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On the jews and Their Lies

File: 80d08d1dd97068d⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1600x1050, 32:21, Spammer works in a superma….png)

File: 88cd1a46645d6d7⋯.png (128.55 KB, 1803x901, 1803:901, EXIF from spammer DG store….png)

File: 9661ab966a91c6d⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20171026_171412362_HDR.jpg)

cb87ee No.11255604

The white_meet_up spammer accidentally uploaded an image of his workplace to /n/ while on one of his tirades. The file name Indicates that it came directly from his phone and Tineye had 0 matches. Now we know the source of his anger, he is mad because he has to mop up peepee all day. Be sure to ask him how his shift was whenever you see him post here.

Check these threads for more info:



And the original post here:


On a more serious note, can anybody identify the shipping numbers on those boxes and find out where this was taken?

eb9ea4 No.11255621

Clean up in aisle six million

1b7a4d No.11255637

bump. this could be interesting. I don't think it's solid proof of workplace, but we could still get a rough picture of general whereabouts.

1b7a4d No.11255655


This is a good point. sage for truth.

cb87ee No.11255661



You have no idea how bad the spam was. The guy deserves no mercy. Go check out one of the "banned x times" threads on /polmeta/ to see how disgusting this kike truly was.

74fa88 No.11255667


Have they gotten rid of him yet? But also not sure why it matters that he works in a super market.

cb87ee No.11255693

File: 52778b9c3d735b3⋯.png (96.27 KB, 703x1408, 703:1408, spam.png)


No, they have not gotten rid of him, he still spams /n/ every single thread every day with the same filth. He has a proxy and the mods never delete his posts or add spam filters.

0cc828 No.11255699

He works in a Family Dollar General Store. The tags there on the shelf are from there. Now it's just a matter of pinpointing where the faggot lives. I think Family Dollar's are a southern-only franchise.

0cc828 No.11255701


Dollar General* Sorry about that.

c255f5 No.11255716


And who's to say that the spammer didn't walk inside of the store to purposely snapshot an irrelevant photo to try and provoke this board into targeting the wrong person?

69e445 No.11255722

but WHY does the spammer… spam?

cb87ee No.11255723


I believe that is the storeroom, only employees are allowed back there. Also, the spammer is not too bright, I have been in many debates with him and all he can do is hurl childish insults.

8fc8ed No.11255726



Nah, I live in michigan and there isn't a shortage of dollar generals here.

ac4386 No.11255727

Mexican confirmed.

cb87ee No.11255728


He really really really hates us and wants /pol/ taken down. He can't stand nazis or antisemitism.

f4930e No.11255729


It's not even irrelevant considering how often you see it suggested that someone commit suicide by drinking bleach on here.

Or perhaps he is considering it himself.

0cc828 No.11255730

File: 396fcf42ea045c4⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, fuck off nigger.png)


Getting scared? That photo is in the back where they keep their stock. He wouldn't be allowed back there if he wasn't an employee.

0cc828 No.11255731


I stand corrected then. But at least it's narrowed down as to where he works.

69e445 No.11255732


Oh so he's a jew? it figures

f4930e No.11255739


I thought that at first but it isn't, that's a display rack and the box on the floor says clearance. It just looks like the backroom because this is a very cheap/shit/immigrant type supermarket

69e445 No.11255742


It could be part of a smaller store, looks like a regular detergent and cleaning chems aisle to me.

c255f5 No.11255749


Getting scared? I'm just factoring in a possibility that would make a lot of people on here look bad. Wouldn't want to pursue the wrong person, though, is a good thing that his location is narrowed down.

0cc828 No.11255753


Dollar General doesn't usually keep sealed boxes out with regular inventory though. Most of the boxes in the foreground are all sealed still. Unless they just got a shipment in.

4ac585 No.11255755

4ac585 No.11255756


>be nice to your enemies goy

f4930e No.11255757


Exactly the cage in the foreground is on wheels and how the stock arrives and how it get's brought from the stockroom to refill empty shelves.

I unfortunately know first hand.

48c10e No.11255758

Reminder to use the filters.

0cc828 No.11255760


Would it be plausible to track the delivery via the number codes on the boxes? Or are they too generalized?

4ac585 No.11255765


>muh optics

You're joking right

f4930e No.11255773


Depends on the store, distributor and couriers. Are they separate or all run by the same group. Could be any combination, so probably quite difficult barring a label actually saying the store or town on one of the boxes etc

a5648a No.11255788


>Most of the boxes in the foreground are all sealed still. Unless they just got a shipment in.

Those boxes are all on a mobile cart, so I'm guessing the latter. That's clearly a display shelf on the left, and there's a security camera above to watch for shoplifters.

98aeaf No.11255791


>Moto E

Homeboy gotta Obamaphone

94d341 No.11255802

Those scented oil refills are Dollar General brand.

b74f8c No.11255804


There are cameras in the backroom aswell. Jews don't trust their employees any more than their cattle.

bab66f No.11255819



They're in Maine, too.

f4930e No.11255823


We used to get randomly patted down as we left at one large DIY (((chain))).

98aeaf No.11255824


Ya but that is a customer facing shelf on the left. You can see the pricetags and the little display hanging off the shelf to sell tire pressure gauges. The little cardboard attention grabbers.

The person who took that is probably using the cart on the right to restock the shelves on the left. A stock boy working when the store is closed.

54e176 No.11255826

For the pink box, can someone confirm for me that the the white label reads "dog 37909 75672 3"? Because I believe the 75672 is a zip code for Marshall, Texas

98aeaf No.11255829


They are in shitty hoods all over new england.

bab66f No.11255839




>hoods all over new england

Kek, I wouldn't know, we don't have hoods.

a0048b No.11255841



94d341 No.11255848

File: 94c7f6cee18b5a5⋯.jpg (154.68 KB, 1150x1150, 1:1, DG_Zoom.jpg)

I think I see ZIP code 98612. That's SW Washington State, but there are no Dollar Generals there. DG is sold in Walmart though. The two nearest Walmarts are a few miles to the east, however.

a0048b No.11255850

the behavior in this thread is interesting

does he have friends here?

98aeaf No.11255851

File: 2974cdc3ba056b2⋯.png (51.79 KB, 1244x616, 311:154, UPC.6.9.final5_.png)


That is a UPC code.

98aeaf No.11255861


Normally retail chains dont use zip codes. they use "store numbers". If you could find a list of DG's internal store numbers you might be able to match something up with one of those labels.

8c0a60 No.11255865

File: 24e10bd28ab4b60⋯.jpg (29.46 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 24e10bd28ab4b6031ff0c27cd6….jpg)

File: fcec27751da701f⋯.jpg (25.11 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 9f7daddea1e3aaeddcef454f98….jpg)



98aeaf No.11255869

File: 8afdb9e286d6013⋯.png (9.26 KB, 246x88, 123:44, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)

File: e97d990b59bfc95⋯.png (6 KB, 216x65, 216:65, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)



837955 No.11255885

File: 2b5a51dbe752aa3⋯.jpeg (6.63 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (6).jpeg)



2aac26 No.11255895


I wish. Then we could read the shipping labels.

a5755b No.11255903

Just what we need, another spam thread.

010850 No.11255934

File: 330e4aeaede5ba9⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 217x217, 1:1, 1426392053918.gif)

>working in retail

60ca40 No.11255946

File: 454c58824349955⋯.png (116.13 KB, 500x465, 100:93, 454c58824349955529dddda0e4….png)

>a yid working at a Dollar General

94d341 No.11255968

Okay, I need autistic help. Here's a link to a store finder that lists store numbers. Problem is, you have to brute-force it. I've worked all the way through Arkansas and California, but we can get this done MUCH faster if we split up the work.

Who can grab a state and visually scan all the locations in it for Store #98612?


373d32 No.11255971

File: 9661ab966a91c6d⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20171026_171412362_HDR.jpg)


I don't have the real photoshop, just some chink knockoff. but, I was able to apply a basic sharpen filter. maybe if it was posterized some of it could be more readable?

000000 No.11255973

Not me. It's a troll that added that pic.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of /pol/ put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?


Why would /pol/ ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking


Black networking


Hispanic Networking


Asian Networking


Indian Networking


Muslim Networking


And let's add Gay and Women networking.


White Networking


Remove the /pol/ mod

Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.









































There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

94d341 No.11255975


Finished Arizona too.

373d32 No.11255976

File: 3c4d22c76e5da9f⋯.jpg (10.5 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20171026_171412362_HDR.jpg)


fuck. wrong image

c2dd7c No.11255981

File: 82feec9c85e123f⋯.jpg (59.13 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 82feec9c85e123fbb3fb15a8aa….jpg)

Post yfw this was all a highly convoluted viral marketing campaign by Dollar General.

Polite sage for probable slide thread

faf8b7 No.11255983



This fucker deserves it, and it's got nothing to do with where he works.

000000 No.11255989


Good God you people are so fucking stupid. Why would I the "spammer" have a pic of stock shelves are a retail store?

94d341 No.11255990



Utah, Rhode Island and New Jersey are negative too.

94d341 No.11255999


New Hampshire and New Mexico are done.

89d253 No.11256003

File: 85db2cda95bf19a⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, meet.jpg)


You should have some pics of your wildly successful regular meetups to encourage us to go.

c68bbe No.11256004


>Having only whites is a jewish trick

>Why don't you mingle with niggers at my apolitical anti-racist meetings?

94d341 No.11256006


Vermont and South Dakota are no match.

94d341 No.11256010


Oregon and Nevada are negative.

94d341 No.11256017


Nebraska and Massachusetts negative.

Minnesota negative.

Maine negative.

Delaware negative.

4c4c1e No.11256018


God knows I am not defending the spammer but their is literally nothing wrong with working in a supermarket. No shame in honest work.

54e176 No.11256023


What troll added the pic then, nigger? You would have a picture of stock shelves because that's where you work. Your double digit IQ explains why you would take the picture.

94d341 No.11256025


Not in Connecticut.

No hits in Colorado.

457430 No.11256027


> a yid working

Yeah I am as shocked as you

54e176 No.11256029


Dollar General is not a supermarket, it's a back alley, $3 or less, nigger bonanza

94d341 No.11256030

Okay. I've gone through a lot of the states with no match. Here's what I need help with:








ae5956 No.11256034


I'm pretty sure he claimed to be from jew jersey when he was trying to arrange meetups on his own board here.

8ad47e No.11256038

Didn't Aids Skrillex also work at a supermarket?

94d341 No.11256039


No match for the store number in NJ. Maybe PA?

c7fa10 No.11256054


Yeah, a Sprouts/Whole Foods/other bullshit hip "organic" store if I remember correctly.

2f65f0 No.11256056

File: 73b4b7506622b95⋯.png (118.62 KB, 349x422, 349:422, Maddow8830-7.png)


>Dollar General


0/10. Its entire existence hinges on being a minimart in rural areas with no other options (i.e. the nearest actual supermarket is far enough away that people would say fuck it and just stop in here if they only needed something quick, like bread or milk), and pushing massive amounts of cheap shit (made in overseas sweat shops) on poor people.

Its ex-CEO, who said something along the lines of "I shipped jobs overseas to benefit shareholders" (yes, it was literally this bad), was elected as a U.S. Senator from Georgia a few cycles ago, beating out a lybyryl fymynyst Democratic womyn who only wanted to help the same poor white "people" that voted against hyr.

Fuck that company and fuck its workers.

b05b6a No.11256059


So what are you going to do? Tell them the doesn't like /pol/? WTF is wrong with you people?

And the pic could be something anyone got off the web for whatever reason. No proof he works there.

22aabd No.11256066


Iowa clear. but I noticed that some stores are listed by address and not store number. also my hometown had a Dollar General built in the last year and it wasn't listed on the Iowa page, so its possible we won't find store #98612

c68bbe No.11256067


Did you even read the OP? Your argument got blown the fuck out all the way up there.

b05b6a No.11256070


Try Tel Aviv the source of the fake pic and troll.

94d341 No.11256073


You're next, motherfucker.

95e06a No.11256079


Not a chance in hell.

All you will find is the SKU numbers on the box, what you want to look for is actual shipping labels.



That is a SKU. It's used for inventory control in warehouses.

The only identifier that you can use to tie a package to a location is the shipping label which I don't see.

-t. warehouse fag

54e176 No.11256080


Lot of (1)s coming to defend nigger marts and an anti-/pol/ spammer, it's quite strange


res… er, I mean maddyke gets saged

b05b6a No.11256085


Read the thread, he claims he did not make the post


f89236 No.11256086


Reminder you're supposed to help in this dox. Less shitposting on /sudo/ to do.

