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On the jews and Their Lies

File: c308b61efc29b4c⋯.jpg (65.23 KB, 792x663, 264:221, 1517358688543.jpg)

d33adb No.11211043

This subversive jewish plant has exposed himself once and for all as a pawn of the kikes. He is openly Zionist:

Here is a video of Peterson giving an hour long speech with his buddy Ezra Levant at last year's 100th year anniversary celebration of the founding of Israel, 'Canadians for Balfour 100':


At this timestamp you can see a jew he was on stage with state that:

"Antisemitism is a 2000 year old disease."

And watch Juden B. Peterstein nod his head furiously in agreement:


Here you can watch Peterson be asked to address the JQ, and his response is that jews are simply genetically superior to Whites, and that if you have a problem with their success in your country you're just a resentful bigot who has accomplished nothing with your life (he uses his psychological authority to pathologize antisemitism):


This one keeps getting deleted from jewtube; in this one a *jew* asks Peterson to address the ethnic hatred the jews had for the Russian Christians that led to the Holodomor, giving him a copy of Solzhenitsyn's '200 Years Together', and Peterson said that "he cant" talk about it:


Currently: Peterson is currenly being carted from one MSM outlet to the next to give his spiel, including Fox News, CBC News, and BBC News. These are jewish controlled media outlets (in case you are a newfag).

Peterstein's threat can no longer be ignored. He has openly stated that he specifically targets White males, and ONLY White males, for his brainwashing program, because he intends to "prevent the horrors of racial pride" and "what happened in 1930s Germany".

It's time to meme this narcissistic fuck death, lads.

d33adb No.11211046

File: fd8bb10db53faf8⋯.png (560.7 KB, 494x847, 494:847, 1517356069000.png)

File: 6d6ec908a0e5e62⋯.jpg (70.14 KB, 1020x698, 510:349, 1517359879201.jpg)

File: c84298861be90ee⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 561x675, 187:225, 1517360565320.jpg)

File: 63ed73d6685d3e7⋯.jpg (331.07 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1517371149081.jpg)

File: ec4ba853d9b41e4⋯.png (945.99 KB, 1272x740, 318:185, bloody_neo-marxist_jews.png)


>muh boomer eceleb

d33adb No.11211048

File: 0aa658af0219152⋯.png (603.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jordan_b_peterson_antisemi….png)

File: b68e119a6e9f75a⋯.png (304.49 KB, 441x662, 441:662, jordan_b_peterson_antisemi….png)

File: f9fe463d1ea05ab⋯.png (1 MB, 854x1280, 427:640, jordan_b_peterson_antisemi….png)

File: 7cfbe26e029eab0⋯.png (580.64 KB, 905x669, 905:669, jordan_b_peterson_antisemi….png)

File: cfcb079f9d25dfa⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1313x875, 1313:875, jordan_b_peterson_bolshevi….png)


>muh virtual eDad that teaches people to wash their balls

d33adb No.11211051

File: 35d5f72a7c4f576⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, jordan_b_peterson_burn_the….png)

File: 320e1175695533f⋯.png (489.36 KB, 583x875, 583:875, jordan_b_peterson_communis….png)

File: 2b7115c4a8ab26c⋯.png (904.9 KB, 1202x802, 601:401, jordan_b_peterson_country_….png)

File: c61d22da0ed2440⋯.png (653.12 KB, 1710x906, 285:151, jordan_b_peterson_dire_fig….png)

File: 0463e01f59e125d⋯.png (753.79 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, jordan_b_peterson_fighting….png)


This man is anti-White, he is an agent of the jews and his intention, according to his own words, is to prevent young White men from organizing to form a revolution to stop the kikes from succeeding with their White genocide plan.

This man is dangerous.

This man is intentionally forming a cult. He is now calling him self a prophet on national TV.

882e22 No.11211055

Peterson is part of the long con of the zionist establishment in which he is put forward as this "radical" anti-establishment figure who is fighting the corrosive social ills that have taken root in Western society and are rendering it unstable for TPTB, with the caveat that the origins of these social ills [the jewish race] be obfuscated and shielded.

d33adb No.11211058

File: b11fafd4a70b9ce⋯.png (621.94 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, jordan_b_peterson_holocaus….png)

File: 5290a7f58a5657b⋯.png (470.43 KB, 1133x732, 1133:732, jordan_b_peterson_jewish_d….png)

File: e897a9de96313c8⋯.png (944.54 KB, 1600x1068, 400:267, jordan_b_peterson_jews_are….png)

File: 52056dd42606e7f⋯.png (417.3 KB, 1204x645, 28:15, jordan_b_peterson_jews_are….png)

File: 878ac2513041aaf⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2030x1246, 145:89, jordan_b_peterson_jews_can….png)


I have been studying cults for years, and Peterson has all the hallmarks of a cult leader. His cult following has now reached the point of being dangerous, even to the point where his Pickle Rick-tier followers LARP about killing off the "evil right-wing identitarians" along with the Marxists.

This man is malevolent and manipulative.

This man works with and for Zionist jews.

4d20be No.11211066

File: 0eb9ea5980e04e8⋯.png (73.52 KB, 297x430, 297:430, hitler points.png)


The jews will always try to become their own opposition so as to neuter it. Always name the jew, and those who refuse to.

d33adb No.11211071

File: ecf09b69125aaec⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1629x1140, 543:380, jordan_b_peterson_jews_mus….png)

File: e76b53a03282b56⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1237x1000, 1237:1000, jordan_b_peterson_jews_not….png)

File: 99ccc47b19e9a5c⋯.png (940.49 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, jordan_b_peterson_jews_the….png)

File: a24024312737563⋯.png (353.19 KB, 1400x656, 175:82, jordan_b_peterson_judaism_….png)

File: caf48cf05cc7c55⋯.png (843.19 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, jordan_b_peterson_marxists….png)


Jordan B. Peterson's Christian theology is masonic, and thus jewish. It is unsound doctrine, and he has now begun declaring that HES IS A PROPHET – I am not joking, he even stated this on national television, I believe it was the CBC.

This is *NOT* good.

Many of our own have fallen for the insidious jewish tricks of this man, myself included up until a few months ago when he started lashing out at White men on twitter for daring to speak out against White genocide.

I stand corrected and ashamed that I ever fell for this man's vile tricks.

As penance for my error in buying into this man's horse shit, I hereby declare I will destroy this agent of the kikes.

882e22 No.11211073


>Always name the jew, and those who refuse to.

Indeed. To shirk this, even if in the name of "appealing to the mainstream" or other such avenues to nowhere, is to pass under the yoke.

d33adb No.11211079

File: b378114ae22a90f⋯.png (846.57 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, jordan_b_peterson_non-jewi….png)

File: 20fbecee845e457⋯.png (603.86 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, jordan_b_peterson_the_jew_….png)

File: c6328aea9b3da95⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jordan_b_peterson_the_more….png)

File: 2ca68cbd45e5488⋯.png (373.84 KB, 987x720, 329:240, jordan_b_peterson_whites_a….png)

File: 2fc2054a3387e8e⋯.png (345.71 KB, 1260x708, 105:59, jordan_peterson_avenge_tho….png)


I take it personally that this anti-White con artist duped me to any degree.

Though I did not fall for his radical individualism meme, I for quite some time thought he was hiding his power level, playing le ebin 5D chess.


This man is deeply in bed with MANY jews, including the giga Zionist Ezra Levant.

I have further analyzed Peterson's rhetoric concerning the jews, and have discovered that he does not in fact avoid the JQ, but he instead follows Frankfurt School protocols by using his position of authority as a (((psychologist))) to deem those who have any questions about jewish power in their nations as simply psychologically deficient (resentful, bigoted, envious), while simultaneously proclaiming the genetic superiority of the jews and declaring that Whites should be grateful to have such "successful genius minorities" living amongst them.

Vile, VILE semitism.

d33adb No.11211089

File: 0f0b597c82acdab⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1105x1250, 221:250, jordan_peterson_gradually_….png)

File: 2e6e395b7ee0b62⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 1517207937600.png)

This man *has to be stopped*. We must meme him into utter ruination.

If you examine his stated motives, it is that he intends to bluepill the "lost boys of kek" so that a literal revolution does not occur. He *specifically* says he is targeting White men the most with his brainwashing materials.

Meanwhile, this philosemite, or possible crypto-kike, cannot help himself with regards to shekel hoarding. $10 personality tests weren't enough, nor is the $100k+ a MONTH Patreon, and he has now taken to selling ugly carpets for $2k a pop (with his signature goyim, what a steal!).

Brainlets complain that criticizing his monetary success is just borne out of envy, ignoring completely the genetic proclivity of jews to hoard shekels, not to mention that with that kind of fuck you money he should not be afraid to name the jew whatsoever.

Simply mockery is not enough, I think the best way to meme this man into a pile of ashes is to give him the Benny G treatment: Use the man's memes that are trading at an all time high to piggy back hardcore redpills about the jews.

d33adb No.11211092

File: 83d6e6867f8afd7⋯.jpg (14.44 KB, 320x300, 16:15, 83d6e6867f8afd7521b92e526b….jpg)



Checking these digits.

d33adb No.11211105

File: e1f00df0205fc42⋯.png (3.47 MB, 1144x1440, 143:180, juden_peterstein_skype_pup….png)


>Peterson is part of the long con of the zionist establishment

Yes, absolutely, it is all becoming so clear now. You would be astonished how many have gone full Pickle Rick with regards to Peterstein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iFi4p4QC44

He is intentionally starting a cult, and the danger of this cannot be overstated. I don't fully understand the jews' end game with regards to this, but it's clear that this Peterstein meme they have created has only just begun. The man is declaring himself a fucking PROPHET, does anyone else see how insane and dangerous this is?

He cultivates his sycophantic following at every turn, and does nothing to deter its development.

His end goal appears to be bluepilling a generation of Whites into kosher Ziocon boomer centrism, so that during this crucial last stretch of the White genocide plan, right before we become an absolute minority, no true resistance arises.

Peterstein was on the Joe Rogan show today, and he explicitly stated that we must not "go back to tribalism like in the 3rd reich" because, get this: We have nukes now.

That's literally his argument against Whites organizing to prevent our genocide, that our weapons are too powerful. I mean, he's explicitly stating that Whites must not become powerful enough to pose a threat to the jews on the international stage !!!

d33adb No.11211110

File: 64a562da164f886⋯.png (481.74 KB, 824x490, 412:245, 1517227309181.png)


Anons, we must stop this man.

2ac9a7 No.11211112


It is a tested method jews use to vacuum the discretionary wealth of urbanite whites who are benefiting to much from the economy to see the scaffolding being made around them and so the jew cycles these given funds back into ruining the lives of whites again.

4d20be No.11211115


>I take it personally that this anti-White con artist duped me to any degree.

I never got that far into his stuff, and didn't know about him until I was already nodding my head to points made in "Mein Kampf", but aside from the very basic "clean your room" messages, I find his talks to be profoundly fluffy. I may just be stupid, but when language starts to get really flowery, or to understand the meaning of something requires a mass of obscure knowledge, I start thinking it's bullshit. Life is extremely simple, and the truth hangs out right in the open. Reality doesn't hide itself, but piece of shit obfuscators are always trying to tell you the truth can't be known, or that it's something it isn't, which requires complicating the simplistic..

a96c53 No.11211120

I've not seen too much of his work but his work on the wage gap and in particular the interview he gave with that blond curly woman seemed like a red pill opportunity to me. He went against the SJW narrative and won, if he were to be ruined in any way by (((TPTB))) after that, all the white men he focuses on would have a chance to be redpilled.

882e22 No.11211128


This poster is a kike.

d33adb No.11211129

File: c4dcd9f4cd40145⋯.png (775.92 KB, 599x598, 599:598, 1517227234768.png)


> but aside from the very basic "clean your room" messages

I wasn't even really into his basic self-help shit, I was simply very happy someone was standing up to the Marxists. His videos on Marxism and Postmodernism are also good, and I used to send them to people as intro red pills.

You wouldn't believe how many people will say to you "Peterson is helping a lot of young men better themselves, you're a shill". This is also typical of cults, in that sense that generic self-help bullshit is used as a veneer that puts the rest of his insidious motives beyond criticism.

>the interview he gave with that blond curly woman

You should be asking yourself why the jewish media is shilling this guy non-stop. He was on fucking Fox News.

>He went against the SJW narrative and won

Do you think the jews somehow don't have control over what gets broadcast? Do you think the jews are bound by some kind of code of ethics that forces them to broadcast something that ends up "damaging their narrative"?

Think: What real change has this man made, aside form bluepilling tons of White men, his primary target? Has he toppled the Canadian government? Did he even stop Bill C-16 (no)?

2775f2 No.11211131

File: f77850aafe585a3⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 736x409, 736:409, IMG_0257.JPG)


>muh virtual eDad who teaches people to wash their balls

2775f2 No.11211134


Fuck didn't mean to sage. Bump

d33adb No.11211137

File: a5dbb214ef552c0⋯.jpg (312.17 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1517223506111.jpg)


>clean your room, buckaloo!

>fucking racist kek boy!

19effb No.11211139

Can't believe people donated $100K to help this man get over his cancer. Le Boomer Cuck manages to siphon off more monies from the despondent youth in which he has created.

d33adb No.11211141

File: a1add55a7f0d34a⋯.jpg (338.62 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, jordan_peterson_dabbing.jpg)


>help this man get over his cancer.

What the fuck, he had cancer?


932b89 No.11211147

One minute you're all telling me he's closet 1488 and that there are subtle hints in many of the things he says that suggest he's well aware of Jewish influence on the world but he can't speak his actual opinion because of his associates, and the next there's a thread like this.

d33adb No.11211148

File: 302e63780d010d9⋯.png (473.46 KB, 1208x576, 151:72, jordan_b_peterson_israel_.png)


>One minute you're all telling me he's closet 1488 and that there are subtle hints in many of the things he says that suggest he's well aware of Jewish influence on the world but he can't speak his actual opinion because of his associates,

That was once me, anon.


My apologies, please accept these Peterstein Unleashed memes as penance. We must destroy this kike pawn.

4d20be No.11211155


>You should be asking yourself why the jewish media is shilling this guy non-stop. He was on fucking Fox News.

This is the real tip-off. His growth in popularity was not gradual. If the jews don't like what he's saying it would never get on tv. In typical jew fashion, he speaks truth next to lies to make lies appear truthful.

2775f2 No.11211160


>I'm just trying to help you buckatutu!

>only way you can get your life on track is blowing shekels to hear me blow hot air

>can't set a price on mental health after all :^)


If you ever hear some moron claim that their particular e-celeb/politician/chosen messiah is totes aware of the JQ and is on board with WN, but just can't say anything bc reasons, what you're actually hearing is them deluding themselves.

d33adb No.11211170

File: 0f7542eaa48f6ed⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 590x332, 295:166, dr_amitay_and_dr_peterson.jpg)

File: 0dcbfd84920d8d5⋯.jpg (79.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ezra_levant_peterson.jpg)

File: c0c28f9b93e9ad2⋯.jpg (88.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gad_saad_peterson.jpg)

File: d93a0e7cb1750ed⋯.png (3.39 MB, 2211x1184, 2211:1184, peterson_condeming_antisem….png)



This man is DEEPLY in bed with the kikes. The information in the OP is enough evidence to BTFO anyone who is still duped by this shabbos goy. Look at the company he keeps, many jews who harp on endlessly about antisemitism.

In the last video in the OP, where a jew gives Petersetein of copy of '200 Years Together', Peterstein acts super stressed, as if he really wants to talk about the jews but "just can't" <- his exact words.

That is what him and his handlers want us to believe, that he is a man that can't talk about the jews or it will ruin his careful political game of "saving Western civilization by telling trannies he won't call them beeplezorp".

And I cannot stress this enough: Peterstein explicitly classifies antisemitism as a psychological illness. Not only that, he also declared that the only reason anyone criticizes Israel is because they are Marxists who are *PROJECTING THE PATRIARCHY ONTO THE MASCULINE NATION OF ISRAEL* – I am NOT joking!

a9a56f No.11211177


>Here you can watch Peterson be asked to address the JQ, and his response is that jews are simply genetically superior to Whites

The most damning thing here is that he also argues that race isn't real and that whites don't exist.

d33adb No.11211182

File: b76cfb9490adbb1⋯.png (3.63 MB, 2616x1941, 872:647, anti_semitism_postmodernis….png)


>he also declared that the only reason anyone criticizes Israel is because they are Marxists who are *PROJECTING THE PATRIARCHY ONTO THE MASCULINE NATION OF ISRAEL* – I am NOT joking!

Right here in this video, the quack jewish psychologist colleague of Peterstein's that he was speaking with is asked the question:

'Is there any connection between post-modernism and anti-semites on university campuses?'


And the JEW rambles on about how the only reason people criticize jews is because they are projecting their rebillion onto the "MASCULINE ARCHETYPE OF THE RABBI".

Peterstein then agrees wholeheartedly, and goes on to add his trademark chastisement: "If you're going to be a minority the least you could do is fail every now and then", of course reinforcing that jews are just so superior and if you have any questions about their use of power it's because you're just a resentful bigot.


d33adb No.11211185

File: 1e894a9768f9fb0⋯.png (186.01 KB, 1270x1280, 127:128, peterson_anti-white_postmo….png)

>>11211177 (checked)

>The most damning thing here is that he also argues that race isn't real and that whites don't exist.

You mean like this?

3f88e5 No.11211188


I question the validity of this being a real tweet seeing as Peterson would likely spell "colour" with a U.

Got a link?

d33adb No.11211192

File: fa0c0feb9021112⋯.jpg (60.5 KB, 814x526, 407:263, 1517216337523.jpg)

>>11211188 HEILd



It's real bucklaoroo. :)

>not the circled yarmulke

4d20be No.11211194

>>11211188 (checked)

>"colour" with a U.

They do that in Canada too? SHITHOLE

d33adb No.11211195

File: 8312357d4a3c931⋯.jpg (100.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, layers_of_civ.jpg)


>not the circled yarmulke


>buy my carpet nazi

d33adb No.11211199

File: 0da090e0bc4e299⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1774x1602, 887:801, 1517225970714.jpg)


>Peterson would likely spell "colour" with a U.

Peterstein went to Harvard, so maybe he got used to spelling it like a yank.

62f0c7 No.11211200

File: 1480adf75e33d26⋯.jpg (585.76 KB, 1500x1610, 150:161, anglin_capen_goldberg_web_….jpg)

File: 9683b5127d8d525⋯.jpg (561.94 KB, 1549x1627, 1549:1627, Who_makes_Ben_Garrison_fak….jpg)

>Time to give Jordan B. Peterson the Ol' Benny G Treatment

You mean acting like leftist redditor shitskins and Jews?

2c79fb No.11211204

File: a105147f94f1503⋯.gif (694.5 KB, 472x360, 59:45, a105147f94f1503421a3925e08….gif)


> his response is that jews are simply genetically superior to Whites

I saw him parrot the old 115 kike IQ meme on joe rogain tonight. He even said if you look at the 140+ IQ you see an even higher percentage of kikes. This has always pissed me off because I live in Hollywood and know 100s of kikes. They are are generally dumb as shit, half the scams they try can be thwarted by a teen.

I looked up the studies. It seems it's not based on real tests, but instead they estimate average kike IQ to be 107-115 due the number of Nobel Prize wins.

Anyone who knows anything about awards knows they have literally zero to do with merit, they are always celebrations of mediocrity where barely competent people pat members of their in group on the back. The Nobel prize nominations are made by former winners. Imagine that, kikes gaining control of an institution and using it as a weapon.

These high IQ bullshit meme needs to die if we are ever going to rid ourselves of these parasites.

d33adb No.11211205

File: 665e835d4c3f7f2⋯.jpg (8.33 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 665e835d4c3f7f2ca3608ba771….jpg)


That's astonishing, but the memes are still hilarious tbh.

92c36b No.11211206


This guy is a fraud: he starts every speech throwing in a little bit of philosophy, a little bit of psychology, nothing too dense, mind you, but just anecdotal. Eventually he switches to a manipulative and emotional coaching, and ends with tears in his eyes speaking of god.

WTF!? Dont fall for a second rate youtuber. Go for the real deal philosophers, thinkers and scientists.

7ce956 No.11211212



This is important. Violence and terrorization are associated with masculinity.

"In any State in which there is a bad organization of authority, an impersonality of laws and of the rulers who have lost their personality amid the flood of rights ever multiplying out of liberalism, I find a new right - to attack by the right of the strong, and to scatter to the winds all existing forces of order and regulation, to reconstruct all institutions and to become the sovereign lord of those who have left to us the rights of their power by laying them down voluntarily in their liberalism"

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Protocol 1, Paragraph 14

d33adb No.11211231

File: 5f6448f9c65324a⋯.png (35.89 KB, 962x630, 481:315, 1511983462310.png)


>This is important.

I think what's important is that it's pseudoscience horse shit, and they are working hard to equivocate criticism of Israel with "SJWs".

This meme triggers the pickle ricks pretty hard btw.

7ce956 No.11211244


I try to avoid reading sentences written by the AGENTUR. Instead I look at them like a bag of words to better analyze what narrative they were trying to frame without actually parsing the thoughts they try to convey.

6eaca7 No.11211254



protip: that was posted on 4chon.net's /new/ board.

a board notorious for ironic shitposting, the same board rach came from.

that poster was not a jew or the one creating the ben garrison edits. he's merely a dedicated shitposter from back when shitposting meant something.

btw an archive of all of joshua goldberg's posts on 8ch exists somewhere, they're storing all our posts and associating it with UIDs

d33adb No.11211265

File: cddf749a60430f6⋯.png (644.05 KB, 903x902, 903:902, peterstein_balfour_100.png)

>>11211244 checked

>Instead I look at them like a bag of words to better analyze what narrative they were trying to frame without actually parsing the thoughts they try to convey.

That's actually very interesting. Discovered anything interesting lately?

>tfw agreeing that antisemitism is a disease


>they're storing all our posts and associating it with UIDs

pretty much goes without saying that this place is a ticking time bomb honeypot

4d20be No.11211269


>they're storing all our posts and associating it with UIDs


>pretty much goes without saying that this place is a ticking time bomb honeypot

Don't hide. Normalize the truth. Gain allies in the real world, not just here.

6eaca7 No.11211281


tbh im only hiding from our vols who are most likely jim's employees

as for peterson, he's part of the greater aut-right psyop to normalize ziocuck views and turn gen z into boomer-tier reagan zombies that will support all of isreal's wars and let the country slip into degeneracy so they can remain /comfy/ watching youtube videos about how trannys are NOT based but yids are.

3f5137 No.11211311

File: 0f0ca4ded8c2d44⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 26165997_716596815395700_2….jpg)


This is silly. This looks like a kike attempt to dissuade people moving rightwards.

The kikes are clearly trying to break the jump gap from peterson and other alt-lite commentators to harder commentators as well as half+fullchan. We gain absolutely nothing by driving a wedge between his large, open group of followers and ourselves.

164dc0 No.11211315

I'm ALL IN. Whatever is needed.

882e22 No.11211318


This poster is a kike.

316ef2 No.11211319


>tfw agreeing that antisemitism is a disease

No anon. A mutation. One aimed at survival.

164dc0 No.11211333


Yeah that's another thing, his childish Bible interpretations. He's got something going on with that that reaks of slimey jew.

It could be a prophet thing, the cocksucker does love the sound of his voice.

I like when he does his all earnest act. Pausing as if he's deep in thought. Which you know he isn't because the answer is always a nothing burger and it's a question he knew the answer to twenty years ago. What he's thinking is, where am going for dinner tonight and do I give them, one scoop of shit or two.

164dc0 No.11211345


Ezra Levant is small potatoes. Even in leafland. Peterson is playing for the global team. Hence, the media tour for his book. He's a nothing Canuck professor, even big Canadian authors don't go on UK shows and US networks.

Yes he pushes that tired old bullshit about jews being smart and that somehow, the world is just how it should be and that nothing is wrong. No, there are more White geniuses than there are jews in the world.

5496ec No.11211352


>He is intentionally starting a cult, and the danger of this cannot be overstated. I don't fully understand the jews' end game with regards to this, but it's clear that this Peterstein meme they have created has only just begun. The man is declaring himself a fucking PROPHET, does anyone else see how insane and dangerous this is?

>He cultivates his sycophantic following at every turn, and does nothing to deter its development.

