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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: 2ec82f3b5228e01⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 600x314, 300:157, 953S3ctG.jpg)

53cc82 No.11427145



Speaking candidly to a Columbia University audience comprised largely of College Republicans and a few hecklers expecting a debate, Coulter broke down her bitter disappointment with Trump - recounting one instance in which she and the President engaged in a "profanity-laced shouting match" in the Oval Office last year over what she felt was his weak follow-through on immigration promises made during the campaign.

“It kind of breaks my heart,” Coulter acknowledged of her disappointment with the president, and she recounted a profanity-laced shouting match she had with Trump in the Oval Office last year over what she saw as his lackluster follow-through on immigration policy. “He’s not giving us what he promised at every single campaign stop.” -Daily Beast

God I love her

(Archive AND Original link)
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92f014 No.11427162


No kike free first post.

234212 No.11427166


Would you stop showing your eternal butthurt?

92f014 No.11427173


I honestly couldn't care about her it at all, but she it is amusing at times. Tell us when she does something to piss off (((them))).

62a3f8 No.11427176


The only real campaign policy that Trump has vigorously pursued is the embassy move and working toward tearing up the Iran deal. His actual base wanted the isolationism, radical infrastructure overhaul, cordial relations with Russia, and re-industrialization. Everyone sort of tuned out when Trump wouldn't shut the fuck up about Iran or Syrian safe zones.

89d41c No.11427184

<God I love her

>"Getting yelled at by old women turns me on because it reminds me of mommy" - OP

234212 No.11427189

That doesnt mean I have a problem with Coulter criticizing Trump, especially to his face. Trump needs to hear every side of his base.

234212 No.11427195


Well she has taken to calling jews globalists in a way that implies globalists are from a certain lineage. Like replacing the racial terms for jew to globalist. Quite different and more entertaining than Alex Jone's diversion when he uses it.

She specifically uses it as Jew.

62a3f8 No.11427202


Trump isn't really interested in hearing all sides of his "base". He was basically summoned and given the "go signal" because of how Obama's second term shook out. The jews were very, very unhappy with it and so Trump was let loose, but he was only ever going to act on the policies his donors and creditors wanted. Everything else was to game support.

234212 No.11427206


Go back to Renegay

62a3f8 No.11427216


Why don't you go back to jpost?

0fdf86 No.11427237

File: a4fca68d2785cd9⋯.png (19.32 KB, 803x651, 803:651, cocks.png)

000000 No.11427258


0ae8f8 No.11427265


zenpol? more like dedpol

ff3e46 No.11427273


>zenpol? more like dedpol


92f014 No.11427276


I am aware of this, I suppose I should have said to tell us of fresh developments involing her pissing off Jews. That Twatter post of all the "globalists" was heilarious, though.

92f014 No.11427277


You should an hero.

9f1eda No.11427287

I wish i could irl shitpost with trump

8eba96 No.11427288


no you're a kike. and, don't argue that kikes have nothing to do with it and that's a stupid argument, or Heil aka imkikey will b& you for 4wks

(imkampfy derangement syndrome. Sad! Many such cases!)

184e3d No.11427291

She is a fucking jew, what do you expect. Trump cant just have tunnel vision, he has to take in all the players and their moves. Its a form of interdimentional chess.

eab605 No.11427317


I've noticed how every e-celeb (I'll through Coulter into that basket for the time being) has done everything they could to fragment their followers out of Trump's base at every opportunity.

