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On the jews and Their Lies

File: 2284bb715b3a6b6⋯.jpeg (172 KB, 738x400, 369:200, F95D1179-9BF5-462B-B59A-1….jpeg)

30e9de No.11257576

>Anyone caught wasting water in California may be fined as much as $500 under new rules being considered by the state water board, officials said Monday.

>The State Water Resources Control Board is expected to adopt regulation coming before the board on Feb. 20 that would make it a crime to commit any of seven wasteful water practices — from lawn over watering to street median irrigation. Those rules would take effect April 1.


He said the state would rely on residents to rat out water wasters for enforcement. One way to do so is to fill out a complaint form with the address of the potential violator by going to www.savewater.ca.gov.

30e9de No.11257587

File: df0eaed351842d2⋯.jpeg (296.6 KB, 1242x1020, 207:170, D779E484-1D61-435A-904A-5….jpeg)

File: de287ab4ddd2374⋯.jpeg (318.68 KB, 1242x1136, 621:568, 65AF2257-4EB5-4EF6-8626-8….jpeg)

Just reported the DNC Headquarters for California’s main democratic party and Jake Paul.

abe4ee No.11257656

How can they possibly verify this though? Do they just send out fines with every report? This could be used quite effectively against rich libshits and beaners who think rules don't apply to them.

8b293a No.11257675


Simple, inspecting the use of water in specific house, flat property, etc. If it's severe a inspector will show up at site of violation

0ea31f No.11257702

3861d9 No.11257735


9f18f8 No.11257767


>state would rely on residents to rat out water wasters for enforcement.

Califlornia have no idea how much they used the water?

9f18f8 No.11257795


Frankly I think they should raise the fine to $60,000. That's the Median income for the common people. Am I right?

6aa966 No.11257805


Neighbors will Rat you out if you wash your Car or water your lawn.

Many have turned to Astro Turf Lawns (IF Allowed by City, County, HOA, etc.)

L.A. Still has a mixed Sewer that does not collect Rain water and "Drains to Arroyo."

The future is water control.

d1e9eb No.11257828

File: ce0107d81fe5d89⋯.jpg (34.89 KB, 255x138, 85:46, wash.jpg)

438af3 No.11257831

File: 8c91338a67f5738⋯.jpg (32.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Plastic-Barrel-A-Smart-Way….jpg)

File: a14428da2400aee⋯.jpg (42.07 KB, 316x475, 316:475, rain catcher looks like a ….jpg)


>The future is water control.

You could still get these in Home Depot or Lowes.

586399 No.11258018

File: 9a1f0b0171342f2⋯.jpg (77.14 KB, 576x430, 288:215, trump laughing.jpg)


>Operation Wet Their Backs

645874 No.11258474



Get the data from the water company on how much you've used recently, and ask neighbors if they've seen you hose shit down instead of sweep, etc.

a9f18c No.11258797

Start with these zipcodes anon.


Pick the deep blue counties to find the donors.



0ea31f No.11259907


good work anon.

df4841 No.11262959

Keep your nose open for weed. Report them for wasting water. They take a federal charge too.

95a185 No.11263432


storing rainwater is illegal in california, you have to let it flow into the city streets because you don't own the rain california does.

0ea31f No.11263821


Actually, it's legal now in Commiefornia, though still illegal and other Western states.


9e29be No.11264011

Does anyone know how long it typically takes for Google Street View to update new snapshots?

f78038 No.11264033

>California increasingly has the same problems as South America

f78038 No.11264035


*South Africa

9e29be No.11264052



Correct on both counts.

cc21f3 No.11264114

0ea31f No.11264118


Check that. That may only apply to LA residents, but the precedent is there.

0ed923 No.11264455

do it LA-anons, turn on fire hydrants and just let them run

736ffe No.11264593

If anyone wants to bleed from their eyes in rage, you should look up how the bay area and southern california got their water supplies.

