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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: 1bc90d68fc90985⋯.png (158.47 KB, 595x815, 119:163, 1bc90d68fc90985dd7ff42ba62….png)

File: 7eab11c45b2b193⋯.png (11.52 KB, 644x476, 23:17, 7eab11c45b2b193c5fcc54a5e6….png)

File: f44147c0963fe0b⋯.jpg (113.49 KB, 807x562, 807:562, eedcfcba9600cdf5e6d50331a7….jpg)

972035 No.11453671

We are about 3 to 10 years away from having effective medical Eugenics via Embryo selection/screening. China, and many Asian countries are already investing big in the technology and recently, scientists have warned that the west will fall behind Asia if we dont start breaking the stigma against Eugenics. What does pol think of the near term possibility of Eugenics?





366c60 No.11453710


We'd be better off just sterilizing all non-whites.

47c939 No.11453749

Should have happened years ago. We would not have to deal with the genetically defective that way. Yet instead we get parents being proud of their special potatoes.

c03299 No.11453762


>under the rule of zion

i've got a bad feeling about this

2cb7f8 No.11453789


It's already underway, with the kikes using nigger sperm in sperm banks, immigration, porn…

The end result is dumber people with less human characteristics as opposed to the animalistic. This includes the jews themselves, even though they to sterilize Ethiopian jewish women in Israel. Jews abort themselves and a Rothschild is marrying a nigger.

They learned that they have to drink the poison they want us to drink. Scorpion and the frog, nothing new under the sun.

2cb7f8 No.11453801


China has been collecting the DNA of their citizens. I bet they will go for



>Capabilities (music, math, obedience, pale skin, facial structure, penis size)

Here's hoping, at least.

2cb7f8 No.11453805


>forgetting height

Silly me.

4a9590 No.11453811


>penis size


1eb64c No.11453824

Eugenics is already happening its just not what the kikes want, hence their need to import millions of shitskins.

Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.

You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white conservative birthrates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals and only 7% will be black.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.


Natural selection cannot be cheated.

7fb5b8 No.11453826


Ass blasted browns incoming when people select their children to be blond and blue-eyed, just like in brazil with semen donation imports.

d7e8ed No.11453831

File: 54cb0f7c1f2d079⋯.jpg (559.65 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, penis_size.jpg)



they don't have a lot to work with. consider they have 600 - 700 million ant men in china and the largest penis size they can find is 6.5 inches. for reference, that's the average in a tiny country like hungary.

4a9590 No.11453844


Why would on concentrate on penis size though? So that the rest of the world stops mocking them?

fabfd7 No.11454252

File: ffa6ae9baccce8d⋯.jpg (120.98 KB, 1024x702, 512:351, 1470765649850.jpg)


A healthy society already has all the necessary eugenic mechanisms built into it that could be required to prune the gene pool at a natural rate. This is merely using technology, once again, to cover up a hole in our social organization that will continue to go ignored if these measures are adopted.

What's more, high IQ is rare because, believe it or not, it's NOT always the best for survival. There is always a cost-benefit analysis that needs to be done in cases like this, and high IQ individuals tend to have a number of different problems than low IQ individuals, who have different problems from average IQ individuals, who have different problems than slightly above average IQ individuals. Who knows what effects shifting the average IQ up by a standard deviation could have socially? The only example we have are Ashkenazi Jews, and their social outlook and organization is VERY dangerous, short-sighted and neurotic, and they managed to achieve this result gradually over a long period of time and adjust. It's a very dangerous thing to play with all at once.

Such approaches merely discourage actual natural solutions and invite potential disaster in exchange for short term gains.

6f5122 No.11454664


>falling for the kikes have a high iq meme

High verbal iq, anon. They're a balmy mid 90s iq in every other metric.

Also the disgusting nature of the kike is exacerbated by their inherent psychopathy not as a result of being a population that's more intelligent than every one else.

37e05d No.11454669


>That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.

and the poorer whites get the more kids they'll have.

fcdbde No.11454673

>another wretched "what does pol think?" thread

Eugenics and gene manipulation is fantstic in theory, except for two things:

1. We still don't really know enough not to fuck ourselves up by accident, and

2. We do know enough that the Jews who will control the process can breed the white out of us much more efficiently than at present, when they're limited to what cuck porn and overseas rapists can accomplish.

There's your answer – It will be great after we gas the kikes. Just like everything else.

fcdbde No.11454683


Communists don't want intelligence, they want submission. Intelligent slaves revolt eventually, if only because they're smart enough to go insane under their domination. Communists all fantasize about ruling a literal planet of the apes, where they're finally not inadequate faggots by comparison. Witness Shorty McTinydick Stalin's brilliant plan to literally crossbreed Russians with gorillas to make super soldiers. It's the totalitarians' dream.

a300f7 No.11454685


I read something about chinks using European genes in their eugenic labs to curb the inbreeding due to their overpopulation

c5ee97 No.11454693


>159 IQ. Anon you can be anything you want to be.

>27 year old shitposting NEET

1e1b9e No.11454797


This. They are rolling it out now while they can control everything.

781196 No.11454831


I have literally been intending to make a thread about this.

Embryo screening.

Make a dozen embryos using egg harvesting and in vitro fertilization.

screen them genetically.