27648e No.11256089

File: d1985578d2d94ff⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 552x532, 138:133, 1502198080.jpg)

Shit thread

b05b6a No.11256093


So you're going to dox someone without evidence?

4c4c1e No.11256095


Shit man I am not a burger seems kinda shitty looking down on someone because of where they work.

Tell me more about your nigger bonanza's though kek

54e176 No.11256096

File: e00e53a16ac6937⋯.jpg (41.14 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Kizuna2.jpg)


It's pretty easy to say you didn't do something when you actually did, kikes are masters at this. Or do you believe everything you read on the internet?

b05b6a No.11256098


So a Jew works at a dollar store? WTF???

c68bbe No.11256100


>Fucking up the guy who is trying his hardest to get h8/pol/ 404ed

>Shit thread

Shut it down, amirite chaim?

2f65f0 No.11256104

File: fd7544f5bd433b0⋯.png (190.34 KB, 348x373, 348:373, Maddow8763.png)


Florida's done. No match.

5fa819 No.11256107


>richard stallman in the back

27648e No.11256108


>Considering a run of the mill spammer a serious threat


f2f973 No.11256110


if a location can be found, getting the footage from that well placed >>/ipcam/ shouldn't be too hard

f5b4eb No.11256113




ab92f1 No.11256116

So fucking what?

5fa819 No.11256118



Do you also refer to people as "folks" despite living in a northern city all your life?

54e176 No.11256121



No evidence of what? There's a picture of a Dollar General, from the kikes own phone. The IQ of kikes also fall into the range of your average nigger, so yes one can work at a dollar store. It's the ashkenazi jews that actually have IQs above 100, only difference between the two is the higher ups will be hung first.

1b7a4d No.11256124


Lol is this actually the failed result of some WN "meetup"?


>sage is a downvoat

Get a load of this newman

ab92f1 No.11256125


So you have to be a rocket engineer to not be a kike?

4c4c1e No.11256126


I have seen worse do you remember the virgin rage threads, that guy spammed a lot too. These guys are going for the title of most autistic spammer. It happens a lot some people can't handle the redpill and start fighting small battles they think are worth fighting, if anything the guy is probably very idealistic and just wants someone to listen too.


You are above people because of your superior intellect amiright? Can't believe people actually talk to the help?


Completely misrepresenting his point

ab92f1 No.11256127


And that point is?

4c4c1e No.11256131


Kikes come in all shapes and sizes

2f65f0 No.11256132

File: 4d6a597422b272d⋯.png (146.98 KB, 321x425, 321:425, Maddow8815-8.png)


>Muh Ashkenazi IQ meme

>Muh spammer is a j00 false lead

You boyim are so stupid. It's pathetic, really.

cb87ee No.11256134


>if anything the guy is probably very idealistic and just wants someone to listen too.

You haven't seen his spam on /n/. That board is unmoderated, and the shit has been going non-stop for months now. It needs to end.

94d341 No.11256136

Not Pennsylvania, though there are hundreds of DG stores there.

ab92f1 No.11256137


seems more like he's saying that you have to not have a shit job to not be a kike

seems like that's the point of this thread

54e176 No.11256140



The real question is, what's your point? I was talking about how kikes don't all belong in the 1% or have access to nepotism. Not whatever nigger argument you're trying to come up with.

ab92f1 No.11256141

on a side note


you get knecked first on the day of the rope, you fucking degenerate avatarfag

cb87ee No.11256143

File: 4bca8998ac5718a⋯.png (62.98 KB, 705x430, 141:86, pedokike.png)

Daily reminder, he doesn't just want to end /pol/, he wants to end all of 8chan. Kikes like him cannot tolerate free speech. That is why he always accuses us of censorship and pretends not to know what spam is.

>Always accuse your enemies of your own crimes.

f5b4eb No.11256154




2f65f0 No.11256156

File: 9bdb733b0523df2⋯.png (144.34 KB, 321x420, 107:140, Maddow8815-6.png)


>Pedo boards

>All of 8chan

I'd direct you to >>>/reddit/ , but you probably got banned there when r/creepshots was axed.

4c4c1e No.11256164


Just checked out /n/ sweet baby jesus. Something broke in a very idealistic mans mind. Poor guy. Also the first thread making fun of his job is stupid on /n/. This is what lefties use to get people into our countries. "Natives do not want to do the work!" then people turn around and make fun of people for working shit jobs in turn making people not want to work shit jobs giving them more justification for immigrants. Its hypocritical.


Does not seem that way to me.


What exactly do you think I am shilling you dumbass?

cb87ee No.11256166

I'm not going to reply to the Maddowposter, but the image is clearly calling for the deletion of all of 8chan.

0d898e No.11256171

File: 2cd464f31502fa7⋯.jpg (85.39 KB, 700x741, 700:741, germanancestry.jpg)


"Folk" is a German loanword. I'll let you think about that for a bit.

ab92f1 No.11256173


thread just comes off as "lol this bad goyim has a shit job, laugh at him"

real /leftypol/ tier shit

But then again, I don't really follow the white meetup drama, just see the spam every now and again


I could be wrong.

4c4c1e No.11256175


We are of one mind one this entire thing.

a0048b No.11256180


A lot of shit jobs would not exist if there were no shitskins to do them

The world would be a better place

ab92f1 No.11256184


>A lot of shit jobs would not exist if there were no shitskins to do them


54e176 No.11256186


Then either catch up on the "drama" or lurk. This spammer is not white, and either doesn't live in the US or is one of the shitskins brought in to fulfill the $7 an hour work load at a nigger mart.

4c4c1e No.11256188


>Its seems earth is warming up because the ice is melting no longer cooling the earth

This is how dumb you sound.

dfb399 No.11256190


The store numbers appear to be sequential.

> As of January 2015, Dollar General operated over 11,500 stores in 40 U.S. states.

They don't anywhere near as high as #98612

b115e2 No.11256192

File: 62e9ad9fb538f75⋯.png (65.8 KB, 616x596, 154:149, 1502584905494.png)



So what if the "white meetup" guy didn't really take that picture? What if we end up lynching some innocent wage cuck? I think it'd be funny either way, but not a good look for us. I don't think this is the kind of witch hunt we should be focusing our efforts on, even if just for the lulz. However, if that's we're doing here, then so be it, I guess.

There is a point to be made here, though:

>8/pol/ does IN FACT delete self-improvement threads and IRL action threads, and also bans the OP for ever suggesting that us wypipo should ever leave our containment board and repill the world.

It's fucking true, and you retards know it.

ab92f1 No.11256193


I still don't like the smell of this thread, smells like /leftypol/ bullshit.

ab92f1 No.11256198

shit, it even has the avatarfag posting in it

c68bbe No.11256203


cb87ee No.11256205



Jews have the highest rates of mental illness compared to any other any other race. Taking to the spammer on /n/, I definitely get the impression that he has a few screws loose. It is not uncommon for chains stores like Dollar General to hire the mentally handicapped out of sympathy.

94572e No.11256206

File: ede2fd47cdf6bc3⋯.jpeg (32.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, OTGDAGWJ6EUFEQGMJWGCTABUF….jpeg)


Rach is in this thread, which is all you need to know about it's quality, accuracy and trajectory.

b115e2 No.11256208


I think it's a leftypol operation as well. As I said before, though…whoever we doxx is whoever we doxx. There's no mercy on this board, or any for pseudo face fagging.

4c4c1e No.11256213



>Making fun of people working


Something weird is going on.

0d898e No.11256217



The lower number is probably the product UPC or the carton UPC. The upper number is probably a lot or serial number. The numbers in the same fields on the other two pink boxes are near-sequential. The floor/ceiling/shelves are probably more helpful in determining this particular location than anything on the packaging labels, unless you have access to DG or P&G logistics data and look up where these box numbers were sent. The number appears to be 83522932 (the others are 83522923 and 83522930).

t. former retail

b115e2 No.11256218

File: e718fda774de81c⋯.png (56.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, e718fda774de81cdabb4886e1a….png)


>he doesn't understand the implications of implicitly implying an imply.

cb87ee No.11256220



It might be an area code. I searched it on the dollar general website, but it brought up twenty stores.

3c013b No.11256222

File: fb4a955d47168b8⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 468x514, 234:257, fb4a955d47168b8ca94727e5d3….jpg)

ab92f1 No.11256225


now this is shitposing

2f65f0 No.11256237

File: f540102e932b6a5⋯.png (86.67 KB, 433x284, 433:284, Maddow328-1.png)


Had this thought as well. I'm finding nothing anywhere near that, having quicksearched several thousand locations across half a dozen states (ignore my earlier post where I said Florida was done; as it turns out, I don't have access to the complete list, though I did get a few hundred locations in the major population centers checked) but it's still theoretically possible for there to be something that high. It's extraordinarily rare for a large company like DG to use truly sequential numbering for all of their locations, making it feasible for there to be a 98612, but again, I haven't seen any number within even 50,000 of that, and I also see zero definitive proof that 98612 is a store number at all in the pic provided as evidence.

Personally, I'm seeing this entire thread as a red herring, intentional or not.

0d898e No.11256247



That number was already explained by >>11256079 …it's bolded because it's the actual item identifier for what's in the carton.

2f65f0 No.11256252

File: 68f0f5b9a8b2814⋯.png (403.48 KB, 850x406, 425:203, Maddow1450.png)


>It might be an area code.

Area codes are the 3-digit numbers that immediately precede the 7-digit phone number itself. ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) codes, or postal codes, are 5-digit numbers (or 9 digits in expanded form) that follow the state abbreviation in an address.

cb87ee No.11256254


Go check out the /n/ thread. The file name was original, the image was full of EXIF data, and every reverse image search yielded no results. Also, we won't be lynching anybody, mr. FBI. This is just private research and nothing more. We only want to know out of curiosity.


dfb399 No.11256257

>exif data

>software: perry_verizon_f_user 7.1.1 NDQS26.69-23-2-3 3 release keys

I was trying to look into this software code and might have something. There are a few various towns named Perry across the country with Verizon stores. Might narrow it down if this is a reference to the store where his phone was activated. Can someone with Verizon service take a picture and compare their own exif data?

8a0655 No.11256261


Well that really narrows it down. We'll just go to the Dollar General.

d1dd5c No.11256262


We can also use the dollar general locations to further narrow it down. I doubt a kike would travel far for work if he works for 2 shekels an hour.

8a0655 No.11256266


Take note of rach poster. he is a rapist, and is using the literal rapist filter:


0d898e No.11256267


No lat/long, eh? Pity, would make this easy mode.

11113c No.11256272


So is avatarfagging allowed here or not?

8a0655 No.11256273



ab92f1 No.11256278


I haven't seen a ban yet.

2f65f0 No.11256283

File: 1f82e89668a9443⋯.png (88.82 KB, 433x284, 433:284, Maddow328-2.png)



Tone down the mansplaining. I mysylf, as a regular American womyn, have been the victim of attempted rape over 37 times, and the victim of stare-rape on more occasions than I can count.

I bet you think the food pyramid is an Illuminati symbol too, autist.

2f65f0 No.11256288

File: 0cdc9e9cfcd7386⋯.png (638.8 KB, 849x460, 849:460, Maddow1511.png)




d1dd5c No.11256289

Very few locations are Perry with a dollar general and a Verizon store.

Perry, FL

Perry, GA

Perry, IA

These are the only three locations that have a Verizon, dollar general, and are named Perry in the US.

ab92f1 No.11256291


I don't think that word means what you think it means.

8a0655 No.11256295


That's a rapist, literally. That guy uses the same filters as:


8a0655 No.11256296


Hello, rapist.

b74f8c No.11256307

File: c4c71d426c1575b⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 3264x1840, 204:115, 0210180912.jpg)


pls no dox

i took one but it doesn't even give me that software option

dfb399 No.11256313


>Perry, FL

>Perry, GA

>Perry, IA

Add Perry, NY to the list

54e176 No.11256336


Trust me anon, if there were a lat/long I would have been getting /comfy/ right now

4f0a6c No.11256351


Oh hi tharr

8a0655 No.11256357

Can we sticky this?

d1dd5c No.11256362


Exif data research results: Its basically nothing.