6cc176 No.11264645

File: 1785588d452e0bb⋯.png (66.44 KB, 149x251, 149:251, hellodarkness.png)


>be 6 year old river dweller

>drive west

>see pipes running through desert

<mommy what are those?

>learn pipes bring water to the city

>told city people are pieces of shit

<oh cool

>many years pass

>realize just how shitty city people are

The day the coast slides off will be the best day of my fucking life. These people have no sense of taking care of the environment, or of themselves.

d1e9eb No.11271262


was I too subtle here? When you see it.

02856a No.11271380


To be honest all of Commiefornia deserves to get fucked, the commies and farmers using all of said water for their precious meme crops as well.

6bd1c4 No.11271405


What could they possibly have in common? :^)

c45569 No.11271417

File: 43c820184b8ceee⋯.png (297.43 KB, 440x352, 5:4, kosher ad.png)

Ask the U.N for help like Chicago did, niggers.

c70052 No.11277286


>no link to all 7 wasteful water practices

4aadd8 No.11278166


>not realizing that after a claim is made they check with the water utility which monitors usage to confirm

4aadd8 No.11278169


>says the guy using a laptop and consuming the same way everyone else does

a5cbb4 No.11278437

84615d No.11280087

File: 9cfe30300f3e270⋯.jpg (75.46 KB, 490x492, 245:246, 1473481242263.jpg)


>He said the state would rely on residents to rat out water wasters for enforcement.

This is how best korea polices the citizenry. Get people snitchin on each other and you break all possibility of cooperative rebellion. This is communism with a price tag now.

375cda No.11281479


so does cuba, and so does venezuela

2bc51f No.11282124

0e9d0d No.11282212


>Allow endless deluge of beaners

>Allow endless deluge of kangz

>Same problems as African and South American countries

It's a mystery, I tell ya

02e2ec No.11282239


Nothing much is going to come of this to be honest. There were huge fines for wasting water during the drought, and instead of conserving water, big name liberals and rich folk kept wasting water. There was even a twitter hashtag to water shame them. They would pay the fine and keep watering their huge ass lawns.

cb69c3 No.11282342


> They would pay the fine and keep watering their huge ass lawns.

I am not surprised.

2fdf75 No.11283232


ass-hurt city drone detected

ac0220 No.11283251


This really gets my creative juices flowing.

ac0220 No.11283256


>brown things

What do I win anon?

049c3b No.11283612

File: 0123416d3506623⋯.jpg (50.75 KB, 480x480, 1:1, tumblr_nmhx61jgON1qzsnxyo1….jpg)

By the way (((Nestle))) is still stealing Californias water despite their water permit expiring in 1988.

The rich rape the state but the little people are thr ones getting punished.

7c187d No.11283625


>per year

>per year

>per year

>per flush

ab5f17 No.11283632

File: 9cb73657b829a20⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 236x772, 59:193, 8592ca196b24102631a9d97db6….jpg)

File: 28950b97cfab565⋯.jpg (70.72 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 8a4dea9ca94479494d9a959265….jpg)

File: 3adfea1d9cb8873⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 200x847, 200:847, a486d2456f99656da869bb038a….jpg)



>not citing meat industry

god at least be honest that factory farms destroy the planet.

most of you faggots dont even know half the problems with water in this shithole state. no governor has ever built water reservoirs rather they purchase education and healthcare for wetbacks

f6019a No.11283651


So, the more illegals we kill, the more meat we get to eat?

61c9f2 No.11283658


>They would pay the fine and keep watering their huge ass lawns.

I remember reading about this 500 bones to keep my house beautifuls and greens is


ab5f17 No.11283696

File: 419be050d569e48⋯.jpg (49.45 KB, 700x457, 700:457, jackfruit-stock-sandwich-t….jpg)

File: b9b220c7018be56⋯.jpg (178.31 KB, 1066x800, 533:400, Seitan-Steak.jpg)

File: 7bbeffed550488c⋯.png (205.81 KB, 793x526, 793:526, cabb-793x526.png)


who said anything about soy before you typed it with your dumb nigger fingers? There is more options now then ever to live a meat free life and you don't have to be a cum guzzling faggot soyboy to achieve it.