Pick the embryo (or 2) with the best balance of ability and lower disease/ weakness/ etc.

Put in woman.

Make better baby.

All of the genetic diseases could be weeded out in a few generations, and no one suffers or anything.

Big wins all around.

Furthermore, there is no "genetic engineering" involved so far, far lower risks of unforeseen horrorshow complications.

(of course, that is only if the entire industry is under the control of the Volk and is working for the interests of the Volk. jewish tricks must be kept 100% away from White eugenics)



Super chink hives incoming.

White people must take back our future very soon.

Otherwise the chinks will BTFO all of us with their state-mandated eugenics breeding super-chinks.

And they will likely be gene-stealing from Whites in order to further improve their ant-genes.



The "low birthrates" among White people will correct themselves given enough generations and secure homelands. Indeed, we will be stronger for it as the leftist idiots will be weeded out.





Remove kikes and other non-Whites before any eugenics.



aka the kalergi-codehaven plan

2cb7f8 No.11454842


Have you met a nerd in your life?

bf1c3c No.11454955


Just as an aside, I would like to mention that like designer shoes, designer jeans, and designer anything, the only people who are going to be interested in designer children are women. Please do keep this in mind when discussing eugenics, because women are not apt to pick genes based on any criteria other than what is fashionable in society, and "Awww, look at the cute baaaabbbyyyyy!"

3c4c95 No.11455029


>All of the genetic diseases could be weeded out in a few generations, and no one suffers or anything.

Bullshit. They can only weed out faulty genes if they know what genes cause the faults in the first place. Does one screen out a gene that increases a risk of breast cancer despite the fact that the gene could also cause a favorable trait? Also, such an activity with stagnate human evolution because a perceived "faulty" gene will be removed slowly essentially leading to future generations being nothing more than genetic clones with different.parents.

>Big wins all around.

The world need autists (some of which are /pol/) to get obsessive about shit enough to be top-tier diggers. Would /pol/ without autists be as effective?

>of course, that is only if the entire industry is under the control of the Volk and is working for the interests of the Volk. jewish tricks must be kept 100% away from White eugenics

This will not happen due to investment requirements for any thorough genetic analysis. Jews also want to fund this research so they van create their flawless jewish messiah. Their super jew as was foretold by their prophets. This is why you are seeing so many genetic failures living in israel.

fcdbde No.11455040

File: 829fb1ed18ca605⋯.jpg (70.31 KB, 640x920, 16:23, Women_Are_Stupid.jpg)


Fucking checked. This is true.

01c07f No.11455044


>You’re going to need to upgrade to a Diamond Pro+ membership, and take our mandatory 6 month diversity courses at our San Francisco facility if you want to unlock our “lighter” skin features when selecting your future child.

1a35ee No.11455050

File: 6de5ae41113f963⋯.jpg (136.64 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, oh-those-black-women-n6u8k….jpg)

File: 22816a00dfe9fcd⋯.gif (35 B, 1x1, 1:1, minimum.gif)

b0ea0b No.11455055


5f4dbf No.11455105

File: 5e6268ec92b8f38⋯.jpeg (82.83 KB, 652x774, 326:387, a brazil.jpeg)

>>11454955 >>11455040

They can do that right now you kike concern troll and Women worldwide want White mens sperm for breeding they never have been able to to keep up with the demand.


It could help bleach the world since women in general overwhelming want White mens sperm to breed European, Americaan,Asian , African and Latin clinics all have their highest request for the lightest skin, non-black hair, light eyes.

Hell even the niggers acknowledge that coon women want to be bred by White men ,White men get away with way more then they let coon men like jumping in to fights for them and letting it go when a White man calls them a bitch. Then the repeated answer is always " black women want dem pretty lightskin babies with good hair das why dem white boys always get away with it".

f76c7d No.11455109

>people actually being against eugenics on Hitler's board









1aef91 No.11455203


>cost-benefit analysis

Found the jew.

6a5fd5 No.11455242

File: 7a5c09a8b4714e0⋯.jpg (18 KB, 366x380, 183:190, 1334329164853.jpg)

>be China

>use embrionic selection to raise average iq by 10-15 points over the next 50 years

>be West

>import 40 million sub-70 iq niggers

>import 150 million 85-iq mexicans

>import 10 million 80-iq sandniggers

>tfw its only 2018 and this is projected to continue


e2e05a No.11455251


why do you black pill shills always use the same images? You think that Europe and America is going to keep bringing in that many people without some sort of breakdown or revolution? We are already seeing it happen in Europe.

96143c No.11455339


I can't give more details than this, but embryo screening is already a thing in China and certain city states. Its mostly for old women doing IVF avoiding tards but there have been a number of jews doing it to avoid Tay-Sachs and the like.

It costs over 75k USD and yields a rank order of about 4-12 embryos

965e15 No.11455521

File: 4ea0a33411471f0⋯.png (159.47 KB, 508x524, 127:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.png (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>He thinks that the powers-that-be are going to improve our genes

152716 No.11455541



This is the two-edged problem with all new technology. Anything created that can be used for good, the kikes will twist to use it against whites. It's easy to guess what they're going to do.

