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On the jews and Their Lies

File: 3dc15f5a5839b32⋯.png (30.58 KB, 554x364, 277:182, Twitter.png)

eec75d No.11140781

Twitter Caught Shadowbanning

>In the latest undercover Project Veritas video investigation, current and former Twitter employees are on camera explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like.

>This video release follows the first undercover Twitter exposé Project Veritas released on January 10th which showed Twitter Senior Network Security Engineer Clay Haynes saying that Twitter is “more than happy to help the Department of Justice with their little [President Donald Trump] investigation.” Twitter responded to the video with a statement shortly after that release, stating “the individual depicted in this video was speaking in a personal capacity and does not represent of speak for Twitter.” The video released by Project Veritas today features eight employees, and a Project Veritas spokesman said there are more videos featuring additional employees coming.



f9d89b No.11140785

Kike-free first post and also ZH link:



8e651f No.11140808

This is how you get the Wall Street jews to keep throwing freshly printed money at you.

9806c3 No.11140874

I wish James O'Keefe was smarter. He's so fucking stupid.

0a0cb6 No.11140881

File: bf702174b040bb7⋯.gif (2.74 KB, 291x317, 291:317, 64933c3fb541ed059a8c2bc5c2….gif)


He's doing more for America than anyone posting on this board. If he's stupid, you are pants-on-head retarded.

9806c3 No.11140913

File: 65daec63a0e24cd⋯.jpg (30.95 KB, 480x460, 24:23, zjub471lvl2z.jpg)


yeah yeah, but seriously.

He always concludes to absolute most naive shit he possibly could. It's like he doesn't understand that these people do this shit on purpose, and that they are enemies.

In conversation, it's like he always takes them at their word and wastes time taking their maneuvers at face value.

Even in this twitter subseries he started with "twitter would cooperate with the DOJ". No shit! To normies, that reads "twitter follows the law that one time".

He never concludes with force or condemnation, always a light touch question or posing a moral quandary like he's a tabloid reporter writing about someone's bad choice of hairdo.

He never fucking puts together all the shit he has and fucking hammers them for it.

Just imagine what any of us could do with the shit he gathers!

392a9a No.11140954

eec75d No.11140969

File: 8bc8621b4db369a⋯.jpg (43.64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, lebowitz.jpg)


>To normies, that reads "twitter follows the law that one time".


>just give up goy

only a pants on head retard would think that's what O'Keefe meant. Normalfags that go to veritas know full well where he's coming from.

eec75d No.11140972



pay no attention to this goy, it's nothing

eec75d No.11140990


>It's like he doesn't understand that these people do this shit on purpose, and that they are enemies

From the article

>explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like

What the hell are you talking about?

d360f0 No.11141016

File: c3fb2904c49d673⋯.webm (14.69 MB, 320x180, 16:9, q_MrL6pMEpRIe_2n.webm)


>I wish James O'Keefe was smarter. He's so fucking stupid.

He released major undercover dirt on Twitter insiders and your first reaction is to call HIM stupid? Get fukt


>Just imagine what any of us could do with the shit he gathers!

Well clearly you aren't doing shit but bitching so your biggest accomplishment in life will probably be the day you kill yourself. O'keefe's undercover ops are doing more for the cause then you ever will.

Here's another video he just released of some dumbass poo Pranay Singh explaining Twitter's retarded algorithm that attacks people based on ideological group assuming everyone of certain groups are a bot. If you're only trying to go after bots it's a stupid algorithm, so the intention is clearly to target the group and not certain behavior.

d360f0 No.11141038

File: 6452eeda214fccf⋯.mp4 (10.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, iwcqmr6aoGmY50SS.mp4)

>Twitter Trust & Safety Manager: "we’re trying to ‘down rank’… shitty people to not show up,” “we’re working [that] on right now"

Requesting a sticky while O'keefe continues his releases.

I think this is really going to fuck over Twitter considering they are actually admitting bias in these videos. They have always tried to hide behind a lack of proof to maintain the "we aren't biased" facade, but now they are going to have to address it directly if everyone makes enough noise over it.

Do not let this get slid.

9806c3 No.11141094

File: e17b701a896b193⋯.jpg (31.48 KB, 500x374, 250:187, c7f799c0fea1472d39ed329f6b….jpg)

Let me try again.

It's great that we have okeefe. What he does is excellent, admirable, valuable, and unfortunately unique.

His work has made a big difference on various occasions.

However, I reserve a right to criticize him and what he does, and discuss criticisms of him with anyone willing. Just because I have cannot here lay claim to previous work contributed does not rob me of that right, nor even would never having contributed at all. Being aligned politically with him in the vaguest of terms, my criticism will ultimately have the intent of imagining a more effective, more useful version of what he does.

Now that the autists are dispensed with,

Okeefe is fucking stupid.

That's a personal criticism based on how he converses with others, in particular enemies. He always takes their maneuvers at face value, resulting in a giant waste of everyone's time, and fails to even think about the meta-games of any conversation he has. He converses with them as if they were friends who don't understand, when really they are enemies who understand but are bullshitting to avoid the more important conversations and questions. See interviews for what I'm talking about.

That was the opening of a familiar conversation shitting on this guy. That's what I make of him. Share your opinion if you give a fuck. Maybe the hivemind likes him more than I do.

Okeefe is not nearly as effective as he could be.

That's a product criticism, a criticism of what he does. His journalistic style is extremely light touch, naive, and on occasion cheesy. It's as if he learned his style from halfhearted tabloid reporters who never report on anything more consequential than some celebrity's choice of pet. He never concludes forcefully on what he has found, never hammers the enemy on the weak point he has exposed. He simply poses moral quandaries about it, or gives them a verbal slap on the wrist. This is probably in part why his stuff almost always feels underwhelming to us.

This is the opening of a conversation criticizing what he does. It's not the supreme criticism, nor a comprehensive criticism. It's an invitation to discuss and refine criticisms.

His latest vid talking to twitter engineers is finally some juicy stuff. But again, he fails to put it all together, fails to do other research and combine that with his own, fails to show the true extent and gravity of the problem. He gives stupid solutions to problems that aren't even the real problems, he's still acting as if twitter is going to give a shit about appearing neutral. It's so frustrating, it could be so much better.

eec75d No.11141173


>His latest vid talking to twitter engineers is finally some juicy stuff. But again, he fails to put it all together, fails to do other research and combine that with his own, fails to show the true extent and gravity of the problem. He gives stupid solutions to problems that aren't even the real problems, he's still acting as if twitter is going to give a shit about appearing neutral. It's so frustrating, it could be so much better.

He specifically states twitter is censoring conservative views. What more do you want? That's what the information indicates and that's what he is reporting.

>He converses with them as if they were friends who don't understand, when really they are enemies who understand but are bullshitting to avoid the more important conversations and questions.

He and his reporters are working undercover, of course they are going to come across as friendly to elicit information.

