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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: fe531525f3b2403⋯.webm (3.94 MB, 480x270, 16:9, City of life and death.webm)

e10511 No.11497253

How can a nation and its people fall so far? How can a country that was filled to the brim with culture and tradition no more than 100 years ago let itself be westernized so hard?

e10511 No.11497257

File: bfa0bbd18202e4f⋯.webm (2.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, really makes you think.webm)


Really makes you think

000000 No.11497260


b33420 No.11497265

File: db8bf9672e6d704⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 860x634, 430:317, db8bf9672e6d7041304b4b7094….jpg)

File: 0b0af7c54fe275a⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 1154x650, 577:325, 0b0af7c54fe275a60d3391004….webm)


Anime is the japanese soy.

3e1748 No.11497268

File: ea5d2485e2ed98a⋯.jpg (55.68 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Jews.jpg)

e10511 No.11497276



I had the Impression that Japan was mostly jew free

806141 No.11497281

Goons ITT

d321db No.11497311

File: 10585f1a0d1234a⋯.jpg (24.48 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1377847385854.jpg)

Even Westernized they serve as a model nation for the rest of the world. They see the shitshow going on in the west and learn the lesson on what NOT to do.

aeabfa No.11497332

'''What happened to the Japanese"

>Oy vey, Hiroshima was just an empty airfield

>Roosevelt was playing 1488D Chess

>So what if it only opens up the direct pathway to the jew world order, would you have preferred Hillary?

>Only shareblue or CTR leftists and muslims are salty over the crushing of Japan

>Smug loli anime girl JPG spam leading up to gore porn spam, then anchor the thread

(This is what happens when a shill's mind breaks)

3b3d43 No.11497340

File: c53907705c0c8d4⋯.jpg (177.53 KB, 800x1182, 400:591, Sonnō jōi.jpg)


It all started with Perry's Expedition and the ensuing Meiji Restoration, afterwards it just got even worse around a hundred years later with all the Post-WW2 US-enforced policies.

US interventionism (what a shock) has been an integral factor in Japan's degradation and the progressive loss of their unique identity.

eb7be5 No.11497345


We beat them. We literally, undeniably beat them in war*. And they adapted to the alpha culture.

This is why you don't leave wars unfinished and you be a fucking agressive jerk until the other side surrenders unconditionally.

*and they had it coming. They went full spastic.

3b3d43 No.11497347


>t. boomer

ca8122 No.11497354


>What happened to the Japanese?

A bad case of United States Of Israel.

107c35 No.11497356


Look at all those webm file sizes and that will tell you what kind of faggot is posting this shit.

7a6aac No.11497358

File: 17d7989675ee6ae⋯.jpg (69.51 KB, 488x429, 488:429, 1390868151117.jpg)


>this is what boomers actually believe

7c922a No.11497360


Fuck off to facebook

132fde No.11497377


A lot of this was inevitable anyways as Japan was backwards tech wise.

Ludicrously backwards.

6cc130 No.11497405



There is a strong weeaboo culture in the chans. Japan is a very dystopian place. It is fun to visit, it is fun place to enjoy, but you do NOT want to live there. The standards are too high, and destroy people.

Hence why the anime is so weird. Ever wonder why slice of life is so damn common? Because they can't live. They are too busy being wage vassals. Their culture is imploding due to the global market.

132fde No.11497414


Overall the problem of Japan is they modernised too fast.

They went from an agrarian feudal society to modern industry in so short a timespan you had people running about in post WW2 Japan who had been born as the Japanese equivalent of serfs.

27eedf No.11497418


>How can a nation and its people fall so far?

Meiji "restoration". Looks like destroying your culture and jumping on (((modernism))) bandwagon always leads to degeneration.

3993cd No.11497419

File: cbbdb947dcb7bce⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 470x647, 470:647, 1320463679561.jpg)

>implying being westernized means you no longer have any culture

Get the fuck outta here, kike.

cd8ceb No.11497427


>you do NOT want to live there. The standards are too high, and destroy people.

Korea is worse in that respect. And Korea, unlike Japan, is a very "grey" country.

107c35 No.11497436

File: 7e9ce6420ecc4d6⋯.png (415.04 KB, 842x709, 842:709, 7e9ce6420ecc4d66101fb3f906….png)



Both of you are morons had they not modernized you would call them sub-humans. Also while they did adopt European technologies quickly they didn't adopt French Egalitarianism but rather Imperialism. This whole thread is bait and it seems like a lot of new threads are 4chan kikes trying to push their faggotry after fag/pol/ went down a couple of days ago.

71e8bc No.11497440


It is still the most traditionalist country among the higher quality races.

71e8bc No.11497443


Modernity doesn't mean smartphones and tablets you colossal faggot.

Hang yourself.

132fde No.11497447


Their entire social order was transformed in less than a lifetime.

Things carried over that normally wouldn't. Hence their bizarre behaviour for the times during WW2.

71e8bc No.11497453


>implying being westernized means you no longer have any culture

That's what it means today because the west is defined as the distructive ideologies of post-modern america.

So yes if you westernize today it means total social and economic destrutcion.


36d420 No.11497454


I could say the same about virtually any western nation. The fact is that Japan will revert back to it's natural state when liberal hegemony under America collapses. I'm not optimistic enough to say the same for Britain or France.

7b91e3 No.11497459

Because they're slant eyed gooks

107c35 No.11497461



What are you going on about? Are you retarded? Technological advancement =/= Republic/Liberal beliefs. Or do you morons actually believe in the "More tech = more liberal a society gets".

36d420 No.11497467


Westernisation = Americanisation = acceptance of liberal bourgeois values. If you weren't busy with Japanese cartoons you would see the strong reaction against westernisation in the Middle East and Russia even today.

36d420 No.11497485


Technological advancement but at what cost? Is it worth to trade your soul? Maybe the West conquered the world militarily, culturally and technologically but isn't the West the only civilisation ready to assist in it's own ethnic replacement and total degeneration.

107c35 No.11497500


Had the kikes either not existed or left the west alone the story would be different. You clearly see the world the way jews want you to see it, you can't believe a technologically advanced society can survive and will always self-destruct Rome also had a jewish problem. One of the biggest examples to this is Germany both Prussia and National Socialist Germany were advanced above their counter-parts and very much in favor of traditional beliefs.

