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Four more years

File: 22cfb52a332ef17⋯.jpg (73.98 KB, 576x492, 48:41, IMG_4245.JPG)

76553b No.11147958

everyone in Hawaii just got this message. Fucking real shit about to go down, false flag or not.

b11483 No.11147960

>no source

a48ac8 No.11147961

a48ac8 No.11147964



76553b No.11147966

False alarm


dba4bd No.11147967

File: 3fa78e6b8b1d9f7⋯.webm (516.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, happeningu.webm)

File: 0a0cff70ac6d74f⋯.webm (299.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Happeningu.webm)

File: bc3b4dc3b518884⋯.webm (1021.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, happeningu_improved_versi….webm)



610ea9 No.11147972



Just a test goyim, pay it no mind

dba4bd No.11147973



Damn, I was already gearing up for a happening.

6c48cf No.11147982

e6ef9a No.11147987


I turn off emergency alerts so they wouldn't wake me. My father freaks out and woke me up anyways.

c14a3e No.11147991

File: 72a1d805153d7d0⋯.jpeg (26.66 KB, 255x191, 255:191, A5694FDC-2D1D-4215-8C1E-9….jpeg)


>it’s just a drill

dd9aef No.11147994



Just a (((test)))

a82737 No.11148004

So what excuse are they gonna bring for such blatant experiment?

b11483 No.11148005


>the sky is falling

>no it isnt

>wtf why should i believe it isnt

536c7a No.11148006

I'm getting seriously fucking sick of getting blue balled by shit like this. JUST FUCKING DO IT YA FAT BASTARD

55664a No.11148010


>nah it was just a prank bro

cec1aa No.11148014

The series and frequency of events over the last year or so feel like something out of a history textbook covering the events leading up to a great war.

All this false alarm showed is that Americans are hopelessly unprepared for an actual happening and that many people desperately WANT a happening

f20626 No.11148033

File: 1df1dfb5cb958eb⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1304x1614, 652:807, corridor du fils.png)

>mfw parents in hawaii and stopped responding to texts ~30 mins ago

e75f1a No.11148036

File: 67bb7c8c499e42b⋯.webm (2.04 MB, 640x480, 4:3, panic.webm)


Oh yeah, I'm sure people would have gotten into their cars & drove off a fucking island if it were a real missile. If you live on an island you're fucked.

97c87a No.11148037


they're already gone, anon

40b622 No.11148040

File: 96740bf5f8b5515⋯.jpg (703.87 KB, 1504x2964, 376:741, intro to surviving the col….jpg)




>The politicians kept repeating over the TV that everything was going according to plan, there's no reason to be concerned

ca3b78 No.11148041


They say someone "pushed the wrong button", if that's the case, then this is what your army run by incompetent spics&niggers looks like.

ca3b78 No.11148044


Why didn't you listen? You could have stopped it. It's too late now.

3bbb70 No.11148046

File: 1a8bbbee0780953⋯.jpg (5.83 KB, 225x225, 1:1, cruz missle.jpg)


It's a shithole state. Pineapples and leis and hula and fake birth certificates, that's it.

3bbb70 No.11148050

File: 286cb8fcc05fa8a⋯.jpg (168.33 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 160609154216-nuclear-codes….jpg)


It's not a button. We went through this two weeks ago.

ca3b78 No.11148054


"Alert button", not what you're talking about. Also the expression "someone pushed the wrong button" is usually not to be taken literally, it's just normie speak for a technical mishap.

3bbb70 No.11148056


>many (((people))) desperately WANT a happening


Fear is the most effective marketing technique.

368bfe No.11148058


Fairly certain someone accidentally making a mistake doesn't mean your army is made up incompetent retards.

ca3b78 No.11148062


You should lookup the demographics of the army sometime.

4dd864 No.11148074

File: d7857f573274b85⋯.png (4.78 KB, 607x110, 607:110, f4f4d455f73f7b5e170e562077….png)


Admitting pathetic incompetence when it's probably intentionally inflicting terror on goyim, keeping them more concerned about missile man than national problems.

16c8c8 No.11148076


UPDATED (8:36 a.m. on 1/13/2018)

HAWAII COUNTY CIVIL DEFENSE: This is a Civil Defense Message. Please disregard message of nuclear attack. There is NO THREAT of Missle Launch at this time. I repeat, there is NO THREAT at this time.

UPDATED (8:24 AM on 1/13/2018)


8:08 a.m. Saturday, January 13, 2018 HST


it's a trip that this even exists. this mesage isn't coming from the police, this is coming from "CIVIL DEFENSE", what the fuck that, the military?

16c8c8 No.11148082




also it took 16 minutes to retract the false alarm message? the missile would have impacted by then. this was measuring threat response? i imagine everyone ignored it anyway and would have been vaporized.

ca3b78 No.11148087


>what the fuck that, the military?

Hadn't heard of them before either.

>Since its creation by President George W. Bush after the September 11, 2001 attacks, United States Civil Defense has been concentrated within the cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Between 1979 and 2001, the duties of Civil Defense were served by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Originally an independent agency, FEMA was absorbed into the DHS in 2003. Before the creation of FEMA on March 31, 1979 the responsibility for civil defense in the United States was shared between a wide variety of short-lived and frequently changing departments, agencies, and organizations.

9078e6 No.11148089



when the kike news says it they mean to imply that it was simply an errant keystroke

16c8c8 No.11148093

File: 448e683801babd3⋯.png (338.52 KB, 652x739, 652:739, unfortunate.png)

this was pretty much the exact opposite of my reaction.

ca3b78 No.11148094


I wonder if someone actually went into their fallout bunker.

9078e6 No.11148099



its kinda like that auxiliary police but with national defense….. Civil Air Patrol is part of it. Basically its supposed to be the "every able bodied man grab your guns we are being invaded" switch.

0856e8 No.11148101


>ignore it

>continue with your (extremely shortened) life

>get vaporized


>take it seriously

>don't panic

>prepare a escape plan

>you're in Hawaii

>on a motherfucking island

>there's no escape


>get vaporized anyways

16c8c8 No.11148110

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


duck and cover niggers, listen to burt the turtle

36f321 No.11148114


I wonder how many people, if any, offed themselves, because they ddin't wanna live through a nuclear holocaust.

Whoever sent the alert out should be held accountable and pried for the motive.

0856e8 No.11148115


>implying duck and cover isn't a placebo to keep people calm

16c8c8 No.11148122


they actually teach you to do the exact same thing in the field in the military.

immediately go prone face down with your helmet facing towards the blast. assuming your not in the immediate vaporization zone most of the initial damage is apparently from the shockwave and radiation flash. going prone facing towards the blast minimizes the surface area from both.

16c8c8 No.11148131

File: 6df6f5186ccaa46⋯.png (88.49 KB, 687x600, 229:200, saveyourself.png)

16c8c8 No.11148135

File: 29aaf8770a9110a⋯.png (91.69 KB, 661x739, 661:739, nukehorn.png)

apparently the air raid sirens went off on base too when the texts went out. it wasn't just a fuckup with the cell network, someone much higher up pressed the button

a4a607 No.11148145


>Going out in style on the big wave

That's the way to do it

16c8c8 No.11148153

File: ba147c806f28974⋯.png (88.59 KB, 687x557, 687:557, literally_shaking.png)

looks like a lot of people did / are still shitting themselves and waiting for the apocalypse

16c8c8 No.11148160

File: a2c20063107cc0f⋯.png (136.9 KB, 673x620, 673:620, tv_radio.png)

alert went out over TV and Radio too.

e697dd No.11148163


That's fucking awesome

These faggots haven't figured out they're dead already

Vapoorized in nuclear hellfire would be a god tier death

e47bb5 No.11148166


>all these people packing themselves into small dark places in hope they survive

Bitch I want to see the fucking flash if I know i'm going to die.

beaf2b No.11148172


NIce, that's even more confusing.

