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On the jews and Their Lies

File: d5a8d198d3a1ae5⋯.png (171.05 KB, 395x289, 395:289, 1.PNG)

9359be No.11257813

Anon's View of the History between Aryans and Jews outside of the Lens of Ideology

Hebrews/Jews, more accurately known as Talmudists (Israelites, Judeans), are religiously obsessed with death and chaos. The new age jews will tell you that they are all about life with their 'Kaballah' worldview. This is the same deception we see on the level of politics, with the rogue nation Israel and it's great golem, the united States of America, tearing the world apart in the name of "Jewish Protectionism" and "Establishing Peace" (Moloch, Death).

Although commonly mistaken as caucasian or 'white' (an abstract term in european genetics), jews are neither indo-european, slavic, asian, but semitic. The closest ethnic group to [trigger warning] the jewish people are the Palestinians (Canaanites). Despite this, the jews are a nomadic, monarchic peoples who are constantly exiled and attacked not only by their arabian cousins, but literally everywhere they went. They aren't even supposed to be in Canaan (State of Israel) right now - They were supposed to be sent to Madagascar to be taught civil life by Germany and the west. Yet the zionist jews, who had subverted all the European Empires by this time, defied this peaceful future by engineering the Treaty of Versailles, WW2 and the Balfour Declaration. These zionist jews worked for the Rothschild Dynasty, the hidden hand of Moloch and "Royals" of the freemasonic, judaic, jesuit and judeo-christian society we often mistake for ancient European culture. The word 'Royal' actually comes from the 'Roy/Rex Holy Grail Blood' of the Davidian jews (Hyksos tribe out of Egypt) who descend from Solomon. This is a theological misinterpretation of what is really Aton's reincarnation legacy, the cult of Moloch, that actually lost it's blood link to Aton after they ritualistically slaughtered their own messiah Jesus/Baalim/Jehova/Yeshua/. The "Grail was lost", so to speak - yet it was in their prophetic destiny to have gentiles lead them into civilization, as Abraham (Moloch) is not actually God himself. Therefore, the jewish mobilization agenda to usurp the whole damned planet continued. Their jewish worship of Saturn and role-playing as roman-era occultists continued, and in exile and underground secrecy they collectively invented an entire world of their own on Earth.

Historically, the jews have mobilized, following their "Lords" or rabbi class, whom adhere to the ancient work called "the Talmud". The Jerusalem Talmud was compiled circa 300 A.D. and the Babylonian Plagiarized Talmud that the jews of today claim is the "credible version" was "compiled" circa 500 A.D. Only the Nasi priests of the Sanhedrin can truely know it's secrets, origins and age - which basically means they've made the whole thing up as they went along since their ritual murdering of Jesus. The word Talmud literally means 'Instructions', as if to elude to some occulted objective behind the 'various religious models' of the 'world' (Abrahamic Society/Culture). There are over 10,000 pages of 'instructions' contained within the Talmudic volumes. The god of the jews is Yahweh, also known as Moloch, and their symbol for this 'blood idol' is the star of Remphan (Hexagram). Arguments are constantly waged over the matter of the star's presented color, but the oldest occurances of this symbol were in the form of stone carvings and structures.


9359be No.11257814

File: d2a7ff4833f8761⋯.png (686.96 KB, 572x447, 572:447, 2.PNG)

The Crux of the Matter

The "Lord of Lords" and original Ba'al was the (apparent) Pharoah (((Aton))), son of Ay and the true ancestor of the Hyksos tribe (Jews/Hebrews/Israelites. Aton is the man that created monotheism and converted Egypt into a jewish theocracy, inventing the monarchic model itself under which we live today globally. He exists allegorically throughout many mythologies and religions eg. Enki, Mithras, Melqart, Ba'al, Jesus (Baalim, 'King of Kings'), Wotan, Melqart, Bacchus, Apollo, Hermes, Moses, Abraham, 'God', 'Lucifer', eg. - and is arguably the true origin of the Talmudic identity/ego/egrogore 'Yahweh/Moloch'. The gnostics and neo-platonists call him "Yaldaboath", the Demiurge and "Ruler of Rulers" (Grand Archon), as well as "Abraxas". In ancient biblical 'understandings', he is by blood right the inherit god of the mortal world (Sheol, the Abrahamic world, jewish inventions), but not of Reality/Earth ('Anima Mundi', 'Asgard', the true United States, aryan inventions).

When these figures reappear throughout history, it often corelates with some kind of emancipation and pardoning of the jewish people, and a great astrological paradigm shift relating to our solar system (particularly on Earth). This reveals another connection to esotericism and (likely) jewish occultism. Astrological researchers believe that Saturn has a hexagon formation at its north pole, and that within this exists a deep blue storm that "baffles scientists". The jews, throughout the ages under many identities (including their time as lords of the black land/Egypt, and further back into 'forgotten' history), have worshipped Saturn and claim to come from there. The Phoenician translation of the word Israel actually means Saturn! If you want to study more on that particular history of jewish origination please read "The Sumerian Swindle; 3500 BC to 1200 BC" and "The Monsters of Babylon; 1200 BC to 1000 AD" by Gregory Delaney (as well as his book "The Blood-Suckers of Judah; 1000 AD to 2018 AD" set for release in June 2018).


9359be No.11257815

File: 0a427157e550997⋯.jpg (503 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 3.jpg)

The Ancient Question: "Where do we come in?"

It is my understanding that there was a conflict between Aton and his father Ay (pronounced eye) who was either a head priest of the ancient solar-worship society (continuing today as Aryanism and the /pol/ egregore) (Symbolized by "Sol Invictus" or "the Black Sun/Sunwheel"), or Heliopolis itself/himself incarnate - just as Aton was Saturn incarnated. This is the true 'God' of the gentile believers in Jesus and his judgment of the jews, yet Christianity is more philo-semitic than ever before and only a small ratio of us have left this jewish worldview behind. We mistakenly call one another, whom are "seeking the sun", 'white' and falsely attribute each other's cultural/ethnic origins to Moloch and ancient judeo-monarchy. We are Aryans, we created nationlism to seperate the specimens of men on earth, the jews came and hijacked the whole thing making us not only deracinated but put us in trouble with the All-Father. There is also a mother/bridal force somewhat 'involved' (The Sirius system), but I'll leave that one for you to look into.

