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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: 0c4f75825f63c13⋯.png (298.58 KB, 600x411, 200:137, media-146761323960809300.png)

b75ba0 No.11584667

North Korea cancels talks with South, threatens to call off US talks over military drills

North Korea has canceled a summit with South Korea and has threatened to call off a summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un over American military drills with South Korea, according to South Korean media reports.

Pyongyang has canceled talks with Seoul due to ongoing Max Thunder military exercises between the South and the US, Yonhap news agency cited North Korean media. The drills have been described by the North as a rehearsal for invasion of the DPKR and a provocation amid warming inter-Korean ties.

AFP reported that North Korea has also threatened to scrap the highly-anticipated summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The meeting is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore.

The news comes as a blow after the historic talks between the leaders of two Koreas in April and the meeting between Kim and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo said Sunday that any deal paving the way for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula will have to include certain US safeguards, and reassurance that Kim won’t become a target of yet another regime change attempt.

Pyongyang had scheduled the dismantling of its nuclear bomb test site to take place between May 23-25, North Korean media reported on Saturday.

Reports that the talks have been suspended come just hours after Seoul and Pyongyang agreed on Tuesday to hold high-level inter-Korea talks on May 16. The leaders were planning to discuss steps needed to follow the plan of the peninsula's denuclearization.


5a9350 No.11584672


Good for the North. Don't be suckered into complacency. The path to reunification is already secure, as it was in Germany, with the collapse of a superpower.

c85526 No.11584674

what kind of a retard would give away their nuclear weapons in the first place

it was always a ploy

84191b No.11584677

Just part of the tango. US and SK back off and it looks like Un is a strong man even thought they continue peace negotiations. It's probably still on track.

d91812 No.11584680

He's just mad he wasn't invited to the party.

5a9350 No.11584686


It only makes Kim look like the bad guy in the increasingly tighter circle in which the zionist media holds sway.

057362 No.11584696

everyone knows Kim is going to be killed, just like Assad will be.

8db214 No.11584698

You'd think if the USA was serious it would put a hold on said military drills.

But nope uncle sam wants his war. Needs his fix.

27b2ed No.11584720

Why don't they join in and see what fun they're missing? It's going to be a unified Korea, may as well see what the US had in store to fuck them with.

27b2ed No.11584723


The kind that had China breathing down their necks because they dropped a fucking radioactive mountain on their own heads.

c85526 No.11584732


lol Kim doesn't want to unify with that judaized shithole


wtf are you talking about?

were you there?

27b2ed No.11584745

File: 8ca87df90256f11⋯.jpg (193.47 KB, 1047x573, 349:191, There Is No Need To Be Rus….jpg)


>forcing Trump to do anything

27b2ed No.11584748


Motherfucking jew, even the chinks published it. Eat shit.

18f4dc No.11584752


lel. Trump's probably happy he finally has a real opponent playing his kind of hardball instead of the retarded politicians and lugenpresse he's had to deal with since 2015.

27b2ed No.11584753

File: 7558755d1ca989e⋯.jpg (44.11 KB, 700x437, 700:437, GIDF Is Upset.JPG)

c85526 No.11584754


I would side with Kim over Trump, neocohen shill

27b2ed No.11584757


Of course you would, jewk.

97b30b No.11584758


keep dreaming kike.

84191b No.11584759


From the Trump administration's perspective, achieving peace in North Korea would be a big deal. Especially because of the Trump/Moon potential Nobel Peace Prize perspective (especially from Trump's perspective because a NPP would be a badge of honor upon his administration elevating him to the level of Obama's terrible administration and a complete repudiation of media narratives on Trump). Not having this situation (his one real foreign policy success) blow up on him is incredibly important to preserve, so I expect his administration to back down to preserve this success.

334f79 No.11584760

File: 75867264d1b44c5⋯.png (284.59 KB, 1250x922, 625:461, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at ….png)

File: 76e6c0e964a0126⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1122x1306, 561:653, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at ….png)

File: 8fb031d24190622⋯.png (635.94 KB, 1484x974, 742:487, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at ….png)

File: 684c66112cd2245⋯.png (758.93 KB, 1436x1138, 718:569, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at ….png)

c85526 No.11584764


>siding with one of the few countries in existence outside of jewish control makes me a jew

8275f6 No.11584793

He's just posturing as a strongman.

The netting with Ping Pong Ping is probably also a factor.








Go to your NK masturbation threads commies and fantasize there.

c85526 No.11584804


who invited the neocohens?

103d8b No.11584807


>From the Trump administration's perspective, achieving peace in North Korea would be a big deal

True - but on the flip-side, not acheiving peace with Best Korea wouldn't be a major loss either, since it would basically just revert back to the status quo.

f1c9c6 No.11584818




Kim isn't wrong. He's in a position to demand some concessions.

264fc9 No.11584819


Go back to the sewers.

8275f6 No.11584829

File: d49e0dd38698fa7⋯.jpg (154.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1468062612014.jpg)


Lardass taking it like a bitch



>outside of jewish control

Hello, I'm from Cuckchan! of leftytranny


Ask your neetbucks dispenser


>country broke

>people starving

>not enough oil to even hold parades

>in a position of power

And that delusion is why commies always fail.

264fc9 No.11584835


Are you perchance a veteran with a lot of time on his hands since getting his balls blown off for Israel?

c85526 No.11584837


starving is healthier for them than consuming the garbage you eat

fd67c4 No.11584841


Kim is dead, he was replaced with a CIA lookalike.

1d0286 No.11584845


>Motherfucking jew, even the chinks published it. Eat shit.

Yet you can't provide a citation to your mythical radioactive mountain? Typical jew "oy vey the holocaust was real in my mind!"

e4f6c0 No.11584847

Let the nukes fall already, fucking hell, this cancer drama is killing me, burn them all kikes and company, FUCK

1d0286 No.11584851


>country broke

Prove it.

