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Four more years

File: bbd12f93e8954d0⋯.jpg (111.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 16d.jpg)

f554c5 No.11143287

>Believe it or not, child marriage is technically still legal in Florida – but a new bill weaving its way through the Florida Legislature this session would increase the age requirement to get married in the Sunshine State, effectively ending child marriages altogether.

>Florida law currently allows people as young as 16 to get married, but a new measure, SB 140, would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from tying the knot.

>If passed, Floridians hoping to wed would be required to provide their Social Security numbers to the county or circuit court who would then verify whether the parties were of legal age.

>An amendment to the measure would whack violators of the bill with a misdemeanor if they issued marriage licenses to underage children.

>Bill sponsor Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers, said marriage license “loopholes” had been used and abused to cover up sexual abuse of young women.

>Benacquisto pointed to the case of Sherry Johnson, an 11 year-old from Tampa who was married by a Pinellas County Clerk to a 20 year-old member of her church who raped and impregnated her.

>As child welfare authorities investigated, church officials decided the best way to “clean up” the controversy and decided Johnson and her rapist should get married.

>Officials in Pinellas County were aware of Johnson’s age at the time and issued the license anyway.

>Johnson told the committee she “couldn’t get out” of the marriage with her abuser, with whom she had six children.

>“So many minors are actually getting into situations they can’t get out of,” Johnson told the committee Thursday. “[Children] are able to go in and get married but they can’t get out of situations when they get into it, and that’s sad.”

>The U.S. Department of Health considers a marriage under the age of 18 a “human rights abuse,” though child marriages still happen nationwide.

>Over 1,800 marriage licenses were issued to minors in Florida from 2012 to 2016, a statistic supporters of the measure said was a surprise.

>“It’s really shocking to us that child marriage Is still legal in all 50 U.S. states at this moment,” said Heather Barr, senior researcher on women’s rights with Human Rights Watch.

>A reflective Johnson told the Rules Committee it was now up to them to change thousands of children’s lives in Florida.

>“It takes a village to raise a child,” Johnson said. “We are that village.”

>The bill passed unanimously and with three committee stops out of the way now heads to the Senate floor.

>The Senate Rules Committee unanimously passed the measure Thursday by a vote of 11-0.



51d3e8 No.11143308

>16 year old marriage thread on /pol/

Hoo boy ok let's DO THIS

>it's traditional, you jew

>no, it's pedophilia, you kike

f554c5 No.11143320


Yeah that's what I was thinking. This story cuts to the core of the debate we have here on adolescent sex and traditionalism.

I don't really have a stance on this myself other than that it's totally ridiculous they are waving the bloody flag about an 11-year-old who got married like 40 years ago, and comparing that with 16-year-olds getting happily married.

4298e8 No.11143323

File: 656c44b827d605e⋯.jpg (45.06 KB, 480x480, 1:1, infidels.jpg)

Muslims shouldn't be able to marry 9-year olds just because their pedophile prophet did so. Fags shouldn't be able to marry 3rd grade boys and have kike media calling anyone opposed to it a pedophobic bigot. Both these things are possible with the left having gone full retard.

53748d No.11143329


The reason you can’t date and marry a 14-16 year old and you could 100 years ago is the pill and the sexual revolution. Before the sexual revolution, here’s how it went: Man reached financial security and is ready to marry. He falls in love with neighbor girl who is 14-16 and starts to court her. The parents think he is a fine fit and let it happen. Since sex has consequences (pregnancy => marriage), there was no element of exploitation involved. The man basically openly signaled that he was willing to feed their daughter until he dies and pay/care for her children emotionally and financially. He marries her, the whole community/villages knows, and everything is fine. The only ones pushing for higher consent and marriage age are feminists who are bitter about being childless, husband-less, suffragettes in their 30s and want to compress the marriage market.

Now enter the ‘60s: Sexuality has no consequences anymore. Marriage is devalued. Liberals and hippies already push the boundaries because, “Hey, sex is for fun; why shouldn’t everyone do it?” The majority of society is still in the old mindset, though. Liberals and degenerates start to have sex with children (grooming) just for fun without planing to marry/have children with the girls. They rob the girls of their innocence and trust in relationships, then drop her for a younger girl. Here we see the rise of the concept of child exploitation. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, you had a lot of liberals and artists pushing pedophilia in arts and film since the majority of people still were behind the curve. (A lot of ‘70s movies with casual pedophilia)

‘70s: Pedophilia and drug use are rampant. The family unit is destroyed and young girls turned into nihilist whores because their belief in romantic relationships has been destroyed by liberals who are just out for young flesh without responsibility.

‘80s: By now relationships with young girls has become synonymous with exploitation of young girls since marriage and sex have been devaluated. Christian conservatism is on the rise to put an end to it (Reagan, etc). Consent and marriage ages are pushed even higher, ostensibly to protect children. Now we are in a vicious cycle. Even as a stern traditionalist anti-modern reactionary, you should not embrace lower consent and marriage laws right now. Because in this broken society, it would only lead to abuse by hedonists. Girls would be used up by 16 and turned into nihilistic feminist single moms earlier than even today. Stupid YouTube and Instagram chads would go around having harems of young girls without responsibility. But in a traditional society where sex means marriage–and marriage is binding FOR LIFE–yes, age of consent laws should be as low as is regionally seen acceptable, minimum everywhere of the physical maturity of the girl. There is no sudden change in women when they turn 18. A 16 year old girl is emotionally prepared for marriage, and it always has been that case. I hope this reconciles both parties in this debate. Also, I want to point to J. D. Unwin’s Sex & Culture; the study of all major civilizations and their decline that was instrumental in the writing of Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

53748d No.11143330


>“In the good old days, grown men could fuck nine-year-olds!”

Time to put this little chestnut to rest. First, you know fuck all about our history. Historians and archaeologists struggle to recreate how people lived in 18th century America, so the idea that Mr. Random Pedophile on the Internet has some special insight into Babylonian nuptials from the Iron Age is absurd. Second, what we do know about these bygone societies suggests that what we now consider underage marriage was softened by the cultures that practiced it. That is to say, a girl who grew up in agrarian France in the Middle Ages knew her whole life she’d be married off at 15 or 16. It was just how life worked; there was no perceived element of wrongdoing attached to it, and if the village pedo got himself a wife who was 13 or so, people may have gossiped but they mostly looked the other way. Thing is, though; if he abused that girl, her father and brothers straightened him out in a day or two. There were no cops back then, so nothing ever got in the way of a good lynching where it was needed. That alone kept Uncle Touchy in line. Third, these were farming societies. In that world, children are a blessing, not a burden. The sooner a girl could start breeding, the richer and happier the whole village would be. Little kids were almost free labor on the farm, and there was no social or economic penalty for girls who started early. Today, of course, a pregnant 16-year-old is almost bound to drop out of school and go on welfare, becoming a burden to us all because a horny 24-year-old couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Fourth, and I think this is the kicker–virtually every historical society had intact nuclear and extended families, and they mostly lived in places where you knew everybody else. Families had very strong bonds in pre-modern societies and people rarely moved around. That stability made it so everybody in town knew each other, which is a powerful disincentive toward predatory sexual behavior. If Lars the Blacksmith ever raped Gabrielle the Virgin, it’s not like he could disappear into the crowd afterward. He’d spend the rest of his life labeled as the village rapist, and he might face serious penalties. At the very least, he could expect to make enemies out of the girl’s family and lose access to the other village girls.

In that environment, a father could accurately assess the intentions of an older suitor for his daughter. If a 30-year-old woodsman asked for the farmer’s 14-year-old daughter’s hand in marriage, her father would know right away whether he was a good match. The father could then help his daughter make a smart decision rather than just tossing her to the wolves and hoping for the best. This is not how today’s society works. Even if we allowed underage marriage–even if we insisted on marriage as opposed to pumping and dumping–the “suitor” would still be a stranger with unknowable intentions. He could easily have come from the other side of the country, for all the girl’s family knows, and there’s no way I can see to ensure that the real abusers won’t take advantage of our newfound (((tolerance))) of childfucking. Without stable communities, how can we know the difference between an adult man who genuinely loves and wants to wife a teenaged girl in her prime breeding age and a pervert who wants to use her up?

76bc7c No.11143331


>child marriage

Come on now. mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker marrying and fucking a 9 year old is child marriage. 16 years old is not. Still too young (and foolish)? Maybe, but not a child for sure.

000000 No.11143334


Lets be serious: a woman's mind doesn't really grow up. What matters are the skills she learns and her body's development. Presuming both aren't hedonists, they could survive dating (courting) even when in their teens (this is technically better than what is done, because teenagers in middle school/high school don't court, they "date"/fuck). As a consequence, GIVEN these conditions, it would be fine to have 16 year old marriage.

Nevertheless, if we are considering our present day reality wherein there are a bunch of muds and such who already do everything they can to prey on children (as well as the hedonism already displayed by our own group due to the shit that has been shoveled into their mind for the past century), having such would be an active premotion of the degeneracy.

Before one changes the laws, one must change the culture.

f554c5 No.11143335


>Still too young (and foolish)? Maybe, but not a child for sure.

It's a power grab by the state, from the parents and the minors. They already need parental consent to marry.

f554c5 No.11143364


We have niggers having casual sex with little White girls in the middle schools, but somehow 16-year-olds getting married is a big problem now.

God forbid a few girls save themselves for marriage and marry when they are fertile instead of getting on the rainbow-colored cock carousel until they're 30.

000000 No.11143365


This is copypasta right? I've seen the exact same post before.

b26a13 No.11143366

File: 56c13cb1c2396d7⋯.png (381.72 KB, 900x862, 450:431, 1457572052767-2.png)

As the father of a nine year old girl, I just want to go on record and say that if I saw any of you faggots so much as smile at her wrong the last thing you would ever see is the drain in the middle of my basement floor.

a41795 No.11143367


f554c5 No.11143372


t. roastie

53748d No.11143374


Yes, I’m repeating them for the sake of the thread being the exact same as every one before. Judaism is responsible for childfuckers AND the AoC being as high as it is.

f554c5 No.11143384


>As the father of a nine year old girl

This isn't about marrying 9-year-olds. This is about teenagers and the feminist crusade to snuff out the last hopes of men to procure a virgin bride.

000000 No.11143404

>>The U.S. Department of Health considers a marriage under the age of 18 a “human rights abuse,”

>people having the right to get married if they want is a violation of their rights




f554c5 No.11143418


It's a human rights abuse because it's usually White men marrying White teens, asserting their cishet White privilege.

Any underage White girl who isn't slurping on nigger dick is a victim.

