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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: 1128cf2c8333f99⋯.jpeg (248.98 KB, 1242x1191, 414:397, 5C932A89-F167-4827-B484-E….jpeg)

e6b367 No.11368519

Trump has moved Mike Pompeo to Secretary of State and the new CIA director is Gina Haspel.

Haspel ran a "black site" CIA prison located in Thailand in 2002. The site was codenamed "Cat’s Eye" and held suspected al Qaeda members Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah for a time. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture specifies that during their detention at the site they were waterboarded and interrogated using no longer authorized methods. Declassified CIA cables specify that Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in a month, was sleep deprived, kept in a "large box", had his head slammed against a wall and he lost his left eye. Zubaydah was deemed, by the CIA interrogators, to not be in possession of any useful intelligence (Interrogation of Abu Zubaydah).

Haspel later was the chief of staff to Jose Rodriguez, who headed the CIA's Counterterrorism Center. In his memoir, Rodriguez wrote that Haspel had "drafted a cable" in 2005 ordering the destruction of dozens of videotapes made at the black site in Thailand.

In 2013, John Brennan, then the director of Central Intelligence, named Haspel as acting Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service, which carries out covert operations around the globe. However, she was denied the position permanently due to criticism about her involvement in the Rendition, Detention and Interrogation program. Haspel has also served as the Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service for Foreign Intelligence and Covert Action.

2fa412 No.11368525

Kike free first post.

I dont know who is jewing who anymore.

d3aee6 No.11368533

>The BBC has obtained leaked emails that show a lobbying effort to get US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sacked for failing to support the United Arab Emirates against regional rival Qatar.

>Major Trump fundraiser and UAE-linked businessman (((Elliott Broidy))) met US President Donald Trump in October 2017 and urged him to sack Mr Tillerson, the emails reveal.

>In other emails, he calls the top US diplomat "a tower of Jello", "weak" and says he "needs to be slammed".

>Mr Broidy says Qatar hacked his emails.


9c205a No.11368550

File: db4cfdc79ad2c9d⋯.gif (86.1 KB, 260x189, 260:189, kill it with fire.gif)


>yfw he puts a woman in charge of the CIA so it will collapse under her mismanagement

d48fec No.11368552

So this is going to be the final season of Homeland. Well done.

6b0cbb No.11368554


Bamp, this is big,

Trump putting a chief CIA Nigger in the Secstate position and replacing Tillerson sounds like bad news.

7377ad No.11368557


What's the plot ?

23f04b No.11368564



Cancer Tillerson

Tejas Club (Theta Nu Epsilon - subgroup skull&bones), Business Roundtable (led by AT&T director Randall L. Stephenson, member CFR), member of Business Council (led by Henry Kravis, creator of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts,


23f04b No.11368567

File: 6a6d4c178a539d0⋯.png (430.08 KB, 740x400, 37:20, trumppepe740-1.png)


8a624f No.11368582


>some president names some bitch that ran a CIA blacksite in southeast asia as a alphabet soup director


>ibn4 $Dchess

<not an argument

e6b367 No.11368587


Article about it from early February.

If Tillerson was a Secret Societies guy then I agree with outing him I just don’t understand the move of Pompeo to Secretary of State and replacing him with the BRIGHTEST SHINING WOMAN IN THE CIA. We’ll just have to see.

23f04b No.11368588


Trump fires

Cancer Rex Tillerson after this statement:


9baa14 No.11368589

Women don't fucking belong in politics. I don't care what kind of chess it is, they're emotional, loose cannons that exclusively make stupid fucking decisions when put in positions of political influence. Need proof? I bet that thread of the dumb bitch congresswoman or whoever sawing off her shotgun is still in the catalog.

7f7009 No.11368592

The question I want answered is, did Gina Haspel suck ladyboy cock?

9c205a No.11368599


Of course. That is what we have wanted from the very start. Jews, Muslims, Communists, and other undesirables in concentration camps.

cfd503 No.11368605

File: 198db6a45c0dc3a⋯.jpeg (59 KB, 494x411, 494:411, Trump_Bane.jpeg)

File: c50df4aa3029a94⋯.jpg (169.81 KB, 975x632, 975:632, no way.jpg)


You are absolutely correct anon. Now what do you think is going to happen to the semi-defunkt, broni-infested, world pedo center that is the CIA?

They are going to crash and burn the funniest way possible.

d3aee6 No.11368610


you're just as retarded as Trump

>CIA Director Mike Pompeo in a Sunday show interview said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that his government did not meddle in the 2016 election is “false.”


e14c11 No.11368614

I can't stop fucking laughing.

Trump sent Cancer Rex into the shithole




6b0cbb No.11368615

>All the anons ITT that don't realize the implications of a CIA Secretary of State.

I wonder if this will continue.

9c205a No.11368616

File: 865ac81af51de30⋯.jpg (32.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, do you feel in charge.jpg)


>FEMA camps are for those nasty white nationalist terrorists



cfd503 No.11368620


Some Russians did 'interfere', a couple grand in faceberg ads. Does Pompeo say somewhere that those ads were only in favor of Trump or that they had any actual affect on the election?

e58bb2 No.11368630

File: 9e8a71ac93450bd⋯.png (52.21 KB, 849x541, 849:541, 03686294eecd2ccf6c7a8257e9….png)

e6b367 No.11368635

File: c45dd584a82d4c5⋯.jpeg (129.37 KB, 1408x1055, 1408:1055, E8467DAF-FA6C-40DF-9B3E-6….jpeg)

She sure looks like she probably sucked ladyboy cock

9c205a No.11368639


>If you don't take blackpills you're a kike

I can't wait to perform brutal and degrading experiments on you until your body turns to mush.

d3aee6 No.11368642


>hurrdurr muh russia narrative is good/bad depending which candidate it's about

you truly are blind

>Russians did 'interfere', a couple grand in faceberg ads

that's not what he is referring to and you know it

9a7d25 No.11368659

File: e755a07717e5cc9⋯.png (582.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 40tkeks.png)

432555 No.11368660

File: fe9435305cc0ba6⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 412x297, 412:297, Rex-Tillerson.jpg)

432555 No.11368663

File: 230c1e41dda9aaa⋯.png (307.92 KB, 567x686, 81:98, Screenshot-2018-3-13 U S S….png)

432555 No.11368664

File: 1fe899c7ec0e90c⋯.png (440.74 KB, 567x2347, 567:2347, Screenshot-2018-3-13 U S S….png)


9b2b22 No.11368681



<It was russia, and russia better explain how they did it

these people are mental, not only they claim whomever they like did it, they even want it to explain how they did it

cfd503 No.11368683

File: 13543ed806be920⋯.jpg (144.71 KB, 697x577, 697:577, coolest monkey in the zoo.jpg)




Are you fucking retarded?

That aside he doesn't look like a kike or a faggot.

He seemed mighty eager to drop his tour de merde early, so he might have a healthy opinion on niggers.

432555 No.11368687

File: 823dfb10c75dcc7⋯.png (5.74 KB, 670x174, 335:87, Screenshot-2018-3-13 Trump….png)

File: 230c1e41dda9aaa⋯.png (307.92 KB, 567x686, 81:98, Screenshot-2018-3-13 U S S….png)

File: 1fe899c7ec0e90c⋯.png (440.74 KB, 567x2347, 567:2347, Screenshot-2018-3-13 U S S….png)

File: fe9435305cc0ba6⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 412x297, 412:297, Rex-Tillerson.jpg)

File: b39372d9aef5a0f⋯.jpg (101.87 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Trump-oval-feature-01-21-2….jpg)


025ea6 No.11368688


>He seemed mighty eager to drop his tour de merde early

Might have something to do with his being fired

10db9f No.11368697

File: 45d55d08d57ec28⋯.jpg (53.21 KB, 600x819, 200:273, tumblr_oyjko0IcO21tf6hido1….jpg)

Wanna know the real reason why Trump accepted the capital of Israel being moved to Jerusalem? So that America can move theirs to Tel Aviv.

d3aee6 No.11368703


that happened a long time ago

10db9f No.11368709


>replacing him with the BRIGHTEST SHINING WOMAN IN THE CIA

The absolute state of /pol/

432555 No.11368714

File: a8f84dfea7040e5⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 630x500, 63:50, donald-trump-smile-.jpg)

File: a19962077bf6580⋯.jpg (37.66 KB, 720x291, 240:97, trump-laughing.jpg)



I can't stop fucking laughing.

>Trump sends him to apologise for shitholes to Africa tour

>Rex is unhappy about it

>sucks up to nigerian shithole niggers

>midway through gets called back

>makes some jibba jabba about attacking Russia while on the plan

>comes home

You're fired

000000 No.11368726




So we get a CIAnigger as SoS, a (((cunt))) as Director at CIAnigger HQ, and the Dems are fielding a bunch of candidates from the "Intelligence" Community.

I'd say the "Deep State" ploy has worked exceedingly well.


10db9f No.11368727


>Russians bought faceberg ads promoting both Antifa and the alt-kike

We actually have redditors believing the muh russia narrative, holy shit.

d3aee6 No.11368735


>makes some jibba jabba about attacking Russia

and now the CIAnigger can continue where Rex left off


d569ee No.11368748


>this is getting more and more pathetic every day, at this rate, /pol/ will cheer on FEMA camps.

You seem oddly butthurt about sandniggers getting tortured in a secret prison. The CIA did something good for once and you're mad about it. Really activates my almonds


>The absolute state of /pol/

You're pretty stupid, aren't you?>this is getting more and more pathetic every day, at this rate, /pol/ will cheer on FEMA camps.

52dc14 No.11368755

File: 9bb81b9de88f1ac⋯.png (292.53 KB, 1340x1480, 67:74, shilltactics.png)


Between the Redditors , CIAniggers,KIKE FUCKING RATS, I think there maybe something to this .

d569ee No.11368758


>You're pretty stupid, aren't you?>this is getting more and more pathetic every day, at this rate, /pol/ will cheer on FEMA camps.

And this is why I shouldn't post first thing after waking up

d3aee6 No.11368774


will your blog tell us more about your morning routines?

d3aee6 No.11368781


>cuckchan larping

d3aee6 No.11368790


it's still muh russia, shill

0c0574 No.11368794

Once she institutes a program of international murder and terrorism, we ought to claim sexism any time the kikes bitch about it

d3aee6 No.11368796


are you retarded?

c459bd No.11368797

File: 3a54235c4fd1ef1⋯.jpg (15.07 KB, 255x255, 1:1, All but communists.jpg)


Tillerson will be moving American armaments to Germany, including nukes, so comrade Merkel can finally attack Russia, destroying both Russia and Europe once and for all… unless the Europeans recognize and stop (((them))). No matter what country they live in, every Jew has its role to play.

d3aee6 No.11368828


neocohens have been gunning for Russia for decades

they don't care why you go along as long as you do

dfed95 No.11368843

File: 1c14f4d88d29acc⋯.png (30.22 KB, 619x238, 619:238, Shoahpiro.png)

Kikes are happy. Pompeo is a major Israel-firster.

d569ee No.11368844

File: 0c3508f2d209825⋯.jpeg (46.15 KB, 388x146, 194:73, thai sandniggers.jpeg)


>will your blog tell us more about your morning routines?

That's a lot of butthurt for no explicable reason



<in thailand


c4c411 No.11368845


Holy fuck , real

432555 No.11368848


except, he is fired.

c459bd No.11368857


oh, goody

432555 No.11368860

all these ass rekt shills. it's beautiful.

You got ran the fuck over along with rex.


d569ee No.11368865


>Kikes are happy. Pompeo is a major Israel-firster

Are you seriously going to pretend Tillerson was shouldn't have been fired? Come on now.

d3aee6 No.11368869


if kikes like something it's always bad for us


>neocohens are all supporting trump

you have no fucking clue who neocohens even are, do you?

d569ee No.11368884


>muslim groups

>going against zionism

Thanks for the laugh

8fe239 No.11368887


pompeo was at the CIA for a year. There are reasons for this. Pompeo is a good guy. possibly good goy, but not too goyish i think.

The goys want war with russia at all costs. Trump is trying to prevent this; this is the main crux of everything right now.

dfed95 No.11368891


No, but he shouldn't have been replaced by Pompeo. This is going from bad to worse.

>In the summer of 2015, at the height of the debate over the Iran deal, Pompeo said that the deal "won't stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb and places Israel at more risk." He also said that the "theory that post-sanctions Iran will moderate is a joke – they want to annihilate Israel, now buying Russian missiles." Pompeo also criticized the Obama administration for not demanding that Iran cease calling for Israel's destruction as part of the deal – a demand proposed and promoted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "Ceasing to call for the destruction of Israel should have been a condition of the Iran Deal – along with release of innocent American hostages," Pompeo said in a statement.


d3aee6 No.11368905


do you read news at all?

Pompeo has been shilling against Russia ever since Trump made him CIA director

e6b367 No.11368911

the picture I posted is actually not her. Disregard.

On the other hand, I can’t even find a picture of this woman.

d3aee6 No.11368930


>it's not neocohens

>it's probably the neocohens lmao

d569ee No.11368947


>No, but he shouldn't have been replaced by Pompeo.

