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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: 842f856bfae49df⋯.mp4 (7.04 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 3ScDPpt0-sAh5oVy.mp4)

4bcadd No.11367799

Japan is so blue-pilled they made VR goggles which literally blue-pill its users. When they're ready to commit mass-seppuku a computer will decide when and were. Future carbon organisms will be raised to culling age without any costly human contact.

cc95c8 No.11367925


>robot arm that feeds you one piece of candy

Literally why?

e570cb No.11367959


Soak it up lads. This is what extreme social deprivation has come to. You have to make social connections. It's just a little harder to do in this day and age. Find decent people as the first step. Maybe even before that, reconnect with your family. You and your family likely know each other better than anyone else. Tear down those psychological defenses and be vulnerable with them. That's how you become close. If you're too much of a cuck to be vulnerable with your family, then work on yourself first. Pretend you have a spine until you start to grow a real one. You grew up and learned of shame before learning social skills, so you're keenly aware of how awkward you might come across. Kids don't have any sense of shame, so they can learn without worrying about how incredibly awkward they are. You still have to learn that same way, and just pretend you're not self-conscious. If you want to make it easier, go somewhere where no one will ever see you again, so it doesn't matter if you come across as awkward. Either way, don't end up as an herbivore man, soyboy, or hikikomori. Start a family and guide/lead them, cause you're a man.

642d41 No.11367973

this is an advertisement for an advertising campaign, not a real product.

772693 No.11367991

This doesnt look like an actual product, but I dont know moonrunes.

5cebf5 No.11368002

>>11367799 (checked)


This. WTF I'm looking at?

483e2a No.11368379


This is just sad.

Get a girlfriend, Japs…for chrissake, this can't be real.

d1bcf9 No.11368389

Just looks like a commercial to me

745217 No.11368399

It is a real contest. You can win one if you follow the twitter. It looks like this was made by a candy company to sell more candy. I'm just going off the jewgle translation of puccho.jp/a-n

000000 No.11368403

Are we nearing Universe 25, /pol/?


000000 No.11368404



8b46f9 No.11368405

OP is an absolute fucking retard. If you don't understand Japanese don't post shit that you can't understand you dumb fucking nigger. Puccho is a popular candy makers in Japan and this is an promotional campaign that they are doing. If you follow their Twitter and re-tweet their promotional tweet, 2 people have a chance of winning the "4D" VR goggles as a gift. All it is, is an ad to make you buy more of their shit.

938576 No.11368750

Every day the samurai strays further from the shogun

2edfde No.11369224


Japan is the culmination of Western degradation, where hedonism, consumerism and mass society is brought to the max. Social alienation and atomization is fully implemented. That's the end result when multiculturalism is not implemented.

2564c1 No.11369250


So, multiculturalism is coming?

ebfd1f No.11369315

ITT: OP chokes on nigger cum.


Try harder kike.

529f3a No.11369425


Anon, at least find a sauce other than some random mp4. A quality OP is half of the thread.

>Japan is so blue-pilled they made VR goggles which literally blue-pill its users.

isn't this more like blackpilled? the people buying this shit sure they have no belief of being able of making any irl friends or girlfriend, they simulate school, could be shut-ins who have faced the harsh reality of a highly competitive society, the kind of people who don't have any expectatives of positive changes in their lives because they see themselves as unable to make them happen so they go full escapism.

2edfde No.11369435



No, it's what happens when degradation is allowed to flourish and in this case without multiculturalism. Obviously if immigration is implemented, it gets far worse…

1fb235 No.11369629


>literally blue-pill

Yeah, literally - but not in the figurative sense "we" usually use it.

Please kill yourself you reaching faggot.

What's next? You'll find out some infomercial where some fat fuck is too stupid to hold a bowl of popcorn and start yelling about how the kikes are right?

2bba46 No.11369964

the target audience for this is actually old japanese men past their prime who daydream about the old highschool days.

08f0a3 No.11369982

File: fbcac8f813e9ea9⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 523x481, 523:481, Japan candy smile.jpg)


This has meme potential

836b4e No.11369996


My moonrunes are pretty underdeveloped but this looks like a promotion for candy, maybe a contest?