181137 No.11143487


>16 year old gril




<equivalent to a 9 year old


Girls mature earlier and faster than boys. An 18 year old boy man is not as mentally as mature as an 18 year old girl. You're a fucking retard for continuing the roastie "18 and only 18 forever!" scam. Do you have any idea how quickly the child birth defects and mental health - significant - issues ramp up after 18 for women? The increase in 'tism etc. has nothing to do with drugs or vaccines. It solely has to do with the age of conception of the mother. Women have a finite amount of eggs set when they are formed in their own mother's womb. These eggs deteriorate over time. The eggs are effectively retards when the girl hits 20.

000000 No.11143492


That aside, what exactly is there to be done about this? This law is almost certain to pass, any senator who votes against it will be the subject of a media smear campaign, anyone who speaks out against it will be the subject of censorship on social media and a harassment campaign from SJWs even if they're a teen themselves, and if the opposition senators somehow managed to overcome the above two obstacles and present a compelling case for not passing this bill, they'd just be suicided and/or suddenly charged with sex crimes with manufactured evidence and replaced with someone more cooperative with the feminists' wishes. Roy Moore just had an election stolen from him over the mere allegation of this, without ever having had any real proof presented against him. Whatever tactics have been tried against this shit in the past clearly aren't working. Something new is needed.

4c21a2 No.11143499

The AoC in the majority of the U.S is 16 despite Hollyjew convincing everyone otherwise.

b26a13 No.11143525

File: 673876bcc5ae875⋯.jpg (87.29 KB, 640x638, 320:319, dc1d00dd49123f954d3c31b17e….jpg)


I can hear the plastic start to chip as you slam your fat fucking hands on your keyboard typing out that block of salt. Go back to hot gluing your loli figurines, mutant.

0fe6c6 No.11143529

1. Should "children" be allowed to work?

2. Are all teens to be considered "children"?

3. 30 seconds before turning 18 (or your age designate) is the now "adult" a "child"?

Remember, the Founders didn't think you were a real man until you were 35:

> neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years

0fe6c6 No.11143535


His point of view seems superior. Why don't you have cover, Jethro?

000000 No.11143579


>1. Should "children" be allowed to work?

People already get jobs at 15-16 now.

>2. Are all teens to be considered "children"?

People are already tried as adults in murder cases at 14.

>3. 30 seconds before turning 18 (or your age designate) is the now "adult" a "child"?

Of course. You see, at the exact second someone turns 18, the Maturity Fairy visits them and bestows upon them the magical knowledge necessary to consent. What exactly is this knowledge, you ask? Fuck you, you shitlord! It's not my job to educate you! You should always believe us when we call someone a rapist! Everything we don't like is rape!

>this is what liberals actually believe


Cover? If the bushes brush against you nonconsensually while you're hiding in cover, that's sexual molestation, you fucking rape apologist. Why do you want people to get raped by bushes?

5abe53 No.11143603


Said 30 seconds are part of the much larger time period of 18 years and although it's ambiguous to say if said 30 seconds had any event or realization that contributed to someones maturity, the remaining 17 years 11 months 29 days 23 hours 59 minutes and 30 seconds sure as hell did.

0fe6c6 No.11143607


Questions 1 and 2 are about what ought to be, not about what is.


< "ambiguous to say"

The fuck you trying to say, Jamaal?

181137 No.11143611





12% body fat

Nice one keyboard warrior. (((You don't like facts do you? Because those were all facts.

8284d2 No.11143612


They also need a judge’s consent.

It’s not that easy to marry a 17-year-old.

And most states have minimums, such as 14, that even the families and judges aren’t allowed to exceed.

5abe53 No.11143619


>aha you did a grammatical error, now your argument is invalid

0fe6c6 No.11143627


No, I have no idea what the hell your argument is, kike.

5abe53 No.11143632


You feigning ignorance of what my argument is doesn't make it less of an argument.

>y-you are the kike

says the increasingly nervous man while arguing like a textbook kike

00b1f3 No.11143633


severely underrated post. as usual.

8284d2 No.11143637


If it were so inevitable, it would have already passed. Legislators know this is nonsense. They usually don’t have to expose themselves and can just let stuff die in committee.

0fe6c6 No.11143645


You Millennials are as arrogant as retarded.

2c705d No.11143657

File: d1db08d9a749df3⋯.jpg (649.84 KB, 1938x1290, 323:215, 1456779961378.jpg)


>If passed, Floridians hoping to wed would be required to provide their Social Security numbers to the county or circuit court who would then verify whether the parties were of legal age.

<"It's not I.D. though! :DDD they said"

<"would never ever be used for anything like that they said!"

636458 No.11143659


stale pasta, actually

5abe53 No.11143660


Says the boomer fuck that sunk us into this shithole filled with niggers and AIDS, want us to feed your pensions a bit more? But uggggh kids these days am i right ?

0fe6c6 No.11143687


< Thinks Millennials came after Boomers

000000 No.11143713


I could say this about the remaining 13 years, 11 months, 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds to describe someone who turns 14 in 30 seconds in a country where the AoC is 14. People who argue that it's some kind of giant human rights abuse to let people do as they like are going to need to come up with some solid proof for that, and as academia has been clearly shown to be politically compromised and the studies issuing from them debunked, the same old shit they spew isn't going to be enough.


The way you point out inconsistencies in the establishment views is by describing what is.


You think they can delay it long enough to pull what amounts to a pocket veto on it? That would still infuriate the feminist media. It'd be worth it to see that, though. Problem is, IIRC the AoC in Florida used to be 16 but it was raised to 18 recently because of christcucks. I'm not optimistic of them erring on the side of reason. No one should ever be optimistic when we're talking about politicians.

5abe53 No.11143719


>implying i do

How jewish can one man be, i never said anything like that but of course you would try to put words in my mouth like the filthy kike you are. Let me sum up what happened.

>(((You))) make a bad argument

>i address said argument

>haha you made a typo

>i don't understand your argument

>uuugh fucking arrogant millenials

>you calling me a boomer means that you think millenials came after boomers

You are either really jewish, either really stupid, or perhaps both could be the case.

0fe6c6 No.11143724


The questions were for people who support the legislation, but I thought that obvious…


Well then, your fallacy is: hasty conclusion

000000 No.11143728


Oh, it's going to pass. It already passed the house and the senate committee approved it unanimously. This will make Florida the first state to raise the marriage age to 18.


The eternal feminist is working to change that rapidly. Pick a state and search the bills up for consideration this year, and you won't have a hard time finding efforts to make criminals out of more White men.

It never ends. The AOC used to be lower, and when they got their rights they kept pushing to gradually raise the age over the decades. Once they get all the states to 18, they will push for 19, 20, 21 like they are doing with tobacco. We may see this shit in our lifetime.

97cf31 No.11143742


in a society where the kikes are allowed to teach young girls shit like 'my body my choice' yea it kind of is a human rights abuse. No child should be allowed to leave their house until adulthood in this cancerous fucking shit of a society.

97cf31 No.11143747


we could parlay this into being a direct response to the rising population of sand niggers in florida

5abe53 No.11143752


See here is the thing, it isn't those 30 seconds that turn someone mature, it's the whole fucking time period that said 30 seconds are included.

0fe6c6 No.11143753


That's precisely the point, but none of the ones who want to kill people who point out that nobody who is 16 is a child will answer any questions. Truth be told, they're just mentally unstable. That's just how it is. Soyboys.

53748d No.11143754



In what capacity?

636458 No.11143771


are you literally so new you have no concept of stale pasta. cease posting and lurk two years before doing so again.

000000 No.11143772


It's worth answering those questions for anyone, just so every view can be represented in the discussion. That said, there's one side of this discussion that's continuously tried to stop the other side from being represented. I don't need to tell you which side that is.


The only silver lining to this shit sandwich is that a lot of people are getting redpilled about the fact that AoC laws originated from feminist jealousy. As the roasties get bolder in their push to lower standards enough to make themselves seem attractive, that process will only continue. When the backlash comes it's going to hit like a hurricane, and it's closer than most people think.


If they actually believed in "my body my choice" they'd believe in letting teenagers do what they want even if it's having sex with or marrying an adult. Their problem is that they toss aside their own rhetoric whenever it's convenient.

000000 No.11143784


An AOC over 18 may seem ridiculous now, but an 18 AOC was just as ridiculous a century ago.

000000 No.11143787


>implying most people ever mature

You didn't address the point. The span of that time period is considered to be different in different countries. Which country has it right, and why?

000000 No.11143792

On another note, I think there are at least 3 people in here posting from Tor. Hooray for the land of the free where having a different opinion is thoughtcrime and the government can make up whatever fake bullshit they want to justify any power grab they like.

135428 No.11143796

File: 76c3ee3c25de9e5⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 452x604, 113:151, pedoyousure.jpg)


> Sherry Johnson an 11 year-old who was married to a 20 year-old member of her church who raped and impregnated her

There is no proof this happened. The niggress wrote a book about this and the story contradicts itself. The NY Times likely fell for a hoax. Amazon reviews state the book is poorly written as well. Probably a dimwit con artist.

0fe6c6 No.11143807


Right, the fallacy is personal incredulity. There are very good reasons to have AOC, but the advocates are completely incapable of addressing the weaknesses of a magic number rule.

135428 No.11143808


Don't worry, your wife's daughter is going be fiddled by one of your wife's boyfriends after she divorces you.

6aaf48 No.11143827


>the eggs are effectively retards when the girl hits 20

Huh, the claims from people like yourself have gone from 40 to 30 to 25 to now 20. Interesting. Almost like another number which keeps getting moved in a certain direction. I'm sure it's just pure coincidence.

000000 No.11143829


I don't think anyone here is advocating to get rid of the AoC entirely. There are some people I've seen who want to replace it with a sex licensing test, but that would still presume a basic level of competence. What people are talking about when they take issue with the current US AoC laws and feminists' constant push to make them more and more restrictive is that the feminists don't have any actual evidence that maturity works the way they say it does or that it comes when they say it does, and this is made worse by the fact that the feminists have no response to this except censorship of anyone who disagrees with them.

53748d No.11143833


Bump because it triggers you, reported because you have nothing to add to the discussion. Thanks for admitting it’s not stale, yid.

94c085 No.11143835

File: 8e8fc58f259d4a1⋯.png (1.07 MB, 2048x1275, 2048:1275, AssadHitlerLookAlike.png)


It's obvious you missed the most subtle troll in the thread.

419f80 No.11143838


>This isn't about marrying 9-year-olds. This is about teenagers and the feminist crusade to snuff out the last hopes of men to procure a virgin bride.

