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On the jews and Their Lies

File: 56aa9a4ba56be12⋯.jpg (132.39 KB, 1140x797, 1140:797, conor-lamb-rick-saccone.jpg)

File: 30d71e9fe95996c⋯.png (165.09 KB, 1629x1583, 1629:1583, Financial summary.png)

6b8e00 No.11365981

Tomorrow will be Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district special election between Rick Saccone (R) and Conor Lamb (D).

So far, the democrats have thrown millions in this election and will do everything to get this district. But I can't tell how many celebs went to campaign for Lamb or in what way is he being shilled there. Is he being portrayed as some sort of "conservative democrat"?

However since the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania made some (((changes))) of the district map for the midterm election, the winner might only keep the current district for few months and has to run in midterm again or loses his seat completely.

So to those people in Pennsylvania. Vote !

959ca4 No.11365994

>kike controlled 1 vs kike controlled 2

who the fuck cares

2cd370 No.11365999

4 FUCKING MILLION SHEKELS. JESUS CHRIST. No wonder trump came to PA on friday.

6b8e00 No.11366013

File: 6329fe591d3b90a⋯.jpg (82.38 KB, 577x579, 577:579, ff394e8310a39adc71f108.jpg)

And those interested looking at financial data.




Then leave.


959ca4 No.11366024

File: afa96ebcc02d14d⋯.jpg (73.77 KB, 600x461, 600:461, afa96ebcc02d14de26edc9db35….jpg)


how about you leave

fa52ae No.11366030

File: 87fa452e281f839⋯.jpg (42.1 KB, 539x960, 539:960, wat.jpg)

Fuck Connor Lamb. Dudes been getting funded by Biden and Clintonian millions. Oh speaking of kikes there was a kid who went to an event in Washijgton with rivk saccone. I shit you not this yid manlet had a shirt that said "make Hanukkeh great again." With a smug trump on it. What the hell is going on in my neck of the woods.

d32710 No.11366041


Lamb doesn't just have an edge in shekels.

He is also more attractive and dominant looking, so he has a huge edge.

6b8e00 No.11366056

File: 718e5dd71211d8d⋯.png (463.53 KB, 562x842, 281:421, 1 89DTzg7OzvLrnc8cyAsUSw.png)


>"No, I'm going to stay here to screech and spew my autism here!"

Not even worth it for giving a single (You)


I despise those people who only vote for the looks.

c3da74 No.11366062

>the democrats have thrown millions in this election

I thought the DNC was practically broke?

d32710 No.11366065



the kikes

dnc is only one of their arms

959ca4 No.11366080


republicans are the other

6b8e00 No.11366083


The DNC is nothing. The true donors are groups, unions, organizations, funds, individuals. How did Hillary bought the DNC in the first place?

d32710 No.11366088

File: 0da86b47d7b34a1⋯.jpg (14.24 KB, 320x342, 160:171, octopus.jpg)


>the jew has only two arms


c3da74 No.11366107


>The true donors are groups, unions, organizations, funds, individuals

Well yeah no shit but I would think their lack of overall money would be representative of their inability to get donations

6b8e00 No.11366118


Remember how Sanders got the money, or rather how the donors ever got the money to donate? They gave their college funds, their salaries, their parents credit cards, they sold their belongings to fund. They even took massive loans to donate. Do not underestimate those people who are so into the elections that they work their asses of to fund the candidate.

e4e6c9 No.11366150



>don't actually mention anything about the republican candidate

6b8e00 No.11366162


Then fucking add it or bitch somewhere else.

e4e6c9 No.11366173


>hurr durr if you don't like normalfag electoral politics that don't matter, gtfo

Do your job OP or fuck off back to reddit

6b8e00 No.11366195


Again, add mentions which you'd like to give to this thread.

5e909e No.11366202



Listen here Republikike we have NO obligation to vote for your party of nigger loving kike worshiping race traitors. Especially after the shit you fucking cowards have been pulling lately.



6b8e00 No.11366223



>Don't vote.

>replies to 2 posts

Get a life.

fd4227 No.11366226


So let the guys who have been planning to quietly make us all disappear take power again? I hope you die, nigger.

4e0496 No.11366241


DNC is nearly broke but PACs are NOT

e4e6c9 No.11366250

File: f639ac62e1c7899⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 502x480, 251:240, 1458192162399-1.jpg)


>doesn't like formatting

>can't format

>Get a life.

Who let you out of the rest home?

Name one fucking incumbernt politician in DC who isn't a traitor.

5bcbfd No.11366396

They are burning so much money to flip every little election they can get their hands on, then they have the temerity to go on tv and cry about how much ebil money the GOP uses to buy elections.

>The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

99830e No.11366421


Wasn't there recently about illegal voters in PA?

62a0f5 No.11366892

File: 4a991ed85b80914⋯.jpg (847.23 KB, 3888x2592, 3:2, IMG_0666.JPG)


That's because the R candidate spawned a tribe of hapas

aa2e6f No.11367001

File: 3dd4945aa7678a5⋯.jpg (212.21 KB, 990x743, 990:743, illinois_4th_congressional….jpg)




the gooks are into some shady shit in pa

pic unrelated

5f0fb9 No.11367063

File: 2f4d631fd4fc3d6⋯.jpg (8.3 KB, 269x211, 269:211, 1503741685665.jpg)

b53e53 No.11367571

Why should pennsylvanians vote? The PA Supreme Court's replacement of the voting district map was essentially a coup d'etat by the judicial branch. That's what we really need to change.

d939f4 No.11367622

File: 2996542fa9651c1⋯.png (996.16 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, a.png)

File: ca0cdb21a7b5664⋯.png (960.87 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, b.png)


>But I can't tell how many celebs went to campaign for Lamb or in what way is he being shilled there.

I don't really pay attention to what (((Pedowood))) types say about politics since their opinions are worthless to me so I honestly don't know, although we did get a postcard in the mail from some Commiefornia roastie with too much money and time on her hands telling us to vote for him so that was interesting

>Is he being portrayed as some sort of "conservative democrat"?

Pretty much, yeah. I recently caught a couple ads where he seemed to throw in his service as a U.S. Marine as a qualification and was telling some boomer VFW's about how he's going to work with both sides when he gets elected, even though no one who isn't voting for him believes that for a second

In a nutshell, in ads, the GOP is going hard on Lamb using almost the exact same words as Pelosi in a tweet about Trump's tax reform (pic-related) and how he apparently dropped 269 charges against a drug kingpin to instead give him a 10-year sentence as a plea bargain when he was a prosecutor, while the DNC is going after Saccone for evidently using taxpayer money for doing something stupid like eating out a lot and how he's funded by "corporate super PAC's." My mother, who I love dearly but can't into politics to save her life, is voting for Lamb just because her parents (my maternal grandparents) seem to have some kind of connection to him since I think he's the nephew of someone they know and said he's nice, along with the fact that some guy from Harrisburg in her union came by the house the other day and mentioned that Lamb will keep unions around while Saccone is in support of right-to-work laws. My grandparents already donated $300 to his campaign since they don't live in my district and therefore can't vote in it afaia but are lifetime hardcore Democrats and both hate Trump with a passion so perhaps they see it as a blow to him, even though imo all they did was waste their money on an imaginary horse that they don't even have in the race, and if the 2016 election was anything to learn from, having more campaign funds than the person you're running against doesn't really mean anything except that you're just raising the stakes higher for yourself. Irl though, I'm one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet and already made up my mind about voting for Saccone as soon as I heard about all this.

7fde43 No.11367691

Dem will win this seat to keep shitlibs spirits up. I assume voter fraud is still rampant in this state.

ef1b20 No.11367692

Trump must drop the Clinton Foundation/associated evidence for the public immediately and take military action to take traitors down.

Any house elections now like this along with midterms too important because deep state is going to try to coup. The hammer needs to drop NOW

This is fucking stressful

7fde43 No.11367696


Cucking aint easy!

7fde43 No.11367698


>Trump must drop the Clinton Foundation/associated evidence for the public immediately and take military action to take traitors down.

Assume anything Clinton related is never going to happen. Shes smart enough to have kept enough dirt to bring the entire house down.

e09a5c No.11368015


>bring the entire house down

what's so wrong with that

e09a5c No.11368025

this election is depressing because it basically time traveling back to the year 2000 where both candidates are poison pills. Where are all the good nominees for congress and senate that were supposed to start running on Trump's platform? THIS is who we get in the rust belt?

It should be really fucking easy to beat Lamb, but he's going to win because the lib shits are kept energized by their local big city NPR affiliate daily, meanwhile gop voters are demoralized because the district may not even exist in November so what's the point of voting for this boomer idiot. The media gains a nice story for winning, but conservatives don't gain anything.

b1a780 No.11368277

Zionist vs. international jew-controlled good goyim… Still, it is strategically better for us if the zionist one wins. Every little step matters.

87fb6e No.11368445


You're a retard if you don't understand that Zionism and international jewry are the same thing.

9cecb8 No.11368623

File: 60c7b563f34a5d8⋯.jpg (68.53 KB, 782x652, 391:326, Capitalism has failed_141b….jpg)


It's an investment, but unlike investing in productive industry, they are investing in a welfare check printing business.

e2c9d1 No.11368673


Once again a special election is upon us and /pol/ didn't see it coming until it was too late. This better not be how the midterms are handled. This should be priority for the whole year.

Midterm election general when?

5be3f1 No.11368741


A few of them get hosted and we usually say the same thing.

It also attracts a lot of the (((faggots))) who feel the need to open threads talking about elections just for the sake of telling anons how pointless it is to even discuss the election, or worse yet, actually vote for someone.

I'm going to make a few for the republican primaries. (to select the more /our guy/ candidates possible) Then make a bunch of them between the primaries and election day. /pol/ has lost so much of its quality, its spirit, its life, for Trump. To stop now would mean that its sacrifice was in vain. There won't be a wall or even a substantial boost to ICE funding if republicans lose these elections. These special elections aren't too important. Moore losing stinged a bit, but the mid-terms are where we need to give it our all.

e2c9d1 No.11368996


>It also attracts a lot of the (((faggots))) who feel the need to open threads talking about elections just for the sake of telling anons how pointless it is to even discuss the election, or worse yet, actually vote for someone.

You noticed (((them))) too, huh? They should be categorized as defeatists even if they're not spelling it out. Inaction is self-defeat. All they do is shit up the thread, contradicting themselves because if what they say is true that no one should vote then it wouldn't matter if /pol/ voted and yet they're trying to convince /pol/ not to vote.

>I'm going to make a few for the republican primaries. (to select the more /our guy/ candidates possible) Then make a bunch of them between the primaries and election day.

That's all we really need - a hard bare minimum.

>To stop now would mean that its sacrifice was in vain. There won't be a wall or even a substantial boost to ICE funding if republicans lose these elections. These special elections aren't too important. Moore losing stinged a bit, but the mid-terms are where we need to give it our all.

Completely agree.

26ea44 No.11369238

>wew let's vote for more republikikes!

ced80a No.11369634


>wew let's not vote at all and let the demokikes win!

93d601 No.11369715


Nice strawman, newfag.

ed728e No.11369749

>D-don't vote

As if I haven't heard that in the French and Dutch election general threads.

5be3f1 No.11369801

File: cc7aa476022b922⋯.png (28.28 KB, 733x657, 733:657, counter-signal 1.png)

File: 64661c49c666095⋯.png (28.25 KB, 733x657, 733:657, counter-signal 2.png)

File: c4699deb05ab9fb⋯.png (21.28 KB, 733x657, 733:657, counter-signal 3.png)

I'm not a very good artist, but I'm trying to make some of those counter-signal memes to use against the fags who flood these threads saying not to vote. Here's what I've got so far.

Any advice?

6bb428 No.11369839


That last one made me laugh. Some here get too caught up in their opinion either way. Personally, I still vote, I just don't expect it to change anything. There is only one thing that will and it seems people aren't quite ready for that yet, sadly. If you feel that the system needs to stay intact but with some conservatives heading things instead then you're in the wrong place and are functionally no different from the opposition.

162776 No.11369850


Where is the source on the second image?

162776 No.11369852


Never mind, I should have read the thread first. It's in the third post.

76483c No.11369855


>Lamb is a literal CIANigger, watch them try and rig this.

They are BOTH deep state guys.

>Saccone served as a United States Air Force officer, working in the Office of Special Investigation, counter intelligence. After retiring from the Air Force, Saccone was a civilian employee of the U.S. Army during the Iraq War, working in Iraq from 2004-05. While in Iraq, Saccone worked as an interrogation consultant at Abu Ghraib prison.

IMO Saccone is just a different deep state faction. Less globalist and less explicitly anti-White, more pro-Israeli, less into the drug-running and more into heretical dominionist beliefs, like Raphael Eduardo Cruz' daddy. A lot of what Trump is doing versus the deep state is not so much dismantling it it has its uses and every State has one as taking it over, making sure the factions he likes are the ones in charge, etc.

As far as stated policies and voting records, he's not /ourguy/ but is gonna be much closer. He's anti-abortion, pro-Christian, supported Trump in terms of immigration and putting America first, defended Roy Moore, is pro-gun, and is pro-right-to-work. IOW he's the one I think most of us would prefer to be there kek. Saccone is certainly the one of these two that I would prefer to win.