59b989 No.11370053

File: 48bcd19265d1d73⋯.jpg (64.6 KB, 540x720, 3:4, tumblr_inline_p2fxwyiq301r….jpg)

On a related note, the chief character in this year's super sentai is… black. A reoccurring supporting actor/character in a Japanese television show for Japanese children is black. In case you need a reminder, the chief role in the sentai roles is like the mentor/leader of the group represented in the american power rangers as zordon.

and this year he's a black man

ade439 No.11370138

File: a0f5ae2bd5d8b43⋯.jpg (27.88 KB, 313x208, 313:208, Capture.JPG)

2e12f1 No.11370183

File: 2834090ef9fb964⋯.jpg (41.54 KB, 480x335, 96:67, drunkenjapsalarymen.jpg)


This is what happens when you have a protestant work ethic without the protestant family ethic or the protestant community ethic. You are a sad machine so obsessed with academic success and career you neglect socialization and reproduction to the point you can only get close to objects or require thousands of gallons of alcohol to socialize with live humans.

acc8cc No.11370235

File: 785a9382b82a5a7⋯.png (356.28 KB, 800x949, 800:949, Pathetic!.png)

Japs are just fucking sad.

80fdcc No.11370267

Don't care what you have to do, but:

Sell a fucking kidney to move out of the city and get a fucking dog.

27c944 No.11370306


You say this like its as easy as picking up a pair of socks at the store.

96163a No.11370334


<Start a family and guide/lead them

>all womyn are cucked by femtardism

>it's fucking expencive to just live alone, having 2 more mouths to feed it next to imposible

>all day spent working like a nigger to get enough shekkels to las to the end of the month

>barelly any spare time to relax and clear your mind before going back to the cotton field

>way to tired to go out and meet people

>grew up way to alienated form normies to get any kind of social skills

>no hope of progressing cus i got to compete with niggers and other subhumans who would gladly allow themselves to be exploited just so that they won't have to go back to their shithole countries

>the red pill has made me way to cinic to feel any kind of emontion or human empaty

>women are more trouble than thei're worth

>hookers are cheaper and easyer to get

>got to the point where i don't even care anymore, my own health will kill me before odl age does

i would have been happy to just die alone surrounded by vidya, comics, and other forms of escapism but the fithly kikes won't even allow us that

88d0d0 No.11370449


>inb4 cucks strap a cock to it

eba39b No.11370588


I was thinking it would make a really nice "OP is a Fag" gif with a cock on the end.

fe6ff2 No.11370591

File: 7832f069c765de9⋯.png (320.56 KB, 372x539, 372:539, 1488845797892.png)


Maybe you shouldn't be a loser and get yourself out of the menial low-IQ job your working. We desperately need our ideology in positions of power and authority. In business, Artistic fields, government, finance etc.

Reading your post it sounds like it's straight from /r9k/ it's fucking pathetic. Being a /pol/ack you should know better. Our situation shouldn't depress you. You should accept it and work towards a solution. Believing you are unable to act on a problem is laying the foundation of depression.

Lets be frank. Most of /pol/ is autistic and human communication and interaction is certainly not our forte.

Not all women are cucked my feminism, only a tiny percentage of people identify as feminists. It's far from impossible to find a women.

Most people on here has unrealistic expectations. you're not going to find a female nazi larper and muse over Hitlers writing together.

The best strategy is finding a white woman of decent character and red-pilling her over time. Even if your wife isn't red-pilled if you love your kids and care about them, they will certainly suck up your teachings.

Never take the black pill, not even once.

000000 No.11370594

<shitskins get bluepilled

oh no? get out of here you gookloving faggot.

033bfd No.11370679

can one of our resident weebs translate teh gookanese to engrish plox

93aa22 No.11370772


Seriously. They couldn't even have it work as a candy dispenser.

483e2a No.11370967

File: e4f974cfff8aa23⋯.jpg (67.1 KB, 474x823, 474:823, VikingRed2.jpg)


>You say this like its as easy as picking up a pair of socks at the store.

Just go talk to her, WTF is wrong with you?

You DO talk to people, right? Then talk to a girl the same way.

My fucking god, it's not that hard. If she's a snot-nose and brushes you off, go on to the next. There are other people who are rude, too…what do you do with them? Ignore and avoid them, of course.

Plenty of fish in the sea.

1941f5 No.11370986


All the women are working to death now, just like the men. No time to date, no time for a family.