Yep. The higher the age of marriage, the less likely a girl will be a virgin at marriage and the less likely the marriage will be successful. The problem in America is that people consider females to be fully human, which is not the case and not what any of our ancestors believed until about a century ago.

000000 No.11143847


This is a fair point. If this was a hoax, and if other similar cases were hoaxes, that would go a long way towards making people understand how full of shit the people in OP's article are. Maybe someone should dig into this.

4a0578 No.11143851

File: 30229550d9cbe42⋯.png (148.29 KB, 280x333, 280:333, Maddow2915.png)


>The eggs are effectively retards when the girl hits 20.

Scientific, peer-reviewed source or get the fuck out.

000000 No.11143865



In spite of this, I find that claim very doubtful myself. I'd believe 30-35, but not 20. However, when you're in an environment where academics will get lynched by an angry mob for pointing out things that trigger them, you're not going to find many academics taking a pro-AoC reduction view, or a positive view of anything that could even be tangentially seen as supporting it. Academic censorship makes it impossible to rely on peer review, because the peers who would review your work can't give their honest opinion. They're only allowed to give the opinion the government approves of.

0fe6c6 No.11143890


>About 90 percent of eggs survive freezing and thawing, and about 75 percent will be successfully fertilized. The chances of becoming pregnant after implantation are roughly 30 to 60 percent, depending on your age at the time of egg freezing. The older you are at the time of egg freezing, the lower the likelihood that you'll have a live birth in the future.

> fuckin mayo clinic

135428 No.11143906

File: 4b52a4699e6c5d2⋯.jpg (125.48 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Downs Risk.jpg)

File: fbd2c1aa256e8be⋯.png (76.86 KB, 1081x864, 1081:864, Downs Risk 2.png)



Come on guys. Women should be bred at least until they are 30. Otherwise they start to get ideas.

606004 No.11143921


>>The U.S. Department of Health considers a marriage under the age of 18 a “human rights abuse,”

did they never hear of people marrying at 17?

000000 No.11143980


>expecting the Department of Health to actually know anything about health

>expecting the Department of Health to not be an organization full of political hacks

Why would you ever do this?

0fe6c6 No.11143982


How's that work out for frozen eggs?

0b3fd9 No.11143986

File: 0064c94ed0f9969⋯.jpg (442.99 KB, 1280x2306, 640:1153, Modern Femininity.jpg)


Remember this?


0b3fd9 No.11143990


Just get the fuck out and die.

0b3fd9 No.11143993


What if I just smiled at her, and was a well-off young man, and told you I'd maybe be interest in marrying her in like 10 years when she's 19 and 32?

0b3fd9 No.11143995


*and Im 32

606004 No.11144001


the chutzpah of the (((Health Department))) is just astonishing. they are claiming something that is still common to this day in polite society is a human rights abuse

who are they trying to fool, city dwelling troglodytes?

0b3fd9 No.11144004

File: 2f7775998bbf9e9⋯.jpg (83.49 KB, 1400x881, 1400:881, sherry johnson.JPG)


>>Benacquisto pointed to the case of Sherry Johnson, an 11 year-old from Tampa who was married by a Pinellas County Clerk to a 20 year-old member of her church who raped and impregnated her.

>>As child welfare authorities investigated, church officials decided the best way to “clean up” the controversy and decided Johnson and her rapist should get married.

Wow, how awful of them.

>>Johnson told the committee she “couldn’t get out” of the marriage with her abuser, with whom she had six children.

By 16, btw.

As claimed in this video:


How could she have 6 children at age 16 when she wasn't married until 11?

0fe6c6 No.11144038


> how

spics and niggers

0b3fd9 No.11144040

File: a8944bd99615f5c⋯.jpg (65.32 KB, 1416x775, 1416:775, Angel.JPG)



These are the lines I want to point out to you.

Angel, 25, 5 children (2 with new husband): "When I got married, I had just turned 13. We stood in my living room and in this ugly dress that my mother bought off the internet. And shortly after getting married she started encouraging us to have kids. And that's why I had my first son when I was 15. It was a way, I think, for me to be dependent on her. My ex was extremely abusive to me and… Um, and I was very confused, because this was the only guy I had ever been with. So when he started, you know, shoving me, while I was pregnant, I thought 'This is my life, how could this be!?'. I felt like I was in slavery to it, I was a slave to my ex, I was a slave to this idea that my mother wanted us to just all be together and for me to have kids so young, and to do all that.

I still have all this emotional baggage of wanting to have done something with my life by now. *starts crying* It is really all the time that I think about what I could have done, what I could have been."

I urge to watch the bit where she starts crying. Watch the hand movement.

See also:

Sherry Johnson: "He was 20 and I was 11… [At] 16 I had six children. What do I do? No finances - I have to depend on this man that I married. That actually was my life. So, having children, and trying to survive and live for them. It wasn't even about me anymore."

0b3fd9 No.11144042


No, I mean, how did this sheboon shit out fucking six niglets in 4 years.

0fe6c6 No.11144054


One set of twins?

000000 No.11144094


This is the country that claims to be the freest country on earth while trying a new gun grab every other week. There's no abuse of power too outrageous for Americans because Americans are cucks.

0fe6c6 No.11144109


No, it's because they want the kikes to love them. The kike says, "do this… then mayyyybe I'll love you, goy."

000000 No.11144121


It's a combination of a lot of reasons. Americans love their moral posturing, which is how these cucked AoC laws came into being. Americans are also bootlicking faggots because they have no principles, so anytime the government wants to take away a right they shrug their shoulders. I know a lot more people are learning the truth about this issue, but I have my doubts that it'll be enough. There are just so many fucking idiots in America, and they don't want to learn anything that might force them to reevaluate the preconceptions they've been told to have.

dad285 No.11144123


tbh 16 is perfect age for marriage and first pregnancy for women

0fe6c6 No.11144157


It's all down to one thing: what they respect. They won't listen to ANYONE unless they're in the right category, wearing the right suits, having the right physical stature. But this is not bad news, it is good: the degeneracy is taking hold, and the empire is collapsing.

bfc873 No.11144190

File: dfe5e015bf0d47e⋯.png (211.93 KB, 1782x766, 891:383, why AOC is as it is today.png)

636458 No.11144194


It's all downhill from there in practically every way for women.

0b3fd9 No.11144202


You'd more than one set son.

0fe6c6 No.11144208


>You'd more than one set son.

Nope, just one. A lot of niggers are super fertile.

0b3fd9 No.11144216


Then they'd have to be more than twins, Anon.

Twins cuts out the need for one of the two missing periods of time, no?

0fe6c6 No.11144334



So 5 + 1 = 6.

5762fd No.11144344



gotta give these excellent posts more visibility

0fe6c6 No.11144363



< we don't know

< this is what we know

aw, fuck off, shithole

287d5c No.11144529


>Now we are in a vicious cycle. Even as a stern traditionalist anti-modern reactionary, you should not embrace lower consent and marriage laws right now. Because in this broken society, it would only lead to abuse by hedonists. Girls would be used up by 16 and turned into nihilistic feminist single moms earlier than even today.

This really. Lowering consent ages would be open season for degenerates. It absolutely would not lead back to traditionalist values about marriage. The vast majority of this country is apathetic about marriage to begin with. If they marry at all they go into it with an attitude of "Well if it doesn't work out I'll just divorce!" regardless of the impact on society or even their own children in many cases. Right now it is too easy legally and very socially acceptable to "get out" of a marriage if it's not perfect. And birth control isn't going anywhere anytime soon, which is the #1 reason things are the way they are imo.

Great posts anon.

2c03c1 No.11144538


Stopped reading there.


cc4907 No.11144631

File: bc01333e319f6bf⋯.png (17.22 KB, 582x262, 291:131, age of marriage.png)

Kill yourself pedokike

>Young marriages have always been the exception to the rule. Hesiod, the most ancient Greek writer, says that a woman should not be married until she is at least four years past puberty. Plutarch says that Spartan women were to marry "not when they were small and underage for wedlock, but when they were in full bloom and wholly ripe" (Life of Lycurgus). Tacitus informs us that the standard practice among the ancient Germans was to avoid early marriages. "Late comes love to the young men, and their first manhood is not enfeebled. Nor are the maidens hurried into marriage; the same age and a similar stature is required; well-matched and vigorous they wed, and the offspring reproduce the strength of the parents." (Germania.) The average age of marriage in 1900 in Germany was 27.8 for males and 25.5 for females; in the U. S., 27.6 for white males and 23.9 for white females (Haines, 1996). In France, in the early 19th century it was 30 years for males, 26 years for females.

>The average age of marriage in England from at least the age of Elizabeth to the Victorian era was about twenty-five for both sexes. Marriages with young people were so rare that, in the year 1839 (to take an example at random) there was not a single marriage in England contracted with a person of either sex under the age of 15.

cc4907 No.11144632

File: 63f8f12badf3e74⋯.jpg (196.6 KB, 1000x1375, 8:11, pedo jew.jpg)

In most of Northwestern Europe, marriage at very early ages was rare. One thousand marriage certificates from 1619 to 1660 in the Archdiocese of Canterbury show that only one bride was 13 years old, four were 15, twelve were 16, and seventeen were 17 years old; while the other 966 brides were at least 19 years old

Additionally, the Church dictated that both the bride and groom must be at least 21 years of age to marry without the consent of their families; in the certificates, the most common age for the brides is 22 years. For the grooms 24 years was the most common age, with average ages of 24 years for the brides and 27 for the grooms

87fee4 No.11144641


>Girls mature earlier and faster than boys.

That's because of the xenoestrogens in the drinking water

a6f33a No.11144642

File: bb10da5a652d9c3⋯.png (127.9 KB, 641x354, 641:354, pepe_neet.png)


No, we just need to increase the age to at least one year post-menopause. That way we know they're not acting out of emotion.


They should amend the rules to join the Military, rent a car, book a hotel room, and get full-time employment too. Nobody should be allowed to do anything other than be a NEET and masturbate in their parent's home until at least 28.

b57683 No.11144645

File: 3b38b12037c6004⋯.jpg (54.47 KB, 620x620, 1:1, 20948008-standard.jpg)

File: 94304bf6564ade7⋯.jpg (113.81 KB, 866x1390, 433:695, freiburg-germany-portrait-….jpg)



>16 year old


biggest cuck in this thread

a6f33a No.11144651

File: 9026c8dc15ea331⋯.webm (2.38 MB, 358x640, 179:320, isis downie.webm)


>not understanding that pedophilia means sexual attraction to prepubescent children

16 is not pedophilia, the bullshit kiked term for it is ephebophilia.