>people starving

Prove it.

>not enough oil to even hold parades

Prove it.

>And that delusion is why commies always fail.

I guess it's a good thing DPRK isn't Communist.

6aca72 No.11584859





































>oy vey

North Korea and South Korea are already unified. Peace has already been made. You are just watching the show. Any attempt to nullify this peace are clowns/shills. Learn how to discern the truth.

1d0286 No.11584864


>North Korea and South Korea are already unified. Peace has already been made. You are just watching the show.


>Learn how to discern the truth.

So tell the truth.

6aca72 No.11584874



Trump's Asia tour

>So tell the truth.

Reread dumbass

>North Korea and South Korea are already unified. Peace has already been made. You are just watching the show. Any attempt to nullify this peace are clowns/shills. Learn how to discern the truth.

27b2ed No.11584880






There you go, nigger. Now run off and hop on another IP so you can throw up an NO U like a good little supreme propagandist.

27b2ed No.11584888

>inb4 it ignores the gook source too

1d0286 No.11584890


>Reread dumbass

You made a claim with no citations with the secondary claim it was truth. I called bullshit and you double down with a nothingburger. Maybe you have too much yarmulke on the brain.


>wall street journal

>random chink news

Nice try, Rabbi.

27b2ed No.11584893

File: 214c7a39f3d953e⋯.jpeg (35.24 KB, 800x685, 160:137, 1_Q1y22__F34ulWs372a2B0Q[….jpeg)


The kike stays true to form. Prophetic.

000000 No.11584897

>Pyongyang had scheduled the dismantling of its nuclear bomb test site to take place between May 23-25, North Korean media reported on Saturday.

He won't cancel it in the end. Kim already finished all tests he needed to produce nukes

You were played all along stupid drumpy

6aca72 No.11584902


Are you that blind that you cannot discern the what the actual fuck is happening worldwide with regard to geopolitics.There was a unified Korea at the Olympics ffs.

Also, we will have peace in the Middle East and there will be peace in Pakistan/India Kashmere region.

Dems will be blasted this November and our nation will be set right. Pun intended.

35a8c6 No.11584904

File: 2e262ca7a379ad3⋯.png (123 KB, 342x334, 171:167, Screenshot_2018-03-01-20-5….png)


<Calling a pathetic tool of the Chinese supplied with technology and fuell by the Clintons "free of jewish control"

Being this much of nigger in the current year

27b2ed No.11584906

File: b57931f4997f029⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 450x311, 450:311, Gook Tuber.jpg)


Dumbass, we knew he made bombs because he blew up his test facility. You should go back to sucking dicks.

f262ec No.11584910


Did you even read the article you cuck? Trying reading for once instead of being a nigger

6aca72 No.11584912


Kim was a puppet for deep state to set up WW3 for Hillary. Russia/Iran/NK was the new axis of evil. Too bad Trump came along and raped you with peace.

27b2ed No.11584915

File: beeaf129cefe9b6⋯.png (694.91 KB, 959x707, 137:101, Oink Oink.png)

cd7b9a No.11584917

Is kim /ourguy/?

5a9350 No.11584923


I think that's the official, but unofficial limited hangout conspiracy theory that the Prot-Jew-Neocon wing of the establishment is trying to sell and that hasbarats are pushing hard on this board and the other one here that won't be mentioned.

Koreans/Chinese/Communists/EU/Nazis oh my! Patriots come in all duh colors.

264fc9 No.11584947

File: 86767d6da404334⋯.jpg (10.38 KB, 251x201, 251:201, korea issues.jpg)

File: eb1ef9de4e9fe4f⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 236x187, 236:187, kim fun.jpg)

Kim doesn't want to waste more time with warmongering jews. Just because his country doesn't have violent niggers and thieving jews doesn't mean he doesn't have serious issues to attend to.

6aca72 No.11584955


It is what will be done. Trump is only worth eight years. He has to LARP as a civic nationalist if we are to have full blown natsoc. From there we as proper white folk need to build strong white families and strong white communities by implementing discipline and K-selected breeding strategies as well as 5+ children, healthy diet/exercise, spiritual foundation in Christianity, and genuine love for one another. We will take back our nation city by city, the plans are already in the works and are being implemented.

The media will never be the same and people will never look at media in the same light again. The satanic cabal overplayed themselves and will be brought to death.

Failure was never an option for Trump, if he failed we would all die. So quit despairing and get your shit together anon.

5a9350 No.11584957


>He has to LARP as a civic nationalist if we ar to have full blown natsoc.

Take it somewhere else.

1ce0ab No.11584964


>Your only argument is calling people kike

If you want to make a good argument that trump isn't a jewish puppet at least give some meet without trying to silence other opinions. Your fucking retarded.

If you look at everything trump has done he has been hailed as a hero by Israel, gave them Jerusalem and bombed Syria for them twice.

All you see is your so called leader taking out lesser races.

The only reason you follow trump is because you are a brainless retard who can't do shit without a person to follow.

You should be able to rely on yourself if you don't then you can never change the world and thus you won't be of any use to /pol/.

dc9d09 No.11584971




cd7b9a No.11584972

File: a7c482db779e2ae⋯.webm (165.56 KB, 234x352, 117:176, 1517406160015.webm)


>spiritual foundation in Christianity


da926d No.11584974



Man, sorry to inform you, but you are answering to paid shills.

6aca72 No.11584978


Trump is not a civic nationalist dumb fuck. If you want whites to thrive you have to play politics. Even Hitler fucking knew this. National Socialism is just nationalism. The socialism aspect was a fake meme to seed the minds of the people to get on board with him because the spent a degenerate decade being poisoned in the wiemar republic.