This may only be mythological, or there may be scientific/cosmic implications about Saturn being a hazard to our solar system, that many ancient aryan ubermenschen perceived and prepared us futurefags for. In my mind, this 'event' is the very deployment of the jewish people (archons, nephilim in christcuck terms), from their Saturn-world to our Earth-world. We need to discuss this as a group some time. Let's get back to the political and psychological aspects of this whole topic, which I personally see as the two focal aspects of modern history and present repercussive circumstances.


9359be No.11257816

File: 0e4162f0d663f7f⋯.jpg (221.46 KB, 1200x937, 1200:937, 4.jpg)

Jewish Culture & It's Genocidal, Dehumanist Aura

In various cultures, jews have adapted their abrahamic beleif/value system in varying degrees of historical similarity. Jewish men are to rabbis as christian men are to priests, or as muslim men are to the Religion of Cuck™ic caliphate. The role of the rabbi is homogenous - he must adapt his entire existent to the fulfilment of the will of Yah and enthrall himself to the trivially extensive instructions of the Talmud. He is a soldier in an amorphous movement that engulfs society, carrying out war by deception and manipulation. This is the purpose behind the whole agenda of religion itself since it's inception - to make history impossible to look at without theology/theocracy/ideology, and to control "the goyim" (humanity, "the cattle").

It is asserted by many historians, researchers and social scientists alike, that one of the most prominent models of social or political control is warfare, or simply put - genocide. Fear replaces respect, and the threat of death outweighs the reason of life, enslaving any collective that is economically/militarily unorganized or economically/militarily inferior. Whether as oligarchs, aristocrats, politicians, bankers, neo-conservatives, etc. the jews are economically/militarily superior through usury and dominion of the judeo-goyim world, and have been involved in all wars for the last three centuries. This is a study all of its own, but know that the ancient jewish spiritual and psychological intent to destroy reality follows them to this day. Death, the void, all vaccuums in reality - it is the very force with which Moloch (Morgoth in a Tolkienist sense) influences our Aryan reality.

These wars, upon world and mind, have resulted in unimaginable amounts of genocidal conduct that are becoming increasingly normalized by jewish society. We are today seeing a globally systemic 'holocausting' of the world's 'goyim' under the zionist political/psychological regime - as well as a storm of genocide throughout the middle-east by the hands of the terrorist Israel/MOSSAD elitists.


9359be No.11257817

File: 3dd23c2479a9f2c⋯.png (808.22 KB, 683x416, 683:416, 5.PNG)

Genocide as Rule & Asgard's Children in the Hands of Moloch

There is no future without the passing down and institution of beleif/value systems to future generations. Therefore the family model is the fabric of society, and the society model is the fabric of the family. This is an old and respected tradition amongst all true Europeans. Furthermore, there is no future without children and the role of parenthood. This is not a "racist" or "hitlerian" ideation, but a worldview orientated around the human collective's interest to raise, develop and direct their children (themselves) into universal equilibrium. History amongst the Aryans is a matter of Blood versus Jewish Legacy, hence the ancient tradition of blood libel against child-sacrificing Moloch and purging of cannibalism/vampirism.

The 'family-society' model is based upon a sociological and perhaps psychological concept that society on all levels is designed or fashioned in accordance with the family model, and ultimately serves the members of the families that make up the collective/society. There are different family models to discuss, but what we are looking at here is the European nuclear family-society model that is responsible for the greatness of modern mankind, and the monolothic proliferation of civilization to different worlds.


9359be No.11257819

File: 1cc7f01152ae9d1⋯.png (566.4 KB, 796x545, 796:545, 6.PNG)

The Jewish Problem in Sociological Terms

This ideal society is modelled identically to the nuclear, European-oriented family model, and the survival of any group orientated around 'race' depends greatly on this model (as has been clearly evident throughout history). Such models are reflected in the mythology, folklore, religions and culture of nearly all European peoples. Not only is racialism discovered at the core of many semantic belief/value systems (religion, cultism, communism, etc.), but so too is discovered the implementation of a family model upon the collective and it's culture/behaviourisms/traditions. It is even found (after arduos surveying) that women, during the phase of their menstrual cycle in which they are most "horny", find men of their own genotype significantly more attractive and "suitable for reproduction" than others.

This, in objective terms, is the idea behind many forms of control enforced upon 'the goyim' or modern Europeans living under the jewish-controlled system known as 'The British Empire'. Israel, the Rothschild Mafia's own personal Vatican, was born from this very idea of a theological-historical or family-society model (although in reality it is a foul attempt to implement one). Israel today, stands not as a bastion of war victims (oxymoron) and holocaust survivors (oxymoron) but a den of vipers and Talmudist agents.


9359be No.11257820

File: ef72574bd5a6ceb⋯.png (758.02 KB, 718x445, 718:445, 7.PNG)

Sociological Repercussions of "Talmudic Sexualization of Society" upon Jewish Sexuality

A majority of mischlings (peoples of European-jewish mix) take their jewish blood from their mothers instead of their fathers, which may appear coincidental at first but can be quite succinctly explained. Jewish women, whom have little roles in the Talmudist family/society model as mere objects for reproduction and racial permanence, are (statistically) more inclined to 'betray their people' and breed with men of other races (most oftenly the European alpha-male/ubermensch) whom would show more affection. Recent studies have indicated that a startling increase in jewish miscegenation has occured throughout Europe and America since the beginning of the State of Israel (14 May, 1948) and their cultural migration back into the west. Studies are showing this incline of 'jewesses' reproducing with africans, arabs, asians and slavs and refusing the orthodox or Talmudic family-society model for complete degeneracy. This is called "coming full circle".

