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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: e092035a62cf26d⋯.png (438.78 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, BBA-List-of-Shame.png)

5869ab No.11494059

233 Members of Congress Just Voted to Steal Social Security’s $2.9 Trillion Surplus

(Washington, DC) — The following is a statement from Nancy Altman, President of Social Security Works, in reaction to nearly every Republican member of the House of Representatives, as well as seven Democrats, voting for a Constitutional amendment requiring that all annual revenue and spending balance every year:

“Every pay period, starting with our first jobs, America’s workers contribute to Social Security. The program uses those funds to pay all benefits and related administrative costs. Social Security does not add even a penny to the deficit, as Republican President Ronald Reagan so clearly stated when he was president.

When Social Security runs a surplus, Social Security holds the funds in trust. Social Security currently has a $2.9 trillion accumulated surplus. In the guise of a so-called balanced budget amendment, 233 members of the House of Representatives just voted to pretend that the accumulated surplus does not exist.

Ninety-seven percent of Republicans just voted to steal those past contributions. They voted, in effect, to not pay back hardworking Americans when those funds will be needed to pay their earned benefits. (Ninety-six percent of Democrats voted to honor their commitment to the American people.)

That 233 politicians would vote to steal this money is shameful. It helps explain the low regard the American people have for Congress. Fortunately for Social Security beneficiaries, the amendment did not attain the two-thirds majority required to pass the House. But those who voted for it are now on the record in support of stealing the American people’s earned Social Security benefits.”



3d7e4d No.11494070

>stealing from SS to pay for other bullshit

So they made it official what their policy has always been. And?

3d7e4d No.11494071


Kill yourself, jew.

3d7e4d No.11494073

Jesus fuck, further reading, they didn't even pass it. Whatcha sliding shlomo?

24a490 No.11494082


It's a hit list, child.

The jews should be highlighted.

000000 No.11494083

4883a7 No.11494085


The frazzledrip vid of that kid getting eaten

183a47 No.11494103

File: 67d77b09825f136⋯.webm (7.59 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Thanks_Mr_Skeltal.webm)


>None of my representatives on the list

Feels good man

1d6de9 No.11494137

File: 7793d317fa759e5⋯.jpg (916.23 KB, 1538x1154, 769:577, germanyellowjacket.jpg)

And so the boomers eat themselves.

4b8053 No.11494153


What were they going to do with the surplus? Divide it between themselves?

5869ab No.11494155


There are over 100 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities.

5869ab No.11494214


give it to Israel?

aa8999 No.11494227


You can see the financial depression coming, this is a act of desperation over a problem that began in the early 70s.

Last March congress passed a provision which forms a committee which would use federal funds to bail out as many as 200 “multi-employer” pension plans – where employers and labor unions jointly provide retirement benefits to employees. As is often the case, this rescue “plan” is too little too late. The US pension system is beyond repair. And if you’re depending on pension income to carry you through retirement, it’s time to consider a Plan B.

Before going into details, let's analyze. Pensions are simply giant pools of capital used to pay out benefits to workers. Typically, employers and employers contribute a percentage of their salary to a pension throughout their career. Then, upon retirement, the pension is supposed to pay a constant fixed monthly amount to the retiree. (the last year of employment working overtime, getting higher pay and so forth is often used to drastically increase this fixed pension amount to defraud the system). There are government and corporate pension plans, there is a estimated 1,400 multi-employer corporate pension plans who are facing a $553 billion shorffall, 25% of these corporate pensions are in the 'red zone', meaning they are scheduled to file for bankruptcy within this decade or so, but Congress appointed committee, assuming it will work, would not even rescue these red zone pension plans, much less the remaining 1050 private pension plans.

All of this doesn't even begin to address the real fundamental problem - the $7 trillion funding gap faced by the government own PUBLIC pensions. Congress is stepping in because the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) is the pension equivalent to the Federal Deposist Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which backs people their bank deposists up to $250,000 is completely insolvent. Yes, they are bankrupt and can not back pensions at all. In essence we are seeing the end-game of a pension ponzi scheme.

The PBGC only covers Corporate pensions and had a $76 billion deficit in 2017, it has assets of $108 billion on it's books compared to a potential loss exposure of more then $250 billion. By PBGC own estimations, it's fund to cover multi-employer pensions (which makes up $65 billion of the outstanding $533 defecit) will be insolvent by 2025. Pensions are in such bad shape today for the simple reason that investment returns are too low and the mismanagement and fraud has had detrimental effects, pensions can no longer cover their future obligations.

There’s zero chance these funds will be able to pay out retirement benefits. They’re taking huge risks at all-time highs and they have zero downside protection (the PGBC is broke). It’s smart to consider some other options like a self-directed IRA with precious metals you hold in your possession, solo 401(k) are also a option but beware that Obongo tried to seize these 401k's during the 2008 crisis and nationalize all of them into a slush fund and use the main funds to bail out the banks and then continue with a facade that people would be able to get their money with limitation on withdrawal options. Perhaps a SEP IRA is also a solution. All of these allow you significant latitude in making better, safer and stronger investments, rather then leaving a crook to manage your future. Plus, they allow you to put more money away toward retirement before taxation occurs. And there’s no downside to that. You’ve got make long-term plans for retirement, but the system they tell you to trust is officially broken.

8b90ef No.11494273

File: 8c7cfdb0a9324c5⋯.jpg (45.92 KB, 736x552, 4:3, wut.jpg)

File: 03fea40852875c2⋯.jpg (194.05 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, ohmy.jpg)

Why did Barry change his name to Barak ?

e68ba2 No.11494298


ITT: People going apeshit over something that didn't even come close to passing.

ed5e6d No.11494313

File: ead195df862bca1⋯.jpg (132.64 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1488633620634.jpg)

>Congress taking money out of SS to fund their little pet projects

Haven't they been doing that for…decades?

1d6de9 No.11494315

File: ba7088f255abdc0⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2500x2046, 1250:1023, mason_bee.jpg)


Yellow jackets go through a yearly behavior cycle.