5faa56 No.11283700

File: 359d3296cc230cf⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 592x640, 37:40, 359d3296cc230cf1024f350fbb….jpg)


wot n tarnation

c693e3 No.11283706


What kind of person only uses the toilet once a day?

Remember to stay hydrated

4d9cf6 No.11284132


>it's NOT a race thing you fucking goyim

>oy VEY!

Top kek. I wish I was there so I could wet some beaner backs. Gas these hapa chink fucks, commiefornia anons!




>not knowing the wordfilters

16ae1d No.11284157


>Seitan Steak

Isn't most wheat protein contaminated with Roundup? You want to eat Roundup burgers?

4c2bea No.11284188


I know this shit is illegal in Florida. Those fuckers don't want anyone living off grid.

1bf97d No.11284304


Plants use water too, better stop farming fruits and vegetables so we can have water. Make sure to take your supplements (the way nature intended) to make up for the lack of nutrients from meat.

4f0846 No.11284314


>Nestle has been working without a permit since 1988. Inhabitat reports that the company has been sourcing its water from the San Bernardino National Forest without a permit and they’ve been recently been bumped to the front of the queue for permit renewal (which will take around 18 months), and they can keep working in the meantime as long as they pay a laughable $524 annual fee. Also, California doesn’t know how much water Nestle uses, because they have no legal grounds for making the company divulge this information, and Nestle hasn’t published any reports. An independent analysis puts all their water usage at 1 billion gallons a year.

524 dollar annual fee?! 1 billion gallons a year?!


d85df5 No.11284339

File: aaa482f95d923b8⋯.png (247.41 KB, 671x494, 671:494, eight hanukkah lessons it ….png)


>Get people snitchin on each other

This isn't wrong in itself. You would gladly snitch on an illegal immigrant and think of it as a good law. What's wrong is what's being considered illegal, namely, to store your own water to live off-grid. That's bullshit.

Also I hope that pic of yours is real.

d85df5 No.11284360

File: 6d3413777c80f66⋯.jpg (19.54 KB, 396x385, 36:35, pepe disgusted.jpg)


>jackfruit burger

1bd741 No.11284370


that picture is stupid. it's not a bong because the hose goes all the way through the water. the water isn't going to catch any of the smoke. also, the opening leading to the sewer isn't airtight so all you're gonna get out of this is a big lungful of sewer gas.

if you want to smoke pot out of a toilet, you need to take it out of the bathroom and put a pipe cap on the drain pipe, then put the lid and the seat down and seal them with something like expanding foam or silicone putty. drill a hole in the seat and attach a hose, then fill the tank with ground pot and ignite it with your flamethrower while sucking as hard as you can on the end of the hose.

d85df5 No.11284427


>all you're gonna get out of this is a big lungful of sewer gas.

So it's healthier then.

1bd741 No.11284452

File: bd1e40c09b4a645⋯.png (28.21 KB, 488x463, 488:463, brainlet clap.png)

c0b295 No.11285796


It's 4th grade math. How many shits a day do you do? Multiply by California and its 30 million illegals.

cb69c3 No.11285803

The earthquake for California is coming soon.

496c62 No.11285814


Nestle and the almond farms are two sides of the same dirty coin. Also look into POM Pomegranate water. It's owned by the wife of the almond magnate, and it gets subsidized Delta water for those shitty sugar drinks.

ab5f17 No.11287468


very delicious all of it



Look into how much estrogen is milk, diary, and meat. Thats not even getting into the antibiotics hormones and fecal matter


Supposedly thats where gluten allergies come from


shit is tasty

Don't mean to derail the thread, just watch a normie's head explode that eating meat causes (((global warming)))

fd99dc No.11287505

Reminder that Urine therapy could save your life in times of water shortage.

4428cc No.11300351

>>11258797 Big Trump signs everywhere in my "blue" neighborhood. Election was rigged in Cali, wait for the inpector generals report. Lots of us, our votes were not counted.