170b48 No.11370998

File: 0007e71ec322212⋯.png (699.77 KB, 1132x1526, 566:763, 410c3d15f950cf154c587fd040….png)




So what.

So long as they don't accept mass immigration -especially of niggers and Muslims- some will reproduce, some won't but in the end equilibrium will be found. Japan still has sub-cultures based on interests, and career.

24e3d5 No.11371147

File: 62bef927d785572⋯.webm (10.58 MB, 720x406, 360:203, gatebox.webm)


Checked a shit OP

The guys at the end are so fucking awkward not knowing when to bite. And it doesn't even have a candy dispenser? And there's like three servos there for a single candy?

I mean, if you're going to talk about blue pills waifus… I feel sad for Japanese men.

e7dae5 No.11371169



Confirmed for never having actually BEEN to Japan. Tokyo =/= Japan.

Visit Kyushu or Shikoku.

Or just go to Nagoya.

Tokyo sucks (although Yokohama is pretty fun), and Osaka is a bit overrated imho. Sendai and Kyoto are both nice.

In general, though, countryside and small islands >>> cities.

e7dae5 No.11371179





Don't blame the nips for this.

Blame the Kikes responsible for the (((Manhattan Project))).

Japan lost millions of their bravest young men in WWII (their population actually DROPPED by 15%, compared to how it was growing before).

The occupation was very harsh as far as the 'Samurai Spirit' is concerned.

Read Yukio Mishima's "Sun and Steel" for more information.

7bed7b No.11371500

9b3e83 No.11371735


That's Korea, not Japan.

50318f No.11372055


Korea is worse but still it's both tbh. Korea went all in with the superficiality and they probably edge the Japs with the unhealthy consumerism levels too but the Japs have long had that degenerate side to them.

953f0c No.11373945


>(((muh birth rate)))

I moved to Japan when I was a purple-pilled MGTOW, and I'm very suspicious of all the "ageing population" rhetoric. Okay, I work as a teacher so I'm around children a lot, but the schools around me are all huge (the reasonably rural one I worked at before was far bigger than the city centre one I attended in the UK) and full of kids who are all either Yamato, "Zainichi" ("Koreans" who are on their fourth or fifth generation of living in Japan by now and don't even speak Korean) or, at worst, Chinks (and the nips hate even them with a passion). In a previous job I worked with super-young kids, and the moms came into the classroom while I was teaching, almost every one was either pregnant, had a newborn in her arms, or both.

And anyway, Japan's got the population of the US in a land not much bigger than Britain. That's a disaster waiting to happen whichever way you slice it. A little bit of a population reduction would do them a world of good.

61689e No.11378496


> only a tiny percentage of people identify as feminists

Just because you don't identify as a thief doesn't mean you wouldn't take a wallet full of $100 bills if you saw it lying in the middle of the sidewalk. If almost anyone male or female sees an opportunity to greatly enrich themselves with little or no effort they are going to take it, and if someone gets fucked over that's their problem. You are correct that most women are not feminists, they are opportunists. I get that you are trying to help but you need to acknowledge reality instead of living in your idealized fantasy world where a bitch isn't going to rob you and use the law to fist-fuck you the second you become an inconvenience to her. Lets take stock of the situation and find a better way.

2e12f1 No.11378509

File: e9d167c0b4dedea⋯.jpg (43.98 KB, 362x291, 362:291, popgraph.jpg)


You don't reduce populations by culling the young, because that's an absolute timebomb. You do it by migration of adults. China figured that out the hard way. Now they are racing the clock to colonize Africa and South America before their abortion-decimated population implodes.

2abce7 No.11378542

This is fucking amazing! I can watch some shit or play a video game and the thing fucking gives me snacks whenever I need it. I dont have to stop using the keyboard or put down the controller. This is god tier because I now have robots even feeding me popcorn and shit. Idk why they would put some shit girl in it when I can be watching something good while being fed popcorn.

000000 No.11395109


613dd0 No.11395116


Democrats are the real racists!

2abce7 No.11395137


You dont understand, you could have like a Popsicle or a sandwich in that and be fed without dirtying anything. (sandwich might have to have some kinda non sharp toothpick to hold it together lest you poke out an eye.)

212353 No.11395889

File: aaaf12625b3b369⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 630x654, 105:109, Pedo_bear_trap.jpg)

000000 No.11424524


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