<I'm going to call everyone here an autist even though I'm displaying an inability to understand the simplest of human interactions

If I was the paranoid type I'd think you were trying to derail this thread or something

9806c3 No.11141189


I'm talking about interviews, obviously not undercover work

9806c3 No.11141197


>That's what the information indicates, that's what he's reporting, what more do you want

That's what the raw footage already said. Build off that! Put it together with the other companies doing it! Try to show intent. Dig into the effects of that censorship. Dig into the causes of that censorship, who's funding goes where? Can we teach people who the higher-tier enemies are? Can we even teach people that these people are enemies? Can we teach people how these people work, and how they are willing to do anything? Can we show how uniform and pervasive this behavior is, and therefore the threat?

eec75d No.11141226

File: 43bce7efd7b1c8f⋯.png (206.01 KB, 430x318, 215:159, K9gUxFi.png)


So you want him to engage in 60 Minutes style connect the dots editorialization.

Yeah, nah. I'll analyze my own data, thank you.

ed03b6 No.11141234

File: bc87d165ed35e08⋯.png (44.74 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1439916539494.png)


That's because his videos are for normalfags, who live in a fantasyland where they believe those in power are honest.

81df15 No.11141235


Ignore the retard in this thread. Throw more fuel to the fire that rises and wakes normalfags up. This and this past month with Twitter banning non-left accounts that triggered leftists goes hand in hand with this.

eec75d No.11141238


>Try to show intent.

I missed this gem. The twitter fuckers admit intent. You're just some faggot thread derailer. Probably from twitter.

I have a better idea, let's talk about how twitter was caught red handed and can be sued and prosecuted for civil rights violations. That will be a much better topic.

eec75d No.11141241


The amount of D&C shilling on this thread belies their panic and fear.

9806c3 No.11141279


Maybe so. Maybe what okeefe has is already the maximum bandwidth for normies.

f715df No.11141294


It's up to us to spread this stuff with attached snark.

Interlocutors complaining about the content - sheesh - we know what to do.

9806c3 No.11141304


It's fair, he does like to stay away from constructing a counter-narrative. But that doesn't mean he can't juxtapose the relevant data.

What if it was more important to show people all these things than it was to act as a faw footage purveyor? Wouldn't that be more valuable?

We all praise Gex's video, and it was just all the footage available put side by side, practically overloading a viewer's brain. That thing was so incredibly valuable that it was the centerpiece of our efforts in that issue.

Wouldn't it make sense to try to replicate that effect, to do the research & collation work for people and spoon feed them instead of acting as a one-wide or two-wide gallery.

Hmm, now I'm thinking of a project to make meta videos from PV.

4375e1 No.11141314

I wonder if Facebook still marks Veritas videos as spam?

9806c3 No.11141315


What I meant was, what's the intent behind censoring conservatives? They admit to the intent of censoring conservatives, but what does this mean about what's really going on, and how can we show people that?

9806c3 No.11141316



4375e1 No.11141318


Are you fucking retarded? Do you really need O'Keefe to spoonfeed you everything?

91ecf1 No.11141322


agreed,normies have the attention span of gold fish and when trying to connect dots for them you will see their eyes glaze over right before they start playing with their smart phones oblivious to any deeper systemic implications,this is mainly why memes are so effective.

fd4963 No.11141323



cbf3d2 No.11141324


Let me give you a life lesson.

Telling the truth is always a bad idea.

You know why? Imagine you tell something to someone. And you add "this is the truth".

Let's assume that person trusts you. He'll respond "Well okay then, it's true."

And he'll never think about it again.

Now imagine you do the polar oposite. You lie and tell them some stupid bullshit. Then add "This is true."

They'll respond the same way, but a few days later they'll found out you lied. They'll get pissed and come to you demanding an explanation. But before that, they have to THINK about it.

That's the most important part: telling the exact truth about something will never get people thinking about it. It will be like a cool factoid you learn on discovery channel, not something you worry about.

The key is balancing it out. Give people some truth and ask them "Do you think there's more?".

People have a tendency to try and be/act smart. They want to respond "I'm pretty sure there is! Let me think about it"

O'Keefe does not appeal to you because he's not reaching the critical points you don't know yet. Who pays twitter for this shit for instance (yeah, it's the kykes/Deep State, yada yada, I want names and individuals)?

He's asking other more superficial questions. Questions that are seemingless harmless.

Questions the normalfags never thought about. But now that you mention it… hmmmm….

tl,dr: you're not the Primary Demographic target in this videos. They are aimed to people that will end up here in 2 or 3 months asking "Hey guys, it's true the Jews did 9/11?"

eec75d No.11141331


At this point I'm going with thread derailing Twitter shill pretending to be a retard.

More importantly, Twitter can be sued Christian bakery style for civil rights violations now.

>Oy Vey Goy, don't talk about that. What was their intent. Reeeeeee.

9806c3 No.11141347


You have lost the thread of the discussion.

I am referring to how okeefe style stuff can be more effective in our cause, and with respect to normie brains.

4375e1 No.11141348



c2f9cf No.11141350

File: 1407823fc4cd9a9⋯.jpg (108.83 KB, 640x864, 20:27, 1470800630276.jpg)


>He always concludes to absolute most naive shit he possibly could

What else is he supposed to say in his position nigger, "gas the jews race war now"? That's what people like us are there for. Why do you think /pol/ is more or less callled an intelligence agency at this point? He provides info and anons can package it. Start up your engines, spam this shit and connect the dots for normies to see far and wide. This is a present from O'Keefe, it would be a waste to not accept it.

9806c3 No.11141367


Right so as others have said, what okeefe has now could be the maximum that is possible for the general population.

Which means that there might be room for a project that makes meta or compilations of PV stuff and other raw footage.

This discussion is making me think about starting a kind of Gex industries. Something that could replicate the success of the gex video for every single issue we tackle. But the raw footage is what's most important, which has to come from places like RT and PV.

Any other sources we suspect could help in an endeavor like that?

eec75d No.11141384


>Any other sources we suspect could help in an endeavor like that?

How about we talk about meming a civil rights lawsuit against twitter instead of the off topic derailing shit you are going on about.

9806c3 No.11141435


Feel free to work on that, too

3ac5de No.11141449

File: ff04ec659bca15b⋯.png (97.96 KB, 879x466, 879:466, Chicken_shit_libs.png)

Civil Right Abusers

2d62a9 No.11141456


mindfucking 101, you don't tell the normies the conclusion, it will register in their mind as being YOUR conclusion, not theirs, and if it contradict theirs, a mental wall erect and they dismiss it altogether.

what you do is carefully lay down all the pieces and evidence that point all in one and only one direction. you create a single avenue and stop just short of telling them the obvious conclusion, their mind will connect the dots on its own, and it will feel as if it was their own reasoning all along, and their brain won;t be able to stop it, and if they try the cognitive dissonance will wreck their shit up.

