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Four more years

File: bb45195d8bd8837⋯.jpg (87.83 KB, 624x351, 16:9, _89862857_gettyimages-4676….jpg)

102128 No.11147002

Brave - and desperate - parents, relatives and friends of students are seen climbing school walls in Bihar to pass on answers to the students inside.

"When you go elsewhere, no one will believe your degrees. If you can't clear exams, why don't you just fail them and retake them till you pass?" a frustrated Bihar leader, Laloo Prasad Yadav, had said at the time.

The examiners will be checking the handwriting of the students and will be asking questions to find out whether they cheated in their examinations.

The decision to arrange this unprecedented retest was taken after a local TV channel broadcast footage showing two of the top-scoring students struggling to answer basic questions posed by the reporters.

Ruby Rai and Saurabh Shresth topped the school-leaving class 12 examination, in which more than a million students took part. On paper, they are the cream of the crop.



7c43bf No.11147005


This is really old news tbh…

Academic corruption is rampant in Asia. Which is why so many Asians come to the west to study. Western universities really do have prestige in Asia….

2b46d3 No.11147008


Hilarious photo.


"old news" is a Communist refrain.

102128 No.11147014

File: d46bffe6c0bd1f4⋯.jpg (126.24 KB, 976x549, 16:9, 9d55dcd4a7a2d1591a8bc32aa0….jpg)


IT Pajeets passing their poo in the loo test

plebbit post is relevant: https://www.reddit.com/r/Thailand/comments/7pikkv/need_help_for_selfimprovement_earn_some_dollar/

> I am learning web development (Html, CSS)and SEO. I have done my bachelor's in computer science, but I haven't learned anything. After graduation, I couldn't get a job because I don't have any connections or real friends and due competition in my country(India).

7c43bf No.11147017


>"old news" is a Communist refrain.

Didn't know that - but videos of the wall climbing cheating have been on youtube for 2-3 years now. I even remember reading about it on /pol/ then. A thread died for this……

7818bf No.11147019

File: 14848c273f6d1dc⋯.png (7.14 KB, 185x273, 185:273, DFDF768B-CC67-4207-B7CD-81….png)

But we need more doctors and professors for the Welfaaaaaare

197fad No.11147027

2b46d3 No.11147032


OK, maybe this isn't news. But damn if it isn't funny.

9fef70 No.11147052

File: 3f8658d94300570⋯.png (491.59 KB, 646x1052, 323:526, cheating chinks.png)

File: 7f18c801033186a⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1008x1121, 1008:1121, cheating poos.png)

File: 1f8d3d24214abc2⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 624x799, 624:799, climb to the poot.jpg)

are they cheating in your western universities too?

i remember a stink some years ago about international chinks cheating, even an undercover expose about the methods (paying someone else to write for you, imposters, etc)

ed5282 No.11147054

File: 9378104fe661feb⋯.jpg (227.83 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, indan flag.jpg)

Inida. The shithole of shitholes.

69b894 No.11147057

I'm a fucking leaf but there are a lot of pajeets in my school and they are the worst. Pajeet's degree is useless because:

>He always shows up halfway through class. Pajeet never actually shows up on time, ever. Not even for the exam.

>He talks over the professor in his curryspeak during the lecture instead of listening.

>If the professor asks a rhetorical question to prove a point, Pajeet yells out what he considers the obvious answer in the middle of the professor explaining why that answer is wrong

>He copies solutions to any assigned work off the internet rather than doing it

>He takes minimal notes because paper and pens cost money. Instead, he hoards the free planners left out in certain spots for students, and uses those (with stolen pens) as his notebook

>He answers his phone in class and talks loudly on it because the leaf professors are too cucked to kick him out

>He cheats during exams by talking to other pajeets in curryspeak because the professors are too cucked to kick him out

And that's why Pajeet's degree, and the degrees of all his classmates, are worthless. Because employers see Pajeet's degree, see that he can't do the simplest of jobs, and assume everyone with the same degree as Pajeet is just as incompetent.

2b46d3 No.11147058


kikes cheat at the LSAT.

d180a9 No.11147069


t. standard street shitter

7b936e No.11147071

Do any anons believe chinks are actually the smartest?

b1b440 No.11147074

"Immigrant mentality" should be re-defined to doing whatever it takes to win (including cheating), then moving to the west to fuck us over in any way possible so that have a new country in which to shit in the streets (see all the pajeets in the o'keefe twitter video).

4f8ec9 No.11147075


And everyone knows it too. This is one of the main reasons that a lot of programs are ditching it as an entry requirement.

2b46d3 No.11147080


The photos don't lie. India has problems.

ed5282 No.11147082

File: 5c11569225bb985⋯.jpg (93.49 KB, 500x751, 500:751, cf5363a8a97e958201857b6094….jpg)


You think you're king shit, don't you?

c5a0d2 No.11147084


there are plenty of smart ones in a country of 1.3 billion, but smarts without soul is meaningless

all they do is jew anyone they can, amass billions in the best case scenario, horde it for muh family while buying western produced trinkets and not give two shits about anyone else

7b936e No.11147087


I never claimed there weren't individually smart ones. Of course there are. The issue is that they aren't the smartest as every IQ comparison says.

69b894 No.11147089


I feel like I should also add that male pajeets seem to be about a 65/35 split between two groups

>bald/balding midgets (sub 5'5) with the ugliest faces you'd ever see

>ones that are roughly average height and have hair, so they peacock with all sorts of gaudy bullshit

Also their women are ugly.

ebe9f6 No.11147090


Pajeet has a point you know, the mortality rate here will be rising soon enough. At least most EMS guys are white so you have less a chance of dying on the way to the hospital, good luck after that.

c5a0d2 No.11147091


never seen an indian lawyer in the US

indian engineers are a joke, they really got a hardon for it after they have seen british engineering

indian just like chinese families push their kids to be doctors

doesn't mean that there heart is in it though and the families come from countries where human life is pretty much worthless, so I wouldn't want to be treated by one

11a486 No.11147092


>It's just that, without the Indian 0, you would have no platform on which to post your opinion. :^))

I know you're shitposting, but isn't the 0 an arab thing? (also, it's always sounded like the most retarded claim to pride - it's like saying you wouldn't have ceramic shielding on rockets if some Aztec tribe hadn't developed ceramic techniques or some shit)

2b46d3 No.11147093


History is a swindle. Nobody knows the true origins of anything that old.

ed5282 No.11147097


If niggers didn't build the mud hut, how would we have ever learned to build houses? Checkmate, shitholers.

69b894 No.11147098


I see pug-faced pajeet women every day. They're about as white as what I leave in the toilet every morning. They smell about the same, too.

ed5282 No.11147099

File: 05de33e9b4dcc7f⋯.jpg (151.08 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, open indian grave, the Gan….jpg)

File: 4df5e7a8bf821c6⋯.jpg (52.89 KB, 560x373, 560:373, dogs finishing off some le….jpg)

File: 4138443b2021daa⋯.jpg (318.29 KB, 1200x749, 1200:749, indian bath, toilet, and d….jpg)



c5a0d2 No.11147101


china is full of retard level people, malnourishment and heavy metal poisoning doesn't help it either

the main reason why they're smarter on paper is that their families push them really hard to excel in school, which virtually no white families do

they lack creativity and soul so I wouldn't get too butthurt about it

all they do time and time again is to jew their own kind to the max and not give a shit about it

see Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

4cd73c No.11147104


It's an on off binary state, you could use whatever you want to signify it. Most of the time programs use null.