You 4chan faggots really need to lurk before making shitty threads

132fde No.11497505

File: 26b235474f924da⋯.gif (42.32 KB, 200x204, 50:51, laughing desu.gif)


Well they dismantled the old feudal order. The Samurai were almost entirely gotten rid of, though some of the old clans found new places in the new order (such as the Tosa clan who founded the modern Japanese navy), many vanished as their members found themselves no longer supported by the state.

The serfs and so on were made free men.

The old feudal power structure was replaced with a more democratic model and the old network of civil offices as something to be inherited or awarded to people based on clan loyalties was replaced by a system of modern professional administrators.

All of this in less than a lifetime.

107c35 No.11497547

File: 7e8676c2729a431⋯.jpg (159.79 KB, 950x841, 950:841, ss oath.jpg)


Were the shogun really in power because they benefited Japan or just for power/wealth.

Loyalty while very important shouldn't be the only reason why an individual gains power. How effective they are should also be a factor in their position The question of loyalty should also include to whom they are loyal to and is the person in charge a benefit to the state and people?

61ed2d No.11497554


Because those parts of their culture were truly ass-backwards and intrusive on normal life.

A lot of their older traditions were autism tier and required a lifetime of servitude for mere maintenance of temple, festivities etc.

What you show is something like a victory ritual. Where instead of a victory parade the soldiers are doing this ass-backwards dance in the territory of their conquest.

simply stuff like

>tea sipping - turned into an autistic ritual that takes time and high precision

>cleaning the floor of a temple, government building, house - near ritual tier bowing

>visiting a lord and showing obedience to him - bowing low and staying low in his presence

>showing status approval to a samurai - go into the mud on the side of the road and bow

>bowing - several forms, each named and with different significance

>honor - autism tier duels and forced obedience up to the 20th century

>arranged marriages up the arse with near mathematical determination of who you marry based on goods and family status, completely no consideration for compatibility

>fully expected obedience to law and emperor

That said they maintain a lot more of their traditions than any of their european counterparts. So the traditional argument applies to us 10 times more than to the japs who are still autistic about mos things.

a0257a No.11497555


It's actually propaganda that they weren't modern at all before the black ships of peace and the (((Restoration))), they had neoclassical cities before it and were able to control their borders for a reason. Go look up some of their megalithic sites and you'll learn origins of the high caste samurai and why they closed themselves off to the world(it wasn't because they were afraid of Christians).

Whenever you hear:


Cultural X

Language/Education Reform





That means history has been rewritten, thousands of books burns, sages slaughtered and artifacts destroyed. People would vomit blood if they knew how many libraries of Alexandria worth of books have been burnt to justify some fake bank owned ruler.

0019ad No.11497598


OP, they've been westernized since General Perry introduced Western Culture to them via gunboat diplomacy.

I just took a class on this East Asian History shit. They became great, from a backwards bumfuck country, because they embraced imperialist ideologies.

107c35 No.11497615

File: 37c7333f69e5f8b⋯.jpg (91.13 KB, 756x715, 756:715, 288fc721b5430232328f5ff78c….jpg)


Any good books, documentaries or any media where I can learn more about Edo period japan?

132fde No.11497631


Congratulations this is the kind of thinking that was involved in Japans transition from a feudal order to modern one.

107c35 No.11497639

File: a8010ce34b43c95⋯.jpg (45.35 KB, 702x1016, 351:508, 1459547013708-0.jpg)


Thanks but tell me if you were a Russian in WW2 would you be loyal to Stalin?

a15dee No.11497651

File: 8bfbee14b3e9732⋯.jpg (147.7 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Sem Título.jpg)


you wouldn't have a choice

either loyal to Stalin or shot by NKVD

132fde No.11497654


Depends. What kind of Russian am I?

11b63e No.11497659

File: 85469fe9dd856ef⋯.jpg (132.52 KB, 1422x2040, 237:340, 1467368187478.jpg)


a once proud nation was humiliated in war and its spirit crushed, so the people turned to individualism, away from the concept of nation and general prosperity, focusing on individualistic and personal concepts. same as prussia (after ww2) and russia (in the yeltsin era) and now america, wen it reached its climax of expansion and is gonna just go down in a slow loud fart

107c35 No.11497661

File: d6811b273c10e68⋯.jpg (63.77 KB, 1023x746, 1023:746, DHOPuU0XYAAhR5G.jpg)



Way to out yourselves

8ad557 No.11497664


This. Saging this retarded black pill shilling.

132fde No.11497667


Well lets face it. If I'm a a bourgeois marxist intellectual then yeah woo Stalin.

He's mah nigga.

If I'm your typical peasant or inner city worker then again probably woo Stalin because I'm too thick to understand how he's fucking shit up worse than the Tsars ever managed.

But if I'm a Kulak? Business owner? Tradesman? Fuck nah

a15dee No.11497680



Under Stalin, there's no option. Either fanatic loyalty or shot by NKVD.

To give example, Kondratiev, seen as possibly the greatest XX century economist by the society of econometrics, worked for Russia.

He adapted to Tsar, he adapted to Lenin, he adapted to anything, worked for Stalin. Very very loyal.

After a while, his research concluded that if Capitalism was to colapse, it would take more than 40-50 years (Kondratiev works in long circles) and thus wouldn't happen in Stalin's lifetime. This assuming it colapsed.

As a result for that research conclusions, he was labelled as a Burgeoise/Capitalist spy who was spread demoralization propaganda, was lined up against the wall and shot by firing squad.

Meanwhile even today Kondratiev writings have a sort of cult status. USSR lost one of its best economists simply because Stalin had culture of purging even the loyalists. Only the fanatics were allowed to live.

a0257a No.11497681

File: bebda2668530833⋯.jpg (96.63 KB, 900x796, 225:199, irish before they were tam….jpg)


The classic "before X, they were all savages" too bad it never works on actual savages like abos or niggers. Races cannot be reformed very much, especially in less than a generation.

It reminds me of the Germanic propaganda they push too, where they attribute all classical roman style ruins and artifacts to a supposedly alien empire because after all– the pagan Germans were terrible savages that ate babies in their witchcraft rituals and only later became a scientific capital the world once they became Christians.

982371 No.11497682

There is so much retardation in this thread it's ridiculous.