Here is the situation: Saccone currently holds a State legislative seat and has TWICE beaten a (((chosenite))) for that post, once unseating him as the incumbent David Levdansky had that seat for 25 years! He then beat the shit out of a very interestingly-named Lisa Stout-Bashioum before running unopposed last term. The State seat he is leaving is currently the same territory as the US district that he's running for, and is currently R+11, so I really think he's got the inside track and that all polling to the contrary is just agitprop. I say "currently" because after this election, there will be a realignment of PA's US district map. Therefore, I think Saccone has got this. That doesn't mean that everyone who can shouldn't go out and vote and bring friends to vote etc., but more an explication of likely outcomes for people like me who can't vote there.

5be3f1 No.11369859



I want to end democracy and install a single-party National Socialist government. Unfortunately we aren't going to be able to engage in any violence while whites live comfortable middle-class lives. Political maneuvering just seems like the best we can do. It also has an added benefit of recruiting people to the far-right/third position. Some /pol/acks have developed a really black and white view of the world. I thought it was obvious that /pol/ saw republicans as nothing more than tools.

7112c9 No.11369862

Results for later today. Polls close 8PM EDT.


d32710 No.11369863

>Connor lamb is pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-tarrifs

Why is he running as a Democrat?

8050a4 No.11369899

Have any results come in yet? Looks like everything's at 0%

144e37 No.11369902


I just voted for Saccone and there is nothing you can do about it.

I hate those touch screen voting booths, there needs to be a some kind of paper trail. It seemed like it snapped up to Lamb at first but it switched back when I tried again. It's nothing provable, I just don't trust those machines.

1caa75 No.11369912


thought I was the only one

ed728e No.11369917


And Obama, Hillary were against gay marriage in 2008 election. This is a red county, how else can he convince the people to vote him?

ca6f26 No.11370090


>Why would a Politician whose neck is sticking out, lie about his position and viewpoints in order to win an election?

Why indeed.

ed183f No.11370122


Everything this fucking kike just said pisses me off.

>owns her own business

Tell that to her pimp. If she doesn't have one then you're not going to have a wife for very long.

>decides how much she gets paid

Yeah right, that's at a set value based on her looks and what she is willing to do. It will only decrease with time, too. I'd wager nobody pays much for an old hooker.

>controls her schedule

I'm guessing mostly nighttime.

>chooses her clients

Hope you're filtering out black clients, from what I've heard they don't pay.

>sets the terms of her contract

Legally speaking she has no contract at all, and unless there's a pimp waiting to beat the shit out of him or you record the session there's nothing keeping him from not paying.

>controls marketing/advertising

About as subtle as modern marketing, I'll give it that.

>has weeks of vacation

On YOUR dime, dipshit.

I don't know why I expected better from a literal cuck.

7e165f No.11370186

File: 7a666ba039f9225⋯.jpg (467 KB, 4372x1364, 1093:341, PA Special Election Map.jpg)


District Maps

7e165f No.11370205


Someone ask this guy if he's Jewish.

1a5c1d No.11370582


Both parties *are* exactly the same - full of the opportunistic, treacherous filth known as politicians.

Of course, that doesn't mean we can't use them.


Which is why it's good that jewed public policy has led to the middle class rapidly shrinking.

76483c No.11370663


Do we know if the winner of the special election for the 18th will be standing as incumbent for the NEW 18th, or if they'll be standing as incumbent for the some other numbered district (I'm guessing the 14th)?

b54a9b No.11370747


Hard to tell, if the winner winds the district and then comes the map changes, would it be legal that the winner represent the other territory that didn't vote (for example Pittsburgh)?

But it would be entertaining that a republican wins and then rules the democrats infested Pittsburgh territory. The amount of salt it would generate.

836c4b No.11370829


How do judges even get to redraw districts anyways? Denying them maybe, but actually redrawing them?

d939f4 No.11370836


Well, just got done voting. Even if we lose, at least I can say that I actually got out and tried.


>I assume voter fraud is still rampant in this state

I wasn't aware that it was that big of a problem here, although if that's true then it doesn't surprise me in the least. Hell, when they asked for my last name today and I gave it to them, all they did was read off my first name and when I said yes, they just handed me that electronic card for the machine and I was good to go. Didn't need photo ID or anything.


Yeah, I mean Saccone definitely reminds me of GWB or McCain in that uncanny kind of boomer neocon way, but like you kind of said, these are unfortunately the cards we were dealt and we just have to play the hand



I fucking hate those people almost as much as liberals. Christ, maybe even MORE so, because even though I can't stand the other side, at least they're doing SOMETHING rather than being a fence-sitting faggot (e.g. JewTube Skeptic™) and just making obvious commentary disguised as something pseudo-intelligent. To quote Keith Ellison, "Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender."


>It seemed like it snapped up to Lamb at first but it switched back when I tried again. It's nothing provable, I just don't trust those machines.

Huh, I didn't have that problem but considering the amount of (((Soros funded))) voting machines that were used in the 2016 presidential election and that are still probably in circulation today, that certainly isn't shocking to me. Tom Wolf said he wanted to get back to the paper method a little over a month ago but that may not happen.

b1a780 No.11371006


Not really. The international kike rebelling against Netanyahu, for instance, isn't just optics. Netanyahu wants Greater Israel, the international kike just wants to destroy anything that is good and moral in the world, to turn all humans into literal cattle it's the master of. No doubt, both sides work against our interests and must be rejected. But them infighting gives us an opening. Might as well destroy the bigger threat first. Then we'll deal with the other one.

2c5c7b No.11371016

File: 1bff0824e15c1dd⋯.jpg (9.45 KB, 334x274, 167:137, Ron Paul It's Too Late.jpg)



Current addresses

1532 Fallowfield Ave

Pittsburgh PA 15216-3753

Neighborhood: West End

721 Ivy St Apt 2f

Pittsburgh PA 15232-2471

Neighborhood: East End

928 Washington Rd

Pittsburgh, PA 15228-2009

(412) 344-7614 - Landline

(412) 563-5562 - Landline



e0a886 No.11371030

File: 78d66673163aa95⋯.png (236.96 KB, 1419x857, 1419:857, 4e7a16af1bd27eea2ef7f61199….png)

File: 2deba549a7ed1ae⋯.jpg (39.16 KB, 600x800, 3:4, flat,800x800,070,f.u1.jpg)

File: 8273de96619ed00⋯.png (105.76 KB, 304x306, 152:153, Screenshot_2018-03-10_at_9….png)

File: fa64ebde71373a8⋯.png (170.89 KB, 249x405, 83:135, Screenshot_2018-03-10_at_9….png)

File: bcb52c423caa207⋯.jpeg (104.64 KB, 900x599, 900:599, terryglowers.jpeg)

This is the 1st CIA candidate up for election. I can see Lamb's glow from there.

If he wins they will repeat this formula for all of 2018. You will even see glowing "democrats" coming out pro-guns and pro-life. They don't care if they shit all over Palosi and the DNC platform. They want to get their people in place no matter what. No loyalty to the people or party. Just the company.



24f86f No.11371052


why does he look so fucking insecure?

76e452 No.11371138


What's the atmosphere? You seem defeated…

76e452 No.11371161

File: 7d0683d0a8e67ed⋯.gif (642.31 KB, 500x644, 125:161, 7MTdyb.gif)


144e37 No.11371171


He's probably a giant pussy, he wouldn't even do an interview with Hank Bachman, a local talk radio jockey, even though he promised he would. It's PA Talk1480 am, close enough for me.

a63d34 No.11371197

File: 8dd65a3ac5c44d3⋯.jpg (81.99 KB, 500x610, 50:61, 26bww3.jpg)


If Lamb is a CIAnigger, isn't the shit pretty much rigged or am I being retarded?

97aee3 No.11371244


The democrat is a fucking spook. Deep State plant.

e0a886 No.11371273

File: 96ff9d6da4d0653⋯.jpeg (116.73 KB, 774x809, 774:809, psyops.jpeg)


Its an op.

If they can get win in a +20 Trump district then they can win anywhere. The whole congress will start glowing.Then they will own the deepstate and the state. No checks will ever be able to be placed on their power.

d939f4 No.11371277


Trying not to be but I guess I'm just being realistic so I'm not let down if Lamb comes out on top. Hope for the best but expect the worst, I suppose. Maybe I just need to get my energy up higher.

e0a886 No.11371292

File: b3a4a6c197fe4d1⋯.png (987.12 KB, 815x851, 815:851, trumpcheckem.png)


>Maybe I just need to get my energy up higher.

Getting dubs is a good start. MEME HARDER.

144e37 No.11371313

>>11371277 checked

I wouldn't worry about it, polls are closing now anyways. I would add some high energy memes but I need to 88hopefully88 recover a failed hard drive. It's about time for some local normalfag news I guess.

76e452 No.11371318


Checked! High energy thread imminent.

585066 No.11371321

We won PA

e0a886 No.11371334

File: 3b1407700afc2ed⋯.jpeg (139.08 KB, 1024x646, 512:323, nate-1024x646.jpeg)


79848a No.11371339

Any good sites that tracks the precincts?

144e37 No.11371356




Nothing yet.

95e963 No.11371367



>please don't vote

61630e No.11371378


(((Jew York Times)))


76e452 No.11371390


No need to spoiler anymore. Site doesn't direct link without the https prefix

61630e No.11371396


Yes but posting JYT at all feels disgusting.

a80930 No.11371399

They've started counting in Allegheny, the bluest balls in PA. 52-47 so far, with virtually no votes counted yet.

Just getting the energy started.

61630e No.11371401

File: 08e6bf89f26907c⋯.png (162.93 KB, 1256x564, 314:141, ClipboardImage.png)




585066 No.11371402



61630e No.11371404

File: a63f37d0a10616d⋯.png (34.19 KB, 325x277, 325:277, ClipboardImage.png)



76e452 No.11371405

a94b18 No.11371406



8ace6d No.11371407

>Dems run a republican candidate to win

Talk about a referendum on the DNC

76e452 No.11371411


New strategy. Campaign as pro trump. Delegate as never trump.

61630e No.11371412

File: 37d4d9d5f1f1d23⋯.png (118.73 KB, 614x291, 614:291, ClipboardImage.png)



e0a886 No.11371413


>>Dems run a republican candidate to win

I think you meant to say

>CIA runs a republican sounding candidate to win

585066 No.11371416



e0a886 No.11371418

File: c902ab3d190f142⋯.png (24.92 KB, 519x191, 519:191, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

8ace6d No.11371419


Yea, that's what I said. I think every blue win to date has been with a candidate that would be more believable with an (R) after their name.

61630e No.11371420

File: 8749490faa2abf9⋯.png (92.47 KB, 1277x915, 1277:915, ClipboardImage.png)




585066 No.11371423



61630e No.11371426

File: 79baeacdcba37a8⋯.png (83.06 KB, 625x286, 625:286, ClipboardImage.png)


76e452 No.11371427




Yes. It has been confirmed.

e0a886 No.11371429

File: 785ced323930677⋯.png (27 KB, 508x208, 127:52, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)



585066 No.11371430


He does know that Lamb isn't running against Trump, right?

a80930 No.11371432

219,000 votes remain to be counted. Lamb leads by less than 1%.

76e452 No.11371433

585066 No.11371435


When it tightens up Saccone will win by about 3 points

61630e No.11371436

File: 9920f10af1880cb⋯.png (32.75 KB, 591x302, 591:302, ClipboardImage.png)



a80930 No.11371437


Saccone leading by less than one point now.

fcac5f No.11371438


Tfw Lamb ran on a conservative platform.

585066 No.11371443

File: ddbcb40cc272ac3⋯.png (109.69 KB, 591x587, 591:587, Saccone'd.png)

e0a886 No.11371444

File: 064928d942c0f8a⋯.png (55.55 KB, 904x271, 904:271, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

a80930 No.11371446


Meme responsibly, faggot.

76e452 No.11371447

File: 861077f24fff0af⋯.jpg (352.88 KB, 1440x2455, 288:491, Screenshot_20180313-204522.jpg)

Lamb protected victory by 21 points!

585066 No.11371448


Name your screen caps you fucking pleb

648fdc No.11371452

File: 12633cb639170dd⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 401x372, 401:372, 1510604015484.jpg)

Fug. Its Alabama all over again. Make it stop.

76e452 No.11371453

We win. Dems Saccone defeat again…

585066 No.11371455

61630e No.11371457

File: bd71353f7e5d14b⋯.png (33.61 KB, 589x331, 589:331, ClipboardImage.png)


ad41b0 No.11371458


Deep State fixing radicalized Dems who want to eliminate ICE??

Why was Lamb running against Nancy?

1a5c1d No.11371459


Non-burger here. What are their stances?

e0a886 No.11371460

File: e02082b770a3686⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpeg)


Lamb has already won. This election is just a formality.

585066 No.11371461


Left is a CIA nigger and right is a fat guy

9840e4 No.11371462


Lamb supposedly made some anti-israel comments years ago that he was made to account for. You sure he isn't running against Trump?

