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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

7570d6 No.11536841

anglin the tai fuck shack guy and trs are supposedly at odds with him.



I'm rather puzzled how so out in the open anti-jew is not only running for office in california, but in the lead. What? What's the hell is going on? This is too good to be true.

7570d6 No.11536844

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


More recent video I intended to include.

c4fc50 No.11536852


why are they at odds with him? Also some weird behavior when he names the JQ, touching his nose. Dont people usually do that when they lie?

dbf837 No.11536855


I'm a little skeptical too.

c4fc50 No.11536865


Yea, not too skeptical since its always nice if people approach the JQ, but comon. Any more background info on this guy? I mean, out of all things in society…you can hate on the niggers a little bit, you can hate on leftists, on degenerates, on all sorts of groups…but the moment you hate on the jews, you more or less get marked for termination of sorts. Or just get ignored if you have little power. Going into office like that, or trying to get into it just openly…not sure if there is ground now to do that openly since the jew is slipping up. Maybe he is just testing the waters? Interesting to see how it plays out either way.

dbf837 No.11536875


Paul Nehlen tried the JQ and got banned off most major normie sites. Also something or other happened with him, can't remember exactly what tbh; wouldn't be surprised if wife is non-white, but this has happened often apparently with who get shilled. JQ has to be genuine, and you'll know when it is or not. "Why haven't I been recognized because of this" type shit is (in my own opinion) not the way to appeal to voters. I administer the redpill in doses to friends and some have picked it up, I'm always hesitant of people who want notoriety (in a sense that it's taboos to question the JQ so if you know it youre like me)

d036de No.11536883


Newsweek covered him


his youtube shit gets the warning click and comment disabled but are still up

here's his campaign website


hard to tell if he's controlled op or not: we'll know for sure if there's a character assassination: he is well read however, brings up details, hard natsoc, wants to nationalize Google, Twitter, etc.

I'm inclined to think the guy is legit; if not he's getting massively paid off because he's a total normie and is destroying his reputation by doing this; alleges his own family won't even listen to him: it's not unreasonable that he became redpilled via serving in kike wars and being stationed in Germany.At this point with the entire internet almost getting shut down I think getting this guy some exposure in California would be good for us no matter what I think. He has a town hall debate on June 5, we need to keep track of this and update once he has his debate. The newsweek article referenced says he is leading in the polls by a shitload!

c4fc50 No.11536885


We dont have our own polling/statistics bureau so its always hard to tell where the business stands. Last time I heard we managed to get the republicans from over 50% MSM usage…to a meager 13% (probably near the single digits now). The MSM also complains all the time that they cannot reach the republicans anymore.

So there is definitely a good chance that this guy may actually win this, and his venture into probing the warmth of the water (with his feet) may be quite good for others who want to follow in his footsteps. Which is why if the kikes really wanted to they would go full on fucking battle mode against him. If he really is leading in the polls, he probably should get some protection of sorts. Against ((("suicides")))

57c40e No.11536888

Nehlen took the lead in the GOP primary. He can crush a thousand Jews in any debate and that's what it takes to win elections. Any candidate that accepts corporate donations will keep the border open and keep current policy, period

c4fc50 No.11536892


How can we help these guys then I wonder? Should we have our own browncoats protecting them? (like the RAM movement lol?) Should a kickstarter be made to hire bodyguards? You know for sure that if these guys openly come forward the kikes will want to keel them.

57c40e No.11536893

Holy shit, Mr Little is the leader we've been waiting for, he's laying it all on the line.

Time to spread the word.

7570d6 No.11536894


That's an odd indicator, "antifa" goes bananas over the slightest thing but this guy seems to be spared such treatment?

c4fc50 No.11536895


does every state and/or region have antifa? I dont think that all of them do?

7570d6 No.11536898


dude, he's in california.

e67163 No.11536899

Trs, ramzpaul, anglin, jew, all these guys are opposed to anything being openly NS or anti-jew, if it's openly NS, it's "hollywood nazis"

c4fc50 No.11536902



yea fishy indeed then. But is he attacking other groups or is he just focusing on the JQ? I mean, antifa's profile is that of protecting the minorities, faggots and other scum since they are low tier "brutes". The kikes have other assortment of controls and hostile forces for middle to upper tier whites who are naughty. To the tune of suiciding. Maybe even legal (as in lawsuits)

7570d6 No.11536904

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


at 18:12, he summarizes.

7570d6 No.11536917


He thinks the tiki torches were a good thing, my reaction to it is cringe and the obvious connotation I think most people would think of is cross burning. I think better would be someone talking seriously about jews without the cringe routines. I don't even get the purpose of the tiki crap, supposed to inspire Whites to stand up? The last thing I would think would happen. Otherwise it comes off as a negative to me.

bf3994 No.11536960



dca24d No.11536985


Yea, I see why everyone is suddenly talking about him.The whole video was savage.

7570d6 No.11537057

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


His most recent video.

7570d6 No.11537069


I'm 14 minutes in, good shit so far.

a515c3 No.11537103

File: 4ddd8e1f2e0c8bf⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 600x450, 4:3, 4ddd8e1f2e0c8bfac4ee4ffd07….gif)

Too lazy and phoneposting now, but does any kind anon feel like making transparent Littles for meme purposes? sorry for being a phoneposting faggot

ceb13a No.11537134


The stuff about Jizzhands is very interesting. FtN always rubbed me the wrong way, especially the first episode where one of them broke character and implied Iran was a serious threat.

7570d6 No.11537143


He wanted exposure, from what I'm finding, outside of his tube videos that haven't been canned yet. this thread and the voat thread I initially referenced is it.

e8cb97 No.11537245

Bump for support. More Anons should hear what this guy has to say about Anglin and the likes.

0ccb9b No.11538041


Bampity bump. Mods please sticky this thread.

7e3086 No.11538137

File: 7ece9912d9a4a16⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1587x2310, 529:770, PicsArt_01-23-05.57.16.png)


263956 No.11538154

File: 95d9edfeeed035a⋯.png (22.14 KB, 128x95, 128:95, 5ab844a7e65ea.png)

a6f45c No.11538161

File: 23f20bc18a5e43a⋯.png (3.01 MB, 1729x1735, 1729:1735, 1523771436611.png)

Project Pat don't play

263956 No.11538168

File: 34a5580246159b9⋯.png (232.97 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1512027742207.png)

b45f98 No.11539295

File: 4ca0798d30ed790⋯.jpeg (94.36 KB, 640x777, 640:777, caf21b26b07b1bdcca49ba0a0….jpeg)


I thought Nehlen dropped out? Did he get in as the Republican candidate and then lose, or what? I can't really find anything about it when I search for it.

checked BTW

3cbfa3 No.11539489

File: 89645742cfb78d8⋯.png (395.9 KB, 721x426, 721:426, Transparent Pat.png)

File: a64b04c6cbddbd5⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 1280x426, 640:213, cropped-suit-vs-aipac.jpg)

I cropped this out for some OC if anyone is interested in it

7570d6 No.11539606

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Another good video going over some youtube guy I never heard of.

dca24d No.11539622


The guy hes interviewing sounds a lot like Ricky Bobby, these guys all have soft kiddo voices, its no surprise they are for PR cucking and leftist positions. Good point though about Ricky Bobby and his class warfare D&C scheme, full commie.

25b1a0 No.11539667

File: 0329618b5e4e068⋯.png (200.88 KB, 518x132, 259:66, hooktube.png)


wtf hooktube?

a355a6 No.11539693


Little seems legit. TRSodomites and Apedre Niglin shilling against him proves he is doing something right.

ed321f No.11539750


>how does anyone not know TRS are anti-white yet

The same reason they don't know jew is a jewish Fed informant yet, they're too young and stupid to know that every e-celeb is a faggot shill or they wouldn't be allowed a platform. Speaking of that I started watching Little and he doesn't seem like he acknowledges that when bringing up jew, is he pretending not to know? If I were this guy I'd just say 'X is a Fed/shill/Jew and here is why' and then never mention them again in a conversation because there's nothing else to talk about and giving them any attention or credibility outside of that makes it seem like you're in the snitch ring too, or at the very least furthering their retarded D&C.

ed321f No.11539752



w e e v

ed321f No.11539871


Woops nevermind, later he calls him how for "fedposting" and points out he's jewish and shouldn't be the only guy providing 'tech'. I think I like this guy.

7e4214 No.11540214

File: e131f69b961fdbb⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 565x737, 565:737, 529f3e3a957c6765c4d4f6b3eb….jpg)



just noticed this guy too OP. Seems really fucking well rounded so far & also called out subversive faggots like jew.

7e4214 No.11540217


this word filter has gotta go

7e4214 No.11541014


7a7de6 No.11541019



What are you even saying?



7e4214 No.11541033

File: 84a417b86ec7ad5⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 312x294, 52:49, 1460531144868.jpg)


>What are you even saying?

I am saying that he calls out blatant kikels like w.e.e.v



7a7de6 No.11541041


>I am saying that he calls out blatant kikels like w.e.e.v

See, you're goddamn right. The wordfilters have to be fucking removed. We can't hold a conversation if no one knows what anyone is saying. This is the FOUNDATION of judaism.

2b6222 No.11541046


How about we use call him by his real name: jewil Kikenstein.

6e90db No.11541234

he’s got my vote

a515c3 No.11541973

New interview with a Jewsweek reporter (sorry, problems embedding):


Guy seems legit to me and does not cuck. Can we elect a WN senator in the most poz'd state in America? Yes, we can!

58a8ab No.11542068

Anglin and jew are both feds

762ad3 No.11542212


The foundation of not being a newfag is lurking moar, newfag.

7a7de6 No.11542408


Yeah, you're mentally ill and didn't read what was written.

6e90db No.11542635


7570d6 No.11545341


Sounds like the instigation of infighting Patrick has been talking about.

1c9f02 No.11555186



8a997e No.11555271

Anyone Anglin is against I am considering. Does he have a full bio.

f670c2 No.11557706

File: d98c3fb7ea8168b⋯.png (20.11 KB, 884x577, 884:577, YouTube.png)


That didn't last too long.

276bfd No.11560801

File: a10f9341c7ea816⋯.mp4 (1.28 MB, 202x360, 101:180, gun0.mp4)

File: 0c198a61c59b352⋯.mp4 (10.11 MB, 202x360, 101:180, gun1.mp4)

some clips from an hour long livestream I thought were good

the original quality is shit, he needs to keep a proper copy and livestream a lower resolution version of that

276bfd No.11560803

File: 8fc9caca0d048a8⋯.mp4 (7.56 MB, 202x360, 101:180, 45percent.mp4)

65fc3e No.11560845


watched the whole second one, pretty good stuff. The guy just changes the subject whenever uncomfortable facts come up.

000000 No.11561311


>no one talks about him, suddenly a lot of people are talking about him

He was a nobody until he pulled the jewflag stunt. That drew attention, and now people are talking about him. Sometimes Occam's razor applies.

2abcd5 No.11561418

File: afd5cf2bd14ff06⋯.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, patrick little.webm)


>I'm rather puzzled how so out in the open anti-jew is not only running for office in california, but in the lead. What? What's the hell is going on? This is too good to be true.

It's like the Arthur Jones case, the GOP is so fixated on losing a race they already know they have 0% chance of winning they don't even bother to prop up a candidate, so one of /ourguys/ takes advantage and fills the vacuum.

000000 No.11561436


Only 20mins in, but I like this guy. Ex-military, intelligent, well-spoken, naturally conversational, blatantly and unabashedly anti-jewish, willing to call out the jew in a public forum (e.g. the Breitbart thing). Honestly, I'm getting a hint of Rockwell vibe from him. Way too early to tell for sure, and I'll reserve judgement for later, but that's the impression I'm getting.

276bfd No.11561837

File: bdc4ddb084af708⋯.mp4 (7.09 MB, 202x360, 101:180, happa.mp4)

276bfd No.11561838

File: 04b8db8434d9e2a⋯.mp4 (8.56 MB, 202x360, 101:180, disarmament.mp4)

276bfd No.11561843

File: 05eb9d85ab9dda9⋯.mp4 (580.78 KB, 202x360, 101:180, bootcamp.mp4)

short clip from an earlier upload

276bfd No.11561947

File: 0e0e246a4525eca⋯.png (13.23 KB, 903x220, 903:220, image.png)





my youtube account that only had these four clips just got shoahed

that's how you know this shit is good

7570d6 No.11561954


Besides here, voat doesn't molest Little threads and posts either.

d3bf7c No.11562009

/thisguy/ is totally /ourguy/ you guise.

His videos get delet n everything. That's why we webm'd them because we all belongs here you guise.

anons are checking this out.

Won't be surprised when it turns out to be usual tricks.

a3bf78 No.11562054


>I'm rather puzzled how so out in the open anti-jew is not only running for office in california, but in the lead. What?

I imagine that an anti-Israel candidate will get plenty of attention from those who have had to put up with semitic bullshit in their lives, as many Californians likely have.

adafa9 No.11562056

Expect the D&C kikes to come for this guy.

For experienced anons, remember the rule "if the message redpills normies, spread it".

Don't get baited into D&C kike fake-feuding.

b3addb No.11562204

I was just about to post this thread, luckily looked through catalogue first.


50e21b No.11562216

I sent a message and didn't get the discussion I was hoping for, I hope because he has become busy but got invited to his self hosted linux-like discord. The man doesn't feel just quite right, something off, a malaise.

But if this is CIA accelerationism they should have learned from us that acclerationism is retarded when you give the enemy their rockwell 2.0 and this will only make us stronger and expose this viewpoint and the facts behind it to more whites who have yet to hear.

9ef39f No.11562223


Antifa is a PSYOP not to shut down conservative and farther right speakers, but to PUBLICIZE that those speakers were shut down. If you're building controlled op they're there to make it look like a real struggle and give a "win" to liberals so the controlled op can be embarrassed. That way people hear primarily that "right wingers lost" even if the "right winger" is some gay jew like Milo. But the bottom line is they're a PR tool, and a PR tool is used to bring attention to things. The radio silence on Little convinces me that he's at the very least not controlled op.

I've also talked to him during some live streams personally and I felt that he was legit. His answers are too quick and heartfelt to be memorized. It's not "stormfag" dogma, he truly believes in his viewpoints.

17b5ae No.11562227

Why is he running in the state that is quite literally the least likely in the country to elect him? Would it not be more pragmatic for him to relocate and seek a Senate seat in a state with a voting demographic that isn't >50% shitskins?

9ef39f No.11562239


A state with defeatist/lukewarm conservatives is the perfect place for a young radical to run. The change of pace is refreshing to the downtrodden conservatives that feel like their "representatives" have given up actually fighting for their interests.

9357c4 No.11562240


>50+% shitskins

ideal demographics for anti-merchant voting

17b5ae No.11562248


I suppose blackpilled norcal conservatives actually would be more likely to vote for him than if he ran in a comfortable southern state where the majority white voting populace didn't have such extreme exposures to cultural enrichment. That's an angle I didn't consider. I guess it boils down to just how motivated he can get that remaining right-wing Californian constituency to the booths.

