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On the jews and Their Lies

File: c9203cdbf7a32cd⋯.jpg (51.17 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 001.jpg)

File: ad9265e2fbb2c72⋯.png (71.57 KB, 661x760, 661:760, 2018-01-23-07-32-17.png)

d2b8e8 No.11180677

Congress Quietly Pushing Bill to Require National Biometric ID for ‘ALL Americans’

>Earlier this month, Rep. Bob Goodlatte [R-VA-6] introduced H.R.4760 – Securing America’s Future Act of 2018, a sweeping bill that entails everything from Education and the Workforce to Homeland Security to the military. Also, tucked away in this 400-page behemoth of a bill are the details of a new biometric National ID card that could soon be required for everyone.

>Not surprisingly, there is almost no media coverage on this legislation.

>H.R. 4760 establishes a mandatory National Identification system that requires all Americans to carry a government-approved ID containing “biometric features.” Without this card, according to the legislation, you will not be able to work in this country.

>The legislation was drafted under the auspices of providing a legislative solution for the current beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

And as usual, the only one to give a fuck..

>However, as Ron Paul points out, “this bill would give DACA recipients a 3-year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else.”

>“Under the statists’ National ID scheme, you’d be forced to carry around your National ID card, tied to this massive database, chockfull of biometric identifiers like fingerprints and retina scans,” Paul noted. “Without this ID, you won’t be able to legally hold a job — or likely even open a bank account or even board a plane!”

>Paul said there is a very good chance this bill will become law as the support for it seems overwhelming.


Of course support is overwhelming. You didn't think we were actually going to get the wall without a few.. shall we say.. conditions, did you anon? And I'm sure they'll employ only the finest of diversity hires to scan your retinas at the DMV.

OK real talk, looking through this bill (https://www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr4760/BILLS-115hr4760ih.pdf) it appears to me that it mostly targets people entering and exiting the US. I could have missed something as I admittedly don't know the all the (((legalese))). But it does make it clear that everyone is subject to it regardless of citizenship. I think Ron is thinking long term slippery slope, which is of course exactly where this shit will end up. They need to know everything goy-, er citizen, for safety.

Post yfw Mexishits get to stay and you get tagged.

7607a4 No.11180716

Fucking kikes. This needs attention.

c3cede No.11180741

Illegals will just not get the national ID and work under the table for cash, just like how they don't have Social Security numbers and work under the table for cash, and the government will go right back to not enforcing immigration or labor laws once Trump leaves office.

69fbe5 No.11180754

Damn. Goodlatte did something pretty based a couple weeks ago, forget what it was. Fuck em all.

9ec29c No.11180757

Have a bump

d2b8e8 No.11180760

In my state we have fancy ID's with holograms and chips and bar codes. Why isn't that enough? Make the basic ID's already available in each state free for legal residents. no excuse not to have one if it's free There's your national ID. There's literally no need for this National ID shit.

9ec29c No.11180765


Fuck yeah if it's free then it will be a nation wide requirement to vote

0149a8 No.11180775

Biometric ID is bullshit. We already have more than enough ways to verify identity. The problem is enforcement, not regulation.

Fewer laws, better enforcement.

023e48 No.11180792


good on paper but bad on execution?

If this were really what it should be

, wouldn't be this a 'good' thing?

With this it would be impossible to fraud votes with dead people/state hopping/illegal votes, no?

Or it's just surveillance for surveillance sake?

7179d4 No.11180801

How much would it affect the elections?

d2b8e8 No.11180810


Like I said here >>11180760 we already have fancy state ID's ready for any legal resident to obtain that would solve the problem easily. Most people already have them. And are you seriously asking if (((government))) would just add surveillance for surveillance's sake?


Electronic voting machines don't care if you have a national ID. And residents already have ID's - licenses and/or state ID's that you need for virtually everything anyway.

7607a4 No.11180814


He is probably being paid to ask if he actually needs to.

f21cbb No.11180818


f21cbb No.11180821

File: cc788f5aa66eda5⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Why didn't you listen?

Actually, it's funny how the events of the Turner Diaries are happening nearly in-step with the world, but exactly 20 years later than predicted. It's like they wanted to lay low and be more subtle after the OKC bombing.

8efe25 No.11180825


>download H.R.4760 - Securing America's Future Act of 2018

>search vote, voting, election, SNAP, welfare

>no hits

Sounds like some big brother bullshit to fuck over citizens. Conversely, it does look decent in controlling immigration (better than now) and fucking over sanctuary cities. It needs ties to voting and gibs control and less "biometrics".

423a82 No.11180826

Were it not the current ruling class pushing this I wouldn't care.

Mostly because the overwhelming majority of this data is already collected by multiple government agencies

302e71 No.11180832

File: 2739b95ff3b2dde⋯.webm (1.45 MB, 1280x528, 80:33, OhBoyJudithHereTheyCome.webm)


The only way we are going to get rid of these fucking spics is if we do it ourselves. The government has done nothing but show it is not going to act in the interest of whites for 50+ years. Trump will not be able to save us alone, we must act to save ourselves.





9b734d No.11180841

Mark of the beast lmao

>16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

8efe25 No.11180842


Like clockwork. Filtered.

302e71 No.11180854


Thats easy for you to say. I bet you live in maine or something. Down here in Texas we are drowning in fucking mexicans. Amensty? DACA? Fuck that shit get them out NOW.

418b8f No.11180864


Its not an implant you chode.

50ef55 No.11180869


So do something to improve your situation, or move.

d2b8e8 No.11180870

File: 89fef018f29b83d⋯.png (156.77 KB, 406x364, 29:26, fc36113fe58619bfa16e0a3aa9….png)

I'd like ask you all to think about what I've said in previous posts about existing ID's. To reiterate, we all have access to state ID cards/licenses. Simply making the basic card free would eliminate all excuses for not having one. These cards are already chipped, bar-coded and not easy to forge. They can be used to vote, to travel interstate and even to identity you upon exit or entrance into the country. And most Americans already have them.

>WHY would we need a completely separate card, most likely with all the same info as your already existing ID, except now they have your bio-metric data?

>WHO benefits most from this? If they can't prevent voter fraud with existing ID laws (many states don't ask for ID anyway), what's another ID in your wallet really going to do to prevent it? >WHERE will all this data reside and who will have access to it? Are we to trust government to protect what might be the most sensitive personal data when they routinely lose their own sensitive materials?

I'm interested in your answers.

This is an issue that tends to transcend party lines. I'm guessing that's just one of the reasons why this is kept out of the news while partizan rumors and trash is spread like wildfire.

418b8f No.11180874

tbh if we got national voter ID laws tied to it, I could accept it. Not a big fan of mandatory biometrics databases though. I've done well in managing to stay off of those.

9d7424 No.11180878


Exactly this. If I knew I could trust the government with this information, all of this biometric data would be perfectly served to ensure systems like voting, gibs, crime databases, and the like function with minimal fraud. As it is today, I don't trust these plutocratic fucks with so much as a gas receipt.

75670f No.11180882

File: 8d54720b9ae2533⋯.png (132.26 KB, 372x340, 93:85, 8d54720b9ae2533b359e336391….png)



If the mark of the beast was a microchip, why didn't they call it "the microchip of the beast" rather than "mark"?

423a82 No.11180886

File: 6bb6030fd733fb3⋯.png (390.04 KB, 500x522, 250:261, drunk_mexican_saber_explai….png)


Theres a number of reasons its supported.

People with an administrative background understand it's a cost and time saver.

Since multiple agencies collect this information independently theres a lot of waste.

People with a security background understand that the above situation is a huge security liability as said data is stored by multiple agencies with their own security regimes. Too many potential opportunities for fuckups.

Law enforcement like the idea of everyone having an ID card they can check because it makes their lives easier. Especially with how shit drivers licenses can be on this front. Moreso for urban police as most urban people don't have a drivers license at all.

So overall its less the politicians support this and more the civil servants are all saying "this is a good idea"

We almost had this in the UK for the same sort of reasons when the EU tried to push it. The civil service loved it for all the above reasons, but the public were less keen on it because EU and the politicians went with the public.


Microchip is a modern interpretation of the old christkike prophecy.

302e71 No.11180889

File: 2c2036c0061720c⋯.png (54.06 KB, 227x248, 227:248, ClipboardImage.png)


Current IDs are more than enough. This is a classic example of the Problem->Reaction->Solution known as the Hegelian Dialectic. They create the problem, wait for the reaction, and present a solution that fucks white people over.

(((9/11))) -> Save Us! -> Domestic Spying/Police and Endless wars for Israel

(((Invasion by the third world))) -> Get them out -> Biometric IDs

c8376c No.11180904


>do something

he already said that, which got him "filtered lmao"

>or run away

there is only so much land for white flight, America was the last untamed frontier, unless you want to go to Antarctica

3680fe No.11180909


In all honesty, I don't care if it's the mark of the beast, or an implant.

It's just a next-level infringement and we need to reject it's passing.

Implant is where it's inevitably headed anyway.

1d5879 No.11180910

Meh, if you have a passport they already have your biometric data i.e. photo and fingerprints.

Looks like it would be required to leave the US, but not in every instance. For example, you went on a cruise that leaves from and returns to the US they wouldn't collect the data. It also appears that this is already required data collection and the bill changes some of the wording. IANAL tho, so I could be wrong.

5a9c40 No.11180914

I heavily dislike the biometric part of this, but maybe it's 4d chess. Trump is making the democrats think they'll finally get the mark of the beast, but actually he's going to use this mandatory ID as a requirement for voting, and they get exposed once half of their voterbase vanishes.

3680fe No.11180930

File: 40c9b3973341ea5⋯.png (810.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_2017-12-27-10-0….png)


This anon gets it.

>yfw you haven't yet realized half the reason for the Judeo-Masonic anti-cop/pro BLM shit is to get white America on police's side, more open to accepting measures & "precautions" to deal with undesirables which will be used to deal with You.

c17c25 No.11180934

File: ad75454702787ff⋯.jpg (2.12 KB, 125x115, 25:23, 1410054332813s.jpg)


>americans need to forfeit their fingerprints to acquire a passport

5dd2b1 No.11180965

File: 6d34ba7cac11828⋯.jpg (117.08 KB, 500x857, 500:857, FilthyKikeWhorePromotesWhi….jpg)



You've always wanted voter Id, so how is this any different?

I, personally, don't want non-U.S. citizens to be able to vote or work in the U.S. without special permission. I thought that was what we ALL wanted?

I have no problem with this. I have no problem proving who I am to people, nor a problem with EVERYONE knowing I'm a U.S. citizen.

Do you?

How can this be any more abused than the credit card or debit card in your wallet, or the ability to track your activities whenever you write a check?

I don't give a damn about any "biblical prophesies" as they were written by Jews. And the ability to destroy a nation by encouraging open borders and flooding that nation with non-natives, is a Jewish trick going back thousands of years. Their argument sounds all kinds of reasonable and merciful, but in the end, it is a weapon to destroy cohesive and prosperous countries and their people.

I like this bill, I support it.

9d0248 No.11180970


Yep, all because (((9/11))) got the ball rolling.

“Let the government monitor your calls and emails, you have nothing to fear if you’ve got nothing to hide!” “Let the government take scans of young children. What do you mean that the image resonance creates nude renders of said child and pedos are flocking to the TSA in droves because of it?” Now, “accept the fucking chip like the cattle you are, goy.” ( you are here).

9d0248 No.11180976


>I support tagging goyim like the cattle they are.

We didn’t ask for your opinion, Chiam.

5dd2b1 No.11180985

File: e899c0c42713406⋯.jpg (72.22 KB, 526x697, 526:697, JewishBeliefs3.jpg)


This would eliminate the dead vote, as dead people cannot swipe a card and present a thumbprint to vote.

Libtards BTFO

5dd2b1 No.11180996

File: fd3abb9bc12d803⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 452x319, 452:319, JewConLevel.jpg)


If anyone here is a kike, it's you.

I ask again, what would people be afraid of, with the obvious exception of Christian fundies?

I have no problem proving who I am.

And this makes it much harder for other people to steal my identity.

The kikes at Wells Fargo couldn't have opened millions of phony accounts, if this system had been in place, could they?