525774 No.11427323

I don't know, I like Ann Coulter and I'm still on board when it comes to Trump. The only thing I can point to solidly as far as not liking something he's done in office so far is the Bolton appointment, and possibly some results from this spending bill, but we aren't deep enough to see how that will play out and I don't want to sound like the cuck shills that have already made those half-points a few dozen times today already. I'll just say that, yes, Trump absolutely could have done more in terms of fulfilling campaign promises but at the same time Coulter losing her shit every other day over that is reminding me mainly of those times where you don't text a woman back for two hours and all of a sudden it's a wave of "so I guess we're never ever talking again??!" texts. That's not a great quality in anyone, but she makes up for it in my eyes by cursing out Trump. I disagree with her for the most part, but that is kind of ballsy: being in the Oval Office and yelling at, not just the man who occupies the office of POTUS, but the man you wanted there, in his office, in the office where it was decided that nuclear bombs would be dropped on Japan, she's in there basically screaming "how many motherfucking days until you start booting out these god-fucking-damn Mexicans?!" would almost be admirable, and their are aspects of it that are, if it wasn't so fucking clingy-girlfriend insane.

5968d5 No.11427328

File: 9d1ffa95f4ffbfd⋯.webm (772.34 KB, 478x360, 239:180, Anne Coalturd.webm)

File: 477f7982a46528a⋯.jpg (30.97 KB, 450x360, 5:4, deal with it2.jpg)

5968d5 No.11427340


>why would the mods prove this faggot right by doing that?

Because the mods are ashkeNAZIs. Why else would they defend Coalturd?

5968d5 No.11427351

File: fdcd52ff01b9438⋯.jpg (167.67 KB, 917x871, 917:871, sad pepe.jpg)


>sounds like /leftypol/ talk to me.

Ok fine. Ann Coalburner.


>why do all the reddit kiddies immediately decide that a mod "supports" something simply because it isn't banned?

hownew.ru? was there a 3rd exodus? because you obviously didn't come with us in the 1st. the mods clearly support this coalburning tranny as they literally just banned a different anon for pointing out their kikery.

>waits for ban

195590 No.11427353

I really think she is mad i stopped getting her in the ass

dac768 No.11427354


He's entitled to some butthurt considering we still don't have a wall and still have too many worthless spics shitting up America.

195590 No.11427361

She gets lots of vitamin D but not from the Sun

60923f No.11427363


sorry about not getting your (you) shlomo, but the obvious way you worked in the "tranny troll" with your totally false btw "she doesn't do anything to piss off the (((juice)))" shiv, along with your (4) so far, mean you're from tel aviv.

i'm certain if i went through your posts i'd fill out my SHILL BINGO card pretty quick



>coal burner

so you're in the same cube farm as schlomo, above, huh?

you yids get paid by the (you) so no (you)s for (you)

sorry that ann isn't seeing the big picture but i'm glad she so passionate about it

daca didn't get killed because having it around keeps the demonicrats going apeshit exposing themselves every time trump mentions the kids, it's prime prop, if he had just killed it then it would have gone away without making (((them))) come out they way they have

the wall is getting build with military funds

omnibus spending bill is not a "budget" and doesn't have legal power on what potus spends the money on

trump is doing a masterful job on his promises so far, people just have unrealistic expectations, potus isn't literally a god-emperor and i can't think of anyone who is an open wn who would have or could have done a better job of setting traps and playing the game

000000 No.11427364



e90c39 No.11427367

Been calling it since day one, he is not our savior, he was just a better option than Hillary. Until I see mass deportations, he can fuck off like the rest of them.

60923f No.11427371


… and a

>wah he's not literally hitler!

troll appears, of the

>ntil I see mass deportations, he can fuck off


my SHILL BINGO card is getting filled fast

234212 No.11427403


It started this week. Apparently Rush was right.

721846 No.11427521


>"Getting yelled at by old women turns me on because it reminds me of mommy" - OP

Young enough to fuck you homo

721846 No.11427524

File: c3dd8a95507f05f⋯.jpg (101.96 KB, 796x1024, 199:256, goblina ripsconstitution g….jpg)


> The only thing I can point to solidly as far as not liking something he's done in office so far is the Bolton appointment

That's because you're not American and you should shut your fucking mouth. The wall is all that matters. Everything else can be reversed but if you put a wall up then there is a massive symbol and ground to stand on.