9ef39f No.11562253


Not just the NorCal people, even in cities there's a surprising amount of people who would go for him. The "based niggers and spics who hate jews" thing is bullshit their demographic always votes 90%+ blue no matter what. He could win if Trump enables the national ID-requirement law to vote in federal elections, but I doubt it'll happen.

What I'd do is spread rumors about ICE being at polling places checking ID's and SSN's, as well as police checking for warrants. Or you ACTUALLY do those things.

17b5ae No.11562260


Well I'm not worst-coaster (thank God) but he certainly doesn't seem like the CIAnigger plant these shills have been enforcing him as so hard over the last few days. Seems legitimately like /ourguy/; hope he gets some positive volunteer work done for him because I'm sure he's running on an absolute shoestring budget.

9ef39f No.11562298


I hit him up via email to volunteer for him but haven't heard back. I'm sure he's working his ass off.

05f0dc No.11562356


Not the only razor. And yes I agree with that other poster he smells to high heaven. Watch, listen, react appropriately. If nothing else use him for signal boosting then list him like all the rest.

90c87c No.11562399


His opponent wouldn't be hard to character assassinate given her past controverseys funneling military contract money into her husband Blume's businesses, and her involvement in the Moscone-Milk assassinations.

185d94 No.11562534


How about you read the other threads in THE CATALOG YOU FAGGOT.

He's as legit as they come.

b6ec9f No.11562684


this. Pat is a goddamn hero.

Vote Patrick Little for US Senate on June 5th

65fc3e No.11566501


At this point it's actually better to promote

or be neutral about feinstein, so none of the democrats have a chance to take 2nd, which would put Little out of the race.

Wait until he wins the primary, that's the fun part against feinstein.

b7aa29 No.11567308

File: ac415e8c61d79af⋯.jpg (13.21 KB, 222x167, 222:167, duke.jpg)

Dr. Duke interviewed Patrick Little on his show yesterday.


4e854d No.11568219


I have been watching him and noticed this. his non-verbal cues, and lowering his voice when he says "jews" indicates to me that he actually works for jews and subconsciously doesn't want to offend them.

4e854d No.11568239


TRS; Jews

Andy Warski: Jew

Baked Alaska: Jew

jew: Jew

Anglin: Jew

Spencer: maybe half/jew but working for jews

David Duke: controlled by CIA for 30 years, soft on jews

American Renaissance: Cucked by CIA for decades, soft on/avoids JQ

anybody else see a pattern?

If they have a platform, they're controlled op, or they are a jew. real genuine people are deplatformed as soon as they gain any kind of traction. if they stray from the guided hand, they are suicided/heart attacked

4e854d No.11568243


HOT DAD are you a illuminati Nazi?

301d4d No.11568275

What do you guys think about people like Little and Nehlen? I'm fond of them, and it's great how much they expose the alt-rights jewry, but I'm not sure being so flamboyant is a good idea. I kind of think that /pol/iticians should act very professional, and focus mainly on jobs n' shiet, but still be willing to drop red-pills when it's on topic. Randomly bringing up the kikes obviously isn't good for getting people to like you, but at the same time it does have the opportunity to red-pill people. The ideal scenario would be a synthesis of the two that allows you to both look 'electable' and red-pill the lemmings. Anyone want to share their thoughts?


Paul Ryan is retiring. The republican primary in Wisconsin is on August 14th. Nehlen is running in that primary, and is currently the most prominent candidate. If he wins the primary then he can go on to face the democratic primary winner in the November 6th general election.

baeffe No.11568277

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7570d6 No.11568280


cappiest interview I've heard with Little, it seemed like it cut short without getting to the meat of things.

7570d6 No.11568286


I don't know why this is anchored but here's the thread on Little's 4chan/pol/ ama. >>11567264

276bfd No.11568494

File: 6df0bd1ce55400d⋯.mp4 (8.85 MB, 270x480, 9:16, FznXwJoyfklJ.mp4)


I'll make clips if anything stands out to me

df1e64 No.11568519





He's fucking legit. You mongs get so depressed you can't sense sincerity anymore.

276bfd No.11568524


I think they're shills grasping at straws who know the quickest way to discredit someone here is to call them a jew. I'm doing my best to share his work and get votes, so it's obvious where I stand, but he's clearly sincere.

df1e64 No.11568527


He said Culture of Critique woke him, a book that would wake up anyone who's not a complete fucking retard.

I don't even care that he can't beat the kike feinstein. Do you all not get how amazing it is if he's in a race with her and has months of opportunities to redpill and talk about jewish terrorism?

Little roasts jew and TRS in this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG2OKWj6Icg&bpctr=1525927794

Those faggots are sellouts for not covering him at all.

df1e64 No.11568531


whoops, roasts jew* not jew, but that's the same thing.

/pol/ hates TRS and jew and isn't talking about this guy every fucking day, someone who's actually telling the truth openly and is actually in a position to redpill normalfags on a massive level? I don't get it.

df1e64 No.11568534


Ahhh, roasts jew* I'm so tired.

df1e64 No.11568537

w-e-e-v is filtered to jew. I feel better now. Haven't been around here in months.

7570d6 No.11568548

File: 686878193f31e5c⋯.jpg (182.12 KB, 676x676, 1:1, flyercollage.jpg)


At least people on half chin pol in cali are backing him.

df1e64 No.11568650


He focuses on jewish supremacy. He has great talking points for normies, like jews being 64% of Harvard, AIPAC, dual citizens, their nepotism, etc. He's also polling well with Asians.

He also called Rockwell the greatest American of the 20th century, which he was.


That's great to hear. I was in a thread last night where he did an AMA, confirmed it was him on his gab.

df1e64 No.11568716


I think the time for politeness is passed and the time for the cold hard truth is here. Little's talking points are especially apt - turning around "white supremacy" to jewish supremacy is the best angle and easily provable.

276bfd No.11568767

File: b7e0f5bc37a1b6a⋯.mp4 (1.12 MB, 270x480, 9:16, republican_party.mp4)

4bb1b9 No.11568821

File: 8361f4aa1900403⋯.png (1.24 MB, 3825x3251, 3825:3251, ama.png)

Pat did an AMA on cuckchan last night. If mods are okay with it I can set one up for here as well.

df1e64 No.11568823


They sure as hell better be. It's the definition of /pol/itics.

4bb1b9 No.11568846

I'll see if I can set something up for this weekend when there are more people. I've never seen an AMA here and I have seen it said many times this isn't a place to start a political party or for someone to run for office. The White thing to do is ask first and be respectful.

4dbbc0 No.11568851


Do it. We've been the hard holding capital of this thing ever since cuckchan went over. Let's bring him on in, give him a god damn hero's welcome.

1d3a47 No.11568859

File: bf4aee26309d7f8⋯.jpg (171.54 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 1524631283195.jpg)



b6cb51 No.11568870

Can someone explain to me how if Patrick is Jew-wise he still supports Trump when it's common knowledge that Trump's entire family is Jewish and he loves Israel?

7570d6 No.11568885


Patrick answered that in his AMA: >>11568821

7570d6 No.11568887


and if an AMA happens here you can ask him again.

b6cb51 No.11568895



Just read the AMA answer… Honestly the "Trump is a hostage president" thing doesn't really make sense to me considering his actual family is Jewish. But everything else I've seen from Pat is 100% on the money.

He could just be saying that as he is running as a republican, 3d chess again?

7570d6 No.11568917


Checking to see if it's worth his time based on eyeballs, seems so:

alexa ranking:

4chan.org 76

8ch.net 1316

voat.co 2048

but not trs.

therightstuff.biz 11636


yeah, that doesn't shore up the issue. He was also asked about this in the telemundo interview: >>11568494

Patrick has a good narrative about being tied up and previous Presidents being jew aware and how, great for media responses, but I have a hard time buying it with Trump as well, but I particularly like how the question opens the door for him to do the past Presidents were jew aware response so even if not true it's still good.

7570d6 No.11568923


not true referring to trump being tied up.

ed321f No.11568929

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I think he's being somewhat cagey on Trump since ironically many whites are still bluepilled on him and still "have faith", coupled with the idea that no one knows why the fuck he ran and did 3 rallies a day in the first place if he was just going to be another puppet. But he obviously has very little respect for Trump in most of his videos/debates/interviews.

ed321f No.11568931


Oh yeah, and he tends to give Trump credit for destroying people's faith in mass media, which is somewhat valid despite all of the alternative media being overrun by kikes and Julian being silenced, putting us almost back to square one.

4bb1b9 No.11568933

File: b497601387413c9⋯.png (50.86 KB, 800x1024, 25:32, NationalizeTwitter.png)

File: 553113332d3b4ff⋯.png (47.78 KB, 800x1024, 25:32, ItsOkaytoVotePat.png)

File: f6416fc6ab9a75b⋯.png (388.96 KB, 899x1632, 899:1632, 5af20809ee59f.png)

File: 1d793697275c638⋯.png (540.64 KB, 676x1202, 338:601, ShutPatrickDown.png)

File: 98e11344d3919c4⋯.png (619.93 KB, 720x960, 3:4, fight.png)

Here is the pastebin I'm using for /plg/


000000 No.11568938


This is a lesson to all you PR cucks and Optics cucks that you need to just straight up push for what you really want and say what you really mean.

No "I'm not racist, Religion of Cuck™ is a religion".

No "I am just against immigrants coming in illegally, I don't care about race"

No more cucking. No more civic nationalism. Speak truth and die by the truth.

b6cb51 No.11568939


In that video he specifically says "he's not a hostage president" and in the AMA he says he thinks he is. Gonna have to ask him to clarify in his next AMA

df1e64 No.11568947


Amen, torfag. Torfags are a mixed bag. Either shills or truth sayers avoiding mods.

ed321f No.11568959


Which makes non-torfags either shills or cucks :^)


Meh, I don't see a reason to force a different response. Trump is failing whites on every front and cheerleads for attacking our natural allies in the middle east, case closed. Saying "a hostage to Jews like Nixon" might flick on a light switch in some people's heads, and it's the truth on some level because he wouldn't be acting like this if it weren't for kikes.

ecc2b3 No.11568976

File: 4c0c5793bacdf99⋯.png (86.65 KB, 1004x559, 1004:559, coincidently similar to th….png)


>>past Presidents were jew aware

Maybe Eisenhower, JFK or Nixon to a minor extent but all were still played like a fiddle. The rest in the last century and a bit in the previous were basically Trump level, I have yet to see the possible Wars for Israel as a lameduck Trump will be able to do yet.

Trump could be better than all of them but he fails for the same reason the others did. The jews probably won't kill Trump in office though since that'd hurt the ability for jews to continue programming fellow whites.

ecc2b3 No.11568983


But how could one prove it was him? I guess he could sign a message with his private RSA key and post on knowable place and then release a public key so anons could verify for themselves his identity and not some larper.

7570d6 No.11568993


not eisenhower, supposedly was a swedish jew, murdered a million+ german pows.

df1e64 No.11569000


Eh, I wouldn't call them cucks if they're avoiding mods. Mods banned me consistently last year just for pointing out trump's myriad of jewish and hardline zionist ties. I don't know what it's like around here now as I don't drop in that much anymore, but as it's becoming more obvious it's probably harder to control the narrative.

301d4d No.11569123


I would fucking love it if he did an AMA here.


He could use his gab account to say that the thread is real.


My problem is that the second anyone goes from looking like a silly hooligan to 'professional' they end up being total shills. Dr. Pierce is probably the closest thing I can think of to 'overdosing on red-pills but still cool about it' but even he didn't talk much about anything other than race and kikes. It's going to be really important to take note of when the far-right/third-position starts acting more like leaders than rebels.

33733c No.11569162

Check his bitchute videos, these are fucking hilarious.





395aac No.11569238


>I'm rather puzzled how so out in the open anti-jew is not only running for office in california, but in the lead. What? What's the hell is going on? This is too good to be true.

I think the few remaining right wing Whites in California are relatively redpilled, due to their state being a beaner shit hole.

395aac No.11569247


>why are they at odds with him?

Because Niglin and TRSodomites only want "optics" now and got tied in with some Jewish Republican party agent, which means they will only support cucks who aren't openly racist and don't name the Jew. According to them, that doesn't work, so they have decided to adopt the winning strategy of cucking and crypto-racist dog whistling, which has been so historically successful in the past.

395aac No.11569252


There is not really any way he can be controlled opposition. He's running in a heavily Democrat area and the other Republican candidates are all cucks, so he isn't interfering with any useful candidates that might be elected. He has admitted that it is basically just a redpill campaign, trying to get the word out and shift the overton window. If he gets in, he will debate Feinstein and shoah her live in front of millions of people. There is no possible downside of supporting him.

b85ce2 No.11569258


>What? What's the hell is going on? This is too good to be true.

OP, people are pretty much fed up with kikes, they always have been for the most part through history. People are just afraid to speak up against it because muh natzees, voting however remains mostly anonymous.

395aac No.11569260


I don't think he had gone to any white nationalist events that would have antifa resistance. Afaik he has gone to piss off the kikes at AIPAC and some Jew-heavy GOP convention, which obviously aren't going to have antifa presence.

f4c133 No.11569262



Even if you believe he's controlled (which franky is retarded), there's no reason to not support him as an agent of chaos alone. I mean look at his bitchute videos and interviews, I haven't laughed so much since back during the Trump campaign.

395aac No.11569272


I'm not even sure what controlled opposition would mean in this case. He's running against Feinstein, one of the worst kikes in the country, so it's not like anyone could possibly be worse than her. His message obviously isn't the immediate turn-off to normies that cucks at TRS believe it is, since he is beating the other Republicans. Someone would have to explain to me what "controlled opposition" would even entail here because the accusation just doesn't make sense.

ed321f No.11569274


He was at Charlottesville, just not campaigning yet then. Both the jews and the controlled opposition started blackballing him as soon as he started because any exposure of someone going the Rockwell route of being well-dressed, ex-military and well spoken is extremely bad for them. Having antifa go after him would just promote him, like how they send them after Ben Shapiro and Milo.

ed321f No.11569277


>Someone would have to explain to me what "controlled opposition" would even entail here because the accusation just doesn't make sense.

It's just JIDF slipping into threads about him and calling them that repeatedly with no evidence presented, and some useful idiots parroting it without watching a single video first I'm sure.

c57129 No.11569279


It's just one of these catchphrases that get thrown around way too loosely.

ed321f No.11569280


>calling them that

*calling him that

d5d710 No.11569308

File: daf0ed21620aea2⋯.jpg (238.01 KB, 618x802, 309:401, pat little a wyatt mann pu….jpg)

From this day on we're pushing back!

a24743 No.11569439


That was the most intelligent AMA I've seen in years.

Thanks for posting. That guy is a hero.

000000 No.11569502


Oh great he's anti-abortion.

Wow he's redpilled on everything but the Sparta question.

Abortion kills niggers and retards and leftists.

000000 No.11569535


The guy is dropping so many redpills that he's going to change the world whether he wins or not.

Everyone should run like this guy and use the chance to drop redpills everywhere.

If one does not win, it doesn't matter, you get a ton of redpills out.

7570d6 No.11569545


That's not even his best interview.

000000 No.11569563


Amazing vids. I hope they don't shut him down so hard that he fails to actually get into power. If he manages to get elected it'll be amazing.