Early in the year they gather pollen, nectar, and small insects.

As the seasons progress, they become ever increasingly aggressive.

By the end of summer, their diet is primarily meat and protein.

By fall, the hive turns on itself. Larvae are no longer cared for, brood mates fight each other, and the queens disperse.

The queens look for highly insulated, undisturbed locations to hibernate through the winter.

The following spring beings with the queens waking from their hibernation to repeat the cycle anew.

As >>11494227 says, this is the sign of end times.

The people that approved this action view it as the only way to extend the lifespan of a dying system.

We must be vigilant. The queens will exist after the fall.

Interestingly enough, the humble Mason Bee is the most effective deterrent.

These solitary bees emerge from hibernation before the queen yellow jackets.

Their vigorous activity in early spring disrupts the yearly nesting ritual of the yellow jacket queen.

These bees also prefer not to sting, but they do bite.

yfw more spells were cast

549dd5 No.11494456

File: 453d07813b9af68⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1613x1505, 1613:1505, ClipboardImage.png)


Same, and also perplexed, because I live in a gommie shithole.

0353a2 No.11494686


Social security is just welfare for old farts, it should be abolished.

>inb4 muh I paid $5,000 dollars into it over the years so you kids have to pay for my Florida condo and golf lessons

549dd5 No.11494724

File: dd1f97507987d74⋯.png (186.46 KB, 464x404, 116:101, ClipboardImage.png)


Absolute kikery. This is a grand awakening for NPCs and it happened during my time. If you are of the mind to introduce more strife into the lives of not only the many but also their keepers, I have not but more arms to lend against you and your kin.

015389 No.11494728

Only niggers need gibs.

8e4824 No.11494739


>Steve King

Ok wtf

549dd5 No.11494744

Mostly quiet thread but for fools. Get back to me when you figure out national socialism.

28be14 No.11494767


>muh gibs

0ce1d4 No.11494795

File: dacfcf20b9fd13a⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 500x882, 250:441, yesplease.jpg)


… Why should I care?

The reason I ask is, Social Security will not exist by the time I'm old enough to receive it. Its just a matter of the numbers - they don't stack up.

I've known as much since high school, and now, in my early 30's, its only more obvious.


Also this.


>If you are of the mind to introduce more strife into the lives of not only the many but also their keepers, I have not but more arms to lend against you and your kin.

You are a fool.

You don't understand at all.

Pouting over strife of the many and their keepers? You are a child.

Do you even know what Mein Kampf means? It means My Struggle. That's the key.

Do you know why the 'NPCs' went to 'sleep'?


Comfort breeds apathy, nihilism, narcissism.

Comfort is the 'sleep' you describe, the comfort to not pay attention, to not even care enough to do that much, to drown oneself in materialism, cummies and self-aggrandizement.

With comfort, did the keepers put the masses to slumber… And now you would argue against the necessary introduction of discomfort, which might awaken them from their stasis?

Strong men create good times.

Good times create weak men.

Weak men created hard times.

Hard times create strong men.

And thus the Cycle of Man continues.

e7a70d No.11494799

Do you care to provide anymore details OP? This website is the type of site lemmings post on social media to virtue signal against whichever party they dislike. I want to know what they were going to do with that money, and the other contents of the bill. Stealing the surplus from social security would be top-tier jewry, but for some reason I doubt that even politicians would be so brazen as to just take it with no strings attached.

0ce1d4 No.11494802


>but for some reason I doubt that even politicians would be so brazen as to just take it with no strings attached.

>A Republican proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to require a balanced federal budget failed in the House on Thursday when it fell short of the required two-thirds vote.

>The vote was 233-184. Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team brought the proposal to the floor despite its long odds following pressure from fiscal conservatives after Congress passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill last month.

>Congress also enacted a GOP tax cut in December that is estimated to add $1.9 trillion to the deficit by 2028.

>Amendment sponsor Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said Congress has shown it can’t sustain fiscal discipline over time.

>“Congress must have the pressure of a balanced budget amendment to force it to do so,” Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican, said on the House floor.

>Seven Democrats joined 226 Republicans in backing the amendment, while six Republicans and 178 Democrats voted no.

>The measure was criticized by Democrats as an election-year political stunt that, if enacted, would have required cuts in Medicare to pay for the corporate tax cuts enacted in December.

>Senate GOP leaders have indicated they won’t write a budget resolution laying out a fiscal strategy this year, and the House has yet to announce a timeline for doing one.

>"The American people deserve a Congress that is focused squarely on helping the middle class, not patronizing Kabuki theater-like sham ‘balanced budget’ votes from Republicans who blew up the deficit to benefit wealthy special interests,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, in a statement.

>(((Chuck Schumer)))

>giving a shit about the middle class

0ce1d4 No.11494806


>Trump signed the $1.3 trillion spending bill last month after threatening to veto it.

>Shortly afterward, the White House began talking with House GOP leaders about using a budget maneuver called rescission to cut some of the domestic spending.

>But new Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby of Alabama said Thursday he warned Trump in a private meeting that such a measure may not get enough GOP votes to pass the Senate.

>Top Senate Appropriations Democrat Patrick Leahy of Vermont declared the rescission effort dead, saying, “So many Republicans in both houses have made clear they won’t vote for that.”

>To be approved by the House, the proposed constitutional amendment, H.J.Res. 2, would have needed at least 49 Democrats to cross party lines to support it.

>Constitutional amendments require approval from two-thirds of the House and Senate, and ratification by three-fourths of the states.

>Centrist Democrat Kurt Schrader of Oregon said he opposed the amendment despite voting for a different version of it in the past.

>“I’m for a balanced budget but it has to be thoughtful,“ he said.

>Schrader said he wanted an amendment to shield Social Security from cuts and allow a waiver to authorize deficit spending during an economic downturn.

>Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said he’ll seek to force a vote on the measure in his chamber as well.

>"We’ll see who actually really does believe in balancing the budget,” he said on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.