Studies have shown that the jews of Israel, whom are heavily orientated around their Talmudic family-society model, are strongly xenophobic, ethnocentric and administer stringent forms of parenthood (that reflect the relationship of the rabbi to Yah) upon their children, so they may too be inculcated. Studies have also shown that men of jewish stock who do not particularly identify as jews (eg. Americanised jews, mischlings, persecuted anti-secular jews in Israel) are less inclined to reproduce with jewish women, and raise their children under the Talmudic family/society model. It appears that the Talmudic family-society model is not based upon any concept related to nature, but based upon an superficial and somewhat insidious set of psychological projections and distorted worldviews.


9359be No.11257821

File: d8485841bb3c11b⋯.png (201.47 KB, 290x435, 2:3, 8.PNG)

The Jewish Alpha-Male as a Psychopathic Omega-Male

A startling majority of jewish billionaires (cabalists, jewish and gentile/goyish zionists agents of the Talmud lead by the Rothschild Mafia) have either partnered with and bred with non-jewish & non-european subhuman women or have simply not raised families at all. We needn't look any further for a clear example of this trending reproductive behaviour amongst prolific jewish men than Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who married and bred with a rags-to-riches, vietnamese (((immigrant-turned-philanthropist))) woman named Priscilla Chan. Another example would be the former PM of Australia, Kevin Rudd (related to the De Vere Dynasty who have worked for the Rothschilds for centuries), who is married to and has bred with a chinese woman belonging to a powerful corporate family in Beijing (whom, you could say, have a little conflict of interest seeing as how the elite families of China are zionists). The Rothschild Dynasty is notorious for marrying out their daughters to powerful gentile bloodlines.

These Talmudist men are often polygamists, involved in political control through sexual liberation and surrounded by the most toxic kinds of individuals (prostitutes, drug dealers, federal agents, organized crime). Such control over 'the goyim', and even each other, may entale such conduct as: sexual blackmail, bribery, extortion, kidnapping, child abuse, paedophilia, Molochian/Dionysian ritual murder and other unmentionable behaviour. This is thouroughly explained and documented by Notre Dame University proffessor E. Michael Jones and many other researchers whom are racially orientated and, per se aware of the jewish problem despite their cuck status.


9359be No.11257822

File: e3aa3e8a6b8afe8⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1262x678, 631:339, 9.PNG)

Conclusion: The Talmudic Family-Society Model's Failure to Apprehend the Future

The concepts of a majority of collective/societal models (such as Nationalism, Capitalism, Democracy, etc.) are racially explicit, revealing a clear tangent of racial classism throught (at least) the past two millennia. Through many avenues, such as Freemasonry, the Occult and open culture, the jew has been heavily involved in both the influencing (partial genocide) and controlling (whole genocide) of an anti-European and Talmudic family-society model. The result of the implementation and proliferation of the Talmudic family-society model amongst European society is European genocide, on one level in part (family planning, sexual liberation, etc.), and on the other level in whole (Genocide, ethnocentrism, societal domination).

It was an honor to bring you my discoveries, and may they help you to start seeing through the misdirections woven into kosher politics and history. Protect your psyche, contemplate the lessons of everyday life and practice rule without rulership. Detach from Moloch's hall of mirrors, and convert to/create a sustainable equilibrium in your local environment (With your own family or a community of Aryan families). Kinship is Kingship.


389549 No.11257832

File: 5eaf3ca7a613b23⋯.jpg (71.02 KB, 640x348, 160:87, 1517952213709.jpg)

File: 896f45330461714⋯.jpg (55.76 KB, 506x450, 253:225, 1517688271138.jpg)

Have a bump my man

7a1b23 No.11257842


82941a No.11257844



It's an interesting thread, and worth the read. Some anon's considerations of the jewish plot for world domination.

0f6965 No.11257851

How did kikes, who are an impure race, who’ve been kicked out of everywhere, manage to infiltrate every society and control most of the worlds wealth and arguably the world itself? I suppose it could summed up as “it’s their nature to deceive, infiltrate, and subvert” but isn’t that just too easy?

a8e208 No.11257879


People need to bring up the fact that a majority of Jewish households owned slaves in America.

They often forget they were a majority of the slavers bringing slaves from Africa to America.

People often forget they were key figures in the slave market in Europe when Religion of Cuck™ had invaded and held parts of it.

History sure debunks their narrative of European privileged when they are the ones who held the whips and keys to the collars of the "minorities".

How often do people forget it was the Rothschild family that forced opium down the throat of China, effectively destroying thousands of years of culture, history and morality. They even waged a war on China when the Chinese tried to stop the flow of opium.

Boy, the truth is poison to their empire of lies.

75a2b9 No.11257887


wew.. ba'al was nephelim/fallen angel so was moloch that's why the ancient simple folk worshipped them. lucifer is satan and Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Light

9186e1 No.11257892

Good shit OP. bump

87a0d9 No.11257903

Actually, Noah's son Sem had blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. It was Sem's brother Ham that had curly black hair, a big nose, and various mental illnesses. Judaism was an Aryan religion that definitively ended in 70 AD with the destruction of the Second Temple.

The current "jews" are just niggers insisting that they wuz kangz and shit. The only association their ancestors ever had with holy men was murdering them, generally after being called out as a pack of demon-worshippers.

5c042e No.11257912


By taking positions which gentiles considered dirty, degenerate, and beneath the level of civilized, moral people. This was further exacerbated by extreme jewish nepotism, which, when subverted for their own goals, led to a collective jewish force in positions of power that led to them hoarding resources desirable for elite gentile sovereigns.

