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Kek mit uns

File: 59ff4ff9f0f45e0⋯.jpg (44.34 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _99584452_a16188cb-f313-46….jpg)

663211 No.11148385

Protests have taken place in the Austrian capital of Vienna over the inclusion of the far-right Freedom Party in the new regime.

Police said at least 20,000 people attended the rally, although organisers put the number at double that.

Families with children walked alongside marchers chanting "Nazis out!", a BBC correspondent there reported.

The Freedom Party's interior minister caused outrage earlier this week with his comments over asylum seekers.

Herbert Kickl suggested that asylum seekers should be kept concentrated in one place, using a term associated with Nazi prisoners and death camps after the leader of the party had suggested camps be set up for migrants and curfews enforced.

The Freedom Party joined a coalition with the conservative People's Party after October's election failed to yield a concrete result.

The People's Party's Sebastian Kurz is the world's youngest head of government; the Freedom Party has secured several key ministries, including the interior ministry which controls the crucial police forces and immigration services.

Saturday's march to Heroes Square in central Vienna was noisy but peaceful, reports the BBC's Bethany Bell.

The crowd was made of students, left-wing organisations, families with small children and one group calling itself Grannies against the Right, she observed.

A smaller protest took place last month when the new regime took power after elections delivered an indecisive result.

The protests have so far remained peaceful, with the regime so far acting in a restrained fashion.



48fbc3 No.11148419

Hmm those protestors look pretty brown. It's as if they paid rapefugees or something.

dfc007 No.11148425

>earlobe spacing

b09241 No.11148461


And their cat lady organizers

45de5d No.11148488

black on yellow signs

are those paid by soros?

cfd697 No.11148509

File: 1ebddec31dae82f⋯.jpg (133.21 KB, 767x1024, 767:1024, tumblr_oqqa7502E81rjnp0ro1….jpg)

What a wholesome, (((organic))) crowd. I wonder why they use that particular angle. And those signs don't look like the coffee break work of a bunch of marketing wanks, no sir.

87d643 No.11148514

File: 02dc38bd81fad19⋯.jpg (55.98 KB, 642x861, 214:287, traditional-austrian-egg.jpg)

>sandniggers in Austria complaining about Austria's government elected by Austrians

Since they have citizenship elsewhere, if the Austria government is so evil why don't they fuck off back to their country?


Whenever I see a closeup shot like that I think of that image.

d4ed96 No.11148519


Haha faggot.

7c2b22 No.11148783


I don't understand, do these people genuinely think this is a convincing tactic?

7c2b22 No.11148799


Like who ever went to the polls and said: "I voted for x candidate because I saw a bunch of losers protesting an election. They sure made me see things their way."

505863 No.11148805

File: b5a8c3205543720⋯.jpg (325.13 KB, 1555x1238, 1555:1238, dnc-sign.jpg)


These (((signs))) look awfully familiar

4f0567 No.11148806



>that framing

Looks like the lying media paid a couple dozen people to stand with signs for a couple of hours again.

b43c4e No.11148817

<NAZIS! NAZIS! NAZIS! REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!

Yawn. Give me a fucking break. These people see Nazis under their beds and in their closets.

4f0567 No.11148824


>Families with children walked alongside marchers chanting "Nazis out!"

>a bunch of "refugees" telling the native Austrians to get out of their own homeland

>the lying media paints this as a positive thing

The audacity of these people.

bbe57c No.11148828

000000 No.11148830


If you spam that shit properly (remembering to put alongside it a superimposed version of the text for easy reading), you could get something happening. E.g., some news outlet talking about it.

de3357 No.11148831


FFS pls take this stupid bimbo back.

7b9db4 No.11148836

The Soros regime strikes again. Vienna should gas them like China and Iran do, but they won't. They will take out loans to give to jew run social programs that destroyed Afrimerica.

f9b268 No.11148839


Those surely look like model Austrian citizens. Bunch of catladies and their brown fuck toys.


Good catch anon, "completely organic" movement incoming.

9f9891 No.11148852


>Families with children walked alongside marchers chanting "Nazis out!"

Wonder what they have against Zionists?

Bit anti-semitic if you ask me.

624733 No.11148921



I was wondering the same. What's with black and yellow signs at all these lefty protests around the world?

49964e No.11149026


Soon anon, soon.

t. creeper

f28903 No.11149034



063817 No.11149047

File: 39d2f49dcaeef6a⋯.jpg (593 KB, 881x1200, 881:1200, believe.jpg)


They'll be worrying about flying nahtzees soon enough, anon.

f28903 No.11149061

File: 5e02c8df0eb0313⋯.jpg (3.56 MB, 3488x5512, 436:689, Soros-Activated Almonds.jpg)

02688e No.11149083

File: 987d8def1e80b49⋯.jpg (214.56 KB, 800x459, 800:459, AntiJimCrow.jpg)


Kikes only have a few tricks, you could probably find signage from the last century with that same style, wording too.

