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File: 7459c8592c07ed0⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 000-hi-lets-do-this.jpg)

df3768  No.11614117

Previous threads:


>>11400281 https://archive.fo/FiQc3

A Chicagoanon here.

I've met with Art Jones in person a few times over the past few months, and I've determined that I can no longer wait to get anons more involved in the campaign. The election against Dan Lipinski is November 6th, and we have a lot of work to do.

I was not the one that posted either of the previous threads, and I have not posted in either of them. This is my first post on this topic. (Note that Art and his wife have read through parts of the second of those threads.)

As part of my efforts to aid his campaign, I wrote the basis of a comprehensive /pol/-tier platform for him. He and his wife are essentially on board with going forward with it as the foundation for future communications and propaganda. It needs to be fleshed out, researched and completed such that it can be a guiding framework for everything from a book to media interviews to highway billboards (all of these are examples of things that have been eagerly discussed IRL with him.)

The situation right now with regards to external communications is that we are unable to get control of the current website due to communication issues with the current host, and efforts towards a new site have been made but are not currently publishable. Note that the contact email on the website does not go to anything that we are able to currently access (So, anything you've sent there has not yet been received by us.). If this changes, I will alert this thread immediately. However, the contact FORM on the website DOES go to a place that we are able to access and is secure. If you want to contact me privately, then use the subject "Forward This Message to the 8chan Person" verbatim, and include as part of your message an email address from an established, free, private, encrypted email provider, typed twice (don't copy-paste please), and I will contact you from an email address on the same provider and as part of my message I will quote your message in its entirety.

I have set up base at >>>/ajfc/. If this thread is deleted, you can go there to read more and help out. If that board is deleted or neutered by global mods, then I'll post it in the various bunker boards/chans. I am aware that most of them are honeypots, but it is the best alternative way to reach 8pol anons, and we can regroup from there. I intend to use these threads and >>>/ajfc/ as coordination centers.

903d34  No.11614125


df3768  No.11614126

File: 0c3bc20c70b4623⋯.png (1.21 MB, 5532x3392, 1383:848, 00-art-jones-color-1.png)

File: bc45c231df6eb60⋯.jpg (997.4 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 00-banner.jpg)

File: 3a4ab6497142e7d⋯.png (14.41 KB, 963x87, 321:29, 00-from-the-second-thread-….png)

File: 98d02c85f0ed79b⋯.png (236.57 KB, 641x357, 641:357, 00-pol-pol-from-the-second….png)

File: 6b8699e87be370c⋯.png (906.58 KB, 1199x5144, 1199:5144, 00-text.png)

Disclaimer: There's a lot of important stuff that I haven't included below for the sake of brevity and security, but there's more than enough to get things properly started here in the right direction.

Right now I'm asking for six things on behalf of the campaign:

1. Money

2. Boots on the Ground, Anonymously and otherwise

3. Design work and memes

4. Comprehensive research for the America First Platform

5. Comprehensive research for Other Projects

6. Other, Workable Ideas and Suggestions

In our discussions, Art referred to /pol/ as "your cyber soldiers" and "your phantom army", and due to his boomer nature he is skeptical about the effectiveness of online propaganda and its ability to affect the real world and get him money and votes. He needs to see that what was done for Trump can be done for him.

df3768  No.11614132

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Right now, we need money. We don't yet have a lot of merch to sell (It's still being designed, and you can help with that.), so what you're getting out of this, as an individual and as a group, is control over the Art Jones campaign akin to the control a big donor has over a typical politician. To that effect, you can earmark your donation and the local /pol/ group will ensure that your earmarking is honored. The spending of non-earmarked donations will be determined by Art Jones himself, and at present will likely subsidize the printing of tracts and stickers. I and the local /pol/ group can guide him as much as possible regarding non-earmarked donations and his campaign in general, but it's ultimately his campaign and his trust in our group will only grow strong with 8pol helping him get money and media attention.

These are some examples of appropriate earmarkings:

- "anything as long as the local /pol/ group approves"

- "anything as long as the local /pol/ group approves, and there is overwhelming online enthusiasm for it"

- "only to be used for the billboard(s) and my favorite one is 'Art Jones: The Final Solution to the Chicago Machine'"

- "please use this as part of efforts to gain the support of the local Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement"

Unreasonable restrictions, such as unconditional restrictions on the time period during which your donation may be spent, will be ignored. If this is the case and I am able to contact you via email, I will notify you that your "earmarking" has been ignored. If you are unsure if your desired earmarking is too specific or unreasonable, then either err on the side of caution, or contact me and I'll give you an answer.

No donation money will ever be spent on the labor of those directly connected to the campaign, including Art and his wife. "This is a purely voluntary operation of white patriots", as Art said to me. If not disallowed by your earmarking(s), we will as needed indirectly pay for the salaries of contracted workers, e.g. printers, by way of hiring them on contract.

The local /pol/ group has personally set aside $1488.00 that will be used as matching donations. The first $1488.00 of donations received from this point forward which specify any kind of full or partial earmarking will be matched, and the matching funds will respect the same earmarks as the matched funds. Donations which specify no earmarkings are indistinguishable from donations coming from other sources, and these matching funds are intended to magnify your donations in particular.

As an individual, you may donate up to $2500 in total as part of this general election campaign. Couples may donate up to $5000.

df3768  No.11614140

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Other videos for previous post:

Arthur Jones in 1992 https://hooktube.com/watch?v=3xPaWgzXbh4

Art Jones at 2016 NSM Rally https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Psjbbz__iPE

Art Jones at 2017 NSM Rally https://hooktube.com/watch?v=RswNTZgWgdw

The Infamous CNN Interview https://hooktube.com/watch?v=nkm6bLE0Bmk

df3768  No.11614152

File: f512ceb40f94560⋯.jpg (3.83 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 01-afc-patch.jpg)

File: 321069d66676ab1⋯.webm (4.28 MB, 768x576, 4:3, 01-donation-allocation-qu….webm)

File: e9e8ecfdc0f1ed8⋯.webm (6.68 MB, 768x576, 4:3, 01-judicious-use-of-funds.webm)

Logistically, donations and earmarking work as follows:

1. You prepare a typed letter detailing your choice of how much of your donation you want to earmark to what cause. You may split your donation between causes, and you may leave some of your donation non-earmarked.

2. You send cash or anonymous money order in the mail, along with either your letter to the address on the current website, "Art Jones for Congress / P.O. Box 598 / Lyons, IL. 60534". We would prefer that you do this in a completely anonymous way, without handwriting or any other possibly-identifying information. You can use a personal check if you're inclined, but that is not our preference. (If you would like to be more secure, you may send a piece of paper with a unique alphanumeric on it in the mail with your donation instead of the letter, and then either via contact-form or email send me your letter, with your alphanumeric non-cryptically included in the letter so that I can match it up. If you choose this method, please send your digital letter before you mail your donation, as if we receive a donation with only an alphanumeric, and the alphanumeric doesn't match with any digital letter than I have, I will have to treat it as a non-earmarked donation.)

3. We receive your donation. If you are available via email, I will notify you that your donation has been received and that it and any matching funds have been allocated to the appropriate project(s). (I understand that there is no way for me to actually physically guarantee you that the earmarks have been allocated or spent as you have delineated, so as a token of sincerity, I offer two unedited audio clips of Art Jones himself saying that he will do what he can within reason to respect your earmarkings, and that campaign funds will be spent judiciously. This audio has not been posted anywhere else online. If there's anything else reasonable that I or Art can do to ensure you that this is all legitimate, we're all ears.)

(We actually do have a bit of merch. In 1980, Art made 100 patches for members of the America First Committee, identical to the one shown in one of the photos here. He used up 31 of them and still has 69 left that can be sold. To start off, we're going to do a sale of 33 of them, for a price of $88 per patch. If you want one, include an address or P.O. box as part of your earmarking letter. Please be conscious of the anonymity that you are giving up. Only one patch maximum per donation will be allowed, and you must 'earmark' $88 towards the patch. We will then send one to you through the mail with a return address of "Jones for Congress / P.O. Box 598 / Lyons, IL. 60534" (I.e. no "Art". We're putting a return address as these are rarities.). Your $88, along with the $88 of matching funds provided if you are an early donor, will then be treated as non-earmarked donations, to be used at Art's sole discretion without specific guidance, as they are his patches.)

Winning on November 6th will require money, and there is no way around that. Art himself has been dedicated to this for decades, and the attached videos show snapshots of this. This is his 8th time running for office on America First principles. In one past election, he used his retirement account for campaign funds and that year, due to low Republican turnout, he got a third of the primary votes. Until this year, that was his best. Due to his cleverness and persistence, this is the first time that we are past the primary event horizon and onto the general election. We are up against a hardcore obedient Blue Dog Democrat who is part and parcel of the Democratic machine in Chicago that has brought the state of Illinois to near ruin and who barely won against his commie opponent Marie Newman. Real victory is within reach.

df3768  No.11614156

File: 6bb4104bc3b5920⋯.mp4 (6.07 MB, 360x454, 180:227, 02-art-jones-call-to-actio….mp4)

2. Boots on the Ground, Anonymously and Otherwise

If you want to get involved in a non-anonymous way, i.e. doing door knocking and literature distributing with Art IRL, then contact him directly via the form on the website, and mention nothing of this post or your association with 8chan or any specific website. You'll bypass any distributed, anonymous efforts and participate in a more direct way. Art is harping on me to try and get other people to campaign with him IRL (It's not something I myself am involved in, and due to him cutting his teeth in early 1.0 movements, he is very much inclined to traditional direct campaigning), so if any of you locals are actually inclined to this, please strongly consider it. As Art himself recently told me, and as you hear similarly in webm related, "Boots on the ground! Shoes on the ground! Stilettos on the ground! Whatever you can get!"

Art himself manages all such direct campaigning.

The following regards the anonymous, distributed efforts.

I am not recruiting for anything here, and no formal business relationships will be formed from communications directly from here. The campaign does not exist beyond Art, in any official manner. If you call Art on the phone, he will not reveal the identity of anyone local or online helping him directly. The general idea is a distributed campaign where people with different resources and time availability's can anonymously coordinate to effectively campaign our way to constant media attention and notoriety for Art Jones, and a win on November 6th. We can do postering, lawn signs (within 60 days of the election), stickering, and banner operations. There may be other ways of campaigning, but these are for what I'm preparing. Finalized posters and graphics may be posted in these threads and anons close to the 3rd district would then be encouraged to post them (abiding by all laws and regulations) in the district in appropriate places, without our express permission, scheduling or coordination. If you as an anon run into another supposed-anon doing the same campaign, the protocol is: do not approach or acknowledge them, but attempt to not overlap your efforts. Anyone engaging another anon is to be automatically deemed an attempted infiltrator. Proof of the operation is to be in the media attention, rather than in pictures taken by yourself; this is to allow for anonymity and encourage actually-effective placement of propaganda.

If you are local, or if you have a local group of people, who would be willing to distribute fliers or post posters or hang a banner(s), but do not have printing resources, we will determine whether you are legitimate and then anonymously provide you the necessary wares. If you have printing or custom merchandise production resources that you would be willing to donate, we can coordinate on design, and if you want for us to distribute the product, we can determine appropriate package labeling and arrange for you to anonymously deliver the wares to us.

If you are the kind of person that would like to non-anonymously hand out pamphlets, tracts, and other documents on the street, or door-to-door, then post a video of yourself doing this (with face out of frame, please, by 'non-anonymous' I mean that people on the street see your face in connection with your activities, not that Art or the campaign itself needs to know anything about you.) and we will place priority on providing you wares and resources for you to continue doing so, but we will not directly coordinate with you nor pay you.

If you have other opportunities for us to engage in other mediums of propaganda, such as if you think you have access to fantastic advertising rates, then you need to figure out a way to get us that info and/or set up relationships while remaining anonymous yourself and using a plausible pseudonym only when necessary. The same protocol applies to helping us develop IRL support from other groups and organizations.

If there are other ways in which you would like to anonymously help the distributed campaign, please tell us how you'd like to help and we'll figure out a way to properly coordinate.

df3768  No.11614164

File: 90308862e2f9199⋯.png (6.19 MB, 2339x2950, 2339:2950, 03-art-jones-large-portrai….png)

File: 4b55dbcae12912c⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 2543x3349, 2543:3349, 03-current-pamphlet-back.jpg)

File: 2029ef52e71ba6d⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 2543x3282, 2543:3282, 03-current-pamphlet-front.jpg)

File: 81da141171465a3⋯.jpg (120.36 KB, 700x476, 25:17, 03-in-vietnam.jpg)

3. Design Work and Memes

There is no official style guide drawn up at the moment; official fonts and design elements have not yet been developed. The general feel is intended to be a brighter, more 90's style of tried-and-true fashwave aesthetics.

From a post here on December 30th, 2017, defining "Futurefash":

> - proper lines

> - clean aesthetics

> - positive futures

> - white nostalgia

> - space, city, country, virtual and natural environments

> - a return to masculinity

> - a return to femininity

> - a return to beautiful architecture

> - a return to natural hierarchy and laws

> - a return to hopeful divinity

> - 1980s were the last white decade for futurism, and this it inspires some art

> - 1930s Fascism and National Socialism were obsessed with Futurism in this way.

To this we add cheery brightness, flagrant optimism, and unabashed Americanism.


- Persistence

- Truth

- Patriotism

Themes, slogans and foci:

- America First

- Jobs, Not Wars

- Destroy the Chicago Democratic Machine

- Peace, Patriotism, and Prosperity

- A Spirit of Rebellion


- He really doesn't want any association with violence or threats.

- He was afraid of me suggesting fashwave aesthetics because he watched that the Texas shooter had a Perturbator album on his social media, and was afraid that fashwave signaled violence or a call to violence. He's okay with it now, though.

- He was also worried that the fashwave would be anti-Christian, and I explained that that is a rather unfounded worry, because of the pro-Christian/Catholic/Orthodox themes that reverberate through a lot of fashwave art.

- He also wants nothing obscene, and nothing terribly vulgar.

" To quote him, regarding attacking the opposition: "and don't go overboard on 'ridicule' either, I don't want a clown show here."

- A strong suggestion regarding pieces of propaganda, which is repeated below as a requirement regarding the planks of the platform: Is not in any way specific to Jews or the Holocaust, or even any race in particular. It is a principled, general position that incidentally affect Jews, or non-whites, or Holocaust propaganda. The general ideology here is to be Christian (National-) Socialist Civic Nationalism. Non-violent National Socialist ends, with Civic Nationalist means, and Christian spirit and morality. (It's an ill-defined hodgepodge, and 'Christian' here is only to be taken in its possible anti-Jew senses rather than anti-European or anti-pagan senses, but it's what Art can agree with and it's what we're working with.)

See pics related for relevant assets and some style inspiration.

df3768  No.11614171

File: a6fd8ecec94c3b2⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 3134x2546, 1567:1273, 03-america-first-committee….jpg)

File: 68db78d1b1479a3⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 3131x2546, 3131:2546, 03-america-first-committee….jpg)

File: 64497ad70c29def⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 3138x2546, 1569:1273, 03-america-first-committee….jpg)

The following are specific ideas in need of graphics, rough draft or otherwise.

Graphics with the following phrases, to be used for highway billboards. These are in order of favor and priority:

- "Art Jones: The Final Solution to the Chicago Machine" (This was originally placed last because Art and his wife do not want to be explicitly NatSoc about anything, but it's now first because the local /pol/ group loves it, Art himself had a change of heart about it recently and told me "What the hell, let's see what happens", and his wife reluctantly agreed .)

