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File: 815c11fafa5141d⋯.jpg (72.41 KB, 600x468, 50:39, HungaryEU.jpg)

File: 0b6dc69ca59da8b⋯.jpg (454 B, 16x15, 16:15, bypass.jpg)

798146  No.11342283

What is this shit?

This is the next 'It's Okay To Be White'.

Why should you believe me?

Because this is cost-effective, simple, and very low-risk. Just wear gloves so you don't leave fingerprints on anything. Nothing in this thread is illegal, but that's no reason for bad OPSEC.

How do you, anon, help?

Assuming you're interested, you buy the cheapest USB drives you can get your grubby little paws on, and you fill it with redpills. Then, you drop them off anywhere normies gather. The idea is for normies to find them, plug them into their computers, and read the redpills. This will trigger some, and it will redpill others. Either way, we win.

Can you, the anon participant, be tracked if you do this?

No. Unless you do something retarded like put your address in the USB drive itself, nobody can find you. Buy the USB drives with cash.


Again, nothing in this operation is even remotely illegal unless you're in occupied Europe or Canada, but that's no excuse for poor opsec.

Now for the resources themselves.

HTML templates:




This is another anon's(Not mine) redpill folder. You can also put these things on your USB drive if you'd like: https://mega.nz/#!YwgCgRQL!pwzvh5qGIUtcoZAhQ1IIG5fX_wLZwG2hTTIZOd35cwo


1. Carry something. Depending on your state and country laws, you may or may not be allowed firearms. If you are allowed/have a permit, carry a firearm. If not, carry what you are allowed to carry. If you live in an extremely fucked nation like

Britain where self-defense is essentially illegal for whites, well… I'm never going to tell you to break the law, but do what you think makes you safest.

2. Additional info

When citing sources try to include:

- a screenshot

- a live link to the website

- an archived link to archive.fo

- a local zip-archive from archive.fo

3. You want to drop these in white, heavily trafficked areas. Libraries, public parks, movie theaters, schools especially. Remember your target audience. At the same time, you don't want to be seen doing this if at all possible. If it's a cold day, take advantage of it. Wrap a scarf around your face. If it's a hot day, wear sunglasses and a hat, or anything else you can think of.

4. If you get into a confrontation with someone, swallow your pride and walk the fuck away. You are not a Navy Seal. You are not a Green Beret. Violence is your absolute last resort. It's not worth going to jail over. Just take your USBs, go away, and drop them somewhere else. If you want to debate someone, fine, but use your better judgement.

5. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and have fun.

6. Heil Hitler.

798146  No.11342286

File: 9c9fced71b45211⋯.png (191.26 KB, 500x1329, 500:1329, to-protect-the-europe-from….png)


A big thanks to the fine people at >>>/redstick/ for coming up with this. More redpills can be found there. I claim no credit for anything in this thread.

1c48c5  No.11342298

File: ce3ac6bd707a29a⋯.jpg (103.71 KB, 900x651, 300:217, Einsatzkommando.jpg)


How you will feel when you are in the concentration camp facing the death squad, Moishe?

f38810  No.11342302

>trying to push this crap yet again

Keep it there

798146  No.11342304

File: 3d3d857c68fe416⋯.png (209.6 KB, 754x588, 377:294, kikepost4.png)

6bbead  No.11342305



>Jewish it porn

Low energy m8.


Why do you think its posting? The fear amongst Jews is almost palpable right now.

Mods should show the post history onvermin this obvious. There's no excuse not to.

Remember to report and monitor.


c47e99  No.11342311


Yes, that lump in your throat you're feeling right now is all the fuel needed to know you're scared shitless that the plan has gone off the rails. Sure you post your little porn picture in an attempt at triggering someone here. It wont work, it never has, it never will. The foundations of your project are crumbling, shaking, disentergrating into the shitpile your superiors created. Meanwhile Israel is dealing with a deavy influx of arabic and african men who routinely tame your litigious and aggressive women. May your alimony bills be large, and your lawyers pockets have holes in them.

2fe220  No.11342314

Did this prove to be remotely successful in the last several threads? This tactic has been around since fucking floppy disks being left in coffee shops.

798146  No.11342317

File: 8f4958498d07d43⋯.png (209.44 KB, 754x588, 377:294, kikepost5.png)

d1a540  No.11342318

File: ce5219818993c9c⋯.jpg (9.6 KB, 200x226, 100:113, 1d272cf91bd2d35948f31436c2….jpg)

The only people who will pick up USBs and look into them are niggers and retards/Chan users with comp knowledge.

> Go outside like a normal person dressed normally and stand there with a clip board and talk to these normies.

Faggots larping with as little exposure as possible

Go outside, run for office, go to council meetings

>Stop being internet only faggots

>"Chat" rooms are energy sinks just like fb, Twitter, Reddit ect. Nothing happens but screeching

798146  No.11342325

File: 2dd042320ef7674⋯.png (1021.97 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 2FBimj1.png)


Man, (((you))) guys really don't want this to take off. Thanks for the indicator that I'm doing something right.

2030a6  No.11342360



That's a stupid name. USBpill would be better not that it matters I'm just being a picky faggot

701626  No.11342361

File: 893779ecb148831⋯.jpg (26.1 KB, 500x375, 4:3, good_job_i_love_you_have_s….jpg)


This sounds good, but we need a repository for this. Something like a zip file filled with verified redpills so to save anons busy work to compile this stuff. Cheapest USBs I've come across have all been at least 4 gigs or more, that's more than enough space.

I think the normalfags will like this. Like an urban treasure trove.

798146  No.11342363

ca4ab4  No.11342365

Bump. Leave them on campus grounds and outside high schools. We must redpill Generation Zyklon.

701626  No.11342371


Thanks, found this


This should have been in the OP.

798146  No.11342374

File: a50f05c2f757c59⋯.jpg (265.48 KB, 1139x898, 1139:898, a50.jpg)


I tried to include some stuff like that in the OP, but of course I didn't get everything. Glad you like the idea, though!

ca4ab4  No.11342380


We really need much more info on here. I wouldn't be convinced with just two facts for each section.

9d09ad  No.11342401

File: 0268560f3ebadd0⋯.jpg (47.99 KB, 333x366, 111:122, 1381115651983.jpg)


This is well made and all, but it's incredibly shallow. This needs more content.

798146  No.11342425


Gimme a sec, I'll post more material.

798146  No.11342430

File: 161e0565183a366⋯.jpg (316.67 KB, 632x724, 158:181, 1495820711387.jpg)

File: 2b0b973457efae2⋯.jpg (261.43 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1497781567211.jpg)

File: 12e96d8d37d474a⋯.jpg (366.85 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1497782208730.jpg)

798146  No.11342433

File: f56ccc0ab33c942⋯.jpg (188.51 KB, 632x723, 632:723, f56ccc0ab33c942cd3f8f5ddc9….jpg)

File: 26a11f6b74fa924⋯.png (976.16 KB, 962x2179, 962:2179, 1495803887907.png)


Updated expulsion graph.

798146  No.11342437

File: 2e250b27eb364b8⋯.jpg (87.93 KB, 599x717, 599:717, 15b093c0687a391ff10f7132aa….jpg)

File: c1292749b444a90⋯.jpg (701.34 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, c1292749b444a900433fc26b88….jpg)

File: 99ff5dedf7d7e39⋯.jpg (199.14 KB, 1000x1483, 1000:1483, e7ce7d1b287c6343d949e873c2….jpg)

798146  No.11342439

File: bfc9fe0e001e965⋯.webm (6.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, (((diversity))).webm)

File: 4427c484bf42a9e⋯.webm (5.93 MB, 640x480, 4:3, (((Sarkozy))).webm)

And some webms to throw onto your USBs.

2030a6  No.11342440


It's about 4 years out of date so who knows how many links still work, but the Redpills of Zion is always a good source.


798146  No.11342443

File: 91d2071a998d0e5⋯.webm (5.44 MB, 1000x760, 25:19, Aussie_feels_rant.webm)

File: b7f14dc9d40f18c⋯.mp4 (5.21 MB, 320x240, 4:3, marriage in principle.mp4)

File: f9d113f4a34ad51⋯.mp4 (3.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Rudolf Hess - Last Words.mp4)

798146  No.11342447

File: 0ac186cded2e871⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bordersformenotforthee.webm)

File: 0bafd6373d36146⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jews_kill_kids.webm)

f38810  No.11342450

This fucking mong only cares about attention whoring.

798146  No.11342451

File: 3f5c1a6b7c01d67⋯.png (209.41 KB, 754x588, 377:294, kikepost6.png)

798146  No.11342454

File: f5155de827d66b5⋯.png (508.05 KB, 1774x978, 887:489, AomEAzc.png)

File: 5f1603130bb6038⋯.png (67.19 KB, 689x846, 689:846, 6f041356cc6aab14880b6e629f….png)

File: 9049fbe73a2d09d⋯.jpg (109.03 KB, 691x510, 691:510, 91203c6ffeade245a1bd2500ee….jpg)

77a1f3  No.11342457

File: 4c0a33e679a3f44⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1500x1147, 1500:1147, 4c0a33e679a3f44b82008951bf….jpg)

File: 7c761ecf074ef76⋯.png (3.78 MB, 2000x1172, 500:293, 7c761ecf074ef768a20910888a….png)

I already got my sticks from the last thread it's pretty simple.

Also a lot of kvetching happening here which is always the sign of a good plan.

Have a bump, let's see how far we can go with this.

798146  No.11342458

File: be535a5862a8750⋯.png (189.38 KB, 1213x1406, 1213:1406, ee50857d3a13b41db57cd5f72c….png)

File: 3f3ee270c9bc525⋯.jpg (100.12 KB, 638x479, 638:479, graffiti-on-a-wall-of-sham….jpg)

File: b09e80d572ba7a8⋯.jpg (214.17 KB, 1104x800, 69:50, b09e80d572ba7a84e8483f7def….jpg)



Here's the extra content you wanted, I'm done for the night. Mods, please sticky if you think this is a good idea.

798146  No.11342463

File: 854e9b4785c4d99⋯.jpg (87.21 KB, 534x550, 267:275, 1497779410446.jpg)

File: 9296d1558ed5866⋯.jpg (79.91 KB, 700x476, 25:17, Gs8f5Vy.jpg)

File: c6be101c688215a⋯.png (269.31 KB, 1784x589, 1784:589, xfAmz30.png)


Actually, have some more.

c7e6b2  No.11342514

File: 6cfd311da32da26⋯.png (9.51 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (2).png)

File: 0eb0f95c89b1a80⋯.gif (2.31 KB, 240x240, 1:1, McDonalds.gif)

File: 5e260006f191103⋯.jpg (56.72 KB, 900x823, 900:823, 88048722.jpg)

File: 267f639b603b03c⋯.jpg (23.31 KB, 400x366, 200:183, RonaldMcDonald.jpg)

File: f9942bf0cc649af⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 500x449, 500:449, Ronald.jpg)

>yfw free usb's

7817a2  No.11342604


30a709  No.11342706

Ok make sure to cite good sources.

Some faggot posted a graph about rascism being correlated with iq so I found the original study and the r^2 variance proved there was no correlation.

So his info proved the opposite point he was trying to make

30a709  No.11342707



Good work bud

8c5e14  No.11342754


Here you go:


3818a4  No.11342819

Why not just fill them with gore, fucked up webms like the Degeneracy Clockwork Orange one, Moonman songs and brazilian executions with lots of worldstar hiphop vids as well. A normie has the attention span of a commercial and has been conditioned to hate learning for himself and also secretly wishes to gaze upon the abyss. Show him that abyss.

07ab20  No.11342847


>time sinks

>nothing happens but screeching

This is so accurate.

a5a8ae  No.11343108


Nows not the time for goreposting. That comes later.

798146  No.11343678


de38e9  No.11343720

>normies can use a computer

a sd card would be better

4d535a  No.11343763

where does one get cheap <1GB drives in bulk? This plan is shit for anyone who doesn't have a big budget for stuff like this, I'd rather stick to postering

b0f48c  No.11343769

File: e6d0159fd7f890b⋯.png (62.65 KB, 272x204, 4:3, 1519022927638.png)


>11% of the world's billionaires are Jewish despite only 0.1% of the world population being Jewish

Consider that the vast majority of the worlds population are niggers, spics, arabs, and non-honorary Asians, it makes sense that a high IQ race dominates billionaire status despite being such a small segment of the population.

798146  No.11343778

File: 931d757ccaedb51⋯.png (617.28 KB, 1338x616, 669:308, hitlerstory.png)


The dollar store, anon. We're in 2018, USB drives are pretty cheap nowadays.


Hope that helps.


>n-nothing to see here, goyim

4d535a  No.11343779


That doesn't matter though. Just because of sheer numbers there are more smart niggers and chingchongs than smart kikes.