The Japs are doing just fine. You know why? Because their country is 99% Japanese people. They don't have a massive spic/nig/muzzie underclass ready and eager to overthrow the current order. They don't have subhumans turning their cities into third-world shitholes.

It does not matter that their population is shrinking because their country is way too densely packed. It will go up naturally again in time, this is what populations do when the government isn't importing shitskins to replace you.

When the West collapses under a sea of brown the Japs will be able to ride it out and adapt as a people to whatever issue faces them because they are a homogeneous unified country.

Right now they need to ease up on the 16-hour workdays and stifling life conditions as best as possible, and lay off the feminism a bit, but otherwise Japan is a model for western countries to emulate for the time being.

a15dee No.11497691


tbh fam the only critic of Japan are the crazy work hours.

This work ethic non-ironically undermines family values, and makes firm a replacement for family.

But they beat us on almost everything else. Makes us look like a bunch of Bananas in comparison.

000000 No.11497692



Also Amerifats.

628939 No.11497699

File: cb0405dfa6201ac⋯.jpg (88.37 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 760044.jpg)


>so the people turned to individualism

>20th century

>people turn to individualism

Why do collectivist insects continue to spread their false meme? Rhetorical question.

982371 No.11497700


I'm no Jap expert but I think a lot of that is based on their Buddhist-ish religion.

For example the tea ceremony stuff is based on experiencing every sensory detail of life instead of being caught up in your own head, learning to slow down and savor every action, or something along those lines.

000000 No.11497705


The problem with the last thing you said is that they can't because they are drowning in debt and each subsequent generation is smaller than the last. This means they have to constantly increase productivity or go bankrupt. Which didn't turn out well for the other East Asian economies that did that during the Asian economic crisis.

Roboticization may save them, but only if it can happen quickly enough that they get a lead over their neighbors.

However, after all low skill labor is automated, they'll have a leg up on China. A smaller population to support will probably be a huge advantage in a post-automated world. So much so that I wouldn't be surprised if many governments do rather terrible things to achieve that advantage.

61ed2d No.11497708


That's the phylosophical idea some jap lord had, while his servants copied it to the letter.

Then everyone who couldn't do the ceremony properly was beaten with sticks and ridiculed for being out of line with the local mandatory autism.

107c35 No.11497712

File: ca02fa251ee288e⋯.jpg (148.05 KB, 1553x1080, 1553:1080, d14c87cf50571999aea8fb179d….jpg)


You are fucking retarded? When did I say or implying what beliefs you had or in what economic position you are would be in? Why would you have to be a business owner or tradesman to be against communism? Do you believe that communist only affect the economy of a nation?





Submitting yourself to communist. You 4chan faggots that came in during the last wave are a cancer.

da3dc2 No.11497716

File: ce7d9bcf6e6423a⋯.mp4 (5 MB, 320x240, 4:3, How to deal with Communist….mp4)


>How can a nation and its people fall so far?

Last I checked, they weren't the ones being subverted by Communists and Jews.

a0257a No.11497717


They're a vassal state of the USA, could be thrown into the maws of the chinks at a whim and have zero living space. They're basically a pet race destined to cannibalized itself. An American saying "they're doing good" is condescending to say the least.


They were closer to ancient Veda Hinduism, which shares quite a bit with Buddhism. But they've been spiritual gutted and given kosher meme rituals for marketing tourism, the original mixtures used in the tea rituals and true meaning has been lost.

c9d131 No.11497722


>under american occupation for the last 78 years

>100,000 troops stationed there to rape their way through the female population

>10 million juden in the US, running all foreign policy for the last 100 years

How strange!

c9d131 No.11497724


/nupol/ accurately depicted

c9d131 No.11497726


99% means that 1.2 million foreigners are there.

How long ago was Japan 99.99% pure

a15dee No.11497731


You could defect to Wermacht before Stalin introduced order 227.

Is there record of any defection before order 227?

da3dc2 No.11497735

File: 42521f5ff8c380c⋯.png (131.64 KB, 823x501, 823:501, Japanese 'soft power'.png)

File: 4e6c5af373e42e9⋯.jpg (137.42 KB, 624x696, 26:29, hiroshima-detroit.jpg)

File: a54956e20b5ce21⋯.png (49.05 KB, 1266x413, 1266:413, Fuck China 07.png)

File: bcf9c1db69ed043⋯.jpg (584.26 KB, 4050x750, 27:5, japanese art origins.jpg)

File: 00a0b530604fe8e⋯.png (1.13 MB, 760x960, 19:24, Hell On Earth.png)







>And Korea, unlike Japan, is a very "grey" country.

a15dee No.11497736


*after order 227

b94169 No.11497752


Being ruled by their own version of the Mafia isn't so based either, remember, even though far right groups are rising they're still a minority compared to the illegally backed center right forces. Still less cucked than half the European powers.

da3dc2 No.11497761

File: be0168afe39d062⋯.mp4 (3.03 MB, 512x288, 16:9, Japanese Girl Wants to Kil….mp4)

File: 354cf0587f4ef9b⋯.png (527.09 KB, 937x1108, 937:1108, Japan_is_a_feminist_hellho….png)


>The fact is that Japan will revert back to it's natural state when liberal hegemony under America collapses.


>It does not matter that their population is shrinking because their country is way too densely packed. It will go up naturally again in time, this is what populations do when the government isn't importing shitskins to replace you.

5cef21 No.11497762


You may be a retard

Having a ceremonial way to do things is not intrusive. Do you honestly think every nip drinks tea in the ceremonial way every time?

And everyone has nuance in bowing.

>Forced obedience is bad

>arranged marriages are bad

>respecting your emperor is bad

>That said they maintain a lot more of their traditions than any of their european counterparts.

You just spent a dozen lines being utterly retarded in your criticisms of those traditions. Fucking kill yourself my man.

107c35 No.11497763

File: 41a94a0f5a14ec2⋯.jpg (18.66 KB, 299x325, 23:25, 41a94a0f5a14ec22f026f8c9e0….jpg)


No army or nation would let a person defect while a war is occurring. That is such a stupid thing to say

628939 No.11497765

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




You should watch this. People usually have no idea what is Japanese industry.

22ab60 No.11497774


It's from dangerous levels of radiation exposure. Perhaps if we only dropped one a-bomb Japan would be less fucked up and not as sexually confused.