04705d No.11149107

File: 64be1665f9eb502⋯.png (19.23 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 21-4-16.png)

Typical Soros.

84db83 No.11149136


Damn black and yellow is a good palette too.

b4a5c7 No.11149233

>the left still thinks le brodesd is meaningful

ironically, its actually diversity which has made them meaningless

4a43d6 No.11149412


Golem, creator, etc.

8f3f3a No.11149520

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

>the regime

ccf07c No.11149523

File: 57ee7c65d8f0c21⋯.png (56.03 KB, 245x268, 245:268, Mask.png)

>Freedom Party



b8913e No.11149558

File: 65e778835b7e57b⋯.jpeg (132 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, image.jpeg)



>In Austria

Well go'day mates! What'a say we throw some shrimp on the barby?

3d96eb No.11149588


>The protests have so far remained peaceful, with the regime so far acting in a restrained fashion.

>so far

>so far

Really pushing the implied violent threat angle. Also, terrible writing. Clearly these protesters are quite heroic, facing down nazi guns.

765a06 No.11149592


>Police said at least 20,000 people

So like 200?

8750db No.11149601

File: 597559b6ba1fee3⋯.jpg (78.84 KB, 885x599, 885:599, hitler87c7cc[1].jpg)


And there is going to be hell to pay.

4ca87f No.11149607

File: 05f93d71d35ba92⋯.jpeg (133.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cockwork.jpeg)

>le rejeem!

and there's that word again.

6b48f6 No.11149962

Topkek. Worthless leftards

9b9d5f No.11149968


>protesters are skitskins

Yeah, thought so.

faf5aa No.11150047

kek, they are doing the exact same thing libtards did back in 2015 in Poland

000000 No.11150114



i was just in Vienna two weeks ago and theres ALOT of multi culti kikery ads on the street…

I barely saw any nogs or mudslimes, but i did see A TON of upper class chink tourists and students.

also, cohencidentally i saw that there was an exhibition for 300 years of freemasonry.

the freemasons and the black hand (which are synonymous along with judaism) areresponsible for the assassinations of almost all the important royalty of the previous century.

let me read to you the most interesting part of the brochure.

"During the Third Reich, thousands, above all jewish members, persecuted and murdered." (damn right you subversive filthy kikes, and its gonna happen again until youre all gone).

they put up so much Holyhoax(tm) monuments to brainwash the goyim with. i always stared down every jew i saw with a bloodthirsty look in my eye.

overall it wasnt nearly as jewed as judapest, now that place is fucking kiked, literally has the biggest synagogue of satan in europe.

oh btw i also had gone to auschwitz because my aunt is a kike worshipper and convinced the rest of my family that its so worth going because were in krakow and its so close. so i though well ok lets go see how replete with bullshit this museum really is. i heiled in front of the gate and in multiple parts of the museum. i also fervently denied the Holyhoax(tm) when i was in the fake soviet reconstructed delousing chamber and fake chimney in english, spanish, and german.

everybody who passed by me and my aunts conversation is such a bitch that they just stayed quiet and didnt say anything, but i bet they went home and thought about it later.

>muh explosive hydrogen cyanide gas literally right next a crematorium

>somehow never exploded (that reconstruction is fake as hell, and the plaster model is comepletely different than that one in the museum, yet the goyim are so fluoridated that they cant remember what they saw 15 minutes ago)

>literally uses a this wooden door which is 25% thin glass

>fake chimney behind it connected to FUCKING NOTHING

overall, if you have a brain and go to auschwitz its easy to tell that somethings not right.

4f0567 No.11150368

File: 2ddc0259e83676e⋯.png (30.42 KB, 651x525, 31:25, BBC is cuck news.png)


>everything that isn't hell bent on white genocide is a regime

The absolute state of the lying media.

b055c1 No.11150384

556c98 No.11150424

Funny how these people are ardent defenders of democracy until the moment they lose.

6e759a No.11150456


>The protests have so far remained peaceful, with the regime so far acting in a restrained fashion.

>ctrl+f regime

>0 results

>plebbit spacing

OP is adding his own shit for clickbait

OP is adding his own shit for clickbait

OP is adding his own shit for clickbait

OP is adding his own shit for clickbait

OP is adding his own shit for clickbait

OP is adding his own shit for clickbait

OP is adding his own shit for clickbait

OP is adding his own shit for clickbait

67d2ad No.11150746


OP might have been a shithead with his formatting, but you're doubly a fucking retard shill helping the kikes for sliding.

d70a96 No.11151777


The muslims deserve what jews were treated. Sounds about right to me.

b43c4e No.11151838


Kikes love democracy because they can bribe and blackmail every important post in government to do their bidding.

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