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File: 16b941f6617f9f3⋯.jpg (26.59 KB, 500x375, 4:3, german-girl-1944.jpg)

File: 3fc9eb5ff6510fe⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 500x382, 250:191, nemmersdorf_1944.jpg)

File: 4a6ca229e818f40⋯.jpg (108.44 KB, 430x600, 43:60, dead-german-child-after-ne….jpg)

32d368  No.11595782

Everybody except the greenest newfags knows that (((they))) didn't want to kill all SS-members or Wehrmacht-soldiers at the end of the war, but that allied propaganda was designed by jews with the purpose of killing off every single german man, woman and child.

Thats why they invented the hellish conditions of the concentration camps, that then still pale in comparison that what the german civilians had to endure from 43 well into the 48's.

Allmost everybody here knows about the "Rheinwiesenlager" where 2 million german soldiers and 1 million civilians starved (the jew really likes starving people for some reason), and other atrocities like the rape of all east-europe and the bombing of Dresden are relatively know.

Every now and then somebody post something about Dresden in this fashion:

<The allies bombed dresden to the ground! Do you know how many civilians died?

But a real chad posts:

>People who got phosphorous on them presented a fearful sight recalled Rosa Todt.

> Their skin was bright red, water dripping out of the pores of their skin; their ears and nose, their whole face, was a nauseating mask.

This is an excerpt from "Hellstorm: the death of nazi germany"


Emotional Manipulation

I posted some text passages from the book into a few discords, excerpts like: Every female, including girls as young as eight, had been raped.

I noticed that if you then compare this to even the most horrid jewish fairytales about the concentration camps, the war crimes committed against german civilians are much more terrible. And others noticed too.

This is the perfect redpilling material.

When you start showing them your IQ charts and start talking about crime-rates and the jews, most normies will think you are a racist and not listen to a word you say.

Thats why you first need to get their mental barriers down. This is accomplished by blurring the lines between the "good and evil" meme surrounding WW2 the jews invented.

When you read witness reports about how little children died melting into the concrete whimpering their last ragged breaths, even the most stupidest boomer or brainwashed millenial will shred a tear.

If they then start saying that these were 'not nazis' then you get your statistics and show them the % of votes and stuff.

Also then you start to mention the names of the people behind the operations like (((Henry Morgenthau Jr.))) or anti-german hate campaigns like (((Ilya Ehrenburg))).

Excerpts and Witness Reports

This thread should act as a repository for witness reports or otherwise in life-near detail described war crimes against civilians of axis member nations. This includes nations occupied by axis members because the soviets would oftentimes rape freed concentration camp inmates and execute Western POW's.

Please give your sources with page number. Or if you link to videos with timestamp (on hooktube please).

Here are a few that I gathered from Hellstorm:

On the road through Nemmersdorf, near the bridge . . . I saw where a whole trek of refugees had been rolled over by Russian tanks; not only the wagons and teams but also a goodly number of civilians, mostly women and children. . . . [They] had been squashed flat by the tanks. At the edge of the road and in the farm yards lay quantities of corpses of civilians who evidently . . . had been murdered systematically.

~Hellstorm: the death of nazi germany; page 4, 31ff

The screams of the burning and dying people are unforgettable. When a

human being dies [like that], he screams and whimpers and, then, there is the

death rattle in his throat.

~Hellstorm: the death of nazi germany; page 32, 32ff

Please use these to make people think and to slowly manipulate them. Let them sleep over it. They will come back the next day.

dedfe9  No.11595794


85b8bb  No.11595796

File: ecd5cda7c865e67⋯.png (409.79 KB, 800x575, 32:23, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2597423772eaea6⋯.png (487.82 KB, 800x569, 800:569, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 89328c90c89dc31⋯.png (388.95 KB, 800x544, 25:17, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1cc35f9714f7e1d⋯.png (408.38 KB, 800x545, 160:109, ClipboardImage.png)

>Dugway was a high-security testing facility for chemical and biological weapons. The purpose of the replicas of German homes, which were repeatedly rebuilt after being intentionally burned down, was to perfect tactics in the fire bombing of German residential areas during World War II.

>The U.S. Army employed German Jewish émigré architects such as Erich Mendelsohn to create copies as accurate as possible of the dwellings of densely populated poorer quarters of Berlin. The main goal was to find a tactic to achieve a fire storm in the city center. The working-class areas on which the test buildings were based, such as Wedding and Pankow, had been communist strongholds before Nazi repression suppressed dissent.

>The village was authentic down to the smallest details, including authentic German heavy furnishings, clothes hanging in closets and children's toys.[2]

>Wood and paint, both for interior and exterior, was selected so it would be authentic both in the German and Japanese village; in the Japanese village there were chopsticks on the tables.[3] The German village cost $575,000 to build.[2]

>It was found that it was easier to set fire to Japanese housing, but that German houses were more likely to have uncontrollable fires.[2]

>Interior of German village. To ensure that the fires spread as realistically as possible, typical German home-interiors were included, and the wood was periodically doused to simulate conditions in the more humid German climate


9a1cfb  No.11595797

Fact: all the "jew" bodies they show in piles and ditches were actually Germans killed by the English during Dresden fire bombing.

32d368  No.11595798


>The U.S. Army employed German Jewish émigré architects such as (((Erich Mendelsohn)))

Who fucking knew…

746216  No.11595826

File: 99347101e2a8fe6⋯.jpg (125.16 KB, 1235x486, 1235:486, Right Again.jpg)

File: cf73fd3ce2e608a⋯.jpg (82.44 KB, 356x600, 89:150, MUH PROOFS.jpg)

8eb054  No.11595844

File: b87f7118c8cce96⋯.gif (104.27 KB, 300x136, 75:34, rage2.gif)

The fact that this is not taught in school and large number of children are only exposed to the Dresden bombing through Kurt Vonnegt's novel. Slaughter House Five is enraging.

746216  No.11595856

File: 399dd349009036f⋯.jpg (126.39 KB, 356x600, 89:150, yes yes it was.jpg)


5c79ab  No.11595864


daily reminder that Germany is still an occupied country to this day and is not a sovereign nation; no peace agreement has ever been signed.

2a202d  No.11595865


public school = free school

its a jewish entity … if it wasnt jewish it wouldnt be free

so stop complaining

746216  No.11595872


It didn't help that they turned Hawaii into a tourist spot and played on the idea of those dirty stinking sranty eyed japs bombing us (a fucking military base) and justifying the bombing of japan TWICE for the sake of some lousy jews that started it all. It is no surprise a couple of piddly firebombings and mass casualties of civilians weren't a ping on the radar.

The jews play their cons well only when they have control over the means of communicating.

5c79ab  No.11595874



Nothing's free m8. If enough people actually want something changed, government must comply. If enough people start naming the Jew, government follows.

746216  No.11595882

File: d831abe416d96ba⋯.jpg (96.98 KB, 900x522, 50:29, 223azg[1].jpg)


Kimmel Unter Langseil is that you?

d023a4  No.11595884

File: 76d6b5f050757da⋯.jpg (673.36 KB, 1196x676, 23:13, 1526782054080.jpg)

746216  No.11595892

File: a77f1205d0dc8cc⋯.jpg (50.5 KB, 600x254, 300:127, Like I Give a Fuck.jpg)



Your mom is.

5c79ab  No.11595900


Nah it's your boy Karl Dönitz

2a202d  No.11595908


people dont want anything changed … the only thing they should change is their mind when it makes the decision to place their children in the care of jews

public schools are jewish insitutions … no one is going to work, spend time or money to try to make government fix them … we are not going to work hard to fix something bullshit others created

we are going to see it for what it is and walk away. Have your shitty schools. Send YOUR children to your shitty schools. Well make the government care about our schools, ones that work.

Why waste energy on something that is never going to pan out. Public school will always be big kid daycare.

01f979  No.11595914

File: 4f1d115ee53cfd2⋯.jpg (106.39 KB, 750x1083, 250:361, 1523942061685.jpg)

The systematical destruction of the White Race even started before all of this:

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_shame

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhineland_Bastard

5c79ab  No.11595925


I agree, it's a system too broken to be repaired. I was saying this last night in another thread, but maybe we can meme homeschooling into reality. Either for shooting/safety reasons, or for the reason that people may not want their kids indoctrinated, once we show them that that is the sole purpose of public education. /r/ing that H.L. Mencken quote about schools.

7c816b  No.11595930


In "history class" we did not hear about one bad thing the "allies" did, but we shown videos of lampshades, shrunken heads, carpets made out of human hair, etc.

746216  No.11595936

File: 52647b0420f89b7⋯.jpg (24.8 KB, 234x255, 78:85, Mein Check'em.jpg)

11bf57  No.11595948

I have an argument. If the Germans treated the Jews the way the Jews treat the Palestinians, the jews would receive reparations.

7921e4  No.11595963

File: 89294d5eb62c2aa⋯.gif (174.11 KB, 550x563, 550:563, a60f69d3272add21c563d3dd94….gif)

This thread is being slid so hard. (((they))) are trying to drive new people here by mentioning us in their publications.

5c79ab  No.11595975


Bumpin'. We're being diluted. Like we didn't have enough trouble keeping people on-topic.


I didn't learn about Japanese interment camps until I think about junior year of high school. Read Snow Falling On Cedars and it came as quite a surprise. One of my early redpills.

2ee038  No.11595983


Don't they already recieve enough reparations?

7c816b  No.11595994


I never even heard about Japanese internment camps until I came here.

2af12a  No.11596025

>>Everyone in the USA should know about the 100K+ Germans in American that the fucking Jewish house boy Roosevelt locked up in concentration camps, stole their property and possessions and then had the fucking cocksuckers monitor their mail back to the homeland. Those fuckers would even steal money and food sent to the starving families sent by their relatives in America to their German family. While the fucking pieces of shit American and British jew slaves starved the same families while their Russian Jewish allies raped what was left of the women and children in Germany.

The "Allies" were the worst murders in WWII. All of the crimes they claimed were committed by Germany were actually being committed by them. Remember that history is written by the victors; it's not really the truth.

186205  No.11596051


>We're being diluted

>at 1800 UIDs

Anon, we're still being shilled by kikes, but there's no "massive normalfag influx."

That's happening on the Q boards, not here.

/pol/ is worn out at this point, everyone's getting much needed R&R. Last one out, lock the door.

186205  No.11596052


Not just written, they'll erase the truth and erect new "truths."

Murdering millions of Germans while building crematory smoke stacks that never existed before.

782d4f  No.11596107

File: b561e6fbc80bc02⋯.jpg (6.81 KB, 225x225, 1:1, feels.jpg)



ddbca1  No.11596115

You suddenly realize: The police man responsible for the investigation of the murder of Prince Ferdinand, was a jew.

Pure coincidence.

01f979  No.11596141

File: 0f035f4180974fd⋯.gif (497.9 KB, 500x225, 20:9, 1416625605001.gif)

d6133c  No.11596152

File: 628ee808b1322a8⋯.webm (7.47 MB, 318x240, 53:40, Anti-German War Crimes.webm)

File: 603506996b902b8⋯.png (119 B, 1x1, 1:1, ignore.png)

01f979  No.11596160


These people were worse than any 'Nazi' ever.


9a9ee8  No.11596177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How they framed the Germans, also. How come the Jews never had to pay reparations for the property they stole from the Russians under communism?

Part 1 for the crimes against Russians, shocking quotes about Communism etc. Is this better than Hellstorm and yes Germany is occupied.


9a9ee8  No.11596191


If you're telling the truth then the more people the better. Schlomo is that you?

d6511b  No.11596240

File: 57fafe2e86d2334⋯.png (14.32 KB, 336x329, 48:47, image.png)

Fuck I was just watching Hellstorm with my mom and I couldn't fucking finish it all because it was just so fucked up. I mean the fucking soviets forced the German women to have sex with fucking corpses and had the Mongol divisions raped them out of their spirit. HOW THE FUCK CAN ANY SANE PERSON IN THE POSITION OF THE SOLDIERS BE OK WITH THIS! HOW COULD ANY RUSSIAN SEE THIS HAPPENING AND NOT HELP EVEN WHEN YOUR COUNTRY WAS OCCUPIED BY COMMIE KIKES YOU COULD STILL STAND UP FOR SOMETHING THAT KS RIGHT!

000000  No.11596254

The Hollow Cost Happened




b2b432  No.11596272


That the Allies were the most evil party in WW2 is clear to me and everyone on here, but would you have some sources proving that they did all the horrible things the West claims the Nazis did? It'd be useful to have some proof of allied (((deathcamps))) or ebil chemical testing facilities.

d352df  No.11596282

File: cc1bfcddfd547a1⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 200x306, 100:153, The_Destruction_of_Dresden.jpg)

If anyone is interested, I read out loud "The Destruction of Dresden" by David Irving a few months ago. I think it's listenable, and it's a great book. He details not just Dresden, but the other firebombings as well. Churchill was a cunt.


ae6f50  No.11596284


bump OP, word needs to get out

jewish propaganda lied to us and was not corrected after war because it would lead to a revolt against the victors

ae6f50  No.11596288

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fb8c6d  No.11596298

File: ed403e17ddc8342⋯.webm (12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, allies destroyed germany.webm)

Straight from the horse's mouth.

d352df  No.11596299


Every time I listen to Irving speak I start reading text in his voice. He's a really engaging person.

fb8c6d  No.11596302


And what a (((coincidence))).

The thumbnail shows a fucking kike. Pay attention to the clip, you'll see a kike in nearly every "advisor" position.

It's quite amazing to see a Rheinwiesenlager camp shown as a positive outcome.

d67df8  No.11596325

All people with Siberian intermixture aught to be exterminated.

512923  No.11596328


>the jew really likes starving people for some reason

Palestinians were on a hunger strike in an Israeli prison. The (((scum))) went just outside the prison and had a barbecue, near the windows of the hunger strikers. (((They))) said they wanted to increase the suffering of the prisoners.

<The Palestinians had been arrested because they were protesting after their homes were bulldozed.


2891be  No.11596368


You the same guy that read the Cival war 2 book in the SHTF /pdfs/ thread? Good shit man, nice to see more pro-literate anons do some actual projects. Will listen to this and would like to hear some more, even if you aren't the same anon.

d352df  No.11596379


Yeah, I'm him. As far as I know, I'm the only one doing this, but I wish somebody else would try. I don't have the best voice for this kind of stuff. My nasal passages are pretty narrow, which causes some difficulty. Glad you're enjoying the books.

2891be  No.11596405


Hey Hey, it is the same guy! First time seeing an anon posting a project on more than one board that actually interests me. You complain a bit about doing it, but I find it hard to believe that someone that would work enough to read out 2 books is going to stop there. Maybe think about making a dedicated thread on /pol/ or /pdfs/ if you want other anons to join in, as I've seen other anons do similar things in the past like that snake youtube gun redpills channel by a strelo/k/.

3d3aac  No.11596406


I'M TRYING TO CONVEY SOMETHING BUT IM TIRED SO i have faith some autistic person will pick up what I'm putting down if not hi FBI 😆

d352df  No.11596416


I actually don't know what thread you were referring to, but I already have a big thread in /pdfs/ titled "Unprofessional Audiobooks" where I post regular updates. I've done more than 2 books. If you look in the Mega link you see "(complete)" at the end of some folder names to signify that I've finished the audio for that book, and there's a few books I'm still working on. David Irving's works are my main project right now.

b215b4  No.11596429


The russian army had been effectively broken in by the soviet bureaucracy long before the war started, the political commissars would purge anyone that didn't seem on line, and since the Russian civil war, the soviet army consisted to a large part of criminals and other scum that consistently brutalized anyone, prisoners of war, civilians and even their own comrades should they appear weak. What swept over the border in 44 was less of an army than a savage warband with modern machinery, so there was naturally no problem for them to follow the directive to plunder and raze the German territories, even if someone had moral scruple he would not have risked to intervene since it would have probably cost him his own life or damned him to 20 years in a gulag. The remnants of this influence are still visible in parts of the modern Russian army, shit like rape and assault is still common place there

0e0891  No.11596447


000000  No.11596547

Poisoned food, poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned vaccinations, toxic dentistry, toxic medicine, toxic programming…. the list just goes on and on. It’s depopulation. You’re being murdered, err genocided, no, culled by talmudic turds who think it’s their job ordained by G-d.



7921e4  No.11597201

this is what (((they))) are sliding today

1d122a  No.11597207

Dresden was used as an example of US/Anglo bombing capabilities since shortly afterwards the Russians arrived there. If they could do this to a German city, they could also do it to a Russian city.

91b1ef  No.11597213

File: 9c17561edb872ef⋯.jpg (88.19 KB, 1068x580, 267:145, captain Aryan.jpg)


91b1ef  No.11597216


Kosher slaughter should be illegal again >:(

Do not eat kosher and pay jews. Appreciate the warning that your chosen people are poisoning us to death, but we will not buy your cruelly tortured animal slices.

91b1ef  No.11597223


Nice cover story boomer neocon, whatever helps you sleep easier at night genocide apologist.

Hope the children of Dresden strangle you in your dreams.

1d122a  No.11597230


Things can have multiple reasons for happening, Cleetus.

91b1ef  No.11597239


Dresden was just carpet bombing of a civilian target. There was no strategic importance whatsoever and most of it occurred on the way back from actual missions. This was just Zionist propaganda put into full action. A genocide and rape far eclipsing what occurred during the initial occupation.

1d122a  No.11597243


And how does that disprove what I said? Around the end of the war the soviets and the western allies were already suspicious of each others motives (rightfully so I suppose) and Dresden was a show of force. Not just militarily but morally, a statement that they would happily firebomb Stalingrad or Moscow next, civilians included.

484e24  No.11597261


efd43a  No.11597461

File: 01be356f0c6e8bf⋯.png (53.26 KB, 771x657, 257:219, The Kaufman Plan - Forcefu….png)

File: f9a4bcba9155d5c⋯.jpg (115.99 KB, 960x720, 4:3, British War Crimes Against….jpg)

File: cc31c4750686f16⋯.jpg (127.76 KB, 566x492, 283:246, German Soldiers and Civili….jpg)

91b1ef  No.11597481


You sounded as if you were justifying it at first. Perhaps you are right and there is some military rationalization which was logged away, but to me it appeared to be an act of malice, a war crime.

21e9a2  No.11597524


When I was in high school, I remember the teacher was talking to us about things like Hitler and Nazism etc. Some kids asked why did hitler hate the Jews. The teacher just said something like “I don’t know, he just blamed the Jews for everything. He blamed them for failing art school and for the treaty of Versailles.” That fucking enraged me. She was a dumb fucking cunt

f15020  No.11597525


>we can meme homeschooling into reality.

my humble opinion is that you should do this, and try to recommend thisto everyone you know closely.

It's the best we have right now.

a9840a  No.11598758


There's raw, unabashed semitism, and then there's this sick kike triumphalism. Absolutely next level.

Everytime I recall my education - that this was the last clear, pure "good war" - and reflect on what study and inquiry reveals, I recognize that there's nothing that could befall this conflict's authors that they wouldn't deserve.

a9840a  No.11598762


I can't really believe this is even real. From 3min mark the narration is literally, unashamedly: "slavery or death, goyim".

bfb2d7  No.11599062

File: 77cbb94a039ab32⋯.jpg (24.65 KB, 209x203, 209:203, sadolf.jpg)

You can get fined here for talking about the war crimes of the allies

nuke us


d352df  No.11599071

File: 5000048e5466a07⋯.png (504.96 KB, 515x820, 103:164, f0b354b97d5a67b175414d0e9f….png)

File: 674d068e5f97e04⋯.jpg (60.03 KB, 837x573, 279:191, faff63855d102db5ef455cdb31….jpg)

File: ec75d6a8398052a⋯.jpg (102.99 KB, 685x358, 685:358, foightin time.jpg)


Don't despair. Our greatness is measured by what we overcome, and someday you'll get to build monuments to those who inspired you.

011dcd  No.11599078

>(the jew really likes starving people for some reason)

because they were slaves in egypt and had to run around in the desert for 40 years starving so it's like revenge.

19920a  No.11599164


>How come the Jews never had to pay reparations for the property they stole from the Russians under communism?

Easy, the reasoning is: "Cuz communism was for all people" so they will argue that nothing actually got stolen, that nobody actually had less, but that many had more now.

TL;DR: It's ok when we do it.


Well duh, because if you talk about it, it will be harder and more expensive to keep up the brainwashing, guess its cheaper to go after the "suspects" and lock them up.

47f2f7  No.11599191


The state of Germany always makes me sad. It was such a resounding and final destruction of the fighting spirit there that just shocks me. Half the country plunged into communist rule, the other "free" half restricting speech and outlawing ideas.

Now the modern polititans are literally saying that there is no such thing as the "German People". Its such a radical shift I wonder if Germans aren't just all faking it and are in on the twisted joke that is modern Germany

78e09a  No.11599216

File: 239df6d25907516⋯.jpg (205.09 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, 800px-Kyffhaeuserdenkmal.jpg)

File: 6eae623742136e3⋯.jpg (802.57 KB, 942x850, 471:425, Monument_barbarossa.jpg)

File: 27cfd658a31ff69⋯.jpg (408.07 KB, 1580x1057, 1580:1057, Barbarossas_Erwachen_(Wisl….jpg)

File: bff46811d03b889⋯.jpg (211.64 KB, 1223x1600, 1223:1600, 8ad1c875e8d3e1ba95b217d6dd….jpg)

File: 5fd719652e2c3cf⋯.jpg (207.08 KB, 1018x726, 509:363, ac74bf52adbc24a750c1f34f67….jpg)


>The state of Germany always makes me sad.

It's very likely that you should be even more sad about the state of wherever you're from.

Especially if it's one of the former allied nations.

After all, they have been so awful that they fought Germany back then, not knowing that they'd be sealing their own fate.

Had they been "secretly based" or "based and jew aware all this time" then they wouldn't have attacked.

But they did.

Ergo, they have been cucked by the kikes for much longer and in the face of even harder evidence for jew evils.

No worries, though. Germany, Germans will never die, and unlike Rhodesia, that's not a meme.

jews love to steal the pretty feathers of others.

This includes "all will be cursed that oppose the jews", in reality though, history has shown that those who beat down Germany end up suffering the most.

We're gonna pull through, no worries.

What about you all?

24e9f1  No.11599721



Britain's air campaign was the crime; easily justified by the German air campaigns in the years prior.

But if you actually ask elderly Germans about it, you'll find a few things:

1) British lowland Germany was the main target for German refugees - because the British executed looters or rapists, and punished soldiers who harassed civilians. Property confiscation was rare.