Tell me…specifically…what you're afraid of in this system? If you cannot enumerate the specific problems you have with it, then you are thinking with your feels, only.

af8a83 No.11181002


Privacy is as important as the 2nd amendment when it comes to tyrannical governments.

801052 No.11181004


the problem isn't today, always think in terms of chess, what can such a move foretell of the opponent's plan in the future? What ends might it eventually lead to if unchecked?

That is the problem. The long term implications of allowing such furtherance of infringement upon our sovereignty.

9d0248 No.11181005


>spend years in outrage over ZOG controlling too many facets of our life

>suddenly a bill comes out that looks like the final solution to the Bad Goy problem.

>”Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.”

>It will help combat (((identity theft))) and (((voter fraud))), goy!

>All you need to give up is your DNA

If this passes, where will it stop? I’d rather not give ZOG any more power, thank you very much.

302e71 No.11181006

File: bbdf072362a9056⋯.jpg (93.88 KB, 638x609, 22:21, Fellow White People.jpg)


>Can't have voter ID without photographing the inside of your colon goy!

09de3a No.11181007


>Microchips existed in 300 A.D.

>This retarded

Kill yourself, nigger

5dd2b1 No.11181022

File: e0f639e97e25052⋯.jpg (114.52 KB, 727x945, 727:945, SantaSays.jpg)


>Illegals will just not get the national ID and work under the table for cash

Companies that do that cannot write off employee payrolls as operating expenses.

And a simple increase (hyuuge increase) in the fine for being caught hiring illegals, would eliminate this scam, altogether.

We really should be pushing our government to do this, rather than worrying about national ID.

ALSO, something I don't see mentioned here, this ID could be linked to your carry permit, making carry permits across the nation reciprocal. This was something President Trump wanted to do, anyway, and this is an excellent opportunity.

5dd2b1 No.11181027


Uh, yea…where do you see that?

Now you're just falling apart, here.

f02cfc No.11181028


>Illegals will just not get the national ID

California already gives illegals drivers licenses. CALIFORNIA IS AUTOMATICALLY REGISTERING ILLEGALS TO VOTE.



e90dd2 No.11181034

something something number of the beast

francis is the last pope

end times soon

302e71 No.11181037

File: 44ed124a5066903⋯.png (202.36 KB, 540x506, 270:253, e2017f4b56863ad10e18b3ee00….png)


The best way you stop this shit is…. REMOVING MEXICANS FROM THE COUNTRY.

Don't need to give Moshie your DNA, rectal swabs for Ari, and semen samples to Benji to stop spics from voting. Just get rid of them.


019e4d No.11181038

ITT: faggots crying about privacy and the mark of the beast while they type on their devices that track everything they do while they pay for it.

302e71 No.11181041

5dd2b1 No.11181045

File: 8eda0ece05e041c⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 642x591, 214:197, BolshevikJews.jpg)


How does this give any more power over you that ZOG does not already have?

Again, SPECIFICS, please.

You already can't have a bank account without doing business with the ZOG, due to the central banking cartel.

You already can't use a credit card, or write a check, or open an account, without the ZOG knowing who you are.

I remember people whining about Social Security numbers, and saying they were "the mark of the beast" because they identified you. You need one to get a job or a passport, so how are they any different, except they can be far more easily faked?

If you're worried about "the mark of the beast," you already have it.

and since the creation of the SS number, I haven't seen Satan walking the Earth (just a bunch of international cliques that think they can rule us), and I haven't seen the second coming of Christ, which he assured us was "soon, right at the door" over 2,000 years ago.

What are your SPECIFIC fears?

302e71 No.11181054

File: d6d554345349ce5⋯.jpg (33.8 KB, 301x351, 301:351, 889d0d2363e4323ace897c3240….jpg)


The only one yelling about the mark of the beast here is you moshie.

5dd2b1 No.11181059


Read the thread.

8ae3b9 No.11181078


>as Ron Paul points out, “this bill would give DACA recipients a 3-year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else.”

>“Under the statists’ National ID scheme, you’d be forced to carry around your National ID card, tied to this massive database, chockfull of biometric identifiers like fingerprints and retina scans,” Paul noted. “Without this ID, you won’t be able to legally hold a job — or likely even open a bank account or even board a plane!”

You aren't able to legally hold a job without a SSN, you can't open a bank account without and ID, nor can you board a plane. So nothing changes. The real concern is that all this biometric data will be included with the card so if it gets stolen they will be able to get all of your information and probably steal everything you have. The potential benefit is that it will override lax states like commiefornia that gives illegals state IDs and potentially make it more difficult to vote in federal elections - though you know they'll go crying to some faggot in black robes to make sure that doesn't happen. All in all I see no real benefit and only downsides.

f23a86 No.11181080


Reminder of ancient halfchan thread where veteran anons explained what the bats/hiide system is and how Iraq was nothing more than a poorly veiled campaign to test how to best go about gathering full biometric data on an entire population.

302e71 No.11181082


The first thing they did when the deep state invaded afghanistan was put up cell-phone towers.

f23a86 No.11181091


To be honest though.. I've always wondered how it would play out if some one were to sabotage the powergrid at key locations and cause the entire country to be without power for days/weeks. Maybe them passing this would be a good thing.

But then again.. And lets fucking be not shills for a second. This would assblast every last person that voted for Trump and therefor if it passes in the house and senate it will be vetod and those fucks will have shown just how treacherous they are.

Stop swallowing blackpills so easily.

5dd2b1 No.11181099

File: 41dfaea135d4a33⋯.jpg (80.12 KB, 704x724, 176:181, WinniTheJew.jpg)


>they will be able to get all of your information and probably steal everything you have.

This is happening already, routinely, with the ID systems already in place. Biometrics will make this much harder to accomplish, as any credit card transaction or debit card transaction will require a thumbprint or fingerprint.

And YES…that's all it will be. Probably a thumbprint, as it's very convenient.

And for you Christcucks…if it's a thumbprint that's used, who "marked" you with that?

It was your god. HE gave you that unique identifying "mark," didn't he?

302e71 No.11181108

File: 698f74ac301c4ae⋯.jpg (105.66 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 698f74ac301c4ae71b9577dbeb….jpg)


>having a (((credit card))) or (((debit card))).

Do you even try to resist the jew? I bet you have a cellphone too. Stop letting them control your life and collect data on you. You have to say "Enough is enough" at some point and fight back against the jew.

38690f No.11181120

Dr. William Luther Pierce predicted them using illegal immigration as a way to pass the ID thing in his book The Turner Diaries. We miss you Pierce. Gas the kikes, race war now.

24a4c0 No.11181124


This thread's getting hit by shills like you really HARD. Too bad it's stickied.

0149a8 No.11181133


The amount of negative things that this sort of information collection leads to always outweigh any possible benefits.

5dd2b1 No.11181138

File: 55c848145787ef1⋯.jpg (149.5 KB, 840x563, 840:563, WhiteGenocide.jpg)


I have a cellphone, like most here. I rarely turn it on.

You want to fight the Jew?

Get rid of the TV half of your cable. Stop supporting the spread of their degeneracy. Get as many of your friends and family to do so, as well.

Stop eating their processed "food" poisons, and start cooking for yourself. Raise as much of your own food as you can.

Quit going to the Jew movies & giving them your shekels.

Put your money in a credit union, so YOU own the bank.

fight tirelessly to eliminate the Rot-hschild central bank & replace it with the citizen's Treasury Dept., as it was meant to be. Give the origination of money back to the Treasury, and even fight to eliminate usury of ALL kinds in the U.S.

If we all did this, the Jews would be on the ropes & going down.

But fighting an ID program to prove citizenry just helps them flood the country with illegal "migrants" to fuck up the white-majority demographics.

Fighting THIS, helps them.

0149a8 No.11181139


Why would jews be afraid of us tattooing juden stars on their faces before mass exterminating them?

I, for one, will only support national biometric ID if we exterminate the jews first, and even then I'll pull my support of it if I feel like it.

Mainly let's exterminate the jews.

0149a8 No.11181141


Let's gas the jews first.

9d0248 No.11181144


Of course it is, the more shills appear, the more important the issue is. You can tell from the retards yelling about “muh credit cards” “muh Iphones” “muh christcucks”.

It’s all meant to be a smokescreen to obscure the actual issue here.

5dd2b1 No.11181147


They were never "mass exterminated," this was always a lie.

302e71 No.11181149

File: 010a935df63eac1⋯.png (823.43 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 024e983893ff1f9⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1480x832, 185:104, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a556b08b36476ae⋯.png (784.65 KB, 876x493, 876:493, ClipboardImage.png)


Which one is a U.S. citizen?

Did you need rectal photographs to figure it out?

9b734d No.11181151


b-but the six trillion, goy…

5dd2b1 No.11181153


Again…what IS the issue?

What are you afraid of? Specifically?

That's what I don't understand here. I'm seeing a lot of knee-jerk reactions, but I haven't seen anyone tell us what would actually change for the worse.

Please, enlighten everyone.

f02cfc No.11181157


>what is the issue with the greatest invasion of privacy in human history


84713b No.11181165


Like any kike law (think anti gun) it only disarms lawful white citizens.

Niggers and illegals don't follow the laws so it does not effect them. You're shilling awfully hard for a bill that almost went unnoticed.

302e71 No.11181166

File: c38fad2448b6289⋯.jpg (15.98 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 1511734029419.jpg)


>what would actually change for the worse?

By this logic, lets all just go post on facebook instead. Who wants to create the 8ch facebook group?

5dd2b1 No.11181169

File: 218cb2c49e61ff8⋯.jpg (165.38 KB, 650x900, 13:18, WhiteSoldiersDyingForTrash.jpg)


How is knowing who you are before you vote in our elections "invasion of privacy?"

Again, just a "muh feels" knee-jerk reaction, not backed up by any logic or reasoning.

f02cfc No.11181170


>oy vey there's nothing insidious about this

Yep, reported.

e8363c No.11181175



They didn't read the bill. Speculation and assumption.

84713b No.11181177



>nothing to see here goy

fucking kike.

96fa7a No.11181180



got a source for that?

5dd2b1 No.11181183


The two are not comparable.

When you go for a job, knowing the state of your citizenship does not tell anyone what political viewpoints you hold, so they can't punish you for "wrongthink."

If you're identity on /pol/ was known, your opinions would allow for punishment if you are not on their side of the argument.

This is NOT even a halfway decent argument.

5dd2b1 No.11181191

File: ac7449014126f5e⋯.jpg (542.58 KB, 2000x1481, 2000:1481, Aushwitz.jpg)


I can see that.

And they still cannot explain why this is "insidious."

They are simply pointing at it and yelling "it's insidious!!" without any logical reason why it is.

I haven't heard even one coherent argument against this in this thread.

302e71 No.11181194

File: a001d5b6abc0fb3⋯.png (42.39 KB, 763x433, 763:433, ClipboardImage.png)


>When you go for a job, knowing the state of your citizenship does not tell anyone what political viewpoints you hold,

We already have that. Its called E-Verify.


e5466b No.11181197

From the bill, anon come on do not take the Mason Ron Paul's information without fact checking:

“(7) UPDATING INFORMATION.—The Commissioner of Social Security and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall update their information in a manner that promotes the maximum accuracy and shall provide a process for the prompt correction of erroneous information, including instances in which it is brought to their attention in the secondary verification process described in paragraph (3).


“(A) NO NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize, directly or indirectly, the issuance or use of national identification cards or the establishment of a national identification card."


5dd2b1 No.11181200

File: 7073801491c44d0⋯.jpg (64.52 KB, 461x600, 461:600, ZionistFederation.jpg)


That system is vulnerable to identity theft. With biometrics, you couldn't fake it, your thumb print would show all the stolen info you've given the employer does not belong to you.

5dd2b1 No.11181208


>"Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize, directly or indirectly, the issuance or use of national identification cards or the establishment of a national identification card."

Not to be a dick, but they said that about Social Security numbers too, back when they were established.

I've lost my SS card, but I believe it's even printed on the card.

9af943 No.11181216


It means that the fakes would be officially sanctioned fakes

fuck the jew world order

302e71 No.11181219

File: c62e234f11eeb1e⋯.jpg (34.91 KB, 674x720, 337:360, c62e234f11eeb1e27ab439f552….jpg)


If you remove all the brown people from the U.S. you don't need any of this shit.