>Paul caused an overnight government shutdown in February to protest a deal on raising budget caps.

549dd5 No.11494807

File: cbf0f80430050f5⋯.jpg (36.4 KB, 448x304, 28:19, a funny guy.jpg)


>will not exist by the time I'm old enough

Yes, you signed your course. The rest will be looking after the elderly and veterans of whatever this is. Disdain from the afterward shines down on you, wondering why.

4495a2 No.11494809

>233 Members of Congress Just Voted to Steal Social Security’s $2.9 Trillion Surplus

boomers and niggers btfo

549dd5 No.11494812


You allowed kikes to win this round. How does it feel?

0ce1d4 No.11494816


>One of America's most outspoken critics of the $20 trillion national debt who has spent much of his life putting forward bipartisan solutions to reduce it has a message for Congress:

Don't pass the “balanced-budget amendment” this week — or ever.

>“It's madness. It won't do anything to help improve the budget,” said Alan Simpson, a former Republican senator from Wyoming. “It's just chest-pounding fakery.”

<Alan Simpson has been an outspoken advocate for access to abortion stating that the matter should not be a political issue in a party that believes in "government out of our lives" and "the right to be left alone" and "the precious right of privacy". He supports gay and lesbian rights, and equality regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. In an article in The Washington Post, Simpson wrote an article criticizing the since ended "Don't ask, don't tell" policy stating "'Gay' is an artificial category that says little about a person. Our differences and prejudices pale next to our historic challenge."

>He called it the “laugh-er of the century” that House Republicans, who in the past year voted for a large tax cut that the Congressional Budget Office estimates would add $1.9 trillion to the deficit over the next decade and then passed a budget that has more than an $800 billion gap between spending and revenue, suddenly want to act as though they care about deficits.

>“They have already approved spending into oblivion, even the tea party guys. What a bunch of rascals,” Simpson told The Washington Post.

>“The guys will vote for [a balanced-budget amendment] now to cover their [posteriors].”

>House Republicans plan to vote on a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution Thursday afternoon or early evening.

>It is expected to fail (as it has each time it has come up, including in the 1980s when President Ronald Reagan backed it), but it is seen as a way for some Republicans to try to regain credibility as deficit hawks in the eyes of voters.

0ce1d4 No.11494817


>“Nearly 20 years ago, the U.S. Senate failed by one vote to pass a balanced-budget constitutional amendment. If Congress had sent the amendment to the states for ratification in 1995, we would not be facing the fiscal crisis we are today, and balancing the federal budget would be the norm rather than the exception,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the lead sponsor of the balanced-budget amendment.

>The amendment would mimic laws that 49 states have requiring their state governments to pass a balanced budget each year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

>In order for the amendment to be added to the U.S. Constitution, it has to pass both chambers of Congress with a two-thirds majority and then be ratified by 38 states, a cumbersome process that would take years.

>Simpson served in the U.S. Senate and 1979 to 1997, and at the end of his tenure, helped to craft the last budgets Congress enacted when spending was about in line with revenue.

>The U.S. government ran modest surpluses in fiscal years 1998 through 2001. Since then, the federal government has run deficits each year.

>On Monday, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the United States is on track to run $1 trillion deficits starting in 2020, an unprecedented scenario for good economic times.

>If nothing changes, CBO predicts, debt held by the public will skyrocket in the next decade to the highest level since the end of World War II.

0ce1d4 No.11494820


>Simpson says the United States doesn't need a balanced-budget amendment, it just needs lawmakers willing to face reality and make the necessary changes.

>But he doesn't think “real math” will return to Washington until the debt becomes a national crisis because investors stop buying U.S. Treasurys or they demand much higher interest rates, a situation that would raise the cost of repaying the debt significantly.

>Once that happens, it would likely raise mortgage rates and small-business-loan rates, hurting a lot of American pocketbooks.

>“The only thing politicians understand is losing their job. The tipping point on the debt will come when the little guy gets screwed,” Simpson predicts.

>There are three key problems with the balanced-budget amendment, says Simpson.

>First, passing it would take a long time. It would be a lot faster for Congress to simply use its powers to balance the budget now — without any amendment.

>Second, few in Congress, including those planning to vote on the amendment, have plans to balance the budget.

>Third, the amendment would constrain the federal government, which could take away flexibility in times of national crisis.

<Simpson was in the national spotlight in 2010 when he co-chaired President Barack Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform with Democrat Erskine Bowles, a former White House chief of staff for President Bill Clinton.

>The committee's final report — dubbed “Simpson-Bowles” — put forward a set of concrete steps to reduce deficits.

>Republicans and Democrats both deserve blame for the current fiscal mess the nation is in, Simpson said.

>Defense spending, a favorite of Republicans including President Trump, is “shot through with waste,” Simpson said, arguing it should be reduced significantly.

>Similarly, he thinks social programs such as Social Security and Medicare should be reformed so that Americans no longer get these benefits at the current age — generally about 65.

0ce1d4 No.11494821


>Without congressional action, the Social Security Trust Fund is expected to be insolvent in 13 years, CBO forecast in its latest report.

>There would still be some money left after that, but it would not be enough to pay people their full benefits, a scenario likely to anger Americans who worked and paid into the system for years.

>Republicans have campaigned for years as the party of fiscal sanity, but their track record has shown otherwise, with the debt rising significantly under GOP presidents since Reagan.

>Fixing the budget and entitlement programs was a signature issue for House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), who started his job in Congress in 1999 when the budget was in far better shape.

>He has pushed reforms for Social Security and Medicare frequently, but he has not been able to get momentum on them, even from his own party.

>Instead, Ryan's tenure as House speaker since 2015 has been marked by a huge expansion in government spending.

>The deficit was $438 billion in Ryan's first year as speaker.

>The deficit is expected to hit $804 billion this fiscal year, Ryan's last as speaker after he announced his retirement Wednesday.

>Simpson calls Ryan “one of the top-notch people in Washington” who tried to fight for a better budget but was stymied.