That's a better argument. The wiseness of replacing Tillerson with Pompeo will all come down to whether or he tries to start a war with Iran for MUH ISRAEL.

d3aee6 No.11368957


>will all come down to whether or he tries to start a war with Iran for MUH ISRAEL

he's a republican

of course he will

000000 No.11368973


>CNN: 10 reasons a woman should head the CIA


really makes you think…

8fe239 No.11368978


thats why he was put in the CIA. dont you guys see the big picture? this isnt hard to figure out. we've known about this personnel change since october. they were waiting for the mueller fiasco to peak and start winding down. now that patriot pompeo, who is on our side; can stop handling the cia side of the russia investigation, he can move over to where he belongs.

I dont know how else to spell it out for you blackpilled concerntrolls.

d3aee6 No.11368984


>patriot pompeo

>who is on our side


23f04b No.11369009

File: a8f84dfea7040e5⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 630x500, 63:50, donald-trump-smile-.jpg)

File: 7e81734288ed7f0⋯.jpg (26.88 KB, 685x385, 137:77, methode_times_prod_web_bin….jpg)

File: 6cb721caef68fe9⋯.jpg (89.19 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 65482210.jpg)


All is going according to plan

8fe239 No.11369010


I have no problem with muslims dying, even if they are based shiites. but I can promise one thing; we wont be going to war under Trump. the swamp is getting chipped away; sometimes it may look like a path is being followed, but I can assure you, it is not.

cb7675 No.11369016


A move to secure himself against any attempted coups, preparing for “Presidency for life” in 2020. Something’s up. This was sudden even by GEOTUS standards.

8fe239 No.11369035


This is partially correct. There will be a future event that will suspend elections, but it's for the good of the republic. One thing is certain, if/when Trump leaves office, the establishment backlash will be terrifying. For one, this website will be gone. Any and all speech online in the US will be like the UKx100. The entire internet will be completely locked down.

bcf500 No.11369037


There are sandniggers in Thailand when we bring them there. I’d bet that US (ZOG) - Thai relations are pretty good, meaning that when US intel agencies ask to build these secret prisons for ‘terrorists,’ the Thais just give them every blessing. Their recently deceased long ruling monarch King Rama IX was born in the US before taking the throne. My town even has a Thai Buddhist temple in it that is dedicated to him. I don’t mind actually, because they mind their business and Rama himself went Duterte style on drug dealers in his country years ago. Anons should read up on him. He was a good and revered leader of his people. But I digress, this is probably why Thailand will do what the US asks.

dfed95 No.11369049


The "swamp" is the jewish lobby, and if we're still going to war for Israel, then it's not being chipped away at all.

71bea3 No.11369061


>"what a great woman! I can't think of anyone more qualified to run the CIA than a woman! I love women!"

As it all burns down. Then he puts her in charge of the FBI.

7c5990 No.11369063


Checked. It seems people are shitting in this thread pretty quickly.

23f04b No.11369078

File: 6cb721caef68fe9⋯.jpg (89.19 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 65482210.jpg)

File: 937ee4a97d5d47c⋯.jpg (90.3 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 65482222.jpg)






23f04b No.11369090


d3aee6 No.11369096

8fe239 No.11369098


yes they're part of it. but whats worse than the jewish lobby, is the creatures it has created. There's much more to the swamp than just the fucking kikes. And they aren't in the swamp just for jewishness. they want power and control, period. the only reason the jews are in many of these positions of power is because theres STILL a shit ton of guilt over muh holocaust.

We're not going to war. There may be some limited strikes carried out by proxies, but I can 100% guarantee there's no boots on the ground unless someone else initiates it.

cb7675 No.11369108


Trump has to be GEOTUS during the chaos factor, the first few weeks - months of the Fourth Reich will be shaky but once Deep State is permanently BTFO, it’s smooth sailing. Also, Tillerson was financing anti-Orban ads in Hungary. He’s a Deep State oil shill, put in place for the Saudi deal.

d3aee6 No.11369117


>We're not going to war

>There may be some limited strikes carried out by proxies

23f04b No.11369126

File: 160ac7f6499e93a⋯.jpg (58.96 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, salt-mine-squabble-drags-o….jpg)

File: 9dd4531a4b72fd1⋯.jpg (197.47 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, Salt-mine-1024x673.jpg)

File: 3672f684692267d⋯.jpg (162.05 KB, 1159x560, 1159:560, salt-production-2-1159x560.jpg)

File: 2803fb1faebe7c3⋯.jpg (43.26 KB, 380x314, 190:157, salt_block.jpg)

File: b2c139d3ab0fc8d⋯.jpg (126.71 KB, 1159x560, 1159:560, salt-production-1-1159x560.jpg)


8fe239 No.11369130


look mom, i figured out how to post on the internet!

dfed95 No.11369131

File: f31b1bd69875a8c⋯.jpg (65.05 KB, 544x350, 272:175, Know Your Enemy.jpg)


No, it's the jews, and they want what they want because of their jewishness. It's a racial agenda.

d3aee6 No.11369141



wtf are you even trying to say?

if you have nothing to add stfu and go back to >>>/reddit/

23f04b No.11369148

File: a19962077bf6580⋯.jpg (37.66 KB, 720x291, 240:97, trump-laughing.jpg)

File: a19962077bf6580⋯.jpg (37.66 KB, 720x291, 240:97, trump-laughing.jpg)

File: a19962077bf6580⋯.jpg (37.66 KB, 720x291, 240:97, trump-laughing.jpg)



>Trump sends Rex to apologise for shitholes to Africa tour for him

>Rex is unhappy about it

>made to suck up to nigerian shithole niggers, literally in the shithole of all shitholes made to apologise for something he didn't say or do

>midway through gets called back

>makes some jibba jabba rex stronk speech about skripal, Putin, novičok and attacking Russia while on the plane back

>comes home

>welcome back Rex


8fe239 No.11369151


There are certainly some that are like this but to be fair, unless you're just a stormfront shill, you must realize there are multiple factions of jews, and they are currently fighting each other, just like their muslim brethren.

in fact these tribes being factioned off works to our advantage. if they ever worked together we would be truly fucked.

dfed95 No.11369163

File: 3aebc91dec1b68c⋯.png (245.23 KB, 932x600, 233:150, The Difference Between Goo….png)


>There are certainly some that are like this

All of them.

>if they ever worked together we would be truly fucked.

I have some bad news for you…

8fe239 No.11369183


i didnt say they weren't all bad. but some do help us, and most of them hate each other, in fact most jews are self hating, which is why they cause so much destruction. there are smart ways to work this to our advantage. just constantly posting memes does nothing but kinda make you look like a jew pushing a narrative.

cb7675 No.11369194

All Jews must die. So what else could be the play here? This is some edgy 1488D chess putting CIA as Sec. of State.

b02778 No.11369206



Lotta loyalty for a hired poster.

23f04b No.11369208

File: a19962077bf6580⋯.jpg (37.66 KB, 720x291, 240:97, trump-laughing.jpg)

File: a8f84dfea7040e5⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 630x500, 63:50, donald-trump-smile-.jpg)

File: 2f6625c32e45117⋯.jpg (11.73 KB, 224x225, 224:225, imagesrrr.jpg)

File: a8f84dfea7040e5⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 630x500, 63:50, donald-trump-smile-.jpg)


triggered as fuck

d3aee6 No.11369229



that's even more BASED

fa0762 No.11369256


What the fuck? When did Tillerson step down?

d3aee6 No.11369262


too soft on Iran, kikes didn't like him

4b887d No.11369264


Yep, there are muslims in Thailand. Unfortunately, the Thais need to take a page from Burma and obliterate the muslims. Here is what Thailand does instead.


You read that right, the Thais thought if they bombed the Muslims with paper origami cranes, that Muslims would realize the Thais were peaceful and meant no harm.

d3aee6 No.11369266


probably something (((Americans))) forced them to do

8fe239 No.11369267


dude was at CIA for a year. you'll see that, once you're past your teens, years go by really fast. pompeo was one of the original tea party guys; he was placed in the CIA for one reason; to keep them off Trumps back until muhrussia ended. There is a concerted kike effort to oust Trump.

jesus fuck, how many people on this site are under 18? so many of you think like children. probably literal lowIQ niggers.

fa0762 No.11369268


You should probably commit suicide before we take power again.

23f04b No.11369269

File: 22e2a54f4b6c695⋯.jpg (6.79 KB, 227x222, 227:222, index2.jpg)

File: 656d6ccd42aa5fa⋯.jpg (73.23 KB, 750x719, 750:719, 656.jpg)

File: 8fd82ac8fb42474⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 393x393, 1:1, 8fd82ac8fb424744d8f3ab9886….gif)


fa0762 No.11369276


Go back to 4chan and take your image spam with you.

23f04b No.11369283


Rex got fired for being a stupid idiot.


Cancer Tillerson

Tejas Club (Theta Nu Epsilon - subgroup skull&bones), Business Roundtable (led by AT&T director Randall L. Stephenson, member CFR), member of Business Council (led by Henry Kravis, creator of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts,


23f04b No.11369291

File: 1fe510ce9f3caf5⋯.jpg (102.02 KB, 759x508, 759:508, frOo8Ky.jpg)

File: fe8a0f71cc26f42⋯.jpg (89.87 KB, 640x360, 16:9, donna-brazile-youre-fired.jpg)

File: 018ad102da0e97b⋯.jpg (159.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 51c41b2d0d43058⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 173x264, 173:264, Shill JUST d.JPG)

File: 642a4801307297d⋯.jpg (23.25 KB, 243x373, 243:373, Rachel Maddow JUST.JPG)



d3aee6 No.11369299


Pompeo has been shilling against Russia harder than Rex


>There is a concerted kike effort to oust Trump

and how is surrounding himself with kikes and shabbos goyim going to help Trump?

d3aee6 No.11369306


this has to be a new shill tactic

it's the only explanation

8fe239 No.11369309


have you not seen the rate that he gets rid of people? he uses a person as a tool for a specific purpose, then FIRES them.

23f04b No.11369325

File: 781d7e0ebf83364⋯.jpg (148.51 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Trump-OVal-empty-desk-01-0….jpg)

File: b39372d9aef5a0f⋯.jpg (101.87 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Trump-oval-feature-01-21-2….jpg)

File: 9e854f07d14cabc⋯.jpg (112.03 KB, 600x600, 1:1, u0n7GIy-600x600 (1) putin.jpg)

File: f938f549f112f66⋯.jpg (185.58 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Pepe Frog Meme.jpg)

Trump sent Cancer Rex into the shithole





8fe239 No.11369333


stepping stones, kiddo. 95% of Earth HATES the white race, and you think you and your LARPing friends are going to change anyone's mind by acting like sperging autists?

d3aee6 No.11369342


who's mind are you trying to change?

23f04b No.11369343


Perhaps I should remind you that Trump is president, while Pompeo and Rex of all people -

are not

d3aee6 No.11369350

23f04b No.11369354

File: 5177d52a0c823f6⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 500x7813, 500:7813, rare-pepe-flip-off.jpg)

File: 830778d800a13e3⋯.png (889.49 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 34215534 pepe.png)


loving the asshurt, keep it flowing

23f04b No.11369359


it doesn't really matter what pompeo or rex think.

d3aee6 No.11369364


>the president decides everything alone

93903d No.11369379

Shit, wasn't Rex a decent guy? He wasn't trying to force war with the Russians and kicked all of the kikes out of Exxon. For some reason I have bad feelings about Mike. He hasn't been in the news much recently but I feel like he was shit before.

>female CIANigger

LOL this woman has to be absolutely batshit insane.

23f04b No.11369387

File: 25055f3ffb5775f⋯.png (3.37 KB, 688x143, 688:143, Screenshot-2018-3-13 Trump….png)

File: 937ee4a97d5d47c⋯.jpg (90.3 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 65482222.jpg)

File: 6cb721caef68fe9⋯.jpg (89.19 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 65482210.jpg)

File: b1d4cd934325b37⋯.jpg (80.21 KB, 992x744, 4:3, tillerson1-gty-ml-180313_4….jpg)







8fe239 No.11369393


first and foremost self hating whites. this is the biggest challenge. there's been 25 years of programming that needs to be reversed.


we're nowhere near revolution time, anonymous 13 year old.

96090b No.11369394

File: 84aa5a4a2c9af08⋯.webm (4.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, President Trump fires Rex….webm)

File: d43e6498770a7d3⋯.webm (2.6 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Obama CIA Director Brenna….webm)

23f04b No.11369431

File: 1cf699e3d656988⋯.jpg (61.77 KB, 550x735, 110:147, bb8.jpg)

File: a8f84dfea7040e5⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 630x500, 63:50, donald-trump-smile-.jpg)

File: 2911e093ac17e22⋯.jpg (37.55 KB, 458x390, 229:195, C593p-0UwAEHv1K.jpg)




triggered as fuck

23f04b No.11369434



Kek, are you going to cry?

dc58d4 No.11369562

File: 01ea03784c018c9⋯.jpeg (282.46 KB, 754x1024, 377:512, aviary-image-152095520911….jpeg)

Reports is has to do with NK negotiation.