They're going to take the same basic idea they laid out in (((psychology))), categorizing racial realism, preference for one's race, anything considered "white-supremecist," as unhealthy. The analog to this is to simultaneously acknowledge white IQ and then use that justification to (((level the playing field))) - the same with height and immune systems. Then, categorize any distinct white facial patterns that are distinctive to whites as banned and so any embryos will be selected for anything vaguely non-white, basically defects.

bf429b No.11455549


>He thinks the arns race towards space marines is going to give them a coice

d17b43 No.11455553

Genetic engineering makes eugenics irrelevant.

You people that advocate it are the worst autists you know that right?

This is the worst larp. Stop it retards.

Leftists are also the ones that conflate gene engineering with eugenics and you fags walk into it.

614adc No.11455558


>We are about 3 to 10 years away from having effective medical Eugenics via Embryo selection/screening.

Nigger, you think all those blonde blue eyed people that live and lived in scandinavia fell from the sky?

They had eugenics since time immemorial.

d17b43 No.11455560


sexual selection you retard.

088c7d No.11455575


Sexual selection is eugenics as practiced by women though. I would bet one of the reasons eugenics is such a dirty word is because women don't want their monopoly on it threatened.

ae9618 No.11455577

Reminder that the Bogdanoff brothers directly or indirectly own over 98% of genetics testing laboratories

(>hurr muh Bogdanoff shitposting)

d17b43 No.11455583


Its not eugenics you dumb fucking shit.

Its one of two evolutionary mechanisms and its the man who decides in this case you beta cuckold.

Eugenics is people deciding who breeds. Which is universally regarded as a dumb idea by anyone with a functional iq. Its not natural selection despite what larpers feel.

192a22 No.11455596


Do they truly exist and are pro-white?

6420ff No.11455703


Transhumanism is the most Jewish ideology out there except for actual Judaism.

5730bc No.11455765


>Hell even the niggers acknowledge that coon women want to be bred by White men.

Can speak from experience, black women fear black men even as they cry foul every time a brutha gets caught. But the part they miss is that black women are the cause of this. They're terrible mothers. Again, I speak from first hand experience.

bf1c3c No.11455771

File: 04686dabb337402⋯.jpg (86.4 KB, 723x960, 241:320, 11668159_1466766720287278_….jpg)


>"kike concern troll"

>yammering on about helping the world engage in miscegenation


Is that you in frame 4 there?

e2e05a No.11455776

File: 8d3bf74b401557b⋯.jpg (49.02 KB, 620x310, 2:1, robert-de-niro-wife-and-ch….jpg)


>Hell even the niggers acknowledge that coon women want to be bred by White men

that's not a good thing you retard. Coalburning is never acceptable it doesn't matter if you are a white man fucking some AIDS ridden nigger cunt.

0a8ccf No.11455779

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


The way I see it, Asia will end up surpassing white countries in all areas while white countries degrade into ramshackle, core-crashed, second-world countries. It seems like we'll just turn into India or Brazil, eventually. Nonwhites are the water we can't bail out of our ships, ensuring we sink to the murky depths to join the rotted hulls of the old ships that came before. It's nightmare fuel. And you're kidding yourself if you think Asians are going to have a sudden and diffusive burst of empathy for us and throw us a ladder and rope. Asians just don't think like that. We live in the real world and in the real world, it's sink or swim; you either dominate or get dominated. The weak get swallowed whole by the gaping jaws of the powerful. When you look around and see the degeneration swallowing the glory of your progenitors without relent, remind yourself why things are bad. When you become a minority in your own nation in the next ten years, remember who is to blame. There is only one solution: genocide.

088c7d No.11455781


>Eugenics is people deciding who breeds.

Yes and my point, which is that in our current system women decide who breeds based on their own criteria, which have a significant genetic component, is apparently lost on you.

d17b43 No.11455789


The thing i hate about niggerloving spawn is they inherit the worst mental traits of both races.

The delusional ego of the nigger is quadrupled for some reason when mixed with White genes.

So you have this ugly son of a bitch that thinks hes the greatest thing ever created and is as dumb as a retard.

d17b43 No.11455792


Women picking partners is not eugenics yoi fucking retard.

Eugenics is other people deciding for people. Not people deciding for themselves.

Shut the fuck up already.

e2e05a No.11455799

File: 8570afc54905be5⋯.jpg (93.23 KB, 1536x864, 16:9, Jewluttao.jpg)


Half jew half blacks are even worse off because they have the insanity of jews mixed with the aggression and low IQ of blacks

d17b43 No.11455801


blacks have very feminine minds. They are a lot like women in they expect everything to be handed to them with no work.

192a22 No.11455821


Can it be unjudaized by means of reverse osmosis engineering?

c0e299 No.11455826


Slavs consider them very feminine for the same reason and their retarded fashion obsession. Plus, they're generally fairly weak and hyper emotional.

088c7d No.11455830


>Eugenics is other people deciding for people.

So under your definition an individual deciding, with genetic editing, what kind of genetic profile their own offspring will have in terms of height, skin color, iq, etc, is not eugenics?