69b894 No.11147105


>quote from a discredited book that had no citation and was never brought up in any real book

What's worse: your claim to fame being "We invented nothing!", or having to lie about inventing nothing?


The only thing uglier than a pajeet woman is two pajeet women.

ebe9f6 No.11147107


I have a hard time believing that no one had any concept of "nothing" before some pajeet thought it up

ed5282 No.11147113

File: f1cf75c6d43308f⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 478x356, 239:178, open defecation world cham….jpg)

File: 40375e7936067f5⋯.png (420.05 KB, 742x756, 53:54, laughs in american.png)


>damage control

ed5282 No.11147120

File: 17cb2a0eafddc44⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 416x441, 416:441, KEK.jpg)


>learned the wrong language and had to start over in English

fcd541 No.11147129

Just finished my second stint in Asia, ten years after my first opportunity, and nothing has changed.

Back home, multinational companies will wave the diversity flag but their actions overseas speak volumes.

Key positions, strategic ones if you will, are NEVER filled by local talent.

Yanks, Brits, Canucks, Aussies or Kiwis ALWAYS do the heavy lifting.

No matter the industry.

9fef70 No.11147130

File: 59274466b762608⋯.png (209.58 KB, 656x764, 164:191, fake poo.png)

File: 9a382acbd310d89⋯.jpg (33.15 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 46f3d019ee560cf27b3ab38b57….jpg)

File: 6b8baf286cba66b⋯.png (384.93 KB, 664x802, 332:401, england shit.png)

16e4fc No.11147131



>go to college

>all these indian kids already have degrees

>they are all honor students

>think they must be the top 1% from India

>a year later

>discover they are getting all the corrected test answers from the previous year students

>they are on their phones during tests with pictures of last year's test open

>hear phones drop from peoples laps several times in every test

>professors turn a blind eye

College is a complete joke, if any of you highschoolfags are reading this, save your time and money.

cd5168 No.11147132

File: df2f03a4feb4b5e⋯.png (16.14 KB, 688x499, 688:499, POO IN DA LOO.png)



>>not a pajeet btw.

Sure thing, Lakshit.

ed5282 No.11147135

File: 30de620b9e71fb8⋯.jpg (9.07 KB, 199x210, 199:210, WAAAAAHHHH.jpg)

File: e02e7533ef27ab1⋯.jpg (2.85 KB, 101x110, 101:110, WAAAAAHHHHH.jpg)


>tfw so butthurt you reply to the same post twice


>poos made sanskrit


7e563f No.11147139


Actually I learned something nifty last week. Fire hardened spears were used as hunting tools in prehistoric times. The production included sharpening a wooden stick to a point, then rubbing charcoal and earth over it on low temperature in a fire. Basically, this was a ceramic process and glazed the wood, reinforcing it.

How cool is that?

16e4fc No.11147141



ed5282 No.11147143


Is his younger brother's name "Designated"?

904c1a No.11147145

This is why I never go to anyone but a white doctor.

I'd rather be sick than become another victim of shitskin incompetence.

585af1 No.11147147

File: 60a02b632aa3465⋯.jpg (49.19 KB, 629x403, 629:403, 60a02b632aa3465403257a9495….jpg)

>Laloo Prasad Yadav

𝐩𝐨𝐨 𝐢𝐧 𝐋𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐨

ebe9f6 No.11147148


>Meaning: Targeted

I do not understand.


The US eats about 25 billion pounds of beef per year. That's a lot of your ancestors and friends we're having with a side of fries.

ed5282 No.11147152

File: 552e1fd88679544⋯.gif (2.69 MB, 360x202, 180:101, 6e405f7f5bbb2a0dd0cc75927a….gif)

File: 66d5dd918d3911b⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 66d5dd918d3911bff1cb6f699c….jpg)

File: eb26ab9229be8d0⋯.jpg (136.72 KB, 700x471, 700:471, bulletmagflag.jpg)

File: c3bc7b1375aede9⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 1000x636, 250:159, hot dog.jpg)



cd5168 No.11147154


>I do not understand.

Targeted the designated shitting street, it's obvious.


>saving a pic of talentless hack ashly burch

Gas yourself.

ed5282 No.11147159

File: 5bd66d67d679f42⋯.gif (120 KB, 600x487, 600:487, maximum butthurt.gif)


>knowing the name of a talentless hack

Turn off the tv, fag.


>paragraphs of butthurt

16e4fc No.11147162




c5a0d2 No.11147163

File: ab1069f9b5fe997⋯.jpg (76.93 KB, 1205x802, 1205:802, latika.jpg)


pic relevant

8e6a79 No.11147165

File: de493bf563dc793⋯.webm (11.3 MB, 640x284, 160:71, India In 2030.webm)

So wealthy!

cd5168 No.11147167



What fucking tv, you ignorant faggot? It's not my fault you save any random pic to your pc, without knowing what it is, you retard.

>he hasn't heard about the lolcow tier burch twins while on 8chan


904c1a No.11147168


>He said, shortly after wiping the shit off his keyboard

ed5282 No.11147173

File: 50bed796037bba1⋯.jpg (384.59 KB, 4256x2832, 266:177, baby tantrum.jpg)

2b17c3 No.11147180


Chinese students are either really hardworking or the laziest most cheating shits on the face of the planet, no exceptions.

2b46d3 No.11147182

You do know that the dot is here as a literal agent of his shitholer government, right?

585af1 No.11147186

File: 591de7c884835aa⋯.jpg (712.64 KB, 855x534, 285:178, 6860711_orig.jpg)

File: 1de2f72bbcb4661⋯.gif (152.79 KB, 849x458, 849:458, 1de2f72bbcb46615d5ea2b865a….gif)


There is no need to be so frustrated, Pajeet my son. Go take a relaxing bath in the corpse-filled Ganges. That should get you in the mood for your next Java shitcoding session.

2b17c3 No.11147190


No one cares, blacked.com is an old meme and that dick is fake.


>2nd pic

Please be real

d180a9 No.11147191

File: 64a7d2ba2e47255⋯.jpg (182.72 KB, 1024x781, 1024:781, 64a7d2ba2e4725544053ade7e4….jpg)


wow you must be triggered pajeet, go to the shitting street to relieve some stress

c5a0d2 No.11147194

File: 745a55387442bb4⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 893x501, 893:501, latika2.jpg)


585af1 No.11147196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Please be real


bddcdd No.11147200

File: 9a82066d79880f7⋯.png (493.13 KB, 1316x1014, 658:507, cia spook anti white India….png)


What will we ever do without white-meet-up-thread-totally-not-a-honeypot#77?


4d35bf No.11147202


Stop responding to the shitskin dumbasses. Anyone who replied is telling the world their jimmies were rustled. Laugh at the dancing monkey who hates White people but wants a White gf then filter and report. I really can't believe I have to tell you all this.

00bd0b No.11147203




I don't see how this is any different than using google during your day job.

Its just poo version of it.

bddcdd No.11147204


>A thread died for this

Nice Shareblue meme. Bump.

bddcdd No.11147207


Even their flag has a butthole on it.

4d35bf No.11147208


Spot the newfag. Be honest you came here during the elections for the dank memes XD

ed5282 No.11147209


>poo version of google

So, they're poogling the answers?