So they're like national guard? more war-oriented FEMA?

4e48f2 No.11148174

I only believe it when we have dead Hawaii niggers

e697dd No.11148180

File: 614fed3eaca0286⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 300x168, 25:14, IMG_2591.GIF)



Me too

16c8c8 No.11148181

File: c82313b30cec289⋯.png (346.7 KB, 657x921, 219:307, weareallgoingtodie.png)

some people are going to sue for PTSD damages after this

536c7a No.11148184


This is pretty much the only thing that should come of this unless a missile hits in the next 30 seconds and I get to start larping

ec476e No.11148185


ee5579 No.11148186


Your parents are dead anon, but at least you got dubs.

0856e8 No.11148187


Why stop the fun?

e697dd No.11148191


576 Pakala Lane Kauai HI is no more

16c8c8 No.11148194

File: 35098c1f62bd156⋯.png (209.75 KB, 705x773, 705:773, 37minutes.png)

islandniggers had 37 minutes to wait for the nuclear hellfire.

16c8c8 No.11148199

File: cbed9aa7a75adc9⋯.png (144.49 KB, 730x518, 365:259, worstdayofmylife.png)

368bfe No.11148205


what the fuck, you're right

16c8c8 No.11148206

File: f5899df23384afe⋯.mp4 (3.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hawaii Ballistic Missile T….mp4)

tv emergency broadcast

673856 No.11148207


seems fake

16c8c8 No.11148209

File: e937e705e0540bb⋯.png (144.95 KB, 663x925, 663:925, source.png)


source is twitter but it looks legit

ec476e No.11148210

File: 08e05affdbbfe49⋯.png (67.94 KB, 216x305, 216:305, trump.PNG)

It's Trump's fault lol.

e1d55c No.11148212


>The (((Hill)))

536c7a No.11148213


It is nice that they are so transparently biased that this is more funny than anything else.

16c8c8 No.11148214

File: 8e131f5bf5dbabf⋯.png (181.07 KB, 697x896, 697:896, original.png)


twitter shoah'd the original post by the kosherstamp so it probably was legit

e47bb5 No.11148219


Probably got pulled because of the 11 seconds of soccer footage.

e50971 No.11148222

North Korean missile false flag incoming.

Get ready to die for Zog, Amis.

c89a9a No.11148223


>it's probably intentionally inflicting terror on goyim

These are serious systems and they have safeguards to prevent accidental false alarms. Someone, possibly multiple conspirators did this on purpose and they need to be investigated and arrested like any faggot who calls in a bomb threat to stoke fear and panic.

e47bb5 No.11148225


Or maybe there was an actual threat and the missile was intercepted.

beaf2b No.11148226


>North Korean

Close, but it'll be Russians or Chinese

7b4d89 No.11148229

File: 5ab1cc5b686207f⋯.png (5.52 KB, 309x98, 309:98, xblmps.png)



>>it’s just a drill

Negative conditioning. Nice.

Someone should lose their job and go to jail for that.

14e048 No.11148231


The real terrifying thing is that you're right.

Whoever did this was not doing so for lulz either. Do you have any idea how much that would lose?

Let's use China as an example; because fuck the Chinks.

If there were a nuclear warning in Beijing and it came over as false, what would happen?

Well, it would buy 37 minutes of preperation. Nukes are fucking colossal but they're not perfect. They're a big boom. If you can even get a tenth of people to survive, you'll still have 2 million radioactive Changs. Angry Changs.

So if you can use mass psychology to increase that death toll to 99% you suddenly have a lot less to worry about. A mainland American occupation will be as easy as it was for the settlers against the natives.

751271 No.11148234








>Liberal Progressives all over the country

>"Protect me Mr. President!"

>False Alarm

>"Racist Trump"

Dear Kim Jong Ding Dong, Please nuke Hawaii

f1d7d5 No.11148235

File: f5b34e0458f4108⋯.jpg (51.57 KB, 600x304, 75:38, kurtz-phelan-600.jpg)

Why is this bumplocked?

f2efc8 No.11148236


I wonder (((((why)))) goyim

7b4d89 No.11148239

File: 15ec0d819658060⋯.jpg (437.56 KB, 1481x1000, 1481:1000, MV5BMzkzYTA2NTUtZTE0ZS00Mm….jpg)


Pretty good movie. Shame about the mandatory fag side character and Jewish lead actress.

e50971 No.11148242


Mods are compromiesed and were probably told to

f1d7d5 No.11148244


What are you implying? who is the kike here?

f47045 No.11148246

File: 163cd9309bc64f6⋯.png (340.23 KB, 1280x1870, 128:187, 000PST_16-12-2016_14818681….png)


> pressed the button


502cd4 No.11148247


because the whole event was a deep state slide thread against the new revelations about the Obama administration being treasonous criminals.

f2efc8 No.11148249




mods are pozzed to hell anon, we know this for ages but it's the best we have

third exodus when?

81c409 No.11148251

File: 5c4dfb94ad25cc9⋯.jpg (43.32 KB, 739x600, 739:600, 5eebb7a5f4e26057e9069a8888….jpg)


>Turns out to be a drill

f47045 No.11148252

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>deep state slide thread

I'll bet you believe the frogs are gay too.

a7c37e No.11148254

File: f4b1d6bb15db56c⋯.jpg (34.89 KB, 600x885, 40:59, 29e.jpg)


>raised on traditional values

>meets 90's roastie

>hilarity ensues

751271 No.11148255

File: 3ac8f5644ec1676⋯.mp4 (12.07 MB, 768x432, 16:9, Missile threat alert for H….mp4)

751271 No.11148256

File: 0e9b3b6392c4d7b⋯.mp4 (8.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, How was Hawaii false missi….mp4)

502cd4 No.11148259


mel brooks was a genius

6ddbb6 No.11148263

>>11148166 (checked)

>Bitch I want to see the fucking flash if I know i'm going to die.

For some reason I am of the opinion that the nuclear flash is way beyond white hot or blue and is like a shade of lavender. I cant remember where I read it but it seems believable cuz it is way beyond anything I have ever seen like a welding arc etc.

a7c37e No.11148264


>tfw Moonman announces the end of the world

ec476e No.11148268


Is Hawaii an U.S or Japanese state?



81c409 No.11148269

File: 6f3c3504cafd376⋯.png (226.6 KB, 443x443, 1:1, 1487771801974.png)


>A button sends a message to all registered cellphones and on-going local channels

>People in charge of ballistic/nuclear emergencies in Hawaii are Japanese

This is getting more and more hilarious

a7c37e No.11148270



I wonder how many people got laid.

d52047 No.11148272






Now the news media is going to be talking about this instead of the corruption and recent arrests made surrounding the Clinton nuclear deal. (((They))) jump straight from phony shithole allegations to this. It's obvious that something is being covered up here. Convenient how faggots have to make everything about the mods in every fucking thread and try to get us to leave the board. Divide and conquer.

f1d7d5 No.11148278

File: ecea50005aefc04⋯.jpg (86.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mytummy.jpg)



Fair enough, I can see your point.