19c359 No.11257913

The only thing I disagree with is the whole notion that the ancient European cultures were made "by jews". Since Christianity's rise to power, the jews were always despised and hunted down(rightfully so) for being responsible for killing Jesus, being sneaky merchants, and not converting. It seem that you are implying that Christianity is some controlled opposition, which might be true in our current age(tho catholicism isn't Christianity), but not back than.

a8e208 No.11257917


It was always a shit cult with stupid logic. It got laughed out of the Library of Alexandria where actual philosophy was kept. No coincidence (((someone))) ended up burning it down.

6e603d No.11257927

File: 98202b63531d13d⋯.jpg (98.16 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Martin-Luther.jpg)


>Hebrews/Jews, more accurately known as Talmudists (Israelites

The Israelites had their own kings, and did not follow the Pharisees. You know this truth, kike.

Lying in the first sentence of a post… I wonder (((who))) posted this?

2e28e1 No.11257934


> The god of the jews is Yahweh, also known as Moloch

Stopped reading right there. Moloch is the old Canaanite god. Yahweh is another name for the God of Abraham who forbid the ancient Hebrews from practicing the abominiations of the Canannites (they did anyway). Yahweh even goes so far as telling Joshua to wipe the Canaanites out completely.

502a77 No.11257942


You should go to 4chan, post size is more tailored to your preferences over there. Take that as you will.

9186e1 No.11257943


>The Israelites had their own kings, and did not follow the Pharisees.

Interesting. I thought they were all the same. Please explain to a brainlet.

926a2d No.11257950


Satan-moloch is the same being according to the Qliphoth ( babylonian kabbalah )

87a0d9 No.11257962


The Pharisees, "the pure ones", were, according to them, holy men by virtue of being the direct descendants of the jews who received the Ten Commandments from Moses. The part where Moses smashed the original copy of the Ten Commandments in a rage when he saw them worshiping Baal, ground their golden idol of Baal into powder, and force-fed it to them went unmentioned.

Jesus, who saw through their deception, publicly denounced them on multiple occasions, which is why they had him tortured to death.

When the Second Temple was destroyed, the Pharisees changed their name to "rabbinic jews". There are no jews alive who are not "rabbinic jews", although some of them now call themselves "atheist jews" (which fits the people Apostle John referred to as "antichrists"), or occasionally "ultra-orthodox jews" (despite 19 centuries having passed since the Second Temple was destroyed with the "jews" having never built a Third Temple, although they immediately built hundreds of temples to Baal worldwide when the original was destroyed a few years back).

000000 No.11257978


> Believing what the Jews say about themselves.

> But nothing that a person owns and devotes to the Lord—whether a human being or an animal or family land—may be sold or redeemed; everything so devoted is most holy to the Lord.

> No person devoted to destruction may be ransomed; they are to be put to death.

Leviticus 27:28-29

Next you will believe they were slaves in Egypt and not the enslavers like it usually happens.

82941a No.11257984


>Judaism was an Aryan religion


Instantly getting butthurt over someone pointing out all ancient Israelites for the same swindle, not just muh pharisees, and accusing everyone who didn't agree with your narrow views to defend BASED jews of being a kike.

The retardation of these posters…

a7be46 No.11257985


Who "burnt" the Library of Alexandria? Because there are only three things that contemporary sources offer Julius Caesar, Aurelian, or Muslims(Lies).

82941a No.11257986

87a0d9 No.11257999


As far as I'm aware, Beelzebub/Baal/Moloch/Milcom/Remphan (and whatever other names he has that I don't know offhand) is the spirit of Sloth: "I'll do nothing but eat and sleep while lessers do all my work for me." This, of course, goes contrary to YHVH's commandment that "in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread".

Baal also has a wife, Ishtar, also known as Diana/Asherah/Ashtoreth (and several other names I can't recall offhand), or when she pretends to be a man, Astaroth or, most recently, Allah. (Naturally, demons have a twisted mockery of marriage; that of a homosexual and a false man.)

Ishtar is the two-faced spirit of Hypocrisy: "It's different when I do it!" She is the unholy spirit that guides both Feminism and Religion of Cuck™.

Both spirits are expressions of/servants of Greed, the root of all evil.

(And while I'm only an amateur demonologist, I certainly wouldn't take any advice from a (((Babylonian))) book if I was you.)

82941a No.11258002


But in regards to your post, he is not saying "ancient European cultures" were made by jews, because ancient european cultures are not christianity. The persecution of jews, however, was very limited. They infiltrated themselves into these societies and managed to get privileges from the christian nobility and even the church, which would later consent even with Rothschild banking - they were at most, expelled to other countries, after the population forced the rulers to, and the yids didn't bribe them enough, still they were welcomed in other countries, who were happy to have "court jews", and the parasitism went on. The church was happy to pray them to stop being so sinful, and were jubilant every time they made a circumcized convert - despite that never working, and they maintaing their judaism for some (((reason))) afterwards, as Hitler pointed out.

Christianity hunted jews in so far as they needed to oppose them, for being a different interpretation of their traditions. And still, the early christianity was massively led by jews, with popes of Jewish origin up to Alexander VII, really, not to mention clergyman and things like "selling indulgences", which Hitler held as proof of the jewish infiltration of the church, alongside with the gruesome depictions of devils and torture in medieval art, and self-flagellation, being reflections of a semitic mentality. The infiltration of christianity go a lot further than the last centuries, and is not limited to catholicism. You should lurk moar on that subject…

937afe No.11258004


Because europeans are too empathetic and thus fall for the jew every time, until they discover what is happening and just expose and deport their jewish parasites.

Then the wandering jew will go to another host and infect.

This happened for centuries. Only recently, with the ability for information to flow rapidly, things are changing. When a real Holocaust happen, it will be planetary, and they probably won't have a place to escape, as most countries will know what they did.

b0d240 No.11258006


Checking those trips, got any good sources for a wannabe-demonologist?

7953ee No.11258014



Exactly like kang nigger and mikey the monkey



9186e1 No.11258016


>But in regards to your post, he is not saying "ancient European cultures" were made by jews, because ancient european cultures are not christianity.