>His end goal appears to be bluepilling a generation of Whites into kosher Ziocon boomer centrism, so that during this crucial last stretch of the White genocide plan, right before we become an absolute minority, no true resistance arises.

>Peterstein was on the Joe Rogan show today, and he explicitly stated that we must not "go back to tribalism like in the 3rd reich" because, get this: We have nukes now.

>That's literally his argument against Whites organizing to prevent our genocide, that our weapons are too powerful. I mean, he's explicitly stating that Whites must not become powerful enough to pose a threat to the jews on the international stage !!!

Read this post carefully, does he look like he comes from /pol/? He sure doesn't type like it.

This whole thread is fishy as fuck.

Especially since



























>all from op in his own fucking thread


>op dumps his folder of pre made Jordan Peterson anti-jew quotes that are almost certainly misquotes and lies

This has got to be some sort of bait or astroturfing.

164dc0 No.11211357


Hmm, molyjew was pushing cult shit. That all backfired on Shlomo as he's know talking entirely different shit from ten years ago. So Peterson could be the B team for their plan. We will stop him as well. Lots of dumb college girls like him. That and cucks. There's some sort of female appeal. I think because his spiel is such basic bitch, simple shit.

e4b1bc No.11211361

62f0c7 No.11211365


A very interesting coincidence nonetheless.

Shitlibs, especially the more extreme variants, love posing as Nazis/White nationalists for the act of transgression. Gotta get that dopamine high

164dc0 No.11211366


That's the thing, his message ISN'T about self-help at all. He's trying to create good little Canadians who will go work for jew companies and drop dead at 60 of a heart attack. The motherfuck says shit like, happiness is an illusion. Other times that he doesn't even know what it is.

>>He went against the SJW narrative and won

Dude is classic controlled opposition. It can't all be one sided. What's he famous for? He didn't pop out of the ground yesterday. He's been talking the same shit, giving the same class for over 20 years. No one ever took notice. Not until he refused to call a man in a dress a woman. But he never actually did that. He just said he wouldn't and now that the law has past, he says he WILL call chicks with dicks, girls.




Dude, he get's that EVERY MONTH. 2018 as it stands, means 1.2m for him plus book and rug sales.

2ac9a7 No.11211368


I don't understand what the image and your post have in-common? That THOT is ugly too.

>>harder commentators

>>such as halfchan


f33e7c No.11211371

File: 089d08158ebc68e⋯.png (328.63 KB, 959x640, 959:640, petersonjb_speech_manning_….png)


Why anyone likes Peterson? Peterson is a yid that read some Jung and then tries to subvert all readers. Fuck that, Jung is for /pol/. Peterson is furnace fuel. That's RIGHT, white boy.

4d20be No.11211372


>he's know talking entirely different shit from ten years ago

If you'd listen to his call in shows you'd know he's not. His philosophy has remained consistent his entire time as an internet personality.

>cult shit

I assume you mean his recommendation to ostracize people who want you shot for resisting violations of your self ownership. Nothing wrong with that. In fact you're a cuck of the highest degree if you continue to reward people like that with your association. Doesn't matter if they're family.

Molyneux refuses to put the jew in his crosshairs, and that is enough to consider him compromised, but actually have an argument if you're gonna attack his positions.

5b1e21 No.11211374

File: 349581d26546e4e⋯.png (202.6 KB, 325x464, 325:464, sleeves.png)


Found the guy who needs to sort himself out.

e1255f No.11211378

Why do they keep saying Marx is a kike if he's obviously an anti-semite?

He was definitely a mason, so he was at least a jewish pawn without knowing it.

164dc0 No.11211385


Heil Hitler dubs, checked. Colour is the British/Canadian spelling is all.


It's also old as shit and came after many YEARS of good works by /pol and /i. He's just butthurt his e-celeb has been put on deathrow.


hahaha oh jew, it's so funny how backwards you rottens are. Your brains really don't work like normal peoples. Such ugliness in your world view. As for gaining nothing? Are you fucking kidding me? "his large, open group of followers and ourselves." How about, more people? You're saying, let the blue pill man do his thing and you just sit back on your ass and watch sport ball or something. Even your choice of whore is disgusting. That really the best you have? You think that thing… just gas yourself.

2ac9a7 No.11211386


This post sounds like from a bot.

cc1f82 No.11211393


>This has got to be some sort of bait or astroturfing.

It sure feels like it. I'd punch Peterson right on the end of his knob for suggesting I stop giving myself a hand shandy but then I'd put an arm around his trembling shoulders and buy him a beer because I enjoy listening to intelligent men gas eloquent.

A number of the pundits I watch don't call out the jew, considering the ramifications to a career for doing so I can't blame them.

Is it too much to ask for a Japanese mod so we can start putting a blurry mosaic over these types of posts?

882e22 No.11211395


This poster is a kike.

6b841d No.11211400

File: ef5352a16e76fbf⋯.jpg (94.01 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 8ch.jpg)


Off yourself kike.

4515d0 No.11211409

Haha keep up the good work. Approved.

4515d0 No.11211410

One wonders if JBP is actually a maranno?

3747ab No.11211432


When he suddenly popped onto the scene was praised by various Youtube "skeptics" as the new Jesus, I got instantly distrustful of Peterson. If your enemy is fervently saying something is good, it probably isn't.


That's interesting.

6b841d No.11211434

cc1f82 No.11211436



100% white Irish, not even offended by you twitchy faggots. Just on the offchance you call me that because I've changed servers a couple of times, mods seem to have banjaxed the vpn I'm using because some nigger is spamming the chans.

I'd post a photo of my magnificent Roman nose but you girls would then want to know how I keep it free of blackheads.

521021 No.11211449








These false memes are a Kike tactic. Lying is not /pol/ style. All our successes have been won through the power of truth.



Peterson's a hypocrite for sure, and we should try to keep his cult of personality in check, but we gain nothing from trying to completely destroy his reputation. Along with the rest of the alt-lite types, he serves as a step on the journey, and is helpful to our cause whether he likes it or not. I went through Dave Cullen, PJW and many others. Even Sargon, who I now find laughable, played a big role in bringing me here.

It doesn't even matter if any of these people are Kike-controlled opposition. They don't have opportunities to betray us when they're just disseminating information. Attempts to contain the rightward shift, and divert attention from Jews, are doomed to fail. They bring people within our reach, where we simply need to point out the inconsistencies in their position and fill in the blanks.

>Remember him talking about the Gulag Archipelago?

>All about the Kulaks, how they were slaughtered by the million?

>Yeah, what he didn't tell you was it was all done by Jews.

>Don't believe me? Here, look at what Solzhenitsyn wrote.


>Remember everything he told you about cultural Marxism?

>Guess what, that's all masterminded by Jews too.

>Here, look at all these works by "anti-racist" Jewish academics if you don't believe me.

>See how they preach hatred of whites for our success?

>No personal responsibility for blacks, every failure is due to white oppression.

>And everything whites have supposedly comes from exploiting other races.


>You realise they're trying to do it again, right?

>We are lined up to be the new Kulaks.

>Yeah, he leaves quite a bit of information out.


>So consider this… he tells us to be individualists.

>What happens when we're outnumbered by mobs of blacks baying for our blood?

>Just look at the demographics. Without a big change soon, it's only a matter of time.

>How well is individualism going to serve us then?


This is more like it. Not an exact quote, but a fair representation of the inconsistencies in his position.

We shouldn't be aiming to deter followers, but rather to poach those followers once they are ripe. To further that aim, we should look hard at everything he says, find the inconsistencies and meme the fuck out of them.

3747ab No.11211486


>we should look hard at everything he says, find the inconsistencies and meme the fuck out of them.

You've got a point there.

Whether Peterson is a Jew-paid shill or a half-blue pilled cuck, he is still presenting himself as opposition to Cultural Marxism and has some relevant arguments. It only makes sense to agree with the sensible arguments, and attack the inconsistent ones. It forces his fanboys to look at the inconsistencies assuming they have any intellectual honesty.

55702c No.11211496

File: 981934f7870f100⋯.png (586.39 KB, 900x900, 1:1, image.png)

I fucking hate how this board still clings to 4cuck e-celeb shit, just call the guy a kike, add him to the rope list and be done with it already.

bad229 No.11211505


This is the third anti-Peterson thread this week. The left is terrified of him because he guts their ideology every time he's in front of a microphone. He's bluepilled as fuck, but a modern bluepill is still yestercentury's American liberal. Which to the Marxists is a Fascist.

bad229 No.11211516

File: 399de17c6748ebe⋯.png (81.49 KB, 1425x235, 285:47, E-Celebs.png)

File: 9819db0017b5744⋯.jpg (66.66 KB, 636x783, 212:261, The Game Gets Much Better ….jpg)


Here's a good example. Peterson is a PhD and professional clinical psychologist who put his entire career in jeopardy by refusing to toe the progressive line, going as far to appear in national deliberations on the bill in question, but /leftypol/ still calls him an e-celeb.

Second image for duplicate bypass.

55702c No.11211531

File: 055712ee055464e⋯.png (112.59 KB, 262x312, 131:156, image.png)


I don't know anything about this guy, but I've been continually seeing multiple threads about him so I just assumed it was some e-celeb sliding fuckery. I'll look into him further to determine if he really is a secret nose like this sperge OP has been spamming. I'm tired of these fucking useless threads.

bad229 No.11211540

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The tl;dr is that he's not quite /our guy/, but the left is being driven straight up the wall by him because he got popular for objecting to a law that would require him to use preferred pronouns. He advocates for family, faith, personal responsibility, cultivation of inner strength, and an absolute slash-and-burn rejection of Marxism and all its derivations.

He's not much kinder to National Socialism, but he's doing a lot to turn young adults and teens towards right-wing philosophy without realizing it.

37a633 No.11211543

What is all this desperation against him just after his advocacy for free speech (a NECESSITY for /pol/ if it wants to get anywhere)? He may not agree with many points on /pol/ but just the fact that he pulls white people a little off the degeneracy set the kikes on a frenzy.

Remember, jews will pile up on anyone who looks able to pull the white people up.

591839 No.11211575


>He cultivates his sycophantic following at every turn, and does nothing to deter its development.

Sam Harris wasn't 'crypto' enough physiognomically, it would appear.




>Dude is classic controlled opposition.

Dubs, and the self-cucked are indistinguishable from it (he is Canadian, in the end.)

f8a083 No.11211583


See now originally after reading all these disgusting chuck quotes he's said about kike's & his refusal to even acknowledge White Ethnonationalism I was agreeing with you, but for the love of God man, don't have your only rebuttal to an argument be "this poster is a kike" you've done that twice now & it makes you look like a shill.

f8a083 No.11211587


Molyneaux once asked a kike to his face why his people promote multiculturalism everywhere but pissrael, so he gets a pass from me, though that would obviously change if someone links me to some genuinely (((fishy))) shit he's done.

3747ab No.11211593

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Molyneux's mother was a kike, so he's a kike.

f8a083 No.11211599


Oh. Well then. DROPPED.

Only ever been about 10 genuinely good kikes throughout history (e.g. Bobby Fischer-Dieskau, kubrick, Roy Cohn, etc) & (((they))) had them all killed anyway.

e187b4 No.11211604


If your father is a jew you are also a jew, being a jew is genetic, stop taking jews rules on judaism seriously.

Shit, its like asking jews about Hitler.

4d20be No.11211610


>born to a pretty jewish clan

>culture you could choose to be born in

You can't claim to care about truth, and call that a confirmation. At best it's a red flag.

6795bb No.11211614


Yep, science trumps jew dogma.

6285a7 No.11211615

While for me, Peterson work is meaningless, he just regurgitates work from other people and by no means is the intellectual master people preach he is, this is one of the most beautiful shill threads I've seen here, kudos mate, if only all shills were like this.

He is by no means /ourguy/ he faced many truths yet refuses to acknowledge them. 60.000 USD per month has more power, no way he's going astride from his current work, and will Ally himself if Jews even more. I

Pol is not filled with children, if you find anything useful from his work, use it, ignore the bullshit. Ignoring any type of knowledge because this or that is stupidity of first order.

419ca5 No.11211616

File: cddd792b4407337⋯.jpeg (63.78 KB, 1250x702, 625:351, 1511193255201-peterson.jpeg)

File: 20da012ac6d866d⋯.jpg (68.95 KB, 820x550, 82:55, Lott1.jpg)

>facial expression

>black curly hair

>talks about the "russian" revolution and solzhenitsyn but never mentions jews

>anti-white shilling out of nowhere

I'm almost convinced he is a crypto-jew.

bad229 No.11211618


Somebody gave him a copy of 200 Years Together a couple days ago. We might see something interesting come of that soon.

c3ad94 No.11211621


He's got a bit of that (((Anthony Bourdain))) look about him. Wouldn't surprise me.

4d20be No.11211624


>Ignoring any type of knowledge because this or that is stupidity of first order.

True. I've never met, or discovered anyone who I agreed with on all points. If you ever find someone agreeing with everything you say, don't trust them, or stop threatening their life.

6795bb No.11211626


He could pass for milo's father.

2c012d No.11211627


That was set up, it was within a week of the exact same thing happening with Spencer. They use the reactions they see here and other places to tailor their narratives and select from pre-planned scenarios.

f8a083 No.11211629


Interdasting.. Thanks for informing me of such tactics, anon.

6795bb No.11211637


Anyone have the graphic of moly getting called out for faking being a girl thanking him?(he forgot to change to the sock puppet account)

2c012d No.11211640


As was in my opinion, the scenario where he got "given" the frog tribal head gear by the native Americans, and then sat right in front of a bright ball shaped piece of art that formed a halo. It's fairly obvious what they were trying to subconsciously induce given the whole pepe kek "completely organic meme (c) TM, all rights reserved" there's a new god on the planet thing that was going on.

47daf5 No.11211650

Just came by to see if all the kikes had been slaughtered yet.

fb677b No.11211651

who the fuck is this aids patient looking faggot?

I read his name everywhere (((suddenly)))

cf1b91 No.11211658


Masculine nation of Israel. Holy fuck. I would join Muslims in skinning this guy alive, if ever given the choice.

47daf5 No.11211664


Kikes and Muslims both need exterminating.

ac74bf No.11211759


I love the doublethink when it comes to jews holding powerful positions. When they do it its because of "genetic superiority" and bringing attention to it means you are a resentful bigot.

However when whites are in any position in the upper hierarchy, it's because of nepotism, cronyism, racism, systematic oppression, sexism, tribalism. cheating and whatever under the table measure they could use. Oy vey doesn't that sound like pure projection? Fucking kikes.

a7ad6a No.11211762

File: 7b1cbe2956a7ef1⋯.png (303.64 KB, 770x525, 22:15, ClipboardImage.png)


Absolutely. When you boil down his message and remove all the flowery decoration, it is the same old bog standard "bootstraps" shit boomers and their (((friends))) have been selling to conservative leaning whites for decades. Everything is your fault and your fault alone. Everyone (((else's))) success is a product of their own abilities and effort and not corrupt in-group nepotistic favoritism. Man-up and marry those burnt out 30+ year old career minded roasties who want to shit out an autistic child asap and then divorce you. Whatever your do, don't ever give up your blind devotion to the cult of individualism.

At the end of the day, much like the kikes use our own hero myths in literature, comics, stage, radio, television and movies to control us, Peterson is just a new form of the same old thing.

30d41e No.11211766


>talks about jews

>instantly fired from job


>family in debt


>life destroyed

Never do the Sam Hyde, because the Jews will fuck you, butter them up to allow them to reach the positions you want in life then backstab the backstabbing Jew.

ac74bf No.11211770



Laconism is the key to everything. Use what you can, discard what's unnecessary. Memes and humor use the same measures, and that's how they can influence someone with few words or none at all more so than some of these verbose lectures.

30d41e No.11211773


It's shareblue shit, all of this is. The Marxist destroying the youth despise him, people who once allied with have turned his back on him and have rejected him simply because he touched the surface of the ((question)), imagine if went full tilt?

1ecbe5 No.11211785

File: 216137f6df0371e⋯.mp4 (1.76 MB, 356x104, 89:26, GLR - How McCarthy Got jew….mp4)

File: bc8e59180eeba22⋯.jpg (82.9 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Roy Cohn Pedo 1.jpg)

File: 9c644b3045bf98d⋯.jpg (127.65 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Roy Cohn Pedo 2.jpg)

File: 597a75e02ed9881⋯.jpg (116.84 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Roy Cohn Pedo 3.jpg)

File: 30ae6ba550f987e⋯.png (397.84 KB, 1027x722, 1027:722, Cohn - Newhouse - Perminde….png)


>Roy Cohn

Was he a "BASED nationalist pedophile"?

1ecbe5 No.11211796

File: 229ebfdf9c57003⋯.png (997.67 KB, 1000x2580, 50:129, Dicky Spencer in his own w….png)


>he also declared that the only reason anyone criticizes Israel is because they are Marxists who are *PROJECTING THE PATRIARCHY ONTO THE MASCULINE NATION OF ISRAEL

It might be time to make one of these for him.

b0787e No.11211828


Getting all of your talking points from jim… oh shit wait.. jim its you

1ecbe5 No.11211832

File: 42cbabf6d3f3e40⋯.jpg (224.14 KB, 828x1473, 276:491, marx-jew.jpg)

File: b1777181daeb521⋯.jpg (256.53 KB, 682x740, 341:370, 1937 The Montreal Gazette ….jpg)

File: aecde1b148a0d10⋯.png (81.56 KB, 1170x267, 390:89, Bakunin on Marx and Rothsc….png)

File: cee1f5cd9e549df⋯.jpg (219.63 KB, 1140x532, 15:7, Karl Marx related to the R….jpg)

File: 47c8599d2df7431⋯.jpg (216.54 KB, 775x1257, 775:1257, Karl Marx related to the R….jpg)


Because he was a relative of the Rothschilds, the grandson of rabbis on both sides of his family.

6795bb No.11211836


>respect israel as homogenous ethno-state

This is bad? The point is homogenous ethno-state.


spencer is being a fool here, i would guess spencer is thinking in terms of ethno-state but no, net looks down on you spencer

>relationships /w jew homeland

politicing and again the angle of ethno-state

>zionat finance far right

more politicing, ethno-state

>jew sufferinc, holohoax

spencer bending the knee to jews here, did it work?

>jew genociding in russia

spencer bending the knee to jews again

>race mixing not a problem

doesn't want to divide focus on his goal but he's wrong, it's a problem and shouldn't be brushed aside

>homo White identity

stupid to say but this is pulled out of context

>homo around European societies & culture forever, not something to get worked up about

this is wrong, it's been around, not a part of Euro culture, and it's something to get worked up about.

870a67 No.11211842

File: e1bee8f36a379ce⋯.png (345.52 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, black_sun2.png)


Jordan Peterson's mass propagation of knowledge of how evolutionary biology drives morality, archetypes, aesthetics, and social hierarchy is the ultimate redpill that makes fascism not only palatable but utterly inescapable. If what he's saying is true then divergence in morality, social order, sense of beauty etc is totally inescapable. His lessons make it impossible for there to be human unity or universalism. He shatters the dream of globalism once and for all. He is trying desperately to not realize it fully. But his followers DO. That's why he's trying to prevent his followers from awakening but it doesn't matter. Evolutionary biology driving morality social order and beauty leads only to one place.

2f714f No.11211849


This. Quotes like:

> jews are simply genetically superior to Whites, and that if you have a problem with their success in your country you're just a resentful bigot who has accomplished nothing with your life

Are self defeating when kikes have cucked out of their genetic heritage as semites in their attempt to reach genetic superiority with inbreeding of stolen Aryan genes.

25dc01 No.11211851

File: 69e700ccd3c8569⋯.jpg (112.82 KB, 1200x1528, 150:191, Tfw too intelligent_dcf46a….jpg)

The beauty is that when I read all these quotes, my brain automatically hears these words in his cry-voice, and I already know the source for most of them.

Now just imagine how much more it will have that effect on all his li'l buckos who think he's "the last great knight of western civilization", and how many of their malleable brains will be infected with antisemitism before the damage can be undone by revealing it as a hoax.

They will follow master into war.

6795bb No.11211853


I saw a rare video, don't recall from the sea of videos, of him acknowledging ethnic identity, admitting that while true, rejected it as dangerous and wrong, follow universal christuckery instead. So he recognizes yet rejects biology, and the science that's confirming it to be correct more and more, and why reject it? just because, now go clean your room.

25dc01 No.11211865


I don't doubt it, but can you (or anybody here) source him calling himself a prophet? Would be very useful to meme

f8a083 No.11211873


Oh Christmas I didn't know all this!

Maybe I should do a bit more research before I open my mouth..

f8a083 No.11211879



Fucking (((autocorrect)))

2f291d No.11211882

What's crazy to me is people in this thread here who claim to hate him seem to know everything about him. You guys watch all the videos of someone you hate. That is obsession.

Why give a shit about a college psychology teacher?

bc994e No.11211887
























In the time it took you to gay up all those memes & check your own dubs you could've cleaned your room, bucko. Have Soros send a man next time, shill.

Reported for shilling & spam.

7a584c No.11211891

I’m suspicious that whiteness works in their favor. That I even need to say it with some trepidation speaks to the state of Kushner’s forum.

fbcc6a No.11211904


If I didn't give common kike a pass on this I won't give e-daddy one too. The people he "helps" are bottom of the barrel social failures who grew up without a father or wish they hadn't. They are quite simply not worth anyone's time.

25dc01 No.11211906


>"his work on the wage gap"

>muh SJWs

Back over the wall to the_donald you go.

132957 No.11211935


>prevent the horrors of racial pride

Like literally brainwashing a race into killing themselves.

Fuck this kike.

2c012d No.11211946


There's some crazy claims in your post.

He isn't just a college psychology professor, there's thousands of those, he has been elevated to prominence by the special group of the enemy who pretend to be us/on our side.

Analysis of the enemies tactics is not obsession it's sensible.

I watched enough of his videos to ascertain the agenda, and confirm my early suspicions; it was more than I would have liked, but it's an educational process.

Generally the hate and death to all kikes and muslims comments are made by newly and only partially aware anons such as yourself and the enemy.

Calling a jew a jew is always the most effective.

I would like to see a push to call blacks Africans. And Whites Europeans. Allow the individual to correct you if you have made an incorrect assumption but the seed is sown. Their protestations as to what they are always sound ridiculous because they are based in the lies that the enemy have told.

Spanners must be thrown into their shit at every opportunity.

6795bb No.11211953


> You guys watch all the videos of someone you hate.

You're starting with several false assertions, not all, started with an open mind, and your idea of don't watch anything don't agree with is silly.

0b3e93 No.11211954


It's so obvious at this point. Every time a useful figure steps up, there's a black propaganda campaign to get us to attack them, or at least shy away from them.

25dc01 No.11211956

File: 5fd64568b438416⋯.png (643.02 KB, 979x1839, 979:1839, 5fd64568b438416e93288442cb….png)

521021 No.11211978



He's one of the few truly eminent professionals left in the massively Kiked field of psychology. This gives him valuable deep insight into how people think and behave, and he communicates it well. The fact that he stops abruptly short of following it to it's logical conclusion isn't really a bad thing, when you consider how he would be viewed if he went any further. His current position acts as a gateway drug to us, I don't think he could help us any more if he was trying to.


I don't have a link to hand, but think I recall him referring to himself as such in a clearly metaphorical context, referencing the following he has amassed.

25dc01 No.11211981

File: edde35ede455a94⋯.jpg (50.65 KB, 728x665, 104:95, edde35ede455a94262786716c4….jpg)


Holy shit this is good.

There's obviously some things you haven't picked up on since you started shilling here.

2c012d No.11211993


>It's so obvious at this point. Every time a useful figure steps up, it's a jew propaganda campaign to get us to stop attacking them, or at least shy away from naming them.


4be7d4 No.11211996


Peculiar how others organizing against whites is a-okay and has been since the (((civil rights))) garbage, but whites now increasingly exerting their in-group preference, even though all humans follow tribalism, whites doing it is the moment for him to step out of his leftist socialist shithole canada and begin has anti-pc tals. Whites organizing is now problematic and must be prevented. He knows whats coming; mass deportation and if they don't willingly go, they go by force, if they resists it's war.

25dc01 No.11212007


>lying is not /pol/ style

This isn't lying, Shlomo. This is sticking our hand up Juden Peterson's muppethole instead of yours.

You don't even know who Zyklon Ben is, do you?

>destroying his reputation

Quite the opposite. Kikes know where he stands. If any mainstream media took one of these memes for real, it's just classic keks.