585066 No.11371464

File: 8ddec6a655047e0⋯.png (109.85 KB, 597x605, 597:605, MUH BLUE WAVE.png)

ad41b0 No.11371466

Lamb's win prediction at 52%

61630e No.11371467

File: 53785a7978f7776⋯.png (151.28 KB, 618x382, 309:191, ClipboardImage.png)


9840e4 No.11371468


That's not really what I'm saying.

a94b18 No.11371469

File: 8b572a0cd211135⋯.png (129.49 KB, 1227x740, 1227:740, ClipboardImage.png)


585066 No.11371471

File: 138ff49b4e4b4d0⋯.png (110.01 KB, 608x613, 608:613, Eat a fat dick CIA.png)

95e963 No.11371472


God Republicans are dumb as fuck

>hur freedumb good trump win everything good

62a0f5 No.11371475

File: 566ff1de28ec421⋯.jpg (74.07 KB, 750x500, 3:2, IMG_0667.JPG)


At least Moore didn't wife up an azn

1a5c1d No.11371476


>God Republicans are dumb as fuck

That goes for all Americans.

76e452 No.11371477

File: 79d345f82c0e0da⋯.jpeg (9.87 KB, 300x184, 75:46, get.jpeg)


Yfw conservatives surf the "blue wave" to midterm landslides.

9884b3 No.11371478


Back to even on JYT

79848a No.11371479


Yep, I have no idea why they would vote for Trump over Clinton by 20 points, and sit around with their thumb up their asses seeing what the Democrats want to do if they take power again.

d753e2 No.11371480


Holy shit dem dubs

76e452 No.11371482


Which means Saccone +5

79848a No.11371483


What the fuck is it with so many White men going for Asian women??

76e452 No.11371484

Saccone muh dick dems

79848a No.11371486

>>11371477 (checked)

585066 No.11371489



1a5c1d No.11371491


Was being the underdog part of his plan?

9840e4 No.11371493


Well, wait until all the votes are in or at least most of them before any proclamations. It fits with my opinion that Trump's 2016 presidential base was FAR, FAR more anti-israel, anti-jew, anti-intervention, and anti-corporate than it was given credit for. Trump was put over the top by people who have entirely rejected neoconservatism, not by people who think it wasn't applied with enough vigor.

79848a No.11371495


Shit anon, let us hope!

76e452 No.11371497



No survivors…

9884b3 No.11371499

Saccone +0.3 now

a94b18 No.11371501

File: 71e122ab4e407af⋯.png (132.81 KB, 1221x752, 1221:752, ClipboardImage.png)


585066 No.11371502

File: 51d9e3f125087ad⋯.png (109.37 KB, 621x570, 207:190, IT KEEPS RISING.png)

61630e No.11371503

File: e5faa04f6e51d34⋯.png (109.09 KB, 680x536, 85:67, ClipboardImage.png)


e0a886 No.11371504



The only problem is their wave costs millions to power. Normally these BFN elections would be meaningless. Their value now is in shilling "the country has turned on Drumph" and "this is a referendum on DRumpF"

This is mainly the GOPe's fault. They don't want to win. They are happy being the Washington Generals.

95e963 No.11371505



I don't even care that much. I've sufficiently redpilled my friends and one of my friends family members, urged them to become armed and fit, and fight for their race in every way. I also live in an actually secure red state with heavy gun culture.


We knew it was coming. Accept and embrace the collapse. Just be wary – it won't be pretty.

04d195 No.11371506


>CIAnigger vs ricemixer

Well I'd say the outcome of this election doesn't really matter at all

585066 No.11371509

File: 7b69bdcadde370e⋯.png (108.82 KB, 616x566, 308:283, ABSOLUTLY SACCONE'D.png)

f51920 No.11371511

I haven't followed this race at all, nor have i read this thread, i just wanted to say that someone with the name Lamb is probably a born loser. Lambs to the slaughter.

e0a886 No.11371515

File: e49fd3a60c2eb84⋯.png (85.69 KB, 1129x379, 1129:379, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)


76e452 No.11371516


Using nerf gas and undermining democracies….

79848a No.11371519









Where are these pictures coming from? NYT? I want to watch the county tracker, but not seeing it on NYT.

95e963 No.11371520


The bright side is, at this point, politically active Republican voters should start swallowing redpills of various stripes.

585066 No.11371521

File: 4c959f043f3b649⋯.png (112.62 KB, 1411x719, 1411:719, KEK.png)

79848a No.11371522

d753e2 No.11371523


Im surprised we didnt get this post…

585066 No.11371524



a94b18 No.11371525

File: 28618585cce7d35⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, Cm_E0SBWgAA462z.png)


We don't talk about Westmoreland

43d15b No.11371526

1. Whoever wins this seat is only on it till November so who gives a fuck, really.

2. If GOP loses (and I kind of hope they do cause Lamb honestly ain't that bad, record and issue wise, the dems are making compromises here) its because they ran a shit tier- basic bitch candidate. Get people that have a Trumpian character up there and you'll fucking win.

61630e No.11371528


Are (((scripts))) disabled? That might be it.

585066 No.11371530


Black pill please go

61630e No.11371532


>dems are making compromises

The Dems have to be raped into oblivion for their treason.

585066 No.11371534


000000 No.11371535


well it's not DeNiro bad, but mistakes were definitely made…twice.

43d15b No.11371536



Saccone is garbage, GOP needs to learn a lesson.

Apologies to your sensibilities.

79848a No.11371537


Damn, I'm retarded, I had to turn off ghostery after going to your link anon, thanks for reminder.

e0a886 No.11371538


>and I kind of hope they do cause Lamb honestly ain't that bad,


585066 No.11371539


Having too much fun to care

79848a No.11371542


Ghostery addon was still going.

a94b18 No.11371543

File: 767b4cf85b7f22a⋯.png (137.39 KB, 1288x748, 322:187, ClipboardImage.png)


585066 No.11371544

File: cc4e21676828d91⋯.png (108.55 KB, 692x638, 346:319, 6 POINTS.png)

61630e No.11371547


>let's punish the thief by shooting ourselves

Do you really believe the Dem (((party leaders))) will allow any sort of nationalism? It's not over until the Democratic caucus overthrows Feinstein, Pelosi, and Schumer.

585066 No.11371554

File: 87810a9e90fb44f⋯.png (106.74 KB, 656x596, 164:149, NO IT'S 7 POINTS.png)


61630e No.11371555

File: b6ad436818d9ad7⋯.png (176.19 KB, 1232x535, 1232:535, ClipboardImage.png)

57-42 LAMB

43d15b No.11371556


See point 1. This seat goes up again in Nov. Run a better candidate.

994e01 No.11371557


Oh look a kike

79848a No.11371558

>>11371555 (Trips checked)

That might end up being the final score.

04d195 No.11371560



76e452 No.11371561


Doesn't matter. Precinct is being gerrymandered to include Pittsburgh niggers. This is about making a point

e0a886 No.11371563

File: bb7715dbf429a49⋯.png (258.77 KB, 488x581, 488:581, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

ad41b0 No.11371564


Trips has Saccone suddenly dropping from 62% to 60%

Must be some other chaos

61630e No.11371565

File: fdbc3fea3d08d4d⋯.png (169.34 KB, 532x309, 532:309, ClipboardImage.png)


61630e No.11371568

File: 5f0742fbeeb775c⋯.png (178.91 KB, 1248x523, 1248:523, ClipboardImage.png)

54-46 LAMB

43d15b No.11371571


>Must be some other chaos

No. It's that Saccone is a faggot boomer cuckservative married to a shovel faced rice nigger.

61630e No.11371574

File: 07714ee5d8e0174⋯.png (34.97 KB, 525x251, 525:251, ClipboardImage.png)


9840e4 No.11371575


israel first is election day poison.

76e452 No.11371576


e0a886 No.11371577


Yes if Dems keep spending 1000% more then they normally spend and the GOP keeps putting up people like Mr Magoo and pedo's like Moore then Dems will keep winning red areas.

04d195 No.11371580




I have no dog in this fight. I'm just shitposting

000000 No.11371584


>if Dems keep spending 1000% more

61630e No.11371585

File: a8898fece5e5c20⋯.png (72.7 KB, 1269x267, 423:89, ClipboardImage.png)


585066 No.11371587


>Whatever outcome

So Saccone is verified to win and the fat kike hates it?

2a3d23 No.11371588


literally who?

a80930 No.11371589


161,000 yet to be counted. Saccone leads by 5 points.

Saccone will win.

000000 No.11371591


Any predictions from someone other than ratfolk?

a94b18 No.11371592


There's a reason why Westmoreland isn't being entered in yet.

585066 No.11371593


Some twitter kike trying to shill his page using political drama

04d195 No.11371596


>Conor Lamb leads by 8 percentage points


>Saccone leads by 5 points


61630e No.11371597


some faggot that does audience polling on (((Fox)))

54-46 LAMB+8

No news from Westmoreland. Is it being rigged?

d99129 No.11371598

File: 7293ec0935925a4⋯.png (73.61 KB, 297x430, 297:430, Adolf checkem.png)


Fucking Heil'd

Sending all of my energy to Saccone!

a80930 No.11371599


He leads by 5 among the yet-to-be counted votes. It's a projection of how the remaining 150,000 will go, based on their location, affiliation and how the night is actually going.

61630e No.11371600

File: 42039681c257517⋯.png (180.08 KB, 1283x492, 1283:492, ClipboardImage.png)

e0a886 No.11371601



Is Jeb running there under a pseudonym?

f51920 No.11371602


>Useless analysis

>Didn't dare to utter the T word

Fuck you, Frank you miserable creature.

43d15b No.11371604


That still puts Lamb at +3.

b7d35e No.11371606

The fact that its this close is bad. On the bright side, the dem candidate had shift to the right to come this close.

Eitherways GoP needs better and more Trump like candidates. This Lamb dude should have honestly been a republican.

a80930 No.11371609


+0.3, not 3.

585066 No.11371610


Hi Frank

61630e No.11371611

File: 2320220016be4f7⋯.png (18.85 KB, 468x267, 156:89, ClipboardImage.png)

Allegheny confirmed trash.

ad41b0 No.11371613


Actually +.3 not 3. Remember the current total was not as high as the

projected total, so it's not as simple as 8-5

43d15b No.11371615


>Eitherways GoP needs better and more Trump like candidates.

Oh no, don't you dare suggest a thing like that less you want to be declared a blackpill shill kike and now frank.

836c4b No.11371616


Not really. The Dems drastically outspent the GOP in this special "election", and had the advantage of (((Judges))) changing the planned districts for only THIS election.

61630e No.11371617

File: 34081d9055d94b9⋯.png (96.13 KB, 594x162, 11:3, ClipboardImage.png)

rumour mill: Dems bussed voters to wrong district.

b7d35e No.11371619


Soros's e-votes + bussing niggers from the city. Don't know why Trump canned the voter fraud council.

9840e4 No.11371620


>more Trump like candidates.

I think it's a reflection of crossover and disaffected voters not actually liking what Trump has done in office. People don't like israel-first neoconservatism – not enough people to reliably win elections, anyway.

61630e No.11371626

File: 5851d493e8fbc4d⋯.png (33.36 KB, 581x329, 83:47, ClipboardImage.png)

52-47 LAMB+5

04d195 No.11371630


>Don't know why Trump canned the voter fraud council.

States refused to hand over their voter rolls so the council was rendered useless.

f79c9c No.11371631




Quit falling for Kike lies.

Elections won't save us, anyways.

8fd769 No.11371632


>Don't know why Trump canned the voter fraud council.

It was supposedly handed over to DHS because supposedly they have more access to look deeper. At least that's what Kobach said.

000000 No.11371633


His anti-gun faggotry doesn't do his endorsements any favors.

I hope that orange nigger gets taught a lesson tonight

994e01 No.11371634


There's gotta be other ways to go after these fucks, look at how Mueller runs wild

95e963 No.11371637


He went back on that.


e0a886 No.11371638


> Don't know why Trump canned the voter fraud council.

Because it was blocked at every turn. My state even fought and WON in court to block sending the council information that is PUBLIC RECORD.

If anyone even hints that there might be some voter fraud they are shouted down and crushed. Its like questioning the holohoax.

61630e No.11371639

File: 47144d628f97204⋯.png (195.23 KB, 600x312, 25:13, ClipboardImage.png)


585066 No.11371640

File: cc8e9cfef0b1168⋯.png (97.8 KB, 709x596, 709:596, YOU WERE SAYING.png)

b7d35e No.11371641

File: a8bc66471540e78⋯.png (417.59 KB, 800x857, 800:857, fe.png)


> pedo's like Moore

Yes lets believe the kikes and forget the forged signatures. Funny how the accusers stopped coming out right after the election. This will happen to your kind shortly.

76e452 No.11371642


Another moral victory where they gave 100 percent effort and Trump shows up for an hour and destroys everything they worked for.

61630e No.11371646

File: 5fd390aaf40bafb⋯.png (424.56 KB, 582x580, 291:290, ClipboardImage.png)



000000 No.11371647


NYT making excuses for their (((model))). Probably a good sign for Saccone

b7d35e No.11371650


Then that is a problem. We don't even have democracy in this country if votes can be so easily rigged. Look at how other countries - Mexico and India for example, verify their votes for election. They send government officers to your home to verify the ID card required for voting. People should be outraged at this.

8fd769 No.11371651


>I think it's a reflection of crossover and disaffected voters not actually liking what Trump has done in office. People don't like israel-first neoconservatism.

Polarizing candidates will have the weight of GOP/McConnell cash against them + bullshit accusations. See Roy Moore. Need people like Kobach or Nick Freitas who are balanced and not over the top. The time for over the top candidates is about 4-5 years away once dems completely lose their shit.

