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On the jews and Their Lies

File: 4e09ecbc2237ed9⋯.jpg (131.92 KB, 476x361, 476:361, Food_stamps2.jpg)

353692 No.11261471


Previous thread:


Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps for Impoverished Niggers and other muds With Food Boxes to Save Money

>The Trump administration wants to scrap food stamps for low-income Americans and replace them with boxes of non-perishable food items selected by the government, Politico reported Monday.

>The proposal was touted by White House budget director Mick Mulvaney and included in the White House fiscal budget, released Monday. According to the administration, it could save the federal government $129 billion over the next decade.

>Mulvaney compared the measure to start-up meal delivery company Blue Apron.



This has several implications for the White taxpayers and the obvious ones for the apefricans and other muds.

3e5144 No.11261482


Kike free first post. HEIL HITLER!

f152bf No.11261489


>replace them with boxes of non-perishable food items selected by the government

It's a cynical point of view, but my first impression of that is the large processed food conglomerates will be taken care of here much in the same way they are under SNAP with it's often questionable coverage.

353692 No.11261495

File: 041be03bdf665e5⋯.jpg (225.22 KB, 900x1130, 90:113, rhod.jpg)


Checked that ID anon.



There's little doubt that the new methodology to provide food gibs will profit big corps but the main point for now, I think, is to literally eviscerate the current proxy system for directly robbing whitey and dumping said spoils directly into the hands of mudshits, inc. Correct me if I'm wrong.

53ad54 No.11261500

Been saying this for years. Can't feed yourself need the nanny state to keep you from starving?

Ok, here's a bag of beans and rice that will last you a month. How motivated do you think they will be to get a job and not have a bakers dozen of quanishas?

Giving these people with no impulse control a ebt platinum card is just asking for it to be abused.

f152bf No.11261509


>is to literally eviscerate the current proxy system for directly robbing whitey and dumping said spoils directly into the hands of mudshits, inc.

The current system does open itself up to fraud, either by people trading the credits on their issued card for cash/drugs at a discount, unscrupulous stores ringing up uncovered items [cigarettes, alcohol, toiletries, etc.] as food products, or purchasing products for re-sale at a third party location [like bulk buying energy drinks/soda/frozen foods].

I'm just wondering if the boxes are going to be like pasta, tomato sauce, oats, apple sauce, assorted grains or if it's going to be like Keebler Club crackers, rice-a-roni, canned fruit in heavy syrup, Captain Crunch.

c9374c No.11261511

This is the dumbest fucking thing they could do. #1 the "food" will be shit that's either already given out for free at food pantries, or just a scheme to funnel money into specific corporations. #2 the distribution is fucking impossible. (How the fuck will this help if you're homeless? A box sent nowhere, with no kitchen?) #3 People have fucking allergies and various dietary needs, the concept that the government could even provide them without spending more on bureaucracy than the "food" is bullshit. #4 Food stamps are meant to be supplemental for when your luck turned to shit.

If they want to fix the fucking problem, they need to fix the nigger problem directly. Have an audit on the system and send out investigators to the places where it's being abused the most. Once all the nigs are caught in their scams, and fined/enslaved over it, then the problem is fixed.

f152bf No.11261513


I'd say the biggest problem with your line of thinking is you aren't really addressing the fundamental problems of our jew-controlled economy, you just want to funnel more people into it and you seem to perfectly happy to have those people be hordes of non-Whites so long as it isn't on your dime.

c9374c No.11261514

Also this story is bullshit.

>Mick Mulvaney proposes


The fuck is this bullshit clickbait?

353692 No.11261523

File: 21a24b4f884d5dc⋯.jpg (140.09 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, DNFD9ylVQAA4H-u.jpg)

File: b3678dd633ea0cc⋯.mp4 (3.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Flawless_trump_edit_big_th….mp4)


I absolutely understand and agree that this system will be susceptible to fraud, but not nearly as much as the current one. Absolutely….AMA.

As for the nutritional value of the ape crates I'm sure that's still a question very much in flux atm. So far the only definite seems to be 'non-perishable items'. Read into that what you will. We've had numerous examples from the past, but this is a different time and I'm personally quite sure that basic, healthy nutrition will have to be part of the process.

53ad54 No.11261524

If the gibs aren't fun anymore they won't have endless children to get them like they do now.

72f051 No.11261526

File: 7390e9a69933cbc⋯.gif (14.27 MB, 640x541, 640:541, 1463540458367.gif)


ec97c7 No.11261528


Holy shit yes!

53ad54 No.11261530


it does sound too good to be true,niggs would have a shit fit if it is

66da94 No.11261531

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jesus it hit 751?

Posted this shit in last thread.

24 hr rations, one per person on welfare, given out once daily.



353692 No.11261534




f152bf No.11261536

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Not as much as you seem to think.

353692 No.11261548

File: 76826c2e7912527⋯.jpeg (79.71 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, i'll_make_you_a_deal_mitt….jpeg)


Obviously this is A) the only sane approach, and B) incredibly fucking dangerous to the (((powers))) concerned.

Maybe Trump can make them an offer they can't refuse, heh.

f152bf No.11261555


>B) incredibly fucking dangerous to the (((powers))) concerned.

I would think jewish owners and stakeholders are deeply entrenched in the MRE business here in the US. Serving up corn syrup, cottonseed/soybean oil, and stale pop-tarts to a population increasingly resistant to fighting their wars for them seems like an israeli wet dream.

66da94 No.11261562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Niggers expect drank, skittles, and pop tarts for nothing 24/7 along with cigs and 40's.

Waiting in line is work according to the nigger mind.