7.1.1 is a reference to Android Nougat

NDQS26.69-23-2-3 is the android version as distributed by Verizon

This is what release keys are for -> https://source.android.com/devices/tech/ota/sign_builds

dfb399 No.11256366


Yeah, it looks like we need someone with a Motorola phone on Verizon to do it, preferably a Moto E

d5765e No.11256367

I like to think we are going after the wrong guy.

c2aacf No.11256370


d00d i went there and there was an mp4 of some faggot nailing a nail through his dick lolololololol i wish all faggots were like that lololololololololol

6e443f No.11256375

8a0655 No.11256379


lel that's why we should sticky it.

ab92f1 No.11256382



>that post

000000 No.11256388


Try scraping kikebook/niggergram for photos from e4's?

Somebody has to know folks with these things.


You know you could have looked at the data yourself right retard?

Posted your own analysis without leaking any pertinent information about yourself,

e039b9 No.11256391

Spamming is annoying, but it's probably a skitzofrenic dude. Also fuck every single person who shits on any honest work; go be a faggot leftist somewhere else.

8d9dfd No.11256397

File: e90be33ce2f7b26⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1500x600, 5:2, notkampfy.png)



8a0655 No.11256398


Well, he's going to be a communist, antifa-type guy.

ab92f1 No.11256402


nice tricks, kike

that's some great double false flagging you got there

d38010 No.11256413


>Dollar General

Yes, that's a dollar general.

>dollar general, yellow

>fambly dolla, green

t. Louisiana anon where we have both, plus dollar tree and others 'dollar stores' that cater to niggers.

eb10a7 No.11256457



Only dyed hair nigger tumblr SJWs use that expression online

cb87ee No.11256463

File: a4ecdd43881bf88⋯.jpg (170.53 KB, 612x792, 17:22, hitler on debating jews.jpg)


>Something broke in a very idealistic mans mind.

I have been dealing with him personally for months now, and I can tell you that this is not the case. He is fixated on ending white pride at all costs, and nothing else matters to him. I have argued with him dozens of times, and whenever he gets back into a corner, he leaves and comes back the next day saying the same shit that he got BTFO over the previous day. It is exactly like Hitler described. Start reading from his post here and watch as he gets destroyed:


I guarantee you he will be come back tomorrow, spamming again and making the same failed arguments in his defense, he always does. I think I have figured out his plan. He first makes the "white meetup" threads on /pol/, being as obnoxious as possible in an attempt to get banned, then he moves on to the other boards to spam shit like "/pol/ hates white people and wants to kill those who wish to meet up". "/pol/ bans pro white threads" It is a bait and switch tactic that he is using to turn white men who are on the fence away from /pol/ and the truth. Don't feel sorry for scum like him.

54e176 No.11256475


These are all the Dollar Generals located in every city called Perry


Dollar General # 17629

2203 Hwy 41 N

Perry, GA 31069

(478) 218-8767

Dollar General # 9116

104 Plaza Connector

Perry, GA 31069

(478) 218-0124

604 General Courtney Hodges Bl

Perry, GA 31069

(478) 987-5116


Dollar General # 614

2028 S Jefferson St

Perry, FL 32348

(850) 584-8790

Dollar General # 12056

1650 N Jefferson St

Perry, FL 32347

(850) 584-2725


Dollar General # 7169

705 1st Ave

Perry, IA 50220

(515) 465-4559

New York

Dollar General # 9726

201 S Main St

Perry, NY 14530

(585) 237-6598

6382bc No.11256487

File: ae5af91c6355553⋯.png (7.2 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, dgbusted.png)



8a0655 No.11256502


100% sure that "perry" meant the town and not a software release code-name?

dfb399 No.11256505


Lol I was just making the same list.

So we're down to 6 stores. If we can confirm the "perry" in the exif data does represent the city then the next step could be sending the image itself to the store manager and just asking, "I found someone's phone - is this your store?" or something like that. Might get lucky.

If anyone lives near one of these they could stop in and look around. I'm not convinced the image was from an aisle or a storeroom, it looked like it could have been either one to me. If someone does this be sure to take a picture to verify.

d1dd5c No.11256509


I don't have a scraper (Too lazy to make one, and I don't really do doxxing that often after I stopped being a /baph/ole). I would have to entrust another anon to do something with this.


Its android; they go by sweets or numbers.

dfb399 No.11256510


We need to find a verizon user with a Motorola phone (ideally a Moto E) to take a picture and check their Exif data to see if their city shows up in the software field.

9ed455 No.11256515


>I'm not convinced the image was from an aisle or a storeroom, it looked like it could have been either one to me.

It looks like there are prices on some of the shelves on the left.

2bb0a8 No.11256533



>I guarantee you he will be come back tomorrow, spamming again and making the same failed arguments in his defense, he always does. I think I have figured out his plan. He first makes the "white meetup" threads on /pol/, being as obnoxious as possible in an attempt to get banned, then he moves on to the other boards to spam shit like "/pol/ hates white people and wants to kill those who wish to meet up". "/pol/ bans pro white threads" It is a bait and switch tactic that he is using to turn white men who are on the fence away from /pol/ and the truth. Don't feel sorry for scum like him.

This is also the same guy who divided /polk/ from /pol/. He used a bait & switch tactic on /polk/ which allowed him to spam his ban message on /pol/ framing them for being "pro-white genocide." He reuses the same angle constantly. - white genocide.

Specifically, on /polk/ he posted a simple OC of a white child with a simple message of (IIRC) ending white genocide. Then he spammed it on their board until he got banned. Then he cried about /polk/ banning him and thus that "message" on /pol/. When 8chan got hacked he tried doing that on 8ch.pl/pol/ but got BTFO'd instead. But when this /pol/ came back he just upped the autism and created as much paranoia about /polk/ as possible.

Same tactic, same angle, samefag.

47c14b No.11256535


That's what I was just thinking of. Perry Fl and Perry GA.

I can scout perry FL dollar generals if you make me a list.

54e176 No.11256544

cb87ee No.11256548


I remember that guy. I would not be surprised if it is the same spammer.

47c14b No.11256550





Perry Fl is a small fucking town, it's like 7,000 people. Checking facebook would work well for that.

Perry GA is roughly double the size.

t. Southern Fag

9aaf4a No.11256559

File: 115e550222f9f2b⋯.jpg (32.39 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 115e550222f9f2b8372f4a038c….jpg)

File: 24b40b49131469c⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PuyaSubs-Just-Because-08-7….jpg)

File: c385ece4805348f⋯.jpg (48.81 KB, 480x364, 120:91, 1453811293552.jpg)

File: 5905a78c31af0ab⋯.jpg (18.83 KB, 367x500, 367:500, 1450285866709.jpg)

File: ae16d1cf9e3c969⋯.jpg (194.39 KB, 900x598, 450:299, 1449375627266.jpg)


why would you want to meet up white people in a country were white people is the majority

it smell very strong to cia niggers to me, also by the way you can make cell or 1 or two people to infiltrate organizations and leak all the necessary material to promote the boycotts, that's what the kikes are afraid more, losing money steals their smiles

47c14b No.11256561


Check the emergency doors and figure out what corner of the store it's in. Someone should call around to all the dollar generals and pretend to be a highschool kid doing research on what's next to their emergency doors.


Heeeeeesssss here!

47c14b No.11256574


The only dollar general that matches in Perry FL is:

1650 N Jefferson St, Perry, FL 32347

cb87ee No.11256575


That must be another goon. the spammer never says kike. It's as if he has some sort of religious objection to that word.

Here he is:


000000 No.11256577

Nice ARG kikey. Put a bullet in your brain stem.

c8eef9 No.11256578

File: 8745ef24c5b8857⋯.jpg (78.35 KB, 640x740, 32:37, You being retarded you bet….jpg)

File: b60c5dfcc340963⋯.jpg (12.97 KB, 200x382, 100:191, Wtf did I scroll over.jpg)

File: d22356bbc2bc942⋯.jpg (12.5 KB, 463x314, 463:314, Mad Aku.jpg)

d1dd5c No.11256580


So its possible to make a list of people and look into each one of them individually? Good good. We should start with that; see if we can get info on people who work at dollar general to start. Maybe take a couple of the more recent photos and compare the EXIF data to see if it matches.

53ff00 No.11256595


Fucking lel, you fell for the 'always successful kikes' meme. Kikes are (((successful))) because the few trickiest ones hire their close relatives or kike friends, classic nepotism. There are still plenty of worthless jews who are so inbred and retarded their relatives don't want anything to do with them, and they get shit jobs like this.

4b700a No.11256601


A lot of jews own dollar stores.

47c14b No.11256621


Yep. if it was smaller I'd say call the town gossip

4b700a No.11256685



This isn't half, cunt.

c2dd7c No.11256689


> Dollar General # 7169

>705 1st Ave

>Perry, IA 50220

Iowanon, here.

That's not far off the route I take when I travel to Omaha.

Nothing planned anytime soon, but, I'll keep it in mind for when I do.


You might (big if) have luck with topix.com, especially if it's a smaller community; that place is gossip central.

1f7e8a No.11256704


DG = Dollar General

e8d971 No.11256711


Its almost as if hes entirely unconcerned about white genocide or cultural marxism, and his main objective is entirely focused around /pol/ or something.

People who fall for that bullshit are better off dead.

4b700a No.11256717


While it is likely an actual shelf. Having worked with jews, if they can not have to pay for shelves in their stock room they will use "extras" from the floor or have a distributor send news ones to replace the "broken" ones.

47c14b No.11256731


it looks just like the back wall of a DG and the emergency door on the right hand side. They're all very similar on the inside. Just check out your local ones for the distinctive paint marks.

e8d971 No.11256737

File: 2a7c9d7e977f928⋯.png (195.05 KB, 1118x249, 1118:249, 100 deadly surveillance ca….PNG)

File: 6eb0fd1662fb95a⋯.png (445.91 KB, 1113x717, 371:239, 100 deadly pinhole camera.PNG)

File: df493c77dbfd278⋯.png (356.29 KB, 1105x716, 1105:716, 100 deadly homemade plasti….PNG)


Couldnt hurt to establish a kikewatch in the area.

8a0655 No.11256765


What's that from?

c6981d No.11256769

File: 5309ae84937efe6⋯.jpg (108.86 KB, 468x426, 78:71, d7201f43fe49871c1f617c920b….jpg)

ab7b26 No.11256777


Speaking of .pl, is it still up? Every time I’ve tried to visit it again it never loads. The April (((hack))) helped me find a couple bunkers but none are still up, it seems.

c2dd7c No.11256782


Nice DIY's (saved source?), but, I make the trip at most twice a year, so, anything beyond a quick recon would be impractical.

I just thought I'd confirm if the section in the pic matches the store.

c6981d No.11256783


Dollar Generals are fucking everywhere. One of the fastest growing franchises, if I remember correctly.

e8d971 No.11256789

File: e8b38d11e5f899a⋯.jpg (53.84 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 100-deadly-skills.jpg)

File: 541724436ee01fb⋯.png (90.62 KB, 261x927, 29:103, 100-deadly.PNG)

File: ee2d815fda49b33⋯.png (89.11 KB, 235x918, 235:918, 100-deadly2.PNG)



Theres several pdfs on google.

8a0655 No.11256792


tanks brew

a5755b No.11256794


What a spectacular economic recovery. We Weimar now.

a5755b No.11256795


cb87ee No.11256806


Have a free bump.

f465dd No.11256809







Maybe youre just a newfaggot? Meetups on anonymous boards should get banned.

I agree about self improvement threads though.

74fa88 No.11256812


>Focusing on the dollar general part

Are you fucking retarded?

5747f2 No.11256817

>>11256777 (Checked)

It's down.

d85e56 No.11256819


>>11256577 (aboslutely wasted)

>Both of these (((1))) posters are torpedos kvetching "Oy vey stop exposing me of my ways goyim!".


cb87ee No.11256821


There is no moderation on /n/, so we can't stop the spam. The Dollar general is important because it can be used to get a general idea of where he is. The EXIF metadata in the image and numbers on the boxes may provide clues, that is what this thread is really about.

c2dd7c No.11256824




Wew, my computer even knew to save it to my /k/ folder

a71760 No.11256839


>So a Jew works at a dollar store? WTF???

actually, there is absolutely no proof at all that he works in the place the pic was taken

he could have taken this pic himself as a visitor snapping it randomly through an open door to the employee side

he could have copied the pic from someone he knew who took it, whether an employee or not

without more data this pic is close to useless because the only info it carries is that someone took this pic in an as yet unknown store

but keep digging, who knows, we may recieve some miraculous information proving that he took it himself while working here and identify him precisely with the date he chose to display in the pic name

4b700a No.11256842


Jesus fuck sperg, I'm not arguing. I was just talking about how jews do that shit.