If I recall correctly, Pompeo went against the Russia hacking narrative.

df4a98 No.11369584


Tillerson is out so that Pompeo can pressure Iran and negotiate with Best Korea. He wants to go down as the President who denuclearized "The Axis of Evil." countries without central banks The Trump admin will have record turnover since Trump is basing his presidency on his successful past business models. As soon as someone serves their purpose or fucks up royally, they are out.

dc58d4 No.11369594


MSM is freaking out over his Director pick as well.

6aea5b No.11369607


My first fucking thought hahahaha

dfe47e No.11369710


It’s like this. Some people are more destructive to your aims when they’re not in the lead position of power in their respective organization. Trump is aware he has to make deals with people to get shit done, and he is aware that Jews generally hate him, except for the Israel zionists. Giving top jobs to jews and big shabbos goyim actually relieves the bigger systemic pushback from the lower-down jew establishment. Think of it like controlled burning to prevent brush-fires. Trump is of course able to pull the plug on them whenever he has a problem, and has proved to be more than willing to do so on numerous occasions.

ddcd7d No.11369764


>not too goyish i think.

See the other thread.

>Pompeo also stated that a better option than negotiating with Iran would be to use “under 2,000 sorties to destroy the Iranian nuclear capacity. This is not an insurmountable task for the coalition forces.”

>In November 2015, Pompeo visited Israel and stated that "Prime Minister Netanyahu is a true partner of the American people" and that "Netanyahu's efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons are incredibly admirable and deeply appreciated". He also stated that "In the fight against terrorism, cooperation between Israel and the United States has never been more important" and that "We must stand with our ally Israel and put a stop to terrorism. Ongoing attacks by the Palestinians serve only to distance the prospect of peace.”[46]

>In a 2017 speech addressing the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Pompeo referred to WikiLeaks as "a non-state hostile intelligence service" and described founder Julian Assange as a narcissist, fraud, and coward.

"… we can no longer allow Assange and his colleagues the latitude to use free speech values against us. To give them the space to crush us with misappropriated secrets is a perversion of what our great Constitution stands for. It ends now…. Assange and his ilk make common cause with dictators today. Yes, they try unsuccessfully to cloak themselves and their actions in the language of liberty and privacy; in reality, however, they champion nothing but their own celebrity. Their currency is clickbait; their moral compass, nonexistent. Their mission: personal self-aggrandizement through the destruction of Western values."

d3aee6 No.11369784

d3aee6 No.11369826


>this is what reddit actually believes

2eb0c1 No.11369848


>that quote

What a good goy. CIAniggers, not even once. I suppose State will be shilling even more in eastern Europe under this fag.

42365c No.11369872

File: 39b5e034b37cd7a⋯.jpg (31.2 KB, 600x394, 300:197, you-have-to-go-back.jpg)

File: b951e0781f1e522⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 26333064_2010270422587532_….jpg)


Are you having a stroke?

42365c No.11369877


This Anon gets it

d081b0 No.11369881

File: efab3b02b92b963⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 500x208, 125:52, CIAnigger has Jokes.gif)

See, we're not all bad.

1de8c6 No.11369887


Tillerson probably tried to do something anti-Israel, Trump got triggered.

6f8a51 No.11369890

d3aee6 No.11369891


wasn't eager enough to bomb Iran

d081b0 No.11369895

File: 2ee718a4a491689⋯.jpg (35.29 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault[1].jpg)


They used them for homeless and illegals.

d081b0 No.11369900


You are going to die, jew.

85cc6a No.11369901

the woman apparently tortured people in Thailand, she gets the job done,

were in good hands

d3aee6 No.11369907


she can get the job done in the kitchen where she belongs


dying in Iran is reserved for the goyim

6f8a51 No.11369909



>image spamming



polite sage for double post

000000 No.11369915


>Pretty sure she's Jewish.

More than likely. Per kikepedia:

>Haspel is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

>Gina Haspel (born 1956), American intelligence officer

>Judith Haspel (1918–2004), Austrian-born Israeli swimmer

764bda No.11369926

Haspel is a jewish surname.

>tfw agent Smith is now agent Judith

d081b0 No.11369929

File: 44ba79499400d82⋯.jpg (98.68 KB, 900x553, 900:553, Bagel Baker.jpg)


Sure think moshe. Lets bring our force to bear on your doorstep. We totally will stop there with your semite cousins and not just finish you fucks off as we scour the land of your filth from east to West.

dfed95 No.11369944

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

IT WAS THE IRAN DEAL! Trump to Reporters After Firing Tillerson: “I Thought It was Terrible. I Guess He Thought It Was OK” (VIDEO)

>Trump then told reporters they differed on various issues. Then the president said they differed on the Iran Deal which Tillerson supported and Trump did not.

>President Trump: Rex and I have been talking about this for a long time. We got along quite well but we disagreed on things. When you look at the Iran deal. I think it’s terrible. I guess he thought it was OK. I wanted to either break it or do something and he felt a little bit differently. actually got along well with Rex. Really it was a different mindset. It was a different thinking.


d081b0 No.11369962

File: fd8bbc2a2d1b625⋯.jpg (66.21 KB, 580x419, 580:419, abu2[1].jpg)

File: 9444fce2df8fcad⋯.jpg (65.23 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 180313161616-04-gina-haspe….jpg)


>kikes steal names so it's a jew

d3aee6 No.11369968


I hope all the MAGApedes have enlisted

d6d56d No.11369980

File: 28e098e0bbacacf⋯.png (383.64 KB, 852x974, 426:487, MrBlonde.png)


Wait…given the extraordinary coup effort by deep state to subvert an elected president, the overt treason/surveillance of politicians through Awans etc. which defeats the entire function of our republic, deep state participation with the hillary cabal including in murders like Seth Rich, the deep state attempt to surveil everyone and subvert the constitution…you really think it's a good idea that a fucking torturer is in charge? After everything deep state kikes have done to America and Americans, you think it's ok to have someone in charge who is known for torturing people?

How did we get to this point as a nation?

dc58d4 No.11369987


>torturing people

>sand nigger jihadis


d081b0 No.11369994

File: d3636ce4d5a8ff5⋯.jpg (43.89 KB, 450x293, 450:293, ebdb1c8755780074aea63f05f8….jpg)

File: 1f8bba7d4d5cadc⋯.gif (899.78 KB, 500x211, 500:211, giphy[1].gif)

100a1c No.11369995


You immense faggot, alphabets have been engaging in torture for nearly a century and you want to claim moral outrage now? What exactly do you think intelligence agencies exist for, information gathering?

d3aee6 No.11369997


>What exactly do you think intelligence agencies exist for

to serve Israel

100a1c No.11369998

In other news how about that jew Goldstein who was TRex's undersecretary getting axed too

d6d56d No.11370000


Wait, why are you diverting with fake "uh hate muh a r abs" narrative? She tortured people for Israel/US MIC.

This person is a torturer put in charge of an evil organization that has destroyed our republic.

If you don't think torture will be turned on Americans domestically given the coup the deep state is carrying out right now to usurp our entire system of government permanently and take away any tiny last bit of freedom of this nation, you are mistaken.

People need to say enough is enough.

d081b0 No.11370002

File: 8b7ff22a2fdecf3⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 800x420, 40:21, Waterboard Practice.jpg)

Wonder what Shilldawg is thinking at this moment that the grand torturer of the SS will be handling her deposition.

100a1c No.11370005


God what a shitty get, you think the fucking cia "destroyed our republic"? It's jews you faggot, jews destroyed it

d6d56d No.11370006


Meant to reply above to the person invoking the "but she tortured arabs" poster >>11369987

d081b0 No.11370010



It was never yours kike. Funny how it's only enough when it's turned against you fucks finally. Fuck off back to leddit.

d3aee6 No.11370012


>still thinking anything will happen to Hillary

you seriously have to go back now >>>/reddit/

d6d56d No.11370013


Stop diverting with this bullshit. CIA and Mossad et al are in it together.

They ruined the nation.

This woman is torturer, and the torture will be turned on Americans.

You shills are subhuman.

d081b0 No.11370014



000000 No.11370015


Strong womyn CIAnigger didn't bother to purge her online dox before becoming DIRECTOR OF THE FUCKING CIA!

That should've been done wayyyyy before now, Hell even before she was on her "black site" assignments. Persec fucking fail…We're so unbelievably fucked.

I'm not posting the details. Don't v& me, you glow in the dark faggots.

100a1c No.11370018


I'm not a shill you fucking assclown and I'm not diverting, you presented a shitty opinion I merely offered a response of the same caliber.

dc58d4 No.11370025

File: 01f7a072f54d687⋯.jpeg (82.66 KB, 425x329, 425:329, aviary-image-152096110445….jpeg)

You can easily spot the fairweathers because they make radical decisions based on cabinet positions. Also you have to assume anyone who says anything negative in these threads is a (You)-thirsty shill because 90% of them are and they all clutch their pearls in horror at the accusation and pretend they've been here since the escalator so the 10% genuinely blackpilled retards are always going to be thrown out with the bathwater.

Don't forget Pompeo hasn't been CIA chief for very long. 15 months ago he was just a state rep.



Boo fucking hoo bitch. Not everyone falls out the womb a red pilled natsoc like yourself. Some people joined the military to serve after 911 and get back at a perceived enemy cause they didn't know any better.

d081b0 No.11370032

File: 1365aaa608afea9⋯.gif (2.68 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 136[1].gif)

>that is actually her real info

Newsflash, realCIAniggers have layers of "personal" info and the majority of it is designed for misdirection.

95731a No.11370034


>go back to reddit

>image spam of laughing trumps

Jesus what a shit show this board has become.

cfd503 No.11370044

File: c7a143196e955a4⋯.jpg (66.75 KB, 600x371, 600:371, Master of the Blade.jpg)


Killing sandniggers is about the only decent thing the alphabets have done in the last century.

000000 No.11370049


should I call her?

d081b0 No.11370051

File: 5b6fa2d5702d9f1⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 640x638, 320:319, Checked.jpg)

dc58d4 No.11370055

File: 4013ee962dbfa06⋯.jpeg (62.88 KB, 593x246, 593:246, aviary-image-152096163666….jpeg)



(Ironic shitposting is still shitposting)

d081b0 No.11370057

File: 0776f86b477cca4⋯.jpg (90.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, For a Good Time.jpg)


You're welcome to try.

d081b0 No.11370060

File: fe228b2b76fbffd⋯.gif (8.89 KB, 271x214, 271:214, C'he Chem.gif)

c838c1 No.11370072



Is this an invasion???


You don't belong here.


A shit. They wouldn't bother anyone if they wouldn't take sandnigger land which mad it easy to ship them to europe because "muh war", "muh they cant go back to where they left their family behind".

c838c1 No.11370075


*The sandniggers wouldn't bother anyone

dc58d4 No.11370076

File: 54fd5186c1b3ec6⋯.jpeg (155.29 KB, 1024x298, 512:149, aviary-image-152096191450….jpeg)

Behold! Your new CIA director.

2eb0c1 No.11370077


Well two options. Business as usual CIAniggertry(most likely) or less competent CIAniggertry via diversity Either way not much changes on our end.

d3aee6 No.11370079


they "bothered" Europe pretty actively for a thousand years

d081b0 No.11370089


>you semite fucks will go to any lengths

This woman is either descended from Himmler or an honest kike lauding semite tricks.


9a7d25 No.11370092

File: 1eb29c158458a3e⋯.jpg (3.49 MB, 2448x2699, 2448:2699, dudewut.jpg)

MFW I filter a kike shill and 6 gorillian posts drop off like the US economy under King Nigger.

c838c1 No.11370099


But now they lack the advancements.

They could just rot where they are, same with niggers.

The shit that arrives in Europe is shipped in through NGOs by German Ships.

The EU funds them. Guess who's behind that…

dfed95 No.11370101


Not when they're doing it for Israel.

dc58d4 No.11370108

File: e8fb3a81789377a⋯.jpeg (98.66 KB, 580x308, 145:77, aviary-image-152096225901….jpeg)


McTumor on our new director.

dc58d4 No.11370110


The buck stopped in Syria friend.

d081b0 No.11370118


Funny he was the one bitching if Obama closed Gitmo unilaterally.

d3aee6 No.11370123


AIPAC will straighten him out

dc58d4 No.11370130

File: 099897af541d7b0⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 1520958848265.jpg)


Meanwhile, dems can't say a fucking thing because Trump just nominated the first woman to direct the cia.

d3aee6 No.11370136


>dems r the real misogynists

go back to >>>/reddit/

dc58d4 No.11370148


>ive got no argument

>better call him reddit and double down on the blackpill


d6d56d No.11370150

Since shills or very naive people or people with absolutely no morality are out in force, let me summarize the problems with putting a Bush-era torturer in charge.

(1) We already know since before the election that deep state is attempting a coup and is not on the side of whites/Trump.

(2) That means the deep state kikes, who hate Trump-supporters/whites has been given the blessing to torture again.

(3) Torture is not normal. In fact, having a permanent deep state isn't normal either. In the history of the republic, it was a new creation after World War II that Truman regretted and Eisenhower warned us about. We have chosen to be evil in many respects in the second half of the 20th Century, and that evil has grown as the deep state has seized power domestically. What has happened in 70 years is horrifying. There is no other way to describe it.