We have things to gain by spreading these as well as other memes demonstrating hypocrisy because his fans who slurp his every word up will either dismiss it as a fake, or be forced by their MK Daddy to question their conceptions of the Jew. Not to mention all the normalfags.

981643 No.11212025



ff4ec1 No.11212038


There is already a Jordan Peterson thread here.



And your other thread tanked here


bc994e No.11212042


You're not one of us, Jew. I'm dying to know how much you get paid for shilling here? If it's based on performance you should sort yourself out, bucko.

Reported for ID switching.

ff4ec1 No.11212049

Shills absolutely hate Peterson because his message hits right to their pathological souls. They base their whole existence on lies and telling lies, where I'm sure 8 hours shitposting they even start to believe their own lies. They are truly in the


6cc091 No.11212055


>Collectivism is bad except for everyone else

Receipts? All he says is don't become the jew you hate when you try to play their games

4be7d4 No.11212061

File: 7e89a466dcb3f5b⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1280x1003, 1280:1003, ethnic.png)

File: 577a851d3feac31⋯.gif (65.72 KB, 800x545, 160:109, germanic Y-DNA.gif)

File: 3c23e974c93c4ae⋯.png (16.87 KB, 645x360, 43:24, anthropology.png)

File: 72fc86c2f4e1509⋯.mp4 (4.67 MB, 720x480, 3:2, George Lincoln Rockwell Ar….mp4)


Let's confuse Aryans with Hemedics. They are both Caucasoid's. Holy shit this guy is a retard. Let's play the old jew trick of divide and conquer and lambast Germans against Slavics, Slavics against Arabs while the kike sits and laughs.

Genetic wise there might be slight difference between Germany Y-dna and Southern and eastern Europeans, a larger difference between Germanic Y-dna and specific Hemedic Arabs, but the difference is negligible and all of them still carry predominant white genes due to evolutionary migrations.

Any National Socialist is not anti- other race, i don't care, i don't like them. But Europe belongs to whites and none other have not a single right to step even a foot upon it's soil, that includes hemedics and semetics who's native soil is in the middle east. I would wish other races did the same thing and worked for the betterment of their own people rather then become parasites and cling to white societies.

6795bb No.11212062


Eh, he's repeats a lot of correct things in self development but then takes a right turn saying White ethnic identity is evil, universal cuckstianity is the way. No.

ff4ec1 No.11212086


>universal cuckstianity

Why do you talk like a Jew?

Do you not agree with Trumps statement last night?

In God We Trust

Do you not think Pagans and Christians should unite to fight the communist gods of Judaism and Nihilism? What ideal should White's look up to?

5496ec No.11212123


>Not gonna lie, former Trump supporter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Trump suck jewish cock. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy be the nominee.

11dde8 No.11212129

File: 39a68e973051cc7⋯.jpg (18.65 KB, 435x290, 3:2, 104822-warren-kinsella.jpg)


>This has got to be some sort of bait or astroturfing.

No shit, anon.

f1481d No.11212131

File: f8bf7460e7236af⋯.webm (4.38 MB, 440x640, 11:16, white pride is badthink.webm)

File: dfcca03794f477a⋯.jpg (36.59 KB, 500x283, 500:283, white chimpout.jpg)

File: 7c2a15600287fe7⋯.jpg (37.04 KB, 850x400, 17:8, hitler - struggle.jpg)

OP needs to stop being short-sighted and deceptive. Have you learned nothing from the meta-threads that happen from time to time when some delusional cuck write about how our memes are winning the meme war and they don't know how to counter it? They can't possibly win, because they are based on lies. Putting Hitler quotes on Taylor was fun for a laff, but here is not the time for mirthful deception. Most of the people that follow him will recognize his speech patterns and easily spot the lie, and this reeks of previous low-effort attempts to start a meme like the "shut up meg!" garbage that was pushed for a while on Ivanka.

A lot of us have been here so long we've forgotten our own journeys to seeing the truth, and it doesn't happen (in most cases) in a single day, or even a single month. You didn't go to bed one night a good goy and wake up the next morning spouting heils and calling for a nationwide gassing campaign.

People like Jordan Peterson are opportunities for us, not new targets. We need to watch, wait, and strike at the best opportunities. Not at him, though, at his cult following. His flowery language and constant references to history get people that listen to him thinking, to break out of the typical mindless masses that chase the next high through likes on facebook and upboats on plebbit, and this is where we come along and do the work that will set the world right.

Sure, he can preach all he wants about the virtues of individualism, the dominance hierarchy, about suffering for a greater cause which he thinks is Being (with a capital B, kek), about the dangers of communism (the world seems to have forgotten), the dangers of tribalism, the dangers of fascism, and about how if everyone "sorted themselves out and cleaned their rooms" how much better the world could be. And for a long time, most of his followers will sedate themselves with visions of a future paradise that might exist, if only they could get enough people to follow along with what peterson preaches.

So we capitalize on those followers of his that have enough intelligence to look further than simple personal accomplishment and feed them enough to get them to shake off the shackles put around their mind. To lead them to the truth and bring them into our fold.

We already have an example of what a nation would look like if society championed individual excellence, and they well understood the dominance hierarchy at every level from individual to nation to People. because he never criticizes the dominance hierarchy itself for existing, he inherently admits that the weak should fear the strong

We already have examples of what could be if people stepped up and embraced responsibility for the sake of a greater (the greatest) cause, that if every individual strives for the heights of greatness.

We already have plenty of examples of what communism does not only to the soul and body of the individual, but a People as well.

We, too, have extensive literature about the dangers of (((tribalism))), but we can wear them down with examples and evidence that tribalism is inescapable. The winning move is not to try and be "above it all" but to engage and win; to recognize your own People and do what must be done to be victorious.

He preaches against the "certainty" of fascism, but fails to recognize that this very certainty anchors and guides individuals and their society through time. We only have to show those of his followers that are capable of understanding what it looks like to twirl and spin in the wind without it.

f1481d No.11212132


The goal is for his followers, those that can stomach it, realize the same truth on their own; even jordan has said this is much more meaningful to an individual than one preached on a pulpit. Here's a general overview on how this can work for us:

>What were the goals of communism, and who came up with them?

>Why did they want to destroy the nuclear family and individual accomplishment, which someone else wanted to promote?

>Who was behind the rise of communism and how did they do it?

>What might society look like if we championed individual accomplishment?

>Is there any greater meaning than my own selfish accomplishments?

>What would success from the level of the individual to society look like?

once they realize what pre-(((deathcamp))) germany looked like, it's an easy step

>why do people say these are bad things?

>why were the jews hated by germany and…every other country in history?

>why were the only (((deathcamps))) discovered in germany liberated by the disingenuous and lying communists?

>did it really happen that way?

you can see where this is going. if they can't be lead to the proper conclusions, why would we even care what they think?

don't see this as doom and gloom, see this as an opportunity. attacking us always has and always will make us stronger. Let him do half the work for us. He can worry about muh PR and making shekels. Some people will give him money, sure, but there are points within his preaching that we can exploit, and their foolish parting with their money to someone like him will be the price they pay. How much money did you spend on the bill for the electric jew before you knew better? How much money did you spend on lefty candidates before you knew the truth? A book and a few months of patreon would be paltry in comparison to the possible gains. Think back on your own journey and then how you can help guide his fans along the same route.

Never forget that people like him get people reading history, examining what really happened, and eventually on the path of seeking truth. The points we need to present to his followers are not that jordan is a nazi and they should be too, (because that would net us sheep) nor should we try to spread memes that capitalize on (((programming))) that nazis are bad (meming with lies like /leftypol/ does).

TL;DR: don't support him, but do not meme with lies. Meme with bits of truth, and only truth, and we can win; it is only a question of how to best meme about JBP. His books will draw people that can think. We can push them to seek the truth, and they will find us waiting for them. Look at stefan's followers, we got some of them to do it, why not use peterson's efforts to our own gain?

c3c888 No.11212140


>u r dum

>i say so

>ha ha POL wow lol

>he’s totally not a jew shill

Thanks for admitting that everything we said is correct.

15747a No.11212153


>This subversive jewish plant has exposed himself once and for all as a pawn of the kikes. He is openly Zionist:

Surely being a zionist means you dont like the Jews?

You see these people who want israel to stop existing, but that means Jews will come and live in their country?

The reason Zyclon Jordan supports Pissrael is so that you can tell Jews to go home and they actually have a home country to go to.

c3c888 No.11212159


>Nothing you said is correct you pathetic faggot

Is it, though. You’ll have to do better than that.

>attacking someone honest

So not Peterson. Go suck his cock somewhere else.

>behind his back

He’s welcome to come here. He’s welcome to read anything we post.


Like supporting someone who won’t name the jew, you mean?

f1481d No.11212162



where did i say to apologize for anything? the focus is not on Solzhenitsyn but on using jordan to reach his followers.

JBP either does not know the truth about nazi germany or refuses to acknowledge it. the point is not to attack him. if you bothered to read my posts you would realize that you are exactly the kind of mindless sheep we want to avoid, because you would be a waste of our effort.

c3c888 No.11212169


>little emotional leftist bitch devolves into incoherent insults when his lord and savior is questioned

Aww! You’re just like the Q-LARPers! It’s adorable. Thanks for continuing to prove that literally everything we’ve said about Peterson is fact, by the way.

f1481d No.11212172


say there are no good jews and i will believe you are not a mindless fanboy, otherwise fuck off.

ff4ec1 No.11212175




Sage and report for being a duplicate slide thread.

c3c888 No.11212177


Bump. It’s a different topic.

c3c888 No.11212178


>an honest Christian

So you’re proven to not be talking about Peterson now. A Christian does not lie about jews. A Christian outs the jews and will even physically fight to take from the jews what they’ve stolen.

f1481d No.11212180

File: 7a2afd2d676296e⋯.png (818.25 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1449513573991-0.png)


>racist bullshit

do you know where you are

c3c888 No.11212181


>racist bullshit

Oh, that’s precious. I didn’t even notice at first.

Run along, redditor.

ff4ec1 No.11212188


Because the same thread got anchored





>everything we’ve said about Peterson is fact

>everything (((we’ve))) said about Peterson is fact

Can always spot a shill from their double and sometimes triple posting. Check the other threads, they have terrible imageboard etiquette

c3c888 No.11212191


The part where “I can’t talk about that” and “Jews are better than whites” and “Antisemitism is a disease” are all quotes from the man, redditor.

c3c888 No.11212196


>the same thread

And that’s not the same thread.

>everything (((we’ve))) said about Peterson is fact


You’ve proven to be one of the newest batch of shills and thus invalidated your claims. Run along, moishe.

c3c888 No.11212197


>racism is bad

>Christians love jews

>believe me, you stupid goyim


5a158c No.11212198

File: d159c0a708b2875⋯.jpg (105.92 KB, 609x754, 21:26, qlaeu5.jpg)


>Haavara Agreement

>Guys, come on Hitler wasn't a Zionist. Please, you gotta believe me!

These people wreak.

45c231 No.11212204

This is like the third fucking unsuccessful thread on the same topic in the last ten days, give it a fucking rest already, you culties.

c3c888 No.11212207


>PIDF in full swing now


e2f176 No.11212211


lucky Larry would have been informed by Israel that the attacks were going to happen in order for him to purchase that insurance plan.

That means he choose to let the people die in order to get rich off insurance.

45c231 No.11212212


Nigger, what are you talking about? These fatherless faggots come here to shill their cultist messiah, and then get (52) posts defending him.

5a158c No.11212217


Yup, that's the gist of it.

c3c888 No.11212218


>do you even know how real world works?

Cry some more, little guy!

>you think he wants to get shot in the back of his head or lose his voice?

And your proof that this happens is what?

>you’re aa fucking idiot if you think anyone can just openly talk about the JQ

I do. So do millions of others.

>it exposes Jews thousand times more than Hitler did

Okay. That has nothing to do with Peterson’s cowardice.


>and then get (52) posts defending him.

Right, and if you were literate, you’d know the OP is about denouncing his lies. That’s why I’m bumping.

c3c888 No.11212221


>honest Christians

So not Peterson.

>who fight for world peace

So if Peterson’s doing this, we know he’s not helping us in any way.

c3c888 No.11212227


Cry some more, little guy! Peterson’s a jew-lover.

45c231 No.11212228


>see jordan peterson thread

>see that OP hits enter after every six words

>going to read that

Have an apology bump.

575a08 No.11212234




I view Peterson and his philosophy as the height of intellectual libertarian individualism. We have conquered the libertarians with arguments before. We have all the tools.

The psyop being conducted to prevent us from interacting with and turning Peterson fans is glow in the dark blatant.

(((They))) hate it when we get an effective normie outreach figure and immediately dogpile and purity spiral these figures to divide us. It's classic cointelpro.

Does anyone here seriously believe we cannot contented with and defeat his arguments straight up? We already have, it's the reason we are here.

1ecbe5 No.11212235

File: d0dab919adc761b⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 431x284, 431:284, David Wolffsohn.jpg)

File: 9f3a9241bfe5766⋯.jpg (130.56 KB, 800x418, 400:209, jews must yet conquer the ….jpg)

File: 12b5d538d00f7db⋯.png (53.3 KB, 879x226, 879:226, thernovich gulag.png)


Yes, supporting the phony nationalism (it's internationalism in disguise) of the race that's trying to genocide us is a bad thing. Even if you want to be "le consistent nationalist" who wants nationalism for everybody, then it's "Palestine for the Palestinians", instead of backing the group that stands in opposition to everyone else's nationalism.

Pic related was Herzl's successor, and who came up with the design for Israel's flag and the use "shekels" for the zionist currency. Zionism was never nationalism.


Lots of cuckolded "anti-communist" gatekeepers talk about Gulag Archipelago and Solzhenitsyn. The book isn't a big secret, it won the Nobel Prize.

He doesn't talk about 200 Years Together, and leaves out the most important fact about communism (who's behind it). That's how you know he's a shill.

c3c888 No.11212240


Yep, you’re one of them. Kill yourself, redditor.

c3c888 No.11212244


>Peterson is making the world and people in it better

By what means is this occurring, redditor?

>You sit on anonymous board spreading sleazy lies

This has never happened.

>like a jewish RAT would do

Say, “There are no good jews.”


Say, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

f1481d No.11212249


stop defending your husbando

1ecbe5 No.11212252

File: 9bbbfa0f6330a63⋯.mp4 (2.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Peterson gatekeeper.mp4)

File: a0f6b1e9b773e81⋯.png (102.3 KB, 640x618, 320:309, Peterson on stopping peopl….png)

File: 79dea9ebe4130f8⋯.png (60.75 KB, 666x636, 111:106, real redpills.png)



Peterson refutes you "muh first step" faggots himself.


Honest Christians don't defend the killers of Christ.

cd9a9f No.11212253

The jews are really aggressively shilling this guy with different methods from previous ones. They want us to support him despite him avoiding the jewish question and being against whites collectivizing to at least protect themselves.

This is about preventing whites from organizing in any fashion and keeping them all as boomer conservatives. I think we need to humiliate Peterson and bring him down like Sargon and the Skeptic community.

Also I think we need to bring back self improvement threads and /fitlit/ threads just cause without those threads I keep seeing idiots fall into giving Peterson money.

You don't need to pay someone for an online personality test and ideology about cleaning your room - instead pay for some free weights and access to a gym. Also get a job, educated yourself, and get a girlfriend/wife. Try and make your own business if you can. Go to church on sundays. Take a shower and then clean your room. Get new clothes.

We need to have basic iron pill threads again. /pol/ is supposed to be a board where we sit around and make jokes and not be all serious all the time.

202c6b No.11212255

File: d6e763156106466⋯.jpg (28.43 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Oza9aQpe_400x400.jpg)


Well I can relate to that.

I used to have some admiration for the guy and usually recommended his lectures to most of my friends.

Then I saw how he compeletely tried to ruin Faith Goldy's career with what seemed at the time a profound ignorance, right after she aired on some DS podcast during Charlotsville's events.

Then I learned how close he was to ezra levant and it made sense all of a sudden.

This man is malevolent and dishonest (and a millionaire btw so you can stop donating). You really have to be fucked in the head or following a very specific agenda to try to destroy a 20-ish honest journalist just for airing on an alt right podcast while hurting levant's feelings.

c3c888 No.11212256


>(((They))) hate it when we get an effective normie outreach figure

No, redditor. They love it when we prop up a flawed, weak, broken, man Trump, et. al. in place of the tenets of our ideology. They love it when we become a cult of personality, following the perversions of our ideology down to the collapse of the man, defending him at every turn that goes against us. That’s what they love.

c3c888 No.11212257




Oh, look. Someone linked this thread to Reddit.

028585 No.11212259


Let him do his thing and point out the inherent contradictions in his actions and speech. Show how he favors the jews and then use that as a crowbar to separate his followers. There are parts that we can use and parts we can disprove; why destroy him when we can leap off his shoulders?



>It’s adorable.

This doesn't sound like /pol/.

c3c888 No.11212261


Say, “There are no good jews.”

Say, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

c3c888 No.11212262


It’s called mockery, (1). The redditor squirms in pain when you remind him of his neurological infancy.

cd9a9f No.11212265


I said Peterson was a problem you shill. He's clearly being propped up to prevent the whites from organizing in a way that harms the current jewish order.

c3c888 No.11212266




45c231 No.11212267


I'm convinced that you're false-flagging to sow division between us and peterstein. Hey, people did it during the Multiple Jimpacts, and they didn't realize how fucking pointless and stupid it is. I genuinely don't believe you'd be this fucking stupid and go out of your way to defend someone for upboats on an anonymous imageboard.

I'll let you in on a secret, my man. You can't sow division between things that are already divided

ff4ec1 No.11212268



Get a load of the double posting newfag.


Who obviously has no reading comprehension either it seems

This thread reeks of astroturfing from both sides.

As demonstrated in earlier Peterson threads.


c3c888 No.11212270


>throws around ’shill’ without knowing the meaning of the word


>I said peterson was a problem

And yet you’re a redditor. Notice I didn’t say a thing about whether or not you said he was.


Cry harder. Peterson’s imperfections will be laid bare.

4be7d4 No.11212273

File: 9e48b8fb46097cf⋯.png (321.63 KB, 540x673, 540:673, Dr. Joseph Goebbels - Prop….png)

File: 95fb32fb2a771c0⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1303x1236, 1303:1236, Twitter Double Think.png)

File: e0da8c6991df1b3⋯.jpg (92.97 KB, 515x790, 103:158, jewish ethics.jpg)

File: 0bc44ae96c06567⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 780x595, 156:119, kori7.jpg)

File: 2e422b164ae8e76⋯.jpg (60.04 KB, 871x709, 871:709, Arthur Chu - White people.jpg)


Stating the truth is all that is required. Their life experience and own research will show them we are right whether they like it or not, even if they conscientiously try to turn away from this basic truth, they will be reminded of it at every event in life. Converting them when jews and others are openly calling for whites to be subjugated if not slaughtered is not hard whatsoever.

15747a No.11212275


>>Guys, come on Hitler wasn't a Zionist. Please, you gotta believe me!

I was actually saying that Hitler would have been a zionist.

Like if there was an Israel back when Hilter was around, he could have just sent all the European Jews there.

It would have freed up a lot of resources for the war effort that were wasted keeping them in camps, feeding them, trying to prevent disease etc

028585 No.11212276


It's called condescension and it's what women and nu-males use to argue; it's pointless.

4792d5 No.11212279

The dude is obviously a kike, himself.

It's the classic jew move to co-opt the opposition. He's the semitic way away from trannydom and liberal cuckoldry in our culture. His objective is to steer rational people with dissenting opinions towards those that are kosher.

f1481d No.11212281

File: 906d73de10a1114⋯.jpg (174.67 KB, 500x337, 500:337, newfriend.jpg)


c3c888 No.11212282


So mockery, then. Got it. Funny how it struck a nerve with you, too…



cd9a9f No.11212285


Did you even read my post you idiot? I'm saying Peterson is deliberately trying to subvert whites into remaining conservatives and you are going on about fucking reddit of all things.

c3c888 No.11212289


>Did you even read my post

You certainly didn’t read mine.

>I’m saying Peterson is deliberately trying to subvert whites into remaining conservatives

Okay. Where did I question the validity of that statement?

>and you are going on about fucking reddit of all things.

Almost as though… we don’t want redditors here? So, you know, either SHAPE UP–hint hint–or leave.

cd9a9f No.11212291


>Almost as though… we don’t want redditors here? So, you know, either SHAPE UP–hint hint–or leave.

How about you stop accusing people of being redditors of which you have no proof you stupid nigger?

6653b7 No.11212294



I'm an oldfag from the first exodus you dumb niggers.

Where in any of those posts are we arguing for "propping him up"?

You dumb ducks can't even make coherent arguments in a single thread.

Let me spell it out for those watching.

Peterson is useful. He promotes 80-90% of what much of /pol/ views as the ideal configuration of the ethnostate. Western individualism. Where he falls short is the Jews and nationalism. He is a primer with a wide reach that we can use to very effortlessly recruit more nationalists.

How difficult is it to make our case when he sets up the punchline for us? How weak do you think we are that we can't use his setup for our goals?

We see you shills, you are ineffectual scared likes who, as ever, seek to prevent us from spreading.

I smell your fear.

f1481d No.11212295


yes, there are plenty of people that he "turns away" because they think realizing the truth is like starting crack, an evil fate they were saved from. these people deserve to continue to live with their delusions, and are of no interest to us.


you are not the kind of person we want to reach or talk to. show yourself out and never return you massive faggot.

c3c888 No.11212296


>no proof

Holy shit, look at this.


>i’m totally an oldfag guys

>can’t you tell

>i’m absolutely positively not from reddit

>and not posting from my phone, either

>why on earth would you think otherwise

c3c888 No.11212299


>you are not the kind of person we want to reach or talk to.

That’s fine, redditor. We don’t want to reach your kind, either. We just want to neck you.

>show yourself out

Nah, you’re not on reddit.

>and never return

Thanks for admitting where you’re from.

ff4ec1 No.11212305


astroturf harder you fucking shill.

c3c888 No.11212306



f1481d No.11212308


i see you didn't read the post in which i outlined my thoughts on the matter. try and aim better.

cd9a9f No.11212310


Peterson isn't useful. He's here to deliberately subvert people away from becoming white nationalists - see here:


>So, I shouldn't talk to conservatives? By their own written account, hundreds if not thousands of young people tempted by the blandishments of the alt-right have remained or returned to the liberal/conservative center because of my work. What have you done for peace, bucko?

Straight from his own twitter. He is specifically here to prevent whites from organizing for their own self interests.

6653b7 No.11212311


I am posting from my phone you dumb nigger. In what world would that invalidate me from having been on the Chans since 2006? You have nothing bit shill tactics. That you seem to think your little game here is effective in any way betrays your lack of intelligence.

ff4ec1 No.11212313

File: 96e97f9315df7ba⋯.jpg (9.36 KB, 219x239, 219:239, 1494121771096.jpg)

itt: shills shilling shills shilling shills

Must a be a slow day at JIDF headquarters

45c231 No.11212314


Come on now, my dude, the act is getting stale really quickly.

c3c888 No.11212322


>i see you didn’t read

Obviously not, since we’re not discussing the content of your post.


>I am posting from my phone

Yes, that’s what I said.

>In what world would that invalidate me

Who said it did?

>from having been on the Chans since 2006

Okay, NOW you’re invalidated. Completely.

>You have nothing bit shill tactics.

Said the REDDITOR.

>your little game

Aww, reddit-speak.

>betrays your lack of intelligence.

Said the redditor.

4be7d4 No.11212323


>I am the son of bill kikes,

>capitalized the word kike


>muh e-celeb is great

Peterson is here to try to divert people away from what he calls authoritarianism or extremism. In other words, to prevent whites from grouping together against their invasion. Fuck you and you double speak!

4792d5 No.11212325


The shilling has gotten terribly lazy as of late. I wonder if they lessened their pay grade.

cd9a9f No.11212328


Here's a link too:


And an archive:


Please tell me how this man is our ally in any way shape or form beyond the whole scamming whites with clean your room shit they could have easily gotten elsewhere for free.

6653b7 No.11212329


He sees himself as a gatekeeper, true. All we need to do if we really want to engage his followers is a communications campaign. If he refuses to debate the alt right straight up (he rightly fears the power of our arguments) we can bring our firepower to bear on his followers.