3ac5de No.11141492

Think about it, a "Nazi" baker supposedly has to bake a gay cake but communication channels are silencing one of TWO available political directions. They even did so for the election. These assholes are going to get litigated into oblivion, but hopefully the platforms can be redeemed.

fc3851 No.11141499


0f8a50 No.11141505

File: 516503f6c06cc91⋯.png (353.04 KB, 600x429, 200:143, Cobra Commander checkem.png)

File: 22816a00dfe9fcd⋯.gif (35 B, 1x1, 1:1, minimum GIF.gif)


dubs demand it

3ac5de No.11141510

"Shadow banning" is of course even a bit more insidious than outright banning because the user goes on producing content thinking others can see it. Explain shadow banning to your normies. Many of them have never heard of it, or are unclear about how it works.

9806c3 No.11141522


We need an analogy,

Being shadowbanned is like being put in a padded room

No, it's like turning into a ghost. No one can see or hear you, but you walk around and see everything. Everyone ignores you.

Hey, I'm no good at analogies, but that's a good starting point if I may say so myself.

When you're shadowbanned by twitter, they turn you into a living ghost.

Yeah, that has the existential spookiness I was looking for, 'living ghost'…

322d17 No.11141529



Report the thread and put "STICKY PLZ" as reason you dumb fucks.

fcbb2b No.11141544

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Twitter Headquarters 1355 Market St. Ste. 900 San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone Number: You can contact Twitter headquarters at 1-415-222-9670.


Twitter Official Address

795 Folsom St #600

San Francisco, California 94107 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-924-2008

Fax Number: n/a

Email: support@twitter.com

Executive Team

Dick Costolo – Chief Executive Officer

Ali Rowghani – Chief Operating Officer

Mike Gupta – Chief Financial Officer

Adam Bain – Global Revenue President

Adam Messinger – Chief Technology Officer

Colin Crowell – Public Policy Vice President

Michael Sippey – Products Vice President

Board of Directors

Jack Dorsey

Peter Chernin

Peter Currie

Peter Fenton

David Rosenblatt

Evan Williams

3ac5de No.11141560


You're right. It could have a more instantly descriptive name. Maybe something like Room-Padding or Ghosting would have the correct impact. User Ghosting. Muzzling.

And then it needs to be made apparent how this is meant to intentionally miss-steer, or engineer culture and political outcomes.

8cb588 No.11141565

Something has always bewildered me. What is it with the leftists obsession to brag about nefarious shit?

O'Keefe shouldn't be as successful as he is if not for this strange trait.

If you were up to shit you know is wrong or could receive blowback over… why would you fucking tell anyone? What is this compulsion to brag?

0a0cb6 No.11141568


It's their arrogance. Most leftists think they have it all figured out, and that their opposition is retarded cavemen. They think nothing will happen even if they are caught.

9806c3 No.11141569


It's virtue signalling, it's their nectar. They brag to others because it is a good thing to crush those evil republicans by whatever means necessary, and power signalling that they have the resources to do so at all.

9806c3 No.11141573


Unfortunately 'ghosting' is already taken, fat chance redefining that one.

161c8b No.11141592

> post in here 1 year ago

> twitter is fucking fake, anons, the trends, they shadow ban, the works

< go away, we're gonna get this shit trending

> you can't get it trending, anons, trending is rigged, and there are various types of shadow bans

< go away, we're meme operators

0f0310 No.11141596


O'Keefe isn't really for the former general audience of this board [who knows about campaign-era newfags]. He basically does gotcha journalism on things "we" already know. Vote rigging, selling fetuses for cosmetics, shadowbanning [not a new concept for the internet at large]. Things "we've" known for years. So O'Keefe's work is like "well, duh" for most of the people here.

3ac5de No.11141598


Bird caging? birdmocking? Because it displays back what you wrote to you only. User Mocking, Mocking instead of blocking. Name related back to project mockingbird.

Twitter is mocking users with opposing political views by pretending to post their tweets.

3ac5de No.11141604


He gets it on video tape from the horse's mouth and on hostile MSM who often can't easily wriggle out of such stark evidence, even if they downplay it. His work is invaluable regardless of his other political views.

161c8b No.11141606


What the fuck is "gotcha" journalism? What the fuck other kind could there be? "We didn't gotcha LOL" (sic) journalism?

eec75d No.11141616



d360f0 No.11141617


He provides us with the proof we need to say "see! we were right all along while being called conspiracy theorists for telling the truth."

0f0310 No.11141618


Having irrefutable evidence of something on tape has never stopped the American media establishment. If Building 7 didn't do it, James O'Keefe won't. His stuff is fine for the general voting boomer public who weren't aware of these things and will be motivated to vote some more. I can see how certain subsets of the political industry would find that "invaluable".


It's the kind of journalism where you get someone to BTFO themselves under false pretenses.

3b5e6b No.11141625

File: 60f4f348cefdcc9⋯.jpg (5.38 KB, 150x150, 1:1, B-24_Bombers_Flying_Throug….jpg)

You know your over the target when there is alot of flack (from shills). Truth hurts huh normie pedos.

0f8a50 No.11141627


>If Building 7 didn't do it, James O'Keefe won't.

100% truth.

eec75d No.11141635


As in;

Did you hear, Twitter has been roofying conservative posters to take advantage of their accounts against their will and without their knowledge.

161c8b No.11141636


Tricks are 100% OK as long as a true story is told.

161c8b No.11141638


The old term is hoodwinking.

3ac5de No.11141639

Most people I talked to weren't even aware a third fucking building fell up until recently, so this proves nothing. Normies are now becoming suspicious of 9/11. I feel sorry for shills, hopefully you're not in too deep. There may still be time to switch sides or go into hiding.

0f0310 No.11141642


Who said they weren't?

ecc2b4 No.11141650

File: fde127d5b0ff565⋯.png (148.97 KB, 386x538, 193:269, fde127d5b0ff56550d93e29824….png)





This has been floating around Twitter today. Don't know if it's an official shitlist or just some bullshit some dickhead posted, but a lot of people seem to be getting off on the fact that they're on the shitlist. Figure that it's worth posting anyway, for whatever it's worth here.

f31313 No.11141653

I hope President Trump can rally the cuckservatives and actual right-wingers behind a move to outlaw this kind of shenanigans. Not that it will make much difference initially, but it will be justification for putting pressure on Jewkerberg to stop it.

161c8b No.11141654


That looks like incoherent qanon crap.

eec75d No.11141663


Yeah. There is a lot of SJW triggering baggage surrounding roofies though. "Twitter has been roofying conservatives. They did WHAT?"

Anyway, it's just a suggestion. I'll gladly embrace something better.

3ac5de No.11141672

Suggestion for shills; start sabotaging your work more, throw a few good monkey wrenches in the works that way you may get on a good list, or possibly have grounds for special treatment when round ups happen and the trials start. Not legal advice.

d65649 No.11141687

File: 6f1908d8f2bbdea⋯.jpeg (3.55 KB, 260x170, 26:17, gab.jpeg)

File: 06cbb808d35c53c⋯.png (379.38 KB, 1162x573, 1162:573, gabinvestor.png)

coincidently, the other twitter like platform allowed certain information related to a certain group flow after o'keefe's video was released.

258d04 No.11141689


This is a great post. Anon, you'd make an excellent teacher.