A 3rd world country like America 2045 will be destroyed by China. Everything else is meaningless and the enemy will wait as long as it has to.

bb09ce No.11427538

File: 0a9743f34f9f1ea⋯.jpg (168.53 KB, 1024x635, 1024:635, 1522377274187.jpg)


>China is the biggest threat to American democracy

Boomers, everybody.

89d41c No.11427542

File: 83460e272f5a7b4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 147.14 KB, 618x413, 618:413, prideflag.png)


If you want to fuck a homo, guess what that makes you; pic related

525774 No.11427558

You nigger, where did I state that I didn't want a wall? It's not good that there hasn't been any development on the wall until recently, but I didn't include that because that's not something he's done in office that I don't like, that's something he hasn't done yet. As far as we know, the wall is still coming. If there isn't real progress on the wall in the next few months, I'll be moving more towards an Ann Coulter attitude of the Trump presidency so far.

234212 No.11427573


Then tell me what those tall pieces of rebar are for next to the existing border fence. The skeleton of the wall is being created now. The pieces are not for the new fence, it's going to be a wall. You can see the fence in those pics, and it's about 1/4 the size of the new rebar.

91dbc2 No.11427578


He's not wrong. Those yellow jews have American corporations in their pocket (along with Israel) and are the biggest immigrant wave to the country besides Mexico.

7cc22c No.11427580

File: 5fd95fb067c7188⋯.jpg (57.03 KB, 605x600, 121:120, 5fd95fb067c7188eeb04a13f39….jpg)

First of all, all these newfags need to be a little warmer to Iron Ann

Secondly, when the fuck did she go to the white house???!! I should have heard the heads exploding over her trip! Why didn't I hear any kvetching when it happened?

8a620b No.11427582


>Boomers, everybody.

Dead giveaway. Anyone but the chosen.

234212 No.11427585

File: 31f38928b26dab5⋯.jpg (179.15 KB, 740x553, 740:553, wall rebar skeleton the fe….jpg)

Posting that beautiful rebar from the other thread.

cd275e No.11427666



>Anymore, Ann.


>Lay off the tranny hormones Andy.

b41a33 No.11427676

Ann is a hyper-emotional woman (but I repeat myself) who has a tunnel vision unlike anyone on this earth. She has no patience. This is likely why she isn't a builder like the God Emperor. She is Boomer-tier instant gratification personified.

b41a33 No.11427680


Steel rebar was made for concrete. It's a match made in heaven.

e46015 No.11427696


Anne Coulter is a whore and a Democrat plant.

60a433 No.11427751


I get the whole banning overt anti-Trump shills, but can we start banning the opposite end of that scale too? Muh god emperor. We dont even talk about Hitler like that, and Trump is no Hitler. If Hitler was not to be referred to as a god or some kind of Christ, which Goebbels says in his diaries that he is not to be - then Trump shouldnt be either. That would effectively place him above Hitler himself.

3b7661 No.11427778

File: 05e3f18b1b748bb⋯.png (709.37 KB, 900x602, 450:301, technical genius.png)


Why did they activate the coal burner so early though? Wouldn't it be smarter to wait until 2020 to have all the controlled pro Trump e-celebs make a magical 180° just before the elections?

672a92 No.11427782


>(imkampfy derangement syndrome. Sad! Many such cases!)

Butt out faggot. Is there any thread without your pathetic ass fucking around with every 5th post?

845c87 No.11427791


Agreed. Fuck it, I'll hang my hat here. I get that you're new and think you're doing god's work, but hopefully everyone who recognizes your faggotry will find the promised land shortly. Fuck off dude, stop trying to prove yourself in your own misguided way, and let this place be the town square, speakers corner, whatever fucking place your own people value as a spot for free and open discussion, like it once was. This thought-crime moderation really grinds my gears, and I hope things can be rectified before it means the end of us.

(kike astroturf)

845c87 No.11427800


btw thanks for the deletion before I get b&, only proves the point. Nice 4d chess if you choose otherwise.