0a8ccf No.11455833


In essence, eugenics is the selecting of good and desirable traits. Dysgenics is the opposite. So, when women make a mate choice, they make either a eugenic choice or a dysgenic choice. From what we've been able to learn since feminism started, women tend to make sub-optimal sexual choices. Generally, sexually, they prefer muscle and brawn over knowledge and brain. For long-term, reproductive relationships, they opt for the latter but because of their preferences and emotionally-oriented thinking, that isn't always the case. If we implemented arranged marriage again, we'd see a boost in IQ and physical health within a few generations.

0a8ccf No.11455844


I'll add, it's the "latter" because the latter generally has more money and resources. It isn't their sexual preference though, which is why they tend to cheat with younger, hotter guys who have big muscles and smaller bank accounts and less impressive clothes.

088c7d No.11455861


Where it gets into the weeds is what the 'good' is and who it is for. Women are always practicing eugenics (selecting a mate with desirable qualities) in their own minds. It's just not always good for the maintenance of a society at large.

d17b43 No.11455862



Larpers once again proving they are retarded

Eugenics = planned breeding a bit like planned economies.

Protip: some of the biggest proponents of eugenics are leftists. Something the media covers up.

The two main evolutionary mechanisms are

Natural selection =/= eugenics.

Sexual selection =/=eugenics

Likewise genetic engineering =/= eugenics. There is no dictating breeding.

Its editing genes.

Leftists often hysterically refer to any theoretical genetic engineering as eugenics when its competely false (despite hypocritically being the biggest proponents of eugenics)

0a8ccf No.11455868



So, eugenics and dysgenics can occur at both the micro level (individual) and the macro level (group). Macro level is what controls the direction a group travels in. Right now, Jews are driving us into a brick wall at two hundred miles per hours.

0a8ccf No.11455878


Fuck off, you retard. Essentially, eugenics is the selecting for good traits. It can't be any other way. How else is it supposed to make people better, shithead? Also, your choice of the term "LARPer" is non-sequitur. Nothing I've written in this thread qualifies me as a LARPer. You can't even into basic ideas.

d17b43 No.11455882


You're the retard you stupid shit.

Eugenics is people dictating what they feel is good breeding to other people. That is the definition.

Its importantly not natural selection its not Darwinian at all. Hence why its fucking retarded and advocated by stupid people.

075d9d No.11455886


Also in the regard that, like women, they don't feel any real emotions, just facsimiles of them. They only feel animal urges like eating and fucking and can only imitate emotional responses as a survival mechanism.

0a8ccf No.11455897


>Eugenics is people dictating what they feel is good breeding to other people.

There are objectively good traits, like strength and intelligence. And objectively bad ones, like weakness and stupidity. Eugenics is about selecting the good ones. It isn't about what people "feel".

>Its importantly not natural selection its not Darwinian at all. Hence why its fucking retarded and advocated by stupid people.

Qualifying your stupidity here. All selection is natural selection because it takes place in nature. Man scientifically selecting traits he wants is just a continuation of the processes that lead to man in the first place. His processes and tools are merely advanced natural creations that appear unnatural compared to the rest of the less advanced natural world.

d17b43 No.11455899

Real world eugenics has only created mulatto evolutionary hybrid zones.

This is the result of leftist eugenics something the vast number of people are unaware of.

If you understand that and still support eugenics whats wrong with you?

From their point of view eugenics means no more white people.

Garbage traits are now good, good traits are bad.

Thats what eugenics gives you.

Entire races raped by stupidity.

d17b43 No.11455906



Natural selection doesn't adhere to what you think is good or bad.

There are blind weak animals that survive perfectly fine because natural selection is working.

Darwinian principles doesn't adhere to a ladder of improvements.

Once again like all larpers you're an idiot.

0a8ccf No.11455909


>Natural selection doesn't adhere to what you think is good or bad.

If I start selecting for blonde hair only because I think blonde hair is good and I prevent all non-blondes from reproducing, that is still natural section because I am a part of nature selecting for things I want. Go back to school, you utterly uneducated moron.

0a8ccf No.11455912

File: fa1977102ca12ab⋯.png (62.94 KB, 403x448, 403:448, retardWojak.png)


Picture, it's you IRL.

9fc500 No.11455915


Why is selection so hard for most "people" to understand?

0a8ccf No.11455918


It isn't a person. People are intelligent. I think it's some kind of mutant ape.

d17b43 No.11455920


No that isn't natural selection. Fullstop.

That is eugenics something unatural and man made.

You have to be misinformation shill or so ething no one is this stupid.

d17b43 No.11455922


If you think natural selection means intelligent selection you are seriously single digit iq.

Go back to school lol.

d17b43 No.11455926


>Natural selection is the differential survival and reproduction of individuals due to differences in phenotype. It is a key mechanism of evolution, the change in the heritable traits characteristic of a population over generations. Charles Darwin popularised the term "natural selection", contrasting it with artificial selection, which is intentional, whereas natural selection is not.


0a8ccf No.11455928

File: 6bfd25a0ec25f56⋯.png (48.13 KB, 800x729, 800:729, 1522112304176.png)


IT IS BECAUSE I AM A PART OF NATURE SELECTING FOR WHAT I WANT. It is natural selection by definition.

You are immeasurably retarded.

d17b43 No.11455932



You idiot.

No one gives a shit what you want you are low iq.

Proponents of eugenics always fail their criteria.

You want all blondes yet you are most likely a brunette south american piece of shit.