This does several things:

1. It brings niggers to bread lines at least once daily This is more effective than parole officers

2. Lots of niggers means lots of crime in once spot riot police beating niggers

3. Makes niggers want to stop using welfare

So you end up with a bunch of unruly niggers that can be easily monitored by police.

Add in proper government ID requirement new voter id, and you can round up criminals ezpz.

353692 No.11261563


This is literally part of our cyberpunk future anon. Factory farms in urban areas are already a reality now and will only grow in importance. This trend will only increase.

My guess is Trump will roll this production into the new food gibs program to provide basic green veggies for the ape crates as well. At least by his second scoop term heh.

020240 No.11261565

It doesn't help that currently different states have different rules on snap. I used to live in Jew York and candy was not considered food over there. candy was taxed where as most food has no tax. And thus candy could not be bought on snap

…meanwhile in the mid west

66da94 No.11261567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is what I want welfare distribution points to look like, except dead niggers.

f152bf No.11261569


The prevailing theme I'm noticing in your posts is the constant presence of niggers and their social burden on White people and society being an apparently good thing, a source of praetorian profit.

353692 No.11261570


You're post strikes me as an non sequitur, but I'm willing to listen if you'd care to restate it due to your digits.


>1. It brings niggers to bread lines at least once daily This is more effective than parole officers

You have amazing insight anon. Been there?

f152bf No.11261571


I'm actually of the opinion that Trump will hinder this trend. If you asked me a year ago, I don't think I would say that. We'll see.

f152bf No.11261577


>but I'm willing to listen if you'd care to restate it due to your digits.

MREs are junk food full of Big Agra trash ingredients. It is food for disposable goyslaves that you want to punish. Niggers are a useful shield to distract from all the White people jews would like to keep poisoning who aren't going along with their program anymore.

6d34b8 No.11261581


hey ebt boy, you are so ubermensch!

66da94 No.11261596

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


MREs are necessary for any short term survival situation, but unfortunately they have a shelf life.

MREs tend to not be extremely palatable, so voluntarily eating them outside of bad situations isn't really happening.

The best way to dispose of that food is to give it to pigs, or force niggers and spics to reprocess it.

So you get at least two positive outcomes from a shit situation:

1. Rotate your emergency supply stock for free

2. Force niggers to make a choice between shit food and some sort of work

Many of the niggers that choose "work" will turn to crime, so we get to kill more niggers


I live 5 miles from one of the largest welfare distribution points in my county.

I took the bus when I was going to college, which just so happened to be on the same line as the welfare office.

The bus line was loaded with negresses the first week of every month.

Handing out food in a limited fashion you only get multiple packs if you have a family on record at a bread line will result in more niggers being forced to show up to the distribution point.

As it is now, the nigger mamis get they EBT and redistribute it once they get home.

f152bf No.11261604


Yeah, it's the same recurring theme. Keeping niggers around for police state profit. It's unappealing and it will fail, because it's been failing for 150 years.

72f051 No.11261607


>the "food" will be shit

SNAP is currently being spent mostly on shit: soda, milk, ground beef and bags of crunchy snacks are the top 4.

>A box sent nowhere

Depots exist.

>no kitchen

Have you never seen an MRE?

>People have fucking allergies and various dietary needs

Presumably it'll be made on more than one fucking production line.

>send out investigators to the places where it's being abused the most

And you complain about a lot of bureaucracy.

5d84d5 No.11261609


Please let this happen. Just imagine the saltmining? Where are you Kek?

a3a221 No.11261620


Sure as long as the jews are removed from the planet this could work. Until then, they won't put this to use helping people if they can squeeze a shekel out of them or the government on their behalf.

2e8781 No.11261621


>Presumably it'll be made on more than one fucking production line.

It won't, it sounds completely kiked, the only reason for it being done is justified by fucking over niggers and kikes abusing said system, that doesn't mean there's actually anything good about it health-wise. No need to bullshit about this being healthy.

a3a221 No.11261622


MREs are fucking awesome. They even have HOT SAUCE for the niggers.

8f8b81 No.11261623


That's an older 10,000 lettuce heads per day facility. There's supposed to be a newly built one in Kyoto that's capable of producing 21,000 heads a day.

f152bf No.11261626


Right, it's just a short video that sums up the concept in a simple and direct way. Obviously it isn't necessarily limited to lettuce either.

72f051 No.11261627


Did you read the post you're replying to?

83afab No.11261631


the government's gonna hand out soylent, problem solved

a3a221 No.11261633

File: db5a41e57d04ced⋯.gif (661.46 KB, 500x281, 500:281, awgJ5Nl[1].gif)


>obviously not limited

Oh? Really? You don't say.

e01880 No.11261636


>Lol guise I'm starting to believe shareblue drumpfh is a cuck now don't vote for him

e01880 No.11261641


>That video

The second woman almost seems human compared to the clothed apes we catch on camera today.

66da94 No.11261644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a viable strategy that exposes more people to the corrosive nature of niggers.

Media won't touch reports of violence from the welfare distribution points, because racism.

Women social workers most are white will be exposed to full hoodage in their own city.

Police will be largely distracted by the mass of niggers, and racial profiling might become standard practice.

And the only group that will come to the aid of "those pooor niggers" will be kikes.

The police state is already here. It's been here for 17 years, yet nothing is being done to destroy it.

Cities have already crumbled from the jewish menace, yet nothing happens.

Instead of fighting to maintain some semblance of "civilization" we should be using the golem to destroy the foundations it's master has lain.

Fuck kikes and their forced messiah, all we have to do is produce an environment which shows all but the most enthralled followers the absolute truth. Invading mestizos and inner-city niggers are the easiest way to bring the reality of non-white violence to the masses.

