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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: 459285e3eae0a82⋯.png (376.29 KB, 682x614, 341:307, 1422136544522-05.png)

c2e84e No.11479414

Russian Defense minister Lavrov: Intel services of ‘a state’ that promotes Russophobia behind ‘staged’ Douma chemical attack

>Moscow has “irrefutable” data that the incident in Douma, Syria was staged by the intelligence services of a foreign state pushing a “Russophobic campaign,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated.

>“We have irrefutable evidence that it was another staging, and the special services of a state which is in the forefront of the Russophobic campaign had a hand in the staging,” Lavrov said at a news conference with his Dutch counterpart Stef Blok on Friday.

>During their meeting in Moscow, both diplomats touched upon Syria, which has recently been threatened with new military strikes in the wake of an alleged chemical attack. Some Western leaders, including from the US and France, claim that the Syrian government is behind the alleged incident. It comes despite a team from the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), tasked with establishing the truth, only just arriving in the country.




f283b5 No.11479428

Looks like he's referring to britbongs. I'd like to see this "irrefutable evidence."

7338e5 No.11479436


Or France.

415ca9 No.11479438



You know he's talking about Israel.

c2e84e No.11479441



The UK sodomite elite really hate Russia though.

d149ca No.11479446

>>11479428 The one country that has been pushing the gas attacks since 2013 is France. France has become one of the top military arms sellers in the mid east for past 10 years, they will sell to almost anyone. Russians will also do the same, so the competition of fear is what Farce needs to sell Syria's neighbors and others in the mid east. UAE, Qatar, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have signed major contracts with France in past 5 years.

415ca9 No.11479447


The UK sodomite elite are kikes, so it goes back to Pissrael.

803a2d No.11479453


No, in fact I don't. While we know the Israeli's behind it, Russia never blames them for shit.

6e7fd4 No.11479461


It's possible, but not certain. UK and France are as suspect as Israel, UK is pushing anti-Russian narratives with an odd frequency, as if it wants a WWIII (and its mass immigration) to happen as soon as possible. Of course, the CIA may still be behind it, but not with Trump's knowledge.

f283b5 No.11479466


Hmm, that would align with Macaroni's obvious bluff that they had evidence Assad did it. Let's hope the Russians DO show something, and it's not just an irritating game of "listen and believe" from both sides.

43125a No.11479467

Explain to me, why everyone is like:




But then everyone was like:


>Religion of Cuck™ophobic


And then russia is like


Why, russia? Why? Why they use "Russophobic" term instead of "Anti-Russian"?

0dbdd7 No.11479490


It's actually pretty accurate.

"-phobic" implies an irrational fear, of Russia

Which is what the kike media has been pushing non-stop for the last year and a half to get us prepped for World War 3.

Unfortunately for the kikes, nobody with a brain (i.e. whites only) is falling for it, since we have the internet and can communicate with each other easily. It's not the 1950's anymore. You're not going to trick American whites into another "Us vs Them" mentality like back in the cold war. The kikes are pushing both sides together, when neither side wants any conflict with the other.

It could all be prevented if they would just fucking name the jew and get it over with.

That's the most infuriating thing about this. The solution to our problems, the answer to our prayers, is right in front of us, but our leadership is too cucked to do anything about a measly 15 million kikes.

60aaba No.11479532


>The UK sodomite elite really hate Russia though.

(((UK))) not UK

6c3574 No.11479556

File: b4da20791d7f5df⋯.jpg (79.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, karasu tengu kabuto.jpg)

I saw a clip of the CBS morning news today, and they were in Syria interviewing some people in Damascus. When the gassing issue got brought up they all laughed and said "Why would we do that to our own people; when we are winning against the rebels?"

Then the lugenpresse ended that segment saying "…of course that interview was conducted in a very pro-regime region of Syria; loyal to Assad." The magic fucking handwave "here is the truth now you will ignore it or call it lies".

2b70a9 No.11479608


Trash. I really wish there was a single news entity that was objective and didn't editorialize everything.

1e93f9 No.11479623


Why don't they just come out and say it? Everybody knows Pissrael did this from start to finish. Why are even the Russians afraid to name the Jew?

803a2d No.11479635


>Why are even the Russians afraid to name the Jew?

Gives the US a propaganda coup.

000000 No.11479643


I'd like to think so, but I don't believe it. Whilst jews globally have been agitating for war with Russia, Israel itself hasn't behaved towards Russia with belligerence; rather, the jews have been using the US and UK to agitate. My gut says it's the UK.

0546c7 No.11479644


Mr. Pewtin has to know; he just plays stupid so he doesn't telegraph his intent

803a2d No.11479664


Also the modern Russian state traces its moral justification for existence to WW2, the same as he modern west. Although I'd argue the modern US, at least on the left, claims its moral justification from the "civil rights" movement.

c57638 No.11479670


Behind every Jew is an oxfordian.

c57638 No.11479676



fucking bongs

34eaaa No.11479765


>…of course that interview was conducted in a very pro-regime region of Syria; loyal to Assad

Of course they are all Syrian loyalists. I don't think there is a single Syrian left that has any sympathies for the Religion of Cuck™ist invaders regardless of their opinion of Assad.

b5a4b8 No.11479817


Nah, Kikes aren't allowed anything stronger than thermate.

531f01 No.11479832

File: 81f8d9774eb1b10⋯.jpg (39.14 KB, 600x429, 200:143, pickle figurine.jpg)


>that OP

the absolute state

ba11d9 No.11480004


Because Russia has anti free speech laws (8ch for example is banned in Russia for been Russophobic spreading nazi symbols among hundreds thousands other sites) therefore when Russia talks about her (state) interests she uses anti freedom linguistic terms (phobic).

5c6aa3 No.11480013


LOL MI6, what did you do this time?

be7a01 No.11480208

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, this.gif)

a31c7b No.11480212

C-could it be? Could it be The Happening?

d149ca No.11480672

>>11480212 Live UN emergency meeting ongoing. France is wanting to go in now and invade Syria. UK is also pulling the trigger on going in.

12300f No.11480697


>France is wanting to go in now and invade Syria

Guess Macron is sick of the memes

2a329c No.11480903

File: 30053314e107529⋯.png (36.22 KB, 608x324, 152:81, Britbongistan.png)

You guys ready to bomb the fuck out of Britbongistan?

a054a7 No.11480924

File: 79b00da0ec9fc87⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 300x169, 300:169, mon dieu.gif)


This is going to be fun.

cf2805 No.11480991

File: 7cabe367dc80648⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 474x474, 1:1, IISO.jpg)


>‘a state’ that promotes Russophobia

Oy vey.

d149ca No.11481002

>>11480903 Britbongs shitting peas and mash right now.

cf2805 No.11481021

File: 9159e03115ca1c6⋯.jpg (19.63 KB, 474x294, 79:49, edr.jpg)

cf2805 No.11481037


That's because of the (((Russian))) mob. This was state special services.

316e93 No.11481038





B R I T A I N !

ed3ff2 No.11481067


Is this just retaliation for getting all of their diplomats expelled? Also, why are they saying 'AN' alleged attack, not 'the' alleged attack? Something doesn't add up. Are the talmudic elements of the Russian military trying to spark something?

551f7d No.11481069


Uh, Russia, on behalf of all Australians I'd just like to make it clear we republic now

cf2805 No.11481093

File: 997483996a0f322⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 400x300, 4:3, bds.jpg)


>but our leadership is too cucked to do anything about a measly 15 million kikes.

Our (((leadership))) is kikes.

Go around them. Like John Gilmore said, the internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

Just adopt the same attitude in meatspace toward the kike. BDS, not consuming (((Hollywood))) garbage, etc.

da96ee No.11481098


No more wars for Israel you fucking yid.

cf2805 No.11481108


Remember, Scotland, England and Wales, Northern Ireland = (((UK)))

cf2805 No.11481115

File: 5347d0641403560⋯.jpg (12.4 KB, 474x237, 2:1, see bee ess.jpg)


>CBS morning news

233bdf No.11481148


The whole nerve agent attack in the UK was likely also a precursor to agitate public opinion against Russia for that moment. So when their false flag attack in Syria happened it'll get people to wanting to intervene and avoid another 2013 happening.

cf2805 No.11481150


Vive le Quebec libre.

1fa4bb No.11481215


If anyone believes this, you are retarded. Just stating that as a fact. Seriously, if you think the Brits gassed those kids, go get mental help. I actually fucking hate the UK, but this not something that happened.

182b13 No.11481224

File: 9917a2f5aac6785⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 262x320, 131:160, red-shield rothschild.jpg)

File: be0b61811b52898⋯.png (285.33 KB, 863x600, 863:600, Balfour Declaration1.png)

File: 71417a07b38be63⋯.jpg (416.12 KB, 1243x726, 113:66, 1893 pamphlet Coin's Finan….jpg)

File: e8baec83a103938⋯.png (148.79 KB, 875x535, 175:107, British Labor Leader newsp….png)


The redshields controlling the 144.000 psychopaths and lower jewish populace are in euROPE, newfag.

000000 No.11481229

false. it was israel

1f2680 No.11481256

I seriously cannot wait for the Queen to be toppled.

75978f No.11481283


That isn't what they are saying you dumb fuck, they are saying the attack was staged with the help of british intelligence. No children were gassed because there was no attack, just a staged one

2a329c No.11481304


Exactly… but we should flatten London with cruise missiles anyway. Just to be safe.

f86325 No.11481383


Britbong here and I would be ok with this. Wipe out the liberal mudslime hole that is London

233bdf No.11481403


Which is why I think it all conveniently ties in together way too much with events since March. Still it's obvious (((who))) is pulling the string behind all this, and using Britain as their tool to secure intervention in Syria.

000000 No.11481446


Israel wants a war with Iran above all else to maintain nuclear monopoly, and they did the airstrikes. They'd also been arming jihadis. The Israeli leadership called for the US to strike Syria after the gas attack, so a lot of factors point at Israel.

I'd guess this was arranged by Israel-associated elements and maybe with some assistance from UK/France (who want the Qatar pipeline to avoid having gas/oil dependency on Russia). Some US elements might have known, but I don't think the US participated because they were already on notice from Trump (a) to stop shenanigans in Syria and (b) that the US intended to pull out.

1fa4bb No.11481448



Why are you agreeing with him with no evidence presented to prove the claim? Isn't that why you were suspicious in the first place? Sorry, but I want /pol/ to be more than a big LARP.

1fa4bb No.11481463


>That isn't what they are saying you dumb fuck, they are saying the attack was staged with the help of british intelligence. No children were gassed because there was no attack, just a staged one

Where's your evidence to support that claim, you dumb fuck.

2a8ad0 No.11481465


>Sorry, but I want /pol/ to be more than a big LARP.

/pol/ is about gassing jews and other degenerates.

1fa4bb No.11481485


>Israel wants a war with Iran above all else to maintain nuclear monopoly, and they did the airstrikes. They'd also been arming jihadis. The Israeli leadership called for the US to strike Syria after the gas attack, so a lot of factors point at Israel.


>I'd guess this was arranged by Israel-associated elements and maybe with some assistance from UK/France (who want the Qatar pipeline to avoid having gas/oil dependency on Russia). Some US elements might have known, but I don't think the US participated because they were already on notice from Trump (a) to stop shenanigans in Syria and (b) that the US intended to pull out.

This is what LARP looks like. If you want to make extraordinary claims, back it up with evidence.

1fa4bb No.11481505


/pol/ used to be a great source of information. You can't get good info here if it's all mucked up by rampant LARPing.

cf2805 No.11481525



>oy vey they're on to us, Schlomo! Redouble the FUD shilling!

000000 No.11481529


The UK provided intelligence unlawfully on Donald Trump by sending GCHQ agents to Fort Meade. This was during a US election. That is an act of war. The reason they did that was Theresa May's husband was closely tied to the massive web of criminality and corruption that was the Clinton Foundation. Hillary had to win or the UK would be completely exposed.

Second, the UK, in general, is very concerned about getting the Qatari pipeline through Syria. It may be that ISRAEL, because Israel is dirty and backs literal ISIS jihadis (just like the US did) had its jihadis do the actual dirty work gassing, but the UK has a very clear interest keeping the war in Syria going for a lot of reasons (the pipeline and escalating war as much as possible with Russia to take attention off themselves for interfering in our 2016 election), and the UK plays very, very dirty.

You sound like a GCHQ troll.

244a36 No.11481538


asking "who benefits" and coming up with the most plausible scenario is not an "extraordinary claim"

what's your explanation of events that makes more sense?

2a329c No.11481566

File: e39f8f6e846f11b⋯.png (713.89 KB, 1097x729, 1097:729, DEPORTATION.png)


The Russians literally said "We have incontrovertable proof that Britain staged the chemical attacks"

The guy was factually correct. Which one of us is the LARPer, huh?

000000 No.11481571


Wouldn't it be funny if Trump backs down based on there being evidence it was Israel, not Assad, and the whole farce of pretending to go along with it was to bring to light how the Jews lead us around by our noses in a public way.

000000 No.11481572


Lol you limey GCHQ troll fuck nigger spic. Take a kebab knife and slash your jugular you arab sucking nigger fuck

Did you know that Theresa May's husband is a major player in the Clinton Foundation? In fact, she dispatched GCHQ agents to spy on Donald Trump IN THE UNITED STATES prior to our 2016 election, because May's husband's corruption is so insane and exposes so many people in the UK that Trump, from the limey viewpoint, simply could NOT be allowed to win.

The UK has also done nothing but escalate war with Russia non-stop to draw attention off the act of war they committed by trying to prevent Donald Trump from getting elected because it exposes Theresa May for the criminal cunt bitch nigger whore she is.

75978f No.11481578



Just read their declaration or look up the briefing video you twats, they claim to have witnesses from the hospital and they also have a video

000000 No.11481621


Also, FUCK YOU. Every one of your posts makes me MORE SUSPICIOUS because you are irrationally defending that cunt Theresa may who not only SPIED ON DONALD TRUMP but also FAKED A POISONING

Theresa May wants to start nuclear war so she can hide her MASSIVE corruption. MASSIVE. Her husband and Clinton Foundation are one in the same. El Tejar group. Look it up.

Every one of your posts is fucking bullshit GCHQ PSY OP. Get the fuck out.

92798f No.11481664


Factually correct, according to BBC: the only thing Brits have in common, culturally speaking, is their love for kike food


000000 No.11481672

Why isn't this thread pinned?

40aa64 No.11481679

anyone else remember the Britam Defence leaks that (((they))) were calling fake before any of these gas attacks ever began?

000000 No.11481727

in sum, all the UK does is (1) import shitskins (2) try to stop Donald Trump (3) try to start war with Russia to distract from the UK's own unbelievable criminality

The UK government is the enemy of whites everywhere

12300f No.11481731

File: c31cfa5453b08e3⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 684x422, 342:211, britam.jpg)


>anyone else remember the Britam Defence leaks that (((they))) were calling fake before any of these gas attacks ever began?

Yeah they've been trying to pull this shit since 2012.

dca30b No.11481804

File: 9413fb0d81fb146⋯.jpg (36.04 KB, 773x302, 773:302, ap tweet.jpg)


1fa4bb No.11481881


If you don't think the UK conducting the false flag in Syria is an extraordinary claim, you have room temperature IQ.

1fa4bb No.11481912


>The Russians literally said "We have incontrovertable proof that Britain staged the chemical attacks"

When do we get to see this proof then? If the answer isn't now, it's fucking bullshit because otherwise Syria is going to get bombed.

000000 No.11481948


>muh "/pol/ used to be better"

>UK didn't stage a chemical attack!!!!!!!! UR ALL LARPING!!!!!11!!1!1112!!!!!!11






99c9d8 No.11482027

File: c5fc31a8920c94b⋯.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, sensible chuckle.gif)


wew lad. The bongs are getting riled up. I like it!

ac4ced No.11482091


well u know being unarmed eunachs and all it's a damn wonder they ain't just set off all their nukes where they sit in a mass suicide effort, but then again that WOULD mean no more being raped by goatfuckers which as you know is as british as tea these days

sacred cows make tasty burger boi i tell u whut

a054a7 No.11482115

File: 418e70646a81e73⋯.png (425.8 KB, 538x536, 269:268, 418e70646a81e7374faa658008….png)


How much are they going to double down on this?

5c62e8 No.11482144


could anyone link this?

99c9d8 No.11482214

File: c6ea3596a693f97⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1365x767, 105:59, ClipboardImage.png)


>go to central london with 20 chaps and a maxim gun

>dress in British Imperial Uniform

>tourists laugh and take pictures while you prepare your range finder

>you position the gun and feed it some ammo

>the smiles start to disappear

>mfw the battle of Rorke's drift is reenacted with South London savages storming the London bridge

244a36 No.11482225


would defense contractors seriously be this direct in an email?

244a36 No.11482256


its less extraordinary than assad gassing babies in order to deliberately lose his power

000000 No.11482286

WHY is this thread NOT STICKIED

953bd3 No.11482305

Teresa may will have to resign i assume?

445c03 No.11482307


Because the mod sleeps for 12 hours.

1fa4bb No.11482344


>its less extraordinary than assad gassing babies in order to deliberately lose his power

That's still not evidence, stupid. And if Russia had this evidence, why the fuck are they not broadcasting it to the world right now to stop the impending attack. If they don't do that, it's horse shit for their own public consumption.

445c03 No.11482349


>why are they not doing exactly what they're doing

Kill yourself.

1fa4bb No.11482381


Saying you have evidence and showing the evidence are two different things, shit for brains. Why isn't the evidence posted in this thread then?

953bd3 No.11482385


Yeah it seems like thats exactly what Lavrov has done today, AP now reporting it and i got like 6 notifications about it to phone

953bd3 No.11482401


Well tbf the other side is claiming they have random vials of blood and cum as making their case so not exactly like they've put forth indisputable evidence

000000 No.11482459




1fa4bb No.11482488


Posting in all caps like a triggered lolcow doesn't change the fact I have a logical point you can't retort. If there's this evidence, why aren't they show it to us to stop the impending attack? Why, you fucking moron?

f65f07 No.11482534

File: 5746178fce96720⋯.jpg (113.46 KB, 643x802, 643:802, all royals circumsised.JPG)

File: 8770af424f5d419⋯.jpg (43.5 KB, 720x450, 8:5, herzel masonry.jpg)


Our bong elites are far more intermarried with (((them))) than yours could ever be.

They hide their allegiance easily because the US is so pro Israel. This is beginning to change and we'll soon see how they plan to justify this new allegiance to the British people

Btw even large swathes of the British left is becoming aware that 'anti semitism' is used to hush them up. They're beginning to wonder why and how…

a52298 No.11482537


Quebac, go back.

f65f07 No.11482741


I should add that this relationship is symbiotic and incredibly complicated.