22ab60 No.11497775


22ab60 No.11497776

Radiation kills

22ab60 No.11497777


a087b1 No.11497780

Why is this shit cuckchain tier thread up right now? Why are people replying? Why are people with no knowledge of the subject replying with 1-2 sentence retorts as if they know what they are talking about? Why aren't they saging?

a15dee No.11497783


I mean records of sucessful defection after order 227.

Because after order 227, executions became so ordinary that even the loyal soldiers would be killed, let alone those who are dissent minded.

The most realistic option would be that /pol/ user in Stalin timeline would end up trying to defect but mostly likely shot by some NKVD during the process.

da3dc2 No.11497790

File: e9151ba7b320866⋯.png (445.5 KB, 963x2000, 963:2000, Nanking.png)


You got a source on that?

a15dee No.11497791


Replying to myself: seems there is. If it's commies, I could consider defection, but only admitting 70% chances are I would end up shot against the wall by the Komissar

b267a9 No.11497803

>most of the people bashing Japan for not having culture are torniggers

Has there ever been a single tor post worth reading?


Fucking this.

f0e2b9 No.11497806


We used one too many nuclear devices. Oh, and this >>11497260

4f2a90 No.11497822

File: db1f04443f1662e⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 4096x2733, 4096:2733, IMG_20180302_114125.jpg)

Japan is arguably less cucked than the west.

da3dc2 No.11497825

File: 16250d39e22bd80⋯.png (128.1 KB, 1024x1169, 1024:1169, P4Bd3dfsChasd.png)

106cb1 No.11497828

File: 8c9b9d178b08723⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, laughing cao cao.webm)


Their entire history up till the 19th century was just copying the Chinese.

da3dc2 No.11497832

File: 0c12db02fc7a962⋯.png (53.69 KB, 1266x548, 633:274, Fuck China 11.png)


>copying the Chinese

<Copying a society they bumfucked multiple time

f0e2b9 No.11497833

File: e30d394ef880e3f⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 270x235, 54:47, casual detected.gif)


>Doesn't take all the niggers into account

882fca No.11497838


The last I checked their kike population, including yid-Japanese mongrels, was under 1,000 people, almost all of them around Tokyo. Even with those small numbers, they're still doing what they can to nig up Japan to the best of their ability. Jews: not even once.

dfd3f4 No.11497840

File: 93e8e26ffa4a2ca⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 340x205, 68:41, WOOAAHH.gif)


Dude, Brah. I don't get it. How can the Japanese make some of the most BORINGEST THINGS so interesting. I mean, I watched a segment on handmade bowls, and I found that shit interesting. A SEGEMENT, ON HANMADE BOWLS. FUCKING HANDMADE, BOWLS. How the fuck, did they make it, so interesting? How?

a0257a No.11497843

File: b4881d680dd3bc9⋯.gif (3.46 MB, 200x200, 1:1, baboon flip phone.gif)


But Anon, China's history and chronology is entirely fake, especially after the (((Cultural Revolution))). No one actually knows their true history anymore but maybe the ruling party, there's a reason they hide those pyramids and never allows 3rd parties to examine supposed artifacts.

000000 No.11497848


I said: low skill. Japanese robots doing what Chinese laborers do, but with even less overhead. High skill jobs will remain, and always do. The problem is that not everyone in a given country will be able to do high skill jobs. And this is why you have insane demands on productivity and an explosion in welfare in the developed world.

China, for example, is losing it's low skilled jobs to Southeast Asia. It's GDP increases by less and less each year. This deprives China both of valuable tax revenue and stability since the people most likely to start a violent revolt are always the lower classes. If enough of them are unemployed, then the government (and it's various monopoly corporations) can no longer service it's debt and so lose their sovereignty to whichever vulture swoops in to feed on the carcass. This is the fate Japan wants to avoid, and has been struggling to. Many of their larger companies are barely making ROI for their investors and most have debt they cannot get rid of. They can't fix that merely by focusing on making more high-end blades.

Also, I've been to Japan multiple times on business looking for investment opportunities mate. You don't need to explain to me why the good shit there is good. As a country they still have the best chance of making it, largely because they haven't fallen for the population meme. But it's still going to take time for automation to be the rule rather than the exception to outsourcing.

61ed2d No.11497881


>it was dishonorubru to live without a lord

>thus most of the lord's men would kill themselves if his castle fell to ruin

>it was perfectly fine for samurai to cut down peasants to test out their new sword

Do you justify that sort of obedience and honor hierarchy ?

To the point of losing human lives and being unable to adjust to changes at all ?

It is for this very same reason that they changed so much after failing in the war. They knew nothing else. God forbid their emperor dies even now.

000000 No.11497895


>A lot of this was inevitable anyways as Japan was backwards tech wise.

>Ludicrously backwards.

You don't know shit.

>who is Thomas Glover

Japan had been coached into the modern industrial era (by a handful of White Brits) long before the war.


132fde No.11497900


It was still pretty backwards in terms of its industrial capacity and ability to make shit consistently and reliably.

132fde No.11497902


Oh and I forgot to mention. I'm not talking about during the war. I mean prior to the war.

Don't forget they had spears when we had rifles.

000000 No.11497918


They had only just (relative to the West) learned industrial production but were catching up quickly. The point is that many seem to confuse the preservation of tradition with backwardness. You can have modern industry and tradition.

It seems that we are under the impression that the jew isn't active in Japan. Keener eyes will see the jew's influence everywhere, especially in the increasingly "progressive" attitudes of recent generations. The kike very much wants to open the gates of brown immigration, but they can wait, there is no rush because Japan is, like White Western countries, in a demographic winter. Eventually the Japs will fold and out of greedy self-interest, allow niggers and pakis in "to pay our pensions".

628939 No.11497927


Thing is there is no "low skill" labor in Japan. Think of it, man grinding blade over grinding wheel. You may imagine that such technology is proper scenes for some shack in the Africa utilizing low skill labor. But in Japan it is pinnacle of surgical blade making. If you put I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass or real niger into Japanese "low skill" labor position this enterprise would immediately collapse. Because actually to execute this job at the current level autist is needed with 15 years of "low skill" job experience who perfected manual labor to the level of art.