Oh, so ancient ancient European are the mud hut snow niggers like Germania and Britannia, I see…

>The persecution of jews, however, was very limited. They infiltrated themselves into these societies and managed to get privileges from the christian nobility and even the church, which would later consent even with Rothschild banking - they were at most, expelled to other countries, after the population forced the rulers to, and the yids didn't bribe them enough, still they were welcomed in other countries, who were happy to have "court jews", and the parasitism went on.

While I agree on some aspects, it doesn't matter since the majority was cleansing from jews. With that logic, I could blame Hitler for even having practicing and ethnic jews in his ranks.

(anti-white d&c)

2e28e1 No.11258066


None of what I said comes from the Talmud. Not sure wtf you're talking about. It sounds like youre trying to discredit Scripture by citing Scripture. Nice one.

2be352 No.11258084


>there are no Jews alive who are not "rabbinic Jews"

What is Tanakh Judaism?

82941a No.11258096

File: dd27f8719b4d11c⋯.jpg (493.88 KB, 1024x938, 512:469, sutton hoo helmet.jpg)


>shitting on your own ancestors

Oh yeah,because they weren't living in mudhuts there for thousands of years after christianity came… It's not like ancient europeans hadn't built beautiful temples and structures, and had advanced cultures in the past…

>With that logic, I could blame Hitler for even having practicing and ethnic jews in his ranks.

Hitler effectively purged any influence the jews had inside Germany and the command of the Reich, restricted their ownership of bussiness, media, finance and art venues, instantly enacted measures against them and imprisoned their leaders and agitators upon coming to power, effectively calling out the jews as a irredeemable race, instead of a group of sinners to be converted, and that had to be expelled from all european life and lands. What I'm saying there is that anons shouldn't fall for the fantasious notion that medieval christianity had no infiltration of jews.

000000 No.11258178


>Yahweh is another name for the God of Abraham who forbid the ancient Hebrews from practicing the abominiations of the Canannites

< Our god is good, Goyim

It does come from the bible and who wrote the bible? Was it Aryans? Did you know that the lies of the Jews didn't start with the Talmud?

But yeah I was discrediting Scripture by quoting scripture, that book is a compilation of schizo non-sense that contradicts itself once in a while.

6f51ed No.11258289

Sorry to make this a little off topic. What exactly is Aryan? I say its white people but my dad is convince its only blonde hair and blue eyes.

Also, what is that Jewish prophecy about Germans destroying them? Might be why they hate them the most.

0a138f No.11258420


>What I'm saying there is that anons shouldn't fall for the fantasious notion that medieval christianity had no infiltration of jews.

Why not go a step further and state, correctly, that all of Christianity is a subversive effort begun by Semites such as Saul of Tarsus based upon the messianic mythology of Yahwehist sects such as the Essene whose Dead Sea materials contain content later attributed to Yeshua and his apostles despite a 300 year gap between their writing and the beginning of Christian cultism?

Christianity IS infiltration of Jews and promotes a ritual of communion in which the participant consumes the blood and flesh of a Semitic idol. The entirety of the Abrahamic tradition from the earliest Israelite oral traditions to the writings of the Christians and then to the unification of Arab barbarians under a single religion is a mess of plagiarized, distorted teachings from other sources masquerading as truth combined with the propaganda of generation after generation of deceivers. Whether it be the Torah, Talmud, Gospels, or Koran, all of them are trash.

5bf865 No.11259048

File: 0ff7d2a81a80332⋯.jpg (38.7 KB, 482x569, 482:569, Heket - Pepe.jpg)


>Egyptians were Jews

stopped reading there tbh

5bf865 No.11259070

File: e077895953b1b6e⋯.jpg (4.59 MB, 4112x3065, 4112:3065, Tauroctony.jpg)


>Wotan, Mithras and Jesus are actually Moloch

holy shit this is even more retarded than I thought, mods why is this /fringe/tier shit even allowed on the board? This is a fucking embarrassment. Gas yourself for being retarded, dipshit

f81bdc No.11259206


Very comprehensive. Could use a bit more on bleeding edge redpills such as the (((origin))) of christianity but you got everything else right and that's what matters.


Stop sperging out. He said allegorically. Jews plagiarized so many white mythologies so that their deities metaphorically encompass all other ones.

Jews copy their competitors all of the time and you can see this today with mundane things like movies and styles. This obviously doesn't mean the original is jewish but it is important to note all of the times they came in contact with a competitor and copied them.

bf0368 No.11259453

File: cf2543e68a91d2a⋯.png (796.5 KB, 447x623, 447:623, 1908023475902835.PNG)



>gets mad

>decides tl;dr + sage instead

Yeah, this is why forums filter you out constantly, anon.


>fallen angel

You're thinking of the chosenites, anon. Moloch, whether an entity or a cult meme, is beyond them all and predates them. The origin of judaism is beyond your biblical 'Sheol' or Hell trope. Christians are jews, thralls to an ancient monolithic worldview of death and 'sorcery' (poison), but you won't ever hear it admitted.


I didn't talk about the flood, or the Curse of Canaan. Noah's son Shem was a kike - the whole story is jewish astroturf history. Canaanites, Shemites, and the kin of Japeth are all genetically entwined. Judea worshipped Shem, and his name was like poison to the line of Ham/Kane, but we are reading a bunch of desert tales here about desert humans and their desert ways. We are trying to project our own European contents onto their story, because we mistakenly think we are israelites and that jews actually have a place on earth.

Israel is Moloch.

>inb4 but I can't just accept that it's all jewish after getting so invested

Too bad, this is what being an aryan entales.

>judaism was an Aryan religion

>The current "jews" are just niggers insisting that they wuz kangz and shit.

>The only association their ancestors ever had with holy men was murdering them

Again, it's too bad for you but this is jewish bible-dupe history.