Without an understanding of Atonism, The British Israelism Movement, and the ancient Druidic knowedge that was perverted to create Judaism it is impossible to unpick.


You need /xpol to understand what the Brit elites think and are up to.

244a36 No.11482783


when does the west ever reveal their evidence?

a054a7 No.11482918

File: 23f1e0461236520⋯.png (242.76 KB, 578x667, 578:667, NEVER_EVER.png)

File: 2713fd4fdb93cab⋯.jpg (573 B, 5x5, 1:1, bypass.jpg)

fd3dbd No.11482959

What is it with the spamming shills in the other threads?

426c6f No.11483036

File: bd8e2fc5591a486⋯.jpg (351.25 KB, 632x732, 158:183, bomb-iran.jpg)

20b31a No.11483058

fd3dbd No.11483088

File: 0e4786d193c0122⋯.jpg (298.75 KB, 1347x831, 449:277, baby.jpg)

File: 5993daaa4968a42⋯.jpg (131.85 KB, 659x670, 659:670, 1f9178d65aa579f0.jpg)

fd3dbd No.11483098

File: a6e30a1dcc30ccd⋯.jpg (106.47 KB, 768x671, 768:671, DadalyjWkAAEAit.jpg)

fd3dbd No.11483207


fd3dbd No.11483227

>spamming shills with over 100 posts not banned?

This place is obviously a CIA operation

fd3dbd No.11483259

File: 85498953df03b47⋯.jpg (171.74 KB, 979x618, 979:618, 1523151604995.jpg)

File: 9b35aa24cc5cd88⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 600x314, 300:157, DaN-bQUXUAEin4K.jpg)

File: c52b99f10e11bd9⋯.jpg (71.44 KB, 960x639, 320:213, DaN-nDOXkAA5Tp_.jpg)

File: 27c6f65bd2e1ff6⋯.jpg (46.46 KB, 720x641, 720:641, DaN-zytXcAEfz50.jpg large.jpg)

fd3dbd No.11483302

File: 60777f78764c939⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 380x243, 380:243, sage1.JPG)


less shilled than this place

fd3dbd No.11483326

File: 306378ae56f24b1⋯.png (182.51 KB, 548x640, 137:160, no protection.PNG)


fd3dbd No.11483339

File: eb3d873d74fce0c⋯.jpeg (149.34 KB, 698x904, 349:452, kanister-b7b547345e577e78.jpeg)


7297ed No.11483349


is this why 4chins is down today?

8990f4 No.11483366

File: 2f7d093a966d3dc⋯.png (20.33 KB, 833x278, 833:278, Raid, Not Refugees.png)

Not sure where to post this, but I would like to dash the idea that what we're suffering is an actual wave of refugees. Note that while all of halfchan is down, only our political boards have been hit with waves of shitposting, pushing their PPH to the moon.

Whoever took down 4chan may be falseflagging them as responsible for our simultaneous inundation to prevent us from talking about something, likely OP's very topic.

ece724 No.11483373


I'd say that "phobic" is a stronger propaganda term than "anti", because anti can be used in a good context (e.g. "anti-crime") whereas a phobia is always something irrational.

fd3dbd No.11483376


the high pph number is caused by the sage shills with over 100 posts in each 4chan related thread.

445c03 No.11483393




c5e6c6 No.11483395


It's a good time to push JQ threads, to redpill any refugees before 4chan goes back up. That way, when these cucks go back to their den, they will be a little more uncucked.

445c03 No.11483401


That's not how brainwashing works.

c5e6c6 No.11483416


I know, because it's the opposite of brainwashing. It's opening their eyes.

ff6338 No.11483418


fd3dbd No.11483433


>writes: "You openly support a jewish propaganda website"

>doesn't like to hear that he openly supports a jewish propaganda site run

This thread is about Syria and the staged chemical attack. It's interesting that you got triggered by this post merely making an observation: >>11483227

Now stop replying or distraction shill confirmed.

445c03 No.11483449


>doesn't like to hear


c669a4 No.11483467

File: 0851b737645ff42⋯.jpg (45.85 KB, 668x662, 334:331, 1459206144304-0.jpg)


>it isn't a raid anon

>it's simply people saging our shit threads

>here watch me post screencaps from our spam threads in which I call native posters shills for saging

The pay shills earn must have gone way down. No doubt they're using pajeet these days to fill those positions.

a054a7 No.11483469


>>11483444 (checked)

Why do you bother? At the end of they day they are and will always remain unimportant garbage.

c5e6c6 No.11483471


Lol, wow. Not wanting the Goyim to wake up, Moshe.

Someone it triggered.

fd3dbd No.11483480

Discuss this article isntead of falling for the distraction shills, thanks




000000 No.11483490




c5e6c6 No.11483525




Literally the most Kiked comment ever.

267ab9 No.11483538


But he's right, it's not a raid.

This is how cuckchanners act. Maybe it's been too long and people forgot, but there's a reason they stayed there. It's a combination between insatiable homolust and single-digit IQ backed by shitty negro-genetics/memetics.

Say hello to your distant (very distant) cousins.

fd3dbd No.11483545

Bye 8chan, now I know again why I left this place. Enjoy your controlled discussions and kike mods.

(>Says goodbye forever, keeps posting)

c5e6c6 No.11483551


All I said is teach the cucks about the Jew, before they go back, and you freaked out.

Who is Jewing who?

ff6338 No.11483553


same fucking thing

c669a4 No.11483557


If the events of 4 years ago didn't open their eyes nothing will. You're wasting your time. It's like attempting to open the eyes of niggers in the ghetto, or the jews, or converting faggots back to a normal life. They're just going to yell at you, say you're a Nazi, and attempt to infect you with their poz. No one that uses cuckchan in CY+3 is worth saving.

cb3a6b No.11483579

File: 2502b7c4e7f7f9a⋯.webm (4.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, mission fail.webm)


7297ed No.11483600



now may's urgency to strike makes sense

c5e6c6 No.11483616



How do you think people wake up then?

Telling people about the Jew has a massive effect. I have even gotten women to hate Jews. Even Hitler spent most of his time trying to redpill people about the Jews.

If you are not a huge fucking Kike or though police suck yourself, then you would not be triggered and assblasted as you are about NAMING THE JEW.

a054a7 No.11483634

File: 8f8b91e3768d99d⋯.jpg (48.99 KB, 997x414, 997:414, 8f8b91e3768d99db70ba084fe7….jpg)


Were they trying to use war to cover up their mess?

What a failure.

c669a4 No.11483648

File: 46e57f6ba262df8⋯.png (100.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1471465871899-4.png)


>/b/ was never good: the post

Thanks for your insights anon there is no way I would have figured out cuckchanners aren't worth talking to on my own. It's almost like they chose to remain at a place that constantly censors them where cuck porn and trannyfags are openly tolerated.

It IS a raid, a raid taking advantage of the fact that cuckchan is offline. If you think goons aren't sitting in some discord server right now laughing in glee about derailing threads and posting cuckchan spam to trigger the massive faggots that became regulars around here you're not seeing the big picture. This happens every time cuckchan goes offline for more than a few minutes.

b1aaeb No.11483677


Interesting, you've incorporated the English into the mutt meme as well. And by interesting, I mean incredibly lazy.

Hire better shills, Shareblue.

233bdf No.11483720


MSM being retards, as always, it may as well admit he's onto something legit. He didn't even need to finish that sentence for people to figure out what he's getting at.

97a9ef No.11483728


Signal boost the shit out of this. The more they do this the more we win.

7f1759 No.11483729


>France has become one of the top military arms sellers in the mid east for past 10 years


If anything France has been selling far less weapons than it was in the past.

France was always number 3 after the US and the USSR during the cold war, their only real competitor being UK. Today they have to compete with Israel (that they used to outfit entirely, the Jews are selling more bootlegged Mirages than anyone else), Jewkraine, China, North-Korea/India and even Germoney that are all roughly on the same level (and Russia and the US are still far, far in front).

Also France works weirdly, they also have a deep state made of hardcore french civil servants that have near total power when it comes to this kind of shit rather than politicians (that come and go) to ensure stability of foreign policy.

And most of them are russophiles not russophobes, for them Russia is and has always been their natural ally.

Macron has the loyalty of the french (((oligarchs))) but certainly not of the french security civil servants (which still hold a grudge after the way he fired a beloved chief of staff on Bastille Day after in childish tantrum).

Meanwhile UK deep state has always had a seething hatred for anything Russian dating centuries.

c5e6c6 No.11483731


That's beautiful. Even the narrative is breaking down in Cuck Island.

8990f4 No.11483753


Has this been uploaded on YouTube?

7c7a08 No.11483760

File: 474d0c4b9a4d405⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, download (41).jpg)


wow holy fuck they cut him quick.

>Assad has won this war

feels good man

7c7a08 No.11483772

233bdf No.11483792


That's what I find so amusing, they still think the cut off trick still works, in an age where people can record everything and spread it all over social media in an instant. At any rate that video alone is ideal redpilling material for the situation. Get people to see how obvious the forced narrative is that they terminate interviews for pointing out intriguing (((coincidences))) and timings of events.

14dfde No.11483797




13f0b3 No.11483801

we dindu nuffin

17626a No.11483808

File: 8bb84a586c78f03⋯.png (14.73 KB, 561x352, 51:32, embed.png)


HmmMMm, I wonder what that embed thing could be used for??

Fucking cuckchanner

32a493 No.11483819


Holy shit, the state of the MSM.

7297ed No.11483846

what should be the consequences for uk? invasion?

a054a7 No.11483856


Rolling for nuking (((The city of London)))

97a9ef No.11483857



933d33 No.11483878


>fish and chips

>40 quid

u avin a bubble m8?

ec8a6d No.11483881

as an American and nearly a boomer but not quite who celebrates the US bicentennial celebration in 1976 as a kid I support the Russians.

It makes no sense Assad or the Russian needed or would have used chemical weapons

Th US public has been subjected to a long history of responding to false flag attacks (((the MO has been repeated over and over)))) stretching back to the (USS Maine (ACR-1) sank in Havana Harbor. This is when the (((carpet baggers))) came to power in the United States.

4136c2 No.11483904


This place went to shit when Learning Code took over as BO, honestly you should've just made a new board.

ec8a6d No.11483918


Israel needs to be hit with Nuclear Weapons, and the world public really needs to be faced with the Jewish Question in more modern terms.

32a493 No.11483919

4CHAN IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Bye then)

7c7a08 No.11483923


whats the best way to propagate a video like this? I was too young to fight in the first meme war, but want to play my part now

7297ed No.11483970


frozen again

cb3a6b No.11483975

File: d041ddb83e11898⋯.jpeg (16.78 KB, 300x264, 25:22, sux balls.jpeg)


mfw my country is the bad guy in all this horseshit

c5e6c6 No.11483992


They must be under some kind of server attack. Because the board link is frozen, the main link is still down. And cuck-pol froze up again.

Confirmed Cyborg-Attack, Onii-Chan?

32a493 No.11484010

c5e6c6 No.11484029


I'm sorry Brit-kun.

You are not bad, just your Cuck Island. It's been cucked since you let the Rothschilds do banking in 1811, or whenever they got in.

c669a4 No.11484053


>as an American

No one cares

>and nearly a boomer but not quite

No one cares

>who celebrates the US bicentennial celebration in 1976 as a kid

No one cares

>I support the Russians.

Sure you do

7c7a08 No.11484070


it seems to be all of 4chan boards though. Do we have any proofs that its related to NWIS narrative?

be7a01 No.11484154

File: 8769b3dac057f9c⋯.gif (2 MB, 268x268, 1:1, laughslide.gif)



Israel + UK Collusion Narrative WHEN?!?!

7c7a08 No.11484177


fuck I never questioned the U.S. being Israel's lap dog but if bongland is involved too this runs deep

c5e6c6 No.11484188


I don't know. I only lurk /pol/ and /x/ with any frequency. And I'm too lazy to look up the other boards.

I think the timing is pretty obvious. 4chan doesn't have many offline moments anymore that last for more than an hour. Back in 2007 to 2009, I remember 4chan used to go down for a day or two regularly, like every month, and that was before any racial awaking on the JQ, or before /pol/ existed, and Btards used to migrate to 7chan, 711chan, and even 420 chan when those where still a thing.

But since 2010ish, 4chan has hardly ever gone down for more than an hour or 2, once or twice a year. And it's already passed that.

I think the timing speaks for itself. We don't need to go super hacker to figure out it has to do with No War with Syria.

If I was a Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. redditor, I would say it was muh mueller investigation. But I am not that dumb, so it's probably No War With Syria.

244a36 No.11484193

File: 3d1ede0a205307b⋯.jpg (79.95 KB, 800x500, 8:5, timerunningout.jpg)

fd3dbd No.11484210


Error has changed from 502 to 522

c5e6c6 No.11484227


Also, I got nice digits.

you can make 1488 our of 4188.

fd3dbd No.11484228

File: b6f73d649e85a56⋯.jpg (37.8 KB, 490x377, 490:377, 4chancloudflare.JPG)

7c7a08 No.11484230

File: f1f4290e837e2f7⋯.jpg (157.75 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, P1010833.JPG)


good background and explanation. ty. I agree that this is the most plausible explanation as it stands now.

cb3a6b No.11484238

File: c5e6b8253b04a85⋯.jpeg (16.59 KB, 300x226, 150:113, darth sillious.jpeg)



Don't forget those camel fucking sand niggers the Saudi's. Theresa loves em.

be7a01 No.11484289

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>if bongland is involved too this runs deep

Let you in on a secret? It started in the UK, and now they've retreated to their homeland after Trump wrested control back from the glow-in-the-darks. This is is real now, and it's on baby.

c5e6c6 No.11484290


Yeah. I am not a huge tech junky, I only larp as such normies. But I am a real old old fag that has been lurking for more than a decade to see the trends of 4chan going down and for how long. This is unusual in it's timing, when the war or No war with Syria thing is going down. So thought some history would be good to explain for the younger old fags.

000000 No.11484325


It's GCHQ and other UK agencies trying to bury the story.

Everybody should be aware that Theresa May ordered GCHQ affiliates in Maryland to spy on Donald Trump. They did this prior to the illegal FISA warrant. They were sharing information under the five eyes agreement with the US. This allowed US authorities, under color of law (but blatantly illegal by any measures) to disregard the Fourth Amendment and the constitutional rules for free and fair elections in the US by trying stop a fair election. This is the UK allying with American deep state to interfere directly in a US election.

Theresa May very likely assisted with that because her husband, Philip, has very close ties to a money laundering operation that is tied closely to the Clinton Foundation and the American deep state. The relevant entities are Capital Group, El Tejar, and Appleby (famous from the Paradise Papers).



Note: Theresa May's husband stands to be highly embarrassed as a result of his involvement with the deeply criminal and corrupt Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme that was engaging in all sorts of highly illegal behavior like selling nukes and classified intel to terrorists, running guns, drugs, and people, and engaging in bribery and blackmail on a massive scale. The motivation to keep this information–Philip May's connection to all that–under wraps is apparently so strong that May is not just willing to spy on Trump, but she apparently already attempted to start a nuclear war by faking a Russian poison attack. American shadow government is probably working alongside her.

Very likely, this latest claim by Russia will turn out to be true and yet another attempt by Theresa May to start a literal nuclear war with Russia.

000000 No.11484381

That seems more or less obvious seeing how the "gas attack" makes no fucking sense.

600829 No.11484461

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

White House briefing stream starting soon

30393e No.11484479


Time for suicide, kike!

fd3dbd No.11484480



be7a01 No.11484495



What evidence do you need outside of this? Lavrov is, indeed, naming (((them))) DIRECTLY.


9b043c No.11484501


Nothing to do with Syria. Just political drama.

297c11 No.11484506




fd3dbd No.11484516

600829 No.11484519


https://Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/russia_watch

For comfy updates, and an intermediary between

updates from the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia Dmitry Polyaniskiy

Russia wants peace, but the USA won't listen.

Russias own words "It takes two to tango"

1fa4bb No.11484527


Please show the proof that exists that was mentioned in that tweet. I'll be waiting.

600829 No.11484531



@russia_watch there we go

ec8a6d No.11484540

File: b2c19f34e64c001⋯.jpeg (8.99 KB, 221x228, 221:228, download.jpeg)

1bf53e No.11484558


Whoever is behind this whole bash Russia OP is bloody serious about it.

It's been going on since Georgia.

Don't know (((who))) it is, but they have some reach.

fa407f No.11484609

Well well well well well well



600829 No.11484612

United States just confirmed that Syria was

behind the Gas Attacks in Syria

faada8 No.11484656


> the way he fired a beloved chief of staff

I'm not a big fan of macron, but that villiers degenerate deserved it, through and through

not exactly macron's fault if the army took an habit of mostly voting its budget with secret funds

and not macron's fault either if that general got constantly buttraped by his older brother when they were children (as is customary in that revulsing family), and has problems with the notion of hierarchy

4c86e4 No.11484657


u wot? why would you tease the sauce? gibs plox

1bf53e No.11484672


Fun Fact Maccabe means 'dead body' in French.

This guy was literally dead walking from the moment he was born.

Might as well use your god given skill and be dead for good.

3d7d50 No.11484681


Brit here.

Yeah, I don't doubt it. At all. I didn't even blink. You have no idea how fucked up our government is. People have somehow forgotten that Operation Yew Tree saw several prominent entertainers arrested and imprisoned. Just a magic hand wave and it's gone from the public eye.

Scary shit.

7297ed No.11484712


why would you be surprised?

first the poisoning of the ex spy, now the chemical attack

your country was also part of those that pushed for the iraq invasion

your country is cancer

600829 No.11484715


The press secretary just confirmed it

You are welcome to rewind the video to hear

fa407f No.11484733


Interesting tidbit

1bf53e No.11484752


They're too fucking obvious.

To be fair, media over here has been telling about how fishy it looked.

But it doesn't matter because president has 'proof'.

Proof that will not be presented to the press, nor it will be investigated by a separate agency.

Must be true then.

3d7d50 No.11484765


Sounds familiar tbh.

445c03 No.11484769


So you have no source, got it.

02261a No.11484770

File: 81c532d0fc4e073⋯.jpg (49.75 KB, 662x415, 662:415, Proof via intimidation.jpg)


Whats fucking disgusting is that i'm already seeing people say "Oh they cut him off for ads, it was just a coincidence and sky does this all the time." when they didnt do anything of the sort, they were literally right back to talking about syria and the 'chemical attack' within minutes.

600829 No.11484794


Dude, watch the video. The US government just

said that it has proof that the Syrian Government

is responsible. Go watch it yourself before it

becomes main stream.

5fe9e4 No.11484801


He isn't though.

He's talking about Britain.

You faggots who think Putin is a good guy really haven't been paying attention.

There are no good guy leaders, they're all pawns.