>honorary asians


your picture checks out.

de38e9  No.11343795

I'll try to translate some redpills into my main language. Must be careful since we don't have freedom of thoughts here.

4d535a  No.11343797


Bonjour monsieur Snail!

7054c2  No.11343807



Not a bad idea; I heard people also talking about writing out fascist propaganda or website addresses on dollar bills (maybe a link shortener to a repository of red pills would be good) and putting them back in circulation.

368979  No.11343869


>(((EU))) is a blond goy

798146  No.11343910


Well, Europe is still white for the nonce, even if it's under invasion.

368979  No.11343921


Its still implying that Germans are behind it, not (((Germans))).

4d535a  No.11343925


Yes, because Germans are the only blonde people across all of Europe.

3818a4  No.11344008


The normie cant read a graph and stats make his eyes glaze over. Now a hundred vids of shitskins abusing dogs and kicking cats and attacking women and children will do more for our cause than for any infographic. A picture speaks a thousand words and a video speaks millions. How many of us were redpilled by stats alone?

b0f48c  No.11344029

File: 89a5ba01b790551⋯.jpg (590.8 KB, 2500x2930, 250:293, 1482575825050.jpg)


>That doesn't matter though. Just because of sheer numbers there are more smart niggers and chingchongs than smart kikes.

Good point.

Also, "honorary asian" isn't literal, It's just a way to differentiate the sub 80 IQ monkeys from the semi-civilized ants. Anime is very effective for normalizing Nazi imagery.

798146  No.11344156


>videos of shitskins being shitskins

I have those too. I'll post after I bathe.

62d8ec  No.11344190


The first image is just a wordier version of the original. Trim it down. Unfortunately I can't find the original right now.

6e5553  No.11344202


Ever seen a blonde kike?

hard mode: that isn't mixed to below 50% nor has its hair died

9da493  No.11344209



Remember to upload cartel videos. Make it clear that it's of a piece with Aztec sacrifice, and that it's nothing out of the ordinary for Mexicans. If it wasn't for drugs giving them the excuse for gory homicide, they'd still be ripping out human hearts for the Butterfly Spirit or whatever.

9da493  No.11344212


Yes, of course we've seen blonde kikes. I broke off an early-stage relationship with a blonde when I found out her mother was a Jewess. Stop being dumb.

6e5553  No.11344213


I guess hard mode is too hard for you then.

798146  No.11344228


Kikes mix with other races to blend in. It's kind of their thing.

You're not very good at this.

368979  No.11344234


the basic bitch normalfag belief is that "The damn Germans are ruining Europe again". The fact is that poster is a half-truth because the people behind it are not ethnic Europeans, and are not blond.

ee4727  No.11344249


It helps that Hitler's Nazi party understood very well how to be aesthetic as fuck. HUGO BOSS. HUGO MOTHERFUCKING BOSS.

798146  No.11344322

File: c09c0ca1007b73c⋯.webm (7.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, niggers.webm)

798146  No.11344325

File: 1cf21544afcfc77⋯.mp4 (8.73 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, niggers3.mp4)

File: 9259dd6a1a90c49⋯.webm (5.82 MB, 800x450, 16:9, niggers2.webm)

798146  No.11344330

File: c43b4350593bcd4⋯.webm (9.53 MB, 896x504, 16:9, niggers5.webm)

File: 47e98a5e5bf48d2⋯.mp4 (722.79 KB, 426x240, 71:40, niggers4.mp4)

798146  No.11344332

File: 7b6d9c661ef2530⋯.mp4 (8.59 MB, 640x640, 1:1, niggers7.mp4)

File: 14581295cef66a6⋯.mp4 (2.37 MB, 178x320, 89:160, niggers6.mp4)

798146  No.11344333

File: f252ed6fca81285⋯.webm (945.54 KB, 360x640, 9:16, niggers8.webm)

798146  No.11344342

File: c470a459edf3a1c⋯.webm (7.94 MB, 150x172, 75:86, GLR_Speech.webm)

798146  No.11344345

File: abde34970bf5115⋯.webm (1.53 MB, 312x360, 13:15, Mosley on globalism.webm)

bf692a  No.11344346


Digits and rage

798146  No.11344351

File: bbb4f631aa39314⋯.webm (11.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Europe_Trailer.webm)

ee4727  No.11344356


If somebody steals from me I should be allowed to defend my property as I would defend my body. A store owner should be allowed to do the same with his products.


The greatest lie of the modern era is as follows: "All Men Are Created Equal"

More accurately it should be "No Two Men Are Created Equal But Through The Law Are Men Rendered Equal In Their Responsibility To Uphold Civilization."

798146  No.11344357

File: 3556fe68b92e9a8⋯.webm (7.94 MB, 480x270, 16:9, We are NOT sorry.webm)

File: 96518514531ada6⋯.jpg (454 B, 16x15, 16:15, SS_Bypass.jpg)

This is a powerful one.

dfd0c6  No.11344358

File: d838211fa042fc1⋯.gif (644.91 KB, 969x700, 969:700, 1519430485420.gif)


Fucking niggers, however that's why you don't relax around blacks. Be prepared to defend yourself or at least carry a knife.

798146  No.11344360

File: 3ba7f592002d600⋯.webm (7.69 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Can You Believe Your Gove….webm)

798146  No.11344361

File: 225e1eaee7e3a7e⋯.webm (12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, George Lincoln Rockwell -….webm)

bf692a  No.11344366

File: 7f53c42fda81ba4⋯.png (631.44 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, My dankest moon man moon m….png)





fuck, anon. I was just relaxing and having a lazy evening. Now I'm mad. I need to work out

798146  No.11344368



After you work out, take a nice long walk and leave some flash drives around town.

bf692a  No.11344381


Maybe, although I don't know how fruitful that will be.

I live in an area highly populated by nogs. There might be some closet 1488ers, but given their attire, accessories, and vehicle stickers, I think the whites are essentially basic bitch Republicucks.

b26cde  No.11344404


Needs a stronger orator

d5e647  No.11344544

File: afb1143abe020dd⋯.jpg (259.38 KB, 617x900, 617:900, Not a real Holocaust.jpg)

Freshmeme meat. I'm learning to draw.

0078c0  No.11344630

Eastern europe is trash and should be removed from the EU.

7938ec  No.11344705

File: 91748432814c90c⋯.jpg (376.33 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, IMG_8778.JPG)


>t. Schlomoberg Shekelcohnoyveyjewgoldsteinowitz

0078c0  No.11344717


hey, you don't like europe, we don't like eastern europe. So why fight? Get your dirty ass out of europe and everyone is happy.

7938ec  No.11344735


>kvetching intensifies

44aab2  No.11344788

Bathroom stalls and a sharpie work excellent too btw

622265  No.11344845


It doesn't matter. You only make one point at a time with a meme. If anyone doesn't like it, then let them make a better meme.

01dfc9  No.11345491


483dc1  No.11345674


A qr stamp would be dope

30960c  No.11345769

Killing niggers from MG nests in parking garages

18fdbe  No.11346070


This right here works better mixed in with the facts and better to start with the entertainment to get them hooked. Why do you think kikes put so much fake positive imagery for the shitskins, fags. So in some way they are associated with those positive things like sports and fun. So by putting niggers and shitskins doing typical subhuman behavior it can redpill easier when their unconscious brain has the shitskins linked to their violent and shitty ways from the shock imagery an videos of innocent Whites just attacked in which there is plenty of these especially on worldstarhiphop. I mean for fuck sakes the autistic White kid some niggers kidnapped, then tortured should of caused a riot against the cave monkeys but, (((they))) suppressed the fuck out of the story.

aa03de  No.11346244


The passage in the second image is completely made up. Not in the book.

e416ca  No.11346716

>>11344333 (checked)

>I see a group of men teens who are probably no good; I should go to another side of the road but they're black and that would make me a neo-nazi white supremacist racist privileged white male for racially profiling them. I haven't done anything to them anyway so it's not like they'll harm me or someth…

c4544d  No.11346746


I would have made him eat that dull fucking knife

2053f9  No.11346907


>Britain where self-defense is essentially illegal for whites, well… I'm never going to tell you to break the law, but do what you think makes you safest.

learn to box and carry as much weight as possible (preferably muscle mass), after that, be of the right ilk/ideology/subset/substrata of milint overlay that watches everything (((eye))) etc. make sure youve got bats and knives and shit at home

smoke weed, reform for it, its performance enhancing, gen needs it

b8d8b2  No.11346923

The file has successfully been uploaded. You can download it via:

Clearnet: https://danwin1210.me/uploads/03-2018/redpills.rar

I2P: http://danwin1210.i2p/uploads/03-2018/redpills.rar

Tor: http://filesto37i2x5dea.onion/uploads/03-2018/redpills.rar

The file has successfully been uploaded. You can download it via:

Clearnet: https://danwin1210.me/uploads/03-2018/redstick%200.15.zip

I2P: http://danwin1210.i2p/uploads/03-2018/redstick%200.15.zip

Tor: http://filesto37i2x5dea.onion/uploads/03-2018/redstick%200.15.zip

01dfc9  No.11347035

File: 3124b145c012939⋯.png (80.54 KB, 600x800, 3:4, white-guilt-comic.png)


3bb115  No.11347065


Needs webm's of african "parliaments" arguing politics

6e5553  No.11347078

File: 3add0e5a3343730⋯.jpg (22.29 KB, 244x314, 122:157, 815c11fafa5141d643fbc5948b….jpg)


To get back on track, are you honestly claiming that this portrays a kikess? She even wears a traditional Bavarian gown.

If that is the case, then every woman in the Bund deutscher Mädel was a kikess.

01dfc9  No.11347083


>to get back onto my business of derailing this thread, here's this completely irrelevant meme you posted


d427b6  No.11347087

File: 6aa65273b742181⋯.jpg (39.98 KB, 615x482, 615:482, neverending wehrmacht.jpg)


<implying Gen Z is computer-illiterate




Also this, so there's some modicum of cohesion between redsticks.

bb916f  No.11347114


Dammit, why can't I download these with sound? This one is damn good.

6e5553  No.11347117


>Bumping a thread that's doing well

>Filtering because I question the legitimacy of OP's meme

You don'tz know how imageboards work, do you?

01dfc9  No.11347504


Right-clicking and doing a 'save as' doesn't work?

368979  No.11347581


Pure coincidence. :^)

817608  No.11347944

How can I translate this to other languages that aren't English? Also shlomo intensifies where can I get cheaper USB drives?

8897f3  No.11347995

Proper redpills have sources included. Otherwise it just looks like idiots meming nonsense.

3818a4  No.11348104

File: 4f40bc2a720c8b8⋯.mp4 (1.95 MB, 568x320, 71:40, 1457126468240-0-pol.mp4)

File: 791d510db87b235⋯.png (620.27 KB, 753x579, 251:193, 1463274540891-2-pol.png)

File: 2b8ee2bb441fca2⋯.jpg (59.73 KB, 572x711, 572:711, 1468034646542-3-pol.jpg)

File: d2a473041f59410⋯.mp4 (7.4 MB, 224x400, 14:25, Nigger fucks up a Chicago ….mp4)

File: 0c6e246c5a2bc9c⋯.webm (3.57 MB, 400x296, 50:37, Play Stupid nigger games ….webm)


Include these as well.

a77f89  No.11348295

File: 540aa628e370def⋯.jpg (113.16 KB, 450x569, 450:569, 1-2.jpg)

a77f89  No.11348296

File: 93554807005acd6⋯.jpg (27.98 KB, 363x386, 363:386, 20727851_10155946976945139….jpg)

a77f89  No.11348298

File: 0109e0a34996d23⋯.jpg (485.56 KB, 734x692, 367:346, JesusAntisemiteMeme-1.jpg)

a77f89  No.11348300

File: d5894e6bb0f25b0⋯.jpg (4 MB, 2500x5000, 1:2, 1506127093134.jpg)

a77f89  No.11348303

File: 828b00b62c4038e⋯.jpg (801.46 KB, 1000x4500, 2:9, 1506318383603.jpg)

2fe220  No.11348317

OP you're a fucking faggot. 35 posts and nothing to offer in your own thread but shitposting.

3818a4  No.11348321

File: 85d51073a127dd8⋯.mp4 (6.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nig attacks Armored chink ….mp4)


Make sure you add clickable links for that, normies hate having to type anything in

795ec4  No.11348432


Link to a high-def version, should be good for a few days.


b2fd2a  No.11348547

File: 1a2e3a2c63d1953⋯.jpg (53.6 KB, 986x832, 493:416, GendoFoxford.jpg)


>Mosley on globalism.webm

Wow, that is great. Thanks for sharing; I guess Britain was close to saving itself in the 1930s.

a331fe  No.11348570


Got to love that little south American dude, lol. We don't often enough remember that those people were farmers with complex civilizations and are not to be categorized on the same level as blax

1c8641  No.11348580

File: 9398578bb14a50f⋯.jpg (235.67 KB, 1064x768, 133:96, e1a263f3d522973c4d47a13b0d….jpg)



Still can hopefully.

c2b602  No.11348628




Mosley was so incredibly right at the time. Too bad he didn't name the Jew.