2) After the war, "America" and the USSR had taken notice of Britain's behaviour throughout the war; refusal to participate in most horrific acts and refusing to cooperate with the French Tunisian forces, for example.

3) Britain was always perfectly content with the USSR losing the war in the East. We wanted them to use up as many German resources as possible before capitulating so we could take Berlin. Failing that, Montgomery took the most densely populated regions in NRW and Niedersachsen.

America stabbed Britain in the back as soon as the war was over, leading Britain to be on rations for a full decade after the war. Britain's role is difficult to understand but from our point of view, we had already been cut off from the continent before and no matter how it went, having Hitler in charge left that risk consistently.

24e9f1  No.11599723


The deputy Führer literally flew into Scotland because he knew Britain was different from the other powers. They fully understood the reason why Britain fought, which is why crimes between the two werd so rare.

6fa45a  No.11599742

In the couple years of where I work, I have come into contact with a small number of Germans born before, and during the war.

Every one of them has spoken positively of Hitler and Germany at that time period. These people are not Nazis. These people are good people. So far, everyone that has experienced that time as a German, supported Germany. In my small sample size the agreement is 100%! These people desires seemed to align with a strong Germany and prosperity. These people are not the type that would support genocide.

I want to ask them more questions, but the taboo is too big. I'm sure they are hesitant as well.

c3d2e8  No.11599747


its free because mass public education is a homogenous part of the prussian culture you faggot. lurk more

9a1cfb  No.11599753


>US public school system based on German style

>taken over by communists/jews and used to corrupt the minds of the youth

jews really are the fecal version of King Midas; everything they touch turns to shit

cfdb5c  No.11599780


>(the jew really likes starving people for some reason)

Because it's an effective method of genocide. Unlike, you know…

000000  No.11600133



>Britain's air campaign was the crime; easily justified by the German air campaigns in the years prior.

The idea of “strategic bombing”, systematic attack on civilians as terrorism was a total British one* and Britain equipped it’s airforce accordingly, with long range non-precise level bomber. Initially the design of the British airfleet was directed against France, but even before the war was declared against Germany new long range bomber were already ordered by the British war ministry.

>The British also wanted to reduce the cost of ruling Iraq by relying on air power rather than expensive ground troops. It was a testing ground for the Royal Air Force.

>Arthur "Bomber" Harris, who was to lead the bomber offensive against Germany 20 years later, did not conceal the fact that he aimed at civilian targets.

>Harris said in 1924 that he had taught Iraqis "that within 45 minutes a full-sized village can be practically wiped out and a third of its inhabitants killed or wounded".

Of course it was Britain’s decision to target German civilians first.

In contrast Germany’s airforce was designed and equipped with short to medium range precision dive bombers. At one time before the war German airforce ministry demanded every new bomber to be able to make precision dive attacks. Germans airforce was designed as an flying artillery in support of the army close to the front line.

Hitler ordered to use Stuka, divebomber in the attacks on London, despite their vulnerability to enemy fire so far from German lines, in order to avoid civilian casualties.

>Virtually the whole of Coventry’s city centre was razed to the ground, including Coventry Cathedral, the only British cathedral to be destroyed during the war.

Strange, that they survived German “terror bombing of civillians” while nearly all of Germany’s cathedrals were burned to the ground by allied bombing raids, first in Lübeck:

>During World War II, the city of Lübeck was the first German city to be attacked in substantial numbers by the Royal Air Force. The attack on the night of 28 March 1942 created a firestorm that caused severe damage to the historic centre, with bombs destroying three of the main churches and large parts of the built-up area. It led to the retaliatory "Baedeker" raids on historic British cities.

The bombs on the centre of Coventry were accidental by a small number of German bombers straying of the path, while the original target were the air plane manufacturing around Coventry. Lübeck’s old mediaeval city centre was deliberately target and set on fire by the British bomber despite that there were no military targets. A pattern repeated until the end of the war were often hospitals were made the centre of area bombardment.

>The Area Bombing Directive was a directive from the wartime British Government's Air Ministry to the Royal Air Force which ordered RAF bombers to attack the German industrial workforce and the morale of the German populace through bombing German cities and their civilian inhabitants.

> The objective of the directive was "To focus attacks on the morale of the enemy civil population and in particular the industrial workers. In the case of Berlin harassing attacks to maintain fear of raids and to impose A. R. P. measures".[1][5]

If the Germans would have conducted “terror raids”, they could have easily destroyed St. Paul’s cathedral, Buckingham palace, burned down the centre of London, like Britain did to German cities.

That I’m right can easily be verified by a visit to either British or German cities.

The British warfare in WWII was marked by bloodlust. They would prefer to kill as many German civilian as possible instead of relevant military objectives. In one bombing raid on Hamburg the British Royal Airforce murdered more than 10.000 civilians in one night, but left dozens of Uboats unharmed, not even tried to attack them or any other military target.

*Actually the first author to promote terror attacks on civilians was an Italian, Giulio Douhet, then an ally to GB.

cfdb5c  No.11600162

File: f4fde431e12bb2a⋯.jpg (197.9 KB, 900x644, 225:161, sefton-delmer-father-of-bl….jpg)

File: ec8c50ed54ea744⋯.jpg (921.5 KB, 2257x2481, 2257:2481, 1497659443659.jpg)



>"9. On the other hand, undoubtedly many instances hve occurred where women or girls have been assulted [sic] by members oft he French colored Colonial troops. See report above as to the official figures. There are undoubtedly cases which are not included in the official figures,due to the natural desire to keep out of obscene notoriety. For example, a case of attempted assault was reported June 14, 1920, from Saarbrucken, which is not included in the French official figures. Some cases will never come to light due to the natural feeling of shame of the women concerned, but they are, in my opinion, cases such as generally occur in any land when soldiery is for a long time quartered upon the population


>but maybe we can meme homeschooling into reality

>>>/bmw/ may be the place for this


A name would be nice


Remember what Ford said about our financial system?


Don't forget our friend Sefton Delmer



This lad should consider reading some of Churchill's diary passages if he thinks we were anything but one of the main architects of Allied crimes


c3d2e8  No.11600203


>2nd pic

i dont mind the first half but the second half with yugoslav partisans is wrong. they werent anywhere near the eastern front untill 1945 and many anons said that the germans in the picture are shooting at enemies in the distance, past the civillians

315e49  No.11600888

File: adecc006d561d00⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 1215x9465, 81:631, dresden1.jpg)

File: 55548296f05ff80⋯.jpg (3.02 MB, 1215x9465, 81:631, dresden2.jpg)

File: a67f3d4c552d884⋯.jpg (92.04 KB, 672x656, 42:41, dresden3.jpg)

b41314  No.11600928


And they tortured him, incarcerated him till old age in 1987 until british agents finally murdered him. Boy were they proven wrong.

Still nothing compared to the british war crimes.

I weep when I think about Dunkirk and how they let the entire british army get away when they easily could have annihilated them all.

822cba  No.11600942


If only Mosley had managed to seize power.

334b16  No.11600949


I wonder (((who))) could be behind these films? Maybe someone who has had a control on the media since it's birth

334b16  No.11600974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


after the war was over the jews running the film industry didn't attempt at all to hide their seething hate for Germans. They were very outright about wanting them all brainwashed and ruined

315e49  No.11600995


>religion: iron

>god: blood

nice. why havent i ever heard this before?

182dbe  No.11601053

File: 05654561c64defe⋯.jpg (547.35 KB, 1997x1479, 1997:1479, 1414820818914.jpg)


Here's a (you) for helping me find this series that I never finished, thanks.

More on topic "The Savage Peace" (2015) is a great doc and easy pill to swallow thanks to the BBC name. Don't take it as an end all to the horrors Germany suffered post war but a good start for normalfags.


fe6be2  No.11601061


Fuck they used some NS propaganda footage which I had never seen before. Seeing it, even if the narrator and context was trying to change the source to conform to (((the narrative))), was great and I enjoyed the Hitler Youth clips in particular. Thanks for sharing, it would be great if we remixed old allied propaganda to highlight the lies and make it subtly pro-NS.

bbda42  No.11601076


>I never even heard about Japanese internment camps until I came here.

Did you know the English had them, too?

Did you know there were more Italians and Germans in internment camps than Japanese?

Yea, even most /pol/acks don't know this.

bbda42  No.11601091



But when my father told me this, he said it was a message to the German high command that they could do the same to Berlin if they didn't surrender.

It was years later I found out they had already done this to Berlin, before they bombed Dresden.

My father's generation was lied to as it happened…they passed the lie to us, and the truth was buried.

No more lies.

bbda42  No.11601102


We can't make up for the past, but we can try.

At least the truth is starting to surface, which is something about the truth that always annoys (((liars))).

You can't bury it forever, it keeps coming out, in the end.

bbda42  No.11601105


>because they were slaves in egypt

They were never slaves in Egypt, that's just another one of their lies.

24e9f1  No.11601882


Was it fuck.

You're aware that Germany flattened most of Central London and abandoned all attempt at strategic bombings, right?

They took the game to a darker place, and they were just worse at it. The air campaigns (keep in mind Harris wasn't a popular man) were a direct result of the attacks by the inferior Luftwaffe. Still killed tens of thousands of Brits in the capital.

24e9f1  No.11601888


They DID burn down the center of London. The blitz had a casualty rate in the tens of thousands.

They couldn't destroy Buckingham palace because the Luftwaffe was physically incapable. Germany lacked air superiority in Britain!

32d368  No.11601900


because their air doctrine was intended for infantry and motorised support. Never for carpet bombing.

74bdf7  No.11601923



So let's be generous and say 100,000 civilians died in London, add 400,000 in other cities. The Brits killed over 4 million Pajeets in the same time. The Rooskies also raped and murdered about as many Germanic women in Poland and the Volga. It's a matter of scale. The allied propaganda has to focus on this bombing campaign and overexaggerate all civilian death tolls to come even close to how many the allies massacred while the history books weren't looking. Same shit with Ameriburgers and Napalm/Agent Orange in Vietnam. You can win a Pulitzer prize for exposing it, but it will be swept under the rug permanently within months despite being a Nazi tier series of actions.

If you look at the numbers and the largest atrocities you slowly start to realize how much of WW2 history is pure neocon war and zionist propaganda. Remember: before 1945 the SS was the largest army in the world! Afterwards it never existed outside of Germany.

24e9f1  No.11601955


>4 million Indians

Aaand into the bin it goes. You have no IDEA what happened in India (read: natural famine, Britain and Australia unable to sacrifice Sydney or the entire of mainland Britain to provide naval support)

24e9f1  No.11601968


So Germany can use their ill formed air force to attack British targets, but because of Britain's superior air force, no response is allowed?

Or should we have used our air force for the reason they designed theirs (which, of course, they didn't do!)

fce9ae  No.11602008





Germans could have had flattened bongland for all we care. No sympathy for kike lovers.

24e9f1  No.11602021


You mean like Germany up until 1933 and post 1945?

000000  No.11602689



>You're aware that Germany flattened most of Central London and abandoned all attempt at strategic bombings, right?

That is just atrocity propaganda as anybody visiting British and German cities can witness.



>They DID burn down the center of London.

>They couldn't destroy Buckingham palace because the Luftwaffe was physically incapable.

So Germany’s airforce burned down London, but was incapable to destroy Buckingham palace, located right in the hart of London. Is that building bomb proof or your argumentation just shit?

>Germany lacked air superiority in Britain!

>The first deliberate air raids on London were mainly aimed at the Port of London, causing severe damage.[39]

>Some 107,400 gross tons of shipping was damaged in the Thames Estuary

>The London docks and railways communications had taken a heavy pounding, and much damage had been done to the railway system outside.

>The British government grew anxious about the delays and disruption of supplies during the month. Reports suggested the attacks blocked the movement of coal to the Greater London regions and urgent repairs were required.[114] Attacks against East End docks were effective and many Thames barges were destroyed.

>The Luftwaffe attacks failed to knock out railways or port facilities for long, even in the Port of London, a target of many attacks.[39] The Port of London in particular was an important target, bringing in one-third of overseas trade.[156]

>Hitler correctly noted that the greatest damage to the British war economy had been done through the destruction of merchant shipping by submarines and air attacks by small numbers of Focke-Wulf Fw 200 naval aircraft and ordered the German air arm to focus its efforts against British convoys. This meant that British coastal centres and shipping at sea west of Ireland were the prime targets.[145]

> Air attacks sank 39,126 long tons (39,754 t) of shipping, with another 111,601 long tons (113,392t) damaged. Other sources point out that half of the 144 berths in the port were rendered unusable and cargo unloading capability was reduced by 75 percent. Roads and railways were blocked and ships could not leave harbour. On 8 May 1941, 57 ships were destroyed, sunk or damaged, amounting to 80,000 long tons (81,000 t).

>Around 21 factories were seriously damaged in Coventry, and loss of public utilities stopped work at nine others, disrupting industrial output for several months.

>The strategic effect of the raid was a brief 20 percent dip in aircraft production.[10]

>The blitz had a casualty rate in the tens of thousands.

The British are for sure very creative in accounting:

>Around 66,000 houses were destroyed, 77,000 people made homeless;

So each house had 1.2 occupants.


>So let's be generous and say 100,000 civilians died in London, add 400,000 in other cities.

One tenth of it (officially, did someone check or make a “revision” like in case of Dresden?)

>in comparison to the Allied bombing campaign against Germany, casualties due to the Blitz were relatively low; the bombing of Hamburg alone inflicted about 40,000 civilian casualties.[179]

>Deep shelters provided most protection against a direct hit. The government did not build them for large populations before the war because of cost, time to build and fears that their safety would cause occupants to refuse to leave to return to work or that anti-war sentiment would develop in large congregations of civilians. The government saw the leading role taken by the Communist Party in advocating the building deep shelters as an attempt to damage civilian morale, especially after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 1939.[56][57]

>Although many civilians had used them for shelter during the First World War, the government in 1939 refused to allow the stations to be used as shelters

>Underground officials were ordered to lock station entrances during raids

>implying that the remaining 60 percent of the city stayed at home

Not killed by the Hun, during his terror raids deliberate targeting civilians?

000000  No.11602697

US airmen refused to even shake the hands of British airmen who were involved with Dresden.

de20bf  No.11602743


>nuke us


Ich hoffe Du krepierst elendig, unbemerkt und vergessen in irgendeinem Graben.

315e49  No.11602994

File: c922d28536aca79⋯.png (118.04 KB, 1265x649, 115:59, german jewish war ww2 scre….png)


023cb0  No.11604166

File: da94960709e82e9⋯.jpg (376.71 KB, 563x800, 563:800, vah38.jpg)

File: c7b9cdb67cdc3a8⋯.jpg (349.39 KB, 546x765, 182:255, vah97.jpg)

File: 335ca28942c19ff⋯.jpg (242.16 KB, 500x702, 250:351, vah39.jpg)

File: 4114c5c09911e15⋯.jpg (349.79 KB, 559x800, 559:800, vah107.jpg)


Geh nach Amerika, dann werfen wir dir eine Atombombe hinterher und alle werden glücklich

5dae5d  No.11604207


If any europoid of mixed descent sees cucks like these, don't fucking have mercy on them.

5dae5d  No.11604212


They actually did something then. Unlike you crooked teeth subhumans.

75e8f2  No.11610403

File: 00f629e34fafb95⋯.jpg (67.42 KB, 600x430, 60:43, quarter of the globe.jpg)


anglos have been a cancer to europe, kiked or not. the eternal anglo just wants to be on top and would run europe into the ground if it meant that noone would be above them.

thats why they supported wars against sweden, why they had a grdge against france all the way untill WW1, why they fought in the name of turks against russia, and ultimately why they tried to destroy germany twice. not to mention the only reason the anglos joined the EU was to make sure noone gets powerful without them. as soon as the EU started crumbling they bailed.

and thats just covering modern europe, not the rest of the world.

while (((they))) destroy nations from the inside, the anglo takes on those nations that cant be subverted and neutralised.

they literally created israel because lord rothschild asked them to.

e08738  No.11610825


> much needed R&R.

You mean stocking up. Right? The staples right?

Just making sure all like minded are 'preparing' for what's building.

5cd92c  No.11611003


Witness Report:

I have ancestors whose extended families were German nationals captured by either Russian or British soldiers and placed in what family labelled concentration camps. Slave labor POW camps. The women were raped. The men sent to coal mines run by the Russians. One relative was sent to slave labor imprisonment at 15 - with no trial - the only reason was that he admitted to being in the HJ, which into his old age he declared was just 'boyscouts'. Germans endured unspeakable abuse post-war.

Then, when these relatives came to NA as refugees, they were termed 'bloody DPs'. Displaced Persons with blood on their hands - when they were the ones who suffered, not abused.>>11595782

592f86  No.11611135


I lost most of my extended family in WW2. The German side of the tree basically died off, killed/raped&killed by the mongrel hordes from the Eastern USSR. The more I think about it, the more red I see…

847b56  No.11611153


> and would run europe into the ground if it meant that noone would be above them.

Sounds like the Bantu Niggers.

They don't want to be worth 100,000 out of 100 billion dollars if it meant they're not on top. So they would rather have 1 cent out of 1 million dollars if it meant they're on top.

efcebb  No.11613107


71cba5  No.11614425

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


This is what the Jews have planned for everyone else as well, including the English people who took part in this pretending to be fighting a patriotic war, and also for the Pakistani rapists who are presently turning English schoolgirls into fuck meat. For Jews every non-Jew is equally worthless, it is just out of strategic consideration that they prefer to torture and murder one nation sooner than the other. Even America's dickless men are now on the chopping block, despite the untiring dedication of their foreskins to World Jewry.

3a5b3c  No.11636860


7cbb5d  No.11636927

File: 0bf27a9e121f853⋯.png (401.6 KB, 800x2201, 800:2201, fc72add608c207a945033ca585….png)

File: 701e95cc043af6c⋯.png (73.46 KB, 460x566, 230:283, a131bf41c722de7a4e6cb736f4….png)

File: c1d2eeef262d24d⋯.jpg (710.25 KB, 1000x824, 125:103, destruction_of_warsaw.jpg)


>Double spacing

Crimes against German population were horrible (Dresden, East Prussia, Hunger Winter of 1947-1948), but they don't justify the crimes against other white Europeans. Hundreds of thousands died in Leningrad, Poland was systematically destroyed, British cities terror bombed, Rotterdam, Warsaw, Russian POWs, Paris scheduled for demolition, slavery, etc.

Morgenthau was a monster, but so was Himmler for his plan to starve and exterminate a hundred million slavs.


Why then did they strip them naked?


Social security was pioneered by Bismarck and German conservatives back in the 19th century.

28a0e2  No.11637321


The prince looks scared but also ready to lash out. How trilling would it be to see him throw a punch?

6c95bb  No.11638008


To be completely honest the conflict of interest between Japan and the US made war inevitable independent of kikes, Germany, and anything else. That fight was going to happen sooner or later with roughly the same results.


>The blitz had a casualty rate in the tens of thousands.

>The British are for sure very creative in accounting:

>Around 66,000 houses were destroyed, 77,000 people made homeless;

>So each house had 1.2 occupants.

I'm going to point out that if the homes on average had 4 occupants and 2.8 of them died that would account for tens of thousands of deaths. You don't count corpses as homeless. Not that I really care.

I'm going to chime in with something that many of you aren't going to want to here but I feel it is reflective of a reality which is disturbing to many of you. Actual Americans(ie whites of the founding and settler stock) do not give a single shit and never will. They don't care, and in WW2 largely didn't care about allied propaganda. They don't care about the holohoax today. They despise kikes, niggers, faggots, liberals, spics, chinks, saracens, and shitskins of all varieties. They would kill them in an instant if they could. By that I mean Cleetus would stomp a jew-child's head to jelly and laugh about it if he could get a penny for it. Hans the German would not, even for the the bitching Richard the Englishman would not either. But Cleetus the actual American is descended from Cavaliers and German mercenaries who got kicked out after the English Civil War and 30 Years War receptively. They have zero empathy and just plain do not give a shit. This propaganda is completely fine to deal with the few white liberals in America though they will just use it to say that America is "a big old meanie killing everybody". And it is very useful for Europe but don't bother trying to use it on the already right wing Americans. They will be completely indifferent, unlike other Europeans they honestly want to kill people simply for the sake of killing people and only need to get paid or be given land to justify the effort.

The whites in the old world see America through the media so you are only exposed to evangelicucks(small minority in reality), kikes pretending to be white, roundheads(white who act like kikes), pussy urbanites(tiny minority of living whites these days), and some of the 30th century immigrants who also live in urban or suburban areas. These are a minority(<20% now) of whites because they have maintained a birthrate of below 1.0 for several generations while the hardass rural whites maintained one of 2.7 for the last 80 years. The white population of the US has shifted far to the right, though with the kiked up political system you'd never know it if you didn't live within it.

And I suspect that the American posters in this thread are converts to Natsoc from liberal families, ie genetic liberals. I intuit that because they seem to honestly care about human life. After all they like Natsoc because it takes care of a nation's people, ie their race. Which is why I and many other rural Americans do not like Natsoc. It will save liberals by coercing them into adaptive behavior once more. It will cause them to have children again. I don't agree with this approach. We should not en devour to save those who need triumphalism and hope to convince them to have kids. Only the cruel and heartless should be allowed to survive. We should breed-out empathy. So that when the chain does break nothing will hold us back from killing half the world. The whites I deal with every day are not fit to be soldiers or even warriors, they are not overmen. They are killers, merciless reapers of lives. They kill because it is their nature. Only the must taciturn and cruel came to America and until 1965 70% of those who came left again. This created strong selective pressure for assholes. The only ones why didn't fit this pattern were the urban Roundheads of New England who are now all atheist liberal faggots, big shocker right?

I don't think Natsoc will ever catch on in America, I suspect that what we will become will make the kikes pray that they were facing their feared "Nazis". Because I feel absolutely nothing when I see shredded children and I need not other reason to strangle kike children to death with my own hands than because they might get in my way.

Inb4 3edgy5me

7e0389  No.11638050

File: ca010ac9c482cda⋯.jpg (101.49 KB, 800x569, 800:569, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-E105….jpg)

File: be6a5dbec1a2066⋯.jpg (62.63 KB, 800x528, 50:33, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-2008….jpg)

Gather around children, and listen to what really happened that sparked WW2. We all know that Hitler invaded Poland, but WHY did he do it? It was because those Poles knew that Britain would declare war on Germany if she invaded another country, so they provoked Germany into action by murdering an entire town of Germans. The exact death toll is not known, but is believed to be in the tens of thousands. This numbers is as obscured as the holocaust's.

