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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: 7e543d7dbc4afed⋯.jpg (89.81 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, 9E35B82E-67FA-4E4A-BFCF-F8….jpg)

d9ec68 No.11567066

So apprently this hyperthyroidic, traitorous faggot wants to sell out Kosovo within the next 6 months. What can we do to stop this? Mladen Obradovic is collecting signatures for a referendum (https://ustanizakosovo.rs), but I also think the corrupt politics could somehow wiggle out of it. I would gladly give my freedom and my life for Serbia, but I don't know anyone because I'm from the diaspora. Brothers, the recognition of Kosovo must be prevented AT ALL COST, the future of our people depends on it.

>President of Serbia: My decision on Kosovo will end my career


15219b No.11567093


what can i say, beside, fuck albanians?

d9ec68 No.11567113


Fuck traitors even more. A bullet for every traitor.

732b3e No.11567124

lol Serbs cleansed kebab roughly 20 years ago.

Now they've got an EU installed government, supporting faggots(the leaders are probably too) and accepting an independent Kosovo.

d9ec68 No.11567133


Worst of all, that guy Vucic was an ultra-nationalist 10 years ago, that's why the people elected him, but he did a complete 180 since he got into office. Maybe CIA/MI6 has compromising material on him, either way his behaviour is high treason and is inexcusable.

dc5cd6 No.11567248

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Absolute traitorous scum.of.the Earth.

Kosovo forever was and will once again be Serbian

t. Slovenec

Most if not all people here support you

dc5cd6 No.11567252


a6a568 No.11567257

He must be eliminated while there's still time.

f37d7f No.11567259


so they could kill Đinđić for a few reforms but not this fag for high treason?

dc5cd6 No.11567266

File: cb168b538691395⋯.webm (7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (5).webm)

File: c1afc6c774940bc⋯.mp4 (6.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (55).mp4)

The day Slavs Serbs Poles Slovenians and others rise up is going to mark the end of (((their))) world.

It is coming closer.

Fret not

dc5cd6 No.11567284

File: 8b69a5272aaf831⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, danila-baranov-screenshot0….jpg)

File: bea4700f1f35203⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, danila-baranov-screenshot0….jpg)

File: 01b36fdc87b0224⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, danila-baranov-screenshot0….jpg)

File: fb585aa3a987b1a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, danila-baranov-screenshot0….jpg)

File: 4fd98c92629ec0c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, danila-baranov-screenshot0….jpg)

484556 No.11567299

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

ef3134 No.11567310

Never actually thought I'd see this degenerate being discussed on /pol/

484556 No.11567320

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

484556 No.11567334

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Soros should give him a singing job in Canada.

I think you should buy him a ticket for the flight.

I think his time in Srbija is over

If you love Srbija you should look into flight schedule

9eadd9 No.11567372


Nowadays, it's the fate of everyone who dares to get involved in politics. Your intentions are meaningless, as sooner or later you will bend the knee. Petty squabbles are not for nationalists. We can only lose by playing by Jewish rules. You cannot out-sneak the sneaks.

d9ec68 No.11567389


Supposedly the West killed Đinđić because, having seen what they have in store for Serbia, even he turned his back on them.


>Your intentions are meaningless, as sooner or later you will bend the knee.

Milosevic was a stupid commie, but even he didn't bend the knee. I just think the people of today are just more rotten and more easily bought, plus look who put into key position: The gypsy Vulin, and the lesbian Brnabic. These people of course hate Serbia and will gladly recognize Kosovo or do whatever.

dc5cd6 No.11567432


Fuck them all. I am blessed that where I am now there are none. Only Slovenians and Serbs.

The šiptars are.an infestatiom they come.to.my.country steal.welfare and bake shitty pastry

1ef8e8 No.11567498

What's with the deleting posts mod?

Afraid of something?

You should.be

1ef8e8 No.11567499

I'm.calling death upon you

1ef8e8 No.11567589

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Honestly fam, you need go 90's on this.

As you can see the board is dying, a couple of oldcrew still here, mainly the ones.that helped Don get elected, speaking regionally.

Americans don't care about you (big surprise)

Kosovo only mattered to them when we deployed wikileaks a week before election.

