girlfriend?

68e96a No.11035577

I'm sorry, but I just woke up.

What's going on? Why are there threads like >>11035179 up?

f9df52 No.11035585


Moore lost

cdc3ca No.11035598


Doug Jones was Hillary Clinton's lawyer, pal.

000000 No.11035604



4e47c5 No.11035609


>You were a drug addict or you were raped?


>still want to kill yourself

not really. after dying and being resurrected, i kinda feel different now. and, i've found meaning in the Nietzschean sense. though, i still think about it sometimes. as Nietzsche said, "the thought of suicide is a great solace. it gets one through many a tough night"

>why feminist gf

well, she said she was just a run-of-the-mill feminist, like women should vote yada yada. most women are feminists in this sense. and, i couldn't see the ink (or some of the piercings - lol holy shit) with her clothes on


you wrote this in Aug of 2016?

68e96a No.11035613


Oh. I thought something way worse happened.

cdc3ca No.11035614

File: 4d6499758972645⋯.gif (996.18 KB, 500x267, 500:267, a.gif)


You. Shill. Too. Hard.

cdc3ca No.11035623

File: 8c32835a4a686eb⋯.jpg (328.55 KB, 600x845, 120:169, degen.jpg)


07e95c No.11035627


Turnout, pure and simple.

4e47c5 No.11035630


seems suspect, but i'll read it. right off the bat, i can say your issues with using PTSD are absurd and offensive. I've made combat veterans cry telling them about the things that happened to me as a child

000000 No.11035641


>not really. after dying and being resurrected, i kinda feel different now. and, i've found meaning in the Nietzschean sense. though, i still think about it sometimes. as Nietzsche said, "the thought of suicide is a great solace. it gets one through many a tough night"

'It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late. Only optimists commit suicide, optimists who no longer succeed at being optimists. The others, having no reason to live, why would they have any to die? Man starts over again everyday, in spite of all he knows, against all he knows. The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live –moreover, the only one.'

>well, she said she was just a run-of-the-mill feminist, like women should vote yada yada. most women are feminists in this sense. and, i couldn't see the ink (or some of the piercings - lol holy shit) with her clothes on

lol. And she cheated on you?

9b1131 No.11035652


Yeah it shows how crazy things have gotten.

30180d No.11035665


As a Native Virginian you can tell when you are getting invaded if you ask if people are from around here and they say “kind of, lived here about 3-10 years now” and you have to say “so no”. We have had our elections stolen since McDonell was threatened with prison time over some bullshit after we elected him, a tea party candidate, only to have McAuliffe come in next time around. The fucking Clinton Cartel memeber. We now have an influx of shitskins cacading like a running wall of shit all the way down from DC. It’s happening everywhere in this country, we need to stand our ground and fight.

68e96a No.11035670

Moore is a Zionist and Jones is a libshit.

Either outcome isn't great, really.

20bebe No.11035679


Moore was obviously the best choice for white people, even if he had some flaws.

4e47c5 No.11035703


personally, i don't see how any of this matters if you're 29 now. are you sure you aren't /leftypol/ thinking ur playing an epin troll. because if you are, the fact that you are doing this just means you're a huge loser (like everything /leftypol/ does and is)

if you are serious, then i'm not sure what any of this has to do with you now.


>It is not worth the bother of killing yourself

Cioran. nice. just discovered him recently. great shit

>cheated on you?

no, i think she's just too fucked up to have a relationship. she literally just said she was too emotionally fucked up over the whole thing and realized she couldn't have any relationships until she got her own emotions straight or something.

i might have made it worse, though. when she first told me blah blah can't see you anymore i'm sorry. my response was, i shit you not, "b-b-but I just got this tattoo for you and sent her a pic of a funny dick tattoo." then she's like I'm serious - i'm sorry. so, i said, "you should apologize to yourself since you're hurting you way more than me." then i sent her some funny videos and asked her to explain what was going on and i think she just blocked me.

i think she's still getting over her divorce or something. or, who knows, maybe she's lying and she's still married (but perhaps separated). idk. the only thing that pisses me off, really, or at least the main thing, is that i'll never understand wtf happened there.

like, when shit like this happens, i always try to do what Nietzsche said and find meaning in the pain. but, i usually do that by figuring out "now, what have we learned today; how can this be avoided in the future etc" but, in this case, there's not much there. and, in my environs not dating a feminist of some sort is going to be difficult. of course, i avoid the ones with blue hair and problem glasses and all that, but its pretty popular for women to be at least tangentially involved in SocJus bullshit around this age with this education level etc.

honestly, i'm only distressed in the sense that i'm totally floored. i did not see that coming at all

68e96a No.11035719


It's just an election for senator, it's not like he's the governor or anything.

000000 No.11035727


>she literally just said she was too emotionally fucked up over the whole thing and realized she couldn't have any relationships until she got her own emotions straight or something.

She's insecure. Was scared. Or it depends. Why she's fucked up? Could have used this excuse to make you an orbiter.

>i might have made it worse, though. when she first told me blah blah can't see you anymore i'm sorry. my response was, i shit you not, "b-b-but I just got this tattoo for you and sent her a pic of a funny dick tattoo." then she's like I'm serious - i'm sorry. so, i said, "you should apologize to yourself since you're hurting you way more than me." then i sent her some funny videos and asked her to explain what was going on and i think she just blocked me.

You did good with the response.

>i think she's still getting over her divorce or something. or, who knows, maybe she's lying and she's still married (but perhaps separated). idk. the only thing that pisses me off, really, or at least the main thing, is that i'll never understand wtf happened there.

Oh! What the fuck? Divorced? Don't tell me she's a single mother too. What the fuck are you doing? It's clear she never got over her husband.

>like, when shit like this happens, i always try to do what Nietzsche said and find meaning in the pain. but, i usually do that by figuring out "now, what have we learned today; how can this be avoided in the future etc" but, in this case, there's not much there.

You make out of this too much of a deal. It's a fucking relationship with a divorced whore, not having to decide if you will nuke or not an european country to stop the advance of the russian forces.

>and, in my environs not dating a feminist of some sort is going to be difficult.

Your problem was you dated a divorced/married woman, not that she was a feminist.

> i avoid the ones with blue hair and problem glasses and all that, but its pretty popular for women to be at least tangentially involved in SocJus bullshit around this age with this education level etc.

Date younger ones.

54bb91 No.11035738



54bb91 No.11035746


Pajeet your bot is broken

000000 No.11035760


>Look what happened to Roy

What happened? You think salty single females that hit the wall would vote for a guy that prefers fresh meat over rotten meat?


I have a 15 year old plate that I've been training since she was 13 and another 17 yo one that I've met when she was 14. You know what will happen? At least one of them will make me a baby.

4e47c5 No.11035761


>Because it constantly haunts me

why? i'm asking this seriously. my father choked me to unconsciousness – and i looked right in his eyes and saw that the sadistic fuck was enjoying it, quite thoroughly in fact. imagine that, enjoying seeing your kids face turn blue and eyes roll back and lose consciousness. i could go on and on. there was like 10 years of it. but, that was a long, long time ago. i rarely think about it, unless i don't keep myself busy. i know its still there buried somewhere deep inside bc sometimes when i get a new shrink and try to describe it, i get choked up. but, as long as i don't stir the hornet's nest, then i don't get stung.

why don't you just go accomplish things, get laid, learn computer programming, play guitar, go swimming, run a marathon etc? lots of people had really fucked up things happen to them and they go on living. its not that hard, really. it just takes time


>Why she's fucked up?

idk. definitely revolves around her husband, and probably before that daddy issues. pretty sure she's a masochist and i wouldn't doubt if she were a cutter in the past, or something like that

i have a feeling i was too nice. she wanted to be abused and i didn't do that (except sexually, lol). she kept saying "i'll hurt you" but i know this wasn't about my feelings. it was about hers

>You did good with the response

thanks. there was nothing else i could do. she was locked and loaded. i actually had a lot of experience with chicks before i went hikkikomori a few years ago. i was chad-tier

>Divorced? Don't tell me she's a single mother too

no kids. didn't even know she was divorced until i was already out with her on the date. it was a big deal, though, because i found out her last name and she got really embarrased and said that she hadn't changed back to her maiden name yet. she claims the divorce was like 2 yrs ago, though

>You make out of this too much of a deal

yeah, but i'm fucking bored. i just moved to a new city and she's the first friend i made. also, i spent a lot of time chatting with her before going out, so i guess i had a lot invested in a way. but, yeah, i mean fuck it. hopefully another broad will come along as quickly as she did

>Your problem was you dated a divorced/married woman

at my age, that's pretty common too, anon

>Date younger ones

once you get above a certain age (and weight) that becomes difficult. also, my whole life was destroyed bc i'm a TI, so i can't lean on the whole good career thing, which i would have been able to if not for the "gangstalking"

836960 No.11035768

4 chuck post about apparent statistical anomaly


6ae06f No.11035769

File: d1ce58bb1890d02⋯.png (324.63 KB, 458x688, 229:344, black voters.png)

ca0979 No.11035787


> "welfare" is not a thing. you know that, right?

It's an umbrella statistic referring to a variety of government expenditure programs.

> You also realize that your "welfare" statistic doesn't include SSA expenditure – not even SSDI or SSI, right?

Why are you so obsessed with taking money from working whites to give to retired boomers, you pinko faggot?

4e47c5 No.11035788


>Because I'm weak? I don't know why it haunts me the time but it does

btw, i'm convinced you're either /leftypol/ or fed. i'm guessing /leftypol/ since you keep talking like a faggot and being melodramatic. only /leftypol/ is that gay, and thinks that suicidal people talk like that (they probably spent too much time on tumblr listening to 13 yr old trannies whine)

stop being a pussy and buck up. if you have something real to say, then say it. if not, then stop being a faggot and kys. see if i care


oh, nice. i like this one


>What part of

the part where you're being a faggot and speaking in pseudo-cryptic retard terminology. i don't know who you are, but you're clearly not one of "us."

this is the part where you go back to /leftypol/ and are like "omg guise i really had them going lol like total epin troll hehehe omg i'm so superior herp derp"

4e47c5 No.11035806


>I don't want to go on living. I want everything to burn in Nuclear Fire.

see this is what i'm talking about. your shits all retarded and you talk like a fag


>retired boomers

SSDI and SSI are not for retirees you dipshit, and its like 80+% whites as well. look at the statistics you mouth-breathing troglodyte. ffs learn to science

why are you so concerned with SNAP, which is an agriculture subsidy. object? well, then tell me what bureaucracy administers SNAP

>protip: US Dept of Agriculture

why? because it is and always has been a program to stabilize the market price of agricultural goods. its a handout to (white) farmers, you halfwit

07e95c No.11035809

File: f810bd8e06650e1⋯.png (45.32 KB, 842x659, 842:659, dem voter fraud.PNG)

4e47c5 No.11035811



>I can't buck up. There is nothing to fight for

then kys and livestream it pussy

ca0979 No.11035822



> SSDI and SSI are not for retirees you dipshit, and its like 80+% whites as well.

No, you dipshit, those statistics were white+mestizo combined into one category.

Are these the only programs you support?

> why are you so concerned with SNAP

I'm concerned with everything that has an aggregate effect of transferring wealth from whites to non-whites, pinko faggot.

3c5e47 No.11035833


I have never seen a more dedicated skitzo than you.

4e47c5 No.11035851


>white+mestizo combined into one category

oh right, the magic "when the statistics don't agree with me claim the magic mexians did it"

i'm done with you. you are a dipshit

>aggregate effect…

nope. its an agricultural subsidy. it "transfers wealth" (actually, income not wealth you fuckwit) from city whites to rural whites, you retard.

I'm done with you. you're hopelessly stupid. i keep forgetting that I keep getting older and smarter and /pol/ stays 19 and dumb. good luck.

4e47c5 No.11035857


/leftypol/ really dedicated to the troll


sure. i'll help. so you're drunk, right? so take some sleeping pills and tie a noose around your neck. sit on the stairs and tie the other end to the bannister. i'll be right there

make sure to set up a camera to livestream so i'll know where you're at when i get there, k?

ca0979 No.11035874


>oh right, the magic "when the statistics don't agree with me claim the magic mexians did it"

Yeah, literally anybody but a left wing faggot realizes that mexicans are lumped in with whites.

> its an agricultural subsidy.

Yeah, it is. What's your point? I never said I was so obsessed with it. I am obsessed with programs that transfer wealth from whites to non-whites.

And you'll never be done with me, pink faggot. You're never getting your free shit.

defe15 No.11035875


It was stupid to unseat Sessions in the first place, he's a shitty cucked AG. Why does Trump pick cucks and Jews for everything as if he can do it all himself? He have should put 130 IQ NatSoc Anglo-Saxon Protestants in every single position like it's the fucking Death Star.

Anyway, I'm not even sure Trump can win in 2020. GOP will gain in 2018, because it's mostly dems defending, so maybe Trump can do more in the latter two years of his first term. But can he beat a stronger democratic ticket that doesn't have Hillary on it, when they have the raw data and know how much rigging they need to flip key states? And tons of Puerto Ricans flooded Florida after the hurricane so that state might be lost. He needs to win Pennsylvania again, which was amazing that he won in the first place. As for 2022, I don't think there's a chance, call my blackpill all you want but every 2 years more non-whites turn voting age and it's becoming closer to impossible to win swing states. It is inevitable that we will not be able to win democratically eventually. It is important that normie conservatives realize that this is happening and that democracy is a dead end, they need to get fed up with the whole system.

0558a9 No.11035885


>Wah I hate due process and care about pr like a little faggot because cucking out will let me get the jew I want to win to kill me

He lost because turnout in whites was terrible,less than half, and I doubt many of them even knew there was an election, would be fixed if voting was mandatory. and I suspect the non voters were boomers

5149b6 No.11035896

Interesting how race wasn't even an issue in this election and niggers still voted 95% in favor of the democratic candidate.

Gibs maybe

4e47c5 No.11035897



you haven't proven how significant the hispanic numbers are in that stat, period. you cannot make the assertion that "nope i win bc there might be some hispanics in the "white" statistics" – that's not solid argumentation. and, only dipshit lolbergtardians don't realize that

>I am obsessed with programs that transfer wealth from whites to non-whites

how again does an agricultural subsidy transfer "wealth" (its income, not wealth you dipshit) to nonwhites


even still 40% of the beneficiaries of SNAP are whites. I'm one of them, faggot. NEET masterrace. keep paying them taxes lol i'd say thanks but ur a faggot and i'm glad they tax you hahahahahahaha

you lose.


b70169 No.11035903


not sure if its /leftypol/ but i noticed there's one faggot on other threads spamming the board. Multiple short posts instead of something cohesive and trying to be cryptic. Instead of suicide it was "you're gonna die" in the other one. He's also spamming in this thread: >>11035370

Its literally just blatant demoralization so it's not really gonna work on this board. Still, I wish we could link shariablue bosses these threads and have them revoke the shekels these shills are getting despite absolute trash tier shilling.

a18e11 No.11035906


Niggers are slaves to democrats. They just too stupid to realize it

ca0979 No.11035915


> you haven't proven how significant the hispanic numbers are in that stat, period

Yeah, because you literally can't, retard. That's why the zog does it, retard.