I know, big words are hard.

000000 No.11144769


>implying they didn't "date" a lot at an earlier age

I can't deny the official marriage age, however I would distinguish people who court one another to be with one another for life (I.e. grew up in the same village, are close, get married at 25), vs. today where people date at least 5 people (and even then don't necessarily settle down. Hell, I don't think many people have marriage in mind when dating).

000000 No.11144786

As an addendum, the issue isn't really the marriage age. Marry at 18? No problem for me. The issue is courting/dating with the intent of marriage. If that was allowed (and a social norm. which was not broken, or even a legal status), then you could just date (not necessarily sex despite this modern age) at 16, and marry at 18.

The issue all revolves around trying to keep the woman pure/off the cock carousel from uni. (and late high school. It could still happen in middle school and early high school, but one shaves off a lot of bad already by removing uni. and late high school/senior prom/etc.)

b415f7 No.11144935

File: b117f6806caf2fa⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1458676829556.gif)

>>11143986 >>11143796 >>11144004 >>11144040 >>11143287

>RE: BBC vid from 2017-OCT-23


One female african nigress, one female asian jew. Both females are lying. Both females benefited tremendously, and were spoiled rotten

both females took corrective actions against their increasing antics as 'woe is me', exactly like children. Both females got divorced, exploiting and gold digging as much as possible, more child gibs temperantrums

both females now rail to raising the AoC, preventing other females from climbing the same ladder. Both females will still remain discarded. Both females came forward with their lies, playing the drama game for more gibs, with book and media payments. Both females were unable to stop their run away train of Jewry, and the cucks in law and judicial branches absolutely will not stop stealing from the room to give to discarded shit of the earth. Both females are now Law.

Some media and news distributors, and some lawyers, make out. All men, women, and society now suffers under higher legal compulsions. Zero asians {kikes, chinks, sandniggers, etc}, zero africans, and zero schizophrenics/crossbreeds modify their behavior, nor are held to sentence if they even make it to court. More property stolen, less property produced and maintained.

Well, that didn't end well. And the shithole of shitskin cannibalism and parasitism never ends. More of the same, if yet another George Washington Carver ala Oprah Winfrey for President succeeds again (eg Obama repeat).


b415f7 No.11145017


>Now we are in a vicious cycle. Even as a stern traditionalist anti-modern reactionary, you should not embrace lower consent and marriage laws right now. Because in this broken society, it would only lead to abuse by hedonists.


>Lowering consent ages would be open season for degenerates.

No hedonists will be deterred. Lowering, nor raising, AoC will have any effect on degenerates. African and Asian liar females will be enabled further. Lawyers, judges, and media publishers will make a living off of enabling those failed females. Specifically, enabling more civil court, with now more expansion to criminal court (so as to feed the civil case). And with the notes generated, civilization will continue to pay for all of it, granting legitimacy and furthering endless flame wars.

None of this is new, of course. But any claims of deterrence are simply business distraction ads from actuals.


9e64d2 No.11145093


super hot

65a88c No.11145784


>it's the fault of the people being oppressed, not the kikes doing it

Thanks for continuing to be shit, Torpedo.


This is true. I want what is best for our women, and it sure as Hel isn't the kike system.


Any divorce case ought to be a case where at least one person is sentenced to death for being a traitor (whether that is adultery or a fraudulent filing). Kill them all.

636458 No.11145830


Marrying a woman young isn't only best for the woman, it's best for her husband, it's best for their kids, it's best for both families, it's best for the community at large, and it's best for the nation.

The basic (and insidious) goal of (((feminism))) is literally the destruction of the West.

dfa2ac No.11145843

No 16 year old is going to be responsible enough to make the choice to get married. Until children are ready to make this commitment, it's the parent's responsibility to make sure that their children live productive and virtuous lives. This law doesn't make a difference in that respect, and could even be D&C.

636458 No.11145858


A 16yo female doesn't have to be responsible to get married, that's the man's job. She merely has to consent.

2fe032 No.11145864


no, marriage is definitely a union that requires effort from the man AND woman.

dfa2ac No.11145867


If she's 16, she's also still going to be in school. That isn't the time to get married, become a housewife, and get pregnant. I'm not saying that our current school system is working, but right now, there's really no point in a girl getting married at that age. There's nothing stopping her from experiencing courtship at this age though, which is completely fine if, like you said, she's under the proper guidance of her parents.

636458 No.11145877


Not really. At least not in the way this anon was implying. In traditional white culture young women learned everything they needed to please their husbands and have a prosperous household from their female relatives. The man is the one who must have actual responsibility in the larger sense, basically providing a home & food, protection and other resources. A good woman adopts herself to her husband to please him.


Who says she has to be in school?

>I'm not saying that our current school system is working

Kek. What an incredible understatement. Have you been in a public shitholeschool lately?

dfa2ac No.11145883


The government. Like I said, I'm not saying it's good, but the fact is that for 99% of girls, they're going to be enrolled in a school or homeschooled at the age of 16-18, and this simply doesn't leave time to do the things that are expected of a good wife.

2fe032 No.11145888


and if a woman isn't responsible she doesn't give a shit about any of that and takes advantage of the relationship

c4bb66 No.11145910


Pretty simple. Restore patriarchal authority of the father over the daughter and husband over the wife. Stop letting women make their own decisions, because they aren't good at them. They evolved to follow men and do what they say. The law needs to be such that only the men who have a woman's best interests in mind make the decisions, not random criminals that they'd willingly follow. Stop pretending women have their own agency.

c4bb66 No.11145913


Which is why you allow the husband absolute authority over his woman and let him be free to discipline her as needed, you fucking nigger.

52da56 No.11145920


>as young as 16

>"child marriage"

How about do fucking something about 12 year olds being married in CA? A ban was pushed but changed before it passed to not ban child marriage, thanks to planned parenthood and the acljew

2fe032 No.11145921


which isn't good for anyone in the relationship

which is why you give fathers authority for longer, so you can wait that extra two years and marry a patient, kind WOMAN instead of an impulsive, hormone charged GIRL

000000 No.11146043


The only ones dividing men from women are women themselves with their awful behavior, which your post is a perfect example of.


Actually the term for it is "being a normal red-blooded heterosexual male."

a947c7 No.11146063


>so you can wait that extra two years and marry a patient, kind WOMAN instead of an impulsive, hormone charged GIRL

Sure smells like roastie in here.

Also, minors already need parental consent to marry. The new law removes that freedom of choice.

a947c7 No.11146071

>Bill sponsor {{{Lizbeth Benacquisto}}}

We need a separate echo bracket to indicate women involved in feminist activities deleterious to society similar to the jew.

0be7c2 No.11146107



You are the reason I still come here. Posters like this.

cc2552 No.11146126


>No 16 year old is going to be responsible enough to make the choice to get married.

Most women are never responsible enough to make their own decisions about marriage and sex. It's the father's job to make that decision (with input from her, of course).

16-year-old boys are not ready for the responsibility required by marriage, of course, but that's not an issue because no father is going to let his daughter marry a 16-year-old boy unless he's truly exceptional.


Effort, yes. Even our system acknowledges that 16-year-olds are perfectly capable of that, we let them work and make them go to school.

879d05 No.11146177


>not 14 year old marriage

4aaeaa No.11146196


>They're only allowed to give the opinion the government approves of.

Works both ways if the Rind et al fiasco is any indication.

4a0578 No.11146267

File: 15bba5513edf28b⋯.png (285.52 KB, 503x335, 503:335, Maddow18.png)

>Florida law currently allows people as young as 16 to get married, but a new measure, SB 140, would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from tying the knot.

18! How can you possibly say you're ending child marriage, but still let 18-year-old children get legally preyed upon?

And don't give me the "well we'll just raise it to 21" argument; at 21, kids aren't even through with their soon-to-be-mandatory college education. The reality is that adolescence extends well into the 20's; even the ACA recognizes that childhood doesn't end until one's 26th birthday, and even that may be too early. Marriage needs to be banned for anyone under the age of 26 at the youngest, and we'll work from there.

I can't tell you how many white self-described anti-fymynysts I see getting married right out of high school and starting large, white supremacist, Christian families with their parents' blessing. It's obnoxious and really ought to be illegal. Bumping the marriageable age up first to 18, and then to 26, will cut the white birthrate further while doing nothing to impair the growth of under-the-table, foreign-based relationships in the Hispanic-American community or the almost universally out of wedlock relationships in the African-American community. This law, while pathetic in its near uselessness, is a small step in the right direction.

4a0578 No.11146275

File: 22e0668140d9ed7⋯.png (159.3 KB, 363x415, 363:415, Maddow8825-2.png)


>The older you are at the time of egg freezing, the lower the likelihood that you'll have a live birth in the future.

And how does this prove the claim that "The eggs are effectively retards when the girl hits 20"?

And protip, typing "fuckin mayo clinic" is not a source.

ddb5a7 No.11146281

The sooner you realize Rach is the perfect parody of leftists, the easier it is to laugh at them.

d0e318 No.11146283


>11 Year old


>20 Year old


You don't have a child marriage problem, you have a hispanic pedophile problem.

c73da5 No.11146284


You know how?

By calling rachposter a faggot. That's how you accomplish whatever the fuck you're on about.

19e004 No.11146288


Polite request: you mind not putting pictures of Maddow in my face?

d0e318 No.11146292


>There were no cops back then

You mean perverts with a badge.

82fc1e No.11146295

The (((New York Times))) is for it so I'm against it on principle, arguments about pedophilia aside.

4a0578 No.11146298

File: 4e16d7fa041cc4b⋯.png (118.25 KB, 325x394, 325:394, Maddow8810-5.png)

4a0578 No.11146303

File: 9bdb733b0523df2⋯.png (144.34 KB, 321x420, 107:140, Maddow8815-6.png)


>you mind not putting pictures of Maddow in my face?

Where the fuck did you just blow in from, T_D? How many minutes have you been on /pol/?



d0e318 No.11146304

File: aee206d500628bb⋯.jpg (26.46 KB, 422x422, 1:1, pedo dan.jpg)


Not interested, in fact I'll help you.

Girls are cute, then fucking annoying (teenagers) then beautiful. Maybe I don't get it because I'm not a pedophile.

066202 No.11146308


Why you gotta post a picture of a girl getting blacked

c73da5 No.11146318


I've been around since you first started coming here, and you haven't got any LESS annoying in time. Even if someone does come here for the first time, they'll ALSO hate you.