My point I guess is, high time to step out irl. We have overgrown this shit especially w current management which is a fucking joke and proactively antiwhite

Know though that you have tremendous of support among Slavs. We know whose Kosovo is

d7b8f1 No.11569597


>Americans don't care about you (big surprise)

Obviously. But I know there are a few Serb posters on here, that's why I made the thread.

86431b No.11569612


>but he did a complete 180 since he got into office

He's a communist.

d75f76 No.11569784

File: 7d2e6e6da51096a⋯.jpg (15.52 KB, 250x284, 125:142, 1363458540581.jpg)

Serbia died long ago. This is turkmenistan now. I am blue eyed and blond haired, but 70% of this population is pure trash. Country with trash genetic base has no future. Serbia is dead.

Here's my guide on how-to Serb (if you look more like a Slav than a Mexican that is, which 70% of the country doesnt):

>become a doctor/engineer/high skilled in a relevant subject

>move to some place where people look like you (Russia/Germany/Amerika even)

>learn the language, lose the accent, should be accepted instantly cos high skilled

>enjoy 50 times higher paycheck

>live life with people who arent genetic trash

>enjoy immesurably higher quality of life

>start a family, build something, something good, something useful, and educate your children on just how important genetics really are to life

Countries with genetic trash base (whole Balkan) have no future. This whole place should be nuked, and then colonized 20 years later by actual Europeans who can make actual countries.

(Here's your $12, blackpill-kun)

c7ff70 No.11569883


That's defeatism though. If Syria full of 70 IQ Arabs can fight the Kikes and win, surely Serbia can do it too.

983225 No.11569927


maybe he was but now he is a bought

*(((globalist))) puppet

24d6a5 No.11569931

That's the right thing you should be doing, moron.

Separate yourself from Kosovo officially, grow your economy, then undermine the Albanians rule unofficially. Like they wisely did to you. Their tactics work, your tactics don't, so you want to continue with your tactics? Stop. Adopt theirs. Win for once.

Eventually you can even reconquer it, like Serbia in 1800 grew a powerful core and reconquered twice as much territory than it had at its height.

c915b4 No.11569933


Serbia will survive by virtue of its own insanity and turmoil

24d6a5 No.11569935

File: 41a4e5a6b99f40f⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 474x368, 237:184, th.jpg)


>live life with people who arent genetic trash

>(Russia/Germany/Amerika even)

Really good advice.

2f591e No.11569970

File: eae0ecb6a210584⋯.jpg (428.79 KB, 2500x1666, 1250:833, slavicunity2016.jpg)

anyone here know that burger embassy at Dedinje? the big one with 12 underground floors. doing anything directly would be stupid ofcourse, but a good way to completely fuck them, should one of our people become president, is wait for (or help to have) a scandal that would give serbia enough reson to bannish the US diplomats and abort their diplomatic mission. serbs can then take that whole complex back, and since all the fifth columns like NED and soros groups are directed from there it all falls like a house of cards

654089 No.11570031


>(Russia/Germany/Amerika even)

<Really good advice.

You could move to the Pale of Settlement!

40f4f8 No.11570216

File: 862354231f156f1⋯.gif (177.98 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 10063.gif)


Kosovo should be free burn in hell Turkish mutt

24d6a5 No.11570220


Yeah it should be free of Kurd migrants who call themselves albanian.

40f4f8 No.11570223


and serbs

327c07 No.11570366

File: b2e581b1224b4fd⋯.jpg (454.85 KB, 4256x1986, 2128:993, b2e581b1224b4fdebf7cf9a5fb….jpg)


I'm Serb too yet I have black hair and brown eyes. So far I'm an overachiever in life, with 4 beautiful children. My heritage is 100% balkan from the 14th century at least.

Can someone please explain what's wrong with having dark eye/hair in this living space?

Didn't southerners adapt in such a way because have more sunlight? Why does having blonde hair matter?

I'm NS, but I never understood the blue hair/eyes fetish

24d6a5 No.11570384


Who the fuck would be left then?

24d6a5 No.11570389


>Can someone please explain what's wrong with having dark eye/hair in this living space?