- "Cleanse Chicago of the Democratic Machine" (This may actually be more appropriate, because Art may not be able be a "Final" solution, but he could certainly start the cleansing by defeating Lipinski. This is the one that Art's wife prefers, too.)

- "No More Wars for Israel"

- "Jobs, Not Wars" (An abbreviation of his original "We need more Jobs, not more wars.")

- "Peace, Patriotism, and Prosperity"

- "Art Jones has the Courage to Stand Against Israel. Do you?"

- "America First"

- "To fix the health insurance industry, elect the health insurance expert."

- "Remove The Zionist" (His version is "Remove The Zionist Stooge", which I think is terribly 1.0, but either are appropriate, both referring obviously to Lipinski)

Designs for Shirts:

- No More Wars for Israel

- [America First Committee logo]

- [original America first crest/logo on breast]

- [Picture of USS Liberty] Never Again

- [Large stylized Art Jones face, either alone or with a brief slogan such as "America First". See the "About Art Jones" page on the website for a photo gallery to take inspiration from. Depending on the picture, a non-stylized photo would work too.]

- Make [Israel (crossed out)] America Great Again

- [a stylized 'Sam Hyde: the weak should fear the strong' parody w/ a buff Jones and decrepit machine Lipinski.]

- "[Big 'Commie' Fist] Smash the [hand with peace sign] party [happy merchant] party [rainbow flag] party system." (With the happy merchant this may technically violate the principle of not focusing on one race in particular, but it's just a caricature and could theoretically signify greedy traitors in general.)

- Property of the America First Committee

- Destroy The Chicago Machine

- End Machine Politics

- Free Palestine. Vote Art Jones.


- Posters incorporating any of the above phrases or any of the planks of the platform, see below.

- Dan Lipinski as an uncool, decrepit machine, more along the lines of a metalosis maligna sufferer rather than a Terminator. Posters and signs depicting him as such, with verbiage akin to "You are now entering Machine territory", to be placed along the border of the district.

- Rotoscoped or redrawn photographs from the 3rd district as they should be. Fashwave versions of real-life. What the 3rd district should be. "Imagine a world without Zionists / Illegal Immigration" etc. E.g. take a picture of billboards written in Arabic, and photoshop either an Art Jones billboard on it or something in plain English that harkens back to a different time, with a fashwave filter on the whole image.

- Any relevant infographics, redone in the America First Fashwave style.

As always, any other workable memes and ideas are welcome.

df3768  No.11614177

File: a2d27c6b6a32ac9⋯.png (52.65 KB, 1009x135, 1009:135, 04-platform-1.png)

File: 9fd47c54d2876c0⋯.png (23.49 KB, 1012x196, 253:49, 04-platform-2.png)

File: 8bbf20109adb317⋯.png (26.4 KB, 1246x217, 178:31, 04-platform-3.png)

4. Comprehensive Research for the America First Platform

Research is needed to help us properly complete the comprehensive platform document.

Each plank of the platform needs to abide by some guiding principles. For one, it should be as "normie-friendly" and centrist as reasonably possible; it should be seen as common sense rather than secretly Nazi. Second, it should not be in any way specific to Jews or the Holocaust, or even any race in particular. It should be a principled, general position that incidentally affect Jews, or non-whites, or Holocaust propaganda. The general ideology here is to be 'Christian (National-) Socialist Civic Nationalism'. Non-violent National Socialist ends, with Civic Nationalist means, and Christian spirit and morality. (It's an ill-defined hodgepodge, and 'Christian' here is only to be taken in its possible anti-Jew senses rather than anti-European or anti-pagan senses, but it's what Art can agree with and it's what we're working with.) Also, err on the side of not proposing complicated new policy. As Art's wife told me in one discussion, we really just need to apply the laws on the books. Laws against things like subversion and treachery are already on the books. Some new laws may be appropriate, but a surprising amount of the platform boils down to enforcing existing laws.

Stylistically, Each plank should feel as a gestalt, however disparate and comprehensive its sub-points or steps of action are. It should include lots of details, but in a well-formed manner, rather than appearing as a wish-list or a hodgepodge of different trains of thought.

Each plank needs to include the following:

- "Introduction": Gives Art's general philosophy on the subject, no details or reason yet. Tells of the specific motivation for why this specific policy proposal is a necessary component of a proper America First agenda. Shows and tells of Art's personal beliefs on the subject and his relevant experiences, in his own words. (Obviously I and Art will be ultimately responsible for this aspect, but if you help with this, you can paraphrase what you think his wording would be or what you would want his wording to be, and we will polish that.)

- "Where are we and how did we get here?": Shows where we are, how we got here, where the status quo is taking is, and where art will take us realistically, and where he will take us ideally. A short history lesson, and a description of the current situation. "We" is American citizens as a whole, but most importantly those of Illinois' 3rd District.

- "Policy Proposal": The proposal(s) itself, and an evaluation of the feasibility of enacting said proposal(s). People need to know that each proposal can actually be accomplished. Also discuss the intended and expected effects of the proposal if implemented faithfully. Compare to the status quo and the current trend. The plank as a whole needs to show how it affects the 3rd district in particular. Always circle back to this. Show how Art caring about this issue shows that he really is in touch with his district. Explain how to "Put the 3rd District First" with respect to this issue. Cite relevant demographics and polls, but avoid appearing like a campaign optimized for maximum approval.

- "Getting It Done": A feasibility evaluation. Talk about politics and alliances in congress, and include more details on previous attempts at enacting similar policies and how this one will be different. Include some implementation details.

- "Side-by-Side Comparison": A table comparing Art's position with that of the opposition, Dan Lipinski, on multiple points relevant to the policy proposal. Must also compare Jones and Lipinski themselves and their ability to actually execute on this position. Be honest here; as long as Art clearly comes out on top, it's okay to admit a loss in one or two individual point comparisons.

- "Sources": Individual sources, with in-line citations in the above subsections. (If multiple planks seem to be citing the same sources, consider consolidating them into one plank.) Each plank needs extensive citations. Every figure and assertion must be properly cited. Deferring to the positions of others is a good plan; each position needs to have at least one citation showing that at least one other, established politician or organization (the more local the better) wants to do the same thing. Should be checked by an actual subject matter expert before publishing.

This kind of open, honest laying out of a political position is not something that people would expect to see from an "Evil Nazi". There will be a lot of material, which gives the opposition a lot of room to attack and critique, but we have the ability to be unbiased and ironclad in our reasoning, because the truth is on our side.

df3768  No.11614187

File: c50c09e36614e6f⋯.jpg (140.49 KB, 700x493, 700:493, 04-avoid-war-with-iran.jpg)

File: e0a9674b1cd896a⋯.jpg (366.99 KB, 700x443, 700:443, 04-build-the-wall.jpg)

File: f75e14a0cd8069e⋯.jpg (125.13 KB, 700x473, 700:473, 04-campaign-truck.jpg)

File: 92403f663025453⋯.jpg (412.92 KB, 700x487, 700:487, 04-muslim-ban-yes-sharia-l….jpg)

File: be626fe5f0d1b6a⋯.jpg (128.47 KB, 700x473, 700:473, 04-stop-the-fed-red-gun-gr….jpg)

This is Art Jones' campaign. It is not the campaign of any specific site, organization, or movement. The campaign is a vehicle for our efforts, but Art Jones' voice and personality must be the one that shines through everything. If the final product comes across as something designed by committee for a generic "America First" candidate, then we will have failed. Anything you provide, I will work with Jones so that it is properly in his own words and style. The primary purpose of the platform is to get Arthur Jones elected on November 6th. Its secondary purpose is to redpill as many people as possible, now and into the future. Most of the planks below and most of the sub-points and positions therein are directly derived from the pages on the existing site, including the"Hate speech?" and "Holocaust?" pages. All of them are things that I've talked to Art about in person. This platform is a superset and framework around the ones that he currently uses in his tracts. It is intended to be a framework for a research program, among other things, to be used to make him more well-rounded and provide a better logical and philosophical foundation for his platform, to be used to properly brief Art himself on these topics and their relevant history, to prepare him for interviews and podcasts without having to do lots of host-specific research last-minute, and to provide something for the opposition to read so that the conversation can be elevated from "America First is Nazi Racist" to "What is the best way to Put America, and the third district, First?". Furthermore, convincing or at least agitating the high-brow opposition is a method of converting or getting the attention of the middle-brows. Fight on all fronts. If it's researched comprehensively enough, with lots of reasonable possible policies explored, it will be used as a framework or base for future America First candidates from which to derive their platforms, but a universal, ultimate 'America First' agenda is not necessary for this campaign nor ideal for a campaign that is not a general election for president. Being specific to Art's personal priorities and the needs of the 3rd district of Illinois is key. Most congressional candidates have about five or six brief position descriptions, where presidential campaigns typically have about ten. The current platform is much more comprehensive than typical, but it may be consolidated as seen fit. The final verbiage of each plank should work well spoken as well as written. Brief position videos, similar to those that Trump released when he was campaigning, will be produced with scripts derived from the platform verbiage. I'm going to start posting some of our research regarding the platform to >>>/ajfc/, but I don't want to prematurely narrow the focus of anyone who wants to help, so in the beginning I will probably be lighter on the details that you would like.

df3768  No.11614210

File: fe379390111b623⋯.jpg (144.57 KB, 700x504, 25:18, 04-tearing-up-israel-flag.jpg)

The in-progress platform is outlined as follows. The first three planks (and to a lesser extent the first seven) are the center of the campaign, and the last plank is only possibly once the others have been effectively enacted. Beyond that, the planks are in rough order of chronology and priority. There are other workable planks that are not as core to the platform, and some of these planks below may need to be eliminated or consolidated to keep it reasonable, but this is a good starting point. Despite the easily expandable formula "Put American X First", the number of top-level planks themselves should not excessively expand. As an example, we don't need a specific plank on "Put America's Schools First", we just need to include relevant research and policy into the "Gun Rights" and "Family" planks (citing, for example the pattern of fatherlessness in recent school shooters). The planks can certainly cross-reference other internally, as long as that makes the platform as a whole stronger. Here are the planks as they currently stand:

- Plank 1: Put American Defense First: Bring all the troops home, and keep them here. No more wars in the middle east.

- Step 1: Bring the Troops Home and Build The Wall

- Step 2: Normalize relations with the Middle East, and stop giving weapons to hostile foreign regimes.

- Step 3: Maintain properly-funded military dominance at home

- Plank 2: Put The American People First: Solve immigration.

- Step 1: Build the Wall and end illegal immigration.

- Step 2: Make America inhospitable for illegal immigrants.

- Part 1: Prevent illegal immigrants from being in the workforce.

- Part 2: Eliminate sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

- Part 3: Refuse all unreasonable demands of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

- Step 3: Deport all remaining criminal immigrants.

- Step 4: End legal immigration.

- Step 5: Re-introduce highly-limited legal immigration.

- Plank 3: Put American Health First:

- Repeal Obamacare

- Reform malpractice insurance

- Institute a tax-supported medical catastrophic fund

- Build the Wall and Stop the Opiod Crisis

- Re-institute JFK-style health and fitness programs.

- Plank 4: Put American Workers First: Negotiate deals and enact policies that put the American worker first

- Plank 5: Put American Seniors First: Make social security and pension systems sustainable.

- Plank 6: Put American Families First: Re-establish and protect the traditional family

- Plank 7: Put American Veterans First: Effectively reform the VA

df3768  No.11614214

File: 309cdbde41f6119⋯.jpg (173.59 KB, 700x650, 14:13, 06-saluting-mccarthy.jpg)

- Plank 8: Put American Paychecks First: Remove taxes on wage tips, and implement a 10% flat tax for full-time, non-minimum wage work

- Plank 9: Put American Laws First: Reestablish our Law as supreme over activist judges and over international agreements.

- Plank 10: Put American Infrastructure First: Revitalize our national infrastructure and end overseas nation-building.

- Plank 11: Put American Neighborhoods First: Protect the right of local autonomy, and force our multinationals to respect local autonomy overseas

- Plank 12: Put American Values First: Keep America grounded in American Values, and deprioritize the imperialistic imposition of our values overseas

- Plank 13: Put American Gun Rights First: Reestablish the 2nd Amendment, and enact sensible concealed carry legislation.

- Plank 14: Put American Voices First: Reestablish the 1st Amendment, and in turn remove anti-BDS laws and "hate speech" legislation.

- Plank 15: Put American Governance First: Eliminate traitors and foreign influence in our government, and deprioritize our active manipulation of foreign governments

- Plank 16: Put The American Environment First: Regain our clean air and water, protect American biodiversity, and depoliticize climate research.

- Plank 17: Put American Language First: Make American English our official language and the ONLY language allowed for official documents.

- Plank 18: Put American Unity First: Establish racial and religious fairness and honesty, and eliminate any commitment to cultural globalism. (I.e. end affirmative action, remove nonprofit status of "neutral" organizations that clearly lobby on behalf of a particular race or religion e.g. the ADL, no food-stamps on foods whose proceeds go to such organizations either, ie. no kosher allowed for EBT, and one-time slavery reparations akin to Pat Little's proposal)

- Plank 19: Put American Influence First: Be a light for other nations. (Some more details here too, as this sounds super liberal without context: Once we fix ourselves (that's why this is the last plank) to a reasonable extent, we can correctly and effectively push proper (White) American Values onto the world. Lead international BDS movements against countries that do not share our ideas of freedom of speech (e.g. sanction Germany for throwing holohoax exposers in Jail), gun rights (e.g. sanction Britain for being ubercucks) or religious tolerance (e.g. sanction Saudi Arabia, Israel etc. for intolerance of Christians, Sikhs, Hindus etc.) and those that have not paid reparation for genocides (e.g. Russians and Eastern European Jews for the holodomor, Turkey for the Armenian Genocide, etc.) or slavery (e.g. Arab, African and other nations w.r.t. blacks).)

df3768  No.11614220

File: 99fac8cbc0400fe⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 2543x3315, 2543:3315, 05-ussliberty.jpg)

5. Comprehensive Research for Other Projects

Along with the platform, we are in need of more data and lists relevant to the 3rd District, including:

- A visualization of demographics over time at the level of town or smaller.

- A list of all churches in the district, ranked or graded by how Zionist they are.

A selection of other things that we have not yet had time to work on:

- An "America First" score for congressmen. I.e. takes a politicians voting record, and gives a score A to F of how well they actually support America.

- Scripts and procedures for internal polling. I.e. the professional/unbiased/non-spam way to ask someone over the phone who they plan on voting for in November, and a basic flowchart of handling those who say Jones, that I can provide to people who have no experience making calls like that.

- Chronological list of all the major evils that Israel has done, and has done to the United States. Equal parts 'America First' and 'Free Palestine'. Separate time-lines of aggression against Christians and against Muslims will also be useful. We need to show that Israel is not a friend to anyone at all.

A selection of things that we've been working on, but for which assistance is always welcome:

- "Ideal" answers to common MSM interviewer questions. Eventually, these will be derived directly from the platform verbiage.

- The best way to get on the SPLC list (He's already been extensively profiled by the ADL)

- A 'redstick' with content geared towards the 3rd district and this America First platform, for use in usb drops. This operation may be scrapped if there is no certain way to prevent others from spoofing us with virus'd sticks, but I noticed that the redstick threads got a decent amount of traction and this is a perfect application.

There are some local groups, organizations, and movements from which we would like to gain public support. These include, in order of priority:

- The Anti-War Movement

- The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement

- The Palestinians in Bridgeview a.k.a. 'Litte Palestine'.

- The Nation of Religion of Cuck™

- United Working Families and the Working Families Party

We can best do this by gaining further media notoriety for supporting similar positions as they do.