The massacre at Bromberg was estimated to have been from 6000-58000 people by Goebbels' ministry. Men women and children slaughtered by bloodthirsty savages. Germany took holy revenge on these faggots though. That's what WW2 starting was all about.


07a482  No.11638091


And is there even a single credible source to back that up or is it all based on statements by officials and easily staged photographs just like the holohoax?

7e0389  No.11638105


Wikipedia is a very shit biased source, but here's an overview: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Sunday_(1939)

000000  No.11638296


>Creative accounting

>Around 66,000 houses were destroyed, 77,000 people made homeless;

>So each house had 1.2 occupants.

>I'm going to point out that if the homes on average had 4 occupants and 2.8 of them died that would account for tens of thousands of deaths. You don't count corpses as homeless.

So, by your math that made 184.000 deaths, more than 4 times as many as the total of official casuality numbers. - in one region,city of GB.

All of that “the genocidal German maniacs terrorized Polish, Dutch, French, British cities” is after looking on the facts, timeline, just propaganda. The British leadership wanted and sought an escalation of war and they didn’t care for British life nor for the empire (that, it’s destruction, was then their finest “selfless” hour).

The British leadership is not selfless, never was.

000000  No.11638442




>And is there even a single credible source to back that up or is it all based on statements by officials and easily staged photographs just like the holohoax?

It is not a single incident but endless series of aggressions from Polish side against Germany and Germans since 1918.

There are no “ easily staged photographs just like the holohoax“ or did you ever see the photographs of the corpses of the 6 million murder?

The Poles had not to bend the laws of physics to kill hundreds of Germans.

As for German civilians attacking Poles, there is not a shred of evidence, just Polish wartime agitation against the German minority.

In fact people who research the crimes against Germans, like Braque are nearly similar hounded as those who questioning the official holocaust narrative.

If you don’t believe the Germans, why don’t ask the Ukrainians? Oh, I forgot those are “nazis” too.

As for the Poles, call me biased, but you can check that self, they are notorious liars who twist the truth as they please, important is that the Poles look good.

6c95bb  No.11638493


I think you linked the wrong ones.

Also that is the maximum amount of deaths assuming each house reported as destroyed was inhabited by a family, each family was home, each family was killed, ect. That is the highest it could be.

My point being that their report that X number less than that maximum amount were rendered "homeless", whatever amount of damage they define as sufficient to make the home uninhabitable is another matter, doesn't invalidate a nebulous claim of 10,000s of deaths. Fires are significant issue in cities of that age. The American bombing of the Kanto and Tokyo regions killed 200,000 in a single knight and post-war reports indicated that 90% of the deaths were due to secondary fires. In that case it was the explicit intent to cause fires but given the number of homes and maximum number of individuals inhabiting the buildings I could accept a number between 10,000 and 20,000 simply from unintended secondary fires and collapses while I would be surprised if direct bomb hits killed more than a few hundred.

Once again, not that I care. I am a genocidal maniac. I am well aware that the germans both in authority weren't like that. Hell the even the British primarily bombed at night which necessitated hitting soft targets like residential/industrial districts and rail roads rather than military assets. Americans are the ones who really give no fucks and will kill anybody, including other Americans in civil wars by the deliberate arson of residential areas.

This isn't a jew thing though, the jews merely use it to their advantage like anything else.

The german snipers in both world wars obscured their identities because they were ashamed of "human hunting" which their culture considered distasteful. American snipers as early as the French Indian Wars reveled in the murder of anyone who came within their sights.

Note I do not consider those attitudes a problem. If the Germans want to be soft about it that is their character. I however do not value human life. I consider that an anti-traditional, anti-western, anti-white, and anti-christian sentiment and will not cotton to it.

If we can break the chain I don't want to kick out the kikes and shitskins and be left alone, nor will that happen when the rural Americans get lose. I am convinced by a life spent with them that they will murder half the world and they will be proud of it.

8fac51  No.11651097


>How trilling would it be to see him throw a punch?

people would be taking bets whos gonna collapse faster; rotschild or britain

e7f6ae  No.11662255

Bumping for useful information instead of introspective, cuckchan tier shit

0abddd  No.11662306


So do you got any fucking proofs?

You are basically saying poles are liars, germans are truth when you yourself sound like a liar with no proof.


Bloody Sunday happens AFTER the invasion.

0abddd  No.11662311


>The german snipers in both world wars obscured their identities because they were ashamed of "human hunting" which their culture considered distasteful. American snipers as early as the French Indian Wars reveled in the murder of anyone who came within their sights.

Yet things like tank aces and fighter aces were no problems?

And there's a few german snipers known in WW1 and WW2 as well, explain that.


It's all the same retarded shit about how poles murder GAZILLIONS of germans.

efcebb  No.11662713

File: 2ac051f07940012⋯.png (12.14 KB, 224x131, 224:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 204e589b11fe94a⋯.png (33.91 KB, 273x301, 39:43, ClipboardImage.png)

The tragic story of Volga Germans


History of Volga German Settlement, Culture, Autonomy, and Religion

In order to interpret the process of subsidised ethnic German frontier settlement in Russia, it is necessary to frame it under the context of the historical trends of Russian imperial expansion, modernisation, and so-called 'Westernisation.' By the 18th century, the Russian Empire had grown into one of the most expansive sovereign dominions the world had yet encountered. The consolidating conquests of Ivan the Great, Ivan the Terrible, and Peter the Great from the 16th century until the 18th rapidly forged the truncated regional East Slavic principalities into a militarised and politically united realm expanding from the Baltic to Alaska. The empire's administration consisted of an ethnic Slavic Orthodox hegemon stratified over regional Tatar, Turkic, Mongol, and Siberian vassals and tributaries stretching across the Eurasian plateau. Peter the Great's portentous and obstinent policies of modernisation and 'Europeanisation' initiated an increasingly auspicious commercial and technical relationship between the growing Russian Empire and the Western European domains. Previously under the rule of the Turkic Golden Horde and the Tatars, and culturally dismissed as 'Oriental' and 'barbarian' by Western bourgeois intellectuals, Russia sought to place itself on the world stage as a culturally and politically advanced national space. It was out of this new internationalist cultural connection that Russia's empress Catherine the Great (an ethnic German herself) published several manifestos calling for extensive and partially subsidised immigration from Western European states to the largely uncultivated and unoccupied fertile Russian frontier lands:

'We shall allow all foreigners to come into our empire, in order to take up residence in all provinces wherever it is agreeable to each of them…[those struggling with persecution or starvation] may report for help to the ministers and residents at our embassies. These [manifestos] shall not only send them to Russia at our expense without objection, but shall also provide them with money for the journey…'

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Although a plethora of ethnic groups hastily exploited Catherine's request, a significant constituent of settlers were Protestants of ethnic German origin from the German states of Hessen, Pfalz (the Rheinland Palatinate), and Bavaria after 1770. The departure of German farmers and frontiersmen from Germany and to the very distant Russian Empire was stimulated by a variety of factors: including regional internecine famine, political turmoil, and occasional or feared persecution of Protestants by Catholic sovereigns and princes. The overwhelming majority of these Germans settled along the Volga river basin in central Russia, where they would remain for nearly 200 years until their expulsion. Here, they became known as Volga Germans (Wolgadeutsche), and gradually developed a distinct traditional farming culture with their own liturgical maxims and German dialect. Hundreds of small villages appeared rapidly on both banks of the central Volga, especially the center of Kosakenstadt (literally 'Cossack City' in German) outside of the majour Russian city of Saratov. The pronounced geographic, cultural, and political isolation of the Volga Germans, combined with the Russian government's promise of autonomy and fiscal protection, meant that this distinct foreign community was able to retain its independent German genetics, identity, language, and Protestant religion despite being constituents of the Russian Empire and being separated from Germany for centuries. In general, this divorced the Volga Germans from experiencing the rampant political and class turmoil that swept Russia throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was during this time that many of the Volga Germans further departed from Russia for Canada and the northern United States, stimulated by entrepreneurial opportunity, poor harvests along the Volga, political instability in Russia, and greater religious freedom during a time of increasing Russian religious and ethnic integral conservatism. Through trade and financial opportunity, small Volga German populations traded with and settled in nearby urban and commercial centres, although most remained confined primarily to isolated German-speaking villages.

The Volga Germans were an extremely agriculture-oriented community that heavily revolved around physical labour, farming, the harvest, the community, and the church. The early Volga German villages operated similarly to those of the German Mennonites and Anabaptists, another important minourity that settled at the same time under Catherine's adjuration. Volga German societies were highly stratified: elders and church leaders were greatly venerated as wise village advisors and community leaders. Salient Germanic rituals, such as those surrounding the Jul (Yule), Christmas, weddings, and harvest and drinking festivals like the 'Kerbfest' flourished and further maintained the cultural independence of the Volga Germans from mainstream Russian society and that of the Germany their ancestors left behind . Lutheranism and the Reformed Church were revered with high esteem without persecution from the official Orthodox establishment. Foreign visitors from Germany and Western Europe were surprised to see that Volga German villages were very Germanic in character and appearance, illustrating the marked political and cultural autonomy guaranteed by their isolation and the passivity of the Russian state (Long 1988, 61).

The intensely agricultural drive of Volga German culture, as well as the auspicious environmental fertility of the Volga basin caused the settled Volga German population to grow rapidly more quickly than native Russian and East Slavic populations. From 1834 to 1850, for example, the standard replenishment rate per 1,000 Russians was 50-70 lives, whilst it was over 500 for the Volga Germans (Norka). This includes further immigration from Germany. Although emigration onto the Volga continued in decreasing quantities, bountiful agricultural output allowed Volga Germans to escape the rampant starvation and crisis that was increasingly befalling Russian and Ukrainian serfs in times of tremendous political uncertainty prior to the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917.

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The autonomy of the Volga Germans reversed in an increasingly nationalistic Russia

Despite this relatively independent political and cultural existence, the Volga Germans came under internecine assaults from the Russian military when they occupied the region in order to combat revolts among the adjacent Kuban Cossacks, other Cossack polities and chiefdoms, and Qara-Kyrgyz (Kazakh) nomad bands, then living under Kokkandi Muslim rule, occasionally raided Russia and the Volga area and captured slaves for the slave trade networks in South Asia and the Muslim world (Volga Germans). Retaliating Russian soldiers occasionally burnt and raided German villages along the way. In general, the Russian government followed with propitiatory indemnity and new land grants to displaced German families. So too, the status of the Volga German ethnic communities gradually came under threat from the changing political behaviour of the increasingly despotic Russian government throughout the late 19th century. As occurred in hitherto-autonomous Russian Poland, the Russian monarchy effectively dissolved the near-total political, religious, and legal autonomy bestowed on the Volga Germans by Catherine the Great a century prior. New compulsory military forms were extended for the first time to apply to the German minourities, including conscription, quartering regulations, and new taxation. The provincial autonomy around Kosakenstadt was subsumed under direct Russian hegemony. After the Franco-Prussian War, in which the now-reunified Germany forced the Second French Empire in 1871 into total collapse, the Russian government dissolved the autonomy of the Volga Germans, fearing a pan-Germanic irredentist expansion of Germany to the East under the context of Drang nach Osten ('Urge to the East') (Volga Germans). The Russian state responded to political fragmentation by self-strengthening that symied the regional independence that non-Russian minourities had enjoyed for centuries.

The disasters of World War I exacerbated inter-ethnic conflict within the broken Russian Empire and greatly reduced the political and social status of the Volga Germans, as an increasingly-nationalistic Russian society engaged in brutal war against an equally-nationalistic Germany. In 1915, 'liquidation laws' excoriated the German minourity as inherently perfidious to the Russian war effort, depicting them as a suspicious and subversive minourity with irredentist and pan-Germanist designs. German populations were targeted with involuntary confiscations, arrests, and relocations (Germans from Russia Heritage Collection). In few cases, pogroms targeted ethnic German civilians in Russia with violent assaults and displacement, unable to discern Germans invading from the west from ethnic Germans who had lived in Russia for centuries and had been completely separated from the predatory political aims of the distant German state. It has been estimated that World War I, the Russian Civil War between Bolsheviks and monarchists (1917-1923), famine, and inter-ethnic contumacy reduced the Volga German population from ~500,000 in 1914 to 330,000 by 1920 (Koch 1974, 284).

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The Volga German experience and significant autonomy under the Soviet Union

After the triumph of the Red Army in the Russian Civil War after 1920, Vladimir Lenin forever changed the political and social experience of the Volga Germans in Russia, and with simultaneously both very negative and highly positive results. Like the rest of the Soviet Union, the Volga Germans were forced away from any independent, private, and non-agricultural traditional artisanry and onto massive collective farms. The centuries of local isolation from general Russian society was dismantled in the interests of socialist liberation and collectivisation. The intention of the Bolshevik administration was to create a well-fed and self-sufficient union that was uniformly exposed to the Marxist-Leninist worldview. Volga German society was disrupted and reformed, and community farmers were forced from their homes (like most Soviet citizens) to work on distant collectives. During this time, Volga German populations increasingly moved from their disparate and isolated farming villages and into majour adjacent commercial and urban centres. Under Joseph Stalin's intensive industrialisation programme (ruled 1924-1953), this collectivisation campaign was also intended to fuel the militarisation and advancement of the Soviet Union via income from grain exports in order to build self-sufficient 'socialism in one country'. However, although this collectivisation campaign undeniably transformed a broken peasant land into an industrialised superpower in under a decade that soon destroyed even the Third Reich, it also created some of the worst famines and mass deaths in history. The Ukrainians, Ingush, Tatars (see article), Chechens (see article), and Volga Germans lost millions through rampant starvation after 1921. Volga Germans lost as much as 10-20% of their population through starvation, according to several sometimes disputed sources. Over 48,000 may have died, and 70,000 fled (Long 1992, 523). From 1926 until 1939, the population of the Volga German community centred around the main settlements at Kossakenstadt (later 'Engels') declined from 379,630 (66.4% of the region) to 366,685 (60.5%), primarily due to forced recirculation throughout the Soviet Union and death from the traumas of collectivisation (Concordia University).

Volga Germans, forced off of their successful outputs from their own German farms, were required to labour under improvident Soviet collectivisation directives that failed to deliver tools, equipment, and labour animals. They even confiscated as much as 42% of the already-deficient collective crop yields when the Volga German labourers were starving to death, forcing many Volga Germans to eat rats, dogs, and insects (Long 1992, 513). Any wealthy, outwardly religious, or contumacious Volga Germans were either expelled or shot, including 300 men and priests in one moment without trials (Long 1992, 518). It must be acknowledged that these famines caused by collectivisation were not intentional, although they were exacerbated greatly by Soviet improvidence and the Stalinist mentality to achieve self-sufficiency at any cost.

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I mean, as fellow nationalists, we should appreciate that the ruskies keep their own nation, yes?

I have no problems if the volga germans are evicted to actual Germany, while the slavs are deported back to slavland.

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After the disastrous artificial famine, the situation among the Volga Germans gradually normalised. Vladimir Lenin's interpretation of Marxism promoted the establishment of superficial ethnic political franchise and autonomy to each of the Soviet Union's recognized ethnic groups, allowing the creation of a universal proletarian Comintern that encompassed all ethnic groups behind the banner of revolution. The Volga German minourity was given the newly-established Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (ASSR) shortly before Lenin's death in 1924. This ethnic republic lived under strict Marxist political, social, and ideological administration and regulation. Religion – central to the independent Volga German identity – was abolished entirely, and the traditions of the Volga German minourity were effectively demolished. The Russian language was instated as compulsory in instruction, trade, and work, and the use of German was greatly discouraged, although it retained a superficial co-equal official status with Russian in the republic. Non-German minourities were brought into the region heavily, including Jews, Russians, Koreans, Finns, Chuvash, Turks, Caucasus peoples, and Circassians. The region was markedly 'Sovietified' and 'Russified'. The previous Volga German centre of Kosakenstadt was renamed Engels, after the second ideological founder of Communism. The Volga German ASSR had a population of roughly 600,000 by the time of its dissolution in 1942, although this included non-German people (Flags of the World). Due to the very ephemeral existence of the Volga German ASSR, very few Germans made any sincere ideological committment to the proletarian revolution. Many joined the White Army against Lenin's forces in the Russian Civil War, likely perceiving the Red Army as an atheist scourge that sought to trample on their 200-year independence after they overthrew the Imperial regime. There was very little interracial marriage despite the Soviets' demands for the destruction of racism and integral nationalism (Pohl 1999, 35). This perceived lack of participation and assimilation by the Germans must have inspired Stalin's future suspicions of the Volga Germans as being collabourative, subversive, and of dubious loyalty to the Soviet state that required unquestioning obeisance. The head of the government of the Volga German ASSR was Gustav Klinger, a Volga German Communist. Despite this somewhat tumultuous process of nationalisation, collectivisation, acculturation, and autonomy, the Volga Germans increasingly remained relatively isolated and stable until the German invasion in 1941 and their universal expulsion because of their ethnicity by the Soviet authorities.

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History of Expulsion, and the Situation of the Volga Germans in Diaspora in Kazakhstan

The Volga German ASSR enjoyed relative economic and political stability until Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union. However, the Volga Germans (like most other ethnic minourities) suffered under Stalin's so-called 'Great Terror', the rampant execution and imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of those deemed to be political opponents, Trotskyites or left-wing Communists, reactionaries, and independence-seeking nationalists. 38,000 Volga Germans were arrested under Order 00439, and those not executed immediately were shipped to Siberia for compulsory labour and internment. Over 72,000 Germans in the Soviet Union altogether were targeted as perfidious and antisocial elements during the 'Great Terror', especially because of their perceived unverified or insufficiently enthusiastic embrace of the new Marxist-Leninist order (Gellately 2000, 237). Nonetheless, it is an exaggeration and inaccurate to describe the initial experience of Volga Germans under Soviet rule after the famine as one of intensive oppression, murder, and purging. Other ethnic groups (especially the Russians, Ukrainians, Caucasians, Circassians, and Kazakhs) suffered far more than the the Volga German minourity, which consistently maintained a degree of geographic and political autonomy. Arguably, it was Germany's invasion that started the Volga Germans' calamities and expulsions, but it was the Soviet government that issued the order to universally remove all traces of the German ethnicity from their homeland after centuries of peaceful and productive settlement.

The pervasive ideology that dominated German society was the integral nationalist worldview of Volk und Rasse (People/nation and race) and Volksdeutsche, whereby Germany was defined by its racial and genetic qualities rather than a recognised political space. As a result, Germany (and Austria) were viewed as the home for all Germans in diaspora. Ethnic Germans outside of the Reich were depicted as being oppressed and subjugated, yearning for liberation by the German military. Deputy Rudolf Hess in his speech at the Nuremberg Parteitag of 1933 described Germany as a ' Heimat…für alle Deutschen der Welt' (Homeland for all Germans in the world). A political campaign appealing to Germans in the Baltic, Poland, and ostensibly Russia encouraged a programme called 'Heim ins Reich' ([come] home to the Reich). Although no documents or references to the Volga Germans are found in Mein Kampf or any other majour political manifesto of National Socialism, Hitler's ideological plans for an ethnic German expansion eastward into Soviet Russia inevitably sought to 'liberate' the German minourity from the calumny and perversions of so-called 'Jewish Bolshevism'. Although the Volga Germans inevitably felt a cultural connection with the invading Germans and many openly joined them against the Soviets and the Jews, it must be remembered that the Volga Germans had been separated from Germany proper for nearly 200 years and did not even experience Germany's reunification in 1871. So too, Soviet censorship completely shielded the Volga German ASSR from any racialist or pan-Germanist polemics. It is possible that many Volga Germans had never heard of Adolf Hitler or National Socialism except through the admonitions and derisions of Soviet propaganda, and therefore had no ideological or epistemological understanding and adherence to racialism or Nazism. Even the pan-German nationalist Otto von Bismarck overtly showed no interest in the Volga Germans, considering them to be too politically adulterated after centuries of Russian rule and having abandoned Germany (Long 1988, 61). These factors greatly contrasted from Stalin's suspicious perceptions of the Volga Germans as an inherently subversive and potentially pan-Germanic aggitator that had to be removed. The Volga Germans were to be universally proscribed as an irredentist and perfidious 'Fifth Column' simply because of their ethnicity and language.

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File: f43567df6ebdfab⋯.png (260.86 KB, 428x271, 428:271, ClipboardImage.png)

Although it is common in historiography to assert that Stalin began persecuting the Volga Germans upon Hitler's invasion in 1941, Stalin seems to have planned to expel the entire population even during the non-aggression peacetime with Germany. Stalin began to gradually remove Volga Germans as early as 1940 and diminish their political autonomy, less than a year after the celebrated pact. Infuriated by the persecution of ethnic Germans under Soviet auspices, Hitler responded by intensifying the expulsion and murder of Jews and Slavs to be dumped off at the Soviet border in retaliation (Kershaw 2008, 683). The supposed 'persecution of Germans' was cited as one of the reasons for the Nazi invasion. This was, of course, politically convenient and exaggerated for to justify Nazi military decisions. Propaganda films released by the German government and illegally smuggled into the Soviet Union depicted the supposed agony of German life under the jackboots of communism and Russian, "Jewish-influenced" dictatorship. The 1935 film "Friesennot" (click here to see our vide0) tells the story of a life of socialist stagnation, heavy overtaxation (even though there were usually no taxes in the Soviet Union), and no religious freedom for highly religious Volga Germans. The protagonist in the film is half-Russian, half-Frisian (from the Germanic minourity of the Netherlands). In response to the misery suffered by Soviet minorities, the peasants rise up and murder their commisars. Comments are made in the film that cast out the characters in the film who were supposedly immoral and treacherous enough to mix their German genes with those of Slavs, implying that as long as Germans live "unliberated" in the Soviet Union, their racial purity will be in jeopardy. Interesting, the film was banned by Germany after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and then legalised as soon as the war began and the Soviets again became the enemy!

In 1941 following the Nazi invasion, Stalin formally abolished the Volga German ASSR (although the term officially remained until 1942) and initiated the removal of the entire German race from the Soviet Union. Simply because of their ethnicity and language, all Germans were either to be immediately executed or sent to forced labour camps and gulags in Siberia and Kazakhstan (the Kazakh SSR). The divers lifestyles and ideological convictions of these expellees were ignored in order to ensure the removal of a perceived threat from Soviet society during the total war. The expelled Baltic Germans, Crimean Black Sea Germans, Caucasus Germans, Bessarabian Germans (see article), and Volga Germans had not been anywhere near Germany for 200 years nor had they had any direct exposure to Adolf Hitler's racialist policies or ideology, yet they were identified as inherently hostile due to cultural stereotypes, Germanophobia, and hysteria.