4a0578 No.11146319

File: f442add3d5deead⋯.png (170.17 KB, 307x384, 307:384, Maddow8759.png)


>France in the Middle Ages

>There were no cops back then

Are you fucking retarded?


>Law enforcement in France has a long history dating back to AD 570, when night watch systems were commonplace.

Further reading for the criminally under-educated:


0e55d2 No.11146324

File: d4a51c8fa956d90⋯.png (583.25 KB, 485x604, 485:604, tollpaymentstillprocessing.png)


Shame she's getting dirty.

d0e318 No.11146330

File: a05b3367763c308⋯.jpg (28.68 KB, 260x345, 52:69, 51oEQWoLx6L._SL500_SX258_B….jpg)



What a succinct and appropriate label, BTW. Thanks /pol/.

4a0578 No.11146331

File: d3b7fcfca01bb95⋯.png (145.2 KB, 380x393, 380:393, Maddow8811.png)


>since you first started coming here

Do you even know when that was, newhetero? I realize you're not the same poster I was addressing, by the way.

Sage for off-topic circlejerk.

c73da5 No.11146340


Yeah I'm a different dude. I've been around since this place was like 15 PPH, and I know you showed up at SOME POINT in that time, couldn't tell you when because I don't give a shit. I had you filtered on my old computer. Also:


What is that, a rebranded, sleeker version of heterosexuality? Sounds cool. Wonder what it's about.

4a0578 No.11146344

File: 4e37aa506837a94⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 800x533, 800:533, 4e37aa506837a94af4f34e2330….gif)

File: efcfa73b6ef1ff9⋯.png (91.56 KB, 272x319, 272:319, Maddow8814.png)


>Why do you want people to get raped by bushes?

This triggered me tbh.

dbeae2 No.11146346

File: 1807727a37b0966⋯.jpg (108.66 KB, 838x592, 419:296, Jaffe Memo 1969.jpg)


Under UN directive no doubt

c73da5 No.11146353


So your computer DOES have something on it besides Rach.

Why not be a Jebposter? That would actually be amazing. Why do you gotta pick a goblin that noone wants to look at?

d0e318 No.11146358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4a0578 No.11146367

File: 40f0ff0a9d28e18⋯.png (221.56 KB, 334x409, 334:409, Maddow8769.png)


>So your computer DOES have something on it besides Rach.

Confirmed for newhetero. You haven't been here long at all.

In general, honesty is the best policy. Don't pretend to be something you're not. Be honest and up front about your opinions, motives, and background, like me.

602a79 No.11146372



we do need a new jeb poster. Also fuck you rach nigger.

c73da5 No.11146374


Or maybe you were FUCKING FILTERED after I saw you in one thread? So I don't know what kind of bullshit you've been up to since then?

I can't vouch for your honesty, but now I can at least vouch for your intelligence (or lack thereof).

369a68 No.11146381

File: fb009ce6eb6a095⋯.gif (356.49 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1515536082992.gif)

>Maddow posting.

c73da5 No.11146387


It's part and parcel of living in a big city.

6e9159 No.11146388

As others have said this is a pointless powergrab as they already need parental consent. I'm against it.

c73da5 No.11146396


…how does that make human rights violations any better?

>hey police, why are you beating the shit out of that young man?

>his parents consented

>oh ok

4a0578 No.11146400

File: 823ee816aa27d2b⋯.png (162.59 KB, 380x393, 380:393, Maddow8811-2.png)


>Doesn't know how the filter works

Protip, it's utterly useless for an anonymous poster with a dynamic IP. You would've had the chance to see me plenty of times, if you were an oldtimer, or even a regular.

Now run along back to T_D.

369a68 No.11146403

File: 334a27c6bafa94d⋯.gif (2.83 MB, 294x524, 147:262, 00b76449d2bb846251f2f1a03e….gif)


If someone consents to being beaten up then there's no issue with beating them up. Legalize fighting TBH.

0b3fd9 No.11146405










Whenever you wonder why the board has diminished in quality, remember that this is still allowed.


Its so surprising to find that everytime rachposting appears, the modsock titled 'resurrectedplayer' has been recently active.

4a0578 No.11146406

File: a3497fa00ffd19d⋯.png (107.96 KB, 380x393, 380:393, Maddow8811-3.png)




4a0578 No.11146410

File: 9b0617eb0964b69⋯.png (107.84 KB, 269x341, 269:341, Maddow8822-7.png)


This is your brain on libertardianism.

c73da5 No.11146413


>You would've had the chance to see me

…but I didn't. I spent a while off /pol/ for one (and I'm not a frequent poster in general), and I probably filtered you the moment I saw this bullshit in a thread.

>Now run along back to T_D.

Can't, my leddit account has been banned for 2-ish years.


You can consent to fighting. My mom cannot consent to have someone force me to fight. That's justly against the law.

Same reason I think the tranny shit needs to stop. These are the kinds of decisions adults make for THEMSELVES. Not a decision an adult can make for other people.

369a68 No.11146416

File: d97484e16a97360⋯.jpg (190.47 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, d97484e16a97360d21f52a23b5….jpg)


>Consenting adults shouldn't be allowed to fight

4a0578 No.11146418

File: be5c5d1bd0026b0⋯.png (111.37 KB, 351x343, 351:343, Maddow8752-3.png)


>When someone gives you like 25 (you)s in a single post

0b3fd9 No.11146419


You're welcome, moderator.

4a0578 No.11146424

File: 1a39778e6ce915f⋯.png (142.26 KB, 349x422, 349:422, Maddow8830.png)


>Getting viciously assaulted by the white supremacist police state

>muh persunnull freedumbs

But to directly address this latest strawman of yours, no, they shouldn't. UFC, MMA, boxing, wrasslin', all that shit should be banned for the same reason rapemusclefights are. It's harmful to one's health and serves no constructive purpose for society at large.

6e9159 No.11146425


IF the boy consented to being beat up as well I don't see the problem. If a parent and judge want to consent to a marriage of a 16 year old late teen who wants to get married, there is no problem. Honestly would probably be less degenerate since most teens are banging outside of marriage by that point anyway.

Also, reminder that sanctioned fighting is a thing.

c73da5 No.11146426


As I posted in my response, consenting on behalf of a child is not a "consenting adult". That's slavery.

c73da5 No.11146429


>IF the boy consented to being beat up as well I don't see the problem

See, now you're changing the story. Now the kid IS consenting. And here

>If a parent and judge want to…

He is not. There's a HUGE fucking difference, retard.

6e9159 No.11146440



As far as I know arranged marriages are not a thing in Florida. Pretty sure the teen has to consent first.

d42a15 No.11146441


>being this trsodomite


c73da5 No.11146443


Yeah, "consent".

>Amir, you marry cousin

>but I don't want to dad

>you no eat

Guess what: signature lands on the fucking paper. Bob's your uncle.

aa6429 No.11146447


So you shouldn't make decision for them about what they eat or forcing them to go to school? Father make decisions that he sees fit even in their marriage. Muh slavery. Also they can consent or what do you think about all old people married in past. Are they all slaves and forced to do it? Why didn't they divorce when they reached higher age. You're stupid.

4a0578 No.11146450

File: dec7596e81d83ac⋯.png (166.79 KB, 314x375, 314:375, Maddow8760.png)


>Rach is kampfy!

>Rach is moonman!

>Rach is Heil!

>Rach is codemonkey!

>Rach is Jim!

>Rach is Jim Profit!

>Rach is learningcode!

>Rach is Shariablue!

>Rach is a paid shill!

>Rach is a fymynyst cunt who deserves to be raped!

>Rach is a manpig!

Please; I've long been immunized against such attacks. They run off of me like water off a raincoat.

If I were a moderator, you'd know it because a) self-improvement threads, book threads, et al. wouldn't be banned on sight because they're constructive content; b) Ledditors who refuse to assimilate would be given /r9k/-style exponentially increasing bans until they were either effectively perma'd or learned to keep their cancer to themselves; and c) we wouldn't have half the fucking front page taken up by stickies (the topics of stickied threads are generally not even that noteworthy btw, mods here suck at identifying good content) that stay up for days on end, often long after the relevant issue has subsided.

c73da5 No.11146459


You know why the government doesn't get involved in these decisions? Because going to school and eating (for the most part, ameriburgers managed to fuck that up) can't cause long-lasting damage to the child.

Shit like marriage, drug use, etc etc is not left in the hands of the parents. Kids just aren't fucking allowed, and that's the end of it. Society can't exist if kids are doing this shit.

>Also they can consent or what do you think about all old people married in past.

Can you please rephrase? It sounds like you originally typed two sentences and combined them, and now this shit doesn't make sense.

c73da5 No.11146462

>c) we wouldn't have half the fucking front page taken up by stickies (the topics of stickied threads are generally not even that noteworthy btw, mods here suck at identifying good content) that stay up for days on end, often long after the relevant issue has subsided.

Huh, Rachfaggot actually said something that's 100% correct. I'm fucking shocked.

c73da5 No.11146465

0b3fd9 No.11146472

File: 067924cfd717c6f⋯.jpg (244.96 KB, 1837x1187, 1837:1187, kaylyn when i was 9.JPG)

File: 93ee180ac3d9ca6⋯.jpg (312.04 KB, 1834x1174, 917:587, kaylyn.JPG)

File: b1fa9b224c00ac3⋯.jpg (183.56 KB, 1833x1110, 611:370, kaylyn2.JPG)

File: 58abc13ffbdb1d8⋯.jpg (122.55 KB, 1275x615, 85:41, kaylyn3.JPG)


Well, that's what happens when you let your daughter become a whore before she's hit puberty m8.

Also, strong suspicion of mischling.

0b3fd9 No.11146473


>blah blah blah im not a mod its just (((coincidence))) goyim

Seems legit, moderator.

4a0578 No.11146477

File: 6fbaa26df05a394⋯.png (178.08 KB, 364x425, 364:425, Maddow8828-2.png)


>Also they can consent or what do you think about all old people married in past.

I think he's trying to say, "What about the people in previous generations who got married young? Are they slaves too, or were their relationships consensual? If those marriages were non-consensual, why didn't they just divorce when they reached adulthood?"

It's a shit-tier argument because of the false equivalence it draws, but I think it's what he was going for. Boyim are so fucking short-sighted, narrow-minded, and idiotic.

4a0578 No.11146481

File: 8551b5cb08a43bc⋯.png (230.33 KB, 325x394, 325:394, Maddow8810-4.png)





P-p-pure cohencidence.

c73da5 No.11146482



If that's the case, then yeah, that's not too sharp. In terms of social organization, human beings could be re-named as a species like 20 times. What humans were before even, like, the invention of the internet is FUNDAMENTALLY different than what they are now. The same rules don't apply.