These civnats will help to bring about true nationalism the way our founders especially after generations of weimerica.

a84f5c No.11584984

i hadnt yet considered the tactic of responding to a large number of people to get more (you)s

5a9350 No.11584988

File: 82ed22d2db643b0⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Goebbels_capitalism_jews.jpg)


>The socialism aspect was a fake meme

No, it wasn't. Take it somewhere else.

d73b05 No.11584989

we should carpet bomb the fucker beyond the stone age

6aca72 No.11584994


You obviously do not understand why christianity was invented.

talmud kikes (pharisees/Sadducees) = old test

Greek/Roman Philosophy/Christ = new test

what is the state of the roman empire, Christianity united europe and the kikes created Religion of Cuck™ to weaponize the arabs/shitskins to take over the west. 2000 years later you fucks still havent discerned the truth.

6ae13c No.11584997


>National Socialism is just nationalism. The socialism aspect was a fake meme to seed the minds of the people to get on board with him because the spent a degenerate decade being poisoned in the wiemar republic.

Wrong. You fucking newfaggots out yourself way to fast.

6aca72 No.11584998


how is nationalism and national socialism different?

27b2ed No.11585003

File: 884dda5e4fd6612⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 197x256, 197:256, Ze Check.jpg)


Checked. It's sad they keep trying to rename kiked-up communism, socialism.

cd7b9a No.11585009


checked, but he is somewhat correct. Socialism in the 30's didn't mean the same thing it meant now.

Main difference between old socialism and modern socialism is the monetary faux, german citizens gave a hand to everybody in need to restore the nation and were rewarded by the government. Modern socialists (aka starbucks marxists) act like capitalists who want the benefits of socialism without contributing to the cause and drag down those with the means of production.

fb8ddc No.11585016

File: d9e905bb72006e4⋯.webm (5.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The_Jews_fear_the_Samurai.webm)


>he still thinks christianity was invented by the romans


Please educate yourself. If this topic activates your screech impulse, it may be terminal.

6bba41 No.11585017

This is standard. NK always comes to the table, then backs off, trying to act all big and badass. This is why nobody ever takes the short little gooks seriously.

6aca72 No.11585019


>german citizens gave a hand to everybody in need to restore the nation and were rewarded by the government

I did not consider this to be socialism

b93a13 No.11585020

File: 43943ba74c07f36⋯.png (310.41 KB, 600x1916, 150:479, Jesse_Rodriguez_on_Twitter….png)

6aca72 No.11585025


but rather nationalism

cd7b9a No.11585026


Nationalism is the natural pride, perseverance and survival of ones race & culture. Socialism is an economic system.

6aca72 No.11585027



One and done kike shills

1ce0ab No.11585034

Also I would like to add that jews have had a history of playing both sides. Best example of this is the cold war.

fb8ddc No.11585035


Here's (2), just for (You)

Doesn't invalidate my suggestion. Give the video a watch, and keep in mind that the lecture I linked is part of a series. Haku has also covered other topics about christ's reincarnations.

You sound awfully narrowminded about your faith. You must've had a shitty pastor while growing up. My condolences.

cd7b9a No.11585043


>Christianity united europe

No it did not, it fractured europe for centuries to come. The only halfass noble christians were the crusaders and the king ordered their executions for fear of their influence. Its been nothing but a browbeating moralist corrupt child raping religion since.

27b2ed No.11585049


Yeah, the church sent off anyone that could possibly oppose them. jews have been playing the game for a very long time. They clearly didn't expect the crusaders to be quite so successful. but that's a jew for you, always underestimating the white man.

6aca72 No.11585052


Narrowminded? How, because I am not a kike shill? Fuck off and die if you are not going to pursue the truth the way it ought to be. There is more to life than watching some jap fantasize about being a samurai.

Objective reality is the truth. The truth is god. God is the father of all creation, the essence of all living organisms, and was made flesh to be sacrificed in order to save us from ourselves.

God sacrificed His only son so that we never had to cling to the old ways of committing human sacrifice for superstitions.


>it fractured europe for centuries to come

What is the Holy Roman Empire? Do you not understand how politics works? origins of civilizations? technological advancements? the minds of the people?

You probably are a supporter of the"dark ages" fake meme

e9b9d4 No.11585059


>Christianity united europe and the kikes created Religion of Cuck

You mean europeans lost several nativist cultures for romeaboos to have 200 years of luxury and then cried when the germanic tribes finished them off after christianity destroyed roman culture?

Sounds like kikes made both religions for us to suffer.

fb8ddc No.11585068


<how dare you question my rock solid, infallible faith and upbringing?

>proceeds to pilpul

You cannot make this shit up. Rabbi Yosevitz over here wants to give a sermon, following the KJV to the T!

What next, you're going to say Enoch's exploits or Mary Magdelene's sermons aren't true? You do know that Mary was Jesus' wife, right?

e9b9d4 No.11585073


>What is the Holy Roman Empire?

Ah yes, protestants and catholics murdering eachother. Such divine unity!

Europe sure did prosper with the pope controlling the kings of nations like pawns for his holy wars :^) is that the kind of politics you like? lets not forget our current pope doing whats best for europe!