61630e No.11371652

File: 4e54e9148ed145d⋯.png (128.69 KB, 651x586, 651:586, ClipboardImage.png)


f79c9c No.11371656


Ha ha (((BTFO))).

8fd769 No.11371659


Shutting things down is better than blowing a load for these kikes.

1a5c1d No.11371663

Trips for big guy throws CIA out of a plane.

b7d35e No.11371665


This is the way to fight these kikes. They use this info for bussing people to district at the last moment.

d753e2 No.11371667

wtf who's winning. I don't care who the fat guy is I just want DEMS GTFO

73de0e No.11371668



It also could be a sign that the (((rigging))) is taking place as we speak.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if (((they've))) are (((tampering))) enough ballots to ensure their man, Lamb, barely squeaks by.

9840e4 No.11371671


That doesn't really make sense. Roy Moore was a massive shill for israel. You can point to the accusations, whatever veracity they have [I wasn't there so how would I know?], but his policy was pretty clearly neocon on the greater world view. Add a touch more Bible if you like. People don't fucking want more israel-first. Israel-first is the polarizing candidate.

8fd769 No.11371674

Conor Lamb leads by 6 percentage points over Rick Saccone with 62 percent of precincts fully reporting. Jump to estimate of final result ↓


Conor Lamb


66,428 52.8%

Rick Saccone


58,545 46.6

Drew Miller


766 0.6

95e963 No.11371677


Well yeah, Democrats are motivated as all hell right now, and Republicans have down syndrome and are drunk from Trump. Republicans are usually mild involved in genuine grass-roots organization, at best. They're the type of guys who "aren't that into politics" but have strong political opinions. Idiots.

e0a886 No.11371680


I just kek thinking about all the attention and money they are pouring in to covering this.A district that might not even exist soon. Its like a high school basketball game getting Olympics level coverage. They are so completely obsessed with Trump that every little thing is life and death for them.

a80930 No.11371683

File: fd2aee4609c8fed⋯.jpg (65.81 KB, 1068x566, 534:283, Joy_Through_Strength.jpg)



Tired of winning yet?

8fd769 No.11371684


>That doesn't really make sense. Roy Moore was a massive shill for israel.

Not suggesting I was a fan but evangelicucks LOVE israel.

8fd769 No.11371689

I would actually be more shocked if Lamb didn't win.

76e452 No.11371691


Tomorrow's slogan. Blue ripple gives dems momentum going into midterms…

95e963 No.11371692


And your arrogance + complacence is the reason they're winning.

8fd769 No.11371693

Conor Lamb leads by 4 percentage points over Rick Saccone with 71 percent of precincts fully reporting. Jump to estimate of final result ↓


Conor Lamb


75,152 51.5%

Rick Saccone


69,964 47.9

Drew Miller


893 0.6

a94b18 No.11371694

File: 1bb09bad054b4a4⋯.png (32.17 KB, 571x311, 571:311, ClipboardImage.png)

It's gone to a 4% lead now

585066 No.11371696

File: 9911bf45b439de4⋯.png (14.29 KB, 1280x243, 1280:243, OY VEY.png)

61630e No.11371697

File: 31773ade349ca53⋯.png (33.04 KB, 594x331, 594:331, ClipboardImage.png)


f79c9c No.11371700


Roy Moore wasn't going to have much influence on foreign policy in Alabama.

Him shilling for Israel was a big flaw, but it was about the only flaw.

Also, Trump himself is obviously not really counter-semitic, at least overtly.

We need to be realistic here.

Meanwhile, let's support /ourguys/


e0a886 No.11371701


>Roy Moore

Moore was a clown. He cracked under pressure and spaghetti everywhere.

It is the same setup here in PA. The Dems send in a pro and the GOP is asleep or deliberately running a weak candidate.

b7d35e No.11371702


They had almost total control over the west with Obama. The supreme court was almost completely their. Arts and Academics already completely belong to them, and soon the government. Then BAM, Donald Trump shows out of nowhere with his "toxic masculinity" and pulls America to the right, and nothing you do hurts him. Imagine being them..its a perfect recipe for total desperation and depression.

1e93b3 No.11371703

as i understand it, Lamb is one of those guys who is democrat in name only. looking at his policy positions the only thing he really sucks at is immigration, thanks to the democrat national position. Saccone is a fucking cuck, no balls on immigration. best he can get on board with is vetting.

9840e4 No.11371704


>but evangelicucks LOVE israel.

And they couldn't get their guy over the top. In the deep south. It's just not a viable platform anymore and they are basically sole-source of GOP funding and the talk is now to tie AIPAC even more to the GOP.

Trump's protectionist and anti-interventionist rhetoric is what covered his slim margins. The people who think like that aren't dumb, they know when they've been taken.

585066 No.11371705


Westmoreland will put Sarconne up to a +4 lead

8fd769 No.11371706



didnt have a shot before the kike attacks. Now hes finished.

9840e4 No.11371708


>Also, Trump himself is obviously not really counter-semitic, at least overtly.

He's the exact opposite of counter-semitic.

a80930 No.11371710

File: 5e56b1a7af63b64⋯.png (22.27 KB, 1373x311, 1373:311, Live_Estimate.png)

>Post NYT face when you're not reliable

b7d35e No.11371712


8fd769 No.11371713


>And they couldn't get their guy over the top.

because in true evangelicuck and muh based baptist fashion they didn't show up to vote bc of muh morals.

a94b18 No.11371714

File: e0c2b1f88f40465⋯.jpg (70.1 KB, 788x890, 394:445, CtpZj1aVYAAzgQt.jpg)

e0a886 No.11371716



b7d35e No.11371718

File: 2b11e0b4124dec0⋯.png (16.02 KB, 629x236, 629:236, rg.png)


Lol they expanded that to include a jibe at Republicans.

04d195 No.11371722

File: d36f1f1af866335⋯.jpg (121.06 KB, 583x468, 583:468, not all jews lol.jpg)




Don't make me get the cringey template memes

d939f4 No.11371723


Not surprised. I lived there for most of my life and many of the most insufferable people I've ever met who pretty much exemplify just about everything the left stands for went to my high school there. Being constantly surrounded by those people five days out of the 40-hour week for four years straight almost turned me into one of them. Finleyville seems pretty red overall, so that's a nice advantage of having moved recently. Also, checked.

a80930 No.11371724


Translation: We fucked up and rigged the vote in a city that's not voting tonight. We're going to need time to shift Westmoreland before triumphantly announcing the Blue Wave.

61630e No.11371726

File: e1308fc7bf4f917⋯.png (44.97 KB, 677x533, 677:533, ClipboardImage.png)

reddit army on the prowl

83dc5e No.11371727


Get ready to lose the midterms. We have already won. The trannies that have died from the NN repeal are coming to haunt you.

8f15c9 No.11371729




585066 No.11371730



a80930 No.11371731


God I fucking hate reddit. I never go there, but what leaks out of their containment vessel makes me buy hollow points.

76e452 No.11371736


The left can't meme

e0a886 No.11371737


>star wars references

they are all children

1e93b3 No.11371740


this is some cargo-cult memetics right here

79848a No.11371741


Don't ever trust a snake in the grass anon, none of them can be trusted. Republicans have to constantly be kept in line, and even then we have to make sure the knife stays out of our back all the time.

d0f4af No.11371746


There's a college there

a80930 No.11371747

Latest cuck talking point:

>Using 2012 and 2016 presidential results, there are 114 (!!) Republican incumbents representing districts more favorable to Democrats than this one tonight.

From CNN, as if anybody cares.

000000 No.11371748

Serious question, why does it matter who wins this election? Even the D candidate is pro-gun, hates abortion, etc etc etc.

9840e4 No.11371754


>they didn't show up to vote bc of muh morals.

Okay, that's where the disconnect is coming from. I think enough of them showed up just fine. Evangelicals don't fucking have anywhere else to go with their vote. The people who didn't show up were the anti-jew and anti-world police people. We aren't going to do anything but talk past each other, so we'll wrap this up.

8fd769 No.11371755

Conor Lamb


76,181 51.5%

Rick Saccone


70,781 47.9

Drew Miller


903 0.6

147,865 votes, 72% reporting (427 of 593 precincts)


Its a two step method when they try to attack voters: emotional plea and movie/tv references.

585066 No.11371756

File: bef5d0e37c497b8⋯.png (186.82 KB, 1411x656, 1411:656, SACCONE'D.png)

43d15b No.11371757

Not gonna lie, former Trump supporter here. It's been fucking hilarious to watch him crash and burn like this. But seriously, run a better candidate next time.

83dc5e No.11371758


Well want to know leftists. Star Wars is shit. Star Wars is a baby movie and I do not watch baby movies.

a94b18 No.11371759

File: a766dc9025200a0⋯.png (53.72 KB, 612x418, 306:209, ClipboardImage.png)


8fd769 No.11371760

Conor Lamb


91,687 50.4%

Rick Saccone


89,194 49.0

Drew Miller


1,129 0.6

182,010 votes, 87% reporting (514 of 593 precincts)


61630e No.11371761


The leftist media is trying to spin this as the Blue Wave (tm)

a80930 No.11371762


>Serious question, why does it matter who wins this election? Even the D candidate is pro-gun, hates abortion, etc etc etc.

We don't want to see the unbearable smirk on /leftypol/'s nigger face.

83dc5e No.11371763


Rick will lose. It is so obvious.

585066 No.11371764

File: c8c6d5b1e701019⋯.jpg (12.36 KB, 255x146, 255:146, 1439348809538.jpg)

994e01 No.11371766


>Why does it matter if the DNC has even more political power

>Why does it matter if even more CIA operatives are elected officials

>Oh by the way, this CIA politician said these things, let's take him at his word

Kill yourself

83dc5e No.11371767


Rick's percentage is about as high as Trump's approval rating.

8fd769 No.11371769


>Rick will lose. It is so obvious.

A last minute ballot box stuffing just in case its close.

585066 No.11371771

Saccone will win by about 3 points

83dc5e No.11371773


The jews are going to be very happy. I made you love Isreal. Zionism is love. Zionism is life.

000000 No.11371774


Because the next time a radical left proposal is made, the argument for this district will be that you voted for our D candidate and he supports this radical left proposal, you should too.

8fd769 No.11371775


>Trump's approval rating.

Complete faggot.

36d801 No.11371777

Saccone will win

83dc5e No.11371779


Only to delete the votes. Global Communism is looking great. The future of cutting your dick off is now.

e0a886 No.11371780


> Lamb is one of those guys who is democrat in name only.

He isn't Dem or GOP. He is CIA.

Once in he will do everything in his power to fuck up Trump and protect the swamp. It wont matter the issue.

61630e No.11371782

File: 51d1285a87ece92⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 475x356, 475:356, 1445306631348.jpg)

83dc5e No.11371783


The capitalist army will cry and ghost will get the rope.

a94b18 No.11371784

File: 9c1c141b230c302⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 275x259, 275:259, 1445461458083.jpg)



a80930 No.11371786

File: 41b8c17eabefaa6⋯.png (242.56 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Der_Cagenfuhrer.png)


There ya go, doubters. Checked.

83dc5e No.11371790


Your a Russian bot. You need proof.

8fd769 No.11371791


>Once in he will do everything in his power to fuck up Trump and protect the swamp. It wont matter the issue.

False flags on the weekly.

a80930 No.11371794


A simple ID+ filter does wonders here.

e0a886 No.11371795

File: 4c2fd2f1d70e534⋯.jpeg (29.14 KB, 600x300, 2:1, areyouforreal.jpeg)

76e452 No.11371796

Moral victory narrative being written. At least they agree their model is bullshit.

585066 No.11371797

File: 8e311bda12fa9f2⋯.jpg (22.79 KB, 646x720, 323:360, 1516459163132.jpg)

37522b No.11371798

File: 2ae5deecf09d2ad⋯.jpeg (52.72 KB, 299x432, 299:432, CEC3DDB6-5874-4344-B778-1….jpeg)


I love you anon.

>not a faggot

76e452 No.11371802

File: 1d77c57955c22dc⋯.jpg (555.07 KB, 1440x2456, 180:307, Screenshot_20180313-214831.jpg)

b05fed No.11371803


Mr Putin no! With such obvious digit wizardry the Americans will be onto us for sure this time!

61630e No.11371804

File: fb0304395d1dbd1⋯.png (41.03 KB, 371x243, 371:243, ClipboardImage.png)


83dc5e No.11371805


No one wants a second hitler. They want a tranny for president. Brianna Wu 2020.

a80930 No.11371808


If I read that right, a district could go +12 for the Republican, but if it went +14 for Trump, it's actually +2 for Dems?

Neat trick. Think the rabbi will teach it to me someday?

83dc5e No.11371810


We at the capitalist army do not want a commie in power. REMOVE PUTIN!!!!

e92aa7 No.11371812

File: 835d55b7eea50b5⋯.png (107.01 KB, 567x670, 567:670, wibpjomjbml01.png)

File: 10d2cb3f6b9d502⋯.png (67.46 KB, 625x345, 125:69, t0wa5o4aaml01.png)

File: 18ab3c028cd18c0⋯.jpg (65.3 KB, 571x555, 571:555, shock.jpg)

8fd769 No.11371813



Red portion of the state?