We can still dig deeper into who triggered the false alarm. It doesn't need to be bumplocked.

We're being treated like normies when were not.

f1d7d5 No.11148284


I'm going to move focus to other boards. moderation here is too strict.

318511 No.11148321


which boards? this is treasonous level shit, discussion needs to be had

081840 No.11148381

e4b007 No.11148388


Possible EMP detonation

f1d7d5 No.11148392

File: b2e517b411091bf⋯.jpg (105 KB, 594x792, 3:4, hilldog_theylive.jpg)


Search and you will find. They're not hidden. Sorry anon, can't make it too easy

e4b007 No.11148397


There’s YouTube videos of children being put in storm drains.


Hawaii Broadcast Station

e4b007 No.11148403

File: 4c0f537214f55f6⋯.png (408.4 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 0C893CD0-8FDE-4DEB-B631-06….png)

Pic related

e50971 No.11148405


What kind of retarded neocohen bullshit is this?

f27dbb No.11148407


Ahh Alicia Silverstone. She was so fine, up until I learned that she echoes.

d52047 No.11148410

God I hope they detonate an EMP. Knocking out the grid will practically guarantee that welfare-dependent niggers are killed off, and only closely-knit white communities are able to survive.

f1d7d5 No.11148411

File: 190704eb6fc78d4⋯.mp4 (9.69 MB, 854x480, 427:240, rip.mp4)


Reads like bullshit anon. Why do you think it's real?



Probably a good idea to keep an ear on hawaii for early warning system for non military for anything coming from nk

e4b007 No.11148413



Go to the tweet & read the full thing. Judge for yourself

f1d7d5 No.11148417



It reads like super retarded speculation

e4b007 No.11148422


Sadly I don’t think the nogs would die off, at least not a lot would.


Idk he’s usually correct. He was the first to announce the unsealed indictment yesterday. (((Last night)))

f1d7d5 No.11148426




Also still hearing this, no EMP for sure, he's completely wrong in this instance

e4b007 No.11148433


Ok. It was just a thought. NBD. Clearly something happened, a bit ago (((1-1.5 hours))) the scanner I linked was going berserk with fire departments/ law enforcement. Now it’s dead silence.

f1d7d5 No.11148436


no worries man. Something did happen I agree.

Do you know how I can get that audio from 1-1.hours ago?

f1d7d5 No.11148439


*1-1.5 hours

e4b007 No.11148450


I’d try YouTube??? I know there’s videos of kids being put in storm drains etc. saw them on half chan

f27dbb No.11148459


There's a few billion QLARP boards now, it certainly won't be one of those. What a mess!

f1d7d5 No.11148471


hi CIA anon, nice FUD

eec16b No.11148476

Why anchor this?

f27dbb No.11148479


Each Q board accuses the other of being exactly that… and that's why there are so many.

f27dbb No.11148486

f1d7d5 No.11148489



Ok smiley, whatever you want us to believe

f27dbb No.11148493


I want good info just as much as you do.

f1d7d5 No.11148495


Anyone who doesn't know what smiley is, go to /cow/ where his tactics are described

f27dbb No.11148501


You clearly need to read more if you're going to accuse everyone of being him.

f1d7d5 No.11148511


ok smiley

8e308c No.11148520


this what the fuck

f27dbb No.11148523

File: 7547720eab7cc4c⋯.png (108.38 KB, 1232x582, 616:291, defcon.png)

8e308c No.11148527


>This is not a drill

>JK it was an exercise

>JK someone pushed the wrong button

>JK we got hacked

Seems legit.

e4b007 No.11148530

File: d6b1b0d663922c9⋯.jpeg (51.26 KB, 567x442, 567:442, BA25B304-951E-446C-9AED-E….jpeg)

File: 24aca2cb0553a50⋯.png (347.63 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, E1AC6100-A83B-48DB-AD6B-74….png)


Hawaii is 6 hours behind NY (((EST)))

4dd864 No.11148538

EMP gets brought up a lot, has this capability of nukes ever been tested and proven to do significant damage?

6fd871 No.11148545

Kim won't be needing laxatives for a while.

e4b007 No.11148548


Doesn’t an employee need to verify the situation 6 times before they can actually activate the EAS?

f27dbb No.11148549



6fd871 No.11148552


fuck off LARPjew

6fd871 No.11148553


Hope they don't have a nigger reading the orders 6 times because it will hit first.

08d32c No.11148559


>State Level.

>The statewide EAS Network disseminates warnings and/or instructions from the governor or his/her designated representative during threats or emergencies affecting one or more counties within the state. The statewide network may also be activated by the National Weather Service Forecast Office to disseminate weather or tsunami related watches or warnings.


>State Level.

>May be activated by either of two agencies in response to actual or potentially hazardous conditions:


>The governor or his/her designee, the Director of Civil Defense, may activate the EAS upon determination that sufficient danger exists to pose a threat to the safety of life and property in one or more counties. Coordinated use of the siren warning system with the EAS will occur when required.


>The NWS will issue advisories, watches and warnings when adverse weather conditions are expected to impact all or a portion of the state. The NWS in Hawaii operates the local portion of the NOAA Weather Radio (VHF) system, and generates Specific Area Message Encoding messages for required events. SAME encoded messages use common protocols and event codes with the EAS, so that any SAME message will be decoded by EAS encoders/decoders at all broadcast/cable provider locations. Only those SAME encoded messages listed in Attachment E are to be programmed to activate the EAS.


There are only a limited number of people who even have the capability to activate the system.

This was no mistake.

e4b007 No.11148578


Children getting in sewers

e4b007 No.11148587


That’s what someone on half chan who lives in Hawaii said. There’s 3 ppl in the EAS that have the capability & permissions to activate it.

This is who they are….


08d32c No.11148592


Yep, the Governor, the Director of Civil Defense and whoever is in charge at the National Weather Service.

And even then, you have to manually determine which message is to be sent out.

I smell a certain odor to this.

8e308c No.11148594


This whole thing reeks. If NK had fired a missile at Hawaii and it was shot down, this is exactly what would be fucking happening.

08d32c No.11148599


Yeah, but I would also expect the fat troll to be crowing about it too, so I don't think there was an actual launch.

This has more of the feeling of a shot across the bow.

e4b007 No.11148605


Do we have any idea why??


Why would they lie? Also why Hawaii? The continental US makes a better target sadly. You’d have max impact


Check. Idk he didn’t tweet about Vegas at all. If it’s genuine, he’d avoid it like the plague.

e4b007 No.11148614

An insider on half chan wrote this…

>If you look around you'll find evidence that the Russians have been presumably hiding exoatmospheric kill vehicles as space debris. I don't have a specific source I can give without a self dox, but some search terms could be "Russian space debris, unusual low Earth orbit, US military satilite".

>This is the unfortunate best source I can find and it fails to mention the bizarre maneuvers these things pull


>Also, if you ever want midly classified date spearphish any probable contractor aged 55-65

08d32c No.11148615


>Why would they lie?