6a0d90 No.11141692


I thought this was already confirmed a few times though? Granted I didn't pay too much attention to it but I thought Twitter or a Twitter worker confirmed it a while ago?

inb4 kike shill shareblue shillary nigger etc etc etc

eec75d No.11141712


>there is video admissions

A picture is worth a thousand words, etc.

889671 No.11141716

File: c2054f2802ac88e⋯.jpg (46.95 KB, 298x239, 298:239, CANNOT[1].jpg)

>Parnay Singh, Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer, on machine learning algorithms, “you have like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck…” “the majority of it are for Republicans”

It's sickening to hear a literal poo use the term "redneck." It's a term the high class (see: jews) use to refer to the poor and working class whites. A street mongrel like a pajeet would be honored to be considered a sub-human, but when they begin to think they're higher than even the lowest of whites they deserved to drown in their own polluted waters in Pajeetland.


>"This looks like that one thing I don't like"

>Doesn't contribute anything but speculation

9806c3 No.11141722


yeah that 'redneck' one was probably the most stomach turning one.

Can we clip that?

161c8b No.11141788


It's chilling, because you have a foreigner who has arrived to oppress Whites.

0f0310 No.11141797


His name is known. His employer is known. Just kill him. Then he doesn't exist.

0a0cb6 No.11141801


You glow in the dark, CIAnigger

161c8b No.11141805


Twitter already died today. It lived on myth. It's now only a legend in its own mind. Kinda like the CIA.

161c8b No.11141808


And people say the meme wars weren't a real war, with real danger!!!

161c8b No.11141809


*real wars

0f0310 No.11141812


Why would this particular individual ever stop what he doing when he is making a tremendous living doing it? Because you want him to? Because he's been "exposed"?

161c8b No.11141817

File: ebf9c7c18f9ccb8⋯.png (248.63 KB, 1400x425, 56:17, ClipboardImage.png)

0f0310 No.11141820



161c8b No.11141826


btw, this is the new PC-9 Takedown model. Not to be confused with the old models. See that line in the middle? Just like the 10-22TD it breaks down swiftly into two pieces - and back again. No mess, no fuss, and it fits in an innocuous bag, such as a backpack or small duffel. There are two variants, the Commiefornia variant (19101) and the American variant (19100). The latter comes with a larger mag, and a threaded barrel, ready for a suppressor.

It takes glock magazines, by the way, with the included mag well, easily swapped out. However, you will need to supply your own glock mags.

161c8b No.11141828


Ah, 9mm pistol caliber carbine. Forgot to mention that bit. Since it's centerfire it should be quite a bit more reliable than 22.

4c759f No.11141840

this will be ignored because most people hate trump so they don't really care

but it's actually a really really big deal. facebook is doing the same.

Put simply. They are using computer algorithms at a massive scale to punish and reward people for certain behaviors.

These silicon valley elites are literally applying computer algorithms so manipulate and influence culture.

This is an enormous amount of underhanded power that these people do not deserve, and should not have. Nobody should have it.

010b0f No.11141845


>most people

Do you live in a blue state?

f0bd81 No.11141849


I know this is a bit off topic from the thread. But I was considering getting a ruger already, albeit a 10/22. Being this is only $200 more, would this be a good first rifle?

4c759f No.11141865


computercucks all hate drumf

161c8b No.11141882


Nope. The best first rifle is the Savage AXIS in 30-06 or 308.

0b5ceb No.11141890


Trump should nationalize twitter.

161c8b No.11141893


This would be epic.

09c4ac No.11141908


>If Building 7 didn't do it

they were able to memory hole it. Most plebs have not seen or heard of it. And on the off chance they are presented with the information theres 16 years worth of "no this is the truth" that has to be defused.

fd4963 No.11141910


Holy shit imagine the salt if these rats needed to obey the president.

09c4ac No.11141918



An AR does the same thing with two pins. With the innovative application of a belt and suspenders one could wear a 20" barrel AR under a winter jacket.

>no they cant

First thing I did after getting my ccw was test that out. You certainly fucking can.

161c8b No.11141919


When it happened, I remember lying in my bed trying to figure out how the hell that happened. Micro-quakes, I think they said… …and I thought, "what the hell?! nobody ever mentioned micro-quakes before today…"

09c4ac No.11141925


Or release a better version of it. Call it something with a lulzy acronym

09c4ac No.11141935


Yea. I was about 13 at the time and I remember multiple "wait that doesnt sound right" moments. Was a bit tougher for me to navigate through the massive appeal to emotion because I knew people who lost family as well as people that had to work in the make shift morgue. The thing with that is… The intelligence to see through such bullshit is extremely… exceedingly uncommon.

fc7458 No.11141942


>Call it something with a lulzy acronym




161c8b No.11141943


The willingness of the establishment to shit us on this level shows they would do fucking anything. Literally eat human beings alive, whatever.

419e62 No.11141958


Does anyone have a link or webm for that video? I want to save it locally but it appears to have been shoah'd from the normienet.

f0bd81 No.11141960

File: 20a55a69374e514⋯.png (371.9 KB, 1253x732, 1253:732, kek.png)


Well that domain is available

fc7458 No.11141976



>Jewelry ads



9806c3 No.11141987



44750d No.11142015

File: d2e2327c058fff4⋯.png (186.22 KB, 235x326, 235:326, 23247234.PNG)

The fact that our mod is shadowbanning us left right and center, and that this thread is stickied, is quite..


tbh fam threads like this are of grave concern because not only can we see the obvious astroturf that is /pol/ 2015-2018, but we can relate that astroturfing to other instances. The kikes will not let you call /pol/ an astroturf here, because it is the most sensitive topic. We are the dominant influence in the internet reality, but we have inherited this label that is constantly being depreciated by jew shills (who will goes as far as to call you a jew for even talking about /pol/'s internal concerns.

>inb4 sage-ing in a kike sticky thread isn't a revolutionary act

>inb4 hyperastroturf kike mod deletes this post


44750d No.11142032



If I see anyone posting



I am going to

hunt you down and gas you in the street

do not post here again

56a5fe No.11142052


Jack Dorsey lives in San Francisco, you could easily fly a drone packed with explosives into his house while he's sleeping.

97778b No.11142062


Best explanation and good Image to help the autisticly challenged discover that Normies think different then /pol/

42f45a No.11142068

File: 6050205b64d6df6⋯.png (4.32 KB, 270x251, 270:251, ed495ca1467efa762ab4345d4b….png)


>jew invests gab

161c8b No.11142078


Shadow banning also occurs on IRC.

f72870 No.11142126

File: 9cb7b6cda864407⋯.png (26.81 KB, 554x364, 277:182, guesswho.png)

8a2e3b No.11142140

At this point, you'd think these shady organizations would begin to stop talking about their dirty secrets with strangers, and begin screening events for known Veritas members…

628baf No.11142187

File: 303fec86fc4890d⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 306x204, 3:2, drink bleach.jpg)


>threads like this are of grave concern because not only can we see the obvious astroturf that is /pol/ 2015-2018

As the OP, with no affiliation to this site, I made this thread because I saw the topic on Whatfinger and noticed it was missing here. You have confirmed every suspicion I ever had about you blackpill D&C niggerkike shills.