01dfc9  No.11348748


You know exactly what he meant by finance.

7efcea  No.11348997

ya'll, I lurk but would like to add my thoughts here,

1) a pre-established cache of red pills is the best way to go

2) simple redpills that are quick to read and emotionally engaging positioned in a way that they will be seen first by the finder of the USB. Of course try to use ones that are also intellectually accessible but are still capable of providing that "hmm" moment. A moment they'll be excited to share with others so as to appear smart/in the know.

3) organize contents of drive to push them deeper into redpills that are less photos and quick bits of text but rather charts, paragraphs and archives.

4) public facilities are full of niggers and every other kind of retarded trash, such places are a waste. Instead aim for universities, office parks, restaurant bathrooms, on the floors of elevators, et cetera. ANYWHERE the drive would be such a novelty to a receptive/useful audience. (university=gossip faggots, office park=well to-do drones, restaurant bathroom=odd finding in private place with no pressure to find owner, elevator floor=too weird to not check out)

5) Create an online archive of the contents stored on the USB then print a small label that can be taped onto the side of the USB containing the Link to that archive. This will inspire more intrigue and hopefully push them to take a photo of it with their phones. Another little push to satisfy their curiosity/way of accessing the content.

6) worst case scenario, they get pissy and call the news to advertise for us.

of course don't trespass or break any laws or anything.

29d4d4  No.11350030


How come there is nothing in there of a spiritual nature? It's the missing component of every proper redpill. Without adequate spiritual (re)education, you're basically creating lazy blackpills.

01dfc9  No.11351834


1fc5ee  No.11351868

Wasn't there a website that had all this shit spelled out? I think it's easier to have QR codes that link to that.

45d6fd  No.11354634

File: 0fdb04143f41871⋯.jpg (25.41 KB, 640x411, 640:411, aryan.jpg)


This could work, I hope so it would make everything in this project very efficient.

I've been thinking of joining my work (Redstick story-mode) with the Redstick stats-version.

A mix would make a high-quality device, but for that we need cooperation.

I've been busy the past weeks but I'll post more during the weekend.

Haven't read the thread yet, but cya soon anons

e4f9fb  No.11356850


I distribute mine directly to highschoool aged white kids by tossing them out my car window a bit in front of them as i drive by to reduce chance of hostile interception and maximize the chance of successsful reception by the target audience.

Theres very little risk with with how quick a drive by can be preformed.

8e7889  No.11356929

File: d700244cc019df5⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1275x743, 1275:743, Kali Yuga.png)


The problem I have with the current public version on subvert.pw:

People do not listen to just stated facts, they need stories/entertainment and the tools needed to look through kikery in the media.

(the jew influences through emotion, not reason)

Stats need to be mixed with videos, moving things and bright colors to attract their attention.

Were you redpilled with just stats?

I wasn't, the stats confirmed what I saw when looking at "the other side of things" and what the MSM try to sell us.

For example, I got into the holohoax by approaching it with the mindset to "look ath the other side of the story", to see why these evil nazees think the way they do.

Normalfags need a kickstart, need seeds to be planted so that they will question mainstream narratives and learn why they should not trust the MSM and all other shit the kikes spread their rotting kosher ideas to.

And then, little by little, the truth will start seeping through.

Don't get me wrong, we should use stats, but only to support the other evidence.

As my version of the RS is far from finished, I'll see if I can improve the one mentioned above with a more "entertaining" side (while remaining serious).

I'll post it on >>/redstick/ for those interested.


> mailing them in tinfoil

Fucking fantastic, will do that anon



> implying the Jewropean Union is worth anything to quarrel about who gets to be in this kosher club or not

> we

> why fight, goy?

Slavs are European, and are more based than any other European group.

We'll stand together in this fight, regardless of D&C shilling.


Do what you want, but don't call them redsticks, call them blacksticks or niggersticks and make sure that normalfags get the message (reward them with somthing imaginary when they watched all of it to make sure they).

Perhaps include some other blackpills that show the reality of what antifa and other commies really want (antifa is perceived as good by normalfags bc they are against fascism, not knowing Communism has even less democracy to give them their imaginary freedom).



798146  No.11357709


e07a02  No.11357891

File: c504735441f8cad⋯.jpg (68.14 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 0de58b981ef9eea10eb755ae09….jpg)


Slow moving board sir no need to Bump.

Although I appropriate your fervor.

3818a4  No.11358049

File: 324def750ca20f6⋯.jpg (191.01 KB, 785x1347, 785:1347, negroesinnegrola00helpiala….jpg)

File: 289e0b602367c01⋯.jpg (209.96 KB, 785x1347, 785:1347, negroesinnegrola00helpiala….jpg)

File: 5a68d841168efba⋯.jpg (74.62 KB, 393x674, 393:674, negroesinnegroland_Idolatr….jpg)

File: 31e3b304bf74c9d⋯.jpg (74.46 KB, 393x674, 393:674, negroesinnegroland_Idolatr….jpg)

File: 2fea276edb33b95⋯.jpg (76 KB, 393x674, 393:674, negroesinnegroland_Witchdo….jpg)


You can include passages from Negroes in Negroland next to the nigger nigging videos, and passages from Ways that are dark (http://thekbh.org/waysdark.htm) next to vids of Chinese brutality and lying, and leaving people to die in the street.

de38e9  No.11360479


798146  No.11365491


798146  No.11366631


3c402a  No.11366853

File: b2ea6dc1eeee174⋯.png (738.46 KB, 600x825, 8:11, prof2.png)

There needs to be a set message, having anons dropping USB sticks (that most people wont pick up or plug in) with pictures of jews and niggers doing stupid shit is going to hurt us if anything.

IOTBW was genius because it had a short, concise message that was irrefutably true. We need a short message/infographic that focuses on one specific topic, if they're willing to open it and view we just need to crack their eggshell with a solid fucking red pill. They will go out and find the rest on their own path.

If we incentivize it, like put bitcoin logos on the flash drives, this would have a much better success rate.

c4c33e  No.11367595


>put bitcoin logos on the flash drives

This is a good idea.

798146  No.11367720

File: 3993f10ec9aa135⋯.mp4 (801.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 2016 election credits.mp4)


>Don't do anything goy, nothing will ever work

>Just sit back and accept it>>11367686

798146  No.11367730

File: 34e260f5dc420e0⋯.png (209.41 KB, 754x588, 377:294, kikepost7.png)


798146  No.11367818

File: 3e696ce6c6b7ff6⋯.png (209.37 KB, 754x588, 377:294, kikepost8.png)


294eab  No.11367866

File: 1b29b19d4f210f8⋯.gif (438.34 KB, 414x532, 207:266, 1b29b19d4f210f81a798f132fb….gif)


You took credit for IOTBW without even understanding it, admitted to being a faggoty LARPer on an ego trip, then tried 4 different failed operations. At this point even the Alt-right pool parties are laughing at you

2cfe42  No.11367898


There's a cap going around about how John Oliver etc works. 20 seconds of talk about a topic, then a gag. When you laugh, you fail to critically examine what you've just heard, but it gets stored away subconsciously.

We just need that, only for the actual truth.

Also a teen edgelord who finds a video full of holocaust jokes will be showing it to all the other edgelords within five seconds. As soon as one of them cracks one of those jokes in class, the horrified reaction of the teacher will make that video the hottest commodity in the entire school. Especially if you focus it on jews only, don't alienate the nigger audience while they're useful

8cc797  No.11373844


>the second webm

Best possible redpill, worst possible presentation

242530  No.11374806


Anybody have that picture without the flags but still drawn?

44d20d  No.11375688

8cc797  No.11375703

File: 82594afb72877fc⋯.webm (5.83 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Hellstorm.webm)


vid related (best idea in the thread btw)

76733d  No.11376466

If anyone has the original (non-soundtrack-mutilated) With Open Gates, it's still a damn effective piece of work.

1afebe  No.11376469


It's a damn shame that Gex cucked hard. I think he was part of the e-celeb crew in general. Haven't you noticed that (((funding))) for "alt-right" has been withdrawn in general when it proved to be uncontrollable?

1afebe  No.11376471


What about "jew owns you?" as a followup?

57d8f5  No.11376595


3818a4  No.11377618


I have it, who wants it?

ab79ac  No.11378429


I don't care what Hitler dubs say. This is a bad idea. KeK forgive me.

6bcb45  No.11378437

File: c0d5536976a1426⋯.jpg (50.19 KB, 480x466, 240:233, DEFEND SLAVA.jpg)

File: 2f7d20dabced254⋯.jpg (63.14 KB, 1024x447, 1024:447, REF SLAVA.jpg)

File: 1c4f73c9cee9eec⋯.jpg (56.37 KB, 655x437, 655:437, 1481869026.7986711862 SLAV….jpg)

bumping for the mere sake of excellent OP picture

563a82  No.11378497

File: 57d0dec1af84bfa⋯.png (562.86 KB, 917x800, 917:800, 28377903_1092630727545496_….png)

File: 9d0eefb80f78dc1⋯.jpg (80.59 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 28379432_1089595541182348_….jpg)

File: 3c07289b8136f29⋯.jpg (144.79 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 28059149_1088467791295123_….jpg)

File: fb6db6c3b0ec0ea⋯.jpg (93.66 KB, 951x960, 317:320, 28279585_1088548051287097_….jpg)

File: 20af6832ab800c9⋯.jpg (65.1 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 28378411_1088097524665483_….jpg)

I think your idea is well meant but not well thought out

1. everyone will just wipe the free usb drive they find

For online, you need trolling with adwords, I am serious. With this you can mindfuck people.

for IRL

2. what you want is actually IOKTBW.

that is perfect.

it is not fucking complicated. A4, cheap, untraceable,Posters,public places, stickers, banner drops (highways or high traffic volume locations)

Groups that do this really well and you should learn from:

Generation Identitaire, Rise Above Movement, Identity Evropa

For stickers mass produced and cheap, look at ultra shops.

They don't trace your data/don't give a fuck what message you want

as they are RW themselves

51c4df  No.11380212


muggings are so common wherever that is that the dude tries to fucking harpoon her purse and she doesn't even get up or look perturbed in the slightest.

You're not supposed to get used to living in the zoo

165954  No.11380383


I want it do you have a link?

3818a4  No.11380419


Here is the link to it.


e55e73  No.11383716


5bb0a4  No.11383748


The OP picture without the flags but not the original which is a picture and not animated

8cc797  No.11386378


Here you go (too large for mixtape.moe):


7cd596  No.11386949


103194  No.11391446

File: 4dd441a51914641⋯.png (124.45 KB, 883x524, 883:524, Alt Media 1.png)

File: fac32fc6ddb6c75⋯.png (149.35 KB, 864x665, 864:665, Alt Media 2.png)

File: 38546999dffdf58⋯.jpg (90.93 KB, 459x596, 459:596, bbcd1712b7401c07bcd9c5d015….jpg)

File: b187dc4be184ea7⋯.jpg (273.05 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, c96ff07203f0de8a6e9784f341….jpg)

Home Made Gun Channel:


















>/biz/ Books:


>/lang/ Resources:


>Philosophy Books:


>/x/ Books:
















>1000 Tutorials:





>Libertarian Books:



>More Leftists Books:




>US/Israeli Relationship Timeline:








103194  No.11391466

































MAKE MAGAZINE - ALL VOLUMES No. 1-33.zip - https://www.archive.org/details/MakeMagazineAllVolumesNo.133

SURVIVAL.zip - https://www.archive.org/details/Survival_201601

SURVIVAL FILES BE PREPARED.zip - https://www.archive.org/details/SurvivalFilesLibraryBePrepared

SURIVIVAL DOWNLOADS.zip - https://www.archive.org/details/SurvivalDownloads

487e19  No.11392864


>EU actually whiter and prettier

Niqqa U dum

9aef61  No.11392885

Someone mentioned in original redstick thread about use of pirate boxes. http://www.piratebox.cc/ This seems like a much more efficient way of reaching out to a large group of people. A usb stick is 1 usb stick per person. Where as a pirate box (pirate wifi) can be turned on in a lecture hall, library, etc, and thus can reach everyone.

664d0a  No.11393399

I don't want to be accused of being a shill, but… are you sure this is even a cost-effective strategy? I don't think normies are going to go through the whole usb drive. they might look at one thing, at most. probably they'll just immediately wipe it

2ca4f7  No.11393774


Sometimes the messenger IS the message though. If you come across like an obnoxious/annoying cvnt while redpilling, you can do more harm than good.

Also, a good old pamphlet/infobook in the letterbox is always a good method too.

