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File: 591a5160d599e4d⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 500x300, 5:3, genmapeuropeA.jpg)

File: 063ee69d799bbd3⋯.jpg (115.25 KB, 350x315, 10:9, genmap3.jpg)

File: f489af0a00c3ebc⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 771x440, 771:440, Look at the turk.jpg)

8d91de  No.11691824

Can we get a thread dedicated to European genetics both North and South without any of that esoteric bullshit? I've grown tired of all these LARPERs pushing foundless narratives. I just want a good ol' genetics thread without any of the bullshit.

7811d6  No.11691845

I appreciate the notion but you know full well that by mentioning esoshit you're bound to attract esoniggers. Also, let's be honest /pol/ isn't the best place to discuss anything related to science.

8d91de  No.11691852


Still, I'm kinda tired of all these supposed "experts" on European demographics pushing lies and complete misinformation.

744320  No.11691890

File: d927cd17908022b⋯.png (85.07 KB, 681x881, 681:881, EEF vs WHG vs Yamnaya prop….PNG)

File: 5bfba2bbd8a92f2⋯.png (155.72 KB, 923x889, 923:889, PCA minoans and mycenaeans.PNG)

File: 08eabd4671ce9a6⋯.png (479.97 KB, 1019x1333, 1019:1333, PCA genomic history of sou….png)


don't fall for the shill post


>not the best place for discussing science

back to leddit faggot where you get banned for even mentioning these studies.


First I will post some graphs.

Second I will post my Völkisch estimation of genetics and why its not an identity.


We believe in Blood. Paracelsus said that blood was a “condensation of light”. The Völkisch science of inheritance and the modern science of genetics describe the same fundamental aspects of Nature. They are distinct from each other in that the former relies on a priori explanations rooted “superstition” (in a very limited sense, “blood” is an approximation of the DNA, both terms describe inheritance flowing from parent to child) while the latter is a posteriori. We embrace every science insofar as it helps us multiply and gain an edge over the competitor races. There should not be any dissonance or quarreling in the mind of a Völkisch man about DNA and modern genetics. It, like the proton in the universe, is at the most fundamental level of biology. Our beliefs simply go beyond the bare and materialistic character of DNA and this is where we clash with militant atheists who absurdly reduce human existence to “strings of chemical reactions”.

Genetics must be viewed as a welcome affirmation of that which has been known to Völkisch thought for centuries now, one of the practical applications of the science deals with genes in populations. In this field one must think and see through the lens of the genepool of a race or aristocratic lineage and in so doing one is already practicing Völkisch thought in regards to inheritance. When thinking as a corpus (or Volkskörper), one is paying attention to frequencies of traits and their differential rates of reproduction. The spreading of desirable traits through the eugenic breeding of desirable people is one of the oldest Völkisch concepts, and so is the viewing of individual phenotypes as transient beings. The flow of blood (or genes) must continue and right now we are simply vehicles of flow. Through selection of vehicles we can impact the direction of the flow, but we cannot allow the flowing to stop as that would mean the extinguishing of our blood. What gives the dimension of time to blood is the incarnation of blood in living beings that have been born of one generation and then produce the next. On an unrelated note I must comment on the current use of genetics science in dissident right spaces: no, pointing to unique genes only carried/expressed by Aryans does not constitute an identity. What gives rise to our identity is a deeply rooted belief in your membership in your racial group: you cannot be without it just as it cannot be without you, especially if you fail to fulfill your duty. Men are born as soldiers and women are born as incubators and through the cooperation of these two fundamental elements of the race, the race can assert itself in the worldwide competition for resources and living space. Pointing to unique genes does not reverse demographic trends, believing in an identity, god, religion, spirituality, etc. that results in the calling to arms and successful carving out of your own space to live inside of unadulterated as a race does. A “right” is an abstraction that relies on all parties honoring it; the foreign races do not honor our “right” to exist, so it is our duty to fight for our existence.


>inb4 muh esoterics

you understand that niggers have a genetic future living in mudhuts, so go have some babies for these dumbass computers of ours to be worth anything in the future.

8d91de  No.11691909

File: ee1c89649ff01b6⋯.jpg (168.29 KB, 1024x922, 512:461, a637f4a5c876eb0dd12d3467e1….jpg)

File: a37abbd61858aef⋯.gif (76.5 KB, 909x617, 909:617, Mapa genético de Europa.gif)

File: b301522d3d41235⋯.jpg (53.45 KB, 763x537, 763:537, europevariation.jpg)

8d91de  No.11691910


Thanks for the contribution friend.

4d4405  No.11691985

File: c33f5dd5e833751⋯.jpg (164.06 KB, 962x869, 962:869, 36AB019600000578-3711040-i….jpg)


A small contribution from me but it's all I have at the moment. Pic is a DNA map of Britain. It may be useful for anyone of British heritage who is trying to calculate their heritage or anyone wanting to know about the genetic make up of the Brits, for instance. British here refers to Anglo-Saxon, i.e. Germanic. The Orcadians are the most distinct genetic group with about 1/4 of their Genome being Norwegian. The Welsh have the most original Briton DNA of any group and are the second most distinct group. Cornish people have DNA that is more English than Celtic and register as English on some DNA tests. Scotland, Ireland and Wales are the true Celtic groups of Britain and are grouped together taxonomically by some scientists.

51de7f  No.11691996


>pushing lies and complete misinformation

>implying you have corrected non jewish approved data

How very kike of you OP

4d4405  No.11691997


Unknown here includes Scandinavian and Iberian, btw.

18bacc  No.11692003


>back to leddit faggot where you get banned for even mentioning these studies.

The issue isn't mentioning studies, it's that people here will cherrypick whatever suits their worldview best and anybody who says otherwise must be a jew shill.

1804ed  No.11692006

Why can't brown haired brown skinned brown eyed Italians admit they're not uber aryans? nobody is but they seem to get the most butthurt.

40bdfa  No.11692033


>I've grown tired of all these LARPERs pushing foundless narratives.

What? You mean you don't appreciate the time and effort LARPers put into trying to convince /pol/ that whites - all whites - descend from a lost tribe of Israel that went north and thus the *bible jews were white? Well OP, that is wrongthink, if I interpret the rules appropriately. You just can't appreciate this bold attempt to get /pol/ to appreciate the bible and yearn to own the jew label. I bet you hear the phrase, We wuz jews n sheeit and roll your eyes.

*Amongst all other failures to prove their LARP is real, they can never explain the exact moment the "bible jews" became the jewsjews

e652d7  No.11692046



Not even Italian, but what the fuck does that even mean? They're native of Europe, that's all that matters, the whole "Aryan" nonsense is bullshit pushed by kikes to imply that Hitler cared about that. As attractive as blonde hair and blue eyes are that has nothing to do with racial purity.

Also, the claim that Nordics are unquestionably the best of the European people is also laughably idiotic. As cool as their ancient history was, I can say that Italians have contributed 10x more to the greatness of Western civilization than any Nordic country.

8d91de  No.11692075

File: f29f6d76ee21f1c⋯.png (170.81 KB, 400x288, 25:18, Goodbye cruel world.png)


I apologize to my LARPer overlords, please, spit on my face for not being a Blonde Blue Eyed Ultra Zionist Ubermesnch.


This. But without the Infighting angle, we should all be proud of our own ancestry and the fact that they've remained mostly untouched by outside forces. This has been proven time and time again.

000000  No.11692091

This looks like a promising D&C and resource burn slide

However your colleague, (((OP))), makes it too obvious:


>Only bloods are whites

Give him one less shekel. And no dick sucking tonight! That'll teach him.

000000  No.11692095


bloods -> blonds

8d91de  No.11692100


Learn to spell TORfag, and prove your claim that TALKING ABOUT FUCKING GENETICS is now a Jewish psyop.

744320  No.11692138

File: 87c1141181c1d83⋯.png (45.65 KB, 501x658, 501:658, rassenzweige 1.PNG)

File: 2ab87d0b1d3377a⋯.png (38.21 KB, 429x593, 429:593, rassenzweige 2.PNG)

File: 45a503f975b68bc⋯.png (107.51 KB, 1237x1017, 1237:1017, euro achievement.png)


The studies are numerous and all corroborate. I don't see much cherrypicking potential here.


>the whole "Aryan" nonsense is bullshit pushed by kikes

holy shit you need to read some books

>I can say that Italians have contributed 10x more to the greatness of Western civilization than any Nordic country.



I wonder what a "non-jewed" PCA would look like.

e652d7  No.11692171


>the whole "Aryan" nonsense is bullshit pushed by kikes

>holy shit you need to read some books

Lol, which books? Ones written by Jewish authors? It's based on hearsay accounts of Mein Kampf and Hitler's speeches, hoping that nobody will bother to read/listen to them without a purposely fucked up translation by the Chosen.

>I can say that Italians have contributed 10x more to the greatness of Western civilization than any Nordic country.