7570d6 No.11569575


Reminder that jews changed california election rules to let illegal aliens vote(and hold office) and intentionally don't validate ID, that means everyone in the world can vote in california elections, an unlimited number of times.

2cf11c No.11569625


It needs to have some sort of contact info (like his site). I'm getting it approved by the local college (they can't censor speech) so it'll be stamped and official.

644279 No.11569670


Seriously, what the fuck is that noise? Is he playing fucking solitaire with sounds while streaming? I wanted to listen to him talking, but I can't stand that fucking sound.

7570d6 No.11569687


I thinks that's the communication software they're using as I recall a tube comment talking about how he thought it was his own stream and another complaining about not being able to adjust the notification sound level, and yes, it's very annoying and gets in the way.

644279 No.11569702


It's retarded is what it is.

Anyway, is it true that everyone in the world technically can vote for this nigger? That you just have to be in California on election day and know a street address?

ac5113 No.11569718


I'll vote for him this week (Vista, CA resident). No down-side to voting for him. Also, go to his website. You can help him anonymously. He's definitely causing ripples. Like he said himself, IDK what he will do after running to earn a living, but I am grateful he is sticking his neck out and rippling the waters.

7570d6 No.11569723


They don't verify identification on purpose and sanction non citizens voting and even hold office, yes, that necessarily means everyone in the world can setup to vote in california elections and do so an unlimited number of times. Someone had pointed out you can even setup mail forwarding so you don't even have to go to california to do it, can be halfway around the world and vote.

ac5113 No.11569724


Look Patrick up on gab.ai. I remember seeing a poster on there made for 8.5x11.

2cf11c No.11569766


Can't find a proper size and I know it exists. Come on, help me out.

7570d6 No.11569787


If it were up to me I'd prosecute everyone involved in the arrangement for treason.

2cf11c No.11569796


Get me a printable poster with a website url you useless fucks, I only have access to a printer

df1e64 No.11569837


AKA, that means YOU, anons, can vote too, even if you're not a cali resident.

7570d6 No.11569842

2cf11c No.11569846

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

the competition

>jews are still using sandy hook

000000 No.11569955


I'm a Canadian. Tell me how to vote for him. I'll throw in a vote of my own.

276bfd No.11570028


500 articles tomorrow

>alt-right nazi canadians voting in a california election

611f14 No.11570519

File: 8029a72b84db69a⋯.jpg (472.44 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, A Vote for a leftist (Plit….jpg)

679e35 No.11570774

File: 1ae04fae67cc69f⋯.jpg (538.65 KB, 2481x3507, 827:1169, PatrickLittleFlierEdit2.JPG)

File: 1286e68e34366d4⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1536x960, 8:5, PatrickLittlePosterBest.png)

File: 338933721b6939b⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1536x960, 8:5, PatrickLittlePosterBestOri….png)

File: 81007370d8c64e3⋯.jpg (173.43 KB, 800x800, 1:1, PatLittlePoster01.jpg)

File: 571f3c7e9ee34a8⋯.jpg (550.53 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, PatLittlePoster02Edit.jpg)



Sorry; I was on Cuckchan most of the day.

The Generals there have more activity. Obviously this place is better because of no captcha and more images though.

Here's what I have.

679e35 No.11570781


As far as I know, as long as your name is on the voter rolls, you will not even be required to show ID on the day of the election. (And probably many places wouldn't even check to see if you were or not).

To vote by mail, you would need to have registered in California.

Anyone there who has a Driver's License is registered to vote automatically.


679e35 No.11570786

File: f548c583398da1b⋯.png (768.77 KB, 1180x1174, 590:587, EndAntiAsianDiscrimination….png)




Here's another good one in case you're trying to appeal to the Asian demographic that Patrick is polling very well with.

679e35 No.11570790


It's a Gab alert notification sound, and yeah, Patrick should have muted his computer's sound before streaming.

Chris Cantwell pointed this out on his show a while back. The man's not perfect.

d2b16a No.11570797

File: 8d5b1f48cf97beb⋯.jpg (45.69 KB, 691x624, 691:624, big goy.jpg)

Little is a big guy

276bfd No.11570801


did you just step out of cuckchan?

679e35 No.11570819







Oh brother, this fucker was in the other thread again.

There is absolutely NO evidence that Little (or Nehlen, for that matter, who raised multiple White children and is NOT having any children with his 'Spic Wife'), who CONSTANTLY names the Jew, is ANY type of 'Shill' or 'Fed'.

The continued D&C Hasbara Trolling shows just how scared the ZOG system is of a legitimate Pro-White candidate.



c4bcb4 No.11570836


that first poster is all over a college

f415c2 No.11570840

File: 3db7c45c3753b85⋯.png (648.95 KB, 761x741, 761:741, 3db7c45c3753b8516fff56c7c9….png)

should there be a thread on this?

7570d6 No.11571025


post from a 4 chin little thread:



Travis Allen - 40 year old Pro-Trumper from Huntington Beach, massive winner of the debate, gets crowds to scream for him and by far best Rep candidate; Cox is a neocon shill from Chicongo who didnt vote for Trump

https://youtu.be/ACka4PAikzc [Embed]


Cole Harris, Fed up with state legislature and failing schools, wants to make California Golden Again

https://youtu.be/NuLCO-UYzZ0 [Embed]


You already know, /ourguy/ Patrick Little, the ZOG slayer


Jack M. Guerrero, CPA and Economist who is smart as fuck and takes absolutely no shit, watch this video of him BTFO a degenerate council and get a standing ovation from his constituents.

https://youtu.be/fKdnIsKHMEE [Embed]


Raul Rodriguez Jr.

Remember this guy from the 2016 election? Comfy Mexican grandpa Hates illegals and has been pro-Trump since day 1. Gives zero fucks and BTFO shills live on their own show.

https://youtu.be/ajSOtajEXuQ [Embed]


Eric Early, Honestly I dont have much on this guy, but the other candidate is a literal who

https://youtu.be/Uov3M4FGIeM [Embed]

Everyone else for the most part is a literal who- just vote for the R, and avoid anthing ending in -berg, -man, or -stein.

WHEN VOTING FOR YOUR SHERRIFF research which candidate is more pro-CCW. For San Diego, it’s Dave Myers.

as for the props:

68- Yes, the state takes more debt but spends it on parks, clean water, etc.

No - state does not issue more debt

Kind of a toss up if you care about the environment. I do, so I voted yes in spite of creating more debt. Up to you.

69- Yes, Keeps spending on transportation taxes confined to transportation issues.

70- Yes, Greenhouse gas measures in the state senate will require a 2/3 majority instead of 50%+ majority. This is in favor of Repubs and prevents kikes from diverting money to pet projects

71- Yes, Changes effective dates of measures from voting from next day to 5 days away.

72- Yes, muh rainwater

7570d6 No.11571031

File: 8e49ebc3eceb240⋯.png (731.25 KB, 720x960, 3:4, patrick little poster.png)

7570d6 No.11571071

File: 12bda6af6fe3da6⋯.png (703.53 KB, 600x800, 3:4, patrick little poster 2.png)

7570d6 No.11571078

File: 40bf457203ff366⋯.png (214.93 KB, 989x459, 989:459, daily stormer against litt….png)


azmador is from the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack, looking to take down Little.

000000 No.11571100


Honestly, this could be the one thing that actually changes that law. If every anon got a ticket to CA and got him voted in, that law would be done with really quickly. The state might do something crazy like a do-over, but they'd still have to admit the legislation is pants on head retarded. Win-win.

8d6d74 No.11571126

got the ballot in the mail today, boy am I excited

f33a60 No.11571189


I can confirm 3 votes in pozzed Humboldt!

ed321f No.11571197


What's the source for this? Also has Pat seen it?

7570d6 No.11571205


From a 4 chugs little thread is the extent to what I know of where it comes from, specifically I don't know, be good to verify, looks like some kind of chat or twitter like comment section.

ed321f No.11571216


It seems legit since Caerulus Rex ((Dicky Spencer bodyguard & another thaifuckshack faggot) is in there too. Fucking controlled op traitors.

047973 No.11571525


>ya azzmador you said an idea and i have to signal boost it but rly aint got time for that

thats t. careulus alright

is there any context to this? is azzmador so smol brained he thinks pat little is busy trying to run a secret server to doxx TDS and being a dumb reactionary to reactionaries or is he being actively malevolent?

4a5699 No.11571545


>I sent this to Little, so he will see it when he wakes up. He is super busy doing interviews and I'm sure has no time for petty squabbles.

c3ff43 No.11571606

File: 7fed8f121f6586e⋯.jpg (756.24 KB, 2506x1180, 1253:590, 1526029882488.jpg)

File: 1286e68e34366d4⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1536x960, 8:5, vote patrick little_2.png)

ed321f No.11571623


I don't see how you can be a part of a clique that bans anyone for talking about Enoch's B'nai B'rith wife or about how w ee v is a fed informant Jew, and then turns around and attacks + blacklists every pro-White candidate that names the Jew without being actively malevolent.

a2749d No.11571656


You solved your own conundrum. They are malevolent agents bought and paid for to disrupt and fragment pro-white unity movements.

679e35 No.11571715

File: 7da0f11af97316b⋯.png (1.21 MB, 847x1200, 847:1200, 1512329311439.png)



Doing God's work, anon.

If you can get the Asian students on board so that they're spreading the poster here on their own


That would be awesome.


71b25b No.11571726


I can't believe I used to listen to that faggot and defend the Fuckshack.

02e1ec No.11571732


Same. But I have the feeling they are tanking hard. Maybe not in terms of followers because they keep lowering the bar, but certainly in terms of follower quality.

000000 No.11571791


>seemed like it cut short without getting to the meat of things.

Not unsurprising, tbh. I can't stand David Duke's radio shows for that reason. The faggot just won't shut up and let the guest speak.

d68a06 No.11571834

File: 3461ef5b879c2f1⋯.png (27.66 KB, 1013x133, 1013:133, Azz vs little 1.png)

File: 7080a4ddd1e6d1c⋯.jpg (888.1 KB, 1584x1800, 22:25, Azz vs little 2.jpg)

File: 55b87bdc556676d⋯.png (343.37 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, telegram background match.png)


Found the cuckchan post >>11571525 is right, according to the anon that posted it they think there is some sort of doxing server. It looks like cuckchan has already started to make memes about this. I image searched "messaging app flowers" and scrolled down a bit and found this image. The background looks to be a match to a service called Telegram

c3ff43 No.11572063


I think this began when the faggots at TRS and The Stormer started fucking with him and Nehlen (it's a long story, watch Little's "infighting" video on his youtube if you're interested). Anyway, Little was pissed and said he was going to start doxing Stormer Book Clubs. Obviously he wasn't really going to do that (and even if he wanted to he doesn't have the resources, plus he's got other shit to worry about) but apparently Spazzmador took it seriously and started sperging out. Caerulus Rex is his perfect sidekick. Fucking mouth breathers.

e776c6 No.11572135


At first, this guy made me a little nervous for him. But ending Jewish Supremacy and ending wars for Israel, and keeping it at that (I don't know how much further he goes against Jews) could become quite mainstream positions before long. There's hardly anything controversial about those positions. He should make a commercial.

c3ff43 No.11572140

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>He should make a commercial.

He did. It's a little rough around the edges but it's still glorious.

Also check this one.


(If you don't have the time, skip to 6:40 for the lulz of the year)

10f9b8 No.11572144

File: a163285caf1b4b4⋯.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Naamloos-2.jpg)


You know what they say,

Everything worth doing takes a Little effort.

7570d6 No.11572889


Contender for the best interview of Little, yet, though the sound quality is subpar.


7570d6 No.11572893


People are coming up with good sayings and campaign slogans:

The Little campaign that beat the jew.

A Little Change Would Make California Great Again - VOTE June 5th

e776c6 No.11572962


I've seen him referred to as a white-supremecist numerous times, now. That makes about as much sense as calling someone a slave-supremicist. We are all slaves to debt. Who owns that debt? I'd say Little is more of a white-soveriegnist than white-supremecist.

c3ff43 No.11572975


I'd say he's a counter-semite first and foremost. He always talks about getting the Asians and even the blacks on board against these Jews. (At least that's what he's doing for this campaign.)

d1c063 No.11573031

File: 7f54c9759f456be⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1202x1502, 601:751, time for a little change.png)

File: 447e5c5ca1011c3⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 960x720, 4:3, patrick little.jpg)


6e90db No.11573057

File: 3895dc53b1314fe⋯.jpg (107.35 KB, 888x720, 37:30, HANG-TRAITORS.jpg)

7570d6 No.11573169

File: dd4431cbe61d519⋯.jpg (294.23 KB, 1017x1017, 1:1, patrick little flyers 2.jpg)

395aac No.11573304


Assmador is some multiple convict who showed up one day after getting out of prison and was immediately given the top position as the supreme leader of all Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack groups. Kind of like felon we.ev getting out of prison and immediately becoming the system admin at Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack. The same Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack that is owned by a guy who is on camera talking about fucking underage jailbait in the Philippines. Seems to be a pattern here.

b5caa0 No.11573306

File: 0ebc43f475a8ac9⋯.png (191.83 KB, 989x459, 989:459, 5af6129b14e5d[1].png)

Chat Logs from DS's "Stormer Book Club" leadership were leaked showing how they plan to infiltrate Patrick Little's server and try to frame him to get sued. This is what happens when you have Mamzers at the top of the WN websites.



395aac No.11573318


There are a lot of Asians in California, and they are generally discriminated against under affirmative action like college admissions. So he is appealing to the common interests of whites and Asians. Blacks iirc he said he would advocate giving all the gibs currently sent to Israel to blacks instead, which is pretty funny.

>Ayo kike boi, where mah reparations at

ed321f No.11573325


>all of those replies

Fuck yes it's blowing up. Calling az out immediately is the ballsiest thing he could have done and he did it. I fucking love Pat god damn.

4bb1b9 No.11573326

File: 9aaf1c7b25e6bd8⋯.png (1.07 MB, 2000x1080, 50:27, 1525984187100.png)

Pat is going to do a AMA here in about 30 minutes.

4bb1b9 No.11573327

Lets get to the bottom of things. I want peace brothers. Lets find a way to come together for our race and our future.

b5caa0 No.11573330

File: 8fcac61c48c4673⋯.png (400.42 KB, 514x635, 514:635, e73b50f92899346a589c42b458….png)



Dr. David Duke posted his daily radio show for years on DS. Duke was BANNED from ever posting again this Tuesday May 8th for publishing an interview he did with Patrick Little.




ed321f No.11573336


In this thread or a fresh thread? Link it here when it starts, I want to ask him how much he knows about Duginists and the "alt-right". I think he might be missing the Dugin puzzle piece.

4bb1b9 No.11573343

File: 1e000dd915e0de8⋯.jpg (538.63 KB, 2481x3507, 827:1169, 1525974281812.jpg)

I dont want him posting on gab bringing a shit ton of reddit fucks here. This is for a serious AMA and a serous attempt to make peace so for proof I will ask him to post a simple vote for me message "another AMA coming soon" as proof its him and this pic.