They're (((kvetching))) and trying to do "X is not white" arguments. Blue eyed blondes were never the majority in Europe, they're an ideal to shoot for, not some kind of standard.

As long as you encourage your lighter haired/eyed kids to have more children, it doesn't even matter.

712b8f No.11570524


Damn good quote. Based af

712b8f No.11570525


Genocide the Shqiptars and create the ethnostate.

a8737c No.11570822


Absolute fucking garbage.


Take your shill attempt and never come back.

A person who leaves his country (as your leftist bitch post suggests) in its hour need should not return as he is not welcome back.

Go get enriched in USA or Western Europe for all I care. But you do not have a home here anymore

a8737c No.11570830

I hate people who leave their country for money with a burning passion.

You do not leave your country. You defend it

a8737c No.11570837

I'm ok with commies moving out though. Fucking leave ;)

a8737c No.11570879

File: eee2c06d8480136⋯.mp4 (6.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (64).mp4)

File: fc02a34233a5794⋯.mp4 (8.66 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (12).mp4)


Bless you. Health to your porodica.

Teach them about our old ways.

It will prove key to our future

24d6a5 No.11572228


He doesn't realize a blonde is a immigrant shitskin in another country. Even if that country is full of real shitskins.


2f591e No.11572367


ethnic kosovars are serbs you dumbfucking idiot

dfb994 No.11572369


f98719 No.11572404

There are too many countries in europe

dfb994 No.11572456

The most important thing to do is to have as many children as possible. This is the only way to win back our holy Kosovo. this goes for all Europeans.

4d2cf4 No.11572736

File: 775438c24476752⋯.gif (1021.26 KB, 600x726, 100:121, kRG26SQ.gif)

This might brighten up someone's day


e48df8 No.11572896


>There are too many countries in europe

Ok Gershom.

90e051 No.11584644

File: 2330f935b9d44e0⋯.jpg (37.19 KB, 220x302, 110:151, 220px-Car_Dušan,_Manastir_….jpg)

File: cb0078b80f37c55⋯.jpg (53.23 KB, 199x300, 199:300, Prince_Lazar_(Ravanica_Mon….jpg)

File: ab1e53617570604⋯.jpg (197.67 KB, 800x602, 400:301, 14552-marko-kraljeviccc-80….JPG)

File: 205efc600697e0e⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 351x712, 351:712, Pmb7RGM.jpg)


>This is turkmenistan now. I am blue eyed and blond haired

You are a stupid Muslim shill. Majority of Serbs were always dark haired and dark eyed, there is not a drop of Turkish blood in Serbs, every single genetic test has proven this.

90e051 No.11584655

File: 4f1fafc4795fb17⋯.png (440.68 KB, 654x777, 218:259, Bosniaks_are_Turks_genetic….png)

90e051 No.11584669


>Separate yourself from Kosovo officially, grow your economy, then undermine the Albanians rule unofficially.

We are already separated from Kosovo, and NOT recognizing it is exactly for the purpose of undermining Albanians. Besides it would be most dishonorable to accept a country that's the result of 1999 war that was waged under false pretense. Operation Horseshoe was a lie:

>In 2011, former Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nadezhda Mihaylova (Neynsky) revealed in a TV documentary that the Bulgarian government had turned over to Germany an unverified report compiled by its military agency which "made clear" the existence of the plan, even though the military intelligence warned that the information could not be verified.[11][12][13][14][15][16]

>According to Heinz Loquai, a retired German brigadier general, writing in April 2000, the Bulgarian analysis concluded that the goal of the Yugoslav government was to destroy the Kosovo Liberation Army, and not to expel the entire Albanian population.[11]


000000 No.11584861




Croats are with you. Nikad više križ protiv krsta i slava rodu!

2f74a6 No.11584862

File: b982eef0be1a18b⋯.png (197.06 KB, 549x411, 183:137, ss (2015-01-24 at 06.26.13….png)


>0.6% Ashkenazi

get out

b885a4 No.11585232

Does anyone have any sources and redpills on all the shit the muslims did in the 1990s and how Serbia did nothing wrong?


Evidence srebrenica is NATO atrocity propaganda.