Your own pic proves me right, nigger.

4d4405  No.11692188


rekt but you're wrong about the aryan stuff. that's been proven by modern and recent genomics science.

e652d7  No.11692207


What is aryan and why does it matter? Seriously, it's Jewish propaganda.

8d91de  No.11692209


This, the Aryan stuff is real, but it's only a part of Europe's genetic whole makeup.

4d4405  No.11692219

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


indo-european. it matters because it's a significant part of our history.

educate yourself.

8d91de  No.11692225


This, Indo-Europeans are a huge part of our genetic make-up, some people protest that those that have less Indo-European are lesser Europeans (They conveniently make an exception with certain Nordic countries, but you know why that is), and that's just wrong, as Neolithic farmers are also a big part of what makes us European.

e652d7  No.11692248


We're talking about two different things. The scientific term, Aryan (as in proto-European) which were an ancient peoples that exist in various degrees in Europe, Asia and North Africa. That is a very important part of where we come from. But the Jewish propaganda term "Aryan" as in very fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes… and the supposed "pure Aryans" being the Nordics.

But Italians actually have more Aryan admixture than the fucking Nordics. In fact, even Syrians are more Aryan than Swedes.

000000  No.11692251



Thank you for bringing that pressing matter to my attention. Did a rabbi suck your dick when you were a baby? Please describe in detail. Shill IQ is atrocious. You need to hire smarter people. You are not God's chosen. You are a God forsaken.

8d91de  No.11692258


You didn't adress my question Shlomo, how the fuck is a genetics discussion a jewish psyop? Sage for off topic

000000  No.11692259

To be fair, perhaps you are not a shill, OP. However, your threat will be (((exploited))) to its full potential.

000000  No.11692263

See? Another typo :/

Did you find it? threat -> thread :)

4d4405  No.11692266


perhaps clarify exactly what you're discussing next time.

744320  No.11692311


>Lol, which books?

Lanz von Liebenfels in the Ostara newsletters, Arno Rüge, Rudolf Steiner, Hans F.K. Günther, just to name a few.

>It's based on hearsay accounts of Mein Kampf and Hitler's speeches

you are not educated enough to participate on this forum, leave

>Your own pic proves me right, nigger.

<I cannot read and think that Germany and Britain are not of nordic stock

just gas yourself


>more Aryan admixture than the fucking Nordics. In fact, even Syrians are more Aryan than Swedes.


Review my picture on admixture proportions >>11691890 here.

e652d7  No.11692342


Now you're splitting hairs by calling Germany and Britain (much more Germanic than anything else) are Nordics because of some admixture. One could then consider some Brits to be Italian or Spanish to be Celtic. Then Italy is Nordic because they are partly Germanic.

I'm talking about the historical Nordic peoples: Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden.

18bacc  No.11692343



See that's what I mean by cherry picking. Using research that is over a hundred years old because more recent studies aren't palatable. I'd argue that Cavelli-Sforza is a more up-to-date researcher in the field but since he said "race is hard to determine" he's not /pol/ approved. Instead people cling to a guy who believed in goddamn fairies.

b301ee  No.11692354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Aryan as it applies to natsoc(Nazi) ideology is based on the ancient Indian histories of a people known by them at the time as Aryans, who were not "white euros" at all. At the time secret societies were in fashion among the upper elite and many joined for either "spiritual" or material benefit.

>Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

>aleister crowley

So those 2 heavily influenced and shaped the German brotherhood "research" society where many elites of business and society gathered and formed the OTO(Ordo Templi Orientis) this is still like 20-30 years before Hitler. The same people creating those secret societies were also influential in there politics and eventually formed the Nazi party and because of the original groups the Nazis were part of the Aryan and mystic attributes became part of the party, at higher levels. But this all came from the pursuing of "light" through freemasonry, in the USA freemasonry was already and still is very entrenched. at that time (1890s -1930, up to the 60s) eugenics and racial purity was being pushed and practiced in the USA with sterilization of 3x criminal offenders, retards, blacks and Hispanics being sterilized and experimented on with vaccines. Hitler was the product of these groups and his philosophy was in line with them at the same time he was funded by people controlling those groups, Rockefellers, Dupont, Ford, Rothchilds (they did Ransom a Rothchild for 20 million $ I believe it was but that was a ruse to get more funding) Israel was created by the Rothchilds and royalty of England who cooperated with Hitler to export Jews to the new land, which has to do with British Zionism and the black nobility. If you want to look into that part it had to deal with the Pope and Rome

>the Black Nobility had existed for centuries, originating in the Baronal class of Rome and in the powerful families who moved to Rome to benefit from a family connection to the Vatican.

Most of everything going on is a civil war in Rome with the Caesar (pope)

The wiki on black nobility is actually pretty good


Here's a video that goes into good detail, if there's a better one then plz post it but this information is the best I've found outside of my own reading. Don't take shit answers from /pol , most are just as biased and retarded as CNN or that shit

e36b1f  No.11692366

File: 76bba833e6a6ee4⋯.jpg (377.36 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, Luke Skywalker.jpg)

8d91de  No.11692371

File: a37b5adc5297d36⋯.gif (840.49 KB, 168x217, 24:31, OK.gif)

744320  No.11692389


>I'm talking about the historical Nordic peoples: Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden.

<lets conveniently forget where the fuck the name "Anglo" and "Saxon" come from

this is gross


I posted old charts you dumb kike.

Are you actually surprised that they could only approximate without the genes back in 1930?

Carleton Coon's work is superior to the book where I sourced those charts from in terms of accuracy as viewed from today. At the time there were many holes in the story that had to be tentatively bridged and one explanation was as good as the next at the higher levels. They had only just found Troy as well in 1868.


The Vedas were written by Cro Magnon, who can be identified as the original Aryan.

b301ee  No.11692391













Watch now that I've posted actual info this thread will be sunk to page 3 in a few minutes. Always happens. Especially if you start citing law that verifies constitutional rights, explaining the 14th amendment and state citizen vs US citizen

b301ee  No.11692407

File: 5945940d4d05153⋯.jpg (292.9 KB, 957x957, 1:1, 20180508_225426.jpg)


How can cromag be original Aryan?

>Slid here though worm hole

>Lost timer

>Skinned grapes are a left over of cultural impression of the eye eaters

ef2591  No.11692426

File: 7c4e186c848bf6a⋯.jpeg (77.25 KB, 875x379, 875:379, BD9F78E2-0C2B-4DEC-BB42-D….jpeg)

Interesting fact about Armenians they haven’t been admixed since ancient European hunter gatherers. After the major collapse of civilizations they remained isolated.

744320  No.11692440


When do you think someone will undertake the task of making sense of all of this?

They seriously need to make 3d charts where you've got the PCA dimensions on the x and y and the date of the genetic signature find on the z so that you can visualize when what spawned where. It should be pyramid shaped in my estimation since hybrids are in between the two parent racial groups on PCAs, so that as time increases, increasingly localized maximums spawn that look like a mountain range.

18bacc  No.11692450


>Cro Mag


<12000 years ago

<First recorded writing from 1000 BCE

Sure thang

b301ee  No.11692457


Probably because their area was a bit more isolated and gay to get to, low outlying resources around them probably was a barrier until ppl could bring in supplies and protection. They have hills and water so they could probably defend against anyone with a smaller army or band

edb9ea  No.11692468

File: b00e645c39e6156⋯.jpg (171.17 KB, 779x634, 779:634, 1507951065296.jpg)


>let's be honest /pol/ isn't the best place to discuss anything related to science.

That wasn't always the case. In 2015 this place had quality scientific discussion, and pre-/pol/harbor /pol/ had space elevator threads. Too bad all the normalfag cuckservatives came here and dragged their dirty feet with jonestein tier anti-scientific narratives typical of the straw opposition in America. It's actually one of the things pushed by actual cointelpro shills, to demoralize and drive away anybody with a background in the hard sciences.


You're falling into the same intellectual trap that late 19th/early 20th century European colonialists fell into, ascribing some sort of deeper meaning and manifest destiny to genetics. I get the ideological reasoning - the necessity of a mythos to bind and guide the in-group - but in practice supremacism leads to complacency and bona fide purity spiralling as opportunists use any excuse to undermine their peers and superiors to advance through the ranks, while the enemy can easily dismantle your assertions with empirical evidence.

It's a tactic that didn't work the last time around, you need to adapt if you want to succeed. Just like anybody else.

b301ee  No.11692472


Nigga why do you think all ppl applying for citizenship to US have a biometrics reading, all blood drawn has samples sent to government genetics labs and it's categorized, all new born babies have blood sent out.

>Public use of technology is 30 years behind at best

> "Targeted genetic medicine" is already developed, it wouldn't be used unless there was no cross infection which means specific DNA can now be targeted in the genetic web without accidently killing all mulattos when you want to kill all blacks ect

edb9ea  No.11692500


You'd need genetic data from generations that are long, long dead to get anything meaningful from such an endeavour. As it is, we can already clearly see the major divisions and can infer the topology of their family tree by following individual markers.