9aef61  No.11393857


>immediately wipe it


>Also, a good old pamphlet/infobook in the letterbox is always a good method too.

Look into pirate box. you can customize it to do anything. example. Connect to piratebox wifi, then open browser, first thing that appears is a infographic, or a video, or a file, or all of the above. You can customize it to do anything. Especially if you make a connection like 'Free wifi', people are too stupid to resist. connect, open browser, redpilled.

9aef61  No.11393866


>>Also, a good old pamphlet/infobook in the letterbox is always a good method too.

Look into pirate box. you can customize it to do anything. example. Connect to piratebox wifi, then open browser, first thing that appears is a infographic, or a video, or a file, or all of the above. You can customize it to do anything. Especially if you make a connection like 'Free wifi', people are too stupid to resist. connect, open browser, redpilled.

c575d6  No.11393893




17 times. That image is worthless.

2ca4f7  No.11394011


Oh yeah, wasn't doubting your method or anything. Just pointing out that a pamphlet in mail, is a good (non-threatening/non-intrusive) way to reach people like boomers, retirees, etc who don't like 'redpills' being shoved in their face… if you know what i mean.

9aef61  No.11394095

File: a10becffec7382d⋯.jpg (3.25 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, MyPirateBox.jpg)


Is it even worth redpilling the boomers?

I only recently discovered how to make a piratebox. Pic related. Right now im just configuring settings before i start to permanently start hiding them around cities. Ive been going to local coffee houses and parking in the lounges for a couple hours. I make a "Free Wifi' connection using box. Depending how long i am there i'll plug it under the table. Im still determining what is most fun to do with the box. Example, one time i made it that if anyone opens browser, then you are greated with a trump meme. I think i would be fun to have moon man song play in full volume, when someone opens browser, but enabling auto play in the browser is tricky. Othertimes i leave the default pirate box settings (from open source website). In default settings i'll create a chat room and upload a bunch of info graphics and picture of hitler in the file share section. Whats interesting is how much racism people openly type when they know there is an anonymous chat.

2ca4f7  No.11394198


>Is it even worth redpilling the boomers?

Well depends on your particular aim/location i guess. Let's say your community is mostly white and you want to stop them bringing in somalis or something. Well it's the boomers/old people that determine the politics so you got to get to them.

But yeah, with the younger gens, the tech-based methods are superior.

8cc797  No.11394270

File: 82594afb72877fc⋯.webm (5.83 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Hellstorm.webm)

File: 497b65654a71a81⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1746x1364, 873:682, who controls the media.png)

File: ea1fb2226299e14⋯.jpg (86.47 KB, 1092x576, 91:48, color of crime (black crim….jpg)

File: 6314cb0f0811031⋯.jpg (81.43 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Churchill on Hitler.jpg)

File: b0b80961fd1bbc1⋯.jpg (152.56 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, chief rabbi of israel.jpg)


Choose your redpills wisely

8cc797  No.11394284


The vast majority of redpills found there are utter garbage, see


9aef61  No.11394402


>Choose your redpills wisely

That is why im taking my time with it. I can technically put as much as will fit on the USB stick which connects to the router. Im more fascinate about the chat room aspect of it. Example, i used to work for a big corporation. Our spam chat box, was full of hillary crap/leftist crap. I wish i knew how to make a piratebox then. I would have hidden one inside my computer tower, and given all the employees who couldnt relate with the normies, a hidden wifi chat room. It could have been a perfect place for us to vent, yet still be confident in our privacy. It in a way it could have been my own chan for the workspace. I think that is the ultimate redpill of all: freedom of speech. An access to a chat room based only off geolocation, kind of like YaK app but more private. Chat with people on an case by case basis. But then it does go back to

>choose your redpills wisely

But then, do you wanna try to red pill them, or just have fun and meme them with a stupid pepe?

798146  No.11394634



Did that fat old fuck have an awakening after he sold Germany up the river to the kikes? He could've allied them like Hitler wanted.

467cd3  No.11395123


59ba6c  No.11395950

File: c66d8d15b614679⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 640x469, 640:469, otT2YFe_d.jpg)


This tbh

8cc797  No.11396003

File: 4676ff094f4ec3e⋯.mp4 (8.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Putin hacking the election.mp4)

File: 561d0eafe311275⋯.png (896.29 KB, 891x756, 33:28, earthchan hitler.png)

File: 7b31ae5468fe61b⋯.jpg (389.92 KB, 750x750, 1:1, holocaust denial.jpg)

File: 01b70669e3c9d40⋯.jpg (134.67 KB, 649x664, 649:664, sniper training for muslim….jpg)

File: a3b617a9de39d92⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 599x428, 599:428, how can I be evil if the h….jpg)


Do you underestimate the power of memes?

345741  No.11396134

File: 4a1544aa70db662⋯.png (1.84 MB, 800x491, 800:491, 1.png)


>Can you, the anon participant, be tracked if you do this?

Windows keeps a list of every USB device it comes into contact with. You can read more about this at:




Suffice it to say that the default behavior is the same on Mac and Linux too, so don't assume this doesn't apply to you just because you don't use Windows.

Now I'm not trying to blackpill anyone, and in general, I'm in favor of this endeavor. BUT I don't want anons being v& for distributing "hatespeech" or some such shit because the cops can prove the USB came from your device based on timestamps and these kinds of logs.

bd9fa7  No.11397162

File: 60676eb72243649⋯.png (258.38 KB, 500x375, 4:3, simpsons edgelord.png)


This idea pleases me.

9aef61  No.11397303


>Do you underestimate the power of memes?

Nope. Meme magic nigga! But if im gonna be hiding pirate boxes all over los angeles, i want to be sure if i want to be redpilling people, or if i just want to fuck with the normies, by triggering them somehow. Eric Garcetti is a shit mayor of LA. would be fun to hide a wifi pirate box by his office, so that is preloaded with anti eric garcetti information. that can be a meme of itself.

8cc797  No.11397413

File: 103a9aacf335168⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 700x700, 1:1, thomas huxley quote - it i….jpg)


>There's a cap going around about how John Oliver etc works. 20 seconds of talk about a topic, then a gag. When you laugh, you fail to critically examine what you've just heard, but it gets stored away subconsciously.

>you fail to critically examine what you've just heard

>using deception instead of logic to spread your agenda


Anon… we're fighting against evil, not for it…

Don't you understand that they think the exact same way?

They hate you and fear you so much that they're willing to censor, lie and manipulate. But they think it's ok because it's against muh ebil nazis…

Truth, logic and good are values far higher than ourselves, don't think that you can simply use them to fulfill your desires and then throw them away when you stop needing them.

The whole reason why our movement is worth supporting at all is because it never ceases to stand for the truth and against sophistry, no matter what.

Get this poisonous idea of "manipulating" normies out of your mind.

The truth isn't some tool that you can use and discard at will, it's something that you serve.

To knowingly lie is a betrayal of the truth. To manipulate facts (e.g. cherry-picking, omissions, etc.) is a betrayal of the truth.

Our goal isn't to convince people of a certain belief, our goal is to convince them of the truth.

Side note:

A lefty might call a redneck "backward" when they can't convince them to not be a racist.

Don't be like that. Logic is universal - if you can't convince someone of something the only valid conclusion is that your argument isn't good enough to convince them. It's true, people do shut down knowledge that goes against their pre-established beliefs, but there's always ways around the amygdala hijack, comedy being one of them. P.S. I don't agree that it makes you "fail to critically examine". John Oliver's videos convince people because 1 - he is a figure of authority (why would the TV man lie to me?); 2 - his videos typically appear to be well-sourced (he always quotes a lot of official documents, etc)

Being a "comedian" just means that normies are more forgiving if he (((misses))) a bunch of stuff because his primary job is to entertain

3d3710  No.11399158


i'm sure we can find a way around this problem.

ed83cb  No.11399560


>300% APR at schlomo-run payday lender (i.e., 25% monthly) versus 95% APR at your friendly natsoc community lender (i.e., the APR equivalent needed to assess $25 interest on $100 paid off over 5 mo.)

I get what he's trying to say about lending practices, and certainly we'd be better off if commercial usury and compound interest were banned. But the author's comparing payday lenders (yes very Jewish, but I would hope not something a lot of white people have experience with in borrowing, those places are mainly for niggers lacking even the most basic financial planning skills) versus a hypothetical natsoc loan where yes, the simple interest is more transparently assessed than compound interest, but as it's the simple interest rate equivalent to a compound interest rate of 95% APR it's worse than any standard, present-day, schlomo certified line of credit from an actual bank (not payday lenders).

798146  No.11410942


cd0e28  No.11411179


Holy shit that video is the best thing I've seen all month

3fa00c  No.11411265

This reminds me of that time Gamergate donated money to a walrus.

139b7d  No.11411887

File: 660634bcb7b57d3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 835.22 KB, 721x1077, 721:1077, niggerfaggots.png)


the first webm is more than it appears

e7b5f5  No.11412180

by the way, if you find a stick on the ground, randomly plugging it in is a fuckawful idea. Like a really really fuckawful idea.

As for red pills, I've been finding pointing out that we've been giving isreal 3.1 billion a year since the 60's is a pretty good one. Just casually slip it into political or economic conversations, like someone griping about spending a couple millions on something, bam 3.1 billion factoid. little shit like that goes further than random usb sticks and posters.

72601a  No.11412182

protip. You can actually upload .zip files here. You can just embed them in an image.

5907f8  No.11412194


WTF is the deal with the second webm? Why does she just bail from the car like that? Does anyone know the story?:

139b7d  No.11412197

798146  No.11433401


cb09db  No.11433407



>loosing into USBs

>using computers

You have to go back.

cb09db  No.11433408


798146  No.11433421

File: 93c2855559c51df⋯.png (288.69 KB, 636x606, 106:101, 1495814232165.png)

More redpills for your USB efforts.

798146  No.11433422

File: 1a22fed3231ed3b⋯.png (994.94 KB, 600x923, 600:923, 1495824481354.png)

798146  No.11433424

File: e90899d0acee754⋯.png (416.45 KB, 480x529, 480:529, kikes.png)

798146  No.11433426

File: 9296d1558ed5866⋯.jpg (79.91 KB, 700x476, 25:17, Gs8f5Vy.jpg)

798146  No.11433428

File: 161e0565183a366⋯.jpg (316.67 KB, 632x724, 158:181, 1495820711387.jpg)

798146  No.11433434

File: f51247708c86dd0⋯.jpg (191.31 KB, 534x550, 267:275, whitegenocide.jpg)

cb09db  No.11433435


>of course don't trespass or break any laws or anything.

<don't break any laws that were specifically written to keep you from doing anything

If it isn't violence, do it.

Laws are stupid and majority of them are written to restrain you, white man, while niggers get to ignore them.

cb09db  No.11433437


> having anons dropping USB sticks (that most people wont pick up or plug in) with pictures of jews and niggers doing stupid shit is going to hurt us if anything.

Do tell how.

798146  No.11433441

File: dd30541d9367b0e⋯.jpg (99.15 KB, 704x527, 704:527, 1495826126503.jpg)

798146  No.11433442

File: f5155de827d66b5⋯.png (508.05 KB, 1774x978, 887:489, AomEAzc.png)

798146  No.11433443

File: 12e96d8d37d474a⋯.jpg (366.85 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1497782208730.jpg)

798146  No.11433445

File: 2b0b973457efae2⋯.jpg (261.43 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1497781567211.jpg)

798146  No.11433447

File: 327cf323bd96333⋯.mp4 (7.19 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, commies BTFO.mp4)

798146  No.11433450

File: 2cb36f81b125c83⋯.mp4 (6.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Based_chad.mp4)

798146  No.11433451

File: c33d1d13d4fb679⋯.webm (6.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, based grandpa.webm)

798146  No.11433452

File: b8a10dbc6d7bcbb⋯.webm (4.62 MB, 360x240, 3:2, Adolf Hitler - Man of Ste….webm)

798146  No.11433455

File: 7205392318f82db⋯.webm (7.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Islam.webm)

798146  No.11433456

File: 0c2147a1a267e57⋯.webm (3 MB, 428x240, 107:60, muhammad ali on racemixin….webm)

This is a great one, especially with how many people idolize Ali.

cb09db  No.11433457


>by the way, if you find a stick on the ground, randomly plugging it in is a fuckawful idea. Like a really really fuckawful idea.

Nobody around here talks like that. Simply plugging it in is going to do nothing but allow you to see the files on it. If the files have a virus, you have to click it to get it. As long as it isnt TOTALLYNOTAVIRUS.exe people are probably not going to be too worried and will at least glance at the redpill.