34f9d2 No.11585076


>dark ages was a meme

go back to >>>/christian/

6aca72 No.11585086



Kikes were atttempting to subvert the Roman empire with christianity but constantine the great and the following ecumenical councils helped quite a bit in keeping western civ whole, it is not ideal but to keep a nation it needed to be done but the empire split the Merovingians took over and converted to christianity (oh gee i wonder why)

quit crying over spilled milk weak cultures die because theyre weak, you sound like shitskins muh beaner landz and quetzacoatl, fuck off and die

Christianity has lived this long because it is the paragon of philosophical religion. Actually read the old test and new test and you will understand how to create and sustain civilization, even the book revelations and the ever-present impending doom, because when you do stupid shit civ will collapse as happened before.


you are a blind dumbass faggot that knows literally nothing


sounds like american civil war i wonder who is behind whites killing whites

Who created protestantism? Martin Luther

Who backed Martin Luther? The kikes

What was Martin Luther's latest treatise? On kikes and their lies


what is the occult, that satanic cabal of kiddie killers, check out occult science series on kiketube if you want actual insight into this filth. what is lucis trust?


ayy tor post

mess with the best die like the rest

57d0d2 No.11585090

I'm torn.

I love the idea of the left getting shit on since trump Era ended this conflict,

However best Korea needs to stay independent

fb8ddc No.11585094


<you're blind, goy!

Here's a little bible lesson your (((Padre))) forgot to teach. Mary was Jesus' wife and most trusted disciple. Peter and (((Paul))) were so jealous of his favor in her that when constructing the bible, they intentionally left information out and slandered Mary's name. You want someone to get mad at that your holy book is (((curated))), I think we both know who you should be getting mad at.

You're screeching into the void, yelling at me.

27b2ed No.11585095


Oooh, oooh, link him to the apocrypha the kikes pulled out to make the stories more kosher. kek

27b2ed No.11585097


Maybe they can undo the jewery in the south. One can hope.

6aca72 No.11585098


As far as the current pope you must not understand how corruption, subversion, and perversion work and are implemented. He is going to resign just like pope emeritus benedict xvi (ousted by king nigger). current pope fagcis (ousted by god-emperor). and a new pope will take peters chair and set the church right.


not going to happen quit fagging up the board


halfwit reactionary that doesnt understand the necessary complexities of having a spiritual foundation or understanding of the objective truth.

ec2d4f No.11585108

This is why the left better take on the Jews, I swear you guys are dumbest motherfuckers. I'll give you a clue, defense contractors can legally bribe every single one of our elected officials. Citizens United Citizens United Citizens United.

f672f7 No.11585113


This obviously posturing to maintain leverage

594df5 No.11585136


did you take your meds bnon?

27b2ed No.11585138

Is the fucking yid, still trying to respond? Hey cunt (6aca72) you were filtered as soon as you posted.

b0dee7 No.11585145

Kim is right where he wants to be. There was not a better position he could have taken. Both him and China know he can't first strike, the world won't accept that. And he's right about the military exercises. The US should pause all military exercises in the region while the talks occur. Apologise, cease operations, and then strategically pivot to Asia. Roll out the red carpet. Play their game and winover China too. China is showing signs that it wants to remain in our clubhouse. Asia + Europe + India + Five Eyes = Win

27b2ed No.11585160


>Praise grorious reader!

6aca72 No.11585166



burn in hell kike you have offered this thread nothing you will die childless and if you somehow produce offspring you will only produce females because your genes are only worth fucking

ddfe81 No.11585173


Reported for lies and mental illness.

6aca72 No.11585182


another one and done kike

02b984 No.11585188


>we knew he made bombs because he blew up his test facility

It sounds like the nukes are as good as they need to be. NK needs a lot of work on those rockets.

6aca72 No.11585192


thank elon musk at tesla for those

264fc9 No.11585195

File: 32a3e6ddbd5c129⋯.png (426.6 KB, 756x664, 189:166, China Looks for Ways to He….png)


>China is showing signs that it wants to remain in our clubhouse. Asia + Europe + India + Five Eyes = Win

Nah. Nobody wants in to club nigger.

ddfe81 No.11585200



Blow your fucking brains out. REPORTED. Nothing you said is true. Everything you said is false.

b644bd No.11585212

6aca72 No.11585215


>hurrrdurrrrr REPORTED

kike rat and you will be exterminated as such

no one believes your spook ass now take your shit back to shariablue enjoy hotel gitmo

6aca72 No.11585219

Peace in nk

Peace in me

Peace worldwide

All thanks to the white man

Trump 2020

enjoy watching the white race breed like rabbits and raise warriors you will see how far and wide we spread western civilization

As the universe is ever expanding so are our American borders

6aca72 No.11585236

So what did we learn today class?

Do not fret over kike shills and potential instability at the 38th parallel for peace has already been brokered. Enjoy the show.

ddfe81 No.11585241


Blow your fucking brains out. REPORTED. Nothing you said is true. Everything you said is false.

6aca72 No.11585246


Why did you copy and paste the same damn post kike?

61bcc7 No.11585424


christianity is a jewish mind virus. You're awfully fucking stupid while being fairly intelligent in other ways.

61bcc7 No.11585425

>jews and their "bible" ever creating or sustaining civilization

Now I know you're a dumb fuck.

18cb1d No.11585428


100% correct.

This is kim using trump's own negotiating tactics against him. He has stated publicly that he is a huge fan of Trump's art of the deal book. It's kind of an homage. Nothing will come of it.

18cb1d No.11585431


Actually, I take that back. Something will come of it. Shills will be eternally btfo yet again.

02d0eb No.11585464


It's Kim being fed up with childish jew mind games. He should drop nukes on Israel until the White House apologizes for its insolence.

000000 No.11585482

Trump deserves this for going full ZOG

02d0eb No.11585513

File: 9566034171131ed⋯.png (431.82 KB, 603x584, 603:584, Kim.png)

Game. Set. Match.

02d0eb No.11585530

File: fd12a6797c7da33⋯.png (69.82 KB, 583x299, 583:299, Israel Response to Gassing….png)

Who would have thought looking weak while Israel gasses babies before a peace summit would end like this?

02b984 No.11585541


For Ivanka, they're more beautiful when they're dead. Shouldn't have used that photo.