Nonetheless, to understand the ethnic policies of the Soviet Union, one must view the period from the perspective of the Soviet government: many among German minorities had indeed cooperated with the invading Nazi armies in conquered nations like Poland, Yugoslavia (Danube Swabians), France, and Czechoslovakia (Sudeten Germans). It went to follow that the large German minority in the Soviet Union of over a million may welcome the German military, sabotage railway access to undermine the Soviet war effort, or offer intelligence on Soviet strategies or military locations. This is why the German minority was only one persecuted among many others after the German invasion. As early as the 1930s and the Ukrainian famine (Holodomor), Stalin had already developed a minority policy that made entire ethnic groups considered to be suspicious and politically unreliable.

The Soviet government issued a reflection on the 'hostile' status of the German ethnicity with the following report:

'According to reliable reports by military authorities, there are in the Volga province among its German population thousands and ten-thousands of diversionists and spies…None of the Germans living in the Volga district has informed the Soviet authorities of the presence of such a large number of diversionists and spies among the Volga Germans…In order to forestall undesirable consequences of this nature and to avoid bloodshed, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet has found it necessary to resettle the entire German population…' (Koch 1974, 284).

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File: e257478a3e2c2ba⋯.png (564.78 KB, 604x501, 604:501, ClipboardImage.png)

The Soviets did not expel their German minourity after they had been verified to collabourate with invading Nazi soldiers or SS death squads; most were not given the chance to collabourate. The expulsion of nearly all Germans was pre-emptive, and planned ideally to remove the Germans before the Third Reich could invade their regions and gain new collabourating allies among the Volga Germans. As a result, persons were forced from their homes before they even had a chance to betray the Soviet Union or support Hitler, or exemplify their guilt or betrayal of Marxism-Leninism or the Soviet state. However, the Soviets were unable to fully complete the removal of more than a million Germans of the Soviet Union and nearly 500,000 Volga Germans by the time the Blitzkrieg arrived. The invading German army claimed to incoporate over 300,000 Germans of the USSR (Volga Germans and other Soviet Germans) under their control who fled with the retreating Nazis back to Germany during the gradual Soviet triumph. The majourity of these ethnic Germans conscripted into the Nazi military were not from the Volga German community, since the Soviet expulsions had preceded the invasion by the Third Reich. Supposedly, 200,000 Volga- and non-Volga Germans under Nazi control were repatriated by the Soviets by 1945 for execution or expulsion after the Soviets captured them from occupied Germany or the Wartheland in Poland (Giesinger 1981). In total, all of the more than 400,000 Volga Germans and the near entirety of the remaining 700,000 ethnic Germans from throughout the Soviet Union were shipped out by 1945, excluded from society and imprisoned. One source estimates as many that as 1.2 million ethnic German civilians were forced out of their homes (IRIN). Almost all of the at least 366,000 Volga Germans from the former Volga German autonomous republic went with them (Szovjet Gulag).

It must be acknowledged that the German civilians were far from the most victimised ethnic group. The Tatars (see article), Ingush, and Chechen Muslims (see article), the Koreans, Tibetan Buddhist Kalmyks, Meskhetians, and Galician Poles were massively expelled and arguably suffered far more than the Volga Germans. The near entirety of these ethnic groups (except the Koreans and Poles) were expelled completely to Kazakhstan along with the Volga Germans. Every single Ingush was thrown out of his home because of few internecine instances of war-time collabouration (Naimark 2002, 13). All were deemed guilty of collabourating with the invading Germans or espousing pan-Turkic or Islamist tendencies that threatened the Soviet Union in a time of horrific war with an invading Nazi horde. So too, as many as 20,000 Polish officers were executed by the Soviet army in the forests of Katyn, and over 2,000,000 Poles were expelled from eastern Poland to the newly-annexed regions of Eastern Pomerania, Prussia, and Posen (Posznania) that was now depopulated of Germans by force.

The ancient communities of the Tatars, Chechens, Ingush, and Volga Germans that preceded any Nazi crimes almost completely disappeared. Deportees were given notice cards to inform them of their coming removal and the seizure of their property, and often were given less than fifteen minutes to gather what possessions they could into one bag before leaving their homes behind (Concordia University 2). These whole communities were deported to Siberia, the Uzbek SSR, and the Kazakh SSR on train rides that often took weeks or even months with almost no food, no heating, and no sanitation for the freezing nights or cooling for the scorching days of the Central Asian steppe climate, leading to the death of thousands on the way out of starvation, heatstroke, and hypothermia. 400 Volga German children and infants were reported to be found dead on one train convoy alone (Burleigh 2001, 496). Near-starving prisoners were effectively dumped into the wasteland, with children forced to remain in camps until they reach adulthood after an ideological re-education. The German language was banned, and manifestations of German culture were considered reactionary and officially deprecated or outlawed altogether.

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Upon arrival in the gulags and work camps, Tatars, Ingush, Chechens, Koreans, and Volga Germans were subject to imprisonment and forced labour in delinquent work units called the 'Trut Army' (meaning 'labour army'), housed in makeshift shacks in the wastelands of Central Asia and Siberia under the thorough observation of Soviet officials (the Spezkomendatura). With the great majourity not even given a chance to become guilty of treason prior to their removal, the Volga German ethnicity was now proscribed altogether as a criminal and treacherous population. Some worked as far away as Kolyma in the far east of Siberia towards Alaska in some of the most remote and freezing gulags. The prisoner labour effort was fed by as many as 151 train convoys departing from 19 train stations prior to Khrushchev's liberalisation of Soviet ethnic policy. The deported 'hostile peoples' were regulated by as many as 20,000 NKVD officers and guards diverted from the war effort to keep men, women, and children working or to prevent their revolt (Concordia University 2).

Soviet troops even parachuted into the former Volga German SSR dressed as German soldiers in order to ascertain how many of the few Germans who remained after or during the expulsions would give them safe housing. The many found guilty of this sedition were executed outright. Anyone holding a German or Swastika flag – and many did in order to express the same independent ethnic identity that Lenin espoused – was either shot or deported. Ironically, many of these available flags were sent there by Stalin in celebration of the non-aggression pact of 1939 (Pohl 1999, 32).

Calculating the total number dead and displaced is historiographically complicated due to a variety of factors, including nebulous or partial statistics published by the Soviet government, the near-closure of the Soviet archives to NGOs and independent researchers, and the proneness to bias of a number of authors and motives. Many sources estimate that as many as 52% of all Volga Germans may have died en route to Kazakhstan and, upon arrival, 40% of those survivors subsequently died under forced labour exersion (IRIN). According to another source, at least 300,000 total German civilians died from starvation during the expulsions, or 30% total (Germans from Russia Heritage Collection). According to the lowest estimates, at least 17.7% of all expelled Tatars who were resettled in Uzbekistan (often together with Volga Germans) died en route, and 23.7% of all Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, and Barachais by 1948 (Weitz 2003, 81). Other sources calculate that only 82% of all ethnic Germans in the Soviet orbit were expelled (Weitz 2003, 79). This reduced statistic only considers the initial assault and deportation programme of the Soviet authorities, and does not reflect the complete impact of Soviet policy on the German, Tatar, or Caucasian minourities. The planned total removal of the German identity from the Soviet Union was only obstructed because of its interruption by the German invasion, the subsequent shortage of manpower, the loss of control over the Volga region where most Germans were settled, and the liberalisation of Soviet ethnic policy under the regime of Nikita Khrushchev. Other Soviet documents originating with the Soviet NKVD record the forced removal of 1,084,828 ethnic Germans from the USSR, nearly the entirety of all German-speaking citizens within the Union (Weitz 2003, 80).

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File: 9c4c95435caee2d⋯.png (240.48 KB, 533x378, 533:378, ClipboardImage.png)

Post-war emigration of Volga Germans, and the status of Volga Germans in Muslim Kazakhstan today:

The Volga German community, which had flourished in Russia for nearly 200 years, had been vanquished. The hundreds of settler villages were demolished or repopulated by good Soviets. The polar arguments that their destruction was the fault of Adolf Hitler's invasion or Stalin's brutality are both equally valid. Nonetheless, Russians today insist (with a great deal of truth) that it was Stalin's hard-handed policies that were necessary to allow the Soviet Union to defeat the Third Reich when the rest of the world could not. Many insist that if Stalin had not removed the significant Muslim and ethnic German populations from the front, Russian nationalists argue, the Soviets may not have been able to subdue the Nazi scourge. Russians also understandably respond to the ethnicity-profiled expulsion and starvation of nearly 1,084,828 German Soviet civilians (and 400,000 Volga Germans) by citing that more than 20,600,000 Soviets died during the war timeframe (The History Place). Nonetheless, an unfortunate cost of World War II was that the largely innocent Volga German cvilians were forcibly relocated to the rural wastelands of distant Kazakhstan and assimilated either into the culture of the general Soviet identity or of other Germans from the rest of the Soviet Union who were expelled with them from 1940-45 as well. As a result of this displacement, the Volga German cultural heritage itself was almost completely lost, and is largely reconstructed today by descendents of 19th-century Volga German immigrant families in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Germany.

Stalin's death in 1953 changed the demographic and political doctrine of the USSR. Nikita Khrushchev (ruled 1953-64) pursued a policy of 'de-Stalinization' that eschewed the 'excesses' of his predecessor. After his so-called 'Secret Speech', Khrushchev lifted the exclusionary ethnicity-specific injunctions against the Tatars and Germans, considering them to be outmoded legacies of Stalin's erratic 'paranoia'. The criminal Volga Germans were now de jure rehabilitated. Khrushchev allowed the Volga Germans to leave the prisons and camps in the Kazakh SSR to any territory within the Communist orbit, including East Germany, Russia, or their Volga homeland itself. Many Germans entered Kazakh society as labourers in Kazakh cities like Alma Ata and especially Karaganda, where the majourity of the population consisted of German expatriats prior to their mass emigration and replacement by ethnic Kazakhs.

The West German government actively encouraged immigration of ethnic Germans under the Law of Return, which offered citizenship to all expelled persons of German blood (read our article on this historical sponsourship). As many as a million persons of German blood were given refugee status in Germany – and a portion thereof citizenship – since 1991, and even those unable to speak German until 1998 (Brown 2003, 233).

efcebb  No.11662754

File: 71090210a5de9fe⋯.png (151.12 KB, 315x240, 21:16, ClipboardImage.png)

Although this political liberalisation within the Soviet authority seemed auspicious for the expatriated Volga Germans still languishing in the desolate steppe of Kazakhstan, a concomitant phenomenon of partial Russification pervaded throughout the rest of Soviet history until its collapse. The Germans, now no longer an officially-sponsored independent ethnic group and with their autonomous republic dismantled, were required to learn Russian and Kazakh. Marked discrimination occurred against the Germans, Kalmyks, Karelijan Finns, Ingush, Bashkirs, and Tatars for their associations with the hated Nazi enemy and antisocial perfidy against the Soviet state. Ethnic Germans were not even allowed to study at the University of Moscow, the focal point of a decent Soviet education and intellectual liberation, until 1970 (IRIN). Few Volga Germans spoke the language of their heritage fluently after only a few generations. Germans were forced to assimilate into the new Russo-Soviet culture in the opulent Russified Kazakh capital of Alma Ata/Almaty. Few Volga Germans returned to the Volga river of their ancestors, as the journey was far too difficult and expensive, not to mention the fact that the Kazakh SSR was becoming a rapidly-industrialised republic compared with the poor rural countryside of the Volga and Engels. The vast majourity of expelled Germans fled to Germany as part of one of the largest refugee communities of the 20th century. The German 'Law of Return' (Rückkehrgesetz) allows those of displaced German blood to return to Germany to attain full citizenship and subsidy for their journey, although this policy has diminished due to wide-scale non-German immigration to Germany (Ahonen 2004, 109). Some 2.3 million persons left Russia and Kazakhstan for Germany and other countries alongside the millions of expelled Germans from Eastern Europe (Phalnikar 2007). Most today live in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Kazakhstan. By the time of the USSR's collapse, there were 946,855 Germans in Kazakhstan, at 5.8% of the population (IRIN). By 1999, there were only 353,441 due to mass expatriation, assimilation, and emigration to Germany (Brown 2005, 626). Over 600,000 Germans left Kazakhstan for Germany in the 1990's alone (Minourities at Risk). By 1999, there were only 353,441 left in post-Soviet Kazakhstan (IRIN). Many formerly German towns in Kazakhstan have been seemingly abandoned, with empty homes adorned with rows of "for sale" signs and new ethnic Kazakh inhabitants (Brown 2003, 233). During this timeframe, so many expelled Germans were departing Russia and Kazakhstan that the German government even criticised Russia for not establishing an autonomous province for the Germans to assuage Germany's swamped immigration problem of German expellees (Tagliabue). Today, officially 2% of Kazakhstan (~300,000) is ethnic German (CIA World Factbook). There are roughly 597,212 Germans living in Russia today, mostly along the Volga and in the majour cities like Saratov and Moscow (perepis2002.ru). Small displaced German communities have also settled in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan along with Russian labourers and entrepreneurs.

Despite these privations, many Volga Germans have proudly retained their Germanic culture, language, ethnic identity, and the tale of their plight and forced labour in the wastelands of Central Asia. Many Germans in Kazakhstan today strive to return to what they call the Fatherland, with 33,000 petitioning for emigration in 2002 alone (IRIN). Kazakhstan's Germans are experiencing a nationalistic resurgence of ethnic, cultural, and linguistic consciousness. Today, the most salient civil rights group representing ethnic German interests is the German-Kazakhstani Association for Entrepreneurs (deutsch-kasachstanische Assoziation der Unternehmer) led by Alexander Dederer, also called 'Wiedergeburt' ('rebirth'). Their official website is available here. It is an organisation primarily geared towards commercial affairs and development, rather than historiographic, academic, or civil rights commemoration.

efcebb  No.11662758

File: e79fed5e1bb7cea⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1296x671, 1296:671, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2dbe934c8db0a43⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1113x654, 371:218, ClipboardImage.png)

Some 'returning' Germans have experienced great difficulty emigrating because of the new preference by the German government for Turkish, Romanian, Polish, and Bulgarian immigration. So too, many Volga Germans in Kazakhstan have little or no fluency in German anymore. Until 1998, the German government awarded citizenship to persons of German blood even if they did not speak German, their language forcibly replaced by Russian and Kazakh through Soviet assimilation and proscription policies (Brown 2003, 233). Thereafter, German expatriats in Kazakhstan have been required to fervently study German through domestic and foreign-trained language teachers in order to successfully qualify for German citizenship. This further imposes economic difficulties and disillusionment of identity among the German minourity. Further, the regime of President for Life Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is typically derided in liberal democratic countries as a dictator, has created an uncertain climate of political and cultural opportunities for minourity groups critical of government policy or the behaviour of the Kazakh SSR. As a result of this pensive uncertainty among Kazakhstani Germans, over 2,000 have actually returned from Germany to Kazakhstan in only the last few years (Phalnikar 2007).

Interestingly, at the same time, Putin's Russia is responding to an abysmally low birthrate among Slavic women in Russia by spending up to €80,000,000 by 2012 to subsidise the return of the descendents of expelled Volga Germans for labour and job creation. The Russian government has invested in German-language education centres in Siberia and the Volga as well.

There are a number of international and local expellee interest groups emanating from Danube Swabian diaspora communities, particularly in Germany, Canada, and the United States. The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, the Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University, and many other groups actively emphasize the history of expulsions in their frequent assemblies and cultural gatherings at universities, college campuses, local clubs, and in newspapers. In February of 2010, hundreds of scholars, survivors, researchers, donators, human rights representatives, and even diplomats and figures from the United Nations gathered for the first international assembly commemorating the expulsion of Germans at the Community College of Meramec in St. Louis, Missouri. Called "The Forgotten Genocide," the two-day conference included a large art gallery, press interviews, roundtable academic discussions, survivors' recollections, and dozens of speakers from diverse fields and motivations. Director James Mayfield of the Institute for Research of Expelled Germans represented the destroyed Volga German community by giving a detailed 25-minute speech and answering a number of stimulated commentaries (see speech videos below). The unique event even caught the attention of newspapers and forums in Poland and Germany, with both critical and positive commentary.

efcebb  No.11662764

The story of the Volga German experience is a tumutulous one. These farming settlers were vastly distanced from Germany, its racialist ideological maxims, and its calls for expansion to the east by almost a thousand miles. They did not even see the reunification of Germany in 1871, nor did most even have a chance to betray the Soviet Union and support the Nazi armies prior to their expulsion. Despite this, they were considered universally 'dangerous' by the Stalin regime due to ethnic generalisation and entirely removed before most even had the chance to collabourate with the Nazis. An entire history disappeared, leaving as many as 300,000 civilians dead (according to the highest estimates) in the process on top of at least 400,000 other German civilians who died in the other expulsions carried out by the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Poland after World War II.

FIN, now you know the epic tale of hardworking German farmers who survived attacks from all sides!


Ahonen, Pertti. After the Expulsion: West Germany and Eastern Europe 1945-1990. New York, NY: Oxford Press, 2004.

Brown, Andrew J. " The Germans of Germany and the Germans of Kazakhstan: A Eurasian Volk in the Twilight of Diaspora." Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 57, No. 4 (Jun., 2005): 625-634.

Brown, Kate. A Biography of No Place: From Ethnic Borderland to Soviet Heartland. Cambridge, MA:

Harvard University Press, 2003.

Burleigh, Michael. The Third Reich: A New History. Hill and Wang, 2001.

CIA World Factbook

Concordia University. "The Center for Volga German Studies."


Concordia University 2. "Deportation (1941)." http://cvgs.cu-portland.edu/history/Deportation.cfm

Flags of the World. "Volga German ASSR (Soviet Union, 1918-1942)." http://flagspot.net/flags/su-wd.html.

Gellately, Robert and Kiernan, Ben. The Specter of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection. "A People on the Move: Germans in Russia and in the Former Soviet Union: 1763 - 1997." North Dakota State University. http://library.ndsu.edu/grhc/history_culture/history/people.html.

Giesinger, A. From Catherine to Khruschev: The Story of Russia's Germans. Lincoln, NE: American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1981.

Investigation Discovery (I.D.) Channel's "Gang Nation," Episode "Russia"

IRIN. "Kazakhstan: A Special Report on ethnic Germans." http://www.irinnews.org/report.aspx?reportid=28051.

Kershaw, Ian. Hitler: A Biography. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2008.

Koch, Fred C. The Volga Germans: In Russia and the Americas, from 1763 to the Present. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1974.

Long, James. From Priviledged to Dispossessed. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1988.

Long, James. "The Volga Germans and the Famine of 1921." Russian Review, Vol. 51, No. 4 (Oct., 1992): 510-525.

Minourities at Risk. "Assessment for Germans in Kazakhstan." Center for International Development and Conflict Management. http://www.cidcm.umd.edu/mar/assessment.asp?groupId=70502.

Naimark, Norman. Fires of Hatred: Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe. Cambridge, MA: Harvard U Press, 2002.

Norka: A German Colony in Russia. "Agriculture." http://www.volgagermans.net/norka/agriculture.html.

Phalnikar, Sonia. "Russia hopes to lure back ethnic Germans." http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,2772792,00.html.

Pohl, Otto. Ethnic cleansing in the USSR, 1937-1949. Greenwood Publishing Group, 1999.

Tagliabue, John. "Bonn Urges Russia to Restore Land for its Ethnic Germans." New York Times, 11 January, 1992.

The History Place. "Statistics of World War II." http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/timeline/statistics.htm.

Russian Census: "National composition of population" (perepis2002.ru)

Szovjet Gulag. "The Eight Deported Nations." http://www.gulag.hu/mass_deport_1940.htm.

Volga Germans. "A Brief History of the Volga Germans." http://www.webbitt.com/volga/history.html.

Weitz, Eric D. A Century of Genocide: Utopias of Race and Nation. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2003.

Suggested reference:

Brown, Andrew J. " The Germans of Germany and the Germans of Kazakhstan: A Eurasian Volk in the Twilight of Diaspora." Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 57, No. 4 (Jun., 2005): 625-634.

fe5b64  No.11662770


>Bloody Sunday happens AFTER the invasion.

And that makes it any better?

>Yet things like tank aces and fighter aces were no problems?

I belive you don't get the difference between snipers and tank crews

>It's all the same retarded shit about how poles murder GAZILLIONS of germans.

Yet you give no explanation why it is wrong.

>I mean, as fellow nationalists, we should appreciate that the ruskies keep their own nation, yes?

Then Catherine shouldn't have invited them.

efcebb  No.11662772


Population Statistics

1834- approximately 108,000 Germans along the Volga

1860's- 216,000

1897- 345,000

1914- 500,000 around Saratov, ~650,000 in Volga basin region total

1918-20- famine, war, mass expulsions, and pogroms during war with Germany drops Volga population to 330,000

1926- 379,630 (approximately 66.4% of Volga German autonomous republic)

1939- 366,685 (approx. 60.5% of Volga German ASSR, decline due to migration within USSR, and collectivisation)

1939-45- entire population expelled to Kazakh SSR and Siberia, plus nearly all Germans in USSR (1,084,828). As many as 300,000 of Russia's more than 1 million ethnic Germans may have died as a result of the expulsions (or 30% total).

1970s- mass emigration to West and East Germany out of Kazakh SSR. Assimilation into Germany.

1989- 957,518 Germans in Kazakh SSR (5.8%). Continued emigration to West Germany.

1990s- increased mass emigration to Germany after fall of USSR. ~600,000 leave Kazakhstan.

1999- at least 353,441 Germans (including Volga Germans and other Russia Germans) still in Kazakhstan (2.4%).

2009- some 597,212 ethnic Germans in Russia today (Volga Germans and other Germans). Russia is subsidising Germans to return from Germany to the land from which they were originally expelled (see article).

Sources- [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], Weitz 2003, 80; and Koch 1974, 284.

0abddd  No.11662777


>And that makes it any better?

Yes, because it means it's a legit reaction of poles against germans who they perceive as foreigners who invade them.

>I belive you don't get the difference between snipers and tank crews

They are all fucking killers, same for tank aces. Apparently shooting a dude in the head is evil, but shooting a bunch of dudes in a box is not?

>Yet you give no explanation why it is wrong.

Because there's no proof for it.

>Then Catherine shouldn't have invited them.