We don't need memes here we need real arguments for the ethnostate in the context of his arguments. This is not difficult for true /pol/acks.

Nowhere in my posts do I argue that he is correct in his assessment. This fact does not preclude his potential usefulness to us.

0ad2ad No.11212330


I know, it's fun to watch as an outsider looking in. Like a bunch of jews in a dark room throwing punches but hitting nobody but themselves.

614d6d No.11212335


You should link that.


Essentially, they must be bored not launching missiles at Syria.

2ac9a7 No.11212337

File: 7278473bafbdd78⋯.jpg (187.87 KB, 647x479, 647:479, its for you goy.jpg)


>>Peterson is making the world and people in it better

>>implying for all people which means none but the International Cosmopolitan

A perfect statement of primary jewry there. No example of actually how or why it will work out in the future. Just, making the world a better place for you.

cd9a9f No.11212338


I linked it above here:


1ecbe5 No.11212339


>alt right


Want to know how I know you aren't from here?

f1481d No.11212340


capslock is cruise control for cool, but you still need to steer.

614d6d No.11212342


Yes, my apologies, I realized that right after I wrote that reply.

cb27e6 No.11212344


good head-to-neck ratio

c3c888 No.11212346


Your bot is broken.

6653b7 No.11212348





"The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn't help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn't help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn't remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.

Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck.

I didn't know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying.

Gradually I began to hate them."

f01c16 No.11212353


Even better:

>This man is making the world better

>By telling you to clean your room

It's like telling the company's record profits are due to the extraordinary efforts of the office cleaners.

c3c888 No.11212356


>phoneposting redditor thinks that quoting Hitler means he’s right and everyone he hates is wrong


45c231 No.11212358


>look boss

>i posted something even vaguely related to hitler

>they'll fucking believe me now, boss

Go, save yourself the embarrassment.

4792d5 No.11212359


White people make the best teams. I haven't looked at it from the angle of individualism that (((Peterson))) keeps spouting. That whole thing is making a lot of sense, now. White teamwork is astounding. It's what allowed our people to prevail against our foes whilst vastly outnumbered.

cd9a9f No.11212360


We've had self improvement threads on /pol/ for age containing both knowledge about physical, mental, spiritual, financial self improvement - we don't need someone else to help white people improve themselves for shekels. We can do that ourselves for free.

Especially if Peterson's real goal is just to make money and scam the goyim into remaining conservatives until they can no longer fight back whilst the niggers flood in.

f01c16 No.11212363


But, but you absolutely need to buy this personality test for $10 goy!

cd9a9f No.11212373


Oy vey.

f1481d No.11212380


it's amazing to watch the cargo-cult theatrics happen in real time, like a microcosm of /leftypol/. you recognize individual words but are incapable of understanding their meaning or application, aping them in the hopes someone will think you belong here. you're almost as bad as the guy who shills his comics here, with almost every post containing his favorite go-to phrase.

ff4ec1 No.11212384

File: 1d039a532c08d5e⋯.jpg (96.76 KB, 452x463, 452:463, I came here to laugh at yo….jpg)

>Highest PPM thread on /pol/

>truly organic thread my fellow /POL/lacks!

This thread is a good demonstration of Jewish tactics of playing two sides of the coin.

While making one of (((their))) posters dumb and confused, and the (((other))) poster witty and 'hip to imageboards.

They are obviously not fooling anybody and wasting their resources which is fun to watch.

Observe and take notes for future threads.

c3c888 No.11212389


No one cares what you have to say, redditor. Stop being so obviously anti-racist and go back to your hugbox.

614d6d No.11212392


>You quoting this section of Mein Kampf.

I wasn't sure whether to kek or grab some aerosol pesticides and find a small airtight enclosure.

1ecbe5 No.11212395

File: 75eb0f4ba0ea403⋯.jpg (490.45 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, jew-pills.jpg)


The biggest test for whether or not the self-help garbage he sells works is if it works for him, and given that he's admittedly on a cocktail of jewish antidepressants and SSRIs, it clearly doesn't.

Getting self-help advice from someone on jewish pharmaceuticals is like listening to a "pickup artist" who only fucks hookers or a "weight loss expert" had liposuction. He's a conman selling snakeoil.

45c231 No.11212398


Told you, they're trying to cause infighting between peterstein fans and this place. Real shame that they don't get it yet.

ff4ec1 No.11212403


Shut the fuck up that's not what I'm saying, stop trying to spin it you dirty kike.

4792d5 No.11212411

614d6d No.11212414


Checked and kek'd. The irony is amazing.

ff4ec1 No.11212429



Watch as the mess up there VPNs and forgot what is actually discussed and who they're replying too.

What a disaster.

45c231 No.11212437


>they're playing both sides

>but they're not trying to get both sides to hate each other

So, what exactly are you saying?

c3c888 No.11212440


>but they're not trying to get both sides to hate each other

In what possible way could you have gotten that from his post?

45c231 No.11212445


Because I said pretty much that, and he told me that I'm twisting his words, you autiste.

ff4ec1 No.11212453



You guys are obviously sitting beside each other in Tel-Aviv.

You're infighting doesn't disguise this, but nice try nonetheless.

4/10 for effort.

c3c888 No.11212454


>you’re a jew because you out jews

Learn how to read.

ff4ec1 No.11212460


Jigs up Shlomo.

You lost.

3af0fb No.11212466

Peterson loves kikes. I've seen multiple videos of his where he's so complimentary of jews that you can almost hear the slurping.

I'm not going to act like everything he says is complete shit. Of course he's going to say some things I agree with. But you could literally make that case with almost every ideology. And I don't even blame him for this retarded cult following since he's not forcing anyone to worship him. I blame the invalid NEETs that are so worthless that they thinking agreeing the the notion that you need to clean your room makes you a mental giant.

5faaf5 No.11212473

This is such a weird cult. They're worse than Oprah fans.

f01c16 No.11212484


Like when he mentions their average IQ is 115, and that the difference is from a high-school student to a university student and that is why they're so rich?

c3c888 No.11212485


>you’re a jew because you out jews


a7ad6a No.11212502


He is a self-admitted horseshoe theory >>11212466

>I blame the invalid NEETs that are so worthless that they thinking agreeing the the notion that you need to clean your room makes you a mental giant.

I don't think it appeals to a sense of intellectual superiority. Rather it is yet another repackaging of the Just World Fallacy, to placate your fears about your future prospects by telling you that "cleaning you room" And "rescuining your father from the belly of the whale" by "looking at girls at parties" and "working a lot" that everything is going to work out just fine.

d33adb No.11212510

File: 12e8db41039ee79⋯.png (6.33 KB, 235x215, 47:43, dummies_angry.png)







>C… CLEAN YOUR ROOOM !!!1!!!!!!


5faaf5 No.11212512




ec098b No.11212513


>/pol/ is one person

Even though we aren't nearly as divided as halfchan is, we still have our own opinions, and they don't always line up.

I'm not entirely certain as to whether he's a plant or not. Personally he just struck me as another reaction to the insanity that the establishment left has become, not NatSoc in disguise.

At any rate, unless they specifically call out the JQ I would always brace for the possibility that they are an establishment plant.

ff4ec1 No.11212527


This is an astroturfed slide thread.

It is ment to counter act this thread.


This is 2nd or 3rd time they have tried to make an OP and failed.

They want their discussion under their OP instead of trying in the previous thread.

This thread should be anchored as a duplicate, and an astroturf.

c3c888 No.11212528


Fucking cry more.

d33adb No.11212535

File: c84cb5d4fd8c98d⋯.jpg (284.18 KB, 960x680, 24:17, c84cb5d4fd8c98d7a675fdab8c….jpg)

ff4ec1 No.11212537


>Fucking cry more.


>Cry harder. Peterson’s imperfections will be laid bare.


>Cry some more, little guy! Peterson’s a jew-lover.


>Cry some more, little guy!

Expand your vocabulary and work on your insults or you are not going to be employed at JIDF for long.

Low energy! Sad!

67b22e No.11212541

File: e9ac8ec59fe34af⋯.webm (5.46 MB, 621x352, 621:352, gondolacon.webm)


This. By the way, any faggots STILL using the tired argument that Peterson turns the minds of young whites towards "right wing ideas" (whatever in the fuck that means), they're shills. The cult of individualism isn't a raft transporting you to greener pastures, it's a boat that strands you on a rock and holds your fucking mind hostage. Peterson doesn't do shit for us, and we have nothing but to gain by attacking him.

ff4ec1 No.11212550

>and we have nothing but to gain by attacking him.

Your ESL is showing.

c3c888 No.11212551


Say, “There are no good jews.”

Say, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

1ecbe5 No.11212567


The other thread is mainly just some autist sperging out and claiming Peterson says the exact same things as Hitler.

67b22e No.11212578


>He promotes 80-90% of what much of /pol/ views as the ideal configuration of the ethnostate

>except the JQ and nationalism

Lol the delusional thinking can't get any more pathetic. I love this assumption by easily-influenced mongoloids that all of Peterson's followers are going to make some magical leap in thinking from extreme individualism to a more collectivist mentality. Newsflash morons, the metaphorical stairwell of ideological progression doesn't work like that. There is no "spiritual journey" in the form of adopting multiple ideologies that leads to enlightenment. There is simply the truth, and Peterson does not speak the truth, therefore he misleads.

2fc4e4 No.11212580

Peterson fans are obviously a cult that needs to be redpilled and brought down. Have a bump.

ff4ec1 No.11212586


How could you have not read Mein Kampf and JP's writing and not to see the similarities in thoughts to almost everything except the JQ, which is illegal where JP lives? Why do you think this thread exists to counter act anons also coming to that conclusion. Mein Kampf should be mandatory reading before posting on this board tbh.

9eb6e2 No.11212587

File: 5d43be37f2f507f⋯.jpg (5.54 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0144.JPG)

>trusting a psychologist

67b22e No.11212589

File: b22eba572f36ea2⋯.png (294.24 KB, 535x446, 535:446, jsirofkvr.png)


>It's like telling the company's record profits are due to the extraordinary efforts of the office cleaners


c3c888 No.11212597


Say, “There are no good jews.”

Say, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

d33adb No.11212600

File: 9c04c4742d1760b⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1020x1320, 17:22, 9c04c4742d1760b4df119d35f2….png)





You don't understand, you vastly underestimate the how dangerous Peterson, *vastly*.

Peterson is not just some half-baked eceleb who "says some good things that upset the left". Peterstein is openly Zionist and is being propped up by the jewish media machine. His rise to fame was artificial.

He is not "useful to the cause" because he does a decent job explaining what Marxism is. He is controlled opposition, that's what controlled opposition does, it takes jabs at the other side to give itself the illusion of being legitimate.

Peterson has explicitly stated the following:

A. His main focus is on preventing young White men from becoming disillusioned with the state of our nations and "redoing 1930s Germany". Please take the time to carefully think about this: The man has *explicitly* stated that his primary focus is on preventing WHITE MEN (and ONLY White men) from rebelling against the jewish power structure.

B. That we must never again return to racial or ethnic tribalism, because we "have too many powerful weapons now". That is his main argument against White nationalism, that if Whites were to reassert control of their nations that White nations would be too powerful on the world stage and could pose a threat to other nation like Israel.

C. That if you have a problem with jews "being successful" in your nation, that you are simply a resentful, envious, murderous bigot who should in reality be very thankful you have a genetically superior minority using their genius to contribute to your nation. This is the only way that Peterstein "addresses the JQ". Peterstein cult followers will say "he's playing 4D chess, he can't address the JQ he'll get fired lol!", when in reality he does not avoid the JQ at all, but instead intentionally lies about the jews to protect their power, and pathologizes "antisemitism" as per Frankfurt School protocols.

To help break yourself out of the spell of "but he's upsetting the leftist!", step back and realize that the only reason Peterstein started speaking out about the Marxist bullshit, according to his own words, is that he is "very afraid" of the reaction that will develop among young White men.

That's his goal, that's his stated intent, that was the line that was crossed for him and he intends to stop us from preventing out genocide.

For the rest of you who think "well he's a good redpill on some things and we can redpill his followers the rest of the way", you have no idea what you what you're talking about, you have no idea the power that cult personalities have, and how fucking difficult it is to break people away from the brainwashing that Peterstein is performing on our brethren.

The danger of the insidious nature of his teachings cannot be understated. I have seen many, many of his followers threatening people online, saying things like "after we kill all the Marxists, you """identitarians""" are next, all collectivists are my enemy", regurgitating perfectly the propaganda that they've been drilling into their brains for months by listening to multiple hours of this manipulative shuckster's words every single day while they take the bus to work or are on lunch.

Peterstein goes to great lengths to classify any White people who want to work together to stop White genocide as just as evil and dangerous an the Marxists in Archipelago, and this is not a simple neurological connection to sever in these people's minds, and Peterstein uses his deep understanding of the human mind to very artfully create and reinforce this connection over and over and over again throughout his (((lectures))).

The danger cannot be overstated.

ff4ec1 No.11212630

>being propped up by the jewish media machine. His rise to fame was artificial.

He was first posted here on 8ch after posting his videos on the equity training being enforced upon the HR department at his work.

>He is controlled opposition

citation needed

>Peterstein cult followers will say "he's playing 4D chess, he can't address the JQ he'll get fired lol!"

It's against the law in Canada.


>Definition of cult: great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work

Does that make 8chan a cult?

Does that make NS a cult?

Half baked, lowest common denominator attacks, just like we saw against Trump and the Trump campaign.

6653b7 No.11212631


We have successfully fought these arguments for over a decade. His arguments against the right are weak as they ever were. His arguments against the left are rock solid.

If you are such an intellectual pushover that you believe his weak arguments cannot be defeated by us then you were never fully redpilled.

He is creating the perfect environment for us to make our case. And he knows it. This is why he is shilling muh white tribalism leads to nuclear holocaust boomer meme. He knows his philosophy leads to white nationalism implicitly so he is trying to ride the mainstream wave as long as he can before it comes tumbling down.

ff4ec1 No.11212634

f01c16 No.11212659


Read on "controlled opposition", you illiterate faggot.

d33adb No.11212661

File: 18bb14e9223f5e3⋯.gif (69.19 KB, 535x660, 107:132, 18bb14e9223f5e303fda949f37….gif)


> The left is terrified of him because he guts their ideology every time he's in front of a microphone.

And who gives him the microphone, anon? The jews do.


>he pulls white people a little off the degeneracy set the kikes on a frenzy.

Just because he tells people to bathe their nutsac twice a day does not put him beyond reproach. It's typical cult behavior to have a thin veneer of positive self-help as a shield against criticism of their other more involved psychological manipulations. His self-help bullshit is bargain basement "pick a life goal and work towards it! you can do it, believe in yourself!" horse shit, it's nothing special, and it does not make the man's other motives any less sinister.


>if you find anything useful from his work, use it, ignore the bullshit

This isn't really about people on /pol/ falling for Peterstein's tricks, this is about the greater threat he poses to the White race with regards to his specific intent to "save the lost boys of kek" (i.e. White men, and only White men), and the fact that he is brainwashing thousands and thousands of our brethren into status quo Ziocon boomerism.

The mistake you are making here is that you think everyone is just and jew wise or even as intelligent as the average /pol/ user. They are not. Peterstein is acting like a shepherd herding the sheep, and he is stealing our flock, while putting them on a fast track to the jewish slaughter house of radical individualism and anti-White civic nationalism.

8a5e91 No.11212666

File: 989ccca7425cc56⋯.png (794.54 KB, 644x943, 28:41, saint jordan peterson pbuh.png)

I can't fucking stand these faggots who espouse individualism and rally against any form of collective group interest, but only levy this shit against white people. Peterson, Sargon, most lolbertarians, etc. Funny how they ONLY talk about "muh individualism! stop being collective!" with regards to whites. You never see any of these faggots telling blacks or mexicans or indians or arabs to behave individualistically. you ESPECIALLY don't see them say jack fucking shit about jewish collectivism, despite it being the most egregious example.

And when pressed, they'll probably give a boilerplate response of "I reject collectivism in all people!" but they still only levy this against whites. They might say they're against other collectivism, but only when pressed on the matter, and only so as to remain superficially consistent.

Also, fuck Peterson's cultish fanboys

d33adb No.11212670


>It's against the law in Canada.

No it isn't. It's not even against the law to deny the holohoax, thanks to Ernst Zundel winning a case in the supreme court proving 6 million did not die. You will get rekt by the jewish MSM and lose your job, but you won't go to jail. As long as you can prove what you are saying is true it's not actually illegal.

And once again you missed the point: He does not just avoid the JQ, he confronts it and reinforces semitic tropes about antisemitism being a mental illness.

8a5e91 No.11212674

File: 189999585533d8d⋯.jpg (109.41 KB, 615x622, 615:622, jordan peterson kevin macd….jpg)


>he's only avoiding the issue because of canadian law!

I'm so fucking tired of this excuse. If he were actually redpilled and hiding his power level, he wouldn't be spending his time attacking the people who ARE willing to name the jew or to express pro-white sentiment. If it were just about protecting himself from repercussions, he would just ignore the far-right rather than attacking it.

He's just an indoctrinated boomer faggot.

c3c888 No.11212677


>As long as you can prove what you are saying is true it’s not actually illegal.

In other words, “Oy vey bankrupt yourself goyim”

ff4ec1 No.11212684


Yeah I get it.

Everyone who isn't full 14/88 gas the kikes race war now is controlled opposition and they have nothing of value whatsoever to offer. I only get my information off /pol/ and the only God I praise is Hitler himself even tho secretly I post that he was a Zionist who created Israel.

So, all jokes aside. Who is doing the most damage to the left right now in North America besides Donald Trump, who we should redirrect our attention to?. Who has the capacity and vast audience to engage White Youth's mind and divert their attention to procreation and the importance of responsibility better than Jordan Peterson at this time?

Go on, I'm listening all ears.

8a5e91 No.11212693


radical individualism is a non-starter. It's deflecting away from the problems of our society and toward something that is just rebranded boomer conservatism.

You don't need to name the jew. You don't need to go full 1488. But if you fight against whites acting as a collective toward their group interests, you are an enemy, and you should be criticized harshly.

d33adb No.11212696

File: cdb418940b8de80⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 657x527, 657:527, pepe_detective.jpg)


>We have successfully fought these arguments for over a decade.

That's nice, but what you fail to understand is that the majority of his cult followers are not people who are really amenable to being swayed by arguments. Peterstein is is mostly cultivating a slavish cult-following of follower-tier White men, the type of people Hitler described as being mostly swayed by emotion.

Peterstein's message is delivered with extreme emotional manipulation, with a veneer of intellectualism to make it "seem true", coupled with arguments from authority (I'm a high IQ PHD psychologist etc.).

>He is creating the perfect environment for us to make our case.

Again, the primary threat he poses is not to people who are even able to intellectually choose between logical cases that are presented.

What I am trying to get across here is that cult followings are not based on logic and reason, they are based on emotion, and the followers are imbued with deep and insidious brainwashing that is extremely difficult to undo.

>This is why he is shilling muh white tribalism leads to nuclear holocaust boomer meme

You've just exposed yourself as one of the cucks who thinks he's "hiding his power level" and tricking the jews into letting him set up the third reich on their dime. Absolutely preposterous. Go watch all of the videos in the OP and watch Juden Peterstein gargle jew cock.

You've been rused by a conman and you're defending this anti-White carpet merchant because you think he's something that he is not. I was once in your shoes. Examine the evidence and you will break free of the semitic chains he's put on you.

d33adb No.11212701


>In other words, “Oy vey bankrupt yourself goyim”

What I stated is true, it's not against the law.

I agree that it's financial suicide in many aspects, and I'm not advocating doing it.

If your argument is that Peterstein is secretly against the jews and is hiding his power level, you're delusional.

45c231 No.11212702


Now I get it, we're all shills because we didn't pay 10$ for a personality test, eh bucko? You wash your balls lately? Just keep being good, and good things will come to you, goy!

c3c888 No.11212709


I’m saying that Canada has no freedom of speech whatsoever.

d33adb No.11212710


>Everyone who isn't full 14/88 gas the kikes race war now is controlled opposition

This is the typical jewish shill defense of anyone criticizing their controlled opposition.

It's a strawman because no one is criticizing Peterstein for not being what you describe, we're criticizing him because his actions and stated intent protect the jewish status quo.

1b1974 No.11212715

File: fda7dc439c488b4⋯.png (700.38 KB, 928x8800, 29:275, jew expelled 359 times.png)


>"Antisemitism is a 2000 year old disease."

Try 6000+, you lying rat-bastards. The Old Testament details all the shit you fucks got up to back then and how you repeatedly paid for it without learning your damned lesson.

d33adb No.11212721


>I’m saying that Canada has no freedom of speech whatsoever.

Yeah, you don't have a clue what you're talking about anon, you're probably not even Canadian.

You can only be charged with (((hate speech))) if what you say can be proven in court to be a falsehood. I've studied many legal cases involving people being charged with hate speech. It is also the case that one cannot be charged with spreading "hate speech" if you spread your message online, thanks to bill C-304 that the conservatives pushed through 5 years ago:


d33adb No.11212729


>The Old Testament details

Really makes the almonds activate when you realize Peterstein preaches that the entire Old Testament in symbolic and has no foundation in historical events whatsoever.

ff4ec1 No.11212731


Go ahead and give us some alternatives friendo.

We're all eager to know, plus it's fun to see you guys squirm and avoid the question.

Like it or not Peterson is the most influential intellect alive today.

Now we can choose to nurture these new seedlings that have been planted, or destroy what has growing

Only a Jew would choose this unwise scorched earth policy.

Little do Peterson's followers know is that the seeds of HItler's thoughts as demonstrated in Mein Kampf have been sown, and it our job to pick and trim them.

Hence the discussion itt


A good quote from that thread too


25dc01 No.11212738


Cuckstainity was the beginning of the end for our people, and unless we reverse it, ( hint: not atheism ) we can expect to be judinfested til our dying day.

ff4ec1 No.11212741


>Really makes the almonds activate when you realize Peterstein preaches that the entire Old Testament in symbolic and has no foundation in historical events whatsoever.

Are you too stupid to even read the title of his lectures?

The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories

d33adb No.11212744


>Go ahead and give us some alternatives

Another typical shill logical fallacy.

Your argument is this:

Eceleb A is legitimate and not controlled opposition unless you can give me the name of eceleb B that is not controlled opposition.

The logic does not follow, it is a formal logical fallacy.

>Like it or not Peterson is the most influential intellect alive today.

Thanks to his jewish handlers.

d33adb No.11212749


>Are you too stupid to even read the title of his lectures?

"Oy vey don't make fun of my based Zionist eBoomer! Have you even cleaned our room???"

Peterstein has explicitly stated that the stories in the OT did not actually happen as historical events.

67b22e No.11212750

File: f5e3690b3363824⋯.gif (933.36 KB, 500x215, 100:43, source.gif)


>scorched earth policy

>destroy these new seedlings

>If you oppose or criticize Peterson's morally bankrupt ideology of individualism, you'll somehow turn all his followers into antifa!

521021 No.11212756


You raise valid points, but the fact remains that I myself am a fairly recent arrival here, and Peterson was part of my journey. He makes compelling arguments against the left on his "safe" topics. He won my mind on these issues. That didn't stop me from evaluating his individualist arguments and finding them easy to demolish. We just have to point to the demographic trends, and the hostile ethnocentrism being practised by other races, then the consequences of sticking with individualism become obvious.

Anyone who is entranced by a cult of personality around him, and unable to apply critical thinking, is a sheep that is not much use to us at this stage. Better to leave them parked with him than in the clutches of the left. They will likely think again as the profile of our movement rises. He won't be able to avoid addressing our arguments forever, and when that day comes we will win the day and pick up more support from his followers.

I'm of the opinion that controlled opposition tactics are simply not very effective against truthful right-wing arguments. This is why their first preference is always to shut us down, but they're rapidly losing that capability.

ff4ec1 No.11212763


Not answering the question. Very predictable behavior. Match that with your double posting.



It's easy to see you are a new employee, and I don't think you will last for long.


45c231 No.11212778


Oh cultie, you were doing so well until you spilled all of the spaghetti.

c3c888 No.11212785


>and now intl spam

Hooray, reported.

c3c888 No.11212792


>Yeah, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about

Too bad, it’s fact.

>you’re probably not even Canadian.

Of course I’m not. I can say whatever the fuck I want. Only Americans can comprehend freedom of speech. Literally no one else knows what it is. EVERY SINGLE TIME the concept is brought up, a whole slew of other countries claim they have it. They are never, ever correct.