>inb4 we have IDs here

I made it from another computer

c2f9cf No.11142189

File: 94697ba9c11d114⋯.png (92.95 KB, 554x364, 277:182, 9cb7b6cda864407261b38ce288….png)

e0d3b8 No.11142211


Nobody's stopping you from doing exactly that guy

cc7c91 No.11142213

File: 5ced1c838c84a5b⋯.jpg (28.53 KB, 850x478, 425:239, Noose.jpg)


>tbh fam

628baf No.11142215


Your talking about stupid faggots that post evidence of their crimes on their kikebook pages. These fuckers are nothing but retarded virtue signalers. They will gladly brag about their "contribution" to the "resistance".

f82106 No.11142218



Solid points condensing many of the criticisms I have of his work as well. I like to believe that he's well-intentioned, or at the least that began as such. His performance and exposes have left the world to be desired and have gone so far in avoiding useful conclusions that I've mostly written him off as controlled opposition at this point, though your evaluation of incompetence is just as likely.

>He simply poses moral quandaries about it

I usually wrote that specific aspect off to "let the audience reach their own conclusions." Though it's cheesy when done so obviously, the posing of a leading question or a question with clearly defined moral weight has an incredible ability to cement a concept in a person's mind. When a normalfaggot hears

>how can you do x when y was so clearly z?

they flatter themselves by immediately assuming they would make the logical and morally upright decision, had they been in the situation themselves. This intellectual and moral supremacy is an essential angle for persuasion.

But you're posting on infinite/pol/ so you probably knew that.



>vague shitpost with poor grammar and puntuation

>spergs about spacing

Do they have you guys reading manuals for ebaums shilling or?

cc7c91 No.11142227


>kike kikes kikes

It is fun to watch, isn't it.

994352 No.11142233




Hi shareblue!


e0d3b8 No.11142236


Mabey you should communicate that with him since you seem so compelled to voice your opinion, it's just being wasted here

0767eb No.11142267


This shit pisses me off. Why are we the only ones that know about Soros and how corrupt organizations like CNN, MSNBC, Twitter, Redit, Google, etc are? Why doesn't anybody do anything about it? How do we get the word out. It just pisses me off that the status quo has not budged since we discovered Pizzagate shortly before the election.

cc7c91 No.11142308

File: e15b4ee58a6c603⋯.png (98.68 KB, 325x274, 325:274, Unknown Sample.png)

wtf is a changeling doing at twitter?

161c8b No.11142336


Wow that's weird!

fcbb2b No.11142345

>Can't make Twitter change their rules on who they censor because they're a private company


>Got to bake cakes for fag weddings.

161c8b No.11142357


< Obama can issue executive order X

< Trump can't cancel executive order X

< executive order

< executive

< more like deep state order

But, my friends, do not be dismayed. There is no case for elections to be made. We must demand fascism TODAY!

cf1ba9 No.11142401



That pissed me the fuck off too. It was so wrong my senses could hardly comprehend what I had witnessed.

This stupid fucking shitskin from a country where they drink from the same river they shit and throw bodies in, got the chance of a lifetime to move to a first world country. Then this stupid piece of shit uses his newfound freedom to actively undermine the people that rescued him from shitting on the street and drinking raw sewage.

I don't think I have ever wanted to hurt anyone so bad in my entire life, my whole being is filled with rage.

dca425 No.11142433


Its called leading from behind

415350 No.11142502


What a great idea, mr feeby

d31c66 No.11142641



000000 No.11142672



Come on guyz, let's fix this already.

3ade39 No.11142709


>He always concludes to absolute most naive shit he possibly could.

I'll take avoiding a libel suit for 500 Alex.

3ade39 No.11142732

File: f4ad62536dadc4a⋯.png (675.01 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, scr.png)


>He released major undercover dirt on Twitter insiders and your first reaction is to call HIM stupid?

Maybe some of you oldfags remember the first time Milo got banned from Twitter, way back when.

Remember Operation Crisco? Where the phone directory was posted and people were encouraged to phone slam Twitter?

>no goy, muh-muh-muh PR!

O'Keefe reminds me of him. Doing something and getting shit on for it.

2cd078 No.11142941


>He never concludes with force or condemnation, always a light touch question or posing a moral quandary like he's a tabloid reporter writing about someone's bad choice of hairdo.


>He never fucking puts together all the shit he has and fucking hammers them for it.

You do realize these reporters are on hidden cameras and he gets them to confess a lot of fucked up shit just by partying with them, right? Most of his interviews are Veritas employees pretending they are on the same team as the people they are reporting on. If he came at them with loaded questions and a camera in the face, there would be no content in these videos to show as these people would shut them out or refer them to HR.

9806c3 No.11142954


Think for just a moment, and you'll realize that there's no way that's what I meant.

I have not criticized his undercover techniques.

0d27c2 No.11142970

File: 45861d38518f04b⋯.png (23.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, (((twitter))).png)

2cd078 No.11142990


OK then this >11141456

Do you really want to see emotion from his reports? I like the style. It's better to emulate Tom Brokaw than Alex Jones

40a0ef No.11142999

File: ea2d4a8f0277eeb⋯.png (260.28 KB, 421x338, 421:338, real fuckin original.png)


The YouTube comments are full of kikes calling Twitter "Fascist". They just can't stop poisoning minds and masking their Anti-White Commie bullshit. So sick of this micro-brained narrative that Marxists / Communists are fucking "Fascist". And the idiots buying into the lie need to be bludgeoned to death.

9806c3 No.11143017


Did I say I wanted emotion?

e8746b No.11143208


twitter is the great link

1787c2 No.11143354

File: 406b8af6c0ca17a⋯.png (150.88 KB, 435x734, 435:734, 9876543e4567890kjhgtffyguh….png)


This is a good way to redpill on an individual level or with a group high IQ critical thinkers, but the worst way to go about the mass redpilling of normalfags. They want to be spoonfed the proper opinions and talking points. They don't want to have to think about or do any work beside watch their info-tainment. If something is repeated in the media enough, it is true to normalfags, especially if they are bombarded with it from the time they wake up on the local news, throughout the day at work, and in the evening when the late night comedians repeat it. They think it must be true unless it clashes with one of their preexisting beliefs.

O'Keefe does great on-the-ground work, but he is not adept at maneuvering his way through the media machine to get his stories to stick. During the 2016 elections he caught Democrats committing blatant fraud and nothing has really come of it. Maybe a few low level volunteer Dems got fired or shuffled around to a different office, but overall it has amounted to zilch. A large part of the problem is the “conservative media.” Like the conservative politicians they lionize, they're all talk and never want to lift a finger or get their hands dirty the fact that most conservative media was founded and run by gay jews probably has something to do with it They are content with following the lead of WaPo and the NYT and simply commenting on the work of others. Save O'Keefe and a few others, there are no conservatives on the ground, breaking stories, and doing actual journalism. Drudge, Kikebart, et al will reblog it, write an angry article, then forget about it two days later.