4b700a No.11256849


So it's not really about /pol/? Fuck off then

2f65f0 No.11256852

File: 081cce2e0a1c55c⋯.png (337.29 KB, 824x458, 412:229, Maddow964.png)



Which did what, exactly? It got a brief mention at the tail end of one episode of Cucker Carlson's show, and triggered a few literal manhunts for the fascists that put up the posters. Zero minds changed.


Gex isn't Anon; his accomplishments are not your own. And besides, Gex was banned, remember? /pol/ has, in essence, disavowed itself of the single minor success one could even tangentially tie to it.


Again, what did this accomplish? Even less than IOTBW. None of them quit as a result, and no one has been arrested nor even charged with anything because this op was a complete waste of time.


More IOTBW-style preaching to the choir. The only people who believed this were your fellow far-right nutjobs who will believe literally anything that fits their pre-determine worldview.


Fizzled out and died after the first or second one. Accomplished nothing but getting a few government bureaucrats to waste valuable payroll hours (because I know money is all you idiotic capitalists care about) thinking, "WTF are these whackjobs doing?"

Got any more shitty power fantasies you'd like shattered and brought back to reality?

15b27f No.11256857


I don't think it's a storeroom, the shelves have prices and promotional flags on them, plus those hangers that have miscellaneous small items.

It's a Dollar General store, so it's going to look utilitarian and sparse.

a5755b No.11256862


Fucking kill yourself. This spam doesn’t need a thread.

000000 No.11256864



5747f2 No.11256870

File: ef54640755cbe84⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 595x300, 119:60, filtered.jpg)


>mindless babble

>unsubstantiated claims

c55cc6 No.11256872


>don't even try, goy

>nothing you've done has ever worked, nor will anything ever work




bump because fuck this spammer, the kike needs to burn in hell

a5755b No.11256876


>oh no the board is being spammed

>i know i’ll create more spam that will surely show it


a5755b No.11256877


Anon, you know the only official way to reply.

c0322e No.11256879


that jew is literally a rapist

sage for very fucking good reasons unrelated to this thread

540ae3 No.11256897


you are not wrong, but I still come here every day just to catch said good threads because they are p cool right before they get ruined and/or deleted

c6d597 No.11256917




its obviously an isle you fucking retards. good lord, have you never entered a brick & mortar that stocked shit other than toys and pocket pussies?


tbh most people i see using "y'all" online unironically are 2nd gen yuppie cuckservative transplants with monogrammed totes and simply southern tees.

cb87ee No.11256923

File: ba041da72495e80⋯.jpg (15.69 KB, 400x406, 200:203, 251dc175d9a3e4eacaf23c7ba1….jpg)

An anon on the other board found this. The whiteboad in the background says "chemical endcaps" in partially erased ink. The original image was flipped. This could help in confirming the specific store.

c0322e No.11256924


This year. It's coming. We're gonna fucking have freedom. Snowden & crew will be announcing it.

There's already something new:


Basically, it makes it easy to share files with anyone, over Tor.

cb87ee No.11256926


Not a whiteboard, it's part of the cart.

5b9f49 No.11256929




why don't we just use gmail and cc cia.gov?

c0322e No.11256937

File: fdd207ccdf93f8c⋯.png (62.71 KB, 423x211, 423:211, ClipboardImage.png)


That's a piece of paper. It's not written backwards, it's just semi-transparent. An endcap is the shelf at the end of a shelf. Like pic related. The crap that you see there is to restock the endcaps, probably the ones more towards the back, given my knowledge of the layout.

tbqf it's lulzy to be sleuthing fucking Dollar General, but whatever…

a1fe2e No.11256939



>spammer spams every single board in existence with honeypot FBI meetups and is the guy printing out and postering signs claiming 8chan is a "pedo site"


Kill yourself.


Wrong. They're in the northeast too.



Got to /fit/ you fucking homo.

c0322e No.11256944


So that meme was spread due to a fundamental misunderstanding of how Tor was overcome. Tor is overcome at the browser level, and by exploiting your CPU.

Hardware is coming that will be secure - but slow. Basically, you'll be taking a leap back in time, to the 90's, in terms of performance, but you'll be able to use Tor securely :^)

But even now, Meltdown and Spectre mitigations are being refined.

540ae3 No.11256956


Checked, where could I find some info on the development of said hardware?

b01416 No.11256985

File: 6cbeed61ae3b925⋯.png (150.42 KB, 989x422, 989:422, (1) OPisafag.PNG)

File: 3385414cc67a31c⋯.png (5.38 KB, 662x79, 662:79, (2) OP outs himself.PNG)

File: 2a495feac6f1566⋯.png (5.22 KB, 588x113, 588:113, (3) OP continues to out hi….PNG)

File: 25cb923d32067bd⋯.png (5.67 KB, 651x104, 651:104, (4) This kills the OP.PNG)

if I'm correct the spammer is also the same cianigger who posted both the "8ch #1 pedo site" shit and pics related

cb87ee No.11256987


Of course he is.



b01416 No.11256990


ya, as I thought, fuck this stupid kike

cb87ee No.11256993


And here is a link to the same post where he forgot to switch proxies.


c0322e No.11256996


I believe that Snowden will tweet about it, Wikileaks, Assange. There's some stuff out there that has been of little interest, because people acted like it was stupid to want open source hardware.

It will probably be something like this, only a more powerful CPU, and with graphics, which this doesn't have:


5b9f49 No.11257008


I suppose there will be a period of time where the technology is useful and when it's compromised word will spread fast.

3889ae No.11257010


If there's one failing of /pol/ (there isn't), it's the delusion of influence over the entirety of the internet, coupled with the near-paranoiac idea that a shadowy conspiracy of powerful interests is working specifically to shut this particular site down. This ties into the narcissism common in the mentally ill, the belief that one is uniquely capable of saving the world, and everyone is working against you to prevent this deliverance.

c0322e No.11257019


Open sourcing hardware will be a huge leap forward. It will pave the way for hardened systems. Most of all, it will make it much more difficult for the kikelovers to include their (((accidents))).

c0322e No.11257022


Well, the CIA operates here, GCHQ does as well, of course, and Mossad, of course, of course.

But is it personal? It's not, it's abstracted behind a series of strategies. But it's sort of personal. The goal of the CIA is to kill all white people.

1b7a4d No.11257026


>kill yourself

you first. But before that, clean the sperm out of your grubby little undies, I can smell it from here you pig.


>Well you are not wrong, my life is pretty shitty but we are not here to talk about me stormcuck.

47c14b No.11257033



I actually have an idea regarding that, of going back to basically the bbs days to have secure comms without the government.

The only problem is I dunno about encrypting dial up BBS's and/or we can't blast encrypted info over the air waves in the amature band.


The few alleged glow in the dark niggers I've spoked with on here and half chan, that DO talk the talk and know some things I know, seem to see us as an amusing side piece that they feed info into as a living calculator (in the 1940's sense) to do a lot of heavy lifting for them.

But I think it's more like, that's the faction of the alphabets that like trump and whatnot. Obviously, if that exists the other side would want to shut us all down.

c0322e No.11257040


bbs are still in use today, thanks to hipsters.


There are good guys in the NSA. Not so the CIA. They're all 100% without exception crap.

529c64 No.11257056

Already posted in the /n/ thread but posting here too just to bump.


They probably gave him the job because they felt sorry for him, being mentally retarded and all.

b12df6 No.11257058


paket radio, mesh net, bbs sounds alot like the backbone of promised chan 0.1

257240 No.11257063

File: db053703620cbc5⋯.gif (438.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 95728518161.gif)

>That desperation of trying to derail and bury the thread

It seems that someone is going to be fired soon.

cb87ee No.11257069



I will be sure to recheck Flordia because nothing a maddowkike says can be trusted.

000000 No.11257076


If you're not a lawyer or a wallstreet investor or rich then you are subhuman.


000000 No.11257078


If you're not a lawyer or a wallstreet investor or rich then you are subhuman.


1b7a4d No.11257084


so that's you out of the running.

47c14b No.11257089



I was thinking of rolling our own 90's computers, to then hook up with dial up bbs's. Not like the NSA retained the institutional knowledge to spy on that over POTUS

You can't legally encrypt packet radio.

40c3f3 No.11257090


>the kike immediately jumps to semitic bodily fluids

Disembowel yourself.



>shills don't real goy it's nothing stop worrying about it goy it's a conspiracy theory goy

9bf33a No.11257096

Back to the task at hand. I found a picture from a older Moto X from a non-verizon carrier and it didn't have the Software exif tag.

Reminder - we're still trying to confirm if "perry" in the exif data "Software" tag refers to the location of the verizon store where the phone was activated. We need someone with a Moto E4 who has Verizon service to take a picture with your phone, look at the exif data, and find a tag called software. Compare it to the perry_verizon_f_user 7.1.1….. exif tag and tell is if yours says the city where you activated your phone. You don't need to post the picture.

If we're correct about this then we'll have pretty high confidence that we've narrowed it down to 6 specific Dollar General stores, 3 of which have an anon offering to make an IRL visit.

2deb38 No.11257105


>a shadowy conspiracy of powerful interests is working specifically to shut this particular site down.

We've proven it is. Their own documents say so. We've proven they're part of the ownership, too. Kill yourself, you mentally defective sack of shit. JEWS MUST CONTROL ALL SOURCES OF INFORMATION. WE ARE A SOURCE OF INFORMATION. Have you ever even read 1984?

ce996d No.11257122


Perry is the internal codename for the Moto E4, did anyone even try to look this up?

ce996d No.11257128


The moto e4 plus is nicknamed nicklaus, so now we can confirm the guy is a manlet with small hands

9d59b7 No.11257129

>uploading a picture taken on your phone


Shit, he really is an idiot isn't he?

1720fa No.11257138



c0322e No.11257141


At present there isn't an upload feature to OnionShare… …but maybe OnionShare will evolve into OnionBBS.

Regarding regular BBS, remember, the telcos are just the commercial side of the NSA, so your connections are no less known than if you made a connection on the Internet, but it stands out a lot more.

c0322e No.11257143


It's one of the cheapest phones out there.

1720fa No.11257146

File: b082abb7a68ed24⋯.png (111.46 KB, 304x289, 304:289, filter transparent.png)


Here, I fixed it. All those white pixels would have wasted that filter within 1,000 miles.

c0322e No.11257148

File: 1813948b39ec10c⋯.png (14.56 KB, 211x213, 211:213, ClipboardImage.png)

000000 No.11257150

You done goofed spammer. Make no mistake, we will find you. Quit while you are ahead.

b12df6 No.11257152



>> We need someone with a Moto E4 who has Verizon service to take a picture with your phone, look at the exif data, and find a tag called software. Compare it to the perry_verizon_f_user 7.1.1….. exif tag and tell is if yours says the city where you activated your phone. You don't need to post the picture.

best hope

>>If we're correct about this then we'll have pretty high confidence that we've narrowed it down to 6 specific Dollar General stores, 3 of which have an anon offering to make an IRL visit.

very wrong, still can be any DG

that perry tag is all there is

9bf33a No.11257153


>It's extraordinarily rare for a large company like DG to use truly sequential numbering for all of their locations

This probably won't help anything but here's how you can tell they're sequential.

First off, I don't think it's that rare. Actually I think it's standard practice since it's more useful to do it that way. There's not really any reason to hash your store numbers, although there is a reason to count them and brag about being one of the first ones. Plus conventions that started when a company is small with a few locations have inertia if there's no reason to change them.

There are also a few clues that these are sequential. The number of every one I found is either within or close to the number of total stores. I found a few with slightly higher store numbers, but that's to be expected since stores that closed would have iterated the store # counter but wouldn't be included in the statement of how many stores are operating. I also saw a few very low numbers like 10 and 34. If the logic to create a store number is "random 5 digit number" than I would expect leading zeroes when these are displayed, and statistically they would be less likely than numbers starting with 3 through 9 of which I didn't see any.

b12df6 No.11257163


correct, they absolutely are sequential

may still be an unintentional red herring

9bf33a No.11257164


>very wrong, still can be any DG

Can you read? If we confirm perry represents the city of activation then we have high confidence in the perry stores we found. There are only 6 that are in cities called perry that also have a verizon.

And yes, the perry tag is the best we have so far.

