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On the jews and Their Lies

File: bc3baadb61abbe2⋯.png (915.76 KB, 688x899, 688:899, schneider.png)

82d192 No.11251810

H.R.4918 "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018"



Brad Schneider is former AIPAC lobbyist (does not archive):


Led Jewish United Fund trip to Israel

(does not archive):


82d192 No.11251831

A notable part of this bill is near the top:

>SEC. 2. Findings.

>Congress finds the following:

>(1) White supremacists and other right-wing >extremists are the most significant domestic >terrorism threat facing the United States.

e26329 No.11251903


Any relation to accused child molester Dan Schneider?

82d192 No.11251924


No idea. Schneider is a common kike name, though.

29fb88 No.11251950

Oh look another kike trying to make sure the people never take their country back.

29fb88 No.11251961

File: 282526253b34dbd⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 324x189, 12:7, 05-gandalf[1].gif)

>Schneider worked as the managing principal of the life insurance firm Davis Dann Adler Schneider, LLC from 1997 until 2003 when he became the director of the strategic services group at Blackman Kallick. In 2008, he started his own consulting company, Cadence Consulting Group.

Time to dig into the memos to find something on this rat. Wonder which way the connections go, to Shillary or Bernie, Antifa and Soros? Tasty.

82d192 No.11251970

This bill creates offices within DHS, DOJ, and FBI that are required to monitor "white supremacist" groups. As we know, there are virtually no restrictions on surveillance, and the idea of freedom of speech or association is a joke. This bill takes it a step further and instead of keeping "white supremacist" surveillance optional, it creates groups that must do that full time within FBI, DHS, DOJ as their mission. The monitoring and reporting requirement would suggest that no apparent terrorist intent would apply. Just the ideology of "white supremacy" alone is plainly the target of the bill.

This would probably also mean pol would have dedicated watchers from any new office created by the bill due to pol's "white supremacist" ideology and be monitored constantly despite no suggestion whatsoever of "domestic terrorism" activity as that is defined in 18 USC 2331, which is the definition this bill references.

Always consider inevitable mission creep and massive bending/abusing any law that's passed. This is pretty fucking Orwellian.

82d192 No.11251971


good idea

29fb88 No.11251974

Cadence, Bluebridge, Emplify, Social transformation project.

29fb88 No.11251980


And white supremacist is defined at a moment's notice as they see fit of course. The jews are the authority in these matters as everyone knows.

Fucking kikes.

845f0b No.11251989

Hate is all I feel.

f165ca No.11251993

He's trying to block the parade of course. He is using the most jewy way he can find to do it by appealing to the needs of our budget and the very military we are trying to take care of. After all, a parade will take food off their tables when we get done counting the shekels.


82d192 No.11251998



This bill seems to be a backdoor technique to create a secret police targeting ideology for monitoring (and mandatory monitoring coupled with mission creep will inevitably mean more "domestic terrorism" prosecutions regardless of merit–just budget incentive and mission creep there).

It looks like the language was drafted to avoid outright saying "white supremacism is illegal." That could be struck down on various First Amendment grounds, but what the bill does instead is create offices with budgets that depend on monitoring and reporting activity of anything associated with "white supremacism." Take the budget incentives, the inevitable mission creep, essentially no surveillance restraints anymore, this means everything remotely connected to "white supremacism" even with absolutely no sign of any terrorist intent whatsoever will be targeted and as noted above, probably subject to a lot more prosecutions regardless of merit for "domestic terrorism." That's just how budgets/bureaucracy works. This is a backdoor secret police being created.

802480 No.11252003

File: aff872788f6457e⋯.png (14.2 KB, 221x228, 221:228, rage.png)


I couldn't have said it better anon

802480 No.11252005


This parade has them shitting bricks. Much more so than I would have expected.

82d192 No.11252008


It's more kike sophistry just like the bill.

f165ca No.11252014

Of course they cited ADL bullshit statistics and failed to make any inclusion of the left. If the bill even made it to Trump there is no way he would sign it because he is by their definition a white supremacist.

682bcb No.11252026

>Is built on lies

>normalfags will support it cause muh waycists

And they wonder why we're so goddamn bitter

a4efee No.11252029

>That nose

82d192 No.11252031


Don't forget the SPLC, aka "white genocide is inevitable" org ( https://8ch.net/pol/res/11225870.html ) stats cited in the bill.

When courts have to interpret congressional intent of a portion of a law, the courts sometimes look at stuff like the "Findings" section. In this case, the Findings section 100% does nothing but talk about "white supremacy." That would explain ADL/SPLC etc. stats included.

This is a backdoor to create secret police targeting an ideology.

a4efee No.11252042


(A) the August 5, 2012, mass shooting at a Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in which a White supremacist shot and killed 6 members of the gurdwara;

(B) the April 13, 2014, mass shooting at a Jewish community center and a Jewish assisted living facility in Overland Park, Kansas, in which a neo-Nazi shot and killed 3 civilians, including a 14-year-old teenager;

(C) the June 8, 2014, ambush in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which 2 supporters of the far right-wing “patriot” movement shot and killed 2 police officers and a civilian;

(D) the June 17, 2015, mass shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in which a White supremacist shot and killed 9 members of the church;

(E) the November 27, 2015, mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in which an anti-abortion extremist shot and killed a police officer and 2 civilians;

(F) the March 20, 2017, murder of an African-American man in New York City, allegedly committed by a White supremacist who reportedly traveled to New York “for the purpose of killing black men”;

(G) the May 26, 2017, attack in Portland, Oregon, in which a White supremacist allegedly murdered 2 men and injured a third after the men defended 2 young women whom the individual had targeted with anti-Muslim hate speech; and

(H) the August 12, 2017, attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a White supremacist allegedly killed one and injured nineteen after driving his car through a crowd of individuals protesting a neo-Nazi rally, and of which Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, “It does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute.”.

Can I get some sources on any of these?

>(5) The Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism found that right-wing extremists were responsible for 150 terrorist acts, attempted acts, and plots and conspiracies that took place in the United States between 1993 and 2017. These attacks resulted in the deaths of 255 people and injured more than 600.

>The Anti Defamation league

That's like saying we should make sheep shearing illegal or fishing illegal because of a Peta video or a Peta study, just because they're a major organization doesn't mean they won't lie, obviously the Anti Defamation league would make the claims that Neo Nazi's have killed 300 people.

0cd7b4 No.11252043


What you get electing a jew.

82d192 No.11252047



Agree. It's hard to process stuff like this as it's an attempt by the state to mandate immense state power get turned on anyone even making a peaceful attempt to organize/associate with like-minded people just to resist your own people's destruction.

It looks like another step toward actual genocide, and it's our own government doing it. It's pretty depressing, to say the least.

4939c9 No.11252055

What can we do to stop this from becoming law?

0cd7b4 No.11252058


attack the jews' "white supremacism" term.

82d192 No.11252061


They put this stuff in there to make it clear what the intent of the bill is: establish policing orgs to police "white supremacy." This is designed to cover for First Amendment problems by claiming it's actually dangerous, so it's really terrorism that's the intent and not an ideology. Saying outright that the intent is to establish police organizations to target a specific ideology would increase the likelihood that the law would be struck down on 1st Amdt grounds.

82d192 No.11252090


Checked. Maybe you can call your representative and say you oppose the bill as it seems to be weaponizing the FBI, DOJ, and DHS to attack the right. You could mention the weaponization of the IRS under Lois Lerner and/or the recent FBI/DOJ etc FISA scandal and say this bill doesn't look very good to constituents given all of that.

I don't know, though. To me, all of this shit has already gone way too far.

0cd7b4 No.11252096


>already gone way too far.

Yeah, ever letting jews in the colonies.

618217 No.11252112

There's only one 'supremacist' group, and they aint white…

048025 No.11252114

File: 1560963be7b41b5⋯.jpg (63.31 KB, 480x506, 240:253, Harry Potter and the chamb….jpg)



Euro here, would love to be able to do something for you Ameribros.

This kike needs to be gassed

4939c9 No.11252121


The double standard drives me crazy. An Arabic Muslim man drives into a crowd of people screaming allah and all the libs defend Religion of Cuck™ saying he was just a mentally deranged individual and it had nothing to do with Religion of Cuck™, while a random white guy shoots up a place and they say all white people share the responsibility. I wasn't a racist until i noticed that white people are treated as if we do all the harm in the world.

4939c9 No.11252127


Great point, I was thinking "what would the Jews do if they were in this position?" Then I thought they would mention the holocaust, but we don't have a great Shoah to guilt trip the normies.

f165ca No.11252135


The right is also getting (((Credit))) for the damage caused by the left. Further they only cite a couple example including those which they admit are ALLEGATIONS only. The car of peace last I heard was due to running from armed antifa.

>the jews have found that the jews are blameless and it is the non jews to blame because they aren't jews which are blameless because they are jews

a4efee No.11252146


Oh yeah speaking of how many of them were even allegations.

048025 No.11252150

File: af2129919551df5⋯.jpg (422.75 KB, 1160x840, 29:21, hate speech on talmud.jpg)

f165ca No.11252153


They would attempt to join the group and subvert them from within. 88Fellow Jews88

Unless you plan on killing yourself at the end I don't recommend this route. I don't know how any whites could live with themselves acting like jews.

0cd7b4 No.11252155


jews, with shitskin breeding open border pushing shitskin shipping into White countries christcuck

s help, are doing that to us now.

82d192 No.11252160


The entire reason to list any findings of any type is so you can't argue the intent of the bill is unconstitutional on its face–targeting an ideology. The idea is use smoke and mirrors to make it look like the intent is counterterror. But then when you look at the actual function of the bill, it mandates monitoring and reporting by agencies which have budgets dependent on that. We know there is no limit to surveillance already, so this just mandates surveillance and inevitable ridiculous prosecutions for "domestic terror" where there clearly is none. New agencies will have mission creep and do whatever it takes to keep getting funding. These are just agencies dedicated to monitoring "white supremacism," that's it.

There is something seriously rotten with this country and our govt.

f165ca No.11252166


But as we have seen with the investigations going around, findings, aren't really holding up to scrutiny. People are starting to look deeper. Need to keep hammering it home.

f165ca No.11252171


Forgot to add, also putting a terrorist label on it take a lot of rights away because of the patriot act etc. They are making their final push because they are scared.

061dfd No.11252182




This, this, and this.

Also, this part stuck out for me:

>(2) CLASSIFICATION.—Each report submitted under paragraph (1) shall be unclassified, to the greatest extent possible, with a classified annex only if necessary.

I interpret that to mean they're going to arbitrarily construct any and all reports to be as defamatory as possible and geared for public release in order to name-and-shame anyone they feel like; basically, an endless supply of ready-made memos to use as political ammo against the right.


>This kike needs to be gassed

If this bill passes, all it will take for mass v&ings and to shut this place down is a post like that.

If it gets legs, expect to see false flags to whip up public support.

Stay frosty, anons.

2ee218 No.11252195

Is it ok if we say that all kikes have to die as long as we don't claim to be better than them?

6ee11c No.11252203


So we're going to get yet more shills shitting up the board.

53ecdd No.11252212

File: bce5d33f4b507d2⋯.jpg (72.88 KB, 1080x1081, 1080:1081, 20582794_713799985472881_2….jpg)

When all funding mechanisms for the resistance are cut off, like buying a book by an author who is deemed "white supremacist", there will be no way of legally supporting your rightful expression monetarily. It will be like the Visa/MC blockade of Wikileaks.

Then when you're forced to clandestine means of financing your resistance, they'll already have had you under surveillance, using (unconstitutional) general warrants that you can't challenge in court.

Then they'll take you out for the illegal activity, since the NSA "incidentally" collected the evidence and "foreign" doesn't mean "not American". They'll use parallel construction to put you behind bars. You'll never see the evidence that could exonerate you and neither will the judge or jury. Welcome to America in [CURRENT_YEAR] and beyond.

You better all start reading up on crypto.

82d192 No.11252221


What you'll get is mandatory 24 7 365 monitoring and a lot more arrests for nothing.

82d192 No.11252229


Re the public reports, I'd be most worried about 24 7 365 monitoring to produce reports and keep getting budget along with all the arrests they'll have to do regardless of merit to hit the numbers they have to report to get budget

82d192 No.11252234


what they'll do is pump up monitoring and arrest numbers as much as possible so they can justify the existence of the new special offices, particularly since they have to publish their numbers. they have to justify special offices that appear to target an ideology and are therefore controversial more than they'd have to justify other programs/enforcement programs, so they certainly have to goose all numbers

061dfd No.11252284



Good point.

And, in true ad hoc fashion, they can point to the size of the program as proof of the necessity of its existence, thereby implying that white supremacism must truly be a problem of epic proportions (cue press conference).

eea573 No.11252300

File: d79be3de79fbeb1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.62 KB, 960x726, 160:121, 1481172601973.jpg)


>What can we do to stop this from becoming law?

040432 No.11252302


> Hate is all I feel.

at least that's still legal…for now.

82d192 No.11252337



I'm not very familiar with details of the Patriot Act, so it might be one of the tools that would make "monitoring/prevention of terrorism" surveillance easier.

I think the point of the bill, though, is to force newly established offices to do whatever it takes to hit their publicly reported numbers and get whatever budget money. They might use any number of legal hooks to surveil or nothing legal at all, since we all know there are essentially no rules for that anymore (unless you have to introduce evidence in court, but they always just make up the chain anyway–"parallel construction). But the main idea is get the numbers for "monitoring" (surveillance) and "preventing" (arrests). In the end, the budget and numbers incentives, and probably political pressure from various congressmen, officials, etc., will make the new offices go after any type of "white supremacy" on a vast scale and aggressively, so it will basically shut down anything like pol or similar. That seems to be the aim of the statute.

(As noted, I think most of the counterterror stuff is just mentioned to avoid being struck down on its face as unconstitutionally targeting a political view.)

28e15e No.11252338


>right-wing extremists were responsible for 150 terrorist acts, attempted acts, and plots and conspiracies that took place in the United States between 1993 and 2017. These attacks resulted in the deaths of 255 people

>408,747 murders between 1993 and 2017

>right-wing extreeeeeeeeeemist responsible for 255 of them


>White supremacists and other right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States

The fucking chutzpah of these kikes

318c16 No.11252361

File: f8442b0c7078775⋯.gif (800.58 KB, 250x195, 50:39, 1517802135208.gif)


If Hillary had won we would be facing so many issues that would turn the Government into a even greeter tyrannical force. I hope you bastards think about this. This really is a fight for the western soul, and the western man.

82d192 No.11252370



In other words, surveillance is a joke. Maybe calling it the search for terror could make it easier to introduce as evidence later, but what they've been doing until now is just using NSA etc. and then making up some legal cover story how they got the evidence. Maybe Patriot Act could help provide that cover story. Maybe if prosecution/conviction numbers matter for whatever report they file, then Patriot Act could be helpful to legalize all the searching.

My point goes more to the "Findings" section, I guess, which is basically saying "no, this isn't unconstitutionally targeting a viewpoint, there are good counterterror reasons!" Massive kikery all around.

82d192 No.11252375


I agree.

Without running afoul of the bill (not yet law), I think we know what has to happen here. Not saying anything else. All of this shit going on taken together is too far and can only get worse. It cannot get better. The system is totally rotten.

82d192 No.11252384


I'd say "Russia doesn't have our First Amendment which protects freedom of association and political speech."

You answer my question now. In theory, what would you do if I said I'm going to find and kill every single shill motherfucker and traitor fuck in their sleep and then kill their families? This is parody, of course, because I would never do that, nor would any like-minded men on this website. We do not advocate violence. We are pacifists. But what would you say to a (ALL parody) river of blood?

2b9d90 No.11252393


Terrorism comes to mind.

368761 No.11252395

File: 5b1884717f45312⋯.jpg (12.02 KB, 277x182, 277:182, Notice of Civic Duty.jpg)

When white people are outlawed,

I will be an outlaw.

2b9d90 No.11252418


Very pointed summary.

And they will try to eliminate all anonymity from crypto.

27459b No.11252452


You mean Dan "The man with a plan to bang that minor clam" Schneider?

0c69a3 No.11252461


>in b4 FBI

I say curse KILL guys like this guy. They need to be disappeared asap. There should be no mercy shown to kikes/crypto kikes like him.

6af134 No.11252508


Nah for a Fascistic state to even work you need total free speech - it's a false lure for your political opponents to out themselves. It's part of why politics are becoming so balkanized.

f165ca No.11252588


>monitoring monitoring monitoring

Jesus fuck sperg get off that dead horse. They monitor everyone already. We know. They don't need an excuse. This just makes it something they can legally send their goons to handle under the guise of national security. Patriot act lets them gitmo people without a lawyer. Tax funded hit-squads killing terrorists that have no rights. Until the deep state is unseated the patriot act and similar legislature is a detriment to the nation because they are the fuckers deciding who to surveil, hit, etc. already and they are getting called on all the fuckery they have been pulling behind the curtain. Once an official doc like this one passes giving them more power to take out the right, they won't have to defend it at all.

It's about LWDS now, not them listening to you breathe heavy at your cousin while jerking off to the kitchen appliance section of a sears catalog.

803f68 No.11252599

>every burger talking about white supremacy gets v&

At least it'd get rid of some of the normalfags from here, I guess. Still, I genuinely doubt it'll get passed, it'll probably get expanded to include all kinds or racial supremacy or antifa, or some shit, because Trump repeatedly said that both sides were at fault for Charlottesville and similar events.

803f68 No.11252601

I forgot the "but if it does get passed" in the second sentence, my bad.

f165ca No.11252609



I doubt they want the "extreme" left to be included in that description.

706d2d No.11252666


See, I agree with that (minus the jews, they can just hang) but Asians, especially Japan(ese), pretty well off in the ol' IQ department.