Every welfare center should be 1000x worse than the worst parts of Chicago.


f152bf No.11261647


Well you're entitled to interpret and assess the administration, its actions, and the people in it on your own. The filter feature is your friend.

2e8781 No.11261656


Yes you retard.

e01880 No.11261661


>1 The food will be shit

That's the whole point. It's to dissuade you from relying on it and getting a job or working harder to afford decent food.

>2 Distribution

Physically go to the distribution center and pick up your Ape Crate. Then take it back to your place under the highway overpass and enjoy. Homeless shelters often have kitchens.

>3 Allergies

People allergic to basic shit like rice, beans, canned vegetables, etc. (i.e. fucking nobody) are just fucked, then. :^)

>4 Food Stamps are supposed to be supplemental

You expect free lobster and whiskey just because you're "down on your luck"? No. You get an Ape Crate of rice and green beans so you can survive. You fuck up, you get the barebones basic nutrition from the state until you can get back on your feet and buy your own damn dinner.

8f8b81 No.11261670


That actually could be a really good idea. You could just give each person 5 bottles a day. It's already a portion controlled, nutritionally complete "food" that's aligned with the usda recommendations so there's no room to negotiate or argue that you aren't getting adequate nutrition.

a3a221 No.11261680

File: 394395d92f76655⋯.jpg (88.39 KB, 600x802, 300:401, 1wh3bz[1].jpg)


>TFW niggers steal my ensure

8f4d65 No.11261681


Just grind niggers into nigger feed, ad infinium until all the niggers are gone. I call it the "ouroboros solution"

21f6f1 No.11261684

File: 6af62dc392f621d⋯.jpg (184.79 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, datrex.jpg)

He need to make everything in the ration bars and the bar need to taste like chicken because the niggers loved the tasty chicken wings.

dfe60c No.11261688

I'll believe it when I see it.

a3a221 No.11261689

File: 1d23fc6e78128de⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 396x396, 1:1, 1jqcf8[1].jpg)


>Dead nigger storage and waffles

21f6f1 No.11261693


Who care about the niggers eating the shits? You don't want them to waste the good food. Do you? I bet not.

21f6f1 No.11261695

We would profit this from selling the food ration bars to the niggers.

dfe60c No.11261696


More like

>Soylent Black

Instead of people we have obongo screaming


8f8b81 No.11261697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh shit they built an even newer automated one that's capable of 30,000 heads per day.

>be best future

>entire cities of these

>powered by giant nuclear plants

>running 24/7 365

>producing billions of pounds of sustainable agriculture

>stable production unaffected by weather/climate conditions, diseases, etc.

>no pesticides

000000 No.11261699

>inb4 no more food stamps

>inb4 now we give niggers healthy food

>inb4 niggers are superior physically to the whites who continue to eat shit food

a3a221 No.11261702

A couple cases of power bars, a couple of cases of water, some generic koolaid crap fortified with vitamins, a jar of prunes.

000000 No.11261703


a3a221 No.11261708


Healthy food is code for white food. racis

8f8b81 No.11261713


You jest, but here in San Diego niggers and spics steal so much of that stuff that, in almost every supermarket, the entire aisle of ensure and baby formula is behind plexiglass lock and key. It's hilarious, my local Vons has the baby formula locked in a glass cabinet next to the cigarettes and liquor.

21f6f1 No.11261717

That is not good for the niggers anon.

21f6f1 No.11261718

We would profit this from selling the food ration bars to the niggers.

4ef622 No.11261726


a3a221 No.11261736


I knew about the formula but ensure? That "olds baby food" to them? They are getting kind of crafty. It is unfortunate how expensive ensure is. It is great stuff for those that need it.

4ef622 No.11261739

Seriously though, it has to be framed so the niggers are being helped into healthier food choices.

Beans and rice over soda and kikes

21f6f1 No.11261744


What is the food that lower the nigger sperm?

b6f085 No.11261747

File: d989478b3617cbd⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 401x399, 401:399, Trump-is-the-storm.jpg.cf.jpg)


I admittedly use food stamps between construction jobs during the winter but I still think this is a great idea. Lower taxes and less welfare means more money in my pocket to ride out the storm instead of using the gibs. This means no more dependence on the nanny state and becoming a free man with less shame.

Also; as others have pointed out, this will lead niggers to be concentrated in the welfare centers which will lead to more violence and crime. Leftists and normies will have no choice but consent to police brutality on the niggers and spics in order to keep their neighborhoods safe. They will have to concede that niggers are a nuisance to society.

Trump's administration is making some good moves that will benefit us in the long run. I'm fairly certain he's a zionist shill but even so this means that (((they))) are accidentally shooting themselves in the foot. I hope this measure gets passed and I also hope that (((they))) disnantle public universities next or at least cut off government backed student grants and loans.

b6f085 No.11261755



78afd7 No.11261761

Fingers crossed for Trump opening more gibs distribution centers in wealthy liberal neighborhoods.

c9374c No.11261817

Damn these threads are always as bad as the weed ones. Nothing but faggot hipsters who've never worked or struggled a single day in their lives. Guess what, when the DOTR comes, you're all gonna die too, because you're as worthless as niggers in the end.

b6f085 No.11261856


While I agree that using gibs is a sign of weakness I don't think we should condemn our brothers for using them in tough times. We should encourage them to get off of it as soon as possible but we're going to need allies we can trust.

53ad54 No.11261860


Whats the oil for?

36ff9f No.11261878

File: 7eaea37de884f90⋯.gif (46.06 KB, 550x400, 11:8, 73d6e9d1f06449d337d7883939….gif)

the mass botulism outbreaks from poors eating out of dented canned food is going to be hilarious.

4b7788 No.11261901

and they'll still turn around and resell those boxes for sizzurp money unless they all come with special labels, government cheese style.