Thesis: Biometric ID

Anti-Thesis: Foreign invading hordes

Syntehsis: Please prevent the hordes from stealing our jerbs with biometric ID.

These kikes come up with the solution, then they create the problem so you beg for their "solution".

f02cfc No.11181225


Goddamn archive's down now.


f02cfc No.11181227

And fucking christ, wrong quote.


5dd2b1 No.11181229


The Jews can't fake your thumbprint.

f02cfc No.11181231


>this is what retards actually believe

302e71 No.11181236

File: cb6eaca9f4ac4e3⋯.png (33.49 KB, 300x196, 75:49, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck the IRS. All they do is collect money to pay the interest on the debt. Your taxes support absolutely nothing but interest paid to jews.

5dd2b1 No.11181239

File: 0ff3c7885bb62a3⋯.jpg (67.82 KB, 500x743, 500:743, gafgaaa.jpg)


While I have no problem with this, I don't know how you're going to proceed when they can waltz across the border, steal ID numbers, and those they use the ID numbers on have no way of knowing the numbers don't belong to the individual presenting them.

THIS is where biometrics comes in. Pedro can't fake your thumbprint on his own thumb. It would show everyone that the information he presented was NOT his own.

Why can't anyone see this?

f02cfc No.11181243


Reported for not even trying to hide your kikery.

5dd2b1 No.11181247


Dumbass, threats of "reporting" don't work here.

Qualify your fucking argument, or get the fuck out.

ca981f No.11181248


>“Without this ID, you won’t be able to legally hold a job — or likely even open a bank account or even board a plane!”

Start spreading a "Mark of the beast" meme to evangelicals and we can probably gen up some popular opposition to this bill.

302e71 No.11181249

File: c93dc2cadde7b48⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1024x512, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>waltz across the border

I don't know if you missed it Moshie, but we are building a wall.

3fc64f No.11181251


The section about biometrics is an option for illegal immigrants to get authorization. This starts on page 87. Listed are the current documents that are used along with the following section:

>(VI) other document designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security, if the document

>(aa) contains a photograph of the individual and biometric identification data from the individual and such other personal identifying information relating to the individual as the Secretary of Homeland Security finds, by regulation, sufficient for purposes of this clause;

>(bb) is evidence of authorization of employment in the United States; and (cc) contains security features to make it resistant to tampering, counterfeiting, and fraudulent use.

It is doing nothing more than specify what other forms of ID may be used to identify the worker. In Sec 3109 DNA is used to determine family relationship for VISA classification.

f02cfc No.11181253



No, it's actually happening. Reported, yet again, for BEING A KIKE and trying to claim this is nothing.

ca981f No.11181256


>Of course support is overwhelming. You didn't think we were actually going to get the wall without a few.. shall we say.. conditions, did you anon?

What about line item veto? Is there any way this can be stopped while still getting the wall?

5dd2b1 No.11181263


A wall alone will not stop invaders, the Chinese found that out.

It will make it much more difficult, and I support it, but it's not enough.

It has to be coupled with severe fines for those who hire illegals, at least we can all agree on that.

9d7424 No.11181264

Full Text


Pay attention to Sec. 2202


>“(b) Law Enforcement Activities.—Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, no Federal, State, or local government entity, and no individual, may prohibit, or in any way restrict, a Federal, State, or local government entity, official, or other personnel from undertaking any of the following law enforcement activities as they relate to information regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, the inadmissibility or deportability, or the custody status, of any individual:


I don't like that DACA gets extra protection, but this is a baby step.

302e71 No.11181269

File: c7d9969c840192d⋯.png (90.77 KB, 313x434, 313:434, c7d9969c840192d86e2b7ffdb4….png)


No compromise on DACA. They have to go.

5dd2b1 No.11181270


Jesus fucking H. Christ on a goddam pogo stick!

We DON'T have line-item veto, some claimed they wanted it (and I do), but you would have to alter the Constitution to get it.

Until then, President Trump has to deal with the enemies of the nation to get anything done.

5dd2b1 No.11181274


Get lost, Finklestien, you're not making any sense and your not fooling anyone.

5dd2b1 No.11181282

File: 1caaa487b193240⋯.jpg (92.78 KB, 737x490, 737:490, CeltBeautiful.jpg)



The biggest thing we could ever do to hamstring the international Jew would be to eliminate the central bank.

This needs to be a major push in ALL countries.

302e71 No.11181284

File: 9d9a7cd1b95155b⋯.gif (340.41 KB, 722x720, 361:360, 9d9a7cd1b95155b7c397d006ba….gif)


You've been found out kike. Just stop. You aren't going to convince us you have a foreskin(even if you show us a biometric ID).

f02cfc No.11181301





58f0f1 No.11181302


>Working in the US

>Having a bank account

>Paying taxes

>Not self-employed via international freelance knowledge work for cryptos

Fucking plebs

5dd2b1 No.11181305

File: 62a019ccaf37a74⋯.jpg (50.16 KB, 610x354, 305:177, RedneckAboutBeaners.jpg)


I don't have a foreskin, but I'm no filthy Jew.

Lately, I've been leaning more and more NatSoc, after seeing what you kikes are up to.

I'm starting to realize that drastic action might be necessary, and screw all the potential chaos.

I like the idea that my thumbprint will prove I actually have the rights of an American citizen, while interloping Pedro does NOT.

Imagine a country where Pedro and his children can't get welfare, education, a job, or healthcare.

I like this idea.

f02cfc No.11181310


Hi, jew. Reported.

5dd2b1 No.11181316


You keep puking that up. Is it all you have?

Soros is wasting his shekels on you.

Give me a real argument. Convince me it's not a good idea. TELL ME EXACTLY WHY.

Stop with all the manufactured outrage, you sound like an SJW.

f02cfc No.11181320


>wow lol you are jew not me

>also your privacy doesn't exist goyim ha ha this is nothing ignore it don't fight it you're on the wrong side of history


3fc64f No.11181327



You are speaking from ignorance at this point and attacking an anon when you are wrong. The sections at issue have been posted. It sets the rules for future IDs for VISA holders that can be alongside current forms of ID like passports, resident id card, and employment authorization cards. Biometrics do not need to be used as long as the id "contains security features to make it resistant to tampering, counterfeiting, and fraudulent use".

302e71 No.11181328

File: dd6e30a25e2d8c6⋯.png (675.11 KB, 452x572, 113:143, ClipboardImage.png)


>Imagine a country where Pedro and his children can't get welfare, education, a job, or healthcare.

So get rid of welfare, government sponsored education, government sponsored healthcare, etc…

See how the kikes create the problem, then you beg for their solution? Dude come on theres no way you can be this dense without actively ignoring what people are saying.

5dd2b1 No.11181331


Yea, you got nothing.


ca981f No.11181333


These laws will not be applied to brown people. It is strictly about limiting the rights of white Americans. Imagine this:

>Go to buy a gun one day.

>They require a biometric scan.

>See your record and notice that a year ago, you were late on (((bill payment))).

<Sorry goy, you aren't responsible enough to own a firearm.


>Jamal walks in a pays for a 9mm handgun using drug money.

>They hand it over no questions asked.

Our government is ZOG and therefore the enemy of whites. They should not be given any power whatsoever.

7a3971 No.11181335

File: 6d57c4a134317bc⋯.webm (690.65 KB, 850x480, 85:48, Both_of_you_give_it_a_res….webm)

f02cfc No.11181337


>ha ha wow you are ignorant you are wrong nothing is happening this is good not bad this is right not wrong ha ha let the jews track your every move


f02cfc No.11181338


Global report.

f02cfc No.11181339


Suck kike cock somewhere else.

7a69b2 No.11181345


Pedro can't get welfare, free education, a job or healthcare if there's no gibs. If there was a law saying all people must use gun locks/safes/whathaveyou, this only puts law abiding citizens at risk. Get rid of the gibs and pedro will leave with them, no whites have to suffer over the biometric ID.

302e71 No.11181346

File: ed8155ec79862d5⋯.png (238.98 KB, 829x733, 829:733, ClipboardImage.png)


What kind of security features do you think they are going to use? The bill doesn't prevent biometrics. This means biometrics and we BOTH know it.

Why is there this big push to use facial scans for everything? To get people used to the idea of having their biometric data used.

3fc64f No.11181348


Speculation and assumption are tools of the jew anon. The document is posted for you to read through and verify. I suggest you do that.

5dd2b1 No.11181349

File: c0623180753b215⋯.gif (870.54 KB, 500x281, 500:281, AngryWhiteWolf.gif)


I wish.

But until then, we need to move forward, otherwise we'll never eliminate all this Bolshevik nonsense.

At this point, I'll take any victory. The key is to not give that victory back, but go for still more.

3b65bd No.11181351


The "mark" is separate from electronic means …. it is a spiritual mark that those without God will be branded with in some fashion. This will habben later when the world is closer to accepting the antichrist as its ruler

0149a8 No.11181360


I didn't say you kikes were mass exterminated (outside of the odd pogrom), I'm saying you will be.

5dd2b1 No.11181361


They can if they steal a citizen's identity. And shitholes like Commifornia are not even bothering to check, so it has to be done at the Federal level.

85c885 No.11181373

Oh good, maybe we can let the pajeets run IT.

3fc64f No.11181389


>What kind of security features do you think they are going to use? The bill doesn't prevent biometrics. This means biometrics and we BOTH know it.

It is making rules for what types of future documents are allowable for VISA holders (foreigners) to gain employment. If the ID is not a secure, tamper proof document, then it needs to include biometric data. There is biometric data listed on the front, and stored on the back of your state ID that can be scanned, anon. It includes your sex, height, sex, eye color, etc. This bill sets the bar high for what may be used outside of currently accepted legal documents to determine the identity and status of foreign workers.

1a1ac0 No.11181398

All i can say is obvious jews are obvious

85c885 No.11181401

File: 420531c1db4f7ce⋯.jpg (45.22 KB, 570x960, 19:32, syrian-refugee-fighters[1].jpg)


>Female/5'6"/Blue eyes/Blonde/15yers


1a1ac0 No.11181414





Holy shit fucking jews are tripping dradelz

85c885 No.11181426

File: 5c21ea0c02d9655⋯.jpg (653.9 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 127[1].jpg)


Nigger, I am the device.

0b1bc6 No.11181441

File: df108b6a26ab3c3⋯.jpg (77.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, pillars.jpg)


"We want DACA dreamers and illegals out!“

>Just let us put you in a mandatory biometric ID system goy. It will be great… for the chosen.

9a0568 No.11181462

Jesus fucking wept chesscucks are the worst.


They want it so they can force you to hand over biometric data to them so they have more control.

cd457a No.11181471

File: 915d9acbcb3a6c4⋯.jpg (339.69 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1024px-FortMorgan02.jpg)

I'm thinking we can build a coalition to stop this by telling conservatives it's a satanic plot, and telling liberals the cards will double as concealed-carry licenses in all 50 states.

Pic unrelated.

85c885 No.11181483

File: 644d1948f2dc17c⋯.jpg (16.95 KB, 317x232, 317:232, DIySnmuV4AAwraw[1].jpg)


>more control

Like what? They can already do whatever the fuck they want to you.

9a0568 No.11181494


Alright cuck go right ahead and hand over all your biometric data. Might as well let them take a blood sample fot dna verification while you are at it.

ca981f No.11181499


>telling liberals the cards will double as concealed-carry licenses in all 50 states.

Better yet, tell them that this is nation wide voter ID. We should be creating image macros and spreading on Twitter to get the ball rolling.

85c885 No.11181522



4a6d36 No.11181536


I can guarantee this will NOT be required to vote. That will still be racist.

85c885 No.11181556


Even if you hand them out for free, they will be racis.

cd457a No.11181592

File: ceb72cd0d876d88⋯.jpg (53.24 KB, 600x461, 600:461, Abolish_Capitalism.jpg)


I can see it now: Fascist Drumphy-tards are plotting the 6 million-year-Reich, and it starts with a national ID card.