(4) The Bush rendition program was an extraordinary, evil, horrific program that destroyed America's reputation abroad and produced little practical results/information from detainees. As a matter of foreign policy, torture still doesn't make sense. Look what resulted from the Bush years. The US tortured and murdered a lot of people who were innocent. Whether you care about them or not (and fuck you you fucking zog sociopath murderer fucks…all of you, because you are evil pieces of shit who torture and murder innocent people for kikes who run ZOG), well, guess what: once you torture and kill innocent people, you've now created 100 new people who want you and your family to die slowly because they correctly view you as evil torturing sadistic murderers. Extrapolate that to 10,000 instances of torture and murder…what kind of result does that produce?

I don't understand why Trump would do this. It's like he's randomly picking bullshit out of nowhere and going with it. I am starting to question why I support him with stuff like this.

TL;DR: your Trump supporting white ass may get tortured because Trump chose to put a torturer in charge of an organization that hates Trump supporters and whites

d3aee6 No.11370155


don't you have some white knighting to do?

aafe3e No.11370163


The entire narrative around the "deep state" seems to just devolve into people who don't like israel.

d3aee6 No.11370166



aafe3e No.11370174


For what?

268e6b No.11370180

Gina Haspel has experience running BLACK SITES and TORTURE PROGRAMS. Gitmo is getting major upgrades and there's 18,000 sealed indictments.

Anons, do you see where this is going??

28c969 No.11370187

File: 67b17a7bed33e89⋯.png (14.98 KB, 672x86, 336:43, snap snap.png)

de3811 No.11370189


Someone's trying to win at bingo

ab41a4 No.11370191

File: ee8c043f3304999⋯.webm (1.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Goodfellas laugh.webm)


>she can get the job done in the kitchen where she belongs

de3811 No.11370197


Yeah she's probably going to declare Trump guilty of Treason the second after she meets with any kike.

000000 No.11370198


kind of a risky gambit to run pre-confirmation. I'm inclined to believe it's option 2.

if she was truly on her game we wouldn't be reading about the black site shenanigans in the first place

aafe3e No.11370203


>Anons, do you see where this is going??

Nowhere good.

519620 No.11370208

File: dc890a19ca92b2d⋯.jpg (160.82 KB, 736x414, 16:9, jeb-chaos.jpg)

dfed95 No.11370215


>18,000 sealed indictments

You still haven't given up on the Q LARP?

cfd503 No.11370224


And that would have which consequence?

Trump put the bitch there he can very well remove her. Besides showing their hatred of him openly can be bad for them.

758ae5 No.11370250


His pick had a year to learn where all the clown glowfag bodies are buried. Useful in his new position. Hard to have clowns undermine him now.

dfed95 No.11370255



Where are all you Q niggers coming from? How can you take that LARP seriously after he claimed the NWO was a "Nazi World Order"?

0c03cd No.11370275

84 is less than 3 times a day. He got off easy. Who needs both eyes. Stop being faggots.

758ae5 No.11370283


I LARP as a neocohen on Twitter. You have to to keep your blue checkmark. Meanwhile my real position is physical removal. Re-read >>11368755 . To beat the kike you sometimes have to LARP as the kike.

758ae5 No.11370287


Glowing CIA Nigger Clowns from TempleOS Terry. Lurk two years.

dfed95 No.11370296


I've never heard him say "clowns", only Qfags.

000000 No.11370297


>fake news

You're seriously using CIA "fake news" terminology on here and calling trump supporters cucks and thinking we're going to buy that?

9fce44 No.11370305


The positions have changed but the oven is still hot.

000000 No.11370309


Look up "Operation Paperclip" and "Prescott Bush trading with the enemy," nigger. Hitler was supported by these people right up until he didn't want to invade Russia and destroy a strong nation state that had a long history of anti-kikery.

d3aee6 No.11370317


I hope you're just pretending to be retarded

000000 No.11370322


Come back when you have an argument, kike.

d6d56d No.11370339


The idea that deep state kikes who force niggerdom and kikedom and ruined this nation have anything to do with Nazi ideology currently is beyond ludicrous. Any historical connections between deep state and Nazis are completely irrelevant now.

Q may be doing this to make Nazism look bad to Trump supporters due to historic affiliation with deep state, or Q may be trying to make deep state look less appealing to kikes because of the historic Nazi affiliation (AGAIN: NOT CURRENT–DEEP STATE IS THE OPPOSITE OF PRO-WHITE). Since the only plausible explanations for bringing up ridiculous, irrelevant connections to Nazis appear to be psy op/politically-driven reasons, the mentions of Nazis should only be understood as more evidence that Q is a psy op with some type of propaganda objective and not a reliable, trustworthy source of any real information.

ab41a4 No.11370351


>3. The USSR was not anti-kike.

Under Stalin? Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler, prove me wrong

9fce44 No.11370354

A. Trump chose randomly

B. Chose generally best qualified

C. Chose for strategic reasons

Given the background, this person is

>Compelled to play ball

>Could use a redemption redemption arc

>Easily replaced at any time if needed

420822 No.11370362

File: 0f39f163761436d⋯.jpg (11.39 KB, 255x249, 85:83, 0f39f163761436d15cd25e776f….jpg)


Let's just say the deep state will taste their own medicine.

85cc6a No.11370374


nows thats an effective torturer

loving this lady already

aafe3e No.11370375


>Q may be doing this to make Nazism look bad to Trump supporters due to historic affiliation with deep state, or Q may be trying to make deep state look less appealing to kikes because of the historic Nazi affiliation

It is a ZOG psyop attempting to retcon the conspiracy-minded towards positions that support entrenched jewish capital.

dfed95 No.11370380


Q is doing what he's doing for the same reason Jonestein does what he does: to deflect blame away from the jewish enemy.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jonestein himself is connected to whoever's behind it.

aafe3e No.11370385


>Not everyone falls out the womb a red pilled natsoc like yourself.

The surname Haspel is jewish.

d6d56d No.11370388



This post is hilarious. Whether that person is a true shill or just observant, that is a neat summary of shill tactics.

Hilarious how the post was from 2012, and back then, the shill was blackpilling hard saying /pol/ is dead and not worth his time. Lol.

9fce44 No.11370393


I wonder who the President was then? Maybe the former administration should answer a few questions.

56cc56 No.11370394


It's an ARG, not a LARP. You're poisoning role playing terminology, which isn't much better.

aafe3e No.11370401


It is more than deflection, though. It wants to galvanize a failing non-White nation against "secret Nazis" in Europe.

d081b0 No.11370404

File: b3684ad4d184c9f⋯.jpg (117.65 KB, 730x464, 365:232, Running From the Faggot Po….jpg)

9fce44 No.11370406


If he did, it wasn't out of hate. Killing everyone who might disagree with you politically is different, anon. Hitler was born hating for no reason see, and received no help from the state nor foreign capitalists.

d081b0 No.11370413

File: 783c9b75d9405f2⋯.gif (479.38 KB, 400x170, 40:17, All the Keks.gif)

>let me explain

>I don't understand

>hey look over there it's muh QLARP

2cc9d2 No.11370416

The CIA director is a political appointment and typically a puppet for those who actually run it.

56cc56 No.11370420


And why wouldn't we hate a country that steals billions from Americans with a Galil to our heads? I hope their one fresh water lake dries up.

000000 No.11370422


>CIA Niggery is always bad. Doesn't matter if it's muslims or the boer-killing niggers they're funding in South Africa. CIA Niggers gonna nig.


>CIA funds half these fucking muslim groups and only attacks the ones that go against zionism

Muzzies started attacking us in large numbers after Brzezinski encouraged all the craziest elements. Before that they were mostly just stone age sheep humpers.


Starting a war with Iran also cuts off oil supply, which will lead to a price increase. US is now a major exporter due to fracking, so this is good for the economy. Not defending war with Iran, just explaining the economics.

56cc56 No.11370423


And you're a kike. The same kind of shithead who turned fascism into a buzzword. Just die already.

63869f No.11370428


The shills recently discovered how effective it is to play both sides. Half will bitch and moan and blackpill as usual, while the other half will be obnoxiously pro Trump. Like you see recently with all the Trump meme spam in response to the usual shills.

In effect, this makes everyone on both sides angry and makes them think the people who disagree with them are all fucking retarded, since the shills are the loudest. This damages intelligent discussion and sows division among us.

Don't bother replying to them. Filter them and remind any anons that take the bait to do the same.

9fce44 No.11370431


>those who

Which would ideally be a strong, competent and wise President.

097f4e No.11370436

I predict Gina Haspel won't get confirmed or at least be extremely unpopular for the torture.

Also BTW, tillerson defended using us tax payer money to fund soros groups.

63869f No.11370441


>half will be pro Trump

Or pro Q, or whatever the subject at hand is. Effectively turning every discussion into a virtual shouting match where everyone gets pissed off and learns nothing. They act like noisy idiots and play both sides, sometimes more convincingly than others.

Sage for replying to myself.

aafe3e No.11370442


Maybe the way I phrased the post didn't come out right. I mean that the people who get a narrative of being "deep state" formed around them seem to be largely anti-israel. Whereas long-term corporate/intelligence/financier actors who are up to their eyeballs in the same shit manage to escape the label.

d6d56d No.11370446


Stalin didn't kill Jews out of love for his own people the same way Hitler attempted to remove/destroy Judaism correctly to save the German people.

Soviet bolshevism was 100% a product of Jews. Stalin killed Jews for the same reason he killed anyone else. Jews threatened his power. The Soviet Union was founded by Jews and largely run by Jews. Stalin's actions only had to do with Stalin, but the Soviet Union itself was the communist product of Jewish communist fantasy worldview.

Note that kikes tried the same bullshit in Israel originally. Israel was basically a communist colony in the early zionist days as well as the 60s/70s. Israelis are closely tied in with Russian Jews who fled Russia at the fall of the communism in the Eastern Bloc in the early 90s. The reason was Jews were integral to the iron curtain.

Pointing to Stalin is pointing to a unique phenomenon that does not accurately represent what Soviet bolshevism and Eastern Bloc communism was: a product of Jews

d6d56d No.11370452


Deep state across the board is pro-Israel.

000000 No.11370457


I like national socialism as an economic theory a lot more than I liked the execution under Hitler. Hitler played right into the kikes hands by letting them make up ridiculous stories and body counts for the imprisoned Jews which is what finally made Jews flock to Israel in mass quantities. He never should have invaded Russia, he should have invaded the center of banking kikery England or at least saturation bombed the square mile.


Then it should be easy to explain yourself with examples, citations, and evidence. As it stands, you are squealing like a kike in an oven.


The whole right wing is pro-Israel because of the kike Scofield and dispensationalism. Alex Jones has no money and no audience if he turns on Israel, so he plays the hand he's been dealt. Try to redpill people on international bankers and globalists like Soros, and avoid ending up dead like Bill Cooper (may he rest in peace).

000000 No.11370468


Don't forget Freemasons. Commies and Masons even use the same code words, like "fellow traveler." Freemasonry is Kaballah for the goy.

56cc56 No.11370473


I don't give a fuck about Q. This is about the language you're torturing. You're no better than Q. Take your zyklon you fucking kike.


d6d56d No.11370474


I don't know and don't care about Freemasons. They are usually used as a distraction from kike/deep state wrongdoing. Sort of like UFO news.

Nobody's buying the distraction/deflection bullshit anymore.

56cc56 No.11370478


Many of the deep state are liberal jews who are unconcerned with Israel, but they're just as bad. Maybe even worse.

56cc56 No.11370482


I'm just going to report you.

aafe3e No.11370491


>Stalin killed Jews for the same reason he killed anyone else. Jews threatened his power


56cc56 No.11370499


Report sent. Go learn about role playing games before pretending to know what you're talking about.

dfed95 No.11370502


>defending Jonestein


>defending the Q LARP


69bf62 No.11370504

File: a4a12753a2595c9⋯.jpg (130.63 KB, 579x960, 193:320, 8735242374532.jpg)

File: 96518514531ada6⋯.jpg (454 B, 16x15, 16:15, bypaSS.jpg)


>He never should have invaded Russia

>What is Operation Groza

Stop. Your embarrassing yourself. Europe would not have lasted a week had they've been on the defensive against KV2 tanks on roads supported by an actual non-bombed airfleet + 2mil paratroopers.

Just stop.

097f4e No.11370506


>The Bush rendition program was an extraordinary, evil, horrific program that destroyed America's reputation abroad

Let's say this is right, at least we are talking about it again. She might not even get confirmed and the CIA will be all over the news glowing in broad daylight.

Great time to bring out their dirty laundry

d96d29 No.11370509


At first I was annoyed at him picking a woman but I can see this as being why he did that.

d081b0 No.11370511


>Live Action Role Play

Where are the tennis ball fireballs motherfucker?

63869f No.11370512


He's right you know, autistic or not. LARP stands for live action role playing, which you obviously can't do through text. It's important to use words correctly. Degradation and obfuscation of language is the common kike tactic.


Sure, if you see newfags getting suckered then point them in the right direction. But giving them a shill attention is almost always a mistake, it legitimizes their "views" and makes it seem like there's disagreement and conflict where there isn't.

000000 No.11370515


>I don't know and don't care about Freemasons.