745415 No.11147210

>The decision to arrange this unprecedented retest was taken after a local TV channel broadcast footage showing two of the top-scoring students struggling to answer basic questions posed by the reporters.

Indian degrees ladies and gentlemen. Though chinese are not far behind but atleast there the state kicks their ass if they embarrass them.

c5a0d2 No.11147211


Pajeet babbling on in a class of a zillion poo in the looers that couldn't afford a laptop with a years worth of savings at Durkadurkasoft

2b46d3 No.11147215


Let's meet up at a Trump rally. I'll be the guy in the Trump hat.

c5a0d2 No.11147216


also room obviously sex seggregated as Pajeet can't control his rapeyness

c5a0d2 No.11147217

File: a7409b577d54f8c⋯.jpg (76.04 KB, 759x422, 759:422, open-defecation-l.jpg)

Higher incidents of rape in India linked to open defecation: Study

According to the study, women who use open defecation sites are twice as likely to get raped compared to women using a home toilet.


34d363 No.11147220

File: 5bb8774fc2d5c09⋯.png (164.03 KB, 500x767, 500:767, 1486372637232.png)


Imagine the smell in that room.

9d903e No.11147221


Wow so cultured, and so many white servants.

India must be wiped off the face of the earth. a bit like wiping your ass, wipe until the brown is gone. Poetry.

ed5282 No.11147225

File: 2176660ed8ff7e1⋯.jpg (204.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, beautiful india.jpg)


India: where shitting is a mating ritual. Pic related. Every turd represent a conceived poo.

2b46d3 No.11147229


Nobody needs a laptop during a regular lecture. If the book doesn't suck, you don't need notes either. Just pay attention.

You will notice the women are not paying attention.


In India you can go to jail for flirting with a woman.

8e6a79 No.11147234

File: 5cf5d055f37ccff⋯.mp4 (675.34 KB, 408x720, 17:30, 7f9239d11b99cbac6a7fac431e….mp4)

7b936e No.11147238

c5a0d2 No.11147239


wth did I just look at?

2b46d3 No.11147240


In Asia people cannot afford cars. They instead ride scooters - the whole family, on one scooter.

ed5282 No.11147241



Do they just not believe in picking a side of the road?

c5a0d2 No.11147244


it looked like they're intentionally crashing into each other

2c4d9f No.11147248

File: 1251990278fd831⋯.jpg (40.76 KB, 400x379, 400:379, 1425945080235.jpg)

File: ff0f17e08510b34⋯.png (184.24 KB, 352x352, 1:1, 1405063222341.png)


>31 mins and this shit dick is still up

What the FUCK mods?

ba0a0e No.11147249

File: c5b4121414fb122⋯.jpg (147.6 KB, 1286x383, 1286:383, med school acceptance rate….jpg)


The cheating, low bars for acceptance, and the degree mills in shithole countries are why I will never, ever allow a shitskin or nigger with the title of doctor to treat me, and especially not to operate on me. Obama brought thousands of these incompetent MDs into the US, and they get fast-tracked if they go to rural and "underserved" areas.

2b46d3 No.11147251


You try steering around a mob of people in the middle of the road, while carrying an entire family on your scooter.

2b46d3 No.11147254


It's so fucking obvious lots of them cheat. It's obvious, when you talk to them. People who have learned logic don't suddenly forget how to reason, 3 months after the exam.

c20864 No.11147264

File: acc09bd574ebe51⋯.png (38.35 KB, 174x188, 87:94, 1446436921035.png)


Can any anon answer me this; why don't pajeets just bury their feces? If you're going to be shitting in the open, at least have the bare decency to cover your shit up. They might even contribute to their environment in a positive way for once.

c5a0d2 No.11147268


having lived in overpopulated China, I believe people in severely overpopulated third world shitholes simply give zero fucks about each other

8e6a79 No.11147272

File: 9e77a0ee6a3b304⋯.mp4 (4.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Indians cant swim.mp4)


why would you also go swimming if you cant swim?

cc8fe6 No.11147273


YUP, it never changes

ab0a47 No.11147275

Acting like chinks.

2c4d9f No.11147276


Women in porn are already mentally broken and many were molested as kids. When you a see a pornstar like in that image just remember she is likely on Oxycotin and will die by 35

5c9c1a No.11147278


tfw life is so cheap, nobody bothers to do anything other than passively reach out to you, no lifeguards, nobody bothers to learn how to swim, and even knowing how fucking inept they are at not swimming, nobody brought any kind of flotation device or even a goddamn rope.

can we please just smallpox this shithole…

ed5282 No.11147280


That, and any potential for altruism China may have is discouraged by laws that incentivize a devaluing of human life.

c5a0d2 No.11147284


it's like they're chanting for the human sacrifice

8e6a79 No.11147285

File: 1d0881b1ad9db2b⋯.webm (9.57 MB, 854x480, 427:240, The Making Of 'Gutter Oil….webm)


>having lived in overpopulated China, I believe people in severely overpopulated third world shitholes simply give zero fucks about each other

China is a strange place, they're very nationalistic but will cheat and scam their own country men without hesitation.

2b46d3 No.11147286


Mice are the same way. "2nd mouse gets the peanut butter."

9ec223 No.11147289

File: 159f1affdfdff5a⋯.jpg (100.93 KB, 990x552, 165:92, overcrowded earth.JPG)


I believe that living with too many people caused everyone to become desensitised toward the life.

ed5282 No.11147290


>they're very nationalistic but will cheat and scam their own country men without hesitation.

For that to be strange you first have to think cheating is wrong.

2c4d9f No.11147291


>China is a strange place, they're very nationalistic but will cheat and scam their own country men without hesitation.

I am convinced that only Europeans have empathy for our fellow man. Look at Mexico, Africa, China, the middle east, Brazil etc etc. This shit happens all the time

9ec223 No.11147293


No wonder the chinks are too afraid to buy their own chink products.

c5a0d2 No.11147294


the Japanese have even more than us tbh

seems euros and waps are a fluke in humanity

8e6a79 No.11147299

File: 3667b83c0b9a729⋯.mp4 (9.78 MB, 480x276, 40:23, India - group of boys try ….mp4)


I dont know why 3rd worlders never bother to learn how to swim if they're going to go in the water. Its like they think its harmless like someone thinking a twister was nothing because its made up of air.

9ec223 No.11147300


I wonder what make us empathic? I know it's important for the white people to bond and work as teams but it left us exploitable to the psychological manipulations.

0cca36 No.11147301


>I feel like I should also add that male pajeets seem to be about a 65/35 split between two groups

>bald/balding midgets (sub 5'5) with the ugliest faces you'd ever see

>ones that are roughly average height and have hair, so they peacock with all sorts of gaudy bullshit

>Also their women are ugly.

This is probably related to the Aryan/Dravidian admixture. It's what miscegenation does to a people

c5a0d2 No.11147303


high IQ + not excessive testosterone + having to survive in harsh places

the cold breeds cohesion and empathy for anyone that is not inherently useless, in warm climates you can easily survive as an antisocial loner on the other hand

also low IQs correlate with violence

overly high T correlates with aggression regardless of intellect

overly high T also seems to reduce the IQ

bddcdd No.11147306


>overly high T also seems to reduce the IQ

Angry soyboy is mad that big mean Chad is better than him in every way. Testosterone increases intellect.

c5a0d2 No.11147310


Our findings are the first that present the relationship between testosterone and the broad range of general IQ in childhood. The boys of average intelligence had significantly higher testosterone levels than both mentally challenged and intellectually gifted boys, with the latter two groups showing no significant difference between each other.


c62859 No.11147311


Spend some time in prison. A lot of testosterone, not much intelligence.