If the system was hacked, they would not want it to be known how easy it is to commandeer such a means of communication.

Think V for Vendetta.

e4b007 No.11148620


That’s truly terrifying. However so is the fact that a mistake like a “butt dial” could force people to blow their brains out due to fear also.

08d32c No.11148623


Agreed, which is why I think the bullshit excuse of human error is flawed form the beginning.

d52047 No.11148635


Nasa has every single piece of space debris down to the size of an orange mapped out and it's trajectory calculated in their system. At least that is what they tell us.

4dd864 No.11148647


So what's the deal? Only works on a massive scale or not at all? Otherwise why not just pop off a few EMPs in middle east under the same old bullshit ISIS or whatever flag, or the kike media too scared to try spinning that one?

f27dbb No.11148658


I'm not the one to ask, but I don't think it can be done "cleanly" without setting off a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere. Can't be doing that too near to Israel.

f1e755 No.11148680


He is full of shit. To do what he's suggesting(putting hidden weapons in LEO) would be difficult/impossible without detection. The reason is because objects in orbit suffer from orbital decay(IE, over time they begin to fall closer to the planet). This happens even faster in LEO.

Normally you counteract this with vector thrusters to keep pushing yourself back out and maintain orbit. And herein lies the problem with trying to "hide" stuff in space like this; it's very easy to detect something that's controlling its movement in space(because 99% of the rest of the debris is not doing that and will have decaying orbit). The second issue is that if this is a long term plan then their weapon will need to be refueled to keep its orbit going(like we do with the ISS and others). Rocket launches to do this would also be easily detected.

The russians are not "hiding" anything in space. If they've put something up there, we know about it.

e4b007 No.11148697

Close. The missile wasn't shot down, it was intentionally diverted by the people who launched it. It was a second warning. First was LV. That a missile was launched isn't the most important factor here. The most important factor is that the missile came from the East. The message is: You didn't even know we were here, and the US mainland is in range.

This is very bad.


Hickam AFB Fusion Analyst here. The false alert was not a mistake. It was ordered. We were informed it was to be a drill, but then all information was put out that the threat was real.

Immediate contact was made to the White House and requests were made for retaliation. I think there was a push to have the White House approve an attack on foreign vessels off the coast.

When the White House replied "Negative" and demanded further information, my superiors called Gov. David Ige where he ordered us to contact media outlets of there being a false alarm. One of the Gov. Aids was present, and speaking with who looked to be a federal investigator. I overheard them state that this "Demonstrated weakness in the Trump admin and a refusal to protect his people."

I come on here and shitpost a lot. I see a lot of bullshit that gets thrown around here. I have even trolled you guys with commie threads for shits and giggles. But this really worries me. I haven't signed any kind of gag order on this. Nor has some of my mates. We don't really know what to do or what's going on. Which is really bothersome because it's literally my job to process all information going in an out of this place for reports. I don't know what to do or what's going to happen to me.

Another “insider”. Plausible???

9f0f22 No.11148701

File: f2123b3ce8ca682⋯.gif (777.83 KB, 416x197, 416:197, fd3279ed5b286c93ddf33fad57….gif)


mfw the blast pushes the wave away from hawaii and he surfs it safely to oregon

e4b007 No.11148710

File: fa6b25c22a32868⋯.jpeg (103.25 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, 0F783BC1-2681-49E4-8724-1….jpeg)




81c409 No.11148712


>the missile came from the East

Well, let's play ball here, who or what could launch a missile from the East of Hawaii?

A submarine, US mainland and central america?

e4b007 No.11148716




81c409 No.11148719


>Reposting from Halfchan

Is this really a thing now?

I guess it condensates more valid info, but also more larpers

9f0f22 No.11148722

File: 49f6b76c1111ac3⋯.gif (183.49 KB, 238x202, 119:101, Nuclear_missile_silo_anima….gif)


>Also why Hawaii? The continental US makes a better target sadly. You’d have max impact

Hawaii is isolated. limiting radiation exposure

resulting shock wave and tsunami would devastate liberal coastal cities and the shithole mexico

do you even C&C bro?

9f0f22 No.11148726


Trump Derangement Syndrom

when you hate the President so much you try to trick him into WW3

368bfe No.11148735

File: c4637ec4bbd6a5a⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 375x500, 3:4, A black guy.JPG)


>that entire post

[internal shaking]

thought we'd have at least another 5-10 years before we start to see shit actually going down

e4b007 No.11148749

File: 4458493c7556e1e⋯.gif (187.71 KB, 670x473, 670:473, 2A651F07-8059-4AFB-A60D-1F….gif)


I do not hate him. I love him. It’s plausible. If you read the thread. Hawaii is primarily all Democrats. Why wouldn’t they try to fuck him over? Obama’s from there. I put nothing past those fucks.

5d88e6 No.11148771


Fuck, ok, this is clearly a publicized event. I'm still interested in who pulled this stunt

e4b007 No.11148780


He said Gov David Icke (spelling) and some Goddard Bitch. I think. Read the thread from cuckchan

042572 No.11148794

>Emergency alert in Hawaii

>Lol it wasn't real, anchor thread

>A false missile launch notice given to Hawaii is not worth having a thread

You know, I'm starting to understand the "kike mods" argument.


We already know about endchan, nextchan and the other fagboards. Do you think that the shills don't as well? What we need is an exodus, a concerted effort moving to a less kiked place. As it is we just spit up and grow weaker

81c409 No.11148820


>He said Gov David Icke (spelling)

The thought of David Icke being governor of anything other than his own book corner is most amusing

How can one mix the names up

e4b007 No.11148844


It’s Gov David Ige & Rep Tulsi Gabbard. They orchestrated it.

063195 No.11148872


> There’s 3 ppl in the EAS that have the capability & permissions to activate it.

Did the message go out over TV and Radio?

If NO then it didn't come from the top. It came from the cellphone network.

e4b007 No.11148887


Idk. I saw cell phone pics. Idk where else it came from.

e4b007 No.11148911


It came from the EAS per CNN

ba9df3 No.11148915


Right on double 07

Sounds like that cat is outta the bag as it were. Post em if you got em

Done fuse me bro

e4b007 No.11148920

File: d26b9ed84ce70d8⋯.png (294.01 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 98755A6D-328F-40A7-B2B5-77….png)


Pic related

ba9df3 No.11148925


Uhhhh Mike? You shitposting here with us these days?

e4b007 No.11148931




Maybe bro. Just saying pay attention to what I’ve laid out here. POTUS & co prevented WWIII tonight. Hell will be raining down ASAP

ba9df3 No.11148933


Fuckin A right on

Let her rip as the cool kids say

e4b007 No.11148939

File: b439b78c3f56000⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 356x200, 89:50, CC085026-80D8-4F5C-8121-9A….gif)


Check. Those deep state niggers are dead. Obama definitely fucked with the wrong team of men tonight.

063195 No.11148954


> per CNN


Sure thing CNN.

Civil Air patrol or an official sends out an EAS. It splits off to the TV networks for OTA, CATV headends, the master EAS radio station(who sends it down to the rest of the radio stations),and the cellphone networks.

If it came from the officials who could send out an EAS then it would have gone out EVERYWHERE.

If it did not then someone in the cellphone network sent it out.

Unless someone can show a screencap of it on a TV or radio capture then this sounds like a cellular issue to me.