The only reason whites get more money in social security is because they put more money into in the first place. It's based on employer contributions and payroll taxes. Whites put more in than non-whites and get more back - but on average less back then they put in. The net effect is a transfer of wealth from whites to non-whites. The average white would be better of with Social Security abolished and simply saving their money.

And when did I even mention SNAP, you fucking retarded pink faggot?

0558a9 No.11035917


You need to rile up the left and promote infighting, and I am not sure that trump will win 2020 either, but if hillary runs again somehow they cant be that stupid the right will win, I suggest research into all candidates on both ends, find ones who do not obey the zog blatantly. So far the only non trump candidate I care for is Carson, who needs to a) promote himself better, b) not lie that he was a ghetto nigger, and c) appeal to minorities from the democrat side, all the while presenting himself calmly, but he lacks charisma unfortunatly, which is his downfall, rubio and cruz will both be running again, and as a canadian I dont know too much on cruz other than hes a fat idiot rino, but rubio has connections to kikerosoft and most likely plan 2030, so beware him.

b70169 No.11035921


>word filtered


Thanks for the reminder actually.

>asses and elbows help me I can't stop sucking cock

I think you've got me confused with your BO.

PSA to the rest of the board: stop feeding the faggot and filter.

0558a9 No.11035923


Yep. Slaves and free non-contestable votes.

5149b6 No.11035930


Rubio will definitely run again and probably find some success, Cruz probably but I just don't see him working in the current climate. Rubio gets to claim diversity points for being "hispanic" (whatever the fuck that means? I guess in his case descended from Spaniards) which might help him, and being young is always good.

ca0979 No.11035944


>even still 40% of the beneficiaries of SNAP are whites. I'm one of them

So, more non-whites per capita, and in absolute terms. if 60% of the beneficiaries are non-white.

And you acted like it was some principled stance to boost white birth rates, when in reality you're just using welfare yourself.

ddaef5 No.11035958

File: 7dc736665d6de9e⋯.png (365.42 KB, 1024x500, 256:125, surroundingstates-1024x500.png)

>Democratic activists made a last-minute push to get out the vote against Roy Moore in Alabama by encouraging “African-Americans in Mississippi” to vote in the wrong state.

>Sources on the ground in Alabama confirm that these tactics are real, and they have been used by supporters of Democrat Doug Jones.

>Big League Politics received evidence of a Reddit call for “African-Americans in Mississippi” to “make a short trip to Alabama on December 12.” That Reddit thread is still active.

>Similar calls have been made on Reddit for African-Americans in other nearby states, including Georgia and Tennessee.


4e47c5 No.11035959


it doesn't realize it is filtered.



>link shariablue bosses these threads and have them revoke the shekels these shills are getting despite absolute trash tier shilling

this is actually not a bad idea. i wonder if there's some way to do something of that sort. i'll have to think about it…

honestly, its so pathetic and retarded (and pointless) that it has to be /leftypol/. i was going to say it could be a 13 yr old Aussie, but even they would shitpost more competently. the fact that he asked me to send an email makes me think it was /leftypol/ thinking they could try to dox someone from /pol/. could be feds, but again, i think they'd be much more competent, as dumb as cops are, still. the fact he had a ready link to a pastebin of some larpy faggot whining again points directly toward /leftypol/.

years ago i used to spend considerable time over there while drunk and they'll get you going for awhile. but, the deal is, they'll spend 10x as much energy trying to "troll" you as you do responding to them. then, afterwards they'll be like "omg epic troll" and you'll just be like "what just happened. i just thought you were retarded or something." like, there's no troll even there. like i said, they spend 10x as much energy trolling as the "victim" does casually responding (and not usually taking much notice) of them. its pretty amazing how retarded they are. i'm continually shocked. i had to stop going there bc i started to feel pity for them

ca0979 No.11035975


> it doesn't realize it is filtered.

Other people can see my posts and see that you're a retarded pinko faggot who shills for the Democrat party, so it doesn't matter if you can't see them.

0558a9 No.11035993


You are correct, I see bernie running again as long as he is well, and I see webb maybe running, are there any female hispanics or blacks in either party who have held higher positions? Becuase I see at least 2 female hispanics and at least 1 female black running, and at least one of them running for republicans, but all will be zog.

0e4e97 No.11036013


yeah, just looked at your link to the other thread. definitely the same retard. still think its /leftypol/ tbh. it has their trademark retardation. in fact, i bet that's one of the mods. i had a mod "fuck with" me one night at about this same time. it was shocking. all he did was play two different characters, one that spent a lot of time agreeing and one that spent a lot of time acting like an asshole. after several hours of doing at least two posts to every one of mine (and keep in mind this isn't the only thread i was in) it turned out his only troll was that i didn't realize (bc i was preoccupied, mostly) that he was both of them. like, that was it. that was the troll. i didn't try to explain to him that if he spent twice the energy as me during the troll interaction that it technically wasn't a troll since he was more inconvenienced than me, but whatever. it was confusing to me that someone could be that pathetic


its still too stupid to realize it is filtered.

awwww, what a cute little puppy. it keeps replying!

15b9a3 No.11036046


>Nope. I'm only from here

the pastebin you supposedly wrote says you spend a lot of time on reddit.

so, which is it, you little sissy faggot?

8e9e92 No.11036056

It's time to move on. Start digging into the Democrat candidate for the Pennsylvania special election in March. Conor Lamb.

fa1372 No.11036058


Fuck off with Samson you kike supporter. Israelgate's going to confirm the existance of their nukes and shine the light on them.

d2900c No.11036060



ddaef5 No.11036061


>says the ZOG will personally assassinate you if you make any effort

>needs someone to help kill himself

The answer was in front of you this whole time, anon

0558a9 No.11036064


Even before that, the problem is "everything is ok" slowboil whites.

c66ae1 No.11036069


Depends if Moore's campaign is gonna push for a recount or Alabama and the Deep State kikes will just fuck him over

d2900c No.11036082


he needs to push for a recount and sue that cunt who made the false accusations into oblivion. he has nothing to loose.

d2900c No.11036096

File: b4332f263417311⋯.png (135.22 KB, 900x280, 45:14, Leigh_Corfman.png)

this cunt's face should be plastered all over the internet, the next move is the fake news is going to memory hole the lawsuit.

0558a9 No.11036099

dec226 No.11036105



I didn't think to save it, but there was a graphic in a previous thread indicating that Moore told Allred he would see her in court.

39f242 No.11036108


Even Spaniards dislike South American dialects.

-t. Spaniard.

8ea813 No.11036120


This is exactly what's going to happen. After today, nobody will hear the (((media))) mention Moore or this cunt ever again.

f177cb No.11036149

oy vey

ddaef5 No.11036157


I'm pretty sure that was a fake Twitter account, not the real Roy.

ed7e60 No.11036171



<hurr ur not from the masonry haha loser

<oh look! it's the samson option, boo! haha did i scare you? :^)


ed7e60 No.11036173


>muh samson

literally kill yourself mentally ill fam

bf374d No.11036185

File: dc8c0989ff87a5b⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1881x1019, 1881:1019, Untitled.png)

White Christians



56e4ae No.11036195


I love Spanish, grew up hearing Spaniards and high caste south American whites talk it. I get disgusted by Injun talking noises, I realized the Injun brain does certain things in both Navajo and Spanish (the spics you hate are just Injun admixed mongrels).

To me a better language to hate is Somalian or the half-english pidgin. That's spoken exclusively by nigs. Also chink / Vietnamese, their bug like nature really shines when they use tonal language.

1f327d No.11036218

I'm an Alabama and I wanna be free.

Hell with NAACP.

56e4ae No.11036266


If this is true, then a recount would have to be a deep state hatchet job through and through. No other way to hide all the vote manufacturing. Makes me think twice about the Florida recount for W bush and all the ridiculousness that went along with it.

96fc98 No.11036277


They tried this in FL as well in 2016. Nigress of elections in a central district tried to win it for Clinton but the rest of the state was so red they could not win even with 100% of voters showing up.

cc7f04 No.11036320


>The tides are changing

>tfw watching fags repeat this shit as we're genocided and I'm tased by cops for not allowing them in my house during a "wellness check"

d0dc72 No.11036422


Praise Kek


cd9e29 No.11036488

File: c8eb15e4cfc0e31⋯.jpeg (87.02 KB, 750x758, 375:379, 72B4A743-2280-41B7-AEC2-F….jpeg)

File: c3579823742af15⋯.jpeg (100.92 KB, 750x723, 250:241, 4020FABB-4459-4F83-878E-D….jpeg)

90% of all these counties are exactly half of the 2016 results.

000000 No.11036515

right, so with the answer of silence I guess the answer to my question in >>11035548 is "no." exactly as i suspected. none of the moore supporters actually believe him, they pretty much just want "theirboy" to win, even if he's the most vile person imaginable. and you wonder why america goes to shit when you keep wanting to reward assholes with power. it's like a teen high school movie and putting jocks on pedestals all over again.

96fc98 No.11036520

Alabama Secretary of state John Merrill Told reporters Tuesday night that the state will direct counties to count provisional ballots absentee ballots and military ballots.

Strange who had been appointed to fill the seat until the special election will remain senator as long as the process takes December 22

0c377f No.11036606


how many military ballots? could it change the result?

20bebe No.11036614


The (((narrative))) is that the white people stayed at home and the black people almost had full turnout this election.


66caf2 No.11036617


As close as it is there is a good chance.

d7a009 No.11036621


pol has become too impatient. it's grown tired of waiting for /ourguy/. instead they'll literally back anyone that SJW/liberals dislike. they want instant gratification in the form of a "win" more than they want the right person to win.

20bebe No.11036636


This election the choice was between anti-white (democrats) and less anti-white (republicans)

You can "wait for Hitler" all you want, it doesn't do much if you are replaced by Somalians and forced to pay their benefits in the meantime.

0c377f No.11036640


how would someone who hates kikes even run for office?

389213 No.11036647



Rach, stop samefagging. You know the below damn well.

> All 'teenage girls' he had relationships with were of legal age

> the only actual piece of evidence that goes beyond some opportunist's word, was disproven in an embarrassing manner for Gloria's skills in forgery

And beyond that

> the shitskins you have no problem with marry and fuck girls at age 6 or above. Maybe even younger

Don't suddenly become a moralfag when it seems convenient for a narrative - a false one at that.

fb12f6 No.11036648


We're impatient because technology and demographics are working against us. The shills use both of those angles to try to blackpill us.

The only way we win before a global collapse is in the next few years. The only other route is to have to ride out a complete fucking collapse where billions of people die. Accelerationists don't care about that, but shills masquerade as accelerationists as well to try to stymie our efforts in the here and now.

Europe is a generation away from camp of the saints, and the USA isn't far behind. The commies killed millions in the USSR because people didn't fight hard enough.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

2361aa No.11036649


You're a total retard who doesn't comprehend an iota of our situation and will be raped to death by niggers as you await your salvation.

389213 No.11036656

File: 79fb3af429b1027⋯.jpg (119.79 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 1366138269149.jpg)

On another note, this is the thread for it.

Honestly, anons, I read all the arguments that made his loss predictable in hindsight, but it's blackpilling to me that this was allowed to happen. I am ceasing to see reason to give a shit. The overwhelming majority of the White race doesn't seem to want to exist, and you can't make a horse drink.

> just keep digging and investigating

We know they're bussing niggers around, the numbers point to it, the perpetrators were filmed and put online on camera, openly admitting it, all the way back to the Trump election and Bernie's loss of the primaries, and White normalfags remain wilfully ignorant. Digging and exposing was tried. You give regular Whites - the amount that would matter here - all the facts, and they simply choose to disbelieve them. Facing them would mean facing neverending cognitive dissonance when talking to their fellow 'moderate' peers, and sooner or later force them to have uncomfortable conversations, which is why especially boomers react very emotionally and erratically when offered some facts, especially when served in a manner in which they can't just outright deny them. No amount of investigation and exposure can give them the impression that something needs to change. Nothing.

> But the Trump administration tho

The Trump administration was only ever a stepping stone. A step from globalist neoliberalism and neoconservatism back to classic liberalism with a pinch of civic nationalism in regards to economic interests. Trump is a guy with a lot of money and good intentions. No more, no less. It's fun to say he's /ourguy/, because he outsmarts malicious conspirators on a regular basis, but be realistic. That's all he is. He's not /ourguy/. He's probably not even aware of the JQ or anything pertaining to it. It was a massive improvement that he got elected, he is trying to follow up on several campaign promises and even did so on several things. But that's it. Shills keep pushing

> but he cucked out he appointed all these kikes here and there

He didn't change anything, the administration was judaized for many years before he took office. His election was like another shoah as it was, how many assassination attempts - only one of which would have to succeed to kill him - do you think would have happened if on top of everything else, he had removed kikes from the administration?


fb3872 No.11036659


So the race still isn't over yet? Sounds alright to me. One week is a long wait and anything can happen.

389213 No.11036662

File: 7e2d0d4dc194c87⋯.png (372.16 KB, 1912x2346, 956:1173, RacismIsBad.png)

Here is what would have to happen for there to be any reason to bother, any reason to care. Here is what would have to happen for any positive change to occur.

Imagine if Whites were like kikes in one respect. Just this one. Imagine Whites put their fellow White person above all else. All false ideals they were raised to believe in, all laws, everything is irrelevant if the livelihood and the perspectives of fellow Whites is at stake. Any quarrels between Anglos or Germans or Slavs were dispersed, Whites would act as a united entity - a tribe if you will. Need to hire someone? Hire a white person. Someone getting offended and asking you to fire a White person? Tell them to fuck off. Someone calling a fellow White person a racist? Tell them to fuck off. Need to choose between student applications for college? Choose the White person. Need to recommend someone for a promotion? Recommend the White person. Need to decide between business partners? Choose the company either run by a White person, owned by a White person or staffed by White people. Just got your hands on some property and looking at several people to sell it to? Sell it to the White person. Likewise, if you need to punish someone, do so with great prejudice for non-Whites and pardon any White person you can find. If you work at a malicious financing scheme and are scouting out targets to scam, target non-Whites, and so on and so on. White people would need to lay down all the religious shit, all the 'classic liberalism', everything - there's time for all of that later, for the time being, the survival of one's own race is at stake, and put their fellow White person above everything else.

But you and I also know that that will not happen. They are all inculcated in either getting along with their peers, putting all their trust in equal opportunity and meritocracy, banking on the good will and the good intentions of non-Whites, or any excuse they can find to be complacent and watch their fellow White person's opportunities decay. And then young graduates are surprised when they come out of university - even with a proper degree and not queer identities in basketweaving - and nobody hires them. Tell me if you heard it before, you will apply to companies, you will make it to the interview stage, the interview goes well, from what it seems, you're basically already hired, and then suddenly, the potential employer seems a bit absent and then contacts you with a very different often resigned tone - as if a conversation with an HR tranny had happened in your absence, where they were told that you're not diverse enough. Traitors is what these creatures are. White people are merciful, because of their mercy, they are permissive, because they are permissive, racial treason doesn't lead to any recourse, and because there is no recourse for racial treason, it becomes progressively more rampant, until decades ago, frankly even before that, betraying your race is just swimming with the stream. The majority of White people are traitors to their own race.