8e6a79 No.11147312

File: 8f275fe9b821a4d⋯.mp4 (6.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2fbe3616e63326765d3112e907….mp4)


>the Japanese have even more than us tbh

no they dont, japs aren't that much better towards animals then chinks.

c5a0d2 No.11147313


99.9% chance the restaurant owner is chinese

that's not japanese cooking at all

ed5282 No.11147314


What's the average IQ in prison?

a4d71b No.11147316


I do remember a studying showing a large percentage of those on death-row in the 1980s were super-males who had an extra Y chromosome so XYY.

cc8fe6 No.11147317



Turner Syndrome? lmao… anon I think you are confused.

9c1cf6 No.11147318

File: 86f8393d43cab27⋯.jpg (574.18 KB, 1440x2149, 1440:2149, fuckingpajeet.JPG)

>fucking pajeets

>diving the deeps

>let's not forget

>they have shitting streets

ed5282 No.11147321





What do you guys make of these findings? You think they should have repeated the test with men of average test levels?

46abca No.11147322


The nationalism is necessary because it's the only thing that holds them together. To a large extent it's the same in worst Korea. They're generally low-trust shit countries that would fall apart if people didn't buy into some sort of nationalism.

c5a0d2 No.11147324


DailyJew, credible sauce

my anecdotal evidence: the less I fap, the more aggressive I get both in pursuing le maymay and vs other men which coincides with an increase in T during the first two weeks

2b46d3 No.11147325


You just described every Amerifag going to the pool.

650978 No.11147329


>Indian 0

The concept of zero was created by Arabs.

All accomplishments and advancements in India were driven by the aryan conquerers in the north. The typical negro street shitting Dravidian is invariably an idiot with terrible body odor. Everyone I know hates Indians and refuses to go to Indian "doctors" because of how stupid they are.

bddcdd No.11147330


That doesn't even make sense.

ed5282 No.11147331


>jews saying anything positive about testosterone


fedbca No.11147333

File: 992b52619edc51d⋯.jpg (798.89 KB, 2000x1452, 500:363, hn91[1].jpg)


>Tfw your skin will never be white again

>Tfw your kids always have the instinct to lie and cheat and take the easier path.

How does it feel to have fallen so far from your Devas?

India is a cautionary tale on what happens when you let non-whites out-breed and mix with whites. And right now gypsies are hard at work sucking welfare and turning Eastern Europe into India 2.0 . I'd rather this land be populated by ghosts than by poos. Victory or death.

ed5282 No.11147337


Heiled for victory.

3e72bb No.11147349


It really isnt. Studunthe atlanteans, realize what they have done, and that they are white. They had to have "zero".

Plus claiming responsibility for it is like saying you invented math, who the hell can have math without zero?

a4d71b No.11147355


first pic, how did shit get like that on that butt cheek?

140571 No.11147357


you should see how japs eat squid

c427e4 No.11147359



Even my fucking dog can swim.

How is it possible that these curry-niggers can't even float?

c5a0d2 No.11147361


thats a korean dish bruv

you fail at trolling…

140571 No.11147364


fam, squid and octopus are consumed still moving in japan

just do the damned leg work

3e72bb No.11147365


But if you are born smart would increasing your t after the fact lead to a decrease in intellect? Doubtful I say.


Sauce me, am curious.

140571 No.11147367

File: 68b266182282c16⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1914x1224, 319:204, ClipboardImage.png)


here is a basic anatomy of a squid

notice the brain lies between the eyes

here is how they cut them


140571 No.11147370

File: 3d2ba40edff0f18⋯.png (588.57 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)



b64f2f No.11147371


>The retarded pajeet doesn't know high caste indians were white and thinks they were low-caste dravidian street shitters like himself


41fd06 No.11147374

File: dd7d6bf8c98c0a2⋯.png (424.87 KB, 1317x1652, 1317:1652, IQ Correlation to Skin Ton….PNG)

File: e65c535bced048e⋯.png (25.34 KB, 1227x597, 409:199, Brain_Size_Map.png)

File: 023f7e591e7f444⋯.png (128.24 KB, 1190x682, 595:341, public defecation.png)


>thinks streetshitters are "Asian" by any metric

b64f2f No.11147375


>that's not japanese cooking at all

It's called ikizukuri, it's very much japanese, and it's one of the reasons I argue that japs are a race of soulless insect-people right alongside chinks and gooks. Judging by your butthurt I assume you're a jap yourself.

140571 No.11147377


I don't agree with you since they aren't Confucians but they do indeed eat squid like that

41fd06 No.11147379


Dubs and common sense confirm.

83260d No.11147380


the frog is dead.. the blink is a spasm. as shown in the video it is killed swiftly before serving. There's nothing inhumane going on here

c427e4 No.11147383


He's right though.

STEM started in the Mediterranean, what we know nowadays is the result of olive-skinned people's work.

085911 No.11147384


>pajeet left the submarine door open

well, duh.

he wanted to be able to get out if it started to sink…. and he was right!

41fd06 No.11147385


>olive skinned

That's a funny way to say "Whites who still had an environmental need for tanning**.

284ff2 No.11147386

File: 558ead1a9188cad⋯.png (388.63 KB, 889x940, 889:940, zelda_.png)


>that brownish area just next to the slightly deeper water bed

b64f2f No.11147387


>I don't agree with you since they aren't Confucians but they do indeed eat squid like that

I'd say they're the closest to being white of all the asian races, but there's always something very wrong and unsettling about japs under the surface. Part of them is almost human but another part of them is completely alien and doesn't bat an eyelid at cruelty.


>Whole point of ikizukuri is to butcher the animal in such a way so as to leave it barely clinging to life because this demonstrates the "freshness" of the dish

>This is the entire reason it's controversial

>There's nothing inhumane going on here

Sure thing, Takeru.

c427e4 No.11147392


That's because I'm not talking about sub-saharan negros.

I was referring to the populations who lived near Mediterranean coasts, including the Maghreb and therefore arabs as well.

63d691 No.11147395


Right, just overnight the average IQ in India will grow by 30 points, all Indians will spontanously develop a work ethic and a sense of morality and stop shitting on the ground…. oh and whitey will become da slave of da brown peoplz!!!!

c0d511 No.11147398


>Ahh! India's so beautiful!

>So really clean!


c0d511 No.11147404


What's the music on this video? Tune is very familiar, but maybe originally for violin or something?

c0d511 No.11147406


Oh, it's Bach, "Air on the G string"

c5a0d2 No.11147417


having a slave is a mark of a cultured person, indians get it

0d1a75 No.11147435


>there's always something very wrong and unsettling about japs under the surface

Yeah I agree. The Japs have a certain civility and sophistication that is undeniable, but not everything is as it seems with them, and not always in a good way.

41fd06 No.11147441



Spoiler the ugly please.

41fd06 No.11147447


Japs were ant-people that learned to imitate a soul better.

1b9f2f No.11147448


A lot of them try Europe.