He will OP a new thread. I'll be on chat server to help him with lingo if he needs it… happening soon he is almost ready

ed321f No.11573348


>make peace

What do you mean by this? He's being attacked by controlled opposition, there is no "make peace", there is only calling them out and then ignoring them to get on with things.

b5caa0 No.11573352

File: 492e1db64773ba2⋯.png (34.67 KB, 1171x267, 1171:267, 24400de415ffc4da5bf140787c….png)



Azzmador admits to trying to Kike Patrick Little's campaign on the TRSodomite 504um


395aac No.11573362


Assmador is literally retarded. His IQ has to be 85 or something

b5caa0 No.11573382

File: 0052b0696735381⋯.png (37.7 KB, 737x350, 737:350, 59b3586bc9a7a74404caa8c9e9….png)





Sven, one of the leaders of the Alt-Kikes on TRS, is shitting on the massive support for Patrick Little on /pol/. Remember that these are the guys who believe in optics and elections will save us

395aac No.11573386

File: 5afdd235ce4b7f6⋯.png (28.52 KB, 771x165, 257:55, 5af647df3df69.png)


Ostensibly, the TRSodomite strategy is "white taqiyya," which means pretending to be a cuck in order to win elections. Of course, the strategy cannot work because it is impossible to distinguish between a real cuck or a person just pretending to be a cuck, so none of "our guys" would ever know to vote for the pretend-cuck. So what this "strategy" would have to boil down to, in practice, is voting straight down ticket republican because of lack of reliable information. It would also require promoting every Republican because if alt like only promoted the pretend-cucks then the cat would be out of the bag. Then they say that only this strategy can work, when it is the standard cuckservative strategy that has failed for decades.

That is assuming they are being sincere in promoting this strategy, which they are not, because they are controlled opposition trying to get people to vote for the (((Republican party))).

ed321f No.11573392


>"not supporting him" is the same as "blacklisting anyone who talks about him and refusing to post any news about him at all"

That pilpul tho

05e536 No.11573393


If this is the case, Trump really should go all out on the kikes. I mean, it's already too late. By Little's logic, Trump's family is already fucked by their association with him. Trump should just get his revenge.

395aac No.11573406


These people are subversive scum.

Little has even said that it is unlikely that he will win. That isn't even the point. The point is that he is a normal looking guy, a veteran, and he will be able to deliver redpills directly to millions of people because of his campaign. If he wins, that's great, but the main goal is redpilling.

295398 No.11573408


There has to be more than a simple strategic disagreement if Apedre gave Duke the boot for it. By Fuckshack logic, interviewing Patrick Little is worse than being married to a B'nai B'rith BioQueen.

b5caa0 No.11573409


Exactly. The point is that he is destroying the Hollywood stereotype of "neo nazi skinhead" when the Jew media keeps calling him that

395aac No.11573416


Trump is not anti-Jew you fucking retard. Why would he ever "go all out against the kikes?" You fell for the memes that the guy with Jewish children, Jewish grandchildren, mostly Jewish staff, unending praise from Israel, etc. was in reality a secret kikeslayer?

395aac No.11573444

File: 51d4c0879c018d2⋯.jpg (169.84 KB, 533x374, 533:374, Enoch.jpg)


Or worse than Douglass Mackey working for a Jewish data mining company, which is supposedly what set off this whole feud.

In reality, all of these people are working together to steer the dissident right back into voting for the mainstream republican party. They are controlled opposition, as /pol/ discovered back with the Jew wife. There is no other explanation for why they would be so strongly opposing Little.

05e536 No.11573477


I'll take Patrick Little's word over yours.

000000 No.11573484


>TRS, is shitting on the massive support for Patrick Little on /pol/

Not saying that Sven isn't a faggot, but that's not the way I interpret that post. I interpret it as him saying 4/pol/ is not representative of the gommiefornia electorate, which is true. That aside, I don't see why TRS, if they were genuine, would feel the need to actively shit on Pat's campaign. Even if they buy into the whole "white mudslime" approach they're shilling, there's no reason why the two approaches couldn't be used concurrently, given that they're more or less orthogonal, and that real mudslimes operate on both those fronts. Punching right they way they are only demonstrates that TRS/DS have allied to purposefully shut down real candidates like Nehlen and Little. And the common factor between TRS and DS? The jew w-e-e-v. You can bet the slimy kike is central to all of this.

000000 No.11573492


>In reality, all of these people are working together to steer the dissident right back into voting for the mainstream republican party.

Trips of truth.

53586c No.11573555

Don't fall for the shills shilling pat little. the whole reason this guy exists and is getting attention is because the hard leftists want something to rally against. this is the senate race version of charlottesville. This won't help conservative or libertarian causes.

>falling for a controlled opposition hollywood spectacle

you're better than this

12740e No.11573566

Little is a fed

6e90db No.11573575

276bfd No.11573594


>shills shilling pat little

he doesn't have the money to hire proper shills. we do it for free

38762f No.11573624



>h-he's a fed b-because.. optics!

>h-he's a fed because h-he, before disengaging with the infighting, infought on nehlen's side who doxed someone!

>/optics/ determines who is or isn't a fed

>if you dont LARP as retarded and uninformed, you're a shill

America isn't Europe. go act like a gunless and nutless idiot there.

1947a3 No.11573694

File: 46fa7d0be39e882⋯.mp4 (4.62 MB, 270x480, 9:16, Dragging the Israeli Flag ….mp4)

1947a3 No.11573696

File: e488d30cf392623⋯.mp4 (3.54 MB, 270x480, 9:16, Initial Reaction To Being ….mp4)


>favourite doormat

This is fucking gold.

7570d6 No.11573719


Why, you could say, interviewing Patrick Little was worse than Hitler!

6e90db No.11573735

File: 41d2c96fcd6a970⋯.png (621.89 KB, 1202x808, 601:404, A-LITTLE-CHANGE.png)

05e536 No.11573759

File: af432ba4b24ff4f⋯.png (50.52 KB, 1280x931, 1280:931, tfu tfu.png)


Tfu. Tfu.

7570d6 No.11573786


>Of course, the strategy cannot work

The scenario would be is you being the best cuck compared to the competition with no alternatives to cucks, the jews rig you into office because your the best of their litter and then you're in. doesn't matter how many are turned off from voting because the only option are cucks, as long as you get the biggest share of those that did by whatever means.

868b62 No.11573790


Where's the Florida version of this guy? We need one.

38c881 No.11573796

File: 5b6dc49f9a2cca6⋯.png (888.41 KB, 1000x1778, 500:889, ClipboardImage.png)

395aac No.11573799


>This won't help conservative or libertarian causes.

Good. Nobody gives a shit about conservative and libertarian causes

05e536 No.11573811

File: bee4a935ec12d5e⋯.png (65.05 KB, 500x303, 500:303, spit on this flag.png)

File: b886f80e9203b5a⋯.png (140.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, haku transparent.png)

7570d6 No.11573813


BTW, voat.co is where the blowup started, then 8chan, this thread, then it spread to half chan. Going by traffic ranking, >>11568917 voat is about par with here, so an AMA after doing one here might be of interest. There is an AMA sub there: https://voat.co/v/ama, though I don't know whether that'd be the best sub to do it as far as reaching the most eyeballs.

05e536 No.11573817

File: 0dda0d28859897e⋯.png (98.82 KB, 318x204, 53:34, spit on flag transparent.png)

This happened. That flame sure works well with alpha transparency.

6e90db No.11573821

File: 605a4bab1347591⋯.jpg (129.81 KB, 900x539, 900:539, SJBTI.jpg)

5b1b4b No.11573935

File: 7fed8f121f6586e⋯.jpg (756.24 KB, 2506x1180, 1253:590, 1526029882488.jpg)


Back to you bathhouse, trs butt-plugger.

301d4d No.11573960

File: 08695539629cb5e⋯.jpg (88.77 KB, 459x605, 459:605, dbb443797ab68a37f6cfdcfa97….jpg)

Uh guys. I had a dream last night. Me and a friend were laughing about the results of the mid-terms. We were surprised at a bunch of rust-belt states flipping, but then I noticed that republicans won in California. I realized that it meant Little had won and then woke up.

d1c063 No.11573963


I'm glad someone corrected that typo of "intesive purposes"

5b1b4b No.11573966


It was me. I got so pissed, seeing it get posted over and over again and nobody bothered to correct it. Low agency niggers.

7570d6 No.11573969

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

59edab No.11573977


so…because he ain't being fucked with, no shut him down attempts, he just might be a deep state/cia/kike agent manchurian candidate type?

or maybe being so blatant marks him by the enemy as inconsequential and self defeating and thus not worth the effort to shut down?

5b1b4b No.11573982


LMAO. Great clip. I actually do get insanely triggered when I hear Americans say "expresso".

5b1b4b No.11573984

File: 081c2e0c2e58363⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1202x1502, 601:751, Little GL Poster color 2.png)

File: a22b9d361529806⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1202x1502, 601:751, Little GL Poster all white.png)

File: 2ac3022a8d9c6ec⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1202x1502, 601:751, Little GL Poster blank.png)


Updated poster. Minor typo fixed "war monger" - "warmonger".

2fb729 No.11574028


psyop. he did an AMA here and halfchan, and is actively shilling for TDS support. i smell a rat. a jew rat.

7570d6 No.11574035


what's tds?

4b7d26 No.11574054


Looks good, if i may offer a critique the red x has a negative connotation. i would recommend a green tick

5b1b4b No.11574055

File: 1f6a2d1361b0460⋯.webm (3.81 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Patrick Little_Auschwitz.webm)


Yeah because we put in work. The only rat here is you.

Btw guys check it out I made a little clip from his latest interview (Interview With A Jewish Reporter At Berkeley Thai Restaurant).

I call it "Patrick Little And The Luxuriousness Of Auschwitz".

7f51b2 No.11574508


>actively shilling for TDS support. i smell a rat. a jew rat.

TRS and DS are kikes, if he was a plant then he wouldn't need to ask for their support. do you even into basic logic?>>11574028

4a0132 No.11574516


If he's a jew rat then he is advocating for his own lynching when he seizes office. Fucking dumbass. You don't counter signal AND come to us: the now official enemy of fucking half the illuminati and alphabet soup, if you want to avoid redpilling the normies into a fourth reich.

Fucking lol. He could give a Bellamy salute when he gets sworn in and you'd still scream that he is cucking to israel.

6e90db No.11574553



trs seventh scum doubles down on working against PAT LITTLE


7570d6 No.11574586


Overstated, that comment is doubling down on his position about how to go about things, not against Little, with a snide butthurt-esk remark at the end. I don't have a problem with the position, though he asserts without evidence to what he's thinking of in regards to "proven wrong," this glossing over doesn't help his case. Also he says people are calling their position cucking, though I haven't seen people doing so, and I think that path is correct in a given circumstance. The real problem are those at the tai fuck shack looking to setup Little to take him down.

c1ecf8 No.11574596


TRS hates anyone with some influence that's interacting with cuckchan or 8chan. That's nothing new, because they fear of losing some control.

7570d6 No.11574606

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Reminds me of a movie squabble.

7f51b2 No.11574608


>I think that path is correct in a given circumstance.

if you think white men can infiltrate the GOP then you are a giant retard. either go full SIEGE or work on creating a party explicitly for white people, its pointless trying to infiltrate this kiked garbage pile.

7570d6 No.11574618


You think neocons hatched out of an egg? Look up neocon history of infiltrating and taking over the Republican party. You also gloss over words that you even reference, depending on circumstance those tactics work, and I would do both at the same time.

7f51b2 No.11574675


>he thinks you can out-jew the jew

there is no single proven instance of aryan man out-jewing the jew. its not in our nature, we cannot sneak like jews, we cannot deceive like jews, we cannot subvert like jews.

naming the jew and pogromming them has worked over 300 times in 3000 years.

are you going to go with the tactic that has zero proven success or the tactic that has over 300 proven successes?

7570d6 No.11574684


0/10 horseshit.

ebd27b No.11574687


You're the one who seems to think they just came out of nowhere. Jewish power, including over both political parties, existed long before Republicans fully embraced Trotskyism.

7570d6 No.11574701


>Jewish power, including over both political parties, existed long before Republicans fully embraced Trotskyism.

What a revelation.

7f51b2 No.11574703


>0/10 horseshit.

t. no argument bluepilled retarded faggot


ebd27b No.11574725


It must be to you, unless you think there's a secret White network in control, and they're just going to hand over the reigns to the aut-right if enough of them join the republican party.

7570d6 No.11574764


Damn, that the scenario I was really holding out for.

588678 No.11574789


Sudpol, anon. >>>/sudpol/

6048e5 No.11575181



MEMRI-TV is owned by Israel

801be2 No.11575261

File: c10f5e63cc79966⋯.png (37.37 KB, 1121x501, 1121:501, pat.png)

This guy is a legend.

37fdca No.11575266


>Kike literally kvetching about the 6 gorillion while holding a sign saying that women's bodies are more regulated than guns.

Every. Single. Time.

ed321f No.11575352


He's equating "not supporting" Little on TDS with going so far as to ban David Duke for posting an interview with Little. It's pilpul. TRS is well-known as kiked. You're an idiot if you defend them.

7f51b2 No.11575396


>MEMRI-TV is owned by Israel

this doesn't seem believable in the slightest mr sage in all fields slide poster

047973 No.11575476


The Californian poster Sven was arguing with in that thread completely BTFO Sven in so many responses that it actually makes me think Sven was false-flagging his own anti-Little position so that someone could tear it up because, for whatever reason, he can't actually express support for Little and can only signal it tacitly. He even gave out upvotes to people arguing with him.

We might be in a situation where Sven is the only real /ourguy/ on TRS and is being held hostage.

6048e5 No.11575487





7f51b2 No.11575503

File: cd8bdcc3dd2f719⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, memritv22.jpg)

File: 4f23a17bb5e59d9⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 474x340, 237:170, memritv19.jpg)

File: 35f5ea7ce9e8b2e⋯.jpg (14.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, memritv17.jpg)

File: f5ce00e81c1aff2⋯.jpg (97.57 KB, 565x395, 113:79, memritv15.jpg)

File: 6057f836fdea67f⋯.png (628.67 KB, 940x492, 235:123, memritv10.png)


you can't even sage properly you retarded faggot

im sure the arabs who constantly talk about wanting to eradicate jews, who they describe as the worst plague on this planet, are mossadniggers

yeah, sure

6048e5 No.11575507



Another kernel for you;


>The institute was co-founded in 1998 by Yigal Carmon, a former Israeli military intelligence officer and Meyrav Wurmser, an Israeli-born American political scientist.

Literally created by two Jewish Israelis. ONE OF WHOM IS FORMER MOSSAD!

idgaf what you are, you're just an easy filter at this point.

7f51b2 No.11575527



>>The institute was co-founded in 1998 by Yigal Carmon, a former Israeli military intelligence officer and Meyrav Wurmser, an Israeli-born American political scientist.

>Literally created by two Jewish Israelis. ONE OF WHOM IS FORMER MOSSAD!

why didnt you post this first?

anyway, the memriTV memes will never not be hilarious

d1367e No.11575533


Beneath 0%. Even if he makes it to the runoff against a Peace&Freedom candidate the CA GOP will sabotage his campaign and tell everyone to vote for the alternative. He has absolutely no chance unless he goes up against another Republican and Republican turnout is low while Democrats don't turn out at all.