This willingness to allow for and commit treason upon one's own kind, is in every conceivable way, a weakness. When faced with competitors for resources, a species so easily taken advantage of, cannot possibly survive. Maybe the nightmare we are headed to is unavoidable. Maybe White people - or at least the compassionate iteration of them they are now - are indeed not meant to be. I am giving up on the White race. Those of us who are already mongrelized, for whom it is too late, we might as well prepare for the neverending middle ages that we are headed towards. Because that is all that the future will be.


fb12f6 No.11036665


If you give up, you deserve what happens to you.

79a836 No.11036667

File: 8f4cf1548455ec4⋯.png (48.15 KB, 606x320, 303:160, Capture.PNG)

File: b9b7a672a398f86⋯.jpg (29.6 KB, 480x375, 32:25, 55c.jpg)

File: 6fcdf63eb65fff3⋯.png (63.18 KB, 623x611, 623:611, Capture2.PNG)


imagine being this stupid…

fb12f6 No.11036668


4ebea4 No.11036673


>You're welcome white people

He meant jews right? Youre welcome jews

fb12f6 No.11036681


Killing tribalism between different tribes of whites is what allowed the nation-state to develop, except whites aren't pieces of shit like kikes or all the other subhumans who are incapable of killing the tribalism within themselves.

The globalists think the problem of tribalism and a lack of nationalism among the shit-races is because of racial differences, but it's because of their racial inferiority. No amount of making whites less or miscegenation will make the subhumans races less subhuman, because all it takes is one drop of subhuman blood to poison the well.

7ae80e No.11036683


Ever read Hamlet?

93c8ac No.11036688

IMO going into the hood and telling niggers the opponent is a kid diddlin pedophile based on an allegation should be a crime.

2361aa No.11036691


Niggers residing in white nations, much less voting, should be a crime.

d7a009 No.11036704






I'm not going to pretend I have the perfect solution. but being herded and controlled by kike sympathizers and degenerates because you're pissed off by SJW just means that another generation is lost to the kike created rep vs dem system.

i'm personally not seeing that much serious change. Only real difference I see is a younger generation is becoming more conservative, which is fine if liberals are you biggest headache. but jews are also conservative, zionism is conservative by nature. irsael is a conservative country, conservative governments are it's biggest supporters.

2545e8 No.11036718

Eurofag here. Apart from gaining salt, would Moore have been an important asset or is he also controlled opposition like 95% of the reps where this vote doesn't make much of a difference?

0c377f No.11036720


what I'm after in supporting the republicans now is the collapse of the democrats as a party

d7a009 No.11036722


>And beyond that

> the shitskins you have no problem with marry and fuck girls at age 6 or above. Maybe even younger

>Don't suddenly become a moralfag when it seems convenient for a narrative - a false one at that.

When has anyone on /pol/ defended that shitskin practice? its actual the other faggots on here that shit on mudslims for that yet will do anything to exonerate a degenerate they love when they do it. have some standards faggot.

fb12f6 No.11036723



Moore is one politician in one state. Look at the bottom right hand corner of the page and think about it.

0c377f No.11036724


it's a special election he would've only held the seat for like 2 years and we still have a republican majority

fb12f6 No.11036733


As far as Moore himself is concerned, he's a zionist who's barely a step above GOPe. The important part of the election was the chance to utterly demoralize the opposition again, which has been lost (at great, great monetary and political expense by the Democrats and GOPe).

This will have future consequences for the establishment, all negative.

000000 No.11036739


>Yea, show me it's use in contemporary literature as a representative of modern English. I'll wait.

h-how is that an argument?

(((Modernity))) really is cancer.


fb3872 No.11036743


Not really. If he wins, then Republicans margin for dissent in the Senate moves from 2 to 3. Republican legislation can still pass without Moore, as the tax bill proved. And Democrats still can't pass any of their own Senate legislation. The "big win" from Moore is slowing down or stopping momentum in Liberal slander which would definitely carry into the 2018 midterms.

6ddb5e No.11036746

File: 2f57d4b5595ea5a⋯.png (147.1 KB, 236x386, 118:193, 8D00126B-3C3E-4D13-8174-69….png)

One lesson is that the establishment media still has the power to label a candidate as a well known pedophile based on hearsay weeks before an election.

The second is that the election system in the US is absolutely corrupt. For the right of earning a living in this country I - under the penalty of imprisonment - am forced to give the government their share .

But to vote I don’t even need an ID.

Trump knows the vote was rigged. And Sessions knows Alabama like the back of his hand. If they are smart, an I think they are they handle this whole election as a honeypot for the Democratic Party and it’s benefactors crimes in stealing the election. The trap was set off last night. Judge

Moore will never concede the race.

Revenge for Trump, Sessions and Moore on the corrupt political machine from Montgomery to Washington DC.

66caf2 No.11036753


As long as Moore does not concede it is not over until every ballot is counted. Usually military ballots do not even get a say in elections.

fb12f6 No.11036755


Here's hoping.


numale soyboys, Anon.

fb12f6 No.11036757


The msm and shills are pushing HARD to try to shove the election under the rug. Lots of stories on Jones' "win" but almost nothing on Moore not conceding.

000000 No.11036760


>This will have future consequences for the establishment, all negative.

Yes. Bitch McConnell and his circle of ubercucks are celebrating their success in losing a Republican Senate seat.

66caf2 No.11036766


>but almost nothing on Moore not conceding.

He is not required to do so. MSM may yet have a great flow of salt once the bama secretary of state who backed Moore finishes counting ballots.

fb3872 No.11036770



Yep. It's not over until it's over. Moore is still being a big thorn in the establishment's ass. Hopefully the week+ between now and the election certification date is very interesting.

6ddb5e No.11036774


So they can digitally take my vote, “record it” and then immediately destroy it. What’s the point of voting?

2545e8 No.11036777




I see, thanks for the info.

79a836 No.11036779

File: 821df3e98af1da3⋯.png (62.83 KB, 733x638, 733:638, Capture.PNG)


Even if it was an argument, it's a bad one because it's still used in modern English. A sitting US president just used it even.

eeeba9 No.11036785


>The Root


9c7fed No.11036789


Reminds you of Maddox's "inane" hatemail doesn't it?

6ddb5e No.11036792


What gives me hope is that these corrupt election officials have been on autopilot for decades. They have to be sloppy as hell thinking they can’t get caught. I can’t imagine the Alabama Election Commission is a tight ship.

d271a7 No.11036806


Dumbfuck doesn’t even know what adverbs are fuckin retard.

6ddb5e No.11036807


It’s not all negative. It takes the fake pedophilia story off the headlines and I think it will put a spotlight on the election system in Alabama.

November 2018 in election time is a lifetime away. How many habbenings between now and then. And maybe we get an ITS HAPPENING! For once.

000000 No.11036816


>i have a feeling i was too nice. she wanted to be abused and i didn't do that (except sexually, lol). she kept saying "i'll hurt you" but i know this wasn't about my feelings. it was about hers

Yeah. Damaged women like to be punished.

>. i just moved to a new city and she's the first friend i made

She was never your friend. A woman can't be your friend, closest she will come to being a friend is only after you spent at least one year living together.

>yeah, but i'm fucking bored

Bored or lonely? Found your problem. You'll get over it as you find another girl-friend.

>also, my whole life was destroyed bc i'm a TI

What's TI?

d271a7 No.11036827


The deepest psychological subversion of our people definitely comes from the Zionist pigs, but the first step in ridding ourselves of their influence is throwing off their shackles of leftism. Whites being kept the mental prison state of leftist hypnosis allows these fucks to do whatever they want and to use us for their evil means.

000000 No.11036832


She was ugly as fuck.

6ddb5e No.11036842


Whoever controls him is doing a terrible job.

7e59be No.11036845

All this proves is bussing niggers in to vote and making up a few fake rape allegations is the Dems new favorite tactic. People are going to start getting suspicious when every time a republican up up for office tons of women suddenly appear to accuse him of rape.

Watch now, all the allegations that made so much news will quietly be dismissed and go away. This dragging niggers around on busses, offering them a free lunch to get them to vote 20 times has got to get more attention though.

73c41a No.11036853



>>catching on to fucking anything

wew m8y

31decb No.11036860

So is WAPO going to get thrashed now?

31decb No.11036865


Sessions is a tool who absolutely refused to touch the IRS over the tea party, and go after the Dems over the uranium.

000000 No.11036867



Trump did originally endorse Luther Strange, he knew what would happen with Roy Moore, he knew the plan, he knew Roy would loose.

000000 No.11036871


they need BBC dem translation

000000 No.11036874



This is your cuckservative fault for fucking around and crying about muh age of consent.


5c77a3 No.11036877


Tons of /pol/acks became redpilled while deep in the throes of "leftist" thought because they realized that when you changed "elite" into "jew" then everything makes sense.

5c77a3 No.11036879


but he didn't fuck a 14 year old. You've been fucked by psyops. Unfuck your mind.

000000 No.11036891


Even if someone would fuck a 14 year old.. he would not be a pedophile..

941f08 No.11036894


how much kiddie porn do you have on your desktop mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker?

5ba50d No.11036896



My mother called a shady equipment sales guy a stinking jew in front of the whole shop today. I kept my shit together pretty good.

5c77a3 No.11036898


You're falling into the kike narrative even arguing the point.

941f08 No.11036900


hahaha i typed m-o-h-a-m-e-d and it word filtered to that (mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker) hahaha

5c77a3 No.11036902


The kikes are trying to provoke a violent response now, lots of shilling across the board. Heads up.

2fccad No.11036904

File: 1c1ec5529d035fc⋯.jpg (497.41 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, niggers.jpg)



True Story.

941f08 No.11036908


thankfully the dont have the numbers to put up a unified front. let the violence ensue, they can't handle it and at this point it's inevitable anyway.

000000 No.11036909


OY VEY if you are correct and not a triggered moralistic witch hunter you are a pedo.

Definition of pedophilia

: sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object; specifically : a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child

Definition of puberty

1 : the condition of being or the period of becoming first capable of reproducing sexually that is brought on by the production of sex hormones and the maturing of the reproductive organs (such as the testes and ovaries), development of secondary sex characteristics (such as male facial hair growth and female breast development), and in humans and the higher primates by the first occurrence of menstruation in the female

2 : the age at which puberty occurs often construed legally as 14 in boys and 12 in girls

5c77a3 No.11036912


You misread what I wrote. There are "oy vey moore lost go blow up a government building goyim" shills showing up.

000000 No.11036914


Arguing what? That fucking a 14 year old does not make you a pedophile?

This is what happens when age of consent in USA is 18 and not 14. Expect all white males now to be called pedophiles.

941f08 No.11036918

File: c607d3f1d251409⋯.jpg (74.36 KB, 778x488, 389:244, 3233667d2808a0167dca18fc00….jpg)

File: 012b0db16440e2d⋯.png (49.14 KB, 1278x699, 426:233, 125ec5c18516faea4e5c885b67….png)

File: b926243ec53f7bc⋯.gif (851.12 KB, 2970x2400, 99:80, b926243ec53f7bc806f06ac35a….gif)


hey kike, these are a few of the results of your attempt to normalize pedophilia. filtered, since you have nothing to say. thanks for reading

5c77a3 No.11036919


Arguing over pedophilia vs ephebophilia here, especially from Tor, is just derailing the thread.

db3560 No.11036921

Previous thread: https://archive.is/sWshE

941f08 No.11036925


Ahh I did indeed misunderstand, thank you for the civil clarification.

000000 No.11036928


Derailing? Moore lost because he was accused of being a pedophile. It worked because USA was constructed as a moralistic shit state where age of consent is 18. That might have worked when all the population was white. But now, expect jews and non-whites to exploit that.

000000 No.11036933


So a 24 year old male fucking a 14 year old female is a pedophile?

2545e8 No.11036937


>This is what happens when age of consent in USA is 18 and not 14

Take a guess which (((minority))) and (((womens right advocator))) is responsible for this one?


Nearly every country in EU has a consent law of around 14-17, newfag. Pedophilia means having sex with a kid, someone who is not yet reached sexual maturity. Most people reach sexual maturity around age 13-14 and you should know this if you had not slept in biology lessons.

bbd891 No.11036947


The best part is that the left's typical argument is "language is fluid" with regards to newspeak and words like racist, -phobic, etc.

5c77a3 No.11036948


Moore lost because of massive election rigging, which has been ongoing for decades if not centuries.

The kike media is just there to create the illusion of a majority, there isn't and hasn't been an actual kike-voting majority ever.

"t's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes."

You're buying into the kike narrative on that too. The election was completely fraudulent, the media storm is the same as every media storm over an election, to try to give it the veneer of credibility. No election ever in the USA is credible. Everyone saw the crowds for Trump and the absolute lack of crowds for Hillary. Nobody fucking voted for Hillary and I doubt anybody voted for Jones either. The only reason Trump won was likely because the deep state crunched the numbers in one of their game theory models and realized that if he lost the USA would likely have a violent revolution.

You are so fucking cucked and I doubt you even realize it.

2d875a No.11036950

File: fb1472f4bd5e778⋯.png (625.15 KB, 680x544, 5:4, 6fe.png)


>you actually voted for a pedophile?

>landwhale feminist btfo that /pol/ supports Moore.

You know the drill, tits or get the fuck out.

941f08 No.11036952



for starters, you need to stop projecting.

> you should know this if you had not slept in biology lessons.

You know the best way to spot a libtard kike like you? you libs think your college degrees are a measure of intelligence. thats why college was so easy for me, most of you were very simple minded which made setting the curve so much easier.

>Most people reach sexual maturity around age 13-14

is that the age you look for when you out cruising for little boys? you are a pedo. and your filtered. make sure you got your degree posted high up on your wall so you can feel smart. its all about the feels for you libs, no common sense at all.

000000 No.11036955


I literally gave him the dictionary and legal definition. He can't have a rational discussion about it. Honestly, all these cucks sperging and crying about pedophilia I think are highly attracted to younger cute females, but since they were raised up by their conservative parents to have good moral characters, they just get triggered when someone mentions it that it's nothing wrong with being attracted to younger females and especially it's not pedophilia like their cuck parents made them to think.

What's even m(o)ore funny is this shit now came back against them, good Christians. The democrats saw the breach they could use and exploited the cuckservatives. I expect to see in the next election the whole Hollywood rallying against the Republican candidate and call him a pedophile.

000000 No.11036969


Screen cap this cuck.

There will soon come a time (if Democrats have the president) when white males will only be allowed to fuck women that are at least 30 years old.