European universities don't want any of this and are in the known of academic corruption in Asia. So they usually issue some math and language tests to see if the student's degree actually entails what it says it does. For master programs the tests are more specific program orientated.


I have a couple of profs who would get really quite pissed if you don't walk out to answer your phone.


Nah. Chinese seem to be much better than anyone else at repetitive tasks though.

Northern European (Germans) are smarter due to the creativity which is shown in the scientific contributions that Germanic countries have made. Some jews are also smart but they're much more manipulative and mischievous than anyone else and will likely rip you off one way or another. If jews would be more stupid they wouldn't be a problem they would just be like muslims which are generally quite dumb (only niggers are dumber).

What I did notice though in general about Asians and the Chinese that usually they have private groups in which they copy and try to cheat tests, assignments or whatever. Whites seem to do this much less and if they do it to a lesser degree than what I see chinks do. It's as if it's a biological impulse that they need to copy something and then repeat doing the said copied thing to survive. Just like how the jew has a biological impulse to be deceitful.

c427e4 No.11147463


No, but they are extremely motivated, since they live in a shithole where everyone is worth-less.

b9a5fe No.11147475

File: 4e3f963c7f53a63⋯.jpg (67.42 KB, 560x373, 560:373, f04da22dd51e11fdbb6a30[1].jpg)



>Japs were ant-people that learned to imitate a soul better.

They're a rare example of successful intermixing. Adding in their isolation and small land-area, traits of civilization and self-sufficiency proliferated. the jews have had their eyes on infiltrating them for quite a while

8ed5a7 No.11147477


Google is like the workshop manual

It's there to check it once in a blue moon when you can't answer the problem by yourself, if you're stopping your work constantly to check the manual you're going to get PROMOTIONS!

210abf No.11147479


Fuck off tbh.


The Yayoi/Jomon distinction always comes across as a D&C angle. Read up on Japan's history and learn how the two have a shared heritage.

210abf No.11147481



Apologies. I saw the image and jumped the gun before reading. I actually can agree, somewhat. However, I believe the time since that coupling has allowed a development of the Japanese to arise, where they are now more than just the sum of two parts.

43f011 No.11147505


>my east-aryan waifu dindu nuffin

Do you by any chance love soynime too?

53fbfc No.11147524

File: dcb14c0755a5701⋯.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3577x3607, 3577:3607, image.jpeg)

File: c3ff2b8047a87d3⋯.jpeg (52.27 KB, 736x346, 368:173, image.jpeg)

File: c934ea096160ef6⋯.jpeg (52.89 KB, 736x346, 368:173, image.jpeg)


Underrated post. It's blue, so that means it's a god's butthole.


Such a beautiful and wise culture.

38a4d4 No.11147525


Can't have been a very good thread if the last post was over a week ago.

402da6 No.11147530


>The concept of zero was created by Arabs.


All they did was copy the Greek, and latter (north aka Aryan) Indian.

Most "Arab" philosophers, in the ancient sense of the word, were actually not Arabs at all but people from the lands they conquered.

402da6 No.11147533


Everybody is born knowing how to swim, "doggy style" at least. But if you are not allowed to practice regularly you forget how to, and have to relearn it.

-t Born and raised in a coastal city with good climate.

b3d9b2 No.11147547

File: d7b9baf8ffd2c48⋯.jpg (687.31 KB, 2024x2578, 1012:1289, bd5642901aa7e9c23d14ec8a0c….jpg)


>I don't see how this is any different than using google during your day job.

As a software dev, school teaches you all the basic programming skills you need to know as well as providing a grounding in higher level mathematics. More importantly though it teaches you how to solve problems.

I use google on a daily basis at my job sure but I generally already have an idea in my head about how I will solve a problem, I just need to refresh myself on the lower level syntax/details of what I'm writing.

If these poo-in-loos can't even prove they have a basic grounding in their field of study they are going to be shit, no matter how much googling they do. They won't know what to look up and what to do with it.

b62ee2 No.11147554


>Do any anons believe chinks are actually the smartest?

Yes and no; brain size in humans is generally correlated to intelligence and mongoloid peoples have the largest brains by a slim margin but on the other hand I also think that most IQ tests tend to report false positives because someone who has spent their entire life immersed in a logographic writing system has probably spent a hell of a lot more time trying to decipher patterns on paper than someone not raised with a logographic writing system. IQ can be handy, but boiling down a concept like intelligence to a numerical value is extremely misleading.

7b7e68 No.11147577

File: e5fe700408e3f3d⋯.png (256.06 KB, 1236x804, 103:67, poo out of the blue.png)



a0a634 No.11147675


If being on that list doesn't qualify for "shithole" then the word has no meaning.

a0a634 No.11147683


not only that, they will retrofit their entire country with sewers!

a43de3 No.11147684


They do. Our undergrads know more than them.

8f0d83 No.11147688

File: c595a9199ab1c6d⋯.jpg (360.77 KB, 1024x912, 64:57, 148356396.jpg)


>It's as if it's a biological impulse…

It is, if you look at them across the region you can see that at some point in their past they started massive ethnic cleansing operations and forced cultural and ethnic conformity. Outliers were clearly exterminated even from among the inside conclaves of dominant groups. While considering this, realize that this ethnic cleansing happened BEFORE the start of any of our known civilizations across the east asian sphere. China is likely the main region it happened in and its genetic influence spread out from there long ago, its regional isolation allowing both the propagation of am population boom of desired traits and the ability to cull those whom are not desired. It likely compounded on itself in successive waves from the regional core, each wave likely bringing even larger and larger numbers of individuals whom would subsume the older people whom fled, the newer ones more likely to have survived longer in the core farming regions of china.

I could be wrong, but from what I have seen it would explain a great many things. And the fact that despite an massive push for archeological endeavors in China, virtually nothing is bring reported to the rest of the world on what was discovered. Likely things that should come to light would bring loss of face to their people, civilization, or cultural dominance self image. There is an reason we reference them as ant people, and it likely has more to do with propagating those whom are more easily dominated in civilized societies than anything else.

>This would also make their breed an extreme threat to ours once the JQ is dealt with, so we would have to look into some level of permanent racial separation from each other.

>Outright extermination of either them on us or us on them would be unfeasible at this time, our innate ability to think outside the box would risk their own failure and extermination, and their ability to emulate anything that works which we have already proven is vastly more dangerous than anything any other racial group has ever displayed outside of the JQ infestation.

>Uplifting and supporting Pajeets, Nips and whatever you call Indonesians would likely be our best option until we obtain space flight and dominion over the near solar system.

a0a634 No.11147692


> He(Nagoor Babu) knows to conceive, to afferent the

> mystified java into students mind with simplicity

and made my life illumine in java domain, every one should

> attend his java classes at least once to know the exactness in it,

> because he has occultism in java, i will be great full to you in my life.

c0d511 No.11147699

File: 0fd4d8e9615779d⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 500x261, 500:261, 0fd4d8e9615779d3f681f0eca2….gif)

File: 5f117e7386a7390⋯.jpg (147.21 KB, 1190x1063, 1190:1063, ce2c87999cfd8811a814ef0548….jpg)



Oy vimey!!!

a0a634 No.11147702


nips make some of the most twisted porn ever.

a0a634 No.11147710


> I dont know why 3rd worlders never bother to learn how to swim if they're going to go in the water.

cost-benefit analysis

a0a634 No.11147712


> How is it possible that these curry-niggers can't even float?

the same way it's possible to have this many in one place without a single one knowing what to do.

c0d511 No.11147727

File: c3fb2904c49d673⋯.webm (14.69 MB, 320x180, 16:9, blonde.webm)

File: 03f45e45f4cc57a⋯.png (1.1 KB, 1x1, 1:1, 1x1.png)


Are you thinking of people like vid related?