Let me put it this way: it's far more likely the runoff will be two Republicans because there is the slim (but plausible) chance Chaing and Eastin could spoil and split the vote for Newsom and Villar.

276bfd No.11575624


>Even if he makes it to the runoff against a Peace&Freedom candidate the CA GOP will sabotage his campaign and tell everyone to vote for the alternative.

Like they did with Trump?

6048e5 No.11575628


His stated goal at the moment isn't to win, if he can get to debate Feinstein, that will be a win. Currently he's polling ahead of other Republican candidates.

276bfd No.11575633


Feinstein will absolutely refuse to talk in public near little, she won't even talk to the good goy republican candidates. Instead she'll just host fundraiser and fundraiser as millions pour in.

5b1b4b No.11575751

File: 971a757823d059b⋯.png (586.67 KB, 1271x1798, 41:58, Patrick Little Placard.png)

Oh look, the same derailers and demoralization shills as on halfchan have arrived.

The yids must be shaking in their boots by now. First Nehlen, now this guy…and this is only just the beginning.

7f51b2 No.11575753

File: 9bffb3a06f79434⋯.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1936x1936, 1:1, patricklittlebomb.jpeg)

looks like the postering is going well.

all quiet on the alt kike front

i guess a bunch of posters put up featuring american flags and a guy wearing an american flag colored suit isn;t american nationalist enough for the alt kike

395aac No.11575765


>Even if he makes it to the runoff against a Peace&Freedom candidate the CA GOP will sabotage his campaign and tell everyone to vote for the alternative

This is still good for us because it will just show people further how traitorous Republicans are. Destroying the controlled opposition republican party is even more important than fighting against the left in the short term, because it is the controlled opposition that ties our hands behind our backs and prevents us from going all out against the left.

15e6d9 No.11575769


>convenience stores, parking garages, lamp posts

Nothing to write home about and easily ignored. I can't tell you the last time I gave a 8.5x11 "poster" a second glance on my way into Stewarts, because it's never happened. You have to post these things in liberal-dense places where some blue haired skank will get her unwashed panties in a wad over it and take it to the news for her 5 minutes of fame, then his message will spread further than it ever could have the way it's going now.

395aac No.11575770


No, Sven just has a low IQ and doesn't know how to argue.

395aac No.11575776


Memri is used by Jews as propaganda, but it's basically truthful propaganda. They just show how much Muslims hate Jews, in the expectation that Jew-loving Americans will then defend Israel. It doesn't really work on people who already hate Jews because we just agree with everything the Muslims are saying about the Jews anyway.

5b1b4b No.11575786


>We might be in a situation where Sven is the only real /ourguy/ on TRS

Wherever you came from, go back there. And never return.

395aac No.11575792


The best (and funniest) method would be making Little posters that college leftists would agree with, such as anti-Israel posters, and putting them up in college sociology departments. First they agree with the message of the poster, then they find out that the guy on them is a "white supremacist" and cognitive dissonance sets in. Rage and lulz ensue

Some ideas in this vein:

"Stop Israeli nuclear proliferation! Vote Little!"

"End discrimination against Asian students! Vote Little!"

"Dismantle American imperialism! Vote Little!"

"Stop supporting Saudi terror! Vote Little!"

cfd8f7 No.11575853



>How is Little winning the race?

Liberty lovers would vote for anyone who isn't Feinstein, but for some reason Republicucks think she is unbeatable and don't even run a candidate against what should be an easy race. Feinstein is probably the most extremist of all the Congress, at least out in the open, so there is no limit as to how extreme you can be when opposing her because she is so hated. The time is ripe now that all US political parties are in shambles and devoid of any meaningful leadership. Any leader that steps up will gain followers in droves. The 6 million kikes are running out of time.


>Imagine if he wins the primaries

Feinstein would literally have to debate him on the JQ. There is nothing more red-pilling than kike personally trying to convince you of the 6 gorillion and that they dindu nuffin. The only reason anyone even believes kike bullshit is because of all the shabbos goys they have propagandizing for them.


>jews are 64% of Harvard

>the Israel Lobby

>kikes in government are dual citizens

>kike nepotism

The greatest talking point will forever be the USS Liberty, but those are good too. Little focuses on the USS Liberty too. He's the real deal. "Vote for the Little guy this election." Even his name works to his advantage.

6048e5 No.11575857

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>but it's basically truthful propaganda. They just show how much Muslims hate Jews,

No dude, they fucking SCRIPTED they Yemeni girl! They basically make FAKE news to terrorize Israelis and justify Israel's aggression toward muslims.

>vid related

>vid is fake

>the girl is literally a child actor


It's fake, are you really saying that you're going to trust a media company founded by a FORMER MOSSAD OFFICER!?! Really?!

05e536 No.11575882

File: 399e1349500b27b⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 900x635, 180:127, albanian.jpg)


Not just founded by. It's still almost entirely staffed by juden. Still, it does produce some pretty fucking funny screencaps.

cfd8f7 No.11575884


Eisenhower was deep into freemasonic faggotry/Judaism. He was an insider. Eisenhower was characterized as a jew in his West Point yearbook. He also hated Germans as much as Churchill, top agent of the Rothschilds. He was probably a crypto kike.

Nixon and JFK seem to legitimately not be though. Nixon was a crook that collaborated with anyone for more power, and he at some point realized the kikes were even more rotten than him, but he didn't want to rock the boat and stop the shekels from coming in. JFK wanted to shut down the (((CIA))), so he got the bullet, from multiple assassins even, to make sure they got the job done.

Meanwhile, Trump is very obviously a convert to Judaism, or even raised religiously Jewish since his father seems to have been practicing Judaism. His uncle is the sketchiest of all his family though, and the least talked about. I'm quite surprised I haven't seen his cousin exposed here yet. I tried cursory digging and saw no articles on him anywhere. Will require deep digging. I suppose I'll start by looking at what his university said about him and look for any leads there. I keep hearing he was the one in charge of archiving Tesla's documents after he was murdered, but I have not seen a single solid source on that. Who started the rumor?


Posting facts about Trump's Jewish faith isn't really prohibited anymore. The enforcement slowly dwindled over time.

7570d6 No.11575944


It's everyone has bad reading comprehension day, I've defended the strategy of subterfuge, why, because it works given the right situation,

and banning duke were the tai fuck shack guys from the tai fuck shack.

ebd27b No.11576054


It's not on jewtube anymore (I downloaded), but once, for whatever reason, they translated an entire Iranian documentary about Faurisson. Some of it is probably manufactured, but not all.

4c4f98 No.11576079

Seems interesting, but from his cuck/pol/ "AMA" he seems to have not learned from one of the failings of Hitler, that off the necessary extinction of all incompatible and useless races. Though, he IS running for office, and it'd be much easier to wreck him if he preached any form of holocaust.

He also thinks Trump got stuck in the swamp when trying to drain it and is now a puppet, but I don't think he'd underestimate its power when he has lived and fought in the adopted jewish habitat of NYC, not to mention his interactions with the elite. Either he's doing some real covert warfare on the kikes, waiting for a republican landslide in the midterms, or has always been controlled opposition.

6048e5 No.11576098

sage for off topic



>Still, it does produce some pretty fucking funny screencaps.

They always bugged me, because every single one looks off. Some of the beards look fake, and it feels like an actor. Its blatantly obvious when you think about it; Who benefits from MEMRI-TV? The Israeli Warmongers.

3b0d67 No.11576103


What will he do when they start to attempt to accidentally suicide him?

d1367e No.11576112

File: d86a5eaae2d9b1e⋯.jpg (18.98 KB, 235x334, 235:334, d337533b3b675916937f91b83a….jpg)

File: 3fe8ece0df5a4f8⋯.png (325.15 KB, 650x260, 5:2, CHSRImages_28.png)


Yes except the combination of 60% Dems against 30% Republicans (at best, it's more like 15% Republicans against 40% Dems) will nuke it while the CA GOP itself explodes like the Whigs did. It's already started through the SOJ51 movement, a thing establishment Democrats quietly support because should Jefferson become it's own state CA would become bluer than New York, meaning they wouldn't have to compromise with progressive Dems any further (this is relevant on things like SB-827).


The CA GOP is so utterly useless at this point it can hardly be called "opposition". That's what they get for supporting gun control. I can't really imagine a white nationalist party getting far though unless it included Mexicans and explicitly targeted central americans instead of taco creatures in general. Also the biggest issues in California, the ones which split Democrats, is housing deregulation, transit, public wifi and Net Neutrality which current WNs are indifferent to.

To truly get away from the Republican party WNs have to seriously look at some of the things on the progressive left, remember that national socialism is half socialism. In particular this is where California's Breitspurbahn project comes in which is popular in urban cities yet doesn't have the full support of the CA Dem party (this is why it had to be passed at the ballot box through Prop 1A, not in the state legislature).

d1367e No.11576126


That's a good point but it'd require him to beat De Leon, who has his own cult following amongst progressive Democrats. Though that'd fuck her too since Dems would just rip each other to pieces virtue signalling and gain nothing except division. This can already be seen with pro-Newsom soyboys turning burning Villaraigosa for being a "shill" of the oil industry for supporting fracking and not wanting to ban gas cars, to which Villar's base responds by swearing in spanish and pointing out Newsom hates transit.

3b0d67 No.11576186


>on sidewalk

>within inches of road / parking lot

He's off private property at that point.

616e4b No.11576487

File: 6643eead1fd8109⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, Chart_NaziPartyRise_ENG.jpg)


The National Socialists rose from almost nothing to taking power in five years between 1928 and 1933. They didn't achieve this by cucking out. Hiding your power level is a legitimate strategy under some circumstances, but when the system has become so rotten that a large proportion of the people are starting to recognize that something is seriously wrong, then the person who fearlessly stands up and calls it like it is will be the one that gains their support.

I firmly believe that we are at such a juncture in history now. Trump may not have been the great savior of the Aryan people, but he has served a vital purpose - he caused the Kikes to go off the rails and expose themselves. The point has been proved that even an America First civnat is not acceptable to the left, that they have absolutely no respect for the democratic system, and that their hidden hands of power have been coordinating in the shadows in an attempt to nullify a legitimate election result. People are seeing that we have a controlled media, that both party establishments have been bought off, and that Government agencies are stacked with colluders. Most importantly, more and more are noticing that it's overwhelmingly Jews doing this, and realizing that it's all a part of a Kike agenda to destroy white Christians that has been ongoing for a long time. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Kosher sandwich, they see Bibi trying to drag us into another war that is transparently unjustified and exclusively for Israel's benefit.

Until now, I never fully bought in the the idea that TRS and TDS were controlled opposition, especially TDS. I thought that they spoke too much truth about the reality of ZOG, and that the accusations were typical Kike shill D&C. Now there can be little doubt. It seems that there were multiple levels of gate-keeping, and now they're activating the final ones in a panic, to try to steer us off course before anti-ZOG thinking goes mainstream. With awareness of ZOG at the highest level since WW2, it is not the time to be shy about speaking the truth - it's a moment waiting to be seized by someone bold enough. Anyone that names the Jew, is explicitly pro-white and anti-ZOG deserves our full support.

Truth telling always wins out in the end. Patrick Little and Paul Nehlen will be the death of the Aut-Kike. Good riddance.

395aac No.11576575


That's the thing about real revolutionary strategy. It fails until it doesn't, and then it wins big. For something like that, you can't judge on past failure.

395aac No.11576583

File: 6768c41106b066c⋯.jpg (43.98 KB, 415x632, 415:632, 1497652532810.jpg)


Ah ok. I thought all they did was take broadcast media from Muslim countries and then translate it. Either way, the images are great memes.

7570d6 No.11576661

File: 0827216ed2245ec⋯.jpeg (110.74 KB, 649x429, 59:39, its-affraid.jpeg)



6a7f01 No.11576702

File: dd37c648fd01b61⋯.webm (7.23 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Patrick Little Yahoo News….webm)

Here is Patrick's own recording of his interview with Yahoo. I also played around with ffmpeg's settings to compress this as efficiently as possible.

0d8438 No.11576745

File: ec4eb6971ebc3c8⋯.png (477.04 KB, 1132x627, 1132:627, Opera Snapshot_2018-05-13_….png)



Picture related, I never put much into the Saudis or other towelheads being "Crypto-Kikes" but if you showed me this picture with a six pointed star I'd call it a Jew in a heartbeat.

0d8438 No.11576782


Listening to the first few minutes, makes me a bit weary for some reason, but I haven't really read anything about him though. Just seems weird how he uses the old WN 1.0 language of "ZOG" and how Trump woke him up to "The Jewish Question" when Trump has a Jew son-in-law and his daughter fucking converted to a Jew, I mean, wtf? Not to mention how close how Trump has been to Jews over the years.

The guy literally says "Put all of these Zionist pigs in jail or execute them for treason" does he really think saying "Kill the Jews!" is going to win in the USA, on the left coast of all places? I'm all for him outting the Jews, but this the kind of language that we used in the 90s and it didn't work out that well, but beating people over the head when they've been so conditioned for so long might turn people off at a greater rate.

If the guy is legitimate, then that's awesome to hear, but if he shouldn't be pushed. I hope he wins and at least inspires more people to run. My biggest beef, as stated above, is he is so straightforward but maybe I'm a bit more blackpilled tonight than normal, otherwise I'd be all for it.

I'd vote for him anyway if I lived there.

0d8438 No.11576825


After reading more of the thread I've seen that anons have said that he isn't trying to "win" but trying to get the word out about the Jews, so I suppose that alleviates some of my worry. But after 30 years of targeting anything remotely "White Nationalist" always gets attacked, destroyed or infiltrated keeps me on a permanent "weary footing" until I see otherwise. But like I said in my previous post, I don't know that much about him, but I'll read more about him.

559084 No.11576826


Go back to TRS, faggot

eee6f4 No.11576944


>E-celebs hate Patrick because he is not child fucking manlet, and actually looks normal human being. He is not bad optics like them.

279701 No.11576988



Just fucking kill yourself already holy shit.

000000 No.11577545


More like wtf jewgle. They block embedding and streaming APIs for designated bad goy videos, making it impossible to import them to other sites.

7570d6 No.11577546



7f51b2 No.11577810

File: a273e175353ce5c⋯.jpg (728.07 KB, 2506x1180, 1253:590, virgin alt right chad patr….jpg)

File: ef8b1daeefab699⋯.png (28.82 KB, 771x165, 257:55, trs faggot taqiyya.png)


>old WN 1.0 language


> "White Nationalist"

Sure is alt-kike in here today. Can't you little faggots just stay on your containment board and keep sucking e-celeb dick?

7570d6 No.11578379

File: 4977680701b1634⋯.jpg (439.33 KB, 983x983, 1:1, 1526212864383.jpg)

000000 No.11578391

>LIVE TONIGHT ON JFG Livestreams /7pm in California/10pm EST/0200 GMT/



4bb1b9 No.11578441

Times were a misprint

>LIVE TONIGHT ON JFG Livestreams /5p in California/8pm EST/0000 GMT/

>This is the correct time


000000 No.11578448

4bb1b9 No.11578452

3 hours 47 min

7ef3b1 No.11578487

File: cee995795992ad0⋯.png (63.24 KB, 731x520, 731:520, ClipboardImage.png)

000000 No.11578498


Why the fuck would any /pol/ member vote for (((Travis Allen)))

Oh, he voted for Trump, he's /ourguy/



ed321f No.11578777


Shit like this is why the rest of my ballot is blank save Little.