There is a secret society with millions of members swearing blind allegiance on pain of death to do whatever the hierarchy commands them, and you don't think that's worth an hour or two of research? There have been whole political movements formed because the corruption from Freemasonry was so extensive.

>They are usually used as a distraction from kike/deep state wrongdoing.

The CIA is full of Freemasons, and the top leadership often comes from Skull and Bones, an offshoot of the Masons.

>Sort of like UFO news.

Guilt by association fallacy.

>Nobody's buying the distraction/deflection bullshit anymore.

And now you're accusing me of distraction and deflection, when you are the one distracting and deflecting from discussion about the Freemasons. Did they tell you you'll make 33rd degree by shilling for them online?

0ff33a No.11370516


Noticed the ad hominem attack

Noticed that what he was attacking actually made some sense not that I agree 100% but

Noticed the (28) far

Filtered the jew

4d73bc No.11370520

JFK: Holy fuck we need to get rid of the cia fuck these retarded faggots.

Trump: Holy fuck we need to empower the cia and get rid of due process oh no somebody said I did something wrong where is the due process haha you faggots actually thought i was draining the swamp haha Greater Israel is coming in no time haha!

9999D chess right?

dfed95 No.11370521

File: bc93867b8ef9a5a⋯.jpg (112.57 KB, 717x1011, 239:337, Dr Pepper.jpg)


Jonestein comes from a long line of Freemasons. He even bragged that his family invented Dr. Pepper, pic related is its creator.

0ff33a No.11370530


fuark that goddam shill has (39) of 297 so far

4d73bc No.11370531


It does not matter who gets appointed to what, or who did what crime. The fact is, there are special mafias who are above the law and their interests are the only interests on Earth that matter. If you are just a regular person trying to live your life, improve, give back, you are fucking nothing. You have zero say in the process whatsoever.

The swamp has not gone anywhere. Zero juden tricks are ever going to change my opinion on that. I have full knowledge of what the fuck is going on on my planet now, and this issue is going be dealt with. If I have to summon Hitler to do this so fucking be it.

d6d56d No.11370533


This is true. Hitler invaded the USSR, a Jewish communist founded entity (although at the time, Stalin had purged just about everyone, including some kikes, but that does not change the fundamentally Jewish nature of bolshevism in the roots of the Soviet Union and permeating it throughout its history).

Hitler had invade the USSR because he needed oil. He needed it because the kiked out lender-run US was making it tough for him by supplying kiked out lender-run England with everything it needed during the Blitz.

Hitler had to get oil to keep going against the kike Rothschild lender-run filth Jew cabal England-US alliance, and the USSR had plenty in Azerbaijan/Baku and the greater Cock-asian region. Hence, the invasion of Russia which turned into a massive, endless bloodbath.

097f4e No.11370535


Actually I have a feeling she WON'T be confirmed. Rand Paul probably won't confirm her, all it takes is one more republican not to confirm.

d6d56d No.11370537


Kikes love to have another group they can blame.

The problem is kikes.

56cc56 No.11370538


This is what I was trying to say. Thanks. It's important for words to have meaning.

270e5c No.11370552

File: 07dfea91e936765⋯.png (86.32 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 85aef8e6a2fd5d70dc7adba862….png)



>Yeah she's probably going to declare Trump guilty of Treason the second after she meets with any kike

If she has had any actual hands-on experience with torturing sandniggers I don't really think she's going to give a shit what their sandnigger cousins say about her boss.

d081b0 No.11370553

File: 2c2c5ff4de7741c⋯.png (866.46 KB, 625x612, 625:612, Sekret Signs.png)


It's the jews.

d6d56d No.11370554


It's certainly possible that this move is more of Trump's modus operandi getting evil people to expose themselves to the public.

000000 No.11370557


Your argument is "there are no facts" and "nuh uh, Q is a shill" with no facts or even coherent logical explanation for a laughably stupid, juvenile attempt at distraction by someone who hasn't even studied the subject 5 minutes to come up with a plausible distraction claim.

>Every single claim it has ever made has been proven false

Cite the claim and prove it was incorrect.

>Try harder, torfag.

Op sec hurts your feelings CIA nigger?


Wasn't defending Jonestein, which was clear as day. So you're now lying about what I said because you can't refute any of it. You follow that up with repeating your same talking point which none of you shills ever bother trying to prove. Ask your boss for an hour off the clock to actually read up on Q and at least come up with something besides saying "Q LARP" over and over again.


Which is why Germany should not have fought them in the first place.


Good point. Anyone who listened to Bill Cooper back in the day knew he was a fraud.


>Implies only Jews are kikes

>Implies that secret societies based on Kaballah are not dangerous

Answer me right now, are you a Freemason?

000000 No.11370567



d6d56d No.11370571


Trump's actions make sense if he is deliberately making evil fuckers feel safe to be the evil fuckers they are in public view to teach the public about where the evil truly is.

JFK made the mistake of confronting the evil privately, which seems to have gotten him killed.

Personally, I don't give a flying fuck anymore and am sick of all this bullshit. How stupid is the public? How weak are they? Does nobody look at this and see how rotten the whole thing is? Why do they believe Trump will save them anyway? Nobody should trust anyone, even Trump the white knight, and we have to save ourselves. That's the bottom line. Trust no one.

Trump, in my view, has already exposed enough for anyone remotely paying attention to the apoplectic with fury. Trump's role now is simple. Dump all the information he has on the Clinton Foundation and all its affiliates/activites, make arrests, and let the public decide if they want satanic pedo blackmailed treasonous murderous thugs running the government or not.

d6d56d No.11370574


Do you mind stopping the distraction with the freemason stuff? Thanks.

000000 No.11370576


The CIA and State Dept. are essentially the same thing. State just gets to wear an international legal and soft power fig-leaf. If anything, this is going to give State more problems with their embassies. Most governments already revile our embassy presence because we use them as intelligence centers, but this makes them an even more open target. Increases in sequestration and isolation from local populations are likely responses. State is still hurting from what Trump did to their hiring process. This won't help.

63869f No.11370583


I haven't paid much attention to Q because everything I see from him seems like RP bullshit. If he's some insider trying to share information, why not just come out and say it? Every time it's bullshit riddles, unnecessarily cryptic phrases, stupid post formatting, etc. If somehow it'd be bad if he just said what he meant for once, then why even hint at it? The parties in question will surely know it's about them no matter how cryptic he is.

Does he type like that to hide his identity, because he doesn't usually write like a tryhard fag? Is it some attempt to build a cult of personality that will reach people off of the chans, as it has? Those are the only two valid explanations I can think of, but it's still not enough for me to buy into it.

097f4e No.11370585


Definitely a trump type of move, and if true, would mean this was probably planned months ago.

I imagine this is what a lot of executive business decisions are like. Instead of trying to fix everything yourself, you get the bad departments to fight (and thereby fix) each other. It's the type of high level exec stuff they don't teach you in school, you either figure it out or you don't.

d081b0 No.11370587


Always let your underlings cut each other throats before they try yours.

478f5b No.11370589


>The CIA and State Dept. are essentially the same thing.

Pretty much this seems every embassy we have is the operations center for for cia.

They just show up and pretend they are a journalist or a photographer or something and gather intel ship it back in the embassy diplomatic pouch.

But of course every other country does the same shit.

d6d56d No.11370600


Q may be one element of what seems like a (DoD?) psychological operation employing various "leakers," "hackers," and "investigative journalists" all tasked with revealing othewise nation-collapsing information to the public in a relatively controlled and systematic manner.

0ff33a No.11370605

File: 0551c44a11dfc04⋯.png (81.67 KB, 1349x657, 1349:657, haspel.png)


Not him but

1) this is about deep state FACTIONS rather than about the deep state itself

2) while torture is as old as the hills, the main problem with it is that it doesn't work, or actually, works TOO well, it will almost always get the right information if it's there, but it also will almost always get the confession that the torturer is looking for even if it isn't there, which is a different type of problem

3) points 1) and 2) above don't necessarily imply any sympathy for sandniggers, much less for sandnigger enemy operatives who have been captured


Never heard of the "Thai Malays"? There are lots of mohammaniggers there in the south of Siam, maybe "mudslimes" is better than "sandnigger" to describe those wogs, though.






See point 1) in my first reply in this post.

No illusions that everybody will be /ourguy/ but so long as we're moving in the right direction and the domestic national issues are a priority because those are the existential issues then I'm gonna keep it all in perspective.




EVERY state has a deep state. It's a feature, not a bug, it just has to be reckoned with, controlled, etc. It's not that the (((jews))) and the CIA are necessarily synonomous or that the "CIA ruined America" it's more like "the (((jews))) used the CIA as ONE of their many tools when they ruined America."

You also have to watch out for the Mormons in the deep state. Their heretical bullshit was founded by treasonous bastards, it's a fact that Joseph Smith and one of their earliest councils plotted against the US govenment, that's part of why the fuckers were thrown out of the USA, and they're still at it today.


Found another jew.

<ad hominem

<keywords trumpniggers, zogald

<(27) so far ITT

Filtered for now, made into lampshades later



Pic related, it's in a LOT of the LOLohoax databases.


I get a kick out of that inquisition skit because of its inaccuracy. The (((jews))) and (((mudslimes))) had already left or converted by the time the inquisition started, the point of it was to question the authenticity of said conversions in order to protect the Church from the conversos and marranos.

FWIW I am against the entire idea of forced conversion and of "convert or leave" ultimatums, precisely because of the history of those things. Fuck 'em. Get them all out. If somebody wants to try and convert them later, I ain't got a problem with that, so long as the missionary goes THERE to do it.


Under-responded point.

d6d56d No.11370610



I meant to write also taht Q format is sort of "leaker" roleplay like others releasing info as part of the apparent psy op campaign to control info going to the public.

The objective of whatever this psy op is doing seems to be to soften the impact, allow the info to sink in, and to inspire the public to learn for themselves. That's my take.

097f4e No.11370613


Also there is just too much bullshit to sort through. I would imagine trump is trying to slim down the government, if only for the reason that there is sooo much bullshit going on. The russia collusion investigation for instance was a total waste of mental energy for EVERYONE except the deep state. This will turn the tables, now the public will be investigating the deep state.

d6d56d No.11370615


Accurate post here.

63869f No.11370616



That's possible I guess, but still a bit of a stretch.

87b229 No.11370624

File: efba8d5d35e4b5a⋯.jpg (84.18 KB, 462x411, 154:137, 1428453003799.jpg)


>torture architect

A job title well earned I am sure.

5277fb No.11370626

Heh this is good

097f4e No.11370627


It will be the public investigating the CIA now.

Haspel's confirmation hearing should be really comfy. Wonder when it'll happen?

0ff33a No.11370631


Every embassy for every country is part of said country's intelligence apparatus. 100%. That's just the way it is.

Probably 90% of all foreign journalists are directly spies and probably 90% of the remainder are being inadvertently used as spies. Ditto for NGOs that don't do physical charity.

Those numbers are probably 80% and 80% for charities of all kinds. There were fake vaccinations proven to be given in Pakistan or some such a few years back, Doctors Without Borders is a spook op too.

332741 No.11370636


>how did we get to this point

This is the result of the kikes chipping away at whites for centuries, and the whites doing nothing about it because "not my problem."

d6d56d No.11370647


Take a look at @zuthadeus @georgwebb

The systematic, accurate, "insider" driven slow-play info leak appears to be an organized campaign. (I'd say, also, the "exclusives" on the Awans covered by Daily Caller reporter Luke Rosiak, Sarah Carter at Circa, and maybe some others)

A guerrilla/stealth marketing PR campaign to release a mound of very damning, potentially destabilizing information would be a smart way to play things. PR campaigns by military arent' anything new, either. They have companies who arrange that sort of thing.

In this case, it would just be a PR campaign of whoever is investigating (maybe military/DIA, NCIS, etc.) to release the info systematically without destabilizing and also as a countercoup effort (fight back against the "bad" deep state's massive PR arm pushing a coup).

424070 No.11370650


>In an official statement, (((Steve Goldstein))), undersecretary for public diplomacy at the State Department, said that Mr Tillerson "had every intention of staying… The secretary did not speak to the President and is unaware of the reason" for his firing. Mr Tilleron will be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

If (((they))) want Tillerson to stay, it's a good move to fire him


097f4e No.11370654


What if Q is just some attention whore autist.

I've figured out the 3d chess trump did here, why he appears to be "favoring" the CIA but how he is actually attacking them. I could say I am a whitehouse insider because I seem to have this insight into his management strategies, then dress it up as mysterious questions.

I never paid attention to Q but from what I heard he has not really predicted anything, just made vague statements. Nostradamus did similar, and with a big enough army of autists analyzing things they will find some connection that made it look like a prediction.

000000 No.11370660

This is obviously a good thing. Pompeo is trusted by Trump, and he probably recommended this woman personally.

d6d56d No.11370666


I agree completely.

I am saying he may be part of a general scheme to release information through a stealth PR campaign. There's no debate (or no realistic debate) that Q is real. Anyone with a "Q" clearance revealing any info at all would be identified and fucked right up their stupid nigger asshole in five seconds flat for being a leaky nigger and they would deserve it.