0a8ccf No.11455933


Appealing to authority. As man is a product of nature and is part of it, man selecting for traits he wants is also natural selection.

d17b43 No.11455934


>Referring to Darwins theory

>appeal to authority

holy shit end your self you fucking degenerate.

You have no idea about anything and are severly retarded.

0a8ccf No.11455937


You have nothing but name calling and logical fallacies. The reason Darwin differentiated was because his thinking was influenced partly by Christianity. As far as logic is concerned, if man is merely a product of evolution and nothing more, if he selects for things he wants, that is still natural selection and it is natural selection by definition. Nothing I have said is wrong.

0a8ccf No.11455939


You literally fail at logic.

d17b43 No.11455940


No you idiot you just don't understand anything.

Natural selection isn't even about "selecting" there is no selecting.

Creatures just live or die depending on their traits and the living ones pass them on.

There is no selecting you underage retarded faggot.


You need to be beat with a stick till you learn to shut the fuck up.

088c7d No.11455944


>Eugenics is people dictating what they feel is good breeding to other people. That is the definition.

"Eugenic" just means 'good genes.' As the other poster said, compare dysgenic. Your definition is just propaganda you've swallowed.

>Its importantly not natural selection its not Darwinian at all. Hence why its fucking retarded and advocated by stupid people.

Not following your reasoning here. Humans shouldn't undertake in any activity that doesn't happen in nature? Darwin is the final authority on genetics?


>Leftists often hysterically refer to any theoretical genetic engineering as eugenics when its competely false

So expanding on our earlier example of an individual having a child with edited genes, what if his government encouraged and sponsored parents to edit those traits? What if the government paid for the treatment? What if the government mounted a propaganda campaign to this effect? Ostensibly the individual still has choice in the matter. Is that not eugenics, too? At what point does it become 'eugenics' to you?

0a8ccf No.11455945


You keep calling me an idiot but anyone with a grasp of elementary logic can tell you're handicapped.

088c7d No.11455946


>tfw your mom practiced dysgenics

d17b43 No.11455947


Because you are an idiot. Natural selection has nothing to do with intelligence.

You are completely are out of your depth. How you manage to even type is amazing.

You see the word selection and with no knowledge of Darwinian theory or evolution pretend you know what you are talking about.

You are the most degenerate form of human shit.

0a8ccf No.11455949


All you have for your Argument is an appeal to a an outdated and arbitrary distinction. If man is a product of nature, he can select for traits he wants, and therefore it is natural selection. It doesn't matter that man is intelligent and can use advanced tools in the process.

d17b43 No.11455952


Editing genes wouldn't be eugenics because its not dictating breeding.

Often when you read larpers discussing eugenics you hear things like

>i think people with down syndrome should be sterilised

Ignoring facts like down syndrome isn't a heritable condition and they don't really breed anyway.

If you could edit out a disease from a person so their descendants don't have the disease that would be a good thing. Again genetic engineering =/= eugenics.

d17b43 No.11455953


Evolution isn't an outdated and arbitary thing you regressive degenerate.

0a8ccf No.11455955


Just because you can't wrap your head around my point, that doesn't make it wrong. I understand what natural selection is. I also understand, unlike you, that anything natural involved in the natural selection process is part of it. Man selecting for what he wants is part of it. Man selecting for face tentacles with scientific instruments is part of it.

0a8ccf No.11455956


I never said it was. I said the distinction between aritifical and natural is.

d17b43 No.11455959


>"Eugenic" just means 'good genes

From the perspective of the person defining good genes any ne with an ounce of intellegience and intelkectual honesty can see the problem.

Like it was said earlier many leftists secretly have eugenic plans. From their perspective eugenics means no more white people.

Its a very subjective and flawed theory.

Eugenicists used to believe quite strongly in miscegenation. Do you agree with miscegenation?

d17b43 No.11455960


Your proposal is artificial idiot.

0a8ccf No.11455965


Man is a part of nature just as much as any tree or dog is. Because man is a part of nature only, it is natural. There is nothing artificial about it.

d17b43 No.11455966


Go fuck the earth you pagan retard.

0a8ccf No.11455973


The main reason for the distinction between artifical and natural is because of Christianity, a religion that believes man to be above nature. It influences our philosophies to this day. If you believe in materialism and evolution, man can only be a natural thing and therefore anything man creates is also natural.



0a8ccf No.11455974

File: 6a0bfeca2da652c⋯.jpg (125.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, YouSpaghettiYouSpilledIt.jpg)


Picture, it's (((you))).

088c7d No.11455975


>From the perspective of the person defining good genes any ne with an ounce of intellegience and intelkectual honesty can see the problem.

I do see it. I already said as much here: >>11455861

Obviously, the good has a subjective quality. However I think the issue is more nuanced, which is mostly why I took those contrarian positions to begin with. "Eugenics" as a formalized system of government sponsored breeding is a bad idea, and on that we agree. But soft social controls do exist naturally in a functioning society that do influence what individuals regard as good and bad traits and which do influence their selection of mates. Social systems exist which, not to long ago, provided pro-civilizational family structures and value systems by countering the natural inclinations of women in mate selection.

d17b43 No.11455976


No the distinction natural and artificial is how it works idiot.