5fe9e4 No.11484809


What video?

4f7ca4 No.11484811

File: 502add26f6bfadb⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 420x420, 1:1, Friday the Thirteenth.gif)

600829 No.11484828


You know what

just read this

https://Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/Charles_Lister/status/984873737429413888

faada8 No.11484844


and from there, it actually comes from the kikes

maccabee was the name of a kike family who chose jihad and martyrdom rather than assimilation (would have been another shoah) in their greek overlords culture in the second century BC


600829 No.11484852

File: 9048ff0f433ad64⋯.png (453.87 KB, 616x894, 308:447, 2332444.png)


Here is a pic for you

f54242 No.11484871

File: cca7b6d703adc9d⋯.png (534 KB, 1458x877, 1458:877, Russianapmystingers.png)

Is it just me or does Russia do a lot of claiming they have evidence of stuff but said evidence never surfaces?

34d48c No.11484885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes. WW3 time

Ive been waiting so long for the end of the trilogy

e755ad No.11484895

File: 8bdfca3fdcb7fa0⋯.png (303.85 KB, 435x652, 435:652, 1518624080105.png)





Holy shit the kikes are petrified, the jig is up

7297ed No.11484900


so in the same afternoon 4chins goes down

>russia accuses uk of being behind the chemical attack

>and now usa suddenly has proof of everything and blames both syria and russia

hmmm…. reely maeks me fink

1bf53e No.11484924

Here's a wild thought:

You know who's benefiting from this?

Fucking ISIS, or whatever they're called nowadays, because Religion of Cuck™ic maniacs doesn't sell.

What if???? (note the triple interrogation points there), what if, we seriously underestimated them, and they actually put together some kind of special ops team pulling off this shit to both have us look bad, and warmongering against muslim countries, as they're loosing stream to recruit new cannon fodder?

From what I understand, getting chemical weapons in Syria was pretty doable for a while.

From what I understand, they're loosing quite hard, and exiles that went to fight with them are just returning.

It's far fetched, but I say they've got the most to gain from all this shit.

And putting poisoning someone in Britain out of their reach is very uninformed.

7de3d5 No.11484925

File: f7e1065c746c314⋯.gif (1022.02 KB, 460x266, 230:133, laughing.gif)




000000 No.11484950

Why are we even pretending we care? We don't even do a damn thing when nigger warlords are committing crimes against niggers in Africa as we speak.

Should Russia invade and bomb the shit out of America for murdering its civlilians over Waco and Ruby Ridge?

Should Russia just use the excuse of "murrica b raycis" because the state shooting up niggers that rightfully deserve it so as to fly Russian war planes over the USA? God knows they're involved in a bunch of the identity politics through active measures already and they could use the millions of niggers as useful idiots to invade and destroy America, even though niggers are already doing that.

42844a No.11484974


Are you retarded? ISIS is the creation of the CIA and Israel.

cb3a6b No.11484975


I watched it live with a pal & it was blatantly obvious they cut him off for telling the truth. Anyone who thinks it was just to advertise a new Nissan is retarded or deluded. You could see how uncomfortable the lady host was.

1bf53e No.11485000


Meaning they're not fanatics human being with a will to survive, and more importantly win the war?

Did they stop caring for their cause because CIA told them to?

7297ed No.11485020


they were being paid to do a job and now nobody is paying them or giving them weapons

95e082 No.11485035


>Russian Defense minister Lavrov

>Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Which one is it, OP?

000000 No.11485036


You in the doughnut or MI6 Londonistan?

You're going to be very surprised when you see the results if you want to push. What Russia is actually doing here is telling you cunts: 'hey cunts, you attempted a fake poison event and fake gassing muh children in Syria–Russia CAN name names. If you want Russia to name names, then you need to think about where that leads.' Consider that the US already knows about Capital Group/El Tejar/Clinton Foundation. The US knows Theresa May approved GCHQ surveillance on Donald Trump and interference in the US election. Do you want to FORCE the details of the 'poisoning' and 'chemical weapon attacks' out in the open? You'll doubtless have another stupid, dead-end remark/insult ready, because you are a paid shill who's too dumb to understand where this leads. YOU FUCKED IT UP, CUNT.

Brits on here (aside from GCHQ guy): your government clearly intends to destroy whites and destroy any notion of 'England' as a white country once and for all. They just tried to start nuclear war on behalf of the kikes and various business interests. What the fuck are you niggers doing? Why aren't you taking your country back?

1bf53e No.11485049


What I understand is CIA just gave them ways to fuck up the country.

Maybe they're smarter than they thought, and used it to fucking stir shit up in the whole world.

1bf53e No.11485112


inb4 James Bond.

Everyone laughers at Russia.

Agent is un-ironically named James Bond

4a7f35 No.11485115



good points lads. new terms to push

Caucasiophobic (maybe caucaphobic would be better, but it sounds too much like caca aka shit)


Britophobic (alt. Britonphobic)


ec8a6d No.11485144


>The US government just said that it has proof that the Syrian Government is responsible.

So what? Israel controls the US government, the deep state, the CIA, military intelligence. I'd expect them to say that, while they are dragged kicking and screaming to the gallows.

Doesn't make it true however

4a7f35 No.11485160


also add







Use these applicable terms instead of anti-x, they hit the normies harder are a direct branch off of established memes

244a36 No.11485172



Guess it's time to give up and pretend to love Jews because they are clearly in control and there's no stopping it

7297ed No.11485174

4chins down again, they are getting slid hard

looks like everything is accelerating, wouldn't be surprised if they attack syria tonight

1bf53e No.11485202


Why do we care?

Internal politics.

Meanwhile, my government is gassing students because they want to select incoming commies, before they become failures.

Actual number: 48% University students in whatever country I'm in doesn't go past 6 months before getting hes ass handed to him.

It's just easier than going directly to the job agency.

And you actually get paid for it.

So now, the news are all about how it's wrong to throw gasses that make them cry at them.

They'll be crying anyways.

ec8a6d No.11485204


then why don't (((they))) open up Periscope™ and let the kidding porn flow?

c0a59a No.11485215


major kek

148783 No.11485309


go all the way to the root problem and that is the (((central banks)))

fiat loan at interest print all the money a kike ever needs to use nepotism, bribe,extort,control media ,infect education with jew teachers who push the anti white narrative through affirmative action to displace whites from holding positions of strength system.

Strip them of financial control and they have nothing but a demonstrably morally bankrupt agenda that goes against nature.

So until then it will always be a downward spiral of kiked bullshit.

ec8a6d No.11485323


that is the problem relying on google as a captcha service, google can shut down sites at will due to (((technical errors))) opps, so sorry.

000000 No.11485340

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Good… good…

Everything is falling into place.

bac6c4 No.11485349

File: bd6e0a671370840⋯.png (58.41 KB, 673x678, 673:678, realy makes u think.png)


(((Russian))) elite hate Russia and Russians as well.

000000 No.11485370


Money corrupts.

This could only happen if they'd do it for free.

000000 No.11485463


devil's advocate: if you want to catch a fish, you have to go where there is water.

it's where normies hang out so….

aff172 No.11485495


This was the most pathetic false flag they have tried.

000000 No.11485500


Orwell may have been Stalin's nigger in the Spanish Civil War, but he knew that ingsoc was coming

000000 No.11485502

I, for one, cannot wait when Israel attacks US ships and blames the Russians.

USS Liberty II electric boogaloo, let's go!

007e82 No.11485526


Tucker's anti war tirade on Monday stopped the USA war machine dead cold

445c03 No.11485531


No, you fucking faggot, we aren't going to be falling for your jewish puppet shit.

ec8a6d No.11485582

File: 0b6d36e76ecc12b⋯.jpg (108.9 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 5ad0c640fc7e9392108b45b2.jpg)

what's your feeling about this guy?

3e22fe No.11485653


Didn't he name the jew at the UNSC meeting?

1e93f9 No.11485684


If America has to take the brunt of nukes in order to get rid of Jews, it's worth it.

531f01 No.11485698


What makes you think that would get rid of jews??

0972d3 No.11485701

File: 50ba6d22c4fbe2b⋯.png (287.35 KB, 641x353, 641:353, ClipboardImage.png)


>the goyim know

a31c7b No.11485704


Shut. It. Down.

244a36 No.11485708


So the Jews made him speak out against the war that only Jews want to his massive viewership?

000000 No.11485718




We can agree that no matter who did this, it was an attempt to rope the USA into another war and should result in the complete freezing of foreign relations with said nation, along with the expulsion of all foreign nationals or dual-citizens of that nation.

531f01 No.11485726


That's IMPRESSIVE. Very fake audio noise thrown in. They have a gay kill switch.

1e93f9 No.11485734

File: d86111b20bc2777⋯.jpg (95.47 KB, 458x750, 229:375, castigated.jpg)


It's the way the timeline moves.

As major a shift as what is currently happening is 100% sure to rebound on Jews

e1f64f No.11485736

File: 588e4506fe90675⋯.png (152.52 KB, 407x407, 1:1, Cainhurst_Badge.png)



c17aa1 No.11485737

File: f37cac3f2741b5a⋯.webm (2.1 MB, 600x338, 300:169, CNN Oh no.webm)


Kek, someone with video editing skills needs to make a compilation of this shit. This is some top tier normalfag awakening type of stuff.

30393e No.11485740


Bait to keep them coming with a higher intensity. He warned them for a reason.

d1e366 No.11485746

>>11483088 sieg heil

What a brave german though, even if you meant to post the other story

If only he had kept going

Why do so many mass killers immediatly commit sudoku?

Is it like a natural human reflex?

000000 No.11485753


Hahahaha that fake static noise.

c5365f No.11485760


5+ years of reading this stuff. Where did the time go?

000000 No.11485763


Muslims outnumber Jews massively in every nation now except the USA.

Twenty years ago the safest places in the world for Jews were France, Germany, the UK, Canada, notice anything about shifting demographics in these nations?

Even in the USA 40% of people don't know about the (((Holocaust))) and we're the most Jewed up nation demographically outside of Israel.

531f01 No.11485782



My point is the Jews in control would be perfectly safe in their bunkers, and in control before and after the way.

71a4dd No.11485784


longer than that. the jew love goes way back in bongland ever since the crown made usury illegal for christians and letting the jews have a monopoly on the money lending. it's true that the expulsion edict happened, but as far as i know the damage was already done, influence was established and money was in deep. the rothschilds funding the crown's war against napoleon was the consolidation of power that was hundreds of years in the making

c17aa1 No.11485792


>Why do so many mass killers immediatly commit sudoku?

He was killed you dingus. I guess you missed the threads, but witnesses say they've seen arabic looking people get out of the truck after it drove into the people. The Media conveniently ignored to mention this. And oh what a coincidence that this exact same thing literally happened in Germany 2016.


>"On 19 December 2016, a truck was deliberately driven into the Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, leaving 12 people dead and 56 others injured. One of the victims was the truck's original driver, Łukasz Urban, who was found shot dead in the passenger seat. "

Media said the same thing back then, that it was the trucks original driver who did the attack, only later it came out it was some muslim. However they never bothered correcting this to the public. It's literally the same pattern again this time.

1e93f9 No.11485810



000000 No.11485813


>no goyim to toil

>those who survive are hunting the Jews

Bullshit, bunkers can be blown up, air shafts sealed, and so on.


Who knew that Taco Paco would be the one gassing the Jews? We need to keep memeing Spirit Cooking to the Hispanics, make that Jewish connection.

fe2fd3 No.11485824

This is having the effect of people coming to the realization themselves, as well as through some very mainstream that this is a pretty blatant false flag, these things happen, and they may happen a little more often than you think.

This is not something many outside of this circle would understand. But this shit in Syria is so obvious and downright insulting to our intelligence.

On top of that, the seriousness of Trumps tweets should they come to fruition are forcing everyone paying attention to ask themselves, is this really what we want?

Almost makes me wonder if he picked the week he did to make a big deal about getting out of Syria.

Its also really effectively separating the deep state mouth pieces from the actual MAGAs.

But that's only true is nothing happens. Till then, we must make it well known that war in Syria is tantamount to treason.

ffed3d No.11485847


Not only are bunkers questionable, but their entire line of command will be destroyed, which makes them powerless.

No CIA-glow-in-the-darks = No jewish power.

1e93f9 No.11485900

File: 0162006580a8139⋯.png (71.12 KB, 482x852, 241:426, whatever.png)


I'm sure they've wargamed this scenario.

Once the ball gets rolling on starting a nuclear war, it has to escalate quickly, because word can spread very fast as to whom is responsible. They have to stay ahead of that wave.

But this time… seems to me everyone knows the spark of this whole thing was Jewish threats, Jewish false flags, Jewish missiles and bombs, and global Jewish influence. The (((media))) is spinning it the best they can, but it's not forming the zeitgeist when everyone already knows that there's this huge blank spot where the core, central JQ piece of the puzzle goes. So I don't know if they can escalate this war before the word is spread ubiquitously that Jews did it.

If they can move fast enough, cutting the internet with EMP's for example, then they might get away with it. Idunno, any moves towards war by the Jews becomes a high-stakes race.

9c847e No.11485908













803a2d No.11485918


>So I don't know if they can escalate this war before the word is spread ubiquitously that Jews did it.

The thing is, they're only putting themselves at risk by escalating it. If they stopped, they could just let the news cycle wash it out of people's minds and get back to system as normal.

e1f64f No.11485929


What I don't get is why they would want a nuclear war. Without the US and NATO to defend them and fight their wars for them means that every angry sandnigger for a 1000 mile radius will zerg rush Israel.

ffed3d No.11485931


If i recall correctly then Nethanyau or whatever king jew is called is currently in legal trouble so he needs to distract/make himself valuable as a leader.

000000 No.11485934


They can't cut the Internet, it would cost them too much money and there are too many services relying on it. Also it would make it impossible to communicate with fellow kikes and plot the escapes, death squads, and other typical (((tricks))) we know they like to use.

Will they fuck with DNS and use their connections at large hosting companies to deactivate or DDOS sites like this one? Of course. But they can't and won't cut the whole Internet.

If the Internet goes out, and the phones go out (all the back-ends go over the Internet these days, take out one and the other's a goner too) and the TV feeds go down, it's not the kikes who did it, it's either Uncle Sam or some foreign actor and the shit will hit the fan.

000000 No.11485941


Their strategy is to nuke all of the large cities in Europe and the USA if we good little goys don't want to die for them.

I don't believe they have the firepower but if they do and they go through with this those who survive will never stop hunting Jews, it will be the end of them.

445c03 No.11485951


>They can't cut the Internet, it would cost them too much money and there are too many services relying on it.

You're retarded.

>cut access to all IPs that aren't used by government, banks, and the static IPs of the largest companies, all owned by jews

>you get a 404 error if you try to request any data from any other IP

>all data on accepted IPs flows normally

17b2e9 No.11485958


>Their strategy is to nuke all of the large cities in Europe and the USA if we good little goys don't want to die for them.

This is honestly a good thing for us. All major urban centers are predominately leftist and multicultural (not to mention filled with Jews). The rural regions are where most conservative white folks are; it would set the Overton Window back 150 years for Israel to nuke all the cities.

1e93f9 No.11485965


This is about more than just Syria and Iran. They have a timetable which must be adhered to because there are some certain natural events which are known to be coming at a certain time, and they need to have everything ready at that time. So the timetable must be followed. Hillary was supposed to take us into a limited nuclear war with Russia last year. Obviously that's been delayed.

Now that Trump has either lost his backbone, or lost his control of the armed forces, limited nuclear war is back on the table. Better late than never, right spooks?


The limited nuclear war is supposed to ring in another big step towards global governance. And they are right about that - nukes are too dangerous to be passed around between reactive States like bullets. Unmitigated, the environmental impacts are especially long-lasting. So they want a war to drive humanity towards greater control.


It should be painfully obvious by now that Uncle Sam has been subverted by the Jew.

000000 No.11485987


>they have a list of good and bad IPs

>NAT doesn't exist

>phones don't get assigned different IPs as they roam

Actually, you're the retarded one you dipshit.

e1f64f No.11485989


The point is that the internet and connected devices are the biggest source of propaganda and bread and circuses out there. They can't cut that without revolt.

>cut access to all IPs that aren't used by government, banks, and the static IPs of the largest companies, all owned by jews

Then all those remaining IPs will get hacked and DDOSed by every hacker in the world.


>limited nuclear war

There is no indication that any nuclear war could ever be limited. It'll go out of control no matter what they have planned. Large sections of the nuclear fleet have carte blanche nuclear decisions in the event of a war.

1e93f9 No.11486005

File: 6776e013d92146a⋯.jpg (118.32 KB, 1200x1350, 8:9, DWWLM 2018 noosechan.jpg)


Been saying this to whomever would listen for months now.

>There is no indication that any nuclear war could ever be limited.

I don't believe it can be unless Jews in Russia are the ones pushing the buttons.

>It'll go out of control no matter what they have planned.

That's what I expect. Not only that, it's what a rather overqualified quiet think tank I know of also expects.

If a war between Russia and America starts, it's unlikely to be limitable. In that scenario, the Northern Hemisphere becomes uninhabitable within a few years.

>Large sections of the nuclear fleet have carte blanche nuclear decisions in the event of a war.

abfb0a No.11486009


Ah yes, USA are just those naive gentle giants who never dindu naffin and are just tricked by the real players, just like in Iraq. Face it, the last time you were the good guys was the revolution.

(Kike trying to blame USA in general for their own jew crimes)

30749a No.11486025

The international jews are just deflecting the blame to the UK. Many of the worlds wealthiest and most powerful jews live in the UK, and their government may be even more ZOGed than the USA. Everyone not hypnotized by the media NLPfags can see that the only state actor who benefits from NATO military intervention in Syria is Israel. The same was true for Iraq, but we were less woke back then. (((They))) have overplayed their hand now and their shabbos goys are turning on them.

1e93f9 No.11486027


Never said we were perfect, far from it, but the Jewish elitist influence is overwhelming everything Americans decide for our Nation. America is a Nation that doesn't know who it is anymore, because Jews.

760c0b No.11486030

File: 44b623307915a79⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 288x358, 144:179, a96e2b16b97c395836c41325dd….jpg)


>the last time you were the good guys was the revolution.

>the revolution.

885bf3 No.11486034

File: 8ae3cba8e5538a8⋯.mp4 (6.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, EL4C - MUST WATCH Former h….mp4)


>Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/EL4JC/status/984789066569998338

d5bce1 No.11486039


This shit was DEBUNKED, literally a forgery that was easily proven to the point that even Wikispooks admitted so


e65d9d No.11486050



you think jews have no bunkers under their homes and talmud schools?

1e93f9 No.11486053


do you think they do?

20af44 No.11486055


That face she made was something else. Glad you caught it.

e65d9d No.11486060


ofc they do

153643 No.11486073



cb3a6b No.11486101


Already posted here >>11483579

Read the thread b4 posting nigger.