3fc64f No.11181610

>Subtitle A - Infrastructure and Equipment

Lists everything they are going to do to monitor various sections of the southern border. Looks like they intend to build towers, use subterranean detection devices, and utilize drones, both on the ground and in the air. Assuming funding won't be dropped at some point.

f4e970 No.11181647


Sir we see that your DNA is European ubermensch which suggests that you have a predisposition to hate so we are just going to start injecting you with calming jew drugs and bill you for it. Also, we took the liberty of raising your medical insurance rates 1000%. We are so proud that we can help you become a global citizen.

bacc27 No.11181694


This isn't how it works. The chip doesn't contains any real information (its storage is way too small for that), it contains a key by which a database can be searched. A terminal that requires biometric data (e.g. voting booth) will read the key and your retina/thumb and send both to the government center, which will then issue a response whether the data matched. It's a great increase in security, the downside is that you're tagged like a fucking animal. But I guess with all these kikes, niggers and spics around, your only other option is getting fucked over on every front through all sorts of ID fraud.

3a8dad No.11181710

You know what's bullshit about all this? I would be fine with having my retina scanned, all biometrics in some government database (they already are because military service, even DNA) if it meant what they're saying. That illegals cant work in the US anymore, but we all know that's 100% bullshit. Mexicans dont get deported when they have an obvious pay-under-the-table job right now, so how would that change? They are comfortable with not getting an ID, license, or ever step foot in a government building. The rare time they are questioned by police, they just don't ID themselves, worst case scenario they get booked as a john doe, then released. They WILL FUCKING NOT force beaners and shitskins to have a national ID to vote or get a job. Period. DATS RACISS. In states like commiefornia they already flat out ignore federal regulations, let illegals vote, etc

a71969 No.11181725

>implying this isn't just a drivers license that avoids the loophole of sanctuary states issuing illegals a license

>implying "biometrics" is more than just the "hair:BLND, eye:BLU" shit that a drivers license has, so that you can use entry level scare tactics

This is literally what Trump promised all through the election and what we've been asking for

5f7200 No.11181733

File: 99f8f573dcece3c⋯.jpg (202.48 KB, 887x900, 887:900, 1449564261251.jpg)


>A wall alone will not stop invaders

No, but it it stops the majority of them. Look at hungary, just a shitty fence with sensors has reduced rapefugees passing through by 99+%. Just after introducing the idea of building a wall, mexicans passing over went down by 80% too, what do you think happens once it's build. It's not meant to stop every single one, but to discourage most of them and reducing the number of trespassers to a very small amount. Fines and other laws should be implemented for the few who still get over, but a wall is the main defense and strategy.

721b66 No.11181739



Dont forget about a karma destiller, in the form of social media analysis because an algorithmic indian street shitter cast system is really progressive.

05a036 No.11181750


>posting jewesses

d80c9e No.11181764

> Turbo Bergstein wants to collect more data from citizens

> Turbo Bergstein uses crackdown on illegals as a decoy to get more data from citizens

There is no debate, it's a shameless data grab coordinated by (((bigger interests))). That's the only logical thing you can conclude from this since the government hasn't done very much to stop illegals at all. So to now say that this measure would be against illegal migration is not truth, but fiction since there are many more measures that are on the table but aren't used. Further this allows the government to collect all this data from its citizens. Does the government really need this data to later use in their own big data / linking of big data experiments?

I don't think the government should have that kind of data available. Privacy has become a mockery, with nobody paying any attention to it anymore. People find it creepy if one guy goes around and follows them with a camera for months. But in reality the government has become the guy with the camera that stalks you everywhere.

000000 No.11181777


Maybe because there wasn't a word for "microchip" in ancient Aramaic or whatever other dead language this shit was originally written in.

721b66 No.11181779


I would assume that the NSA porn habits changed and i assume they have their "special waifus", like instagram sluts on steroids.

64a065 No.11181782


Lol have you never dealt with jews in your life? When you get fucked over it's nearly always because you agree to something unnecessary because it was easier to go along with it and the downside was subtle enough to go unnoticed.

This is not a necessary thing and it concedes a measure of control over law abiding citizens, including most whites.

Just because you can't see the danger YET doesn't mean you should agree to it. It's not needed and it's easier to prevent than to remove once established and exploited.

05a036 No.11181788


You got cucked so hard last night that you openly admit to shilling here?

61dd71 No.11181796

File: 757f0365c2319d3⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 590x393, 590:393, Bigstock-Happy-Black-Man-4….jpg)


I didn't get cucked, I am the one who cucks

3fc64f No.11181798


>They WILL FUCKING NOT force beaners and shitskins to have a national ID to vote or get a job.

They aren't considered employees unless they are paid over $2000 in a single year anyway. People can still pay them under the table for odd jobs. They will do that since the income isn't reported and they receive maximum government benefits if they have zero income.

05a036 No.11181802


You're the one who sucks cock.

000000 No.11181806


Tor master race reporting in to laugh at you.

3d90a1 No.11181809

File: 99ec2cc2855b5fb⋯.jpg (92.83 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1508559616716.jpg)


So what exactly is bad about this? Are the jews going to steal your finger prints and make an evil clone of you?

61dd71 No.11181813


Only your boyfriend's when you're not at home :^)

05a036 No.11181831

File: 46de9788e676452⋯.png (208.96 KB, 350x491, 350:491, MAGA smug auqa.png)


>cave on DACA

>bulls have to go back

I-i'm sure it was 4D chess by the democrats

f485ec No.11181844

File: dc32f26e5510f5e⋯.png (286.2 KB, 1436x1652, 359:413, c814f6e725e76a8ae5f0c2b61d….png)



>Taking the Revelation of John literally

7855bd No.11181868


>subtle fearporn blackpilling thread

<You didn't think we were actually going to get the wall without a few.. shall we say.. conditions, did you anon?

>being this much of a narcissistic faggot shill

Narcissistic fuckers like you will get the Aztec treatment for your insipid fearmongering kikery

OP goes to the >>>/trash/

61dd71 No.11181876

File: 406efdbb0acdabd⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, jorji_costava_by_foxfire_k….png)


All the mexicans coming here hurts Mexico, I'm all for national borders. Not to mention that the democrats are all liberal corporatists, so I hold no desire to see them succeed any more than the republicans. John Oliver I am not.

58c475 No.11181884

This entire thread is trash, read the fucking bill, there are plenty of things that are very good in this thing. Forcing compliance out of states to enforce their immigration being just one, unfortunately as much as I hate giving the government any more information about me, they already have my fingerprint because of previous work, its kind of a double edged sword. I still think its better to go through with it if it means getting rid of the spic/voter fraud problem.

000000 No.11181891


>Look at hungary, just a shitty fence with sensors has reduced rapefugees passing through by 99+%

That's because there were easier routes around the fence through other countries. Once you wall up the LAST route, don't expect efficiency to hold up as now the fuckers will have reason to try passing through instead of around.

85c885 No.11181894


All you fags are going to burn.

61dd71 No.11181902


Sorry David Manning, I don't have the flaming butthole :^)

07fcf9 No.11181904

>“this bill would give DACA recipients a 3-year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else.”

Everyone is overlooking this. This is all just another desperate attempt to save DACA after the Dems cucked out yesterday.

58c475 No.11181912


yes, but 3 years of renewable then its out again. they are assuming that Trump isn't going to win a second term and kill daca again. If after 3 years they have to go back again, I'm fine extending it, it just delays their inevitable deportation.

05a036 No.11181919



Are we assuming that Trump has signed this already?

What makes you think hes going to sign it after not making compromises last week?

1cd6cf No.11181927

Suddenly 9 million mexicunts become 'american'

58c475 No.11181933


I have no idea if he will sign it or not, I'm not making any assumption. I'm just saying that the provisions in the bill are decent enough that a 3 year extension would be a baby step to get a huge leap in immigration control. I have no clue if he would sign this. I personally think that they are doing it because they think that Trump isn't going to be in office in 3 years, so then they can move for permanent legal status. I think they are overplaying their hand again and giving a huge immigration check in order to bank on that. All eggs in one basket and all that.

3fc64f No.11181934


There is no mention of a biometric national ID for all citizens. There is only mention of a future biometric ID being accepted as a form of identification for foreign workers. The legislation does not require it.

a0975a No.11181935


that book is so good. one of the best page turners I've read in a long while.

196028 No.11181939


>only 9 million


7aaa5f No.11181950


New Testament was written in Greek, as it was the most common language of that era, if I recall correctly. Roman Empire and all.


Imagine someone 2000 years ago trying to describe a plane, or a computer. The plane might at best be compared to a bird, the computer would be a completely unfathomable concept. Even my grandmother couldn't grasp what a computer was up into the early 2000s, and even now only has a basic understanding of them.


I have to side with you on this one, I was pretty well convinced a long time ago that Revelations was just cryptic writing about the current political climate, to avoid getting crucified should he have plainly wrote what was on his mind.

1cd6cf No.11181951


Isn't that the overall number of illegals spread through the country?

58c475 No.11181955


jej, try like 30+ million anon…

a0975a No.11181964

>>11181788 heiled

they are trying to recuperate their self-image losses by "trolling" i.e. being a glow-in-the-dark judeophile comic relief act

687ef6 No.11181983


>Rep. Bob Goodlatte [R-VA-6]

based republicans!

6adbe6 No.11182001

File: 755a8d69c920b08⋯.jpg (109.12 KB, 1161x1000, 1161:1000, 160925-mobama-w-hug-hg-153….jpg)

They've tried this a bunch of times before, it isn't going to work this time either.

d2b8e8 No.11182026


I don't think you even have to go that far. No one wants this. Except for the 2 fucking shills trying really hard to convince you otherwise in this thread.

"Hurr they already track you, just go to the DMV and give LaShawnda your blood sample and retina scan, because immigrants."

What we need are some really fucking easy to understand infographics for normalfag sites. Taking suggestions.

3fc64f No.11182041


The US houses and supports 1/4 of Mexico's total population.

2d57ff No.11182050


>Securing America’s Future Act of 2018

I hate how every piece of legislation has these retarded non-descriptive titles now.

f485ec No.11182070


Alright, I've parsed through this enough to where I think I get it.

It looks like a very expensive and unnecessary overhaul to the system, when the existing system when enforced would work just fine. Also, it will be so fuggen easy to get around, considering it will require a massive database which nobody will use because of how slow it will be with the pajeets managing it

Of course it has bi-partisan support.


>I was pretty well convinced a long time ago that Revelations was just cryptic writing about the current political climate

well, the cyclical nature of history means it can be applied to pretty much any powerful nation. Once you cut through the semetic obfuscation, it's just a basic "Good guys win, bad guys lose" story

8f7746 No.11182083


Not only that, but current biometric standards are fucking trash. Same goes with "retnal scans".

Stick with a valid, hard to forge id with some chips in it and call it a day. Sure there will be a couple rich spics who are able to get ahold of aan illegal one… however it won't be the 5million illegal spics currently voting 3 times in places like california.

this bill won't pass. calling it now.

1cd6cf No.11182099


My bad I forgot to distrust "official numbers"

403d32 No.11182106

It's funny how we must maintain this balance to between security and incompetence with our republic. Opsec should be up to the individual to weed out the weak fruit. Just like how the Dems were exploited this election for having such evil plans with Obama08 as a password. Even if we were to achieve our dream of a functioning ethnostate we have no idea how perverted it would become through the centuries like how the founding fathers would think of what we have today. Even though he's a Jew, Asimov's foundation series is really interesting on topics such as these, the phases and waves civilization goes through over millennia that only a fourth dimensional being would be able to enjoy.

3fc64f No.11182140


>It looks like a very expensive

>the existing system when enforced would work just fine

It has let around 30 million illegals through. These illegals have a cost. They have a positive tax benefit and will be given, on average, $350,000 over their lifetime in benefits and services. That's around $10 trillion total.

d2b8e8 No.11182177


>This is literally what Trump promised all through the election and what we've been asking for

>we've been asking for


Holy shit when I posted this thread I didn't think I'd be hit THIS hard with chesscucks and shills.

The issue isn't whether this is a good idea in a perfect world. It's that you CANNOT trust the government to have this info and not fuck it up or use it for other things than is stated. I'm actually glad anons here get this and still understand privacy on some level. We have to realize younger generations are being raised without this concept due the little spy they all carry around in their pocket even as children.