Regardless, if you did a 3-dimension PC plot by generation and connected parents to children you'd end up with something that looks like a bunch of wires strung out from an original loom and forming rope-like branches going more or less parallel to each other (diverging very slowly) with the occasional interconnects and offshoots.

edb9ea  No.11692505


>hehey goyim check this compelling narrative! Don't you want to feel super duper special?

Take your meds, feds

744320  No.11692547


Stop being so damn obtuse. Obviously Cro Magnon spread across the world.


You're thinking too much like a jew. A well crafted myth of supremacy results in resource acquisition, lebensraum, and a large amount of children.

Also if you read what I wrote you'd understand that I'm not using genetics to justify shit.


>genetic weapons

the jews tried and failed because they're too much like the Palestinians (genetically speaking)


I wasn't thinking parent/child, the time axis would be measured in centuries and we would go from archeological find to archeological find instead of from generation to generation. Would be a neat chart to look at for sure.

b301ee  No.11692561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


But have you read anything about it? Why don't you read the supreme Court of the US dredd Scott vs Sanford opinion like, heres an embed.

This will give you a feeling of the mentality of the white public at the time

Everything I said is factual and can be looked up by you. Just look at actual sources, read some books from the time or before.

Don't be a retarded parroting nigger, learn some shit from something besides memes

edb9ea  No.11692612


> A well crafted myth of supremacy results in resource acquisition, lebensraum, and a large amount of children.

Show me one fucking example of this happening. The best crafted mythos to ever exist was still overpowered by sheer industrial might and resulted in the rape, occupation and spiritual destruction of the people that subscribed to it.

>you're thinking too much like a jew

This is exactly what I am talking about. Idiots like you get carried away and think that if you close your eyes and wish hard enough you'll win. You shout down anybody urging prudence, caution, or proper planning and preparation as a coward and a traitor.

You think this has never happened before? Arrogant, overconfident fools have been losing otherwise easily winnable wars since time immemorial. Sure, sometimes fortune favours the bold. But it favours those who stack the cards in their favour even more. WW2 itself is an example of this - the proud Prussian warrior aristocracy thought they would carry all before them and squandered their only tentative shot at winning the war by diverting Barbarossa from its original targets in the Caucasus to Moscow.

You need to acknowledge the possibility of defeat if you are to prevent it.

edb9ea  No.11692636


>I wasn't thinking parent/child, the time axis would be measured in centuries and we would go from archeological find to archeological find instead of from generation to generation. Would be a neat chart to look at for sure.

What information would be gained? You'd just end up with a bunch scattered of dots roughly interpolating the path from the original divergence of human groups to the current location of of the cluster.

744320  No.11692640


>Show me one fucking example of this happening.

Hitler's Germany had a great start at solving this problem. You're acting like all is said and done already and that's not true. Also don't forget that the British Empire survived industrialization just fine and it wasn't until they trusted your tribesmen that they went down fighting on the wrong side in both world wars.

>wish hard enough you'll win

Where did I advocate that?

Battle for my race is ancestor worship in applied form.

>urging prudence, caution, or proper planning and preparation

you aren't doing that asshole.

>You need to acknowledge the possibility of defeat if you are to prevent it.

shlomo, in your mind you just want me to think I've already lost so that I won't even try.


Neat visual representation since all the information right now is strewn across 30+ studies (of the ones since 2015).

000000  No.11692690

Here are graphs with the dna samples from the last link overlayed on a map:






Massive migration from the steppe is a source for Indo-European languages in Europe




Larger image of dna spread:


264d1e  No.11692719

Anyone got the chart showing nog accomplishment/intelligence is barely affected by upbringing/education and is still below poor whites?

Also the one showing nog genedick relation to ourselves.

PS: Please add links ITT for these charts to the normiesphere as you find them.

744320  No.11692721

File: 17a407c9a5c27f4⋯.jpg (70.56 KB, 572x532, 143:133, african non african geneti….jpg)

File: 091f290e78473a9⋯.png (967.99 KB, 962x2073, 962:2073, debunking socioeconomics m….png)


classic PCA attached below

264d1e  No.11692775


Thank you.

Time to start sorting out that image folder.

b301ee  No.11692869


just as predicted

436a30  No.11692958



Keep using your "progressive" jew-speak, hooknosers. It makes you easier to filter

aa401d  No.11693319

Can we get an OP that isn't a fucking faggot to make a thread?

aa401d  No.11693325


>why won't a dindu admit anything

Lurk more.

aa401d  No.11693328

File: f689c6d20c6425c⋯.jpg (486.06 KB, 760x1024, 95:128, Just a Nigger.jpg)

f41115  No.11693453


I still think I1 is Elves/Israelites and that's why that shill posted his disinfo campaign on every board.

d13562  No.11694097



>neither Slavic nor German


who makes this retarded shit up?

000000  No.11698017


Anon the I1 Haplogroup are the Scandanavian Hunter Gatherers.



Read the study >>11692690

And take a look at this language map:


7e455f  No.11698711


>Anon the I1 Haplogroup are the Scandanavian Hunter Gatherers.

Modern Scandi's are descended from something that brought agriculture to that region sometime after 2000bc.


ca08d4  No.11698727


Proto Indo Europeans?

They brought agriculture, metal, and horse riding to most of europe

d85e67  No.11700288

File: 9b64e09d7b304e9⋯.png (721.51 KB, 694x714, 347:357, 50d485ca747e31f8b280651f42….png)

File: 068051f8dc8323b⋯.png (195.28 KB, 1600x1538, 800:769, e4eb96944f7cdd43f01a9d61e7….png)

File: 4ad6042a36a0fab⋯.png (864.67 KB, 1960x1793, 1960:1793, Percentage_of_major_Y-DNA_….png)


>I still think I1 is Elves/Israelites


While Scandinavians are heavily I1, I hesitate to assume that unadmixed I1s were the same as present day admixed (I1/R1a/R1b) Scandinavians. I am curious about the distance between I1 and R1a/R1b… Also, I am curious if I1 was among proto-Indo-European (R1a and R1b) tribes. Lots of questions.

If unadmixed I1s look like modern day Scandinavians then that suggests that the assertion that I1/Western European Hunter Gatherers were darker skinned, with dark hair and blue eyes is questionable. Moreover, that implies that blue eyes did not develop in the Caucasus, where R1a/R1bs would have been, probably. I think it is possible I1/R1a/R1b may have been rolling together and admixing for 10,000 years or more.

000000  No.11701172



>Now you're splitting hairs by calling Germany and Britain (much more Germanic than anything else) are Nordics because of some admixture.

They are clearly Mediterranean, what were we thinking?

>I'm talking about the historical Nordic peoples: Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden.

“Historical Nordic” people were always a tiny minority of Germanics, who are from central and eastern Europe (check Crimea Goth).

“Antique Italians”, the Romans contribute almost nothing, very little to human knowledge, achievements. Most of the technology, culture they used was borowed robbed from the Greeks. Large parts of Roman technology, metallurgy was from “cave and mud hut dwelling” Nords, the Celts.

The Greeks borowed maybe half of their know-how from the Orient, what the antique Greeks had no problem to admit, in contrast of contemporary dwellers on antique Greece land.

Italy’s contribution were made in a largely Germanized medieval, post-medievial society. Yeah your “Latin” culture was formed to a large degree by Germanics, the strongest in the North wer most contributions were made. Same for all other “Latin” cultures, France the most, but Spain and Portugal as well.

Those countries earn their existence to Germanics who made them. Well, in case of Italy a high number of Semites jews, as well.


>the Black Nobility had existed for centuries, originating in the Baronal class of Rome and in the powerful families who moved to Rome to benefit from a family connection to the Vatican.

None of the Roman ruling class survived the end of the empire.



>who makes this retarded shit up?

Don’t you know goyim, that contemporary borders are reflecting deeply cultural, historical and genetic divides. It is as if you didn’t read the newspaper.

065b8f  No.11701206


Keltic history has been swept under a rug to make it look like nothing happened in Europe before Rome and Greece. You're right about the metallurgy, the big thing keeping the northerners (both the true Nords and the Kelts) back from empire was that they hadn't figured out agriculture in the way the Romans or Greeks had.

>Those countries earn their existence to Germanics who made them.

owe their existence* just to keep your english up

>a high number of Semites

jews are incapable of creating by themselves, they can only parasitize

000000  No.11701322



>the big thing keeping the northerners (both the true Nords and the Kelts) back from empire was that they hadn't figured out agriculture in the way the Romans or Greeks had.

At the time of the conquest of Gaul, Rome was little more then an assembly of “mudhuts”, exaggerated, but the cultural level wasn’t so different to the Celts, who were far more sophisticated had better tech and architecture than simple “mudhuts”.