02a952 No.11427805


If we're talking about the pieces on the chessboard and not the adversary player, the Chinese are definitely the biggest threat. The wall is meaningless; we could fix South American immigration by stopping the handouts. We need to ban the Chinese from taking over entire industries and buying vast plots of land.

735f8d No.11427828


Power corrupts

7b02d9 No.11427843


Trump wants to say his hands are tied, his base has rebelled, he is being FORCED to carry it all out. You have to keep in mind, when he deals with Demorats it's with 400 cameras and head bobbing. When he deals with Republicans it's behind closed doors and no press. It's a game. This is part of the game.

7b02d9 No.11427845


tl;dr : get enraged, it's all part of the plan

c3aa66 No.11428032


American Blacks don't have Vitamin D

81d800 No.11428055

>woman allegedly

>political opinion matters

pick one

e-celeb views change with the wind.

7d807a No.11428061


what the fuck? I don't see why this was a bannable offense unless there is something we're not seeing - anon disagreed with the premise of a thread as is his right to do and it seems like he was attacked for making a snide comment and subsequently banned for responding to the attack. Am I missing something?

Mods, I appreciate all that you do to clean up the boards and fight the shill infestation but reasonable dissent MUST be tolerated else we are literally creating an echo chamber and that is NOT what this place should be about. Greatness is forged by fire, asceticism and conviction to ideals - one must be able to interject and object where needed else we're destroying our ability to improve ourselves and achieve that aforementioned greatness, as long as that objection is with purpose, not just shill d&c moving goal posts and trying to foist values we simply do not share onto the board via astroturf.

Just curious the rationale behind the ban. Thanks for doing what you do.

446750 No.11428069

The wall started 1 year too late into this presidency and I Only hope now that with the beginning of this section the remainder of the wall(bare minimum 1000 miles of it) are completed and not section of it so that these 3 years don't end with an impressive "if you want the wall completed you have to vote for me again!"

7d807a No.11428071


I don't know, rereading it I'd say it's a coin toss since the guy was a bit of a retard but eh

the principle of the posting was not wrong, the manner by which he carried it out was fucking stupid so I can understand it a bit more.

cee694 No.11428079


If you check the mod log you will see a pattern of spamming what that guy was deleted for.

I personally don't ban for it unless extreme cases (spam basically) but it gets pretty tiresome to see it shitting around, so can see why more senior mods will ban for it.

5066d1 No.11428160


>having autistic arguments in the oval office


dfdc7f No.11428173

>why didn't he gas the kikes and niggers on his first day in office???

I have a better question, why does everyone hold Trump to this cartoonish level of virtue when most of the users of this board helped create that persona in the first place.

It probably does help keep him on his toes, though.

80c79c No.11428271






>(imkampfy derangement syndrome. Sad! Many such cases!)







>all these deleted posts

>snarky redditor-tier mod ban messages

>all these assravaged homos attacking ann coulter because she isn't sucking off trump while he's cucking the American people

>Active ISPs about to drop sub-1800

God DAMN this place has gone to shit.

7cc22c No.11428473

Hold on, this is extremely suspicious at this point.


Hopefully just someone trying to be funny


>Ann being a jew

No I don't think so. Settlers!


Ann isn't racist, heartbreaking and unfortunate but good to know


>Call her a tranny

Not new but ok


>She's tunnel visioned

The existence of our people is the single most important thing. The primary pressing threat to that is the Mexican Invasion of America. She demands a solution right the fuck now. Sound right to me.


I hope this is just someone floating ideas.

This is a stupid one, for reference.


meh ok

Alright never mind this all looks fine actually

da7626 No.11428498



A fucking light bulb in a open psu. Fucking hilarious. Anons right this picture is great.

247ac8 No.11428599


Ann Cunter is doing the same kind of blackpill-tier goal post moving among other kinds of shilling shit that I've seen nearly every weekend.

80c79c No.11428686


>a-a-ann coulter is s-s-s-shill!