Jews have shown time and time again, that they CANNOT meld with society, they are on par with niggers and browns. Nigs and spics on the other hand, I believe they could be treated with the Hitler method, and just deport em out.

7e0a44 No.11252684


Don't you use your twisted facts on me shitlord!

d880f3 No.11252685

They're playing a pretty dangerous game with this, if everything is terrorism, wouldn't that make people more inclined to be terrorists? If there's going to be a shit or get off the pot moment for burgers, it'll be when not prepping the bull gets you sent to gitmo, because at that point why not just go all in?

82d192 No.11252688


Roger that. Thanks for the tip.

914c9e No.11252697



It's based on the SPLC report. Someone should call congressmen to debunk it as they grouped Eliot roger and non-whites as a "white supremacist" terrorist.


We're already monitored though.

914c9e No.11252700


Nope, because free speech restrictions are used to protect gay kike bullshit while it punishes the right.

72ef63 No.11252703


Oy Vey why would you want to stop it.

914c9e No.11252713


"White supremacy" doesn't mean "person who thinks whites are superior", it means "person with a milquetoast anti-immigration/JQ stance". They redefine the term to deplatform the right from the corporate sphere, and they will do the same within the government.


You're deluded if you think that this will be enforced against antifa and non-whites. If it did, then they would have gone after Zionists from the very start. Under marxists and kikes, no one has human rights and that's why they need to be gone for good.

82d192 No.11252715


At minimum, this bill would create a direct incentive for weaponized branches of agencies to shut down anything like pol and anyone who participates. Whether that comes to actual LWDS isn't clear, because the way these people operate, the worst crimes are often done quietly and systematically but just as bad as door to door death squads, but the idea this sort of legislation can even be seriously discussed given everything else (all the treason/abuse under color of law, the coup, the imminent genocide of whites)…to me, this is just another example of how we are very, very far past the red line and continuing to drift even further. It has to stop before it's so far that it's too late.

82d192 No.11252717


checked. that's right.

e79e5b No.11252718

Anyone else notice how since Trump came into office, there has been a a lot of far right attacks or focus on the far right?

436b47 No.11252719


>Under marxists and kikes, there are no human rights.

Hey, thats a good slogan.

b7db35 No.11252723


Right there with you.

82d192 No.11252726


The idea is to force dedicated offices in agencies to publish numbers on monitoring and "prevention" (arrests) to justify their budget and existence. There is no such structure in place now, so this is creating a federal police force solely motivated to take down anything do with pro-whiteness.

It's more the fact that this is openly introduced with a hook nosed but straight face in congress, given everything else that's going on, that just shows how far we are past the red line.

914c9e No.11252741


They're well aware that the right is objectively right with regards to the JQ, but he's using himself to collect the flak aimed at him. Left-leaning congressman like Maxine Waters complained about the "death threats" that they received so that they could manipulate the law through their own hands.

b1ba3b No.11252752


>There should be no mercy shown to kikes/crypto kikes.


f165ca No.11252753


You're all equal when you're in chains.

1c6663 No.11252767

File: 5c9e76f5138c2d3⋯.png (847.83 KB, 809x600, 809:600, 5c9e76f5138c2d3a6be8878d11….png)

Once you AIPAC, there's no going back.

be689e No.11252769

File: b197bfa3ee217e9⋯.png (114.61 KB, 213x179, 213:179, scared Ryoko.png)


>there's always someone reading and watching your every shitpost

>knows everything you've masturbate to


Only Jesus should know those things.

82d192 No.11252780


The straight face act introducing something like this (whether they use a kike or nigger to do it) just shows how insane this entire situation is. Having AIPAC kike introduce the bill is really the insulting turd cherry on top.

Mandating new sub-agencies and creating incentives for them to "monitor" and arrest given clear capability to manufacture/plant evidence and near-total surveillance capability means we have the white genocidal fucks doing stuff far beyond anything the NKVD or KGB or Stasi or whoever ever could. How far past the line do we actually have to go before right snaps

42881f No.11252816


All Actions (5)


>Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

>Action By: Committee on the Judiciary


>Sponsor introductory remarks on measure. (CR H788)

>Action By: House of Representatives


>Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Homeland Security, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

>Action By: House of Representatives


>Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Homeland Security, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

>Action By: House of Representatives


>Introduced in House

>Action By: House of Representatives

This shit is ridiculous, yet not being dismissed out of hand.

42881f No.11252851


See also:

>Cosponsors (5)

>* = Original cosponsor

>Cosponsor/Date Cosponsored

>Rep. Thompson, Bennie G. [D-MS-2]* 02/02/2018

>Rep. Kelly, Robin L. [D-IL-2]* 02/02/2018

>Rep. Correa, J. Luis [D-CA-46]* 02/02/2018

>Rep. Gonzalez, Vicente [D-TX-15]* 02/02/2018

>Rep. Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. [D-GA-2] 02/08/2018

What a surprise…=


42881f No.11252855


>Rep. Thompson, Bennie G. [D-MS-2]* 02/02/2018



>Bennie Gordon Thompson (born January 28, 1948) is the U.S. Representative for Mississippi's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1993, and the ranking member of the Committee on Homeland Security since 2011. >

>The district includes most of Jackson and is the only majority-black district in the state.

>Wife: London Thompson


>London Thompson, also a delegate for Clinton, said she expects the anger from the Sanders camp will die down.


>To begin the 110th Congress, Thompson was promoted by his colleagues to serve as the first ever Democratic Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, a committee which was created by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. As Chairman, Congressman Thompson introduced and engineered House passage of the most comprehensive homeland security package since September 11th, H.R. 1, the “9/11 Commission Recommendations Act of 2007.”

42881f No.11252856


>Rep. Kelly, Robin L. [D-IL-2]* 02/02/2018



>a Democrat from Chicago's south suburbs

>In 2015, Kelly voted against HR 2262, a bi-partisan bill encouraging private space exploration and providing regulatory framework for such exploration.


>Robin Lynne Kelly, a native of Harlem in New York City, is a grocer's daughter who put aside other plans to enter politics.

>Kelly's husband, Nathaniel Horn, a physician who leads Boston Medical Group Chicago, an erectile dysfunction clinic, is a Bradley alum. So is her ex-husband, with whom she has two grown children. She also has two stepchildren.

>Kelly made gun violence a key campaign issue and was buoyed by $2.2 million spent on her behalf by a super PAC funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

>When she married Horn in 2003, Obama (but not wife Michelle) was a guest at her wedding reception.


>Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D-IL) released this statement marking the 69th Anniversary of Israel's Independence Day, which began at sundown on May 1, 2017:

>“Today, I join millions of Israelis, as well as Jews and people of all faiths around the world, in celebrating Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day.

>On May 14, 1948 (corresponding to 5 Iyar 5708), Israel fulfilled a dream of a homeland for the Jewish people after 2,000 years in exile. The United States was the first nation to recognize Israel, and for nearly seven decades our two nations have shared a bond of close friendship. From generation to generation, Israel has stood strong as a true ally and strong advocate for our shared values: justice, democracy, and peace.

>Israel shows the world that a nation can have a cutting-edge military and secure borders while preserving and celebrating personal and religious freedom; it shows that the right to self-defense and a commitment to humanitarianism are not mutually exclusive. In the face of near-constant threats to its existence, Israel has still been able to foster some of world’s greatest soldiers and scientists and some of the most talented musicians and artists.

>As the senior member from Illinois serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I proud to have visited Israel and continue working to strengthen the steadfast bond between our two nations. As we celebrate, let us reaffirm our commitment towards a secure Israel and lasting peace among Israel, its neighbors and all nations."

6ec600 No.11252879



So anything that criticizes reckless immigration policies falls under that thought crime bill?

42881f No.11252880


>Rep. Correa, J. Luis [D-CA-46]* 02/02/2018






>But there's a side of Correa that few are as familiar with: a man who lived much of his early life in Mexico, learned English as a second language and whose parents struggled in low-paying jobs while he was growing up in Anaheim.

>Correa, who was born in East Los Angeles, said many of his family and friends were immigrants, and that one of his top priorities during his first term in Congress will be to fight the deportations that President-elect Donald Trump has promised.

>His grandfather first came to the United States in the early 1910s to work on the Southern Pacific Railroad, and was later forced to leave the country when the Great Depression hit, Correa said. His American-born father and his aunts and uncles followed his grandfather to Mexico. Eventually, his father married and settled his new family in California.

>Correa, born in East Los Angeles, said he was nearly 2 years old when his mother was killed in a car accident in Mexico. He lived with his father in Zacatecas for the next five years before the family moved back to Anaheim.

>There, with his father, sister and an aunt he came to call "Mom," the family struggled to make ends meet, his father toiling in a cardboard factory and his aunt earning $1.50 an hour cleaning hotel rooms near Disneyland.

>Correa, who was just starting the second grade, spoke only Spanish. With few bilingual resources available in the mid-1960s, he grappled with English for years.

>The family lived in tiny apartments and one-bedroom houses, moving when the rent got too high. They scraped by, Correa said, once returning a rented television set when they realized they couldn't afford it.

>Sometimes, when his aunt went home to Mexico and his father was away, he said, he drifted from couch to couch, staying with family or neighborhood friends so he could keep going to school.

>In 2010, he earned the lowest score of any legislative Democrat from LGBT rights group Equality California. Correa says he has "evolved" on LGBT issues, promising to introduce a bill reversing dishonorable discharges in the military under the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

>There was one issue on which Correa rarely wavered: immigration. He voted numerous times for bills seeking to establish immigrant driver's licenses, and championed a law that allowed minors whose parents were deported to retain California residency to pay in-state college tuition.

>He has criticized President Obama for a record number of deportations and in 2006 was the only Orange County supervisor to vote against allowing sheriff's deputies to check the immigration status of county jail inmates.

>While Correa has often said he aims to represent all constituents, not just Latinos, he also says he sees immigrants as part of the fabric of the country and his district. He supports efforts to create a path to citizenship and hopes to help the young people known as Dreamers, who were brought to the United States illegally as children.


>Lou Correa, right, running for 46th Congressional District embraces his wife, Esther, and son, Andres, at Correa campaign HQ in Anaheim on Tuesday night. Correa took a big lead over his rivals in the race to be on the November ballot.




>Statue of Liberty as a Muslim? Painting in Rep. Lou Correa’s office sparks complaints

fffebf No.11252895



>insurance firm Davis Dann Adler Schneider, LLC

>Dann … Schneider

42881f No.11252928


>Rep. Gonzalez, Vicente [D-TX-15]* 02/02/2018



Did you even need to ask?

>During his first six months in office, Congressman Gonzalez brought Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to the Rio Grande Valley. He was also the first Texas Democrat and first Latino in Congress to be invited by President Donald Trump to a private dinner at the White House.



Futher proof that Paul Ryan is the platonic form of ethnocuckoldry.

>A lifetime resident of South Texas, Congressman Gonzalez is married to Lorena Saenz Gonzalez,




>Democrat Vicente Gonzalez will defeat Republican Tim Westley in Texas’s 15th District, The Associated Press projects.

>Texas’s 15th District begins northeast of San Antonio and expands south all the way to the Mexican border.


>He succeeds retiring Democratic Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, who has represented the district for nine terms.

>Just Friday, the 76-member Congressional Progressive Caucus endorsed Gonzalez.

>Several weeks ago, he could be spotted walking the halls of the U.S. Capitol with U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego, an up-and-coming freshman Arizona Democrat. When interviewed, Gallego gushed about Gonzalez’s capacity to serve and said their friendship goes back several years.

>Besides Gallego, a succession of sitting Democratic members — at least 10 in all — from across the country either endorsed or donated from their own campaign accounts to the Gonzalez organization.

>U.S. Rep. Gene Green of Houston contributed to Gonzalez, along with several high-ranking House Democrats, including U.S. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland. Two other members of Democratic leadership gave to Gonzalez: U.S. Reps. Xavier Becerra of California and Joe Crowley of New York.

>The impetus, two Congressional staff sources tell the Tribune, was twofold.

>Back in December, a powerful Washington lobbyist with Rio Grande Valley roots named Moses Mercado visited the district while in the state on a family trip. He met with Gonzalez and said he saw potential for Gonzalez as a future Democratic political talent.

>“If we’re going to turn this around, we need that bench," Mercado said. "In my own small way, I want to make sure we get good people and hopefully, they move up.”

>Mercado is a former chief of staff to Green as well as to former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt. He is also highly influential over members of Congress, specifically the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

>Gonzalez had another validator in Washington: U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela, the neighboring Democratic congressman from Brownsville. Vela has not formally endorsed in the race, but said he considers Gonzalez a friend and former friendly rival in the local legal community.

42881f No.11252946


>Rep. Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. [D-GA-2] 02/08/2018


Another nigger.

>He is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus,

>On September 10, 2007, Sanford Bishop endorsed Barack Obama for President and was co-chair of Georgia for Obama campaign; Bishop's wife, Vivian Creighton Bishop, a municipal court clerk in Columbus, was co-chair of the Georgia Women for Hillary committee.

>In September, 2010, the Associated Press reported that Bishop had, between 2003 and 2005, directed scholarships and awards funded by the Congressional Black Caucus to ineligible persons, including his stepdaughter, Aayesha Owens Reese, his niece, Emmaundia J. Whitaker, and other people with close ties to the family, threatening to turn the program into a larger political problem for the party.

>Ultimately Rep. Bishop's spokesman said the congressman would repay the scholarship fund for any awards he made in violation of the rules.

>Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington mentioned Bishop in its annual Most Corrupt Members of Congress report in 2011.

>In 1997, the Pigford v. Glickman lawsuit came out of legislative discrimination of black farmers, the case was led by Timothy Pigford and 400 black farmers. The Washington Times reported that by the end of the case in 1999, over 94,000 claims were filed in conjuncture with the original case, "even though the U.S. Census Bureau never counted more than 33,000 black farmers in America during the years in question."

>In 2007, then Senator Barack Obama passed legislation to increase the amount of money given via Pigford II. Since then reports from multiple news sources have reported on the growing reports of fraud within the program.

>In February 2011, three farmers brought these allegations of fraud to Mr. Bishop, including Eddie Slaughter, vice president of the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association, Bishop responded with "yes, I am aware that there is fraud in the program, that's why anti-fraud provisions were written into the settlement…It's not my job to monitor fraud in the program."



>Thank you @AIPAC for sitting down with my staff and I to discuss the issues facing #Israel today!


>Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting w/representatives from American Israel Public Affairs Committee @AIPAC http://twitpic.com/8t7ydg

This shit is absolutely ridiculous.

I am now going to do an analysis of the ethnic demographics of the areas these wretched mongrels represent.

2fa148 No.11252947


>(does not archive by normal means)

ftfy, but I managed to archive those two links. Their links, with their respective attached photos, will be in my next couple of posts.



2fa148 No.11252951

File: 883076921e4887c⋯.jpg (95.92 KB, 800x600, 4:3, c349a0c4ad1a37e131c6d01f6b….jpg)

File: 926e0c23780d4ee⋯.jpg (101.91 KB, 800x600, 4:3, e046ade2493a5b4ea71332c825….jpg)

File: ae9ab1098307679⋯.jpg (70.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 8b09b95e7d359c7ef1de0b949f….jpg)


2fa148 No.11252955

File: 1461a9a877b4696⋯.jpg (102.7 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 80fd4b5a250819709b42eecea4….jpg)

File: 97fe5d51e2f7b5c⋯.jpg (127.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 86789a6a6e89cc577508c07073….jpg)

File: 666aa6843ccad27⋯.jpg (102.93 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 3a3595e53703743882a026f414….jpg)

File: 444abf0493802d4⋯.jpg (118.25 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1efe7b929081638121856937b3….jpg)

File: a90bdad375a430e⋯.jpg (84.82 KB, 800x600, 4:3, b0419cd9d44a43ec7944126231….jpg)


Whoops, I forgot third image of >>11252951

42881f No.11252958


>Rep. Thompson, Bennie G. [D-MS-2]* 02/02/2018

U.S. Representative for Mississippi's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1993


>62.67% urban

>35% White

>63.5% Black

>Rep. Kelly, Robin L. [D-IL-2]* 02/02/2018

U.S. Representative for Illinois's 2nd congressional district since 2013.


>94.7% urban

>36.7% White

>13.3% Hispanic

>55.5% Black

>Rep. Correa, J. Luis [D-CA-46]* 02/02/2018

U.S. Representative for California's 46th congressional district.


>18.4% White

>66.6% Hispanic

>Rep. Gonzalez, Vicente [D-TX-15]* 02/02/2018

United States Representative of Texas's 15th congressional district


>86.67% urban

>80.03% white

Huh, that's weir-

>81.87% Hispanic


>Rep. Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. [D-GA-2] 02/08/2018

U.S. Representative for Georgia's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1993


>65.75% urba

>42.25% White

>51.86% Black


42881f No.11252972


In furious conclusion…

What we have here is a piece of legislation created by a Jew, co-sponsored by a bunch of non-White scum, themselves put into power in districts that are overwhelmingly non-White urban shitholes, the purpose of said legislation being to create a justification for attack of any pro-White opposition to the continued demographic disintegration of the United States.

This is a fucking disgrace. This is a travesty. This is such a slap in the face as a demonstration of what America has become, that I'm honestly awestruck. I almost can't believe this shit is real, and that it wasn't laughed off the floor upon presentation.

To anyone who thinks you'll somehow be able redpill non-Whites, or find a means via which to live alongside them, let this be one more in the long line of evidentiary examples which stand counter to your perspective.

I am horrified by this in a way that I have not been horrified by something since the Jews passed that anti-Semitism bill in the wake of Trump's victory and the Israeli-made bomb-hoax directed at Jewish Community Centers.

This country isn't a real country.

This is just a sick pathetic joke.

And I'm not laughing god damn it.