When Caesar went to conquer Gaul, he was nearly bankrupt, after that he was the richest man in Rome and could afford to finance the civil war (his enemies escaped with the state treasury).

The conquest of Gaul was one of the history biggest robberies. The gold of the Gaul wasn’t theirs because they were so inept or primitive.

The undisciplined barbars is a Roman meme. During the Punic wars the Celt made the core of the Carthaginian army, directly facing the Roman legions. That weren’t some Liberian punks, undisciplined charging a battle line. The Carthaginians losing to Romans wasn’t the fault of the Celts.

Rome became a city made out marble only later, after further conquests. At that stage Rome had to import food for it’s inhabitants.

000000  No.11701325



>a high number of Semites

>jews are incapable of creating by themselves, they can only parasitize

That was a reference to jewish influence in creating the Italian state in 19th century

edb9ea  No.11701345


>shlomo, in your mind you just want me to think I've already lost so that I won't even try.

No, nigger, I want you to fucking understand that you're not a demigod, your genetics do not give you divine favour and other races are still a very real threat. Instead of baseless overconfidence you should make concrete plans and take deliberate action, taking the enemy into account. Whites can lose wars against shitskins, never forget this. The fact that you somehow interpret this as me telling you to "not even try" is just evidence that you're suffering cognitive dissonance.

775a88  No.11701358

File: 3de0f8046aed938⋯.png (10.58 KB, 342x293, 342:293, your post.png)


Leave him. Do you honestly think you can reason with someone who throws buzzwords around at the slightest deviation from his insanity? This is what happens when you let in redditors unchecked and give a roach with a chip on his shoulder the banhammer.

4006df  No.11701362


>Whites can lose wars against shitskins, never forget this.

That's right. For every Zulu there is the possibility of a Zulu Dawn.

9e39dc  No.11701420


I don't even care. Anyone retarded enough to think it's ok to go to a black doctor might deserve it.

8d91de  No.11701558

File: b9b564383eccab1⋯.png (195.02 KB, 643x537, 643:537, Look at (You)!.png)


>We germandicks did everything yo!

065b8f  No.11701608

File: 53fe998e868f2ff⋯.png (208.23 KB, 686x798, 49:57, SNPs in mexico full.PNG)


>who were far more sophisticated had better tech and architecture

They can have that without managing to understand the logistics of empire. Kinda gay that the Kelts never rose up to form their own empire but it was probably just too cold for it to be possible back then.


oh right


>your genetics do not give you divine favour and other races are still a very real threat.

My genetics make me divine by my thinking and carrying of that notion. My race is my god and I'm part of its earthly incarnates. Of course the other races are still threats and that's what I'm here for as a male incarnation: a soldier of my genepool.

>Instead of baseless overconfidence

You're talking to someone that has nukes. You need to understand the nature of power.

The only one stuck in some dogmatic thought that we are way in over our heads and don't realize the threat of the foreign races is you. We know they exist, we know that they are an existential problem, lets start coming up with solutions. Stop trying to demoralize by chipping away at the new moral and religious foundations we have to build to unite the White.


$0.02 has been deposited into your account.


>he doesn't know that the tribe that spawned Rome belonged to the Hallstatt culture.

Yeah we literally did.

6f2cd0  No.11701658


>Whites can lose wars against shitskins, never forget this.

We forgot how to engage in tribal warfare. Sure, a white nation would almost always btfo anyone else in a conventional engagement, tech has widened the gap so much that it's not even a competition at this point, but that's not out fight. It's an insidious undermining of our countries, jews inducting them and poisoning our lives with their indolence.

It doesn't matter that they can't shoot, in a better world they never would've even had guns. It's a low level tribal war that we're not even fighting.

000000  No.11712267


12dfcc  No.11715928


I never liked that 3rd pic, it is definitely cherrypicking on a specific timeframe with an unstated definition of significant figures or events.

I mostly disagree with the top right pic, they make their claims for a couple centuries and then extrapolate to pre-Christ years. They ignore that all technological advances is incremental and some significant events are more significant than others and enable others to happen, such as parchment, mathematics, irrigation, roads, philosophy, architecture.

A sort of tech tree view would be more enlightening than a non-defined number of significant people/events.

0312a0  No.11715994


The data is misleading.

The problem is that the Yamnaya weren't a genetic isolate. The Yamnaya had farmer-like ancestry, and some northern Eurasian populations had Yamnaya like ancestry. This is why Finland have so much "Yamnaya" ancestry, despite not even being Indo-European. The Sami are found to have very high levels of "Yamnaya", in fact the Sami are found to have some of the highest levels of "Yamnaya" in the entirety of Europe. This "Yamnaya" ancestry being so high in the Sami makes it clear that the data is actually counting lappoid as Yamnaya.

The Yamnaya were R1b, and the Corded Ware were R1a. The Fins, the Scandinavians and Sami are largely I1a and Nc populations.

The truth is that the Celtic nations of the British Isles have the most direct Yamnaya ancestry, followed by the English who have a bit less due to small amounts of non-anglo-saxon continental gene input, i.e., the Normans and viking raids.

d018b6  No.11716215


>it is definitely cherrypicking on a specific timeframe with an unstated definition of significant figures or events.


Charles Murray spends the first 80 pages of the book laying out his method and preempting criticisms. Go read Human Accomplishment before spouting such dumb shit.

>they make their claims for a couple centuries and then extrapolate to pre-Christ years.

stop, go read the book

>ignore that all technological advances is incremental

Murray literally addresses this in the book and his answer is that, if he were to include all the small incremental events leading up to big revolutions, the European number of achievements would shoot through the roof. He was forced to reduce his sample size (despite having way more data) in order to give the non-whites a fighting chance of the graphs. He states that for every non-western (including Chinese/Indian/Japanese) achievement you include, you also have to include another 10 European achievements. His massaging of the data hypes up non-western achievement as much as possible without being dishonest or a blatant lie.

>A sort of tech tree view would be more enlightening than a non-defined number of significant people/events.

I hope that one day you will realize that there is a "tech tree" in Europe: scientists and geniuses are made up of genes that are unique to Whites, it seems. Where you have Whites, you have science going places (as evidenced by the "Rest of the West" category after colonial expansion).

tl;dr go read the book and quit mouthing off

also >(1) i think you're a kike anyway


>The Yamnaya had farmer-like ancestry

I don't think thats been proven yet. We don't know what the Yamnaya are.

Your theories about Finland are stumpy and stupid because you refuse to distinguish the Sami from the Europeans (Nords and East Baltids), so I will just ignore that until you rephrase it to actually assert something that can't be misconstrued later on to fit your argument.

871d82  No.11716221

File: 48ea127c64db3b2⋯.jpg (48.86 KB, 400x508, 100:127, Sansid.jpg)


>not a statue or sculpture or temple or even a half decent drawing found in 'german' lands for thousands of years

>now they're trying to steal credit for the renaissance

>tuscanny (home of the etruscans, birthplace of the renaissance) has the smallest german imprint in all of italy

>the absolute state of wewuz artists and scupltors

then again, i work in the visual arts industry and it's self evident where the talent lays, even today

0312a0  No.11718721


> I don't think thats been proven yet. We don't know what the Yamnaya are.

The Yamnaya, on the male side, were R1b Europeans from the Eastern European Steppes. On the maternal side they were derived from local women from the European Steppes, as well as foreign brides from the Caucasus. This Caucasus ancestry is the source of the farmer-like ancestry.

>Your theories about Finland are stumpy and stupid because you refuse to distinguish the Sami from the Europeans (Nords and East Baltids)

The Sami have genetic ties to Europeans. Sami, Fins and Scandinavians share some kind of North Eurasian ancestry that appears Yamnaya-like in the data. This pseudo-Yamnaya ancestry exists in I1a and N1c populations. The pseudo-Yamnaya peaks in the Sami and the Lapland, but also exists in Southern Scandinavia, Finland and some Baltic people. Almost the entirety of the Sami's "Yamnaya" ancestry is probably derived from this pseudo-Yamnaya ancestry, whereas the Indo-European Scandinavians' Yamnaya ancestry is derived from a mixture of direct Yamnaya and this pseudo-Yamnaya.

0312a0  No.11718862


Before accusing Murray of a certain bias, you should be aware that Murray wrote this book with a presumptive east Asian bias - certainly not a bias towards "nords" or anything. Murray, being fixated on IQ, thought that an examination of history would reveal that east Asians - with their 5 IQ point advantage over Whites - would have contributed far more than people thought. Murray even has two half-Asian children, probably because he thought mixing with Asians would improve the IQ of his children.

Given this, it's unlikely that the work was "cherrypicked", as it went against what he set out to prove, and he was likely somewhat disappointed with the results, but in the name of science, still published his book.

000000  No.11719065

Massive migration from the steppe is a source for Indo-European languages in Europe (2015)




Here are graphs with the dna samples from the study overlayed on a map:





Larger image of dna spread from study:


A timeline of the ancient dna groups from this study:


What this study shows, among other things, is that the modern European people (not Arabs or Africans) are still a mix of the WHG, EHG, and ENF groups, and have been for ~7,000 years.

