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On the jews and Their Lies

File: cadc3cb3afb3d7f⋯.jpg (124.99 KB, 800x683, 800:683, No survivors.jpg)

677578 No.11256477

So was this (((planed))) or just slave tech gone bad? Who was of importance on board? What went wrong? Was the black box ever recovered?

Wasn't it rumored that Pissrael F-161 that got shot down was shot by Russian? It was shot down by a Russian S-200 which Russia sell to them.



>MOSCOW — A Russian plane carrying 71 people crashed near Moscow shortly after takeoff on Sunday afternoon, killing all on board.

>Flight 703, operated by the Russian regional carrier Saratov Airlines, was carrying 65 passengers and six crew members. The plane went down near the village of Stepanovskoe, about 50 miles southeast of Moscow in the Ramenskoye District, according to the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry.

>There were no survivors, Moscow’s regional transportation prosecutor-general confirmed. The cause of the crash was not immediately clear.

>The Russian aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, said the flight departed at 2:21 p.m. from Domodedovo Airport. The Antonov AN-148, a small regional jet, was headed to the city of Orsk in the Orenburg region, about 1,000 miles southeast of Moscow, near the border with Kazakhstan.

88a620 No.11256536

Rumor is that one of the passengers was related to Uranium one.

I doubt this was an accident, it seemed too deliberate.

Also, >>>/bane/ Where are you guys?

5be38f No.11256749

Coincedence? I think not. I’m so ready for big pharm and the rest of these clowns to go down like a plane

8d69b3 No.11257505

The crash has Uranium One ties and the bonus you get to irritate Putin into WW3 for the ((bankers)))

557667 No.11257510

File: f42226e5737daa4⋯.png (555.51 KB, 564x794, 282:397, f42226e5737daa4ff98654a825….png)

File: b3e89591ccac632⋯.png (285.39 KB, 723x469, 723:469, 01.png)


>The flight departed at 2:21 p.m.

>There were no survivors

1194cc No.11257512

File: 405581b70d21c15⋯.png (57.62 KB, 587x573, 587:573, 43b2a2d3405c0d96de4c9a3faa….png)

87c35c No.11257513

The Jews did it. The Jews always do it.

0ade75 No.11257515


I just took a Russian plane 3 days ago. Going near the same place.


5fbfc9 No.11257521

File: 0c85a733d0e5831⋯.jpg (124.8 KB, 604x468, 151:117, wake up.jpg)


Jesus Christ.

b256d8 No.11257525

File: f11af9316aac9f6⋯.png (69.64 KB, 364x232, 91:58, 7e4ae02ad45cbb4e0e8183a7d5….png)


Well damn son

6b694c No.11257526


>it's happening again

4750a5 No.11257534

Russia is notorious for shitty airline safety record tho

2f8167 No.11257548


its speculated that its israeli payback for russias involvement in the syrian shootdown of jew jets over syria

88a620 No.11257826


>Link to Russian plane that crashed

>Crashes at 2:21

>Big Guy


>No survivors


937b36 No.11257856



The kikes always do this shit when Russian related something causes butthurt and always around Moscow.

bfe0e4 No.11257861


They expected one of us in the wreckage.

a716d8 No.11257863

File: 30031963ab792e4⋯.png (105.99 KB, 994x689, 994:689, 30031963ab792e4d26146b5220….png)

>dead vodkaniggers

The fire rises!

428e64 No.11257966


>/bane/ does it again

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