131816 No.11261910


call me when they can harvest fuji apples from bonsai apple trees in vertical farms

72f051 No.11261943


Try to eat half a pack of crackers without water.

Try again but put butter on the other half.

e2aed2 No.11261971


I'm gonna get called a shill for this but the reaction to this proposal by /pol/ at large has disgusted me. Most food stamps recipients are poor white people who don't abuse the system and who either don't make enough at their job and are disabled or on SSI. Maybe if they weren't working all day for a kike who expected their lives in exchange for a roof and 3 walls and a meal and a half a day they could better themselves. Food stamps cost very little compared to other government abuses of your tax dollars. I have been very poor and lived off of food stamps while I was working myself, and I never abused it. I always bought fresh food and made it last. If you lack the personal responsibility necessary to not blow through $150 in food stamps in a week, or to sell it for drugs, you can go hungry, but don't make the people who do eat a diet selected by lobbyists at ConAgra and Unilever and PepsiCo.

I know things are complicated with the shitskins drawing from the system but for god's sakes, have some compassion for your people. What kind of National Socialist would joke about their own people starving to death? I know where you come from, but the Führer would spin in his grave if he heard us being so callous with our own people's lives.

cdcbcf No.11261977


Have you seen niggers? They've all got diabetes and hypertension by the time they're 40. "Health" is hardly a concern in this situation. I don't care if the boxes are filled with rice-a-roni, if they can manage to use the food distribution to restrict calorie intake that will be an increase in nigger population health worth billions in healthcare savings.

0fc8ae No.11262012


Wrong. I've been to the food stamp office. 95% niggermexican in a city that is 60% white and has plenty of poor whites too.

>What kind of National Socialist would joke about their own people starving to death?

Nobody's going to starve to death from being given boxes of fucking food.

e2aed2 No.11262038


You know what, you are right on that count. I just looked it up and there are 2x as many black welfare recipients as whites. I must have absorbed some statistic libs put out years ago.


I'm torn between wanting to help my own people and not give gibs to niggers. I would have no issue with social programs for white people because I know there will always be people who need it. And I know that the government will fuck this up like they do everything. America's harvest is corn sugar and diabetes and I know that these boxes will reflect it. I've always believed that the best social welfare system would be a single federal office run by 6 people that sends a money card to anyone who signs up and the money is given to cover all expenses. food, rent, general purchases, medicine, etc. and how you use it is up to personal responsibility but sometimes I think I have the mind of someone already in the ethnostate when it comes to social policy.

04c2b7 No.11262057


The body of the wrestler Trump's head is on is Bill Goldberg, a giant jew.

>Goldberg was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he had a bar mitzvah at Temple Israel and graduated from Tulsa Edison High School. He acquired a love for football early in life and was a bouncer at age 16. Goldberg's mother, Ethel, is a classical violinist, while his father, Jed, who attended Harvard University, was an obstetrician and gynecologist. They divorced, and Jed died in late 2006. Ethel also breeds flowers and created an award-winning hybrid orchid, which she named after Goldberg. His brother, Michael, is the owner of a music club in Aspen, Colorado.

> Goldberg is proud of his Jewish heritage and refused to hide it in the wrestling world, including refusing to wrestle on Yom Kippur. His Romanian great-grandfather, Marcel, emigrated from Bucharest and came to the U.S. through Ellis Island. His other great-grandfather, Willie, was a Russian immigrant.


ddad22 No.11262066





716fd5 No.11262288


The number of whites ultimately affected affected by this is negligable. They are already on food stamps so what potential are we missing out on?

No matter how you look at it there is plenty of trash even among whites that wouldn't be missed if gone.

And being unable to feed yourself over an extended period of time is like having a nigger-tier life so they might as well get nigger-tier food.

b92b70 No.11262412


Does anyone know how it tastes and what the nutritional value is?


These boxes aren't going to starve anyone.

86d9df No.11262456

File: 7ef18144d8dbf1e⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1434110894350.jpg)


Allergies are a non-issue, the majority of food allergies are eggs, milk, nuts, gluten, soy and fish/seafood.

2e8781 No.11262469


The whole point is to starve niggers nutritionally so they can't abuse ebt, like the shitskins and kikes.

2e8781 No.11262472


That's the only way I'm going to frame it since whites who don't waste abuse the system will get fucked as well.

bb2ec7 No.11262481

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


yeah, I immediately thought "Monzanto is going to get a pay-day here"


at first glance,it seems like nignog's can't trade EBT and shit for booze and crack and other fuckery anymore.

Guess only time will tell.

2e8781 No.11262494


>yeah, I immediately thought "Monzanto is going to get a pay-day here"

Oh man, that's what I was thinking as well, the whole "GMO pesticides like Roundup that literally cause autism are healthy for you goy" kind of bullshit. And of course it's the niggers, shitskins and kikes abusing anything benevolent white countries push, every single time.

8974b2 No.11262507

File: 9f322576ca24ac7⋯.jpg (52.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, serveimage.jpg)



>white (I presume?) person on foodstamps

Lurk 2 more years before you pollute this board.

Friendly reminder that if you're white and on food stamps, you are the collateral damage in the upcoming race war.

c72a9e No.11262512

The government could buy the food directly from the suppliers, cutting out the grocery stores and their markup all together. The government could even get a better deal, given that they would be buying so much more than a mere grocery store. Where the problem lies is in making sure that the kikes don't benefit from this.

Also, Trump could instead force the niggers to come get the food from the welfare office, where police could be stationed to arrest any who are clearly on drugs. If a policy of cutting off welfare to drugged up niggers were finally passed, this could be used to significantly reduce welfare recipients in not too much time.