798146  No.11433463

File: 7c323d245778db3⋯.webm (1.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jewish gun grab.webm)

798146  No.11433467

File: 292591773313cbf⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, religionofpeace.webm)

798146  No.11433471

File: fef8d7125e84429⋯.webm (2.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, chinese bants.webm)

798146  No.11433484

File: 053faffa1796593⋯.webm (1.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, britfeels.webm)

798146  No.11433489

File: d9a4acce3bab257⋯.webm (3.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, MolyneuxPerplexesJew.webm)

2c87ee  No.11435688


Where's that new Ice Age we were promised?

cb09db  No.11435722


God damn I love wallbiters. I wish they were our friends.

7e5b92  No.11435751

I have similar ideas in mind for a long time, i am very pleased to hear this. in europe it can get quite dangerous, be careful - you could get 10 years of kerker time in some countries.

cb09db  No.11435781


Wipe fingerprints before you drop the flash drive? How could they trace it back to you if nobody sees you do it?

2643ae  No.11435884

File: 4427c484bf42a9e⋯.webm (5.93 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Sarkozy - interbreeding.webm)


better version of 2nd webm

2643ae  No.11435889

File: 7442b3453b974f9⋯.png (220.74 KB, 2300x940, 115:47, 0f92d9ce93b84370862661746e….png)

File: 7a5a78c193da0b6⋯.jpg (124.39 KB, 1180x1187, 1180:1187, 1ddc18d7ae1441412c452f11de….jpg)

File: 511d082580a4881⋯.png (115.98 KB, 647x602, 647:602, 39a31b02be2c5144b6745ae2fc….png)

File: 64ab86618026d54⋯.jpg (100.57 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 540b87105f0f0fa65d92f53722….jpg)

File: 78a25f46a962341⋯.jpg (75.83 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 650db66d8bbe40c50b945ac5eb….jpg)


fuck, my bad. I thought mine was a trimmed-down version. have some more redpills as a token of my faggotry

2643ae  No.11435916

File: 70237ca5f4cf19e⋯.jpg (127.23 KB, 900x671, 900:671, 48870c485364c5f5d8044fce27….jpg)

File: 55534bc1d382508⋯.jpg (251.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 95019a783129a35f9f6877f31c….jpg)

File: 1498db02d5a833e⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 252x255, 84:85, b23eed69cdc28f6a0c542d89a2….jpg)

File: df54b8938757f50⋯.jpg (91.08 KB, 788x998, 394:499, c7ac6eeebf47f7ad3c482fc29c….jpg)

File: 6e99f55f802de0b⋯.jpg (65.49 KB, 599x578, 599:578, e3d1f9f6da9b8d698be2b16247….jpg)

3984da  No.11436820


Burner laptops/phones/virtual machines should solve this problem.

3984da  No.11436838


For anons who are interested VirtualBox is pretty good in this regard, free, open source and easy to learn, but I'm not an expert, educate yourself and be careful.

954997  No.11436843

File: ca76cae55ec6d1a⋯.png (1 KB, 178x16, 89:8, dum.PNG)

nigger can you spell

1e9384  No.11437107

my problem with usb sticks is that the cheapest stick that i can find locally costs 5€ and buying them on mass automatically brings a red light when the cia niggers look around.


i would go for 0 dna left behind tactic, this is a big enough crime to make mass dna tests

1b0dea  No.11437191


last pic is disinfo anon.

cb09db  No.11437732

File: 419f40810593ba2⋯.jpg (132.56 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, LM306BK_B-2016.jpg)


Wear assassin's gloves

cb09db  No.11437735

1b0dea  No.11437764


There is evidence this word was used before 1927.

798146  No.11438428


Buy a used computer with cash if you can afford it. Transfer all relevant files onto said computer and go from there.

5bc3f2  No.11438434


Normies are terrified of viruses/hackers/whatever. Why would they pick up random USB sticks and put them in their computers?

798146  No.11438450


>It'll never work, goy!

People do this way, way more than you think. Normies are retarded like that.

cb09db  No.11438470


Curiosity killed the cat.

87e81c  No.11438481


It's still a good question that may lead to ideas to make USB's more attractive to plug in.

Btw Im just randomly thinking: Ain't there USB's for the mobile phone?

5bc3f2  No.11438482

File: 1f6d3ddc50b55dc⋯.jpg (50.14 KB, 600x400, 3:2, dd1.jpg)


Well, ok then. Would be nice to put a tracker in them just to see how they spread. Though I think normies will just wipe them and say, "Ooh free flash drive!"

People have been doing dead drops since 2010.

798146  No.11438486


That's why you get a low-capacity USB, some 32MB chinese shit brand. Put a few images on it and send it off. I do wish there was an easy way to lock USBs from editing, though.

5bc3f2  No.11438497


Some flash drives have a "read-only" switch similar to the old floppy disk things, right? Glue that switch in place, maybe?

798146  No.11438515


Good idea. Any recommendations? I believe they exist, but I don't think I've seen any.

5bc3f2  No.11438524


Shit, well most of the ones I've found on a cursory search were like $40 each. Fuck that. I guess if you're going for hardware write protection, SD cards would be the best bet and they can also be inserted into phones.

They don't hold up as well to abuse, though, but they're a pretty cheap alternative.

cb09db  No.11438543


Most people probably want to check them for porn before they "wipe it".

Are you not human? Do you not comprehend the curiosity of the human being?

798146  No.11438558


Well, there's always buying shit ones in bulk like >>11343778 said.

8914a2  No.11438602


you can hear the soy in the reporter's voice. chad wins.

8914a2  No.11438614


he needs a better grandchild

080175  No.11439115



60107e  No.11439661


This. It was coined from a french word invented by an author in the 19th century - "raciste". It was used by the guy in letters to his friends when talking about something in relation to race. It was stolen by communists (Leon Trotsky possibly, but not likely) and then used to mock the German National Socialists because they viewed them as pathetic. Sage because I don't have the appropriate infographics.

13d86a  No.11443398

Include this thread on the redstick.

d7094b  No.11445999

File: 0d36a2e572a93c8⋯.jpg (56.84 KB, 492x432, 41:36, gj.jpg)

the protocols of pol



e382e1  No.11446042

This will never work. Normies don't even use computers anymore, do they? They rely completely on their jew phones for everything these days.

798146  No.11446051


>it'll never work, goy!

e382e1  No.11446067


I hate the kikes just as much as anyone else, but I think it would be more effective to just print the shit out and plaster it everywhere you can. Maybe the URL to a zip folder can be included on flyers as well.

I really wanna do this, but I'm discouraged by the fact that normalfags have such short attention spans and are just honestly too lazy to go to the effort of using a usb stick. Not to mention the fact that they're afraid of things like viruses or malware.

0cf169  No.11446204

File: c65ced054898846⋯.jpg (21.76 KB, 230x302, 115:151, eu.jpg)



>EU is trad wife material

EU should be a fat sjw creature with pink hair

331809  No.11449817



6237a2  No.11452416


>mfw thats MARTA

2cfe42  No.11452704


This, I remember going to an old-fashioned scrapyard with my dad for some reason, and I found a CD in the glove box of a car. When I got it home it turned out to be a pirate copy of the latest Microsoft Word, not porn. I was PISSED.

c1203b  No.11455527

Has to be CDs - they cost way less and you can't edit/delete stuff off it - put it in a CD case or something.

Also these DVDs can't just have redpill information on it, they have to have other content on it as well. Put some regular porn on it as well as a movie + 2 music albums, or whatever interesting stuff you can find, (IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAVE A WHOLE MOVIE AND 2 MUSIC ALBUMS I WAS JUST GIVING YOU THE RIGHT KIND OF IDEA ON WHAT KIND OF STUFF YOU COULD PUT ON IT) Some people pirate movies and music among their mates, make it look like something like that, except it *incidently* also has redpill content on it as well.

9627d7  No.11455741


>illegal crossings down by 99%

You mean the jews finaly left? i dont think so.

467cd3  No.11455827

Did I mention that I made a piratebox?

13d86a  No.11455891


Which movie and 2 albums should I use?

01dfc9  No.11459989


>put porn on it

>put jewish subversion in your redpill campaign, goyim

Suckstart a shotgun, Schlomo.

01dfc9  No.11459992


Meant to reply to


448829  No.11460569

File: 437712d3397d89c⋯.jpg (3.7 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20180408_130118.jpg)

Reporting in

03ba63  No.11460574

File: 8cf7913c6f9db10⋯.png (522.65 KB, 750x537, 250:179, very nice desu nee.png)



Very nice anon. Where did you buy those? I am looking to get some myself.

6a91a5  No.11460575



e02882  No.11460729

Just print out a bunch of qr codes linking to a cache of pictures (we may have to set this up). USB sticks get expensive if you have to buy enough for this.

e02882  No.11460740


Good idea cost-wise, but how do you keep them from getting scratched?

e02882  No.11460742


Nevermind, saw the bit about cases.

e8846d  No.11460847

usb sticks can be booby trapped to brick your computer with little more than a touch of solder and an autorun virus. If you find one, do not put it in your computer.

t. ITfag

03ba63  No.11460863


Autorun is a dead meme that doesn't work in modern computers. Sometimes they try and make a excel file with a macro to download the malware, but if you are being spearfished like that there is a good chance you have more problems than that on your hand.

t. Infosec analyst

943494  No.11460977


The only problem with this idea is that cases can sometimes be more expensive to buy than the disks they hold. Just my two cents.

009bf0  No.11463242


Thanks. Didn't know about this compilation.

34f45a  No.11463316


reality hidden from plane site


lul you've got a type

452d1c  No.11463929


Also, why is the EU chick wearing traditional clothes? It should look like a degenerate slutty commie

ad4e10  No.11465065

File: 53ef10c9534a7e5⋯.gif (827.49 KB, 268x278, 134:139, 6042d2e4a88a5f444776564a87….gif)



ad4e10  No.11465084

File: f6ea5b35bde0c79⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 846x846, 1:1, f6e.jpg)


Also on a relevant note. I've tried this for a while. I don't think anyone picks up any of the sticks I leave around though. I drop them around campus and I think they get sweeped into garbage bins.

8cc797  No.11467872


checked, good threads

71562d  No.11467952


He wanted to jump straight into conflict with the USSR. That is the main reason he was promptly voted out. Nobody wanted a continuation of the hardship experienced during the war.

71562d  No.11467965

I strongly suggest avoiding the use of any anime, Japanese imagery or otherwise autistic content in these collections. Clean, accessible graphics and text are important. This is for the West after all.

de38e9  No.11480445


>plane site

Site is wrong too.

and then,

>…keep reading. Tell no one. This cache of information is being used to disseminate information in a region where either a web traffic is being monitored or a censorship mechanism has been deployed. Be aware of your surroundings.

Who the fuck does this appeal to? What is the point of it?

798146  No.11484986


fbaefa  No.11489062


I have 10 usb drives and would like for nothing more than to light the bone-dry kindling of disaffected European descendents.

However I have to suggest that this cause be called "/pol/ university" because we need to make our ideas digestible and palatable.

Let's face it, normies can't into Hitler reverence without heavy inculcation…something that won't happen unless they come here incessantly.

83d357  No.11489377


You might want to take a look at >>>/pdfs/7924

535b41  No.11489423

>>11346244 (checked)

I went on a snipe hunt to find the source for the quote and can confirm, not in the book. It's true of course, but more than likely Jewish tricks to discredit us by muddying the waters.

535b41  No.11489510


Again, don't use this one. I spent a lot of time sourcing this one and it's not in the book.

83d357  No.11489580


What do you expect of the Polish and Hungarian?

e6c930  No.11489615


Buy a "make your own stamper" kit so it all stays legible, speeds up production. Why not even use QR codes on a custom self inking stamp???

fc0c5a  No.11489625


Someone who works in marketing posted a good idea on halfchan. I don’t know the full scope of it But apparently you can push information to Android normies who leave bluetooth on.

If you are retarded enough to use Bluetooth you can get an app that will send any other retards in range a brief message and a link, such as “blacks are the cause of most crime in the US [link]” and it shows up in their log (I believe in the same place texts and such show up) but doesn’t ring/buzz their phone.

The poster said you could buy beacons for about 20 bucks and they have a 2 year battery life, he recdomended affixing them to bus seats or in stationary but high-traffic areas.

Again, please don’t use your primary phone for this, but the idea is solid, simple, and untraceable.

9a6624  No.11502540


how the cosmic fuck are they going to get data from an unpowered drive in a package? going through the regular mail?

I'd say we are 1,000,000 times more likely to have our data stolen and ID'd here on ye olde 8ch.

925d3e  No.11504091

Isn't it common sense to not plug a random flash drive into your computer? Hold on, I said common sense… this will probably work. ignore me.

925d3e  No.11504092


That's a possibility. Don't upload to the stick on your own PC I guess…. i still don't know about the catch rate on randoms finding a flash drive and going "I wunder wuts on dis lemme plug dis in mah PEE CEE to fin out OHH LAWD DIS RACIST!"