All Europeans are R and/or I haplogroups

J1 is "Aryan/Persian" and J2 is "Arab/Bedouin".

Here is a map of YDNA to show:


Here is another graphic with three different and more recent studies (2017) that show the same thing and with timelines:


000000  No.11719073


Timeline of European History

200,000 BCE:

In the Paleolithic period, the Neanderthal Man enters the Iberian Peninsula.

40,000 BCE:

The first large settlement of Europa by modern humans, nomadic hunter-gathereres coming from the steppes of Central Asia, characterized by the M173 mutation in the Y chromosome, defining them as haplogroup R population. When the Ice Age reached its maximum extent, these modern humans took refuge in Southern Europe, namely in Iberia, and in the steppes of Siberia.

30,000 BCE:

Modern humans make way into the Iberian Peninsula, coming from southern France. Here, this genetically homogenous population (characterized by the M173 mutation in the Y chromosome), will develop the M343 mutation, giving rise to the R1b haplogroup, still dominant in modern Portuguese and Spanish populations.

10,000 BCE:

The populations sheltered in Iberia, descendants of the Cro-Magnon, given the deglaciation, migrate and recolonize all of Western Europe, thus spreading the R1b haplogroup populations (still dominant, in variant degrees, from Iberia to Scandinavia).

5,000 BCE:

The nomadic hunter-gathereres of the R haplogroup (characterized by the M173 mutation in the Y chromosome) that had taken refuge during the Last Ice Age in the steppes of Siberia (and had developed the M17 mutation, originating the R1a Haplogroup), give rise to the Proto-Indo-European cultures.

1,000 BCE:

First wave of migrations into Iberia of the Urnfield culture (Oestrimni, speakers of the Proto-Celtic language).

000000  No.11719075


Here is a sample of modern Turkic dna:


And a map of that dna:


And the distribution of the Turkic languages:


And the theorised Altaic language map relating the Turkic and Uralic languages:


000000  No.11719105



Greater Gaul when?

The maternal genetic make-up of the Iberian Peninsula between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age. Scientific Reports (2017):



Ancient DNA reveals prehistoric gene-flow from Siberia in the complex human population history of North East Europe. PLoS Genetics (2013):



dbeb97  No.11719138


You're new to it right? J2 is PIE. I/J split approximately 40k years ago.

24306b  No.11719158

who /i2bull/ here?

000000  No.11719216


>northern art is shit


>t. art expert

What is Rococo ?

What is Flemish Painting ?

What are the Urnfield, Hallstatt, and La Tène cultures ?

Other than da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Columbo, I can't think of a mediterranean artist of any real significance. Mostly copycats. Maybe Raphael and Michelangelo, or Gaudí.

99d2e3  No.11719405


>But Italians actually have more Aryan admixture than the fucking Nordics. In fact, even Syrians are more Aryan than Swedes.

Stop talking.

99d2e3  No.11719455


>Aryan as it applies to natsoc(Nazi) ideology is based on the ancient Indian histories of a people known by them at the time as Aryans, who were not "white euros" at all.

Thanks for the (nazi). We don't know what NS is. I know it's depressing that a foreign conqueror created your entire civilisation pajeet but the debate has been settled.

000000  No.11719466


>40k years ago

It's ~20k years ago.

>ij split

I don't agree.

The YCC system structure is quite flawed.

It's all logically implausible.

But the idea that all humans come from Africa and there were not other types of human-like hominids elsewhere is retarded. Especially whith the gaps in the system where they project their "WE WUZ" bias as a bridge to fill the gaps. For example, haplogroup CT has never been found, which is a interesting given it is the source of the supposed link between Africans and West Eurasians.

What is more likely, is that haplogroup A (Ancient Africans) was mixed given its highest modern frequencies are in mulato looking people, e.g., Khoisan and Namaqua.

99d2e3  No.11719480



e8c408  No.11722148

File: d5d0c8853021963⋯.jpg (36.95 KB, 479x800, 479:800, d5d0c8853021963053fd4103b2….jpg)


yeah thats pretty sound stuff. Right about where we are.


>it's unlikely that the work was "cherrypicked"

its a juggling act no question though. Trying to do the same thing he criticizes all the marxist authors of in the first few pages ("books that downplay Western accomplishment" and "emphasize non-Western accomplishment"), he settles on a criterion that up-plays non-white achievement. I'm glad that he admitted that for every non-white achievement you add, another 10 White ones flood in.


Do not forget the legendary Arno Breker.

8d91de  No.11722182

File: 1c9e0fc8710889c⋯.jpg (39.9 KB, 599x585, 599:585, 1c9e0fc8710889c57a84282e55….jpg)

File: 1edd65ddba43d47⋯.jpg (110.13 KB, 1000x565, 200:113, Renaissance_Painter_El_Gre….jpg)


>Other than da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Columbo, I can't think of a mediterranean artist of any real significance. Mostly copycats. Maybe Raphael and Michelangelo, or Gaudí.

Holy shit, there's so much wrong with this post, I don't know where to start. Maybe with the fact that Rococo was started in France, and don't go telling me now that the French are all Germanics too. Not to mention that you're conveniently forgetting movements like the Renaissance which was created in Italy, not to mention, the number of artists you've listed are minuscule compared to the real number of artists from southern Europe. Such as Greco, Velazquez, Goya, Dalí, Miró, Picasso, etc.

8d91de  No.11722189

File: 1fd89c94c9fda84⋯.gif (469.71 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1fd89c94c9fda84694fcc9a484….gif)


And another thing, you fucking disgust you piece of shit, stop with the fucking "We Wuz" Garbage, stop stealing credit from other people's just to feel better about yourself, stick to your own fucking history and leave everyone else alone, you fucking cultural LEECH. You disgust me.

8d91de  No.11722195

File: 628453dbbaa77ed⋯.jpg (51.07 KB, 404x300, 101:75, sistine-chapel-404_680767c.jpg)


Oh and one more thing, are you gonna take credit for the 16th chapel now, you fucking disgusting kike? Kill yourself, you complete degenerate.

8d91de  No.11722226

File: 07a940a6a7d1f7d⋯.jpg (155.94 KB, 1024x923, 1024:923, 07a940a6a7d1f7d72de62be0a7….jpg)


Please, indulge me, please Mister Masterace, tell me why my people are inferior to yours and how I should lick your fucking boots whenever you invade another fucking Genetics thread to devalue all other Europeans by taking credit of their accomplishments. PLEASE, LET ME HEAR IT. Like Hitler did with the Jews, I'm growing to hate all these fucking Germandicks.

8d91de  No.11722237

File: d5ca576e18b3ba3⋯.png (585.99 KB, 637x510, 637:510, d5ca576e18b3ba3ded50948619….png)

Oh wait! Now you're going to tell me I'm Germanic too! And you're going to show a map of Germanic expansion through Europe after the fall of Europe, completely ignoring our genetic differences. Then you're going to accuse me of D&C when your kind ARE ALWAYS TAKING CREDIT FOR SHIT YOU DIDN'T MAKE. So the ones D&C are your kind who are destroying any form of co-existence we've had over the years in this god forsaken board.

000000  No.11722324





>asshurt spic

Any arguments?

8d91de  No.11722334


Here it is: >>11722182

Now are you going to argue back or just call me a spic and pretend you're right?

c035e0  No.11722344


> You (19) are not butthurt at all obviously.

>Any arguments?

This anon >>11722182 you ignored, for starters, though you debate in bad faith or are retarded so what's the point?

e6283f  No.11722349



are you going to take credit for the 16th chapel???

every race has its greats … 95% of us are turds that cant even meme right let alone make that level of art

neither of you could draw a strait line if I gave you a ruler

but white people do work harder and are more useful and better looking in general … this is true

000000  No.11722364


>french are germanic


They are genetically the same.

Culturally different.





>imagine being this mad

I think you have me mixed up with another anon.

My first post here is >>11692690

Followed up by a more thoroughly baked >>11719065

I have not claimed that northern art is better.

I simply rebutted your assertion that southern art is better.

And added my own assertion by extension of my examples; that central art is mostly influenced by northern art. Even mid-century modernists agree.

Thanks for sharing the artists, though all Spanish.

I am sure you are aware that the Spanish and Portuguese are Celts.

000000  No.11722368


Not same am me >>11722364

8d91de  No.11722374


Reminder that you said this:

>I can't think of a mediterranean artist of any real significance. Mostly copycats. Maybe Raphael and Michelangelo, or Gaudí.

Neither have I claimed Northen Art is bad, but that sentence was pretty inflammatory and really undervalues Southern European art and culture.

>I am sure you are aware that the Spanish and Portuguese are Celts.

I know, because I am Spanish, but Celt =/= Germanic.