54e6c8 No.11262525


>distribution is impossible

send it through the mail fam

usps would have to hire new carriers and it would be a good source for decent jobs

aside from the whole federal government employee thing

or have them pick it up at a food pantry or a church or one of the endless community centers built using CHOICE funds over the years.

33aab3 No.11262529


how exactly is that reminder friendly?

8974b2 No.11262548


You're clearly a low IQ degenerate. tbh I don't understand why we even keep you alive on food stamps.


>The Trump administration wants to scrap food stamps for low-income Americans and replace them with boxes of non-perishable food items selected by the government, Politico reported Monday.

Guess you're too dumb to read as well eh?


The point of food stamps is so you don't starve to death as the third class piece of shit that you are. It is not there for your gluten free, cruelty free, free range dietary needs.

At this point I am so disgusted at your lack of common sense and reading comprehension, I wish I could purge you myself.

2e8781 No.11262550


>Where the problem lies is in making sure that the kikes don't benefit from this.

That's the real problem, the government would have to get a good deal out of this to make it viable, that involves not just handing it off to some company to manage all this and pocket the money.


Well yeah, that's a good amount of /pol/ to be honest.

8974b2 No.11262551


we give 'em a 10 second head start anon.

2dd404 No.11262603


Daily reminder that 62.05816298169113% of noggers are on at least one government program (not including medicaid).

Daily reminder that less money spent on noggers is always a good thing.

2dd404 No.11262610


>They will have to concede that niggers are a nuisance to society.

One at of three nogger males are expected to go to prison in their lifetime. Noggers are over 2x more likely to rape than whites. You think they'll admit this?

54e6c8 No.11262631


>muh chillum din du nuffin!

ce00d0 No.11262933

File: 5d101bcfc9928ad⋯.png (32.42 KB, 657x527, 657:527, IMG_1455.PNG)



It's Bayer now.

t. desperate German

2e8781 No.11262945

File: 4765b2094f99bbe⋯.png (69.5 KB, 211x294, 211:294, merger.PNG)


Oh great, kikes really are legitimately afraid that the goyim want to stop buying their poison, that's yids for you.

f152bf No.11262991


>If things are tough for White people in hyper-Weimar, it's all on them.

089a98 No.11263023

File: af45bcebfbd2eee⋯.jpg (54.89 KB, 717x785, 717:785, butthurt01.jpg)

BUT WAIT! It's also an attack on the (((banks))) and the (((food conglomerates))) The EBT system is managed by the same banks who manage the Debit/Credit Card networks. Furthermore, this system lends itself to buying food at wholesale prices instead of retail prices. Trump is going after the shekels of two big groups with this plan.

2513fa No.11263052


Tell the government you can't buy food. Government sends you free food. Bitches about it the whole time. How about no food benefits like I propose. Can't afford food? Starve.

2513fa No.11263058


Please end this thread now.

f0cc6f No.11263074

File: 860bd0a5a13d4ae⋯.jpeg (34.06 KB, 600x367, 600:367, 78408cecadec5a8839597b001….jpeg)


This isn't complicated at all, it's rather simple: Beggars can't be choosers. Welfare participants should be thankful that they don't have to starve, this includes whites, you don't demand from or bite the hand that feeds you. The people who really need that food will be thankful enough for it. In fact, after three months any unemployed welfare participant that isn't disabled, a kid or old, should recieve a broom and be forced to sweep the streets eight hours a day or do another simple job to get the rations. The year you do that, the unemployment rate will hit record low.

2e8781 No.11263075


Nevermind that the article is from Politico, I'm sure communists would enjoy seeing poor whites suffer either way since they already have money anyways.

1bed7b No.11263098


>The government could buy the food directly from the suppliers,

Nah, companies will give the gov food from overproduction and take a tax break. Happens all the time. It's easier to sell overstock to the gov for a third of retail price then actually go through the trouble of disposing of it.

So these niggers are going to be getting food these companies can't sell and will drive down prices for distributors.

ad49e5 No.11263234

File: b9c2c6899761ce1⋯.png (290.44 KB, 737x621, 737:621, Untitled.png)

File: d484a2b2837c1f1⋯.png (820.58 KB, 594x588, 99:98, 1472080889138.png)




964a2e No.11263271


I respect you. People who have no shame using food stamps do not deserve them. Hope the best for you, dude.

964a2e No.11263295


It depends where you are.

f4e159 No.11263362


>I'm just wondering if the boxes are going to be like pasta, tomato sauce, oats, apple sauce, assorted grains or if it's going to be like Keebler Club crackers, rice-a-roni, canned fruit in heavy syrup, Captain Crunch.

You actually think Trump would send out grape drank and Little Debbies instead of meat and potatoes?

Reading is fundamental

>That box would include staples like shelf-stable milk, peanut butter, canned fruits and meats, and cereal.

f152bf No.11263386


>peanut butter

Like the kind with corn syrup in it?

>canned fruits

In heavy syrup?

>canned meats

I'm sure Hormel is licking their chops.


Like Captain Crunch?

e01880 No.11263394


>Have job

>Can support my family

>Without having to rely on government gibs

>This makes me as worthless as a nigger

Ok Moishe

a1fbb3 No.11263402

File: 1706e02bc1d3cd7⋯.jpg (181.8 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, holdomor.jpg)

>all the tumblrinas bitching about this on twitter

What do marxists have against poor people having food to eat?

e01880 No.11263408


People having food to eat goes directly against every known instance of communism :^)

9b721f No.11263417

Based on government previously doing anything this will be a disaster, like school lunches on an even wider scale. Probably fuck up grocery stores too making the half of the population that is employed have a hard time finding food.