94e7a7  No.11507450

Make sure to add some Yuri Bezmenov (like his 28 page text Love letter to America), maybe Zeitgeist, easy red pills. Avoid olocaust and hitler but point them towards it indirectly

ef3671  No.11507807


622265  No.11507856


That's not the point. We should avoid unnecessarily breaking the law, regardless of the fact that kikes make a mockery of it. If you want to help out with that, maybe your redpills for people should document kikes breaking the law and legal double standards.

We can't afford to have our people locked up for stupid shit–especially those who are willing to do something for us. For anyone who's been pro-white for a long time, telling the truth has a religious significance for us. We aren't retarded subhumans that like to do things like torture animals.

The whole point of our movement is to elevate life and our Folk–not to lower ourselves.


If it's a crime to leave a USB stick somewhere (which is enough reason for a people to revolt in and of itself), then wipe everything down and wear gloves. You can walk with your hand or hands in your coat or hoodie pockets, and set a USB stick somewhere and keep walking.

Godspeed, based anons.


Fuck that. Your government is evil and hates you. Hitler was right. The holohoax never happened and that's why it's illegal to discuss it. If I were in a place like occupied Europe, I would consider ONLY distributing those points. I might add "no more brother wars" and "Europeans have the right to exist."

01dfc9  No.11512698


3767b7  No.11512712


d7e024  No.11513402

Does anyone know the status of the piratebox redpill project? It would be simple enough to load that on a raspberrypi, hide it randomly, and allow people to connect to it via the unsecure wifi hotspot it creates.

For those who don't know about piratebox; it has huge potential to be modified to our purposes. https://piratebox.cc/start

4b9640  No.11513687

Last year's report by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue[1] laid out the broad strokes of the game plan for fracturing the new right alliances. An essential element was to exploit preexisting tensions and fault lines between the various sub-groups in order to promote division and discord. The identified convergence points (and therefore specific targets for divisive rhetoric) were:

1. Platforms (4chan, 8chan, T_D, discord, etc)

2. Ideology (common grievances and common goals)

3. Tactics (plans for specific cooperative, larger scale efforts)

Some elements of the PTB have their eyes on us now, and campaigns of posts which focus on division with respect to any of the above three should be viewed with particular skepticism. It's fair to say "shills have always been with us" but the funding - and frankly the expertise and smarts available to them - have grown since 2016.

[1] The Fringe Insurgency: Connectivity, Convergence, and Mainstreaming of the Extreme Right. J Davey and J Ebner, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, 2017.

428187  No.11514625


Easy to track and hunt down. So son't

121b4b  No.11516000


Don't use USB sticks. Use sd cards like the ones used in cameras. The curiosity will get the better of people.

eb10c6  No.11516031

>Putting random USB sticks you find on the street into your computer

Who the fuck would ever do this? That's a surefire way to end up with your computer having Super AIDS. Who's the target demographic here? People who see unattended food lying on the ground and then pick it up and eat it?

d252a8  No.11516038

File: 8617877e0979194⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1588x1412, 397:353, ClipboardImage.png)


Operation Summer Blues

Buy discount blues CDs at old school music shops. Replace the CD(s) with redpills and disguise them. Normies get music and knowledge. 360 win.

0ab0af  No.11516207


He knew and he knew what would happen

He wanted it anyways for reason I honestly don't get

641fcf  No.11516540

File: 54a164cc31e2a5d⋯.jpg (6.99 MB, 2663x3598, 2663:3598, Day_12_Occupy_Wall_Street_….JPG)


Oy vey, Germany is trying to destroy Europe for a third time. When will Boland's christ-like sacrifice finally be avenged? We really ought to put those high-IQ Jews and our American friends in charge.

t. Polish kike vermin

5cc676  No.11522493


Love that quote by Léon Degrelle. I need to find some way to make a high quality print out of it and have it laminated.

e10de6  No.11522630

A list of places where we need this:

>>>/bmw/ (meme repo)

>>>/polmedia/ (secondary)

>>>/redstick/ (official Op Board)

e10de6  No.11522635


>>>/pdfs/7924 (data selection)

>>>/bmw/8989 (analysis)

>>>/redstick/952 (possible expansion)

>>>/tech/793208 (using IPFS for file sharing)

8d6cae  No.11522987


I wouldn't fucking put a random usb drive in my computer, who the fuck knows what's in there. Why would normies do that?

8d6cae  No.11523007


Fucking A for pops.

He reminds me of my grandpa, he was always on to Jews being everywhere in the media ( even in Russian TV) and told me how to recognize their faces. At that time I was little and just thought grandpa is a bit coo coo, and he probably was a bit from the work in the soviet operational force, but damn he was right.

f5d718  No.11523380


>that 1st MP4

Nog waving a knife around and stabbing her purse. She doesn't even respond. Sitting there patiently waiting for him to stab her.

These people are so oblivious to reality.

f5d718  No.11523389

And she turns her back to him when he has the knife out. All the soyboys standing around with no reaction. They can't even muster a STOP after he slams the cellphone in her face.

798146  No.11534358

File: 181bda2986d9533⋯.jpg (32.87 KB, 720x897, 240:299, 181bda2986d95334f4bd203c6a….jpg)


You'redoing the Lord's work, anon.

Be safe out there.

3767b7  No.11534369



d1a471  No.11534379


this (((Game of Thrones))) speech really inspired me, wow


d1a471  No.11534396


this is great

d1a471  No.11534402


nothing wrong with hating Jews tho

5f1337  No.11534434

File: 8b148d43ef078d2⋯.gif (483.87 KB, 384x464, 24:29, 1510352922151.gif)











Overall this is a good idea but the delivery method needs to be DVD. "normies" consume entertainment, not information. Webm, mp4 and image files need to be slideshowed together to form fast moving content dense volumes. No video should be more than a few minutes in length. The data can be organized to show infographics then real life video proof. Show immigration stats, then some cartel videos. Show demographics, then nogs being animals. Make this into a cult collection of movies. The best part of DVDs is they can be shared easily on a game console, in a car, at best buy, whereas a usb is creepy and can be erased. A master video file can be uploaded and cloned online. New volumes can be compiled, also mirrored online. Create a correlation to the name "Redstick Volume" and mirror all of the content online where possible. Give normies a reason to find the information. Like some stupid horror movie: "dude, i found this dvd, its fucking mental, want to see?" – "dude, have you heard of redstick?" I think even niggers would watch it because of the masterful level of chimpery on display.

A master redpill content thread needs to be created, Im going to start saving video for this unless another anon is way ahead or has an archive already. DVDs can be left anywhere and there is no fear of combuter virii when loaded.

798146  No.11534444


Deliver it however you want, I'm gonna stick with usb though.

I like the redpill thread idea, though. That's just useful in general, as a library.

5f1337  No.11534449


nice quads

de38e9  No.11534475

From grade-school level typos to the amazing ability to read studies and somehow pick only bits and pieces from them, I really REALLY hope somebody would actually try to spread this autism. Because some dumb motherfucker WILL get triggered by it and then we'll have retards from both sides of the argument trying to prove something to each other.

acdfc8  No.11534481


Checked and agreed. There is no way I would ever put a random usb drive I found into any device I own so I disagree that usb's are the most effective delivery method, but the idea of a redpill library and a campaign to bring it to the masses via multiple avenues is excellent. There are literally hundreds of ways to deliver a web address to the main library or embed portions of it into mainstream content.

6dfcfa  No.11534563


But were her pubes blond? Otherwise just a peroxide jewess. Good move btw!

798146  No.11534582

File: 280866763f3f811⋯.mp4 (585.73 KB, 360x640, 9:16, It's okay because slavery.mp4)

798146  No.11534584

File: 31f3c0b3acf0504⋯.webm (7.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, stef names the jew.webm)

798146  No.11534607

File: 3c840ce40408f13⋯.webm (2.76 MB, 854x480, 427:240, London2017.webm)

798146  No.11534620

File: 5114afd2f730a57⋯.webm (5.65 MB, 202x360, 101:180, Londonniggers.webm)

de38e9  No.11534625


I don't want to click play, so tell me if what is happening in that thumbnail is what I think it is, and if it is, whether or not the kid makes it unharmed.

798146  No.11534629


She's never undressed, or I wouldn't post it here. The niglet is dryhumping her.

798146  No.11534630


>wouldn't post it here

Correction; I wouldn't have it, period.

771d02  No.11534636


Drop the dox on bypass.jpg

d244a9  No.11534656


What did Gex do?

Are you referring to the removal of the music?

What we need are content creators that simply release content like Gex's without a moniker.

de38e9  No.11534658


>dry hump

doesn't lessen the desire to kill. I don't see how her parents wouldn't have.

798146  No.11534966


>doesn't lessen the desire to kill.

If it did, I'd think less of you.

76648e  No.11535733

File: 1bda49d6c76b862⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 688x456, 86:57, 1444533889510.jpg)


>Just wear gloves so you don't leave fingerprints on anything

Flashdrives purchases can be narrowed down by make, model and capacity.

>Unless you do something retarded like put your address in the USB drive itself, nobody can find you. Buy the USB drives with cash.

Daily reminder that Walmart has high-tech facial recognition cross-referenced with ZOG.

You could go to a mom & pop computer store but they'll happily turn over their CCTV footage to Inspector Clousseau.

>Libraries, public parks, movie theaters, schools especially


If you only knew how bad things really are.

8f14a0  No.11536793


This is just to painful to watch.

28245a  No.11537154


>don't do anything, goyim! It'll never work!

Suckstart a shotgun, Schlomo.

7d399f  No.11537221


You know he didnt even remotely say that. Outlining dangers =/= telling people not to do it. God forbid we let people know and be aware of possible issues that might occur.

parks i would say would be the better bet. I would also suggest trains and subways as good places since the security on those inside the cars themselves are very lax and get so much traffic that it would be almost impossible for someone to find you since you can just easily drop it on a seat and leave or on the ground in a group of people.

0a69d2  No.11537247

Why stop at just USB's though? Many billboards especially towards major cities have gone electronic.

5e7e95  No.11538763


Damn. Nice redpill, molyneux.

bcb51e  No.11539000

Several informative posts warning about OPSEC were deleted from this thread. That should tell you something.

28245a  No.11539504

File: 91d2071a998d0e5⋯.webm (5.44 MB, 1000x760, 25:19, Aussie_feels_rant.webm)

28245a  No.11539510

File: c1d535cf2edaee5⋯.webm (4.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gays2.webm)

28245a  No.11539522

File: ee9a8a454858e77⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 512x384, 4:3, Trump white trash.webm)

3c261f  No.11539730

Idea - donate them in bulk to schools. Make sure they are still in original wrapping and they probably will hand them out without a second thought. The downside is you need hundreds of them, which can be cost prohibitive.

994fcd  No.11541692


This is good. The html files are of professional quality. They're not exactly hitting the viewer over the head with the message. It's just plain, simple facts. Very well presented.

I'm probably stating the obvious here, but everyone should make sure they delete the text file with instructions on where to leave the redstick before copying the files over.

5ebfc4  No.11542235


I remember when cities were filled with men like this and niggers knew their place and stayed on their side of town. Everyone got along a whole lot better that way.

a6f53b  No.11542548

62cb51  No.11545673


How new are you?

794288  No.11545803

Oh man /pol/ do I have something for you.

Basically, these links are listings for extremely cheap flash drives off amazon, many times in the range of <$1 per drive. If you want to avoid detection, just take the take the actual drive out of whatever plastic shell surrounds it and put it in a plastic bag to protect it, and/or drive over to a different area so that they can't connect the drives to you.











794288  No.11545976

243881  No.11549851


>taking the drive out of the plastic shell

I have a concern that normies won't plug a nondescript green PCB into their computer because "it might be ebil hacker virus".

000000  No.11551059

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>since literally all schools have cameras nowadays

To avoid getting caught on a camera or getting doxxed any other way, you could just walk around neighborhoods at night and drop the USB sticks in peoples mailboxes.

You could even trol people and put the USB sticks in a package that says something like: "solve the puzzle and win a free trip to Hawaii" to make sure people actually plug the USB sticks into their PC.

Also MB made a pretty good, normie-friendly series on the JQ in the form of 3 short videos. Part 1 vid related

000000  No.11551069

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


This is also a good red pill.

Putting one or a couple short videos on the stick will work better that endless lists of documents and/or images

354d81  No.11551334


based nigger.

a4fd3f  No.11551349


I don’t mean to shit on your party anon but what that other anon was saying is that this method of informing normies is frankly quite inefficient and stupid. If you really want to get to the normies fast go all Rockwell and stand on a street corner shouting at passerbys about jewish subversion.

>also in reference to your prior posts, your loose and unironic use of the word “triggered” indicates to me that you are new here. Lurk moar before becoming a revolutionary.

5b41be  No.11552070


>carry a weapon

Why? Youre doing a dead drop.

>dont be seen

Dont be seen putting down a small, nearly unnoticeable usb drive? Really?