O'Keefe needs help, and he will not get if from mainstream conservative media, nor from attention-whoring e-celebs. We should be the ones compiling footage and releasing propaganda that would make Goebbels proud. After the glorious triumph of 2016 election, victory has defeat us. Our success has caused us to be invaded with shills, plebbitors, and newfags, and mods gone banhappy while trying to crackdown on the legitimate shills and newfaggotry. We've lost our impetus. It's time to reclaim our title as final boss of the internet.

000000 No.11143466

628baf No.11143582


I like that, torfag

e7a396 No.11143647


Christ, how was the pajeet that stupid? It was painfully obvious that the questions were trying to get him to admit exactly what they're doing. The girl must have promised to open bob for him if he answered.

a49d52 No.11143785

File: e7cb56770106db4⋯.webm (15.41 MB, 480x272, 30:17, BREAKING_ Twitter Enginee….webm)

Nothing we didn't already heavily suspect, although it's good to have evidence such as this backing it up. Even better that it's from someone with such a stellar reputation like O'Keaf. This will catch the attention of some normies and maybe even wake a few up.

Webm for everyone.

cc7c91 No.11143791


>how was the pajeet that stupid

C2H6O is a hell of a drug

7ca662 No.11143859

File: 0392fd071a469a2⋯.jpg (98.85 KB, 590x376, 295:188, The Jew Card.jpg)


>producing shekels

9d79a2 No.11143948


>you will see their eyes glaze over right before they start playing with their smart phones

i wonder how they would respond if you pointed this out before it happened

cc7c91 No.11143956

File: 2911ecba2e9763b⋯.png (80.64 KB, 942x964, 471:482, really exercises those emo….png)


>twitter is the great link

ad5c40 No.11144156

File: 6c5a36d59e0fed2⋯.jpg (124.68 KB, 565x792, 565:792, card73.jpg)

ad5c40 No.11144209

File: 44bc3f7098a3e54⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 300x440, 15:22, cards292.jpg)

eeb99b No.11144266

O'Keefe is doing well to serve his purpose of educating normies and showing them the way. He is explaining things we already know in a way that normies can understand, with evidence. He's doing God's work.

910a92 No.11144297


Call it Community silent treatment(or compare it to that in your explanation), since you'd probably be talking to mostly chicks/effeminate guys they'd totally eat that up. It's one of the main tools those groups tend to use on each other to ostracize the unwanted.

658381 No.11144312


<hurr dis is just that q-larp crap, am i right fellow pol? :^)

into the >>>/trash/ you go glow in the dark clown

161c8b No.11144319


qanon is as clear as the Oracle of Delphi.

161c8b No.11144328


I'll be the first to check that.


3a39c1 No.11144343


>I think this is really going to fuck over Twitter

From what I understand they are already fucked. No one wants to buy them because half the users are bots. Seems everyone in tech knows this, it's just the normalfags who don't. And they are too tied up in whatever namefagging they are doing on there and won't give a shit until they are banned. It's literally being held up by the fact that NPC's are addicted to it.

9ac0e3 No.11144358

File: d6b24936b433856⋯.png (41.22 KB, 1099x553, 157:79, notyoutwitter.png)


Have some OC

a41ba2 No.11144428


these literal street shitters are not engineers

>twitter engineers

4b8efe No.11144543

Speaking of Twitter, how can I get past the phone number request without using my real phone number? I'm not in the US so I cannot use Google Voice.

f8e480 No.11144566


Speaking of shadow, upside down it looks like a shitty sonic OC.

0cb7b6 No.11144570


How to spread the word?

The General Public, " The Average Joe" has zero idea about this sort of thing, Bots, paid shills, tracking, etc. They seem to understand that Ads are tailored to them, but cannot grasp the idea that everything else they see is tailored as well.

I am a sh*tposter.

1aecdd No.11144577


where will you share it and push it to a viral point? You have to consider the facts that all social platforms are controlled and therefore, anything that goes against their monopol will be censored.


are you able to find a way?

495b50 No.11144590


<painfully naive about convincing normalfags


<gets it


You really have to love it when racemixing shitlibs break out arguments that were used to justify segregated restaurants. They truly have no self awareness.


It's the fact that they're proxy kikes, and the slaves' virtue signalling was no doubt created to keep your attention away from the synagogue when the goyim started noticing. It's too bad for them that it hasn't worked that way.


They do. What do you think a Rothschild cannibal party is?

d601d2 No.11144735

Hi Torba

a478b4 No.11144955

File: 8d71d595550cdc5⋯.png (195.4 KB, 640x360, 16:9, fbfd91e569f406b1ceb6c6c71c….png)

>>11144577 (absolutely checked)

We have to find a way and we will find a way. We will reclaim the means of communication

1aecdd No.11145050



98a223 No.11145184


There's several reasons.

They're generally young, inexperienced, or incompetent. Many leftists are washouts from their career or industry field of choice who now use their half-assed skills to contribute to the cause. Their inexperience and incompetence causes them to say shit they shouldn't.

They have a very "wholesome" i.e. cultish mentality, that is to say if you are a leftist you have to accept all leftists and think like they do. This is reciprocal in that leftists will treat all leftists like old friends which means they are naive and trusting once you establish yourself as an "ally."

And then there's the loud mouthed assholes who are just trying to impress their leftist clique by bragging because they are filled with petty ambition, which is the simplest and most predictable reason.

9ac0e3 No.11145197

File: 8e4875164917b1c⋯.png (49.68 KB, 1099x750, 1099:750, notyoutwitter[1].png)


One attack vector could be to create sock accounts to tweet directly at centrists or conservatives with high follower counts.

Twitter may try to filter the image. A counter to this would be to have a wide range of pictures to make this difficult.

The same tactic can also be used to spread on facebook because of

>Ooh, drama

Another way of distribution is to go directly to normalfags by posting the images on sites like funnyjunk,damnlol, etc

2fb12c No.11145286

File: 7e886dfb8ff1eb2⋯.png (291.54 KB, 480x596, 120:149, 1511914638592.png)


Gonzo Journalism

Alternative Journalism

Investigative journalism

FaggotPlasma Journalism

I could go on

2fb12c No.11145288

File: 5c040c132d0bb63⋯.jpg (41.03 KB, 676x404, 169:101, 1481049230035.jpg)


I sense potential in this one…

98a223 No.11145354

File: 36ef2674d4168d0⋯.png (494.18 KB, 676x1024, 169:256, 36ef2674d4168d0e1f048ac0e3….png)

>>11145288 (gechecken sie)

3b67ba No.11145371

File: d42ec43f7e249e6⋯.jpeg (197.26 KB, 1080x1538, 540:769, 697FD023-1937-4734-8F92-B….jpeg)


First cuckchan thoroughly overrun and now the forum sliders come here. Get fucked.

O’Keefe is fucking great. I especially love how all the stings do is use cute girls to ask questions about their work to these fucking dipshits who try to impress them. That’s it. These dickheads are so desperate they would do anything these girls asked them to do.

“Soooo, can you, like, turn off Trump’s Twitter account?!”

“Yah baybee, it’s wery easy for a super smart guy like me to do this.”