My argument is that the idea of a military driven PR campaign isn't at all a new one. The military has run all sorts of propaganda campaigns successfully over the years. The "leakers," "hackers," and "journalists" all sort of release accurate information systematically and in a controlled manner to walk the public through a very complicated set of facts that are also horrific and destabilizing.

It may be a stretch to think this, but it makes sense given that we are in an extraordinary situation where teh military basically has to arrest the whole government.

(Also, Trump is a master of PR/marketing, so maybe part of this was his idea, if it is a campaign/psy op by military investigators)

d6d56d No.11370674


Lol deep state nigger stop trying to shape the narrative

d081b0 No.11370683

File: 3c15ee748c41e56⋯.jpg (248.13 KB, 900x941, 900:941, Meme Warfare.jpg)

a7a19d No.11370687

I would just like to point out the media is freaking out over Trumps pick for CIA. Deep State runs the media, they are not celebrating this like Trump bombing Assad. Even McCain does not like it. This makes me want to reflexively support her. The jew does not like her.

86a780 No.11370700


Satan's Trips. I wouldn't be surprised if Q is one of Trump's friends or lackeys doling out small amounts of classified information or trying to give morale boosts. Wouldn't be exactly illegal either since information is classified in the President's name. I know tons of people actually follow the LARP and nobody's dedicated enough to bake thousands of breads with 0 compensation.

097f4e No.11370710


>release accurate information systematically

I kinda think Snowden was this, but I have a feeling this is your example anyway. Had they released the info all at once we would have had revolt. Instead, they ended up gaslighting us and making us paranoid.

I always find it fun to try to theorize what goes on behind the scenes. During the campaign it became clear trump runs a very tight ship, so yes you are right this COULD be an insider. Whoever they are, it seems like a full time job to them.

I am pretty sure 8ch got a good chunk of money probably through Bannon early on in trump's campaign (explains the ad that was there for like 1 year). We & 4chan helped knock out all his competitors in the primary. Those were fun days..

478f5b No.11370714

The next few days are going to be major fun watching the cable niggers analyze and dissect this with everything else coming at them at warp speed.

Plus just for major giggles Trump once again bashed the fuck out of them in his last speech which they are not even going to be able to give poor mad max the spot light she so deserves.

097f4e No.11370718

097f4e No.11370721


> Even McCain does not like it

Then it's settled, she won't be confirmed. She might even get fired.



097f4e No.11370727


The best part will be CIA News Network being forced to criticize the CIA.

000000 No.11370728


How long do ordinary staff need to wait before cross-pollinating? I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure you have to go somewhere else for at least 2 years.




>State having any military power or authority whatsoever

That's a laugh. They're so impotent, that no one even wants to work for them full-career. Except maybe moms and broke-ass kids on loan repayment. State's only purpose is to keep embassy buildings functional and safe, and they can't even manage that half of the time.

Sec. State is a show pony posting that's main purpose is in giving the current administration a lobbying arm for future campaign purposes. Clinton was traveling around fundraising most of the time she was "doing her job". Sometimes that involves kick-backs in the form of trade deals, but that's the only thing the Sec. is equipped to do anyway.

Trump just slapped a target on their backs and they don't get anything good in exchange. Like market access. The CIA already hands them their marching orders.


And the bureaucracy is revolting because that's not how 'they' do things. Once you've done enough time to get to an appointment post, you're not supposed to have to do any honest to god 'work'. The media doesn't know what to do either, because they're use to political appointments being political. So, everyone's focusing on the appointee's political steps or missteps and not getting that they're being placed to do specific jobs and then gtfo.



Major, fully developed countries know this is par for the course. But you don't want to spook the smaller less stable ones where you might actually be trying to get work done and who really don't know any better. I'm thinking, maybe, half of Africa and central America.

9cdf1f No.11370777


>Trump's actions make sense if he is deliberately making evil fuckers feel safe to be the evil fuckers they are in public view to teach the public about where the evil truly is.

Or if he's made some background deals in exchange for exposition on things he wants brought to light. My guess is Trump's expecting some cockroaches to scatter from hearing the news.

d081b0 No.11370788

File: 64095807225e065⋯.jpg (70 KB, 700x512, 175:128, High Energy.jpg)

d081b0 No.11370791

DC is going to look like Joe's Apartment.

dc05ab No.11370796


>I don't understand why Trump would do this.

Anyone that would follow orders to torture prisoners, will also follow President Trump's orders.

000000 No.11370801


There are a lot of clowns and goons and glowdarks who need torturing, too.

d6d56d No.11370806


>same glownigger orgs full of glowniggers trying to overthrow Trump and carry out a coup to eliminate american democracy forever and lock in power will also make sure to get right on it and follow Trump's orders yessir

6f0e6d No.11370837

File: 6929b561bd63a84⋯.png (20.23 KB, 539x246, 539:246, da joooooooooooooooooss.PNG)


not just a woman but a jewess

097f4e No.11370846


>placed to do specific jobs and then gtfo

I think this is more common than people realize, but Trump and the media make it into such a big deal. Plenty of them have lasted just a year.


6a778d No.11370848


unless her name is 'goldberg' you would need more than just her name to make that claim and have us simply believe it.

332741 No.11370852


Torture is ignoble. Either kill them or don't.

d96d29 No.11370865

File: baeb0dc70ada55e⋯.jpg (118.91 KB, 573x853, 573:853, miOsg7x.jpg)


This is the thing that will prove interesting, since the dems were trying to ignore all the shit Hillary did because she wanted to be the first women president (well, and (((other))) reasons). Should be fun to see them shit themselves. This honestly feels like a pick meant to cause some chaos.

9cdf1f No.11370867


Admiring those doubles. God bless.

000000 No.11370871


Nah, torture seems fitting here.

aafe3e No.11370877


They likely aren't shitting themselves at all. Getting the thumbs up from a heinous ZOG commissar like Feinstein ought to raise red flags for a choice already covered in them.

d6d56d No.11370884

In light of a waterboarderess getting appointed, and given that I do not particularly believe in the 4D chess confirmation bias Trump manipulates (and I am not saying Trump is not a great President–he is, but the silly 4D chess bullshit speculation goes way too far sometimes)–here is my prediction:

In CY+3, we'll have a complete deep state run kike ZOG authoritarian state where arms are, in effect if not by law, confiscated arbitrarily and at will. Whites will be put in jail for defending themselves against feral majority minority and their tyrant leaders determined to genocide whites that will make Obama look like a great president.

Deep state will have seized control of congress in 2018 midterms and in ongoing elections until power is complete and total. They are only running people lawfully now because the Awan blackmail control system is done and they've been unable to totally reassert control of the legislature. Just partially. They want total control of all Congressmen, always, even though that is the opposite of democracy. By CY+3, it will be over. Deep State of America. Hardly even a pretext of democracy once they put enough people in office and have passed enough legislation on top of all the other operations they run to ensure total ongoing power no matter what.

No evidence of their wrongdoing will ever see the light. Massive treason selling out America to enemies and pedophilia blackmail filth, total surveillance 1984, total control of media–that means none of the criminals we know of now will have ever gone down or a couple fall guys might have maybe, but in CY+3, everybody will be afraid even to mention any of the Clinton Foundation stuff or anything similar. Total control at that point.

There will be no more Trump even possible in any form. Anyone who remotely even says anything like Trump does now will be labeled a domestic terrorist and tracked perpetually, disarmed, and jailed/liquidated if truly a loudmouth/problem for the system

THEN you know this is where it's going. Then deep state is waterboarding whitey and droning people.

In CY+3, there will be an ostensible "United States" just as there is now, and we will still have a "Constitution" just as we do now, but it will be on paper, just like it is now, except no lipservice will even be paid at that point to the First, Second, Fourth, or Fifth amendments. Everything will be fake government controlled media, fake government controlled debate about irrelevent issues within a controlled range of opinion, and we will effectively be North Korea except with Starbucks and Amazon.

You know this is exactly where it is headed. Maybe it's really even CY+2. Depends on how fast they completely neutralize/oust Trump.

You KNOW this is where we're headed. Just admit it. Either fight back now against authoritarian evil or roll over and accept total destruction as a people. The choice is yours, white Americans. Trump isn't going to do this for you. He can only show you the evil and where things are headed. That's it.

332741 No.11370891


Torture degrades the torturer as much as the tortured. Every iota of energy spent destroying is energy not spent creating. Destruction should be quick and efficient, so more time can be spent on productive pursuits. Torture is degenerative, but my words aren't for you, tormuldist, they're for the lurkers.

aafe3e No.11370892


>Maybe it's really even CY+2. Depends on how fast they completely neutralize/oust Trump.

I think it is a lot to assume at this point that Trump is a positive actor here.

332741 No.11370895


Your blackpilling efforts at every news item fail every time, why do you keep trying?

d6d56d No.11370896

000000 No.11370898


Nah, we need to torture them, but instead of making good decent white Americans do it, we can have them do it to each other, to receive their rations and water and permission to occasionally sleep.

d6d56d No.11370900


I wrote:

>Either fight back now against authoritarian evil or roll over and accept total destruction

Is that blackpilling?

000000 No.11370904



Just give it up or recycle with a new IP Chaim.

332741 No.11370907

Returning to the original topic, like everything Trump does, I'll wait for the results before making a determination. Tillerson blamed Russia for the obvious mossad attempted hit with novichok, and Gary Cohn is out on his ass too. Somehow, I still don't think that things are going the way the kikes want.

e1037a No.11370909


I knew a Thai couple in their 80's. They were practicing sunni muslim, but it only ever really manifested in hardcore sexism. They got along with white and christian people fine. In fact, the last time I ever saw them was in line for a Trump rally.

332741 No.11370911


It comes across as "bomb a government building or kill yourself."

6f0e6d No.11370913


>implying that's a good thing

000000 No.11370914


I think Trump had to wait for the Intel Committee to pronounce No Collusion before he really went Super Sayan on the traitors.

097f4e No.11370918



This is so odd. I wonder how many dems will break ranks and vote for her? Oddly this seems like it might not be on party lines.

News is starting to realize just how fun this is gonna be. California is not gonna like happy if feinstein votes for torture


332741 No.11370922

File: 77d3f633652ab44⋯.jpeg (55.06 KB, 627x663, 209:221, example.jpeg)


The muslims and the jews are two sides of a coin that must be incinerated.

c9fb77 No.11370924


great post

so this is what I've been trying to figure out: what are the FACTIONS of the deep state in the US?


I agree, but doesn't he risk war? It's a pretty steep price for a reelection, and we're coming up to an global economic downturn soon, war's the best way the US economy wins short term so it'll get support from all factions of the deep state

56cc56 No.11370925


I'm hoping to see your post history in this thread right before you're banned. I bet every single post contains "Q-LARP". You have no room to call anyone autistic.

332741 No.11370926


The timing is obvious to everyone, but there's nothing wrong with that. We're on the next stage.

097f4e No.11370927



Funny how quickly she switched from being against torture to being pro torture.

> Feinstein told me in her office that the torture report was the most important work of her career.


000000 No.11370929


>mass deportations begin on Cinco De Mayo

>mass arrests of traitors begin secretly then too

>July 4th as Trump blows up a nuke in HD, Hillary is arrested live

000000 No.11370940


No, MIDF, I will not stop exposing your crimes.


>Q-LARP is a proven hoax.

Who proved it?

>Every single claim. It has ever made. Ever. Since the very first time it posted.

Such as?


Why does op sec trigger you?


>If he's some insider trying to share information, why not just come out and say it?

Are you serious? You know the CIA killed JFK in broad daylight and got away with it, right?

>Does he type like that to hide his identity

Probably protecting his identity from "signature" analysis.


This is what factual criticism of Q looks like. Shills, try to sound like this and we won't catch you so fast.


Not an argument.


>In CY+3, we'll have a complete deep state run kike ZOG authoritarian state where arms are, in effect if not by law, confiscated arbitrarily and at will.

They're not that stupid. That would get everyone to start shooting.

000000 No.11370950


The fact that there is such intense, all-channels anti-Q shilling pretty much proves that at least some of Q's posts were legit.

Shills only shill against shit that's real, and worrisome to them. This has already been widely tested and proved (see cluesforum.info) and shill activity is measurable.

If Q was bullshit shills wouldn't bother with it.

Cass Sunstein should be ashamed of himself, the only big flaw in his Jewish plan was that he had too much chutzpah, and never accounted for over-shilling.

6a778d No.11370960



If this is bad for the kikes, they have to move the narrative into making the lemmings think it's bad for everyone, they cannot spyop us into saying the opposite of what they want in the hopes we interpret the opposite because they lie

16282a No.11370962

I think it's the law at this point that all senior intelligence officials be Israelis

332741 No.11370969

File: a86cb25379cf555⋯.jpg (981.09 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, fightingamphibians.jpg)

File: 8d1a480710d7149⋯.png (380.08 KB, 479x448, 479:448, e88c4e6f019e56df98c5810431….png)


>Cinco De Mayo

>Podesta is the pinata

>mass arrests continue until July 4

>July 4th nuke test in Nevada

>Fat Kimmy and Putin invited for the show.