>but what about real low skill jobs positions like traffic controllers that are not rare site for Japana (wtf who uses traffic controller after invention of the streetlight?)

This is just welfare in disguise, they could automate this jobs already but it achieves nothing this people left workforce years ago after they failed their quest of autism.

a7ec64 No.11497951


It was either westernise on your own, and play catch-up with Europe or get the Chinese treatment. Without the Meiji Restoration, Japan would simply become another protectorate of one of the colonial powers of that era. You either adapt and overcome, or you get subjugated by stronger and more technological advanced tribes.

d6739b No.11498435


>Ancestral religion

>One of the lowest crime rates in the world

>99%+ ethnic Japanese

>Went from an isolationist country more-or-less in the middle ages to being one of the world's largest economies with one of the highest standards of living in little more than a century

>One of the most ecologically conscious countries in the world

>Strong and pervasive culture of craftsmanship

>High value placed on maintaining tradition

>Crypto-fascist government, nationalism taken for granted

Yeah, what an awful example.

d678b6 No.11498445

They live under America's boot. A country that is the greatest propganda machine to ever exist and uses people as psyop and social experiments.

45de01 No.11498456


You aren't wrong. Muh samurai spirit. Most likely all of them dead and the one left are loving it under American occupation.

084eb2 No.11498571

084eb2 No.11498576


which hentai is this from?

58c32d No.11498618


>niggers in scotland

Are you serious?

4a8cd3 No.11498807


Japan had the most arquebus in the entire world at the end of the 16th century you historical illiterate.

e3aa5b No.11498817

File: 47ca79db6d5ad48⋯.jpg (71.85 KB, 619x539, 619:539, 436n7j2.jpg)

>What happened to japan

Ionno what happened to


-United States





-South Africa


etc etc


4a8cd3 No.11498823


That depends on the person, but seeing how the lords in Japan did not enjoy so much more luxury than the commonfolk in comparison to other civilizations, I would say that they mostly cared for their country rather than themselves.

4a8cd3 No.11498827


Japan actually owns much of its own debt.

e3aa5b No.11498833


japan owns the most US debt too

4a8cd3 No.11498836


Japan stops sending diplomats to import Chinese culture in 894 AD, so you are 1 millenium off the mark

9276d0 No.11498839

>What happened to the Japanese?

Same thing that happened to Germany, except less extreme. Jews stripped them of their military empire and made them a vassal state and have US base/occupation. Don't get me wrong, there are still based Japs who are still healthily xenophobic and don't buy into the jew programming, but (((they))) are trying very hard to crack into the japanese people, and with the male population slowly dipping from fucking qt nip females and playing video games and watching hentai, the future isn't looking so good.

994373 No.11498840

File: d11b16eec627228⋯.jpg (196.55 KB, 618x780, 103:130, 61aeb94d6a4ee1584e978c88b1….jpg)


One that vid is from a Chinese propaganda video. Still cool though. Two, Japan has fallen less than literally every other first world country. UK is absolute shit in comparison. Three, pol is pro-kushner censoring piece of shit.


Soros is marrying an American Japa

Olympics are coming.

Japan is future Chinese territory.

4a8cd3 No.11498842


Plenty of Chinese historical records have been copied and safely stored in other countries.

106cb1 No.11498859


Chinese Culture still exists in Taiwan

3d00a8 No.11498876


>so the people turned to individualism, away from the concept of nation and general prosperity

Japan is all about society at large, though. It's all "what can you do" rather than "what can you get". You WILL do overtime no matter where you work, and a lot of it. Depression and suicide are rampant, men in particular are withdrawing from society there as they want no part in all that pressure in addition to being expected to find a wife and provide for a family. If you talk with people there no one expresses strong opinions since no one wants to be the one to rock the boat, it's all empty small talk that everyone will agree with. I don't mean the usual "man, the sportsball team is doing shitty" Western normalfag-tier shit either, they're afraid to be individuals. They don't want to disturb the peace and be different or stand out. Even looking/dressing differently is frowned upon in some places unless you're in a place with a lot of foreigner contact like Tokyo, then you'll see weirder outfits and shit. It's even in the language, just look at ね and its entire existence. It's not "その車わかっこいいです" as a statement on how they feel, it's "その車わかっこいいですね" because they want the person to agree with the opinion they are tentatively putting forth.


Yep. Entire south island is nothing but American military bases.

3d00a8 No.11498907



I need to stop typing phonetically, fuck.

92374e No.11498950

File: 165093df82db18a⋯.jpg (34.27 KB, 474x250, 237:125, meiji_restoration.jpg)


Nothing wrong with being a nation of copycats. Copying China when they were ontop of the world was a good thing. Since the Meiji restoration, while China declined and the West rose. Japan switched to copying the Western powers and has benefitted.


But for how long?

5d9038 No.11498972

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I remember reading a while back that Farnsworth wanted television to be a window to the world, rather than the souless idiot box it is today (though I heard he was quite pleased with the broadcast of the moon landing in his later years. The question of culture is one that has been bugging me for some time. I am not sure if Westernization is a germ or somewhat of an obstinate embrace that simply needs to dial itself back a tad. I think different cultures can create wonderful things (video very related) by taking something familiar and throwing something subjectively exotic in there. There is beauty in contrast I suppose, but it must have a soul. I may just be rambling though, I am kind of an idiot.

736d3d No.11499013

Pretty ironic that you talk about Japanese traditions while posting an ahistorical video from a Chinese movie that depicts Japanese battle music that they never actually utilized. Japanese still follow a lot of their traditions really, they didn't wipe it all out like most countries.

>but muh anime and video games

Most adults are looked down on if they spend a bunch of their time on these, most Japanese youth are not NEETs.

99a832 No.11499067


Their version is Filipinos (Spics), Indonesians (Pakis) and Southeast Asians (Colombians)

99a832 No.11499071


Can somebody ban this anime avataring faggot already?

4993dc No.11499083


Underrated post Anon. You hurt a most people who are still here feelings. You will probably get banned though.