Next level Trumpcucking.

7d2fe1 No.11428759

This bitch is funnier than any of the msm left female comics by an order of magnitude

3f1535 No.11428771


anyone who doesn't want to wait for a wall seems to be a shill

528b83 No.11428784

Shills come out of the woodwork when white women speak funny that. Every single time.

000000 No.11428807

>Niggerfucking Anne vs Muh Gawd Emperpah

No jews, No judeo-christians, No faggots, No women, No muds, No Jew Yorkers

Fuck both of them

47eabd No.11428829


I can see Cunter complaining about how the Wall only stops 99%, and not 100%, of illegal immigration. She's hysterical enough for that kind of stupidity.

bc9e59 No.11428901

She’s trash.

247ac8 No.11428936


She's an opportunist much like Milo was with trying to dick hop onto the (((alt-right/lite))) movement after the GG dick stopped hitting his AIDS prostate.

82b7a9 No.11428946

women are too hysterical for decision making/politics

7cc22c No.11428952


You're trash.

000000 No.11429476


She's been fighting for better immigration laws longer than you've been alive you fucking reddit faggot.

000000 No.11429487




<muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump!!!!!!1!!!oneone!!! you can't say anything bad about truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump

<muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh jeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooohhhhhh peeeeeeeeeeeeeee must luuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvv republicuuuuuuuuuuucks

<reeeeeeeeeeeee don't say nuuuuuuuu-/pol/ reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

<nooooooooo jooooooooooooooooooookes nooooooooooooooo fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun alloooooooooooooooooowed

<muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewfags reeeeeeeeee protect the newfags reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

<huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr duuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrr reddit is here to staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

<reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't say r/t_D reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

<muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetarded shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingooooooooooooooooooooooo reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

<muuuuuuuh stiiiiiiiiiickkkkkkkiiiiieeeeeesssss muuuuuuuust censor stiiiiiiiikkkkkiiiiiiieeeeeesssss







000000 No.11429497


This is kikey's classic spam to try to make tor posters look silly.

Hows the 1800 UIDs treating you, you fucking faggot roach?

Just to let any original anons know, imkikey is BO now which is why the board is going tits up

c50c6d No.11429499


She is personally trash, a lifetime of spreading her legs to non Whites.

e0d655 No.11429511



lol torpedo samefagging. ghey

000000 No.11429535


go back to istanbul, turkikey

e0d655 No.11429553


>imkampfy derangment syndrom

sad! many such cases!

000000 No.11429556


i thought the turk thing was actually imkikey's own false creation?

000000 No.11429565


>le trump meme quote

ebin reddit modding, kikey


Nah his name is Berkay Ozdemir. We pieced together a few pieces of info that led us to believe he is that faggot turk.

000000 No.11429595


idk, that account was either a catfish or someone fucked up bigtime ever allowing that roach to become a mod. so, what's the word on the real Heil? did he dead? I can't believe the current owner of the Heil login is the real Heil. he never used to be a weirdo megalomaniac

e0d655 No.11429596




lol talking to yourself is really disturbing. you should seek help

000000 No.11429603


No idea re: Heil. The person using Heil's account now is kikey, 100%. What happened to the person who was the original Heil is uncertain. There's precedent for this too, fagggetttss was Heil. I remember speaking to him in IRC and he confirmed that, but wanted to keep it hush for whatever reason as if modding drama mattered.

000000 No.11429621


>fagggetttss was Heil

that was confirmed in the leaks, no?

>The person using Heil's account now is kikey, 100%

it sure acts like kikey, and gets super triggered when you call them out on it

000000 No.11429638


I forget tbh.

It is kikey, 100%. Before we called him out on his identical ban reasons and lengths on /sudo/ he started changing it up and giving ridiculous 2000 year bans and long winded explanations, a clear indication that our original charge of an identical moderation style landed pretty close on the mark.