7a465e No.11578780


Live in 80 minutes.


4bb1b9 No.11578799


A short discussion with Halsey about the state of the YouTube business. Around 8 PM Est time, we will be moving to a separate channel and separate show to discuss with Patrick Little, senate candidate in California.

4bb1b9 No.11578803


Kek wills it.

e56c85 No.11578819



Checked, write in that Don J. Grundman's name for Governor since he was kind enough to be straightforward.

7a465e No.11578821


This is already that separate channel, Mr. Magoo.

0d8438 No.11578924




Posters like y'all are the worst, can't voice an opinion, criticize or state why you think you should be cautious about somethings. It's like if you're not 100% fucking group-think then you're a kike, shill or some other stupid shit. I bet you've spent more time than I have on TRS since I've only been to it once to see what people like you bitch about all the time.

>I'm all for him outting the Jews, but this the kind of language that we used in the 90s and it didn't work out that well, but beating people over the head when they've been so conditioned for so long might turn people off at a greater rate.

What I wrote, and what other anons think as well, there is a reason people like Rockwell and Pierce did as well as they did and the kikes feared them, because they could get across a good point without screaming about "Gas the kikes, race war now" shit all the time. I never said to not call the kikes out, if you read my post you would know that, but going around and screaming "Gas the kikes, race war now" hasn't paid off for a long fucking time.

After listening to the rest of the interview he did much better I thought, but I did't like the opening. But you'll call me a kike or some stupid shit since any differing opinion is a shill.

ebd27b No.11578930


AmRen's been around for almost 3 decades, and it's accomplished - by design. Kosher nationalism isn't a new, revolutionary idea like the aut-righters seem to think it is, and it isn't going to get us anywhere.

0d8438 No.11578937


I agree Kosher anything isn't going to get us anywhere, I just want more Rockwells and Pierces than race-mixers like Paul Nehlen, though he does call out (((them))) out. AmRen has done good videos about non-whites, even though they don't touch the Jew, and we all know Jared Taylor's views about (((them))).

e4ebb8 No.11578949

File: 3d0fa8eb678f76c⋯.png (59.16 KB, 283x302, 283:302, Papa JF full power.png)

f044c9 No.11578958


ashkenazi Jews are half semite/half aryan


its live now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inbCEpjFEzg

e4ebb8 No.11578960

File: db517f366a67e77⋯.gif (86.92 KB, 350x198, 175:99, 519651651685469.gif)


watching it right now, chat shitting on fat boomer kike halsey is nice

0e637b No.11578966

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Patrick Little dropping nuclear redpills live on JF's channel

6e90db No.11578970


0e637b No.11578972


shut up nigger you use their language and rhetoric identically, you cannot hide here you alt kike faglord

0d8438 No.11578975


I was right, can't say one thing against the hivemind or else you're some aut-kike TRS shill. You're so fucking retarded.

7a465e No.11578978


This fat kike is so triggered.

d1cc1b No.11578991

Patrick is getting demolished by Halsey. Completely outclassed.

14c565 No.11578996


Little need to work on his oratory skills. possibly but shutting his mouth occasionally.

276bfd No.11578997

6e90db No.11578998



the word from tel aviv

just can't resist commenting huh

14c565 No.11579001


>hurr durr someone hurt my fee fees so hes a jew

fuck off trs fag

e4ebb8 No.11579004

File: 60f7251a783ee02⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 576x360, 8:5, 6875467897890789.gif)

6e90db No.11579005


cuz trs is totally supporting Pat, right

you guys are gonna lose hard

3ed01e No.11579008

So what's the deal does this guy have a normal white wife or is she Latina or something? Haven't received any response email from him yet on the question. Keeping high hopes but let's go, tired of the Nehlen racemixer shit and this guy supports Nehlen so I'm a little suspicious. Other than this one doubt he seems great on paper. The alt-kike apparently disavowing him makes me want to support him even more.

14c565 No.11579010

how delusional are you that you see kikes where none exist? I'm genuinely interested

e4ebb8 No.11579013

File: 21acd7a83752bc1⋯.gif (450.05 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1468505253235-0.gif)

b5e819 No.11579015

"Leon Trotsky was a tailor from New York!"

False. He was Russian born, was exiled to Siberia then France then Spain and then finally the US, where he stayed for 3 months.

e4ebb8 No.11579025

File: f4c71ed1571a84b⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Goebbels.webm)


ed321f No.11579030


IIRC he has contextually stated that he had a white wife, can't remember which interview. He was talking about how fucked the situation for white kids is and how he was "lucky to find his wife" and how he's fighting for whites for his future children. I can see why he doesn't want to give more details than that with all the jews watching.

3ed01e No.11579034


All I want him to say is "my wife is white" and I'll take his word for it. If you could find that clip I'd really appreciate it, anon. It's the only thing keeping me from shilling this guy and sending him a fat donation.

ed321f No.11579036


It may have been the Red Elephants stream which got "hacked" (yeah right) and disappeared.

276bfd No.11579037


If you do donate, tell him to buy a decent mic

559084 No.11579040


You use TRS terminology, so I assumed you were from TRS. Is that not the case?

I already made the case why "controlled opposition" accusation does not hold water here: >>11569252

0e637b No.11579042



holy shit you TRSodomites just cant help outing yourself, can you?

7a465e No.11579044



He said his wife is Austrian. Please don't ask me where, I've watched literally all of his videos and interviews.

559084 No.11579045


And Rockwell and Pierce both named the Jew, so don't know what you're talking about there.

ce600f No.11579047



Looking for a group of individuals who have a clear understanding of a substance called ADRENOCHROME. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrenochrome.

The qualified candidates will work in teams to help develop a 100% accurate scientific method or a medical devise that can test for smallest traces of ADRENOCHROME consumption in human body. The applicants must possess a strong heart that's real and active. Artificial human like candidates need not apply.

Please translate in every language and re post this note on every social media, message board, copy and paste to street sign and trafic poles, building walls……..

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eFOyCwCRTgw. Get some SAUDI❤️We may suck at dancing in ARDAH but we assure you our Muslim brothers, we can really rock and roll with our 2nd. Come my African brothers WW. Look at this! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GuqZfaj34nc. Do you still believe Barack Hussein Obama was your savior??? Wake up and smell the ADRENOCHROME. Proof is in this! https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm0243. Get some TRUMP❤️ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw5Ij_RFJ1Q. Get some PUTIN❤️Now you get why we're hated by deep state and msm ? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND YOUR ROTTEN COLD BLOODED BODY RIGHT NOW IS PRODUCING YOUR OWN LITTLE adrenochrome. WR ARE COMING FOR YOU. Btw I hear Antarctica is no longer safe for your kind. WWGOWGA

0e637b No.11579049


>And Rockwell and Pierce both named the Jew, so don't know what you're talking about there.

filter TRSodomite retards anon

559084 No.11579060



Yeah, all you faggots are going in the ground.

3ed01e No.11579078


Thanks. All anons, please email him asking if his wife is white or not. Or please autistically dig up the clip of him saying his wife is white. Just need that one bit of first-hand confirmation to go all in on this gentleman.

7a465e No.11579106

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


On second thought; I'm 99% sure he said that in the Radio Wehrwolf interview with the complete moron of a host. (Otherwise it's a very good interview.)

3ed01e No.11579111


Thanks listening now! If/when I find a timestamp I'll cut a video so we can settle this and move on.

0d8438 No.11579119


No fag, I'm not, you just bitch and moan about anything that isn't exactly like you envision.

ed321f No.11579127


Is the host the same Wehrwolf idiot who spams his gab?

0d8438 No.11579137


They didn't go around screaming about gas the kikes race war now style shit. Rockwell was even asked in an interview about that type of thing, embed related, starting at 1:45. Rockwell doesn't fucking sperg out, he makes the point calmly and to the point.


Are you fucking stupid? I said that in >>11578937 but hey I'm just some shill right? Jesus.


A word that /pol/ was using back on 4/pol/ before 8/pol/ even existed.

0d8438 No.11579140

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Video here

ebd27b No.11579142

File: c93522c9f31fad2⋯.jpg (559.27 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, jews are thru in '72.jpg)


Rockwell's campaign slogan was "jews are thru in '72".

0d8438 No.11579145


That isn't nearly the same level as gas the kikes, race war now, and you know it.

f383e4 No.11579183

File: 8a9e6d6db4a5df3⋯.png (15.13 KB, 898x776, 449:388, Ditto_AG_anime.png)


Not really, if you watch from the beginning, Halsey kept changing the subject and strawmanning him until it became a shitshow.


Literally a fucking kike right here

Seen you Halsey idiots promoting the same ideas as Halsey, accepting a literally Jewish Zionist frame of the world and thinking you're (((so smart)))

Case in point, Halsey the one promoting optics cuckery. No Jew supports the naming of Jewish terrorism and their ethnocentrism as incompatible with anyone else.. always an ethnic Ditto

but you don't fool anyone, kike. you're not omni-adaptive, you're omni-deceptive

3ed01e No.11579230

File: 0748c6110aa00c4⋯.mp4 (3.37 MB, 458x310, 229:155, Pat Little First Finance.mp4)


I'm going through this Pat Little video now. Can you help me go through it and find timestamps? Here are a couple timestamps of interest I've found so far, although I skipped through some of the earliest parts.


>1:06 wife on vacation to austria


>1:18 austrians were like yeah we know

6e90db No.11579231

File: 51400692c95d6b9⋯.png (621.79 KB, 1202x808, 601:404, A.LITTLE-CHANGE.png)

3ed01e No.11579241

File: 4e6809d25adce91⋯.mp4 (491.94 KB, 458x310, 229:155, Pat Little Wife Vacation i….mp4)


Still haven't found anything concrete but it looks promising, if anyone can provide timestamps I'd appreciate it. 2 hours is a lot of audio content to go through oneself.

f383e4 No.11579248


after the austria stuff it's probably not there and anon misremembered

he said he was pro-white for most of his life, so it's doubtful he has a non-white wife; that'd be way too inconsistent. now if a jewish wife, that's different…

f383e4 No.11579249


and no i'm not saying jews are white

3ed01e No.11579255

File: 8f93756f6ce6bc7⋯.mp4 (737.23 KB, 458x310, 229:155, Pat Little Recounts Conver….mp4)


He sounds pretty anti racemixing to me. Very promising.

3ed01e No.11579266

File: 3a7cc4ee6ec8459⋯.mp4 (1.86 MB, 458x310, 229:155, Pat Little Redpilling Aust….mp4)

276bfd No.11579267

File: 353c950c51a1491⋯.mp4 (2.67 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, republicans_running.mp4)

276bfd No.11579268

File: 052391559e29ec9⋯.mp4 (1000.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lying_jewish_mouth.mp4)

276bfd No.11579269

File: 3a3d963ad581461⋯.mp4 (13.34 MB, 320x180, 16:9, jewish_leaders_russia.mp4)

here's the full conclusion

3ed01e No.11579279

File: 524773efbacb673⋯.mp4 (124.37 KB, 458x310, 229:155, Pat Littles Wife is From A….mp4)


1:19:39 timestamp

fe38f0 No.11579280




Thanks, was wondering when someone would cut some clips together. Halsey totally BTFO'd himself with that Soviet government shit.

f383e4 No.11579283


inb4 (((austria)))


ed321f No.11579294


He went on a huge big brained rant about the science behind race and how racemixing is vile child abuse on the Red Elephants stream, real shame no one has it.

f383e4 No.11579311

File: 6117807628a1df6⋯.png (66.75 KB, 492x207, 164:69, c.png)

ed321f No.11579318


I'm gonna keep bringing that stream up until some anon miraculously appears and uploads it somehow, it was legendary.

3ed01e No.11579326

File: 86c49ca3c4e859a⋯.mp4 (1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Pat on Jews and Sexual Soc….mp4)

f383e4 No.11579336

File: 4d18af2423a2147⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 224x225, 224:225, 1510701945724.jpg)

File: 77ab62e76e89f41⋯.jpg (14.19 KB, 248x189, 248:189, laf.jpg)


this guy

3ed01e No.11579393

File: 8ef4cce7800bbb5⋯.mp4 (1.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Pat on the Chatroom Steam ….mp4)

>tfw drinking beers at night and sitting on chat servers

6e90db No.11579402

File: 346b7f2b4938eea⋯.jpg (261.18 KB, 1200x784, 75:49, VPL.jpg)

65fc3e No.11579653

File: 8363050eeffbc1c⋯.webm (2.11 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1526282116542.webm)

practice for the real vote

44121c No.11579676

I liek this niggar

e2329e No.11579817


I'm not sure, there are two others (they call themselves Blake and Dion), the guy in this interview I have never heard before. But damn is he dense. It was really hard to listen to. What a fucking mouth breather.


Good work.

3a3d97 No.11579990


>Pat Little, Defensor de Derechos Civiles

Pat Little will make California speak ENGLISH again

3a3d97 No.11579997

File: bd246a38c9d96f8⋯.jpeg (265.53 KB, 782x1171, 782:1171, auschwitz swimming pools.jpeg)

File: a03fb0b8308c314⋯.jpg (64.85 KB, 1136x625, 1136:625, 3f30c48ec826c16cec735d5927….jpg)

>According to Little, who has won the endorsement of former KKK leader David Duke, "there were concert halls, swimming polls, soccer fields, ice cream, and many other luxuries at Auschwitz."

e2329e No.11580002


Video related. >>11574055

3a3d97 No.11580015

File: c30b73c85f77ab0⋯.jpeg (177.14 KB, 528x873, 176:291, slo county repub chair sh….jpeg)

(((They))) are putting pressure on other party members since they can't hat trick the Patrick

e2329e No.11580031

File: a0ab6b706eefd6a⋯.png (17.17 KB, 854x854, 1:1, ROFL lel LMAO KEK.png)


>they can't hat trick the Patrick

8f8927 No.11580037


>"there were concert halls, swimming polls, soccer fields, ice cream, and many other luxuries at Auschwitz."

And there where, Patrick is simply stating the truth. Hell even kikes themselves on their official holohoax website have admitted that multiple times.

8f8927 No.11580042


Sure (((Halsey))). I know you post here and on /cow/ each time you fail horribly.

e776c6 No.11580092


Halsey reminds me of friends I had back in the day who used to argue with me about which video game was better. He has a nice little package of argumentative mannerisms/tactics and as I tried to thought-experiment reopen my mind and watch him debate Little, I found it just so so hard to like Halsey.

Some of his tactics:

1. change the subject

He usually doesn't just change the subject, he first dismisses the point his opponent makes, and then changes the subject. This is the essence of his skill in changing the subject. He must dismiss, first. It appears as though he's addressed the subject, but he does not even engage with it. (Pinker vs. McDonald). On the other hand, he has in his arsenal, a wide range of related subjects to which he can shift the debate. I wouldn't trust Halsey with anything.