4a0578 No.11146496

File: ad4c62a6014bcb0⋯.png (539.64 KB, 844x431, 844:431, Maddow8764-2.png)


>In terms of social organization, human beings could be re-named as a species like 20 times.

That's not why he's wrong, but it is an astoundingly ignorant thing of you to say. Familiarize yourself with the philosophies (and philosophers) of ancient Rome. Even thousands of years ago, they said - completely accurately - "there is nothing new under the sun".

>What humans were before even, like, the invention of the internet is FUNDAMENTALLY different than what they are now.

This is wrong, but I'll give you the chance to make your case for it before I completely blow your tiny-minded argument out of the water.

c73da5 No.11146508


I know from a spiritual/philosophical perspective shit is way different. And I am not disagreeing with these conclusions at all. I'm simply REFERENCING how biologists categorize species. If one kind of fuckin' prarie dog or something abandons their young instead of doing whatever they do now, this other kind is on the list for becoming a new species.

Before the invention of the book, human beings were not "animals that read". Now they are, so the definition of human needs to be changed.

0b3fd9 No.11146509

File: 11fad25f0621194⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 346x450, 173:225, Bill Slevin.jpg)




Hahahahahahaha, oh wow, this whole thing gets more ridiculous the more I investigate it.


>Bill has over 25 years of extensive experience in the information technology field with a broad range of skills that range from IT Management to hardware and software support to web and print design.

>Bill worked in The World Financial Center in Manhattan, New York for over 7 years as the IT Director of a large Brokerage Firm, Rodman & Renshaw. Bill was responsible for implementing the advanced infostructure of their New York and Boston offices, where he designed and created one of the first Intranet systems, which helped dramatically improve communication and production within the State Wide Organization. Bill was also responsible for maintaining all of the computer systems of Rodman’s 500+ employees in their New York and Boston offices.

>Bill then relocated to South Florida where he has worked with and consulted for some major companies over the past 15 years, including NetVision Worldwide, Virtacon, Bidnow and Visual Magic.


>William Slevin is the Marketing Director of Moran’s Italian Bistro & Brick Oven.


>Hello, I am Dr. Robert A. Moran, owner of Moran’s Italian Bistro & Brick Oven. I am Board Certified in Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, and Addiction Medicine (both by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Board of Addiction Medicine). I am also certified by the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology. Along with Moran’s, I also own and operate Wellington Retreat, a state-of-the-art psychiatric and addictions treatment center.


>Bill Slevin is the founder and Lead investigator of The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.). Bill has always been fascinated by the paranormal and the unexplained since he was a kid, and has worked in the paranormal field for 25+ years. Bill has a lot of experience working with the paranormal and the unexplained and has been part of many residential and commercial investigations. Bill is dedicated in assisting residents and businesses with paranormal activity in a processional and caring manner, by identifying the types of activity occurring at their location, helping to ease anxiety associated with those events and to further assist in bringing resolution to the case.

>Bill is also accredited with Flamel College in their Paranormal Studies and is certified in Paranormal Investigations, EVP Tech, UFO Investigation, Cryptozoologist, and Parapsychologist.

>Bill was recently seen on Destination America’s Ghost Asylum on the episode about the Castillo De San Marcos in St. Augustine, FL (May 1st 2016).

>Bill has also brought his vision to life, of bringing the entire paranormal community together with the launch of ParanormalExistence.com. This site has been in the works for over 4 years and was launched in 2015. Check out our page “Paranormal Existence” to learn more – it’s Free to everyone always!

tl;dr: Dude worked for Jew York kikes for years, then moved to Florida, and when this guy isn't working as marketing director for an Italian restaurant run by a Jewish psychiatrist, he's chasing fucking ghosts… Meanwhile, his trophy wife - who lives in LA - is no doubt taking every dick in range, and has turned his daughter into a coalburning instagram thot.

Clown world, indeed.

a947c7 No.11146512

File: a9846a929c8993b⋯.png (77.89 KB, 1284x563, 1284:563, Irish.png)



2fe032 No.11146523



a947c7 No.11146527


>and has turned his daughter into a coalburning instagram thot

The guy is clearly a cuck for both his wife and daughter. The daughter is a member of the Dance Moms coalburner clique. Several of the girls who were featured on that talmudvision show have gone black and have used their status to promote miscegenation on social media.

0b3fd9 No.11146531


Absolutely hilarious and disgusting at the same time. A tragic comedy

0fe6c6 No.11146547



fuck off.

just. fuck. off.

You! out!

2f5947 No.11146557

File: 7ffb5ecc54f4897⋯.jpg (7.25 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 17505251_300x300.jpg)


>>Rach is moonman!

Fuck off.

0fe6c6 No.11146560


Attention whores do that. They come, they try to change the topic. Fuck them whores.

760206 No.11146568

File: 7a1eb270f013a23⋯.webm (7.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Superdickbowl.webm)



the appropriate response is


2f5947 No.11146571

File: edb89e084809735⋯.jpg (39.65 KB, 480x468, 40:39, morans.jpg)




>implying he wasn't popping his daughter's cherry at 4 and not running pedogoon darkweb sites

4a0578 No.11146573

File: f4708536d1deb83⋯.png (164.39 KB, 347x388, 347:388, Maddow8766-3.png)


>tl;dr: Dude worked for Jew York kikes for years, then moved to Florida, and when this guy isn't working as marketing director for an Italian restaurant run by a Jewish psychiatrist, he's chasing fucking ghosts… Meanwhile, his trophy wife - who lives in LA - is no doubt taking every dick in range, and has turned his daughter into a coalburning instagram thot.

>Clown world, indeed.

Oh, good. I thought you were going to take one look at his past working with Jewish New Yorkers, his present work with a Jewish (((psychiatrist))) turned owner of a pizza par – I mean, Italian bistro, the two are very different boyim, believe me – and his interest in the occult/paranormal and decide he was somehow part of the cannoliportal kinspeercy just because he's been whoring his daughter out at least since she was 9.

I guess my redpilling efforts have had some effect here after all. You're not all insane conspiratards any more, and not every guy with a 9-year-old (((child model))) daughter has shadowy strombolidoor connections with the various financial institutions and media outlets doing businesses out of the same pyramid-topped skyscraper as him.

4a0578 No.11146585

File: 1e21e9ee9053634⋯.png (36.06 KB, 325x394, 325:394, Maddow8810-3.png)


I agree; the people making these ridiculous accusations are truly insane.

f126de No.11146596

File: 06e6bd8d9e3fe9f⋯.jpg (10.08 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 7476d041bfe4214204657c95e5….jpg)

I thought I would share a recent story of mine here.

>be 18

>seeing a mentally mature and stable 15yo girl, her parents approve of me and I am moral enough not to have sex or "experiment" with her

>this is in a state with a Romeo and Juliet law of a four-year difference, so even if I wanted to I could

>mentally unstable leftist non-white ex-girlfriend I dated when I was a bluepill takes note of this and tries to get her parents to take action against me

<for something she has no business in and has no evidence for

>I, on the other hand, have numerous photos that document her trying to cheat on her current bugman of a boyfriend with me (even now)

>nudes, chats telling me she wanted me to wallfuck and dominate her, everything

>say I will send them to her boyfriend and friends if she so much as says another word to me

>she obliges

>cut all contact with the slut, in the best relationship I could have with current gf

Roasties fucking suck and deserve spots in psychiatric wards. Polite sage for blogpost

a947c7 No.11146597


Given his connections to New York banksters, he was probably selling black bull sessions of the daughter to audiences of elite kikes, that's how he got her a foot in the door in show business.

ee1e72 No.11146607


yeah, but you're still a piece of shit for rachposting. please kys

a947c7 No.11146608


Good for you. Now, you should marry her before they change the damned law.

1febe4 No.11146612

File: ea079f7d8bc39fc⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 615x409, 615:409, Harvey-Weinstein.jpg)

File: 32fc2915d216452⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 636x333, 212:111, uploads1515411511483-Ugand….jpg)


> that's how he got her a foot in the door in show business.

There's only one way to make it in (((show business))) and that way is right between Harvey's legs.

0b3fd9 No.11146622

File: 40327842d89a099⋯.jpg (30.16 KB, 428x558, 214:279, tfw.JPG)


God damn it. Everytime I hate you, you say some shit like this and make me hate you just a little less.

I still want you to die though.

a947c7 No.11146626


Media kikes are obsessed with conditioning White little girls miscegenate, that is why all of the content they publish is psychologically designed for this purpose. Dp you really think they don't like seeing the product of their efforts? These people are not content with a simple BJ for quid pro quo.

The pedo molests, the pedokike wants to ruin them with coalburning.

3c8a09 No.11146627


If you're not global reporting every single post the dyke moderator makes, you don't deserve to be here.

43df35 No.11146628


>pretty blonde girl, a bit skellington tho

>looks closer




aa6429 No.11146633


Wife material tbh.

43df35 No.11146647


>high maintenance trophy wife material


43df35 No.11146652


Fap away:


d3a204 No.11146677


The media have certainly done a number on you, haven't they?

b26a13 No.11146709

File: c46e1af76fb53ae⋯.jpg (82.82 KB, 591x694, 591:694, c46e1af76fb53ae630cb5df1ff….jpg)


No, but if you cough up a decent dowry, I'll let your son marry her when they come of age, assuming he's actually yours and you haven't raised him to be some manner of sodomite.


Yes, how kiked of me to not offer up my prepubescent daughter for the sexual gratification of some thirty year old incel. I'm sure Moloch is very disappointed in me.

d3a204 No.11146714


>Yes, how kiked of me to not offer up my prepubescent daughter for the sexual gratification of some thirty year old incel. I'm sure Moloch is very disappointed in me.

There is a difference between protecting your daughter in a rational, healthy manner and the paranoid "look at her the wrong way" attitude you described earlier. Absolutely nothing wrong with doing your paternal duty. Just don't fall into the media trap of seeing any and all friendliness or positive interactions as sinister; or you might as well call yourself a feminist.

a947c7 No.11146719


>and the paranoid "look at her the wrong way" attitude

For normalcucks, this attitude usually evaporates the moment their White daughters come home with a Black boyfriend from the football team.

d3a204 No.11146723


Disgusting. I wouldn't even let my daughter have black/brown friends, teachers or even playground acquaintances.

a947c7 No.11146744


I'm not saying you are one of those normalcucks, just remarking how the "don't look at her the wrong way" attitude often collapses when cuck fathers are faced with a decision to be labeled a racist or take a stand to prevent their daughters from miscegenating. The other side of the coin is that a lot of these young girls miscegenating come from single-mother homes where the father has either abandoned his responsibility to protect his daughter's honor, or he has his hands tied by a lack of custody.

a947c7 No.11146748


*to not be labeled a racist

b26a13 No.11146749

File: 72ddd466e9be8eb⋯.jpg (130.82 KB, 960x686, 480:343, pgpRd0W.jpg)


>the paranoid "look at her the wrong way" attitude you described earlier

It was hyperbole anon, relax ;^).

d3a204 No.11146753


I know, I'm in complete agreement with you.