356dfa  No.11614226

File: eb718595c5eb286⋯.png (336.36 KB, 956x536, 239:134, 12.png)

df3768  No.11614227

File: 22ceb6116bfc8cd⋯.jpg (100.97 KB, 585x486, 65:54, 06-with-irving.jpg)

6. Other, Workable Ideas and Suggestions

IRL, the campaign is small, so any suggestions or mentions of blind spots to avoid are always appreciated. Anything you want Art or local anons to read and take to heart, or any questions you have for me or Art, please post in this thread or in >>>/ajfc/ or send to me privately, however inconsequential or spergy you think they may be. We may incorporate them into a video AMA. If you plan on donating to the campaign, consider incorporating your suggestions or wishes into your earmarking. If you're on the fence about contributing, tell me what you want to see, and Art and a group of anons will work towards making it a reality.

53ad93  No.11614353

File: 129eb60e9187b24⋯.gif (7.56 MB, 600x338, 300:169, ART JONES COLBERT PPP.gif)



53ad93  No.11614372

File: 0628cf982b2dccc⋯.png (284.66 KB, 1266x166, 633:83, ClipboardImage.png)


>say an employee's regular hours are 10/wk

>rest does not get taxed

>can pay them less than you would otherwise

c3b5c2  No.11614515


>(We actually do have a bit of merch. In 1980, Art made 100 patches for members of the America First Committee, identical to the one shown in one of the photos here. He used up 31 of them and still has 69 left that can be sold. To start off, we're going to do a sale of 33 of them, for a price of $88 per patch. If you want one, include an address or P.O. box as part of your earmarking letter. Please be conscious of the anonymity that you are giving up. Only one patch maximum per donation will be allowed, and you must 'earmark' $88 towards the patch. We will then send one to you through the mail with a return address of "Jones for Congress / P.O. Box 598 / Lyons, IL. 60534" (I.e. no "Art". We're putting a return address as these are rarities.). Your $88, along with the $88 of matching funds provided if you are an early donor, will then be treated as non-earmarked donations, to be used at Art's sole discretion without specific guidance, as they are his patches.)

How big are they?

df3768  No.11614537


The original plank proposed to eliminate the federal income tax and implement a 10 percent federal sales tax, but he felt that voters would see it as too regressive, and not focused enough on his particular constituents.

We've been doing research on both options, though.

I'll get you his response to your particular comment later tonight.

df3768  No.11614548


The photo (I apologize about the rotation, I think I did my exif-data removal slightly wrong) is of a patch on the shoulder of a coat of his. It's about three inches in diameter. I'll get back to you with an exact measurement later tonight.

b7dd84  No.11614592


>- Plank 5: Put American Seniors First: Make social security and pension systems sustainable.

Is this pandering, or does he think it's actually a good idea?


b7dd84  No.11614602


Plank 8 should be part of Plank 4. Plank 17 should be part of Plank 2. Plank 19 should be eliminated.

000000  No.11614607

Chicongo is done for am I'm about to leave this increasingly spic and nígger infested corrupt hellhole but I'd vote for you one last time if I had to.

b7dd84  No.11614622



df3768  No.11614629


That was my wording. We haven't done much research into possibilities for actually saving the system vs letting it fail, and I haven't talked to him in detail about that plank, but "American Seniors First!" is in the banner of his website, and it's a top priority, constituent-wise. I and the whole local /pol/ group are on board with the boomercaust, but while they're still here we need their votes.

I'll get you a more complete answer, straight from him, later tonight.

000000  No.11614636

I still can't believe he won. Like, anything is possible now.

df3768  No.11614654


>Plank 8 should be part of Plank 4.

That could work.

>Plank 17 should be part of Plank 2.

It's definitely part of it, in that it would make it more inhospitable for illegals, but it's a separate final goal. There's a reason why Art had/has it as a separate plank on his website (The site is slightly outdated, but it shows his views on things.) As an example, there are a lot of good hardworking poles and eastern Europeans here that we don't necessarily want to leave, but they need to learn how to speak English. Also, blacks, if they're going to stay for the time being, need to be held to higher standards in their language. Language is a central part of culture and can be more important than ethnicity in holding a country together (for better or for worse). I think it's actually more part of the "Unity" plank in the end, if we're going to subsume it into a different plank.

> Plank 19 should be eliminated.

What do you see as a proper "Endgame", "big why" etc. for the platform?

b7dd84  No.11614664


I suppose once we own him, we can redpill him on the BBQ.

b7dd84  No.11614671


Plank 19 is just too reminiscent of being the world's police.

c4ce07  No.11614922

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I like this guy.

511f20  No.11615528


8839c1  No.11615553


Please spread the word about the Illinois Separation also.


df3768  No.11615772



I had a long conversation with him, and I'll post a transcript when I get the chance. The jist is he has a decades long history of legitimately actually caring for seniors and protecting them from jewish medical practices, and his policy proposal boils down to removing jewish corruption and graft from the system so that we can afford social security etc.

df3768  No.11615846



They are each three inches in diameter.

64db96  No.11617345



A partial answer to your question:

- no taxes on minimum wage workers, and no taxes on part time work.

- because it would be a set, continuous policy, employee woudn't lose out, and minimum wage workers would get an automatic raise

7a41cc  No.11617390


double redditor, can i just give you bitcoins?

7a41cc  No.11617400


what the fuck, I can't say double redditor? fucking kike








64db96  No.11617815


I've responded on >>>/ajfc/ in the donation questions thread. The short answer is not yet.

c4ce07  No.11618306


>no taxes on part time work.

So everyone just gets 2 part-time jobs?

64db96  No.11618398


This is a paraphrase of my conversation with him, my questions are in brackets:

> [So everyone just gets two part-time jobs?]

> Not everybodys working two jobs, alright. That's the first point.

> I'm talking about people that have one job alright, and they're getting paid minimum wage, and they know they can't make it on it. If they ask for 15 an hour, as the leftists are demanding for the fast food workers, they're just going to end up in the unemployment line. This will also be a bigger burden on taxpayers, so we need to avoid that.

> [What about someone going from a 40 hour job to 2 20 hour jobs at the same hourly rate, to avoid the taxes?]

> Someone will do that. There's no perfect answer. The majority of people would be helped by my proposals. The minority that would do somethign like that are slipery and cagey.

> [But, wouldn't the economy as a whole adjust itself to make that kind of thing more acceptable, if people really wanted to do that, which they will in that situation.]

> I'm trying to give people an opportunity to earn more without costing their employer more than their currently paying them. To do that, cut out the taxes. It's an automatic raise. Also tips will be made tax free.

> Someone's working 15 hours a week. 20 bucks an hour. That's still in poverty range. It's not what's your being paid, it's how your being paid. it's what kind of work their doing. What i'm taking about are the young people working in the fast food, hotels, motels, doing that kind of work. someone doing landscaping or something for a pitance of what they should be paid for that kind of work. Beut, everybody ends up in these kind of jobs paying taxes. When you're in that kind of low income situation, you shouldn't be paying taxes.

> Once you're in a better situation, you should be willing to pay taxes, to help other people and pay your fair share for maintaining our government services.

64db96  No.11618426



My questions are in brackets. The rest is his words, with minimal edits, like punctuation and taking out most of the "okay"s and "alright"s. He tends not to use "um" very often, but those are also taken out. There is no guarantee of accuracy, I'm trying my best. If you have an questions about anything he said, I'll forward your questions along to him.

I've since had another conversation with him about this topic, and I'll post that when I get the chance.


> [Some people had questions about your tax reform, and could you explain a little more why you decided not to go with repealing the income tax and doing the sales tax.]

> Well, the sales tax. I personally favor a sales tax, but there's so much negative propaganda against the sales tax. They say it's a regressive tax, that it's gonna add to the cost of consumer items and food and so on. So while I do support the actual sales tax, I also support the idea, that, you know, the Democrats are squawking about "you have to increase the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour" for example, the people who work at McDonalds, they want fifteen dollars an hour to do the same kind of work I did for a dollar ten an hour. I know that was back then but the idea that what they do is worth fifteen dollars an hour is absurd. But, I do support the right and need to have an increase in their wages, and the way you do that is you don't demand of the employer an increase in the wages, you just simply remove the taxes that these minimum wage workers are paying, and so everything they earn would be tax free. Now, you're not gonna stay in a minimum wage job all your life; that's just designed to get you work experience, and then you move on to better things. But, while your in that minimum wage situation, you shouldn't be paying any taxes in my opinion, and there shouldn't be any taxes on the tips you receive. You're supposed to report all this kind of stuff to the IRS, to heck with that.

> [But what about the people who make just a little above minimum wage.]

> I just told you. I said, anything that they earn, should be tax free, okay, no taxes, no federal taxes, no taxes, no social security taxes, nothing like that. The minimum wage job, that's a temporary situation that you might have for two or three years or something until you can find yourself in a better economic and employment situation, but while you're working that small minimum wage job I don't believe you should be paying any taxes. On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to have a full time job, okay, then I believe any overtime work that you perform should be tax free.

> [But then wouldn't the employer just pay you less of a wage because it's worth as much as the lower taxes.]

> No, not necessarily.

> [Why not?]

> Because it's to his advantage if he wants to keep employees he's gonna pay em at least the minimum wage.

> [But, I mean, supply and demand. If you can get, say before the system someone making 28 an hour, and after the system you can hire the same kind of worker for 25, why wouldn't you just do the 25 if you're the business owner, because people take more home anyways.]

> I'm just saying, that if you work a minimum wage job - you work at mcdonalds, you work at burger king, you work at Kentucky fried chicken, you work you know in a hotel as a maid or a bellboy, you know, any of these kind of jobs like that - and you're just paid the minimum wage, I'm saying that you should have ALL of that money. And I also support organized labor, I belonged to three unions before I became an insurance agent, I belonged to the teamsters union at one time, I belonged to the international association of machinists, and I belonged to the grayworkers and ironworkers union, alright, big iron workers union - three different unions. Physical, manual, labor. So, I am in total sympathy with the right of workers to organize and make their demands known, but on the other hand when you make a demand to an employer for 15 dollars an hour, he's going to lay you off, and he'll take somebody whose willing to work for less, but if he wants to keep his employees, he'll pay the minimum, and in my reform, he won't have to put any more out of his pocket, the worker will get an automatic raise just by the fact that it'll be a continuous thing, just by the fact that they're not taking taxes out. And you stay in that position until you find a better job, until you, you know, you make yourself into some sort of professional, or you learn some sort of a valuable trade, and then you go into full-time work, at which point then you'll be paying taxes. But while you're a young person, you shouldn't have to pay taxes.

64db96  No.11618427



> When I worked at mcdonalds, i was getting a buck ten an hour, and I thought that was fantastic, and I worked my way up to a whole buck and a quarter an hour. but then I looked and saw what they were taking out of the piddly little wage I was earning, for taxes, and I thought "My God! how can i possible put anything away for school!". I couldn't, so I had to go into the damn army, just for the… . and that's why I went into the army, I got drafted. I tried to enlist, and I got turned down initially, and then six months later I get drafted, but my goal was that when tried to enlist, that at least I could have the GI bill benefits if I didn't get killed in Vietnam *laughs* that's a hell of a way to go to college, to take a roll of the dice like that, just to go to school, when my teacher said "Oh, you gotta go to college, everybody's gotta go to college, you have so much potential, you have to go to college" but the only way I could see myself getting the money I needed to go to college was go into the military and then I survived. Come out, and use the benefits of the GI bill.

> [All of that is great, but it still seems unfair to the people unfair to the people in the middle, to the people who work 15-20 hours a week for 15-20 dollars an hour, part time.]

> You weren't listening to me. I said, If you're working part time, you shouldn't have to pay any damn taxes.

> [okay, so it's all part time workers, not just minimum wage workers]

> Part time, minimum wage, anybody that's not working a full time job should not have to pay any taxes.

> [Okay, that was not clear on the sheet, people were confused and thought you were only referring to people who worked minimum wage part time. not people who worked minimum wage AND people who worked part time.] (Listening back, I'm not sure if this was actually relevant to your question.)

> Well, that's what I meant. and most people understood that's what I mean.

> If they're working at the international house of pancakes and they're minimum wage is seven and a half bucks an hour like it is here in Illinois [Edit: it's actually 8.25 an hour now, 7.75 for those under 18, and is usually 4.95 before tips for tipped employees], and they're only getting like 20 hours a week in, they shouldn't have to pay any damn taxes on that, and if anybody gives them a damn tip, okay, for the work, they shouldn't have to report that to the IRS and play taxes on that either.

> That's my attempt to do something for young people.

> But, old folks, we've got more concerns here, we've got our social security benefits to worry about. But young people, they need some assistance as well, to put some money away, if you know you don't have to pay any taxes on what you earn.

64db96  No.11618430


> [What do you consider part time to be?]

> Any thing less than 40 hours a week is part time.

> [Okay, so someone making 60 bucks an hour working 35 hours a week. what's their tax situation under your proposal.]

> I'm taking about people… If you're making 35 dollars an hour…

> [No. I'm saying, if you're working a Job where you have good hours, say you're making 50 bucks an hour because you're good at what you do, and you were able to negotiate only having to work 35 hours a week. say you only have 5 7 hour days, and this isn't an uncommon thing, especially for programmers and salesmen, where they might not technically work 40 hours a week ,but they make a lot of money. ] (I know isn't true or realistic, but the numbers are a corner case that I needed to have him respond to, and I made something up. Listening to it now it doesn't even make much sense in that context, but I'm going to leave the full conversation intact.)

> Well, this is designed for people who don't make a lot of money. It's designed for most people that don't make that kind of money, there's a lot more of them, then there are of people you're taking about.

> [Okay, but how do you get the people I'm taking about to still vote for you.]

> Well, if all they're concerned about is their damn wallet, then don't vote for me okay, I think there's a lot more important issues then just "what are you going to do for me in my economic situation". If you've got a damn good job count your blessings, but a lot of people out there, millions of people out there don't have anything. They've got no job, they've got no hope and that goes across the board. That goes across the board - white, black, latino. It goes across the board, alright. No jobs, no hope, no future, alright. So, those are the people I'm trying to reach. There's a lot more of the that vote, then the people youe talking about. If you're making the kind of money that you're talking, god bless you, more power to you, you don't need that kind of help. I'm trying to reach out to people that Need a Helping Hand. And all they're getting from the democrats is promises. I want to deliver.

> [So, in that plank on your platform, you Need to be more specific of who exactly you're after. I'm sure that when you go door to door and you explain it to them…]

> No one's asked me like you have, no one's cross-examined me like this, in any great detail.

> [Right, I know I'm intentionally, kind of disingenuously cross-examining you, because these are the kinds of questions that the internet people ask.]

> I think we've, I think I've cleared it up enough. Let's move on to the other question…, any other questions?

c4ce07  No.11618488

3572a4  No.11618514

Good luck, Art! You're a good man.

64db96  No.11626450

Just a reminder, if you post a question for Art in this thread or in >>>/ajfc/5, I will deliver the question directly to him and post his answer.

64db96  No.11629221

>>11618488 (checked)



> [The original question from the person, it actually was: say that an employee's regular hours were 10 hours per week, would the rest of it not get taxed, or would the employer just pay them less than you would otherwise?]

> No, you'd have to pay him at least a minimum wage, but with that minimum wage, there'd be no taxes on that minimum wage, so they'd actually be making what they earned, not what was left after the government took the taxes out.

> [Right, so what happens to the person who works 10 hours a week for 20 dollars an hour].

> Well, that's 200 dollars a week, you can almost survive on that,

> [i mean, say that this is a college kid who has a decent weekend gig who works 10 hours each weekend for 20 bucks an hour, what's his tax situation?]