… Also: I hope you niggers appreciate that I went through the time to point out what a fucking shitshow this actually is.

f34f82 No.11252983

File: 208e8fca91eb03e⋯.png (620.84 KB, 593x580, 593:580, 1518370471204.png)


Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act already gives the government carte blanche to conduct the surveillance this kike crafted in his (((bill))).

It's unconstitutional to brand a group of people terrorists without predicated intent. This fucking bill is unconstitutional as fuck and probably a nod to the kike lobby for more kike gibs.

Fuck this kikel.

92aa87 No.11252992


Thanks for all this info, anon. Goddamn what an irretrievable travesty this country is, we're truly Brazil now. Or maybe, more like a combination of a kike-controlled European despotism, combined with the squalor and cultural vacuum of a third world nation like Brazil. When you see the sorts that serve as Congressmen, you realize that any delusions about a "political fix" for America are just that… delusions.

f165ca No.11253017


It will be illegal to be a right wing conservative. Can't wait to see how many R's sign on.

f165ca No.11253069

File: f83d79a673fd1df⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 321x302, 321:302, Jew Speech.jpg)

Can't legally shut anyone up so make them terrorists so their civil rights no longer apply. Well it should be pretty easy to point out to normies a bill created by the left targeting just the right regardless of how they want to dress it up. That alone should send up red flags for even a few of the lefties that haven't gone completely insane.

I don't think the people as a whole would really stand for something that fucking blatant. Lefties used to be the ones always going off about thought crime and this should start to tweak that dissonance a bit. And if they did buy into it, well, I bought stock in rope long ago.

If they want to make a law regarding "extremists" on both sides it could pass. It would have to be pretty limited in scope in that it can be applied to charges as a modifier rather than having a carte blanche "fuck errybody" label on a person or group of persons which immediately strip civil liberties before any crime has taken place all because someone's feelings were hurt kind of bullshit they already try to jew.

Of course that would require no jews involved.

f165ca No.11253074


>displaying for muh pr cucks he can play the game and invite a filthy mexican inside

>gaining more proof how spics act and their bias


He's currently being bitched at for calling their kind out, remember? You can fuck off.

603027 No.11253079


>its always chess goy

This narrative will never die.

f165ca No.11253083

File: d904624cb8b5543⋯.jpg (63.83 KB, 785x590, 157:118, Sage Advice.jpg)


>ignore what he's done for America

>ignore the butthurt he's causing

71c531 No.11253244

File: b48430a0af18f54⋯.gif (6.8 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 8bit_commando_by_madgharr-….gif)


anyone have the infographic showing that huwite supremacist terrorists are actually in the minority of worldwide terrorist attacks?

51b383 No.11253305


I am curious how many of the older folk in these threads are thus far accepting how much of this War actually involves Jews and their Goyim pets vs Europeans… \o/ (not all Jews to be sure, but none the less).

f85d03 No.11253480


Hopefully we have redpilled them.

I myself became aware of the JQ back in 2011-2012, and the BLM riots / Zimmerman trial only cemented my newfound beliefs.

e81385 No.11253500


>and this should start to tweak that dissonance a bit.

Dissonance is modus operandi of the left. Didn't you know that their Old Testament (Capital) is literally build on the doublethink philosophy?

1061c1 No.11253543


If I have understood /pol/'s history on this correctly then monitoring has always harmed them more than us.

Let the fresh blood watch our every shitpost, our every repill.

Let them know what we are.

1061c1 No.11253575


>How far past the line do we actually have to go before right snaps?

Considering how desperate this move makes them look, I wouldn't say it will take long.

Don't forget they had 8 years worth of onigger doing their every bidding but they chose to try this shit NOW.


63f36c No.11253801


Maybe if they stop people talking on the internet or meeting up they will just start going lone wolf assassin instead of risking jail for words alone.

This pressure could backfire on them and actually create what they say they are scared of.

63f36c No.11253824


>But I am not a white supremacist…

If you are white and wish to continue living then you are a white supremacist according to these lying cocksuckers.

There words are emotional weapons, they are not logical and cannot be counteracted with logic.

My favourite response is to say:

"I refuse to recognize your made up vocabulary that was only designed to attack me. Leave the name calling to the 5 year olds. Unless you stop disrespecting me with insulting language this conversation is over."

This applies to all kike weapon-words, racist, homophobe, sexist, etc etc

c99adf No.11253897


This is fucking horrendous and the little kike proposing it is up there with Cruz in his resemblance to an honest to god rat.

872328 No.11253907

God dammit Americans, ring your fucking congressman (senator or whatever you have), tell them this poorly defined bill could be used to classify the majority of Americans as terrorists and that it is backed by faulty statistics from these fucks >>11225870

9e5c29 No.11254105

File: 3fe1db14d487fbf⋯.jpg (40.52 KB, 512x300, 128:75, 4thReich.jpg)


Convenient, isn't it, that anyone who disagrees with white genocide can be classified as a "white supremacist" at the whim of whoever is being bought by the Jews, at the moment…

Seems to me that this is simply groundwork to violate the 1st Amendment, and this ferret-faced fucking kike is well aware of it.

I pray every day for the horrible, drawn-out, and painful death for him and his entire family.

His name will be remembered on the day of the rope.

Let's make sure we close down the airports before the executions start.

dd1e40 No.11254133

File: 97d8e911deeec35⋯.jpeg (15.92 KB, 400x327, 400:327, serveimage.jpeg)


White supremacism is a threat because BLM black supremacism has murdered numerous LEOs?

They are reaching levels of kvetching we've not seen before.

65392c No.11254334


Ok, thank you for your reply. And thank you for this thread and your knowledge, OP. This is a huge deal. If this passes, we are all facing deep trouble. I'm not surprised, though. Two or three years ago, I heard Howard Kurtz on Fox News say that there should be "no restrictions on the First Amendment at all, except for things like holohoax exposure," to paraphrase. Obviously, we knew that things like this were in their minds, but I was still taken aback hearing it on national TV like that from a supposed right-wing conservative, ha. Then yesterday, there was a link on Drudge Report from The Week, "Is America having second thoughts about Free Speech?" by Damon Linker. It isn't linked from Drudge anymore today, only on Sunday, even though the article came out on Tuesday. I guess the reason for this was maximum exposure on a Sunday. The idea of limiting and regulating free speech in America is very much out there, and now we have some trying to criminalize it. This is absolutely giant and a massive fight that we can rally normies to our side with, as the vast majority of Americans are for no limit on free speech. Whenever and wherever we can, we must use this to redpill. This may be a huge opportunity for us to spread the truth.

d5ebed No.11254354

DC connected anon here. This won't pass even out of the committee.

65392c No.11254361


I know exactly what you mean. I don't want to hate anybody, I really don't, but there is no more appropriate emotion to feel towards those that are doing whatever in their power to destroy us in every way possible. Speaking for myself, I react. I don't preemptively strike as is projected on me. I'm sure many are exactly like me in this regard.

5a3938 No.11254362


(((they))) are afraid because whites will do it much better.

When the Saxon began to hate.

f165ca No.11254384


I'm not talking about the jews dipshit. I'm talking about the idiots that are/have been buying into the jew crap. They still have a chance of education and that is what I was referring to.

f165ca No.11254387


That's because all they could do was monitor. Bills like this make it so they can gitmo instead of just look through your window and watch you change.

f165ca No.11254389


You got banned because you are a fucking sperg that won't try and fit in. You have an entire thread here not being deleted, stop being a little bitch and start acting like a fucking man for once.

f165ca No.11254393


Did you report the thread and request a sticky?

d123ce No.11254415

When you outlaw an ideology, you force that ideology towards violence as a means of survival.

Pass it, and watch the bloodshed

3569b1 No.11254516


It'd be nice if this was true, if there was a large national level organization of White Supremacists and terrorists, conducting murderous reprisals every now and again, not giving a fuck if they face prison or death.

But there isn't.

418e01 No.11254691


All speech is free speech

Free speech is all speech

Or nothing.

This is supposed to be the American way. Hopefully we can use this to spread the truth to white normies that we are the heroes of this story (so to speak). Here's hoping.

418e01 No.11254722


of course, caveat being that the press, politicians, government, public officials, schools, ect. should be punished for malicious lying. And the lying kikes gotta go, 100%. But that is a slightly more advanced redpill

4541d3 No.11254889


Russia is ran by Jews as well.

4541d3 No.11254913


It irks me seeing these kikes wearing our colors as if they were one of us.

82d192 No.11254962


This is bigger than you, you fuck.

82d192 No.11254965


If you're the cockroach nobody who banned me, STICKY THIS FUCKING THREAD YOU PIECE OF SHIT

82d192 No.11254976


You are a stupid fuck.

Sticky this fucking thread. Your faggot jewdar bullshit is distraction. It is cockamimie fantasy bullshit when important things are happening right now.

This site has serious traitors within. You deserve a bullet. I would really love to have this interaction IRL with faggots like you.

f165ca No.11255131


Hey, you stupid cunt, I'm not a fucking mod.

I can see why you got your shit pushed in though. You shouldn't be here.

f165ca No.11255140

>FYI also 29fb88

Been supporting the digging from the beginning, but the cunt wants to sperg on me because he doesn't know how to act right. THIS is why we want these cancerous reddit fucks to stay gone. They don't bring anything worthwhile but attention whoring drama.

5a7750 No.11255221

The stickies have been a fucking joke for the last half a year or more. NOTHING important gets stickied, but if you have a shitty thread about the latest circus act in American politics, straight to the top my lad.

f402e0 No.11255263

File: 8c1985502489512⋯.jpeg (168.06 KB, 1024x981, 1024:981, C9645598-189A-4D5E-847A-0….jpeg)


Does (((Schneider))) have (((social media)))? Would love to spam pic related and see if he responds.

f165ca No.11255321

File: 2411bfc8a411d73⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 620x430, 62:43, Oy Vey Nothing to See Goyi….jpg)


>not important

So why keep attempting to slide it Levi?

5a7750 No.11255343


And here we go again. Any time you attempt to call out the blatant subversion of this board from what it used to be to just another burger politics outlet and you get called a shill, this behaviour is repeated and suspicious as fuck. Just fuck off.

65392c No.11255350


I agree with everything you said and that the essential redpill will take time for normies to accept. It's going to be difficult to erase a lifetime of lies presented as truth and facts, though it has happened for all of us, so it certainly can be done.

f165ca No.11255366


Teaching real history in schools would be a great start. Hopefully we'll get there and reverse the damage the kikes have done to our kids soon.

ee624b No.11255670


trump would most assuredly sign it because he is a kike puppet. open your fucking eyes anon. or will you keep bending over telling yourself "he'll use lube this time"?

037b74 No.11255708


>ignore that he's done absolutely nothing to change the demographic outlook

>b-b-but the liberals are triggered g-g-goy! isn't that enough?!

Go back to reddit.









037b74 No.11255717


I do, but I was banned for a week for suggesting it was gay and Zionist when we had Trump talking about how the Jerusalem shit was the peak of his first year as president.

I have an even better one, in fact, showing that in the US, latinos and leftists are head-and-shoulders above White-anythings in terms of terrorism contribution since the 1980s. But you don't get to have it, because the mods banned me for calling Trump a Zionist.

Really activates the almonds.

e12ef8 No.11255752

I have a simple fucking question, /pol/:

If those feral minorities can create police no-go zones, why the fuck cant we?????????????

Just imagine, a /pol/ police no-go zone. Zero feral minorities, zero kike tricks, just a safe, clean and prosperous part of the city where you can raise your family in peace while being a small business owner. Right wing death squads patrolling the streets every now and then, helping grandmas cross the street, mortaring ZOG cops, sniping them, along with the undesirable degenerates, minorities and the jews.

Pretty sure white people from all over would be moving there in no time, even if white flight forces them in the only zone left, even if the zone is a neonazi skinhead hateful badword badword badword place, demonized by the leftist propaganda. Pretty sure they would drop the leftist brainwash on arrival too.

5a7750 No.11255798


>Implying you won't just get waco'd

07a98c No.11255816


It's possible to some extent so long as you take over the local government/sheriff.

If not you get some nice Ruby Ridge treatment.

07a98c No.11255820

Take over through voting of course.

e12ef8 No.11255863



Wasnt waco just like 5 fighting men with small arms only? And Ruby just a single guy in a cabin?

I am talking about a /pol/ police no-go zone. Just like in Europe cops cant handle a city block full of muslims, imagine a city block full of /pol/acks, armed with snipers and mortars and anti-tank weapons.

Imagine a network of such places. Imagine a goon hq shitting itself because if they send their goons to one city block, the other one hits the depopulated hq.

Why can these goons do anything better than we can? Why cant we figure out artillery on our own? Why cant we manufacture rpgs? If feral minorities can just molotov cops all over Europe, why couldnt a /pol/ militia organize itself, and produce arms for itself, and read the officer school literature much better than the goons can?

All diplomacy is backed by violence, all the laws are made trough violence, not ballot boxes or any other magical idols.

If you pick some sort of a off-the-grid, self sufficient cattle ranch or I dont know, something way under their radar, something they have no reason to investigate yet, and slowly build it up, set up vehicle barriers, howitzers and whatnot, get a decent population, have them all work or be somehow useful, pretty sure you could spread the truth unopposed. Even as if they try to shut it down, enough people would be exposed to all the books and videos and propaganda materials you could distribute to the population centers from there, without the fear of a knock on your door for hatespeech.

They'd have to mobilize armies, national guard, air force by that point. Which would only give legitimacy to what we are trying to say.

No one could ignore that race is real when the ZOG starts calling in whole mechanized and armored divisions just to shut it down.

07a98c No.11255947


Wont happen.

Muzzies and niggers don't care about going to prison. Whites are smart enough to figure out that it's a bad thing.

You have to work within the system if you're white. The cops harass any niggers/muzzies and make them feel unwelcome. Civilians and city council back up the cops.

Anything else and 1000 tacticool FBI/Swat rape your face.

In a few years the military will clean up the no-go zones in some EU countries Others will go full sharia and our children will roll in there to cleanse them.

Public opinion is what matters, not doing stupid illegal shit.

94f27e No.11255986


Well I gotta admit that lately I am really angry, and my prospects arent all that great either, and the idea of a last stand violent death appeals to me. These fucking kikes pozed the goons AND made biology, one of the more important sciences, censored and butchered and destroyed.

Nigger presidents, magic wall touching presidents, muslim mayors, anti-white/"hate" legislation, feral minorities, pretending race isnt real, trillions wasted in welfare, trillions wasted in holohoax type scams, fucking hell for how long???

6cad9e No.11256199


This bill has been referred to the Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Sec and Investigations committee. I doubt it will make it out to see the House floor. At this stage it makes more sense to contact 9 republicans on the committee, rather than your own congressfag.


>stupid democrat bill

>9 republicans

>7 democrats

29cbdc No.11256219

File: 2e296dbf48256d6⋯.jpg (94.15 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Pepe Jew.jpg)



9 Tamarisk Ln

Deerfield, IL 60015-5075

(847) 374-0604 - Landline

(847) 322-1008 - Wireless

(224) 402-3102 - Wireless

(708) 374-0604 - Wireless

(720) 327-3293 - Wireless

(773) 327-3293 - Landline

(847) 927-6037 - Wireless





ffdcba No.11256235

Being that I have honorably served in the US military and regularly get called a White Supremacist by Jews that have never once sworn true loyalty to anyone other than themselves, I will ignore this rent-seeking kike on premise alone.

29cbdc No.11256240

File: d3c2c33c0a38f25⋯.png (3.43 MB, 1514x798, 757:399, schneider.PNG)



d5ebed No.11256243

All this kike is doing is signaling to his cattle that he is a good boy and that he should get votes because he is such a good boy. This won't pass, as I stated previously. It is important, obviously, but the chances of it being passed are nil. It is blatant what the intent of this bill is, and the congressmen on the right, controlled opposition as they are, won't want their own side to lose. If this bill gets passed, every single republican congressman who voted for this will get sacrificed to the illegal lawnmowers.

ffdcba No.11256292

What you going to send another dumb over Fed Jew to hammer a black frame together for that faggot Mark?

5e3d47 No.11256331

File: 950381bf7a69bd1⋯.jpg (486.85 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, defcon.jpg)

f165ca No.11256346


Stay mad moshe.

e1bd63 No.11256350


>you’re a jew if you want to stop white genocide

Have a fucking argument, you cocksucking hero worshipper.

af80f8 No.11256354

File: 2031ac0818b6b8c⋯.png (2.07 MB, 2046x1270, 1023:635, lincoln ok to be white.png)


Has anyone asked this faggot to back that claim up? It's pretty easy to provide solid evidence of BLM, antifa, and any given muslim group committing acts of violence and terrorism. I'd like to see this jug-eared, cross-eyed cuckold produce any evidence against "white supremacists".

But before that, I'd like him to identify who exactly is a white supremacist.

f165ca No.11256374

File: aa06c5a8aefb108⋯.jpg (215.81 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Yida.jpg)


We don't bother with you kike fucks anymore. You know this moshe. Hence the IP hopping and constant raids, the constant kvetching about being banned, the constant slides, the constant "MUH POSTS", the constant shoving of mouthfuls of shit into your mouths as you vainly attempt to convince the others in the room they should part with their shekels for the fabulous "ice cream" you're eating as they give you a look of disgust and tell you to get the fuck OUT.

Not buying what you're selling jew.

f165ca No.11256377


He cites the ADL and SPLC of course.

ffdcba No.11256393


They can’t produce real evidence. There is nothing they can do to anyone anymore that can’t be knocked out of court for being either under duress or from criminal conspiracy and racketeering. Literally nothing. Every second of audio and video from anyone that has ever been on any list anywhere is permanently stored by both the NSA and the other intelligence agencies. Even Snapchat recordings.