Like anons have already stated, they create this migration problem, wait for the inevitable reaction (which the fucking think tanks KNEW would and INTENDED to happen), and then create the solution. But it's not the solution to immigration issues, even though they'll sell it to YOU as such. It's just one more step on the road to an entirely different problem for THEM.

3fc64f No.11182180


30 million is a number given by Mexico. Who has the better estimate? Mexico, who tracks their population, or the US who doesn't?

312d05 No.11182187


Not at all, you'll have to have the ID on you at all times by law, but you won't have to present it when you vote. That would be rayciss.

ebecf0 No.11182191


>Biometric for ‘ALL Americans

How are they going to achieve that? Hire Japanese whalers?

a71969 No.11182219


>It's that you CANNOT trust the government to have this info and not fuck it up or use it for other things than is stated.

If you can't trust the government to know who is and isn't a citizen you can't have a government.

22e2dd No.11182240


Yeah but what about when the scanners malfunction and you can't buy dinner or groceries? Or how much time that is going to add for every transaction. Try working in a garage and keeping clean fingers all day, you really telling me I'll have to scrub and wash my hands before buying a pack of beer? Gtfo shill, Winnie is like millhouse nobody memes on that shit nigger

d2b8e8 No.11182241


Do you trust the government anon? In it's current state I mean. Not some white ethnostate utopia some of you seem to think Trump is creating. Like right now.

032fa6 No.11182251


>if we got national voter ID laws tied to it, I could accept it.

isn't that how they passed it off in the Turner Diaries? Don't give them anything for fucks sake, they could enforce voter laws and then give citizenship to all the illegals.

a71969 No.11182267


Don't care, not an american. Its just basic logic, the states have been issuing false IDs to illegals for decades and you are not getting rid of illegals unless you do three things: deny them employment, deny them welfare, and deny them healthcare. You can't round up 30 million beaners if they're being sheltered by the states, you need an alternative method.

fe055a No.11182269

Thanks for sharing, OP. The levels this is getting shilled as some kind of positive for whites really shows their desperation to prevent this biometrics push from becoming a mainstream topic.


sums it up quite nicely: only one of these three should be let into the country. A government that recognizes this doesn't need biometrics. A government that thinks these 3 faces are in some way equal cannot be trusted with biometric tracking. It will only be used against whites.

37571f No.11182306

none of this is necessary if you'd just prosecute businesses that hire illegals. no jobs = no immigration. its that simple

b3345b No.11182310


I just read that. Very accurate, even with the anachronisms.

0267d1 No.11182316


Six million percent this.

032fa6 No.11182324

File: ccb94c88d6ba830⋯.png (347.21 KB, 1448x496, 181:62, 1e998cde07b753242e7cb7b84e….png)


>expand zog

>I have no problem with this

want to know how i know you are a jew?

4625d3 No.11182332

we /cyb/ now

24a4c0 No.11182342


>i steal your data

>give me more data

Fuck off, kikenwart. Don't think posting nipponese feet porn makes you not a jew.

0d95c4 No.11182371


>Illegals will just not get the national ID and work under the table for cash, just like how they don't have Social Security numbers

Plenty of them have numbers, they're just stolen ones obtained through identity theft. Also you see news reports of spics who simply made up a number getting away with it for decades. SS was never meant to be used as a reliable ID system, so it's no surprise that it fails at it.

24a4c0 No.11182387


What makes you think the same illegals won't just steal these new IDs? You think everyone here can't see through your bullshit?

d2b8e8 No.11182398


>Don't care, not an american

Ahh ok. Nevermind then. I don't mean to be rude but your sense of what privacy and security is is inherently not going to be the same as an Americans' is as it is one of the founding principles of this country and held very dear to us despite the erosion it has endured.

e505b3 No.11182405

>thread is flooded with shills DEFENDING this

The absolute state of this fucking board.


0267d1 No.11182414


It will be infiltrated by beaners and kikes and turned against us.

>mfw on food stamps and I get a letter signed by some spic bitch about how they are cutting back our allowance by two thirds for no fucking reason what-so-ever

I guarantee you some illegal family is suddenly getting more while my family who actually paid into the system gets a dick up our ass.

f03269 No.11182416


This. If this passes and no one picks up their guns then the soul of our forefathers is truly gone and I'm done with this country.

04e6da No.11182418


You seen surprised that a bunch of fascists are praising the authoritarian solution.

032fa6 No.11182419


>only a non american would oppose expanding the federal government that is not controlled by americans

are you smoking crack?

2cf802 No.11182421

File: d1b704be96268cb⋯.jpg (167.63 KB, 685x960, 137:192, 26804766_1215685478564476_….jpg)

>redpilled people are DEFENDING this

this is like 1984 guys, we need to stop this!

c59a87 No.11182427


>jews undermine the laws

>offer a solution themselves

Where have I seen this before

2cf802 No.11182434

File: 7eba3e82db9be2c⋯.jpg (50.1 KB, 480x478, 240:239, 26804428_1813788268633856_….jpg)

This bill is anti-american! If you call yourself white, you need to call your congressman now!

d2b8e8 No.11182443


You're welcome anon. I am actually quite surprised this isn't being discussed more. I still think it should be pushed on all normalfag sites. Neither the left or right wants this shit. It's one of only a handful of non-partizan issues that most people are fundamentally against.


It's not this board, it's a handful of chesscucks and shills. Check the ID's. Most here are against this for more than fucking obvious reasons.


If any of you have connections to any gun's rights, innawoods types, have them spread it. Same goes for anyone with lefty friends. Even when I was on the left years and years ago, I listened to the Pauls. They carry some weight all around on topics like privacy and war. How can we get larger media outfits to carry this story? This source is not the most recognized but the story is definitely real.

2cf802 No.11182445

File: 576e1fed7757dfa⋯.jpg (66.39 KB, 960x614, 480:307, 26992168_1540168992757526_….jpg)


So much this, everyone needs to listen to this redpilled anon!

<[dysnomia spacing]

We whites need to stop this bill from becoming law.

3fc64f No.11182449



Defending what? There are anons who actually read the legislation. Read it yourself you screeching faggot.

2cf802 No.11182455

File: b877794c178039b⋯.jpg (107.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 26230907_748099015385303_7….jpg)


you're wrong, it will infringe on white's rights and ALSO it's the sign of the beast!

a60311 No.11182459


Anyone who has read it isn’t defending it.

d2b8e8 No.11182462


This >>11182398 was meant for this poster >>11182267 who is shilling for the ID and then claims to not give a fuck because he's not American. Apologies.


It not surprising that they favor authoritarianism, it's surprising how many seem to think it should be implemented under THIS shitshow of a government we have right now.

3fc64f No.11182470


Pull out the sections you don't like and post them here.

2cf802 No.11182480

File: 922b284733be0af⋯.jpg (52.29 KB, 404x960, 101:240, 26991896_1440886396040088_….jpg)


pull the sections you like and post them here

<[dysnomia spacing]

this bill is bad because it's the sign of the beast and it promotes giving data to the (((governement)))

<[dysnomia spacing]

we whites need to stop this bill because it expands (((zog)))

d2b8e8 No.11182484


Why don't you pull out the sections that say this won't be required for all Americans and shut everyone's arguments down right now instead of wasting your time trying to convince us it's not there? That'd be the easier course of action.

3fc64f No.11182489


I already did.

2cf802 No.11182500

File: bf3eb537fc0455a⋯.jpg (33.56 KB, 480x411, 160:137, trapita linda.jpg)

this bill will punish white americans, we need to call and get this shut down!

a14cae No.11182519


I am so sick of this clown world.

894e6a No.11182522


That reminds me

Would this national id label every jew as jew?

Does biometric include genetic info?

2cf802 No.11182531

File: 8c3b31547179c89⋯.jpg (69.29 KB, 480x852, 40:71, 19642776_10156055754384819….jpg)

Why aren't people here reacting to this bill? It's like 1984 man, like we need to do something…

d2b8e8 No.11182573


I see only one of the many sections discussing the collection of biometric data quoted in one of your posts.

Regardless, the issue is that this sets a precedent for collecting this type of data and using it in a national ID format for everyone. Why would we even take the fucking chance in today's political climate? Why should anyone here trust for one second that it will end here and not be expanded… like every other overreaching "security measure" we've had for the past 15 years? They have invaded every part of our lives in an endless chain of "expansions" and "amendments" that all started with vague wording in the Patriot Act designed specifically for that reason. You are insanely naive to think it won't happen again. Some of us actually remember when you could board a plane and not be groped by hamplanet negresses. It was sold to us as a means to stop terrorists and people ate that shit up. Now everyone is subject to it, even your wheelchair bound, white grannies. This is about control, not muh voter IDs and immigration.


I asked for ideas for infographics earlier. If we can get some easy, clear and concise non-partizan language about this I'll make some nice professional looking normie shit to spread on social media tonight.

a15a52 No.11182617





2309 Rayburn HOB

Washington, D.C. 20515

Phone: (202) 225-5431 Fax: (202) 225-9681


70 North Mason Street

Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Phone: (540) 432-2391 Fax: (540) 432-6593


916 Main Street

Suite 300

Lynchburg, VA 24504

Phone: (434) 845-8306 Fax: (434) 845-8245


10 Franklin Road SE

Suite 540

Roanoke, VA 24011

Phone: (540) 857-2672 Fax: (540) 857-2675


117 South Lewis Street

Suite 215

Staunton, VA 24401

Phone: (540) 885-3861 Fax: (540) 885-3930

2cf802 No.11182623

File: 9268e92756c364d⋯.jpg (80.13 KB, 480x783, 160:261, 26904724_1598500720199356_….jpg)


Thank you anon, this must be seen by everyone here.

3d90a1 No.11182650


>Can't specify what data or who wants it for what purpose or articulate any reasonable argument besides calling everyone who doesn't jerk their knee at scary sounding things a kike

Give me one (1) objective reason why upgrading to advanced, almost infallible security techniques is a bad thing. Otherwise I'll just assume you love illegal spics voting and having your identity stolen.

f485ec No.11182659


>It has let around 30 million illegals through.

<the existing system when enforced would work just fine

Reading comprehension, my dude

And what's your point, anyway?

3fc64f No.11182661


I mentioned the section on DNA collection to determine family relation. Paternity tests are ordered by courts to determine these things already. You can save your speech about the Patriot Act. I did plenty to push back against that one. If the legislation had something that enforced biometric IDs, then I would take issue with it. As it stands, it is only listed as a standard that additional identification methods would need if they did not contain "security features to make it resistant to tampering, counterfeiting, and fraudulent use".

2cf802 No.11182677

File: b2c30d77895bb43⋯.png (251.66 KB, 480x450, 16:15, 19748475_1657016084342383_….png)


cry harder spic

a8c60e No.11182678


>I have to side with you on this one, I was pretty well convinced a long time ago that Revelations was just cryptic writing about the current political climate, to avoid getting crucified should he have plainly wrote what was on his mind.

It was. But the proper way to view it was that it's a callback to the OT book where the kikes kvetch about Babylon. They even reference Babylon in Revelations. Additionally it's supposed to be yet another book where the jews kvetch about a white civilization, in the case with Revelations it was Rome.

Kikes kvetch about any white civilization they're not in control of.

9f0ef2 No.11182689

In b4 all Americans are chipped like dogs and can have their bank account shut down for wrong think but still have guns and still don't use them to rebel

dbe991 No.11182690

>Securing Americas Future act

Holy fuck I hate this shit.

>You're against this?

>What, don't you care about Americas future?

3d90a1 No.11182696

File: 98c8be344cdd42c⋯.png (567.41 KB, 1120x1080, 28:27, 98c8be344cdd42c926c525f615….png)


wtf i hate biometric ID now

d2b8e8 No.11182701


>>Securing Americas Future act

(((They))) like to do this thing where they name things the complete fucking opposite of what it really is.

526b6e No.11182722

George Orwellian here we come ! ! !

3fc64f No.11182724


My point was to provide information on how well the current system functions. The system that has done nothing for the last 50 years and has led to multiple amnesties. I understand you think highly of this system, and it looks good on paper. You are forgetting there is a human element that has made it into the disaster we have today. It is unworkable from that perspective.