000000 No.11585671


I'll casually remind you that (((Ephraim Zuroff))) from (((Simon Wiesenthal Center))) is among the deniers. But it could be the likes playing both sides as usual.

b6fbe5 No.11587171

File: 762339b298a6f59⋯.png (13.2 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1469450655957.png)

File: a1f5e5c515d4756⋯.jpg (64.9 KB, 960x540, 16:9, a1f5e5c515d4756daf87711aeb….jpg)

.bmp to remove sladoljet

5db708 No.11587302

File: ff86372ce43519d⋯.jpg (548.12 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Lighthouse.jpg)


Bosanac,Cnrnogorac ili neko ko zivi u predgradju.

Samo sljam i fizikalac moze ovako "Patriotsko sranje da kaze " !

13d9a9 No.11587367


Zna biti. U stvari ne bi prepoznao sam jer ne znam takva podjebavanja.Tu pod alpama najviše mi smetaju ti šiptari oni dolaze ko zalega štakora i onda priveze svoju ženu i decu koje bace na socialu koju moramo mi platiti to je naše troškove

Srbi, Bosanci, Hrvati ipak so drukčiji, večinom rade i tako u večini primjera ne prave problema

13d9a9 No.11587369

Kosovo Srbima!

13d9a9 No.11587378

File: 6e00b8aae88f95f⋯.mp4 (12.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (56).mp4)

I want to see an all Slavic uprising.

13d9a9 No.11587383

It's brewing

13d9a9 No.11587386


What are you even doing mod

Get out!

7f7ff8 No.11587387

File: 7a22c8525f67377⋯.png (15.96 KB, 684x639, 76:71, wojald.png)

>tfw we are losing the fight for one of or greatest historical and religious treasures against a nation made out of gypsies and pedophiles

at least we'll have a riot when it finally happens.

ba40a3 No.11587391


look up jovana klečka mazreku

ba40a3 No.11587403

File: d747313962a52d9⋯.webm (6.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Croat_Grips.webm)


It must be a grand one and we need to take it all the way to brussels


ba40a3 No.11587408

Imagine that all Slavs begin a riot.

What could (((eu))) do?

7f7ff8 No.11587412


bomb us

25ce56 No.11587415


Not possible. Czech,Slovak,Polish,Slovenian,Croat is member

808e1f No.11587421


23 and me admitted to adding that and trace amounts of African to people's results to "fight racism" and "mess with racists". Anything under ~5% isn't trustworthy on results from that site.

Also, the nature of Ashkenazim genetics being part European to begin with (this being what distinguishes them from Sephardim or Mizrahim), it could simply be Central European genes.

7f7ff8 No.11587423


you are saying that like he rest would give two shits.

3efb90 No.11587425

Woah, bro. Isn't Kosovo all Albainian? Why should it be part of Serbia if it isn't Serbian? That be like letting the Donbas still be under Ukraine even though it's mostly Russian. What are you goyim, all Nazis or something? :^)

7f7ff8 No.11587430

File: 24258079077b3e4⋯.jpg (70.81 KB, 680x794, 340:397, 1506008201495.jpg)

25ce56 No.11587441


Non Slavs, no. But already you can see growing support among Slavic nations and disdain for Eu I am talking specifically in the case of Poland

25ce56 No.11587443

The only way we win this if we work together

25ce56 No.11587450

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Not talking about political level necessarily or to whichever point that takes us.

I'm talking about something much more powerful. A Slavic people alliance

25ce56 No.11587456

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I think the 90's are returning but in a whole different realm.

This time the Slavic people know their enemy.

Expect bloodbath

42ecc3 No.11587472

File: 5805a2a64c8c017⋯.jpg (416.64 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 1520814025.jpg)


>This kind of defeatism from a fellow Serb

>Muh "x isn't white" d&c

Odjebi pederu.

25ce56 No.11587477

File: c10a7becb418fb5⋯.mp4 (14.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (19).mp4)

The difference will be in my expectation this:

If we succeed Europe lives.

I we don't it dies.

No pressure, then

176192 No.11587515

File: 5b6a574d3078c2b⋯.jpg (27.59 KB, 800x561, 800:561, 1024802.jpg)


As are Slovenes.