Everything from the coordinated gang-stalking to selling of location data and the recording of so called “compromised” people is a joke. None of it is even valid in court.

To the Jews a White Supremacist is any White that will not subjugate themselves to their will. Basically any person that won’t kneel down to them. They like to larping as this all powerful force and convince people that Satan is real. The things is, Satan doesn’t exist in the original texts. It was a Roman creation. They needed a boogeyman to haul out as a weapon.

It’s not real.

f165ca No.11256426

File: acfb1a788f7f241⋯.png (100.61 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Holy Moly.png)

We're getting daily dumps of emails, messages, and other fuckery but it's really hard to see with your head in the sand. And of course jewish false dichotomy leaves only two option. He either goes full 1488 RWDS and starts gunning down dems and kikes in congress, or he was always a jewish subversive rat that is leading white people into the ovens and calling it a sauna.

It is a wonder their cries of not an argument can even make it past their cavernous noses. You would think it would lost in the echo.

Whelp, everyone may as well kill themselves, nothing happened in the last 30 seconds.

2e004f No.11256428


kill youself

536f47 No.11256442

This is actually a good sign. It means they acknowledge their hold over the goyim is slipping with their propaganda no longer being consumed (media approval ratings perception of it being fake news). Additionally, whenever a group is persecuted unjustly it creates martyrs and radicalizes the base.

88d172 No.11256493


>implying if we get waco'd one of /ourguys/ outside the compound won't blow up a federal building full of glowstick babies

e1bd63 No.11256519


>you’re a jew because you name the jew

>you’re a CIA employee if you want to perform any physical action

>you’re blackpilling if you don’t want to perform any physical action

This is why we have done nothing.

e1bd63 No.11256527


Fuck, I’m so mad at you that I messed up and posted YOUR PAID SHILL TALKING POINT instead of reality.

>you’re a CIA employee if you want to perform any physical action

>you’re blackpilling if you post the objective fact that no one has performed any physical action and no one is even trying to do so

e1bd63 No.11256530


This is the best “argument" the_donald can come up with, folks.

9c845a No.11256619

0ffb47 No.11256679


t. D&C shill

000000 No.11256683


You're either stupid as fuck or an enemy.

I don't give a fuck anymore. Anybody like you needs to be treated as an enemy and shot. It's time for the purge.

000000 No.11256691


Awesome. Good stuff here.

000000 No.11256694


He must. They all do. Spam the shit out of him.

3af2ab No.11256709

This will cause the white people to become angry lone wolf warriors. I don't think the jews understand the white people mentality.

000000 No.11256720


I'm OP. I got banned for telling the mods they are faggots for not stickying this thread (now stickied, obviously).

You did fantastic work here, and you're spot on. Thanks.

79cb1b No.11256740


>Trump there is no way he would sign it


a85cfb No.11256760


>this kike again

Still isn't working yid.

79cb1b No.11256767

File: ac8cba080e8aa2a⋯.jpg (132.17 KB, 1137x910, 1137:910, 2.JPG)


>this delusional cocksucker again.

79cb1b No.11256770

File: e393133f1f96c41⋯.jpg (89.06 KB, 655x436, 655:436, 1.JPG)

000000 No.11256774


Thanks. I'm OP and got banned for telling the mods they are fucking nigger cockroach pieces of shit for not stickying this thread while they stickied ludicrous jewdar fantasy thread. No matter. I appreciate the assist here.

000000 No.11256798


OP here. This is right on and devastating. But this is exactly where it's going. This shit has to stop by any means necessary.

1c1f24 No.11256799

File: cc84ecf92ecb2e1⋯.jpeg (51.84 KB, 460x562, 230:281, cd0c062e0b098f0f45a46f1a2….jpeg)


You should pray it wont if you are what you claim. Most here react because they fear losing what little camaraderie they have left in this world that exists here. Some here simply see it as the last line which holds back what is ready to go. If we are to be terrorists. Then by the fucking gods, we will be Vlad the damned impaler levels of terror. What use civilization which only looks to destroy our volk, what loyalty and kindness should any gift the huddled and cowed masses whom roll over for the weak excuses of leadership displayed now.

This frees us. Every ABC faggot watching right now, every zogbot, every cop, should think about that long and hard. With this we become free. This is the wall. There is nothing left to fear, for death and worse comes for us no matter what happens after this, so what comes for you?

a85cfb No.11256811


>Look at me, we the nigger now


000000 No.11256818



The fact it was even introduced and is being taken seriously is an act of war. If it gets passed, well

e1bd63 No.11256831


And yet you won’t do a goddamn thing when it passes. You’ll just accept it, like all the other treasonous, openly genocidal “laws” from the last century.

e1bd63 No.11256833


>DC connected anon here.

Why aren’t you fucking doing your job, traitor?

29cbdc No.11256840


happy to help

shall we lads??

call each number and see if we get a response

000000 No.11256845


I'm OP. I pay attention to things.

I guess we'll have to see if huwhites grow a nutsack or not, won't we…you too

e1bd63 No.11256851


>I guess we’ll have to see if huwhites grow a nutsack or not

They won’t. A century has passed. No one has done anything.

000000 No.11256853


I vote yes. For your own good, employ opsec keeping in mind how the current power dynamic works. Kikes like this one have all the resources on their side. Power hungry faggots like this kike will do anything. So, fuck them up, but keep in mind how they operate.

What we truly need is a giant, brutal war. Total bloodshed. I don't see any other way.

4f2d0a No.11256855

File: d1bc8a72e47f47a⋯.jpg (34.14 KB, 520x292, 130:73, Come-At-Me-Bro.jpg)

1c1f24 No.11256863


Dont mind him. Shitskinns always thinks white men bluff, its what they do themselves. They only know how to attack when with overwhelming force, and use intimidation otherwise. And run when that fails. Nothing else is in their ability to comprehend. All shitskinns are stuck in that ignorant short sighted view of the world, their brains cannot understand and never will the view we have.

But whites are not that way. Whites do things, differently. There are reasons whites have thruout history culled their own cowards whom act the way shitskinns do. Let this pass. Lets see what the world is made of.

000000 No.11256868


It's truly up to us to fix this. The boomers are completely brainwashed and too prosperous to fight. It's on us, and we're at a turning point.

d2ebab No.11256881

Does this mean I won't be allowed to fly on airplanes anymore?

000000 No.11256882


It's understandable to be depressed at how idiotic prior generations have (apparently) been and how they've (apparently) been weak. I forgive them, because Jews are predators who preyed on their ignorance.

The internet has broken Jew information control, so we have no excuse. Our generation can beat Jew/shitskin cancer, completely, I think, but it will take actual war.

000000 No.11256904


I get it.

I'd say we may need to mobilize and need people with furious hate as soldiers. I feel it, too. Hold off on the last stand death for the time being. Don't throw it all away. Not just yet. Plenty of like-minded people out there.

940b92 No.11256909

File: 73c0accc5185094⋯.jpg (13.78 KB, 240x280, 6:7, 9ae.jpg)


My friends keep telling me that the country won't fall apart for at least another 20 years. I think they are dead wrong, we don't even have ten.

000000 No.11256912


Checked. This is beautiful.

000000 No.11256927


If that

56cf49 No.11256978


Nice LARP..

Take a breath and focus your hate.

There is never a need to kill randoms

The target priority is command and control then propaganda.

Study Oklahoman City and how he got caught. Not many know but some got away.

It is easier to park behind a building then fight 5 guards.

It isn't time to jump yet.

Don't really do violence though it's bad.

e1bd63 No.11256988


>There is never a need to kill randoms

Thanks for asserting something that no one questioned. That’s not what he said. Read the post again.

29cbdc No.11257015

File: 0d206d92e4b4da2⋯.png (29.28 KB, 272x117, 272:117, ha.PNG)


call him

the more the merrier

2c2dba No.11257034


Which means nothing. It's already too late to stop us if we are bandied by the younger generation as edgy. They would be fighting a hydra. And they know this. This is a last ditch effort fear tactic that will backfire and make us more powerful. Their fear will spur on more rebellion. I can think of nothing more glorious than being a victimless martyr, it would highlight the absolute failure of these people and similar events can be seen everywhere in history where the 'ruling class' has lost control.

ad0d97 No.11257042


was saying six years, last year

>tick tock

96364d No.11257060


This is likely simply another play to get a bill through congress that President Trump has to not sign, giving the media more (pathetic) ammo that he's a white supremacist supporter.

96364d No.11257064

File: 6c9da7b2c69a702⋯.png (481.9 KB, 748x564, 187:141, let-your-plans-5a4ffd.jpg.png)



Slow down there, schlomo

96364d No.11257073

File: c3feff8362e0331⋯.jpeg (35.92 KB, 500x375, 4:3, hannibal6.jpeg)


The country fell apart decades ago. Don't long for what can never be - we need to create the nation we want to live in ourselves - or waste away, just like the founding fathers.

6af134 No.11257112


It always makes me laugh when Liberalists assume that when we talk about the "Ethnostate" we mean a continuation of today makes up the US and not a break up of the US into several smaller countries. The reason they can't conceive of this - and want to supplant on us this motivation of total control, is because they're terrified of the idea that we might not want all of the US - but have more realistic goals of separate sovereign states one being for our people alone. Because if they were to humour that idea - our ambitions don't seem so ridiculous anymore and that scares them more than anything else. An enemy with realistic goals.

a85cfb No.11257127


You're not shaving off or dividing any pieces of our country, kike.

000000 No.11257139


A few states peacefully seceding like a Brexit–maybe starting with a referendum–seems like a very good way to bring the idea of a white ethnostate in the Overton window. We have to start somewhere.

67bada No.11257155



a85cfb No.11257182

File: 63c56952da543d1⋯.jpg (19.22 KB, 197x256, 197:256, Ze Check.jpg)

1a483b No.11257198

File: ff702bd50651ea5⋯.jpg (42.44 KB, 800x450, 16:9, putinwailingwall.jpg)


>Jewish trickery.

Bolshevism STARTED in Russia you stupid fuck. The entire Bolshevik movement started there with Jews. On top of that Putin sucks Jewish cock on a regular basis.

1a483b No.11257205

File: 65e5b7624825fc7⋯.jpg (671.33 KB, 1280x1652, 320:413, justaregularguy.jpg)


Tell me this guy dosen't eat babies.

d2ebab No.11257227



e79199 No.11257248


Good fucking God he looks so vile. Remove it's head and throw it and the rest of his body in a burn pit and throw holy water on its evil ashes

470672 No.11257264


I just don't see why we should give the nonwhites a single scrap of land. It was 92% white once and it will be 100% in the future once we are done. That and forming breakaway states just feels like more white flight. Stop running and fight like your life depends on it.

f2aec4 No.11257280


Okay what does that mean? I am not into this frog game bullshit, I didn’t grow up reading esoteric books. That was my mother. I grew up reading actual philosophy.

d2ebab No.11257281


Post count

f2aec4 No.11257284


I have more than one in this thread. What’s that supposed to mean?

d2ebab No.11257286


That you're a mobilefag

f2aec4 No.11257294


Well I am glad you see fit to judge my choice of devices. You’re not me, would you like to trade statuses with me? I will gladly let you be Kek for a week.

c38f08 No.11257312


>This is a fucking disgrace. This is a travesty. This is such a slap in the face

Then grow yourselves a politician who will take out his balls and root for you. Stop waiting for the next television star to show up and woo you.

Europoor here: we see the same shit happening in Germany. You are passive and supine, of course they walk all over you. Outside of this board, you are meek little mousies. Either build something real in the political arena or accept that the internet is just a release valve for the conquered.

c38f08 No.11257323


>We're getting daily dumps of emails, messages, and other fuckery

To keep you occupied while nothing of value is happening. The swamp is still there and the media keep smearing the president with accusations of treason. It doesn't matter what you think is the ultimate winner of all the bruhaha, real victory is achieved when the opponent can no longer fire a shot.

c34672 No.11257362


>more references to fellatio

>le deluushun if you have an opinion of him that isn't hysterically negative

Why do you keep outing yourself so easily, (((agitator)))?

If /pol/ was a village in real life, you would have been lynched and torn to bloody shreds long ago.

c99adf No.11257415


There's no reason. It's all aut-right cucks and leftist brainlets with a completely wrong view of what is going on and what needs to happen that are disagreeing with the notion. Dumb faggots like Sarg'in and Styx that think we owe non-whites a place just because some yid brought them here.

8acb3a No.11257418

>The most signficant group

Is this kike saying that groups that start shit on daily basis and Antifa, mudshits and BLM/Niggers aren't?

Yeah seems legit. This bill is based on bullshit feels instead of concrete facts.

f67a64 No.11257425


They are working for mysticism, not nature and reality.

f67a64 No.11257439


You got quiet with that suggestion. Wonder why.

Here’s the thing, a nice member of a great group of people thought I was a piece of shit racist/White Supremacist. I don’t even know what these terms actually mean as no one will give me a real answer. Some Jews told lies about me and got an entire city to come after me. They destroyed my desktop, and fuck with my laptop every time I try to reinstall the OS it had on it. Quoting some shitty meme of mockery I made years ago about using Android devices and Apple devices. So I am stuck with an OS I paid for that is no longer good thanks to the way Microsoft does their licensing and nothing but unsecured devices that shitty people seem to think it funny to attack me through constantly.

I own these devices, I own the service I use them through, I even own shares in the company that I buy the service from and the company that owns the land the tower is on.

I own all of these parts and the fags are still attacking me through these devices breaking their own rules.

I don’t think I will get a real reply from anyone because you all think this shit is funny because I left a bar white and a cheating exwife and my real father is a piece of shit. You know, the odds of it being me are very slim considering I haven’t committed anything near what is being done to me.

The police love this because you fags are literally giving the mob and police dirt on you.

f67a64 No.11257440

Correction she was a bar girl.

All I was after was a date with a nice white girl.

e5dd89 No.11257455



The fuck are you on about?

e0f404 No.11257457

That’s your reply red? Is that it? I thought I was supposed to be scared of you. Seems you’re the scared one here.

e0f404 No.11257459


I next a city controlled by Jews, gangs and illegals.

a435e1 No.11257474


archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20180213101433/https://patch.com/illinois/deerfield/schneider-experiences-role-reversal


d2ebab No.11257476

File: 37877901bad732d⋯.gif (666.94 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 37877901bad732d52759c8cde8….gif)


Anon, you're crazy

21fd67 No.11257488

what's going on here, and "hate speech" laws, are the biggest threat to us right now. they are going to use the police and federal forces as tools for what they want against us. honestly if this goes through and 'hate speech' gets far enough this could be the thing that ends us forever until the deracination process pulls us to 30% white.

if this bill passes it's one step closer to a literal civil war being necessary to stop this process of european ethnocide in North American continent

b8d372 No.11257508


Do you claim that all murders commited in USA are terrorist acts?

d21557 No.11257602


How long do we need to lump in zionism and israel with white supremacy? We got lots of kangz and muslims to help us.

c99adf No.11257644


Hate speech laws were already ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but this is definitely a threat and I'm sure they want to find a way around the SC ruling.

8b6349 No.11257652


I think this is trump’s plan to boost our board PPH and UID back up. He wants us to have new clumsy shills.

844db9 No.11257755


You can only kick a dog so many times until it bites you. The kikes know their plan for America will inevitably lead to Americans hanging them in the public square. So bills like this are to neuter patriots before that time comes. 4d chess brah

0a54e9 No.11257781

File: aa1566445f6fa47⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 582x369, 194:123, Ultra giga check.jpg)


double dubs checked and keked

6ad730 No.11257827


Does this mean trump is giving pol gibs.

074b61 No.11257838

They are going to make the white people angry because they will be branded as the domestic terrorists for simply saying that they are not ashamed of their white skin. I hope this law get strike down for being unconstitutional.

b849a8 No.11257876



Bulging pedo eye. Imagine what he has to hide.

000000 No.11257881


There hasn't been a constitution in a while. Whites are done without a massive war.

b849a8 No.11257883

90d711 No.11257918


>This shit has to stop by any means necessary


885722 No.11258009

Oy vey just a coincidence

90d711 No.11258030

File: 68bb24b0bef102a⋯.gif (591.27 KB, 200x202, 100:101, disgusted.gif)


filthy, vile creature.

885722 No.11258032


lynching when?

9e68d2 No.11258105

File: a0a3a3b78d0c1ad⋯.jpeg (92.45 KB, 656x754, 328:377, caa8005edfa084530fcd95d6b….jpeg)


death squads when?

b849a8 No.11258116


This is an attempt to make free speech, a right, into worse than a criminal act, terrorism which is in effect an act of war.

>be a kikel

>try to pull the hate speech bs and get btfo

>don't stop because why learn just keep pushing and go for war speech



37f89b No.11258222

File: 4d733176b4f2c15⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, I'm going to need more tha….png)



Fucking jews man, only they would be able to do research that shows that children are capable of basic moral reasoning and twist that into saying they can get railed by (((film directors))) and (((bankers))).

90d711 No.11258444

File: 7f2ededc358c50e⋯.jpg (471.51 KB, 1130x706, 565:353, RWDS.jpg)


can't wait to start lynching these disgusting freaks in the middle of the streets.

22f235 No.11258460


Literally nothing. Even with the RINOs, both houses are Republican. Let's say that the bill passes both houses (even though it won't pass one) and winds up on the President's desk. No way in Hell Trump signs off on it. Back to the Congress. No possible way they could override his veto with a super-majority. Let's say they do, though. It would immediately go to the SCOTUS, which is Republican-stacked. Unconstitutional. Done and done.

Yeah, controlled opposition is a problem, but not this big of a problem. Even the normies see the problem for this one. If you start writing your Congressmen, if they happen to be RINO's or Democrats, then they will really have a list of "white supremacists" without needing surveillance.