91b993 No.11147730

File: 495de79aa00d4a8⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 720x635, 144:127, pajeet world revilves arou….jpg)


Someone figured out that Pajeets are just fancy niggers. Big whoop! I wouldn't hire one. They All think they are superior to everyone. They can't shake the caste system (thousands of years solid!

67c88f No.11147742

File: 1f48bd662b36cf4⋯.jpg (210.72 KB, 960x625, 192:125, pigs-in-factory-farm.jpg)


>Implying animal cruelty is exclusive to slant eyes.

I hope you're a fag, anon. If you want meat, something has to suffer. There might be "humane" ways of making that meat, but it's still all cruelty.

67c88f No.11147746


>There's a word filter for v-e-g-a-n.


845a5b No.11147767


Student at prominent US University, yes they cheat constantly. The Chinese are the worst offenders. Every assignment and exam becomes a group project for them. That is if they don't just pay an American to do the assignment for them.

2d1b4f No.11147772

They do all this same shit when they attend US colleges as well, they are just less obvious about it. Most US schools operate on an "Honor Code" which fails to acknowledge the fact that the concept of "Honor" is uniquely Western European and is completely meaningless in Asian cultures. They have no issue with cheating and will do whatever it takes to pass the class. The level of cheating and dumping work on Americans in group projects is ridiculous.

t. Comp Sci graduate student

8f0d83 No.11147775

File: 78fe079df875f97⋯.jpg (171.43 KB, 1024x704, 16:11, fakenews.jpg)


This is our future in one form or another if WE do not win completely and utterly. Groups in close proximity will interbreed, there is no stopping it. So only one answer is the correct one when addressing the survival of our race, our species. We cannot guarantee our innate empathy will not rise yet again into the future and believe the lie that such creatures are human as we are since they are already similar enough to trick our brains into seeing them as something they are not. Our fight is not just to crush the Kikes and see them driven before us to secure our local environment. We are the only adults in the room whom can see deep into the future. When we move, we must move with the entirety of all human history in our eye and the extreme future of our children in our hearts. We cannot fail.

ffd52e No.11147830

File: 566676170afcad1⋯.png (8.47 KB, 556x210, 278:105, South Korea Corruption.PNG)




In day-to-day life, Korea is extremely safe. People leave their cars unlocked and running with their children inside playing video games while they go into shoppes and so on.

The real problem in Korea, the real historical problem, is the corruption of the Korean government. Korea has this thousand year culture of nepotism and intrigue because of Confucianism. Their is a classical Korean story of a son who knew his father committed treason but would not turn him in and so on. Even today, they have 정경유착 (Collusion between business and government) that was extremely useful in the late 20th century fascist Park regime for pushing economic development, but ended up turning against Korea with all the 8 Goddesses/Park Geun-hye/Pizzagate/Megalia shit taking GamerGate and multiplying it by 10000.

a7dba8 No.11147902

Most degrees are fucking worthless paper, pajeet or not. God damn normalfags thinking university will give them an advantage.

Only thing you should go there for is engineering and medical. The rest you can easily learn yourself.

a7dba8 No.11147909


>Thinking collusion between business and government is mostly Korean

Wake the fuck up.

a7dba8 No.11147916


Plants communicate to one another and react to poor conditions, damage etc too.

Life is killing whichever way you look at it. Just because it's a plant doesn't mean you're not killing, you virtue signalling prick.

>inb4 muh cage animals

There are plenty of options if you get off your lazy ass for free range meat.

>muh 12 cups of spinache per day

>muh 1kg of beans a day

Yeah have fun with that limited, boring ass plain old diet.

8393cb No.11147927

File: db8b984c5906dad⋯.jpg (30.56 KB, 360x219, 120:73, india caste system.jpg)


i'm pretty sure 100% of india now would be considered untouchables (not even on the caste)

d7d1d0 No.11147953


Grad student at a prominent US university here.

Yes, cheating is rampant at lower-level courses in the US. We don't filter cheaters out of the system at the lower levels - this is because the cheaters still give us money.

We filter cheaters out of the system at the higher levels. The focus turns away from "tests" to "projects." You cannot cheat on the projects we give you - there is not a "single answer," and the end goal is successful completion of a number of tasks a professional is expected to complete. This is where the cheaters are filtered out.

Pajeets are not the worst, even by a long shot - the ones who are bad are insanely brazen, but most of them are good students. The Chinese students are the worst, easily - the number of Chinese students at the lower levels compared to the number of Chinese students at the higher levels is ridiculous. They drop out at much higher rates, because of the spot that we filter cheaters at.

First and Second year students in US universities are going to be upset about cheating. This is natural. I remind all of my students that cheaters are filtered out in the Third and Fourth years, when we have about half of their money already. It's a predatory system, but it works.

5db7e5 No.11147996


>Shows what Pajeet Shitholers really think about whites.

My only question - How the fuck did they get these whites to even be in the video?

25dcc6 No.11148016

File: 6938d3a2445f53f⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1422x4052, 711:2026, korea before and after Jap….jpg)


Funny how goons kevetch that nips are locusts like their mainland counterparts, but withdraw when example like pic related are brought up. Japanese and Aryans are two very different species regardless of any possible intermixing in the past that lead to the former's development, but that does not mean they're a cluster of dog-eating npcs like gooks and chinks. As for the typical kike infiltration ploy I do know there is an infograph floating about detailing how claims that those ancient nips were secretly one of the twelve tribes have increased significantly since 2010.

66862b No.11148027


I wouldn't call Korea high-trust as such. They're a bit more in the middle between the Chinese and the Japanese in that regard. Safe, sure, but you're safe in Beijing or Shanghai too.

25dcc6 No.11148043


According to your logic anyone who eats a boiled lobster is a bugman, even if he was a member of uncle Adolf's inner circle or Trump himself. Got an explanation for that or is it just different because you say so?

5e5683 No.11148120


>"When you go elsewhere, no one will believe your degrees.

40 years ago an Indian doctorate was the equivalent of an associates degree. Nothing has changed I see.

5e5683 No.11148125


jap = Jewish American Princess

5e5683 No.11148134

File: f2796d2d0586af8⋯.jpg (15.08 KB, 325x227, 325:227, 1473785870660.jpg)

File: dd30e55f4bc70f6⋯.png (5.37 KB, 800x270, 80:27, Kaplan_logo.png)


>kikes cheat at the LSAT

Applying game theory to time-limited multiple choice tests technically isn't cheating.

29bb1b No.11148139



>beautiful language

>cleanly designed


Use C or go home.

16e4fc No.11148158


Christ, this is the same shit I hear about from all Leaf college kids. If you life in Leaf land, don't go to college because your education will be completely and utterly worthless.

000000 No.11148165



>no safety guarantees

>have to be a turboautist to be able to program without security flaws or other bugs

Gramps it's time to retire.

16e4fc No.11148168

25dcc6 No.11148169


<Can't even sage

Wanna know how I know you're a tourist and don't belong here? Also, pretending to be more retarded won't get your 10bux back.