>President Trump campaigned on not touching Social Security or Medicare, making the issue dead politically for now.

>So did his Democratic opponent in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton.

>“You knew we would end up with $1 trillion deficits when everybody running for president in 2016, the boneheads of both parties, said they were not going to touch Social Security, entitlements or health-care costs,” said Simpson, who is now in his mid-80s and retired in Wyoming.

>“We are now in a situation where we aren't going to grow our way out of this.”

000000 No.11494823


There's that number again.

Pure coincidence, amirite?

804cd6 No.11494825

File: 35ec39ac36f0d60⋯.jpeg (151.44 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Space_Colony2.jpeg)

I'm surprised it took this long for them to figure out a way to steal that money (which doesn't actually exist). Whatever. Jews swindle, their pet goyim revel in the filth, thinking they're in control. The solution to our problems starts with killing every last kike, then deporting the niggers and spics, then sterilizing the more retarded whites. Following that, we strike without mercy at overseas enemies, notably Religion of Cuck™, and invest heavily in space colonization.

In 100 years, we can have O'Neill cylinders orbiting the Sun and an active construction industry in the Jovian system churning out more by the day. A century after that, our fusion-powered colony ships whites only could be setting off for nearby star systems to reproduce our Kardashev-II civilization. In 1 million years, assuming no technologies more exotic than fusion and ion drives, our remote descendants will be setting up shop in the last uncolonized solar system in the galaxy and sending off mega-arks toward M31 and M33.

Fuck Social Security. It's for Mexicans and illiterates who can't plan more than one beer run into the future at a time.

Sage for slide-thread faggotry.

549dd5 No.11494826

File: 827948e9e3ebede⋯.png (535.93 KB, 811x585, 811:585, ClipboardImage.png)



too many prenteders in here, disregarding national socialism. I smell kike kommie trash a mile away. They are paid to make their number of posts. This next go around will not be cyclical, a new age for mercenaries that would nearly do it for free. Plant


hessian into the skirmish and see what happens.

0ce1d4 No.11494830


>Yes, you signed your course.

No, I did not.

I wasn't born when this was already becoming an issue.

>The rest will be looking after the elderly and veterans of whatever this is.

No, 'the rest' will be struggling to survive in the economic wasteland created by the apathetic people who retain some hope of suckling off the state teat when they become older and infirm.

Many of these people don't even have children to care for them.

They'll wind up in nigger-run and spic-overseen retirement homes.

And you want to tell me that I signed this course? No, no, you slippery dim-wit, not at all - its the people whom this actually poses some threat to who set that course.

Me? Shit son, I've known since I was a child that there would be no social security for me, that the men in power didn't care to run the numbers - or rather, didn't care about the output - as to ensure my future in such capacity. I never had a say in the matter.

But you know who did?

The people who came before me, those who will become 'elderly' in my lifetime. Those who still hold out some hope of having those gibs offered them by the state.

They created a mess, overcome with apathy, nihilism, narcissism and, generally, comfort, and now, they're upset that the mess they made might interfere with their retirement on the states' dime, and that's my fault?

Hah, no.

The elderly will be cared for as-able. But the idea that i'll shed tears for their loss of free state money in old age, a loss grounded in their own poor judgement, will not be laid at my feet, kamerad.

>Disdain from the afterward shines down on you, wondering why.

And you continue to be a fool, with nothing but empty words and a sorely lacking understanding of the man whose image you post.

0ce1d4 No.11494831


We don't live under National Socialism, pretender.

We live under a Constitutional Representative Republic.

And only discomfort will change that.

Deal with it.

549dd5 No.11494837

File: fbb585ac2fab3cd⋯.jpg (54.84 KB, 459x646, 27:38, esoteric_hitlerism_meditat….jpg)



Who is calling?

0ce1d4 No.11494839

File: 37013c62493003e⋯.png (227.49 KB, 1346x1086, 673:543, 1418514484037.png)


>whites only

Why would non-Whites even exist at that stage in your fantasizing?

Anyway, your fantasy is foolish, dangerous even…. Pretty, I grant you,but dangerous.

Like chasing a tiger into the jungle because you found its orange stripes delightful, never thinking that it might turn and soon be following you in the humid and dimly lit space between canopy and ground.

0ce1d4 No.11494841

File: 3699179fc7a8b11⋯.jpg (29.06 KB, 232x255, 232:255, 1430502400298.jpg)


>Who is calling?

Why ask stupid questions?

44f714 No.11494848

File: 39c586fd62908e3⋯.png (127.69 KB, 348x292, 87:73, d906898ad424e34db7c69478eb….png)


>$5,000 over the years

Not everybody works at Taco Bell.

0ce1d4 No.11494850


Bro, if you didn't work at Taco Bell, and you're still reliant on Social Security, you did it wrong.

804cd6 No.11494853

File: 1859f4883bf5471⋯.jpg (147.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ringworld.jpg)


What fantasy? We can start on this now, using technology we already have. The hurdle is expending fuel to reach escape velocity, which is an issue until we can build the colony structures with material mined from asteroids or boosted out of Jupiter's moons. Once we're building with materials we harvest from low-gravity worlds, we don't have to fight terrestrial gravity anymore and building a trillion orbiting habitats becomes easier than paving the Interstate was.

After we get hydrogen fusion working, we don't even need the Sun anymore and can colonize fucking crazy volumes of space. With reasonably realistic ion propulsion systems, we can gently accelerate to around 10 percent of light speed. Neither of these technologies is further away from us than space flight was from the Wright brothers.

You are so obviously not white it's actually hurting me to explain things to you. Go back to your homeland and shit in the street, Pajeet.

549dd5 No.11494856

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Veterans are even more kiked than the elderly. I am dealing with the foolish, not just the ignorant. Winding around and around, I have no patience for anyone that does not understand at this point. The heart of it is what matters, always. Forever, when a century from now they look at the shape of the map and wonder.


549dd5 No.11494859

This is not a board of hate. Take that back on your backs along with your tax receipt.