1e93f9 No.11486106


The foundation of Jewish power is pretty deep down the rabbithole. I expect it won't even be popularly known for another 60-80 yrs. For example, the likes of /pol/ is not fully ready for that redpill, and won't be for another 20-30 yrs.

Russia expects to survive a nuclear war. Any Nation that survives WW3 will have to deal with the continued Jewish presence for at least a couple of centuries longer. IMHO, Russia is playing the long game.

cc1a3c No.11486112

File: 6b0000f3e37d8fd⋯.jpg (98.54 KB, 547x483, 547:483, Undermine.jpg)

We need a global competition to see which nation has the stones to name the Jew

- the most recent being a tribe in the middle of Nowhere, Amazon telling the Tavor to GTFO because they didn't even attempt to assimilate. Can't find the article. Net being scrubbed

f28443 No.11486122

I would be so happy if the joos detonated a nuke in meca in the middle of the hajj, made it look like Iran did it. And Russia and the USA stayed home and let the joos the sand niggers and the Europeans figure it out on their own

fff957 No.11486128

File: 68e2a8e7f5cd004⋯.jpg (173.97 KB, 730x731, 730:731, 1517613762577.jpg)


Watch full video



Great Britain to blame!

153643 No.11486129


Why can't they just rub it out and squirt it? ISRAEL! FUCKING ISRAEL JIZZ JIZZ JIZZ!

This isn't tantra, this is erectile dysfunction, political erectile dysfunction.

05dd70 No.11486140

File: e453e0868a8b4c7⋯.png (193.39 KB, 320x320, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


top jej

f6cd64 No.11486141



cc1a3c No.11486144


Wait a minute, anon. Are you saying that the chance exists that assets already in the area can do something jacked up and blame it on (((our greatest ally forever and ever amen))) causing all who have targets to set new coordinates to that most magical, most holiest of holy GPS locations in the M.E. and make the planet quiet again? … or something else tho?

1e93f9 No.11486149


They think its spiritual, but really it's just technology. Jews are no more advanced than anyone else, and in fact probably less advanced spiritually than alotta other folks that inhabit this world.

Is that saying too much? You will let me know, won't you?

e65d9d No.11486156

cc1a3c No.11486164

File: b71081a2cc00ce1⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1495247092023.gif)


Everyone say "Hello" to the JIDF faggots."

- "Hi JIDF! How's the weather there in Tel Aviv? It sucks being a fucking worthless fucking Jew piece of shit doesn't it, Moshe? -

- One little site is RP'ing the planet on the people who are a blight … nay … a pain in the ass to the planet and need to be removed like a wart, a parasite, a leech"

d6e1f7 No.11486177


the only person that claimed to debunk it was some random autist on youtube called stormcloudsgathering who's channel only posts during happenings

that one guy who is not a forensics expert is the only source of the claim

stormcloudsgathering is also the source on wikispooks, edited in 5 months later

just a timestamp oddity

all other news outlets went into shut it down mode and would not cover the leak, not even to display it as a forgery

000000 No.11486187

It's ogre


05dd70 No.11486191


I don't trust the source.

7f1759 No.11486205


>"…of course that interview was conducted in a very pro-regime region of Syria; loyal to Assad."

So like in anywhere of 80% of the country population actually lives?

Besides half the Aleppo region and terrorist enclaves here and there the Syrian Government (and not the "Assad regime") has largely managed to keep control of most of the (real) country because most of the population is indeed loyal to it's government while the jihadis (that are largely foreigners) were having the leisure to roam the gigantic part of the countryside that is barely livable (and even there the government managed to keep most of it's bases even if besieged and most of it's roads secured).

Everywhere population actually lived, like in Deir Ez Zor or the various gov' enclaves in kurd controlled areas, the government managed to stay in place even if only partially.

This is a telltale sign that, yeah, the government does enjoy way more support than the MSM is reporting…

And that was before they were winning!

069b4a No.11486207


I often wonder if shutter stock models ever find themselves after pol modifications and laugh or cry or have to do some explaining to relatives

4859df No.11486264


the actually stated that they are confident about it, doesn't mean they can prove anything.

still it's significant because after this shitshow US/UK/FR must strike Syria, when they are convinced about the alleged chemical attack, which they just stated they were -> 100% attack on SY imminent

0be32f No.11486276

File: 5f0f03418e5cd4f⋯.mp4 (3.8 MB, 854x480, 427:240, CNN cut1.mp4)

856b88 No.11486289

File: d99c826438a4686⋯.jpg (267.28 KB, 1090x1074, 545:537, 1bf1984bf8c684d73c1f669763….jpg)

Have two brothers deployed in Syria right now. They sent out an email last night that they probably wouldn't be able to talk to me for more than a month as they were doing a communication blackout before what he thought was an attack. He also claimed his CO said they'd court martial anyone that kept their personal electronics from today onwards. I really do think they're about to attack smh. Get your supplies ready, bunker down, and get some practice shots in. It's going to be one hell of a ride.

55c292 No.11486302

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

304099 No.11486303

File: 957f9941b50c21c⋯.jpg (156.89 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, F-35-and-F-16.jpg)

The exposure of Hillary that led to her being more distant from the corridors of power was great. But that has led to the pinkos stringing Putin along in hopes that the same will happen to other kleptocrats like Theresa May. When really Putin should have taken severe action long ago.



b5c90a No.11486305


While I appreciate the intel from the front line, your brother is fucking retarded for hinting at the possibility of an attack through what I assume to be a standard cellphone email app.

9e6609 No.11486312

File: 75543729b207204⋯.jpg (62.45 KB, 516x339, 172:113, 571968229_preview_14420409….jpg)


<just give up goy there is no hope you should just kill yourself everyone is a jew.

000000 No.11486336


When are our soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailor going to take a stand and say no more of this shit?

This country is on fire domestically, and they're trying to start world war III to distract from a criminal, treasonous, evil, sellout deep state-run government.

000000 No.11486338


Just like in Iraq it was the British claiming there were WMDeez.

Sounds like the British enjoy manipulating the USA.

000000 No.11486361


>I desperately need some figurehead to rally behind and tell me what is right

Fucking boomers are a scourge on this world.

d7d891 No.11486374


that isn't what he was implying at all you god damn kike retard faggot deformed bitch nigger aids monkey torposting pedophile

153643 No.11486383





b6fc54 No.11486389

File: a648c55a02e6e40⋯.jpg (47.36 KB, 920x613, 920:613, sf_russia_embassy_20170901….jpg)



Trump to address the nation tonight.

They don't even seem excited reporting on this on FOX…

153643 No.11486392


You don't have an ID, so I can't ask you a question (unless you are willing to use GPG).

153643 No.11486394


What I mean is that because you don't have an id there's no way for me to know if someone answers on your behalf.

ec8a6d No.11486399

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

awwwww, how cute

9bb8d1 No.11486478


e584cd No.11486639

Get fucked Rothschild. Fuck you and your nigger fetish.

000000 No.11486708


There will always be "good" reasons not to fight, coward

551f7d No.11486750

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/984967457315139586

It's on

52becb No.11486772


Nothing is going to happen, we do this shit all the time.

c39e6f No.11486789


Yeah against ragheads, but not against angry Vlad and his 1 billion chink drones.

fb1481 No.11486828

Oh shit, here we go!

3e22fe No.11486851


Meh, either it's Airfield 2 Electric Boogaloo, or nuclear fire, I'm fine with both.

3d1233 No.11486871

File: 0c7e423da583279⋯.png (336.87 KB, 576x590, 288:295, AAAAAAA.png)


85f399 No.11486881


I really hope Israel gets nuked.

Those pharisees deserve it.

5b5a6d No.11486906

File: 99e75346bf7de2a⋯.jpeg (6.44 KB, 184x184, 1:1, download (1).jpeg)

I supported the buffoon because I did not want war in Syria or to be part of the TPP. Now I got war in Syria and TPP regardless. Why must the jews always win?

85f399 No.11486921

File: 67db0956882f5aa⋯.png (16.47 KB, 518x101, 518:101, missiles.png)

Video: https://Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/leithfadel/status/984972867828928513

7c0d96 No.11486945

File: 80e5cb944e12f6f⋯.webm (1.55 MB, 720x720, 1:1, exactly_how_i_feel.webm)




9476b1 No.11486946



85f399 No.11487007

File: ec31747d386d4a6⋯.png (25.07 KB, 520x120, 13:3, s.png)

File: 8e78badf108221c⋯.png (90.63 KB, 545x547, 545:547, s1.png)

Oh boy, here we go.


I'll go and buy canned goods tomorrow while the price hasn't increase and also stockpile ammo.

5f35a9 No.11487024

File: a0ea3e0a919f1af⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 300x156, 25:13, parasites.jpg)

Those god damned kikes want the golan, they already have their proboscis buried in that region through rothchild owned genie oil sucking it dry.

30393e No.11487035


Those kikes have a bill coming their way, and we're collecting in full.

fb1481 No.11487058


And you think i wanted this? Even tho im European, i supported Donald Trump since day 1. Mainly because he had a proteccionist and a non-interventionist rethoric. For God sake, the man was agaisnt the war o Iraq. He called it the biggest mistake ever. Now he's doing an even greater mistake, that can send us all to Valhalla. Now our hopes are relying on Putin. We're counting on fucking Vladimir Putin, to keep his nuclear warheads in their silos, and keep it cool. This is not goo, man. Not good at all

e62f28 No.11487093

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

c77319 No.11487110


Based huwhite bro’s, stop being such major hysterical pussies. I mean this in a concrete, objective, factual manner.

There are two options for what is happening:

1) Trump has succumbed to the war mongering kikes and is simply a kike shill now. This is the only concrete, factual, objective truth. What led him to kike shilling? God knows. He is bombing Syrian innocent shitskins and huwhite Christian Russians in Syria now. /ourguy/ Putin hopefully will refuse to retaliate, understanding that Trump has become a major kike shill.

2. huwhite based Christian Russian Putin does decide to retaliate and WWIII actually might take place.

c3c704 No.11487131


still sounds like it was done by isreal, they're just dragging others into this mess

075086 No.11487136


000000 No.11487137


Go ahead and ask anyway, I bet you'll be able to tell it's me.

000000 No.11487144


>e're counting on fucking Vladimir Putin, to keep his nuclear warheads in their silos

MAD will never go in use.

This is all fear mongering, MAD as three outcomes, Total annihilation, Not launched and not in war, and Not launched and in war.

MAD is only a system of persuasion based on the enemy will fire their warheads if the other show acts of aggression, but we already know the outcome of it and that is destruction of lifes on earth so why use it if you can't even battle with conventional weapon ? at worse it would be used as a last resort weapon when the enemy is being pushed on his own territory.

3e22fe No.11487151


>this whole post

Did you just look up "4chan buzzwords" or some shit and compose a post purely out of them like the fucking zodiac killer, you absolute cringeworthy double nigger?

c39e6f No.11487172

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

85f399 No.11487181

File: 5cc1ba8df634999⋯.png (77.22 KB, 780x430, 78:43, s3.png)


c77319 No.11487186


Even more reason for based huwhite Christian Russian Putin to not respond. Yes, it might seem like cucking now, but it will save far more innocent lives, including huwhites and shitskins, in the long run.

And, if there is no war, this question will raise in an objective, factual, concrete manner:

Why did kikes in Israel/JEWSA bomb Syria?

Not responding is the only way for huwhite Christian Russia. The kikes want retaliation. Let’s NOT give it.

c77319 No.11487197


Yes, you are right.

Do you have any concrete, factual, objective information you want to share?

42a07c No.11487202

So WW3 just started?

I'm just a 19 year old neet, where the fuck do I go to not get nuked?

48b636 No.11487205


>This is not goo, man. Not good at all

Calling out Assad the way he did proves hes a bought and paid for jew cock licker.

7e5c94 No.11487210

File: bc3b4dc3b518884⋯.webm (1021.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HAPPENINGU TIMU.webm)

Is it happening yet?

c39e6f No.11487215


The agent is probably already on the way to take you to the barracks.

fa407f No.11487242


Infinity awaits us

Praise Kek

c77319 No.11487250


> not understanding that kikes will blow up the entire earth if the kikes don’t get their way

Kikes have nukes in Israel and the kikes JEWSA deep state can pretty much summon the JEWSA nukes when those kikes want.

42a07c No.11487260


They wouldn't actually re-instate the draft, would they?

It was so unpopular after 'Nam that instating it would mean losing the second term election.

716a48 No.11487286

File: 94f91b9b858fe7d⋯.jpg (120.62 KB, 693x617, 693:617, 94f91b9b858fe7df94928acc43….jpg)


Whats wrong, afraid to fight for freedom anon?

c39e6f No.11487294


>he doesn’t know what happens in a state of total war


727835 No.11487304

File: f6184bf43185436⋯.png (403.67 KB, 585x1046, 585:1046, twitter.com partisangirl.png)


>Even more reason for based huwhite Christian Russian Putin to not respond. Yes, it might seem like cucking now

Seem? It's top tier cucking. Russia and China might as well open their open borders to niggers like the E.U. if they are too cowardly to stand up to JewSA.

c77319 No.11487341

Oh, I just heard Trump say that the kikes have gotten him to bomb chemical production sites. Remember the news about Putin and Trump collaborating, because the kikes were forcing kike shill Trump to launch missiles? This seems like the concrete, objective, factual truth.

Angry kikes now use missiles in Israel it seems to bomb innocent Syrian shitskins and huwhite Russians in a desperate attempt for subjective, emotional manipulation. I think kikes are hoping that the heat of the moment will lead to escalation of the conflict due to both kike shill Trump and /ourguy/ Putin freaking out.

Let’s keep calm and look at the concrete, objective, factual truth, based huwhite bro’s. Let’s not have the kikes emotionally, subjectively manipulate us. Let’s not have WWIII to please the diabolical kikes.

c77319 No.11487347


Oh, I just heard Trump say that the kikes have gotten him to bomb chemical production sites. Remember the news about Putin and Trump collaborating, because the kikes were forcing kike shill Trump to launch missiles? This seems like the concrete, objective, factual truth.

Angry kikes now use missiles in Israel it seems to bomb innocent Syrian shitskins and huwhite Russians in a desperate attempt for subjective, emotional manipulation. I think kikes are hoping that the heat of the moment will lead to escalation of the conflict due to both kike shill Trump and /ourguy/ Putin freaking out.

Let’s keep calm and look at the concrete, objective, factual truth, based huwhite bro’s. Let’s not have the kikes emotionally, subjectively manipulate us. Let’s not have WWIII to please the diabolical kikes.

9f57cf No.11487360

File: 8ca3b2f424ab4dc⋯.png (40.87 KB, 627x367, 627:367, wellshit.PNG)


c7fb14 No.11487362


I'm too old for the draft, I hope they draft all those soyboys and sheltered cucks, that'd be amazing.

48b636 No.11487369


Rural area next to a hospital.

e76c49 No.11487370


Lol, like that inhaler is gonna help with chemical attack

c77319 No.11487376


You know which people never cuck in any conflict?


This is a concrete, objective, factual truth. If we, huwhites, were to act like niggers, the entire world would have been contaminated with extremely high dosages of radioactive poisoning by now.

000000 No.11487380


You don't make any sense, if one nuke is shot all of them worldwide will go.

48b636 No.11487391


>You know which people never cuck in any conflict?


KEK. Niggers are the biggest cucks on the planet. Take away their kike assistance and then talk.

8db15c No.11487392


said the same shit last year, nothing happened… stop alarming ffs

c77319 No.11487395


I don’t? Please do explain in a factual, objective, concrete manner what you do not understand. No need for subjective, emotional manipulation.

000000 No.11487397


> with extremely high dosages of radioactive poisoning by now.

Yeah because the world isn't contaminated is small dosage of radioactive elements right now, on the good side of things it helps researchers to date samples they collect.

d55cd7 No.11487401

Rolling for roasted kikes and glassed tel aviv tomorrow.

e76c49 No.11487409


>Kikes have nukes in Israel and the kikes JEWSA deep state can pretty much summon the JEWSA nukes when those kikes want.

No they can't.

They have few tiny nukes that are past their life expectancy and USA nuke stocks are completely unattainable by them.

Putin drops tsar on tel-aviv and it's all over for them. Remind yourself it is a 100MT in full yield.

c77319 No.11487413


So all those objectively, concretely, factually observed far higher crime rates of niggers are due to cucking?

c77319 No.11487429


I truly hope (yes, subjective) you’re concretely, factually, objectively right.

5831f0 No.11487450


Sure. Trump is targeting rebels. Sure. That is why Syria is using anti-air defense system.

48b636 No.11487480


>factually observed far higher crime rates

Because they're retarded animals. Not to worry though you'll see this conflict once government gibs run out in 10 years.

865af5 No.11487558


It's due to overall failure at life in civilized societies. They turn kids into drug addicts and prostitutes and chop up women. Stop trying to make anything niggers do seem masculine, agent.

101233 No.11487573


Last year attack was a joke, we still don't know how big this one was. Too early to say anything.

e76c49 No.11487581


>I truly hope (yes, subjective) you’re concretely, factually, objectively right.

Just a reminder, once israel dumps their nukes on syria, they have no more nukes and are ripe for taking by any other military force. Even their own isis.

Such USA posturing is meaningless. Russia has efficient anti shill systems up there and running. USA is doing nothing but wasting millions on tomahawks and similar crap that get shot down moment they enter syria's airspace and get harvested for equipment and codes.

It's nothing but a bad rash that will pass in a week. After USA blows their load their ships will need to restock and that /will/ take a while.

No ship will actually launch everything so you are left with perhaps total of 50 homohawks and they blew half of them tonight. Maybe tomorrow they will try again and that's that.

Reminder that russia blew up 20 mill of USA military gear in an hour and each tomahawk, even if it strikes something is worth more than the target it struck.

They are ok to take radar equipment and AA guns. They are a complete waste of money if you target a house or a block. That apartment block was worth perhaps 100k usd tops, they blew 1.4 mil + restocking expenses on that.

e76c49 No.11487588


It's nothing. As long as they are launching tomahawks nothing is happening.

8db15c No.11487605


so far it has been some chemical storage facilities and some airports.

same as last year but with a few more places…

aa87cf No.11487609


Life isn't a jewlywood action movie, anon. Niggers are huge cucks if they're outnumbered or outgunned. Even if it's one on one and a seemingly fair fight they might cuck out. Please massa gib me a dollah, I'll shine those shoes real good massa.

fa407f No.11487638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fa407f No.11487651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

969283 No.11487659

File: c6e48bc54ef99b6⋯.png (51.53 KB, 883x508, 883:508, pepe love pain.png)


There will be no WW3

Syria will be divided up and Russia will take a piece. So will Iran. All the military spots are run by Russia and Iran. Then they will blow up the dome and over-throw the Iranian government. Then establish the NWO.