941f08 No.11036998

File: b926243ec53f7bc⋯.gif (851.12 KB, 2970x2400, 99:80, b926243ec53f7bc806f06ac35a….gif)

File: 3d59f0c6e27e003⋯.jpg (48.14 KB, 1024x916, 256:229, 3e1ad27b4e2e7da193957f5c0d….jpg)


almost forgot, since the filtered fag wanted to talk about biology, I thought I would leave this here. enjoy kike :)

2545e8 No.11037002


What's your point, newfag? You forgot to explain why women or men at the age of 13-14, who biologically can make children should not.

c25e2e No.11037004

We should take this election as a reminder not to sit on our laurels. For the midterms we'll need to meme on 2016 levels.

In 2018, 33 senate seats will be up for election. Of them, 23 are democrats, 2 are independents who caucus with the democrats, and only 8 are republicans. Of the 23 democrats up for reelection, 10 of them represent states that Trump won. On the other hand, only one of the Republicans running in 2018 is from a state won by Hillary. In other words, the Dems have much more skin in the game, and in fact the election could result in the Republicans winning a super majority, which would prevent the dems from filibustering under the old Senate rules (now irrelevant).

We should start by doing our research on the 10 vulnerable Democrats, then try to figure out who will likely be the Dem in the race for the Nevada seat. Those being the 11 most vulnerable seats, they should be our focus during the upcoming campaign, and we should probably keep memeing for any other races to a minimum, assuming that nothing big happens in any of them.

c3dcb0 No.11037013


Obey what this anon says.

aaa3dc No.11037046


Yes. This is an important reminder not to take anything for granted. We have gained ground, sure, but we are still facing off against the entire (((globalist))) machine. Our efforts must be at their utmost.

9486c9 No.11037063


No, whites are slaves to democrats who then take the fruit of our labor and give it to the niggers.

9d5010 No.11037077



260672 No.11037080

File: 16e747429c8f11e⋯.png (9.86 KB, 873x400, 873:400, koa.png)

Read and rewrite "The Jewish State" by Theodore Hertzel, it will outline the creation of our federation of ethno-states. Collect usable data, textbooks from Springer Publishing off of piratebay, create amazon, google, facebook clones for finance or fill other roles/needs, fight financially in order to buy land and establish self sufficiency, infrastructure, agriculture. The original colonies of israel focused on providing economic opportunities to those that migrated. Same thing we can do with Orania, Faulkland island, go high tech in Antarctica, Sea-Steading, among reclaiming our native lands in Europe and reestablishing control in US + elsewhere.


79a836 No.11037082


tor posting leftypol troll

ignore it, ppl

92184c No.11037102


>I love it when African-Americans turn out to vote! Fuck that child-groping retard in his chaps and spurs. Riding in on a horse! What a dickhead! LMAO

and they call us bigots. what are the chances that this faggot whines about climate change the other day and how drumpf is personally responsible for drowning icebear babbies? but when it fits his agenda, its "eww why doesnt he drive a car like a normal person? what a freak lol"

df787b No.11037103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>2 independents

Oh yeah (((Bernie Sanders))), That won't be that hard to fuck him over.

>Used campaign money in 2016 election to buy a new house and a fresh off the lot Audi

>Has ties to the Clintons/DNC

>Didn't work until he was old as fuck

>Couldn't handle a pair of sheboons from BLM that interrupted one of his rallies

>Paid by Clintons to lose on purpose

Ratboy aka Ted Cruz:

Now this will be hard to dispose of this Jew loving piece of shit, because there needs to be someone from Texas that won't bend for (((them))) and will be pro Trump. As a Texasanon, I would love to see him get replaced by a better candidate, especially since this Canuck spic rat was among the many asking for Moore to step down.

000000 No.11037130


Do you have any argument beside crying?

c25e2e No.11037132


>Democratic Senators

Florida - Bill Nelson

Indiana - Joe Donnelly

Michigan - Debbie Stabenow

Missouri - Claire McCaskill

Montana - Jon Tester

North Dakota - Heidi Heitkamp

Ohio - Sherrod Brown

Pennsylvania - Bob Casey Jr

West Virginia - Joe Manchin

Wisconsin - Tammy Baldwin

>Republican Senators

Nevada - Dean Heller

There are four people who are running for the democratic nomination for Nevada Senator, so I'm not sure we can really figure out which of them is the likely nominee at this time. However, there is one poll matching him up against Jacky Rosen specifically. The senator from Nevada is shown as losing in the three polls on the wikipedia article:


260672 No.11037150


Me again, I thought of a few more words.

I wanted to mention, of course this is just my perspective, I'm sure a lot of you have a lot of different ideas on what you think would be most effective. And I encourage you to proceed forward in that! Attacking on all kind of different fronts, and different paths will accumulate in our collective push to establish the greatest civilization that has ever existed so far. So don't get too down about this. Inevitably, chaos can only endure for so long before a new order rises.

I heard the private prison sector is growing. Imagine starting your own and then having a secret way to covertly sterilize all non whites. :) Something in the food perhaps? Mandatory "examinations" that may require anesthesia?

Someone told me once that somewhere they actually do this already with koolaid or something, they give them some sort of hormone disrupter.

92184c No.11037161

File: ecb73f9d583c526⋯.jpg (103.33 KB, 634x631, 634:631, 22-10-06-a7a6b4720536ceb98….jpg)


fuck off pedo you go to the camp

52a480 No.11037170

File: 8c62261a9240512⋯.jpg (45.84 KB, 425x471, 425:471, 6c2ff0cd15b0453c0e6c237208….jpg)


>The Ride Never Ends

9b811a No.11037176


'Bamanon here.

Mostly they thought he was being lied about. Many people I talked to about the accusers started goin' on about George Soros and co. Surprisingly woke.

Unfortunately we also have a lot of carpet baggers and transplants here, and also some older folks that like to clutch their pearls at the thought of what we're gonna have to do to save our country. So there's also that.

21c707 No.11037191


This level of smugness is the best thing of Jones winning. It makes their defeats in 2018 all the more saltier.

21c707 No.11037206


No shit, kek. Bannon and his dumb ass foray into politics fucked everything up. Strange would of won easily but Bannon and his (((economic nationalism))) bullshit cost the GOP a senate seat.

52a480 No.11037231

File: 8563b2f5bdf582a⋯.png (83.45 KB, 200x248, 25:31, 1406322651002.png)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)



000000 No.11037232


OY VEY GOY don't fuck fertile women!

000000 No.11037239


The democrats knew exactly what they did with the pedo accusations. Just look at all the spergs on here. Now imagine what boomer cucks thought when they saw muh roy pedo story.

461bcb No.11037258

File: cd4e8ab35fefb26⋯.jpg (353.74 KB, 650x660, 65:66, IMG_4649.JPG)






Okay newfags listen up, I'm only going to reveal the master plan ONCE. By posting redpills on this board and spreading memes we will provoke an uprising that will result in normies genociding all the kikes, niggers and mudslimes. Every truth we post on this board will spread in diluted form to the brainlet masses. This involves the truth being filtered through Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and finally the mainstream media before reaching the bluepilled masses, but they are getting the diluted truth slowly and surely. Once the full truth is unveiled to a normie they'll have no choice but to act. Any month now you'll see whites all over North America, Australia, and Europe dragging jews and muslims out of their homes and gunning them down in the street with the full support of the government. And the best part is that we just need to keep doing what we're doing. No one on this board will ever have to fire a single shot. The normies will complete the cleansing for us.

8ef215 No.11037284


Strange is the same as Jones, Bannon gave the people a chance to take the seat from the Gloabalist uniparty.

bccaef No.11037285


Yes, you stupid fuck. If the age of consent is not 14.

This is because us civilized people (humans) (not semites) have determined that you need to draw a line in the sand somewhere, for what constitutes a child. This is because everyone develops at different rates.

Now, since you and your kin has degenerated our societies for so long, a lot of our people have started acting like your people. This is very unfortunate and it's why we always say "Traitors hang first".

b4c6fd No.11037294


The absolute state of christcucked America.

d7a009 No.11037302


agreed, but point is Moore is an example of the type of person some (the majority?) on this board are willing to support and have supported.

0ba9ce No.11037322


Or this is all a setup to expose voter fraud.

92184c No.11037330


18-20yo are perfectly fertile and I think you can even marry a 16yo if the parents agree and you are not a 30+ creep. 14 yo arent full grown. I know you torPEDOS and your kikeish arguing so fuck off already.

20bebe No.11037341


Age of consent of 14 is alright if you live in a white country.

aa85fc No.11037346


>The coup de grace was the advent of 20th century mass media, which resulted in (((whoever))) owns the media getting to have total domination of the narratives that the entire nation hears and believes

This. See CIA's Operation Mockingbird. It really happened, was super effective, and is still happening.

>social media allows a swelling of grassroots thought

Yeah up until the part where the fucking jews OWN the social media pipes and gets to police what goes through them. They also get to collect everything going through the pipes to create potent memetic/semiotic weapons - like drugs tailor-made for your mind based on years and years of harvesting your data and others like you.


It is hard to imagine that they do not have us by the balls. What winning move can we make in this kiked game? Time to change the game so that we have the high ground again.

>we have a long and difficult struggle ahead of us

"Behind you is the sea. Before you, the enemy. You are vastly outnumbered. All you have is sword and courage."


92184c No.11037360


tomorrow its 13 and the day after 12. its always the same with these TORpedos.

e1d3a6 No.11037364


This. Legal miscegenation is a much bigger problem for our people than a White man skirting a few years below the AOC.

Niggers are fucking 14-year-old White girls with impunity in this country's schools. I see more outrage around here about White men with teenage girls. Really makes you think. Flappy birds.

941f08 No.11037367


its time for a cluster of states to secede.

0e6773 No.11037371

File: a0106fd8af5e427⋯.png (22.51 KB, 586x124, 293:62, Trump Alabama Election.png)

A great Republican candidate who will provide even more money to the nigger-breeding candidates than Democrats is the answer. We'll get the niggers on our side. Yeah. I'm so excited for the next election.

5a601b No.11037401


>inverse-identity politics

no, kill yourself

aa85fc No.11037422


Shadilay. I think it is time. The Founding Fathers would agree. There is nothing to gain by clinging to the poopdeck of the sinking ship known as the US of ZOG. Carve out a nation, regroup, then either reconquer territory or leave it as nigger/kike/spic quarantine zone and perpetual punching bag to remind us not to get decadent.

e6c404 No.11037429

File: fea319188621d1d⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 4536x2532, 378:211, DRD.jpg)


All our elections will be if we don't start telling as many white people as possible that things need to change or their way of life will.

000000 No.11037431


But it's okay if Tyronne the 30 year old rapper fucks your 14 year old white daughter right, or are you some racist trying to keep dem blacks down?

You fucking cuckold faggot.

49229d No.11037433


>tomorrow its 13

States are able to set the AOC as low as 13 if they want. Quite a few states have the AOC at 16. It an go lower depending on the age of those involved and whether or not the parents allow it. There are some restrictions like the age being 18 if the person is an authority figure.

33db22 No.11037453


Long past time, forefathers are spinning like turbines

5c9438 No.11037454

File: 2549585aa0e4713⋯.jpg (157.96 KB, 853x857, 853:857, Alabama.jpg)

File: c2f800f22b659c0⋯.jpg (110.14 KB, 876x773, 876:773, Alabama digital vote destr….jpg)

File: e651f5f00d7cada⋯.jpg (152.24 KB, 1659x819, 79:39, Alabama 34 percent turnout.jpg)


the new sharia blue tactic is to pretend they are one of us, shit all over bannon (so there is no uprising and primarying of establishment) and just say "hey we lost". Meanwhile they are destroying the digital record and expect us to believe counties that went 74% Trump went 12% Moore. 34% turnout my ass.

9d5010 No.11037460


Trump is a 'terrible politician', too.

I wouldn't want anyone who's a 'good politician' anywhere near power.

Moore stood opposed to the Leftist/Marxist/Jewish agenda (sure, he's a Zionist, but it's Alabama, and that's not as huge of an issue there).

9d5010 No.11037470





Roy Moore DID NOT fuck any underage kids. In fact he was looking for a virgin wife.

Fuck this narrative; it's what cost him the election by keeping low-info Whites at home and away from the polls.

Obviously, we all know (((voting))) is pretty useless, but it's all we have for now. Hopefully that will change soon.

000000 No.11037509

9b1131 No.11037537


Its hard to believe that 50% of the regular Republican voters in Alabama decided to stay at home because of a smear campaign.

49229d No.11037565


Many people never had a younger girl infatuated with them. They never associated with girls in school that had posters of 18-30 year old men in their room. A young woman never sought them out later when they became of age. Younger women are attracted to older men, but not all men receive that attention.

e5ac7a No.11037574

File: 87f1c4ba2eb060f⋯.png (310.86 KB, 790x512, 395:256, the kingdom of science is ….png)

>It never ends!

We know, Don.. We know.

000000 No.11037580


And those men that do not receive the attention are butthurt when they realize they are wizards that can only fuck some single mother trash so they resort to sperging and shaming successful older men that receive the attention of cute teen girls.

7ebc74 No.11037582

File: 90d36a344a93d77⋯.jpeg (259.18 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, JonesVsMoore.jpeg)

Some work left to do.

e9b9ea No.11037596

File: 4259d1ae2e55e36⋯.jpg (157.02 KB, 450x602, 225:301, 7r6futf.jpg)

File: f4994481316fed4⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 300x178, 150:89, 75r574.jpg)

File: 62c5f6a7acd74af⋯.jpg (90.43 KB, 375x387, 125:129, 74tr.jpg)


between the illegals and dead people I say moore won

27263c No.11037598

What about the felons being allowed to vote last minute?

fc70ac No.11037602


do we know if the recount will change this result? He said he is going to push for a recount.

9b1131 No.11037613


The final reported results showed Moore being less than 1%, how did it jump to 1.5%?

f10a8a No.11037622


You're forgetting that blue voters aren't rational and Bernie is somewhat of a living meme at this point. There will be many people who will vote him just because he didn't win 2016.

532951 No.11037636


Since Democrats shredded Bernie votes, I'm sure they're not above shredding Moore votes. News of a recount probably had them shred extra ballots.

28194f No.11037674

File: ba8ae48e6d1913c⋯.png (65.09 KB, 632x822, 316:411, Noah_Berlatsky_on_Twitter_….png)

31decb No.11037686


was that archived?

3f8034 No.11037708

File: 0301d74ff7b01d1⋯.png (505.26 KB, 1500x962, 750:481, 286c70e81a2cf4874a9c5556da….png)

we've lost.


b66e50 No.11037714


Sure thing let me just become a billionaire like Soros so I can donate rigged voting machines to the state and hire callers and drivers to gather people for extra votes. Let alone have influence over politicians and judges through bribes and blackmail.

9b1131 No.11037721

File: 951f17fdec555ee⋯.jpg (128.65 KB, 962x638, 481:319, 951f17fdec555eee1da908e48e….jpg)


>we lost

You lost the Presidential election.

28194f No.11037739


>though I hope niggers and spics start kicking out ((whites)) and whites from the democrat party

They will. Either that or they'll split the Democrat party in half.

b66e50 No.11037742


I mean it's fucking obvious that they destroyed a lot of Moore votes as they came in so that Doug could just barely clinch a win, they always do that with rigging. Remember, Trump technically barely won and didn't get the popular vote, even though people were going out in massive numbers, more people were registering to vote than ever before and a large contingency of liberals decided to vote Trump instead of Hillary and yet somehow the 2016 election had a smaller than usual turnout with Trump just barely winning by the skin of his teeth. There was obvious rigging then too, which is why the democrats never pushed for actual voting investigations and went with a fake Russian collusion narrative instead. The same small turnout has magically occurred again.