>You can only be charged with ✡hate speech✡

So you admit you have no free speech. Got it.

d33adb No.11212806


>Peterson was part of my journey.

I was a pretty big fan of Peterson's until a few months ago when he started really shitting on White men who dared want to organize as "an evil identity politics collective" to prevent White genocide, and I'm not talking about joining the Alt-Kike, the man went full "how do you define white anyways? you can't!".

That's when I started digging into his history and his social connections, and discovered he's openly Zionist and deeply in league with tons of jews, which he himself admits, saying "most of my friends are jews". You need to remember that these kaballah kikes have a thing for being open about what they are doing, rubbing it in your face, as it's part of their luciferian religion that "if you tell your enemies what you do before you do it to them, it neutralizes the karma".

>didn't stop me from evaluating his individualist arguments anfinding them easy to demolish

You're not his average viewer, though. I'm more concerned about the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands now, of young White men he is converting into slavish followers. You need to understand that the vast majority of people that are behind successful political movements are not like you or I, they are sheep that are herded and their opinion swayed by emotion. Hitler wrote about this extensively. I would like to note it is not immoral to sway people with emotion if your cause is just and good, but in the case of Peterstein his explicitly stated intent is to prevent Whites from organizing to protect themselves.

I have studied cults for years, and their leaders. It's a huge field of study. Peterstein is creating a cult, and it really cannot be understated how dangerous this is, how much power it can have over the people that follow him. It's extremely hard to undo cult brainwashing, it's not just in the realm of "convince them to leave with solid arguments", brainwashing does not exist in the realm of logical thought processes.

>is a sheep that is not much use to us at this stage

I really disagree, it's these sheep that are the most useful to any political movement, because they are the primary memetic distribution vector (exponential spread), and they are ultimately the most dangerous to the establishment our work opposes simply due to body count and physical threat.

We are waging a war of propaganda, and to say that "follower-tier" people are irrelevant is really naive. They may be sheep but they are *our* sheep, and we should cherish them and guide them. We cannot succeed without them. Not everyone is a leader, the vast majority of people are followers, and it is wrong to regard our White brethren who are followers with disdain. They have their role to play. We must shepherd them.

Right now Peterstein is shepherding them, and this infuriates me, and causes me great distress, because I know that the level of damage he is doing is not easy to undo. It cannot be overstated how dangerous this man's insidious manipulations are.

>I'm of the opinion that controlled opposition tactics are simply not very effective against truthful right-wing arguments.

The jews have prevented a right-wing backlash for over 60 years solely by setting up controlled opposition. It is only now that we have the Internet that we even have a chance of overcoming this hurdle.

d33adb No.11212820


>So you admit you have no free speech.

Yes we don't have free speech that's true, my mistake for implying that. What I was getting at is that it's not illegal to talk about the jews as long as what you say is true, and that's a fact. It's also a fact that you can't be charged for hate crimes if your message is spread online (and ironically the law was changed to allow this because jews were getting pulled into court by muslims for what they were publishing online).

d33adb No.11212821

File: 30a9b25b047636c⋯.png (7.38 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 11e7e28a63f7606ccc65cb4958….png)

2143a0 No.11212835

File: 42eff73d6bd3f55⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 500x496, 125:124, are_you_alt-right.jpg)




Kek. Go back to wherever you came from you fucking nigger


67b22e No.11212848


>peterson was part of my journey

I highly doubt Peterson was at all integral to your realization in the primacy of the white race(s) and the need for in-group preference among our peoples, if you're being at all genuine that is.

>become obvious

Again, there's this naive assumption that most people operate along some sort of linear path of ideological progression, and if you just point them towards the right sources and ideas, it all naturally falls into place. It doesn't work like that. Get that through your fucking head.

>lol people who like him are expendable

That's a fatuous argument, and now I'm starting to think you're a disingenuous kike. So much potential talent among whites has been lost over the years due to ideological subversion of controlled opposition and media brainwashing, taking advantage of people who've been fed crummy circumstances in their lives, and who reach out for the most available solutions. Then they get stuck, and turn into lifelong republican voters, unable to pinpoint exactly why things never seem to improve, but still unfailingly loyal to their little conservative security blanket.

>controlled opposition tactics are simply not effective

Really, is that why whites have been reduced from 90% of America's population to around 50% in under 70 years? Because of the inefficacy of our enemies tactics, which they use over and over again on successive generations? Are you being intentionally stupid?

c3c888 No.11212850


Reported for not even trying to shill.

d33adb No.11212852



>Funny how they ONLY talk about "muh individualism! stop being collective!" with regards to whites.

Yes satan, it's quite a (((coincidence))) indeed, is it not?

In Peterstein's case he's been very explicit about why he wants to prevent White people, and only White people, from protecting themselves collectively, and it's because we would become too powerful and unleash "the horrors of racial pride".

25dc01 No.11212860


Ahhhhhh where to even begin with a newfag like you?

1)World peace is a meme. Can never happen especially when Jews are still allowed the right to exist as they do

2)He doesn't even believe in Christianity as a literal thing, so I don't know why you'd get so flustered there.

3)racism isn't bad.

Now you must understand Pickle Rick, he's not without his merits, but he is a coward who is either lying to others intentionally, or has been lying to himself for far too long.

Who knows? Maybe trolling him hard will bring him to face the facts. Should at least do so for some of his followers.

There is one thing he says that is not to be undervalued, you really Should go clean your room, bucko

e78a28 No.11212868


different guy


Hey Satan. And the reason they do this is ironically because it's only white people they could ever tell this to because white people are their group. If they did it to another group, that group would (rightly) see it as an attack.

5537e6 No.11212870

File: ee7d5a6b5ede5e7⋯.png (2.31 MB, 600x4486, 300:2243, x isnt white2.png)


Youre not from here, dont come back.

ff4ec1 No.11212871


>Ahhhhhh where to even begin with a newfag like you?

>can't even quote properly

The irony.

614d6d No.11212882

I apologize in advance goys, but I need some good anti-Peterson redpills and some links to his subversive nature that don't name the jew and are entirely normie friendly. I have a jewtuber on the fence right now and ((())) is a no go.

701aec No.11212897

>man finally steps up to combat feminism

>stealth feminist tradcucks run an op to discredit him and protect white vagina

25dc01 No.11212899


>He's a shill but he's a shill because he kiked out on another shill

You have to go.

25dc01 No.11212903


Don't know what happened there.

Doesn't take away from my points.

2143a0 No.11212907

File: 895b2bdfe76f3b8⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 600x469, 600:469, 12d807316f1ae5f6a56c123d12….jpg)



It's almost like these posters have never been here before.

1ecbe5 No.11212916


>too much of a newfag to realize the post he replied to was deleted

Even more ironical

ff4ec1 No.11212917



>double posting

keep embarrassing and exposing yourself more kike.

521021 No.11212920


So let's meme the fuck out of his bad arguments, as I suggested way up the thread. This in the other thread is on the right track: >>11179678

I don't really see what else we can do.

I guess I'm not totally convinced by your claim that he's purposely cultivating a "cult" following. Certainly, with his field of expertise he would understand the methods of psychological manipulation, but I haven't seen evidence of him using them. To me, it seems that people are drawn to him by the cogent arguments he makes on his safe topics. Do you have some links to stuff you found particularly objectionable, that you consider to demostrate manipulation?


Media control and political funding. They didn't win the argument and capture minds with their controlled opposition, they simply presented two fully controlled options, and no alternative was allowed to be heard. We're already breaking through that in a big way.

ff4ec1 No.11212932


Call out one shill and they seem to all come out of the woodwork. How fucking retarded can you be? Even if you are newly hired, it takes a competent individual about a half an hour to figure this site out.

Here is the post your buddy couldn't even quote correctly. As you can see, it's not deleted.


1b3121 No.11212934


Fuck off kike.

67b22e No.11212940


>y-yur not fuh-from here

Lol try a bit harder next time, stupid.

45c231 No.11212944

File: 32998963229adcf⋯.jpg (88.43 KB, 900x506, 450:253, smug yukari.jpg)


>it's not deleted.


Boy oh boy, buddy, you sure can't link properly.

ff4ec1 No.11212946



updating still shows the deleted posts

Going to F5 now and see all the chaos.

Why this OP isn't 404'd by now is what I'm wondering.

45c231 No.11212954

File: a4b84e62860b31a⋯.jpg (5.33 KB, 259x194, 259:194, dork.jpg)


Better luck next ip, my man, maybe you'll be less of a faggot next time.

5537e6 No.11213024

File: 3d3fa67a3994505⋯.png (140.74 KB, 256x288, 8:9, Jordan-Peterson.PNG)


He is a Jew you know. It doesnt take a lot of skill to see that in one glance.

8a5e91 No.11213033

File: 3d118d0a9c1e26c⋯.jpg (19.56 KB, 800x400, 2:1, jordan peterson hair.jpg)


He doesn't look jewish at all. He's just a boomer, and like all boomers has been raised since birth with a mountain of unquestioned ZOG propaganda

Did get a hair transplant though, for what it's worth.

5537e6 No.11213037


Oh yea, that brown skin, bushy eyes, fat lips, big space between his nose and upper lip, ears the stick our and dark curly hair. Totally aryan.

25dc01 No.11213039

File: ce848ca545f9217⋯.jpg (15.44 KB, 327x344, 327:344, retard_now.jpg)


Fucking kek

5537e6 No.11213041



Oh, and the baggy eyes too.

000000 No.11213068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I guess I'm not totally convinced by your claim that he's purposely cultivating a "cult" following

That's because you aren't paying attention and because you have no idea what a cult is.


>do they claim to have a special corner on the truth, something no other groups has?


>are you told to not question what is being taught, as the leadership are godly, honest, have divine authority and you must trust them?


>are you discouraged from asking questions as to why members have left, and expected to accept the reasons the group leadership gives you?

"They're just resentful Marxists or racists."

>do they put down other churches, groups, etc, while pointing out their faults and errors to build themselves up? do they use peoples faults and sins as examples of what to do and what not to do?

"You have mental illness if you criticize the jews!"

>are you made to feel your failures, as though your performance is not up to par to their righteous standards?

"Clean your room! Being proud of being White is cultural appropriation because you have accomplished nothing loser!"

>do they recommend for you to be around their people, expecting you to attend all group activities? if you do not, are you are questioned about your spirituality or dedication?

"Join my subreddit! Come to special sermons about the bible! You aren't committed to cleaning your room if you don't buy my personality test and self-authoring!"

>do they stop you from reading anything negative about themselves?

"It's all a bloody lie! They're resentful murderous bigots!"

>do they call those who fall away enemies, dogs, or cancer, even using examples from the Bible or other such materials?

"They're bad individuals and not like Christ if they are racist collectivists! Just like the murderous Cain!"

>do they place and emphasis on evil and the devil, declaring that the world outside is a threat to the group?

"Group identity is evil goyim!"

>do they defend themselves in every area?

"We've cleaned our rooms and are better than you! We will crush the collectivists!"

>do they give importance to a spiritual goal, such as enlightenment, godliness, salvation, that has no real tangible way of being measured?


>do they operate in humility, or seem arrogant, and make demands on you to obey, using such statements such as “real believers obey without question or if you really were a devoted follower you would do such and such"?

"If you criticize Peterson you are a COLLECTIVIST and haven't CLEANED YOUR ROOM!"

24136c No.11213073


>and Peterson was part of my journey.

Yes a part, not the mean reason. But you're only one out of thousands if not hundred of thousands lost people.

6795bb No.11213079


>not illegal to talk about the jews as long as what you say is true

With jews defining the official "truth."

490e1d No.11213086


<There's [sic] [recte There are] so many errors in this reply that's [sic] [recte that] it's difficult to know where to begin. 1st, no one has a "genetic interest in their race." That's not how it words [sic] [recte works]." 2nd, how do you define white? What color do you think the Iraqis are? Or the Iranians (Aryans - - see the connection?)

>Words only have meaning if there are NO gray areas.

Either he can't into spelling (unlikely) or he gets agitated easly and types too fast.

ff4ec1 No.11213096


By your definition mr TORpedo,

Is 8ch a cult?

6795bb No.11213097


>u ESPECIALLY don't see them say jack fucking shit about jewish collectivism,

Not so for Peterson, the twist is he sides with jews and says they're fine, anyone has an issue with jews there's something wrong with you, but any move by Whites to do what jews do is evil incarnate, the worst thing ever, the wrong path, for you Whitey, you must stick to universal christcuckery.

5537e6 No.11213103


He absolutely is putting a cult together. I read up on scientology to study it as a cult, the first thing any cult does is offer you real helpful information. Clean your room, heres a writing tool, better yourself. Dont you feel good? Now endorse white genocide. Thats Peterson.

1fc0cd No.11213108


this is very obviously a shill thread

c9c61a No.11213129





>I hate Peterson and anybody that disagrees with me is a kike.

Really makes you think.

f33e7c No.11213140


They'll go through the right chain of command (/pol/) or they're all kikes. I can't wait to see Anon do his thing.

5537e6 No.11213141


Anti-racist PIDF here to save the day for Israel. Reported.

3a24d8 No.11213152



Jew detected.

8a5e91 No.11213162


What's especially maddening are the mental gymnastics he does to excuse jews

>they control everything because they're just so gosh-darn smart :^)

Okay, so the data here is faulty but even if we go with the highest estimates of ashkenazis being an average of 115 IQ, there are so few of them compared to whites that this is nowhere near enough to explain how they completely dominate all institutions.

>you're only anti-semitic because you're jealous of their success!

Asians are also smarter and more successful on average, but "anti-asianism" isn't a thing in the same sense as anti-semitism. You don't see people accusing Asians of controlling all institutions and using them to subvert whites with marxist shit and trannies and feminism and whatever else.

>jews are only involved in lots of marxist and post-modernist circles because intelligent people have a tendency to gravitate toward these things!

Wouldn't explain the lack of many white people involved in cultural marxism, and as already pointed out, there are far more genius-level whites than genius-level jews. And once again, not a whole lot of asians pushing this cultmarx stuff either, and they are also smarter than whites.

But of course the boomer huckster won't address any of these obvious flaws in his handwaves, and he also refuses to debate anyone on these topics either

614d6d No.11213169


>Cherry-picking a handful of poorly-written insults without any supporting evidence to call kikes out of hundreds of comments saying the same thing as them and backing it up.

Really makes you think.

45c231 No.11213186

File: 9e8dd23c78b2d35⋯.jpg (9.6 KB, 325x326, 325:326, big thonk.jpg)


>goes through a 340something posts full of people with actual arguments

>picks four posts

>"lol not an argument XDDD"

5537e6 No.11213195

File: 10ebf0419fad73f⋯.jpg (245.75 KB, 730x1024, 365:512, Expanding-Minds-Tucker-Car….jpg)


I laughed because a lot of those can be applied to a National Socialist group, although not all of them. People need to have some kind of control in any collectivist movement. The difference is were trying to stop white genocide. He wont even mention it, doesnt care about it, offers no real solutions, and has a stated goal of stopping white people from acquiring the racial identity they need to do something about it. Hes trying to control people for his selfish interests, white people united isnt a cult. Thats a race, working together. Now trying to turn white people against their own, and teaching them not to recognize basic facts and human differences etc.. thats cultish, thats manipulative, malicious.

bad229 No.11213204


I think they're terrified of Peterson coming around to our ideas, because he's already got the groundwork laid but has been isolated in liberal academia his entire life. Us taking him down the Molyneaux route of gradual redpill would be Armageddon for them.

JP isn't on our side, but he's extremely fertile ground. Threads like this are their attempts to salt the earth before anything can sprout.

ff4ec1 No.11213213


>that last frame in the image.


5537e6 No.11213215


Not everyone seems to recognize hes a Jew, but he is, and youre effectively saying try to make Jews care about white genocide.

5537e6 No.11213225

Ill make this real simple.

>he intends to "prevent the horrors of racial pride" and "what happened in 1930s Germany".

If that doesnt make you want to see them be turned into ashes, you should go tell cuckchan about why. We care about people who promote that shit, and we dont accept them as "allies" just like we dont accept civic nationalists.

5537e6 No.11213229

Also cults dont tell people to get the fuck out regularly. They prevent people from leaving.

ff4ec1 No.11213233


>Not everyone seems to recognize hes a Jew, but he is,

Citation needed

This is the end game shills are trying to play

>b-but it's a c-cult!!

didn't work

>he's on SSRIs

didn't work

>But he's a Christian!


And now we go to their final stage, played a bit to early from a strategical point mind you

>b-believe me guise, he's a kike! Citation? Just look at him.

6795bb No.11213237

File: 14d42f166f60a2f⋯.jpg (130.7 KB, 580x785, 116:157, 1447216658997.jpg)

File: 3be28908722ee91⋯.jpg (62.49 KB, 579x611, 579:611, jewish nepotism.jpg)


>Okay, so the data here is faulty but even if we go with the highest estimates of >ashkenazis being an average of 115 IQ, there are so few of them compared to whites that this is nowhere near enough to explain how they completely dominate all institutions.

It's easy to calculate, all it takes is applying demographics to the bell curve, which shows there are more than ten times as many Whites than jews with 130+ IQ, there are more Whites with 130+ IQ than there are jews in the world by almost double. Then you have examples like the graphic, more jews given entry into top colleges, more Whites the highest achieving at the end of four years.

5537e6 No.11213239

File: 010bc581dfd86f2⋯.jpg (135.79 KB, 470x500, 47:50, Jews-Look-Like-This2.jpg)


So we need citations for Jews now. Hello Reddit. You also just ignored the part where he said hes trying to stop racial identity. So youre now trying to stop racial identity. If youre actually white, youre a race traitor.

5537e6 No.11213241


Ignore the neanderthal part of that. Its an example of a bunch of kike faces. I dont need to see citations for those, and if you do you should probably lurk 2 years.

bad229 No.11213244

>He's Jewish! I have no proof!

>He's building a cult! I have no proof!

>Anyone who engages with him in anything but hostilities is a race traitor!

>Reject anyone who isn't full on 14/88 out of the womb! Fuck learning and education on JQ!

>Posting like you get paid per volume rather than by responses

>If you disagree, you're Reddit, lurk moar!

I can taste the fear.

45c231 No.11213251


I think it's cock and 10$ personality quizzes you're tasting there, my guy.

6795bb No.11213257


Your critique isn't it at all. >>11213097

bad229 No.11213263


>Muh personality quiz

The one developed in partnership with a university and graduate students who are entitled to being paid for their work?

I think the reason kikes are so worked up about Peterson's academic work is because it works, and if you can treat people for what we've been told are medication-only problems with what amounts to psychological analysis and therapy, then they lose out on billions of dollars per medication made obsolete. Half the reason kikes want control of psychology is to pathologize their opposition, but the other half of the reason is so they can sell you treatments for it indefinitely.

490e1d No.11213266


Is that Mel Gibson's little brother?

ff4ec1 No.11213268


>>11213244 (checked)

Don't forgot to now add

>you want Citations! Hello Reddit!

Nice ID btw,


>paying for services is evil capitalism!

Get a load of this faggot

>I think it's cock and 10$ personality quizzes you're tasting there

>>I think it's cock


>10$ for a personality test, eh bucko?

>You wash your balls lately?

Stop projecting you actual homosex.

521021 No.11213274


Nice work. You almost had me going, but lost me here. He doesn't claim to have a monopoly on the truth and doesn't teach people not to question things. My fault for forgetting to filter Torpedos.


Judging by the clusterfuck of shilling in all three threads, they definitely consider him very important one way or the other.


I used to believe these things, on a superficial level they seem plausible. It's only when you look really closely, and see their utter dominance of certain fields, and the way that every contributing factor towards our demographic destruction traces back to them, that you realise it's too much to be coincidence.

45c231 No.11213306


>10$ personality tests

>washing balls






You're accusing me of buying 10$ personality tests and showering daily? Well, shit son, you really got me there, I do shower daily.

Now, how much money, cultie?

bad229 No.11213325


>Still trying to push a clinical psychological analysis as being the same as a Cosmopolitan "what personality type are you" test

Who do you honestly think you're fooling?


Kek, alright.

25dc01 No.11213359


>can purportedly cure psychological problems without drugs

>Juden Peterson has publicly admitted that he himself is on antidepressants among other things

Keep going, keep glowing.

bad229 No.11213387


>literally shilling for the inescapability of (((Big Pharma)))

You've got a nose you could open a tin can with.

There is no silver bullet against mental health issues, any more than there is one against physical health issues. But if you can develop therapeutic techniques that get people off lifelong medication dependence, why the fuck would you not do that? Fuckloads of people are prescribed bullshit they don't need to solve problems inflicted by their own limited understanding of themselves and the world, enacted in poor lifestyle choices and flawed standards. I've known dozens of people on antidepressants and only three of them actually had something wrong in their brains. The rest just needed a swift kick in the ass followed by a meticulous disassembly of self-destructive memes.

But no, let's just keep shoveling kids full of Ritalin and Adderall, treat the chronic pain conditions dispossessed men suffer with opiates, and put every woman over the age of 20 on a laundry list of anti-depressants. Big pharma is probably the single largest instance of "make the problem and sell you the solution" in the world right now.

b5158f No.11213409


>But if you can develop therapeutic techniques that get people off lifelong medication dependence, why the fuck would you not do that?

If it works why wouldn't he use it himself?

I don't believe antidepressants work myself, I think the data backs that up. I'm quite confident saying depression is a fake illness, a natural reaction to social and economic stimuli. The question is why does he use them if he says they are unnecessary?

94b682 No.11213423


>You never see any of these faggots telling blacks or mexicans or indians or arabs to behave individualistically.

because they implicitly recognize that they are incapable of it

>Also, fuck Peterson's cultish fanboys

Probably the biggest issue IMO. You're never going to have a shortage of cynical opportunists looking to cash-in their "told ya so" points but I find it utterly perplexing that a rather dull, middle-of-the-road person has managed to achieve such fanatical support (which he seems to be inviting rather than discouraging.) He certainly appears to be the perfect figurehead for the growing number of reformed progressives who desperately need to feel supremely enlightened, but just want to be spared the social embarrassment of the increasingly insane positions of the current year.

ff4ec1 No.11213430


>a natural reaction to social and economic stimuli

You are using the almost exact argument the genderfags use.

Why wouldn't you think depression could also be genetic or even hereditary for that matter.

>I don't believe antidepressants work myself, I think the data backs that up.

*Citation needed.

bad229 No.11213432

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He doesn't say they're unnecessary. He says they should be a nuclear option when all else has failed. Most of what tallies up to depression are real, fixable problems in your immediate life. That's something I had to learn the hard way. No amount of pills will make you happy if everything around you is factually shit. You have to take responsibility and make things better. Also, there's a misconception that having things makes you happy, when it's closer to getting things makes you happy. The circuit in the brain that makes you happy doesn't fire when looking back on your achievements, it fires in the moment of moving towards a new one. Happiness is always moving forward, advancing, not the destination.

25dc01 No.11213440



I didn't advocate using drugs, you silly boy. (goy?)

I stated the facts that Peterson is on these drugs in spite of dedicating his life to supposed natural psychological therapeutic solutions to these types of problems.

I believe much of what he says can serve that function if applied correctly, but clearly there is too much on his plate to apply it successfully to himself. probably because the deceitful nature of his life's work makes it difficult to live with himself

Stay off drugs and stop giving pharmajeutical corpirations your money, that's what I stand for.

ff4ec1 No.11213443


My mistake.

Didn't mean to bump this obvious (2nd!) shill and slide thread from the Original thread here.


b5158f No.11213444


>your emotional state is unrelated to whats happening to you

25dc01 No.11213446



ff4ec1 No.11213454


>gender Mental health is a social construct!

It is both biological and social.

b5158f No.11213482


Your mental state can change on a day to day basis and is shaped by your experiences and environment, you are conflating the objective and permanent state of ones sex (not to use the jewish misterm gender) with something that is by its very nature subject to frequent change. It is not only reasonable it is expected that you should be depressed if things are going poorly for you. You will not find depressed people who have no social or economic reason to be depressed.

bad229 No.11213495


>You will not find depressed people who have no social or economic reason to be depressed.

I take exception to this claim because it acknowledges a system exists and then claims the system is impervious to damage. I don't think it's a coincidence that our mental health epidemic came off the heels of the birth control/soy/plastics revolution generation.