Duh, they were invited, now they are asked to leave, fair no?

d30a0f  No.11663888

File: fb95b0d20333eaa⋯.png (732.97 KB, 917x1113, 131:159, who really started ww2.png)

six million (non-existant) kikes holohoaxed during WW2

OVER TEN MILLION Germans genocided by Allies and Soviets after WW2

OVER TEN MILLION White Ukranians genocided by the Bolsheviks during WW2

OVER THREE MILLION white Russians genocided by Bolsheviks in the first week of their revolution

OVER THREE MILLION Germans genocided by Bolshevik revolution, 1918-19

0932c1  No.11664653

File: 14f0e667f87939c⋯.pdf (9.4 MB, Other-Losses-The-Shocking-….pdf)

File: b8fa2e37b3456e0⋯.pdf (1.24 MB, Morgenthau, Henry - German….pdf)

File: 55b4b6b880a16cf⋯.pdf (248.61 KB, 1986 - Morgenthau Plan (De….pdf)

James Bacque's investigations into the death camps of post-War Germany and the Morgenthau Plan.

Crimes and Mercies deals with civilian deaths.


Other Losses the POWs turned DEFs.

The Morgenthau Plan by David Irving (in German)

Germany is Our Problem by Morgenthau (his plan)

0932c1  No.11664663

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Here's a 1989 speech by Mr. Bacque.

000000  No.11664796



>Poles invade Germany

>Colonise them and make them second class citizen, murder them

>Poles shoot at German Lufthansa planes

>Germany cut the crap and take back their land

< it's a legit reaction of poles against germans who they perceive as foreigners who invade them.

000000  No.11665045

The Hall of Cost Happened




>1933-1945 (~4 million)

>1946-1953 (9-12 milllion)

efcebb  No.11668245


7fe03d  No.11668347



t.posten den ganzen tag anime im deutsch/pol/

a6cf9b  No.11668528

File: c3096c5f13e2509⋯.jpg (117.62 KB, 962x735, 962:735, 1410356401917_wps_1_V2_roc….jpg)

File: 96d40095ba2c4e1⋯.jpg (288.14 KB, 1300x1011, 1300:1011, priory-rd-jan-28-1945.jpg)


wow people actually believe terrorbombing didn't happen and that "nearly all German pows" were killed

6c95bb  No.11669579


>Yet things like tank aces and fighter aces were no problems?

Yes actually, they didn't have a problem with a tank commander or a fighter ace because they were seen as valiant "knights" fighting other men face to face rather than heartless killers shooting the unsuspecting. I didn't say their cultural beliefs were entirely accurate or consistent I merely point out what they were.

>And there's a few german snipers known in WW1 and WW2 as well, explain that.

Of course they were known in the military record but their names were not released to the public let alone made into national heroes like certain fighter aces were.

25e550  No.11672667

File: 162895f73356a58⋯.jpg (220.69 KB, 1280x1777, 1280:1777, 1947_marshallplan-europasc….jpg)

File: 3710baf13cbebd0⋯.jpg (226.9 KB, 714x976, 357:488, Marshall_Plan_poster.JPG)

File: a4360c67ba8cbe8⋯.jpg (244.63 KB, 1280x1814, 640:907, europa-wird-volljaehrig_pl….jpg)

File: 26e94b78d346768⋯.jpg (214.34 KB, 1280x1763, 1280:1763, hinaus-kein-marshall-plan_….jpg)


Yes, but how can we get back to the good old times when white people instead of brown people reaped profit from the rape and destruction of the German nation? Why won't the (((global elites))) reward the work of their friends? I am sure that Trump and Brexit will finally set things right. Germany must pay!

25e550  No.11672782

File: 8f878c4b9801744⋯.webm (8.42 MB, 600x480, 5:4, 8f878c4b9801744a4c4bcfa66….webm)

File: a21bdd11be5d67c⋯.mp4 (3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Joe Biden - 'Whites will b….mp4)

File: 6867bf1c0f804e8⋯.mp4 (1.48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Joe Biden - 'I Am A Zionis….mp4)


Let's pretend that THE GREATEST GENERATION were not suicidal fags who insisted on taking Germany down with them. The SOLUTION obviously consists in fighting against Germany again and again until the Germans have finally exterminated all of their world-weary enemies. What a good day that will be.

2cec23  No.11672788

Brother against brother.

Sister against sister.

Cousin against cousin.

What could be more evil, but they who orchestrated it.

5dae5d  No.11672789



>Developed and deployed after the anglo subhumans have decided to side with communism

All anglos should be exterminated for the ills they have caused.

25e550  No.11672797

File: 812daab91f65ab9⋯.webm (9.34 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 812daab91f65ab92b0c055fa4….webm)


Here is your nuke.

660097  No.11672962


a66ba8  No.11673158


>Only the cruel and heartless should be allowed to survive.

Found the jew.

6c95bb  No.11674424


>advocates the death of every kike and shitskin on the planet

>but he's mean when doing it, must be a heeb

Really faggot? You realize you can have differences in opinion regarding the specific objectives of a white only society right?

What exactly is the problem with a race of cruel people? They wouldn't be cowardly weaklings like the kikes but assholes who openly challenge and slaughter their opposition in direct conflict. What is wrong with that? Isn't that the opposite of what the jews are?

f31e50  No.11674476

File: 7c6ae8551404186⋯.jpg (528.2 KB, 2500x2930, 250:293, 89a5ba01b790551bb069a928a5….jpg)


check em, senpai

efa7a8  No.11674659

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans

>One month before the end of World War II, General Eisenhower issued special orders concerning the treatment of German Prisoners and specific in the language of those orders was this statement,

<"Prison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts."

>Eisenhower biographer Stephen Ambrose, who was given access to the Eisenhower personal letters, states that he proposed to exterminate the entire German General Staff, thousands of people, after the war.

>Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but that HE HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE. It was his personal intent to destroy as many of them as he could, and one way was to wipe out as many prisoners of war as possible.

Of course, that was illegal under International law, so he issued an order on March 10, 1945 and verified by his initials on a cable of that date, that German Prisoners of War be predesignated as "Disarmed Enemy Forces" called in these reports as DEF. He ordered that these Germans did not fall under the Geneva Rules, and were not to be fed or given any water or medical attention. The Swiss Red Cross was not to inspect the camps, for under the DEF classification, they had no such authority or jurisdiction.

>Months after the war was officially over, Eisenhower's special German DEF camps were still in operation forcing the men into confinement, but denying that they were prisoners. As soon as the war was over, General George Patton simply turned his prisoners loose to fend for themselves and find their way home as best they could. Eisenhower was furious, and issued a specific order to Patton, to turn these men over to the DEF camps. Knowing Patton as we do from history, we know that these orders were largely ignored, and it may well be that Patton's untimely and curious death may have been a result of what he knew about these wretched Eisenhower DEF camps.

>The book, OTHER LOSSES, found its way into the hands of a Canadian news reporter, Peter Worthington, of the OTTAWA SUN. He did his own research through contacts he had in Canada, and reported in his column on September 12,1989 the following, in part:

<"…it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater."

>"For years we have blamed the 1.7 million missing German POW's on the Russians. Until now, no one dug too deeply … Witnesses and survivors have been interviewed by the author; one Allied officer compared the American camps to Buchenwald."

>It is known, that the Allies had sufficient stockpiles of food and medicine to care for these German soldiers. This was deliberately and intentionally denied them. Many men died of gangrene from frostbite due to deliberate exposure. Local German people who offered these men food, were denied. General Patton's Third Army was the only command in the European Theater to release significant numbers of Germans.

>Others, such as Omar Bradley and General J.C.H. Lee, Commander of Com Z, tried, and ordered the release of prisoners within a week of the war's end. However, a SHAEF Order, signed by Eisenhower, countermanded them on May 15th.

4c739f  No.11674727


Is there solid proof supporting of the authencity of what's written in Hellstorm, because many normies won't believe in what we claim this easy?

aa277b  No.11681699



bcc955  No.11681715

Don't like it? Than the Germans should have fought harder.

000000  No.11681747



>Is there solid proof supporting of the authencity of what's written in Hellstorm, because many normies won't believe in what we claim this easy?

Read Bacque on US post war policy or Irving about Morgentau.

It is not that they don‘t admit it, they boast about it:


>Don't like it? Than the Germans should have fought harder.

46552b  No.11682543


So instead of just telling truth we use manipulation techniques.

Using Jew tactics on normies.

It will present us as manipulative people, the same kind that most (probably 99%) Jews fall into.

000000  No.11682569



>So instead of just telling truth we use manipulation techniques.

Oy vey the truth is manipulative.

103aa8  No.11692847


a23be5  No.11708216

anti slide is pro white

abe714  No.11717702


6ee4f0  No.11728145


77fa87  No.11728380

Sometimes I spend my time reflecting on all of this, what it says about people. Really think of the implications on the way people think. A good example would be that kike that said he was gassed multiple times (and the others with outlandish stories). A person will listen to them tell these blatantly false lies and not question them, even when at odds with reality, because of that internal moral question of "what if I am wrong and it is true?" . But never ask the most important question of "what are the implications of this all being a lie?".

Really think of what you felt as an individual when you realized that you were fed bullshit, your parents fed bullshit, the world fed bullshit. An anger, a violation that will never quite settle until the mistake is wronged. In essence, that is why we are all here in a sense. We want blood. We want everyone else that have been used to want it too though. We want this travesty to bite (((those))) responsible in the ass in a way equal to the travesty itself.

079070  No.11728786


feb1b6  No.11728791


feb1b6  No.11728792


Fuck off being honest gets you locked up in jail you nigger faggot

f7dd4c  No.11728860

Concentration camps, the typical example of leftist projection. Brits were the ones bringing hell everywhere, look at what they did to white people in South Africa.

It's an extremely colored version that you get of history that still paints UK as somewhat good, while it has been an almost comically stereotypical evil empire post 1600's.

5dae5d  No.11728878


The kikes will never understand this. They will look at us with round eye when we give them a real holocaust.

47c411  No.11728949


one of many

9a1cfb  No.11729000


>Why then did they strip them naked?

death wasn't enough. (((they))) wanted them humiliated.

12e6da  No.11744819

We remember. The goyim know.

000000  No.11747626



fd824a  No.11747648

File: 2a3f91ed8120146⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 365x300, 73:60, IMG_2967.JPG)


>National Socialism is a code word for white genocide

Fucking what?! Delete that idiotic shit Anon, you've embarressed yourself.

000000  No.11749102


>Your Country gets invaded

>Germans chimping out,killing tons of people

>Some of those people you know,family members,friends,fellow soldiers get killed by krauts

>You are already living in shit conditions and starving because of communism and things get even worse.

>Thinking any russian soldier is going to give a shit about some german women he doesnt even being raped when a lot of their own women also got raped/murdered

9f949b  No.11749952



regardless of the war crimes you need to look at the (((ones))) who set it all in motion

19f7e5  No.11750006


515b73  No.11750046

>implying there was anything wrong with bombing Dresden

Gotta weaken that industry somehow.

9a1cfb  No.11750175


000000  No.11750239


I am not denying that.

but this idea that the germans were a bunch of "good boys that dindu nuffin wrong" is stupid.

If you were a russian soldier in the 40s and saw your country getting invaded and krauts killing everybody around you and pillaging shit you would have done the same.

But its always the "they dindu nuffin,the ss was super nice to the slavs and they even gave them food and shiet,they should have let their own country be annexed without fighting back out of love for the white race"

3b6cb5  No.11750345


but the ethnic russians were all almost dead at this point because stalin just used them as mines. The ones actually raping and killing poles and germans were mongolians who didn't lose any family.

000000  No.11750362


> the ethnic russians were all almost dead at this point

that's not even true,The idea that was all mixed race mongrels doing all the killing is literally a meme.

Put yourself in their shoes,if your country was invaded right now and you had said invasions pillaging and killing would you show any mercy when it was your turn? Imagine losing family and people you love,knowing said people invaded your country also thinking you were literally a sub human(but germans considered slavs aryan and shieet xd)

Russians did fucked up shit,Germans did the same on eastern europe,soviet union,Yugoslavia,greece and more.They were fucking ruthless and had no respect for human life like everybody else.

5dae5d  No.11750386



Slav(e)s didn't join their real brethens, the White Army, to resist kike communism.

Hitler and friends should have had and actually had every right to exterminate them.

The entire world is in this shitpot because krauts lost and the subhumans with their subhuman ideology won.

9a3b8a  No.11750393

File: 237be0e61ec7904⋯.png (17.26 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 546uye5.png)

Serious question, /pol/. Do you think if we killed all ther germans by means of nukes then we wouldn't have European ultra-cuckary? We really have Merkel and all her buddies to blame. If germany was a wasteland we France would be the major power on the mainland and sure they imported all of Africa to their nation but they don't export progressive cuckination.

5dae5d  No.11750400

File: 474ffd0edfc2fa1⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1366x4038, 683:2019, Russia grateful for Lend L….png)

File: 4ed4834c652937c⋯.png (782.25 KB, 512x345, 512:345, mutt and commie comrade.png)

File: 7048c25ee7ca26c⋯.jpg (213.99 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, (((The Greatest Generation….jpg)


Maybe you are the ones who should have been nuked, you filthy fucking inferior mixed mutt monkeys.

244611  No.11750451

File: 31a72a4faaf5b83⋯.png (503.45 KB, 800x720, 10:9, Ursula.png)

The war crimes against honest Germans - orchestrated by lying rat-like Jews - continue even now.

Don't forget the recent persecution of Ursula.

bcfa91  No.11750513

File: 7bdcd4639d7be75⋯.png (533.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Liberty The Ass.png)

19f7e5  No.11750551

Bump 2

000000  No.11750561



That is not that black and white.

Communism in those days did sound like a much better alternative to czarism,it was yet to be proven to be complete shit.

People were sick of that system(czarism,which also had pseudo modern slavery) and wanted something better.They got fucked in the end and ended up with something worse,They were all poorly educated peasants that didn't think things through enough.

5dae5d  No.11750626


>They were all poorly educated peasants that didn't think things through enough.

Not the White Army. They were mostly peasants too, led by the surviving nobility. Yet the common subhuman slav(e)s rather destroyed their last hope of a sane society.

ed92cf  No.11751135


What kind of lying propaganda is that. Low tier shit effort

b8384d  No.11752626


>The fact that this is not taught in school

My grade nine teacher taught us about Dresden.

Imagine being redpilled for thirty years and not able to share until now. That's me.

8ef7e9  No.11752730


Dresden was full of civilians. If you think that civilians aren't a target of military/political importance then you're deluded.

Let me redpill you on Dresden.

>The UK was run by a coward. A vituperative and strategically inept warmonger with a severe case of alcoholism.

>The V1 Flying bombs and V2 rockets were in constant operation against London. This caused the feckless British PM a massive degree of personal consternation. Whereas in the Battle of Britain he was able to be tipped off and could flee to the countryside during an air raid he was forced by the continual bombardment if the V1's to remain present in London which he simply could not bear.

>He gave an order to use Chemical weapons against german cities which was flatly refused by Bomber Command (Arthur Harris) so the firebombing of civilian centers was proposed as an alternative whereby Churchill could save face and Harris could keep his job for refusing Churchill.

>Harris despised Churchill for the haphazard way he used his expended RAF aircrews and other military forces as a revenge weapon, he wanted no part of firebombing raids. He wanted to win the war without expending his aircrews as political pawns to comfort a drunken poltroon who, if he could, abandoned his post in London (Even a 17ft thick concrete bunker wasn't enough to placate him to stay) fled to the countryside at the slightest sign of enemy activity (Which was being fed to him via Ultra intercepts)

51799f  No.11752771


It has to be pushed, public schooling is a fucking farce.

104d2b  No.11752839

File: 134f377c01ac17b⋯.webm (9.91 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Unbroken soldier.webm)


No idea what's being said in this webm but I got it off krautchan before it was taken down.

But I figured you'd like it.

d3b4f1  No.11754711


d3b4f1  No.11754715

File: 5fbe73260127379⋯.jpg (100.06 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 5fb.jpg)

d3b4f1  No.11754721

File: 3f22890b9218730⋯.jpg (77.87 KB, 534x768, 89:128, gommorah.jpg)

d3b4f1  No.11754727

File: fde0c67a16ad524⋯.jpg (156.3 KB, 1197x854, 171:122, do it again harris.jpg)

b5f870  No.11754746




>one post per image

fucking cuckchaneers

5c84f9  No.11754747




>being proud of anti-civilian air raids

You are the goodest goy, jews are very proud of you.

Or you're a jew, whichever, same shit.

43243f  No.11754749


It's just /brit/ shitposting. Hopefully those new EU laws will get them rangebanned from 8chan.

d3b4f1  No.11754750

File: 1f0122d10897b03⋯.jpg (64.83 KB, 500x704, 125:176, 1f0.jpg)

File: 144f42ec6a62159⋯.png (514.31 KB, 680x635, 136:127, 144.png)

ddb07d  No.11755482


>The peaceful nations of the world

>peaceful nations

> The fucking Soviet Union's flag is then shown

This fucking shit…

ecec1f  No.11755595

Oh yeah! Those ebil nadsees! You british jews sure showed them! You sure showed those civilians! You sure cucked yourself into (((white genocide))) liberated da briteesh empire!

Keep kvetching juden. We will solve the JQ and bring about race realism and no degree of kike memes to the contrary can stop us. The british youth are National Socialist. The time for cucking is over.

4e268d  No.11755606


The holocaust happened, but it was the firebombing of Dresden. The unironically burnt offerings to Moloch.

ecec1f  No.11755614


We know brother. This is why we must fight to the death. Do not ever listen to the jew shills trying to soften the edges of reality and deradicalize you. We must fight this war with blood, iron and honor. This is not a fucking game. We are engaged in violent revolution against ZOG. You do not have the luxury to be a coward and wait for better men. Now is the time that we must rise.

None of this is a LARP or a joke. We must form resistance cells of 1-3 people and execute missions against ZOG in secrecy. Write your plan down on paper away from cameras. Memorize your plan. Burn the paper. Do not speak it aloud. Carry it out. One dead ZOG member is thousands of white children saved. Hail Victory.

9246f2  No.11755664


Not countersignaling at all, but can you redpill me on the Battle of Britain, like did the Germans bomb London for a reason other than to get them to submit?

672d97  No.11755677

File: 992edb3ef2a214e⋯.webm (7.02 MB, 427x240, 427:240, WW2 justified by former G….webm)


Yeah, no.

492776  No.11757022

File: b6eb8cd9243907e⋯.jpg (117.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1479863659821.jpg)


Pro-tip: Angela Merkel is importing the Muslims to finish the Job of what native Germanics didn't have the balls to do 80 years ago. You know what I'm referencing.

e5b5a4  No.11764716


Please, they exposed that to us in middle school in a California Junior High English book. There was a story about George W giving reparations to surviving members of families interned. This is something they play up in school to show how racist we used to be and is in every fucking book related to WW2 in school libraries. I hope your red pill also taught you to read more because it's clear you didn't do much of that as a kid. Not knowing about internment camps is something I expected of the illiterates who called "rhetorical" a "nerd word" during my tenure at school.


The jews were mercenaries and the Pharaoh only sent an army after them when reports came in that they were murdering Egyptians and raiding their towns.


Sure kike, that's why they had Montgomery waste all their resources on Operation Market Garden instead of Eisenhower letting Patton smash through and take Berlin in a matter of months. Blatant frothing bullshit coming out of this post.


It's post war propaganda you mental midget, it's superimposed fake pictures, this has nothing to do with Yugos on the Eastern front.


Filtered for D&C


Absolutely terrible image, contains disinformation about Pilsudski and you will look like a moron for posting it.


Bullshit /brit/-tier assertion since they didn't bomb Warsaw for many days demanding surrender first. Bullshit /brit/-tier assertion because the Germans did not initiate bombing raids, YOU DID. Hitler waited three months holding back the Luftwaffe because he loved the English like the Kaiser did.

6cc42a  No.11764738

File: 0b552742c904005⋯.jpg (44.34 KB, 552x554, 276:277, 0b552742c90400591e07aed403….jpg)


I'm speechless.

40c911  No.11764822


Dresden was mostly a tourist trap. It would be like bombing Disney land to destroy all the industry there.

b479ba  No.11764870


The British man is only one step above the Jew

e5b5a4  No.11765515


Daily reminder to filter all D&C posters.

"Stop this, I don't like this. The English are very similar to us, they are good people."

-Adolf Hitler

cd96ac  No.11765563

Germanophobia is the greatest trick the enemy ever played on the european people.

Why do you hate us so much? Haven't we suffered enough?

0b23e1  No.11765567

File: 21724bb84ab5751⋯.jpg (63.49 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1471136314716.jpg)

Here's a shocker, maybe the same reasons that caused Jews et al to starve to death and get typhus at the end of the war also caused the same conditions for the Germans.

cd96ac  No.11765569


Because Germany itself was just a big concentration camp?

The greatest human-caused depopulation that ever happened was the genocide of Germans in Eastern Germany. They wanted to destroy the German soul by completly eradicating Prussia.

e8c6c1  No.11765570

File: 5bf341c4d62d5fe⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 320x255, 64:51, harry.jpg)


You mean, elevating the fart-jokes and wurst-eating nation of simpletons to the status of hypothetical Ubermensch?

Somehow, I doubt it, Anon.

e8c6c1  No.11765577


Choose better leaders, stop setting the Yurop ablaze every a few decades or so, dress better. Problem solved.

e5b5a4  No.11765594



>most aesthetic uniforms ever

>some of the best leaders and scientists in europe ever

>didn't start either world war

Gas yourself retard.

5dae5d  No.11766390

File: 4b7ded9ae599c45⋯.png (3.38 KB, 541x66, 541:66, brit_merely_pretending_3.png)

File: 798b31ecb88abca⋯.jpg (115.38 KB, 704x916, 176:229, Brit subhuman laughing at ….jpg)

File: 1715ea0c57a7328⋯.jpg (136.55 KB, 748x533, 748:533, anglo subhumans btfo brits….jpg)




Crooked teeth subhumans never learn.

672d97  No.11767075

File: edd4219e60138d4⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1522x873, 1522:873, ClipboardImage.png)

Never forget.

255b5e  No.11767524

Kadyrov recently made up a lie that Germans burned Grozny. In reality Germans did nothing. The KGB made made a false flag attack so Chechens would go to war for no reason.If you tell the truth Kadyrov arrested Chechens who stated Germans did war crimes in Chechnya.