> Again, that's not a full time job.

> [Right, so anything that's not a full time thing, or like every hour, including your 39th hour of a part time job, is not taxed?]

> What I had in mind, are the people who work in the fast food places, who work in the hotels, who work in the motels, that are making minimum wage, and if they're lucky they do a good job, they, you know..[unintelligible], and all that's gotta be TAXED, and I don't think they should be taxed. Now, if you're working 10 hours, and you're making 20 or 30 bucks an hour, well that's not minimum wage at all, that's… my concern are the people who are forced to go on food stamps, and don't know where their next meal is going to be coming from and they got a choice between keeping the lights on and keeping their bellies full. that's my concern. because I've been in that position, and I know what it's like, and I don't want to see anybody in that position in this country, there's no Reason for that. There is an unequal distribution of wealth in this country, there's like one percent controls something like 93 percent of all the wealth produced in the country. but who produced the wealth, it's no the one percent, it's the people!, that are doing the work, and they're the ones that are getting the shaft. So, I'm just trying to offer something, you know, to allow them to lift themselves up, out of their current status of poverty, okay, and it cuts across all racial lines: poor blacks, poor whites, poor latinos, poor asians, okay, mothers with children and no father in the home. I mean, I've lived through that, okay, my parents were separated when I was 12 and by 14 they were divorced, and we were living, my brother, my mother and myself, were living on 40 dollars a week alimony, until I was old enough to get a job at mcdonalds, then I brought in a whole buck ten an hour, until I finally worked myself up to a buck and a quarter an hour. alright. as little as it was, it made a big difference. So, I Know what people are going through, because I've gone through it myself. Hell, I'm going through it right now! I'm living on social security for godsakes, [talks details about his current situation and politics-related difficulties trying to get a job set up for after the election, in case the election doesn't play out as it should.] So I understand this loss of job situation that people are concerned about, okay, because I'm experiencing it right now. [Talks about some success regarding possible employment for later.] If I lose, then hopefully I'll be able to go back into the profession I was in for thirty years. But if I Win, then it's a whole different case, so I won't need it, but I'll be able to work the reform, you know the insurance laws in the country here you know screwing people right and left that obama care is total disaster, and i have the solution for it, so, but basically, I favor getting rid of the income tax altogether and just having a ten percent sales tax. if it's good enough for the church, it's gotta be good enough for the damn government. but people are working a minimum wage job, or a part time job…

64db96  No.11629227


> [What did you say, good enough for the church, good enough for the government?]

> A ten percent tithing is what the church ask of people. So, a ten percent sales tax, I'm saying if it's good enough for the church, it oughtta be good enough for the government. we clean up all the corruption, we clean up all the older pricing of government contracts, that is absolutely rampant in our government, we clean up the fraud that's going on in the Medicare and Medicaid business, over a hundred billion dollars a year lost, you can do a lot with that kind of money, and if we get ourselves out of the middle east, instead of spending another trillion dollars like we did for the past sixteen years, we can do a lot with that money, and help people, and make this a decent country again.

> [If you do the sales tax with this other tax policy, isn't that gonna cancel each other out for the poor?]

> No. No. Because they'll have more money in their pockets, because they're not paying taxes.

> [Are you proposing the one or the other, or are you…]

> …for 10 cents more than it would otherwise, what's the big deal? they're not paying the taxes on it. Illegal aliens, there's an underground economy, they don't pay taxes on it, I know That for a fact, they hang out at places like home depot, and lowes, and menards, looking to pick up a job, preparing somebody's home, or putting in windows, or putting on a roof or something like that, and it's cash only basis, they don't pay any taxes, they send that, a lot of that money, to their relatives back in mexico. we're losing billions of dollars that way as well, with all these damn illegal aliens.

> So that was a ten percent sales tax, not a progressive tax, a flat 10 percent sales tax, alright, it would make every illegal alien in this country pay their fair share while they're in this country, for the upkeep of the government.

> [So, which one is on your platform, the tax reform one or the sales tax one.]

> They're both on there, it's just I wasn't able to put that other text that's on our flier now, on my website, because [details of issues with website].

64db96  No.11629230


> If you're working a full time job, you're share of taxes would be ten percent, not 28 percent, not seven different layers, but a flat ten percent, that's it. If you're working a part time job or a minimum wage job, you don't pay any taxes at all.

> [Okay, so you have three things going on there. No taxes for minimum wage workers or part time workers. A flat ten percent tax on full-time non-minimum wage workers, with no tax on overtime work. And, the third thing is the ten percent sales tax. So you want all three of those things?]

> Absolutely.

> [Okay, I'm going to make that more clear to the internet people.]

> And repeal the income tax itself. That's Real tax reform. Not this nonsense of "oh we should have seven levels, or no, we should have five levels, or no, we should have eleven levels, we should have four levels" baloney, One level, Ten percent. That's it. Whether you're a millionaire, or you're on poverty row, Ten percent.

> [So, if you think about this like steps, step one is getting rid of the taxes for minimum wage workers, the part time workers, and overtime work, step two is doing the sales tax, and step three, eventually, is getting rid of the income tax altogether.]

> Right.

> [Does that make sense as actually going forward with it, a major plan?]

> Yes! I think so. It has a lot of appeal, to people that are, especially, we've got more and more people that are working these part time jobs and you're getting paid minimum wage and I understand, they can't support a family, that sort of thing, so to give them a hand in their situation, I say no taxes on a minimum wage job, no taxes on a part time job, and no taxes on their tips, and those who are fortunate enough to have a full time job, they pay ten percent, that's it, on the national sales tax, and any overtime work, they pay no taxes at all. That will have the effect of cutting down on these huge budget deficits we're running up all the time, because there won't be enough money around to spend to create these big giant deficits.

> [Isn't debt what basically runs the economy?] (I'm not sure why I asked this, and I don't think he heard the question, whatever I was trying to get at; there are like three other things that I should have had him clarify. I apologize.)

> Yes. I think it would run the economy, because there's so much fraud and waste that's going on in government right now. Again, I refer you to the Grace Commission, that was one that was appointed by President Reagan, and they came out with about four thousand different ways to save money, in the government alone, in the federal government.

> Grace Commission, look it up, look it up, I'm sure they've published something on the internet on the Grace Commission.

64db96  No.11635933

New thread at >>>/ajfc/6 for help with online outreach.

64db96  No.11638230

File: e8233bc61e8bbca⋯.png (701.36 KB, 998x5395, 998:5395, vice.png)

Here's a brief article in Vice, with profiles on Art Jones, Paul Nehlen, Pat Little, and John Abarr.

It's 2018 and These White Supremacists are Running for Office


64db96  No.11644561



This is the last part of a conversation I with Art this past Saturday the 26th, this part on bitcoin and fund-raising and human nature (I'm in brackets):

> [(attempting to explain bitcoin)]

> Any way to raise money short of a bank robbery, okay, is fine with me. I would just tell him what I did today, okay. My wife, myself, and a guy named [Redacted], we went to the intersection of La Grange Road and Joliet Road, with a big banner, that has my picture on their, you've seen the banner [edit: the same one posted above in this thread.], an American flag, and they were holding the banner up, at the corner there of Joliet and La Grange, and I was in the damn road, and cars were coming up, ya know, and I was giving my literature, alright, and they Thought, get this, they thought it had something to do with Poppies, you know the veterans sell poppies on Memorial day, right?, and they had their money out. I could have collected a couple hundred dollars from those people, but I told them no I'm not collecting money, this is just, here's some literature for you, read it, "oh thank you sir thank you, thank you for your service" and all that ya know. We got out about three hundred piece of literature today, just standing there on that corner, okay, cars that were going East on Joliet road, which would take them into Cook and into Hodgkins and into part of Brookfield and into Lyons, and they were going South on La Grange road, and that would take them down into Palos Hills, Palos Park, Palos Place, and Orland Park. And if they went west when they got down to Orland, that would take them into Homer Glen and Lockport, okay, those are all areas in the 3rd congressional district. So, we did a pretty good job today, but it's just too dangum hot, and I was afraid Pat was going to come down with sun stroke, so after about three hours we just called it a day. So that's what we did.

> Now, we're doing a recon of churches. Tomorrow [Sunday, yesterday], we're gonna go to three different churches, in the third district, in the 23rd ward, and pass out my literature there, to the parishioners. So that's what we're doing here on this memorial day weekend.

> But as far as this bitcoin thing, I don't know a darn thing about bitcoin. I've seen come-ons on my email, people sending me email "oh invest in bitcoin, invest in…" I don't know what the hell they're talking about. I'm totally in the dark about bitcoin. If there's somebody in your group that understands is and thinks that it would be beneficial for the campaign to accept bitcoin, I don't know how we would be able to Use bitcoin.

> [You'd convert it to dollars. But, the thing that we were worried about was the reporting requirements, just because it's a new thing, and I know you want everything to stay obviously above board and legal, so that's why we're hesitant on it.]

> Well, you could do some research on it, on the reporting requirements. I don't know who you'd contact about that kind of thing.

> You know, anybody want to make any donations in gold and silver? We could take that, no problem at all.

> [So, you know how to do proper IRS and FEC reporting for gold and silver?]

> All I have to do is report it do the FEC. If I have any gold and silver, it goes down on their form.

> [Okay, and people can still do that one anonymously?]

> Yeah, why not?

64db96  No.11644564


> So, the election system we have now, the way it's set up. It still basically is on an honors system. okay. Now, just going back to what happened this morning. People were will to give me Cash, Money. But, if I would have taken that cash money, it would have been under false pretences. And all I would have needed was to have One Guy that didn't like my politics, and he can run to the police department and say "There's a guy on the corner of Joliet road and La Grange road and he is collecting money under false pretences this Memorial Day weekend here. He's not selling poppies, he's just collecting cash and handing out political campaign literature", alright. I didn't want to take that chance, so I told people "No I'm not collecting money, here keep your money just take the literature," and I only had one person give me a hard time about that. I was standing there, they're waiting for the light to change. and he said, rolls down the window, "you wanna [?] the fuckin' [?]", I said "okay sir" and I walked down to the next car.

> One thing I noticed about People, is, someone turns you down, okay, they make a little wave of the hand "no, no, I don't wanna do it", then just like That, the next four or five cars will do the exact some thing. If someone Takes it from me, then the next five or six or Ten cars, will take it from me. It's like monkey see monkey do. That's frightening to think about, but that's exactly the way people are. Some guy starts a trend…, same thing with getting nomination papers, if I wanted someone to print their address and they don't want to put the zip code down, then the next person won't want to put the zip code down, then the next won't want to put the zip code down, so finally I'll fine somebody that'll say "fine here's my zip code, in addition to my name and address". That's just the way people are. Most people Don't Think! They React. They see someone do something, then they've gotta copy 'em, until somebody contradicts that act, then the next group of people will follow that person. Unfortunately that's the way human nature is.

c2349a  No.11644737

Interesting Anon. Have a Memorial Day evening bump. Hope he pulls enough of a percentage vote to get a good riot going

64db96  No.11647519



New thread up, for IRL engagement. Check the other board.

7feb74  No.11647634

Isn't it illegal to donate anonymously to campaigns? I thought there was a limit, so you weren't allowed to escape the CIA nigger's eye. – Still, it's great to see fellow /pol/acks getting active in real life. Getting proper political campaigns in not just the house, but the Senate too (Patrick Little), is incredible. If someone told me this would happen a few years ago, I'd have called them mad! Yet here you all are, doing God's work.

64db96  No.11647682


As far as I know, it's all fine. I'll continue doing research, and I'll grill him on the logistics details when I can. If you have any questions or links etc that I can use to make it a more productive conversation him, please provide them. Thanks.

64db96  No.11647688

File: e57f9fb9636846f⋯.png (1.22 MB, 743x3235, 743:3235, newman.png)

File: 37cc207da021903⋯.png (660.73 KB, 519x1012, 519:1012, newman-fb.png)


This is old news from the 11th, but it's important for exploring some fracture points and getting some former Newman-supporters to our side.

Former Primary Foe Supports Lipinski Over GOP Neo-Nazi Candidate



(This would not archive on archive.is. I received a generic 'network error'.)

The source, Marie Newman's facebook post, linked at the end of the above article



dc76cf  No.11647729


Really to bad I'm not in Illinois, I'd make and post propaganda irl myself if I did. I'm not at all rich but I'll send money if there's like a paypal link on his website.

64db96  No.11654478


We have anons who are willing and able to both print and post propaganda, so if you make something, we'll workshop it in this thread, I'll run it by Art, and then it'll start being posted IRL.

We don't have paypal anymore, but we're working on it, so until then, it's cash, check, or money order in the mail.

More details here:




609962  No.11655523

File: 572ab1b8abe3c41⋯.png (772.88 KB, 1637x682, 1637:682, 2b0127e0bdffb41c9788c39da6….png)




This was one part of a few during a long conversation which are relevant to your question. More to come.


> [One other person wanted to know what you mean by 'Put Seniors First'.]

> Well, seniors vote of course, and seniors are rightfully concerned about the social security benefits, of which I receive social security benefits *laughs* okay, and seniors have right concerns that the government's gonna blow all the money, possible money that should be set aside for benefits to seniors, it's gonna be blown on these stupid wars in the middle east. That's my concern. That's why I took an early retirement when I turned 62 because of the way Obama was going through the money they were predicting that in less than ten years he was going to just absolutely deplete the entire social security fund. So I thought "well, damn, I better take advantage of this, benefits I've earned after working all my life, while I can, and hopefully while I'm collecting social security I could get myself some gainful employment and not be dependent upon the government". But most seniors, believe me, Lipinski and every dog-gone liberal Democrat in the whole dog-gone state of Illinois appeals to the seniors, because they're the ones that go out and vote the most. I was just looking at the results of the primary, and only 3.4% of the so-called 'millennial generation' bothered to vote, out of 1.5 million potential voters in the state of Illinois, they only cast 16 thousand votes [That's actually closer to 1%, maybe he meant 60 thousand, as the math would then line up. The point stand, that millennial don't vote.] now that's pretty pathetic. And there was an issue on there that you think would appeal to young people and that was the issue of legalizing the marijuana for recreational use. But, they didn't even bother to turn up for that. So the group that consistently turns out to vote, in these elections, primaries and general elections, are people between 48 and 75. So, when I say seniors first, I'm including people of my age group [Art was born in 1948]. They vote. The young people, for whatever reason, they're Not voting. So, that's what I mean by "Seniors First".

> They're concerned that the government is in a spendthrift mood, to blow money on everything except the benefits that seniors have rightfully earned through their lifetime of work.

> So, how exactly do you make the system sustainable, or is that even a possible goal?

> Well, there's a great deal of corruption and graft in the federal government. For example, there was a scandal several years ago about the $300 for a toilet seat, just a seat you would find on a toilet, but because it was a government contract, the supplier of the toilet seats to the government felt that they could charge $300 a seat. so, the senator, named Proxmire from Wisconsin, and he had an annual "Golden Fleece" aware that went to expose all the corruptions, all the overcharging, all the graft, all the payoffs, all the bribery, that goes on in the federal government. if you eliminate that, there will be more than enough money to take care of seniors, to take care of the needs of the entire country, without increasing any body's taxes. But, the government is simply corrupt from top to bottom, it's subject to blackmail, subject to bribery, and to various kinds of reckless disregard for legitimate pricing just because it's a government project, and that was exposed by an organization called the Grace Commission that happened under the Reagan administration, by Peter Gracey, a private businessman, and he issued a monumental report, and he said the amount of overpricing and corruption and bribery was absolutely staggering. He couldn't believe that his commission uncovered. And there was talk of reform, reform, reform, but it never got reformed. The corruption just continues, the overpricing continues, the inferior production of what IS sold to the government continues.