9e315a No.11145435


fuck off you obvious Mossad op, where have white nationalists EVER said they want to kill whites who meetup? this is such plebeian nonsense

6299f8 No.11145768


Watch. He's quite regular. Starts spamming this at noon(CST) everyday. Has been for months. Either a bot or paid retard.

42504d No.11145886

File: 593e6d9b60df650⋯.png (764.75 KB, 1273x1400, 1273:1400, 593e6d9b60df6501007c94d576….png)

File: 40a0a454be26aac⋯.png (469.96 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_2017-06-25-22-4….png)

File: 686a098504a8e1f⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 625x1769, 625:1769, nextPlus_image1118_2017_10….jpg)

Tos doesn't affect their own pedophilia grooming. Show normal population this.

42504d No.11145897

File: f9bca25d3b7fb87⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1514580382783.png)

File: 3432de9cb8e2653⋯.jpg (329.46 KB, 904x1844, 226:461, 1514583082329.jpg)


Twitter is a democratic superpac.

1d8f10 No.11146433

File: 3cfdfb28469d0b8⋯.jpg (21.81 KB, 400x400, 1:1, QkZHaMmj_400x400.jpg)


>(415) 222-9670

>Craig Murphy is 1168

1d8f10 No.11146452

File: 63082afcab1e8c8⋯.jpg (52.31 KB, 360x345, 24:23, rob.jpg)


Was typosquatting a faggot who pissed me off way back in 2009. Shadowbanning started around 2013-14 by my estimate. Gamergate just sped things up a bit; they were always breaking the rules for their tribe.

t. knew that cokehead who got Toronto cops to arrest a guy for "Twitter harassment"

7eec9d No.11146455

File: 143c13053e7fe01⋯.jpg (20.62 KB, 427x427, 1:1, 1489461800357.jpg)



cdd5ce No.11146471

/ourguy/ paul nehlen needs to add a ban on shadowbanning to his bill. companies should not be able to waste your time by banning you without telling you. and, if you broke the rules, they should be forced to tell you when and how. twitter has been banning me for "automated behavior" if I retweet two or three alt-right figures in a row, and its fucking bullshit

050241 No.11146602


>civil rights violations

It's a private site

1044aa No.11146610

File: dd91ac952118edb⋯.png (74.51 KB, 347x472, 347:472, Disgust 2.png)


>it's a private site

that didn't stop them from suing hobby lobby over birth control, and that was just for a fucking law. 1A is a constitutional right. read up on supreme court cases shill-kun, and you'll see twitter has no legal leg to stand on.

back into the oven you go

8762a9 No.11146644


Building 7 did do it. Shitloads of normalfags I've discussed that sort it thing with have mentioned it. It's almost a given these days, 'like building 7' as if no explanation needed.

All the O'Keefe are le gay shills are assblasted or dumb fuckers who should lurk. He has busted and bought to light heaps of shit in normalfag friendly ways.

9e2439 No.11146651



Back to reddit with you, shill.

>paul nehlen needs to add a ban on shadowbanning to his bill.

It's telling that it wasn't already in there.

>companies should not be able to waste your time by banning you without telling you.

There goes every vBulletin forum in existence.

>and, if you broke the rules, they should be forced to tell you when and how

Uh oh. Get ready to be banned (for "chronic shitposting") for that. There's no way 8chan would let you support such a thing.

>twitter has been banning me for "automated behavior" if I retweet two or three alt-right figures in a row, and its fucking bullshit

They're banning you because you keep making new accounts on a kike website, you stupid retard.


You don't understand the implications of his statement. Building 7 didn't do it. People aren't waking up to jews. They already knew that their government lies to them; now they just know one more thing about which they've lied. These people don't accept that jews did 9/11, they don't accept that jews did it to destroy surrounding nations and get Greater Israel, and they don't accept the implications of the last 70 years of history.

8762a9 No.11146673


Point of 911 isn't jq. It's that govt and media lie, that is the red pill that gets them questioning everything and leads them to the jq.

Jq and 911 evidence is sketchy other than dancing kikes and few others. Easiest part of wtc7 is high school physics/conservation of energy violated if official theorytale is true, using their own data FFS. Single sentence to explain/debunk if you do your homework.

48e127 No.11146697



back to the_donald with you, faggot.

e1ce00 No.11146727

When you have aids and your rapists will not stop.

e1ce00 No.11146730

Also, Twitter is ran by a homosexual that behaves like a gangster.

918bfa No.11146743

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>Veritas Next Bombshell! Twitter Spys On Users' Sexual Activities


1f6678 No.11147039



Veritas is one of the only YouTube channel you should probably actually watch on YouTube even if it's only to boost the video exposure to normies.


yes but at the same fucking time numbers help. They can only manipulate it so far before it becomes fucking obvious. I bet there's already people talking about it in the comments.

I wonder if O'Keefe will do a expose on YouTube anytime soon?

e82cd9 No.11147063


>They think nothing will happen even if they are caught.

Past experience demonstrates they are mostly right

8971c9 No.11147072


> youtube

He's already done some YouTube nigger who said he helps the NYT get their videos to outrank Infowars, by having [CIA assets] exclusively in the carousel [an invisible layer of shitty videos, that is at the top of a search result].

f72417 No.11147117


Gee, could they be manipulating the platform?

We have been fighting this shit since B.C.Y, its basically a given that you post a few redpills and your account is either gone or shadowed.





f72417 No.11147134


Leave you stupid cunt.

3b7584 No.11147281

File: 73621a899f59d43⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 300x225, 4:3, 1511326108089.gif)

915a65 No.11147531


James O'Keefe and Julian Assange are the only real "journalists" the western world has today.

915a65 No.11147541


>I wonder if O'Keefe will do a expose on YouTube anytime soon?

Already did. O'Keefe stung one of jewtube's trending curators:


85ded5 No.11147632

File: fceac818110d64e⋯.jpg (182.37 KB, 795x781, 795:781, likeretweet1.JPG)

File: 5ef35f28f6d85fb⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 745x181, 745:181, likeretweet3.JPG)

I've posted about this here before all this blew up. Something we all need to start doing is documenting examples of how Twitter promotes leftist content while demoting conservative content.

Look at some of these I just captured. Joyce Alene has, at the time of screen grab, 18.1K followers, but her tweet was RT'd 41k+ times and liked 126k times in less than 24 hours.

No-name Jonathan Savage with 2,800 followers tweets some shite that gets 25k RTs and and 69k likes in 23 hours.

You don't see this happen with conservative tweets

Instead, tweets of popular conservatives might get 20k likes/RTs period.

Someone needs to get the point across to conservative figureheads that this is WEAKENING CONSERVATIVE NETWORK and preventing us from mobilizing as effectively as the left.

If nothing is done about this far before the midterms this year, it's going to have a devastating impact on conservatives getting out to vote.

c7e8dd No.11147634


>Obama Admin

>Independence and integrity


85ded5 No.11147638


And when you're screen grabbing these examples, make sure it's possible to figure out the date of the screen grab.