From what I gather, Skeletor the mod is kampfy's buddy from reddit. I don't know if you knew this, but the reason we started getting that faggot corner image is because kampfy made friends with the guy who runs T_D who does a lot of CSS for that board. Well, now he's a mod here, Skeletor.

The only one I don't know about is Mr. Clean. But he seems reasonable and had a Q&A with users here: >>11420396

8a1b14 No.11429641


She was a boomercon before she researched immigration and related data to it, retard. She wrote a book that Trump obviously had read previous to announcing his run.

000000 No.11429658


>kampfy made friends with the guy who runs T_D who does a lot of CSS for that board. Well, now he's a mod here, Skeletor.

so, /pol/ is now literally reddit. fucking disgusting. you think they're getting kickbacks from some political organization, or are they just that retarded GOP dicksuckers?

000000 No.11429675


I just assume Jim sold /pol/ to some kike organization tbh. Like he allowed us to become some big baddie political force and then leveraged that to get a payout. Pretty smart. Now even the term 'e-thnonationalism' is wordfiltered to civnat. Give it a try.

Now if you don't suck Trump's dick on every single thing he does, even if you generally like him but hate when he fails, you're fucking gone. Yes, I would say that the board has become the imageboard equivalent of T_D, by design.

000000 No.11429689


>Jim sold /pol/ to some kike organization

that's what I was thinking. the "hack" was too convenient, and seemed to lead to a big shakeup among mods. who knows if the whole site isn't actually manned by COINTELPRO thugs at this point

234212 No.11429690


>Now if you don't suck Trump's dick on every single thing he does, even if you generally like him but hate when he fails, you're fucking gone.

That's pretty much the problem. Right now Trump needs criticism. Nothing will get done if he cannot hear from his base.

234212 No.11429691

Even if you're just shitposting here.

000000 No.11429698


There's a very interesting wordfilter here, test it for yourself:

"8-ch is most likely run by intelligence contractors."

"I am trying to get you to commit violence because I'm terrible at my job."

Remove the - from the first quote and it becomes the second. REALLY MAKES ME THINK.

000000 No.11429718


lolwut? test:

8ch is most likely run by intelligence contractors

000000 No.11429724


it didn't work

I am trying to get you to commit violence because I'm terrible at my job.

000000 No.11429728


holy shit, i forgot the period and now it works. that's a really specific word filter… i don't remember anyone spamming that. where did that come from?

e0d655 No.11429754


>That's pretty much the problem. Right now Trump needs criticism. Nothing will get done if he cannot hear from his base

I'm honest to god afraid to agree with this. not even kidding.

000000 No.11429758


I would imagine it's just the mods fucking with the users, but it's also likely not far from the mark either.

000000 No.11429794


for any newfags watching


e0d655 No.11429818


wow interesting

b93051 No.11429848




I wonder what brought the goons out this time.

9f800f No.11429882

How long until Trump's curse hits her?

000000 No.11429893


we need to come up with better "spam" – a strong, unified countermovement is necessary to break up /pol/ newfaggotry without turning it over to shareblue and goons

000000 No.11429898


>I'm going to retcon legitimate dissent into being goons

tbh, the faggot mods have done such a number on this place, the goons just watch the shitshow and laugh

000000 No.11429953


Hey anon you're way too logical for this place. Come over to meguca. A bunch of users are ending up over there now that kushner is telling kikey to fuck this board up something fierce

234212 No.11429960


Should it really when she's pretty much right?

4e98a3 No.11430049


Nigger, A steel Wall is popping in SoCal. That shit started monday this week. Cunt Coulter is just being a contrarian cunt at this point.

19d18e No.11430078

File: 8207f9cc0d45c9c⋯.png (556.16 KB, 610x610, 1:1, brace yourself.png)


Newfag here but long time lurker and poster at halfchan.

At least it's better than /bpol/

It's getting hard to find honest conversation…. I wonder where we will all gravitate to next to speak candidly?