2cf802 No.11182728

File: 3cd58beacb1d302⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 574x685, 574:685, 26993392_1812086235531912_….jpg)


You said it life-partner!

1cd6cf No.11182748


>Life partner

What this faggot hookup culture shit?

9d6839 No.11182755

Biometrics are insecure. Why can't each individual register a public key to act as their identification/authorization?

24a4c0 No.11182760


So if there's no data, then why start?

0149a8 No.11182772


>let's put biometric information on a government database

>It will never be misused, accessed improperly, forged, tampered with, or anything else

There is no need for biometric information collection of the general public. none. If you support it, then you should be shot in the fucking head.

0149a8 No.11182774


>a public key

Like something unique to you? Like your name and date of birth?


13ce8c No.11182775

File: 59c09292238935f⋯.jpg (483.01 KB, 989x742, 989:742, 1490706323487.jpg)


>mfw I may actually get to live through a technological dark age as an outcast mercenary just trying to survive.

0149a8 No.11182780


>are the jews going to misuse every piece of information about you that they can collect?

Is this really a question?

13ce8c No.11182785

File: 15f1de5c0059281⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 291x229, 291:229, DaGoyimKnow.jpg)


god damn this so hard.

When will we start seeing peoples DNA and bio-metrics falsely planted and used as evidence against wrong thinkers?

47f5ca No.11182798

They aren't going to stop until everyone of us has a camera up our ass are they?

24a4c0 No.11182803


You forgot the collective offswitch.

f485ec No.11182804


>I understand you think highly of this system

what the fuck?

All I'm saying is that if people were allowed to do their jobs, we wouldn't have the problem we do.

You're saying that because the police and border patrol aren't allowed to crack down, that we need to spend another $25bn on an inefficient system that gives the kikes another easily exploitable way to fuck us over.

47f5ca No.11182813


Fuck off Christ killer.

3d90a1 No.11182820


I never said there was no data, you just wont say what kind of data you think "somebody" is trying to get for "things"

5399bb No.11182829

File: 36e2dd6223749ba⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 560x560, 1:1, 1506904744232.jpg)


>in the 300 A.D. God didn't know that in the year 2018 microchips would exist

9d6839 No.11182839


No, from a public key/private key pair. Only you would have the private key.

24a4c0 No.11182840




They want your data, so they can pander advertisements to your face, and make money off your back. Doing this will only make their kike game even worse.

5399bb No.11182858


What does stop individual from registering several keys for different names.

>we will check his …. biometric data?

Here we go.

24a4c0 No.11182864


>this bill would give DACA recipients a 3-year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else


24a4c0 No.11182868


Unholy death-worshipping beaner. YOU HAVE TO GO BACK

772638 No.11182870

The president of the united states has a special device to capture his feces when he is traveling abroad.

That is to keep him safe from people who want to do him harm. I most certainly do not want to be handing over my DNA to the fucking government. Every time the government takes it never gives that power up. Think we'll ever get rid of the NSA? Or the TSA? Get fucking real.

Demanding DNA is the literal door slowly closing. And guess what? We're on the inside of that door that is going to close forever.

This government is getting dangerously close to needing to be entirely disbarred.

3fc64f No.11182875


$25 billion is reasonable in comparison to $10 trillion. If the increased security is only 50% effective, then the $5 trillion it saves will easily pay for it for the next 200 years.

e7a7b0 No.11182882

File: 4437cb3951fc449⋯.jpeg (338.57 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, B5A35820-5F67-49A9-ABDB-0….jpeg)

File: 375f829b0c0d736⋯.jpeg (384.46 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, 172E9AD8-B2D6-4846-AB74-B….jpeg)

File: eb3a7732166da81⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3D349663-C3DA-4457-92F1-9D….png)

File: 6a21d9d00b714ba⋯.jpeg (156.54 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, F3D88E58-D404-454F-B20D-A….jpeg)

Russian Bots

24a4c0 No.11182892


>$25 billion

>$10 trillion


>$5 trillion


What's with you kikes and this number game? Do you think it works on anybody other than yourselves?

3d90a1 No.11182902

File: 5d9cfa97bb2afbb⋯.png (495.23 KB, 698x882, 349:441, 5d9cfa97bb2afbbed00147527c….png)


So far the government has a good track record of not misusing my information, why would this suddenly change with information that his little potential for abuse?


I doubt an advertising agency will have access to government databases, and if they did, they would already have any relevant information from my birth certificate/drivers license. Also

>The current year

>Still sees advertisements


24a4c0 No.11182924


>I doubt an advertising agency will have access to government databases

Who works in both departments, anon? The transaction still takes place. No matter if you see the ads, they still make dollars off it, and they'll do the same here.

0149a8 No.11182930


>So far the government has a good track record of not misusing my information


>when the history of the government is abuse of all information it has

Someone needs to slap the stupid out of you.

6db251 No.11182938


> Exec delays implementation

> Ginsberg dies/resigns

> Constitutional Supreme Court

> Escalate

> Struck down

Personally, I don't see mandatory biometric ID sticking, but that's just predictin the future.

3fc64f No.11182947

File: ba59b42fe150eac⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 500x278, 250:139, oh-yes.gif)


>sees basic arithmetic being used

>it must be the jews

81c78f No.11182957


zomg it'll be just like the Jetsons but with HIV and Niggers

a71969 No.11182969


Is a drivers license or a passport against the founding principles of the country?

Why shouldn't the government know who is and isn't a citizen? Can you provide a better argument than 'you can't understand because you aren't me'.

526b6e No.11182980

24a4c0 No.11182984


That kind of garbage is practically joked about here. "oi twelve dollars you mean ten dollars" It's garbage, when you can't hustle somebody over an asiatic discussion board.

86c07c No.11182986

File: 168b127341972bf⋯.gif (947.9 KB, 320x214, 160:107, 8632d4a40e059a1d4386261196….gif)

I'm worried about the future

a71969 No.11182996

File: ae4ac409e5cd7e6⋯.png (703.98 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Satori bitch-slapped.png)


Nigga learn to read holy shit

526b6e No.11183017


Shalom brother

4a746a No.11183043


this will lead to a cyberpunk future of pain. the dems will use shit like this as a weapon against us once they win more (((elections))) it's going to be like the spanish civil wars of the last century, but will engulf the whole world. I'm starting to exercise more and eat right so that I can grow old enough to watch it go down.

24a4c0 No.11183045


Now you're just talking like a nigger. Take your shilling, and fuck off.

d2b8e8 No.11183052


Technically yes, it can be debated that those things go against the privacy laws that our country was founded on and being compelled to produce them certainly does. Also, what do you think a government is exactly? Do you assume it's some entity that has some imaginary inherit authority over you simply because it exists? In this country it was intended to be very small, in-obtrusive and only an extension of the people's will managed by citizens voted in as representatives. Citizens are not asking for this nor do they want it. What is a government when it is no longer representative of it's people and why should it be allowed to demand resources and even DNA from those people? With your logic, I suppose the governments of Europe are perfectly right in allowing immigrant hordes in. Why shouldn't they? Don't they have a right to demand more diversity for their people regardless of what those people want? They are the "rulers" and what they say goes, right?

And finally if you don't have an issue with your DNA being demanded by a corrupt government body filled to the brim with edgy, pedo faggots larping as "statesmen" who already have numerous and varied ways to identify you then I really don't know what else to say to you, because you don't get it and never will.

f485ec No.11183092

File: fc1abd28d7892f9⋯.jpg (4.91 KB, 272x325, 272:325, Gee I wonder.jpg)


>I would gladly enslave the white race to potentially save 5 trillion jewbux to put into gibs

>This system won't be subverted due to the exact same fucking reasons the current system is

3fc64f No.11183167


>we need to spend another $25bn on an inefficient system that gives the kikes another easily exploitable way to fuck us over

You are the one who doesn't want to spend $25 billion on a wall and border security. The wall and the added security will be far more affordable than paying for the shitskins it turns away. The $5 trillion in savings is less revenue for jews since they are the ones who primarily run government subsidized housing for those individuals. It is a direct hit to their revenue sources. Why wouldn't you want to defund the jews, anon?

f485ec No.11183221

File: 92660e26afe2147⋯.gif (4.52 MB, 500x500, 1:1, Implying.gif)


>You are the one who doesn't want to spend $25 billion on a wall and border security.

68b250 No.11183237


it just hit me that it's enough to give a $250,000 home to 100,000 american families… I'm NOT saying we should not be having a wall, but that's to give an idea of the numbers being thrown out there

9c1727 No.11183291


>Technically yes, it can be debated that those things go against the privacy laws that our country was founded on and being compelled to produce them certainly does

At least you're consistent, I can respect that

>In this country it was intended to be very small, in-obtrusive and only an extension of the people's will managed by citizens voted in as representatives.

That required MORE of you for the privilege of voting, you had to prove you owned land, in many places you had to pass a written test, and, as far as my knowledge extends, also enrollment in the militia/signing up for the draft. As far as I see it, proving you are a citizen is a significantly lower bar than any combination of the above.

>why should it be allowed to demand resources and even DNA from those people?


But I agree, I don't think that's necessary. photo ID should be all that's needed

3fc64f No.11183310


Illegal immigrants cost $113 billion each year. That is enough to buy a $250,000 home for 452,000 American families, each year.

dc94fb No.11183315

File: 1048f09c278b313⋯.jpg (62.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1048f09c278b31349469e90df3….jpg)






So consider this: you're a sandnigger born before 0 A.D. God gives you a vision where you see people putting their heads and hands by strange devices with laser-like lights projecting onto them. Just like a barcode reader does. How else would you describe it besides them being marked? There is no concept of 'scanning' or 'biometrics', only what he was presented.

719006 No.11183318

File: 8d45c8aec490d07⋯.jpg (52.44 KB, 529x599, 529:599, 8d45c8aec490d079101a3c0491….jpg)

File: acc4d9d8788e688⋯.png (202.9 KB, 514x600, 257:300, 1c658f5ea057d1de499e2a4489….png)


>"We want DACA dreamers and illegals out!“

And this should be the first step.

The next must be to expel and/or sterilize all non whites.

We need to boost the White birth rate to the sky, which I am sure will be met with fierce opposition from our whores.

Never mind, one way or another they must be impregnated over and over again, until we reach a desired collective goal.

This is the only way to reclaim White Land and to restore our civilization.

68b250 No.11183323


Read the whole post, it's about the sort of money that government spends. You're post is complete shitpost because you didn't broke down the numbers, I did:

wall project (details currently unclear)= $25B

If you don't want to sounds like a fucking retard, you need to categorize every single detail from that number you pull out off… an example is the following:

>"free" food = ?

>"free" education = ?

>"free" logistics (sub categories?) = ?

>direct crime = ?

>legal burden = ?

etc, etc, etc (projections, estimates, etc)

3fc64f No.11183358


>gives an unclear estimate

>thinks it is correct

>forgets that Trump will make Mexico pay for it

You were almost clever. The actual cost is $0B. How foolish. There are only savings.

f485ec No.11183360

File: c81d5fcad41273f⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 247x200, 247:200, c81.jpg)


>H. R. 4760

>wall project

e35145 No.11183368


>Now we have your DNA and figure prints goy we can always tell if your innocent or guilty isnt that great

>whats with these anti-semetic posts online goyim?

>looks like your guilty of rape and first degree murder. We found your (((DNA))) and (((fingerprints))) at the scene of the crime

302e71 No.11183371

File: 832387d59961d60⋯.jpg (188.92 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, 4cb54490e2eda51ecb723faa97….jpg)


>Sterilizing non-whites.

I'm going to put that under "stretch goal".

f2aeec No.11183373




What the fuck are these trying to say?

68b250 No.11183384


not it's not, 25B is the credit we're getting. So far we have an estimate but nothing exact on how much will be alocated to LABOR and MATERIALS; again all this (as well as transport and misc.) is 25B.

10518e No.11183386

File: 2144e879ae31a85⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 358x358, 1:1, asian dog.jpg)


>page turners

68b250 No.11183389


Just prices, it started as a post regarding a solid way to look at the number. And then some anon derailed it to be some shit of other numbers.

f485ec No.11183404


Well I misread your post, then.

Where are you getting the number from? I thought they were still negotiating it.