This is going to be slow and painful

4c86e4 No.11487678


Wishful thinking Kike! Day of the rope is here!

9f27ea No.11487939

reports that Israeli drones are being shot down by Syrian missile sites

https://Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/Partisangirl/status/985001621363896320

208fca No.11488035

File: 69631d4f90f1307⋯.jpg (69.47 KB, 675x904, 675:904, 016e1ab5adf433b2b8639f3dae….jpg)


>US 'attacks' Syria to appease the idiot people who want WW3

>doesn't actually do anything much to Syria

>Israel goes full retard again and tries to attack on their own

>gets their shit slapped

I love it.

4c86e4 No.11488045

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

2b70a9 No.11488076

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Is this blacked out for just me?

546e70 No.11488100


Wait, so did that apartment complex get bombed because of coordinates supplied by Israel?

a92b2a No.11488104


Fucking christ go back to blacked.com with that shit you fucking homo.

208fca No.11488123



Anon, remember last year. It's going to be a week of solid disinfo bullshit until the actual facts of the attack come out.

445c03 No.11488128


>If we, huwhites


>were to act like niggers, the entire world would have been contaminated with extremely high dosages of radioactive poisoning by now.


If whites were to be as savage in war as niggers, we would never have even bothered to INVENT the atomic bomb, because we simply would have used CHEMICAL weapons from the early 1900s to exterminate the entirety of Asia, Africa, and Australia of the nonwhites living there.

304099 No.11488137


That apartment building wanted war with the USA. Look how close it was to our missiles.

29f63c No.11488194


wtf I love trump now

4bc14d No.11488213

File: 174228f9bb85c97⋯.png (80.03 KB, 238x380, 119:190, thinking2.png)


>US bombs Syrian airport, destroying it

>US bombs a bunch of apartments

>bombs research facilities

>supports Turkish and Israeli advances in Syria

Really makes you think

aae2ef No.11488215


At this rate, after Macron's first term, the right-wings party in France will rally and beat the fucker out of the presidency, like it happened in Italy;

so France is the shy one in this they got much to lose if things go bad, and not much to win for in there except for Macron's personal legitimacy if i read things right.

546e70 No.11488229

File: 977b805a3774224⋯.png (512.73 KB, 675x904, 675:904, 016e1ab5adf433b2b8639f3dae….png)


Just saying, it does seem like something the kikes would do on purpose. Especially so soon after trying to frame the US in the previous episode.

208fca No.11488254


Another (1)? They paying you guys in ramen or avocado or something?

>US bombs Syrian airport

Oh, when they fired at an empty spot at the end of a runway and intentionally destroyed nothing?

>US bombs a bunch of apartments

Rumored. And it was just one building.

>bombs research facility

After US gave advance notice to Russia, who gave it to Syria, who then evacuated it.

>Turkish / Israeli advances in Syria

Happening where? Or when?

It's barely worth my time to reply to you low-energy shills.


Problem with Israel well, one of the problems is that they're arrogant and shortsighted. Just look at the cruise missile bullshit from last week. Tensions are high in the area and Russia is running defense; I'm hoping Israel gets impatient and does something else and gets their shit slapped.

5fc921 No.11488299


Anon, Israel tried to false flag WW3 and failed. I don't think any single anon here truly understands how pivotal and significant that is.

445c03 No.11488308


We don’t recognize it because it didn’t fucking happen, dipshit.

5fc921 No.11488330


>oy vey we didn't try to false flag ww3



37f6e0 No.11488464

File: 0d893e72625be9e⋯.jpg (35.85 KB, 660x330, 2:1, aef7f07b85835db948136b8ffd….jpg)


>(((syrian news)))



The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashnikov, said during a press conference held today that

>"the video, which was filmed at the hospital and provided by white helmets evidence of the use of Syrian forces for chemical weapons in the town on the 7th of this month Mufrk and recognized by the people who participated in filming and appeared in the video."

>"The two people who took the video did not hide their names and work in the Emergency Department at the Duma hospital and said that the people affected by the accident, those who were taken to the hospital had no symptoms of toxic substances," Konashnikov said.

>"During the initial medical treatment of the injured in the hospital, unknown people entered the building, some of them took camera cameras and began to scream in an attempt to cause panic, sprayed everyone with water and blinded everyone in the area with poisonous substances."

>Then the patients who were in the ambulance department in the hospital and their relatives began to spray each other with water in a state of panic and after the completion of filming the process, "these people quickly disappeared from the place."


>During the initial medical treatment of the injured in the hospital, unknown people entered the building… took cameras… began to scream in an attempt to cause panic, sprayed everyone with water and blinded everyone in the area with poisonous substances

>these people quickly disappeared from the place

37f6e0 No.11488489

File: c7552b8e690b6f6⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Ignorance is bliss…

68fb69 No.11488518


The U.N. should put sanctions on Israel for trying to start WWIII. That's what I think. Or they will just keep trying every couple of months.

fb01b5 No.11488702


>spamming the same images and your meme crypto

fuck off kike

abfb0a No.11488747



29f63c No.11488750


You poor thing. How does it feel knowing the cognitive dissonance your going through is exactly the same as a leftist retard?

a61404 No.11488829


I wouldn't call the winning side "the good guys" that time either

f0bc2e No.11488993


good hunting, anon

fb374d No.11489211

File: d08b2d9c4bcf7b3⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 493x331, 493:331, dnd skeleton consider the ….jpg)


Maybe there should be a wordfilter that changes jewtube URLs to hooktube ones?

ed3ff2 No.11489352


With that nose and those ears, he might well name it every time he looks in a mirror

e78429 No.11489371


Britbongs it is

Anglos are the kike overlords

13333c No.11489596


When looking at the concrete, factual, objective truth, the kiked UK has often been used by the JEWSA and its kiked deep state to carry out illegal activities. The kiked UK, which not many huwhites know, does not have a constitution. A good example of a kike company, always aiding the kikes in their wars and subsequent exploitative measures of the land the kikes are parasiting, is the little known giant corporation called SERCO.

094cd9 No.11489604

File: 0c83e81b0c9ef26⋯.png (709.92 KB, 947x631, 947:631, 4532453.png)

yOu cALi sYrIA weAK?

000000 No.11489619


Are you out of your mind? Niggers are animals. I have never seen one back down in a fight–even outnumbered or outgunned.

Whites are arrogant and stupid if they think niggers don't fight to the death. It is the arrogance of whites that is leading to their demise at the hands of niggers effectively running their respective nations' policies.

bc2939 No.11489620


MOAR with sauce ty

000000 No.11489622


It is the arrogance of whites like you that has led to nigger policy dominating government and non-whites completely taking over formerly white countries.

Look around you and ask who controls the narrative. Whites need to wake up and realize they've lost. They are arrogant losers now.

Lose the attitude and do what it takes to fight back, or die.

000000 No.11489623


Look at Capital Group and Philip May's activities.

The UK government is essentially a Jew money laundering scheme assisting weapons, drug, and human trafficking at the highest levels.

bc2939 No.11489630


i wouldn't r\say arrogance as its clear fact we are better than every other race hands down what you reallyshould say is complacency of knowing your better and thinking you don't have to fight to show your intelectual spiritual and physical dominance over all sub human races meaning any non white shit skin or yellow man like you however when the beast wakes up shitskins start dying with no morality fucks given.

13333c No.11489654


Look up the amount of mining companies listed on the JEWSA stock exchanges. Now look up the amount of mining companies listed on the kiked English stock exchanges. It is the concrete, objective, factual truth that the large majority of mining companies are listed on the UK stock exchange.

It is also a concrete, objective, factual truth that these kike mining companies are known to engage in brutal behaviour against both niggers and shitskins, at times even superior huwhites. South-Africa is very relevant to this. The kikes of the De Beer and Rhodes families are notorious for enrichment by means of brutal slavery. The kikes have covered this up well, there is even a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University, but, unfortunately for kikes, the concrete, objective, factual truth remains the concrete, objective factual truth.

And yes, these kiked companies work together with other kiked companies and goverments completely. The kikes always are quick to deplete the resources of any nation they are parasiting in. The amount of shit the kikes manage to get away with is staggering at first, but not so much when you realise the entire concept of the rule of law never applies to the diabolical kikes.

All kikes and judaism have to be obliterated, it is the only effective, when considering the concrete, objective, factual truth, solution.

df72c9 No.11489673

File: 4fd8ed931c99a5e⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 896x921, 896:921, 4fd8ed931c99a5e9d45d5d2981….jpg)


>get old gas canister

>drag it into a building you bombed out

>dress up with your gas mask and take pictures

>claim the russians gased your house

Just remember:

This is all you need to control nations.

10 dollars in scrap, a gas mask looted from the corpse of your enemy, and an internet connection.

13333c No.11489695


What attitude, kike?

We, the huwhites, are simply better as a race than any others in overall terms. This is the concrete, factual, objective truth. No race is better than the huwhite race. If the kikes manage to eradicate us, we will go down with a smile. We will go down with love, knowledge and pride. We, the huwhite males of the world, know that we are the supreme race of modern times. History is a concrete, factual, objective account of this truth.

d7c879 No.11489697


identical quadruplets gassed… sad!

000000 No.11489717




civic nationalism

70e1a5 No.11489720

File: 8674fce71a88c3b⋯.jpg (208.13 KB, 999x1128, 333:376, Homs_Rubble.jpg)

File: e89f81958c10975⋯.png (748.82 KB, 813x426, 271:142, DoumaDoumaDouma.png)

Is the man with the hose the same guy as Homs Rubble man or am I imagining things?

587502 No.11489739


>they don't know that a gas mask won't help much against modern nerve agents

1/10 effort

2bec5d No.11489741


It's a fucking desert. They show us maps without that important fact. Up to two, three years ago you could instantly spot those who inform themselves on war maps where everybody got involved and those who just take a seat first class in the propaganda train. It was simple: The war maps had massive gaps with a tiny, oblique "Desert" written into and were always confusing. The propaganda maps where big, massive blocks.

822b62 No.11489806

File: 35a4f2b19b1aa83⋯.png (163.77 KB, 517x480, 517:480, die.png)




000000 No.11489871


There is no "US vs Russia", both teams are Yid led, both teams are working for the jew, both teams are preparing the table to wipe out the goyim in another world war.

37a11a No.11489943

File: 6ee92306e7b5910⋯.jpg (840.65 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, The TORpedo project3.jpg)

File: 7d298afbfce2c9f⋯.jpg (642.48 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, The TORpedo Project5.jpg)

File: 939be9c17e6f520⋯.png (168.99 KB, 696x639, 232:213, The TORpedo Project.png)

File: 84b070de8ba8966⋯.png (271.12 KB, 600x400, 3:2, torpedoes.png)

Daily reminder.

e45ea2 No.11489951


This. Israel would never risk to expose itself with a direct falseflag when they have such an obvious motive. UK sounds as the most plausible zogbot to be used.

e45ea2 No.11489957


You still are too obvious, Schlomo.

ded8c1 No.11490011

>>11489619 The reason the US got rid of segregation in the army during the Korean War was solely because all black divisions kept fleeing from the line/outright refusing to fight, enmasse. They're fine when they can fight like apes, outnumbering/overpowering their opponent or ambushing them. But when the roles are reversed or they need to fight like men then they shit the bed.

5e89ab No.11490033

I just saw 1 cop car speed by going the opposite direction of me, then 5 cop cars parked, with three of them being on the far left lane of a busy 3 lane highway…

Then 5 more cop cars go speeding past before we reached our exit. My guess is some sort of manhunt, possibly even a suspect fled starting a police chase…

Its been a crazy day ;)

Also heard Russia tested their supersonic missile earlier and as an offside i heard that the USA TALOS exo-suit will be in use in 2018.

a054a7 No.11490063

File: c960a1f1c49031a⋯.png (1.53 MB, 770x1229, 770:1229, __original_drawn_by_thomas….png)


You stink of desperation kikeshill, if you were any more obvious I would postulate that you are actually trying to motivate us to fight harder.

a054a7 No.11490084


You're too stupid to be of use. Kill yourself.

f91f29 No.11490096


asses and elbows makes his appearance with all the new shills, fucking COHENCIDENCE

a054a7 No.11490101


I see, I hadn't come across this particular piece of trash yet.

He's filtered now, may he continue to wail and scream impotently until he finally kills himself.

ec1c34 No.11490128





5c1afc No.11490326



What if some of us who are good shoopers did something similar? I'd be down to put the time in if we could come up with a good idea for a fake attack and try and disseminate it to normalfags and get the news to cover it. It might even prove to some NPC's that you can't trust what the media shows you, besides generating obvious luls.

5c1afc No.11490387


Well I'm willing but I need believable ideas and people with sock accounts to spread it.

4ca836 No.11490438


I forgot one kike group that should never be forgotten when talking about SERCO, (((British))) mining companies and the likes. This group, from an objective, concrete, factual perspective, is also relatively massive in size. I am talking about the Carlyle group. Kikes like Soros and the kiked Rockefeller family are involved with this scheming kike company. Halliburton and Blackwater are other shady kike companies operating in the same area. I could go on with giving the factual, objective, concrete truth about kike corporations, but that’d involve naming at least the entire kiked pharma industry, the entire kiked energy industry, all kiked (((foundations))), the kiked media and entertainment industry and, most importantly, the kiked banks, but that’d be far too much for one post. I do want to give this concrete, objective, factual truth about kikes and their modus operandi. The main enablers of the kikes are the privately held central banks, which the kikes use to print fake kike money. Fully nationalise the currently kiked FED and issue solely precious metal backed currency and you basically take away the life support for all the activities of the diabolical kikes. This is something that has to happen before we, my based huwhite bro, can start destroying judaism and all kikes. If there is no control by based huwhite bro’s over the currency, there is no control over the economy, which the kikes can destroy and support as the kikes see fit at the moment. It is not coincidental that huwhite /ourguy/ Kennedy got shot shortly after introducing silver backed state issued currency - effectively making the privately held kike FED obsolete. This, along with refusal to give nukes to fake kike nation Israel.


Let’s look at the objective, concrete, factual truth. Huwhite Christian /ourguy/ Putin came to power in the early 2000’s and immediately started destroying the power of the kikes in Russia. Remember all those rich Russians fleeing Russia? They weren’t Russians, they were kikes. I’m talking about kikes like Khodorkovski, Berezovski and Gusinski. It is true based huwhite Christian bro Putin cucked to the orthodox kikes in Russia - the relation between huwhite Christian Putin and filthy kike rabbi Lazar is well known - but this was (is?) due to kike manipulated public opinion. Kikes prefer feelings and emotional, subjective manipulation over the concrete, objective, factual truth, because kikes can create any view reality the kikes want with emotional, subjective manipulation. This obviously isn’t the case with the concrete, objective, factual truth. Moreover, based huwhite Christian bro Putin constantly refuses to retaliate against the kikes, despite knowing that it makes him look like a cuck. Diabolical kikes would love to have WWIII today and try to push based huwhite Christian bro Putin over the edge constantly, but Putin is refusing to retaliate, because he knows WWIII would be horrible and destructive and in the end, only beneficial to the kikes.

No, based huwhite bro Putin knows that patience and civil, good spirited conduct on the basis of concrete, factual, objective reality will eventually win over the huwhite bro’s in kiked huwhite nations. He was right; the kiked MSM screams that huwhite Christian Russia is evil, but every huwhite person around me actually speaks highly of based huwhite bro Putin.

If you have got any concrete, factual, objective proof that based huwhite Christian bro Putin and huwhite Christian Russia are kiked, do share it.

000000 No.11490539


Nibba? Got a TRSodomite here?

5e89ab No.11490571

….oh Jesbus, this idiot is back? I thought he was institutionalized a couple years ago

I'm right and you know it.

Ashes. Echoes.

b24361 No.11490581


oh shit we lost the feed again

000000 No.11490597


>mods ban everyone that doesn't kiss their ass

>muh tor

If you dumb niggers keep banning at this rate the entire board with be tor users.

77ba3e No.11490645


>board quality decline correlates with increase in torniggers

Makes sense.

13333c No.11490678


That is a compliment without a doubt.

Love, faith and hope in The Lord Almighty.

In hoc signo vinces.


000000 No.11490682


>increase in tor use correlates with decline in moderator quality

Color me surprised.

233a12 No.11490776


Checked for truth. What the Trump team accomplished here is pretty significant. They diffused a situation that could have escalated to WWIII and proved that Israel no longer controls American foreign policy.

830e8a No.11490782


Well… that´s interesting.

White Helmet flashmobs and selfies it.

Would need more proofs.

4bc14d No.11490794


>this earlobe spacing

jeez, at least answer correctly if you assume that I'm a shill.


Well… I had information about the airport being destroyed.


Maybe it was indeed just one misfire, possible.

>research facility

The infrastructure remains destroyed… possible expensive equipment lost


Turkey occupied a large part of Northern Syria, Israel meanwhile occupied the southwestern tip of Syria.

Anyway, I have do actually still have a life… or at least one to establish as of yet.

830e8a No.11490806


Noses seem different.

9f57cf No.11490898


You cannot fight the kikes if you are dead.

We need every helping mind because the situation is desperate and cannot afford loosing any redpilled people. Spread the truth instead of wasting your life.

a5e103 No.11490989

File: c6cad5014c7d6de⋯.jpg (168.47 KB, 989x617, 989:617, new_bombs.jpg)

File: b284a239c7b8eaf⋯.jpg (936 B, 10x10, 1:1, spurdo_bypass.jpg)


taking bets on who the (((perpetrator))) is

a81879 No.11491003


requires sauce

f63406 No.11491004


This just broke on local news. No links

a81879 No.11491023


I found it.


000000 No.11491030


Stop this!

Every huwhite man in this country has, at some point or other, been beaten down by this godawful country they've created.

There is hope. A lot of people think just like you and more and more are waking up every day to the kiked reality and what it takes to fix it.

There is a future. It takes effort from everyone–that means stay alive and do whatever it takes–to make the future happen. You just need enough people with the right mentality doing what it takes.

2ad727 No.11491035

File: 3324d9a0db50eba⋯.png (9.46 KB, 369x311, 369:311, proofster.png)

a5e103 No.11491042




liveuamap usually compiles durka Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter chatter first

if that icon pops up something must've happened.

000000 No.11491047

any you niggers think maybe the glownigger employees who pulled off this fake gas attack bullshit were in damascus area. maybe trump hit damascus and fucked up some of those on the glownigger payroll…so he judo'd the glowniggers little agent faggots who did this attack and thereby outjewed the jew glowniggers kvetching and demanding a strike and nuclear war

a5e103 No.11491053


no, mr torpedo, I don't think that

I do think, however, it was a move by Trump to extricate himself from the situation without giving the MUH RUSSIA shills too much to work with. It also seems to have created a good basis for actually demanding evidence the next time around - what with the supposedly destroyed chemical facility that "will set their capabilities back by years".