62a0f5 No.11371814


>Once in he will do everything in his power

Freshmen in the house have as much power as a high school freshman.

a94b18 No.11371815

File: 8f09d9852d4b037⋯.jpg (227.58 KB, 1200x892, 300:223, 8f0.jpg)


You read that right

e0a886 No.11371817

File: e2241ee00120fbe⋯.png (10 KB, 518x55, 518:55, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

File: 059e70c82901479⋯.png (3.8 KB, 48x42, 8:7, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)



with 88%

d753e2 No.11371818

File: 8685d1273e1d669⋯.jpg (209.77 KB, 800x1041, 800:1041, c3eac148b459d5e1232f80962f….jpg)

37522b No.11371819

File: 9f0f98688217bfd⋯.jpeg (604.45 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 19A6354A-0A8F-4896-82AB-6….jpeg)


04d195 No.11371823


>Serious question, why does it matter who wins this election?

Both candidates are shit but if the racemixing cuck wins then it's a symbolic victory against #NEVERDRUMPF and the #LERESISTENCE.

37522b No.11371826

File: a03f134c58d7f22⋯.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, C392044C-9A26-496C-910A-0….jpeg)

61630e No.11371827

File: 130272182374f78⋯.png (210.35 KB, 1216x575, 1216:575, ClipboardImage.png)


39d361 No.11371829

shit its gonna be a photo finish

a94b18 No.11371830

File: ef4510ca5a84ccd⋯.png (13.46 KB, 505x83, 505:83, ClipboardImage.png)

b05fed No.11371831

File: cd6f052caf0d0d7⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 450x290, 45:29, I did nazi those dubs comi….gif)



Suddenly, I'm starting to feel rather confident.

585066 No.11371832


83dc5e No.11371833


Operation: Spilt Vodka is at a go. We at the capitalist army will make you butthurt.

b7d35e No.11371834

Less than 1000 votes now. Do it Saccone.

8fd769 No.11371837

File: 54f51880c3a60c3⋯.png (123.06 KB, 547x591, 547:591, based.png)


>it's a symbolic victory against #NEVERDRUMPF and the #LERESISTENCE.


b3f74f No.11371839


sorry I'm late. What does WESTMORELAND lean towards and why are they not reporting?

61630e No.11371840

File: 11ea38ab250205d⋯.png (32.33 KB, 600x294, 100:49, ClipboardImage.png)


a80930 No.11371841

File: b40c9bccd1bbc36⋯.png (204.67 KB, 1746x568, 873:284, 88_Percent.png)

ad41b0 No.11371842


Is the remaining Allegheny going Red or Blue

83dc5e No.11371843


Sacc is a Kike. We do not want him.

36d801 No.11371845



Had to snag those trips before the kikes got them.

8fd769 No.11371846

Conor Lamb


100,029 49.9%

Rick Saccone


99,326 49.5

Drew Miller


1,237 0.6

200,592 votes, 94% reporting (557 of 593 precincts)

a80930 No.11371848


Republican and Republican

04d195 No.11371849


>Lead whittled down to 0.4%

Neat. I'm gonna say yellow fever man wins

37522b No.11371850


Come on fucking Westmoreland.

9884b3 No.11371851


Twitter kikes are saying that that part should be slightly Saccone leaning since he lives there

61630e No.11371854






ad41b0 No.11371856


Most of Washington red but the remaining precincts all touch blue

a80930 No.11371858

File: a9d3401fefe5a22⋯.jpg (76.92 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Westmoreland.jpg)

83dc5e No.11371860


Hitler is gross. He did not shower in weeks. But Soros on the other hand knows how to look good.

8fd769 No.11371861

File: 544087c86aebdac⋯.png (17.82 KB, 438x167, 438:167, ff.png)


It shows it being 97% reported.

83dc5e No.11371862


All Hitler wanted was to help the black people eat chicken.

d753e2 No.11371864

File: 8e0286c98183743⋯.png (23.39 KB, 643x412, 643:412, MEMEHARDER.png)



a94b18 No.11371868


It's based on their precinct model which is currently out of wack.

61630e No.11371869


a80930 No.11371870


To the kike lefty shill replying to this post: I have filtered you. You're just showing up as a blank box, which is what you are, Jew.

07c71f No.11371871

File: 1d73db14eaff2a8⋯.png (43.18 KB, 701x268, 701:268, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

File: 72fc89384033fad⋯.png (33.36 KB, 563x250, 563:250, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)


83dc5e No.11371874


I am hacking the election to make you lose. I am the 400 pound hacket.

8fd769 No.11371875


Got it.

585066 No.11371878


Fuck off hacklett

a80930 No.11371880

Rolling for final victory.

36d801 No.11371881


If we lose this it's because of election rigging fuckery. We will still be strong for November

36d801 No.11371882

We will triumph

8fd769 No.11371883

Here comes the ballot stuffing! Watch it jump up to 1.0%-1.5% for lamb.

a80930 No.11371884

File: ec07d7fc7d9ad33⋯.png (365.07 KB, 739x800, 739:800, Cant_Even_SCOTUS.png)


Shit. Almost. Try a pic

585066 No.11371886

SACC will win

37522b No.11371887


d753e2 No.11371888

File: 451d009250d55bf⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 300x300, 1:1, soon.jpg)


8fd769 No.11371889

Allegheny will be counted last and stuffed with the necessary votes. Just like Alabama.

7179c8 No.11371893

Clank your spoons sacrifice your tea cups

76e452 No.11371894

Saccone take my energy!

07c71f No.11371895

File: 842355ce2af08bf⋯.jpeg (206.69 KB, 900x481, 900:481, 4d-chess.jpeg)

a80930 No.11371896

File: 39a437415e62a72⋯.jpg (119.8 KB, 800x602, 400:301, Gash_1.jpg)


Checked. Democrats not happy.

36d801 No.11371902

File: a59c84a785e2fd6⋯.jpg (14.34 KB, 323x326, 323:326, 1519407514870.jpg)



5f45a2 No.11371903


79848a No.11371905


Oh Fuck!

ad41b0 No.11371906

CIANiggers going back to Bill Clinton party and away from radicalized niggers

585066 No.11371907


a80930 No.11371908


It's too late. The forces they thought they could control will destroy them now.

8fd769 No.11371909

Yep complete stuffing. Look at how long its been stuck at 95% and of course in a blue part of the state.

61630e No.11371912

File: caa206c291d241b⋯.jpg (43.01 KB, 705x691, 705:691, 1434824230398.jpg)


There's only ~10k votes left.

585066 No.11371913


Trust me

07c71f No.11371915



. 3 Points.

585066 No.11371916

Alleghany is at 97 percent and Sacc has 13% left from two very red areas. It's ogre.

8fd769 No.11371917

Lamb won folks. Pure fuckin rigging.

000000 No.11371918


May Kek favor you. I look forward to a new salt collection from D's.

8fd769 No.11371923


>Lamb won folks. Pure fuckin rigging.

This was a prediction.

6af2aa No.11371928


dubs for win

585066 No.11371929


That's not how dubbs work

76e452 No.11371930


Smug af tbqh fam

61630e No.11371931

Rolling. odds red / evens blue

37522b No.11371932

This slim a margin is no win for Libtard cucks. Dems BTFO.

37522b No.11371934


585066 No.11371935

61630e No.11371936

File: 69ea970c6c733ad⋯.png (80.42 KB, 622x221, 622:221, ClipboardImage.png)

6af2aa No.11371937


Considering the critical nature of the time , i was rolling the dice. Polite self seppuku.

This is tight as a nuns nasties

76e452 No.11371938

Final push. Lead the lamb to slaughter. Nice try dems….basically resorting to running republicans now

585066 No.11371940

The last bunch of votes to come in from Alleghany went for Saccone, it's over blue kikes.

61630e No.11371941

File: 30d4a48d1325c8b⋯.png (68.36 KB, 625x373, 625:373, ClipboardImage.png)

'jew york times latest cohn


83dc5e No.11371943


You are losing. My party, the tranny party will win. Brianna Wu 2020.

585066 No.11371945



My rage is unending

a94b18 No.11371947



000000 No.11371948



Pandering doesn't work! Conservatives pick the candidate unbeholden to leftist interests! We remember the bakers!

144e37 No.11371950

What's the automatic recount margin? This might take a while.

61630e No.11371951

File: 74bef895c3abdcf⋯.png (513.99 KB, 899x677, 899:677, 1431871657619.png)

lamb lead tightens to 0.4

83dc5e No.11371952


It's Mueller time.

a80930 No.11371953


>"Late absentee dumps"

Yes, it's weird how much of a difference those can make. By the way, Lamb lost 300 of his 1,200-vote lead in the last update. It's inching closer.

83dc5e No.11371954


Robert Mueller will beat your asses in jail.

37522b No.11371955

File: ed8cdafdbfeb141⋯.jpeg (30.36 KB, 300x406, 150:203, B0E3CDE2-27E2-4C59-BA35-8….jpeg)


8fd769 No.11371956


>Absentee dumps

Just watch it flip at last minute.

76e452 No.11371957

Automatic recount if within .5%

d753e2 No.11371958

File: c54c7a6a276312e⋯.png (24.22 KB, 754x386, 377:193, ORDIETRYING.png)


b7d35e No.11371959

File: a5d4ec7f26ac4a0⋯.jpg (25.47 KB, 341x357, 341:357, 1509389164732.jpg)

File: ec0ddd49b6de9cf⋯.jpg (31.87 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 1509486983262.jpg)

File: 2729e87e37b1cb3⋯.png (8.62 KB, 401x367, 401:367, 1511388219547.png)

File: 02fe6fc66789cf6⋯.jpg (31.72 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 1510349807413.jpg)


d753e2 No.11371961



585066 No.11371962


It'll be .6 percent

83dc5e No.11371963


recounts only throw away votes.

000000 No.11371965



83dc5e No.11371966


You think you have this in the bag. But we have won.

61630e No.11371967

File: ab36f2dbd203cb5⋯.jpg (14.59 KB, 255x207, 85:69, 1443164865685.jpg)

ninehundredeighteen vote differences,

22 districts remaining

76e452 No.11371970


For Saccone



a80930 No.11371973


Most of them in Based Westmoreland County. Saccone wins, despite the CIA's best efforts.

I guess the CIA just isn't good at overthrowing governments, huh?

83dc5e No.11371975


43d15b No.11371976

File: df68e8500857a33⋯.png (639.39 KB, 699x699, 1:1, 1515710374576.png)

>it's the Alabama special all over again

83dc5e No.11371979



239aba No.11371980

File: fa7aebbce79e7e5⋯.jpeg (145.6 KB, 720x514, 360:257, suicidal-chihuahua-57bf49….jpeg)

a80930 No.11371981



100% Saccone

Exactly 4 votes

b7d35e No.11371982

File: 56ab5f5fb3da5f8⋯.jpg (97.87 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, 1509389811100m.jpg)


CIA is the best entity in the world for overthrowing governments. They've been doing it for decades. They just can't do it against Trump.

a80930 No.11371984


They can't do it in Pennsylvania either. Not tonight.

07c71f No.11371986



83dc5e No.11371987


I am Q anon's best friend and I am here to tell you that Q anon is always right because I live with him.

8fd769 No.11371988


>I guess the CIA just isn't good at overthrowing governments, huh?

You forget stuffing. The closer it is, the easier its done. Just watch for a last minute spike in blue votes from Allegheny. That fuckin 97% hasn't moved in hours.

83dc5e No.11371990

Q anon wants you to vote for Brianna Wu for congress. Brianna Wu is a tranny. Brianna Wu is a person who knows how to get things done.

a80930 No.11371992

File: 0d428d9f4d48077⋯.png (117.72 KB, 227x255, 227:255, Apophis_Scarab.png)


Fucking meme responsibly, asshole. Or save it for the victory party. Shit.

Gotta undo your bullshit.

76e452 No.11371993

File: e4c01d1641568fe⋯.jpg (108.75 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 180126-trump-pliers-ap-116….jpg)

Do work!

Send Energy!

000000 No.11371995


3% ain't gonna make it. No tonight. not never.

04d195 No.11371996


>it's the Alabama special all over again

That would be too predictable for a chaos god. It's more likely it'll be the Alabama special in reverse

8fd769 No.11371997


Trust me anon I WANT TO BELIEVE!

1cd7ac No.11371998

File: 61471e97721b0ef⋯.jpeg (545.41 KB, 1647x1412, 1647:1412, 1BEA1A09-C24E-4E37-A509-3….jpeg)


Found the place. Must be a nice wholesome spot for a picnic.

a80930 No.11372000


It's working. 795 vote difference now.

61630e No.11372001

File: 22b28c0d3013bb3⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 617x533, 617:533, 1442306236195.jpg)

the votes aren't coming in.

6af2aa No.11372002

File: d3eced7fee0d7d0⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 255x187, 15:11, trump.jpg)


sounds corny but mentally think saccone winning , shift this mental quantum perhaps ?

585066 No.11372003


a80930 No.11372007


540 difference. That was quick. Praise Kek.

837d4a No.11372008

File: 0bbfddc9c03fc4b⋯.gif (371.59 KB, 2000x1153, 2000:1153, 0bbfddc9c03fc4bd3a3e23af32….gif)


>sit at home and fap to ur waifu, goyim, all is lost

61630e No.11372009






a80930 No.11372010


Neither is your check from David Brock, you blackpilling kike.