562a94 No.11037753


>Unironically spreading CTR picture

request ban by association to faggotry

b66e50 No.11037763


You're right, there was no push for propaganda campaigns on twatter, kikebook and jewtube, no large dissemination of pro-Moore memes like there were for Trump. Anons did not use their internet influence much this time and that costs us as well.

It never ends

c44930 No.11037770


It's blatant that they did some rigging dems always do. Them rushing around to get the ok to destroy ballots makes no sense otherwise. What were they worried about, fucking storage? No, they're worried because they did fraud.

31decb No.11037772


any one??

c88017 No.11037783


We wont know until all of the votes are counted since Moore did not concede the election can not be called until the vote is certified or Moore concedes. It could take up to two weeks to count the military ballots that usually do not even matter since one or the other candidate usually concedes on election night.

49229d No.11037790


The GOP and Democrats worked together against Alabama citizens. A massive national media campaign was pushed by both parties, the GOP pulled funding, Republican congressmen called for him to pull out of the race, and neocons and cuckservatives actively campaigned and took part in fundraising for the opposition candidate.

562a94 No.11037795

No-one ever mentioned that Moore still hasn't conceded

e577ed No.11037824


As other anons have mentioned this is almost exactly like what they did to Bernie in the primary. Only difference is Roy Moore isn't a pussy kike and he's gonna fuck them in the ass with his gavel for a recount. And after he does that he's gonna get Gloria Allred disbarred and sue all those whores for slander/libel.

31decb No.11037825


His wife is also suing WAPO.

33db22 No.11037826


From your thoughts to the gods' ears

000000 No.11037831


Yea he did. It's a shame they bought into the same old media bullshit; it's not like they didn't have numerous examples of media lies/bias in 2016 to draw conclusions from…I mean Trump had it distilled it down to "Lyin' Press" for easy consumption and they still forgot!

Also, I just can't square how they'd turn out for Trump in '16 and then a year later sabotage his agenda via this seat vote.

9bb98b No.11037837


>if you disagree with me you are a butthurt virgin, fathers surely love 30+ creeps who go after their teenage daughter

thats what I meant with kike arguing.

aec6f4 No.11037845



Since so few take actual initiative, it us up to anons like these to cultivate the meme magic and focus energy to where it is needed most until election day. It will be a lot of time/effort, but that's what's required. Same as 2016. And some IRL grassroots activism will be required as well from those who can make autism in public settings

Yes, Moore got backstabbed, but on the other hand, Trump got way more shit than him and still won. You just have to expect that this is how it's gonna be from now on.

I was telling anons early, if Moore's only up like 5 pts, and the cheating will erase 10pts to make it Jones +5 instead, Moore needs 15 pts to overwhelm the polls and overcome the cheating. There's no bitching and whining about it- TRUMP KNEW THAT AND TURNED OUT THE VOTE TO OVERCOME THE CHEATING. Moore and his supporters didn't do fucking shit. Riding in on a horse? Fuck outta here fag. He should've been picking up old ppl from nursing homes and driving them to the fucking polls.

Moore only won his last State Supreme Court election by around 5pts. Sessions won his Senate seat with 97% of the vote. Moore dindu nuffin and they fucked him over, but get real. Mo Brooks would've won that shit by 20pts.

Anyway, no excuses. Leftists can fuck off and enjoy the win. Last big one they'll get in a while.


aec6f4 No.11037850


*can mask autism

Faggot phone

648264 No.11037852

File: 2bd0b5590a6502a⋯.png (80.3 KB, 1104x742, 552:371, ClipboardImage.png)



562a94 No.11037859


Over half of the fucking state is missing

How the fuck did happen? Is this even real?

31aaaf No.11037872


I'm under the impression that 40% is actually kind of high. I usually hear numbers between 20 and 30 percent.

f00493 No.11037874

File: 98877b44e51b04a⋯.png (363.21 KB, 1423x1415, 1423:1415, bicoinshill.png)




Interesting IP "collision." Banning again permanently.

469a67 No.11037877


This is typical for American elections. Voting should be MANDATORY for everyone, but it's usually only old farts and fanatical groups doing it. It's the only way this joke of a country will ever get back to a point where it can be unironically called a democracy.

2e7830 No.11037878


25 percent is the norm for special elections. Even lower in nigger-heavy areas.

49229d No.11037880


Why would you have an issue with a 30+ successful white man dating your daughter? That's a good way to get your daughter to date a nigger. In fact, something similar happened to a girl I knew.

>father threatened men who associated with his daughter

>sister is friends with her

>sister asks me to take them home after they got back from the movies

>dropped her off

>father ran out of the house holding a baseball bat and screamed at me

>hit my car with his bat

>put it into reverse

>guy runs after me down the street

>five years later his daughter is dating some 6'5" nigger football player

>hear from my sister her friend's father is scared of him so is much more passive now

>his daughter gets knocked up

>has an ugly mixed race baby, like one of the worst I've ever seen

>nigger beats his daugther

>is now a single mother

aec6f4 No.11037881


Yep. You can get mad at those faggots whites who stayed home and virtue signaled while wringing their hands, and the ones who wrote in their votes (there was no true 3rd party candidate, so they might as well have voted for Jones). But who's fault is it that Moore didn't whip up his good goy evagelicals into an angry frenzy? Some of it is /pol/, not enough was done to meme. But ultimately that's Moore and Bannon's fault. They couldn't turn out 20,000 more anti-abortion voters in AL? It was only 1.5%. Pathetic. The candidate needs to TAKE the votes. This is a new era of smear politics, this shit ain't coming to you for free, fags

31aaaf No.11037882


I understand the reaction, but I can't see mandatory voting doing anything but making people who don't care cast a vote they know nothing about.

562a94 No.11037883


I'm not a burger but I am confused. How in the flying fuck 60% of the population suddenly vanish?

31aaaf No.11037888


They didn't vanish. They never showed up. That's the percentage of the eligible voters that bothered to cast a vote.

562a94 No.11037890


My shilldar is still working, good.

aec6f4 No.11037892


They did not show up to vote. The level of ppl who voted depends on what kind of election it is

3fd111 No.11037901


If a state has 2 million registered voters and only 1 million votes are cast, voter turnout is 50%. They didn't vanish they were either too busy/lazy/overconfident to vote.

469a67 No.11037903


Perhaps they will care more if they are forced into it. That sort of change will take time, but it will be better for the country. Claiming that some people shouldn't be eligible to vote because they aren't "educated" is a non-stop ticket straight to an oligarchy. If you think it can't get WORSE, you're mistaken. The mob might be stupid, but at least they aren't corrupt. It's easier to manipulate a vote the fewer people there are, and the more regimented and typical elections become. Something as large and important as a Presidential election shouldn't come down to fifty people in a couple of "swing states" which are the cultural and economically LEAST important in the fucking country, but they do anyway because fuck logic.

562a94 No.11037904



I have to wonder why this wasn't put to question.

Dem judge magically wants electronic records baleeted, thus eliminating recount.

I expect Moore to fight this shit tooth and nail.

562a94 No.11037924


This article tells the number 3 million +


>Internet Ballot introduced

>Dem judge wants to wipe everythinh

Really made me think

0dbdf9 No.11037929


This is why it's important to get to work on the PA election in March

aec6f4 No.11037930


I mean, if Moore thinks there's something there then sure he should fight it.

My gut says he still probably lost. Yes, there was cheating. Of course. But he had one fucking job: get enough of his christcuck zealots to overcome the cheating. He didn't do it, thus, too bad. More time for him to ride horses and reflect on what he could've done better

It's kinda harsh, considering the attacks on him. But that's the name of the game. You just gotta be like Trump- win anyway and rub it in their faces. Some ppl got it, some ppl dont

From now on, candidates need to factor in sex scandal smears and cheating into their campaign AUTOMATICALLY. Enough bitching. Just plan for it. Memelords can help by running smear dark ops on targets needing taking out

3fd111 No.11037938


It was an arbitrary number to explain the point

b66e50 No.11037953

Can we get stickies for the next important elections coming up, we need a

Don't get caught with your pants down Edition

Also the fight against rigging the election away from Moore is still ongoing.

fa1372 No.11037954


lost what, the game?

aec6f4 No.11037963


At the court hearing, Judge Moore should offer to sign Gloria Allred's yearbook

0dbdf9 No.11037966


Next big one is PA in March followed by MI in April. I guarantee they've already started casting accusers on the PA Republican candidate. That's why we need to strike first and destroy the Dem candidates' credibility

9d5010 No.11037975


Are you fucking kidding me?

He has been married to the same woman for decades.

Just goes to show how much the Lugenpresse spins things.

aec6f4 No.11037976


The one case for recounts is al franken's election. He dragged on recounts for weeks until suddenly they found more votes in the trunk of a car, and magically he won!

But still, I'm wary of it in this case. But either way the fight continues

702aa9 No.11037981


My my my, I wonder if Kek is trying to tell us something. Is it that the election system is woefully corrupt? Maybe our boy Trump is going to spring his next trap around the throat of corruption in the elections.

702aa9 No.11038013



Off by 1 from >>11036666 SATAN

702aa9 No.11038030


The day will come when words will no longer be enough. These people will push too far, they're well on their way to it now. Blood will flow in the streets and we will see the rats driven from their nests.

7c03f3 No.11038039

>all these /r/the_donald cucks crying that their shitty zionist evangelical lost

Roy Moore was a shitty candidate who neither appealed to National Socialists, nor to moderate whites. He only appealed to braindead Christcucks and MAGA retards, his loss is nothing more than cause and effect.

Back a shitty candidate, lose. That's how it works. The cuck had a nigger boydguard, that alone is enough not to vote for him.

7c03f3 No.11038044

File: 0be049f4a1df920⋯.jpg (92.19 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, faggot.jpg)


>the day will come…

Not until you stop backing Zionist controlled opp.

0dbdf9 No.11038048


here's your (((you)))

562a94 No.11038051


I elaborated on my question. This shit reeks to high heaven.

Over three fucking million registered voters, Internet ballots, Dem judge orders to delete fucking everything

7c03f3 No.11038053


Illustrate which part of my post calling out Zionist controlled opp makes me a Jew. I'll wait.

562a94 No.11038056


>Support dems insted

>Wait for Hitler

>Don't vote!

2c795d No.11038058


They made their choice of letting a democrat win the senate seat. So no pity and fuck them for their miserable 4 years in Alabama with Jones.

7c03f3 No.11038064


>support dems

Why would I suggest anyone support more controlled opp? Both sides are Jewed, that's how it works. The senate always supports Israel on a bipartisan level.

>wait for Hitler

Become Hitler, and accept nothing less than Hitler.

>don't vote

If your choices are between two flavors of anti-white zionists, then yes, don't vote. Choosing the lesser of two evils is for weak-willed cowards.

7c03f3 No.11038069


>hurr, they didn't vote for our shitty politician, fuck them

Suck a dick, Bannon. You're a fucking loser and no one cares about Economic Nationalism, aka Civic Nationalism.

0dbdf9 No.11038070


>I spoke your buzzwords, please believe me, we shouldn't go after any Democrat candidates in any of the special elections

7c03f3 No.11038075




lol, whites are already a minority, and Trump has managed to demoralize more than half the ones who voted for him by failing to accomplish anything that they care about. You faggots really don't understand that the fuckup is on you, do you?

ca0979 No.11038076


>How in the flying fuck 60% of the population suddenly vanish?

well, that's only 40% of registered voters, not even 40% of the voting aged populace. It was like 20% of people who actually could vote, voted.

aec6f4 No.11038077


You've presented the ideal end result, but no plausible way to arrive there except

<all or nothing!

Therefore, while the sentiment is appreciated, you are still a d&c blackpill faggot

3335ea No.11038082



They are destroying the electronic records.

They destroy the paper records as a matter of course.

The Alt-Lite is going along.

The GOP is going along.

The Alabama GOP is going along.

Drudgereport is reporting on it.

Trump is going along.

4dc529 No.11038085


>I was just pretending to be retarded

4dc529 No.11038088


Shill harder.

It will TOTALLY WORK this time.

I guarantee

7c03f3 No.11038092


As long as retards like you keep on fighting for controlled opposition, then the Jews will continue to maintain power. The only way forward is to totally abandon the Republican party and allow them to be destroyed. You may not like that, but things have to get worse before they can get better.

2c795d No.11038097

Oh great, where have you been? Weeping and patting yourself after another episode of your autistic hissy fit? Please, your stench of asperger is an embarrassment to the actual disabled people. The same way as (((you))) usually do, replying to everyone like a fool and demanding the entire thread to be dedicated only to your shivering sociopath tendencies. Why not be a good bitch and start creating your cancerous bait threads again.

a00c9f No.11038100




aec6f4 No.11038112


I'm not sure if your autism allows you to understand the concept of using people/entities to achieve your goals, or counter-subversion. Either you're just being overzealous w/ no understanding of strategic and tactical planning, or you just want people to sit back and "let everything destroy itself while you become hitler"- which of course is nonsense

7c03f3 No.11038115


>I'm going to elect this anti-white Zionist cowboy to achieve your goals

Unless your goal is to give more power to Israel, you're an idiot.

255e6e No.11038131


Demographics aren't an issue from the perspective of the spineless GOPe cuckservative. They just shift their platform left, recruit more spics and niggers into their party, dangle amnesty and a Mr. Nice Guy candidate and it's no skin off their back. Demographics are a white problem not a long-term cuckservative problem. It's already begun with Rubio, El Rato and Magical Nigger MD.

You are of course correct that demographics are the most immanent problem facing us as a whole.

2c795d No.11038132

File: c9eb7f6cf951399⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 500x500, 1:1, c9e.gif)

>doesn't matter if there's no evidence, the story is believable based on how much of a snake he looks like

>riding a horse for no fucking reason

wew, failed to hold your credibility even for a minute. But do continue, entertain us more, maybe start posting your Washington Post or NYT articles again? That will surely convince everyone of how seriously you should be taken.

117599 No.11038134

File: 070da1b4955364a⋯.gif (117.82 KB, 199x133, 199:133, this spongebob.gif)

File: 2e286202c2e982d⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 200x254, 100:127, I like this post.gif)

aec6f4 No.11038140


OK, by your logic there's no difference between Trump and Clinton, bc ultimately they'll serve their rabbis even if in varying degrees. The solution is to become your own Hitler and do it yourself

I understand that line of thinking, it's just not practical. Until someone proves they can move the needle from scratch, some counter-subversion of an existing entity is needed to jump start any long-term Op. There's too much of a high barrier to entry to expect you can just bust into the system all by yourself.