Speaking personally, EU fucked us all more and more people see this.

Fuck the stupid eternal border d&c dispute, support to Croatia

ece12c No.11587524

File: f665f3603e7e328⋯.mp4 (10.23 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (1).mp4)

File: aee8f1ca9f4cc2a⋯.webm (4.74 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Without Remorse - Body Co….webm)

File: b8419d638232aa0⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 800x424, 100:53, 312312v5rit_MAGYAR_SLAVA_b….jpg)

Slav Death Squads for liberation of Kosovo when?

ce0527 No.11587691


ce0527 No.11587694

File: e520b51caa5fb47⋯.gif (384.16 KB, 446x414, 223:207, murder.gif)

File: e1749ace59c3c47⋯.jpg (83.44 KB, 800x764, 200:191, flat,800x800,075,f.u1 (1).jpg)

File: 876bab6def536cd⋯.gif (78.51 KB, 400x204, 100:51, g3n0c1d.gif)

What the mod in this thread is even doing is beyond me. The stupid faggot banned a serb replying to a shill.



ee2a1f No.11591304


according to the traty of lisbon the EU can send a paramilitary/police force to any member state where the local poice cannot or refuses to supress the citizens. this almost happened in bosnia (which isnt even in the EU) during the riots a few years back when merkel said theyre considering sending police units down there.

all they need is some traitor in the local goverment or parliament to make a plea for such an intervention. in that case the EU will go ahead and disregard anyone, even the president of the contry.

ee2a1f No.11591306

File: a6484f356f1b1dc⋯.png (77.91 KB, 500x375, 4:3, memri albanian.png)

ee2a1f No.11591309


when we kick out NATO. those fags will burn down europe before handing over their bases

4fa32c No.11591310

You can't do shit now, should have stopped voting for him. Everything he did since he first got into office was a step towards recognizing independence, but the people wore too stupid so see it. I don't care anymore, fuck this country, the people are retarded and they deserve what they voted for

119113 No.11592816

Back to page 1!

This will not go away


119113 No.11592831


Not fucking forgotten!

(Read comments, hence no archive)

119113 No.11592836

4fa32c No.11592837


Our own people don't care, why should anyone else? Spain and Russia have done more to prevent the secesion than our govermant

119113 No.11592839


I fucking care. Kosovo is Serbian. Serbs are Slavs.

Kosovo = Ours

7c8733 No.11592841

File: ec6a02bf8ce31ad⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1100x1200, 11:12, 1526598572951.png)


We will avenge you fam. Don't worry.

119113 No.11592853



Fucking no surrender. Prepare 4 war..SlavDeathSquads FAM

119113 No.11592860

Think Crimea but much harder. This time we burn everything to the ground. All Slavs

All out war

7c8733 No.11592864

File: fd5872c9710d5ea⋯.png (729.41 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1526314780300.png)



696a4d No.11592959

File: 323be180c32dfb6⋯.png (95.31 KB, 260x260, 1:1, Emblem_of_the_Slavic_Union….png)

File: c1b242c7fb9b902⋯.jpg (19.23 KB, 306x423, 34:47, article-0-19D17F64000005DC….jpg)

File: 6fa402470c4f76b⋯.jpg (183.07 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 3cab8870bf0a_sf_8.jpg)

File: 0a65a86ac4411d4⋯.png (876.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1494545195280.png)

File: 9b1c336b6aa95bb⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 512x512, 1:1, BWtBBkTH.jpg)


>be Slavic

>see thread on h8chan

>Kosovo to be given away by soros bought president of Srbija


>form volunteer Slav Liberation Squads

>cause ww3

>squat upon corpses of dead politicians and invaders while casually drinking rakija and sobieski vodka smoking cigarettes oblivious to fire hazard

Somewhere in Europe circa 2019

7c8733 No.11592989

File: 50455f0e8372700⋯.jpg (301.45 KB, 1000x674, 500:337, 1514489256001.jpg)



8d39a4 No.11595432

Nineteen Years Ago: NATO’s War of Aggression against Yugoslavia: Who are the War Criminals?