000000 No.11494868


Quick! Someone call the boomers! Also skeletor is a faggot.

000000 No.11494869

e7ccdd No.11494870

File: aa340f89f9c3414⋯.png (259.82 KB, 704x396, 16:9, 11605b8bb7e7e5fe27147abb83….png)

Good. This is the collapse we have been waiting for. Just do not lose the message to the commies who will ty to paint this as a failure of the private sector when it was the kike infested goverment and lobbies who are responsible.

44f714 No.11494876


Don't need to be reliant on it to be pissed that it continues to be stolen from my income every quarter.

000000 No.11494879


We can't sterilize the stupid whites, anon. The Christians would lose their minds and their cattle.

0ce1d4 No.11494880

File: b0ef5846f7fd50a⋯.mp4 (700.71 KB, 642x480, 107:80, You perceive nothing.mp4)


>What fantasy?

Your entire thing there is fantasy m8, and dangerous.

I'm not saying the science isn't there to make it possible, I'm saying that to get to that point you've got probably a century worth of cleanup down here before that would, in any non-delusional sense, be even remotely feasible.

I mean, lad, you can't even get your own country to stop dumping billions into niggers at this point, and you are fantasizing about space colonization - which, while a pretty fantasy, is just that: a fantasy… and a dangerous one.

>see previous pic related

I think you're maybe White, maybe White-ish, but you're living in a dream and vitriolically oppose anyone who points as much out to you, it would seem.


Nothing that you said makes any sense whatsoever, merely empty and toothless rhetorical stylings from a dim-wit, such that you just wind up coming off as a newfag LARPer, so I'm not giving you anymore (you)'s.

This is the United States of Weimarica, and we're all kiked here.

We're all kiked because of apathy.

We're all kiked because of nihilism.

We're all kiked because of narcissism.

We're all kiked because of the comfort to be the above.



If you do not hate that which is evil, you cannot love that which is good.

Real love involves real hatred.

Whoever has lost the power of moral indignation, and the urge to drive the buyers and the sellers from the temples, has also lost a living, fervent love of the truth.

0ce1d4 No.11494882


Not the point.

If you're reliant upon it and weren't working at some shitstain low-income job like Taco Bell, you were doing it wrong to begin with.

Being annoyed that its taken from you is another matter entirely, especially knowing you'll never see the return which is used to justify taking it from you.

0ce1d4 No.11494886

File: b33e7e49685882c⋯.jpg (3.48 MB, 1472x9336, 184:1167, Progressives are Golems Ma….jpg)


I fail to see the issue.

35be33 No.11494887

SS is already stolen money. It's a coerced Ponzi scheme.

804cd6 No.11494889

File: 6f61242126db8e6⋯.png (32.19 KB, 853x665, 853:665, Poodo_Punjab.png)


>urgent problems here on Earth, goy. Stop being white and planning ahead

>you are only part white, which I cleverly adduce from your post

Holy shit, Rajiv. Your kind won't even be allowed to watch the first launch. You enjoy your paradise.

0ce1d4 No.11494905


>>urgent problems here on Earth, goy. Stop being white and planning ahead

1. The problems aren't even 'urgent', its just a matter of you being totally incapable of dealing with them.

2. This was your initial post:


>In 100 years, we can have O'Neill cylinders orbiting the Sun and an active construction industry in the Jovian system churning out more by the day.

There is a significant difference between 'planning ahead' and 'pretending in 100 years we'll be colonizing the Jovien system'.

>>you are only part white, which I cleverly adduce from your post

Yeah, pretty much.

You don't have any argument.

You know that what I've said, about your statements being fantastical and outright hazardous, is true.

Further, your argumentation when presented with such truth was entirely disingenuous and cowardly, unable or unwilling to face reality and responding with vitriol when reality is forced upon you.

Call me when you've exterminated the Rajivs of the world; hell, when you've even gotten to a point wherein you can functionally convince your people to invest in themselves, their futures, in space and beyond, instead of dumping the billions of dollars/hours of manpower you'd need to achieve your fantasy into holes full of worthless mud - until then, all your talk is empty, toothless.

549dd5 No.11494909

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Flowers grow where the rain falls.

0ce1d4 No.11494911

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Empty words.

We need more than words, more than fantasies.

And only discomfort will create it.

You know I am right.

81e6d7 No.11494925


>I am perplexed.

Don't be, it's controlled opposition, with maybe a half dozen of those who truly opposed this action. Regular programming for those who've watched Congress for a few terms.

6b496e No.11494930

And what about when the reverse happens, because it does happen. Social security from one generation's payment never pays for that generation when they retire. This surplus is most likely the children or grand children's money that is now being claimed as "MINE!" by elderly people now.

549dd5 No.11494934


That's the point, if you are not making it so in the flesh, why are you here? Deep love is hard for many to grasp and not be afraid of. It seems shaped like hate because of that.

<Why isn't he eating me?

That animal reaction.

e7a70d No.11494957


You are 100% correct. I've found it impossible to argue with hobbyists who live in a fantasy world. I don't hate them because they will side with you when push comes to shove; because even they are somewhat aware of how far out their ideas are; but they'll viciously attack any realistic plans put forth.

549dd5 No.11494972


This may take a certain individual shaped a certain way. My main failure is overestimating everyone around me. This frustration colors a bit of my life but will never be the guide. One has to come to accept that not everyone is shaped like you in the head. It's kept me much healthier.

030bf4 No.11494975


This is confusing because as far as I can tell, Regan looted the Social Security pot in the early 80's to pay for his big spending programs.

Its been broke since then, not sure how we got a "surplus" this smells like bait???

e7a70d No.11494995

File: 7be8cb8d6841119⋯.png (189.05 KB, 540x298, 270:149, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't think exterminating non-whites should be a main goal. There's still some use in them for resources and slave labor, as opposed to a war that would take billions of dollars. It makes more sense to just befriend them and let them slowly die out as we take their territory for resources and lebensraum. It seems like our immediate goal should be implementing a National Socialist government that can protect our race. Then we need to provide for the long-term security of our government. Then we need to begin building our countries up. Once we've fulfilled the 14 words there really isn't any urgency in a global racewar; it's almost more fantastical than colonizing space just because it's less of an investment in the future.