5537e6 No.11213502


Reported for denying you can spot Jews by their face alone. There wont be some piece of paper that says which parent is Jewish, it doesnt even say his fucking mothers last name, or his father at all. Youre defending kikes, get the fuck out of here.

>Peterson was born on June 12, 1962, and grew up in Fairview, Alberta, a small town northwest of his birthplace Edmonton, in Canada. He was the eldest of three children born to Beverley, a librarian at the Fairview campus of Grande Prairie Regional College, and Walter Peterson, a schoolteacher.[10] His middle name is Bernt (/bɛərnt/ BAIRNT), after his Norwegian great-grandfather.[11][12]

IB4 hes Norwegian. Reddit would actually fucking believe that. You disgust me. Sources are important for things that require sources. Is Bernie Sanders a kike? You need to see the source on that?

ff4ec1 No.11213516


>lack of information and or evidence

>automatically jewish

Interesting rhetoric, I can tell you're not from here by your disgust and laziness to uncover solid evidence, which is a leftist trait. Begone faggot.


ya blew it.

b5158f No.11213530


>I don't think it's a coincidence that our mental health epidemic came off the heels of the birth control/soy/plastics revolution generation.

Its not, but that's not genetic as ff4ec1 thinks it is but it is also coinciding with the main cause of depression in society, namely a sever reduction in wages and all the social changes we know cause depression (in particular the destruction of the nuclear family)

ea9782 No.11213532


Every White Man in America has a reason to be depressed, we live in hell.

ff4ec1 No.11213536

File: 9b0c6d9c613b652⋯.jpg (980.55 KB, 456x5160, 19:215, 0ca4f6af88a911996fe0bd3cf4….jpg)

e53f71 No.11213545


Checked that sweet set of digits. This poster is right. You can tell who's shilling to burn the bridge from Petersen to us by their adhoms and this lovely post arguing against an imaginary position:


5537e6 No.11213561


W.e apparently Im blind.It still doesnt say his mothers last name. Peterson Sr. could easily be a kike who changed his name too, or just a kike son of someone who married into the Peterson line. It could be the mother, his face is the evidence. If the information isnt there, it doesnt mean J.P isnt a fucking kike. The fact you deny you can tell a Jew by his looks alone and suggest we need to source each obvious kike because youre not racially aware isnt an argument. Its a reason to send you back to cuckchan. Hes also a marxist socialist, who only got angry at the NDP (communists) for being mad at the rich instead of caring about muh niggers enough. So that means Trudeau socialism. Basic income, not going after rich people in a hostile way. Nearly zero difference.

>When he was 13, he was introduced to the writings of George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and Ayn Rand by his school librarian Sandy Notley—mother of Rachel Notley, leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party.[13] He also worked for the New Democratic Party (NDP) throughout his teenage years, but grew disenchanted with the party due to what he saw as a preponderance of "the intellectual, tweed-wearing middle-class socialist" who "didn't like the poor; they just hated the rich".[10] He left the NDP at age 18.

Websites been down for.. to long for me to stick around and keep trying, or I would have posted this already. This guy is more suited for lefty/pol/ communists than he is for here. He might not be for full communism, but he is for racial equality and mixed race societies, which is communism. He is for attacking white people with racial identity and pride. You want to promote this guy, push him on TRS or something where niggers, beaners and "based Jews" will agree with him. This is a board that pushes the idea that its a crime against nature for niggers to exist in our countries. We agree with Goebbels, who said that.

We push Goebbels.

You push Jews.

Go push your Jews where we cant push Goebbels, like the rest of the Jews who rely on a fact vacuum to spread their anti-racist bullshit. This place is JUDENFREI.

ed343a No.11213571

What's up with the nutsack thing? Does he really preach washing your nuts twice day?

bad229 No.11213580


No. His tl;dr advice is "clean your room", IE put your life in order and stop neglecting details because they accumulate into a miserable experience. "Wash your balls" is /leftypol/'s way of trying to make fun of it, just like "freeze peach".


>Waaaaaaaaaaah, take my word for it! Here's a list of things he never said!

5537e6 No.11213583

File: 42d3137e10feace⋯.png (29.38 KB, 255x190, 51:38, jidfdetected.png)

>"prevent the horrors of racial pride" and "what happened in 1930s Germany".

Anyone, anyone who suggests that someone who does that is on the side of whites is not allowed to post here. Its just a simple fact. Anyone pretending to be the /pol/ack, and telling other actual /pol/acks that they are shills for being against anti-racists - is raiding the board, and should be reported under raid+defending anti-racists.

25dc01 No.11213599


The sheer state of this board (as evidenced by all the shills playing both sides in this thread and virtually every other one I've seen in recent weeks)

Only adds to my anticipation for the next exodus.

bad229 No.11213603

File: 9eb1dc41983a60f⋯.mp4 (6.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Peterson Racial Morality.mp4)

File: 9b3ccfa144a9596⋯.png (85.44 KB, 576x432, 4:3, 19dade25f13dd76e3f1e610a47….png)


It's too late, chaim. He's figuring you out.

5537e6 No.11213621

File: 188744f813c5e86⋯.jpg (110.89 KB, 904x711, 904:711, gas3.jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


Thats a civic nationalist argument. Hes says that the only reason races act in their collective racial interests are.. socioeconomics, not enough education.

This is actually Sargons argument. Its based on that kike psychologist from the 70s or whatever who argued you need to have all your needs met before you can fully realize your individual self. THAT is what youre promoting, you should be executed, not just banned.

"You shouldnt be naive and assume that merely because you move them to a new country that they are going to let their INATE DEMOCRATIC LONGINGS FLOURISH"

Fuck you.

Mod, watch that video, and then gas these kikes.

ff4ec1 No.11213626



>The fact you deny you can tell a Jew by his looks alone and suggest we need to source each obvious

>suggest we need to source

Get out.

Not only are you retarded, you are claiming a Christian who gave lectures on the King James Bible is Jewish and not providing a single shred of evidence except.


Get off /pol/ or at least lurkmoar you insufferable faggot.

bad229 No.11213630


You fucking retard. You're either mentally disabled or actively claiming the exact opposite of what he said. He specifically referred to the group's evolutionary history in being fundamental to their value proclivities. Their genetic makeup.

25dc01 No.11213635


>two microphones

>symbolic of his transparent characteristic of talking out of both sides of his mouth

His stated and demonstrable goals are to steer young white men away from interests of white identity and racial collectivism.

Post all the empty talk you want.

5537e6 No.11213641

File: e2e59c7e366e759⋯.png (433.93 KB, 593x443, 593:443, Maslovs-Pyramid.PNG)

Marxist socialist promoting pic related. Reminder to report them so we can clean the board up.

ff4ec1 No.11213644


>says the exodus shill

How rich. Leave now.

bad229 No.11213645



I see you're both out of anything to say.

5537e6 No.11213647


He said they will stop doing that as soon as we give them all their needs. That you cant just bring niggers here, you need to give them all lambos too.

5537e6 No.11213653


Tired of seeing non-greened out post numbers that Ive responded to, waiting for the mods to show up and ban the anti-racists who are saying /pol/acks are shills for being able to spot Jews by their face alone.

bad229 No.11213654


>here's something else he never said

You just can't help yourself, can you?

ff4ec1 No.11213659



These shills get so butt-blasted or completely retarded that they can't help doubleposting, outing themselves as completely new.


Said no /pol/lack ever.

bad229 No.11213687


Their desperation is palpable.

f92c99 No.11213693

Good lord, this is the third Peterson thread in the week. Where were you for the other two d33adb? I discussed it extensively there, but you're quite chatty in this thread.


>I was a pretty big fan of Peterson's until a few months ago

Yeah, I can tell from the volume of your posting.

>They may be sheep but they are *our* sheep, and we should cherish them and guide them.

If you are truly a student of cult activity, you will know that basically all cults require a central authority figure. /pol/ for all of its great philosophical underpinnings and memetic capabilities cannot create a shepherd figure. The best one can get is an /ourguy/, but this is indirect. Sheep need shepherds, and shepherds are people rather than words on a page. Many of them might be enlightened by /pol/ but no sheep can ever be inspired by a non-human entity like /pol/. What do you propose to be the solution then?


>So let's meme the fuck out of his bad arguments, as I suggested way up the thread.

This is the basic conclusion of the other two fucking threads on this matter. /pol/ makes memes, not leaders. This is a good thing, because /pol/ would be corrupted by the inclusion of trackable identity within its discussions hence the obsession with shitting on e-celeb worship, tripfags, and attention whores. I think the most reasonable route to take from it was the following:

>Jordan Peterson is imperfect, perhaps even a bad actor. It is unclear.

>Regardless his, "clean your room," message is entry-level redpilling.

>This redpilling is incomplete, and requires more beyond what Peterson is willing or able to give

>Peterson has visibly run up against internal contradictions and failures recently, such as the Faith Goldie incident and others.

>/pol/ should focus on these flaws, question further, and deliver redpills to the dissatisfied Peterson fans to enable them to become /ourguys/

>Thus while Peterson is not /ourguy/, he is a great source of future /pol/acks if /pol/ does what it does best for them.

Remember that sperging out on Peterson will at best only harden his audience against the next dose of redpills because you harmed their Shepherd. Rather the 200 Years Together stunt is the method to get under that security. Be legitimately concerned for Jordan's and his audience's wellbeing, introduce the idea as rationally and reasonably as possible, and leverage Peterson's own better arguments to further that line of thought. That way you can convert the more thoughtful ones towards /pol/ and further enlightenment. But the truly sheepish ones will never stray from an authority figure until such an authority figure appears. Maybe that is something for us to work on in our individual capacities…


I think you are overapplying the cultic warning signs. We could warp it a bit and say that /pol/ was cultic in much the same way. /pol/ claims to be in possession of redpills, '/pol/ is always right', stupid or suspicious questions are met with kike and shill tirades, and so on and so forth. But /pol/ is not a cult because it lacks a central authority figure and other features if we are being honest, and I think the same applies to characters like Peterson and Molyneux. Now are they borderline? Sure, but teetering on the edge doesn't make one a cult leader.

Paranoia is a pernicious and subversive condition that can be useful to some extent but not when used as a wedge issue. The arguments from the prolific OP are intentionally or not designed as wedges that have already been addressed in two other threads before this one. Continue debating on how best to redpill Peterson's audience, but there is little use in attacking the collector of such promising minds in an effort to ruin his collection that can serve /pol/ so well.

5537e6 No.11213743


>Here's something, it's something Ive been thinking a lot about lately.It should not be assumed that citizens of societies that have not EVOLVED FUNCTIONAL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS PREDICATED QUALITIES WILL HOLD VALUES IN KEEPING WITH SUCH QUALITIES

>So we could say look, there are a lot of countries in the world that are NOT GOVERNED WELL. The vast majority of them. And they have been not governed well, forever. And to me that means there is something wrong with the VALUES THAT ARE HELD COLLECTIVELY BY THE PEOPLE WHOVE ESTABLISHED THOSE QUALITIES.


That is the entire text of what he said, capitalized parts for obvious focus and emphasis since you are being a kike and pretending you couldnt understand whats being said.

It says: Races act in their collective interests (bad!) because they come from countries where someone set up those values. Not because races always act on their collective interests, but because they have been programmed. That we can CHANGE them. Thats the implication, that its not racial. Its just a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. Thats what you believe. You believe that racial collective interests are a social construct, and that simply they need to be reprogrammed. That it takes a while to make a nigger not want to rape white women, or muslims not want to blow themselves up. Just give it time goy, ignore that white birth rate. Get the fuck out of here. Thats also ignoring all the other reasons, and the other shit hes said. Everyone here knows hes spoken out against anti-semitism, he exclusively targets white males and wants to stop racial pride, wants to prevent the 30s. You might as well be jews, white Jews if you arent real ones.

Niggers and beaners and chinks are always going to do what is best for them, WHITES are the only ones who have been brainwashed by scum like you.

bad229 No.11213750


This is the most contrived hoop-jumping bullshit I've ever seen, anywhere. I am honestly impressed. 10/10 you get a gold star.

5537e6 No.11213780

It says: Races act in their collective interests (bad!)

>there are a lot of countries in the world that are NOT GOVERNED WELL.

because they come from countries where someone set up those values.


Not because races always act on their collective interests, but because they have been programmed. That we can CHANGE them.


>someone set up those values.

>someone set up those values.

>someone set up those values.

That we can CHANGE them.





Niggers dont have innate democratic longings, and unless you dont have a brain, that obviously is being compared to individualistic activity and that by doing X we can MAKE them act as individuals, instead of as blacks. Youre either too stupid to be helpful, or a fucking weasel kike pretending to be stupid.

ff4ec1 No.11213797


Not only are you retarded, you are also deaf.

If you listened to the end, he is being sarcastic and finishes by saying


Filtered for not even trying anymore.

bad229 No.11213802


He explicitly says due to differing evolutionary paths. He makes not one whiff of argument that it has anything to do with anything else. You're putting every other word in his mouth.

He's saying there are no innate democratic longings if you didn't evolve to have them. He's specifically calling out the mass immigration, retard.

350d14 No.11214092

File: e5378944b11a3ee⋯.jpeg (32.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Zionist_Kike.jpeg)

File: 46523ff119d7b96⋯.jpg (386.4 KB, 1200x1604, 300:401, Marxist_Kike.jpg)


Their are two types of kikes out there in this world right now, but they have many things in common when it comes to fighting against le ebil gnatzees. First you have the Zionist kikes, pro-Israel types who want every Western nation to have Israel interests as their #1 priority, and also want Whites specifically in the military industrial complex to die for Israel. They tend to have severe forms of double standards such as saying White nations need Third World immigration all the while saying if you want Israel to be diverse as well, it's anti-Semitism. Bibi Netanyahu, Rothschild family, Roy Cohn, Ovadia Yosef, Dennis Prager, Henry Kissinger, Pedowood kikes and a whole lot more on the ZOG lobby and the many rabbis of Israel are good examples.

Then you have the Marxist kikes, they support basically every theory on Cultural Marxism. Feminism, LGBTBBQAYYLMAOWTFBENIS+ Rights, trannydom, multiculturalism, interracial marriages, miscengenation, affirmative action, and all kinds of degeneracy. All the while saying they are doing it for the sake of "crushing capitalism" while making infographics and "memes" on Faceberg, typing on their iPads. Marxist race traitors and even Marxist kikes tend to be anti-Israel for the sake of #FreePalestine, or as I like to call it #OpenBordersForIsrael and I agree. However they see Israeli kikes killing off the ragheads being similar to le ebil gnatzees perpetuating the Holohoax fairytale. They're not even anti-kike like /pol/, they're only against a specific type of kikes, the Zionist ones. They support muslim rapefugees and Religion of Cuck™ because since they have brown skin it gives the official opressed minority status. None of them are aware that the ragheads would have killed all of the degenerates immediately, and it's happening. Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, almost every Soviet subordinate, Noam Chomsky, George Soros, and Barbara Spectre are good examples.

All in all, they both hate Whites and the NatSoc and think the Holocaust actually happened (but it should have, and it will). The Zionist omes want all Whites to be enslaved by Jewish power so they can die for Israel (like I said before) while the Marxist ones want Whties to be wiped off from the face of the Earth for the sake of "diversity" and "progressiveness".

d38bf7 No.11214360


The more I read these threads, and there have been too many started about or sidetracked into being about peterson, the more I remember this simple fact:

Revolutions are never won or even fought by more than 10% of the population. 3% of the men of a country that are well trained and focused on the goal at all costs will always win a revolution.

When you learn to dehumanize yourself and face the bloodshed, when you become fit and hard you are ready.

Eceleb drama will always be eceleb drama.

6795bb No.11214394


and that advice is fine, the problem is jews are fine, you're just jealous and Whites doing the same as jews(be ethno aware, protect and preserve, work in the interest of Whites as a group) are evil incarnate, Whites have to stick with universal christcuckery.

ff4ec1 No.11214451




>Public Speaker

E-celebs only occupation is internet camwhoring.

To your standards, virtually everyone profiled on the internet, or anyone who uses the internet as a communication device is an """""e-celeb""""



This term just screams shill. Should be word filtered tbh.

6795bb No.11214474


Fuck you, christcuckery is what I see it as, it is a very deserved descriptor.

91fd09 No.11214525

File: d61a2b4475aea28⋯.jpg (61.7 KB, 950x534, 475:267, https_//blueprint-api-prod….jpg)


>It's time to meme this narcissistic fuck death, lads.

TBH I like Peterson, alot. But I have to admit - These are some high quality fucking memes.

Please accept the back of this rare pepe's head as congratulations on a job well memed.

c3c888 No.11214542


To bad, intl. You're wrong.

6795bb No.11214554


Except I'm not.

ff4ec1 No.11214564



wow shills shilling shills just like in the more relevant thread. Who would have guessed? Almost identical responses too.

ee8ce5 No.11214582

File: f9a16aa27e75134⋯.jpg (224.86 KB, 854x480, 427:240, cailou all grown up.jpg)


>TBH I like Peterson



Now fuck off

6795bb No.11214596


Screaming shill or complaining about calling christuckery christcuckery instead of addressing my comment is shilling. Peterson is okay with jews but attacks Whites if they argue to do the same, it's bullshit.

1ecbe5 No.11214661


>Molyneaux route

What's the Moneyjew route? Pretending a subversive kikes is really on our side because he says things that are moderately pro-White to keep people listening?

421d50 No.11214668


>3% of the men of a country that are well trained and focused on the goal at all costs will always win a revolution.

The Civil War didn't go so well.

a0a3a2 No.11214670

Im not buying this peterson is a zionist shill shit. Hes being promoted since he's well spoken but there is no master plan here. He's redpilling hundreds of thousands and you faggots want to cry about it??

Gimmie a break.

6795bb No.11214681


Nobody is complaining about him telling people to get themselves sorted out.

e2f692 No.11214693

I'm skeptical of this desire to tear Peterson down. Not because I agree with or trust him, but because he's still of some use to us even if he doesn't take things anywhere near as far as we'd like him to.

Not everyone has to be a full blown supporter of the same ideals as us to be useful. It limits how useful they will be, yes, but it doesn't completely eliminate utility. Peterson pulls his people rightward. Not as far as we want, but rightward nonetheless. It seems to be that he makes for a useful bridge to our ideas. And rather than focusing our efforts on blowing up the bridge, it would be better to leave the bridge to its thing and have a way to pull the people who he brings in further rightward AFTER he brings them in.

f4cb17 No.11214695


It depends on how you criticize him. IF you criticize him for being too left leaning, it ends up being more useful for us.

1ecbe5 No.11214707

e2f692 No.11214710


What he says his effect is and what it actually is aren't necessarily the same thing. He turns people against certain aspects of leftist dogma no matter how you slice it. That makes him at least of some use.

421d50 No.11214731


He does nothing to pull people rightward, all he does is give a kosher outler for people already leaning towards the right. A position that allows them to vent against the worst excesses of the left while still not being anything remotely threatening to our planned genocide.

6795bb No.11214751


If all people do is listen to the get sorted part it's beneficial, but beyond that it's controlled opposition. Ignoring the shill! shill! response, people actually discussing him are able to discern the difference, it's the clueless target audience of his that is of concern, per Peterson's own reckoning he's steered thousands back onto the jew plantation.

882f90 No.11214782


Either you haven't watch enough of his shit, or you have a poor memory/ability to comprehend what's being said.

The law passed and now he says he'll obey it. It was a half assed objection and now he's cucked out, just like we broke over the jq. His passive aggressive responses was the old, what are White people and that bizarre shit about ones race. That was his CLEAR declaration that he's NOT /ourguy


Free speech FOR HIM. You and I, not so much. He snitched on one of my twatters for a response I made to this bullshit. I lol'd at the irony.


I'm thinking that he either changed his name, has a jew momma, or married one. It's too much at this point.



Gud boys. German beers for you guys.


Sharp! You caught that too.



More good boys. LOVE IT.


It's a nice theory, but in reality, these people are completly GONE. I did a test today after commenting here a bunch of times last night. You should see how mental these cucks got. Just sperging out with dumb insults. Questioning Peterson to these people, pointing something out is heretical to them. OP wasn't exaggerating when he talked about the douche thinking he's a 'prophet'.

I'll offer this. To do it your way, people should do a 'concern troll' spin on it. Like asking him nice, 'Dr. Peterson what do you think of xyz book'. Or set him up for a trap with a claim about something you read knowing how he'll reply. Or, if he says nothing, the crowd will murmur over it.

Quality shill turn out since last night. The juden is afraid. It shows he's a shill and that we've hit oil.




Checked and one for you.






Checked with a beer. The interesting thing is, the majority of his class has been mystery meats for… 20 years now. White men are… 15% of it. So we must crush him online. He's planning on doing some bullshit online school. He claims that's where the Patreon bucks are going to go. Yeah that's what I got today, insane comments by little shits.

Too many good people here to mention. Look around, there's an army of giants. He's an old cokehead like his hero Shlomo the fraud. His followers are soy boys and mystery meats.


100% BULLSHIT. Canadian hate laws state that, TRUTH IS NOT A DEFENSE. Look it up.

bad229 No.11214795

I just overdosed on shill. What's the number for poison control?

c24acf No.11214813

File: 5548950b806053b⋯.png (718.81 KB, 952x559, 952:559, 555555.PNG)


doing gods work here lads, can't believe we didnt think of this sooner.

e7fdb6 No.11215140

Shills replying to shills, the thread

16895c No.11215373

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

16895c No.11215386

File: 1694219ae67295c⋯.png (311.94 KB, 1792x539, 256:77, Screenshot_1488.png)


Good post, only critique is you could have said "bolshevik" 9.9/10

882f90 No.11215639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4437c3 No.11215765

File: 47b0a75346a237d⋯.jpg (44.59 KB, 667x397, 667:397, hmmmmmmmm.jpg)

ff4ec1 No.11216093


>The law passed and now he says he'll obey it.

*Citation needed

>He snitched on one of my twatters for a response I made to this bullshit. I lol'd at the irony.

*Citation needed

>I'm thinking that he either changed his name, has a jew momma, or married one. It's too much at this point.

*Citation needed

5775ff No.11216851

File: 02fea47a755b225⋯.png (959.38 KB, 990x664, 495:332, jpb.png)


06bcf2 No.11217111

File: 3ca2c2be7e81e00⋯.png (259.49 KB, 532x645, 532:645, crypto kike.png)

File: e8d92b353a10172⋯.jpg (54.77 KB, 402x480, 67:80, italianarmenoid.jpg)


>Meanwhile, this philosemite, or possible crypto-kike


For sure. Guy is Taurid mix, clearly ashkenazi.

Pic related. Observe eyes and mouth shape. Armenoid admix is visible.

t. classifier

ff4ec1 No.11217199


wtf I hate Peterson now.

Try harder kike.

06bcf2 No.11217270

File: ea651383d6bf068⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 367x480, 367:480, Georgian_Armenoid.jpg)


you forgot post your grandpa pic

eaeb02 No.11217283

The sheer amount of shilling against him (three fucking threads in a week) show how assflustered the lefties are over him. At first I thought it was /leftypol/, but the more I look at the posting styles, the more I think it's Goons. Their posting style is totally foreign and recognizable.

Remember, Goons are the ones that say you're 'carecucked' if you're emotionally invested in anything. The mere idea that there's anything to aspire to/values to be held is anathema to them.

7366c1 No.11217440


if you know hundred of people and they’re all stupid, it means you know hundreds of stupid people

if most of the people you know are pretty dumb, it means you’re probably not such a bright bulb either

dd6d1a No.11217456


You mean another time for the anti-fa shills to become iconoclasts and play on /pol/s jew bias to stem the flow of right wing thought to normies. Gotcha.

8a5e91 No.11217491


I think there's a false dichotomy going around that the only two options are sucking someone's dick and "tearing them down".

I don't think any of the anti-peterstein people (including myself) are against him existing. However, he should be challenged from the further-right. There are pipelines toward white nationalism stemming from libertarianism, conservatism, the skepticTM community, etc. These only work as pipelines if the people who have already been moved as far as these moderates will take them have their ideas challenged, causing them to move further.

Basically, we harvest white nationalists from the moderate circles. But this harvesting requires us to criticize their ideas and show people why just stopping at Peterson (or Sargon of Akkuck or Milo or whoever the fuck) aren't getting the full picture.