2a93ae No.11430085

I don't feel the need to take a side in this. Trump is a smart man, so if he really wants the wall he could just be doing it in a different way. (or he knows something we don't) Coulter is also passionate and somewhat principled, so there's no need to dislike her for being a hothead.

e0d655 No.11430119


>I wonder where we will all gravitate to next to speak candidly?

well, MrClean is mod right now if I'm not mistaken, so you can speak freely, and as long as you're not totally cancerous, then you're okay


that's nothing new, dipshit. walls like that have always existed in metro areas, like between el paso and juarez. i can't tell if you're retarded because /pol/ has become retarded or if you're a shill


its amazing how honest anons get labelled "kike astroturf" – i can't tell whether Heil is off his rocker, or just thinks everyone will believe this nonsense

19d18e No.11430152


I lurked long enough at other /pol/ and don't plan on being a tool. Have a good night.

000000 No.11430218



Imageboards are on a pretty constant cycle at this point. There may be a few "you're here forever" anons… but there are way more that drop off and go elsewhere. And there's always a crop of newfriends; they'll believe it.

This is why I never liked the attention-seeking shit that started popping up some years ago… probably back with chanology… although those fucks were from myspace, so some anons were faggots even before that. But this carried on through the fappening and gg and Fergustan and the 2016 election. There's no need to slap board names on posts elsewhere or acknowledge any deeds anywhere else. It's antithetical to the whole spirit of anonymity.

tl;dr Rules 1 & 2, faggots!!!1!!!!!one!!!!

We only have ourselves to blame.

ce1ce7 No.11430733


As far as I can gather iamkikey and his buds either came here intentionally to fuck with this place or have gotten ass-pained on a personal level.

4e98a3 No.11431018


>I-I-It's just a fence, Stupid Goy!!

Whens the last time you saw one of those thing thirty feet tall? We have an image of it in this thread right next to the old shit and it's twice the height.

000000 No.11431331


somebody set up us the bomb

60a433 No.11431486


Cuckchan is just as free thought based as ever, go ahead and post in the communism general all you want. This board has quality control and communist bullshit isnt tolerated. Communists will be executed, not debated with. People who want to push anti-white ideas arent welcome here, that includes you.

000000 No.11431517


The whole draw of 8ch in late 2013 was the free speech angle.

The transformation of this board into a rebbit-tier circlejerk has made it stupid, weak, and incapable of defending itself against even the most ridiculously incorrect counterarguments and it does not prepare new anons to face the real world… in fact, that kind of (((spoonfeeding))) has been off-limits for some time.

Somehow, checking digits like /b/ and unironically believing in dune coon frog gods has been just fine. It's like someone wants you to be stupid and ineffective.

f761f1 No.11431536

File: 9005acad65a182f⋯.jpg (35.63 KB, 767x431, 767:431, 9005acad65a182f9575f2af088….jpg)


>site control is transferred from a freedom loving cripple to a frog god worshipping Masonic unregistered sex offender hiding in flipland

>thinks things won't go down the shitter

At least the mods are making their stupidity known by plastering their buzzwords on bans for everyone to see.

521e46 No.11431698


Well, she's a guy, so…..

3b00d4 No.11435283


>Y-y-you will be executed (stopped from posting on this Mongolian basketweaving forum) if you disagree with my opinions

Has no control over his own life, only gains meaning from the internet, sad!

b2d189 No.11435382

File: 2f1f2602f89eeba⋯.jpg (64.36 KB, 855x720, 19:16, 2f1f2602f89eeba679f732db05….jpg)

>TORfags astroturfing their shill narrative to derail thread

000000 No.11466409

Heil's login got taken over by imkikey and skeletor is a Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns reddit mod

6aad09 No.11466558


Shit this reminds me I haven't got my monthly ban yet. Hit me up with some of that good shit janny.

(Let me give you some of that good stuff bro)

000000 No.11467667


The truth of what drives this creature is really quite prosaic.