I mean I appreciate the enthusiasm, but National Socialism has always been more about love of your race than the destruction of others.

(>just befriend them)

01a2bc No.11495005


>I don't think exterminating non-whites should be a main goal.

Then go away. You don't belong here.

>There's still some use in them for resources and slave labor

No, we're not jews. No, we're not making the same mistakes as in past centuries. Commit suicide immediately.

>as opposed to a war that would take billions of dollars.

Yeah, killing kikes sure won't cost anything. Also money totally matters, by the way.

>It makes more sense to just befriend them

Neck yourself.

>and let them slowly die out as we take their territory for resources and lebensraum

Yeah, that's going to work with being friendly.

>It seems like our immediate goal should be implementing a National Socialist government that can protect our race. Then we need to provide for the long-term security of our government. Then we need to begin building our countries up.

None of this happens until jews are exterminated.

>National Socialism has always been more about love of your race than the destruction of others.

Maybe that's why it failed. It left jews alive. You have no argument.

096e91 No.11495007


>Social Security does not add even a penny to the deficit

Aside from the costs of operating a bloated, omnipresent bureaucracy.

Social security is a scam. When's the last time it was even adjusted for cost-of-living/CPI/inflation increases? The entire thing needs to be scrapped. Governments should not be in the retirement business.

01a2bc No.11495008


Where does the Constitution say that Social Security can exist?

399c49 No.11495009

File: ccdbf8ee6f2ecda⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 727x480, 727:480, ccdbf8ee6f2ecda65c993ee863….jpg)


>There's still some use in them for resources and slave labor

That's a horrible idea


e68ba2 No.11495027


It doesn't, but there are lots of things that exist that aren't in the Constitution.

01a2bc No.11495031


And… so you just ACCEPT this state of affairs?

e68ba2 No.11495034


What's not to accept?

01a2bc No.11495042


>oy vey just accept communism


d01e05 No.11495051


>Anyway, your fantasy is foolish, dangerous even

>aim lower, goy

Gas yourself, kike.

3525df No.11495059


So, let's look at the concrete, objective, factual truth.

Republicans vote to not give extra gibs. Democrats do. That is not a surprise. Moreover, the money will not be taken from the Social Security, but will act like a buffer. This is the concrete, factual, objective truth.

This thus seems to be the case of kikes manipulating people by means of subjective feelings and emotions. The kikes seem to try and trigger a reaction something like this:

,,Those darn Republicans stealing my money (the useless (this is concretely, factually, objectively true) boomers are really set on doing absolutely nothing and getting a lot of gibs). Let's vote Democrat.''

This seems to be a kike propaganda move in lead up to mid term elections. Like I always say, kikes know how to manipulate with subjective, emotional feelings, but when one sticks to the concrete, objective, factual truth, one is invincible.

e68ba2 No.11495080


Communism is believing that the state as no obligation to its citizens. That makes you the Communist, friend, since you refuse to give back to the hard working people.

d0236c No.11495081


>My main failure is overestimating everyone around me.

Your main failure is not understanding reality then. Underestimations and over-estimations come from a lack of understanding and accepting the real world. You haven't accepted the material in front of you as being concrete and immutable, and cause yourself distress over it.

d01e05 No.11495082


>I don't think exterminating non-whites should be a main goal. There's still some use in them for resources and slave labor,

This is why big empires always collapse from multiculturalism. The mere presence of other peoples is a poison to the whole. There can be no coexistence.

01a2bc No.11495084


Reported for not even trying.

e68ba2 No.11495086


>I can't argue with you, so I'll just call mommy to help me

Yep, you're from /leftypol/.

a62f86 No.11495119


<oy vey get rid of the constitution

<oy vey welfare for everyone

<oy vey ignore all laws; the only thing that matters is stealing from the haves and giving to the have nots


Yep, reported.

e7a70d No.11495124



They stay outside of our country obviously. Outside of stuff like embassies and businessmen our countries should be 100% white. Japan and Korea seem like good people to befriend for the sake of technology and trade. Persians and Arabs seem like good allies in our war against ZOG. Africans and spics are completely harmless unless whites/kikes actively instigate them into fighting us. Jews are the only race which we have any real urgency to annihilate. Although we'll inevitably need to fight with them for land and resources at some point. Why do so many /pol/acks complain when I say something that virtually the entire NSDAP supported?


Good luck with that, champ. You're sure going to get a lot of support advocating for the genocide of billions at the expense of your own people's prosperity.

9993fe No.11495133


Oh wow, you must have been really mad every other time they did this.

a62f86 No.11495136


>oy vey you don't believe the jewish mainstream beliefs ha ha you won't be supported

Confirmed for not a /pol/ack. Go back to Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit.

b66a14 No.11495141


> Why do so many /pol/acks complain when I say something that virtually the entire NSDAP supported?

Because there are a lot of shitskins, slanty eyes, niggers, etc, in originally huwhite nations. How can you kick those lesser races out when still trying to befriend them? That is concretely, factually, objectively impossible.

5129ce No.11495145




d01e05 No.11495147


>Why do so many /pol/acks complain when I say something that virtually the entire NSDAP supported?

Because an appeal authority means fuckall, especially when the NSDAP was completely destroyed largely because of it's own stupid decisions.

The fact is an enemy is not defeated until it is dead and gone.

a62f86 No.11495167


But but but but but but goyim don't you want to ENSLAVE them and KEEP them alive?!

bfb20d No.11495173


>defeatist blackpill jewpost pic


bfb20d No.11495184



33489b No.11495188


>There's still some use in them for resources and slave labor

That is already a very bad idea. Poo in the loos already inundated the IT field (with slave labour jobs with anything computer related), Niggers and Spics are moving up from flipping burgers and mowing lawns to now managers and supervisory positions, and the millions of college grads will forever be looking for work and/or working as interns making 0 dollars. Trades are now becoming flooded since everything is taken over by minorities. We need automated robots to take our shit jobs and anyone that doesn't belong here needs to go back to their fucking shit hole of a country. Only extend foreign aid when the locals want to self improve their society and not beg for gibs and free hand outs from us.

cec4a5 No.11495190


The what?