That's a pretty blue-pilled misinterpretation of my posts, anon. Either that or you are a pseudointellectual, pseudohistorical, strawmanning, low IQ christcuck like >>11257903 and >>11257887

I don't wanna be this type of OP, but what you are describing as your understanding of history is something I have no interest in, and you can go back to your synagogue/basilica with it.


[BAD GOY WARNING] >>>/zundel/ - sorry, mods are likely ITT now


>'retard', the only consistent thing I say on /pol/

>ad hominum, that'll really seal up my post

Boring skeletons. Make an argument any time.

9186e1 No.11259579

File: adf6459da960236⋯.png (606.67 KB, 599x640, 599:640, 1511404606361.png)


>That's a pretty blue-pilled misinterpretation of my posts, anon

I don't see you going into detail. Christianity has indeed helped propel Europe to it's greatest heights in terms of advancements and culture. There is no arguments to that. If you reply with anything like "b-but my ancient mud hut cultures!" or "The world is now degenerate and western civilization is falling because of Christianity!!!!" Than I know that you're either a low iq pagan LARPer or a kike shill trying to blame Christianity to what is happening to this world. After all, we are living in a post-Christian world.

19c359 No.11259640

File: 0cc373f693eca2c⋯.jpg (356.38 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, (((abstract))).jpg)



>Oh yeah,because they weren't living in mudhuts there for thousands of years after christianity came… It's not like ancient europeans hadn't built beautiful temples and structures, and had advanced cultures in the past…

Oh fucking please, besides the Mediterraneans, Europe was mostly home to savages and basically snow niggers fighting each other. There is a reason that after vikings got btfo and converted to Christianity, they were able to excel. Fuck, even Hitler admitted that European/German history was pure mud huts and snow niggers and nothing of value.

>Why not go a step further and state, correctly, that all of Christianity is a subversive effort begun by Semites such as Saul of Tarsus

<oy vey goyim, all of christianity is bad! Hitler was wrong, European culture is about mud hu-I mean castles and empires. Help join us in our cause to clease Christianity from the face of the earth heheh

bf0368 No.11259644

File: 8e82ec0b307e312⋯.png (1.65 MB, 668x989, 668:989, 1489489280235686.PNG)


That's right fagposter. If we take a look at the (((compilation dates of the two version of the Talmud))), we can clearly see that jews took their desert cousin's religion (Palestinian Talmud) and did the same thing to semitism as they did later on to christianity and it's aryan elements. I don't see this Talmud as being intrinsically powerful, only in the hands of the really twisted kikes who hold it's secrets, but the idea that it (or the bible 'versions of history') are actually books/records/documents/ledgers is fucked beyond explanation. I don't believe that Christ was an aryan creation at all, and we need to stop projecting our own good qualities onto the jewish Imago Dei. People need to read eddas and untranslated poetry/folklore, instead of looking at history through Establishment 'versions' and jewish grimoires as if that's all there is. That's what these truncated aliens want.


Are you even reading 'On the jews and Their Lies', or is this just your new attempt to maintain solidarity? (pic related)

>The Israelites had their own kings

Aton is 'The King of Kings' and the originator of judaism, before floods and downfalls of aryan civilization. His father is literally the sun you see in the sky on your way to work - our father too. Then ancient concept and understanding of 'Israel' is off-world. Israelites have a messianic prophecy system to re-meme their ego-god back into existence on earth, because they are deranged kikes with no internal desire to become alpha themselves. They are a cuck cult, and have only ever worshipped each other and parasited from the Aryan. Things like this can go on forever, so nobody here really knows how the mythos of planetary conflict became 'human history'. However, it is clear that Plato was indeed correct about the worldmind which was to be later confirmed by Jung/Wilhelm as a psychoanalyzable system that relies on the cataloging of psychic/world phenomena called "synchronicity". It is also clear that we are drawn to history because of this phenomena, and that our conversations here on /pol/ create incredible influence upon the worldmind or (((unconscious psyche))). If I was alive in the times of Freud, I would definitely have tried to stop that evil cunt like Jung so arduously did.

000000 No.11259651


> Christianity has indeed helped propel Europe to it's greatest heights in terms of advancements and culture.

How many centuries did it take for Europe to achieve the height of the Roman Empire after the fall of Rome? Of course, anything bad that happens is not Christianity's fault but everything good has been made through the help of Christianity.

bf0368 No.11259656


>stoopid pagan

You're a living meme. Keep being you.

09e46c No.11259660


>Christianity has indeed helped propel Europe to it's greatest heights in terms of advancements and culture.

2.2 billion Christians, 850 million Whites.

Care to remind the rest of the class how the other half more like 2/3rds of Christendom is doing?

0a138f No.11259727


>Hitler was wrong

Hitler was right though, which is why he appointed Rosenberg to eliminate Christianity from Germany and replace it with an Aryan religion. In Mein Kampf, Hitler laid much of the blame for the sorry state of Europe on Christianization.

Of course, you're not here to post in good faith anyway.

bf0368 No.11259787


oy gebalt

f0b76c No.11259828

File: c886d9bf51a4702⋯.jpg (187.99 KB, 500x502, 250:251, 1426393020333.jpg)


>Shitting on your forebears on behalf of a subversive semitic cult brought to Europe by kikes

The absolute state of christens

1ebb6b No.11259858


>I disagree with him on some minor, insignificant, point, therefore he is a kike


4e83c5 No.11259870

bf0368 No.11259958


>new IP

1ebb6b No.11260022

Preface: I am not religious, and also I'm phoneposting

Every single person arguing about Christianity needs to look at it from an empirical perspective. Regardless of whether or not Jesus Christ was a semite (he wasn't), regardless of any other doubts regarding its origins or jewishness, you need to ask one single question: has Christianity helped the 14 words?