000000  No.11722428


I would argue that >>11716221 is making that claim.

>celt ≠ germanic

The Urnfield, Hallstatt, and La Tène cultures precede all modern divisions, such as Slavic, Germanic, Iberian, Nordic, and so on. They identified as Celtic, the Greeks called them Gauls. The "Germanics" are various types of Celtic tribes, same as Gaels, Helvetti, Italics, and so on.

Today, only parts of the northern isles and parts of Iberia have preserved their Celtic ways, the rest of Europe adopted culture that was started in the Mediterranean by Greeks and Persians, the Romans (Italics) being the most well known, and for the past 2,000 years have forgotten their ways as their unique cultures have homogenized.

8d91de  No.11722444

File: d9855dabaeb7597⋯.jpg (114.07 KB, 1017x678, 3:2, GUERRAS-CÁNTABRAS-2.jpg)


I come from Northen Spain and we have maintained our Celtic Identity, which is highly revered and respected and it's not just in our books, but in our ways and celebrations, that said, you can't put us all in one basket, since we've developed our own identity, we the Spanish are not just Celts, we're Celt-Iberians, not to mention that the other half of the peninsula is mostly descended from the Iberians that lived along the Mediterranean coast, with both halves meeting in the middle, with that union came the Spanish as we know them, at least a part of them.

000000  No.11722496


>northern spain

Do you have a Can de Palleiro ?

Can you get me one ?

I fucking need one now.

>The ancestors of Can de Palleiro are the native dogs of Galicia from the Paleolithic that accompanied the Galicians in their expansion into the British Isles and the European continent.

000000  No.11722501



8d91de  No.11722531

File: cd7345981a1d6d6⋯.jpg (142.54 KB, 601x524, 601:524, escanear0002.jpg)

File: a935c8e90a77380⋯.jpeg (389.48 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 1200px-Spain.Santander.Es….jpeg)

File: cd7345981a1d6d6⋯.jpg (142.54 KB, 601x524, 601:524, escanear0002.jpg)

File: 40601fbc60b4e9a⋯.jpg (39.44 KB, 500x716, 125:179, ojáncano.jpg)


I'm not Galician, the Galicians are not the only ones to be of Celtic ancestry, all the nearby regions have similar ancestries, only of different Celt-Iberian tribes.

Cantabrian tribe best tribe

000000  No.11722544


After the Canabrians.


72722d  No.11736018


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!


Only ONE person uses that word, /leftypol/!

000000  No.11736578



>call me a spic

You are:


>I come from Northen Spain

>pretend you're right?

It is Sistine not 16th chapel. It is named after pope Sixtus.

Muh cultivated Meds

>we have maintained our Celtic Identity,

>I am sure you are aware that the Spanish and Portuguese are Celts.

>I know, because I am Spanish, but Celt =/= Germanic.

Celtic larping intensives.

The Romans genocided the Celts.

>these fucking Germandicks.

Don Pelayo

Pelagius (Spanish: Pelayo, Asturian: Pelayu; c. 685 – 737) was a Visigothic nobleman

Germanics saving the day, as usual.

for the burger Pelayo is the Spanish George Washington

d43621  No.11736613

1. a European is a European, whoever says otherwise is not a European, if he was at one point then he loses the status for being a D&C propogator.

2. If a Mediman and Nordiman want to determine which one is more "superior", instead of LARPing or looking to history, they can go head to head and see which is more successful at performing particular skills.

9a6ce5  No.11736892

File: 603255077f89268⋯.png (235.63 KB, 1600x1538, 800:769, 2013_Lazaridis.et.al_euro-….png)

File: ee2e916ce4b1331⋯.pdf (11.56 MB, 20150210_Nature_Haak.Lazar….pdf)



>Nature volume 555, pages 197–203 (08 March 2018)

>116 +/- authors.


>Transfer Reprint to Nature volume 522, pages 207–211 (11 June 2015)


>Origin under BioRXiv 2013-DEC-23

>37 +/- authors.

More useful paper, for OP.

>Reich Lab, Harvard, Mass., USA



>MHAAM, Max Planck Institute, Germany





Piecemeal series of papers and collaborations. Leads are the usual suspects, getting worse. Funding focus by Harvard distorts all findings to focus on (((eastern Mediterranean))) for some time now, leading to predictable distortions that Asiatics were Caucus (variants: indoeuro, caucasian, judeogreco, judeochristian, hellenic-whatever, etc). Authors and funding parties continue to merge behind the scenes. Track Wolfgang Haak for more visibility of total USA-Germany-Austria publication focus (don't know the details, don't care, but that author keyword works well enough). Some photos provided above.

There are no saints here. These various assortments of megacultists are tracking "language" via genetics. Despite their makeup, they have made novel contributions earlier in the decade. They have since reduced acquiring new data, started limiting date ranges, have backed away from precision methods, and regressed staff (indo/arabs being granted lead positions, with predictable results of being even worse). Note the old haplo focus re-emerges from time to time, as it is: simpler, more manipulable in papers, need not account for age (ie multiple Caucus waves, out into the Asiatics and Africans), and is not required to integrate re-discovered deleted/fossil data.

That the room has made progress, given all the players in it, is astonishing. That players delete, and/or can't remember progress (falling back to "out of shitskin", etc), isn't. This is the level of the room: Language distortion, Haplo distortion, diversity staff, and no new -source- data this side of the decade (only re-hash, re-slice, re-publish, etc).

Note: Image is from 2013 publication, now harder to find.

c6fbd4  No.11737207


can you give more details or is that the whole story?

Also opinions on David Reich, Pontus Skoglund, and Iosif Lazaridis?

f8eb88  No.11737276

File: 8f96d61355e36a5⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 249x179, 249:179, tfw_the_city_is_lost_and_n….jpg)


>from 1400

Wow! How fucking convenient!

000000  No.11737388



It would be Südiman.

And we already know who is best.

all Europeans

873561  No.11737489

File: 09d940d44e2dfb6⋯.jpg (166.96 KB, 968x1024, 121:128, THE ARYANEST.jpg)

c31ee0  No.11737497

File: 650d4d7314a49be⋯.png (97.36 KB, 594x483, 198:161, 1522054737421.png)


Cymru am byth!

9a6ce5  No.11738295


>REQ: More detail.

That's about all; Searching around recents yields circles, ie no new data. Separately, I have no opinions on persons, only productions, and productions of data novelty are not present of late.

There were some algorithmic contributions to processing + new genome data (or availability) from multiple sources + something which suggested a new polymorphic loci set to focus on, all of which happened back in 2010-2013. I don't think it had anything to do with language, nor haplo groups/traits per se (those were stalled developments), rather these were from "back to the genome" data collaborations. Which were their strength: novelty. Results from these reached into 2014/2015.

But since then, either math, data, technique, or likely all three, have been coasting on that work. No new confluence of data, only strange non-novel 're-assortment'. Now, no more "low hanging fruit" for now would normally mean "back to work," but critical mass of those three areas are not coming together. So echos on the prior, easier paths are being done instead. Add to this more diversity entering the picture, and spamming (which are already over). It makes new works hard to spot, and it makes those who might care, find something else to do. So then, how do you peer in to works from this period, derive -who- did what, and then try to proof-track those? Seems like it won't overcome the essential confluence problem, so no tracking possible (certainly not with trust plummeting through spammers [grad and undergrad multicults], lower cohesion, etc).

As far as search terms go, DR and PS are for backtracking genomics insights, while others are for backtracking implementation (WH) and algorithms (IL). This is again production-analysis, not necessarily literal-person-analysis (ie the names are moreso "tokens" on all people and resources nearby). We'll see if another join-the-super-set of data (caucus migrations into southeast-asia-to-polynesian?) will reveal who actually mattered, but likely such is going to be heavily impeded without slashing the hopes and dreams of the perpetual professional student welfare workers that have risen up to occupy the space on this relatively new arm of gnome research.

Data moving out of the Caucus regions suffers from extensive deliberate deletions, both by communists (tribes and cannibals in denial) and States (govts trying to deny gibs) alike.

c6fbd4  No.11738359


>Data moving out of the Caucus regions suffers from extensive deliberate deletions, both by communists (tribes and cannibals in denial) and States (govts trying to deny gibs) alike.

big if true

sauce me up fam

3c5e66  No.11739002

File: 9a25fdd2c96cb6a⋯.png (59.21 KB, 700x508, 175:127, european_hunter-gatherer_a….png)


The first infographic is a bit confusing, I thought northern Europe had a higher percentage of WHG admixture? I personally am of British stock and have 34% WHG.

000000  No.11739169


c6fbd4  No.11739515


Perhaps you aren't as English as you think you are.

3c5e66  No.11746257


According to the chart I posted, the average in Britain is around 40%.