0353a2 No.11495201


>Absolute kikery. This is a grand awakening for NPCs and it happened during my time. If you are of the mind to introduce more strife into the lives of not only the many but also their keepers, I have not but more arms to lend against you and your kin.

I don't even know what you just said.


>Social Security will not exist by the time I'm old enough to receive it.

This is why I'm against it. I don't want to pay into something that I'm never going to benefit from. In fact, I wouldn't want to pay into it anyway- I believe that SS is fundamentally a bad idea, and that we should all manage our own private retirement plan.

That and the fact that the people benefiting from SS now were paying into it when the economy was great, they had a ton of purchasing power, jobs grew on trees, etc. If we're going to abolish SS at some point, which is inevitable, it had better be now because the people that are of age to receive it now (boomers) are the least deserving and the least in need. And 14 words-wise, it doesn't make sense to extort money from younger white people that need that precious resource to start families, and give it to older white people that aren't procreating anymore so they can blow it all away at the casino.


The context nowadays is completely different. In NatSoc times, the only non-whites in Germany were Jews and gypsies. They did not have swarms of Arabs gang-raping 6 year olds. The amount of justified hatred we have for the other races today is like nothing that has ever been seen before. There is no precedent for the current situation- this is a uniquely apocalyptic scenario, and the only appropriate response is to be uniquely wrathful. Fuck all of this "blahblahblah I love everyone no hate blahblahblah" nonsense. Yes, it is LARPing to think that white nations are going to go around carpet bombing dindu slums, but all of the non-whites in our countries deserve a most terrible fate.

29e64a No.11495233

File: e409d5ca8700118⋯.jpeg (11.08 KB, 187x206, 187:206, c8a5ca751bb61068e76c4a701….jpeg)


It's supposedly a super secret video of Hillary cutting a kid's face off and wearing it. So super secret that nobody actually has it and no relevant screenshots have surfaced. Judging by how hard it's being pushed I assume the whole thing is being cooked up by the CIA for whatever reason.

ac3018 No.11495240

File: 3964d5fdd7fd7cf⋯.jpg (160.56 KB, 947x567, 947:567, 1522117049.jpg)

6b1cf8 No.11495259


I'm as NatSoc as anyone can be but Social Security is just about the worst possible way to address the issue of preserving the dignity of those who are too old (or injured/disabled in the case of SSDI) to provide for themselves. Not only has it been so mismanaged that it has become nothing but a source of wealth transfer from the native young to the elderly and ghoe who never paid into the system, it's also largely responsible for the complete collapse of intergenerational households and partially responsible for the decline in white birthrates.

People will always prefer to stay in their own home and as long as Grandma and Grandpa keep receiving that check, they will prefer to keep up with the monthly costs of owning the homes your parents grew up in until it becomes physically impossible to do so. Rather than sell that asset to enable reinvestment of time and money into the needs of younger family members, they'll sit in their recliners watching the TV until their minds have turned to complete mush. Once rhat happens, the younger family members are forced to sell the house to cover the costs of assisted living since the mental decline brought on by a lack of socialization and mental stimulation leaves the average person unable to adequately care for their elders. At that point, that SS check (along with the proceeds from the sale of the home) just goes into the financial black hole that is propping up our mentally decayed  loved ones until they die afraid and likely alone in a strange place.

There's also the problem of changing the answer to the question of "who will take care of you in your old age?" from "your children and grandchildren" with "the government". The typical couple that believes in the church of being "childfree" will absolutely scoff at the notion of having children to ensure they will be cared for in their later years despite that being the only true guarantee of comfort in their sunset years. This effect is a minor one in the greater scope of problems causing the decline in white birthrates but this complete rejection of the natural system of elder care is also one of the primary tenets of faith for those who are vociferously against having children.

We must protect and care for our people but we must ensure the policies through which we provide the means of protection and care also allow for our people to adhere to the natural order of things. Social Security does not allow for that and in fact discourages adherance to the natural progression of intergenerational responsbilities, thus I give zero fucks about things which jeapordize its existence.

d01e05 No.11495263


Righteous respect for nature.

4e659c No.11495279


"Annual OASDI cost exceeded non-interest income in 2010 for the first time since 1983. The Trustees project that cost will continue to exceed non-interest income throughout the 75-year valuation period. Nevertheless, total trust fund income, including interest income, is more than sufficient to cover costs through 2021, so trust fund asset reserves continue to grow. Beginning in 2022, cost exceeds total income, and combined OASI and DI Trust Fund reserves diminish until they become depleted in 2034. After trust fund reserve depletion, continuing income is sufficient to support expenditures at a level of 77 percent of program cost for the rest of 2034, declining to 73 percent for 2091."

Beginning in 2022, cost exceeds total income

>after we spend all the money we should have been putting away the trust will be okay as long as we only give them 77% of what we owe them

>also we'll have to find another piggy bank because we certainly won't continue to fuck future generations by dipping in to this one like we have for the past several decades

>it'll be different this time

11faf7 No.11495299


> Fortunately for Social Security beneficiaries, the amendment did not attain the two-thirds majority required to pass the House.

What is this kike faggot clickbait bullshit.

Kill yourself OP

11faf7 No.11495310


>There are no police men

>There is no way out

>The night never ends

So we get laser guns and shoot the bad guys.

What the fuck? Do you even sci-fi?