>Hillary tied to a stake at ground zero

d081b0 No.11370972

File: 81b3386df33ce58⋯.jpg (70.06 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Valhalla Is Closed to (You….jpg)

File: bac55b228ba9670⋯.jpg (137.44 KB, 809x531, 809:531, Kek is Laughing at jew.jpg)


>a warning to all against the folly of fucking with white man isn't a productive pursuit

d6d56d No.11370976


This is what I wrote:

>Either fight back now against authoritarian evil or roll over and accept total destruction as a people. The choice is yours, white Americans. Trump isn't going to do this for you. He can only show you the evil and where things are headed. That's it.

From that, you came to the asinine conclusion that I must have meant: "hey kid, wanna blow up a government building?"

Do you not see how the House falling under deep state control by former operatives directly (as opposed to Awan blackmail control) means the accelerating deep state vice grip on power we've seen in the past 50 years that has accelerated the last 20 will get locked in irrevocably? You don't see what that means for the future?

They are running ridiculous false flags and trying to pass outlandish legislation such as the Dick Durbin/Brad Schneider "whites are domestic terrorists" bill and pushing a massive, highly coordinated effort to seize firearms. We are under total surveillance where everry single communication in the world is stored in government facility. The First Amendment is dead and bitching is confined to echo chambers online.

I think you and probably others know that the shit is completely, horrifically fucked unless serious NON-VIOLENT action is taken. EVERYBODY has to pay attention and mobilize.

There is no blackpill or advocacy for violence here. Everybody out there needs to be made aware this is serious turning point in American history

d081b0 No.11370977

File: 7fbe7aea7032f40⋯.gif (128.17 KB, 167x157, 167:157, Well Done.gif)


>The fact that there's such anti-jew shilling pretty much proves that at least some of their fucking kvetching is legit

6a778d No.11370978


nice trash dove pic, gotta save that one

c9fb77 No.11370980




To everyone, this is how you shill.

You wear as many masks, 'talk intelligent', ponder to different theories but only those with the most fringe evidence just to give it some modicum of proof.

This confuses anyone following this thread (especially amateurs) to take leads that go to practically nowhere. Don't fall for it. Anything far-fetched is normally false, especially if A depends on B depends on C depends on D and so forth to be true.

Think critically

332741 No.11370982


>warning your enemies

You failed before you even started.

332741 No.11370985


Non-violent action is being taken, if you bothered to look. It's just the slowest road.

d081b0 No.11370987


>implying that warning of their fate will somehow stop it

The failure would be (jew).

5f68ea No.11370994

File: c73038d4f43b5bc⋯.jpg (56.35 KB, 501x401, 501:401, hate em.jpg)


Heard through the grapevine that everyone Tillerson was going to meet with got ebola

fa0762 No.11371000


>there is no debate that Q-LARP is real

Nah, see, it was proven false within the first week.

097f4e No.11371002

File: 3f48fd2c3f47d7f⋯.jpg (63.93 KB, 524x362, 262:181, mentalgymnastics.jpg)

The mental gymnastics are entertaining


6a778d No.11371005

If she is not voted in, does the CIA stays headless?

097f4e No.11371009

File: 9c39e8972f62d43⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 543x479, 543:479, mentalgymnastics2.jpg)


this guy claims the torture stories are all made up

9ed969 No.11371023

File: e1404452929dd37⋯.png (110.85 KB, 575x888, 575:888, raven of zurich rothschild….png)


Russia is not the reason they'd have cut him loose assuming your hypothesis.

yes, that is the real page number

d6d56d No.11371032


Unlike shills, though, my agenda is not to attack Q. I am only saying, based on observation of a number of sources, that Q appears to be one of multiple sources ostensibly releasing accurate information in an organic fashion with some type of agenda or deliberate omissions, but the information is consistently accurate. This has been going on long enough and has been consistent among certain "leakers" "hackers" or "investigative journalists" who sort of suddenly appeared on the scene that it may be a campaign designed to get info out but avoid causing unrest.

7d0684 No.11371050


Oy vey! /ourjew/ Ben "The Treblinka Trailblazer" Shapiro does it again!


This plan looks dumber than getting caught by a CIA operative who likes to shoot men before throwing them out of a plane. What the hell is Trump doing?

6a778d No.11371055


>This plan looks dumber than getting caught by a CIA operative who likes to shoot men before throwing them out of a plane.


7d0684 No.11371056


Wait. Do you LARP as one of (((them))) and even has a blue checkmark on Twitter?

d081b0 No.11371060


I remember a time hate/pol/ opposed identity, name, and tripfagging. Any "legitimate Q" how is that even a fucking thing can contain itself in the appropriate board. Anyone bringing that fuckery here is doing it just to fuck with /pol/ and are looking to cause a disruption, not to inform. If people want to be informed on that crap they can go to the source.

If we wanted half or leddit we would go there. They aren't hard to find.

7d0684 No.11371077


Filling your cabinet with a bunch of warmongering kikes doesn't seem like a particularly good master plan to me.

6a778d No.11371089


>bunch of warmongering kikes

do you have any evidence of this claim?

d6d56d No.11371091


I wrote:

>Anyone with a "Q" clearance revealing any info at all would be identified and fucked right up their stupid nigger asshole in five seconds flat for being a leaky nigger and they would deserve it.

It is plainly not "real" in the sense that there is literally someone with a clearance level akin to the Secretary of Defense's or President's just dumping info on their own online. That's ridciulous. I'm saying Q's systematic, controlled release of information coinciding with similar releases by others who label themselves differently ( "hacker" or "journalist") as a pattern suggests maybe this is all a psy op method to disseminate very complex and potentially destabilizing info into public awareness. Maybe the idea is prep the public for whatever is to come justice-wise, or maybe it's to prompt the public to pay attention and hold government accountable. I'm only claiming Q appears to be part of a pattern.

393e3b No.11371096


depends, if you keep shuffling them around so they can't get anything done it can be. That seems to be Trump's trend here.

5007b6 No.11371099


Good find, but that sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

5007b6 No.11371101


>The goys want war with russia at all costs.

Given Tillerson's outgoing statement, it seems that his firing just prevented this.

7d0684 No.11371103


See >>11369764 for example.

9e8b5f No.11371105


I am losing the track where does reality end and imaginable starts?

5f68ea No.11371108


I like how the National Socialists literally imprisoned a Rothschild and practically sold him for ransom, and people use this as evidence that the Rothschilds "financed" Hitler. Top fuckin' jej.

6a778d No.11371128


well, that's pretty damning

9e8b5f No.11371133


Pepe stahp pls. You are scaring me.

d6d56d No.11371143


I'm only guessing that one way to view the Q stuff is a part of an information dissemnination campaign with ostensibly organic "leakers" (hey, remember Seth Rich…maybe him too, but that's pretty insane to think he was a decoy for something like DIA investigating Hillary to release info to fuck Hillary and make it look organic), but now you have the Q "leak," you have "hackers," and "investigative journalists" all sort of popped up out of the woodwork and systematically began releasing pretty damning/destabilizing information in a controlled manner.

IF that's true, then using /pol/ for the "Q" character worked for that purpose, since Q's stuff was spread widely. Just a theory here.

9e8b5f No.11371144

File: 2b1582c8a597b81⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 850x474, 425:237, 1035.jpg)


Will she follow that order?

aafe3e No.11371145


>maybe this is all a psy op method to disseminate very complex and potentially destabilizing info into public awareness.

No. It is a psyop to retcon the conspiracy theory communities into alignment with pro-jewish, pro-neocon, anti-White, anti-German positions.

d6d56d No.11371185


@zuthadeus and @GeorgWebb have also systematically released accurate "insider" information and appeared to be part of the psy op, and they also began explicitly mentioning "Nazi" this and that. So, maybe if this is all part of a mass information dissemination psy op, then maybe the psy op does have the anti-white agenda at its core. If that's true, then it's yet another extremely disturbing datapoint how fucked our society and government is now for whites

d4e108 No.11371191


I take it you have an index card with buzz words, schlomo? You're an awful shill, I advise you consider a new line of work, or an hero, whichever

dfed95 No.11371208


Ok nigger, if Q isn't a LARP, explain this:

After the "Black Forest" post was wrongly linked to the sale of an unrelated Rothschild property, Q gloated and took credit for the sale. But simply checking the source would show that the sale was announced days before "Mansion Global" picked it up, and long before the post. If he really has such a high security clearance and is monitoring the Rothschilds, how did he make that much of a fuck up with information that was publicly available?

b188c1 No.11371237

File: 257e68235cafb67⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 577x537, 577:537, 1466701941459.jpg)


>make joke

>get b&

No wonder this board is fucking dead.

d6d56d No.11371254


There is no person possessing any such clearance simply dropping information on the internet unauthorized lwith no consequences personally. That is not the issue.

The issue is:

random dipshit or working with others?

If working with others, who?

Government or non-government?

What is the agenda?

I posit coordination of some type with others in a guerrilla informaton dissemination scheme. The agenda of the various "leakers," "hackers," and "journalists" concurrently dropping information has shifted strongly to pushing the anti-white agenda, so maybe it's literally an anti-white psy op.

Nobody believes the clearance bullshit who knows anything about clearances, so that's not a debate.

dfed95 No.11371260


The plebbit-spacing torpedo I replied to appears to.

556f7d No.11371264


She's probably still rattled from slipping down the stairs at that poo-in-loo temple site or whatever it was she was visiting with Huma.

81c75c No.11371271


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

0485dc No.11371279

A woman in charge of the CIA is appropriate. A Madame for the deep state's whorehouse.

8462ed No.11371282


There's a difference between shitposting and telling a joke. Things don't have to be 100% serious all the time. In fact they shouldn't be, or people get burnt out.

e71675 No.11371288



(((Gina Haspel)))






From Ancestry.com:

Jewish (Ashkenazic): Haspel ‘reel’, ‘winch’, hence a metonymic occupational name for someone who wound thread into a skein from a bobbin or who operated a winch or who manufactured the implements.

Great, so we got another Kike.

Doesn't Trump know any Gentiles?

Also, Pompeo seems suspicious as fuck. Like another Neo-Con.



b5bcc8 No.11371289


No there isn't you stupid shitskin mods permaban this faggot

aafe3e No.11371298


All you have to do is follow the conclusions that these "revelations" are leading you to. Hezbollah are evil Nazis – oh and that stinky nigger Obama deals drugs with Hezbollah. Obama is a Nazi. Dems is the real racist. Angela Merkel is secretly Hitler and that's why she flooded Europe with Muslim Nazis, never mind that the US military occupies Germany and controls its government, and never mind that it is the exact opposite of what National Socialist policy would entail. So we need to slap some tariffs on those evil Nazis who we benevolently occupy in order to protect them even though the other army left decades ago.

What's really going on is that the US is an ugly, failing non-White country where White people are basically spent as an interventionist force. So they want to gin up agitation against White, Muslim Nazis who actually have developed industrial bases the US can't compete with [because it would honestly take decades to genuinely rebuild US industry to where it was] and try to pin all the failings of judeo-America and its atrocities on "the Nazis" while using these same "Nazis" as the basis for another round of mudrace interventionism.

fa0762 No.11371301


>newfag doesn’t know that /pol/‘s ideology is winning because we’re funnier than anyone else

Time for you to go.

fa0762 No.11371305


The agenda is to get people to sit on their asses and wait for the ZOG to arrest the ZOG without ever fighting back themselves. The agenda is to normalize “good jews” and “good nonwhites.”

9c0149 No.11371324


Mike "Mutual Man Fap Get the10K Volt Zap" Pence will get his wish?

81c75c No.11371329


>newfag thinks that /pol/ has an ideology.

That word always marks you idiots out.

c62d5b No.11371343

File: 257d28ffc025007⋯.gif (2.82 MB, 414x382, 207:191, 1518837346187.gif)


>b& for ironic shitposting

Dude was making a damn joke, what the fuck? That anon contributed more in (10) posts than other anons that sperged on for (30)



Ah yes, that's why rachposter gets to shit up the board whenever they show up. Right, every ironic shitposter is banned on sight. Fucking dumb shit like this is why the active ip has fallen 1k.

81c75c No.11371353


If you pretend to be retarded, the retards think they're in good company and start flocking. This is an imageboard rule that is over a decade old.

c62d5b No.11371359

File: 68743f296643485⋯.jpg (53.7 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1510637437943.jpg)


Uh huh. And rachposting is just /pol/ culture.

81c75c No.11371360


>he says, while avatarfagging

c62d5b No.11371366

File: bfe57eeb7348dae⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 308x302, 154:151, 1506549475798.gif)


>using reaction images

>of different people


81c75c No.11371374


>implying that people can't tell that you're trans-whitehouse

No pronouns or big lawns for you.

c62d5b No.11371376


Fuck off rachposter.

08a2d3 No.11371445


Kikes are always over the top which is how you know it was the right move. Could care less who runs the glow department, its corrupt by its very nature. Its existence is a travesty.

Pompeo as SoS is a good move considering the upcoming China/NK pressure.

923bbe No.11371517

If Dems don’t vote for her or obstruct her appointment, they are denying a woman becoming the cia director for the first time ever.

Months out from mid-terms…

f37d0b No.11371541


Batwoman was such a shitty comic.

f37d0b No.11371548


He's referring to the stupid Facebook accounts and fake rallies. That's hardly disqualifying.

e721ed No.11371549


>Haspel ran a "black site" CIA prison

Now running the CIA.