000000 No.11491069

By the way people,

ISRAEL is clearly determined to get its war going with Iran at all costs. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STOP THEIR BULLSHIT UNTIL THEY HAVE A MASSIVE WAR WITH IRAN.

Fuck the kikes right to hell. Trump needs to make a mistake and drop a few tomahawks on Tel Aviv. Just a minor targeting mistake.

fa407f No.11491072

Nothing ever happens

000000 No.11491073


>no evidence for the first attack

>launched missiles anyway

>no evidence for the second attack

>launched missiles anyway

>surely this will create a situation where evidence will be needed next time


>"We won't let that gas killing Animal Assad hide Saddam's WMDs from us any longer. If Putin wants our help with his economy (i.e. removing the sanctions that I placed on Russia) he needs to stand down."


fba7dc No.11491078


>being this mentally ill

you should be put down

87d2a2 No.11491086

a054a7 No.11491095

File: e3f968552fe4619⋯.gif (132.93 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 461.gif)


What a pathetic display. How much effort do you put into coming here and humiliating yourself?

You do it regularly too, sad.

87d2a2 No.11491108

Blackmail and cloning aside

what's the latest 5d narrative?

fba7dc No.11491125


murica screeches asmuch as they can while they watch israel and saudniggers get their shit pushed in?

fba7dc No.11491132


>hurr durr u suck

how does it feel knowing that no matter how many times your goverment strikes its going to lose the war?

13333c No.11491137


All huwhite government and their huwhite Christians populace lose by engaging in war and only the diabolical kikes win. This is a concrete, objective, factual truth due to the last 100 years at least. If you can give me a concrete, factual, objective example disproving me, please do so.

ab322a No.11491141


Look at South Africa.

fba7dc No.11491165

File: 9cde8ad71a2a5a1⋯.png (589.57 KB, 680x574, 340:287, what.png)


>we lose if we engage in a war

>thats why we must support a goverment that does that

>we can make this right and totally ok if we misenterpret its actions and disregard facts

whats wrong with you?

17d4bf No.11491172


>my country

You're a Salafist?

fba7dc No.11491173


hes an american

17d4bf No.11491175

So apparently the Pentagon claims all missiles hit their respective targets.

Who the fuck am I supposed to believe?!

c82585 No.11491184



17d4bf No.11491188

File: 4722407e5f1f263⋯.png (538.32 KB, 884x770, 442:385, Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at ….png)

WTF is it going to take to get the Neo-cons out of the fucking White House?!


61af49 No.11491193

File: 6b0c3a0c3bcd933⋯.png (218.76 KB, 599x524, 599:524, 35ef31a441cecf0dc370ce9a15….png)


I think you know the answer to that, anon.

17d4bf No.11491195

File: 4722407e5f1f263⋯.png (538.32 KB, 884x770, 442:385, Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at ….png)

File: 687cb7b0fe7abbd⋯.png (168.83 KB, 630x926, 315:463, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at ….png)

17d4bf No.11491207

File: 0c7f5f42c8bc841⋯.jpg (62.62 KB, 600x460, 30:23, DatspAlUQAANrb-.jpg)

File: 95046e5bcd92a62⋯.jpg (76.02 KB, 720x517, 720:517, DatKU6KW4AERtiW.jpg)

File: 1592c52f59764e2⋯.jpg (303.18 KB, 1200x1056, 25:22, DatP8hxVAAEHB0n.jpg)


oops, wrong folder

7727c4 No.11491218

File: a7a3b8cb0672a7f⋯.jpg (46.74 KB, 644x407, 644:407, I say.jpg)


>nigger knife banning

fba7dc No.11491222


pentagon also claimed there was a gas attack.

at this point if pentagon sais water is wet you cant trust them

7727c4 No.11491230


Not necessarily. It is the way of the kike. There was gas, that is not in dispute. (((Who))) did it, is.

dacc9e No.11491236


> There was gas, that is not in dispute

Russia said there was no gas, that's what the thread is about. You don't stage something by actually doing it, just like you don't stab yourself when doing a Shakespeare play.

0a05c6 No.11491239

>(((a state)))

937ff4 No.11491266


British Israelism aside, there is no evidence that the Royal family at any point circumcised their children. It's the intrigue of the masses for (((whatever reason))) but even the first page of Google searches on this topic reveals that it's never been anything more than yellow journalism.

I would love more (actual) info on royal intermarriage with kikes (Sassoon family etc), if any anon has it.

13333c No.11491335

File: 1ccd46ca6849d3f⋯.jpg (75.32 KB, 482x640, 241:320, Guilty-As-Charged.jpg)


Look at the kikes behind the apartheid regime. I mentioned the kike De Beer and Rhodes families in an ealier post.



If concrete, factual, objective information will point at huwhite Christian male Putin starting a war, it would surprise me greatly. If you have got concrete, objective, factual evidence pointing to his, please do share it.


What about the kiked MSM being completely silent on Philip's and Elizabeth's pedophile sprees at native shitskin children in Canada? The concrete, objective, factual truth proving that kiked Elizabeth and Philip abused a lot of children in 1964 at least.


24669b No.11491352

File: f4afdc504102f94⋯.jpg (23.22 KB, 586x325, 586:325, Daxj9Z-XUAALf-I.jpg)

File: 06fdf2a0289bc9f⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 640x359, 640:359, Daxj-LuXcAIyXed.jpg)

File: 1545546711439b0⋯.jpg (33.61 KB, 700x427, 100:61, a09bd1ba1411147b90e4b6d15e….jpg)

Israeli strike tonight:

https://Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/majdkhalaf1993/status/985258961258598400

000000 No.11491354


Are the MAGA hats on clearance yet?

000000 No.11491356


Mattis say you are supposed to believe him and the Pentagon otherwise you're a bad, bad goy.

13333c No.11491371


> kikes throwing bombs at shitskin shiite Syria out of desparation

Sure, kikes/kike shills, keep repeating that our pro huwhite movement is not winning. All kikes and judaism itself are going down. This is the concrete, objective, factual truth,

24669b No.11491394


Didn't want to promote that or anything else.

Just found this stuff on twatter.

969283 No.11491401

File: d4d7b437842ddc5⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1000x1402, 500:701, 1523740763119.png)

File: 07652efc089ac36⋯.png (312.04 KB, 589x442, 589:442, 1523742436090.png)

File: 7449223ce881c52⋯.png (252.14 KB, 698x738, 349:369, 1523744063181.png)

File: 81999966820f395⋯.png (396.64 KB, 882x725, 882:725, Screenshot-2018-4-14 Donal….png)

270e9e No.11491422

File: 73ad05e6308f05b⋯.gif (960.83 KB, 585x242, 585:242, 8pol chrome.gif)




270e9e No.11491426


was intended for


a5e103 No.11491515


you should ask for a raise because this must be frustrating


well what? Nothing seems to have come of it, Hezbollah denies. But it may just be a wish to avoid embarrassment or escalation. Since nothing has escalated seems that this strike, even if it happened, wasn't part of any larger plan so we can probably disregard it.


you've been posting for about a week now and you reek of some sort of advanced psyop. I hope you're just a clueless boomer.

969283 No.11491518



>you've been posting for about a week now and you reek of some sort of advanced psyop. I hope you're just a clueless boomer.

He's an (((Alt-Right))) operative.

a5e103 No.11491521


hezbollah deny it, but kikes seem to claim that a number of Iranians died. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.


what are you trying to say, exactly? you quoted your own post

bef977 No.11491643


Kill yourself

13333c No.11491653


Perhaps I am, perhaps I am not. Let's focus on the concrete, objective, factual truth in stead of ad hominems and other methods of subjective, emotional manipulation.

000000 No.11491707

Where do Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar fit into this?

a81879 No.11491755


Saudis get political control of the southern middle east (Zion claims the north). Qatar gets a gas pipeline through both into Europe to be the #1 supplier and maintain their crown as "we richest per population".

000000 No.11491767

My theory was Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE, aside from pipeline interests, are all Sunni. Iraq was 40% Sunni under Saddam but lost control to Shia majority, so Iran, Syria (Alawite and Shia) and Iraq would form a Shia crescent in the Middle East to the sea and therefore "not good" for their Sunni neighbors. Saudi etc. were the three countries that funded ISIS while simultaneously being in the coalition that ineffectually fought it.

Wonder whether they had any part in THIS incident though.

94ba7c No.11491770


> I'd like to see this "irrefutable evidence."

While we're at it lets see some evidence proving that it did happen

d149ca No.11491771

>>11491195 Any faggot tranny posting gets the rope 1st. Literally who, now I know this place is flooded with kikes, pedo camel fuckers.and shills.

a81879 No.11491787


>white helmet BLUE CHECKMARK

>openly lying to goyim fake news terrorism

>Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter execs plz respond

Source video is Russians pounding ISIS back to Hell a month ago

https://Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/975836421318684673


000000 No.11491926


Looks like we got Hillary anyway.

310c1e No.11491999


If we had supported someone else we'd have HillShill in the Oval Office. Never forget that.

13333c No.11492019


Refusal to name the kikes from the start always lead to cucking to the kikes. History proves to be an objective, concrete, objective truth to his. We need a based huwhite bro who is not afraid to name the kikes in Washington DC. We need based huwhite bro Nehlen.


e62f28 No.11492265




25306e No.11492267

File: 89237d8c9901fb7⋯.gif (793.31 KB, 515x387, 515:387, mossad-netanyahu-911.gif)

File: 3b6e3cf7df61a66⋯.gif (665.99 KB, 620x579, 620:579, Loss of Land Palestine Isr….gif)

File: ff702bd50651ea5⋯.jpg (42.44 KB, 800x450, 16:9, nf_2052_43454.jpg)


Did Russia name The Jew? No? Then everyone is cucking to the kikes.


473c3f No.11492273


this is copy pasta

5798c2 No.11492480

File: ae0da91ae059e57⋯.jpg (155.05 KB, 955x963, 955:963, remember me.jpg)


>asks for 5D cheese with no sauce

<<doesn't involve pizza

May's husband has naughty relationship with the cunton foundation.

Macron is already (((compromised))).

Those two couldn't be relied on to fire blanks, thereby allowing everyone to spin their own versions of face saving victory.

Takes control of the news cycle for the moment, by pretending to feed the (((parasite))).

Acknowledges secret society allegiance with the date and time of the circus show.

Mods don't want /pol/ going /x/ tier.

000000 No.11492552

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Fake CW attack training.

f2c48a No.11492623


>"The wrong side of history"

Shitlib narrative engaged.

000000 No.11492679

God save the Queen….and her oil drilling offspring

8af98c No.11492716

So, history time. Bill Clinton's lawyer's offices get raided. Bill Clinton bombs an aspirin factory a few days later. Then he gets impeached.

A week ago, the UK says a Russian nerve agent was used to kill Skripal. Friday a Swiss state lab declares it was a UK/US chemical.

What am I missing?

f2589f No.11492720

File: 94535b40a55b6d6⋯.png (216.4 KB, 400x418, 200:209, 20f56dbb721dcbd6bd164a189a….png)


BIll Clinton's lawyer's office was raided because he was accused of being a puppet of the people he risked war with when he bombed the aspirin factory.

f08b35 No.11492724

File: 23064cd7c8643ce⋯.png (957.42 KB, 915x908, 915:908, Capture.PNG)

oh noes

c1f934 No.11492731

File: a346fa8506cd079⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


>we redpilled 2000% more active normies

>CIA niggers are losing their hair trying to slow our momentum

<we infinite nao

000000 No.11492743


Article related.



>The original copy of the video was uploaded to YouTube on September 19, 2013. The Nesma Organization advertised the play on its Facebook account on September 18 and 19, 2013 – the exact timeframe the original video was uploaded to the YouTube channel whose name roughly translates into English as Rural Damascus Media.

>Rural Damascus Media’s description of the video reads: “The aim of the play was to teach children the horrors of being under attack by chemical weapons and to show the world its neglect and failure to take action on a man who would use such weapons against his own citizens.”

>and to show the world its neglect and failure to take action on a man who would use such weapons against his own citizens.

Really activates my almonds.

ec1c34 No.11492752


You're an enemy of the future of america if you are against trump after this attack, and funnily enough, legitimately a useful idiot for the russians.

How does it feel to actually make the libshits right?

3f1e2c No.11492780


I would recommend protesting the US treasury again, but this time with rope. :^)

c1f934 No.11492830


how does it feel reading so much into my post that you just fabricated your very own fan fiction? There is literally nothing wrong with calling into question the "Muh Russian Bots" narrative, especially lately with our incontrovertible redpilling successes regarding Syria.

ab88bb No.11492863


>I would love more (actual) info on royal intermarriage with kikes (Sassoon family etc), if any anon has it.

If you can download The Synagogue of Satan there are page after page after page of names associated with Peers, Lords, Barons, Royalty, etcetera, and how the kikes are associated by male or female marriage into the aristocracy. It names them. There are thousands.

000000 No.11492876


He's in the Daily Mail. Many red-pilled comments.

Former head of Britain's special forces says Assad 'doesn't need to use gas' because he's 'already won the war' but give May 'benefit of the doubt' over intelligence

• Major General Jonathan Shaw made remarks speaking to The Mail on Sunday

• His views were echoed by Admiral Lord West, former head of the Royal Navy


Major General Jonathan Shaw said: 'Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time? He's won the war. 

'That's not just my opinion, it is shared by senior commanders in the US military. There is no rationale behind Assad's involvement whatsoever.

'He's convinced the rebels to leave occupied areas in buses. He's gained their territory. So why would he be bothering gassing them?

ec1c34 No.11492902


Think real hard on it friendo. What possibly could putin(who is allied with assad) have gained from the gas attack?

What happened because of the gas attack? It split trumps base.

Gee, do you think Assad could have realized that the american public wouldn't believe it, just like they didn't do the first time, or the second time?

You're a useful idiot.

f2589f No.11492927


>Assad hears Trump announce that he wants to pull the US out of Syria

>Gasses his own people

<ISIS takes advantage of this

<US is now staying even longer

>Worth it though cause now Trumps supporters are against him so he maybe won't get re-elected.

>Think real hard on it faggot

ec1c34 No.11492944


How is ISIS taking advantage?

Trump attacked a few gas plants, just like he did last time, everything is the same except now his base is split.

02261a No.11492977


And all talk of pulling out is now put on hold, is what i think the other guy is getting at.

I'm a brit though so i dont really have a finger on your countries political pulse.

cc04ed No.11492979


yyea idk why everyone says omg fake gay news but then when a story comes out, they call them stories lol, that is tilted in the "right" direction its omg you see this u hear about thisss!!

>just go to the sources

>all media after 1930 is mason/illuminati controlled, if its influential

>just read nonfiction books before 1920 and youll see its all the same niggers now as before

f08b35 No.11492980


You're in this too, britfag.

9f57cf No.11492983

File: a10b64363a5ccdb⋯.jpg (135.24 KB, 850x446, 425:223, arguing with a jew.jpg)


Dont bother arguing with a jew. He is baiting you with the sheer audacity of his retardation and he is acting oblivious to facts.

Report and filter.

ec1c34 No.11492986


Yes, the US is no longer pulling out, but so what? Trump isn't dropping any serious airstrikes on assad to actually cripple his forces, and we're actively supporting the iraqi's and the kurds, who are kicking the shit out of ISIS, if anything staying in syria is bad for us, not good for us.

f49d75 No.11492991


Nice slippery slope, faggot goon

a054a7 No.11493029

File: 822a99440673840⋯.jpg (64.45 KB, 800x445, 160:89, 822a99440673840d1a1b17fcdb….jpg)

File: 87a4ce6a77c86d7⋯.jpg (128.18 KB, 484x351, 484:351, 87a4ce6a77c86d775e8e58949d….jpg)


Top kek kikeshill the only thing more amusing than your rants would be your inevitable suicide.

f08b35 No.11493033

Rid his country of the largely Jewish oligarchs.

Fostered an environment where Jews were so afraid to remain in his country that many left.

>does not help European White Nationalists in any way

Granted, a lot of them moved west rather than south, so we're stuck with them at the moment. Other than that, these are impressive feats.

ec1c34 No.11493037


I've been here longer than you half chan faggots. Go suck on alex jonesteins dick and keep crying about blowing up chemical weapons.

f08b35 No.11493053

File: 9d5fc1d3daa3130⋯.png (79.17 KB, 735x591, 245:197, Capture.PNG)


pic related, torfag

5798c2 No.11493055


You seem reasonable enough, despite asking rhetorical questions. Don't expect much dialog here by throwing out bait though, when you segue with muh ebil Russians >>11492752 (can't see what blackpill shit you initially called out that mods removed). Everyone wants proofs it was (((them))), and some paradigm shift where the rest of the world concurs, except for the obvious culprits. Getting there requires not losing this specific focus, and commitment to "nothing is beyond our reach". That's not just a memetic motto, when anons are on the ground wherever they may be.

Cheerleaders wanted MAGA, while turning a blind eye toward the inarguable fact that whomever sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has a more complicated task. It isn't like he had just one job to do, as all the faggots who cite failures and delays project. Kek wanted The Donald, and since the jq has never seen a chaos answer before now, we are in uncharted waters anon. Hitler was steadfast, but by no means a joker in the deck.

Thanks for not trying to hide behind proxies and onions, because that isn't going to let you develop the use of weaponized feedback. All the anons triggering responses here; well that be good practice, sure. Keep refining this technique. A better maxim than "you know you over the target when the shilling is intense", is that "you'll know you hit the target when your 300 reply post is simply removed instead of slid".

3f1e2c No.11493069


>that screencap

I thought migrant workers were taking up jobs in Russia, nevermind the sizable muslim population.

Either way this shit will keep on repeating, whites will make a haven for themselves, kikes will fuck it up, and your children will be dealing with this shit, over and over again unless the white man grows some balls and holds their government accountable, by bullet.

f08b35 No.11493075


wasn't a bot, promise anon

5aaa9d No.11493090


You are not of Pol. -)


More shilling.


Basic common sense is your shield against (((their))) lies.


< Russian gov is appealing to White nationalism!


ec1c34 No.11493091


The problem with this place is that everyone is obsessed with the JQ to the point that they are wrapped around the finger of anyone who wants them to be. All you have to do is mention anyone being friends/confidants/related to a jew and half the people in this board assume they're the enemy, it just so happens to only affect people that seem to be on our side, alienating any support they might have, something that (((they))) benefit from.

To the same degree, everyone here thinks they're a le ebin conspiracy decoder, when really there's about four people on the entire site who genuinely think for themselves, and the rest either go along with them or blame the jews for the thousandth time in whatever capacity they feel like.