Food welfare doesn't exist as some kind of happy sharing utopian ideal. It's because you will fucking be murdered when you have food and the other half of the population does not. The entire basis of jobs is busy work to redistribute the actual real useful work of farmers to everyone else. There will never ever be a situation where everyone works since only farmers do something useful and less are needed proportionately as time passes.

67b025 No.11263462


>Manufacturing infrastructure serves no purpose for farmers

>Farmers don't need to distribute their goods

Doesn't help to be reductive, anon. You're not using your noodle.

f0cc6f No.11263473


Because in the perfect utopia of communism people are supposed so starve.

2e8781 No.11263512


I wouldn't consider anyone not ashamed to be white.

9b721f No.11263529


It doesn't in a situation where population is declining.

ab1d45 No.11263540


It was inevitable that people who choose to play by the rules would get squeezed out, and that time is nigh.

I've known honest, hard-working whites who were just scraping by and still barely qualified for assistance.

A big reason the system is so hard for people like that is because of those that exploit it.

Am I saying, fuck those guys so long as niggers starve?

No, but career welfare, as it were, needs to stop, because those that play fair are losing in a game that's rigged against them.

That said, at this point, it's just talk, but it takes suggesting something most folk consider dire necessary in order to engage in dialogue so we can shift the Overton window from mere inertia on their part to being open to action and change, because complacency and apathy are what has allowed it to get so bad.

353692 No.11263627

File: b68fe79019f4cbe⋯.jpeg (386.84 KB, 1460x1500, 73:75, jungle_taystee.jpeg)


>and the bar need to taste like chicken

Nah mate. Taystee Wheat. It's the Breakfast of Champions. :^)



Just in case you don't personally need 30K heads of lettuce personally each day:


492474 No.11263819


Hope you guys know that this change, if implemented, will only affect recipients that get over $90 in SNAP. Those who fall under that criteria will only have half of their SNAP cut off in favor of a food box. So yeah, keep your raging erections at bay. Niggers are not starving.



353692 No.11263867

Here's a robot system that could conceivably reduce the beaner problem in the country.



In Florida at least the monthly max is $195/mo. I never knew a single recipient that wasn't receiving exactly this amount there.

5f0be8 No.11264014

So instead of paying niggers, 200 a month to buy newports and colt .45, now they'll spend 400 a month on Best Value noodles and spam? It's amusing, I'll give them that, but I know how the government works, anything they buy they pay 10x market value for.

Still think all whites should take as many bennies as they can possibly qualify for. Shit will just go to niggers if they don't.

c01572 No.11264351


We can only hope that they somehow incorporate soy, soylent, or any emasculating foods.

c01572 No.11264431



*raids soylent factory for free gibs*


*spots malt .40 on a pedestal*


*activates booby trap, falls through trapdoor*


*is ground into pink slime to be canned and sold*


*gets fed to starving brown family*

219eac No.11264709


>Multi-Purpose Food

Repo Man was a documentary?

219eac No.11265023


>Jesus it hit 751?

Future proves past.

What is an EBT card?

What is it used for

What is it really used for?

Expand your thinking.

G (that's G for gibs)

219eac No.11265120


>Nothing but faggot hipsters who've never worked or struggled a single day in their lives.

I've been rich and I've been poor, and I prefer being rich. Try stretching a can of deviled ham and a loaf of bread a week and get back to me. (That was when I was living in an SRO off my tax refund… never got bad enough to apply for welfare, and then there is the pride thing.)

2e8781 No.11265284


This really isn't good enough then, just a half-assed solution.

29c992 No.11265728

There's an easy argument that can be made in favor of Trump's brilliant plan, and it's one that will completely destroy any liberal argument against it. The basic talking points are simple.

1. This will ensure that EBT is not abused for junk food.

2. This will ensure that the poor receive a balanced, healthy diet, instead of buying 7-11 pizza and poptarts.

3. The government will be able to purchase resources from American farmers, helping the agriculture industry in America.

This is pure win-win. These talking points are irrefutable.

And on our side of the wall, here's the arguments in our favor.

1. Having to eat government cheese is a great motivator to work.

2. We're taking away their ability to abuse the system and live on a diet purely of junk food.

3. It will save taxpayers billions.

4. Hardworking families will not longer be treated like second class citizens, struggling to survive while someone else spends their EBT benefits on hot dogs and junk food.

Don't ever doubt this man. Trump is a genius.

30c9da No.11265809


I'm poor enough to qualify for food stamps. I barely make enough to pay my bills every months, and seem to be able to live on $100 of food every month. Food that in reality only cost about $60 to produce and deliver to my jewmart/supermarket.

de8dbd No.11265825

File: f5a7e5935bb07a8⋯.jpg (76.44 KB, 480x943, 480:943, 1.jpg)

The salt must flow.

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his

savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good

for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

Matthew 5:13

816f01 No.11265856


Is this supposed to be insulting or something? The image’s text is exactly the point of the charity by the individual preached in the Bible.

2e8781 No.11265859


There is absolutely no excuse now with the cutoff being set at 90$ usd. Retarded faggots that spend their money on nutritionally dead junk will get fucked.

a754e7 No.11265877

I assume this will severely limit fraud as well.

36c241 No.11265915


I have a perverse need to be contrarian which is why I hang out in this Yoruban enema clinic, so let me play devil's advocate with the points you make; see if I can refute them.

>1. This will ensure that EBT is not abused for junk food.

<It's none of your business what the poor buy with their benefits. The whole idea of an EBT card is to respect the dignity and independence of those who need it. Sure, some people receiving benefits will buy junk – hell, some will also sell their benefits for cash – but that's a small price to pay to give needy people a little bit of dignity and privacy.

>2. This will ensure that the poor receive a balanced, healthy diet, instead of buying 7-11 pizza and poptarts.