Sometimes the only way to win is to not play.

e1bd63 No.11258479


>No way in Hell Trump signs off on it.

You copied and pasted that before and no one believed you then, either.

4bafc4 No.11258565


Turn out the lights.

000000 No.11258676


Your trips confirm.

Something like the SA in Germany is called for to drag people out and hang people en masse.

People in the army and marines should pick a side. Any cops out there, too. Anybody and everybody on our side who's armed and trained, as well as armed civilians who can function physically and are willing to learn tactics, need to organize now.

At some point very soon because of kikery (if they don't slip something like this legislation through, it will be any number of other things, and they already have control anyway), it won't even be possible to organize because they completely monitor and control all communication. This takes systematic effort, and time is a factor because of how soon they may be able to, in effect, shut any organization down, so an effort to create a massive SA to drag people out has to be in the works.

000000 No.11258679


Eat shit motherfucker

0c05a2 No.11258737








0fea7c No.11258764


This "24 7 365 monitoring" happened to me in the early days of the Patriot Act when all the newly-cooperating agencies were obsessively bold and reckless. "Fuck you, we're watching everything you do." Doesn't matter you're not up to illegal activity.

It wears on you over time. Can't give details without leaving PII. Someday I may write about it, but now is not the time.

c5993b No.11258909

After reading some comments of anons and a little personal research it seems like this bill is unlikely to pass.

I think we should push the idea that government surveillance is the major issue.

I'm having trouble coming up with ideas to convince regular people that this bill is bad. It's bad for us(obviously) but most people buy the evil nazi narrative and would support this. thoughts?

878d24 No.11258997


It means you should lurk more.

878d24 No.11259007


>I'm still alive goy that means Trump lost give up!

878d24 No.11259026


>crazytown the post

You should leave and never return. Perhaps reddit will care about your psychosis.

878d24 No.11259046


Do you claim to be able to read English Schlomo? Holy fuck, they running out of coherent JIDF in pissrael?

1c1f24 No.11259055

File: 1c4bf9ab1ca5136⋯.jpg (65.64 KB, 750x600, 5:4, Exterminatus.jpg)


This is cute. You think you get to be the 'good goy' in this battle. Hitler tried that path, his nation, his people, everything he fought for was lost because of it. Your enemy holds no honor. Those whom support them by not destroying them, are not worth anything approaching empathy. Empathy can only be for the men whom you fight with, and their kin.

For one hundred years, likely more, we have redrawn our redlines in the sand over and over. As our enemies take steps over your new line, you and people like you back up and draw another. Wake up or you will die. This isn't an game. No matter how much you think the comment is an larp, that is your own cowardice talking, your own fear.

878d24 No.11259056



No, it means we are continuing our RWDS training program kike.

000000 No.11259759


Call your representative. Verbal memes, plant them in your representatives.

First, come up with some sane talking points about the disparity in per-capita violence between Black youfs/gangs, Mexican gangs, Jihadis, etc. vs. so-called neo nazi White Supremacists. Dig into all these so-called White Supremacist terrorist acts (some are simply domestic violence), etc. My point is, do a reasonable amount of homework to build a concise few phrases, then call your representative. Verbal memes, spread them here, plant them in your representatives.

This actually makes a difference (from what I hear and I speak to a fair number of Washington insiders).

000000 No.11259864


We'll also see a spate of entrapped young idiots who are led through a plot by FBI UCE's, like nearly all the Domestic Jihadi plots that were 'foiled' by the FBI after 9/11.

Then people will say it's real, more funding for fake plots, ad infinitum.

3b5c33 No.11260117


Bomb the …

84e4f9 No.11260177


They don't have enough men to enforce this shit. Like 10% of the country can be labeled "white supremacist" Nobody is going to risk their entire society for some kike pipe dream of labeling any dissenter "terrorist" and if they do, then their institutions of power and their families will be hunted down and destroyed.

b75b96 No.11260232

File: 36886bd71794424⋯.gif (191.2 KB, 376x286, 188:143, hang In There.gif)



Better bone up on out military material, the Kikes want a fight

Conflict Readiness For Whites


84e4f9 No.11260263


Lol their couple thousand non combat trained spooks wont do anything. There's only so far they can push their pathetic dogs until they start biting the hand that feeds them for absurd orders.

85a60e No.11260303


>It's about LWDS now,

We already would have no idea if these things were happening RIGHT NOW. I've wondered before if posters here or elsewhere came up missing or dead, who would notice? Their families? The government/DeepState would be able to calculate if a person would be missed just by his electronic data. We already know the government/DeepState has absolutely no rules or oversight to prevent them from doing anything they want and Trump is most likely a red herring for White folks.

84e4f9 No.11260314


They are still just people, they die from bullets. They feel pain and can be tortured and mutilated.

Stop building them up as anything more than people with good tech. They can be overrun, and their armies and spooks have been thwarted in the past by clever rebels.

e1bd63 No.11260318


At no time in the past has the current level of control ever been tested, much less beaten.

b75b96 No.11260328

File: 428b8e81bb23f5c⋯.png (325.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


True, but we still need basic preparation for the future conflicts


Take the time to download it all, you will not be disappointed!!!.

000000 No.11260335


Good place for intro/basics >>11141579

This needs to get going. It can be done. It has to be done intelligently and with plenty of inside help. Recruit, organize, and train.

84e4f9 No.11260351


We should be prepared, however we should never hit first. Our intent is to establish order, being chaotic siege fags will only prove their rhetoric about us.

b75b96 No.11260367

File: 523d5535a0a9d13⋯.jpg (202.92 KB, 1648x1184, 103:74, EVIL PEOPLE IN CHARGE.jpg)


There is a time and a place for action, there is a time and a place for restraint. Simply stated, use your best judgment, and be prepared. GET PREPARED NOW.


5170ed No.11260413

Shits about to get real. They are being more and more obvious about their hatred for whites. People are gonna notice, and its going to come to a point of kill or be killed. *shakes head in disgust and goes back to cleaning sturmgewher*

bd36c1 No.11260421

>(G) the May 26, 2017, attack in Portland, Oregon

Wasn't that a mentally ill bernout?

>(H) the August 12, 2017, attack in Charlottesville, Virginia

Self defense is terrorism. Thank Chaim

b75b96 No.11260438

File: 925630994205bee⋯.png (73.82 KB, 242x219, 242:219, Consequences Just Ahead.png)


Stormfront is still around, be sure to also post your concerns there, and share these links too please.


Conflict Readiness For Whites









e1bd63 No.11260455


>people are going to notice

>says increasingly retarded man after an entire century of them not noticing

5170ed No.11260461


Luckily where im from, basic combat and survival skills are still common knowledge for most white men.

5170ed No.11260470


Wasted dubs on a kike. Pity.

There hasnt been anything worth noticing until recently. Whites could ignore everyone else and live happily.

I overhear more racial concerns from whites every week. Youll see.

85a60e No.11260482


>If those feral minorities can create police no-go zones, why the fuck cant we?????????????

Because the ones in control don't care about those other no-go zones in the slightest. Fuck me if they aren't creating them to chase out Whites.

bd36c1 No.11260484

>an assessment of the domestic terrorism threat posed by White supremacists, including White supremacist infiltration and recruitment of law enforcement officers and members of the Armed Forces

ZOG is nervous about the white in the armed forces. what page are we on in the Turner Diaries?

b75b96 No.11260511

File: 953a27e156408ce⋯.png (1.38 MB, 736x905, 736:905, Conflict Readiness for Whi….png)


GOOD!!! You will need them.

Conflict Readiness for Whites.pdf



29cbdc No.11260565


anyone call him yet?

1473f6 No.11260653

File: a7903e10781167f⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 640x678, 320:339, lit.jpg)


Maybe I'm maladjusted, but my main takeaway from this is that (((they))) are shit-your-pants terrified and it fills me with demoniac glee.

6af9d5 No.11260786

File: e1111d2b6cbea3a⋯.png (126.11 KB, 1650x960, 55:32, Alternative Right and Isra….png)

File: 0cc3b2551924286⋯.png (127.18 KB, 1460x1000, 73:50, Alternative Right and Jews….png)


>Former AIPAC, Now Congresman Brad Schneider's bill defines "white supremacism" as domestic terrorism


0797a7 No.11261071

>Former AIPAC, Now Congresman Brad Schneider's bill defines "white supremacism" as domestic terrorism

But how does he define white supremacism?

I'm guessing it's a contradictory word salad that boils down to "any white that isn't a cuck".

a8c601 No.11261098

File: 768d45886426185⋯.png (887.37 KB, 688x899, 688:899, Schneider.png)


Fetal alcohol syndrome? He was in AIPAC. . .

a0f444 No.11261453

Jews are getting more terrified. It's nice to see them their knee wobbling.

cc3c1e No.11261466


Given the amount of crime in the US these 'stats' don't amount to anything.

>According to the New America Foundation, since September 11, 2001, 77 Americans have died in terrorist attacks by domestic extremists in the United States. Eighty-nine percent were killed by far-right-wing extremists.

That's 68 people in 17 years. Thats about how many people are killed in Cimpcongo every weekend.

>In January 2017, a right-wing extremist who had expressed anti-Muslim views was charged with murder for allegedly killing 6 people and injuring nineteen in a shooting rampage at a mosque in Quebec City, Canada. It was the first-ever mass shooting at a mosque in North America, and Prime Minister Trudeau labeled it a terrorist attack.

Almost certainly a false flag, but why are your kikes trying to pass laws in your country based on things that happen in other countries?

>(9) Between January and July 2017, news reports found 63 incidents in which American mosques were targeted by threats, vandalism, or arson.

Just random acts. No word on who did it, or why. Just blame those ebil neon notsees.

>March 20, 2017, murder of an African-American man in New York City, allegedly committed by a White supremacist.

One dead nigger is terrorism… ALLEGEDLY done by a white supreeeeemist.

This is backed up by the lack of reporting by the MSM kikes of anti-white hate crimes and other non-white misgivings. This is fuelled primarily by propaganda, the changing of definitions and loaded shitlib terms.

e06835 No.11261529


Which is why you need to find Jew-Wise-Whites irl asap. It doesn't matter if you do through here or some group because places like this will be forced further underground with time.

c99adf No.11261532


I'm afraid it's a lot worse than a case of fetal alcohol syndrome, he's Jewish.

cc3c1e No.11261535

File: 0916a85207f99bf⋯.jpg (13.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 76609df33eb9b24⋯.png (305.43 KB, 1928x688, 241:86, 456cff.png)

This guy is also a gun grabber.


ADL recently came out with an ad for their "Online Hate Index" which names various subreddits by "Hate" content. The Second Amendment group "Guns are Cool" made the list as a major area for Hate Speech™

https://youtu.be/VkqdJCFEhP4 (my shitty edit)

Passage of this bill would give them the precedent they need to utterly demolish the constitution and outlaw everything in pic related.

I can't see it passing, but we should make sure everyone on this ADL "Hate" list knows about this. Specifically:

-1st Amendment Groups

-2nd Amendment Groups

-White Rights Groups

-Men Rights Groups

-Pro-Police Groups

-Pro-Republican party Groups

-Conspiracy Groups

-9/11 Truth Groups

e1bd63 No.11261557


Are you retarded?

53b16c No.11262174


This is what I was thinking. I don't know about the rest of these faggots, but I was a Marine 03. I guarantee that I am better at field grade murder than some faggot who believes in muh huwite supreeeemists.

Come fucking try it, traitor scum. Everyone who supports genocide and calling anyone you don't like terrorists DESERVES the most painful death imaginable.

And when we are done we will glass Tel Aviv. I will leave not one of you alive if you start in.


>you won't do anything, goyim

Nigger, I could have killed anyone in my whole fucking battalion easily. You had best think twice. We also have better discernment than you shills desperate to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

6a5ba3 No.11262246

File: 9328eaeaa244bd6⋯.mp4 (389.38 KB, 372x64, 93:16, Explosion.mp4)



If there is to be a bloody revolution, God forbid, then you will need power beyond simple guns and bullets to defeat the enemy.







ee8069 No.11262256


I think they should treat /pol/ more like the never ending "Middle East" of the web.They will just crate and shutdown their own Chans and /pol/ just like they do with other "terrorists"

6a5ba3 No.11262331

File: 9276733a3bf7677⋯.png (20.85 KB, 145x151, 145:151, ClipboardImage.png)



000000 No.11262739


Which do you think has more guys percentage wise who could potentially be our guys in the event of a big reckoning against zog–marines or army?

I feel like maybe our guys should pick a service and join en masse. Nothing overt (obviously) but just to have enough insider presence necessary to finally rise up against kike machine authoritarianism, which is apparently about to completely take over this country

6a5ba3 No.11262770

File: 54fe96b958e9bce⋯.jpg (112.74 KB, 1000x288, 125:36, Sailing.jpg)

Sometimes you will have to flee a country after the ZOG communists crushes it }:-)

Sailing-Nautical Files zip 415.99MB


67b047 No.11262810

File: 8157da74f0ce0e9⋯.webm (3.92 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 8157da74f0ce0e91414760def….webm)

What is a cosponsored bill?

e1bd63 No.11262818


Why not use a search engine and figure it out yourself rather than posting animal porn? Fucking global report.

000000 No.11262825


Same guy as >>11262739 here. Second question is, is it realistic to expect in the probable time frame that enough of our guys could join army and marines to make a difference with whoever is already there? And then the previous question,which would have more of our guys, marines or army

4de33f No.11262829

File: 9365ff3a070f12b⋯.jpg (8.68 KB, 289x200, 289:200, dogs_mk_reading.jpg)


>cianigger cucks start trying to arresting white men for racism

>get shot every time

>eventually cianiggers get doxed and assasinated one by one, brutally and slowly

Man imagine that, it'd be like every move they made brought them closer to their demise

4de33f No.11262947


Elaborate for once, faggot spammer

3ef3c0 No.11262958



explain it

7dae2b No.11262981


It's very simple, ask people to define what is the legal definition of a right-wing extremist, there is none, this overreaching bullshit can and WILL be used to target anyone.

000000 No.11263008


Nobody wants to hear this shit. Don't encourage distraction from the focus. Idle debate about anything is worthless now when time is a factor.

67b047 No.11263024

File: 3053d8772ff8885⋯.webm (1.38 MB, 640x800, 4:5, kickflipnaminivan.webm)


Why so mad? Your lobbyist isn't paying you well enough?

de04ee No.11263027



4de33f No.11263051


You're right, I will ignore this fag and never again try to engage him. Most likely he's an Israeli bot

67b047 No.11263053

Who is that faggot anyway?

>Brad Schneider

Where he's doing shit?

>Committee on Foreign Affairs

>>Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa

>>Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade Committee on the Judiciary

>>Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet

>>Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law

>Committee on Small Business

>>Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade (Ranking Member)

Sure thing, but who is the retarded that paid that faggot's campaign?

Top contributors to Brad Schneider's campaign committee

>Mesirow Financial $34,000

>Henry Crown & Co $27,315

>Democrats Win Seats PAC $21,000

>New Democrat Coalition $19,000

>Simmons Hanly Conroy $18,500

Damn, thats a cheap whore, his highest contributor only gave him 34k, and it was a shady money laundry company.

>Mesirow Financial is an independent, employee-owned firm founded in 1937. As specialists in investment, risk management and advisory services, Mesirow is committed to helping their institutional, corporate and individual clients achieve their objectives.

Let's see the second one.

>Henry Crown and Company is a privately held company based in Chicago, founded by Henry Crown.

Another shady company with a rich person to use as a pawn.

67b047 No.11263063

File: f9b930bfe5945a0⋯.jpg (499.09 KB, 3072x2304, 4:3, tremamareloabandonado.jpg)


>Democrats Win Seats PAC

Can't find any usefull information on that, but I think its democrat's favorite way of washing money.

>New Democrat Coalition

Another scheme to get money for the campaign.

>Simmons Hanly Conroy

Another fucking shady law firm that probably washes money for who knows who.

67b047 No.11263124

File: 2aeebab12d478a4⋯.jpg (184.29 KB, 1456x1092, 4:3, goldeplacadopsicopatadotre….jpg)


Also, in 2012 to 2013, he had a net worth gain of 13%.

Based on congressional financial disclosure forms and calculations made available by OpenSecrets.org, Schneider's net worth as of 2012 was estimated between $10,026,703 and $33,006,000. That averages to $21,516,351.50, which is higher than the average net worth of Democratic representatives in 2012 of $5,700,168.36. Schneider ranked as the 29th most wealthy representative in 2012.[76] Between 2011 and 2012, Schenider's calculated net worth[77] increased by an average of 13 percent per year. Between 2004 and 2012, the average annual percentage increase for a member of Congress was 15.4 percent.[78]

And what were the shady companies that helped him climb that ladder of success?

Because, nigga, if you make your networth grow 13% in a fucking year you gotta be a fucking genius.

Mesirow Financial Holdings $33,333

Henry Crown & Co $25,850

Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte $21,196

DLA Piper $20,548

Underground Devices $15,000

>Mesirow Financial Holdings

Again that shady company that likes to wash money.

>Henry Crown & Co

Again, that shady money laundry company.

>Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte

Some democratic party proxy for money laundry.

>DLA Piper

This one is my favorite. Just check it out: DLA Piper (previously DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary) is a global law firm which operates in 30 countries in Asia, Europe and the U.S. It is a business law firm of over 975 lawyers. It is focused as a practice on litigation, real estate, business, technology, government affairs and international commerce.


The government of Afghanistan [1] (PDF file)

The government of Turkey [2]

Daaaaamn, those guys also work for those government, and YET THEY FINANCE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES.

Not just that, they have financed that candidate in 2012, WHEN HE HAD A CAPITAL GAIN OF 13% OF HIS NETWORTH.