Positive energy to draw votes at the last minute. I have faith in the Frog

000000 No.11372012


where is the lie, though, kike

d753e2 No.11372013

File: aff0389beea0b69⋯.png (24.07 KB, 736x402, 368:201, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.png)

File: d787b1859764174⋯.png (167.45 KB, 594x574, 297:287, d787b1859764174ffc65b6876c….png)

a94b18 No.11372014


Yeah, they were saying that the results will be in SACC's favor by roughly 700+


f51920 No.11372015


We are all republicans now

585066 No.11372016

Alleghany is all dried up and Sacc has about 10 % left, it's ogre dems, .7 % win.

9884b3 No.11372017

There are still about 4k absentee ballots to be counted. They won't call it today

a80930 No.11372018


Victory soon.

8fd769 No.11372019


Conor Lamb


107,155 49.8%

Rick Saccone


106,570 49.6

Drew Miller


1,304 0.6

215,029 votes, 98% reporting (580 of 593 precincts)





















837d4a No.11372020



nice try CtR. I'm still looking into this, but I'm sure based mods didn't sticky this for nothing, you shill faggot

a80930 No.11372024


Lol, U R filter.

<Habba gud dey!

d753e2 No.11372027





04d195 No.11372028

File: 27eb3568878e768⋯.jpeg (62.95 KB, 735x933, 245:311, ara.jpeg)


>Whether PA is a win or loss, that it's THIS CLOSE is a major point of concern.

Hahahahahaha. Earlier today you were saying PA would definitely be a loss. Now you're saying it doesn't matter if it's a win or a loss. Typical tricks, Schlomo.

8fd769 No.11372029

File: 09ad35f07892ca5⋯.jpg (27.36 KB, 523x283, 523:283, sd.jpg)

239aba No.11372030


yeah we know nigger twitter is totally against right wingers, how new are you?

000000 No.11372031


I'm a huge faggot nigger with a lispth.

Post last edited at

07c71f No.11372032

File: 7fffabd9ea51c7b⋯.png (66.88 KB, 702x360, 39:20, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

File: 09e43211cd5ede1⋯.png (33.23 KB, 574x258, 287:129, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

76e452 No.11372033

Washington lead us to victory!

837d4a No.11372034


>muh r/t_D

has anyone else noticed the increased spam from torposters? is this a new CtR strategy? I thought they had proxies

585066 No.11372035



83dc5e No.11372037



6bb9a2 No.11372039

Is Westmoreland ever going to be counted?

83dc5e No.11372040


I love white genocide.

83dc5e No.11372043


white genocide is not insane. It is very rational. Re educate yourself rationalwiki.com

61630e No.11372044

File: 38f3f6a88f0a4d9⋯.png (248.92 KB, 428x660, 107:165, 1436554727281.png)




000000 No.11372045


not an argument fuckwad. go suck GOP dick somewhere else. /pol/ doesn't into electoral politics

7112c9 No.11372046

>lolbertarians ruin everything yet again

239aba No.11372047




ad41b0 No.11372048

File: f0629567092243f⋯.jpg (138.71 KB, 1252x704, 313:176, americanpsycho.jpg)


Check em

837d4a No.11372050


>reeeeeeeeeed seeeeeeeeeeige

fuck off

000000 No.11372052


>kill white libtard babies

they do it for us

79848a No.11372054

How fucking stupid can Republicans be?

61630e No.11372056

File: 8404447491001b5⋯.png (57.69 KB, 602x454, 301:227, ClipboardImage.png)

(((Cohn))): shits fucked

a80930 No.11372057


Very. Now, send your fucking energy for final victory.

994e01 No.11372060


You tell me, these are the people who gave us George W. Bush

000000 No.11372062


>if you don't suck GOP cock, then you're a siegefag

this is the state of nu-/pol/

8fd769 No.11372065

and there it is. Fuckin % moved without anything.

04d195 No.11372066


>That it's this close IS a loss.

That isn't what you were saying earlier, jyuu-kun

61630e No.11372067

File: 7bdbfe6f795409a⋯.png (479.59 KB, 870x647, 870:647, ClipboardImage.png)


07c71f No.11372068

File: 09f0ac3459fe646⋯.jpeg (50.28 KB, 608x342, 16:9, winningiswinning.jpeg)


>Would you truly feel like a winner if you were running in a race with a mongoloid and you win by like 3 seconds?

b7d35e No.11372071


OH NO! I thought dems had this in the bag!

837d4a No.11372072



obvious shill is obvious

a94b18 No.11372073


The problem is that they are basing the percentages for Westmoreland off prior data for precincts. They have no clue what they will get from them. Westmoreland isn't out of the game yet.

585066 No.11372074



a80930 No.11372076

Just 12 precincts left to go. Saccone needs an average +59 votes per precinct.

Can't crack the Sack!

b3f74f No.11372078


So they are just guessing westmoreland then?

61630e No.11372079

File: 55ea87b8e3fb93b⋯.png (47.99 KB, 518x302, 259:151, ClipboardImage.png)

realclearpolitics reporting

000000 No.11372081


>doesn't remember /pol/ before the reddit/4cuck invasion

obvious newfag is obvious

144e37 No.11372083


Anyone know what Japs actually call jews, the jew version of "whitu pigu go home"?

a94b18 No.11372085


It's why Nate is excluding Westmoreland from all of his guesses.

8fd769 No.11372091

File: 3330d405beaba96⋯.png (34.18 KB, 456x295, 456:295, lam.png)

83dc5e No.11372093


Q anon will provide a reality check.

000000 No.11372094


>lolbertarians ruin everything yet again

Gawd Emperah should've moderated his jew yorker tendencies instead of going full on gun grabber. Lolbergs could've overlooked his gov't spending spree if he had just left guns alone.

837d4a No.11372096


>muh imma oldfag guise i swares

/leftypol/ pls go

83dc5e No.11372098


I punch the bald eagle on the face. I kill freedom.

07c71f No.11372099

Looks like that bus Soro's sent to Philly by mistake made it to the right place just in time.

000000 No.11372100


there's only room for one torposter ITT fgt


I thought I was CtR, now I'm /leftypol/? Get your shill straight 4cuck

a80930 No.11372102

File: ef7111efcf73603⋯.jpg (70.59 KB, 845x511, 845:511, Lazy.jpg)


Just filter the TORfag. He's trying to sap and impurify our essence. Remember why we gather tonight.

61630e No.11372104

File: a79ebd83f24195c⋯.png (39.33 KB, 601x304, 601:304, ClipboardImage.png)


83dc5e No.11372105


Soros is a one of a kind hero. He is MLK reincarnated. Just like MLK he punches nazis.

837d4a No.11372106


>only room for one torposter ITT fgt

translation: you're supposed to be shilling in the other thread, per Shareblue orders!

91684d No.11372107

File: 1d436e64faae7f1⋯.png (726.81 KB, 1024x565, 1024:565, 4568798.png)

Energy transfer underway. Go further beyond Sacc.

000000 No.11372108


fite meh

04d195 No.11372109

File: f5551f8bfd45ab7⋯.gif (146 B, 78x24, 13:4, rut-1.org.gif)

File: 01a5295f13cfc8d⋯.gif (229 B, 104x24, 13:3, rut.org.gif)

File: 750155d2dd9c04c⋯.jpg (383.26 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, mein kampf daisuke desu ne.jpg)


>Anyone know what Japs actually call jews, the jew version of "whitu pigu go home"?

Apparently the polite term is yudayajin and the impolite term is juu

585066 No.11372111

Alleghany is 100% and Lamb only picked up 55 votes. It's ogre, all ogre. The Lamb is kebab'd.

000000 No.11372113


>sap and impurify our essence

the essence of sucking GOP cock? go back to r/t_D faggot


….aaaaaaand now I'm Shareblue. got it. right

6af2aa No.11372114


Filtered , sending energy . Not over till fat lady sings

83dc5e No.11372116


I'm thinking about becoming a transgender. Soros might accept me in the NWO if I become a tranny.

a80930 No.11372117


Allow me to explain why it is actually not a "bad sign for them":

Experience has shown that money can affect the outcome of a race – very slightly. There's even a formula: Double the spending, pick up 1 point.

Lamb outspent Saccone by 500%.

That's double, double, and half a double again. If the formula holds, as it has across elections for decades, Lamb bought 2.5 points with campaign spending.

It's not a reversal of a landslide, but Demfags who think there's some commie tsunami inbound should really spend more time outdoors.

8b5cce No.11372119

File: 4e1d9a36dce2992⋯.png (410.38 KB, 1409x4759, 1409:4759, alleyway surgery.png)


Just crossdress and that will be enough. Don't go full tranny

a80930 No.11372120


Wew. I'll check that.

61630e No.11372121

File: 20be5b7ea4f400a⋯.png (60.35 KB, 328x296, 41:37, ClipboardImage.png)


000000 No.11372125


>absentee ballots

Why is this even a thing? Any vote not cast in person should be worth 1/3 a vote (if anything). Don't like it? Get your lazy ass to the polling station.

a80930 No.11372127


No it isn't. There are 11 uncounted precincts, turd.

837d4a No.11372128


what is with torposters lately? i wonder if that is the /pol/ spammer faggot


>….aaaaaaand now I'm Shareblue. got it. right

ah, so no denial? gotcha. you have been docked 5 shekels for getting caught

1a5c1d No.11372129


Well, time to add my sides to that kebab.

61630e No.11372130

936606 No.11372131

File: 232c18f21046627⋯.png (117.05 KB, 305x382, 305:382, 1459986705243.png)


Fucking Checked

61630e No.11372132

File: 5462df26385aba2⋯.png (15.24 KB, 503x225, 503:225, ClipboardImage.png)


000000 No.11372133


>/pol/ spammer


literally contradicting yourself in one post. this is how retarded you are

000000 No.11372134


oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were conscripted

837d4a No.11372136


pls use a tripcode so we can filter/ban you. thanks

144e37 No.11372138


Damn, I suppose if it was catchier it would already be a meme. juu-kun will have to do.

000000 No.11372141


in your dreams nigger

837d4a No.11372144


the only nigger here is you

83dc5e No.11372145


Bush had the tech boom which gave good economic growth. Obama isn't even close to being as good as a president as GWB.

8fd769 No.11372148

Remember the (((6000 votes))) goy!

All will be for lambfag.

000000 No.11372151


Clinton had the tech boom. That was late 90s. Bush had warfare deficit spending and a housing bubble. Neither were good presidents


if your (((GOP))) candidate loses, will you kys plox?

585066 No.11372152


1200-ish will be for lamb and the rest for saccone

a80930 No.11372154


a80930 No.11372156


83dc5e No.11372157


Bush had early youtube and newgrounds on his side. And he also invented YTP!!!

37522b No.11372159

585066 No.11372161

File: 287eecba9930cbc⋯.png (25.71 KB, 571x270, 571:270, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)

61630e No.11372162

File: ef54795e2724bd8⋯.png (33.04 KB, 583x284, 583:284, ClipboardImage.png)


a80930 No.11372163


District wide

a80930 No.11372169

2 more precincts to go. Saccone needs +50 in each.

d525e8 No.11372173

File: 0e3556a6eb7c188⋯.png (65.32 KB, 614x430, 307:215, Screenshot 2018-03-13 at 1….png)

so close

8fd769 No.11372174

File: c49dcf7836b45a7⋯.png (43.82 KB, 633x398, 633:398, rem.png)

Keep an eye on these numbers goyim.

585066 No.11372175


He can pull this off and win big in absentee ballots

b7d35e No.11372176

File: 04f9d503ccae88d⋯.jpg (101.56 KB, 556x426, 278:213, 1498081951115.jpg)

994e01 No.11372178


They were both trash hell bent on replacing the white population with third world subhumans

37522b No.11372180


Obtainable. ==SACCONE WINS==

d753e2 No.11372181








000000 No.11372182


There won't be any resolution tonight. Go to bed.

61630e No.11372184

File: 43171c3f0a380f6⋯.png (15.43 KB, 480x253, 480:253, ClipboardImage.png)


a80930 No.11372185

He will win. He must.

d99129 No.11372186

File: 3cc226c904df74c⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 373x400, 373:400, It's time.jpg)


Every fucking last bit of energy to Saccone! Hail victory!

837d4a No.11372187


not gonna happen, shillary shill. face it. there is no blue wave

8fd769 No.11372188


>2 more precincts to go. Saccone needs +50 in each.

Its a recount no matter what since its under 0.5%.

a94b18 No.11372189

File: 3e540be279a1a95⋯.jpg (23.65 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1421537171551-2.jpg)



>Westmoreland is the last one


83dc5e No.11372190

BUSH invented YTP!! OBAMA invented autism.

61630e No.11372191

File: 8f1cc5da869f044⋯.jpeg (24.72 KB, 716x724, 179:181, 1452554519796.jpeg)


but we would get to laugh in people's faces recount or not

79848a No.11372192


Let us hope we can pull it out again anon.

83dc5e No.11372194




585066 No.11372195


>Obama invented autism

Wouldn't that make Obama /b/'s patron Saint?

8fd769 No.11372200


>recount or not

You think a recount will go towards the R's?

(((Absentee ballots)))

000000 No.11372203

b7d35e No.11372206

File: c00edd36c2101d6⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 360x540, 2:3, 1494853001019.gif)

>Trump backed lacklustre candidate winning against Pro-2A/Pro-Life/Pro-Tariff candidate.