This idea that these moderates can't recruit from the center/left if we criticize them from the far right is ridiculous. Just imagine being a typical apolitical libcuck hearing Peterson's basic-bitch conservative stuff and then saying to yourself "oh, but those white nationalists are criticizing him for not naming the jew even though I'm not even woke to the JQ yet, wtf I hate moderate conservatism now". It doesn't logically follow.

tldr: we need to engage with moderates to challenge their ideas and bring their viewers further right.

ESPECIALLY if these guys actively shill against WN

c94fe1 No.11217569


>fascism not only palatable but utterly inescapable.

There are other roads to nobility, but none are in democracy nor communism.

c94fe1 No.11217609


Are we democratic out of our racial traits, or because of sociological and historical reasons?

b4fbd2 No.11217694


Very good, anon!

he's a very ungrounded speaker, which makes him totally unpalatable to most of us

e39340 No.11218060

File: a761b349f88ae3e⋯.png (520.98 KB, 1027x851, 1027:851, hassciencegonetoofartempla….png)


Mods = Gods

6795bb No.11218315

File: bde95043488fe4a⋯.jpg (42.66 KB, 986x625, 986:625, bell curve.jpg)


>there are more White geniuses than there are jews in the world.

Yes, and it's real easy to calculate. ~12m jews vs 2% of 1b/20m 130+ IQ Whites. Even going with the low estimate of 600m Whites world wide it's 12m 130+ IQ Whites.

efe082 No.11219315

File: 5c163f0abda8ca4⋯.jpg (148.52 KB, 640x767, 640:767, Peterson.wife.jpg)

Peterson is famous for talking about trannies. Well… this is what he's married to.

aa0a48 No.11219374


>the fucking goblin nose

Now it all makes sense- maybe he's not a crypto, but his wife certainly is a kike.

It's Alex Jones all over again.

e76494 No.11219456

File: 8cbcac32a66bf77⋯.png (23.05 KB, 705x210, 47:14, roberts.png)



Her maiden name is "Roberts". Not a confirmation, but definitely possible.

a8cdd7 No.11219473


>that post spacing

a8cdd7 No.11219482


That's crazy.

He isn't pushing anyone to the left or right.

He's merely trying to make people have independent and critical thinking.

6795bb No.11219502


He's doing more than that.

fe42b6 No.11219521


There are kernels of truth to what he says. Because his opinion differs on jews doesnt mean every single thing to ever come out of his mouth should be disregarded. I assume you are all smart enough to be able to pick truth kernels out of shit right?

fe42b6 No.11219537


>independent and critical thinking

Thats looked down on regardless if you are a /pol/ user or /leftypol/. The entirety of 8ch is a closet of hugboxes where everyone keeps everyone else thinking the same way and anything outside the popular sentiment of the board of your choosing is shut down. By having an opinion of your own youll fit in nowhere here.

e76494 No.11219557


>independent and critical thinking.

Except when it comes to him.

65ed97 No.11219793


Forgive me if I'm playing devil's advocate in this case, but isn't this a lot like what federal and local police often do, or are expected to do, except he wrapped the cases up probably a lot quicker?

aa0a48 No.11219833

File: 7f0a9eb8f5c26a4⋯.png (603.35 KB, 667x615, 667:615, 7f0a9eb8f5c26a459a717094e1….png)


>pick truth kernels out of shit

If someone picking shit is your standard for smart, I've got bad news for ya

6795bb No.11219850


what outside popular sentiment being shutdown are you referring to?

359327 No.11219901

File: 6ff40bbd9106595⋯.png (115.24 KB, 749x666, 749:666, 1517569656532.png)

How do we ruin this faggot's career?

213e9e No.11219909

File: dfd57d5c21d72d6⋯.jpg (320.13 KB, 1072x1440, 67:90, Peterson fan.jpg)


His autistic cult is already doing that. As they get more vocal, do you think anybody's going to want anything to do with him?

200c70 No.11219913


Roy Cohn fucked McCarthy when he was trying to clean up America from the jewish traitors. Listen to George Rockwell. There are no good jews, never. It is better to think that way, than to trust a jew and have your life destroyed. It's as if you trusted a snake that he has a genetic flaw that he doesn't produce poison. I'm sure some have this flaw, but ther rule still is "snakes have poison and must be avoided".

f80d01 No.11219962


So he married a tranny Jew, explains everything.

c76869 No.11219974


I thought you guys realized he was a hack, guys it's Pepe the frog we like not Kermit.

2dcb4d No.11220168


>pol expects you not to use critical reasoning

kike you need to go back to the debriefing room before you shill again

ef223c No.11220206

File: 02cf270eab3f713⋯.png (615.93 KB, 680x480, 17:12, b45f92174955443e36e2ceb5a1….png)


Friendly reminder that Benny G not just turned by us.




He thinks that peoples have evolved cultural values. This is true. If someone intellectually honest considers this, it means admitting that evolution has taken place both within the culture and within the genes of a people. The two have grown together. This is the foundation for the argument against multiculturalism.

Peterson's main messages are:

>Sort yourself out first.

Get fit, get powerful, take on the responsibility of becoming a patriarch.

>Speak the truth.

A good propaganda does not need to lie.

Even if Peterson's hangups about the JQ prevent him from living up to his ideal, that doesn't prevent you from doing so.


Correct. Peterson has already built up Solzhenitsyn as a truth speaker. Next is to let people hear the truth about the JQ from Solzhenitsyn the truth speaker.

8d1c39 No.11220362

This thead is absolute astroturf.

I agree that Peterson is an absolutely coward when it comes to the jewish question, even when it comes to put responsibility on top of any of his adversaries for that matter.

He's always fighting "ideas". Saying that innocent people are possesed by these ideas as if they are viruses (which they are) but with will of their own.

Also, he never discusses the origin of these ideas, he sometimes talks about Foucault and Jacques Derida, which don't get me wrong, they are some of the very prominent smiths of these soul putrifying axes of thought.

However, who commands these ideologies to be made?, who takes their momentum and projects them into the aether for the rest of the peoples to be contaminated by them?

The jew is always reshaping itself, and this idea must be understood to its fullest potential. The jew is nothing but the perception the public has of it. A few decades back the jew was the brave provocquateur who stood for the rights of LGBT and similar matters. There were still jews in the right in theoretical opposition to this, but they were silent.

Today we experience very much the same from these people. The are both on the right and the left as always, maintining this theatrical façade, but the ones on the right are the most vocal ones. Vocal on the fact that they are jews and that they are on the side of the rising underdog, an intelligent desition of course.

Yes the ones on the left push degeneracy at every turn and every single time you see something decadent that turns your stomach you're amazed (at first at least) to come to the realization that once again it was the produce of a jew or his influence. However, these aren't vocal about their judaism, like the leftist jews of the past or the right wing jews of the present, they do their thing in silence. This is to make sure that in the public eye the jew is always on the side of positive change. When in reality he is always on both sides, pushing degeneracy in silence on the loosing side and perverting the honest noble change that rises to meet this degeneracy.

They are the officials and the opposition. They are both sides of the arguments. The never allow us to heal fully, to re-attaign a coherent solidary social environment.

5537e6 No.11222282


The tweet is still up. I shit on him when he made it, with no response. Its real. Thats what youre defending, someone who thinks race is a social construct.

5537e6 No.11222302

File: 131b454a18fa7ac⋯.jpg (174.85 KB, 686x604, 343:302, Truth is illegal in Canada.jpg)


>100% BULLSHIT. Canadian hate laws state that, TRUTH IS NOT A DEFENSE. Look it up.

If were being accurate and not simply agitating, the technicality is that Canadian law DID rule for a very small period in time that "truthful speech can meet the definition of hate speech" but then Harper overturned the whole law that made that possible in response. Its now 100% entirely legal to say something truthful as long as you make at least some attempt to back it up with facts, and prove its true. Thats it, you just have to back them up with facts. Saying "history could repeat itself" is never going to be hatespeech in Canada.. or at least not for a long time.

f9c88c No.11222903

There's a cuckchan femanon I met a couple of years ago (and fucked) who loves this guy. Goes to his talks and so on.

She has daddy issues out the wazoo incidentally. Dad cheated on her mom and left her, came back later, mom took him back, then he left again.

I really want to fuck her again because she's a qt. But I'm torn.

91fd09 No.11223623

File: e0749c5d10400d0⋯.jpg (73.35 KB, 634x998, 317:499, article-2721230-20757D5D00….jpg)


Okay you spiteful, hatefilled nigger.

Jordan is a white that understands Nietzsche better than certainly you just about anyone else I have ever come across. He has helped me to appreciate what Nietzsche really said, and what nihilism really is, which has inspired me to reread both Thus spake Zarathustra and the Will to Power in the last year.

He encourages masculinity.

He is against Commies.

He encourages our youth to rebel against communism en masse. He successfuly inspires tens of thousands of young men to read Gulag archipelago, and reconsider the White Values in the Bible, leaving the Jewish God behind.

But you know what. I am going to listen to you - the hatefiled mongrel who posts pictures of degenerate whites holding white children inside of a bomb vest like some goddamned Muslim. You are doing great things for this world. all praise anon ee8ce5 who was not blessed with dubs. OUR TRUE LEADER.pic related

5c620d No.11223631


Unless you get into hypnosis and learn how to fix her shit, it probably won't work out very well.

c8e15a No.11223662

File: c4be7bfe6e258d8⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 403x403, 1:1, the best weapon against an….jpg)


>There are two types of kikes out there in this world right now

Can we pit them against each other?

5315c8 No.11223681


They aren't as divided as he makes them out to be, and they're certainly united in their hatred of us. Notice how he mentions Barbara Spectre in the second camp? She made "aliyah" to Israel, and Leon Trotsky's followers became the Israel-first neo-cohens.

925f39 No.11224004

Every time he brings up "integrating the shadow" he uses it in a kiked way.

>recognize the power that you have but restrain yourself because actually doing what is possible is wrong, go clean your room

>society isn't the problem, if you think an alternative ideology is the answer than you're the problem and need to fix yourself

He also goes off in tangents about his belief in the Singularity, pure technophile transhumanist shit. I bet he loves the idea of everyone being psychoanalyzed by machines so they don't do wrongthink.

c46efb No.11224027

I ordered his new book (since it seemed like a topic I need help in) the other day. Is it worth reading? Are the subjects in it subjects he's intellectually honest about?

aa995e No.11224052

File: 71fe21a0ca13282⋯.jpg (753.85 KB, 1060x1752, 265:438, 1517462082908-vert.jpg)

a7ad6a No.11224057


It is just a repackaging of Jung's work with a handful of citations to behavioral studies to support his claims. In terms of you employing "internalization" the technical psych term for taking personal responsibility for your life, it is fine for yourself, but don't allow it to poison your understanding of tribal groups and your place in them. Peterson wants to indoctrinate you into the cult of individualism and he knows in order to do that he has to imprint an attachment to the idea that you're in control of your life and that "collectivising" such as identifying with white nationalism is a threat to this personal power.

007b7c No.11224074


Psychoanalyzing is their hobbyhorse, imagine a bunch of bodybuilding bros or a bunch of starcraft pros looking at their build order, the basic motivation of that is ensuring fringe/group cohesion.

007b7c No.11224075


and refinement ofc.

92e4e6 No.11224172


>look i made a pretty infographic with skills i learned in studying for the degree i have no job to show for

>therefore pol didnt do it, it was rebblit and other trolls

lol you are weak and your shits retarded

6a74d8 No.11224431

he's a psychologist so he's obviously kiked to hell.

6a74d8 No.11224436


eh….Solzhenitsyn is just as bad as anyone who believes the Holocaust meme

ff4ec1 No.11224734




There's the buzz words again, spoken like a true leftist.

4805ef No.11226514


No peterson realizes that individualism, which in your sense means not being bound to the "tribal" values of the group, is a neccesity in order to establish a liberal society or a neccesity to achieve maximum gains out of it.

White nationalism in that sense is a protection mechanism and a stronger response from outside influence and there is nothing inheretly bad in it. Since in todays "liberal" society common sense which means a protection from a massive influx of immigrants doesnt exist anymore.

You can see university educated monkies that do not want to reason about the most basic shit, for example that refugees throw away their passports when entering europe for obvious reasons.

The main underlying question however is why those liberals do not want to see the most basic shit and argue against more reasonable positions and the answer to that is that they believe they profit from the status quo in the sense of if the status quo doesnt exist anymore other groups might want to punish them for maintaining the status quo over a prolonged peroid of time.

cb363a No.11226882

File: a87c262ad2f5586⋯.jpg (70.21 KB, 622x621, 622:621, a87c262ad2f55862cc213f4bdf….jpg)


>peterson realizes that individualism, which in your sense means not being bound to the "tribal" values of the group, is a neccesity in order to establish a liberal society or a neccesity to achieve maximum gains out of it.

Found the jew. Fuck off schlomo. There is no such thing as an (((individual))). You are a product of your upbringing.

And to those fucking retards who didn't recognize the fact that peterson endorsed kermit the frog instead of pepe, shame on y'all.

Kermit the frog is a shillary clinton mascot you dumb fucks!

a73359 No.11226903

File: 964d8b24451bf2a⋯.jpg (269.55 KB, 460x699, 460:699, marx post.jpg)

File: 829e134f8423c1d⋯.jpg (93.31 KB, 960x960, 1:1, marxism poster.jpg)

File: b5c80f521d962c6⋯.jpg (988.8 KB, 1329x1870, 1329:1870, check mate marxists.jpg)

he's coming to australia in march.

can someone send him these?


6795bb No.11226977

File: 278f6eac88a5911⋯.jpg (3.29 MB, 1383x6447, 461:2149, 1517700696850.jpg)

db19f1 No.11226989


This is a good thing. Let him siphon off jokers. Just like how the left let their maniacs take over to their own demise, he too will be dismantled by his lunatics.

63c8fe No.11226999

File: d3530c96366e64a⋯.gif (858.72 KB, 320x229, 320:229, Kermit_saves_America.gif)


>Kermit the frog is a shillary clinton mascot you dumb fucks!

That little fact didn't stop us from making use of him–whatever tool the left claims to "own" can and will be utilized to further our cause through clever application of humor. Polite sage because this eceleb bullshit is getting long in the tooth.

216e90 No.11227041


Normies I know who have come across Peterson have done a full speed ahead to the right side, as many people have when they discovered him when h3h3 popularized him even more so. When a gateway figure to logical right wing mindset pops up, these types of rabid threads often pop up. Strange.

Fuck everything he says about the preservation of Western Culture and gender pronouns, I say let it all rot!

216e90 No.11227063


When everyone on the left side is absolutely disgusted and actively trying to tear this man down via public social media and other means, you really have to question why this supposedly "right wing" poster is trying to play on /pol/s jewish bias simply because Peterson plays along and doesn't address the ((JQ)), if he addressed the ((JQ)) he would 100% be completely obliterated from all fronts and you can bet his pateron funding and any sort of platform will be torn from under his feet at the speed of light thus stemming his right wing teachings.

7d41bc No.11227068

File: cca117eed150fa8⋯.jpg (41.66 KB, 469x354, 469:354, 1400608075760.jpg)


>/pol/s jewish bias

db19f1 No.11227073

File: 89a747f4c769553⋯.gif (790.66 KB, 300x125, 12:5, ikeaboy.gif)



>tfw you don't switch IPs

74d472 No.11227106


Petersons motive fully aligns with the "jews" because he trys to fix young alienated men and is a talking head contrary to the jackshit that is in the mainstream. The main mistake you make is wanting to make this guy the saviour of the white race.

Psyducks in general take a more mainstream approach with some twitching towards their approaches and believes because that is their modus operandi given a certain populus.

The "psyops" you nigger isnt giving a dogma it is to slect certain people to do the talking and influencing them to a certain extend.

6795bb No.11227140


>you make is wanting to make this guy the saviour of the white race.



Not put forth.

peterson is trying to "fix" Whites from defending themselves hypocritically defending jews jewing, you're just jealous, being ehnocentric and have an ethno state.

74d472 No.11227174


You will never have your ethnostate, the only salvation you could have is forging public perception to minimize the influx of foreigners until they reach a critical level. You have to understand that the jewish barber only works that well because the mechanism of big cooperations and captial is a consequence of that. But the solution to that is really complicated. So in that sense you have to get in the head of the jewish spastics, because my loophole sniffing rats operate in a certain way.

74d472 No.11227194



That is to say once the jewish rats overwhelm in any sort or form the status quo in a rather nihilistic manner you are in deep shit. See the 10 stages of civilzation. The reason why the assholes in barcelona protest for more refugees isnt because they actually want more refugees but out of pure spite, which leads to the seperation of catelonia, because it is the same fabric.

a5ac96 No.11227202

File: 7e519cde2499a6f⋯.jpg (115.36 KB, 1280x544, 40:17, ash.jpg)

>ecelebs are doing things I don't like

Welcome to /nupol/, here's your nippled bottle of soy milk and your guide to "not thinking critically".

74d472 No.11227204


And i also really want your analmouse head on a plate you disgrace.

9421db No.11227210

Why is /pol/ falling for psyop, again? Regardless of his opinions on jews, his advice to young men is critical.

095228 No.11227226


>this man is dangerous

No he isnt. Why ruin his career? He seems to be doing good and with pure honesty in his part

Seems like an effort to alienate him from his base, like pure D&C

6795bb No.11227367


I'm a disgrace to what, jew world order? Want my White head on a plate? We already know about jew's desire for White genocide.

74d472 No.11227402


I just do not like analmouse shit, and i will get to your niggers, and i cant wait. And there many more that will gut you. I will start with the bvf, give me some info and i will kill them. I dont like their ratnature.

74d472 No.11227407



Give me a target.

ef223c No.11227415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Embed related is a good video to take Peterson fans beyond him and towards a higher plane of understanding.

6795bb No.11227483


America was a White ethostate from inception, with the first congress passing its first legislation being immigration law stating only Whites could be citizens and reaffirmed repeatedly in successive years. From the beginning 1776 to 1965-70 demographics of America was 90% White as a result. The purpose of jews' 1965 immigration act was to destroy this, and now America is barely over 50% White with projection to go to oblivion with multiple means being employed to constrict White procreation to zero. There are ethnostates that exist now, ethnostates crafted into existence in recent history in Eastern Europe, plans of creating ethnostates in the middle east ala dividing up iraq, and the multicult experiment in America was created in short order. We have also moved huge volumes of people on purpose in Europe, the middle east and here like with Eisenhower's Operation Wetback, so your assertion/belief that America or anywhere could not be a White ethnostate again doesn't hold up to the scrutiny of history.

025824 No.11228180


If the the ultimate enemy was the left, you'd be absolutely right, but we're really in a racial struggle against the jew, and since so many jews are open to promoting Peterson and giving him a platform, what does that tell you?

ff4ec1 No.11229640


>giving him a platform

Spoken like a true leftist. Outed yourself m8.

8bdc1a No.11231430

Wew the board is completely overran with outsiders

ff4ec1 No.11233144

51d2de No.11233737


I guess it's time to ally with Dusty Smith on taking down JP

8bde86 No.11234005

I've never seen people so absolutely obsessed with someone. Pathetic but also fascinating

62156f No.11234017

File: 638d9cd0326ec4e⋯.mp4 (14.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jordan Peterson says 'I ca….mp4)


I don't expect it from people like this but nevertheless

62156f No.11234020


Same here. I only recently found out about this cult-like following of this guy. How long has he been this "prominent", anyone?

ff4ec1 No.11234101




>cult shill

>reposting anchored OP material



>I've never seen people so absolutely obsessed with someone.

Do you even into Adolf Hitler?

d55027 No.11234210

I used to think Peterson was hiding his power level and serving as a stepping stone, but now I think he's gate keeping. At any rate, you shouldn't be targeting him, but his followers. Ask questions that he can't answer, and encourage them to find better explanations for things. Don't autistically meme "Hitler did nothing wrong and Jordan Peterson is a kike shill". That's not going to convince anybody.

ff4ec1 No.11234214


Real thread discussing that is over here.


This is a slide thread.

2nd or 3rd one.

d9ff7f No.11234267

File: 25130927129c8d9⋯.jpg (21.57 KB, 501x500, 501:500, 12639709_p0.jpg)


Stop with this bullshit retard, where's the judo move that makes /pol/ so feared? Where's your Real Politik? You should only use his existing efforts and forces to pull people in the direction that you want, don't force it, merely redirect. Or you could be a retard and spend energy on something pointless, hard and for zero gains, but oh wait, you shareblue monkeys are doing it for free anyway.

b99f9e No.11234271

>thread at 523+1

As soon as this thread dies, you'll see another thread on the same topic, with a slightly different title and OP, and you'll see the same (49) post cultists defending him.

0f8bc8 No.11234289

File: 2f3ec87231fe550⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1041x1602, 347:534, 2f3ec87231fe550d6755d9c2b9….png)


Doing nothing for free

>and still fucking it up

a73359 No.11234299

File: ebb8db566f747ec⋯.png (301.04 KB, 984x568, 123:71, 660fcda60041a0a81101e5b0d7….png)

why not work with shareblue to take him down

oh wait

b27b95 No.11234348

File: 2e81ac79a5e58a3⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 1244x2000, 311:500, wilhelmIIcolorized.jpg)


The commonality between all these ecelebs is their ability to send their viewers down endless intellectual rabbit holes for weeks at a time by creating a 15-25 minute video. Their viewers then spend their time excessively theorizing instead of actually getting shit done. It is no surprise to me that they would converge at one speaking conference for all the lemmings to obsess over.

3b02e9 No.11234380


>Every time he brings up "integrating the shadow" he uses it in a kiked way.

>>recognize the power that you have but restrain yourself because actually doing what is possible is wrong, go clean your room

>>society isn't the problem, if you think an alternative ideology is the answer than you're the problem and need to fix yourself

How can you not realize the bottom up approach is the only way, you cant take an undeveloped manchild and make him full 1488 by simply giving him Mein Kampf and some dank redpills, all you get from that is the impotence of the kekistani alt right fahgots sperging out instead manning up.

All anons, change comes from within you, right yourself and you will right the world (consider what an aggregate of many people righting themselves would look like, this is JP's message).

298556 No.11234392

I've seen a lot of the

>>let's give x the Benny G treatment

Threads but, other than the girl with the shitty web comic, has anything good or funny come out of them?

Haven't had time to look through the whole thread just got home from my wage slavery.

893b95 No.11234394

74fab4 No.11234456


>but when language starts to get really flowery, or to understand the meaning of something requires a mass of obscure knowledge

That doesn't make you stupid. Hiding bullshit under layers of unnecessarily embellished language is exactly what communists like to do as well.

He's is offensive for many reasons but the parts really bother me involve his intentionally cult-like following being courted by someone nominally spouting individualism, acknowledging everyone else acts tribal and saying we would be weak to do the same, and he only spouts the footnote version of Jung. The only basis for his supposed 'brilliance' is repeating what a much more intelligent person said in a calm manner and avoiding anything actually actually against the status quo while pretending he's against the current order.

3b02e9 No.11234481


>My argument to your side, which is split 50/50 right now is this….

>Jordan Peterson is not pushing the overton window effect, we are.

>Peterson is a gatekeeper by his own admission. >>11234242

Mate, context makes the argument in which youd have to consider the real psyop that is the altright insofar as Spencer et al is concerned, upon holding this thought reconsider what JP is saying here. Its exactly what I said about the impotence of these faggots, who think they are winning a war with memes and trolling, yes it shifts the overton window within a constrained echo chamber of self flagilating egoists emboldened by their own immature conduct but it has zero effect on the world as we know it ie meatspace, apart from maybe giving the controlled media all the poopoo it needs to fling so that normies can point to as an example of why they wont ever think outside of kosher dialectic.

>The man is an intellectual restrictionist by restricting a natural political evolution. In so doing, he is attempting to quickly build himself up a cult of personality among his impressionable young followers keeping them trapped in a self-serving centrist mindset.

How is he restricting anything, seems like you've made up your mind based on a low resolution analysis of above referenced tweet. Its the same as the shills that cry "trump jew trump jew" as soon as he does something that appears kosher, not understanding the tricky predicament he is in to try and undo many many decades of accrued jewing.

I like how you shills use his popularity as a basis for strawmanning everything he says - look! he is popular eceleb therefore discarded

>Perhaps you should stop spamming up these important threads. Sit down and lurk for another five years. But you and I both know, you're really just a sniveling kike.

This here convinces me of your shill status

>lurk moar, im an arbiter of all things /pol/ and because I don't agree you cant participate in any conversation

74fab4 No.11234649


That's an interesting point and very topical. How do we get it to him until he has to answer?