Save the gun for niggers, spics, chinks, mixed meat, tattoo 'artists', hippies, communists, piercing faggots and whoever else needs to stay clear of your daughter.

b26a13 No.11146762

File: 673b73f037e81ac⋯.png (143.3 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 673b73f037e81ac49ae1132c30….png)


>Save the gun for niggers, spics, chinks, mixed meat, tattoo 'artists', hippies, communists, piercing faggots and whoever else needs to stay clear of your daughter.

Hopefully the range lessons are paying off and she'll have the common sense to shoot these people before I have to.


d3a204 No.11146765


Good man.

000000 No.11146767





How young is that shit starting nowadays anyway?

000000 No.11146769


Do you have a single fact to support the idea that this type of situation is even a notable portion of cases where an adult wants to marry a teen, let alone a majority?


>It's a shit-tier argument because of the false equivalence it draws

>things are different just because it is literally the current year

Look up the special pleading fallacy and then off yourself.

d3a204 No.11146771


From the earliest age. Storybooks, cartoons, children's shows, advertisements, information pamphlets are all jumping aboard the 'diversity' wagon; so your child will be exposed immediately. That's what they want. To normalize the presence, participation and worst of all, permanency of poo pigmented persons.

b1a765 No.11146777


>Unironic use of the word "roastie" in the thread OP title

==Incels are not wanted here== the best way to fight white genocide is to have 3 or more white children not be an angry virgin on the internet

c626c3 No.11146778


< being over-protective totally won't backfire

c626c3 No.11146780


Only white women can prevent white genocide. There's no limit of men willing to provide semen, you know.

000000 No.11146783


What part? The "hang-out with subhumans", "date subhumans", or "date" in general? Personally, I've seen the friend thing occur even in kindergarden (after all (((we're all the same))) no hate allowed), as for dating/such, I've known first year middle schoolers who engaged in sex. That was more so early 2000s. Now, due to the internet, I wonder if they actually do it anymore (at least the full thing) when they can just exchange highly graphic content via Kik/Snapchat/etc. Since they can befriend subhumans with enough propaganda since kindergarden, and can be trained to be quite lewd even in middle school, I'd say (provided the social pressure) they would be willing to date a subhuman (of course, it wouldn't be of their own volition, but if they had to avoid being labeled as racist, it could happen. Social standing being a woman's life and all that).

a947c7 No.11146789


Anywhere there is a sizeable population of mud people, there is going to be a miscegenational current in the schools. There are many schools in the South with White minorities. They get White Guilt indoctrination in the curriculum, they go home and have pro-nigger bullshit pumped into their heads by the kike media. Next thing you know latch-key girls are getting off at Tyrone's bus stop. And we have politicians trying to make a name for themselves by banning traditional marriages of established men to teen girls, people trying to go about things the right way, a law which disproportionately affects White relationships. It's a sad state of affairs.

b26a13 No.11146791

File: 7041faacb774ed4⋯.png (165.23 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 10 int.png)


Like this guy said >>11146771, pretty much fucking immediately.

If you're planning on raising a child I recommend you start collecting as much non-kiked media as you can now. Teach them to read as early as they are able, and If at all possible, don't let them fucking anywhere near anything with a screen for the first five years of their life. Get them into mythology. Kids fucking love mythology.


>Not letting an adult fuck my children is being "over protective"

Sure thing Skippy ya think you're hot shit, dontcha?.

000000 No.11146800




I swear to fucking God, it's times like this I wish I could waltz into any of my old elementary and middle schools from the 90s (what generation does that make me? Tend to lose track of that) an hour a day for a month. Or go back in time on account of any red flags back then being blurry. Just to see if this bullshit isn't just on the social and media level.

Or I'm just blind to it all on account of living in New York my whole life. And black to boot.

c626c3 No.11146837


You have an over-protective mindset. Controlling. It won't go well. Control too much and rebellion sets in.

c626c3 No.11146839



Yep. Back in the day when everyone married perversion was extremely rare. Deviancy is a product of despair, and overwhelmingly so.

b26a13 No.11146848

File: 5334c3c3799da70⋯.jpg (72.83 KB, 720x451, 720:451, incredulous_whores.jpg)


>Armchair (((psychology)))

Tell me more about myself.

135428 No.11146854


Sample size is too small for a good study, but probably shit. Older women have trouble conceiving even with younger eggs. Many of those attempts fail completely. There are articles with women writing about how miserable they are, they thought they had all the time in the world. Even with the company spending 10K a pop they are still barren and they just give up hope. All the light in their world snuffed out. So they go around telling other women to wise the fuck up.

a947c7 No.11146867


When the extent of the damage to the West caused by judeo-feminism finally hits you, you will understand why people are using that word.

c626c3 No.11146898


I can see you care more about your own image than protecting those you supposedly love you don't. You love yourself. Think she won't notice that?

b26a13 No.11146905

File: 047c15175b1c024⋯.png (294.81 KB, 457x340, 457:340, 1422063267432.png)


Fascinating. Tell me more.

c626c3 No.11146915


If you'll ignore what others have to say, you certainly won't make good decisions in your life.

b26a13 No.11146926

File: 77d520118a266a2⋯.jpg (70.29 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1423449720044.jpg)


No, please, you have my undivided attention. Do go on. I want to hear all about what a man sexually attracted to children thinks about my failings as a family man.

c626c3 No.11146971


< accusing strangers

You could just as well be what you accuse others of. Perhaps that's the source of the defensiveness. Creepy, honestly.

b26a13 No.11146977


>You could just as well be what you accuse others of. Perhaps that's the source of the defensiveness.

Did you just use the "homophobe secretly likes dick" argument? Is this your first day on /pol/? You want to borrow my shovel for that hole you're digging yourself?

>Creepy, honestly.

Oh, my apologies, I didn't realize I was talking to a woman. Nevermind.

c626c3 No.11146983


You're way too emotional about this. It amuses me, I'll admit.

440b52 No.11146989

File: 1c0214491b1602f⋯.jpg (58.42 KB, 640x451, 640:451, assembly guide.jpg)



This is the concise and correct view on this topic. Thank you for posting.

c626c3 No.11146994


The conclusion, stated at the first, doesn't actually follow from the many other statements, some of which are admittedly OK. It's not a reason. What do I mean? "Something has changed" isn't a reason for anything. Example "why can't I carry a handgun in my pocket without a license now? Because there is now international terrorism."

The fallacy's name is "non sequitur".

440b52 No.11147016


I dunno if you are autistic or something but he was saying the reverberations caused by removing consequence from sex(the first line) is the core reason why we cant go back to our more traditional ways. He also extrapolated with historical examples and arbitrary logical examples.

c626c3 No.11147026


Wrong. That isn't his first statement.

cf9a38 No.11147030


The idea of a future daughter burning the coal makes me understand where sandniggers are coming from with the whole honor killing thing.

d3a204 No.11147035


Yes, except for us it'd make sense - though I'd never kill a white child.

cf9a38 No.11147056


Yeah, just remove nigger. If my hypothetical daughter was 18 and an unashamed coal burner, I'd definitely completely disown her though.

440b52 No.11147070



Any supposed fallacy doesn't detract from his intended points. Your "gotcha" type shilling is pathetic. If you cant construct a real argument then stop posting.

c626c3 No.11147078


< logic doesn't matter

sod yourself

918e2d No.11147136


Muslims and fags outright shouldn't exist.

0b5401 No.11147178

File: 5e230eef9523f36⋯.png (48.21 KB, 999x436, 999:436, 10 Year old consented, Sen….png)


For what it's worth, between the omnipresent hate and the guaranteed replies, I appreciate the using of your status for good in as trying times as these. Strange times when Maddowposting is somehow an elevation. What a timeline we've entered.

Also, pic related for a look at Europe that is relevant to the thread. If the AoC laws get lowered here, without a better society to actually support the spirit of the law, and not just the word, then we become liable to end up like kebabistan in terms of child abuse. Once our society is cleansed and large populations of closely knit families begin to reappear, then we can discuss the AoC laws, but until that happens there are far more pressing matters. Keep an eye on these sorts of stories though, unending vigilance is necessary now more than ever.

c626c3 No.11147199


All countries considered homosexuality a crime, at one time.

71524a No.11147247

Calling a 16 YO to 18 YO a child is simply dishonest. Not stating that "teeeens" are not retarded but 17 YO and 10 YO are not the same thing, period.


Trips confirms, Kek wills it!

Sage and report all incel/wizard/mgtow posts. All that they do is entice the more naive viewers into joining them in their loserdom.

c626c3 No.11147259


< Report all posts I disagree with

< People who disagree with me are all Russian bots

43df35 No.11147555


>the moment their White daughters come home with a Black boyfriend from the football team.

Stop buying guns and ammo and start putiing you money here:


43df35 No.11147559



Start here and work backward.


Beware that there are a lot of (((schools))) that are "least diverse."

43df35 No.11147561



No internet in prison yet, roastie.

0b3fd9 No.11147562


Meh, I don't have a son yet, which means she'd be like 19 before he was even 10 if I had him tomorrow.

What good is that? Christ son, by that point, you ought be paying me a fuckin' dowry.

43df35 No.11147563


> I've known first year middle schoolers who engaged in sex.

The filipinas were putting out in sixth grade in my town.

43df35 No.11147573


>If you'll ignore what (((others))) have to say


43df35 No.11147575


Tits or GTFO. Now, roastie.

7d4793 No.11147578


This anon gets it.

Also let's not forget that these laws aid in keeping the young population in a prolonged state of adolescence. We live in a time where there are some men who don't get jobs until they are 21-22 and aren't emotional or financially able to keep a wife and family at that age even if they wanted to.

43df35 No.11147582


>that 10 year old ass

>sexual emergency, goy

The good news is that lynching is coming back in a big way, right after our version of the Butlerian jihad.