The first thing you have to understand, is that to get a grasp on geopolitics, you don't see the action of a person and try to find out what their intended effects were, you look at the effects and see who benefits, and where those actions fit into their ability and strategy.

First when analyzing this attack there are a few things that happened

#1 Trump(the US's strongest leader in decades who is about to go to midterms)'s base has been split

#2 targets have been hit, either being genuine chemical facilities, literally nothing, or as a longshot, CIA bases.

#3 tensions have risen in russia, Iran, et cetera, allowing them to drum more war support for supporting Assad, and against the US in general.

Now, Who benefits from this? Do the kikes benefit? The US isn't destabilizing Syria, it just hit a few small targets to posture, and now their enemies russia, Iran, etc. are even more involved in Syria, and the person who according to a lot of people here is their puppet(Trump) has just had his base split.

So, no. Israel is not to benefit here.

What about Russia/Iran/China?

They all obviously see Trump as a genuine threat, as does the rest of the world. Who would they rather see on the seat of power here? A democrat who will bend the knee or a (to outside appearances) chaos candidate madman who might just actually call his bluff?

Furthermore, nothing is happening to halt their efforts for Assad at this point, maybe that will change; but judging by Trump's actions to this point, I doubt it.

As to the concept of "Russian Shills" People here rightfully seem to think that this is bullshit, because we've all constantly been labeled as such, but the truth is they do exist, but contrary to the belief of the left, they are not for trump or the right wing, they are against us all, they use our dissent and the cracks in our beliefs to turn us against each other, as they are doing now.

(Jews are the problem and the solution is genocide)

ec1c34 No.11493093




You tried

e5d98e No.11493096

File: 8e78a9962b3ed4e⋯.jpg (288.95 KB, 900x881, 900:881, 85fe463d295be951c9d191c182….jpg)

e76c49 No.11493100


Isn't this a personal letter from Schlomoid Schlomo Shekelstein himself ? What an honor to meet you professor, now let me invite you to mister showerhead.

ec1c34 No.11493103

File: 1cbc9b513ecbebb⋯.jpg (140.21 KB, 455x606, 455:606, read between the lines.jpg)



The very useful idiots mentioned, in the wild

5aaa9d No.11493109


Mainstream narrative BTFO.


They had the false flag attack.


"You glow!"

T. CIAnigger.

"When you say you have jewish friends, family or confidents, they assume you are an enemy!"

TRS, is that you? -D

9f57cf No.11493110


can you please be smarter than everybody here over on /zenpol/ ?

You will feel right at home there my genius friend.

5798c2 No.11493117


My only disagreement is with respect to "targets having been hit". I don't know that, beyond what's being presented. I can be persuaded to concede this point, but not any obsession with jq. Focus on the objective m8. Lel on Russian shills, because it's still (((their))) payroll gibs coming out of the 3,200,000,000 annual economic aid for Our greatest Ally ™. I'm only hinting at assisting with training, in regard to very useful and specific techniques. I know better than to spaz out (((here))), yet will leave obvious breadcrumbs when asked.

ec1c34 No.11493127


Wasn't accusing you of being obsessed with the jq, was meaning the useful goys above. in any case, I could certainly see these recent shills being wholly or partly ((())) in nature, but I think it's more likely to be a conglomeration of all of our enemies attempting to weaken us.

a054a7 No.11493128

File: 58dc0256920ca60⋯.jpg (151.11 KB, 681x1024, 681:1024, 984885644b8156e1.jpg)

File: d888e4ea4fb58b2⋯.jpg (157.9 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 2d2cf94b04d11231.jpg)

File: 8e5bd3825193623⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 600x599, 600:599, 8e5bd3825193623f79e421be9c….jpg)


You disgusting piece of shit should kill yourself immediatly for our amusement.

0e009e No.11493147

Is there a reason of having filter on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter links?

5798c2 No.11493168


Didn't read it that way either, just having a bit of honest dialog in the swamp here. Not about triggering retards for the lelz, despite the observable effect.

589487 No.11493211


> ‘You’re either with (((us))) or against (((us))).’

Lame subjective, emotional manipulation. Please share some concrete, objective, factual truth.


The day we good loyal huwhite men don’t cuck to the kikes. That day will be beautiful.


Subjective, emotional manipulation. You are using hypothetical statements not based on objective, concrete, factual reality. Speculation is not the objective, concrete, factual truth. Please do come with concrete, objective, factual information.


Again, subjective, emotional manipulation. Trumps base isn’t split; it’s let down that Trump turned out to be another major kike shill president. Still, the concrete, objective, factual truth is that huwhite Trump remains highly preferable over kike shill pedovore Clinton.

Based huwhite bro Nehlen for Speaker!


> Oh vey. Please don’t focus on the evil kikes. The huwhite Christian Russians are the real problem, goys, really.

If you have concrete, objective, factual proof of huwhite Christian Russians and other people shilling for Russians, I’d love to see it. I don’t have any myself. Objective, concrete, factual information about kikes and kike shills I do have however.



Wow, I came immediately. 11/10

3a54af No.11493228

British agents spoke to Jihadis who recorded the talk and sent it to Russ.


ec1c34 No.11493236


How many times do you have to say





to get your conditioning to start working?

990499 No.11493281

File: 92a8f517d04bd42⋯.png (64.49 KB, 774x566, 387:283, Trump Syr War.PNG)

File: 92a8f517d04bd42⋯.png (64.49 KB, 774x566, 387:283, Trump Syr War.PNG)

990499 No.11493364

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>attacks Israel

8028fd No.11493399

Guys, The_Zognald is waking up to Zog join

990499 No.11493497

File: c22f2d817e3f196⋯.jpg (71.85 KB, 1199x826, 1199:826, Netanyahus orders.jpg)




c5488d No.11493716


How about treating Israel like Syria

000000 No.11493737

Is anybody here actually dumb enough to believe Trump on anything at this point? Trump is very clearly a conman. Assess Trump purely based on his ACTIONS, not his words.

Look at the spending bill. Do you remember all the 4D chess cucks saying oh it's ok that it bans wall prototypes and reduces deportations, because the military will build the wall! NOPE. What we got from the military industrial complex was another pointless, insane attack on Syria. Meanwhile, there is still no wall, and legally there cannot be a wall. A "wall" is now banned. We have a continuation of the current fence that does not work.

Military wise, you stupid 4D chess cucks are too stupid to see reality: we had a few national guard people getting deployed, and that is not anything more than what George W. Bush or Obama did. They BOTH sent National Guard to the border. Trump isn't even doing what they did in terms of deportations, let alone guarding the border. Not only that, but the omnibus CUT THE NUMBER of deportations by strictly limiting the budget for beds for holding detainees pending deportation. And it banned hiring of additional ICE agents. This makes any increase deportations impossible by law. BY LAW. TRUMP IS WORSE THAN PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS ON IMMIGRATION BY LAW.

So, it turns out, none of this is 4D chess. Trump passed this military welfare bill, and they aren't building the wall and will not participate in border security any more than they did under Obama and George W Bush–a few national guard people who stand around.

Instead, the military engages in air strikes in Syria. There is NO 4D chess. If you can't see this clearly, you are too stupid to live. Trump is a conman. He conned you. I don't see how anyone cannot see this unless you are literally a 75 IQ drooling idiot.

a054a7 No.11493745

File: a93704e65956694⋯.gif (2 MB, 540x297, 20:11, WEW.gif)


You must find the quickest way possible to kill yourself for our amusement, kikeshill, it's the only way!

13333c No.11493748


> Actually thinking that a billionaire from Jew York was going to change anything.

Trump was a stepping stone with the end goal being pro huwhite fascism. Patience, based huwhite bro, patience.

000000 No.11493771


Me: "Judge Trump by his actions. he passed a bill that banned wall prototypes, banned new ICE deportation agent hiring, and strictly limited the number of beds for detainees pending deportation and therefore will actually REDUCE the number of deportations. All the 4D chess cucks were saying "BUT WE NEEDZ DA MILITARYZ TO BUILDZ THE WALLZ," yet in reality, the military is doing less than it did under Obama and George W Bush to secure the border–a few national guard troops. What you 4D chess cucks DID get from your military is air strikes in Syria–completely insane and pointless foreign war. Therefore, when you look at Trump's actions objectively, you realize that he is a complete conman, and anybody who believes anything he says is a complete fool."


Yeah. /pol/ is obviously run by Kushner or someone similar at this point. It is very clearly controlled opposition/damage control because Trump completely sold us out and fucked us.

Also, to be honest, there is nothing holding the US together now. The people have nothing in common culturally, there is clearly no equal justice under law, and they've ripped the Constitution to shreds. Trump was the last dying grasp of white America, and he completely, totally lied and sold us out. Whites have no future, and this nation has no future. It needs to burn down.

3f1e2c No.11493788


>All the 4D chess cucks were saying

Don't jews usually play both sides either way? Don't play dumb.

a054a7 No.11493828

File: 3d51f2bcb76d4fe⋯.mp4 (5.73 MB, 854x478, 427:239, kikeshill#236.mp4)

File: 822a99440673840⋯.jpg (64.45 KB, 800x445, 160:89, 822a99440673840d1a1b17fcdb….jpg)


You seem very buttblasted kike. You also assume you are important enough to warrant an answer.

Especially to questions already asked and answered.

In any case you should proceed to kill yourself so that we may have something to laugh.

4dfa2a No.11493840


>russia didn't name the jew

Did you not see the fucking press conference earlier in the week? They already did, you dipshit

4dfa2a No.11493846


You need to lurk more or go back the fuck to where you came, faggot. Stop trying to pretend to fit in, it's incredibly obvious.

233bdf No.11493856


The Russians and Chinese will be much less tolerant on any action committed against Iran. Attacking Iran in the same manner as Syria may as well be an official declaration of WWIII.

582af2 No.11493915

File: b0821f2c70367e3⋯.png (130.39 KB, 634x514, 317:257, 1515448353652.png)

Does anyone have photos of the damage done by the US missiles? I saw some videos showing some missile interceptions but Trump says they hit all the targets.

3f1e2c No.11493943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Have a video.

>The RT camera visited the scientific research building in the district of Barza in Damascus, one of the sites targeted by the aggression on the grounds that it contains facilities for the manufacture of chemical weapons.

582af2 No.11493948

File: 001142cbbf18033⋯.png (31.12 KB, 759x258, 253:86, lol.PNG)


only because I saw this on live leak

990499 No.11493965

File: 9e397ed9a3b5989⋯.png (931.23 KB, 1246x595, 178:85, ohshit.png)

c029d5 No.11494000


we backed lesser evil. the problem now is that retards and shills claim this lesser evil is the greater good

c029d5 No.11494015

File: f1f8d50f50a475f⋯.jpg (483.8 KB, 1405x2037, 1405:2037, 1497729964692.jpg)


>You're an enemy of the future of america

welcome to /pol/ newfag

000000 No.11494022



No amount of defensive shilling or suicide pictures are going to change the facts.

The facts:

Trump signed the omnibus, which was a bill that banned hiring of ICE deportation agents, reduced the number of beds for illegals detained for deportation, and banned wall prototypes. Furthermore, the bill limits the current "fence" model to 33 miles of border.

The military has not and will not take part in building the wall. The military is not even participating on the border, except for sending national guard units, which is the very same thing both Obama and George W Bush did. No difference under Trump at all.

This means Trump, by law, has signed the exact opposite of his campaign promises, and any justification for the omnibus–the claim that the military will take any part in building the wall or enforcing immigration law–was a lie. Trump lied.

000000 No.11494028




And furthermore, what the omnibus did fund is a military that strikes Syria and escalates senseless foreign war.

These are the facts, and no amount of insults or gory pictures will change them.

990499 No.11494038


As if that would stop the kikes

a88e09 No.11494054


>What you 4D chess cucks DID get from your military is air strikes in Syria–completely insane and pointless foreign war.

I will agree once he sends some actual troops on the ground. A hundred firecrackers doesn't cut it. He is probably his own conman, fucking everybody not just us.

000000 No.11494104


He currently has about 2,000 conventional troops that he was going to withdraw…until the chemical incident. Guess they're not leaving!

Oh, and don't forget all the CIA personnel who train, arm, and fund literal ISIS jihadist headchoppers.

Trump doesn't need to send troops. He is simply using the military budget to continue the terrorist-funding, warmongering policy in Syria that is designed to turn the entire region into a giant war. There are a lot of parties with various objectives involved, but the objective is obvious–start a giant war.

This is the exact opposite of what Trump campaigned on. America is at a breaking point as a massive empire with competing tribes within and a massive authoritarian, very powerful central government, but it also deliberately harms its own people by keeping the borders open and by causing massive wars that will inevitably draw in the US–that is the ultimate objective in Syria, even if you don't see Trump immediately ordering in troops.

Trump has done the exact opposite of what he promised. He was a hail mary attempt to stop the insane breakdown of America by stopping its evil empire policies, but Trump is more of the same. He's a conman.

000000 No.11494154

What's funniest about this whole "debate" over whether the chemical attack was real or not is that the CIA and Mossad were not only arming, training, and funding ISIS for years, but the CIA (and maybe Mossad as well) were providing chemical weapons to ISIS. That means that there COULD have been a chemical "attack" easily, because all the "rebels" (US/Israeli-trained terrorists) would have to do is put a barrel of chlorine gas wherever they knew an artillery shell or rocket might hit. Then, they blame Assad/Russia for the strike.

This can easily be done by terrorist/jihadist "rebels" using chemical weapons they obtained from the US and Israel whether or not the US and Israel even intended for it to happen.

990499 No.11494242

File: d3879914a452b5d⋯.mp4 (4.34 MB, 960x720, 4:3, wall propaganda.mp4)

File: 465c1b28c68dc69⋯.jpg (67.93 KB, 933x500, 933:500, Turkish wall.jpg)


c029d5 No.11494255


>I will agree once he sends some actual troops on the ground

does over 20 military bases and oil refineries with thousands of troops count, you mongoloid?

1963d5 No.11494294

I'm getting sick of this Q bullshit disinfo. No proof has been offered and there's no good rationale for releasing these statements. Only thing it does is pacify people.

Syria is about gas pipelines, not jihad.

HRC is still free.

Drug war is still on.

Flouride still in water on military bases.

9/11 report still bullshit.

Even if these zionist/satanist can be defeated, military doesn't have enough savvy people to do it. Both spiritually and economically. Q, you're a lying blowhard. Go fuck yourself.

a054a7 No.11494301

File: 60033a6d8402cf0⋯.png (532.58 KB, 518x740, 7:10, 60033a6d8402cf05d3e6ae420c….png)


No, moishe, you must try EVEN harder to fit in. Then one day you will realize you will never make it and kill yourself.

caa108 No.11494306

File: ba931355e322c24⋯.jpg (75.46 KB, 594x576, 33:32, 097c550e34cc34356ad66513c9….jpg)

File: c9e253b1de36366⋯.png (9.95 KB, 255x177, 85:59, c72e9ccd25c5438cc8898dae18….png)

How the hell is everyone on board with this? half of /pol/ has been turned into a propaganda arm for the deepstate.

Why is every media organization and politicians on both sides of the isle in agreement with it and pushing hard? when last week they were/and still are trying to take down Trump.

Something is very fucky, there are only a few voices of reason including kike AJ and Michael Savage. This IS NOT #MAGA

I watched this same shit happen nearly 20 years ago with Saddam Iraq.

Here watch Tucker The voice of reason and logic in this insanity, FUCK.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0niyl-vDBk

Too big to upload

a054a7 No.11494316








520c8c No.11494355





Kill yourself.

990499 No.11494356

File: 57e775d34df26cc⋯.png (716.14 KB, 559x719, 559:719, ClipboardImage (26).png)

File: ef98d27426a63d8⋯.png (29.01 KB, 753x520, 753:520, Chemical weapons Syria.PNG)

File: 57e775d34df26cc⋯.png (716.14 KB, 559x719, 559:719, ClipboardImage (26).png)




Second address is being ddos'd right now

caa108 No.11494399

File: 041bb9f5b6ec2ce⋯.jpg (6.12 KB, 252x200, 63:50, download.jpg)

70157e No.11494475

so how many russians did trump kill?

a054a7 No.11494486

File: 58dc0256920ca60⋯.jpg (151.11 KB, 681x1024, 681:1024, 984885644b8156e1.jpg)

File: 6ad2e04247da12f⋯.png (155 B, 1x1, 1:1, dot.png)

000000 No.11494621


It's unbelievable.

I think people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the degree of control that the US govt deep state exerts. They literally manipulated the president into an insane attack risking killing Russians and therefore causing a tit-for-tat with a massive nuclear-armed country. We already killed Russians once, and they let it slide, but they specifically said no more. Trump knew this, but he proceeded with the missile attack anyway. THAT shows the power of the deep state.

They have enormous influence on media and online, including on /pol/. This is just building consensus and manipulating the narrative. This is actually Department of Defense policy. They realize that they cannot continue the "Remember the Maine," Gulf of Tonkin, September 11 etc. false flag for massive war narrative without control of the online narrative. DOD has identified /pol/ as an opinion manipulator. That is why it would *appear* and I emphasize APPEAR, as if hallf the posters on here support this total fucking insane war that risks Russia shooting nukes at us (which they totally will, because they are sick and tired of the US senselessly, insanely escalating war).

Keep in mind that a lot of this is literally driven by Hillary Clinton aka deep state/CIA tool pushing "muh Russia hacker" when the DNC emails were originally leaked by an insider digusted at the deep state treasonous actions of those like John Podesta/Hillary. That incident formed the basis for this recent massive escalation of senseless warfare with nuclear-armed Russia.

Remember that it's deep state pushing this. They generate maybe 25-50% of the posts in this threads like this backing massive militarism and war. It's funny because they accuse everyone else who doesn't want massive war and casualties of being traitors. That's the funniest part.

546e70 No.11494646


Are you talking about the last missile strike where no Russians or Syrians were killed, or the one a few days before where the Israelis tried to blow up some Russians?

9c1c18 No.11494652


trips of truth

caa108 No.11494657


Yup. by far he was the lesser evil but not checking the evil going down right now is a problem. these fuckers are saying Iran next as they break up relations with the Roshans not a good road we are on. kinda seems predestined to happen.

13333c No.11494660


You are completely right, based huwhite bro, but I don't think many normies will be shocked about a deep state existing. The war in Iraq was also very unpopular, but yet it happened. This is the concrete, factual, objective truth. The big problem with exposing the deep state is that kikes have this status of poor, helpless souls in the eyes of a lot of huwhite normies, but are in concrete, objective, factual reality of course pretty much exactly the definition of evil. It is not the deep state that is operating here, it is organised kikery and its shills. Kikes are diabolical mobsters pretty much.

So, what is an effective way to red pill huwhite normies about kikes?