I think the jewish communists angle is good too. Is it a hallmark of mental illness to notice trends? Why are they that way?

3b02e9 No.11234689

ITT yids kvetching to manufacture consent, at best to fracture and d&c at worst mobilize some autism into attacking JP

The fervour displayed here is testament to the threat JP's message and reach is to the globalist kike agenda

0e364e No.11234705

While I agree that JP is controlled opposition I don't think attacking him would help our cause. Many who follow him will eventually realize that the reason the Jews are so successful is because of their collectivist identitarian traits. At the very least he's convincing white men to better themselves and to stray away from the left. That alone is a good thing in my opinion.

fd3768 No.11234761

File: 323c3ae10173935⋯.webm (7.7 MB, 1186x680, 593:340, Peterstein 1.webm)


I think we just need to stick to the academic argument and be publicly persistent.

Cite authors he has cited or statements he has made in the past and then use whatever tactics necessary to cause another "I can't" moment. If its set up correctly his only other option will provide us with further evidence for redpilling (Ezra Levant interview). This isn't as good, but it is still a useful outcome.

>"Caucasians should not revert to being 'white', that's a bad idea, that it's a dangerous idea and that is coming fast"

>acknowledges that big group mistakes have been made in this regard both in Canada, and all throughout the western world, and that it may kill western civilization

>states the ultimate outcome of identity politics is genocide

>provided solution is for individuals to 'get their acts together' and hint at electing you

0d40cf No.11234783


Jordan Peterson in one mp4.

0d40cf No.11234794


>context makes the argument in which youd have to consider the real psyop that is the altright insofar as Spencer et al is concerned

>oy vey goy, its the people who name the jew that are the REAL psyop.

Jesus Christ m8. The guy outright says "I'm here to push people back into conservatism/liberalism" and here you are, sucking his balls, trying to play semantic games.

>How is he restricting anything

>"I can't do it"

You (((creatures))) disgust me.

ff4ec1 No.11234867





JIDF is in overdrive panic mode.

a8aa42 No.11234872


>This has got to be some sort of bait or astroturfing.

Yeah definitely and it's going on everywhere.

It's all over 4pol, but 4pol is like 75% shills these days. I can't tell if 4lit is actually getting shilled or just memeing or both. Someone should just make a collage of all the bad shill threads just to drive this home.

This is just like several points over the last year where there were all this "Trump is not a Nazi so we should try to impeach him" spam.

Someone's very scared of Peterson. I think it really started after the Cathy Newman interview.

>Read this post carefully, does he look like he comes from /pol/? He sure doesn't type like it.

Yeah I see several things that indicate that. Hilarious how this guy thinks he's convincing anyone.

My theory is it's someone from Destiny's subreddit.

ff4ec1 No.11234877


>I think it really started after the Cathy Newman interview.


And the whole scripted cult and mental illness reinforcement, and the petty attempts to pin him and then his wife to be Jewish.

134b23 No.11234884

I understand everyone's questionning his motive and seeing how much money he makes now, it's reasonable to call him a merchant and everything.

But there is some part of his speeches that still is interesting about order.

He says set your house in order (clean your room). Once your room is in order, set your family straight, then you go up from there.

I remember him saying that his family is in perfect order and he makes small things "pristine" like breakfast with his family and how wonderful it is.

Isn't Nat/Soc just the ultimate order at every level?

Your room

Your family

Your neighborhood

Your country?

Just my 2 cents. No bully

0f0cf1 No.11234924


>>How is he restricting anything

>>"I can't do it"

I'm willing to forgive if this is some form of Dunning Kruger but I very much doubt it is. As before context buddy. Its a long time mantra to not reveal your power level because we live in a world set up by kikes so why would you suddenly expect someone with such visibility to do what is ill advisable for us. Id indicate you're not very consistent for a pollack but you and I both know you aren't.

(ip hopping)

a8aa42 No.11234934


>And the whole scripted cult and mental illness reinforcement

Yeah this came out of nowhere very suddenly. They're trying to put everyone who doesn't want to deplatform him into the camp of "Peterson fanboys" or "supporters". Very false dichotomy. In reality the only people you can remotely call "fanboys" are probably a few redditors.

65a4e2 No.11234978


Once you've been convinced of a thing, move on to spending your time with getting shit done, can include spending your time educating yourself on how to get shit done, rather than fixating on the revelation spectacle. Yeah, people are getting stuck at the first step.

a0a3a2 No.11235185


Peterson isnt a handsome guy. Look at his teeth.

That nose can be polish or danish. She looks slavic

a0a3a2 No.11235188


Kys moron

5537e6 No.11235191


Hello Andrew. Not everything is "Dunning Kruger", and the more you repeat that over and over, the dumber you sound. Youre defending an anti-right anti-white anti-racist kike. Keep it up and youre not only not going to be a white leader, but youre going to be a white race traitor.

a0a3a2 No.11235197



5ed4a8 No.11235204


Video is unavailable now.

b1ec6f No.11235218


That video is embarrassing. How anyone could believe this boomer claptrap is far beyond me. He's just a basic bitch republican with a dumb voice.

Clean your room, goy. Don't pay attention to the mob outside your house, at least it'll be tidy when it burns!

Pushing the (provably accurate) idea that civilizations are the flower of a racial root will be a very good bet as well. That doesn't get used enough.

bf559a No.11235259


>OP agreeing with himself

bc4322 No.11235264


>Hello Andrew. Not everything is "Dunning Kruger", and the more you repeat that over and over, the dumber you sound. Youre defending an anti-right anti-white anti-racist kike. Keep it up and youre not only not going to be a white leader, but youre going to be a white race traitor.

Hello Moshe, nice diversion but you didn't really address the crux of the post. Dunning Kruger is your inability to comprehend that you cannot comprehend, but that's okay - not everyone can be blessed with a white mans IQ.

(ip hopping)

bad229 No.11235271


They're even at this on /b/, starting threads with no premise other than "ur dum if u listen to cultman peterzion".

I love how fucking rustled the left is about him. He's not even /ourguy/.

c86e43 No.11235305


Pure cohencidence, bucko.

bad229 No.11235318


Solid. I'd very much like to make sure JP sees that himself.

5537e6 No.11235643


Its Anglins latest pretentious buzzword. Thats also not what it means, but I expected you to have some dumbshit brainlet understanding since youre using it so often, in so many different situations.

>In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein people of low ability suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

It actually applies to you, thats the irony. You think youre a hyper-intellect but youre just a 100 IQ monkey using the new phrase he just heard over and over to sound more intelligent than you are. Actual intellects and people who do understand more than you threaten you, because you think youre smarter than they are.

Youre still trying to vote to stop white genocide, that speaks for itself. What an idiot.

The difference between 100 and 125 is pretty big. Not all white people are equal.

c0dc1f No.11235689

File: c80c19a5b2c80d2⋯.jpg (18.84 KB, 400x264, 50:33, c80c19a5b2c80d268eec957b00….jpg)

Why is this faggot everywhere now. Fuck off with him, kikes.

a038c2 No.11235738


>This is the real tip-off. His growth in popularity was not gradual. If the jews don't like what he's saying it would never get on tv. In typical jew fashion, he speaks truth next to lies to make lies appear truthful.

so you understand this yet still haven't realized the media and trump were colluding during the election?

5c559f No.11235749


>look at my chart stupid goyim

But don't look too closely right?

c48a93 No.11235773

File: fd12327e916843b⋯.png (228.24 KB, 667x680, 667:680, Peterson.png)


51d2de No.11236295


Honestly, I think the best way to take down Peterson is to make fun of him for selling overpriced merchandise.

eaeb02 No.11236736


70% of whose resources, kike?

03f932 No.11236795




I realize that "anyone over 25 is like, old and shit, lol" is your thought process, but try to understand that "boomer" has a specific meaning and doesn't actually mean "anyone who is old enough to vaguely remind me of my parents."

c48a93 No.11236926


>civilizations are the flower of a racial root

Very well put

ff4ec1 No.11236959



>search 'jordan peterson'

>no results


Way to completely discredit yourself.

8e350c No.11237017


>being autistic

That was obviously just the source of the definition of a cult.

ff4ec1 No.11237046


>Did Peterson addressed this


>it was on 4chan.


Leave and never return.

449946 No.11237048


nice try fag fag

ff4ec1 No.11237052


Can't tell if astroturf or actually retarded.


449946 No.11237070


not only to the globalist kikes

but to EVERY SINGLE AUTIST HERE who is unwilling to grow up, face life and to become a man

/POL is infested with rats who in a sneaky cowardly way plot behind a GOOD mans back to discredit him and to pour dirt on his name. They "hate" jews but use the very same dirty jew tricks themselves lol

Good luck morans!

There is a single truth, you can't bend it a millimeter. The cat is out the bag. You either grow up and join your human family or you go extinct.

Pointing a finger at jews is useless. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Your blaming of someone else instead of yourself is the problem. Get it now?

Fucking autists

(>not the jews)

449946 No.11237073


suck a dick, it will keep you quiet

5d3595 No.11237082


Reported for supporting kikes.

449946 No.11237088


you know who likes the report button and snitching in general? who goes running to mama in tears instead of facing a bully like a real boy?

thats right…


449946 No.11237089


dubs dont lie you autist faggot

591839 No.11237122

File: 902470d7293dbcd⋯.jpg (13.49 KB, 480x360, 4:3, PONEROLOGY_PREFACE.jpg)


>All mental illness accusations are completely subjective as they [have no valid biological test.]

And if he had any integrity - intellectual or otherwise - his words would reflect the knowledge of the entire discipline being replete with the weaponized use of pathologizing political opponents, perfected in the Soviet Union and USA.

The Zizeks of the world will always be closer, freely acknowledging their own charlatanism barking up the tree of monolithic ideological forces the individual is ultimately at the mercy of in the absence of coordinated, group self-interest . . . 'Abhorrent German Mustache Man's' valuation of the German Socialist Worker over Liberal Democrats comes to mind. Peterson at best is cowed by the possibility of being Zundel'd, or Faurisson'd, or David Irving'd; -- applying his own models, it seems he's clearly taking the easy-out to maintain ((('dominance hierarchy'))) status.


>neuritic spasms five to six times during every speech.

Gnostic baggage from Jung, philosemite -- then there's the 'alter-ego' cult practice in elite circles. Could be. He looks a poor physical specimen in many shots, haggard.


>Peterson is a gatekeeper by his own admission.

Limited intellectual hangout either way.


>he only basis for his supposed 'brilliance' is repeating what a much more intelligent person said in a calm manner and avoiding anything actually actually against the status quo while pretending he's against the current order.

He's a talented rhetoritician, and that's about the extent of it.


>while pretending he's against the current order.

Intellectual poseur, the kind of posturing that lumps him firmly in the skeptics 'community' circle. Fairweather contrarian.


>This man is dangerous.

Then he would be IN JAIL

>hemlock goblets are too good for this Goblin

ff4ec1 No.11237147



Almost convinced me you were an authentic poster. Then I remember you got b& in the last thread trying the same technique.

Troll softy kike.

5537e6 No.11237197

File: da60527fddaa59d⋯.jpeg (60.07 KB, 600x395, 120:79, gas-button.jpeg)

d20af6 No.11238083


i'm surprised imkikey let you get his picture inside the 8chan offices at JIDF headquarters. this site is owned and operated by jews. you can tell by how hard they push the orange jew.

d20af6 No.11238115


its hilarious how peterson is the worst most subversive kike there, but some useless piece of shit like trump who surrounds himself by way more jews, is way more jewish in his actions (personal and business life), has an immediate and extended family full of literal jews is idolized (only by paid shills at this point, which is 75%+ of the board at this point)

65a4e2 No.11238579


0/10, t_d'ers love peterson and this isn't t_d.

ff4ec1 No.11239001



Double posting shill can't even into grammar.

>worst most subversive kike there

bad229 No.11239472

Sure would be a shame if the shills' talking points here basically mirrored /leftypol/'s.



Oh darn.

00f000 No.11239852


Explain why zionism is good.

ff4ec1 No.11240243



Cool ID tho

555c4a No.11240351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Peterstein is permanently BTFO, confirmed Zionist kike shill.

555c4a No.11240355



38318f No.11240466



what the fuck are you doing on this site

ff4ec1 No.11240480



Troll softy m8.



He is an astroturfing, ban evading, double posting shill posing as a Peterson supporter in reality talking to his shill buddy. Lurkmoar friendo

f833fb No.11242015



He shed light to the truth. Now go clean your room buckos.

976205 No.11242043


Not everyone is going to make the leap from his teachings and the way he thinks to reach this place, that's true. But some will.

If you shut him off none will. The thing is we aren't losing anyone we don't already have and are gaining people we wouldn't if they were not exposed. It winds up a net gain.

Inevitably as a teacher you will have people who disagree with you vehemently on minor points. Enough that they will brook into other skills of thought. This is actually a part of being a good student. The relationship between and engaged student and teacher is somewhat adversarial. People in education shirk from this fact now, and students are too fucking puerile to cope with it in universities nowadays but its the truth. The sparks from the conflict in the search for truth are what cause the fires that shed light on other modes of thought.

I started with Jordan Peterson, I agree with his assessments on many things. But I disagree on his skirting away from white nationalism as inherently bad… it's ironically the only kind of nationalism that was tolerant enough to allow the world we now occupy to have sprung into being. But its bitten the hand that feeds. Whites have dignity, it needs to be respected and if it takes physically reminding the others whose success they are beneficiaries of so be it.

e09012 No.11242057


His Patreon alone was getting over $600,000 (yes, that is the right number of zeroes) before he privatized the amount.

65a4e2 No.11242063


>The thing is we aren't losing anyone we don't already have and are gaining people we wouldn't if they were not exposed.

True but not the issue. It builds opposition, and for any that would turn down the road, makes it hard to impossible from burnout. Think about "progressives," essentially christcuckery in a different wrapper, those that made the jump got to rebel without leaving their comfy self loathing suicidal egalitarianism script but with abortions and degeneracy, and look how rabid they are, more determined than ever that they've discovered the light.

2f9ed8 No.11242065


>Sign in to confirm your age

>This video may be inappropriate for some users.

b-but I though the buckaroos loved free speech?

ff4ec1 No.11242262


>money is bad!

Leftist argument.


>eessentially christcuckery in a different wrapper,

ya blew it. Try not to expose that you're a kike too early to maximize your subversion.


Are you fucking retarded?

54196d No.11242432

File: 2a3ea561ee2bcd2⋯.jpg (128.96 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1517914450242.jpg)



Download full quality version:


Jewtube is already censoring the video, it's only a matter of time until it is shoahd. Please mirror. The jews are having an aneurysm due to the fact that their high invest shabbos-goy's words and image are being used to redpill normies on the JQ / Zionism. (((They))) have invested millions and millions of dollars to meme Jordan Peterson into the normiesphere, and now we have hijacked that investment and are using it to expose the truth about the jews and their plans.

bad229 No.11242472


>this fanfiction again

efe082 No.11242940

File: e11b0b6c65ce609⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 640x800, 4:5, cant.have.booze.while.on.p….jpg)

Some of you good boys have been giving Rogan slack for having Peterson on his 'podcast' again. So he retweeted this jew author… I forget the kikes name. But what the piece of shit jew said, was that if you criticise Peterson, it's because you're jealous. Yeah, that old line. So buckaroos, if you have a problem with his course material, it's because you aren't a suicidal old man with hair plugs on a cocktail of pharamjew's finest.

ff4ec1 No.11243286



I can tell from your syntax alone that you are the same poster, not to mention it blatantly shows you are not from here.

a72538 No.11243748


OP is a literal arab from Canada who lives with his mother. Thought you guys should know.

efe082 No.11243816

Jordan Peterson doesn’t go nearly far enough

The Canadian psychologist may speak to millions – but not to me

Peter Hitchens


3ac2a4 No.11245042


>Implying 90% of peterson fans didn't come from single mothers

He's the replacement dad for a reason.

5934b4 No.11246056

(((They))) see Peterson as a form of containment or sandbox, rather than a gateway drug. They see him as preventing folks from turning to Molyneaux or Yarvin, or "worse."


65a4e2 No.11246235


He's a gateway drug only by us deconstructing his bullshit like "you're just jealous" in regards to anything jews.

89b73f No.11246245


OP is a kike looking to capitalize on a careful thinker with D&C. Everyone hates kikes, some are more careful about hiding it.

47fb58 No.11246994

File: 1d8fb73ad8a60fe⋯.png (503.09 KB, 2112x1056, 2:1, warren_verrit_real.png)



Take your leftykike memes and fuck off nigger.

e00219 No.11247365

File: f353ca80114c6fc⋯.webm (2.69 MB, 640x480, 4:3, jordan_b_peterson_no_jewi….webm)



>literally defending an anti-White Zionist

Jordan B. Peterson Addresses the Jewish Question: THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY

e00219 No.11247374

File: d765132ca0e3134⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 426x481, 426:481, 2eef149201afe58fac66d1ea9e….jpg)



>M… Muh Zionist boomer eDaddy!!!

>Leave my eDaddy alone!

>He will PERSONALLY SINGLE-HANDEDLY save the west!!!!!

f98d42 No.11247462

I feel sorry for you poor retards. Anyone that isn't the full blown second coming of Hitler is immediately hated on this board. Every single time. Even fucking Red Ice is hated here, and they made tons of youtube videos with titles like "white people are being displaced in white countries and this is terrible" etc.

Do you delusional little shits really believe that your pathetic, useless little isolated hugbox will have any impact whatsoever for the white race, against the jews that actively work IRL to displace you all?

You like to believe that 4/pol/ is the only /pol/ that's been 100% subverted but you're wrong. You're all being tricked via jewish/CIA psy-ops to always suspect and to go against every single anti-establishment/leftwing e-celeb that has a massive following simply because they are not LITERALLY HITLER. This board will never organize, never have a leader to rally behind and by extent have the ability to positively influence whites on a large scale, which is great for (((them))). All of you here, will only influence eachother and masturbate to anime titties in your NEET dwellings and never make a beneficial impact for whites on a large scale. And I love watching every minute of it, watching this garbage board get progressively worse and worse the past 2 years.

(lol fag)

65a4e2 No.11247469


You/others have already tried this gambit in this thread. I guess you're trying to have it placed at the tail end/last word of the thread.

f98d42 No.11247475


Right.. everyone is a shill but the person who posts pics of hitler next to a pipe dream text that they oppose anyone IRL that is not like him.

65a4e2 No.11247514



91fd09 No.11247579

f98d42 No.11247804


It's not as if you had any argument in your reply. Anybody that disagrees with your beliefs is automatically assumed to be a kike shill from your perspective.

This is your brain on ideology, folks. Don't think you're any different from the leftie retards you mock.

ff4ec1 No.11247814




Too easy to spot

4c6099 No.11248007


You don't have to be Hitler, you just can't be on the side of the rat-faced kikes who are genociding us. Peterson is.

65a4e2 No.11248042


As I stated, it has already been addressed in this thread and doing your best jew impression you're pretending like it didn't happen.

ed2c71 No.11248080

File: 5159baf474352d6⋯.webm (1.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Kike Enoch.webm)

File: 83e07dcd5b29dc5⋯.png (1.22 MB, 746x865, 746:865, Alt-Kikery.png)


<You're all being tricked via jewish/CIA psy-ops to always suspect and to go against every single anti-establishment/leftwing e-celeb that has a massive following simply because they are not LITERALLY HITLER.

>not following muh based Zionists is now somehow a Jewish D&C scheme because logic

There's a good reason why we hate them for being not LITERALLY HITLER. Otherwise they are nothing but subversive, pro-Zionist crypto-kikes who are secretly anti-White and into racemixing and homosex just like any Alt-Kike follower would be. The "right" had a leader once (Mike "The Kike" Enoch), then it turns out he married a Jewess and is actually a yid LARPing as an Aryan. Your Alt-Kike cocksuckery does not belong here, TRSodomite. Reported and sage as always.

<B-b-but Mike Enoch showed his own (((23&Me))) test and it says he has no Jewish DNA! Checkmate purity spiralling 14/88ers!

>What is faking a DNA test

>What is shooping

Think brainlets, think.



ffc63e No.11248481


The root of their strength, that is to say, every shred of power that kikes have is through the central banking scam. Their system is designed to steal everything, from you, over time. They don't work, they steal.

If you use money, the jews are stealing from you right now. I won't talk about what the bankers can do with the numbers, but to put it simply, you are more enslaved than if literally in chains.

If you're not talking about destroying their hold on the money scam, you're jerking off.

EVERY shill will direct attention away from the money system.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

They're at the stealing step, and they have stolen most of the world now.

e26875 No.11248638

File: a415264bb9b1e11⋯.png (202.57 KB, 714x461, 714:461, When National Socialists s….png)


>Implying you can't love your race and love based right wing jews even more.

f98d42 No.11248656


Yeah, okay, enjoy achieving nothing on an anonymous, irrelevant to IRL image board that shares a website with thousands of pedophiles on /b/.

91d6bc No.11248681


We'll soon have our own podcast, don't forget to donate !

2944a5 No.11248816

File: 4ad95a41eae36eb⋯.jpg (117.45 KB, 660x791, 660:791, 4ad95a41eae36eb69bd9502213….jpg)


Better yet let's put the podcasts behind a paywall! :^)

66b017 No.11248887


He tells the truth except for the Jews. Maybe he is a deep Nat Soc plant. Certainly he calls out the Jews without actually saying the term "Jew."

91d6bc No.11249001


That's so Norwegian !

988d70 No.11250028

File: a607a3e16fe2ab2⋯.jpeg (106.5 KB, 601x597, 601:597, peterson tranny.jpeg)

And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

d03c81 No.11250283

Peterson will be dead within a decade. Either suicide because of his chronic sad brain, or the drugs he takes which cost one 37% of their life. Massive study last month or so ago.

What's fucked up in all this, is that he has two children and one grandchild now. We know the man is sick in the head but shekels and e-fame over family? Pathetic. Let's hope an antifa tranny shoots him for lolz. Win, win.

e00219 No.11250521

File: a33a8016dde783b⋯.png (775.72 KB, 1262x722, 631:361, 87238323423.png)

File: d53a4c99fc8a0a1⋯.png (797.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 98372982372.png)

File: e452d45e164b3a1⋯.png (477.66 KB, 1249x1244, 1249:1244, 8939843983400.png)

File: 4be65ae7303d104⋯.png (958.73 KB, 1024x789, 1024:789, 89372498232334.png)

File: d6d9f27f61d475d⋯.png (288.98 KB, 492x365, 492:365, let_them_end_you.png)

Peterstein meme dump.

e00219 No.11250522

File: f1785826febbd46⋯.png (494.13 KB, 1036x1036, 1:1, 32983982982.png)

File: fac319e7ced1a6d⋯.jpg (63.53 KB, 457x588, 457:588, 83287892389.jpg)

File: a5731e07f88645a⋯.png (289.3 KB, 856x601, 856:601, 1518303948564.png)

File: e8c41219bf6eb1f⋯.jpg (32.96 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 1518321883310.jpg)

File: 3885c7622854721⋯.jpg (73.89 KB, 1024x441, 1024:441, 72398749823479.jpg)

e00219 No.11250524

File: c9dc0491913df97⋯.jpg (4.21 MB, 2660x2663, 2660:2663, 1517428150692.jpg)

File: 16126f903582532⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1750x1764, 125:126, 1517636530592.png)

File: fd56be6f06d828d⋯.jpg (283.39 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, 1517969406006.jpg)

File: 957c1bddfe0a961⋯.jpg (280.98 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, 1518120115351.jpg)

File: a1c58db8f0faea3⋯.jpg (37.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1518239057065.jpg)

e00219 No.11250526

File: a1add55a7f0d34a⋯.jpg (338.62 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 3293043209.jpg)

File: c3a14eff68d9f4b⋯.png (380.08 KB, 413x497, 59:71, 1517223079752.png)

File: 455a88fa155d38e⋯.jpg (107.71 KB, 920x537, 920:537, 1517652037518.jpg)

File: c06b7b0a6bb8cac⋯.jpg (113.14 KB, 992x975, 992:975, 29839823729389.jpg)

File: 2e1b94143506309⋯.png (5.21 MB, 1430x1800, 143:180, juden_peterstein_skype_pup….png)

e00219 No.11250529

File: ae2891cdf1b82f8⋯.jpg (137.69 KB, 560x728, 10:13, 8972398742.jpg)

File: 6f31b6a3d16fc53⋯.png (550.63 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1518151059128.png)