Someone hacking the cell networks would surely be a data breach they would want to keep under wraps.

>lol someone just pushed the wrong button. nothing to see here!

The super delayed FALSE ALARM response may be because they didn't even see the EAS go out if someone managed to control the cell towers directly.

ba9df3 No.11148963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Looks like it was issued out on local tv too and radio

e4b007 No.11148965


I’m telling you this was a major event. They set up Trump and it didn’t work. They wanted him to say fire nukes, so they could say he’s mentally unstable so they could impeach him.

a068c4 No.11148975


you'd go blind before you could even process what you saw

ba9df3 No.11149000


Seems legit. I can picture it in my mind

e4b007 No.11149003


There’s hell to pay for this.

063195 No.11149012


Thanks anon good find. I guess it really did come from the top then.

e4b007 No.11149055


0da0d6 No.11149070

File: bd7885939cbdc83⋯.jpg (107.65 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, (((senator))).jpg)


>It's a shithole state


78a2f6 No.11149076

963ab9 No.11149080

I was wondering where this thread was. Mods being kike fags as usual and not letting us discuss it. Probably because some fags in Congress and Twitter are shittng on trump over it. It's more safe space here than on fucking tumblr.

On the thread topic: lol for this happening. I have a friend in Hawaii who messaged me and said they sat outside enjoying the final moments drinking. Some good shit came from this and mods are ruining it as per usual

e4b007 No.11149109


It’s been anchored, how can the mods fuck with it? Honestly I am glad they did this. Those democrats fucks need a wake up call.

10d378 No.11149275

This shit is crazy, I agree with other Anons that it definitely wasn't an accident. And apparently this is anchored, fucking sickening, something actually significant for once. Christ.

ef07cd No.11149329


>being this new

8ch is a honeypot

225cf9 No.11149384

File: c1ddd6b83b34212⋯.png (3.28 MB, 1884x7571, 1884:7571, whenimkamfythrowsashitfito….png)

081840 No.11149463

Alex Jones doesn't believe the official story.


612dc2 No.11149466

File: a8d6bd777b4bcb9⋯.jpeg (244.51 KB, 1080x1044, 30:29, okBFn6r.jpeg)

What if it actually was real?

536c7a No.11149472


Already been six hours innit?

081840 No.11149586


>6 hours

As if it would take that long. The Pentagon has plans which go into immediate effect once something like this happens. Fat boy likely wouldn't exist before the war hit the news.

4c06d1 No.11149619

Why are mods anchoring this thread?

They're sliding these threads on half chan as well

fe62ed No.11149623

File: f287e6382f5cec5⋯.png (142.69 KB, 503x335, 503:335, incoming.png)


Very good question. Monitoring for nuclear winter

7835f6 No.11149654



Fucking this. I'm in this thread and it was locked before I even got here. This shit should be stickied. They only sticky gay dig threads though and not anything actually interesting.

e4b007 No.11149738




Why the fuck would they anchor it??

Mods, need a sticky.

b36bd7 No.11149757


>your basement will not save you from nukes

From the immediate blast? It most likely will. Why are people so retarded?

b36bd7 No.11149765



>just EMP

NK just got nukes. The absolutely do not have the tech to create an even moderately small sized EMP without the nuke.

7c1c9d No.11149790


Normalfags think that nukes are this magical weapon that will instantly annihilate anything and everything within a hundred miles. They don't know that nuclear weapons have ranges and different effects at different distances from ground zero, have no idea about nuclear strategy other than some foggy idea about MAD being the end of the world, and they think the primary targets in a nuclear exchange are civilian population centers.

As for why they think this, it's mostly fear propaganda from the (((usual suspects))) trying to cow the populace with threats of "total annihilation" now and again, and general disinterest.

c8ced7 No.11149803

File: 4d4004de3c726c5⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 640x446, 320:223, 6849d8740a4693bde440624087….jpg)


>Why the fuck would they anchor it?

Hit the wrong button?

b36bd7 No.11149812


>the primary targets in a nuclear exchange are civilian population centers.

Some of the primary targets are in bumfuck nowhere at the location of like a transportation crossroads or a dense infrastructure point. Nukes have little to do with immediate civilian casualties. Where did they learn this?

04b30a No.11149817


Movies probably. They probably think a nuclear war would look like the world of the terminator.

c8ced7 No.11149819


>Where did they learn this?

Maybe the fact that that's the only way they've been used in the past (as far as anyone knows)?

ef07cd No.11149828


Are you from that 4chan thread?

I reckon WW3 will begin after the SK Olympics, any info you got correlating with this time frame?


7c1c9d No.11149829


The (((media))) and (((education system))), where else? It's not like most normalfags learn things elsewhere.

I'd imagine that movies like Doctor Strangelove were the first real movies to actually push that nukes were world ending devices. Once that meme caught on, it stuck. Though, I'm sure the very start of that particular meme was the media misinterpreting things that the military was fear-mongering about in order to get more funds.

ef07cd No.11149847



went all over tv and radio as well as mass texts

e4b007 No.11149920

8148cd No.11150826


d168c7 No.11150852

>They try to set up a false flag

>Everything's ready

>Do the usual "its a test but not a test" routine

>Something somewhere fucks up

>Oh it's just a test!

If 9/11 had fucked up and no one died, they'd of claimed it was just a drill.

1f16fb No.11150917


>Is Hawaii an U.S or Japanese state?


fea71a No.11150989


BTW, for next time:

>We want our Air Force personnel to understand that cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility … Today, the OPSEC (Purple) Dragon symbolizes the importance of protecting critical information and observable actions.


>OPSEC as a methodology was developed during the Vietnam War, when Admiral Ulysses Sharp, Commander-in-chief, Pacific, established the "Purple Dragon" team in order to determine how the enemy was able to obtain advanced information on military operations.

What does the purple dragon want? He wants you to stop talking about the treasure.

a48ac8 No.11150994



89053d No.11151016


Top fucking Kek.

89053d No.11151032


>soy rat hides in basement

>surf chad goes out to ride the big wave

43a30c No.11151071

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i liked this hawaiian guy's take on the whole thing

2aa60e No.11151099


It's also home to that shit-eating activist judge who tries to block everything that comes out of the White House.

ccf7eb No.11151156

Oh i see. This was going to be blamed on the norks since they "have missiles capable of hitting the US"

796970 No.11151210


Reconquista when?

796970 No.11151236

Imagine that there was a man. A soldier. This man got intel on yet another US false flag; the nuking of Hawaii.

Imagine that this man sacrificed his life to warn people and to crash that plan(e).

89a834 No.11151277


>All my neighbors are welfare-dependent spics

>Spics know how to loot

>MFW I've never lived in a closely-knit white community

It was nice knowing you goys. I'll see you in Vallhalla.

5bcbca No.11151285



Kek speed to the brave lad

1db799 No.11151333


I just assumed they did the fake missile message on purpose to push along some agenda. Like they wanna test public reaction. Now I see gabby gifford whining about some shit

3bf685 No.11151374


"Mates"? Fuck off LARPer.

e3104a No.11151421

Have a bump, this is an actual happening. Keep us non-burgers informed guys.

000000 No.11151495

It's pretty clear that the State of Hawaii is fucking with Trump by this point, that or some shit really went down.

Makes me think about North Korea, are they really who we think they are?