87bcff  No.11746542

I'm a mix of Irish (25%), Polish (25%), and German (50%). I'm more German than most people in Germany, and whiter than most people in Europe.

ef38cb  No.11746784


What do you mean 'more German than most people in Germany [50%]'? I am 97% German and I am an American…with a remainder of 3% UK…but I always assumed that Germans were probably 'more German' than I am.

4dad28  No.11746867

File: ff7a1e8fe34877a⋯.jpg (33.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

>no italy at all


000000  No.11747638



Im whiter than both of you.


ef38cb  No.11747810



I probably can't be in your 'club' now, can I?

9fe596  No.11747905

idc, Keltics and Kelto-Nordids are Galatians, ancient Turks, the latter just having Saxon admixture.

000000  No.11757824


Exept the migration of the Celtic people was into Anatolia.

If Haplogroup E is not descendant of Haplogroups A and B, the way Haplogroups C and D are, then there can be a difference in the GHIJK Haplparagroup and it's "descendants".

000000  No.11757827




ca08d4  No.11757979

File: 6f02e5d31f7a4f7⋯.jpg (412.22 KB, 1080x1824, 45:76, foto_no_exif.jpg)


Yamnaya = proto indoeuropean

ca08d4  No.11757992


Germany and Britan are not Nordic, they are Germanic. Each contain some noridc peoples and some Nordic admixture in the general population, but they are not Nordic.

The NSDAP policy was that Germany was composed of many types of whites.

6cbdd2  No.11758090

File: 017bdd05ac8d567⋯.png (53.25 KB, 403x448, 403:448, 1508387028720.png)



lol what planet are you on?

000000  No.11770696



Germanic and Nordic people share language, burial, and art styles.

Nordic people share burial and art styles, as well as holidays and origin stories, with the Gaelic peoples, one of the only tribes to still be called "Celtic".

c4a91a  No.11770707


salty masons, seems they are getting nervous

000000  No.11770763


>Why the FUCK did mods anchor this thread >>11770051 about Trump tweeting that Maxine Waters needs to be careful what she wishes for?

Aggresiv US nigger is sooo relevant, new and we don‘t have not enough threads about the fashy zionist god-emperor and his (((family))).

>> 11770696



At first I did read celulitis

>Germanic and Nordic people share language, burial, and art styles.

That could be because the Nordic/Scandinavian people are Germanics?

1d6b4d  No.11770872

>all this infighting

Can someone give me a more complete description/timeline/map of the history of europeans?

I mean all the mxings, were everyone came from and stuff

2b52af  No.11770900

>J is arabic/arabid

Every fucking time. What are even somalids and arabids?

Just let me tell you asshats that Y-DNA I and J are the cro magnon line which split around 40k years ago while J dominated the middle east and I europe. You fags should be able to take into account what couldve been the initial population before it got overrun by subhumans which now carry J.

2b52af  No.11770906


kek when j2 left the indus valley for anatolia then europe you bekieve they were arabs? Get that fake news spreader banned dudes

c349e7  No.11771018




And thinks every European is the descendant of Niggers.

Even though E Haplogroup, modern Africans, has no relation to A and B Haplogroups, the ancestors of our Khoisan brothers, thus establishing the possibility which I am still researching that other Haplogroups are not same.

c349e7  No.11771035


>modern arabic people with mostly j haplogroup are not europeans

>ancient european people with mostly j haplogroup are

This argument can be applied like this:

>You fags should be able to take into account what couldve been the initial population [of Europe] (Africans) before it got overrun by subhumans which now carry R/I (Europeans).

See where this is going ?

d85e67  No.11772542

File: 6eebb27cb3a00b8⋯.png (72.61 KB, 720x800, 9:10, 9176774a0d1af3146aba9d72a0….png)

File: 19dca4d6d405754⋯.gif (94.15 KB, 720x800, 9:10, b20b8ca1c0a6c64d1494622004….gif)

File: 7339b6690032b62⋯.png (104.84 KB, 1066x1052, 533:526, 009dd2741927eb8f94dba9be73….png)

File: f1182686cc61516⋯.jpg (606.98 KB, 1440x2396, 360:599, f1182686cc61516ca671a1befe….jpg)


>Can someone give me a more complete description/timeline/map of the history of europeans?

>I mean all the mxings, were everyone came from and stuff

A really short, uncited version:

~40,000YA (years ago) - European early modern human/Cro-Magnon is known to be in Europe doing his thing. Hunting, gathering, developing some monolithic cultures, who knows. Killing neanderthals? Where did these guys come from? We really don't know. I've read theories of them coming from every continent. Whatever, this is our starting point for now. The predominant Y-haplogroup remaining from this period are I1 (Scandinavia) and I2 (Balkans). There were others around this time, but mostly gone.

~15,000-20,000 YA - Farmers roll in from Anatolia. They were mostly G and J. G is pretty much gone now. J has fairly low representation.

~5,000-10,000 YA - Proto-Indo-Europeans roll in, having apparently made their way from Siberia over the preceding 20,000 years or so. PIE are R1a (Eastern European) and R1b (Western European). They dominate in both. It's not all so simple. There is evidence, for example, of R1b being in Europe before the major waves. I also wonder if I1 rolled with those PIE people at some point before they got to Europe.

tl;dr European early modern humans mixed with Anatolian farmers who eventually mixed with PIE people from North Asia/Siberia.

This could all be wrong, but it is roughly the main accepted theory 'round these parts. Some anon, feel free to call me a giant faggot and toss out 10,000 autistic citations to prove me wrong. Really, I don't mind learning if my VERY BROAD overview is totally off the mark.

000000  No.11772564


Did you make the third pic ?

The teal color is Eastern Hunter Gatherer and the Orange color is Early Neolithic Farmer, iirc. It comes from this study >>11719065

Nice post otherwise I wish that J2 thread was still up I tried to keep an eye on it but failed it seems to have been slid.

d85e67  No.11776619

File: f1a4fe7b1714a35⋯.jpg (601.55 KB, 1061x643, 1061:643, 28be0b5e01e124acea4e2c64f0….jpg)

File: d28a11673fcc473⋯.png (190.77 KB, 995x1163, 995:1163, malta-child-map.png)

File: 5a409901574651a⋯.png (207.23 KB, 1867x782, 1867:782, ModernEuropean.png)

File: 9249459d6b8ca1a⋯.jpg (119.89 KB, 1440x470, 144:47, ce62fdb56e90c4a4a7a76558ff….jpg)

File: efc63ca8d0e39ae⋯.png (46.76 KB, 1650x504, 275:84, 220b480d2de7d510443e55a40a….png)


None of that is my OC, anon. But these infographics did help me to get a grasp on population genetics. I should say, I actually went in and started reading the journal articles, not just reading memes. But the pics gave me the basis to understand what's going on in the papers.


> I wish that J2 thread was still up

Didn't realize that one slid, dang. Have some more non-OC, anon. third pic is OC this time

000000  No.11792921

Look up who Haplogroup P are.

They are the direct ancestors of the R Haplogroup.


it's Filipinos

d39c9f  No.11793083


I like it how Romanias got an island of their own.

95b42e  No.11809570


>first pic

how is italy not on there? should be fairly close to spain and france, no?

d3b60a  No.11809676

File: 7e2b8fd1ce6021e⋯.png (112.85 KB, 826x792, 413:396, EuroDNA.PNG)


Its called op is a fag and uses resorts to even y haplogroups to deduct anything, massive faggotry. Dumb and amateur.

000000  No.11809755


>i cannot write right right now

It is unclear what you are on about but know that distance is almost meaningless. What matters is haplogroup of y and mt dna. Your pic comes from this study >>11719065 iirc and the haplogroups and their respective proportions can be found in much more meaningful forms if you look.

000000  No.11823312


262992  No.11834439


HungAryan master race

4af9e9  No.11838204

File: e8a2421fdb11c59⋯.jpg (8.82 KB, 290x174, 5:3, images(6).jpg)


>European genetics bread

>Not including the greatest european country

8d91de  No.11872082

File: 4b40c54f7981420⋯.png (688.5 KB, 890x656, 445:328, Listen here....png)


What the fuck is that thing? It arbitrarily choses what is a white and what is a bastard white, fuck out of here with that weak shit.


>Bastard whites

>One of the purest european groups

8d91de  No.11872090

You know, this thread was actually a mistake.

179474  No.11875392


Well look at this Jew shill.

edbcae  No.11894250

What about the homo sapiens origin theories?

What's the relationship between modern jews, modern europeans, neanderthals, and cro magnons?

Every thread I've seen has contradictory answers.

036718  No.11894645


Albania, the whitest country of them all ?

036718  No.11894660

File: bdd6530b741a6c1⋯.jpg (53.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mendel.jpg)


You're just angry someone told you to stop shoving things up your ass faggot.

000000  No.11921514

000000  No.11921521

Why are mods deleting questions from this thread ? Stop it you fucking mongrels. Iwanted to know what country a flag was, where is my fucking question niggers ?

b9c261  No.11922547


>durr nothing can be discussed her guys! Best to pack it in boys!