He transitioned prior to attending university, and managed to attract a 'slim boyfriend. Remember that a key part of coalburner psychology and their primary reason for chasing non-Whites is a feeling of inferiority. Hence why most coalburners in tlr's are obese and ugly. Non-Whites are much less likely to reject a White woman, and to put up with their ugliness and shit, so are the natural choice for one with low self-esteem and poor body image.

When the guy found out that his chick had a dick, he dropped it like a smouldering coal.

He has never gotten over the affront and narcissistic injury, or what he sees as the arrogance of the muslim in daring to think that he, as a brown person, has the right to turn down a man posing as a woman.

The "anti-trans" shit is as much a projection of self-hatred as his "anti-muslum" rhetoric is a reaction-formation to being turned down by someone he was sure would accept him because they're so far below his social class.

It was trying to start with an easy target as its first "boyfriend" post becoming a "real woman", got burned and never recovered, how could he recover if he can't even seduce a low quality shitskin?

You see the same kind of deal with "Lauren Southern", photographs show his first boyfriend after transitioning, also a shitskin.

02ed48 No.11467732


You are the exact same as Antifa and you don't even know it. Sad!

446750 No.11467742


Don't complain about it faggot, counter it point by point every single time you encounter it. otherwise youre not really doing anything

449476 No.11496133


Maybe because unlike every other piece of Jew loving 'Conservative' pundit she went to do our bidding on why he was elected and to follow through, not raise her profile.

c43cbf No.11496204

File: a1839059ccdd7bb⋯.jpg (245.75 KB, 598x600, 299:300, a1839059ccdd7bb2576459486e….jpg)

>women able to comprehend the basics of strategy or tactics

221b9a No.11496227

File: 90757d115b9e48d⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 620x388, 155:97, 77eef004e6f2deb7460f1b9be0….jpg)


Shes probably one of the most legit political persons alive right now. Shes much better than trump and is very passionite about what she does. To counter signal her is very (((telling))).

bd20f1 No.11496245


4 days left until hitlers birthday , how should we celebrate this?

dfb2b9 No.11497048


> Posts a S&M prostitute

> Cares about a thread of some creature that burns the coal and gets poo in the loo

Revyniggers are the cancer killing /pol/, Go back to cuckchan not even kidding we don't tolerate Revy here you understand?

000000 No.11497656

People here are bashing Coulter but she is the most hardcore nationalist person in the American mainstream.

It speaks positively about her and negatively about the American political culture.

It is kind of strange because in America "hate speech" laws are less crazy than in Europe and there are more opportunities to express "wrong" point of view but at the same time there are no more nationalists in American politics than in European politics.

6c0e87 No.11497673

Shariann Coulter strikes again. I bet she's being financed by Soros.

54bfcd No.11497739


Say what you want about her - but at least she is holding his feet to the fire, or attempting to.

749893 No.11497757

File: a28655277959eb3⋯.jpg (11.49 KB, 138x255, 46:85, c39fbc19b8743079e61a01e94f….jpg)











>old thread circa 3/30

>last post before this push was 4/10

Whatcha sliding, moshie? Something's got you scared.

124d36 No.11497846


I remember coming here because of over (and bad) moderation, but we're starting to see a new generation of hotpocket problems. There most certainly are elements that are trying to undermine us, but I fear that the mods are becoming a little too paranoid in their defense of this place.

124d36 No.11497894


I wouldn't say the posting is that bad just yet, but it feels like too many people feel they are invested in Trump, when the day after the election ended we should have all started working on the electing someone closer to our ideal and not get bogged down with (((Red vs Blue))) bullshit. If anything, Ann is doing what we all should be doing and hold Trump accountable to his campaign promises, and try to push him farther right.

304098 No.11497954


<This board has quality control

Not even close. "Heil" is a colossal faggot.

>inb4 b& again because "Heil" is a colossal faggot.

32d897 No.11500830





Ey moddy! Did you come down with a bit of the AIDS or did mum forget the Hot Pockets while she was out shopping?>>11427288

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