796970 No.11151500

File: 7caea0f0efa71a5⋯.png (550.01 KB, 665x513, 35:27, hawaii.png)

76ff40 No.11151602

hey guys, just so you know, it's pronounced Hu-uwhai-he. Thanks.

ac2064 No.11151616


Considering the length of the message it must have been a couple of hundred "wrong buttons." Calling B.S. on that press release.

b0dcb5 No.11151684



>someone pushed the wrong button.

the fucking russians thought we were sending in a nuke in the 1980s, and guess what they did?


who the fuck designs a system where you pressing a fucking button you alert an entire state of an attack of a specific nature? is there a button that says "press in case of missile attack". we're not in fucking israel so that shit makes no sense.

ccf7eb No.11151698


Sorry anon. I've played pokemon. Its Alola now. I trust the nips more than a liberal echo chamber.

e6b7d2 No.11151888



d1acff No.11151902


Or the more likely hypothesis: incompetence due to niggers, spics, women and Shitlamists being present in the military and civil command structure of the US.

982fce No.11151908

Rainy day fake bullshit to dominate the news.

Same with the media jumping on the "shithole" comment.

636819 No.11151968

File: 05536b59c02f926⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 500x300, 5:3, b894125289c23f67111e0db076….gif)



f604dc No.11151981

None of these things are by script, NORAD claims probable crack, state-wide agency is not easily cracked (but city is), and multiple forms of EAS stated (Teleivison (claiming origin US Pacific Command), State-Wide Cellular, and AIR FUCKING RAID SIRENS). This was not an accient, this was a deliberate attempt at causing confusion, disaray, and panic. Even if there was a "button", it would not activate these things all at once, and furthermore there is no script for any of these things. The script woul be generated off-the-spot. Only National Weather Advisories have emergency alerts since they have the automatic voice repeated anyways on the Weather Band. This is a made script. What we now need to figure out a day later, with all these idiots weighing in in this thread, is move on and decide "Is this an act of terrorism, political protest by some kind of leftist group, or is it an attempt at a false flag?" This is NOT an accident.

65f2cc No.11151985


Checked and hailed, we'll shitpost in eternity.

60bc31 No.11152027

File: 8127974d8aa78e0⋯.jpg (78.88 KB, 1242x914, 621:457, hawaiis getting nuked time….jpg)


I wonder how many of them will wish the bombs did drop so they don't have to live with the regret.

a48ac8 No.11152038


It’s obviously fake, but that’s a lot more sweet than your average “fucked my sister” story.

f5c93c No.11152049



000000 No.11152054

It was probably the pre-written message to be sent out to draw us into war with NK tbh.

dd9aef No.11152072

File: 610db1bbfd44bd9⋯.jpg (215.9 KB, 777x777, 1:1, 4e66cad65e218089685367e00d….jpg)



If it was real, he should have given her the dicking of a lifetime. How could someone throw away such potential?

Make her vagoo permanently remember your shape and scent

c9420f No.11152078

File: 25391e0b5cec59c⋯.png (688.15 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 25391e0b5cec59c96a7d71c2b7….png)


>Just a test

Bullshit. If it was a test they would have used a message that wouldn't muster mass fear, something like "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system".

e0abc5 No.11152091

People are attacking Trump for being a war monger over this. Yet if Hawaii was nuked would the liberals cow over trump not doing enough?

Let's be honest. If that happened China would be in the capital before NK could be invaded by the US & SK. China has troops and tanks on their NK border in case NK really fucks up.

12d56f No.11152097

Why would Best Korea or anyone else want to nuke Hawaii? There's nothing valuable over there. I could understand the mainland US but not Hawaii. If Kim ching chong indeed fired a missile but it was intercepted then he's fucked. Trump will turn BK into a wasteland

495078 No.11152107


Or Japan.

>nuke remote jap base

>threaten further attacks if they allow the US to use bases in Japan to attack Best Korea

>Japan has to face Hiroshima round 3 or US loses a shit ton of places to attack from

f5af55 No.11152109

What’s the reigning theory, that Trump didn’t fall for the setup because he was occupied with the gorilla fighting channel?

1ebdd8 No.11152119


>People are attacking Trump for being a war monger over this.

>Islandniggers fuck up EAS warning

>This is Trump's fault somehow



NK nukes are both a deterrent and bargaining chips for securing Korean unification and the removal of US forces. Their primary intention is not to be used for strategic nuclear conflict, there's no possible winning endgame in a scenario where they directly attack the US or Japan.

d2f252 No.11152166

File: e3a5f39e909b9d5⋯.png (127.54 KB, 387x285, 129:95, d2e125a652268810add926bb49….png)

>Samoan fat fingers the wrong button on a touch screen

>Emergency declared state wide

>Omfg drumpf is gonna cause ww3

>Apologize dumpf

000000 No.11152169

OK, any of you who went "lol, nigger pressed wrong button, FAKE NEWS!", any of you who believed for a second that a live ballistic missile attack warning can go out because some asshole "pushed the wrong button" while picking his nose on shift and stay valid for 38 minutes until someone says "No, lol." need to remove yourself from the gene pool, because you are a white nigger, and I'm only assuming the first part.

Your hatred of niggers has made you become one yourself. Read Nietzsche.

With that said - I've thought about it some more and here is the scenario that I consider the most plausible based on the little we know:

There was an actual launch from a (submerged) missile submarine somewhere in the Pacific. The owner of the sub was not own and it was very likely not even being known itself and tracked. Even if it was being tracked, the most you can ID from that after a while is the class of the submarine, not who runs it. Need more intel for that than just sound waves.

When the missile broke surface and headed for Hawaii, a valid ballistic missile warning was given out. Note that YOU DO NOT KNOW if the missile that is headed for you is nuclear tipped or not. It could have even been inert. Then, the missile was either intercepted or splashed into the sea somewhere near Hawaii, in case it was not a live nuke.

During this happening, they were frantically trying to asset the threat and trying to figure out WHO shot. In the Cold War, that wasn't a problem, because any hostile launch would simply be from the Warsaw Pact and you be done with it. Not so today.

That scenario explains why it took 38 minutes to cancel the alarm (part of it missile flight time, part of it figuring out how to respond, what to say). Since they were unable to identify who shot the missile, they decided it was best to just tell people "Someone pressed the wrong button, lol".

I mean, imagine how else they would go about that?

"Hi guys. Yeah, there was a live missile launch against our Pacific Command base in Hawaii, but we have absolutely no idea who done it lol. Please don't do a bank run and shit, while we try to figure out who done it and whether we should nuke them or not before they shoot again."

This scenario explains why a "this is not a drill" warning actually went over all the channels it was supposed to, why it took 38 minutes to cancel it and why the media / government is quickly trying to memory hole it. They are still assessing it and probably don't know what else to do with it. I imagine a lot of spooks are very busy right now though.

An alternative scenario could be a hack that activated a built-in simulation program on a missile destroyer / frigate type vessel. That speculation however is FURTHER out from the scenario above, since I'm pretty sure it would quickly be realized that it is the sim running, so that neither would a live warning go out nor would it stay there for 38 minutes.

What did certainly not happen is "He pushed the wrong button, lol."


Inb4 "But vid is from the 80s!" - Kill yourself.