And the last one:

>Underground Devices

Underground Devices manufactures duct spacers and bore spacers for underground encasement of conduit and nonmetallic cable racking for use in power and communications manh.

They build pipelines, for fuck sake.

What a fucking joke. You guys can't even do the dox right.

000000 No.11263154


One more question (in addition to my other questions >>11262739 and >>11262825 – i think this topic sort of has to be discussed at some point in light of the clear intent of legislation like this and where this is all is going–total shutdown of all discussion/stuff like pol–and it's hard to talk in real life with people about stuff like unrest or war in the US, which seems to be what's coming)

As a non-military person, it looks like the main advantage of the US is very advanced tech allowing for stuff like quick drone strikes right after some signal emission, for example, from maybe a phone or radio or whatever, and that's a big danger for any guerrilla resistance type strategy. Would it be feasible to have people with technical know-how disrupt things like targeting systems/signal interception systems that are the basis for stuff like drone/air strikes (or maybe disrupt the targeting systems drones use, etc). Or can this be done just by using other clever means that do not require technical know of the systems themselves? This is assuming an overall strategy would be a bleed-out, Mujahadeen or Vietnam-style war employing harsh terrain (say in the west/mountains) and natives/local population, with all the tried and true bleed-out war guerrilla tactics. Just bleed out the enemy slowly to force a negotiation.

This goes to my questions above about which service is good, so this is a corollary, namely, how much focus does there need to be getting experts in comms, targeting, signal interception, etc.–things that they use to target guerrilla campaigns, and then which services/positions are best for those.


The reason this probably has to be discussed now is, once the kikes shut down all discussions (by law or just de facto) say, on a site like pol, that's really it. Current internet resources have to be assumed to disappear at that point, so whatever theoretical preparation for conflict would need to happen now. This is all theory and parody, obviously, and as noted I do not support, condone, or advocate anything illegal. I am 100% a pacifist, and everybody here should be a pacifist as well.

67b047 No.11263181

File: 717f894636bd14d⋯.jpg (363.42 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, tremdosuicidio.jpg)

Don't you like trains?

6a5ba3 No.11263472

File: 98b6ae9514d8434⋯.jpg (118.03 KB, 383x288, 383:288, 'Potato bomb' explosive dr….jpg)



6a5ba3 No.11263479

File: 582c0ef2d54296f⋯.jpg (76.5 KB, 394x221, 394:221, 'Potato bomb' explosive dr….jpg)

File: 9452940dcaaa7de⋯.jpg (72.06 KB, 391x293, 391:293, 'Potato bomb' explosive.jpg)




6a5ba3 No.11263563

File: c0333a58c4e5c51⋯.png (406.82 KB, 1915x1035, 383:207, Handgun Flash1.png)

File: 8c746d07953179c⋯.png (359.82 KB, 1912x994, 956:497, Handgun Flash2.png)

File: 98245755044ddc3⋯.png (511.42 KB, 1914x1033, 1914:1033, Handgun Flash3.png)




ca1877 No.11263642

File: 3f028e3f70f1a6c⋯.png (170.98 KB, 479x479, 1:1, 3f028e3f70f1a6c729759b40f2….png)

File: 44b39707308f4c8⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 508x493, 508:493, 44b39707308f4c82bb6b58abea….jpg)








67b047 No.11263669




Damn stupid americans and its fragile democracy.

The FBI guy just posted some random "HURR HOW TO MAKE BOMB" thing just to take the thread down. Why?

Check these posts.




So. The system is corrupted and the people is retarded. FFS, don't you think this is a simulation? The people can't be that stupid.

000000 No.11263672


The primary mission of government propaganda is to instill fear of government infiltration.

You are playing into their hands, or you are one of them. In both cases, fuck you.

It's too late for your government bullshit because they are trying to fuck us hard. You've made it too obvious.

000000 No.11263724



The "CIA Guerrilla Warfare Manual" re Nicaragua on that site is fascinating, by the way. These niggers need to be studied and all tactics used against them except en masse and in America. All parody here, obviously. Pacifist.

000000 No.11263765


I wonder if anybody called him yet. I think most do not have good enough op sec to mass call some kike where it's the same kike trying to crack down on whites. Very high degree of op sec necessary.

This is the basic problem is the power balance gets so asymmetrical between tyrannical white genociders and whites, at some point, there is effectively no way to fight back at all. This legislation is yet another step. Whether it passes or not, it moves the Overton window. That means time is a major factor before the asymmetry of power/force can only get massively worse while the white genocide becomes increasingly likely.

a0399f No.11264059


>American mosques were targeted by threats, vandalism, or arson.

And I'm sure NONE of those were CAIR sand-niggers false-flagging. How many "three white men wearing trump hats and screaming 'USA! USA!' assaulted me and tried to take muh trashbag!" stories have been proven to be falsifications?

000000 No.11264530


Heil Hitler dubs! Whites must fight massive war to literally exist.


Trips checked. The Lynchings will rise again.


Middubs goes all the way: exterminate all enemies



Double dubs confirm Conflict Readiness for Whites


Devil dubs blasphemes HR4918 letter bullets are mis-attributed or outright lies


Dually dubs confirm explosives a necessary accessory


Chek em tridubs. White /pol/acks must read ZOG Oppression Guide


Divinedubs confirm sailing will be an existential necessity



wget –limit-rate=10000K –level=1 -rkpEH –domains=<URL>,media.8ch.net,archive.is,8ch.net/player -U Mozilla <URL>


ca1877 No.11264628

File: 1383b414024a83e⋯.jpeg (122.02 KB, 830x850, 83:85, 7e0dde53bf97130de097f9a53….jpeg)






>earlobe spacing

>"Hello there fellow white supremacists, want to blow up a federal building?"

>"I swear I'm not a federal agent"

The fed recoils in pain as he attacks.

ca1877 No.11264636


>re ddit spacing censored to earlobe spacing

toppest kek

ca1877 No.11264650

File: 6b59b4665c7fc8e⋯.jpg (12.28 KB, 540x489, 180:163, 0cd41d2592097d2045f13c082a….jpg)


You aren't from around here are you. Only two people out of all of the people you quoted got dubs. Door is over there, take your fed PDF's with you.

000000 No.11264695


I made this thread ( and got banned).

I support all participation including feds, as long as they reveal information. This is a pacifist forum, anyway.

By the way, it seems they are trying false flags to push this jew legislation. Maybe now is a good time to gain 2nd Amdt capabilities and begin organizing and training. All for fun and all parody here.

000000 No.11264700


I made the thread, jackass.

000000 No.11264717


I am not the person who posted the PDFs, but at some point, I do think information like this needs to be applied. It's cowards like you who instill fear in everyone of fed presence that stop any real movement from happening. What they're about to do, especially with these ridiculous false flags, is try to completely stop any and all communication online like pol. Time is a factor.

Stop instilling fear of feds. that's actually a fed tactic. In my view, who gives a fuck who's a fed, because this movement is going nowhere anyway unless serious attention to organization and arming, training and preparation, is made. All parody here obviously.

000000 No.11264730


I guess, in sum, who gives a shit who's a fed. They are about to completely fuck whites up the ass with this kind of legislation. If not this, then something else. Time is a factor. Take your little bullshit "omg feds everywhere" fear mongering elsewhere. It's tiresome.

886482 No.11264831

File: bf639ee31acd8a1⋯.jpg (160.54 KB, 1200x927, 400:309, CIA Evildoers.jpg)


I guess you don't know what the FEMA Camps are for, then don't 'ya?

ca1877 No.11264861

File: 0ab7072b511c771⋯.jpg (44.74 KB, 402x402, 1:1, 0ab7072b511c771c0c24bcb152….jpg)



>hello I made the thread and am posting the pdfs




>even if I am a thread, it doesn't matter, just go bomb a building

Go away ATF, thank you.

9fc720 No.11264864

File: 1bc35a8a4aeeb06⋯.png (986 KB, 2486x1420, 1243:710, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at ….png)

File: f5f7c4adcdfa6a7⋯.jpg (279.65 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Fire Alarm.jpg)

File: 42514a5c9045d19⋯.jpg (397.6 KB, 1934x2286, 967:1143, Screen-Shot-2018-02-14-at-….jpg)

File: fba6576fe7f4002⋯.png (24.41 KB, 2285x111, 2285:111, 1518647439191.png)



Florida's 23rd congressional district is an electoral district for the U.S. Congress, located outside Miami, Florida. The district stretches from Weston to the City of Miami Beach.[5][6]

In 2016, it covers parts of Broward and Miami-Dade,[7] including Miami Beach.[8] From 2003 to 2012, the former 23rd district consisted of a major part of Broward County and parts of Palm Beach county. The district included Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach and Belle Glade.

The district is currently represented by Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

886482 No.11264880

File: 0864300389c9b7b⋯.jpg (269.82 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, Beatings.jpg)


I'm the poor schmuck posting the PDFs!!!

Yell at me please!!!

886482 No.11264949

File: 06c1876c7d5b665⋯.jpg (47.62 KB, 375x500, 3:4, Isn't About You.jpg)


Now study your enemy, who is in a revolutionary war against /pol/ and White Americans, constant pyops every day!!!

I must be too White and right for even Stormfront to post my stuff!!!

You all need an education here so that people on /pol/ can have intelligent discussions about their common enemy:



000000 No.11264988


No. I literally made the thread. I saw some article linked on Zerohedge and started researching on the house website.

I got banned because I complained to the mods that they stickied ridiculous fantasy bullshit like jewdar, but a thread about very meaningful legislation that could definitely be used to target /pol/ wasn't stickied.

Actually, one of the main functions of federal bureaucrats who do psy ops online is the old COINTELPRO technique of constantly accusing everyone of being a fed. The idea is to spread fear of feds to discourage organization. It's a very old tactic.

THE PRECISE POINT of this thread is to say there is no point in being afraid anymore because they're going to fuck us. They completely plan to fuck whites. It's truly white genocide planned and executed from teh highest levels using trick fuck language in legislation.

THEREFORE, whites have nothing to lose at this point, and time is a factor. WE HAVE TO ORGANIZE (peacefully) and we have to think (peacefully and theoretically) about what would it take from a military/strategic perspective IF somehow (in theory) it came to that. ALL PEACEFULLY.

Therefore, take your "ur a fed no UR THE FED" bullshit elsewhere. I don't give a goddamn who's a fed and don't want to hear it . It's too late for that shit. This draft legislation proves it–that was the point of this thread.

Whites: wake up. Network very carefully. Think through, very realistically, what it takes to organize. Prepare your mind and body. This is very important. They are 100% going to try to shut all communication down. This is a critical point we're at.

29cbdc No.11265025


if anyone calls brad Schneider, record it on vocaroo and post it here

886482 No.11265028

File: 64aa726c51a1762⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Obviously we newbies thrust into this war are dealing with way brainier veterans at The Agency who are working overtime to implement their New World Order. Soldiers and keyboard warriors in this fight must have NO FEAR of the enemy, or else you are useless in the fight. But rest assured, the Feds ALWAYS have some wicked trick up their sleeves, because they are in consultation with the communist takeover masters, the Jesuits. Hell, I almost went to Federal Prison last summer, were it not for the blessings of God's answered prayer that I'm still a free man today even now!


886482 No.11265111

File: aa239012ca8ddbd⋯.jpg (17.77 KB, 300x250, 6:5, Hottie.jpg)

File: ec5b454dae1a5f5⋯.jpg (18.67 KB, 300x250, 6:5, Hotties.jpg)


And this is probably the number one reason that keeps most White people out of the fight to preserve their heritage and numbers on earth, preoccupation with pussy.

18d5ea No.11265240


>This would probably also mean pol would have dedicated watchers from any new office created by the bill due to pol's "white supremacist" ideology and be monitored constantly

Imagine being a typical lefty FBI agent and your 9-5 job is to read pol threads. You keep seeing statistics cited and reasonable arguments made - I mean sure, there's also the references to DOTR and whatever (which you dutifully make note of) - but you also are subject to the constant stream of arguments that you have no way of refuting, because they're true.

886482 No.11265379

File: c5e106382ef698d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 2200x1700, 22:17, EXPLOSIVES LIBRARY.png)


What this is, is just a continual clamp down against the "political opposition" and civil liberties such as gun ownership, which I can see will result eventually in a military crackdown against "political dissidents" in years to come. The FEMA Camps are to this very day fully staffed and are awaiting some national emergency to install a FEMA Provisional Government, under which the round-ups will commence. It has happened before, it will happen again. Who will just sit there with their thumbs up their butts while friends and neighbors are rounded up and guns are being confiscated by troops and police going door to door? Are we still in Land of the Free? And the Home of the Brave? Or just a bunch of cowards and pussies nowadays?

23aa36 No.11265575


Go back to israel you kike shill

07d735 No.11265904


But we already know this and are already armed nsa-kun.

this isnt 4chan.

a0e582 No.11266686


look for feet

25d20c No.11266704


It's not that, they just don't want trump to be allowed to do anything happy and successful, like cooperating with Russia.

4d52de No.11266754

>White nationalists are .00008% of the population

>They're the worst terrorsists ever

>Never ever mentions nigger gangs destroying cities and expanding their ranks and territory rapidly

These are the people that get "elected". Kill all politicians. I don't care if I'm called an anarchist for saying that, but kill the fuck out of them. All they do is fuck up. Drain the swamp? NUKE THE SWAMP!

5c76c9 No.11266787

Well… see you in Gitmo fellow "white supremacists"

bd36c1 No.11266824

File: 015b372f50aafb8⋯.jpg (35.91 KB, 499x378, 499:378, 77d7e7de817ac44b025495377b….jpg)


>letting yourself get captured

694499 No.11267369


The point isn't to die, it is to kill them.

Here is a sample of may cooking if you have an interest in chemistry. https://pastebin.com/TGzmYw7E

b63480 No.11268090

File: bb95ace12da70c3⋯.png (108.93 KB, 948x1068, 79:89, THE FINAL MEME4.png)


We get racist White Supremacy Frog Pepe to make the Jew name the Jew.

c073f3 No.11268284

If the Jews controlled the world, they wouldn’t have to hide that they are Jews.

5c76c9 No.11268309


To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize - Voltaire

c073f3 No.11268328


I can criticize whomever I wish, and I constantly do so.

e39d64 No.11268388


You miss the point and scope of that statement, "allowed" as in without recourse, name the jew on a major social media site and watch how absurdly fast you have action taken against you. Do it enough to become prominently recognized, even to a smaller audience and you could make the ADL shitlist.

000000 No.11268401

>Drain the congressional swamp.

This is clearly anti-white, malicious prosecution. Schneider et.al. should be expelled from Congress.

Religion of Cuck™, Communism, and apparently Jews like Schneider (and his like minded bill supporters) are the true terrorists and enemies of this country.


c073f3 No.11268418


LMAO! I name the Jew whenever I want. What are they going to do? I am not scared of anyone.

c073f3 No.11268421


Also, I know for a fact I am already on an ADL list, pretty sure I made thei lists back in the early 2000’s when I was trolling a retired IDF Colonel on a forum.

c073f3 No.11268426


Thinking about it, I don’t think there is an agency in the world who doesn’t have a file on me already. 100% serious, no homo.

e39d64 No.11268485

File: f4a94ff8f1e5c4d⋯.jpg (336.41 KB, 2146x1608, 1073:804, heres-the-2-billion-facili….jpg)


Well it's not like they have the facilities out in Utah (and all the others we're unaware of) to literally log all of the internet or something. Enjoy getting Shoah'd, I know I have the few times I've let knowledge slip even unknowingly so, it's basically what finally redpilled me to the truth of everything we talk about on here and other boards.

b5222d No.11268495


Because they don't care about our lives, they want to kill us dead. 4th gen styled warfare is predicated on the basis that they cannot annihilate you. As for mass movements? They have been preparing to fight vanguardist mass movements the moment ww2 ended. It is their specialty. Such movements would be riddled with controlled op like swiss cheese. The only people you can trust are people in your own personal lives that you know intimately. With a sizable mannerbund you could shutdown everything though. Through a considered approach you could target infrastructure and bring everything to a halt. You could make your assault on the sick fucks like the black guelephs then since they would be vulnerable. Of course there would be a need to set up your own infrastructure that works in a total infrastructure blackout and means to communicate&coordinate with other cells.

c073f3 No.11268539


The backups are stored in Australia. However with IS laws regarding US military and intelligence facilities, they are legally within US territory, and thus fall under FOIA as well.

b7e225 No.11269490


>The kikes know their plan for America will inevitably lead to Americans hanging them in the public square.

Actually, I believe they think they will get away with it. They have every worldly apparatus already firmly under their thumbs, and the only blockade they have here – The Founding Documents – stopping them from turning the whole country into Londanistan 2.0 they've been eroding for over a century now, but since the reign of the evil FDR even that they feel confident about now. I'm sure they are surprised we haven't caved to them lock, stock and barrel yet as has the UK Germany, France, and most of the EU for example.

The independence of White Americans has proven to be a tough nut for them to crack. But they believe it's only a matter of time, and frankly the evidence is on their side.

5034f1 No.11269634


>Actually, I believe they think they will get away with it.

And what reason would they have to not think that? No one is doing a goddamn thing to stop them, and no one has in an entire century.

b7e225 No.11269740


You're framing your post as if you're debating me, but I'm assuming you more or less agree with me on the fundamental point I was making.

In the natural things certainly seem to be on the side of the (((enemies))) of the US. However one thing these globalists dancing like puppets for their ultimate father Satan always conveniently forget about is that God – not their father – rules in the affairs of man. This nation will go down when and only when He allows it. Until then they can throw every ounce of jewgold, people, energy and every other worldly resource imaginable trying to destroy the US, and God will merely laugh them into derision.

3d92cd No.11269775


>You're framing your post as if you're debating me

The "agreeing with you" part of it was probably throwing you off, yeah.