019260 No.11585549


The US won't do shit. This was posturing for internal NK consumption. This is why the US didn't hear the same thing through its backchannels. The shills need to fuck off.

019260 No.11585563


>NK will reject talks if they aren't talks

are you retarded and can't read?

02d0eb No.11585577


You must have bought a lot of McDonald's stock this week.

91fe3d No.11585580



>He's helping us STOP IT!

kek, no.

91fe3d No.11585582


>says the shill

GIDF, please. We know what you are going to do before you do it.

91fe3d No.11585585


>being this desperate


You ARE a jew mind game.

02d0eb No.11585595


>being this desparate

The Nobel prize for desperation this year goes to the losers (your supervisors?) spreading stories about Kim giving up nukes for big macs.


96fc4a No.11585624

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

You think Trump came up with the name "Max Thunder" hiimself?

019260 No.11585628


go back to the commie containment board, your tinpot commie gook hero is bending over for the US

019260 No.11585633


considering the fact the norks are starving, I could understand why they will likely do that

ba2154 No.11585637


Big Man Kimmy in recent days sent his diplomats to handle talks with China and South Korea, now a day after that shit, they are threatening to walk back on that after showing to international media shills how the nuclear testing site is being torn down? Either this is posturing to get on a position of strength and get some concessions or these Diplomats went rogue or the Chinese has something to do with it, guess we'll see by the end of the week.

adc335 No.11585652

File: 84df0e3f9a47cec⋯.png (3.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8D59D7EE-2CC4-4C3E-9FC8-C0….png)

Oh man!

51081b No.11585659


I hate to defend a "tinpot commie gook" but the North has bypassed Chinese vetos on their foeign policy via direct bilateral negotiation with the South and US, is on the verge of destroying the sanctions regime with the eager cooperation of the South with their ideological subversion having reached a new peak, and has gotten a summit with the US president for the cost of absolutely nothing. The Norks haven't made a single real and irreversible concession, never will and have no reason to as the diplomatic roadmap to resolving the Korean crisis is essentially the same as what the Norks thought up decades ago.


This isn't the 1990s. Norks outside of Pyongyang are still undernourished to some degree but they aren't desperately poor, or at least not more so than any other relatively undeveloped Asian state.

019260 No.11585681


the sanctions are crippling their economy you fucking retard, and you're lying about the North not making concessions, when several have been all over the media, fuck off with your gaslighting

88e91e No.11585690


The moment he gives up nukes best Korea gets (((liberated))).

51081b No.11585701

File: 32a8b04b2f210f9⋯.jpg (173.9 KB, 1597x898, 1597:898, yongbyon.jpg)


>the sanctions are crippling their economy you fucking retard

It isn't affecting the food situation, otherwise the Chinese wouldn't have enforced them as they're petrified of a North Korean refugee crisis. The sanctions targeted North Korean sources of hard currency like their coal exports to China, which in practice affected their oil supply (they've probably been running down the miltarys strategic reserve) and forced Kim to tighten his belt with regards to buying off the elites, which may have put some pressure on him but not enough to make him turn his back on decades of Nork planning and dreams re:the ROK.

Not that it matters now when Moon is manouvering to make the Sunshine Policy look like a sanctions policy, with the abetting of the Chinese and Russians.

>you're lying about the North not making concessions, when several have been all over the media

A picture is worth a thousand words. Have a guess where the enriched uranium for North Koreas bombs come from.

1e5678 No.11585734


With all these spelling and grammar errors, I hope you're a nigger

cd1c64 No.11585754



)ewish insufferable dumb faggots

22d9a9 No.11585816

Oh man, time for liberals to flip from 'Trump didn't even do anything to achieve peace!' to 'This is all Trumps fault!'

ba2154 No.11585834


>Trump getting those Korea-American Prisoners mean nothing! look! Kim is standing up to Trump! Nobel Peace Prize cancelled! eat that Drumpf!

They have the memory of goldfish when Norks give a few concessions, they tend to play hardball, and there's the fact that nothing was signed on both parties yet the Norks did that DMZ border gesture to mark the end Korean War, gave three prisoners, and offered to let International Media shills to observe and report the Nuclear Testing Site getting shut down.

f13eae No.11585838


<Christianity has lived this long because it is the paragon of philosophical religion.

Judaism has been around for a similar amount of time, I guess it's also a "paragon of philosophical religion", right?

Your semitic religions erode the European soul, you filthy nigger. Kill yourself.

54fbd7 No.11585839

File: a82432a65c5c43c⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 640x531, 640:531, 15f79cb0435616e0da3117cf63….jpg)


Always timely. I kept restarting it to absorb the emphasis of the language


No u

36e43e No.11585844


>Also, we will have peace in the Middle East and there will be peace in Pakistan/India Kashmere region.


You cannot possibly have peace in the Middle East for as long as Jared Kushner lives, you can't make a deal if you're so god damn partial

c85526 No.11585855


>muh clintons

we are talking about things a little more important than your childish internal (or should I say theatrical) political squabbles

back to whatever boomer shithole you crawled out of

1ce0ab No.11585929


Yes because Martin Luther a man who called the jews out on there bullshit would 100% be backed by the jews. For fuck sake the man literally made a book about how jews lie.

c85526 No.11585930


that's hardly an accomplishment

everyone at the time hated jews

52f798 No.11585931

Someone cut the fat midget a big check.

c85526 No.11585934


someone should cut your head off, kike

1ce0ab No.11585948


Have you ever seen this much delusion from American's they think trump is the second coming of fucking Hitler. Here's a reality check he isn't he is doing anything Israel tells him. You morons are thinking you've won yet here we are and at most Best Korea gave him some lip service. All you retards do is if anyone has a differing opinion then he must be a shill because no true patriot could possibly have views that are different from mine. This is why monarchy should never have been replaced this is unbelievable.