000000 No.11152177


*owner of the sub was not *k*nown

c9420f No.11152197


>Some of the primary targets are in bumfuck nowhere at the location of like a transportation crossroads or a dense infrastructure point.

This. An enemy of the US more likely to fire a nuke at Georgia than they would a city like New York or LA. Not saying that they wouldn't also target those cities too since LAX and JFK are also huge airports, but if you're going to hit someone then you'd want to deal the most damage.

a24c52 No.11152228


Well if there was really a live missile launch, expect more of them soon. I too find it difficult to believe that it was just a "lulz it was just a joke now go to sleep goyim" accident. It sounds like pure damage control, this is just a warning to get ready for the great happening.

4e48f2 No.11152232

I thought this was bumplocked? Did the situation change?

1e7fc2 No.11152251


I like this post.

3c912b No.11152304

File: 893a97616879c0d⋯.jpg (688.01 KB, 2560x1620, 128:81, 500--2000 nuke map.jpg)






This map is a bit dated, but still valid.

72dc32 No.11152311


Yes, the bumplocking activated so many almonds that it caused Streissand effect. That's why (((tptb))) decided to change the situation to de-escalate antimod sentiment and the awakening of actual /pol/acks and not the mouthbreathers we have been flooded with

d6082b No.11152314


That's about a nuclear attack, not a missile alert.

d1acff No.11152320


Needs more Californian coverage.

38a8fb No.11152321


>a nuclear missile isnt a missile

9251a6 No.11152324


Why isn't this pinned?

4f9429 No.11152326


A missile alert is not the same event as a missile launch, as we've just established.

d6082b No.11152327


No, I mean the image he posted about about launching an attack, not setting off an alarm.

3b083a No.11152330


Who fucking cares.

7c1c9d No.11152379


Well, you're half right. In a nuclear war scenario, the goal is not to deal the most damage to a nation per se, but to destroy the opposition's second strike capability while keeping your own. If you can do that, you will be able to deal whatever peace terms you want after the exchange. Destroying infrastructure is mostly an afterthought.

Generally, the continuity of targets in such a war would be: Nuclear silos, Ballistic defense sites, Military Stations/bases, places like Los Alamos that maintain our nuclear stockpile, Government and Continuity of Government structures, and finally major industrial sites.

The last place you would strike would be population centers, as you need something to hold hostage to prevent a last ditch "fuck-the-world" second strike from occurring.


That map is very old, from the mid to late fifties if I remember it correctly. While it does provide a general idea of how nuclear targeting works (if you know what those dots are targeting), it still doesn't cover newer strategic targets and covers many old and now decommissioned targets.

Polite sage for going off topic.

4e48f2 No.11152436


I mean anything concrete? Dead niggers, dems or something else?

2a83f8 No.11152559

File: 90bb70844336aaa⋯.jpg (250.63 KB, 469x642, 469:642, only-dreams-now_o_2375257.jpg)

File: 5557a7643004543⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 650x358, 325:179, 03350b79b61fba9c91a9da0017….gif)

File: b492a8f0404ebb2⋯.png (508.7 KB, 750x697, 750:697, Photo.png)

File: 2181da0ca34c000⋯.jpg (87.76 KB, 1010x1024, 505:512, IMG_2351.JPG)

File: 01840b748acd810⋯.jpg (264.85 KB, 541x380, 541:380, 018.jpg)



why didn't yuo stobb it?

2a83f8 No.11152560

File: 690d140baefadb1⋯.gif (66.99 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 5300571 _ec0057f6924bb3def….gif)

e3104a No.11152806


d518f4 No.11152811


If it was a federal system, I'd believe you, but it was a state system and I wholly believe that it'd be a piece of shit where someone can fatfinger something like that.

c03489 No.11152812

File: 2cc501c7022d545⋯.png (21.36 KB, 459x244, 459:244, qfalseflagpredicted.png)

(((cohencidence))) on schedule

000000 No.11152871


I was considering the possibility that it was a fuck up in an isolated civil defense sort of exercise, however, there are reports out by now that there were also sirens going off at military bases on Hawaii. Also, I do not believe that in their civil defense exercise session, the "live warning button" and the "just an exercise warning button" are right next to each other. I believe they are the furthest away from each other, if we even want to talk about "buttons" in such a scenario. I believe they are both physically and / or software wise THE FURTHEST away from each other, don't you think? I also don't believe that only one man can "press" such a "button".


>If it was a real missile, there's gonna be more attacks soon

Not necessarily. That depends on what was the purpose of the launch, who was the actor and what are his resources. Heck, it could have been a "rogue sub" from country xyz, Hollywood style. It could well be that the missile was for example inert and the real payload was however exactly to trigger a live warning, but then Trump coming out and saying "someone launched at us, but we have no idea who" etc, thus triggering chaos / a bank run.

The purpose could have been to test military response.

The purpose could have been to trigger war.

The purpose could have been to trigger the US in launching nukes on whomever.

There are multiple reasons why someone might do that and they vary with who would do it.

Could have simply been someone hoping to trigger a response by the US on NK for example. There seems to be a massive push going on for war with NK in both the media and even some alternative outlets, while Trump seems to try to mitigate that by talking tough but not acting on what some people are pushing for. I get the impression the only thing that Trump wants to do is deals, he does not want to start WWIII in Asia.

In that sense, it could of course have just been a psyop from the deep state, but then you have all the problems again with secrecy and not having anyone talk about what would be high treason etc. If it was a real launch by an unknown actor on the other hand, and the players involved with the warning were legit concerned, you could plausibly keep them from talking because of National Security, to avoid a panic etc.

67dced No.11152952


e50971 No.11153041


>Posted on the 14th

>after the fake missile warning happened

Retarded or just American?

148649 No.11153157

File: a02ab74aaeabbe5⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 255x104, 255:104, 0517e9d3e67a9173ff2a69e1fa….jpg)

File: ee00f4f5bf5a409⋯.png (8.67 KB, 255x121, 255:121, torontoimprovementplan.png)


Something's…. missing.

148649 No.11153178


That "missing" Argentine sub, perhaps?

288ada No.11153213

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I like this theory. It reminds me of that mystery submarine launch event from 2010, though at the time the government did admit to not having any clue which seemed bizarre. Also I thought it was from just a couple years ago, how time flies.

d412b6 No.11153373


if it was a real missile wouldn't we have seen a fighter scramble? I'm not familiar with protocol but I'd assume NORAD or whatever sees the missile, the pentagon is notified who in turn notifies state/local authorities. The state shouldn't have its own missile detection equipment so they'd have to get that info elsewhere.

000000 No.11153374


I don't know. I'm not very familiar with the case tbh, I just overflew the headlines. I think that was just a fuck up and their boat just sank. Also, afaik Argentina does not have ballistic missile subs. I'm not 100% on that, but Argentine never registered for me as a subsurface strategic player. They have very quiet Hunter/Killer diesel subs, but not strategic missile subs afaik. But who knows. But I also see no immediate motivation on the side of Argentine to fuck with the US strategic forces.


What you people have to understand in this case is that the whole submarine warfare principle is founded in clandestine operations from the very start. The whole point of submarines, *and especially ballistic missile submarines* is to be UNKNOWN as to their position. That goes as far as the exact position of a sub to be even UNKNOWN TO THEIR OWN FORCE. For two reasons:

Submarines are SLOW. Especially if they want to stay quiet, which is their life insurance. So, as soon as someone has a good idea about their position, they are pretty much fucked. They can try to get away from their compromised position quickly, but that is LOUD. Or they can stay there, and stay quiet, but then they will be cornered by subsurface, surface and airborne assets.