>This nation will go down when and only when He allows it.

You're fucking delusional and have no argument whatsoever. Jews have already won, period. You will do nothing to stop them.

(Do you feel in control?)

1607ac No.11269786


He's being foolish but your defeatism isn't going to stop us, kike.

ae8020 No.11269803


>This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS.

Ah shit! As if things couldn't get any worse.

Kikes nuked the bunker last time I checked, so that isn't even an option now.

e1bd63 No.11269810


Blow your fucking brains out, you cocksucking faggot. We don't want your Q-hoax spam here. Go back to reddit and suck their cocks.

503a81 No.11269818


>you're a jew if you post fact

>you're a defeatist if you post fact

>I don't have to substantiate my claims

Reported. Kill yourself. Every word I said is true.

(Do you feel in control?)

b7e225 No.11269819


No, it was your aggressive, in-your-face tone shot back at me. You're sarcasm is now making me think you actually are heh. And no, the fat lady hasn't sung yet, nor has the curtain fallen on this country.


I don't believe I'm being foolish anon, in fact it's literally the only wise viewpoint available to us atp. If God Himself doesn't stop the enemies of this country trying to turn this place into Londanistan 2.0, then no one else will be able to. Anon above is right in that case.

503a81 No.11269826


>oy vey it's not over

Explain the ways in which it is not over. 100 years have passed. People let it all happen. It's over. You have no argument and no substantiation for any of your claims.

b7e225 No.11269840


Not seeing a lot of your substantiations either friend. The very fact we still bear arms is one solid indicator this country isn't washed up just yet. There are many other indicators as well, but that's a very clear cut one.

As I implied in my original post ITT, that curtain may fall – but only when God decides it.

503a81 No.11269870


>Not seeing a lot of your substantiations either friend.

Reported. It's your claim. You have to prove it. Get the fuck off our website if you don't comprehend how this works. YOU made the claim. Either post evidence or be called the shill you are. 100 years. Show me one time in the last 100 years that anyone stopped the jew from doing anything. That anyone even complained about it. That anyone fought back in any capacity, successful or not. Eat shit and die. America was lost in 1913.

ae8020 No.11269922


Dial down your autism sperglord. Giving (you) advanced notice that we're going to get shilled here beyond anything we've EVER seen isn't the same as QLARPING.

"R​eddit"? It sounds like that's where you learned to gargle cum while sperging.

95d11d No.11269949


>he doesn't remember Rockwell

Reported for clearly not lurking two years.

And don't even think of moving the goalposts by saying that he didn't do anything.

e1bd63 No.11269968


>liking directly to Q-LARP isn’t Q-LARPing

Don’t care. Kill yourself. We don’t want to hear it.

e1bd63 No.11269973


He was killed by jews and everything he did was erased. You clearly don’t have an argument.

ae8020 No.11269992


>/pol/ about to suffer it's worst attack ever

>Doesn't care

Sperglord confirmed.

this is why we can't have nice threads

e1bd63 No.11270046


>Q says something

>it’s totally true because he said so

>we should care about it at all


53b16c No.11270245


>literal demoralization shills running free

Have fun, niggers. I just got off of work. Now you're all going to get gassed.

53b16c No.11270335


I was a Marine. It's well known that they are the least PC branch, seeing as how they are the most vicious branch. Not that it's particularly important either way. We always have people embedded in every office and service, which is one reason why kike tools fearmonger so much.

If we didn't have people embedded everywhere, they would have exterminated all Whites a long fucking time ago.

ae8020 No.11270392


>sperglord reconfirms he's a sperglord

Hey brainlet, if Q wanks off that 8ch is going to be spread across MSM it means the cum guzzlers who lick his every drop will be doing precisely that, on top of which the legions of glowniggers that hang out in that board will be calling (((MSM))) shortly to "Oy vey! Shut it down!"

That fact you claim you are too retarded to understand this is not my concern. My concern is /pol/

You really haven't grasped the fundamental concept of this thread you're sperging out in and how that directly relates to what I've been alerting of.

fcd568 No.11270407


but I'm sure it's a (((coincidence)))

e1bd63 No.11270413


>what Q says is real

Reported. What part of this don’t you comprehend? You are doing nothing for us. You are helping us in no way. Go away and don’t return.

fcd568 No.11270419


>saging a sticky


e1bd63 No.11270466


Cry more, you fucking yid. It does nothing to the thread whatsoever. You should be whining more about the Q-fag posting his shit here and derailing.

ae8020 No.11270704



>You really haven't grasped the fundamental concept of this thread you're sperging out in and how that DIRECTLY RELATES TO what I've been alerting of.



>what Q says is real

If breathing required thinking, it wouldn't be alive.


Anyhow, to other fellow anons who are concerned about /pol/:

Expect heavy site traffic to be occurring in the next few weeks as the boomers, cuckchan rejects, and ledditors in QLARP shit out traffic signs across all social media pointing back to 8ch. We can also expect the Oy vey! (((MSM))) to arrive here soon after, while giving interviews with Congresman Brad (((Schneider))) to talk about his bill & how the "hotbed" of 8ch should be shutdown.


4bc600 No.11270761


>Trading base support and ground for lugenpresse PR is ever a good idea

000000 No.11270947

if they try to ram this bill through because of the spic "white supremacist" shooting…holy fuck could they insult our intelligence any more (oh and get ready for war JUST in case–parody, of course, this is a board of peace)

also, remember debbie wasserman schulz (known deep state Awan/Cia operative) has an office just 20 minutes south of the high school. if she didn't play a role getting this false fag set up, probably to get this bill going or to distract generally from deep state, i'd be shocked

2970c5 No.11270979

File: 1ee3dcd7612a5c9⋯.jpg (152 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DNtmhh5XkAArkpv.jpg)

I'd like to discuss prominent jewish figures throughout history, from Marx to Saul Alinsky. I personally don't know too many, and finding this information specifically is near impossible by simply browsing the web. I'd like if we could combine our knowledge here and just have a dump thread for all prominent jews throughout history who've worked to undermine European societies. The sociologists, the social critics, the bankers etc. Especially the last two centuries, where their influence really peaked.

2970c5 No.11270987


oh ffs i thought i clicked to make a tread. fuck me

b63480 No.11271366

File: 5ab29af3d14b20a⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2496x2776, 312:347, Metaphysical War against t….png)

File: fb6007798a8206e⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 268x188, 67:47, branded 2012.jpg)

File: a1f514c70aeda16⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1338x2000, 669:1000, Metal Gear Solid Truth and….jpg)

File: c32000a7e7a504a⋯.png (110.75 KB, 1081x950, 1081:950, A weapon to Surpass Metal ….png)

File: 8b11cfd50377c08⋯.jpg (159.44 KB, 736x920, 4:5, Create Context Metal Gear ….jpg)




But not the normalfags.

"Name the Devil and he shall appear"

Not beside you, but inside your MIND.

Only Anons name the jew.

Only anons SEE the jew,

Only anons can fight the jew.

We need everybodoy to name the jew.

We need to put their cognitive bias to work.

We need them to start notice the jew


We need them something like >>11268090

to make their cognitive bias to start ringing bells into their consciouss state.

Everybody knows the jews run the world.

Thats the meme, the thoughtform.

>its an ironic meme goy dont take it seriously!

They are The-ones-who-should-not-be-named.

And when you cant name the cause of the problem you can´t cure it.

They know the jew runs the show

and they know anyone that names the jew is isolated and destroyed

So they ignore that truth.

We need everyone to name the Jew at the same time. We need to plant that thought into them.

<Start noticing jews

We need the Fake Media to viralise this before they collapse.

We need to take charge of the Overton Window.

Pol/ is getting free advertisment time, all because Donald J. Trump started tweeting pepes.

>A meme with a Pepe

>meme subconsciously targets the truth everybody knows

>Fake media notices it.

>Fake news goes ballistic

>>Oy gevalt, everyone at CNN is a jew, there is literally nothing wrong with being a Jew goyim

>The jew names himself for the meme recipients to identify.

When the fake media starts sperging out.

The Meme will click into the normalfags.

The thoughtform will guide them to jews.

And they will never be able to stop unnoticing them.

Pol/ kills the jew.

4b8ec4 No.11271402


Then Earth expelled the jews…

302476 No.11271454

File: 60d2211d5a256b4⋯.gif (3.41 MB, 312x302, 156:151, 1518592743555.gif)


rapists approved this post

357750 No.11271773

So what you're saying is they're passing a bill to officially do something that they almost certainly already do. Shades of the feds needing Apple to provide a password, as if they can't bypass any basic bitch cell phone security system. They just want this shit on the books.

add04d No.11271793

So, this bill gets introduced a week before another mass shooting that just happens to be fishier than Laura Loomer's wet bread, and said shooter just so happens to have ties to some obscure right wing "white nationalist" militia group…

Feds were warned about this, did fuck all.

Supposedly the Secret Service were even involved in some sort of emergency preparedness shit.

And students saying that there had been a fire drill that very morning.

Is this starting to look staged as fuck, or have I been lurking too long?

4f28e8 No.11271796


Considering the net changes at a rate of a few TB/second they ain't logging shit in that tiny-ass facility. Or in any other. Even google hasn't logged much (iirc about 4% back in 2010)

Just like that Twattycake who said it would house a fucking yottabyte of data (i.e. about 600 years worth of HD production at the time and +/- 30 terawatts just to spin up.) Not even counting that at that scale there are no machines capable of actually processing the data.

Just F.U.D. as they log data on their own citizens and nothing else.

640b0e No.11272036


000000 No.11272146


Everyone (officially) in America has a dossier on them. Some are fuller than others but in all likelihood anyone active on alt-right sites is being logged as much as possible. REDACTED. REDACTED. REDACTED. REDACTED. REDACTED. REDACTED. REDACTED. REDACTED. I know. They record everything possible. Just a matter of technology. If they could cheaply track your every atom, they would.

000000 No.11272161


You're right on.

000000 No.11272166


How is this situation possibly acceptable to anyone? How does it remotely resemble anything relating to "America" or "freedom"? We are a completely totalitarian state. Just because they aren't rounding people up door to door (yet) doesn't mean we aren't, because they clearly have the capability to do that easily.

How is this acceptable

e1bd63 No.11272172


"Who gives a shit?" is the answer from 90% of the population, and "You're lying" from 5% further. That's how.

000000 No.11272174


The difference is that this creates unique offices within agencies required to report numbers. That means agencies directly are required to target a particular ideology and produce numbers showing surveillance and arrests to justify their budget and existence. This is a direct incentive to target a particular ideology. An official government program targeting a viewpoint like a particular group standing up for is the exact type of totalitarianism this country was founded to stand up against. See, eg, first amendment

000000 No.11272176


It is incredibly fucked up how apathy leads to the total destruction of an ingenious constitution for which no one is grateful

000000 No.11272182


It would be targeting Americans, obviously.

And NSA is probably 20-30 years ahead technology-wise of whatever's the best civilian technology you know of, so they may be able to do more than you think (unless you work for NSA at the Utah facility–in that case, I'm not asking for info and don't tell me)

e1bd63 No.11272183


"A republic… if you can keep it."

000000 No.11272186


Yeah. It REQUIRES participation to function and survive. That is literally the only way. Alas.

000000 No.11272307


God. Really? You know it's over 150 years since Darwin right?

7e0a44 No.11272609


Participation isn't required, only that you bend the knee.

6219ab No.11272731


There's nothing wrong with hating such despicable "people" as this, think of it as your own strong moral foundation at work.

e1bd63 No.11273213


What does that have to do with anything, torkike?

c5fffc No.11273272

000000 No.11273288


Seconding (thirding/fourthing?) that feeling.

Whites need to be arming, training, and organizing.

The fact that this legislation is considered within the window of acceptable discourse in our government, which literally is the most powerful in the world and can has capability to repress greater than any other institution in the world, shows the clock is ticking for preparation and organization.

This is the same Congress, of course, that unanimously condemned "white supremacy" at Charlottesville. Regardless of what you think of the merit of the Charlottesville event itself, Congress is condemning the mere fact that there was ANY organized attempt at defending whites AT ALL. They are condemning one single attempt to stand up for whites. Our own government, the most powerful with the greatest capability to oppress possible in the history of man, is doing that. Alarm bells need to go off. Whites need to organize, train, and arm right now.

9825c5 No.11273303


Heiled. I couldn't agree more mein fuhrer. White men who are aware need to be pushing others to do so as well. The main event draws near.

000000 No.11273944

This bill needs to be spread around to redpill normies to the reality that our federal government wants white genocide. It's easy to link to the bill with the explanation that this targets anyone right-wing as a "domestic terrorist."

People can read the bill themselves and will get the message that this targets whites. If a person is somewhat redpilled already, you can link to the bill and point out how "white supremacism" is called "domestic terrorism."

People potentially on our side have to be forced to pay attention. The government is good at memoryholing anything like this and avoiding drawing attention to it. It is yet another example of where this is all going. It is more evidence of white genocide. We need to draw attention to this and not let the government hide and memoryhole this.

a5e360 No.11275081


This is really good. Maybe make the lines longer so it's more apparent that it's supposed to be four letters.

9d893d No.11275139


based mods

25fe74 No.11275229


>thanks for banning people who post truth and fight shills, mods!

This is who you're supporting. Then again, you're probably just him sockpuppeting yourself again.





bd36c1 No.11275248


>This is who you're supporting.

>Jews have already won, period. You will do nothing to stop them.

go be a defeatist somewhere else and kill yourself

8095d6 No.11275256


Not a defeatist. Didn't say that. Try again.

bd36c1 No.11275294


and who are you faggot

4543d4 No.11275315


See that name field? Take a guess.

bd36c1 No.11275375


You are a faggot?

a35c72 No.11277996



There is something sort of like that - Colorado City, Arizona. Entire small town is owned by the local church, a mormon sect that still practices polygamy. The feds arrested the leaders a while back, but so far they haven't tried to break up the town because they know it'd be a clusterfuck.

You'd need to take over an entire town, own all of the land in it, and run the local police and court systems. Even still, they would be looking for any publicly acceptable excuse to shut you down. We could clear out the ghetto no-go zones in a week if the public was willing and the people in power weren't our enemies. You also lose the ability to redpill and form bonds with people in the outside community, as well as to quietly infiltrate into the various power systems. Setting up howitzers and preparing for open warfare with the US military is a losing game.

Right now we're effectively a secret society, much like the Jews once were. The normalfags are opposed to us, but they can't pick us out of a crowd, and most of the lefties yelling about "ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE NAGHTZIS" sound like the people yelling in the streets about masons and Jews do right now. Worm your way into a position of power, learn to pick out others who subtly indicate similar leanings, and do what you can to help them succeed. Give a job interview and start out by baneposting - hire the one who says "Getting into X was part of my plan." The American left is dysgenic and rapidly dying out, the boomer "right" is dying off, and we're the ones with the most raw talent on the playing field. At some point, things will break down to open hostilities, but we aren't there yet.

If this bill passes and they start arresting us, your first job in prison is to redpill the Aryan Brotherhood or other explicitly white gangs. Rise to power, root out degeneracy in the ranks, and make politics rank over profit for that organization and you have a network of trained and willing political assassins. Make prison safe for whites and suddenly our people on the outside will be less scared to be sent there. I'm convinced that the sole thing that has kept us out of prison so far is that they are afraid of what happens if we become truly desperate. There's a reason all of their past intimidation actions have focused on low IQ skinhead gangs rather than academic and intellectual racists. Now that they are becoming desperate, that may change. Remember that a crackdown of this sort is a show of weakness, not of force, and never abandon hope.


"The first quality of the true revolutionary is the power to endure." - Mosley


a35c72 No.11277998


Drone strikes on the US population will result in collateral death which will eliminate support for the established ruling powers. No matter how tech savvy the enemy is, they can't maintain power without the support of a significant portion of the capable population.

Your best bet is studying electrical engineering - which will lead to a job that will support a white family as well as giving you most of the knowledge you're asking for. Joining the military at this point makes you far too easy to kill off. You also come out with shit job prospects, no connections, and barely any way to support a family. The short answer to your question is that predator type drones are pretty much invincible to someone without a supply chain, but they're also defeated politically by living in an apartment building. As much as I hate city life, hellfire missiles in the city are a non-starter for ZOG.

>Current internet resources have to be assumed to disappear at that point, so whatever theoretical preparation for conflict would need to happen now.

Which would send the soyim into a shitfit, robbing ZOG of political goodwill. A major disruption to the status quo benefits us not them. At the end of the day, all war is political, and all war is unwinnable without the support of the population. They're stuck in a bind where if they continue down this path, they continue to slowly lose support but slowly chip away at us - if there is a dramatic shift, they will rapidly lose support. Remember, their footsoldiers live in our communities, eat dinner with us, their kids play with us. This is radically different from launching a war in a foreign country with people whose language you don't speak and supply chains safely an ocean away.


>And NSA is probably 20-30 years ahead technology-wise of whatever's the best civilian technology you know of, so they may be able to do more than you think

This meme of "government super black projects" doesn't really hold up. Much of our tech is running up against hard physical limits. For this to be true they'd need entirely different physical models of the universe - and engineers trained in them. (To be fair, the manhattan project was an example of that, but it's fairly low hanging fruit compared to the frontiers today.) They probably have prototypes of some things which are very advanced (quantum computing, for instance) but working models that can be deployed en mass are pretty unlikely. Much of the NSA's success has come not from technical mastery, but simply from going to the big telecoms, etc, and saying "You will backdoor this for us." That's what they have - a bottomless budget and political power - not magic.

In short, the NSA can fuck you in particular if they pick you out of the crowd. Easily. They don't have "Total Informational Awareness" and their dependence on algorithmic learning and big data has cut them out of the HUMINT circles. Their mass surveillance programs are much more successful at preserving data for targeted surveillance than in actually monitoring everything we do.