They will call this a moral victory, if losing the overton window to the right is a moral victory, then sure.

d525e8 No.11372208

File: 94f9f94d530a6b5⋯.png (38.21 KB, 858x223, 858:223, Screenshot 2018-03-13 at 1….png)

>westmoreland population by race

If westmoreland doesn't win Saccone this election…shit's definitely rigged.

0ebea0 No.11372209

File: ffc451f6251d38c⋯.jpeg (67.98 KB, 600x441, 200:147, DWutVH_VwAAZLEk.jpeg)

Sending (High Energy) for Saccone! He can do it!

837d4a No.11372211

17460f No.11372213



Your energy is not needed here.

61630e No.11372219

File: 91dbd035367ffab⋯.png (133.99 KB, 614x288, 307:144, ClipboardImage.png)




585066 No.11372221


Gas that kike

e0a886 No.11372223



93e616 No.11372225



e0a886 No.11372226

File: 25b0a013ca4a919⋯.png (34.96 KB, 739x151, 739:151, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)


a80930 No.11372227

There we go. Lamb just stole 800 votes.

c12eda No.11372228

File: 5d0cf89f89a3a88⋯.jpg (100.27 KB, 625x505, 125:101, 1518721539372.jpg)


>All of those "lol no dats drumpf" in the comments

Sasuga Twitter

585066 No.11372229


Have patience

61630e No.11372230

File: 5f6dbd0dd187218⋯.png (32.55 KB, 588x276, 49:23, ClipboardImage.png)


a80930 No.11372231


Five minutes ago: Lamb up by 95, 2 districts to go.

Just now: Lamb up by 847, 2 districts to go.


5bcbfd No.11372232


Gotta get it up above 0.5% to avoid that automatic recount, goy

b7d35e No.11372233


Vote stuffing trickery, illegals, bussing niggers, Soros's e-voting machines.

eacbe3 No.11372234

e0a886 No.11372235


a80930 No.11372239


Forgot about them.

eacbe3 No.11372240


it's always them

hopefully absentee ballots will fix this, if it stays jewed

6bb9a2 No.11372241

Stolen! It's over.

a80930 No.11372243


Now that would be interesting, wouldn't it? Guess we'd have to give up on voting then and just kill them all.

61630e No.11372244

File: 39f27e94bb63c13⋯.png (32.32 KB, 611x230, 611:230, ClipboardImage.png)


e0a886 No.11372245

File: b56b212b8e22b3a⋯.png (9.53 KB, 524x56, 131:14, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

04d195 No.11372246

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>bush was just that stupid

King Nigger is better at reading off a teleprompter but without it he's an even worse speaker than Dubya. Also, every post in this thread is me.

8fd769 No.11372247

The guy on fox just said it. Lamb just got a bunch of votes dumped in from Allegheny. Its been at 100% for a while. Those absentees will ensure this goes over the 0.5%.

a80930 No.11372248


Takes a while to burn that much paper.

e0a886 No.11372250


those ballet boxes are gonna get raped overnight.

0ebea0 No.11372251


He's not wrong. Fucking lolbertarians fucking everything up as usual...




Fuck this shit. I'm going to bed. Wake me up when we're ready to round up the Jews.

000000 No.11372252


State official said no auto-recount because this isn't "state-wide" election. They can request one, but I assume it can be denied.

8fd769 No.11372253


It will finish at 0.6%. Remember the 0.6%!

144e37 No.11372256


I must spend too much time in condition yellow. I know Greensburg is relatively infested with niggers but they are the majority of sketchy fucks I see walking the streets and highways even in rural areas. Where do they come from and what the fuck do they want other than bumming cigarets?

a80930 No.11372258


Ready now.

5b0be3 No.11372260


This is just another example of the (((republicans))) playing the same game and not learning from last year. We must infiltrate or accelerate

385529 No.11372262

All this fuckery at least it is both sides. Dems stuffing ballots and busing in people from other states and illegals and Rs holding on the the absentee ballots to make sure there are more than the Ds can make look realistic.

5ab10d No.11372264


(((absentee ballots)))

61630e No.11372267

File: d41f06395ad7558⋯.png (45.13 KB, 525x291, 175:97, ClipboardImage.png)


000000 No.11372270


>I'm going to bed

Yea, rest up. We'll get more election results and potential habbenings during the (((totally organic))) school walk-out tomorrow.

eacbe3 No.11372271


>lolbergs strike again

fb3ec5 No.11372272

File: 93290f15817b58d⋯.gif (884.8 KB, 223x168, 223:168, angry dad issues.gif)




61630e No.11372274

File: 7ce22c69e600cae⋯.png (44.4 KB, 607x303, 607:303, ClipboardImage.png)


5b0be3 No.11372275


If it causes Trump to replace all of the key players in the GOP, it may be worth a loss in a special election.

eacbe3 No.11372283


absentees must have caused this very slight shift to lamb.

westmoreland absentees and the 2 precincts left there should fix it

a80930 No.11372286


And those will not be counted until they're kosher until tomorrow.

a80930 No.11372287

He'll still win.

eacbe3 No.11372288


maybe meme magic will cause the jews to accidentally fuck up their kosherization

a94b18 No.11372290


Westmoreland absentees are tonight, and the 2 other red precincts are tomorrow.

76e452 No.11372292

Associated Press just said no winner will be announced tonight.

8fd769 No.11372295


Enough with that romneycuck running it. Get some better candidates in there.

eacbe3 No.11372296


tomorrow is going to be a good day then

61630e No.11372298

File: 0cfc9127037ad08⋯.png (118.48 KB, 620x214, 310:107, ClipboardImage.png)

(((wasserman))): barring a (((major error))) I love lamb chops

d753e2 No.11372299

File: a3ee73b9a9d2e1c⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 640x492, 160:123, a3ee73b9a9d2e1c0d5ffd2071c….gif)

822467 No.11372301




I have a feeling that this might be a test to see what the rats do when they're desperate.

eacbe3 No.11372303



Dubs following dubs, always a good sign

76e452 No.11372305

Saccone down 849 votes. 3200 mail votes to count tomorrow in red districts.

8fd769 No.11372309


Still think R's pick up a lot of sears in November. They seem to forget 23/36 seats up for grabs are D seats.

eacbe3 No.11372311



d525e8 No.11372315

They're saying even once Westmoreland is counted and the absentee ballots Democrats will still he up by 200-500 points.

They're declaring Lamb the winner already.

61630e No.11372318

File: 2df3598cbebf129⋯.png (209.63 KB, 604x343, 604:343, ClipboardImage.png)


b7d35e No.11372321


He's not wrong. We're expecting +200 Saccone in remaining precincts, and +100 or so from remaining absentee ballots.

GoP needs to stop fielding dull candidates like Saccone, and conservative/Trump voters need to stop thinking millennial aren't fired up enough to vote. All of hollywood+media is brainwashing every lib to vote, plus there's shit tons of rigging going on as always. So you need to vote too and take your family along.

79848a No.11372323

What the fuck is going on

d753e2 No.11372324

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


eacbe3 No.11372325

8fd769 No.11372326


Yes. (((ABSENTEES)))

8fd769 No.11372327

3 hours to count 1195 ballots. Lazy fucks.

e15ae6 No.11372330

File: 1be4b9763f4a394⋯.jpeg (51.64 KB, 600x523, 600:523, 7C0699C8-A0C1-4B6F-AF2A-5….jpeg)



6a4e43 No.11372331


My work will suffer.


Pretty sure the chorus is "We're up for mexican turkey"

d753e2 No.11372335



ad41b0 No.11372340


If the R- takes 60% he picks up around 240 votes.

04d195 No.11372342


>GoP needs to stop fielding dull candidates like Saccone

It's interesting how Trump's endorsement appears to mean absolutely fucking nothing. It seems like GOP candidates have to succeed based on their own merits and can't just coast to victory based on an endorsement, not even Trump's.

79848a No.11372347


Pretty much like King Nigger, exactly how he lost the Democrats lost over 1,000 seats in 8 years.

b7d35e No.11372349


Or more like Trump's endorsement saved Saccone from an embarrassing 2-4% point defeat.

144e37 No.11372352


I vaguely remember having enough faith in humanity for libertarianism to seem viable.

8fd769 No.11372359


>It's interesting how Trump's endorsement appears to mean absolutely fucking nothing. It seems like GOP candidates have to succeed based on their own merits and can't just coast to victory based on an endorsement, not even Trump's.


>Pretty much like King Nigger, exactly how he lost the Democrats lost over 1,000 seats in 8 years.

Trumps already realized people will drop his ass should be completely turn on them even a little bit. Shitlibs are far more into worshiping candidates.

79848a No.11372368


Trump and the rest of the Republicans need to wise up soon to how fucking weak all the candidates have been since Trump won.

822467 No.11372369


The GOP is throwing the game. They're kikes and neocons, Anon. They're fielding shit candidates on purpose, they're taking the fall.

822467 No.11372372


Normalfags won't even know you exist. Trump did what he did because he's obscenely wealthy. Even as efficient as he and his organization was, his election run still cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

8fd769 No.11372374


Basically he needs 90%+ to make up the difference.

822467 No.11372375

But I agree, go run, raise a stink, shitpost in city council, county meetings, etc and get your name on the ballot. That is shit every /pol/ack who can, should be doing.

4e0496 No.11372379


This anon is right. What the fuck are we doing if we're not infiltrating politics, even small and local positions. We have to network and build ourselves up. Do you ever take a look at Democrat/SocDem/Lefty groups in your area? They are canvassing and training young people to run. They have PACs, billionaire backers, and more networking and training events than anyone on the right.

26ea44 No.11372385

>I'll vote! that'll change things!

God /pol/ is fucking lost

61630e No.11372387

JYT shut down the district counter

61630e No.11372391

File: 161375327cd2e4b⋯.png (64.34 KB, 392x201, 392:201, ClipboardImage.png)

CNN: Westmoreland absentee coming in 30-40 minutes

61630e No.11372394

File: a99511a8edec24c⋯.png (580.96 KB, 1564x808, 391:202, ClipboardImage.png)

¡Democrats declare victory!

eacbe3 No.11372402


terrifying 800 vote difference

frankly they should be terrified, that "one hundred more favorable districts" shit is very jewish

e0a886 No.11372404


>similar records of service to our country

Ya they are all "ex"-CIA.

8fd769 No.11372406


>God /pol/ is fucking lost

Everyone knows voting doesn't matter. Its entertainment at this point.

8531d0 No.11372407

File: 38d8ed0b37b7286⋯.png (2.68 MB, 2048x1612, 512:403, ClipboardImage.png)

e0a886 No.11372409

File: 7373c78faf8e5a4⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 600x402, 100:67, DYN_-Q4W4AEEOvz.jpg)

b7d35e No.11372412


The two ideologies (prowhite vs antiwhite, conservative vs liberals, Trump vs Anti-Trump, whichever way you cut it) are nearly equally matched in numbers (whether by rigging or real), and the one which is more energized rules the country for the next 50 years thanks to the Supreme Court.




All correct. But every single person needs to vote.


Kill yourself kike.


Where GoP ran good candidates with good track records who could speak without putting the crowd to sleep, they won handily. See Georgia.

Where GoP ran shit candidates, they lost. Its really is simple. Trump needs to take control of GoP and rebrand it as a Trump party. He almost has it. Trump knows how to pick very good people. He needs GoP to do the same. The party even needs a new nickname.

43d15b No.11372416

File: 24f7f5e20c48c71⋯.jpg (7.27 KB, 179x282, 179:282, 10296391052.jpg)

>Yes please, I'll have one Alabama special.

b0231c No.11372419

Wasn't this supposed to be a 6%+ Lamb victory?

9840e4 No.11372422


>They're fielding shit candidates on purpose, they're taking the fall.

No, they really aren't. This is what the fucking Republican party is. It's not the party of Lindbergh, Buchanan, or anybody else you wish it was. This is what its hyped-kiked donors want. It is largely what Trump wants because it is how he's governed.

b7d35e No.11372425


That is how it was looking last week. After Trump rally it became dead even. So those saying Trump's endorsement didn't help have no idea what they are talking about.

61630e No.11372429


Recucklicans cuck again.

43d15b No.11372430


>This is what the fucking Republican party is.

So you agree, theyre doing it on purpose.

9840e4 No.11372433


They are not trying to lose, which is what the assertion is. They are just never ever ever going to stop being the israel first party. Not without killing them.

8fd769 No.11372434


>Wasn't this supposed to be a 6%+ Lamb victory?

I'm surprised its this close. They ran a Jeb and are surprised voters weren't enthusiastic about it.

a80930 No.11372437

They're calling it. Lamb by 579. Looks like those absentee ballots really came in handy.

79848a No.11372440

Fucking hell, the Democrats were definitely going to win the midterms, it happens every election, but now I'm starting to think (((the blue wave))) may be bigger than I had fucking thought possible given what we actually pulled off in November.

b7d35e No.11372441


>It is largely what Trump wants because it is how he's governed.

Good thing is Trump is capable of self reflection and does not mind making major changes when things don't go right. So hopefully this will give him a clue. He's losing his base a bit by getting close to neocons. Hiring a CIA director as Secretary Of State doesn't help with that image either.

43d15b No.11372447

Like I said earlier

1. This seat goes back up in Novemebr so who gives a shit

2. Fuck this boomer cuck and his shovel faced rice eating gook wife, run a better fucking candidate next time.

9840e4 No.11372452


>He's losing his base a bit by getting close to neocons.