Natural selection has no intelligence behind it. There is no emotion, malice, hate, benevolence or error. There isn't even any selecting that is a misnomer. Its one of the purest principles in the universe. Competely natural. Natural is referring how it happens.

Artificial means intelligence was behind it, planning, emotions etc.

c9415d No.11455979


you know France is full of niggers right?

0a8ccf No.11455980


Man is part of nature and therefore everything he does and creates is part of the process. You've already failed logic.

d17b43 No.11455981


So you understand the issue is good and bad politics.

Basically the solution to society to create a healthy society specifically for white european descendant people is healthy politics in their interests. That promote positive values.

Likewise advancement in genetic engineering would only stand to improve that society. Eliminating serious disease and increasing desirable traits.

d17b43 No.11455982


You have the logic of a 12 year old.

0a8ccf No.11455983


If man is a part of nature only, he is just a chemical, determined process. He can't have free will or true consciousness. His choices, being a chemical, determined process, are merely the cause of random, material events. They are part of nature and the universe. Man selecting is only nature selecting.

0a8ccf No.11455985



d17b43 No.11455987


Exactly how Communists used to talk. Are you from an excommunist shithole?

088c7d No.11455989



0a8ccf No.11455990


In other words, being just another part of the material world, when man creates aliens with face tentacles, that's just nature creating face tentacles.

0a8ccf No.11455991

File: d04daa7725c86ca⋯.png (14.01 KB, 478x523, 478:523, RetardWojak.png)

0a8ccf No.11455993


You realize leftism is just dialectical materialism, right?

750afd No.11456462


Bogs have nigger blood, so… (they're grandsons of a russian noblewoman disgraced for boning an american black musician)

b7146d No.11456471


Yes, Xi Jinping finds it hard to sleep at night knowing that his country is the laughing stock of cumbrains halfway around the world.

Here's a reminder that the Aryan ideal in Plato's time was of modest size, intact and its owner did not feel shame exposing his body around other men.

95d443 No.11456479



b7146d No.11456481

File: 78d9d1be30ca14f⋯.jpg (158.64 KB, 601x806, 601:806, Curse-of-the-High-IQ-Cover.jpg)


You are entirely correct, but the fact remains that we would be unwise to think nothing bad could possibly come of selecting for higher IQ without taking other social factors into consideration. Men towards the right tail of the distribution also suffer from mental disorders at a higher frequency, hence the memes about philosophers that commit suicide and melancholic artists.

c737d0 No.11456518


>Aryan ideal in Plato's time was of modest size

>Aryan ideal

>in Plato's time

I am pretty sure Plato never considered the Hellenic Greeks to be Aryans.

afa04a No.11456562


You are describing artificial selection, not natural selection. It's all about the intent. If you intent is to produce blonde haired kids, then you are artificially selecting them.

614adc No.11456670


>Eugenics is people deciding who breeds

Vikangz and co raided villages and took only the most beautiful women, same with the "Russians".

289b6a No.11456698


694e3d No.11456721


>inb4 they accidentally edit in African genes

c737d0 No.11456849


>I read something about chinks using European genes in their eugenic labs to curb the inbreeding due to their overpopulation

>to curb the inbreeding

>due to their overpopulation

I don't think you understand what inbreeding is. But on another note the Chinks have been looking into genes that affect intelligence from all over the world, except for sub-Saharan Africa because there is nothing of value genetic wise to be found there.

1218c7 No.11457054


Strictly speaking all breeding in the human society is artificial selection as it needs to follow social rules.

4066cc No.11457130

I plan to become a dictator in South America and mass sterilizing non Whites en mass. Anybody got any tips so I can turn Colombia White?

418636 No.11457173


It literally is.

Explain the philosophical distinction between women deciding who breeds as opposed to, say, a body of educated men deciding who breeds.

You can't. There is no distinction.

418636 No.11457177


>generally women prefer muscle over brain

Objectively false. Half of hitting on a girl is basically one long verbal IQ test.

418636 No.11457183




Trannies aren't women, anon.

52194c No.11457236


To me eugenics implies going above-and-beyond raw natural selection, rather than just waiting for the inferior to get darwin'd out.

5730bc No.11457261


>one long verbal IQ test.

No, it's one long verbal bullshit test, like political debates. Verbal IQ helps navigating and inventing bullshit, but it's not essential. How else do you explain Niggers having so much success? But this is not to say that women don't like 'smart' men. They rightly believe such men are more susceptible to specious arguments, i.e. jewry like feminism and 'equal' rights. Note that scientists, engineers and autists don't meet this feminine definition of being 'smart'.

5730bc No.11457415


>and the poorer whites get the more kids they'll have.

That works with everybody, fam. Africa had a population spike after the Ebola outbreak. Also the baby-boom after WWII.

5730bc No.11458490


Franku is a kike?

ec9412 No.11468171


>Ignoring facts like down syndrome isn't a heritable condition and they don't really breed anyway.

You obviously never had to work with clinical retards nor been in a home for the disabled ever befor.

e5fbce No.11468224


Ive never understood why we don't have a breeding program for the shy-but-brilliant types. we could be on Mars by the third generation.