609962  No.11655525


> I'll give you a classic example. I was in Vietnam, in 1969 and 1970, and despite the fact that we're 19 years past the Korean war, I actually was given ham and lima beans sea rations from the Korean War. So, that's a classic example of fraud on the part of these people that were supplying the government. They thought "If we could get by giving them old sea rations, who's to know?" Fortunately, it didn't kill me, but to know that you're eating food that's 19 years old that's been in the can for that long, is pretty nauseating. So, and the incompetence in the bureaucracy in the pentagon. I had to have a firing pin retaining pin for a rifle, for an M16 rifle. I had to put in a requisition for a little piece of case-hardened steal, 1/16th of an inch long. Until I got that piece of case-hardened steal, my M16 wouldn't fire. It held in the firing pin. That's absurd. We got all kinds of porno in the field, pornographic magazines and everything, but batteries in our field radios, at that time we had what was called a PRC-25 field radio, were in short supply. Cleaning kits for the rifles, in a company of 120 men, we had 20 cleaning kits. So, there was just rampant corruption during the Vietnam War, that was one reason why we didn't win. General Dynamics produced a plan with slipped wings, that went back when it reached supersonic speed, but Macnamera, who was our Secretary of Defense at the time, he had the hinges on those planes made out of aluminum, and when they reached supersonic speed, the heat that they were experiencing going at that speed, melted the aluminum hinges and the damn wings fell off the plane! Now that happened several times in the Vietnam War. And that was company named General Dynamics who still has big government contracts. So, we've gotta clean up, literally the swamp in Washington DC. We've gotta clean out all these corrupt contractors and lobbyists, that are basically buying off every representative that they can get a hold of. Lipinski's father was a congressman for 21 years, and then he decided that he didn't want to be a congressman anymore, because he had seen all the money he could make as a big-time lobbyist. So he handed his seat over to his son Dan Lipinski and now he makes three times as a lobbyist what he made as a congressman. And, the congressman before him was Marty Russo, who also became a big-time lobbyist in Washington DC. Again. So that's prime examples of the kind of corruption that goes on day after day, and year after a year, and administration after administration. Hopefully the Trump administration will put a stop to this sort of stuff, and we'll get a decent, honorable, responsible, cost-effective government again.

> Does that answer your question?

> [So, Trump campaigned on, among other things, "Drain the Swamp". Do you think he's doing that?]

> I think he is trying to do that, but I think he is, uh, stifled by the powerful interests… There are, get this, an estimated 35 thousand lobbyists in Washington D. C.. 35 Thousand. During the time of Reagan, it was 7 thousand, as if that's not enough, but now it's up to 35 thousand. So, he's got a big big job ahead of him, if he's going to really straighten this country out and get it to be run honorably again, if it ever was, you know. You look by and see all the corruption that went on in the Johnson administration, and before that during the Eisenhower administration. You begin to wonder "When did we have an honorable government?"

> [So, when did this kind of corruption start, and who started it?]

> Well, that's a very good question, and I'm afraid I can't answer that. I mean you can go all the way back to the time of Woodrow Wilson, okay, and he got us involved in World War One, because he was certainly blackmailed by the Jews who knew that he was carrying on an affair while he was in the white house, and so they said, you know, either get us into world war one, or we're gonna expose your illicit affair, so he figured "Well, okay?" and then he went along with the Jews and got us involved in World War One, after he pledged that he wasn't going to get us involved in world war one, then he turned around and said "The world must be made safe for democracy" and next thing you know, you had the sinking of the Lusitania, and that was used as a justification to get us into world war one.

> [So, is it ALL the Jews, or are there other parties responsible.]

> It's mostly Jews. It's mostly the influence of the international Jewish network. The Rothschilds, the Warburgs. Those are probably the two most powerful influences. They're also the same people that gave us the income tax and the federal reserve banking system.

> [(Segue into question about the tax reform, the conversation of which has already been posted. )]

609962  No.11659237



Anonymous donations up to the $2500 limit are 100% okay. If you are going to do any donation above $200, we would prefer the cash route, but anything up to the limit by any method is legally okay.

Many donations over the course of his campaigns, and most of the ones for this one, have been anonymous, and there have never been any issues with them.

609962  No.11662655

Exclusive interview content to be posted tonight. Stay tuned.

c4ce07  No.11665137

File: 92164b544158b6e⋯.png (9.58 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


> They're also the same people that gave us the income tax and the federal reserve banking system.

I'd like to know more about Art's plans for the Fed, if he has any.

609962  No.11666491


14 webms of Art answering YOUR questions are now available in the Q&A thread on the Art Jones for Congress board. Direct link: >>>/ajfc/14

609962  No.11666654

File: 1c2d7a3934bb28d⋯.png (619.17 KB, 1253x723, 1253:723, art-on-msnbc.png)

Art is currently front and center on msnbc.com

The video featuring him and Pat Little:



c4ce07  No.11667091

File: f764efa56823061⋯.png (152.68 KB, 355x210, 71:42, ClipboardImage.png)


Can I earmark a donation for a quality microphone?

609962  No.11668373



356dfa  No.11668405


NOW THAT IS THE MSNBC FRONT PAGE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! WN or not, this is some great goddamn progress. We are the official opposition now.

cb7b94  No.11668471

Fucking Bump

Is there a full interview with the guy?

609962  No.11668497


As far as recent stuff from the mainstream media, the msnbc video and the infamous CNN interview are what we have afaik.

Of the videos posted above, the one from 1992 is the most extensive, and his core views have stayed pretty much the same.

I'm doing my own interviews with him, linked to from >>11666491

and I'm always looking for good questions to ask him.

Do note that we need to start seeing some real donations come in, as he's happy to answer questions have me post his answers, but he's starting to see it as people trying to find a way to avoid actually donating or contributing. Contributing good questions for a Q&A bank that we can point people to is great, and it's a good sign that people are getting involved, but anons have to remember that political campaigns run on money.

000000  No.11668673


Quality thread. I'm Australian, so obviously can't vote, but I'm impressed to see the number of candidates that are now running on a pro-White platform, openly calling out jews. As far as Australia is concerned the political climate starts and ends with you burgers. The media here has more diverse ownership and isn't overwhelmingly jewish controlled like the US media; but the fact is, that matters little to our experience. The Australian media conforms largely to the tone set by the jewish US news and entertainment industry: 'progressive', liberal, anti-White. We get jewed by proxy rather than directly, for the most part, but the result is nonetheless identical. So it is very encouraging to see the US political landscape changing so broadly, because it signals that the winds of change will soon be blowing here too. That's the way it has always been, and I don't foresee that trend stopping anytime soon.

9e9b8a  No.11669290


>make the pension and SS systems sustainable

no this is a good thing because everyone younger than art jones is paying into a system that is going to give them quite literally nothing back, art jones himself would probably see half of what he paid into it throughout his life.

bae603  No.11669322

Here's a bump OP

609962  No.11670729


On an earlier draft of the superset-platform, there was "Plank 17: Put American Money First: Dismantle the federal reserve system and return monetary control to the people." and he agrees with that, but has found that it's too complicated and boring for most people, and he's not a fan of the types of people that are fanatical about that kind of lolbertarian stuff, regardless of how correct it is. If we can find an exciting angle on "end the fed" that has practical affect on the third district, then I'll present it to him and we might get it back on the superset-platform.

I recorded a conversation where he talked more about this, and I'll post it when I can

609962  No.11670791


He's a perennial media favorite for this kind of thing, and we need to do as much as we can do build off of that as much as possible. I've read the Art of the Deal but none of Donald Trump's other books, so if someone better-read can help us pull a Trump with Art, then we welcome your support.

Do note that while we may be official opposition, that does not in anyway indicate that we are controlled opposition. Art has a proven track record decades long of actively and publicly supporting the "White Racialist Movement" as he calls it. I have seen the life that him and his wife live and it is a modest one; they are not being secretly bankrolled by Jews to appear as a convenient opposition. As an olive branch to those who are still skeptical, I'm going to do what I can to get him to let me post pictures all his old natsoc/race/etc. books and videos and scale models, and if there is interest in helping with scanning and OCR, we'll start scanning any of them that are rare and not yet on /pdfs/.

Carrying on the idea of "control", the only way for 8chan to really "control" Art is if we financially support him. A small local group can only do so much, and Art is smart in that if we don't produce for him, his skepticism of our commitment will grow. I apologize for e-begging, but I really don't, as money is what is necessary to actually win this thing.

609962  No.11670806


Thanks for the encouragement.

Are there any Australian politicians or possible politicians that are worth supporting?

cb7b94  No.11672954


000000  No.11674306


They're pretty thin on the ground. We have a wealth of underwhelming civic parties complaining about 'muh moslems' while toeing the line of multicultural Australia. Most of them are terrible. Sustainable Australia Party is probably the best of the bunch, because they at least make mention of demographics; they steer clear of racial issues altogether though, making their platform about population size rather than composition. There is a single nationalist party that I know of - Australia First Party - but they're fairly minor. I keep an eye on them, but for the most part they pursue local and state government elections and they haven't run candidates in my area yet.

0fad7c  No.11674354

I'm from Illinois. How can I help Arthur Jones without getting doxed?

609962  No.11674816


You can help by donating, that's the main thing right now. Also, you can do IRL postering etc, meme creation, and helping with our various research projects. All of these can be done anonymously, and details are in my original posts to this thread.

0fad7c  No.11675079


FEC law does not allow you to donate anonymously. Patrick Little has stressed this for a while

ba4af7  No.11675145

After Little, Jones will get the meme power. Good luck to both of them.

e8fee3  No.11675479

Shilling and spamming won't endear you to us.

19b196  No.11676225


>one thread



d26f7c  No.11676247

Hogg has a surprise for us. So I figured I would post this as a graduation present for him


Rebecca Boldrick

(310) 543-9711

(619) 488-2770

Kevin Ralph Hogg

Possible email : mike@aol.com


7819 NW 112th Way Parkland

Pompano Beach Florida 33076-4714


(310) 543-9711

Carrier: Verizon

Home Landline

(858) 277-6780

Carrier: N/A Landline

Cubic Global Defense

(310) 996-4369

Carrier: Verizon

Home Landline

(714) 768-6108

(619) 280-8353

David Miles Hogg


reddit.com - davisgreen111

ba4af7  No.11676256


see >>11676247

Now that's spamming sweetie.

c4cbea  No.11676352

File: a07c755abf4cde9⋯.png (942.94 KB, 947x5914, 947:5914, text2.png)


Patrick Little can accept anonymous donations, and Art Jones actually personally made him aware of this fact over the phone recently.

More details: https://www.fec.gov/help-candidates-and-committees/candidate-taking-receipts/contribution-limits-candidates/

At least for now, the looser restrictions and suggestions as stated in the original post stand, according to a conversation with Art. But, if you want to be completely certain that any donation from now until November will abide by the 2018 FEC restrictions, you should abide by the limits placed in the link above: $50 limit on anonymous donations and $100 limit on cash donations. Art told me that anyone with questions on this may call him directly at the number on his website and get clarification.

I created and attached to this post an image of the text of my original posts to this thread, with the "1. Money" section amended with the limits on donations that will apply long-term. If you spread this thread via the text-image, please use this one, text2.png, not the one towards the top of the thread, text.png. (The only other edit: Per the conversation documented in the Q&A thread on /ajfc/, the NOI is removed from the list of local organizations to work with.)

Whatever you donate, in whatever fashion, remember that it is solely Art's responsibility to remain in line with FEC regulations, and he has never had any trouble with donations, anonymous or otherwise, and he has done this exact same thing about eight times.

c4cbea  No.11676371


The 'shilling' has been cordial, and there has been no spam in this thread, save a few people bumping it and the one 'Hogg' post that was posted after you. How might we endear you to us?


To be fair, I posted once outside of this thread, at >>11659869 so maybe he extrapolated. That one post is the only one that I have personally done outside of this thread, and to my knowledge none of the local /pol/ group have posted about Art Jones outside of this thread.

c4cbea  No.11676461



Update: there has been some limited shilling in Chicago-related threads. If you think that anything has been egregious, please point it out to me.

e558f5  No.11687355


Please see the clarification on donation amounts here: >>11676352

e558f5  No.11687383


I've clarified here: >>11676352

e558f5  No.11687392

A copy of the major posts in this thread, with some edits, has been made in the other board, in case of a 404 for this thread.

e558f5  No.11687467

This Friday, June 8th, Art is doing a USS Liberty-related event in Chicago. More details to follow.

09066c  No.11695915


There will be no event in Chicago, but Art will at 4pm be going door to door in a town in the 3rd District handing out his usual literature along with a leaflet giving a primer on the USS Liberty incident and on HR 1697 (The Israel Anti-Boycott Act, cosponsored by Dan Lipinski, Art's opponent). If you want to help, call him directly at the number on his website to get details.

42ab8e  No.11695979

File: 310275e77159acd⋯.jpg (121.95 KB, 694x500, 347:250, AJ.jpg)


Good luck sir!

09066c  No.11696067


A few more notes:

- This is a particularly white and safe neighborhood, even for the 3rd district.

- Art will always be near you in case of backup needed. At the furthest, he'll be across the street from you. He has never had any physical trouble with anyone while going door-to-door.

- Other people not associated with 8chan have helped him out IRL (So, helping him out IRL doesn't even associate your face with 8chan by any reliable measure.)

- You can give him a fake name if you so choose.

So, if you have the day off work, or can otherwise get to the area in time, you're not risking much of anything. If you have any other questions or concerns, give him a call. I can personally attest that he has neither the ability nor the inclination to record calls or do any sort of voiceprint analysis.

388804  No.11704341


It would be nice if he could give >24 hours notice for these things.

294252  No.11704428


Here is an interview from someone who isn't from the anti-white msm


f633d2  No.11704517


I'm in a position to help out but unfortunately I look like a fucking slob right now. Appearances are important. Is the discord still up? I might try to contact you guys there. I've got some free time this summer. Anyways, have a bump.

ee9bda  No.11707609


The discord has been gone for a while. To you and >>11704341 be aware that Art's general weekly schedule is going door to door in the afternoon/evening on week days, doing street-corner things mid-day saturday, and doing church outreach sunday morning. He's always looking for more help to canvas the district, but in order to do that with him you need to contact him directly via phone, or go through the procedure outlined in the first post and provide some sort of evidence that you're not an enemy or infiltrator and then I'll relay appropriate details to you regarding whichever IRL thing you expressed interest in, whichever you are more comfortable with.

To >>11704517 again, if you clean up a bit, wear clothes that fit, and spend a few minutes with Art reviewing basic talking points, I'm sure you'll do fine.

ee9bda  No.11708751

Last Saturday, Art and his wife were on Deanna Spingola's show for about two and a half hours, covering a wide range of topics.











b5dbe9  No.11719170



90ca94  No.11733189

File: 0a26da569562d73⋯.webm (3.54 MB, 384x288, 4:3, uss-liberty.webm)

webm related is a belated clip from last thursday of Art reading the pamphlet insert that he handed out to people last friday, June 8th, the 51th anniversary of the USS Liberty massacre. Will be linked from the USS liberty thread as a reply to >>11689274

dfc61e  No.11733304



wont get much from here, he needs a fat cat to fund him, get him a position favorable to a big company (if he pushes solar energy hard then hit up a solar company for funding) and try to get funds from them on the notion that he will back legislation favorable to them.