5b9f49 No.11257170


I've had ideas about sending heavily encrypted data by encoding it in the dollar amount of a bitcoin transaction since you can theoretically subdivide a bitcoin almost infinitely.

So you send like .000018127783563578935623789579835789 btc to someone and the transaction when combined with a rotating caeser cypher based on something random but predictable like astrology so the receiver knows how to decrypt it based on the day they receive the message. The drawbacks are the low bitrate and the difficulty in encoding anything other than text.

7ada39 No.11257171


its a Dollar Tree. I can tell from the product labels.

1720fa No.11257174


Already confirmed it's Dollar General. There's even a big DG logo on one of the boxes. Dollar Tree's logo is a pine tree.

b12df6 No.11257176

7ada39 No.11257177


oh. i dont know why I didnt notice that.

b12df6 No.11257190


your describing the discovery that led to the 1st and 2nd impact

its been done, thats a great rabbit hold for a different thread.

look up wikleak s blockchain something or other

360195 No.11257201


oh shit - he made baphomet HAHAHAHAHAHA


I just read OP

ff6687 No.11257210

There's no exif data in the image.

Probably a decoy/sneaky way for him to get a thread all about himself which won't be deleted.

watch for the anon who viciously attacks this post - that's the spammer

742fbc No.11257216


My sides

cb87ee No.11257217


You have to right click the image and select "save link as". otherwise it won't give you the original with the EXIF.

cb87ee No.11257218


correction: the name of the image.

ff6687 No.11257228

File: cf30ddfad109308⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 318x190, 159:95, spammer_cctv.jpg)

File: 45018a324d3519e⋯.jpg (36.49 KB, 403x364, 31:28, spammer_trolley.jpg)


Ahh, my mistake.


Well despite my fuck-up, I've advanced the hunt a little. Check it out.


ff6687 No.11257236


Actually, on second look it could be the yellow label I picked up in picture #2, but the yellow shirt is corroborated in picture #1, you just can't see it very well. Will try to make a better picture with enhanced color.

cb87ee No.11257241




It might be a sheboon, interesting considering that one of the early posters in the /n/ thread came to shut it down and explicitly referred to the spammer as "her".


ff6687 No.11257252

File: ed9e09d94eb35e4⋯.jpg (32.96 KB, 521x218, 521:218, cctv.jpg)


There's some yellow towards the center of the dome, which would be the direct reflection, barely visible though.

Which store chain has a yellow uniform, if any?

>It might be a sheboon

A female, that would explain the inability to argue above hurling insults, and the obsessive behavior.

ff6687 No.11257259

File: e9d6bc63e0546de⋯.jpg (36.05 KB, 346x375, 346:375, trolley_better.jpg)

Ok, upon better enhancement that is definitely a person reflected in the trolley.

You can see the shirt collar.

They either have an afro type hairstyle or are wearing a beret of some sort.

Definitely a nigger.

1720fa No.11257261


Also the stupidity. /pol/ has been complaining about poll censorship since the election and even long before, and this moron has only now caught on.

cb87ee No.11257275


The funny part is that she is just spelling /pol/ with two L's to bypass the only wordfilter that the mods decided to add after months of spamming. She's not actually complaining about the polls, her one obsession is us.

22aabd No.11257282

File: 6879c5f6453bff7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 137.64 KB, 350x350, 1:1, carlos.png)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.png)



color me surprised

000000 No.11257309


reminder anons that Florida has one of the largest populations of jews in the United States

850e4f No.11257316

File: 81c459e7b972117⋯.png (65.53 KB, 215x328, 215:328, 1507033883523.png)


Well there was that anon who jacked off to floor tiles, so maybe jacking off to shelves is your thing?

Either way this cunt needs to be stopped. His spam is downright annoying and smells of data mining.

cb87ee No.11257319


>A female, that would explain the inability to argue above hurling insults, and the obsessive behavior.

And don't forget the fact that the spammer went to /n/ and /newsplus/ to spam all the anti-/pol/ shit for months on end after being BTFO of here. Just like a women to sow deceit and try to get others to fight their battles. This theory is starting to make sense.

a279ab No.11257321

File: 96ff9d6da4d0653⋯.png (116.73 KB, 774x809, 774:809, ClipboardImage.png)



I wonder what's the real story here.

5c7d6f No.11257326


Hey nigger spam you look ashy af.

cb87ee No.11257330


If this was a psyop, then they've damaged one of their assets. Now whenever we see the spam, we can say "How was today's shift, nigger? Did you have to clean up peepee again?". Or something like that.

6c836c No.11257332


Kill yourself kamphy.

ff6687 No.11257341

File: e63526265d1f542⋯.jpg (43.01 KB, 326x365, 326:365, trolley_reflect_showing_ph….jpg)

Just another enhanced version. The phone is visible (Moto E 4, as according to exif), held by a brown hand, in the vertical position, as corresponding to the orientation of the photograph.

It's a silver model, the black circle is the lens.



c0322e No.11257343


:O I see it.

e3c4ac No.11257349

File: 99dedd0aba564f8⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 318x300, 53:50, NRun2.jpg)


Fucking Carlos, you soon to be deported bastard.


>pic related

3c013b No.11257363



Did they round it up to 1 decimal place?

a2cefb No.11257443


I’ll buy one and test it out, it should be here within the week, unless someone already owns one.

a09320 No.11257460


>board with its threads on the frontpage

>has no moderation

the absolute state of 8ch

and what's with the multiple threads of the same news on /jewsplus/ sometimes by the same "reporter"?

what a shitshow

ff6687 No.11257469


>that perry tag is all there is

Searching the exact string:

>"perry_verizon_f-user 7.1.1 NDQS26.69-23-2-3 3 release-keys"

on Google, brings up hits for a number of accounts on Deviant Art.

Get checking them, we may get lucky.

ff6687 No.11257475

File: 9adf9e8309ebafd⋯.jpg (300.75 KB, 1887x752, 1887:752, furry.jpg)

Here's an exact match, the string and the phone type.

Sick fuck furry.


Haven't checked for race but she is in the USA.

d35d51 No.11257477


i dont see it. this entire thread feels like a rusecruise tbh. come to the postering threads when you guys are done.



e1b498 No.11257482

File: 78ff01c251790e4⋯.png (51.04 KB, 696x453, 232:151, SS.png)


One result was the DA user angelspiritfoxx. Pic related, if we can find out if there was a thunderstorm on that date in a city called Perry then we're onto something.

32e017 No.11257495

File: 69619d05dd52408⋯.jpg (110.78 KB, 800x764, 200:191, angry pepe.jpg)

sorry goys, ive just got up and seen this but have an exam soon and dont have time toi go through all the threads on /n/ /pol/ and /baph/, how far did you get with the store location, and how ceartain are you thats its a feminigger??

that FISH BOL cunt has been asking for this for months

c89cbb No.11257511


What site are you using to get that info? All sites I am using are coming up blank.

e1b498 No.11257514


how retarded are you

just jewgle "perry_verizon_f-user 7.1.1 NDQS26.69-23-2-3 3 release-keys"

02f49e No.11257527

File: 08a888de69a7274⋯.jpg (21.49 KB, 218x265, 218:265, 1428234784835.jpg)

>this whole fucking thread

000000 No.11257531


Many Jews got Obamaphones, how could you not? It's free after all. It'd be a crime against their god (little g, no star) to leave something of value un-taken.

22aabd No.11257532


dude calm your tits, i just love puns

c89cbb No.11257537

File: 08794adc87a8ab7⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 716x960, 179:240, 1497303574.greenisthelight….jpg)


Okay and literally nowhere is that specific exif data tied to that photo. I highly doubt that that nintendo freak furry girl is our spammer but just in case she is

>Twitter @Sistajayda

>furaffinity: Greenisthelight

>DOB 03/19/1996

pic related is the only photo i can find that isnt of her hands.

c89cbb No.11257546

File: 6cce397bee100a8⋯.png (105.08 KB, 310x322, 155:161, hgkhg.PNG)




highly doubt this girl is our spammer.

>pic related is google+ Greenisthelight

Name Ja(y)da Green?

c89cbb No.11257553

File: 96f814f48aa3c00⋯.jpg (97.93 KB, 960x717, 320:239, 1465094290.greenisthelight….jpg)




this is her at "awesomecon 2016"

1f7d99 No.11257560


Are we really sure it's a 'her'

02f49e No.11257562

File: 60185761173f624⋯.jpg (50.94 KB, 938x477, 938:477, 60185761173f624e92f50b21df….jpg)

af22d1 No.11257564

You faggots eating up a slide thread.

Don't give this faggot e celeb-tier bullshit any attention.

e1b498 No.11257571


Sorry, if someone spams us for weeks they have to suffer. If you want to be a worthless faggot (just accept it goy!) you can do so elsewhere.

22aabd No.11257573




stfu shill, we're finally getting to the good part

e1b498 No.11257579

248de2 No.11257581



It's months actually. Or possibly a year.

497c4c No.11257584

Daily reminder that this website is anonymous. Anyone can post anything. There is no definite way to confirm the identity of numerous anonymous copypasta posts. Anyone erratically calling others towards action upon questionable intelligence most likely has ulterior motives of their own.

02f49e No.11257586


Nice try kike.

497c4c No.11257588


Do what you wish.

22aabd No.11257592


>Twitter @Sistajayda

>furaffinity: Greenisthelight

>google+ Greenisthelight

Gods, that twitter feed is nothing but selfies from a Final Fantesty game and pictures of fat furry, its got a seriously disgusting vore fetish


by your own logic, why should we listen to you?

c89cbb No.11257594




Not much to go on. She is actually pretty good at opsec. I don't even have a name yet and no location besides Virginia.

af22d1 No.11257595

File: 8e33300d6ac03ea⋯.png (734.2 KB, 834x688, 417:344, sudan holocaust.png)


>someone posting on /n/

>occasionally spams up /pol/ like plenty of other kikes and agents

So what?

There are kikes trying to make WN a terrorist thing and you're bothering with this horse shit? At least pick a worthy target ffs, whole lot of board resources for nothing.

>>11257584 this

When you faggots complain /pol/ gets nothing done I'll remind you of this shitty thread.

oh shit guyz I accidentally posted a picture it must be muh work place

497c4c No.11257605


>why should we listen to you

All I offered was the truth. There is no guarantee that the image is linked with the originator of the spam. It was only posted with the copypasta.

248de2 No.11257608

File: 2292dcd5986eab7⋯.png (306.9 KB, 491x487, 491:487, 2895229.png)

>kvetching intensifies.

af22d1 No.11257609


nice try leftypol

22aabd No.11257610


its fascinating, horrifying and terrifying all at the same time. i fear i cannot look away

53d39a No.11257619

I don't give a fuck about this faggot, but what's stopping someone else from pretending to be him and posting this as a falseflag? Couldn't I just go into a thread, make 4-5 posts as Rach and then "accidentally" post a picture of a black hand therefor outing myself?

b84d7d No.11257623


>Works at job meant for 80 IQers

Really makes you think

643b1d No.11257625

File: 69259138290f895⋯.jpg (51.65 KB, 637x474, 637:474, 1451551860533.jpg)


> Maybe there's more than one spammer and they used a picture from someone who has never posted anything!

Oh noes

af22d1 No.11257626





Holy shit you glow in the dark, you faggot.

497c4c No.11257627

File: 123ab00a481b650⋯.jpg (837.69 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 66.jpg)


>mods are behind the blacked spam!

>trump is owned by jews!

>muh books!

b84d7d No.11257639

Remember kids if kikes start kvetching there is something to it

b84d7d No.11257646

Also Yandex results


c85fff No.11257653


lmao this is why i never upload personal photos to pol. one little detail and some hyper autistic psychic will be sending pizza to my workplace.

b84d7d No.11257664

File: 532a31b4aa8f1c3⋯.png (17.15 KB, 1002x306, 167:51, Store.png)



523c79 No.11257668


That is just software id tag. It means nothing but the fact it has verizon branding on it. There were 10.000 of motorola E phones sold and you are bound up to get some positives.

However this may as well be the end of a spammer. Which is good in itself

523c79 No.11257674


12 years, close to 10 year old looking storage place. Must have renovated it on opening. Someone give them a ring with a questionare about equal employment and find out if they have any persons of african descent employed.

484b4d No.11257782

File: eeebb1586fb4111⋯.jpg (117.82 KB, 497x640, 497:640, 1446131908824.jpg)


>The "white_meet_up" spammer works in a super market

That's a Dollar General, not a super market. I recognize the yellow price tags on the shelving. So he's even lower on the totem pole than a fag that works at an actual super market. Dollar General is barely more than a corner store.