<It's not my place to tell poor people what to eat. I thought you were the small-government type! Anyway, you only saw that person in 7-11 once; how do you know that proud Nubian queen wasn't just buying a once-a-month treat for her kids? Maybe she spends 99% of her benefits on fresh vegetables, but you happened to catch her on the one day she's stocking up for her kid's birthday party.

>3. The government will be able to purchase resources from American farmers, helping the agriculture industry in America.

<Donald Trump is a racist with a small dick.

<Seriously though, how do you know that garbage will be bought in America, or at least more in America than whatever the recipient was already buying?

Anyway, that's the argument I've already been having on Kikebook. In the end, my own irrefutable argument is this:

The government gives a free ride to niggers, and it has to stop or we'll start killing.

799daa No.11265999


Not to mention the EBT system goes down every fucking year anyway. This is the one things jews do and even then they fuck it up.

a52827 No.11266188

Biggest issue is some smaller towns' economies rely entirely on SNAP which tldr; basically means the few jobs in those places are going to be gone. The good news is only the large corporations can afford to be SNAP compliant so most small businesses will weather it fairly well.

Expect walmart stocks to drop tremendously the very second this shit goes live.

f152bf No.11266333


>1. This will ensure that EBT is not abused for junk food.

>2. This will ensure that the poor receive a balanced, healthy diet, instead of buying 7-11 pizza and poptarts.

I don't see these conclusions panning out. The government is perfectly fine with junk food being used for EBT, that's why they approve so much junk food in the first place to be covered under it. ConAgra, Nabisco, General Mills, etc. all lobby to get their products covered. What the government doesn't want is the parallel economy that springs up from the EBT program.

Judging by this post >>11263362 which is taking a line from the article, the conclusion to draw from this is that the government wants to make sure the money being doled out through EBT is going almost exclusively to the junk food.

758a44 No.11266386

File: e1ebb8d7810897f⋯.jpg (75 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, e1ebb8d7810897f4062e808382….jpg)


Excuse me, I think you've got a glaring hole in one of your arguments.


26b9d0 No.11266520


Also wouldn't Japan be an ideal country for this type of thing? Even though its densely populated, the small size of the country would come in handy for transportation. Well that and high-speed trains. Something like this would have trouble working well in the US because we have a large landmass to cover, and a poor transportation network (basically a shit rail network). I've seen the statistic thrown around that the US produces enough food through agriculture to feed its entire population and then some; yet 15% of all households don't have secure access to food (not to mention the impoverished or homeless communities). I'm guessing most of this would be in urban areas, and they would probably benefit most from these kinds of indoor farms.

b4f656 No.11266573

File: 7ddb05ffb182c75⋯.jpg (58.36 KB, 634x422, 317:211, 41t34g45.jpg)

Retailers throw out TONS of food and manufacturers could employ more for longer hours with this. It's probably much better to do this because I see niggers and the poor buy so much shit they don't need with access cards. That and I can say personally that I worked for one of the distributors that was paid by the FEDs to throw together food for impoverished seniors and we only packaged one night a week, it would bump up to 5+ if we needed to feed 15% of the US population and 55% of the people in my area.

>muh whites don't work these jobs


2e8781 No.11266778


>They might try out getting contracts for packing & delivering the packages, depending on how this works out.

That's the real problem.


And this.

510e52 No.11266780


>This is the dumbest fucking thing they could do. #1 the "food" will be shit that's either already given out for free at food pantries, or just a scheme to funnel money into specific corporations. #2 the distribution is fucking impossible. (How the fuck will this help if you're homeless? A box sent nowhere, with no kitchen?) #3 People have fucking allergies and various dietary needs, the concept that the government could even provide them without spending more on bureaucracy than the "food" is bullshit. #4 Food stamps are meant to be supplemental for when your luck turned to shit.

You sound as if we're supposed to care about the quality of food those apes receive.

Food stamps should be used when you loose a job and need something to keep you from starving while you're looking for a new job. Not something you can leach of your whole life.

510e52 No.11266796


What the fuck did I just read

000000 No.11266861


>I'm just wondering if the boxes are going to be like pasta, tomato sauce, oats, apple sauce, assorted grains or if it's going to be like Keebler Club crackers, rice-a-roni, canned fruit in heavy syrup, Captain Crunch.

Very likely the latter.

000000 No.11266886


Because it's one step closer to ensuring a poor person eats a poor person's diet (50% carbs, 35% protein, 15% fats)

2e8781 No.11266921


Plenty of chinks and southeast asians well and willing for those under minimum wage jobs.

000000 No.11266943



>"waa waaaa poor people eat better than me because I spend too much for my income!"

>"EBT users literally can't eat better than that one dude who eats a cup of rice and a chicken breast once a day working at the factory, because it wouldn't be faaaair!"

Bunch of crabs in this thread. Own your own decisions you shitbags and lay off the weak!

428aaa No.11266969


>the EBT system goes down every fucking year

>This is the one things jews do

>and even then they fuck it up.

trips confirm truth

a545ee No.11267206


I work 3rd shift at a gas station in a college town. Most EBT purchases I get are nigresses and degenerate mixed guys covered in tattoos. Some of them leech off of the hospitality house we have in our town thanks to libcuck college kids being allowed to vote. Crime rate has gone up massively because of it, but let get back on subject.

I have a girl that comes in nearly three times a week. Her usual go to is 2 Snickers bars, 3 bags of over priced Ruffles (5 bucks a bag), 2 or 3 Dr peppers and misc candy. It's rarely under 25 dollars of junk food. It's rare for.me to see someone's balance under 200 bucks unless it's.near the end of the month. It's also common to see high dollar sports cars if you go driving up a place we call "HUD hill"

808250 No.11267306


>sending an investigator to every nigger abusing the system will be less expensive and less bureaucratic than scrapping the system for food boxes

Who are you shilling for?