68b250 No.11183423


It seems (and if someone else has family in DC, feel free to correct me), that $25B is going to be the final number. I know it sounds contrary to most posts in the last few months, but that is kinda the talk.

BTW, I'm NOT an "insider" or some other kind of larper; what I'm saying is that whatever negotiations take place, that's going to be the number that they have to agree upon. Having said that, the 20B figure has been thrown around (but not as much)… and I'll be really surprised if the final number comes near 15B as that used to be an initial figure that got thrown out.

3fc64f No.11183429


You are confused. The $113 billion is from the FAIR report estimates that Trump used during his election for the cost of illegal immigration.

5399bb No.11183430


>How else would you describe it besides them being marked?

You describe it as "letter that speaks with human voice". Also would be known to people as "microchip" (give pronunciation comparing it to known greek words), everyone 2000 year after are flabbergasted by your prediction of electronic devices naming .

3fc64f No.11183441


It is $18 billion for the border security improvements alone. Any amount above that would be negotiated for use in construction of the wall and other things.

d50d31 No.11183449



they've been pushing this slippery slope for ages. the excuses are always the same. the supposed benefits never materialize.

75670f No.11183459


"A tiny wafer of metal that contains writings undetectable by man's eye, inserted into the flesh and then read with a wand that emits a light that deciphers the writings."

Something like that.

A mark is a mark, something embedded in the skin would likely be described similarly to a piercing or something like that.

0aad1f No.11183461

File: 39ebb161e54c855⋯.png (236.33 KB, 549x412, 549:412, 1418717963570.png)

None of this would be an issue in an ethnically homogeneous and usury free nation.

Also, the amount of halfchan shitposting, Christian identity d&c and literal beaner posting itt is atrocious. You can always tell how important a thread is by how quickly we lose the ability to discuss it in peace.

68b250 No.11183464


>when you're having a vision, you can see things at a molecular level

d50d31 No.11183500


cracking down on d&c during the election seemed like the right idea at the time, but look at how weak we've become. being able to actually argue shit out made us stronger.

73c4aa No.11183511

hahaha two funnies immediately come to mind. One, this was what Hildog was pushing in the 90's. Second, is the price would be 100x any wall.

Time to get off the grid. Fuck these niggers because if they get this, next will be having the shit implanted because ids can be hacked and stolen. This was all talked about years ago. How they would introduce it.

68b250 No.11183515


>being this slow

a bunch of people have already gone off the grid AND have formed communities around them… they homeschool their children and grow their own food.

0cd5c3 No.11183516


What is that document?

75670f No.11183522


>you can see things at a molecular level

What do you mean?

RFID chips are readily visible to the naked eye.

68b250 No.11183538



oh fuck, you're one of those people…

two things:

1) RFID are under the skin (no way to see them during a vision)

2) RFID is the first stop to having an actual chip inside your body

000000 No.11183570

>be CIA/gov. agency

>have means to assassinate people

>issue of not getting the right guy(s) en masse without casualties

>use bio sig to delimit who to attack

Funnily enough, just as this is hell on earth while whites aren't in power, it would be quite useful if whites were in power (then you'd know everyone who isn't white, even if they (((look))) it, and be able to remove them).

75670f No.11183586

File: 5a76d992bf763f9⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 478x476, 239:238, Microchip_rfid_rice.jpg)


>1) RFID are under the skin (no way to see them during a vision)

Then what's the point of the vision to begin with?

>2) RFID is the first stop to having an actual chip inside your body

RFID's contain chips.

What is your point anyway?

Have you looked at the post I was replying to?

328f00 No.11183593


Down for everybody?


68b250 No.11183602

381136 No.11183625

328f00 No.11183630


wtf, why cant i access it?!

328f00 No.11183635


>>I've lost my SS card, but I believe it's even printed on the card.

you were born in the 50's?

real oldfag, nice

efbb95 No.11183659

File: e2c49d6301ffc2d⋯.jpg (567.11 KB, 1970x1420, 197:142, 1402122832381.jpg)

d2b8e8 No.11183661


I've never really been one to report frequently, but holy shit, this past week I'm fucking triggered. Tbh if most anons just ignored these shills we could get on with it. But they just can't help themselves. Although I suspect it's mostly cuckchan refugees responding since that's the norm over there.

24a4c0 No.11183669


Of course, they're just off the grid enough to have a "standoff" with the feds. Right?

d2b8e8 No.11183678

File: 4b459fd706f3d04⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1510580164945.jpg)


Well, shit.

270692 No.11183705


dont know why this made me laugh so hard

f51b2d No.11183827

File: 425a81c23f51f4c⋯.mp4 (5.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Kids react to the holocaus….mp4)


>If you're worried about "the mark of the beast," you already have it.

>Just give up goy


039f85 No.11183829

>pol against voter id

>pol against spic countermeasures


2511aa No.11183835



You’re not even trying to fit in anymore.

095c2b No.11183857

File: c6922ea86752eec⋯.mp4 (6.81 MB, 480x360, 4:3, koth.mp4)



Jesus christ, I really hope that isn't true. Would there be any way to further research this type of thing? I'd imagine compiling first-hand accounts from soldiers and vets would be a good first step. Outside of a military leak I doubt the existence of that biometric data will ever be known, though.

dced6a No.11183881


Rudolf Hess is perfect for many videos

661b1c No.11183926

File: a075a42cb0a8e14⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 300x225, 4:3, biometrics-finger-printing.jpg)



But why would it be a microchip, the forehead reference makes no sense then? They would be implanted in the hands for easy swiping. But seeing something on the forehead or hand make a ton of sense for biometrics. Also John does not say what the mark looked like, so there's no reason to immediately dismiss that it's light from retinal and fingerprint scanners.

Also the fact that it's pretty unlikely we will ever be chipped if everyone is already biometrically entered into a DB. So many people have went on about 'muh chip' that they're making it really easy to implement the same level of control using non-invasive bio-metrics.

3fc64f No.11183969


Biblical prophecies cause people to work towards them. It doesn't matter if it is good or bad. A prophecy being fulfilled brings validity to the religion.

fd979a No.11184198


The only actual correct reply. Receiving the mark of the beast is a pledge of affiliation to him – to Satan – as a spiritual act. It is also a simultaneous rejection of both the one Living God, and of eternal life.

The mechanism of the mark itself is practically irrelevant.

34b37b No.11184248


What is this from it seems intentionally comedic.

34b37b No.11184256


*but they should have been*

79efd2 No.11184267

File: e20902ae4d0e77a⋯.gif (927.29 KB, 250x230, 25:23, BA5BE1D8-1E66-4DE3-B3D9-87….gif)

fd979a No.11184302



d12c68 No.11184366


This is part of the entire jew genetic logging, along with 21andme, etc. All of this is part of systematically mapping all humans in every way, (((for G-d)))

bb4911 No.11184395


Source on the music? It's obviously from an anime.

f4eb36 No.11184454

>>11180677 (checked)

>Without this ID, you won’t be able to legally hold a job — or likely even open a bank account or even board a plane

>Paul said there is a very good chance this bill will become law as the support for it seems overwhelming

Next step will be chip implants. Resist.

e9f6ee No.11184455


Boku no pico academia.

f4eb36 No.11184458


What this have to do with Hegel?

bb4911 No.11184483

File: e59f5f68b29ae7e⋯.webm (1.19 MB, 352x262, 176:131, saturday-night-gets.webm)


>Boku no pico academia


d2b8e8 No.11184511

File: 0fb452b785a4389⋯.png (1.33 MB, 776x1076, 194:269, 1505104778266.png)


So much fucking this. You guys have no goddamn idea how edgy these occult faggots are when it comes to fulfilling prophesy. They do it on purpose, not because they believe this shit but because they want to tear down the world as we know it and create a new reality in their image. They know if they meme hard enough for Armageddon, we the people will believe it's inevitable and make it a reality. It's working, and they are building bunkers in the mountains so they can watch us tear each other apart in safety.

21d33a No.11184513

File: 615482e8a5f6935⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 350x498, 175:249, 00hitlerY1.jpg)

File: 1dc153313afd875⋯.jpg (814.79 KB, 798x861, 38:41, Jew-as-world-parasite.jpg)


Found the kike.

Quick, the gas!

57675d No.11184516

Doesn't Trumps son-in-law work heavily with RFID and at a building numbered 666 no less?

21d33a No.11184520

File: b482822abb1c02d⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 800x1066, 400:533, b482822abb1c02d4c89b1fc780….gif)

File: 68273771895c8f8⋯.jpg (92.2 KB, 834x600, 139:100, 68273771895c8f864b6b78cc21….jpg)


I think you have the cart before the horse.

I think most religious prophesy is an inborn understanding / acting a subconscious knowledge of what is / can occur.

But I consider that more semantics than a disagreements

*Besides, no man can stand against what Kek has checked. PROPHESY!**

d2b8e8 No.11184538


>I think most religious prophesy is an inborn understanding / acting a subconscious knowledge of what is / can occur.

I agree and that doesn't conflict with what I said at all. I'm not saying they come up with the prophesy. What they want is accelerationism and in it's wake the amount of control required to shape humanity into what they want. If doomsday prophesies (that most of humanity shares in some form or another) can be used to achieve that then they meme it to the masses, making it forefront in our consciousness instead of just a lurking subconscious fear/feeling. And we will make it reality because that's just how humans work. Force it to take shape in our minds and we will inevitably make it real. Magic 101.

f23a86 No.11184554



So this is nothing more the net neutrality tier poisoning of the well?

f23a86 No.11184556


yea that. I still got the original photos on my cameras sd card.

f23a86 No.11184557


also meant for:


08a46a No.11184658


Ohni wants to the same thing but with a linked token on the blockchain so you can use it dor voting. Voting for measures for your community so you can get mono-ethnic communities. It's not a bad idea, just in bad hands. If we can get it in our own, we can utilize it to vote and push out non-whites of certain areas. Social scores and credit are coming like it or not, and I'd rather we implement then they do, as we can use it for pro-white purposes.

b3a62e No.11184676












b3a62e No.11184678












24a4c0 No.11184740

File: 1403074ed120451⋯.jpg (5.84 KB, 258x196, 129:98, Armstrong.jpg)


(checked for holy dubs of truth)

This is horrible, this bill is the same crap that Europe has, they might as well throw in internet ids next.


6986a1 No.11184771

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>blockchain citizenship information

Not a bad idea actually.

Verifying identity wouldn't be hard, voting would be easier, and verifiable.

d50d31 No.11185228


ever since then, I knew they would be using this on us. hell of a lot easier if they can get most people to comply voluntarily first

657e8c No.11185281


This will be incredibly easy on the cities

782c8d No.11185332

File: 5714faad06d9e7f⋯.png (144.6 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, 1501058519053.png)

e81db6 No.11185343


Come join us. Ohni.io

095c2b No.11185398



Seriously, if someone pulled this off in Sacramento or San Francisco it'd be glorious. Imagine all the completely lost lefties who wouldn't even be able to go on twitter to screech about it. It would be magical.

251294 No.11185407


had this idea. in japan the gardeners were the ninja. these days its electricians who are ninja

095c2b No.11185423

File: 07e4f4e92296805⋯.png (35.98 KB, 499x338, 499:338, chen.png)



>A fucking wix site that doesn't even load without JS

>That "le cool and hip" staff section

>Some cryptocurreny bullshit, (I'll admit the local blockchain is interesting)

>Try to read the Whitepaper; it's on fucking dropbox

0/10, consider suicide. If anyone actually cared about this project it would be on an actual domain and have more documentation than just a few jpegs and a whitepaper on dropbox.

58c475 No.11185426


all I know is, I want cuckchan to leave already. You can tell by this thread that we have a cuckchan refugee problem. Can't even take the time to read the thing and just immediately into reactionary with no substance.

3fc64f No.11185428


It is a powerful tool to move a large number of people towards a goal. You can observe this occurring on a smaller scale with Twitch Plays Pokemon. That was done for fun, but it a good example of utilizing prophecy to produce a desired outcome. Each player had a small chance of affecting the game. The prophecies influenced players to work towards fulfilling them.

a73097 No.11185515


c57507 No.11185634

>he hasn't gotten the brain implants yet

What are you, a fucking Jihadi? Support your country, dick; especially you, Ben! Ever since I got my implant I just know Israel is the finest savior of our lands.