>boots on the ground

only works for IL anons, check out /meadhall/

>design work and memes

A good one I can toss your way is "America First, a work of Art", work of art works well given the implicit association between aesthetic art and the name Art Jones. "rebuilding america, a work of art", do some polling to see which slogan works best and run with it

>research for america first platform

run on economic policies that appeal to whites, if you want to appeal to blacks point out the disdain dems have for them and how they plan to keep them as slave voters (directly quote lyndon b johnson's "ill have those niggers voting dem"). Bring up the destruction of the family as a big issue, especially since you're near chicongo, and say you'd back welfare initiatives for family maintenance rather than single motherhood. You can bring single motherhood stats and frame family funding as a benefit for the children and you can directly blame the other side as promoting single motherhood as a means of keeping all americans impoverished, in broken homes and degenerate. Find a balance between the red pill and the overton window, don't go full GTKRWN, in fact try to avoid mentioning jews or israel altogether because this turns off the average voter, the infamous cnn interview wasn't even properly handled. When they bring up shit like the holocaust he has to bring up "we went in there to save them from extinction, and they're so grateful that now they want us to bomb and destroy Syria and Palestine when it does not benefit America in any way. We hear about the holocaust all the time as a great injustice but we did not participate in that, we actively sent hundreds of thousands knowing so many would die just to free them from germans and we're supposed to feel guilty for helping to liberate them?" When they bring up the anti semite angle, and they will, you need to bring up that its not a hatred of the avg kike on the street, that its solely a small group of them that are in power and doing their absolute best to corrupt the nation through free trade which harm american workers, unlimited immigration for cheap labor, a control of media to spread a message of anti american sentiment, and insane lobbying that only serves to corrupt the higher offices in the land and pushes them to be Pro Israel rather than Pro America. Israel has a right to exist (i know it doesn't but again, look at logistics), but its needs are not the same as America's needs.

>other projects

You've got me at a blank here.

>other ideas?

Dems can only make fools of themselves the longer they talk, plus the more you can attach racist sentiment to them the better. "oh you wanna do good for black people? then why push single motherhood welfare rather than poor family welfare? because you want to keep black families broken, you want fatherless children lacking role models whose only options are to turn to crime and you want to promote a cycle of poverty where you give them just enough to survive but never give them the familial foundations needed to thrive." Something like this is when an opponent is likely to say oh but muh poor single mothers! to which you can bring out lyndon b's "give them not a lot, just enough.. ill have these niggers voting democrat for the next 100 years" When the shock and awe hits its as simple as "if you don't think this then why are you offering them the same deal that this racist offered them?" He needs to be less defensive and put his opponent into as many binds as possible.

53ad93  No.11743379


>church outreach sunday morning

Does he go to a different church each week, or is he simply a churchgoing man?

ef87d1  No.11746539


See >>11644561

> Now, we're doing a recon of churches. Tomorrow [Sunday, yesterday], we're gonna go to three different churches, in the third district, in the 23rd ward, and pass out my literature there, to the parishioners. So that's what we're doing here on this memorial day weekend.

The area is heavily Catholic, so he picks a town or an area of a town and chooses a few churches within walking or short driving distance and passes out fliers to parishioners or puts them on their cars.

He and his wife are also Catholic, and they have crucifixes and icons and a small home-alter, but I'm not aware of them having a local church that they attend regularly.

ed96f8  No.11749631


68bc4b  No.11766254

bump. More interview content coming tomorrow.

e558f5  No.11771969


Unfortunately this will have to be pushed off until later this week. Stay tuned.

c7b47f  No.11772077

Bump. You got this, Art.

108f95  No.11772196

Best of luck Arty!

363b77  No.11789582

Bump for Art. Also, fuck ted cruz

624f08  No.11789645


Ted Cruz went out of his way to endorse Jone's Democratic opponent. What a fubu spic

444840  No.11791520


she literally brought up the 6 zorillion

0f62e1  No.11791556

Good thread.

Definitely stress the

>troops home now

aspect of the campaign

No taxes on minimum wage jobs/overtime is really good too, I would make that one of top listed goals to get votes


>The strength of /pol/ is anonymity, decentralization

>The weakness of pol is all communications are openly accesible

01093c  No.11814096


df9d33  No.11816488


Inflation. Inflation destroys home equity while simultaneously pricing people out of their neighborhoods. That's what makes ending the Fed a Third District issue, it's their policy that is destroying the cohesiveness of the neighborhoods in the district.

9a6b3d  No.11834592


OP here again. Various difficulties have continued to prevent this from happening, but quality content is still in the works. I apologize for the delays.

I will soon post some links regarding recent news.

ca4f87  No.11836059

File: 091df62b4bc56d1⋯.png (385.1 KB, 1394x1345, 1394:1345, 1485136451461.png)

I'm all for supporting /ourguys/ but jesus fucking christ, when will they start practicing WINNING tactics? Compare losers like Duke, Little and Nehlen vs people who actually win power while still supporting our causes like Steven King and Trump (yes, I *gasp!* said TRUMP, deal with it nu-Kripplekikechan).

8fa6c5  No.11836128


>need merchandising

Try contacting these guys. https://stockmfgco.com/pages/uniform they're in chicongo and are decent people, more redpilled than they look.

8fa6c5  No.11836226

File: 6047db7eea9f7e4⋯.jpg (197.45 KB, 756x771, 252:257, 6047db7eea9f7e4e0dc3b8b6cd….jpg)

File: 3f3656118895ac7⋯.jpg (52.36 KB, 550x309, 550:309, Yajirou-550x309.jpg)


This guy is fully legit… I'm genuinely shocked. He has my support.

Sieg Hiel!

2e201c  No.11836237


Told you plan A. Insert penis in vagina and make babies.

9a6b3d  No.11837151


Some articles and reddit/r/politics threads from about a week ago regarding Ted Cruz supporting Dan Lipinski over Art Jones:


https://old.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/8uy1nn/ted_cruz_vote_for_the_democrat_over_the_gop_nazi/ 1674 comments


https://old.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/8uwm8s/ted_cruz_says_to_vote_democrat_in_illinois_race/ 205 comments


https://old.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/8v9xex/ted_cruz_vote_for_the_democrat_over_the/ 60 comments

Archives for the above urls, in order:

http://archive.is/0AO22 politico

http://archive.is/RWNS8 politico comments

http://archive.is/5N76v daily beast

http://archive.is/iCNjb daily beast comments

http://archive.is/If7Ix forward

http://archive.is/KlrJV forward comments

A mention of Art Jones on the local Channel 11, wttw, this past Friday, regarding Bruce Rauner's endorsement of "Anyone but Arthur Jones":


He's mentioned briefly at 00:35 and then later at 08:40 the host and guests discuss the story in more depth.

To compare, this is the same show talking about him on March 23rd:


aff965  No.11837918

File: 76aee97252880f9⋯.jpg (49.46 KB, 470x280, 47:28, 76aee97252880f918145623b9e….jpg)


ead3a7  No.11857434


000000  No.11859241

I'll vote for you.

d084d8  No.11869217

Art Jones is a CIA piece of trash.


d084d8  No.11869222


Why does Art Jones look Jewish?


d084d8  No.11869227


Hey, OP, what branch of the military "were" you in?

986b0f  No.11876249

Two articles in last week's Joliet Herald-News about Art Jones:







eba8b9  No.11876565


reported for necrobumping

cab5aa  No.11876745

File: 961f8f405a2936f⋯.jpg (209.74 KB, 1470x1016, 735:508, trumpsmug.jpg)




Imagine being this JIDF.

b8f9fb  No.11876760

I did not see that coming.

cab5aa  No.11878938

This is being slid.

013522  No.11881037

An article in the Sun Times earlier this week




511f20  No.11881311


Why don't you run for office and show them all how it's done, faggot?

394bb6  No.11903537

Another article, from Sunday, featuring Art and others:



8fa6c5  No.11903753


Go fuck yourself back on reddit, newfag. Good threads get saved from shill-slides. That's how it has always fucking been.






The kikes really like to put as many labels in one fucking url as they can manage, don't they?

05d842  No.11924564

Here is the promised Interview material, in three parts. Question timestamps are in the descriptions.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL44NlCdQP9lO9IdRq8SNpauFx2abdMnJ

1st: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhZwnN8I040 https://hooktube.com/watch?v=rhZwnN8I040

2nd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0rAjr2jJK8 https://hooktube.com/watch?v=W0rAjr2jJK8

3rd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rZkvgXMBqU https://hooktube.com/watch?v=5rZkvgXMBqU

Some requests:

- The videos are currently unlisted, but please still spread them as wide as possible. I have multiple backups of the videos, but they are not yet hosted on multiple services, just Youtube for now. If you're one of the first readers of this post, or if you are otherwise inclined, and you have sufficient archive space on your drives, please download copies and then post in this thread that you have done so. When I get a few confirmations in this thread, then I'll make the videos public (i.e. people can then find them in Youtube search). I don't know how quickly Youtube will take them, if at all, but I want to ensure that backups have been distributed appropriately before I open the videos up to being blocked or deleted.

- Youtube comments with timestamps referring to what you are commenting on will be very helpful for other viewers, as the question timestamps do not truly give a full picture of everything that was talked about.

Some notes:

- The videos are long, but all of them are almost entirely intelligible at 2x speed (barring some of the questions), if you prefer to watch/listen that way.

- There are links on the hooktube pages for downloading the audio only.

- I know the lighting is awkward in the 1st video, it was adjusted for the 2nd and 3rd videos. If you have actual experience with videography, constructive input is welcome, as we will be doing this again soon.


05d842  No.11924566

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

05d842  No.11924568

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

05d842  No.11924575

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

a39d9c  No.11926110

File: f495d607a0f23d2⋯.png (1.16 MB, 814x6158, 407:3079, trib.png)

An article in the trib from yesterday:




a39d9c  No.11926338

File: b1ae4b03bef81bc⋯.png (656.55 KB, 907x3022, 907:3022, herald1.png)

File: aa40afb99ce8af9⋯.png (11.04 MB, 3400x8000, 17:40, herald2.png)

File: 56d567328a9ae99⋯.png (1.56 MB, 890x5628, 445:2814, indy.png)

File: bab0dfee02607df⋯.png (1.6 MB, 849x4633, 849:4633, sun.png)




screenshots of these articles

a39d9c  No.11926564

File: ec3b20fd6d88b50⋯.png (217.31 KB, 372x381, 124:127, hat.png)


Here's a closeup of his hat. He discusses the USS Liberty at the beginning of the second video here.

a39d9c  No.11926594

File: 2e0691ec4844d32⋯.png (659.48 KB, 691x616, 691:616, 1-shoah.png)

File: d81fd21e666edf7⋯.png (659.53 KB, 651x690, 217:230, 2-fought.png)

File: b5301996b73e4c7⋯.png (843.84 KB, 986x677, 986:677, 3-eyewitness.png)

File: bfea9620835607e⋯.png (656.16 KB, 728x603, 728:603, 4-night.png)

File: 977196f48943053⋯.png (714.61 KB, 696x694, 348:347, 5-indestructable.png)


Here are the books that he discusses at the end of the third part.

a39d9c  No.11926595

File: 79e27d814251b2f⋯.png (773.23 KB, 737x691, 737:691, 6-spell.png)

File: f04ab0323da27d1⋯.png (590.48 KB, 714x595, 6:5, 7-hoax.png)

File: 0c35ddf8a3da7ae⋯.png (594.9 KB, 797x683, 797:683, 8-hoax2.png)



a39d9c  No.11926685


I'm going to try a more informal, conversational interview next time, with topic inspiration taken from the top threads on 8pol at the time of the conversation. If there's any topic or question you want me to make sure to include, please make your request soon.

a39d9c  No.11927581


Some webms have been posted to the webm thread at >>11927570

a39d9c  No.11927802

File: 52c2a5b791d1a71⋯.png (728.36 KB, 692x1736, 173:434, politico.png)


Archive and screenshot for that article:



076e6d  No.11927980


>I didn’t waste my time arguing reality with him by trying to prove the Holocaust did, in fact, happen.


d8c090  No.11928060


Art Jones rules. You've got my help

d8c090  No.11928069


all he needs is solid talking points with buzzwords that people can lookup for themselves.

Deir Yessin as just an example

367067  No.11928120


She warned us there was going to be offensive language…I didn't hear any offensive language.

642609  No.11928770


The non-redpilled brain jut shuts down at that point; it seems to be some sort of defense mechanism. I'm sure Art would love to talk about the successes and struggles of redpilling people, do you think anons would enjoy such a video?


Much appreciated, how would you like to help?


He talks at length about the USS Liberty incident at the beginning of the video in >>11924568. He goes point by point on the issues in >>11924575 starting at 22:02, and the rest of the three-part interview contains tons of food for thought. Do you think it would be valuable to have another video or set of videos that have talking points that are more scripted?


Probably just the best "omg nazi" disclaimer that she could think of at the time in order to ensure that the Jews who employ her wouldn't fire her for being too evenhanded.

2f5b4d  No.11928923

File: 07520dc11e31bc5⋯.jpg (171.62 KB, 640x466, 320:233, nightmare.jpg)

642609  No.11929922

File: bcc2f0c0e553ec9⋯.png (3.51 MB, 810x8723, 810:8723, 01-vox.png)

A vox article from a few weeks ago that hasn't been posted yet:



642609  No.11930080

File: 05285bae6aa5a24⋯.png (3.31 MB, 706x6093, 706:6093, 02-times-of-israel.png)

A Times of Israel article from today:




642609  No.11930187

File: 000cbfe616a877d⋯.png (2.88 MB, 2675x8100, 107:324, 03-channel4-comments.png)

Here's the Channel 4 spot from Friday. Check out the comments, lots of positive ones.





5431a7  No.11930209

godspeed fellow faggots, make Chicago great again

642609  No.11930612


Currently uploading the three-part interview to bitchute. When that's done, I'll make the youtube videos public. Any other site I should back things up to?

642609  No.11931501

File: c95d28ff0a20a29⋯.webm (8.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 06-republican.webm)


Here's a good clip from this first part.

642609  No.11932186

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



642609  No.11932699


Conversion and uploading for bitchute will take a while, and there is a lack of backup confirmations in both this thread and >>>/ajfc/57, so I just went ahead and made the videos public on youtube (doesn't mean you shouldn't back them up if you're so inclined). You can find them if you search "art jones interview" or "arthur jones interview" on youtube. Please spread these far and wide.

12e977  No.11938769

File: d7c6eecba4da719⋯.png (311.01 KB, 695x1258, 695:1258, 04-forward.png)

File: c9b1d3f982893b3⋯.png (4.43 MB, 1014x6677, 1014:6677, 05-fox.png)

The forward, today, rehashing the Chicago Tribune article from Friday




A fox news article from a week ago, profiling Art Jones, John Fitzgerald, and Paul Nehlen




12e977  No.11939422

File: 9dca8a254567d80⋯.png (1.1 MB, 686x5176, 343:2588, 10-sun.png)

An article illustrating the funding situations in different illinois races. A reminder that our opponent in this race, Dan Lipinski, has raised about a half of a million dollars.




12e977  No.11939616

File: dbd737947964e10⋯.png (344.39 KB, 894x2768, 447:1384, 11-trib-op.png)

File: 303785803696c07⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1841x9612, 1841:9612, 12-gop.png)

A humorous article from February, where Illinois' RNC committeeman proceeds to tell Art Jones very plainly that the Republican Party is by and for Jew-lovers.




An article from earlier this year where the GOP kvetches that an anti-Semitic black Democrat doesn't get as much hate and attention as Art Jones




691082  No.11939620

Is Art Jones /ourboomer/?