07e5b8 No.11257784


We have gordonsville. I also 40 minutes away. There are only three likely dg's to work at from gordonsville. Would be a piece of cake, visit all three a couple times, eventually will overlap with her shift. And she can't know ahead of time because it's all white dudes around there, I'll blend in. Maybe tell her I like her brony shirt pin or something? I dont know how to troll her.

484b4d No.11257790


>Most of the boxes in the foreground are all sealed still.

Probably about to stock the shelves.

888d95 No.11257834

File: ef76951ee28ed5f⋯.gif (421.96 KB, 300x100, 3:1, pol.gif)



eaa97c No.11257837

In all honesty this seems like a psyops by the /pol/ moderators to encircle the audience. Thos who say anything against will be outed as a shill or CIAnigger, adding fuel to fire and validity of the claims.

But sure, whatevs. This isn't how you grow your audience though, it is just a method to keep them at bay. I will most likely just stand by the sides and look at how this shit fizzles out and gets forgotten by same people who said "oh mar gerd ur CIA" when in reality they were just losers who fell for this elaborate ruse in romanticism roleplay

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to stiffle your efforts in this nice cat and mouse game you are playing. I am saying that you either put up or shut up. And until then you're just circlejerking.

86e560 No.11257839

Those are tire pressure gauges under the $3 sign. Might narrow it down a little bit. I can't really see any of the other prices, but since pricing is regional might be worth looking that way.

ef1304 No.11257845

File: 20cee5c65a6238b⋯.jpg (660.66 KB, 1024x1516, 256:379, cb7a16a880b9445ca8.jpg)


Spamnigger 9000 was a shill, imagine my subrise.

19c1d5 No.11258001


Retard responses, imagine my surprise. If this is the pro white movement, I want no part of it.

Cannot get anything done IRL. Just constant shitposting and want to go after the only person encouraging real life bonding of Whites.

19c1d5 No.11258012


And for what reason? You don't really believe that fixpol works there? And even if he did, then what? Tell his boss that he does not like a Nazi posting board?

88cde6 No.11258022


>And even if he did, then what? Tell his boss that he does not like a Nazi posting board?

Talk shit get hit. Nothing like sending folk some books and mormons.

1f7d99 No.11258025


>books and mormons

>Not sending him a million 'Fix /pol/' letters every day for the rest of his soon to be very short life

88cde6 No.11258040

File: c7b9f26f22a4bb5⋯.jpg (595.26 KB, 805x1024, 805:1024, 4c720627b3e7ca6913e25a98b2….jpg)


Ah, but that cost money and can leave a paper trail if your OPSEC is not up to snuff. Not that I'm against tormenting them in that fashion but its the fact the classics still drive people fucking insane.

1f7d99 No.11258045


Can't you get free bibles inscribed with stuff?

I prefer my idea for the poetic justice more than anything

88cde6 No.11258053


To each our own, and if I recall I've never seen a service with the free bible folk.

00dd8c No.11258070


Better than being a NEET.

a2cefb No.11258157


I think the part you pointed out as the collar is actually the phone, holding it eye level with one hand near the waist. Looks a bit too large to be a collar.

ec73f5 No.11258300


I'm still a fan of midnight pizzas myself.

1f7d99 No.11258395


If this is him >>11257546 he'd probably eat them

88cde6 No.11258431


You don't pay for them you boof.

1b6bda No.11258448

File: 001e7cdf82ba5f5⋯.jpg (141.08 KB, 704x960, 11:15, 1454425829.greenisthelight….jpg)

File: 4b524de473ca54e⋯.jpg (136.67 KB, 704x960, 11:15, 1454167267.greenisthelight….jpg)

File: e1d89f808b74268⋯.jpg (30.71 KB, 295x395, 59:79, 1461865062.greenisthelight….jpg)

File: 8aa1c8ea58f7c6d⋯.jpg (134.78 KB, 704x960, 11:15, 1454167474.greenisthelight….jpg)


Apparently this is her dad on the right, and dog with pictures of her house and yard. If you know the approximate location, you might be able to match the photos on google maps. I am worried about that dog.

54e176 No.11258457


Imagine my surprise, it's not just a nigger but a mixed nigger at that. Would explain the desire to call itself "white" and not meet up with "white nationalists." It wouldn't be allowed to participate due to it's niggerhood.

9d23fb No.11258462


For some reason Fish Boll spammer has been silent for a couple days now. Pure coincidence or maximum rustlement?

88cde6 No.11258467


Probably a mix of both.

1b6bda No.11258485


>And even if he did, then what? Tell his boss that he does not like a Nazi posting board?

Just tell them the truth. That she spends most of her time on a nazi website trying to organize a whites-only meetup. We both know the spammer is a honeypot, but just present what she says at face value.

a9fb16 No.11258500

This shitskin furfag stuff, honestly, looks too kekworthy to be true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

b8c84e No.11258515


It usually ends up so retarded it's hard to believe it's real. It was pretty obvious we were dealing with a shitskin though, they all tend to be fucking degenerates, and as such a fuck ton of them are furfags, so this really doesn't surprise me.

237219 No.11258516

At least he works.

Regards, NEET.

c4c988 No.11258522


What's wrong with a Whites only meetup? Everything is a fucking "honeypot" to you cowardly faggots.

How about someone posts flyers calling you a "Nazi Racist" and quotes from /pol/ about "gassing and lynching kikes and niggers"

In front of your house, school, job or business?

Save the doxing for enemies of Whites like antifa.

54e176 No.11258537

File: 257785a4d9e5095⋯.jpg (12.25 KB, 193x262, 193:262, 257785a4d9e5095b9c2b335390….jpg)


FFS, it's autistic retards like you, and all the other (1)s defending this spamming nigger, that walk into a thread, with 0 understanding of what's actually being discussed, is what's wrong with /pol/.

237219 No.11258545



000 37000 75472 3


So far getting lots of hits for Australia and America but nothing substantial.

20cb9f No.11258571

File: 4bca8998ac5718a⋯.png (62.98 KB, 705x430, 141:86, pedokike.png)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, Image Bypass.jpg)


The spammer is a confirmed honeypot.

1a3d9d No.11258601




20cb9f No.11258608


They must be too new to remember the spam. Or it is the spammer herself

1a3d9d No.11258613



thats not leftypol

20cb9f No.11258640


Her post describing her autistic OC

>- She is very huggable. The people she hugs usually have sticky pieces of raw cookie dough on their bodies for long periods of time unless they take a bath or shower to get it off.

>- She can't fit in her Pokeball because her stomach is too large in size and she could die. That's why every time people see her with me outside all the time.

>- She can only use the Pokemon move Nuzzle 2 or 3 times at the most. If she uses it too much, she can accidentally bake herself(since she's just straight up raw cookie dough) and be knocked out for a while till her body goes back to being just soft dough again.

>- She can use body slam thou! Its her favorite move against wild pokemon/trainers pokemon as a quick K.O. move. But, it has its downsides. It takes her a while to get unstuck from the ground once she uses this move so, I have to help her each time she gets stuck and can't move.^^;

Probably not the spammer, but it is hilarious nonetheless.

6995e3 No.11258662

File: 2a0f21572712845⋯.jpg (23.57 KB, 292x544, 73:136, Capture.JPG)

File: f0c3530b352dd83⋯.jpg (42.61 KB, 466x454, 233:227, wtf.JPG)


It's a wtf

But appears to have a nigger brow ridge

8961a7 No.11258705


brow ridge



distorted though they are,indicates a


c90f9f No.11258964


It's ok I'm just practicing.

1f7d99 No.11259328


Am I the only one who doesn't know what the fuck we're supposed to be looking at?

b84d7d No.11259357


>Ignore the spammer goy

>Disregard that the mystery meat mutant is a furfag degenerate

<Still defends this thing

Let me guess: AltFur come to frolick in /pol/ too.

At this point I shouldn't even be surprised. I have seen scifags, cucks, literal faggots, nonwhites of all walks of life, TRS and assorted groups of low T shills.

Yes AltFur is a thing and supported by TRS

ec73f5 No.11259399


I have no clue either.

b84d7d No.11259719

2f65f0 No.11259811

File: 3570235b13d11ac⋯.png (205.21 KB, 377x403, 29:31, Maddow1464.png)


>the delusion of influence over the entirety of the internet


>the narcissism common in the mentally ill, the belief that one is uniquely capable of saving the world, and everyone is working against you to prevent this deliverance.

It's not quite all narcissism though. We (well, more like I; it doesn't seem that anyone other than the groups I'm about to name pay any attention at all to the posters around them and 99%+ of the userbase is just here to shitpost mindlessly) already know that 8chan is visited regularly by Wikileaks, someone involved with the Drumpf administration (whether that means Q is real or not idgaf - they have eyes here is what's certain), and Congressional staffers. 8chan's direct predecessor (hint hint, not 4chan; Freddit's story about how he got the idea for 8chan while high or whatever was fabricated) was confirmed to have been the subject of ongoing monitoring and usage by intelligence agencies from at least the UK, U.S., and Russia, posting bareback from their offices, and that site received far less recognition and publicity than 8chan does.

It's kind of mindblowing, when you step back and think about it. A Kyrgyz traditional headdress knitting forum, getting that kind of attention. When >>11257105 identifies us as a source of information, he's approaching da big tru-tru. We're not a source, just the refinery. We don't create information, we're just among the few who notice it, analyze it, scrutinize and criticize it from all angles, and then disseminate it through other channels with more plausible deniability for the lurking entities to have gleaned information from (Reddit or 4chan as examples, since they're both part of the normienet by now).

56d87e No.11259818

File: 5cd0e9ff2b08d90⋯.png (587.47 KB, 571x570, 571:570, epic stats bro.png)


>Tineye had 0 matches

Does TinyEye have more than zero matches for anything that isn't as reposted as the mona lisa?

2f65f0 No.11259819

File: b82fe32826dfae4⋯.png (144.79 KB, 321x422, 321:422, Maddow8815-5.png)


>a women

2f65f0 No.11259825

File: 055b902744f69ce⋯.png (86.35 KB, 269x351, 269:351, Maddow8822-8.png)


Shhh, they're meant to think they're on to something, with this four-month-old picture.

56d87e No.11259904

File: d63934afe92b186⋯.jpg (82.47 KB, 494x640, 247:320, disgusted child at a fag p….jpg)


Don't agree with me you maddowposter, now I have to wash my hands.

27648e No.11259964


>This is also the same guy who divided /polk/ from /pol

ffs /polk/ has a sticky with archives of the old threads explaining why they left and /pol/ was opposed to it from the start.

cef684 No.11259976

File: c6df200cfb7df69⋯.gif (820.22 KB, 680x510, 4:3, 1490321824410.gif)


that poor dog

3f6639 No.11259991

File: c07790fc59bf93c⋯.png (377.06 KB, 1113x757, 1113:757, DollarGeneralShippingLabel.png)


I put the Exif info in baph



He's using Verizon network too, which I didn't mention there.

The picture was taken 2017:10:26 17:14:12 - a Thursday afternoon. From the phone camera settings (e.g. ISO=80) you're looking for a place that the sun had set by that time.

This means he is North of an East-West line (more accurately a sawtooth line at timezone boundaries) running through Norfolk, Virginia - as the Sun set at 17:14 there on that day.

My guess is somewhere Eastern seaboard - faggot central. Enough faggots to mean he's pissy on /pol/ but remote enough his town isn't overrun by them.

3f6639 No.11260046


>perry_verizon_f-user 7.1.1 NDQS26.69-23-2-3 3 release-keys

The only match I get for that is a Deviant Art user

>you can call me by my name Angelina or call me AngelSpiritFoxx,Angel, Angie, Angela ect.


Though the matches to furries we're getting seem plausible for the suspect, isn't the Exif Software "perry_verizon_f-user 7.1.1 NDQS26.69-23-2-3 3 release-keys" related to the phone ROM, not the actual user?

3f6639 No.11260051


*I put the Exif info in baph


3f6639 No.11260057

5747f2 No.11260069


>related to the phone ROM, not the actual user?

Probably. It seems a bit of a stretch to assume that all of these hits on jewgle are from the same person, so it's probably got something to do with the model of phone. However, since there are only 2 pages of jewgle results, that means there aren't that many people who have this phone/software version.

c89cbb No.11260086



The album of the dog pics have the word "Passing" in it.