1ce0ab No.11585959


Your argument boils down too I have bad grammar great fucking argument clearly this man is on the next level of intellect. some people struggle with spelling you realize this you know that right.

I would like to add that since this is his only argument I would assume he has no counter argument.

A final thing I would like to mention is that

>1 post by this id

Well isn't that reassuring Hang yourself schlomo.

1ce0ab No.11585962


I know. I was answering to some guy who said that Martin Luther was backed by the jews.

c0f83e No.11585971


So is it muh ww3 or just a variant of that airfield strike ruse? hard to tell with the thread being full of leftypol faggotry and blackpilling 'muh drumpf' faggots from cuckchan

50a33d No.11585975

File: 363add13195751b⋯.png (977.8 KB, 1277x842, 1277:842, Best Korea THINK OF THE KI….png)


>60 years later (((he)))'s still trying

50a33d No.11585977



>>outside of jewish control

And that's why Juche isn't communist.

b6832d No.11586005

I'm convinced Trump has got this. Satanic pedo kikes will be going down by year's end and the OIG report will be the preamble.

0e021d No.11586070

File: 36ef79a3e4b8c24⋯.jpg (199.17 KB, 941x768, 941:768, Hundred-Years-War-3-Battle….jpg)

File: b064bfcc032e16a⋯.jpg (139.63 KB, 491x352, 491:352, burning-1.jpg)

File: fd095746a16d069⋯.gif (270.94 KB, 390x303, 130:101, SPAIN.gif)

>Christcuckery united Europe

Man its almost like you know nothing about history.

d6ce8b No.11586089


>spain which was reconquered by and explicity christian movement

>hundred years war which was a dynastic battle over who would rule england and france

>burning which as a secular punishment as the church couldn't technically execute anybody

I'm not sure if you're implying pagan Europeans never fought each other or engaged in civil war or are just fuckin'bout.

Also don't you esteem war and warrior societies? You can't have it both ways.

6910fd No.11586095



7f3275 No.11586165

File: 4d370c8758351b2⋯.jpg (52.59 KB, 800x598, 400:299, 18033876_119298228620626_6….jpg)


>Gim mo dat chikun nigguh

I don't understand your nogspeech, little retard. But please, tell me more how Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama helping North Korea isn't a jewish plot. I won't understand the gibberish, but the monkeyshines of your kind have always been entertaining for whites.

3211a1 No.11586192


>threatened to.

Post when something actually happens.

2a8f7e No.11586224


<im have no ideea wut im talk aboot

A communist ethnostate is still a communist state, fag


Jews don't need to blend in with Nork society because they already corrupted it when the USSR was still around

c85526 No.11586256


I'll take a communist ethnostate over (((multicultural capitalism))) any day of the week

>they already corrupted it

so where are the feminists and fag parades?

e91100 No.11586292



62de17 No.11586368


>A communist ethnostate is still a communist state, fag

North Korea is an absolute monarchy in case you didn't know.


22a862 No.11586431

File: fb103614f514a9e⋯.jpg (95.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, biowar North K.jpg)

Listen up, Goyim.

Kim Jong-un is actually a Jew on his mother's side. He's a crypto-kike, just like Hitler, and jew, and Andrew Anglin and/or anybody else who stands up in public against Jews.

Kim's kosher family data has recently been leaked by the ADL. In fact Qanon will soon post some cryptic clues about it.

Have a look at his facial features… Is that a mamzer or what..!

8275f6 No.11586506

File: 68aaf524cc853a6⋯.jpg (174.91 KB, 753x1061, 753:1061, 1465945916054.jpg)


>I'll take a communist ethnostate over (((multicultural capitalism))) any day of the week

>yfw it's one and the same since both concepts were created by jews

Capitalism is a jewish meme word.

What they are referring to is simply the natural order of exchange.

>so where are the feminists and fag parades?

in gulags shoveling dirt


>when communists want to prove that a communist failure isn't true communism by claiming it's a monarchy

your mind on communism

62de17 No.11586513


>not understanding the difference between communism and monarchy

Your mind on (((American education))).

47c9cf No.11586535

File: 539d8c74b7a2751⋯.jpg (20.02 KB, 439x594, 439:594, Kim_Il-sung_in_1950.jpg)


He looks like his grandfather. For your theory to be right his mother must have been one of those Oriental Jews whos ancestors supposedly migrated to the Orient in the 13th century.

f28a20 No.11586597


>trying to equate jewish accusations against Hitler with an admitted jew


12edb5 No.11586619


Proof fascism has been co-opted by communists. Sad.

5a9350 No.11586739


>Have you ever seen this much delusion from American's they think trump is the second coming of fucking Hitler.

It is an organized shill campaign being run by the US military, israeli hasbarats, and RenTech. I would put money on most of the comments not even coming from real people.

6aca72 No.11586776



You ignorant niggers do not even know how to post or comment

Luther wrote that book after the kikes fucked him over and why are you incapable of making the proper comparisons between the Lutheran church and catholic church. If you did you will understand that the Lutheran church removed books from the holy bible and their "mass" is a bastardization of the one and true catholic one.

The kikes backed Luther to divide the church which obviously worked. Luther went in with good intentions to reform the corruption but he allied himself with satan's people and got screwed.



>muh israel

We are saving the best for last

Why bother responding to a one and done kike shill?




You soulless kike

Who is Charlemagne, the Merovingians (The reason why some Spaniards look white), Holy Roman Empire, practically every nation in europe.

USA is a christian nation founded by the christian religion for the christian religion. 1st amendment - freedom of religion was a way to celebrate our Lord and savior Christ no matter the denomination. Not this worship Izlam/Kike/row shit/

I use to be an atheist until I bent the knee to Christ because he is the one true God.