668232 No.11499106

File: 53ef7dfa1184dd2⋯.jpg (16.23 KB, 480x329, 480:329, 0eb088908acaac4bd002c0ae73….jpg)


its all gay nwo un freemasonry communism(all the same thing at the top) that goes in and erases culture so they can start pressing out trannies and soyboys

3af021 No.11499113


kys progressive libtard

0193c4 No.11499122

Nuke it twice then slowly let Jews creep in over the next 60 years while preventing them from breeding and using anime and otaku culture to turn the men into weak shut-in permavirgin betas

668232 No.11499123


better than spending 2k hours playing stardew valley like a massive faggot. at least that nigger could sweep a floor, enjoy it and be a pleasure to watch.

86ffd8 No.11499132


Yeah this. Korea is almost the perfect mix of all the shittiest traits both east and west have nowadays. How that place ever became considered popular and trendy I'll never know. Japan for all its (many) faults still has so much more going for it than that dump.

a32dac No.11499135

I wonder what could have happen if Japan opened up and maybe adopted Christianity after the end of Sengoku Jidai.

3af021 No.11499138


It would be the same post-communism shithole as Eastern Europe.

Christianity is the precursor for communism.

a3bff2 No.11499140

File: 6c156ce79709874⋯.png (93.53 KB, 624x343, 624:343, stinky.png)

Its funny,

While Anime is probably one of the last uncucked forms of visual entertainment,

It also caused great problems for Japan.

They just didn't know how to handle their monster when they made it.

Anime/Manga can be good for you in small doses, but what we are seeing are lifetimes of use, and its not pretty.

e1e9e0 No.11499149


Since "Christians" during the warring states period were Isis-tier culture-destroying slave-selling terrorists, Japan would have turned out rather terribly.

a32dac No.11499154


I'm aware of that. I dislike all Abrahamic religions due to their Semitic orgins. Nonetheless, despite Christianity, Europe still had a tremendous technological advantage over Asia at that time. I guess it would result in another bloody civil war, similar to the one when Buddhist monks started to preach their faith in Japan 1000 years earlier.

88d548 No.11499172


>everything I don't like is autism

88d548 No.11499175


Any day now abbos are gonna invent the roof.

6acac1 No.11499201

File: f72f29a80db4779⋯.jpg (131.42 KB, 1093x481, 1093:481, OP_SAMURAILONGCON.jpg)


>westernized so hard?

They're insular islanders. Nothing arrives without being transmuted in its essence into the Japanese one.


>Meiji restoration, degeneration

The Emperor devoted kind that would have conquered and held the entire East but for the UK's Burger sepoys.


>The Japs are doing just fine. Japan's 99% JAPANESE

Younger generations present a more Western/shitlib worldview, but it's just that: nominal. They look West because the Chinese ant hive offers nothing but Blade Runner and dogmeat. The population contraction is still much larger than the paltry 70 million they had to go on in 1944, and they could do it again if they really wanted to.


>only if automization can happen quickly enough that they get a lead over their neighbors.

Their shift to space (and endorsement of crypto) certainly demonstrate the need for change.


>Japanese soft power

The East also has its own secret societies, as did Imperial Japan. The idea that they are not in play (or utterly beholden to non-Eastern ones) is unrealistic.


>sex hierarchy

>Droit du seigneur

The feudal harim was the eugenic force propelling European (and subsequently, Japanese) civilization; chad daimyos dicking the more aesthetic farmer stock, for hundreds of years.


>Eventually the Japs will fold and allow niggers and pakis in "to pay our pensions".

Rearmament and universal service should prevent this. The nurse-drain from those regions flock to the US, there aren't the numbers or ability/will to learn the language to a serviceable level. This >>11497927 Luxury products and high end manufacturing to service China/US to come.


Conscientiousness taken to extremes becomes a polite callousness (indifferent propriety.) It's not necessarily a bad thing. You guys could do with a bit more banter/pride. Repealing Article 9 and retaking the right to defend yourselve will be a massive collective psychic weight off the shoulders.

d16b97 No.11499210

File: 5a7d9ee6ccebb44⋯.webm (222.28 KB, 750x422, 375:211, Moe gets.webm)


Dubbs of reasonable truth

2a3cc6 No.11499232


>What happened to the Japanese?

Don't you mean What Jappened?

132fde No.11499326


Yes and they still used those when everyone else was moving onto early cartridge rifles.

e9ee80 No.11499531

Holy shit this is “everything I learned from anime and movies is real” the thread. Japan is fine, has been and I would even go as far to say that their unique blend of their own, ancient Chinese culture and Western culture has given them a huge advantage in the world. I think the most important aspect to understanding the Japanese is based in their language. Everything is based about constantly being aware of your social relationship to someone and modifiying the way you speak. This plays into even the basic understanding of being Japanese (that is being born in a Japan to a lineage of only Japanese parents 日本人 as opposed to being born outside of Japan 日本系 or even a half, which they actually say have) against everyone else which are outsiders, though 外人 is usually used to refer to Westerns. Second they are very vague, in order to maintain a level of peaceful among others. When I use Japanese at work with other Japanese of course I use keigo but with my friends I speak very directly and am of told that “I sound American” because I am direct. Example in the business setting you wouldn’t say No, that’s not a good deal, outright. You’d say something like Ah that’s a little difficult. Another anon here mention a level of subservience as well, which again plays into the language using verbs and pronouns that show your lower status and humility as well as elevating the status of the person you are speaking too. That’s just a small bit man, it’s pretty crazy once you really get into it.

2a1bbe No.11499650


Only if the present system of (((international free trade))) and (((financial markets))) continues. Which it shouldn't.

fc272f No.11499685



i toutght we purged lolbertians off this board years ago. apparently you came back with the neocohens and other scum in these times.


its what NS stands for.

not you gay NAP and legal-financial gymnastics

bbee8f No.11499697


Due to nearly 200 years of peace and isolation.

That's the price of peace.

Anyway, Japan is fucking fine, in fact it's finer than most white countries. We ought to learn from the japs, especially regarding immigration control.

132fde No.11499776


Peace, isolation, a heavy focus on tradition and a fierce opposition to outside ideas meaning that if a concept came to Japan before it was discovered domestically then it was a "foreign idea" and thus was to be ignored.

Dutch studies as a concept held back Japan considerably.

15fd09 No.11499792


>"hurr it can never be the fault of a people, because humans are perfect :^)"


Curious about the gook cap, but the chink cap? Read a damn book.

81cec7 No.11499922

File: e8edb8f24e5b191⋯.jpg (51.6 KB, 500x400, 5:4, crusades22.jpg)


>Christianity is the precursor for communism.