000000 No.11468271


Eugenics is the forbidden fruit. "Small business men" want better workers. Eugenics will supply this. Parents want smarter, more successful children, Eugenics will supply this. Society on the whole wants to prevent illness, mental illness and degenerative diseases. Eugenics once again answers the call…

But the cost? By the time they realize they have created a race of smarter, healthier, better people it will be too late. Smarter people won't put up with the bullshit. Smarter people will purge the bullshit and apply Eugenics to fix anything they thing is a problem.

000000 No.11468338


>Synthetics are actually organic because organic humans make them

>Society and laws are actually anarchy and natural law because the humans that make these things are just natural animals

>Planes are birds because man iz natural an shit

>male genital mutilation is Aryan because Europe adopted Christianity and Jews are fucking based, amiright my aryan brothers?

5d83ca No.11469979

Hopefully they'll select for autism. Autism is the glue that holds societies together.

1fa813 No.11470072


No, the cost won't be creating smarter and healthier better people lol. What powerful wealthy government on Earth wants their citizens to be smarter and healthier? It will be used against us, they will claim that the screening is to improve fitness, but really it will be about creating obedient passionless people with no sense of honor or justice.

567d1e No.11496280


Give me some evidence for this. Kikes having high IQ makes perfect sense, since they are a small population historically limited to high IQ professions like trade and finance (aka swindling the goyim out of their hard earned proceeds) for almost two millenia, as opposed to the vast majority of human populations which were primarily agricultural. Hence why they also tend to be sickly.

Just because kikes have higher average IQ doesn't mean they are all geniuses, by the way. 110 is still pretty damn stupid.

567d1e No.11496283


>What powerful wealthy government on Earth wants their citizens to be smarter and healthier?

China, Japan, pissrael. You can probably select for docility as well.

c101f6 No.11496366


Anon, you're a retard and reading your posts is like absorbing cancer trough the eyes. Filtered.

c101f6 No.11496373


Also, you are an idiot. Natural selection isn't really "good" to begin with, because it is random.

You said it yourself, there is no inteligence behind it.

c3f061 No.11496388

File: b0f4ce4665135ef⋯.jpg (91.22 KB, 587x606, 587:606, dollars.jpg)

We are already in a eugenics age,

The smartest are being selected out, this is done culturally and as well as academically. Additionally, we are forced to bring stupid shitskins into our countries which will rape you daughters and ruin you genetics further. The only hope for the human race is East Asians doing a Eugenics program and cleansing the world of the filth. This would cause White people to do the same. Ultimatly, the only solution to go to type I-V

c3f061 No.11496398

File: 6e337bfd17d0bb9⋯.jpg (73.03 KB, 600x373, 600:373, 55c2b5ac81059.jpg)

Another thing to keep in mind is that we will only be able to select for things within the real of the parents, Asians will not be able to get light eyes for example.

e51168 No.11496403

File: 2ef6188831f7e83⋯.jpg (96.71 KB, 960x450, 32:15, meat stick.jpg)

File: 6873e3a2cf1331c⋯.png (117.72 KB, 438x741, 146:247, deep nutrition second edit….png)

Eugenics is coming, but you can and NEED to do epigenetics right the fuck now.

You must eat correctly today, so that your children are healthy. Doing anything less is to rob them of their inheritance.

594dc5 No.11496455


>i've got a bad feeling about this

(((Their))) faces when all requests are blond haired and blue eyed.

2c9b1f No.11496457


I imagine GMO foods can permanently damage the DNA of your possible offspring just from the glysophate poisoning.

54485a No.11496458


>Tfw you order aryan semen, and out comes a niglet out of the vagene during birth..

594dc5 No.11496465


>The way I see it, Asia will end up surpassing white countries in all areas while white countries degrade into ramshackle, core-crashed, second-world countries

IF the economy holds up and we all know within the next 10 years its tanking hard and never coming back. Rural whites are well prepared for this inevitability while the rest of the gib lovin nogs clearly aren't. Although, I'm sure law enforcement will work for free.

3e3a01 No.11496473


> What does pol think of the near term possibility of Eugenics?

Chinks become White.

567d1e No.11496476


This lmao. If your species dies out because it wanted to whack to VR porn instead of procreate that's natural selection.

3e3a01 No.11496488


>There are blind weak animals that survive perfectly fine

Yeah, in fucking caves where functioning eyes and strength are a waste of calories in a nutrient deprived environment.

6f23f6 No.11496512


Asian blue eye gene does exist (it's a different one different from Europeans) it's just extremely recessive.

So that's definitely something they would do.

22e104 No.11496848


One of the basic examples of Darvinistic principles in action is the occurrence of sickle-cell disease in Malaria ridden regions. When everyone dies of Malaria except those weakened by anemia, who do you think will be selected?