Nineteen years ago in the early hours of March 24, 1999, NATO began the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. “The operation was code-named “Allied Force ” – a cold, uninspired and perfectly descriptive moniker” according to Nebosja Malic.

This article was first written in early May 1999 at the height of the bombing of Yugoslavia.

The causes and consequences of this war have been the object of a vast media disinformation campaign, which has sought to camouflage NATO and US war crimes.

It is important to note that a large segment of the “Progressive Left” in Western Europe and North America were part of this disinformation campaign, presenting NATO military intervention as a necessary humanitarian operation geared towards protecting the rights of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

The intervention was in violation of international law. President Milosevic at the Rambouillet talks had refused the stationing of NATO troops inside Yugoslavia.

The demonization of Slobodan Milsovic by so-called “Progressives” has served over the years to uphold the legitimacy of the NATO bombings. It has also provided credibility to “a war crimes tribunal” under the jurisidiction of those who committed extensive war crimes in the name of social justice.

The Just War thesis was also upheld by several prominent intellectuals who viewed the Kosovo war as: “a Just War”.

In turn the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was upheld by several “Leftists” as a bona fide liberation movement rooted in Marxism.

The KLA –whose leader Hachim Thaci is now president of Kosovo– was a paramilitary army supported by Western intelligence, financed and trained by the US and NATO. It had ties to organised crime. It also had links to Al Qaeda, which is supported by US intelligence.

It is worth noting that the same “Leftists” who supported the KLA in 1999 are now supporting the Syrian “revolutionaries” (affiliated to Al Qaeda and supported by US-NATO)

8d39a4 No.11595435

File: 2fcd2ed8ac97ecb⋯.jpg (333.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1ae60bd0f8085ea84bfb17169a….jpg)

Low Intensity Nuclear War

With NATO air-strikes entering their third month, a new stage of the War has unfolded. NATO’s “humanitarian bombings” have been stepped up leading to mounting civilian casualties and human suffering. Thirty percent of those killed in the bombings are children.1 In addition to the use of cluster bombs, the Alliance is waging a “low intensity nuclear war” using toxic radioactive shells and missiles containing depleted uranium. Amply documented, the radioactive fall-out causes cancer potentially affecting millions of people for generations to come. According to a recent scientific report, “the first signs of radiation on children including herpes on the mouth and skin rashes on the back and ankles” have been observed in Yugoslavia since the beginning of the bombings.2

In addition to the radioactive fall-out which has contaminated the environment and the food chain, the Alliance has also bombed Yugoslavia’s major chemical and pharmaceutical plants. The bombing of Galenika, the largest medicine factory in Yugoslavia has contributed to releasing dangerous, highly toxic fumes. When NATO forces bombed plants of the Pancevo petrochemical complex in mid-April “fire broke out and huge quantities of chlorine, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride monomer flowed out. Workers at Pancevo, fearing further bombing attacks that would blow up dangerous materials, released tons of ethylene dichloride, a carcinogen, into the Danube.”3

Nato to the “Rescue of Ethnic Albanians”

Ethnic Albanians have not been spared by NATO air raids. Killing ethnic Albanians in Kosovo is said to be “inevitable” in carrying out a “humanitarian operation on behalf of ethnic Albanians”. In addition to the impacts of the ground war between the KLA and the Yugoslav Armed Forces, the bombings and the resulting radioactive fall-out in Kosovo have been more devastating than in the rest of Yugoslavia.

Presented as a humanitarian mission, the evidence amply confirms that NATO’s brutal air raids of towns and villages in Kosovo have triggered the exodus of refugees. Those who have fled their homes to refugee camps in Macedonia and Albania have nothing to return to, nothing to look forward to… An entire country has been destroyed, its civilian industry and public infrastructure transformed into rubble. Bridges, power plants, schools and hospitals are displayed as “legitimate military targets” selected by NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) in Vicenza, Italy and carefully “validated prior to the pilot launching his strike.”