2. it's this, not that. "population of Palestinians is increasing, not decreasing". Superfluous provision of the antonym. I know this is a pretty common way of talking (I sometimes use expressions like that), but in my experience, Jews use these expressions in public debates. Come to think of it, I think Trump has used this in debates. The antonym has to be supplied and nullified. In this case, he may be stating a fact, but that fact does not necessarily negate Little's point of genocide. I think Little was smart at that point, to raise the issue of the definition of genocide, and change subjects. You have to fight against such verbal trickery with tactics of your own. This is where Enoch failed; he was too much of a gentleman. Little, to his credit, at least address the topic before chaining subjects.

3. repeats himself with added emphasis, usually on a different word. This is the sort of thing an actor does to test the meaning of a bit of dialogue in order to see which meaning fits the context, best. It may also be a way of re-convincing himself of his side. It could also be some form of verbal stalling.

Does Halsey come across as smart? To those who aren't paying much attention to international politics, Israel, % of Jews at Harvard, in the media etc… probably so. I'm not saying Halsey isn't smart. If he is, he doesn't prove it in these debates. He is strategic. He approaches the debate strategically with the aim to only see his side. He can afford to lose the higher battle of truth, because he believes he can win the war, the war for blind Gentile devotion to Israel. In my thought-experiment, I could feel a resurgence of (((patriotism))), but I have to say that it just didn't sit well.

diagnosis: Halsey is a narcissist, who will never truly see anyone else's point of view. He never takes on anyone else's point of view even in order to learn why they think what they think. Halsey, most likely to go through horrible divorce after divorce, and not even give his ex-wife a Get.

9ae7b2 No.11580093

File: ca24cd2089c1c90⋯.png (426.65 KB, 1304x1834, 652:917, the big should fear the li….png)

File: f958d20160a4a12⋯.png (57.42 KB, 603x878, 603:878, pol - the candidate patric….png)

Holy shit this campaign ad hahahaha

I've gone from thinking going Full Nehlen is bad strategy to just finding it very funny. The calculus kind of changes when there are multiple jew namers running, since it all but guarantees a hysterical kike overreaction, which will ultimately produce good results for us.

Tying his message in with the opioid crisis is clever, it's undeniable that the (((Sackler))) family bear much responsibility for it via Oxycontin and I'm sure there are other heebs involved at the top of big pharma once you start digging.

0e637b No.11580502


> going Full Nehlen is bad strategy

why do you alt right assholes plague us like this?

e2329e No.11580547

File: 74a3404cf4872c3⋯.png (956.05 KB, 1390x1965, 278:393, Can't Hat Trick The Patric….png)


This one's you anon, thanks for the idea.

588678 No.11580567


Halsey is a zionist kike anon, that tell you enough.

365ca6 No.11580573

File: 9351eb034191636⋯.jpeg (45.75 KB, 600x337, 600:337, california fial.jpeg)



Going full Nehlen can work in liberal areas because the inhabitants are sick of the left-wing garbage. That's how Hitler won in the Weimar republic.

Patrick Little has a good chance in California because there are roaming drug addicts and homeless people in public. People have seen the damaging effects of leftism to the point where they want something new.

000000 No.11580599

One long thread on Patrick Little, yet my "Find" function fails to land me on one single of the word Mars.

This. guy. wants. to. terraform. Mars. by. pinging. it. with. asteroids. as part of his policy platform, but I guess that fails to get any attention when his anti-Israel stance is the main attraction for this crowd.

f3496e No.11580604


Thank you

365ca6 No.11580620


If you view it as a negative thing, keep in mind that most politicians don't fully fulfill their platform and that the rest of his ideas are good.

000000 No.11580626

His kooky Mars Impact Theory is the kind of small print that might put planets out of orbit and you may just unintentionally have voted for the end of the Solar System as it is TEOTSSAWKI.

7570d6 No.11580658


and musk wants to nuke it.

7570d6 No.11580670


any bites on your Little is going to end existence gambit?

e2329e No.11580683

File: 52804510e45c6f0⋯.jpeg (320.73 KB, 1196x676, 23:13, 5af8b4ae85263.jpeg)


This kike has been pushing the same shit on halfchan, started exactly the same time.

Patrick must have really rustled them yesterday with the debate. The shilling is in overdrive. They are trying 6 million different angles.

365ca6 No.11580684


Talk with him about how it's unfeasible then. His gab is right there.

000000 No.11580704


Wasn't me. Can't post on 4chan through Tor. If I wanted to stir stuff up, I could have posted this, whatever this deleted post was meant to be about. https://archive.fo/yInYl

But I don't have a horse in this race so to speak. California is not my state, and wasn't it going to fall into the sea from geoseismic event a few days ago? I'm just having fun with his out there ideas. Boys never really grow out of wanting to go to Mars, do they?

And well, Musk isn't running. I'd be more inclined to be worried about boring into the earth and discovering the inner earth people or causing sinkholes.

e2329e No.11580728


Oh well, I agree this Mars thing is pretty autistic and shouldn't not be the focus of his campain, in fact he should keep it private. But I have to say, I have listenend to almost all his interviews and live streams and I haven't heard him mention it once.

a1669b No.11580730

When is his debate against (((feinstein)))?

365ca6 No.11580734


Take it up with him as opposed to us. You won't do good telling us to drop him.

7570d6 No.11580737



>out there



Not that easily disproving your shitposting will stop it.

000000 No.11580760


Tell me, when was the last time we went back to the moon? Oh wait, we haven't.

000000 No.11580773


Anyway, I was shitposting for a bit of fun. You guys too it too serious. And if you think your hero can't stand up to a bit of scrutiny, perhaps you should rethink him.

7570d6 No.11580785


scrutiny yes, your shitposting no, fuck off jew.

000000 No.11580799

Touché, Mr. Mars-Terraforming-is-Mainstream. :)

e3c67b No.11580809



>I was shitposting for a bit of fun. You guys too it too serious

If that were true you wouldn't feel the need to say it. The fun of shitposting is getting others to take your shitposts seriously.

>your hero

Go back to /leftypol/.

000000 No.11580823


>If that were true you wouldn't feel the need to say it. The fun of shitposting is getting others to take your shitposts seriously.

Thanks for the tip and for helping me on my way to better shitposts! :)

000000 No.11580845


>your hero




How's this for a shitpost? :)

5b1c06 No.11580909


Who cares? It sounds like a much better use of money than donating it to israel.

6e90db No.11581005

File: bd822f543de8faf⋯.jpg (397.04 KB, 2047x1463, 2047:1463, DdCjSHxU0AAX0A1.jpg-large.jpg)

File: b0e0368f15487ad⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 4092x2924, 1023:731, 1526249587829.jpg)

File: b832e78978b0abf⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 4092x2924, 1023:731, 1526262889352.jpg)

File: 494721dfb622a2b⋯.jpg (288.07 KB, 900x663, 300:221, 1526263735381.jpg)

559084 No.11581065


Little was pretty good at circumventing the kike rhetorical tactics. Like when he tried to drag the conversation off topic with some red herring or pilpul over irrelevant details, Little would dismiss it with a short statement and then redirect back to the point.

0e637b No.11581196


ayo fam got any spare pixels bruh

cool images, need more contrast, bolder text with a subtle drop shadow so it stands out more aginst the background

1752c4 No.11581226

File: a3b47f6aa3ac71b⋯.png (438.5 KB, 762x780, 127:130, trig.png)


Moral Nihilist videos are for the weak

Jay Dyer showed how broken he is, even let him say "2 + 2 can equal six"

>we're nothing more than animated matter, highly evolved animals

The most degenerative thing ever proposed

e6a90d No.11581240


That's quite an effort post there anon. Let me circumvent all of that with something a fair bit more easy to digest: Halsey is a Jew and acts like one.

1752c4 No.11581274

File: e6e8d801d696a4a⋯.png (25.54 KB, 384x430, 192:215, BUT.png)


>What indeed do you plan to do with the American Negro?

>I think what should have been done - it's too late now… I used back the Muslims, because the Muslims clean their people up, uh they wanted a country of their own in Africa. This is what (Elijah Mu??) said.

>I said, "I want for 9,000 black Muslims" in Chicago and I was cheered. I was cheered because we saw eye-to-eye on the business of giving the Negro some justice in their home land not here.

>If we had took the billions we spend on Communist nations and built the Negro their own nation they would have been voluntarily eager to go there.

6e90db No.11581388

File: e9c47014d251f0f⋯.png (431.45 KB, 412x726, 206:363, 1526329941131.png)

1d339d No.11581463


Can you post the version of that frame without the text? it would come in handy to make some great propaganda

7a08e0 No.11581495


It pretty cool to see how a collective of Japanese paper folding shitposters can make good imagery this quickly and spread it so easily, circumvented the jewish owned press and media. Makes me wonder how Goebbels would react to this.

e2329e No.11581517

File: 276533b596d4075⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 406x720, 203:360, BANNED BY YOUTUBE_ Leading….JPG)


Sure, friend.

1d339d No.11581542


nice one

3b0d67 No.11581567



What is the 14th amendment?

>The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

>>But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

>>>…any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Is unconstitutional.

3b0d67 No.11581574


>and could get him sued

Yes, yes it could; however he would win. The standard you need to meet for someone that is in any capacity a "public figure" to be considered either libel or slander is insane. As well as them having to prove he said those things. Do cucks have anything else but "THAT'S ILLEGAL!!!"?

6e90db No.11582557

File: adce18c2b756694⋯.png (741.79 KB, 2975x4210, 595:842, 1526345761809.png)

File: 7c2f3539e9a1a26⋯.jpg (91.65 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1526357447287.jpg)

File: 1fe5b05ff7b3bab⋯.jpg (1018.87 KB, 2883x961, 3:1, 1526243424573.jpg)

196da2 No.11582831


Nice D&C

20a7cc No.11583194

File: 7eefae4a738c31d⋯.png (229.14 KB, 1402x1983, 1402:1983, Patrick Little Star.png)

Dudes, some guy made a robocall for Patrick. Listen to this, you'll piss your pants.


(Embed didn't work)

6e90db No.11583682

File: f7b994fead8307c⋯.png (571.87 KB, 620x867, 620:867, 1526079234097.png)

6e90db No.11583694

File: e07c9362c825e4f⋯.png (1001.59 KB, 3960x6120, 11:17, 1526327409071.png)

3ed01e No.11583937

File: 291b9d5bfdbcf18⋯.mp4 (2.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pat little robocall.mp4)

File: 1bc736461d23935⋯.jpg (30.97 KB, 599x599, 1:1, bypass2.jpg)

20a7cc No.11584160


Nice. Saved.

20a7cc No.11584162

File: f493ddc8e6cbbd4⋯.png (148.3 KB, 834x495, 278:165, nrm.PNG)

Patrick Little will be on the Nordic Resistance Movement's English speaking podcast Nordic Frontier today.

(It will be streamed live on Spreaker at 8 PM CEST, which is 30 minutes from now. Be sure to tune in. Of course you can download the show later as well.)



1020d0 No.11584250

File: ddf7290d6579c30⋯.jpg (111.38 KB, 867x870, 289:290, 1524479222732.jpg)


That's an awesome advert.

276bfd No.11584336

little livestream just started


3b0d67 No.11584405


The hosts are controlled oppo cucks.

<socialism is the natural state of European!!!!

Little bit, fuck.

b85ce2 No.11584418


>one guy says one thing i dont agree with


Great mindset to have.

3b0d67 No.11584426


Not even remotely close. It's kinda like what's his face and the "faggotry is the natural state of European men."

Am I now shit if I feel that's controlled oppo?

b85ce2 No.11584434


>Am I now shit if I feel that's controlled oppo?

Yes. Because the kind of socialism this guy was nodding at was the socialism the National Socialists had, not the Marxist Socialism that today is the norm when speaking about socialism. There is a big difference there, Gottfried explained in his books The German State on a National and Socialist Foundation is did many other authors from the Third Reich or before.

276bfd No.11584440


>anon hears national socialist


>flies into a righteous fury

7570d6 No.11584443


If you were able to understand what he was trying to communicate you wouldn't be reacting this way.

7570d6 No.11584481


Their connection is horrible, much of the stream drops out.

3b0d67 No.11584554


>Yes. Because the kind of socialism this guy was nodding at was the socialism the National Socialists had

That's not socialism. That's nationalism. In the podcast the guy even stated that Hitler knew socialist was an incorrect term. So I don't need your acceptance to know I'm right.

3b0d67 No.11584559


That is literally what's happening. I'm not the one who pulled the word out of the title. The host of the cast did. He made a point of saying socialism is a Europeans natural ideal. Without distinguishing between his idea and (((socialism))). So kindly fuck off and learn some reading comprehension.

7570d6 No.11584579


>Without distinguishing between his idea and (((socialism)))

If you had kept following along instead of instantly jumping on hear to cry controlled ops, you would have heard the discussion fleshing things out.

20a7cc No.11584601

File: 10c9cdf64a63880⋯.jpg (90.4 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, tumblr_p34714RGXz1uwxldso1….jpg)


The Nordic Resistance Movement is a National Socialist movement, and you are posting on a National Socialist board you fucking faggot.

6e90db No.11584770

File: 2f32a63e3f94168⋯.jpg (165.74 KB, 740x999, 20:27, Dancing-Israelis.jpg)

File: 358e5989a2ac04e⋯.png (22.67 KB, 615x172, 615:172, 911.png)

20a7cc No.11585287

File: 6b0ea42ab4f92b1⋯.png (188.91 KB, 1402x1983, 1402:1983, Patrick Little 911.png)

A little more clean and with less text.

c09965 No.11585454

File: 3a1480b397e3262⋯.jpg (519.18 KB, 623x900, 623:900, goebbles__by_orookayasu-d2….jpg)

File: 7e9b8795d33a6bf⋯.jpg (205.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, pizzaqgate.jpg)

File: ae7679ee6690b8b⋯.png (505.68 KB, 1265x1623, 1265:1623, Moralists and moralism.png)



TRS was never anything but Subversive replacements for the dying Neocons, fresh blood, you see. All are faggots just like the masons are, all are sexually blackmailed, and all their leaders are being groomed to take up their seats in the great elections sham. And we're here standing in their way of shiploads of cash. Of course they hates us, we aren't playing a role to make the suckers rain coins on us like some Marjoe Gortner Rip=off, we actually believe what we spout.

If you wanna see some apt comparison to Dicky Spencer and his sham, and what to expect in the future from the Alt-kike, watch this conman get an entire room of pious normies to empty their wallets for Jesus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V252j868jTk

f383e4 No.11585525

File: b197ea8a50a4d7d⋯.png (947.62 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


spotted the newfag

f383e4 No.11585537


"A Liberalist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency. Our adopted term "Liberal" has nothing to do with SJW Liberalism. Liberalism is anti-property; true liberalism is not. SJWism places no value on the individual, or individual effort, or efficiency; true Liberalism values the individual and encourages him in individual efficiency, at the same time holding that his interests as an individual must be in consonance with those of the principalities. All great inventions, discoveries, achievements were first the product of an individual brain. It is charged against me that I am against individualism, that I am a fascist. Both charges are false."

f383e4 No.11585539



f383e4 No.11585540




7570d6 No.11585901

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Asked whether Mike Enoch would support @Patrick_little‍

Enoch responded: "I don't have much of a comment, it's an interesting campaign to watch." [asked at 1hr 35 min]


c98333 No.11585913


Maybe I'm autistic (100% certainty)

But this tells me these TRSodomites are taking orders from above, the absolute definition of controlled opposition.