By all means, continue whatever you were doing though. I don't find it viable but I don't appreciate the shilling with no practical solutions

49229d No.11038143

File: aaf6ff7e71d658f⋯.jpg (48.29 KB, 600x450, 4:3, listenandbelieve.jpg)


>doesn't matter if there's no evidence, the story is believable

7c03f3 No.11038150

File: a8350de505373a1⋯.jpg (107.07 KB, 728x509, 728:509, 1212-alabama-senate-electi….jpg)


>this is totally a good look, it doesn't come off like a larping politician at all

If you're riding a horse around in the 21st century, in an area where literally no one else in on a horse, and there are cars and sidewalks available to you, you don't look cool, you look like a retard.

7c03f3 No.11038154

File: 009b1b0ff5430e0⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Donald Trump Yad Vashem 2.jpg)


>OK, by your logic there's no difference between Trump and Clinton, bc ultimately they'll serve their rabbis even if in varying degrees

That's right. Arguably Trump is worse because he sedates morons like you while he does literally everything the Jews want him to.

2c795d No.11038163

File: 9b512f8f09a4c60⋯.png (823.03 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 652752852582.png)

>oh no, I blew my cover. What should I do? I know, I'll talk about the horse, that will show him!

>t-they are lame because I say so.

Please stop, I can't stop laughing at your continuous failures.

7c03f3 No.11038170


You ever know an ex-soldier or marine who always brings up the fact that they were in the military as if anyone else should give a shit or be impressed? How do you feel about those people? Do you think that's a charismatic way to act?

d271a7 No.11038174


Stop with the running away to barren islands and the like garbage. Whites shouldn’t have to live in fucking Antarctica or on desert islands. I can’t stand these ideas. American continent is ours and some judge no one had ever heard of until this year losing is not our end. We will reclaim this country. AH predicted the next uprising here, and I do believe him. But it’s gonna take more than just online memes or voting.

2c795d No.11038186

File: fd72e582767e5ef⋯.png (473.14 KB, 692x720, 173:180, 7fc.png)


Aren't you doing that already, bucko? :^)

7c03f3 No.11038188


>doesn't understand the questions

>lol, no u

>anime face.jpg

Okay, hotpocket. You're filtered.

69dfc2 No.11038201

File: d749e3492749a28⋯.png (539.88 KB, 567x797, 567:797, Donald Trump Israel Choice.png)


Isn't it funny how 8/pol/ worships the exact same Christian Zionist Jew loving Republican politicians that Breitbart News loves?

Hmm, it must be a cohencidence.

2c795d No.11038218

File: 0154db4fa072560⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 800x723, 800:723, 9790b0c42c5d3f1ff863d09347….jpg)

>incapable of defending himself, so he resorts moving his goal posts far away, name-calling and acting of having a moral superiority

I might pity your miserable existence. Wasting your life for this with the same results as always: total failure.

I guess even a masochist can be a coward to accept their basic nature or even end their life. Lack of ever feeling embarrassed maybe.

f19bea No.11038233


Go back and work on your tactics. You still stick out too much.

360024 No.11038257

File: 3df20f7aad9cdfe⋯.webm (8.11 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Jew_ We killed Jesus, we'….webm)


one year or one month or even one week is not "perpetuity"

kike gonna kike

994fc5 No.11038310

File: ff39287935c4c82⋯.jpg (26.4 KB, 680x510, 4:3, gointothelight.jpg)

Consolation Prize: McCain Hospitalized


Let us hope this is like the "bloodclot" turned brain cancer

285b04 No.11038317


If you're going to be black and white, you might as well just push acceleration.

>I welcome acceleration

285b04 No.11038319


is this a bot?

285b04 No.11038323


bout time

389213 No.11038344


All your shit really only surmounts to heykidwannablowupafederalbuilding.png. Same retardation as always, same refutation as always: You want violent revolution to begin, but instead of taking up arms and gathering brothers yourself, you're posting on an imageboard, sounding like a kid with a splinter in their toe while doing so.

> start building wall

> withdraw from Paris agreement

> pass tax bill that removes SALT

> move overton window to right

> troll globalist efforts in Syria to the point of defeating ISIS

The only thing you can argue is that he could have taken more brute steps to repeal Obamacare. The rest doesn't really sound like he is doing everything the kikes want, and especially not with your fellow kikes in the press screeching nonstop the way they always do.

000000 No.11038350


He's trying to spoil the tax bill vote


>Once the details are ironed out, Republicans hope to have a vote in the Senate first, then the House, with the legislation done in Congress by next Wednesday

>The chatter over a deal came just hours after Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Republicans to "hit pause" on their tax bill until Jones takes his seat.

8f7ab9 No.11038360


watch a Dem win an election and take his seat, too

e5ac7a No.11038364

File: 10b6b9bef794ff1⋯.jpg (126.78 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 38mFKb7.jpg)

The way normalfags are reacting to this whole shit show, you'd think they just personally assassinated Trump and lynched his entire cabinet. Are lefties really this starved for a win that they think this is some colossal victory? They gained a single seat after having to fight tooth and nail to even get this rigged special vote to happen. Did they conveniently forget that Franken just had to slither away a few days prior after being outed as a sexpest?

368399 No.11038376


So his gps device and rfid are being tweaked looks like

675841 No.11038377


>tax bill vote

Yeah well, the bill they settled on now is total trash anyway. It added back in the ability to deduct local/state taxes from federal ones (ie: helps blue states), it lowers the top income tax percent (ie: yay for rich kikes amirite?), and deductions on home loans up to 3/4ths of a million dollars (ie: again, yay rich kikes buying their 6 millionth mansion)

Meanwhile, it does absolutely fucking nothing for the middle class, nothing for the lower class either, because the increased percent on the lowest tax bracket ends up being nearly a net wash even when the "standard deduction" gets doubled. Why? Because federal income tax is barely the largest piece of the pie in most peoples taxes in those brackets, state, local, and fica are generally 3/4ths of what you're paying in taxes, and this "overhaul" does nothing about any of those, especially fica which is nearly fucking 8% of your income on its own, if you make less than 30k a year then fica is as much or more than you pay in federal income tax to begin with.

But oh noes, they're going to spoil the "tax bill." Who fucking even cares? Its not going to do the ONE thing that was useful for any of us, which was stick an acid soaked spikey dildo up the ass of blue state libfags with their high state taxes, but now THAT change is out the window as well.

So again, this does nothing for anyone unless you're already rich

389213 No.11038386


> yay for rich kikes

> implying bigcorp and rich kikes pay any taxes

If only you knew.

675841 No.11038397


Then this bill does nothing regardless… its worse than just doing nothing, its all show that accomplishes nothing but lets people jerk off thinking something did happen

fa1372 No.11038433


The reason why we lost in france, netherlands, austria, and didn't fly so good in Germany was because we didn't focus all our energy onto them.

5e0fdf No.11038436


One former classmate fat fuck fag wrote 2 posts today on kikebook:

(1) Moore’s camp is refusing to concede and raising the specter of paying for a recount — under Alabama law, a recount is only automatic if the margin is 0.5% or less.

However, given his general disregard for the laws he has sworn to uphold, it isn’t surprising to learn that he doesn’t know that he doesn’t have standing to request a recount.

‘The Alabama statute allowing [a recount on demand] is Section 17-16-21. But that statute only allows people seeking recounts to be those “with standing to contest the election under Sections 17-16-40 and 17-16-47.

And if you look at those sections, they do not allow candidates for federal office to request such a recount or to contest the election (presumably because these would be done in the U.S. House or Senate.)

Under 40, the ones who can contest are: “The election of any person declared elected to the office of Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor, Treasurer, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, Public Service Commissioner, senator or representative in the Legislature, justices of the Supreme Court, judges of the courts of appeals, judge of the circuit court or district court, or any office which is filled by the vote of a single county, or to the office of constable.”

Section 47 only allows a contest “of any person declared to be elected to the office of senator or representative in the Legislature, judge of the circuit court or district court, any office which is filled by the vote of a single county, or constable.”’

— Rick Hasen, an election law expert.

This reading is consistent with the contents of the Alabama Law Institute’s Election Handbook, which is hosted on the website of the Alabama Department of State and is excerpted in the comments in this post.

You lost, Moore. Barely, and it was shamefully close, and you were buoyed up by the votes of people you don’t believe should be voting, but you lost. For once in your small, petty life, be gracious.

(2) The vote breakdowns by race and gender. White women voted 2:1 for Roy Moore, and white men voted for him in an even greater majority.

For the man who said that America was last great when citizens could own other human beings, when women were denied meaningful lives outside the home, when only white men could vote, when the US government committed genocide on the Native inhabitants, when white men lynched black people with impunity, when people like me weren't even talked about; for the man who has been accused of sexual assault on a minor and sexual advances on others; for the man who referred to Native Americans and Asian-Americans as "reds and yellows"; for the man who called 9/11 a divine punishment; for the man who was twice removed from the bench in Alabama; for the man who says "homosexual conduct should be illegal"; for the man who says you should not be seated in Congress unless you swear your oath on the Bible; for the man who STILL INSISTS Barack Obama wasn't born here; for the man who has said and done so many things inimical to the foundation on which this country was built… the vast majority of white people cast their vote.

Ignorant, privilege-blind, regressive, oppressive, self-centered, uncaring, unAmerican assholes. I have no respect for any of you. In the past, we could talk about differences of opinion – whether a certain tax was too much or not enough – but post-45 we are arguing over the basic principles on which this country was founded and on recognition of our fellow human beings AS HUMAN BEINGS.

You might believe you are good people, and you might believe that you didn't vote for "that part", but neither did "that part" stop you.

The worst torture is not enough for this fucking parasite, oh do I love watching him squirm when Trump fucks him and his kind over though.

d12c88 No.11038438


>Franken had to slither away

Actually, he announced that he will announce his resignation at an undetermined time in the future. Got that? He said he's planning on announcing his resignation - but didn't outright resign. Why would he do that? He had the opportunity to quit during his press conference, why not just resign. Because he's not going to.. The Dems need all the seats they can get so Franken is going to quietly wait out the little scandal shit show they've started, until most normalfags have forgotten about it. Mark my words. Franken's "resignation" was the jewiest trick in the jewish playbook.

a048a2 No.11038473


Meme idea: we start making false flag "casting calls" to anyone willing to allege sexual misconduct on websites like reddit and etc.

Afterwards we point to these instances we created to vilify and discredit any potential accusers.

d2900c No.11038491

the only possible reason i can think of to destroy these voting records that isn't to cover up fraud, is that their afraid they'll be used on the DOTR.

af3deb No.11038492


That's not a bad idea. However, I think we should try to crucify the democratic senators based on key issues.

In all of the polls I've been able to find, I see that the following three issues were consistently ranked in the top three or four: Economy, Terrorism, and Healthcare. Democrats being Democrats, it shouldn't be hard to find some clips or quotes of these cucks praising Obama's economy, or trashing Trump's economy. Memeing these should sting the democrats especially hard in rust belt states that Trump cucked from Hillary, which are the states that many of the vulnerable democratic senators represent.

13158e No.11038497

File: 19179bc4e8231f4⋯.png (502.06 KB, 668x474, 334:237, confusion.PNG)


Not a good idea, anon. This will backfire and make us look like jews. We win by telling the truth. Meme magick exists because the truth is on /our side/.

Instead find real and genuine cases of misconduct by jews and spread them. We win by exposing their lies, not mimicking them.

13158e No.11038501


I support >>11038492's approach. It's easier to tell the truth than fabricate fiction.

fbdeb7 No.11038502


>hur dur hur dur hur hur dur

4b0844 No.11038503


It’s weird - I’m not sure wether its because we’ve been too resigned into accepting that ours is an ideology consigned to the margins as being ‘extreme’, or supreme complacency after having actually got 45 elected. People need to get galvanized and realize that our is NOT the extreme ideology, but the traditional ideology which our ancestors would be proud of. The jew always projects onto its opponent what it itself is doing.

This whole ‘White Supremacy’ and ‘Civil-Rights’ is the swizz they used after WW2 to target us and marginalize us in the very nations we built with our blood, sweat and toil. It wasn’t built on the back of slaves, it was built on the backs of white men, otherwise America would be 90% nigger to this day.

45afb5 No.11038535

Can we meme a horde of niggers to kill Jones???

491e97 No.11038565

File: 813edf264d269dd⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 88th psychic division.jpg)




You're going to need hidden cams on the ground, People signing up and getting inside to the records of the voting machines to be able to whistle blow, and getting any dirt on the dem candidate. Depending on the candidate's occupation, I'm sure there can be plenty of evidence of no integrity what so ever.

3482a6 No.11038575



Let the libshits be happy about beating le cowboy pedophile boogeyman. But do not let them forget about the pedokike they've been protecting. This door swings boh ways.

994fc5 No.11038583

File: a45e333d9d66478⋯.png (288.67 KB, 540x465, 36:31, McCancer.png)


>watch a Dem win an election and take his seat, too


491e97 No.11038599


Franken better not be a fan of seafood then.


Pizza Gate, Pedowood, and the like still needs to be brought to the forefront. I'm also willing to bet that places like WalMart are accomplices to human trafficking. Do you remember during the election semi trailers were found to have a bunch of spics within them?

1ae0fe No.11038612


> 4 years

8 months, it's a special election to fill a missing seat. It's still up for grabs in 2018.

9a18b1 No.11038630

File: 0e82c21a7fc1d48⋯.jpg (60.29 KB, 850x539, 850:539, DCIQMTFW0AEPzd0.jpg)



49013b No.11038637

File: 10749ac81032f17⋯.jpg (53 KB, 615x477, 205:159, 10749ac81032f174be5c94c744….jpg)


nice find but jesus christ anon learn to fucking OPsec! your email is in the screencap!!

e38493 No.11038664


That's great news, I thought this was going to be 4 years of bullshit. Hopeful the republicans can pull up a better candidate this time.

68d294 No.11038671

File: 2e6bab7a5a73146⋯.png (270.34 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, fecff674572b80c16446d44450….png)


Should I post your image on my fecebook to trigger some tribalism?

(Pic always related, I love you ebola-chan)

50bf6a No.11038679


He's using windows 10. There's no opsec where he's going.

074e9c No.11038680


fucking awful idea, glowbug. We win with truth, not lies.

This was a stolen seat. White people voted for him, but is was stolen by illiterate blacks "writing in".

Meme that. get white people to understand they have had their voice stolen. Get blacks to understand that those irritating and self obsessed SJWs appropriated their voices.

don't lie.

9204b3 No.11038688


The left bangs on about Trump being a shit person. But he always congratulates the victor even if it isn't his team. He was even gracious towards Hillary at the federal election. I hope the normal people see this.

5e0fdf No.11038695

File: 12358aae078262b⋯.jpg (22.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Fhm8Y7hm_400x400.jpg)



You'll get a hole in your head soon enough, cumfaggots.

ca0979 No.11038700


> Are you trying to convince yourself you're not the bad guy?

pro-whites are everything righteous and just in this world, goblin.

cbffe6 No.11038751

File: 263a03c006d2539⋯.jpg (74.76 KB, 719x301, 719:301, pepe_moore_magic_carpet.jpg)

We're taking Moore to Washington with the power meme magic and that's final!