>>11263432 Nope, water district is handing out $50 per water barrel rebates.

59c5df No.11300382


not true, there is no state law on this, depends on City jurisdiction

6d7468 No.11304152


you eat like a faggot and your logic is retarded.

did you get that info from the fag handbook? because milk has androgenic properties and raises testosterone levels in spite of containing cow estrogen

6ef1ae No.11311204


Everything nestle does can be blamed on the canadian government for not taxing them enough to keep them small.

9c3c06 No.11311337

File: 5061d18d333c80e⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 248x187, 248:187, 5061d18d333c80e33954d0f43a….jpg)


Socialism folks. Not even once.

04b4cb No.11311355


Lots of this, but its also a highly populated state so naturally lots of general water usage as well. And all of that in a state thats USUALLY a desert for the most part.

Basically the fags figured they'd just import water from everywhere possible and build some kind of utopia there by, essentially, draining the resources of other areas and funneling them into that one state. Problem is, that other areas were naturally as they were because thats what the resources could provide, by siphioning off those resources for commiefornias development, they drained those other areas eventually over time so they cant keep up with their own needs AND provide to the "utopia" areas as well. The environment doesnt work that way.

Funny, when you think about it. Commiefornia is one of the hotbeds of "environmentalists" and their bases of operations, but they care not one damn bit about the damage their state has done, or is doing, not only to itself by refusing to live the way the environment naturally works there, but have also damaged surrounding areas by taking their resources when those areas developed naturally the way they had because of those resources being there. They care oh so much about muh global warming, meanwhile they're happy as a can be to turn the surrounding areas into wastelands for decades or longer, if they can keep their "utopia" project going just a few more days. Funny how that works. They care so much about "muh oil pipeline spills damaging the environment," but don't give one rats ass about the damage their state is causing. They're like a festering wound thats spreading its infection to all the surrounding areas.

The environment would be better off if commiefornia simply stopped existing. If that entire state sank into the ocean or was carpet bombed into oblivion and the resources brought in from outside could remain in the areas they came from. Meanwhile socially our society would improve dramatically over night as well with the destruction of the central base of "entertainment" and its "progressive liberal values" vanishing so it can no longer poison the minds of people the nation over.

854971 No.11311446

>the cartoon hand is brown

Fuck I hate this state

eb9b3f No.11311568

File: 02c6de21254a36c⋯.jpg (37.02 KB, 520x650, 4:5, Aiel_art[1].jpg)


We Aiel nao

000000 No.11313447


>and you don't have to be a cum guzzling faggot soyboy to achieve it

it's highly recommended though

000000 No.11313474


>implying illegals always poo in loo

e3ebc1 No.11314411

More government hyperbullshit and income generation machine. WATER or the "lack thereof". Been a thing since jebus was a baby….in the desert. I remember 'not watering the lawn' in 1978. Same shit, different year.

91960c No.11314606



There's a widespread practice of using glyphosate to desiccate wheat in order to increase yield.

Even organic wheat is still permitted to have certain levels of it.


>Supposedly thats where gluten allergies come from

I'm of the same opinion, and I'm not alone.

I've been experimenting with organic wheat flour to make pasta, and I've noticed a slight improvement.

It will be nice to have bread back, once it gets warm enough here to get the dough to rise and behave.

>very delicious all of it

I don't know, man.

I'm looking at the recipe for beer-can cabbage sandwiches right now, and I don't see how it would be very filling.

Maybe caramelized onions and grilled mushrooms to give it that added umph?

Perhaps, if I incorporated seitan steak and some seasonings combined with all the other ingredients, then stuffed the cabbage and grill it like that, it might be passable.

ca0869 No.11315010

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6fde3e No.11320018


>start a campaign to get water to muh poor immigrants or some shit

>libs pour 1000s of gallons out for this

>get their info


415384 No.11321076

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


April 1st huh? You must be joking.

Leme tell you a little something the bullshit water drought in California.

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