9c46f8  No.11789113


bcbf36  No.11789797

fun fact: losing a war generally means you are faced with travesties

000000  No.11789803

I'm gonna tell this story, not with an expectation that it can be corroborated but because it should be told to a larger audience. It is second hand telling, it will not appear in the history books and the source is suspect but let me tell it.

Over a decade ago I worked in a nursing home and one of the residents was a lady who spoke with a heavy German accent. Much of the time she seemed to be senile and most people avoided her because she would grab you and hold onto you while going on incoherently. I found that if I would stop and kneel next to her, hold her hand and say "Good morning, Mrs. X. How are you today?" and let her have her say then she would let me continue with the rest of what I had to do.

She wasn't always out of her mind, sometimes she was clearly and fully coherent. It was one of those times that I stopped to talk to her and she told me a story about when she was a girl in the war. She said that one day a yellow liquid came down from the sky and everyone in the village got sick and couldn't do anything. And then the Allies showed up.

It's the internet, I know. I'm on Tor, I know. But there it is.

c1716e  No.11790369

File: 5e9b82c33d83624⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1511828822594.png)


trips of truth

>feels bad man

523b47  No.11790433



>War has it's own rules

Nice and to the point, The second you house enemy combatants (Ie. Resistance members) You're now an enemy combatant.

1534fa  No.11790451


Reading Kerry Boltons latest book on Yockey he also inadvertently exposes how the Allied nations had agreed prior to the war breaking out that cities of historical culture were to be left alone by all means possible. Basically chalking any attack on a nations culture realms as a war crime. Then afterwards imagine getting blamed for looting the occupied nations when you were protecting as much art and culture in caves and bunkers as possible. Italy was a major beneficiary of this. Dumbasses would have firebombed Rome if Italy wasn't thrown in chaos already once Sicily was invaded.

24d497  No.11793957

File: c4224fcee215f5f⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 768x512, 3:2, churchill-768x512.jpg)


>war crimes

>against Germans

>crimes against Germans

I didn't know you could commit crimes against vermin.

e50ef7  No.11794092

File: ca6d1043758bb43⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 328x510, 164:255, lol5.jpg)

File: 5822c38c8a2007a⋯.jpg (49.91 KB, 328x510, 164:255, lol4.jpg)

File: 3945af4cebae459⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 328x510, 164:255, lol3.jpg)

File: 8b1b90e3672cc4c⋯.jpg (34.64 KB, 328x510, 164:255, lol2.jpg)

File: d064d114a64642a⋯.png (1.2 MB, 631x2798, 631:2798, kike_genes.png)

a61959  No.11795783


Good on ya m8

a61959  No.11795835


Thank you… That was hard to watch.

deeb9a  No.11797220


Spare me the poor slavs line. Apologists get the rope too.

deeb9a  No.11797224


Hello jew. Filtered.

deeb9a  No.11797233


Subhuman fucking slavic.

cfa3d0  No.11797397


Sometimes I wonder if WW2 was the War of Armageddon and that God lost to the Devil due to overwhelming Jewish subversion and blood magick (like the extremely harsh winter of 1941-1942), our existence the consequence of defeat.

cfa3d0  No.11797400


To quickly add to this, there are many mysteries, like how the heck the Jews managed to convince the whole world to fight against the Germans, despite the world as a whole having a generally positive opinion of them before. Think also of the mental breakdown of Stalin on the eve of victory for the Germans, before the sudden turnaround. Some advanced brainwashing?

d7b09b  No.11797451


The English descendant population in the USA had long been subverted with hysteria and other bullshit to be anti everything but English, and the Germans and Irish and others failed to politically join forces.

In WW1.

Afterwards, English refused to admit how badly they fucked up.

4a61c4  No.11797651


The pro-NSDAP EdwardVIII abdicating so he could run off and marry a slut is pretty crazy to think about too. If he'd been king things would have likely turned out differently.

3b0097  No.11799546

Exposing Cabal in South Africa


3b0097  No.11799547

Exposing cabal. see comments


c5e340  No.11799706


I'd give anything to go back to the idyllic scenes they show of German life and live in that state forever.

It is the greatest crime in history that it has been lost, that the German people have been occupied for 80+ years, that their people have been raised for 4 generations by the enemies of humanity, that they have been forced to feel guilt, generation after generation.

Biologically, Germans are still Germans. I hope they rise up again and claim their true place in the world.

Starting with kicking that ogress merkel's malformed, brutish head down the central road of Berlin before purging every single last shitskin, kike and kike-servant from the country.

Every american military base pulverised with the occupants inside.

c5e340  No.11799719



You realise that word has no historical significance whatsoever, that it was made up ny a charlatan called Alistair Craughley to make his book cover seem old-worldy 100 years ago.

I bet you deliberately write fairy as "Fayireherieigh" too, as though you have some kind of backdoor into hidden knowledge.

Stop being a faggot and grow the fuck up.

As for ww2 being the last chance for good versus evil, I agree, if only on the simple truthful level that morality was lost at that moment, and that the juden has taken more and more power and control ever since.

Imagine if Germany's system of living and economy and industry from the 1930s had spread to other countries.

No more usury, no more making money from abusing someone's misfortune, just progress and richness of life, morality and culture, true beauty.

Compare the beautiful art of 1930s' Germany with the monstrosities of juden-controlled Russia, where all beauty was removed by force.

c5e340  No.11799753


You've been lied to your whole life.

Your father was lied to too, and his father.

While you might want to have pride in your country, there is something more valuable, truth.

The longer you spend here, and the more facts you read, the more you will understand the reality of what happened, instead of just the wartime propaganda pushed out by the juden such as rothschilds who were running England.

I wonder if you still hold churchill as a hero, the fat jew-owned traitor that brought down the empire and killed europe.

If so, you haven't even taken your first step.

Try reading about him, his debts, and then as a sidenote, read about Montefiore, and then the real reason for the opium wars, I'll give you a clue, it was one man and he wasn't English.

Once you see how England has been manipulated and used for centuries, you will begin to understand who the enemy is.

c5e340  No.11799770


The Englishmen were not the problem, Hitler knew that they were historical brothers.

The juden behind it were the problem. The disgusting anti-humans pulling strings. Hitler would not annihilate those at Dunkirk for the pure reason that he was a human, and not an anti-human.

Read about General Patton's thoughts on the sick revenge fantasies of the juden.

c5e340  No.11799777


Neither the King nor the higher ups in the government liked or wanted anything to do with churchill, and had been planning to remove him when he came out with his public speech of war and then they had no choice.

Most of the British government, and the royalty especially wanted no war with Germany.

The US public were supportive of Germany too. The juden orchestrated the Japanese being forced into war, so that Germany had no choice but to officially declare war in order to fulfil their alliance with Japan.

That allowed the juden war mongers to brainwash the people into accepting being against Germany, when most of them were from German families in the first place.

Manipulated on all sides.

33ab46  No.11799792


> Germany had no choice but to officially declare war

Poor, poor Germany. That it already successfully Blietzkrieged half of Yurop is of course pure coincidence.

> LARP is strong in this one.

9e0cab  No.11799808


What are you doing here? Come back when you have educated yourself.

33ab46  No.11799814


> What are you doing here?


> Come back when you have educated yourself.

I educated myself enough to recognize a youngster when I see one.

c5e340  No.11799818


kill yourself d&c juden lover

When you say "anglo" it immediately puts a giant neon sign above your sloping kike head of what you are.

In the next thread you'll be complaining about "saxons" and then "whites".

Time you went back to the desert to starve you fucking anti-human.

c5e340  No.11799823



>did all his (((studying))) in holocaust class

33ab46  No.11799827


> Everything's Holocaust!

You spend way too much time studying a single, topic, Anon. It makes you lose your perspective and see everything through the scope of said topic.

It's a straight path to a fanaticism that of a fundamentalist. the only difference is gonna be the banner you're marching under.

c5e340  No.11799860



>the target wasn't specific Germans, it was the German people

From the snail's own mouth.

The juden should have been eradicated from the planet 5,000 years ago when these things first crawled out from the hell-crack.

c5e340  No.11799863


>david hogg takes a break from twitter

c5e340  No.11800156



Newspapers have been using that meme for a decade you clueless faggot. Kill yourself.

efd43a  No.11800278

File: 432d70dd680159f⋯.png (1.13 MB, 960x757, 960:757, churchil.png)

File: 4b7c5bdfd64c1d1⋯.png (576.25 KB, 986x761, 986:761, churchil2.png)

File: e135a2764ca8ae4⋯.png (5.32 MB, 2012x1984, 503:496, allies.png)

File: f957c8e830cc0cc⋯.png (2.6 MB, 704x5434, 32:247, Dear Englishmen.png)

File: d812c139a3ed3d5⋯.png (397.49 KB, 774x2300, 387:1150, paton2.png)


Protip, never go full retard. I still take satisfaction in the fact Churchills jewish handlers let him die impoverished in a socialist hospital without a penny to his name.


When the Brits talked about war and killing Germans, Hitler replied praising the British people and how their government is pervaded with maniacs. Unlike WW1 where the then Kaiser replied to British with vengeance and even used propaganda such as the infamous "Gott Strafe England".

The Anglo-sphere was not interested in war, just like the Europeans weren't, but they were propagandized into going to war, especially under the central authority under the auspice of the war department who led this propaganda effort. The draft forced men to fight.

Hitler replied with several moments of asking for reasonability and no need to kill fellow European Brothers, much to the dismay of the English government. Naturally the English MSM propaganda with anti-german resentment made sure to prevent the English people from seeing the truth.

Many times the Germans patrolled the UK coastline looking for military encampments, but operation sea-lion; to invade England never came, not even into 1942 when they could have extended the war and brought the brutality of war onto the English Island as revenge to destroy if not hamper the RAF bombing capabilities by being able to shoot down the bombers from within England. The purpose was always to have England as a sovereign country within but under the Third Reich, it was to unify Europe and remove the Jew as well as prevent the jew from ever attaining supremacy over Europeans ever again.

Hitler was conflicted and refused to launch operation Sea-lion, as it would mean hundreds of thousands if not millions of English would perish in such an assault. The extreme loyalist Rudolf Hess took it upon himself against party orders to fly to England, land in Scotland and appeal to reason privately. Instead he was arrested and locked up indefinitely, he was never able to talk to anyone untill the war was over.

efd43a  No.11800287

File: 8d9686a6fda069a⋯.png (1.87 MB, 795x1066, 795:1066, 1.png)

File: 2318a7d7f9b7826⋯.png (1.98 MB, 767x1060, 767:1060, 2.png)

File: 1a1ba65a48c3f49⋯.png (461.86 KB, 554x890, 277:445, deaths.png)

File: 9fece04b5a66df3⋯.png (633.29 KB, 1024x566, 512:283, POWs.png)

File: 10978b419f0f4d7⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1278x1278, 1:1, POWs3.png)

efd43a  No.11800291

File: 4937856662624d6⋯.mp4 (11.17 MB, 600x480, 5:4, We have come not as libera….mp4)


That's odd, it's almost likely you're an occupied country huh.

885113  No.11804835


Kikes discard any facts they don't like.

27d914  No.11807368


And where did that victory get you? Remember that "based" Churchill helped found the EU. Look up his speech in Zurich.

cffcba  No.11807387


(((Whatever you say Goyim')))

952c8c  No.11807418

File: d966edf9d6193a9⋯.jpg (132.65 KB, 1200x1385, 240:277, andrew fuck banks jackson.jpg)


So are you admitting that those things occurred?

>churchill poster calling anyone vermin

You're not worthy of being compared to vermin, because atleast vermin can feed other animals. A fucking Jew wouldn't harvest your organs.

b11a85  No.11808438


The german bombing of Britain was RETALIATION.

What Hitler should have done was capture the british army at dunkirk then sent them to whatever city he though the anglos were going to firebomb next.

4cafe8  No.11808462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



But the Brits really need to restrict internet access for jews.

This is literally you in the British Branch.

000000  No.11808510


>where 2 million german soldiers and 1 million civilians starved

Neat. At least they tasted their own medicine in the end. HurrDurrmans did so to like 25 million whites, kikes aside.

0aaa1d  No.11808522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The german bombing of Britain was RETALIATION.

As sad as it is, this.

0aaa1d  No.11808529



Download that video with youtube-dl, the original has already been censored/removed.

35bf68  No.11809678

File: 137b5f44d5a60e1⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 342x255, 114:85, 041-06-07interior.jpg)

Oh, look, mods deleted my posts. I WONDER WHY.

595da6  No.11810109

File: 7e060ebf01e4bae⋯.webm (3.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, auf-wiedersehen.webm)

607965  No.11812804

File: 5b906aedd30490d⋯.jpg (314.41 KB, 1720x1164, 430:291, 6P22LCc.jpg)


7925ce  No.11812821

Daily reminder that American and British POWs should have been given the same treatment that Einsatzgruppen gave partisans.

0c341c  No.11812899


/leftypol/ is that way, faggot juden.

000000  No.11812928


Merkel is a kike. So are you.

"Germany must Perish!" by (((Theodore Kaufman))) (1941)


b1d1d2  No.11813127


That's a good webm.

b1d1d2  No.11813591

Giving this another bump

b1d1d2  No.11815168

Bump because some newfag snowflake faggot thinks they're too good to use better threads than shitting up the catalog with their dumb nigger shit

000000  No.11816726



2012 2014

2016 2018

f3fbce  No.11817270


war crimes against germans?

>we need more

b1d1d2  No.11817468


Reported for being a kike

0c1791  No.11817500


122a8f  No.11817502

File: e546459a8fbef99⋯.webm (5.12 MB, 320x262, 160:131, deutscher-fernseh-rundfun….webm)

4e1113  No.11817519

File: 5330c4e677354c4⋯.webm (3.25 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 1530566052906.webm)

Never trust a (((German)))

1a95b9  No.11820276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not one mention of "Potential History" here in this thread. Really guys, really?

00569d  No.11821687


Hmm, you can't lessen the "crimes" of the Nazis, but maybe you can go in the other direction.

Talk about all the times that 6 million Jews died, like in 1890 under the Tsar, and several times during 1917 and 1918. Talk about the shrunken heads, the electric floors, and the holocoaster. Then cite sources, making sure people know that actual "victims" claimed this stuff, but never make the leap to claiming it's bullshit. Leave that to the audience.

"If we add up all the times 6 million died, we must be pushing 40 or 50 million dead Jews. Gosh, aren't we just the worst?"

84f4db  No.11822501


> Hmm, you can't lessen the "crimes" of the Nazis, but maybe you can go in the other direction.

Fuck, no. That's exactly what makes Germans so fucking repressed and constantly desiring for a change. They run around like a cat in a heat trying to prove they aren't Germans (general faggotism, mixing with blacks and other exotic outlanders), or attempting to change everything around them (EU under their control, flooding Yurop with migrants) and it's all bullshit.

The real problem to solve is that Germans are thinking too high of themselves and that they believe they should do "this and this" and everything is going to be like WWII didn't happen, that they are gonna be walking proud and everyone is gonna kiss their feet. This pompous "ve ubermensch nao" attitude is what got them into the mess in the 1st place and is going to be their downfall. They already are one step short of losing the control over their country, identity, future and shit.

17c66f  No.11822616




02a991  No.11822774


you can hardly tell the difference between jews, anglos and americans.

84f4db  No.11822855


> you can hardly tell the difference between jews, anglos and americans.

Fat amount?

b1d1d2  No.11823607


What crimes of the Nazis? Losing a war and having a bunch of zionist kikes make up lies to protect Zionist Israel which they got in return from Churchill for dragging the USA into a war that Americans saw as another Euro civil war before Roosevelt goaded the Japs into attacking?

>push more jewish propaganda in response to jewish propaganda

84f4db  No.11823663

File: 44eb85ad6f78d1b⋯.jpg (218.55 KB, 596x878, 298:439, work harder comrade.jpg)


>What crimes of the Nazis?

b1d1d2  No.11823694




84f4db  No.11823883

File: 1530e63ec198103⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 470x706, 235:353, dafaq bane.jpg)


Back in old times we had completely anonymous boards and everything worked quite ok. You kids nowadays feel lost and confused without avatars, names, what proves you've simply adopted to chans. We were born in them, molded by them.

d40293  No.11824096

Read Gruesome Harvest by Ralph Franklin Keeling. It is nothing but articles from 1945-1947. It is the most disturbing book I have read.

b1d1d2  No.11824346


Thanks for bumping this time I guess? Don't know why /leftypol/ thinks they blong here.

ab8ad9  No.11827739


Hey no prob. Truth deserves to be seen, and so far it's pretty obvious that the alleged massacres are war-supporting propaganda only.

078237  No.11828648

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.







I can't wait until you cuck islanders are banned from the internet altogether. Remember, you get the government that you deserve. Enjoy having no freedom of speech, no guns, no privacy, no future. RIP

000000  No.11830799

Dindu nuffins complain of being massacred by the Ukrainians

Polish president says Kiev must admit to massacre of Poles in WWII

Kiev must acknowledge the mass killing of Poles by Ukrainian nationalists in the 1940s for what it is – ethnic cleansing – Polish President Andrzej Duda said after reportedly snubbing an invitation for a joint commemoration.


368869  No.11833602


that prognathism

368869  No.11833609



5dae5d  No.11833851


Russians are subhumans for following communism. These filthy animals should have been killed to the last child to spare half the world from the horror of communism.

5dae5d  No.11833855


The shitpoles are such fucking worthless niggers, I swear to god.

They fucking invaded first.

338ba2  No.11842010


>Ban Whites from the Internet


345afc  No.11842113

File: 56d22500e722c81⋯.jpg (44.85 KB, 600x489, 200:163, uPuTIEQ.jpg)


Ok, Андрэй, ok…


Of course, Андрэй, of course…

Mind your blood pressure. Being angry like that, you might get a heartstroke and what would /pol/ do without it's resident clown LARPER, eh?

6df046  No.11842337


You should read the battle reports about the fight in Berlin. Nobody can compare to what they did. Every last soldier was on the streets and rooftops fighting the communists. They made the communists pay dearly to take Berlin.

5dae5d  No.11842625



My name isn't Andrew. What are you on about? Are you, being on /pol/, defending communists and their allies?

000000  No.11842650


Polish feeling hurt because Poroshenko is openly nazi and declared all those people who massacred poles and others as heroes.

Hohols did it to 'troll' Russians but look how it worked out for them. Would be funny if EU will stop credit poor hohols because of that.

1c97cf  No.11842881


Best post ITT. You distilled the very essence of why we rebelled. These fucking shills never had any real explanations. They have no morals. They would say anything to keep their shitty little "job." This is why we cheer for every shooter and bomber against this mockery of civilization.


That is correct. If we classify bombing civilians and executing, torturing, and killing disarmed people in general as "war crimes" for everyone, then far more of these actions were done by the (((Allies))) for every act done by Germans. Couple that with the fact that the Germans shot their own people for even stealing from the enemy while the (((Allies))) were never punished for their crimes, and the Germans punished for things that never happened, and any moral person will be against the (((Allies))). There is no other conclusion and even arguing for one makes the one doing so look like a fucking mong.


Taking a capital in ten days is not consistent with your revenge narrative.

6ecf95  No.11842888


If you are trying to win over the moral person's trust, you must speak in actual facts, and you must respond to their arguments and not shout JEW PROPAGANDA every times some evidences are presented that you don't like.

701f7c  No.11842928

Boo fucking hoo, it's the right of the conquerors to do whatever they wish to the conquered.

And what does this have to do with politics?

ce5aa0  No.11842971


>Read about General Patton's thoughts on the sick revenge fantasies of the juden


b20d82  No.11842989

Daily reminder Nazi Germany was doing the same shit to other countries. Don't bitch about getting put in your place.

5dae5d  No.11843004



>War isn't politics

>Retards destroyed the only chance at exterminating communism from birth, ruining the present and the foreseeable future

>>Not politics

Retarded or just a sweaty kike.


Sure thing. Seeing the anglo subhumans being bred out of existence and the inferior slavs slaving away for the people they "conquered" makes my fee fee good too!

6ecf95  No.11843012


Uh, Germany is the birthplace of communism.

Bismarck didn't fucking flay Karl Marx.

5dae5d  No.11843024


No, Bismarck didn't. But only krauts and friends took an explicit stand against it later, while anglo trashes and other inferior hwhites saved communism.

Get it?

6ecf95  No.11843027


That's besides the point, never mind that it's the krauts who sent Lenin to Russia in order to destabilize it, never mind that it later created the USSR.

5dae5d  No.11843029


No, Bismarck didn't, he implemented policies which successfully prevented working class Germans from being wooed by Marxism. And only krauts and friends took an explicit stand against it later, while anglo trashes and other inferior hwhites saved communism.

Get it?

6ecf95  No.11843033


But he didn't succeed considering a huge portion of the populace were still wooed by Marxism.

5dae5d  No.11843036




Fucking double post.

Beside the point how?

Krauts and Friends tried to actually end communism. anglo dogs and allies saved it in the end.

That is the historical fact.


That is why Hitler happened. Again, anglo dogs and allies prevented Hitler and friends from ending communism. Period.

6ecf95  No.11843038


But before that happen, Hitler and friends allied with the USSR to invade Poland and even marched together with the Red Army.

5dae5d  No.11843059





Fucking double post.

Beside the point how?

Krauts and Friends tried to actually end communism. anglo dogs and allies saved it in the end.

That is the historical fact.


That is why Hitler happened. Again, anglo dogs and allies prevented Hitler and friends from ending communism. Period.

df256b  No.11843070


Forgive my ignorance but wasn't a communist civil war started by kikes a huge reason why they were so hated in Germany prefacing the second world war?

86e548  No.11843260


Ok, Андрэй, ok…

00569d  No.11848520


>but would you have some sources

It's not hard to look up. Here:


<During WWI, more than half a billion dollars was confiscated from German Americans, more than the entire pre-war Federal budget.

>Other Losses

>Crimes and Mercies


If you're looking for proof of Allied holocoasters or gas chambers or soap factories, of course they don't exist because they're fucking retarded. Real genocides happen with bullets or starvation, not Rube Goldberg death machines.

00569d  No.11848553

File: f0abeddc6daec57⋯.jpg (101.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, tedgeisel.jpg)






Fun fact, this movie was written by Dr Seuss. You probably grew up reading the stories written by this evil kike.