<Says an idiot who doesn't know what the actual Bible says and just repeats a meme

31d210 No.11499949


It's been (((westernized))), it's what the Jews were doing to the 3rd world since the cold war

31d210 No.11499951


well Japan isn't 3rd world but you get the picture

000000 No.11500543


>But for how long?

For long, if the ChinkCom party has its way. They realized they dun goofed by steamrolling their own culture and are now trying hard to import it back to the mainland from Taiwan.

45dd48 No.11500568



There's White Muslims too, y'know? They're just as European as White Christians, but their religion is equally as European - that is to say, not at all.

74858f No.11500703


>They had it coming

>US started the war against Japan

Right … You realize an embargo is an act of war, right? You're basically forbidding citizens of a country to trade how they like, and if they want to trade how they like, you'll kill them. Killing them when they have done literally nothing to warrant violence and murder is clearly and obviously initiating force.

6571ec No.11500739


>no culture and tradition


Pick one.

f73248 No.11500753

File: 883a7085f9457f5⋯.jpg (33.8 KB, 460x689, 460:689, 4f1.jpg)


>The semitic religion made 'x people' civilized.

Keep telling yourself that.

da3dc2 No.11500850


>You're basically forbidding citizens of a country to trade how they like, and if they want to trade how they like, you'll kill them. Killing them when they have done literally nothing to warrant violence and murder is clearly and obviously initiating force.

War with Japan was inevitable. The entire reason we stopped trade with them was because we were growing uncomfortable with them repurposing the outdated tech and equipment that they were buying from us.

However, Pearl Harbor was another matter entirely. That entire show was a trap. We could have prevented it, there were reports coming in all over about the Japanese planning to attack, but, because FDR wanted to join the war in Europe as a quick fix to get out of the Depression, he pulled the Navy out of Hawaii as a way to draw in the Nips. And, seeing this as a sign of weakness, the Japanese fell right into it resulting in the entire reason why the U.S. joined WWII.

132fde No.11500941

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well that and you stopped selling them basic material such as fuel.

Once the USA did that it was clear to Japan the USA had decided to enter the war and on what side.

Which is why the US government pulled that move. They knew that Japan had only one option.

Said option being an attack on a vital US navy port for transitioning ships and people from the eastern pacific to the western pacific.

Pearl Harbour.

The USA and Japan both knew that if enough damage was done to Pearl Harbour especially when a substantial US navy force was in it, then the USA would essentially be pushed out of the western pacific.

There simply wasn't the capacity among the nations it had chosen to ally with to service their naval assets and the USAs pacific forces. Plus the USA couldn't transition naval forces to those allies ports ahead of time because it would be a blatant move that would get called out internally.

So yeah Japan took the bait. It had no choice.

But Japan expected the US Navy to be in Pearl Harbour in force, their plan hinged on them being able to clog the port with shipwrecks that would take years to clear away.

da3dc2 No.11500969

File: 18e5230854e74ef⋯.webm (301.13 KB, 850x480, 85:48, Wha.webm)


>The USA and Japan both knew that if enough damage was done to Pearl Harbour especially when a substantial US navy force was in it, then the USA would essentially be pushed out of the western pacific.

>There simply wasn't the capacity among the nations it had chosen to ally with to service their naval assets and the USAs pacific forces. Plus the USA couldn't transition naval forces to those allies ports ahead of time because it would be a blatant move that would get called out internally.

>So yeah Japan took the bait. It had no choice.

>But Japan expected the US Navy to be in Pearl Harbour in force, their plan hinged on them being able to clog the port with shipwrecks that would take years to clear away.

Excuse me, what?

2359e1 No.11500990

Meiji happened.

The Shinsengumi did nothing wrong.

132fde No.11501063

File: 4426ff60960c749⋯.gif (383.88 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 4426ff60960c749ebd7c269f49….gif)


The USAs allies in the region when it joined the war consisted of China whose port facilities were archaic and elements suitable for modern use were already occupied by the Royal Navy. At the time the largest navy in the world and its wartime record has probably not been surpassed yet, I'd have to check the numbers.

Australia whose ports were in use by the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy. Unless you fancied a very long round trip around Australia every time you left port.

The various shit tier nations in the region? Royal Navy or not sufficient for the USAs needs.

Without Pearl Harbour the USA would have difficulty sustaining its assets in the western pacific.

Nowhere to do big servicing jobs, nowhere to serve as a major supply distribution point, nowhere to refuel ships transitioning from the eastern pacific to the wesern.

Meaning Japan would only have its current problems to deal with. Which were still rather substantial.

Japan had to do a preemptive strike in order to have any hope of avoiding having to deal with the USA.

000000 No.11501074

This thread is completely retarded. You think the Japs have it bad but they're still resisting the globalist agenda. People in western countries have way less of an excuse for why they're so fucked up with soyim now.

da3dc2 No.11501179

File: 5842817044f3f2b⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 480x604, 120:151, Still safer to live in Jap….JPG)


>You think the Japs have it bad but they're still resisting the globalist agenda. People in western countries have way less of an excuse for why they're so fucked up with soyim now.

882fca No.11501206


Psychos live all over the world. Japan has the same percentage of fucked up people that any country has. The modern West has those same domestic psychos, foreign psychos because of lax immigration controls, foreign and domestic drug cartels, and Muslim jihadis, plus a giant traitorous fifth column in media and government that defends them and attacks anyone trying to put a stop to their activities.

5fc195 No.11501241

File: a3771e2743756de⋯.jpg (143.58 KB, 1093x481, 1093:481, imperial japan's ultimate ….jpg)


<How can a nation and its people fall so far?

>literally the only country with a Northern European HDI and a near-US technological level that remains ethnically homogenous, respectful towards its ancestors **"war criminals" included" and tradition and still having a firm ethical and aesthetic compass

<fall so far

>kvetching about muh declining birthrates and muh westernization in hokkaido choerography chapter of all places

5fc195 No.11501250

File: 24593416a5053fc⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1279x634, 1279:634, Worst_Korea_is_wothy_of_it….jpg)

File: 779bad024e0629e⋯.jpg (96.74 KB, 620x416, 155:104, WORST KOREA IN A NUTSHELL.jpg)

File: e94914e39e4ca63⋯.jpg (144.59 KB, 1279x634, 1279:634, worst-korea.jpg)



>>Psychos live all over the world.