808250 No.11267337

File: 9f1546f38369f99⋯.jpg (80.47 KB, 1003x564, 1003:564, serveimage.jpg)


>Jewish bouncer

808250 No.11267374

File: 2b5c76d85bfac0f⋯.jpg (46.43 KB, 680x426, 340:213, 18642aef08b50322711c5adfc2….jpg)


>Not being on welfare makes you a hipster

716fd5 No.11268030


You get money from the guv'ment then the guv'ment has a say on what you spend it on.

It might not be your fucking place to tell poor people what to eat but it isn't your money being spent is it?`

If these fucks want to decide what to eat they can go find themselves a job.

We all know niggers are unable to but the occasional white might be convinced to start working again, even if it's to just by junkfood.

84c09b No.11268346

File: db1c4c713d62c69⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed (1).jpg)

No mo

0d222c No.11268779

File: 3e85628814838c0⋯.png (19.6 KB, 908x539, 908:539, 92e6add99b9d9e3f6dab4f5f99….png)


It's also completely accurate when it came to the circumstances of the Sermon on the Mount. The multitude was there to hear the teachings of Christ and better themselves. It was a one-time event, and the miracle of the loaves and fishes was a one-time handout. Not a perpetual benefits program.

1e5e31 No.11268813


Commie faggots have to love this or be shown as hyporcrites its a masterstroke.

7bf767 No.11268863


>ape crates


288abe No.11268885

File: 7d40c44f0382433⋯.jpg (194.72 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 032 (Large).jpg)

File: ee3655ff9466fb3⋯.jpg (164.74 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 027 (Large).jpg)

File: 969940f0ab02bda⋯.jpg (113.95 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 114 (Large).jpg)

File: fb7e615baf2e219⋯.jpg (169.55 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 020 (Large).jpg)

File: 2fe210ad76272c6⋯.jpg (221.13 KB, 864x768, 9:8, 001 (Medium).jpg)

288abe No.11268898

File: ecf24a098fc070a⋯.jpg (190.11 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 003 (Large).jpg)

File: d5e3051709e3c96⋯.jpg (131.26 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 035 (Large).jpg)

File: 18c98378cf30a2c⋯.jpg (955.64 KB, 2544x3303, 848:1101, 029.jpg)

File: 4459f3339259d2c⋯.jpg (134.93 KB, 792x768, 33:32, gibs 5 (Medium).jpg)

File: 2501e5812371393⋯.jpg (140.87 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 130 (Medium).jpg)

089a98 No.11268924

File: 2574c4dd65ecc46⋯.png (465.41 KB, 636x476, 159:119, bananas.jpg.png)

236b7b No.11269280

>ape crates

mein sides

6b1037 No.11269285

>Tfw no mo malt liqour 4 gibs

02ebab No.11269606

File: d3f9dd7ee049db3⋯.webm (4.21 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Street Fighter Spring Bre….webm)

>>11261644 Checked.

Your logic regarding the use of ape crates to force more attention on niggers nigging is sound–the left created a similar situation when they demanded that cops carry cameras on duty and it blew up in their face like a cheap glock. One thing I would like to point out is that the nutritional health of the common nigger is rock bottom already, hence bone fractures at weak impacts, and being fed GMO enriched MRES will only rob them of the little health they have left.

What I'm saying is that nutrient-starved niggers will be even more prone to impulsive and irrational decision-making as their bodies consume themselves for important vitamins and lead to a bigger crime wave than you may be anticipating. Perfect redpilling material if there ever was any on racial realisim.

6b1037 No.11269702


e52f5f No.11270059

This will never get through. Why? Forget chimpouts, every orthodox kike in the US who spends 14 hours a day reading the talmud and praying for their tribal god to kill all the gentiles and bring them their geld is on this program. You really think the kikes won't allow their fellow jews to buy their kosher matzo and whatever shit they eat?

Also, what happens when the first nigger or spic with an allergy to x dies from the food. It's a non-starter.

e52f5f No.11270079


>Niggers expect drank, skittles, and pop tarts for nothing 24/7 along with cigs and 40's

why is this a bad thing? The only thing that keeps their population somewhat in check is their drug, alcohol, and tobacco use as well as murders. Why would you want them to have better nutrition rather than spending on things that will hopefully keep their lifespans and reproduction capacity relatively low?

089a98 No.11270149

File: 7734e84c9d7724f⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2400x1485, 160:99, foodglom.jpg)



This program already works very well:



By rescuing food and obtaining food and monetary donations, The Food Bank distributes over 1.4 million meals per month to children, families and seniors in need."

If implemented, it will devastate globalist food congloms and completely undermine the shady economy and shiftless behavior of the gibbsmedat communities.

ca4647 No.11270199


>If implemented, it will devastate globalist food congloms

Likely the opposite. >>11266333

84c09b No.11270312


7c5444 No.11271124

File: cdee8643fa03c06⋯.jpg (71.81 KB, 1000x639, 1000:639, North-Korea-Kim-Jong-un-sw….jpg)


Haha. There's a greater chance of two walls getting built. Afrimerica's entire clown economy runs on subsidized niggers.

c941bb No.11271255


6ab802 No.11271399

where.de.gibs at

056977 No.11271489


Nevermind the imported niggers from bumfuck Africa for said cheaper workers.

000000 No.11275617

replying to several retards

> waaah! we'd need a whole fleet of government delivery trucks to distribute the ape crates!

What is the United States Postal Service?

e1556c No.11275894


Or they can make a deal with a transport company, the government doesn't have to do everything, it only has to pay for the job.

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