3eaa94  No.11870266

Never forget. We will avenge them, their blood has fed trees and their bones have been absorbed and crumbled but they live on in your eyes. Type dear anon let it out and join us in taking back the word from the dark illusionists and bringing light into the streets and our minds. Let your words gently burst forth and then in their righteous fury explode upon the enemy until they are no more!




e1b8ed  No.11875385

File: da8e6035b36618a⋯.jpg (66.19 KB, 685x499, 685:499, 688441_ddcce4337d204f35a73….jpg)


assblasted Amerimut wannabe-Krauts still bitching 17 days later


e1b8ed  No.11875389


Forgot to greentext that second one, oh well. At least I'm not German.

3ea587  No.11875440


No, you are an eternal anglo, the world-cup didn't come home and your daugthers are still being forced into sex-slavery at rates that would make the vikings blush (who raped your ancestors too).

5dae5d  No.11875491

File: ed2c7b956ea8b72⋯.png (25.55 KB, 619x348, 619:348, anglo nobility.png)

File: 9a8e6cf2a941778⋯.png (59.74 KB, 621x649, 621:649, anglo subhuman paying agai….png)

File: 90b5053b4ce42ca⋯.jpg (308.13 KB, 1498x1400, 107:100, Anglo subhuman.jpg)

File: 2a836a5f5f09eeb⋯.jpg (117.94 KB, 634x837, 634:837, Pissing on a piece of shit….jpg)



Crooked teeth subhumans never learn.


fcf1fb  No.11883179


Anglos are literally 50% faces by now.

fcf1fb  No.11883190


forgot the pics.

8eb054  No.11883422

File: ba5bed93ab5f1a4⋯.jpg (18.66 KB, 222x293, 222:293, weed lmao.jpg)







The absolute state of JIDF.

09d4e1  No.11885778

The British are Pure Evil:


1a3792  No.11885846

How many Germans were ethnically cleansed in northern Serbia after WW2?

0b150c  No.11885955


It seems they were all killed together with the croats after the war near Bleiburg.


0b150c  No.11885959

File: dbddcf8c12c90fd⋯.jpg (451.45 KB, 743x844, 743:844, 50prfacesanglos.jpg)

File: d9c258d265ffa2a⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 474x248, 237:124, 50prbaby.jpg)

File: 09bd67d004e76b1⋯.jpg (41.54 KB, 620x465, 4:3, yournewmastersanglokike.jpg)


I filtered the other anons you mentioned.

1a3792  No.11885967


how many germans

0b150c  No.11885968


59,335 is the real number. Serbia says its 20,000~ but they are lying.

600199  No.11892641


the song is singing about the deeds of the Unknown soldiers. Heroic and valiant. though we dont we dont know your name.

"in the last fight in stalingrad, you fell, unknown soldier, left your wife and kids behind……" and so on

c7cc25  No.11892712


Lol nope, people pay for that through taxation and inflation. It doesn’t matter what you do, even living of assistance you’re still paying for everything you use. The roads are paid through inflation and taxation on your fuels. The schools are paid through inflation and taxation on you propert and fuels.

There’s nothing that any mover anywhere doesn’t already pay for.

c7cc25  No.11892723


Justice is a hot blond waifs that lives in Illinois.

c7cc25  No.11892740


Already do.

40d83c  No.11900022


>war crimes


Pick one and only one. Germans are just assblasted that they got rekt by a superior version of their own tactic

1c97cf  No.11900924

File: e49ce76696dbe34⋯.jpg (232.79 KB, 1464x1600, 183:200, Bane 2.jpg)


I probably commented ITT a couple of weeks ago, but I had to come back and bump it again. This shit is absolutely disgusting and infuriating and the monsters that did it must pay.

74009b  No.11911314

File: 244e71828d34c1e⋯.jpg (60.53 KB, 634x450, 317:225, asdd.jpg)



556858  No.11911765


Are you mocking war crimes committed against the German peoples? War crimes that are seen as "acceptable" in today's mainstream?


Fun fact: kampfy pushed real hard for the "GERMAN MENACE" meme. You're either a rube, or kampfy. Get fucked either way.

5d5fa5  No.11911779

>Single nation finally fights back jewry while recovering from multiple betrayals of the past

>lol fuck the nazis for wanting to get out of the situation the others put them in, that makes them just like the others


You're just bored you dumb nigger, I bet you're German yourself.

Sommerferien = Krebs.

000000  No.11911839




I concede defeat, that picture of a jewish stage did it. Anything brought up against the Germans must be true. Otherwise they wouldn’t have build that theme park in Israel.

I‘m real impressed of all those international politicians kowtowing to the jews. What could be a stronger refutation of conspiracy theories that the jews are behind western post war constitution and the protocols?

e79978  No.11916650

who cares about some fucking subhuman krauts lol

they are no different than jews

a7e16b  No.11916670

File: 2dc9a0a84a97335⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 320x240, 4:3, mansell_canon_advert.gif)


>If I use my VPN and pretend to be the strawman I have tried to force into the conscience of /pol/ for the past 3 years, I can make my argument have more credence as well as keeping my b8 thread at the top of the catalog

Your plan is obvious to those with more than two digits' worth of IQ and you should be ashamed.

Poland is based.

Hungary is based.

Merkel is a jewish commie whore.

Larner is not a jewish surname.

You pay to listen to your radio.

000000  No.11937650


>Poland is based.

Then and now, traitors to Europe

The baptism of the (((Frankists))) was celebrated with great solemnity in the churches of Lwów, with members of the Polish szlachta (nobility) acting as god-parents. The neophytes adopted the names of their godfathers and godmothers, and ultimately joined their ranks. Frank himself was baptized in Lwów (September 17, 1759) and again in Warsaw the next day, with Augustus III as his godfather. Frank's baptismal name was "Joseph" (Józef). In the course of one year more than 500 individuals were converted to Christianity at Lwów, and nearly a thousand in the following year. By 1790, 26,000 Jews were recorded baptised in Poland.[7]

Stratfor (((George Friedman)))

>From an American point of view, moving France or Germany is both impossible and pointless. They have their own interests and the wrong geography. It is the Intermarium – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and perhaps Bulgaria – that represents this generation's alliance. It blocks the Russians, splits them from the Germans

> The Poles must be the leader of the bloc and the Romanians the southern anchor. I think the Poles are thinking in these terms but the Romanians are far from this idea. I'm not sure. I want to find out. For me, a U.S.-backed Poland guarding the North European Plain, with Slovakia, Hungary and Romania guarding the Carpathian approaches, would prevent what the United States should fear the most: an alliance between Russia and Germany plus Western Europe.


>WARSAW - Poland, whose right-wing government opposes taking in migrants, may have to look to Filipino workers to cover a growing labor shortage hurting the economy, a senior official said Saturday.


259314  No.11937744


its simple really, Old money is pedophile money. People who are born into it are fuckups. The people on top need control and to do that they need to break and blackmail people.

0b92a8  No.11937806

File: 2465b6921f60385⋯.pdf (189.21 KB, privatization nazi germany.pdf)

51a5f7  No.11937850


you lying kike

153b57  No.11937875

File: 25712567e9e9850⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 523x587, 523:587, george-patton-berlin-blues….jpg)

File: 980737cc8125fc7⋯.jpg (68.94 KB, 720x519, 240:173, H3-3peuqplQ.jpg)

153b57  No.11937879

File: 1655934c01116fb⋯.jpg (105.05 KB, 722x508, 361:254, PattonWW2heroJewsMeme-1.jpg)

4fba6c  No.11937963



153b57  No.11938088

File: 88a613cdc432db2⋯.jpeg (72.49 KB, 510x563, 510:563, germanymustperish.jpeg)

153b57  No.11938106

File: 168355be6dc7e32⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 600x455, 120:91, germany-must-perish.jpg)

153b57  No.11938148

File: 92b4e8b788d5d19⋯.jpg (156.56 KB, 900x698, 450:349, germany_must_perish_by_arm….jpg)

153b57  No.11938150

File: b82c2699aaf41bb⋯.png (34.73 KB, 502x279, 502:279, 1490478134259.png)

ec75de  No.11938182


So he founded this publishing house solely for this book and then vanished? Odd.

153b57  No.11938241



>In 1939, he published pamphlets as "chairman of the American Federation of Peace" that argued that Americans should be sterilized so that their children will no longer have to fight in foreign wars.

>After World War II, Kaufman disappeared entirely from public life. One scholar, Berel Lang, a Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Letters at Wesleyan University, failed to locate Kaufman in the records of the city of Newark and in other sources.

>Kaufman and his wife appear in the Montclair, New Jersey Directory in 1947. He is listed as being in the painted textile business at 50 Church Street, Montclair.

Probably a front for whoever really wrote it if it was reviewed by NYT, Time etc

153b57  No.11938304

File: 3bd972d333a5f4b⋯.jpg (161.17 KB, 800x672, 25:21, 78_Canadian-Jewis-Chronicl….jpg)

153b57  No.11938352

File: ff87acf64668675⋯.jpg (501.84 KB, 718x667, 718:667, ww2truthBadWarMeme.jpg)

153b57  No.11938507

File: 91e978b2088357e⋯.jpg (398.16 KB, 862x549, 862:549, louis-nizer-what-to-do-wit….jpg)

153b57  No.11938615

File: 5fb469bf292a51f⋯.jpg (316.65 KB, 717x502, 717:502, JewryWW2truthMeme-1.jpg)

153b57  No.11938623

File: 4cc164cb8d023d6⋯.jpg (79.78 KB, 716x432, 179:108, JewryGermanyWW2truthMeme.jpg)

153b57  No.11938688

File: af2e0f982f0b0a0⋯.jpg (141.08 KB, 722x547, 722:547, JabotsinskyWW2jewryTruthMe….jpg)

153b57  No.11938695

File: 65569db9cd2b38f⋯.jpg (121.92 KB, 728x546, 4:3, geschiedenis-the-cold-war-….jpg)

153b57  No.11938759

File: b50c96c884afea0⋯.jpg (82.74 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, mark-weitzman-quote-even-a….jpg)

153b57  No.11938760

File: 8e0ca9b7fe092f4⋯.jpg (233.16 KB, 798x572, 399:286, pandora56b.jpg)

153b57  No.11938763

File: 1704573d380bdbe⋯.jpg (299.14 KB, 720x611, 720:611, WhyJewryHatesGermanyMeme.jpg)

8c88d2  No.11941892

File: 6af2796d28eddab⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 483x317, 483:317, jolly.jpg)


U.K might be tragically cucked up beyond all repair wich is a loss and kinda fucking sad… Even if they're perfidious cunts. hon hon

016907  No.11963264

File: 6ec45686773c478⋯.jpg (485.75 KB, 3000x1538, 1500:769, baltische freikorps.jpg)


Postwar Polish and Soviet annexations of Germany east of the Oder-Neisse line are worth mentioning; millions were expelled from the areas, with thousands dying on their way west through the devastated landscape. It was a pure land grab; Poland has a claim to its new territories -until a millenia ago their native peoples were West Slavic, Poland even ruled them for a period in the Middle Ages, the German population in the East has been proven by genetics to have a large Slavic component in their ancestry (see the distribution of R1a and R1b haplogroups) and these new lands were used to house Poles who had themselves been expelled from Soviet-annexed eastern Poland. Russia, on the other hand, has no claim to what is now Kaliningrad. Sure enough, land grabs happen all the time in wars and it's not like Hitler didn't intend to do his own, but what's also relevant in this case is Allied hypocrisy, as the Allies were supposedly fighting for a new world order in which forced border changes and population movements would never happen anymore and yet they themselves were doing these things.


Good post.


>Jewish bolshevik revolution in Germany (2 million dead, at least.)

That's a very, very dubious claim. The German Revolution consisted of mutinies, strikes political maneuvering and street fighting on a modest number of cities. It was more of a very violent political contest than a full-scale civil war. A death toll in the millions would have required vast armies and brutal fighting, as happened in Russia, but events in Germany in 1918-19, as chaotic as they were, did not go that far. The actual death toll is in the thousands.

So what is the source for those claims? Both links in the pastebin just direct you to Wikipedia, which makes no reference to this fabricated and absurd death toll. In short: there is no source at all.

This is troublesome. There are plenty of positive things to be said about the Freikorps -a peculiar historical phenomenon with adventurous, heroic characteristics- and negative things to be said about Rosa Luxembourg & co.; killing 2 million people isn't one of them. Making this absurd claim may convince someone with a short attention span, but anyone who thinks for themselves will check the sources and, upon realizing that it is false, begin to doubt about the rest of the points made by the image. False claims aren't simply nice bonuses to your statements, but quite to the contrary, they detract from your argument and can poison the reader's expectation. Thus, I can only assume that whoever made that picture is either a fool, or actively interested in discrediting the arguments contained therein.

468bbd  No.11963295

I am not yellow

The kike mods did that because I wouldn’t fuck a Jew

468bbd  No.11963333

So in the meme with the blonde throwing up the Bellamy Salute, the current title holder of Hitler or one of his descendants was in that area.

Also, that turn was too obvious as you still think my hat is white.

000000  No.11963916



>It was a pure land grab; Poland has a claim to its new territories -until a millenia ago their native peoples were West Slavic,

Wait, so the Czechs, Slovaks and Slovens are Poles too? (the Wends are given).

Poland and the Poles have no claim for anything but the Duchy of Warsaw, until the second half of the 19th century there was not even a Polish nation as we understand.

Prior to Partitions there was no Polish national identity, only szlachta of all ethnic backgrounds was considered and referred to as Poles. [72][73][74]

An exact counterpart of Szlachta society was the Meerassee (wiktionary:mirasdar) system of tenure of southern India—an aristocracy of equality—settled as conquerors among a separate race.[19]:484 The Polish state paralleled the Roman Empire[24][25][26] in that full rights of citizenship were limited to the szlachta.[27][28][6]

The “Poland” before the partitions, today’s Poles try to claim as theirs, was a medieval feudal construct that spanned over many different people. The “Poles” of this state did not consider ordinary peoples as their people, but as bydlos, cattle.

In the 1840s Nicholas I reduced 64,000 szlachta to commoner status.[61] Despite this, 62.8% of Russia's nobles were szlachta in 1858 and still 46.1% in 1897.[62] Serfdom was abolished in Russian Poland on February 19, 1864. It was deliberately enacted in a way that would ruin the szlachta. It was the only area where peasants paid the market price in redemption for the land (the average for the empire was 34% above the market price). All land taken from Polish peasants since 1846 was to be returned without redemption payments. The ex-serfs could only sell land to other peasants, not szlachta. 90% of the ex-serfs in the empire who actually gained land after 1861 were in the 8 western provinces. Along with Romania, Polish landless or domestic serfs were the only ones to be given land after serfdom was abolished.[63] All this was to punish the szlachta's role in the uprisings of 1830 and 1863. By 1864 80% of szlachta were déclassé (downward social mobility), ¼ petty nobles were worse off than the average serf, 48.9% of land in Russian Poland was in peasant hands, nobles still held 46%.[64]

''The Galician Slaughter,[1] also known as the Peasant Uprising of 1846[2] or the Szela uprising[3] (German: Galizischer Bauernaufstand; Polish: Rzeź galicyjska or Rabacja galicyjska), was a two-month uprising of Galician[a] peasants that led to the suppression of the szlachta uprising (Kraków Uprising) and the massacre of szlachta in Galicia in the Austrian partition in early 1846. The uprising, which lasted from February to March, primarily affected the lands around the town of Tarnów.[4]

It was a revolt against serfdom, directed against manorial property and oppression (for example, the manorial prisons);[5] Galician peasants killed about 1,000 noblemen and destroyed about 500 manors.[4][6] ''

Wolff takes a different stance here, by noting that it is likely that the Austrian authorities held greater sway with the peasants, who saw improvement in their living conditions in the recent decades, which they associated with the new Austrian rule.[19]

The peasants also aided the Austrian army in defeating the insurgents at the battle of Gdów.[13][20][21]

Peasants attacked the manor houses of the rebel noble leaders as well as of suspected rebel nobles and killed many hundreds of the estate owners and their families; about 90% of the manor houses in the Tarnów region are estimated to have been destroyed.[14] At least 470 manor houses were destroyed.[12] Estimates of the number of lives lost by Polish estate owners and officials range from 1,000 to 2,000.[9]

As a result of this defeats, “Poles”, Szlachta enacted a policy of populism. Minor impoverished Szlachta started to agitate the peasants, married even their daughters. The Szlachta created a nationalist movement as revenge and attempt to restore their former position.

The Catholic Church helped much to create this new Polish nationalism. So much of the decision if a peasant was “Polish” was bound to his membership of either Protestant, Orthodox or Catholic Churches.

On the Baltic coast nearly everybody was a Protestant so far east German medieval settlements reached, while in the east and south Orthodoxy was prevalent. In the west Silesia was divided Protestant and Catholic, but here a strong German national instinct, covering the religious divide, existed since the medieval age, the “Polish” capital of Krakow was build by German settlers. As for a “Polish” Silesia, in the post WWI referendum 75 percent of inhabitants opted for Germany, the remaining concentrated in pockets of Polish immigrant industrial workforce.

000000  No.11963917

A significant portion of Szlachta was of jewish descent, but this angle is not researched very well. It would explain Polish craziness.

The baptism of the Frankists was celebrated with great solemnity in the churches of Lwów, with members of the Polish szlachta (nobility) acting as god-parents. The neophytes adopted the names of their godfathers and godmothers, and ultimately joined their ranks. Frank himself was baptized in Lwów (September 17, 1759) and again in Warsaw the next day, with Augustus III as his godfather. Frank's baptismal name was "Joseph" (Józef). In the course of one year more than 500 individuals were converted to Christianity at Lwów, and nearly a thousand in the following year. By 1790, 26,000 Jews were recorded baptised in Poland.[7]

6d06ca  No.11963939

File: 46d350e9aea31df⋯.jpg (38.76 KB, 292x262, 146:131, 1443056270355.jpg)


>Then and now, traitors to Europe

Polan? But of course we are. We are traitors to the vision of Germanistan Caliphate-centered brown Europe governed by Sharia law. So yeah, I take that "traitorous" as a compliment.

000000  No.11963948


Next year in Jerusalem with the other kikes?

c23c54  No.11963950



You should be the last to laugh at Germany when it is in peril.

Have you not learned from Weimar?

6d06ca  No.11963956


I'm not sure why you're telling me about your vacation plan, but best of luck, pal.


I find it funny for Germania, pardon, Westernische Kebap-land to constantly and repeatedly elect people who fuck it up and drag the rest of Yurope down with them.

ed64f6  No.11963963

File: 89d9d39382bb0ba⋯.webm (3.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 89d9d39382bb0baefab259b9b….webm)


>If Germany even so much as looks at Poland funny

552fec  No.11964023


0ab489  No.11964039


Stalin will rise from the grave and start murdering Poles again?

60ad5a  No.11964048

File: 38787eae5018532⋯.mp4 (15.75 MB, 704x384, 11:6, Hellstorm.mp4)

I hope Xi and Kim know about this. Underestimating King Rothschild is a mistake.

016907  No.11964058

File: dd82167761661b3⋯.png (82.89 KB, 1228x1328, 307:332, r1a in Germany.png)


>Poland and the Poles have no claim for anything but the Duchy of Warsaw

I'm not saying it's necessarily a strong claim. I'm saying there is something of a basis, unlike Kaliningrad which is absolutely baseless.

>until the second half of the 19th century there was not even a Polish nation as we understand.

This also holds true for many other European nations which had little national consciousness -which doesn't mean their culture and genetics did not exist. An Estonian peasant in 1600 did not have any elaborate thoughts about being part of some "Estonian nation", and yet it would be incorrect to claim that no such thing as "Estonia" existed .In fact, even in European nations that already had a sense of identity prior to the 19th century (such as Germany itself), it was weaker and more regionalistic than what we currently conceive as nationalism.

Furthermore, by the logic of biological determinism, it can only be concluded that a Polish nation has existed for as long as Polish genetics and it just lacked a "consciousness".

>The “Poland” before the partitions, today’s Poles try to claim as theirs, was a medieval feudal construct

Prior to liberalism and the French Revolution essentially all European states were medieval feudal constructs.

>that spanned over many different people

Like the Holy Roman Empire?

>far east German medieval settlements


Worth noting that they were populated by assimilated and miscigenated Slavs rather than pure Germans, though they were nonetheless German and shouldn't have been kicked off their land.

>The Szlachta created a nationalist movement as revenge and attempt to restore their former position.

This has some logic, but it sounds like the claim that Italian nationalism was invented out of thin air by the bourgeoise of Italian states because they wanted to build railways. Although economic grievances certainly played a part in this process (aswell as the many other national revival movements in the 19th century), the idea that economics dictate culture and national consciousness can be "invented" by upper classes to achieve an economic purpose is very typical of one school of social thought. Can you guess which is it?

e9d9e3  No.11964073

i think the biggest personal revelation in regards to jews and germany was not knowing a single damn thing that jews did to germany to warrant such fucking hatred

you know what nazis did to jews, but you didn't know what jews did to germany

and then you learn they made up the communist parties, like the marxist institutions today, the german press, like today's msm, etc

ed64f6  No.11964086


Yes, but also Germans

2de186  No.11964162

File: 65d285ec0c17cf6⋯.mp4 (14.88 MB, 704x384, 11:6, Hellstorm.mp4)

Americans were top goys even back then.

8e5af7  No.11964165


> you know what nazis did to jews, but you didn't know what jews did to germany

There's a big difference between getting rid of enemies within, securing borders and cooperating with your neighbors AND setting half of the world ablaze, going full "evil overlord", not to mention slaughtering people who had nothing in common with said enemy.

Think before opening mouth in public. I know it's not the most popular thing to do in 'Murica, but you're on open waters now, Paco.

0ab489  No.11964187


WTF are you babbling about? You reddit kids really need to learn basic English so you can make a coherent post.

8ef7e9  No.11964214


>All those "dumb" americans with their "dumb" flag on the "dumb" moon and the "dumb" nazis who helped them put it there.

Makes you seethe because you can't take credit for it doesn't it schlomo?

2de186  No.11964217

File: 0769edeb3e9c3a3⋯.mp4 (8.44 MB, 704x384, 11:6, Dresden Death Toll.mp4)

All this video footage of a real holocaust caused by the jewish bankers and we are trained to think jews were the victims.

8e5af7  No.11964223


> WTF are you babbling about?

About the big difference between getting rid of enemies within, securing borders and cooperating with your neighbors AND setting half of the world ablaze, going full "evil overlord", not to mention slaughtering people who had nothing in common with said enemy.

Focus, junior. I'm not going to be around you your whole life to explain shit.


> something, something, something, 'Murica.

I can't in all honesty undersand what you mean by that. Tone down on sugar, Anon. It's gonna make you more focused and therefore coherent.