You kikes are done winning. Burn in hell.


actually you can have it both ways.

spreading the word and defending his faith

please understand the political implications of these notions it is extremely important if you are to understand history while sifting through kike propanganda




>i want to be real anon


000000 No.11586807

http s://archive. li/Eon4o

exposing the religion of cuck

8275f6 No.11586864

File: 25aed706ae555f8⋯.jpg (175.63 KB, 487x333, 487:333, Projecting.jpg)

6aca72 No.11586885


Peace has already been made

1afdb4 No.11586898

File: b7c9075301ac4a3⋯.webm (3.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jewsrockinkorea.webm)


can't image why

f28a20 No.11587032


>Capitalism is a jewish meme economic system

Fixed. Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same shekel.

baf319 No.11588079


Brennan deserves the rope

735647 No.11588092

File: 0a639bf225f5bd1⋯.jpg (111.46 KB, 904x680, 113:85, not important but intresti….jpg)


I'm actually not surprised, with all the stuff that was coming out before this about the deal I thought it was going way too smooth and too fast.

c56379 No.11588243


If it weren't for the crusades putting a halt to Jihad, most of Europe would be muslim today.

You stupid fucking retard.

bd4191 No.11588245



>Fed up with jews or mindgames

how nu r u?

bd4191 No.11588255



In an alternate reality, Religion of Cuck™ won and you cucks are praising it as the one true religion which united europe.

Europeans united europe. If anything, christcuckery held us back. It's the only reason we helped create israel, it's the only reason we didn't just kill every single jew 1000 years ago.It's the only reason we let them take our money. It's the only reason we spend billions on aid for aids niggers.

It is a religion that praises weakness and mercy for weakness. It calls strength evil and weakness a virtue.

It is pathetic and it WILL be exterminated along with every jew and every jew spawned religion.

If you do not repent from you race traitor, jew worshiping ways, you will be crucified for your crimes against your blood but only before you watch your family torn apart by lions. If you continue to kneel, you prove yourself to be inferior and your line will be ended. Your screams and agony will be broadcasted world-wide as eternal proof of your inferiority and an example of what is done to those who betray our race for kike-spawned lies.

c56379 No.11588276

File: e0cdb5aa342cc83⋯.png (673.07 KB, 839x958, 839:958, 1db105596d01695d189a76a553….png)

File: 9c8c31f232f790d⋯.jpg (362.74 KB, 1532x763, 1532:763, vikangs.jpg)

File: d8557233b2aeb11⋯.jpg (893.44 KB, 1500x2057, 1500:2057, Christianity.jpg)

File: 7f7537817dd821c⋯.webm (7.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 200_years_together.webm)


Christianity prevented Europe from degenerating into a lawless continent, you fedora cuck. If it weren't for Christian monks being the first to start actually writing down and safeguarding recorded history for the future, there would be no fucking recorded history to speak of. If it weren't for Christianity, Europe would keep being raided by viking niggers (who by the way were buttbuddies with muslims in their traveling merchant affairs).

Sure is easy to talk shit about the belief system that literally guided the evolution and advancement of humanity and civilization, isn't it? Be fucking glad Christianity is the dominant religion, or else you'd be either a shitty bearded sandnigger living in a mud hut, a kike, or dead at the hands of one of the former two.

There's a reason the world's most advanced countries are Christian.

Also no, the state of Israel was pushed by Theodor Herzl, a jew and the patriarch of Zionism, greenlighted by the Rothschilds in England, and with the help of the USSR, it was created by the UN.


Christianity is explicitly anti-jew and anti-muslim, and you're an absolute fucking retard for denouncing the one belief that's contributed the most to the civilized world. Quit being a fucking edgy teen and read a fucking book you stupid nigger.

793082 No.11588317

There are exactly zero niggers in North Korea right now. Zero. Think about that.

You could invent things and not have niggers kill you and bring your invention to Fuckfaceberg or some other over-circumcised littledick jew. Think about that.

You don't have to pretend that violent, retarded, obnoxious niggers are violent, retarded and obnoxious because paying for their rent, food, healthcare and even college if they can prove they are literate isn't enough to qualify them as privileged. Why isn't this paragon of progress leading the world?

46247b No.11588502

File: 37c7cdd42f422c1⋯.jpg (4.89 MB, 4000x3507, 4000:3507, 37c7cdd42f422c171b9c299ce1….jpg)

Christianity is basically how faith in the benevolent universal force keeps us driven beyond the Ego driven mind, that hope in the future can disband fear of the future, and that love between kindred spirits can generate the force that heals the world and brings this world out of material chaos we are bound to fall back down in if we're not true to our own nature by reconnecting ourselves back on track.

All it takes is to give yourself away to your own link to the source. Prayer is a technology in its own right.

Everything else, especially religions, are interpretations and spiritual docrines, that atleast in theory, tries to guide you towards enligthenment.

Power corrupts. That is why the only way to trust in each other is to trust in the soruce of all things to guide us instead of the institutions and other non-existent entities.

It is first and foremost a spiritual war we are fighting, guys. Christianity found out the most basic cornerstones of how to be a better pawn of the grander scheme. Buddhists believe everything basically is pure suffering, and Jews believe everything is their father's fault.

Remember where you came from.

f13eae No.11588520

0f191b No.11589388

RT is saying USA is giving NK 6 months to ship out some of its nukes. "The demand was apparently voiced by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on May 9. In exchange, Washington might remove Pyongyang from a list of state sponsors of terrorism,"

Pretty shit deal. NK isn't killing peaceful protesters or gassing babies. And why is a third world nation ordering NK around? North Mexico needs to stop thinking its opinions have any value.