92e996 No.11038764



8dd442 No.11038805


First thing I had to hear when I got to work this morning was "I feel great! Christmas came early yesterday!" We are nowhere near Alabama. All I could do was laugh that this is the closest to a win they've had in about a year.

b66e50 No.11038818


And they already blew their load on the fake allegation, it'll look even more suspicious the second time

f62997 No.11038827

File: d9b317110a159fe⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1492051898506.png)


Don't worry about it, let me break this down as I see it.

It's good that Moore lost. If he had won the democrats could have sprinted for 8-12 months and just kept making pedo jokes at his antics. This would have fatigued the right and they would have started wavering as they did just now to prove they aren't ignant bigots and make all the cool kids in cities like them. Instead we are looking at Jones having to make good with his image as a civil rights icon, which will not happen because he is a democrat. Moore and the rest of Alabama will slowly simmer if he isn't proven to be a pedophile. He will have lost and people will be gossiping about they unjustly labeled a local personality as a pedophile to win an election, but never proved the allegations. The only thing that would counter this is if they could prove them. Moore should do the smart thing and sue the people that slandered him instead of demanding a recount. If he won the case he could run again and probably win because it would make Jones look like shit. If he doesn't sue these women, it's possible the allegations are true, because that is the only way to explain it if he just lets this happen as it did.

As all this is happening, more people will drift away from the establishment GOP like McConnell and Ryan because of how they behaved this election. They will also move away from Shelby. This will happen because Jones is a Clinton democrat, and Clinton democrats HATE Alabama and the South. They are already making jokes about horses and inbreeding. If they keep doing this they will guarantee more anti establishment citizens in Alabama that are watching Jones through a magnifying glass.

The result

>Alabama residents are pissed Moore was never proven to be a pedophile.

>they are pissed at Democrats for still bashing them

>pissed at Jones for not actually helping the black community

Then comes the next election, very quickly.

This is much better than having to sit through a year of pedophile and horsefucker jokes from Franken.

17c305 No.11038859

Alabama can be avenged, if Indiana, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are taken for the GOP and no GOP seats are taken. Now that the GOP is starting to feel a little fire, this is the perfect time to go full election mode. Doug Jones won't last in the 2020 election, now that we know the voting fraud pattern in place. All we have to do, is make it so that all federal election ballots can't be destroyed for 31 days after an election and have to be kept for public record for verification.

491e97 No.11038860

File: 64ddf71cc564bc5⋯.jpg (148.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5464562.jpg)


>is if they could prove them

And that's what the CIA, NSA, and FBI niggers are there for. There's a reason FBI is self purging right now anon.

Late me take you back a bit, you remember the fappening? It was by no coincidence that news and attention all rained down on 4chan. NSA has a collection from nudes, to CP, among other shit. All that had to happen was a file transfer to be "leaked" onto a thread, and the media to pick it up artificially fast. If this provided any evidence, it would showcase they planned for that to happen, along with unintentionally revealing their hand that the alphabet agencies will go as far as to plant files onto whoever they want to nab. Another clear example is MJ having shit planted in his home for all the fake pedo accusations to have some "relevancy".

If the FBI wasn't going on a self purge, they'd probably be cooperating with Microsoft to find some way of fixing any future win10 patches to secretly contain a gross amount of CP supplied by the NSA as "Junk/bloat data" that would be a means as a way to hold some artificial form of blackmail over an individual.

The thing that presents the greatest threat to that kind of ploy is /pol/'s (and for that matter, all of 8chan and those straggles behind in cuckchan) collective autism.

fcc3c8 No.11038863

File: 1a9a4e15bd038c5⋯.png (35.82 KB, 778x512, 389:256, gib.png)


gib digits

000000 No.11038874


first of all 6621 was not me.

> All 'teenage girls' he had relationships with were of legal age

I didn't know feeling up a girl who didn't want it constituted a "relationship"

Aside from that, even they were legal, it's still really creepy for a 30+ year old to be hanging around malls and schools eyeing them. Would you be okay if he did that at your daughters school?

> the only actual piece of evidence that goes beyond some opportunist's word, was disproven in an embarrassing manner for Gloria's skills in forgery

no, as far as I know someone added a note next to it. It still proved that he was contacting teenage girls while he was a dirty old man.

> the shitskins you have no problem with marry and fuck girls at age 6 or above. Maybe even younger

are you fucked in the head? if I think it's wrong for a 30 year old to be hanging out at schools and leering/picking up teen girls, what makes you think I'd be okay with someone marrying a 6 year old? where the fuck did you get that idea? or was there some other message in this thread that you think was me "samefagging" that said that?

15c21f No.11038875

f62997 No.11038886


If it's proven then all crazy shit aside, wtf. That means Moore is done with.

The thing is Moore is a loner for the most part. So he doesn't really define the left/right conflict. He was actually a democrat a while back. This election was so consequential that both parties set the bar way too high. The timeline is too short to fulfill anything, and it will be easy to call out the bad shit that goes down after Jones takes office. The major Jones backers in AL are self hating southerners, that won't go over well once they put all of this on display. We can also expect civil disobedience shit that is done in an aggressive and provocative way. AL has stayed right for a long time because it's just not an area where that type of stuff is appreciated. The Moore pedophile hype was already pissing people off here, anymore bullshit the democrate pull is going to push AL farther away. the democrats might know this, but they will still pull it, they can't help themselves.

I'm just saying because it's a short timeline, we are better of having Jones fuck up than having a neverending onslaught of pedophile jokes.

491e97 No.11038932

File: 582dbfda2224fc1⋯.jpg (29.34 KB, 210x240, 7:8, ʇɐɥʍ.jpg)


>All we have to do, is make it so that all federal election ballots can't be destroyed for 31 days after an election and have to be kept for public record for verification.

That's not everything that needs to be done.

Like I said, Hidden Cams on the ground, people within to whistle blow machine fuckery, and being the first to jump on finding controversy with the dem candidate. Hell, get some digging in on to make sure there isn't fuckery of people from outside states trying to get in and vote.


Moore is done with already if they wanted to kill him. He's going in for surgery. The Carukia Barnesi is a jellyfish where just one drop of toxin is enough to induce full on cardiac arrest. There's a medical procedure that involves jabbing the heart to temporarily pause it for any kind of surgery following that area. If one little drop is enough to induce cardiac arrest, imagine some lib doctor or jew that decides to slip some into an injection, or even into someone's capsule pills? I have severe suspicion that the mayor of San Fran was a victim to such a measure. Whether it was to test the effects, or to silence him before anything could be found out of it

What would prevent them from outright killing him is that it's way too soon from the election, and people are seething as is. If anything got out that his surgery was botched and he "suddenly died of a heart attack" there would be plenty of outrage and calls for people's heads. Plus, it would be way too suspicious that soon.

The thing I will say about Jones is, keep an eye on him. The left decided to build a pedestal to call him the champion of niggers. Press him on statistical number changes, crime and etc., poverty and the like. Make the dem's squirm enough for the general populace to get the idea that fuckery was afoot, and that electing Jones only proves they don't believe for a second anything that they preach. There is no longer a need of trying to convince the left to "cross the isle", only bait and ploy them to reveal themselves so that the onlooker sees how they really are, and revealing their inconsistencies, contradictions, and vices.

9d5010 No.11038937


That's based as fuck.

You're just jealous because you've probably never been on a farm in your life.

Yankee go home!

9d5010 No.11038968


I would definitely let Moore around my family members. He's one of the most Godly men in this country, an honourable father and grandfather, and a strong Christian figure in his community.

You, on the other hand, I wouldn't ever speak with in real life. You sound like a fag.

9d5010 No.11038981


The major Jones supporters are Niggers, not "Self-hating Southerners."

Slightly too many Whites were too scared to vote and stayed home, or wrote in someone other than Moore due to the (((smear campaigns))).


f62997 No.11038998


Lol, you are talking about a lynch mob. It's the old dixiecrat technique. They get a group of white women to accuse a man of sexual assault. They offer convincing stories, but no proof. Then they used to hang them, when they were doing it to black people. Now they just did it to Moore to destroy his career. Dixiecrats never change.

They are going to go on the attack because that's all they know how to do.

491e97 No.11039007


Get multiple sample sizes and talk to people from alabama to see if they actually stayed home. They are virtually being ignored right now. I'd be willing to guarantee that if interviewed, it'd add to extra credence that fuckery was/is afoot. Much like the attempt to media blackout the berkely riot from getting out to the public, no doubt a media blackout on covering anything around Alabama or any of the people afterwards to "share your thoughts"

000000 No.11039047


>I would definitely let Moore around my family members.

and it's exactly this sort of fucked up attitude that results in the failure you saw last night. bunch of idiots supporting a low-life and not realizing there are consequences for that. i do hope you have a young daughter who will be stalked at school, picked up and groomed by just such a godly man. we all know how the godliest ones are the most child-friendly right?

de9a37 No.11039059

File: 060ed249e8f01d0⋯.mp4 (6.78 MB, 480x480, 1:1, sAVV6e1c2mnsNlJQ.mp4)


f62997 No.11039060


>it's exactly this sort of fucked up attitude

>i do hope you have a young daughter who will be stalked at school, picked up and groomed by just such a godly man

I'm just curious as to whether or not you know how fucked up you actually are. I mean this is 8ch, you can just say you are fucked up. I hope you don't actually think you have the moral high ground while you are ranting like this.

de9a37 No.11039088


Jews and their pawns are masters of projection. He's sitting there kvetching as if the allegations against Roy are actually true (that bitch with the yearbook called him last night begging him to settle in court when the count had him in a massive lead). How many Democrats have been accused of assault these past few months? You won't hear a fucking peep out of faggots like the torpedo you're arguing with.

0f09a3 No.11039095


No, anon, he's ranting on /pol/ and therefore automatically has the moral high ground regardless of what he says. He could even turn around say he hopes someones daughter gets raped and still have the moral high ground because he is anon and he knows all that is good and right and just and he knows what is truly immoral.



1ae0fe No.11039141


>And that's what the CIA, NSA, and FBI niggers are there for. There's a reason FBI is self purging right now anon.

The evidence against Moore in the case against him was inadmissible due to tampering.

000000 No.11039145



I never said raped. I said groomed. The sex would be consensual, just like a moore 30 year old with a 14 year old would be, which the poster I replied to apparently has no problem with. So I wished the same kind of treatment for his daughter. he has no problem with that. why are you defending him against something he's okay with?

ca0979 No.11039149


>it's still really creepy

shut up, you fag. You outed yourself. Go die of AIDs.

f62997 No.11039160


> So I wished the same kind of treatment for his daughter

It sounds like you are the one that doesn't have a problem with it, actually it sounds like you want it to happen. Do you always go after people's kids when you don't like them? Are you like a cartel member or some shit?

289de3 No.11039176


Felons were allowed to vote in May by the Republican governer, but the felons were not made aware of this until shortly before the election.

3245b8 No.11039217


Hillary just became too toxic, the deep state couldn't have everyone continue to pour over Podesta's emails, so they went with Trump, figuring they could quickly replace him with Pence.

28194f No.11039228


>Are you like a cartel member or some shit?

He's worse. He's a torfaggot with 50 replies.

f62997 No.11039230


he's on fyah lol

491e97 No.11039244


Stick him in an oven and he'd really be on fire.

000000 No.11039317

/pol/ mods are compromised globalist shills who censor you if you get too close to the truth. if you post anything they disagree with, even if it's a commonly accepted opinion on /pol/ or anything else that gets them assblasted (((like calling out shills that are literally in every single thread))), or for no real reason at all just to piss you off, they will delete all your posts and all your threads and then ban you.

question everyone until you find out who you are not allowed to question.

if it's the same for (((them))) then the /pol/ mods are (((them))). eventually you will post something or start a thread and you will be censored and banned even if you did not break a single rule on /pol/. the ban reason will always be some fake fucking reason like "spam" or "unspecified reason". if you are in doubt, it isn't because this can't happen to you. it only means that it has not yet happened to you.

I am one of you, so don't bitch that you're being raided. all it takes is a look at /polmeta/ and /sudo/ to see just how many of us are being censored and banned every day by corrupt mods. the very founding reasons for /pol/ "politically incorrect" "freedom of speech" are being torn down from above by the corrupt moderators and undermined from below by shills. because of our corrupt mods who are the biggest censorship loving sellouts in the entire world, /pol/ is being ruined.

all that has been struggled for will be lost as /pol/ can not function the way things are.

/polk/ is the same mods pretending to be different people. past migration efforts have all failed because we don't have the hivemind and the unity to make the move all at once. I don't care what new /pol/ type board we all choose to migrate to but we need to make a good choice and then just make the move all together. the reason why everyone is getting banned all the time is because we have been subverted and manipulated.

who would have guessed that the very mods in charge of the board with the most freedom of speech on the entire internet that gives NO SHITS about political correctness would be some of the most CUCKED mods we have ever experienced?

this bullshit-banning has to fucking stop. we need the freedom to post the truth without being punished.

Impeach the cucked /pol/ mods.

God bless donald trump. God bless america.

2361aa No.11039356


Why not take this to sudo? Seriously. You won't regret it.

ddc885 No.11039386


In all of these places where "we" collect juden meanders to a place of power. Every single white/western/right/conservative forum a jew gets to the top somehow. You are not wrong.

07f144 No.11039516


Holy shit those pops.

Faggot needs to learn how to hold a mic.

f62997 No.11039552

File: efc4ee7facfdd9f⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1500x1200, 5:4, 1512922521818.png)


>the reason why everyone is getting banned all the time is because we have been subverted and manipulated

I'm no genius or expert, but I would suggest you start looking into how this game is played. You know the board, the rules, and the audience to which you are speaking. You have to talk around and under and over all of it and hope enough people can read between the lines. You will never escape the watchful eye, but you can wait for it to blink, and you can trick it into seeing something that isn't there every once in a while.

You meet a girl at a bar, what do you want from her? Is that what you say to her directly? Sometimes you can do that, other times it takes something else.

491e97 No.11039577

File: 1c859ec8371eb1f⋯.jpg (350.51 KB, 768x512, 3:2, jew's true home.jpg)

0817fa No.11039615

I was wondering, how much money did democrats wasted for this campaign? It looked as if they wasted more than in Ossoff campaign.

389213 No.11039694

File: dbc298a644c4582⋯.gif (205.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1429123321870-0.gif)

Well aside from that, in regards to White voters getting turned away at the polls, I have a theory. What if - bear with me here - their registrations weren't erased. What if those people at the polls telling them to go home and not vote because their registrations were erased were only democratic activists and lying? What if that is one of their current approaches? Simply telling Rep voters that there is no point to vote and making them go away from the polls?

What you need to do, burgers, is two things.

A: Go to the polls, stay at the polls, make sure that if White voters visiting the polls get approached by someone, you are there to reassure them to vote.

B: Don't just meme. Actually walk from door to door. If you stumble onto non-White families, simply disengage and say you're at the wrong door. Approach White families with material and encouragement on the following: Warn them. Democrats will go out of their way to tell them anything to persuade them not to vote. They need to keep that in mind and do it whatever they are told.