12e977  No.11939672


Yep, just check out the CNN interview >>11614140 to get a taste. I filmed a lengthy interview with him >>11924564 that I strongly recommend everyone here watch. More answers to more detailed questions are available at >>>/ajfc/5 and in the lengthy greentexts above.

bc6cdc  No.11940560

File: 23f940b4d54997c⋯.png (9.93 KB, 212x200, 53:50, handmade pepe with coffee.png)

File: 56e03eb50131877⋯.jpg (5.92 KB, 250x234, 125:117, swastika.jpg)

Have a kike free bump. I'd like to earmark a donation for custom egg shell stickers. from eggshellstickers dot com. These are extremely difficult to peel off and they will stay up for a long time. If someone can make a cool /pol approved design i'll pay for it, and have it sent wherever or pay for it with the ear marked donation. Please use your strongest meme magic when designing these custom egg shell stickers that I will gladly pay for. By the way please make it so that uncle pol can accept bitcoins. Get a coinbase account and accept them and turn them into cash there imo. ← maybe there is a better way then this so correct me if i'm wrong.

5615cf  No.11943965

File: ae16ff0cf16cb33⋯.png (89.76 KB, 407x860, 407:860, 01-mount-greenwood-white-p….png)

File: 77695bcb05ebf12⋯.png (168.33 KB, 1281x684, 427:228, 3rd-d-community-list.png)

File: c097f62a01eede1⋯.png (202.47 KB, 1273x864, 1273:864, 3rd-d-demographics.png)


What I've got so far is pic related. When white people see where the neighborhood is going, their racial consciousness and anxiety is raised. I don't think we should even put anything Jones-specific on it. Note that Mount Greenwood is THE "White Racist" neighborhood in Chicago. Even if a White person there is starting to feel the encroachment of diversity, seeing that even eight years ago, there were a full fourteen percent of the population that are not non-Hispanic whites is probably going to scare some people. The neighborhood settled by whites in 1879, so the percentages are shown back to that time to show the fact that this place has been almost 100 percent white for almost 100 years. 2020 and 2030 are left blank to show that history has not yet been written. Having "??%" seems to awkward.

Here are census sources, if you think this is a good idea and want to help. Remember that for our purposes, "White" means what census takers refer to as "white only, not of Hispanic origin" or similar.

For 2000 and 2010 data:


For data before that:


5615cf  No.11943998


2010 Data for Chicago community areas:


More data for chicago community areas


1990 pdf from the www.census.gov lnk above, for illinois


List of Chicago Neighborhoods at least partially within the 3rd district:

Archer Heights




Chicago Lawn


Gage Park

Garfield Ridge

McKinley Park

Morgan Park

Mount Greenwood

New City

West Elsdon

West Lawn

List of Towns at least partially within the 3rd district:


Bedford Park





Burr Ridge


Chicago Ridge



Crest Hill

Forest Park

Forest View

Hickory Hills



Homer Glen


Indian Head Park


La Grange

La Grange Park





Merrionette Park

North Riverside

Oak Lawn

Palos Heights

Palos Hills

Palos Park






Western Springs

Willow Springs


5615cf  No.11944021


Due to the regulatory and paperwork requirements, and the fact that his paypal account was shut down, Art hasn't really considered doing bitcoin, as mentioned >>>/ajfc/3 but I'll look into it more. Patrick little I think is currently accepting bitcoins, but it's not as part of his presidential run, at least officially, so he doesn't have to deal with the FEC on that front I don't think. It's a little different in Art's situation.

We've tried to make it as easy as possible to do paranoid-tier non-digital donations, you can do small anonymous cash or money order to "Jones for Congress / P.O. Box 598 / Lyons, IL. 60534" .

5615cf  No.11944505


These are changes from 2000 to 2010, for Chicago neighborhoods in the 3rd district.

Source: a spreadsheet from http://robparal.blogspot.com/2012/05/hard-to-find-census-data-on-chicago.html

Archer Heights

White Population

2000: 53.4%

2010: 21.4%


White Population

2000: 36.7%

2010: 15.2%


White Population

2000: 62.8%

2010: 58.8%


White Population

2000: 41.0%

2010: 35.1%

Chicago Lawn

White Population

2000: 10.0%

2010: 04.3%


White Population

2000: 76.3%

2010: 51.5%

Gage Park

White Population

2000: 12.2%

2010: 04.7%

Garfield Ridge

White Population

2000: 68.9%

2010: 53.2%

McKinley Park

White Population

2000: 28.8%

2010: 17.0%

Morgan Park

White Population

2000: 29.7%

2010: 28.7%

Mount Greenwood

White Population

2000: 91.0%

2010: 85.9%

New City

White Population

2000: 13.1%

2010: 10.5%

West Elsdon

White Population

2000: 46.8%

2010: 17.9%

West Lawn

White Population

2000: 42.8%

2010: 14.7%

5615cf  No.11944518


Also see the back of the flier that he hands out in Catholic neighborhoods. Second image here: >>11614164

5615cf  No.11944808


Full stats, from 1930 to 2010. Some of these are pretty dramatic and warrant captions like:

"This is what ethnic cleansing looks like."

"This is what genocide looks like."

"This is what White Genocide looks like."

And for the only one that is still >60% white, Mount Greenwood (and possible sub-communities/neighborhoods)

"We can take back the neighborhood."

"Let's take back the neighborhood. Vote Art Jones."




Archer Heights

White Population

1930: 99.4%

1940: 99.9%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 99.9%

1970: 99.6%

1980: 95.0%

1990: 90.9%

2000: 53.4%

2010: 21.4%


White Population

1930: 92.3%

1940: 100%

1950: 94.6%

1960: 99.9%

1970: 98.6%

1980: 93.9%

1990: 82.6%

2000: 36.7%

2010: 15.2%


White Population

1930: 99.6%

1940: 99.5%

1950: 99.8%

1960: 99.9%

1970: 99.5%

1980: 84.4%

1990: 73.4%

2000: 62.8%

2010: 58.8%


White Population

1930: 99.0%

1940: 99.9%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 99.7%

1970: 98.5%

1980: 76.1%

1990: 56.8%

2000: 41.0%

2010: 35.1%

Chicago Lawn

White Population

1930: 99.9%

1940: 99.9%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 99.8%

1970: 99.6%

1980: 76.6%

1990: 43.3%

2000: 10.0%

2010: 04.3%


White Population

1930: 99.6%

1940: 99.8%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 99.8%

1970: 99.6%

1980: 95.4%

1990: 91.7%

2000: 76.3%

2010: 51.5%

Gage Park

White Population

1930: 99.9%

1940: 99.9%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 99.9%

1970: 99.7%

1980: 86.7%

1990: 54.9%

2000: 12.2%

2010: 04.7%

Garfield Ridge

White Population

1930: 99.4%

1940: 99.9%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 93.1%

1970: 91.3%

1980: 81.2%

1990: 78.5%

2000: 68.9%

2010: 53.2%

McKinley Park

White Population

1930: 99.9%

1940: 99.9%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 99.8%

1970: 99.6%

1980: 83.0%

1990: 57.6%

2000: 28.8%

2010: 17.0%

Morgan Park

White Population

1930: 64.8%

1940: 60.4%

1950: 60.2%

1960: 64.7%

1970: 51.9%

1980: 36.3%

1990: 33.8%

2000: 29.7%

2010: 28.7%

Mount Greenwood

White Population

1930: 100%

1940: 99.9%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 99.8%

1970: 99.8%

1980: 98.4%

1990: 96.3%

2000: 91.0%

2010: 85.9%

New City

White Population

1930: 97.4%

1940: 99.8%

1950: 99.8%

1960: 99.6%

1970: 95.5%

1980: 41.3%

1990: 19.6%

2000: 13.1%

2010: 10.5%

West Elsdon

White Population

1930: 98.1%

1940: 100%

1950: 99.9%

1960: 99.9%

1970: 99.7%

1980: 96.8%

1990: 90.1%

2000: 46.8%

2010: 17.9%

West Lawn

White Population

1930: 99.9%

1940: 99.9%

1950: 99.8%

1960: 99.9%

1970: 99.5%

1980: 96.6%

1990: 88.0%

2000: 42.8%

2010: 14.7%

5615cf  No.11944898


I still think that plain stats would be the most effective, but putting a caption on it is so tempting.

"This Must End."

"White Genocide will be stopped."

"White Genocide will be stopped, it start's with you."

"White genocide must be stopped. This starts with you."

"I want YOU to Stop White Genocide."

"I want YOU to Stop running away."

"This must stop. If not here, then where? If not now, then when?"

'White genocide will be stopped. This is our neighboorhood."

"Mount Greenwood is not immune to demographic decline."

"Mount Greenwood is not immune to White Genocide."

"Mount Greenwood is not immune."

"You know the story. You've seen it countless times. You thought it couldn't happen here. Will you stop it?"

"We can stop this."

"This is how it starts."

"Why did you let this happen?"

"This is what happens when you run away."

"This is what happens when cowards run away."

"What happened?"

"We can fix this."

65f403  No.11944949


People still and will continue to see genocide as mass killing and mass killing only, so marketing white genocide to them would mostly work in the case of south africa.

f084ab  No.11948067


Some more personalized stats, from here:



"Vigilance starts at home."

There are about 511,000 illegal immigrants here in Illinois.

There are about 307,000 illegal immigrants here in Cook County.

There are about 183,000 illegal immigrants here in Chicago.

There are about 1,000 illegal immigrants here in Garfield Ridge.

There are about 2,000 illegal immigrants here in Archer Heights.

There are about 2,000 illegal immigrants here in McKinley Park.

There are about 2,000 illegal immigrants here in Bridgeport.

There are about 7,000 illegal immigrants here in New City.

There are about 3,000 illegal immigrants here in West Elsdon.

There are about 1,000 illegal immigrants here in Gage Park.

There are about 1,000 illegal immigrants here in Clearing.

There are about 6,000 illegal immigrants here in West Lawn.

There are about 6,000 illegal immigrants here in Chicago Lawn.

There are about 2,000 illegal immigrants here in Ashburn.

All of them must be deported.

If you see something, say something.

Call ICE at (866) 347-2423

"Report Crimes, Suspicious Activity and Suspected Child Exploitation of Missing Children"

(866) 347-2423

f084ab  No.11948073


You mean that it would be beneficial to reference South Africa in our Chicago propaganda, or that mentioning 'white genocide' here would be ineffective?

c37f3b  No.11966248


The videos have been unlisted. Newer ones and much more going up within the week.

0f2b15  No.11985883

We have another challenger




8ecee8  No.12006680


Another article on the challenger, Justin Hanson


The "confrontation" described in the article is misrepresented, and one of the videos I post soon will show that in detail.

323a90  No.12020552

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

New videos. Here's the first one. References and resources are in the descriptions. These are the first decent-looking ones that have been made public, so please spread them far and wide. More to come, hopefully sooner rather than later.

323a90  No.12020560

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


In case it doesn't show in your embed, the title of the first one is "Don't Be Snookered by Fibbing Write-In Candidates", and the title of the second one here is "Chaos Comes to Palos Township".

f36db1  No.12021291

Has there been any sort of coordinated attack through social media? This is a guy even civ-nats can get behind, reaching out to some e-celebs with large bases would be great and has a high chance of success. I could start doing this, but I don't want Mr. Jones' name attached to anyone he doesn't want. The risk/reward of this are pretty obvious and if even 1 moderately famous person throws in their support a lot of things can go wrong and fast.

ff623d  No.12021783

Does he hate niggers?

What about the kikes?

cf492b  No.12022637


Jesus Christ. As a non-American this would be a major redpill for even the most liberal normie in Europe.

3e2bc0  No.12022828

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Two more, for now.

The 1st: "Can America Survive Its Dark Future?"

The 2nd: "Pedophile-Enabling Republicans Fail to Stop Former Nazi"

3e2bc0  No.12022832

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

3e2bc0  No.12022934


Now that the videos are up and I have legit independent things to link to, I'm going to start actually contacting the people mentioned in >>>/ajfc/6. Give me a heads up as to whom you plan on contacting, I'll look into them to make sure it's fine (I'm sure it is), and then you can go ahead and contact them or direct them towards me/Art. artjonesforcongress is the youtube/gmail address that is being used for certain official media-related communications.

3e2bc0  No.12022959

File: c55e92a63eb06d4⋯.png (25.93 KB, 894x139, 894:139, 3-views.png)

File: 48dff944cb6ae31⋯.png (91.13 KB, 1022x726, 511:363, unlisted-with-three-views-….png)

This is funny here. Pics related is a video (that won't be used, another version will be posted) on Youtube, unlisted and with three views (video is now private), that already had some features disabled. The EU censorship programs are damn quick.

3e2bc0  No.12023080

File: 4f312f6ca724604⋯.png (501.95 KB, 3600x4800, 3:4, mt-greenwood.png)


Current best design attached. This, rotated 90 degrees, would be on the 6cm x 8cm sticker. What do you think?

3e2bc0  No.12023085


Do you think that versions of >>12023080 for still-mostly-white cities/neighborhoods in Europe would be an effective propaganda tool?

f01fd3  No.12023109



Great. I'm watching Part 3 of the original interview.

e56ada  No.12023116




3e2bc0  No.12023125


I made them private at his request, do to the lighting making him look bad, so you probably won't be able to watch them. Essentially identical content will be posted/released as soon as possible. The video that I think has the best chance of going viral right now is the one about pedo-enabling republicans that I just posted.


That would be nice, but for now they just give him a lot of publicity. (Check out the facebook video linked in the description of the "Palos" video, where a Jew claiming to have lost fifty family members in the holocaust confronts him. I still need to re-host it or make webms of the good parts…)

I'll pass along the encouragement.

f7f5dd  No.12023152

>unironical neo-nazi boomer

one might argue that this is the definition of ultimate bad PR. on the other hand calling him a nahtzee would have the same impact as calling the water wet. successfully memeing this guy to congress (with keks?) would be a revolution in the overton window.

cf3fa2  No.12023173


Congratulations retard you just killed his chances by tricking him into holding that sign. How the fuck is he going to explain that when some faggot from CNN brings up his Nazi supporters?

c96cea  No.12023200

Where can I donate?

3e2bc0  No.12023205

File: de3e8de72ffb707⋯.png (334.17 KB, 858x1620, 143:270, forward.png)

More kvetching from the forward




3e2bc0  No.12023223


No online donation method is up and running atm.

You can send cash or check or money order to:

Jones for Congress

P.O. Box 598

Lyons, IL. 60534

See the thread at >>>/ajfc/3, and my initial posts in the thread on this topic at >>11614132 and >>11614152 for more info.

f01fd3  No.12023627


Oh I downloaded them recently. By the way, there definitely has to be a more prominent environment where the videos are produced, not some kitchen or bland wall. Somewhere where there is nature scenery behind!

60e382  No.12023653


Wait a minute. Left elbow? What? Why would Germans put tattoos any different parts of the body?

000000  No.12023760



Why would you present him against such shitty backgrounds in both cases?

Why not a video outside in the garden?

Or in front of something other than kitchen furniture?

And the greenish wall looks terrible. I don't care if it's a camera or lighting issue.

3e2bc0  No.12024041



The videos so far have been in the tiny apartment that him and his wife live in. There is no private garden to do videos in. I haven't yet explored other options due to opsec concerns, but I guess I'll start to do that.

3e2bc0  No.12024405

File: f9d74348e03f8fb⋯.mp4 (15.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt1.mp4)


Here's the first 20-something minutes of the video of the actual township meeting that last Monday that made the news this week, in sub-16M increments.