Certainly modern critics of Christianity would be right to claim that today there exist "Christian" preachers who claim that niggers are just as good as whites if they're "Christian". They'll send their congregation and shekels to Africa to help build things, rather than help their own people. The current pope is so cucked that he's probably a kike plant. The word Christcuck has come about as a result. But are these people cucked because they are Christians? Can you say they wouldn't be cucks if they weren't religious? Are all Christians Christcucks (protip: if you say yes then you're a D&C kike)?

On the other hand, Christianity has historically held together White Europe against invading hordes. It's instilled strong family values and been a symbol of patriarchy. It holds the monogamous, nuclear family - the very foundation of civilization - in the highest regard. If we look at those who today identify as Christian, we find that they are more rightwing, more pro-white, less likely to miscegenate, less likely to be commies.

I am not arguing that Christianity is perfect. It definitely needs to be improved upon. But the problems with modern Christianity are the same as the problems with modern society altogether. If there are people out there who want to uphold the 14 words in a Christian matter, and want to appeal to Christians, you should let them. If there are Christians who want to cuck out and take money from whites to give to "refugees" and the poor, you need to criticize them for that, not for being Christian. Trying to drive a wedge between Christian whites and non-christian whites is textbook kike shit.

000000 No.11260090


> Jesus Christ was a semite (he wasn't)

< What is a semite

> On the other hand, Christianity has historically held together White Europe against invading hordes. It's instilled strong family values and been a symbol of patriarchy. It holds the monogamous, nuclear family - the very foundation of civilization - in the highest regard.

Strong patriarchy was already a thing in Rome, way before Christianity came up. It didn't have that universal bullshit.

> Are all Christians Christcucks?

Some are against these invaders just because they aren't Christian and are "incompatible with our values", not because they aren't white. Others aren't cucks despite their religion, not because of it, with some misinterpreting stuff just to keep believing in the bible while being pro-white.

000000 No.11260100


*that universal bullshit of there not being Jew nor Gentile for we are all one in Christ

0a138f No.11260110


>Regardless of whether or not Jesus Christ was a semite (he wasn't)

He never existed in the first place, or rather, the figure of Yeshua is an amalgam of various Semitic cultists from messianic sects such as the Essene. Everyone upon whom the figure was based was indeed a Semite, and so was everyone who established the cult of Christianity such as Saul. This means that those who participate in Christianity are aligning their spirits with a Semitic idol, especially when they undertake the ritual consumption of such an idol's blood and flesh. There can never be a tolerable form of Christianity because it degenerates the souls of its adherents through communion with a Semitic idol. It is a religion which simultaneously teaches that there is no racial aspect to souls and poisons the soul through association with the Semitic racial soul.

All of the good things you attribute to Christianity are either outright lies (European unity) or existed prior to Christianization (patriarchy, family values). Yeshua is even quoted as saying that he came to turn sons against fathers, so any positive message in Christianity had to come from an external, European source rather than being inherent to the religion itself. The only way to uphold the 14 words is to eradicate Christianity, thus securing a future for Europeans by freeing them from the bindings of a Semitic religion which has resulted in the degradation of their cultures and nations.

09e46c No.11260141

File: e65ba83cc6dcdac⋯.png (312.5 KB, 775x300, 31:12, luke 14:26.png)

File: 46664a7af41db19⋯.png (590.57 KB, 1172x1985, 1172:1985, christcuckery.png)


>has Christianity helped the 14 words?

See pic 1 and read

>The Germans transact no business, public or private, without being armed: but it is not customary for any person to assume arms till the state has approved his ability to use them.

>The matrimonial bond is, nevertheless, strict and severe among them; nor is there anything in their manners more commendable than this.

They live, therefore, fenced around with chastity; corrupted by no seductive spectacles, no convivial incitements. Men and women are alike unacquainted with clandestine correspondence. Adultery is extremely rare among so numerous a people. Its punishment is instant, and at the pleasure of the husband. He cuts off the hair of the offender, strips her, and in presence of her relations expels her from his house, and pursues her with stripes through the whole village. Nor is any indulgence shown to a prostitute. Neither beauty, youth, nor riches can procure her a husband: for none there looks on vice with a smile, or calls mutual seduction the way of the world. Still more exemplary is the practice of those states in which none but virgins marry, and the expectations and wishes of a wife are at once brought to a period. Thus, they take one husband as one body and one life; that no thought, no desire, may extend beyond him; and he may be loved not only as their husband, but as their marriage. To limit the increase of children, or put to death any of the later progeny is accounted infamous: and good habits have there more influence than good laws elsewhere.

>The youths partake late of the pleasures of love, and hence pass the age of puberty unexhausted: nor are the virgins hurried into marriage; the same maturity, the same full growth is required: the sexes unite equally matched and robust; and the children inherit the vigor of their parents. Children are regarded with equal affection by their maternal uncles as by their fathers: some even consider this as the more sacred bond of consanguinity, and prefer it in the requisition of hostages, as if it held the mind by a firmer tie, and the family by a more extensive obligation. A person's own children, however, are his heirs and successors; and no wills are made. If there be no children, the next in order of inheritance are brothers, paternal and maternal uncles. The more numerous are a man's relations and kinsmen, the more comfortable is his old age; nor is it here any advantage to be childless.

>Lending money upon interest, and increasing it by usury, is unknown amongst them: and this ignorance more effectually prevents the practice than a prohibition would do.

from Tacitus' Germania.

>On the other hand, Christianity has historically held together White Europe against invading hordes.

"If any one of the race of the Saxons hereafter concealed among them shall have wished to hide himself unbaptized, and shall have scorned to come to baptism and shall have wished to remain a pagan, let him be punished by death." - From the Capitulatio de partibus Saxoniae, issued while Muslims occupied Spain and would continue to do so in at least some degree for 700 years afterwards.

>Trying to drive a wedge between Christian whites and non-christian whites is textbook kike shit.