6d38f2 No.11278008


>getting caught being part of your plan

In all seriousness that is the main issue with your post. If it passes then it's on, as some would say. There is no reason to keep playing games at that point.

78bc20 No.11279519


Wtf is this shit? Is acknowledging racial differences terrorism now? Am I not allowed to shitpost nigger or gas the kikes? Fuck these kikes.

0915c9 No.11279673

File: 8167f908767b09d⋯.jpg (710.23 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Donald Trump Jewish Zionis….jpg)


8651bc No.11281412


I'd say "gradually I began to hate them" except it was more rapidly and intensely.

f1807a No.11282336


The more they target people, use lawsuits, the more faggots dox people, the less effective it all becomes. When our view is no longer fringe, then they can't do anything. We're at stage 0 of what we're doing, so we have to be the ones to take the hits.

854ea6 No.11282557


God I love that fucking design, Though I will be looking after my own flock when providence graces us, I will not involve in any controversial actions that may be taken if you catch my drift, after all, priorities lads.

618c73 No.11283784


That is the mark of the beast he is making; one of his wives is asking for a divorce by making the gesture with her left hand.

000000 No.11283822


still in committee, keep an eye on it

eb0333 No.11283849

it's physically repulsive seeing this kike's face every time i open the catalog now

53b16c No.11284207



You just had to do it, nigger.


Fuck off, shill.



People like us are the reason we have come this far. They are increasingly desperate. I alone could come up with a way to defeat them with some followers. There are many, many, many of us. Their days are numbered. None of us break the law. They are breaking their own back trying to find a way to get rid of us telling the truth as it is. I don't think they can do it. Plus we have people embedded everywhere, so we actually have better awareness of them than they do of us. Everything they think they're observing is just a test from one of us to see how they will react.

We will not be gambling this time. They doomed themselves when they committed to a path of genocide and trying to rule the whole world and leaving nothing for anyone else. That is no way to rule.

000000 No.11284624


I would normally agree, but I think what you're implying is the same arrogance causing inaction that led to a situation now which is about to be catastrophic because of the uniquely, historically-unprecedented, overwhelming forceful power of the US govt and what that means now that it's a tribal system and tribes gang up to turn maximum force on whites. They want revenge for something we didn't do, but they want the revenge and will get it using US govt power levers.

Look at the exponential change in the graph showing power asymmetry v. time, we are sort of on the part where it's the beginning of the vertical slope.

Your post is sort of describing a lot of the useful idiots that the enemy tribes who have taken control in government in the state/MIC employs to force white genocide.

This all came about because we're Rome. You have a massive empire with wars and colonies everywhere. It is hard to keep order with a ton of tribes are pushed under one roof on the home front as the result, so you have to become an authoritarian state and take away all citizens' rights. Also, emphasize the circuses and degeneracy. As long as there is bread to go with it, people let the graph of authoritarianism go ahead and go vertical while sit on their fat asses and watch Hulu and vr porn.

Once the transformation into authoritarianism is complete which it almost is where the power is insurmountably asymmetrical, whites are done. You then have a tribal but authoritarian government using the enormous asymmetric power imbalance to annihilate whites, which is their overt and often directly stated agenda, so there can be doubt. There has to be recognition that the other tribes want to destroy whites–it's simple, just recognize it and stop pretending the hostile tribes might some day think differently and therefore we fuck around and try to convince them to be civilized and not try to kill us–they will never change their ways and we have the entire world to point to as well as history to prove that–and with the awesome, unprecedented power of the United States authoritarian/related total oppression capability, when you're on the exponential growth part of the graph of authoritarianism, you have to take action that is drastic and unprecedented. Action is what matters. It is a far different thing to wait and see if you are in South Africa or Zimbabwe where the government isn't the most powerful on earth, and yet the hostile tribes still turned around using state power to annihilate whites one way or other. With that same tribal fury but putting US govt power in their hands, they will 100% kill all the whites. That is 100% exactly what they will do, no doubt about it, and anybody who believes that won't happy doesn't understand how tribal fury revenge works or how insanely, incredibly one-sided the US govt is.

Time is a factor, and that's because whites are often so arrogant they actually believe they are still in charge or somehow because they have guns, they can somehow stop the power of other tribes ganging up on you using massive, enormous, huge power of the US government. I (I'm OP but got banned) just posted OP as an example of one thing they do showing this is a matter of time. It can't wait. Arrogance is going to mean total destruction.

It's a ticking clock, and I do not mean some short term clock like Hannity running some qlarp type shit. The true clock on white existence is about to run out because of where we are on the asymmetry govt-to-people power curve, as well as the historical evidence and stated intent that tribes want to destroy whites. We have to survive, period. Do not be overconfident because it's literal survival on the line. The OP one small example I mean just to show how white apathy (and overconfidence among some whites who pay attention like you) causes this to develop. It's quite literally national legislation just saying track and arrest any white who defends his people's right to exist. That's just one example, but they've been taking every possible measure until now, and OP is a single tiny example in a massive sea of evidence proving where this is going very soon. Time is a factor and overconfidence is a certain path to genocide. The genocide must be stopped at all costs, and that takes real action now and not overconfidence.

000000 No.11284627



The TL;DR of my post above: white overconfidence is just as big a problem as apathy and will lead 100% to white genocide. Time is a factor.

0a8605 No.11290223

File: 7b08b9b7d4111e7⋯.jpg (197.49 KB, 509x708, 509:708, robert j matthews.JPG)

Back in the day we knew how to deal with uppity jews.

4f2d0a No.11290586

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2.5h special on Bob Mathews done by Augustus Invictus. Ive only heard him be shit on by people but I cant say anything bad about this really. I think hes half bean or something, pronounces Guerilla as if he was spanish.

000000 No.11292883


Mathews is a badass. More people need to know about him.

ef22d9 No.11294106

AIPAC and the Lithuanian mob, code for Slavic Jews are running the pedo rings.

Fuck you Schlomo.

000000 No.11294779

>(1) White supremacists and other right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.

…and then the pitiful lying load of statistics. I've always been on the fence regarding you guys but when the lies and malicious agenda is so blatant, what choice do I have in the sides I must choose? If anything, AIPAC and the like are the real terrorist organizations. All the lobbying and lying on behalf of a foreign nation in the capitol should not even be legal. It's treason and this Israel-firster traitor needs to be punished.

5b137b No.11310576

File: 8d018773f4027a4⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 218x232, 109:116, cianigger.jpg)


Look at the date on this post. It's Feb. 12. That's two days before the Nick "the Patsy" Spic school shooting setup on Feb 14.

Wouldn't it be funny if this was (((DWS and co.))) creating a trail of evidence to attempt to link Nick Cruz to /pol/? Not saying that's what this post definitely is, but isn't the timing weird?

000000 No.11323893


See bill tracking page:


Look at ALL ACTIONS. They moved this bill forward on 2/14, right on the day of the false flag shooting in Florida done by kikes in a kike area in FL.

5af1d7 No.11323980


000000 No.11324014

IMPORTANT re this pending bill labeling "white supremacists" as domestic terrorists:



Look at ALL ACTIONS. They moved this bill forward on 2/14. The day of the shooting. Remember the date of the shooting they were calling Cruz white supremacist. They just needed the false flag to move the bill forward and did so THAT DAY, the 14th.

000000 No.11326311

Feel like this deserves some attention so am continuously bumping.



Look at "ALL ACTIONS" on the bill tracker page linked here. On 2/14, they pushed this bill forward.

Remember that on 2/14, kikes were claiming Cruz has white supremacist ties.

000000 No.11330244


This bill MATTERS BECAUSE IT IS PENDING RIGHT NOW AND WAS PUSHED FORWARD ON 2/14, the day of the shooting. 2/14 was the day the ADL, media, etc. were claiming Cruz was affiliated with some "white supremacist" org. THE IMPLICATION IS THIS SHOOTING WAS CONNECTED TO THOSE IN CONGRESS PUSHING THIS BILL WHO ARE KIKES.




000000 No.11330266

this was pushed forward day of the shooting and needs attention big time



000000 No.11330353


This legislation MUST be opposed NOW as it calls all "white supremacism" (a vague, garbage, flexible term that can be manipulated by anyone for any purpose) or essentially anyone on the right "domestic terrorists."


2/14 was the day the ADL, media, etc. were claiming Cruz was affiliated with some "white supremacist" org. THE IMPLICATION IS THIS SHOOTING WAS NEEDED TO PUSH THE LEGISLATION FORWARD AND THEY DID IT THE SAME DAY.



f4e50a No.11330502


if you want more attention post on 4chan with some obnoxious title.

9825c5 No.11330750


If that happens then there needs to be Redpill and Holohoax threads stickied 24/7 so on the one hand it'll scare off the exceptionally brainraped and perhaps a few of the more intelligent will accept that the jews are the real enemy.

19ca20 No.11332011

File: 80f12ea15dc2e59⋯.jpg (31.45 KB, 500x360, 25:18, IR_LED_Blocks_Security_Cam….jpg)


You're one of the same dumbass newfags from 4cuck /k/. Every time someone asks over there how they'd convert anything semi-auto into full-auto, or how to weaponize a truck, or to post the old manuals for IEDs made in the serbian-bosnia war, they post the same shit meme of peter parker wearing the hat of the doggo shooters. Let me tell you something: If you're here, you're probably already on a watch list. If you're not, you're doing something wrong. When /k/ gets asked how to build a weapon, they provide intstructions on how to do so. When redditors, feddies, normalfags, newfags, or statists see said instruction, or even the inquiring about them, they always freak the fuck out and say "FBI/CIA/ATF PLS GO" despite absolutely none of the information being illegal. According to US law, there is nothing illegal about these instructions. But even if there was, I have something to tell you.

Let me tell you the story of an old chinese general who worked under a cruel emperor. This general was supposed to be meeting with the emperor in a week or so. But they encountered some very bad weather on the way there. The general knew he would not make it in time. So he asked his advisor, "What is the punishment for being late?" To which the advisor responded, "Death." The general thought for a moment, and asked his advisor another question, "What is the punishment for desertion?" And the advisor again responded, "Death." A week later the emeperor was overthrown.

You already have the "crime" of being born white in a judea-owned nation, and not wanting to be a slave, or have your history erased or changed, or wishing for your children to have a future. Whether you do anything else beyond that is irrelevant. Know this, you already have a target on your back. Your nation was stolen by you a century or more ago, no matter where in the western world you are. You downloading a PDF of how gorilla warfare was done in vietnam doesn't do a single goddamn thing to paint anymore of a target on your back. Yes, you may already be marked for death. In fact, remove the "may". Your unrelaxing state is good, and yes, but this is uneccesary paranoia. They cannot unjustly kill, imprison, or do worse to you any more than they could before you download a military manual or pirate a movie online. You got nothing to fear but fear itself. Be a little bit braver.

And, all that said, real oldfags have already downloaded enough books to print a library that fills out every section with useful info. Any newfags know to lurk moar. So long as the tradition of lurking moar prevails, fedniggers will eternally be out of the loop. Because even if they have all the information we do at their fingertips, they're still lazy and only do it for the money. Having a bunch of info at your disposal doesn't mean you have the drive to read it all or the intelligence to comprehend and apply it all.

000000 No.11332120


This is an outstanding post.

Reminder for anyone dropping in. This bill matters because it seems like the Parkland, FL school shooting have been caused by (((AIPAC/ADL)))-connected Congressmen and their friends.



This bill labels anyone with pro-white ideology a "domestic terrorist."

Congress pushed the bill forward on 2/14. See ALL ACTIONS near the bottom of the page on the bill tracker at the link above. 2/14, of course, was the date of the shooting. That day was when the ADL was feeding false talking points to the media that Cruz was a member of a "white supremacist" group.

This bill has to be opposed now, because it will be very hard to challenge once passed. It can label anyone a terrorist they want, so it's ultimate victory for kike speech oppressors. Makes sense that they would do whatever it takes, including possibly set up a school shooting, just to get it passed, since once it's passed, it's impossible even to protest due to the total shutdown of anyone who might oppose the law. History has shown this is how this sort of thing works, so it has to be fought now.

000000 No.11332182


This bill matters because it seems like the Parkland, FL school shooting have been caused by (((AIPAC/ADL)))-connected Congressmen and their friends in order to push this bill through committee. The tracking shows this was pushed through the day of the Parkland shooting when Cruz was falsely being called a "white supremacist":



It's a serious bill that will go after sites like /pol regardless of any "terrorist" intent. The reason it will do that is the bill requires monitoring and reporting of anything pro-white and will pay new agencies to do that. Any actual evidence of "terrorist" intent will not matter for the purposes of this bill.

86b484 No.11334408


(((Congress))) did it this time, eh

8386ce No.11334962


>Arizona DPS Hack

moar? curious for info

86b484 No.11337437


If adl pushed a white nationalist story in the media regarding nick cruz on 2-14, it could also be that they knew about the bill and called their contacts in Congress on the same day to push this forward. maybe somebody in congress moved it the same day on their own. it is weird that adl statistics are in the bill if they were the ones lying about cruz white nationalist ties on the day of the shooting when bill went to the "counterintelligence" committee, but adl is all over stuff like this in any case

86b484 No.11337458


agree on spreading widely. this is where ussa begins. and it makes sense why they'd stage or set up a shooting. false flag serves (((schneider)))'s aims. destroy free speech & get the guns. constitution is fucked.

0e6b3d No.11337901


>"Thank for calling Anon, I support freedom of speech and will strongly oppose this bill."

>"Kathy, put this guy on the blacklist"

86b484 No.11344316


seems like a very fucked-up element of this.

not just constituents, but in the House and Senate, people may be afraid to oppose openly (remember the "unanimous condemnation" of cville). once passed, the law is unstoppable. nobody can oppose at that point.

this is purely aipac/adl/splc dictating the law. oh and apparently doing a false flag to get it going

b6a48f No.11344335



>keep an eye on it?

I would LOVE for them to pass this shit. Ya know why? The USSC would be forced to rule against it, frozen peaches.

b6a48f No.11344343


>"Kathy, put this guy on the blacklist"

no anon was v& even when onigger had the fbi gunning down lolbergs. We are protected from on high.

7c5786 No.11344365

File: e8ea784edbe2663⋯.mp4 (2.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US.mp4)


It's okay to be white and there's nothing this rat-faced parasite can do about it.

0ee060 No.11345541


If loving my family and my people makes me a Nazi, then I'm Adolf fuckin Hitler.

86b484 No.11346720


Since they're pushing this legislation and trying to grab gruns using setups/false flag shootings (and actually grabbing guns without due process or in process at all in Washington State at least), maybe it's getting to be Hitler time.

86b484 No.11357855

reminder: kike-run deep state may have actually shot up a fucking school just to push legislation labeling anybody pro-white as a "domestic terrorist."

the gun control debate may be a distraction or an alternative narrative,



86b484 No.11358777


459daa No.11392897

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Similar Bill just died spectacularly in TN

812f70 No.11392919

and this is why you never join groups or those ridiculous protests for muh whiteness.

The anon way is the only way.

d1db41 No.11393213



>But what is it about Brenda Arthur that could garner the attention of this specialized police unit? She seems like an unlikely candidate to be involved in terrorism or organized crime.

>Arthur is a senior citizen who’s never broken a law in her life. She is a professional insurance broker, a great-aunt to six children, one of whom she helps with financial support for a private education at a Montessori school.

>But fusion centers know no boundaries, including the U.S. Constitution, says constitutional attorney and civil liberties advocate John Whitehead.

>“The word mosque, it’s key words like that. If you don’t like mosques, they’re gonna be after you, they’re watching you, because everything is determined by algorithms,” said Whitehead, founder of the Charlottesville, Va.-based Rutherford Institute.

>Being an “activist” also draws the attention of the fusion centers, he said.

I swear officer I was just funposting I love pisslam

86b484 No.11401163

This is a reminder that this legislation is still pending in committee. Be on the lookout for false flags blamed on "white supremacists," "right-wing extremists," etc.


115113 No.11401166

File: f18d5bbfcaab68b⋯.png (79.47 KB, 619x600, 619:600, f40f2bdb5ce405902e3ada00b5….png)

86b484 No.11401171


There is no "anon way" and at some point, there will have to be an actual, physical, real white nationalist movement, so hiding in your bedroom on your computer helps nothing.

The purpose of this legislation is to mandate monitoring and reporting. Doesn't matter whether it's in person or online, and it doesn't matter that there is no "terrorist" intent present. The idea is mandate a police state.

*Note: I do not advocate violence in any way, shape, or form. I am a pacifist.

e79e5b No.11401192

Anyone else notice that we got a lot of "far right" attacks after trump got into office?

Antifa was braging about derailing trains in an area, such an event happened, antifa was memory holed,people came out of the wood work to defend those scum bags.and now the far right were blamed for the train derailment.

c257bb No.11401760


The FEMA camps really drive this homr. I was hearing about the FEMA camps 15 years ago. This sort of legislation and another few years of propaganda and a literal genocide could happen easily. Especially with blockchain tech and automation. Fast tracked terror trials. Fully automated. Fully lethal.

c257bb No.11401817

File: e2626315709851d⋯.jpg (126.6 KB, 1108x1001, 1108:1001, 1521494260460-biz.jpg)



000000 No.11401846


Yes and at my age it's essentially a repeat of what happened back in the Weather Underground terrorist (https://www.fbi.gov/history/famous-cases/weather-underground-bombings) days. They got away with everything back then and it's the same now. (((They))) love to protect and cover for their useful idiot leftist terrorists. Things never change.

000000 No.11403994


dda734 No.11406242


They can just send me their emails and I'll forward them all the articles and videos of chimps chimping out that get posted here, and white genocide statements.

dda734 No.11406283


its because they took control of the levers of power and the media, and brainwashed everyone.

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