Tweets <= 24 hours old will show the timestamp in "{hours}h" format (16h, 23h, etc). For these, you don't need to timestamp your grab since it's easy to tell you capped it within a 24 hour period.

For tweets older than 24 hours, you will see a timestamp on the tweet itself, so you will need to edit the date of the grab into your grab

dd6938 No.11147913

File: e7f8c86151cb33f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, F8BDEBE5-BB07-4FD8-BA74-AA….png)

To restore the righteous, we need leave the left lifeless

50ab5c No.11148059


Wickard v. Filburn, interstate bus lunchrooms. Everything is (((federal))) now, goy.

56c1e0 No.11148075


I agree with that strategy, though

if he stays aloof and "naive", he can keep digging with less fear of the tunnel collapsing behind him

he just pulls up the ore, we (that is, individual supporters) process it and make the weapons

50ab5c No.11148081

File: 6515057c3a4ad26⋯.jpg (80.22 KB, 1190x595, 2:1, 19-unforgettable-quotes-fr….jpg)


Now I make fun of the filterman as much as anyone else, but I still think in the back of my mind Alex Jones is a MILDEC project cooked up by a Smedley Butler type.

ad954d No.11148088

File: 04236c20d9e43fc⋯.jpeg (260.07 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 5122A207-5577-42AE-AAAC-2….jpeg)





50ab5c No.11148092


>Point of 911 isn't jq. It's that govt and media lie

All media is theatre. Only two types of news come close to the truth, the news the military relies on and the weather.

Scroll past the kvetching from the money launderer/art dealer in the clip and go to 3:22 for an example.


50ab5c No.11148109

File: b8b3e481b8018e6⋯.jpg (77.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fellow polacks.jpg)


5d0b9b No.11148232

Fuck Twitter. They employ people whom sell location data to rapists.

47cb21 No.11148492


It's not for YOU. People on this board minus electioncancer already suspect/know what the (((management))) of these corporations are doing. O'Keefe mainly appeals to normalfags that are slightly inclined to think their gov. is manipulating things

47cb21 No.11148531


Lurk two years minimum

bd00bd No.11148590


new memes pls m8

000000 No.11148655


I'm considering doing an IRL stunt in front of Twitter, any good suggestions?

322d17 No.11148702


Sure, become a double agent, learn the algo. Gradually fuck with the "AI" they have to filter shit. Basically Tay 2.0 but hosted by Shitter.

yes, it's a long con you faggots, but it would be glorious

8f8aec No.11148709

File: 88202788e797a15⋯.png (325.6 KB, 628x400, 157:100, tactical street shitters.png)

Shit on their doorstep. If they are preventing people for seeing shitposts they should have to wade through shit to do so.

I know there are some pajeets lurking here. Do your duty by doing your dookie. They can't complain because it is your culture and they don't want to be hipocritical bigots, now do they?

t. Feather Indian.

000000 No.11148718


Actually could do that, but my RL twitter feed, public postings, etc. would rule me out.

b31922 No.11148815


at a certain point you'll give up won't you?

you don't even compare to the spammers we had before, you don't even use a picture!

322d17 No.11148882


/pol/ doesn't need meet ups to be effective, fuck off back to Reddit

54517e No.11149043

File: 05c255e72eca34b⋯.jpg (44.36 KB, 718x512, 359:256, HansSchmidt.jpg)

6cc059 No.11149999

File: 4d214fdcaf9a96d⋯.jpg (119.36 KB, 704x1149, 704:1149, IMG_-c4wkqh.jpg)

The Libtards figured out how to insult you by using lists. They're careful with tweets, but have lists named whatever they want to insult and get away with it. Here's one someone posted to one twatter, she added a crown and called him a queen.

Lists, anyone have tips besides blocking the person? Reporting lists isn't a thing that I could find. Yes, I report snitch people on twatter all of the time.

628baf No.11150626

File: 4435f1e5fc11b85⋯.jpg (17.32 KB, 318x253, 318:253, Check Pointer.jpg)


Make your own lists. They are much more easily triggered than we are.

>Bath House Barracks Nigger Cum Felchers

>Blue Haired Landwhale

>Beached Inland Manatee

>Dyke By Necessity

>Oven Dodgers

You get the idea

85ded5 No.11151399

File: 32d3ac6b843a86c⋯.png (35.75 KB, 812x201, 812:201, likeretweet6.png)


Account with 1,332 followers produces anti-conservative tweet that garners 200k within 48 hours.

No conservative tweet would get this much reach. We're fucked for midterm elections if this shit doesn't get fixed within the next few months. The only way to do it at this stage is with an executive order because there's not enough time for a bill to make it to the president.

85ded5 No.11151403

File: 40a4f57730a1bba⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 895x210, 179:42, likeretweet4.JPG)


This one may have 82k followers, but still 131k likes in less than 48 hours (cap taken 2018-01-13 5pm ET)

85ded5 No.11151407

File: ac73229f5434812⋯.jpg (30.39 KB, 893x269, 893:269, likeretweet5.JPG)


She may have 335k followers, but you still won't see any conservative with this many followers getting 85k likes within 48 hours (cap taken ‎January ‎13, ‎2018, ‏‎4:59:39 PM ET)

85ded5 No.11151625

File: 261e5c36342a51d⋯.png (28 KB, 597x214, 597:214, ClipboardImage.png)

225 followers and 25k likes in 16 hours lmfao

0df9c9 No.11151658

File: 0c595caf7255560⋯.png (293.01 KB, 550x750, 11:15, A very very smug Satania.png)

Anyone else laughing over the fact that most of the people on these videos are H1B pajeets?

000000 No.11153627

Why is this thread being slid? O'keefe is dropping more bombs today.

>I've seen way more penises than I've ever wanted to see in my life. Yes. Lots of dicks.


43e001 No.11155009

File: 3fc2084648f83f1⋯.jpg (224.35 KB, 1050x600, 7:4, trump bump.jpg)


It's been a few hours since last post.

09b8ef No.11155042


a49d52 No.11155556

File: aab2fb746af7f3a⋯.webm (14.5 MB, 480x272, 30:17, BREAKING_ HUNDREDS of Twi….webm)

43e001 No.11156259


Nice job turning 46MB into 15MB, anon.

a49d52 No.11157908

File: f4b0b680cd46a02⋯.webm (11.09 MB, 480x272, 30:17, James O'Keefe on Hannity ….webm)


Thanks. I'm back with a new one.

8971c9 No.11160469

File: 50f342b1b5d5d3d⋯.png (52.68 KB, 257x193, 257:193, Maddow=MAN.png)


What was he looking at?

a49d52 No.11162267

File: 8064d91178591d4⋯.webm (3.54 MB, 480x272, 30:17, BREAKING_ Twitter Bans Us….webm)


>What was he looking at?

The new video.

3ac5de No.11186559

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This guy may have found one of the ways twitter shadowbans users. It involves an old nemesis of /pol/'s coincidentally. William TheGate.



3ac5de No.11189715

File: df4d9aa63468f29⋯.png (51.58 KB, 799x799, 1:1, verified_byzog 3 w:sdw.png)

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