The sick fucks who've been using the world as their playground are likely completely losing their shit right now.

I suspect we are going to see a lot fewer "spontaneous protests" in the U.S., since the organizers are likely going to be vacationing at some black site somewhere.

e721ed No.11371586

File: fbf708e2209a69c⋯.jpg (103.1 KB, 1032x1032, 1:1, mcdonalds-monster-mac-1032….jpg)


>How does that make any sense?

It makes sense with the assumption that Trump isn't a ZOG shill pushing a new world order agenda, and that there are still patriots in the intelligence community who give a fuck about America.

c9059b No.11371603


>If Dems don’t vote for her or obstruct her appointment,

That would be even more worrying.

e721ed No.11371629


I'm getting the sense you voted for Hillary and are still bitter?

e721ed No.11371673


Confirmed for butthurt Hillary supporter.

It isn't my responsibility to hold the hand of shills and patiently walk them through the steps needed to use a free service like Google in order for them to be led to the knowledge that they will inevitably say "it proves nothing" to.

She lost, deal with it. Go back to your furry board or whatever you leftypol faggots do when not getting btfo on /pol/.

e721ed No.11371715

File: 887532a0ac53c79⋯.jpg (787.35 KB, 1246x2081, 1246:2081, dafuq.jpg)


Okay (((anonymous))). Thanks for participating in "(((prove it!))), the never ending shill game."

Pic related, arguing with shills.

58e5d6 No.11371719

anon thoroughly enjoying every Q leak, my fringe tastes and autism are vindicated every time the Q posts

e3f1a4 No.11371744

File: 892a9364e42aaeb⋯.jpg (151.16 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, smug-face.jpg)

I hate to break it to you Debber Downies, but Trump has been moving people around like so many, dare I say, pieces on a playing board of some kind.

I can't imagine he would choose this bitch on a whim. Seems it's just the shakeup to deter the spooky shakedown the glow worms have been so keen to enact.

Who wants to bet she won't last?

01ee9c No.11372005

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Must watch

000000 No.11372049

>CIA niggers are based!

the absolute state of trumpcucks

938a5e No.11372051

File: cefaa6293e09919⋯.jpg (104.78 KB, 640x499, 640:499, i_really_just_liked_boats_….jpg)


kek thanks for that anon

066c41 No.11372224

>Putting a fucking nutcase women as CIA director

Lmao this is gonna go well

81c75c No.11372269


<National Socialism is an ideology

You are an unrepentant faggot.

>To take abstract and general principles, derived from a philosophy which is based on a solid foundation of truth, and transform them into a militant community whose members have the same political faith – a community which is precisely defined, rigidly organized, of one mind and one will – such a transformation is the most important task of all; for the possibility of successfully carrying out the idea is dependent on the successful fulfilment of that task. Out of the army of millions who feel the truth of these ideas, and even may understand them to some extent, one man must arise. This man must have the gift of being able to expound general ideas in a clear and definite form, and, from the world of vague ideas shimmering before the minds of the masses, he must formulate principles that will be as clear-cut and firm as granite. He must fight for these principles as the only true ones, until a solid rock of common faith and common will emerges above the troubled waves of vagrant ideas.

The general justification of such action is to be sought in the necessity for it and the individual will be justified by his success.

58e5d6 No.11372313

File: 51ee845c11aa86a⋯.png (795.92 KB, 1265x598, 55:26, Capture.PNG)

The Huffingtonroast never lets me down!

000000 No.11372328


If Hillary appointed her Huffpo would be celebrating.

As it is only Trumpkikes are celebrating.

afccfb No.11372346

Wait, what? When was T-Rex fired? What the fuck? Why is there so much chaos? Isn't Pompeo a literal CIA nigger too?

000000 No.11372360


Israel/Kushner and the Saudis wanted Tillerson gone.

Pompeo is a CIA nigger and war hawk.

81c75c No.11372382


[Citation Needed]

afccfb No.11372384


This is what I hate about Trump, he's so fucking blue pilled he doesn't know what the fuck is going on. Trump always does one thing right but fucks up 2 others. Anyone here with a high enough IQ would make a better president than Trump, ten-fold. I don't understand a lot of the shit he does and fags claim it's 4d chess. No, it's him being retarded.

96eab4 No.11372386


>Russian Jews who fled Russia

That would be the "Russian" Khazarian mob.

141651 No.11372396


>around the globe

buzz, wrong answer. earth is not a globe.

58e5d6 No.11372426

File: 568df5d9ff5c114⋯.jpg (60.27 KB, 720x960, 3:4, CHAD EARTH.jpg)


Like the story of Atlas, this world is built on Chads.

000000 No.11372625



000000 No.11372693

Tillerson was fired while overseas and his trip was cut short because of it.

It's obvious that he pulled some shit.

6d2ec2 No.11372752

File: fe138d97f9e5661⋯.png (285.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, torture master.png)

Kek, torture master.

d6d56d No.11372857



Iran needs nukes, by the way, because that ends Israel's monopoly. This means Israel cannot run endless small wars fucking with Syria, Lebanon (or Egypt, I guess), and Israel can't continue to abuse the Palestinians as much.

(Of course, the Clinton/Obama crime syndicate did a lot of horrific things like selling nukes and intel to Pakistani/Afghani rogue elements who are literal 9/11 terrorists, among many, many other crimes. Those other crimes alone are serious treason and enough for everybody to hang and hang they should. But the Iran stuff and the later deal? Hard to care THAT much when maybe Israel gets nuked.)

d6d56d No.11372865


It makes sense, because obviously the Iran deal is something Israel wants to get rid of at all costs.

Remember they even went in and shut down spinners with stuxnet. Israel basically only cares about Iran and the deal. Key point there is when Iraq fell, that made Iran powerful as fuck. Israel kike paedos are scared of mighty Iran now

d6d56d No.11372886


Very alarming but accurate. Jtfc.

d6d56d No.11372913


Agreed. See also >>11371298

66c8c5 No.11372916


<The US tortured and murdered a lot of people who were innocent.



Hi /ǀeftypol/ nice of you to visit. Trump is supposedly trying to sabotage the cianiggers by appointing someone incompetent to run the agency. This woman's shady past will cause the media to throw a shitfit and give us a golden opportunity to throw back the curtain on all the bullshit they have done over the years. Does this answer your question?

e86df1 No.11372923

Pompeo is shit, so is this CIA bitch

bf3e5e No.11372943


The Iran deal is one of the good things Obama did.

Obama hates jews but for different but similar reason than the nahtzees, he hates them because he knows they're racist against blacks and he understands that all their Leftist bs is a con job. He really fucked them over with the Iran deal and Trump being a jew puppet is trying to reverse it.

4d0073 No.11373042


is it always "MUH RUSSIA" with these guys?

3ead3b No.11373074


>The Iran deal is one of the good things Obama did.

Doing a secret pact with mongrel arabs controlling Persia through religion of cuck theocracy. Fuck his deal.

d6d56d No.11373110


Throwing the curtain back, or maybe you just have Trump 4D chess confirmation bias and it was simple a bad choice. There's no telling

On the point of torturing innocent people–yes, yes she did, and torturing/killing innocent people anywhere is incredibly stupid and creates exponentially more enemies.

Also, it's mainly ZOG/Israel that goes on the internet and tries to use the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" dehumanize Muslins tactics to bolster US support for Israel. The premise of that is bullshit, because Religion of Cuck™ and Jews are enemies, and Jews are the cause of nearly every problem with Muslims.

d6d56d No.11373120


The deal doesn't matter at all to anyone but Israel.

56ec6a No.11373161


No sanpaku eyes, surprisingly.

097f4e No.11373164

File: 40a9c0d6ab2473c⋯.jpg (111.16 KB, 399x402, 133:134, 1520982922030.jpg)

Still haven't found a definite date on her confirmation hearing. I wanna see the left's mental gymnastics and attacks on feinstein.

Got a feeling they will just force it through to avoid talking about it.

3ead3b No.11373175


>Obongo sends 1.2 billion euros in cash to Corrupt Theocratic Muslims

>what could go wrong

Why euros and not dollars? Why cash?

6d0466 No.11373197

File: 53ea6209850e7b5⋯.png (30.92 KB, 676x163, 676:163, uyt.png)

When the state department found out about Rex getting canned. Kek!

e86df1 No.11373198

I'd heard that some of the CIA torture was for human experimentation purposes. Just saw a Guardian article that essentially confirms this, but I would like to know more about it.

e86df1 No.11373201


Yet they aren't bothered at all when their agency is meddling in Syria or Ukraine

6d0466 No.11373204


Because its against muh russia.

cfd503 No.11373205


Not surprised in the least. She was never really interesting as a character to begin with.

56ec6a No.11373210


(((seasoned diplomats)))

6d2ec2 No.11373237


Sounds like good news to me.

6d0466 No.11373283


>The Iran deal is one of the good things Obama did.

>because he knows they're racist against blacks and he understands that all their Leftist bs is a con job.

> He really fucked them over with the Iran deal and Trump being a jew puppet is trying to reverse it.

He only hated them because he wanted muzzies as top dog.

Iran with or without nukes doesn't help Christians in the least so if the entire area is wiped off the map /pol/ shouldn't give two shits.

cfd503 No.11373294


I don't give a flying fuck about christians in that area but many Iranias are still Persians and as such need be protected in any way possible.

It's no surprise that the hijab-burning started there.

6d0466 No.11373315


>It's no surprise that the hijab-burning started there.

I would prefer a modern iran the way it used to be while wiping israel off the map but at the end of the day its their problem, not america.

aafe3e No.11373323


>a modern iran the way it used to be

Mini-skirts, private central banks, and puppet government?

cfd503 No.11373344

File: d194098eb999615⋯.jpeg (109.84 KB, 880x677, 880:677, iranbeforeshah2.jpeg)


Wiping pissrael off the face of the Earth is the ulitmate goal of any Aryan folk but we got to take one step at a time.


We can just straight up skip the kikery and allow the Persians to make a society as best they can, free of mudslimes and kikes.

097f4e No.11373374


They must be female.

859332 No.11373537


Wrong. What is even the point of that graphic, that Muslims actually believe in their religion and not some degenerated, watered-down form of it unlike so-called Christians in the West?

>wives should obey their husbands

Oh God, the inhumanity. They probably reject sodomites parading through the streets naked as well, the backwards barbarians. Why don't they just (((modernize))) like the west!!

4c96bd No.11373725

File: 4723b83bb68bef4⋯.png (779.69 KB, 623x733, 623:733, KoreanBlackface.png)


God damn that's dark

17852f No.11373765

File: cb8ae2dab92e1d1⋯.jpg (54.42 KB, 412x297, 412:297, Till.jpg)

000000 No.11373815


Fuck off MIDF.

60ad97 No.11373909


>muh drumpf is a kike puppet

Can't you be more original, faggot shill?

964e17 No.11374217

Don The NeoCon

77d378 No.11374413


>that sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

When they say someone is "linked to XYZ" it's almost always false insinuation. Much like Trump and everyone who works for him is "linked to Russia."

859332 No.11374822


That's the best you can do?

9aa651 No.11374849

File: ea11ab4f632dda7⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 800x600, 4:3, ea1.gif)

File: 5b56f2cb38e5aa4⋯.png (44.47 KB, 1245x833, 1245:833, attack_vectors_2_(1).png)

File: 7a241a54ba1b58e⋯.png (882.6 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, bingo.png)

shill trigger warning

b33cba No.11374888


Now Trump can fire Pompeo. CIAniggers will have incompetent kikess at the helm and the CIA will go down in gas-powered flames.

048209 No.11375674


> muslim


> There are no innocent muslims the terrorists hide behind women and children. You have to help us kill every one of them in the Middle East, Goyim.

(The world will finally know peace when the last muslim kills the last jew in a suicide bombing.)

c3a784 No.11379661

File: 20d069b23d60d83⋯.png (314.46 KB, 673x888, 673:888, bloody gina.png)


Her nickname is "Bloody Gina".








If this is not Trump tipping that first domino, I do not know what is. The snake has begun to eat its own tail.

478f5b No.11383834

File: 4f99813c08dbdbb⋯.png (307.76 KB, 647x1239, 647:1239, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at ….png)

Let us set one record straight on Iran western forces froze Iran assets along with all the other shit economically.

Obama gave them some of what was theirs in cash.

110296 No.11386322

File: 2122bfa57958157⋯.jpg (933.09 KB, 960x829, 960:829, 2122bfa5795815793e272ddb14….jpg)

File: dc775c8c9f76125⋯.png (1.22 MB, 707x1225, 101:175, 003c0fca46b5cfd784f34bec73….png)




The CIA is going to burn to the ground.

196f85 No.11386404

File: af8ebb970a308c0⋯.gif (2.5 MB, 341x245, 341:245, anger.gif)


Great ban. Much deserved.

fucking mods.

77d378 No.11406362


>that sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

When they say someone is "linked to XYZ" it's almost always false insinuation. Much like Trump and everyone who works for him is "linked to Russia."


Hi kike!

fa0762 No.11406371


So why did you need to bump this?

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