3e2bc0  No.12024410

File: bca0ab000d2e811⋯.mp4 (15.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt2.mp4)

3e2bc0  No.12024418

File: f9e69730f1825b7⋯.mp4 (15.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt3.mp4)

3e2bc0  No.12024425

File: 0b8824db9f52b3f⋯.mp4 (15.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt4.mp4)

3e2bc0  No.12024432

File: 804fa8091c24dd7⋯.mp4 (15.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt5.mp4)

3e2bc0  No.12024434

File: da805ad64c1c3ac⋯.mp4 (15.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt6.mp4)

3e2bc0  No.12024441

File: ad7120ea4a0e074⋯.mp4 (15.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt7.mp4)

eb4cdb  No.12024443

Thank you for posting this, it breaks my heart to see an older white gentleman do this we should be there with him to keep him safe.

3e2bc0  No.12024451

File: 6a2eef7d40f6237⋯.mp4 (15.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt8.mp4)

289b39  No.12024453

>tfw my congressional district is on /pol/

I'm voting for Jones even though he has no chance of winning.

The more votes he gets, the more liberal pants-shitting will happen in the south Chicago suburbs.

eb4cdb  No.12024459


These cocky niggers, spics an jews need to fucking go, my blood boils at this display

b7854c  No.12024466

File: 0249e6eaf5033eb⋯.png (736.77 KB, 731x720, 731:720, ClipboardImage.png)

3e2bc0  No.12024468

File: 1668de7823f2afa⋯.mp4 (15.38 MB, 640x360, 16:9, palos-sl5-pt9.mp4)


These nine clips show the entirety of Art's interactions, but there are still a few things going on between the end of this clip (ends at 23:45 of the original video) and the end of the original video. The rest, or selected clips, will be posted upon request, as I've posted 9 max-size files here and I don't want to get greedy with the site bandwidth if I don't have to.

The orignal video:

https://www.facebook.com/takeonhate/videos/219254502100692/ via https://patch.com/illinois/palos/sharon-s-not-carin-neo-nazi-arthur-jones-support

0d97f5  No.12024480


Honestly both

41c0fd  No.12024483


>liberal normie

They want it that way. Shitlibs assume based nogs wont kill them if they cuck hard enough and "the elite" assume nogs wont come after them once whites are decimated.

eb4cdb  No.12024485


>hurr durr im brown and so oppressed its't it great guys

I hate them, not even gradually

b7854c  No.12024486

Isn't Chicongo one of these districts you can vote without a id? go everyone there and vote in mass like the beaners did during the election night.

60e382  No.12024492


>the meeting

What? Care to explain? I must have missed it.

60e382  No.12024496


I might shoot myself in the head if this nigger camera man keeps rotating the camera.

4f964b  No.12024516


I had 4 White children with my redpilled Salvadorian wife… but I acknowledge that that's not enough. Trying to get a raise so we can afford to have at least 2 more children.

A warning to single anons, don't waste all your libido in the first 6 months. We used to have sex at least twice a day for the first 5 months but it slowed after she got married. I love my wife and white children but you need to think of it long term. Furthermore, instead of wasting all your libido, keep some of your energy to protect your family. And NEVER EVER put work ahead of your family, that's the first (((excuse))) women use to cheat on you… if you have time/energy to work more, then you have time/energy to make another child.

4f964b  No.12024518


I recommend this, of course my wife and I can't do anything illegal, but we voted for the guy.

cf05e2  No.12024526


Ride the dragon :^)

cf05e2  No.12024530


Also married but we don't vote, have 2 children with my Bolivian wife. I pretty much ensured she doesn't do much except care for our children. Keep her away from the TV and internet because I want to protect her from the electric jew.

3e2bc0  No.12024533


The video at >>12020560 gives some context, also see the references in the description of said video, reposted here:

https://theregionalnews.com/2018/08/16/protestors-clash-with-white-rights-advocate-art-jones/ ("White Rights Advocate" is something to run with if we can, it's the most level-headed label yet from the media.)


Essentially, Muslims are actively taking over the area known as Palos Township (among other areas in the 3rd district), one of the township trustees expressed some mild, normie concern (ie. are the kids all vaccinated/screened) about a year ago and the slimes took that as their cue to fill up every single monthly meeting since then and make the meetings inpossible, supposedly until said trustee resigns. What they are doing is horrifying and illegal, and as mentioned in the video at >>12020560 legal action may soon be on the table.

cf05e2  No.12024534



then make more white babies, duh!

cf05e2  No.12024537


> muslims are the primary voting force

> doesn't appeal to them

If he was young, he should marry one and use her to attack the kikes.

cf05e2  No.12024542





I might just bring my wife to the ballot and vote for him. Can we vote via mail?

cf05e2  No.12024544


I have 2 white children, what are you doing?

3e2bc0  No.12024556


Whites, especially white boomers, are still the primary voting block. The muslims, at least the ones in the video, make a lot of noise though.

Art has repeatedly and actively attempted to court their vote. There's a video I've got of him, that he doesn't want me to post, where he explains that he went door to door to every muslim business along the main street in bridgeview (a.k.a. little palestine), set up an interview with one of their radio people, and heard absolutely nothing back. The next step is going to an imam and trying to reason with them, as obviously they both would be most likely to be principled and would have enourmous influence (where even a non-scathing report of a meeting between the two, by the imam, would change things drastically for the better), but this hasn't been a priority, though maybe it should be.

cf05e2  No.12024583


The only one I've seen that has been serious about getting votes was Patrick Little. Say what you want about him, but before he sperged, he had a realistic plan. Though of course, he fought in Cali which is Sodom OR Gomorrah.

Personally, I think going from business to business has some value BUT NOT too much. Just look at Trump during the election, he was making noise and was able to use the attention to his advantage.

I'm sorry to be the one saying it, but other than being a diversion, I don't think an old man (that isn't showing a lot of vitality) can do much in politics. However, I do think going to a local imam to garner attention and get prospect voter base has some value.

3e2bc0  No.12024587


There's a video I've got where he talks about south africa and how it's extremely relevant to the Chicago situation. He doesn't want me to post it because he thinks he doesn't look good with his glasses off. Maybe I'll just post an audio+pic webm of it.

07b98c  No.12024599

File: 749b29348ec8418⋯.jpg (107.25 KB, 700x420, 5:3, c700x420.jpg)

Born Chicagoan here, multi-generations of my family made white flight from Chicago and are now spread out and divided across Weimerica.

I thus praise Art Jones and OPanon for digging in for decades and rising up to fight yet again in a city and state most deem hopeless.

3e2bc0  No.12024624


Thank you, I will pass the encouragement on to Art. Since you are/were local, can you comment on the sticker/flier campaign that I'm proposing for Mt. Greenwood? I'd like to get a few more opinions on the idea/design before I go ahead and order a few hundred stickers. (Latest design: >>12023080)

07b98c  No.12024679


No longer local at all to be clear, so file my opinion away as a non-voter.

The statistics you list for Mount Greenwood would shock me, but then again I am already here on a site like this; not sure these are enough to concern normies at that early stage of takeover.


In this lengthy list of stats we see many other townships in worse shape, and pointing out that Greenwood is inevitably next should be your aim here.

Whether it's contrasting Greenwood with a neighboring borough or the decline of Cook County at large, you need to highlight the threat harder than their remarkably slow skid affords them.

07b98c  No.12024688


Sorry for double post, but to be more constructive: I think narrow it down from "non-hispanic white population" to simply "European Population", or White.

Everyone besides the FBI apparently knows the difference between European Whites and non-Hispanic whites, and including this in your infographic will probably only serve to head scratch.

f36db1  No.12024912


The ones I recommend (other than the ones already mentioned in the other thread) are Jean-Francois Gariépy, Nicholas J. Fuentes, and JMcfeels(those are their twitter handles). The only one I doubt would be successful is Fuentes, he panders to Catholics which is a plus in Art's case, but is anti-boomer and doesn't name the jew, but I doubt Art being on his show will go as badly as Patrick Little. The other 2 are at least easy venues for more publicity.

d7bffb  No.12024982


God Bless Art Jones! Hope he can drop some red pills on TV

c25c3e  No.12024993


nice, but thats just the replacement rate.

a bigger family will be nice.

5e1118  No.12025640


Any particular requests on specific redpills for him to drop?

b50600  No.12025921


How did you end up meeting Mr. Jones and working with him on the interviews? Nothing very detailed if you wish.

632147  No.12026069

Bump for Jones

5e1118  No.12026713

File: 0fe989fd5ec41ae⋯.mp4 (5.52 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 12-south-africa-edited.mp4)



Here's the south africa one, as pic+audio. Will post the rest, too.

5e1118  No.12026725

File: d928c0bb56fe8ba⋯.mp4 (6.11 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 02-eisenhower-kosher.mp4)


Regarding Eisenhower's camps. A preview for a longer video that will be produced later.

5e1118  No.12026734

File: 18c1c0fc92c55d0⋯.mp4 (5.95 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 03-rahm.mp4)


On the Jewish Mayor of Chicago.

5e1118  No.12026743

File: 38940949321b58d⋯.mp4 (2.13 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 04-bill-falwell.mp4)


Talking about another openly counter-Semitic Republican candidate in Illinois.

5e1118  No.12026750

File: 6889cc3bd5fc99c⋯.mp4 (1.67 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 07-lawler.mp4)


A high-ranking republican faggot took leave for drug addiction.

5e1118  No.12026761

File: 8c2e4a586dd3449⋯.mp4 (3.73 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 08-swastika-and-skokie.mp4)


More on the real story of the Skokie spectacle. Right before this one started, I was reading the 8pol catalog and asked him what he thought about the 'Swastika Rehabilitation Day' project and the general idea of reviving the symbol in positive light.

5e1118  No.12026768

File: fb297ffa743c9d1⋯.mp4 (1.12 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 10-queers-etc.mp4)


On faggot education in Illinois.

5e1118  No.12026775

File: 2d7e208ff73a205⋯.mp4 (4.3 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 11-1488-question-mark-both.mp4)


On why he doesn't have any kids.

5e1118  No.12026787

File: 569c55493e16d9d⋯.mp4 (2.88 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 14-message-to-the-alt-righ….mp4)


As a follow up, I asked him what he would say to his hypothetical grandsons or granddaughters, something that the "my latina wife is totally white guise" posters in this thread would have done well to listen to.

5e1118  No.12026791

File: 7f66f2909422f91⋯.mp4 (4.65 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 13-camp-of-the-saints-both.mp4)


Talking about the book "Camp of the Saints".

5e1118  No.12026800

File: 8e43e7c457dfc3b⋯.mp4 (3.67 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 15-jerry-springer-both-edi….mp4)


Art considers himself partially responsible the rise of the Jerry Springer show.

5e1118  No.12026807

File: ebb7f3df21c52ff⋯.mp4 (13.43 MB, 468x590, 234:295, 16-representing.mp4)


A few stories of Art successfully defending himself in court.

5e1118  No.12026817


After this clip I asked what he meant at 0:30 by "non-white friends" and he specified non-whites that are "cultured" i.e. some asians, some hispanics, no blacks.

5e1118  No.12026895

>>12024688 (checked)

I use the term because it's the one that the statistics use and I'd like to appear as neutral as possible. What's the difference in public's mind between "european americans" and "non-hispanic white americans"? The most nuanced classification I've heard in normie conversations is just 'white people'.


The reason why I think just the MtG stats will be enough is that MtG is literally THE white racist neighborhood in chicago (more on this in a video, which will clarify things more) that prides itself on its various white cultures. They're probably well aware of what's happening to the rest of the city and just assume that they are immune. The few people on the ground that I've shown or mentioned the 86 percent statistic to have been shocked.

5e1118  No.12026915


However many people vote for him, that number will be the talking point for months after, just like the 20k primary figure was during this spring and summer. Every little bit helps.

Since you're local, do you have any focused discussion/redpilling techniques that you've found to be effective?

b50600  No.12027025


As was pointed out by anon >>11614602 , Plank 19 must be eliminated from the campaign. Did you?

b50600  No.12027042


Good to hear about a separate video on that subject. Could you show Mr. Jones this documentary?

Its Other Losses, based on the book he mentions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAgLaF6Wd8c

289b39  No.12027166

File: d6546d3fb9d55c3⋯.png (893.55 KB, 761x919, 761:919, chicago ridge mall dindus.png)

File: 79a5e8c17beb9c3⋯.mp4 (8.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, shooting at chicago ridge ….mp4)

File: 4a7954597152a12⋯.png (456.69 KB, 731x907, 731:907, current state.png)


>Since you're local, do you have any focused discussion/redpilling techniques that you've found to be effective?

People get turned off because "I heard that guy was a nazi". People love to associate him with the word nazi. If you want him to win, you need to disassociate him with that.

If you want to redpill people in the area, show them footage of what this area has become. Vid related. This was not the norm when I was a kid growing up there. It used to be overwhelmingly Irish/Italian/German/Polish. Now the Arab/Mexican/Black population is taking over and you can see it in the current events. Jones is opposing the changes causing events like this one. If people know that, they will vote for him.

It wouldn't be hard to make redpilling material. Crime makes the news all the time in these formally quiet towns, and surprise! it's almost always nonwhites.

b50600  No.12027253

On the Jewish Mayor of Chicago.>>12026734

289b39  No.12027271

File: 7bfbfb32a5f1694⋯.png (360.71 KB, 855x1091, 855:1091, chuckecheese.png)

File: 9f7240fe8e0d5a2⋯.png (588.02 KB, 1111x865, 1111:865, not normal 20 years ago.png)




11fc34  No.12028862


that's just how a lot of German opas look like

e8e2b7  No.12045470

File: b6acda46a5b4919⋯.jpg (515.69 KB, 3600x4800, 3:4, 01.jpg)

File: 2e94c268b132ea3⋯.jpg (737.98 KB, 3600x4800, 3:4, 02.jpg)


I'd make it somehow more distinct?

5e1118  No.12069603

Bump. OP here, more content and proper replies coming tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

7e301f  No.12086273



e50767  No.12087114



I should not have made that time-constrained promise, I'm still going through lots of new video footage and figuring out what I can post, and that's pretty much all I've been up to re:this. Sorry about that. Shooting for early next week.

I'm well aware that crunch time has already started, there's only 68 days until the election.

1d8b5b  No.12089730


Roger that

ef71d1  No.12090041


>The video featuring him and Pat Little

So Art is another glow in the dark. His nose looks laughably suspicious…

338469  No.12090097

File: 1b53aa86caf9e26⋯.jpg (270.55 KB, 968x648, 121:81, image.jpg)


Holy shit, watch the first video. Guy is basically just like Patrick Little; got 3% of the vote, "vet", similar demeanor, ect ect. Just watch it for yourselves, very sketchy

4a52c6  No.12090128


>advertises to be less retarded


Not an argument.

1d8b5b  No.12090157

57718e  No.12112202

OP here, there have been more delays, but content is still in progress.

95fe6c  No.12112230



>Oy vey goyim just vote!

>Oy vey this goy is too fashy! Better vote for a based nigger instead.

Sitting home during the midterm because of this faggotry.

e4f6e7  No.12141265

File: dff6bd61f23a427⋯.webm (12.09 MB, 2339x2950, 2339:2950, 01-frank-wallace.webm)

A story about fighting Jewish lies. More to come.

1b834c  No.12142832


Wow, I didn't keep up with the story about the Polish guy. It's good to know that he was set free.

f4fae0  No.12150780

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

On the Neighborhood Amendment

f4fae0  No.12151000

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Regarding Mount Greenwood

25060f  No.12151057

This guy looks and literally SCREAMS glow in the dark, just like the other Neon-Nazi candidates Patrick Shittle and Paul “I Actually Dox For a Living” Nehlen. Anyone who votes for him will end up on a watch list like with people who voted for Shittle and Nehlen. Polite sage however because I’m feeling generous.

b53546  No.12169879

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The True Story of the USS Liberty

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