0b3fd9 No.11147588

File: 940995e1053a9fb⋯.jpg (414.6 KB, 2068x1248, 517:312, File 148.8, Slide 9.jpg)

File: 286d77802920fea⋯.png (430.67 KB, 795x3687, 265:1229, 1418257181710.png)

43df35 No.11147589


Sodomy implants demons. You don't have to be a christian to see this.Just observe enough fags as I have. Had a fruity friend in elementary school – father and uncle buggered the gay into him, I later learned – and he befriended me for security reasons since I'm yuuuge in size.

Learned a lot about art and aesthetics, though, which makes bagging art chicks easy, but they are their own class of degenerates… sigh.


cd6833 No.11147788


>Learned a lot about art and aesthetics, though, which makes bagging art chicks easy, but they are their own class of degenerates… sigh.

>bagging chicks

>they are their own class of degenerates

You're a degenerate too. Not saying that to be a dick, I just can't even begin to grasp how alt-righters seem to think it's okay to sleep around. That's a great way to get STDs and/or leave yourself feeling hollow and empty. Casual sex can never give you what you need. It's filthy and degenerate when a woman does it to their future husband and it's equally filthy and degenerate when a husband does it to his future wife. If you're doing it because, "welp, I already popped the cork on my champagne, might as well keep chugging", that's shit logic. It's never too late to stop and improve yourself and your quality of life. Don't take the black pill.

5c423c No.11148137

File: 9d09cdb4a2135af⋯.jpeg (761.33 KB, 1600x1238, 800:619, image.jpeg)


1. Considering you are probably in your late twenties or early thirties, that makes you a millennial. It's a super broad brush generation.

2. You don't remember the colorblindness meme from when you were a kid? Back then multiculti was pushed as colorblindness like with pic related. The current obsession with racial politics we have now was contained to black separatist groups and prison gangs. Jewish subversion was always there, it's just that in the 90's the white demo was still in the solid majority so corporations and institutions couldn't push the agenda without pissing off their majority white customers. They needed our money.

More shitskins in white countries has everything to do with the amount of shitskins we see in our media. They consume more than whites due. The only people who watch tv are white boomers and shitskins you haven't noticed? and it has a direct affect on the kind of ads shown on tv.

d34730 No.11148183




4a0578 No.11149206

File: c3ce7db11fcaaba⋯.png (102.96 KB, 277x328, 277:328, Maddow2913.png)


And how's that been working out for you, stormderp?

Do you realize how long I've been here on the chans, redpilling the masses with my liberal fymynysm?

2e04f6 No.11149223

File: fdce34bf45d25b2⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 800x600, 4:3, psp.jpg)


>They consume more than whites due.

Probably true, but that isn't the reason. Ads also show an impossible number of faggots, and I doubt faggots spend that much more time watching talmudvision. Ads on the street focus on shitskins, and everyone sees them. It's possible shitskins are much weaker against ads, but other than that to me it seems to be pure anti-White propaganda.

ea48bf No.11149231


That faggot still posting here? What a retard.

45f07e No.11149271


All jews will be killed in due time.

1fc6e3 No.11149280


>You're a degenerate too.

Checked, but why do you assume this was recent behaviour anon? I used to smoke and drink too.

1fc6e3 No.11149289


>It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it! – Upton Sinclair

9f470c No.11149341

File: 3b33d2008ddd2a1⋯.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: bf2b9865082d137⋯.jpg (885.2 KB, 1350x1719, 150:191, BvcZi7l.jpg)

File: 864ac39ffc539ba⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 75amf3w1aaby.jpg)


My new waifu.

9f470c No.11149353

File: edb62b66add11f1⋯.jpg (4.9 KB, 199x253, 199:253, images.jpg)

>but goy, she's a tranny

9a1de9 No.11149390


>posting some goatse tranny


0c0aef No.11149395

File: 55a425d15fabea3⋯.jpg (81.45 KB, 435x600, 29:40, b67b6c286339c9c43305f4a6a2….jpg)



Don't wait until you're daughter has Tyrone's illegitimate child to learn who pays a dowry and why.

b26a13 No.11149442


>Don't wait until you're daughter has Tyrone's illegitimate child to learn who pays a dowry and why.

Dowry was practiced all throughout history for a variety of reasons. Seems like your post is a thinly veiled excuse to salivate about your coal burning fantasies, faggot kike.

000000 No.11149542


Well you know what, faggot? Re-legalize sex with the prime sexy teenieboppers every guy wants and we'll marry white teen girls and start making white babies with them. Until then, you can go fuck yourself.

443e1d No.11149556

File: d14985cfc0717ad⋯.jpg (58.43 KB, 808x465, 808:465, pigeonbomb.jpg)



>pic of a fully developed slut

3025dd No.11149610


That the max Int for Fallout 1 & 2 is 10, which short of the Arcanum Max of 20.

#TheMoreYouKnow #ImARagingFaggot

e63333 No.11149636



>not children

000000 No.11149666



Europeans did in fact marry child brides in the past. It's absolutely religion of peace tier. When considering the average age of marriage, you have to factor in that women often married as young girls to much older men, and outlived multiple husbands. This was a plot point in Chaucer's tale "The Wife of Bath" because the women of the day were able to relate to it. Anyway, here's a list of the marriages of some kings.

Irene Doukaina age 11

Alexios I Komnenos age 22 or 30


Flavia Maxima Constantia at 12 ('marriageable age')


Justina (empress) age 10

Magentius age 47


Maria of Alania age 12


Galeria Fundana age 10

Vitellius age 45


Helana Lekapene age 9


Agnes of France age 11

Andronikos I Komnenos 65


Margaret of Hungary age 9

Isaac II Angelos age 29


Irene of Montferrat age 10

Andronikos II Palaiologos 25


Marie of Champagne age 12


Marie of Brienne age 9


Isabella of France Age 6

Richard II of England age 29


"The fact that she was a child was discussed during the negotiations, but Richard replied that each day would rectify that problem, that it was an advantage as he would then be able to shape her in accordance with his ideal."

Simonis Palaiologina Age 5

Stefan Milutin Age 50


ac6030 No.11149805


God, you're fucking dumb. Read >>11144631


filtered for Jewish homogay, I'll see you hang on DOTR, faggot.


good for you, my father was the same way & I'm glad of it.


Go away degenerate tor, a few examples does not a culture make.

d853a4 No.11149834

File: dca9bb0d0a6e32e⋯.jpg (262.84 KB, 1200x1004, 300:251, 1493831654556.jpg)

"Women lose 90 per cent of 'eggs' by 30

Scientists have discovered the reason why women find it difficult to conceive later in life - they have used up 90 per cent of their "ovarian reserve" by the age of 30."


Telling women to wait until they're 23+ to have kids is a recipe for disaster. Not only have they used up 90% of their ovarian reserve by 30, those eggs arent to the same quality as they were in their teens. Children to older mothers have a higher chance of mental disorders and other debilitating diseases.

Women hit their PEAK at 16. This is a biological fact, then they decline from there.

Who are the people pushing for women to have careers, travel, waiting out to have kids and promoting sexual promiscuity in their most prime years? mostly people on the left

f65a65 No.11149919


If i were to speculate, i don't think having the act of sex without giving birth helps it either. There has to be a process within the woman as she's having sex that the body reacts to that and thus start preparing to become pregnant, if she then doesn't even receive any semen there have to be something that goes wrong in the process which damages the body in some way.

Just some speculation. Same goes with taking the pill.

>mostly people on the left

It's on the right aswell, left or right we all know who really try to push it, because what does it achieve? A broken white society. Divide and conquer.

000000 No.11149937


They're only promoting sexual promiscuity in a very limited set of circumstances i.e. between teenagers having casual sex. They're very selective about when they favor liberation. It's not like they've ever felt any need to be consistent anywhere else.

c626c3 No.11149956


That's completely untrue. If a woman gets pregnant she is placed on government dole - this means that men MUCH older men are forced to pay the tab. Forced. They aren't volunteering to help, they are FORCED. Robbed. And what a degenerate condition.

d9c0e4 No.11164838

File: 125b03431df186d⋯.jpg (7.47 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gotmilk.jpg)


What puzzles me about the sexual liberation scheme is that it hardly pushes for child sex. I believe people are now pozzed well enough that most wouldn't stand in opposition to it.

There is all the gay and trans shit already, to someone that wants to destroy 'the family' in the traditional sense, it would seem the next logical step.

The thing is though, aside from just the prevalence of pedophilia as a side effect of sexual liberation. I haven't seen any real signs of a new subversion aimed at pedo-acceptance or lowering OAC laws ect.

I believe the why of it comes down to three reasons;


It would go against the interests of certain conglomerates whom's financial viability of products depend upon keeping a hold on what is socially defined as beauty standards. A simple example of what i mean by this would be what happened in brazil. Big tits and Big asses. Non-standard variation complicates profit margins.

Conglomerates being, pharmaceutical and luxury fashion industries


To retain child sex as a commodity, if it were to be socially accepted to any meaningful degree, the appeal of 'forbidden fruit' would not be as tantalizing. Dus it would no longer have its utility as a tool of corruption and i believe consequently a means of ensuring obedience. ie Offer child prostitute to person, record incident, threaten to release recording to authorities if person does not comply with w/e demand.


Seeing children used and abused might cause millenea old instinct to reassert itself amongst the general populace, which could override some if not all the social engineering. Well, that and societal decay, can't have your drones dying off before the job's done. Mark my words, if this occurs in europe it will mean the end of the european experiment and the coming of the nwo.

Sometimes i wonder if mankind will end up becoming homogenized like pasteurized milk.

b9da7b No.11164913


It's a DnD reference normalfaggot. 10/18 is potato level.

291388 No.11165198


That's marx tier. It is less about us running up and dictating what is sold to us, and much more about them deciding what is sold to us and determining the rate at which we run.

08686c No.11165202

16 is fine if the parents agree, specifically the father.


567b2c No.11173019


>I haven't seen any real signs of a new subversion aimed at pedo-acceptance or lowering OAC laws

Correct. The status quo of gradually raising the AOC/marriage age, while not prosecuting muds or elite pedos, will continue.

1fce1d No.11173032


>I believe people are now pozzed well enough that most wouldn't stand in opposition to it.

Age of consent laws are relatively recent phenomena it is also one of the primary planks of feminism

5b8701 No.11173483


Aristotle was right

5b8701 No.11173490

5b8701 No.11173508


testical removal. we don't need more niglets.


>feminist media

maybe North Korea is on to something

00c08a No.11173771


>TORah poster trying to play the D&C game

You've been banned silly so much that you can't even bother to come back here with a proper IP. Am I right?

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