RIP doggo

798b5e No.11260107


The version here >>11258662 makes it harder to see, not easier.

3f6639 No.11260144


I concur.

From the photo I think the store code may be 110096.

I haven't worked out how to reverse search https://www.dollargeneral.com/store-locator.html/

for it.

630efa No.11260155



Nothing major will happen unless you are willing to train normal fag anons in OPSEC in person

basically a paradox

What was wrong with retroshare again?

2c4dc6 No.11260163

File: 7a7f49bca67f01e⋯.jpg (50.92 KB, 480x395, 96:79, Werder Bremen gathering .jpg)

4ca8b0 No.11260193

File: 82a40ca08694dea⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 390x205, 78:41, well-there-it-is.gif)

c0322e No.11260229


retroshare looks nice, and seems to have lots of features. onionshare is very cool, though, because it means, for example, you can't get ddos'd even if everyone on the whole planet knows the address to the files. Yes, the server will basically fail, but your computer - and you - will be A-OK.

It's the beginning of uncensorable publishing :^)

But you're right. Women should be banned from touching computers.

3f6639 No.11260317

File: 594e983aa4dfa40⋯.png (399.48 KB, 1178x699, 1178:699, DollarGeneralStoreLocatorR….png)


>From the photo I think the store code may be 110096.

If it was 110096 the store would have opened in 2013 (from company statistics they passed that many stores in 2013)

I found another URL to test store codes against, but 110096, (and 98612 seen in the photo) drew blanks.

From the shipping label at the end of the top line I tried a 7168


which got a hit for a live store, so I know it exists - if not where.

>I haven't worked out how to reverse search https://www.dollargeneral.com/store-locator.html/

>for it.

Update…pic related ;^)

20220a No.11260342


The spammer is annoying as fuck but I don't see evidence here that justifies him being hunted to this degree. Post evidence that the white meet up threads were honeypots. Looking through his thread on /polmeta/ just shows he was doing nothing different from what goes on at >>>/meadhall/ i.e. encouraging anons to network by leaving a rough location and email contact.


Probably this which would actually be pretty genius on his part because it gets people like me looking into why exactly he's so mad, instead of ignoring his stupid spam which is what I've always done.

And the dumb mods allow this whole bullshit thread to continue so anons will act as their personal army.

000000 No.11260356

c0322e No.11260384

File: c901c46fac2caa6⋯.png (77.91 KB, 822x717, 274:239, ClipboardImage.png)

3f6639 No.11260404


>There's no exif data in the image.

>can't into tech

You save the wrong file bro.

Save the image from the link: IMG_20171026_171412362_HDR.jpg

or read


My idea to get the codes isn't as promising as first appeared.

20220a No.11260410



What are you going to do now lad?

3f6639 No.11260420


All that data is sitting on this server


appkey: '9E9DE426-8151-11E4-AEAC-765055A65BB0',
autoStart: true,
locator: {
cgeo: false,
cdirections: false,
locatorTypeId: 'getlist',
locatorlocale: 'fr_FR',
clientCookie: {
name: 'myDollarGeneral',
value: 'clientkey',
domain: 'hosted.where2getit.com'

000000 No.11260422


Filter you.

20220a No.11260444

File: 9e7b23ddc997a63⋯.jpg (8.17 KB, 442x500, 221:250, 1512847674.jpg)


A shame you couldn't just filter/hide the spam like that. Instead you have to make up some retarded autistic crusade for yourselves.

c0322e No.11260453


Yeah, if I knew how the hell it worked I could just search for that specific store, and it would come back…

000000 No.11260460


If you're not to chimp out on semantics then get the fuck out. Filtered.

20220a No.11260466


I thought you already filtered me though. Also I still don't see any evidence.


082796 No.11260506

File: 284d6fc96621065⋯.png (900.99 KB, 645x1275, 43:85, enhance.PNG)

94572e No.11260522


He's a big guy.

082796 No.11260524


For jew.

a1f310 No.11260562

File: 55418a0b98b1fd6⋯.jpg (239.66 KB, 1000x749, 1000:749, yhalothar.jpg)

Sup faggot.

3f6639 No.11260574


There doesn't seem to be any correlation between store numbers and location. I think the store number may be connected to the store was opened, i.e. the Nth store is store #N.

Which, if true, can be reversed into an inception date from:


I'm trying a different route alluded to in


to get





a1f310 No.11260576

File: 2abeb7468613780⋯.jpg (300.9 KB, 1000x1254, 500:627, lolfatfuck.jpg)

3f6639 No.11260603


test data pull

<a href="/store/view/10987391/Dollar-General-Guttenberg">Dollar General # 9693</a>                 </td>
<a href="/store/view/10982818/Dollar-General-Hampton">Dollar General # 2383</a> </td>
<a href="/store/view/10982812/Dollar-General-Harlan">Dollar General # 2377</a> </td>
<a href="/store/view/10986246/Dollar-General-Hawarden">Dollar General # 8034</a> </td>
<a href="/store/view/10986726/Dollar-General-Humboldt">Dollar General # 8761</a> </td>
<a href="/store/view/10986309/Dollar-General-Huxley">Dollar General # 812</a> </td>
<a href="/store/view/10980061/Dollar-General-Ida-Grove">Dollar General # 10176</a> </td>
<a href="/store/view/10982790/Dollar-General-Independence">Dollar General # 2329</a> </td>
<a href="/store/view/10985353/Dollar-General-Indianola">Dollar General # 6777</a> </td>

1f7d99 No.11260679


It's just some blurry shit

000000 No.11260702


I had to turn JS on. Nice damage control though.

3f6639 No.11260712


One liner script is still running in the back ground…and may be some time…

I'm pulling the data for the whole country

Updates tomorrow…

ff6687 No.11260751


>then "accidentally" post a picture of a black hand therefor outing myself?

The image of the photographer could not reasonably have been expected to be forensically extracted.

Someone setting up a false flag would make their victim easier to identify, probably choosing someone they wish to exact revenge upon.

What they wouldn't do is post one single photograph and hope that someone is autistic enough to extract a reflection from a tiny strip of shiny trolley frame.

tl;dr unlikely to be false flag.

ff6687 No.11260785


>Probably. It seems a bit of a stretch to assume that all of these hits on jewgle are from the same person

No one is assuming it's the same person. Yes it's firmware. What we are doing is pulling in the net and checking what comes up. Exact firmware string needs to be matched with the phone model, which is also contained in the EXIF data - Moto E (4). Users of sites like Deviant Art are candidates because of their politics.

Complainers are making false claims when they accuse us of "assuming it's the same person".

How hard is it to understand that you check your suspects and possibly get lucky by discovering one of them mentions they work at DG? Sounds unlikely, but only to those who have never successfully doxed by pivoting from one tangential piece of evidence.

000000 No.11260792

Has the spam stopped or slowed down at all? Just asking because I normally lurk /v/ not /pol/ or /n/.

ea902b No.11260804


No, she is still spamming every thread like always.

60bc9d No.11260918



That's too high for a store number

11096 would be plausable but

> As of January 2015, Dollar General operated over 11,500 stores in 40 U.S. states.

Not 110,000 stores

60bc9d No.11260971

I found a close match for the perry_verizon Moto E firmware. Maybe not useful but there it is.


c8a6b4 No.11261076

File: e62aec900752471⋯.jpg (162.1 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, 05b65-richard_stallman_by_….jpg)


>that man in the back

fee94f No.11261117


Can be a possibility. If it is so /pol/ would be outplayed at cosmological scale (that of course everyone will just pretend they never posted that they found OP workplace). Photo is a good start but you need need crossreference proofs.

135e51 No.11261203

File: 1aa5c34669cbb10⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 200x235, 40:47, 5875654.jpg)


>If this was a psyop, then they've damaged one of their assets

>Now whenever we see the """"spam"""" against the mods for being kikes, we can say "How was today's shift, nigger? Did you have to clean up peepee again?". Or something like that.

It really was brilliant wasn't it? :'^)

bc0700 No.11261228




Where are you getting Perry from?

I see it as "software" in the EXIF data, but I assumed that was just the meme OS name it's running

bdb88a No.11261248

>All these (1)s

40c3f3 No.11261258


<everybody is imkampfy




Cry nigger.


>doxing a botspammer is bad

You probably enjoyed the worthless terry davis and "anime director liked some natsoc tweets" threads though.



>talking about yourself in the third person

Kill yourself furfag.

bb2ac4 No.11261409



There was a Hampton/Newport News meetup thread on this board a few days ago that was deleted.

Seems too coincidental.

9a7954 No.11261426


Hey, he went all the way from 10 cents a post to dollar general. That's a real upgrade for his fat ass. He can buy real mountain dew instead of off-brand.

bdb88a No.11261442


Let's not use personal pronouns anon because the spammer is an entity neigh, an idea.

9a7954 No.11261450


>an idea

There's a picture of the fat fuck in this very thread.

bdb88a No.11261452


I was more alluding to the fact that we don't know what gender it is. People say her but I think it's both.

9a7954 No.11261457

the only thing you got right was "neigh" as far as I can tell, but I'm not sure it was intentional on your part.

5747f2 No.11261460



That's not possible.

bdb88a No.11261463


Happy accident to be quite honest.


Tell society that.

9a7954 No.11261465



We deal in facts here, sir.

a1fe2e No.11261472



a5755b No.11261485


You're a complete fucking faggot. The default pronoun in English is male. Suck yiddish egalitarian cock somewhere else.

bdb88a No.11261496


sage negated and no I will not fuck off.

b84d7d No.11261504


Are you some twat with untermench vision?

261692 No.11261507

File: cccffad1c75eb2e⋯.png (498.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, MaddowPoster.png)


Lose some weight you fatty

a2cefb No.11261849

Bump for catching the nigger spammer.

20220a No.11261989


Kek sure you did. You just had to see what I posted.

>damage control

I'll damage control when you show me the evidence that the original White Meet Up thread was a honeypot.

08df59 No.11262004


>Kek sure you did. You just had to see what I posted.

Keep telling yourself that, kike.

20220a No.11262037


Post evidence, it's quite simple.

ae3618 No.11262040

File: 3fa6cf3046ba6df⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 600x697, 600:697, 3fa6cf3046ba6dfdcfd034f198….jpg)


>show me the evidence that the original White Meet Up thread was a honeypot.

<implying meet up threads on an anonymous taiwanese origami board can be anything but honeypots

Its very likely someone was just fed up with him, included an "embarrassing" picture and impersonated the spammer to make him seem like a lowlife. Either way the spammer will be taken less serious now if thats even possible and I have no problem with that

20220a No.11262050


His spam was annoying but then that's really up to the mods to deal with. I don't think he was a honeypot. His original thread was deleted because /meadhall/ exists where the exact same thing goes on, or it did, it's pretty dead there now.

He got banned because he's an autist, got mad and started reposting his thread over and over. Again this is a mod problem not ours, that's what they are there for. We shouldn't be working as their personal army to dox some autist because they're to lazy. If you manage to dox him and he turns out to just be a white autist /pol/ack then really it will just prove him right. But you could be right in saying someone is impersonating him, in which case this is a big waste of time. I don't think anyone took him seriously until this thread though.

4a709d No.11262068

File: feecec4ff34d894⋯.png (159.26 KB, 961x801, 961:801, ghostpaste.png)


They have store numbers higher than that. But see

>>11260574 and


for what I found about 110096 being used as the store number


>There was a Hampton/Newport News meetup thread on this board a few days ago that was deleted.

>Seems too coincidental.

Interesting. I came across a Newport, NH store listing



Update, I left the 'script' one liner running overnight, but it forked down the wrong part of their website (probably a coding bug with wrong link? on their end) so I only have just shy of 4000 matches (possible repeats as there is inconsistent coding on the site). The un prettified dump is at https://ghostbin.com/paste/uo6ub

Save it in a file and run grep against it for any terms you want to find.

I'll look into this again if the store number becomes more important.

9ae07b No.11262069

>spammer post a pic

>everyone is tracking his ass down

this is great. and to the faggot saying "muh false flag" putting the wrong pic in the file location is very common when you're assblasted and trying to post as fast as you can.

884240 No.11262078


Does that mean he's a shitskin?

ae3618 No.11262097


>>>/meadhall/ and >>>/soc/ and the likes have no place on chans. The only people who use these are narcissists, degenerates and autists who are desperate for social contact. the typical avatar-/namefag

The majority of /pol/ has their ways to engage with likeminded people or at least people they can stomach in real life. There is and there will never be a need for meet up threads. Its an anonymous board afterall.