With the “diplomatic shuttle” still ongoing, the Alliance is intent on inflicting as much damage on the Yugoslav economy (including Kosovo) as possible prior to reaching a G8 brokered “peace initiative” which will empower them to send in ground troops. “Allied commanders have steadily widened their list of economic targets… Increasingly, the impact of NATO air strikes has put people out of work… causing water shortages in Belgrade, Novi Sad and other Serbian cities. … [T]he effect was to shut down businesses, strain hospitals’ ability to function and cut off water…”4. Some 115 medical institutions have been damaged of which several have been totally demolished. And hospital patients –including children and the elderly– are dying due to the lack of water and electricity…5

4c3ee7 No.11595439

File: a53929fd4ac126a⋯.gif (704.57 KB, 300x225, 4:3, cute.gif)

Srbija je kosovo

2126e4 No.11600227


>(((Our))) own people don't care

Yessss (((fellow))) serbs, no one cares about ussss!

2126e4 No.11600236


He's not Serbian.

It's a Jew doing "X is not white" posting.

b8c8c1 No.11601023

You slavs act like you're hot shit but the truth is all of the balkans belongs to the Ottomans. Fuck your bullshit idea of sovereignty and nationalism we will rape your women and kill your children. Praise be to ALLAH THE MOST HIGH and his prophet muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker may peace and blessings be upon him. May death and despair be upon you slavic shitskins. Suck MUH DIK (_(_)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::D

You will once again be slaves to the mighty rule of the Ottoman Empire. Now bow down you cucks.

d9c487 No.11601121


mudslimes fight from donkeys

slavs fight from t54 tanks and jet fighters

mudslimes wave around knives

slavs launch missiles

mudslimes use suicide bombers

slavs use drones

tl;dr mudslimes are subhuman savages and slavs could conquer you the same way we'd get rid of cockroaches

you are low iq, you have 0 nobel or tesla tier scientists, you have no notable works of literature, you have no tech, no good countries, no good tourist cities (that werent built by foreigners, lol), you are seriously ugly and stupid, low iq subhuman animals we could conquer in less than 2 days

4a1a55 No.11601825

File: 51316f10200b226⋯.jpg (46.96 KB, 948x669, 316:223, albanian.jpg)


>what can i say, beside, fuck albanians?

What went wrong? Are they related to jews?

6609f3 No.11601836



MEMRI-TV is owned, founded and operated by a former Mossad agent and another israeli. It's a literaly psyop / co-op propaganda arm thats worse than CNN, virtually all of the videos / pictures are STAGED or SCRIPTED.

4a1a55 No.11601856

File: e8336146e76fb7a⋯.png (609.44 KB, 940x492, 235:123, ClipboardImage.png)


>MEMRI-TV is owned, founded and operated by a former Mossad agent and another israeli

It isn't worse than CNN though, because their (quite transparent) slander ironically says the truth sometimes.

d27d37 No.11601887

be on the side with the ones that want peace, kill the ones that want hate

de57ae No.11601927

File: 39a367f2ea4ed80⋯.png (59.38 KB, 1483x576, 1483:576, Albania.png)


It's set in (((their))) agenda that Kosovo must become independent and a second Albanian nation. There's little to no say on the part of the host's nation on the matter. And as Macedonia's 2001 war showed, no matter how shit your terrorist army is, nato diplomacy can win anything for you. The best thing to do is set up an immigration blockade to albanians, because that's how they steal land.

dd0a69 No.11604281


Come to Serbia mudboy, and let's see who will bow to who.

31a3ea No.11609968


>his prophet muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker

I love the word filter.

31a3ea No.11610045

File: 6cc278cb8269214⋯.jpg (124.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

I hope this fucking traitor doesn't give in to some US bluffs.


31a3ea No.11610157

Well, I hope this traitor doesn't give in to US bluffs.


31a3ea No.11610158


Weird, only now does the last post show up.

d236d8 No.11611723


Source? I want to be armed if anyone close to me thinks about taking their test.

8124f1 No.11611729



b760cc No.11613775

File: dbafad49d98697b⋯.jpg (61.9 KB, 600x511, 600:511, dbafad49d98697b9c8b423ad3e….jpg)

>President of Serbia: My decision on Kosovo will end my career

no it will end your homosexual life



533190 No.11614972


Vucic was a socialist, then the war made him a nationalist, and the post war hungers made him a sellout.

I don't think bowing to bluffs is how he works, he's more likely to do the contrary thing.

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