6b1cf8 No.11495320


I absolutely hate these arguments against our need to escape the confines of our planet and ensure the continued existence of our people. The need and desire for struggle is at the center of our very being, to deny the next logical source for the struggle our existence desires is to condemn our people to a slow painful decay and eventually death. As a people, we have become the masters of our planet but what is mastery without an outlet to further utilize what we've acquired? We've proven our abilities as far as they can be tested by the means available upon this earth, thus we as a people have entered a sort of fugue state by which we are unlearning everything which led us to dominate the earth, reverting to the point where we have resorted to fighting the same battles we already won eons ago (Let's give everyone a chance! We're all equal after all! Nihilism is the only real worldview!).

Yes, taking up the challenge of mastering space involves enormous, unknowable amounts of risk. However, unknown risks are infinitely more preferable than the certainty of our demise should we choose to listen to cowards like you and remain with our feet forever firmly planted on Earth.

c5a2db No.11495488

File: f1fa95b3a4a008b⋯.jpg (95.47 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, fa0806a449b22c16ba72aca3ec….jpg)


Anon, you gave me the feels. I too, was born unable to have a say in the absolute kikery that's been happening the past decades. I don't really have much to say as of right now, but I really hope, if not ours, then the next generation, do what Hitler tried to do for Germany. Honestly, if I get to live through that, even if it's only short lived, it'd be a miracle, maybe not a dream (if (((they))) have anything to do with any problems that arise) but, as close as possible in this world it seems.

8e8050 No.11495693

I see how this is troubling. Despite, I want SS to run dry as fast as possible. It needs to disappear

eb2f26 No.11495725


i don't see it going away when it runs dry. they'll just use it as an excuse to increase the social security taxes ripped out of people's paychecks, and they will never decrease.

4883a7 No.11495728

File: bd5bea4f7bf54f7⋯.png (289.44 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_3117.PNG)

You faggots ready for some civil war tomorrow ? Works canceled dudes

From frazzled hrc huma vid


d7406a No.11495731


Gore is fine to post here, Anon.

d7406a No.11495732


Full story?

Did it pop up on cuckchan first?

4883a7 No.11495742


Nope. Some random jüdetube called Stoney Stone

Happened to be watching his livestream

Vids real

d7406a No.11495754


So far the "people" carrying this are

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter/voat/etc, the "Q" boomers

disinfo is already carrying it

some bullshit automated youtube channel that's only a month old

Smells like a psyop.

Synopsis: "frazzledrip/frazzled.rip, snuff film showing Hillary and Huma raping and murdering a female child, cutting her face off and wearing it."

Shills are thick on the tard sites with the "don't download or watch it's illegal" shit.

Either give us more or fuck off.

d7406a No.11495755


>wordfilter loll

your news wire.com - a known disinfo site.

50c908 No.11495756


>thread was deleted here because the creator obviously had nothing

>thread was from cuckchan, where obviously nothing happened

>now you're just posting CHILD PORN and claiming the second civil war will happen, ever

Yeah, nah. Reported.

4883a7 No.11495763


Report all you want. That's a screen shot off some random tube channel

50c908 No.11495766


>ha ha i can post child porn here because someone else posted it initially lol that's not illegal

Fuck off, childfucker. There won't be civil war.

33b843 No.11495771


I agree it should go but the money should be returned instead of stolen

9b41f3 No.11495779


That is perhaps the most jewish post I have seen in a while. Even the black-pilled pic is kosher.

804cd6 No.11495783

File: d49d7bc20f8813e⋯.png (171.38 KB, 371x399, 53:57, Sargoy.png)


He or she, frankly is a loyal kekistani who is either knowingly or unknowingly mocking Jared Taylor's unique inflection. This is a common aberration among fans of certain e-celeb whores, and it must be dealt with.

d7406a No.11495798

and GLP has a thread. Everything seems to have started 7-8 hours ago, so coordinated ~1500 hrs EST 15 April 2018

000000 No.11495809


>dey stoled duh welfare

It just means they need the SSA to take in more money than it spends, the money isn't going anywhere. OP is a nigger leftist.

000000 No.11495822


Are you literally quoting Shareblue?

38d78e No.11496054


>for whatever reason.

To distract from the Syrian happening. Which is the deep state's new baby.

38d78e No.11496060


>let's you and him fight!

Get fucked, Schlomo.

d01e05 No.11496082


Anything that might be difficult is supposed to deter us, and direct our ambitions towards sitting in front of the latest Star Wars instead.

000000 No.11496190


mods b& Degrelle

mods are joos

94355e No.11497004


Oh no, all those old people, diabled retards, and niggers won't get free shit. That suuuuuuucks.

47597f No.11497021

File: cef960d719b1a0c⋯.gif (4.24 MB, 638x520, 319:260, niggafied.gif)


>When you collect your gibs check for the first time

7cccab No.11497080


I hope this happens before I grow old enough to have contributed to this cancer to have this hurt.

I hope this happens early enough to screw over the boomers so that they all fucking die.

Moreover, we should attempt to have a small surplus of money each year, so that we can start paying off our debt. Balancing this budget is not quite enough.

0ce621 No.11497096


You obviously didn't learn your lesson from Britain and France. Even though they "colonized" lesser races in the past, now it just gives these lesser races an excuse to flood into their countries en masse now that the colonization is over. Reverse colonization is real.

93c629 No.11497104


USA is in debt and they are using the loans to fund the stuffs for them.

93c629 No.11497112

Anyway why care about money when USA is dying and don't have much time left now. Blue and Red people do not realise how bad it is now.

13e7bd No.11497143


which anime is that from? Hokuto no ken?

3d7e4d No.11497275

File: 21dc97bce99a3c8⋯.gif (6.22 MB, 495x287, 495:287, Disgusting.gif)



Know how I know you never had a real job?

3d7e4d No.11497277


The problem is the (((middle class))) are the wealthy. The OG wealthy pulled so far ahead they aren't even in consideration anymore. What used to be middle class is in fact in the low income and poverty brackets now.

3d7e4d No.11497286

File: bc418c477517d24⋯.jpg (74.59 KB, 501x332, 501:332, Jigger.jpg)



Kill yourself nigger.

3d7e4d No.11497291


Oh no, without all that old people money to steal, the debts won't get paid, that suuuuuucks.

Fucking kids.

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