Nope. The current state of religious affairs here came about because /christian/ got ridiculously pozzed (pic 2) and as a result, their years-long shilling effort imploded leaving anons free to voice their opinions on religion without needing to worry about causing a "LARPagan" vs "Christcuck" shitstorm. The natural result is that in line with religious trends in White countries, most people here are atheists/agnostics in practice, a minority shallowly on to "trad" Christian groups like Eastern Orthodoxy or Sedevacantists and an even smaller who care about religion become more and more radicalized about it.

c2332d No.11260150

>see thread

>know it's going to be D&C posters top to bottom

>click it anyway

>regret immediately

ce1891 No.11260226

>and lo, not a single source was to be found anywhere

Git gud, fgt.

7ccef8 No.11260295

File: c3ac50691dab5eb⋯.png (3.96 MB, 1226x3204, 613:1602, capture.png)

Thank you for the post OP, it was an enjoyable read.

I'll leave my thoughts later if I have any worth sharing.

243e4a No.11260300


>besides the Mediterraneans, Europe was mostly home to savages and basically snow niggers fighting each other

Not even slightly correct. Just because the (((History channel)) likes to show Guals and vikings running around covered in dirt and wearing furs doesn't mean that it's true.

>There is a reason that after vikings got btfo and converted to Christianity, they were able to excel

Yeah, because the Kievan Rus were Christian. So were the Danes that founded England. Oh, and so was Rollo when he decided to take over a chunk of France that would later give birth to the Frankish Empire or the Norman conquest of England. Oh, wait, they weren't, and converting to Christianity later on down the road had nothing to fucking do with their success, because power grabs and military conquests have nothing to fucking do with Jesus, or Odin for that matter. The Vikings were extremely successful, the viking age ended because "viking" wasn't necessary any more, they ran everything well before the places they ran converted. Them excelling after they had set up a framework of success has nothing to do with their religion.

82941a No.11260360

File: 9300ddc9a6b5958⋯.png (694.35 KB, 1688x1647, 1688:1647, BASED.png)

File: 4002b8e05f3d939⋯.png (40.45 KB, 1276x374, 58:17, christcucks.png)


Viking Age Scandinavia had 200.000 people in total, yet colonized christian Frankia, which had 14 million people, besides founding Russia and so on. They became elites inside the christian world later on - and they weren't defeated by invading armies, in fact, St. Olav was killed in battle and lost, but they converted anyway. But I guess they were bad warriors, and just feared because they wuz dumb, lol…

>Oh fucking please, besides the Mediterraneans, Europe was mostly home to savages

Yet, when you see the goods find inside their graves and ellaborate burial mounds, you see massive amounts of gold and ellaborate craft that we can still not replicate. These people lived in tribes, they didn't build cities, but they had a very advanced society, and destroyed the roman empire nonethelees.


All the statues look like Nordics, not greeks. Apollo Belvedere is an stereotypical nord, so is blonde and blue eyed emperor Augustus…


Hey some more caps form /christcuck/

f0b76c No.11260441


>If it's the will of god for a bigger, stonger race like Blacks to replace whites, there is nothing we can do.

It's funny how prevalent this attitude is in christens tbh. Hell even my own family despite hating niggers thinks if god wants America BLACKED we shouldn't oppose it. This retarded attitude of doing nothing based on the whims of something you think is there is exactly what would cause us to get fucked in the first place

09e46c No.11260519

>thread bumplocked

Looks like the goyim had a little too much to think.

726b7c No.11261732


It was bumplocked cause of religious D&C.

000000 No.11261804


That's the position of Christ Cucks in everything

> Is it wrong to kill babies?

< Yes

> What if god commands it?

< Well, god commanded it so we have to obey.

Always like that, and the majority of Jew-wise Christians not larpers have a passive approach and consider that Hitler lost the war because he rejected god instead of converting the Jews Because that worked in the Middle Ages so we just have to wait for the second coming, try to convert as many people as possible, pray and all that shit.


Religious "D&C" gets Bumplocked, muh based ZOG emperor, shariajew shills BTFO gets stickied, how I love these mods.

d2cebc No.11263465


Lot of words, little content, much bogus mythology, ayliens, adds nothing but paranoia and tinfoil hats, to the memory hole this goes.

0a138f No.11263521


Few words, no content, adds nothing but insults and signaling, your post is the exact sort that belongs in the memory hole.

d2cebc No.11263994


"In my mind, this 'event' is the very deployment of the jewish people (archons, nephilim in christcuck terms), from their Saturn-world to our Earth-world. We need to discuss this as a group some time."

This summarizes your post. Discuss it with your hasbara disinfo kikes, claiming the jews are ayliens coming from Saturn (even if it was true, which it isn't) just puts you into the fringe lunatic strip. So no thanks.


0a138f No.11264091


Except that you've attributed someone else's words to me in order to defame me because I called you out for shitposting in an anchored thread for the express purpose of signalling your disapproval of the discussion of such topics. No one gives a fuck what your opinion on what should and shouldn't be allowed on this board is because you're clearly an outsider sent here to spout buzzwords in an attempt to regulate the board. Kill yourself you filthy kike.

d2cebc No.11264194


Sure, kike, see you.

c7c644 No.11264913


>All the statues look like Nordics, not greeks

What do you base this on? If you had to describe what your metric for the Nordic phenotype is, what would it be and what would the metric of the Greek one be? Greekfag asking. I agree that these statues look more like Nordics than Meditteraneans.

465fac No.11269882


How many Karaites do you see pulling the strings of the world governments?

None. There are no relevant Jews alive who are not rabbinic Jews.

cd6b5d No.11282266

What the fuck happened to this thread



>anchored thread

5d2400 No.11282675

good morning note to imkampfy:


might wanna get on this right away >>11282666 or we might get outted

kind regards,

kike enoch

050e59 No.11282908

>thread anchored

c3a587 No.11283278


Of course that verse is from Luke. Luke also has Jesus saying to kill people. Don't read matthew or Luke. Only John and Mark.

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