Fuck off

cd40e5  No.11922563


An innocuous post or two is bound to get wiped if the rest of someone’s IP is nothing but spam and the reports were for posts in other threads.

What flag was it? Just look in a list of flags.

000000  No.11940188


Makes sense, except other poeple are using the tor exits so my post gets erased with their post. Sounds pretty gay to me. Delete by IP doesn't work for proxys.

23a288  No.11940282



>in the center of Aryans

Wait, WHAT

23a288  No.11940325

File: 36756133a80468a⋯.jpg (295.43 KB, 1000x902, 500:451, virgin vikings vs. chad ce….jpg)


>A Celt going full Nordicist

Oh wow, even when I shitpost I haven't gone that far

6f1d5f  No.11940432


One of the dumbest posts I’ve ever read here.

000000  No.11961023


Why? It is true. Maybe you are one of those "jew" people others speak of.

000000  No.11961039


That chart is fake news. Cool, but fake news. Besides, proximity is almost meaningless when you consider that what haplogroups people have compared to others is what matters. For example, I do not care how close Haplogroups A and B (Khoi and San Africans) are to Haplogroup E (Modern Africans) because they did not evolve from the same Africans but are unique types of humans.

000000  No.11961183


Celtic culture is La Tène culture, which comes from Hallstatt and Urnfield cultures, both of which started in modern Germany and Poland and self identified as "Celt" while the Greeks called them all "Gaul".

If you want to learn what European culture was like before the jew, read up on these in this order:

La Tène Culture

Urnfield Culture

Tumulus Culture

Únětice Culture

Bell Beaker Culture

Corded Ware Culture

Globular Amphora Culture

~5,000 years of the same people.

376ebf  No.11968798


Why are Slavs so distant?

000000  No.11989525


Because they are less mixed with the Early Neolithic Farmers from Anatolia.

000000  No.11991753


>Thinks earliest writing is from 1000BC

Don't worry, you're only out by about 4000-6000 years.

What is the Vinca culture and the Tartaria tablet. What is neolithic Greece and the Dispilio tablet. What is Siberia and the Shigir Idol. What is Gobekli Tepe?

What is Kill yourself?

c2ae13  No.11992508

Does anyone have a complete phylogenetic tree of all human haplogroups with the European ones highlighted?

c2ae13  No.11992515


Also do haplogroups used for cladistic classification have any significant phenotypical expression in humans?

c2ae13  No.11992530


>while the Greeks called them all "Gaul".

We actually called them "Galates".

4c5612  No.11992539

File: 5333128cfdf56a0⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, whoisbehindthisseat.jpg)



>4cuck dick thread with subliminal dick pic in OP

I wonder who could be behind this post?

c2ae13  No.11992595

File: c7911b73152dc94⋯.png (522.63 KB, 1832x991, 1832:991, J2(Y-DNA).png)


>third image

J2 is rarely found in North Africa (and only on it coastal side) or arab-speaking countries, its center of distribution is in the Caucasus and its expansion pretty much coincides with either the Alexandrine/Hellenistic era expansion or/and the eastern proto-IE (Greeks, Armenians, Indo-Iranians, Tocharians etc) migration.

Not saying it's White per se or not a sister haplogroup to araboids (aka semites), but it can be historically and genetically misleading to group it with them. Given kikes are among the leading "experts" on the field I'd suggest we keep a healthy amount of skepticism on the claim that J1 and J2 are closely related clades.

c2ae13  No.11992612


>J2 is "Arab/Bedouin".

Lol, no:


000000  No.12011305



J1 is Bedouin/Arab

J2 is Aryan/Persian


000000  No.12011322



Don't be a meanie. There is a huge gap in knowledge. Most people still think humans were cavemen in 10,000bc when records show humans were making stone tools as far back as 30,000,000 years ago, building pyramids in anatolia 100,000 years ago, and bone flutes in Europe 50,000 years ago.

000000  No.12011332


Good to know. What does it mean ?

59f249  No.12018049

Does anyone has information on this thing i heard about genetic problems/inconsistency of mainstream understanding of ancient migrations theory?

58286f  No.12018063


>Romanian is nearly an outlier

Should I just end myself already?

58286f  No.12018067


The Assyrians have kept to themselves well too.

58286f  No.12018095

File: 579329b8c1d3904⋯.gif (560.84 KB, 320x200, 8:5, 1521730668453.gif)


Jesus the posts in this thread.

Esoteric is a word used as an adjective or noun to describe things that are known only to those in the know or who understand the "language" of it in a memetic sense.

/pol/'s meme's are esoteric in design.

edc528  No.12037889


7fe461  No.12038791


No. Colin and Mihai are Romanian and are some of the best people I know. The proximity maps are not as valuable as the actual haplogroups and haplotypes people are. You are genetically Southeast European and culturally Slavic or Balkic, depending on your preference. Interestingly, the chart aligns to the locations of Europeans.

Here is a good example of how inaccurate these proximity maps can be:


7fe461  No.12038892


No they didn't. The Romans failed at expanding into continental Europe until ~50bc when Caesar did so by assimilating Gauls into Roman culture and assimilating into Celtic culture over a decade, though he falsely wrote that he killed them all. The Gauls did slowly lose their cultural identity as Celtic over the following 2,000 years as jews replaced all culture with religion.

618137  No.12039161

File: 18fa72283db1c65⋯.png (348.38 KB, 438x475, 438:475, ClipboardImage.png)

if you're not nordic you're not white

411af1  No.12048550

File: 38e24db04eb4497⋯.png (670.37 KB, 1922x2277, 1922:2277, genetic-composition-UK.png)

File: 88ea0b0db82b265⋯.gif (159.14 KB, 5184x3024, 12:7, pca1o.gif)

File: 7a442f5e53c466c⋯.png (1015 KB, 1159x1600, 1159:1600, journal.pgen.1004393.g002.png)

File: 9671663e95a73c4⋯.png (69.44 KB, 1066x1490, 533:745, ADMIXTURE_12.png)

File: e2b4daae5b9f2ff⋯.png (82.35 KB, 960x720, 4:3, nelis2009-figS2.png)

411af1  No.12048556

File: 5b43f7648e403b9⋯.jpg (399.26 KB, 946x765, 946:765, nature14230-f2.jpg)

File: e55a8a6ec49083c⋯.png (63.35 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_Northwest_European.png)

File: 1c1352cc3aff43b⋯.png (63.99 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_South_European.png)

File: d374305c5ff4761⋯.png (63.44 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_East_European.png)

File: a5d917020e3b01c⋯.png (61.18 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_French_German.png)

411af1  No.12048560

File: 60edc10acb78fe7⋯.png (59.75 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_Balkans.png)

File: 4b3c6bd9a5262e3⋯.png (59.77 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_Italian.png)

File: 6df2b4df13adaea⋯.png (59.87 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_Iberian.png)

File: 0abecdc73fe5bc9⋯.png (62.49 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_British_Irish.png)

File: 18800caa99880f5⋯.png (61.61 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 23andMe_Scandinavian.png)

411af1  No.12048591

File: ade6bda9cbb5668⋯.png (3.93 MB, 3741x3887, 3741:3887, 1455483169201-1.png)

File: dad428186d2d95a⋯.jpg (929.48 KB, 4000x4000, 1:1, x7eGLlt.jpg)

File: 3d1d9779579f71a⋯.jpg (371.56 KB, 1437x1600, 1437:1600, hair_eyes.jpg)

4d3ef8  No.12050045



>Human accomplishment

what the fuck

000000  No.12074501


e66a20  No.12076067


so are bulgarians white according to these studies?

000000  No.12076106


Yes, the Southern Slavic (Balkic) people are "White". The 10% Turkish population in Bulgaria is not though.

c20e9e  No.12076264

File: 6954ef52b8ab8e6⋯.jpg (33.16 KB, 638x424, 319:212, black sabbath.jpg)

Finnics, hungarians, basques… Not INDO-european.

5eea6a  No.12076335


You're a bit late to shill here.

b1e273  No.12076556

Does anyone have that picture or link where it says the genetic distance between Humans and negroids was something like .27 or .23 I forget then listed multiple different animal species as having a genetic difference of far less then questions how something further genetically removed isn't considered a different species?

f50d75  No.12096260


Yeah turns out the little bit of Hajnal line they got is enough to put them ahead of most of the world, kek.


sauces pls, especially on the big fat one with every race on the planet.

e9303f  No.12111432


I'll just bump up this thread

f135fd  No.12113260



774b22  No.12113283


you sound like you don't like opinions that are different from yours. ever tried reddit ? you can make a subreddit and ban anyone who doesn't agree with you !

000000  No.12145509


Yeah they are

e04724  No.12148202

File: 4d53136622eb2db⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2300x4600, 1:2, ANE-EHG.png)


EHG is not ANE+WHG

ANE is EHG+South-Central-Asian

62e78a  No.12179483


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