Since when does mike not open his mouth and flap his gums loudly about anything, including things he knows fucking nothing about.

I don't think Sven has enough going on upstairs to be masterminding this whole thing. Between them, Anglin, doug mackey and fucking ((((((((((((w ee v))))))))))))

e-celebs go in the oven.

read siege niggers.

ecba45 No.11585973



Nice non-committal answer from Kike Enoch. Can't outright go against Little because that would alienate too many of his pay pigs and he would lose money, but doesn't want to support Little either because Enoch is a controlled opposition kike

ecba45 No.11585980


That was great. Jay is the man

febf78 No.11585991


I think the cat's out of the bag. More and more of their followers are getting discouraged. The cognitive dissonance is getting to heavy to handle. I've seen less and less pushback lately when someone called them (or the alt-kike in general) out, even on halfchan.

ecba45 No.11585993


TRS and DS have both had to mass ban members and completely lock down their forums because people were catching on to their subversion.

ecba45 No.11586038

File: 883ffd10bc1cb16⋯.jpeg (230.05 KB, 1024x732, 256:183, 5afba824afe4b.jpeg)

Little will redpill the blacks on Jewish slave trade and turn the black golems against their masters.

febf78 No.11586091


Meanwhile Patrick is like..


4c9f41 No.11586134

Reminder to anons that we are forever past the optics cucking. They made our job a lot easier by screaming Nazi at everything for 2 years.

No more need for subtlety now. The media and Overton window is ours. Don't be scared, your brothers are right behind you.

80f3aa No.11586295


Israel having a major PR disaster at the moment could also help Little.

This really is the perfect time to get a guy like this in office.

6e761d No.11586333


jew is the half-chan thread about himself right now

6e761d No.11586337


w ee v is in the half-chan thread about himself right now

80f3aa No.11586420

4621cd No.11587076

4621cd No.11587079


Jay out chadded JF on the universal statement argument, but JF is right about humans being highly evolved animals. Are you still in elementary school?

e9dae3 No.11587361


wheeew lad that answer made him fucking itchy, did you see that jewish bounce coming on when he was asked? these alt kike fags hate Patrick

>I don't think Sven has enough going on upstairs to be masterminding this whole thing.

he's a 110 IQ normalfag.


>TRS and DS have both had to mass ban members and completely lock down their forums because people were catching on to their subversion.

yeah, ive witnessed basically a total banning of anyone who is essentially anti-system or anti-democracy or just an actual national socialist. fucking transparent but sadly most of their drone fans wont be aware of this and continue to fellate them

679e35 No.11587488


You're not even naming the right candidates, dude. Why are you naming Governor's candidates when we're talking about the Senate Race?

f383e4 No.11587521


>webm land

>not uploading it here

>not even using mixtape.moe instead

ecba45 No.11587539


>yeah, ive witnessed basically a total banning of anyone who is essentially anti-system or anti-democracy or just an actual national socialist. fucking transparent but sadly most of their drone fans wont be aware of this and continue to fellate them

The only people still at DS as far as I can tell are the ones who only showed up around the time of the election. All the old people from 2014-2015 got banned or left when they saw what was happening.

febf78 No.11587542


It said "file already exists", which pissed me off. Happens with images too all the time. This fucking site sucks.

6ef7c9 No.11589105

File: c1893c77a29d328⋯.jpg (132.47 KB, 740x864, 185:216, chris_laugh.jpg)



c0ed68 No.11589149

File: 8d7afe4918f76c0⋯.gif (528.63 KB, 827x926, 827:926, 8d7afe4918f76c075cc130b228….gif)

File: 8d7afe4918f76c0⋯.gif (528.63 KB, 827x926, 827:926, 8d7afe4918f76c075cc130b228….gif)

File: 8d7afe4918f76c0⋯.gif (528.63 KB, 827x926, 827:926, 8d7afe4918f76c075cc130b228….gif)


>he doesn't know the secret password to post the same file again

e9dae3 No.11589770


> All the old people from 2014-2015 got banned or left when they saw what was happening.

Shame really, the forums were actually relatively decent for a namefag shithole. good people like National Action were quite active there

bea835 No.11589790

psst…hey faggot, want to elect /ourguy/?

*I'm running 2 bots

>*First create an instagram account on your phone or PC and upload memes/pictures to profile

>1) Download/install Python 3.6.5 from >https://www.python.org/downloads/

>-Check the "Add to Path" box on installation

>2) Download/install https://atom.io/ text editor

>3) Download/intall Instagram pre-configured Bot


>-Unzip to desktop and open littlebot.py in atom text editor

>-Change login and password field in littlebot.py to your Instagram user name and password

>-Navigate to src folder in atom(top left corner)

>-Navigate to instabot.py under src folder

>-change line 300, which reads; self.user_id = "username" - with your Instagram user name

>4)run littlebot.py

7b85e0 No.11589807

bump for the LIttle

679e35 No.11590995

File: 658022e1d720e1b⋯.png (42.25 KB, 1133x684, 1133:684, MDEPost0.PNG)


Let's reach out to /ourguys/ at r/mde as they already had one thread about Little, before the robocall, and they're more than willing to help us with outreach (pic related).


3fb278 No.11591005


These chucklefucks are still using discord? Oy VEYYYYY

7570d6 No.11593962

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

7570d6 No.11593966

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


part 2 of the first interview the host has done after jewtube deleted his channel of six & half years of work on 700 videos.

047973 No.11593969

File: 1e90320ac59c473⋯.jpg (3.35 MB, 3840x3315, 256:221, 3Hzx9n.jpg)


people asking for some love for California Asians, show them this pic

7570d6 No.11593970

File: 024642b604abe97⋯.jpeg (134.57 KB, 612x792, 17:22, 5aff56d616317.jpeg)

7570d6 No.11594010

File: 9dad8e5336248e9⋯.jpeg (95.04 KB, 510x499, 510:499, 5afefc68111a2.jpeg)

7570d6 No.11594155

File: cfdca03d9859cf0⋯.jpeg (243.53 KB, 816x1056, 17:22, 5aff9040c6249.jpeg)

7570d6 No.11594202

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

7570d6 No.11594234


Patrick had posted this on his site. https://littlerevolutiondotus.wordpress.com/2018/05/16/chess-prodigy-bobby-fischer-speaks-on-jewish-supremacist-control-of-us-govt/

Unlike the one Patrick has linked to, I found this copy that jewtube didn't put behind a warning to continue page, and hooktube is able to process.

7570d6 No.11594267


Since the jews are up posting slide threads.

e3e26f No.11594424


>paul nehlen

Little might be dumb, but please don't insinuate he's a grifter

e3e26f No.11594425





what is this leftypol tier fucking graphic design

aee4f3 No.11594439

Keep spamming this Little crap kikes, there are half a dozen threads on cuckchan atm just like this one. More please, keep posting. Make OC with Little/swastikas because then people will eventually see the light if you keep pushing it in their faces and they'll watch all 24 hours of TGSNT and get red pilled and vote Patrick /ourguy/ Little. He's polling 2nd guys really I'm not even lying.

7570d6 No.11594449


Your post is schizophrenic.

047973 No.11594458

File: b0218b18b4cd842⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1000x667, 1000:667, littlewave.png)

8183cf No.11594474


Fuck off you spook dog.

7570d6 No.11594518



c4ad3d No.11594550


>I firmly believe that we are at such a juncture in history now.

I believe the advent has arrived. What is necessary now is a wave of candidates like Little to offer themselves up to serving the nation, wielding truth and an indomitable will from which to challenge injustice. Strike down corruption wherever you can.

7570d6 No.11594896

File: 6a323db70cb53e8⋯.png (668.93 KB, 1644x2326, 822:1163, 5b001089cc81a.png)

7570d6 No.11594955

File: 6c6f38b3ac33d35⋯.jpeg (482 KB, 1914x2500, 957:1250, 5b0010747e29e.jpeg)

d0d8ce No.11594956

Found the bitchute verson of the rare Red Elephants interview that was deleted. Someone else should download it as well before it is taken down here too


7570d6 No.11595213

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

7570d6 No.11595899

File: a2be34c1d74c807⋯.png (163.39 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, or40wddMgH1p6iVJ72KyFr1U9G….png)

7570d6 No.11596066

File: f9c3b3265b739af⋯.jpg (280.59 KB, 1024x341, 1024:341, join-the-little-revolution….jpg)

361f64 No.11596077


> anglin the tai fuck shack guy and trs are supposedly at odds with him

Isn't that a good sign, tho?

679e35 No.11596219

File: 6ad5227f0ac5976⋯.png (49.65 KB, 876x480, 73:40, 1526746255255.png)



Digits of truth.

9a9363 No.11596672

File: 73be3eba84b0932⋯.png (16.41 KB, 481x316, 481:316, 1526815981493.png)


It is.

Listen to the new interview on Jared Howe, he's dropping fire in there.


9a9363 No.11596683

File: f1c8d7d31f44d4a⋯.png (17.09 KB, 705x404, 705:404, pat 10k.PNG)


*damn posted the wrong pic disregard this faggotry

000000 No.11596696

Poisoned food, poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned vaccinations, toxic dentistry, toxic medicine, toxic programming…. the list just goes on and on. It’s depopulation. You’re being murdered, err genocided, no, culled by talmudic turds who think it’s their job ordained by G-d.



7570d6 No.11596885


Starts slow but gets real good.

7570d6 No.11596903


The second half is the best, first half is mostly what's gone over before.

9a9363 No.11596985

File: 07d4121129a12ec⋯.png (680.69 KB, 1296x972, 4:3, Did you just name the jew ….png)

7570d6 No.11597065


Imagine if jew naming candidates were running for every position everywhere, and then it happened across the globe.

b84211 No.11597076


Are these people actual retards? You only do "taqiyya" and the like when your side is 2% of the population and is trying to take over the host. Non-pozzed, Aryan Whites are like 50% of the population in America. The correct strategy is simply to yell as loud as possibly and beat the shit out of the invaders while we still have the strength to do so.


This, too. These optics fags can't grasp that a openly anti-Jewish candidate who gets 20-30% of the vote and loses to a democrat is better than getting a ziocucked republican who wins by the skin of his teeth. It's like they don't understand that "politics" extends beyond the American democratic circus into organized violence.


or you could just use your own brain…

1d3248 No.11597861


Of those, I have only checked the Stormer and it was about a year ago the last time I went there, some of these eceleb kikes I got to know from here or from other places criticizing them. These faggots would be way less known if we didn't pay attention to what they do or say.

a7d7f3 No.11599443

File: 2bfd89c6f35c2a4⋯.png (641.71 KB, 1314x1858, 657:929, Patrick Little America Onl….png)

File: 354574eb1b2abbb⋯.png (444.49 KB, 4401x3112, 4401:3112, Patrick Little Pick up the….png)

File: 72bfbfed13920aa⋯.png (640.23 KB, 1644x2326, 822:1163, Patrick Little Jewish Supr….png)


That's the plan.

a7d7f3 No.11599464

File: 7c549ff4f8d6c0f⋯.webm (426.15 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Patrick Little I mean shi….webm)

4ae20e No.11599842

e93a85 No.11602348

File: edb8141b3ff0465⋯.jpeg (36.3 KB, 223x310, 223:310, American_border_wall.jpeg)

File: c84f413f884b650⋯.jpg (7.7 KB, 225x225, 1:1, and_here_we_go.jpg)

File: b56bf5101728b75⋯.jpg (55.35 KB, 775x340, 155:68, BP_do_jew_feel_in_charge.jpg)

File: 6884552f79d8965⋯.jpg (63.36 KB, 466x700, 233:350, BP_it_doesnt_matter.jpg)


He's the tip of the spear. Now's the time to start setting up for moves into local offices. It's a call to arms, regardless of this one election's outcome. The method IS the message.

/pol/iticians are forming up the "Little Party" and you're invited.

Basically time to form voltron and get to work cleaning up and repairing damage.

Unless you can dig up some massive graveyard in this guy's closet, I'd watch his back at the very least. He's done more than Trump has at this point, just in being honest and bringing legit issues to the forefront to be delt with in a direct and honest manner.

Everyone's so damn used to the corruption and lies that they balk when anyone makes an honest effort to just be real about shit.

Be skeptical, but not to the point that you miss this opprotunity to strike.

The Fire Rises.





679e35 No.11608715

File: 4bdf6320e30aeb7⋯.png (30.52 KB, 582x725, 582:725, WhoSupportsLittleBest00.PNG)





>David Duke; soft on Jews

Duke LITERALLY Rails on "Jewish Supremacy" for 40 minutes a day on his show, 5 days a week!

In fact, David Duke had Patrick Little on as a guest and then IMMEDIATELY was dropped from the TRS/DS 'lineup' of shows.

Wang Lin has a 'zero tolerance' policy with anyone not willing to put up with 'clown shoes nationalism'.

Anyways, if you want proof that Little is ./ourguy/, see pic related.

e67163 No.11608727


Instead of a jew star, why not the names of all the jews in congress?

3719c3 No.11608736

He doesn't look la raza enough for California.

679e35 No.11608782





Precisely. See


The stars are aligning. The time for sitting on the fence is over.


Little has an IQ of around 140.

Nehlen is a hero.

679e35 No.11608785




In other words, RUN FOR SENATE if you can.

If no someone else of /ourguys/ is doing it, RUN FOR GOVERNOR, etc., all the way down to local.

(((They))) say that 'all politics is local', but just think for a second. We will ALWAYS be smeared as 'Neo-Nazis' no matter WHAT we're running for, so it's much better to have that happening at a national stage so that we can gain publicity and cause massive Jew-naming to the populace.

3719c3 No.11608791

My plan is to go on vacation in South America as soon as retaliation comes for Israel's massacre last week. You have to be pretty desperate to still believe in elections after Trump's betrayal. Iran will fix things with war or they won't. I will be in South America enjoying a pina colada in my mud hut.

6e3904 No.11608799

File: 4afc871845c5ec2⋯.jpg (83.75 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1461109456223-4.jpg)


Damn good post, anon.

You're right about not hiding your power level when things are bad enough. You're right about Trump serving a vital purpose, him being ZOG or not, and I'm the same as you with TDS - I also thought it was just astroturfing against them, but their silence on Little says it all.

4c4ee1 No.11608815


It's interesting to note that the Saudis are basically just one family that controls all of Saudi Arabia. They are detested by a large portion of the populace. I'm not saying the Saudis are Jews, because I have no hard evidence of that, but a country being controlled by one family that is largely genetically disconnected from their constituents sounds oddly (((familiar.)))

71b65d No.11608961

207fdd No.11609166

File: 10dc80032045261⋯.png (1.56 MB, 2255x3190, 41:58, Patrick Little - Unite Aga….png)

File: 1804476f39f90ef⋯.png (1.57 MB, 2255x3190, 41:58, Patrick Little - Unite Aga….png)

File: e5f58b3434e7b33⋯.gif (373.41 KB, 372x500, 93:125, Patrick-Little-Bye-Bye-Fei….gif)


Too much text.

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