37447b No.11148171

File: 486a724d258e0d3⋯.jpg (59.25 KB, 402x604, 201:302, 2202_54434936926_8020_n.jpg)


>In India you can go to jail for flirting with a woman

Roasties are on it:




37447b No.11148177


>muh goon

I was here when Hotwheels was still a virgin, lad.

b64f2f No.11148193


>Implying animal cruelty is exclusive to slant eyes.

No, I'm implying the highest degree of animal cruelty is exclusive to slant-eyes. Factory farms actually kill the pigs before they butcher them and don't serve them cut in half but still alive, resting in a bed of their own sliced up meat.

b64f2f No.11148198


>no safety guarantees

>waaah I have to know what I'm doing help

I hope that's just bait.

29bb1b No.11148290


>no safety guarantees

Are you stupid, nigger? C++ doesn't have safety guarantees either, and given how common virtual pointer tables are, it's an order of magnitude less safe than C.

If you want safety guarantees, use one of the safe C compilers. You'll get a 2x performance slowdown, but at least it's better than a 3x slowdown for Go.


>using a Microshit language

>using a bloated language far slower and more memory intensive than C

Bill Gates pls.

000000 No.11148399



The problem is most people don't know what they are doing, including most white programmers. Security and proper QC are not rewarded by the software market so they are always neglected and cut-rate programmers are hired because they can make something that sort of works. Much better to give them a retard-proof language like Rust to write in so that the mistakes don't get made in the first place.

41fd06 No.11148600


>Funny how goons kevetch that nips are locusts like their mainland counterparts

>implying not a weeb

Still not White though. Their civilization has been the result of methodically picked imitation of the Dutch, that's the main reason Japan today is an exemplary nation and unlike the typical ethnosuicidal country of European makeup. The Japanese antpeople soullessly separate the merits from the vices whereas White people have to live with "weakness", like empathy, individualism and defiant spirit, that are part of nature.

41fd06 No.11148612


>implying he isn't still


e87937 No.11148688





>Stupid normalniggers not using assembly language

03f030 No.11148724


That's some fucking terrible logic there retard. He says that collusion exists in Korea, so you read that as 'collusion is mostly Korean'.

000000 No.11148732


>typical comment from the peanut gallery not knowing that real pros set the binary memory values by hand and don't need any "levels of abstraction" like brainlets do

a8cca6 No.11148752


Fuck off cultist. No one wants to use that SJW language.

25dcc6 No.11148764

File: 6c5ebb565a5df12⋯.jpg (133.88 KB, 1142x594, 571:297, 161efb241088d28671c5b3b2da….jpg)


I spit in the face of your dubs and your plebbit spacing.


<Implying the kikes aren't the practitioners of highest degree of petty cruelty


I never implied nips were White, and that you've had to resort to putting words in my mouth instead of providing sources for your claims or refuting my lobster rebuttal is proof you're relying on emotion and not logic for your reasoning. Are you sure you aren't some ass-blasted gook jealous of his cousins? Your dubs are void and worthless.

5b7f46 No.11148765


How is cheating a surprise to /pol/? In public school everyone asked for all the answers to every single test because I am white, it got so bad that every teacher assigned to a different room because the whole class would look to me for the answers

000000 No.11148773


>SJW language

You know SJWs have so thoroughly pozzed all of IT that it's just kinda sad that you discard Rust specifically?

597f20 No.11148778

File: 06f990ce5d95f23⋯.png (52.38 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, cuck-lang.png)


>The problem is most people don't know what they are doing

You get what you pay for.

>Much better to give them a retard-proof language like Rust

Rust is a SJW language, with a code of cuckoldry and a very strong SJW community. Also all their oy vey we're totally safe is bull, they had really fucked bugs since their tools are new, whereas you won't find any crazy unknown bug in a stable version of gcc.

>mistakes don't get made in the first place.

Your cuck programming language only protects against a single type of bug. Cute, but far from sufficient. Pajeet will still fuck up in the other dozens of ways possible.


>If you want safety guarantees, use one of the safe C compilers.

If you mean that one compiler which is proven to output the code it's supposed to only does that, no memory safety. You can get more safety by using a subset of C, but then of course it's more work to code with than with plain C.


Gas yourself.

000000 No.11148791

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of /pol/ put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?


Why would /pol/ ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking


Black networking


Hispanic Networking


Asian Networking


Indian Networking


Muslim Networking



White Networking



Remove the /pol/ mod

Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.




























































































































There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


000000 No.11148823


>cheating rampant at lower levels


>filtered out at a higher level.

disagree. I went to a pretty good university, and let me tell you, even in graduate courses (be it CS or Math) everything became a group project. Yes, you do get some of the smarter ones, but let me tell you how it works: either you get that one super asian who helps all the others do the homework (after all, you can't really bullshit graduate math), or they each do a separate problem and aggregate them together afterwards. One big issues schools have is the curving though, because it lowers the bar. Now, am I saying these Asians (despite forming groups) are dumb? No, to be able to d graduate level proofs takes a brain, however they are not cream of the crop anymore.

This can be expanded to women and pajeets wherein women always do group work with a guy to leech off of them, and pajeet will spend a lot of time doing one of three things: talking with the professor (even irrelevant things, believing it'll make him smarter. I think pajeets thing going on tangents somehow helps you reach the destination. Pro-tip, it doesn't), conversing with their fellow pajeets as the asians did to cheat, or finding some white people to work with to leech off of them (and try/fail at contributing if they're of the kind sort).


Very true, but that's why you see those COBOL, firmware, etc. jobs getting the big ass bucks (usually double the salary) than being a shitty webdev. Of course, the prior jobs ask for a shit-ton of experience (which I wonder where you would get because I've yet to see an intro job for firmware writing. My guess is you'd study it on your own + get a masters to do it).

156a82 No.11148850


I dont understand.

Why do they have to use literal shit? How does this turn into oil? How come they don't just reuse the same batch of actual oil 10000 times like every shitty restaurant cutting corners anywhere else in the world?

29bb1b No.11148857


I mean the memory safe C compiler.


Performance overhead is ~2x, which is still better than what you would get with Go and far better than Java.

5b7f46 No.11148918


>How come they don't just reuse the same batch of actual oil 10000 times like every shitty restaurant cutting corners anywhere else in the world?

They are, those are manhole covers are actually grease traps plus rotted fat food turns into grease

b62ee2 No.11148937


>Why do they have to use literal shit?

They don't.

>How does this turn into oil?

It already is oil.

>How come they don't just reuse the same batch of actual oil 10000 times like every shitty restaurant cutting corners anywhere else in the world?

That's exactly what they do. They scrape congealed fat out of sewers, render it with other fatty animal bits and then package and sell it.

41d1b1 No.11148999

File: 56019da031cd552⋯.jpg (18.04 KB, 330x357, 110:119, ayy.jpg)


>Flavour of Asia

41d1b1 No.11149005


Even fucking cats have the decency to do it

fd92fe No.11149060


The Pajeets in the graduate CS program that I shared some 400 level classes with were notorious for cheating on exams and copying homework assignment answers almost exactly. They were so stupid that they thought they could get away with just changing a few things here and there in the code, when professors now use complex anti-cheating tools that can easily detect that. Like that shit may have worked in their shit covered homeland…but not here.

fd92fe No.11149073


And beyond this, they have a whole different mindset when it comes to working on assignments. In the cases where they couldn't outright cheat they would all band together to work on the same project. Even when it was supposed to be individual work. Then they would all turn in almost identical work. I heard my college professors bitching about deal with it.

fd92fe No.11149079


And what this actually amounted to was 1 or 2 Pajeets in the group of like 10 or 12 of them would actually be competent programmers. They would end up doing all the work, then the rest would copy off of them.

ce1993 No.11149127


>Implying factory farms have humane living conditions.