Would bet my left nut at least half of these ooccurences were worst koreans.

3bfb68 No.11501280


That's not even as crazy as Florida, you just proved his point

f043cc No.11501459

File: 108fd239ba41314⋯.jpg (167.45 KB, 855x736, 855:736, 108fd239ba413148006eb96e47….jpg)

0c3cd9 No.11501482

Indeed, OP. (((How)))?

0c3cd9 No.11501492

0c3cd9 No.11501503


>This is why you don't leave wars unfinished and you be a fucking agressive jerk until the other side surrenders unconditionally.

This. This is how Hitler should have conducted the war. I know he was trying to be the honorable man and fight with good intentions, but he was way too easy on the Allies, especially the British. Unfortunately, it's one of those uncomfortable facts of life that you have to be more ruthless and sociopathic than your enemies if you want to win. When you're too nice, you finish last, always.

0c3cd9 No.11501526


That is true. The Meiji Constitution was inspired by a mix of modernism, the British parliamentary system, and Prussian-style militarism.

321a9a No.11501531


Don't believe the MSM lies about Japan.

Japan is doing just fine.

Media just hate them because they're not able to flood Japan with rapefugees.

402138 No.11501730

File: 4751f2b6cb0d6a3⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1349x10061, 1349:10061, 2018-04-17 23_19_32-Japan,….jpg)


Supposedly Japan has been a test bed for social engineering projects.


58c32d No.11501746


Get the terminology right. It's 日系 not 日本系.

0c3cd9 No.11501767


>>but what about real low skill jobs positions like traffic controllers that are not rare site for Japana (wtf who uses traffic controller after invention of the streetlight?)

I actually love that idea, also the aesthetic of having a human traffic controller is good for tourism as well. More tourism = more money & "unnecessary" jobs like traffic controller = more money into the economy. Things shouldn't be automated simply for the sake of being so.

da3dc2 No.11501783

File: c92b3453c008c5f⋯.png (249.62 KB, 991x740, 991:740, gookanon_lynchings.png)

File: b99caa5e2c75ebb⋯.png (149.07 KB, 1433x396, 1433:396, Japan_and_South_Korea.png)

File: d486f80cc8d1d03⋯.png (968.17 KB, 1184x1108, 296:277, Rothchild Connection 1.png)

File: 13d11440685b9b1⋯.png (129.45 KB, 1274x555, 1274:555, The start of a happy new b….PNG)

File: 0c4e1abac8193ca⋯.jpg (241.78 KB, 939x960, 313:320, Worst Korea cancer.jpg)


>Supposedly Japan has been a test bed for social engineering projects.

No, that's Korea.

ad598d No.11501795


>pulled the Navy out of Hawaii as a way to draw in the Nips

but thats fucking wrong retard

The japs were gonna attack regardless. It was a surprise attack to neutralize the american pacific fleet.

FDR pulled the carriers out to sea so as to damage control the event, while still letting it happen yet another false flag(of sorts) to draw us into war

882fca No.11501800


They shouldn't. I've been uneasy about how the kikes are pushing so hard to get everything automated and hooked up to the internet as fast as possible, all the way down to shipping trucks. It strikes me as exemplary kikery. The whole point of automation is really more about not having to pay someone to do work than it is about accuracy or speed. You don't have to give a machine a lunch break or vacation and sick days. It won't quit and go to a competitor because you didn't give it a raise. It won't ever need maternity leave. You don't have to pay it unemployment if you decide to get rid of it. A fully automated economy is a kike's wet dream: Shlomo gets his profits without having to pay the goyim to assemble, package, ship, or handle returns.

>But who will buy Shlomo's products if everyone is broke and unemployed because of robots?

The wealthy will buy everything from each other and be perfectly content in doing so. Think about Lamborghini's customer base, as an example. They have survived for decades by making and selling vehicles only for the extravagantly wealthy. If the middle class vanishes, and the world has only a small number of obscenely wealthy people vs. millions of paupers, industry will simply cease making products for anyone except the elite classes.

141384 No.11501820


You should visit first, then see if you can make this thread seriously.

da3dc2 No.11501869


>The japs were gonna attack regardless. It was a surprise attack to neutralize the american pacific fleet.

>FDR pulled the carriers out to sea so as to damage control the event, while still letting it happen

No, FDR orchestrated the whole thing and played the Nips like a fiddle: https://archive.fo/b2baV


0c3cd9 No.11501942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, pretty much. I see the introduction of Universal Basic Income (UBI) as part of this scheme. (((They))) want us to basically live on that new kind of welfare with no labor jobs and perhaps bide our time with hobbies instead. If any of us are wise to the whole thing, and could plan a serious revolt, they'll just mow you down with video related.

63d17f No.11501997


The attack on Pearl Harbor really was disastrous for Japan. They accomplished none of their strategic objectives. No aircraft carriers were sunk, only some dreadnoughts and cruisers possessing only limited combat effectiveness in modern ship to ship combat. They greatly underestimated the US. They though Pearl Harbor is going to be another Tsushima. I guess both generals and admiral always fight the last war.

000000 No.11502001

>what happened to these nonwhites

who fucking cares

0c101f No.11502022

Same lib brainwashing. Women are easily manipulated into trading kids for muh career and a cat.

2359e1 No.11503561

File: 625470b7767881a⋯.png (36.82 KB, 450x546, 75:91, Shinsengumi_flag.png)

Revive the Shinsengumi

2a154d No.11503774


Ah my bad I’ve had to learn about 2500~ kanji and compounds so sometimes I don’t always remember every single pairing correctly. Good thing there is always someone on the internet to point out every mistake that you make.

0ac192 No.11503877

japan is seriously one of the least cucked nations. sure they got some fucked up stuff but overall pretty good

6e0ef7 No.11519393

The West, particularly America, is obsessed with the idea that there is always some crisis brewing in Japan that's going to bring down the country any day now. It's really just people projecting their own fears about their own societies or themselves onto Japan. Like the idea that the Japanese are ashamed of themselves and want to be white… of course that's just a projection of the Western problem of being ashamed of being white.

In general almost nothing that's ever said about Japan is accurate and most of it is projection.


I'm sure in your head this actually happened.

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