Make sure to remind them - especially soldiers and war veterans, that on Trump's election, on the recent AL election and a lot more, write-in votes are pointless, because democratic election staff and judges have countless ways to erase, dump and destroy them and hve been using those non-stop. As for arguments, here is one. We all know illegals vote in every county in every state. The constant cry for voter ID laws getting abolished is a sign of illegals having to look over their shoulders all the time when they go to vote. You think illegals are registered to vote? You think the election staff cares? The elction staff consists of democrats, you've seen the footage of them looking the other way when the ballot stuffers come by. Fucking go to those polls and vote. Why? Even if they were telling the truth - and they're not - it doesn't matter. They're not going to launch an investigation for unregistered voters, because that would be to the detriment of Democratic votes. They're not going to launch an investigation for voting at several polls, because they have their subhuman pets do that exact thing.

fac93a No.11039738

File: 22cc2ee938eb071⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 640x483, 640:483, 1443076755266.jpg)


Don't do this, it's illegal to do that kind of shit at the polling place. Most of them have a sign up front that says "No campaigning within 30 feet of building". Convincing people to vote outside the polls is fine, do that, but if you're in the place doing that you'll get in a lot of trouble, and I mean a lot of trouble.

389213 No.11039756


Stop allowing double standards to occur through sheer inaction. If dems can stand at the polls and tell Repub voters not to vote, then Reps can stand at the polls and tell Repub voters not to listen to those dems. I don't give a shit if it's illegal. Nobody is going to investigate it because the mere thought terrifies every democrat.

932513 No.11039763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Proof of voter fraud. Some poo basically spilling the beans.

dec226 No.11039764


The Democrats still have a lot more criminals covering for them. Even with Trump purging them, there's still a fucking lot of those fuckers out there and they're still a threat as Alabama proves.

dec226 No.11039769

File: 9dd169b42c8f2f5⋯.webm (9.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Doug Jones Voter Fraud Co….webm)

f62997 No.11039771


kind of sounds like that guy is trolling or gaslighting

still though if those people are admitting that shit maybe somebody should ask them what's up

My favorite voter fraud was when Michael Moore put instructions for how to bribe people to vote for their candidate of choice in elections on his website. Nothing ever came of it.

fac93a No.11039775

File: 30b222714ed99db⋯.jpg (74.72 KB, 445x827, 445:827, naw.jpg)


It’s a felony to intimidate, threaten, or coerce voters at the polls into voting for a particular candidate. That also goes for trying to convince people to not vote at all. If you see someone doing that shit you need to report them to the authorities. Talk to the officials at the polling place, and if they're behind it then call up the department of justice. That also gives precedent for a recount if such complaints are made.

Don't be a fucking retard and get stuck in jail for a year. You'l also lose your voting privileges.

dec226 No.11039777


He would have to do it in a Republican county that is just as cavalier about criminality that works in their favor as every Democrat county is. Good luck finding one.

33b58e No.11039817


Arizonanons should pay attention and not let something like Alabama happen again. Also


000000 No.11039861


Better have Tyronne the drug dealer fuck her than a white guy with a good job, right, jew?

00badb No.11039871


00badb No.11039872


McMuffin cheered the Republican loss with an email titled: “We Did It!”

95e37e No.11039884


Posting is going slow and we still have quite a while until we hit the 751 cap

00badb No.11039889


made a thread










1ae0fe No.11039892

File: 0df41edc90dd74c⋯.png (72.5 KB, 1566x886, 783:443, ShareBlue Mods.png)


The two Vols are part of irc cancer and friends with some Redditors paid by ShareBlue.

7f4031 No.11039928

File: 397794f761ea082⋯.png (118.97 KB, 990x727, 990:727, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: 7e3fa057148926d⋯.png (928.35 KB, 1409x785, 1409:785, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

Voter fraud in Alabama…pic related

f62997 No.11039931

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the internet is only going to get more and more censored, and the people censoring us today will be the people that are censored tomorrow.

roy moore would have been a kickass russian killer back in the 80s, now he is a russian spy in 2017, the feminist men are the new sexual assaulters,

our minders have the common vice of enjoying the thrill of stamping out a person, they miss the irony that they are the same as their opponents from the past.

it's a waiting game, hunker down and wait it out.

ae3542 No.11039934


Are Republicans just snakes at this point? Sneaky and backstabbing?

cf0ad1 No.11039966


Neo-Conservatives and Neo-Liberals are the same party. There's no such thing as a Republican or a Democrat to these people, they're the same party each with half of the neoliberal doctrine assigned to them.

ddaef5 No.11039974



ddaef5 No.11039981


Never mind I just found the other thread

0dbdf9 No.11040223


They should, with full violent force

0dbdf9 No.11040233


I agree with her even past that. I have immeasurable, burning violent hatred for everyone who doesn't agree with my political views and ideology. So much that they aren't human to me anymore. They're vile, disgusting things that need to be removed.

68f308 No.11040272



It wasn´t the allegations, otherwise they would have obtained nearly the same results in 2016.

1 ) Trump had something that Moore didn´t.

2 ) "Trump won, so why do we need to vote?"

07fe55 No.11040303



I had a very similar thought earlier. The fact that the Supreme Court okay'd the destruction of digital voting records the day before such a publicized election should have people going ape shit, but they're not. And it's driving me fucking mad.

006719 No.11040319


Any /pol/lack could have done that.

Also the amount of replies shown means it didn't have any plausible effect anyway.

Bring pics from a later time or the threads themselves and we might have something to work with.

adfcc8 No.11040450

must see




000000 No.11040469


too bad this is fake news (fox is the worst of them all) he's just a fox plant, paid off to say shit, or actually works for fox

3fb496 No.11040512



I'm sure you kikes feel real oppressed here. Keep 'kvetching'.

3fb496 No.11040518


>I'm so oppressed because mods banned me for spamming the board

Cry more fgt

ddaef5 No.11040636


How do you know?

fcbda9 No.11040697

File: c1c9999a1e26b4d⋯.png (504.66 KB, 1316x975, 1316:975, it begins.PNG)


It begins.

Moore losing was the trigger for the Left to go hard on Trump, and the Never Trump cucks will aid them, for 'morality'.

911b78 No.11040721


Nobody cares

a84c81 No.11040789


Follow the money trail. The accusers are likely being supplied by soros.

96fc98 No.11040928

File: a0681d8f0011015⋯.webm (15.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoyMerryChristmas.webm)

Merry Christmas Anons!

See you in two weeks.

20bebe No.11041018


>we redefined marriage and destroyed the basis of family

>a man who claims to be a woman and vice versa

Love this guy, probably the most politically incorrect candidate possible.

d2a66a No.11041094



Trump always covers his bases. These morons don't understand qualifiers because they are all dimwits. Total fail for sure.

f62997 No.11041106

29f864 No.11041108

>getting blacked by a minimal percentage

that is why you gotta start culling the godamn things, now you lost the state

3fb496 No.11041123


Talk shit, get hit, double nigger.

000000 No.11042932


>It sounds like you are the one that doesn't have a problem with it, actually it sounds like you want it to happen.

Of course I have a problem with it, but hey, it's your kid. If you want her to hook up with a 30 year old, go ahead and raise her the way you want. I was merely replying to the idiot who said

>I would definitely let Moore around my family members. He's one of the most Godly men in this country,

I wouldn't.

9d5010 No.11044278



This. What a boss!


500f84 No.11068694

/cbts/ error in trip.


500f84 No.11068701

Trip test.


352cce No.11068708


i see the trip


d76cf9 No.11068718


We C U :)

BO over in cbts f'd up

9b1131 No.11068723

File: 5c331d0c35c4bb6⋯.png (323.88 KB, 442x472, 221:236, 5c331d0c35c4bb6c660b41175f….png)


We'll be the ones laughing if Roy ends up uncovering mass voter fraud (which obviously took place).

5755a2 No.11068724

Q's question from broken /cbts/

We were inspired by anons here to make our efforts more public.

>Find the exchange 2 days ago.

>Feel proud!


6f5f06 No.11068777

File: 2e334c0ca960102⋯.png (517.02 KB, 640x360, 16:9, upside down vatican altar.png)








this ALL ties together. recent NYPOST video showed FLOOD doors to protect NYC. underground tunnel system.

12/23/17 MUSK spacex launch.

Lynn Forester Rothschild's recent taunting about we will all die of thirst and watch our children die of thirst first, while we are dying.

the multiple reports of people dreaming about coming NYC attack/flooding,

the PICTURE on our currency that SHOWs NYC flooding/destruction

12=# cabal

23= # of chromosomes that satan corrupted through Eve. THIS IS WHY THE Luciferians worship WOMEN. Satan is represented as a female GODDESS because that is how humans were deceived and the "twin system" was created (Cain and Abel- satans son/human son) if cain and abel are said together= Cannibal!!!

Jesus followers are SHEEP

the main alter at the Vatican is A DEAD SHEEP

turn the picture upside down and it is a woman's WOMB (pic related)

Satan wants DEAD SHEEP, this is what the eye closed tongue sticking out is about (mimicking DEAD sheep)

many of the Bible prophecies of Daniel, Jeremiah, Hosea, Jesus, Jude, Paul are ALL happening NOW.

the celestial alignment mentioned in the bible: women, clothed in the sun, moon under her feet, 12 stars in her crown, giving birth to the child (Jupiter=Satan) HAPPENED on 9/11/17 and it has NEVER happened previously.

the number 45 gematria essentially tells the WHOLE prophetic story of the bible and is the # of the current president who is also described by gematria for 45 MemDaletAleph — (605 w/f); to stamp down, to make solid; to dam.

— to be blood or red colored; to sparkle.

— pr.n. "Adam" – the first man; man, men, mankind; a male. (Note that Mem-finalAleph = mother; Dalet = symbol of the womb or maternal signature. Mem-finalDaletAleph = woman within woman = man is inwardly woman).

— land of Edom; father of the race of Edom.

— (see also 241/801) Aramea.

— a red (precious stone) — garnet, carnelian.

— (see also 84/644); to be dumb, silent; to be struck dumb; to be amazed; to rest, to leave off; to stand still; to become silent; to be destroyed

YodGimelLamedBet — pr.n. "Bright".

HayLamedZainGimel — plunder.

MemHay — (605 w/f); pr.n. "Multitude"; noise, crowdings (of people); they; such as they.

LamedVauBetZain — a habitation; heaven.

LamedChetZain — to creep, glide; to slink away, be timid.

HayLamedBetChet — a pledge or pawn.

HayBetLamedChet — pr.n. "Fatness".

LamedVauTet — to lift, to cast.

HayKafKaf — so and so, thus and thus.

TetVauLamed — to hide, conceal; to be sticky or tough; a covering or veil; pr.n. "Concealment", the name of Lot.

HayAlephTetLamed — a (kind of) lizard.

HayYodLamed — garlands or festoons.

DaletAlephMem — force, might; exceedingly, very; energetically, quickly.

http://www.billheidrick .com/works/hgm1/hg0040.htm

NYC TWIN towers (human DNA) were destroyed and made into the One World Freedom Tower, which is planned for destruction.

609e76 No.11068779


We see you sir. Please go ahead.

09642b No.11068855


Q if you need the bakers or me (QMap PDF baker) to do anything, email me if possible: iambecauseweare@prontonmail.com

fa5639 No.11068870

Why did the Roy Moore thread that was stickied disappear? I don't see it anywhere on the catalog, it could not have disappeared that quickly without delete.

I was waiting on this statistician to show back up and give us help on how to datamine the election county by county for him. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Also is my browser just fucked up and the "Roy Moore hold your horses" thread is still here?

6f5f06 No.11068910


this one? about the special election?

aa1941 No.11068968


this one? hotpocket edit on the title due to news on the subject


fa5639 No.11069387



Nah there was another one in the sticky for a few days. They did that weird thing where they make it disappear on loading, like it would phase out if you did not click immediately, but then yesterday poof it's gone after five days of being pseudo-banned. It was titled "hold your horses" and covered Roy Moore fundraising attempts and other attempts to get pressure going on the secstate of Alabama to do something.

Then mods perma deleted it. Wtf we we're getting somewhere with the stats guy, and Roy is getting close to his fundraiser goal. I guess mods =/= gods after all.


70e289 No.11069519


You dumb nigger. Its right here


You probably accidentally hid it. Just hit the show all button at the top of the catalog. also lurk moar you fuckin fag

f5f41e No.11069595


> PICTURE on our currency that SHOWs NYC flooding/destruction

And also NK mural behind Clinton on visit to NK

1f9f6c No.11069603


write it on a napkin already!

I know. Not funny!

1f9f6c No.11069619


20% public

80% Private

Can that go to?

30% Public

70% Private

We need to redpill some people.

48872a No.11069743


>the celestial alignment mentioned in the bible: women, clothed in the sun, moon under her feet, 12 stars in her crown, giving birth to the child (Jupiter=Satan) HAPPENED on 9/11/17 and it has NEVER happened previously.

I do believe you are off on your dates this event happened on 9/23/17 of this year, not 9/11/17. Many you-tube and articles on this Even Scottie Clark did many on the event.

https://www.google. com/ search?q=revelation+12+sign&oq=revelation+12&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.7400j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

e9edeb No.11069778


what is going on in Sessions home state?

547bf7 No.11069923


Trip test.


1f9f6c No.11069976



No trip on this one.

24cf09 No.11070028

FYI Q just popped up over in CBTS



94a622 No.11070042

I am looking for the meme maker. Art thou he?

1f9f6c No.11070044


Who me?

94a622 No.11070048

File: d32318105032899⋯.jpg (70.02 KB, 592x768, 37:48, ad89c869714dd98878dc8d1d05….jpg)


The… The dubble dubs..

You may be him. Show me your oc memes brother.

38954d No.11070049






94a622 No.11070051


This was not the meme i wanted to choose.. Fml

1f9f6c No.11070055


Just a couple in meme bake 3. You mean those?

14cd39 No.11072026

Q, Red Pilling would be easier if we had a predictive event that no one knows about, that we can predict. I'm doing my part, but the blindness is pandemic.

8ffac4 No.11072097



Can you give any breadcrumbs on Canada's JT/Religion of Cuck™?

e41776 No.11074656

Ive been wrongfully banned from cbts. Q is posting rn. Someone go tell those idiots that its not the ] Eye of Ra, think IRA and the eye that marks the top of the pyramid on the dollar!! Please Please they are missing it!

e41776 No.11074662

Pretty pretty please

Ive been wrongfully banned from cbts. Q is posting rn. Someone go tell those idiots that its not the Eye of Ra, think IRA and the eye that marks the top of the pyramid on the dollar!! Please Please they are missing it!

e41776 No.11074671



aaee8c No.11101480

Jesus I hope this Q-larping meth addict is no longer posting. Shitting up this thread.

Hoping for some justice in Alabama, looks like Moore and the GOP got screwed bigtime by the DNC via vote fraud


17a077 No.11103095


What are the updates on this? I've seen posts saying that he isn't giving up, but also some that say that the election is pretty much officially over. That he has no chance of actually challenging the results now.

I want to believe.

8633a6 No.11103696


count it out retard, dubs are the easiest thing to get we you know how

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