Keep repeating the concrete, objective, factual truth. When one repeats the concrete, objective, factual truth long enough, without adding subjective emotional manipulation, the concrete, objective, factual truth will eventually be accepted, despite the initial emotional, subjective shock. This is Plato's cave. This method is a concrete, objective factual truth.

Hang on, based huwhite bro, because all kikes and judaism itself will be destroyed.

d567ae No.11494698


Daily reminder that whenever Trump does this, it's a perfect time to propagandize the truth and make normies sick and tired of everything to do with Israel, which is a highway leading to the JQ.

000000 No.11494747


When I refer to Russians dying, I'm referring to the mercenaries. The US has deliberately killed Russians (in that situation, maybe it was correct as the US was acting in self-defense).

The point is, after that incident, Moscow very clearly said they're letting it go, but for maybe a decade now, Moscow has been getting more and more pissed at objectively aggressive escalation of senseless tension by the US. The US is very clearly trying to push insane war. Not Russia. Russia knows it can win and doesn't want war.

000000 No.11494750


Also, my point here isn't just the fact that US is escalating deliberately with a nuclear power. It's that DoD specifically is trying its very best to mold the narrative through media and has shifted the military industrial rah rah warmonger cheerleading online. Pol appears to be half military industrial complex supporters at this point because of that.

000000 No.11494761


And I meant to say *Russia knows it can't win (hence, Russia did not escalate after the US killed Russian mercenaries).

Russia knows it's not in a very strong position, but it's tired of the US endlessly pushing insane, senseless aggression. It's insane what America is doing. Americans need to realize that we are the bad guy now–not Russia, but we're all going to lose when the world gets completely wiped out in a nuclear war. That's what this is coming to.

The incidents you're referring to–the Israeli strike–is essentially still seen as the US. The US and Israel are effectively the same people. It's the American zionist deep state. No matter if Israel shoots the missiles themselves, it's still seen as the US doing it and may as well be.

Sorry for the multiple posts but need to clarify what I wrote

000000 No.11494780


I'm not sure people are actually able or willing (or even care enough) to come to grips with the FULL extent of how intertwined the kikes who run US deep state military industrial complex and Israel are intertwined.

It's as if the US does not actually have a government of its own. We are effectively governed by Israel and their kike representatives. It's hard to get across an objectively insane reality to people even when you present them with cold, hard facts, because look at the public you're dealing with. The public is dumb enough, for example, to accept congressional representatives who can make military decisions on behalf of the United States, yet they are dual-citizens of another country. We have foreign citizens in Congress with the power to decide whether America goes to war and to send white American troops to their deaths. The public simply mindlessly accepts this reality and has accepted it for many years.

The public is so incredibly inattentive, stupid, intellectually lazy, and apathetic that nothing short of an actual war will even wake them up. It will literally take gunfire in the streets. When their nigger/kike VH1 cuts off, then they might finally get off their fat, stupid asses and pay attention to what's happening.

Your propaganda efforts using fact and unemotional data will not have any effect on apathetic, stupid, ignorant, intellectually lazy ears of the public that has tolerated this much as long as it has. The proof that your technique will not work is that the status quo has continued as long as it has.

ad8430 No.11494818

File: 1b22969a1352881⋯.jpg (402.09 KB, 1488x932, 372:233, cfinR1U.jpg)


"Gradually I began to hate them…"

a3eb69 No.11494833


Yeah - Russia, why are you even in Syria. NO one thinks you're innocent. If you CARE so much about Syrians, leave. Take Iran and China with you.

I'll wait for that to happen.

a054a7 No.11494846

File: 5086ead8a1eaf8b⋯.jpg (535.34 KB, 2457x1638, 3:2, 5086ead8a1eaf8b3e7da556f3a….jpg)


Go kill yourself plebbit.

546e70 No.11494847


That would only work if the US and the kikes also withdrew. But the kikes want that gas pipeline too much.

000000 No.11494871


Learn your history. Back in 2003, the CIA told Bush jr. that the they weren't "confident" in the evidence, but Bush told them he doesn't give a fuck.

Both the US and Britain are run by the same mafia.

000000 No.11494874


*that they weren't

a5e103 No.11494900


The second article doesn't exist. Now, of course it might've been shoah'd but then at least somebody should have an archive. Don't use lies in propaganda, it just lets the enemy easily dismiss your claims in the eyes of normalfags.


both Trump and Putin seem to be rather against this idea

8d025b No.11494951


And if indeed it was britbongs, then why the fuck don't they do something about it? If you suspect their involvement, then retaliate? Or is it too important to maintain the proxy war? Fuck I hate proxy wars.

70157e No.11494984

How much is the oil worth in the golan heights?

c029d5 No.11495068

File: b3e96dd871c8089⋯.jpg (120.83 KB, 692x960, 173:240, 1475861649154.jpg)


i cant even

c029d5 No.11495071


its a basin that would produce asmuch as saudi arabia when drilled

70157e No.11495087


So the worth is in the magnitude of trillions of dollars?

ae0f1e No.11495093


No, he's making shit up.

70157e No.11495108


it looks like a small spot of land. I would guess the oil there is worth 600 billion tops. Not more..That could make it worth a war for israel, depending on how much america pays for the war effort..

c58bc6 No.11495134

File: e018431906ebe15⋯.png (226.09 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1374208142205.png)

Donald being a 'stepping stone' isn't really enough. I'm not sure what the next step is aside form 'redpilling' as many people as possible.

6f49ef No.11495191

File: e00258523198517⋯.png (393.18 KB, 1208x892, 302:223, ClipboardImage.png)


Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.

- Adolf Hitler


c58bc6 No.11495195


Th-Thanks, anon.

6f49ef No.11495200

Daily mini redpill reminder: kalergi plan + (((they))) started it + white genocide


87d2a2 No.11495235


whatever america pays doesn't affect israels bottom line

000000 No.11495244


I think you know what the solution is, but since the 1960s, America has taken a suicide course and dumped problems on future generations out of selfishness.

To understand what is going to happen to whites in this country, ask yourself this. Do you think if the white South African farmers having their land appropriated and being murdered in their homes and driven off the land of their ancestors–do you think if they had voted more, or been more tolerant, that that would have prevented their demise as a people?

There is a basic question of survival as a people that is time-dependent. Time is a factor. There is no waiting on Donald Trump or a magical future. There is no future for whites in the US unless they are willing to do whatever is necessary to survive, and it should be very clear what that is.

Much like Duterte in the Philippines, somebody at some point has to do what needs to be done. There is no other way, and anybody who tells you otherwise very likely wants to kick the can down the road until whites are eliminated.

Whites have to make a real choice and make it soon.

5798c2 No.11495311


>… the degree of control that the US govt deep state exerts.

I don't look at deep state as being nationalist, but that's not an arguement with your statements either; just a matter of perspective, and recollection of a stated objective being one world order. I'm looking at the degree of control being exerted, to maintain appearance of holding things together.

>… manipulated the president into an insane attack …

How is this not muh 5D with the black pieces? I'd stray too much off-topic to say that there's a vast amount of practical technique which can be attained, when fear of insanity is overcome. Not that I'm advocating for one world chaos either, just not overlooking or underestimating this force. Kek.

>… identified /pol/ as an opinion manipulator.

Proven manipulator, yes. Now this is a rhetorical question, but how should one behave when all the cameras and spotlight is upon you? Impeccably, with purity of intent. The essence of /pol/ is that truth can break through conditioning. Adhering to this, is a good example of impeccability. NatSoc doesn't get embraced by the masses as purity, unless a mind has the capacity to examine and reject all the flawed ideologies.

>It's funny because they accuse everyone else who doesn't want massive war and casualties of being traitors.

When irony such as this is observed, it's almost seems like time is running out. Nice to see more intelligant posting here, thank you.

97e8b3 No.11495519

jones said heil hitler happening

c58bc6 No.11495586


Gonna be an interesting couple of years. I just wish the waiting would stop so we can have a happening.

c1f934 No.11495624


it is happening, by the time war is officially declared it's over

c1f934 No.11495647

File: 62abead1468ab72⋯.png (34.93 KB, 767x280, 767:280, ClipboardImage.png)


it's ogre

6b8bc2 No.11495674


War will never officially be declared again.

We have been in a state of war since December 8, 1941. Military action can be taken unilaterally without anyone's approval. There will also not be a happening. Greater Israel is coming, period.

3f1e2c No.11495676


Nobody is telling you to fucking wait, stop fucking waiting.

c1f934 No.11495677



6b8bc2 No.11495681


Kikes are doing nothing but telling us to wait. "You're FBI if you say to do anything in the real world!" and then "You're a blackpill if you say no one will ever do anything!" are their newest and most used demoralization lines.

3f1e2c No.11495683


>Only thing it does is pacify people.

Exactly, fuck this Q bullshit. Act, stop waiting for people to save you motherfuckers. You're cuckolding yourselves by being passive and hoping someone else will fix your problem.

b4ce9e No.11495688



Wowee color me surprised, it's the jews not the English.


>not the jews


>not shores of tripoli

>not 1812

>not mexican american war

>not pre federal reserve success

>not the jews



>The problem with this place is that everyone is obsessed with the JQ

>not the jews


6b8bc2 No.11495689




See: >>11495677

3f1e2c No.11495692


They've been doing this shit for months, you should have guessed you would have brought these people from Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit when you set up a colony there to influence their voting habits. People were organizing protests on the federal reserve and then it stopped. You need to organize, you need to protest, stop letting controlled opposition destroy you, they will murder you, they want you to die.

3f1e2c No.11495694


Like this fucker. Don't let yourselves be brainwashed and destroyed by these parasites.

35f485 No.11495704


>You need to organize, you need to protest, stop letting controlled opposition destroy you, they will murder you, they want you to die.

"Okay, FBI, sure thing! How about YOU go do it FIRST!" is the response I always get.

3f1e2c No.11495710


Well you're not getting it from me, are you? Not everyone thinks like that.

c1f934 No.11495762


>oyyyyy veeeyyyyyyy

c2381e No.11495781


/pol/ is always retarded about this.

>hurr don't blackpill


>hurr you faggots are FBI

pick one you fucking homosexuals

c2381e No.11495786


you niggers always jerk me off about the day of the helicopters, I've said it before, I'll learn to fly some shit if it means giving the last rides to some of these fucks

cf4339 No.11496065




Russia could have been talking about any of those nations as well as the US. The globalists are operating out of all of them in this concerted effort.

cf4339 No.11496081


you have to wonder what they got on Trump to cause that about face.

d60cca No.11496093

File: ccb30760f864028⋯.png (297.45 KB, 641x356, 641:356, Capture2.PNG)


>tfw the goyim know

efc5b8 No.11496163

File: a336b3498dcc3a7⋯.jpg (47.39 KB, 400x565, 80:113, ugly thoughts.jpg)


All the plastic surgery in the world cannot fix this ugly woman.

efc5b8 No.11496174


The latest Qtard nonsense I heard is that "Trump bombed DEEP STATE facilities in Syria". My only response to that, is to wonder out loud, how low is the IQ of a person who believes that.

6abde5 No.11496185


>how low is the IQ of a person who believes that

I'm not sure if we should be happy or upset that boomers are that stupid… There's good and bad to it.

efc5b8 No.11496207

File: 5579799cda31ddd⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, yPbsE9Yb_400x400.jpg)


Random aside, whenever someone refers to boomers in a negative light, this image always comes to mind. To your last part, I suspect there is also "good and bad" to Q. Probably in a 1:100 ratio, just to string the gullible fools along.

If it were real, can you imagine how quick that would be shut down?

7f6ad7 No.11496477

File: b0a6d7121d3050c⋯.png (351.44 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Brez naslova.png)


just do it

7fed59 No.11496515


dDirected the atttack. Encouraged the rebels, isis, al qaeda, mossad fuckers we are allied with to stage an attack. Everyone ellse knew as well, surely it wasn't just them UK who knew, surely everyone with a stake knew, becuse everyone with a stake needed it to happen

fb374d No.11496574

File: 40e957d85aa383e⋯.jpg (128.4 KB, 928x1134, 464:567, Fyodor Tyutchev.jpg)

File: 22816a00dfe9fcd⋯.gif (35 B, 1x1, 1:1, 1x1.gif)


Russophobic is an old word of Russian origin, not a recently invented j-left propaganda term like your other 3 examples. It was first used by Pan-Slavist diplomat / poet Fyodor Tyutchev, who died in 1873. Interestingly he was talking about unpatriotic Russians, I wonder (((who))) they might have been …



> http://www.dict.org/bin/Dict?Form=Dict2&Database=gcide&Query=Russophobia

> [1913 Webster]

990499 No.11496642

File: 19234cb02c7ee37⋯.png (29.14 KB, 718x248, 359:124, muh russia.PNG)

1edd28 No.11496685

File: 2660f3757c2473e⋯.png (71.21 KB, 770x526, 385:263, one unnamed diplomat.PNG)


02261a No.11496690


>Dont mention that it's because they cant guarantee the safety of the inspectors.

Fun times.

000000 No.11496784




Something about the image of Bill Mitchell is infuriating. The smile is pure used car salesman snake. Yes, Q is very clearly controlled opposition larp designed to quell fury and stop active resistance, which is necessary.

There is actually something to the notion that any bombing of a chemical weapon facility is an attack on deep state. The deep state armed, funded, and trained "rebels" at least until July 2017. That may or may not have included supplying chemical weapons. The point is, if you trace who funded the facilities that were hit or who had previously armed/trained/funded the people who died in the attacks, you may find deep state.

000000 No.11496860




By the way, boomers as a group aren't going to do jack shit, and not even because they're all stupid and brainwashed. They are simply too old and fat and comfortable. No change will ever happen unless and until gen x, milennials, and gen z take action

0623dc No.11497108


That was ridiculously blatant, like he just started screaming "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" or something.

12a576 No.11497155

File: b70247b9f28b273⋯.png (378.3 KB, 664x497, 664:497, wat.png)

0623dc No.11497157


How they cut him off, like he suddenly said something too spicy for tv.

4e4e28 No.11498137

There's reports on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter right now that Israel is striking Syria again.

>THE Syrian air defence has fired missiles at suspected Israeli warplanes above Damascus.Videos on social media show what appear to be shots fired over the country side in the East of the country region.

Nothing more to add right now. The videos don't reveal much.

1edd28 No.11498174

File: 12e4a7cf706b3a7⋯.png (70.98 KB, 772x529, 772:529, partisan girl syria Israel.PNG)

File: 12e4a7cf706b3a7⋯.png (70.98 KB, 772x529, 772:529, partisan girl syria Israel.PNG)

579a15 No.11498193


12a576 No.11498557

File: cded3298cc41d1a⋯.jpg (15.87 KB, 330x417, 110:139, 1317554586882.jpg)


Best timeline.

881053 No.11498893









724e73 No.11498909


Everyone working in that news station needs to be garroted.

1edd28 No.11499445

File: 08af73bd555e5c2⋯.png (47.93 KB, 717x564, 239:188, Syrian air defence.PNG)

File: 08af73bd555e5c2⋯.png (47.93 KB, 717x564, 239:188, Syrian air defence.PNG)

File: 08af73bd555e5c2⋯.png (47.93 KB, 717x564, 239:188, Syrian air defence.PNG)


It's a live ticker so no archive..


e3fbdf No.11499788


Operation Syraqi Freedom coming soon.

c1b5e3 No.11500154




Cha'im Solomon, a JEW, funded a bunch of (((Freemasons))) to revolt against the throne.

cc04ed No.11500207

File: e08d3d4181d3f0b⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 420x579, 140:193, theeconomist-phoenix_get_r….jpg)


Exactly, Schumer is the big dick probably above 33° but he's a confirmed Mason. That's why they got so pissed at Trump sotu such where he said he was doing a ritual in the house of the people then Schumer stormed out like a bitch. Watch that sotu again and look at the crowd, a lot of them are wearing their Masonic garb.

>Google the names of whatever politicians

>Add Freemason

>Find all the traitors

Oh yes these are 20 30 50 100 year plans. Here's Bitcoin being announced.

>Clark-Sohn Plan for World Law and Disarmament

We've already agreed to disarming so every senator or congressman who n know about this and isn't fighting it is also a (((Jew)))

741a7c No.11500233

have they released this evidence yet?

3c16fa No.11500579


Hey kike

6bb7c3 No.11500702

Unsticky this already you dumb fucking turk.

eb02a5 No.11501075


>Russian Defense Minister says MUH RUSSOPHOBIA

Friendly reminder: the enemy of your enemy is not your friend.

ffc401 No.11501123


But neither is the enemy of our enemy an enemy. Why should we be against Russia?

000000 No.11501307

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Because ZOG demands it

7edc6b No.11501367

File: 5291fba3e4f2668⋯.webm (6.91 MB, 768x576, 4:3, threads.webm)

>muh nukes

No one even remembers when there was a limited exchange back in the 80s. The new Soviet early warning system detected a launch and began a reflex strike, months later we found out that it had been triggered by some kids in West Germany releasing a flock of balloons, the new (at the time) kind coated in foil. That's what the Nena song "99 luftballoons" was about.

Luckily it was aborted before any real damage was done, a couple of NATO airfields and a shit ton of infrastructure, telecoms and power distribution, which aged and due to be replaced anyway.

The BBC made a dramatization of the incident but after the Berlin wall fell, the UK govt buried all history of the incident under multiple D-notices.

It's amazing how something we actually lived through in the 80s has been completely scrubbed from the public record and only lives on through word of mouth.

The only copy of the drama was taken from a VHS recording anon found in his bedroom.

Kids today, don't know the shit we lived under, the thread of annihilation any second of any day, or the massive nationwide campaign to make history disappear. Every schoolkid in the UK had to swear a pledge never to mention what had happened, it was "our secret" and a favour to our "new friends" the Russians.

The Brit govt never really forgave the Russians though, the Skripal thing is probably the beginning of payback, who knows.

I shouldn't even be telling you this as it's a breach of the Official Secrets Act that all UK citizens are shackled by.

Doesn't matter now I guess, none of you will believe me anyway, and if you ask any Brit over the age of 40 about this event, don't expect an answer - just pay attention to the awkward silence and the slow fading of their complexion to deathly white.

c2b7ec No.11501472


>I shouldn't even be telling you this as it's a breach of the Official Secrets Act that all UK citizens are shackled by.

Tell me more about all of this you twat - from personal memories all the way to grand scale. I wanna know what went on.

600829 No.11501477

Follow @Russia_watch on Tw1tter for up to date fast and timely

information surround Syrian conflict situation

000000 No.11501701


>follow this alt-right friendly Russian Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter bot

6a9ddf No.11502354

File: 7b525583b43ca41⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 600x270, 20:9, 7b525583b43ca4196013aaf5d6….jpg)


>Friendly reminder: the enemy of your enemy is not your friend.

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