He doesn't care. He wants the policies in place.

4e0496 No.11372453


>This seat goes back up in Novemebr so who gives a shit

Does it really?

8fd769 No.11372454

Now westmoreland is complete:

Conor Lamb Dem. 113,111 49.8%

Rick Saccone Rep. 112,532 49.6

Drew Miller Lib. 1,372 0.6

Difference: 579

79848a No.11372456


We had Moore's dumbass in Alabama lose us a seat we hadn't lost in almost 30 years, now we have a fucking race-mixer losing us another seat where Trump won by 30 fucking percent.

How do Republicans find the worst fucking candidates possible?

69592b No.11372460


>How do Republicans find the worst fucking candidates possible?

they're doing it on purpose. they either lose and blame it on trump, or win and sabotage trump.

61630e No.11372461

File: 6d3f65395189f56⋯.png (246.43 KB, 1172x538, 586:269, ClipboardImage.png)

Republicans: We will count every LEGAL vote

5c5d8e No.11372462


>he thinks that the losses are legit

Must be new around here.

43d15b No.11372464


Its a special election, yes.

eacbe3 No.11372466

79848a No.11372473


Starting to believe that.


It doesn't matter if they're legit or not, all that matters is who wins, fuck the rules when the other side doesn't even know what a rulebook is.

e0a886 No.11372475


>Hiring a CIA director as Secretary Of State doesn't help with that image either.

He has a very short list of people he thinks he can trust. And not many people want to join this WH not because of Trump but because of the outside pressure.

If you go to work there the (((MEDIA))) will go though your past and turn your life upside down.Your family will be harassed. You may get dragged court over bullshit that could bankrupt you.

They know they can't take out Trump. So they take out everyone around him.

8fd769 No.11372477


The DCCC just claimed victory.

b7d35e No.11372480


GoP didn't run Moore you jew. GoP was forced to embrace Moore after he defeated Mitch's cuckboi. Moore faced the worst kind of kike hit, and even with proof of forged signatures coming out it was not enough to reverse the damage the kike media did.

GoP fucked up in not backing Moore 100% from the state, or picking someone who could have defeated Moore in primaries.

Saccone was legitimately a shit candidate though.

79848a No.11372481

>>11372466 (checked)

Instead of Jews, this time I'd blame a weak, fat, race-mixer for losing it for us.

5b0f26 No.11372482



8531d0 No.11372484


You need a majority to win….he doesn't

61630e No.11372486



eacbe3 No.11372487


jews wanted him to run

95e963 No.11372490

alright I was at the gym who won boys

385529 No.11372493


GOP did not want Moore because he is 100% pro 2A and as a judge refused to allow subversion of the Alabama constitution on two different occasions. He was such a thorn in their sides they removed him as a judge twice and people reelected him twice. Both the GOP and the dems worked hard to make that loss happen.

eacbe3 No.11372494


jews say the dems

in reality it's too close to call yet

8fd769 No.11372495

R voters are much better at one time events vs this off timing special events. I will still laugh my ass off come november. The ladyboy revolution will be stopped.

8531d0 No.11372497


49.8% is not a majority of the TOTAL vote. He needs 50%+.

95e963 No.11372504


so the dems probably

5c5d8e No.11372512






And this. The controlled opposition and the "hero of the people" party are both cheating to keep people who can fuck over a century of subversion from being able to undo their dirty work.

eacbe3 No.11372516


well maybe

republicans claim they'll "count every vote"

may as well be saying "recount"

79848a No.11372536


The dumbasses in AL voted for him, over a better candidate, Mo Brooks and he shot himself in the foot multiple times. If we blame "jews" every single time we lose we're no better than the SJWs who do that. As much as I shilled for him, he did make mistakes. Mo Brookers was great on Guns also: Rated 90% by Gun Owners of America Rated 93% by the National Rifle Association.

I'm not saying that there wasn't bullshit in this race (like always where Marxists are involved) but we need stronger people running.

b7d35e No.11372540


>now we have a fucking race-mixer losing us another seat where Trump won by 30 fucking percent.

And Trump would still beat HRC by 30 points in this district. HRC was an ultra liberal and this district is traditionally Reagan democratic. Lamb sided with Trump on most issues except immigration. GoP should not be afraid to find young candidates like Lamb with no voting record so long as they talk good MAGA policies - they will win.

79848a No.11372546


I'm not about to hold my breath for the Democrat backed horse in the race to ever come close to helping us. It's like hoping Joe Manchin will switch parties, but he won't do it, even though he agrees with Trump.

95e963 No.11372548


>we need stronger people running

Good luck. Reminder that this is America. Probably the dumbest first-world nation besides Australia. Voters here usually don't know there are other elections besides the Presidential one.

79848a No.11372551


Don't remind me anon.

b7d35e No.11372561


>If we blame "jews" every single time we lose we're no better than the SJWs who do that.



>If we blame "jews" every single time we lose we're no better than the SJWs who do that.

The fuck? They railroaded Moore's life by pushing the most elaborate pedophile hitjob in history of this country. Most if not all the accusations were easily disproven. The signatures were forged.

Name the jew, where it was clearly jewish trickery.


>(like always where Marxists are involved)

Ah I see, its the "marxists" ruining his country, not jews. We have a jew sympathizer here.

2b4211 No.11372567

File: 9e858b5d1c2a589⋯.jpg (15.17 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1.jpg)




ALanon, dont remind me

e0a886 No.11372568

File: d19a01987caebc2⋯.png (66.3 KB, 640x540, 32:27, Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 1….png)

They killed Stephen Hawkings to cover up the "Blue Wave" failure tomorrow.

79848a No.11372576


Jesus, posters like you have been ruining /pol/ for years now, not every single little fucking thing is because of a Jew, stupid fucking people do exist and make mistakes.

Any time somebody says anything remotely negative a contingent of morons comes out of the woodwork to claim that there aren't people who are as culpable as the Jews themselves.

5c5d8e No.11372581


Steven hawking was essentially a corpse for a few decades now, he probably finally found peace. Not to mention all the sexual harrasment shit about him true or not Inb4 he was ciad because he was about to reveal some large shit

95e963 No.11372583


He's saying that blaming Jews and ONLY Jews is counterproductive and inaccurate. Admit it, there are millions of ethnically white people who would gladly murder or jail everyone in this thread. Also, and they bragged about it, blacks voted in huge numbers for that left shit.

95e963 No.11372587


I fucking thought this was fake but it's real holy shit

eacbe3 No.11372588


wasn't he a libcuck?

certainly wouldn't go against CIA/jewish will…

79848a No.11372589


You sure you meant to respond to me? I've been saying that there are Whites who will do exactly what you said.

1c9d9a No.11372591


Something is definitely fucky. It doesn’t take all night to count up one fucking special election. Fucking kikes are gaming the system on the fly.

b7d35e No.11372597

File: fdac1b414892c79⋯.jpg (115.97 KB, 584x639, 584:639, 1502559918204.jpg)


The fact that you're not even willing to acknowledge the hitjob on Moore shows you're a kike sympathizer. I think your kind too will hang from the street lamps on the day of the reckoning, unfortunately.

95e963 No.11372598


oh fuck sorry dude >>11372583 meant for >>11372561

a80930 No.11372601


Good. He was a fucking degenerate.


4e0496 No.11372602

File: fb5e8605644bab3⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 251x204, 251:204, p-sketch.jpg)

So Trump announces SPACE COMMANDO FORCE 9000 and Hawking dies the same night. Hmm hmmm hmmm…. Strange indeed.

79848a No.11372603


You're proving my point you dumbass. Anybody who doesn't agree with me is just a jewed up kike who is destroying everything, and doing it alone, as if there aren't Whites that help them to kill everybody who they deem necessary.

5c5d8e No.11372605


You are really trying to ignore the fact no matter who repubs ran, unless it was going to be a democrat repub they would have been fucked over because dems are desperate and have burned the rulebook and opted to use rules for radicals. The moore one was a "heads I win, tales repubs lose" game.

95e963 No.11372612


Holy shit dude these last few minutes

10c341 No.11372621


Brooks was by far the best candidate, but don't pretend losing AL was Moore's fault. Remember the months and months GOP leaders calling him a child molester and telling him to step down? Remember the front page headlines full of obvious lies and slander? Remember McConnell saying that he would expel Moore from the Senate even if he is duly elected? By the end, Republican voters were so demoralized they didn't show up. A last second Trump endorsement probably saved Moore from the biggest blowout in AL history.

Moore ran a low energy campaign (even without the constant shilling against him) by not bothering to actually have a platform, but any Alabama Republican should have been able to walk in office with at least 70% of the vote. He was sabotaged.

Also, RNC should never had put Luther Strange to temp in Sessions Senate seat begin with. I get that Strange was 100% controlled, but he was so unpopular that he humiliatingly lost the primary by a significant margin to Moore.

79848a No.11372622


I said that, I said why bother fucking complaining about rules if the other side won't follow them, Republicans need to do the same shit.

b7d35e No.11372624

File: cbe6b3a217a75a1⋯.png (266.38 KB, 980x742, 70:53, 1507248118741.png)


Like I said, self destructive shabbos (((like yourself))) will go into the ovens along with their cherished jews. Moore was a great candidate who would have won if he had GoP undisputedly support him from the start and made the forged signatures a national issue, no doubt. Now shill your pro-kike garbage elsewhere.

822467 No.11372629


You have to have massive media presence or be already heavily connected to the community. I wouldn't even run for city council unless I was on a half dozen boards for various charities, was well known throughout my town with a good reputation, and had a half million dollars to spend on the campaign. A small town of a few thousand people, you could probably get through, but anything over 25,000 and you're going to have a tough fucking time getting anything like name recognition.

cd3cd8 No.11372632

we still need the absentee ballots. this is probably going to run over into tomorrow.

822467 No.11372633


It is an interesting night so far.

79848a No.11372638


Posters like you totally ignore reality, no matter how bad a candidate may be you'd still say they never made a mistake.

And I get that the (((media))) was against Moore from the start, I saw it in the news every fucking day and had to listen to Jews and Democrats bitch about it every day and watch the spineless Republicans work with them to do it.

cd04fd No.11372641


>He's losing his base a bit

Self reflection is all well and good, but it really didn't help that he poll tested cucking on guns. There is some shit that just doesn't sit well with people and florida has new gun laws on the books because of it.

b7d35e No.11372661

File: 3474b64f0e89401⋯.png (96.2 KB, 254x254, 1:1, grg.png)


Lol, in my first post that you quoted, you fucking kike, I said GoP made a mistake running Saccone. But Moore was not a mistake. Moore was a missed chance to take this country back. It was Moore against the brunt of deep state hitjob and they were caught red handed with forged signatures and lies, and yet Republicans were afraid to align with him.

e09a5c No.11372663

>race mixing globalist versus open borders globalist taking the radical stance that people shouldn't overdose on animal tranquilizers

newsflash, we lost NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED. if you want to actual change things you're going to have to change them yourself

5c5d8e No.11372667


If he made a mistake, it was not being like pence and making sure he never hung out with women without another man there, but that is it. He did not go full 1488 in public, he sought to fight the false accusations. But saying he was at the fault for what others did to him outside his control is like me saying that the bors dying by blacks is all your fault.

cd04fd No.11372670


>And Trump would still beat HRC by 30 points in this district

If Trump followed through on his promise to prosecute Clinton the R would have won the district handily.

5c5d8e No.11372672

5c5d8e No.11372675


Demoralizing the left helps us.

ed0238 No.11372685


Killing them helps more

b7d35e No.11372691


Then hopefully this shows what Trump needs to do to win. He only cares about winning. And he is getting there, in the sense he has shifted the overton window to the point where even democrats have to reject Hollywood liberals and run on some MAGA policies to win. That means the momentum is with right-leaning candidates as people are tired of the left controlling every other aspect of society. These elections should be easy given GoP run candidates who don't like like total cuckolds.

b7d35e No.11372695

File: c572d13e4c2d494⋯.png (99.04 KB, 181x230, 181:230, grg.png)


Hello Mr. FBI. How are the investigations on HRC going?

79848a No.11372696



He did make mistakes, he totally fumbled his story about the allegations, instead of denying them or explaining them, what did he do? He went on national TV and fucked it up so bad, on Hannity for Christ's sake, by saying, "Well, ya know, maybe I did do somethings with her" when not 10 minutes earlier he said something along the lines of "Democrats are a bunch of liars!"

How do you think that makes the average Christan feel in Alabama? How do you think it makes a regular person who isn't on /pol/ every day feel about who they are voting for?

The guy made huge fuck ups and so many people wrote it off as if it was no big deal. Off year elections and special elections are where Republicans ALWAYS do better than Democrats, and they lost, in ALABAMA of all places and now in a place Trump dominated.

If the Right doesn't get better people who can think more than 5 seconds in the future or aren't a race mixer we MIGHT be able to do what we did with Trump again in 2018.

I'm trying to get people to have a bit more foresight, and nobody wants to have any introspection on OUR side.

75f621 No.11372703

File: 868e24f0bf370a3⋯.png (181.86 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1520990151103.png)


is there going to be a recount? if its this close, how can they not? and you know the dems cheated. its just a matter of did they cheat enough?

95e963 No.11372705


repubs lost

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