>dont get into a confrontation

Over what? No sensible retard is going to plug in a mysterious usb drive into their pc anyways. Plus, how many people these days CARRY somethinh that has a usb port?

e03683  No.11552203


About the whole "solve the puzzle", check these out

Main index: http://www.argology.org/arg-design/arg-design-links/

Research on examples: https://wiki.gamedetectives.net

Other pages:







7cb655  No.11552517



6fad03  No.11552712

File: a98b78eefdb357e⋯.jpg (399.47 KB, 1047x865, 1047:865, opredsticksml.jpg)





>>Amazon shilling shill shills again.


There are better places and prices to be found; none of which are from (((Amazon))). Please Anons, don't follow these links; you're going to be datamined like a bitch. There was another person just like this person, who was obviously not from here, and created another 'Redstick' thread where they pretended they just "heard about it" and 'couldn't find the original thread', doing the same exact shit (shilling (((Amazon))) links). Exercise caution. If you need links to other places, ask.

000000  No.11552799


>About the whole "solve the puzzle"

You could also associate the "solve the puzzle" thing with a shitlib company Starbucks?. Put their logo on the stick or something.

e03683  No.11554045


If you are in America, try Taobao (Chinese don't share data with CIANiggers)


No, we are talking Cicada3301 or QAnon levels here.

e03683  No.11554050




e03683  No.11554061

https://www.aliexpress.com/ has batch buys as well.

5c972f  No.11554121


At first I was like

>Fuck you redditors, get off my board

and then I read this on your website:

>The first iteration of the NFP evolved out of the /meadhall/

You need to be more explicit about who you are. There are some OK resources on this site but asking anons to download .zip files is pretty gay. Just host the redpill materials on your website.

5c972f  No.11554122



>Just host the redpill materials on your website.

Additionally, if you host the materials on a website, all you need to do is direct people to a web address and that way you can put in a flyer instead of spending all of this time and money on USB sticks.

e03683  No.11554141


It is about curiosity. See >>11552203 for some pointers.

Fly posting is something we did last year with IOTBW and others, but QR codes are ungodly.

Considering that web malware is a bigger deterrent than BadUSB hacks, why not use physical mediums?

000000  No.11554764


>No, we are talking Cicada3301 or QAnon levels here.

What do you mean?

4c7e62  No.11557132


Read this https://wiki.gamedetectives.net to find examples

4c7e62  No.11557209


https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Kill_Your_Internet (BBS based)

https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Afterbirth_ARG (BInding Of Issac)

https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=RainbowLeaks (Rainbow Six Siege)



https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=How_To_Basic_ARG (How to basic)

https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Entropy (Some YT channel)

https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=LEVELS ("Reddit")

a824bd  No.11557587


1cbaf4  No.11561007


I love how they all scream "That's stealing!" Who cares? You're burning the stuff. Neighbor sneaks some trash off the burn pile? I don't care. Better if he told me, but that's it.

030292  No.11564848

File: 39193e4e70db1f3⋯.png (221.16 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 1509835280064.png)


you the seller?

16a41d  No.11567743




e435b8  No.11568779


Creative but seems to be a inefficient way to red pill in terms of time and cost with no way to ensure the material is ever viewed. I would bet a majority of the USB drives end up in lost and found or the trash.

231ee8  No.11568909

4a1eb4  No.11569815

Not trying to concern troll but people these days have the attention span of a gnat. Not saying you shouldn't do this, but you need to make damn sure their interest is piqued in the first 5 seconds, and with the most striking info graphics possible.

I would recommended putting a few high efficiency normie-geared pictures in the drive outside of a folder. Pick things that are concise but effective. Not sure which should be used but I'd say 5 images that make people go "wait what?" and get offended immediately. So no pictures with a bunch of graphs or stuff. And no direct jewish crap yet. I's suggest some stuff on feminists. Maybe a few pictures showing fathers getting fucked or people getting harassed for going off the ranch.

Ideally these pills should be aneceotes or stories, not statistics. Remember a death is a tragedy, a mass death is a statistic

Then, have a folder labeled 1, and put the next tier of redpills with a few simple graphs and stuff. Maybe that picture showing wealth concentration among jews.

Inside of that, a folder labeled 2. With slightly "deeper" red pills. Literally arrange them so the deeper in the nest of folders you go, the more red pilled and honest it gets, with statistics to back stuff up. Probably like 5 tiers.

Actually change of plans. Make the first few pics show how feminists ars attacking and hurting women. Everyone will be more sympathetic that way due to the women are wonderful effect.

52cc6e  No.11572562


I'd do it, unfortunately I have a really strong Received English accent and would most likely end up sounding like a patronising twat.

81371c  No.11572952


Is this loss

e03683  No.11574014


That depends on the setting.

Kids likes cartoons, so "American Dream".

Veterans cares about war, so "USS Liberty".

Universities cares about SJWs, so stats about trans.

Multicultural neighborhood works with "color of crime"

9d5ec7  No.11575990


The little girl keeps trying to get up but the monkey keeps pushing her down.

Monkey see, monkey do. Probably remembers it from the jungle.

aa05f1  No.11582591

We need progress on this

c7f3b2  No.11584930


>It's about 4 years out of date so who knows how many links still work, but the Redpills of Zion is always a good source.


569024  No.11585031

File: cb16f9cd28688d7⋯.jpg (6.5 MB, 4500x4600, 45:46, jew media.jpg)

this needs verification before spreading. need one for congress and senate too, with emphasis on dual citizenship.

81371c  No.11589281



Me and a friend thinking of making a piratebox and setting up a redpill wifi in a small local cafe, configured to display oodles of redpills

e03683  No.11602185


I keep saying this: People can triangulate a WiFi signal quick enough to pull it down

e13f63  No.11602742


>do it and GTFO

This is correct. An antifag with a cell phone and easily available software could track down a piratebox in a Starcucks in under five minutes. It's actually not hard to do at all. Be careful out there.

bee734  No.11602975


you can probably make a piratebox with a rapsberrypi, a small SD card and a wifi dongle for 25$ and slap it on a cheap chinese drone, that can fly away from the roof of the starbux if it risks to be discovered

you can even be a client here and pilot the drone with your phone, and the antifag response team searching for the bad goy will be none the wiser

caed49  No.11604679




>removed from the EU

I'm okay with this.

d883f8  No.11604713


then it runs out of power.

a54dc8  No.11609218


Apparently some Norwegian guy has done it so much in the Oslo area that it has become a meme to find Hitler content on every bus stop

a54dc8  No.11609226


The opening post is a guy asking if anyone else found cds with national socialist propaganda on them

The most upboated comment is about how 'dangerous' it is to insert random things in your pcs

The 2nd most upboated says, "only communist stickers"

d883f8  No.11611554


Das ist Gud

7592ee  No.11636606

File: 800f5caf8e4c57f⋯.png (2.78 MB, 2521x1861, 2521:1861, hitler2.png)

425d9e  No.11651714

Bump before it gets bumped off by a nigger thread

9b401f  No.11652932



Fight at all fronts.

d2d86c  No.11658613



usb sticks can still be booby trapped. search "usb killer"

b19362  No.11661453

File: 962ce7543e59a39⋯.jpg (40.42 KB, 901x667, 901:667, pepe_tree_fullmoon.jpg)


OC bump

40b959  No.11661520

I have a suggestion … mix and match these redpills with general good white culture art

1) picture of artists

2) classical music

3) a list of movies that are decent

The idea here is that you do not want the person to feel they are being manipulated.

"It should be oh look a usb , I wonder if there are some naked pictures on it … oh …. hmm … this is some interesting stuff"

I also think a refined version of this can be done where you create:

1) believable owners of the usb, a usb where the person looking through it wants to be that guy.

ex: This gun owning doctor has a hot wife … and here is some documents on the 2nd amendmant

ex2: This grad student really has a lot of good information on why marxism is bad, also a decent music and movie collection

again this will let them not even realize they are redpilling themselves

2)You can target the finder. Make usbs that will work for young , old , women, whites, blacks

ex: Gun owning doctor has a nice black qt daughters, listens to some good jazz music. Cool white friends. Oh whats this information on how liberals use blacks as a scapegoat and many jews owned slaves in the south

you can do it cheep but you can compound this 10 fold with some creativity. Maybe just make a usb that would speak to unredpilled you. Getting personal will make things stick

And for people thinking race is a problem, I get it. Culture is tied to race … but the world is better when everyone is redpilled.

40b959  No.11661537


try newegg

go to wall greens

ebay probably has a ton

8f1003  No.11668263

This operation might be good to try in a major city, leaving them in coffee places

9d0468  No.11668304



>White and blond

lol no

9d0468  No.11668309


EU represents kikes not Europeans

ed96b5  No.11668320

File: 27b00458706f5ac⋯.jpg (204.13 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, stallman assange moot.jpg)


Actually, the <installed OS> stores data of all hardware that was connected to it at some point. Doesn't really matter, because it's all gone the moment you reinstall your OS.

Still, if you want to bypass it:

1. Use Linux Live DVD/CD (distribution doesn't matter, TAILS is a popular anonymity-oriented choice).

2. Boot your computer from said DVD/CD (USB stick/SD card will do too).

3. Do your magic.

4. Presto, no local trace left.

Kisses, /g/.

28245a  No.11675769


9c19e6  No.11689168


>Can you, the anon participant, be tracked if you do this?

Every file you save on your computer hides an embedded code that leaves a digital finger print of your computer configuration, CPU, location, etc. This is well known regarding CP law enforcement and digital forensics. You need to use a burner computer (cheap used laptop, old Lenovo or old IBM with a Linux distro)

f442e7  No.11689227


No, you sucked Stalin's jewish dick while we were all fighting him.

9c7a77  No.11689974




43ec7a  No.11689986

This is a much better idea than /pol/ must defend the incels!

5a3d16  No.11690028


They both grow useless meatbags to have power over us.

e03683  No.11700710

Prep yourselves, >>>/redstick/


de0c6a  No.11704875

File: cc8f5f8bd0f351f⋯.jpg (320.48 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1527504116711.jpg)

OP this is a dumb idea for one reason. Cost vs Value. We have to assume that for every 10 USBs left around, perhaps 1 will be actively poured through. Each USB costs a minimum of 5 bucks. This means our outreach will be suck.

ALTERNATIVE IDEA: Make an easy to read, graphically slick red-pill page. On it can be race crime data, the Jewish % of the population vs the Jewish % of Billionaires (to me the ultimate red pill) and other stuff.

These can be left everywhere or if some Anon has $$$ we could even do a mass mailing campaign and reach thousands. THIS would generate eternal levels of salt and it won't cost ANYWHERE as much as USBs.

de0c6a  No.11704878

Samefag again:


One of the main way hackers and pentesters bypass security is by leaving a USB around in an office or bathroom. People pop those inn because they are curious little nigs and bam they are loaded with viruses, key loggers and other back door problems.

This whole thing smells of Government Spookery. If you must go this route then make EVERYTHING yourself.

de0c6a  No.11704879

File: dc15f07acfffad9⋯.jpg (106.26 KB, 555x740, 3:4, 1527503866891.jpg)


Blocking my shit in to avoid shills.

de0c6a  No.11704992

File: 45d4c0da5d60477⋯.jpg (189.82 KB, 650x975, 2:3, 1527503786345.jpg)



de0c6a  No.11704996


Not gonna let you niggas plant spyshit on a bunch of anons computers and have them waste their Autism bucks on your stupid fucking ideas.

ddff4f  No.11705435


You are a dumbass for not seeing that it is WE who want this to happen. We want to find ways to deliver redpills in the most effective way possible.

>Government Spookery

OpSec 101: Leave no trace, know your payload.

Or just do this in countries without CIA-like organisations.


Classic QR codes on posters are uncomfortable to use though. IOTBW is better than links.

see >>11554050 and >>11554061 for more

05718e  No.11705473

File: 45db6dfc557bdda⋯.jpg (35.46 KB, 552x572, 138:143, f53e6553fd7179e0b93ceacfc4….jpg)

This might have been asked before, but isn't there a way to write a autoplay file or a .bat file or something that pings a server whenever someone inserts the USB into their computer so that we could count how many people found our redpills and properly assess the fruits of our labour?

eb9441  No.11705511


> How about we start spying on people. Good idea Y/N?


46d900  No.11705562


Yes that can be done. That is so shit-tier that even windows' own security program will catch and prevent that.

45754a  No.11705581


You could, but why would you want to include such a security risk is beyond me. Don't give them an IP that can be traced back to you in one way or another.

05718e  No.11705605


Fuck off. It's a genuine question, I've been putting up fliers and stickers around my town for years and I was always curious how much of an effect it made.

05718e  No.11705633

File: bcdeac4f47d5773⋯.png (151.46 KB, 573x348, 191:116, b8a2c2a5066354e992ead25e44….png)


Your problem, not mine.