>All hail Trump.

<All hail Trump.

>All hail Trump.

<All hail Trump.

a7faef No.11185998

I would support it if the penalty for not having one was execution and it was only given to Whites.

00e4fe No.11186110

What another grand waste of tax payer shekels, and more reprieve for illegals no less. Fuck you.

605bb2 No.11186201


>drafted under the auspices of providing a legislative solution for the current beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program

Because illegal immigrants aren't obvious prima facie.

605bb2 No.11186207


>Post yfw Mexishits get to stay and you get tagged.

Trump either better do some explaining or he'll soon get a bullet to the head.

605bb2 No.11186210


Because it's meant to be interpretable to anything like anything that has to do with confirmation bias.

c8f1e9 No.11186707

File: 6099e3f494d2b6b⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 960x688, 60:43, DQwYJqSU8AAESIg.jpg)

You guys are grossly misinterpreting this legislation here, part of the reason why they ask for "biometric features" is for things like an entry/exit system to prevent visa overstays.

A biometric system like this has been proposed as far back as 1996 by congress, and was even recommended in 2004 again by the non-partisan 9/11 committee

I agree that it is fucked that America has come to this, but the intentions aren't some alex jones tier microchip implant thing.


a60311 No.11186710


Don't care. Not doing it. Constitution says it's illegal. Get fucked.

c8f1e9 No.11186715


To be fair the feds don't give a shit about the constitution

See: Patriot Act

3802f0 No.11186717


>but the intentions aren't some alex jones tier microchip implant thing.

Whatever power can be abused will be abused. Road to hell is paved with good intentions.

a60311 No.11186729


Of course, hence why we should fight this.

b3a62e No.11186754



f4d996 No.11186893

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


There's a lot more efficient ways of dealing with those problems, namely passing E-verify, giving out rewards for reporting illegals, building the wall, making ICE get tougher.

If it's limited to just immigrants being forced to go through this though, I could appreciate it. I prefer GPS ankle bracelets. Thanks for the advice rabbi. ;)

ee9629 No.11186998


now watch said id not be required to vote

1dc2eb No.11187017


Someone fucking shutdown the Silicon Valley

942c39 No.11187021

File: 3d7873c69ab4c9d⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1712x2288, 107:143, tefillin_barbie.jpg)


Mark of the beast can also refer to the teffilin, the boxes containing occult symbols that kikes wear on the forehead and the left wrist, and that is further confirmation that Jews are literally damned.

Posting example.

5493e8 No.11187079


This is it right here, the impetus and purpose of the ids. (((They))) are looking for something genetically. What that is I don't know, but like this anon stated, this id is not necessary with all of the identification that we already have.

4f68e7 No.11187120


This is why is illegal in my country for politicians to question the tax code. Fucking kikes.

Fuck the world bank/IRS rothskikes. You pay tax, you pay rothskikes. Simple.

Any self respecting anon should lawfag and learn how to not pay the kikes. Most don't bother because it's too hard and it's sickening to see.

It would be one of the crowning achievements if /pol/ memed the rothskike system until it fucked off.

ae2161 No.11187935

hi, i'd like to take the time to put the CIA niggers and other relevant (((niggers))) datamining this honeypot here on notice:

if this shitcan passes it will be a violation of the NAP with me and annul Trump's existing protection status of every last one of you coclsuckers and the entire governmental apparatus and I WILL FUCKING PULL PALE HORSE PROTOCOL ON YOUR NIGGER FUCKING ASSES

be advised, i know who you all are, i know where you all sleep, and i know how to systematically eradicate you in the blink of an eye, prompt me, think i'm fucking around here, YOU WILL DIE

ed1bd2 No.11187978

Wouldn't this keep dems from using deportables to commit voter fraud?

t. yuro Where everyone already has an ID

a60311 No.11188085


No, they’ll just be given the IDs, too.


de6efb No.11188104



I second this question about Hegel.

d50d31 No.11188134


>A biometric system like this has been proposed as far back as 1996 by congress, and was even recommended in 2004 again by the non-partisan 9/11 committee

and you don't think those people were our enemies?

ed1bd2 No.11188166



No idea, but wherever smuglo.li is registered didn't cause problems yet, even though I caused quite a bit of leftist assmad on GNU/Social.

334858 No.11188401


Heh hell yeah man! All these democrat shills in here just want ISIS to win!

56f60d No.11188472

The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.

James Madison

That should tell you all you need to know about this "new" Bill that will "help" keep the "foreigners" out - or from voting.

a7e481 No.11188675

I figured out whoever is posting memes in Spanish. It is actually 4D shilling. He's falseflagging as a spic mexican anon who is falseflagging as a white American anon that posts against this biometric ID bill. The message he's trying to implant is that this bill not passing benefits illegal spics and a spic is falsefagging against it, so you should instead support it.

If this isn't just my autism flaring up, your government is going to rape all of the west for the final time and Trump really is just another kike puppet. I say this because I have seen their shilling efforts to get more support for their neocon state ramp up. Please don't be real.

302e71 No.11188709


Make sure to save articles like these for when they Assassinate Trump, rig the 2020 election, or some how impeach him. A domestic resistance will need to be formed.

78b1f7 No.11188899

File: c88d92e0262bf53⋯.jpg (50.46 KB, 568x335, 568:335, macdonalds.jpg)


White anarchism now !

National Anarchism has never been tried !

149387 No.11188979

File: 5cff93221bc6850⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 363x326, 363:326, booowie.jpg)


Really gets the old noggin joggin

b3a62e No.11189015


>deliberately equating rejection of biometrics and a tyrannical state with anarchy

keep shilling, jews. you hang first on dotr

a7e481 No.11189046

File: ce6ee219ce1db57⋯.jpg (26.55 KB, 600x586, 300:293, ce6ee219ce1db57f39dd66f062….jpg)


Give that get back now!

c4d97c No.11189249


I used the same thing in Afghanistan in 2011. I was tasked with putting the afghan police into the database so they could "be issued ID cards to get on base". Turns out later they lied even to me and said they will never let these fuckers on base. Its to keep tabs on them. Never put yourself into that shit voluntarily.

6184c1 No.11189361


Fuck yeah this for sure. They just want to bait us into making even more botnet and go further and further towards 1984. The only solution is to build a wall and deport them so that all the dead people ID's in the world will mean nothing if there are no illegals to use them.

d5ac60 No.11189374


Do you really think they're going to use this for voter id? No way in hell they would do that. There's enormous pushback from (((media))) and (((politicians))) against even the simplest requirement of cards (given out for free) with a name and address on them. Illegals here already work as day laborers and restaurant kitchen staff under the table tax-free. What incentive would there be for them to try to get the cards? This proposition would only be a tool to exert more control over the law-abiding white. If you haven't learned by now that trading your privacy/rights for muh national security is a kike sham, you're hopeless.

6184c1 No.11189380


>ear-lobe spacing

>we ALL wanted


>assuming the governement won't abuse the information at all

>assuming that any purchase other than with cash can be tracked is completly normal and ok

Can't tell if retarted or shill… In any case lurk more.

d5ac60 No.11189416


It's not about fears, you massive retard. Biometrics of U.S. citizens are something the government simply DOES NOT NEED. They have no business collecting biometric data on U.S. citizens, nor requiring it for societal interaction. Therefore, THEY SHALL NOT HAVE IT.

6184c1 No.11189525


I think you trust the governement way too much and over-estimate the need for such procations. Having a wall and constant deportations would do more than all the biometric, dna, personality and behavioral data which could be used by pedro if there isn't a problem with machine scanning it or if he doesn't get pass the ICE officer by hiding or bribing him.

6184c1 No.11189563


I think the founding fathers would be surprised but not all that confused on regards to our present situation. If the constitution didn't exist then you bet your ass we would be in a much worse spot today, and at the end of the last breath of the last traitor I wouldn't be surprised If a few more things are added on. Even if civilisations change they all learn from their predecesors, just like a child from his father. I don't think asimov was right in thinking it would only take a 4 dimensional being to appreciate this.

011b50 No.11189722


The US needs to be split into cucked and non-cucked, like when they used to have smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants.

296c1a No.11189830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm invested in a company that has a decent connection with the government.

296c1a No.11189831

File: 183cd08c1fdc963⋯.jpg (65.24 KB, 618x552, 103:92, DQ1SmOaU8AEijhW.jpg)

File: d3c9bd73bc73ea4⋯.jpg (279.47 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, C_33UUmVoAALAS6.jpg)

File: c53de38ae7c063a⋯.jpg (357.51 KB, 2047x522, 2047:522, C_3sysyUwAAu2kO.jpg large.jpg)

c8f1e9 No.11189856


I have no evidence that the entire congress of 1996 and the 9/11 committee were anti white, so no I'm afraid not





Customs and Border Protection uses it already to some capacity


Here's a report on the privacy impact it has


d75573 No.11189947


But why should we keep adding on more of this shit?

000000 No.11189974


Literally every other first world country has this, and it can be done without genetic ID'ing such as by fingerprint or retina scan.

I submit that the momentum against biometrics has been a lefty psyop to protect its voter base.

a60311 No.11189986


>Literally every other first world country has this

1. No one cares what your marxist shitholes have.

2. Americans have the right to privacy.

>the momentum against biometrics has been a lefty psyop to protect its voter base.

No one cares what you think, obvious ban evading jewish shill.

000000 No.11190009


Im willing to have a biometric ID done if it will allow cops to stop and deport on the street. It's a small price to pay.

a60311 No.11190030


You’re retarded and know nothing about what this implies.

000000 No.11190040


You're gay and a /leftypol/ shill, probably sucked a dick today. I can smell it on your faggot breath.

In what possible way is it bad to have a verifiable 1:1 biometric ID system? That's what I can't get out of you libtard shills. Explain to me how this is any different than the current ID regime, except in preventing illegal aliens from voting.

Fucking cuckbag, you're lucky I'm just an internet tough guy or I'd be making man sausage inside of every female relation you have while making you watch.

32097a No.11190065


How biometric ID is used depends on who is in power. Do you really think (((they))) are going to use biometric ID to deport illegals? It's more likely that it'll be used to track the location of people like us and make any kind of resistance that much harder to pull off.

000000 No.11190078


>biometric ID

Tell me a functional way in which biometric ID differs from the correlation between photos for drivers licenses and state IDs.

It doesn't because your photograph, a depiction of your physical form, with your vital statistics constitutes a legal identity in all 50 states. You fucking cringey retard, the issue we now face is that every blue state is going to give IDs to illegal aliens and let them vote just like in California etc.

Biometric ID will halt this and other stuff like dead voters, multiple bussed voters, etc. and the potential down side is minimally impactful if at all. If they have your current deets and a photo they can nail you already, so what's the practical difference?

547757 No.11190611


>Whatever power can be abused will be abused. Road to hell is paved with good intentions.

What about Hitler taking power in germany?

547757 No.11190617


I have to agree with the TOR poster.

The state already has ways to ID you.

85b5bd No.11190658


Agreed. Site looks like shit and is not explained at all. If not an outright scam then just a pathetic attempt.

22c5a2 No.11190805


i think its called dead snow

ed84a7 No.11190944


Cover you're tracks by Making it hard for them to prove they've found you, even if they've got you, they cant act without cause.

b6f275 No.11191833

Was looking for updates on this topic, and found this.


Mostly same stuff, but I wasn't aware the house rep who created the bill, is actually retiring at years end. He think's hes safe to do whatever he wants now doesn't he?

0e9cfa No.11191836


>they cant act without cause.

Look at this naive motherfucker who thinks the rule of law still exists. Holy shit.

c57507 No.11199697

This is not for deporting illegals, this is for tracking of the goys. If you don't have a own, this ID will be used to build the record on you - much like a phone, where you frequent will be recorded. This card is what the implant was going to be. Kill whoever tries to force this card on you.

75894e No.11200893

File: 7c795ed904fd4e5⋯.jpeg (108.86 KB, 637x402, 637:402, E20A0808-5970-4892-9F65-7….jpeg)


Fellow VAfag? I haven’t seen another state with fancy ass holograms and shit. Granted, I also haven’t seen every state’s license and if I’m wrong tell me the state pls, I’m rather curious to know.

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