82ae77 No.11496927

File: 20e9577810a7b75⋯.png (1.4 MB, 980x1111, 980:1111, DIVERSITY.png)


It is happening but not fast enough, either people wake up and we deport all the shitskins *not likely* or we close the borders and live with the remaining tumour slowly spreading.

b86e71 No.11496933

File: d818cb2f0add4bd⋯.jpg (35.14 KB, 310x499, 310:499, ss mate selection and race.jpg)


good first post. this should be priority number one if you are at all concerned about the well being of the genetic makeup of mankind.

once everyone is white, eugenics will naturally go along smoothly. it will be more casual yet much more effective and reliable than anything that could occur while kikes are still around.

i'd rather have pic related type things than some monsanto tier stuff going on with as many whites as they can get their hands on (if vaccines can be made mandatory, how do you think they will treat eugenics?)

until all nonwhites have been eradicated, eugenics is bad. whites are already the master race, remember? we dont need to have kike doctors doing experiments on our children and likely irreversibly fucking up the deepest level of the foundation of our people, in order to beat china, no matter how good their math scores may be

7a265f No.11496946

>genetically enhanced big brain niggas come to dominate society

>even for the plebs, they extend life to ludicrous lengths

>the ZOG survives

>unenhanced plebs get to work wageslave level jobs for all eternity because they can't compete in skilled work

T-thanks, science.

000000 No.11497065



>no one cares

No fucking wonder image board culture is all but fucking dead.

887b2f No.11497111


damn for real, all that dancing and shit.

2c80f9 No.11497137


>tornigger caring about the spelling of /pol/

I guess hell's frozen over

e4c288 No.11497171


>no matter how good their math scores may be

Please stop perpetuating this meme. Mathematics is a white man's game. China has a massive population, so of course they can find 0.05% who seem REALLY good at math. The bulk of which, was developed by Northern Europeans, especially Germans. Even in Academia, where there is a sample bias, most of those "smart" asians are copying from the identical looking chink beside them.

153146 No.11497227


Everyone knows chinks love to cheat for tests and that they're only sending their best to measure their IQ.

Same deal with Jews, do you think that the organized group of g*d's chosen people that keeps shoving their cousin lawyers into everything wouldn't hand pick the accountants with the largest noses they have available?

d0f5ab No.11497240

Never going to happen because it isn't profitable to cure and fix people.

d0f5ab No.11497242


Get the fuck out newfag, don't come back.

98404d No.11497272

File: 4c53cf4871c889c⋯.mp4 (5.81 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Physical Training And Spor….mp4)


Genetics just defines upper and lower bounds. The rest is cultural. As long as the prevailing mentality of unevolved brain is to do nothing and expect the rest of society to carry them as a burden, they will not excel.

991544 No.11497383


Yes and no.

The idea of augmenting our bodies to be superior appeals.

A new overwhelmingly superior body appeals even more.

7a265f No.11497416


The problem is (((businessowners))) would definitely not want to hire the average man when they have 200 IQ superhumans available. Maybe the future won't be as horrible as I believe it will be, but I'm not optimistic.

991544 No.11497449


Actually they'd probablyprefer the average guy. Since he's less likely to realise how shit the situation he's in is

8da4a7 No.11497494


Intelligence of humans is a factor in natural selection. Natural selection created our complex intellectual capabilities and our capacity to choose; therefore, using that capacity to intentionally create a stronger, smarter, healthier human as the norm is a continuation of natural selection. And it will inevitably happen and prevail, as natural selection cannot be stopped by weak political, emotional, human arguments - genetic engineering will absolutely produce a better human that is more fit in every concievable way, and that human type will become dominant.

bd0737 No.11519933

this will all end up being with ant people who make chinks look individualists,

310dae No.11520299

I already see my share of egg-donor offspring when I'm out and about. Mothers and fathers with zero nordic genes in them pushing a blond blue-eyed baby in a stroller. I know blond kids often turn dark as adults; this is different. Parents and child have neither similar facial features nor similar coloring.

However what might be good for a child gene-wise will probably be terrible for them in terms of psychology.

310dae No.11520422


A highly intelligent child will go to waste if raised by parents of only average intelligence.




Destroy or incapacitate them through mental illness.


>leftists secretly have eugenic plans

They have dysgenic plans. Welfare moms, FAS, third world vaccine programs, Religion of Cuck™icization are all dysgenic.

460f48 No.11520516

File: 4ca197e97204220⋯.jpg (133.67 KB, 789x959, 789:959, liberal progress.jpg)


>Smarter people will purge the bullshit and apply Eugenics to fix anything

This actually sounds pretty great compared to the alternative.

1b0ad8 No.11520546

File: fce16c2ea3e9bd6⋯.webm (492.61 KB, 544x416, 17:13, The_Simpsons_Season_3_Epi….webm)

so let's program children shaped flesh without consciousness so that our based white pedophiles can rape without guilt

also, we ourselves will not be subject to genetic manipulation, because we are the master race, our genes passed down through generations upon generations over millions of years, until you end up back at single celled organisms, and the billions of years of enviroment that created them. oh

e79db7 No.11520558


lol niggers

8c55a1 No.11520598


I want cybernetic augmentations more

19857c No.11521038


It's a balance, if I'm hiring guys to build houses then my margins are pretty small. Small margins mean I can't afford to pay more, lower-average INT guys will work for less as they have fewer prospects. Too low an INT score and they cost you more money than they make due to lack of diligence and problem solving abilities and are prone to spontaneous quitting after expensive training periods. High INT workers don't have that problem but their higher abilities mean they cost more to employ and might not stick with you even if you give them steady work and good pay as a position on some other field opens up.

916dd8 No.11521248


No. Nazism is about creating the master race, through technology. As technology increases, our efforts increase. It's not about staying the same as we always were.

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