0ab489  No.11964245


Posting vague nonsense doesn't make you intelligent. It doesn't even successfully mask your lack of intelligence. Either learn to communicate effectively or go back to reddit. This "I'll post vague nonsense and then wait to see how people respond and then say they guessed wrong about what bullshit is floating around in my damaged brain" crap is just a pathetic way to try to avoid being contradicted. And you know this full well, since you just responded to another redditard doing the same shit.

8ef7e9  No.11964259


>something something something, ad hominem

Thanks your tacit admission of defeat is most satisfying.

543564  No.11964302


You're the eternal anglo. Murderer of European religion, culture, and its peoples. But soon you're not going to exist as your whole island is overrun by the people you exploited and enabled. Karma is a bitch.

8e5af7  No.11964313


I could, in fact, copy & paste your whole comment because it applies to yourself just great. "Ditto", then.


Ad hominem is ad hominem only when it's false, Anon. Call a sugar addict "a sugar addict" and it's nothing else than a confirmation of true nature of things.

In your case, your writing betrays problems with focus. Since you're 'Murican, bad, full of sugar diet is usually to blame.

8ef7e9  No.11964329


Hehe, you're not only a conceited cunt but you're also objectively wrong on all counts.

I do have a sweet tooth though.

8e5af7  No.11964343

File: 0ea7a1b8600d854⋯.jpg (169.05 KB, 531x783, 59:87, ur fagget.jpg)


> You are (place some assumptions here)

> Source: my ass

Out of curiosity: you, kids usually resort to exactly this style of response pretty fast, especially when confronted with the reality that turns out to be different than your assumptions.

You're not right (obviously), you're not particularly clever, you're not even comical… So, what do you expect the result is gonna be?

8ef7e9  No.11964345



Wrong again bucko.

You're really shit at this.

8e5af7  No.11964350


Yes, yes, I feel very awful now.

Now, about the response to my question:

> So, what do you expect the result is gonna be?

8ef7e9  No.11964359


What result? I'm only here to torment you for my own amusement. Your questions are irrelevant.

c799e3  No.11964361

File: 6e411cbcdb3ef1d⋯.jpg (9.19 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1456551387858.jpg)


>im a redditspacing kike

When the Germans took Stalingrad, tens of thousands of defectors took up arms against Stalin along with the Germans. In fact, those "ebil nazis" had the most defectors in throughout WW2. >>>/oven/ this board will suit you a lot better.

8e5af7  No.11964365

File: 315e907168f1a2f⋯.jpg (222.85 KB, 867x612, 17:12, alien guy fuck i know.jpg)


> What result?

I see.

It simple equation then: act like a kid, speak like a kid, a kid you are.

000000  No.11964391


Oh niggers first genetic chart

Austrians and Bavarians are probably thrilled to hear they are Polish.

Historians as well, because there is no hint of Slavs in that places.


>Poland and the Poles have no claim for anything but the Duchy of Warsaw

>I'm not saying it's necessarily a strong claim.

I’m not saying Poles are nigger…

…but they are nigger

> I'm saying there is something of a basis, unlike Kaliningrad which is absolutely baseless.

Did you hit your head somewhere? Cause there is no correlation between Königsberg and R1a/b.

>>until the second half of the 19th century there was not even a Polish nation as we understand.

>This also holds true for many other European nations

No, this is specific Polish and no modernist deconstructivist nonsense, based on historical facts.

You are not going to tell Ukrainians or Belorussians they are secret Polish.

Same with your total bullshit genetics argument for Polish world empire.

>Polish genetics

There are no Polish genetics and if Poles before the partition were an assembly of Lithuanians, Slavs, Turks and Jews you have even less of an argument.

>that spanned over many different people

>Like the Holy Roman Empire?

Nobody in 1918 wanted to recreate HRE or legitimate German territory with it, that is the point.

The point is that the territories annexed by Poland were all populated in majority by Germans.

Of course the HRE was mostly, overwhelmingly German. More German than France is French and Britain is English or Poland-Lithunian-Commenwealth was ever Polish.

German identity can be traced back at least until early middle ages, when enough sources appear. Not only from a German perspective, but also foreigners that identified them as a distinct people. Germans continued to perceive themselves as a people even and despite not being in a uniform governed territory.


>Worth noting that they were populated by assimilated and miscigenated Slavs rather than pure Germans,

Silesia was populated to 75% by Germans, that is the result of the referendum, not some made up shit “they are secret Slavs and therefore Poles and because they are so secret Poles real Poles are entitled to murder them and take their stuff”.

>The Szlachta created a nationalist movement as revenge and attempt to restore their former position.

>This has some logic, but it sounds like the claim that Italian nationalism was invented out of thin air by the bourgeoise of Italian states because they wanted to build railways.

Why don’t you try to discus your uneducated shit with some Italians?

016907  No.11965782


I was the one who brought up the Oder-Neisse line, the fact that the territory east of it was majority German, and that the Allies were hypocritical and poorly justified in their annexations. What I also mentioned was that the Polish and Russian claims to the newly-annexed territories are qualitatively different.

Tell me: who is is that lived in what is now Silesia in the year 900? Not Germans. Pommerania? Not Germans. Posen? Not Germans. They weren't Poles, either, but if these peoples were still alive today (and some are, such as Sorbs), you would classify them as much closer to Poles than to Germans. Even the ruling dynasties in HRE Mecklenburg and Pommerania admitted that they had Slavic ancestry!

The same holds true (not for relatedness to Poles but to Slavs in general) to Carinthia and other areas of easternmost Germany/Austria. Look up the Ostsiedlung: these Slavic lands were gradually conquered, and, although German settlers arrived, the local population did mostly get assimilated (although in some cases this wasn't complete, such as Sorbs and Carinthia's remaining Slovene population), and the Germans that still live there thus have partially Slavic genetics. There's no point denying this. They are Germans, yes, I never said they weren't; all I pointed out was that they have Slavic ancestry. This is historical fact backed up by modern genetic testing. There are plenty of hints of past Slavic presence in Austria (ever heard of Carantania?). It seems you believe that all of eastern Germany has always been populated by 100% genetically Germanic people which is not true.

>modernist deconstructivist nonsense

Look up nationalist revival movements among Latvians, Slovaks, etc. and the radically different way the French handled regionalism before and after the Revolution (from relative decentralization to fanatical supression of local language and identity). National identity existed prior to liberalism, but in a different manner that would even be considered wrong by many modern nationalists.

>There are no Polish genetics

You're on /pol/ arguing against genetic differentiation between peoples?

>Silesia was populated to 75% by Germans,

Indeed it was. And these Germans had a significant proportion of Slavic ancestry. Does this mean they had to be annexed by Poland? Not at all.

>Why don’t you try to discus your uneducated shit with some Italians?

It's one example of a "substructure-superstructure" argument like yours. Your logic rests on the supposition that society is a byproduct of economics.

000000  No.11965935



>Tell me: who is is that lived in what is now Silesia in the year 900? Not Germans.

The Book of Henryków (Polish: Księga henrykowska, Latin: Liber fundationis claustri Sancte Marie Virginis in Heinrichau) is a Latin chronicle of the Cistercian abbey in Henryków in Lower Silesia.

Note it is named by the German name Heinrichau in Latin.

It is notable as the earliest document to include a sentence written entirely in what can be interpreted as an Old Polish language[1][2]

The circumstances under which this sentence was written closely reflected the cultural and literary conditions in Poland in the first centuries of its national existence. It appeared in a Latin chronicle, written by a German abbot.

So the first known Polish words were recorded by a German in Silesia.

While there is written evidence of the Old High German language in several Elder Futhark inscriptions from as early as the 6th century AD (such as the Pforzen buckle), the Old High German period is generally seen as beginning with the Abrogans (written c.765–775), a Latin-German glossary supplying over 3,000 OHG words with their Latin equivalents.

>The same holds true (not for relatedness to Poles but to Slavs in general) to Carinthia and other areas of easternmost Germany/Austria

Bohemia, Bavaria and Tyrol formed the Duchy of Bavaria in the 5th to 10th century.

The Duchy of Bavaria extended deep into the south to Verona and close to Venice.


Bohemia comes from Boihoma, the Germanic name “home of the Boi” a historical Celtic tribe originally from today’s northern Italy that fleed to that place. The Romans never conquered that place and reported it as inhabitated by the Germanic Markomans. After the fall of Rome the Germanic tribe of Boivari descended from Bohemia/Boihoma into the former Roman provinces of Raetia and Noricum and founded the Duchy of Bavaria.

The closest they came to Slavs, were the Slovenes that asked the Bavarians for protection from the Avarians, that is down at the Adriatic.

Later Bavaria was split into three parts Bohemia, Bavaria and Austria.

da7ba5  No.11966586

So is Hitler neutral/good/evil? Isn't Merkel evil or MK'd?

f0c67b  No.11972325

File: 7607783f67c34fc⋯.png (205.9 KB, 800x800, 1:1, topkek.png)

>go to war

>get ass kicked

>"if the jews weren't here we would've won"

>get rid of jews

>go to war

>get ass kicked

>blames the jews again

726423  No.11974114

File: 7844611a10f9d6e⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, B1EBD3EA-0F69-43DC-B790-2A….png)

The Yugoslavian war and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia

726423  No.11974150

File: c50c76ed32afa82⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 1CABD87E-01CC-4CF8-967F-E9….png)

Wait is this gust excluded for WW2

3b05fe  No.11979763

``no swearing, this is a Christian server!`` >:(

8a4b8e  No.11980295


kill jews, they are a harmful slaverace

5415c5  No.11980361


This breaks my heart OP.

5415c5  No.11980447

There's an askenazi in the office with me…

8a4b8e  No.11980461

please keep dropping intel but dont start writing instead provide source links pictures and videos ty

301fea  No.11980583


>Mongol divisions

More info on this? Which ones, specifically?

a6f911  No.11983591

File: 41f9b982fc55a59⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 366x411, 122:137, A German girl raped and mu….jpg)

File: 5bc1ca659693634⋯.jpg (36.66 KB, 620x330, 62:33, a german soldied executed ….jpg)

File: 89205065c4f9e64⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 190x265, 38:53, nemmersdorf 1944 004.jpg)

File: 3549462cb1fb774⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 236x158, 118:79, nemmersdorf 1944 005.jpg)

File: 61f87338ed9936d⋯.jpg (41.83 KB, 494x344, 247:172, nemmersdorf 1944 006.jpg)

ba9dc1  No.11983653


> Look closely at these photos, Anons, they are fabricated and are no proof that holohoax happened.

> Unlike these photos, produced and spread by German war machine. They are totally true.

> Look at the blurry photo of a mutilated corpse of a woman. It's obvious she was a German! And the dead kid? Facial features are hard to recognize, but German of course.

> Also, they are totally true, because there's written - in German - that they depict truth.


ba9dc1  No.11983656


These things aren't mutually exclusive.

000000  No.11983844




Nemmersdorf triggers you

Not all photos show here are from Nemmersdorf, but those which are, are well documented. We know the photographer, time, place, have witnesses, know the victims, etc. All that nasty detail that are so often overlocked at other aspects of the world war.

210911  No.11985232

Its a shame to think of the lost potential from the millions of generations of those German families could have contributed to this world.

e9a166  No.11986187


Let it steel your resolve.

Also, make sure you have like ten kids.

d783a1  No.11986334


Every crime will be avenged a billionfold.

ab8ad9  No.11986691


And, of course, there's absolutely no possibility for these photos and the information to be fabricated. That they conveniently fit into pro-war propaganda is a coincidence, because German war machine wouldn't ever sink as low as to produce false info.

> Because I say so.


ab8ad9  No.11986695


Uh-huh. Their pro-Merkelian descendants could drag even more Arabs into Europe. Yeah, what a loss…

75214a  No.11986708



The polish subhumans will always remain slaves to the krauts even in "victory".

Just look at where the prostitutes in krautland come from.

000000  No.11986888



>And, of course, there's absolutely no possibility for these photos and the information to be fabricated.


ab8ad9  No.11986907


Ah, I see.


Андрей, old buddy, how's life? Finally made some friends IRL, or still online life 24/7 pretty much?

000000  No.11986913



>Their pro-Merkelian descendants could drag even more Arabs into Europe. Yeah, what a loss…

So you interupted your main of job toilet cleaning or in your free time, race mixing to bring us this important message?

>By 1790, 26,000 Jews were recorded baptised in Poland.[7]''

>Most of the 21,000 children born to Polish mothers in 2012 had Polish fathers; but of the rest, 23% had African or Asian fathers.


>British psychiatrist's Polish ex-partner kidnapped their four-year-old daughter to raise her in her home country - and UK courts are helpless

>Islam Heliel is fighting for his daughter Kleopatra to be returned to Britain to him



>A continuous presence of Islam in Poland began in the 14th century. From this time it was primarily associated with the Tatars (Turks),

>Towards the end of the 14th century, another wave of Tatars – this time, Muslims, were invited into the Grand Duchy by Vytautas the Great.

> After the fall of Poland in 1939, the Polish Tatars in the Wilno (Vilnius) based 13th Cavalry Regiment were one of the last Polish Army units recorded carrying on the fight

>WARSAW - Poland, whose right-wing government opposes taking in migrants, may have to look to Filipino workers to cover a growing labor shortage hurting the economy, a senior official said Saturday.

>"We are on course to conclude an agreement. I hope that in the autumn we will be able to at least sign a preliminary accord" with the Philippine authorities, Deputy Labor Minister Stanislaw Szwed said according to a PAP news agency report.

>According to analyst forecasts, Poland by 2030 will be short of 4 million workers, partly the result of continued emigration of its own workforce to other EU countries and partly due to a low birth rate.


ab8ad9  No.11986927


> So you interupted your main of job toilet cleaning or in your free time, race mixing to bring us this important message?

You seem to be surprised by the idea of people sharing their opinions online. May I ask just how new to this "the Internet" you are? Also, does it treat you well? If not, just drop the word. There are various self-help groups, I might be able to find you a place…

3d09f0  No.11986956


Either you are retarded or trolling

They may've gotten rid of the jews, but forgot they were jews in other countries who wanted to declare war on germany for not using the banking system they wanted, you'll also have to point out the fact that the poles took advantage of this.

Go fuck your self.

e857d7  No.11987198

Who the fuck keeps bumping this shite thread I always see it on the thread index

7fe1b7  No.11987282


>who keeps bumping the thread


>oy vey a thread where jewish crimes are exposed is shit


f75462  No.11989790


you do realise that city names Berlin and Dresden are slavic and mean 'swamp'? Slavs Moved till Oder and partially across where they met the Francs. They had a paganistic and low hirarchy culture and were forced out of their eastern territories by newly formed highly hirarchical kingdoms, Scythians etc.

e9a166  No.11990007


To be fair, there is actual content here. Better than a slide thread anyway.

0d1ccb  No.11990698

File: 2cd3c29f8d50ef8⋯.jpg (69.78 KB, 500x395, 100:79, baseball.jpg)



I was the only kid in my first grade class to know about the Japanese internment camps, because of the book "Baseball Saved Us". It's a children's book, but it's a fantastic way to introduce children to one of the many aspects of war in a light way. After I brought it in class for show and tell, so many kids wanted to borrow it, my teacher; and school library bought a copy.

The USA and Japs have done their fair share of fucked up shit to each other, but a mutual respect came out of that war that shaped the whole modern world, and the world is arguably better off because of that war.

34d1f4  No.11990728


I've said this in the past and I'll say this again, if you're born fully White and belong in a White country,

appreciate it.

You don't know what it feels like being a non-white.

1676d4  No.11990740


>You don't know what it feels like being a non-white.

I hear whitey's voodoo does some crazy shit. Peace.

000000  No.11990759



>city names Berlin and Dresden are slavic and mean 'swamp'?

Same as Berne, Switzerland, because current year, must be Slavic too.

Has probably nothing to do with the bear in their shield.

Junk “science”.

20ae99  No.11992725


>Selected sources

<Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

<US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Remember the 600

34d1f4  No.11993832


nice niggerposting

f52f5e  No.11994630

File: ead100744f64611⋯.png (300.63 KB, 1245x1259, 1245:1259, ead100744f646113872b765943….png)

>jews are innocent victims

whenever someone goes on about the lolocaust this one always cracks me up

b8587f  No.12014480

Hey boys why the fuck was this on page 24 and the hitlist got slid entirely?



111140  No.12014934


98% of german communists were jews

coincidence detector

(((Rosa Luxemburg))) Executed

Karl (((Liebknecht))) Executed

(((Kurt Eisner)))

(((Paul Levi)))

(((Franz Mehring)))

(((Leo Jogiches))) Executed

Wilhelm Pieck

(((Ernst Toller)))

(((Erich Mühsam)))

Richard Müller

(((Emil Barth)))

(((Gustav Landauer))) Executed

(((Eugen Leviné))) Executed

(((Karl Radek)))

Emil (((Eichhorn)))

Müller is also a typical Judenname

german names by conicidence detection

Philipp (((Scheidemann)))

Matthias (((Erzberger)))

(((Hugo Preuß)))

43a8b6  No.12016221

I don't believe in the Holocaust or Nanking.

Why should i believe in this?

0a6cb0  No.12018203

File: a352c7a409b2961⋯.jpg (8.82 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpg)

Do it again, Harry.

Do it for your country. Show the Hun what you've got.

Blast em' to bits so the EU disintegrates.

20bd2c  No.12018354


>muh english

Reminder that the majority of the aircraft where American

75214a  No.12018517

File: 09bd67d004e76b1⋯.jpg (41.54 KB, 620x465, 4:3, masters of the anglo rothe….jpg)

File: 1715ea0c57a7328⋯.jpg (136.55 KB, 748x533, 748:533, anglo subhumans btfo brits….jpg)

File: 2a836a5f5f09eeb⋯.jpg (117.94 KB, 634x837, 634:837, Pissing on a piece of shit….jpg)


the anglo subhumans never learn

7fe353  No.12018568

This is a good avenue to explore, though one which interests me more is PRE-war crimes. Weren't there reports of Czechs brutalizing the natives of the Sudetenland after the Treaty of Versailles handed the land to them against the natives' wishes? IE the reason why the Munich Agreement was justified.

As for claims that Hitler violated the MA…

> the German Führer broke the promise he had made at that conference to respect that country's future territorial integrity in March 1939 by sending troops into Prague, its capital, breaking off Slovakia as a German client state, and absorbing the rest of it as the "Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia",

But was this actually a violation?

>Hácha submitted to Germany's demands and issued a declaration stating that in light of events he accepted that Germany would decide the fate of the Czech people; Hitler accepted Hácha's declaration and declared that Germany would provide the Czech people with an autonomous protectorate governed by ethnic Czechs. Hácha was appointed president of the protectorate the same day.

>Hitler summoned Czechoslovak President Emil Hácha to Berlin and intimidated him into accepting the German occupation of the Czech rump state and its reorganisation as a German protectorate.

This is what the Wikipedia article says… but it sounds to me like Emil Hacha's government simply failed, and he chose to join Germany as a protectorate to restore order, thus Germany's occupation of Prague and the remainder of Czechoslovakia was justified. It was a respect of their territorial integrity (it kept the leader in place and reinforced him) not a violation.

The idea that the Munich Agreement was at all violated rests upon the idea that we can't hold Emil Hacha accountable for his own decisions. That we must assume that Emil Hacha was intimidated and not simply making the logical decision to stabilize his country. What evidence exists to back this idea though?


>For months prior to the 1939 German invasion of Poland, German newspapers and politicians like Adolf Hitler had carried out a national and international propaganda campaign accusing Polish authorities of organizing or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland.

We should get as much data about this campaign as possible and see how much of its claims we can verify. We do know that Poland had already invaded Czechoslovakia, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Czechoslovak_border_conflicts#Annexations_by_Poland_in_1938

Upon becoming a protectorate on 15 March 1939, Hitler took on the responsibility of safeguarding POBAM. Back in 1 October 1938 prior to Hacha acquiring protectorate status from Germany, they had been bullied out of the city of Bohumin. They had ordered them to evacuate in 1 day. Wikipedia claims this was to secure the area against Germans, but if that was true, they could have co-operated with local troops instead of kicking them out, so it was obviously conquering them. There is a sharp contrast between how Poland occupied Bohumin in October 1938 and how Germany occupied prague in March 1939: Poland did it under proven threat of force, Germany did it with the consent of its leader, and kept him in power.

The Slovak Republic is also involved in this to some degree but I'm having some difficulty understandings its context.

0a6cb0  No.12019779

File: 5e902ba6e2173a8⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 480x802, 240:401, 5e9.jpg)


Eat shit hun :D

d683c8  No.12019859


>bomber Harris dindu nuffin, he wuz gud boi!

Good thing you guys defeated Germany, you would’ve all been speaking German! Thankfully you’ll all be speaking Arabic instead.

Back to Plebbit with you, kike.

0a6cb0  No.12019886


You fail to see that I'm shitposting. Humorless ass.

8fef8a  No.12020128


That soviet flag flapping in the breeze right after the narrator says 'the peaceful nations of the world'

Literally within 6 months of the wars end they were our new enemy, and remained the old enemy of Nazi Germany

I hate war and death and stuff but fuck me if Germany wasn't right, and America/Britain/France just a bunch of crybabies who didn't want to give up world control

1a25eb  No.12020430

File: 8c6d938b00e160d⋯.jpg (79.08 KB, 800x450, 16:9, germanische stämme.jpg)


>Look up the Ostsiedlung: these Slavic lands were gradually conquered

>taking back stolen land is conquering

61b575  No.12021191


Who ordered the bombing of Dresden? I've heard there were only 1 or 2 people. I'm surprised people of German origin in the US had no sympathy.

2e505f  No.12021749

File: 602467c2def243b⋯.jpeg (10.68 KB, 225x300, 3:4, images (87).jpeg)

What if we made the Jews get mixed even more, destroy their culture, history and religion, disperse them to all the parts of the world and destroy Israel and Jerusalem/Tell Aviv?

f6951b  No.12022660


Are Hungarians going to start a war and conquer Germany and "Great" Britain?

122f3f  No.12024109

File: 804366854ea4d27⋯.jpg (292.89 KB, 533x800, 533:800, ree.jpg)

When do we get rid of pic related?

a248b1  No.12024177

File: 4593d77607d9063⋯.jpg (111.82 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 1207150344.jpg)


Or pic related?

9489cd  No.12024291

If this is the price for destroying the White man I say the Germans got off light.

f4bd57  No.12024299


they tried to win and lost, resulting in destruction; that's not the same as destroying

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