>that's really up to the mods to deal with

Even if the mods weren't shit, Tor/VPN spamming is almost impossible to avoid. Therefor, for an impersonator to take matters into his own hands and to fuck with whoever is behind the spam - be it an autistic /pol/ack or a d&c shill - is the most likely scenario imo. Whoever posted the picture completely destroyed every effort the spammer had by default. He is now and will forever be viewed as a shitskin lowlife. This would also make doxxing unnecessary. However, since it appears as tho the picture was taken by a shitskin I can only welcome efforts of /baph/ and /pol/ to fuck with him/her for shits and giggles

10ad09 No.11262144


Either way, both stores are found as far north as Ohio

0d7067 No.11262154


And who are you to decide for others? That defeats your attempt at an argument right then and there.

4a709d No.11262160

File: 7a133e9ea3a4c0c⋯.png (61.34 KB, 864x1224, 12:17, solardata20171026NorfolkVi….png)


>From the phone camera settings (e.g. ISO=80) you're looking for a place that the sun had set by that time.

>This means he is North of an East-West line (more accurately a sawtooth line at timezone boundaries) running through Norfolk, Virginia - as the Sun set at 17:14 there on that day.

Further thoughts on this..

For some reason, I'm feeling there should normally be natural light reaching that location - hence why a camera low light ISO setting of 80 means the sun has set at the time the photo was taken. However a fully sealed internal room, may negate this lighting clue.

Presuming the lighting clue valid, if we could get hold of the JSON data then we could filter by a latitude > Norfolk, Virginia.

I've not attempted this, and have another image related lead I'll pursue shortly.

d904c3 No.11262200


I think the last time of investigation and tracking the culprit was over a year or 2 ago. Some guy through the tracking of his car drive route images and his description of being in some fast food restaurant. And his life was actually pretty bathetic and sad as far as I remember. Anyone could name me who that guy was again?

56d87e No.11262262

File: 23b9d7b8763bec8⋯.png (78.55 KB, 500x262, 250:131, ClipboardImage.png)








I love autists like you, do you know that? I don't even care if you get this small fry faggot, but I love that you exist and your boundless autism is weaponized so proficiently.

4a709d No.11262559

File: 99c501d851a8a9d⋯.png (349.97 KB, 1113x762, 371:254, Shippinglabeldeblurred.png)


aww thanks anon! <3 feels 2u2


I ran some smart deblur on the shipping label. Not much to go on, but if there is an address found, you can cross reference it's format with the blocks of words on this for confirmation.

I'm thinking best bet would be matching a user of the MotoE4 firmware to a mention of working at a DG store.

0ae58e No.11262570


It is the same spammer behind the "fixpol" spam. It posts all sorts of disgusting jewish propaganda against national socialism every day. And worse still, it focuses 100% of it's efforts attacking us while ignoring jews, feminists, antifa, and muslims. This disgusting creature deserves no mercy. If you are in doubt, go check out any /n/ thread and you will see it.

d904c3 No.11262579


It being identified won't stop it's crusade against 8chan. The only way to stop a cancer is to end it's life or make it's life a complete misery. I would gladly put a stop of this miserable rats life.

94d341 No.11262589


I thought I was indulging autism by searching all 2,000 DG locations by state, but I have to say I'm in awe right now. I'm just not in this league.

a5755b No.11262593


Except you won't do a goddamn thing and the spam will continue. Thanks for contributing more spam, by the way.

d904c3 No.11262601

File: 5157e080d94d68b⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 3124x2128, 781:532, 5148026.jpg)


Is that fear that I sense? Don't worry, I'll knock on your door soon.

8e3b27 No.11262636


They probably wont visit you, but if and when people find out who you are they will make your life miserable.

a5755b No.11262639


>keeps spamming

4a709d No.11262645

File: 2e841545b34dff8⋯.jpg (147.07 KB, 870x818, 435:409, emptygun.jpg)

File: 183fd05a32b41b6⋯.jpg (457.57 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, simbathecattumblr_obnkpw4H….jpg)


that's an empty gun 4gibs me, my 'tism is MODE=ON


I was following up on this line of enquiry


and found


who liked a quote saying

>Ace people are LGBT+ and if you dissagree or are ace exclusionary then we can’t be friends. aces aren't just cishet ppl ace is an identity in and of itself ace ppl shud be safe to express and explore their identity in a environment that is for safely exploring and showing pride for their identity ace face discrimination from cishet ppl I've seen it first hand if u kick them out if LGBT community they have no where else to go so if u are an exclusionist I don't like yo

which sounds plausible for our suspect, given that this person is a furry. A cat Simba may be involved. The person or related person may be overweight - there is an exercise bike in the background - only people who think they are overweight buy them to quieten their nagging subconscious.

4a709d No.11262649


Scratch the exercise bike - it's a wheelchair.

484b4d No.11262716

File: 351314e717b6a89⋯.jpg (79.28 KB, 618x696, 103:116, big chuckle.jpg)


Look at all the CIA guys in training.

3c013b No.11262743


Have you autists checked the pictures for GPS exif?

ba9a06 No.11262801

>doesnt even know that post is the style of the counter-spammer that replies to the meetup spammer whenever he sees him post

is OP new or retarded? you decide

8c63bd No.11262983


>it's n-not the spammer, you guys. I am- I m-meant h-he is on your side.

Cry more.

122607 No.11263021


> Now whenever we see the """"spam""""

Yeah, your constant messes all over the board aren't spam, sure. Just healthy critique against the kike mods, right? Don't you have a toilet to unclog?

0934d5 No.11263043


You got it backwards, the lower the ISO number the stronger the ambient light. There is plenty of natural light reaching the spammers location - look at the window reflection in the cropped picture of the survelliance camera.

ba9a06 No.11263055


>new or retarded?

obviously retarded probably new. lurk /n/ or /newsplus/ for a few days and see what im talking about you incognizant nigger. also consider suicide

1aec0c No.11263082


Yes. I checked for geo tags already. There weren't any.

1aec0c No.11263110


True, my bad. Higher ISO will make up for loss of natural light.

(A lower than normal ISO is sometimes used by a camera algorithm to lower the image noise - I was thinking about image noise compensation and got things the wrong way round.)

The reflections in the camera appear to be the fluorescent lighting bars ringing the ceiling, rather than windows.

0cc828 No.11264069

File: 708f35cc3157b19⋯.png (114.92 KB, 314x313, 314:313, fow33p84itpodgopd4.png)


I did the same in my own paint program. Also tried seeing if the bar codes were possibly scannable via online/phone scanners. No luck on my end either.

4f2152 No.11264441


That makes perfect sense. I hadn't really thought further than just wanting to curb-stomp spammers, but I was infantry. Polite sage because I don't have anything in particular to contribute, but I hope they are all located and


121ece No.11266952


This is the opposite of my fear which is accidentally sending my boss a gif of Hitler or a holo-coaster meme.

000000 No.11267006


How come? Is he a christcuck? I've never actually engaged with the spammer.

6995e3 No.11267007

File: 40444a650214da2⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 466x454, 233:227, wtf it's a nigger.jpg)



I have labeled by previous pix

It could be an inkblot rorschach type interpretation.

Tell me what you see.(Get niggers off your mind,while looking)

8961a7 No.11267022


>It could be an inkblot rorschach type interpretation.

>Tell me what you see.(Get niggers off your mind,while looking)

nigger eye

nigger nose

niggers lips

Fucking joker

6995e3 No.11267042


>I have labeled by previous pix

I have labeled MY previous pix

1f546c No.11267100


>Again this is a mod problem not ours

you fucked up jew

107239 No.11267197


Shopping tip for anons: items on the endcap are never cheaper. It's usually the most expensive version of that product available.

741d4c No.11267258

He is the Florida school shooter. Notice how the spamming stopped right before the shooting?

da2927 No.11268370


I’ll admit I was wrong if the spic, while on trial and live on tv, spurgs out and says something about white meet ups. May kek guide this meme into reality

7de6a7 No.11269309


that's hilarious. This could actually be true oh my god

7de6a7 No.11269315

File: 3c898db33ce9342⋯.png (695.02 KB, 533x800, 533:800, ClipboardImage.png)


tbqf this is the biggest laugh of the week ahahahaah

7de6a7 No.11269546

Thought: what if white meetup was triggered by this thread?

20220a No.11269976


He posted in /n/ today.

e23618 No.11270121

File: be9b4ca5d2f2aeb⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 020b050ab00ddbb⋯.png (491.84 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


That art looks super familiar…


a2acb2 No.11271270



000000 No.11276249


don't troll, just browse and shop.Use peripheral vision.

22aabd No.11276253

File: 78afee58a4f4043⋯.jpeg (27.14 KB, 976x768, 61:48, sagenetavistockd.jpeg)

a0048b No.11276431




if ur american he can't even fire you for that

and as a man, you can use violence to shape your world, so should some faggot attempt to harm you, you can just defend yourself

b74f8c No.11276519


>and 98612 seen in the photo

I think its 98412 with one of those fancy open top olde 4s

52b8df No.11276551


>Try scraping kikebook/niggergram for photos from e4's?

Kikebook scrubs EXIF data out of images for exactly this reason. (Although they add that data and a hash of the image it came from to their own internal database).

Might have some luck with instajew tho.

3434ae No.11276556

Great thread, CIA. Let this be a lesson to anybody who tries to organize white people. Stay ununited.

e62736 No.11276561

This is gonna be good.

54e176 No.11276574


Another (1). How was your shift today?

3434ae No.11276588

File: 11e0a4ffa68cd14⋯.jpg (148.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, american-flag.jpg)


Shit as always. The bitches that run this place made it tougher to make threads while using a VPN. But I will keep using free speech until America is unkosher again. Fuck Yahweh.

6d0647 No.11276602


>that stock room

>$3 scented candles

>bargain bin shit on the floor

That nigger works at fucking dollar general doesnt he

6d0647 No.11276608


you protesting him getting btfo is all the more reason to blow him the fuck out

290387 No.11276749


The day when even coach roach can dunk on you you know It's dotr in your own kitchen and only you are invited.

397977 No.11277194


Probably is. He does work at a dollar store, and I forget exactly which chain it is, but one of those is jew run. I know because they are one of few places open on Xmas. Semitic sperging like this can also be seen in the comment sections of those videos where a rabbi expldaowhy hitler was right. There’s one that spams mentally deranged, psychopathic Semitic rants. It’s disturbing.

2f65f0 No.11277880

File: dd4b106c865393f⋯.png (179.13 KB, 367x386, 367:386, Maddow8768.png)



>Gordonsville, VA

>Located about 19 miles northeast of Charlottesville and 65 miles northwest of Richmond, the population was 1,496 at the 2010 census.

Three DGs located near there.

>Dollar General # 2472

>13260 James Madison Hwy

>Orange, VA 22960

>4.77 miles

>Dollar General # 434

>543 Madison Rd

>Orange, VA 22960

>7.03 miles

>Dollar General # 17910

>17475 Louisa Rd

>Louisa, VA 23093

>8.04 miles

Probably works at none of them though. I'm sticking with my theory that the stockroom pic was a red herring - after all, it would be pretty hard to sift through 4 months of images to get all the way back to October 2017 and accidentally post something personally revealing like that.

1f546c No.11278928


You assume it uses default casual timeline sorting

Being a psychotic image board spammer probably not

a2acb2 No.11278991


stop homo posting homo photos

421808 No.11309256

File: 74cef6950f72ef7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 64.04 KB, 600x900, 2:3, you thought i wouldn't not….png)


I see it

28c1e4 No.11309445

File: 51ebdd742b225c2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 791C9554-8CF0-4E57-8B72-17….png)


I’m onto you carlos

2818a4 No.11318301

>Nigger starts spamming again

Here's a reminder.

adca25 No.11318457


Or possibly judaic origin

adca25 No.11318496

File: 363a07850a66572⋯.jpg (67.63 KB, 612x481, 612:481, Deo.jpg)


The only interesting thing out of AltFur is their personal LoLCow DeoTasDevil

b84d7d No.11318511

What a coincidence, I haven't seen the spamming pajeet in a while, surely this is a coincidence

2818a4 No.11318542


>nigger went silent

>Pajeet spammer appeared

>today the pajeet thread doesn't appear

>the nigger spams his usual copy paste

Could be.

22aabd No.11318575


what can i say, i fucking love puns

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