05718e  No.11705651

File: d5673db1e68e5ac⋯.gif (999.41 KB, 245x216, 245:216, a22a89209dd252b4a1de8dcde7….gif)


>keeping pictures of kikes on your hard drive

Nah I'm not gonna do it, you guys convinced me.

46d900  No.11705673


>spyware is illegal

No it isn't.

05718e  No.11705719

File: 77c62474bf9f272⋯.jpg (89.12 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, (((ukrainian))).jpg)


Ukrainians are white, they don't look like kikes from southern Russian.

eb601f  No.11711115


Plantig it on normalfag's computers though sounds good.

eb601f  No.11711124


Websites has been done numerous times, we are finding ways to kick into high gear.

Buy your USBs in China for cheap, use VM to burn info on sticks. Know your /tech/

a243f0  No.11711683

File: 4e00d37bd6d4a98⋯.jpg (266.35 KB, 1280x773, 1280:773, 242343.jpg)

File: c4e41c4c55c9b68⋯.jpg (47.56 KB, 604x453, 4:3, C8v-SeyUIAAxt12.jpg)

File: e71d9c0fd8b0443⋯.jpg (84.73 KB, 559x687, 559:687, ogaden.jpg)


>12 year old boy carrying an StG-44

Has this assault rifle become a meme?

05718e  No.11713871

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>shills don't exi-

I just noticed vid related on Youtube, do you think they figured us out?

f3391f  No.11713897


you know what bothers me with the second picture? the chinese have supposedly the highest IQ in the world, according to it, yet they're the closest to being a full fledged dystopian society.

75fc0f  No.11713944


Yes, but incidentally Japan is a paradise. I think with a high IQ, the people in charge have the potential to create either a utopia or a dystopia depending on their ambitions, whereas people with a low IQ don't have that choice and will always devolve into a shithole.

a48f98  No.11713994

File: 17a7363e69078f9⋯.jpg (139.78 KB, 958x639, 958:639, 094946424646437911024.jpg)



This archive is either in unknown format or damaged

ddff4f  No.11720694


Use these tactics against the normalfags to spread info.

Data-mine the antifags and target them.

7064e6  No.11721035

Lets do this.

3605a9  No.11739606


Why not host your own onion site with all your redpill bookmarks on a simple html page.

The links point to stuff on the normal web. Only the index page is served from your onion.

If the links become broken, they can be fixed by you.

You post links ( or qr code links ), glue sticking them to bathroom walls. They point to your site via https://www.tor2web.org/ redirects.

Sure this site could make your links inactive but just open another onion and post links to that. Anyway they probably won't block it. This lets you post links to redpills in public places totally anonymously serving them anonymously without requiring people download tor. Also you get feedback as to your effectiveness since you can count page hits

The advantage is cost. a scrap of paper is free. You can print out the link to a wealth of redpills hosted elsewhere on the net from a home computer left on and running tor anonymously to serve ONLY the index with the links html file and no other content.

You can glue stick a qr code inside a bathroom stall with zero risk.

3605a9  No.11739700

File: 81489e577a1f3e1⋯.jpeg (7.78 KB, 284x177, 284:177, communism.jpeg)

3605a9  No.11740862

I created this template


You just create folders and drop memes in there and they are automatically browseable from readme.html

I think it's simpler to edit since you just drop memes in folders and don't have to edit html.

54c710  No.11741689


Which is why we should make it a browser JS ping script.



There are ways around this. Multiple server pings + proxies?


Do you want to risk it with Malware or do you want to just dump infographics? your choice




Onion = /leftypol/'s honeypot (See Daily Stormer and TRS's websites being removed)


Thx bruv.

163001  No.11741759






616bff  No.11741803


add it in

ef3a26  No.11741885

What's to stop people from just throwing them away?

I'd have to give them to someone for it to work.

e03683  No.11742491


Curiosity. Just drop it on the ground or bookshelf somewhere.

08c8cc  No.11760193


273ed0  No.11769582


Sage. Don't spam.

f1cc0c  No.11771408



>cancerous poster spamming cancer with multiple threads

fuck off

883b99  No.11775416

File: a78b97aca8e31aa⋯.jpg (3.55 MB, 6256x3240, 782:405, (((they))).jpg)

File: 98c0f86022ec8bc⋯.png (792.42 KB, 1112x585, 1112:585, jewmedia.png)

File: dac65565ade71b4⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 4856x2272, 607:284, jewsbeingjews.jpg)

File: 8cf019b16722e7e⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2106x3240, 13:20, NPR.jpg)



Adding. these together are great.

2a6898  No.11788752

a29fe7  No.11789265


Very shitty propaganda.

All those strikes on Palestine were in response from Hamas launching rockets into Israel first.

At least understand why we hate Israel, this isn't it. This is cause and effect.. Hamas is to blame for this, while two rights don't make a wrong, you must blame the cause, not the effect.

bf8501  No.11789961



Not subversive enough.

d06cd9  No.11790193

File: a2f84226f3b2d0a⋯.jpg (242.3 KB, 800x563, 800:563, 349179addb10e3d6e895f85648….jpg)


So what you saying is Rabbi, Palestine started to fire rockets at the jews in 1948 and now Pissrael is responding?


Honestly can't wait to see you turn purple on the DOTR you fucking vermin

601011  No.11790726


>too late to fpbp

the shills are late to log in

c0061c  No.11790909

Thank you FBI will log in with my personal gmail account and phone number asap.

a62e48  No.11792274



One of the biggest tragedies and perhaps something to fear, is that before the Jewish propaganda efforts started, most people were not anti-German. There were animosities post-WW1 of course but it's tragic that the Jews managed to turn the whole world against Germany and anti-Bolshevik Europe as a whole.

2a6898  No.11797182


This one features no bodies. It's funny because people will still immediately think of nogs.

7064e6  No.11798537


0f0c7f  No.11801978


watching this I'm getting this fantasy of a white natsoc raping her while grampa watches, smiling

0f0c7f  No.11802015


I have to admire his honesty there. Jews are never this forthright.

5f4b9e  No.11802074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dungeon Synth and use a music video like vid related.

put runes on it or something that sounds cool and Esoteric phrases about finding truth.

many normalfags will get the best of them and check out of curiosity, especially those who are lost and look for meaning

906fcd  No.11802526


how the hell are you even supposed to use one of those? All i can imagine is someone trying to hold his laptop up against a wall and trying not to break his ports.

53320a  No.11803223

Here is an idea: Instead of redstick we drop fake wallets with email and other contacts so we can play them.

e892db  No.11812291



meanwhile dairy meat and eggs contain literal estrogen

d24a3c  No.11812593

File: 32eba1665bb23aa⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 514x571, 514:571, 32eba1665bb23aa0c3c53e375b….jpg)

9f3e0a  No.11832824


d45bd4  No.11833640


i like the idea but using a CD is way cheaper can become more effectif since people beware of viruses in usb keys

000000  No.11834209

Just post flyers or posters with

"Was Hitler Right? Discover National Socialism"

And link to /pol/

Or just send anon emails. Cheaper than sticks and no worries about infected devices.

fb3697  No.11835023


Troll Antifa about Jewish racism.

000000  No.11841185


bf8501  No.11848149


For older people. yes. For young gamers, no


Poster threads != redstick/redwallet

Idea: Buy wallets on the cheap on aliexpress, then load redpills in them through "contacts"

781e20  No.11857581

don't stop anons, we will break through, and if we cannot break through then



8a2795  No.11859940

What if instead we just drop links or files in groupchats full of Normie's disguised as something else? It would be more effective and we would know exactly who is swallowing these pills

936e72  No.11859981

So, OP - are you GRU or FSB? How's the weather in St Petersburg?

08d475  No.11860072


putting a thumbdrive in your computer that you found lying around somewhere is like eating candy you found stuck to the pavement. Are you retarded?

000000  No.11860147


Normalfags are. That's what counts.

bf8501  No.11861493


Are you MOSSAD, how is the desert?


9bb11b  No.11878299


9bb11b  No.11886834


89ea5f  No.11887482

If anyone is going to do this, please use the most legit sources possible, quoting actual fascists or assholes will only turn people against your cause as they have been trained to reject competing info since early childhood in most cases.

Related, there are many actual terrible quotes from the PTB, past and present, having a list of these that people can google for themselves might be the fastest way to redpill people, if you can get them to take the time to read them in the first place.

Might also put some excellent free games on there (virus free of course) to get some positive association and further copying going.

038f0f  No.11888682

Who the fuck would put a random USB drive into their computer?

8acdb9  No.11890277

File: a4be446998d4f9a⋯.jpg (110.77 KB, 651x767, 651:767, man breaks into burger kin….jpg)


I swear to god I am not a shill…but there is no way on god's green earth I would put unknown USB that I found anywhere near my computer…and I have a computer that never connects to the internet, is totally isolated and private and I STILL wouldn't put something I found lying around in public into my computer. I think the best you are going to get is someone who takes it to a public computer/library etc and then opens it…but most people are either going to throw it out or wipe it completely without looking at any of the content…so it is kind of like you are giving away USB's for the trash…IDK…I will try to think of something better…it just seems like the kind of person that is SOOOOOO stupid and will pick up a USB and just put it in their computer MIGHT (and this is just a guess on my part) MIGHT not be someone who is really fit for our movement anyway.

1b7727  No.11892880


It’s a website/service that encodes all of a webpage’s data into the URL for the site itself. This means that UNLESS THE ENTIRE SITE IS TAKEN DOWN, OUR INFORMATION WILL REMAIN UP AND UNEDITED. It’s just an algorithm. We don’t need to pay for hosting costs. We don’t need to worry about being shut out of payment systems. And if the data is SHORT enough, it can be put into a QR code so that anyone can just SCAN it.

See for yourselves


1b7727  No.11892894


Wait, I was wrong. The site doesn’t even exist. The data is COMPLETELY self-contained in the algorithm in the URL. Even if the site is “taken down,” the data still loads. Here’s the home page.


8dc408  No.11892906

When you’re wondering why these memes are so bad, then stop caring and find something better to look at.

d02ced  No.11905874


edc375  No.11914246


This is fucking awesome anon

I cannot even fathom how amazing this is. Idk if you guys understand but this means they can fucking never censor us.

000000  No.11915880

count me in

Sieg Heil !

81dd04  No.11915899

Offering chump change.

57c5cf  No.11916764


That's ma bike !

57c5cf  No.11916801


>I distribute mine

Share your archive nigga, might as well do that since I work in a place with lots of usb

9bb11b  No.11934350


5270c7  No.11934578


This will come in handy M8.

Thanks, you glorious bastard

a47495  No.11949925


>quoting actual fascists

Are you a newfag or a jew? Of course (((alt-lite))) sources should not be used.


Normalfags everywhere. at least 50% success and up to 95% depending on the context according to a study


Then make a guideline on better sources and info


Actually that is a bad idea due to technological constraints. Instead we should rely on webtorrent and IPFS if we can make it work.



a47495  No.11954880

bumping for more

Also, kek.gg/u/vNGT and kek.gg/u/qD_Z has info on how to make an interactive webpage for redpilling

82a581  No.11956292

File: fcf71f5d340248e⋯.png (247 B, 580x387, 580:387, id[1].png)

File: b06e463861daaf9⋯.png (238 B, 580x363, 580:363, pl[1].png)


I see you're using a Bizarro-Poland meme-ball there. Good choice.

ade7dd  No.11956459

File: 9fcf4ff714f93a7⋯.png (78.53 KB, 255x199, 255:199, HungaryEU_FIXED.png)

1c423a  No.11956533


Who their right mind is going to pick up an unknown USB drive and stick it in their computer?

If I did that at work, I'd be fired. Only morons are going to do that. And then when they find it with non-persuasive "red pills", they're going to run a virus scan and format the disk.

Red pills are a journey, Anon, not something you can just stuff into someone's computer with a ruse.

7fa436  No.11959327


>only morons are going to do that

And they are a dime a dozen. https://zakird.com/papers/usb.pdf


28296b  No.11959451

File: 971579794a1e639⋯.jpg (267.71 KB, 675x550, 27:22, 152554380815680411.jpg)


Based. Nothing wrong with capital punishment for roasties

9bb11b  No.11972474


000000  No.11972729


EU waifu should have been a hideous jewess

1b0e8c  No.11984091

oh i completely forgot about this operation.

be careful, dont leave fingerprints.

drop them near or in schools.

ae14d1  No.12002622


> I do wish there was an easy way to lock USBs from editing

all it takes is one search of this exact phrase.

8f0e3f  No.12005796

Can someone hide a Twine/Sugarcube presentation in a USB?

9bb11b  No.12009120


9bb11b  No.12025850

File: c23013d905cef0d⋯.jpg (211.22 KB, 690x1035, 2:3, 3d593c8485a13f1938c8577f8f….jpg)

cdd85b  No.12025858


Proof of giants, far left of pic

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