>Implying the animal isn't still alive when its bleeding out before being butchered in a factory slaughterhouse.

Confirmed for never going on a field trip to a factory farm and slaughterhouse in highschool agriculture class field trips. Do you think real life is like your movies and video games where things always instantly stop functioning when they receive lethal trauma? Hell no, stupid.

8a7de7 No.11149139


Animals are knocked out before they're killed. If they struggle they produce adrenaline, which consumes some other stuff and it ruins the meat.

62bc84 No.11149208


>Very true, but that's why you see those COBOL, firmware, etc. jobs getting the big ass bucks


Heads up to younger anons:

2038 problem

26a34f No.11149221

File: 72f60a2f5c747e0⋯.jpg (32.26 KB, 318x409, 318:409, 72f60a2f5c747e0eae79b67722….jpg)


>this is your brain on mcdonalds.

13b548 No.11149255


>"old news" is a Communist refrain

>article is almost two years old


dedc4d No.11149356

File: d1da983b9ba51a7⋯.png (471.23 KB, 659x732, 659:732, China Winners Science Awar….png)

More jews are needed in China's patent office any way.

a7dba8 No.11149539


>muh collusion

>the sky is blue, the post

Happens in every fucking country in the world.

It's the veil which makes normalfags think the west isn't corrupt as 'corrupt' countries.

2b17c3 No.11149571


Literally who cares it's an animal, we're a superior predator. We are designed to kill and eat lesser (and sometimes arguably greater) creatures. It's the natural order of things.

8a7de7 No.11149582

File: 16b4b9ca5880864⋯.jpg (273.33 KB, 632x450, 316:225, 8a-nazi-animal-rights.jpg)


>Literally who cares it's an animal

Plenty of people. Literally Hitler for one.

>kill and eat

Yes, in that order. No point in making the poor thing suffer any more than necessary.

f6c3fb No.11149615


>1st image

I seriously hope you don't actually believe this.

eb60a2 No.11149640

In Australia I did a forklift course years ago and this Chinese cunt was caught cheating in the test, you only need to know how to read/write and divide by two to pass the test. The examiner kicked him out straight away and couldn't understand why the chinky poo was cheating.

53fbfc No.11149647


But being raped as you shit is a thing? Fuck off jeet, I can smell you from here.


when you kill a chicken by cutting off it's head it flops around, that's what ikizukuri is, cutting out the brain & then eating the flesh AFTER it's dead. You sound like a butthurt fag numale soyboy.


Chinks may be clever & sagacious but not at all intellectual or creative, no capacity for original thought what so ever. insect robots.


You've never been to Fapan, it's obvious. They have those concepts/emotional states & the words to describe them, also, they frown on mixing, they don't want to be White just like we don't want to be nips.

f88b48 No.11149659


>thread shittin on pajeets

>check first replies

<hey you know what? You heard about them chinks? Let's talk about chinks fellow white dalit!




9a34a9 No.11149876


Just going to throw this out there. It is dependent on animal, both the predator and the prey. Of course most animals would preferably be killed prior to eating, but some can be consumed live (and depending on the animals involved) are consumed live in nature.

You can't paint all of it with a broad brush strokes and call it a day, and that goes for the general killing and eating of animals as well. (Chinks killing and eating dogs for example)

On the opposite side, we are superior beings capable of understanding, empathy and the means to kill our food, so eating live fucking frogs is no more than an ignorant stunt at this point in our development.

43f011 No.11149881


I hope most of the leftist silicon valley company hire them all, it'll be a huge drain on their resources.

9f8b78 No.11149889


They do anyways. And survive anyhow.

8e0af5 No.11149906


There's some lulzy reddit post from years back about some poo female complaining her poo husband found a video of her sucking white chads dick. She refused to suck husband poo's dick for years too. Basically she was a roastie who rode the cock carousel of white "friends". Her story was she was getting a ride to the airport by White Chad. He pulls over in the middle of no where. Wipes out his dick, turns on camera, throat fucks her, then makes her swallow. She whispers "I fucking hate you" and the video cuts out. The poo husband has to be convinced by another group of women to leave the roastie.

I found the video on pornhub. It's fucking hilarious. Just search "Indian white sucking". You'll see it.

a191b2 No.11149942


>just like we don’t want to be nips


fedbca No.11150760


>game theory

Always pick D, except on the 13 question, pick B.

dda41b No.11161769

Inb4 slide shills bump this back to the top

a2fae8 No.11161868


Becuase they sell to idiots

How many redpilled anons here payed for windows or any other program for which there are open source alternatives (often better than the pay to play programs)?

a2fae8 No.11161877




I'm still convinced nationalism leads to the greatest animal rights. When you don't sell your shores off to the highest bidder, like all your resources, you care a little bit more for the life there than what can be used by you directly.

a2fae8 No.11161882



Yall confusing nationalism with obedience.


5b2d1b No.11161937


But subhumans kikes & sandkikes love the taste of tortured animals.

3d54f2 No.11162340


This isn't even half the story. You see, in Pajeetland nearly all universities will let you pass courses as long as you pay your tutition. The affirmative action'd low caste pajeets get their tutition paid, so they have to have a certain amount of actual attendance too.

This is why a distinction between degree mills and other universities in india is fucking moot, it's all cargo cult bullshit emulating academic credentialism they took over from the British.

43b402 No.11162382


Worst shill post ever.

In the Western world there are certain groups that are considered to be smart, intellectual and academically focused. The general hierarchy is something like:


Non-Chink Chink (Japanese, Korean, etc)

Chink proper


Pakis and other related floater-esque folk

Native whites

Turkroaches (and related Arab and mongrelised Mediterranean people)




Thus by exposing how rampant cheating is amongst these Asians, we dispell one of the common myths that is used to imply that such creatures have in them an aspect of humanity. Just as the nigger is prone to excessive and unprovoked bouts of violence, or how the jew is incapable of seeing as virtue anything beyond the immediately selfish - we must too show how the Asians have no honour; and will lie, cheat and steal in ways that would shame the White Man.

000000 No.11166032

>>11148399 (checked)

> give them a retard-proof language like Rust to write in

They'll throw it away and go back to Java when the borrow checker rejects their shitpile of code.

3d54f2 No.11166055


More like they'll throw it away because they can't simply copypaste stuff from stackoverflow anymore.

f96878 No.11166075


this soul thing is a great point. india and china have somehow not got this, this is what seperates humans from monsters, race aside i think you can transdent it with culture and education. but nigger and pajeet culture fucking sucks

f96878 No.11166081


dude im mexican, and by god my family is fucking beatifull compared to pajeets, thank fucking god, i have symetrical facial features, girls think i look ok

a24a78 No.11166177


can't stand watching this shit, don't know why I clicked.

worst I've seen here was some Chink sawing off a dogs leg as it was alive and the dog struggling.

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