6d2566 No.11589473

File: 31adc9f96ef971b⋯.jpg (52.16 KB, 468x280, 117:70, founding fathers christian….jpg)

File: 17b7e791411b30d⋯.jpg (117.21 KB, 750x737, 750:737, founding fathers christian….jpg)

ae4e1c No.11589859


>Christianity is basically how faith in the benevolent universal force keeps us driven beyond the Ego driven mind

Non European detected.

545297 No.11590066


"In God we trust."

It's in the fucking anthem.

a3a862 No.11590123

File: 99c1667fd80b284⋯.jpg (77.59 KB, 800x531, 800:531, qfiuz.jpg)


Oh look it's the "US is a third world nation" poster again.

>commie shithole

>not killing peaceful protesters

Next thing you'll be telling me they have food too. Jesus this form of projection got old decades ago, pic related.

c732dc No.11590236

How to spot the new shill tactics:

>Are they claiming the US is an Israeli puppet?

>Are they claiming Trump is an Israeli puppet?

>Are they promoting how great Religion of Cuck™ and Hamas are because they BTFO Jews?

>Are they promoting how great the EU is because they BTFO Jews?

>Are they calling every single American a mutt?

a3a862 No.11590242


Well the US kinda IS an Israeli puppet. Shilling is to claim the US would be nothing without Israel.

c732dc No.11590251


The EU is more of an Israeli puppet then the US

a3a862 No.11590257


One doesn't exclude the other. The most important Jews are in the US anyway, Israel exists just for the show anyway as the idea of Jews having their homeland runs contrary to their whole modus operandi.

b7d711 No.11590332



The ONLY reason why Israel still exists is because the US is protecting it. Nothing else. Europe can't save it from muslims. How the fuck is the not their fucking puppet?

329a86 No.11590385

Whatsup with all this one step forward two steps back bullshit?

bdfd6a No.11590414


I feel it, Anon.

22d828 No.11590425


thats just how the norks work,

258ea7 No.11590431


The zionist regime wants a clear "win" and "surrender" over North Korea, but North Korea has no reason to do so since it already possesses nuclear weapons and it isn't the most indebted nation in the history of world that is resorting to threatening its supposed allies over gas pipelines.

000000 No.11590436


Which is funny since it just sends a clear message to anyone who is threatened by israel aka the entire middle eastern and european region to arm themselves to nukes to protect themselves from kikes and their slaves of the synagogue of satan.

18cb1d No.11590471

File: cb2286fa37cd56e⋯.jpg (42.34 KB, 119x146, 119:146, hillaryhairdo.jpg)


what's up with that hillary clinton hair-do? Is this some 8-goddess cult bullshit? Is hillary clinton part of the 8-goddess cult that rules south korea?

I honestly don't know what do think about south korean politics. They are run by weird cults and they can't seem to break free from it. We were pretty close to getting our own american version of it if hillary had won.

329a86 No.11590620


Nothing has changed, why Indian Give at this point?


Try harder tor poster.

ea5f60 No.11590682

File: b12c52abcd12409⋯.jpg (144.63 KB, 1280x925, 256:185, trumphope.jpg)


Kim read Art of the Deal. And why wouldn't he? It's a great book, spent many weeks as #1 on the NYT best seller list, many records broken. Don't worry about rocket man, we'll make a deal that has never been done before. Bolton is a great guy, overzealous, but a good guy, also new to the job! Tough to find good people! Yet we have a great team, but still miss Hopey. Many such high calibre people begging to work with us. MAGA.

258ea7 No.11590706


>why Indian Give at this point?

Did the North Koreans ACTUALLY promise to give anything or were you told they did in US media? North Korea's general blueprint hasn't changed for like 40-50 years. Get nukes, use them to normalize foreign relations and trade just like China did, reunify the peninsula on their terms with propagandized racial appeals. What Americans get "told" is the North Korean game plan is much different than what it actually is.

1db68b No.11590731

File: 68b54577d840395⋯.gif (3.43 MB, 480x204, 40:17, jew in giant oven.gif)

More talks with reptiles will accomplish nothing. Save the world, Nuke Tel Aviv.

589614 No.11590860

File: 41c7d8d808a7e16⋯.jpg (100.42 KB, 459x599, 459:599, hapsburg jaw zuck the cuck.jpg)


you will burn in hell

329a86 No.11590878


Are you slow or am I? I get their game plan buth why did it suddenly change and re-neg?

258ea7 No.11590882


It's you. Can you point to what, exactly, North Korea is "reneging" on? Be specific.

a54eb8 No.11590890

File: 3ec04a5cb111ab3⋯.jpg (93.9 KB, 689x960, 689:960, self control afa.jpg)



>Christianity is basically how faith in the benevolent universal force keeps us driven beyond the Ego driven mind

The ego driven mind is what gave us morality, not Jews.

The ego knows cause and effect through reflection and anyone telling you it's a bad thing is trying to control you. Same way Gnostics who demonize the ego and nature and the Creator are trying to brainwash you.

> hope in the future can disband fear of the future

Denial of the future is a lie and will destroy your future.

> heals the world and brings this world out of material chaos

Material is the opposite of chaos. It's ordered and that's why its material… duh.

>we are bound to fall back down in if we're not true to our own nature

nature = Material = real = creation

You sound like a Luciferian.

>Everything else, especially religions, are interpretations and spiritual docrines, that atleast in theory, tries to guide you towards enligthenment.

t. Luciferian New Age, Oprah shilling.

>Power corrupts

That's what they tell plebs. But power and the will to power is the fundemental force of creation.

>It is first and foremost a spiritual war we are fighting, guys. Christianity found out the most basic cornerstones of how to be a better pawn of the grander scheme.

pawns are for Leftypol/

>Remember where you came from.


000000 No.11616289

based kim

the han is strong with this one

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