Also, they are the "Ace in the sleeve" as a deterrence against nuclear attack, because no one ever really knows where they are. *That includes own force.* For two reasons:

If you knew exactly where they are, even own force, there is a risk that a mole in your chain of command would leak it to the opposite side, which would put several hunter subs / surface / airborne anti submarine assets up its ass.

Second reason: It is technically impossible to communicate the exact position to HQ without risking that communication to be intercepted / compromised by third parties. That was, as a matter of fact, one of the main weaknesses of the German U-Boat force during WWII: They thought their "Enigma" comms were unbreakable, and they were also not aware of the British radio interception capabilities of the British Navy, so they were constantly happily sending out status / happening / congratulations to your new born son from Admiral Doenitz messages over radio while the British were happily triangulating those radio waves to determine the sub positions.

So, for a submarine, and especially a strategic / ballistic missile submarine to be able to operate as it is intended, it is most preferable to be unknown as to its exact position as far as possible, including to own force. How comms work is that the sub deploys antennas / floating wires at previously arranged times for example, so as to intercept messages from command, but without sending anything back (=giving out signals on its own) and without having a real time connection to HQ. The primary objective of a sub is to stay invisible. It might for example be actively avoiding a sub hunter task force of whatever nation, how do you think it would try and communicate with own force during that time? It doesn't. Its job is to stay undetected, unseen, like it was never even there.

000000 No.11153440


No. Interception of ballistic missiles happens mostly from the ground / sea based assets. Because they have a far more capable radar system and far more missiles than a fighter or a fighter squadron would have. An air intercept by fighters happens against targets that are "intelligent" / smart and could try to disappear between hills / mountains (which is not what a ballistic missile does). There are exceptions to this rule, like the F-14 Tomcat that was also designed to intercept missiles, but that was mostly to extend the range of the interception radius, and the Tomcat has meanwhile been phased out, arguably because the surface based anti-missile systems have superseded it since the 80s. At least per doctrine. And even the Tomcat weapon system was more directed against low altitude sea skimmer anti ship cruise missiles than ballistic missiles.

6ddbb6 No.11153521


Nuke maps for ants faggot

0b15cf No.11153736

File: 363add13195751b⋯.png (977.8 KB, 1277x842, 1277:842, Best Korea THINK OF THE KI….png)



You misspelled (((BY ACCIDENT))).

One more failed attempt of the ZOG to nuke the bad goyim that don't want a Rothschild bank in charge of their money.

2cf081 No.11153746

This smells like Booz Allen Hamilton.

69032c No.11153870


Dubs confirm for a relic of a better America.

>a switch to tell everyone to "Grab yer guns! Kill the commies!" in event of invasion.

The very reason nobody ever invades us directly. Our civilian population has more guns and ammo, than the invading armies.

ab6993 No.11153923


>Hickam AFB Fusion Analyst here

You surely have a special id card or something and enough ingenuity to block out the doxxable info to post a picture for proofs, right?

ef07cd No.11154606


uh.. or it was just a gov test to gauge their own internal reaction times as well as public reaction

f5af55 No.11155505


It didn’t take long for the public to realize the safest place in Hawaii is the sewers.

fabad9 No.11155525



Perhaps it wasn't a drill.

May well have been an ICBM, that got taken out.

3da6fc No.11155539


>May well have been an ICBM, that got taken out.

It's probably just bullshit.

fabad9 No.11155549



48d97a No.11155965


Germany just gave isreal more subs last year for free if I recall. Because reparations.


c8ced7 No.11156169

Bump. What happened in Hawaii?

2c244f No.11156176

File: 2c84a1b0d253f35⋯.jpg (63.45 KB, 592x492, 148:123, 1511363728061.jpg)


Stop, your comment adds to the hilarity.

86c41f No.11156251

And now it happened in Japan. Something's going on.

48d97a No.11156377

75c793 No.11156390

File: a063a9fc29833f6⋯.png (40.88 KB, 860x650, 86:65, 4dba1bd91762b1d0b996409644….png)

f96ead No.11156413


48d97a No.11156417


This is the latest I found.


Not really recent.

75c793 No.11156439



I found this.

From the article.

'Governor David Ige said the errant message was transmitted when an employee pushed a wrong button during a shift change at the state's civil defense agency.'

It's the same story, 'wrong button pushed'.

000000 No.11156456

Wow, one anon states a plain fact and several people are unable to verify it by properly using a search engine. Really?


48d97a No.11156616



Thanks, didn't see it.

e60ce1 No.11156670


>Japan issues false alarm over missile launch, days after Hawaii alert gaffe


Looks like it was the NHK network. Maybe should start a general for this shit if everyone's being a bunch of sweaty pussies now.

7bbea9 No.11156853

File: 1052525833af45a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 90.02 KB, 700x525, 4:3, corporation.png)


>who the fuck designs a system where you pressing a fucking button you alert an entire state of an attack of a specific nature? is there a button that says "press in case of missile attack"

7bbea9 No.11156899

File: 49f2a78fa0b2db8⋯.jpg (34.5 KB, 413x395, 413:395, drink.jpg)


Taste of old imageboards.

2018 sure started with amalthean generosity.

7bbea9 No.11156931

7bbea9 No.11156938


>tor-pedo being a torpedo warfare expert

How appropriate! Surprisingly good post.

89053d No.11156958


Hey we're on old /b/ again.

42bc00 No.11157005

If a missile really was fired, why didn't the military scramble all their jets?

I think highly more likely scenarios are that:

>CIA did it just to see what would happen

- just seems like something the CIA would do

>the system got hacked into

- obviously if this was the case they wouldn't want the public to know

>that theory floating around that someone pulled the alarm so they could phone trump and ask him to give the command to fire nukes, to show he's an aggressive warmonger or something

not sure how plausible that one is

my favorite theory is this one though

>hawaii actually did get nuked, and people claiming to be Hawaiian are actually CIA/Mossad actors

b93060 No.11157021


Kek'd out loud at work at the Hawaii radioactive glow in the dark niggers

Thanks dick

7bbea9 No.11157097


Or more likely:

>Israeli sub fires nuclear missile to false-flag Best Korea

>shitty kike missile gets shot down and then the ZOG paints it as a false alarm in order to avoid an investigation of the missile's source

ca798e No.11157114

File: 34e45ef84911e65⋯.png (325.58 KB, 460x696, 115:174, dailystruggle icbm.png)

42bc00 No.11157129


Yes but wouldn't the military put all it's planes in the air if they thought a missile was heading their way?

a602a0 No.11157137

This is not a drill.

God, I love reading those words. Someday Kek will really mean it. This was only a test of our faith.

7cb92e No.11157196


Wouldn't it make sense to scramble fighters, bombers, and anything else just to get them away from Hawaii and the potential blast site?

08c2d1 No.11157407


Where do we go instead then

dbd85c No.11158129

You know once caught for their attempt the jews could try and blame it on an arab clique as usual but good luck making people believe arabs can submarine right

24229e No.11166713

First nothing happens then it happens but nobody will believe in the drill joke. This is fucking serious you can't joke around like that.

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